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Present Mic doesn't count as adult supervision.

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It was a normal, boring day for19 year old underground hero, Aizawa Shouta, also known as eraser head.

He was doing a joint patrol with his boyfriend Hizashi Yamada, or Present Mic, since their friend Nemuri had called in sick to work that day, and Shouta had been the only one free. (Although he did suspect she did it on purpose.)

They were walking through Mustafu, when a hoard of police cars and fire engines rushed past the two young heroes, sirens blaring.

Sharing a quick glance between themselves, Shouta grabbed his boyfriend by the waist, and used his long, white capture weapon to swing them both in the direction the vehicles went.

It wasn't long before an apartment building came into view. It looked like your average block of flats, a few storeys high, but it only took the heroes a few moments to realise that nearly half the building was on fire. They rushed over, flashing their hero licences to the police officers standing guard.

The two young men ran to the nearest policeman, and listened calmly as she explained what happened:

"It's a domestic abuse case we've been aware of for a while. We've given the husband multiple warnings and cautions... We never thought he'd go as far as this-"

"And this man was who?" Shouta interrupted, getting a light scowl from the police officer, and an elbow to the robs from Hizashi.

"The man," she continued, "is Mr Midoriya Hisashi. He's a businessman, and his quirk is called "Dragon's breath". He can breathe fire. That's the believed cause of-"

She was once again cut off, this time by a fireman, who was out of breath and panicking.

"Th-There's a child! Inside the site of the fire!"

Hizashi and Shouta glanced at each other, before running into the building, weaving in and out of firefighters- who were all calling for them to stop.

When they finally reached the apartment where the fire was coming from, all Shouta could see was smoke, and all he could hear was the cracking of wood and the sirens below... Wait.

The erasure hero could just about make out a quiet sniffling noise coming from the flat. He turned to hizashi and just nodded.

Stepping into the apartment, the two young heroes were hit with the stench of blood- almost like a wall of the tangy metallic scent.

As they slowly walked further in, Hizashi spotted a small movement in the darkness. He pulled on his boyfriend's sleeve, making him turn his head as well.

It was then she they saw him.

A tiny, green haired child, who must've been about 3 or 4, clutching onto the pale corpse of a lithe woman- who they could only assume was his mother.

"Hello?" Hizashi whispered, expecting the kid to shy away.

The boy looked up, tears still in his eyes, as the dark green orbs widened, and he ran towards the two heroes instead.

The two shared a confused look, before turning back to the child, who looked like he was both sad and incredibly exited.

"Mr Present mic... Are you and Mr Eraserhead going to save my mummy? She's fallen asleep, but she won't wake up!"

Aizawa stood up and walked towards the woman, whilst Hizashi held the child's shoulders, ready to pick him up and run, if necessary.

"Hey little listener," Hizashi began softly, not using his quirk at all, "Do you mind telling me what your name is?"

The greenette appeared to think for a second, before cheerfully saying, "Midoriya Izuku!" With a smile.

The voice hero felt his eyes widen, as he reached up a hand to stroke the boy- Izuku's- head. Just as he did this, Shouta turned around and slowly shook his head. The boy's mother was dead.

Suddenly, a burning board of plaster fell from the ceiling, narrowly missing the underground hero, who scooped up Izuku, and took Hizashi's hand, before pulling his boyfriend and carrying the child out of the apartment, and down the corridor towards the stairs.

The young boy had begun crying now, and was clutching onto Aizawa's capture weapon like it was a security blanket, only soothed by the hero's faint soothing words, as he desperately tried to stop the kid from crying.

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One year later

Aizawa sighed. It had been a long and difficult legal battle, but him and Hizashi had finally won custody of Izuku- of course it helped that the kid just straight up wouldn't talk to anyone besides themselves and Nemuri (who should not be in charge of kids, EVER), and that they have Nedzu on their side. They had, however, had to take the kid out of public school- out of school altogether in fact- due to the sheer amount of coverage the story had from the vultures press. They'd even managed to get a picture of Shouta carrying the small child out of the building. Luckily all they could see was that he had curly dark green hair, but that was enough. It wasn't a very common hair colour. So to save the kid from being harassed, he was taken out of school, and had (unfortunately) ended up being Nedzu's pupil. At the age of four. When Aizawa first heard that, he resisted the urge to face palm.

Each week day, Shouta or Hizashi would take Izuku to UA, where he would get privately tutored by the dog-rat-bear-thing. God knows what he's learning, but fucking hell must it not be good-

Shouta was broken from his reminiscence by a small voice shouting, "Daddy! Daddy!" Followed by Izuku running in, nearly shaking in excitement. Aizawa knelt down, so he was face to face with his son, and raised an eyebrow to signal for the boy to continue.

"Ok, so! I was training with Yumoto-sensei and and -" the boy was jumping up and down in sheer joy. Yumoto was their neighbour- he lived in the ground floor apartment below them- and is a retired quirk trainer from Hisashi's hero agency. She sometimes offers to "train" Izuku (which usually involves playing tag, or having a water fight- Izuku using a water pistol, and her using her quirk) when aizawa and yamada need a break.

Shouta sighed, putting his hands on the boy's shoulders.

"Izu. Breathe."

The boy did as he was told and took a deep breath, before practically screaming:

"I GOT MY QUIRK!!" and proceeding to go on an unnecessarily long mumbled ramble on how him and Yumoto were playing with the water, and he stopped the water from her quirk in mid air.

Shouta rushed straight to his phone, and called recovery girl.

Six months, and a lot of tests later, the Yamada-Aizawa family were sitting in recovery girl's office at UA, Izuku happily telling his Pa about Best Jeanist, but he fell quiet when The youthful heroine spun around on her chair to face them.

She smiled, and handed Aizawa and Yamada a brown envelope each.

"These envelopes include a description of what I can figure out about the boy's quirk, although it's not as detailed as I'd like." She stands up, taking a pez dispenser with her, walking up to Izuku and offering him a sweet, which he eagerly took, before patting him on the head. She then sternly turned to the two young heroes, "Don't let Nemuri taint him."

She let them stay a few minutes longer, before waving them out, saying that she has work to do, and slamming the door behind her.



Yamada-Aizawa Izuku: Quirk analysis.

Aged 5 he was a bit of a late bloomer, but it's a pretty powerful quirk.

It is currently unnamed.

Yamada-Aizawa's quirk seems to let him control other people's quirks, not by copying, or taking them, but just being able to control anything emitted by a quirk.

When tested on emitter type quirks, be can control whatever is produced, be it fire, ice or even Midnight's pheromones, however it doesn't seem to do anything at all to mutant type quirks, or any emitter type quirks which don't produce anything tangible, eg. He has no control over Present Mic's voice or Eraserhead's erasure, nor does he have any control over Ingenium's engines, although he might be able to train himself to be able to subtly change mutant type quirks, such as making Ingenium's engines stall.

If be were to become a hero, he'd have a very good defense against most threats, and if paired up with another emitter type hero, he would have an extremely good offence as well.

Overall, it's a powerful quirk, but can only do damage or be used as such if used intelligently.


Recovery Girl



Izuku named his quirk: Hijack.

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It had been a while since the group dubbed as "The four horsemen of the apocalypse" met up.

(People at UA really liked coming up with group names- and naturally Nemuri came up with this nickname, and gave each of them an even more stupid name- Shouta was Being awake at 4am, Hizashi was Screaming at teachers, Tensei was Running in the halls, and Nemuri herself was Tiny skirt. Literally only her called them those names (Which she claimed were UA's four things that could cause an apocalypse), although it seemed that them being called the four horsemen seemed to stick, even with the teachers.

Shouta wasn't surprised.

He was more surprised that they hadn't been kicked out to be honest.)

 Since they hadn't all been together for a while, they decided to all go to Tensei's house.

When Shouta and Hizashi arrived, with Izuku, they could already hear squealing and giggling from inside, quickly concluding that Nemuri was here, and had found Tenya.

Hizashi subtly shifted his son in his arms, holding him slightly tighter, before walking in.


It was chaos.

Tensei was lying on the floor, with some toys carelessly chucked over him. He looked exactly how Shouta felt.

Nemuri was in her civilian clothes (luckily), and was standing on one of the sofas, giddily squealing in excitement as she held Tensei's little brother to her chest, (practically suffocating the poor child), whilst screeching about how cute and small he is.

 Hizashi put Izuku down,walking over to his friend and prying the unfortunate child out of her arms, as Shouta pulled Tensei up.

literally everyone fixed her with a glare.

"heh..hehhh...." She smiled awkwardly, before reaching down to her shirt and starting to undo the buttons, "Well..." She started seductively, "I guess I cou-"

"No." That was Shouta. "I'm too gay for tits to effect me."

There was a moment of silence, before all the adults in the room burst into raucous laughter (or for Shouts- a light chuckle). The two six year olds looked at each other in confusion.

"What are tits?" Izuku spoke up, tugging at Tensei's trouser leg.

The aforementioned (100% responsible) adult stiffened. Well fuck. Shouta was gonna fucking murder him for corrupting his kid.

"Hhhh... How about you ask Nedzu in your next lesson with him?"

Izuku seemed to think for a second, before chirping an "Ok!" And running off to play tag with Tenya.

Turning back to his friends, Tensei realised that he's going to have to play tag too, albeit a more dangerous version. With quirks. And vengeful and angry pro heros/parents.

He looked for Nemuri, only to find that she'd been handcuffed to a radiator.

And yes, of couse she was yelling about how kinky it is.

Aizawa glared. Yamada tried to glare.



Izuku walked into Nedzu's office, his Pa having dropped him off at the school's doors, trusting he knew where to go, putting his small backpack on the ground and taking out his notebook, before sitting down in the comfortable office chair.

Towards the end of his lesson, the rat-bear-dog-thing asked if the boy had any questions.

So he asked one.

"Nedzu sensei? What are 'tits'?"

The principal spat out his tea.


Why was Nemuri allowed near children?!

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It was the day of the UA entrance exams, and Izuku was sitting in the teacher's lounge next to his dads, who had got jobs as teachers there a few years back, and Nedzu, who had already accepted him into the hero course, on the merit that Izuku had been his personal student for nearly a decade. The bell rang, signalling that the gates were opening, and as all of the attending teachers quickly downed their coffee, tea, or other such (definitely 1000% not alcoholic) beverages, and stood to leave, Izuku felt a little paw on his leg. Looking down, he saw the Principal beconing him to follow. So of course, he did. Usually, on the days where he was at the entrance exams, he had to either stay in the staff room, or Recovery Girl's office, so this was new.

Nedzu led him down some winding and zig zagging corridors, so he was absolutely lost. That was until he opened the door in front of them to a room full of heroes- his parents and auntie included. Looking around a bit more he saw so many pro heroes- Hound dog, Ectoplasm, Snipe-

All might!

 Now Izuku wasn't the biggest All Might fan, but come on! Its All Might!

He turned to Nedzu.

Before he could even open his mouth to speak, the Principal answered:

"You're here to help analyse the quirks of the hero course applicants, both in the exams, and in videos that I asked all of them to send in before the exam." Sensing the confusion, he added, "Its new. I added it since Izuku pointed out that the exams favour physical quirks over any other kind, and that with this test, neither Eraserhead or Midnight would get many points, so now while it is still based on villain and rescue points, there are now quirk points to be won too!"

Izuku blinked. "Why me?"

The dog-rat-bear-thing laughed, "Why Izuku! I chose you, because I've been teaching you this for ten years! You probably surpass me at some things- including quirk analysis!" He paused to breathe, "If I didn't know about Hijack, I'd have thought your quirk was analysis!"

Izuku tuned bright red, while all of the teachers (sans his parents and Nemuri) looked scared.

This kid was smarter than Nedzu?!

And he's not even started school yet?!


A few hours later, Izuku was shifting through some of the applicants letters. They all had very good quirks, like acid, or hardening their skin, there was even an applicant who was completely invisible, which would be excellent for stealth missions. She didn't score very high, but her quirk got her enough points to get into the hero course.

At some point, he came across an applicant who got the lowest score in his exam. He was the only person who scored less than 20, as he only had 15 rescue points. Izuku picked up his file. Shinso Hitoshi, quirk: Brainwashing.

Thank god he'd looked at his file! It would be a shame if he didn't het into the hero couse, as his quirk was perfect for it.

Izuku gave him the full fifty quirk points he could allocate, letting him just scrape by into the hero course. (and in the process, knocking another student, a Mineta Minoru, who, despite being 15, had already had numerous complaints from his middle school about sexual harassment and plain bigotry. Izuku made sure to put a note on his file, just in case he applied to the gen ed course too.)

It was the day of Izuku's first day at UA, and he was excited. His now dyed black hair was shaved at the sides and pulled into a ponytail, and his eye bags were darker than ever.

He was sitting in Nedzu's office, in the uniform and was getting the "don't tell anyone who you really are" talk again. He'd already had it from Dad. And Pa. And Auntie. And Uncle Tensei. And Tenya. And now he was getting it from Nedzu and All might too.

Him and his parents had decided that he would go by Izuku only at school, mainly to stop people knowing about his parent's marriage, but also to spare him the embarrassment of people knowing his dad's their homeroom teacher. They also decided to use the last name Yamada if absolutely necessary, since it's more common than Aizawa, and also since the students refer to Izuku's Pa as Present Mic.

Tuning back into the conversation, Izuku was just in time for Nedzu to say,

"But you haven't been listening this entire time, have you Izuku?"

He wasn't even surprised.

"But it seems that we've overrun!" The creature continued, "Your class have already gone out for a quirk assessment... Well! I guess there's no harm in introducing you once they've come in! I'll send a text to your father to let him know."

Aizawa felt a buzz in his pocket. Reaching down into the many folds of black fabric, he pulled out his phone, quickly reading the text from Nedzu.

"Well students, the student who found himself conveniently missing will join us after the quirk assessment."

About three hours later, 1A trudged into their classroom, weary and tired, but relieved to have not been expelled. Everyone slumped in their seats, and a few of them (cough cough, kaminari and ashido) started to nod off...

only for the door to be flung open by a rat... Bear... Mouse... Dog... Thing(?) that introduced himself as the principal of UA.

The principal the waved in a boy who appeared to be their age, who waved, and confidently said, with a lazy smile on his face,

"My names Izuku. Nice to meetchya."

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Class 1A

Iida Tenya added Izuku A-Y, Uraraka Ochaco, Tsuyu Asui, Todoroki Shouto and fifteen others to the chat.

Iida Tenya: Hello! I created this chat as soon as I could. We can use it for discussing homework and planning spar sessions!

Izuku A-Y: oh Tenya... You poor unfortunate soul...

Kaminari Denki: SWEET A GROUP CHAT

Kaminari Denki changed their name to OhmMyGod

Kaminari Denki changed Iida Tenya's name to Sanic

Uraraka Ochako changed their name to FlyAwayMyPretties

Izuku A-Y changed their name to NezuButWorse

NezuButWorse: ya should've known this was gonna happen Tenchan...

FlyAwayMyPretties: Tenchan? Do you two already know each other??

Sanic: We have known each other since we were children.

NezuButWorse: yeah, my dads and tenya's brother are friends


NezuButWorse: yes, thats why i havent really told you my whole name

Todoroki Shouto: you look like aizawa-sensei.

NezuButWorse: what?

Todoroki Shouto: you're aizawa sensei's son.

Todoroki Shouto: @Shinso Hitoshi you too.

Todoroki Shouto: you're both aizawa's love children.

Shinso Hitoshi: honestly wtf is wrong with you

Shinso Hitoshi changed their name to WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet

OhmMyGod: sorry to enterupt this family drama but the rest of the class is lUrKinG

Sanic: *interupt

OhmMyGod changed Bakugou Katsuki's name to SparkyBoom

OhmMyGod changed Mina Ashido's name toPeppaPig

OhmMyGod changed Todoroki Shouto's name to IcyHotPainRelief

IcyHotPainRelief changed their name to IcyHotPain

IcyHotPain: i never have relief from my pain.

Jirou Kyouka: I thought being edgy was Tokoyami's job?

Tokoyami Fumikage: I thought being edgy was my job?

Tokoyami Fumikage changed their name to XxdarknessformyMCRheartxX

OhmMyGod changed XxdarknessformyMCRheartxX's name to Birb

OhmMyGod changed Jirou Kyouka's name to AuxCord

changed Yaoyorazu Momo's name to 3dPrinter

Kirishima Eijirou changed their name to ^

AuxCord: why that??

^: it looks like my hair! And its called a carrot! Isn't it cute!!

OhmMyGod: that's gonna get confusing

OhmMyGod changed ^'s name to SedimentaryMyDearWatson



Sero Hanta: yooo bakubro stop yellin


SparkyBoom changed Sero Hanta's name to SOYSAUCE

SedimentaryMyDearWatson: bakubro, calm you tits


 SedimentaryMyDearWatson: its Kirishima

SparkyBoom: ughhghhg fiiine. But only because you're the least annoying person in this goddamn class, pretty hair

SparkyBoom: *shitty


 SedimentaryMyDearWatson: ;)))) oh really

AuxCord: If you could stop with the aggressive conflirtation, gays



Sanic: did you mean guys, @AuxCord?

AuxCord: did I fucking stutter?

PeppaPig changed SparkyBoom's name to AgressiveConflirtation

SOYSAUCE changed the chat Class 1A's name to We're all gay

Shouji Mezou: Why do I suddenly regret being accepted into UA?

PeppaPig changed Shouji Mezou's name to ARMS

3dPrinter: w h y


3dPrinter: W H Y

Hagakure Tooru: its true but you shouldnt say it

Hagakure Tooru changed their name to ImInYourRoomRn

ImInYourRoomRn changed Aoyama Yuuga's name to I'm already Widowmaker

ImImYourRoomRn changed Ojirou Masahiro's name to KungFuFurry

KungFuFurry: @3dPrinter @ARMS mood


UA teachers (and Tensei)

I regret

Loud: maybe elaborate on that shou... You regret everything

AHoNeverGetsCold: he regrets not getting a piece of this ass

Tired: I'm gay.

WhoYaGonnaCall?: honestly, the fact that we're used to this conversation is concerning

McCree; *sadly yehaws in agreement*

BongoCryptid: Ah! Aizawa! How is Izuku doing?

Tired: well we haven't really done anything yet. We'll see how he does in All Might's training

BongoCryptid: Ah yes! But make sure to remind him that in all of his maths, science, japanese and history lessons he is to come to my office!

Loud: principal... What are you teaching our son for him to be as good as you at analysis?

BongoCryptid: :)

Nyoom: I don't even work here and I'm scared for my life

AHoNeverGetsCold: the only thing that can bring down the four horsemen is god himself




Tired: you should b

Chapter Text

Izuku arrived at school early, following his Pa, who was eagerly chatting about his first class, English. As they reached the staff room, they discovered Aizawa. Face down on a sofa. And his Auntie Nemuri, taking pictures.

"Ugh. Big mood dad."

As he arrived in his classroom, he was immediately pounced on by most of the class, (barring Iida,  Todoroki, Shinso and Bakugou), who were clamouring to talk to Izuku.

"Hey bro, you said your parents are heroes?"

"You said your dads?"

"which heroes are they?"

"why is your hair so weird?"

"Your piercings are so metal!!"

"Why were you late?"

"Why did you come in with Nezu??"

"How did you already know who we are?"

"OH MY GOD JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP." Bakugou interrupted, looking like he was going to blow up literally everything in his vicinity.

"Jeez," Izuku thought, "this guys got one hell of a complex." He looked at Kirishima, and how he had gone over to calm blasty tits. A plan started to form in his head.

Guess it comes from knowing both Midnight and Nezu his whole life.

First period, they had English, and Izuku was excited. He loved taking lessons from his Pa, which was probably one of the reasons he was almost fluent in English. He just hoped he wouldn't slip up and call him Pa in front of the whole class.


Until lunch, he had gone to Nezu's office, so it naturally ended up with him drinking two pots of tea, and watching as the principal laughed so much he almost choked at Izuku's plan for Kirishima and Bakugou- even agreeing to help.

It wasn't long before Izuku joined in with the laughing.

At lunch, he made his way to the canteen with the bento his Pa had bought for him on the way to school. Izuku was trying to decide where to sit, when he got a shout from across the room. Looking up, he saw Uraraka waving her hands in the air excitedly, and screaming his name. She was sitting with Tsuyu, Tenchan and Shinso.

Chuckling he walked over, and informed her, no, she should never do that again, and yes, she could call him by a nickname, and that the same went for the rest of the table.

 The day was going normally, (well as normal as UA can get), until fourth period, when no teacher turned up for a good few minutes.

until the door burst open and All Might walks(?) in, wearing his silver age costume and starts explaining that they're going to be doing battle training.

Then comes the moment Izuku's been waiting for. Costumes!

He isn't the first out, but he's certainly not the last.

Pulling his capture weapon so it hung more securely, he looked down at his costume.

He was happy with how it had turned out- he'd been involved with the design process himself. It consisted of a tight black tank top which came up to just above his belly button, and covered his neck, light aqua green trousers, that were slightly baggy, with black arm and knee braces protecting him. He also wore black boots that came up to his mid calf, which had a dark rusty red sole, matching to his belt with pouches full of medical supplies.

The most important parts of his costume, though, were the parts that his parents had gifted him, (well, his uncle Tensei and auntie nemuri had also gifted him things, but he wasn't sure a sonic hat or a whip really fitted his costume.).

These were: A capture weapon, slightly thicker than his dad's,  with a triangle design on each end, which was snugly wrapped around his shoulders, and a pair of headphones from one of his pa's old hero costumes. They currently sat nestled in his capture weapon.

Whilst the capture weapon was actually necessary for a fight, the headphones were more sentimental than anything, though, Izuku supposed, they would be quite good to wear if he was anywhere near boom boom mc splodes, or fighting alongside his Pa.


After everyone had arrived and been paired up, Izuku felt himself about to groan. He had to fight Bakugou.

But he had a plan.

"Hey Rara-Chan!" Uraraka flushed slightly at the nickname.

"I have a plan."

"Since Pomeranian is so hot headed and brash, he's going to come out searching for us, leaving Tenchan to defend the nuke alone.

I should be able to take sparky tits, cause he has an emitter type quirk, so I'll make it quick and then join you.

You should be able to take tenchan though, although you should definitely collect some debris and rubble on your way to the weapon, which is on the top floor, since he has definitely cleared up anything you could use your quirk on"

They had a plan.

"Hey Pommy." Izuku turned around, just as Bakugou was about to sneak attack them. In his peripheral, he could just about see Rara chan running towards the stairs.

"WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN YOU SHITTY NERD?!" Arse face (unsurprisingly) yelled back, face contorted.

"It means," Izuku answered calmly, "That you are a Pomeranian. All bark and no bite."

"I'LL SHOW YOU A BITE!!" Bakugou screamed, hands crackling with sparks.

Lifting his arm back, he pounced, letting off a huge explosion right in Izuku's face.

Izuku will always treasure the look of confusion on blasty's face when his explosion curves around its target, obediently following Izuku's hands, before the flame settled in his palms.

The sheer bewilderment left him distracted for a moment, and Izuku took this opportunity, throwing the flames into his face, stunning him, before wrapping him up in his capture weapon, keeping him still to allow him to officially "apprehend" him.

By the time Izuku got to Uraraka, she and tenya were at an impasse. Although it seemed neither had noticed him.

Suddenly, Tenya made a mad dash to try to capture Uraraka. Izuku expertly threw his capture weapon, tripping the other boy flat on his face, and giving the girl enough time to secure the weapon.

All three of them shared a smile, as they helped Tenya up.

All the while, Bakugou's just been stewing angrily in silence.


Chapter Text



We are all gay


NezuButWorse: oh god the sleep deprivation's getting to me

WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: big mood

NezuButWorse: I walked into the bathroom, and saw a can of dry shampoo, but, of course, my brain forgot what it was, and came to the logical conclusion that, yes, this is a can of spaghetti hoops. In the bathroom. Spaghetti frikin hoops??

Sanic: Izuku!! I have told you many times to sleep properly!!

NezuButWorse: You know my dad. Is that really likely?

Sanic: ... Good point

Tsuyu Asui: I leave my phone at home for one (1) day


ImInYourRoomRn: Ah the qween of cryptids

PeppaPig changed Tsuyu Asui's name to QweenKryptid

 Satou Rikidou: ..............

