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Caught in the Middle

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bea woke up and turned her head to see allie peacefully sleeping next to her, this is what she needed, she needed her girl back home with her, physically bea's shoulder was almost better, her ribs a little tender but apart from that she had recovered from her injuries, emotionally she felt all over the place and had a long road ahead of her to get back to herself but she couldnt do that without her family, debbie, shane and allie, as well as all the others but these 3 here were with her 24/7 and to have them back felt amazing, seeing allie had no shirt on which was weird because she was fully dressed the night before but none the less she took to kissing her shoulder and neck, allie must have felt her touch because she moved and was now laying on her stomach so bea kissed her back from the bottom of her spine up to her shoulder blades and than sucked her earlobe causing allie to moan

'that better be you bea or shits about to go down? bea giggled as allie peered over her shoulder to see the fan of red hair over her back

'of course its me baby... bea said as she continued her soft kisses

'hmm thats nice, i missed your lips on me

'me too allie, im sorry you went through that

'no bea no more apologies okay, you cant help how your body reacts to different situations, you did what you had to do to protect your family

'yes but i didnt think it would effect me this much, i didnt realize i hadnt dealt with everything that happened before he disappeared, i just went on with life.... bea said resting her head on allie's back

'as i said you cant control everything, you do what you need to do no matter how long it takes, i will be here, by your side for anything you need and want

'promise? bea said sounding so small and allie turned over so bea could lay her head on her stomach, she ran her fingers threw her red curls

'i promise beautiful, you need me and i will come running no matter what.... bea sadly smiled

'thank you, i know this isnt what you signed up for being with me and if its too hard i would understand if you want to walk away

'bea, come up here babe.... bea moved so she lay down facing allie there hands held together

'i love you so much bea and that wont ever change, if anything it could only get stronger from here if that was even possible, im not going anywhere even if you push me away, i will sit on the veranda like a lost dog and scratch at the door to let me in.... bea giggled 'i will have this sad puppy face that you cant refuse..... allie tried to do the puppy face but they both laughed

'so basically you cant get rid of me.... bea smiled and kissed allie

'i dont ever want to but im worried i will hurt you in the process

'you know what would hurt me more?


'not being with you, i love you to the moon and back babe

'i love you to the moon and back as well allie..... they spent some time in bed kissing softly and sensually and even though bea tried to take it further they couldnt

'babe as much as i want to lay here and do all kinds of things we cant, you have your therapist coming in an hour and i need to get to the shop, i have so much to do

'ugh yea i know, im just so comfy

'me too, how about i make you a little breakfast and you can shower and get ready?

'sounds good to me.... allie put on bea's dressing gown

'why dont have clothes on? bea said just as she was putting the gown on

'oh i got hot last night, must be the hot woman i was in bed with..... allie winked and bea blushed

'real smooth allie

'i try babe now get your sexy ass in the shower

'yes boss

'ohh i like that, bossss... bea laughed and shook her head

'your trouble you know that

'i know.... blowing bea a kiss allie went to the kitchen to make breakfast for them, she made some pancakes with chocolate syrup and fruit, as she was putting plates on the table bea came out showered and sat down

'where is shane and debbie?

'there at the shop, they went earlier so they could do a few things

'thats good, im happy your both putting your in put in the shop, i cant wait to see it finished

'me too babe, tomorrow we are redoing the bathroom so today i have to pretty much pull everything out

'why dont the bathroom people do it?

'because they said it would cost an extra $2500 to do it when it just breaking everything and throwing it in the skip bin, i would rather use that money somewhere else, like taking you out for dinner on friday night?

'i would love to allie

'good, now eat up because your appointment is in 15 minutes..... after they ate breakfast allie went for a shower and when she came out dressed in jeans and a singlet the doctor was there

'sorry to interrupt

'its okay, you must be the allie i hear so much about

'i am nice to meet you doctor

'you too allie, you must be a fairy godmother or something?

