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Daddy's Reward

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Walking into his apartment at fuck in the morning was something Yoongi had gotten used to. It was a constant routine -- working from the morning to the evening, having to stay overtime due to someone quitting their job or deciding not to show up. Whatever the cause may’ve been, Yoongi had to unlock his door as quickly as possible and scramble inside with his coat and suitcase in hand so that he can spend the next milliseconds shushing a barking ginger poodle that went wild every time his owner came home.

Tonight was no exception.

Unlocking the door and sliding in, the man would instantly have to bend down with the hand that wasn’t occupied with his business luggage and ruffle it atop of his four-legged companion’s head, and retreated to stand up properly once more. He marched forward, turning on the light of his decently sized and notably clean living room, setting his suitcase on the marble countertop that lightly blocked off the kitchen to the rest of the living space, and hanging his coat up over one of his bar stools. His shoes being left at the door.

The apartment wasn’t anything super luxurious, but was indeed no poor man's hovel. A decent amount of space with white walls matched with hardwood floors. The lighting fixtures were new and bright, adjustable by dial on various knobs on the wall. There are tons of different items that created a good looking living space, though, surprisingly lonely if one would sit too long doing nothing.

That wouldn’t be how it was tonight for the businessman, thankfully.

Groaning once the lights were turned on, and shoving their face beneath a soft blanket; a figure would be resting on the couch, long asleep and now woken up by the man who came in and caused the dog to bark and the artificial sun to raise. Sitting up would be a lanky man in a comfortable shirt and pants, scratching the back of his head as he was forced to face the light with one open eye. His gaze turned to Yoongi, and his pout slowly shifted into a smile.

“Yoongi-ah…” He mumbled, slowly standing and moving to the slightly shorter male. He wrapped his arms around the older man and snuggled him close.

“I’ve missed you.” He purrs.

Yoongi’s attention had moved from Hoseok’s waking form, to the man walking over to him and wrapping his arms around him. Yoongi responded by placing his large hands on the man’s waist and kissing his nose, then his lips, and his chin.

Hoseok smiled into it, kissing back on the lips when Yoongi had found himself there for a quick peck.

“You look tired. Long day at work?”

“Yeah.” Yoongi replied, somewhat distantly. He reached up and shoved down some messy bedhead strands of Hoseok’s hair.

“At least you look rested.” Yoongi stated.

Hoseok smiled, his eyes crinkling and he gave a loud giggle, taking Yoongi close to him and nuzzling himself in the crook of the elder’s neck.

“....You don’t have work tomorrow, right?” He purred, taking in the man’s scent.

Yoongi blinked a little, then shook his head. He reached up and scratched his own scalp, which was comprised of fluffy and only partially styled black hair, made to fall in front of his eyes but not to appear shaggy.

“Not that I know of.” Yoongi responded.

Hoseok’s smile became a bit softer, and he leaned himself further into Yoongi while nuzzling his neck.

“....We haven’t had fun in quite a long time.” Hoseok stated.

“I’d like it if you take care of me tonight.”

Yoongi offered a sound in the back of his throat, looking at the heavily-leaning Hoseok, who had made his way all the way against him, despite being larger than the man he was leaning against.

“....You’re never so forward.” Yoongi mumbled, reaching up to rub at the base of Hoseok’s neck.

Hoseok pouted, and lifted himself to look at Yoongi.

“There’s something new I’d like to try. You always take care of me so well...I want to take care of you too. A special treatment tonight.” He explained.

Yoongi rolled the thought over in his head with a sigh. It was a long week, and he was off tomorrow after working thirteen days without break. He furrowed his brows a bit, shook his head, and moved to lightly pat Hoseok on his lower back.

“....Alright, then. If you want to try something, I’m here for it...What do you have in mind?”

Hoseok smiled, leaning in and cupping Yoongi’s cheek with his hand and tilting his head to land one more peck on his cheek.

“You’ll see…” He murmured, lowering his voice.



The bedroom of the apartment was also rather neat and pretty. With the same colored walls and floor panelling, but with a queen-sized bed with a black comforter and a dresser that held all of a man’s necessities. There was a laptop on a simple table over in the corner of the room, a decently sized wardrobe closet with a mirror as the door, and two side tables on either side of the steel-framed mattress. There was nice, warm lighting from the top that, like the rest of the apartment, could be dialed from bright to dim depending what was wanted.

When the door to said bedroom was slung open and two bodies clattered to the bed, crashing on top of it, the somewhat neat feel of the place all of the sudden seemed to vanish as Yoongi’s shirt was thrown to the side and Hoseok’s pants gone and thrashed to the floor, leaving him in only his boxers. Both men met at the bed in a heated kiss, hoseok beneath Yoongi as the older ground himself down into the submissive man. Hoseok moaned out and arched his back a little, his hands cupping Yoongi’s face as he peppers kisses all along it.

“Daddy…” He whined out.

Yoongi licked his lip as he pulled back, staring down at Hoseok. “Mn?”

Hoseok responded without words, lightly lifting up the hem of his bedshirt as he lightly rises his hips into Yoongi's. As he lifts his shirt past his chest, he lightly bit the fabric between his hands and presented his erect buds forward, staring at Yoongi with expectancy.

Yoongi watched the motion and took a deep breath, all while slowly lowering his head to Hoseok's exposed collarbone to drag kisses down to the man's washboard-like chest. Yoongi gave a lick to one of the man's nipples while the other was lightly pinched between tendony fingers. Yoongi watched as the man beneath him began to writhe and bite back a sound in the back of his throat. This only prompted the older man to drag his teeth along the sensitive flesh.

“You're so sensitive, Baby Boy…” Yoongi murmured through his teasing.

Hoseok responded with parting his lips and letting out a beta-like whimper, his hands releasing the hem of his shirt as he moved to run his fingers through Yoongi's hair.

“O-Only for you, Daddy…” Hoseok breathed.

“Such a pretty Baby Boy.” Yoongi ticked his tongue, before dragging his tongue down the younger man's stomach in a single stripe. The simple action alone caused a slight arch towards Hoseok's spine, though Yoongi could tell that Hoseok was playing into the feeling a bit more than he naturally would.

Before Yoongi could get down to the waistband of his partner's boxers, a shaky hand was placed on his head and a pliant whimper came from above.

“W-wait, Daddy…”

Yoongi lifted his head up.

“Yes, Baby?”

Hoseok lightly twitched his hips away as he pulled into a sit, placing his hands on Yoongi's shoulders as he balanced on his knees and let his shirt fall back down past his chest. The younger took no time, leaning forward and kissing Yoongi again. The kiss was full of vigor and could be described as wet. Hoseok moaned into the kiss, which caused a hitch of breath in Yoongi as the two men pressed together and Yoongi's hands rest on Hoseok's slim hips.

Yoongi noticed the man’s considerable tent at the front of his boxers, but to boot, he noticed that the Hoseok’s hands that rested on his shoulders had started to get more heavy over time, slowly beginning to urge him to lay back. Yoongi questioned it at first, but when Hoseok leaned himself against Yoongi and pressed into the kiss, it became obvious that the man wanted him to lay back.

Obliging, Yoongi would grunt as he lets his legs sprawl out and his back rest against his comforter. He looked up at Hoseok, who still had his doe-eyed expression and jovial smile.

“I told you I was going to treat you today, Daddy. I plan on doing just that.” He purred.
Yoongi gulped. He nodded once and reached his hand up to stroke Hoseok’s cheek, running the belly of his thumb beneath his eye. In turn, Hoseok closed his eyes and smiled even wider, all before lightly taking Yoongi’s hand into his own and lowering it back to the older’s side. He purred out again, and slowly began to crawl over Yoongi. He stopped with one leg between the kneecaps of the other, and brought himself down to kiss Yoongi’s cheek, and then his neck.

“You’ve been working so hard, Daddy.” Hoseok whispered in Yoongi’s ear, before licking a strip up the outer edge of the cartilage.

Yoongi felt a shiver go up his spine and his breath stuck in his throat for a moment. There was a guttural sigh and he tilted his head away.

“Thank you, Baby…” Yoongi mumbled.

Hoseok raised himself up, and kissed down Yoongi’s collarbones like the man did to him moments before. He licked across the skin, before taking his teeth to one of the bones and suckling on the flesh until he left a satisfying mark.

“Don’t thank me, Daddy...Not until you’ve had your reward.” Hoseok growled out.

Perhaps a bit too dark in tone.

Yoongi stirred a bit as he opened his eyes; glossed over with the scent and lust of the bedroom. He cleared his throat and tilted his head up to see the chocolate haired boy licking down to his chest. When he noticed the man going for his nipple, he blinked rapidly.


“No, no..Shh, Daddy. Let me do this for you…”

Hoseok grinned, before lowering his head and latching his lips onto the erect dusty nub that had found sanction on Yoongi’s chest. He bit his teeth down and allowed it to puff up in his mouth, before swirling his tongue around it. As Yoongi did before, Hoseok’s hand trailed up to touch Yoongi’s other nipple, pinching and twisting it in a teasing manner.

Yoongi couldn’t help but grunt in the back of his throat; unsure of the situation and why Hoseok had suddenly taken to his chest. His mind only muddled further as Hoseok spoke in a lust-filled manner, low and gruff. Far more than usual.

“You always make me feel good, Daddy… Always inside of me and pounding me good.” Hoseok nuzzled the man’s chest, before lifting up and smiling up at the man.

His smile, was different. A bit sadistic, a bit dark. But still, somehow, affectionate.
“Tonight, I’m going to reward Daddy like how he rewards me.”

It took a moment for Yoongi to register what was being said to him. He would part his lips to speak, but Hoseok had already begun shifting their bodies. He didn’t want to admit it, but Hoseok was surely a bit more muscular than he was. His partner was a dancer while he himself was a businessman. It was natural.

Hoseok would lightly part Yoongi’s legs a bit further, riding up his leg with his own in the middle. He stopped his kneecap a few inches shy of Yoongi’s still-clothed crotch, and took his hands to Yoongi’s wrists. With a rough tug, Yoongi’s hands were manhandled over his head, and once again, he was pushed into a fierce kiss.

Each time they connected their lips, it seemed to have gotten more and more lustful. Yoongi had to gasp for air at the last second for this kiss, wiggling against Hoseok’s strength -- though more uncomfortable than anything. He mumbled into the kiss, but the moment his lips were parted, a tongue was entered and ventured around his mouth. When Yoongi made another noise, however, Hoseok decided to pull away.

“What is it, Daddy?”

Yoongi stared up at Hoseok, his eyes blown and his cheeks a deep red. Still attempting to run through what was going on, he wiggled more against the strain Hoseok was putting on his wrists. The younger realized this and slowly dropped the man’s hands, but moved both palms to Yoongi’s waist and draws it up.

“Cat got your tongue, dearest?” Hoseok growled a little.

Yoongi whimpered. He stared at Hoseok and gulped down the saliva that was collected in his mouth. He was in shock. Hoseok never attempted to be dominant to him -- never tried to overrule Yoongi’s rule. Yoongi didn't know what to do. He didn’t know whether he wanted to stop or continue.

He didn’t realize that Hoseok had this in him.

Hoseok growled again, finally taking his kneecap up the rest of the way. He ground his knee up into Yoongi’s slack-covered member, licking his lower lip as he stared down to the smaller male beneath him.

“You’re going to be good for me, right Daddy? Going to take this?”

Yoongi grunted in response.

Hoseok smiled a little, grinding his leg into Yoongi again. Though, harder this time around. This time, Yoongi jumped a bit and his own hips squirmed around a bit awkwardly. The pressure that weld up between his legs starting to become a bit uncomfortable. Yoongi took a deep breath and attempted to lean himself up into Hoseok a bit, which caused the other to giggle a bit.

“I’m glad you aren’t opposed to your reward~.” He whispered.

One hand reached up to cup and stroke Yoongi’s cheek, while the other moves down to undo his belt and unbuckle his slacks. He slid them down the man’s legs to his ankles and let Yoongi finish rustling them off. Yoongi’s legs were thin and pale, as the rest of him. But by no means did they appear overly dainty or feminine. Either way, Hoseok growled towards the sight.

“You’re so beautiful, Daddy.”

Yoongi whimpered in juncture. Him? Beautiful?

Yoongi’s cheeks flush a deep pink and he nodded. His voice was way smaller than he originally thought it’d be when he thought the words over in his head.

“...T-thanks, Baby…”

Hoseok snickered a bit, his hand moving down and simply gliding to Yoongi’s briefs. He took a little bit of time to stroke the outline of Yoongi’s hardening member, before sliding his hand inside and grabbing hold of the swelling length. His fingernails trail up the man’s veins and along his foreskin, which he pulled back with a delicate shlick.

Yoongi’s eyes pop open a bit, staring at Hoseok with wide orbs, before they squint and he panted out. He shook his head a little bit and squirmed his hips. This was his reward, right? He could try to enjoy himself.

“So needy…” Hoseok exhaled, before starting to slowly pump the man’s member on the inside of his boxers, However, there would be a bit of hesitance as he realized the restrictive motions the underwear had. With a slightly irritated grunt, Hoseok would pull the underwear off of Yoongi’s hips and stopped when they were above his knees. He went back to the man’s hardening cock, and began to pump again. His hand more-or-less dancing across the flesh rather than carelessly moving up and down. He twirled his fingers and rotated his knuckles as he leaned closer to Yoongi’s face.

“I’m going to make you feel so good, Daddy.”

Yoongi whined a little, turning his head to rest his gaze on Hoseok. There’d be a stare between the pair that lingered while the older man was being stimulated, but it was lightly budded when Hoseok rested his forehead against Yoongi’s and kissed him just once on the nose; a peck of affection, more so than lust.

Yoongi’s chin dipped down and he closed his eyes, making a sound in the back of his throat, before he tilted back up to kiss Hoseok on the lips to get back from the peck on the nose.

“Y-Yeah...Make Daddy feel good, Baby…” He whispered.

Hoseok nodded. Of course he would. His hand slowly parts from Yoongi’s shaft, moving down to lightly cup and fondle with the man’s balls, and retreated down further between the cleavage of his rear end. Hoseok hummed a bit, before nodding towards Yoongi.

“Here, roll over for me… Lift up your hips.”

Yoongi flushed, but did as he was told. He fumbled over onto his stomach; pressing his hardened dick into the comforter and jolting at the strange, inhuman sensation. Hoseok cooed as Yoongi’s hips rise off of the bed, while his head and shoulders remain rested upon it.

“So cute…” He mumbled, before his hand was caught lightly stroking across Yoongi’s left cheek. He gave a few slow circular motion rubs, before his palm collided with the man’s flesh.

Yoongi, unexpecting, would jump his head up and almost give off a yelp, his eyes wide. He looks back to Hoseok and his hips settle after the shock. He gulped as the pain stung through his rear and down his thigh. His cheeks flushing deeper, catching to his neck and painting his collar pink.

His cock seemed to respond too, twitching to full attention after the spank.

“Oho, Daddy...I never expected you to like pain.” Hoseok mumbled, before his hand spread forward Yoongi’s cheeks. He observed what he’d be working with; a taut, dusty colored entrance, never touched or played with. Hoseok couldn’t help but sigh.

“You look so cute down here… You’ve ruined mine so many times, Daddy...Do you want me to show you how it feels?” He growled.

Yoongi didn’t respond, resting his head down against the comforter as embarrassment washes over him.

That was until another sharp slap found itself colliding with his ass, the same area as last time.

With a loud gasp, Yoongi finally nodded, though weak and malleable.

Hoseok lowered his shoulders, content.

“As you wish.”

With that, Hoseok took the time to move away from Yoongi to locate the small tube of lubricant that the pair had bought for these activities a little while ago. Though, before tonight, it was always used on Hoseok instead.

Slicking his fingers up with the cold gel caused the hair on the back of Hoseok’s neck to raise. He was so used to slicking his fingers up to put in himself...But not this time. His stomach was heavy at the feeling, and he gave off a somewhat feral purr towards the thought of sticking it inside of his usual domineering partner.

He located himself back on the bed, his dick bobbing with the movement. He found himself behind Yoongi, and after warming up his fingers, he rimmed it around the taut hole that was presented before him.

Yoongi shuddered at the cold, his brows furrowing and he growled out a bit while his hands curled into fists. He wasn’t expecting something so awkward. Yet here he was, presenting his ass to his boyfriend; who is staring at him like he’s a mosaic piece. He couldn’t take it. It was too embarassing!

He wiggled his hips, trying to edge Hoseok on.

“C’mon…” Yoongi mumbled, strained.

Hoseok made a small ‘tsk’ sound in the back of his throat.

“So impatient...Daddy, when I’m so needy, I get reprimanded...Do you want to be punished?”

Yoongi’s eyes clamp shut again, and he shook his head.


Hoseok sighed wistfully. “Then, let me do my thing.”

His finger finally found haven, sliding into Yoongi’s painfully tight entrance. He took it slow and delicate as to not hurt the man. He rotated himself in, almost like a screw -- up to his knuckle. He waited a moment before beginning to move the finger in and out. He could tell Yoongi was in pain due to the amount of strain he had in his hips, and his hitched breath.

Yoongi grit his teeth, but he calmed down as Hoseok hummed delicately to him, slowly rubbing his lower back as he continued to work his finger.
It was a strange sensation, pressure-filled and it hurt, having something going in a place it was meant to come out. Yoongi groaned out a bit and his head butted against the comforter a few times, before he took the courage that pooled in his belly after a few minutes of repetition.

“You can add another…” He whimpered.

Hoseok nodded softly, adding another finger with patience before he began to scissor Yoongi in small snips. He rotated his knuckles around inside the older man, which caused Yoongi to squirm and groan lightly. The pain starting to also be accompanied by some form of pleasure that kindled a fire around the man’s lower body.

There’d be a good moment or two of this, before Hoseok slowly pulled out his fingers. He licked his lower lip as he started to rub Yoongi’s back, and rolled the black-haired man over onto his back. He would place himself between his legs as he looked down. Yoongi stared up at him with half-lidded eyes and parted lips, breathing in soft pants. His legs spread unconsciously.

He was flushed red and shiny at the nose from sweat, while his eyes were glossy and his lips slicked in his saliva from probably licking his lip from the new sensation.

Hoseok couldn’t help but smile, positioning himself between Yoongi’s sprawled out legs, and he slowly raised one of the man’s knees so he had better access to his ass.

“You’re so good, Daddy. So cute.”

Hoseok slowly took his own hardened dick in his hand, and located it in alignment with Yoongi’s entrance. With a breath, Hoseok looked towards Yoongi. His free hand reached up, rotating on Yoongi’s hip.

“Are you ready to feel really good, Daddy? Ready to see what it feels like when you fuck me?”

Yoongi took a shaky, nervous breath. He nodded his head, but Hoseok noted how unsure of himself he felt.

“Don’t worry. I’m here. If you want me to stop, I’ll be sure to do so…”

And with that, Hoseok slid himself slowly -- painfully slowly, inside of Yoongi’s tight hole. Yoongi groaned out and his back arched at the splitting pain that went up his back, his eyes narrowing as he hissed and parted his lips to let out a moan of strain. He placed his hands on either side of himself, and clenched the black sheets he laid against. His hips forcibly moved up while Hoseok’s cock buried itself inside of him.

Hoseok hissed out, before bowing himself over the smaller form a bit. Hobi couldn’t help but whimpering at the heat that was pulsating on the inside of Yoongi’s body, but he knew better than to move at a time like this. He simply sat still, massaging Yoongi’s hip as the older man got used to the feeling of being inside of him.

“Daddy, are you okay?” Hoseok whimpered.

Yoongi, amongst his strained panting, nodded limply. “Mnh...Mmmhm…”

Hoseok sighed a bit, slowly rolling his hips to start the process of loosening up his boyfriend.

“You’ve got to calm down… Breathe, relax...Or I can’t make you feel good.” Hoseok explained.

Yoongi tried his best after hearing Hoseok’s words, breathing in and out as if he had a cramp of some kind, his body writhing a little to get used to the pressure inside. He felt so full -- not realizing just how big Hoseok could’ve been in comparison to his body.

When Yoongi began to rotate his hips, Hoseok took that to move in juncture. He growled a little bit, his hips peeling away from circular motions to moving partially in and out of the smaller male, thrusting into him at a delicate but eager rate. He didn’t take any time to let the older suffer, reaching his hand around to massage his balls as he bounced his hips.

Yoongi was silent at first, keeping his sounds in as they were mostly pain-filled and whimpers of his mind calling him to stop due to how it felt. However, he began to relax when he realized that he does this to Hoseok all the time. And that he was -with- Hoseok. Those two things enough, caused Yoongi to breathe out, and raise his hips up.

The pain finally started to drift, and the pleasure began to kick in.

Hoseok sensed it.

Hoseok grabbed Yoongi by the knee, lifting up the man’s knee onto his shoulder as he started to plunder his hips into Yoongi’s hole at a faster rate; using more pressure and starting to pant with his thrusting as his own heat weld up in his stomach.

Yoongi let out a whine, his hips moving down while Hoseok’s moved up. His legs began to shake and a heat flushed over his body as the sensation hit him. His back on fire, but not in pain -- his hips moving on their own. The numbness of pleasure began to take over, and Yoongi couldn’t hold in his whimpers anymore. His moaning soft as he began to bounce in time of Hoseok’s thrusts.

Hoseok closed one eye, looking at the sweaty sight beneath him.

“So good, Daddy. You’re doing...So good~” He whined.

Yoongi whimpered out in response, wiggling his hips as a clear liquid began to bubble itself out of his member and onto his thin stomach.

