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Dragalia Lust : Avenue to Pleasure

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Raemond winced at sounds of his aching joints. He placed his sword down, laying the trusty steel blade to rest for the evening. His fingers traced the worn metal with fond reverence. “Once again, you’ve served me well,” he declared.


Next came his armor - a symbol of his pride for old Alberia. Off came the resplendent regalia to be affixed to the nearby stand. His fingers trembled with the buckles, but the old veteran was still able to complete his task, leaving him a pair of black trousers and a brown sweater.


Raemond stretched, sneering at the numerous pops and cracks. “Hmph, two more today,” he mused. He examined his hand, testing the muscles in his fingers. The fist he formed could send a man twice his size and half his age down for the count.


Satisfied that his effects were safely stored, he turned back to his quarters. ‘Spartan’ was the most apt word for the lodgings - a dresser, a desk, a weapon rack, an armor stand, and a bed. The rest of the room was dominated by a clear space and a trio of haggered training dummies.


The old knight pondered his next move. While hs simple bed called him, so too did the manuscript he’d found in the Haildom’s archives, regailing the tales of Alberius’ own guards. There was also the whisper of a bothersome form he’d have to fill out to continue using the courtyard for early morning practice. “That blasted butler and his damn schedule,” he pruned his mustache with a growl.


“Sir. Raemond.”


A dulcet voice called to him, directing him to the nearby window. ‘Melody left it open for courteous,’ he thought. But his thoughts of the good-hearted, albeit scatterbrained maid, were put on hold as he beheld who had come to visit him.


She was a beautiful woman - blonde hair that blossomed into red, shining like a torch in the night sky. Green eyes that pierced the dark, with a smile to match. A body that was found more on statues than commonfolk...but she was more than just an alluring woman.


Wings that stretched out around her, crackling like fire with every beat. A pair of horns that jutted out of her head, just above the slitted green pools that eyed him so curiously. Her feet were red talons, with similar hue and build on her fingers. A trio of tails stuck out of her rear.


Raemond strode over to the window and hailed her, “Good evening, lady dragon,” he bowed. The dragon gingerly landed on the crenelations just outside. Her wings shrunk down and molded around her, giving the illusion of a cloak around her distinctly minimal attire.


“Please sir knight, just Phoenix will suffice,” she insisted with a shake of her head. The way her hair seemed to flow against the wind matched the fires that she controlled, nurtured, and was reared by.


The old knight nodded in respect. “Very well. Then what brings you to my chamber, La...Phoenix?” he inquired. The dragon didn’t answer right away, in favor of making the short hop over to his windowsill. Raemond didn’t even flinch at her brazen trespass. ‘She’s smaller than usual...hmmm,’


While he pondered the meaning of her visit, Phoenix stepped into the room. Her horns nearly grazed the rafters. Her feet scraped against the stone as she loomed over him. “You,” she said.


That took the old knight by surprise. His eyebrows rose as he processed her curt answer. “I beg your pardon?”


Phoenix repeated herself, “You, sir intrigue me,” she admitted. Her eyes stayed  locked upon him, a burning gaze that could make lesser men balk. Raemond was no lesser man, and he proved it by meeting her gaze with a head held high.


“You are interested in my craft?” he asked.


“No. I have no interest in how you choose to swing a stick,” she bluntly declared. She raised a talon and lightly prodded his cheek, much to the knight’s displeasure. “Your age. For one that still struggles to fight, you are quite old...yes, quite old indeed,” she mused.


“Your candor is noted, my lady,” Raemond growled. “But if that is all, I’m afraid this old hand must retire for the evening.”


He turned away and made for his bed. Her voice was quiet, yet thundered through the chamber.


“You will die soon.”


Raemond stopped. “Most likely,” he admitted. Behind him, Phoenix cocked her head in curiosity.


“Does that not frighten you?” she asked. With a sigh, the knight reached up and thoughtfully stroked his mustache.


“I’d be remiss to say it doesn’t...yet I’ve lived a long life and more than earned my keep. When my time comes - be it on the battlefield, my chambers, or even in the midst of training...then so be it,” he shrugged.


“And if it could be changed?” Phoenix asked. His finger froze mid curl. He slowly dropped his hand and turned back to face her. Though only a few paces divided them, It could’ve easily been an unending battlefield.


Time passed quietly, with only the moaning wind and the flickering torches to fill the void. The two stared at each other, their faces unreadable. At last Raemond made his move… by shaking his head. “Whatever you have to offer, I must decline.”


Phoenix said nothing, prompting him to go on. “As I said, My life has been full - each charted course, every path, has been mine to take. I won’t trade those days away, nor ask for them back,” he declared.


The dragon mulled his words before shaking her head. She was upon him before the knight could even blink. “What about for one night?” she asked before tapping his chest.


Raemond collapsed with a gasp, feeling the fire that consumed his lungs. The heat spread throughout his body until even his fingers and toes felt like they were burning. He wheezed, coughing out smoke. Phoenix looked on impassively, her hair and tails lazily futtering.


The knight struggled to his knees, still coughing. His eyes were clenched shut, streaks of tears on his cheeks. Still, the old warrior dared to rise until he was shakily, yet clearly, on his feet.


Slowly, his breathing steadied, the plumes of smoke growing smaller and smaller with every gasp. With one last wheeze, the knight took stock of this strange new situation.The world was clearer, the air smelt fresher, his ears picked up the soft flutter of his curtains being tousled in the evening breeze...and his body.


Raemond looked down. Even with his underclothes intact, he could tell that things felt different, better - younger. “My word! I’m...I’m-!”


Phoenix finally spoke, cutting him off. “You’re body is the same, however I have restored about twenty years to you. That should suffice,” she nodded with a smile.


Even in his jubilation, Raemond picked up the seed of something unsettling in her beaming face. With caution, the knight asked her to elaborate. “For what?”


The dragon’s smile morphed into a smirk, carrying some unspoken intent. She loomed over him, the knight’s head winding up just beneath her generous cleavage. “My payment,” she growled.


The knight took a cautious step back, a motion that she followed. As the two crossed the room, Phoenix kept talking. “You interest me human, and what Dragons find interesting…” she paused as he bumped his back against the wall. The dragon was already on him in an instant, trapping the defiant man between her tits. “...They take for themselves,” she declared


Raemond kept his gaze up, never wavering from her smoldering green eyes. The old knight was hardly blind to her intent, or the acts that would follow. Though he’d tasted much flesh, he never found love. Such matters had passed him by as he devoted his life to that of his king and friend. Still, even an old warhound like he could appreciate the beauty of the dragon.


“You intend to steal me away from my post?” he asked. Such a stony question made the dragon laugh, a melodious tune that quickly turned sultry.


“Mmm, perhaps...but first you must show me if you are worth a place in my nest,” she explained. The dragon took a single step back, but gave her human target no room to move. Instead she wrapped her talons around his cheeks, lifted him up, and brought him to her mouth


Raemond gasped at the heat wafting from her lips. It made every other flame on her person or her thrall seem downright cold in comparison. It almost felt like his skin was melting...and it felt so good.


Phoenix fet the knight grab hold of her shoulders, pulling himself further into their kiss. The dragon cooed in delight, glad that he was already in sync with her. ‘That makes things so much easier,’ she thought.


Phoenix had felt the cravings ever since she’d first arrived in the Halidom. While she could easily find a dragon to sate her lusts, there came a risk involved with that - the risk of being marked and mated. She had no doubt that any of her fellow fire dragons could satisfy her, especially a pair of beasts like Ifrit or Agni...yet she had no interest in being bound to such arrogant, brutish dragons. Or Illa forbid - carrying their spawn.


