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i’ll give it all, take my heart

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Kaminari was, by all accounts, fucked.

He wasn’t in trouble or anything like that. He was, is, just utterly and completely head over heels.

He didn’t expect the flirting with Shinsou to actually go anywhere. He figured it would just be some teasing to get Shinsou used to 1-A, but then the flirting was reciprocated, and then they started hanging out on and off campus, and now Kaminari was in the common room with his head on his something’s lap, heart beating a mile a minute, looking at him on his phone and wondering if it was normal to find it so endearing.

His staring was interrupted by his phone letting out a small ding. He looked down at it to see a message from his group chat.

Bakugou’s Angels

Alien Queen: if you keep staring at Shinsou like that he’s going to notice

Scotch Tape: Pretty sure he won’t mind his boyfriend looking at him

Short Circuit: He’s not my boyfriend

Alien Queen: What

Scotch Tape: What

Red Riot: What


Short Circuit: Damn I got Bakugou to come out


LORD EXPLOSION MURDER: The fuck you mean you’re not boyfriends

Short Circuit: We’re not??? I thought you guys knew

Alien Queen: You got dinner last week

Scotch Tape: You held hands yesterday

Red Riot: He winked at you today during training

LORD EXPLOSION MURDER: Your head is LITERALLY in his fucking lap right now

Short Circuit: I can’t read

Red Riot: Didn’t Cementoss give you the literacy award two weeks ago

Short Circuit: I Can’t Read.

With that final message, Kaminari muted the chat, opened up a game on his phone, and pretended he didn’t hear Bakugou’s angry yell from the kitchen. They weren’t boyfriends necessarily, but they sure as hell weren’t just friends, and Shinsou wasn’t the biggest talker, so figuring it out was out the window.

His train of thought was interrupted by a frustrated sigh from above. He looked up and saw Shinsou typing away at his phone with more force than necessary. After staring at his screen for another moment, he sighed and put his phone down before running his fingers through Kaminari’s hair. “Bad news. I have to babysit my sister tomorrow so I have to cancel.”

“Your parents can’t watch her?” Kaminari asked, ignoring the way his he could feel his heart beat in his throat.

“They got called in for a meeting last minute. I would invite you but I don’t know if hanging out with a six year old is your cup of tea.”

“Dude, kids love me. After tomorrow your sister is going to wish I was her brother too,” Kaminari said, now sitting up and grinning at Shinsou.

“So that’s a yes?” Shinsou asked.

“Hell yeah,” Kaminari replied.

“Meet me here tomorrow at 1:00 then, Lightning Bug.” Shinsou said before getting up and making his way towards the elevators. Kaminari smiled as he watched the doors shut behind him. He was quickly pulled out of his trance by Bakugou’s shout of “FUCKING ‘LIGHTNING BUG?’” from where he and the rest of his friends were eavesdropping in the kitchen.

He turned and saw the mix of disappointed and angry looks on all his friends’ faces, before decided to head up to his room, not wanting to hear whatever lecture Kirishima had in store for him.



As Shinsou approached his home’s door, he paused and turned to Kaminari. “Before you meet her, there’s just a few… precautions, I guess,” he began. “Don’t make any sudden loud noises, don’t approach her from behind, and try not to talk about birds.”

Kaminari paused before nodding. “Yeah, of course. Can I ask why?”

Shinsou looked from his door back to Kaminari. “You’ll see.” With that, Shinsou unlocked his door and stepped inside. Before they could even get their shoes off, a blur of white collided with Shinsou’s legs and nearly toppled him over.

“Hi Hitoshi!” it yelled out. Kaminari looked at the now still blur, from her white hair to her red eyes to her tiny horn on her forehead, and suddenly, Shinsou’s warning made a lot more sense.

“Hey there Eri!” Kaminari said, giving her a bright smile. Eri looked over to Kaminari, registering that Shinsou didn’t come here alone, before going over and giving him a hug as well.

“Why are you here?” she asked. Kaminari ruffled her hair before responding. “To hang out with you and Shinsou of course. But I have to ask,” he said, looking up towards Shinsou. “Aizawa is her caretaker, right?”

“Well…” Shinsou began, before being interrupted by some footsteps down the hall. Kaminari looked up to see who else was joining them, and promptly felt the air disappear from his lungs when he met the eyes of both Aizawa and Mic, who also looked surprised at this meeting. Kaminari quickly remembered what breathing was again and turned to Shinsou with a shocked expression on his face. “Does this mean Todoroki was right about you being their secret love child?”

“Secret what now?” Mic asked.

“We’re going now,” Aizawa quickly said, not wanting this conversation to continue any longer. “Eri has some stuff in the kitchen for you, and as for you,” Aizawa said, turning to Kaminari. “I know Satou has banned you from baking. If you burn my kitchen down, you’re going to regret it.” After that threatening display, Aizawa gave Eri a quick hug and kiss on her head, patted Shinsou’s head, and walked out the door, Mic quickly following after giving the three a quick, “Have fun, Listeners!”

