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Salted Caramel Drabbles

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“I’M NOT BABYSITTING SOME SHITTY FOREIGN PRINCESS!” Katsuki Bakugo shouted at his boss. The windows of her office rattled as he carried on, causing a few of his fellow sidekicks to back away from the shut door. No one wanted to deal with the explosive hero when he got like this. Only his boss didn’t appear concerned by his rantings.

Said boss simply caught her coffee mug from falling off the desk and took a sip, glasses flashing.

“She isn’t royalty Ground Zero; she is from a pro agency abroad. She’s a sidekick just like you. She is protecting some vital information until the Hero Summit next month, and YOU are charged with being her bodyguard whilst in Japan.”

Steam whistled out of Bakugo’s ears. He slammed his palms down on the desk, leaning over to shout in his supervisor’s face. “SO PICK SOME OTHER EXTRA TO DO IT! WHY ME?” The woman before him simply slurped her drink without reacting. She was well used to Bakugo by now.

“Because you are our number one sidekick. We can’t spare a pro hero – not with the rise in villain activity around the Summit.”

Bakugo knew she was just stroking his ego, but it was true. He had the most arrests of any sidekick at this hero agency, and with his mixed of brains and power, they wouldn’t need to put anyone else on the job. Still, it was a pissy job.

Gritting his teeth, he snarled as the logic seeped in.

“So just give me the intel. I’ll protect it myself.” He grumbled.

“That’s classified Ground Zero.” She replied, “Besides, your charge has a quirk that allows her to protect the information without consciously knowing it. She’ll keep the information safe. Your job is simply to keep her alive until the summit.”

A quirk that stores information, huh? So she was some squint, probably a desk jockey given her first real assignment. If he played his cards right, he could just stash the princess in some safehouse off the beaten track and actually get some real hero work in.

“You’ll have your work cut out for you.” His boss continued. “She has been holding this information for two weeks now and has already been attached twice. I’ve included reports on these attacks in the file.” She pushed a manila folder toward Bakugo. The cream cardboard was stamped with a bright red URGENT across the agency’s logo, the name of the hero scrawled on the tab in his boss’ atrocious handwriting.

“Crystal Beast Protection?” Bakugo read out loud. He sneered at the name. “The fuck is a Crystal Beast?”

“That’d be me.”

Bakugo whipped around to find the office door open, and a young woman leaning casually against the doorframe. He hadn’t heard the door, or sensed her behind him. How long had she been there?

“Welcome Y/L/N-san, please have a seat.” His boss greeted the woman with a polite smile.

Smirking, you scooted around Bakugo to fix yourself a glass of water from the side station, apparently quite at home in his work space. Bakugo glared at you. You were not like any squint he’d seen before, and his brain felt a little fried as he reassessed his whole plan.

Little denim shorts did nothing to hide the shapely legs you kicked out in front of you; and your E/C eyes laughed at him over the rim of the glass. Heat sparked in his chest. He instantly disliked you.

“Y/L/N Y/N, I’d like you to meet the explosion hero Bakugo Katsuki, hero name Ground Zero. He has been tasked as being your bodyguard while in Japan.” His boss spoke, but Bakugo kept his attention fixed on you.

“Bakugo, may I introduce your mission until the Hero Summit. The bleeding hero, Crystal Beast.”

“Y/N is just fine. We don’t really do formality back home.” You smiled, holding out your hand to shake.

Bakugo looked down at your extended hand, then back up to your face. Smooth dark skin framed by H/C hair, mussed from the summer breeze outside. You had three piercings in your right ear. There was something there, under it all. He couldn’t tell what it was. It was infuriating.

“You’re not at home Princess.” Bakugo crossed his arms, ignoring the extended hand.

The smile on your lips twitched, shifting into a lopsided smirk. Your lowered your hand, tucking your thumbs into the front pockets of your short.

“No shit Dumbass. Wouldn’t need you if I was.”

Bakugo saw red. “THE FUCK YOU CALL ME?!”

You didn’t flinch at his shouts or at his cursing. You simply leaned back against the wall, infuriating smirk fixed in place.

“You heard me. Or would you prefer Dipshit?”

“DIE BITCH!” little explosions fired off against Bakugo’s palms.