KungFuFurry changed Satou Rikidou's name to CookingByTheBook

 CookingByTheBook: Jesus

Kouda kouji: ???

ImInYourRoomRn: dont worry Kouda!

ImInYourRoomRn changed Kouda Kouji's name to SweetAngel

SweetAngel: ^<^

We are all gay


OhmMyGod: weed joke

We are all gay


Sanic: @OhmMyGod Kaminari! That is not an appropriate time to be awake!

OhmMyGod: Come on! I bet I wasn't teh only one upp

NezuButWorse: I was up

WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: me too

IcyHotPain: same

SOYSAUCE: me four

ImInYourRoomRn: Me five

ImAlreadyWidowmaker: Moi aussi!


NezuButWorse changed AgressiveConflirtation's name to Pomeranian


  NezuButWorse: it means you're a little bitch.

SedimentaryMyDearWatson: ...i don't even live near him and I think I can hear explosions?!

NezuButWorse: lol

 Sanic: @Everyone You should focus on getting ready, and being at school on time!

We are all gay


SedementaryMyDearWatson: have you guys seen all the reporters ouside? They basically ambushed me!

BongoCryptid: oh this is worrying, indeed.

BongoCryptid: Students, remember to try and avoid answering their questions, as the press will just twist your words.

OhmMyGod: ... @BongoCryptid who are you?

NezuButWorse: duh its Nezu

NezuButWorse: he can access this chat

AuxCord: oof



Izuku was walking into the school on his own- his parents had to give statements to the police after a robbery last night, so they dropped him off a few streets away from the school.

As he neared the building, he saw a huge crowd of people, both with cameras and microphones, eagerly swooping in on any student who tried to walk in. Izuku sighed, pushing through the reporters, ignoring any trying to ask him questions. Any that got in the way were on the receiving end of the glare he learnt from his dad. None of them stopped him getting through.

Reaching class 1-A, he saw that most people were already there, although it wasn't long before the rest of the class filed in, followed by his dad.

"Good work with yesterday's battle training." He drawled, "I've looked over your grades and evaluations."

"Bakugou." The boy sat up slightly straighter, "Grow up already. Stop wasting your talent." Izuku looked at him, only to blasty mc boom boom scowling like Aizawa had just called his mum a fat whore or something. He resisted the urge to snicker.

"Other than that, you all did well for how much training you've had. Now, on to homeroom business. Sorry for the sudden announcement, but today..."

Tension filled the air, as the entire class collectively worried, "What is it..?! Another brutal test?!"

"You'll pick a class president."

everyone pretty much nearly yelled at how normal it was.

Izuku could see his dad lower his head into his capture weapon. He was enjoying this.

Then, everyone, except Izuku, Iida, Todoroki and Shinso leapt up, proclaiming how well they'd do as president and yada yada.

Izuku didn't really care, he new that he'd be a terrible class president. He had his Pa's excitement and confidence mixed with his dad's social skills. A deadly combo.

Even though his Pa had been class president in his class, he didn't have the tendency to say exactly what was on his mind directly at the person he was thinking about.

 Of couse Tenya was the one to say that voting would be a better idea than a shout off, stating that if anyone gained the respect and trust of their classmates, they would get more than one vote.

Izuku just nodded in agreement.


After the vote were cast, Aizawa wrote the results on the board- most people had only one vote, except three people- Tenya, Izuku and Yaomomo.

They all had 2 votes. Tenya suggested to have another vote, just between the three of them, but Izuku shut that down, stating that he just didn't want to be class rep.

They ended up just having a discussion between the two of them, ending jn Yaoyourozu being appointed vice president, and Tenya being appointed president.

We are all gay


OhmMyGod changed Sanic's name to Prezzie

Prezzie: what?

OhmMyGod: shhhhushh

NezuButWorse: does anyone else take issue with the chat name? I'll have you know I'm a (not really) functioning bi

WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: I'm sitting with todoroki and I swear he's making confused gay noises

IcyHotPain: shshshbsssksbdhosbs no I'm NoT

PeppaPig changed IcyHotPain's name to Tododokidoki

PeppaPig: puh-leeasee

PeppaPig: you'd detroit smash that ass. We all know it

ARMS: you do realise that the teachers can read this chat right?


PeppaPig has gone offline

birb: what a mad banquet of darkness

3dPrinter: this chat is absolutely insane.


OhmMyGod: uhhhh tmi there Jirou


AuxCord: So I was in the toilets cause I needed to piss, but I couldnt because there was a fight

QweenKryptid: kero?

ImInYourRoomRn: ooooooo

AuxCord: like there was this bunch of gen ed students standing there and one of them was like: "have you made up with Stacy yet" and the other replied: "no, so I'm gonna slap that bitch." Then she went across the circle and slapped someone.

AuxCord: it was at this point I slowly backed out and walked in the other direction, and used the boys.

Tired: I don't know what's wrong with you kids, but ill find out about this fight and punishing those involved.

ImAlreadyWidowmaker: Quoi ? C'est qui ?

NezuButWorse: someone who speaks baguette translate pls

FlyAwayMyPretties: baguette

WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: baguette

QweenKryptid: baguette

OhmMyGod: baguette

SOYSAUCE: baGuette

SedimentaryMyDearWatson: baguette

ImAlreadyWidowmaker changed their name to Baguette



NezuButWorse: yeah i knew that- I can speak French. I've just always wanted to call French "baguette"

NezuButWorse: and @Baguette, Tired is Aizawa

KungFuFurry: why do you know all of these teacher's names on this?!

NezuButWorse: I've been Nezu's student for 10 years. I know everything about everyone.

QweenKryptid: uhmm

NezuButWorse: :)

Prezzie: I'm your friend and yet I fear for my life.


OhmMyGod: <<< a vine reference!!!

SOYSAUCE: who are you?? you cant be a teacher with a name like that!?

AHoNeverGetsCold: oh yeah?

NezuButWorse: midnight, stop it.

AHoNeverGetsCold: oof, baby Nezu's onto me. Yeet

3dPrinter: THATS MIDNIGHT?!?!

Chapter Text

UA teachers (and Tensei)


TheVoid: @Tired do the children know what they're doing today, senpai?

Tired: god your name is a mood

TheVoid: w...what?

Loud: biggest oof rite there

Tired: no they don't know

RecoveryGrill: If you or any of the students get more than a bruise, I'll give you a bruise you'll never forget

Nyoom: I don't even work here and I'm scared for my health

Nyoom: man am I glad I didn't become a teacher like you losers

McCree: should we be offended?

WhoYaGonnaCall?: probably

Tired: @BongoCryptid have you seen all might anywhere

BongoCryptid: hmm. No. He is remarkably late today. Don't be concerned if you have to go to the USJ without him.

AHoNeverGetsCold: Oh yeah!

AHoNeverGetsCold changed BongoCryptid's name to GOD

We are all gay


AHoNeverGetsCold changed NezuButWorse's name to BABYNEZU

changed the chat name to RUN CHILDREN, RUN!!!

BABYNEZU: what the hell?

Arriving in class, Izuku sat down and lay his head on his arms. Maybe a few minutes of sleep?


Of course.

His dad came in, and introduced them to their hero training for the day- a field trip for rescue training.

Naturally, Izuku already knew that they were going to the Unforseen Situations Joint, or the USJ for short. Even if no one had told him, he would have probably been able to find out. (he had his means.)


As everyone walked outside, Izuku's happy chat with Rara was cut short by Tenchan yelling something about pairing up and student numbers? It wasn't even that kind of bus!

The bus burst into life as soon as all of his classmates, and his dad had settled into where they'd be sitting for the next hour.

The girl next him, Asui (or QweenKryptid if he went by the group chat) turned to him.

"Hello Izuku ~kero she croaked. God, she really was like a frog,

"Hiya Asui-Chan!" Izuku smiled back to her, before she replies with

"Call me Tsu.~kero"

Asui-no Tsu, then stuck her tongue out, putting her finger to her lips in a thinking motion, "I always say what I think.

Like your quirk is very similar to both Aizawa-sensei's and Shinso-kun's."

Izuku blanched. Fucking hell, he wasn't even biologically related to his dad and people could see that he was his son!? But Shinso? That was a strange comparison. Although, Izuku supposed, his own quirk was controlling someone's quirk, and Shinso's was controlling someone's body. Maybe he could suggest a DNA test?

The rest of the ride passed in relative peace, (aside from a rather creative insult from Kaminari (Izuku was proud) directed at Bakugou (Izuku was prouder)).

When they arrived at the USJ, everyone scrambled to escape the stuffy bus, most noticeably Ashido and Hagakure pushing anyone and everyone out of the way. Walking inside, the class was in awe of the sheer scale of the place.

As Thirteen explained the five hundred and fifty seven million rules, Izuku let his mind wander, playing with the end of his capture weapon, fiddling with it absent mindedly as he worked out the best strategies for him in each of the zones...

That was until he looked up to get a better look at the shipwreck zone, and saw a purple and black cloud appear.

That wasn't supposed to be there.

"DAD! THIRTEEN-SAN!" he yelled, pointing, as everyone else got into a defensive stance. Running over to Tenya, he whispered for him to leave, to get help while the villains are distracted with their dramatic entrance and monologues. He put up a bit of an argument, but eventually conceded that Izuku was correct, and ran- making it out before the foggy guy made it over to class 1A, spreading them all over the USJ...


To be continued...


Chapter Text

Yamada's day was going shit.

He couldn't spend his lunch break with Shouta, as he was too busy organising the USJ, and he couldn't even go home with his husband and son, since their trip to the USJ didn't return to the school until 5:30, and his radio show started at 5.

Sighing, he put his paper work down. Maybe a walk would help clear his head?

Walking down the winding corridors of UA, Hizashi eventually found his way outside, pulling his headphones around his neck, on top of his directional speaker as he leaned against a side wall, closing his eyes.

Then he heard someone screaming for .

Looking up, he saw Tenya running at full speed, yelling,


Yamada stood, and ran to meet the student.

Something was wrong. Very, very wrong.

The boy hurriedly explained that there were villains at the USJ.

villains... Usj....

All Hizashi could think of was his family. God he hoped they were alright.

Deciding against using the group chat, he just screamed, using his quirk,


He knew he was going to have some explaining to do, but he sent Tenya into the school, instructing him to tell Nezu, giving him express permission to run in the hallways.

As the boy ran towards the school, he began in the direction of the USJ, but was interrupted by screaming, as Ectoplasm's clones, each carrying one teacher, jumped out of some third storey windows.

Midnight, after dismounting her clone, ran up to Hizashi, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, before cracking her whip and (somehow managing to run in heels?) bolted forwards, followed by himself and the rest of the teachers, and Tenya.

When they arrived, it was devastating. Seeing his family like that...

Hizashi forgot all about keeping their relationship secret, and ran up to Shouta, holding him in a tight embrace, and kissing him hard on the lips, ignoring any shocked gasps from the students. But he didn't care. He pulled Izuku, who was standing awkwardly to the side of them, into the hug as well, ignoring the even louder squawks and gasps from the students.

(He could've sworn he heard Todoroki whisper"I was right", and he was pretty sure some students were grumbling about losing money.)

He didn't care.

He had his husband.

He had his son.

He had his family.

Hizashi bundled the two of them in his arms, glad for both of their slight frames, and carried them to where recovery girl was setting up outside.

Chapter Text

DAD! THIRTEEN-SAN!" he yelled, pointing, as everyone else got into a defensive stance. Running over to Tenya, he whispered for him to leave, to get help while the villains are distracted with their dramatic entrance and monologues. He put up a bit of an argument, but eventually conceded that Izuku was correct, and ran- making it out before the foggy guy made it over to class 1A, spreading them all over the USJ.

Holding onto a railing with his capture weapon, Izuku prevented himself from being sucked into that purple dude, grabbing Shinso by the wrist as he flew past.

Soon his classmates were scattered, leaving just him, Shinso, Rara, Ashido and Shouji standing behind Thirteen.

Aizawa had already leapt into the fray, sending villains in every direction. Izuku would've liked to help, but there was the small matter of misty boi. Looking up, he saw that the villain had a metal cuff around his neck. Armour. So there had to be a real body in there, right?

He ran up to his friends, whispered a plan:

"Shinso, you tell him to stop struggling, I'll try to control his fog, Shouji, you throw Rara at his neck armour bit to make him float, and then Ashido, you need to stop any villains that get past Eraserhead from getting to us; aim your strongest acid at their feet. Once we've disabled him, Thirteen can hoover the fucker up, kay?"

Everyone nodded, and Izuku thinks Thirteen nodded from where they were stood.

"Hey fog ass!"

The slitted yellow eyes trailed down to Shinso, who was standing in front of him.

"Wha-" the villain was cut off.

"Don't struggle." Shinso commanded, as Izuku rushed in, using his quirk to pull all of the purple fog upwards above him, mumbling about how being able to control a mutant type is new. This was when Shouji ran forwards, Rara on his shoulders, and he threw her at the villains neck. She touched all five fingers to it, letting him start to float upwards.

As she started to fall, she used her quirk on herself, slowing her descent, until she hit the ground with a bump.

At this point the villain was suspended mid air, under mind control to not fight back, and being held so he doesn't float away by strings of his own mist. It was kind of pitiful, Izuku thought.

Thirteen started to suck him up, the villain being pulled into the void.


It was at this point that the five of them rushed forwards, fighting some of the smaller villains, and keeping the ones their teacher had already fought down.

That was until they saw a thing.

it was a great, hulking, birdlike creature, with an exposed brain and mad eyes. Izuku shivered. He could've sworn he'd seen that before.

He felt himself scream as the thing smashed his Dad's face into the ground.

He felt the tears fall down his face.

Ignoring the protests by his friends, he ran forwards, wrapping his capture weapon around his dad, and pulling him out if the way, gently placing him behind himself.

Before the thing could attack him though, he heard a screech. His Pa's screech.

Then a blur of red, white, blue and yellow whizzed past, striking the monster in the chest. All might.

Izuku turned around and saw all of the teachers, and tenchan standing at the entrance.

By now, most of his classmates had come to the main plaza, with all of the noise, how couldn't they?

Snipe shot the creepy hand guy in the leg, and again in the arm.

They were saved.


A while later, one (now called a noumu) thing through the roof and a lot of arrested criminals, everyone was safe. Izuku's Pa rushed over and hugged his dad, (now conscious), kissing him on the lips despite the blood, before pulling him into another hug. Yamada dragged Izuku into it.

aaand yep.

there were the reactions he was expecting.

Todoroki whispering"I knew it."

Ashido, Kaminari and Sero muttering about losing money, and Hagakure and Jirou straight up laughing. (He assumed that they were the ones gaining money)


These assholes really place bets on his parentage?!

Not that he was surprised.

They probably have a wager on who's going to die first. (If anyone asks him, his bet's on Bakugou.)

But oh boy was he going to have a lot of explaining to do later.

Chapter Text



BABYNEZU: Ok so I know I need to explain some things

BABYNEZU: Aizawa sensei isn't my dad. Think about it. He's 30, I'm 15. Do you really think he'd have had a kid age 15?


BABYNEZU: and yes, him and present mic are married, but its a secret.

BABYNEZU: but even though he is not my dad, todoroki, I have known him a lot longer than I'm letting on.

BABYNEZU: you already know that I've been taught by Nezu for most of my life, right? Well he could only teach me so much, cause you know.. He's an animal, so he couldnt teach me many practical things besides tea.

BABYNEZU: So he got Aizawa sensei to teach me to fight and to use a capture weapon. So as such, I've known him and present mic all my life- which is probably why mic sensei pulled me into the hug too.

Tododokidoki: damn it

ImImYourRoomRn: fuuck I'm gonna have to give everyone their money back

AuxCord: shit I've already spent it

 birb: this class is bizzare

Well done HIZASHI


 BABYNEZU: so I "eplained"

Loud: what did you say?

BABYNEZU: I confirmed you were married, cause theres no denying that (!)

BABYNEZU: I said dad has been my teacher, like nezu, except he taught me how to fight

Tired: did they buy it

BABYNEZU: yup! I think even todoroki did

BABYNEZU: you both need better names

Loud: oh god

Tired: no

BABYNEZU has changed Tired's name to Dadzawa

BABYNEZU has changed Loud's name to ScremsInEnglish

Dadzawa: W H Y



Dadzawa: @everyone

PeppaPig: pftt what's that name!?

Dadzawa: I regret ever meeting Nemuri.

Prezzie: same


McCree: same y'all

WhoYaGonnaCall?: same

ScremsInEnglish: same

Hard: same

GOD: same

ALLMIGHT!!!: Me as well, unfortunately. :-(

RecoveryGrill: same

Nyoom: same

.. Did all of the teachers and my brother just gatecrash our chat?

BABYNEZU: To shade midnight!!

Baguette: and that's the tea sis.

Dadzawa: anyway

Dadzawa: you all have a science test tomorrow. Revise.

SOYSAUCE: damn idk shit about science

PeppaPig: mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?


OhmMyGod: big oof rite there

3dPrinter: Your name is a pun, isnt it Kaminari? Or is it just a typo?

OhmMyGod: no, its a pun. I'm not a complete idiot. If I was, I wouldn't have passed the entrance exam.

BABYNEZU: You got 51/200 marks in your entrance exam. One mark over a fail. All of the marks were on science questions.

AuxCord: how the hell do you know that?!


GOD: he was the one to allocate the quirk points that were added to the entrance exam this year. He had access to everyone's files. In fact, he's the reason 3 members of the class are even in the hero course.



Chapter Text

BABYNEZU created the chat *evil laughs in hero*

BABYNEZU added GOD, AHoNeverGetsCold and FlyAwayMyPretties

GOD made the chat private

*evil laughs in hero*


BABYNEZU: You must be wondering why you're here ? (exept Nezu)

BABYNEZU: well, tomorrow, Auntie, you have a lesson right?

AHoNeverGetsCold: art history, yes?

BABYNEZU: well. I need you to send Kirishima and Blasty mcSplodes out to get some paper from cupboard 56C, okay?

AHoNeverGetsCold: uh why

BABYNEZU: because they have obvious crushes on each other and I want to lock them in a cupboard together. Me and Nezu will be watching from his office on when to let them out.

AHoNeverGetsCold: IM IN

FlyAwayMyPretties: why am i here?

BABYNEZU: you're going to help explain to everyone what's happening, and especially help to calm tenchan down.

FlyAwayMyPretties: okay!

GOD: Don't worry! This has my blessing and will carry no negative consequences for you!


The next day, Izuku was sitting in Nezu's office, watching though the many hidden cameras and microphones placed around the school, as Midnight appeared to look through the pile of paper she's carrying, before placing it down on the table and saying,

"I seem to have forgotten the worksheets. Silly me!" (they were in her bag) "Bakugou, Kirishima? Could you go to storeroom 56C? They're on the back shelf. Ok sweethearts?"

The two walked out, Kirishima pulling a grumbling Bakugou. Midnight blew kisses at them as they closed the door, but as soon as they were out of hearing range, she pulled out the worksheets, much to the confusion of the class.

Izuku switched cameras, so he was watching his classmates walk down the hall, and as soon as they were inside the room, looking for the worksheets on the back shelf, he slammed his hand down on a button, one that locked the sturdy metal door behind them.

Running up to it, Bakugou tried to blow it up, and Kirishima tried to punch it open with his hardening. Neither were fruitful.

"Hey Nezu, start gradually turning the temperature down?"

Izuku had put one blanket, one large water bottle and a few energy bars into the storage room before school. He wrote this, and its location, down on a piece of paper, and slid it to Nezu, requesting he make an announcement into that room. Nedu sipped his tea. Smiling maniacally.

Back in the cupboard, the PA system burst into life, and (only in the cupboard) Nezu's voice rang out:

"Students! We are testing the tighter security system, and it's causing some rooms to shut down. If you're in one of these, either ask the present teacher for the emergency box, or, if there is no teacher present, you are looking for a blue box with a red stripe near the door. Thank you for your cooperation!"

Izuku resisted the urge to laugh. There wasn't even a lockdown for an unimportant paper cupboard!

Watching through the cameras, they saw Bakugou and Kirishima digging around. A few minutes later, Kirishima lifted it above his head triumphantly, Bakugou snatching it out of his hands.

Izuku lowered the temperature more.

Through the cameras, Kirishima shivered, grabbing the blanket and wrapping it around his shoulders whist Bakugou searched for another blanket. There wasn't one.

"What do we do now, shitty hair?!" Bakugou's voice came, tinny through the speakers, followed by Kirishima's marginally calmer voice saying, "We share? I mean its big enough."

The explosive boy grumbled angrily to himself, but complied nonetheless, going bright red when Kirishima pulled him in further, so that they could both properly fit under the blanket.

They stayed like that for a while, until it got closer to lunch, when they obviously started to get hungry. They both ate a few of the energy bars, and took a few sips from the water bottle.

An indirect kiss.

He had already agreed with Nezu to let them out at lunch so he was just hoping for some more to happen, (although they had both been as red as Kirishima's hair the entire time, so that was a win) but unfortunately, nothing did.

Nezu made the announcement that the doors would open, and Izuku pressed the button.

Everyone went to lunch, and Izuku explained to Rara and his aunt what had happened.

After lunch, Aizawa gave them their science tests. It was just a baseline, to see where everyone was at. (Izuku aced it)

The most interesting part would be to find out what Kaminari got, since in his entrance exam, he got the highest level science questions right, but somehow got 6x4 wrong.

Although, Izuku could predict what pretty much everyone else would get. (Yaoyourozu would get an excellent score in the chemistry section, Ashido would probably do quite well at any questions about acids, and Ojirou would get an average score.

Chapter Text

It was the next day, and Kiribaku, as Izuku and midnight had decided to call them, were being very awkward around each other, going bright red whenever they're next to each other. Honestly he wanted to laugh at them.

They had normal lessons until after lunch, when they were getting their test results back.

Izuku's dad began:

"Most people did quite well in this test. Others," he looks specifically at Sero and Ashido, "did not. Izuku got the highest score- 100. Kaminari came second, with 99, although he did somehow spell his name kiminari?" Everyone turned and looked at him, in shock. He just shrugged and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.





OhmMyGod: I uhhh

3dPrinter: how did you spell your name wrong, but get nearly all the questions right?

OhmMyGod: Izuku got higher than me?

PeppaPig: dont change the subject you traitor!!

OhmMyGod: ok ok!!! I had to learn about electricity to use my quirk, so I ended up learning loads about physics, then I had to learn about biology so I could taze someone and not kill them and I guess I just picked up some chemistry along the way??

SOYSAUCE: what the hell

OhmMyGod: when I first got my quirk I could only do pikachu moves


PeppaPig: hey kami? Give me a cool science pun name?

OhmMyGod changed PeppaPig's name to AlkaliDown

OhmMyGod: odkjdsjhahs I couldn't think of any acid puns and that one is bad

OhmMyGod: oof

OhmMyGod: hey @BABYNEZU yeet me into the sun with my own quirk


OhmMyGod: yee

OhmMyGod: fair

birb: what a mad banquet of darkness

Chapter Text

On their next day back after the USJ, Aizawa announced to the class that the school would be going on with the sports festival, despite the recent incident. This was causing outcry from the press, saying it was unsafe, but Izuku knew that this fight against the villains,(who called themselves the league of villains), was only just beginning. Going ahead with the festival was basically giving the middle finger to the villains, they weren't afraid of them. It was a show of power.

But that still didn't mean it wasn't goddamn stupid.

The rest of the morning passed normally, having modern literature with cementoss. Until lunch, where the doors and the hallway leading to 1A were crowded with people from General Education, the support department, the business department... Basically everyone else in the first year, including some of 1B.

 "What's going on?!" Rara yelled, everyone else stunned into silence at the sheer amount of people outside.

"Scoping out the competition, duh, round face. Cuz we're the kids who survived a villain attack. Makes sense they'd want a look before the sports festival." Blasty said, surprisingly calmly.

"No point, though. Get fucked, extras." Ah, there goes the illusion of calm, Izuku thought as Tenchan tried to reprimand Bakugou.

 "Yeah we cane to get a look!" A weedy voice called out, "But we obviously don't care about you! We wanna see the hot babes! I heard that some of them have huu~ge tits!"