So she sought something quick - a fleeting scratch that could leave her satisfied for the time being. Using her gifts, she perceived who among the residents of the Mystholm could eventually be worthy of her...and found one that already was. All he needed was a little more time back...


Luckily for him, she had time to spare.


Phoenix wrapped her wing around the knight, bringing him closer into her bosom. From somewhere in her fur lined breasts, Raemond feels a pair of pokes against his chest. He brought a hand up and gave one of her mounds a quick squeeze. The statuesque woman gave a coo of approval at his act.


Still carrying her human target, she moved them to his bed her tongue danced with his, searing his own with her unnatural heat. She knew he couldn’t make it into her mouth, and gently yet firmly rebuked any such attempts to do so. After a few failed attempts, she decided to divert his attention by cupping his covered loins.


“Hmmmm,” Raemond grumbled, a deep echo in his voice that could leave women wanting. Even a dragon such as she found a shiver pass up her spine. Her nails gently traced the outline of his girth.


Phoenix channeled mana to her body, causing the flickers in her wings to ignite. The fire quickly spread to his clothes, much to the knights’ horror. However, the horny dragon’s aim was true, and the remains of his garb crumpled to ash on the bed. That left his muscled, scared body on full display, right down to his generous crotch and the untamed hair above.


She pulled away, the spit between them dissipating in the heat. The dragon eyed the veterans’ cock with great interest. “...Humans aren’t normally this big, are they?” she asked.


Raemond was too preoccupied patting his body for any signs of burns to respond. She reached down and drew a talon along his dick, raising it up until she reached his slit. “I believe this will be more than sufficient,” Phoenix declared.


The dragon turned her attention to his dick, admiring the human’s girth. It wasn’t going to match the proportions of her fellow dragons, but with her diminished size, it should suffice to sate her lust. ‘Hmm...he might actually hurt me like this...good,’ she thought.


Phoenix dropped him on the bed, letting her human crumple into the sheets. Raemond was still too stunned at all the fiery stimulation he’d endured. He was too shocked to even realize that he didn’t feel the least bit sore...only invigorated for more.


The dragon used his confusion to drop to her knees, placing her head just above his rousing loins. She licked her lips, but paused before doing anything else. Ultimately she shook her head sadly before looking up to him.


“I don’t think you’d survive in here - might be a little too hot for you,” she lamented. For good measure, she blew on his cock. Raemond groaned in pain at wall of pure heat that assaulted his loins, followed by this sense of relief.


“You’re healing me,” he noted, quickly picking up on her antics. Phoenix nodded, a subdued yet delighted smile adorning her face.


“Very good. Unfortunately, there are limits of what I can do, and getting so close to my mouth...well I’m afraid you wouldn’t have much more luck,” she chuckled. She saw the defiant gleam in the knight’s eye, and elected to show him a smidgen of the truth.  The dragon reared down and let her long, pointed tongue slide down his cock from tip to base.


“Uuuh,” Raemond groaned in pleasure and pain. She wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest - even her tongue felt like a hot whip being snapped against his crotch.


Phoenix glanced up at him as her tongue slipped back into her mouth. “Too much?” she asked.


Reluctantly, he nodded. Even a warrior like him had his limits. “That’s what comes with being so close to a dragon’s mouth. Don’t worry - I’ve got just the place for you,” Phoenix insisted.


She wrapped her hand around his cock - a comparably nicer experience than her tongue, even if it was still scorching. The dragon sent another burst of her healing mana into the old knight’s loins, revitalizing it in ways that it hadn’t been in close to a decade. She felt her breath hitch as she saw just how long her human was. ‘Maybe I will get a dragon’s satisfaction,’ she wondered with delight.


“Trust me - it’s much much cooler. And besides…” she paused and leaned into his ear. Her tongue flicked out and feathered his lobe before she whispered, “I’ll take care of you,”  the dragon promised.


She said no more in favor of letting her actions take over. The dragon straddled the knight, rubbing her pelvis against his throbbing cock. The bright red fur around her legs kissed his skin, enticing him further. “There, doesn’t that feel better?” she cooed.


Raemond grunted, trying to retain his dignity as a stalwart knight. Sadly, his craven body was more than eager to show his true reaction, much to her amusement. She teased him, lightly kissing his dick with her puffy lips.


“Feel that? Feel how it's dripping on you? Calling you?” she asked. Her silken voice echoed in his ears. “I stoked the fires of your youth, human. Now it's time for you to stoke mine.”


With that, she pushed down. His cock pushed her lips aside and began to dive deep into her pussy. The two gasped as their bodies reacted to each other’s presence. Human and Dragon - united as one.


He started slow, attempting to accommodate her to his girth. She rolled her hips in response, goading him on further. Their pace quickened until the sounds of slapping flesh echoed through the chamber.


Phoenix moaned as she felt her human push deeper and deeper into her scalding snatch. Her earlier expectations weren’t just matched, but exceeded in the most sinfully delightful way. She felt so full, so hot.


So alive.


Raemond grunted as he pistoned into the statuesque stunner, his balls slapping against her feather-clad ass. She was tight - tighter than any maiden he’d shared a bed with before. More than that, she was hot - like fire roasting his crotch, kissing him as he pulled against her walls. He no longer knew how much time had passed since they’d started, and no longer cared to speculate.


“Grab my horns!” She panted. The knight obeyed her plea with relish. He pulled her head down, making her gasp. The dragon hadn’t expected his grip to be so... firm. She certainly didn’t expect what he did next either.


Raemond used his restored strength to pull her up and down his cock from her horns. His hands grew uncomfortably warm this close to her hair, but he paid it no heed.  Her entire body was under his control now. She could only squirm each time his hips rose up and his hands forced her down.


“Y-You’re a fiend,” Phoenix growled, each syllable dripping with lust. She looked down on her human with fire in her inhuman eyes. Her smolder could’ve reduced a lesser man to a simpering puddle...but not her human.


Raemond didn’t answer right away, but she could tell he had something in store for her. His grip on her horns tightened as he pushed her up, higher than he’d done before. She shrieked as his arms fully extended...before slamming her down HARD onto his waiting cock. “Turn around, and I’ll show you how much of a fiend I can be,” Raemond snarled.


Phoenix couldn’t respond as her body was consumed in orgasmic fire. Her wings flew up from around her sides, brushing against the roof. Licks of flame reached dangerously close to the nearby wooden supports, not that either one was in a position to care.


The knight mustered all his willpower into not cumming in her hot twat. Her walls had clamped down on his prick as she endured her climax. The already insane heat reached a boiling point as her body attempted to milk him no avail.


Raemond dared to pull her back up, causing her vice grip on his cock to squeeze up his shaft. “Well,  did you hear me, dragon?” he barked.


Her response was mere babble, prompting him to slam her back down. He bit back his groans and repeated the process, each time repeating his question at the peak. This went on for several minutes until...


“I heard you,” she suddenly answered, her tone calm and dangerously serene. Her wings flew up and forced his hands away, much to Raemond’s shock. “You may want to duck,” Phoenix smirked.


The knight barely registered her words before his body reacted to the impending danger. The dragon’s arms and wings outstretched in full, almost brushing the nearby walls of his simple lodgings. Phoenix spun around, using her wings to swiftly turn herself on his dick. The speed of her act, coupled with the tightness of her snatch, was too much for him, even closer to his prime.


