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Caught in the Middle

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A week later Franky and bea had been doing physio together for the last week, they both needed help with walking because they both had nerve damage and needed time to get there muscles stronger, they were doing really well and they definitely bounced off each other giving them some much needed confidence



Allie herself had been signed out of hospital but her ribs were healing slowly, although that didnt stop her from being there every day no matter what bea told her, they had a silly argument about allie staying home to rest up and heal causing allie to stomp off like a little child and bea going to physio with debbie



Allie had only gone to the coffee shop and got coffees, water and sweets for them all, arriving back at the room an hour later allie was surprised to hear loud cheering in the hallway, putting everything on the table she walked out of the room and she stood there and watched bea and franky racing in there wheel chairs down the corridor coming back from physio, bridget and debbie behind them shaking there heads at how competitive they are, boomer and will cheering them on and even the nurses and doctors joining in, they all knew how much this group of woman have been through especially bea and franky being told by boomer that they were in charge of there group, like top dogs in a prison



'im gonna beat ya red



'no way franky.... as they got closer to allie they were unaware of the cleaner coming out of the room



'WATCH OUT!!!..... allie yelled and watched as franky was able to swerve but bea wasnt so lucky as she bumped into the cart and she slid out of her chair



'bea.... allie ran over pulling off all the linen and pillows that had fallen on the redhead and finally came to see bea who was laughing



'did ya see me baby? i almost won.... she laughed and allie giggled



'your an idiot, you scared me



'sorry but it was so much fun, i havent had that much fun in so long..... bea continued to giggle 



'come on let me help you up



'ugh i will help her allie, your still recovering



'thanks will..... he scooped bea up and put her in her chair



'im so sorry miss.... the cleaner apologized



'ah no worries, i will get her next time, alright lets go i need to shower.... allie laughed and pushed the chair to there room 



'you alright red?



'yea all good franky, your lucky that happened because i was winning



'yea yea whatever



'i will get ya next time franks



'whatever, anyways go for a shower so i can go after you



'i dont mind waiting franky



'nah all good you go.... bea nodded and looked at allie a wide smile on her face



'i missed you, where did you go?



'to get coffee and sweets and too cool off, if your gonna start again bea... she was stopped by bea



'no i wont i promise, im just about you allie... allie sat on the chair beside bea and grabbed the redheads hand



'i know you are but i will be fine, its just some bruising and you make me go home at night, the deal was i wouldnt stay here at night but i can stay as long as i want to during the day, i know my own body and if i need rest i would let you know






'absolutely, now lets get you cleaned up because your a bit on the nose right now



'hey, i worked hard in physio... she fiened hurt



'i have no doubt... kissing bea on the lips she took her to the bathroom as debbie was walking in



'hey mama, how you doing?



'im good sweety, i just finished physio so im having a shower



'okay i will help ya




'i got it deb



'you know you shouldnt be doing too much, that was our deal right?.... debbie raised her eyebrow



'damn it i thought you forgot about that



'nope i didnt, so why dont you just bring mum some clothes



'fine.... allie huffed, bea grabbed her hand and smiled at her



'i love you.... allie smiled



'i love you too.... debbie took bea into the bathroom and helped her shower, once allie put clothes in there for bea she went to boomer who excitedly showed her the video of franky and bea racing



'we cant leave you guys for 1 minute



'red started it, said she was better than me



'well from what i saw, if it wasnt for bea falling she would have kicked your ass



'no way blondie, i would have wiped the floor with her



'sure sure franky, anyways i spoke to shane today and he said to tell you he had to fire someone from the restaurant 



'why?..... franky said worried



'they were caught stealing, it was just food to start with and shane wasnt sure but he did the books for the last week and it showed some money missing, so he went through the cameras and saw one of your employers take money from the kitty 3 times



'how much?



'total of $2300



'fuck, who was it?






'did shane say why?



no but he will be here in an hour to talk through the books with you and what happened, he just said to give you a heads up



'thanks blondie..... once bea finished bridget helped franky shower and than sat her in bed, shane arrived not long later with food for everyone



'smells good, what did you make?



'cream pasta and salad, dig in guys.... while everyone was eating shane sat with franky and explained what happened



'so what did phillip say?



'he has a drug problem, said he has been getting worse the last 3 months, i gave him 2 choices, the police or rehab, i took him to rehab myself and he is a 90 day program, its a locked program so he can only be released when they say so, im so sorry franky, i dropped the ball



'what? no you didnt shane, in fact i probably wouldnt have picked it up so quickly, you did everything right and got him the help he needs, dont worry about the money, i can make it back



'well we have been so busy with the extra nights deb and i planned that we have made that times 10 in the last month



'shit really? what nights?