The voice came into view, and Izuku recognised him immediately- Mineta Minoru.


It seems his good grades had been favoured over his... History.

Ew ew ew ew.

The shit stain continued, "Depending on the results, they might consider transferring me to the hero course!"

Izuku knew there is absolutely no way this pervert would be let into the hero course. It was a miracle he was even at UA in the first place.

"And when that happens, it'll be the perfect chance to get some," he winked at Yaomomo. God he was a creep, "consider this an invitation, ladies." He walked away, leaving everyone in the class grossed out. Even boom boy looked creeped out by him.

The tense air was broken by a rather loud boy with silver hair screaming,


When he reached the class' door, he stopped yelling, this time only talking 6 times louder than necessary, instead of 64.

"Heard you guys fought some villains, huh? Wanted to find out more but... All I'm seeing is this arrogant bastard!!"


"You better not make fools of the hero course at this thing!!"

Everyone just... Stared at him.

Until Bakugou just pushed passed everyone, Kirishima shouting after him about how everyone hates the class now. Fair.

"I'm heading for the top. Why should I care?" Sparky spat back, most of the class seeming to agree with him, except for Kaminari, who actually realised that they didn't need everyone to hate them.

God was everyone in this class aiming for number 1?

He wasn't.


For the following two weeks everyone trained as hard as they could, pushing their limits. This was their chance to impress heroes and their companys.

Izuku trained with Yamato. Her quirk was the perfect type to practice with.

(He may have also done some practicing making Tensei's engines stall when he's at the gym, but shh)


And then the day finally arrived...

Chapter Text

When the big day arrived, everyone was excited. Some more than others.

Izuku was dreading it.

This would be the first time that he'd been in the media spotlight. He hoped that no one recognised him as the Midoriya kid.

The class waited backstage for present mic to introduce them. They were all wearing their gym uniforms, although Izuku had been allowed to wear his capture weapon, since against a fair few quirks, he was completely quirkless against them.

It wasn't long before there was a muffled cheer, and they were being shuffled outside, as their teacher screamed:

"CLASS 1A!!"

and they walked out, obviously way too dramatically, but, Izuku reasoned, its UA. Literally everything is extra as fuck.

As they lined up in the first year stage, Nemuri started to introduce the event, flailing her whip around as she did. (seriously, how did this woman get a teaching licence?!) She then asked the highest scoring examinee from the entrance exam to make a speech.

Of fucking course it was Bakugou.

The boy slouched up to the stage, hands in pockets, and when he reached the mic, growled out,

"I'll surpass you extras. I'LL BE NUMBER ONE!!"

Izuku just barely resisted the urge to face palm.


After that, Midnight revealed that the first round would be an obstacle course.

As Izuku waited for the round to begin, he adjusted his capture weapon in his hands.

The signal to go went off, and Izuku ran forwards like a shot, jumping over everyone who got in his way as they pushed and tried to get though the obnoxiously small tunnel.

If he wanted go, he could be out by now, but Izuku wanted to try his hardest to stay average. To still get through as far as possible, but to not stand out too much. As such, he wasn't going to get into the top five in this round. Even though je didn't want to be an underground hero, he didn't want to be known, either.

He just needed to kick ass.

Once he got through the tunnel, there were some of the giant robots faced in the entrance exam, although they were now mostly destroyed- he was currently in around 17th place, and everyone in front had already done the heavy lifting, so he just used his capture weapon to swiftly abseil the wreckages, before continuing on at a leisurely pace. He didn't care that much where he placed in the festival really.

He nimbly leaped across the gaps in the ground, and carefully picked through the maze of mines, placing his feet where people had already stood.

Izuku managed to come 15th overall. Todoroki coming first, much to the chagrin of Blasty.

After everyone had got through, Izuku looks for Rara, eventually finding her aggressively downing a 4 litre bottle of water.

"Hey Rara Chan!! There's this guy taking photos for ¥300! Lets go!"

He pulled her by the elbow, over to the guy, handing him the money, before throwing up a lazy peace sign. Asking for two copies of it, he gave one to Rara, saying that its proof they went here together.

"Hey, when your rich and famous, I can show people this when they don't believe we're friends!"

Chapter Text

Once Izuku and Rara returned to where the rest of the top 42 students were standing, Midnight explained the rules for the next part of the festival- a cavalry battle. Each teams had headbands that increased in value the closer to first you got in the obstacle course.

Naturally the number one spot, Todoroki, had ten million points. Izuku himself had 140.

Deciding who to chose for his team was the difficult part.

He eventually managed to recruit:

Shinso- Left wing

Rara- Right wing

Tokoyami- Horse

and he would be on top.

Guess there are some advantages to being short.

Together their team had a reasonable score of 435, and a strong assortment of quirks to boot.

Izuku smirked as he pulled his team into a huddle, whispering his plans to them.

Everyone immediately flocked to Todoroki, as soon as the sign to go was given. Izuku's team maneuverer easily around the other teams- Izuku deflecting any emitter type quirks, Tokoyami's Dark Shadow knocking anything else out of the way, and Uraraka's anti gravity making them able to move faster- Shinso using his quirk to make students (mostly class B) hand their bandanas over, leaving Bakugou and Todoroki's teams to tire each other out.

After they'd gathered enough points to safely get through, they stayed in a corner of the arena, playing defense, and protecting their multitude of low scoring bandanas, until the battle ended.


They came third.


Jumping down off his friends backs, Izuku stretched, cracking his knuckles.

He knew what was coming next, and boy was he excited.

Getting to test his quirk on so many different people! Getting to see so many different fighting styles and quirks!

This was like his own personal heaven!

Chapter Text

The night before the sports festival




Prezzie: Everyone, remember to get a good night's sleep. It's a big day tomorrow.

WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: sleep is for the weak

BABYNEZU: like bakugou


BABYNEZU: Hey Bakugou! I dare you to not sleep for a week


AlkaliDown: Denki once lay face down in a swimming pool until he passed out as a dare

OhmMyGod: thAT WAS oNe TIME


SOYSAUCE: oh and that time he chugged nail polish remover and we had to take him to recovery girl

OhmMyGod: two times?

SedimentaryMyDearWatson: remember that time he thought that it would be faster to get to class by climbing up the school

OhmMyGod: really? U traitors


Pomeranian: what the fuck...

AHoNeverGetsCold: oh the four horsemen did waay worse than that ;)

ImImYourRoomRn: why is midnight here again?

Tododokidoki: and who are the four horsemen?

ScremsInEnglish: Nemuri. If you don't shut up right now I will scream in your ear

ScremsInEnglish: o shit this is the 1A chat

ScremsInEnglish: uhhh... *darn

BABYNEZU: we have Bakugou dont worry about swearing

CookingByTheBook: Who are the four horsemen?

AHoNeverGetsCold: well I'm glad you asked ;)

AHoNeverGetsCold: its me, (wearing tiny skirts), Aizawa (not sleeping at 4am), hizashi (screaming at teachers) and Tensei (running in the halls)

AHoNeverGetsCold: between us we broke every UA rule, short of literally stabbing someone

ScremsInEnglish: no! There was that one time Shouta got really annoyed at Tensei and stabbed him with a compass!

AlkaliDown: our teachers (and Iida's brother) were wild

AHoNeverGetsCold: remind me to tell you about it in our next lesson

ScremsInEnglish: SAME FOR ME!!

Dadzawa: no.

birb: what a mad banquet of darkness

Dadzawa and AHoNeverGetsCold

AHoNeverGetsCold: I back read the chat a bit (at least 6 of them need Jesus btw) and why did you say I called you dadzawa

AHoNeverGetsCold: cause I'm sad I didn't think of it first, and proud as fuck of whoever did

Dadzawa: it was Izuku. People already think we're related. I don't want to fan the flames.

AHoNeverGetsCold: good point ;)

AHoNeverGetsCold and BABYNEZU

AHoNeverGetsCold: I'm proud of you kiddo

BABYNEZU: uhh thanks auntie Nemuri???





Dadzawa: tell me something I dont know.

Chapter Text

After the cavalry battle, class 1A were all walking towards their waiting room, chatting about how they did, (some noticeably more bitter about it than others). Uraraka was talking to Iida about the battle, before noticing that Izuku's cynical commentary was missing. Looking around frantically, she tried to locate her allocated best friend, but to no avail.

"Where's Zuku?"


Izuku was standing across from Todoroki in a random hallway.

"You wanted to talk? what about?" Izuku prompted. He knew this must be something serious. Like seriously, it's like Todoroki hates me! He goes red in anger any time I try to talk to him!

"Are you Shinso's half brother or something?"

... huh?!!?!?

"Uhh no. Todoroki. Stop being a conspiracy theorist for one day. One. Day. Why do you think he's my brother?"

"Telling me to stop theorising. Interesting. There's definitely something you're hiding. I'm sure of it."

It was getting intense. If Izuku hadn't been brought up by a troupe of weirdos, he'd have probably wilted by now.

"You know nearly all of the teachers here, and some other pros. You're obviously strong, since I've seen a Ectoplasm-sensei and Snipe-sensei look... scared of you. If you're really this strong, I must beat you. You know my father's Endeavour, right?"

Izuku nodded slowly. Where was this going?

"He always wanted to be number one, but was never strong enough. So the firey bastard came up with another plan. Quirk marriages. You've heard of them, yeah?"

Izuku stared wide-eyed at the other boy. He really didn't like where it was going.

"With his wealth and fame, my father made my mother's family agree to the marriage. All to get his hands on her quirk."

He could only stare in horror as Todoroki continued,

"Raising me as a hero who could exceed All Might, Just to fulfil his own ambitions. I HATE IT! Being no more than a tool for that human garbage. As I remember it, mum was always crying... 'I can't stand to see that left side of yours'... she said... before throwing scalding water in my face." Todoroki reached a hand up and touched his scar. His companion could only stand stock still, in complete shock.

"In short, I won't use my left side against anyone, in revenge against him. Never using my rotten father's quirk... no... rising to the top without using it... I'll have denied him everything."

Todoroki started to turn away, before Izuku grabbed his wrist.

"Wait. I'll... I'll tell you what i'm hiding."

Apparently that piqued the other boy's interest enough for them to return to their previous positions.

"My real name Is... was... Midoriya Izuku. When I was four, my birth father killed my mother by beating her to death. Apparently she shielded me from him, so he just decided to burn the apartment block down. I don't remember it much, but I do remember my adoptive fathers," he took a shaky breath, "Eraserhead and Present Mic finding me, and rescuing me from the building."

Todoroki's eyes were slightly wider than usual, "So... that Midoriya kid that all the conspiracy websites I'm on are obsessed with... is you?"

Izuku nodded. "Yeah. It's why I go by my first name, and also mainly why Nezu taught me." He paused. "And don't you dare post these to your conspiracy websites, or I'll send pictures of you doing stuff you shouldn't to your sister."

"How do you know I have a si-" He was cut off by Izuku's finger on his lips.

"Shush shshshshhhh shut your pretty little trap. I know everything, remember." He tapped his head for emphasis, not missing when the other went as read as his left side of hair, and any coherent words came out as a garbled mess.

Jeez, he must be reeallly angry! 

Both of them began the walk back to the waiting room, with a promise to beat each other, (Well, Izuku had promised and Todoroki just nodded dumbly) Izuku getting hug tackled by Uraraka as soon as he entered the room. They started showing the rest of their group, (which was really just Tsuyu, Shinso and Tenya) the photo they took earlier that day.

Izuku spared a glance towards Todoroki, only to see him sitting in a corner, emitting angst like he was Tokoyami. He sighed, and walked over to the other boy, pulling him towards his group. 

At the squawking noises of complaint, Izuku pulled the Todoroki up, whispering in his ear, "We exchanged sob-stories, so now we're friends, Shou-chan." 

He turned red again. Izuku really didn't understand him.


All too soon, their break was over.

Chapter Text


When they had returned to the arena, Present Mic was reintroducing the audience to the festival, obnoxiously loud, naturally, yelling:

"This is still a sports festival, so we've prepared a recreational activity for all participants! We even shipped in cheer-leaders from America to get you pumped up..." He trailed off, as everyone noticed 1A's girls... in the cheer-leading costume?

Izuku had to cover his mouth to stop himself laughing at their misfortune. Looking around, he saw the other members of his class mostly looking away, presumably either out of embarrassment or wanting to spare the girls the embarrassment, although there were some exceptions, Shouchan, Shinchan, Blasty and Kirishima seemed completely unphased, and Kaminari was bright red, and looking accusedly at a shadow hiding badly behind a wall. 

Ignoring the shouts and angry exclamations from his classmates, he walked up to Kaminari, and placing a hand on his shoulder, hissed,

"What did you do?" his grip tightening slightly, and he did his best impression of his dad's 'I am about to yeet you off a building' smile. 

It worked.

"Uhhuhhhhh... He told me that there was a cheer-leading competition for the girls, so I told them about it but its a lie!!" Izuku let his shoulder go, sighing. 

"I don't suppose 'he' looked like a rat with grapes super-glued on his head, did he?" Izuku asked with a flat expression. At Kaminari's nod, his expression hardened, and he walked towards the shadow like a man on a mission, throwing his capture weapon out, and grabbing the perverted goblin around the legs as it tried to run away. Looming over him, he glared at it, using the most vicious glare in his arsenal. The grape thing just laughed. 

Izuku wasn't shy in showing the pure disgust on his face as he stood over it, menacingly holding his capture weapon.

"Heehhhh.... I know you're mad, but this is still a fantasy!! Being tied up by a hottie dominatrix!!" The little rat had the audacity to start drooling, "It's just a shame you're lacking in the boob department, ya'know?"

This rat... thought he was a girl?! 

Sighing Izuku stomped his foot as hard as he could on the gremlin's dick, before spitting out "I. Am. A. Boy." and turning and returning to his classmates.

God, he hopes there'll be some chance to punch the living daylights of of the perverted rat.

He must have looked really angry, as everyone except Rara, Tenchan, Shinchan and Shouchan went within meters of him as the group made their was to where Midnight was announcing the final event.

"We'll have a formal tournament!!" she waved her whip for emphasis, "Between the 16 members of the four winning teams... A series if one-on-one battles!!"

Everyone started buzzing around excitedly, before the 18+ hero continued,

"The match-ups will be decided by drawing lots. Once that's settled, we'll move on to the festivities and then the tournament itself! It's up to each of you 16 finalists whether or not you participate in the fun. I expect some of you would rather take a breather and save your strength."

Izuku decided to watch, rather than participate. He just wanted s l e e p.

"Now, let's start with the first-place team..."


A while later, and the match-ups were sorted out. Izuku was up against Shinchan first. Since Izuku already knew his quirk, and Izuku's wouldn't work on him anyway, they were both fighting essentially quirkless. This fight would come down to using their fists. Izuku slowly pulled his capture weapon off, holding it beside him. 

He won't use it against Shinso. It's supposed to help even it out when fighting against quirks he can't control, but... using it against another competitor who can't use his quirk would just be unfair.

A capture weapon would suit Shinchan... maybe I should get dad to teach him? Hell, I could teach him myself!


And then the festivites began!

Izuku watched, with the majority of the students competing in the final round, from the stands, as there was a ball pushing race, and a treasure hunt, laughing as a class B student, Kendou, he thinks, picked up another student as her item. (It was the loud, annoying one. Monoma?)

The girls even did some cheer-leading,  besides Momo, who just stood behind them scowling, and Jirou, who looked like she was about to punch Kaminari, if how she was glaring at him was anything to go by.

Ashido, Rara and Hagakure seemed to be enjoying it the most, though.

Before he knew it, the time had come.

Cementoss was creating the whole stage, which made Izuku itch to take notes on, but he restrained himself. It was his fight next.

Seeing Rara come into the stands, (now in the pe uniform), he bundled his capture weapon into her arms, with a quick murmur of "Don't break it.", before turning and walking towards the exit.

The first fight of the final round was going to be completely quirkless.



Chapter Text

Izuku and Shinso stood facing each other.

As soon as the signal to begin was given, Izuku rushed forwards, aiming a kick at Shinso's head, ignoring anything the other boy said. Shinso managed to dodge, and grabbed Izuku's ankle, pulling him down. The black haired boy kept his balance, dropping into a squat, pulling his leg out of Shinso's grasp, sweeping it across the ground as he did so, just clipping his opponent's leg enough to make a momentary distraction.

Izuku reached upwards, grabbing Shinso's wrist, and tried to get him onto the ground, but Shinso wormed out of Izuku's grasp, and kicked him in the shoulder with enough force to knock him back. Izuku shakily stood up. He'd probably broken his arm.


Izuku sprinted forwards, pulling his good arm back, and got a hit on Shinso. A punch right to the nose. His hand flew to his face, and when he took it away, there was blood. Izuku reminded himself to profusely apologise to him, and get him some coffee, once this was over.

Taking the opportunity, Izuku grabbed Shinso's neck, and, using all his might, fell.

Now on top of him, Izuku elbowed his stomach, winding him, and flipping him over, he pinned down as much of the gangly teenager as possible, keeping a hand pressed on his neck at all times.

After a few unsuccessful escape attempts, the purple haired boy sighed.

"I concede."

The crowd clapped politely as Izuku stood up and helped Shinso up with an offered hand.

Izuku could just tell that everyone outside of his class would be wondering why neither of them used their quirks.

Oh well. He was up against ShouChan next. His quirk was an emitter.


As the two walked towards recovery girl's tent together, Izuku started talking.

"Hey ShinChan? I think you might actually be related to me. Maybe Aizawa. One of us."

Shinso looked at him like he just grew a second head.

"No, I'm serious ShinChan! Lets just take a dna test, just to be sure!"

He snorted, looking down at the shorter boy,

"You've been spending too much time with Todoroki, Izuku."

They both laughed, continuing for a bit longer, before Izuku spoke again,

"Hey, ShinChan? Want me to teach you how to use a capture weapon? It'd really suit your quirk. Like if you had to fight someone like me, who knew your quirk, or if someone couldn't speak? The same way that I use mine for when I'm up against someone with a mutant, psychological or a non-tangible emitter type quirk."

For the second time in less than five minutes, Shinso stared at him incredulously.

"Isn't that your thing though?"

"I don't mind sharing with you. We could be a hero team! That'd be cool! Wouldn't it!"

The conversation continued, echoing around the corridors, until they both arrived at recovery girl's tent.

Chapter Text

"You disgrace me, Shouto."

Todoroki was walking through the hallways. He was going to be fighting Sero next, and needed to get to the events stage. Unfortunately, there was an oversized garbage can in the way.

"You could've done even better if you'd used your left side. Grow up. Stop acting like some petulant child. Remember, your duty is to surpass All Might."

Shouto grimaced, not looking at the flaming pile of trash out of anger.

"Understand? You're different than your brothers. YOU'RE MY GREATEST CREATION!!" the bonfire screamed, his flames erupting.

Shouto finally spoke up, "That's all you've got to say to me? I'll win this with mum's power alone. I'll never use your power in battle." He was bitterly spitting these words, facing away from his father.

"That may be good enough while you're a school kid." Trash man continued, "But you'll reach your limit soon enough."

Todoroki didn't want to hear any more, and stormed off, determined to get to the top, without using flame whore's power.


Izuku and Shinso finally returned to the stands, all patched up. It turns out his arm was only fractured, so he didn't need to drop out of the competition, and was only advised to rest until his next round. Tenchan and Rara had saved them both seats, so they nestled in their little group, to watch the next match- Shouchan vs Sero. Izuku couldn't see the two very well, but from Todoroki's posture, he could tell that he was pissed. Tremendously so. Looking around the crowd, Izuku saw who was most definitely the cause of that. Endeavour.

Fucking dick.

He could hear his Pa introducing the two, but his eyes stayed glued on Endeawhore the entire time.

It had barely been a minute since the round began, but Izuku suddenly felt cold. Turning around, he realised that he was face to face with a wall of ice.

I guess Shouchan won then.


It took several minutes, and Fire bitch, but eventually the stage was clear. It was Kaminari versus the vine jesus girl from class B, Izuku's Pa called her Shiozaki Ibara?

The match was over before it really started.

God her quirk was great. Izuku silently hoped that he'd get to fight her some day. He wanted to know if he could control her vines, as techincally they were a mutation, but she can control them, maybe he can?

So apparently he was muttering. He looked up and saw Shinchan, Tenchan and Rara looking at him like he just stabbed someone.

Tenchan got up to leave.

He was up against the creepy support class one who kept screaming about "Babies" for some reason.

That will be interesting.

 That creepy one seemed fun.

 Izuku decided that she would be his friend. Like it or not.

Chapter Text

When the time for Tenya's round against the crazy pink one, Izuku sat back in his chair, leaning his feet on the chair in front of him. He was in half a mind to ask Yaoyourozu to make him some popcorn- or to just buy some from one of the business course students.

Present Mic introduced them, (Izuku fund out the crazy steampunk one was called Hatsume Mei) and everyone started to murmur as they noticed that both of them were completely decked out in support items. 

Izuku barely resisted the urge to laugh. Tenchan looked like a knockoff Voltron or something!

When asked why, he said he was touched by his opponent's sportsmanship. Uh yeah, sure. That girl looked damn near evil!


Tenya ran towards Hatsume, probably aiming to knock her out of bounds. However, there was a collective "what?" from the audience, teachers, students and Tenya, as she suddenly spoke into a microphone;

"What incredible speed, Iida!" (Izuku could hear his Pa's quiet "huh?" as he was used to being the only one with a mic at these events) "Your legs feel even lighter than usual, do they not?! That's what you can expect with my custom leg parts, which keep up with their user's speed!"

She sounded demented. Izuku couldn't keep his laughter in anymore, and let out a quiet "pfft" at the display. She was using Tenchan as a sales pitch! However Izuku lost it completely as Hatsume continued, "But dodging is no problem for me with my Hydraulic Attachment Bars!" and tripped her opponent up.

Izuku was choking on his own tongue in laughter by this point, and Rara and Shinso had to hand him a bottle of water, and try to stop him dying before his next match.

Their game of tag, complete with a play-by-play sales pitch...

... went on for another ten minutes.

Izuku watched, recovering from his hysterics, in astonishment as Crazy Girl just stepped out of the ring. Midnight announced that Iida was moving onto the next round, equally as confused.

He could just about make out Tenya Shouting, "I REALLY DISLIKE YOU!!", which promptly caused him to lose his shit, again.

It was just then, with a pat to his back, that Rara stood up, Izuku assumed to go to the prep room. He wasn't really sure, since he was laughing so hard it hurt, and he could barely see through the tears clouding his eyes.

"Izuku." he heard a voice say, so of course he answered, "What?" through the pain. He felt himself lose control of his body.

"Stop laughing."

Of fucking course it was shinso.


Watching the rest of the fights weren't that interesting.

Ashido knocked Aoyama out in one punch, and Tokoyami didn't give Yaoyourozu enough time to use the items she created. Izuku left to find Rara in the prep room as soon as Kirishima and Kirishima-but-silver started fighting. They had virtually the exact same quirk, so that fight would go on for a while.

"so..." Rara began, "I'm up... soon..."

Tenya started karate chopping the air. "But I can't imagine that Bakugou would give it his explosive all against a female opponent..." Izuku cut in.

"No, he will." They both turned to look at him. "He may be an asshole, and definitely not heroic, but I don't take him for a misogynist. Besides, Everyone's competing with the dream of becoming number one. No one's holding back. Can't imagine he would either."

Rara smiled at him, and he smiled back.

"Kick his ass into next Wednesday for me Rara chan?"

She looked up and gave him a smile as bright as the sun and a thumbs up.

(They heard cheering from the arena, and Midnight announcing a tie. To be expected.)

"I'll see you in the finals!"







Chapter Text

Izuku quickly got up, ignoring the strange looks he got from his friends, and ran to the nearest popcorn stand, pulling a random amount of change out of his pocket and slapping it on the counter, grabbing the closest bucket, before running back to the stands. He hadn't missed much, as he got to back to his seat just as the signal to start was given.

Uraraka ran at Bakugou, and said something, although Izuku couldn't hear it over the roaring of the crowd. But he assumed it was something cool. He wouldn't make friends with a pussy. He threw a handful of popcorn into his mouth, waiting for the carnage. Although if Blasty hurt Rara too much, Izuku would wrap him up in string soaked in fish oil, and leave him in a room of stray cats. Or stab him. One of the two.

