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Don't Mess with Hana

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Valentine's Day is usually hated by singles or those whom lost their relationships or trying to gain one though they've been rejected, but it's loved by a lot of people. It's a day for pure romantic lovey-dovey dates, cards, gifts, etc., and one person in particular is far from excited for the holiday. Katsuki knows he has a beautiful daughter, but he wasn’t expecting his little girl to grow up into a bombshell beauty. Despite her age, she is stunningly gorgeous, like a painting of a goddess brought to life. Her crimson eyes are always sparkling like stars flaunted on the night sky, and it’s the second thing most people notice. The first thing, much to Katsuki’s displeasure, is her large, plump breasts that somehow always look like they will fall out of her shirts though all of her clothes fit without being too tight.

Even in her UA uniform, Hana looks like her skirt is too short and her chest may burst through her top if she exhales, and it's driving Katsuki insane. The ash blonde grumbles as he watches Hana tie her hair up in a ponytail with an official Ground Zero bow before sighing, knowing that this was the consequences of having a beautiful baby girl.

“Dad? Can you fix my tie? Mom said to ask you because he can't do it.” Hana says, suddenly standing in front of Katsuki and giggles at the small jump she receives as a result of startling the alpha.

“Shut it, you. Now hold still.” Katsuki huffs and doesn't hide the small grin on his face as he easily fixes Hana's tie for her, instinctively smoothing out the wrinkles of her uniform jacket. “Damn, I have a beautiful daughter and I'm gonna have to murder all of my new fucking students for gawking over you.”

“Kacchan!! No killing the future of heroes!! We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter so they have to behave!” Izuku scolds from the kitchen while making breakfast for his family. Over the years, he's improved greatly on his cooking while Shouto is still banned from making anything more than tea and toast.

“It would give us a bad reputation if our alpha killed his new students because they were trying to court our beautiful girl.” Shouto says calmly and tenses up, not needing to turn around to know Izuku is glaring at him with disapproval.

No one is going to court Hana-chan unless they can prove their worth.” Izuku huffs and serves the triplets their breakfast before the twins, finally getting the rest for his mates and himself. “Hana-chan deserves nothing short of the best.”

“Hana is the scariest person in class. No one wants to court her.” Hiroki comments from his seat at the table and rolls his eyes at the growl his sister gives him. “You know it's true. People come bother me when you get out of control.”

Despite the cold comments, Hiroki cares for his twin sister deeply and feels an extra sense of responsibility because he's the oldest child of all five of the kids. He doesn't flinch when Hana suddenly wraps her arms around his shoulders from behind, leaning her cheek on Hiroki's shoulder and looking up at him. “Hiro, you really do look like Papa's twin.”

Shouto blushes lightly and shakes his head despite smiling proudly to himself at the comment, lifting Ren and Rin onto the seats just to hear them complain that they're grown already and don't need help. Ren, Rin, and Ran have just turned nine in April after Katsuki's birthday so Shouto, Izuku, Hana, and Hiroki threw the four of them a birthday party on the same time. Having triplets and a set of twins keeps Izuku busier than anyone, and the omega still finds time to be the number one hero.

“I think Hana should be allowed to date anyone who is brave enough to deal with the top three heroes plus her four terrifying brothers.” Shouto says calmly and flinches a little at the unanimous set of death glares coming from both of his mates.

“Don't be stupid, Shoucchan. No one will ever be good enough for our Hana-chan.” Izuku says firmly, ending the conversation there so they can enjoy breakfast together as one happy family.

Izuku sighs softly in relief when the house clears and it's just him and Shouto who remain. Luckily they have a day off on the same day, and that's only possible because there hasn't been much criminal activity that required the number one or number three hero to be involved. Because the sun is out, Shouto shuts off the lights in the kitchen before wrapping his arms around the omega’s waist.

Once their eyes meet, Izuku notices Shouto’s eyes are dulled by the slight darkness of the room. Watching the alpha flash a small smile, their lips slowly connect as they share a soft kiss. Caressing his supple cheek, Shouto lifts Izuku's chin which makes their noses touching just barely. The omega can easily feel the warmth of Shouto's breath brushing the top of his lip after their lips part. Succumbing to the temptation, Shouto presses his lips against Izuku's neck to kiss the exposed skin tenderly, making sure to kiss the bond mark he left as well as the one Katsuki left. Shouto brushes their lips against one another before kissing his mate once more, lifting Izuku up by the thighs and placing him on the counter next to the sink.

“Bunny, can I eat you out?” Shouto asks quietly though he knows he doesn't have to. They're beyond that point, but he asks anyway in case Izuku wasn't in the mood.

“Please, please , Shoucchan… y-you and Kacchan know how much I love that.” Izuku blushes as he practically begs, happy to see the eagerness he ignites within Shouto and lifts his hips to make it easier for his pants to be removed though he doesn't have anything on underneath.

Shouto decides to tease his omega later about not wearing boxers and presses his tongue flatly against Izuku's rim just as he smells the slick forming. The alpha will never get tired of the sweet slick Izuku produces and he has Katsuki to vouch for him. He savors the shiver he gets and slides his tongue, happily lapping up the fluid and thrusting his tongue in and out of his mate.

Izuku can’t keep his voice under control, but this time he doesn't have to worry about being heard for now. He shakily reaches down with one hand and bunching up that soft red and white hair in his grip, holding the strands out of his alpha's face in order to look down at Shouto's breathtaking heterochromatic eyes. “S-Shouto… Ngh-- y-you're going to make me cum.”

Now fueled by a new determination, Shouto decides to slip two fingers into Izuku's dripping hole and thrusting them quickly as he makes sure to get his mate’s prostate. Listening and watching to the number one hero becoming putty in his hands always turns Shouto on, especially when he's the reason and not Katsuki. Shouto licks his lips as he watches Izuku have an orgasm, looking at the spurts of white cum shooting out and landing on the alpha's wrist.

“You're such a good boy, Bunny. I love watching you cum.” Shouto whispers into Izuku's ear with lust dripping in his voice.

“Just come here and fuck me, Shouto.”

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Overcome by fear, the entire class could not steer away as her voice rings loud yet unclear. Feeling their skin crawling as they watch on in fear as well as curiosity. It's the first time another female classmate has been brave enough to challenge the fearless Bakugo Hana. Said student is the alpha daughter of the new police chief and her name is Emi, but she has no idea what she's getting into.

“You're pathetic. All of us already presented and you haven't yet? Even your brother presented! You're probably going to be a weak omega like Deku .” Emi sneers venomously and not even her water based quirk could protect her when she's tackled to the ground. “G-Get off me, you filthy freak!!”

“You BITCH!! Don't you dare talk about my mother that way, you piece of fucking shit!! I'll fucking kill you!!” Hana roars angrily and punches the girl underneath her over and over again, not even using her quirk since she was trained to fight without it as well as with is. Plus her parents would be angry if she used her quirk on someone in a fight.

“Quick! Someone get Hiroki from Class 1-B!” A student shouts as the fight becomes a slug fest and the class is struggling to get Hana off of Emi.

When Hiroki steps into the classroom a few seconds later, he just sighs and steps over to the brawl calmly. “Hana, stop it.” He says softly before easily pulling his temperamental twin off the now bloody and beaten girl on the floor. “What happened?”

“That fucking bitch insulted Mom.” Hana hisses and calms down in an instant at the cold, furious look in her brother’s eyes, looking at her bloody knuckles to avoid his eyes since she doesn't want to deal with whatever happens next when he steps over to Emi.

“You're lucky Hana got to you before I did. And next time you make a comment about omegas, I'll have you expelled for omega harassment or frozen in an iceberg. Your pick. I'm not as nice as my sister.” Hiroki is much more frightening when he's angry since he's the silent but deadly type much like Shouto, but he's rarely angry which is a good thing. “Hana, see you later. Go get your hands looked at before Papa comes in... forget it. I'll go with you.”

Hana can only nod as she lets her knuckles get frozen slightly to act as a temporary ice pack while she goes to the school nurse, who is the granddaughter of Recovery Girl. As the duo walks together, she leans her head on her twin's shoulder since Hiroki is slightly taller than she is now. “Do you think I'm disgusting because I haven't presented yet?”

“No, Mom was a late bloomer too, remember?” Hiroki hums softly and won't admit he prefers seeing his sister smiling so without warning, he lifts her up like he does with their younger siblings and chuckling softly when Hana wraps her arms and legs around him so she doesn't slip. “Don't worry. I won't let people see your panties.”

“Hiro!!” Hana squeaks before laughing adorably against her brother's shoulder, letting herself be carried since she does enjoy it.

They're fucking adorable. Katsuki thinks to himself when he saw his two oldest children heading to the nurse. He notices the ice on Hana's knuckles and shakes his head at the assumption his princess got into another fight, deciding to pry the reason out of his new class. When he steps into the classroom, all of his student rush to their desks with stars in their eyes except for a few who would rather see Deku or Shouto.

“Alright, brats. I'm your homeroom teacher, Bakugo Katsuki aka Ground Zero. I'm not afraid to expel any of you little shits if you waste my time.” Katsuki announces and leans on the podem in front of the classroom, looking over the students briefly as they glance around at each other nervously. “So which one of you know what happened? I know there was a fight.”

This is going to be a long fucking day…

Ground Beta is still the same as Katsuki remembers from when he attended UA, except it's just repaired and there are more sturdy buildings added to it. The ash blonde hero wanders through the cityscape near the gate while waiting for his class to show up as well as his favorite little omega. He's going to give the class the same hell Aizawa put him and the former class 1-A through when he was a student.

“KACCHAN~!!” Izuku's loud, bright voice is what reaches Katsuki first before the number hero jumps right into his mate’s arms, having complete faith Katsuki won't let him fall. “I was so happy when you texted me to help you with this hero training. I get to see you in action as a teacher~ I'm so excited. Hana-chan is in your class, isn't she? I can't wait to see how her training is coming along and-- mmph?!”

Just like he always does, Katsuki cuts off Izuku's obsessive rambling with a firm smooth that isn't tongue, at least while they're both on the job, and he just grins at the blush on his omega’s face. “Deku, shut up. Stop being so fucking cute or else I'm gonna devour you in one of the buildings.”

“MOM!?” Hana squeaks excitedly as she steps into Ground Beta with the rest of her class and her knuckles are taped up underneath her gauntlets. She rushes over once Izuku is on the ground and hugs him tightly. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Hana-chan, but now I'm your guest teacher so you have to use my hero name, okay?” Izuku says while hugging his daughter back just as happily and kisses her curly green hair before shooing her back to the class, watching Katsuki come over to him.

“Alright, you little shits. As you can see, Deku is going to help asset your first combat training exercise so don't fuck up because you want his autograph.” Katsuki explains and tries to stay serious when Izuku adorably rolls his eyes next to him, ignoring the cute sass and resuming his explanation. “You're going to be split into pairs and then into heroes and villains.”

“I'll be grading all of you serious along with Ground Zero. No freebies for anyone, but I will give autographs after class.” Izuku adds onto the explanation and he's unconsciously bouncing in place, bubbling with excitement to finally getting to see the next generation of heroes in action.

Was Deku always this cute ?! The students save Hana are in complete awe over how eager the number one hero is. It's the complete opposite of Ground Zero, who looks uninterested in the whole ordeal. Hana is more than used to the adorable behavior since she is the daughter of the two heroes, and she definitely takes after the couple when she easily brings her team to victory without breaking a sweat when it's her turn.

A warm, nervous feeling that she has never felt sudden creeps up on her. Hana can feel the sweat pour onto her forehead, and her palms get clammy and damp. She can feel the sun burning onto her as she starts to become unsteady on her feet. Hana suddenly takes on a pale look as if she'd been painted with white. Even her lips are barely there. Then with one step backwards she crumples like a puppet suddenly released of their strings and her new scent bursts, hitting the noses of everyone as she hits the ground.


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Hana sits at the very far end of her bed when she wakes up at home, back up against the cold metal of the headboard, body aching, cheeks burning with the flush of fever. She wants to cry and beg for this heat to stop, but there isn't any strength in her voice, just a whisper. Her breath quivers in short, quick gasps every time she inhales, her lungs having no choice but to painfully and rigidly take in the chilled air around her. Hana can't seem to stop shaking either. Sometimes it’s rough, other times she could manage, but every time she'd get close to sleep, a new spell of violent shaking would force her awake.

What's happening to me? A-Am I going to die? Tears start forming in her crimson eyes and Hana musters up the little energy she has left before starting to cry. The hot, salty tears are flooding Hana’s cheeks and dripping down her chin. She opens her mouth to say something, anything, but all that comes out are deep, gut-wrenching sobs that tore through her chest and convulsed her small body.

“Hana-chan?” Izuku asks softly and carefully comes into the room, locking the door behind him. “I know, you’re in pain princess. It gets better if you have a comforting scent and something to help… down there.”

In her mother's arms are a bunch of shirts from everyone in the house except for the triplets so Hana has some comforting scent around her while she rides out her first heat. Izuku also has a small black bag which still has him flustered over because it's embarrassing to give his only daughter a heat aid and she's just about to turn sixteen in a month. “These will help. Just tell me who's scent you like best and I'll get you more shirts or a blanket if you prefer.”

When the familiar scent of her twin hits her nose, Hana shakily crawls to Izuku and gently takes the hoodie covered in Hiroki's scent and puts it on. She smiles tiredly and lays on her bed while snuggling into the sweater. “H-Hiro smells so good… I-I want to see him. Please, Mommy…”

“I-I can't, Hana-chan… Hiro-chan is an alpha, b-but I'll get him to scent more things for you.” Izuku reddens at his daughter's actions and can only think that it's her first heat making her act this way.

Hana whines a little at not being able to see her twin brother, wanting to feel the natural chill that radiates off Hiroki and hoping it'll calm down her burning body. She starts to build her nest by Izuku's instructions and watches him instruct her fathers to get blankets with Hiroki's scent on it. “H-Hiro… I need you…”

I need you.

Hiroki hates that he isn't allowed to see his sister especially when she's calling for him. His inner alpha is desperate to get close and claim Hana despite them being twins. Hiroki finds himself placing a hand on Hana's door and resting his forehead against it, feeling a heat ceiling in his gut while his blood surges south at the sounds reaching his ears. Was Hana really getting off to his scent? Yes. And it's becoming too much for him to bare with just listening.

“Hana… can you open the door?” Hiroki finds himself asking before making an ice key, letting himself inside then locking the door behind him. Hana's pheromones and sweet, lavender honey scent punches Hiroki in the face and his shirt comes off in an instant. He walks over to his twin's nest, handing her the shirt cautiously and blushing lightly when he's suddenly pulled on top of her. “Hana?”

“H-Hiro… make it stop please. P-Please touch me…” Hana whimpers and buries her face into her brother's neck, inhaling his scent at the source and not thinking about how wrong it is to want to have sex and be claimed by her alpha twin.

Hiroki unconsciously licks his upper lip as if preparing to have the best meal of his life before placing tender kisses to both of Hana's strong thighs after lowering himself between her legs, using his thumbs to gently spread the omega's wet lower lips and thinking that he is one of the luckiest men in the universe. “Hana, you're beautiful.”

Before Hana can complain about being stared at, Hiroki licks a long, slow stripe along her entrance. He does it again and again, savoring the whimpers and moans he's pulling out of Hana with the fear of not having this chance again if their parents ever find out. Hana tries to buck her hips to bring that cold tongue to where she needs it the most, blushing up to her ears at her desperation and over the fact that Hiroki is genuinely enjoying all the slick coming out of her.

“H-Hiroki…” Hana moans beautifully and gently bunches up his green hair, tilting her head back against the nest before shutting her eyes as she melts from the pleasure she's never experienced as Hiroki laps her slick up like it's water. However the moment doesn't last long when Hiroki is suddenly pulled away from Hana and she scrambles to cover herself. “N-No! Don't take him!”

“I'm sorry, Hana. We can't have your brother getting you pregnant.” Shouto says though his heart is aching at the sight of both twins in tears, reluctantly taking Hiroki out of the room. Izuku was right when he said that the two of them would try something since they're so connected. “Hiroki, you are going to Inko-san and Toshinori-san's house until Hana's heat is over.”

“I-I don't know why I did that… Dad, am I some kind of freak?” Hiroki asks softly, innocently as he ends up being lifted off the floor and into Shouto's arms. “I can't explain why I-I want to love her like you love Mom…”

“It's her first heat. Her pheromones pulled you in since you're not used to it yet, I'm sure that's it.” Shouto replies quietly, casually carrying his fifteen year old son away as if Hiroki was a little boy all over again and he blushes lightly at Izuku taking pictures. “Bunny, don't do that…”

“You haven't carried Hiro-chan like that in years. I'm not missing the opportunity.” Izuku giggles from his spot on Katsuki's lap since the triplets took up most of the space on the couch and neither of them have the heart to make the boys move just yet.

“Let Deku be fucking cute, Shou.” Katsuki huffs from behind their omega and wraps his arm around Izuku's waist, leaving the other arm free for when Shouto decides to sit.

Shouto sits next to his mates with Hiroki on his lap, watching his son instantly cling to his mother before breaking down and crying. Izuku immediately hugs Hiroki close to his chest and strokes his soft straight green hair. “It's going to be okay, Hiro-chan.”

How will it be okay, Mom? I'm in love with my twin sister…

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The sun rises like a flower blooming, gifting its petals unto the world. Amidst the dancing raindrops is the blush of scarlet, the warmth of tangerine. Gazing towards the illuminated clouds, still beneath the ethereal glow, Hana feels more at home than she has all week. Her heat has finally passed and the young omega is desperate for some human contact aside from the gentle petting Izuku has given her head or when he helped her bathe.

Hana feels her joints cracking uncomfortably loudly as she stretches in her bed before putting on fresh pajamas. Luckily today is Saturday which means no school and the number one man in her life is home. She smiles to herself as she descends down the stairs after airing out her room, finding Katsuki sitting on the couch and simply sitting on his lap. Hana drapes her legs over her father's other leg while wrapping her arms around his neck gently, using his shoulder as a pillow and smiling like the content princess she is.

“Good morning, Daddy. I missed you.” Hana says softly, letting her tiredness seep back in as the alpha's comforting scent surrounds her and as Katsuki starts lazily rubbing circles onto her back with one hand. “Can I be an omega hero like Mom…?”

“Of course you fucking can, Princess. You can probably kick your mom's ass one of these days if you work hard enough.” Katsuki grins with pride at the thought of Izuku being beaten by their baby girl but then remembers his mate won't ever lay a hand on Hana in any way that will harm her. “Or maybe not. He wouldn't fight with you anyway.”

“That's because Izuku is a mother before he is a hero, Darling.” Shouto comments as he leans down towards Katsuki, pressing a tender kiss to his alpha's lips then one to Hana's head and going to smother Izuku with subtle affection in the kitchen while in his hero costume.

Hana can't help notice how affectionate all three of her parents are which pushes her thoughts towards wanting to be held the way Shouto is holding Izuku from behind. Her eyes hold a longing in them that she doesn't understand why she's feeling this way. I want Hiro to hold me that way… Hana gets snapped out of her thoughts by two sets of angry shouting and two out of the three triplets storming into the room.

Rin and Ran are chasing each other across the house while throwing toys at each other. Both boys freeze in their tracks all of a sudden by the time they reach the kitchen. It's rare for Izuku to get angry at his children since he dotes on all five of them all the time. Izuku folds his arms as he glances down at the boys.

“Ran-chan, Rin-chan, clean up the mess you made and apologize to each other before either of you take a seat at the table.” When Izuku's tone leaves no room for argument, Rin grumbles first before looking up at the omega innocently.

“But Mama… Ran was making fun of Ren for being quirkless. I was protecting Ren!” Rin protests but goes to pick up the mess he helped create anyway.

“I wasn't!” Ran whines to complain, not wanting to get in trouble once again and just going to help clean the mess after sighing loudly in frustration just like Katsuki does.

“Shit, I never realized how much of a brat I was.” Katsuki shakes his head in disbelief and easily scoops Hana into his arms as he goes to the kitchen table, carefully placing his princess down before placing a tender kiss to her forehead and kicking Shouto out of the kitchen. “I should call up my folks later. They miss our brats.”

Hana suddenly starts to feel her heartbeat. Every single pound thumping in her chest. Not through her ears, that’s occupied by the steady footsteps coming towards her. Hana wants to move, but she finds herself glued to her seat. This great pounding, this great pressure; every beat. She couldn't hear any of it, but she can feel it. It remains now, even as the whole family is in the the large kitchen. It remains when Hiroki steps in the room and casually takes his normal seat right next to her. That rapid beating remains in their lively home. Every beat is a turbulent push from within pushing as a giant placed within the chest; as a great wave against a minuscule dike. This pressure tries to urge words to come past her lips, this horrible pressure that is forcing her to accept her forbidden feelings for her twin brother.

“Hana… I'm sorry for what happened during your heat. I-I shouldn't have gone into your room.” Hiroki says quietly after a moment of awkward silence, tensing up slightly and doesn't need to turn his head to know her head is on his shoulder. “Hana…?”

“Hiro, I'm not mad or upset… I-I actually liked it a lot.” Hana confesses just as quietly and gently hugs Hiroki’s close to her perky chest, blushing up to her ears before she continues. “Now that we're both not affected by pheromones, m-maybe we can do it again… if you want to.”

It's wrong to love her this way, but why can't I stop? Hiroki reddens as he stays silent, shyly taking one of his sister's hands and lacing their fingers together under the table. Hana's hand is hot like fire while his is as cold as ice, but they blend so perfectly together. They shared a womb, grew up together, occasionally fought like normal siblings, but they're always together. Hiroki doesn't feel gravity holding him down to earth, it's Hana that keeps him grounded though it's wrong to long for your sibling even more so your fraternal twin.

Is there something wrong with me?

“Dad, can I ask you something?” Hiroki asks while sitting next to Shouto on the porch swing after the rest of the family is playing happily in their large pool in the backyard.

“Anything. I'm not as good with dealing with problems as your mom, but I'll always do my best.” Shouto responds and the two of them are so quiet it's a miracle they can be heard over Rin and Ran's joyful screaming as they jump onto Katsuki in an attempt to push him under water.

“Did you ever like Aunt Fuyumi? Like the way you like Mom and Papa?” Hiroki bites his lip nervously and relaxes a little when his father idly starts to stroke his soft green hair.

“I did at your age, but your grandfather found out… and that didn't end well so I gave up afterwards.” Shouto answers honestly, blinking a little in surprise at the sudden burst of affection as he watches his son lay across the swing so his head is on the older alpha’s lap.

He's cute like Izuku. Shouto thinks to himself as his fingers gingerly scrape Hiroki's scalp, enjoying the gentle pleased sounds he receives as a reward. This slowly leads to the back of Hiroki's head being massaged while his green strands are being fondled. The gentle ministrations don't stop even after soft snoring reaches Shouto’s ears, signaling his precious son fell fast asleep but he doesn't stop petting Hiroki's hair.

Hiroki ran the back of his hand down her soft cheek, and then tenderly traced the line of Hana’s jaw with a knuckle. His fiery gaze threw off the beauty’s desire to almost unbearable levels and beyond. He lowered himself between her legs and gently tugged the hem of her panties, gazing up at his aroused sister for some sort of permission to continue. A nod was all that is needed before her bright red panties were quickly discarded, revealing Hana’s perfectly shaven vagina. Hiroki draped his tongue out from his mouth and traced circles around her sensitive clit tantalizingly slow, smirking to himself at how something so simple turned his sister into putty in his hands. Hana let out a quiet gasp the moment she felt a finger penetrate her wet pussy, and the volume of her moans only increased slightly as he sucked on her clit while pumping his long digit slowly.

“H-Hiro, ahh~ p-please don't stop…”

Hiroki snaps his eyes open and realizes he's in his bedroom, feeling disgusting with himself for waking up in a sweat along with having a wet spot in his boxers. He sighs to himself and hates himself for having another fantasy about his beloved twin sister.

“I'm a freak…”

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Not a single feature can pinpoint why Hiroki is so handsome, though his eyes come close. People often speak about his inherited dual eye color, as if that were of importance, yet his would be beautiful in any shade if they were to change. From them comes intensity, honesty, and gentleness. Perhaps this is what is means to be a gentleman, not one of weakness or trite politeness, but one of great spirit and noble ways. What he is, what is beautiful about him, comes from deep within; it makes girls and boys want to feel how his lips move in a kiss, how his hands follow the curves of their bodies despite his young age. As each year passes the lines will deepen upon his face, he will be handsome still, as if his soul shines through his skin.

My handsome nephew suddenly shows up and I don't know what to say to him. “It's rare for you to visit without your dad.” Dabi manages to say before letting Hiroki inside his small home he shares with his little family. Over the years, he and Tomura bonded with Chisaki Kai, formerly known as Overhaul, and Tomura and Kai had a child as well. “Did something happen with Shouto?”

“No… it's nothing Dad did. I'm just confused and he isn't sure how to help me.” Hiroki confesses as he follows Dabi to the living room, sitting on the couch next to his uncle and burying his face into his hands with a heavy sigh. “I'm a freak, Uncle Dabi.”

“Precious nephew, you're far from a freak. Just so happens that I already married a beautiful freak and you're far from that.” Dabi says with a chuckle and lightly pats his nephew's back, looking up when he feels a weight on his lap and wrapping his arm around his omega's waist. “Speaking of my beautiful freak. Hey Tomura.”

“Fuck off, I'm not a freak.” Tomura rolls his eyes but wraps his arms around Dabi's neck anyway, looking over at Hiroki curiously. “If you're in love with Hana, go for it. But be prepared for whatever consequences that will come along since incest is against the law. Just keep it a secret if you really want to be with your sister.”

“Who is this? You should have told me about a guest.”

Dabi simply grins at the deep voice and looks up to see his other husband and mate. Chisaki is the CEO of a top modeling agency that has its own fashion line for tuxedos that started out as a cover company when Chisaki ran the yakuza. Dabi along with their other husband, Tomura, are the company’s best models now that their records have been buried as part of them completing their villain rehabilitation. “Sorry, Babe. This is my oldest nephew, Hiroki. He's Shouto's first born. Hiroki, this is Chisaki Kai, my other mate.”

“It's nice to meet you, Kai-san.” Hiroki says politely, not quite ready to call Kai his other uncle just yet but it's an expected reaction so no harm done. He starts to think that he should make an attempt to visit his aunts and uncles more since two of his parents are only children; it also means a lot to Shouto when he visits family on his own.

Figuring this out is going to be harder than I thought.

There is only one word to describe Katsuki. Where his eyes are red and filled with a permanent fiery passion. His lips are far from pale and thin where as his nose is slender and rounded. A prominent jaw that curves gracefully around and the strength of his neck shows in the twining cords of muscle that shapes his entire body. He has strong arms, bold thighs and calves, a firm chest and abdomen. He is an Adonis among the other men who each pale in comparison.

Then there is Shouto. He is a man of any person's dreams. Shouto has smooth flawless skin, which is like a sheet of well done silky cloth. His heterochromatic eyes, which are under his red and white short hair, glint under the moonlight. His high-bridged nose perfectly sits between his two eyes. Even his soft sharp lips are very attractive and captivating. Every muscle is carved to perfection as if God has created Shouto himself. One look and both women and men swoon at the sight of Shouto no matter their sexual preferences. It only takes a single word that passes from his lips has even the straightest of men flushing shades of red that no one ever could imagine was naturally possible.

Even as both alphas age, Izuku will forever think they're ageless. Shouto and Katsuki can be easily compared to fine wine as they get more attractive with age. While most cower from scars, Izuku welcomes them with open arms.

“Bunny, you're muttering again. Do Katsuki and I look that good only in our boxers?” Shouto asks with a teasing tone as he gets back into bed besides Izuku, gently pulling their now flushed omega close and lazily kissing down Izuku's neck.

“You're a fucking pervert, Bunny. Makes me want to eat you up.” Katsuki adds with a smirk and kisses Izuku's lips deeply, sliding his tongue into his mate's mouth and only pulling away when the true queen of their castle calls.

“Daddy!! Uncle Eiji and Aki are here!” Hana shouts from downstairs, excitement resonating in her tone and Katsuki doesn't need to be there to know she's bouncing in place. “Let's go~”

Katsuki shakes his head in amusement and chuckles quietly, pulling on sweatpants and a tight black t-shirt. “I'll you nerds later. The triplets are with my folks this time so they'll be gone for the weekend.”

“Have fun at the mall with the girls and Eichan.” Izuku smiles brightly and crawls to the edge of the bed, unaware of his round ass being near Shouto's face now as he says goodbye to Katsuki. He happily accepts the kiss goodbye before getting pulled back by his hips, suddenly blushing up to his ears and moaning into the sheets when he suddenly remembers falling asleep naked is a double-edged sword.

Damn. I really want to stay home now, fuck. Katsuki grumbles as he heads downstairs to where Hana and Aki are excitedly rambling about things they want to get at the mall. Aki is Eijirou and Denki's only biological child and she's a ray of sunshine just like a certain redhead alpha. Her pitch black hair falls down to her shoulders which is a lovely contrast to the striking golden eyes that light up the whole world when she isn't smiling.

Unlike her best friend, Aki's chest is much smaller while her hourglass shape makes people stare with envy and admiration. Aki can easily be mistaken for an angel whereas Hana can be compared to a beautiful satan. Katsuki denies being the main reason Hana is spoiled rotten, but it's a proven fact that he spoils her.

“Katsu, you should really come over for dinner one of these. Denki misses all of you guys.” Eijirou says to strike up a conversation while he and Katsuki walk behind their beautiful daughters, watching them with a fond smile on his face. “Aki would be ecstatic if Hana spent the night, too.”

“If Hana wants, that can happen today. Deku, Shouto, and I want to have some fucking alone time. We just need Hana and Hiroki to want to spend the night somewhere else.” Katsuki huffs a little then scowls as he thinks about what Shouto and Izuku are doing right now without him. “Hiroki went to spend time with Glasses and Round Face's son.”

At least Hiroki will be distracted.

Aki knows something is up with Hana. Her best friend seems distracted and isn't smiling like she used to. Normally this happens when Hana and Hiroki have a disagreement, but Aki notices her best friend isn't sulking. Before she can say anything about the subject, her eyes widen when Hana suddenly launches herself into the arms of Hiroki and she just laughs as Hiroki catches her with ease. “Hiroki! Riku! Hey!”

“Oh, Aki! You look lovely like always.” Riku chuckles and rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, finding his cheeks heating up.

“Hana, you're lucky I can catch you like this.” Hiroki murmurs but makes no attempt to put Hana down or to push her away. In fact, he holds her closer and even allows her to use his shoulder as her personal pillow. “You're only with Aki?”

“No, Daddy and Uncle Eiji are here with us. Daddy doesn't let me go to many places on my own, I just presented last week after all.” Hana hums and points to Katsuki and Eijirou by the arcade competing with each other over the taiko game by the entrance. “They'll be busy for a while.”

I want to be alone with Hana… “Let's tell Papa I'll be with you so he doesn't have to worry.” Hiroki says after glancing at Aki and Riku too deep into their own conversation to notice anything else. “I want to talk to you.”

A nod is the response given before both of them can hear each other’s hearts racing the closer they get as the two of them hide out in a hallway near one emergency exit. Hiroki has never met anyone who made him this nervous as well as excited like he is with Hana despite the attraction being very wrong. Before either twin take any notice, their lips are only inches apart and they can feel the heat of their breaths. Hana closes her eyes and hooks her index fingers into the loops of Hiroki's jeans.

Hana slowly leans in and closes the distance between them. Once they pull apart, their breathing comes in shaky, shallow breaths as the exhilarating tension increases. Unable to contain themselves anymore, Hiroki holds Hana's head in his hands and pulls the other into a fiery and passionate kiss. Her arms make their way around her twin brother’s neck as she can no longer control the feelings she's been trying to hide.

She presses their lips together gently for another passionate kiss after pulling Hiroki close to her. She parts her lips to give an invitation for the other's warm tongue. Hiroki wastes no time and slides his tongue into his twin sister's mouth, swirling their tongues leisurely despite the two of them standing in a slightly dark hallway where anyone who looks can see.

Why do I want my twin brother so much?

Chapter Text

Aki is white as chalk; her eyes and her mouth are frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise. Although she is staring straight at her best friend and her best friend’s twin, she appears not to notice them at all. Aki feels her voice trying to leave her, but she shakes her head to keep her voice as steady as possible.

“W-What are you… oh my god! So this is the guy you have a-a crush on, Hana?!” Aki questions in shock and confusion as Hana and Hiroki quickly pull away from each other at the startled squeak she let out seconds before speaking.

“Aki, please… please don't say anything. I-I know it's wrong, but I'm in love with my brother.” Hana pleads and rushes to her best friend, pulling the other omega into a tight hug and tearing up. “I'm so sorry I didn't tell you… I was scared.”

Never in her life  Aki would have ever imagined her best friend being in love with her own twin brother. It's unheard of and incest is far from legal. She fears for Hana, but doesn't want to force her only friend to be lonely. “You better explain everything when we get to my house. You owe me that much…”

Hana nods quickly and eventually releases Aki, wanting to cry over being caught but doesn't despite the tears in her eyes. One of her biggest fears is that someone would find out about her and Hiroki's secret growing relationship, and it happened when Aki saw them. If their parents were to find out, Hana is genuinely afraid of their reaction, especially Katsuki's. She is daddy's little girl after all. This can't get any worse today…

“I'm sorry, we should have been more discreet.” Hiroki says softly as he instinctively hugs Hana to offer some comfort for his distraught sister, rubbing soothing circles into her back. “If Papa sees you upset, he'll make the entire mall explode. Come on now, it'll be okay. If he asks, we'll tell him some pervert tried to touch you and I took care of it for you.”

“Good idea.” Hana mumbles her brother's shoulder, pulling away eventually and heading back to Katsuki and Eijirou with Aki and Riku. To put on a convincing act, she lets the tears she was holding back seconds ago fall and she runs over to Katsuki before hugging him tightly around the torso. “Daddy, some weirdo tried to touch me and Aki despite us telling him no…”

“HAH!? I'll kill the bastard!!” Katsuki growls and hugs Hana close to his chest protectively, not paying attention to Eijirou doing the same to Aki. “Where is he?”

“Probably thawing in the ice I put him in.” Hiroki says smoothly, covering up the whole lie and hugs Katsuki too since he does enjoy the rare praise from the blonde.

“Good job, Hiroki. Now let's get the fuck out of here.” Katsuki ruffles Hiroki's hair gently before all five of them go their separate ways.

It then dawns upon Katsuki that his parents, Inko, and Toshinori took the triplets to the waterpark which means there's a good chance Shouto and Izuku are doing something outside the bedroom for once in a long time. Thankfully Hiroki decided to go see Riku again because Katsuki would feel awful if the teen were to see whatever Shouto is doing to Izuku.

Katsuki's suspicion is right on the nose as he opens the door to find Shouto laying on the living room floor with Izuku sitting on his face. Izuku has his eyes closed as he moans beautifully, loving the feeling of Shouto's tongue buried into his ass and lapping up the slick he's producing. “Ngh, S-Shoucchan…”

“Horny fuckers. You're lucky the twins wanted to hang out with friends.” Katsuki says with a smirks and leans down, kissing Izuku's already kiss swollen lips and savoring the whine he gets in return. “Maybe I should fuck Shou while he's distracted.”

“Mm, K-Kacchan… Shoucchan has a plug inside him already.” Izuku whimpers when Shouto licks his sweet spot just right, moaning alluringly as that spot gets licked repeatedly. He opens his eyes slightly and licks his lips eagerly as he watches Katsuki undress. “A-Ah, just like that… p-please don't stop Shoucchan.”

Shivers rush down Shouto's spine as he can picture the grin on Katsuki's face, signaling the icyhot hero that he sent his lover into a horny overdrive before he feels the plug being pulled from his stretched sensitive rim. His tongue stops briefly and moans against Izuku's dripping hole when he feels Katsuki push into him slowly,  gasping at the stretch and arching his back as all twelve inches of Katsuki's shaft are filling him easily. Fuck, I can't tell him how much I like that he's huge. Shouto thinks to himself as he submits all of himself to the gorgeous man inside him and to the beautiful man sitting on his face.

At first the thrusts start out slow in order for the hero to get used to having such a big thing inside him again. Shouto’s sudden pleas for more only arouse Katsuki more, and his pace quickens with each thrust which leads to Shouto's lower half shaking and Izuku moaning again as Shouto gets back to work with his tongue. Shouto can feel his senses spiraling uncontrollably like hurricane winds after his prostate is struck by Katsuki's large shaft and one of two loud cries fill the room. Before Shouto can blink, Izuku is sitting down on his hard aching cock.

Katsuki simply grins smugly at the sound since he caused that wonderful sound, and keeps thrusting into that same spot in sync with Izuku’s bouncing just to hear the normally soft spoken Shouto cry out his name over and over again.

“Mm, that's right, Bunny. Keep bouncing on Shou's fucking cock like the good boy you are.” Katsuki growls with lust right into Izuku's before attacking his neck with hickeys.

Their climaxes seem inevitable as their bodies move in sync while the sex seems endless. With one final thrust and one final bounce, all three of them release at the same time and time seems to stop afterwards. Shouto's face is bright red once they’ve come down from the euphoric high since he feels warm cum inside him and he's overly sensitive now, but he doesn't care because he was able to watch Katsuki's face and Izuku's face during their orgasms.

“Looks like w-we're stuck.” Shouto says breathlessly when he feels Katsuki's knot stuck in him and his own knot stuck inside Izuku. This isn't the first time he's taken Katsuki's knot but it's the first time he's knotted Izuku at the same time as he takes Katsuki's knot.

“Maybe we should have gone to bed.” Izuku reddens and laughs weakly, smiling suddenly when Katsuki turns his head and kisses him sweetly.

“As long as we can separate and clean up before the kids get back, I don't give a fuck where we are.” Katsuki smirks and caresses Shouto's thighs lovingly before caressing Izuku's.

“I want to kiss Katsuki too…” Shouto murmurs and looks away from his mates shyly, hoping they didn't hear and blushing up to his ears when he realizes he was heard.

Why is he so damn cute?!

Chapter Text

It’s the middle of summer. The sun is just getting started with its mission. Its rays sting like a million hot needles on his skin. Sweat keeps running down his forehead despite his icy quirk and it seems to evaporate from the scorching sun by the time it hits his face, making this time of year more unbearable. Even the breeze feels warm, and every blow of wind is asking Hiroki to faint but he refuses to do so.

How could he faint when he doesn't want to miss the best time for the year. Summer is the only season Hana wears short shorts, skirts, and bikinis, and Hiroki doesn't want to miss a thing. He wants to watch his sister strut across the backyard to the family pool as much as he wants to watch her get out of the pool while water clings to her curvy, bodacious figure. Hiroki knows it's wrong and perverse, but he can't escape his feelings for his twin sister.

I feel like a horny creep. Hiroki thinks to himself while gently rubbing sunscreen onto Hana's creamy freckled back and shoulders. He trails his hands down to her lower back while no one is looking, trying not to touch anywhere else with the family in the yard. Hiroki carefully glides his hands to Hana's obliques to rub in the rest of the sunscreen and quickly retracts his hands when a soft, erotic sigh escapes Hana's lips. It's difficult for him not to just take his sister right on the lawn chair they're sitting on.

“Thanks, Hiro.” Hana smiles and turns around to face Hiroki, making sure no one is looking before placing a chaste kiss to his lips. “Want me to put sunscreen on your back?”

“Yes, if you don't mind.” Hiroki says cooly and swaps places so he's sitting between Hana's legs, relishing her soft hands on his cool skin and savoring her hands dipping between his back muscles.

“Onii-chan, Onee-chan, hurry up and play with us!” Ran's voice snaps Hiroki out of his fantasy especially when Hana moves away from him. “Daddy can't play because he's using the grill.”

“I'm coming, Ran. Relax.” Hana laughs brightly and ruffles Ran's fluffy spikes before getting into the pool with a shiver since the water is cold against her skin. “It's cold.”

“It's because you're not used to it, Onee-chan.” Ren says timidly as he swims over to his older sister, hugging her gently and smiling softly when she hugs him back.

Rin and Ran are just miniature versions of Katsuki with green eyes while Ren looks like Shouto with green eyes. Neither of the triplets inherited Izuku's freckles, but they're all loved the same way as Hana and Hiroki. Though it is painfully obvious that Hana is the most spoiled because she is the only girl, making her the princess of their castle according to Shouto.

Speaking of Rin, he's dangling from Hiroki's arm as they get into the pool together. The little boy is laughing almost manically while refusing to release his older brother’s bicep. That is until Ran tickles his sides, resulting in the both of them falling under the water and reemerging with wild grins on their faces.

Today just happens to be Izuku's birthday so Katsuki and Shouto are throwing him a surprise pool party, though the kids already helped themselves to the pool. It doesn't take long before their massive yard is filled with family and friends, and the only one missing is the guest of honor. Katsuki did most of the cooking though the adults brought their own platters so there won't be a food shortage.

“Nao-chan!” Rin grins brightly and jumps out of the pool, hurrying over the shy brunette with big violet eyes. They're classmates, but he also has an innocent crush on Nao. “Want to swim with me?”

Nao is Hitoshi and Ochako’s daughter, and she's almost a carbon copy of Hitoshi minus the eye bags and fluffy purple hair. She's a quiet girl which is the complete opposite of Rin. “Hi, Rin-kun. Okay, let's swim.”

Hitoshi can't help chuckling as he helps Nao out of her clothes so her cute black cat bathing suit is revealed, even putting sunscreen on her before watching Rin nearly drag her to the water. He looks down when he notices Ochako leaning on him while watching the children and teens fondly.

“They're all so cute. Deku-kun better hurry, too. Katsuki won't let anyone eat until he gets here with Shouto.” Ochako puffs out her cheeks as she pouts, making her face seem rounder and Hitoshi can't resist kissing her pouty lips.

“Mama's here!” Ran tries to whisper though it comes out as a strained yell instead, but luckily everyone gets the message and keeps quiet so the surprise isn't ruined.

Izuku laughs brightly when Shouto suddenly covers his eyes from behind the second they step out of the car. He's curious about why his family has been so secretive lately, but he never questioned it since he knows the loves of his life would never do anything bad. When the hands over his eyes move away, Izuku nearly jumps out of his skin when he sees the entire family and his friends shouting surprise at the same time.

“You guys…” Izuku wells up in tears and smiles from ear to ear. “Y-You didn't have to do this.”

“This was the kids’ idea.” Shouto explains and kisses Izuku's lips tenderly before Katsuki kisses their omega much more passionately. “But we helped. Happy birthday, Izuku.”

“Yeah, happy fucking birthday, Deku. Now let's eat this fucking food.” Katsuki huffs and lifts the number one hero with ease, throwing Izuku over his shoulder and carrying him towards the food despite the embarrassed protests.

Hiroki smiles softly and hugs Izuku tightly, not caring that he’s getting his mother wet and tries to control his hormones when Hana joins the hug. “Happy birthday, Mom.”

His eyes trace Hana's beautiful curves before they land on her perfect round ass, waiting until the end of the party before taking Hana into his room after their parents sneak off for Shouto and Katsuki to do what he wants to do with his sister. Hiroki suddenly lifts Hana off the floor by her plump yet firm thighs, laying her back on his bed and climbs on top of her.

“Hiro, we can't…” Hana whispers but makes no attempt to stop her twin from kissing her cheek down to her exposed collarbone.

“Dad and Papa will be busy with Mom, and the triplets are asleep. It'll be fine.” Hiroki whispers back and slowly takes off her bikini top, wrapping his lips around one of Hana's perky nipples and hollowing his cheeks to suck on it lightly.

Hana exhales shakily before gently stopping Hiroki's advances and slides onto her knees instead, taking his hard cock out from his swimsuit. “Here, make yourself cum on my face. I've seen Daddy do it to Mom and Papa a few times.”

Hiroki reddens at the offer he couldn't refuse and licks a long stripe along his palm to his fingertips for some kind of lubrication all while never looking away from those beautiful scarlet eyes. He shudders pleasantly when he finally wraps his hand around his throbbing length, starting out with a few languid strokes and watching Hana soak in the breathy moan that escapes his lips. As Hiroki picks up the pace, it's becoming harder and harder to focus on his beautiful sister.

“H-Hana… I-I--” Hiroki manages to get out between pants and soft moans, feeling a heat coil and build in his stomach. With a final moan, his whole body shivers as white spurts shoot out onto his hand and onto Hana's cheeks, chin, and her full breasts.

Hana really is sexy. I can't resist her.

Chapter Text

Izuku somehow always ends up nearly bent in half with his legs over Shouto’s shoulders when their alone in bed. Shouto is leaning against the headboard while his tongue is buried deep into his omega's ass, alternating between thrusting his tongue, sucking on the rim, and flatly pressing his tongue against Izuku's twitching ring of muscle. Those three things lead to Izuku having to cover his mouth with one hand to muffle his lewd moans while the other is gripping his lover’s dual colored hair.

“S-Shouto… ngh, p-please…”

The muffled plead doesn't go unnoticed as Shouto pulls his tongue back for now and places tender kisses to the inside of the powerful thighs around his head, smirking down at his flustered Izuku before biting the flesh as well and deciding to make him beg a little bit more. “Please what, Bunny? I can't do what you ask me unless you tell me what you want.”

“P-Please… please make me cum, Shouto.” Izuku begs after uncovering his mouth and opens his eyes slightly, meeting Shouto's eyes before holding both his mate's hands and lacing their fingers together on his hips.

“You always fucking starting without me.” Katsuki growls a little but there isn't much bite behind his words, though he is a little jealous as he steps into the bedroom. “Shou, get on top of Bunny.”

However the door isn't shut all the way since the top three heroes are supposed to be alone for now. All five of their children are supposed to be the arcade in the mall with their mothers, but Hiroki is the only one who didn't get up on time so ultimately he was left behind. He curiously follows the moans that echo in the seemingly empty house and Hiroki finds himself looking into his parents’ room. Hiroki has to cover his mouth to swallow the strained that threatens to rise as well as swallow the arousal that sinks down to his groin. Why is he watching his parents have sex? Would Hana enjoy going all the way? What precautions would they need? Thoughts aside, Hiroki can't bring himself to look away and feeling like a pervert.

Katsuki decides to lower his face while spreading Shouto's ass cheeks and presses his tongue flatly against the other alpha's rim just as he listens to the surprised gasp that reaches him. The noises he pulls out of Izuku and Shouto will never grow old and Katsuki has been addicted to them beyond belief. He savors the shiver he gets and slides his tongue inside, happily pulling moans out of his companion and thrusting his tongue in and out of Shouto.

“Bunny, d-do you want the both of us inside you?” Shouto asks softly between breathy moans, placing kisses along Izuku's neck while Katsuki is contently eating him out.

“I-I do, please…” Izuku bites his lip in arousal as his green eyes watch Katsuki pull away from Shouto and lets himself get pulled onto Katsuki's lap. “Kacchan, I want to taste Shoucchan too.”

Hiroki can't help palming his aching crotch while spying on his parents and he especially can't take his eyes off the way his mother take both of his fathers inside him at the same time. The sight alone makes Hiroki pulls down his pants slightly. He shudders pleasantly when he finally wraps his hand around his throbbing length, starting out with a few languid strokes and covering his mouth with the other hand so he isn't heard. As Hiroki picks up the pace, it's becoming harder and harder to focus with Izuku’s moans putting the pornstars he watches to shame. I shouldn't be watching, I should go… but I can't look away.

“Look at you, Bunny. You're so good for us.” Shouto says softly just for his lovers to hear, keeping up with the pace Katsuki set so their cocks alternate going in and out of Izuku. “Cum for us, Izuku.”

Hiroki sneaks back into his room the second after he watches his beautiful mother have what looks like the most intense orgasm of his life. He quickly grabs tissues to clean up his own sticky mess and flops onto his bed without bothering to fix his pants. Disbelief suddenly washes over Hiroki as he realizes he just witnessed how he and his siblings were created and that he just got off watching Izuku getting his brains fucked out.

“Hiroki? What are you doing home?” Shouto's voice has Hiroki scrambling to fix his pants and throw out the soiled tissues.

“I’m sorry, Dad…” Hiroki bites his lip after he opens his bedroom door, looking up at the heterochromatic eyes he inherited. “I overslept.”

“That's unusual, normally Hana oversleeps. Are you feeling alright?” Shouto asks and gently places his hand on his son's forehead to check for a fever, completely forgetting he isn't wearing a shirt and oblivious to the eyes staring at his chiseled body. “Your face is flushed. You should lay back down.”

Why does my dad have to be one of the sexiest men on the planet? “It's just exhaustion. I've been staying up late to finish my homework and getting up early for training since the new term started. I want to be prepared for my internship with whichever hero picks me.” Hiroki isn't completely lying but he isn't telling the whole truth. How could he admit he was watching his parents have sex?

“Get some sleep then. One of us will check on you later, try not to overdo it like your mom does.” Shouto shakes his head and kisses the top of Hiroki's head, shutting the door behind him quietly while leaving the room.

Hiroki releases a breath he didn't notice he had been holding and covers his face with a pillow, groaning into it. He hopes he isn't the only one out of his siblings that think their parents are walking sex gods.

I don't want to be the only pervert…

Hana lets out a sigh of relief when she returns home with the triplets and her scarlet eyes instantly land on Katsuki shirtless in their backyard pool. She bites her lip and quickly runs to her room in order to put on the black bikini she received for her birthday last year. Hana has always thought her father is a gorgeous man and she takes every opportunity to use her daddy's girl card to get close to Katsuki.

“Mind if I join you, Daddy?” Hana asks innocently as she sits on the edge of the pool so her legs are next to her father's broad shoulders, sliding into the cool water after receiving a nod. “Grandma Mitsuki has too much energy for shopping.”

Katsuki snorts at that and wraps an arm around Hana's shoulders, clearly happy to have his princess back home. “She's always been like that. The old hag never changes, so what did she buy you?”

“A few sundresses, some shorts, and Ground Zero leggings~” Hana giggles at the slight blush on Katsuki's face and hugs him around the torso, wanting to touch his muscles even more but stopping herself so she doesn't get in trouble. Daddy is so perfect… but I shouldn't be lusting after my own dad.

“Hopefully that shit isn't too short. No one needs to drool over my little girl.” Katsuki can't help the protective growl that escapes, hating that his mother always gets revealing clothes for his only daughter. “I want to see everything later.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Hana hums and leans her head on his shoulder, biting her lip in excitement when Katsuki's muscular arms hug her close to his chest. “I'll always be your little girl no matter how old I get.”

“Damn right.” Katsuki grins and kisses the top of Hana's curly green hair, feeling content and still in disbelief that he started this happy family with Izuku and Shouto.

“There's the princess.” Shouto says softly and steps into the pool as well, joining in on the hug and effectively squishing Hana between him and Katsuki but not too much. “At least Hana isn't working herself to exhaustion.”

“That's because I'm the best and I'm going to be the next omega to be the number one hero, Papa!” Hana exclaims, pride swelling when Katsuki laughs and adds a “fuck yeah!” right after her declaration. “No one is going to stand in my fucking way!”

“That's my girl!” Katsuki grins while Shouto can't help but laughing.

“Kacchan stop swearing in front of our babies!” Izuku shouts from the kitchen and pouts cutely at his ash blonde alpha.

“She's going to be 16, it's fucking fine!!” Katsuki yells back and snickers at the whine he receives in response, returning his attention to Hana and Shouto. “Hana is going to be number one after Deku retires.”

Daddy and Papa are too sexy. I'm going to end up touching myself later. Hana thinks to herself and blushes as she leans back on Shouto, trying not to shudder from the muscles against her on all sides.

Hopefully Hiro understands…

Chapter Text

Steam shortly clouds the shower while the water washes the sweat away from her late night activities, this feels heavenly. Though she's washing away her twin's scent and both of her fathers’ scents off her skin, Hana still feels the heat from their warmth all over her despite only hugging and having her hair played with yesterday. Her hand slides down her perfect figure, moving between her soft thighs when she suddenly thinks about her dream of Hiroki making love to her. Hana bites her lower lip gently while she caresses her sensitive clit with her fingers in slow circles.

Soft whimpers escape past her lips as her pace quickens, letting her slick drip onto the shower floor and the bathroom is quickly being filled with her honey scent. The greenette shuts her eyes and covers her mouth with her free hand to stifle a moan, carefully sliding two fingers past her dripping outer lips and past her soaked entrance. Hana can't help imagining her twin brother making love to her right now instead of solely in her dreams.

"Mm… I-I need you…" Hana mewls into her hand as her body twitches, squeezing her eyes shut as she rides out her orgasm and panting vigorously while gradually coming down from her high.

I'm in too deep… this is so wrong. She sighs to herself and wraps a towel around herself once she steps out of the shower, not seeing the wet spot that she made while shutting off the water and slipping right on it. The world seems to rush by in a blur and all Hana knows the pain is coming to her. It goes by fast, yet slow, almost suspended. Then there's a throbbing pain in her head, but she forces her eyes to stay open in case she has a concussion.

“Hana-chan!?” Izuku's panicked voice is the last thing Hana is able to register before she wearily sees blood on the bathroom floor next to her head. “Don't close your eyes, okay? I got you, princess.”

“Mommy… i-it hurts.” Hana whimpers as she feels Izuku wrap a towel around her head to slow down the bleeding, holding onto him after she gets slipped onto a robe. “I want to sleep…”

“Not yet, Hana-chan. Stay awake for me please.” Izuku pleads as he carries Hana out if the bathroom quickly and carefully. “Kacchan! Shoucchan! Hana-chan slipped in the shower and her head is bleeding!! Meet me at the hospital!!”

Hana manages to hold on as tight as she can while she barely sees green lightning flickering as her mother activates One for All. She tries to focus on staying awake, but she can't hear the desperate pleas coming from Izuku by the time they reach the hospital. Her big ruby eyes flutter shut the second her back hits the gurney that gets rushed to them.

It hurts...

“Hana-chan…” Izuku whimpers as he paces in the waiting area with his daughter's blood on him from doing immediate first aid before rushing her here. “P-Please be okay…”

“Deku!!” Katsuki's voice reaches the distressed omega but Izuku doesn't stop pacing until he's pulled into a tight embrace by Katsuki. “What the fuck? Is she okay!?”

“I-I don't know. I w-was bringing her clothes because she left them in her room. I-I was just putting her laundry in her room then I h-heard a loud bang and a whimper so I rushed into the bathroom. Kacchan, her head was bleeding. I was terrified.” Izuku shakily explains before bursting into tears, burying his face into his mate's chest and feeling five extra sets of arms being wrapped around him as he's hysterical.

“Hana will be okay. She's strong like you and Papa.” Hiroki says softly and places a kiss to his mother's shoulder, glancing at Shouto and Katsuki kissing Izuku's fluffy hair.

“Yeah! Onee-chan is going to be number one so she'll be okay!” Rin grins up at his parents and older brother happily. “Even Onii-chan won't be able to stop her!”

Ren nods silently and holds onto Izuku’s waist, smiling softly at the gentle hand in his hair and he doesn't need to look to know it's Shouto. “Onee-chan is the best. She'll be okay.”

“SHOUTO?! It really is you!!” The voice that approaches them visibly makes Shouto cringe and it pulls a sigh out of him.

“What do you want, Yoarashi? My daughter is in the emergency room, I have enough to deal with…” Shouto says, feeling exasperated by Inasa's shouting but a little distraction wouldn't hurt. “I'm sorry for snapping at you. I'm just worried.”

“It's no problem at all! I was coming to visiting an old friend who's in a coma. I hope your daughter is alright, I hate hearing about the future generation of heroes getting hurt.” Inasa says honestly before his eyes are on the green haired version of his first love, whom he lost. “Is this your son?”

“This is Hiroki, he's my first born son.” Shouto says and rests a hand on Hiroki's shoulder, smiling softly but very fondly.

A strange feeling suddenly hits Hiroki like a bus when his eyes meet Inasa's. It’s stretching throughout his whole body. It’s overwhelming, yet makes Hiroki feel more complete than he ever has before. It has no bound nor length nor depth; it’s just absolute. It feels as though Hiroki is walking into a dangerous fire, yet he feels completely safe at the same time. It feels as though someone is making him feel more alive than Hana has. His heart is dancing around his chest. There's a hole inside that Hiroki was never aware was there and the hole has suddenly been filled. Hiroki feels so light after their eyes meet as if he's on top of the world. But his heart is constricting and the oxygen is being yanked from his lungs.

“H-Hello.” Hiroki sputters and hurries after Izuku when the doctor says Hana is recovering in a room, wanting to get away before his heart beats out of his chest.

W-What's this sense of longing in my chest? It's different from the desire I feel for Hana…

Chapter Text

What is this feeling? Is this boy my fated mate?

Inasa feels his pulse racing when his eyes meet the heterochromatic ones that mirror his fellow hero's eyes. He and Shouto have finally gotten onto speaking terms and all of that is going to be crushed the instant Shouto puts two and two together. How could he be destined with someone not only half his age as well as an alpha? It's taboo, but Inasa wants to court this young boy properly. However, his head is making him fight his instincts in fear of losing his new friend.

“You must be Shouto's son. I'm Yoarashi Inasa, it's a pleasure to meet you!” Inasa introduces himself in his usual loud, bright tone. Though there is desire in his eyes which is why he's avoiding Shouto's and Izuku's eyes the most at this moment.

“I-I'm Hiroki.” Hiroki stammers, feeling his face heat up as he blushes faintly while trying to keep his quirk from running rampant. “It's nice to meet you, too, Yoarashi-san.”

“Here is my business card. I hope you intern at Wings Agency, I would be honored to be your mentor.” Inasa grins and quickly digs out his business card from his wallet, handing it to the young man and fighting back the pleasant shiver that just ran down his spine which confirms that Hiroki is his fated mate. “Hopefully I will see you again soon, Hiroki!”

The young alpha can only nod in his flustered embarrassment, quickly putting the business card away before joining his family to see how Hana is doing. Hiroki knows he should be more concerned about his twin but his thoughts keep wandering to the muscles that are hiding underneath Inasa's costume. He hopes to be able to touch them one day, but he sighs to bring himself back to reality.

“Hana-chan, how are you feeling?” Izuku asks worriedly, sitting on Shouto's lap so he can be closer to his baby girl. Though he knows Shouto sat first so Izuku would have to sit on him.

“I'm okay, Mom. I can't believe I slipped getting out of the shower… I can't be number one if I'm in the hospital.” Hana pouts and averts her eyes when her eyes meet with Hiroki, suddenly feeling abandoned. Twin telepathy maybe a myth for most people, but she can tell that she's about to be dropped for the sake of Hiroki's fated mate. It was only a matter of time, right?

“I'm glad you're okay, Hana.” Hiroki says softly and carefully tucks a green curl behind her ear, making sure not to touch any bandages or the wound itself. I'm sorry.

Hana grips the sheets so tightly despite the fact that her palms are sore and burned. Her nails are digging deep into her skin to give herself a better grasp, to give herself one last hope that this won't break her heart more than it already is. A tear rolls down her cheek, but she quickly wipes it away before her parents and brothers see.

“Princess, are you in pain? I'll get a shitty fucking nurse.” Katsuki grumbles, hiding his worry around his children but he can't hide it from his mates as he stomps out of the room in search of a nurse.

“I'm glad Kacchan is handling this better than me.” Izuku whispers to Shouto and runs his fingers through his hair, relaxing slightly at the hand rubbing soothing circles onto his back.

As soon as he feels tears forming again, Izuku looks up when he feels Rin, Ran, and Ren hugging his legs and laying their heads on his lap without bumping into each other. It's always heartwarming when Izuku has all of his children surrounding him. He almost wishes they would stay young forever like his mom used to wish that with him. I love them so much.

“Where is my precious goddaughter?! Katsuki said she was in the ER.” Eijirou's voice echoes in the hallway before he reaches the correct room with Hanta, Denki, Melody, and Aki trailing behind him. “Hana, are you okay?”

“I'm fine, Uncle Eiji. Just a slip and fall, I only have a few stitches.” Hana smiles reassuringly, hiding her heartbreak when she sees Hiroki leaving the hospital room and wondering where her twin is going.

As Hiroki walks outside the hospital, he can't help but let his mind wander back to Inasa. Under the summer sun he feels the warmth of those brilliant rays, of light granting the world its new vibrant colors, softly brushing smiles upon faces and hearts. Hiroki wonders what it would be like to travel with Inasa across the country, maybe even across the world for a vacation. He wants to experience the older man's touch, curious if it will be gentle or a little rough.

I'm going to make him my mentor so I can see him without interference. Hiroki thinks to himself before turning his head when he feels a hand on his shoulder. “Uncle Hanta?”

“You look more troubled than Denki did during our math tests in UA. What's on your mind?” Hanta asks and tilts his head curiously. He was the best choice to follow Hiroki because he can remain calm and not scare off the young boy.