Phoenix gasped as he came, shooting rope after rope of potent spunk into her inhuman womb. The dragon shuddered in delight, letting pleased moans freely escape her lips. ‘I-I really did find the hoard with him,’ she silently declared as her pussy sucked him dry.


Neither one knew how long his climax went on for, though by the time it finished she felt fuller than any meal that had been offered to her thus far. She could almost hear the human’s cum bubbling and sloshing in her hot womb.


Phoenix basked in the glow of their post-coital bliss. She gazed at her arm as the sweat swiftyl evaporated. ‘How long has it been since that’s happened?’ she pondered. Her musings were cut short as she felt Raemond soften in her snatch. “Oh, how disappointing,” she truly sighed.


The Knight snapped out of his climactic coma at her lamentations. He felt ashamed at how he’d almost fallen into the lull, let his years supercede his newly restored youth.   ‘I’d not let age hold me back...and I shan’t do it tonight!’ he resolved.


Phoenix squeaked in shock as his cock spasmed in her snatch. She felt him wrap his arms around her hips and pull her down. By the time her head stopped spinning, she was flat on her chest with the human looming above her.


“Who said I was finished?” He growled. Her gasp swiftly morphed into a delighted mewl as the knight slammed back into her boiling hot pussy...


Phoenix sighed and arched her back, letting her erect nipples peek out of her feather-clad tits. Next to her, Raemond tried to catch his breath, feeling the decades he’d been given back slipping away. Eventually the familiar stiffness returned and washed over him.


She was also sore, delightfully so. A river of the knight’s seed dripped out of her snatch and stained the already-ruined bed. Her wings fluttered listlessly at her side, no longer crackling with fire. She was drained - just like she wanted.

“So you still intend to steal me?” he panted, drawing her attention to the man who sated a dragon. She sighed, tracing her talon over his bare chest. Her other hand reached down to her thoroughly stuffed pussy and played with the leaking slurry. She brought her messy nail up and absentmindeldy suckled it.


Raemond groaned in pain as his now-weary loins attempted to stir, only to have his old bones protest. The dragon ignored him in favor of finishing her late night snack and pulling her talon free with a loud, wet pop . a thin bridge of spit and sex connected her finger and lips before she smooched it away.


“Mmm...perhaps one day,” she admitted.

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“Should we head back?” Euden pondered. Their tranquil spot had been cast in gray clouds. A light chill pervaded the air, yet it was still warm enough for the prince to enjoy his usual attire. His companion was similarly content at his side, though her reasons were due to simply not feeling the cold.

“Nay, it's of no concern. I spoke to Melsa and she confided that this would be a light rain, little more,” Nefaria explained. The ancient ruler was festooned in her costume as Saint Starfall - one of three that were currently inhabiting the Halidom. Her dusky bronze skin contrasted nicely with the red and white.

“If you’re sure. It’s quite brisk today,” Euden commented. His bare arm showed the pinpricks of gooseflesh, but the prince showed no discomfort.

Nefaria shook her head with a smile, “I am never cold...though I honor your concerns,” she thanked him. Her head was tilted slightly away, hoping that he didn’t see the slight bloom on her cheeks.

This was the fifth time they’d come to this little slice of solemn paradise. She cherished each and every moment that allowed her to cast off the burdens of the past or the day - a boon that she gladly shared with the kind prince himself. It was little wonder that she was merely the latest in an growing number of women that were drawn to him...much to her grief.

‘Oh’ve gathered quite the entourage,’ she mused. Thoughts of the paladyn and the wise sylvan, the preacher and the flirtatious archer, and even the likes of the Greatwyrm of Fire crossed her mind. And those were far from the only ones. Regardless, she had come to cherish her time with all of them, knowing that they shared a common trait...whether she wished it or not.

‘Forgive me Ellisane, Cleo, an Mym...I must follow my heart, if only this once,’ Nefaria silently declared.

“Pri-Euden,” she softly called, getting his attention. She slowly rose from his side, planting her shaky feet on the ground. “...I have long thought on what gift should confer to you,” she started, only for him to shake his head and smile.

“It’s not that big a deal, Nefaria,” Euden explained. His calm dismissal almost made her swoon, but she kept her composure...barely.

“Perhaps, yet I would be remiss to not at least explain my boon. So if you’d please?” the ancient queen pleaded. Her tone swayed the prince, and he gave her a slow nod.

“Okay…” he stated and fell silent. Nefaria took a deep breath and tried not to turn craven.

“I could offer you much, anything that you could wish to have. A new sword, grand armor, even a priceless jewel from the furthest lands are not beyond my reach...but that would be wasted,” she declared, much to his confusion.

“A gift should be as precious to the one giving as the one receiving. My time as Saint Starfall has shown me as such. Regardless of what form it takes, the true value is the gratitude and happiness that is exchanged,” she explained

“I understand what you mean, Nefaria,” Euden agreed. Her philosophy made perfect sense to him, and made piqued his interest. “Though now you’ve got me curious of what you thought of,” he admitted.

Nefaria smiled, trying to hide the anxiety welling within. ‘This is it - the moment of no return,’ she thought. “I offer you the most precious possession of any woman - royalty or commoner. Prince Euden, I wish to give you my last great treasure - my purity.”

Nefaria finished her declaration and held her breath. Her hands drew close to her chest, trying to contain the raging tempest in her bosom. ‘How cruel of him to leave me in suspense!’ she lamented. “Well, have you anything to say Euden?” she demanded as she turned back to him.



“Are you well?” Nefaria asked as she helped him to his feet. Out of everything that she’d expected to happen, the prince passing out was not among that list.

“Am I-? I...Yes I’m okay. But don’t have to do this for my sake,” Euden tried to dissuade her. “If this is because you couldn’t find anything for me-”

Nefaria firmly cut him off. “It is not - I want you to take my purity,” she insisted. Her hands stayed enlocked with his as she pressed on, “You’ve given me one of the greatest gifts, one that I never would’ve thought I’d ever get. Even before that I agonized of how to repay your kindness...and now I’ve found out how.”

Nefaria paused to gently grab his other hand and bring it up with hers. He winced at her cold touch, but didn’t pull away. She looked him straight in the eyes - teal eyes shining like a vast oasis. “I ask you, not as a queen, and not just as a woman, but as your friend - Please take my virginity,” she insisted.

Euden was stunned by her declaration. A part of him wanted to run - to flee back to the Halidom and desperately try to leave her behind. Her confession, her desire and was almost frightfully similar to Mym’s ‘gift’ to him. Yet while he’d politely rebuffed the Greatwyrm’s offer, the prince couldn’t muster himself to do the same for the reborn queen. “Are you...are you sure of this?” he weakely asked.

“I am,” she declared before pushing him towards her. His surprised yelp was cut short as she took his lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Their hands flew up to seize the other’s body. Time swirled over them as the sun flickered in and out of the cloudy sky.

They pulled away for air, leaving a thin trail of spit between them. Their gazes locked through hooded eyes before wandering down to the obvious signs of arousal. The Prince looked embarrassed as he glanced down at the tent in his pants.

“Should,” Euden trailed off. Nefaria crocked her eyebrow as she followed his gaze to her outfit.

“If you wish, We can disrobe apart...but are you certain you do not wish to see me-?” she started, only for him to cut her off. He pointed to a nearby boulder.

“That's alright! I'll um, I’ll be back there,” He insisted. She eyed him with scrutinly before giving a nod in consent.

“Pray, do not leave me longing, dear Euden,” she cooed with an almost catlike smirk.