Bakugou started moving his right arm. He was starting with a right hook, which seemed to be a bad habit of his. If he ever stopped being an angry bastard, Izuku would have to tell him about that. He let out a blast that impacted directly with Uraraka. Smoke covered the arena.

Izuku popped another snack in his mouth, turning the bucket to offer it to Shinchan, then Tenchan, both hesitantly taking a piece. He wasn't worried. He knew Rara would be able to take him.

If he did beat her up he had a shank though.

Just as the smoke cleared, and blasty reached through to blow her up, his hand only reached a jacket. Izuku grinned as he saw Rara appear from the smoke screen behind him, hoping to get a hit in. 

Unfortunately he noticed, and sent her flying back in a huge blast.

It was just then when Izuku looked up, and saw rocks, and chunks of debris created from Blasty's explosions suspended in midair. No one had noticed them yet, too enthralled by the battle going on below. 

There was another huge explosion aimed at Uraraka, and Izuku heard Tsu let out a soft "Ochako..."

They kept going on, and on, and on. Rara took all the explosions Blasty could throw at her.

At one point, the crowd started booing, saying that he should stop toying with her, and just get it over with already, but were shut down by his dad.

Good job too, as Izuku was about to get Kaminari to use his quirk, steal it, and then fry them all.

 The smoke cleared, and Izuku saw her signature 'release' pose.

The rocks fell.

Izuku was immediately worried for his friend. There was only so much Recovery Girl could heal.

Then there was a blast. Huge.

Even bigger than any he had seen either watching UA training sessions with Nezu, or sneaking out to watch his parents fight.

It completely decimated all of the rocks falling, knocking Uraraka back.

They both looked as if they were about to duke it out, fist to fist, but before they could take a step, Rara's body gave out on her.


Bakugou had won.

Chapter Text



BABYNEZU: Hey dad??

Dadzawa: what.

BABYNEZU: do you have any siblings? Like... A sister?

Dadzawa: I had a sister yes. Why?

BABYNEZU: I think that shinso might be your nephew

BABYNEZU: wait? Had?

Dadzawa: she died just over 15 years ago. Suicide.

BABYNEZU: how old was she?

Dadzawa: she was 22

Dadzawa: oh god


Dadzawa: the last time I saw her, she said she had a boyfriend. About a month later, she sent me a letter, saying that she was pregnant. 10 months later, she.. You know.

Dadzawa: in her suicide note, she said that her son was safe and I shouldn't go looking for him. Of course I did, but nothing turned up. I assumed the baby was with his father.

BABYNEZU: what was your sister's quirk?

Dadzawa: she could erase people quirks for five minutes after getting a verbal response from them

Dadzawa: OH GOD

BABYNEZU: I did some digging yesterday. I found shinso's birth certificate. It was sealed. He was born under the name Aizawa Hitoshi, and his mother is Aizawa Jun. He was left on the doorstep of an orphanage, and the note stated his name was Shinso Hitoshi.

Dadzawa: oh god shinso is my nephew

Dadzawa: who's his dad?

BABYNEZU: that's where the biggest oof is.

BABYNEZU: he is labeled on the birth certificate as Akimoto Hisashi

BABYNEZU: what was the most noticeable colour on your sister?

Dadzawa: She had red eyes

BABYNEZU: and what was the most noticeable colour on my biological mum?

Dadzawa: Green hair..

Dadzawa: are you saying that they're the same people?

BABYNEZU: no prizes for guessing his registered quirk.

Dadzawa: fire breath?


BABYNEZU: turns out we actually are related then

BABYNEZU: Hes currently living in an orphanage a little way away.

BABYNEZU: want the adoption papers now, or later?

Dadzawa: .......

Dadzawa: ...have them on my desk by tomorrow morning

Chapter Text

As Uraraka was taken to Recovery Girl on a stretcher, Izuku left the stands, clutching his capture weapon. He was up next, against Shouchan. Fun. 

Walking down the corridor, he heard footsteps coming from the staircase on his left. Turning, he saw Bakugou glowering at him. Izuku just gave him a middle finger and walked away. He didn't want to deal with Blasty's shit.

When he reached the prep room, he saw Uraraka sitting at one of the tables.

Izuku was shocked. 

"Guess I lost." she beamed, rubbing the back of her head, "I just got carried away at the end when I thought I could actually win..."

"Rara. Are you hurt? Cause if you are I have a knife that would love to meet Baku-" Izuku was cut off by his friend. 

"I'm good! Well, I'm healing bit by bit, so my stamina doesn't get drained. Just these little scrapes left!" She pointed to the plasters on her face, "But darn it! Bakugou's just too strong. I couldn't put a scratch on him!" she shook her fisted hands in determination, "Guess I just gotta try harder next time!"

Izuku smirked, he was glad his best friend was that determined. He pulled out his spare knife, smaller than his good one- a pocket knife, and pressed it into Uraraka's hand with a wink, "In case you wanna try again against Boom Boom McSplodes." The girl just stared at her hand, trying to comprehend the fact that her friend had just given her a knife. She carefully folded it, and tucked it into her bra, for self defence if she ever needed it.

They could hear over the announcement system that the tiebreaker match between Kirishima and metal Kirishima was over, with class A's hard boy winning. Izuku stared at the little metal box letting out a tinny version of his pa's voice.

This will not be fun.

Walking back down the corridor, face buried in his capture weapon, he almost bumped into the hulking figure of the number two hero. Endeavour.

"There you are." The flame bitch spoke, looming over Izuku's small frame.

He fought the urge to shiver, although the familiar weight in his boot, and the knowledge that he could easily control the trash man's quirk kept him still.

Dick bag spoke up again, ignoring Izuku's glare.

"I don't know whatyou are. You got into UA on recommendations from Nezu, I know that much. So your quirk must be amazing. So why didn't you use it? You have a powerful quirk. Use it against my boy, Shouto. It will be good practice for when he has to surpass All Might." 

God, Izuku would take a whole month alone with Bakugou over ten minutes with this cuck.

"That's all I have to say," he turned his back,"Sorry for my bluntness."

Izuku was pissed.

One because this Flaming ball of dicks thought he was Shouchan's father, and two, because apparently he was just practice to defeat All Might. 

Does everything out of this man's mouth sound like a villain's quote?

"I'm not Nezu..."

"Well of course you're n-" Izuku cut into dick breath's words,

"Right. Of course I'm not..." He was seriously pissed.


Izuku fixed trash whore with his best glare, one that, according to his Pa, was vicious enough to burn a hole through someone. He barely ever used it. 

But it was worth it to see the look on trash dick's face.


Izuku stood facing Todoroki on the stage.

"I spoke to your trash bag." Izuku said, hands in pockets, lazily awaiting the signal to fight. "Gave him my best glare, just for you, Shouchan!"

Shouto's face dusted pink, and he gave a small smile.

"Let's have a good fight... Izuchan."



A blast of ice came Izuku's way, sharp and deadly. He made quick work of it, sending it careening out of the arena with a wave of his arm. Followed by another, set off on a similar tangent.

This continued for a while, until they were both exhausted, but still in their exact original spots.

Suddenly, Todoroki jumped over the now melting ice, reaching Izuku, and aiming and ice-filled punch at his head. Dodging, Izuku flung his capture weapon out, entangling Shouto in the greyish strands. 

It was only in this moment of still, as Izuku held the cloth back, that he realised that Todoroki was shivering. 

"I appreciate this, Izuku. Thanks to you..." the dual coloured boy's eyes flickered towards a flaming trashcan in the stands, "he doesn't look too happy."

"Shouchan. You're shivering. Quirks are just physical abilities. There's a limit to how much cold you can bare!"

Todoroki's eyes widened.

"I care about you goddamnit! Use your left side to thaw yourself out!"

That made his face go red again.

"Everyone's giving it their all! To win.. To achieve their goals... And you're gonna win with half your power?! Your quirk is not your father's. We both have shitty fire dads, but I'm going to become a hero just to spite him!"

He paused for breath,

"It's your quirk, not his!! Now come on! Gimme everything you got!!"

Izuku reeled back his fist, punching Todoroki in the face, sending him flying backwards, and out of the mysteriously floating and en guard capture weapon.


Memories flickered through Todoroki's head.

His mother's kind eyes.

His sister's smile as he ran up to her.

His brother teaching him how to play football with him.

His eldest brother teaching him how to read and write.

More painful memories began to come through the cracks.

The pain of scalding water on his face.

The sadness in Fuyumi's smile as she looked out of the window.

The anger in Natsuo's eyes as he angrily kicked a ball at the house's windows.

The night Touya disappeared.


Todoroki's left side burst into flames.


High up in the stands Endeavour laughed. 


Izuku sent him the dirtiest look.


Todoroki sent a wave of flames rolling towards the other boy, who slammed his arms down in the air, causing the flames to curl downwards and away from him, dissipating on the concrete. The next round of fire, Izuku grabbed the licking embers, and wrapped them around his fists, careful to keep a decent amount of space between his skin and the fire.

Sprinting towards Shouto with his flame gauntlets, Izuku managed one good punch to the other's stomach, before he was hit with a wall of ice, knocking his toes just out of bounds.

Izuku sighed. It was good enough. He'd had a chance to show off both his hand to hand and his quirk. He didn't really need to win.

He walked back into the ring, holding out a hand to Shouto, who took it, only to be dragged into a hug. Izuku whispered into the now blushing boy's ear, "Make sure you beat the Pomeranian up for me?"

Shouto could only nod slightly, dumbly staring as Izuku walked out of the arena, his mind a mess, buzzing with so many thoughts.


He slowly shuffled back to the stands, staring at the floor with wide eyes.

He was going to have to ask Yaoyourozu about... this... feeling.... later.

Chapter Text

Sitting back in his plastic chair in the stands after a visit to recovery girl, Izuku looked to his left, to see Uraraka sitting, with slightly puffy eyes. 

Tapping her on the shoulder, he asked if she was okay, over the loud yelling and explosions coming from Kiribaku's match.

She turned around, about to answer, before near-screeching "OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK?!", eyes fixed to the bandage his arm was now residing in. He laughed sheepishly, and raised it slightly,

"As it turns out, the fracture I got fighting Shinchan didn't heal fully, and during my fight against Shouchan it broke completely.... I think when I was hit with that ice berg at the end?"

Rara leaned across and gave him a sideways hug, careful to avoid his arm. It was a nice moment... until it was ruined by all present members of the "Bakusquad".

Kaminari leaned forwards, over the seat, and said, with a grin, "Did I hear hit?" 

Tenchan, who was sitting in the row in front of them turned around, with a confused look on his face. 


"hIT OR MISS," Mina yelled from her seat next to Kaminari, and it wasn't long before they were joined by Sero, and oddly enough Jirou and Hagakure, "I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS, HUH? "

Izuku sighed, and gestured to Tenya to follow him.

As they reached a more secluded balcony, Izuku spoke up, being careful to avoid seeing the group of students dabbing in his peripheral vision, "So, has Uncle been watching this whole time then?"

"He called me earlier," Tenya replied, "But he was working-"

Suddenly, the crowd burst back into life. Izuku turned, only to see that Bakugou had seemingly injured Kirishima. Seems he's not pulling any punches, even if its his crush.

 One huge explosion later, and it was all over.

Tenya excused himself, as it was his round next.

Shouchan vs Tenchan.

As the signal to start was given, a wave of ice rushed forwards, and Izuku lost sight of Tenya for a moment, before seeing him resurface. He'd done a very impressive jump over the ice. He aimed a kick at Shouto's head, the other just managing to duck under it. Izuku noticed that he'd used his recipro burst.

So only ten seconds left.

It was just then that he landed a solid kick on shouto, leaping over to him, and grabbing him by his collar.

Izuku looked up from the match, only to see the Bag of Dicks on the other side of the arena. His flames growing in size. Probably anger.

Ok. Izuku had had enough.

He turned from the fight, he could re-watch it later, and walked to the nearest supply cupboard, grabbing the biggest bucket he could carry with only one properly working hand, and filling it with water and fish oil (He didn't know why that was there, but what's better than making the number two hero smell like fish?).

He walked to the attendant's office nearest to endeavour, (Leaving the water behind the door), and said that there was a fight that had broken out in a near abandoned corridor near to where dick face was. He played the "I'm an innocent student afraid someone will get hurt " card, so one of the staff was sent to tell endeavour.

Once that was done, he ran as fast as he could with the water to the corridor, and waited.

Minutes later a trashcan walked in.

Oh wait, it was Endeavour.

Izuku threw the bucket onto the hulking man, making the showy flames he wore poof out of existence in a puff of smoke, and giving the "hero" the appearance of a half-drowned rat.

"Oops, sorry Endeavour-san. I was carrying this water and I tripped." His face darkened, "How unfortunate.

The Bitch nugget growled, and attempted to relight his face, only to fail, as he was still covered in water, and the liquid dripping off his hair put out any pathetic attempt to make fire.

It was then he notices the smell.

"WHAT IS THIS!?" he roared, his face contorted to be even uglier than usual and a really nice shade of puce. 

Izuku resisted the urge to snicker, as the trash man was now going to have to walk around smelling like a fishmongers, and replied, "Oh I'm so sorry Endeavour-san. I was mopping up some spilled fish." The man looked enraged. So naturally Izuku continued, "I mean... You could always think of this as training, couldn't you, Enji." He might as well have been spitting venom at that point, as he was hissing the words into Endeavour's face. 

Izuku turned in his heel, making sure to let his capture weapon smack the twat in the face as he spun, before walking away, back to the rest of his class.


When he got back, he'd missed the rest of Tenchan and Shouchan's fight, and a fight between Tokoyami and Bakugou.

He wasn't surprised when the two fighting next were Shouto and Blasty.

Then Tenchan started to vibrate?

Both Izuku and Uraraka turned around, eyes wide, until the still-vibrating boy clarified that it was his phone. When he looked at the screen, he looked kind of shocked, and excused himself to take the call.


"Hello. I lost, mother... I apologise if I've disappointed you..."

"NO! This isn't about that... Oh Tenya... stay calm and listen to me... it's Tensei..."

Iida's heart stopped.

"Your brother... A villain got him..."

His world crashed around him.


Todoroki sat, contemplating what Izuku had told him earlier that day, when the door to the prep room slammed open, and Bakugou stomped in. With a noise of confusion he asked, 

"Huh?! Why're you in here- prep room.... AH CRAP THIS IS PREP ROOM TWO!!"

Shouto didn't bother meeting his eyes.

"Hey, I get I walked into the wrong room, but giving your final opponent the cold shoulder? What's the big idea?!"

Shouto ignored him.

"LOOK ME IN THE EYE, TWO FACE!!" Bakugou yelled, setting of an explosion next to Shouto's face.

"Izuku basically told me the same thing. He went out of his way to shatter what was holding me back...." Todoroki went pink, "He even hugged me..."

Bakugou rolled his eyes, and began to walk out, but not before shouting over his shoulder,

"YOU KNOW YOU'RE REALLY FUCKING OBVIOUS WITH THAT CRUSH HALF'N'HALF!!" and slamming the door with enough force to crack the glass pane.

"huh..." Todoroki mumbled to himself, "Crush..."


Chapter Text


The crowd cheered, everyone who hadn't managed to get a seat in the arena looking intently at their screens.


Todoroki looked around, only to see his father missing. He smiled. 

A wave of ice flew through the arena, big enough to nearly cover the entire events stage, but was quickly blasted out of the way by Bakugou. 

From where he sat, back with his friends now, Izuku could hear his class divided on who to support- the 'Bakusquad' (obviously) supporting Blasty, and his group of friends that he'd forced Shouto to befriend supporting him.

Ice chunks started flying through the air from the blast, and Izuku's capture weapon started batting off the larger bits, stopping them from hitting any of his classmates. Suddenly Bakugou dodged another of Todoroki's ice attacks, and grabbed him by his shirt, flinging him across the stage, Shouto only managing to stop himself flying out by creating a curve of ice, throwing him back towards his opponent. Riding back towards Blasty, Todoroki grabbed his arm, using his left hand, and set it on fire, burning Bakugou's shirt until it had caught. 

The explosive boy leapt backwards, and pulled off the jacket, throwing it on the floor and stamping on it to put it out.

Izuku could see Bakugou's face, and could just about read his lips.

"So I'm a worthy enough opponent, huh half'n'half?"

"Well you helped me, so I might as well go all out against you, Pomeranian." 

If he got an answer from Shouto, Izuku couldn't see it.

They both leapt forward, Bakugou with sparks beating from both hands, and Todoroki with flames pouring off his left, and ice crystals creeping up his right, creating fog where the met in the middle, giving him a kind of demonic look.

Izuku could see Cementoss getting ready to stop the fight, when they two clashed.

Izuku quickly put his hands up, deflecting any stray fire coming their way, and attempting to hit any debris out of the way with his capture weapon. Some still got past, and Yaomomo quickly made a large umbrella, which she used to sheild as many of the class as possible- the rest just using their own quirks to try and protect themselves from the flying chunks of ice and concrete.

When the dust and flames cleared, both of them were on the floor, unmoving. 

Midnight had begun the countdown until it was a draw, when Bakugou twitched, and pushed himself up onto his elbows.

Midnight announced, waving her handcuffed arm, "TODOROKI IS UNCONSCIOUS!! SO..."



Midnight was announcing the placements, when she called, "In third place, we have both Tokoyami and Iida, but Iida was forced to leave early due to a family emergency. We hope you'll all understand..." She winked at the crowd, and most of the male (and some of the female) audience members nodded fervently, while some of the others looked at their (presumably) spouses in disgust.

Izuku thought back to just before Shouchan and Blasty's fight, after he'd thrown fish water on Endeavour, when Tenchan had come up to him to inform him that Tensei was attacked by a villain.

God, he hoped he was all right. Tensei was like the cool uncle of their 'family', running around with them on his shoulder, he even introduced Izuku to video games!  

Suddenly, Midnight spoke up again, "Now for the medals!! Presenting them this year is... You know who!!"



The number one hero did a classic superhero landing™, and turned to the 18+ hero, seemingly apologising, (probably for cutting her off).

The hero walked up to the podiums, and gave Tokoyami his bronze medal, the bird boy bowing slightly, and giving off a rather humorous squawk as the number one pulled him into a hug.

Walking to the other side, he presented Shouchan with his silver medal, pulling him into a hug also.

Lastly, he made his way to the middle of the podium, to hand Bakugou's gold medal around his neck. The blond grinned proudly, having won in a show of power against Todoroki. He snatched the medal out of All Might's hands, and waved it at the audience, yelling, "SEE! I SAID I'D BE NUMBER FUCKING ONE!"

Izuku really wanted to face palm.


All Might pointed at the sky.





Tenya ran into the hospital room, ignoring his mother telling him to slow down, be quieter, or wear a mask. He just wanted to see his brother.

Nothing could've prepared him for what he saw.

His brother was hooked up by so many wires, he might as well have been part robot.

"...tenya...mother..." he mumbled, "my... amazing little brother... i know... you... look up to me... so... i'm sorry... tenya. your big brother... i... lost."

Tenya couldn't stop hiimself crying, as he slid onto his knees on the floor.


"The hospital?" Todoroki Fuyumi asked, confusion evident on her face, "Why so sudden? I mean, can you really go without telling father, Shouto?"

Todoroki continued putting his shoes on.

"Why now? Why go see her now, after all this time?"

"..." Shouto turned, the wind rustling his already messed up hair, "Just something my crush said, sis." and stepped out of the Todoroki household.

A the echo of a smile brushed his face at his sister's confused screaming.


A woman sat in a hospital room, almost as white as her hair, staring out of the window, as she always did, hoping for her children to come and visit.

She startled as she heard the door open.

Turning, she saw a head of half white and half red that she hadn't seen for years.

Todoroki Rei started to cry.


Uraraka was walking back to her house, wearing casual clothes, contemplating what have for lunch.

When she reached her apartment, her heart skipped a beat as her usually locked door was open. Taking a cautious step inside, she screamed as she saw two blurs running towards her.

It was her parents.

They had come all the way to congratulate her.

Ochako felt her eyes well up.


Izuku was sitting cross-legged on the floor of the UA staff room, brushing his hair out, as the faculty did all the paperwork and sorted out requests.

Izuku was using his capture weapon to hold his bobble, and it was mysteriously floating again. Midnight leaned over and poked it.

"How does it do that...?" she asked, poking it again.

Izuku shrugged, "I dunno, auntie. Ask dad?" They both looked over to the small sofa in the corner of the room where Shouta and Hizashi were asleep, cuddled up under an unzipped yellow sleeping bag.

Kayama put her finger to her lips and winked. 

"Nah, I think we should let them sleep."



Chapter Text

A few days after the sports festival, and everyone was rested up. 

Of course it was raining.

Izuku was sitting in the staff room the morning of the first day back after the festival, a towel over his now undone hair, wringing his tie out. Midnight walked in.

"Hey kiddo," she said, walking up behind him and beginning to vigorously dry his hair, grabbing his brush from the table, and putting the bobble on it around her wrist, "Your class are deciding your hero names today. Got any ideas?" She slowly began to brush his hair, as Izuku laughed.

"Yeah, a few!"

She sighed as she used her fingers to get out a rather large knot out, "I'm going to have to decline forty seven, aren't I?" Izuku just giggled in response. She put down the brush, and began to pull his hair into a dutch braid."Y'know, Zu, I put in a draft pick for you... You could come intern with me- I get it if you want to go with one of your dads, though!"

Izuku kept his head still, but smiled, "No, I think I'll go with you, Auntie Kay! I think that there are some others who'd benefit more from going with my dads." Midnight made an inquisitive noise as she started to pull the bobble of her wrist, and Izuku answered, "I think that Shinchan should go with Dad- I think he's aiming to be an underground hero, and Jirou-san should go with Pa- they both have sound related quirks, plus I think she's PA's favourite! They're always having conversations about music, and I'm pretty sure Pa's thinking about getting her a podcast or something."

Midnight hummed her affirmations as she tucked a stray hair into the now finished braid. 

"Well, I'm glad you're going to be interning with me, Zu, although I may give you a few accessories for your costume," she winked, "Just to keep the brand."

Izuku laughed, and got up as the first bell rang, picking up his bag.

He gave Kayama a quick hug around her middle, before setting off to class.


When he arrived in 1A, he saw that everyone was already there, talking about how everyone had recognised them on their way to school. (Izuku couldn't relate, the most he had was Yumoto-sensei cooking his family a huge pot of stew)

Walking in, he beelined straight for Tenya.

"Tenchan... Is Uncle Sei alright?"

Iida took a shaky breath. "He'll .... live...."

Izuku was about to reply, when he heard Ashido scream. Turning around, he saw that she was jumping up and down, pointing at him.

He walked over, a confused look on his face, when all of the girls came up to him, and started asking who did his hair. Of course he answered that Midnight did, to which all of the girls immediately decided to go up to Midnight at lunch and ask her to braid their hair as well.

Izuku chuckled, and escaped over to Shinso's seat. 

He leaned over the desk.

"Hey Shinchan.... can I call you Hitochan? It seems weird calling you by your last name." Of course this had nothing to do with the fact that Shinso wasn't even his actual name. 

.... he still needed to tell him about that ....

Hitoshi nodded, confused, and Izuku beamed "Okay Hitochan!" before bounding back to his usual seat.

Aizawa stumbled in, looking even more bedraggled than usual, and his capture weapon was dripping rainwater onto the floor.

At least he had a shower.

"Today we've got Hero Informatics," He began,"and a special one at that."

He paused, obviously for dramatic effect, before announcing:

"You'll be coming up with your hero aliases."

The whole class burst out in cheering and chattering, but were quickly silence by a stern glare from their teacher, his hair rising.

"But first... concerning the pro draft picks I mentioned the other day. It's based on who the pros think will be ready to join the hero workforce after another two or three years of experience. So you could say that it's a way for them to show interest in your futures." He paused, surveying the class, "But there's ample time for their interest to wane before you graduate. Any and all offers can be arbitrarily revoked. It happens quite often."

Hagakure spoke up, "So, if we're picked now, that just means there'll be higher hurdles in years to come?"

"Yes." Aizawa replied sharply, "Now, here're the complete draft pick numbers." A list of eleven names appeared on the board, "There's typically more of a spread, but our top two stole most of the spotlight."