'why do you say that? allie asked confused

'because yesterday bea had barely said anything until you were mentioned, having you back around has clearly done good for her... bea blushed as allie smiled at her

'what can i say? i guess we just have the kind of love thats gets stronger in each others presents, bea is everything to me and she IS going to listen to everything you have to say and do whats necessary,..... bea nodded and allie kissed her

'i have to go but why dont catch a taxi to the shop after your session and we can have lunch?

'sure baby, i love you

'i love you too

'i love you more

'impossible.... allie said as she walked towards the door

'thank you doctor for helping my girl

'its my pleasure, it wont be easy but she can do it, she is strong

'she sure is...allie looked at the time and sighed 'i could literally stand here and talk about her all day but i have work to do, i will see you soon babe and i will see you next time doctor

'she is in good hands, good bye allie.... allie waved them off and left the house, she arrived at the shop not too long later and walked in hearing 2 guys arguing loudly, debbie was right in the middle of them and they tried to push each other causing debbie to almost loose her balance

'whats the hell is going on here? allie said steadying debbie and pulling her to stand beside her

'listen miss im trying to get him to leave

'why? what happened?

'he is one of my employers and i found out he had said inappropriate things about you and debbie which is wrong and i have fired him and asked him to leave but he wont..... allie quirked an eyebrow and looked at the other guy

'you got something to say?

'it was nothing, just a joke

'it was disgusting and i dont want you working for these ladies... the boss said

'i want to know what you said.... allie said looking at him but he stayed silent so allie looked at the boss

'i know you dont want to say ralph but i need to know before i beat him

'he must have seen the story of your girlfriend and debbie's mum because he said 'thats what a bitch gets for disobeying a man' im sorry girls i didnt know he was like this..... debbie's eyes went wide and allie's anger was written all over her face, before she could even think about it she swung a punch and the guy dropped to the floor holding his jaw

'you fucking pig.... she said and went to run at him again but ralph held her back

'miss allie he isnt worth it, please dont get yourself in trouble because of him

'its okay allie i got it.... debbie walked to the guy and grabbed his ear twisting and he yelped as he stood up and walked him to the door

'GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PLACE BEFORE I LET ALL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.... the guy left just as shane was walking back in

'what happened?

'i will tell you after i just need to check on allie

'yea okay.... debbie walked to allie and ralph and wrapped an arm around allie's waist

'dont worry about him allie you got him good, didnt know i was friends with mike tyson.... allie rolled her eyes

'sorry deb but he lucky to still be standing

'i know, im not mad im quite proud actually, my mum is lucky to have you

'i think im luckier... allie smiled

'im really sorry about him ladies, he is only new i hired him about 2 weeks ago

'its not your fault, i appreciate you watching out for us

'well my sister went through something similar to your bea, when she finally got away from him he followed and stalked her for 2 years before he made his move, my sister lost her life and he was sent to jail for life, men have no right putting there hands on a woman let alone someone they love, im sorry for what bea and you girls went through but im glad that she is free of that evil

'thank you so much ralph and im sorry about your sister, did she have kids?

'2 a boy and a girl, there now 16, 17 years old and they live with me, they struggled for a long time with what happened and on the anniversary of her death is really hard but there doing better than 5 years ago

'if you ever want to bring them here let me know and i can have shane and debbie here, they have both been through a lot of crap as well and it might be good to talk to someone else about it

'thank you allie, i will talk to them and see what they say

'great well im going to take my frustrations out on the bathroom and deb your mums coming here after her session for lunch so look out for her please


'i better get back to work as well, thank you for your understanding ladies

'please call us debbie and allie, that boofhead is shane and you will meet bea soon enough... he nodded and smiled before going back to his team to tell them what else to do

'deb dont tell your mum about that guy please

'i wont, go start the bathroom shane and i will come in soon to start taking the rubbish out

'okay and there is a couple wheel burrows out the back to help carry the rubbish.... allie went to the bathroom grabbing the sledge hammer on her way and began breaking down everything that needed to be done

'so what happened deb? shane asked and debbie told him what they guy said

'what a pig, dont worry deb he is gone now

'yea but he shouldnt have said it regardless.... shane wrapped his arms around debbie and kissed her head

'no he shouldnt have but some people are just assholes, your mums getting better day by day and with the therapists help it will be easier for her.... debbie nodded against his chest

'i hope so.... as debbie pulled back she stopped halfway as shane was so close to her, they stared into each others eyes caught up with each other, the intensity in shane's eyes made her heart flutter, they both moved in at the same time and just as there lips touched a drill went off causing them to spring apart

'we should um go help allie

'hmm yea... shane said and ignoring what just happened they went to the backyard to get the wheel burrows and began taking rubbish out to the bin,

bea had finished her session and it went okay, they hadnt gotten into the nitty gritty just yet so bea was doing well considering the topic, once the therapist left bea closed up the house and got into the taxi she had called, arriving at the shop she paid and went inside, it was loud with all the banging, drilling and whatever else they were doing

'hey mum..... bea turned around to see debbie coming towards her

'hey deb

'how did your session go?

'it was good, we didnt get into anything too serious today, i have another tomorrow

'thats good

' its really loud in here

'i know mum, come out the back and i will get allie for you... she held her mums hand and they went out to the court yard and sat bea down on a chair

'i will send allie out

'thank you deb..... debbie went inside and to the bathroom

'allie mum is here for you

'where at? allie puffed out

'the court yard, its loud inside for her

'alright well im gonna take her for lunch, you 2 want to join?

'no thanks were gonna get maccas from down the road

'okay and um all this awkward bullshit going on between you sort it out, its making me dizzy.....debbie and shane both blushed as allie walked out of the bathroom, allie had sensed something happen and both debbie and shane were being awkward as fuck,

'hey babe how are you? allie said smiling as she walked over to bea kissing her on the lips

'im good

'how did your session go?

'it was okay, i have another tomorrow

'thats good, you hungry?


'alright lets go beautiful..... they walked slowly down the street holding hands

'how about the hot dog place? im sweaty and stinky so we have limited places

'sounds good to me allie and your not stinky.... allie smiled, they arrived at the caravan where you get your food and can go wherever you like, they looked at the options and allie was happy when bea said she wanted a hot dog with the lot, she went to the counter to order

'hi miss what can i get you?

'give me 2 hot dogs with the lot and make them combos please

'sure what drinks?

'a coke and the raspberry one please

'wont be long.... once they received there order they went to the park and found a nice spot under a huge tree so they sat down to eat

'so do you want to talk about your session today? i dont want to push you but i want you to know im here to listen if you want

'we just talked about when i met him and how it all started

'how do you feel after it?

'okay from today's session but im scared of reliving everything that happened..... allie nodded

'i cant even imagine it babe, i guess the only thing i can say to you is do it at your pace, take it slow it doesnt need to be all at once

'thats what the therapist said, she said she wont push me and to do it at my own pace, oh um i wanted to ask you something

'you can ask me anything bea

'umm well, the therapist asked if at some time you would join us in a session with us, would you be okay with that?

'you just tell me when i will be there, no problems at all.... bea smiled and kissed allie

'thank you

'anything for you beautiful..... they finished lunch and took a stroll in the park stopping to feed the birds by the pond

'so i was thinking.... allie started

'oh dont hurt yourself....bea said and allie burst out laughing, bea smiled loving allie's laugh

'real funny babe

'alright what is it?

'i think we should get a pet..... bea quirked an eyebrow

'what kind of pet?

'a snake... bea's eyes went so wide and allie just laughed

'im kidding babe

'thank god for that because there is no way a snake is coming into our house

'alright fine, how about a dog?

'a dog? i think we can swing that but you have to clean up after it allie

'really? your really gonna let me get a dog? allie said excitedly and bea chuckled

'yes but not a huge dog and you need to keep it clean and make sure it doesnt shit everywhere

'okay so cute, small and trained. i could work with that, will you come to the rspca with me?

'sure, when do you want to go?