Euden finished removing the last of his clothes and put them on an outcropping. He nervoulsy collected himself and gave one last look down to his still-hard erection. ‘ goes nothing,’ he sighed before stepping out to join Nefaria.

He only made it two steps before he was left numb and in awe. “Wow…”

She was reclined against her own bag In the winter shower. Her skirt and top were cast aside, leaving only her headpiece,armlet, cuffs, and heels. The rest of her rich dark skin was on full display. From her solid brown nipples all the way down to her heavily shaved pubes. She slowly opened her legs, exposing the dripping lips of her waiting pussy.

The two stared at the other’s bodies, appraising their partners and measuring their worth. “My word,” they simultaneously uttered.

A stunned silence followed before they both broke into laughter. Nefaria gave an impish smile. “It would seem I am imprinting on you,” she teased.

Her smile thinned as she took on a more sultry look. Her seductive gaze made Euden’s already-firm cock throb. She raised a single, bronze finger and beckoned him. “Come to me, my prince. Let the queen offer you her bosom,” she cooed.

Euden eagerly obeyed and settled into her arms.

In their earlier passion, the Prince had managed to overlook Nefaria’s unnaturally cold skin. But now he had no such luxury. Still, even with how chilled she felt, the beckoning smile on her lips more than warmed his heart. ‘Besides, this is hardly the coldest thing i’ve dealt with...maybe,’ he mused.

His throbbing dick lined up with her pussy. She gave him a single nod - her final consent. He obeyed, with gusto...perhaps TOO much gusto.

Even after untold centuries, her body had remained intact, awaiting the day that she would finally surrender her greatest treasure. Much to her joy...and considerable pain.

Euden winced as Nefaria’s nails dug into his skin. ‘Something’s wrong - I know sex is supposed to feel uncomfortable at first, especially for...oh.’

“D-Did I just-?” he trailed off before gasping in horror. He attempted to withdraw, but she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and kept him in place. “Nefaria i’m so sorry! I-”

The queen looked at him through her thin tears. She wiped them away with her free hand before shaking her head. “That won’t be necessary. I chose to give you this. J-Just wait with me,” she urged him.

Euden nodded and resorted to consoling the deflowered queen. His hands reached back and rubbed her back. Her grip on his arms lessened until she finally let him go. “I am ready to begin. Please go slow,” Nefaria pleaded.

The Prince heeded her wishes and started to gently rock his hips. The Queen’s finger’s tightened on impulse, but her nails didn’t pierce him again. She weakly moaned as the pain slowly ebbed away.

Neither one noticed the drops striking their writhing bodies. Instead they remained locked on each other. Their hips acted on their own as they leaned in and meshed together anew.

The kiss was long and passionate. They kept things shallow and merely nuzzled each others’ tongues. Her hand reached up and tangled her fingers in his hair, pushing him closer to her. They young Prince was happy to be taken further into her rich, dark lips.

“F-faster,” she told him. Euden obeyed and doubled his pace, letting the sound of skin clapping echo through their tranquil retreat. Her legs unwound from his hips to aid him in that task.

The rain gently came down, caressing them. Euden and Nefaria ignored it, even as gooseflesh covered their skin. They sped up, aided by the cooling shower. The sweat on their bodies was washed away almost as fast as it formed.

The Queen was moaning louder now, occasionally reaching up to sharp yelps. Every inch of her body was caught between the cool rain and the storm ranging within. Her very core - her innermost sanctum, was flickering and yearning for the intruder between her legs. ‘I-I never imagined it could feel this it just my body, or is because it’s him?’ she wondered.

“Roll me over,” Nefaria urged him. Euden nodded and pulled out. He rotated her around until her stomach was flat on the wet ground. She looked back and urged him back into her sopping wet pussy. His cock reached even further now, making her gasp in delight. “Yes that’s it - take me!” she shrieked.

Euden winced at her crass words, but couldn’t muster the fortitude to stop. Her velvet walls called to him - beckoned him back into her shockingly warm depths. Her body was like the night of the desert she once ruled...and in her loins he’d found an oasis.

Nefaria’s fingers dug into the dirt. Her ass clapped against the Prince’s loins with every thrust. She felt her breasts scrape against the mud as every smack sent her deeper and deeper into the dirt. Her feet were planted into the ground by her toe-tips.

The Queen felt herself tipping over the edge - into the abyss that she’d entered many a time before with the paltry aid of her fingers. “G-Give me your seed!” she begged him.

Euden was too close to his own release to react to her command, at least verbally. Instead he sped up even faster until his slippery cock was pistoning in and out of her oasis. He felt her buckle and thrash beneath him as her pussy clamped down. With one last bellow he roared, “Nefaria!”


Nefaria’s eyes rolled back as she accepted rope after rope of Ableria’s royal seed into her womb. Her legs tightened against his back, pushing his cock deep into her snatch. She was filled to the brim, causing some of the prince’s cum to dribble out of her pussy.

Euden collapsed on top of her, taking heavy gulps of needed air. His fingers aimlessly roamed her naked back, appraising the flawless royal skin. Her own fingers lightly grazed his shoulders, tracing circles. Neither one could speak at first, leaving the silence to be filled by the gentle rain.

Finally, Euden broke the silence with a raspy groan. “Th...Tha---That,” he gasped.

She couldn’t speak at first, and merely reached up to gently push his head into the crook of her neck. Euden’s labored breathing on her supple flesh made her mewl in delight.

“I’m pleased you enjoyed it,” Nefaria finally said. Her restrained, courtly attitude heavily contrasted her dirty, sweaty visage. She reached out and stole his lips for a final tender kiss. Her smile morphed into something more mischievous. “It was indeed quite ‘wow’.”

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Sophie squealed in delight. “Ooh, it's so amazing!” “

She turned back to face the great resting dragon behind her. “Thank you so much for your kindness, great Midgardsormr.”

The greatwyrm cracked his eye open and looked down at the beaming, buxom wind mage sitting cross-legged by his thigh. He lifted his head a scant few inches from the rocky perch he’d been using as a pillow to face her properly. His rumbling voice echoed through the clearing. “I am pleased you are so enraptured with my respite.”

Despite his words, there was a certain warmth in his tone. One that Sophie picked up on easily enough. She offered the dragon a smile of gratitude before going back to the spiraling green mana around them.

As the Greatwyrm of Wind, Midgardsormr’s body exhumed pure wind mana. He’d long since ignored this trait of his, only to be interrupted in a light nap by an eager observer and her handful of wind orbs. He listened to her request and ultimately accepted. ‘At least she’s not trying to take my scales.’

Sophie was more than content to observe the levitating wind orbs, peering into the spirals of mana within. She didn’t really bother Midgardsormr’s nap with the exception of her joyful proclamations….but he didn’t mind.

Her exuberance was endearing, much like that sweet little rose-headed Sylvian. Unlike Melsa, Sophie’s presence did more than just bemused the fact, it was becoming a bit of a problem. One that was exacerbated by the vexing plight of his constant libidio.

Midgardsormr was never really picky when it came to sating his cravings. Human, sylvian, dragon - it mattered little to him. He could appreciate the fine female form of any intelligent species...and Sophie had quite a fair bit to appreciate.

From her tits straining against her tight dress to her shockingly wide hips. Wide enough to grab on and ride her to a sweaty ruin. Her exposed legs might not be so appealing to some dragons, but the greatwyrm was not one of them.