“I just met my fated mate and he's old enough to be my father. It doesn't help that he's a pro hero, too, and he's dad's friend… I-I don't know what to do.” Hiroki explains after a moment of hesitation and sighs softly, looking up at the sky again. “I can't explain it, but I actually want to be with him.”

“Well I'm a beta so I can't help you with the fated mate side of things, but I'm saying is follow your heart. Your parents are the best people I've met besides my husbands and mates, but you're almost a man. You need to learn to make your own decisions within reason.” Hanta says with a sincerity in his tone that is almost rare outside his laid back demeanor. “Use protection in the future.”

P-Protection!? “I-I d-don't want to have sex yet…” Hiroki sputters and blushes up to his ears. He hasn't even got that far with Hana, the furthest they've gotten was oral and that was enough for the moment.

What am I going to do?

Inasa is known for facing things head on with an enthusiasm that compares to none. He's a fearless hero who saves thousand without breaking a sweat. And yet he is faced with the most difficult and complicated situation in his life. The cons outweigh the pros in this predicament, and for once Inasa doesn't know how to handle an issue. Yes, he's finally found his fated mate, but his fated mate is a teenage alpha.

Alpha/alpha relationships without an omega or beta are often frowned upon as well as omega/omega relationships without an alpha or beta because they're considered taboo. Inasa knows the repercussions will be bad if he did form some sort of relationship outside mentor/mentee, but his instincts are screaming at him to dominate and breed Hiroki despite the teen's secondary gender.

“Ugh, I don't know what to do!!” Inasa shouts in his empty apartment and sits on his couch with a huff, not bothering to get dressed after taking a hot shower. “He's too young… I'll have to court him properly when he's 18.”

“Yoarashi-san? Can I touch you please?”

All the oxygen is being yanked from Inasa's lungs and he isn't using his quirk to do it. Is he really fantasizing about the son of his friend sucking him off? Inasa can't push away the thoughts, so he decides to take care of himself in order to prevent him from losing control. The picture of Hiroki giving his cock kitten licks that give away his inexperience makes Inasa's cock twitch under the towel across his lap.

“I-Is this okay, Yoarashi-san? I've never done this before…”

“Oh god… I must be a pervert.” Inasa groans to himself and looks down at the tent under the towel, quickly throwing the fabric aside and hissing as his cock is exposed to the cool air.

First he wraps a large hand around his sudden erection after licking his palm for lubrication and starts out with a few languid strokes, actually letting out a breathy moan which escapes his lips. As he picks up the pace, it's becoming harder and harder to focus on anything besides his imagination of Hiroki between his legs trying his best to take Inasa's large shaft into his mouth.

There's suddenly a hot sticky mess on Inasa's hand and lap after the pro hero pictures Hiroki straddling him, begging to take the older alpha’s cock inside him. He feels beyond disgusted with himself for having such a fantasy, but he just silently cleans himself up a second time.

What is wrong with me?

Chapter Text

Strolling through large beautiful trees, their branches so bare that she could have counted the leaves on each and every one as she passes by. The trees are skirted by pools of autumn gold and rust coloured leaves. When the wind blows, the pools look animated. Leaves take to the air in an elegant dance, pirouetting around the tree trunks to their own melody. When the wind calms, the dance ends and the leaves land to form new pools that look identical to the ones they were previously in before they started to frolic.

Hana inhales the chill, crisp air before falling backwards and landing on a pile of leaves. Crimson red eyes close as leaves flutter around before landing in random destinations. It's been exactly three months since she was in the hospital and two months since she witnessed how terrifying Shouto was when it came to protecting Hiroki.

“You want to do WHAT to my son,Yoarashi? Do you honestly think I'm going to allow you to court MY SON ?!”

Everyone knew Shouto doesn't raise his voice often or even get so angry that it made Katsuki appear calm. His blood was boiling to the point where steam was erupting due to the heat and coldness of his quirk coinciding and colliding the more his anger rose. Shouto wasn't known to snap or lash out on others, but he was livid when Inasa showed up at his home with flowers which is the first courting gift an alpha would give a person they were pursuing.

Hana winced in fear from her spot on the sofa as she watched the confrontation take place by the front door. She was terrified of the tense atmosphere, but she was also Katsuki’s daughter so she took matters into her own hands before Shouto's temper completely snapped.

Inasa saw it coming, but it still caught him off guard. He felt a foot making contact with his crotch, feeling that very foot smash his entrails together like a rogue freight train. He felt blood vessels burst and his body collapse under the force the kick packed behind it. Inasa never would have imagined a sweet girl like Hana would be capable of that amount of force, but he won't underestimate her ever again until the day he dies.

His breath instantly left him for dead as he doubled over. The wind hero's knees buckled from the force of the blow, and as he started to go down, he could swear he hears a cracking noise resonating through his pelvis. Fire ran through every fiber of his groin, and he tasted pain and adrenaline.

“Stay the fuck away from my brother!! You fucking pervert!!” Hana yelled venomously before stomping over to Katsuki in the kitchen who was watching in complete shock and awe. She turned back around to lay down one final warning with an expression that even had Katsuki mentally praying for the other hero's safety while being extremely proud of his princess. “If you ever go near him again, I'll blow your fucking balls off!! I don't give a shit if you're a pro hero, Gale!”

Despite being much more terrifying than Shouto, Hana was still pretty afraid of how he reacted. She's never seen him lash out like that, not even at Enji that she's aware of. The thoughts of Inasa even breathing in the same space as Hiroki makes Hana's blood boil in the worst ways, but if Hiroki interns under the older alpha, she's going to strangle her twin.

“Hiro is such an idiot sometimes.” Hana grumbles to herself as she stops at her destination, UA Elementary. “Time to pick up the boys.”

“Onee-chan came.” Ren's soft spoken catches her attention first since he came running before his brothers did, hugging Hana's waist with a smile on his face that's hidden against his sister's uniform. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too, Ren. I wanted to surprise you guys.” Hana smiles brightly and crouches down to hug Ren tightly, giggling when Rin and Ran run into her arms as well and hugging all three triplets close to her. “My baby brothers are so cute~ let's go surprise our parents at work.”

“I want to show Mama the A+ I got on my test today!” Ran exclaims eagerly with a wide grin, holding Ren's other hand since Ren is holding Hana's hand.

“I hit a kid in the face with a dodgeball in gym class and didn't get in trouble.” Rin huffs triumphantly and holds his sister's other hand, not caring about how old the three of them are. They just love their older sister and don't want to get separated. “But I beat up a different kid with Ran for teasing Ren about being quirkless.”

“Good. Nobody is allowed to mess with my baby brothers.” Hana says firmly and smiles at how Ren blushes at that, fully aware he's not good with compliments like Izuku and she thinks it's adorable.

Plus Ultra Agency is the hero agency Izuku, Shouto, and Katsuki opened together after becoming the top three heroes. All of their friends work for them and they're in the process of hiring some sidekicks as well as looking into taking in interns. Unlike Hiroki, Hana applied to be an intern at their parents’ agency as soon as the opportunity arose and she's eager to start if a pro hero wants to be her mentor. When Hana and the triplets step inside the massive building, their favorite redhead just happens to be walking by with a different pro hero.

“Uncle Eiji!!” All four of them shout unanimously with bright smiles on their faces and hurry over to Eijirou, completely ignoring the receptionist trying to tell them not to yell in the building and to not run.

“Hey you guys!!” Eijirou grins brightly brightly, crouching down to catch all three triplets and hugging them tightly before lifting Hana up as he nearly squeezes the life out of his goddaughter. “Hana, stop getting so beautiful. Everyone is going to beat up anyone who tries to court you.”

“Daddy already glares at everyone who even looks at me when we're in public.” Hana laughs a little breathlessly, but hugs Eijirou back as tightly as he can. “Can you take us to their office? Mama didn't give us the passcode for the elevator.”

“Sure, I was heading up there anyway. I have to turn in my report.” Eijirou says sweetly and lowers Hana to the floor only to hold her up piggyback style this time, ushering Rin, Ren, and Ran into the elevator first.

It's difficult keeping not one, not two, but three nine-year old boys quiet, but somehow Eijirou and Hana somehow keep the triplets quiet long enough for them to surprise Katsuki, Shouto, and Izuku. Hana sneaks over to Katsuki once she's on the floor again and nonchalantly sits on his lap while he types up a few documents, giggling a little when he doesn't flinch and just moves his arms around her while the alpha focuses. Normally Izuku just climbs onto Katsuki's lap so Katsuki used to the added weight.

However Hana doesn't weigh nearly as much as Izuku which definitely makes Katsuki stop working briefly to hug his daughter tightly. “How did you guys get in here?”

“Uncle Eiji.” Ren responds quietly while holding onto Shouto, smiling as he's being held up by his father while Izuku scoops Rin and Ran into his arms.

“I wonder where Hiro-chan is. He was supposed to go with Hana-chan to pick up the boys.” Izuku pouts a little after smooching both of Rin and Ran's cheeks affectionately, unable to keep pouting when they kiss his cheeks in return. “My babies are so cute~”

“Hiro ditched me for some reason. He wouldn't tell me.” Hana puffs out her cheeks as she pouts and it results in Katsuki kissing her cheek until she stops pouting like he's done since she first started pouting at two years old.

“Deku, all our kids are fucking cute like you.” Katsuki points out matter of factly and Shouto nods in agreement. “I swear to god if Hiroki is trying to be with that windy fucker, someone is going to die.”

Izuku is clearly concerned about that, but his expression gives him away rather than his words for once. Even as he swaps Rin and Ran for Ren and smiles while Shouto hugs the two little blondes close to him, his maternal instinct meter is going through the roof. In the back of Izuku's mind, he truly thinks Hiroki is accepting Inasa's courting gifts and he fears for the both of them, especially if Katsuki, Hana, and Shouto find out.

Hiro-chan, I hope you're not doing anything stupid.

It's hard to decipher whether or not Izuku is simply being paranoid and a doting mother, but Hana can easily see the number one hero’s concern. Hiroki is the oldest out of all five of them, so she can sympathize the worry her mother feels. Despite what they have done and the fact that her twin loves an older man, Hana still loves Hiroki as her brother. However times like this she wants to strangle her handsome twin as well as the pro hero lusting after him.

You're an idiot.

Inasa looks up from his desk in Plus Agency at the sound of his pro hero name, feeling the universe is testing his self control deeply. Before his very eyes is Hiroki and Inasa has to hide his growing erection as he secretly looks over Hiroki's skin tight costume, loving how it clings to the young alpha's frame.