'i need to finish the bathroom and that will take another hour than im free, how about i buy you a coffee and cake at the cafe next door and you wait for me? we can go one im finished

'yea okay thats sounds good

'alright lets head back, by the way debbie and shane are acting totally weird

'what do you mean?

'well debbie gets quiet around shane, they both kinda look at each other than look away shyly

'do you think something happened between them?

'maybe, thats the only thing i can think of

'well they promised me if anything does happen they would talk to me first, so i hope they stick to that

'me too, you dont have any rules in the house except that one and they need to respect that, there having lunch together so maybe they will talk about whats going on than

'we will see..... they arrived at the coffee shop and allie ordered bea a coffee plus a donut and a piece of cheese cake and sat her in an area with a couple single couches

'wait babe let me get something for you, i will be back in a minute.... allie ran to her shop and grabbed her laptop and earphones and went back to bea

'here you go i have internet access and lots of shows and movies, i shouldnt be more than an hour and a half at the most

'its fine allie im good here

'you will call me if you dont feel safe or okay?

'i will


'i promise baby, go on im good..... allie kissed bea's lips 3 times before she left the cafe ane went tot he shop just next door to finish the bathroom



'oh my god babe look how cute he is..... allie said as she crouched down next to another kennel with a brown dog, they had been there for an hour and allie had literally gushed over every dog she had seen

'allie you have liked every dog we have seen isnt there one you actually want

'i want them all.... allie said a big smile on her face as she stood to talk to bea

'babe you get one, not 50

'ugh i know but i hate leaving them here, they need homes

'i know they do and maybe we can spread the word to everyone we know and put it on facebook to tell people to get one

'thats a good idea, alright lets look around more, im sure we will find one soon, are you tired?

'no im okay right now.... holding bea's hand they looked at more dogs and bea saw this big fluffy one, he had black fur with a few spots of white, he was pretty big but so cute, she patted his head and he wagged his tail

'you will get a home soon buddy... the dog woofed in excitement and bea laughed, just than allie squealed and bea turned to see her crouched at a cage

'babe this is the one.... allie said as bea came over to her, he was small maybe 7 months, black and white and by reading the information on him he was toilet trained and wont grow much more than he was now

'this is the one you want baby?

'yep he is perfect

'alright let me talk to the lady, you hang out with your friend.... bea went to sort out the adoption and got the dog put in allie's name and all her details were attached to his tracker incase he got lost or something, as it was a new dog and he was cared for and had all his immunizations bea had to pay extra for it all but she didnt mind, it was for allie and she would do anything for the blonde, allie tried to pay for the dog but bea wouldnt let her

'but bea its too much, i want to pay

'allie just think of it as a thank you present

'for what?

'for looking after me, without you i wouldnt be where im at right now, i love you and i want to get this for you

'you dont have to thank me but thank you babe.......once all the paperwork was done allie happily carried the dog out to the car

'babe you have to hold him

'me? why?

'cause i have to drive silly, we just have to go to the pet store and get him some stuff and than home

'okay fine..... the dog settled in bea's lap and allie drove them to the pet store and they got everything they needed for the little dog

'babe your so soft, you literally bought him everything

'i bought it for you allie, i want you to be happy and if he makes you happy than so be it

'you make me happy as well babe, more than anything in the world..... once bea paid they headed home, when they went inside allie took the dog to the backyard and let him run around as they set up his house, bed, bowls and toilet litter, which he christened straight away, bea and allie sat on the chairs and watched him run around

'allie you need a name for him

'how about rolley?


'yea look at him.... they both turned to see the dog doing rolley polies on the grass

'rolley suits him, that must be his special talent, he loves it

'he is so cute babe, thank you so much for him

'your welcome allie, im going to put him some food and water

'i will do it, you cant bend properly just yet so you relax..... allie returned and put down the 2 bowls and joined bea again

'i wonder if he can swim? allie asked

'its a warm day so how about we get in and see if he follows?