Her soft body was perfect to him - everything from her little hands to her big, wide eyes. The greatwyrm’s weary musings turned provocative as he started to imagine her in states of undress. On her back in the grass, hands barely covering her nipples from view. Or imagining her wand stuck between her large tits or fat ass.


Midgardsormr glanced down to confirm his fears. Sure enough, there was something pushing aside the scales on his crotch. A very familiar pulsing thing. ‘Hmph, that’s an issue.’

Sophie was too caught up in watching the dancing crystals of wind mana to realize what was happening. She followed the green lights, like a child watching the lanterns of Dragonyule. She subconsciously adjusted her cramped legs, rubbing her plump butt against what she assumed was the ground.

The dragon bit back his growls as her cheeks rubbed against his girth. They felt so soft, especially with her dress caressing his sensitive loins.


Sophie heard his grumbles and turned to face him.

“Hm, something bothering you lord Midgardsormr?”

Her innocent question, coupled with the generous eyeful of her straining cleavage, was too much for the greatwyrm to contain.


Midgardsormr rose to his feet with a mighty bellow. The shocked young woman was sent flying back in shock. She struggled to get her bearings and asked what ailed the dragon. “L-Lord Mid...gaaaah?”

Sophie’s questions died on her tongue as she beheld the loins of the mighty greatwyrm of wind towering over her. A pulsing, fleshy cock that towered over her, thicker than her head. The base was rippling with muscles that reached about a third of the way up. The shaft itself was mostly smooth save for a few grooves near the tip. The head was pointed with a small knob just above the slit.

In the face of such a potent threat. Sophie could only eek out a simple, “Oh…”

Midgardsormr had the decency to look abashed. “Forgive me young one. I-”

Sophie cut him off, shaking and blushing like mad as she stuttered, “N-No no! It’s okay - i-it happens to all of us, right?”

“Hrmph. It is still unbecoming of me to react in such a way,” he insisted.

Sophie opened her mouth to retort, but had to swiftly close it as something dripped from the tip.



She rubbed her forehead, trying to dull the sudden pain. Sophie couldn’t see, but she had a suspicion that it had bruised. “That’s gonna leave a mark…” she lamented.

The Greatwyrm ignored her plight as he made his decision. “I’m afraid I’ll be taking my leave now. I need to...confront, this issue before it becomes too unbearable,” he explained.

With that declaration, he rose to his full height, taking his cock away from her face. The greatwyrm spread his wings and was preparing to take flight, when suddenly-

“I-I can help you!”

He froze at her offer.

His ancient, aged rationale wanted to rebuke her, for her own safety. The carnal side of him however, was eager to accept. Ultimately he was able to think long enough to decline her. “I’m afraid not. I thank you for your efforts, but I ca-”

“I’m helping you!”

He turned back at her outburst, curiosity abound. The buxom mage was struggling to get out from underneath his dick. Somehow, she managed to roll out of the way of his mighty dragonhood and struggled to her feet, back facing the rock.

“I mean...I’ll help you, Lord Midgardsormr. I can use my hands, can’t I?”

Midgardsormr found her suicidal overconfidence rather endearing, and offered her a hearty chuckle that almost blew her over. “That won’t be necessary.”

The greatwyrm brought his wings in and was consumed in a pillar of light. Sophie shielded her eyes. She waited until the harsh glare had dwindled away before nervously looking back. “L-Lord Midgardsormr?”

The dragon had shrunk, considerably so. He now only towered over her by a mere two feet, and was only slightly thicker than she was. His cock had also shrunk, and was now only the length of her arm...up to her elbow. It was still about as thick as her wrist though.

Sophie was taken aback by this. “Y-You can shrink?!”

Midgardsormr said nothing and allowed her to come to the obvious on her own. “Wait...yeah that makes sense,” she admitted.

“Sadly, I fear this is as small as I can go,” he warned her. It was her last chance to back off, especially now that he was getting a more potent whiff of her feminine arousal.

Sophie quickly shook her head. “T-That’s fine! I can take it from here…”

Just to show her conviction, she reached down and shimmied off her panties. The damp pink garment hit the grass as it came to a stop around her ankle. . The captivating smell almost blasted into his snout. She shuffled one leg free before bracing herself, back against the rock and pussy on display.

Against his best wishes, the dragon’s tongue lulled out and quickly slithered over its scaly lips. He stalked over to her and shoved his snout between her legs. “EEEP!”

Midgardsormr ignored Sophie’s shrieks and got to work lapping against her folds. His forked tongue dragged against her tender skin, lashing her loins. His cold, pointed nose pushed down on her sensitive clit.

“Ahh! L-Lord Mid-grrrrrk.”

The Greatwyrm dived into her snatch and lapped up her juices. His razor-sharp teeth passed dangerously close to her loins. But Sophie was too addled to raise alarm, and Midgard was already impatient and ready to move on.

He withdrew his head and clambered over her. His throbbing dick lined up with her pussy. Sophie blinked away her euphoria and looked up at him with a mixture of trepidation, concern...and want.

“I-I can take it, Lord Midga-aaaah-!” he cut her off as his cock split her pussy. The little groove ran over her lips as she struggled to take him in. ultimately she got half of his dick in her twat before it was dangerously close to puncturing her womb. “L-L-Lor….”

The dragon growled, “Just ‘Midgard’ will suffice”. That was the last thing he said before he started to thrust. She was among the tightest thing pussies that he’d ever struggled to fill - far tighter than any dragon, and only a handful of Sylvians could give her a run for her rupies.

Sophie’s eyes squeezed shut, trying to stave the flow of tears. Her toes curled in her boots. Her dress rubbed against the rock, slowly wearing down and splitting the threads. She fought the urge to give into the madness - the euphoric pain that nipped at her heels and threatened to swallow her whole.

Midgardsormr was also fighting his own urges.even with his shrunken form he felt the cravings of his sealed, draconic lust. He resisted the urge to let his instincts rule, knowing that such a foolish endeavor would only end with her more ways than one.

The buxom mage tried to thrust back to meet him, only for sharp bursts of pain to ruin her attempts. Her pussy was stretched to the limit as she struggled to take in his dragon dick, fought against the coil of musk and muscle pulsing in her tight little body. She reached out and grabbed his shoulders, barely able to cling to his scales.

Her slight shift in posture had a devastating impact. Now the little nub on his dick was grinding against the roof of her channel, bringing her to a state of pleasure that no fingers or man had been able to before. She went limp in a silent scream as her body shut down from pure, orgasmic overload...and that was only the beginning.

Now it was like every thrust was able to bring her to an orgasm, even as she attempted to ride out the euphoric hell of the last one. Her legs gave out beneath her, with only Midgardsormr’s dick impaled in her snatch keeping her upright. Her nails had dug into his scales and simply frozen in place.

The Greatwyrm thrusted for god only knows how long. It might’ve been hours if the now rising moon was any testament. One look at Sophie would make it clear how far gone she was.

Her dress was coming apart at the seams, the back already gone and exposing her raw back to the unforgiving stone. A puddle of her juices had formed between her feet, staining her boots. Her body was covered in sweat and kept what little remained of her dress stuck to her skin. She was wheezing, desperate for any lingering chance of precious breath.

Her eyes had long since rolled back. Her brain was mush. She could only await the end.

With a mighty bellow, he ruined her.

One shot - only one shot was enough to utterly fill up her womb. Midgardsormr pulled out of her now-loose pussy and fired the rest all over her body her dress was utterly coated in dragon cum. It covered her shoulders, her face - even her hair was turned white by the copious flow of Greatwyrm jizz.

