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The Dark Side

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 "When the shadows became real."

When Ye Xiu left the Excellent Era's building, strange things started to happen.
The building was darker, lights always dimmed no matter how many times the light bulbs were changed and a whole instalation was checked. The computers could turn off at any given moment. And shadows...
Oh, God the shadows were moving.
That was something more and more people who worked there claimed.
No one thought about it really until it became bothersome. Distracting. You name it.
People had nightmares.
About a person clad in dark armour, reaching their hand towards the sleeping. At first glance the figure was friendly, stance relaxed, some claimed they saw bloody maple leafs dancing around on the wind. They even thought it is something good, a proof that once Ye Qiu left, everything will cherish.
They couldn't be more wrong.
It all started with Chen Yehui.
Barely few hours after their ex-captain's departure, he became anxious, started to mumble to himself... and was utterly terrified of shadows. He was still doing his job, so none doubted him. Everyone just smiled at him with pity. Some even claimed that their god's leaving shocked him so much.
Again. Wrong.
He was entering the guild room like he always did at the morning only to find turned off computers and no one in sight. After getting closer and trying to turn some of them on, he finally heard the slow typing. Turning his head to the misterious sound, he noticed that one monitor was working, although it had its brightness turned down to bare minimum. He came closer, still seeing nobody who could be typing, yet the sound was getting louder and louder. The typing also increased in speed.
When he got to the computer, the incredibly fast typing AND clicks of mouse stopped.
He looked at the monitor to see an inside of dungeon. The character used was One Autumn Leaf. Cursing their new captain, he tried to log out and take out the card. He failed to do both. When he tried to even touch the card, a voice behind him asked coldly:
"What do you think you are doing?"
He turned around to see nothing but shadows.
The typing and clicking started again. He looked at the station before him. The character was moving again, strolling through the dungeon, not bothered that there was no one sitting in front of the computer. Chen Yehui stared in shock as the keys on keyboard were being pushed in in a very familiar pattern.
He searched for an additional cable, thinking about it as a mere prank.
When he found none. The frantic tapping stopped again. The lights blinked. The computer monitor glitched and the whole computer turned off.
He looked around him.
He was met with an armored hand reaching towards him from the shadows. Unable to dodge his assailant, the guild leader found himself being choked to death. No matter how much he squirmed and tried to hit the hand and the person who should be standing there, all he hit was air.
The only thing that saved him was Liu Hao entering the room. Just like that, all computers turned on and the card disappeared.