Izuku read down through the board, and was surprised to find himself between Tokoyami and Tenchan, with 347 picks.

The class once again erupted into chatter, and Izuku saw that Rara had got 20, and shot her a blinding smile and two thumbs up.

Shouta spoke again, "With that settled, whether you were picked or not... You will all have a chance to work alongside the pros. It's true that you've already experienced more than most, but still, seeing the pros in action and taking part yourselves will still be worthwhile training."

"That's where our hero names come in!" shouted Satou, Uraraka following suit with "This is getting fun!"

Aizawa continued, "They're only tentative, but you still want to pick something appropriate-" 

"-Or else you'll know true Hell!!" It was Midnight. "The name you pick now... May be what the world ends up calling you. That's happened to plenty of pros out there!"

Aizawa turned back to the class, and began getting his Caterpillar sleeping bag out, "Yes. True enough. Midnight here will be assessing the sensibility of the names you pick." Izuku could just make out a faint "I'm no good at that." and barely restrained a laugh, as the memory of his Pa telling him about the origin of 'Eraserhead' came to mind. "What future do you see for yourself? The name you chose will bring you ever closer to cementing a certain image, because names are capable of reflecting one's true character. Like with 'All Might'." It was with this that he stepped into the sleeping bag, handing the lesson off to the 18+ hero.

Aoyama suggested an entire English sentence, but it was eventually shortened down to 'Can't stop Twinkling'.

Ashido chose the name 'Alien Queen', but was immediately shot down, due to how evil it sounded. Shame, Izuku though it was quite good.

Tsuyu went next, going for 'The rainy season hero: Froppy'.

Izuku chose to go next with his idea of, 'The *Uno reverse card* hero: No u'. Midnight turned and hit her head against the board, and Izuku didn't even need to ask before sitting back down again.

Kirishima was next, suggesting 'Red Riot', a homage to Crimson Riot.

Jirou was Earphone Jack, Shouji was Tentacole, Sero was Cellophane, Ojirou was Tailman and Satou was Sugarman . Ashido eventually came up with Pinky, Kaminari with Chargebolt, and Hagakure was Invisible girl.

Izuku went next again, choosing the name 'The cryptid hero: Bitch dis mine'. Midnight just sighed, and a few people in the class laughed, as he made his way back to his seat.

Yaomomo was next, coming up with the name 'The everything hero: Creati', and Shouchan just chose 'Shouto'.

Izuku decided to go again. This time with the name 'Goddamn OP'. He could almost hear the unspoken Its true though as he sat down again.

Tokoyami chose Tsukuyomi, Hitoshi chose Mindfreak, Kouda chose Anima.

Bakugou chose King Explosion Murder.

Naturally, that was not allowed.

Rara chose Uravity. Izuku thought it was just perfect for her.

All that was left was himself, Tenchan, and Blasty.

Tenchan chose his name, 'Tenya'.

And then it was time for his actual name.

He turned his board around, and announced, "That one hero: Anonymous!"

With Midnight's blessing, he sat back down in his seat.

Bakugou chose Lord Explosion Murder.

"No. Still no good."

Izuku stood up. "Hey Blasty. What about Ground Zero? It's the point directly below where a nuclear bomb goes off."

Bakugou just shrugs, and shoves his hands in his pockets.

"Hrrhhhh I guess it'll do."

izuku guessed that was Bakugou for 'I like it! thanks!'



"I'm going for Eraserhead." Shinso murmured, looking at the one request he'd been given.

"Have you decided yet Izu?" Rara chimes, turning towards him. He turned to her and smiled.


Everyone looked at him like he'd just said he was going to intern with Shigaraki Tomura. Or even worse, Endeavour.



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BurnBabyBurn: yea

BurnBabyBurn: Ill be on the roof this time. Use the fire escape, don't fly up there

BurnBabyBurn: and hide your wings

ChickenStrips: kayy

ChickenStrips: I'll be there in 10


Hawks landed gracefully a few streets away from his and Dabi's meeting point. He wasn't wearing his hero costume, and was carrying a large windbreaker jacket, which he quickly slipped over his wings, pulling the hood over his head.

The hero made his way to the run down building, and began the long trek up the rusted fire escape. He was starting to feel unsafe with his wings in such an unusable position as the metal stairs started to creak ominously.

As he got to the top of the rundown stairs, he saw Dabi. The villain was sitting on the edge of the building, legs dangling off the side. Hawks was buffeted by the wind as soon as he stepped onto the roof, his hood being blown off his head. He walked around to where his boyfriend was sat, turning to him inquisitively.

There were a few moments of silence before Dabi stirred.

"I... My real name is Touya." the crispy man said into the wind. Hawks looked at Dabi... Touya in confusion.

"Todoroki Touya."

Hawks felt his eyes widen. "Wait? So Endeavour's what, your uncle or something?"

Dabi hit him upside the head. "No you dumb shit, he's my father." he sighed, and brought a hand up to his face, picking at a staple, "He probably doesn't talk about me much. He kicked me out."

Well that was... news to Hawks. He didn't even know Endeavour had another son! 

"What, for like, murder or something?" the hero joked, a lazy smile on his face, as his mind tried to catch up with what was happening.

"No, for being gay." Touya said, his face serious, "Where do you thing the scars came from?"

Hawks knew it was a rhetorical question, yet still felt inclined to ask, "Endeavour...?"

The villain nodded. 

"Yeah... He used to force me and Shouto to "train"", he used air quote marks when he said that, "our quirks. Before Shouto's quirk manifested, he only trained me, but after he got the perfect quirk, I was used as a punching bag only when he couldn't find my brother." He sighed, his hot breath making the cool evening air steam up, "Most of the time I was the one that hid him. The scars are a mixture of his fire, and my own, although the worst was done on the night that I left."

Hawks turned, pulling Dabi's hand away from his face, wincing as some of the dried and purple skin pulled off his face, and held it tightly in one hand, his other coming up to tenderly stroke the villain's face, taking care to avoid the obviously painful staples.

"These... were caused by your own quirk...?"

Dabi sighed. "I have a body built for an ice quirk, and a quirk that's hotter than even my father's. I could stand in a snow storm for hours, even with my quirk gone, and survive, Hell I could probably be frozen in a block of ice quite comfortably! But my quirk," he lit a small blue fire in his free hand, "is not ice. It's called Cremation. Every time I use it, I can feel it burning me from the inside out. It can burn through almost anything, but it sometimes leaves me with a fever so bad I can barely move. My father trained me so much, that I can barely feel anything in my hands now. The nerve-" he was cut off by Hawks pressing a kiss to his mouth.

When the two pulled away, the winged man cupped Touya's face, and said, as the sun finally set, "I love you... Touya...." there was a pause as they smiled at each other gently, before Hawks' smile grew bitter.


"Tell you what, I'll help you beat up your dad."


"I have a plan, but I don't know how long it'll take."


"How difficult would it be?"


"Very. You up for the challenge Birdie?"


"Anything for you, Love."

Chapter Text

"Battle hero Gunhead's agency? Good choice!" Izuku beamed at his friend, turning in his seat slightly, "even if you want to be a rescue hero, you'll probably be caught in combat at one point or another! It's good to be prepared."

Uraraka started throwing punches in the air, Izuku lazily smiling along, when Midnight walked into the class and took him by the arm.

"I'm kidnapping him for a bit, sweeties!" she called over her shoulder as she dragged him out of the room.

She pulled him to a random corridor, where a box, similar to their costume boxes but smaller was standing. The 18+ hero walked over to it and picked it up, opening it as she walked over to Izuku.

"These are the additions to your costume I was talking about," she said with a wink, " You can chose whether or not you want to use them or not- you can wear your original costume if you want." 

Izuku smiled at her, accepting the box, and closing it with a click.

Before they both went their own ways, Izuku spoke up.

"Auntie. I think you should change your patrol area to include Hosu city for the internship week."

She raised an eyebrow. "Why? And how would I explain that?"

Izuku looked at the floor, "I think that Tenchan's gonna do something stupid." He looked into his Aunt's eyes, "You were told about Uncle Sei yesterday as well, weren't you?" at her nod he continued, "You can say that it's a good idea to increase security in Hosu, as you believe he's still there, and want to catch the bastard who did this to your friend yourself." 

Midnight cocked her head. "You think Tenya's going to do something dumb? That's not like him?"

the young boy simply sighed, and said, "When it comes to his brother, he'd do anything." and started to make his way back to class, clutching the case. 


Internships Begin.

Aizawa was seeing them off as they were in the train station, waiting to go their separate ways, going over the rules. Everyone was clinging onto their costume cases, and Izuku was no exception. He was really exited.

He turned to Tenya, and followed him to his train, giving Uraraka a look as he walked past, silently saying 'I got this'.

"Tenya." Izuku looked at his friend, continuing when he had his attention, "Don't do anything stupid." he paused, "And if you feel the overwhelming need to do something stupid- tell me before. So then I can help you do the stupid thing so you don't die as much."

Iida just gave a watery smile as he got on to his train, giving a wave to Izuku, who just waited on the platform for Midnight to come and meet him.

They had decided the day before to meet up before going to Hosu, as they would be staying in a Hero Lodge, and neither of them really knew where they were going, and they decided it was better to get lost together.

A few minutes later Kayama arrived, wearing civilian clothes and a surgical mask. She handed Izuku a bag of his own clothes, offering to take his case. He gave her it and took the bag without a word and rushed to the nearest toilet, changing into his normal clothes and a face mask like his Aunt's.

He was wearing a grey t-shirt, with the words 'kiss my ass' written on it, a big white hoodie with the hood hiding his distinctive hair, and black sweat pants, with his school shoes.

Walking back out, he handed the bag with his school clothes to Midnight and took the case back from her, as they boarded the next train.


45 minutes later and they were in Hosu city. Izuku looked up a map on his phone, and about half an hour later they found the Lodge, which had already had their luggage in their rooms.

Midnight pulled off her hat and mask as soon as they entered the shared living space.

"Alright kiddo, hero costume on! We're going out!"

About ten minutes later, they left. 

Izuku's hero costume was pretty much the same, but it had a few tweaks that were so very Midnight.

His boots and his knee pads had been combined into one, and were now over the knee boots, with a little extra sole on the bottom, and he was now wearing bracelets exactly like Midnight's- broken handcuffs- over his gloves which now sat flush to his skin.


The first three days went without a hitch, the two of them catching petty criminals, and one particularly brave bank robber, in a matter of minutes, with Midnight using her Somnambluist and and Izuku stopping it reaching any civilians, police or other heroes, or deflecting quirks thrown their way using hijack, or his capture weapon.

They got back to the lodge at 5 o'clock, and Izuku checked his phone. More specifically hero forums. He was expecting there to be a few Midnight posts- and was shocked when he saw that there were multiple posts about him. Most were theorising what his quirk is, while others were asking what his name is. He smiled.

Until he got a text from Tenya. Simply a location and one word.


Chapter Text

Izuku stood up, and ran over to where Midnight was taking her eyelashes off, roughly shaking her arm.

"OW! What is it brat?!" 

Izuku just shoved his phone in her face and grabbed his capture weapon from where it was discarded on the sofa. Midnight's chair tipped over as she abruptly got to her feet, putting her glasses back on her face. 

He quickly forwarded it to the UA group chat.

They left not even thirty seconds later.


They were running out of the building, when Izuku grabbed Midnight by the waist and swung them over a few buildings, until they were only a few alleys away from where Iida's message had indicated.

Running in, they saw Tenya pinned to the floor by a hulking, yet skinny, figure, holding a long sword through his shoulder. The hero Native was curled against another wall in the alleyway.

Izuku and Midnight ran in, Midnight aiming a kick at him and Izuku brandishing his capture weapon.

The figure dodged the hero's kick, and plunged a smaller knife that they hadn't seen into her stomach. Izuku felt his blood go cold and the world freeze.

Her blue eyes widened as blood slowly dribbled out of her mouth and she crumpled to the floor, red liquid pooling beneath her, staining her usually white leotard a deep scarlet.

Izuku saw red.

He ran at the Hero killer, throwing his capture weapon at him, pure rage taking over his usually calm demeanour. He flung his capture weapon at Stain, and winced when the fabric was cut. The severed piece fell to the floor, useless. Izuku screamed, running back towards the villain, pure anger clouding any sensible judgment he would have made.

The sword swung at him again, barely scratching his throat, but slicing through his capture weapon entirely, leaving it in tatters on the floor.

Izuku steadied his hands, preparing for had to hand combat.

"YOU ARE A BASTARD!" he screamed, tears pricking his eyes, as he rushed forwards, to strike the hero killer.

In a single moment of clarity in his clouded mind, he saw it happening.

The swords.

The blood.

The pain.

The numbness.

Then there were flashes of blue and red, as Izuku passed out, surrounded by a pool of his own blood, dying the shredded capture weapon.

Chapter Text


As soon as he received the location on the group chat, Todoroki knew something was wrong.

He was patrolling with his father, and when he heard his phone ding, he looked at it.

It was only a few streets away from where he was.

Todoroki had never ran so fast in his life.


Reaching the alleyway, he was horrified at the sight.

Iida was unmoving, with obvious stab wounds on his arms, Midnight was crumpled on the floor, looking small and pale, copious amounts of blood pooling beneath her, from a wound he couldn't see and Native was lying in a corner clutching a wound.

But the people his eyes went to first were Izuku and Stain.

The hero killer had his foot on Izuku's head, pinning him down, with his sword raised.

Izuku already has a huge, angry cut, running from his jaw, through under his body where Shouto couldn't see, and emerging again on his lower back.

Shouto screamed as the villain stabbed with his sword, the noise enough to startle the Hero killer into missing Izuku's spine, as he had been aiming for, instead, the sword went through just to the left, staying upright with the force that it had been thrust through him with.

Shouto rushed forwards, not giving Stain enough time to draw the sword out of Izuku, his left hand violently flaming, and his right sending shivers through the air.

He flung attack after attack at the villain, swapping between ice and fire, slowly trying to move the fight away from the injured.

"T-todoroki..." He looked up, to see Iida shakily standing up.

He shot a wall of fire at Stain, before quickly reaching into the pack around his waist, and pulling out some gauze, throwing them to Iida, motioning to Izuku and Midnight.

Tenya nodded, and rushed towards Midnight first, carefully removing the corset she wore, and using the first roll of gauze Todoroki had thrown to wrap around her middle, saving the last two for Izuku. He tied the end of the bandage up, and pushed his Aunt into the recovery position, before staggering over to his friend.

His eyes went round at his injuries. Tenya wrapped the cut up the best he could, and wrapped around the sword, knowing that it could cause even more blood loss to take it out. Iida used the last parts of the cause to wrap the shallow cut on Izuku's neck, and then carefully picked him up, careful not to jostle the sword, as he moved him next to midnight, who, despite having less injuries, was in a much worse state- she was already pale from blood loss, and her breathing was laboured.

Tenya pulled out his phone, preying it still worked.

When the screen lit up, he internally cheered, as he sent a message to both the 1A chat, and the teacher's chat, with only a few words, which he typed out with his now red fingers, that were slick with blood.

"Please snd help! At least 4 ambulances"

As soon as he hit send, the phone slipped out of his hand, landing on the concrete and buzzing off.

Iida stood up, and ran towards where the half and half boy was fighting, offering his silent help.


They were not doing well.

Iida was paralysed again, and todoroki was running out of stamina.

He took a pot luck shot at Stain, missing him by miles.....

Until the fireball curved back towards the hero killer- striking him in the back, knocking him out.

Todoroki turned to see Izuku- blood seeping through his bandages, and a sword sticking out of his abdomen-'s left hand drop as he fell unconscious again.

Todoroki fell to his knees as blue and red sirens flashed in the road next to him.

He ignored the paramedics rushing to collect Izuku and Midnight, he ignored the paramedics buzzing around him. He ignored the armed police pulling stain into an armoured truck. He only shifted when he was gently lifted to his feet and guided over to another ambulance, where Iida was already sitting, wrapped in a foil blanket.

He didn't know when the tears of relief began.

The fight was over...

Chapter Text

Iida and Todoroki sat in a hospital room in silence.

They had only been there for a few hours, their injuries being treated easily by the nurses whilst Izuku and Midnight were rushed into surgery.

The doors slid open, and four figures walked in.

First were Present Mic and Eraserhead, who went straight to Tenya, Mic hugging him whilst bawling his eyes out, and Aizawa standing with his hand awkwardly resting on his husband's shoulder. The two were followed by the pro that Iida was interning with- Manual- and a man with a dog head.

Aizawa stood up, and gestured to the man, introducing him. "This is Kenji Tsuragamae, Hosu's chief of police."

The dog-headed man looked from the pro heroes to the students. They both stood up, to bow to him.

"Please stay seated, woof." The two hesitantly sat down, mildly confused as to why he was there.

"So you two, along with your friend, were the UA students who put a stop to the hero killer, woof?" Todoroki inwardly asked himself about why he came to visit them.

"Your friend, Aizawa-Yamada-kun, and Midnight-sama have just come out of surgery. They are both stable and should be able to return to both hero duties and school, although they will not be doing anything big for a while. As for the hero killer... he was treated for some minor injuries, and a large burn on his back, and will be transported to Tartarus tomorrow, woof." 

Todoroki could see his teachers relax after they heard about Izuku and Midnight, but saw their shoulders tense again after the police chief mentioned Stain. 

The dog-headed man continued, "At the dawn of this extraordinary era, the police moved to prioritise leadership and to maintain the status quo... so they decided to not use quirks as weapons. The profession of 'Hero' rose as one that would fill that void, woof. Authorising the use of such might... of these powers that could so easily kill was a heavily criticised decision at first, but it would garner public support. All because your predecessors acted morally and complied with the laws, woof." The man's voice darkened, "But those without permission, those who inflicted harm without explicit permission from the police and the powers that be... even if they were to face someone like the hero killer... such actions would represent a stunning breach of the law., woof."

Their eyes widened, and Todoroki spoke up.

"Hold on a minute. Izuku came with Midnight, who he was interning with. He had permission and acted with a pro. Not to mention he managed to deal the final blow that got Stain!"

Aizawa grunted, and glared at Todoroki- a clear sign of 'shut up'.

Shouto just barely mumbled "fucking mutt" under his breath as he sat back down.

The police chief continued, "Anyway, as I was going to say, Aizawa-Yamada-kun acted for all intents and purposes, legally, and as such, his and Midnight's participation will be made public," he looked towards Shouta and Hizashi, "of course with the blessing of their emergency contacts..." Aizawa nodded, his husband mirroring the action.

The dog turned back towards the students, and said, "The story that will be release to the press is that Midnight and Aizawa-Yamada were ambushed by Stain coming back from their evening patrol, and were both injured in the attack. The message that Aizawa-Yamada sent to the uhhh... " He looked at his notebook, "'Run, children,run...?' group chat, which will only be named as a UA group, which Todoroki-kun and Iida-kun here saw, leading to Endeavour and Manual, along with the relevant emergency services eventually arriving. We will tell the press that Izuku used a stray fireball from Endeavour to wound Stain, and that everyone survived." Todoroki made a noise of protest, but was cut off when the police chief continued, "It's either that or you are fully prosecuted for  unlawful quirk use without a licence and grievous bodily harm." Iida winced, and walked towards Manual.

"I'm so very sorry!" He all but shouted, dropping into a 90 degree bow. Manual give him a light smack on the head, hand on his hip, and reprimanded, 

"Yeah! You caused big trouble for your mentor, so don't do it again!!" 

Todoroki and Iida both turned to the dog, bowing, and thanking him.

The dog man leaned forwards, bowing to them.

"The world's an unfair place. You'll receive none of the commendations that you might have otherwise, but.. at lease as someone interested in keeping the peace... I can thank you!"

As the four men left the room, Todoroki lay back down on his bed, sighing deeply.

He wished he had the time to tell Izuku he loved him before that fight.

A few minutes later, a doctor walked in.

Both students sat up as the woman sat in a chair next to one of the free beds.

"Ok, boys. I've already spoken with Aizawa-Yamada-kun's fathers, and they recommenced that I tell you two in more detail about your friend and Midnight's conditions." Shouto shuffled forwards so he was sitting on the end of his bed, "Starting with Midnight: She has mainly suffered from blood loss and internal bleeding. We were able to repair most of her organs, and gave he blood transfusions, so she is stable, and should be able to return to hero work in several months. However, it is highly unlikely that she will ever be able to have children." Iida gasped.

"Moving onto Aizawa-Yamada-kun. He had a major laceration running from just here," she pointed to just below her ear, "down his body, and across to here," she dragged her finger down to just above her hip. "It will most likely scar. The stab wound was only 5 millimetres away from cutting his spinal cord, as it did to Ingenium," Todoroki could hear Iida's sharp intake of breath, but his mind was frozen, "so he should be able to walk again, although he will be on crutches for a while. He'll be able to resume his hero training at UA." The doctor gave them both a smile, as she stood up to leave, sympathy welling in her heart.

Todoroki let out the breath he didn't know he'd been holding.

Chapter Text

"Breaking news!

We have just got word from the chief of Hosu police, Kenji Tsuragamae, that the rumours about Stain's capture were true. The hero killer has been captured and is currently being transported to Tartarus, where he will stay until his trial.

We have been given a summary of event by the Hosu police, the whole report is available on our website,, but the most astounding thing about the report, is the fact that a first year UA student, who was interning under Midnight at the time, is the one who dealt the deciding blow to Stain, despite being injured! This student is simply named as Izuku in the report, with no last name given, but we have been told that his hero name is That One Hero: Anonymous, and he is part of the now infamous Class 1A.

According to the report, there were multiple other heroes there as well, Endeavour included and two other UA students: Iida Tenya, the younger brother of the now retired Pro Ingenium, and Todoroki Shouto, the son of the number 2, Endeavour.  Midnight and Anonymous were the most injured, but we have word that they are both stable, and ready to make a full recovery to hero work!

Tweet us with your support for them using the hashtags #AnonymousHeroSupport and #MidnightHeroSupport at @HeroNewsNetworkJapan! We can collect all the lo-"

The excitable host's voice stopped short, as a hand gripped the radio, turning it into blackened dust.




Tododokidoki: yes, we are fine. Izuku and Midnight are still in the icu though, and iida's phone broke, so none of them can answer.


KungFuFurry: Tooru chan... please just calm down and take deep breaths????

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Chapter Text

Izuku was allowed to return to UA at the same time as everyone else came back from their internships, under the strict instructions to stay in Recovery Girls office for regular treatment, along with Midnight. They were both conscious, and the youthful heroine had already given them each a kiss. He was already given affirmations from all of his classmates that they'd come and visit him  during Lunch.

What he didn't expect was for them to convince his dad to let them visit him during homeroom.

"IZUUUCHHHAANNNN!!!" He looked up as he saw Uraraka running towards him, a strange mixture of threatening, crying and smiling. She looked like she was going to hug him but stopped short, faltering slightly, "Is it alright to hug you?"

He chuckled lightly, and nodded, "Y'know Rara, I'm so doped up on painkillers right now, I don't actually know where my hands are." He quickly looked down to check they were still there, as Ochako hugged him lightly, being careful to avoid the bandages wrapped around his neck and chest.

When she pulled away, her expression darkened.

