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Shinsou Hitoshi pushed the shopping cart full of spray paint down the street. It was cool today, not many people around. Well, most of them were probably at work or whatever.

The young man came to a stop by a vending machine and debated whether or not to buy one of those canned coffees. There was a huge possibility they would be as cold as the weather but he did not care. He places a few coins in the slot and selects the french vanilla one. He takes it from the bottom of the machine and- huh it's still warm.

He wipes the top of the can with his sleeve a few times, pops it open and drinks from it.

It's quiet during this time in the morning. Not the eerie quiet, the comforting quiet.

Hitoshi soaks it in.

There was a time when this area was once one of the most dangerous spots in Japan. However, over the course of three years, the crime rate took a nosedive.

Thanks to one person named Bunny.

Bunny was apparently marked down as a 'vigilante' by the police force and multiple heroes. The persona came around when the crime rate was at its all-time high and villains were practically patrolling certain areas where the known heroes rarely came to.

How did this happen, one might ask?

Easy, the fight between All Might and All For One.

It was broadcasted throughout Japan- hell maybe throughout the whole world.

On that day, the world's symbol of peace defeated the world's strongest villain and retired.

All Might retiring was basically free for all the villains were looking for. One would think that with all the professional heroes Japan has that they would be able to keep the crime rates and villains low.

All Might was the symbol of peace for a reason. With that symbol gone it was just chaos.

Well, that's what the masses might say, but Hitoshi thinks differently. To him, it was already chaos. Yes, pro heroes and All Might were there to fight villains, the supervillains.

However, there was still the common thief, the serial killer, the rapist, the mugger etc. They were always overlooked because the bigger and flashier they are the faster they can become a target.

The police force does their best but with uncommon quirks and the symbol of peace retiring, it was enough to shake the damn world awake.

Hitoshi finishes the coffee and throws it in a nearby recycle bin. Then he thumbs the red wristband on his hand before returning back to his shopping cart. He's done his morning patrol. He needs to report back for his next shift.

He pushes the cart down the street.


Tsukauchi Naomasa sighs through his nose. It's too early in the morning and he's not fully woken yet but his mind is already buzzing.

Another criminal captured, gagged and damn near unconscious on their doorstep.

This one they had been tracking for the last month or so. Wanted for turning people into stone and then just smashing them. It was inhumane.

Moving on.

The true reason that Naomasa is here because there was a witness, one that was very much alive and slightly traumatized.

A twenty-eight-year-old woman, named Mikura Shizuka. She was a target but before the criminal could get to her she was rescued.

"Good Morning Mikura-san," Naomasa tries his best to put on a smile despite how tired he is.

The blonde woman gives a small smile. Her hands are trembling and fidgeting with the blanket they gave her a few moments ago.

"My name is Tsukauchi Naomasa, I am the current detective assigned with this case and I would like you to answer some questions. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Mikura-san shifts but nods Naomasa takes this as a sign to continue.

"There have been rumors of some vigilantes going around Mikura-san. I realized as I walked in that the captured criminal was not the work of the hero since they only subdue." And not beat someone to near death was left unsaid.

"May you please give me any information about who saved you? Anything is helpful."

Mikura-san bites his bottom lip and shifts again, she's still fidgeting with the blanket. "There were two of them, definitely men."

"Anything specific."

"They both had collars on," She points to her neck. Naomasa doesn't feel his quirk going off just yet so he nods. "Red collars, like the ones you give dogs.. and...and one had on gloves, but only one finger was covered.'

Naomasa raises an eyebrow, "Only one?"

She nods, "The pinky, I didn't get to see much of him. The other one had on a black coat, his sleeves were rolled up so I was able to see his arms. It looked like burnt skin that didn't heal correctly..." She shifts once more with an uncomfortable expression.

"That's," She takes a deep breath, "That's all I could see of them. I'm sorry."

Naomasa gives her a small smile, "You have nothing to apologize for Mikura-san. The information you have given is actually quite helpful."

Naomasa leaves her to be looked at by a few paramedics as he looks at his notes.

God, he's been on this case for how long now?

He's heard the description of these two many times. A man with dark hair and burn marks, and another with light colored hair that keeps his fingers covered. Both of them wearing red collars and going around dropping criminals, villains and the occasional hero on the police's doorstep. Sometimes they even went as far as killing.