That sparked something, and the smile dropped as you shoved up in Bakugo’s face. He met your glare head on.



The two of you continued to hurl insults at each other, each getting more creative in their threats as you went. Bakugo’s boss sighed from behind her desk and took another long sip of her coffee.

“Well,” she mumbled to herself. “this is off to a great start.”

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2. Shirt Thief


Whoever was knocking on his door was going to get a face full of explosion. Groaning, Bakugo scrubbed a hand over his exhausted face as he shuffled to the front door. Last night had been insane, and his back hurt like a bitch from sleeping on the couch. Not to mention the injury on his shoulder. Which would never have happened if you had just done as you were fucking told and run like he had said.

But no, you didn’t listen. Instead you were flipping around in your Kitsune form, messing up people’s faces with your crystal-shard claws. He wouldn’t admit it, but it had been impressive. You could shape damn near anything from your crystalline blood, but you used it carefully to avoid blood loss. So you gave yourself savage crystal claws to fight with, three whipping crystal tails to improve your balance and movement, and fox ears for increased sensory input. It was clever use of a quirk that wasn’t specifically combat effective. He had to admire your smarts in that department.

But you lost points for not listening to a damn thing he said, and getting caught between two villains. Bakugo had had to fire his AP Shot in rapid succession, jarring his wrist terribly whilst trying to save your ass. A little voice in his mind piped up to point out it was a rather nice ass, but he mentally shoved the thought aside as the knocking on the door grew more insistent.

“Yeah Yeah I’m coming ya idiot!” he called, voice gruff from sleep.

Sliding the bolt on his door, Bakugo opened his door to find a cheerful green puffball smiling at him. He squinted at the bright midday light, before glaring at his rival.

“The fuck do you want Deku?”

“Why aren’t you ready Kacchan? It’s almost 11!” Deku looked utterly shocked at Bakugo’s state of dress, chest bare and loose pyjama pants sitting low on his hips. Pink tinted his freckled cheeks as the shorter man looked up and away. Bakugo usually enjoyed riling Deku up, but he was too fucking tired for this today.

“You came here to tell me the damn time?” he growled.

Deku flailed back, gesturing wildly in the negative. “No No! I just promised Ocha-chan I’d pick you up on the way. She said you’d been busy and thought you’d still be asleep. Guess she was right huh.”

“Pick me up?” Bakugo’s eyebrow quirked up in confusion.

“Um… did you forget?” Deku asked sheepishly. “It’s Ashido’s birthday brunch.”

Bakugo blinked at the man in front of him as he tried to process that. Mina’s birthday was on Saturday… which shit, was today! His pink friend had all but twisted his and Denki’s ear off to make them promise they would attend. She was damn terrifying sometimes, especially when she wants something.

“Of course I didn’t forget you Damn Nerd!” Bakugo shouted defensively. He spun on his heel and stomped back into the apartment. “Wait here I’ll be ready in 10.”

Despite his instructions, Bakugo heard Deku quietly shutting the front door as he disappeared down the hallway. What, was it Ignore Bakugo Week? He called over his shoulder for Deku to not touch anything before nipping into the laundry to rummage through the dryer. He was sure he’d washed a nice enough shirt just the other day. Tugging the shirt on, he joined Deku in the hallway just as the door to his bedroom opened.

“Katsuki, what’s goin’ on?” you mumbled as you rubbed sleep from your eyes.

You were wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts.

For a moment, no one moved. Deku looked back and forth between Bakugo and you, the gears ticking in his head. Bakugo’s own brain felt a little fried from the situation. He’d forgotten about you in his half-asleep state. He couldn’t just leave you to go to his friend’s birthday but he didn’t really want to deal with Mina’s wrath if he missed it. And fuck… you were wearing his shirt. You were all warm brown skin and mussed up hair and you were. Wearing. His. Shirt! Heat pooled in his gut just as surely as red tinted his cheeks.

“Oh My Goodness, I am so sorry! I didn’t know you had guests… Guest! I mean, Kacchan didn’t say anything. I mean… ahh Hello I’m Midoriya nice to mean you!”

Deku’s babble erupted from him like an anxious volcano, spewing word vomit at a ridiculous volume. He held his hand out to shake your hand, before thinking better of it considering your current state of dress and instead bowed low. Which incidentally, lined his face up perfectly with your upper thigh.

“THE HELL YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING DEKU!” Bakugo yelled, slamming a sparking fist down onto the other man’s head. A snort came from above, and both men looked up to see you giggling behind your hand. Laughter had lit your whole face up, chasing the sleep away and the sight made Bakugo’s chest tighten.

You shot a cheeky look at your bodyguard. “So… Kacchan, huh?”

“DON’T EVEN START PRINCESS!” He shouted before pushing off from Deku’s skull and brushing past you into the bedroom. He did not notice that you smelt like seasalt and his soap.

As he left, he heard you casually offering Midoriya a cup of tea.

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3. Can't fight the beat


Music pulsed, you could feel the beat pulsing up from your toes and catching you by the throat.  You gyrated in time with the music, bodies pressing close to dance floor. The deep purple of the club’s lighting gave everything a wash of the surreal; so even though you hadn’t been drinking heavily you still felt giddy.

Just to your left, you could see Midoriya and his partners getting lost in the music. Todoroki and Uraraka had him sandwiched between them, all three moving in sync to the pulsing base. Deku leaned back against Todoroki’s shoulder, his face blissed out and two sets of hands skidded up and down his body. Uraraka leaned in and whispered something in his ear and the man twitched in his partners’ hold. Todoroki and Uraraka shared a naughty smile at their boyfriend’s reactions, and you turned away grinning to give them some privacy amongst the crowd.

Many of the other dancers were part of the group of heroes you’d found yourself growing close. After attending Mina’s birthday with Katsuki, you had grown closer to the gang. So when they invited you out for a night on the town, you’d been all for it. Your bodyguard on the other hand – not so much. It was only because you had simply walked out the door with Uraraka and Kirishima that he had been forced to follow, or fail to do his job.

You could see him through the throng of people, leaning on a railing at the edge of the dancefloor. Shirt sleeves rolled up and a thin red tie hanging loose around his neck, Katsuki was still nursing his second beer of the past three, four hours. For someone considered such a bad boy amongst the younger heroes, he was such a goody-two-shoes. His crimson eyes met yours and a wicked smirk spread across your face.

Still rolling your hips to the music, you held out a hand toward the hero. When he only glared back at you, you wiggled you fingers in a come hither motion, nibbling on your bottom lip. Katsuki just continued to glare, so you dropped your arm with a pout. You knew that wouldn’t have worked, but you played up your disappointment.

Dialling it up, your streaked your hands up your own body; following the curves and dips until one hand raked through your hair and the other had been brought up to your chin. You saw Katsuki react to that move, nostrils flaring as he stiffened where he stood. When you saw his attention flick down to your painted mouth, you lightly skimmed your smallest finger along your bottom lip. The grip Katsuki had on his bottle tightened at that movie, and you could practically hear him snarling through clenched teeth. Once again, you crooked a finger at him to join you on the dance floor.

And once again he refused, this time with an angry jerk of his head. Party pooper. Sticking your tongue out at your bodyguard, you spun around so your back was to him. Knowing that would piss him off even more, it gave you the added bonus that he couldn’t see the smile slip from your face as you continued to dance. You hadn’t really expected him to join you, but… you’d hoped.

No, no sulking. You shook your head clear and focused once again on the pounding music. Bakugo Katsuki was not going to ruin this night for you. You slapped a smile back on your face and tried to push down the sting his rejection had caused.

Now that you were facing the middle of the crowd, you came face to face with a grinning Kirishima. The shark-toothed man held his hand out to you without a second thought and you happily accepted it, being pulled in to dance with him. Tapping his shoulder so he’d lean down enough for you to shout in his ear, you asked. “Where’s your girl?”

Cackling, Kirishima pointed up at the stage, where platforms had been erected for cage dancers. Inside one was one unmistakable pink hero, putting on the show of a lifetime and obviously enjoying herself. You laughed with your friend and let yourselves get carried away.

Kirishima was a good dancer, and your skin shone with sweat as the beat picked up. He did surprise you though, when he gripped your hips and spun you around to press your back against his front. A little gasp escaped you when he leaned down to say in your ear.

“Your bodyguard is about the blow a fuse.” He chuckled.

You whipped your attention back to up Katsuki to find Kirishima was right. The man was gripping the railing with both hands; and little explosions were going off around his palms, causing other patrons to back away in concern. You let out a cackle of laughter at that, letting your head fall back onto Kirishima’s shoulder. His grin spoke of trouble, he wrapped an arm loosely around your waist.

“Wanna see if we can make him explode?” Kirishima asked.

You looked back at him, keeping a smile on your lips for show. “Mina?” you asked

“Will think this is hilarious.” He replied.

Good enough for you. You looped an arm around to press against your friend’s neck, the other wrapped around the arm at your waist. Locking eyes with Katsuki from across the bar, you began to put on a show.

The two of you ground against each other in time with the beat, strobe lights flashing as the temperature of the room rose. Kirishima had his face pressed into your hair, and you could hear him snickering against your ear. But it seemed far away. It was the red eyes devouring every move you made that held your complete attention.

Bakugo Katsuki was a wreck. You could see he was panting, and he looked like he wanted to take a bite out of you. Gritted teeth and muscles straining, it was like someone was holding him back by rope. That red tie had been loosened further still, like he needed the extra breathing room.

You could practically feel his eyes skim over you. It was like trails of heat followed his gaze as he took in every inch of skin. But his gaze would always skirt back up to lock on your face, and something began to burn low in your stomach. He raked a hand through his hair when Kirishima brushed his fingers along the hemline of your dress. He audibly snarled when you broke eye-contact to press your nose to Kiri’s neck. But still, he didn’t move. Challenge accepted.

Twisting slightly, you guided Kirishima’s hand up to your mouth. Keeping your eyes locked with Katsuki, your nuzzled his palm and saw your bodyguard visibly tense. Catching on, Kirishima skimmed his index finger along the seam on your lips and you almost laughed at the unintended mirror of your earlier actions. Katsuki looked like he wanted to kill his best friend. With a devilish smile, you parted your lips and sucked Kirishima’s finger into your mouth.

The hardening hero behind you cursed as you let your eyes close. Slowly, you slid the digit from your mouth, adding a little scrape of teeth for good measure. Keeping a smirk on your face, you let your eyes flutter open.

Katsuki wasn’t on the edge of the dancefloor anymore. He was prowling toward you through the crowd. If looks could kill, you weren’t sure if you’d be dead or set aflame by his. As it was, heat pooled between your legs as he made his way to you. But you didn’t let up the game.

You rolled your hips gently to the song's bridge. Kirishima had disappeared, and from the corner of your eye you could see him scale the stage to make out with his girlfriend through the bars of her dance cage. You couldn’t help it; that made you laugh.

Rough hands grabbed your own and your vision was suddenly full of Bakugo Katsuki. He still looked furious; some combination of desire and rage was stamped on his face as he pulled you to him without a word. A strong arm wrapped around you as he easily slid a thigh between your legs, until your bodies were flush against each other. Without missing a beat, he picked up the tempo of the music and you both began to move.

You shot him a look of mock surprise, all innocence as you wound his tie around your fist. The contrast of your charming expression and possessive action had a growl rumble up from Katsuki’s chest. Pressed so close, you could just be heard over the music.

“Katsuki!” you cried in faux-shock, “I didn’t know you could dance.”

“Fuck you Princess.” He snarled.

“Promises, promises.”

He dropped his forehead to yours, and your breaths mingled as your ground against each other. Sparks turned to smoulder in your stomach, and you felt Katsuki growing firm through the heavy fabric of his jeans. Both of your eyes flutter shut as he linked your fingers together, palm against palm. He smelt like burnt sugar and beer.

It took you a second to catch your breath. Your tongue flicked out to wet your lips.

“Your… better at this than I thought.” Your murmured.

“Of course. I’m me!” be boasted and you laughed.



With that, the music peeked and your smirk turned deadly. If there was one thing you knew from years of hero training, it was when to use your finishing move.

You hooked your leg higher on Katsuki’s hip, and with only your grip on his tie you dipped back in a long graceful arch. You weren’t a strength hero, but you were bendy, and the image you made caught Katsuki’s breath. Using his tie as leverage, you slowly rose in time with a searing guitar riff, body arched like a bow, until you were face to face again. Only then did let your eyes slowly open.

For an instant, there was just the two of you frozen in each other’s arms. Parted lips held a fraction away from each other, scents mingling and bodies locked tight. Then Katsuki exploded.

His lip slammed into yours with a vicious snarl. He released your hand to wrap around your body, dragging you against him as he savaged your mouth. You gave as good as you got, fingers raked through his ash blond hair to fist in it. Still using your grip on his tie, you tried to yank him closer still as your tongue tangled with his.

Harsh pants mingled with the music that was now just bass. Fingernails raked over skin as Katsuki bit down on your bottom lip, causing you to gasp. He swallowed your noises like a starving man, and you only broke apart when your lungs began to scream for air. That wasn’t enough for Katsuki, who’s mouth skated down the column of your throat to set his teeth in the junction on your neck and shoulder. A moan tumbled from your lips and his grip on you tightened further still.

Crimson eyes met E/C, and you both panted hard. Katsuki looked as wrecked as you felt, skin flushed and pupils blown wide. But his gaze still held that determined edge you found so frustratingly appealing. Having the full force of it directed at you sent shivers down your spine.

Katsuki pulled away from you, and you almost began to pout before he grabbed your hand and began to tug you through the crowd toward the exit. Buzzing with tension, you didn’t resist as he barrelled through the other patrons, only giving you time to playfully salute Kirishima as you were led away. The redhead shot you a thumbs up and Katsuki snarled at his friend as you passed.

Laughter bubbled out of you and you leaned forward and sunk your teeth into Katsuki’s shoulder. The man before you stumbled a little and let out a quiet groan. Just before you exited the club, Katsuki whipped around to drag you into a possessive kiss. Teeth clacked and tongues battles, you both trying to outdo the other. He broke away again with a groan.

“You’re so in for it now.” He growled.

You just laughed as you let him yank you from the club.

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4. Office Romance


“So, you and Y/N-chan huh?” Sero’s queried with a leer.

Bakugo flinched back to his friend. Shit, had he been staring again? No. No way he’d been so obvious. He kept you in his peripheral vision while in the office, unless someone was staring at his eyes, no one would pick up the occasional glance. Besides, he was your bodyguard. He was supposed to watch you.

“The fuck you on about Duct Tape?” Bakugo grumbled.

Sero leant back against Bakugo’s desk, crossing his weird-shaped arms as he waggled his eyebrows at the explosive hero. “You two are almost never apart. You arrived together this morning and if I’m not mistaken, she’s in the same clothes from yesterday.”

Bakugo risked a glance up from his reports. You were in the same clothes as yesterday, now more rumpled than before. The dress you wore was creased from a night spent on the floor, and your hair looked like you’d combed it with your fingers – which you had. A smug little smirk twitched at the corners of Bakugo’s lips when he remembered your complaining this morning.

“For fucks sake! I look like I’ve spent the night having crazy sex in a cheap motel.” You mumbled to yourself as you attempted to sort out your disastrous nest of bed hair.

“That’s because you did.” From his reclined position on the bed, Bakugo sent you a wicked smile.  

Your eyes met his in the reflection, sharp and sparking. “And whose fault is that? I’m not the paranoid dumbass freaking out over every random black SUV.”

“I thought we were being followed! Sorry for not wanting to lead assassins to my fucking house!”

You humphed and turned back to fixing your hair. The strap of your dress slipped slightly, revealing a purple-blue bruise against your dark skin. Bakugo’s smile grew even wider as he remembered sinking his teeth into your shoulder as he sunk his cock deep inside you—

“From that look, I’d say you both had a good time.”

Shit fuck damn it. Bakugo hadn’t realised he was grinning outwardly as well, and schooled his features into his usual angry glare. Sero chuckled at him, which only served to piss him off more.

“Mind your own business Duct Tape!” Bakugo snarled, smashing the buttons of his keyboard a little harder than necessary. From the corner of his eye, he could still see you in the far corner of the massive work room.

You were leaning over some gizmo, head bent as you pointed out something to an eager support squint. You had rushed over from your temporary work station besides Bakugo when the squint had lumbered in carrying the huge device, and the two of you had been geeking out over it ever since. There was this gleam in your eyes as you spoke animatedly with the other support hero, hands flying around to help express yourself. As you moved, that damn strap slipped again, showing off the hickey he’d left on your shoulder.