"Y̛̪̣̪̥̗͕̖̝̦̜͖o̧̭̝̮͈̬̥̳̲̮̩͓̩͖̣̳̜͈̫͙͢ų̧͍̱͉̬̦̲͓̼͙̠̥̗͇͡͝ ̵̴̖̙̰̱̮̦̙̖̘̥̟͍̰͖̜͢͠k̴̢̛̺̫͕̹̯̭͙͈͚͈̫̞͎̼̺ṉ̶̸̨̨̜̠͖͕͇̼͈͙̲̲͖̫̠̕ͅo̕͘͘͠҉̲͖͓̫̥̭̘̣̫̭͕w̵͈̱̥̭̯̹̩̖͘͠ ̢̨̞͍͕͙̰̩̦͙͓̻͞I̴̸̲̹͉͈̠͔̖̙͖̠͎z͜҉͎̤̱̘u̸̡̧͏͈̪̤̩͔̫̱̼̣̙͍͙͎͔͖.̵͓̗̥̹̘̫̱̫̺͉̕͠.̸̳̘̬̠̠̱̦͉̟͓̕͝.̢̫͇̹̠̼̦̖͍̥̱̖͢͡ͅ.̶̨͔͖̖̻͡ͅ ̸͇̣͖̜̯̰̥͚̩̥͙͇͈̤̬̪͞I̬̖͈̻͙̺̖̘̟͈̖̹͜ ̢̨̜̝̦̜͢͡c̴̶̲̫̬̹͖͔̩̫̻̺̼̠̹̼̪͞ơ̴̜̱̲̭̘̘̯͎͎͙͎͖̝̬͙͚̰ų̫͉̖͙̤̦͙̟̫̬̳l̹̬͕͙̮̥̳̝̟͢͡d̢͏̥̯ͅ ̢̨͏̼̟̰̤͓̖̤͖̣̰̯̹̲̩͇͈̻̬͝ͅf҉͎̩̝͙͕i̶̛͍̱͖͎̦̠̭͖̜͈͍͘͠n̶̸̹̗̺̪͎̟̣̮̝͔̯͍̯͢͡ͅd̵̬̰̫͓̪͈̻̫̦͚͚̺̬͙̳͙̝̼͘ ̷̭̮͎͇͎̤̝̳͇͇̱̭̻̲̱͈͝͡w͇̥̖̹͕͈̟͇͇̙͓͔̭̭̮̘̬̳̕͞͞͡h̨̧͍̱̗̝͔̣̪̣ͅe̱̞̫͍̗̙̣̯̝̖̫͈͈̱̝͉͢͢ͅr̼̜̼͇̫̲̖͘͡ę̶̭͖̜̳͚̪͍̠͚͍̹̪͈̲ ͚̞͚̜̘͙̪͖̹̲͉̻̫͠s҉̷̧̪͔̱̩̗̮̻͇̙͓̰͞t̷͈̜̺̺̗̣̬̜͈͙͚͜a̷̧͕̗̜̝̪͙̞̹̤͉̩̙͎̰̼̫̥͡i̼̩̖͔͓͎̬͜͢ņ̛̺̬͎̥͖̻͓͓̠̘͚͎̣̗̻͎̺ ̵͕͉̞͍͈̦̹̺͟͞ͅi̷̷҉̗̻͉̪̻̳̜̺̼̜̰̝͚͔͚̻͚̦ş̨̨͕̦̟̖͈̞̰̲̗͓͚̖͕̪̣͜͝ͅ.͈̦̺̩͇͟͝.̰̣͙͚̻̲̪͞.̨̺͇͕̠̲̮̣̘̮̮͍̼͔͘̕͝ͅ.͎̣̫͘.̡̡̪̹̪̫̝͎͎̲̼͖̥̟ͅ.̸͕͇̤̞̰̣̥̰͎̰̟̘̭̗̻͝͞ͅ.̸͕͓͇̝̤̙̰͇̗̫̗̱̦̞͈͖̖͈͟.͏̴̠͚̦̪̳͕̭̣̝͞ ̸̸̵̢̻̦̰̬͞I̷̴̧̝̳̰̜̪͠ ̸̡͉̺̮̬͎͔̠͚͉͍̫̹̝̝͚͠l̶̯̦̘̞͍̘̦̻͚̹̗̱͕͙̤̕͠ͅͅe͎͚̯͚̤͘a͘̕͞҉̭͉͙̱̫̠̬r̲͚͍̘̺͍̣̠͖̭̤̥͓͓͕̼͚͢ͅn͘͏̙͖̠̺͍͇̥̬̖̥͍͚̤̪͎̦t̷̛̞͎̯̲̰̼͙̘̼̬̱̺͖̖̞͙̳̠͈͢͡͞ ̸̷̸̵̱͓͎̦̞͈͕͇͖̬͎̰̣̪ͅs̷̛͍͖̞̤̝͓̻̫̜̦͉̥͢ͅo̧̹̟̮̝̻̗͡m̡͏͔̰̥ͅe̴͢҉̶̖̘͕̲͕͔̠̩͝ ҉̘̖̬̤͈͠t̶̛̳̣̗̙͉͙͓̩̣̠̞̪̭̘̻̱̪͜͝͡ͅh̵̖͈̞̲̜̘̜̱͈̯̟͘i̸̷̢͝͏̮͍̰͍̺̗͎̟̝n̸͚̤̖̗̦̗̫͓͎͠g̹̭͙̥̲͘͜s̸̯̲̤̖̹͈ͅ ͕̺̟̣̝̥̬̰͕̱̱̖̩̬̥͚̥̙͢͢͠i̧̨̩̫̟̗͎̰͔̮͔͜ͅn̵̨̖̱̮͍͖̮̞̦̕͜ͅ ̷̮͎̜̣͟m͢͏̷̛̙̙̯̞̜̭͞y̴̩̗͇̞̖̬͎͓̮̯̞͔͈̺̰̺̕ ̴̴̛̛̲̘̯̭̖͔͖͠i̴҉̹͚̖̪n͡҉̭͕͎̩͔ͅt̶̷̢̨̮̹̩̹͉̱͖͎̩͠e̴̤̬̫̫͓̞̯͚̞̣͈͞ͅr̡͍̥͓̝̥͎̜̜͠n̴̡̗̘̰͖̪̼͠ͅs̡̡̺͈͓̕͢h̡̧̥͈̻̟i̵̷͇̘͎̭̙̗̦̗̻͟p҉̵̵̛̺̣͇̖̯̰̩̠̠̘̫ͅ.͏̻͉̱̙͈̳̝͍̘͖̪͍̮̼͟.͏̛͏̞̰̖̹̙̹̟̝̻̥̥̭̘͉̱̪.̷̢͔͓̜̖͎̼̝̗͠.̷̵̛̞̭̦̫̠̖̳̗̮̞̣͇̖̱̼͖̞͘̕"


He's pretty sure he could see a few classmates shudder... but that might have just been the drugs. He wasn't sure.

Kirishima burst forwards, "BROO!! That was super manly!! Your name and Midnight-sensei's are still trending on twitter, bro!!"

The class continued to chat with him, filling him in with what happened, most of them giving him hugs, and laughing when he asked why Ojirou had two tails.

It wasn't long before Aizawa ushered them out, forcefully pushing them out of the nurse's office.

He turned to Izuku, giving him the closest thing to a smile he could and throwing him a screen, similar to the distance counter he uses to measure ball throws, but larger, before walking out again.

Powering it on, Izuku realised that he could see what was going in in field Gamma, where his classmates would be doing rescue training. All he could think was how fortunate that was, before he conked out.


When he woke up again, All Might was sitting on the chair next to his bed.

...Well the deflated version of All Might.

Izuku had found out about Small Might, as he calls him, a few months after he turned 12, but had never managed to figure out why.

"Young Izuku.... I think it's time I told you about One for All..."


It took a while, but as far as Izuku knew, All Might's power was passed down through generation after generation, and now he was looking for a successor, after being injured heavily in a fight.

And All Might wanted his help to find out who it should be!

...At least that's what he thought... He could just be hallucinating all of this...

In response to this thought, he reached forwards, and slapped his hand onto Small Might's face, smushing it around a bit until he was absolutely sure he was real. 

 The next week....

UA Staff (and Tensei)

Nyoom: hey guys... I have some news...

WhoYaGonnaCall?: Tensei!

McCree: Are ya ok?

TheVoid: What's wrong, senpai?

Dadzawa: what

ScremsInEnglish: you good?

AHoNeverGetsCold: ???

GOD: I'm glad you're awake, Iida-kun! What do you need to tell us?

Nyoom: yknow snipe's drank too much yee yee juice

WhoYaGonnaCall?: what the hell....?

McCree: ..........

Dadzawa: many painkillers have you been given?


McCree: of course. Of cOuRse

GOD added VladKing

VladKing: I left this god forsaken chat for a reason

VladKing left the chat

GOD  added VladKing

AHoNeverGetsCold changed VladKing's name to HeSucc

HeSucc: what does that even mean??

AHoNeverGetsCold: idk ur like a vamoire?? Ur Dracula rioght?

HeSucc: WHat


RecoveryGrill: @AHoNeverGetsCold what did I say about using your phone, sweetheart?

AHoNeverGetsCold: not to...

RecoveryGrill: So you're going switch it of now, aren't you?

AHoNeverGetsCold: yes mum

AHoNeverGetsCold: WAIT

RecoveryGrill has muted AHoNeverGetsCold for 24 hours

Dadzawa: why is everyone on so many drugs what the fuck

HeSucc: im out

HeSucc has left the chat

GOD   has added MatterBaby to the chat

Dadzawa: oh god no

Nyoom: whats a matter baby???

MatterBaby: Nothin much, how bout chu?

Dadzawa: hizashi save me from this lunatic


Dadzawa: im married and gay. fuck off

ScremsInEnglish: meet me in the pit bitch ill fite u @MatterBaby

Dadzawa: @GOD its her or me.

GOD: I apologise, Ms Joke!

MatterBaby: no problem Mr Principal!

GOD removed MatterBaby from the chat

Dadzawa: thank fuck

Chapter Text



Assidic: oKAY SO




SOYSAUCE: shout his name??

Assidic: yeah, but what's his first name???

OhmMyGod: idk i think it's Souma??

Assidic: Ok

Assidic: i just yelled it, he didn't turn around

SedimentaryMyDearWatson: Guys..;. his name is Shouta

Assidic: oKAy


Assidic: as did everyone else but still...

OhmMyGod: Is it him??

Assidic: idk

Assidic: ill take a picture of him!

OhmMyGod: Make sure u use the flash!!

Assidic: okAY

Assidic:  Aizawa?????.jpeg sent

Assidic: ..........

Assisic: ok so my parents had some choice words with me....

Assidic: he's the groom's cousin who's in the american marines or something and he's called Alex


Assidic: never going to be invited to anything ever again

Dadzawa: i leave. For TWO MINUTES

Dadzawa: ...

Dadzawa: i dont get paid enough for this.

Dadzawa: anyway, @everyone izuku will be returning to class on wednesday, but wont be joining in with any heroics lessons, instead he will stay on the sidelines and give you advice on your quirks.

Dadzawa: im going to sleep now.


Aizawa sighed, putting his phone down next to his paperwork. He really didn't want his son to return to school this soon after nearly being paralysed, but Recovery Girl recommended it.

She knew that now his wounds were mostly healed, he would get antsy and want to do something, Shouta knew this as well... but... Izuku is his son. He would much rather dip his hand into lava than let anything happen to him. Izuku would have to use a wheelchair for the moment, and Shouta was dreading the inevitable races down the corridors.

Looking at the clock, he saw that there were still three hours until Hizashi came back from his radio show.They were both staying in one of Recovery Girl's back rooms, boxes cleared away to reveal two old hospital beds. THey chose to stay, since the couldn't bear to leave their son, or their best friend alone. Shouta sighed, unfurling his yellow sleeping bag, curling up inside of it, and promptly fell asleep.

He was woken up about half an hour later by faint sniffling coming from the adjoining room: Nemuri and Izuku's room.

Shouta carefully stepped out of his sleeping bag, and padded over to the room, checking behind Izuku's curtain, to find him sleeping soundly. Walking over to Nemuri's half of the room, he sneaked a look through the curtain, only to see his best friend crying into her hands, obviously trying to mask the hysterical wailing that was threatening to bubble up. Aizawa stepped in, and sat down on her bed, wordlessly leaning in and giving her a gentle hug, pulling her to his shoulder, startling her. He could feel her small body being wracked with sobs as she clung onto him, tears already starting to soak through his shirt. Shouta started to rock, making the same soothing noises he would when Izuku would get a nightmare he could never remember.

After a few minutes of this, Nemuri pulled back, so she could see Shouta. She had tear tracks down her face and her eyes were puffy and red.

"Sho-Shou... They-They told me... I ca-can't have children any-anymore..."

Shouta could barely stand to hear her speak. She sounded so... so broken, and so unlike her usual self. He just pulled her into his side again, planting a kiss on the top of her head, lazily murmuring into her hair, "I kind of accidentally adopted nineteen more... take your pick..."

Nemuri giggled wetly, before whispering back, "I'll take Todoroki-kun... he seems to be the only sane member of the class...." she paused, "To a certain extent..."

The two ended up curled up, asleep in each other's embrace on Nemuri's bed.

And that was how Hizashi found them, when he returned two hours later. He was quick to snap several (hundred) photos of it, finding it utterly adorable. He was never going to let Shouta forget this.

(He sent it to the teacher's group chat as well.)

Chapter Text

UA Teachers (and Tensei)


BABYNEZU has joined the chat


BABYNEZU added RFHGAQJUTjuhktfgujkhgbgteuhjfATHGBunnyDancerRIPMaijima'sPhone, BigBoobs4U and two others to the chat

Sir.Nighteye  has left

RFHGAQJUTjuhktfgujkhgbgteuhjfATHG: aaa coolio

BunnyDancer: yOU AGAIN!! 

BABYNEZU has left the chat

McCree: How'd he even get in?

WhoYaGonnaCall?: no idea

Dadzawa: what the hell Izuku

GOD: oh, I taught him how to do that. :)

Dadzawa: WHY

RIPMajima'sPhone: well at least ive been added back... although i don't know how anyone got this number... i havent even had it four days yet??

ScremsInEnglish: how long until Hatsume breaks it again?

RIPMajima'sPhone: i'd say about a week

RFHGAQJUTjuhktfgujkhgbgteuhjfATHG: yeet ive always wanted 2 meet all u heroeoes!!!

BunnyDancer: jesus you type like a fucking 12 year old

ScremsInEnglish: uhhh who is @RFHGAQJUTjuhktfgujkhgbgteuhjfATHG?

RFHGAQJUTjuhktfgujkhgbgteuhjfATHG: HAWKS!!

AHoNeverGetsCold: jeez

AHoNeverGetsCold changed RFHGAQJUTjuhktfgujkhgbgteuhjfATHG's name to  RotisserieChicken

RotisserieChicken: coolio

BigBoobs4U: whatad this chAT thASEN??

plANTman: i think its a chat of other pros, yuu

BigBoobs4U: shitt

BigBoobs4U changed their name to TollestWoman

BunnyDancer: jesus

AHoNeverGetsCold: hmmmmm YUU @plANTman ????? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


RotisserieChicken changed ALLMIGHT!!!'s name to BetterThanEnde*vour


BetterThanEnde*vour changed their name to ALLMIGHT!!!

RotisserieChicken: sEe thats why

BunnyDancer: ??? I thought Endeavour's your favourite hero?  

RotisserieChicken: noT ANYMORE some things have... come to light about him and i genuinely wish i could give him a feather in the eye

BunnyDancer: weLL THEN don'tcha have to work with him though??

RotisserieChicken: well when i do i will stare at him with utter contempt

BunnyDancer: edgelord

Dadzawa: what the fuck has happened to this chat

AHoNeverGetsCold changed the group UA teachers (and Tensei) to quite a few random pros for some reason


quite a few random pros for some reason


ScremsInEnglish: shouta pick me up

ScremsInEnglish: shouta my car broke and i need someone to pick me up

ScremsInEnglish: shouta youre the only person i know with a car who isnt currently in hospital

ScremsInEnglish: baBE im at the radio station

ScremsInEnglish: oops this is the gc... oh well shou's in here somewhere @Dadzawa

RotisserieChicken: omg??? "babe"!>?? fuccin erasermic biiiitcghhhh spilllllll

RotisserieChicken: thhe

RotisserieChicken: teaaaaa!!!!!!!1!!!


BunnyDancer: ... you did not just fucking wave at the news camera...


Dadzawa: @ScremsinEnglish be there in 10 x

AHoNeverGetsCold: omfg shou used a kiss!!!!!

RotisserieChicken: yaaasss omg


Chapter Text

It was finally time for Izuku to return to class. He was in a wheelchair for the time being, despite being almost completely healed, thanks to recovery girl.

As soon as he wheeled himself into the classroom, he was almost knocked over due to the sheer force of everyone he'd force-friendshipped since the beginning of the year... aka the entire class minus Bakugou. (There were still a few who hung back, like Satou, Kouda and Tokoyami, but they were still giving words/gestures of support....(Well, Tokoyami was whispering some Satanic chant of protection under his breath, but it's Tokoyami, so that's probably a good sign))

Izuku reached his hand up to rub his neck, wincing as his fingers ran over the strip of marred skin that now stretched across his body, going from the side of his jaw, to the top of his right hip.

Kirishima seemed to notice this, and came up to him, beaming, as usual.

"HEY IZUBRO!!! WE CAN BE SCAR BUDDIES NOW!!" he pointed to the small scar on his right eye, "YOURS IS SUPER MANLY!!" Izuku couldn't help but smile back at him.



Flash forwards to the final week of June... 

The class was absolute chaos.

Izuku had been out of his wheelchair for a while by this point, and had taken the test at the same time as everyone else.

He'd managed to come second in the class, just one mark behind Yaomomo.

Kaminari and Ashido were freaking out in one corner of the class, having come nineteenth and twentieth overall.

"You two...  If it's academics you need help with, I could lend a hand." Momo offered, garnering the attention of most of the class, Ojirou, Jirou and Sero coming up and asking for tutoring.

From where Izuku was standing with Tenchan and Rara, he could just about hear Blasty aggressively murmur, "I've got virtue too. I'll tutor you 'til you're dead." He couldn't help but come up with ideas of Kiribaku going on coffee study dates.


At lunch, Izuku was sitting with Hagakure, Shinso, Iida, Tsuyu, Shouto and Rara, and they were discussing what they thought that the practical test was about.

Izuku was kind of mad, as the test had been planned when he was incapacitated, and Nezu had been making a very conscious effort to keep him from finding out what the tests were.

They were having a nice time until Izuku's head was whacked forwards by someone's elbow. Turning around, he saw that it was Monoma from class B. Obviously he wasn't going to use his real name.

"Ah," he began, rubbing the back of his head where he was hit, "Aren't you... uhhh... Mokusou! I saw you at the sports festival!"

Izuku resisted the urge to laugh at the look on the other's face. He started to rant about how their run in with the hero killer was for attention, before he was knocked out by the orange-haired one- Kendou he thinks- karate chopping him in the neck. She apologised profusely for his action, and grabbed her classmate by the collar, before whispering conspiratorially, 

"Between you and me, I hear that the practical exam'll be a battle against robots, like in the entrance exam. I know an older student, who told me."


Over the following week, everyone in the class practised- Izuku even began teaching Hitoshi how to use a capture weapon. (He'll tell him one day... he will...)

Until it's finally the day of the...


Chapter Text

Izuku then kicked the grapist out of the window.

"YEET!!" He yelled, as dick munch went flying.

Izuku cackled maniacally as the wet paper towel hit EndickWhore on the head, and stuck there.

today went great.

Chapter Text

It was their last training session together before the exam. 

They had only one hour before the exams started, and Izuku was giving Hitoshi some last-minute pointers on how to use the capture weapon without getting tangled up into a weird cocoon. Izuku thought he was doing quite well considering he'd only had about six lessons, and it took Izuku himself over 5 years to learn how to use his.

Shinso's capture weapon was more like Aizawa's- plain, and towering up over his face, almost covering up the face mask he was wearing.

Suddenly, they heard a shout from the principal, and they jogged over to the rest of the class, joining them, whilst their teacher announced who was fighting who.

"Ten stages have been prepared, and all teams will begin simultaneously. The test guidelines will be explained by your respective opponents. None of the areas are outside the school grounds, but let's not waste any more time. Get going."

Before the other boy got onto the bus with Sero to take him to his exam location, Izuku grabbed his arm.

"Meet me in store cupboard 45-C after your exam's over... I have something really important to tell you. The store room's right next to the waiting area, so be there."

Shinso nodded, knowing that Izuku wouldn't tell him to meet him, if it wasn't important.

Principal Nezu VS. Ashido and Kaminari

"Your objective is to either get these handcuffs on me, or have one of you escape from the stage!"

"Kinda like our battle training."

"We can really just run away?!"


Present Mic VS. Jirou and Kouda

"THIS IS NOTHING LIKE YOUR PAST BATTLE TRAINING!! Because your opponent this time... Is on another level!"

"Another level? That's not really the image I have of you..."


Thirteen VS. Uraraka and Aoyama

"This test is meant to simulate true battle as closely as possible. So please... think of us as actual villains."

Snipe VS. Hagakure and Shouji

"S'pose we do meet in battle... if ya fight 'n win, that's just fine too. However..."

Eraserhead VS. Todoroku and Yaoyourozu

"If you find yourself overwhelmed by my power, fleeing and calling for help might be your wisest option. Todoroki, you of all people should understand that. The other two as well..."

Power Loader VS. Iida and Ojiro

''Indeed.. there's no doubt... In this test...''

Midnight VS. Shinso and Sero

"It's either fight to win... Or run to win..."

All Might VS. Izuku and Bakugou


"But... Given the circumstances, you're probably thinking that running is the only option?" Izuku startled from his thoughts. Trying to come up with a plan to beat All Might... The number 1 hero... with a strength enhancement quirk... with his quirk was going to be physically impossible without Blasty. Even if he was at the same level at hand to hand as his dad, (Which he's not), he'd get pummelled. Even getting away would be impossible. Izuku scratched the back of his head, his hand catching on the unusually thick fabric that he'd had added to his costume around his neck. It looked kind of like a really thick choker, but Izuku really would rather avoid having his throat cut again. He turned his attention back to All Might.

"That's why we had the support course department make us these!! ULTRA COMPRESSED WEIGHTS!!! This handicap weighs me down with a whole extra 50% of my body weight! It's a tried-and-true method of slowing movement and draining stamina! By the way, we held a competition to design them. That Hatsume girl's design was picked."

Izuku could honestly imagine her cackling about that.

Of course Blasty decided to open his gob, "Trying to bring this fight down to our level or something? That's insulting."

Izuku could see that All Might was about to answer, but he spoke first.

"Blasty. Stop spouting shit. We all know that the likely hood of you beating All Might, even with the weights, is about 50 times lower than you confessing your feelings for Kirishima." Bakugou's face began to distort, and Izuku completely failed at keeping a straight face.


Ectoplasm VS. Asui and Tokoyami

"So... the test takers, meaning us, start in the centre?"

"In order to escape, we've gotta pass through that one gate... sensei is probably waiting to ambush us there."

Recovery Girl's Field Medic Station

"Hm.. I'll be working hard today, I expect."







"We're gonna beat him!"







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Chapter Text

Tokoyami and Asui VS Ectoplasm

Tokoyami and Tsuyu started as towering clones of their maths teacher burst up from the floor, both turning their heads as one of them spoke.

"I forgot to mention... We teachers will be giving it our all to utterly crush you students."


Todoroki and Yaoyourozu VS Eraserhead

As Todoroki and Yaoyourozu ran through the winding maze of street that made up their test ground, the boy turned his head towards Momo, 

"Try and keep making small objects. It doesn't matter what. We'll know Aizawa-sensei is nearby if you suddenly can't. This test is all about who finds who first. Once he's in sight, I'll draw him away, then you make a run for the escape gate."

"We'll stick together until then."


Tokoyami and Asui VS Ectoplasm

Asui ribbited in surprise when she felt something wrap around her waist. Looking down, she saw that it was Dark Shadow, grabbing her at Tokoyami's command.

As the bird-demon-thing flung her away from the clones, her classmate screeched, 


The girl went flying towards the walls of the building, but before she landed, she made sure to stick her tongue out, extracting the bird-boy from the cluster of clones, pulling him to the wall with her.


Izuku and Bakugou VS All Might

"Obviously beating him down's the best option!!" Bakugou yelled, walking faster to try and outpace the other boy. Izuku inwardly sighed, and quickened his pace to match the other.

"Stop talking shit, Blasty. We're not going to be able to beat All Might up. I know you have some amount of intelligence in that pea-sized brain of yours."

Bakugou stopped walking and turned to Izuku.


Izuku just waved him off and continued walking, "You do know its blindingly obvious that your brain just goes through the cycle of," Izuku did a strange caveman inpression for the next few words," 'Explosion! Boom! Kirishima! Whine! Kirishima!' on repeat right?" 

By this point Izuku was really struggling to keep his laughter at bay.

Suddenly, there was a huge blast, and most of the buildings along the road tgey were walking down were completely demolished.