Sophie collapsed to her knees, gasping for much-needed breath. Her head pulsed as she struggled to ride out this orgasmic migraine. She curled up on the ground, trying to pull herself together. She somehow managed to cobble together a single, fleeting word.


She barely even whispered it, but the greatwyrm heard her nonetheless. Midgardsormr rolled her onto her hands and knees, exposing her leaking pussy to him. She felt his heavy hands on her back as he stuffed her sloppy twat again...


“Oooh, i feel so full.”

Sophie sat back against the slumbering dragon. Her hands traced her swollen belly, bloated with the seed of the Greatwyrm. The cool morning breeze blew through the defiled clearing. She was thankful for the winds that blew the stench down river.

The buxom mage had passed in and out of euphoria through the night. She’d long since lost count of how many orgasms she’d had, or how many loads Midgardsormr had dumped either into her womb or all over her body. She looked like a back-alley whore who was pregnant with least.

Thankfully, the cum on her body was easy enough to deal with. Some concentrated wind mana blew it mostly off and just left her with the spunk in her hair. Her clothes were ruined though - that was going to be tricky to deal with until she got back to the Halidom. As for the rest of her...she’d need to make a list.

She’d need a healer, one that wouldn’t ask so many questions. That would fix her body at least. The cum itself wasn’t an issue, since the dragon’s seed was inert at the moment. As for getting it all out... wind magic would fix that.


She turned back to the greatwyrm. He’d grown back to his full size, though thankfully not until after he’d finally pulled out of her. So she’d cozied up against the exposed chest of Midgardsormr. His cock safely back in its sheath - drained and sated.

Sophie settled back, feeling the steady rumble of the dragon’s lungs. “You know, you’re kinda cute when you’re sleeping, Lord Midgard.”

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“Well, we both made it on time for rare.”

Erik thrust his axe into the sand before turning to face her. She came to a stop a few feet away and dropped her own axe onto the ground. Her arms crossed under her generous chest. An expectant smirk on her salty lips.

The two gazed at each other on the twilight-kissed beach. Bodies honed by their respective lives of toil and labor. Skin blessed by the sun and the sea. Skulls propped over their heads, both earned by the trials they’d faced.

They came together.

Captain Karina melted into Erik’s rippled chest.her lithe arms wrapped around his broad neck as she pushed in for a deeper kiss. His hands came up to the small of her back and the ripe curves of her ass. Blonde and brunette tapestries flowed together.

Their liaisons were infrequent, but always welcome. The beach was chosen thanks to its remoteness, intimacy, and the ties that they shared with the sea. Once a week they stole away from the Halidom and came to their private sanctuary, facing the endless waves that carried them through their lives.

Erik’s tongue struck at her lips, demanding entrance. The coy pirate rose to meet him, engaging him in a clash of spit and slobber. Her nails lightly scratched his rugged back. His palm groped her buttcheek in response.

Erik slowly walked her back until she hit a nearby palm tree. The trunk settled between her ass, holding her in place and freeing his hand. Her reached up and cupped her clothed, heaving breast. His coarse touch made her growl into his mouth.

The captain reached up and grabbed the horn of his skull cap.she jerked it off his head and let it drop onto the soft sand at their feet. The castaway was far more gentle as he traced up her nape and dislodged her tricorn hat.

Karina broke away, eyes lidded and a bridge of spit between them. Their heavy breath mingled together where their tongues had once met.she shook off her hat and let her wild blonde locks flow free. She looked every part like the wild spirited siren of the waves.

She grinned at him with a full, toothy smirk. “Eager to start, aye?”.

Erik was far more cordial despite his own yearnings. “We’ve waited long enough - I need you, Karina,” he insisted.

Her brow twitched as he called her name. She averted her gaze and grumbled, “ Hmph , thought I told you to call me ‘Capn’, I did…”

She turned back to face him, all doubt and indignation gone from her boastful visage. ”But very well - Lead the way, you brute.”

She readied herself for him. Karina knew firsthand that when he wanted to be, Erik could be rough...delightfully so. Her grin widened as he brought up his hand...and softly touched her eyepatch.

“May I?”

Karina’s swagger blew out like a candle. She dumbly nodded and tilted her head down. Erik gently reached back and untied her eyepatch, exposing her hidden eye.

It was just as its kin. Even the faded scratch over her brow couldn’t possibly mar the Queen of the Seas. she winced in the dimming light, but quickly grew accustomed to having her full vision restored.

She blinked away the tears in her sensitive eye and focused on Erik. his loving gaze was...admittingly flattering. But it wasn’t really what she was looking for. Her hand bunched up against his chest belt and pulled him close.

“You’ve got a choice buddy- either you stop staring and rip my shirt off…”


Karina didn’t answer him. Instead, she reached up and ripped open her checkered top. She quickly pulled up her short blouse and exposed her tits. The sight of her erect nipples and lighter-toned boobs struck Erik utterly dumb.


She barked with laughter. “Oh, indeed.”

She reached down beneath her skirt and shoved her brown panties aside. The citrus-like smell of her snatch reached his nostrils before her hands shoved him on his knees. “Now get down and deal with this.”

Erik delightfully dived between her legs like a man seeking water. The survivor was drawn to her, to her unfettered blonde pubes and the leaking pusyy lips below. He swiftly started eagerly suckling and slurping on her dripping folds. His tongue swirled around her trembling lips, occasionally brushing her throbbing clit..

Karina growled. Her fists dug into his coarse brown hair. “Y-You Sc...Sc...S-Shit!”

Erik rolled his eyes at her salty mouth - it was a trait of the captain that he wasn’t wholly endeared too, especially from one who also bore noble roots. ‘Then again - running away probably meant she wasn’t so keen to keep up on them to begin with’ he mentally shrugged.

The captain was growing impatient at his coy tricks. She pushed his face into her crotch and spat out, “Enough you fucker! Ram it in!”

His response was a throaty growl as he obeyed. His tongue pierced her folds and started probing around her slick inner walls. “Ha-aah! T-That’s more like it…”

Eirk’s hands massaged her thighs as he dutifully ate her out. His enthusiasm for giving cunnilingus far outshined her more lackluster interest in giving head, so it usually wound up on him to get things started. Besides, she knew a better way to get him going.

The captain’s feet squirmed until she’d freed her foot from one of her boots. She gently laid her sweaty sole against his crotch Her bare foot rubbed against his cloth and the obvious bulge within. Feeling her sandy, succulent toes stroking his arousal spurred the castaway on in his passionate meal.

Karina bit her lip to control her salty tongue as she stroked him off.. She did admittingly find the noble’s fetish...frankly odd. Still, he gave some killer foot massages in return so she was willing to humor him. ‘H-helps his silver tongue is so good too.’

Her hips rolled and bucked as she threatened to drown him. Her pussy was gushing even without being taken over the edge. But she was close - unbearably close.

Too close for her liking. She certainly wanted it...but not this way.

“Ahh S-Stop!”

Erik froze mid-nip. He looked up her stomach, face covered in her juices. “You don’t want to finish?”

Karina shook her head and growled. “Not from your tongue...You know damn well I want, Erik. So drop ‘em and lets get to business~”

Reluctantly, Erik rose to his feet. The tangy taste lingered on his tongue as he reached for his belt. His torn bottoms collapsed to the sand, revealing his bare, expectant arousal. “We should make this quick - the others will expect us”

Karina rolled her eyes as she let her panties drop. Her glistening snatch nicely framed by her skirt as she fired back, “Tch, think I don’t know that, ya curr? How ‘bout a little less yucking, and a lot more fucking!”