You adjusted the dress; not even looking up from your work and something swelled in Bakugo’s chest at the action. He liked that you weren’t ashamed about the marks he left on you. As if you could feel his eyes, you turned slightly to meet his gaze. When your eyes locked, you quirked and eyebrow at him as if to ask what was going on. Bakugo just shook his head subtly, which just had you rolling your eyes and turning back to your work.

Sero snorted beside him and Bakugo punched him without looking. Sero pretended to be injured, slapping a shocked look on his face, rubbing at his arm.

“Jeez bro. I was just saying. You haven’t dated anyone seriously since Kirishima back in high school. It’s good to see.”

“Its not like that. I’m her bodyguard.” Bakugo corrected.

Now it was Sero’s turn raise an eyebrow at Bakugo. “Uhuh… sure bro. Because that’s stopped every bodyguard in every movie ever.”

“Fuck you Duct Take. We’re not dating!” Bakugo snarled under his breath.

Sero laughed. “So those aren’t teeth marks on her shoulder?”

That just earned the other man a vicious glare. If Sero hadn’t been his friend since high school, he’d probably have pissed himself. Instead, a mischievous glint flashed in the young hero’s eye.

“All right all right, you’re not dating!” He raised his hands in false surrender. Thinking he’d finally drop the topic of you, Bakugo made to turn back to his reports. He should have known his luck wasn’t that good.

“She probably wouldn’t agree to date you anyway. Do you even know how to take someone out anymore? When was the last time you entertained someone?” Sero played up his disbelief.

Bakugo knew his friend was teasing, but his fists still clenched on his desk and he leapt out of his chair.

“You think I couldn’t get a date Elbow!” he growled at Sero’s laughing face.

 “I’m saying you couldn’t get a date with Y/N. And if you’re not dating, well maybe I should ask her out.” Sero challenged.

Rapid bangs fired off against his palms, and Bakugo crossed his arms to suppress the noise. Without looking your way, Bakugo called out from across the open office space.

“Hey Princess!” he shouted.

“What?” You yelled back. Sero looked genuinely shocked at Bakugo’s volume, and many of their other colleagues had turned to snoop at whatever was going on.

Bakugo’s grin turned savage. “Wanna see the new Xarvel movie tonight?”

“Sure.” You called back. “But late tonight. These refits are gonna take a while.”

“Yeah yeah!” Bakugo agreed.

Sero rolled his eyes at Bakugo’s self-satisfied air. The tape hero shrugged his shoulders, and apparently couldn’t resist poking his volatile friend more.

“How’s she supposed to know its even a date. You didn’t say.”

Bakugo felt heat rise in his face. Duct tape had a point. But he wasn’t gonna lose this shitty pissing match. No fucking way.

“Oi Princess!” He yelled again.

“Oh my holy god, WHAT!” you sounded more irritated now. Bakugo turned his attention to you, enjoying the fire in your annoyed gaze. It was pretty hot when you got riled up.

“You know it’s a date right?” Bakugo teased.

“No shit Sherlock! I’m not an idiot.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” He spoke slightly softer, but he knew you had heard. You flipped him off before turning back to her work.

Sero chimed in from beside him. Caught up in you, Bakugo almost didn’t catch what he said. “She know’s it’s with you, right?”

“The date’s with me.” Bakugo called.

“Fuck off Dumbass! Pick me up at 8!”

"KEEP IT DOWN YOU INGRATES!" Bakugo's boss appeared from her office; ten foot tall and breathing fire. All of the spectators hurried off, but Bakugo didn't react overmuch. He leaned back against his desk, shooting his signature smirk at Sero. The other man just shook his head, utterly baffled at you both.

“She’s practically made for you!”

The shit-eating grin on Bakugo’s face slid into a softer, more satisfied smile. He skimmed his attention over your back, watching you focus on the task set to you. Again your eyes met across the work space, and you winked over your shoulder at him. As if on purpose you dipped your shoulder, causing that damned dress sleeve to slip down again, exposing his mark.

“Yeah…” he murmured to himself.