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What Makes A Hero?

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He could not believe that he was getting an opportunity like this. He had thought that it had been truly ripped away from him. 

But he had been trained extensively. Both Ectoplasm and the Battle Hero Gunhead had trained him extensively in combat. It was tiring and he had been able to fine tune his Quirk even more. Both of them had mentioned that it was a shame that he had gone down the path he did. Potential wasted. How he could have easily stood amongst the ranks of the Top 10 Pro Heroes. 

It was his own fault though. He knows that know. Twas hubris that brought me down that path. I had not acted like a true hero. 

"This almost seems like a dream, doesn't it, Gentle?" La Brava had said in awe, as she stared at the a large five-story building in front of them. The Nighteye Agency. 

The agency had been recommended to him. To truly be on the path of being a hero. 

"Yes, yes it does, La Brava."

As they both came into the building, he saw a tall, thin man with a face of a centipede wearing a black tuxedo and a scarf resembling a centipede wrapped around his neck. A fairly slim young woman with light blue skin and short, choppy blue-green hair and yellow eyes. And a muscular young man with his blond hair arranged in a cowlick and scars on his arms. The young blond-haired man approached them both.

"Howdy! I'm Togata Mirio. It's nice to meet you!"

"I am Tobita Danjuro. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"My name's Aiba Manami"

The young blonde man looked even more ecstatic. A smile plastered on his face, shining as bright as the sun itself. 

"The ever infamous Gentle. I've seen your videos once or twice. It's pretty cool that you're here. I do need to refresh myself, given I just got my Quirk back!" Togata said with a laugh. Got his Quirk back? Whatever did he mean by that?

"Gentle, I just want to say that I lov - "

"No, Nami-chan. I intend to face off against this young man with my own full power. But I do love you nonetheless for your attempt to assist me."

"Ooooohhh!! That's so sweeet!!" The blue-green haired girl had squealed out in such happiness and adoration.

Right now. this was the beginning to everything. The start of the Gentle Hero. Togata had entered a fighting stance and he had quickly followed him. 

"Ya ready, Gentle-san? Then LEEEEETT'SSSS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

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Hero. He was in the hero course now. I got in. i actually got in!

"Shinso-kun! Hey! Congrats, man!" said the electric kid. What was his name again? Kalamari?

"Yeah. Uh, thanks." 

It was too bad that he wasn't in Class 1-A. Surely enough, I'd get some more hands-on training and experience with Aizawa-sensei. And they're not that bad for the most part. 

"You're probably gonna have to catch up, but you've got pretty good grades to transfer on over, right?"

Where was he going with this? I know how the process works. " ... Yeah?"

"Buuuuut! Every great hero needs to start with the smallest step. Decide on your hero name yet?"

A hero name? Damn, Sparky has a point. But I always pushed that back. it seemed a bit too trivial. Something I could do easy. But nothing had come to mind. 

"Actually, I ... "

"No sweat, let a pro in the making like me help you out, Shinso!" Sparky said with a smile. "Let's see. Your Quirk Brainwashing pretty much let's you control anyone you want. You don't really need anything too flashy or over-the-top. How about ... All-Mind?!!! Huh?! Sounds pretty awesome, right?"

It wasn't ... that bad. Catchy, actually. But seemed a bit too ... derivative. "I'm gonna have to pass on that one."

"Alright then. Hmmm. This is kinda tricky. How aaaaabbbooooouut ... MINDMELD??"

Mindmeld? It was certainly more original. But it makes me sound creepy. Like I've got some conjoined twin or something around me. 


"Seriously, dude?! You're making this really hard for me, y'know. Not to mention, your Quirk is super powerful. You can practically hack into their heads with ease and .... Wait a minute. Headhack? Mindhack? No, it's on the nose. Practically at the tip of my tongue ..."

Does this guy ever stay quiet?

"Heeeeeyyy!! I've got it! The Psych Hero: Mindjack!!"

Mindjack? What kind of name is Mindjack? Why is he putting this crap on ... Hold on a minute. Mindjack. Mindjack. Mindjack. 

"Eh, not bad. Definitely better than the other ones."

"What are ya talking about? All-Mind is definitely a cool hero name. That was one of my favorites!!"

"Then I'll keep it in reserve if it makes you feel better. How's that?" he said with a grin. 

"I guess that's okay. But now that I've done this for you, I sorta need to ask a favor. If you could help me out with it that is."

So, that's why he did all this. Wonder what the favor could be? Well, he did help me a bit. 

"Fine. What is it?"

"Ya think you could help me out with Shiozaki-chan? Nothing evil, just ... talk me up. Help make me sound interesting enough that she'd want to go out sometime?"

A date? I wonder why he didn't ask me to just ask her to ask him out? 

"Ughh. Do it yourself, Sparky."

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He couldn't believe it. He honest to goodness couldn't believe it. Shiozaki-chan actually said yes. She actually agreed to go out with me! She said yes!!

OK. You gotta be cool. I still can't believe that she said yes. She totally said yes! Alright then, what to do. What to do? OK. Looking good.

Where should I take her? I did promise to take her out to eat. Aww, damnit! I should've asked her where she would have liked to go to. Or what she likes to eat. I got so damn swept up in it that I must have activated my Quirk against myself or something. My brain must have short-circuited to have forgotten that. Well, I gotta improvise. That's where I shine! 

Look out, Shiozaki-chan, Kaminari Denki is on his way!!

It was strange. Far too strange. 

Normally, she would not so easily agree to such a thing. It seemed rather trivial and sinful, but Kendo-san had mentioned that it could be fun. And Tokage-san had all but goaded her into accepting his offer to take he out. And Kaminari-kun does seem like a rather amiable fellow. If a bit prone to acting like an imbecile. He does not seem to be that kind of person; unlike his purple-haired friend Mineta. 

Kaminari-kun had asked her to meet by the park. She had not been on a date, and wondered just what would happen. What would we do? What would I do? What should I do?

"Heyyy!! Shiozaki-chan!!"

Kaminari-san. His hair was a little more neater than before; the streak of black in it a bit more noticeable. He's also wearing an open black jacket with lightning patterns, a white shirt underneath, a belt with a lightning-shaped belt buckle, and black pants with one stripe running down each leg. He certainly looked handsome; even if it looked like he was just wearing his hero costume without most of his gear. She felt a bit embarrassed with her rather plain white summer dress.

"Kaminari-kun. So, where are we going?"

"Actually, we're right where we need to be!" he said with a bright smile. It was then that she noticed he was carrying a rather large basket on his right hand. 

As he reached out with his hand, she had taken it with a certain degree of hesitance. His hands ... so kind and so warm and quite soft. 

They had both walked until they had reached a good spot. Underneath a willow tree which granted a good amount of shade. Kaminari-kun then took out a large checkered blanket from the basket and had neatly placed on the soft grass. Once that had been done, he then took out two large bento boxes. 

"I hope this wasn't presumptions of me but I do hope you like seafood, Shiozaki-chan. Both the shrimp and the flounder are fresh. I had to get up pretty early to get it ..." he said again, smiling, if not a bit awkwardly. 

Quite strange. Before, he stood proud and confident. Now, he was almost wilting away like dying plant. But soon enough, he found life in himself again. And soon enough, she had begun to talk openly with him; reserving judgement. 

Kaminari-kun loves music and is a rather decent piano player. And enjoys English Literature such as Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms. At least they had that part in common; a love of classic literature. He seemed to prefer all kinds of music, whereas she personally prefers more soothing sounds like soft and alternative rock and pop songs. To just be there and just talk for what felt like the entire day was amazing. Although, once she had noticed that the sun was beginning to set, she knew that she had to get home. Kaminari-kun then offered to walk her home to which she easily accepted. When he tried to reach for her hand, she pulled away from him. 

"Shiozaki-chan, what's wrong?"

"I-i-i-it's nothing, Kaminari-kun ..." she said nervously. He couldn't be thinking such perverse things now. Could he? No. He wasn't. But that didn't stop that feeling of nervousness. If there was one thing that was not "pure" or "dainty" it was her hands. As hard and calloused as a man's hands would be expected to be. She had learned to maintain the fluidity and strength of her Quirk by digging her hands into it and trying to remove most of the thorns. It might've strengthened her hands, and that was good for hero work, but what would Kaminari-kun think? Would he think them too mannish?

"Ok, then. I hope that this was alright with you, Shiozaki-chan."

"It was fine, Kaminari-kun. I do hope that you have a good night."

Just as she was about to go inside her home, she then felt him tugging her by the hand. Before she could say or do anything, Kaminari-kun took her by surprise by kissing the back of her hand. 

His hands were certainly softer than hers, but still as warm and kind as before. And his lips as well. 

"Please, have a good night, Shiozaki-chan."

"I-I-I ... I will, Kaminari-kun. I hope that ... you will too?"

"Maybe we can do this again?"

"I ... uh, um, ... yes. Let us try this again. Another time. ... Perhaps."

Just as he left the entrance, she felt herself giddy. Her heart could not stop pounding in such a loud and furious manner. 

Kaminari-kun ...

Man! I really pulled out the stops! I'm surprised I was able to. Shiozaki-chan is so damn cool! And beautiful. Almost like a rose. There may be thorns on it, but it still holds such a beauty to it. 

Shiozaki-chan ...

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She found herself looking at the picture. It was her favorite. For once, they had all looked like happy family. 

Maybe because in that instant, they were a happy family. As always, she had been in the middle, despite being the oldest of all of her siblings. Natsu on the left, smiling widely and brightly. Father having a strong but firm hand on Natsu's shoulder. He could never stand still. Mother was on the right with Touya, trying to smooth out his always-messy red hair. Leaning on Touya's shoulder was Shoto; who was about two or maybe three years old. 

The one thing that really stood out in the photo, aside from everyone looking happy, was Touya himself. Much like Father, Touya rarely smiled. More often than not, Touya would often scowl or frown. At times, he would have an occasional smirk or grin decorating his face. But when he smiled, it was the most beautiful and charming thing alive. And the fact that he looked at Shoto as he did, made her heart ache even more. 




He could barely call himself the sentimental type. The one thing he learned early on was not to get too attached to things. They break too easy or get lost all too easy. And he often had a habit of losing and forgetting where he put things. 

And yet, he couldn't stop staring at that photo. The photo of two boys, grinning at their own private little joke. Him and his brother Touya-nii. 

At one point, it had been their shared dream to become a heroic duo. The Fire and Ice Brothers: The Absolute Hero - Hellfrost, and the Blazing Hero - Infernal. 