In their place, stood the number one hero.

"Now." his voice boomed out over the destruction, "Get ready to have a really bad time!"


Izuku, having been knocked over in the initial blast, shakily stood up again. Honestly, he wasn't expecting All Might to actually try and pummel them, but he guessed that was actually happening then.

Their opponent continued, "Who cares about keeping this town intact? Think of this as just a test, and you're gonna have a baaad time. I'm a villain, heroes. So give me your best shot."

With that All Might ran forwards towards them, and Izuku had to admit that even the Number one could be pretty damn scary. He was expecting Bakugou to try and fight first without thinking, but what he wasn't expecting was for the explosive idiot to go directly in with a head on attack. 

If Izuku wasn't so distracted with not being blown up or punched, he would've face palmed.

All Might had grabbed Bakugou's face, which Izuku supposed looked pretty painful. He took this distraction, (Which he assumed got even more distraction-y when he heard a loud bang) to sneak off to the side, using his capture weapon to pull himself to a dark alleyway - far enough away so that he wouldn't get caught up in any blasts, but close enough so he could easily run to help.

Bending down, he slowly pulled a long knife from each boot. He'd brought two today, just in case. They were both about the length of his forearm, and very, very sharp. That was the advantage to having over-the-knee boots... You could fit longer knives in them.

Placing each through his belt, he threw his capture weapon upwards, wrapping it around a drainpipe, as he pulled himself up to a rooftop. Once he was up there, it was easy to run across to a roof near to where the fight was taking place. The very noisy fight, which his the minuscule sounds Izuku made from running. 

As soon as he was close enough, Izuku flung himself off the roof, drawing his knives as he fell. He landed nearly directly on top of All Might, and wrapped his knives around the heroes neck, being careful to use his legs to hold his arms back.

"Bakugou! Cuff him!!" he screamed, grunting in pain, as the sheer strength of the hero threatened to snap the bones in his legs. Luckily the explosive boy actually realised this, and rushed forwards with the cuffs, successfully capturing their teacher.

As soon as the cuffs went on, Izuku fell to the ground, dropping his knives, and whispered to himself, "Yup... something's definitely broken." 

All Might seemed to hear, and took a step closer- Izuku assumed to pick him up- but was interrupted by Bakugou.

Izuku was expecting the boy to flip him off, or kick him or something, but instead he slipped an arm under his, and gently helped him up, Bakugou letting him use his shoulder as a crutch.

All Might watched in shock as these two boys, who seemed to make it their life's mission to try and bully each other, walked (ish) away, like they'd been friends their whole life.

Izuku blinked as he was helped up. He was really not expecting that. They had almost made it back to the bus when Bakugou spoke up.

"Y'know when I first saw you I thought you looked familiar." Izuku looked at him in confusion.

"You," he continued, "You looked like my childhood friend, Midoriya Izuku," Izuku widened his eyes at that name, "Who I was told moved away with his mum." By this point they had reached the bus, and Izuku was seated.

"Just who are you?"

Izuku's eye's widened as he came to a realisation.

"Hey Blasty? Is your mum called Mitsuki?"

Now it was his turn to be confused. "What does that have to do with an-"

"Yes, or no." Izuku cut off. Bakugou nodded mutely.

Izuku sighed. He was really not expecting this.

"When I was four, my father beat my mother to death, and then burnt down the apartment complex to try and finish me off. I was rescued by two pros, who took me in. They had to give me a new identity, since my father was never caught, but my Pa was allowed to send a letter to the woman who should be my legal guardian each year, talking about my progress and what I've been doing. I can't actually remember this woman, though, since I don't have any memories of anything before being rescued- not even my name, which I only know about because my dads know. The only thing I know about this woman is her name. Mitsuki."

Bakugou's eyes widened, before he clenched his fists.

"That old hag!!" he growled. "She lied to me!" 

Izuku hesitantly reached a hand up and patted Bakugou's shoulder, ignoring the pain that flared through his body when he did so.

"Since we're now possibly friends," Izuku began, "You're now Katsuki, okay?"

Bakugou grunted, before murmuring something.

Izuku turned his head to where the other was sitting, "What?"

Bakugou huffed, before angrily growling out, "Just use Kacchan. That's what you used to call me when we were kids."

Izuku laughed at him, before pulling out his phone from his bag, and searching up Kacchan on Urban dictionary, and scrolling to the second option.

"Yeah ok Kacchan!" he giggled, showing the phone screen to him. Katsuki immediately ripped the phone out of his hands, and stared at it with intent anger, before proclaiming, loudly,

"NO! I take it back! You can call me Bakugou you fucker!!"

There was silence for a moment, before they both started laughing.


All this time, All Might was watching on with great confusion.

Chapter Text

When the bus reached the main campus again, Bakugou helped Izuku into Recovery Girl's make-shift office, and rather unceremoniously dumped him on one of the beds. 

Recovery Girl shuffled forwards to them, motioning for Bakugou to sit down, which he did. Looking them over for a while, and doing some rather painful tests on Izuku's legs, she gave them each a kiss on the forehead,

"Bakugou only had a few burns and surface wounds, which will have all healed now," she looked towards him and held out her Pez dispenser, staring at him unmoving until he took one, "Izuku, however had a hairline fracture on his arm, a dislocated shoulder, and both of his legs were broken." The small woman glared at All Might, before continuing, "He's mostly healed now, however the break on his right leg was much more severe, so he'll have to use crutches until he's recovered enough stamina for me to heal him again."

The older woman glared at All Might even harder than before, as the pro hero squirmed nervously.

"I would recommend both you rest, but I would prefer Izuku stayed with me so I can keep an eye on his injuries. There are cookies and pop in the next room, Bakugou, Yaoyourozu and Todoroki are already there!" Recovery Girl then ushered the boy out, despite his protests. On her way back into the room, she picked up a pair of crutches from where they were leaning against the wall, and handed them back to Izuku, offering him a spinny chair next to her to watch the rest of the fights.

He accepted the crutches and made his way over to the chair, re-wrapping his capture weapon around his neck more securely. 

He looked over all of the screens, feeling a bit disappointed that he'd missed Todoroki's exam, but he cheered up a bit when he saw Rara and Shinso's screens next to each other on the wall. Shinso and Sero seemed to mainly be running and hiding, and Rara and Aoyama were holding on for dear life- that was until the boy said something to Uraraka, which couldn't be heard through the overloaded microphones, and she started spluttering with laughter, the action causing her to let go of the railing she was clutching onto. 

As she let go, Thirteen closed their finger, so as not to suck her in, and as Uraraka flew towards her, her training from Gunhead kicked in and she apprehended the hero.

Izuku whooped for her, gaining a light scold from Recovery Girl.

He turned his attention to Shinso's screen, only to see that Sero had been caught and was nestled on Midnight's lap. Izuku couldn't resist a small laugh at that. Shinso, however, was nowhere to be seen.

The microphones placed around the arena suddenly picked up Sero's voice sleepily saying, "Hey Midnight-sensei... why am I on your lap?"

Izuku grinned. 

Midnight looked down, with a confused look, "What?! You're suppose-"

She was cut off when Shinso emerged from behind a huge boulder, with the instruction of, "Midnight. Put these handcuffs on."

The heroine simply nodded, and walked over to Shinso, collecting the handcuffs from him, and slipping them onto her wrists.

When she broke from his control she looked very confused, but then, of course, started talking baout how mind control is "kinky". 

Izuku pressed the mute button on the screen.


15 minutes later

As the bus containing his half-brother pulled in to the campus, Izuku manoeuvred himself up using his crutches, and made his way over to the cupboard he agreed to meet Hitoshi in.

He only needed to wait a few minutes before Shinso walked in, his hands casually in the pockets of his black hero costume.

Izuku took a deep breath.

"So... Hitochan... there's something you need to know..."

Chapter Text

As the bus containing his half-brother pulled in to the campus, Izuku manoeuvred himself up using his crutches, and made his way over to the cupboard he agreed to meet Hitoshi in.

He only needed to wait a few minutes before Shinso walked in, his hands casually in the pockets of his black hero costume.

Izuku took a deep breath.

"So... Hitochan... there's something you need to know..."

Hitoshi simply nodded, following Izuku as he lead him towards the cupboard.


"So.. uhhh... I don't know how to put this... but... you're my half brother. Also sort of my cousin by adoption."

Shinso just stared at Izuku as if he'd gone mad, before spluttering out a loud, "WHat?!"

Izuku guided him over to a set of boxes and pushed him so he was sitting. Taking a deep breath he continued, 

"I thought our quirks were similar -yours is controlling someone's body, mine is controlling their quirk, so I did some digging, maybe we are cousins or something? But when I found your birth certificate, which by the way, was sealed under some impressive security! It took me nearly an hour to unseal it!... Anyway, when I found your birth certificate, I found out that your last name, from your Mother, was Aizawa." Izuku heard Hitoshi gasp, but didn't stop for longer than a pause before continuing, "Oh.. uh I should probably have told you this first... but uhhh... Aizawa is my Dad and so is Present Mic.... Anyway It turns out my Dad had a sister who... well she.. um.. killed herself about 4 months after you were born- a month after she left you at the orphanage...Her name was AIzawa Jun. In her suicide note to my Dad, she mentioned you... but she only mentioned a child, and that the child was safe. Dad assumed that he was with his father. Of course he looked for him, but he was only 15 at the time, so he couldn't do much."

Hitoshi was staring at him wide-eyed, his mouth hanging open.

"... and I also mentioned half brother... so uhh.... your father, and who I believe is most likely the reason that your mother... uhm.. yeah... went by 'Akimoto Hisashi' on your birth certificate, and his listed quirk was fire breath. My father... birth father that is, was named Midoriya Hisashi, and his registered quirk was also fire breath. He..." Izuku paused, "He killed my mother, and tried to kill me. I only just found out that the day he tried to kill me was the four year anniversary of Aizawa Jun's death. He most likely only just learnt of it from an article printed in the paper that day..." Izuku looked back at Hitoshi, sighing, "I mean.. we'd have to do a DNA test to be one hundred percent sure, but....  'Hisashi' sounds remarkably similar to to my father. My mother... she had green hair, and your's had red eyes. He just took the first colour he could see, the bastard..." Izuku trailed off, too see Hitoshi with tears trailing down his face.

The purple haired boy looked up, and quietly said, his voice breaking, "C-could you tell me about my mum...?"

Izuku nodded, and pulled out his phone, scrolling to the picture he'd asked his dad to send him earlier that day.

It was a woman in her early twenties, with black curly hair pulled into a long plait that fell over her shoulder. She had Aizawa's face shape and eyes, although they were less tired and more bright. They were red, a bright crimson colour that stood out against her pale skin and ebony hair. She was wearing a black cardigan and tank top, along with some dark blue jeans. She was smiling gently to the camera. 

Izuku passed his phone to Hitoshi, and began to talk, his tone gentle, "Her name was Aizawa Jun... She was my dad's older sister by ten years, and she lived alone in Tokyo, but moved back here a few months before her... death... Her quirk was that she could erase people's quirks for five minutes after they gave her a verbal response to a question. She wanted to be a hero, but she couldn't switch her quirk off, so instead she joined general studies... She wanted to become a teacher, and she was going to school to become one... She's the reason my dad became a teacher....Uhhh.... he told me to give you this," he handed Hitoshi a piece of paper, "He said it was a letter she wrote when she was sixteen, that she gave to him... telling him not to open it. She said that he was to give it to her first born child, so that they wouldn't think that he's a bore. I don't know whats in it, and neither does he, but it belongs to you, so you should open it."

Shinso's hands shook as he fumbled with the envelope, and he as he pulled out the letter, several Polaroids fell into his lap. Picking them up, he saw that there was an even younger version of his mother, taking selfies with a younger version of his teacher.... his uncle... who looked very grumpy and serious. In fact, he looked almost exactly the same, just smaller, less tired, and without facial hair.

Hitoshi smiled sadly, and tuned his attention to the letter, passing the phone, and photos to Izuku who took them gently from his hands.

The letter read:

"Hey future kid!!

So I don't know if you're a boy or a girl, because well duhh you don't exist yet, so I'm just gonna call you... uhhh Hiromi? yeah that could be either!

Anyway, hi Hiromi! Future me might've called you something else, but I dont know what that is!

You'll have been given this by your grumpy uncle Shouta... But he's actually really fun if you let him open up a bit!! He wants to be a hero, isn't that cool? I do too but I can't really control my quirk that well, so I'm going to become a teacher.

Did you know your uncle Shou got bullied? yeah, me neither. So that's why I'm becoming a teacher!! :D To help little kids like shou!! (Of course i'd never tell him that, because he's my snotty little brother and I'm meant to hate him!)

Did you know that even though we look almost exactly the same, Shou is nothing like me at all? Like... Can you imagine your uncle teaching?! lol he's like 6 and when he tries to tell me about his stories he just glares at me the whole time!! 

Anyway!! Once Shou's given this to you, come and tell me so i can hug you, as im sure you are a-dor-a-ble!!

Love, your mummy, Jun


Hitoshi folded the letter up, carefully placing it back into the envelope before turning to Izuku, and wordlessly pulling the smaller boy into a hug.


"Hey, HItochan." Izuku whispered, "When you get back to your orphanage, pack your stuff, we're gonna be actual brothers."


For the first time he could remember, Hitoshi genuinely smiled. 


He had a family.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile... A certain group were gearing up to make their third move...

Shigaraki looked up as he heard a sharp rap on the metal door, and his name called out. In the corner of his eye he could also see Dabi raise his head slightly from where he'd fallen asleep nursing a glass of whiskey.

Giran's head pokjed through the door, his cigarette letting smoke flow into the already dingy room, "We've been spreading the word about you for the past few days. About how it seems something big's about to go down."

"Well?" Shigaraki replied, crushing the picture he was staring at in his hand, "Who is it?"

"WOAH!!" A new voice cut in. Following to the source of the high pitched whine, Shigaraki saw a small blonde girl, with two buns on either side of her head. She looked vaguely manic, but, if he was honest with himself, she looked more like she just saw her favourite idol walk down the street, not like she'd just skipped into a villain's lair with the intention to join. The girl continued, "This handsy guy's you friend mr. stainy?! And that crunchy guy too?! Right?! I wanna join too! Your League of Villains!!" 

The blue haired man raised his hand, "Kurogiri... Warp them away. That brat seems even more annoying than Hot Topic over there." He motioned vaguely to where Dabi was sitting, fully awake now (yet not completely sober).

Kurogiri sighed. He really wasn't being paid enough for this. He wasn't even being paid. "Come now... She's come all this way just to see you. You could at least humour her with a chat, Shigaraki Tomura... What's more, she's being introduced by our influential broker friend here... we can be sure that she's at lest a competent fighter."

"Either way," The broker interrupted, "I'll take my finder's fee now, Kurogiri." He moved so that all occupants of the room could see him, "As for her introduction... This cute high school girl's name and face have been kept under wraps by the media, but she's the cause of a string if deaths by blood-letting."

The girl smiled, "I'm Toga! Toga Himiko! Life is too hard! I wanna make a world that's easier to live in!" She brought her hands up to her mouth, and blushed as she said, "I wanna be Stainy! I wanna kill Stainy! So lemme join you, Tomura!!"


Dabi watched as the girl introduced herself. Shouto would be around her age right now... I wonder how he's doing at UA?

"I don't get it," the crusty bitch stated, "You some kinda freak?"

Dabi's blood boiled. In his still-drunk mind, he'd already adopted this girl, and hearing the phrase that had been whispered around him so much as a teenager, even when he was studying at UA, people would whisper around him, that he was a freak, a disgrace to his father's legacy... he'd even heard people say that his mother had cheated on his father because there's no way he could be the son of the number two hero?

It made him sick.

It wasn't sure if it was the anger, the alcohol, or an unholy mixture of both, but something made him want to protect this clear psychopath, and so his hand lit on fire.

Azure flames licked at his arms, and Shigaraki turned at the smell of burning flesh, only for Dabi to lunge at him. At some point Toga joined in, wielding a knife she had pulled from God-knows-where.

Luckily, Team Mum  Kurogiri was there, as he stopped their inevitable clash, with nothing but a small shake of his foggy head, and a tut under his breath. "Please calm yourselves. If we act upon Shigaraki Tomura's desires, expanding this organisation is a necessity." 

His face(?) moved towards Shigaraki's, as he murmured, "And oddly enough, this our chance while we're in the spotlight. I advise acceptance, not rejection, Shigaraki Tomura. Acceptance of anything we can use... of whatever remains of his will..."

The Chapstick-adversed man pulled his arm out of the fog, with a cry of "SHUT UP!"

Dabi just laughed as the man-child had a tantrum, and walked up to his room. He turned to Kurogiri.

"Hey, Kuro. I think she's gonna be let in. What room's she gonna get?" turning to her, he whispered, "They're kinda dull and gross, so I'll help you decorate it, ok Toga-san?"

The girl nodded excitedly as Kurogiri told him which room would be the girl's- the fog man looking incredibly perplexed by Dabi's sudden kindness.

As he led the girl up to her room, she was practically buzzing with excitement.

"HEy! HEy! Hey, Crusty? What's your name? You can call me Himiko-chan if you want! You're my friend now!!"

Dabi laughed, she reminded him of Natsuo when he was really young... "My name... I go by Dabi."

Toga pouted, "Awwww... I thought you were gonna tell me your real name, Dabi-onii-chan..." The black haired man started.

"... Onii-chan?" he questioned.

The blonde nodded, her twin buns bouncing as she did, "Yep! You're ba~asically acting like a big brother!"

Dabi couldn't deny that.

"Well, we're here!" he opened the door that they'd arrived at, wiping the rust that had clung to his hands on his black jeans. Himiko pulled a face, and made a fake vomiting noise.

"Ewwww.... It's all slimmyyyyyyy~"

Dabi chuckled, as he walked to his room across the corridor, pulling out a surgical mask, two oversized hoodies and wallet.

"Well Himiko-chan," he said as he pulled one of the hoodies over his spiky hair, hooking the mask over his ears, and chucked the other hoodie, which was slightly smaller to Toga, "Good thing we're going shopping!"

Himiko grinned, pulling the hoodie over her uniform, and running to catch up with Dabi, who had already began his walk out of the bar.

Chapter Text

As Izuku walked into school the next day, he saw Kirishima, Ashido, Satou and Kaminari standing in a corner, gloom hanging over them like a cloud.

As he walked over, Ashido wailed, tears falling out of her eyes, "EVERYONE... I'M LOOKING FORWARDS... hic...TO A BUNCH OF AWESOME STORIES FROM THE TRIP!!"

Izuku had to resist the urge to laugh. He knew his dad was going to let them all go, but he decided to let them suffer a bit longer. He turned, stepping over to where Hitoshi was sitting, looking intently at the Polaroids that were in his letter. Sitting in his own chair on the row in front of his half-brother, he turned to face him.

"Dad's finalised the day you're moving in." Izuku began, "It's three days before training camp. Him and Pa are gonna help you move your stuff."

They were interrupted by said dad slamming the classroom door open with such force it made the windows rattle in their panes, followed by a monotonous "That's the bell. Be seated.

Everyone who wasn't already sat down, scrambled to find their seat,  fearing Aizawa's wrath.

"Morning. About your final exams. Sadly, we had some failures. As such..." Aizawa grinned, "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO TRAINING CAMP."

The class erupted into chaos, (or at least it seemed like it, but it was really just the four who were standing in the corner before being very loud)

Their teacher continued, "Everyone cleared the written tests. But in the practical, Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, Satou and Sero all failed."

Izuku could see Sero next to him put his face in his hands, realising that the boy was literally just asleep. He had to try not to snicker.

"As the villains in this test, we teachers came up with assignments perfectly suited to all of you. Ones that would give you chances to devise winning strategies. If we hadn't, none of you would've stood a chance."

"So," Ojirou began, "When you said you were really going to crush us..."

"That was to push you." Aizawa cut in. "We are talking about training camp after all. More than anyone else, those who failed are in dire need of this."

He did his infamous smile. "This was another rational deception."

Looking back in the classroom as he heard a rattling noise, and as he did, he saw Tenya vibrating. The tall boy stuck his hand up suddenly, with his usual inside voice of 100 decibels, 


Izuku could just about hear Rara giggle from behind him. Returning his gaze to the front of the classroom, his dad answered Iida's question. "Perhaps. But consider the facts. It wasn't entirely a lie. Failure is still failure. You five," he turned his eyes towards the five who failed, "will receive special supplementary lessons. And to be honest, they'll be far worse than summer school. Anyway, I'll be handing out camping manuals. Take one and pass it back."


During their break, class 1-A stood around in their homeroom, all intently studying their checklists.

"Well, whatever the case, it's nice that everyone gets to go!" The class's very own furry said with a smile. Quickly, the entire class burst into chatter, with talk about needing this, that or the other.

 It wasn't long before Hagakure suggested a shopping trip.

Izuku thought that this was a great idea, but would probably end with them being banned for life. He watched as Kirishima went to ask Kacchan about going, and although he was a tad disappointed at Bakugou's reaction, he was still pleased for the k i r i b a k u. Izuku himself decided to as Shouto, although he understood the sadness in his voice when he said he visits someone- Izuku assumed his mother. The black-haired boy shrugged, and gave the Todoroki a loose hug, before going over to where Hitoshi, Rara and Tenya were standing.

Izuku didn't see as he was walking away, but the dual-haired boy turned beet red, and buried his face in his hands. The only person who wasn't preoccupied with talk of the shopping trip was the only one not going, and thus, the only one who noticed this.

Bakugou just scoffed at his classmates idiocy.


Chapter Text




WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: shut. Not everyone went to sleep at an acceptable time

BABYNEZU: you have l i t t e r a l l y been texting me all night. You haven't slept.

WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: yeah but i was enjoying lying on my bed staring at my demons

I'mInYourRoomRn: SHOPPING!!!

Tododokidoki: sorry I can't go

BABYNEZU: It's fine Shouchan!! ^-^

Tododokidoki: asdgfffggthgaffhgua bye

BABYNEZU: ...oh...


BABYNEZU: oh shut it kacchan

WhySleepWhenYouCanYeet: kacchan??




Dadzawa: all of you shut up 

Dadzawa: unlike all of you im actually trying to sleep. just go to the fucking mall.

Prezzie is typing...

AuxCord: I can just feel the intense rage off Iida's typing lol

FlyAwayMyPretties: Let's all get ready to go then! So we won't disturb Aizawa-sensei any more!!

BABYNEZU changed FlyAwayMyPretties's name to NotTheFuckingApple,Isaac

NotTheFuckingApple,Isaac: Izuku what the heck is wrong with you


Dadzawa: SHUT UP!!

Dadzawa muted the chat for 6 hours

An hour later, and eighteen of the members of class A were standing in the Kiyashi ward shopping centre. Everyone was wearing their casual clothes, and started to group up, discussing what they needed; Shinso and Izuku decided to go together, since they both needed to buy literally everything. Their conversations were suddenly interrupted, when the people standing around them started to turn and notice them, shouting things about them being from the sports festival.

Izuku didn't particularly care, until he heard someone shout his hero name. He bolted, running as far away from the crowd as he could, until he eventually found a spot with fewer people.

Just as his racing heartbeat began to slow down, he felt dry fingers wrap around his neck...


Chapter Text

Izuku's body tensed, as he felt four fingers tighten around his neck, one of them being held away, hovering centimetres away from his flesh.

His eyes widened, as a shockingly familiar voice rasped, in a low, grating tone, 

"Let's get some tea, and chat... Midoriya Izuku."


"Easy now..." the crusty bastard continued, "You're gonna act like we're a couple of old pals. No making a scene, okay?"

Izuku's breath hitched. He wouldn't like to admit it, but he was absolutely terrified. He had the murderous hands of a psychopath with a dangerous quirk wrapped around his neck, and he also knew who he was? 

Izuku's mind was pulling blanks as he tried to think how the villain could know these things, but his mind refused to cooperate. 

His mind went black as he began to hyperventilate, his breaths coming short and fast, mumbling under his breath, desperately trying to come up with an escape plan. It was, however, useless, as the older man tightened his fingers and hissed, 

"Calm down. Breathe naturally. I just wanna talk. That's all. So don't you try anything funny."

Izuku took a deep breath. The dangerous tone in this man's voice was enough for him to try and calm down.