Erik embraced her, compressing her bare bosom against his. His rippling muscles clashed against her mostly lithe frame. Blonde tresses mixed with dirty brown as he murmured in her ear. “And how shall we proceed, my dear captain?”

She withered in his grasp. His soft voice sounded almost farcical out of such a well-built figure. ‘How the hell is he real?’ she mused before retorting, “Lets see you use that strength of yours, aye?”

He rolled his eyes but honored her request. The same arms that had held her dearly swiftly spun her around and dipped beneath her legs “aah!”

Erik pulled her close to his broad chest, keeping her wrapped up in a tight hold. “As you wish,” he sighed, lining up his dick to her sopping wet pussy. Meaty palms clamped down around her neck as she bucked against him.

Karina sucked in breath as he pierced her loins. The delightful feeling of fullness made her toes curl in delight.“T-That’s more like it, ya lubber. Now g-get movin’!”

Despite their positions, he was inclined to obey. Thier pace was swift- forgoing finesse or grace in favor of sloppy, loud fucking..time wasn’t on their side, and Erik had the insurmountable task ahead of him of sating the legendary Captain Karina - she who could boast to drink her whole crew under the table, and lay with twice as many men.

There was some merit in those tavern tales.


“OOOF! T-That’s it you bash-shhhiiit!”

The pirate's coarse lips slurred the foulest words as she rattled in his grip. Arms and legs were left flailing between his bulging muscles. Her hips rolled and bucked down to greddily slurp down as much of Erik’s cock as she could take. “F-Fuck yesss!”

‘How uncouth.’

Erik’s thoughts stayed private, detached from his pistoning hips.he did his best to ignore her salty tongue and focus on her unbearably sexy body. It was a shame he couldn’t caress her flailing bosom, but the sight of her twins flopping and heaving under his force was reward enough.

The two rutted on, letting the coastal winds caress them. Shadows grew as the cool of night seeped in. The sun sank beneath the waves and stole the last amber of day. The never-ending horizon melted into the boundless sky, leaving not but flickering starts and arching waves to break the void

As one, they slowed down until even their slapping skin no longer echoed through the empty beach. They kept on in a languid pace as they watched the night sea together.

“G-Goddess be praised, I won’t ever t-tire a this,” Karina gawked. Behind her, Erik gently let go of his hold on her, letting her legs slowly slink to the sands below. Her toes crashed into the loose ground, still held up by his cock in her.

He wrapped his arms around her, making her wilt and bristle. Yet despite her antics, she uttered no oath or curses. Nor did she order him to release her. The captain permitted the castaway a moment's respite as they admired the link that bound them together.

The sea.

On shore or on deck, the night’s ocean had called them for longer than either knew. The deep unknown that lurked somewhere upon the black waters. Some flinched in fear, but others embraced it. Yearned for like precious breath. And the sea would respond, Instilling a sense of longing.

Longing - and need.

She was out of his grasp before Erik could even blink. He glanced down to find her beneath him, still plugged at the hip. Her long hair pooling against the sand as she held herself up by her arms. Karina twisted atop his cock until she was gazing up at him. He felt her piercing glare between her supple mounds. Lithe legs snaked around his backside and gripped him tight. “H-Hup!”

With a grunt, she was suddenly back with him. He barely had time to secure her back before she would’ve gone toppling back to the sand. His other hand settled on her hip. Her own arms wrapped around his neck. He saw the gleam in her eyes - the need.

“Erik - as fast as you can, as hard as ya can - Take me to that horizon.”

The need in her voice left him throbbing. He swiftly obeyed her pleas and resumed their wild romp. Wet smacking skin echoed through the beach once more. Sweat mixed between them as their bodies rubbed and undulated together.

Karina howled like a beast in heat. The aching fire in her loins yearned to be doused in the rich seed she knew he had. Her body acted on its own, keeping him close to her. Thighs locked around his hips and restricted his thrusts. Nails dug between his shoulder blades as she called his name.


He ignored the pain - it was a trifle compared to what had come before. He ignored her words - they were remarkably tame compared to what he knew she had. His only focus, his only purpose- was to churn her quim until he could do no more. It was merely a question of which broke first.

Her ship dashed against his rocky shore.


Karina’s spasms made it hard to thrust, especially as her tight cunt constricted him to the point of breaking. He struggled to hold her up, relying on her locked legs and sunken nails to keep her in place as his legs ached and groaned. He’d weather on, even as she tried to tear him down. After all - survival was not a luxury.

One after another, she alone was taken over the edge. Erik’s thick trunk of a cock ravaged her flooded hold, sending her back into the climactic sea again and again. Still they fucked, until their sweat overpowered spray. The night cast upon them, leaving not but the silhouettes cast by the rising moon.

Erik’s strained voice called from the dark.

“K-Karina, I’m-!”


Erik slammed deep and pumped all his frustrations deep into her womb. The salty sea dog cursed and spat the whole way, even as her glutinous folds milked him for every drop of cum he could offer. Her curses eventually degraded into utter gibberish as she rode out an intense, mind-melting climax.

He kept her down over his cock until he was drizzling out of her snatch and onto the sand beneath them. His legs suddenly felt the full weight of what he’d done as adrenaline left him behind. The two went toppling to the ground.


She weighed down on his chest, still shivering and plugged up. The sand was irritable to most, but to a man of the isles and a woman of the sea, they may as well be laying on feathers.

Karina stretched out her sweaty muscles and basked in the cool evening air. The captain was in no hurry, despite her earlier demands. Erik glanced down at the captain. “ I-huf , uhf -thought we were going back?”

She growled at him, clearly failing to suppress her yawns. Her tired eyes drooped lower as she mumbled, “Eh, we could always sneak in after...after dinner... ahhhh.

Captain Karina fell asleep in his arms.

Erik gazed up at the full moon above. For the briefest moment he was back on the island - his private hell turned haven that killed a Noble and made a Man. by all rights those days were beyond him - the Halidom was his home now.

He looked down at the slumbering captain. It wasn’t built on love - it was just sating the thirst between missions and meals. He’d see her at the mess hall tomorrow, armed and ready for a new day. That was something they shared.

But more and more, he was growing convinced that their paths were splitting...and he was still alone. A castaway on the island of his heart. But perhaps there was a chance he wouldn’t be on his own this time.

He only wondered if she was willing to join him.

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The moon dipped below the horizon, heralding the night’s end. Beyond the walls of the Halidom and deep into the nearby mountains, a great natural hot spring bubbled. Great enough to fit an entire village, and deep enough to submerge a dragon. Such as the one loafing within it right now. Far from the distractions of his newfound home, and unlikely to receive any visitors.

Save one.

“Ho, Kagutsuchi.”

The great dragon’s eye cracked open as it peered through the heavy steam. It leaned forward, letting the hot water pour off his scales. “Well, if this isn’t a surprise - and what can I do for you, Marishiten?”


Her blade planted deep in the earth at the edge of the spring as she stepped into view. She was barely taller than her size out of battle. Her permanently-affixed sneer widened as she greeted her old foe and rival. “I thought we could make up for lost time, now that you’ve made your crusty ass here.”

“Ah, a bout as in old days? A fine prospect indeed.” Kagutsuchi scratched his chin as he mulled her proposal. He reluctantly shook his head as he boasted, “And yet I must decline - I have a lovely platter of Hodo fried chicken to devour. Perhaps tomorrow?”

