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A Badge Doesn't Hide a Scent

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Eight Years Ago


Bakugou Katsuki was a late bloomer. He didn’t figure this out until he was nineteen though. Most people presented anywhere from the age of fourteen at the earliest and seventeen at the latest (usually). Katsuki, on the other hand, didn’t present his secondary gender until he was nineteen.


He was a new cop, and mostly got slow desk jobs at the time. He had just completed police academy a few months prior, and was stationed at a small office. He had gone into work feeling a bit sluggish, his skin a tad feverish and oversensitive, but he’d chocked it up to a cold and went into work anyway. None of his coworkers had noticed anything out of the ordinary. That’s not what made him rush to see his doctor.


Two of his at-the-time coworkers had been having a conversation about scents. Something about his omega girlfriend smelling like marshmallow fluff or some bullshit like that.

“Omega’s always smell like candy to me.” The guy had said.

“Oh yeah?” The older, fatter cop replied. “What do other Alpha’s smell like for you? What about me?”

The dark haired guy shrugged. “You smell like Thanksgiving food to me.”

“You smell like exhaust to me.” The second cop said with a jolly-sounding laugh that always bothered Katsuki, but that day especially. “What about Beta’s? Hey, what’s Bakugou smell like to ya’?”

Dark hair paused for a second as he scented the air around Katsuki who was trying to poor himself a cup of coffee.  “Like hard candy.” He finally concluded. “Sour apple maybe? Stronger today too.” He scrunched up his nose and Katsuki scoffed.


“Not like I gave you permission to fucking smell me you creep-” Katsuki paused, his lips on the rim of the foam coffee cup he’d filled with black coffee. “‘Hard candy’...?” He echoed, and then almost dropped his cup. Some coffee spilled onto the counter as he set his cup on the laminate counter. “I need to go to the clinic.” He stated.

“Are you not feeling well-?”


Katsuki didn’t stop to hear the rest of what he was saying before he was booking it out of the office. He’d deal with his scolding later. The entire drive to the clinic he goes to for regular check-ups was a short one. He was nearly hysterical as he drove there though.

There’s no way. I thought I’d be an Alpha as a kid. My parents are both Alphas. Is it even possible to have an Omega kid? Maybe I’m intersex or something. That would explain why I never presented-’ The thoughts were jumbled as they entered his head.


He was still completely in his head as he stalked into the clinic, asking for a walk in with his usual doctor, Dr. Cementos. He was a man with very wide shoulders and a deep gravelly voice, a military haircut, and skin so pale it was almost gray. When he told the receptionist that it was urgent, he was able to squeeze in to see his doctor.


“I need you to run tests on me.” Katsuki had all but begged when he sat down in Dr.Cementos’ office, tugging on the collar of his shirt. It felt too hot and scratchy against his skin.

“What for?” Dr. Cementos asked calmly, intertwining his fingers in his lap.

“For-for-” Katsuki waved his hand around his head, as if that would explain everything. When his doctor only blinked, he let out a sigh that sounded halfway like a growl. “My fuckin- My secondary gender!”


Dr. Cementos blinked again. “What about it?” He asked.

“I wanna’ fuckin’ know what it is!” Katsuki exclaimed, voice an octave higher than usual.

“Do you think you could be presenting later?” He questioned.

“Shit- yes!”

“Okay, okay.” Cementos raised his hands in a placating manner. “I’ll get a cup and we’ll run a few tests.”

“Is-is there anyway we can find out today?” Katsuki asked, clearing his throat.

“Of course. It only takes about twenty minutes or so.”


Katsuki about slumped in relief. ‘ It’s probably nothing,’ he'd told himself at the time. ‘There’s no way you can be an Omega. They ran tests on you before. You wouldn’t have been able to become a cop if you were an Omega. ’ He sat for about half an hour in the small, gray room. It was cold in there and he usually puts his hands under his knees to try to warm them up, but that day the cool, sterile air had felt nice on his overheated skin.


“Okay,” Cementos announced as he re-entered the room, paperwork in hand. He had small, rectangular glasses perched on the end of his nose as he read over the results. “It looks like you are in the midst of presenting as an Omega.”

Katsuki’s eyes nearly popped out of his head before he let out a miserable groan. “No fucking way .” He said to no one in particular. “I can’t be an Omega.”

Cementos pressed his lips together uncomfortably. “Sorry Bakugou.” He didn’t sound sorry. “You’re a late bloomer. To be honest, I should have known right away, seeing as how docile you’re acting.”

“I’m not fucking docile.” Katsuki tried to growl, but ducked his head when it came out as more a whine.

Cementos hummed, not sounding convinced.


“I’m going to give you a years supply of suppressants.” His doctor told him and Katsuki’s head whipped up. “It’s covered by your insurance so it won’t be too expensive up front.” His doctor leveled him with a serious expression then. Well, more serious than usual. “Do not take these until after your first heat. You need to present or else it will cause health problems down the line.”

“Health problems?” Katsuki asked.

“Like excruciating heats.” Cementos explained. “And other, more subtle side-effects.”

Katsuki nodded, clenching his hands so hard in his lap he nearly cut into his skin.


“That should cover everything. I’ll give you a few handouts. One is for Omegan biology and where you can find out more about it, and one is for Omega Clinics for Omega-centered problems and check-ups.”

Katsuki nodded again, his head a bit fuzzy, as his doctor handed him a few hand-outs.

“Take a heat leave off work. They should give you about three days.”

Another nod and Katsuki rose from his chair. “Thank you.” He murmured before he went to pay for his suppressants and check out at the front desk.


Katsuki sat stock still in his car for several minutes once he got in. The AC was all the way cold and blasting directly into his face but he was still hot. What would his parents think? Would he get fired from his job? Katsuki let his eyes fall closed. Maybe they would take pity on his and make him a permanent desk jockey. Would he mate with an Alpha some day? Some over-bearing, possessive, aggressive Alpha?


Katsuki’s eyes snapped open. ‘ No fucking thank you.’ He thought as he downed a small blue pill. A suppressant. Then he called his boss, and told him he was coming back into work.


Present Day


No one in the basement, over. ” Kirishima Eijirou’s voice crackles from Katsuki’s walkie-talkie strapped to his chest.

“This better not be another dead-end, Shitty Hair . ” Katsuki threatens into the receiver. He rounds a corner hesitantly, gun out and held close to his chest, finger resting above the trigger. He doesn't smell anyone at the moment. But then again, Katsuki could never fucking trust his sense of smell. His smothered Omega senses.


The walkie-talkie crackles then and Kiri’s voice answers. “ I got a tip from a trusted source, asshole. Over.

“You don’t have to keep saying ‘over’.” Katsuki all but snarles back.

“Drop the gun.” A voice commands from behind him. Katsuki stiffens at the feeling of the cold barrel of a gun pressed to the back of his head.

“Fuckin-” Katsuki pulls a reckless move then, which isn’t uncommon in the least, He whips around, twisting the beta’s gun out of his hand. It clatters to the crusty tile floor and skids a few feet away. “What was that?” Katsuki mocks.


“Firecracker!” Kirishima’s voice exclaims from behind them. “You got em’!”

“How many fucking times  do I have to tell you not -” Katsuki growls while Kiri rounds behind them, clasping a pair of handcuffs over the guys wrists. He begins listing off his rights and shit and Katsuki stops bothering to listen, shoving the asshole forward so they could push him into the back of their car.


“Fuck you guys.” He guy cackles, no longer struggling. “I’m just gonna’ get out on bail.” Katsuki grabs hold of his greasy ass, orange hair and yanks him through the front door. “Like hell you are.” He tells him as he pushes him into the car.


“Suki’,” Kirishima calls to him and Katsuki glances up.

“What?” He snaps.

“Go ahead and drive him back to the station.” Kiri tells him, gesturing to the lanky kid in the back seat. “I’m going to wait til’ back-up shows up to collect evidence.”

Katsuki just nods, jaw tight. “I’ll bring the shit-head back.” He agrees.

“Be easy on him, kay’ Firecracker?” Kirishima almost begs, setting a hand on his partner’s shoulder. “You don’t want to be reported for police brutality.” He sing-songs the last part. As if that’s something to sing about.  

Katsuki tsks and shrugs his hand off, rounding the car to duck into the driver's seat. “Yeah, yeah.” He mutters reluctantly. It’s not like he tries to be nasty. It’s just that all the people they arrest all seem to be cocky bastards. Especially the ones that make and sell drugs. They get lots of money quick and it all goes straight to their head. Even as they’re being arrested, they still have it in their heads that they’re above the law. Katsuki shakes his head as he drives, his knuckles white from being so tense and gripping the steering wheel so hard.


The asshole in the back seat begins to kick his feet against the glass that separates them. Katsuki grinds his teeth together, repeating Kirishima’s words in his head. ‘ You don’t want to be reported for police brutality you don’t want to be reported for police brutality you don’t want to be reported for police brutality’ It becomes his mantra as he drives.


When Katsuki glances in the rearview mirror, he sees the guy glaring at him through the glass, his mouth moving. It’s then he realizes that the asshole is talking to him. He hasn’t been able to hear him while being so deep in his head. He focuses on the muffled words the guy is throwing at him.

“Short ass cop, what the fuck are you gonna’ do? You know what you’ll do? Make my mama real sad. You’ll have a devastated lady on your hands. My fuckin’ girlfriend too. My hot ass Omega girlfriend.”


Was he… Bragging to him about his girlfriend? Katsuki finds himself snorting at the notion. This kid. What the hell does he want him to do? Get mad? Agree with him. Katsuki assumes that seeing him smile makes the kid even more aggravated because the kicks get harder, and right on the back of his head.

“If you keep fucking doing that I’ll write police mistreatment along with drug dealing you fucking shit head.” Katsuki calls back, his blood boiling. The kicks stop after a few seconds.


When Katsuki manages to get to the station without exploding, he hands the kid over to two other cops, who throw him in the holding cell. Katsuki storms back to his bosses office. “Chief-” He starts.

“Excellent job, Bakugou.” Aizawa praises, catching Bakugou off-guard.

“What?” Katsuki asks, suddenly out of breath from whiplash. He’s sure Kirishima must’ve reported everything back by now, which means the Chief knows of his stupid, impulsive move and temper.

Aizawa smirks. “Close the door, Bakugou. I need to talk to you.”


Slowly, Katsuki reaches behind him and closes the door to Chief Aizawa’s office closed.

“How would you like to be promoted to Detective Bakugou?” He questions. Katsuki feels himself sputter, which is very out of character for him.

“Are you serious?” He finally gets out.

Aizawa smiles. “Very.” He says. “You’ve handled multiple big cases and closed even two murder cases. That’s saying a lot for a cop.” He nods while speaking, hands ghosting over some files on hsi desk. “Plus, another detective that has only recently transferred over to our branch has specifically requested you as a partner.”

“Who- why would they request me?” Katsuki questions, eyebrows drawing together in confusion.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Aizawa admits. “Though I’m guessing it’s because of your impressive background.”

“Wh-what case has he requested my help on? And what about Kirishima?” Him and Kirishima have worked together ever since Katsuki was transferred over to a bigger city. They’ve been close friends and partners for six years now.

“He’d be working with Kaminari.” Aizawa tells him, which makes Katsuki feela  touch better. Though he’s never been too fond of Dunce-Face Kaminari, Kirishima and him have been friends a while.


“As for the case, it’s a sex trafficking scandal.”

Katsuki’s head whips up. “For real?” He can’t believe what he’s hearing. Sex-trafficking cases are usually huge. Covered by multiple well-experienced detectives and super smart people backing everything up. Multiple sources are used to fake bank account and ID’s. It’s not a small thing.

Aizawa nods. “Will you take the offer or not?”

Katsuki pauses. “How much of a raise would I be getting.” When Aizawa tells him, Katsuki’s jaw drops. “Uh,” He says dumbly before digging his own fingernails into his palm. “Yes. I would uh, like to take the promotion.”

Aizawa smiles thinly, shuffling a few more papers on his desk. “I’ll tell your new partner your answer. Congratulations, Bakugou.”


Katsuki nods. “Thanks Chief.” He then assumes his dismissal, and leaves his office.




“WHAT?” Kirishima shouts before coughing. He was in the middle of eating a Firehouse sub when Katsuki tells him about his promotion. “Wha- who’s gonna’ be my partner?” Kirishima almost whines after he is able to breathe correctly.

Katsuki fains indifference. “Kaminari.” He tells him.

“Oh,” Kiri says, not sounding too disappointed. “He’ll probably be easier to work with then your stubborn ass, Firecracker.”

“Wha-!” Katsuki starts before Kiri bursts into laughter.

“You know it’s true though!” He cackles, taking another huge bite of his sub. Mayonnaise and a piece of lettuce fall onto the wrapped laid on the table under him. Katsuki grimaces. Fucking Alphas. “Well, that’s really great for you.” Kiri continues with his mouth full. “I’m proud. Also jealous, but proud.”


Through his disgust at the messy display that Kirishima is putting on while eating, Katsuki still manages to feel a bit fond of his partner. His stupid dumbass partner that always has his back. He huffs but doesn’t say anything.

Kiri pauses. “Awhh Suki’,” He says in an overly exaggerated, baby tone. “Are you soft one me?” He bats his eyelashes at his ex-partner and Katsuki feels the hairs on his arms raise.

“Of course not you fucking Shitty Hair!” Katsuki exclaims, slamming a hand on the table.

“Mmm-hmmm.” Kiri drawls as he takes another bite, not sounding convinced in the least.


It’s then that Katsuki’s phone buzzes in his pants pocket. It’s a tad odd considering that the only person who texts him is sitting right in front of him. His mom only calls, and he doesn’t really talk to anyone else outside of work. He rummages in his pocket for a moment before he’s able to slide it out and glance at the screen. A new message from an unknown number.


Unknown Number: ‘ Hi Partner! Wondered if you wanted to meet and have some coffee tomorrow and catch up? Talk about the case?’ Katsuki scrubs a hand over his face. Of course he wants to catch up on the case he’ll be working on… and meet the detective who requested him. It’s just that Katsuki hates pleasantries, and he doesn’t usually make great first impressions. Which is honestly just the piss, considering how important impressions are when you’re an adult.


Katsuki’s thumbs slowly type out a response.

Me: sure. what time and where’ Before he can return his phone to his pocket, it vibrates in his hand again. He unlocks the screen to see the new message.

Unknown Number: Kathy’s cafe around eight thirty-ish?’

Another message pops up a second later.

Unknown Number: As long as that’s okay with you anyway’


Kathy’s Cafe is a little place with lots of regulars. It’s a little out of the way from his apartment but it’s not like he hasn’t been there before. He’s actually had several meetings like the one he’s setting up now there. It’s very small and cozy, and the workers never bother you too much and it’s never too loud. If Katsuki is being completely honest with himself, it makes something in him pur. It’s cozy and always smells nice, no matter who’s currently in there letting off pheromones. Out of all the places to choose, Kathy’s Cafe would probably be the best one. He’s more comfortable there; more docile. So, he quickly types out a response and sends it before finally putting his phone away.

Me: ‘thats fine with me. ill meet you there’


“Who were you texting?” Kirishima finally asks once Katsuki has his phone put away. He frowns and glances up at his partner, who simply looks at his expectantly while he lazily wraps his lips are his straw and slurps loudly out of it.

“God, you’re such a pain in the ass.” Katsuki grumbles.

“You love me though, Firecracker.” Kiri tells him.

“An assumption.” Katsuki responds flippantly.

“Am I wrong though?” Kirishima raises his eyebrows.

Katsuki goes to open his mouth to say, ‘duh’, but then he realizes that that isn’t right.

“Like I said,” A slow, taunting grin stretches across Kiri’s stupid face.

“Shut the fuck up, Shitty Hair.” Katsuki says, though it lacks any real heat.


“So,” Kiri gets back on the subject. “Who were you texting?”

Katsuki shrugs. “The detective who requested me to work with him on a case.”

“Oh? What was he sayin’?” Kiri asks, opening the annoyingly loud, crinkly wrapper to take his cookie out. He got a fucking cookie? Is he actually five? Katsuki shakes his head slightly and huffs out a silent laugh through his nose.

“Just wanted to set up a meeting place so we can talk about the case.” Katsuki explains with a shrug, leaning back in his chair and tipping his head back tiredly, crossing his arms over his chest. It’s been a long day.

“Oohh.” Kiri nods, sounding uninterested as he stuffs nearly the entire cookie into his mouth. “Well, that’ll be different.” He comments, speaking with his mouth full. Katsuki winces. “You can’t be calling him a fucker and an asshole right off the bat, though.”


“Well-” Katsuki scoffs. “That’s fucking obvious!” He lifts his head to glare at his friend, who flashes him a smile full of pointed teeth, red spikey hair standing straight up. Maybe even straighter if that was possible, as if seeing a flustered Katsuki gives him energy to live. Kiri shrugs.

“I’m just saying. Don’t lose your temper. He’s gonna’ be your boss, y’know?”

Katsuki pauses. He didn’t think about the fact that the guy he was meeting tomorrow would be his boss. Another wave of dread with a pinch of anxiety rolls over him.

“Fuck.” He whispers to himself.




The next morning, Katsuki manages to get a workout session in and take a shower and blow-dry his hair before he has to throw on some clothes and head out the door to avoid being late. He’d barely managed to get any sleep the night before. He feels nervous. It’s partly what kept him up the night before. Not even working out got rid of all his jitters. He wants to make a good impression on his boss. He can’t come off as impulsive. He’ll just be thrown to the side and his promotion will be ripped out from under him before he even gets to experience it. Katsuki lets it a slow breath, shaking his limbs out minutely before he opens the door of Kathy’s Cafe.


The bell above the door dings as he steps inside. He’s immediately bombarded by familiar coffee smells and sounds. The temperature is cozy too. Not too cold but not too hot. Katsuki feels his shoulders relax a bit as he takes a large inhale of the air around him. He pauses. There’s something… Katsuki stands a bit to the side, glancing up by the counter as he scents the air. He can’t be sure but something smells… Good . Like pine trees and bonfires and comfort and warm, muggy air on a late night in august. It sends a small shiver down Katsuki’s spine as he opens his eyes and glances around-


At a table a few feet away, Izuku Midoriya is standing, one hand on his hip, and the other waving at him wildly when he realizes Katsuki has spotted him. Katsuki feels his jaw drop.

No fucking way .’ He thinks as he walks slowly toward his childhood friend that he hasn’t seen in ages.


He notices a few things: One is that stupid Deku has grown taller than him by… quite a few inches. Three or four. Two, he’s also ripped. Katsuki thought he was in shape. Toned with high endurance. He’s even managed to keep his abs since he was a teenager. Izuku on the other hand, was a goddamn beast.


Izuku laughs, his head tipping back, his head of dark curls bouncing with the movement. Katsuki narrows his eyes. Wha-

“Shit.” He says. Had he said that out loud.

“I try to keep in shape.” Izuku says modestly with a dip of his head, his eyes glinting with mirth when he makes eye contact with Katsuki.

“Don’t get fucking cocky.” Katsuki mutters. “I didn’t mean it like that.”


Izuku raises his eyebrows then as if to ask, ‘what did you mean then?’ Katsuki swallows thickly, trying to avoid his old friend’s stupid green eyes and bulging pectoral muscles. Is it legal for your work short to stretch like that? It’s like anywhere he looks at him is a sin.

“What- what are you doing here?” Katsuki questions, trying to organize his thoughts.

Izuku lets his head fall slightly to the side. “What do you mean?” He asks.

“Like- I didn’t know you lived around here.” Katsuki elaborates with a huff, eyes still trained a bit off to the side. His friend smells so good and comforting, but it’s not helping him to relax at the moment. He’s so tense he feels like his muscles might snap.


“Well, I just moved here recently? When I got transferred for the case?” Izuku sounds confused. That’s when everything clicks into place. Katsuki yanks his eyes to finally meet his.

“You’re my boss?” He blurts out.

Izuku lets out a light, but genuine sounding laugh, rubbing a hand over his jaw. “Well I guess technically, yeah.” He admits. “Though I could never imagine being your boss. So just think of me as your partner.”


Katsuki feels his mouth flap open and closed like a stupid fucking fish. Izuku watches him for a moment before taking pity on him.

“Let’s sit and order, yeah?” He offers.

Katsuki’s mouth snaps shut, jaw tense as he gives a curt nod. He sits down stiffly across from his- partner.


“So, how have you been?” Izuku asks almost excitedly. Katsuki runs a hand over the back of his neck.

“Okay?” He didn’t mean for it to come out as a question. Katsuki clears his throat and tries again. “I’ve been okay. A damn good cop.” He lets himself have a small, brief smug smile. “But besides that, not much.”

“Oh.” Izuku’s gaze glances down toward the counter top as if checking something. “Not married or anything? I figured for sure you would be married to a pretty Omega.”

“Uh,” Katsuki says dumbly, glancing at Izuku’s hands to find no wedding band. “Why an Omega?”

Izuku laughs like the question is an absurd one.”An Alpha like you?”