Not once had they been separated, except on the days that they had been training under their father; the Flame Hero Endeavor. But he had manifested a more powerful version of their mother's Quirk; causing Endeavor to be disinterested in him immediately. Touya inherited a more powerful version of their father's Quirk, but had barely inherited a resistance to his own flames. Endeavor said it was unfortunate that he inherited their mother's "weak constitution".

That didn't stop their dream though. Even though he was the oldest, he was the smaller twin. More weedy whereas he kept growing more broader and filled out more. The both of them fighting one another in hopes to get stronger. But Touya got into more fights at school. More often than not, it was because everyone thought that Touya was easy to pick on. But Touya always fought back and harder than anyone, even though he came home with bruised lips or stinging red cheeks or swollen eyes. 

"It's no different than training with Father, Natsu."

Once he got into U.A., it was barely any different. He kept pushing himself as hard as he could and training himself up with his Quirk. Yumi's basic knowledge of medicine seemed to help a bit. He couldn't control the temperature of the flames, given the nature of his Quirk, but he learned to control the output of it. All he ever wanted to do was prove that he wasn't weak and worthless as Endeavor said to all of us and hoped to one day make it as a true hero. At times, he could get as nasty as Endeavor when riled up. Like when he tried hard to come up with techniques on his own, without his help.

"How about you just back the hell off, huh, Natsu?!"

But that had changed one day. That was the day that Touya just ... disappeared. Even after the accident with Endeavor, he knew that it would happen. That he would just leave one day. He had been getting more and more antsy each passing day. The bright sparkle in his eyes that they shared with their mother, slowly fading away. Looking as lively as Endeavor's. 

Touya-nii, I hope you're safe. Where ever you are.



It was unbearably quiet today. Sometimes, she could handle it. At times like these, she would go to photo album that she had been allowed to keep. She went through it and looked fondly. She then came across one of her favorite photos. It was her crouched behind a four-year-old Touya. 

He had always been such a kind and sweet boy. Such a sweet and gentle soul. He had always wanted to be a hero; even before his Quirk had emerged and his training had begun. It had come a little later than Natsuo's but it had come. 

"I'll be the best hero like no one ever was!"

The way he smiled in such glee. She had hoped and told him that he should not lose his kindness. It was the most precious thing of him. Even when she had found a child-sized version of her husband's costume, he put it on with such excitement. 

"How come Dad doesn't have cool catchphrase like All Might does? Fear not citizens, FOR I AM HERE!!"

I'm sorry, Touya. I'm sorry for ignoring you when you needed me. I hated your father so much, and you looked more and more like a copy of him with each passing day. 

I'm sorry, Touya. I am so, so sorry.



You completely neglected us and left us to listen to Mom screaming and Shoto crying. Not to mention what happened to big bro Touya. You going off and beating some strong villains doesn’t make all that just disappear, dammit!

His son's words had still rung in his head. It was true. Everything that had been done was in the effort to surpass All Might. What he did to himself. To the children. Everything. 

There was no doubt in his mind that he had failed each and every one of them in one way or another. Rei, for pushing her too much for her to handle. Fuyumi, for readily tossing her aside because of Quirk; Wisp, and practically considered her Quirkless. Natsuo, for inheriting Rei's Quirk if not more potent. Shoto, for pushing him too much and all but pushing him away from what he believed was his destiny. And Touya ...

"There's no way in hell that I'm applying to General Studies. I'm gonna be a hero!!"

"You could never truly be a hero with that Quirk of yours. Powerful as it is, it's flawed as well, Touya."

He had always been so resilient. And yet, he had little to no guidance either way. His fire could more than easily get out of control. The incident at U.A. ... otherwise known as the Scorch. He had been trying to perform a technique of some kind that nearly set the training grounds ablaze. 

"You stubborn little fool! Just what on Earth had you been thinking?!"

"I was thinking that I could finally beat you, old man!!"

"That will be Shoto. So, don't go near him. I wouldn't want him to be as weak as you are now."


The way he had lost his temper that day, might have been the worst day for him. Touya readily decided to prove himself. The boy did have some skill, but needed improvement in close combat. The burns he sustained from Quirk would be detrimental to him, even with his vast potential. Still, he had started to prepare for the day he would become a hero; having commissioned a suit similar to his own equipped with a thermoregulator system that would greatly extend the time he's able to utilize his Quirk without injuring himself. But then, he had left. Or perhaps he killed himself sometime later. He had investigated until interest had waned, and thought it best not to care. 

Touya ...



We do look an awful lot like him. It was a strange thought, but it was there nonetheless. Yumi was the only one with little semblance to their father. All of us, all the boys, looked like him one way or another. I have half of him already in his eye and his powers. Natsuo was practically their father wrapped around their mother's features. And Touya. Touya was their father in miniature but much more leaner.

I had forgotten much. Mother wasn't my only reason for becoming a hero. Touya.

There was little to remember of his eldest brothers. Touya especially. Touya often watched him and played with him at times whenever he could. At times, looked out for him. Protecting him and Natsuo from whatever happened as a result of their respective roughhousing. Whether it was chasing him around, or getting into the occasional playful fist fights with Natsuo.

Even if the memories were faint, he remembered the brightest smile Touya had on when he had gotten his Hero License. 

"You're really gonna be a hero, Touya-nii?"

"Uh-huh. But if there's one thing I need, it's you Shoto."

"Really? Why?"

"Because, you're my inspiration. I have to make sure that I make you proud!"

That smile. It might have been the one thing that felt safe. All that he could do was put a warm hand on his head, put on a brave smile, and tell him it was going to be fine. It was always a lie. But a comforting lie nonetheless. 

He had such grand dreams and ambitions. Until an incident at U.A., and a training session with their dad later, he simply disappeared. Or had he? That guy ...

I'm going to get you back, Touya-nii. And put you back on the path that you were meant to be on.


Touya Dabi

For some reason, he was drawn to it. His Hero License. Kept staring at it. Nearly every part of him begged him to burn it. While the most distant part in his head urged him to keep it. 

So fresh-faced. Stupid smile. Stupid red-hair. 

What a stupid kid.

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They couldn't help but feel happy for their friend. She had wanted to find love and soon enough. Things had somehow gotten worse since Kota had commented on her age and asked just why no guy wouldn't be interested in her. 

She had known that her nephew had not meant to hurt her. But he could have chosen some less harsh words. The boy has always been rather blunt. The young man that her good friend was seeing was rather surprising. He was about above-average height sporting white spiky hair with two small pieces of hair hanging down by his forehead who bore a great resemblance to the hybrid Quirk user they had met back at the training camp. 

Luck may have helped her beloved friend out. She had known that the young man was the son of the now number one hero Endeavor. But she did not know that he had a brother. And quite a handsome one as well. A rather care-free and loving individual with the way he easily smiles and laughs. Not to mention, he would be a great addition to the Pussycats. His Ice Quirk could really help out. That is, if he was willing to take up the uniform. 

"I'll more than eagerly help but I'm not wearing the skirt!!"

He and Tiger had it out then really quick. Although, that fight was rather impressive. She hadn't expected him to last long, given the nature of his Quirk. He was more focused on long-range attacks than close-combat. Not to mention, the case of frostbite he seemed to be getting, the longer the fight had gone out. Yet, he managed to overwhelm Tiger with his giant ice wall. 

"I'm grateful that my little brother was kind enough to teach me that move!"

That boy is certainly something. He's certainly a good fit for each other. Now, if only she could just wait for him to actually pop the question himself ...

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He did not like this one bit. He had felt more frightened than he had ever thought himself to be. 

Low. He was lower than the low. He had thought them to be nothing more than low as dirt. It was terrifying. No hands, no powers, no subordinates. 

As he looked all around, he saw nothing but machines. Numerous tubes that hung loosely. And the Shie Hassikai. All of them strapped to large tables with metallic bindings as he was.

"Well, well, well, what has become of you now, Mr. Overhaul? You seem like a man down on his luck," said that man with the top hat, mask and cane. I hate that festive tone of his. 

"Now, calm down, Mr. Compress. There's no need to kick a man down while he's down." said that foul beast. The man named Shigaraki Tomura. The hand that obscured his face was nothing if not perturbing. 

"But, in all fairness, Chisaki-San. Just how are you feeling right now?" Shigaraki said in that exact mocking tone that the masked man had talked with. Loathsome fool. F-fear. I feel fear. How on Earth did this loathsome fool make me feel afraid of him? 

It was then that he looked at the men on the tables. Sakaki. Setsuno. Tengai. Tabe. Iranaka. Kurono. Hojo. Nemuto. 

"Your stupid little friend Rappa tried to face us, but we managed to subdue him. But before we managed to deal the finishing blow to him, he made the wise choice and escaped us. Verrry smart move," his voice getting raspier as he inched his face close to his own. 

"Hey, Shigaraki, how about we turn him into fresh kindling for my flames?" said a young man with numerous burns around his body. He then summoned wild blue flames from his fingertips. 

"Now, now. Calm down, Dabi. Chisaki-san will have more use to us right now rather than as kindling."

"Ohhhh. He really does look a whole lot cuter now, Shigaraki-kun. But he'd look a lot better if he bled just a little more!"

He needed to break out of the bindings. If only I had my arms, I could do it with ease!

"J-j-j-Just what are you planning to do with me?"

"You're going to be helping us after all, Chisaki-san. You're going to join our cause and destroy this infernal society of heroes. Destroy everything that the Symbol of Peace had ever built. We've already taken your Quirk away from you, and most of your friends. They'll be helping us as well, whether they like it or not. Best prepare yourself, Chisaki-san!"

No. No. No. Please god, no. Noooooo!!!

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It had been strange to think about it. Way back when she had met him, he had been nothing more than a clumsy but well-meaning goofball of a person. At times, a bit of a stuttering mess. But overall, Haimawari was quite the nice guy. 

Before any of this had happened, he had been a well-meaning vigilante who had a less than stellar reputation. Slowly but surely, he had gained the respect of several heroes such as the BMI Hero: Fatgum, the Erasure Hero: Eraserhead, the Buster Hero: Air Jet, the Nominal Hero: Manual, and the Turbo Hero: Ingenium. It had taken a great deal of prodding but he had eventually became a brief sidekick to the Turbo Hero. Although, he had mentioned that he wouldn't want to be a sidekick to someone he considered a friend.

And he had done well on his own; such as taking down the former pupil of the High Speed Hero: O'Clock; Tameda Sokudo. He had even trained with some unknown hero with a speed Quirk. Haimawari kept calling him the fastest man alive just after Ingenium himself. 