It felt like an eternity when Kaminari finally pried his eyes away from the front door and looked back towards the now sheepish Shinsou. “Couldn’t have given me a warning?” Kaminari asked.

“I’m going to be honest with you. Completely slipped my mind,” Shinsou replied before turning to Eri. “Now what did dad say about you having things in the kitchen?”

Eri tugged on Shinsou’s sleeve and led him into the kitchen, Kaminari following behind them and trying not to thinking about how Aizawa was called ‘dad’ on purpose. Walking into the kitchen, he was greeted with the sight of flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and many other baking ingredients all laid out on the counter. “We’re making cookies!” Eri declared, handing out aprons to each of them. Kaminari looked down at his All Might themed one, wondering what Mic had to do to make sure Aizawa didn’t burn it in an instant. He put it on and looked up at Shinsou, who was decked out in a sparkly pink apron with a cartoon cat on the front and text below it reading, “Kiss the Kitten.”

“Before you say anything, I know I look amazing,” Shinsou said in a deadpan tone. It took all of Kaminari’s willpower not to combust on the spot as he thought about actually kissing that kitten. He diverted his attention to Eri, who was donning a Thirteen apron, now engrossed in the recipe she was reading on her tablet. She stared at it with her eyebrows furrowed before handing it Kaminari and saying, “I can’t read.”

He would die for this child.

“It says here that preheat the oven first, Eri Berry. While Shinsou does that, why don’t you fill this cup with butter,” he points to the ½ cup, “and this cup with sugar,” he says, pointing to the other cup. Eri nodded and bounced over to the counter to start measuring.

“Are you sure letting her do that alone is a good idea?” Shinosu asked, returning from the oven and reaching from behind Kaminari to grab the recipe.

Kaminari ignored the breath on his neck as he nodded. “You see my little Blueberry, part of the magic of baking is fucking up and making a mess.”

“Is that what you told Satou before he banned you from the kitchen?” Shinsou asked.

“I don’t like this sass from you,” Kaminari shot back, taking back the recipe and walking up to the counter next to Eri.

The two worked together while Shinsou watched and soon enough, they had a fairly large amount of cookie dough to work with. Eri opened one of the cabinets and brought out some cookie cutters. “Dad bought these ones but he said Shinsou can use the knife to make other ones,” she explained, emptying the box on the counter.

Kaminari picked up the cookie cutters and examined them. They were simple shapes of flowers, hearts, and cats, all great for a girl like Eri. He picked up the cat shaped one and raised an eyebrow to Shinsou.

“That’s not me,” he quickly said. “The dads had three cats here before they adopted me. When the cookies are in the oven I’ll open the door for them to come in.”

“Are you telling me that Aizawa has a soft spot for kitties?” Kaminari asked, leaning closer to Shinsou.

“Yes…” Shinsou replied, now wary of what Kaminari had planned.

“So that apron is his?”

Shinsou looked down at what he was wearing before looking up at Kaminari who was now pointing a phone at him. He gave him a beautiful smile and even more beautiful middle finger as Kaminari snapped the photo. “You better pray he doesn’t find out about this,” Shinsou said.

“Eri will protect me,” Kaminari said as he gave her a hug.

“Dad goes after bad people. If he goes after you, that means you deserve it,” Eri replied. Shinsou clutched his stomach as he bent over laughing at how quickly Kaminari’s face morphed into a betrayed expression. “Eri, I love you so much,” Shinsou wheezed out.

“I love you too, Hitoshi!” Eri happily replied, turning back to the cookie dough.

After the two boys calmed down, they joined Eri in rolling out the cookie dough and making different shapes. All together, they had made some cats, flowers, hearts, music notes, and lightning bolts that were now sitting in the oven.

“Eri, it’s going to be in the oven for twenty minutes and then they’re going to have to cool down. Go ahead and play while Kaminari and I clean up, okay?” Shinsou told his sister. Eri nodded and set the tablet down. She clicked on a few things on screen and soon enough, music started playing from it. “Now you guys won’t be bored,” Eri explained before leaving the kitchen. She left the door open, allowing one black cat, one white cat, and one calico to enter the kitchen and approach the two boys.

“Oh my fuck they’re so fucking cute,” Kaminari whispered. He dropped to the ground and held out a hand towards the cats. The black cat immediately jumped into his lap and purred as the other two licked his hand.

“Fangs is my favourite. He seems to like you the most,” Shinsou said, looking at the black cat.

“Holy shit his name is Fangs? My teacher is a fucking emo, I can’t wait to tell Tokoyami and Jirou.”

Shinsou chuckled as he began loading the dishwasher. “If you help me clean I’ll show you his high school photos.”

