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Mexican Man

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The door to her brand new—well, two week-old—office burst open, and the man guilty strode in. Nowadays her assistant didn't trail behind him to apologize; she had told Hannah to just let Agent Gibbs in, and not to apologize.

"Yes Madam Liaison plus?" She crossed her arms.

"Very funny Jethro. Do you know what today is?" He looked to his left.

"The fifth of November?" Jenny's lips curled up into a smile.

"Yes. Today we're telling them."

"Now?" Jenny nodded. She held down the intercom button.

"Hannah, can you get Agents DiNozzo, McGee, Officer David, Doctor Mallard and Ms. Scuito up here?" she said in her better-get-them-up-here-or-else-tone.

"Yes ma'am." Jenny smiled and got up from her chair, walking to her couch and Gibbs joined her. Soon, the whole gang filed in, and stood in front of the pair. Tony, sensing what was to come, looked dejected, Ducky was smiling, as was Ziva, although her smile was more smug, McGee was nervous and Abby had her usual smile. Jenny stayed quiet for a little while, making a few of them more nervous.

"I think the winners are Franks, Ducky and Ziva?" Ducky's smile widened more, and he pulled a fist towards himself, letting out a soft 'yes!', while Tony groaned.

"Noo..." he said, and looked towards Ziva, who stuck out her tongue.

"Aww, and I almost put my money on these two weeks," Abby said dejectedly.

"Don't worry, Abby, I will treat you to a spa weekend," Ziva said to her friend, who immediately cheered up.

McGee was smiling.

"Congratulations, to the both of you," Ducky said, and it was only then that it sank in, the real reason they were brought up. Abby squealed loudly, and hugged both Jenny and Gibbs.


Everybody said their round of congratulations, in turn hugging the couple and they soon left, with Tony realizing something on the way out—"Ziva you traitor!"—and some more laughs.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs yelled, and the younger man turned back.

"The pot went up to ten thousand. You get your check tomorrow," he said, defeat clearly in his tone. He turned to leave, and Jenny buried her face in Gibbs' chest to prevent herself from laughing with Tony still in the room.

"We got invited by Abby to Thanksgiving dinner," Jenny said, while they were lounging on her couch. Gibbs ran a hand through her hair, as she looked up at him.

"I told her no." She went to sit up, but he held her down.

"Why, Jethro?" she asked simply, though she wanted to scold him, and rant out her obscenities.

"Wanna meet my dad?" he asked softly, gazing down at her, watching her scowl turn to an expression that could only be described as soft.

"Yes." Her arm reached up and curled around his neck, bringing him down so she could kiss him. "Je t'aime," she whispered to him.

He smiled. "Je t'aime, mon chéri."

"I'm nervous."

"Don't be."

"Are you?"


"You lie."

"I don't." Gibbs turned to look at her. She was fidgeting, rotating between playing with her hands and constantly tucking her hair behind her ear.

"You're nervous."

"Thanks for pointing that out, slowpoke." His hand left her, and rested on her abdomen. She smiled softly, until he tickled her and she squirmed.

"Jethro!" He stopped instantly, and simply rested on her abdomen.

"He'll love you Jen, seriously."

"I look forward to that. I'm nervous about telling him about the baby."

"If it helps you, he'll know the moment he sees you." He lightly brushed her cheek with his fingers.

"Really?" she asked, and mentally slapped herself. Of course he would, this was the father of the man who knew things. Gibbs nodded.

"I have to say, you don't have a lot of time left to be nervous, before you turn on the charm, because we're almost there," he said, passing the large sign that said 'Welcome to Stillwater, Pennsylvania!'

"What charm?" she asked, genuinely surprised.

"The Shepard charm," Gibbs said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What Shepard charm?" she asked, again.

"The charm."

"Jethro. I have no idea what you're talking about."

"First you laugh, then, put your hand on the person's arm, the other hand lightly touches your throat. Maybe you take a drink. I've seen it many times." He looked over at her, and she was surprised.

"What?" she asked disbelievingly.

"Come on, Jen, don't tell me you don't know." She was trying to think back to when she had done it. "When you're trying to charm people, at events, or when you want something."

"I do that?" she squeaked out. He smiled and nodded.


"I didn't even know I—."

"It's not a bad thing, although I don't like when you do it with politicians, because they get the wrong idea." She saw his eyes get dark and had to smile. She certainly had had her share of slimy politicians thinking she was easy. She had to laugh, because his hand was gripping the steering wheel like it was something else.

"Want me to tickle you?" She immediately sobered up. "We're here," he said, as he stopped in front of a convenience store. "Come on." He got out, and rounded the car to open the door for her.

"I can get out just fine, Jethro," she said as she swatted his hands away.

"Just helping." She glared at him, daring him to challenge her.

"I'd listen to the lady, Leroy." Both adults turned to the shorter, older man standing by the door, smiling.

"Hey, dad." Gibbs hugged Jack, who patted his back. When they pulled away, Jack turned to Jenny with a huge smile.

"And you must be..."

"Jenny, Jackson Gibbs. Dad, Jen—."

"Mother of my grandchild!" Jenny turned to Gibbs.

"Told you," he mouthed to her. She turned, and was engulfed in a big hug.

"Welcome to the family," Jack whispered to her. Jenny had to blink away the tears threatening to fall. Damn hormones. When they pulled away, Jack led her to the store. "Come in, come in!"

He led them both to the table in the store, and sat down. He then proceeded to glare at Gibbs for a long three minutes.

"Why haven't I met you before?" he asked Jenny, who then turned to Gibbs, then turned back, shrugging. "I'm disappointed, Leroy."

"I don't know. Jethro?"

"When I came back, she was dead."

"What did you say your last name was?" Jack asked Jenny.

"Shepard." Jack's face then settled as realization dawned on.

"Oh. You faked your death?" Jenny nodded. "That's why you never came to visit me again, Leroy. Oh, you're forgiven," Jack said, with an offhand wave.

"What?" Gibbs asked surprised.

"If you were with her all the time, it's more than okay," Jack said, with a smile. "Now." Jack leaned forward, his tone almost reaching a conspiratorial height. "How far along are you?"