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How Handsome are your Gauzy Wings

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“H-have a nice n-night,” the cashier said, handing him his bag.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sangwoo took the bag with barely a glance at the cashier. It was the same cashier as always, the scrawny kid with the sad, kicked puppy eyes that was usually covered in bruises. But barely a glance was still a glance and Sangwoo caught something a little different about the kid. Lipstick. The kid was wearing lipstick. The cashier was a guy, but oddly, it didn’t look out of place on him. He realized that he was staring too long when the kid started to blush. “Sorry. Have a good one,” Sangwoo said, heading out.

The incident was soon forgotten, at least until their next encounter. Sangwoo stopped into the convenience store after work to grab a few things for dinner. He headed up to the counter and recognized the kid again. This time, lipstick wasn’t the only makeup that he wore. The lipstick had been joined by a little bit of eyeshadow and a touch of blush on the cheeks. Or maybe that was a real blush. The kid was giving him a pretty fluttery look. The guy definitely wasn’t into girls, that was for sure. Sangwoo set his purchases on the counter and read the kid’s nametag, Yoon Bum.

When Bum reached out to take the cup ramen he’d selected, Sangwoo caught a flash of color on his nails. This kid was weird. It was definitely a guy. He was so scrawny, his Adam's apple was on prominent display, but here he was wearing makeup and getting manicures. It was weird, but it really didn’t affect Sangwoo’s night any. His old man used to yell all sorts of hate-filled slurs, but Sangwoo figured he had better things to do with his life than police other people’s sex lives. He had his own sex life after all. Besides, the kid rang him out as quick as he always did, so it wasn’t affecting his performance any. Bum took his money, gave him change and handed him his bag with the same stuttered phrase he always issued. Sangwoo nodded at him and went on with his night, heading home to eat and sleep.

The next few times that Sangwoo popped in to grab some soju or a sports drink, he noticed that Bum wasn’t there. He only noticed because it was some smelly fat guy checking him out. Like, literally checking him out. The old fatty was practically panting over him and he avoided the place for a good month before the convenience of it on his route home made him pop in again for some condoms. He noticed that Bum was back on and grinned as he picked up his purchases and headed to the counter.

“Hey, you’ve been gone for a while,” Sangwoo said.

Bum looked up, surprised, and Sangwoo noticed that something was different about him. The shape of his jaw was different. Bum had clearly had a jawline reduction, taming the bone that used to jut out into the more pleasing V-shape that women favored. It made his face look a lot softer than it looked before. He also noted the dark thumb shaped bruise on Bum’s jaw, despite an obvious attempt at covering it with makeup. So, the kid was still with whatever shitty sugar daddy was slapping him around. Not that it was any of his business.

“I h-had surgery,” Bum said, a natural blush rising to his cheeks as he looked down to ring up Sangwoo’s things.

“Looks good,” Sangwoo said, giving him a winning smile.

Bum looked up, shocked. Various emotions flickered over the kid’s face before they settled on a look like adoration. Sangwoo had clearly made the kid’s night. “Thank you,” Bum whispered, looking back down and quickly finishing his scanning. He took Sangwoo’s money and bagged up his purchases before handing him his back.

“Thanks.” Sangwoo gave the kid a wave before he headed out.

He saw Bum consistently for a few months. He had a front-row seat to Bum’s slow transformation. It was like watching a snake slowly shed its skin. Bum made a transition from polo shirts to blouses. Baggy jeans got tighter and Sangwoo noticed that his ass and thighs were the only places that Bum had any meat on him. No wonder the kid was gay. All his assets were in that department. Though maybe gay wasn’t quite what the kid was as the tight pants turned to skirts. Ears were pierced. Little sparkly studs winked at Sangwoo from behind dark hair that was now long enough to brush the back of his shoulder blades.

Then the kid was gone again. Luckily, the old fat guy wasn’t there either. Some bored looking college kid was manning the register for a few weeks before Bum reappeared with bandages around his neck.

“What happened?” Sangwoo asked, nodding to the bandages around his neck.

Bum’s hand fluttered up to the bandages before falling away and taking the candy bar Sangwoo was buying. “A-another surgery,” Bum said.

Sangwoo tilted his head. Surgery on the neck? He shrugged. “Get well soon then,” he said.

Bum offered him his usual shy smile. “Thank you.”

Sangwoo was curious enough to look up plastic surgery for the neck. If Bum was continuing to go for the girly look, he’d probably gotten his Adam's apple shaved down. He didn’t get a chance to confirm it because the military came knocking for his compulsive service. He wondered what would happen to the underfed slip of a boy at the convenience store, but it wasn’t really a thought that plagued him. He did his two years of service and totally didn’t glance around now and then looking for that weird boy. Really, he’d practically forgotten him by the time he got back to his regular life. He got a different job and started school again and life just didn’t take him past the old convenience store anymore.

Despite the convenience store not being on his way, he still found his feet taking him there a few months back into civilian life. He walked in and froze. Bum was still there. But Bum was no longer the fey scrawny boy he’d been before Sangwoo left. Bum had breasts. They were quite sizeable, but then, even bee stings would be obvious on his skinny frame. Or maybe her frame now? Fuck, he wasn’t even sure what to think. And then Bum looked up at him. His eyes widened in recognition.

“You’re back,” Bum said shyly.

“Yeah. You’re pretty different,” Sangwoo said, heading to the counter, taking in the view. He’d been right about the Adam's apple thing. That knobby protrusion was gone, leaving a smooth creamy white throat. Bum’s eyes were different. A double eyelid surgery was added to the list of surgeries Bum had while he was away. His nose was still the same. “So, are you a she now?”

Bum blushed and looked away.

“Ah, that was probably rude huh? Sorry. I feel like the military makes you a bit ruder after all that hanging out with the boys for two years,” Sangwoo said.

“It’s ok,” Bum said softly.

“Well, let me get what I came for and I’ll get out of your hair. It looks nice long by the way,” Sangwoo said, smiling at him.

Bum blushed again, his hand reaching up to fiddle with a lock of hair that had fallen over his shoulder. “Thank you.”

Sangwoo grabbed what he’d been after, but lurked around a corner watching Bum for a minute. He was kind of fascinated by Bum’s transformation. The kid was like a human butterfly, transforming from an awkward caterpillar into something else. Something a lot prettier. And that was weird to think of a boy as pretty. He finally shook himself out of his strange thoughts and took his items up to let Bum ring him up.

His new schedule didn’t give him a lot of time to be traipsing out of his way to Bum’s convenience store, but Sangwoo still made it a point to pop in every once in a while. Bum didn’t seem to have any more surgeries in that time, but Sangwoo noticed that the bruises the kid often had were getting more and more visible and gruesome.

No makeup in the world could cover the hand-sized bruise on Bum’s delicate face. The swelling looked painful. Sangwoo had long since thought himself incapable of empathy, but he felt pretty bad for the fragile thing. “Whatever money he’s giving you, it can’t be worth this,” Sangwoo said, openly staring at the bruise.

Bum dropped his face down, letting his hair slide forward to cover his face. He mumbled something that Sangwoo couldn’t hear.

“Did you want me to hear that? Cause I can’t hear when you’re whispering to your boobs.”

Bum’s shoulders hunched forwards. Sangwoo was distracted by the motion. He found himself thinking that burying his face in the crease of those fake breasts would probably be fun. He didn’t know what was under that skirt, but maybe he could work with it.

Bum looked up, eyes all dewy with tears. “He doesn’t give me anything. Only hell.”

Huh. That wasn’t the answer Sangwoo was expecting, but he wasn’t exactly surprised by it. It was a rare visit where Bum didn’t have some bruise or bandage visible. And the times that he didn’t have one, there was probably one hidden under his clothes. So, it was one of those shitty domestic situations. Those were the ones he hated the most. “Can’t you run away?”

“I tried.” Bum set his bandaged wrists on the counter.

Sangwoo whistled. “You cut the wrong way if you wanted to die.”

“What?” Bum looked up at him, confused.

Sangwoo picked up one of those delicate wrists. He’d never held a bird before, but he imagined that this was what one of those hollow boned creatures felt like. Infinitely breakable. He held Bum’s wrist in his hand and ran the finger of his other hand along the obvious vein his wrist. “You have to cut down the vein to bleed out quickly. You release more blood than a little cut across. Unless you hit an artery. Then it will only take minutes to bleed out. But most people aren’t capable of slashing their own throat.” Sangwoo reached out, his hand hovering over that delicate throat.

Considering the obvious history of abuse this kid had, it was strange that he didn’t shy away from Sangwoo’s reach. In fact, he seemed to lean in, as if waiting for contact. What a weird guy. He set Bum’s hand back on the counter gently. “You probably shouldn’t let strangers grab you like that. You’ll just end up with another dangerous predator.”

“You’re not a stranger,” Bum said.

“Oh? Do you even know my name?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum blushed and looked away. “O-Oh Sangwoo,” he said quietly.

Sangwoo’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “How did you know?”

“We went to college together for a semester,” Bum explained.

“Huh. Well, knowing my name doesn’t mean you know a thing about me. I could be way more dangerous than what you have now,” Sangwoo said with a smirk.

“You’ve never treated me like I was disgusting,” Bum said. “Even though I’m a freak, you smile and say nice things.”

Sangwoo shrugged. “It doesn’t cost me anything to be nice, even if you’re a little weird.”

“Still, I appreciate it,” Bum said. “I’m always happy to see you.”

“Bet you’d be really happy to see me outside of work,” Sangwoo said.

Bum’s eyes widened. “O-outside of work?”

“Not like a date or anything. Just for coffee. I’m kind of curious about you. You could tell me about yourself. Maybe I’ll tell you a bit about me too.” Sangwoo grinned at him. He wasn’t really sure why he was offering. He was already busy with school and work and his extra activities. Still, he was curious about Bum. Having coffee with him once might satisfy that curiosity.

Bum opened his mouth in surprise. No sound came out for a minute before he nodded quickly. “I...I would love that,” he said breathlessly.

Sangwoo chuckled at his eagerness and pulled out his phone. “What’s a good day for you? What’s the best way to contact you?”

They quickly exchanged schedules and contact information before Sangwoo headed home. He wasn’t sure what had possessed him to make the date. He tried to put it down to sheer curiosity, but it felt like there was something more. Something he didn’t want to acknowledge. He buried it as he went on with his week, telling himself he wasn’t looking forward to Thursday. But the week stretched out before him until Thursday arrived.

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On Thursday, Sangwoo walked into a coffee shop not far from the convenience store. It was almost empty and there was no sign of Bum, so he got himself a cup of coffee and sat down to wait. As much as he’d told himself it wasn’t a date, he still dressed up more than usual. He should have just worn some gym clothes, but he’d gone all out. He’d turned quite a few heads on the way over and the cashier giggled when she handed him his coffee.

He was checking his social media feeds when the bell over the door rang. Sangwoo looked up as Bum walked in, wearing a flowing white sundress. Backlit by the glass door as he was, Bum looked like some otherworldly creature and Sangwoo found himself struck by the image. Bum looked around and spotted him. He waved shyly before going to the counter to order. Sangwoo got up and joined him at the counter. He put his hand out, preventing Bum from taking a wallet from the purse he was carrying.

“I got this,” he said. “Order some food too. A cute little cake or something.” Bum needed to eat.

Bum looked at him, eyes wide and appreciative before he blushed and looked away. He added a glazed fruit tart to his order. Sangwoo paid for it and carried the iced tea and tart to the table for Bum, ignoring the disappointed look on the cashier’s face.

“You look different without your store apron on. I almost didn’t recognize you,” Sangwoo said as they settled at the table.

“I wanted to dress up a little,” Bum said. “I...I don’t go out much.” He took his fork and delicately took a bite of the fruit tart. Sangwoo just sat back and watched the look of clear enjoyment on the other’s face.

Sangwoo sipped his coffee. He let Bum finish his treat before he spoke. “So tell me about yourself.”

Bum set his fork down and sipped his tea. “My name is Bum Bum, and I’m 25 years old.”

Sangwoo blinked. “What? You’re older than me? I thought you were younger!”

Bum smiled. “I get that a lot,” he said, playing with the napkin under his cup.

“You really don’t look your age.”

“Apparently, I take after my mother,” Bum explained.

“Is she gone?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum nodded. “My parents both died when I was young. I got moved to different relatives before my grandmother and uncle finally kept me.”

“You say that like they were keeping a pet,” Sangwoo observed.

“Yes. By the time I’d arrived with them, I was already pretty traumatized and nearly mute. They treated me like I was stupid. I had trouble making friends because I’d try to compensate with strong attachments and ended up pushing people away with my strange behavior. Basically, I was a mess and I still am.” Bum shrugged, letting his hair fall down over his shoulders to hide his face.

“Everyone’s a bit of a mess now and then,” Sangwoo offered. “I lost my parents too. They were murdered. I survived because my mom pushed me into the basement. I make friends easily now, but I don’t feel like any of them are actual friends. They’re just people I talk to. Half of them, I don’t even know their names. People are kind of dumb sometimes. Easy to fool.”

“I know. They only see what they want to see. They’ll look past things if the implications are too hard or inconvenient,” Bum said, his eyes distant.

“The abuse?” Sangwoo asked.

“Nobody cares,” Bum said with a shrug. “Nobody thinks it's their business. And as a child, I was afraid to be sent off to another relative, so I just stayed. It was familiar, even if it wasn’t safe. And it’s still familiar, even if it’s not safe. I’m still afraid to take the steps to get away.”

“What about your sugar daddy? You can’t live with him? Or is he the one hitting you now?” Sangwoo asked. The conversation was already pretty deep for a little coffee date, but now that the information was on the table, he was going to satisfy his curiosity. Bum hunched even deeper in on himself. Sangwoo couldn’t see his face through the curtain of hair. “Hey, don’t get shy now.”

“It will ruin the date,” Bum said softly.

“Well, there wasn’t gonna be a kiss at the end or anything, so it’s fine,” Sangwoo said, even as he looked at Bum’s pink lips and imagined what it would be like.

Bum sighed. He looked up at Sangwoo, brushing his hair back over his shoulder. He glanced around, taking in the nearly empty coffee shop, then looked back at Sangwoo. “I don’t have a sugar daddy,” he said.

Sangwoo frowned. “Then who’s paying for all your surgeries and stuff?”

“My uncle. He used to date my mother. She left him for my father, his brother. He was abusive when I moved in because he was bitter. Bitter that she left him, bitter that I was their child and he was stuck with me. He’d beat me. My grandmother never stopped him. After the first time he molested me, she started enabling him. She sent me to his room to sleep and told me that he wouldn’t be home. Only, he did come home. That was the first time he raped me.” Bum stopped, swallowing hard. He reached for his tea with a trembling hand and took a sip.

“He...he never stopped raping me,” Bum whispered. “He calls my mother’s name while he does it. When Grandmother died, he got some extra money and he decided he’d make me look more like my mother.”

Sangwoo frowned. The sob story about the abuse and rape was one thing but the fact that someone else was forcing Bum to transform to suit their desires was ridiculous to him. Ridiculous, but also appealing on some level. “So, he’s been making you turn into his dead girlfriend, your mom?”

Bum nodded.

“And you still haven’t run away?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum shook his head. “People are so cruel. Nobody ever cared. I thought, better the devil you know. And I didn’t hate the surgeries. I...the attention, sometimes it’s more positive. Uncle said I make a better girl than a boy.”

“That’s disgusting,” Sangwoo snapped.

Bum flinched away, biting his lip.

Sangwoo sighed. “Not you. Him. He’s a disgusting pig. I kind of want to find him and stick a knife in his gut.”

Bum blinked at him.

“I mean, you are pretty this way, but it wasn’t your idea. Basically, you’re some kind of sex slave for your uncle?”

“Ah, I...I don’t know. I guess? I’ve never talked about it before,” Bum admitted.

“It’s a bit hard to believe. Most people would run from such a shitty situation. But I kinda get it. My old man was an abusive old bastard. He beat the crap out of me and my mom. But she never considered leaving him. Not even for my sake. You’d think she would have tried, but I guess she was beaten down like a dog at that point. Even though she was my mom, I didn’t really regret it when she died. She had never tried to save me, so I couldn't feel sad. And the old man, I was glad he was dead.”

Even as Sangwoo explained the situation, he found himself wondering why the hell he was sharing. He was only curious about this kid, and suddenly they were sharing. He never shared. At least, he never shared shit that was actually true. He never shared his true feelings because people looked at him like he was a psycho. But Bum wasn’t looking at him like that. He wasn’t giving him that pitiful sad look people tended to either. Instead, Bum’s eyes were knowing. He knew Sangwoo’s suffering, he understood and didn’t judge him.

“What would it take for you to leave him?” Sangwoo asked curiously.

Bum froze. “I...I don’t know.”

“You have a job, so you have money right? Can’t you just get a place of your own?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum shook his head. “He takes it all. It used to go towards my surgeries. But now he mostly spends it on booze. Lately, he’s been too drunk to maintain an erection. He gets angry when he can’t fuck me, so he beats me instead,” Bum said.

“Sounds like it’s only a matter of time before he kills you,” Sangwoo replied, frowning.

“It would be an out. He can’t hurt me when I’m dead,” Bum said, softly.

“You know, this is all some depressing shit, but you don’t strike me as actually suicidal, despite the wrist thing. If you wanted to die, you could have done so at any time. But you want to live. Why?” Sangwoo watched him, watched the way he fiddled with the little lace bracelets on his wrists that hid the healing scars beneath them.

“I...I want to live, for real. I want to have friends and fall in love and wear whatever I want because I want to. I don’t want to do whatever he says. I want to live.” Bum glanced up at Sangwoo as if afraid of being laughed at.

Sangwoo nodded slowly. “Don’t get all sad, but you’ve kind of let him turn you into some half man, half woman thing. It would have been easier to run out and find love before he gave you tits.”

Bum looked down at his breasts, then back up at Sangwoo. “I like them,” he admitted. “I like my body. I was just a scrawny bag of bones before, but now I have some curves and I like it. It doesn’t make me feel less like a man, because I don’t think I ever felt like a man. But it doesn’t make me feel like a woman either. I just feel like myself.”

Sangwoo tilted his head. He wasn’t really expecting that answer. “So you’re not mad about the surgeries?”

“It may sound ridiculous to say, but it’s probably the best thing that he did for me. I feel like I’ve found myself,” Bum said.

“So now that you’ve found yourself, you can run off and be yourself,” Sangwoo prompted.

“I’m worried that if I leave my job, I’ll never find another one. I’m weirder now that I was before. People won’t accept me. My boss just puts up with me because I’ve worked there for so long.”

“Get your gender changed,” Sangwoo said. “You’re old enough to do it. You have the breasts to prove it. I bet you were exempt from the military because of it.” Bum nodded. “And you don’t seem to be attached to your masculinity, so just tell everyone you’re female. Someone else out there will want a pretty shopkeeper.”

Bum blinked at him. “Is it that easy?”

Sangwoo shrugged. “I don’t know if it’s easy, but it’s probably not as hard as you think. If your uncle is trying to chain you to him by saying you’re a freak, he’s wrong. You’d hardly be the first person to change your gender. I hear it’s pretty big in the west. Everyone’s so hush hush in Korea, you don’t hear about it as much.”

“How do you know about it?” Bum asked, curiously.

Sangwoo grimaced. “I might have done a net search after we talked last time. I was curious.”

“Thank you. It’s helpful. I guess I just needed a push,” Bum said.

Sangwoo chuckled. “I don’t usually consider myself someone who helps people,” he admitted. “But you captured my curiosity. It seemed like every time I went to the store, you were a little different. Like you were evolving into something else. I guess you were just evolving into yourself.”

“I’m happy. I...I might have a little crush on you,” Bum admitted quietly.

Sangwoo didn’t feel disgusted by the admission and that kind of surprised him. But if he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he’d been thinking on and off of Bum for quite some time. Bum was so different from everyone around him. He was curious about him, enough to invite him out for coffee and talk to him honestly. “What’s under the skirt?” He asked.

Bum blushed. “I...I still have a penis,” he admitted.

“Eh, if you were all guy, I’d be repulsed, but you’re something in between. I feel like my dick can still get hard over you,” Sangwoo said, considering Bum. He did have a really nice rack after all.

Bum blushed. “E-even knowing how dirty I am?”

Sangwoo shrugged. “I think that’s half the thrill, stealing you from that old pervert.”

“So, now you’re going to steal me?” Bum asked shyly, a teasing smile on his lips.

Sangwoo sat back and looked him over, taking in the silky black hair, the soft v-shaped face, the light makeup, the breasts. Yeah, he could probably have fun with that for a while. “Can you cook and clean?”

Bum nodded. “I do all the chores at home.”

“Then you can come to my house and do those things there. And I won’t even rape you.”

Bum looked at him in surprise. Despite his own teasing words, he was clearly shocked. “Do you mean it?”

“Of course I won’t rape you, it's more fun if you do it willingly.”

Bum let out a helpless sounding laugh. “No. Not that. I can really come home with you?”

“Sure. I have a whole house to myself. Even if it doesn’t work out with the sex thing, you can be my roommate till you find a place. Rent’s pretty cheap in my neighborhood. It’s mostly abandoned, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a place.”

Bum stared at him like he was a god. Sangwoo liked that adoration. It sent a different sort of thrill through him than what he was used to. This might put a cramp in his lifestyle for a while, but he thought finding out where this thing went might be worth it.

“I...I want to kiss you right now,” Bum admitted.

Sangwoo tilted his head. “Sure, go ahead.”

Bum got out of his chair and moved towards Sangwoo. He stood next to him and put a hesitant hand on Sangwoo’s cheek before he sank to his knees, coaxing Sangwoo to bend down a bit so their lips could meet. Sangwoo did not want to admit how much that action turned him on. Having Bum kneel before him as they kissed made his cock twitch with interest. And it was the simplest, most innocent kiss he’d received in ages! Bum had to be some sort of fairy creature, because what other explanation was there for Sangwoo’s own behavior other than fucking magic?!

Bum released him from the kiss and just stared up at him like he’d hung the sun in the sky. “How was it?” He asked shyly.

“Not bad, but we can do better.” Sangwoo leered.

Bum blushed.

Sangwoo reached out, guiding Bum’s face back to his. He captured those sweet pink lips again, amping it up a little, pressing his tongue into Bum’s mouth. Bum opened up to him, let his tongue slide shyly along Sangwoo’s and moaned into his mouth. Yeah, that was more like it. He released Bum and grinned. He urged him back up to his feet and then pulled him into his lap, letting him feel the hardness between his legs. Bum was light. It was like having a girl in his lap, which only made him feel harder. “Here’s what we’re going to do,” Sangwoo said. “You’re going to call your boss and tell him there was an emergency and take a few days off of work. Then you’re going to turn off your phone and come home with me, where we will fool around for a bit. We’ll go get your stuff from the old pervert’s place later.”

“O-ok,” Bum agreed.

And it was just that easy. Bum didn’t argue with him, he got his phone and called his boss just like he’d been told. Then, he turned his phone off and stuck it back in his purse.

“All right, let’s go. My car’s not too far from here.” Sangwoo stood up and offered Bum his hand.

Bum nodded and took his hand. Bum didn’t let go of it and Sangwoo allowed it as they walked to his car. The ride home was quick. Bum alternated between staring at his hands in his lap nervously, to looking at Sangwoo with awe. He seemed especially dazed as Sangwoo took advantage of a stoplight to kiss him quickly.

Once they were home, Sangwoo led him inside and barely let him get his shoes off before he had him pinned against the wall, kissing him. Bum’s breasts pressed against his chest and it was so weird to think that Bum wasn’t all woman. Then again, he was too worked up to think about much more than devouring Bum. Bum was happy to be devoured, tilting his head up and opening his mouth to Sangwoo.

“You’re pretty eager,” Sangwoo said, looking down at him.

“Shouldn’t I be?” Bum asked breathlessly, licking his lips lightly. “I’ve been dreaming of this for so long.”

“I guess I’m used to girls that play hard to get.”

“I’m not most girls,” Bum said, staring up at him. “I’m as easy as you want me to be oppa.”

Sangwoo snorted in amusement at the sudden aegyo and leaned in to reclaim those sassy lips. Bum moaned into the kiss and Sangwoo pressed in closer. He stuck a leg between Bum’s thighs and rubbed against Bum. Not like most girls indeed. Most girls didn’t have that between their legs. He should have been turned off by it, but he wasn’t. He was still wound up like crazy. He was going to see this through at least once. He had to satisfy the curiosity burning in him.

“Come on,” he said, finally peeling himself away from Bum. He held out a hand and lead Bum into his bedroom. There wasn’t much in the room, his yo was spread out on the floor to sleep on, there was a mirror in the corner, and a power strip to charge his phone. He tugged Bum closer and swept him into his arms. Bum really was too skinny. It was easy to manhandle him onto the bed and pin him down to kiss him once more. Bum didn’t protest at all, he only wrapped his arms around Sangwoo and dragged him closer.

“This is my first time doing it with a guy,” Sangwoo said, as he came up for air.

“Maybe I should...can I lead for a while? I promise you’ll like it,” Bum said breathlessly.

It wasn’t how his dates usually went, but then this certainly wasn’t his usual date. Sangwoo shrugged. “Sure.”

“We’ll just need some condoms and lube,” Bum said shyly.

Sangwoo smirked. “You know I’ve got those. You rung me up last time.”

Bum blushed. “I could only dream that you’d use it on me,” he said.

“I guess dreams do come true,” Sangwoo said as he rolled over and nudged his closet open so he could pull out the condoms and lube. He turned back and presented them to Bum, who sat up. Sangwoo laid on his back and watched Bum move around.

Bum gently settled himself on top of Sangwoo. He pulled down the top of his sundress, revealing the lacy bra that seemed to barely contain his cleavage. Sangwoo just had to reach out to grab those perfect looking breasts. They weren’t hard, like some of the implants he’d felt over the years. It was nice and soft, a perfect handful. Bum moaned.

“I didn’t think they’d be this sensitive. Some plastic tits aren’t.”

“I’ve always had sensitive nipples,” Bum admitted with a breathless gasp as Sangwoo played with his nipple.

Bum’s nipple was small and Sangwoo drew Bum forward so he could put it in his mouth, lace bra and all. Bum moaned again, letting his hands sink into Sangwoo’s hair and holding him. Bum’s hips rocked forward a bit. Clearly, Bum was turned on. Sangwoo could make out a little bulge under the fabric of the sundress, but he ignored it for now. He nuzzled Bum’s breasts, eventually pushing the bra off for better access. He traced the scar lines from the implant surgery and Bum shivered.

“I think you should take off your shirt too,” Bum whispered, his hands clutching at Sangwoo’s shirt.

“Sure.” Sangwoo sat back enough to quickly shed his shirt. He watched as Bum took in the firm, toned planes of his chest and stomach. Bum swallowed hard. “Like what you see?” Sangwoo asked, flexing his pecs a little. Bum whimpered and Sangwoo laughed. “You can touch. It’s not as sensitive as your chest, but it still feels good.”

Bum’s hand settled over Sangwoo’s heart and made a slow slide down across his abs and stomach. Bum was looking at him like he was a god again and Sangwoo could definitely get used to that look. Bum’s hand ended at the waist of his jeans. He unbuttoned them and started to tug them off. Sangwoo let it happen. After all, he’d told Bum that he could be in charge. Sangwoo just laid back and shifted his hips to aid in getting his pants off.

Once his pants were gone, Bum moved between his legs and hovered over him, his breasts lightly swaying as he looked down at Sangwoo’s cock.

“You gonna suck it?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum licked his lips and nodded.

“Looks better than the old pervert’s cock?”

Bum nodded emphatically. “It’s so big,” he said, blushing.

Sangwoo laughed. Of course, the pervert uncle had a small dick. No wonder he couldn’t get a real woman, he had to turn his nephew into one. He didn’t waste much time thinking about it, because Bum’s pink lips descended and slowly wrapped around the head of his cock. It was Sangwoo’s turn to moan as Bum’s tongue circled the tip. Bum looked like he genuinely wanted to devour Sangwoo’s cock. He wasn’t delivering a grudging bit of tongue, he was invested. And unlike all the other blowjobs he’d gotten from women in the past, Bum didn’t shy away from his balls. He went right for his sack, taking it in hand and rolling his balls gently in his hand. Bum gave them a light tug and it felt pretty damn great.

Bum pulled back and lapped at his shaft a little, getting it all wet before he wrapped his lips around him again. He took more in this time and Sangwoo’s eyebrows rose as he realized what Bum was doing. Bum was trying to deepthroat him. As much as he liked that idea, he was very skeptical of Bum’s ability to do so. Bum looked so damn delicate, there was no way that his giant cock could go down that fragile throat. But oh, Bum tried, and it was lovely. Bum got more than half of his cock in before he had to admit defeat and pull back.

“You don’t have to take it all,” Sangwoo said, surprising himself. Usually, he didn’t mind gagging a bitch with his cock, but this was different.

“I don’t want you to come yet,” Bum admitted, licking his lips. He grabbed one of the condoms and rolled it down onto Sangwoo’s dick.

Bum sat back and pushed his panties off. Sangwoo idly noted that it was white lace that matched his bra. Bum didn’t remove the dress, he just left it bunched around his waist. Sangwoo figured Bum was hiding his cock, so he wouldn’t turn him off or something. That seemed like the best way to handle the elephant in the room, or rather, the cock under the dress for their first time. If he liked what happened next, maybe he’d strip him completely and do it again.

Sangwoo watched as Bum reached slick fingers up under his dress to open up his hole. Sangwoo wondered what it was going to feel like. For all the women he’d slept with, he’d never bothered with the back door. He usually had a plan in mind. He seduced them, brought them home and fucked them, and once that need was filled, he wasn’t interested in fucking them again. He didn’t do sloppy seconds, even if he was going in after himself. He was dragged from his thoughts as Bum moved, straddling him. Bum sat back and rubbed his ass against Sangwoo’s cock. His cock was still hard and very much interested in what was going on.

Bum smiled, his whole face flushed. “I’m going to take you in now,” he said as he reached back and took a hold of Sangwoo’s cock. Bum shifted again and Sangwoo could feel that tight little pucker up against the head of his dick. Then, Bum sank onto Sangwoo’s cock.

Sangwoo actually gasped as he was surrounded by Bum’s heat. Not just heat, but tightness. Bum was so tight, it was unlike any pussy he’d ever been in before. He grabbed Bum’s hips, bunching his fingers into the cloth of the sundress. He wished he could see under the damn fabric, but it helped to maintain the illusion that he was fucking a woman. There were the breasts, then the skirt, and that tight, tight hole clenching around his cock and it was fucking perfect.

Bum moaned as he slowly slid down Sangwoo’s cock. It took him a while to bottom out. Sangwoo was rather impressed. His cock was clearly bigger than the cock Bum was used to taking, but he was able to slide himself all the way down Sangwoo’s little monster.

“You fill me up so much,” Bum whispered, panting now that he was in place.

“And you’re the tightest little thing I’ve ever stuck my dick in,” Sangwoo said with a groan.

Bum smiled at him and shifted his hips lightly, just rocking in place on his dick. A whimper fell from Bum’s lips. “Your cock is perfect,” he said. “It hits my spot just right.”

That seemed like a good thing, but Sangwoo really wanted him to move and pushed at his hips with his hands. “Can you move?”

Bum nodded as he raised himself up. Sangwoo’s head fell back as that tight ring of muscle moved up his cock again. When he thought his cock would come out of Bum, Bum dropped back onto his dick. Sangwoo’s breath left him in a rush.

“Fuck! That’s so good. Do it again,” Sangwoo ordered.

Bum happily complied and slowly began to work up and down his cock. Sangwoo was left just helplessly watching Bum’s breasts sway with his movements as his cock was continuously swallowed by that tight little hole. Fuck! If he’d known anal was like this, he’d have pushed for it sooner. Women could be such prudes, but Bum wasn’t a woman, not completely. At this point, that fact didn’t bother him much. It felt too fucking amazing to care that Bum had a dick instead of a pussy. His ass was so great, he didn’t miss a pussy at all.

Sangwoo’s hands slid up from Bum’s hips. He took his shoulder and drew him forward, so he could get his mouth around one of Bum’s breasts. He bit at Bum’s nipple and thrust up as hard as he could from his given position. Bum made the most wonderful breathless whine and Sangwoo shifted his mouth to bite at the other nipple. Bum moaned and wrapped his arms around Sangwoo’s neck.

“We can...if you want. We can switch.” Bum panted and pressed back onto Sangwoo’s cock. “If you lay me on my back, you can thrust into me better.”

That’s all Bum had to say. He didn’t even bother pulling his dick out as he shifted them around. It was awkward but worth it to be in control of the thrusting. He had Bum on his back with his legs up around him. The only weird thing was that Bum’s dress was now falling up into his face, obscuring his breasts and exposing his cock. Sangwoo took a moment to just look down at Bum.

Bum’s penis was on the small side. It was slender, just like the rest of his body. In this position, his balls seemed to melt back into his body, not protruding much at all. Bum wasn’t very hairy, so there was nothing to obscure the sight. Sangwoo wasn’t repulsed though. He wasn’t aching to jump on that cock or anything, but it was a novel sight. Pussies weren’t the most attractive part of a woman for him anyway, so the lack of one didn’t faze him much. He was a breast man and Bum has those. If he thought about it, he was more familiar with looking at cocks just by association with his own. Having a cock bobbing down there while he thrust into Bum’s body was strangely familiar.

Bum moved the skirt out of his face, shifting the fabric so Sangwoo could see his cute little tits again. “Do you hate it?” Bum whispered, clearly afraid of the answer.

“No,” Sangwoo said, thrusting into him. “It’s….familiar. I know what to do with a cock. I’m not gonna blow you any time soon, but I bet I know exactly how to touch you to bring you off.”

Bum’s look of relief was quickly wiped away as Sangwoo thrust at a particular angle and Bum gasped and clenched around him.

“Was that your spot?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum nodded helplessly as Sangwoo began to angle in for that spot again. He loved every little whimper and whine that came from Bum. He loved that the spot was something so easy to find. Women were so different. There was never just one spot that pleased women and some of them got bitchy if they felt you weren’t working hard enough to please them. Others just straight up lied about how much they were enjoying it and faked orgasms to make him feel better. He fucking hated that shit. Bum’s reactions were honest. The way his ass clenched and he moaned and squirmed, the way his cock twitched and leaked, it was obvious that he was loving it.

“I’m gonna come!” Bum cried.

Sangwoo was a little surprised. “Without me even touching it?” he asked.

Little tears squeezed from the corners of Bum’s eyes as he nodded.

Damn, he was even better at fucking ass than pussy! He redoubled his efforts, pounding Bum’s ass right in his little sweet spot. Bum tossed his head back and forth, he could feel Bum’s toes curl in pleasure as they touched his back. Bum’s thighs squeezed together and he cried out as he came, shooting sticky strands of come all over his dress. That alone was hot, but Sangwoo was not prepared for the way the Bum clenched down around him like a vice. He barely managed to pull out and thrust back into Bum’s ass before his own orgasm rolled over him like a sudden avalanche. He cursed as his hips gave a few stuttering thrusts as he shot his load into Bum. His hands clenched Bum’s hips tightly, knowing damn well that he was going to bruise him and not caring as he rode out the pleasure.

After all was said and done, he collapsed on top of Bum, ignoring the wet feeling of his spunk and the soft outline of his cock against his stomach. There was still the soft press of breasts and Bum happily wrapped his arms around Sangwoo, holding him tightly. Unfortunately, his cock slipped out of its happy place and he had to pull back to grab the condom and tie it off. He tossed it towards the trashcan in the corner and looked back at Bum. Bum’s dress was still bunched up around his middle and stained with come. Bum’s hair and makeup were a mess, but he looked so blissful that it amused Sangwoo. Some girls he’d fucked felt the need to hop up and fix their hair and makeup after the deed was done. Bum seemed happy to lie in the messy state that Sangwoo had left him in.

“Come on, let’s get you out of that dress,” Sangwoo said, coaxing Bum to his feet so they could push off the messy dress. He noticed how Bum’s skinny legs were shaking and chuckled as he kicked the dress out of the way and laid Bum back down in his bed. “You were amazing.” He stroked that messy black hair out of Bum’s face.

“You liked it?” Bum asked shyly, moving his face into Sangwoo’s touch.

Sangwoo knew that Bum was really asking “You liked me?” He nodded. “I did.”

“Will you keep me?” He whispered, looking up at Sangwoo through his lashes.

“Maybe,” Sangwoo said. “Wait till we see how you cook.” Bum struggled to sit up and Sangwoo pressed him back down. “Not just now. Let’s wait till your legs are a little steadier. You’re not used to such a big cock are you?”

Bum shook his head, his cheeks flushed brightly. “But it was so good.”

“Yeah, I didn’t even touch you and you came.”

Bum bit his lip and stared at his breasts. “You, your cock, it was milking my sweet spot,” he admitted.

“So, I really do have a cock that fits your ass perfectly,” Sangwoo asked, feeling pleased.

Bum smiled at him. “Yes. You’re perfect.”

“Mmm, baby, rub my ego a bit more,” Sangwoo teased. He started rubbing his cock against Bum’s thigh.

“Is that all you want me to rub?” Bum asked, his hand sneaking down to touch Sangwoo’s cock.

His cock was definitely interested, even though a few minutes had passed since a pretty intense orgasm. He watched as Bum took his cock in his hand and started to work it slowly back into hardness. “Mmm, you can rub that too,” he said, rutting lazily into Bum’s hand.

“I want to suck on it,” Bum said. “I’ll need to practice if I’m ever going to get it down my throat.”

“Fuck,” Sangwoo hissed. That was such a good mental image. “Let’s do it,” he said.

So they did. Bum didn’t manage to completely swallow Sangwoo’s cock, but he did swallow his load, which was still pretty hot. They ended up getting takeout since Sangwoo had fucked Bum so hard he could barely stand up. He dressed Bum in one of his longer t-shirts and carried him to the table. He grinned with sadistic pride as Bum shifted uncomfortably on the chair. Bum didn’t complain at all though, he just kept looking at Sangwoo like he was the best thing in the world. It was such an ego stroke. It was also a turn on to look at Bum dressed in his too big clothes, squirming around on his chair. Who could really blame him for carrying Bum to the bathroom and fucking him nice and slow in the bath?

Chapter Text

The next morning, Bum somehow managed to drag himself out of bed to make breakfast. Sangwoo woke to the smell of cooking food and walked out into the kitchen to find Bum in another of his shirts, cooking up a fluffy Western-style omelet full of spicy kimchi that he served over rice with some dongchimi as a side and a pot of coffee.

After the first bite of the omelet, Sangwoo pointed his chopsticks at Bum and said, “I might have to keep you after all.”

Bum flushed with pride as he sat down and ate.

“I have school today, but no work, so I should be home by dinner. You can wander around the house, use the tv or computer, just don’t go into the basement. The steps are falling apart. I don’t want you to get hurt down there.”

“Ok,” Bum agreed easily.

“I’ll bring some clothes home so you’re not stuck wearing the same things. You look like you fit into free size clothes.”

Bum nodded. “But, I don’t like stripes,” he said.

Sangwoo laughed. “Ok, no stripes. Anything else?”

“A toothbrush please.”

“Sure. Is that all?”

Bum shrugged. “It’s all I can think of for now. Some clothes and a toothbrush. I have a brush and makeup in my purse,” he explained. “What do you want for dinner? I’ll cook again tonight.”

Sangwoo tilted his head, considering. “What’s your best dish?”

“I make a really good dak dori tang,” Bum said.

“All right, we’ll have that. Make me a list and I’ll get the ingredients on the way home.” Sangwoo dug out a small pad and pen and left Bum to make the list while he got ready for school. Once he was sure he had all of his materials, he went back into the kitchen to grab Bum’s list. “I hope you won’t be too bored without me,” he said.

“I’ll do a little cleaning while you’re gone,” Bum said. “And you said I could watch tv. I’ll be fine.”

“Ok. Just don’t answer the door while I’m gone ok? Like I said, the neighborhood is mostly empty, so if someone tries to come in, there will be no one around to save you.”

Bum shuddered. “I won’t. I’ll just stay inside.”

“Good. Can I get a goodbye kiss?” Sangwoo grinned.

“You can have whatever you want,” Bum said sweetly as he got up to wrap his arms around Sangwoo’s shoulders to draw him down into a kiss.

Sangwoo wrapped his arms around that tiny waist and lifted Bum off the floor. Bum squeaked a bit but didn’t break the kiss. Sangwoo swung him around, just for fun before he set a breathless Bum back on his feet. “Bye babe,” he said.

Bum blushed. “Bye. Have a good day.” Bum followed him to the door and watched as he put his shoes on. He smiled and waved as Sangwoo headed out of the house.

Sangwoo tested the lock on the way out before he headed off to school. He felt kind of distracted throughout the day. He wanted to text Bum to see how he was doing, but they’d left Bum’s phone off so his pervy uncle couldn’t track him down. His usual flock of fangirls fluttered around him. Some days, he thought he was too nice to the vapid idiots because they never took the hint. Today a few of them seemed to clue in, just not enough to back off.

“You’re distracted today Sangwoo,” Min Jiuen said, pouting.

Min Jieun was one of his more insistent followers, to the point that he remembered her name, unlike the rest of the flock. She was cute enough, but Bum was definitely prettier. And Bum wasn't even a girl! He pushed away his crisis of sexuality to answer before the girl started whining. He laughed. “Sorry. Some stuff is going on at home,” he said completely unapologetic. He didn't owe any of these girls his attention. The ego boost of it had worn off long ago. Now it was just troublesome. Still, he didn't want to break the careful persona he'd built by telling them to fuck off. Some days, he wondered why he maintained it at all, but it did make life to seem to run a little smoother when people didn't think he was an antisocial asshole. Laying on the charm opened more doors, even if it was tiresome.

“Good stuff?” Another girl asked like an eager puppy.

“You could say that,” he said with a shrug. “It's pretty interesting.” He grinned, sending a few of the girls into excited giggles.

“I thought you live alone,” another girl said, her voice more commanding than the others.

Sangwoo glanced up at her and had to hold back rolling his eyes. These bitches were getting so demanding. “Maybe I picked up a little pet,” he said, voice teasing and sharp.

“Oh! What kind of pet?” Someone else asked, leaning in towards him.

The girls went off, guessing at what kind of pet he might have picked up. Of course, none of them guessed right since his pet was a person. Though the sharp-voiced bitch looked suspicious. Honestly, he wasn’t sure why she hung around in his little flock of idiots. The others at least tried to befriend each other, had some sort of cheerleading girl code going on, but not that one. She had such a severe face, she was probably a frigid block of ice in bed. Not that he was tempted to find out. He had quite the nice little bed warmer waiting for him at home. He grinned thinking of Bum’s nice rounded ass. Class started soon and the girls had to go back to their desks. Sangwoo slipped off campus for a quick lunch just to escape them. He completed his last class in relative peace before heading for the shops.

He picked up a few pieces of clothing he thought would look good on Bum. Then, he grabbed the groceries he’d promised and went straight home. Sangwoo chuckled when he saw the bedding airing on the balcony, along with some of his clothes hung out to dry. He spotted Bum’s white sundress and grinned. Looked like Bum did a little cleaning after all.

“I’m home,” he called as he opened the door and stepped inside. There was no answer and he frowned as he walked down the hall, setting the groceries in the kitchen. He went back and peeked into the bedroom, but with the bed airing out, there was nothing much in there. He crossed the hall to the living room, where he found Bum curled up on the couch in the same big shirt he’d left him in this morning. The only difference was that Bum had clearly washed his undergarments and was wearing them once more. He admired that round little ass in those lace panties before approaching the couch.

“Bum, I’m home,” he said, wondering if that would be enough to wake him.

Apparently, it was as Bum startled awake, looking around warily. The wary look melted away as he spotted Sangwoo. “You’re back,” he said, smiling brightly.

“I am. Didn’t mean to scare you though.”

Bum shrugged it off. “How was your day?” He sat up and stretched.

Sangwoo admired the way the fabric of his t-shirt stretched over Bum’s breasts. “Kinda boring, but ok. How was yours?”

“The same. I did some laundry and cleaned up around the house. I might have overexerted myself a bit. I’m still sore.” He blushed. “So I took a nap.”

Sangwoo chuckled. “I picked out some clothes for you. You look cute in mine, but you'll probably like a little variety.” Sangwoo ducked into the kitchen and collected the clothing bag. Once he walked back into the living room, he offered it to Bum.

Bum gave him an excited look as he accepted the bag. He sat down on the couch and opened it. On top was the promised toothbrush, then there were a few pairs of panties and another lace bra that he hoped would fit Bum. Bum’s breasts were on the larger side of the spectrum and bras seemed to run pretty small at least the cheap readily available ones. Bum pulled the underwear out, looking it over and nodding before he set them aside. Next, he pulled out a light pink blouse. It was a little ruffly and floaty and Sangwoo had figured out would suit Bum’s delicate frame. To pair with it, he'd selected a white skirt and some leggings since that's what the shop mannequins were wearing. There was also a crop top with some random English on it, a silky floral slip dress, and another long sundress with a geometric pattern, no stripes. He hadn't wanted to go too crazy because, at some point, they'd go get Bum’s clothes.

“Thank you. I really like this one.” Bum held up the slip dress.

Sangwoo grinned. “I thought it would look cute on you.”

“Let's see.” Bum stood up and shed Sangwoo’s shirt. Sangwoo had a moment to admire Bum’s lingerie-clad form before Bum pulled on the slip dress. He smoothed it down over his breasts and twisted a little, letting the material flutter around his thighs. “How do I look?” Bum asked, looking up at him.

“Great,” Sangwoo said as he settled his hands on Bum’s hips, his thumbs caressing the protruding hipbones under the silky material.

Bum smiled and leaned up on his toes to kiss him. “Thank you. And, welcome home.”

Sangwoo let his hand drift around to cup Bum’s ass as they kissed. It was such a perfect little ass, it was amazing how much fun he’d had playing around in it so far. Sangwoo hadn’t had marathon sex like that since he was a horny teenager. Cupping Bum’s ass made him lean his breasts into Sangwoo’s chest and that gave his body ideas. But Bum was supposed to cook tonight. He kissed him slowly, pressing deep into his mouth until Bum whimpered. Only then did he pull away. “Don’t get too excited. Aren’t you going to cook for me?”

Bum pouted a little but nodded. “You got everything?”

“Of course. I even got you a cute little apron.”

Bum lit up with a smile. “I guess I should get started then.”

Sangwoo led him into the kitchen and pulled a little pink frilly apron from a bag and presented it to Bum. Bum immediately pulled it on over his dress and looked down, admiring it. “You’re spoiling me. Thank you.”

“You’re spoiling me too. It’s been a long time since someone’s done my laundry and cooked for me,” Sangwoo said, sitting down at the kitchen table and watching as Bum started to pull out the ingredients. It looked like he’d familiarized himself with the kitchen and had already pulled out various things to prepare the meal.

“This might be boring,” Bum said apologetically. “If you have homework, you could do it while I cook,” he suggested.

“Maybe,” Sangwoo said. “I think I’ll just admire the view for a while though.” He winked as he admired how short the slip dress was. Bum’s legs were skinny, but his thighs were shapely and his ass was nice and plump.

Bum blushed. “Do you have any foods that you don’t like to eat?” he asked as he took out a knife to chop up the chicken Sangwoo had bought.

“I hate bananas. I don’t like a lot of cheeses, but the stuff on pizza and tteokbokki is ok. I prefer onions to be cooked. They’re really bitter when they’re raw. I love mandu and barbecue,” Sangwoo said, admiring the way Bum handled the knife. He was very efficient as he chopped up the chicken. It reminded him of his mother.

“For a quick lunch, do you like kimbap or something like a sandwich?” Bum asked curiously, glancing over his shoulder.

“Ah, it depends on how I’m feeling that day I guess. I really like kimbap, but a sandwich is ok, as long as there’s no cheese on it. Especially that yellow stuff that comes wrapped in plastic. It looks and tastes like plastic. I think it's why I hate cheese.”

Bum nodded sympathetically. “It isn't the best kind of cheese," he agreed. "I like strawberries. They’re my favorite fruit. I really like fried chicken. I haven’t made it in a while. Last time I did, uncle started hitting me and the oil caught on fire. I thought he was going to throw the flaming pan of oil at me, but he didn’t. I haven’t fried anything since.” Bum shuddered.

“We can go out for fried chicken,” Sangwoo suggested.

Bum paused and looked at Sangwoo. “Really?”

“Of course. Probably not tomorrow, since we’re having chicken tonight. Maybe the day after,” he suggested. Then he paused as he realized what Bum was really asking. Was he allowed out? Did Sangwoo really want to be seen in public with him? And the answer was, surprisingly, yes. He wanted to show off his little butterfly. People might admire him, but Bum was all his. “Did you think I was going to lock you away from the world in here? I know I asked you to stay inside, but sometimes we get shady people going around the neighborhood so it really was to keep you safe, not to keep you prisoner.”

Bum shrugged. “Uncle did. I really only went to work and to the store.”

“Yeah, and I’m nothing like that disgusting pig. Besides, you said you wanted to get out and live and love. You can’t do that if you’re stuck in here. Right?”

“I...I think I’ve found the love part,” Bum said, blushing brightly as he went back to chopping chicken.

“That was fast,” Sangwoo said. He should probably feel annoyed at it, but Bum was nothing like his little fan club full of idiots and so far he’d enjoyed his company.

“I’ve liked you for a while. But this, this has been amazing. Even if you get tired of me, I think I’ll still love you.”

“I can’t say that I love you,” Sangwoo said. “I like you. I like the idea of you being mine, but that’s all. For now.”

Bum nodded. “That’s enough. That’s more than enough. It’s more than I ever expected.”

“I’m happy to exceed expectations,” Sanwoo said with a roguish grin.

Bum smiled before he turned back to the task of cooking. The chicken went into a pot with water. He mixed together a bunch of seasoning that had the whole kitchen smelling of spicy peppers and garlic. Bum had just started in on the vegetables for the dish when Sangwoo decided to take his suggestion and drag out some of his homework. He settled at the table to do some boring reading, but he was still able to watch Bum move around.

“You can put some music on if you want,” Sangwoo said after a while.

Bum glanced back at him. “Are you sure? I don’t want to distract you.”

“It’s fine, I usually put it on something soft. This house gets too quiet you know?”

“All right.” Bum dried his hands off on a towel and turned the radio on, keeping it low. He smiled and went back to his cooking.

Sangwoo lost himself in his reading for a while, only looking up when Bum started to put some small side dishes on the table.

“Here are a few snacks,” he said.

Gyeran-jangjorim? When did you make these?” Sangwoo picked up a half of a hard boiled egg that had been braised in soy sauce.

“I had all day. I made a few side dishes with things you had around. I made some gogomua jorim and some yeongeum jorin.” He pointed to each dish. "Sorry they're all braised, but it seemed the easiest thing to do while I was doing laundry."

"I'm never going to be mad at homemade food," Sangwoo said. He bit into the egg and hummed in appreciation. “This is really good.”

“Thank you. The rest will be done in a little bit,” Bum promised as he headed back to the stove.

Sangwoo shoved his homework back into his bag and started to nibble the side dishes. He watched as Bum served up the stew in large bowls and brought them to the table.

“What would you like to drink?” Bum asked as he dished out bowls of rice.

“Tea is fine,” Sangwoo said.

Bum fetched the tea and sat down across from Sangwoo. “I hope you like it,” he said, picking up his spoon and stirring his stew idly. He was watching Sangwoo, waiting for his reaction.

Sangwoo grinned. The way Bum seemed to be waiting with bated breath made him feel powerful. He took a bite and paused. It wasn't just good, it was great. He chewed and swallowed, processing the mouthful. “It’s really good," he admitted, pleased to see the way Bum lit up. "Spicy, sweet, savory. And did you put some noodles in there?”

“Sweet potato noodles,” Bum said with a happy nod.

“I like it.”

Bum beamed at him and more than the obvious power he had over Bum, Bum's smile made him feel pleasantly warm. In fact, the whole house felt warmer than it had in a very long time. He wasn't sure what to make of it all, so he just focused on eating. They ate quietly, but Bum kept watching him, so Sangwoo would hum appreciatively now and the just to watch Bum light up. After dinner, Bum put away the leftovers and did the dishes while Sangwoo headed for the couch and flipped on the television. Soon, Bum joined him and slowly scooted sideways to press into his side. Sangwoo let his arm fall down around Bum’s shoulders.

“I have to run some errands tomorrow before work. Do you want to come out with me?” Sangwoo asked.

“Yes! Which outfit should I wear?” Bum glanced up at him.

“I like the slip dress, but I don’t know if I want you showing off your cute little legs to everyone in town. Maybe the blouse and skirt?”

“The skirt’s kind of short too,” Bum reminded him.

“Hmm, I might need to dress you in something really modest,” Sangwoo said. “A rice sack?”

Bum chuckled. “It doesn’t matter if they look, I’m only yours for as long as you want me,” he said, nuzzling into Sangwoo’s side.

“I guess I never thought of it that way. They can look as much as they want, but only I have the satisfaction of bringing you home.” Only he knew what was under the skirt, what slipping into that tight ass felt like.

“Exactly.” Bum leaned up to kiss Sangwoo’s cheek. “Only yours.”

“I feel like I need a reminder,” Sangwoo said, pressing Bum down onto the couch and attaching his mouth to Bum’s neck.

Bum moaned and ran his hand down Sangwoo’s back. Sangwoo smirked as he sucked hard on Bum’s pale throat. When he finally pulled back, Bum was sporting a dark bruise on the side of his neck. Bum’s skin was so pale, it really did bruise easily and beautifully. He went back in, going for his shoulder this time. He nibbled and sucked until Bum began to squirm under him. Sangwoo pulled back to admire his work.

“There, now people will know you belong to someone,” he said.

Bum let out a shuddery breath. “Yes. I belong to you,” he said, his eyes half-lidded as he looked up at Sangwoo worshipfully.

“You always know what to say to get my dick hard,” Sangwoo said.

“It was already pretty hard,” Bum said, arching up into him.

Bum’s little dick felt pretty hard under him too. “What are you going to do about it?” Sangwoo asked.

“What do you want me to do?” Bum asked.

Sangwoo considered. There were so many options, but most of them required getting off the couch. He was pretty comfortable where he was. He ground down against Bum, grinning as Bum moaned softly. “Let’s fuck,” he growled into Bum’s soft skin.

Bum nodded eagerly, then frowned. “But the yo is up on the clothesline.”

“Then we fuck here,” Sangwoo said, smirking. “Go get the supplies and I’ll get a towel.”

Bum blushed and nodded, but he didn’t move. Sangwoo arched an eyebrow at him. “I can’t move you,” Bum said, nudging his shoulder lightly.

Sangwoo huffed. As much as he didn’t want to move, he wanted to fuck more, so he heaved himself off of Bum and got to his feet. He offered Bum a hand up. Bum grinned as he headed to the bedroom to get the condoms and lube. Sangwoo headed for the bathroom to collect a few towels. They were easier to wash than the couch after all. While he was there, he stripped out of his clothes and headed back to the living room naked.

Bum seemed just as eager as he was. He hadn’t stripped, but he’d shed his panties and bent himself over the arm of the couch where he was slowly starting to work himself open with his fingers. Sangwoo had a great view of it as he rounded the corner into the living room.

“Fuck. That’s a pretty sight,” he said, reaching out to give one of Bum’s pert ass cheeks a light slap.

Bum jumped and whined, looking back at Sangwoo with dark needy eyes.

Sangwoo shook his head, amazed at the hunger of this little gem he’d picked up. “Let me put the towels down, then my dick is yours, Princess.”

Bum reluctantly stood up and let Sangwoo put a towel over the arm of the couch. He laid two more on the cushions, even though he wasn’t sure they’d make it there, given the way Bum had draped himself back on the arm of the couch.

“You’re too fucking tempting,” Sangwoo complained as he watched the way Bum’s lips opened around little panting breaths. He just needed to stick his dick in that mouth. He walked forward, watching as Bum clued in on his intention and shifted. He leaned down, opening his mouth for Sangwoo, moaning as his dick slid past his lips. “Fuck.”

Bum sucked on his cock eagerly but didn’t push too hard. Clearly, he wanted Sangwoo’s dick inside of him, so he didn’t take him too far.

“Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll stick it in,” Sangwoo said.

Bum whimpered and dragged his mouth off of Sangwoo’s cock. “I’m ready,” he said breathlessly.

Sangwoo didn’t have to be told twice. He almost forgot to grab the condom Bum offered him. He was quick to wrestle it on as he stepped behind Bum, barely waiting for him to pull his fingers out before he was shoving his slick cock into him.

Bum moaned, spreading his legs wider. “Sangwoo,” he gasped, glancing over his shoulder.

Sangwoo smirked at him as he took hold of his hips and started to thrust. He watched Bum’s hands go to the couch to steady himself. Bum picked a great position for Sangwoo to fuck him in, but it gave Bum almost no leverage to press back into Sangwoo’s cock. He was at Sangwoo’s mercy, only able to ride out the quick thrusts that he’d begun. Bum whined as he realized the disadvantage that he’d put himself in, but Sangwoo didn’t care to switch things around. He hitched Bum up a little and continued to thrust in fast and hard.

Bum seemed to give in to the inevitable, shifting to press his shoulders into the couch cushions. His head was tilted to the side so he could watch Sangwoo from the corner of his eye. One hand was splayed across the cushions, though the other had disappeared under Bum’s body, obviously touching himself. It made for a nice picture, one that only served to wind Sangwoo up further. It didn’t take long for his balls to tighten, signaling that he was close. Sure, it was a little fast, but he wasn’t going to deny himself.

“I hope you’re close, cause I’m ready to fuck you senseless,” Sangwoo growled, tightening his hands on Bum’s hips.

“Please,” Bum moaned, his ass clenching around Sangwoo’s cock.

Sangwoo growled again as he gripped Bum tightly and began to drive into him hard, so hard he could feel the couch moving incrementally. He didn’t have time to worry about it as Bum moaned, his ass twitching around Sangwoo’s cock. He continued to thrust hard, his eyes shut as he finally came with a triumphant sound. Bum sobbed beneath him, his ass clenching hard around Sangwoo’s dick. It was so tight and Sangwoo’s cock was so sensitive, he almost wanted to stop, but he kept pounding through. He was surprised to find that despite coming, he just wasn’t done yet.

“I’m still hard,” he growled, thrusting into Bum. “I came, but I still want to fuck you raw.”

Bum whined, clenching around him. “Do it,” he moaned.

“You’re gonna feel me every step you take tomorrow,” Sangwoo said.

“M-make me feel it,” Bum said breathlessly.

And how could Sangwoo resist such a pretty plea? He lost himself thrusting into Bum, fingers digging into pale hips, groaning as Bum continued to milk him. He couldn’t be sure how much time passed before he came a second time, but Bum was whimpering under him. Sangwoo collapsed over him breathing heavily. Bum reached back, taking a hold of his neck, holding him in place against him.

“You good?” Sangwoo asked, mouthing Bum’s sweaty skin.

“Mmm,” Bum replied sleepily.

Sangwoo grinned as he reluctantly pulled back. “You should go sit in the bath,” he said as he pulled the condom off and admired the bruises he’d left on Bum’s hips. “I’ll go get the bed set up.”

“In a minute,” Bum murmured as he wiggled up to sprawl across the couch.

“Don’t fall asleep there,” Sangwoo said, giving his ass a light smack.

“I won’t,” Bum said, glancing back at Sangwoo through half-closed eyes.

“Better not.” Sangwoo headed out to grab the yo and get it set up in his room. Bum was asleep when he walked back into the living room, but he was light and it was easy to pick him up and carry him back to the bedroom. He really shouldn’t be so comfortable taking care of someone. With any other girl and he would have woken them up and kicked them out of the house, but not Bum. With Bum, he gently laid him out on the bed. He carefully pulled off his soiled dress and tossed it on the floor. Bum's bra joined it before Sangwoo sprawled out next to him. It was weird how things were changing, but he kind of liked it.

Chapter Text

Bum opted for the blouse and skirt that Sangwoo had bought for him the next day. He put on a little makeup but made no move to cover the marks on his neck and throat that Sangwoo had left. In fact, he pulled a clip out of his purse and put his hair up so they’d be more obvious. It sent a primal thrill through Sangwoo to see his handiwork so readily on display. He reached out to touch one of the marks.

“I think a necklace would draw more attention to them,” Bum said, tilting his head so Sangwoo had better access.

“You should buy one today then,” Sangwoo said. “I’ll give you some money for it.”

“You really are spoiling me,” Bum said, leaning into him with a shy smile.

“I think you deserve it,” Sangwoo said. A sweet little thing like Bum needed some rewards to reinforce his pleasing behavior. Bum smiled at him like he’d hung the moon. Sangwoo really liked the way Bum’s appreciative glances made him feel. He was used to adoring looks from girls, but there was just something about Bum doing it that made him feel like he could take on the world. “Come on, let’s go.”

Bum nodded and followed him to the door. Once they had their shoes on, they headed for the car.

“I’m going to drop you off near the mall. Then we’ll meet up at the H Mart in the basement in” -Sangwoo looked down at this watch- “Three hours?”

“Ok. Do you want to have lunch while we’re out? Or should I plan to make it when we get home?”

Sangwoo considered. “Why don’t you make something? Since we’re going out for chicken tomorrow.”

“Oh,” Bum said, perking up like he’d forgotten about it. “Ok. I’ll make some kimbap.”

“I want some with beef in it,” Sangwoo said.

Bum smiled. “Of course. We’ll get what we need in the H Mart.”

Sangwoo nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” He concentrated on the road for a bit before pulling up in front of a large shopping center. “Hold on,” he said as Bum went to get out of the car. He pulled out his wallet and pulled out some money. “Take this. Buy yourself something cute.”

Bum gave him a wide-eyed look at the amount, but he accepted it. “Thank you so much,” he said, leaning in to kiss Sangwoo.

Sangwoo grinned and kissed him back. “You’re welcome. See you in a few hours.”

Bum smiled. “Bye,” he said, stepping out of the car and waving as Sangwoo pulled back into traffic.

Sangwoo watched in his rearview mirror as Bum waited on the curb till Sangwoo’s car turned the corner. What a devoted little thing he’d found. He chuckled and turned his car towards home. Time to run his errands. He only had a little while before he had to get back to Bum.

A few hours later, Bum was standing outside of the H Mart holding a Starbucks cup in a newly manicured hand and a shopping bag in the other. He was looking around and his eyes lit up when he saw Sangwoo jogging towards him.

“Sorry, I’m late. My errands ran a little over. Plus, the traffic sucks out there,” Sangwoo said.

“It’s ok. I was a little late too. I haven’t been waiting long,” Bum assured him with a smile.

“Good. Can I get a sip?” He nodded towards the cup.

Bum offered him the cup. “Of course.”

Sangwoo took a few quick pulls of the iced tea before he let the straw go. “Thanks,” he said. “Do you know what we need to get in here?” He nodded towards the H Mart.

“Yes. I have a list.” Bum tapped his head with his finger, pink nails flashing.

“Great, let’s go. The sooner we get the stuff, the sooner we can go home and eat.”

Bum smiled as he followed him into the store. Bum was a pretty frugal shopper, buying just what they needed at the best prices. Though, he didn’t skimp on the quality of beef for the kimbap, which Sangwoo appreciated. He’d make such a good little housewife. Maybe it was dangerous to think of him like that, but he couldn’t help it. The trip was quick, despite Sangwoo wandering off a few times and returning with random snacks to put in the basket. Bum just smiled indulgently and let it happen.

Once they were in the car, Sangwoo looked at the bag at Bum’s feet. “What did you buy?”

“Some slippers for in the house,” Bum said. “They match the apron you bought me.”

Sangwoo blinked. He hadn’t really thought about that. He rarely had guests and the ones he did have, he let them go barefoot. Hell, he usually went barefoot, but it made sense. If he was going to keep Bum, he should have some house slippers. He nodded. “Anything else?”

“A few other things. I got my nails done,” Bum said, holding his nails out. They were a deep pink with white accents. “This necklace.” He raised his hand to play with the choker style necklace around his throat. It had a small heart-shaped pendant hanging from it. One of the marks he’d left on Bum’s neck peeked out from under it. Sangwoo grinned.

“Good choice.”

Bum blushed happily. “Thank you. What should I do with the change?”

“Keep it,” Sangwoo said. “I gave it to you, it’s yours now.”

“But there’s still so much left,” Bum argued.

Sangwoo shrugged. “I’ll make more. Buy something that makes you happy or buy something for me, it’s up to you.”

“Sangwoo,” Bum murmured, giving him another one of those worshipful looks. Sangwoo just grinned back at him.

Once they were home, Bum was quick to carry the groceries into the kitchen to start working on lunch. Sangwoo peeked into Bum’s bag. There was a sweater in the bag, but tucked under it there was something else. Sangwoo smirked at the enema kit tucked down at the bottom of the bag. So, his little housewife wanted to clean up for him? Well, he wasn’t going to make fun of him for his desire to please him. He closed the bag and left it where Bum had set it inside the bedroom. He wandered into the kitchen where Bum was now sporting his apron and matching slippers.

“This won’t take too long,” Bum said as he stood at the stove, cooking the beef Sangwoo had requested.

Sangwoo didn’t even fight the urge to wrap his arms around Bum’s slender waist. He pressed his face into Bum’s neck and watched as he stirred the beef around the pan. “You’re such a good little housewife,” he said.

Bum faltered a little but didn’t stop. “I-I’m happy to hear that.”

Sangwoo nipped him lightly and released him. “I’ll be in the living room. Unless you need help?”

“I’m fine,” Bum promised. “Once the rice is done, this will only take a few minutes to put together.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Sangwoo said. He headed into the living room and flopped down onto the couch. He’d been so busy with his errands, it felt good to sprawl out and relax. He listened to Bum moving around the kitchen humming and wondered how this even happened. He wasn’t a person who invited people into his life. Yet, there was Bum in the kitchen cooking lunch, wearing clothes that he’d bought him and a pair of house slippers that indicated this was for the long haul, or at least as long as Sangwoo let him stay.

Sangwoo didn’t really see a reason to kick him out. The sex was great. It was different from what he was used to, but that made it exciting and new. It might get boring later on, but he didn’t think so. He really liked the idea of sex on demand and an eager partner to provide it. Not to mention, Bum did chores, like laundry and cooking. He could definitely get used to it and he wasn’t sure if he should. He wasn’t one to get attached, but Bum was making it really easy to just sit back and be spoiled.

He sighed. It was probably too early to be making any long-term decisions about this. It had only been three days. If anything could be called the Honeymoon phase, it was this. He just had to see how things went. Until then, he was going to enjoy having someone around to cook and clean for him and suck his cock. He wondered if he’d have enough time to eat lunch and get Bum to suck his cock before he headed off to work. He pulled out his phone. His shift started at four and it wasn’t even one yet. He could probably get both. He pushed himself up off the couch and walked into the hall so he could spy on Bum. Bum was rolling the kimbap in seaweed.

“Almost done,” Bum said, catching sight of him.

Almost done was good enough. Sangwoo wandered into the kitchen. He poured two cups of tea and set them on the table before settling into a chair.

Bum set a plate in front of him. “I made beef kimbap and crab and kimchi kimbap,” he said, pointing to each kind with his cute little pink and white nails.

“Thanks, babe.” Sangwoo waited till Bum sat down across from him before he picked up a piece of beef kimbap and popped it in his mouth. He chewed it and paused. There was something different about it.

Bum gave him a knowing smile.

Sangwoo gave him a suspicious look as he took another one and popped it in his mouth, trying to figure out what was so different. It wasn’t a bad different. It was actually pretty damn good. “All right. I give up. What’s the secret ingredient?”

“Homemade spicy mayo,” Bum said proudly.

“You made the mayo yourself?” Sangwoo asked, shoving another kimbap in his mouth.

Bum nodded. “You just need an egg, some oil, and an acid. I used vinegar to bring out the spiciness of the pepper I added.”

“It’s good. Did you take cooking classes or something?”

Bum shook his head. “I just had a lot of free time. I watched a lot of videos online.”

“Time well spent,” Sangwoo announced as he reached for a kimchi one. He studied it for a moment before looking at Bum for an explanation of the obvious secret.

“I used the spicy mayo and some pickles to make a tartar sauce that I folded the minced crab meat into. It’s fishy and spicy and tart.”

Sangwoo popped it into his mouth and chewed. Yep, definitely as advertised. “I can’t figure out which one I like better. They’re both good.”

Bum smiled. “I’m glad you like it,” he said as he began to eat.

“Maybe you can pack some for my lunch at school next week,” Sangwoo said.

“Of course. I’ll make whatever you want for lunch,” Bum agreed.

“Such a good housewife,” Sangwoo said again before he lapsed into silence eating. He cleaned his plate, but he noticed that Bum had made plenty of extras to pack away for snacking later. “So, what are my chances of getting a blowjob before I head off to work?” Sangwoo asked as he watched Bum put away the leftovers.

“Chances are excellent,” Bum assured him as he took off his apron and set it aside. He walked over to Sangwoo and knelt in front of his chair.

Sangwoo was a little surprised. “Just like that?”

“Just like that,” Bum assured him as he reached up to pull Sangwoo’s pants open.

“It feels too easy,” Sangwoo said.

“Do you want me to play harder to get?” Bum asked, tilting his head curiously.

“Fuck no!”

Bum grinned. “Good. That’s just a waste of time. You want it and I want you, so it should be just that easy,” Bum said, easing Sangwoo’s cock out of his pants. He eagerly ran his hands over it, coaxing it from pretty interested to rock hard. Once Bum was satisfied with the hardness of Sangwoo’s cock, he leaned in to take it into his mouth.

Sangwoo groaned and put his hand on Bum’s head. He watched as Bum slowly devoured his cock. He worked it over with his tongue and drew it down his throat. It was farther than last time, but Bum still wasn’t able to take it all. That was perfectly fine. Whatever didn’t fit, Bum worked with his hands, squeezing around the base of his cock. Bum bobbed his head, humming softly as Sangwoo’s cock slide to the back of his mouth. Sangwoo tightened his grip on Bum’s head.

“Touch my balls,” Sangwoo demanded. Because he liked the fact that Bum actually did. Anything Sangwoo asked for, Bum gave, which was good but was even better during sex. He’d slept with some real prudes before. It was like he was asking them to touch his asshole if he said his balls wanted attention. There was a reason he only slept with bitches once. Bum was obedient and more importantly, damn good at touching him, so he wanted as much as he could get.

Bum hummed affirmatively and one of his hands slid down to start rolling his balls in his palm.

Sangwoo groaned. “Yeah, like that.” He shifted, trying to push his pants down to give Bum better access.

Bum helped him drag his pants down his thighs. He pulled off his cock and nuzzled his balls, giving them a quick nibble. Sangwoo shivered. Bum grinned as he slid Sangwoo’s cock back into his mouth. Bum started to press his finger behind Sangwoo’s balls and Sangwoo found his hips lifting off the chair. Bum grinned around his cock as he gripped it a little tighter and continued to stroke and press behind his balls.

“Fuck,” Sangwoo hissed, one hand gripping the chair so he didn’t slide right out of it. “That’s...fuck...yes.”

Bum gave a small chuckle that seemed to reverberate through Sangwoo’s entire body. Bum pressed a finger into that magically sensitive place behind his balls that he didn’t even know he had and suddenly, Sangwoo was coming so hard there were spots dimming out his vision. He felt like he could barely breathe and was gasping for air as his hips jerked in the chair. He looked down and Bum had pulled off of his cock. He was taking Sangwoo’s spunk right to the face as he continued working his cock with his hand. Sangwoo moaned as his cock jerked in Bum’s hand, painting his cheek with his load. It was hotter than he’d like to admit. He closed his eyes as he slumped back into the chair.

“Fuck,” he muttered. He already knew that Bum could give a damn good blowjob, but that was the most intense one so far! He’d appreciated the attention to his balls last time, but this time it was really Bum’s fingers prodding sensitive places that sent him over the edge. He wondered if he’d ever be able to settle for any woman’s shitty fumbling blowjobs ever again. Probably not, so he needed to hold onto Bum.

Bum giggled quietly as he leaned in to clean up Sangwoo’s cock with his tongue, lapping like a happy kitten. Soon, his mouth retreated, but the licking sounds continued.

Sangwoo cracked his eyes open to watch Bum wiping the come from his face and licking his hands clean. “Fuck,” he repeated, feeling his cock jerk weakly at the sight.

Bum smiled at him as he got up and went to the sink, cleaning himself up a bit. He returned and straddled Sangwoo’s lap, drawing his mouth up into a kiss. Sangwoo felt like he should push away his come flavored kiss, but he didn’t. He let Bum lead him through a few lazy kisses before he realized that Bum’s own cock was rubbing against his stomach. He was wondering if he should try touching him when Bum’s hand wandered under his skirt and he quickly brought himself off with a few strokes. Sangwoo wasn’t sure if he was relieved or disappointed. Maybe next time he’d try to touch it. Bum’s cock seemed easier to operate than a woman’s pussy. He already knew how to handle a cock after all. Bum melted against him, pressing his face into Sangwoo’s neck where he panted softly for a while.

Sangwoo laughed. “We’re a mess,” he said, bringing a hand up to rub Bum’s back.

“A good mess though,” Bum murmured.

“Yes, but I have work soon, so maybe we should move this mess to the bathroom,” Sangwoo suggested.

Bum pulled back and gave him a searching look. “I don’t know, any time you take me to the bathroom, we make a bigger mess when you fuck me in the tub. I don’t think you have time for that.”

Sangwoo pouted at him. “Are you telling me to bathe by myself?”

“No.” Bum pressed his finger against Sangwoo’s nose. “I’m telling you we should just bathe, and nothing else, or you’ll be late for work.”

Sangwoo stared at Bum’s finger. “Boring,” Sangwoo he said.

Bum slid off of him and raised an eyebrow.

“Fine.” Sangwoo sighed as he stood up and pushed his pants off completely. “We’ll just take a bath.”

Bum smiled. “Ok. I’ll wash your back.” He headed for the bathroom to set up the bath.

Sangwoo took a side trip into the bedroom for the lube. Looks like he’d be late for work after all.

Chapter Text

Sangwoo was on the edge of awareness. He could feel Bum moving around beside him, but he ignored it, intent on having a lazy morning. The touches felt really good and it lulled him almost back to sleep, but something changed. The previously soft, comforting touches turned intense and insistent. Sangwoo moaned as his eyes slid open. He could make out Bum above him and it took a moment to take stock of the situation. Bum was naked and perched on top of him. This was a first. He’d never been fucked awake before and that’s what was happening. Bum was slowly riding his morning wood, his breasts swaying gently as he moved. He groaned as Bum shifted.

“Good morning,” Bum purred, leaning down to kiss him.

“Good morning,” Sangwoo said, looking up at Bum, wide-eyed. He felt like he was still dreaming and didn’t know how to react to this new development. He settled for pulling Bum closer so he could press his face between his breasts.

Bum made a happy noise as he pushed a hand through Sangwoo’s hair. He scraped at his scalp lightly with his nails and clenched around his cock.

Sangwoo shivered at the touch and began to mouth at Bum’s breasts. He loved how they swung pendulously above him. He loved the soft whimper Bum released when he pinched at his nipple. He left a nice bruise on one breast before switching to the other to suck on that soft skin. His desire to mark Bum had left countless bruises on his pale skin. There were the obvious ones on his neck and shoulders, and the less obvious ones that peppered his breasts and hips. His desire to mark had surprised him, but he just couldn’t stop himself. He was like an animal, eager to mark his territory.

Bum whimpered and pushed away. He sat up and cupped his breasts, inspecting his new bruises. “You’re insatiable,” Bum said, fingering one of the bruises lightly.

“It’s your own fault for being so delicious,” Sangwoo said, his voice still roughened by sleep. It seemed to do things to Bum as Bum shivered and clenched around him. Sangwoo groaned. “Especially when you wake me up like this.” He reached out, putting his hands on Bum’s hips.

“You were poking me with your cock, so I decided to take care of you. Aren’t you happy?” Bum asked, preening and smiling down at Sangwoo.

Sangwoo snorted as he surged into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around Bum so he wouldn’t knock him off. “I’m fucking delighted,” Sangwoo said, scraping his teeth down Bum’s shoulder.

Bum moaned and squirmed in his lap. The position left him with his legs nearly in the air as his back rested against Sangwoo’s thighs. “I can’t move this way,” he whined, squirming more.

Sangwoo snorted because Bum was moving plenty. He rocked his hips forward just a little, making Bum moan. It was a terrible position, but it was fun to tease. It seemed easiest to lay back down and let Bum do all the work. So that’s what he did, slowly laying back. Bum readjusted himself and began a painfully slow series of slides up and down his cock.

“You’re such a tease,” Sangwoo growled.

Bum smiled. “I just want it to last,” he said, slowly sliding down Sangwoo’s cock. “I love having you in me.”

“I like being in you. I guess a nice slow fuck once in a while won’t hurt,” Sangwoo said.

“It’ll feel great,” Bum promised, clenching around him.

Sangwoo’s hips twitched as he tried to thrust up, but he’d already agreed to go slow, so he settled back down and let Bum do the work. At least for a little while. Soon, his hands were grabbing Bum’s ass, urging him up and down his cock. Bum went along with his urgings, leaning down to kiss him slowly. Sangwoo was going crazy at Bum’s slow pace. Even his kisses were long, drawn-out explorations of his mouth. Worst of all, Bum began to slow as his legs got tired. Sangwoo tried to lift him a few times, but it was only so effective. He bent his legs, digging his heels into the sheets and gave a hard thrust.

Bum tumbled forward with a startled moan, his hands hitting the floor to keep his balance. Sangwoo smirked up at him as he grabbed his asscheeks, pulling them apart as he began to hammer into Bum. Bum moaned, shifting to better accommodate Sangwoo. Sangwoo got a faceful of tit, which he was perfectly happy with. He pushed on Bum’s hips, pushing him back on his cock as he thrust forward. Bum whined as he stared down at Sangwoo, helping to press back on his cock. He shifted his hand to touch his own cock.

“That’s right,” Sangwoo hissed. “Come, baby.”

Bum, ever the obedient lover, was quick to obey, working his cock hard until he was coming. Sangwoo was ready for it, but the tight clench of Bum’s muscles still made him groan. It was so good. He wanted this to last longer, but Bum had teased him so much, his body wanted release. He gave a few last hard thrusts before he came, still pressing up into Bum’s lovely ass. Bum whined, pressing back onto him. Even after Bum came, brushing his little spot made him squirm and moan. Sangwoo had to hold him still, his cock was just too sensitive to deal with Bum’s squirming.

Bum seemed to understand as he stayed still. After a moment, Sangwoo sighed and went boneless. Bum chuckled and he sprawled on top of him. He nuzzled happily at Sangwoo’s neck.

Sangwoo reached up to cup the back of Bum’s head, staring up at him almost in awe. “That was the best fucking way to wake up,” he declared.

Bum smiled and kissed him lightly. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Should I wake you up that way?” Sangwoo asked. The happiness on Bum’s face seemed to seep out. Sangwoo frowned. “Babe?”

Bum took a deep breath. “Please don’t,” he said softly. “Uncle, he used to... that way. And I, I just don’t ever want to mistake you for him.”

“Ok.” He nodded. “For future reference, I don’t mind this at all. I very much approve of it,” Sangwoo said.

Bum gave him a small smile. “I’m glad. I like making you feel good.”

“I feel better than good. I feel fan-fucking-tastic!” Sangwoo declared.

Bum’s smile widened and he leaned down to kiss Sangwoo one last time before he pulled away. He got up, sighing as Sangwoo’s cock slid out of him. He caught his cock and carefully removed the condom, tying it off and tossing it in the trash. “That was the last condom,” he said. “And we’re almost out of lube.”

“Then we’ll have to pick some up today while we’re out,” Sangwoo said as he sat up and stretched. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a box of condoms this fast before.”

“Maybe we need a bigger box,” Bum said as he got up and pulled on the large t-shirt he’d taken to sleeping in.

“That’s the biggest one you can get in a convenience store,” Sangwoo said.

“Then maybe we need to go somewhere a little more specialized,” Bum said.

“Specialized?” Sangwoo sat up and looked at Bum curiously.

Seong-in yong-pum,” Bum said with a wink as he headed out of the bedroom.

Sangwoo stared after him. Did Bum just suggest they visit a sex shop together? Fuck yeah! He jumped up to follow Bum.

Bum saw him coming and scuttled into the bathroom and closed the door. “No! We just had sex. You’re not fucking me in the tub again!”

“But you got my dick all hard again, promising me sex shops!” Sangwoo said, standing outside the door.

“I want my chicken first,” Bum said, sounding pouty as hell.

Sangwoo could just imagine his adorable expression and couldn't keep a fond grin from creeping across his face.

“Then we can go to the sex shop and buy some fun things. And when we get home, I’ll let you use them on me, but not till then!”

Sangwoo was sure he heard Bum’s bare foot slap against the bathroom floor as he stomped. He held back a chuckle as he knocked his head lightly on the bathroom door. “I’m gonna die of blue balls,” he insisted.

Bum snorted. “You are not. You just came five minutes ago. We’ve had sex at least twice a day since I got here.”

“We don’t want to break up the tradition,” Sangwoo said.

“We won’t. We’re just not having sex again for a few hours. I think you’ll live. Now, why don’t you go watch tv while I wash up.”

“I could wash your back for you,” Sangwoo offered.

“No,” Bum said flatly. “I can’t trust you in the tub with me anymore. You just wait your turn. I’ll be out in a bit.”

Sangwoo heard the water turn on and he sighed. He wasn’t really disappointed. The promise of the sex shop was more than enough to hold him over. Probably. He ended up messing around on his computer for a bit until Bum emerged from the bath. Sangwoo took a quick bath as well and soon, they left the house, heading out to have an early lunch of fried chicken.

“Where do you want to go?” Sangwoo asked as they climbed into the car.

“Surprise me,” Bum asked, smiling.

“One surprise, coming up,” Sangwoo replied as they headed out into the city.

There were hundreds of places they could have gone for fried chicken, but Sangwoo settled for Mother Cluckers because they had an interesting variety on their menu and he appreciated their extensive beer selection. That could not be said of all chicken places. They got a booth and some menus. Sangwoo ordered a seasonal microbrew and Bum got some strangely colored cocktail that had fruit and a paper umbrella sticking out of it.

“I’m going to get the large Shrimp Special with chicken, shrimp, and dduk. You can get whatever you want,” Sangwoo said, tapping the picture on his menu.

Bum smiled. “I think I’ll have the small classic fried chicken and some french fries, but I want a few bites of yours.”

“Of course. I’ll trade you for some fries.”

Bum laughed. “Deal.”

Once they’d ordered and the waitress took their menus, Sangwoo turned his attention back to Bum. “So,” he began, “What exactly are you planning on buying at the sex shop?”

Bum blushed and glanced around. It was still early in the day, so there weren’t too many people there. “Besides, the obvious condoms and lube? I don’t really know. Do you have any kinks that you haven’t told me about? Should I get some edible underwear?” Bum teased.

“Well, to be honest, you are a kink I didn’t even know I had, so maybe there’s more to discover.” Sangwoo leered.

If possible, Bum blushed deeper. “Well, as long as you don’t suddenly take up BDSM, I’m ok with experimenting. I’ve had enough of being hit to last a lifetime.”

Well, that certainly put a damper on things. Sangwoo nudged Bum’s foot gently under the table. “No BDSM, I promise. Any other turn offs I should know about?” So far, there were only three things he knew Bum didn't like. BDSM, being fucked awake, and stripes.

“I’d rather you didn’t piss on me,” Bum said.

Sangwoo blinked. “What?”

“You heard me. Please don’t piss on me. Or shit.” Bum wrinkled his nose.

“I…” Sangwoo struggled to find words. “Did he do that do you?”

“No, but he did piss on my clothes a few times.”

“That’s disgusting,” Sangwoo said. “Is he a fucking dog?! I promise not to piss on you or your clothes. I will definitely come on you, on your clothes, and inside of you frequently.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Bum laughed. “Pervert,” he murmured, pushing his foot against Sangwoo’s.

“I blame you,” Sangwoo said. “You’ve turned me into this sex-starved monster.”

Bum snorted. “Don’t lie, you’ve always been a lady killer Oh Sangwoo.”

Sangwoo felt his smile sharpen. “Yeah, a lady killer,” he repeated.

Bum tilted his head, a small wrinkle forming on his brow as he caught sight of Sangwoo’s expression. He opened his mouth to speak, but the waitress arrived with their banchan, setting down some dongchimi and some kimchi. By the time she’d left, Sangwoo felt himself relax again.

“I’m so hungry,” he said, picking up his chopsticks and digging into the kimchi.

“Maybe we should have had a snack before we left,” Bum said, plucking up a piece of pickled radish with his chopsticks.

“Nah, this is fine. Our food will be out any minute.”

Bum nodded and snagged a bit of kimchi.

As predicted, the food arrived quickly with steam rising up from the dishes. “This looks great,” Sangwoo said, staring down at his plate of fried chicken, fried shrimp and dduk tossed in a spicy sweet sauce that was just calling to him. He was quick to grab a piece of chicken and pop it in his mouth. “Hoooot,” he hissed, breathing out steam, but still chewing it up and swallowing it quickly.

Bum smiled as he reached out for the ketchup bottle on the table and squirted a large puddle of it next to his fries. “Help yourself,” he told Sangwoo before he picked up a fry and delicately dipped it into the ketchup. He popped the fry in his mouth and gave a satisfied sound. “I love it when they’re battered like this,” he said happily. “Good choice of chicken restaurants.”

Sangwoo laughed. “You haven’t even tried the chicken yet.”

“I’m letting it cool a bit. I don’t want it to melt my tongue. I don’t know how you can eat it that hot.”

Sangwoo shrugged. “I used to suffer through a lot of cold meals as a kid. I guess eating my food at volcanic temperatures is my little quirk now.”

“I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I cook. I’ll heat yours enough to burn through the plate.”

“However you serve it is fine. I’ve liked everything you cooked so far,” Sangwoo said as he picked up a shrimp and ate it.

“I’m glad. I like cooking,” Bum said, dipping another fry in ketchup.

“Here, I think this is cool enough for you,” Sangwoo said, offering Bum a piece of his chicken.

Bum leaned forward and opened his mouth, letting Sangwoo feed him the chicken. Bum chewed it and swallowed. “Oh, that sauce is nice. Give me a piece of dduk?” He opened his mouth.

Sangwoo chuckled and fed him the requested piece of dduk. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched their waitress approach to check up on them. She stopped, blushed and quickly moved along. Sangwoo smirked as he reached forward to steal some of Bum’s fries.

They settled into silence as they ate, only trading occasional comments and bits of food. Bum cleaned the bones of his chicken and sat back with a happy sigh. Sangwoo still had a bit more to work his way through, plus a few more of Bum’s fries.

“Can I use your phone to look at something?” Bum asked. His was still turned off, so they’d left it at home.

Sangwoo pulled out his phone and opened it up before he passed it over to Bum.

“Thanks,” Bum beamed as he accepted the phone. He sat back and fiddled with it, grinning to himself.

“What are you doing?” Sangwoo asked around a mouthful of chicken.

Bum turned the phone to show Sangwoo the map application he had open, showing them the nearest sex shops.

“And you call me a pervert,” Sangwoo said, pointing his chopsticks at him.

Bum gave him an innocent look. “What are you talking about oppa?” He asked, fluttering his lashes at Sangwoo.

“You’re not fooling anyone. You’re the one that fucked me awake this morning,” Sangwoo said, setting down his chopsticks and picking up his beer. He heard a choking sound and turned to see their waitress beside him. He gave her a smoldering grin that sent her scampering off with a squeak.

“I can’t decide if you’re going to give her wet dreams or nightmares,” Bum said, handing the phone back to Sangwoo.

Sangwoo shrugged and shoved his phone back in his pocket. “Maybe both.”

“Poor girl.” He wiggled out of the booth. “I’m going to use the restroom.”

Sangwoo nodded and watched him walk off. Bum was wearing the patterned sundress he’d picked up and his choker. The dress was just tight enough that he could admire Bum’s ass as he walked towards the restroom. While Bum was gone, a different waitress showed up with the check and Sangwoo had to laugh. He settled the bill and waited for Bum to return.

When Bum headed back towards the booth, Sangwoo stood up and held his hand out to him. Bum happily slid his hand into Sangwoo’s.

“We scared off the waitress. She didn’t even bring the check, it was a different one.”

Bum giggled. “So a little public display of affection and talk of sex had her hiding? I feel sorry for her future boyfriend.”

“Mean,” Sangwoo teased as they left the restaurant. “So, we should be able to walk to the closest shop. Is that ok?”

“That’s fine. I hope they have a good selection,” Bum said.

Sangwoo shrugged. “If they don’t, we’ll drive to another one.”

Bum nodded and walked along beside Sangwoo, still happily holding his hand. They stopped a few times to look into a shop when something caught their interest, but soon Sangwoo was nudging Bum.

“Hey, you think that sign shaped like a pink dildo is the place?” He pointed to a sign hanging from the second story of a building.

Bum giggled. “Definitely the place.”

The door to the shop warned against minors and they had to climb the stairs to the second floor. Sangwoo had been expecting some sort of dark, dingy shop with black walls, but this place was well lit and painted a shockingly bright pink, just like their sign. Dildos were laid out on display tables like it was an Apple store. A young woman sat behind a display counter just inside the door and she perked up when they entered.

“Welcome,” she said. “Feel free to browse and touch anything you like. Let me know if you have any questions.”

“Oh, I like your corset,” Bum said, admiring her outfit.

“Thank you,” the girl replied, sitting up straighter. “It’s called an underbust corset because instead of squishing your breasts up, it goes under them and holds them up. It’s meant to be worn over a shirt, but lately, I’ve been wearing interesting bralettes under it. Like this strappy one.” The girl snapped one of the straps of her bra for emphasis.

“It looks really good,” Bum said, admiring it.

The girl grinned. “Thank you. I think you’d look great in one too,” she said. “Let me know if you want to try one on and I’ll help to fit you.”

Bum blushed. “Thank you.” He smiled shyly.

Sangwoo felt the need to wrap a possessive arm around Bum and pulled him close. “First thing’s first, where are your condoms and lube? We need to stock up,” Sangwoo said, leering down at his lover.

“Sure thing. This wall here is completely dedicated to lubricants, condoms, and dental dams,” the girl said, gesturing to one wall.

“Dental dams?” Sangwoo repeated slowly.

“Yes, it’s like a sheet of latex that you can use as a barrier when you give oral to your partner. Great for eating ass if you don’t like the taste of ass. We have them flavored and unflavored,” she explained without batting an eyelash.

“Huh, I didn’t know that,” Sangwoo said. Sangwoo had to hand it to her, she knew her stuff and she was no prude. He appreciated that. Though he didn’t necessarily appreciate her appreciation for Bum, even though hers seemed to be mostly aesthetic appreciation rather than sexual.

“Could be worth checking out,” she said with a smile.

“Maybe,” Sangwoo said as he started walking towards the wall of condoms with Bum in tow. “I also didn’t realize that they had this many different kinds of condoms,” he said to Bum. “Look, this one has a little vibrator built into the condom.”

“These glow in the dark,” Bum said, pointing to another box.

“We don’t really need them to do anything fancy, we just need a big box,” Sangwoo said.

“Here’s a big one,” Bum said, picking up a large plastic jar of condoms. It looked like a candy jar that you’d see holding innocent lollipops at the bank, but this one was stuffed with condoms.

“What is that a year’s supply?” Sangwoo asked, taking the jar out of his hands and looking to see how many condoms it contained.

“If we only have sex 500 times a year, I guess it is,” Bum commented.

Sangwoo considered it. “Considering that we’ve had sex at least twice a day so far, this might not be enough.”

“Should we get it?” Bum asked.

“It’s a bit pricey, let’s find a smaller box since we’re still getting lube and maybe something else,” Sangwoo said, setting the jar back on the shelf.

They settled on a large box of fifty condoms and continued on to the lube. Sangwoo read the various tags declaring various lubes to be “best for vaginal sex,” “number one flavored lube,” and “long-lasting silicone for anal pleasure”. Well, he definitely wanted some anal pleasure, so he got a large bottle of silicone lube with a handy pump. Now that they had what they came for, they could browse. Bum was already at the end of the aisle poking something. “What are you looking at?” He asked, coming up behind him.

“This vibrator,” Bum said holding it up to show Sangwoo. It was a small rabbit, with a giant dick and some elastic strings.

“So the rabbit fucks you?” Sangwoo asked.

“Looks like it, you pull the straps onto your legs and put it in your vagina.” He flipped a switch on a battery pack and the thing came to life. The tip of the cock moved, some beads inside it rotated and even the head of the rabbit seemed to be vibrating swiftly so the ears flopped around.

“Well, neither of us has a vagina, so we can avoid that weird little bit of bestiality,” Sangwoo said.

Bum laughed as he turned it off and set it back onto the shelf he found it on. “We might not have a vagina, but we can buy a disembodied one if you need,” he said, pointing out some fleshlights on the next aisle.

Sangwoo snorted. “No thanks. I have something better.” He groped Bum’s ass.

“I hope I’m better than a cold piece of silicone,” he said, leaning back into Sangwoo’s touch.

“Honestly, I can’t compare. I’ve never used one of those things,” Sangwoo said.

Bum chuckled. “Of course not. You’re too handsome for that.”

He moved on to the next aisle and Sangwoo followed. Now, this might be their aisle he thought as he looked at the various buttplugs on display. There were small ones, big ones, glass ones, metal ones, and even ones with tails attached. He walked down the aisle, pausing when one plug caught his eye. “This one would look cute in you,” he said.

Bum walked up to see what Sangwoo was looking at. It was a smooth metal butt plug with a blue gem set in the base. Bum picked it up to run his fingers over it. “It is nice,” he said.

“Would you want something like this?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum considered it. “It could be fun. If we get a thick one, I could prepare myself and stick it in, then when you come home, you could just take it out and fuck me.”

Sangwoo liked that idea. He liked it a lot. “What’s a good thickness?” He asked, looking over the options.

“Probably one that’s almost as thick as your cock,” he said, picking one up, wrapping his fingers around it to gauge its diameter.

“This one,” Sangwoo said, holding up a rather thick and bulbous plug.

“Let’s get it,” Bum said, reaching under the display to find a new one in a box.

Sangwoo nods. “Anything else we need?”

Bum shrugs. “Let’s just look around and see if anything else jumps out at us.” He continued down the aisle and they pointed out a few things to each other now and then. They ended up in the corner looking at the corset selection. “These are really nice,” Bum said, running his hand over a satin corset. “But they’re so expensive.”

Sangwoo looked at a price tag and grimaced. As much as he’d like to see Bum with his cute breasts propped up in one of them, they’d have to save that for a special occasion. “Maybe you can ask Santa to bring you one,” he said teasingly.

Bum chuckled. “I’ll be sure to put it on my list. That gives Santa a few months to save up.”

“You ready to go then?” Sangwoo asked.

“Yes, let’s take our toys home and play.” Bum winked at him as he sauntered up to the register.

Sangwoo groaned quietly to himself as he followed Bum up, setting the condoms and lube on the counter next to the plug they’d selected.

The girl at the counter smiled. “Will you be needing any nitrile gloves to go with this? We’re having a sale.” She waved to the display of gloves on the counter.

“Gloves for sex?” Sangwoo asked skeptically.

“Oh yes. Great for mess-free prepping of your partner. Just slap on a glove and some lube and open them up. Then you can toss the glove and have clean hands,” she explained, wiggling her fingers.

“Huh.” Sangwoo blinked. He’d never thought of that. Apparently, there were a lot of aspects of sex he hadn’t considered. What the hell kind of boring ass vanilla sex was he having before Bum? He shrugged. “Sure. We’ll take a box of the extra large.”

“I have them in black, purple, blue, or green for those medical fetishists.”

“Black is fine,” Sangwoo said. The girl nodded and selected the right box before ringing them up. Sangwoo paid and accepted the bag from the girl. “Hey, do you have a bathroom we could use?” he asked.

She gave him a knowing look. “Our bathroom is not open to the public because people like to try out their new purchases in there,” she said.

Sangwoo grinned. “Well, that’s sort of what we want to do. I thought Bum might want to wear this home.”

Bum blushed. “Sangwoo,” he said, pressing his face into Sangwoo’s arm.

The girl gave them a considering glance. “I’ll let you use it on one condition,” she said after a few moments of silence.

Sangwoo raised an eyebrow. “What’s that?”

“I get to watch you put it in,” she chirped, grinning at them.

Sangwoo blinked in shock. “That’s pretty forward of you.”

She shrugged. “I work in a sex shop,” she said dryly. “And I have to make sure you don’t end up fucking in there.”

“True.” Sangwoo looked down at Bum. “What do you think?”

Bum looked up at him, face pink from blushing. “I guess,” he said, glancing shyly at the shop girl.

The girl beamed at them. “Great, let me show you the bathroom.” She hopped off her stool and lead them into a door that indicated it was for staff only. They walked into a large stockroom, then to another door, which she held open for them. The bathroom was clean, not some squalid little hole. That was probably because they didn’t allow customers in to fuck on all the surfaces.

Sangwoo led Bum inside and upended their bag on the counter, carefully shaking out their purchases. He picked up the box of gloves and opened it up, pulling on a pair. Bum gave him a wide-eyed look and Sangwoo grinned. “My turn to try,” he said.

“Are you sure?” Bum asked.

“I’ve got all the supplies. Might as well go for it,” Sangwoo said.

“Oh, am I witnessing a first?” the girl asked from the doorway.

Sangwoo looked back at her. “He’s my first boyfriend. I haven’t done any of the prep yet.”

Her eyes widened as she glanced at Bum, then she grinned. “Excellent.” She clapped her hands. “I can give you pointers if you need. But mostly just use lots of lube and communicate. He’ll tell you where to touch and how.”

Sangwoo looked at Bum who nodded in agreement. “Ok. Open that up and wash it off, then we’ll get started.”

Bum took the toy out of the box and gave it a good scrub in the sink before setting it aside on a paper towel. He glanced shyly at the shop girl before he reached under his dress and shimmied out of his panties, which he also set on the counter. Then he hitched his dress up around his waist and leaned over the counter, presenting himself to Sangwoo.

Sangwoo stopped to appreciate the sight. He nudged Bum’s legs a little wider before he reached out for the lube and applied some to one gloved hand.

“Go slow at first,” the shop girl advised. “Just so you get a feel for it.”

Sangwoo nodded as he grabbed Bum’s asscheek, pressing it open to expose his little hole. He reached out to touch it with his lubed fingers and Bum shivered. Thinking back to what he’d seen Bum do, he started to circle the hole with one finger, rubbing the lube around and just getting a feel for the small pucker. Touching it with his hand was different from letting it swallow his dick. “Are you ready?” He asked.

“It’s fine,” Bum assured him, glancing back at him. “Put a finger in.”

Sangwoo did as he was told, easing a finger into Bum. It took a bit of pressure and Bum’s ass pressed down tightly around his finger. He was kind of amazed that this tiny hole could take his huge dick. He moved his finger around, watching Bum’s reactions.

“If you press in deep, you can find his prostate,” the shop girl suggested.

“What does it feel like?” He asked.

“At the back, there’s a bump, it varies in size, but maybe like a small plum, firm but with give.”

Sangwoo moved his finger around curiously until Bum twitched around him and moaned. “Is that it?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Bum murmured.

“You can give him really intense orgasms just by massaging that. You should play with it to figure out what he likes.” She paused. “But probably at home.”

Sanwoo chuckled. “Yeah. We definitely will.” He rubbed against Bum’s prostate, drawing another moan from him.

“You can access the prostate by pressing up between the balls and the anus. It’s not as good as touching it from the inside, but I hear it’s pretty damn good,” the girl said.

“Oh? Is that what you were doing you little minx?” Sangwoo asked, pressing Bum’s prostate hard.

Bum whined. “Not so hard.” He squirmed.

“Sorry. I guess I can’t be mad. I didn’t hate it.” Yesterday’s orgasm had been one of the most intense of his life, so it looked like he was not above prostate stimulation. He just had to be a little gentler with Bum’s when he had his fingers him. He gave it a light stroke of apology.

Bum shuddered and gasped. “I just wanted you to feel good,” he said, glancing back at him.

“And it did,” Sangwoo agreed. It really fucking did.

“You can put in another finger,” Bum said.

“Ok.” Sangwoo focused on the task at hand. He slowly fucked Bum with two fingers, watching them slide in and out with east. Bum moaned and pushed back and the shop girl coughed. Sangwoo glanced at her.

“Maybe speed it up a bit, you’re just trying to get the toy in right?” She said. She looked rather flushed despite her words, but they had agreed to not fuck in the bathroom. That seemed in include foreplay as well. He’d just have to revisit this at home. For now, he moved things along.

Soon, Sangwoo was able to get two fingers from each hand into Bum, holding him open more than enough to take the toy. Bum was panting heavily and Sangwoo was feeling pretty aroused. Maybe putting the toy in in the sex shop bathroom wasn’t the best idea since they’d have to wait to get home before they could finish. Still, he took the thing off the counter, gave it a little more lube and pressed it gently into Bum’s ass. He watched as he swallowed the bulbous head, then closed around the narrower neck, leaving only the flared base with its sparkling gem nestled snugly between Bum’s ass cheeks.

“That looks great,” Sangwoo said, admiring his handiwork.

“It really does,” the shop girl said, suddenly standing beside him to admire Bum’s ass.

Bum was already flushed with arousal, but his body seemed to flush further when he realized the girl was staring at him and the small cock that hung heavy between his legs and the various bruises Sangwoo had painted over his skin. He stood up, letting his dress fall down around him.

The girl pouted but shrugged. “Well boys, it’s been fun, but I should get back to work and you should probably get home. He looks really needy.” She grinned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him,” Sangwoo promised as he stripped out of the gloves and dropped them into the trash.

“I’m sure,” the girl said, grinning. “Thanks for the show. I’ll give you a minute to put yourselves back together. But seriously, don’t fuck in here.”

“We won’t,” Bum promised.

“Great. I’ll give you some coupons on the way out, then maybe you’ll come back and let me fit you for a corset.” She winked at Bum.

Bum blushed and shifted to hide behind Sangwoo a bit.

“Hey, mine,” Sangwoo growled, dragging Bum into the protective circle of his arms.

“Yes. And you’re so pretty together,” the girl agreed before heading back into the main shop.

Sangwoo rolled his eyes and looked down at Bum. “How are you feeling?”

“Good,” Bum said, though his voice was soft, distracted. “It’s big.”

“Then you’ll be ready to fuck as soon as we’re home,” Sangwoo said, leaning down for a quick kiss.

Bum made an affirmative noise before breaking away. He blushed and reached for his panties. “No more of that or I’ll break our promise.”

Sangwoo smirked but stepped away to put their things back in the bag. He glanced at Bum, grinning at the moan he issued as he bent to put his panties back on. Fuck, he hoped the traffic wasn’t too bad on the way home. He really needed to press his cock into Bum as soon as possible. He quickly guided Bum back into the shop where the girl showered them in various free samples and coupons.

“Come back soon,” she called as they headed out.

The noises Bum made as they walked down the stairs did things to Sangwoo’s cock. The walk back to the car felt far longer than before and it didn’t help that Bum pressed close, moaning quietly every now and then. Finally, they reached the car and Sangwoo got them on the road. Still, it would take them at least a half hour to get home and Sangwoo was pretty sure that neither of them would make it.

“Sangwoo,” Bum whined, squirming in his seat. “I can’t wait.”

Sangwoo glanced at him. His erection was tenting his dress and his hands were grasping the fabric around his thighs. “What do you want me to do?” Sangwoo asked. He was already ridiculously turned on. Watching Bum squirm around really wasn’t helping how fucking tight his pants felt. He was pretty sure he was going to have a permanent zipper impression on his dick when he finally got his pants off.

“I need you to fuck me,” Bum insisted vehemently, going so far as to lean over and start pawing at Sangwoo’s crotch.

Sangwoo groaned. They weren’t even halfway home yet. They still had a long ride till he could take Bum out of the car and fuck him. But, maybe he didn’t have to take Bum out of the car. He looked around. What he really needed was somewhere out of the way. He turned off the main road, turning into a more industrial area, looking for a good place to park the car. Bum continued to squirm and pant. “Hold on, baby. I’ll help you in a minute.”

“Please!” Bum whined.

Fuck. “Get the condoms out. Once I find a place to park, I’ll take care of you,” Sangwoo promised.

Bum nodded as he reached into the bag at his feet and pulled out the box of condoms. He opened the box and removed one. “Lube?” He asked.

“No. I think you’re pretty slick right now.” Sangwoo grinned. After all, they’d used plenty of their slippery new lube getting the plug inside of Bum. He spotted an abandoned looking warehouse complex and pulled into the lot. There was a wide shadowed alley between two of the buildings and he quickly pulled in and parked. Once he was parked, he turned the car off and pushed his seat back as far as it would go. He put the back of his seat down and laid back, fighting with his pants. “Condom,” he demanded as his cock sprung free, hard and leaking.

Bum leaned forward and rolled the condom onto Sangwoo’s cock.

“Now comes the hard part. Take out your toy and climb on my cock. I know there’s not much room, but if you want to get fucked, you’ll manage,” Sangwoo said.

Bum nodded as wiggled out of his panties, letting them settle on the floor. Then he pulled up his dress and reached back to pull out the butt plug. “It’s slippery,” he complained as he fought to get a hold of it.

“That’s a good thing,” Sangwoo reminded.

Bum whined softly and Sangwoo could tell he’d finally gotten a good hold of the plug and started to pull it out. Bum dropped the toy on the floor and turned to look at Sangwoo reclined in his seat. Bum turned around so he was facing the back of the car and then carefully moved to straddle Sangwoo. There was an awkward adjustment of limbs. Bum hit the car horn with his ass and jumped when it went off, his head hitting the roof of the car. Sangwoo laughed.

Bum flushed. “Shut up, it’s cramped in here.” He pinched Sangwoo’s arm.

Sangwoo grinned and pinched Bum back. “I know, you’ll just have to bear with it, now get on my cock. You’ve been begging for it.”

Bum huffed but finally managed to settle over Sangwoo’s cock and carefully slide back onto it. Sangwoo was impressed by how easily Bum was able to slide onto his cock. Between the plug and the lube, clearly, they’d made some good investments.

Sangwoo reached up and pulled Bum’s face down so he could kiss him. Bum moaned at the change of position. “Is this what you wanted?” Sangwoo asked, pressing his feet into the floor so he could thrust up into Bum.

“Yesss,” Bum hissed, grinding down on Sangwoo’s cock.

“I’ve never fucked in a car before,” Sangwoo said, sliding his hands away from Bum’s neck to grip his hips. “It’s cramped as hell, but it’s thrilling. Someone could walk by at any time.”

Bum shivered, his ass clenching around Sangwoo.

“You like that feeling too. The feeling that you could get caught any moment,” Sangwoo said, thrusting up hard.

Bum groaned. “Yes. I’m scared, but, it’s exciting,” he admitted.

“Well, you’d better come fast, so we don’t get caught ok?”

Bum bit his lip and nodded. They stopped talking as they tried to focus on the task at hand. They each moved as much as they were able. Bum began to work his own cock with a whimper. Sangwoo thrust up into him hard, using his hands to drag Bum’s ass down onto his cock in harsh thrusts that seemed to reverberate through his bones. Or maybe that was just the car rocking as they fucked. Either way, Bum was grunting and moaning with each thrust. He threw his head back, releasing a desperate noise as he came in his hand. That was followed by the blissful tightening of Bum’s muscles that Sangwoo thrust up into, letting Bum’s body wring his own orgasm out of him.

They ended up tangled in a sweaty sticky mess, just panting together. Sangwoo squeezed Bum’s ass a little, pulling a few more whimpers from him. He chuckled and nuzzled at Bum.

“Was that what you needed?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum gave a happy sigh. “Yes. Exactly what I needed.” He kissed Sangwoo slowly.

“Good. You ready to head home then?”

Bum whined and pressed closer, clearly enjoying the afterglow.

Sangwoo huffed. “Fine, don’t blame me if some hobo sees your ass though.”

“The shop girl already did. What difference does it make?” Bum asked.

“We let her and she gave us stuff. We don't want to give the hobos a free show.”

Bum snorted. “Five more minutes,” he demanded petulantly.

Sangwoo rolled his eyes. “Five more minutes,” he agreed indulgently.

But of course, five more minutes turned into ten times as much as they fucked again before Sangwoo finally got them out of that alley and back home. Cleaning up the car was interesting, but it was worth it.

Chapter Text

They waited till eleven o’clock on Monday to visit Bum’s apartment, even though his uncle typically left for work at seven. They wanted to make sure they missed him. Bum unlocked the door and stepped inside, glancing around. The small apartment was looking worse for wear. There were dishes piled in the sink and soju and beer bottles strewn across the floor. Bum grimaced and started to pick them up.

“That’s not what we’re here for,” Sangwoo said, reaching out to stop him. Let the pig live in his filth.

“Sorry,” Bum said, setting the bottles down. “It’s a habit.”

“It’s fine. But, I don’t want to spend longer here than we have to,” he said.

Bum nodded. “I’ll get my stuff then.” He started walking towards the bedroom and froze at the sound of bottles clinking together. A door opened and his uncle stumbled out.

The man was dressed in a stained white undershirt and grimy boxers. He took one look at Bum and bellowed with rage. “Bum!” He stumbled forward, delivering a fist to the side of Bum’s face. Bum crumpled under the blow, but that didn’t stop his uncle, who started screaming about how ungrateful he was to abandon his uncle who did everything for him as he stomped on Bum for emphasis. Bum curled in on himself protectively.

Sangwoo was quick to jump forward to haul the man off of Bum.

“Who the fuck are you?!” the man demanded as he struggled and kicked.

“I’m Bum’s new man,” Sangwoo snapped, as he tugged the pig back.

“New man? What kind of idiot wants a useless girl boy like Bum?” The uncle stumbled out of Sangwoo’s grip and turned swinging.

“Obviously you did,” Sangwoo said, knocking a few hits away. The man was clearly drunk, but his hits had weight behind them. Sangwoo had sobriety and youth on his side, not to mention recent military training, so he easily avoided the man’s clumsy fists.

“Shut up punk faggot,” the man swore, trying to grab at Sangwoo when punching didn’t seem to work.

“That’s rich, old man,” Sangwoo said, kicking him in the gut. The fat man stumbled backward, falling into a collection of bottles, sending them skittering across the floor.

Bum’s uncle wheezed and struggled to sit back up. “I’m gonna kill you. Then, I’m gonna kill that shit nephew of mine like I should have done years ago!”

“Who would even let you fuck them if you didn’t have him around to rape?” Sangwoo taunted before quickly ducking as the man threw a soju bottle at him. Bum’s uncle heaved himself to his feet and another bottle came flying. Sangwoo dodged, but he heard it shatter behind him, sending glass across the floor. He was going to have to watch his step, he didn’t really want to dig glass out of the bottom of his feet. The thought distracted him just long enough to let Bum’s uncle get close, too close.

A beer bottle smashed into Sangwoo’s temple and everything went hazy. He didn’t go down because of the bottle, but because Bum’s uncle threw himself on top of him. It felt like his bones creaked in protest from the heavy weight on top of him. Their combined body weight drove shards of glass on the floor up into his back. Sangwoo struggled, trying to get the man off of him, but he was heavy and moving sent jolts of pain up his back.

“You aren’t so tough now,” Bum’s uncle said with a sneer as he punched Sangwoo in the side of the face.

Sangwoo’s head snapped to the side. Across the room, he could make out Bum struggling to his feet. He didn’t want to draw attention to him though. He grunted as he took another hit. He started to struggle again, reaching up to grapple with the man on top of him. He tried to buck the man off, but he was too heavy, and all it did was drive glass deeper into his back and shoulders.

Bum’s uncle chuckled darkly. “Should have shown some damn respect for your elders. That’s the problem with you damn kids. No respect!” He got his hand free of Sangwoo’s grip and slapped him hard across the face.

Sangwoo winced. He was going to look like Bum on one of his worst days after this humiliating beatdown. Despite that, he couldn't help shooting his mouth off. “Who could respect a filthy rapist like you?” He tried to buck again, but he didn’t get very far.

“Shut your face,” The man shouted, spittle flying. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” He leaned down over Sangwoo like he was going to tell him a secret, instead, he reached out for something. When he pulled back, Sangwoo could see the shard of glass in his hand. Fuck, was this crazy old man really going to try to kill him? He struggled again as the man raised the shard of glass. Suddenly, Bum’s uncle jerked forward, eyes wide as he dropped the glass.

“Leave him alone,” Bum hissed as he drew a bloody knife back and stabbed his uncle again.

The shock of the first strike wore off and the man began to scream. The screams did nothing to deter Bum as he stabbed him again.

Sangwoo grimaced as the fat man’s sudden struggling ground the glass deeper in his back, but he was able to finally push the man off of him. The knife was sticking out of his back and he was struggling to reach it. Bum was just staring down with wide eyes and bloody hands. Sangwoo gritted his teeth as he got to his feet and pulled Bum into his arms, pulling him away from the bleeding, screaming man.

“Are you ok?” Sangwoo asked him, looking him over. Bruises were already forming on Bum’s face and arms.

“I...I don’t know. I...did I kill him?” Bum asked, staring at his uncle.

Sangwoo glanced back at the man. “He’s still moving around, he’s not dead yet.”

“I guess I still can’t hit an artery. I don’t know where they all are,” Bum whispered with an edge of hysteria.

Sangwoo couldn’t help but laugh. “I think you did a pretty good number on him. But we should probably call the police if the neighbors didn’t already.”

“They never call for anything,” Bum said, shaking his head. He looked at his uncle again, then up at Sangwoo. “Can we wait till he’s dead to call?” He whispered.

Sangwoo’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “You have a sadistic streak.”

Bum shook his head again. “So many years of him beating me and raping me. Nobody will miss him.”

“And you finally paid him back,” Sangwoo said, sliding a hand over Bum’s head.

Bum buried his face in Sangwoo’s chest. “He was hurting you. I couldn’t let him hurt you,” he said, his words muffled against Sangwoo’s shirt.

Sangwoo shivered. Even beat to hell as they both were, it was quite the turn on to hear that Bum had stabbed a man for him. Bum had plenty of reasons to kill that man, but ultimately, the thing that tipped the scale was threatening Sangwoo. “You were great,” Sangwoo said.

Bum nuzzled into his chest and Sangwoo petted his hair while Bum’s uncle whimpered and whined as he bled out. True to Bum’s words, no neighbors or police came knocking, so Sangwoo had to pull out his phone and call for police and an ambulance.

Soon, the apartment was swarming with police and EMTs. Bum started crying as they were questioned. Big fat beautiful tears rolled down Bum’s bruised face and Sangwoo could tell the officer taking his statement was totally swayed by them. Bum didn’t want to let go of Sangwoo as he haltingly explained what had happened. He clung to Sangwoo’s arm, explaining what happened between hitched breaths. Sangwoo had shed his shirt for one of the emergency techs to start digging the glass out of his back, but he didn’t move from Bum’s side. He held Bum’s hand as he gave his statement, explaining how the crazy drunk guy stumbled out and attacked them.

Officer Park showed up at some point. The man had been looking out for him since his parents died, so he wasn’t surprised when he showed up. Officer Park told him not to worry, that the whole thing looked like a pretty obvious case of self-defense and that some of the neighbors were actually talking, so no charges would be pressed. Sangwoo nodded and promised him that he was all right. He just needed some ice packs and a few days rest to help the swelling go down.

Activity in the apartment dwindled as the body was taken away and the last pictures and witness statements were taken. Officer Park was the last to leave, asking if he was sure they didn’t need a ride home. Sangwoo assured him that they didn’t as he saw the man out. Then he and Bum were left alone in the apartment. Sangwoo looked around, taking in the contents of the place. There wasn’t much of value, but it was all Bum’s now that the old pig was dead. They could sort it out later.

“Bum, let’s get your things and get out of here for now,” Sangwoo said, walking back to where he’d left Bum. Bum had been staring blankly at the black television screen, but he looked up at Sangwoo and nodded. He got up and headed back to the bedroom, opening the door and revealing the pink monstrosity of a room.

“Why is it this ugly color?” Sangwoo asked, looking around. The whole room had a very strong middle school girl vibe going on.

“It was part of his attempt to feminize me, I guess.” Bum shrugged. “He bought me a lot of girly stuff when he bought the makeup and clothes for me.” Bum pointed to a stuffed animal collection in the corner and various flower crowns hanging from the vanity mirror.

Sangwoo walked to the vanity, staring at the flower crowns. He laughed as he picked one up and put it on his head. “How do I look?” He asked, turning to Bum.

Bum gave him a little smile. “Like a fairy prince,” he said.

Sangwoo nodded and picked up another one, putting it on Bum’s head. “Then you look like my fairy princess.”

Bum blushed. “I’m happy to be your fairy princess.”

“Yeah, mine. Now, let’s get your clothes and get the hell out of this pink prison,” Sangwoo said. He set the flower crown he’d put on back on the vanity table and looked around, wondering where to begin. “You have a suitcase?”

“No, but we have lots of shopping bags,” Bum said. “I’ll get them out of the kitchen.”

Sangwoo nodded as he opened up Bum’s closet. He was shocked by the sheer amount of lingerie in the closet. There were definitely more lace teddies hanging from the hangers than normal clothes. He took one out and was inspecting it as Bum returned.

“Ah...he bought so many of those, hoping that putting them on display would make me wear them,” Bum said, frowning.

“Did you wear them?” Sangwoo asked, trying to imagine Bum wearing the red lace and satin number in his hands.

“Not if I could avoid it. It just felt like something you’d wear to surprise a lover. He wasn’t my lover. He was my abuser worst nightmare. I didn’t want to please him. I’d rather be ignored by him completely.”

Sangwoo nodded as he put the outfit back in the closet. “So we’ll leave these things here?”

Bum thought about it for a moment. “He wasn’t my lover, but I have one now,” he said, reaching out to touch Sangwoo’s bicep. “I wouldn’t mind surprising you in one of those some time.”

Sangwoo was torn. He didn’t want to take the kinky underwear that Bum’s uncle had bought him. But at the same time, this closet was a goldmine of fantasies that probably cost a pretty penny. He could definitely see himself coming home to find Bum in something like that, and nothing else. “We can take the ones you like best,” he said.

Bum smiled. “You pick some too. The ones you want to see me in.”

Sangwoo nodded, wondering at how dry his mouth suddenly felt at the idea. Fuck, he was in so deep, it wasn’t even funny. A week ago, the thought of getting hard over a guy was complete nonsense. But here he was, his pants getting tight thinking about his new boyfriend with tits, or was it girlfriend with a dick? Did it even matter? Maybe he’d just call Bum his damn fairy princess, it made more sense to him than the other two terms. While Sangwoo stood fantasizing, Bum started to pull out his clothes. Bras and panties were carefully folded and tucked into a bag.

Sangwoo finally pulled himself out of his fantasies to ask, “Can I pack anything for you?”

Bum looked up and beyond him. “Can you put everything on the vanity table into a bag?” He asked.

“Sure thing.” Sangwoo moved over to the vanity table and began to stack up various makeup palettes to put in one of the bags Bum had retrieved. He picked up a photo in a frame. “These were your parents?” He asked, turning to Bum.

Bum looked up and nodded. “Yeah.”

“You do look like your mom. You’re both pretty.”

Bum blushed. “Thank you.”

Sangwoo grinned as he carefully laid the photo in the bag and continued to pack. Between the two of them, they soon had Bum’s more important things bagged up to take back to Sangwoo’s house. “All right, let’s get out of this hell hole. I say we go home and get takeout and call it a night.”

“I like that plan,” Bum said happily.

“Great. Let’s go.”

It took two trips to carry Bum’s bags down. It might have taken him less if his back wasn’t on fucking fire from all the glass that had been in it. Thankfully, it hadn’t been bad enough to warrant the hospital. Still, it was irritating. More irritating was the neighbors that were out gawking at them. Where the hell had these idiots been when they were getting attacked earlier? Hell, where were they all those years that Bum’s uncle was beating and raping him? The useless shitheads were probably sitting around listening like it was some drama for their pleasure. Sangwoo glared at them, sending them scuttling back into their apartments. Once the bags were in the car and the apartment was locked up against nosey neighbors, they headed home.

“What do you want to eat? Pizza? Fried chicken?” Sangwoo asked.


“Oh, I haven’t had jjajang meyon in a while.”

“I’d like some tsangsoo yook and maybe some japchae,” Bum said.

“Let’s go all out. We’ll order so much food they’ll bring us ten sets of chopsticks,” Sangwoo said.

Bum chuckled. “I don’t think we need that much. But let’s get some manduu, since it’s one of your favorites.”


Once they got home, Bum made Sangwoo soak in the tub for a while and change into some fresh clothes. Bum ordered their food and took in his bags while he waited for the delivery man. Sangwoo emerged from the bath wearing a loose pair of sleep pants and carrying a box of bandages.

“Babe, I need you to patch me up a bit,” Sangwoo said.

Sangwoo sat on one of the dining room chairs and hissed and sighed as Bum applied ointment and bandages to the worst of the cuts on his back.

Bum ran his fingers carefully over his back. “Some of these are going to scar,” he said sadly.

Sangwoo started to shrug but thought better of it. “So what? I don’t have to look at it.”

“I’ll see them,” Bum said, pressing his lips to Sangwoo’s back.

“It was for a good cause,” Sangwoo said.

Bum didn’t answer as the doorbell rang. He picked up his purse and headed for the door. A minute later, he returned carrying a delivery basket. “Dinner is served.” He set the basket on the table and began unpacking it. He placed the plate of black bean noodles in front of Sangwoo. The manduu went in the middle of the table along with an order of spring rolls they’d received as a bonus. The japchae went in front of Bum’s chair and the tsangsoo yook went between them. “I hope you’ll help me eat this.”

“Of course. I’m starving.”

Bum smiled a little, Sangwoo noticed that Bum’s face was a swollen mess again. Not that he was any better off, the old guy had gotten a few good hits in, plus there was a giant knot where he’d been hit with the beer bottle. They were both a mess. Sangwoo shook his head and started to eat. Chinese food was crappy when it got cold. Between them, they made short work of the food. There was hardly anything left on the plates as Bum loaded them back into the basket and left it outside the door.

Sangwoo stretched carefully and yawned. So much of him hurt. “Shit, I’m gonna have to call out of work for a few days.”

“I’m sorry,” Bum said, returning in time to catch his wince.

“It’s fine. I’ve got some money. The job’s mostly just to fill time and earn some play money. I’ll have to find someone to take some notes at school though. I’m gonna take a few days off and go back when I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a truck anymore,” Sangwoo said.

Bum’s hand gently touched Sangwoo’s jaw. He looked at the knot on his face with a frown. “Do you want an ice pack for that?”

“I think there’s one in the freezer. Bring it to me? I’ll lay on the couch and call work.”

Bum nodded and retrieved the ice pack, bringing it to Sangwoo. “I’m going to take a bath,” he said as he handed him the ice pack.

Sangwoo nodded before stretching out on his side on the couch. The ice pack went onto his face and he pulled out his phone. He called work and texted a few people to see if they’d take notes for him. He decided that he should probably visit the doctor so he could have a medical excuse for his absences. He’d bring Bum if they were feeling up to it tomorrow. He should make sure his little princess was all right. Sangwoo chuckled. He still wasn’t sure how to think of Bum. He hadn’t even decided if they were dating or anything like that, despite all the sex they’d had over the last few days.

He definitely felt possessive of him and wanted to keep him. Hell, he’d fought his uncle for him. He brought his things into his house and he was intending to let Bum curl up against him tonight as they slept together. Bum was his now, they had plenty of time to define things later. Maybe they never would, and that was pretty exciting too. He was used to life being boring and predictable and having to make his own fun. This could distract him for a good while at least.

“I’m going to go to bed early,” Bum said, appearing in the doorway and breaking Sangwoo from his thoughts.

Sangwoo sat up and took in the sight of Bum in the doorway wearing a slinky silk nightgown. His pale skin was decorated with fresh bruises. It annoyed the alpha male inside of him, but he knew that there were still finger-shaped bruises on Bum’s hips and the various bites on his neck and breasts that he’d caused. Better yet, the other bruises would fade and he’d be able to place more possessive marks as he pleased. “I’ll come with you,” he said, hefting himself up from the couch. He left the ice pack where it fell and walked towards Bum. He slid his hands around Bum’s waist, enjoying the silky feel of the nightgown. “We had a long day didn’t we?”

Bum nodded, pressing himself into Sangwoo’s chest. “It was exhausting.”

“Well, the next few days will be lazy and slow.” Sangwoo ran a hand through Bum’s damp hair.

“We have things for breakfast, but we might need to go to the store for some more things. Unless you want to eat more takeout.”

“I think we might get lots of takeout tomorrow and save the shopping for the next day. We’ll see how we both feel tomorrow.”

Bum nodded as he snuggled Sangwoo’s chest. Sangwoo nuzzled Bum’s hair, before pulling away and leading him to the bedroom. There was no fooling around that night. Sangwoo ended up sleeping on his stomach to avoid aggravating the wounds on his back. Bum pressed up next to him and cried quietly for a bit before dropping off to sleep. Sangwoo fell asleep to the even sound of his breathing.

Chapter Text

They both slept in the next morning, only getting out of bed when hunger got the best of them. Bum served a simple meal of eggs over rice and they spent most of the day on the couch, watching television or sleeping. Dinner was curry and the night passed much the same as the day, quietly. The second day began as lazily as the first, but Sangwoo managed to get them both dressed and down to the clinic to be looked over. There wasn’t much to be done for them, aside from issue a prescription for painkillers and give Sangwoo the doctor’s excuse he was looking for. They’d grabbed a few groceries and a quick takeout lunch before heading back home to inhabit the couch for the rest of the day.

Thursday was a haze of legal paperwork and lawyers. They had to go down to the station to sign police reports. Bum had to visit a lawyer to settle his uncle’s estate and arrange a funeral he had no intention of attending. Sangwoo sat quietly by his side, holding his hand or giving him a shoulder to cry on as needed. Bum’s face was red and puffy from crying by the end of the day. Sangwoo took him home and put him to bed early. Friday was more annoying legal shit, this time with the apartment. They cleared out the last of the things that Bum wanted to keep and left the rest for a professional removal company to handle. After that, Bum was officially moved into Sangwoo’s house and completely free of any obligation to the old pig.

On Saturday, they were back to lazing around the house. Sangwoo was sprawled out on the couch watching something mindless on the television. Bum was being quiet and curling close when he could. Today was his uncle’s funeral, but they were both avoiding that particular topic. Sangwoo was going stir crazy. Even though they’d been out Thursday and Friday, it had been stressful. They needed to get out of the house and do something fun.

“We’re going to eat out and see a movie,” Sangwoo announced after lunch.

“We are?” Bum asked, looking up from the plate of food he’d been quietly staring into for the past ten minutes.

Sangwoo nodded. “And we’re going to dress up too. So what if we’re a little beat up? We deserve to go out.” Most of the swelling had gone down, but there were still some ugly bruises left behind after their run-in with Bum’s uncle.

“Ok,” Bum agreed. “I’ll start getting ready then.” He got up, picking up his plate of barely eaten food.

Sangwoo gave him a confused look. “Right now? But it’s so early.”

“You said we were dressing up. Give me some time and I’ll put on my best makeup and outfit,” Bum said. He pushed the food from the plate into the trash then set it in the sink. He picked up a sponge but stopped when Sangwoo spoke.

“I’ll get that. You go get ready. Can you be ready by five?” Sangwoo asked.

Bum nodded. “Thanks,” he said, offering him a smile as he headed upstairs to the room they’d dumped his bags in.

Sangwoo could hear Bum rustling around up there and wondered what he’d look like at five o’clock. He didn’t need much time to prepare and ended up on the couch updating his social media accounts about his injuries, though he didn’t go into details. He wasn’t quite ready to let people know he’d somehow picked himself up a boyfriend, or whatever Bum was. He chatted with some people and asked about school before boredom had him up and washing the rest of the dishes he’d made Bum leave in the sink and singing quietly to the radio.

After that was done, he found enough time had passed for him to start getting ready. He decided to take a quick bath before he went to get dressed. He chose a light blue button-up shirt with a darker blue jacket and trousers. He contemplated putting on his glasses but decided to skip them since they were watching a movie. It wasn’t quite five when he was done, but he went searching for Bum anyway. He knocked on the door of the spare bedroom upstairs.

“Come in,” Bum called.

Sangwoo walked in and found Bum sitting at an old desk that was in the room. His makeup was spread across the surface and he was peering into a small folding mirror.

“I didn’t realize how much harder this would be without my big mirror,” Bum said, turning to look at Sangwoo.

Sangwoo froze mid-step. He swallowed dryly. Bum looked completely different. He barely looked like himself. The eyes were the same, but they looked more sultry. His rainbow of bruises were completely hidden. Sangwoo was having trouble seeing where his face was swollen because it was masked by makeup. His hair had been styled in large soft curls and the picture of him was making Sangwoo’s brain short circuit.

Bum frowned, long eyelashes fanning across his cheeks. “Is it bad?” He asked, dark plum lips pouting.

“No...I…” It was rare that Sangwoo found himself speechless, but he was speechless now. “You, you look so different,” he forced out lamely when Bum began to look concerned.

“In a good way?” Bum asked hesitantly.

He nodded frantically. “It’s like magic! You look like a pop star,” he said, finally moving forward again.

Bum smiled. “I like to watch makeup videos. I taught myself how to do it,” he said proudly.

“It’s like the shape of your face changed, only with makeup,” Sangwoo said.

Bum nodded. “It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s called contouring. You use different colors of makeup to make the illusion of shadows and light. Then you blend it all together. It’s really nice, but it takes a while to do.”

“Time well spent,” Sangwoo said, reaching out to touch his face.

Bum intercepted his hand with a gentle touch. “Sorry, you can’t touch. I put some setting spray on, but even that doesn’t keep it perfectly in place,” Bum said apologetically as he pulled Sangwoo’s hand down a little so he could kiss it.

Sangwoo could feel Bum’s eyelashes brush against his skin as Bum kissed his hand and damn, that really made his pants tight. He wanted to mess up that face so bad, but then Bum would pout and they wouldn’t get out to eat. “Can I mess it up when we get home?”

Bum looked up at him with a knowing smiled. “As much as you want,” he promised. He released Sangwoo’s hand and turned back to the mirror. “I’ll only be a few more minutes.”

Sangwoo nodded as he leaned against the wall to watch. Bum put on some earrings, just basic sparkly studs. Then, he picked up some weird device and trapped his eyelashes in them. Once that was done, they looked curlier. Who even came up with that kind of stuff? Bum gave himself one last once-over in the mirror, then took off the towel he’d had draped around his neck and stood up. Bum looked at Sangwoo as he fluffed out the dress he was wearing. The top of the dress was black and fitted, while the bottom half of the dress was some swirly purple and black space pattern that flared out around Bum. The dress combined with the styling of Bum’s hair made him look like some retro housewife and he really liked it. Bum was like a chameleon, constantly changing. It was fascinating and Sangwoo felt almost obsessed with Bum and his transformations.

“You look amazing. I feel like I’m not dressed up enough now,” Sangwoo said, looking down at his simple outfit. Maybe he should add a tie? “Plus, I’m the only one with this giant bruise on their face.”

“I can cover it for you,” Bum offered.

Sangwoo considered it, then nodded. “Sure, why the hell not?”

Bum settled him on the chair he’d been sitting on. He contemplated Sangwoo’s face before picking up a small tube of cream. He carefully spread it over Sangwoo’s bruises. Some skin colored stuff came next. Sangwoo lost track of what was going on as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of Bum’s cool fingers moving over his face. It was a different sort of touch than he was used to, but it was pretty soothing.

“I’m done,” Bum announced.

Sangwoo opened his eyes and Bum picked up the mirror to show Sangwoo the results. He knew the bruise was there, but it was like it had disappeared. “I thought makeup couldn’t cover this kind of stuff,” he said, gently prodding at a hidden bruise with his finger. “I could see your bruises all the time before.”

Bum pulled Sangwoo’s finger away from the bruise. “I didn’t cover them properly out of spite,” Bum said. “I wanted people to see them, to see how they’d react, if they’d care. I’d get a lot of sympathetic looks, but that was about it.”

Sangwoo nodded. He hadn’t even given Bum that. How did Bum end up liking him anyway? “Ready to go?” He asked.

Bum nodded as he set down the mirror. He wiped his hands off on his towel, then picked up a black purse and a pair of high heel shoes from the dresser. “Let’s go.”

They headed downstairs and Bum put on his heels in the hyeon gwan. When he stood up, Sangwoo chuckled.

“You grew,” he said, noting the extra bit of height Bum had put on from the heels of the shoes.

Bum smiled. He leaned in and gave Sangwoo a light peck on the cheek. “I don’t even have to get on my tiptoes to reach.”

Sangwoo chuckled as he guided Bum out to the car. They ended up at a high-end barbecue restaurant near the movie theatre. He noticed that the people around them were staring a lot. He heard whispers about the “model couple” and had to laugh. If only they knew Bum’s secret. But he had to admit, Bum did look like a model. He was a complete package of lovely hair, perfect makeup, great figure, and good clothes. Sangwoo knew that he looked pretty damn good too. He could see how people might get the wrong impression.

Bum’s eyelashes were fluttering in a way that told Sangwoo he was nervous from the attention. He couldn’t see the blush on his face through the layers of makeup, but Bum’s chest was getting a little pink and it wasn’t from the heat. “Don’t let it get to you. They just think you’re pretty,” Sangwoo said.

Bum looked up at him and smiled. “It’s fine. I’m a little nervous, but it only matters if you think I look pretty.”

“I do. I don’t mind people thinking we’re models out for a date.”

“Then, I don’t mind either.”

Dinner was delicious and soon they were walking down the street to the movie theatre. Bum had hesitantly reached out to take Sangwoo’s hand and Sangwoo squeezed it. Even on the crowded street, they seemed to be causing a stir as people stopped to look at them. It was surreal. Sangwoo had gotten comments about looking like a model before, and he’d walked around with some gorgeous girls on his arm, but it had never garnered this level of attention before. He definitely spotted some people taking pictures of them. How weird was that? He glanced at Bum. This was all his doing. Bum just has some weird magical aura about him.


Sangwoo stopped, turning to the person that had called his name. It was a girl from his fan club. The frigid one that didn’t get along with the other girls. She was one of the more ardent ones, always trying to get close to him. He wasn’t sure what her name was. Hong something maybe? That sounded right.

“Hi,” he said, pasting on a fake smile, despite his annoyance. “How are you?”

The girl glared at Bum, then looked back at him. “Fine, I...who’s she?”

Sangwoo glanced at Bum, who was looking down at the sidewalk. “Ah, she’s my girlfriend.”

Bum looked up, eyes widening a bit, but he didn’t say a word.

The girl from school made a strangled noise and Sangwoo glanced back at her. “Girlfriend? I didn’t hear about this!”

Sangwoo shrugged. “It just sort of happened. It hasn’t been that long.”

The girl’s eyes narrowed as if thinking. “That’s...that’s why you were so happy last week?”

Sangwoo gave her a bashful look. “Was it obvious?”

“I...well, you didn’t say anything about it. I thought something good happened, but I didn’t think you’d get a girlfriend. She doesn’t even go to our school,” the girl accused, staring at Bum like she could burn a hole through him.

Bum’s hand squeezed Sangwoo’s a bit nervously and Sangwoo squeezed back. “No, she doesn’t. Is that a problem?”

The girl bit her lip. “There are so many girls there who like you.”

“But I like her, so it doesn’t really matter who likes me,” Sangwoo said matter of factly.

The girl’s eyes got all watery and her mouth moved as she tried to formulate a response.

“We’re going to be late for our movie. See you at school,” Sangwoo said. He took his hand from Bum’s and put it around his waist, guiding him around the girl as they resumed their walk.

The girl didn’t try to speak to them again. Neither one of them glanced back at her. After a block of walking, Bum looked up at him.

“W-was it ok to tell her that? That we’re dating?” Bum asked nervously.

Sangwoo shrugged. “It’s fine. People were going to find out sooner or later. And I’ve already decided that I’m going to keep you.”

“You are?” Bum asked, breathlessly.

“Yeah. It’s complicated and different, but also amazing. I think when you catch a magical shape-shifting fairy, you need to hold onto it.”

Bum beamed up at him. “I think, when you catch a handsome prince, you hold onto him too,” Bum said.

After a decently entertaining action movie, Sangwoo drove them home. He kept glancing at Bum, thinking of his earlier promise. He managed to wait till they got into the house before he pinned Bum against the wall.

“You promised that I could mess you up,” Sangwoo said, gripping Bum’s face lightly.

“I did, but there’s something I want to try,” Bum said, fluttering his lashes at Sangwoo.

Fuck, Sangwoo just couldn’t resist. “Fine,” he said, letting go regretfully.

Bum beamed up at him. “I think you’ll like it,” he promised as he slipped into the bedroom. “Unzip me?” He turning his head to glance back at Sangwoo.

Sangwoo followed him into the room and reached out to unzip the dress. Bum peeled himself out of his dress. He was careful to fold it and set it aside.

“You’ll want to be naked for this next part,” Bum said, giving him a naughty look.

Sangwoo didn’t have to be told twice to get naked. He was ready for whatever Bum threw at him. Bum shed his bra and hunted down the lube. He watched as Bum lubed up his hand, then began to rub it on his chest. “What are you doing?”

Bum grinned at him. “I’ve been wanting to try this,” he said. “I want you to fuck my tits.”

Sangwoo felt a little lightheaded at the suggestion. Yes. Yes, he wanted that very much! “Fuck, why do you always know all the things I want before I even know I want them?” Sangwoo asked, mouth dry, dick hard.

“I’m a magic fairy princess remember?” Bum winked as he walked up to Sangwoo and pressed his slick breasts against him. He leaned up on his tiptoes to kiss him. Sangwoo’s arms went around him automatically, holding him tight as they kissed. Bum wriggled and squirmed and soon escaped enough to slide down his body. He sat on his knees in front of Sangwoo and leaned in, taking his breasts in his hands and pressing them tightly around Sangwoo’s erection. “Your cock is so perfect,” Bum sighed as he shifted so he could lap at the cock head emerging from between his breasts.

“Fuuuuuck,” Sangwoo hissed. For someone like Sangwoo, who really liked breasts, this was just amazing. Sure, he’d fucked chicks with bigger boobs before, but none of them had ever offered up their tits for a good fucking. Now here was Bum, on his knees in front of him, pressing his breasts around his cock while also trying to get it in his mouth. It was the most erotic fucking thing ever!

Bum looked up at him, lashes fluttering coyly. “Please, fuck them,” he said.

Sangwoo did not have to be asked twice. He put his hands on Bum’s shoulders and began to thrust between his slicked up breasts. It felt pretty damn good. Maybe not as good as being inside of Bum’s tight little ass, but he wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to do this again. Bum looked down to watch the cock thrusting up into his breasts and Sangwoo watched his cock poke into Bum’s cheek. He realized that when he shot his load, it was probably going to smear all over Bum’s perfect makeup. This was the best possible way to fuck him up.

Sangwoo groaned and Bum tightened the grip on his own breasts, pressing them together tighter. Sangwoo could feel his balls drawing tighter and once again he was left feeling like a horny teenager as he lost it. It had hardly been five minutes since he’d stuck his cock between Bum’s breasts and already he was shooting sticky strands of come all over Bum’s face. He put a hand on Bum’s head, drawing it closer so his semen smeared cock would rub against Bum’s cheek. Fuck, the idea of the act was almost as good as the actual thing and it made his body shake more, even though he’d just blown his load prematurely all over Bum.

He had to stop thrusting as his cock protested that it was too sensitive to go on. It was still hard as a rock, but he was dying from overstimulation. He pulled back to try to catch his breath. Bum was wiping come off his cheek and licking it off of his hand. Despite his cock calling a timeout, he really wanted to stuff it up into that perfectly painted mouth. Instead, he dropped to his knees and pulled Bum’s mouth to his, not caring that Bum tasted like his come. He didn’t care that he was smearing his own come on his face. He just needed to make Bum as breathless as he’d made him. He needed to mess him up, see him as the wreck he felt like.

Bum moaned and grabbed at Sangwoo’s neck, keeping him close as their mouths battled it out. Well, Sangwoo’s mouth was battling, but Bum was taking each hot swipe of tongue and encouraging it with his own. They were both breathing hard through their noses until Sangwoo pulled away, gasping for air. He happily noted that they’d successfully smeared Bum’s lipstick. It had lasted pretty valiantly through their first few messy kisses. Sangwoo reached out, touching Bum’s lips with his thumb, smearing the color further over his mouth.

Bum’s tongue playfully poked at his finger. “You weren’t kidding about wanting to mess up my face.”

Sangwoo shrugged. “I just wanted you to look as wrecked as you make me feel,” he said.

“I feel just as wrecked as I look,” Bum promised him.

“I can wreck you more,” Sangwoo said, pressing his cock into Bum’s stomach.

“Please,” Bum said, reaching out to stroke his cock. “I have another place I want you to put that.”

“I want to put it there too. Bury my cock in your tight little ass and ride you till the only word you can say is my name.”

Bum moaned. “Yes.” He looked around to see where he’d set the lube.

“I’m gonna do it this time,” Sangwoo said, picking up the bottle of lube. Bum looked up at him, surprised. “Don’t trust me? Didn’t I do it good last time?”

Bum blushed. “It was great,” he assured him.

“Good, pass me some gloves.”

Bum grinned as he passed over the box of gloves.

The snap of gloves was kind of sexy Sangwoo decided as he pulled the gloves on. “I just have one request.”

Bum nodded. “Anything.”

“We’re doing it doggy style, in front of the mirror.” Sangwoo nodded towards the full-length mirror he kept propped against the wall in the corner. “I want to get in nice and deep and I want to see your tits jiggle when I fuck you.”

Bum chuckled. “Ok.” He got up and walked across the room to pick up the mirror. He moved it back towards the bed and propped it against the wall, adjusting the bed accordingly. “Like that?”

Sangwoo nodded and watched as Bum got on his knees in front of the mirror. Bum spread his legs and presented his ass to Sangwoo. Sangwoo lubed up his fingers and reached out to touch Bum’s tight hole. It was tighter than the last time he’d stretched it, but they hadn’t had sex in a few days, so it made sense. Bum moaned softly as Sangwoo tried to remember all the best ways to touch him. He’d never really been one for foreplay in the past, but working Bum open just seemed to heighten the desire. It was shocking how much his sex life had changed in the last few days, but it was also the best fucking thing that had ever happened to his sex life. It didn’t take long for Bum to be moaning and pressing back on his fingers, begging for Sangwoo’s cock.

“Open a condom for me,” Sangwoo demanded.

Bum fumbled with the box of condoms but managed to get one out and tear it open. He passed it back to Sangwoo. Sangwoo slid it on and slicked his cock. He tossed the gloves aside before settling himself behind Bum. He pressed his cock into Bum nice and slow and they both groaned. He looked up at their reflection in the mirror and it was just as hot as he thought it would be. Bum’s tits were swaying under him as he panted, his little pink nipples erect. Sangwoo could make out the beginnings of finger-shaped bruises on the sides of Bum’s breasts from the earlier titty fuck. That was definitely something they’d have to revisit in the future. Even the thought of it made him squeeze Bum’s hips a bit harder than he should be.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Sangwoo groaned.

“You’re so big,” Bum moaned in response.

“I’m so hard. I don’t know how you do this to me. You shouldn’t affect me so much, but I’m addicted. I can’t stop looking at your tits. I can’t stop wanting to fuck your ass. I want to mark you all over. Make you mine. Claim you and keep you,” Sangwoo said, emphasizing his words with deep thrusts.

“Yes. Yes!” Bum cried. “Claim me. Keep me. I’m yours.” He stared at the mirror, eyes half shut from pleasure, huge lashes fanning gently across his cheeks.

“I will. You’re mine. To do with as I please,” Sangwoo said, reaching around for a handful of Bum’s breast. Bum moaned and arched his back, pressing his breast into Sangwoo’s hand. Sangwoo gave it a good squeeze before he released it to settle his hands on Bum’s hips, thrusting into him nice and hard. Bum whined and pushed back. Sangwoo found himself pulling Bum’s ass to his cock as he thrust, their skin slapping together from the force of it.

Bum collapsed to his elbows, but Sangwoo didn’t let up. He could still see Bum’s breasts rocking and swaying with each thrust. Bum was clenching around him, the sound of his moans getting higher in pitch at the change of angles. Finding Bum’s prostate with his cock was a little trickier than finding it with his fingers, but he knew he’d succeeded when Bum practically screamed and clenched around him hard.

“I’m...Sangwoo. I’m close,” Bum whined.

“Me too,” Sangwoo admitted. Sex with Bum was more than just the physical. The images that burned into Sangwoo’s brain were of the finest quality porn. It was double stimulation for him. It made him come fast and easy like a horny teenage boy. He was just barely hanging on as he plowed into Bum.

“I need, oh, can I, Sangwoo” Bum babbled biting his lip. Tears were dripping down his face. His makeup was starting to run, leaving dark tracks against his perfect cheeks.

“Touch yourself. Come for me,” Sangwoo ordered.

Bum nodded frantically. He shifted, reaching to grab his cock. Sangwoo could just make out him fisting his cock in the mirror. Bum barely got three strokes in before he choked, coming into his hand. Sangwoo groaned as Bum clenched around him. He slammed into him a few times, enjoying the way the tightness milked him until he finally came. He pressed deep into him, rolling his hips until he felt like he never wanted to move again.

He didn’t even bother pulling out. He tightened his hold on Bum’s hip as he pressed him down and rolled to the side, spooning up behind him. They were both panting pretty hard and every breath Bum took seemed to make his ass twitch. It was amazing and too much and just right. He pressed his face into Bum’s shoulder, mouthing at the skin there. He started to bite and suck, leaving a mark, as promised.

“Mine,” he said, nibbling at the purpling bruise he’d left.

“Yours,” Bum agreed, sounding a bit hoarse.

Chapter Text

Sangwoo didn’t want to be awake yet. He was warm and comfortable with Bum curled up into his side. A loud rumble and screech of brakes from the street made him groan. Stupid trucks had no business going through the neighborhood so early in the morning. He carefully reached around Bum to grab his cell phone to check the time. Sleepy as he was, his eyes still popped open at the ridiculous number of messages and notifications on his phone.

He’d always been popular and had a phone full of messages, but that was nothing compared to the sheer volume of notifications he’d received from every damn social media platform he was on, plus others from his various messaging services. People had posted pictures of him and Bum from last night and now everyone was in a frenzy over it. There were some from the restaurant, but most of them were of them walking down the street. Seeing one person take out their phone to snap a picture seemed to start off a herd effect so everyone did. They had pictures from every angle. It was ridiculous. He was just some anonymous college student, not a pop star. To top it all off, the fan club girl from last night had chimed in that Sangwoo called Bum his girlfriend. Poor Bum already seemed to have developed an anti-following. People were demanding to know who Bum was and where he found “her.” It was too much trouble to deal with, so he just shut the damn phone off and closed his eyes. Social media was fucking terrifying.

It was late in the morning, not quite noon, but getting close. Today was his last day of sloth. He’d have to go to school tomorrow. His back still ached, but it was nowhere near what it was. Their activities the night before probably didn’t help, but it was so worth it. The thought of going back to school to face the accusing glares of his female fan club really didn’t appeal at all. It would be funny, sure, but he’d have to hear their whiny voices quizzing him, just like they were trying to do on his phone. He groaned. He didn’t want to deal with that.

Beside him, Bum shifted. “Sangwoo?” He asked, voice husky from sleep. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” Sangwoo said, reaching out to get an arm around Bum. “I’m fine.”

Bum snuggled into Sangwoo’s side. “Do you want me to make some breakfast?”

“When you’re ready. I only woke up because some stupid truck went by.”

Bum made an affirmative noise as he pressed his face into Sangwoo’s neck. “Lemme know when you’re hungry,” he slurred as he dropped back off to sleep.

Sangwoo chuckled and let him sleep. He closed his eyes. He wasn’t much of a cuddler, but when Bum pressed up close seeking protection and comfort, he found no reason to push him away. He ended up dozing until Bum woke up and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Good morning Princess,” Sangwoo said.

“Good morning Prince,” Bum said, his smile clear in his voice. “I’m going to clean up and make breakfast.”

Sangwoo made a sound of agreement as he stretched and watched Bum leave. He eventually heaved himself out of bed and ended up in the bathroom to piss and wash up. By the time he was done, Bum had a simple breakfast on the table. They ate quietly for a while with the radio humming in the background. It was a good lazy morning, but Sangwoo didn’t want to be too lazy.

“What should we do today? I’ll be trying to get back into my regular schedule tomorrow. But today it’s just you and me.”

Bum considered it. “It’s not very exciting, but we should go grocery shopping,” he said.

Sangwoo nodded. “That’s fine. Anything else?”

Bum shrugged. “I guess I wouldn’t mind walking around the shops for a while.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Bum made himself up, not to the extent that he did the previous night, but he still looked amazing.

“Sometimes I swear you know magic,” Sangwoo said, admiring Bum’s face. Bum had gone for a more typical dewy look with pink lip gloss. Sangwoo had opted for glasses, an attempt at incognito after the stir they’d caused last night. Maybe they could draw a little less attention today.

Bum laughed as they headed towards the door. “You know a bit of magic yourself. Your glasses always make you look different. Smarter, but in a calculating kind of way. Like instead of spending all day in the library, you’re thinking of fifty different ways to dissect someone.”

Sangwoo snorted. “What does that even mean?” He asked as he pulled on his shoes.

Bum shrugged as he slipped into his own shoes. “It means they make you look edgy instead of nerdy.”

“And that’s a good thing?” Sangwoo asked, straightening up and looking at Bum.

“Yeah. People love a bad boy,” Bum said.

“Oh? Do you love bad boys?” Sangwoo asked, looping his arm around Bum’s waist and drawing him close.

Bum leaned against his chest, looking up at him adoringly. “I love a bad boy,” he said, running his finger up the tip of Sangwoo’s nose and pressing his glasses up slightly. “Not just any old bad boy will do. I’ve got high standards. They have to also be a handsome prince who treats me right.”

“And do I meet those qualifications? “ Sangwoo asked, wondering why his heart was thumping so wildly in his chest right now.

“You exceed them,” Bum said leaning up on his toes to press a sweet kiss to Sangwoo’s lips.

Sangwoo had to hold onto Bum tightly because it honestly felt like he was melting. It was such a strange feeling, he didn’t know what to do with himself other than to kiss back and try not to stumble.

Bum pulled softly as he pulled away, smiling up at him. “Let’s go out now before we get distracted,” he said, stepping out of Sangwoo’s hold. He smoothed down Sangwoo’s shirt and smiled up at him. “Ready?”

Sangwoo nodded dumbly, not sure he could form words at that moment if he needed to. They headed out and luckily he recovered the use of his voice by the time they arrived at the shops. Bum had given him a few worried glances on the car ride over but they always eased when Sangwoo smiled at him. Once they arrived at the shopping center, they walked around a few shops and had ramen for lunch. Sangwoo made the mistake of letting Bum wander into a pet shop. Bum made a beeline for the puppies, reaching in to pet the eager balls of fur.

“I don’t really want a pet,” Sangwoo complained, even as he petted the head of a small Shih Tzu puppy.

“That’s fine, I just like petting them.” Bum said, cooing at a little black pug. “That smooshy face is so adorable.”

“I guess.” Sangwoo shrugged. “At least they’re better than cats.”

“Not a fan of cats?” Bum asked, glancing over at the kitten display.

Sangwoo raised an eyebrow. “Let’s see, a pet that has knives on its feet and can go from happy to psycho from one breath to the next and claw the shit out of you? No thanks. I’ll stick to the pet free lifestyle,” Sangwoo said.

“I’ll keep that in mind. No cats.” Bum looked around before he picked up the puppy and gave it a cuddle. He laughed at the puppy kisses he received. “Puppy breath is the only kind of dog breath that’s adorable.” He set the puppy back into its display and took Sangwoo’s hand. “Ok, I’m done cuddling puppies. Let’s go.” He tugged him towards the entrance.

“You sure? You look about five seconds away from dog-napping it,” Sangwoo said.

“Exactly. That’s why we’re leaving.” He nudged Sangwoo out of the store. “They’re adorable, but I’m not sure I’d be a good pet owner.”

"Maybe one day you can have a pet, but let's get settled first. Gotta get through our Honeymoon phase first," Sangwoo said.

"I didn't even get a ring and we're already on our Honeymoon? That's not fair," Bum said, tugging at Sangwoo's hand playfully.

Sangwoo chuckled. "You know what I mean. This is new for us. We're getting along, but no real big problems have popped up yet."

Bum nodded. "Sometimes it feels like a perfect dream," he admitted. “I’m afraid I’ll wake up back with him and discover I was in a coma all this time or something. Good things don’t happen to me.” Bum frowned.

“Hey,” Sangwoo squeezed his hand, making him look up. “This is real,” he promised. “But, I am not a perfect human being, so I'm going to fuck this up at some point." He grimaced. It would be nice if it was always easy like this, but he knew that was too much to ask. At some point, one of them would say or do something and they’d probably fight.

"Me too," Bum said. "I'm far from perfect. My past is full of dysfunctional relationships. I'm really nervous that I'm going to mess it all up."

Sangwoo nodded. He pulled Bum over to a bench. It felt like a conversation the needed to stop and face each other for. Once they were sitting close, turned towards each other, he took Bum's hand. He rubbed his finger over one of Bum's manicured nails. "Let's just agree that we'll try to work things out. Relationships need communication and shit right? Between your fairy magic and my eloquent elocution, we should be fine."

"Eloquent elocution?" Bum repeated, baffled.

"It means I'm a master of words," Sangwoo said, puffing up slightly.

Bum giggled. "Ok."

"I'm serious,” Sangwoo insisted. “I'm great at communicating! Most people can't just sit down and talk about talking things out. They like bottling it up."

"Ok," Bum said soothingly, lifting Sangwoo's hand to his lips. He kissed it softly. "I promise if something happens, we'll talk things out."

"You'd better. You seem like the type to bottle it up," Sangwoo said.

"Takes one to know one," Bum said, amused. "Aren't you the one who only tolerates people at school because you're hiding your true self?"

"Touche," Sangwoo said. "When did you get so sassy?"

Bum shrugged. "I'm comfortable with you. You talk to me like I'm a person. You appreciate the things I do for you, the food I cook."

"That's because it's delicious," Sangwoo said.

Bum grinned. "You appreciate my body. You appreciate me. That's why, even if it feels like a dream, it's better. It's real."

"All that's delicious too. All of you," Sangwoo said, leaning in to nibble at Bum's ear.

Bum giggled and pushed at him lightly. "People will look."

Sangwoo shrugged. "Let them. You're mine. I fought your uncle for you. You killed for me. It's kind of fucked up, but if that isn't fucking romantic, I don't know what is."

Bum tensed at the reminder of his uncle and his demise, but he quickly melted as Sangwoo continued to molest his ear with his tongue.

"And you seem to see past my mask and take me in stride. You look at that calculating part of me deciding fifty different ways to dissect someone and you still appreciate me. You're not like my fan club, just hanging around cause I'm hot."

Bum smiled at the reminder of their earlier conversation. "Well, you are hot and I won't even pretend that that wasn't a factor. It's the fact that you’re hot and not an asshole about it. You were never mean to me when I was at the convenience store. You even complimented me. At some of the lowest points in my life, those small interactions, they helped me keep going. You saved my life. Of course, I had to save yours."

Sangwoo pulled back, looking at Bum with surprise.

"If..." Bum looked down at his hands, specifically at the scars on his wrists. "If you hadn't invited me out that night I probably wouldn't be here anymore. I was stocking up on pills. It seemed less painful than jumping in front of a train."

Sangwoo swallowed. His throat was painfully dry. He looked down at Bum's delicate wrists with those scars of his failed suicide attempt. It shook him to think he could have missed out on all this. Despite the shit with Bum’s uncle, he definitely wouldn't change it. Bum was his now and there was no going back. Still, the idea of that near miss made him feel nauseous. What kind of hollow fake life would he keep leading if Bum hadn't walked in with all of his strange magic?

Bum reached up and cupped Sangwoo's cheek. "I'm not saying that to make you feel bad. I just...I want you to know how much you mean to me. You saved me. You are the most important person in my life. I...I love you," he whispered, pressing his face into Sangwoo's neck, hiding his hot cheeks and the beginning of tears in Sangwoo's shirt.

Sangwoo was speechless. It felt like he'd gotten onto a high-speed train that was heading for some unknown destination. He had no idea how to get off and he didn't even think he wanted to. He just felt so unsure about things, but also good? Despite the unknown, despite not knowing how to work out his own feelings, he felt like he wanted to ride this train to the end of the line. He reached up and stroked Bum's hair soothingly. He hushed him with soft nonsense noises until Bum pulled away, sniffling softly and dabbing at his eyes. Sangwoo leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Bum's forehead.

"I'm glad you're still here. I'm glad I wasn't an idiot who ignored you or abused you or turned you away. And I promise I won't do any of those things. We'll get past this Honeymoon and keep going on to Happily Fucking Ever After!"

"Happily ever after or happily fucking?" Bum asked, his lips quirked up. His eyes were still watery, but they were twinkling with amusement.

"Both," Sangwoo said. "So no more tears, ok Princess?"

Bum nodded and smiled at him. "Sorry. I didn't mean to get so emotional. I even confessed." He hid his face behind his hands, whining softly.

Sangwoo chuckled and tugged Bum's hands away. "Too late to take it back now."

"I'm not going to take it back," Bum said. "I just don't know what got into me."

"Well, I know what I'd like to put into you," Sangwoo said, wiggling his eyebrows at Bum.

A surprised laugh exploded from Bum. He moved his hands to cover his mouth, but Sangwoo was holding them tight. The happy sound made his heart do weird things. He wanted to hear more of it, but he needed it to stop, so he leaned in and covered Bum's mouth with his own. Bum giggled into his mouth a bit before it tapered off into a kiss that was really too deep to be done in public. Sangwoo just didn't give a shit. Let them see who Bum belonged to. He finally drew back to admire Bum's still smiling face.

"You're terrible," Bum muttered.

"I'm horny." Sangwoo shrugged.

Bum rolled his eyes. "What else is new?"

"This is new to me!" Sangwoo insisted. “This is your fault. It’s you that makes me horny! Your face, your tits, your ass, hell, even your cock makes me want to fuck. Watching you squeeze it in the mirror, knowing it was hard because of me, it’s fucking hot.”

Bum flushed and glanced away. “I’m glad that I turn you on. Even that part of me.”