'sure babe, let get changed....... they both decided to just wear a singlet and shorts so they got in and rolley came to the edge of the water and allie splashed water on his face causing him to bark at her

'rolley stop..... bea said and the dog stopped straight away

'wow he listens really well

'thats good, alright come here rolley.... he came to bea's fingers and she picked him up and slowly put his paws near the water, he was a bit scared to start with but in no times he was doing his little doggy paddle close to them, they stayed in the pool for an hour and than rolley went out and to his bed, he was clearly tired so he laid down to rest, bea and allie had a shower together and than laid in bed, bea hummed out a deep breath

'your tired?


'sorry babe, i dragged you around today

'dont be, it was fun and it made you happy

'you know what makes me more happy? allie said leaning on her elbow as her hand went under bea's shirt

'whats that?

'being here with you, having you close to me.... she leaned down kissing bea's lips 'being able to do that... bea smiled tiredly

'i missed this

'me too babe, right now thou you need sleep

'will you lay with me?

'of course, im buggered from that stupid bathroom, we have about 3 hours till dinner and i recon take away is the best thing so lets nap and when we wake i will order something

'perfect..... bea turned her back to allie and scooted back a little, allie engulfed bea in her arms and they soon fell asleep


allie had woken up to hear the dog scratching at the bedroom door, bea was still sleeping so she got out of bed and covered bea with the blanket and than left the room picking up rolley

'hey little man what are you doing? hungry? the dog whined and nipped at allie's fingers, allie went to the kitchen to put some food and water in his bowl and put him down to eat, she went to use the bathroom and freshened up and than went to the couch to watch tv and she would get bea up soon, rolley finished his meal so came running inside to allie to be picked up, she was laying down so she placed him on her stomach and rubbed him behind the ear, he was excited but eventually curled into a ball and laid down, they watched tv for about half an hour when bea came walking into the room smiling

'your up, you feeling rested?

'i am thanks, i see you and rolley are getting comfortable?

'he is so damn cute babe, come sit down.... allie went to get up but bea told her not too, she lifted allie's legs and placed them on her lap gently massaging them

'oh that feels so good, my feet are hurting from my sneakers, i need to get new ones but i havent had time

'allie you need to get them soon because you spend all day in them

'i know, the shops are open late tonight do you want to come with me to get some?

'sure but only if you buy me something

'i would buy you anything, what do you want? bea tapped her chin and allie laughed

'ice cream and cake

'a sweet tooth aye. i can work with that so its a deal

'good.... just than the front door opened and in walked debbie and shane

'hey mum how...... she stopped mid sentence when she saw the dog

'is that a dog? she said pointing at rolley

'it sure is, your mum bought him for me, this is rolley

'aww he is so cute.... debbie gushed as she sat beside the couch and patted the little puppy

'he is a cutie... shane said

'yea he is

'why is he called rolley?

'oh watch this guys.... allie put him down and she spoke to him

'come on rolley roll over..... she moved her hands round and round and than he went off, rolling a few times and barking happily when they clapped for him

'he is just too adorable

'he is, oh can you watch him tonight after dinner while your mum and i go shopping for a bit?

'sure no worries, whats for dinner?

'well we are going to get take-out because we just cant be bothered to cook, what do you 2 feel like?

'mexican.... they both replied and laughed

'okay than mexican it is, can you get my phone please shane its on the table..... once the food was ordered allie and debbie took rolley outside to go to the toilet while bea and shane set the table

'so shane how is everything? school, work?

'its all good bea, my marks are steady in the 90's and franky has taught me so much at work

'thats so great, she is a headache sometimes but she is good at what she does and very smart

'thats true, she drives me crazy at times.... bea chuckled

'same here but she is a good and loyal person.... shane nodded and stopped what he was doing to look at bea

'what? bea asked

'are you okay? i mean you kinda disappeared for a bit

'i know im sorry about that

'you dont need to be sorry, i get that you needed time to get your feeling in check but how are you doing now?