Katsuki blinks. Does he smell like an Alpha? As if reading his thoughts, Izuku scents the air, his lips parting slightly. “Beta?” Izuku sounds very confused. “But I- Sorry. It’s just that you- And your parents-”

Katsuki snorts then. “They’re both Alphas.” He finishes.

“Yeah.” Izuku agrees lamely.

“I thought I’d be an Alpha too.” Katsuki admits before squinting up at his old friend. “You turned out to be one, though?” Izuku nods his confirmation. “Well that’s fucking ironic, huh.” Katsuki murmurs, messing with his napkin.


After a few seconds of silence, Katsuki realizes how he’s lost himself in his thoughts and glances up quickly to Izuku, who seems to have been studying him.

“Well- what about you? You’re not married either.”

“Divorced.” Izuku replies.

“What? Are you serious?” Katsuki is shocked. Why would anyone ever divorce Izuku? With his looks, his easy to get along with personality and the obvious devotion he would show the person he loved, Katsuki doesn’t understand.


Izuku nods but before he can continue, a server comes up to the table and asks then for their orders. Katsuki orders a black coffee with cinnamon while Izuku orders a cappuccino with lots of cream.

Katsuki makes a face of mild disgust. “Might as well have ordered a milkshake.” He mumbles. Izuku smiles. “I like sweet things.” He answers smoothly.


He’s so much… Calmer than Katsuki remembers. More confident. Less jumpy and nervous. Katsuki guesses working as an undercover detective for who knows how many years will do that to someone. He’s more put together and he smells different too. Katsuki chocks that up to have presented but he isn’t sure why the smell is so strong to him. Usually scents and things are quite a bit muted for him, but Izuku’s doesn’t feel that way at all. It’s actually a bit overpowering. If it was an unpleasant scent it would make his eyes water and burn his nose hairs. But the smell is so overwhelmingly safe .


“Uraraka.” Izuku says suddenly, again drawing Katsuki from his thoughts.

“Huh?” He asks, confused as to why Izuku stated another childhood friend’s name out of the blue.

“Who I was married to.” Izuku explains. He seems a bit pained to talk about it, and Katsuki wonders how long they've been divorced for.

“Oh.” He says. “I’m not surprised. She always had eyes for you.”

Izuku smirks- smirks? The Izuku Katsuki knew never smirked. It wasn’t in his itinerary. But oh lord was it in his now. It makes Katsuki’s stomach roll with an unfamiliar sensation.

“Yeah.” Izuku agrees, leaning back in his chair as their drinks are set in front of them. “Well, it didn’t work out. I’m… not really compatible with Betas.”


Katsuki tilts his head and frowns. “How so?” He questions.

“I’m… a Twain Alpha.” He admits slowly.

“Ooh.” Katsuki breathes. He feels his cheeks heat a bit. He’s not exactly positive on what a Twain Alpha is, but he’s pretty sure it’s when an Alpha has two knots, or like a super big knot? Or something? Them being with Betas or Alphas result in really painful sex for both parties, so they have to stick with Omegas. “That fucking sucks.” He sums up. Katsuki wants to push the words back into his mouth as soon as he’s said them. ‘That sucks’?!? Yeah, I guess the thing that ruined your whole marriage does kind of suck. Katsuki cringes at his own words.


Izuku barks a a laugh. “Yeah.” He agrees. “It sucks. The only thing I got good out of my marriage was Molly.”

Katsuki opens his mouth. “Molly?” He echoes. “You got a kid?”

Izuku smiles fondly. “Yeah. She’s seven.”

“Oh, wow. You had her young.” Katsuki comments, still a bit shocked.

“Yeah.” Izuku nods, running his hand over his jaw again. Katsuki watches as his bicep flexes and relaxes once it rests back at his side. “When we were really trying to make it work, despite my… condition, we had her a few months after we were married. An accident of course but-” Izuku lets out a soft laugh. “We were in love and condoms aren’t very effective on me.”


Katsuki nearly chokes on his coffee. At least he has an excuse as to why his face turns beet red as he coughs. “Yeah,” He finally croaks out after a few moments of Izuku trying to pat his shoulder and Katsuki waving his hand away, not unkindly. “I’m sure.” Something flashes in Izuku’s eyes again, something akin to fondness again? Or mirth? Maybe a mixture of both?


“Okay so,” Izuku starts, leaning over in his chair to take out a few folders from the plain black bag by his feet. “I’ll let you read over some of the information we have on the case. There’s not too much but,” He taps on one folder. “We have a plan to get more.”


Katsuki pulls the folder that Izuku tapped on closer to him and opens it. He reads over some of the background information, skims over it really. There are a few names. Some are listed as ‘major sponsors’ some are written just as ‘sponsors’ and a select few are labeled as ‘inside sources’. The names labeled as ‘major sponsors’ and ‘sponsors’ have numbers next to their name as well. Some are huge amounts of it, and Katsuki safely assumes that it’s the amount of money that the police knows they’ve spent while investing in sex trafficking.


Katsuki glances up at Izuku, who is sipping patiently on his coffee as he waits for him to read everything. Katsuki the glasses he uses to read out of his work bag and sets them on the bridge of his nose. They immediately slide down of course, because his face is tilted down as he reads. Over the last few years, Katsuki has sworn that his vision has been going to shit along with his sense of smell. What’s next? His fucking hearing?


The plan is not what he expected, but honestly Katsuki isn’t sure what he expected.

“So basically,” Katsuki starts, sitting up straight and sliding his glasses off his face. “You’re going to pose as an investor, and I’m what? On the inside? How do I get inside?”

Izuku runs his tongue over his stupidly straight white teeth, as if trying to decide how he should word this. “You’re going to be acting as my… merchandise. That I’ve bought.”


Katsuki coughs to try to hide the violent shiver that suddenly wracks his body. He lets out a slow breath. He’ll be Izuku’s what ? Izuku raises his eyebrows.

“I know it’s not the best situation but, I thought you out of all people could handle it. That’s why when I found out you were stationed here, I chose you to be my partner.”

“Of course I can handle it, Deku.” Katsuki grumbles.

“Heh.” Izuku lets out a short laugh, a smile stretching his cheeks. “You called me Deku.”

“O-oh.” Katsuki narrows his eyes and lets his gaze drift to a random spot on the table. “Yeah.”

Kacchan .”


Katsuki sucks in a harsh breath as goosebumps raise on his arms. He yanks them off the table and stands suddenly.

“Fuck!” He barks. Izuku stands too, surprised by his sudden flurry.

“What-” Izuku starts.

“I-I’ll text you, Midoriya.” Katsuki promises as he pushes his bag strap onto his shoulder. “I just forgot about something I have to do today and- I’ll talk to you later about the case! Tell me dates and shit!” His voice raised as he left the cafe, and he let out a sharp exhale as soon as the door shut behind him.


And then he speed-walked the entire way home.


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Eight Years Ago


Izuku Midoriya was a late bloomer. He felt a bit faint that morning when he woke up. Ochako was asleep next to him and his alarm was blaring, telling him he needed to get up and get ready for work. Something was crawling under his skin and heating his lower abdomen. He leaned over the side of the bed to stretch his arm and hit that forsaken digital clock on his bedside table. He continued to roll out of bed until his bare feet touched the cold floor of his bedroom.


After attending to his morning routine, he scrawled a out a note telling his wife that he was going to the doctor for a check-up since he wasn't’ feeling well and left it on the table on her side of the bed. Izuku watched Ochako for a few seconds. She was so cute when she slept. He dropped a kiss onto the crown of her head before he slipped out of their bedroom and made coffee, put on his shoes, and slinked out the front door, making sure to lock it behind him.


Izuku pressed a hand to his forehead when he was at his car, feeling a bit light-headed. He let out a small huff as he ducked into the drivers side door. He called his doctor's office on the drive there to schedule an appointment.


His doctor, Dr. Snipe, was an older, southern gentleman. When Izuku has caught sight of his outside of work, he saw that he tends to wear cowboy hats and boots. At work though, he wore his white coat, though his voice did drawl with a low, country accent.

“Hello Midoriya.” His doctor greeted, sitting down in his chair sat in front of a computer. “Why did you call in today?”

Izuku shifted slightly on the exam table, the paper crinkling underneath him. “I uh- I just feel… odd.”

Dr. Snipe tilted his head. “How so?”

Izuku blushed. “I-I’m a bit lightheaded.” He started. “My skin is kind of itchy? My stomach is hot and -” He cleared his throat. “I seem to have a bit of an erection. That won’t go away.” When his doctor stared at him for a moment, Izuku rambled on, face on fire. “I- I mean, when I looked it up on Google there was a lot of results? One said I might have priapism? Uhm, but another thing said-”

Dr. Snipe barked a laugh then, cutting off his patient. “You know what you reek of right now?” He asked then.

“Uhm-” Izuku started.

“An Alpha going into rut.”


Izuku went quiet. Of course, he’d suspected this might be the case, but hearing it out loud was weird. His dad had been an Alpha, which is where he must have gotten it from, considering his mom is an Omega. Izuku scratched his temple.
“Oh.” He said dumbly.


“We’ll have to run a few tests just to confirm but I’m positive of your dynamic by your scent. It’s very potent.”

Izuku nodded. “That’s fine.” He agreed.


After a blood test and swiping a cotton ball soaked in something that smells absolutely rank over the scent gland under his jaw, Izuku is told to wait for about forty minutes in another waiting room before getting called back again with the results.


“Yes, you are an Alpha.” His doctor told him as soon as they both sit down. “Do you want suppressants?” Dr. Snipe asked him. “You are married, aren’t you? Your wife can help you through your ruts.”

“Oh, uhm.” Izuku paused, fidgeting with the wedding band around his ring finger. “Let me call and ask her? If that’s okay.”

“Of course.” Dr. Snipe agreed, standing with a pleasant smile before leaving the room.


Izuku swallowed thickly. He’s an Alpha? It’s still crazy. Why was he such a late bloomer? Actually, that doesn’t surprise him. He’s always been a late bloomer. Izuku let his head roll back on his shoulders, wincing at the feeling of his neck popping. He fished his phone out of his pocket and scrolled to his recent calls.


The phone rang three times before Ochako’s sleepy voice answered.


Izuku smiled fondly. “Did I wake you up?” He asked.

Yeah but I needed to get up anyway. What’s up?

Izuku quickly explained how he had felt sick that morning and decided to call out of work to see a doctor. “So he said I can take suppressants but that I don’t have to- that you can help me through my ruts? So I wanted to call you to see what I should do.”


Izuku was pacing the small, sanitary room, unable to sit still as he told his wife the situation. She had been quiet the entire time and it was making him even more nervous. He swallowed thickly, waiting for her response.

You’re an Alpha? ” She asked blearily and Izuku lets out a breath through his nose, a half laugh and half a sigh of exasperation.

“Yes.” He said simply.

Well, I would just get suppressants just in case. But I’ll probably be able to help whenever I can get time off work.


Izuku sighed in relief. “You’re not… Surprised?” He questioned, confused.

Not really .” Ochako said honestly. “ I’ve been able to feel you get bigger the last few times we were doing it and I wondered if you might be an Alpha.

Izuku felt blood rush back to his face. She already knew? And she was just… Okay with it? Izuku thinks about it the positions were reversed, and Ochako was suddenly an Omega or Alpha while he remained a Beta. He supposed it wouldn’t phase him. He would love her no matter what her dynamic was. He let out a sigh through his nose.

“Good.” He voiced.


I need to get ready for work, hun. ” Ochako told him, sounding a bit more awake now. “I’ll talk to you later, okay? Tell me how everything goes.

Izuku nodded despite the fact that she couldn’t see him. “Okay.” He agrees. “I’ll see you tonight. I love you.”


After Izuku hung up, he only had to wait a few minutes before his doctor knocked gently on the door and pushed it open.

“So, how did it go?” His doctor asked and Izuku almost laughed. Dr. Snipe sounded like a girlfriend asking how her best friend’s date had gone.

“Good as it could go.” Izuku told him. He realized he was still standing from when he was pacing earlier and sheepishly took a seat where he had been sitting before.

“Have you decided to use suppressants or?” His doctor prodded, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

“Uhm,” Izuku paused, rubbing a hand over the nape of his neck. “I think I’m going to get some for this first rut coming up since it’d be so last minute for either of us to call out of work. And I also want to have some extra on hand just in case so,” He ended lamely.

“That’s perfectly reasonable.” His doctor agreed. “A lot of people do that. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Y-yeah.” Izuku said with a nod. Of course it was. Most normal adults with full time jobs and kids don’t want to have to stop their lives for a few days every two to three months to… mate .


So Izuku bought the suppressants. Enough to last him four or five months if he used it every cycle. After his appointment, he took two, oval-shaped pills. Then he went back home and did a few things around his and Ochako’s apartment. Around evening time, he attempted to make dinner. He’s never been a great cook. As a kid his mom made his meals, and now that he’s older Ochako does most of the cooking. He still tries sometimes but he’s also very clumsy in the kitchen and usually makes a big mess. He manages to make spaghetti though, which isn’t very difficult to cook. The only mess is a pile of Spaghetti sauce on the counter which had slid from the jaw when he was pouring it over the noodles.


Dinner that night was nice. Ochako was very happy to have it made for her for once. She gave him an excited kiss on the cheek when she got home to the table set up.

“It smells amazing in here!” She exclaimed. Clasping her hands together. “Thank you so much!”

Izuku grinned a tad sheepishly. “It’s just spaghetti… “ He told her modestly, smiling at her.


Although it wasn’t the best meal Ochako’s ever had, she was obviously just happy that Izuku made it for her. Bubbly as always, even more than usual, she had told Izuku about her day. Izuku told her about his doctor’s visit and showed her his suppressants. She looked over them thoroughly, squinting at the list of possible side effects on the back, worry causing a wrinkle to appear between her well-kept eyebrows. Izuku ran a hand over her slim shoulders.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said gently, pushing down on the package until she set it down on the counter. “I’m fine. Just a bit of a raised libido, but besides that I’m the same.” She peered at him over her shoulder then, eyes big as she studied him. Izuku vaguely remembers thinking that her concentrated expression was cute. He lifted his thumb to smooth between her eyebrows and continued to slide his finger down her cheek until he was cupping her jaw.

“Of course you are.” She breathed against his lips right before they kissed.


That night was one of the last perfect nights they had together. When they made love, it was without pain. Only love and passion and pleasure. Sadly, it seemed to all go downhill from there.


At first, they’d tried to make it work. The next time they had attempted to make love, it was too painful for either of them to finish. But they wanted to make it work, despite Dr. Snipe giving them a doubtful look when they seemed so determined. He told them about Izuku's condition. He was a Twain Alpha, which meant he had two knots. One smaller, toward the middle of his shaft, and the other farther up on the base. Dr. Snipe wished them luck.


The second time was when Molly happened. They forced themselves to completion. Ochako was crying openly by the end and Izuku’s eyes were burning with almost shed tears. Neither of them had known that regular Alpha condoms wouldn’t work on Izuku, and both of them were in so much pain that neither of them noticed when it broke. They tried a few more times after that, but they never forced themselves to finish anymore. Izuku tried his best to pleasure his wife with his mouth and fingers only, leaving himself hard and aching in return. When Ochako would offer to help him after she finished, he would always tell her that it was fine and forced an obviously strained smile. She never pushed him though. He felt that he deserved not to be able to climax with her, or to make her feel obligated to do anything for him in return. It wasn’t her fault the Beta she fell in love with and the Beta she married suddenly changed on her. And despite this, she was still doing her best to take it in stride.


When they found out Ochako was pregnant, shit hit the fan. They were only nineteen! They were basically still kids themselves. They couldn’t have a baby. That’s what Ochako thought at least and it wasn’t an irresponsible thought. But Izuku was on the opposite end of the spectrum. When Ochako had brought up putting the baby up for adoption while she cried in his arms one night, Izuku was appalled. That was his baby! His cub! His Alpha was very protective of the fetus already and Izuku liked to think that even if he wasn’t an Alpha, he still would have felt the same.


He refused to agree with her putting the baby up for adoption and they got into a screaming match that ended with Izuku slamming the door to their apartment and spending the night with his friend Todoroki Shouto. He should have gone back the next morning and apologized. He should have swallowed his pride, but he didn't. He stayed away for another four days, and when he got back, they got into another fight about that.


They made up four or five times over the course of Ochako’s pregnancy, and fought more times than they could make up. Izuku wanted to be supportive, but with Ochako breaking down nearly every night, it was hard. She would lash out at him, resenting him and pushing him away. She was scared of giving birth and scared of having a kid with a man who she didn’t think she could ever even have a happy sex life with again.


Izuku, on the other hand, understood this. Most of it anyway. He tried to be patient with his wife. He knew she was scared, and he knew that the situation was his fault. But when she called their baby an ‘ it ’ when she got especially emotional or threw names at him like ‘stupid Alpha’, the grip he had around himself seemed to loosen and he lashed out verbally back at his wife until he left her alone in their apartment. Their apartment that had once been a source of comfort, was now a living hell.


When Molly was born in the middle of December, Izuku felt like a dark rain cloud that had been hanging over him for the last few months suddenly parted. When his little baby girl was placed in his arms for the first time, he felt like his definition of ‘love’ was redefined. Her little face was a bit too small for her head, and all she really wanted was to cry and have a boob in her mouth. Izuku didn’t care. He pressed his forehead to his baby and he cried. It was a silent cry, and Molly grabbed onto his pointer finger as if to offer him comfort. After a few minutes and Izuku composing himself, Molly began to fuss and he gave her back to his wife.


Ochako looked like he felt but maybe a tad worse. Her face was pale, but her mouth was turned up in a smile as she stared at her baby with misty eyes. When she glanced up and met eyes with her husband, they both smiled at each other. Izuku felt something heavy drop in his stomach then as he stood to kiss his wife's head, eyes squeezing shut against the emotion rolling through him.

“I’m going to go tell our parents they can come in for a few minutes.” Izuku said into her hair. She looked up at him then, her pretty eyes framed by the dark bags under them. “Okay,” She whispered.


Izuku let his hand drop to her small shoulder and linger there for a moment before he broke eye contact and walked out of the hospital room. He hesitated to shut the door all the way, glancing at Ochako one last time before he finally slid it all the way closed. It felt like goodbye.

Izuku felt a bit numb as he went out to greet his and Ochako’s parents who were anxiously waiting in the living room.

“It’s a girl.” He announced with a smile. His mother enveloped him with a big, warm hug. His mom always gave the best hugs. He let his nose touch her hair and breathe in her comforting, familiar scent before they both pulled away. Ochako’s mother was buzzing too much to calm down enough to hug Izuku. It made him smile. Ochako was a lot like her mother. Her dad shook his hand though and Izuku gave him a genuine smile. The evidence of his emotion was probably still obvious in the dried tear tracks on his face at the time, and though his mom most likely assumed it was because of the baby - which it was- he could tell it still broke her heart a little. So as his and Ochako’s parents held Molly, Izuku gave himself a moment to wash his face in the small bathroom in Ochako’s hospital room.


Izuku had to work the last two days that Ochako was in the hospital, and when they all went home, he set up the crib in their bedroom. Izuku tended to sleep on the couch than in their bed more often than not these days, but it was still their room nonetheless. The next few months went by as smoothly as adjusting to raising a newborn could be. They didn’t fight anymore, but they didn’t really talk anymore either. Izuku would sometimes drape his arm around her waist or drop a kiss on to her head, and she would sometimes hug him or snuggle into his side as they slept.


When Ochako casually mentioned getting a divorce one day as she made dinner for Molly and Izuku held her and kept her entertained, he wasn’t really surprised. He felt a stone drop in his gut. A sudden wave of sadness wash over him, but he looked up with a strained smile, letting Molly hold her rattle by herself for a minute on her blanket on the floor as he got up to stand in the kitchen behind his wife. He crossed his arms across his chest, eyes trained onto the floor.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait until Molly is a bit older?” Izuku asked quietly.

Ochako shut a cabinet and turned around. “If we kept saying that, we’d never separate, and neither of us would ever be happy.”


Did she really believe that? A part of Izuku completely agreed with her, but another part of him thought that if they could fall out of love, they could fall back in love again too, right? On the other hand… it had been months.

“You have a point.” He finally whispered. Ochako sniffled and when he glanced up, he saw that her eyes were brimming with tears. Izuku stepped forward and wrapped her up in his arms. She cried against him for a few minutes, but they had to separate when Molly started snuffling unhappily from the living room.


“Daddy’s coming baby!” Izuku called to his baby who let out a shrill, unhappy sounding yell at the sound of his voice.

Ochako let out a soft snort as she pulled away. “I love you, Izuku.” She said, her voice thick from crying.

“I know.” Izuku said, understanding what she meant. He would never not love Ochako. Just he could no longer be happy with her in a romantic relationship. He wiped her tears from her cheeks and kissed her forehead before he gave her a smile. “I’ll feed her so you can take a long, hot shower. If you want.”


Ochako grinned. Grinned . Something Izuku hadn’t seen her do in a long time. It made him happy as much as it made him sad. Only after they agreed to a divorce was she able to smile like that again.


Present Day


“Daddy! Daddy!” Molly exclaims as she rushes into the room, her dark, long curls flouncing behind her as she runs.

“Hey Muffin!” Izuku says back, feeling his face split in a smile at the sight of his seven year old bounding out of the half-bath by her room in baggy, Strawberry Shortcake pajamas. “How did you sleep?”

“Uhh, good.” She answers in her squeaky voice. “But look!” She holds up a small bloody tooth, and smiles so wide her dimples strain, showing off her missing front tooth.

“Whoa!” Izuku says, turning around to grab a napkin and pluck the tooth from her hand. “Let’s wash that okay? The tooth fairy doesn’t want bloody teeth! She’ll pay you less!”


Molly bobs her head, finding that perfectly reasonable. Izuku washes off the small, slightly pointy tooth under some hot water and sudsy soap.

“Now let’s put this in a baggy to put under your pillow for tonight, okay Munchkin?” Izuku asks, crouching down so he eye-to-eye with his little girl.

“Yep!” She agrees and Izuku grins back at her, dropping a kiss onto the top of her head. “Is Mommy picking me up from school today?” Molly asks as Izuku pulls a sandwich baggy out of the drawer by the fridge and drops his daughters’ tooth into it.


“No baby, Ms. HageKure is.” Izuku answers with a shake of his head. Molly gives a happy shout and Izuku chuckles to himself. She loves her babysitter. “Don’t act like that or you’ll make Mommy jealous.” He tells her, scrunching up his nose and nuzzling Molly’s cheek.

She giggles. “Yeah.” She agrees.

“Now go get dressed Muffin.” Izuku tells her. “Or do you want Daddy to pick out your clothes?”

“No, I’ll do it!” She shouts as she runs back into her room on her short legs. She always wants to do everything for herself.


Izuku sends a quick text to Ochako as he packs Molly’s lunch into her backpack.

Me: ‘Guess who lost a tooth this morning :)’

Izuku sets his phone on the counter as he yanks open a cabinet to his right.

“Frosted Flakes or Honey Nut Cheerios?” He calls loud enough for Molly to hear from her bedroom.

“Lucky Charms!” She yells back.
“We don’t have any Lucky Charms!” He tells her as he gets out a bowl and spoon and sets them on the kitchen table.

“Frosted Flakes!” She decides after a long pause. Izuku rolls his eyes and fetches the blue box.


“Are you dressed yet?” Izuku calls to his daughter. “Your breakfast is ready, don’t let it get soggy!” He warns as he goes to his own bedroom. He quickly gets dressed into a tan suit and grabs his work bag from the floor by his closet. He unzips it real quick to double check that he has everything he needs inside before closing it back up and hanging it off his arm.


Molly is scarfing down Frosted Flakes when he steps out of his room.

“Are those good?” He asks with a smile.
“Theyyyyy’re GREAT!” Molly responds with her mouthful.

Izuku lets out a hard, full-belly laugh. “Don’t choke on your food you funny kid.” He tells her. “Are your buttons done up right?”

Molly nods. “Mh-hm. I think so.”

“Okay, I’ll check when you’re done eating. Did you brush your teeth this morning?” Another nod. “Okay good. Be done eating in T-minus five minutes, okay? We’ve gotta’ get going soon. If you’re late again I’ll get called into the Principal's office.” He mock-whines.

Molly giggles from her seat at the table and Izuku smiles, nervously glancing at the clock on the stove. He gets Molly’s shoes out of her closet that match her blue and khaki outfit she has on this morning and grabs his keys from his bedside table.


“Are you ready?” Izuku asks. Molly nods, her cheeks full as she struggles to chew the huge bite she just took to try to finish off her food as quickly as possible. “You cutie.” Izuku says, kissing her head. “You don’t have to choke it down I’m sorry. Take your time Muffin.”

“I’m done!” Molly announces as tilts her bowl to let Izuku see.

“Oh! You’re such a fast eater! Faster than me!” He feins, pressing a hand to his chest dramatically.

“Mh-hm!” She agrees.


“Now let’s get you-” Izuku points at Molly. “To your cool school and let’s get me-” He jerks a thumb at himself with an overly exaggerated pout. “To my boring old job.”

“Yeah!” Molly jumps from her chair, and Izuku jerks to catch her bowl still half-full of sugary milk. “Today- today we’re uh, we’re supposed to be playing tennis in uhm- at gym. In gym.” Molly trips over her own words in her excitement as she slides her socked feet into her shoes.

“Oh yeah?” Izuku placates, only half listening as he grabs his phone and keys. “Let’s go Muffin.” He opens the front door and holds it open for his daughter, who reaches for her backpack on her way out the door and struggles for a second to get both arms into the straps.


Izuku unlocks the car door and Molly gets in the back seat, plopping her bag on the seat beside her.

“Careful, your lunch is in there.” Izuku scolds, glancing at her in the rearview mirror.

“Sorry,” She says quickly, not really sounding sorry. Izuku huffs a laugh and makes sure Molly is buckled in before he puts the car in drive. “But anyway, yeah we’re uhm- we are going to have partners, or teams or something too and- and I already said I wanna’ be on Jenny’s team but I dunno’ if the teacher picks the teams or we do so I dunno’ who- who I’m playing with yet.” She rambles to him as he drives and Izuku nods along.

“Uh-huh.” He voices, looking at the time that glows on the dashboard. 8:00 AM. ‘ Shit ’. He thinks to himself, pressing the toe of his shoe a bit more insistently against the gas pedal.


“Daddy, why are you hurrying so much?” Molly speaks up from the backseat and it’s then Izuku realizes how quiet she’d been being.

“Daddy has a meeting about a case Muffin.” He explains to her, smiling in the rearview mirror before returning his gaze to the road.

“Is it a bad case?” She asks. Izuku’s chest floods with affection at her small, innocent little voice.

“Yeah Muffin, it is.” He admits, tightening his fingers on the steering wheel.

“Make sure you’re safe okay?” She tells him. “Mommy gets mad when you act dumb.”

“Don’t call Daddy dumb.” Izuku laughs, switching on his turning signal as he pulls into Molly’s school’s parking lot.

Molly shrugs her little shoulders, making an expression that reminds Izuku so much of her mother that he nearly gets whiplash. “ Mommy ’s the one who said it.” She grumbles and Izuku throws his head back with a laugh.


“Okay Muffin, give me kiss bye and don’t forget your backpack.” Izuku says as Molly leans forward to smack a kiss on his cheek. “Have a good day, Ms.Hagekure will pick you up from the car loop after school.”

“Okay, love you Daddy!” She squeaks as she hops from the car. Izuku waves idly out the window at Molly’s teacher, Mrs. Midnight, as he pulls out of the car loop. Another glance at the time shows that Izuku will just make it to Kathy’s Cafe in time.


Meeting his childhood friend and bully was wracking his nerves. Of course, most people wouldn’t be able to tell because Izuku has gotten a hand on his body language and self-control over the past six years or so. Bakugou Katsuki… was interesting. As kids, Izuku obviously adored him, and at one point they were close friends. When Katsuki got into a bad group at school, it turned into a kind of one-sided friendship until eventually Katsuki started bullying him. He bullied Izuku through the last two years of middle school and at the beginning of their highschool careers. When he realized that Izuku wasn’t such a weakling as he matured, and Bakugou himself matured, his bullying turned into a budding rivalry.


He had respect for Izuku again and when Katsuki blamed himself for something that happened at school that wasn’t his fault, Izuku was the one he took his anger out on before he confided in him. By the time they graduated, Izuku could confidently say that they were friends. Their relationship was a bit rocky in the past but had become stable.


He could also say this: He still adored the guy. There are just some people he has a soft spot for, his mom, his daughter, and a few other people that he isn’t as close with. Ochako and Katsuki and Iieda. It’s this fondness from when they were kids maybe, and the fact that he knows the stubborn Alpha has a good heart. Maybe it’s the knowledge that he’s seen a side of Katsuki that only a handful of people have seen. His parents maybe, or his lover if he has one.


That thought strikes something hollow in Izuku. It’s probably just because Izuku hasn’t had a relationship since his divorce. A few dates, sure. There wasn’t really a shortage of Omega’s that were interested in him. Whether it be for his looks or his dynamic or his career or all of the above. That’s just the thing though, it never seemed to just be for himself as a person. It was for his title or something equally as shallow.


Izuku parks his car in the parking lot of Kathy’s Cafe before taking his keys out and climbing out of the driver's seat. The cafe smells like coffee beans and creamer and whatever they clean the bathrooms with. Izuku scents the air around him out of habit, one he picked up while doing detective work. Mostly Betas. A flowery scent from somewhere behind the counter though. So one Omega. Maybe a few docile or older Alphas. Their scent was usually more muted. No one was there that could rile Izuku’s Alpha up, which was a good thing.


Izuku sits at a table a little bit aways from the entrance and sat down. Wanting something to occupy his attention while he sat there, he pulls out his phone and uses his index finger to unlock it. One new message.

Ochako: ‘It’s been wiggling for weeks now!’ Two laughing face emojis followed the message. Izuku huffs out a laugh through his nose and- ‘ Katsuki .’ He smells a hint of his scent as soon as his childhood friend walks through the door of the cafe.


He’s… shorter than he remembers. Or maybe Izuku is just taller. He watches as the other man’s eyes flutter shut as he obviously scents the air around them. He looks at home and Izuku gets the creeping suspicion that Katsuki comes here a lot. The man is dressed in a blue button-down shirt that cups his toned physique and slim waist. His belt is a little low on his hips and that makes Izuku smile.  Some things don’t change. His hair is the same too. Maybe a bit longer at the top and not as spikey, like he’s stopped trying to style it. Or gave up. His skin is flawless. Not a freckle or pore in sight. Besides filling out a bit more in the shoulders and thighs, nothing much has changed. He still looks relatively young for his age, between twenty-two and twenty-four, despite brushing thirty.


When he opens his eyes, Izuku stands to get his attention. It takes a few seconds for his old friend to notice him, but when he does his eyes widen and he starts walking toward him, face twisted in confusion. Izuku parts his lips to scent him as he gets closer. It almost makes him cough. It’s not really that… potent. It’s just… different. People usually don’t smell like so many conflicting things at once. Katsuki smell like hard candy, but he also smell kind of spicy, or sour-ish. Like black licorice maybe. The smell is almost tangible in his mouth when Izuku inhales and the only way he can really describe it is musky .


At first, Katuki seems confused to see him, which confuses Izuku too because he requested him? But then he supposes it was because he hadn’t heard who had requested him. That would explain the confusion. They talk about their jobs and things for a few minutes before Izuku brings up his dynamic- which was just stupid . When Katsuki tells him that he’s, in fact, not an Alpha, Izuku takes a second to scent again. The smell is the same, but Izuku realizes that he can’t place his finger on his dynamic. He’s obviously not Alpha or Omega though, so he must be Beta? Izuku goes with that, though it feels a bit off on his tongue.


When they order their coffee, Katsuki makes a disgusted face, and his nose scrunches up in the cutest way. Honestly how had he ever found this guy scary? Fourteen year old Izuku was dumb.


Then they get on the awkward topic of Ochako and his divorce and the reason for it. He does get to mention Molly though, which always brightens his mood. When they finally get to the topic of the case and Izuku slides him the folder full of information in it, Katsuki has the audacity to put on glasses ? They literally look so casually hot on him. Izuku is almost jealous. On most people, glasses are just like a part of their face. Not really bad looking, but they don’t look like some fashion accessory you see models somehow making look good on billboards. Katsuki is that stupid model.


Izuku further explains the plan to him, and when he says the word, ‘merchandise’, Bakugou blushes obviously. He tries to cover up his- embarrassment(?) with a cough.

Hmmm… ‘  He’s going to test something if he can find the right opportunity to do it. Sure enough, a minute later, Katsuki calls him Deku and Izuku takes the chance to try something. He uses his Alpha Voice. There are different uses for Alpha Voices.


Sometimes they can be used to persuade Omega’s, or even Beta’s, to submit. That’s the most commonly known Alpha Voice. It can also be used to entice, or slowly put an Omega (usually the Alpha’s mated Omega) into subspace during ruts/heats.



Katsuki reacts immediately, stiffening for a few moments before jerking to his feet. Izuku feel like he was just bitch slapped.

What just happened? ’ Izuku thinks, sitting back down after it’s obvious that Katsuki isn’t going to come back. He presses his fingers into his curls. Do Beta’s usually act like that? Izuku can’t be sure because he hasn’t used his Alpha Voice on many Beta’s before- he didn’t even know how to use his Voice when he and Ochako were married. From what he knows though, Beta’s senses are much more subdued than Alpha’s and Omega’s. So they typically wouldn’t act so strongly, right?


Izuku slips his fingers from his hair and interlocks his fingers together, staring intently at the tabletop as he thinks. He doesn’t smell like an Alpha or an Omega. He smells…

Unpresented. ’ Izuku gasps, letting his hands fall to the table. Bakugou literally smells neutral. Like an Alpha or an Omega before they’ve presented. But that would be… Impossible? Right? He would have to just be a Beta, but he doesn’t smell or react like a Beta.


Izuku feels a headache coming on. His senses are confused. The smell was so thick and tangent though too, which is unfamiliar. It smelled almost… sick.


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Katsuki slams the door to his apartment closed way harder than he has to. He leans against the door, gulping in lungfuls of air. His skin feels hot, so hot. He stumbles over to his kitchen, throwing open the cabinet above the fridge and yanking his suppressants out. He downs three small pills without any water, which makes him cough. Katsuki pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it onto the floor before he starts unbuttoning his pants and kicking them off. He needs. Air. On. His. Body. He must be on fire from the inside out.


He leans desperately on the counter, focusing on slowing his breathing. Something is wrong with him. Why aren’t the suppressants working? They’re supposed to fucking keep this shit away from him! Katsuki punches the counter hard. He vaguely knows he split his knuckles, but he doesn’t care enough to deal with them at that second.


Katsuki makes it to his bedroom on wobbly legs and falls face-first onto his bed. He huffs into his pillow, reluctantly turning his head so that he can breathe easier. His hips grind into the bedding beneath him of his own accord, and a god-awful whine passes his lips. Maybe if he- if he comes once then he’ll feel better. He already took suppressants so they should kick in soon. Nothing wrong with jerking it once in a while. God, he hasn’t gotten himself off in months.


Katsuki turns himself over and palms his erection through his boxers. There’s no pre-cum evident on the cloth, so he must not be as far gone as he thought. His head rolls back on his shoulders and a groan is pulled from his throat as he slips his hand into his boxers and wraps his fingers around himself. He’s so sensitive that his toes curl at that contact alone. He uses his fingertips to collect some of the precum pearling at the head of his dick, using it to ease the glide of his palm against his shaft.


He pants as he jerks himself off, his hand makes short, jerky movements that focus mostly on the head. When he twists his wrist at the end of one stroke, more panted moans fall desperately from his lips, which are now red from him biting them. He rolls his head back up to look down at himself.  He watches as his dick is repeatedly engulfed in his hand on each jerk of his forearm. Katsuki licks his lips, picturing a bigger hand, and a thicker forearm, veins popping out as he’d flex on each upstroke.


The image rips another whine from him, this one louder and not as breathy and he is so close. His toes curl and he jerks himself off faster, his muscles coiling tight as he teeters on the edge-

Kacchan’ .

“Fuck-!” Katsuki’s hips buck off the mattress as cum spurts from the head of his dick. He continues to spasm even as he comes down from his orgasm, his backside clenching in pulses as if complaining that it's empty.


After a few moments, a sort of calm ripples over his skin and his muscles relax into the blanket beneath him. He rubs himself against it, his skin still a bit flushed and sensitive. The soft bedding feels nice. Katsuki slowly returns to himself.

What just happened? ’ Katsuki is a grown ass man that can face is problems head on. His muffled sense of smell? Whatever he can look over that. His random, sudden fatigue he gets hit with regularly? That's just him getting old. Right?


There's no way that him being a goddam Omega could cause him serious healthy problems. There's no way. This… has never happened before but that doesn't mean there's something wrong! He's just horny. Everyone gets horny sometimes. Especially when you haven't orgasmed in months. People imagine their childhood friend's hand wrapped around their dick, yeah?


Katsuki scrubs a hand over his face. There was nothing wrong. He's been handling himself for eight years now and has been able to avoid living as an Omega. There's no way he's going to let all of that go down the drain.


His phone rings from somewhere in his apartment and he Katsuki sits up slowly. He still feels a bit shaky from climaxing. His phone stops ringing before he can struggle to get it out of his crumpled up jeans on the floor. When he finally is able to unlock it, he sees he has two missed calls. One from Unknown Number , aka: fucking Deku and the other is from Chief Aizawa.


“Shit.” Katsuki hisses under his breath and scrubs a hand through his hair. His thumb hovers over which number he should call back. He swallows thickly at the thought of hearing Izuku's voice over the phone, and finally decides to dial his boss.

Hello? ” Chief Aizawa grumbles when he answers the phone.

“It's Katsuki.” Katsuki tells him, not sure what to say.

Ah. ” His boss responds which… does not sound great? “ Midoriya asked me to get a hold of you. You need to attend a meeting with a few other people to learn about how the case is going to go down. I'm not sure about all the details so get into contact with Midoriya if you can.

He winces at that. “Did he tell you the time and place?” He asks, trying to keep the hopefulness out of his voice. Maybe he can just meet Izuku at the meeting and not have to call him.

No, he didn't. It's not my business.

Of course he didn't. “Okay Chief.” Katsuki sighs. “Thank you for getting ahold of me.”

I'll hear from you soon. ” Aizawa didn't wait to hear a response before he hung up.


Katsuki groans and eyes his recent missed calls list. He really doesn't want to call Izuku. He doesn't want to think about why he doesn't want to, he just doesn't want to. He reluctantly calls his new boss.


“Katsuki.” Izuku seems to sigh his name in relief when he picks up the phone.

“Uh, yeah.” Katsuki confirms.

“I was just worried-” Izuku cuts himself off and pauses, as if searching for better words. “I was just wondering why you ran off like that.” It's a statement, and it doesn't come out like a question. Izuku says that like he knows something. Katsuki doesn't know what that something is and he doesn't want to think about it too much so he ignores it.

“Like I said, Deku.” Katsuki begins, his old nickname rolling off his tongue as naturally as curse words do. “I had something I had to get to. What's the call about? Chief called me and told me there was a meeting?” Katsuki had to stop himself from saying 'another meeting’, since the coffee they had this morning ended up being more of a train wreck than an actual meeting.


Izuku hums in agreement over the line, a deep rumble in Katsuki’s ear. It makes his stomach do something weird but he ignores it.

“We’re meeting with a woman named Momo Yaoyorozu. She’s going to be overseeing a lot of this case.” Izuku pauses then, and Katsuki hears him exhale. “We’re basically just going to go over the plan and teach you a few basics if you need them. Have you ever worked as an undercover cop before?”

“Yeah, of course.” Katsuki tells him as he opens a cabinet to get out a small pot. “This is like that?”

“Similar? But like I said, we’re playing roles. So a little more difficult.” Izuku explains. “But some things are the same, like wearing a mic and things like that.”

“Ohh, okay sounds good.” Katsuki says as he fills up the pot with water.


There’s another pause before Izuku asks, “Hey, Kacchan?”

Katsuki inhales sharply and takes a second to compose himself. “Yeah?” He responds.

“Are you okay? You smelled… “

“I smelled?” Katsuki prods.

“No- no, you didn’t smell. That’s not what I meant you just seemed off? Especially with the way you left and-”

“For fucks sake.” Katsuki says, cutting him off. “I told you, I had to be somewhere. You’re thinking too hard about it. Don’t worry yourself shitless. I’ll see you at the meeting. What time is it again?”


“Eleven AM this Saturday at the police station. We’re going to be using a private room in there to talk.” Izuku informs him, his voice a bit flat.

“Alright,” Katsuki forces his tone to soften. “I’ll see you then Deku.”

“You too.” He agrees before hanging up.


Katsuki was able to hold up better than he thought he would be able while hearing Izuku’s voice again so close to his ear. See? There was no problem, just a phantom scare. He lets out a breath, and it’s not shaky at all. Not at all.




Katsuki walks into the office that Saturday at around ten thirty AM. He wasn’t able to get a good night's sleep the night before, and his back is killing him. He beelines for the coffee pot in the small kitchenette area out of habit, but even after he realizes that he’s not here to do paperwork or catch rebel teens, he still decides to pour himself a cup of black coffee anyway. Because it’s before fucking noon and he fucking needs caffeine in him pronto.


“Firecracker!” A familiar voice exclaims from behind him. An arm wraps around Katsuki’s neck from behind.

“Kirishima I swear to god-” Before he can finish, Kiri’s arm is drawn from where it was wrapped around Katsuki.

“You’re such a damn spoil-sport, yah know that?” He tuts, leaning against the counter to Katsuki’s left.

“I just don’t like people’s arms around my throat.” Katsuki grumbles over the rim of his cup.

“Understandable Suki’.”


“‘Suki’?” A familiar voice echoes. Katsuki glances to Izuku who has just rounded the corner into the kitchenette. Izuku’s eyebrows are raised and there’s a smirk on his face. There’s something else there too, but Katsuki can’t quite put his finger on it.

“That’s what I call ‘im.” Kirishima says casually. “Katsuki gets a little tiring sometimes. Or I call you Firecracker, yeah?” He glances over at Katsuki, resting his elbow on Katsuki’s shoulder and giving him a mischievous smile.

Katsuki frowns, feeling heat reach his ears. “He doesn’t call me that with consent.” He grumbles, shrugging Kiri off of his shoulder.

Kirishima laughs good-naturedly. “I’ve gotta’ get some paperwork done today, but I’ll text you sometime this week, kay’?”

“Whatever.” Katsuki agrees as Kiri leaves the kitchenette.


“‘Firecracker’?” Izuku says.

“Is repeating other people all you can do Deku?” Katsuki suddenly barks, whirling on his heel to face Izuku.

“No.” Izuku tells him with a shake of his head, a smile still in place on his stupid chiseled face. “I’m also good at making up cute nicknames.”

“What the fuck-” Katsuki starts.

“What about sour skittle? Since you kind of smell like one.” Izuku blurts. ‘He’s focused enough on his scent to know what I smell like? And what kind of dumbass name-’ Katsuki thinks to himself.

“Or Little Skittle, since you’re tiny-”


Katsuki punches Izuku in the stomach. Not hard enough to knock him back. Considering how Izuku’s abs felt like literal rocks , the hit probably wasn’t even enough to leave a bruise. It knocked the air out of him though, which boosted Katsuki’s ego a bit. Even if his stupid dumbass fucking scent was everywhere around him and throwing him off.

“You think just cuz’ you’ve grown a couple inches that you can talk shit?” Katsuki snarls, wrapping his fist into Izuku’s shirt and getting close to his face. “Don’t push your fucking luck.” He lets go then and pulls away, picking up his coffee cup. As he stalks out of the kitchen, he hears Izuku snort. Snort ? Is this guy trying to pick a fight?


Izuku falls in step beside him after a moment. Must be easy to catch up with long fucking legs.

“Still not a morning person either, huh.” Izuku says. It’s not a question.

Katsuki pauses mid-step. He should be angry, or at least still have an attitude, since he’s still pissed about the name thing, but is he really though? With Izuku pumping out his comforting pheromones and the fuzzy feeling he got when Izuku wanted to give him his own nickname, Katsuki doesn’t think he’s mad anymore. Has he lost his touch?


They enter a room that is used for board meetings and things like that every once in a while, but usually just sits empty. Today there’s someone already sitting at the head of the table when they walk in. She has long, thick dark hair drawn into a neat ponytail, and the suit she’s wearing is obviously tailored and is bright red. She smells like an Alpha.


Katsuki holds his hand out to her respectfully as he sits down.

“Momo Yaoyorozu?” He asks. Izuku sits down across from him at the table.

“Yes.” She confirms. “Just Momo is fine.”

“Okay, Momo.” Katsuki smiles politely at her. The action always feels a bit awkward on him, but he manages it for his job. “Bakugou Katsuki.” He introduces himself.

“Nice to meet you.” She says formally with a slight bow of her head.
“You too.” Katsuki replies.


“Today we’re just going to be going over some details, aliases, things like that.” She explains to him, folding her hands stiffly on the table in front of her.

“Ooh. Aliases?” Izuku’s eyes flash with mirth. “Put Katsuki down as Firecracker.” Katsuki opens his mouth to protest, but before he can say anything, Izuku adds. “Since he’s my merchandise after all.” If Katsuki had been drinking anything right then, he would have choked on it. Thankfully, he wasn’t though, and instead he just ducks his head an grumbles a few curse words.


“That actually fits the theme perfectly.” Momo praises and Katsuki snaps his gaze up.

“Then can he be fuckin’ Deku?” He didn’t mean to cuss, but it was too late to take it back now. So he just snaps his jaw shut.

“Make my Alias Deku.” Izuku murmurs to Momo. That kind of pisses him off too. It’s almost like when a parent wants to placate their child, but not make it obvious for the child to catch on. Except he wasn’t a fucking child!


Momo writes a few things down on her tablet with a nod. “We’ll supply you outfits to wear, I just need your sizes.”

“I’m a large in most shirts and my pants measurements are 33.5-waist, 33-inseam.” Momo’s pencil continues to scrawl along the screen of her tablet.

“I’m uh- usually a Medium in shirt and I’m 29-waist, 31-inseam.”


Izuku’s green eyes snap over to Katsuki’s and they hold eye contact for a moment. Katsuki is still annoyed at him from earlier, and he snaps his gaze away, feeling his upper lip curl up. Why is he so impersonal?


“Alright,” Momo says, setting her stylist down for a moment to look up at the two men. “We’ll have clothes for you to wear the day of.” She shifts her gaze to Katsuki. “I’m assuming you know how a mic works?”

Katsuki’s face scrunches up. Do all of these detective types think he’s a dumbass or something? “Of course I do.” He says, trying to control his anger. Man, he was not on his game today.

“I just have to go over it with you real quick.” Momo says and Katsuki wants to bury his face in the sand. Why are things ever mandatory ? She rambles at him, telling him about how the mic will be clipped somewhere on his body that can’t be seen. She tells him that they have access to more modern mics, which are small and round, can can be put behind the ear. She tells him it also records everything, so keep it in mind. Momo actually pulls out a small, gray mic, about the size of Katsuki’s pinky nail. She reaches over to show him where it will be placed behind his ear, and he has to stop himself from flinching away. She smells like sterile disinfectant


She doesn’t actually stick it to him and quickly draws her arm back. The movement seemed very robotic, as if she had rehearsed the whole speech many times before now. She replaces the mic back into her small purse and once she’s done she says, “Understand?”

Katsuki blinks. “Yes.” He answers and Momo picks up her stylist to write something down on her tablet screen. Is she filling something out?


“Okay, so.” Mom lifts her head, still swiping something on her tablet even though her eyes aren’t on it. Was she a superhero or something? “Our ‘inside source’ is called Nomu. He won’t give us his real name, so we’re not entirely sure if we can trust his word. He’s accepted a copious amount of money for being our inside source.” Momo clears her throat and turns her tablet screen to Katsuki. “Izuku and I have already been over this information multiple times.” She says.


On the screen of her tablet is who Katsuki assumes is Nomu. It looks like it was taken on an expensive security camera. The angle is from above, so his face looks a bit distorted. All that Katsuki knows for sure is that he’s very tall and broad shouldered and bald.


Momo turns her tablet back away from him after a few moments. “At the event that you two will be participating in, there’s going to be an investor. He is one of the corporates largest investors and the biggest name we’ve been able to get a hold of so far. If he was taken out, it would be a huge blow to their ‘company’.” Momo does air quotes with her fingers around the word ‘company’. “His name is Kai Chisaki, according to our source. He reportedly has bought over one hundred Beta’s, Omega’s, and we believe they even sell the occasional Alpha. We’re not sure how that works though. Something for you to find out.


“We’re also not positive what he looks like, but he has been described with short, dark hair and usually wearing a mask over the lower half of his face. Supposedly a lot of buyers will hide their identity from certain other people, but as far as we know, they don’t try to be completely incognito, thus how we got his name. Basically, you’ll have to hunt for names.


“Well, Izuku will have to for the most part. Katsuki,” She turns to him then. “You’re mostly their for appearances and back-up.”

Katsuki feels his jaw drop. Is she for real? Why didn’t fucking Deku tell him that part? He’s basically just a prop?

“Of course, you will both be armed, though Katsuki’s weapon may have to be a bit on the smaller side.” Katsuki is about to ask why that is when she continues. “You must follow everything Izuku says.” She tells him, her voice dropping an octave to show how serious she it. “We seriously doubt that people bought on the black market have an attitude. Understand?”

Understand? ’ Why does she keep asking him that likes he’s some dumbass grade schooler? Katsuki feels his jaw clench, but he nods once.

“Good.” Momo aprehenses. “I’m sure Izuku will beat the plan and rules into you at least three more times before you’re escorted to the… auction in a few days.” She says the word auction as if it leaves a bitter taste in her mouth as it rolls off her tongue. She then stands from her chair quite abruptly, holding her tablet against her side as if she was balancing a baby on her hip. “Thank you gentlemen. That will be all for today.” She then walks briskly from the room, heels clacking loudly on the white tile floor as she leaves.


“Who was that?” Katsuki asks, bewildered.

Izuku chuckles under his breath, pinching the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb. “That was my boss. She’s actually very nice once you get to know her, and smart.”

Katsuki bristles slightly. “You gotta’ thing for her?” He doesn’t mean for the question to come out so hostile.

Izuku raises his head from his hand, fixing him with a long look. Katsuki is about to ask him what the fuck he’s staring at when he finally says. “She’s an Alpha.”

Katsuki inhales like he was burned and darts his gaze away. Wow he’s a fucking idiot. “I-” Katsuki struggles for words. “I don’t fucking know you could be fucking ace for all I know.” That’s the farthest thing he could have said from what he actually meant to come out of his mouth, which went more along the lines of, ‘My bad.’ Or, ‘I wasn’t thinking.’ Why is he such a fucking dumbass? He guesses old habits die hard.


“I’m not ace.” Izuku rumbles. It makes the hairs on the back of Katsuki’s neck stand on end.

“Whatever, Shitty Deku.” He mutters, standing from the table.

“What’s been up with you this morning?” Izuku barks suddenly, also standing and moving half-way in front of Katsuki, blocking his path to the door.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He snarls at him and attempts to shoulder Izuku out of the way.


Izuku whips a hand up and grabs Katsuki’s upper arm. His grip hurts. “You’ve been acting nasty to me all morning! Are you fourteen again or what?”

Katsuki’s face screws up in anger. It’s not his fucking fault that Deku makes him act out! Not his fault that his Omega is going haywire lately! “Does it fucking matter?” Katsuki bites out. “What, are your feelings hurt, Deku?” Izuku growls then, loud and deep, and his grip on Katsuki’s arm clamps down to an almost unbearable pressure. “Hey-!” Katsuki nearly yelps, his hand going up to dig into Izuku’s knuckles as he tries to get out of his grip. “Fucking let go! That hurts, asshole! I’ll kick your ass!” Katsuki brings his knee up hard into the other man’s abdomen. Izuku wheezes and his grip loosens. Katsuki quickly moves opposite Izuku, which just happens to be the other side of the room with no exit, since Izuku is still blocking it.


Katsuki places a hand over his upper-arm, which is now throbbing. “What the fuck was that about?!” He shouts at the curly-haired man.

Izuku winces. “You smell off.” He says, and it’s so low that Katsuki has to take a second to process it.

“What?” He asks, anger going from a boil to a simmer.

“You smell off!” Izuku exclaims. His hand waves around his head. “You smell weird and I don’t know why but my Alpha doesn’t like it! I want to help you but it also makes me uneasy but because I want to help you, I get-” He clamps his lips shut mid-ramble.

“You what?” Katsuki interrogates, frown firmly in place, eyes still bright with anger but also… curiosity.


Izuku gives a firm shake of his head. “It doesn’t matter.” He mumbles. “I think requesting you to help me on this case was a mistake.”

“Wait-” Katsuki’s head spins. “What? No fuckin- You can’t just give me a promotion and then take it away asshole!”

“I obviously didn’t think it’d go like this!” Izuku yells back angrily. He seems more upset over the situation, than Katsuki himself. “I thought we could work side by side for once instead of against each other! We were friends Katsuki.” His eyes are hard. Katsuki’s chest heaves. All he can smell around him is distressed Alpha, angry Alpha, possessive Alpha. It fills up all of Katsuki’s senses and he buries a hand in his hair, tugging on the champagne locks before looking back at his childhood friend.


“I’m going through some shit right now.” Katsuki tells him. “I’m-I’m,” Katsuki struggles to get the words out. “I’m sorry.”

Izuku’s head whips up Katsuki watches him scent the air, probably for any anger or other emotion that would hint at Katsuki not being genuine. The anger has flood out of him though. He just feels tired. His gaze fixes on the floor and he tilts his head to the side.


Izuku lets out a small gasp, and when Katsuki looks up, he catches his pupils expanding for a millisecond, before the green of his irises flood back.

Did I just bare my neck at him? ’ Katsuki straightens his neck so quickly that it pops. He tries to play it off like that wasn’t his intention, but he can feel his cheeks heating anyway. ‘ How humiliating.


“What shit are you going through?” Izuku asks, obviously ignoring what just happened. His voice is gentle, and so are his eyes now. The room floods with comforting Alpha pheromones. Pine and campfire smoke. Katsuki has to put in effort in order to keep his eyes from fluttering shut.

“That’s none of your business.” Katsuki says stubbornly.

Izuku sighs, a bit exasperated and pauses before he says, “Just don’t let it affect our relationship anymore? I don’t- I don’t care if you just act strictly professional with me. Let’s at least get through this case. Okay?”

If his scent and body language is anything to go by, it’s obvious that Izuku wants to be more than coworkers. That his intentions were to be friends again, and though he’s being civil, Katsuki can tell it pains him a bit.


“Yeah.” Katsuki croaks. He has to get out of this room. His stupid hormones are making him overly emotional or empathetic of something. “I can do that.”
“Good.” Izuku says on a sigh. “The auction is in a few days. If you’re showing everyone how much you hate me, our cover will get blown.” There’s a slight, self-deprecating chuckle in there somewhere and it makes Katsuki’s chest clench.

“I never said I hated you.” He bites out, giving the stupid Alpha a hard glare. “Don’t put fucking words in my mouth.”


With that, he pushes past Izuku to leave the room, cheeks even more hot than before.




( Izuku’s POV )


Izuku stands there, feeling almost frozen in place, as Katsuki shoulders past him and stalks out of the room. Izuku expects the door to slam, but it doesn’t. Instead it clicks softly closed behind him. Izuku’s Alpha is screaming at him. It has been since he smelled Katsuki for the first time that morning. There was something wrong .


Izuku doesn’t know whether it had gotten worse since he last saw Katsuki a few years ago, or if it’s because he’s just now aware of it, that it’s so blaringly loud in his head. When Katsuki even confirmed it, Izuku felt like his stomach dropped out of his shirt and onto the floor. Why was he not seeking any help?


He wondered at first if maybe Katsuki was just sick. With something terminal or had a disease. But when people have cancer, or something along those lines, their scent will usually smell… bad. As if they’re rotting from the inside out. Diseases like diabetes usually don’t smell at all. Same thing with mental illnesses.

Why is he not getting help!?! ’ A wave of frustration crashes over the Alpha and he lets out a snarl and buries his fingers in his hair in an attempt to ground himself. He needs to calm down. Like Katsuki said, ‘ That’s none of your business. ’ Is he right? Is it really none of his business. A part of him says no, if someone needs help, you should try to help them in any way you can. But what if he just makes things worse?


Izuku takes another slow breath. Katsuki’s scent still lingers in the room, which isn’t helping much, but still he tells himself what he’s been telling himself since last week:

Katsuki is an adult. If there was something he couldn’t handle, he would get help for it. ’ Izuku was desperately trying to convince himself of that much.


After he collects himself, Izuku finally leaves the room. The station smells like sweaty cops, crappy cologne, and stale donuts and coffee. That along with people’s individual scents. It gives him an instant headache behind his eyes. He glances at the smart watch on his wrist to check the time. He had to get home to try and get some paperwork done before he had to pick up Molly from school and meet Ochako to drop her off. Their split parenting was typically one week on, one week off, unless something special comes up like a vacation that’s longer than a week or something along those lines. Sometimes holidays get a bit jumbled.


Izuku waves to the cops that give him a friendly goodbye wave on his way out. God he’s exhausted. The headache feels like a tangible pressure in his head, like someone has filled it with cotton balls that are pushing on the backs of his eyes. Driving makes it worse because he has to stay focused and attentive of the road. Sorting paperwork while staring at his computer screen in his dark office is going to be fun.


Dread is curled in his gut when he parks in the parking space in front of his condo. He invested in buying one three or four years ago. He had the money available so he figured a condo would be more stable and comfortable than an apartment would be for him and Molly. As much as Izuku is proud of being a homeowner so young, he still has the fear that one day he’ll want to move and will be stuck under the over-priced condo in the middle of the city.


He takes the keys out of the ignition and shoves them into his pocket, making sure he has his phone, wallet, and bag also before he shuts the drivers side door shut and locks the car behind him.



After two hours of Izuku forcing himself to get some work done, albeit the short break he took to eat lunch, he put back on his work shirt and shoes to go pick up his daughter. Once he pulled into the schools’ parking lot, he reached an arm back to grab for the sign that said ‘Midoriya’ off the backseat and set it against the windshield. He squints and searches through the throng of kids. They’re separated by grade but Izuku sometimes still has a bit of trouble finding Molly in the small crowd of children. She’s a bit small for her age, but Izuku can usually manage to catch sight of her frizzy, curly dark hair.


When he sees his daughter’s smiling face part through her classmates, he feels his own, genuine smile stretch his cheeks as well.

“Hi, Daddy!” Molly squeaks as she yank open the back door and clambers into the backseat. She quickly does up her seatbelt.

“Hey, Muffin.” Izuku cooes. “How was your day?”

“Good.” She says simply.
Izuku chuckles. It’s always hard to get a detailed answer about her day. “What did you learn about?” He presses as he pulls out if the parking lot.

“Oh, uhm-” Molly scrunches up her nose sprinkled in a light dust of freckles as she thinks. “We learned about uhm, about dinosaurs and stuff today.” She tells him. “We also played tennis like I told you this morning- but this morning I didn’t know if we were going to have partners or teams…” Izuku peeks at her through the rearview mirror. She’s talking excitedly with her hands and bouncing a bit in her seat, eyes wide. “We were in teams but the teacher picked them so I wasn’t on the same team as Jenny- Oh, Daddy!” She exclaims suddenly and Izuku glances back at his daughter.


“Can we get ice cream, pleasssse?” She whines.

Izuku is already shaking his head. “No, no. We’re meeting mommy. We don’t have time to stop and you don’t need any ice cream, Muffin.”

“Daddy, please?” She begs, her legs bouncing.

“I said no.” Izuku says sternly.


“Molly!” Izuku scolds and she blinks. “Drop it. I said no.”

Molly harrumphs from the backseat and Izuku knows she’s pouting, her thin arms crossed over her chest. He usually gets onto her about pouting too but he doesn’t want her getting all dramatic and pitching a fit when she gets picked up by Ochako.


Izuku lets Molly watch youtube on his phone while he drives the remainder of the time until they pull into Ochako’s house, which is a very small two-story farmhouse style estate on about three acres. Molly gasps from the back as they pull into the driveway.

“Mommy!” She cries happily as she throws open the door.

“Molly!” Izuku reprimands. “Next time wait til’ I park before you get out!”


Ochako opens the front door, obviously had been expecting them. She crouches down and holds her arms out for her baby to throw herself into.

“Mommy!” She shouts again, going into a fit of giggles as Ochako begins peppering kisses all over her face. She’s wearing a plain white apron over a pair of straight fit jeans and a collared shirt that looks stained with food. Her hair is up in a messy bun, and a few stray pieces are tucked behind her ears that curl around her jaw.

“Hey baby!” Ochako greets after a moment. “Did you have a fun week with Dad?”

“Mh-hm!” Molly exclaims.


Izuku leans on the hood of his car, and waves to Ochako.

“Hey, Izuku!” She calls from the stoop. “Come on in for a few! I just made lasagna!”

Izuku can never say no to her lasagna. She knows it’s his favorite too. With a grin, he locks his car and follows his daughter into his ex-wife’s house.

“Woo! It smells like heaven in here.” He praises, scenting the familiar smells around him. It smells like Ochako and Iieda and Molly and good food.

Ochako beams. “I made some for you to take home, too.”

“You’re the best.” Izuku says earnestly, peering into the living room where Molly has scampered into to dig into the toys she hasn’t seen in a week. He lifts a hand in greeting to the tall, broad shouldered man sitting behind the coffee table. “Hi, Iieda, how’ve you been?”


Iieda gives him a genuine smile. “I’ve been great. Sales have gone up.”

“Oh yeah?” Izuku asks. “Yeah, I’m working on kind of a dangerous case right now.” He lowers his voice as he sits down next to his old friend. “So I might not be able to take Molly next week, depending on how it goes. You know I don’t like to risk her being around anything even remotely dangerous.”

Iieda nods his agreement. “Of course,” He pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his middle finger before brushing his short, dark hair further off his forehead. “She misses you when she doesn’t get to see you of course.”


Izuku nods a bit solemnly. It hurts his heart a bit, knowing that his daughter probably felt a bit more home at Ochako’s than she did with him. That was only because of his job of course. In the past few years, Izuku’s dealt with some nasty cases, and a few of them were so dangerous he was afraid of Molly being around him and possibly being affected by it. There was a point about two years ago that Izuku didn’t see his daughter for almost seven months. She’d gotten so tall the next time he saw her. That was the longest amount of time though, most of the time when he dealt with a difficult case they were only separated about a month or so.


