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Glee: Texts From Last Night

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She opened her eyes and instantly groaned. It was pounding.

The light was too bright, the sounds were too loud and her body was too cold.

Wait, was she naked?

What did I drink last night?

She opened her eyes fully when she realized she was naked, but not in a bed. She sat up and heard something popping and then she realized she was sleeping on a sheet of bubble wrap.

When she looked back down, she saw Noah lying face down, naked.

She looked around and surmised they were in a warehouse of some sort, because there were boxes and bubble wrap everywhere.

"Noah," she said softly, shaking his shoulder. "Where the hell are we?"

She spotted their clothes in a pile nearby and stood up to go get them.

She heard an appreciative moan from his spot. "I love your body, baby."


"What? Can't I appreciate my naked girlfriend?"

She grabbed their clothes, but instead of putting them on, she dropped them next to him and sank down to his level.

An hour later, Santana's phone buzzed with a new message.

She grabbed her phone and opened it to see a text from Rachel.

When she read it she laughed. 'Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever'