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We Can Be Heroes

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Regina was at the head of the cavalcade, riding Midnight and letting the mare walk at a steady pace while pulling the covered wagon. She felt blessed to have the sun shining down on her like this. It was as if Cavilthura was guiding her and her people on their journey. She appreciated the sentiment. Her father had always told her that the sun was Cavilthura’s torch, and that the moon was her watchful eye.

The Queen snuck a glance over her shoulder at her family, all of whom were relaxing in the shade of the wagon. She chuckled when she noticed her wife’s legs propped up on the edge of the wagon in an admittedly-laughable attempt to get a tan.

“Careful, darling,” she warned, “You’ll get a sunburn.”

After a beat, Emma’s legs immediately disappeared back into the shade. Regina chuckled and shook her head in amusement, turning back around to take in the scenic view. This was another reason she enjoyed taking the long route across the hills. She had always been in love with the beauty of nature.

Her decision had been final.

This was the way they were going, no matter how many times her wife and son complained. Arcadia, having grown up in the outdoors, didn’t seem to mind. If she did, she kept it to herself.

After a few minutes, Henry began to fuss for the tenth time in that hour alone.

“How long till we get there?”

“I’d say about another six hours, sweetheart.”

“Ugh,” the boy groaned, “Mom, I have to pee.”

Regina sighed. “Henry, we just stopped twenty minutes ago. Why didn’t you go then?”

“Because I didn’t have to at the time!”

“Here, just pee in this bottle,” said Emma.

Regina frowned. “Absolutely not! Our son is not relieving himself in a bottle!”

Emma laughed. “Sorry, kid. You heard the lady.”

“I’m no lady,” said Regina, “I’m a Queen, and—”

“‘A bit more refined?’” asked Emma, “Yeah, we’ve all heard it before.”

Regina shot her wife a smirk over her shoulder. “On second thought, maybe you should try getting a tan, Miss Swan-Mills,” she teased.

Arcadia sat in contented silence, amusedly watching her mother and stepmother bicker. It was all in jest, of course. Aside from the breathtaking scenery and her conversations with Henry, this was the only form of entertainment she had. Oh, and having to constantly scratch the wolf behind his ears, lest he start to whine again.

The wolf had really taken a liking to her. He currently had his head in her lap, snoozing, but Arcadia knew that if she stopped scratching— even for a moment— he would awaken and continue whining. He truly was a spoiled creature, but she loved him anyhow. They all did.

“You’re awfully quiet, Arcadia,” said Emma.

The young brunette shrugged. “I haven’t thought of anything to say.”

“Fair enough. Wanna play Twenty Questions?”

“How do we play?”

Emma smirked. “Well, I ask you twenty questions, and you answer ‘em.”

Arcadia chuckled. “Of course. Ask away.”

“Oh, and they can only be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions,” Henry added.

“Yeah, that’s right,” said Emma, “Thanks, kid.”

The two bumped fists.

“Alright,” said the blonde, “Think of something— anything— and I’ll try to guess what it is in twenty questions or less.”

“Very well.”

“Okay, let’s see. Is it a person?”


“Is it a woman?”


“Is it Regina?”


Emma threw her fists up in victory, singing, “I am the champion! I AM THE CHAMPION! No time for losers, ‘cause I am the CHAMPION—”

“Emma,” Regina snapped, “That’s enough.”

The blonde snickered, knowing precisely how much that song drove her wife up the wall.

“Sorry, ‘Gina.”

She turned back to her stepdaughter (she was still having a hard time getting used to that, seeing how Arcadia was almost ten years older than her, but whatever).

“Okay, your turn.”

Arcadia smiled. “Is it human?”


“Is it a woman?”


“Is it Mother?”


Arcadia chuckled softly. “Is Mother all you ever think about?”

“Uh, yeah,” Emma said sheepishly, blushing, “Well, her and food. And Henry. And you. But mostly her.”

Regina let out a rich, hearty laugh, and Arcadia swore she saw Emma’s eyes dilate.

“You never cease to amuse me, my love,” said the Queen, “but why don’t you try thinking of something else? It won’t be fun if you only think of me.”

“But ‘Gina,” Emma pouted, “you’re tons of fun.”

Regina scoffed a bit. “And you’re a mess.”

“But I’m your mess.”

Emma didn’t have to look at her wife’s face to know she was smirking.

“Always, my sweet.”

“So, can I pee, or what?” asked Henry.


They were currently at a halt, allowing Henry to relieve himself behind the brush. As they waited on him, the three women decided it best to get out and stretch. Regina helped her wife down out of the wagon, as she was still getting the hang of having legs.

Arcadia was petting Midnight’s mane affectionately, watching with a smile as her mother and stepmother shared a kiss, whispering sweet nothings to one another. A blush spread across her cheeks when the conversation took an explicit turn.

“When we stop for the night, I’m going to take you out into the trees, far enough away so that no one will hear us,” Regina husked, “and I’m going to fuck your beautiful brains out.”

Emma groaned. “God, you’re amazing.”

“You’re the one who’s amazing.”

And they kissed again, this time rather hungrily as they clutched at one another’s faces. Arcadia’s blush deepened and she had to turn away, not wishing to intrude upon such an intimate moment between the pair.

“Gods above,” Regina breathed, “I want to worship these gorgeous legs of yours so badly, but I’m afraid I’d be punished for idolatry.”

“Screw that,” said Emma, “If anyone’s gonna punish you, it’s me.”

“Oh? Is that so?” the Queen purred, “And how, might I ask, do you intend to do that?”

Emma grinned almost deviously. “I’m still brainstorming, but who knows? Maybe I’ll bend you over and spank that perfect ass—”

“Okay, I’m done!” Henry shouted as he hurried back from the brush.

Emma’s smile faltered, swiftly replaced by a pout. “Damn,” she whispered, “How the hell am I supposed to go another six hours like this? It’s not like we can just make everyone wait for us while we get it on in the woods.”

Regina chuckled and kissed her wife softly. “Don’t you worry, my little duck,” she murmured, “I promise you, once everyone’s asleep tonight, we’ll have our fun.”

“But what about now?” Emma whined.

Regina simply patted her cheek. “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“Can I ride with you on the horse?”

“Of course, darling, but something tells me it isn’t the horse you wish to ride.”

A blush crept onto the blonde’s face, giving Regina her answer. The Queen took Emma’s hand gently, guiding her towards the horse.

“Come along, dear,” she said, “I’ll help you up.”

“Can’t you just, I don’t know, ‘poof’ me?”

Regina arched a curious eyebrow. “‘Poof?’”

“Yeah, you know, like teleport.”

The Queen sighed. “Very well,” she said, “but just this once. Next time, you’ll have to do it on your own. It will be good for you.”

Emma was clearly skeptical. “Whatever you say.”

With a quick wave, Regina transported Emma onto the saddle and climbed up so that she was sitting in front. Once everyone was situated back in the wagon, they continued on their journey. Regina could sense her wife’s unease, likely due to having never been on a horse before.

“Just hold onto me,” she said softly.

Emma immediately snaked her arms around Regina’s waist, gently resting her head on the brunette’s back. Regina couldn’t help but smile, placing her hand over Emma’s and brushing her thumb over her wife’s pale knuckles.

“I love you, Emma.”

“Love you, too,” the blonde mumbled, somehow already half-asleep.

Regina chuckled. “Sweet dreams, my love.”