“Food’s ready!” Ochako calls from the kitchen. “Are you staying for dinner, Izuku?”

“Oh… I would love to, but I have a lot of paperwork I need to finish.” Izuku answers honestly, giving her a small, sheepish smile.

“Me too.” She admits with a smile. Ochako always has a lot of paperwork, honestly both of them do, but Ochako is a lawyer, while Izuku also does a lot of work out on the field, most of Ochako’s job was just paperwork. He felt bad for her honestly. Iieda is a mechanic, and has his own business that does very well.


“Molly, come give me a kiss bye.” Izuku says to his daughter, who looks up from whatever she was building with her blocks and stands to come give him big hugs.

Ochako laughs as she comes to set a hand on Molly’s head. “ Man I wish I had a daughter that looked like me.” She says playfully and Izuku flashes her a grin.

“Her personality is all you. You know that.”

“That’s true.” She hums as she saunters back into the kitchen, her eyes glinting  with mirth.


“I’ll set the table.” Iieda calls after his fiance as he stands. They been engaged forever. Izuku wonders when they’re actually going to have a wedding.

“I’ll see you soon, kay’ Muffin?” Izuku says sweetly to his daughter, who still has her arms wrapped firmly about his waist.

“Not allowed to leave!” She squawks, shaking her head.

“Awh,” Izuku laughs, petting a hand over her wild hair and crouching down to meet her eye-to-eye. “I’ll see you soon. Don’t worry.” He kisses her cheek. “I love you; be good for Mommy and Iieda.”

“I always am!” She insists and he laughs again.

“I know you are, Muffin.” He stands then. “I think dinner will be ready in a minute, but you can play with your toys til’ Mom calls.”

“Okay, Daddy drive safe!” She says as she crosses back over to her toy bin to look for something new.


Izuku blows her one last kiss which she pretends to catch before he goes back into the kitchen. A tupperware is immediately shoved into his hands.

“This is for you.” Ochako tells him.

“Thank you.” Izuku says gratefully. “I’m gonna’ binge eat it all .”

She snorts and leans in for a quick hug. “Don’t make yourself sick. And be safe at work, update us when you can, okay?”

“Of course.” Izuku tells her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and gently pats her on the back twice before he pulls away.


“I hope you keep getting new customers, Iieda.” Izuku tells his friend, giving him a sort of man side-hug.

“And I hope your case goes smoothly.”

Izuku huffs a laugh. “You and me both.” He waves to both of his friends as he leaves to house. “I’ll see you later, guys!”

“Bye!” Ochako calls. “Drive safe!”
“I will!” Izuku grins as he shuts the door, holding the tupperware close to his chest. He always likes seeing them, though he doesn’t like dropping Molly off. He knows she’s happy to see them though.


Izuku sighs as he climbs into his car, and it’s then that he realizes that his headache is gone. He lets the back of his head rest against the headrest. The beginning of the day had been a rollercoaster, but it ended on a good note. Izuku’s chest is heavy with affection as he drives home.

Chapter Text

( Izuku’s POV )


Izuku tosses the designer pinstripe coat jacket over the designer button-up underneath. The suit fits him nicely, as if it had been tailored. Can designer brands even be tailored? Izuku didn’t know enough about clothes to say for sure. His shoes are glossy and the dress pants hug his hips and muscular thighs perfectly.


When he steps out of the small dressing rooms, the outfit designer for undercover missions, Yuga Aoyama, claps his hands together. “Magnifique!” He praises in his heavy french accent. “It looks marvelous on you! Now just to style your hair and you’ll be all set!” Izuku self consciously places a hand on his head. “My hair?”


Without answering him, Yuga is dragging him away and sitting him down in a black, leather chair placed in front of a mirror. Yuga’s scent is quite strong, but it matches his personality. It’s a very fruity scent.


Yuga takes out some kind of hair tool and holds it over Izuku’s head as he plugs it in, The way he holds it seems a tad ominous. It reminds Izuku of someone in a horror film holding up an axe. Once he deems it hot enough, Yuga sets to work on straightening Izuku’s hair. Izuku gets a tad panicked when something like steam rises from his hair and he lets Yuga know of such.

“That’s just the oils in your hair, Amour, don’t fret.” Yuga assures him, tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he concentrates.


Straightening Izuku’s hair ends up taking roughly twenty minutes because his hair is so curly. Once it’s tamed, the ends in the back almost reach the collar of his suit.

“It’s too long.” He complains, reaching back to mess with it.

Yuga slaps his hands away with the pointy end of some comb thing. “Non!” He scolds before he begins to brush Izuku’s hair back.

“Are we going for a slicked back Leonardo Dicaprio look?” Izuku guesses. Yuga just smiles and hums confirmation as he wets the comb with a spray bottle and smoothes down the hair by Izuku’s ears.


Yuga is nitpicking and using gel to tease up and down certain parts of his hair when an angry Katsuki reaches his ears. He saw the Beta when they first got there, though their greeting was awkward, Katsuki didn’t seem angry, and Izuku supposes that’s better than nothing.


Things that Katsuki had said yesterday were kind of driving him crazy. The way he scolded him for ‘putting words in his mouth’ after Izuku said that Katsuki hated him. He seemed mad? As if it was the opposite. Mixed signals much? Izuku wasn’t sure what to think of his old friend anymore. The main thing he felt was worry, He was so worried about him, but he felt helpless. What more could he do? Pressing the subject obviously wasn’t going to get anywhere.


“You can’t be serious-!” Katsuki’s angry voice getting close draws Izuku form his thoughts. “There’s not way that I’m fucking wearing this . Let me go!” Mirio Togata rounds the corner, a smile on his place as he drags along a struggling Katsuki behind him-

Izuku nearly chokes.


Katsuki is flushed all the way down his chest with embarrassment, which Izuku can see due to the lack of clothing on his body. Black leather straps criss-crossed along his chest and cupping his- for a lack of a better fitting word- perky pectoral muscles. Honestly, how did someone’s pecs get that big? His chest tapers off into a well defined torso and devilishly small waist. The straps wrap around his shoulders and connect with the black leather skin-tight pants he has on. He doesn’t have any shoes on.


“You have to let Yuga do your hair!” Mirio tells him, pushing a seething Katsuki into the hairdressing chair beside Izuku. Katsuki’s teeth are barred but his ears are pink.

Cute .’ The thought worms it’s way into Izuku’s head without permission. He gives his head a small shake and forces himself to look away from Katsuki’s thighs.


“Don’t fucking say shit, Deku.” Katsuki warns, voice a growl.

Izuku laughs . He laughs his ass off. It wasn’t that funny before, kind of sexy/cute in an awkward type of way. But for some reason, Katsuki telling him not to say anything unprompted justs sets him off. Izuku grabs his stomach and leans back in his chair, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes,


“Shitty Deku, what did I just fuckin’ say?” Katsuki warns. When Izuku is able to focus on his face though, he doesn’t look that angry.

“Sorry, sorry.” Izuku wheezes. Yuga tuts behind him, using the comb to fix Izuku’s hair once more.

Katsuki tsks and crosses his arms over his exposed chest. “It’s fucking cold.” He complains. Izuku almost laughs again, but manages to keep it as a loud, drawn-out snort instead.


There’s a bark of noive from his right and we Izuku glances over, he sees Katsuki laughing into his hand. “You fuckin’-” A noise as he inhales. “Dweeb!”

Katsuki has the kind of laugh where he makes noise as he inhales, instead of exhales. It’s a bit of a hyuk laugh, but it’s sharp and loud and suits him.  Izuku finds himself grinning, his cheeks hot. He hasn’t heard Katsuki laugh since high school. It’s almost an out-of-body experience.


“Parfait!” Yuga exclaims from behind Izuku, effectively cutting off whatever atmosphere had accumulated. “Now, your turn!” He says, turning to Katsuki, who cringes at his voice. Izuku is pretty sure Yuga is the type of person Katsuki hates most in this world. With maybe the exception of hardcore criminals. But even then, it might be a tough call. Izuku thinks that if he asked Katsuki the question: ‘Would you rather stay one whole night locked in a room with a wanted murderer, or Yuga?’ He’s pretty sure Katsuki would hesitate answering.


Yuga picks through Katsuki’s fluffy hair as if looking for something, and Katsuki is obviously cringing in discomfort. Izuku would almost feel bad for him if he wasn’t find this so funny. Also he looked very cute. What the fuck was up with Izuku today?


Izuku stands, assuming his hair is done. He tentatively touches his fingertips to it. Despite the wet look, it’s surprisingly soft. Not crunchy like Izuku had expected. He was able to smooth his fingers through it if he wanted to without pulling his hair out. He doesn’t though because he knows he knows that Yuga will get onto him about it.


He goes to stand by Momo and Mirio who are talking at the edge of the studio in hushed tones. They glance at Izuku as he walks up. Momo smiles at him and Mirio claps a hand on his shoulder.

“Lookin’ good, Izuku!” He praises.

Izuku grins sheepishly. “Thank you.” He says. “Was Katsuki okay for you?” Izuku nearly cringes at his own words. It sounded like he was asking Hagekure if Molly had behaved for her while he was out.

“Oh,” Mirio laughs then. Izuku is pretty sure his volume level is always at ‘not quite yelling but always very happy and loud’. “He did not like his clothes. Made that very clear but,” He shrugs then. “Not anything I couldn’t convince him of.” Mirio had probably just reminded Katsuki the importance of the mission and his role in it.

“That’s… good.” Izuku finally settles with, not sure what else to say.


Terminé!” Yuga squawks from behind Izuku, and he turns to see a begrudging Katsuki stand from his chair. Izuku briefly wonders if he could ever get a muscle butt that big. Katsuki’s hair is very soft looking. Yuga has managed to tame his thick, spiky hair into sort of fluffy loose waves that curl at the nape of his neck and frame his face. If not for the muttered curse words flying from his mouth, Izuku would never believe that he was looking at Katsuki Bakugou.


Izuku swallows thickly as Katsuki saunters off to the rest of them, hands hanging by his sides in a way that looked like he wanted to shove them into pockets. Yuga close at his heels, says as he walks up,

“He wouldn’t let me put any makeup on him! He kept threatening to bite me if I tried! A shame!”

Izuku feels a smile tug at the corner of his lips. He doesn’t need any makeup anyway, and that reaction was just so something Katsuki would do. Izuku was honestly surprised that he’s swallowed his pride enough so far to dress in what he’s wearing.


“You both look nice.” Momo said simply, clasping her hands together in front of her torso. She tells the two of them that they’ll be taking a cab to a few blocks away, where they’ve ordered a limo under Izuku’s alias and with his fake card number and information. The limo will take them to the location of the auction.


Izuku already knows all of this, so he keeps a watch on Katsuki out of the corner of his eye. Katsuki is standing a bit aways. A bit too far to be natural. He feels as though the awkwardness that was there this morning is back despite whatever moment they shared while Izuku was getting his hair styled. Katsuki pays perfect attention, a small frown on his face as he listens.


“The auction is supposed to start at eleven, so we’ve gotta’ get you guys out of here.” Momo concludes with before shooing the two of them with her fingertips. “Mirio will get your mics on.”


As they stand in front of the exit, Mirio presses the mics behind their right ears, under their hair. “Now if you need to tell us anything, you know, make sure to be discreet. Try not to talk at all though if you can. We’ll be here the whole time, and we’ve got back-up on hold just in case anything goes wrong.”

Katsuki nods silently, a hand lifting to touch the device behind his ear. Izuku turns toward the exit.

“Let’s go Firecracker.” Izuku says, and Katsuki grumbles something unhappily under his breath. Izuku was expecting more of a reaction. Even a simple, ‘fuck off’. It’s a tad concerning. Izuku assumes it’s because of nerves. He turns to his partner. “Don’t be nervous.” He tells him.

Katsuki’s gaze narrows at the words. “I’m not nervous, dumbass.” He tells him before pushing past to walk out of the door.


They begin walking a few blocks away from the station, so the cab they get in won’t have any suspicions.

Testing testing. ” Mirio’s voice filters through both of their mics.

“We can hear you.” Izuku says and in front of him, Katsuki nods his confirmation, though he doesn’t turn around.

Okay good. ” Mirio praises. “ Remember: If you need anything we’re right here.


Izuku already knows this. He’s been told this every time he goes out on the field. At this point it’s like hearing a textbook being read aloud. Repetitive. His thoughts are interrupted by the clacking noise coming from Katsuki’s feet as he walks in front of him, and when Izuku glances down, he sees he wearing some kind of platform shoe. Only about a two inch height.  Izuku is pretty sure he’s seen a lot more extreme platforms in magazines in the checkout line at grocery stores.


“It’s so fucking cold.” Katsuki complaints in front of him, arms wrapped around his midsection to guard himself from the chilly air. Izuku tightens his grip on the black satchel-type bag that Mirio gave him with props and other things he might need while they’re at the auction. His Alpha commands him to warm his friend. He could give him his over jacket, but he’s pretty sure Katsuki would refuse to take it, so he doesn’t push it. Why is he so stubborn? Izuku lets out a sigh.


“And my feet fucking hurt .” Katsuki’s voice breaks in his frustration on the last word and Izuku freezes for a moment. His Alpha is acting up, but he’s not sure how. Katsuki gives him a sudden glare over his shoulder. “What the fuck, Deku?” He asks, nostrils flaring. What does he smell in Izuku’s scent?

“What?” Izuku asks back, just as confused as he is.

Katsuki just shakes his head and doesn’t answer. “Stupid freckle face.” He mutters instead. Although he says it angrily, his voice lacks heat.


“The cab should be around here somewhere.” Izuku voices after a few minutes. Just as he’s said, as the round the corner of a building, a cab is parked by the sidewalk. Izuku tells the driver his alias as Katsuki goes around the car to hop in the backseat. Izuku slides in beside him a moment later. The air in the car is warm, and the scent is masked by a few scent neutralizing air-fresheners hanging off the rearview mirror. Katsuki has sunk into the worn leather seat. He looks content as he can in the situation.


The ride is about twenty minutes long, and they sit in silence. When the cab drops them off, they have to walk a few more blocks to meet the limo. They repeat the process of Izuku giving the driver his alias and Katsuki sitting down in relief in the backseat. The tip of his nose and ears are a bit pink from the cold. Izuku really wants to offer him his overcoat.


The scenery outside the car turns from respectable city to looking a lot more sketchy. Izuku knows there’s another police station out here that covers this county. Izuku smiles at the driver and thanks him as they get out, handing his a generous tip before he drives away. Katsuki’s eyes dart around, taking in their surroundings.


Izuku gestures to the nightclub in front of them. It doesn’t look like a typical nightclub, at least not a popular one. The sign is dim and not in neon colors, and there’s no one standing outside. It almost looks closed.

“Are you ready?” He asks him and Katsuki lets out a sigh.

“Sure.” He answers shortly.

“Ah, wait.” Izuku voices, setting his prop bag on the ground for a moment and opening it up to take out a black leash.

“I don't want to fucking wear that.” Katsuki tells him.

“I know,” Izuku agrees gently, hooking the clip to the loop on the back of Katsuki’s chest straps. “But our source said that investors keep their merchandise confined, usually on a leash.”

Katsuki’s nose wrinkles in disgust and Izuku feels himself smile just a little. He pats Katsuki on the back, between his shoulder blades. The muscles there ripple under his touch and he pulls his hand away. Izuku then sets the plain black mask on top of the bottom part of his face, coveirng his nose and mouth. ”All set.” He tells Katsuki after a moment. He nods once, and they start forward.


As they get closer, the door to the squat looking building opens and a very tall man steps out.

“Can I help you?” He asks, eyes roaming up and down Izuku, sizing him up, before they flicker over to Katsuki and linger and little too long.


“I’m Deku Shinozu. You should be expecting me.” Izuku tells him smoothly.

The man blinks, as if trying to recall the list of names he was forced to remember. “...yes.” He says eventually, stepping aside and inviting the two of them in. When Katsuki hesitates, Izuku gives him a sharp push. Katsuki shoots him a look, but obeys. Thankfully the guard doesn’t notice anything off as they walk through the door.


Inside is nothing like the outside. Inside it looks like a lavish restaurant and bar. The floor is marble and it’s so clean it reflects everything almost like glass. There’s a huge, gaudy, expensive looking chandelier in the peak of the ceiling, which is actually quite high. From the outside, it looks like a two-story building. Where the bar is, there are smaller versions of the chandelier hanging above people’s heads. Every table is white and made of some kind of metal, and the chair are almost white gold, the backs of them intricate and shining form the overhead light.


There are people everywhere too, there must be at least a hundred people in total. Maybe a hundred and fifty. The scent of the room is strong . It nearly makes Izuku’s eyes water. It smells like expensive cologne and perfume and all kind of dynamics. Distinct smells are virtually impossible to pick out. He’s able to smell Katsuki though when he makes an effort. He guesses that’s because he knows his scent, and because he’s the closest person to him.


This is where it really starts to get weird. The obvious investors typically wear designer suits and flowing, sparkling gowns. Their hair is impeccably done and their movements are gracious. Most of the investors wear masks. More of them are plain, like Izuku’s, but some are a bit more interesting. There’s a woman at the bar wearing a very detailed masquerade mask.


The people who are obviously considered merchandise, wear anything from costumes to BDSM looking stuff, to being nearly completely naked. Basically, as far as their sex slaves went, they got to dress them up like play dolls. One person nearest him, is laying on a table in front of his owner. He’s just laying there, face down, and feet on the floor. His owner has a hand resting on the his lower back. It seems casual, but Izuku feels like it’s an underlying threat. As if his owner is saying ‘ Try and move. See what happens .” The guy also just looks… out of it. His eyes are closed and his jaw is relaxed. He seems used to it. It makes Izuku’s stomach roll but he’s careful to not let it show on his face.


Izuku gives the room a quick sweep, but can’t look too hard for a man with a bird mask without being too obvious. “We’re sitting over there.” Izuku juts his chin over to a larger table with a few empty seats that seem to be unclaimed. Katsuki says nothing, and when Izuku glances over, he kind of expects Katsuki’s expression to be horrified, or at least disgusted. To his mild surprise, his face is neutral. Flat, but looking like he doesn't want to be here; he doesn’t looked shocked by his surroundings either. It’s a convincing expression.


Izuku leads Katsuki to the table he had gestured to. There are five people at the table. One is a tall woman, slender woman with a long face and red hair. Her nails are nearly a foot long and her mask only covers her eyes. Her ‘merchandise’ is a small blonde girl with big eyes and a hollow face. She wears nothing but some white baby doll lingerie. The red-headed woman holds her by a dainty stretch of bright red rope wrapped around the blonde’s wrist.


To her right is a stocky, older man. Maybe in his late fifties to early sixties. He wears dress pants and a button up with a bright white overcoat, tassels hanging off the shoulders. He wears a black bandana around the lower half of his face, and a very large cowboy hat on his head. His ‘merchandise’ is a lithe, dark haired girl that sit on his lap, arms wrapped around his shoulders. She wears a small, pink dress with bunny ears on her head and bright pink pumps on her feet.


The last person at the table is a small, gray haired woman. Despite her hair color, she looks very young. She’s drop dead gorgeous too, with pouty lips and big eyes framed by long lashe and straight white teeth. Her ‘merchandise’ is sitting on the floor at her feet. He’s tall and lanky, and has shaggy, strawberry blonde hair. He wears only a pair of boxers.


Izuku stands behind the chair next to the red-headed woman.

“Are these seats taken?” He asks smoothly.

The Alpha woman glances up at him, a sly smile crossing her face. “No.” She drawls, tapping her long nails against the tabletop. “What’s your name?”

Izuku hums and sits down, giving Katsuki’s leash a tug so he’ll do the same. “What’s yours?”

The woman laughs a nasally laugh. “Delilah.” She answers eventually and holds out a cold, slender hand.

Izuku shakes it. “Deku.” He tells her.

“This is Tulip.” She pets the blonde’s head beside her sensually. “What about your pretty boy over there?” She asks, her eyes flickering to Katsuki, who stiffens beside him. Izuku knows he’s uncomfortable, and as much as he’d like to make that feeling go away, he can’t with the situation they’re in.

Izuku tries to give a genuine smile. “I call him Firecracker.” He tells her.


“Ooh, he looks like one.” The woman murmurs. “Maybe sometimes we can get together and borrow each other’s playthings? If you don’t like Tulip here, I have a few more you can choose from.” Izuku is a tad stunned, but doesn't let it show. He goes to answer before she cuts him off again.  “As long as you’re okay with marks on him anyway. I can’t not leave marks when I play. What is he? Beta? Breaking him is easy, hm?”


Izuku’s eye twitches but he keeps the smile on his face. “I’ll definitely have to look at what other- toys you have.” Izuku just barely manages to get the word toys out without a stutter or pause.

