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The prince and the captain

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Liam and Harry were away on there honeymoon for three weeks, the two enjoyed there time together, spending every moment they could with one another. They got back home to Cheshire safe and well as Liam and Harry settled back to normal life. Harry had also found out that his sister was going on a three month tour across several countries. He had decided to ask her about he and Liam moving to their own castle.

"I don't think that should be a problem." Gemma told her brother as they walked in the garden. "We would really appreciate it Gemma, to have our own space." Harry said relived at her response. "What I will do is sort something out with mother and father when I get back home, in the meantime you and Liam can prepare to leave as soon as I'm back." Gemma said as Harry gave his sister a hug. "Thank you so much, I will never forget what you have done." Harry said knowing he had the best sister in the world.


The next few weeks were quiet for Harry and Liam. Both were settling into married life as they formed a nice routine. Liam had been given a small army to train while Harry was a kept prince. He had been spending some time with his mother and ladies in waiting a lot, knowing they were waiting for the day Harry finally got pregnant.


One day, things were about to change. Harry and the queen were knitting in the lounge when a messenger came into the room. "I'm sorry to disturb you your majesty but we have received some devestating news. There has been been a large fire in the south of Cheshire. There have been several casualties and many more people injured."

It took all of Harry's willpower to remain calm, the south of Cheshire was where Perrie and Alexa lived. He needed to see if they were ok, goodness knows how bad the fire was. "Excuse me mother." Harry said quietly as he left the room, he needed to to something.

"My love it will be too risky." Liam said, Harry had told his husband what had happened and how he needed to find Perrie and Alexa. "Liam, I just want to see if they are ok, I hate to think what might've happened." Harry said as Liam knew his husband has already made up his mind.

Liam and Harry snuck out of the palace and into a discreet carriage. They had arrived at a local hospital where the most injured were taken. Harry had snuck in and spoke to one of the women who worked there. "Excuse me," Harry said quietly, trying to cover his face with the hood he wore. "If I could give you a name, can you check if this person is here?" "Of course what is the name?" The woman asked not noticing that she was speaking to the prince. "Perrie Edwards." Harry said as the woman looked down the large parchment of names of the injured. "Yes she is here, I think she was allocated down the hall way, you can't miss it." The woman said as Harry and Liam went straight to the room.

What Harry saw when he walked in shocked him. Perrie was flat on the bed, completely bruised and battered, it looked like she could barely breathe as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Harry ran straight to her, trying not to cry at the state of his friend. "Perrie." Harry said as the girl looked up. "Harry what are you doing here?" Perrie asked quietly. "I needed to see you. What happened?" Harry asked. "When the fire started there there was hundreds of people running, me and Alexa got caught in the crowd."

"Where is Alexa?" Harry asked. "she's with the other children." Just then Perrie coughed several times in pain. "Harry, I don't think I've got long left." Perrie said. "Don't say that Perrie, we'll get you the best doctors." "No harry, there's so much damage, I'm in so much pain." Perrie said as Harry saw all the pain she was in.

"Your majesty, if I don't make it I want you to promise me something." Perrie said as her voice got weaker. "Please look after Alexa, make sure she has a good life and that she is happy. Please." She begged and Harry hesitated. "Of course Perrie I give you my word. We will look after her." Harry said as Perrie smiled. "Thank you Harry, thank you." And with that, Perrie closed her eyes and drew her last breath.