“B-Baby...Baby it feels good.” Yoongi breathed out, moaning aloud as the pressure grew.

Hoseok purred, lightly finding one of Yoongi’s hands to twine their fingers together as he tilted himself just slightly at a particular angle. He closed his eyes, and thrust himself down as hard as he could on a certain bundle of nerves.

Yoongi’s eyes widen and his vision goes white for a second. Having his prostate hit -- the man couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure, his toes curling as more precum dribbles out onto his stomach. His hip-movements became more espastic, and his back arches obscenely off the bed as he moaned out again, His dick jumping with every thrust, twitching and his veins bulge as he’s slammed into.

Hoseok growled at the reaction; the boy’s lust-filled face edging him on as he began to hit his prostate over and over, at a rough but conscious pace that Yoongi seemed to be enjoying most.

“Good, Daddy...Fuck -- Daddy, you’re so good for me. Do you like your reward? Do you like this?”

Yoongi couldn’t do anything but nod, his hands moving up to his own head as he gripped his own hair as his hips and back arched up into the thrusting on their own. His eyes bloodshot and drool pooling at the corners of his lips.

“D-Daddy feels good, Baby...So good...I -- ah, fuck...Hoseok, please.” Yoongi whined out, his body flaring up in pulses.

“Harder?” Hoseok asked.

Yoongi didn’t do anything but nod.

Hoseok smiled, raising Yoongi’s hips up further as he started to plow so hard into Yoongi’s ass that his balls slapped against the paler’s ass at a constant rate, slamming into him on a chase to make his boyfriend feel the best as possible.

Yoongi’s eyes roll up in the back of his head, and he grips down on his hair as his hips begin to spazz.

“C-Cumming. Baby, I’m cumming.” Yoongi whined out, voice an octave higher than usual.

Hoseok growled, his hand snatching down towards Yoongi’s cock as he began to thrust against it, all while plowing the man from behind. Ensuring he was taking enough pleasure from both the front and the back to drive him mad. It was working, too, Yoongi would be convulsing under him, moaning out while he runs after his orgasm until he bursts.

With a sharp whine from Yoongi’s lips, a whining pant filled the air as the man’s hips raise and grind against Hoseok’s involuntarily; his insides pulsating against the man who was balls deep inside of him. Yoongi’s eyes partially roll up into the back of his head as they close, and sharp streams of white flood out of his slit and onto his stomach and over Hoseok’s hand without much warning. His body remained stiff for a moment, before slowly collapsing.

Hoseok was not far behind at all. The man let out a sharp breath as his thrusts come to a sputtering stop, and he releases himself into the man’s hole -- pulsating his hips in small motions as the pumps on Yoongi’s cock come to a halt.

Both men remained in place, silent -- catching their breaths with raggedly raising chests. Hoseok had to find himself before being able to pull out of Yoongi, making the man squirm beneath him as he felt what Hoseok released inside of him make its way out. Yoongi kept his eyes closed, shivering and panting. His body twitched now and again, and his brows were furrowed.

Hoseok caught his breath, and slowly lowered himself down next to Yoongi, pulling the man close and making him rotate onto his side.

“Yoongi-ah…?” He whispered.

Yoongi twitched his eyelids, before tiredly working them open to place onto Hoseok. He made a sound in the back of his throat, allowing his shoulders to release from their tense state. Hoseok would reach up, lightly moving the man’s bangs from over his eyes before landing a soft kiss on the center of his forehead.

“Did that feel good for you, Yoongi?” Hoseok asked, a hint of worry touching his voice. Though he had visual evidence, he wanted to make sure his partner wasn’t feeling guilt afterwards.

Yoongi took a moment to register, but he nodded delicately after a moment and reached up, limply stroking Hoseok’s cheek with his finger.

“...It felt good. Is that how I always make you feel?” Yoongi questioned.

Hoseok nodded delicately. “All of the time. It may hurt at first, but you take care of me well. I wanted to do the same for you.”

A shy, blush-ridden smile comes across Yoongi’s cheeks, and he tips his head down, while Hoseok hooks his chin back to point up

“Thank you for letting me do that. We may roleplay, but it doesn’t matter so long as both of us are okay at the end, right?”

Yoongi nodding in agreement.


Yoongi tucked his fingers into the back of Hoseok’s hair, and leaned up to kiss him on the lips in one final kiss, while twining their legs together and pressing their chests close.

“I love you, Hoseok.”

“I love you too, Yoongi.”