"It'd be all too easy. The second all five of my fingers touch your neck," the man's finger twitched towards Izuku's skin, "Your throat would start crumbling, from the skin inwards... You'd turn to dust in under a minute."

An uneasy smile slid onto Izuku's face, as he gasped out, "I-in a crowd like this? Try that and the heroes'll smash your face in!" 

He made a choked noise as the hand around his neck tightened, and guided him to a bench where the two sat down. At this point, Izuku could feel himself becoming light headed, as his air supply was cut off. 

It wasn't long before Shigaraki continued, "No doubt. But take a look. At them." The villain gestured to the crowds of people lining every inch of the shopping centre, "It's not crazy to imagine that someone could commit an atrocity at any given moment. So why do they smile and mingle like this?" The man lowered his arm, "Because the laws and rules are built on their individual morality... They're convinced that 'No one would ever do that.' In the time it'd take to catch me, I could take twenty... no, I could take thirty of them out..."

Izuku's heart was pounding. He slowly moved his right and towards his jacket pocket, curling his hand around the handle of his knife. 

"Talk.. About what?"



While most of !-A had decided to go and find what they needed, Ochako and Hitoshi were walking in the direction that they saw Izuku running in.

As they kept an eye out for Izuku, Ochako leaned towards Hitoshi, whispering, 

"Hey... You've been awfully close to Izu-kun recently... Anything you'd like to tell me..."

Hitoshi looked at her for a moment before realising what she was insinuating... and promptly began to laugh so hard, he started to cry.

"Y- you-pftttttt- you think??? I'm dating???? Izuku????" 

The two literally had to stop for a moment while Shinso caught his breath. In answer to Ochako's look, Hitoshi replied, "We are close... but most definitely not like that."

They continued walking, and after about five minutes of Ochako's badgering, Hitoshi finally gave in.

"Ok so," the purple haired boy began, "You can't tell anyone you know this, since technically me and him want to keep this a secret," (he added, "to fuck with people." under his breath) "So.. you know... I'm not actually meant to be telling you this. Although I'm pretty sure you're Izu's best friend, he was probably gonna tell you anyway." He paused for a second. "We're half brothers."

Hitoshi then ignored his friend's shocked facial expression and continued searching for Izuku. Ochako ran to catch up with him, and was about to start barraging him with questions when she saw a familiar white hoodie. Pulling on Shinso's arm, she walked over, only to see her friend barely on the verge of consciousness, with a hand wrapped around his neck.

Ochako didn't even think twice before pulling the knife Izuku had gifted her out of her bra, (Much to the shock and surprise of Hitoshi) and pointing it at the stranger's head.

She glared at he man, before growling out, "I won't hesitate..."


She sighed as Hitoshi screeched the last word. She walked forwards, putting her knife on the man's head before turning her head slightly.


Shinso just shrugged, and turned his attention to the man. But before he could speak, the man let go. 

He smiled. It wasn't very pretty, as it gave Shinso and Uraraka a full veiw of his chapped lips, crumbling skin and decaying teeth. 

"I didn't realise you came with friends! Sorry bout that. Well I'm off." the man stood up, "You know what happens if you follow me."

Ochako immediately ran to Izuku, who had slumped over on the bench, his face gradually returning to a normal colour, the purple shade leaving. Hitoshi, however, made to follow the hooded figure, but was halted by a croaked "Stop." from his brother, who hastily explained that he had threatened to disintegrate civilians.

As Hitoshi took over keeping Izuku from passing out, Ochako began to call the police, reporting a villain.

Izuku just glared at the space where the man used to be, and regretted not spitting in his face, or shanking him when he had the chance.

Chapter Text

Hizashi rushed into the mall, shouta in tow, flashing their hero liscences to the cops outside. The two then ran to where Hitoshi had told them to go.

When they saw Izuku, he was talking to a police officer. Hizashi forgot all pretenses and bundled the boy into his arms, somehow also managing to pull Hitoshi in too. He was about to include Uraraka in the hug, but then he noticed the knife, and sighed, letting go of his sons.

He fixed izuku with his best glare. 

"Izu... Why are you giving knives out?"

His son smiled sheepishly.

Shouta looked anxiously over his shoulder, just to make sure his husband had Izuku, before he continued to shuffle over to where the rest of the class had been gathered, giving them a brief explanation of what had happened.

God, his kids were fucking problem children, alright.


Peppermint and Coffee

Peppermint: as SOON as I walked in that fucking door, dickwipe fucking ambushed me with a class list and said I should date Yaomomo!!!

Peppermint: he KNOWS she's a lesbian! Her family are so open about it! Plus! I l. Am. Gay.

Peppermint: g a y

Peppermint: the closest thing to a girl I wanna fuck is you!!

Peppermint: wait

Peppermint: shit

Peppermint: fUcK

Coffee: ///@-@////

Coffee: i mean ha same but

Coffee: wait no

Coffee: i don't want to fuck myself!!

Coffee: i wanna fuck you though if ;)

Coffee: god midnight corrupted me

Coffee: ill corrupt you ;)

Coffee: godamnit

Peppermint: shit I'm sorry

Coffee: fuck it


Peppermint: y e s p l e a s e

Coffee: <3

Peppermint: .... <3

Chapter Text



BABYNEZU  changed Tododokidoki's name to ItsColdOutside

BABYNEZU  changed their name to StillLookinLikeAThottie

OhmMyGod: 🤔 r/hmmmm

OhmMyGod changed their name to SherlockOhms

SherlockOhms: WATSON!!

SedimentaryMyDearWatson: HMmmMMMmM

SherlockOhms changed SedimentaryMyDearWatson's name to Dr.JhonRockson

SherlockOhms: Rockson! i deduce that this is a case of VINE FLAVOURED COUPLE NAMES

Dr.JhonRockson: did you mean "themed" rather than flavoured, Ohms?

SherlockOhms: did i fucking stutter, rockson?

Dr.JhonRockson: O-o

AuxCord: jesus christ you fucking nerds

SherlockOhms: so now that todozuku is basically cannon now, who else has secretly been fucking someone?

Dr.JhonRockson: idk :/ ojikure? tokouji? SeroxFlextape? Momojirou? Tsuchako? IidaSonic? .........shinkami? ;)



CookingByTheBook: now now sherlock that language is fucking unaccptable. Im telling mum

CookingByTheBook:  @3Dprinter

SherlockOhms: is E v E r Y o N e against me today??? 

SherlockOhms  changed CookingByTheBook's name to CockingByTheBock

CockingByTheBock: I...

CockingByTheBook: wHat

birb: ah the cryptids shall come out to play

SweetAngel: @_@

ARMS: i agree with kouda.

ARMS: that was rather disturbing

SherlockOhms changed ARMS's name to Hentai

Hentai: I despise you with every cell of my being.

3Dprinter: oh dear lord whats happening


Hentai: really?

ImInYourRoomRn: i ship it

ImInYourRoomRn: otp

birb: cool

Hentai: we are dating. please call @SherlockOhms off. He keeps dming me asking.

Hentai: im currently on message 346.

birb: im on message 564.

3Dprinter: @AuxCord babe call your Pokemon off. 

AuxCord: yea sure

AuxCord: @SherlockOhms pika pika the fuck away from the cryptids bitch!

ImInYourRoomRn: ok new otp

birb: :( we have been replaced...

SweetAngel: *pat pat* 

birb: even i have to admit that Kouda has not yet been consumed by the darkness

SherlockOhms: rockson! we must get answers from everyone! make haste!!!

SherlockOhms: Todozuku is pretty much cannon, but lets check anyway!

Dr.JhonRockson: @ItsColdOutside @StillLookinLikeAThottie

SherlockOhms: TEA?

ItsColdOutside: .................... ye s

StillLookinLikeAThottie: yep


Assidic: talk about pot calling the kettle black...


StillLookinLikeAThottie: is your caps lock broken or something, kacchan.


StillLookinLikeAThottie: .......... thats new

SherlockOhms: aNYWAY

Dr.JhonRockson: @ImInYourRoomRn @KungFuFurry

ImInYourRoomRn: YES

ImInYourRoomRn: Mashi didn't want to tell the class because he didn't want us to be the only couple!!

KungFuFurry: yeet


SherlockOhms: so tokouji is cannon too

SherlockOhms: now, for my true otp. @SOYSAUCE x flex tape!!

Dr.JhonRockson: is it true

SOYSAUCE changed their name to Mrs.FlexTape

Mrs.FlexTape: im sorry i didnt tell you.... 

Mrs.FlexTape: we got married last week!

Dr.JhonRockson: COnGRADULAtiONS!!

SherlockOhms: so now we know thats cannon, @3Dprinter @AuxCord ???

3Dprinter: :) yes

AuxCord changed their name to Bi-Icon

Bi-Icon changed 3Dprinter's name to LesbininQueen

SherlockOhms: momojirou? canon

Mrs.FlexTape:  myself? married

Dr.JhonRockson: Hotel? Trivago

SherlockOhms: @KweenKryptid @NotTheFuckingApple,Isaac

SherlockOhms: s p i l l

KweenKryptid: no

NotTheFuckingApple,Isaac: no :(

KweenKryptid: :( ?

NotTheFuckingApple,Isaac: oh hecc

KweenKryptid: ;)))) 

NotTheFuckingApple,Isaac: oh H E C C

KweenKryptid: u dummy thicc ~kero

NotTheFuckingApple,Isaac: ///////@////////_/////////@/////////


KweenKryptid: Ochako chan? do you wanna date? ~kero

NotTHeFuckingApple,Isaac: uikgrsdfrfsgrerugyfergfhtr  Y E S


Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie  

Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie @Prezzie

Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie  

Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie  

Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie  

Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie  

Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie 

Dr.JhonRockson: @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie @Prezzie 

StillLookinLikeAThottie: hes probably sorting the stuff he bought out. His phone's probably on silent. (iida x sonic is 100% canon though)

Dr.JhonRockson: oh

Dr.JhonRockson: what about.... ;);) @SherlockOhms

SherlockOhms: you don't mention it, and I wont mention krbk? okay??

Dr.JhonRockson: ughh fine


Purple and Green

Green: looks like your excitable pikachu like you back, hito.

Green: go get him, you furry!!

Purple: i cannot tell if i hate you or not rn.


Chapter Text

Flying KFC ✔


@EndeavourOfficial if I wanted to kill myself, I'd jump from your ego to your intelligence. #fuckyouendickvour

 UA Thots



TreeThot: translation: "what in the ever loving shit was that tweet hawks, I'm c r y i n g"

CryptidThot: eraserhead who? Present mic who? @GoddessOfThots sorry but Hawks is now my favorite hero.

IcyThot: what tweet? I don't have Twitter? :-/

TeaThot: umm quick question first, Todoroki-san? Do you like your father?

IcyThot: um? I suppose I do? He's my father.

TeaThot: umm

AlienThot:  [screenshot689.jpg sent]

IcyThot: oh dear lord

IcyThot: I'm not denying it's good ..

CryptidThot: @BirdThot what made you wanna write that? I mean I know he's literally the worst person to exist, but...?

BirdThot: well. I was poking around on the internet, using my own special ways to get into police files

BirdThot: and I found some records about him. They were a mixture of tweets, press statements and interviews. None of them ever got out. The most recent was this june.

BirdThot: they were all full of some horribly ignorant things

BirdThot: tgere were interviews where he was discriminating against quirkless people and mutant quirks

BirdThot: but they were mostly just homophobic comments.

BirdThot: and as a very homosexual, very sensitive birdie, I decided to show the world via Twitter my hatred towards him

CryptidThot: just you wait until I tell this to my very gay boyfriend, Shouto. >:3c

IcyThot: yOURE DATING SHOU?!?!!??1!?

CryptidThot: ;) yep

Peppermint and Coffee



Peppermint: no??

 Coffee: GO. ON. TWITTER. NOW.


Peppermint: i love hawks

Peppermint: (not as much as you)

Coffee: asafsrahraheahrsrhshraajrjeav KISS ME

Peppermint: k sure just lemme roast my sperm donor on Twitter first

Coffee: same

Purple and Green


Green: go roast endeav*ur on Twitter my bro

Purple: sure w/e.

Purple: he always did seem a bit slimy

 Hawks is now my favourite hero


@EndeavourOfficial go and suck several dicks you homophobic old cunt #fuckyouendickvour



Who Cares



 @EndeavourOfficial don't talk to me or your son again. #fuckyouendickvour


Hawks is now my favourite hero


oh also @EndeavourOfficial IM GAY! HOW'D YOU LIKE THAT?!


FRe- Fre-Sha-Vo-Ca-Do!


i hate everyone. But I hate you especially @EndeavourOfficial #fuckyouendickvore


What are you doing, step-Bro? ✔


die in a pit @EndeavourOfficial #fuckyouendickvour


Frosted Flakes 🐅


FUCK YOU @EndeavourOfficial #fuckyouendickvour and thank YoU Hawks!


blasty mc boom boom




(See 1583 more replies...)


ChickenStrips and BurnBabyBurn


BurnBabyBurn: i saw what you did on Twitter.

ChickenStrips: its... It's this

ChickenStrips:  [SatansSins.doc sent]

BurnBabyBurn: .... I'm going to kill him

BurnBabyBurn: im actually going to kill him.

ChickenStrips: i want to too baby, but we have to stick to the plan. For now we'll have to stick with insulting him on Twitter

BurnBabyBurn: i guess you're right, birdie. 

BurnBabyBurn: did you get it?

ChickenStrips: yep. 

BurnBabyBurn: how long until we begin?

ChickenStrips: no more than a few months I shouldn't think.

ChickenStrips: until your father gets burnt down to the ground...

BurnBabyBurn: Youre so hot when your all villainous, little bird 

ChickenStrips: Ill show you just how villainous I can be, Hot stuff

BurnBabyBurn: im sure you will

ChickenStrips: same place as always?

BurnBabyBurn: just get over here already you dumb chicken

ChickenStrips: but I'm your dumb chicken <3

BurnBabyBurn: .... <3


Chapter Text

Touya and Hawks lay under the covers of a cheap motel bed, their limbs intertwined as they woke up. 

Disentangling himself from his boyfriend, Hawks sat up, stretching his arms and wings, hearing a satisfying pop. He leaned over, poking Touya in the unmarred part of his face. The same pale skin that Hawks thought was blushed so beautifully last night.

Touya shifted in his sleep, allowing the thin cover to slip from his shoulders and pool around his waist, revealing his thin shoulders and showing the full extent of the scars on his chest. Hawks almost didn't want to wake him up. His face looked so beautiful as he slept.

He stared at his boyfriend a moment longer, before pressing a kiss to his mouth, feeling the rough, dead skin against his lips. It caused Touya to blearily open his eyes, and as Hawks began to pull away, he reached a hand up to his blonde hair, pulling Hawks back down, so their mouths collided together once again.

Their eyes flickered open again, and Hawks pressed one last kiss to Touya's forehead, before standing up, gathering his clothes from where they'd been strewn last night, and hastily shoving them on.

Little red feathers gathered the oversized black hoodie and white shirt, the blue surgical mask and the black ripped jeans, and dropped them unceremoniously on the villain's head. Touya spluttered indignantly, pushing them off his face, and fixing his lover with a scowl, which very quickly dissolved into laughter.

Touya bundled the clothes into his arms and walked into the small bathroom. Hawks watched as he disappeared though the door.

He gave a quick shout that he was going to get them breakfast, receiving a muffled affermation over the sound of the shower running, and walked out the door.

He was wearing an oversized windbreaker jacket over his wings, and one of Touya's face masks. He was also wearing a baseball cap over his distinctive hair.

 He jogged across the empty road, and into the empty petrol station he'd seen when he'd flown in. 

The bell on the door jingled, and Hawks made sure to keep his face hidden from the cameras. He quickly went over to the refrigerators, and pulled out two bottles of water and two boxed sandwiches; a chicken for him and a ham for Touya. He also picked up some chocolate, before walking over to the counter, handing everything to the bored looking teenager who rung him up. 

Paying in cash, and then shoving everything into a bag, Hawks hurried out, itching to use his wings, but sticking to just running. He rushed back into the motel room, coming in to see Touya sitting on the sofa, wearing ripped skinny jeans, but shirtless. He looked up.

"Hey Birdie." He greeted, moving over to make room for him.

Hawks just rolled his eyes, shrugging of his windbreaker and throwing himself down next to Touya, passing him a bottle of water, his sandwich and a chocolate bar.

Touya looked up from where he was leaning on his boyfriend, when the familiar carameldansen ringtone that signified Miruko was calling Hawks played. Hawks looked at his phone, and seeing the time he stiffened.

"Oh fuck!" He swore under his breath. He quickly denied the call and pulled Touya into a kiss.

"I can skip work this one time," he murmured into his boyfriend's mouth.

"I guess I'm rubbing off on you then." Touya replied, pulling away and smirking,

Hawks smirked back, and pushed him against the sofa, pinning the black haired villain down to the sofa, "I guess you have, Hot stuff."

Touya smiled, a genuine smile, that even Hawks had only seen a miniscule amount of times, and pecked him on the lips, pressing his hands against Hawks' chest, and gently pushing him back up, sitting up himself.

The villain flicked the hero in the nose, a smile still playing on his lips, "Not now, Birdie. I just showered."

Hawks smiled back, and, pulling the black hair back, kissed his boyfriend's forehead, gently, as if he were made of glass.

They spent the next few hours watching shitty rom coms and reality TV on the motel's old television, mainly just making fun of the people on it.

After a while, Touya muted the TV, and turned to Hawks.

"Hey, Hawks?" 

The winged man turned his head, and nodded.

"I- I want to do something good. Something good to at least try to make up for the chaos that'll happen when we do our plan."

Hawks grabbed his hand, running his fingers over the calloused skin.

"I'm going to do some vigalante-ing... If you can get me some kind of cooling device."

"Cooling device?"

"Yeah. My blue flames are uh... Pretty distinctive," he lit one in his palm to show, "but I can make them hotter. So hot they go white. It hurts just to use my blue flames, and my white flames are even more painful, but when it's cold enough... I can!"

Hawks smiled, and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, kissing his hair.

He was proud. 

So very proud.


No one noticed when some cooling gear went missing from Hawks' agency.

Heroes noticed when crime started to mysteriously go down in the worst areas of the city.

Everyone noticed when a vigilante, wielding pure white flames killed a villain, who was winning against the heroes.

He had a hood covering his head, and a mask covering his entire face. He was wearing long sleeves and was dressed almost exclusively in black. The only part of him that could be seen were his hands, which, especially against the black, stood out, like snow against tar, and his eyes, which were a light, crystalline blue.

The vigilate never spoke. When he comunicated, he did it with nods or hand gestures.

Hawks noticed when the man dubbed "The silent angel" gained a following.

No one noticed when Hawks had the perfect opportunity to arrest The Silent Angel.

God, Hawks was proud.

Too bad everything would end soon.

Chapter Text

Izuku grunted as he lifted a cardboard box filled with his half-brother's stuff. Struggling to keep his grip, he turned his head to Hitoshi, who was struggling remarkably less, being the one gifted with height. 

"Hito! Why can't you carry the boxes! My twink body cannot handle all of this weight!" Izuku seemed to do a strange impression of Mount Lady as he said that, making Hitoshi laugh.

"Zuku you are literally training to be a hero."

Luckily, before Izuku could injure himself, his dad came out of the house, taking the box out of his hands and holding it with ease. Izuku scowled, and grabbed a bag of clothes instead.

Today was finally the day when Hitoshi would move in. The paperwork for his adoption had gone through incredibly fast, and Izuku wasn't sure if it was because they were pros, because his dad is Hitoshi's uncle, or because Nezu was involved. He strongly suspected the latter. All four of them were helping to move him into his room, since they luckily had two spare, since Nemuri and Tensei, as his dad put it, "Liked freeloading".

Once all of the boxes were safely stored in the other bedroom, Hizashi and Shouta left their sons alone to organise the bare room, which was, at hitsoshi's request, painted a light grey, with a slight hint of violet. It had a single bed in one corner, a chest of drawers in the other, a desk against the wall, and that was about it. 

Izuku and Hitishi quickly got to work, dressing the bed, hanging curtains, and filling the sparce room with the few possessions Hitoshi had, along with a new laptop, which had been a present for getting adopted. (Shouta said he only agreed to buy it because it was logical for school, but no one believed him.)

When they'd finished, they both fell down, exhausted on Hitoshi's bed. Izuku suddenly sat back up, and with a call of, "Give me a sec!" left the room. A minute or so later, he returned, holding a giant cat plushie.

"Welcome home!" IZuku beamed, as he held the plushie out towards Hitoshi.

hitoshi's eyes widened as he saw the cat, and he sat up again.

He grabbed the cat out of Izuku's hands, ignoring him completly as he admired the cat.

Izuku laughed, as he picked up the other thing he'd brought, a large black and purple bag, and threw it at Hitoshi's head, hitting him square in the face. When he recovered, Izuku threw the shopping bag of the stuff Hitoshi had bought at the mall at him, once again hitting him square in the face.

"Dad says to pack for tomorrow."

Hitoshi just gave him the middle finger and began shoving clothing items haphazardly, as Izuku made his way across the hall to pack his own bag.


Once he'd finished packing, Hitoshi opened his phone, and changed his default name on their messaging app. 

When he was asked what he wanted his last name to be, he decided to just go with Aizawa, since that was his original name anyway, and to honour his mother, although he did ask Hizashi if it was alright first, to which he enthusiastically replied that it was.

Hitoshi smiled down proudly at his phone screen, to see the newly change default name, AizawaHitoshi.

Chapter Text

Summer Break

All of 1A was on the bus, and it was, naturally, chaotic. There were people screaming about Pocky, music, I-spy.

Izuku was sitting next to Hitoshi, across the aisle from Uraraka and Tsu. Izuku was giving Hitoshi some last minute tips on using his capture weapon.

After what seemed like years, but was really only an hour, the bus stopped on a small-ish plateau, much to the confusion of the class. The students disembarked from the bus, looking around in confusion. 

"Hold on, what kinda rest stop is this?"

Shouta sighed, and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Of course we stopped here for a reason-"

"Heya, Eraser!" a voice called out. 

Izuku turned, and grinned as he saw the two heroes.

"Rock on with these sparkling gazes!

"Stingingly cute and catlike!"

"We're the wild, wild pussycats!!"

The two present members of the hero team posed, grinning, a small, grumpy looking child behind them.

"These are the pro heroes who'll be helping us out this time- the Pussycats.." Aizawa grumbled.

"This whole area here is our territory," Mandalay began, "Your lodging is at the foot of that mountain over there!" The hero pointed to a mountain far in the distance.

Izuku turned to Hitoshi, who shrugged. All around them their classmates were muttering in confusion as well, as well as suggesting they return to the bus.

"It's now 9:30 AM, I'm thinking... around noon, at the earliest.." Mandalay continued.

A cloud descended on the students as they realised there wasn't much time left, and a mad dash to the bus, headed by the Bakusquad, began.

"Kitties who don't make it there by 12:30 won't get any lunch!" the feline hero called after them.

Suddenly, the earth moved, pushing them all of the ledge. Izuku could just about see Pixie Bob with her hands- paws?- pressed against the floor, as he fell towards the ground.

"Sorry, kids." 1A could just about hear their teacher say, "The training's already begun."

Both brothers hastily used their capture weapons to stop their descent and lower themselves to the ground- Izuku remarkably more gracefully than Hitoshi.

Once the entire class was on the floor, Izuku looked up, to see Mandalay leaning over the edge, shouting to them, "This is our private property, so feel free to use your quirks! You've got three hours to reach the facility on foot! Make it through The Beast's Forest!!"

Izuku sighed, and readjusted his capture weapon.

"I really don't wanna do this, Kei..."

"I know.... but do you really have much of a choice?"

"....No...But why can't we do it now?"

"Babe, you know as well as me- we need more time to prepare.."

"Kei..... What should I do...?"

"Do what they tell you.. but- Wait... What if he makes a special appearance..?"

"He...? Oh! D'you think that would work? What if he's recogn-"

"Baby, breathe.. He doesn't have to, but really it wou-"

"I'll do it."

"I'm proud of you- Ah shit, someone's coming, bye bye my love!"

"Heh, you sap..."

-End call-