'well you said take initiative so we did, one night we did steak night, i found a new supplier that has cut the price by a $700 a week so its a saving, the meat is really good and very fresh,  he threw in 5 boxes for free of steaks so deb and i talked and we did a steak night, we did steak with chips and salad all night for $25, we absolutely smashed it and we were left with only 2 steaks at the end of the night which deb and i ate... franky chuckled


'we also did a pie day which we got the pies from allie's shop and boomer was happy to make them,  and pasta day, not sure if you want to keep them but people love coming in and just having one dish on the menu, we made huge profits from all 3 days, we also started to do photos, you can purchase a photo of your family for $15, it costs me $2 to make the photos so there is big profit there as well



'well im definitely impressed shane, keep it going how you want it right now, when im well enough and will be back we can discuss everything going forward, now do me a favor please






'i want to get a ramp put in at the front for wheel chairs, prams and older people, being in one myself it made me thing about those people who need the extra help, in the locked draws you have the keys for i have a folder its blue, in the back there is my keycard, take it and get what you need from  my account and get it organized



'how much do you want to spend?



'i dont even know what it would cost, get some quotes for me and call me and we can decide



'okay i will go and speak to some people and call you later



'thanks shane, oh and i can do the pays from now on, cheers for all the help shane



'no worries



'if there are any problems just call me or bridget



'will do, enjoy lunch guys and i will see you in the next couple days.... he went to debbie and kissed her before leaving 



'you know for his age he is very mature and smart franky



'dont i know it, i got lucky having him work with me, if it was anyone else i fear i would have lost my business... bridget nodded



'hey debbie... she yelled out across the room waiting for the young brunette to turn around her mouth full of food






'thank you so much for looking after my restaurant



'i know how hard you worked to get it going and we are not going to let it go down on our watch.... franky made a mental note to give both shane and debbie a big bonus when she does the pays later that night, after lunch will, boomer and bridget left



'hey franky you alright? your very quiet..... bea asked.... franky nodded



'yea, just thinking..... bea could tell franky was worried and it concerned her



'hey whats wrong?



'i guess till now i havent thought about what happened.... franky was looking out the window and bea knew she had to get over there, franky is a very strong person and doesnt let much get to her, bea can see it a mile away and knows when franky needs comfort, throwing the blanket over debbie helped her mum into the wheel chair and pushed her over to franky's bed, debbie pulled the curtain over and left them too it knowing they needed time together, although franky and bea used to date it doesnt change there friendship and can read each other down to the tee



Allie came back from the car where she went to get her charger frowning



'where is your mum?... she whispered seeing the curtain drawn at franky's bed



'in there, franky needs her right now, come lets go for a walk..... allie nodded but felt a pang of jealousy as well, deep down she trusts bea but she cant help but feel a little jealous as well, walking along the corridors of the hospital, debbie linked her arm with the blondes



'there just friends you know.... debbie said reading her best friend 



'i know, its just with franky being your mums ex i get a bit jealous sometimes, i cant help it



'i get it but know mum loves you



'but am i enough for her? your mum is the most amazing woman i have ever met and i always worry that im not up to her standards.... debbie stapped and turned to allie frowning



'where did that come from allie? 



'i dont know, its just when we are out in public i see people checking her out, she is absolutely gorgeous andi get why people stare, fuck even i cant keep my eyes off her, but what do i really have to offer to her deb? i dont have anything



'she doesnt need anything, mum wants you, mum loves you and only you



'i love her too, guess im just scared, if i lost her i wouldnt be able to breath, it would kill me



'why would you lose her? tell me whats really going on?



'this morning i was at the police station



'okay, what did they say?



'they said i could be charged with murder because i bought the gun in with me, im looking at 30 years in jail.... allie said 



'your fucking kidding right, if it wasnt for what you did we would all be dead



'they dont see it that way, they say i intended to shoot joan because the way she had treated bea, i wanted revenge



'thats bullshit, what did jane say?



'they have a case and it would be hard to fight but she thinks we have a chance



'you have to tell mum



'i cant, she is still recovering and i dont want to worry her



'allie you ahve to tell her, if she finds out later on she will be so angry



'i know



'come on you can take her for a walk..... they headed back to bed and franky was asleep, bea was rolling over to her bed



'mum im gonna stay with franky here, you need to go for a stroll 






'babe i need to talk to you about something



'okay, can you pass me my jacket please?



'sure... once bea had a jacket on allie pushed the wheel chair down the corridor and they went to the elevator and to the main floor and exited to the small courtyard and allie put the break on the wheel chair and sat in front of bea, the redhead could see allie was worried about something so grabbed her hand



'hey talk to me baby, whats wrong?



'i was at the police station this morning and it wasnt good news.... she went on to tell be about the charges that may be applied to her and everything else



'your not fucking going to jail allie, i wont let it happen



'you may not have a choice babe, if im found guilty of murder than i will get 20-30 years



'no, i wont let it, im not going to lose you, your not going to lose the life you built for your self. NO!!!.... bea stressed as tears rolled down her cheeks, the sadness she felt of being without the blonde hurt and was too much to bare. allie wiped bea's tears and rubbed her cheek



'i wont lose you allie, i love you



'i love you too babe, im going to fight this with everything that i can and jane is onto it, she is hoping to stop all this before they try to charge me, if they do charge me i will be be in prison for sure, they wont give a murderer bail



'your not a murderer, your a protector, your my hero, if it wasnt for you we would all be dead.... allie smiled



'debbie said the same thing, i will do everything to fight this babe but if it doesnt go my way



'dont talk like that allie



'bea i have to be realistic, i need you to listen to me, if i get charged and am found guilty i need you to not wait for me, i need you to move on with your life.... bea shook her head tears rolling down her cheeks



'no im not going anywhere, your not going anywhere, i wont lose you... with all the strength she had she pulled allie forward and into her lap wrapping her arms around the blonde woman that mean so much to her, her life, her breath, her heart, allie was everything to her and bea would fight tooth and nail to hold onto her








A couple days later allie, bea, franky, bridget and debbie were sitting around the table in the court yard having a coffee, they needed some fresh air and a change of scenery is good for them, bea had spoken to franky about what allie had told her and she was on the phone straight away with jane figuring out what they were going to do, they came up with a plan but it would take some time to put into place



'hey franky i went past the restaurant and the ramp work has started



'thats good, did they say a time frame?



'about a week and than they will paint it



'red right?



'yes red with the pride flag going along the floor



'cant wait to see it



'yea i think it will be really good, anyways i hope you and shane are taking time at home for yourselves



'we just cant right now franky, with being here and work plus making food at home, cleaning and anything else we need to do we havent spent more than 10 minutes together just us, its fine we know it wont be forever



'deb why dont you not come here for a few days and that will free up some time for you both?



'no mum we would rather wait till you guys are better and home, its fine we talked about it and you guys are more important



'we really appreciate it sweety...... just than franky's eyes went wide as she saw 4 police officers walk towards them  'fuck' she cursed to herself, she knows by the way there looking at allie who had there back to them that they were here for her



'listen to me guys, the police are here, red i need you to stay calm if they arrest allie



'they cant


'bea listen to me, jane is on this and will come through, just let it happen if thats what this is about, i promise you i will make it happen..... the police walked up and spoke



'allie novak you are under arrest for the murder of joan ferguson, stand up and put your hands behind your back.... allie stood up and put her hands behind her back while they read her the rights, she looked at bea who had tears running down her cheeks


'im so sorry bea........ it was debbie who flew off the handle before bea could even start






'miss if your not careful you will be arrested





'miss watch your mouth.... one of them said, bridget went to debbie and stood between her and the officers


'debbie sweetheart take a breather, it will all be okay


'NO IT FUCKING WONT, THERE ARRESTING ALLIE BECAUSE UNLIKE THESE USELESS FUCKS SHE PROTECTED US..... deebie seethed, after everything that happened in this young girls life she had enough, she has hit her threshold and is letting loose, bea looking at franky knowing debbie needs help... franky rolled over to debbie and grabbed her arm and pulled causing debbie to fall into her lap, she wrapped her arms around the young girl as she tried to fight franky but she was too strong



'hey its okay deb, i will fix this all



'allie.... debbie cried as she watched her best friend being put into the police car, bea was at a lost at what to do, the love of her life was taken to jail and her daughter is having a complete meltdown right in front of her, rolling closer to debbie she rubbed her back



'baby it will be okay, if franky says she can fix this she will... debbie sobbed into franky's chest for a long time, in this time bridget called jane to let her know what has happened 



'tell the girls im going to the police station, i will be in contact



'thanks.... hanging up she went over to them and put a hand on bea and debbie's shoulders for comfort



'i spoke to jane, she is on her way to the police station, she will be in contact soon



'thanks gidge



'come on lets get inside.... franky lifted debbie's legs into her arms



'can you push me please gidge?