The woman hums, her eyes dragging slowly down Katsuki, who sits tensely next to Izuku, eyes focused on his lap and face carefully controlled.


Anger flares up in Izuku then and he has to force down a growl that almost threatened to rip from his throat. He must be letting off so many protective Alpha pheromones. Did the woman not notice? Picking apart different emotions or urges from someone you’re not already familiar with can be tough, so Izuku guesses it must be that. Izuku subtly glances about the room and people nearby for anyone that look like they could potentially be Kai Chisaki.


“How do you keep it so in shape?” The large man to Delilah’s left asks then, having been listening to their conversation. Izuku’s stomach twists with nausea. ‘ Did he just call Katsuki an ‘it’? ’ Izuku clears his throat.

“I take him to work out with me in my gym at home.” He says as an explanation. “Let’s him let off some steam so he doesn’t get so antsy being in his room all the time.”

“Ohh.” That’s a good idea. The man says, leaning back in his chair. The girl on his lap makes a noise and his eyes flash. Before Izuku can comprehend what’s happening, the man raises his hand and slaps the girl on his lap. His hand meets the skin of her back with a loud crack. The eery thing is that the girl doesn’t make one peep. She doesn’t flinch either.


Izuku clears his throat then. “I actually heard that Chisaki was going to be here? He bought a piece that I was very interested in. Do you happen to know him?

The woman gives him a slow smile, wrapping her fingers around the rim of a glass on the table and taking a long swig. Her lipstick leaves a bright red smudge in her wake. “Doesn’t ring any bells.”

The stocky man grunts. “Me neither.” He confirms. “Were you thinking about buying a toy from him?”

Izuku manages a stretch of his lips. “Yes.” He answers smoothly.

“That’s not a bad idea.” The Delilah says thoughtfully.


Their conversation is interrupted by a few buff men coming from a side room rolling a platform out in front of the tables. Everyone turns their heads to look at what’s going on and Izuku risks a glance at Katsuki. He brownish-red eyes meet his. Izuku has a hard time reading the emotion hidden behind them. Fear maybe? Disgust? Anger? All of the above?


“Hello everyone.” A voice from the front draws Izuku’s attention away from Katsuki. “Welcome to the Winter Auction of this year.” People applaud after this for a few seconds and Izuku joins in. “We have a great selection this season.” He continues. Izuku is pretty sure he’s heard youtubers that Molly watch say that exact same line. “Let’s have a few come out, huh?” More applause. “They’re going to be separated into categories. By age group, gender, and dynamic. The first group is Omega women between the ages of seventeen to twenty-three.”


Izuku has to keep his Alpha from letting out a shit ton of angry, threatening pheromones. He does his best to rein them in. When no one glances his way, he assumes he’s done a decent enough job of controlling himself.


They’re selling underage kids? This was new to Izuku. He’d never heard of them selling people underage. Any age underage is bad enough. If he sees any actual children up there, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to control himself again.


Beside him, Katsuki leans into Izuku the slightest bit. Even though his scent is off, Izuku can smell the calming pheromones he’s giving off. They’re not quite calming Beta pheromones, but of course it’s not Alpha or Omega either. Izuku swallows. He’s so worried about him.


The group of women- girls more like, walk single-file onto the platform, and Izuku can smell small hints of distressed Omega all the way from where he sits. It must be so strong by the stage. The guy talking into the mic must be a Beta, because Izuku is pretty certain any Alpha near all of those unpleasant scents would not talk as smoothly as he does when he begins the auction.


“First up is this beauty:” The man says, pushing his obnoxiously large, dark sunglasses up the bridge of his nose. “We call her Dark Mare.” Izuku seriously doubt that ‘they’ call her that. They more likely call her a number and herd them like cattle. Izuku wonders if they wrote a script for the guy to memorize while introducing everyone, or if he just comes up with their ‘names’ on the spot.


The girl that is pushed forward has long, dark brown hair in a braid over her shoulder. She’s wearing a white leotard that matches all of the other girls’ outfits on stage. Her skin is pale and her eyes are dark. They dart around, not really focusing on anything. Could they be drugged?


“She’s five foot one, slender body-type. Her breasts are A-cup.” The man begins to list facts about her and it makes Izuku’s stomach roll. “We’ll start the price at eight hundred thousand. Any buyers?” He holds out his arms by his side, as if he was advertising for a new alcoholic beverage at some sleazy bar. Hands raise up all throughout the dining hall. The guy on the platform finds the highest bid quickly and begins to talk so fast that Izuku can barely hear him. All he knows is that after a few minutes, he exclaims, “Sold! To the man with the dragon mask for one point five million dollars.


Holy shit that’s a lot of money. The next girl they bring up has dark skin and eyes and a head covered in kinky curls that create a halo around her face.

“Next up is the pretty little thing we call Star. The beginning price is eight hundred thousand. Izuku raises his hand, three fingers up, because he knows he won’t win. He needs to bid here and there to look convincing of course.


Delilah leans into Izuku and speaks to him in order to be heard over the rambling over the speakers blaring through the room.

“I’d give you double for your toy there.” She tells him, nodding her head toward Katsuki. “Everything I brought with me I’ll give you.” The look on her face is down-right scary. She’s letting off intimidating smells as she eye-fucks Katsuki, her tongue coming to poke cheekily out of the corner of her mouth.


Without thinking, Izuku moves to half-block Katsuki from her view. “He’s not for sale.” Before the woman can respond, the announcer at the front of the room howls:

“SOOLD!” Into the mic, effectively cutting her off. “For a whopping three million to the man in the yellow suit!”


Each new sale goes by in a similar fashion. Each person who is taken back offstage, probably to be dolled up or cleaned or something before being given to their new ‘owner’, leaves Izuku feeling more and more sick. All of these people they may not be able to save. All of these people that they could be saving right now if they had enough backup. Izuku tries to calm himself back down. They need to do this. Flooding this event won’t stop the root of the problem, and then it will be even harder to catch the people who are organizing this because then they’d know that the police are onto them. They’re going to help a lot more people in the long run.


The auction is about four hours long, and Katsuki seems to be getting more and more antsy as time goes by. Every once in a while Izuku will give him a look out of the corner or his eyes and Katsuki will stop fidgeting, looking a bit guilty. Izuku tries to keep looking around for a


Once the last person is sold, a slender man with mocha colored skin, the announcer suddenly leans in closer to the mic and says, “Now let’s give a hard round of applause to our top sponsors of the evening! Without them we wouldn’t have been able to host this event!” After the applause dies down he continues: “Kenji Hikiishi!” A tall man with shoulder-length brown hair and big lips saunters out. The suit he’s wearing is an odd reddish-orange color and he wears it sloppily. Dark glasses completely hide his eyes. People around them applaud and some even whistle.


After letting Kenji have his moment, he yells, “ Jin Bubaigawara!” A man in an all gray suit and a black and gray mask that covers his entire face ducks out from backstage, waving a hand at the room in front of him. “And last but not least-!” The announcer pauses for effect. “Kai Chisaki!”


Izuku almost curses out loud. Of fucking course Kai Chisaki has been backstage this whole time, not mingling with the rest of the people at the auction. Why couldn’t anything ever be easy?


“Chisaki?” The gray-haired woman at the table, who hasn’t said anything to Izuku since he’s sat down, asks him suddenly, turning to glance at him over her shoulder. “Isn’t that who you wanted to buy from, Deku?” Apparently she’d been listening to every word they’d said.

“Ah, yes.” Izuku agrees, giving a small nod. “Looks like it might be a bit more difficult catch up with him than I thought. I’ll have to ask some people I know.” Izuku tries to come off as aloof. As if he doesn’t really care, but he cares enough to at least ask around his other connections to try to get in touch with Chisaki.

The woman nods.


After the auction, it seems people who purchased leave with their new ‘toy ’, and that people who hadn’t ended up buying stay to mingle and have a few drinks. The stocky man had ended up buying a beautiful tall, blonde Beta, and the gray-haired woman has bought another red-haired man to take home with her. Of course, Delilah didn’t end up buying.


Izuku at first excuses him and Katsuki, who follows him wordlessly to the bar. Izuku buys a drink, and pretends to drink it for the most part. He takes a tiny sip here and there just so the glass doesn’t stay at one level the whole time. Delilah finds them through the throngs of people hovering around the bar, and she has the audacity to sidle up next to Katsuki, who stiffens on the red stool he’s sitting on.


“What I would give to play with you.” She purrs, her eyes glancing to Izuku, as if expecting him to be fine with the way she’s acting. “He looks a bit rough around the edges.” She tells Izuku. “How broken is he?”

Izuku takes a brief second to control his breathing before he attempts not to smile back. “I like them a little fiesty.” Izuku tells her, taking another sip of his drink.

“Oh yeah? I understand that as well. You probably wouldn’t like me to borrow him then. He’d come back marked and abused. All of his fight gone.”


Katsuki trembles. Trembles. Izuku smells something distressed that smells an awful lot like Katsuki.


Izuku stands. “Yes, I don’t think I would.” He says shortly. “It was an absolute pleasure, Delilah, but I’m afraid I’m quite a bit impatient to get to somewhere private with my merchandise. Have a good evening.” He graces her with a small bow of his head, before giving Katsuki’s leash a light tug. He stands also and follows Izuku out of the building and back into the street.


It’s like stepping into another world. The scents are more familiar, except for Katsuki’s, which still lingers in the air. It’s unpleasant and smells of something close to fear. Izuku refuses to call it fear. Katsuki afraid of some uppity woman?


“Deku!” Katsuki snaps, his voice almost a gasp. Izuku whips his head to look at him. Katsuki is shaking. He’s sure it must just be from the cold. “St-stop your fucking growling!” Izuku relaxes his throat. He had been growling. He steps forward, more into Katsuki’s space. He pushes comforting pheromones out of his pores. Katsuki’s shoulders seem to relax a tad.


Guys? ...-Izuku?” Mirio’s voice is in their ears. Izuku raises a hand to rest by his ear.
“Yeah, we’re here.” He says lowly just in case.

They’re responding! ” Mirio cries on the other end. Izuku’s eyes widens and Katsuki goes still.

“We weren’t in contact?” Izuku asks, disbelieving.

No, we were completely cut off. They must have set up signals that would interfere with other receiving waves. Both of you get out of there; you should probably stay at a motel for the night. The limo should be there to pick you up at four am. Just take it to a hotel, we’ll contact you sometime late morning. Be safe.

“Got it.” Izuku answers. There’s a clicking noise as the sound cuts out.

“We… we didn’t have any fucking backup.” Katsuki says quietly from beside him.

“Yeah.” Izuku agrees. “Not a big deal, no one suspected anything-” He stops talking when he turns to see Katsuki’s face. It’s pale, and his eyes are full of emotion, yet look blank at the same time. He looks scared. Izuku is allowed to use that word now. He didn’t think Katsuki was scared of anything. “Hey…” Izuku says in a soft tone, reaching his hand out to placate his friend.


Katsuki flinches away from his outstretched hand. Izuku feels his stomach drop. Something crosses Katsuki’s face for a brief second, guilt maybe?

“It’s cold.” He tells Izuku, arms wrapped around himself as he walks in front of him, platform shoes clacking against the concrete underneath their feet. “Lets- lets just go.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki’s whole body feels like it’s on fire, despite the goosebumps on his arms. Him and Izuku are riding in the limo, and Izuku is scrolling through motels nearby before he finally tells the driver. Katsuki just wants to be away from Izuku’s scent. It’s filling up the whole car and making it hard to breathe. Katsuki finds himself panting as he rolls down the window.


    “Are you hot?” Izuku asks him and Katsuki shoots him a glare. He doesn’t trust himself to answer, so he just doesn’t. Izuku’s scent is filling every crack in the car, every crevice in Katsuki’s clothing. He feels like he’s going to choke on it.


    When they finally stop outside of a Embassy Suites, Katsuki takes in lungfuls of air and wipes sweat that’s dripping down his temple with the back of his hand. He needs suppressants. Katsuki has no way to get to them, and no way to call in his next months supply of them without Izuku finding out what he’s getting. Fucking Deku who ended up being a goddam Alpha that just happens to smell so fucking good.


    The fear he’d felt earlier has melted away. Yeah, he was afraid of that crazy red-haired bitch, he’ll admit. She seemed out of her fucking mind. Katsuki was also overwhelmed by all the smells in the room around them. A bunch of dominant, aggressive Alphas, all being possessive over the people they owned and trying to one-up everyone else in the room; baring their teeth in a smile as they showed off how much prettier their Beta was than someone else’s Omega.


    And then Izuku smelled protective and angry and aggressive the entire time. Which wasn’t unlike most of the other Alpha’s in there, but he also smelled like Izuku and not like, dangerous, and that kept doing things to Katsuki. Made him feel like barring his neck like he had when they argued at the police station.


    When Katsuki found out that they hadn’t had any back-up that whole time, he didn’t know how to feel. He was scared for sure. What could have happened to him? What if they’d found out he was an Omega and had forced him into heat? What if he was fucked ruthlessly over and over again by an Alpha that his body rejected? Would Izuku have tried to protect him if he had been taken away? Could Katsuki have been able to fight his way out? He doesn’t think so. Not with the way he’s feeling right now. Not against so many Alphas.


    “Katsuki?” Izuku calls to him and Katsuki’s eyes widen as he’s pulled from his thoughts. “Let’s get a room.” He says with a nod of his head, a peice of hair falling out and curling against his forehead. Katsuki nods and follows him reluctantly without saying anything, his head down.


    They both ignore the weird looks they get from the old Beta woman at the front desk at the sight of their outfits. Izuku checks out a room and the woman hands him a key with wrinkled, trembling fingers.

“Have a good evening.” She says stiffly.

“Thanks.” Izuku answers with a smile before leading Katsuki to the elevator. Why does he keep getting stuck with his smell in very small, confined places?


    Izuku’s fingers trail along his spine and Katsuki bows his back, a choked-off noise tearing past his lips. Izuku clears his throat and Katsuki whips around to face him. Izuku holds the end of the leach that’s still hooked to Katsuki’s back.

“I was unclipping this for you.” He tells him. Katsuki feels his face flush.

“Well you could’ve fuckin’ warned me asshole!” His voice cracks as he turns away from the Alpha, chest heaving.

“I didn’t think it would be a big deal.” Izuku admits quietly. “Sorry,”


    How could it not be a big deal when you smell like everything Katsuki has ever had a wet dream about in his entire life? Katsuki resists from burying his fingers in his own hair. He tries to look somewhat composed.


    His stomach clenches, and a sharp pain shoots through his abdomen. Katsuki grunts at the unexpected feeling. His hands ball into fists and his nails dig into his palm. The elevator door dings open and Katsuki stumbles out, trying to get away from Izuku’s scent.


( Izuku’s POV )


    “Katsuki!” Izuku catches him before he falls when he tries to rush out of the elevator, wrapping an arm around Katsuki’s limp torso.Katsuki whimpers, his muscles tensing and his face falling against the crevice of Isuku’z neck. His arms are stiff where they hold Katsuki up.

“Uhm,” He voices, sounding unsure. “Katsuki…? Are-are you?”


Katsuki is breathing Izuku in like his life depends on it. His scent causes goosebumps to rise on his skin and he shudders. God he smells so good. Katsuki lets out a pained cry against Izuku’s neck, panting against his hot skin. Izuku begins moving then, half-dragging Katsuki along with him. Izuku fumbles with the key as Katsuki nuzzles his face into Izuku’s scent gland beneath his jaw. When he gets the door open, he almost throws the two of them inside and slams the door shut behind them.


The room is immediately filled with the distinct smell of an Omega in heat. It smells so good. Like hard candy, Lifesavers maybe. The scent sets Izuku on edge and makes his skin feel hot. He’s never been sent into rut over an Omega in heat but he kind of thinks Katsuki might do that. Beside the smell of heat on him, he smells like he’s in pain. He knows heats can be painful if the Omega hasn’t had one in a while, so he guesses that that’s the problem. Maybe that’s why his scent has been so off.


Izuku presses Katsuki up against the door and he winces at the pain that sharpens as soon as Izuku isn’t pressed against him.  

“You’re an Omega ?” Izuku hisses. Katsuki doesn’t respond except for a whimper, face screwed up in pain. “Fucking hell.” Izuku tries not to scent the air but it’s almost impossible not to. His stomach clenches in a way that feels good and he’s panting along with the Omega, their breaths intermingling.


    “Why didn’t you tell me?” Isuku gets out, keeping eye contact with Katsuki’s hazy ones.

“Hurts…” Is all Katsuki says and Izuku lets out a groan. His Alpha is almost unbearable. He wants to take care of him so badly. Katsuki’s face is red and so is his bottom lip, which is also glossy with spit from him biting down on it.


    “I can’t- “ Izuku grumbles, hands caging Katsuki in on either side of his head. “I can’t do anything.” He bites out. It hurts to say that. Katsuki whimpers, pressing his face forward to bury his nose into Izuku’s neck. He lets him, because he smells that it lessens the pain. Izuku focuses on controlling his breathing, eyes fluttering shut involuntarily and the smell that’s coming off Bakugou in waves . A groan pushes past his lips and his left hand tangles in the soft locks at the back of Katsuki’s head.

“Kacchan-” Izuku tries.


    Katsuki releases a breath then, pushing himself away from the Alpha and leaning the back of his head against the wall. His pupils are blown wide and he’s flushed all the way down his chest. His lips are shiny with spit and parted as he pants.

“Stupid Deku.” He croaks, eyes darting over his face. “You’re stupid fucking scent drives me crazy.”

“Thank God you’re lucid enough to talk.” Izuku says, voice low. He knows he should pull away, give the Omega his space, but he finds it nearly impossible to do so. “I drive you crazy?” He asks after another moment.


    Instead of answering, Katsuki drags his tongue over Izuku’s scent gland. Izuku shivers , placing a hand on Katsuki’s hip.

“K-kacchan…” He stutters out, his breath catching. “You can’t-”

Please .” He begs. “Please, Izuku.” Katsuki sounds so pained. Izuku is almost one hundred percent sure that he isn’t sure what he wants, but he can smell the pain coming from him in waves. His Omega must be telling him that Izuku can make it go away and technically- yes , he can but he can’t . He can’t do that when neither him not Katsuki are completely lucid. There has to be some kind of consent specifics that make it illegal and even if there’s not, Izuku would feel immensely guilty for it. It would probably ruin whatever relationship they’ve been building too.


    “Katsuki.” Izuku huffs out. “I can’t knot you.”

A whine slips from between the Omega’s lips at the word and he nips at Izuku’s neck. He sounds hurt by the Alpha’s words. His Omega might think that Izuku is rejecting him and that not what it is . “If you say it’s okay, I can help you through any other way I can.” Izuku promises.”If I check you into a clinic they’ll just assign any Alpha to knot you.”


Katsuki is trying to shake his head no and nod yes at the same time where it’s pressed into Izuku’s shirt.

“No.” He breathes, his voice catching. It’s low and gruff. His fingers clench into the fabric of Izuku’s shirt. “You.”

“Are you sure it’s alright…?” Izuku questions, his hands tightening on Katsuki’s waist. He lets his face press into Katsuki’s hair and he indulges himself in heaving in lungfuls of the Omega’s scent.

“It’s fine , Izuku- please- ” He cuts himself off on a growl as Izuku’s hand slides into the back of his tight, leather shorts.


    He’s soaked through the bottoms with slick and Izuku’s fingers are immediately slimy with it as he runs the pads of his fingers between the Omega’s cheeks and over his clenching hole. He dips the tip of his finger inside after only a small amount of resistance. Katsuki is warm and pliant under his fingers. A series of impatient, low groans and growls fall from his lips as he grinds his ass back on Izuku’s hand in an attempt to get his fingers in him.


    Katsuki’s forehead is on Izuku’s shoulder and although he can’t entirely see his face, he notices that his ears are bright red, and that the blush spreads down the back of his neck. Izuku runs his other hand down the smooth, muscled back of the Omega as he finally slides a finger into his weeping hole.


    He makes a choked off noise against Izuku’s shoulder and his hands tighten in the fabric of his shirt. Izuku waits a few beats before he tentatively slides his finger out in back in.

“Agh,” The Omega voices, his hips canting back against the Alpha’s hand. Izuku sets a slow but steady rhythm with his finger. Katsuki is falling apart just by this. Every scrape against his insides has him squirming.


    Izuku is sure he’ll has red nail tracks on his skin under his shirt. His Alpha purrs at the thought. He wants to mark Katsuki too. Without much thought, Izuku’s index finger slides in alone next to his middle finger without stuttering.

“Fuck!” Katsuki suddenly shouts. His voice cracks and he lets out a growl. “I need- fuck!” He squirms, pressing his hips back more insistently.

“I know.” Izuku coos. “I’ve got you, Omega.”


    “It feels good.” He whines, voice thick. Izuku bites the Omega’s ear, wanting to get his mouth on him. Katsuki shivers against him. Izuku tucks the Omega in his arms, wrapping his thick, muscled thighs around his waist as he trudges the few steps to the bed. When Izuku extracted his fingers, Katsuki has gasped out a strangled, “Why?!”