All his training and experience had been put to good use. Now, he only needed to focus his feet on to the ground and move accordingly instead of simply crouching on all fours like some kind of creepy bug. His speed far more superior and phenomenal; able to match that of Ingenium's. More of a capable fighter than before; even if it was more focused on kicking and grappling. His costume much more appealing now that he had become a hero in his own right. It had resembled the hoodie he wore; but much more sturdier and more combat-efficient in appearance. A dark blue full-body jumpsuit with red lines running through it, bright red boots and elbow pads. Brightly tinted golden gloves with red and white stripes and a black mask with bright red lenses in them. Not in the top ten but respectable at least. 

What was more surprising is that even now, he's still the same. The same clumsy somewhat creepy but all-loving goofball she had met way back when. The same heroic heart that she had begun to fall for. The same nervous wreck when her brother invites him over for dinner. The same clumsy guy who had excitedly announced that the Nighteye Agency had personally recruited him.And now, that same goofball would be taking in someone underneath his wing. Although, he seemed to be just as a clumsy goofball as him.

I do hope you'll do alright, Koichi. 

"So, you really trained under Sora-jiji?"

"Well, he never really let me call him that. I just called him by his hero name; Gran Torino."

"I see. Well, time for a race. Let's go, Deku-kun!"

"Right, Crawler-senpai!!"

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He couldn't believe it. It had become so clear. He vaguely remembered his older brother's voice. It was raspy; almost as if it were devoid of any emotion. Both haunting and taunting. Those burns. The sheer fact that it was someone else's (likely his victims) burned skin pierced on top of his own. The new body modifications that had been made. The sheer fact that he had managed to get another Quirk stockpiled into his own body; Super Regeneration. He was practically inhuman and near impossible to defeat. Him and his own little team within the League of Villains. 

When he had pieced it together, he couldn't believe it. Or maybe, a part of him didn't want to believe him. But his voice, his stature, his techniques. It was nearly identical to his own; nearly identical to that of Endeavor's. How didn't I see it before. 

"Looks like your fire and ice are both half-baked. Too bad."

"You can't win against me."

"Is that all you've got, "masterpiece"? How does it feel, to lose to a "failure"? Eh, Shoto-kun?"

It still hurt. Even with the "perfect body" he has, the minor burns he suffered still stings. But it stings more knowing that his older brother is a villain. 



"Hey, Frostburn! You alright?"


Yoarashi. Midoriya. Shinso. And Natsuo. I never should have dragged them down with me. Not that he had done it deliberately. They must have guessed or followed me. It was likely that Natsuo had followed me and had managed to find them to help out. From what he remembered, Natsu always had a habit of sticking his nose into other people's business. Even though, this was also his business. 

"I'm fine, guys. Thanks though."

"That guy ... I can't believe that he's ... "

" ... Touya-nii ..."

"Todoroki-kun ... "

" ... "

All of it feels overwhelming. Not just how they're all crowding around him. But how he could almost predict what they're going to say; offering him some form of sympathy. Or try to question as to how he ended up related to the now Number One Hero and a notorious villain. How strangely bizarre. 

"He's going to come back to us."

It's then and there he turns to look up at Natsuo; looking absolutely determined than ever. Midoriya, Shinso and Inasa then look at him too with the same shock and confusion that he has on his face. 

"That isn't Touya. Not the Touya that I knew and loved. People aren't just born villains. He can and will come back to us. I know it!" he said, firmly clenching a fist. 

"He's right about that much. People aren't born evil nor are they evil because of their Quirk. I've learned that from experience," Shinsou said with a small grin.

"I don't know much about what's going on, but Mindman's right! Brother, sister, no one's born evil. He could still do some good for the world!" Yoarashi said as loudly as always. 

"His name doesn't matter. What matters is that he's your brother. Because he's your brother that there's bound to be some level of good in him. You could bring it out of him; back to him!" Midoriya said with such optimism. 

In all honesty, he wants to believe them. He vaguely remembered that his older brother had wanted to be a hero. What was there to do? How would he convince Dab - Touya, to come back and redeem himself? 

"Thank you guys."



His brother's voices still rang loud in his ears. The shock in their realization that their own brother was now in the League of Villains. It almost looked as if they had been betrayed.

"Have you ever stopped to think how their families feel?"

Sho-kun. Natsu-kun ...

Chapter Text

It was pretty strange to say the least. He had known and heard that they were making the necessary steps to reform. But he never thought that they would be employed by the Nighteye Agency. But things at the Nighteye Agency had become stranger to say the least. Centipeder had become an official licensed hero and with enough time, Bubble Girl would soon be one too. And there was that crawling guy that they had been trying to recruit.

Togata-san said that they had improved greatly. Centipeder made mention that La Brava had managed to increase the boost in power given but the time limit of it was still the same. Gentle's strength and speed had certainly increased. With the training sessions they had got in, it was safe to say that they more than evenly matched. But that didn't mean that he was going to go easy on him in any way. The sheer fact that he was able to match him without the use of La Brava's Lover Mode was astounding. 

"I had made a promise to reform, and I have upheld that much, young Midoriya. I aim to be the Gentle Hero: Gentle!"

"I still think that you would have one with my help, Gentle!!"

"I am certain that I would have. But heroes must be able to test their absolute limits. Even without his Quirk, Togata-san was still quite the match for me!"

That had been surprising to hear and know. That Togata-san's Quirk still hadn't returned yet. But he mentioned that he was in no real rush for it to come back. But it was also nice to know that he stood by his promise to always be Lemillion. And he knew and realized that Gentle was keeping his promises. Not only to reform but to also help change the world. The right way though. 

Now, I need to test the limits of One For All. I've already begun to master it at twenty percent. I should be able to make it thirty at the very least. And given the way Gentle has gotten much more stronger and faster, combined with his natural agility and overall skill and comprehension of his Quirk, he's definitely on his way. 

"Now, shall we begin again?"

"Just remember. Don't go easy on me, Gentle-san!!"

Chapter Text

It had been strange to say the least. He had never thought that Tensei would be getting married. Well, he didn't even expect to be a friend to the Turbo Hero Ingenium. 

That day had been nothing short of pure coincidence. Tensei had taught him how to hone his Quirk in a way that he didn't even think was possible. Since that day, he had still supported his vigilantism. "An unofficial hero is still a hero in my book!" Even now, he could still remember how bright and assuring Tensei's smile was when he had said that. 

He kept on honing his Quirk, and learning newer and newer applications for it. Even managing to find a hero who had been willing to help him master his flight capabilities; even if only for two minutes. Even creating some new techniques in learning more combat; like the Slipstream Strike and the Hyper Tornado Strike. Now, he no longer needed to have three points of contact and just needed two and move as if he had roller skates on. He had been able to get into more friendly competition with Tensei then.

When he had gotten into his accident, he felt nothing but rage. Rage that he hadn't been there to try to save him. And rage that the Hero Killer Stain had done that to him. He had wanted nothing more than to go after him and send him off to hell. He would have done it had Tensei had warned him not to do it. 

"I may have lost my career as a hero. But I refuse to lose my best friend!"

A part of him still wishes that he could have done something to bring about his downfall. But it was good knowing that he was gone.

Since then, he had been helping out Tensei in any way he could. Helping him out with his physical therapy and adjust from a wheelchair to his crutches. They had talked about utilizing that kind of reinforcement to his hero costume so it wouldn't put to much of a strain on his legs. Slowly, he had gotten better. But even with the great strides he had made, they both knew that he wouldn't be the very same hero. The sheer fact that he was considering retirement already was befuddling. 

"I won't be the same hero as before, Koichi-san. And besides, I trust my brother Tenya-kun to carry on the Ingenium name and legacy."

He hadn't met his little brother. But the way Tensei talks about him, he certainly sounded like an admirable young man. Hell, it was because of his little brother that he had gotten married in the first place. Apparently, he and a classmate of his had set Tensei up. He never would have imagined that Tensei would be marrying the daughter of the Flame Hero Endeavor. 

"Koichi-san! I'm really glad that you had made it and had been my best man. I couldn't have asked anyone else!"

"Well, why wouldn't I be here?"

"I've heard that a hero agency had recruited you. Is that true?"

"A lot of strings had been pulled for me to take the Hero License Exam and everything. I didn't think it would happen to be honest."

"Had things been different, you would have been a great asset to my agency. But I guess it wasn't meant to work like that. Have you met my wife, Yumi-chan?"

"I have. She really loves you. I gotta be honest though, it's gonna be weird that The Crawler will be a true and genuine hero."

"You always were, Koichi. So, when are you going to propose to Makoto-chan?"

He then looked at Makoto talking and laughing with Fuyumi and her brother Natsuo. She looked even more beautiful with her sleek purple dress. 

"... Maybe. One day ..."

Chapter Text

It was strange. He hadn't expected a new ally since Master had left. Tobita-san, or Gentle, as he preferred to be called seemed a bit ... strange to say the least. He was tall with a slicked back hairdo with a curl at the front. At first, he had thought him to be some kind of villain using Trigger with the way his Quirk was. The way he just seemed to bounce all around and everywhere. And he did call himself the Gentle Criminal after all. 

The way he had suggested that their exploits be shown and uploaded on the Internet was strange. But he had mentioned that the vigilantes of Naruhata should have some good coverage. That was strange amongst the things he had known about Tobita-san. He didn't know what to make of it, but for some reason he trusted him. 

Not to mention, they had tested each other's Quirks to their very limits. He could feel his own Slide and Glide becoming more and more powerful and clearly felt his Elasticity getting stronger. Although, they did have to find their own training ground. They couldn't destroy the apartment. That was strange to say the least; having another stranger move into his apartment. But at least, he didn't just randomly take things from the fridge and made sure to contribute. Although, he wasn't expecting another permanent resident. Especially so soon. 

Aiba Manami. When he had seen her, she had looked troubled to say the least. There was a certain sadness in her eyes. But it was gone the moment that she saw gentle. It was almost as if the light in her eyes and life had suddenly come back to her. It was strange; almost like when Pop comes in and crashes. She was kinda suspicious until she mentioned that she didn't really care about me. Strange. 

What had been strange was Tobita-san himself. He was always pretty polite, cheery and eccentric to say the least. At times, he made mention that they should try to help people in other districts besides Naruhata. But something in him seemed to change. With the rise of the villains that kept popping around, he got more serious. When he took them down, before he would flash a smile, he was nothing but eerily calm and confident. He seemed to see things ... differently somehow. 

Captain Celebrity mentioned that to us, it was nothing more than a hobby. It was anything but. We couldn't be Pro Heroes but we could at least try to do some good in the world. Maybe, Gentle seemed to have gotten that message. He didn't seem to like it much when he had first came. He and Manami-chan still seemed to upload the videos but it did help them get some notoriety; the right kind. At least, people are calling me The Crawler. 

But he's not the same person as before. He wasn't the Gentle Criminal. Just the Gentle Man. Now, if only he could help convince Pop to get out of our place.

Chapter Text

He had to admit that he never thought about this at all. He had said from the beginning that he was there for the sole purpose of being a hero. No matter what it takes. But he had to admit that it was nice having people in knowing just how he had felt. 

There hadn't been a day that someone said that he'd make a great villain. Some people had mentioned that he had the look of a villain. But he always felt and knew deep in his heart that he could, no, would be a hero, no matter what. He hadn't given much thought as to what others had thought of him. But things had been different since he had been successfully transferred into Class 1-A. He had tried not to seem to aloof, but he was not there to make friends.

Yet, he found himself with some close ones. Tokoyami had mentioned that for the longest time, his Quirk; Dark Shadow, had been his only friend as long as he could remember. No one really understood it or him. It wasn't just a Quirk, shadow or reflection. It was like a part of his soul; his very being.

It was different with Shoji. With those arms and that sharp glare of his, he was definitely someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. But he was certainly one of the most gentle souls he had ever met. In spite of the fact he had kept his face masked. He honestly didn't care for it when he had shown it. 

"A lot of people said that I looked more like a prime-time villain rather than a hero. I'm used to being feared."

"You definitely have the heart and soul of one, Shouji-kun."

That was undoubtedly true. It doesn't matter what power you have, or how you look. We are heroes, in body, mind and soul. No one will tell us otherwise. And that is what we will become. 

Chapter Text

It was strange that almost everyone in Class 1-A had come to him to be mentored in martial arts. Even some of Class 1-B. It was overwhelming ... but exciting. 

His sensei had told him that he had been a natural for martial arts. He studied everything from aikido to tae kwon do, jujitsu, every form of martial art he had heard of. The prospect of learning and fighting had excited him for as long as he could remember. That alone would make him an ideal teacher of it all, but it was still nerve-wracking. 

There were some who were completely natural at it. Like Kendo from Class 1-B. Her form and how quick she alternated between offensive and defensive positions made her phenomenal. Not to mention her sheer spirit and an almost warrior-like passion for fighting.

"There's always room to improve somewhere. If I'm going to be a hero, then I can't afford to slack off in any way at all!"

Kirishima was natural at defense. Although, he should have expected that; given his Quirk. But he was a good sparring partner nonetheless. And it helped strengthened the strikes of his tail. But he might be suited more from something like boxing. 

"I can never keep up with you, man! You're like a ninja!!"

It was pretty weird seeing Todoroki wanting to learn. But he had mentioned something about his own Quirk being a weakness. His Quirk isn't really weak; it's amazing. As was Todoroki himself. He picked up on the lessons really quick. His reaction time and reflexes are amazing! But then when he mentioned his Quirk again, things made sense. Although, something about it seemed to sadden Todoroki.

"I can't just rely on my Quirk to save me in battle."

Midoriya was more or less the same. And a bit of a wild case. Most of his movements were big and almost wild. He'd definitely be suited for krav maga. It would suit him given he's quite suited for takedowns and maybe surprise attacks with the way his Quirk seems to work. And he has been getting better. 

Iida was definitely suited for tae kwon do and savate. He had gotten quicker and his leg's strength seemed to increase tenfold! But he should still implement something from his upper body. 

"Speed is the most paramount thing, Ojiro-san. That's what my older brother and father have taught me. And I shall live up to it; by increasing my own strength!"

Kaminari seemed decent. He is pretty quick on his feet and rather agile. But he seems to be more focused on just avoiding getting hit. And he does seem to be improving in throwing a punch. 

"Gonna move like lightning! Expect that much from the Stun Gun Hero Chargebolt!!"

Shoji's case was strange and difficult. With all of those arms of his, he'd definitely be a force to be reckoned with. And he's already strong enough on his own. No one style that would suit him. So, he had been teaching him how he utilized his tail in combat. It was certainly strange but it had helped to get his point across. 

The person that surprised him the most was Shinsou. He hadn't expected him to reach out for something like that. From what he had heard and known, he had been personally training under Aizawa-Sensei. He hated to admit it but he was pretty good. His movements fluid and his defensive stances near perfect. But he still got a bad feeling from him. And it wasn't just because of how he had used his Quirk on him. Maybe it was just that, but he still didn't trust him. 

"Thanks for all the help."

Well, at least he didn't call me a monkey. 

I can't believe it's only been a week. Maybe if I don't become a hero, I could definitely make a good Sensei.

Chapter Text

No one had been able to believe it. It was undoubtedly a strange sight to behold. But there it was. 

She hadn't really expected Yui to go out on a date with Bakugo. Nor did she expect that she would ask him out and that he agreed. What was really perturbing is how he seems ... strangely calmer around her. Such an odd couple. But she knew and trusted her very well. 

If only Monoma could let it go though. Since Yui agreed to go out with Bakugo and they've been dating for the past six weeks, he's been awfully supicious. Thinking Bakugo is planning to take advantage of her. Or thinking that Yui is just pretending just to try to break Bakugo's heart. 

Yui isn't like that though. Every time I've asked about how she and Bakugo are, she's more silent than usual. But there's always a slight blush on her cheeks. 

But if the rumor that Shiozaki and Todoroki are going out is true, I do not want to face Monoma and his perverseness. He's gonna need more than a smack to the head. 

"Is Shiozaki really going out with you, Todoroki?"

"Why does that matter, Kaminari?"

"Sooo, you are going out with her then, huh?!"

Todoroki continued to stare rather blankly at Kaminari. He was a good compatriot to say the least. If a bit nosy at times. But by no means was he going to divulge any matter of his personal life to him. The only real people who seems to know anything about him were Midoriya and Shinso. And that's only because he allowed it. But he knows that Kaminari won't let it go. 

"I never said that. Although, you might want to know who Mt. Lady is going out with lately."

"Waitaminute, Mt. Lady's going out with someone! Juicy! Who is it?"

This is bound to keep him quiet to say the least. Sorry for this Natsu. 

Once he pulled out his phone, the only thing that was louder than everyone's chatter and Present Mic's talk show, was Kaminari's jolting shout.

Chapter Text

By no means did he like the guy. But he was right about one thing, they were not the walking definition of what it means to be a hero. Most heroes wouldn't do what they do. 

But he was certainly better than him in some regards. Half the time, he didn't even understand how they would end up partnered up. Or how he seemed to act as if they were buddy-buddy with each other.Or acted as if they were the exact same person. Phantom Thief was certainly someone who knew how to get under people's skin. 

He had learned on what it meant to be a hero; for someone in his position. He had trained with Aizawa-sensei personally; learning how to fight and how to properly use the capture cloth. He had learned and interned from the Smiling Hero Ms. Joke. And when circumstances had changed and had somehow blessed him with a combat-oriented Quirk, he had further trained with the Ninja Hero Edgeshot and learned more stealth-oriented techniques. 

There was no doubt in his mind that he had become more of an underground hero like Aizawa-sensei. In spite of that, it had been surprising that he had grown in notoriety. The same couldn't be the same for Monoma. Just because they had been in the same class didn't mean that he was his friend by any means. There were few friends he had known and kept from his time at U.A., and he was not one of them. And he was not exactly the type of hero to inspire anyone. 

Half of the time, what had come to mind when partnered with him was the ever-notorious Captain Celebrity. That was, before he had been critically injured and crippled by the Hero Killer's earlier endeavors. That story had definitely terrified people to this day. He was not the image of one to inspire anyone with anything; be it confidence or faith in him. But he wasn't really a paragon either. 

Some people considered him fearsome. That was good. Some had said that he was unfriendly. That was noted; but he was never the most friendliest guy to begin with. Tokoyami, Todoroki and Midoriya seemed to be the only people who liked him. Or tolerated him. The one thing that he had heard often was that he is considered creepy in certain lights. He tried not to let it bother him but it still got to him sometimes. 

No one could say a good thing about Phantom Thief though. The only positive feedback that he had gotten was just how his Quirk was "useful" and that he was handsome. Everything else ranged from he wasn't heroic to saying that he was practically a wannabe. Yet, that's probably the reason why he still talks with him. Because a part of him still remembers the kid in him who was mocked and told to be a villain. Why he seems less like a pompous ass around him at times. Why he's able to see him for who he really is. 

A scared kid filled with a lot of pride and bravado who wants to be a hero in spite of everything. He might not inspire a lot of people, but no one couldn't deny that the Phantom Thief was a good hero. 

He still wouldn't call him a friend though.

Chapter Text

It was so hard to believe. It was unbearable to hear the news. That the Turbo Hero Ingenium, his friend Tensei, was now crippled and could no longer be the amazing hero that he was. 

He felt disgusted with himself; that he wasn't there and could have prevented it somehow. But he knows that he would have likely died. Like the first time he had met the Hero Killer. Although, he called himself Stendhal back then rather than Stain. 

But this wasn't about Tensei right now. It was about his brother Tenya. Last time he visited at the hospital, Tensei had asked to watch over him. As if he knew on some level that he would do something reckless. He understood. He wanted to do something reckless then and there the moment he had seen him on the hospital bed all bandaged up and hooked up to a morphine drip. 

This is for Tensei. And all the other heroes you've taken away. 

Just then, he sees two kids fighting him. Both of them are pretty good, with Quirks better than mine. One of them was shooting fire with one side while creating ice with the other. The other kid's almost flying in the air with the way he's moving. Did he learn from ... no, no time to think on that. 

It was then that he spotted Tensei's brother Tenya. He does look similar to Tensei that it's practically uncanny. The way he's on the ground springs to mind what Tensei must have felt like after fighting Sten - Stain. Quickly, he spotted the hero Native. No time for that. With a small enough boost, he quickly docked Stain right where Master once did. 

"Who are you?"

"Me? I'm the guy easily shrouded in mystery and can smell danger from a mile away! The  - "

"The Crawler! Ohmygoshwhatareyoudoinghere? IheardthatyoumostlypatrolthestreetsofNaruha - "

"Midoriya, this is not the time for that!"

"The Crawler, huh? You look quite a bit stronger from the last time we faced against each other," said the spidery-like voice of Stain's.

"Last time we fought, I respected you enough to want to be like you. I didn't know you went to Crazyville. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to let you hurt anyone else or go easy on you!"

The moment he lunges, he dodged. Time for the Slipstream Strike! The moment the blade is out of his face and reach, he slides underneath him, launch my body with my left leg, turn and strike!! I've gotten faster. But he realizes Stain has too with how fast he reacts and tosses a knife right by his face. Just faintly grazed my lip. Fire is quickly shot out and he quickly clings to the wall nearby. 

"I don't know about you kids, but we need to get those guys out of here!"

"I don't think he'd let us!" the half-and-half kid cries out as he shoots out another stream of fire. 

Stain then leaps and lunges downward on to the green-haired kid Midoriya. C'mon! Ultimate Move Time. Stay still long enough and concentrate on my hand ...


It narrowly misses Stain. Just barely knocking his blade out of his hand. Just like the wind, he disappears and reappears quickly behind him. He can barely take the tonfas out and meekly guards his face with his arm. 

Just as he falls, Midoriya leaps above him and strikes at Stain with a giant fist to his shoulder. This kid kinda reminds me of me. But strangely enough, something about him reminds me of Master. But in a good way, I guess. 

"Our best option would be to hold until the pros arrive and avoid close combat," the Half-and-Half kid said. 

"No, you know that you've lost way too much blood. Me and the Crawler can distract him while you support us from behind. Sound like a plan?"

What was up with this kid? He's not even a pro and he's already sounding like one! It was a sound plan though.

"Sounds like a pretty big risk. Let's go, kid!"

"Got it, Mr. Crawler!"

"It's THE Crawler. THE!!"

That didn't matter. They had managed to get Stain's attention. The way they were both moving; it was in near perfect sync that it astounded him. But things changed in a flash. Green Guy's leg got cut, and Stain quickly stabbed him in his forearm while then maneuvering to punch him in the eye. Crap, he's paralyzed us both! 

As he got close to Half-and-Half, he felt a sense of dread sweeping his body. But just then, he heard a faintly familiar battle cry ...


Stain and his blade flew across the alleyway. 

"Todoroki-kun, Midoriya-kun, Crawler-san, this has nothing to do with you. I apologize."

"C'mon. Not this again ..."

"Is he ...?"

"I'm OK. But I won't let the three of you shed anymore blood for me."

"You're the sickness that's infected society and ruined the name 'hero'. Someone must teach you a lesson!"

"You're a fundamentalist lunatic! Iida-kun, don't listen to that murderer's nonsense!"

"No, he's completely correct. I have no right to call myself a hero."

"PATHETIC!!" Stain cried out as he launched another attack.

"IDIOTS! The Hero Killer is just after me and the kid in the white armour! Stop fighting back, just get out of here!!"

Stain ... Something changed in him. This isn't like when he fought Master. Could it be harder for him to fight more people at the same time? Wait, I've got some feeling back. Same with Green Guy. Time for another ultimate move. First gotta put on one of Master's brass knuckles. Now, just concentrate on my legs, crouch, repel and ... 


With the added force of his repellent force upon contact, he punched him right in the stomach! It felt great taking him down a peg. Green Guy and Tensei's brother then came up with a massive kick to his side and a massive walloping punch to the face. 

He's like a demon! Almost without warning, he grabbed his broken sword and slashed at Tensei's brother but narrowly missed. 

"I will defeat you Stain because you are a criminal!"

"Don't let him get away!!"



Within seconds, Stain had been burned by a torrent of flames then held in place by a pillar of ice. 

"He's bound to be knocked out by all of that."

"You've said it kid. Well, I'd best be off now!"

"Wait, you're already leaving Crawler-senpai?"

"Its The Crawl - waitaminute, senpai? Me? Really?"

"Yeah, why not? You're one of the few vigilantes left around. Not to mention, your Quirk is really amazing! It's really great for maneuvering away and close to the enemy. The way you've been jumping off the walls and sticking to them. How many points of contact do you need to make in order to do that though? Can you switch from a adhesive to a repellent force at will? Is that how you were able to shoot that laser thing out of your hand like that? An - "

"Midoriya-kun. It's probably best not to bother him. Thank you for your assistance, Crawler-san!"

"Not a problem, kid. And besides, I owed someone a favor. Oh, before I forget, you're Ingenium's little brother, right?"

"Yes, but how did yo - "

"Uh, you talk pretty loud, kid. Anyway, pass on a message to your brother for me, if you can."

"Of course, what is it?"

Great, I gotta make my escape. Just say something quick. Anything. "Hi."

Before they could even react, he quickly left.

Real smooth, Kouichi. 

Chapter Text

He had to admit that he liked the kid. He reminded him an awful lot like Koichi. 

Except that this kid's nothing more than a Quirkless bastard. But then again, he had been a Quirkless bastard for most of his life. But he had managed to handle it well. 

There was definitely a lot of potential in the kid. That shining drive to do what was right. The simple desire to do a little good in the world. It was definitely admirable. 

The kid's nerdy fanboy habits were definitely helpful. Hell, when he met Koichi, they stuck together like moths to a great big flame. Even without a Quirk, he could tell that the kid was a fighter. 

When he first found the kid, he was just a scrawny little twelve-year-old. A couple of punks picking on him for no reason other than the fact that he was Quirkless. Nothing had disgusted him more. 

Quirkless people could still contribute to society. Yet, there was no doubt that there were people with Quirks who actively wanted to prove their superiority. Preying on the helpless. 

A heroic heart is all it should take. Not just some fancy-ass power. Maybe that's why he wanted to give him a chance. Not just teach him self-defense. He was good, there was no doubt about it. He wasn't as uncoordinated as before. And Koichi did what he could to help him out. He mostly helped work on his kicks and evasive maneuvers. His youth was definitely more of an advantage at times. That level of sheer determination to not give up. 

That was definitely something. The way they played off of each other's movements. And the way they geek out over All Might. It was like two peas in a pod. Hell, he even managed to help him in using his Quirk. The kid's definitely smarter than Koichi, that was certain. 

But more importantly, anyone can be hero. Even a Quirkless brat like him. He trained him for about a year until he stopped coming. But Koichi made sure to keep an eye on him. Apparently, the kid managed to get his hands on a Quirk. It was strange. He observed too, and saw just how much power he had packed in now. His training definitely paid off but it left him curious as to how he had gotten a Quirk outta the blue. He knew that Izuku was a good kid from the get-go. He wouldn't be using any kinda drugs to get his hands on a Quirk that badly. 

Yet, it wasn't completely outta the ordinary for Quirks to manifest at a later point in time. He didn't mind or care that Tamao was Quirkless. But it became surprising when she managed to manifest Acceleration just like his Quirk. Maybe someone saw the good that kid could do. Gave him a real fighting chance. 

Well, I've done what I could. Now, he just needs to make sure that everyone can remember his name. Deku. 

... Kinda catchy but weird.

Chapter Text

This was it. Satou was leaving himself wide open. Even without his Quirk he was wicked strong! It was definitely a disadvantage. 

My pointer and shooter definitely helps give my Quirk a boost for more long range capabilities. But it works more in close range. My Indiscriminate Discharge works better that way; even though it hurts just about everyone. 

"You need to remember this, Kaminari. Everyone has an electrical field around them. With your Quirk, you should have a more solid handle in how to use and even control it."

Kendo was right about that. The whole reason he had even came to her was to learn more of a combat oriented way to use his Quirk. I would have gone to Yaomomo for help but she's not much of a brawler. Not to mention, I was kinda hoping to score a date with her. Although a date with Shiozaki wasn't exactly out of the question either. If she was impressed. 

The way she kept on explaining things made my brain short-circuit like already went over my wattage limit. It was a bit more fun when using the lessons more practically. And painful too. 

"Goddamn, that hurt!!"

Everything that just happened was because of the electric fields of our bodies!"

It was surprising just how much I was able to understand. My internship with Elec Plant and my gear definitely put me at an advantage. But there's always a chance that my gear could break. That's why I had to learn. 

"Virtually every single process which is keeping you alive can be traced back to an electric field that some component of your body is creating. And with your Electirification, you have a definite advantage!"

Just gotta concentrate on my knuckles at best. Dodge and ... 


KABOOOM!! Right on his stomach!! And just like that, Satou's out!! 

"Excellent use of your Quirk, Kaminari. But you're gonna have to learn to control your output for that type of technique. One false move and you could severely damage someone's nerves," Aizawa-Sensei said with a giant glare. Still scary!"

"Kaminari, hey!! You did great!!" Kendo cried out as she came toward me. Wow. I was so caught up in the fight that I barely noticed she was there. 

"Thanks for everything! I wouldn't have won if not for your lessons!"

"It wasn't a problem. Although, there were a couple of times where you practically left yourself wide open. Not to mention, if not for the nature of Satou's Quirk, you would have been demolished a whole lot sooner. Not to mention, Aizawa-Sensei is right about the output. But you could aim for someones nerve endings or something if you concentrated your Quirk in your fingertips, aimed and strike right at 'em!"

Wow! Smart and pretty. "So, would you mind teaching me some more stuff then?"

"Maybe ... if you buy me a cup of coffee first?"

Is she asking me out on a date? ... Sweet!!

"Yeah, definitely!"

Chapter Text

"Sir, I've got good news for you. I've officially become the 2nd most popular and most powerful hero!" Mirio cried out in happiness. 

"Although, Izuku-kun is the number one hero. He should probably change his name though. Deku does sound catchy but I think he needs something a bit more ... heroic-sounding, y'know?"

"What else to say? Oh! Eri-chan is doing really well! She's actually got herself a little boyfriend! I think his name is Kota!"

"I'm certain that he would be proud of the strides you've made, Young Togata. As well as Young Midoriya," said a somewhat familiar voice.

He looked behind him and saw All Might. Or Old Might, as many people called him. He wasn't as frail-looking as before but needed the use of a cane this day and age. He then looked back to turn his attention to Sir Nighteye.

It still felt strange to say the least. Knowing that he was gone. That he was visiting his grave. Even after all this time. He still wished that he was here so he could tell him properly. 

But he couldn't. As much as he wished that he was, Sir Nighteye was gone from the world. 

"You're not the only one who misses him. It's been a long time, hasn't it, Enishi-san?" All Might said as he knelt down by his side. 

"All Might, do you really think that Sir would be proud of me? I'm pretty sure he'd like it better if I were the Number One Hero instead."

"Enishi-san was a ... difficult person to say the least. But I know that he'd be immensely proud of you, Togata-kun."

He felt a rush of tears threatening to leave him but he quickly swiped them away.

"And I think Ground Zero would be more enraged than you. Isn't he the the Number Three Hero?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Bakugo guy hates my guts!"

Chapter Text

It had been so damn strange. 

Many people had made the comparison between him and his idol; Crimson Riot. 

The Unstoppable Red Riot. The Sturdiest Hero. The world around him was the true man's world. 

It was indescribable. In some ways, he had matched Crimson. Many people had mentioned that he was as strong if not stronger than Crimson Riot. Many people had called him the Chivalrous Hero rather than the Sturdy Hero. He had truly begun to live without regret. 

At times, many had asked if he was actually Crimson Riot's illegitimate child. That made him flush with embarrassment. 

In some ways, he had surpassed Crimson Riot. Crimson Riot was the thirteenth ranked hero during his time. Red Riot is the seventh ranked hero. If anything, it sorta surprised him that Real Steel was the thirteenth. In some way, we both paid tribute to him. 

Being in front of his grave was pretty weird, but he thought it was good and manly to see what had remained of his idol. And Midoriya had once said that Crimson Riot would be proud of him. The way he said that made it sound and seem like he had gotten to know him. Or maybe he's a Riot fanboy too? The guy does love heroes. 

His grave was large and ornate.

Magenai Ririshin. The Chivalrous Hero Crimson Riot. The True Man amongst Men. I'm gonna keep making you proud. 

Chapter Text

It had been strange to think about the phrase "love is in the air". As it seemed that nearly everyone was with someone special. 



Not once did he ever think about having a girlfriend. He never gave much thought into dating in general. At times, it baffles him as to how on earth this had happened. 

The rescue mission, he faintly recalls. When he was the one in need of rescuing. And from his older brother no less. There were two things he never would have expected. To have found out that his older brother had become a villain. And to have gotten a girlfriend. 

Yaoyorzu had led the rescue mission. Somehow, she had managed to find out that it was one sole member of the League of Villains who had kidnapped him. Since then, things had changed between them. More often than not, she had come to check up on him. He felt himself talking to her more. Eventually, they had kissed. 

It wasn't completely out of nowhere. The both of them had misread something in each other's body language. Soon enough, they had gone on more than enough outings to have been considered "dates". Eventually, the class had gotten wind of it, and things had spiraled to say the least. Now, Yaoyoruzu and I are "totes officially boyfriend and girlfriend" according to Ashido. 

It was hard to say just what he felt about Yaoyoruzu. He wouldn't say that he was madly in love with her, like Hagakure kept on saying. But he knows that he cares for her greatly. And that he wouldn't want anything to happen to her. Although, she can take care of herself. She is training to be a hero after all. 



It was strange. The moment he and Uraraka called it a date, it felt weird. 

Mandalay had given him a call asking him to watch over Kota for the day, as she and the Wild, Wild Pussycats were busy with a mission. Uraraka had heard had volunteered to help watch over him with him. Once he came, Kota managed to cross paths with Eri-chan. They began to talk and blush relentlessly. He even mentioned that they had "matched" as he pointed to the horns on his hat. 

They had been carefully watching over the two. Laughing and practically cooing at them whenever they had joked, laughed and blushed. At times, it was all at once. As they kept on watching them in delight, she suddenly joked that it was a double date. 

Now, the both of them couldn't stop blushing. He could barely look at her without stammering and looking like an idiot. It wasn't until Uraraka had reached out her hand to his that he felt a strange sense of calmness. It wasn't like he never thought of it before. He liked her kindness, her sense of determination, even when she got weirdly intense. There was nothing that was unlikable about her. 

As he turned his head to her and looked at her, really looked at her, did he realized just how big and bright her brown eyes were. She was still blushing and smiling, and he felt himself doing the same. 

I guess it is a double date. 



Stupid. It was freaking stupid. How the hell did it even happen?

Silent freak. Practically happened out of nowhere. She's like a freaking ninja or something. And yet, I'm going out with her. 

Magic. That's what Kaminari and Kirishima used to describe it. As usual, Kirishima said that it was the gutsiest and manliest thing on the planet. Kaminari said that it was the coolest thing on the planet and started going on and on how it would've been great to have happened to him. What's he go to whine about? He's going out with the Plant Princess! And last he checked, Kirishima was going out with Racoon Eyes. 

It was hard to admit, but Kodai was pretty interesting to say the least. Pretty damn smart too. And I guess, kinda pretty. 



"Here," she said, holding up a stuffed lady bug with a heart pattern. 

The fuck is this shit?? 

As he looked up at her, Kodai had the faintest smile on her lips. She ... does look pretty damn cute when she does that. 

"Um, .... thanks, I guess."


Mineta and Aoyama


"Well, clearly, no one can handle my manifique sparkle!"

Chapter Text

The League was still on the lookout for some new recruits. He had been looking through UA's student files. Mostly at the Gen Ed kids. Some of them would be worthy enough candidates. He knew from firsthand experience how so many promising kids fell through the cracks and made their way into a no-nothing class. But he managed to claw his way out of there. 

That's when he stumbled onto his file. Hitoshi Shinso. Something about the kid reminded him so much of himself. In some angles, the kid could almost pass for his younger self. Minus the purple hair though. His eyes tired but he could tell that there was a fierceness to them. A drive and purpose. A dream; pure ambition. The League would surely love the kid. 

It was then he had made the decision to see what kind of person Hitoshi Shinso was. He watched him like a predator staking out his prey. Kid pretty much kept to himself. Something of a loner; not one for small-talk. Still amiable enough to hold a conversation though, from what he could tell. 

Although, something had slipped past the League's heads. This kid had made it to the Hero Course. Class 1-B though. At least Aizawa wouldn't get in the way like last time. But that didn't mean that he could underestimate Vlad King though. 

Class 1-B was hanging around like no one's business. Shinso seemed to be distant from them. Part of the group but not truly part of it. Makes it all the more easier. Just need a way to get his attention ...

"Hey there! I know you! You're that guy who nearly managed to beat that green-haired brat in the Sports Festival, right?"

"Uh? What's it to you?"

"Just a fan. You got me curious. Especially that Quirk of yours. Really useful."

The kid seemed to blush and looked flustered at that. "Uh, thanks. I guess." He then seemed antsy the moment that he looked at his arm. 

"Don't make a scene. Or I'll easily turn you into kindling."

The kid just complied; easy as pie. 

"I'd like to know something. Just what drives you?  With your power, you could be and do anything that you want kid. What makes you want to be a hero?"

The kid looked as if he wanted to say or do something. Dumbass. 

"Careful with what you say. I know all about that cool Quirk of yours, Hitoshi Shinso." 

Quivering. He could feel the kid's shoulder quivering beneath his hand. The sensation was remarkable. He seemed to be looking at something. A group of girls from his class. One of them stood out from his and the kid's eyeline. One with bright orange hair, bright teal eyes and a great big smile. 

"Ohh. Is that all it takes to motivate you, kid? A sly smile and a pretty face? She's bound to be pretty disappointed in you either way."

He took a look at the kid. Something about his face changed. Instead of scared, he seemed saddened. Oh, so a girl is enough drive for him? Idiot. 

"Wasted on them. That's what you are. You could be useful to our missions. You're not cuddly like All Might and no one's gonna love you. Believe that, kid. Besides, with what's been happening with the League lately, you could finally get your hands on a bright and flashy Quirk that you'd like. Thrive with the League, Shinso. What exactly is stopping you?"

"You might be right. You seem to know enough about my Quirk. People always thought that I could easily be a great villain like you guys. But I'm not planning on being one. Many hate the Hero Killer for what he did but he was right about somethings. There are fake heroes out there in it for money, fame and glory. I could care less about that. I want to be a great hero. I don't have to be number one. I want to be a true hero; someone that people could look up to. Look past beyond my Quirk and see me for who I really am!"

Stain. He must be laughing how he inspired not only the villains of today, but a hero to be. Or maybe that's what the Hero Killer wanted to happen. Still, I'm going to be the one to enforce his will. 

"Hey, Shinso, what are yo - Hey, get off of him!" The girl. 

"It's not a problem. Just an old friend of the family. Sorry to trouble you, Shinso. Go back and run along with your little friends."

No wonder he reminded me of me. He is me. Maybe a bit better. Even with his impractical Quirk. Kinda an inspiration. Makes me want to turn him into kindling even more. But in time. I've got my own mission. We both follow the Hero Killer in our own way. But I will enforce his will and mantle. 

For I will be the one to kill you, Endeavor. Todoroki Enji. Hope you've had time to say your good-byes.

Chapter Text

She had to admit that he was certainly an admirable guy. There was plenty to think about when it came to Class 1-A's Izuku Midoriya. 

Striking green eyes and hair. Determined. Intelligent. Strong. Fierce. All and all; a true hero. 

It was certainly strange when he had come to ask her for personal training in fighting. But she didn't really mind. She wasn't Monoma and had some good friends in Class 1-A like Yaoyoruzu, Ashido, Kirishima and Ojiro. And there wasn't anything exactly wrong with helping him out. Everyone's trying to become a hero; that's why we're here at U.A.

There were certainly a great deal of her classmates that seemed to like and admire him. Shiozaki, Tokage, Shishida, Kaibara and Honenuki. Even if he didn't want to admit it, Monoma was certainly interested in him. Although, it's likely due to his Quirk moreso than him. It was certainly strange to say the least. 

The increase in power and speed. Not to mention that weird tentacle thing that showed up. Not to mention how the Quirk seemed to hurt him before, from what she gathered at the Sports Festival. It could be that his body and his Quirk aren't compatible with one another. That's been known to happen often and why many often turn to support companies earlier than expected; whether they want to go into the hero course or not.

But Izuku was different. He learned how to handle it. His support gear wasn't there to simply help him control his Quirk but augment it and use it in numerous different ways. She had been showing him how to properly use his body. He was pretty good in hand-to-hand combat but his attack and technique was quite frenzied to say the least. 

"Remember, Midoriya, your hips are vital in any and every aspect of fighting. When you're striking at your opponent, you need to turn your hips to generate power. It doesn't matter if you're kicking or punching. It's all in the hips!"

He was definitely a fast learner. A bit too fast. He was learning all to well how to avoid taking direct hits and applying the necessary amount of force to subdue an opponent. 

"Remember! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a jab, right hand, left hook, uppercut, head or body shot. Try to drive your elbow and then snap it into the punch!" 

Fast and hard. He's definitely a good student to say the least. It's easy to not think much of him. It was hard to even believe that he had the right enough build for his Quirk and to really look like a hero until she had seen just how muscular he really was. Midoriya is definitely toned to say the least and the uniforms do well to hide his broadening figure. But he has plenty of drive and potential. Everything that's needed to be a real hero.

The way his muscles seem to flex when he strikes. How his face scrunches up a bit just as he's about to strike. That honest to goodness smile. 

Izuku Midoriya can be m - anyone's hero ...

Chapter Text

It was strange that he wanted to be a hero. His Quirk wasn't as conventional as most Quirks were. It definitely wasn't suited for combat. 

A Quirk like Weld would be best suited for support. Or maybe for rescuing efforts. He definitely could have aced being in the Support Course. It was strange that he decided to be a full-fledged hero with that kind of power. But he certainly knew how to use it well. 