“All of it’s mine and I’m pretty possessive.” Sangwoo tugged him closer. Bum beamed up at him and Sangwoo wondered how this had become his life. Eventually, he pulled Bum up off the bench and they slowly made their way to the grocery store. Sangwoo grabbed a cart and pushed it in, looking around and wondering where they should start. A thought struck him. “Let’s get a cake.”

Bum blinked. “A cake?”

“Yeah. A cake. To celebrate the old pig dying and you being free.”

“We probably shouldn’t celebrate that,” Bum said, looking guilty.

Considering what had happened, Bum was dealing with it pretty well. He was definitely carrying a lot of guilt that Sangwoo felt he shouldn’t have to. After all, that situation never would have happened if his uncle hadn’t instigated it. The old man might be alive if he’d gone to work. He might have lived if he’d never attacked. They’d never know, but Sangwoo preferred this outcome. This way, Bum’s boogieman was dead and gone. Bum would never have to look over his shoulder wondering. “We definitely should,” Sangwoo insisted. “You made it out alive. You’re getting to live the life you wanted. I think that calls for a celebration,” Sangwoo said, giving Bum a little squeeze.

Bum considered it before giving a small nod. “Ok. We’ll get a cake.”

Sangwoo nodded back. “That’s the spirit.” He leaned down to kiss Bum’s forehead. “You go pick one out, I’m gonna grab some soju. Can’t celebrate without a bit of alcohol right?”

Bum nodded and headed towards the bakery. Sangwoo meandered through the alcohol section, putting a few bottles in the cart before heading for the bakery. Someone was talking to Bum. Bum’s shoulders were hunched and Sangwoo frowned. He pushed the cart over. “Bum?”

Bum and the man looked up. “Sangwoo,” Bum said, relieved.

“What’s up? Did you pick a cake?” He parked the cart next to a bread display and moved closer to Bum.

Bum tensed, glancing at the man. “There’s only one.”

There was only one and the guy was holding it.

“Yeah. Bumie here said I could have it.” The guy smirked at Sangwoo.

Sangwoo raised an eyebrow. Bumie?

Bum hunched a little more, shifting closer to Sangwoo. “It’s a nickname from school,” he explained softly.

One that Bum clearly didn’t care for. Bum’s body language was screaming at him that he didn’t like this guy. He wouldn’t be surprised if the smirking prick stole the cake right out of Bum’s hands. “So you went to school together?” Sangwoo asked.

“Yeah. Elementary and middle school. I almost didn’t recognize him. Most guys don’t grow up to get tits you know.” The guy laughed. It had a mean edge to it that set Sangwoo on edge.

Bum grabbed Sangwoo’s hand and pressed close to him.

“So you’re like that?” the guy continued. “I guess it’s not a surprise. You were always slinking around like you committed a crime. Crying about your uncle.”

Bum tensed further and Sangwoo snapped. “Maybe he was trying not to attract the attention of assholes like you,” Sangwoo said sweetly.

The guy blinked as if surprised that he spoke back. “What?”

“You heard me. Some orphaned kid who gets hit at home doesn’t need the buzzards on his back at school.”

“Hey, we were just kids,” the guy argued.

“Yeah, and you're an adult now. Gloating over his shitty situation like it was funny just shows what kind of immature dick you are.” Sangwoo glared at him.

“Look, I don’t need to take that from a faggot like you,” the guy snapped.

Sangwoo laughed. The insult had no impact. Maybe at one time, he’d have gone crazy over it, but not now. Not with Bum pressing his breasts to his arm as he stuck close. He’d already fought Bum’s dirty uncle for him. He wasn’t going to let some loser middle school bully scare him off. “You gonna fight me? Unlike Bum, I fight back.” He tilted his head from side to side, cracking his neck and grinning with far too much teeth.

The guy suddenly seemed to realize that Sangwoo was tall and stacked and not about to take his shit. He swallowed and stepped back. “I’m not looking for trouble man. Just a cake.”

Sangwoo snorted. “Well, you’re getting trouble and no cake. Give it to Bum.”

The guy frowned. “It’s almost my one year anniversary with my girlfriend,” he said.

“Honestly, looks more like you’ll be celebrating a break up soon,” Sangwoo said, looking over the guy’s shoulder to where a girl was standing, frowning.

The guy turned. “Honey, I was just getting the cake.” He held up the cake.

The girl clutched at the strap of her purse tightly and sighed. “You should give it to them, I don’t want it anymore,” she said before turning and walking away.

“Oops. Looks like your shitty personality leaked out. You might want to chase her.”

The guy glared at Sangwoo and shoved the cake at Bum before chasing after his girlfriend.

Bum almost dropped the cake, but Sangwoo steadied him. “Yay. Cake for us,” Sangwoo said. He took the cake and placed it carefully in their cart. “You ok?” He asked.

Bum nodded. He breathed out slowly and unfolded himself, his shoulders straightening out and relaxing. “Yeah, I just...I didn’t think anyone would recognize me.”

“And of all the people that did, it just had to be an asshole like that,” Sangwoo said. He reached up and stroked Bum’s cheek. Bum automatically leaned into his touch.

“I didn’t have friends in school. People just made fun of me because I didn’t fight back and I cried a lot. There was a girl in a similar situation to me in high school and she got close for a while. But once she moved away from the man who was hurting her, she didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. I stopped trying to make friends after that.”

“Not that I’m a great friend-maker, but I’m sure we can find someone nice to be friends with. Maybe the girl at the sex shop?” Sangwoo grinned.

Bum blushed at the reminder of the shop and letting the girl watch them.

Sangwoo chuckled. “What should we eat for our little celebration?”

Bum considered. “I’ll make you some fresh mandu,” he said.

“Oh, I like that idea,” Sangwoo said.

“Let’s go pick some nice ingredients,” Bum said, taking Sangwoo’s hand.

“Sure.” Sangwoo grabbed their cart and followed Bum as they gathered supplies.

Once they got home, Sangwoo helped to chop up the ingredients and Bum made dozens of beautiful handmade mandu. They had some of them pan-fried and some of them floating in a nice soup with some soju. Afterward, they had the cake.

Sangwoo watched Bum eat his cake. Once Bum put his fork down Sangwoo said, “You got a bit on you.”

“Where?” Bum reached up to wipe at his face.

“Right there,” Sangwoo reached out and smeared a streak of frosting across Bum’s nose.

Bum gasped. “Sangwoo!” He cried, eyes wide in shock.

Sangwoo sat back and laughed.

Bum wasn’t about to take that sitting down. He picked up a piece of cake and leaned forward, pressing it against Sangwoo’s cheek.

Sangwoo laughed as he opened his eyes. “Oh, it’s on,” he said, getting up from his chair.

Bum’s eyes widened. “Sangwoo,” he said, getting up slowly.

Sangwoo grinned and moved towards him. Bum started to back away.

“D-don’t do it,” Bum said, lip trembling.

“Do what Princess?” Sangwoo asked innocently.

Bum took another step back. “Whatever it is you’re thinking.”

Sangwoo tilted his head. “What if I was thinking I’d smear cake all over your breasts and eat it off?” he asked.

Bum bit his lip, clearly conflicted. “You’ll make a mess.”

Sangwoo shrugged. “Sex is messy but worth it right?”

Bum considered it. “At least let me take my top off.”

“Oh? You don’t mind if I cover you with cake and eat it off?”

Bum blushed. “N-no. I-it’s messy, but if you want to, it’s ok.”

“Come here and eat this so I can hurry up and strip you down.” He held out his hand to Bum.

Bum approached him hesitantly. He leaned down to eat the cake off of Sangwoo’s hand, lapping at the frosting that stuck to his skin and sucking his fingers into his mouth. Sangwoo had meant it to be a joke, but once Bum’s mouth started to work his fingers like that, all the blood went straight to his cock. He drew his hand out of Bum’s mouth and reached for the edge of his blouse, lifting it up over his head. Bum obediently lifted his arms and let Sangwoo peel the blouse off. Bum was the one to reach back and unhook his bra, letting it fall to the floor. He shimmied out of his skirt and stood before Sangwoo in nothing but his panties.

Sangwoo grinned as he picked Bum up and settled him on the table. He grabbed a bit of cake and smeared it on Bum’s breast and leaned in to start licking it off. Bum moaned and leaned into his touch. “It tastes better this way,” Sangwoo said.

“It tickles,” Bum replied breathlessly, but he didn’t push him away.

“But it’s turning you on,” Sangwoo pointed out, running a finger along Bum’s inner thigh. His knuckles just barely brushed the erection tenting Bum’s panties.

“You can’t eat cake off someone’s breasts and expect them not to be turned on. Would you be unaffected if I ate cake off your dick?” Bum asked with a pout.

“Of course not. I’d expect you to suck my dick after you were done with your cake.”

“I would,” Bum said, giving him a sultry look. “I like sucking your cock.”

“I know, and you’re getting better at taking it. Soon you’ll be taking it down your pretty throat without choking,” Sangwoo said, nipping at the throat in question.

“Want to try it now?” Bum asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Sangwoo agreed.

“Strip for me,” Bum said, playing with the edge of Sangwoo’s shirt.

Sangwoo chuckled and stepped back. “Should I put on a show?” he asked.

“Please,” Bum agreed. “Put on a show for me.” Bum leaned back to watch. Sangwoo started to pull off his shirt and Bum snorted. “You call that a show? You have to tease a little.”

“Oh fine, but I’m putting on some music first.” Sangwoo walked over to the radio and turned it on. Some girl group was singing a sultry pop song and Sangwoo figured he could work with that. He turned and stalked back over to Bum, stopping in front of him. He shifted his shoulders, swaying a bit as he reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it up just a little to show off his abs. He ran the fingers of his other hand up his abs slowly, then back down, pushing his pants down a little to show off a hip bone. Bum licked his lips appreciatively.

It was only as he was doing his little strip tease that he realized it was a little harder for a guy. He had less layers. If Bum was doing it, there’d be a lacy bra underneath, but all he had was his bare chest. He dragged his shirt up a little more, then turned around as he shed his shirt, flexing his back muscles for Bum. Bum groaned and Sangwoo grinned. He might feel a little stupid doing it, but Bum was into it. He glanced back. Bum’s hand had drifted to his cock and he was squeezing is lightly through his panties.

Sangwoo turned around swaying his hips and walking towards Bum. He dragged him to the edge of the table and thrust against him before slipping away. He played with the button of his pants and slowly unzipped them. He moved his hips, letting the pants slowly slide off and pool around his legs. He kicked them aside and stepped forward again, playing with the elastic of his boxers. Bum looked about ready to hop off the table and drag them off. He grinned. It was refreshing to have someone so eager to go down on him. He didn’t waste much time getting his boxers off since he was growing impatient. He shed his boxers and looked at Bum. “How was that?”

“Really good,” Bum said, sliding off the table. He reached for the cake, getting a good bit of frosting in his hand before he walked up to Sangwoo and grabbed his cock. He gave it a sticky stroke before sinking to his knees in front of Sangwoo and leaning in to lap at his frosting covered erection. “So good it deserves a reward.” Bum grinned up at him as he slid his cock into his mouth. “Mmmm.”

Sangwoo groaned as he watched Bum lap at his cock hungrily. He didn’t realize how great it was to have an enthusiastic partner until he found Bum. It’s not like all the other women he’d been with before had been unwilling. There might have been a bit of protesting for modesty’s sake before they got down to business, but most of his dates ended up with him balls deep in some pussy. It had been good, but it was still nothing like Bum. Bum was always eager, he was happy to go down on him or dream up fantastic new ways to blow his mind. He didn’t know that anything had been missing before, but now that he had it he was pretty sure he could never go back.

Bum did something amazing with his tongue that drew Sangwoo back out of his head and made him focus on his dick again. He ran a hand through Bum’s hair, tugging gently at his scalp. Bum hummed and glanced up at him, his look clearly telling him not to pull too hard. Sangwoo nodded as he released the hair and let his hand settle on Bum’s shoulder. Bum swallowed around his cock and Sangwoo had to force his hips to stay still. They probably shouldn’t be doing this standing up. Either his knees were going to give out or he was going to accidentally choke Bum on his dick. He’d had enough bitches literally gagging on his cock to know that it wasn’t very sexy. As much as he liked where this was going, he had a few ideas of what he wanted to do next. He pushed Bum back from his cock gently.

Bum gave him a questioning look, licking his swollen lips.

“How about we move this to the bathroom?” Sangwoo asked. “We can wash off all this sugar and have some slippery fun in the tub.”

Bum’s expression turned indulgent. “If you wash my back, I’ll wash yours,” he said.

“We’ll do a little more than that,” Sangwoo said, offering him a hand up.

Bum took his hand, letting him pull him to his feet. “I expect nothing less from you and your strange fixation on sex in the tub.” He pressed a kiss to his shoulder.

Sangwoo chuckled as he wrapped Bum up in his arms. “Is it really that weird?”

Bum shrugged. “I don’t have anything to compare it too. But what Sangwoo wants, Sangwoo gets.” He grinned.

“I like the way you think, Princess,” Sangwoo said, nuzzling him. “Now let’s go.” He moved them to the bathroom and watched as Bum shed his panties, giving him a tempting look at his ass. He had to remind himself to detour into the bedroom for supplies. He returned with his gloves, some condoms, and the lube. Bum was already sitting on the stool with his hair put up in a bun soaping up his skin. Sangwoo set the supplies aside and moved in the help with the scrubbing.

Bum sighed as Sangwoo’s hands caressed his soapy skin. He leaned back into his hands. They didn’t linger too much on the washing though. Bum was quick to soap up and rinse off before switching with Sangwoo. He moved off the stool so he could run his hands over Sangwoo. Sangwoo’s washing was interspersed with a few more kisses, especially to the healing wounds on his back, but they were soon nice and clean. Sangwoo grinned as he dried off his hands and got their supplies ready.

“Ready Princess?”

“Yes,” Bum said as he moved the stool in front of the tub. He knelt on it, presenting his ass to Sangwoo as he leaned over the edge of the tub.

“That is such a pretty picture,” Sangwoo said as he pulled on his gloves and lubed up his fingers. But first, there was a nice blank patch of skin he hadn’t marked yet in front of him. He grinned as he grabbed Bum’s ass and leaned in to nip at it. Bum gasped and glanced back at him. Sangwoo winked at him as he went back in to suck the skin hard, pressing his slick fingers against Bum’s entrance. Bum moaned and spread his legs, bearing down so Sangwoo’s index finger slid in with no resistance. Sangwoo gave Bum’s ass a final nip as he pulled back to admire the mark he’d left there.

“Possessive bastard,” Bum said fondly, watching him over his shoulder.

“Mine,” Sangwoo said, giving Bum’s ass a gentle tap with his free hand.

Bum grinned. “Yes. Yours. Now get on with it.” He pressed back on Sangwoo’s finger.

“As my Princess commands,” he said, as he added another finger, easing him open for his cock. Bum blushed at him and turned away, dropping his head down as he panted softly. Sangwoo didn’t waste time getting him open. He worked another finger in, scissoring and pressing in, seeking Bum’s prostate. “Tell me when you’re ready,” he instructed.

Bum whined as Sangwoo stroked his prostate. “I’m ready,” he insisted, pressing back. “Need you in me.”

Sangwoo chuckled as he gave him another stroke. Satisfied with the needy moan he pulled his fingers out. He tossed his gloves in the trash and picked up the condoms. “Here, put this on,” he said, pressing a condom into Bum’s hand.

Bum blinked at him. “What?”

“So we don’t mess up the bath water. I’m learning,” he said, tapping his temple and grinning.

Bum laughed. “I guess you are. We won’t have to drain the messy water, but how much will be left after it splashes out?” He asked. He carefully got off the stool and stood up. He rolled the condom onto his cock and turned to look at Sangwoo.

Sangwoo was sporting his own condom as he stepped into the tub and slid down into the water. “Join me,” Sangwoo said, offering his hand to Bum.

“How do you want me?” Bum asked, taking Sangwoo’s hand.

“Face me,” Sangwoo said.

Bum nodded as he stepped into the tub. Sangwoo held onto his hips as he guided Bum down into his lap. There was some awkward adjusting, but finally, Sangwoo was sliding his cock into Bum’s tight ass.

Sangwoo groaned as he pressed his face into Bum’s breasts. “I can never get enough of this,” he said, rocking upwards, sending ripples through the bath water.

“Me either.” Bum moaned. He wrapped his arms around Sangwoo’s head, keeping him buried in his breasts.

Sangwoo grinned and began to suck the soft pale skin. Bum moaned again and rocked on his cock. He gripped Bum’s hips the best that he could in the warm water and urged him to continue. Bum rocked on his cock slowly, sending the warm water lapping around their skin. Sangwoo felt hypnotized by the movements. He felt like they could just do it forever this slow and slippery fucking.

He was panting heavily before he knew it, completely lost in the movements. Bum was whining breathlessly and his movements were becoming more erratic. He entertained the thought of putting Bum on his knees and plowing him from behind, but he was already so warm and comfortable. He gripped Bum’s slippery hips and began to thrust up to meet Bum’s movements. The water began to splash around the tub, but neither one of them cared as they chased their release.

Bum has his hands on the edge of the tub, using the leverage to bounce harder on Sangwoo’s cock. His leg slipped a little, but the shift in position thrust Sangwoo’s cock straight into his prostate. Bum gasped in surprise as he clenched around Sangwoo. He was so close. He dropped one hand to his cock, grabbing it tightly as Sangwoo continued to press up into him. Bum was babbling softly to himself as he rode Sangwoo’s cock. One more quick thrust up sent him spiraling over the edge, his body seizing up as he came.

Sangwoo was listening to the soft chanting coming from Bum’s lips. He wondered if Bum knew he was whispering “I love you, I love you” over and over again. Bum had told him as much this afternoon, so he didn’t write it off as the heat of the moment. He didn’t say it back, but it did make him feel that same melting feeling in his chest and soon he was joining Bum as he thrust up hard, coming with a grunt.

Bum melted against him, sprawling out on his chest and panting. He clung to Sangwoo, his arms wrapped around him tightly, fingers digging into his sides as if he was afraid Sangwoo might disappear.

“I’m here Princess,” Sangwoo said, stroking Bum’s back as he slowly came back to himself after his intense orgasm.

“I love you,” Bum said, squeezing him tighter as he placed a little kiss on his neck.

Sangwoo nodded. He was not ready to say those words back, if ever, but he did appreciate them. “I don’t know what I did to deserve so many sweet words from you, but thank you.” He kissed Bum’s forehead.

Bum smiled up at him. “You’re the handsome prince who rescued me and accepted me. You deserve them.”

“I’m honored,” Sangwoo said, kissing his nose.

Bum giggled as he sat back and removed the condom, tossing it towards the trash. He carefully lifted himself off of Sangwoo and collected his as well. Once that went to the trash, he sprawled out on Sangwoo’s chest once more, soaking in the warmth of the water and the arms that snaked up around his waist.

Sangwoo held Bum against him and thought that he was definitely not in love, but if it felt like this, maybe he could be.

Chapter Text

Bum was up early the next morning. The smell of food drew Sangwoo from his sleep. He frowned when he didn’t feel Bum beside him. As he woke, he realized that Bum was the source of the food smells. He rose with a groan and shuffled into the bathroom. Once done, he peered into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” Bum said as he noticed him. He was dressed in Sangwoo’s shirt and sporting his apron and house slippers. He stood at the stove making a rolled omelette and Sangwoo felt his stomach grumble with interest.

“Good morning,” he replied, wandering in and leaning his head down on Bum’s shoulder. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Rolled omelettes and some rice. I made lunch for you too. Kimbap.”

Sangwoo groaned as he slid his arms around Bum and nuzzled into his neck. “You’re an angel,” he declared.

“I thought I was a magical fairy princess,” Bum said, amused.

“We’ll just add that one. Magical fairy princes angel.”

Bum chuckled. “Do you want some tea to wake you up?”

Sangwoo made an agreeable sound but didn’t move.

“You’ll have to let me go,” Bum said, setting his egg pan aside.

“But you’re comfortable and you smell nice,” Sangwoo said, mouthing at his salty skin.

Bum flushed. “Thank you, but some tea would be better to wake you up.”

Sangwoo grumbled, but finally pulled away to move to the table, but not before leaving a fresh mark on Bum’s neck. He grinned as Bum brought him a cup of tea.

“You’re ridiculous,” Bum declared as he dropped a kiss on his cheek and went back to his breakfast preparations.

Soon, they were enjoying a nice warm breakfast and Sangwoo was slowly starting to wake up. “I don’t want to go back to school,” he complained. “The girls are going to be annoying.”

“Sorry,” Bum said, fidgeting with his chopsticks.

“It’s not your fault. You’re not the annoying one. They’ll have so many questions and be so clingy. I might have to tell them off.” He sighed. He always had his friendly mask on tight, but he could tell that today it would be tested.

“If you feel that’s the right thing to do. I understand why you act nice to them, but you can be more selective about it if you want. You don’t have to be everything for everybody. You can be yourself and the ones who can handle that will stay and the ones who can’t will go.”

Sangwoo nodded. “Sure, but it’s easier to say than do. I’ve been wearing this mask for so long.”

“You can start slow,” Bum said. “Or not at all. It’s up to you. I’ll still be here making you delicious food no matter what.”

“Because you’re an angel,” Sangwoo said.

Bum gave him a tender smile.

“What are you going to do today?” Sangwoo asked.

“I think I might go to my job and give my formal resignation. It’s not fair to keep them waiting and I don’t think I’ll go back. I’d rather have a schedule that matches yours more. If I work nights, I’d never see you.”

Sangwoo grinned. “You’re sweet, putting so much thought into it.”

Bum blushed. “I just want to be with you as much as I can.”

Sangwoo grinned. He appreciated how Bum was going about it. Making him breakfast and rearranging his schedule for him, as opposed to the girls at school that flitted around demanding his attention. “Maybe you should start university too. We could go to the same school.”

Bum frowned. “I don’t think I’d be able to. I’m not as smart as you. I’ve been out of school for a while and I didn’t go into the military.”

“It’s just an idea,” Sangwoo said, reaching out to take Bum’s hand, trying to wipe away his worried expression. “If you ever decide that you want to, I’ll help. But you can do whatever you want now. You can find another convenience store or work at a makeup shop. It’s up to you.”

Bum nodded. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” Sangwoo said. “Now, no more dark thoughts, let's get ready for the day.”

Bum smiled and they both did just that. Soon, Sangwoo was standing in the doorway with his bag and Bum was standing before him with a lunch box. “This is your lunch.” He offered it to Sangwoo.

“You’re the best,” Sangwoo said, accepting it.

“Don’t forget it,” Bum said as he wrapped his arms around Sangwoo, pulling him close. He stood up on his tiptoes to give Sangwoo a quick kiss before burying his face in his neck.

Sangwoo chuckled. “Getting shy on me?”

“No,” Bum said.

His voice had a mischievous lilt to it that made Sangwoo raise an eyebrow. Then he felt it, the sharp nip on the side of his neck, followed by Bum’s lips sucking on the spot. He was rather shocked. While he’d left countless marks on Bum’s body, Bum hadn’t really done the same, aside from some scratches from his nails. “Did you just...are you marking me?”

Bum made an affirmative sound and continued to suck on his skin.

Sangwoo laughed as he leaned down, giving Bum better access to the very conspicuous part of his neck that he was working on. “You little minx,” he said.

“Just a reminder to them to keep their hands off,” Bum said as he finally drew back to admire the deep purple of the mark he’d just left high up on the side of Sangwoo’s neck.

“You know this is going to make them worse, not better,” Sangwoo said.

“I’ll make it up to you tonight,” Bum promised, planting another kiss on Sangwoo’s lips.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Sangwoo said. “And as much as I’d like to collect right now, I need to get going.”

Bum nodded as he pulled out of his arms. “Study hard,” he said. “Dinner will be ready by the time you get home.”

“Having you all domestic like this gives me a boner,” Sangwoo said.

Bum rolled his eyes. “Go to school,” he said, turning Sangwoo to the door.

“Yes, dear,” Sangwoo said playfully as he headed out to school.

Of course, his good mood soured once he arrived at school. There was a riot of whispers and stares as Sangwoo walked through the campus. It took a while for someone to finally approach him, but eventually, Fat Pig came stomping up with Pointy Nose and Virgin in tow. They were part of his little “friend” group. Since he couldn’t remember their damn names, they got nicknames. He even used them sometimes and people just took them as normal teasing, not Sangwoo’s inability to learn names.

Fat Pig was a heavyset guy that thought he was cooler than he really was. He was pretty gross with his obsession to gain weight to fail out of the army, but he was hard to shake. He tended to laugh off insults like they were jokes, so people had trouble pushing him away. Pointy Nose had a nose that came to a rather extreme point. It made an otherwise decent face look like a cartoon villain. He had some piercings and tended to wear an ugly beanie on his head. Virgin was Pointy Nose's childhood friend. He was rather bland in looks and personality, defined only by his desire to get laid.

“Yo, Sangwoo! You’ve been trending on Chirp. I thought only celebrities did that,” Fat Pig called, waving a thick arm at him.

Sangwoo raised an eyebrow. “Seriously? People have nothing better to talk about?” While he’d turned his phone back on, he’d turned off notifications for all those annoying social platforms that wouldn’t shut up.

“Well,” Pointy Nose said, “It’s not like you’re trending all over Korea, just locally.”

“Still, it’s something that usually only celebrities do. You’re practically a local celebrity now,” Virgin said.

“I didn’t ask to be,” Sangwoo said, annoyed. The feeling of being under a microscope made him feel itchy. He was used to having people pay attention to him just because of his looks and personality, but for them to be laser focused on him and his relationship was just too much. But people must not be digging down too deep, because they didn’t say anything about the incident with Bum’s uncle.

“Well, maybe you should stop being so handsome and cool. Leave some girls for the rest of us,” Virgin whined.

“Maybe if you weren’t such an herbivore, you’d catch some girls,” Pointy Nose said as they headed for their first class of the day.

“Herbivore?!” Virgin sputtered.

“As if you have room to talk, you’re not exactly an apex predator yourself,” Sangwoo told Pointy Nose dryly.


“I’m the only other Carnivore around here,” Fat Pig pronounced proudly.

Sangwoo rolled his eyes. “Pigs are omnivores. They’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat them first, just like you.”

“Speaking of eating,” Fat Pig said, letting the insult roll off his back. “How was that tasty little morsel of yours?” He leered at Sangwoo, nudging him in the ribs.

“Yeah! Spill the juicy details!” Virgin demanded.

Sangwoo shook his head. “Still living vicariously through my conquests?”

“Since Jieun won’t even look at him twice, yeah,” Pointy Nose said with a laugh.

“Fuck off,” Virgin said, pushing him away.

“Not before I hear about Sangwoo’s fuck. Look, she even left a mark on him.” Pointy Nose wiggled his eyebrows.

Sangwoo frowned. Usually, he shared all the dirty details because he didn’t give a shit. The problem was, now he gave a shit. He didn’t want to tell them how it felt to be buried in Bum’s tight ass. He didn’t want to tell him how sweetly Bum moaned. He didn’t want to tell them about the weird melty feelings Bum had been causing lately. Those things were just for him. He’d had Bum all to himself and he didn’t feel ready to share. Besides, look at what sharing had gotten him so far. Trending on fucking Chirp.

“What? You finally found the one you don’t want to tell us about?” Pointy Nose asked incredulously. His mouth flapped open and combined with his pointy nose he looked like a goblin shark.

Sangwoo shrugged. It’s not that he didn’t want to tell them anything, because he did want to brag about his sweet little princess. He wanted to tell them about Bum’s cooking and how he did chores and how enthusiastic he was about taking care of Sangwoo. He wanted to make them jealous. But since it was all such a tangle in his head, he didn’t say anything and silently accepted the teasing and continued demands for details from them as they finished the walk to class.

The problem was, once he sat down in class, the girls began to swarm him, all wearing sad, betrayed looks. Some of them had very obviously been crying. Seriously? It’s not like he was leading them on. Well, maybe Beluga a bit, because she was a spoiled whiny brat and it was easy. But the rest of them he just played coy with and they were too stupid to realize that it wasn’t going anywhere. Luckily, he arrived in class later than usual, so it wasn’t long before the teacher came in and sent the girls to their seats with a glare.

Class was fine, because no one could talk to him during, but they were all shooting him various looks. The girls continued to look like they were in mourning. Changing classrooms was a pain in the ass because more girls would approach and ask a million questions and the guys would make crude jokes and ask if Bum had a sister. The teachers were giving him dirty looks because he kept drawing crowds of people. It wasn’t like it was intentional though. It was annoying as hell!

By the time lunch rolled around, he was close to snapping. He just wanted to relax and enjoy the lunch Bum packed for him, but no, he was surrounded once again. He had sat with the guys, hoping that they’d insulate him from the girls, but that clearly wasn’t happening. They were still swarming like a pack of starving hyenas. He was about five seconds away from stabbing someone with a chopstick when a new voice cut through the babble of voices.

“You guys need to calm the fuck down,” a female voice snapped

Sangwoo looked up curiously expecting one of the grumpy lunch ladies, instead, it was one of his female classmates. She wasn’t part of his fan club. He couldn’t ever recall even talking to her, but she bodily pushed her way through the crowd and planted herself behind Sangwoo.

“Sangwoo is not, and never was your personal property. You having a crush on him doesn’t mean he’s in any way obligated to return it or answer five thousand questions about his girlfriend. Run along and have a group cry in the bathroom. Let the man eat in peace.” The girl stood with her hands on her hips, daring them to say anything back.

“We were just curious,” one of the other girls muttered sullenly.

“And fucking annoying! The rest of us are sick and tired of hearing you whining about this, I can only imagine how Sangwoo feels.” She glanced at him, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s pretty annoying. I just want to eat my lunch,” Sangwoo offered with an apologetic smile as he picked up a piece of kimbap.

There were a few muffled sorries and a few of the girls dispersed, but some of the more hardcore fangirls persisted.

“What about a welcoming party?” someone suggested. “We can have a party to meet her and welcome her to the group.”

Sangwoo glanced at the person. Hong Mi-Ri again. He felt rather skeptical of her wanting to welcome Bum, considering how cold she was to all the other fangirls.

“I don’t really see how he’s obligated to force you guys on his girlfriend. Especially if you’re gonna grill her like you’ve been grilling him,” his defender said sourly.

“We won’t! We just want to get to know her. Maybe we can be friends,” one of the other girls said.

The girl shrugged. “If you say so. I don’t have a horse in this race, it’s really up to Sangwoo.”

Sangwoo considered it. Getting Bum out of the house might not be a bad thing. Though, he had his doubts about this particular crowd. Maybe a few of the guys and possibly one or two of the less ardent girls, but not this whole ridiculous fangirl circus. “I guess I could text her and see if she wants to do it. But, she’s pretty shy.”

“If she says no, you guys really should drop it.”

“Why are you even butting in Jisook?” Mi-Ri demanded. Now, she had her hands on her hips and was giving Jisook a sour glare.

“Because you guys are seriously annoying me. Acting like he’s your property or something. He’s not and he doesn’t owe you anything. He’s just too nice to tell you off, but I’m not,” Jisook said, leaning forward into Mi-Ri’s space, making her take a step back. “Besides, in case you didn’t notice we’re in college. This isn’t high school. We pay for the pleasure of being here. We come here to learn, not get caught up in this little soap opera you twits are creating.”

“You’ve got a knight in shining armor Sangwoo. Trust a returnee to speak her mind,” Fat Pig said with a snicker.

“Well, you guys aren’t helping. You’re having too much fun staring at their chests,” Jisook said with a roll of her eyes. The other girls gasped in outrage while the guys chuckled nervously. Especially Virgin, who was shooting a longing look at Beluga.

“Look,” Sangwoo said. “I’ll text my girlfriend and see if she’s interested in a welcome party. In the meantime, Jisook is right. I’d appreciate some privacy. All this commotion is giving me a headache.”

Jisook smirked triumphantly and received some pretty annoyed looks, especially from Mi-Ri.

