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Worth the Trouble

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Seokjin was in the middle of his business lecture when he got the call. The words “Seoul General Hospital” flashing across his phone screen as his professor rambles on about marketing skills. Jin simply stares at the phone for a moment before sighing in resignation.


He quickly gathers his things and makes his way out of the lecture hall. He sits at the back of the class for this particular reason.


When he makes it into the hallway he clicks the accept button and waits for the call to patch through.


“Hello, is this Kim Seokjin?” Comes a far too perky voice across the line.


“You know it is, Taehyung.”


“I'm just checking,” Taehyung replies. Jin can practically see the pout in his voice.


Jin pinches the bridge of his nose and allows himself to sigh again, “How bad is it this time?”


“Hoseokie says two broken toes and a concussion,” Taehyung responds cheerfully.


“Alright, I'm on my way,” Jin says before hanging up and beginning the three block walk to his car. Parking by the business and marketing buildings is horrific, far too many people taking business classes because they don't know what else to do with their life. It’s especially bad at this time of night, right after dinnertime.


It makes Seokjin’s life harder that it should be.


Well that and one man with a far too common habit of tripping on air.


So common a habit, in fact, that anytime Jin closes his eyes in an attempt to get some much needed rest, the route to the hospital from campus flashes across the back of his eyelids.


When he finally arrives at the hospital the steril smell in the air and the bright fluorescent lights barely affect him. He’s used to them by now.


Jin resolutely ignores Taehyung’s enthusiastic wave from the reception desk as he makes his way to what is now dubbed “Namjoon’s room”. It was given the name after his 8th visit to the hospital.


Jin pauses in front of the door, mentally preparing himself for the headache that was about to occur. If Taehyung called him then he probably called the others too.


True enough, as soon as Jin opens the door he’s assaulted with a plethora of voices.


“--course you can’t Jimin, you’re too short for that.”


A dramatic gasp, “Lies and slander, Jeonggukie. I'm not that short!”


A groan, “Can’t you both just shut up.”


“He started it!” Jeongguk and Jimin shout at the same time.


Jin decides this is a good place to interrupt.


“Now, now, children. Lets all calm down.”


Simultaneously, five people turn to face him. And Jin doesn’t like to say he’s biased when it comes to his friends (read: family) but the one sitting in the hospital bed is the one who really catches his eye.


“Jeongguk, leave Jimin alone about his height and go bother Tae instead. I’m sure he’s just dying to see you,” Jin teases, and Jeongguk leaves with a blush sitting bright on his cheeks.


Next Jin turns to the couple cuddled up on the armchair in the corner of the room, “Jimin, why don’t you take Yoongi home? You know how grumpy he gets when he’s tired and by the sound of it he’s long overdue for a nap.”


Jimin and Yoongi shuffle out of the room a few moments later, the younger fussing over Yoongi’s coat while he simply smiles at Jimin’s antics.


Lastly Jin turns to the doctor in the room, “Hoseok-ah, isn’t there some doctor things you should be doing.”


Hoseok just smirks, “Yeah, yeah. No need to tell me twice, I understand you two want some… alone time. He can leave whenever he likes, It’s just a few broken toes and a mild concussion. Nothing he isn’t used to,” Hoseok says before leaving the room.


Jin sighs when the door finally shuts behind Hoseok, leaving him and the patient alone.


“I’m going to go grey early at this rate. Sometimes I feel like I’m friends with a bunch of children.”


There’s a laugh from behind him, “You love them, hyung.”


Jin smiles to himself, “I never said I didn’t love them,” he turns to the patient, “And how many times do I have to tell to stop listing me as an emergency contact Namjoon, you keep interrupting my lectures.”


Namjoon smiles at him fondly from his place on the hospital bed, “You hate your business lectures, always begging me to pick you up after them and buy you coffee.”


“Better a business class than a visit to the hospital. For the third time this month, I might add,” Jin teases, sitting down on the side of the bed.


Namjoon has the decency to look sheepish as he takes Jin’s hand in his own, “Sorry, hyung.”


“What was it this time. Did you fall down the stairs again? Or maybe you were hit over the head with a painting by a sleep deprived art major again?”


Namjoon throws his head back and laughs, “Neither. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I slammed into a wall.”


Jin can’t help but think that despite his high IQ, Namjoon can be incredibly stupid sometimes.


Jin also can’t help but think he’s just a little bit in love.


“Only you would manage to land yourself in the hospital just by running into a wall,” Jin says, reaching over with his free hand to grab the crutches leaning against the wall.


“Let's go home, Joonie.”


It’s a quick walk to the car. Namjoon has long since mastered the use of crutches. It’s a quick ride back to their apartment too. No words were spoken but the warmth of Namjoon’s hand on his thigh said enough. It wasn’t sexual, not at all. All it said was thank you. Thank you for always coming to get me.


They stumble into their apartment a couple minutes later. Namjoon hobbling on his pair of crutches, just a tad bit slower than Jin.


They get ready for bed in silence, Jin watching in amusement as Namjoon attempts to hop into his pajama pants on one foot.


Ten minutes later and they’re collapsing into bed. It’s only 9:30 but the idea of falling asleep beside each other is far more appealing than anything they could be doing awake.


So maybe Namjoon makes his life a bit harder than it should be, but the things he gets in return for just a bit of trouble are truly extraordinary.


Namjoon makes life interesting. It sounds so goddamn cheesy but Namjoon brings joy and laughter and so many other things. He brings home and happiness.


And no matter how many business lectures he misses to go pick up Namjoon from the hospital for the millionth time, Jin wouldn’t give him up for the world.