When he came to get more metal cylinders from her, she found it to be rather delightful to see him. It was rather easy to get the cylinders for him; it was usually made of the leftover bits of scrap metal from making her babies. At times, her mind had occasionally drifted as to how it would be like if he had gone to her Class. He would certainly fit in. He had a fiercer look than most of the students in Class 1-F. 

He was one of the few people in the school that had caught her eye. Other than the green-haired Midoriya who had often inquired for stronger babies. But maybe it was because he came often. Power Loader seemed to be fond of him and liked him well enough. 

What she did know was that he was determined to be a hero as much as she was determined to belong to a support company making new babies for aspiring heroes. His determined expression, the way his brow furrowed and even his foul mouth and tempered had intrigued her. 

And that was why she would make sure he would be one of the greatest heroes in the world.

Chapter Text

Eijiro Kirishima

They escaped, all of them did. He barely understood just what had happened, or what the League of Villains did. Or just what had happened to Midoriya's Quirk. He had been taken as well, and his Quirk went buck-wild! Now a whole bunch of them had other Quirks added on to their bodies. The other heroes and police said that it should be impossible and that the League of Villains might have been trying to turn them into those Nomu things. 

But that didn't matter. Now, there was a strange new power surging through him along with this other Quirk. He wondered if that's what Midoriya felt like. The sensation of energy overwhelming him; almost ready to burst. But he also had something else which would really help him. 

As much as he wanted to ask Midoriya, he needed to understand these powers and make it his own. The sudden sparks of red energy coursing thru his body. And the new way he could use and transform his body into sand. Just like the Sand Hero Snatch; he knew it was his Quirk. How those villains got it, he couldn't understand. But now he had it. 

He could definitely use it for long-range capabilities and might be able to use it alongside his Hardening. It was just a matter of understanding and control. The energy within, it's like it's holding it altogether too. With these powers, I'm going to be a true man and a true hero!


Itsuka Kendo

It was all so crazy! How many had gotten other Quirks somehow stockpiled on to them. Ibara now had something called Leafipulation which let her shoot out her thorns with ease, and Yosetsu somehow was able to transform his arms into anything from a hammer to a drill or a chainsaw. They hadn't felt any unfortunate side-effects. She wished that she had felt like that. 

Along with the sensation of such strange overwhelming energy, she also felt a lot more stronger. The very force of her swings were stronger than ever before. But now she wasn't limited to her arms. Now, she could make her legs bigger too for some reason. It wasn't Gigantification by any means. The doctors mentioned that whatever Quirks the League of Villains had tried to stockpile onto her somehow merged and mutated. Now, she could rotate and move her shoulders or knees at extreme speed and power, giving her commensurately fast and strong punches or kicks. Along with the strange blue sparks that came out when it happened. 

There was one thing that she did know. She would be a great hero once she mastered this power. Everyone will be at the mercy of the Fighting Hero Battle Woman!


Denki Kaminari

Nothing had made sense. It was next to impossible but he had another Quirk now. Although, now he understood just why that masked guy was pissed off as to him having it. It was a villain's Quirk. That magnet guy from before. But there was something else in him too. This strange kind of energy that he couldn't really explain. But it felt as if it could break him. 

Crazy sparks of orange energy often appearing when he felt riled up or activated the Magnetism Quirk. It wasn't like anything he had ever felt with his Electrification. It felt more wild and untamed. But he also felt much more stronger. Like he could do anything. Although, he did have to get another support item to help out with his Magnetism Quirk. 

It did help a bit with controlling it and fighting. His new bo staff was a bit difficult to use and move around with, but he had it made so it could detach easy and could make either one South or North. And he could conduct that strange energy into it too. 

Everyone's gonna be afraid of the Stunning Hero Chargebolt soon enough!!


Mirio Togata

This was that power that Midoriya had been talking about. He was grateful that he had his Permeation Quirk back, it felt as if it would never come back. But whatever the League of Villains had been thinking, they had thought wrong. If they had thought they were going to turn him into one of those brainless things or try to convince him to join. 

What he hadn't expected was getting Sir's power. To think what they had done to try to get it, that was unforgivable! But now, he had it. It really felt like he was a part of him now. Along with that massive bursting sparks of orange-yellow lightning that surrounded him. He felt more and more stronger with them. With his power, he could certainly save a million people. And he would have to master this strange power that Midoriya had offered. He had no clue as to what had caused that weird thing to happen with his Quirk, but the fact it gave him and others more than a fighting chance, he would have to make him, All Might and countless others proud.

I'll make you proud, Sir Nighteye. 


Hitoshi Shinso

Not once did he ever hate his Quirk. Resentful at times, when people had told him he could make a great villain. But never really hated it. He promised that he would become a hero with it no matter what. 

Aizawa-Sensei seemed to recognize something in him. He likely saw something of himself maybe. And he started to train him to fight and use the binding cloth. He would be a hero. 

But things had changed. Now, he had an offensive Quirk. And it was just as "villainous" as his own. The Quirk of the very man who had caused so much pain and misery; Overhaul. Although, he had heard that lunatic Shigaraki scream out that it wasn't supposed to happen. But now he had it. He felt disgusted by it. That it was a power that had destroyed so much and killed heroes. But Aizawa-Sensei had mentioned something that had really resonated with his heart. 

"The Quirk doesn't make anyone a villain or a hero. It's what you choose to do with it. What do you plan on doing with your new Quirks, Shinso-kun?"

The strange purple sparks that had come right after seemed to make him stronger but made him feel all the more like a hero. Lately, he hadn't been training with just Aizawa-sensei. The Ninja Hero Edgeshot had taken an interest in him; offering him an internship. Aizawa-sensei had even urged him to take it and learn to incorporate other fighting styles other than his own. He'd been learning to use his own body to his fullest extent along with the strange purple sparks and the Overhaul Quirk. He still didn't understand just where those sparks had come from. It looked like Midoriya's but different in color. 

The Quirk doesn't make a hero, what they do with it does. And I will be a hero, no matter what.


Izuku Midoriya

It was strange. It was weird enough learning that there were other Quirks inside One For All. He was still having difficulty mastering One For All itself. Now, he was trying to see if he could control Black Whip, but only at eight percent. And now he had some other Quirk. A Quirk outside of One For All. 

But there was something about it that felt strange; almost familiar about it. Like he was meant to have it. Heat, flames coming out of his body. It came from his body and he could use the heat from others. It almost felt nice how it wrapped around him. But he felt a danger to it too. It stung on occasion when he tried to use it. So, he had to alter his costume a bit to make it heat resistant. 

He didn't know what to call it. With the way it wrapped flames and heat around him and let him use it, he settled on calling it Torch. It felt right calling it that. He decided to use it in conjunction with his Shoot Style. Gathering enough heat was difficult. Using his own body heat seemed to drain him a bit. He had managed to create a new technique with it called Chicago Blaze. By hand-standing and then spinning his legs, he could gather heat easy and then shoot it out in small waves. 

One thing that he didn't understand was what the League of Villains were trying to do with One For All. All of a sudden, it had burst out like crazy. Like the first time Black Whip had manifested. It somehow had granted many of the captured students small sparks of One For All's power. it seemed to make them all stronger and using it in their own unique ways. And he felt stronger lately with the time he spent training and honing his body. With the Torch Quirk, he felt more of a scorching inferno at times waiting to burst out.

This wasn't a power he needed to make it all his own. It was his own. This was the torch that All Might meant to pass down to him. And it will shine as bright as him. 

Chapter Text

Even now, it was all too strange. Things were never truly the same, and would never be that way. Not even Fuyumi's prayers could do that. 

There he was standing right by their graves. The Flame Hero Endeavor, and the notorious Dabi. His father and elder brother; Todoroki Enji and Todoroki Touya. Two people he barely knew or understood. 

Natsuo was right by his side, standing over them; placing flowers and a lit candle a top of both of their graves. "So that they could see the light, no matter what," he said. It didn't make much sense but he liked it. His wife just stood by and held his shoulder tightly.

He knew that Natsu wanted to cry, but his big brother willed himself not to. Fuyumi stood by somberly while clutching her son, Akatani's, hand. Akatani looked enough like Yumi with his hair reversed; a bright crimson mess with silvery-white streaks in them but he had bright turquoise eyes instead of her grey ones.

Mom looked more somber than Yumi did. Her hair was cut short but she still looked as lovely as ever. He didn't know what she could be thinking. Although, he knew that she was sad from how she looked. Though, it wasn't clear what saddened her; the death of her husband or the death of her eldest son. 

They had finally become what they had wanted to be in the end though; truly great heroes. Endeavor will always be remembered for how he had valiantly sacrificed his life to save the lives of many. While Dabi would never escape the scorn of being a career criminal, he had certainly redeemed himself in his eyes. He hadn't forgotten how he had sacrificed himself to save him. 

"Sho, you can't save me. You need to let me go!"

"NO! I can't, I won't!"

"Shoto, it's OK. It's OK."

"I lost you before, and Dad too. I'm not going to lose you again."

"Sho, I couldn't protect you before. I couldn't do anything. For once in my life, let me protect you now!"

In that moment, he didn't see the cold icy and taunting stare of Dabi. For once in the longest time, he had seen the brother he had vaguely remembered. The brother who had joked with Natsuo and held him as a baby at least once.  He felt his grip loosening from his hand.

"Tou - "

"Goodbye, Shoto-kun," he said with a smile. He then lit a small flame on his hand, and then fell into the sea of flames that had been engulfing the area below them.


It had been nearly seven years ago. So much had changed since then. Natsuo and Fuyumi were both married, but Yumi was the only one with a child so far. Mom keeps nagging Natsu to help contribute to grant a grandchild to her. The former Turbo Hero Ingenium had stood by Fuyumi still looking as strong as ever. 

"There you are, Dad!" his son screeched as his wife had been running behind him to catch up. The Everything Hero Creati still looked as lovely and vibrant as she did in their days at U.A. His son Ryouta looked similar enough to his nephew but his eyes were the same as his own; one bright turquoise and another a steely grey. 

He had taken over the Endeavor Hero Agency; and had been placed within the Top Ten Heroes. He was fourth place but he didn't mind it all that much. Not everyone liked his hero name though, but he didn't care all that much. The Dual Hero - Redeemer. It had a small personal touch to it. 

As he stood over, he said a small prayer for them both. He could feel his tears come out of his eyes, and hear the stifled cries of his family's. Ryouta and Akatani didn't really understand. Akatani simply held his mother's hand tightly, and Ryouta had thrown himself on to his back. 

"Dad, was Grandpa a good hero?"

"Yeah, he was one of the best. And one day, you'll be as great or even better than him. Likely even better than me. I know it, son." 

As the sun began to set, he felt something almost warm right behind him. For a moment he had turned to look. For a moment, he had seen both his father and brother watching over them with small smiles. But, that was probably just something he had imagined. Probably. 

Chapter Text

U.A. was definitely awesome. He couldn't deny that. To go beyond, and plus ultra! 

He felt almost ashamed that he had left because of what he thought of Todoroki. But he turned out to be OK. And in all honesty, he didn't like Shiketsu all that much. He liked the school but some of them are just so stiff. Or maybe that's just Shishikura. Camie was alright to say the least. He got along with her better than most people. 

Todoroki wasn't the guy that was gonna be buddy-buddy with everyone but he was alright to say the least. A little bit to calm and at times a bit weird. But not bad. Doesn't seem to understand jokes much though. But his powers were super awesome and getting better with them. It helps that they train as much as they can. Although, he can't do it as much as he'd like due to his commitment with his family. Gotta like that about him. 

Kirishima was definitely someone who fit his vibe well enough. Both of them liked the same things more or less. His drive and passion was practically infectious. And his raw power was definitely something to be admired. The fact he was friendly with Bakugo was pretty cool too. And he knew that Bakugo was not the most friendliest of guys. That was pretty admirable too. Although, Bakugo was a pretty cool guy too to say the least. While not chill, he could see just how heroic his heart and spirit was. And just how powerful he was and could be. He was kinda funny whenever he blew up though; just like a bomb. 

Midoriya was kinda odd to say the least. But he loved his drive to be a hero as well as his raw power. He was definitely creative with it. He had took some time to help him control the air pressure he created with his fingers and hands. The way he talked about Quirks like they were the greatest thing in the world was something that he definitely liked as well. From the way he fought and the way he smiled, it was almost as if he was coming to know the next All Might. 

They weren't the only ones he found interesting and friendly. Class 1-A was cool but Class 1-B was certainly something else. Juzo Honenuki's Quirk was definitely something to see. And he faintly remembered him from the U.A Entrance Exam that he had taken alongside Todoroki. He had felt a little bit jealous that he mentioned one of his classmate's Quirk was like his, but that didn't matter much. Shinso was definitely interesting too. He reminded him a bit like Todoroki in some ways. His Quirk was not the flashiest but it was definitely cool. What was cooler was how he was training under Eraserhead to learn combat training. 

He definitely liked hanging around with them. Midoriya often had something interesting to say. Todoroki was becoming like his Quirk; a bit icy yet fiery sometimes. Bakugo had some pretty smart things to say but always said it in a way that made you think he was pissed off. Kirishima was easy to get along with and was always up for a challenge. Honenuki always had some kind of joke to say about anything. Shinso often tried to trick him with his Quirk but he was kinda fun. 

It almost made him sad in knowing that they went to different schools. But he knows that friends don't just leave; especially not these friends. They're like brothers almost. Now, if only he and his brothers actually all went to the same school, either U.A or Shiketsu. He wouldn't really mind that at all.

Chapter Text

He barely understood just what had happened to say the least. He knew that Master must have been some kind of hero before. But he never knew that he was a Pro. The High Speed Hero himself!

When they had taken down that speed villain, something strange had happened. None of them knew or understood, but somehow, he had gotten Master's Quirk. It was unbelievable! Everything was going so fast! Or felt like it to say the least. Seeing, hearing and even thinking at super fast speed. 

He wanted to give it back, but Master said that it was alright. He even asked if his daughter Tamao wanted it by any chance. She certainly would make a great hero and a true successor and sidekick to Master. But she made some weird look and said that she was fine just having her Quirk. It wasn't as fast as Master's but she handled it well enough.

"I couldn't ask for anyone better to have my Quirk, Koichi."

It was so weird. How it seemed to mesh with his own Slide/Glide Quirk. He felt like he was a blur that no one could have seen. He could easily be a hero and truly replace him as the new High Speed Hero. But as much as he'd want that, it wouldn't be fair to Master. And it would seem as if he was just making fun of him. And it wasn't as if he could call himself the new O'Clock. 

But he couldn't call himself the Crawler either. I've become something else entirely. Someone else. 

Look out world, here comes Two O'Clock!!

Chapter Text

He had no clue as to where he should start his internship. He had wanted to go to Manual's agency, but he had reservations toward it given how he had behaved under his tenure. 

Instead, he had opted to intern under the Ninja Hero Edgeshot. He had no clue as to what to expect. But he had surprisingly learned much from the elusive man. 

For one thing, he learned to better to control his speed. He didn't know how to teach him because of his Quirk, he had given him some sound advice, if a bit strange. 

"You must learn to turn that loud roar into a soft growl."

Thus, he had learned to lessen the impact that could result from his speed when he could. Making it soft at the beginning and at the end to lessen the impact. He wouldn't even need to put in air bags in his suit as a result. 

"Remember this, Young Iida. One of the greatest priorities for any ninja, or a hero, is to win without fighting"

That did not make sense at first. Until he had realized just what Edgeshot had meant. A real hero does not go in fighting in any situation. A hero's duty is to the people they are saving and rescuing, not to fight the villain. While one may need to fight, a hero can't go look for one. 

What had made the experience stranger was the lessons in meditation. He knew that it was good for the mind as well as the soul from what he had known and read about it. But what Edgeshot had said about had tugged at him. 

"Meditation helps you stay in a calm and clear-headed state, so when you challenges come at you, you can deal with them in a calm and thoughtful manner. When you are centered, you're emotions do not cloud you."

It had reminded him much how he had acted toward Stain; after seeing just what he had done to Tensei. He let his childish anger get the better of him. He hadn't acted like a hero, but a petulant child. He needed to be better than that. He wanted to do better than that. 

"You have made great strides in our time, Young Iida. I'd say you have the makings of being a greater hero than your brother. I am certain of that."

And for the first time in a long time, since seeing his brother and being given his title, he had truly felt that he could be.

Chapter Text

He didn't think something like that would or could happen. It shouldn't have been possible. Yet, somehow, he had gotten a hold of a Quirk. 

It was something that he had always wanted; a true Quirk of his own. He had often remembered how the others would look down on him because of his Quirk; Copy. 

"That's such a stupid Quirk!"

"You and your power are the same: USELESS!"

"How can someone like you be a hero?"

They were right. He could never truly be a hero with his Quirk or get stronger as his own, as much as he tried to. As much as he wanted to, he could not go down the straight path of a hero. But he learned to adapt and work with others to help better himself. Even though, he would be nothing more than support. The man behind the man rather than the man himself. Even in the most dire of times, the supporters could one day upstage the lead. 

Somehow, his Quirk had permanently taken it into his body. It was rumoured that the Quirk still existed even when the user had long since died. He had just happened to have come across it by pure accident, and didn't know just what possessed him to touch the body. Yet, he had gotten the Quirk all the same. 

He could still use Copy, but this new Quirk was something else. It had been difficult to tame at first, but he had gotten the hang of it. Just by touching something, he was able to create small but powerful enough explosions. He could even launch the things he touched at someone. He felt great with it. 

For once, he felt more than he was before. More than a Phantom Thief. More like a Phantom ... Blaster ... or Bomber. Something that can't be touched yet felt all the same. 


Chapter Text

His name was Shirakumo Oboro. His hero name was Loud Cloud. And he was one of his few close and good friends after Zashi and Kayama. 

No one could have forgotten him. Just before he retired from old age; Mr. Purple had commissioned a proper commemoration for him in U.A. The picture that was put up had done more than capture him. His hair was a rich blonde wavy hair often swept up; almost looking like a cloud. A giant smile plastered on his face as usual. 

At times, he had wondered just how good of a hero he would have been. He was already quite the inspiration when they were young. And many had called him charming. He might have been a better teacher than all of us too. Hell, he probably could have replaced him in teaching Class 1-A. 

The moment that he had seen Zashi's and Kayama's faces, he knew that they were thinking the exact same thing. 

He then turned his face to the sky. It wasn't as dark and stormy as before. It was a calm and breezy day. The sun shining and the clouds big and fluffy. It was almost as if ...

No, that's not logical. But it was a nice thought either way.

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She vaguely remembered him. She couldn't remember if he went to Kotetsubusu Academy or U.A. but she knew that he was supes hot. 

He seemed a bit shorter than before but those freckles and green hair made hit look totes cute. Also, it looked as if he was hiding a rockin' hot bod underneath that hero costume of his. Practically adorbs, especially with that determined look of his when he got serious.

She’d known she needed to have him, even though Shiketsu and Seishikura would say something about not being with U.A. and all that. Being a bit flirty and straightforward, she just gone after him and made things clear as day. The way he blushed was totes cute, looking shocked as hell. The girls at his school probably don't want him or see just how cute he is. He's got to have at least one girl who's crushing on him. a guy as earnest and cute as him wouldn’t have gone completely unnoticed. But none of them had made their move, and it's totes obvi he's not gonna hit on anyone, so all of this was completely new to him.

“I’ve—I’ve never—“ he began, but she cut him off with a finger on his lips.

“Shh,” she whispered. She’d dragged him off to an empty room, eased him into a chair and immediately got to work with him. “I know. It’s okay. Just leave it to me.” She had no problem with him being inexperienced. The U.A girls loss was her gain. On the contrary, she was honored to have this chance to break him in. 

The moment she kissed him, his face was practically lit with how red it was. And his lips are crazy soft. Like some supes soft pillow or something. “Wow,” she said with a gasp, eyes widening once she felt just how hard he was thanks to the frantic make-out session they had on their way into the room, and she whistled at the size of him. Those girls at his school didn’t know what they were missing! 

The more they made out, the more she wanted out of him. It felt more and more clear that he's hiding abs. She could also feel just how toned his legs were. And how his arms were practically bulging. Suddenly, she felt his hands slowly go down to the curve of her ass. Oooh, such a naughty hero. Then, he took a light enough squeeze of it. Very naughty!

For a moment she opened her eyes and he opened his. His eyes were wide but they were as green as his hair. His hands began to move but then flinched, like he wanted to touch her but wasn’t sure if he should, so she smiled, took his hands in hers and guided them to her boobs. He cupped her large boobs, squeezing and that spurred her a bit. 

But this couldn't last. They both needed to get back to that stupid hero seminar, and fast too. There would definitely be a next time for her and that green-haired ball of cuteness. She would make sure of it. 

"Later, cutie! See you soon!"

"Uh, um, yeah. S-S-See you soon ..."

Huh, that kid kinda looks like me. Just a tiny bit. 

And who is that chick that's with him?!! 

Damn you, U.A.! And damn you too, Shiketsu!