Naomasa doesn't like it. Vigilanteism was one thing, but this was confusing.

He sighs, places his hat on his head and heads back to work. 

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Chapter 1


Izuku Midoriya was young when he realized that the world wasn’t a fair place. 


Izuku remembers growing up with his mother because his father was always away working during the day. He remembers seeing his father every morning and sometimes on a computer screen when he was a toddler. 


He also remembers his mother’s death. 


Even though he was three, he could still remember what the police told him and his father. He still remembers telling him how the apartment complex came down while he and dad were out for groceries. 


He remembers the police officer telling him how it came down due to a hero and villain fighting. How the hero could only prevent a few of the surrounding buildings from falling but not all of them. 


Izuku had cried so hard that day. Wrapped in his father’s arms as the older tried to calm him down. 


That was also when Izuku met his father’s side of the family. 


Hisashi Midoriya was a man that was adopted into a family. He didn’t have any blood relations that he knew of or on record. Hisashi Midoriya was an orphan that was raised by a ‘family’. 


Izuku remembers his father taking him to a big estate and seeing so many different faces. It was overwhelming at the time but in the future, he came to know and trust those faces. 




Hisashi’s adoptive father, now Izuku’s grandfather was a man with long red hair with red eyes and sharp canines with red scales down his arms. Hisashi had introduced the toddler to him on the first day and explained to him that they were staying here now. 


Izuku didn’t want to stay here. He wanted to go back home and find mom but he knew it wasn’t happening. For a boy his age, he was pretty smart. 


Hisashi had only given him a tired smile, “Please bear with it little bunny,” then ruffled his hair.

Later that month they had a funeral service for Midoriya Inko. Izuku remembers so many family members there and how so many of them came up to Hisashi and bowed their heads at him. 




Izuku was four when he found out that he might have a quirk. There was a big possibility that he might have one because of his toe. 


He was a bit excited and bubbly. The rest of the clan seemed to catch on to his attitude because they were in high spirits as well. Even his grandfather seemed to laugh at him as he ran circles around everyone. 


Some of the people in the clan were around his father’s age. There were a few teenagers and kids every now and then but Izuku hasn’t seen that many children his age around but he was comfortable enough around the others. Not to mention that he could spend time with kids his age at school. 

“Kacchan!” He practically slammed into the boy’s back. “I’m gonna get a quirk. Maybe it’ll be cool like yours!” 


Bakugou Katsuki, Izuku’s best friend snorted and pointed his nose up. “Yeah right, as if you can be cooler than me.” 


“I’ll probably breathe fire like dad! Or maybe I can be like grandad and turn into a dragon and breath fire!” That’d be really cool.


Kacchan rolled his eyes, “You still think your grandad’s a dragon?” 


“Yeah! Cause he has scales and smoke comes out of his mouth whenever I come in the room!” 


“Maybe he had a cigarette thingy and through it out so you can’t see it. My mom’s friends do that whenever she takes me to work.”


“Nuh uh.” 


“Yuh huh.” 


Their little argument continued until Izuku’s father pulled up in the family car. The long black vehicle that Izuku kept forgetting the name of. The back door opened to show his father stepping out the car with a certain look on his face. The blazer he usually wore with his suit was off, which Izuku found weird. 


Nevertheless, he did launch himself at his dad like he always did. 


“Hello, my little bunny!” His dad picks him up easily and hugs him. Then looks over his shoulder towards Katsuki, “Hello to you too Katsuki-chan.”


Kacchan huffs, red eyes meeting the older man with no fear, “Old man.” 


Hisashi rolls his eyes at the greeting. 


“Dad! Can Kacchan come over please?” 


Hisashi sees the way the two boys get excited but he shakes his head with a sigh, black curls bouncing. “Sorry little ones, we have business tonight Izuku.” 




Izuku knew what that meant. It meant something really bad happened or something really good happened. 


“Say bye to Katsuki-chan for now.” 


Izuku reluctantly waves at his best friend as his father ducks into the car.  His friend waves back and goes back to their teacher to wait for his mom.


In the car, Hisashi still keeps Izuku in his arms. Izuku doesn't mind at all but he can practically feel his father's nervousness for some reason. Even though his father had a small smile on his face as Izuku babbled on.


When Izuku finishes his summary of his day his father pats his head.


“ I have news Izuku, you're getting some new siblings.”