'of course, bea you okay?



'yea im good, lets go up.... they reached the room and an exhausted debbie fell asleep



'just pass me a blanket im fine here



'are you sure franky? i can stand now so i can put her in my bed



'nah im good red, you just relax i know your struggling with whats going on.... bea nodded and climbed into bed pulling the blanket over her head, franky could hear her crying and her heart broke for these 2 girls she counts as family, boomer turned up half an hour later and asked her to help put debbie onto the fold out for ehr which she did so, franky explained what had happened and boomer was shocked



'there ganna charge her? that aint right franky



'i know booms, jane is there with her now so we will see what happens



'how did they take it?... she pointed it at the now sleeping bea and debbie



'bea is in complete shock, she has barely said anything, debbie went off at the police, they were gonna arrest her



'what did she say?.... franky told boomer word by word what debbie said 



'she couldnt control herself booms, i have never seen her so angry



'these poor girls have been through so much, they need blondie



'i know booms, im waiting to hear back from jane with hopefully good news







when allie arrived at the police station they put her in a interview room and handcuffed her hands to the table which really hurt because they were so tight, her heart hurt to see the look in bea's eyes and than debbie break down like that, wiping her own tears she sat there wondering how she was gonna get through this, she was looking at jail time and a lot of it all without bea, about an hour later the door opened and 2 detectives walked in and sat down flipping open the folder



'drugs, prostitution, fighting and stealing, long rap sheet



'whats your point?... allie bit back



'i guess adding murder to it is the next thing



'i didnt murder anyone



'the gun shot in joan's head tells a different story



'oh yea, what would you know?



'excuse me miss novak



'you heard me, your supposed to be a detective right?



'yes thats correct



'your supposed to gather evidence right?






'how did you go at joan's house? because i know what she has there, i know she had targets on all of us especially franky and bea, she wanted to kill them



'how do you know that?



'thats none of your business, what im saying is look at the evidence..... just than the door flew open and an angry jane walked in and allie let out a sigh of relief 



'why is my client being arrested and questioned without me being here?



'she hasnt asked for a lawyer



'listen detective after our last time you know i should be contacted, but luckily my colleague contacted me and im here now, so show me what you got detective?



'miss novak is under arrest for murder



'show me the warrant for her arrest



'its on its way



'excuse me, are you telling me you arrested her with no warrant? thats illegal and now you have made my job much easier



'well we were just waiting for it to be signed by a judge.... jane laughed and stood up



'uncuff her right now, you have unlawfully arrested her and have no right to keep her here



'but she is under arrest.... the detective said



'alright let me make this easy for you, i have a signed afidavid to not only drop all charges against allie novak but the case and investigation



'from who?



'the mayor and the police chief,  now uncuff her and stop harassing her.... she slammed the paper on the table and folded her arms, the detective read through the paper and than stood up



'i need to run this past my bass... he left the room



'dont worry allie, its over



'are you sure?



'yes, that paper exonerates any charges in regards to this case, also got you a nice little payout for the treatment you got from them, just watch... ten minutes later he walked in and uncuffed allie's hands the blonde rubbing them where it had now bruised



'why are her cuffs so tight idiot? jesus you guys are useless, come on allie..... they left the police station and got into jane's car



'are you okay?.... she asked as allie burst out crying



'yea i think so, i was so scared i was going to jail for a long time



'sorry i took so long, i only received this in the morning and was going to bring it to the station in the afternoon but bridget called me on franky's instructions



'how did you even do this?



'oh franky was in prison when she was younger and looked after a young girl only just turned 18, kept her out of trouble and safe, turned out to be the mayors daughter and he was very thankful



'franky is an absolute legend



'she went in to bat for you thats for sure and all from her hospital bed



'i will be sure to thank her, shit what time is it? its night time



'its 7.30, where do you want to go?



'to the hospital please, thank you so much jane, i can never thank you enough



'no sweat, franky did all the work i just enforced it, the money has been transferred into your account from the city for mistreating you



'how much is it?...... jane wriggled her eyebrows and began driving after telling allie, they arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later



'i will be in tomorrow to fill you all in on everything but be happy allie, they are not allowed to investigate you anymore and you never should have been anyways, go see your girls



'thanks again jane, bye..... allie jumped out and went inside and up to the room franky and bea are sharing, she looked through the door, franky was trying to feed bea who kept pushing her hand away clearly upset, hey girl was always just so beautiful, walking in she giggled



'i dont want to freaking eat franky, stop being a pest



'aww babe you really need to eat..... bea whipped her head around and felt the tears sting her eyes 



'allie... she croaked out



'miss me babe?



