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The Dark Side

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Tao Xuan knew that the moment Ye Xiu leaves, things will happen. He thought that just lights would flicker and that's all. After all, Sun Xiang should be more than enough to take a hold of One Autumn Leaf.

Oh, how wrong he was.

You see, a lot of people had their own spirits, demons, guardians. If you allow them to linger near you, you can claim them as yours by creating a bond. With a bond comes a card. The one who holds it has control over the spirit tied to it.
When the spirits appeared for the first time in their world, they were being hunted and catched by humans. The first cards that appeared were like trophies. Spirits didn't succumb willingly. However after years of bloodshed and hunt, they started to willingly let themselves be catched.
Without fighting.
With their heads hung low.
The ones that were able to stay in wilderness had a choice to at least chose their future master.

They were powerful and dangerous, so people created a special equipment to thwamp them. They created a cyber plain where they could move without worrying about the damage they would cause. This is how a game "Glory" started. Now all you had to do to get one, you needed to be evaluated by special equipment and the seller would give you an appropriate card.

For many, the spirits were just a bunch of pixels, for some they were a toy, for more than it should be, slaves.

When Tao Xuan first met Ye Xiu, he didn’t have to ask. His card was first edition. It was obvious how it was obtained.
He was so wrong.
He thought that so many years would make the spirit the more obedient as scientists claimed. Sun Xiang easily taking over.
He never asked. He saw One Autumn Leaf in this world only once, when Ye Qiu was making a contract with Excellent Era. After that he saw the avatar only in game. He forgot how imposing was this spirit.
So many mistakes.
The first mistake, was leaving Sun Xiang alone to command over One Autumn Leaf. New master, new contract. The bond had to be made with only the new holder and the spirit in empty room.
The second, was thinking everything will be normal.
The third, was staying in Excellent Era for a bit too long.
He ran through the dark corridors. He stumbled into his office to see even more darkness.
And One Autumn Leaf's card half embed into his desk.
"Impossible." Avatars couldn't hold their own cards but somehow he moved it. Tao Xuan knew how dangerous could be an avatar let loose. He said nothing as the darkness in room was getting thicker. He left before it became solid. And ran. Ran through the darkening corridors as if the devil himself was chasing him. Maybe he was.

This is how Tao Xuan saved his live. By running away as far as he could.

Even after giving a fast conference next day, he didn’t dare to stay even a second longer. One Autumn Leaf was not a mindless creature. If he acted with so many humans seeing him, at least a dozen soldiers from special forces would come to haunt him. Using this small gap, Tao Xuan escaped.
He escaped not without a warning of course. He found his favourite pet torn to pieces lying in his office with a message on the wall written with its blood.

One Autumn Leaf also knew that no one will say a thing about it. HIs value is too high to let him be taken away.

From now on, everyone wondered where does Tao Xuan dissappear because his office is always locked and he is nowhere in sight.