    Izuku plops Kacchan on his back on the bed and he kneels between his legs. He peels the tight short off his legs and Katsuki’s kicks the garment off his ankle as if it had personally offended him. He rolls over onto his stomach, ass propped in the air. Izuku feels like all the life was punched from his body at the sight of Katsuki presenting to him. Though it’s not uncommon for an Omega in heat, it usually requires a certain amount of trust.


    He grasps the Omega’s cheeks in both hands and squeezes. So round. Izuku bites into the mound of tight muscle and delicious fat. He bites down hard enough to leave deep, red teeth marks when he pulls away, but Katsuki does not seem the least bit phased. In fact, he’s not rutting against the bed as much as he can anymore, now more focused on holding his ass out to present.


    Izuku slips to fingers back into his impatient hole and thrusts them in and out. He curls his fingers and Katsuki cries out.

“Fuck! Please please please please please please. Alpha I need-” He needs his knot. He’s not even sure what it is that he needs, but Izuku knows that’s what his Omega is asking for.

Izuku just shushes him and adds a third finger and speeding up the pace.


Izuku is painfully hard in his expensive suit trousers. At least their not jean material, so it isn’t as painful as it would’ve been if he were wearing a more constricting fabric. He leans forward and darts a tongue out to tase the slick dripping from Katsuki’s hole in desperate amounts, unable to help himself. Katsuki groans and Izuku wishes so much that he could see the Omega’s face, because he’s pretty sure he would have seen his eyes rolling back in his head. Izuku licks around his fingers, hearing himself rumble at the taste. There’s not really a good way to describe the taste of slick. It’s a little different for every person and mainly just tastes like sex. Although Izuku is fairly certain no slick he’s tasted has been quiet as good as Katsuki’s.


The Alpha bites along Katsuki’s upper shoulders and licks a stripe up the back of his neck as he fingers him almost bruisingly. Kacchan is gasping loudly and grinding back against the Alpha’s hand. Once in a while he drop a cuss word or beg that he needs something, but he mostly just gasps and growls into the pillow that his face is buried in.


“Oh!” He suddenly shouts. “Izuku-! Fucking shit-!” He heaves out a few more choked off moans as his toes curl and his fingers pull desperately at the bedding beneath him for a few suspended seconds. Then, his muscles relax, and Katsuki’s hole is pulsing around Izuku’s fingers. He tries to spread them out a bit to imitate a knot. Cum oozes from the head of the Omega’s dick and drips on to the comforter. He slumps after a moment, obviously exhausted.


    Katsuki looks at Izuku out of the corner of his eye to watch as the Alpha sucks his fingers of slick that was dripping from them. His Omega purrs at the sight. He still smells Alpha arousal heavy and unsatisfied in the air around them. He reaches for Izuku, and Izuku takes a step back off the bed from where he’d been kneeling.


    At the look that passes over Katsuki’s features, Izuku pets his sweaty hair back from his face.
“You need to rest. I’m going to get you water and I’ll be right back.” Katsuki’s eyelids lower as if on cue and he lets out a low purr. Izuku’s Alpha reers his head back and he almost isn’t able to leave the bed at all. He wants to pull himself out of his pants and jerk off until he paints the Omega’s skin with his release and he smells only of Izuku. He wants to fill up his insides too-


    Izuku shakes his head and forces himself to stumble into the bathroom. He struggles to get himself out of his pants, and when he finally does he has to bite his lip to keep from whimpering at the feeling of his grip around the base of his shaft. He gives himself a firm squeeze before he begins to stroke himself. At first he mainly focuses on the head, but he pictures slamming into Katsuki from behind in doggy style, and his strokes get longer and tighter. What expressions does Katsuki make in missionary? Does his face screw up? His eyebrows furrow and his mouth dropped slack on silent shouts. Cheeks red and the flush that travels all down his torso.


    Izuku thinks about leaving hickies all along his blushing skin, but what sends him over the edge is the tingle in his gums as he thinks about biting down hard enough on the scent gland on the back of Katsuki’s neck in order to leave a mark. He comes so hard that his entire body shakes and jerks with the force of it. Through his clenched teeth, a choked off grunt manages to come through. He pants as he stares at his seed in his hand before his brain begins to function enough again. He wipes his palm on some toilet paper and pours some water in one of the paper cups stacked by the sink after he washes his hands.


    Izuku sets the cup on the nightstand by Katsuki head. Though there are two beds, Izuku’s alpha absolutely refuses to sleep so far away from his Omega, and he finds himself crawling in next to him and wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s torso, who merely mumbles something sleepily but doesn’t wake up. Izuku buries his nose against the nape of Katsuki’s neck as his eyes flutter shut.




When Izuku wakes the next morning, it's to the sound of a panting Omega. Katsuki is writhing on his side of the bed, and Izuku's initial reaction is to coo at him.

“You're alright Kacchan.” He soothes, reaching over to wipe Katsuki's sweaty hair off of his forehead. The blonde's face is flushed and one eye is screwed up against the pain in his abdomen.

“De...ku.” he grunts out. He doesn't push Izuku away, but Izuku can tell that he's much more himself than he was last night.


“Do you want me to help you?” Izuku asks in a hushed tone, careful not to startle the oversensitive Omega.

Kacchan manages to shake his head, a pained grunt pushing past his lips as he turns over and buries his face into his pillow. “Not again.” He says quietly.


Izuku immediately feels guilty. He had crossed a line, hadn't he? He'd… forced himself on Kacchan. Apparently his sudden change in scent is noticeable because Katsuki let's out a miserable sounding groan.

“It's fine.” He chokes out. “I just- think u can handle it now.* The small affirmation was more than Izuku thought he deserved and more than he ever thought Katsuki would be willing to give him. Young Katsuki would have said, 'yeah, feel bad about it asshole.’ Izuku has to resist the urge to reach out and card his fingers through the damp champagne locks. Also his Alpha is still raging after last night. He wants to scent mark him and actually mark him. At the very least leave hickies all over his pale skin. Izuku gives his head a firm shake before he asks tentatively, determined to change the subject, “Do you want me to help you back home…?”

“I…” Katsuki thinks for a few moments, huffing into his pillow, his fingers curling and uncurling in the down material. “I think I need a bit first… and then I want to go home.”


Izuku takes that for what it is: as his cue to leave. He stands off the bed, trying to keep his tented erection away from Kacchan's possible line of sight.

“Th-then I'll go down and get us some coffee!” Izuku nearly squeaks despite his Alpha growling possessively at the mere thought of leaving his Omega alone while smelling the way he does.


The curly-headed Alpha forces his feet to move out of the hotel room. He has to brace himself outside of the door for a few seconds to keep himself from going back in and helping Katsuki through this wave of heat. He's just worked himself up enough to turn away from the door when a muffled groan can be heard from the door.



Izuku whips open the door so fast he nearly breaks his nose with it. He scrambles back onto the bed, burying his nose against Kacchan's scent gland.

Katsuki grips at his shirt. “Leave your shirt.” He says quietly.

An approving sound rumbles from Izuku's chest and he complies, slipping his shirt above his head so the Omega can press it to his face. “You were going to get coffee…” Katsuki whispers.


Izuku let's out a breath. “I can help you.” He tells Katsuki, who shakes his head. Izuku's Alpha is distressed at the rejection. It must show on his face, because Katsuki looks like he wants to say something as Izuku draws himself from the bed and shuffles heavy feet out if the hotel room for the second time that morning.


Only after he's able to make his way down the hallway does he realize he doesn't have a shirt on. He sighs and leans against the hallway wall. He can still smell Katsuki's heat. It's in his nose. Izuku blows out hard a few times into his palm to try to clear his head a bit.


Katsuki is an Omega. One on the police force at that. A lot of people wouldn't like it. Izuku can already hear what people would say.

Mama’s shouldn't be putting themselves at risk. They need to protect their pups.’ Even if Katsuki doesn't have kids, it would always come back to the same point.


A twinge runs through Izuku at that. The thought of Katsuki being a mama. It nearly makes him snort. He just would never have guessed. The more he thinks about it though, the more he can see it. Katsuki wasn't good with kids when he was younger, but in high school he actually took a care class his senior year. Their school had a pre-school/daycare on campus for a few hours every day. He was good with them. Izuku only stopped by once, but he remembered Katsuki always having at least one or two kids hanging off of him and he was gentle with them. Maybe the younger ones could sense his Omega and found solace in it.


Izuku's head is flooded by the image of Katsuki nursing a small, blonde infant and cradling the baby so very gently to him. It makes Izuku's chest seize with a all too familiar feeling. What if the baby had dark curly hair instead? Izuku thought Molly would be ecstatic to have a little brother or sister.


Izuku slaps his hands against his cheeks to snap himself out of it. It's just Katsuki's heat scent making his head all funky. His instincts are running haywire. He wants to knot and nest with the Omega. To impregnate him. But it's just his Alpha that wants that, he's pretty sure anyway.


Katsuki probably made a nest out of his shirt and his suit jacket that he left in the room and the blankets and sheets that had their intermingled scents on them. The smell of them together was… Izuku tries to think of the right word. It just smelled… right. Who knew that campfire smoke and hard candy would work so well together? It does though. It reminds Izuku of when he was in Boys Scouts as a kid. They'd always have all kinds of snacks before bed. They always had smores of course, but also potato chips and classic sour apple hard candy, which Izuku would nurse forever.


Hard candy reminded him of when they were around thirteen, and they were starting to go through hormonal changes. As kids, people usually smell pretty similar, with maybe a slight tinge of something unique. When they were young, Katsuki smelled distinctly like baby powder and chili sauce. The spiciness was his mom's unique alpha scent on him. Izuku's mom told him he smelled like air freshener when he was little.


As they got older, Katsuki's scent turned sweet before souring in his young teen years. It was more like a warhead than the sour apple it is now. It's sweetened up again since Izuku had last been close with him.


Izuku worries his lip. What is Katsuki going to do once he gets through this heat? He supposes he's going to get back on suppressants to hide his Omega scent. It makes Izuku's heart tighten. His Alpha doesn't like the thought of that. He supposed that's what he's been doing in between his heats, just using suppressants to hide it.


There's something off about that though. He didn't smell suppressed, he smelled unpresented. Izuku could just be mistaken though. He must be. There's no way Katsuki hasn't presented yet.


He figures it's probably been enough time for Katsuki to take care of himself, and Izuku wants to take him home now, while he's feeling mostly clear headed if he can.


He knocks gently on the door to their hotel room before opening it, kicking himself for not locking it behind him when he left. Katsuki is curled up on the mattress, flushed naked body half covered in blankets, Izuku's shirt and jacket squished up into a little wall around his head. Izuku swallows thickly.


“Are you ready to go home?” Izuku asks quietly. He rests his knees on the edge of the bed, and it dips from his weight. Katsuki cracks open his eyes. It takes a second for him to focus on Izuku.

“Hurts.” He croaks.

Izuku's chest pangs. “I know.” He coos softly, leaning forward to brush a hand over Katsuki's hair. “I know Omega.”


It isn't until a few tears trickle out of Katsuki eyes that Izuku feels alarmed.

“Can't move.” He chokes. “Please Deku-” He cuts himself off with a grunt and he curls even further in on himself.

“Kacchan?!” Izuku exclaims, bringing himself closer to the Omega and wrapping his arms around him. He tangles his fingers into Katsuki's hair and guides his face to his neck, where he scents him. “Sh. It's alright I know it hurts.”


Kacchan breathes heavily and shakily against Izuku's neck. He sounds like he's trying not to cry. His breath hitches here and there when he gets hit with a cramp and he tenses up. When that happens, Izuku rubs his back comfortingly.

“Wanna’ go home Deku.” Katsuki says after a while, Izuku can't really tell how long. He's just been trying to focus on not scenting him. The smell of his heat is a constant threat to his self control.


“I'll take you home, Omega.” Izuku tells him. It comes out on a comforting rumble. A purr. Izuku looks for his phone then, having almost forgotten it existed in the first place. He has a message from Uraraka telling him that she hopes his assignment is going well, and then one from Momo, checking in and letting him know that it's safe to go home now, and they got all of the audio and footage from last night. She tells him to check back in with them by tomorrow. He types back short, one word responses before calling an Uber to their hotel room.


He manages to get Katsuki back into his shorts despite him complaining that his skin is itchy, and wraps him up in one of the hotel towels. Izuku presses his nose into Katsuki's fluffy hair, which is finally not damp with sweat. His skin feels less hot too, but he still smells of pain, slight arousal, and exhaustion.


He rushes downstairs to check out of their room before going back up to half carry Katsuki out of the building. The Uber is parked up front so it's a short walk, and Izuku helps Katsuki inside before he himself ducks in beside him. He immediately pulls the Omega mostly into his lap in an attempt to shield him from all the of the unfamiliar smells.


The driver, thank God, is a Beta. She asks them where they're going, and Katsuki forced himself to state his address. He's getting hot again, and struggling against the rough material of the towel. He breathes heavily against Izuku's chest, hands clutching at his shirt, which Izuku had put back on before they left.


The drive is about twenty minutes or so, and Katsuki has the towel shrugged off by the time they arrive, and his nose shoved right against Izuku's scent gland, which he occasionally licks or scrapes his teeth against int order to get a fresh wave of Izuku's scent to fill the small car. It makes him shiver, and he fights his own growing arousal. He needs to get Katsuki home. This isn't about him.


Izuku pays the driver and apologizes a tad sheepishly as he helps Katsuki out of the backseat. The Omega can barely stand by himself, so Izuku finds himself lifting the him up bridal style.


“Kacchan.” Izuku hears himself say quietly. “Apartment number.”

“Twenty… “ he pauses, thinking hard. “Twenty-six.” He finally tells him. Izuku tightens his grip on the Omega's shoulders as he carried him upstairs. If Izuku hadn't been an Alpha, he would have been struggling. Muscled or not, Katsuki is built himself and carrying this long would wear our any Beta. So it's probably a combination of his Alpha and his instincts.


Katsuki struggles to tell Izuku the cost to his apartment, his voice hitching when he gets hit with a cramp. The first time he enters it wrong but when the light turns green the second time, Izuku finds himself kicking the door open with his heel and pushing inside. Katsuki immediately shoves the towel Izuku had draped over him once again before getting out of the car off of him and onto the ground, uncaring of where it lands.


Izuku carries the Omega through his tidy apartment and into his bedroom. He sets him gently on the neatly made bed and Katsuki sets to making another nest right away, kneading the palms of his hands into the thick blanket.

“Shirt.” Katsuki demands, reaching for Izuku. Izuku hands him his shirt and jacket and Katsuki adds them to his nest. He's breathing hard again and he grunts each time he's hit with a cramp but ignores them for the time being. When he's seemingly happy with his nest, he sits back on his haunches.

“Suppressants!” He gasps. “Fuck I meant to take those as soon as I got home!” Kacchan clenches an arm around his midsection.


“Suppressants?” Izuku echoes, moving towards the bed. “Kacchan… you need to get through your heat first. You'll hurt yourself if you take them now.”

Katsuki is already shaking his head. “I know ! “ He groans.

“So you can't.” Izuku reiterates, crawling into the bed, careful not to mess up the pile of blankets and clothes as he settles in the middle of the nest.


“What are you doing?” Katsuki asks, his voice cracking. He narrows his eyes at the Alpha, despite his body leaning towards Izuku.

“Helping you?” Izuku asks, reaching up to thread his fingers in the Omega's hair. He smells Katsuki's arousal spike when Izuku scrapes his short nails over his scalp. It makes his Alpha happy, to help his Omega.


After a second, Katsuki almost seems to catch himself relaxing into the affection. A hand whips out and smacks the Alpha away.

“I only asked if you could bring me home.” He manages to growl out.


Izuku pauses, his hand suspended mid air. His Alpha is distressed. Katsuki's eyebrows pinch together minutely. Izuku, figuring he can sense his disappointment and sharp sorrow, struggles to control his scent and how much of it he's been letting out.


With the way Katsuki had been acting in the Uber, Izuku figured he wanted to be helped, at the very least, comforted through this painful heat. He guesses it's his fault for assuming things. Katsuki was probably just clinging to him because he was the only familiar scent around him.


Izuku swallows and forces himself to rise from Katsuki's bed, the smells completely of the Omega. Izuku manages a small nod before he turns and leaves the room.






Chapter Text

When Izuku gets to his own apartment, he kicks his shoes off by the front door and collapses into his bedroom. Though his own scent is comforting, it doesn't smell like Katsuki and his Alpha is not happy about that.


Izuku wiggles out of his dress pants and wallows around on them, getting their combined scents all over his bed. Once satisfied, a happy purr vibrates out of his chest. He presses his nose against the bedding. The smell of heat makes his skin tingle and he rubs his neck against their combined scents.


He's exhausted and frustrated by what has happened. His Alpha is distressed by Katsuki's rejection. His head is muddled with pheromones and instincts. His Alpha is yelling at him to get back over there to his Omega. To help him through his heat and comfort him. To take away his pain.


Izuku doesn't remember falling asleep.


His skin is damp with sweat and over-sensitive. His chest rises in short puffs. All he can smell is the remnants of Katsuki's heat on his blankets. It's driving him crazy. He rubs the scent glands on his wrists and neck all over his bedding.  


It's only then that he notices his tented erection in his boxers.

“Fuck.” He breathes. Katsuki did manage to send him into rut. He finds himself rubbing against his bed and he groans. He's already throbbing in his pants.


He reaches a hand between himself and the bed to slip under the waistband of his underwear. He hisses when he grabs himself. He's so sensitive that his skin almost burns from the touch and he finds himself pulling away from the sensation. His dick throbs painfully at the loss if contact.


Izuku uses the precum oozing from his head to ease the way as he slowly strokes himself. He moves his other hand to cup his heavy balls, which ache already. He grits his teeth as he thrusts loosely into his hand. He's so sensitive it hurts but if he doesn't use any friction he won't cum and if he doesn't cum he won't get any relief from his rut.


Izuku tightens his grip and pulls his skin as he jerks off, shoulders hunching into himself. He presses his face into his dress pants, which still smells faintly of Katsuki's Omega scent. Izuku hears himself growl and he thrusts into his hand. Katsuki smells divine . Like spicy cinnamon and burnt sugar. Maybe a hint if vanilla? It makes Izuku's mouth water and his teeth ache with the need to mark.


Izuku comes with a grunt a few moments later, spilling into his hand. He’s still hard but not as hot as before, skin prickling less. His head is throbbing and his limbs feel sore despite him not having overused them. His mouth feels like he just managed to swallow a handful of cotton balls. He groans and covers his face with his forearm. He needs to clean the junk off his hand, but he can’t find the energy to get up for a few minutes.


When he finally drags himself out of bed, he takes a cold shower to lower his temperature, which is high due to his rut. Heat strokes and overheating is a problem for Alpha’s and Omega’s. People have gotten hurt just because they’re air conditioner broke in the summer and they had a heat. Extra steps to try and keep your temperature low never hurts at least.


Izuku wraps a towel around his hips and checks his phone by his bed. A missed call from work, one from Uraraka and one from Katsuki. Just seeing his name on his screen makes his stomach lurch, whether it’s in a good way or a bad way Izuku has trouble deciphering, but a shiver runs down his spine as he touches the button to call the Omega back.


“Hello…?” The voice on the other line is thick and gruff and Izuku has to hold back a growl, rolling his head back on his shoulders.

“Kacchan?” Izuku questions. “You-you called me?”

There’s a small groan on the other end. It’s muffled, as though Katsuki is covering his mouth to try to suppress the sound.

“I-” Katsuki starts. “You can’t- You can’t tell anyone Izuku.”

“Tell anyone?” Izuku sounds out of breath, even to himself.

There’s a pained gasp on the line and Izuku clenches his fist. “Omega.” He growls out.

“Alpha,” He whimpers in response, voice hushed and pained.


There’s a few seconds of silence before Katsuki speaks up again, sounding as if he regained a bit of himself again.

“You can’t tell anyone that I’m an Omega.” He breaths.

“I know.” Izuku assures him. “I know. Kacchan-”

“How do I-” Katsuki cuts him off before struggling with something. “How do I get through a heat? Suppressants aren’t working. Made it worse.”


Izuku’s insides twist in a way that almost make him nauseous. “You took suppressants? I told you that you can’t! You’re going to hurt yourself Katsuki-”

“Shut up!” The rumbling outburst surprises Izuku. It sounds like his usual self, and it quiets the Alpha. “I already fucking told you it made me feel worse. Don’t you think I know-” He breaks off on a keen, obviously have riled himself up enough to have been caught off-guard by the cramp.

“Kacchan…” Izuku says gently. He closes his eyes for a moment to compose himself, his Alpha rearing its head at the sound of his Omega in pain. “I can’t really talk to you right now. You sent me into rut.”


“And you sent me into heat asshole.” Kacchan rasps and Izuku freezes.
“What?” He manages after a moment. “It wasn’t your cycle time?”

“No.” Katsuki answers miserably. “Your scent sent me into heat.”


