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Presidents' Day

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12.58 pm.

As he stood in front of the empty Chinese place, the dreadful feeling he couldn't suppress passed through him. He took out his cell and dialed her number, but it went to voicemail immediately, meaning it was turned off. He hit the second speed dial.

"Yes, Eric?"

"She's not here, H."

"Okay, Eric, can you get back here? Mia won't talk to anyone but you." And that was a surprise to Eric. Horatio had always been the one to deal with children, but apparently the little girl had taken to him.

"Alright, I'm on my way," he said before hanging up.

He rapidly walked through the masses of people still huddled together. He couldn't fathom how a person could be so cold-blooded. He certainly hoped that the bastard didn't die at the hospital.

He arrived back on scene, and as he walked past the monument, he saw the guy he had helped earlier. The paramedics bent over him stopped trying to give CPR, and then a few seconds later they covered him with a white sheet. Eric stood still for a moment and closed his eyes, just to get away from it all, if only for a little while. He saw himself and Calleigh at the beach, having fun, but then it all turned dark when he was once again overwhelmed by the feeling of agony.

He spotted the ambulance with the girl sitting innocently on the stretcher. He walked over to it, and as Mia's eyes fell on him, she looked down.

"Mia, que paso?" he asked.

"Mi brazo, se hace un poquito dolor," the girls said.

"Her arm hurts," Eric said to the paramedic standing nearby.

"I know, it might be broken, but she needs to be taken to the hospital for X-rays."

"Anything else?"

"I'm not a hundred percent sure, but she might have a concussion."

"Ok." Eric walked over to Horatio who had overheard the conversation.

"Eric, go to the hospital with her," the Lieutenant said.

"What about Calleigh?" Eric asked worried.

"Eric... Eric you can always check the hospital," the older man said, not really sure how to tell Eric. He saw the deep breath he took, before nodding somberly. "Keep me posted." Eric nodded again, before climbing into the ambulance and sitting next to the little girl. The paramedic closed the doors and the ambulance took off, sirens and all.

Horatio took a deep sigh. It was more than probably that Calleigh would be at the hospital. He deep down wished it weren't true, but knew that it was the only possibility.

A stretcher was rushed in, a flurry of movement around it.

"Woman, in her thirties, approx. 100 pounds," a paramedic said to the resident already checking the woman over.

"Hit by the car?"

"More than probable."

"Johnson, I need a trauma room!" the doctor yelled across the room.

"The one in four just got rushed into surgery, put her in there," a man yelled from across the ER.

They rushed the stretcher to the assigned room. A lot of doctors were moving around, doing several things. They moved the woman to the exam table in there, and the paramedics left.

The doctor called the last guy back.

"Hey, Illidge, are there more?" he asked. The man nodded.

"A lot more. If I were you, doc, I'd start calling all the other doctors in, because this isn't even half of it, and a lot of other ambulances are being redirected to other nearby hospitals."

"Alright, thanks." The paramedic left and the doors closed behind him.

"Alright, I got a child, four years old, she needs an X-ray," the paramedic said to the waiting resident as they lowered the stretcher from the ambulance. "Also, possible concussion."

"Curtain 3," the resident delegated, pointing to the busy ER. "I'll be right there."

Eric trailed behind the stretcher, taking a good look around.

You could hear cries of pain, and he saw a doctor attend to a guy whose leg was bent in a very strange way.

The resident came in and pulled the curtain closed, effectively closing them off from the crowd.

He walked up to Mia, leaning on the bed she was sitting on.

"Hi, my name is doctor Gerard," he said kindly, with a smile. Mia leaned back and inched closer to Eric. She looked up at Eric.

"This is Mia."

"So the paramedic said she might have broken her arm and a possible concussion?" Eric nodded. "Well, then an X-ray and an MRI, just to be sure the concussion is that—a concussion, and nothing more."

Eric nodded.

"Mia, nada mas?" Eric asked the girl, trying to comfort her. The girl shook her head.

"Okay, I'll be right back. If you would have your daughter change into these, would be great," the doctor said, handing Eric a hospital gown. Before Eric could correct the doctor, he was gone.

Eric turned to the girl, who—at one look at Eric—giggled. Eric rolled his eyes bashfully.

Alexx exited the surgery room, needing a moment to herself.

That was her fifth just today, and she was sure there were more to follow.

She snapped off her gloves and reached for her beeper when it went off. She was needed in the ER.

She was happy to at least be out of surgery where it seemed that every patient was dying.

Damn bastard. At least he's not dead.

She opened the door to the trauma room and froze.

Mia had just finished changing into the hospital gown and was sitting back on the bed, when Eric's cell phone went.

"I'll be right back," he said to the girl, who nodded. He pulled the curtain to get out while he answered.


"Eric, it's Alexx, where are you?" her panicked voice said.

"At the hospital, why?"

"Oh, I see you."

Across the room he spotted Alexx putting away her phone.

She waved him over and he wondered what was wrong.

"Alexx, what's wrong?" he asked, her panicked face starting to gnaw at his insides.

"Eric, Calleigh is here."