“Sorry. Keep us updated?” Beluga gave him a pained smile before slipping away tears starting to slide down her cheeks. Sangwoo sighed.

Some of the others murmured similar words before breaking off, leaving only Mi-Ri and Jisook standing by the table.

“Let me know what you decide,” Mi-Ri said imperiously. “I’ll find a good place to have a party.” She gave Jisook one last glare before stalking away, head held high.

Jisook snickered and turned to Sangwoo. “No need to thank me. Just invite me to this party, I want to see them make asses out of themselves.”

Sangwoo grinned. “If she agrees, you’re invited. You’re probably the only one that would actually make friends with her.”

“I want to make friends with her!” Fat Pig declared.

“Oh shut up, you just want to stare at her breasts cause they’re bigger than anyone else’s here. Including yours,,” Jisook said.

Fat Pig squawked and tried to look offended, but he looked rather guilty too.

“Did everyone see those damn pictures on Chirp? I turned it off cause it was so damn annoying.” Sangwoo sighed.

“They were all over the place. If you follow anyone from school, you saw at least one picture. I saw about seven different pictures of you guys. You did look really great though. You could have stepped out of a fashion magazine,” Jisook said. “Might want to check your account, looks like some talent agencies were trying to recruit you guys in the mix of hysterical fangirls.”

“I’m having enough trouble with this little taste of fame, I don’t know if I need more,” Sangwoo said with a groan.

“Oh yeah, I can only imagine how it feels. I’ve just been watching it happen all day. If Mi-Ri keeps giving you trouble, let me know. I’d love to smack the smug right off her face,” Jisook said.

Sangwoo laughed in surprise. Strangely enough, he liked this girl, and he didn’t say that about many people. They hadn’t really talked in the past, but Jisook seemed like a friendly person. Like Fat Pig said, she was a returnee from America. She tended to be more open with people and spoke her mind. He could appreciate that, given how much he held in to fit in. She wasn’t his type at all. Her hair was in a bouncy bob and he liked long hair. She was on the heavier side with a soft round face and a ready smile. Well, most of the time, today she looked out for blood. “You’re not secretly in my fan club are you?”

Jisook snorted. “As if. You’re easy on the eyes, but I have better things to do with my time than fawn over you like a lovesick idiot.”

Sangwoo grinned. “Just checking. Let’s trade talk ids,” he said, taking out his phone.

“That’s cool, promise I won’t message you in the middle of the night for a booty call,” she said, pulling out her phone.

Sangwoo chuckled. It wouldn’t be the first time, but he’d take her word for it.

“Don’t forget to text your girlfriend,” Fat Pig added.

“Yeah yeah, hold your horses, porky.” He typed Jisook’s talk id into his phone and sent her a quick pig emoji.

Jisook laughed. “Well, message me later if this party happens. Feel free to message me even if it doesn’t. I’ll see you in class.” She put her phone away and headed back to her lunch table.

Sangwoo turned his attention back to the guys at the table. “You guys can meet her, but anyone touches her and I’ll break your hands,” he said menacingly.

Fat Pig held up his hands in a placating manner. “Hey man, I wouldn’t do that to a friend.”

“Better not,” Sangwoo muttered. Sangwoo texted Bum while he had his phone out.

//My friends were wondering if they could throw a welcome party for you//

//That sounds ok. When were they thinking?//

//I don’t have work on Thursday. That gives us a few days to plan.//

//Ok. Should I do my makeup?//

//Definitely. Knock their socks off.//

“You’re smiling. Does that mean she said yes?” Fat Pig asked, crowding him to look at his phone.

Sangwoo looked up, realizing that yes, he was smiling. “She did. And she’s going to dress up. So remember, hands to yourself.”

“I promise not to touch your girl, will you stop threatening me? Your face is scary,” Fat Pig said, scooting away from Sangwoo, making their whole table shudder as he moved his bulk.

Sangwoo grinned, and if it was a little scary, oh well. “Same goes for the rest of you knuckleheads. Maybe if you play it right, you can comfort one of the other fangirls instead.”

“Trying to kill two birds with one stone? Clever,” Virgin commented.

“You complaining about possibly getting some? Maybe you can finally get Jieun to look at you.” Sangwoo smirked.

Virgin blushed and muttered about what an asshole Sangwoo was. But the other guys started talking about which fangirl they’d like to bang if Sangwoo was giving them away.

On Thursday, Bum was all made up by the time he got home from school. Sangwoo admired the form-fitting black sweater dress that Bum was wearing. It had a high turtle neck collar but cutouts over the shoulders. It stopped just before his knees, showing a hint of his shapely thighs. His hair was half up in a clip and lightly curled. He wore some dangling silver earrings and his makeup was really elegant today. The overall look was less fairy princess and more runway model.

“You look great,” he said, caressing the bare skin of Bum’s shoulder. The shadows of a few marks lingered in that little window and he had the urge to refresh them. Bum probably wouldn’t appreciate it since they were about to go out, so he went with the next best option. “Can I get a little kiss?”

Bum smiled up at him. “Yes. I found a new kiss-proof lipstick. I’ll let you test it.”

Sangwoo groaned as he leaned in, careful to only touch their lips together. After a few eager kisses, he pulled back. “Any on me?” He asked.

Bum gently guided his chin down to inspect his lips. “Nope.” He kissed him once more before releasing his face. “What’s the plan for this party?”

“Well, we’re going to go and suffer through the guys making terrible jokes and innuendos and trying to hook up with the fangirls while the fangirls mourn my unavailability and possibly bully you,” Sangwoo said.

Bum made a face. “I’m having second thoughts.”

“It’s ok. I’ll be there and it will mostly be people I can tolerate. And a new girl. She was defending my honor on Monday, fighting off the fangirls. I think maybe you two can be friends.”

“Well, if I can make a friend, I guess it’s ok,” Bum said. He was clearly reluctant but willing to give it a try.

“Plus the girls will be paying for our food and drinks, so we might as well enjoy,” Sangwoo said. “But if it’s really a disaster, I promise we’ll leave and go do something more fun. Maybe some karaoke?”

“That sounds good,” Bum agreed.

“Alright, it’s a plan,” Sangwoo agreed. “I’m going to go change now.” He gave Bum one last kiss before slipping away to change into something nicer. With Bum around, he was seriously considering updating his wardrobe. He had things that were nice enough, but he still felt underdressed next to his princess. They took the train out to the fairly nice sushi joint that Mi-Ri had chosen. He wondered if the girl came from money like Beluga did. Not that he cared, but this little excursion probably wasn’t going to be cheap.

He led Bum up to the large table they were arranged at and grinned at the various gasps and appreciative noises that were made when people looked at Bum.

“This is my girlfriend, Yoon Yo Jung,” he said, grinning at Bum.

Bum blinked at him. They hadn’t really discussed the name, which they probably should have. He just decided to run with it.

“Yo Jung? Like a fairy?” One of the girls asked.

“Exactly like a fairy. Doesn’t she look like a fairy princess to you?” Sangwoo grinned as he pulled Bum close.

“She does,” Jisook said, smiling at Bum. “Your dress is nice.”

“Thank you,” Bum said shyly.

“You’re welcome. I hope we can be friends.” Jisook held her hand out.

“Yes,” Bum said. He shyly put his hand into Jisook’s and shook her hand.

Sangwoo watched approvingly and made sure that Bum was seated between himself and Jisook. Some of the other girls might come around, but he was certain that Jisook was the only friend Bum would make tonight. Plus, he didn’t trust any of the guys sitting next to Bum. Fat Pig was practically drooling. Sangwoo shot him a warning glare.

The people around the table started to introduce themselves and Sangwoo tried to attach names to the nicknames. Fat Pig was Donggyu. Tae-Hyun was Virgin. Ji-Yong was Pointy Nose. There were a few others, but they hadn’t even been assigned nicknames, so Sangwoo didn’t bother with their names. They drifted in and out, while the other three were pretty constant.

The table settled down and Sangwoo was annoyed to see that the girls sat on one half and the guys on the other. How was he supposed to foist the fangirls off onto the guys if they wouldn’t even mingle with them? The table had a weird divide of rowdy excited guys and girls acting like they were at a funeral. They didn’t really chat much. They’d stare at Sangwoo longingly and then look away. Sangwoo sighed, they’d hardly been there for ten minutes and it was already a disaster. Tae-Hyun had managed to snag the seat next to Jieun. Unfortunately for him, Jieun was ignoring his attempts to engage with her. At least Jisook had clearly taken to Bum.

“If you don’t like soju, maybe you’ll like a mixed drink,” Jisook said. “Here, try mine.” She handed her drink to Bum and gave him an encouraging look.

Bum gave Sangwoo a questioning look. Sangwoo shrugged. It was up to Bum if he wanted to try the drink. Bum looked unsure for a moment before he took a hesitant sip. “It’s sweet,” he said.

“Right? It makes it go down easier,” she said. “But that makes it more dangerous. They go down easy, so it’s easy to drink too much. And you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach. But we’re eating, so it’s ok.”

Bum nodded.

“Do you want me to order one for you?” she asked.

“Um, ok. Just one,” Bum said.

“Great!” Jisook’s hand shot up to flag down the waiter.

Sangwoo chuckled. He was glad he’d let Jisook tag along. Some of the girls were still shooting Bum some nasty glares, but with Jisook chatting with him, Bum missed those. He was trying to ignore the longing looks from the girls. He caught Jieun’s gaze and she quickly looked away. Beside him, Donggyu elbowed him in the ribs and made an annoying comment about looking at other girls. Sangwoo suggested that he went to hell and quickly got dragged into a conversation with Tae-Hyun about why Donggyu was still single when they were surrounded by beautiful women.

“I’m sure the fact that he weighs four times as much as my girlfriend has nothing to do with it,” Sangwoo said dryly.

“She’s freaking tiny. I bet Jisook weighs three times as much as her,” Donggyu defended.

“As if you tub of lard,” Jisook snapped sending a crumpled napkin sailing in Donggyu’s direction.

Sangwoo laughed. “You’re going to have to find a girl that really likes bacon if you want to get laid.”

“Ugh, that joke gets so old,” Donggyu complained.

“I can start making hippo jokes then. I hear hippos sweat pink. What color is your sweat?” Sangwoo asked, elbowing him.

“Fuck off,” Donggyu muttered, hunkering down.

“Ah, shit,” Jisook hissed.

Sangwoo turned his head. Someone had spilled a drink on the table and there was some shuffling to mop up the spill.

“I’m so sorry,” Jieun said to Bum. “I’ll get you another drink.” She stood quickly.

“What was she even reaching for?” Jisook muttered as she helped to wipe up the mess and the few spots of alcohol that had gotten on Bum’s dress.

Sangwoo touched Bum’s hand. “You ok?”

“It’s fine,” Bum said. “It won’t stain.”

Sangwoo nodded. He squeezed Bum’s hand and turned back to the guys. Ji-Yong was trying to convince everyone that he totally had an internet girlfriend and was desperately showing them a picture of a girl way out of his league. Sangwoo laughed with the rest of them, but he kept glancing over at Bum to make sure things were going smoothly. After all, he’d told Bum they could leave at any time. Maybe they’d even invite Jisook along for karaoke. Jieun had replaced the spilled drink, but she still wasn’t talking to Bum, just staring at him. Sangwoo glared at her.

“You’re making a weird face. Is that one stronger than the other one?” Jisook asked. She reached over and took Bum’s drink, taking a big sip. She made a face. “Ugh, that one’s so sweet. It’s weird.” She quickly picked up a glass of water to wash it down. “Jieun, are you sure you got the right thing?”

“I did. Maybe a different bartender made it? You know they are kind of different sometimes,” Jieun said with a shrug.

“Gross. We’ll get another one from the waiter,” Jisook said, calling for the waiter.

“It’s fine Jisook,” Bum said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jisook said, patting Bum’s hand. “You’re just here to have a good time. They wanted this party, they can pay for your drinks.”

“Ok,” Bum said, smiling at Jisook.

Sangwoo looked around the table. Mi-Ri was down at the end. She met his gaze defiantly, raising an eyebrow and Sangwoo snorted. For someone who supposedly wanted to get to know Bum, she hadn’t spoken a word to him after the initial introductions. It wasn’t a very good welcome party, but there were free drinks and Jisook and Bum seemed to be hitting it off, so that was good. He nudged Bum and smiled at him. Bum smiled back.

One of the other girls finally addressed Bum, asking about his makeup. Bum turned away and started to explain the products on his face. That was promising. Sangwoo turned back to the guys, catching the tail end of a conversation about which member of a certain K-Pop group had a better ass. As if he cared, he had a pretty hot piece of ass all to himself.

The food finally showed up, large platters of sushi were placed on the table between the drinks. Sangwoo grazed and made sure Bum did the same. Bum clearly didn’t drink much, so he was probably a lightweight. He didn’t want him to get blackout drunk, so he put some of the nicest looking pieces of sushi on a plate in front of Bum, giving him approving looks when he ate them.

After some time had passed, Bum had moved to stand. “I...I have to go to the bathroom,” he announced quietly.

“I’ll come,” Jisook said, standing up and offering Bum a hand.

Bum nodded and accepted her hand. Sangwoo watched them walk off with a slight frown. Bum was pressing his hand to his stomach.

“Man, you’ve got it bad,” Tae-Hyun said, noting Sangwoo’s distraction.

Sangwoo turned back to him and shrugged. “Can you blame me? You saw her right? And she may look shy, but she loves sex. None of that demure purity crap that lots of girls play at.” Sangwoo could almost sense some of the girls at the table wincing, but he ignored it. “She cooks and cleans and does the laundry on top of it all,” he boasted. While the sex was great, Bum was a full package after all and the alcohol loosened his tongue enough to finally brag about it.

“Does she have a sister I can date or something?” Tae-Hyun asked longingly as if he hadn’t asked that question about ten times since Monday.

Sangwoo laughed. “Sorry, she’s one of a kind.” He grinned, thinking of Bum’s secret.

“Damn.” Tae-Hyun tossed back his drink. “You have all the fucking luck. You’re surrounded by girls.”

“Isn’t that why you hang out with me? Hoping to get laid by association,” Sangwoo said.

“Maybe,” Tae-Hyun muttered into his drink.

“And the truth comes out.” Sangwoo smirked. Not that he hadn’t already known it, but it was good that he didn’t try to hide it. “Well? Has it worked yet?”

“Once,” Tae-Hyun admitted.

Sangwoo noticed that the girl on the other side of Jieun blushed and quickly took a drink. “That’s once more than it’s worked for Donggyu,” Sangwoo said.

“Oi!” Donggyu protested.

“Ignore them, they’re dicks,” Ji-Yong said sympathetically.

“Man, I must be pathetic if the virgin is standing up for me,” Donggyu said, smacking his face with his hand.

“Fuck you!” Ji-Yong snapped.

“Nah, I’m not into dudes,” Donggyu shot back.

Sangwoo had to laugh. Donggyu had been drooling over Bum from the beginning and his little princess was technically a man. He had all the plumbing and the bonus of breasts. If Donggyu only knew.


Sangwoo turned as his name was yelled desperately across the restaurant. Jisook looked pale and was gesturing desperately for him to come over.

“It’s Yo Jung. She’s sick.”

Sangwoo frowned as he got up and walked over. “You don’t look so good either,” he said, looking at Jisook. She was looking really pale.

“That drink,” Jisook said, her breathing coming out too fast. “I think something was wrong with it.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the ladies’ restroom. The sound of heaving could be heard from the hallway. “She only had one sip, but she’s throwing up so much.”

Sangwoo pushed his way into the bathroom and found Bum clinging to the toilet. “Babe,” he said, kneeling beside him.

Bum made a miserable sound but didn’t look up from the toilet.

Sangwoo frowned. Was that blood in the toilet bowl?

“Jisook, call an ambulance,” he said.

Jisook nodded as she pulled out her phone.

“Bum, hang in there,” Sangwoo said, pulling his hair back and rubbing his back. He looked up as Jisook suddenly threw up in the trash can. “Fuck,” he muttered. He’d been worried about that. It had to have been the drink. The one they said tasted funny. What the fuck was in that drink?

It didn’t take long for the ambulance to arrive, but it felt like forever as he switched his attention between Bum and Jisook. The paramedics swarmed into the bathroom and began to work. Sangwoo was quick to tell them that he thought they were poisoned. Soon, the three of them were in the back of an ambulance, riding to the hospital. Bum and Jisook were given IVs and made to swallow a sludgy charcoal liquid to absorb the poison.

At the hospital, they were brought in and given more liquids and medications. Blood was drawn stomach pumping was discussed, but ultimately, they decided that Bum and Jisook got small enough doses that the vomiting and charcoal would be enough. In the meantime, he was receiving almost non-stop texts from Tae-Hyun and Ji-Yong about the police showing up to investigate and how Jieun got taken away by police for attempted murder. She was insisting that Mi-Ri put her up to it. Of course, Mi-Ri had disappeared and left the rest of the group to foot the bill. What a fucking disaster. Sangwoo glared at his phone, feeling like he wanted to murder those fucking girls, but Bum reached out a hand to be held and Sangwoo took it and gave it a squeeze.

“We’re batting a thousand lately aren’t we?” He said. First that shit with Bum’s uncle and now this.

Bum just gave a tired nod. His makeup had been a mess. A nurse had given them some makeup removing wipes to clean up his face. Without the makeup on, the pallor of his skin was even more obvious, broken up only by the red dots that had blossomed across his skin as the tiny blood vessels in his face broke from so much violent heaving. The yellowish remnants of the bruises from his uncle still decorated his face and there were dark bags under his eyes. Bum looked exhausted.

“I’ve been with girls before and nobody tried to poison them! If I’d thought this was going to happen, I’d have kept you at home to myself.”

Bum squeezed his hand. “It’s ok. I liked being shown off.”

Sangwoo smirked and raised Bum’s hand to his lips, kissing it lightly. “Everyone was struck speechless by you. I guess they realized what a threat you were.”

“God, stop being so cute over there. I’m getting jealous. And I like being single!” Jisook complained. She was sitting in the other bed, watching them with a half smile despite her words.

“Sorry you got dragged into this,” Bum said softly.

Jisook rolled over to look at them fully. “I’m not,” she declared. “If I hadn’t taken a drink, you might have kept sipping at it and it would have been worse. I’m ok with taking one for the team. We both escaped with a minor case of poisoning instead of catastrophic organ failure or death.”

Sangwoo actually shuddered at the idea. Knowing that Bum could be a rather passive victim, Jisook was right, it could have been much worse. He squeezed Bum’s hand again. He’d just found Bum, he wasn’t ready to let go just yet. “Did they even say what you were poisoned with?”

“Rat poison.”

Sangwoo’s head whipped up to the doorway where Officer Park stood.

“Can I come in?” Officer Park asked.

Sangwoo nodded dumbly. “What are you doing here?”

“My partner and I are part of the investigation. Are you up for some questions?” Officer Park asked as he entered with his tall, young partner a step behind him. Officer Park glanced at Bum, who was still deathly pale on the bed.

Bum nodded.

“Yeah, let’s get it over with,” Jisook agreed.

“Excellent. I’ll start with you,” Officer Park said, pointing at Jisook. “My partner, Officer Yang, can start with the happy couple.”

Sanwoo rolled his eyes and watched the way the younger officer glared at his partner, then switched to looking nervously at Bum and himself. Finally, the younger man walked forward and stopped at the end of Bum’s bed.

Officer Yang cleared his throat. He took out his notebook and looked at Bum, then Sangwoo. “Can you tell me who organized the party you attended this evening?” he asked.

Sangwoo frowned, trying to remember which of the fangirls it was. “It was Hong Mi-Ri. She was really pushy about it like I owed it to her or something. Those girls tend to act as a herd sometimes. So they latched onto the idea, but it was definitely her idea.”

“What did she say?”

“She said that they all wanted to meet my new girlfriend and offered to organize a welcome party. I texted to see if Bum was interested and when Bum agreed, I said we’d come.”

Officer Yang nodded. “Can you tell me about the party? Did anything stick out to you?”

“Min Jieun sat across from Bum and kept staring. Then, she spilled Bum’s drink and got up to get another one. Bum and Jisook both had a sip and thought it tasted funny. Too sweet they said. Then they both went to the bathroom and when Jisook came out, she said that Bum was really sick. I went to the bathroom and Bum was throwing up violently. Jisook called an ambulance, then she started throwing up too.”

“Did you noticed if Miss Min spoke to Miss Hong at the party?”

Sangwoo frowned. “I don’t think they sat next to each other. No. Mi-Ri was down at the end of the table on the girls’ side. Some other girls were next to Jieun. If they spoke, I didn’t see it. They were already there when we arrived.”

“Are they close friends? Do you see them together often?”

“I don’t think so. Jieun is a little stuck up and Mi-Ri is aloof. She gives off the air that she’s just tolerating everyone around her. I don’t think she has friends.” Sangwoo shrugged.

Officer Yang looked at Bum. “Did you notice anything unusual at the party?”

“I didn’t know anyone. I’d just met them all. But the girl across from me was staring a lot and she did spill my drink. She got up to get a new one instead of letting the waiter bring one.”

“So you didn’t see her put anything in the drink?”

Bum shook his head lightly. “No. But she brought the new drink and gave it to me. I only took a sip, but it was strange. It was sickly sweet and it seemed to burn differently from the other drink. Jisook saw my expression and tried the drink too. At first, I didn’t notice anything wrong. Jisook got me a different one and we had some sushi, but not long after we ate my stomach started to clench up really badly. The cramps were bad. In the bathroom, I started throwing up and couldn’t stop. All my food came up, and then it was just bile, then blood. I think Jisook went to get Sangwoo after that.”

Officer Yang scribbled in his notebook. He frowned. “Has anyone harmed any of your past girlfriends?” he asked Sangwoo.

Sangwoo shook his head. “Not that I’m aware of. Though, I think one or two might have been scared off by bullying on social media.”

“So there might be a pattern, and this is just an escalation,” Officer Yang muttered to himself, making a note.

“I think that’s all the questions I have.” Officer Yang looked at Officer Park, who was finished with Jisook.

Officer Park nodded. “Give them your card,” he prompted.

Officer Yang pulled out a card. “If you have any questions, or you think of anything else, please call.” He offered the card to Sangwoo.

“Thank you. We will,” Sangwoo said.

“Thank you,” Bum said, looking even more drained than before. The sheets seemed to have more color than him. .

“We’ll get out of your hair now. We’ll contact you soon if anything comes up. We haven’t arrested Hong Mi-Ri yet, but it’s a possibility. I would advise staying away from her if you do see her,” Officer Park said.

Sangwoo snorted. “We will,” he assured them.

“You guys are having a rough time lately. Stay safe.” Officer Park waved as he and his partner left, closing the door behind them.

The room was quiet for a beat before Jisook let out a whistle. “That Officer Yang was hot,” she said. “Why did you guys get him and I got the old guy?”

Sangwoo chuckled. “I know Officer Park. He probably just wanted to be impartial or something.”

“Trade cards with me. Officer Park gave me his card, but I want Officer Yang’s!” Jisook held out Officer Park’s business card.

Sangwoo laughed and traded cards with her. “I don’t think it will go over too well if you call him up for a date.”

Jisook pouted. “I know, but now I have something that he touched.”

“Gross, you stalker,” Sangwoo accused, still laughing.

“Shut up. You already found your dream girl. Let the rest of us lowly worms dream.”

“Weren’t you just saying that you liked being single?” Sangwoo asked.

“I do! But I also like to get laid. If Officer Yang’s dick is as pretty as the rest of him, I want to ride it!” Jisook declared.

Bum gasped at the lewd declaration like some sort of blushing virgin, which Sangwoo found hilarious, given how much Bum liked riding his dick. “So you ride a lot of dicks then Jisook?”

Jisook smirked at him. “More than you know. I’ve even tumbled a few girls.”

Sangwoo raised an eyebrow. “Really? I haven’t heard about it.”

Jisook shrugged. “I’m not a catch like you are, so people don’t brag about it.”

“So what’s your secret?” Sangwoo asked, curious.

“I give great hugs. People in Korea are so touch starved. A few gentle hugs and they’re under my spell.”

“That’s right, you lived in America for a while, didn’t you?”

Jisook nodded. “It was an experience. I’d like to go back once I finish school. Work for a company over there and enjoy being myself, not the Jisook strangled by fifty different layers of restrictive old-school Korean customs.”

“You got a real hate on for Korea?” Sangwoo asked.

Jisook shook her head. “No. I do love Korea, it’s just, it can be really repressed. I learned that I’m different and sometimes Korea doesn’t handle different well. I’m telling you this because I accidentally heard Yo Jung’s secret. I’m trading a secret for a secret.” She smiled at Bum. “I’m pansexual. It means that I’m attracted to everybody. Guys, girls, people questioning their genders or identities. I just really like people. I really like being close to people. It’s bad enough being gay around here. Try explaining what pansexuality is. They just don’t understand.” She shrugged.

“I do,” Bum said quietly. “I’m...agender? I think that’s the word. I don’t feel male or female, but I’m sort of both.”

“I heard. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop like that. Sorry,” she said.

“It’s ok.” Bum smiled at her. “I’m glad you know. I didn’t want to lie to you. I really like you.”

“I really like you too. I hope we can be good friends!” Jisook said.

“Only friends I hope. I don’t like sharing,” Sangwoo interjected.

“Aww. But Yo Jung’s adorable!” She paused. “Should I call you something else?” She looked at Bum.

Bum shrugged. “My real name is Yoon Bum. Bum is fine. I don’t have a preference. Sangwoo just makes up silly nicknames, so that’s where Yo Jung came from.”

“That’s because you’re a magical fairy princess,” Sangwoo said with a wink.

Jisook grinned. “Ok. Bum is adorable and I’m mad that you found him first.” Jisook sighed. “But I’m also polyamorous if you ever want to share.” She winked.

“Don’t make me fight you,” Sangwoo said, holding his fists up and shaking them at Jisook a bit.

Jisook laughed. “I won’t. I can tell that Bum really loves you.”

Bum blushed. He’d already confessed as much to Sangwoo, but it seemed that hearing it from somebody else was too much for him.

“Just because I’m poly doesn’t mean that I’m a homewrecker. But, seriously, call me if you ever want a threesome.” She leered..

“All right, enough of that,” Sangwoo said, standing up to draw the curtain between the two hospital beds. “Bum is tired and going to sleep. You sleep too, you poacher.”

Jisook smiled at him innocently. “Good night Bum. Good night Sangwoo.”

“Yeah, yeah, see you in the morning.” And with that, he secured the curtain and moved to turn the lights down in the room. Now that Jisook wasn’t watching their every move, he felt comfortable leaning over the bed to give Bum a light kiss. “Get some rest. I’ll be right here with you.”

Bum gave him a sleepy smile. “Thank you. Good night.” He closed his eyes and quickly dropped off into an exhausted sleep.

Sangwoo settled back into the chair beside Bum’s bed. He could hear Jisook’s heavy breathing from beyond the curtain. The machines they were both hooked up to were making soft hissing noises and out in the hall, he could hear the occasional shuffling of nurses. Despite the discomfort of the chair, he eventually dropped off to sleep as the excitement of the day caught up with him.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Bum and Jisook were cleared to leave the hospital. They were given more awful charcoal syrup, some medication, and advised to stick to a soft diet for a few days and return if they noticed blood in their stools. Jisook whined about eating juk for a week but otherwise seemed to have bounced back to her straightforward friendly self. She gave them both hugs before heading home. Sangwoo had tried to avoid it, but she’d caught him and hugged him so tightly he thought he heard his ribs creak. She was strong. And she also was onto something with that hugging thing. He didn’t feel an ounce of attraction for her, but he still felt himself melting in her arms a bit.

When she finally pulled back, she gave him a knowing look before she pulled Bum into a second hug. He was only able to reclaim Bum when Jisook’s ride arrived and she released Bum to hop in the car of some nerdy looking guy. Sangwoo watched as Jisook leaned over and kissed him. It wasn’t just an innocent peck on the cheek type kiss either. He was fascinated by the flagrant face eating kiss she coaxed out of the nerdy guy out in the open like that. Usually, he was the only one brazenly flaunting his partner in public, but Jisook looked about ten seconds away from a full-blown make-out session at the entrance of the hospital. Jisook had balls. He had to respect her for that. Eventually, the two pulled away from each other. Jisook flashed them a victory sign as they drove off.

Sangwoo shook his head. “Damn, she really does have a magic touch doesn’t she?” Sangwoo said, shocked.

Bum chuckled softly. “Guess I’m not the only magical fairy princess in the neighborhood.”

“I don’t know if that’s what she is. But she’s definitely something.” Sangwoo shook his head to collect his thoughts and wrapped his arm around Bum as he walked them down to the curb to grab a cab home. Bum didn’t have the energy to deal with the subway and he’d left the car at home since they’d been drinking the previous night. He was glad he didn’t have to focus on the road as Bum curled up next to him in the car. He stroked Bum’s hair and tried to ignore the tight feeling in his chest when he thought about how close he came to losing Bum again.

Once they were home, Sangwoo helped Bum out of the car and guided him up the steps. He let him rest against him as he opened the door. From inside, the smell of cooking came wafting out and Sangwoo froze. The radio in the kitchen was on and someone was singing along, but besides him and Bum, no one else knew the door code. What the fuck! He had a brief flash of charging in and grabbing his baseball bat from the closet to beat someone up, but Bum reached out and quietly pulled the door closed.

It clicked softly and Bum waited to see if anything happened. Luckily, the music seemed to cover the noise and after a moment with nobody coming to the door. Bum sighed in relief. He looked up at Sangwoo. “Call Officer Park,” he said softly.

Sangwoo frowned but nodded. If he failed to get the person, they could hurt Bum. That had happened twice on his watch, he wasn’t going to take that chance again. “Yeah, let’s go sit in the car.”

The car was parked out front and, luckily, he hadn’t locked it since the keys were inside the house. He hurried Bum down to the car and settled him in the passenger’s seat. He closed the door as quietly as possible before going around to get into the driver’s side. Once inside, he locked the doors and pulled out his phone. He quickly made the call to let Officer Park know that someone was in his house. He was told to sit tight and they’d be right over.

Bum held his hand tightly as they waited. They both watched the door to make sure the person inside didn’t come out. Bum slumped down in relief when two police cars rolled up silently less than ten minutes after the call. Officer Park and his partner stepped out of one car and two other officers stepped out of the other. They left their doors open, trying to minimize the chances of alerting the person inside the house. Sangwoo got out and jogged over to the officers.

“Well, you’re still safe. That’s a relief,” Officer Park said with a tight smile. He looked at the car and nodded to Bum. Bum nodded back.

Sangwoo scratched the back of his head. “I wanted to run in swinging, but Bum said to call you,” he admitted.

“A wise decision. You don’t know if the intruder is armed,” Officer Yang said.

Sangwoo winced as he imagined someone inside with a knife cutting him or Bum. “Yeah. The code for the door is 54288.”

“Thanks. You go back to the car and wait. We’ll go retrieve whoever is in the house.” Officer Park patted him on the shoulder.

Sangwoo wanted to argue. That was his damn house! But he knew he was better off staying out of it. Hell, he was still recovering from the incident with Bum’s uncle, so he decided it was best to sit this one out. He sighed and headed back to the car. Bum reached out to take his hand and Sangwoo gave it a squeeze.

“I don’t understand why my life is suddenly so crazy,” Sangwoo said, watching as the officers lined up on the porch and Officer Yang opened the door before they stormed in.

“Sorry. It’s all my fault. First my uncle, and now this.” Bum seemed to shrink in on himself.

“Hey.” He tugged on Bum’s hand. “Your uncle was your uncle’s fault. If he wasn’t home, we could have gone with our original plan of going in and getting your stuff and leaving without a fuss. And if he hadn’t attacked, he would still be alive. These girls going batshit because I’m dating is also not your fault. It’s their fault for being crazy. It could have happened with anyone I was dating. They were like a ticking time bomb, so it’s not your fault.” Sangwoo lifted Bum’s hand and kissed it gently.