 Izuku's eyes went wide. So the ‘business’ was good news! No one was in trouble! 


The boy was happy. Izuku had a lot of ‘brothers and sisters’. Most of them were older than him and seemed to be a bit protective of him. Some of them have even babysat him. 




“Mhm.” Hisashi says while ruffling his curls. Izuku beams.


“How old is they? What’s their-” Hisashi placed a hand over the boy’s mouth before the child can ramble. 


“Izuku.” His father says with a certain look in his eyes that makes Izuku’s tummy churn. 


“You can’t see them yet, we’re still trying to help them okay.  tooTheir too nervous to be around kids yet. We have to give ‘em more time.” 


“Nervous?” Izuku tilts his head. 


His father nods, “Some people did bad things to them and they do not  like to be touched right now,” Hisashi starts petting him again, “So you’ll have to wait a while to meet them all okay?” 


A pout comes across the four-year-old’s face but he nods. If he had to wait then he’ll be a good little brother and do so. He was still a bit worried and wondered what the bad people did and where they were because Papa didn’t like it when people hurt children.  

“Papa?” Izuku asks in a small voice. “Did you get the bad people?” 


The smile his father gives him would’ve sent shivers up someone’s spine but not Izuku’s. He’s seen papa smile like that plenty of times. 


“Of course. We don’t tolerate anyone hurting the children Bunny. Always remember that.”



At the age of five, Izuku gets his quirk. 


He’s one year late, but he gets it and it lets itself be known one slow Sunday morning. His father and Uncle were bussing around in the kitchen. The little boy could hear them laughing and talking from the connected room that was a living area. 


Izuku was on the couch, blanket still wrapped around him, All Might plushie in his arms. One of his cousins, Hachimaru was with him. The older boy was around fourteen, black hair and eyes and a quirk similar to his father’s: Scan. 


Normally Izuku would be asking his cousin more about his quirk like he always did. However, today the boy was content with watching the latest kaiju cartoon while waiting for breakfast.


The episode is halfway done when his father and uncle enter the room, plates in each hand. Izuku immediately sits up and reaches forward to greet his father. 


Only for the plate in his father’s hand to immediately shoot forward in his direction. 


Hachimaru pulls him to the side with wide eyes and Izuku lets out a squeak as the plate and food slam against the couch. 

There’s a long silence- then Izuku bursts into tears. 



The second time it happens is at daycare. 


Kacchan was… Kacchan was being mean again. 


Izuku didn’t quite understand why Kacchan was being mean to the boy in front of them. The boy had done absolutely nothing wrong except maybe be in Kacchan’s space. Izuku couldn’t understand. 


He had begged Kacchan to stop but the blond just scoffed at him before carrying on. 


At the time, Izuku had been too far away, he couldn’t place himself in between the boys if he wanted to. So when Kacchan raises his small hand, pops coming from them, Izuku raises his as well. 


Instead of the boy being pulled towards him, it’s actually Kacchan that’s being pulled towards Izuku. 


Well more like thrown-


To the other side of the playground, right into the jungle gym. 


There’s a cry as his head hits the metal bars and Izuku immediately feels cold fear in his veins, along with sudden tiredness and a headache. 


He’s six when his quirk is officially registered. 


He has a mutation of his mother’s quirk. They know he can attract objects, the weight limit is unknown but that’s for him to figure out as he grows. 


His relationship with Kacchan has gotten worse. Had his quirk been stronger the blond would have ended up in the hospital. After that day, the two do not speak to each other anymore. It breaks Izuku’s heart. 


He went to apologize one day bit Kacchan had yelled at him to leave him alone. He yelled at him and called him a villain. 


Izuku cried on the way home that day. 




Izuku starts taking notes when he’s eight. 


His handwriting isn’t that good but he can read it so that’s all that matters. 


He first used it to take notes of his quirk, writing down possibilities as he tests himself.


Then he starts to ask around the estate. 


The first is obviously his father. While they’re getting ready in the mornings Izuku asks as many questions as he can think of and tries to remember his father’s responses as he writes them in the car. After a good three days of this, his father sits him down before dinner. 


“It’s fine for you to be curious, however this information can be very bad in the wrong hands Izuku. Especially since you write it down.” 


At the time, Izuku didn’t understand, until his backpack got stolen by one of his classmates. 