“Yoarashi-san, I want to be your intern.”

Chapter Text

"Yoarashi-san, I want to be your intern."

Inasa has to do a double take as Hiroki's words seep into his mind. Having his fated mate as his intern is a double-edged sword the pro hero is an opportunity he is willing to gamble for. Inasa is well aware that falling in love with his friend's son is wrong, but the way this young boy makes his heart race just feels so right. I must be a pervert…

"Alright, Hiroki. I'll sign the form you need to hand in to UA then you start tomorrow after school. Make sure you let your parents know your passion is at my agency!" Inasa exclaims, keeping a professional mask on so he doesn't succumb to his instincts and fuck Hiroki on his desk right now. When the pro notices how red his last sentence made Hiroki, his face heats up right after at the inappropriateness of his words. "I-I didn't mean anything lecherous, I swear!"

Hiroki sputters in his embarrassment and simply hands over the permission slip that will allow him to work as Inasa's intern. Once the form is back in his possession, Hiroki bows politely and begins scurrying out of the office before he just lets the older man bend him over that sturdy mahogany desk. A sigh escapes his lips as Hiroki stands outside the agency and glances around to keep an eye out for his parents or worse, his sister, not wanting to be seen by Inasa's agency after being told to stay away.

"Mama's going to kill you when he finds out." Hana's voice drains the color from Hiroki's face and he doesn't have enough time to react before Hana has him in her grasp. "Papa too."

"Don't tell them… please. I really want to get closer to Yoarashi-san somehow. We were destined for each other, I just know it." Hiroki pleads softly, returning the hug after feeling his sister shifting before she hugs him around the neck. "I'll carry you home."

"Hiro, you-- eek!" Hana squeaks when she's suddenly lifted off the ground by her thighs and just latches onto her stubborn twin, knowing Hiroki won't put her down and for the first time she's glad she wore leggings when she went to hang out with Aki earlier.

Hiroki, I love you, but you're an idiot.

"It's strange having the house to ourselves." Izuku says with a hum, stretching his arms above his head before wrapping them around Katsuki's torso. He loves their children to pieces, but he's horny because Katsuki and Shouto haven't touched him in a while due to their children needing one of them. 

"Before we know it, they'll be looking to move the fuck out." Katsuki snorts before laughing at the pout he receives in return. However he's dreading the day Hana will want to move out because she's his princess so he doesn't want her or any of the kids to leave. 

"You're not allowed to make Bunny cry unless it's from pleasure." Shouto says smoothly out of nowhere and wraps his arms around Izuku from behind, leaning over his head to kiss Katsuki's lips before leaning down to kiss Izuku.

Izuku suddenly shuts his eyes and leans back onto Shouto's chest. A happy sigh escapes when noses nuzzle against his scent glands on both sides of his neck. Inhaling his mates’ strong scents will always makes Izuku feel euphoric whenever they're close to him more despite being together for so long. Shouto and Katsuki still love their omega’s warm, sweet scent to this very day, and that won't change even after death.

A blush creeps up on Izuku when he feels two sets of lips on his on his neck. They move in sync as well as in tandem. This will permanently strike Izuku as both surprising and awfully natural, not at all unlike the way they move on the battlefield. Shouto has always been very calculated and deliberate. Katsuki has always been purely determined with precision and impulse.

These are the same two clashing methods and so his body will always torn between two sensations over the years. Feather-light touches from Shouto’s fingers skim over his lower lip and the measured mold of his mouth along the underside of Izuku’s jawline. Then there are quick, wet pecs Katsuki peppers at random across his exposed collarbone that reducing their omega into a puddle.

"Mm, w-we should take this to our room in case the kids randomly show up." Izuku mutters and squeaks when he's suddenly lifted off the floor. He should be used to Katsuki and Shouto manhandling him, but it always catches him off guard. "I can walk, you know…"

"Shut the fuck up or I'll drop you, Deku. Deal with us carrying you." Katsuki huffs without any venom in his tone, but he's completely serious since he and Shouto want to carry Izuku around until they can't anymore.

"Now how do you want to do this, Izuku?" Shouto asks smoothly and peppers Izuku's cheeks and neck with kisses, loving the needy whines he gets. 

"I want Shoucchan inside me… a-and Kacchan inside Shoucchan…" Izuku says after carefully thinking it over and pulls off his clothes, spreading his legs to his alphas so he can show them the slick starting to leak out. 

His blush is nothing compared to the pure desire in both of his mates' eyes. Izuku somehow knows just what to say to bring out the beasts in Katsuki and Shouto without batting an eye. So when Katsuki speaks, no growls , lowly into Shouto's ear, both Shouto and Izuku moan softly from the pure dominance. 

"You heard him, Shouto. Fuck him ." 

No one can say no to him.

Hiroki is a quiet alpha. He doesn't bend the rules too often nor does he disobey his parents. This time is an exception however. Despite all the warnings and threats not to go near Inasa again, Hiroki finds himself sneaking out in the middle of the night. The gentle breathing and soft snores coming from Hana's room, the loud snoring and grumbles from Rin, Ren, and Ran's room, and the in sync breathing from Izuku, Shouto, and Katsuki's room is the sign that Hiroki has been waiting for. 

A quiet ice slide begins to form from Hiroki's window while the young alpha creates it. He would have made stairs but his footsteps would have woken the lightest sleeper in the house, aka Katsuki. Don't worry, Dad, Mom, Papa. I'll be back in the morning. The walk to Inasa's apartment complex is a brisk one due to Hiroki's fast pace. He doesn't have a number to call so the greenette just arrives and knocks on the only door with Inasa's surname on it. 

I hope I'm not waking him…

Slowly and reluctantly, Inasa uncovers his face at the sound of knocking. He blinks, closes his eyes, and blinks again. Inasa eventually sits up, dragging his feet off the bed. The alpha stretches his arms above his head with a yawn before heading to the door. He was on the verge of falling asleep so Inasa prays whoever's at the door at this house better be dying and in need of rescuing.

"H-Hiroki!?" Inasa's jaw drops at the sight of his fated mate standing at the door nervous and flustered, immediately letting the teen inside without hesitation and locking the door. "What are you doing here? Your parents are going to kill someone, mostly me."

"Y-Yoarashi-san, I don't know why but I had to see you again… please don't make me go home yet." Hiroki reddens as he explains, expecting to be sent home nonetheless but not expecting to be pulled into a tight embrace. "Yoarashi-san?"

"Promise me that you'll call your family first thing in the morning and you can stay." Inasa murmurs against Hiroki's hair before scooping the young man up once he gets a response. 

What am I doing?

Hiroki wraps his arms around Inasa's neck when he's off the floor and smiles faintly at the alpha. He's never experienced this sorta of pounding in his chest before, it's much better than the short term crush on his sister. Hiroki eventually cups both of Inasa's cheeks before pressing their lips together tenderly, hoping that the older man won't reject him.

When Inasa returns the kiss, it sends shivers down Hiroki's spine. It's a dream come true as Inasa's tongue slips past his eagerly parting lips. A whirlwind of desire and passion begin swirling inside both of their stomachs, especially once Hiroki is being laid on the bed. This passion goes deeper than the young alpha has ever dreamed of and Hiroki wonders if this is how his parents feel about each other.

"Yoarashi-san… I-I want you so badly. Please t-touch me…" Hiroki exhales softly and shakily pulls off his clothes, spreading his legs like he had seen Izuku do once and blushing up to his ears at how embarrassing the position is. "Please…"

It's difficult for Inasa to resist such pleading eyes and an erotic display. How can he refuse his fated mate anything? Inasa knows he can't go all the way because he doesn't want to hurt Hiroki in any way shape or form, at least not until the young man is a little older. 

"You're really cute, aren't you? There are plenty of other ways to make someone feel good. Can I show you?" Inasa whispers and hovers over Hiroki with a handsome smirk.

Hiroki stares dumbly and nods quickly, experimentally caressing up his fated mate's chiseled abs and broad abs. "I want to make you feel good too."

"You can give it a shot after I make you feel my scorching passion!" Inasa exclaims and presses a chaste kiss to Hiroki's neck, taking extra caution not to leave a hickey though he wants to stake his claim. "I have one request. Say my name."


Inasa slowly lowers his face after that while spreading Hiroki's ass cheeks and presses his tongue flatly against the other alpha's rim just as he listens to the surprised gasp that reaches him. Hiroki's innocence is something Inasa doesn't want to taint, but how can he resist when his fated mate is presenting himself like he's on a silver platter. 

The noises he's pulling out of Hiroki will never grow old and Inasa wants to be addicted to those sounds beyond belief. He savors the shiver he gets and slides his tongue inside, happily pulling moans out of his companion and thrusting his tongue in and out of the usually quiet Hiroki. All this pleasure is different on a level and it's beginning to get overwhelming for the greenette, but he doesn't want it to stop.

Inasa hasn't even touched his cock yet.

Tears start forming in Hiroki's eyes as he feels Inasa alternate between thrusting that sinful tongue and sucking on his rim. He's so desperate for release, but when his orgasm hits, Hiroki feels his mind shut off as he sees white. Hiroki throws his head back against the pillows with a loud cry and grips the back of Inasa's head, trying to push the older man deeper as he shoots strings of cum onto his stomach and some even lands on his sternum.

"Wow, you really are beautiful, Hiroki." Inasa praises softly which earns him a pleased noise from the teen he just ate out like he would his last meal before death.

"T-That was so good… Inasa-san. I-I never felt so good like that before." Hiroki sheepishly admits and sits up, gently kissing Inasa's lips and not minding that he can taste himself all that much.

I swear this kid will be the death of me. Inasa thinks and gives Hiroki one of his shirts to wear once they hear a knock at the door. The older alpha dumbly goes to answer the door with only boxers and an obvious boner, oblivious to Hiroki trailing behind him until he opens the door to a furious/concerned Izuku.

"Hiroki!? Why are you here?!" Izuku gasps softly and frowns, letting his tone get serious. "Go get dressed now ."

"B-But Mom… w-we didn't go all the way. I promise…" Hiroki tries to plead with his mother so the omega doesn't kill Inasa, but he doesn't want to make Izuku angrier so he scurries to get his clothes. 

"D-Deku, please listen. He came here of his own free will and-" Inasa also tries to offer reassurance but is only met with a hard punch in the stomach.

"I already warned you. Stay away from my son !!"