Bum smiled, but the expression was quickly wiped from his face as the screaming began in the house. It was blood-curdling, even with the car windows up.

“What the fuck?” Sangwoo said, leaning over to get a good look at the front door. A few tense minutes passed before a struggling figure was hustled out in handcuffs. “Fucking hell,” he hissed, recognizing Hong Mi-Ri. The girl was naked, except for Bum’s apron and house slippers. Her long black hair was falling around her pale shoulders and she was struggling violently against the officers holding her. She looked more like a horror movie monster than the wet dream she probably thought she was. Especially with the shrieking.

“This is my boyfriend’s house!” She screamed. “My boyfriend will hear about this!”

Bum made a distressed noise.

“This is fucking ridiculous,” Sangwoo said, watching as the officers struggled to push her towards the police car.

In her struggles, she caught sight of Sangwoo sitting in the car and tried to lunge forward. “Sangwoo! I was waiting for you! I’ve always been waiting for you! Come and save me!”

Sangwoo just watched.

“Sangwoo!” she cried. “I know all about you. I know everything you like and don’t like. I can be everything you need! I’m so much better than her. She doesn’t know you like I know you! I can give you everything you want!”

Sangwoo watched her silently, wondering how to handle this. He should probably do nothing. But what he actually did was make eye contact with her as he raised Bum’s hand to his lips and kissed it gently.

Mi-Ri howled like a wounded animal and began to struggle harder. “I’ll kill her! I’ll kill her! I’ll kill her! How dare she come between us!”

Bum shuddered and Sangwoo wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “Sorry. I didn’t think she’d snap like that.”

“It looks like she snapped long ago. She managed to break into the house while we were gone, but who knows how long she’s been trying,” Bum said.

“Yeah,” he agreed, shuddering at the thought of Mi-Ri managing to break into the house while Bum was home alone. Clearly, she was unhinged and if she’d already tried to poison him, who knew how far she’d go?

The screaming decreased in volume as the officers finally wrestled Mi-Ri into their car and slammed the door. They got in and drove away, taking her down to the station. Sangwoo and Bum were left waiting until Officer Park came strolling out. Sangwoo got out of the car again to meet him.

“It’s safe to go inside now. She was the only one in there. She was making dinner in the kitchen in nothing but that apron and slippers. She tried to attack with a kitchen knife, but the officers were able to subdue her without anyone getting hurt. Unfortunately, we’ll have to confiscate the knife for evidence. Officer Yang is looking around the house, but we’re not sure what, if anything, has been disturbed. We just want to make sure you don’t find any more nasty surprises. I know you’ve had a long night already.”

Sangwoo nodded. “Thank you.”

Officer Park nodded. “Just doing our job. I’m glad we could take care of it before it escalated. You two need a break.”

“We do. Hopefully, this is the last bit of excitement for a while,” Sangwoo said as he moved to help Bum out of the car. “Come on, let’s go inside and see the damage.” He slid an arm around Bum as they headed back up to the house.

“I hope she didn’t touch my clothes. She already stole my apron and slippers,” Bum said, grumpily.

Sangwoo chuckled and gave him a squeeze. “I’ll buy you another set. One that’s even cuter. Ok?”

Bum sighed. “Ok.”

The door to the house was wide open as they stepped inside. Sangwoo looked into the bedroom and frowned. It looked like Mi-Ri had taken all of his clothes out of the closet and nested in them. He hoped that was all she did, but he couldn’t be sure. Bum’s clothes were kept upstairs, but he didn’t see any in the pile. They continued down the hall into the kitchen, ingredients were strewn across the counter, in various states of preparation.

“Looks like she was making mandu,” Bum said, looking at the assembled ingredients.

“It is one of my favorites, but that doesn’t make it less creepy,” Sangwoo said.

They moved into the living room where nothing looked out of place. Sangwoo sat Bum on the couch. “You stay here, I’m going to keep looking around.” He kissed Bum on the forehead and checked the bathroom. It had been used. Mi-Ri’s clothes were strewn across the floor. He was definitely going to drain that water from the tub and scrub it down. He went to head up the stairs, but Officer Yang was coming down.

“I’ve been taking pictures for evidence,” he said, holding up a digital camera.

Sangwoo frowned.

“It’s not bad, but it needed to be cataloged,” Officer Yang said.

Sangwoo nodded and moved out of the way. Once the officer had passed, he climbed the stairs and looked in the spare room containing Bum’s things. At first, it looked undisturbed. Until he looked at the desk where Bum’s makeup sat. Mi-Ri had taken a tube of lipstick and scrawled all over the wall. “He’s mine bitch! Go die!” She’d written in a bright shade of red. Most of Bum’s makeup had been swept off the desk onto the floor. A few pallets looked to be crushed. He opened the closet, but luckily Bum’s clothes looked undisturbed. Mi-Ri was crazy, but not especially destructive. That was a small favor at least. He’d be able to clean the wall before Bum saw it. When Bum was feeling up to it, they could go get him a new set of slippers, an apron, and makeup to replace what was messed up. He’d need to be spoiled after the time they were having.

Satisfied that nothing too terrible happened to the house, he went back downstairs. Officer Yang was dusting a few things to take fingerprints and Officer Park was in the living room talking to Bum. Officer Park nodded at him and Bum turned to watch him walk up.

“Is everything ok?” Bum asked.

“She ruined some of your makeup, but I think everything else is fine. I’m gonna clean the bathtub and do all my laundry later though.” Sangwoo settled on the couch and wrapped an arm around Bum’s shoulder.

Bum leaned into him. “I’ll do that.”

“Nope. I expect you to sit around and be a good patient. You’re just going to eat something easy on your stomach, watch tv, and nap.”

“I don’t feel that bad. I can help,” Bum insisted.

“Well, maybe I’ll let you throw out that food she was making and wash the dishes. But that’s it. You’re not allowed to cook. We’re getting takeout.”

“You’re so bossy today,” Bum whined, but he was smiling.

Officer Park coughed, grinning at them. “I think we’re just about done here. We’ve bagged the evidence and taken pictures, prints, and interviews. I think it’s safe to say that’s the last you’ll have to worry about her. Though, I do advise you change your lock pin. We found her little combination list, it looks like she’s been at this for a while and there’s no way to know if she’s shared this information with anyone.”

Sangwoo nodded. As soon as he showed the officers out, he intended to do that.

Officer Park walked out into the kitchen where he and Officer Yang had a quiet conversation. After a few minutes, Officer Park called out that they were leaving.

Sangwoo got up to show them out. He stood outside the door as they drove off. He turned to look at the door and wondered what he should set the lock as. He wondered if maybe he should do something cheesy like Bum’s birthday, but that was too predictable, plus, he didn’t know Bum’s birthday. He’d have to remedy that. For now, he settled for the day of their first “date”. After all, it was significant to them, but no one else. It was a day his life changed. It might have been a little bumpy lately, through no fault of their own, but it was still good none then less. He quickly reset the lock and entered the new pin before he went back inside. He sighed as he got a look at his clothes in the bedroom and ignored it for now. He walked into the kitchen and collected his takeout menu collection.

“Are you hungry now?” he asked, heading back to the living room. “You didn’t really eat that hospital breakfast.”

“It was horrible,” Bum said, looking up at him. “And my stomach already hurt.”

“Fair enough.” He set a hand on Bum’s head, stroking his hair. “Do you want something now? We can order some juk or tteokguk maybe?”

Bum leaned into his touch. “ Juk is fine. I don’t want to get too ambitious for my first meal.”

“All right. I’ll go order.” He released Bum’s head to wander into the kitchen, picking out a menu to order lunch for them both. Afterward, he drained the tub and started to scrub it down. By the time he was done disinfecting the bathroom, lunch arrived. He carried it into the living room and settled down next to Bum.

“Sorry I’m so useless today,” Bum said as Sangwoo handed him his juk .

Sangwoo rolled his eyes. “You were poisoned by some crazy bitch last night. The only thing I need you to do is sit around and be eye candy while I take care of things.” He winked at him.

Bum smiled down at his bowl. “Well, if that’s all you need from me,” he said.

“Just take it easy. I’m hardly about to toss you out. I’m too attached.” He leaned over, pressing a quick kiss to Bum’s temple. “And I know once you’re feeling better, you’ll go back to taking care of things. So let me just take care of you for a bit. After all, this is mostly my fault. Well, it’s that crazy bitch’s fault, but sort of mine because she was my stalker?”

“It’s not your fault at all. It’s just a thing that happened,” Bum said.

“Then let’s both stop feeling guilty about it. No sense spending your energy worrying about it. Just spend it on getting better.”

Bum nodded and began to pick at his juk . He ate more than half of it before setting it aside. Sangwoo decided that was satisfactory and finished off his own lunch before whisking away the dishes. He decided to stop putting off the inevitable and went to the bedroom, staring at the clothes on the bed. He sighed and began to sort them out for washing. He lost himself in the mindless chore of washing laundry and cleaning the bedroom. Cleaning the bed was the worst part. He couldn’t even fool himself into thinking that the crazy bitch hadn’t masturbated in the place where he slept, covered in all of his clothes. It was enough to make him wonder if he should just buy a new one. Besides, if he was going to have a permanent new resident in his bed, it would be a good idea to get a bigger one. He was just glad there was a spare yo upstairs that they could use for now.

He checked on Bum now and then, putting a blanket over him when he fell asleep and making sure he didn’t need anything. It was tempting to lay down with him and nap as well, but his skin just crawled at the thought of that girl’s presence all over the house, so he spent the day scrubbing and washing until he felt satisfied that he’d wiped out every trace of her. He ordered dinner, letting Bum sip at a simple tteokguk while he indulged in some tteok-bokki covered in cheese. After dinner, he carried Bum to the bathroom, despite his protests.

“I can walk. I’ve been going to the bathroom by myself all day,” he said, even as he clung to Sangwoo.

“I know. But I want to,” Sangwoo said as he set Bum down in the bathroom and began to strip him.

Bum gave him an indulgent look and allowed it. Sangwoo just grinned as he scrubbed Bum down and put him in the tub to soak before scrubbing himself and joining him in the bath. He settled himself behind Bum, pulling him to his chest. Bum sighed as he settled back against him. Sangwoo wrapped his arms around Bum, settling his hands on Bum’s flat stomach.

“Sorry I’m such a burden,” Bum said.

Sangwoo rolled his eyes. “You’re not. If I didn’t want to do this, I wouldn’t. I want to.”

“You’re so good to me,” Bum said, tilting his head so he could kiss Sangwoo’s chin.

“You get what you give and you’ve given me a lot, so it’s only fair that I return the favor.” He nuzzled Bum’s hair.

“I can’t give you anything tonight,” Bum said sadly.

Sangwoo huffed and pressed his face down into Bum’s shoulder, nipping him lightly. “Don’t keep score.”

“It’s hard,” Bum protested. “I’ve never had this before. I don’t want to mess it up.”

“If nearly being murdered by your uncle didn’t turn me away, I hardly think something that’s more my fault than yours is gonna turn me away now,” Sangwoo said.

“I know. But it’s still the Honeymoon phase. I want to hang onto it now. Once it’s over, you could decide that I’m not worth keeping,” Bum said, letting his fingers play along Sangwoo’s clasped hands nervously.

“But we agreed to talk things through, didn’t we? If anything happens that I don’t like, we can talk about it. The same goes for you. You haven’t had this before, but I haven’t had a serious girlfriend before either. Or boyfriend. Anything like that. They always say communication is the key right? So as long as we talk about shit, I feel like we can handle it.”

“How do you always know the right things to say?” Bum asked. “I feel like I’m always saying the wrong things, but you make it seem so easy.”

“Part of being the charming gentleman that I am,” Sangwoo said. Bum snorted softly and laid his head back on Sangwoo’s shoulder, glancing up at him with a smile. That long stretch of his throat was tempting, but Sangwoo knew that he shouldn’t start anything they couldn’t finish. Bum would just feel guilty about it. He was highly aware of the multiple trips to the bathroom that Bum had taken, the door was not so thick that he couldn’t hear Bum’s soft moans and crying. All he could do was give Bum his medicine and bring him a heating pad for the cramps. “Come on, let’s get out and put some clothes on you before I get ideas,” he said, leaning forward to urge Bum to sit up.

“I could do it for you,” Bum said, holding up his hand.

Sangwoo looked at him. Tempting… “No, you’re still recovering. We’re going to get out of the tub, I’m going to bundle you up in something warm, then once I get the bed situated, we’re gonna curl up in it and sleep.”

“Are you sure?” Bum asked, looking up at him with those huge dark eyes.

Sangwoo nodded. “When you’re feeling better, you can let me know by slipping into some of your pretty lingerie and then we’ll have some fun.” He winked at Bum.

Bum blushed and nodded and let Sangwoo coddle him without protest for the rest of the night.

On Saturday, Sangwoo continued to spoil Bum, to the point that Bum insisted that Sangwoo go to work. He worried a little, but upon seeing the stubborn set of Bum’s jaw, he went to work. Bum was asleep by the time he came home and he crawled into bed next to him. Bum rolled into him, snuggling into his arms.

The next morning, Bum seemed better. They had a light breakfast and Sangwoo decided to broach the subject of the bed. “I was thinking of buying a new bed,” he said as they washed the dishes together. Bum was washing and he was drying and putting them away. The radio was humming softly in the background and it was comfortable. It made Sangwoo think of ways to improve the homey atmosphere.

“Oh?” Bum looked at him curiously as he handed over the last bowl.

Sangwoo nodded. “I’m going to throw out my yo . I can’t stop thinking of that crazy bitch on my bed. That leaves us on the old spare. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to a Western-style bed anyway, one with a mattress up off the floor. What do you think?” He dried the bowl and set it down, turning to Bum.

Bum blinked as if surprised he was being asked for his opinion. “It’s up to you,” he said slowly.

Sangwoo snorted as he put down the dish towel. “It’s up to you too. You’ll be sleeping on it.” He pulled Bum into his arms and began to sway to the song on the radio. “Do you want to sleep in a nice big bed with me?”

Bum looked up at him and smiled. “That does sound nice,” he admitted, pressing his head on Sangwoo’s chest.

“And I thought as long as we’re looking at beds, we could find a vanity table for you. One with a nice big mirror to do your makeup at.”

Bum looked up at him, wide-eyed. “Really?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t suggest it otherwise. We can go to that big new furniture they opened up. Are you feeling up to it?”

“I should be ok,” Bum said.

“It’s a big store, if you think you can’t do it, we can wait,” Sangwoo offered.

Bum shook his head. “I’ll be fine. I want to go.”

“All right, but tell me if you’re feeling tired and we’ll leave and do it another day.” Sangwoo dipped him and nibbled at his neck.

Bum laughed. “Ok,” he agreed.

“This place is huge,” Bum said, leaning forward as he stared at the massive building they were driving towards.

“Just remember, if you get tired, we can leave,” Sangwoo said, pulling into the parking garage. Luckily, he found a good spot near the entrance. Once parked, he took Bum’s hand and walked towards the doors.

“They have a cafe here, don’t they? We can sit down for some tea and I should be fine,” Bum reassured him.

Sangwoo certainly hoped so, because as Bum pointed out, this place was massive. They must have knocked down two city blocks to make this place. While Bum was feeling better, he was worried about his energy level. Bum had forgone the full face of makeup this morning, just putting on some BB cream and a touch of lip gloss to his lips. He was dressed down as much as he’d ever seen him, except for sleep. Bum was wearing black yoga pants and a loose top that he pulled a purple hoodie over. He was wearing a pair of black canvas sneakers with little purple stars on them and his hair was in a messy bun. Sangwoo felt less underdressed around this version of Bum. He’d worn a pair of dark grey joggers and an old army shirt with a hooded jacket and his glasses. They were in Incognito mode today.

“Yeah, they have a whole cafeteria, so we can sit down and have a snack if you need,” he assured Bum. “We’re going to look through the showroom and lay on a few beds. It’ll be fun.”

“Yeah,” Bum agreed.

They took an escalator up to the showroom and got lost in a maze of pre-decorated rooms. It looked like everything in the rooms from the furniture to the fixtures was something they could purchase in the massive store. It was all nicely designed and gave him a strong urge to redecorate the house. An urge that he was trying mighty hard to resist.

“This place is evil,” Sangwoo said as they wandered past another slickly designed living room set up.

Bum chuckled. “It does make you want to buy a lot, doesn’t it? And we haven’t even reached the beds yet.”

“I’m afraid of how much this place will make us spend getting our bedroom to be the perfect little love nest,” Sangwoo said, bumping into Bum teasingly.

“Perfect little love nest?” Bum asked, amused.

“Yep. Nothing but the best for my princess.”

“I can help pay,” Bum said. “I received some money from my uncle’s estate. I think he was saving up for another surgery.”

Sangwoo frowned. “What could he have possibly done to you? You’re already beautiful and well endowed.”

Bum shrugged helplessly. “I’m still not fully a girl,” he murmured quietly. “I have something that other girls don’t.”

Sangwoo shuddered and pulled Bum off the path and into one of the little display rooms closets, closing them off from the outside world. He wrapped his arms around him. “Then it’s a good thing we took care of him before he could force that on you. It’s one thing if you wanted to do it, but to be forced...” Sangwoo sneered in disgust. Bum nodded, not bothering to bring up his own escape plan, though the thought was very prominent in Sangwoo’s mind. It just made him think of how much he had to protect now that Bum was his. He’d been doing a pretty shitty job so far, but he was going to do better.

Bum cuddled into him. “So we can use that money,” he said, moving away from the heavy subject and back on track.

“Nope. You save that. You don’t have a job right now. Save it for your expenses. My dad might have been a complete drunken asshole, but he somehow managed to keep down a good job. I’ve got a house and a car, insurance payouts as well as his savings and retirement funds. I live a pretty simple life, so I’ve barely scraped the surface.”

“But-” Bum looked up at him.

Sangwoo shook his head. “Nope. I’m buying the bed, the mattress, your vanity table, the sheets we’ll put on our bed. All of that, it’s going on that nice credit card in my pocket.”

Bum pouted.

Sangwoo laughed as he leaned down to kiss his protruding lip. “You can buy me lunch here, ok?”

“That’s hardly fair,” Bum said.

“I don’t care about fair. I care about taking care of my Princess. Gotta dress up her castle,” he said.

Bum huffed and nuzzled into his chest. “Such a stubborn prince.”

“Yup, now let’s go before I convince myself that we need this fancy closet organization system. My closet isn’t even big enough for this.” Sangwoo said, nodding to the shelving and drawers of the walk-in closet he’d pulled Bum into.

Bum chuckled as he pulled away from Sangwoo, taking his hand and tugging him out of the display room. “Come on, let’s find the beds before I decide that this would look nice in the upstairs closet.”

“Once we get the bedroom settled, we can think about closets another day,” Sangwoo said as Bum led him down the twisting path to the beds. As much as he complained about the money, he didn’t mind investing in making the house more comfortable. It had been a shell of a home for so long, even when his parents were alive. He’d never done much to it in all the years he’d been there alone. But now he had a reason to, so closet renovation might be in their future. Maybe a comfortable bed and some new curtains would help flushing out some of the bad memories in the place.

They finally found the beds, but only after passing through a few other departments. Sangwoo was relieved to find the multitude of beds. They had different frames and different mattresses. He was quick to sit on the nearest bed and bounced slightly.

“Do you like a soft mattress or a firm one?” He asked as Bum sat next to him.

“In the middle I think,” Bum said, lying back on the mattress.

Sangwoo nodded in agreement. He didn’t need a marble bed like an old ajusshi, but he didn’t want something he’d sink into and never find his way out of either.

“Should we get the biggest size bed?” He asked. After all, the bigger the bed, the more room they had for their more vigorous bedroom activities. Though, he’d become quickly accustomed to the way they squished together on his single person yo . He never cared to cuddle with his past flings. Hell, he tended to kick them out once he was done with them, but Bum was different. With Bum, he liked tucking him up in his arms and keeping him close. They could still cuddle with more space though. A nice big bed would be easier on their knees for sure. He smirked.

Bum looked at him suspiciously. “You’re thinking dirty thoughts,” he accused, poking Sangwoo’s nose.

“I can’t help it,” Sangwoo said, not bothering to deny it. “I’m lying next to you on a bed.”

“We’re in public,” Bum reminded him.

“So I’ll keep it PG-12.” He moved his head and nibbled at Bum’s finger.

“No, rated G.” Bum snatched his finger away. People were already looking at them. Bum flushed. “I don’t think this is the mattress for us.” He sat up and quickly moved to the next mattress without Sangwoo.

Sangwoo chuckled as he got up. He glanced at a whispering couple and smirked. They quickly looked away. Sangwoo walked around to the other side of the bed Bum was occupying. “Is this one better?” he asked as he sat down, then sprawled out over the mattress.

“Yes, it’s not as soft as the other one. I don’t want the mattress to eat me.”

“Of course not, that’s my job,” Sangwoo said.

Bum huffed, his cheeks puffed up in annoyance as he pouted and glared. “Rated G.”

Sangwoo chuckled as he swooped in and gave him a quick kiss. “Ok, I’ll behave, but only because you’re so cute.” He rolled back and got up off the bed. “Let’s try the next one.”

Bum nodded and they continued to try out the beds. A few they tried multiple times before they narrowed down the mattress. Then they had to decide on the frame and the matching side tables. A store associate came over to help them place an order for the furniture and Bum’s eyes grew wide at the total that just seemed to inflate, especially when Sangwoo asked for same-day delivery and assembly on furniture that most people put together themselves. Sangwoo just chuckled as he put an arm around Bum and kisses his forehead.

“Don’t worry, I told you I’ve got this, and I do. I just don’t want to go through the frustration of putting together a whole bedroom set and the vanity. We can take the vanity table home and set it up together, but I’m not doing that for the whole bedroom.”

“If you’re sure,” Bum said.

“I am,” Sangwoo said.

Once Sangwoo had ordered the bedroom set, they made their way to the vanity tables. Sangwoo was ready for the process to be like the beds, testing out the various tables, but Bum seemed to zoom in on one immediately, ignoring the other tables as he walked over to a long white vanity table that had a large adjustable tri-fold mirror with lights. It had some low shelves on top of the vanity table for display purposes and lots of drawers under the tabletop and down the sides. Bum sat down in the chair in front of the mirror and checked himself out from the various angles in the mirror.

“Is this the one?” Sangwoo asked, putting a hand on Bum’s neck and rubbing it.

“I think it is. The mirror is the best part. All of the others don’t come with mirrors or they have just a plain oval or square one. This one has a lot of storage space and some display shelves. If I went with any other one, I’d constantly compare it to this one.”

“Well, we can’t have that. The princess must have what the princess wants.” He was leaning down to press a kiss to the top of Bum’s head when he heard a small gasp next to them. Sangwoo glanced to the side where a small girl was staring up at them with wide eyes.

“You’re a princess?” she asked. “Where’s your dress?”

Sangwoo chuckled. “It’s her day off. Even princesses like hoodies,” he said, winking at her.

The girl nodded. “I want to be a princess, but my favorite color is green. Unnie told me that princesses have to dress in pink, but I like green.”

Bum turned to the girl and smiled. If possible, the girl’s eyes got wider as she took in Bum’s smile. “The thing about princesses is that it doesn’t matter what we wear, our magic is always inside of us. So, it doesn’t matter if you like green or black, wear pants or play video games, you’re always a princess.”

“I’m always a princess?” The girl asked.

Bum nodded. “And one day you’ll find the person who treats you like one and live happily ever after.”

“A prince?” she asked, glancing at Sangwoo.

“Maybe. It could even be another princess. As long as they treat you like a princess.”

The girl looked considerate and nodded. A woman’s voice drew her attention and the girl spun around and went running off. “Mooooom! I’m a princess!”

Bum chuckled.

“Giving little kids ideas about princesses together with other princesses? Good thing her mom didn’t hear,” Sangwoo said.

Bum shrugged. “Maybe she should keep a better eye on her daughter. On the list of bad things she could run into while running around unsupervised, I’m nowhere near the top.”

“True,” Sangwoo agreed. “So this is the one, do you want to pick out a special chair?”

“Yes,” Bum agreed. “This one isn’t very comfortable.” He shifted in the chair they’d set before the table and scrunched up his nose.

Sangwoo laughed as he helped Bum out of the chair. He wrote down the product number for the vanity table and they strolled over to the chair section. They browsed the various chairs and Bum picked out a comfortable one. Bum opted for a pink office chair with a soft padded seat and rolling wheels. Once Sangwoo took down the product number, he called for a time out as Bum seemed to be losing energy. They went to the cafeteria and Sangwoo loaded up a tray with interesting looking foods and let Bum pay. Bum grazed on a salad, accepting little nibbles of meatballs and other tidbits from Sangwoo. They shared a princess cake for dessert, because how could they possibly pass up a princess cake?

After resting, they went downstairs to tackle the marketplace. “Do you want to ride in the carriage?” Sangwoo asked as he rolled it over to Bum.

Bum laughed. “I’m not that tired.”

“Ok, we’ll make this quick though,” Sangwoo said.

Within ten minutes, he was regretting his words. It seemed like he had tempted fate. The store really was evil and they hadn’t even made it out of the kitchen department. They’d picked up a few new knives since they lost one to the evidence locker, some kitchen towels, a new mug for Bum, an apron for each of them with matching house slippers. It was half an hour before they finally made it to the bed linens and accessories. They picked out sheets and blankets and pillows for their new beds. But the marketplace stretched out before them and they managed to pick up new towels, some scented candles, bedroom curtains, a rug, a house plant, and three lamps before they made it out of that gauntlet and into the furniture warehouse. Sangwoo grabbed a dolly cart while Bum pushed the carriage and they collected the vanity table and chair from the huge warehouse shelves. They still weren’t safe, as they walked through aisles of bins to get to the registers. Somehow they picked up some packs of batteries and flashlights and two strings of fairy lights.

Bum flinched at the price, but Sangwoo put his arm around him and rubbed his side comfortingly as he handed over his credit card. This was an investment in their new life. He even bought bags to put their new purchases in. They might have made it out then, but those sneaky bastards were baking cinnamon rolls just past the checkout area and he just couldn’t pass that by. He and Bum shared a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee in the cafe. The cafe was next to a food department and they ended up with a pack of frozen princess cakes and other foreign delicacies, though Bum nudged Sangwoo out of the way to pay for those. They were finally able to make it back into the parking lot. Sangwoo wrestled the box for the vanity table into the back seat. Everything else was squeezed into the trunk only by virtue of Bum’s magical packing ability that looked like some master level of Tetris. The drive home was quiet as Bum nodded off and slept most of the way.

“Rise and shine Princess,” Sangwoo said once they were home. “Let’s get this stuff inside and get ready for the delivery men.”

Bum groggily helped Sangwoo bring everything into the house, but Sangwoo ended up tucking Bum in on the couch for a longer nap. He tossed their new sheets into the washing machine, then he put away the yo , cleaned up the bedroom, and rolled out the new rug just before the delivery men arrived. Once he showed them where everything would go, he moved into the kitchen to start dinner. Bum appeared in the kitchen, rubbing his eyes about halfway through the setup. Sangwoo chuckled at the sight of him, sleepy and pouty because the occasional hammering and chatting of the delivery men disturbed him. Sangwoo sat him at the table with a cup of tea as he continued working on their meal.

“Can I do anything to help?” Bum asked.

“Sure. Can you go turn the dryer cycle on? We’ll want dry sheets to put on our new bed.”

Bum nodded and went off to make sure their sheets were drying. One of the delivery men came to get Sangwoo’s final approval on the room set up before they left. It looked so different from before. There was actual furniture in it, so it was an instant level up. Sangwoo signed off on the paperwork and saw the men out of his house. He went back to the kitchen and served up the quick stir fry he’d thrown together with a side of rice, topped off Bum’s tea and was sitting at the table waiting for him when Bum came back.

“It smells good,” Bum said, settling at his place at the table.

“Thanks. Not too bad for a bachelor Prince.” Sangwoo said.

“Talented as well as handsome,” Bum said. He took a bite and gave a happy hum. “Tastes good too.”

“Glad you approve Princess.” Sangwoo dug into his own dinner and ended up finishing off Bum’s portion when he couldn’t eat anymore. They put away the leftovers and washed the dishes together. Usually, they’d go watch tv, but they had one thing they’d bought that still needed to be set up. “Do you want to try putting the vanity together?”

Bum perked up immediately. “Yes.”

Sangwoo chuckled. “All right, this will be an exercise in patience. I hear this stuff can lead to a divorce, so we’re gonna be careful about it.” Sangwoo got his toolbox out of the basement and led Bum upstairs where the box with the vanity table was waiting.

They carefully unboxed the table, laying out all the pieces and the screws and bolts. They went over the diagram that came in the box, grouping pieces together. Luckily, it was fairly straightforward. They did get shelf installed upside down though and Sangwoo cursed when he realized it.

“That was hard enough to get on, now I have to take it off,” he muttered, glaring at it.

“You can leave it like that, it adds character,” Bum said, smiling.

Sangwoo shook his head stubbornly, annoyed at himself for not noticing earlier. “No. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Nothing but the best for my Princess.”

Bum leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”

Sangwoo grinned. “Thank me when we’re done. Can you hand me that screwdriver again?” he asked. Bum handed over the screwdriver and held onto the shelf while Sangwoo unscrewed it. Once he managed to get the shelf flipped, everything went smoothly from there. They got the table together and positioned against the wall. Bum plugged in the vanity while Sangwoo put the chair together. Once it was set up, he pushed it into position in front of the table.

“Sit, see if it’s everything you wanted.” He turned the chair towards Bum.

“I don’t even have to sit to know that it’s perfect,” Bum said happily, though he did settle into the chair.

Sangwoo pushed the chair towards the table and watched as Bum studied himself in the mirror. Bum’s eyes rose to meet his in the mirror.

“Thank you, it really is perfect,” he said, reaching over his shoulder.

Sangwoo leaned down, pressing his hand into Bum’s hand and nuzzling him. “You’re welcome.”

Bum smiled as he turned and kissed Sangwoo’s cheek. He pulled back to yawn softly.

“We had a long day. I’ll go check on the sheets. I’ll clean this mess up tomorrow.” Sangwoo kissed Bum’s cheek before standing up and heading down the stairs. The sheets were dry so Sangwoo pulled them out and started to make the bed. He hadn’t had to make a bed since the army but it was a skill he never lost it seemed as the corners were nice and tight. Their pillows went into their new cases and he was giving them a good fluff when Bum wandered in wearing a silky nightgown. “That looks good,” Sangwoo said, capturing Bum in his arms and playing with the short hem of the nightgown just below Bum’s tempting ass.

“Thanks,” Bum said, nuzzling into him. “The bedroom looks so good.”

Sangwoo turned to survey the room, keeping Bum tucked up against his side. It was so different from before. Before it was just a yo on the floor. Now there was a bed, two side tables, and two lamps. It looked more mature, less like some dumb teen’s bare room. It kind of felt like his life lately. Before it was boring and empty and now it wasn’t. Now, he had Bum. Having someone to come home to made a surprising difference. Having someone to touch and touch him back made him feel more settled, less flighty. He wasn’t feeling that itch under his skin urging him on to his next conquest. He didn’t need another conquest, he was happy with what he had. That was so strange to him. Strange, but good. “It does,” he agreed. “Of course it would look better with you in the bed.” He walked forward and turned down the sheets.

“Thank you,” Bum said as he climbed into the bed.

Sangwoo tucked him in and kissed his forehead.

“Are you going to join me?” Bum asked.

“Of course. I’m just going to clean up really quick.”

Bum gave a sleepy nod.

Sangwoo grinned as he headed to the bathroom to wash up and brush his teeth. He made sure the lights were off and the door was locked before heading back into the bedroom. Bum had fallen asleep waiting, so Sangwoo turned off his lamp then climbed onto his own side of the bed. He laid down getting a feel for the bed. It was certainly more comfortable than his yo . He turned off the lamp and rolled over pulling Bum into his arms. Bum made a sleepy little sound but didn’t wake. Sangwoo grinned as he curled around Bum and drifted off to sleep as well.