'more than you will ever know, how are you here?



'all charges dropped and there not allowed to investigate me anymore



'really? how?



'i will explain in due time, but im okay... bea broke down crying and allie was quick to sit on the bed and pull her girl into her arms 



'its okay babe im right her.... bea clung to her like her life depended on it and maybe it did, franky rolled back over to her bed and with bridgets help she got in



'thank you so much franky, if it wasnt for you i would be spending 30 years in jail



'ah no sweat..... bea wiped her cheeks



'what happened? i need to know..... allie went on to tell bea and franky what happened and when jane turned up the look on the detectives face when he read the afidavid



'oh it was priceless



'janes a gun



'she is but i know what you did franky, i cant thank you enough



'you should never have been arrested and i knew they would just so they can blame someone, i made a couple calls and the mayor was happy to help after what i did for him



'i owe you so much



'nah, you just keep making red happy and im good, did ya get your payout?



'jane said it got transferred today, its in my account but hasnt cleared yet



'you got a payout baby?



'yes for them mistreating me



'how much?



'here look.... allie opened her app and logged in turning her phone to show bea



'woah half million?



'yep, jane said franky made sure it was worthy and although i didnt ask for it its not about that, its about the police and they are there to serve and protect not abuse and slam a persons reputation



'what are you going to do with it babe?



'not sure yet, for now let it just sit there and i will figure it out.... bea nodded



'im so happy your here



'well than hurry up and kiss me.... bea giggled and leaned in kissing the blonde  'ugh thats better, i need to wash my hands the station isnt the cleanest.... she went to the far end of the room to use the sink



'where is deb?



'in the shower, she should be finished soon.... just as allie was drying her hands the bathroom door opened and debbie looked up seeing the blonde



'allie..... she said and ran and jumped into her arms, luckily allie caught the young brunette 



'deb be careful she is still recovering



'shit sorry.... debbie went to pull away but allie held her tight



'its fine, i missed you



'i missed you too, are you okay? i was so scared i lost you... debbie mumbled



'you will never lose me, im right here, i will fill you in later at home... debbie nodded but didnt let go. after 5 minutes allie tried but giggled



'deb let go






'deb i cant breath, let go



'i don want to.... debbie said like a child letting go of there mum, allie pulled back and held debbie;s face in her hands 



'im right here, im not going anywhere okay?.... debbie nodded



'okay... kissing debbie on the cheek she went over to be and sat on the bed



'how are you?



'im good, i can stand up now and so can franky



'thats great guys, in no time you will both be on your feet



'thats the plan blondie... the announcements came that visiting hours are finished



'babe we have to go



'i dont want you to go.... bea said sadly 'what if you dont come back?



'my beautiful bea.... allie said stroking her cheek... 'i promise you i will be back tomorrow, im going to the dessert shop to check on everything and than i will be in okay?



'okay, can you bring me the custard profiteroles please?.... allie laughed knowing there bea's favorites



'absolutely, do you need any clothes or anything else?



'your champion jacket please



'okay, i will see you tomorrow with lunch, try not to hurt yourself in the meantime



'i will try



'good, i love you so so much babe



'i love you too, call me when you get home



'i will, bye babe



'bye baby



'see ya franky



'see ya blondie, can you walk gidge to her car please?



'of course..... they left and once bridget had driven off debbie and allie drove home picking up maccas on the way for dinner, they ate and than sat down with some ice cream and allie explained everything that happened and how she was let go 



'wow, franky really came through far you



'she very much did, i need to find a way to thank her.... debbie nodded



'dont think about that now, just take time to get your head around everything 



'yea, gotta get your mum and franky better first, are you okay? i know it wasnt easy what happened today?



'honestly my emotions are all over the place allie, im struggling to control them



'how is it seeing the therapist?



'its been good, she did say that as i open up about things that i might be a bit emotional more so, i guess she was right



'seems so, if you ever need to talk or whatever



'i know you and mum are both there, thanks but im okay.... allie yawned



'im exhausted so im heading to bed, wanna come share with me?



'absolutely.... they headed up to bea and allie's room and got in together, they put a movie on and fell asleep after 20 minutes after the exhausting day they both had