Izuku wasn’t in rut though. The only time an Omega is sent into a heat outside of their cycle is by their true mate, or at least a very compatible potential mate, skeptics say. A lot clicks into place then. Izuku breathes in through his nose. Should he tell Kacchan?

“Tell me if anything gets any worse.” Izuku tells him. “I'm going to bring you over heat food and medication.” He wasn’t planning on going over there but as the words fall from his mouth, his Alpha purrs at the chance to take care of his Omega in any form he can get, even if it’s something small. Just being able to check in on him makes his heart clench.


There’s a long pause. “Pain meds.” He finally croaks. “And water.”

“I know.” Izuku tells him, already in his kitchen and rummaging in one of his cabinets for his sweat suppressant. Not a regular suppressant, which mess with your hormone balance, but a sweat suppressant, which is safe to take during a heat or rut if approved by a doctor. It just makes it to where you scent isn’t as strong and it’s easier to go out if need be.


He pops the tablets into his mouth and throws back a water bottle to wash them down. “I’ll be there soon, Kacchan.” He promises.

There’s a grunt of acknowledgement and then the phone clicks as Katsuki hangs up.


The first place Izuku stops by is a drug store. He walks through the aisles, eyes searching for whatever different types of medicines they have that are safe for Omega’s in heat to take. There’s one called: Heat On Your Own (low strength) and another one with the same name but claims to be high strength pain medicine. He throws both of the boxes into the basket on his arm. There’s another box that just reads: Cramp Reliever . On the back it says that whether an Omega is by themselves or spending their heat with a partner, this product can help relieve cramps. Izuku tosses that in the basket as well, just in case. He grabs Alpha condoms as well, also just in case.


The second place Izuku goes to is the grocery store. There are always certain foods that Izuku craves during his rut, but he’s doubtful that Omega’s need the same types of food. A quick search on his phone has him grabbing a carton of eggs, a carton of walnuts, and soybeans for the Omega 3 fats that google says Omega’s crave during their heat. And then he gets more mundane things like cereal, water, milk, bagels and a few various fruits.


He remembers where Kacchan lives and is able to get to it pretty easily from memory. His stomach twists with nerves as he makes his way up the steps to his apartment, skin hot and palms sweaty from his rut. He wipes his hands on his pants before raising a fist to knock at Kacchan’s door. At first there’s no response, and he knocks again. This time Izuku hears some rummaging around from inside and a hoarse curse before the door is opened to reveal Kacchan leaning heavily in the doorway. His face is red and he’s shirtless, and Izuku is able to follow the flush all the way down the Omega’s neck and chest. His eyes are half lidded and his red lips are parted as he pants slightly. His hair, though always a mess, is even more unruly than usual, looking almost a little curly. A sign that the Omega most likely hasn’t even bothered to take a brush to it in a while.


Izuku is shook out of his daze when he realizes that Kacchan is studying him the same way Izuku is him. The Omega darts his tongue between his lips to wet them as he meets the Alpha’s gaze. Something hot boils in Izuku’s gut and he feels an inquiring rumble vibrate through his chest. Kacchan eyes him for a few more seconds, hungry eyes flickering over his shoulders before meeting his gaze. He gives a small grunt before turning away from the door, but leaving it open. A silent invitation.


Izuku kicks off his shoes in the entryway, grocery bags gripped so hard in his fingers that they begin to tingle from the lack of blood flow.

“You can set them there.” Kacchan gestures lazily to the island counter in the open kitchen, hip leaning against the sink. His voice sounds rough and it makes a shiver run down Izuku’s spine.


Izuku sets the bags silently on the counter.

“Water?” The Omega pipes up, chin lifted as he tries to peer into the bags from where he’s resting his body weight against the edge of the counter-top. Izuku pulls out an Evian water bottle and hands it to Kacchan, who snaps the lid off before gulping down almost half of the bottle in one go. Izuku watches the pale, string line of his neck as he swallows and the dribble of water that slips down his chin in his haste. Izuku swallows, suddenly thirsty himself.


Kacchan sets the bottle back down on the counter with an intake of breath. He glances at the Alpha and clears his throat.

“I’m not mad at you.” He says. Izuku is taken aback, but also relieved.

“I thought maybe I’d-”

“If you say ‘rape’ I’m gonna’ kick your dick.” Kacchan cuts him off, eyebrows lowering.

“I… I thought I’d maybe crossed a line or… Taken advantage of you…” Izuku tries instead, tiptoeing.

“You didn’t cum.” Kacchan points out bluntly. “I doubt you were trying to help for your own benefit.” He pauses and takes another thoughtful sip of his water. “Well maybe a little.” He admits. “But I wouldn’t have let you touch me if you had crossed any lines.”


Izuku rolls his neck on his shoulders before he starts to take the groceries out of their bags and arrange them in his Omega’s fridge. When he done he glances over at Kacchan, who’s watching him with that hungry look in his eyes again. Izuku rumbles at him and Bakugou ever so slightly tips his head to the right, revealing his pale neck. The act of submissiveness shoots straight south in Izuku and this time he lets out a noise between a whine and a moan, stepping forward and pressing his nose to Kacchan’s hair.


“You can’t look at me like that, Omega.” Izuku reprimands, voice low.

“Look at you like what?” Kacchan sounds like he might be trying to tease him, but his voice cracks and is a bit husky; lacking volume. Izuku’s fingers twitch at his sides, wanting to touch his Omega as the smell of his heat fills his nose.


“How's your cramps?” Izuku asks, suddenly surious to how Bakugou could be this lucid considering how out-of-control he’d been last night.

“Fine.” He answers, voice slightly warped from the sound being directed at Izuku’s chest. “I took some suppressants to clear my head.”

Izuku hears himself snarl. “You took suppressants?!” The words come out louder than he expected them to, and he even manages to surprise Kacchan, who’s eyebrows furrow as he backs away a step or two until his lower back hits the counter.


“Don’t fucking yell at me in my house.” Kacchan warns, eyes flashing dangerously.

“You’re going to kill yourself.” Izuku tells him, voice calmer this time and steadier, but still angry. Bakugou holds his own, eyes full of fire, jaw clenched.

“This is how I’ve been doing it my whole life.” He grits out.

“And look how sick you made yourself!” Izuku cries in disbelief.

“I was fine before you came around!” Kacchan suddenly screeches, eyes screwing shut as his voice cracks. “You’re stupid fucking scent sent me into my stupid fucking heat-”

Izuku slams his palm against the cabinet by Bakugou’s head. “You’re going to blame me?” Izuku roars. “You’re going to blame me when you don’t take care of yourself?”

His Omega’s chest begins to heave with emotion, having jumped at the sudden bang of the cabinet.

“Let me help you.” Izuku’s voice is calmer suddenly, eyes earnest. “You’re hurting yourself and if you don’t want to put up with being in pain by yourself then-” He inhales. “Let me help you.”

Kacchan swallows, pupils dilating as they dart down to Izuku’s lips. “I-” He tries. “I’ve never…” He clenches his jaw, a flash or anger and embarrassment flashing through his expressive eyes. Izuku feels like he’s about to push him away before it clicks. He’s never had sex. He’s not sure the level of intimacy he’s had at all. For all he knows he could have never had any sexual experiences save for their own last night.


Before Kacchan can get more embarrassed and push him away, he touches his forehead to the Omega’s.

“I won’t push you to do anything you don’t want.” Izuku says softly. “I don’t have to do for me if you want. I can just help you. As long as it’ll keep you from taking anymore suppressants I’ll do it. Please Kacchan.” Izuku’s Alpha aches and he holds his breath, waiting for the Omega’s answer.


Bakugou finally drags his gaze up to meet Izuku’s. “‘Kay,” He finally mutters. Izuku’s breath catches and he waits. He waits for him to elaborate or do something. After a few pregnant seconds, the Omega sighs and leans away. Izuku takes a step back as Kacchan runs a hand through his hair. Izuku watches as his bicep and shoulder muscles flex with the action.


“It’ll hit again soon.” He tells him and Izuku raises an eyebrow. “The next wave.” He explains further and Izuku nods as he understands. “I’m gonna’ take a shower and lay down right now.” He continues stiffly as he turns away. Izuku watches him.

“Okay,” He responds. “How…”

“I don’t care what you do to help.” Bakugou snaps, and Izuku watches the flush on the back of his neck darken. “Just make it not hurt so much.” With that, he snaps his bedroom door shut, and Izuku is left to himself.




The first thing Izuku does is make a shit ton of eggs. He ends up making like eight scrambled eggs before eating two himself and putting the rest in a tupperware and finding a place for it in the fridge. Then he struggles for at least fifteen minutes to find the remote that goes to the TV in Bakugou’s obnoxiously tidy apartment. And Izuku thought he was a clean person. He finally finds it in a kitchen drawer of all places.


He settles onto the loveseat in the living room. He clicks on the TV, trying to ignore his own cramps rolling through his stomach. He guesses rut cramps and heat cramps probably feel differently. For Izuku, it kind of feels similar to having gas. Uncomfortable and maybe a little painful here or there. But bearable. He’s heard it feels different for the opposite second gender.


Izuku flips it to the animal channel and zones out watching a documentary on elephants. It isn’t until he starts to fall asleep that his face presses into the fabric of the couch. On an inhale, he gets a big whiff of Kacchan’s scent, and he hears himself moan into the sofa. He smells so damn good. He pants, mouth parted as he soaks up his Omega’s scent. He rubs his cheek on the fabric, a steady purr rumbling in his chest as he does so.


The door to Bakugou’s bedroom slams open then, and a wave of fresh heat pheromones rush out. Izuku lets out a growl so forceful that it sounds more like a snarl as the scent hits his nose.

Omega,” He voices, eyes darting over to where Kacchan is standing in his doorway, eyebrows furrowed in pain, lips parted as a keen leaves his throat. Izuku is over there in less than a second, setting his hands on Kacchan’s strong waist and lifting him up so the Omega can wrap his thick thighs around Izuku’s hips.

Izuku buries his face into Kacchan’s neck and nips at the skin there without thinking about it.

Alpha, ” Bakugou whines. “ Please. Hurts so bad .”

“I’ve got you.” Izuku promises him, mouth against his heated skin as he walks deeper into Bakugou’s bedroom. The scent is so strong in here that Izuku grows to full mast as soon as he’s past the threshold. As gently and steadily as he can, he sets his Omega on his back on the bed, nudging his way to sit between his thighs. He feels like this is where he was born to be.


Izuku wastes no time in untying his Omega’s lounge pants and sliding them down his narrow hips, his boned made prominent by muscle. Izuku dips his head to lick in the crevice that one of those defined muscles make, which just so happen to be hi very defined v-line. He follows it down a bit as he slides his bottoms all the way off, and Kacchan lets out a whine at the teasing feeling and lifts his hips to encourage more contact. Izuku pulls away enough to pull off Kacchan’s shirt, grunting at him to lift his arms, which his Omega does.


Izuku takes a few seconds to admire his now nude Omega. He hadn’t been wearing an underwear under his pants. His abs are more than just washboard, he flat out ripped. Izuku wouldn’t say he was huge, but he wouldn’t just call him toned either. His biceps and shoulders are thick and strong and oh God those thighs. Those thighs could crush Izuku’s neck easily and he’d thank them. Izuku lets his palms trail lightly up Bakugou’s abdomen, watching his muscles twitch impatiently under his touch.

“Iz uku ,” Kacchan groans, arching up into his touch. Izuku gently shushes him, grabbing two handfuls of pectoral muscles. Kacchan has some B-cup titties. Izuku leans down to suck on a nipple. “Ah-hA-” Bakugou’s breath hitches at the sensation and he arches his back even more, giving Izuku full access to bite down into the muscle of his chest. Izuku feels the goosebumps rise on Bakugou’s thighs. He also feels them shake as he begins to move further south.


Izuku nips and licks at his Omega’s abs, letting his tongue trail in the crevices and biting at his hip bones.

“Please please please.” Bakugou breathes the words like a prayer before he cries out suddenly, sharp and loud. Izuku squeezes his hand where it rests on his thigh, grounding him. His Alpha makes a royal fuss at the thought of his Omega being in pain.

“Cramp?” Izuku asks gently. Kacchan nods numbly, muscles relaxing the slightest bit as the pain passes.


“I’ll make the pain go away, Omega.” Izuku promises. He continues going down until he’s eye-level with Bakugou’s dick, which is standing proud and is flushed an angry red. The smell of slick is strong and Izuku groans, feeling the base of his own length tingle. He nuzzles under Bakugou’s balls, ignoring his dick entirely and opting to go straight for his hole. He flicks his tongue out to taste the slick there and Bakugou keens .


Izuku laps at his Omega’s clenching hole, swallowing as more slick gushes out. Bakugou is absolutely writhing, hands clenching the pillow behind his head and his eyes screwed up. Izuku slips his tongue past the ring of muscle and begins to tongue-fuck him. Kacchan lets out a few loud, gasping moans, sounding almost surprised at the sensation. After a minute, he begins to rock his hips against Izuku face. More .


It’s easy to slip two fingers into him since he’s still pretty pliant from the other night. That with the help of the copious amount of slick pulsing from his hole. Bakugou lets out a throaty, desperate groan as Izuku’s fingers plunge into him, spreading apart to start to slowly scissor him open. This is better. This is so much better. Being able to see Bakugou’s face while Izuku meticulously plucks him apart. His already flushed skin is turning a bit blotchy around his throat and collarbone area, probably from where Izuku has nipped and sucked lightly at the sensitive skin there. His mouth is parted open on silent cries, eyes screwed up in pleasure.


After Izuku is able to slide in a third finger with relatively low difficulty, he pulls the digits out. Kacchan outright whines as he extracts his fingers.

“Alpha,” he pants, opening glassy eyes to look pleadingly at Izuku. Izuku just rumbles comfortingly in response, nuzzling in the crook of his Omega’s neck. He scrapes his teeth over the gland there, teasing and distracting as he pulls himself from his pants, not bothering to remove his clothing entirely. He’s hard and heavy in his hand as he lines up with Bakugou’s entrance. God he wants to mark him. His rut is in full swing right now and it takes him closing his eyes and freezing himself in his tracks to keep himself from breaking the skin over the sensitive gland at his Omega’s neck.


When he presses the head against Bakugou’s twitching entrance, the Omega groans again, impatient as he wraps his legs around Izuku’s hips and does his best to draw him in. Once the muscle begins to open up for the head, the rest is easy, and with encouragement (Kacchan pushing Izuku into him using his legs) from Kacchan, he slides in fairly quickly. Izuku nearly sees stars as he bottoms out.


“Fuck.” Izuku grunts.

“Oh god.” Bakugou whimpers, throwing his blond head against the pillows behind him. “Shitshitshit, move fucking Dek I swear to god -”

With a growl, Izuku snaps his hip out and in, promptly turning his Omega’s bratty demands into a high-pitched keen. “Oh god that feels so go od -” Bakugou’s voice hitches at the end of his sentence and dissolves into sexy, audible gasps. His cheeks are bright red and so are his lips, which are also glossy from spit and swollen from Kacchan biting them. His lashes are long and they glisten from his watery eyes.


Izuku pauses to brace himself on the headboard of the bed, one foot one knee on the bed and the other leg bent at a ninety degree angle, proposal style. He angles his hips downwards just a tad and- Bakugou convulses and shouts when Izuku hits his prostate straight on.

FUCK! ” He curses. “Deku-” He chokes off as Izuku begins abusing the spot. “Shit-” He throws his head back against the bedding, his nose scrunched up in the way it does when something feels especially good, or even overwhelmingly so.


Izuku picks up the pace, spurred on by his Omega’s reaction, who is now tensing up all over, including his hole around Izuku’s shaft.

“Fuck, Katsuki.” Izuku rumbles, tilting his own head back at the almost heavenly feeling of Bakugou pulsing around his cock. “M’ gonna’ cum.”

Please .” Bakugou all but sobs.

“Yeah?” Izuku asks, pushing his sweaty curls off his forehead. “You want my knot, Omega?” At his own words, he feels the base of his dick begin to swell and catch on the rim of Bakugou’s hole.


Yesyesyesyes ,” Bakugou chants like he’s spouting a prayer as Izuku hammers into him. Bakugou knows Omega’s usually can’t cum until they get knotted. That’s one reason why heats are so hard for them to go through on their own without some kind of assistance, whether that be another person or a sex toy.


Izuku- ” Bakugou groans his name as if his life depends on it, and that’s what sends him over the edge. His knot finishes inflating the rest of the way quickly, and he thrusts deep, his knot embedding itself in his Omega. Bakugou cries out brokenly as he’s finally able to cum, spilling over himself untouched for what seems like a long time. Izuku is panting as he ride his own high, his knot pulsing as he releases inside Bakugou.


Alpha’s will orgasm on and off until their knot deflates. Even after Izuku comes down from the first high, just rearranging him and Bakugou to lay on their side stimulates his knot enough to come again and he groans from overstimulation, his eyes rolling back in his head as he lays on one of Bakugou soft pillows.


When he’s able to focus his gaze again, he sees Kacchan watching him, still panting a bit, eyes half-lidded. Izuku can’t tell if he’s really watching him, or if he’s just zoned out. Izuku presses his face into Bakugou’s sweaty hair.

“Sleep.” He tells him softly, sliding his fingers through the soft locks at the back of his head. “Once I’m done it won’t be long before another heat wave hit you.” Bakugou shudders out a breath, but reluctantly lets his eyes slide shut. His breathing turns slow and even within a matter of minutes.




( Katsuki’s POV )


When Katsuki’s eyes flutter open again, he’s still facing Deku, who’s now sleeping. The second thing he notices is that his hole is empty, and it clenches down on nothing. Katsuki groans softly. His skin is hot and itchy and his stomach cramps up in a sudden sharp pain. He draws his knees into himself a bit. He looks over at Izuku, who had rolled over onto his back and kicked the covers completely off the two of them, which Katsuki was not complaining about at the moment.


Izuku is hard, even in his sleep, and Katsuki processes that it must be because he’s in rut, but using his brain to think of any on depth seems to take too long and take too much energy at the moment. So without thinking too much about it, Katsuki slings his leg over Izuku’s hips, who stirs a bit but doesn't wake up. The desire to be filled with the big, attractive Alpha dick standing proudly at attention wasn’t just something he could ignore.


He only takes a second to line himself up, missing the first time and taking his time the second time. He gasps as Izuku breaches him, savoring the nearly impossible stretch. It burns a bit, but it’s a good burn.

“Oh fuck,” Katsuki moans as he begins rolling hips hips. Izuku is awake by now, gasping as he reaches full consciousness and grasping Katsuki’s hips.

Kacchan .” Izuku breathes, tossing his head back as Katsuki rides him. He sits back a bit, stretching out his torso and showing off the muscular line of his body. The angle is good here, and Katsuki tries to roll his hips faster on it.


Izuku grips his hips tighter then, keeping him still while he thrusts up into him. Katsuki watches Izuku’s abs flex hotly as he fucks him. It only takes a few minutes for Izuku to cum, and Katsuki isn’t complaining one bit. His knot is big and Katsuki feels his eyes roll back, convulsing as he cums and biting his lip so hard he’s surprised that he doesn’t draw blood.


After Izuku comes down from his first high, Katsuki can’t help the power rush he gets when all he has to do is grind on Izuku for him to turn into a moaning mess all over again, hips twitching and eye clenching shut. Katsuki does this for a while, giving Izuku only a few minutes to recover before making him cum again, spilling inside him over and over again. K


Katsuki knots his fingers into his Alpha’s hair and he tugs on it as he leans down to bite at the shell of Deku’s ear, hips rolling in earnest. The slap of skin against skin is sinful and Katsuki knows that there’s no way that he’ll be able to walk when his heat passes. His Omega likes the sound of that though. He wants to be wrecked and satisfied filled with cum so many times that he’s dripping with it for days afterwards.


The thought makes Katsuki moan, his breath fanning against the sensitive skin of Deku’s neck. His bites the skin there hard, but not hard enough to break any skin, before sucking a dark hickey there. He grunts here and there as the knot sliding inside him pushes against his swollen, abused prostate. He licks over the spot, satisfied with his handiwork.

“Fuck- Kacchan-” Izuku’s voice cracks and then he’s cumming for the fourth time within a twenty minute span.

“Yeah,” Katsuki groans.

Izuku can only moan in response, thigh muscles twitching as he continues to cum, spilling into Katsuki enough for him to feel his stomach expand the slightest bit. It’s uncomfortable, and it kind of stings inside. But it feels so, so good. He sets his hand there and Izuku’s gaze is drawn to it as he finally begins to come back to himself.


Izuku slides his hand under Katsuki’s and presses down hard enough to push his own knot against his prostate. Katsuki moans, eyes fluttering.

“Fuck.” Izuku states. They both felt some of Izuku’s cum dribble out around Izuku’s knot when he pushed on his stomach.


Katsuki sucks on Izuku’s earlobe before nipping at it. He feels Izuku shiver at the sensation.

“Keep filling me up, Deku.” Katsuki breathes against his ear.