Izuku had been so scared, because his lunch was in there, along with two new Quirk Analysis books. He spent his entire lunch break looking, missing out on eating entirely. He had to sit through the rest of the school day nervous and hungry. 


Then when it was time to go home, he saw the familiar yellow backpack, with his All Might keychain. He didn’t care who had it at the time as he used his quirk to pull it toward him. 


Whoever had it, obviously wasn’t paying attention because it flies out of their hands with the same speed as the plate from the first time Izuku used his quirk. He also runs forward to meet it midway, ignoring the other students jumping out of his way. 


He’s relieved when it returns to him but it’s short-lived when he realizes how light it is. 


It was completely empty. 


“Looking for these nerd?” 


Izuku’s head whipped around to see a girl, one of his classmates holding up one of his notebooks, the other tucked in the crook of her arm. Across from her is a boy he recognizes as one of Kacchan’s lackeys with his now empty bento box. 


“I gotta admit, your lunch was pretty good. A villain like you really doesn’t deserve something that good anyway.” She giggles. 


“Yep!”The boy chirps, too bad it was Katsudon though, I hate that stuff, but whoever cooked it did a good job.” 


Izuku’s hand twitches. 


“Anyway, we were gonna leave it that,” The girl starts as she flips open his notebook, “But then we saw these, ‘Quirk Analysis’ hm? You tryna get info on Midoriya? Trying to find a way to take us all out when you get mad huh?”


No, he screams internally but he’s scared. 


“I wonder how sensei will feel when he sees you’ve got a hit on us and ya tryna find our weaknesses…” The boy snickers. 


Izuku feels tears prick his eyes. 


“Bakugou was right, you really are a villain-” 


The books fly out of grip and into Izuku’s hands with such speed that it hurts when they smack into him. Then he turns around and runs, forgetting about the empty bento box.

At the age of twelve, he and his father move into a spacious flat, in a different district. Izuku’s a bit sad at leaving his family behind at the estate but they do call and visit at least once a week. 


Another thing is, that Izuku starts his second year of junior high at a different school. 


His old school was filled with people that knew of the accident, people that bullied and called him names. To the point where he had grown numb. 


His family had noticed it, but Izuku had begged his father not to step in. Did he listen? No, that’s how one student got expelled for hurting him. That’s how they ended up moving as well. 


Izuku knows his father has a zero-tolerance for things hurting him. Izuku had managed to get away with bruises by saying it was him training his quirk, which was a half-lie. He had spent countless days in the courtyard of their shared home, attracting things. He even found out he could keep things afloat and push them away if he concentrated hard enough. The lie could only work so many times though. 


It was Hachimaru who found out. His cousins sometimes picked him up from school, on those days Izuku would immediately fall asleep once he climbed in the car. 


On that particular day, Izuku had a limp, which Hachimaru questioned with a raised eyebrow. Izuku had smiled and said, “I tried to pull my chair to me with my quirk, hit me in the shin.” Hachimaru had stared at him blankly before opening the door for him. 


Izuku’s first mistake was going to sleep. 


Hachimaru had looked over him with his quirk, and saw all the bruises and burn marks. He marched Izuku to his father’s study and told him what he saw. 


Izuku had never seen his father so heartbroken and angry at the same time. 


After making some calls, he pulled Izuku out of the school and transferred to a new one (Izuku had begged him not to press charges). 



Izuku doesn’t try to make friends at his new school. He’s used to being quiet and making himself small so it wasn’t much of a problem. He is a bit relieved that bullying doesn’t happen. He’s mostly known as one of the quiet smart kids in class. It’s a bit refreshing. 


Even though he didn’t go intentionally looking to make friends that didn’t stop him from accidentally making one. 


Shinsou Hitoshi is a quiet boy, he talks to no one but that doesn’t stop people from talking to him. 


Listen, if Izuku had a choice that day he would’ve walked away, but apparently his mind and body were two separate beings that day. 


It was like daycare all over again. The difference? These were teenagers that knew how to hurt and had complete control over their quirks. Teenagers that knew they were doing wrong and didn’t want to stop. 


To put it simply, Izuku got mad. 


It was a bit unfair, four against one. They were behind the school, Izuku could see one of his classmates roughing him up while the other three laughed. 


It wasn’t anything serious and then Izuku saw one of the boys pointed out an old paper cutter on the ground. 


“Huh, you know I wonder if we’d just do him a favor and cut out his tongue.” 


To them, it was a joke, but he saw the way Shinsou’s eyes went wide and that was enough for them. 


The teen with shark teeth grinned and picked the object up by the handle, pushing the button on the side. “Huh, look it’s still got some blades in it. Hold him still Miki.”


Listen, Izuku was already in too deep and he should have known that they were only doing it to scare the other but still-


To put it lightly he overreacted. 


As in, he meant to use his quirk to take the paper cutter out the teen’s hand. 


Instead, he snatched the whole kid through the air, over his head, and into the nearby dumpster. 


There’s silence and all hell breaks loose. 


“Isn’t that the new kid-” 


“What the fuck is your problem!-”


“That was at least fifty feet, is he okay-”

Izuku went cold because he didn’t know if shark teeth was okay, it had been quiet for too long-


So Izuku once again overreacted-


And ran-


And snatched Shinsou with him. 


“I’d say thank you,” The purple haired boy said while staring at him from across the table in the cafe, “If you’d hadn’t, y’know, make me fly through the air at like 100 miles per hour-”

“I’m sorry,” Izuku whines out. “I just- They were going to-” 


“I know, it’s not new.” At Izuku’s wide eyes, he shrugged. “I mean that- the paper cutter was new. Everything else was just like every day.” 


Izuku probably looks like a gaping fish but after a few minutes he sucks in a breath, “Alright, once again, I’m sorry for using my quirk on you but I’m not sorry for um, getting you out of there.”


There’s silence again, minus the background noise of other customers as the other thinks. 


“Thank you.” He says in a quiet voice, “You need to work on quirk by the way. It felt like a grown-ass man snatched the back of my neck, that’s why it hurts so much.” 


Izuku apologizes again because he didn’t know that. He’d only used his quirk on a person once before and that was Kac-Bakugou. He hadn’t meant to harm the other-


There’s a light kick to his shin and Shinsou is staring at him weirdly, “You’re mumbling.” 


Izuku spits more apologies. 




When Izuku got home that day, he immediately cried to his father about how he killed a classmate. 


After a long time spent crying and his father trying to calm him down, Izuku explains what happened.


A few phone calls later and it’s confirmed that shark teeth, ‘Rimuru-san’ is not dead, but has a concussion. No, the family is not pressing charges because apparently there is a camera behind the school. 

The Shinsous’ are silent on the matter until the next day. 



That next morning is spent in the small principal’s office. 


There’s arguing from the bullies' families and one father tried to snap at Hisashi, which the man gave the most creative verbal lashing Izuku has ever heard without profanity. 


Then Shinsou’s aunt enters the discussion and she and Izuku’s father find a solution.  


The bully’s get expelled.


Izuku gets a slap on the wrist, more quirk therapy. 


Shinsou gets to walk.

Ever since then, the two were ‘quiet’ peas in a pod. 


Once it got around in class what happened, they were both given a wide space from everyone else. 


Izuku gets the nickname ‘crazy midoriya’, it’s not even creative. Over time he’s gotten used to it, and he and Shinsou are glad for the breathing room and the two get a bit closer because of it.


His next rude awakening is from a sexual assault. 


Wait- no, he wasn’t sexually assaulted. Someone else was, in broad daylight, in an alley, by a fucking sidekick for whatever hero agency is nearby. 


Izuku doesn’t know why he catches things like this and no one else does. He doesn’t know if it’s a curse or a blessing. So he doesn’t hesitate at all use his quirk pull the man into the opposite wall, into piles of trash. 


“What the hell-” 


Izuku runs into the alleyway, uses his quirk again to attract the nearest heaviest object, which is pipe and hits one of the man’s knees, getting a satisfying crack and a scream of pain. 


He drops the pipe, whirls around at the half-awake boy on the ground and picks him up. 


Thank god, his father made him train with his cousins. He wouldn’t be able to do this a year ago. 

The boy’s name is Kaminari Denki, and he had no idea how he ended up in that alley. 


Hell, he had no idea what happened after exiting the train station nearby. 


The man’s quirk is some type of hypnosis type. Izuku doesn’t get more info than that, not even a name. However, he does get to stay long enough for a bunch of police officers to rough up the now ex sidekick. Which Izuku enjoys with deep satisfaction. 