'better than i was, i guess with all that happened it bought up everything from years ago, im seeing a therapist now and although it will be hard to deal with it all in the long run its better for me as a person, a mother and a girlfriend..... shane nodded

'your strong bea, you will get through this but dont ever forget your not alone, i know you have debbie and allie plus not to forget everyone else but im here as well, i see you as a mother figure, you looked after me and steered me in the right direction when i needed it the most, i want to repay the favour for what ever you need.... bea stroked shane's cheek

'thank you shane, i really appreciate that, if you want to help me than keep yourself on track, work hard, indulge in the knowledge franky and the others show you and definitely keep your marks up

'i promise i will

'than thats all i need

'consider it done.... allie and debbie came in and washed there hands before sitting down, shane went to get the door as the food had arrived and than placed it in the middle of the table and they served themselves, shane and debbie looked nervous while they were eating and bea looked at allie and raised an eyebrow, allie cleared her throat

'whats going on with you 2? she said looking at shane and debbie

'umm well i guess mum we have to talk to you.... bea nodded

'okay, what is it?

'so i guess over time shane and i have been getting closer the more time we spend together, a week ago shane asked me on a date and i turned him down because we needed to talk to you first but than you know all that happened and so we kept quiet, today we almost kissed at the shop

'i knew something happened, you 2 were so weird all day... allie said

'yea well we didnt kiss but it showed us that there is something between us, so we had lunch together and decided it was time to talk to you about this as we did promise we would if anything happened or was going to happen so there it is, shane and i want to start something and i guess this is us asking what you think and if we have your blessing?

bea listened on and saw how nervous debbie was, to be honest this wasnt the best solution considering they all lived together but bea would never kick shane out because of it thats for sure

'mum are you going to say anything? debbie said as she saw her mum tuned out

'sorry deb i was just thinking, im worried about it getting awkward in the house and also with the sexual feelings... both debbie and shane blushed bright red


'sorry deb but we need to talk about it

'look mum there is none of that going on, its just dating right now and we wanted you to know, mum i know your worried about us living in the same house but we are not children and we need you to trust us

'i do trust you, both of you but i can worry, shane is just 16 and your only 19, you live, work and hang out together all the time, in saying that though i appreciate you coming to us to tell us like you promised and i wont say anything about it, i wont stand in your way if it makes you happy but i have rules

'okay go on

'firstly your not to be in each others room at night time and when you are the door needs to stay open, that may sound childish but i dont care i need to be able to trust you 2 together

'okay mum, what else?

'be respectful to the house, i dont want to come home and find you 2 making out like teenagers, i know it sounds harsh because this is your house too but i just need to get used to this all

'its fine mum we understand but same for you

'what? bea asked confused

'well as much as i love you both i dont want to see you making out... allie giggled and bea's eyes went wide

'fine deal

'good now can we finish eating?

'yes... once they finished eating debbie and shane ushered them away to go shopping so they got changed and left the house, when they arrived it was pretty busy, they walked inside and allie could tell bea was a little uncomfortable so wrapped an arm around her waist

'are you okay? do you want to go? i dont mind

'no im fine just dont leave me

'i wont babe... they went to the sports store that sold good sneakers and looked around choosing a few pairs to try on even bea wanted to get some so they sat down and tried on a few pairs, they both decided to get a couple pairs each as well as allie got 2 pairs of trackies and bea got a jacket, once they paid they walked around the shops picking up a few other items they needed, they ended up at the supermarket and needed to get some food for the house as allie wanted to have a bbq thanking everyone for helping bea get through this tough time, they arrived home a couple hours later with a box full of cakes and all the shopping, shane and debbie came out to help them carry the bags inside, once everything was unpacked allie took rolley outside to do his business and than bought him inside to his bed in his little house

'good night little one and dont be noisy... allie went to the kitchen and put everyone some sweets and they sat down together to watch a movie, bea still has to take medication to prevent infection from the bullet wound and pain so she took that before they even started, they were strong and half way through the movie she fell asleep on allie's shoulder

'i better get her to bed can you 2 lock up?

'yea sure allie, do you need help?

'no i think i got her.... allie half carried a tired bea to the bedroom and laid her down tucking her in, allie used the bathroom than joined bea in bed wrapping her arms around her