Kaminari looked up at him with stars in his eyes. “You’re my dream,” he whispered. He got up and began wiping down the counter, humming along to Eri’s playlist. As he put the ingredients away, his humming changed to singing and dancing as he moved throughout the kitchen.

“Pounding more and more

I’ll give it all, take my heart

Surely you’re my destiny

It shines fully in my heart

This must be what thrill feels like, darling

Eventually I fall into you

You attack my heart”

“Someone’s in a good mood,” Shinsou chuckled as he watched Kaminari go.

“And someone should loosen up,” Kaminari teased, doing a spin as he put the egg carton away.

“Bubblegum pop isn’t really my style,” Shinsou responded. As he said that, the song ended and the next one began playing. Kaminari recognized the familiar introduction and smiled, much to Shinsou’s horror. “This also isn’t my style,” Shinsou hurriedly said, trying to get out of this situation.

“It’s a movie about big cats, Little Lilac. How can anything be more your style,” Kaminari said, holding his hand out. Shinsou sighed before taking it and pulling Kaminari close and placing the hand not holding his on his waist. “If you’re going to give me names then quit it with the ‘little’ part. I’m taller than you.”

“I’m taller in here,” Kaminari responded, pointing to his heart before placing his hand back on Shinsou’s shoulder. He was sure his teasing smile was ruined by the very obvious blush on his face. Shinsou shook his head and let out a small chuckle, letting ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ guide the two through the kitchen.

Kaminari pressed himself against Shinsou and rested his head against his shoulder, noticing that his heartbeat was almost as fast as his. He took a deep breath, smelling the vanilla from the baking still lingering on him, and looked back up at him. He thought about how silly the situation was. Two heroes in training on babysitting duty, wearing silly aprons and slow dancing to The Lion King in their teacher’s kitchen as they waited for some cookies to finish baking. The situation was indeed silly, but Kaminari would be lying if he said he didn’t want this, and more, with Shinsou everyday.

Maybe it was the “and more” that he wished for that caused him to lean forward, and maybe Shinsou felt that “and more” too when he decided meet Kaminari halfway.

Kaminari was more familiar with sparks than anyone else he knew, so the feeling he felt took him by surprise for a moment. There were no fireworks, no spark, nothing exciting. There was only a sense of warmth, comfort, and safety in his embrace, and Kaminari knew this was something he could get used to.

They only pulled away when the beeping from the oven startled them and even then, they didn’t let go of each other until they heard Eri walk into the kitchen (who thankfully didn’t question the compromising position they were in).

“Hey Eri Berry,” Kaminari began, now quite breathless. “They still need to cool down so why don’t you head back and we’ll call you when we can decorate them, okay?”

Eri looked between the two red faced boys and nodded before exiting the kitchen once more. Kaminari walked over to the oven and put on a pair of oven mitts before placing the tray of cookies on the counter and turning the oven off. He slowly turned around and looked at Shinsou, who had the audacity to look smug.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t been waiting for that to happen,” Shinsou said. “Your friends aren’t the most subtle people around.”

“We’ve been flirting and doing couple things for over a month now but never talked about it, so excuse me if you threw me off a bit,” Kaminari replied.

“Well now you have your answer,” Shinsou said, walking up to Kaminari and taking his hands.

“So we’re boyfriends?”

“I mean we aren’t friends. I’m pretty sure you don’t feel like this about your friends.”

“I mean Bakugou makes my heart race too, but that’s for a completely different reason.”

The two laughed for a moment as they stared at their intertwined hands. They looked at each other before leaning in for another kiss, only to have Shinsou pull away and place a finger on Kaminari’s lips. “Eri?” he called out. A thud was heard behind the kitchen door before a noticeably disheveled Eri poked her head through the door, looking anywhere but at the two boys.

“After decorations?” Shinsou asked, his voice low.

“After decorations,” Kaminari whispered back.

“I won’t tell our dads you were kissing Kaminari,” Eri added pulling out seven different coloured frostings.

“My hero,” Shinsou muttered as Kaminari began cackling.



Bakugou’s Angels

Short Circuit: Guess who has a boyfriend XD

LORD EXPLOSION MURDER: Took you long enough

Alien Queen: I was starting to go insane

Red Riot: I can’t believe you two pined for so long

Scotch Tape: I can


Alien Queen: We’ll be happy for you once we give Shinsou a ‘talk’

Red Riot: That sounds ominous

LORD EXPLOSION MURDER: We are literally going to threaten him of course it is

Scotch Tape: Since your parents aren’t here we have to fill in

Short Circuit: This might be worse than the talk Aizawa and Mic gave me

Alien Queen: What

Scotch Tape: What

Red Riot: What


Short Circuit: Fuck

Short Circuit: Byeeeeeeee


Short Circuit: I CAN’T READ