Izuku does get chewed out to a very lesser degree. Something along the lines of ‘don’t use your

Quirk illegally, but good job kid.’ He even gets candy. 


Kaminari is a bit shaken up, so Izuku offers to stay with him until someone picks him up. Which the blonde is grateful for. 


“Don’t mention it.” Izuku had mumbled, but Kaminari had shaken his head, a shaky smile on his face. 


“Dude, I’m going to be thanking you till the day I die,” Cue Izuku turning red as a tomato,” Gimme your phone so I can put my number in it. We’re talking tomorrow.” 


That is how he befriends Kaminari Denki. 



Izuku is thirteen when he comes to a realization. 




He doesn’t look up to heroes that much. 


The ones that appear on tv confuses him, they’re all flashy fighting villains equally as flashy. That’s all they do. They show up, fight a villain, and that’s it. 


But what about the things in the background? What about the police force? What about the collateral damage? What about the people they can’t save? 


The police can only do so much while heroes are out there making headlines. 


So Izuku researches, goes to school, and on the days where he isn’t hanging out with Kaminari and Shinsou, he asks to sit in at some of his father’s ‘tame’ meetings to learn. 


His father and family members seem to be happy that he’s getting more interested in their line of business and how serious he takes it. He listens to his father’s meetings, then his father puts him into training along with his other cousins. Then Izuku learns things from social manners to reading a person’s body to playing games like Mahjong and Shougi.


He never questions why he has to learn these things, instead, he accepts them wholeheartedly. 


He takes notes on his father, his grandfather, his cousins, even Shinsou and Kaminari let him take notes to a certain degree. Even his father would let him watch a recording of his meetings to see if Izuku can point out anything. In a way, it becomes like a game to him to analyze his father’s ‘business partners’. 


It gets to the point where he has to take his notes in a different language. English was quickly ruled out. He could use it to substitute a word here or there but other than that it wouldn’t be enough. 


One of his aunts, a woman named Ana, with blonde hair and a slight accent had come in with his father when they were discussing the topic. She had whipped out a few workbooks. 


“Spanish, German, or French?” 


Izuku accepted all three. 


He’s fourteen when he saves Bakugou. 


If Izuku’s being honest, he doesn’t know why he saved the blonde. He hasn’t talked to Bakugou since daycare. Those other interactions with the bullying don’t count but still-


The heroes wouldn’t do anything. They were just watching. Bakugou was dying. 


Some parts of Izuku’s mind wanted to yell and scream at them, wanted to cry at how they did nothing while the blonde was suffocating. He had to bite the inside of his cheek when they scolded him. Tears stinging his vision and blood in his mouth. 


When they let him go, he’s entirely numb and there’s a buzz in his head. 


Bakugou catches up to him. Tells him he didn’t need saving and Izuku stopped dead in his tracks. 


Bakugou wanted to be a hero. Izuku wanted to be a hero as well, but not like them who stood and watched, not like Bakugou who looked down and hurt people beneath him. 


He turned around, with a hollow look in his eyes.

“Next time, I’ll wait until someone with a well-suited quirk can come and save you.” Just to see you d-


Izuku doesn’t finish that train of thought, instead, he runs home as fast as he can, crying. 

Izuku is almost fifteen years old, when he tells his father he wants to work for him. 


The reaction is his father slowly blinking at him. 


Once upon a time, Izuku might have wanted to go to UA but that moment was crushed the day he hospitalized his friend and classmate. What really started it was the death of his mother, but he would never say that out loud. 


Not only that, he seems to always attract trouble.


He figures his father knows what influence his decision, but the man doesn’t say anything. Instead, he gets: 


“We do a lot of things, son, You’ll have to be specific.” 


“I know,” Izuku says, reaching in his backpack to whip out the twenty eight-page analysis on why it’s a good idea to help his father and the other adults in their vigilante/ yakuza makeshift family. 


Hisashi holds up a hand to stop him, lips twitching in amusement as he sees the binder his son is about to pull out. 


“It’s going to take a while for you to actually ‘work’, for now, we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing.” 


Izuku knows better than to argue, so instead, he nods. 


Then his father finishes his coffee. “Other than that, we need to get you into a good school. I assume UA is off the list now.” 


There’s a moment where Izuku considers this, then he nods. He wouldn’t go to UA.