Marishiten saw the indicated platter and fought the urge to lick her lips. She kept her gaze upon the dragon as her hands untied her obi. “I think you know what kind of bout I speak of, fire-spitter.”

Kagutsuchi watched as her robes fell to the ground, exposing her bare chest. The fire dragon’s craggly maw widened as his tongue flicked between his fangs. “Ah, I see.”



The boarlet shook off the hot water on its fur before angrily snorting at its diving brethren. Bwe-Bwee!”

The two boarlets bickered as its kin enjoyed their section of the waters, away from their mistress and her fellow dragon. Marishiten was too preoccupied to watch her trio at the moment.

Kagutsuchi groaned, spewing smoke as it leaned back. The great dragon glanced down at the naked she-wyrm between his legs, tending to his long, towering cock with her surprisingly supple breasts. She’d only needed to scale herself up a little bit to wrap her massive mounds around his giant dragon dick. “Ahhhh, as soft as ever, Marishiten. It is a wonder how you manage to battle with such weight.”

Marishiten grinned, squeezing her tits tight against the dragon’s dick. Her long tongue snaked out and swirled around his rocky shaft before retracting back in her toothy maw. “Heh, you’ll find that victory means you make seldom mistakes.”

He snorted at her glib boasting. “Bah! So full of fire, are you? Well, best not overthink it then.”

With that admission, he left his rival be. Marishiten took his silence as victory and turned her attention back to her lavishments of her second favorite sword. And she’d see it honored, from tip to base, until it would be polished to a shine.

They’d both lost count of how many ‘battles’ they’d had, but the experience was etched deep. Marishiten knew his every weakness, every spot to caress or nip that would draw those muted rumbles from Kagutsuchi.

She started at the tip -that odd, flared spear that had stabbed her - quite a few times in fact. Her tongue came out again, curling down until it hung below her chin. She leaned in until her lips caressed his dick. Marishiten suckled his slit as her tounge freely curled and flicked around him.

Her hands weren’t idle either. She rolled her boobs up and down his shaft, struggling to rub against the hard rocky flesh. Thankfully, the hot spring water was just enough lubricant to keep it from getting too uncomfortable for her.

“Hrgh....” Kagutsuchi groaned. He clawed the rocks as his body endured the assault from Marishiten’s skilled breasts, lips, and tongue. “Hrmmm, I’ve missed this.”


Marishiten’s spit sizzled on his warm cock. She glanced up at him with a defiant grin. “Is that so? Well I suppose it is tradition for us now. And who am I to argue tradition?”

Before the older dragon could retort, she shut herself up by stuffing his cock in her mouth. “HRRRGH?!”

How long had they’d done this - years, decades, centuries? It always came back down to this sole act that Marishiten alone could accomplish. “Ulp Ulp!”

She kissed her breasts before backing up to his tip again. Marishiten repeated this, letting her lips and tits rise and fall together at a brisk pace.

Kagutsuchi growled as he endured his rival’s ministrations. Talons wrapped around the nearby rocks until he left hot gouges behind. Fire licked out of his mouth as he was trapped by her tight, wet mouth.

Marishiten was far from done. Reluctantly, she let her breasts drop away and free the rest of his shaft for her waiting mouth and eager gullet. Her eyes locked on Kagutsuchi as she pushed his cock into her tight, moist throat.


His roars spurred her further down his shaft. Nostrils flared as precious air was cut off, leaving her to rely on her mighty lungs instead. Her throat bulged as she took down the last few inches.

Finally, she reached Kagutsuchi’s lap, leaving a long, smoldering kiss. Having the fire dragon by the crotch with only her mouth was a victory Marishiten relished in each and every time. Being able to do it with her ‘restrained’ form was simply bragging rights.


Up and down, Marishiten fucked her throat on his cock. Her tongue flicked around his shaft, further stimulating the aroused dragon. Keen ears listened for the telltale pitches in his throaty growls for the sign she needed. She stuffed herself back down to his base as the eruption finally arrived.



Hot, potent cum flowed down her stretched throat. Marishiten’s slitted gaze locked on the dragon’s maw as she forced down load after sticky load of spunk. Minutes passed by as her she slurped down her meal. The only ail she suffered was the light-headedness from the hot springs.



She pulled straight off Kagutsuchi, from throat to lips in one fell swoop. An errant load of cum shot across her unwavering face. All she did was scoop it off her cheek and plop her fingers between her puckered lips. “Mmm, Hogo’s finest broth. As rich as ever, Kagutsuchi.”

“Hmph, flattery seldom suits you Marishiten,” Kagutsuchi grumbled.

Marishiten smirked before raising from the water. The fire dragon watched as hot water poured down her dark, scarred, rugged body, almost glistening in the early morning light. The way her large breasts heaved and bounced as she rose to her feet. Kagutsuchi blinked at how tall she now seemed. “Oh, so you’ve shifted you fear me so, dragonling?”

She crossed her arms across her tits, still sneering up at the larger dragon. Her little show had only done enough to add a head or so of height to her - enough room that she could at least straddle Kagutsuchi. “Enough banter - our battle is only beginning.”

“Are you sure you won’t unleash your full form?” The southern wyrm chortled as he shifted off his rocky perch and onto his hind legs.

Marishiten stepped up to a shallow ledge, letting her untamed bush brush against his still-hard cock. Sharp nails dug between his craggy scales as she snorted, “Why bother? At least this way you may stand a chance, oaf.”

“We’ll see about that, little boar,” he chuckled. Restriant kept him from pinning her down and simply fucking her here and now. This was a battle of its own, and his pride wouldn’t permit such a cheap attack.

Marishiten’s pussy tapped his cock, hissing as his flared tip already breached her folds. She gripped his scales and pushed herself forward - effectively impaling herself on a cock longer than her arm and thicker than her head. “S-Shit!”

Kagutsuchi bit back his own oaths and settled for a seemingly casual chuckle. “What’s the matter, little boar?”

She openly snarled at him, but kept pushing. It really had been too long since she had rutted with something other than her pact-partner, and that was at the smallest size she could muster, lest she accidentally kill the Boar Clan’s ruler. But no matter what skills or tricks he could pull, they were simply no match for the raw power and girth that her rival brought to her.

Their size differences were mitigated as the two dragons fucked. Marishiten’s feet dug into the rock as her undulating hips rolled his cock in and out of her tight snatch. He never understood why she insisted on this, but he’d humor her well enough. After all, it was a simple question- who would topple back first.

Kagutsuchi’s hips shook back and forth to match her wild bucking hips. Her tight pussy was making it harder and harder to not simply unload his next potent load deep in her but to buckle so quickly would be worse than mere defeat.

“C-Come now you old oaf - is that truly your best?” Marishiten spat out. Drool curled down her lips as she fought to smash against him, hoping to gain precious ground in their locked battle of loins.


Loud slaps echoed through the hot springs, mixed with roars, growls, and crashing waters. Time swirled past them as the sun arched higher and higher in the sky.

Marishiten’s body was covered in sweat now. Her untamed hair swung wildly, clinging to her sticky body. A noticeable smear of sin had clung from her hairy pussy all the way up her sharply cut abs. But she was no closer to overtaking him.


Enraged, She kicked off the ground and planted her feet against her rival’s thighs. Marishiten was left hanging from his neck as she slammed her hips down. Her greatest folly.

Kagutsuchi fell forward.


Maristen’s back smashed into the rocks, leaving a shallow imprint. Her feet slipped off and landed on either side of her horns. Kagutsuchi’s hands slammed down beside her head, briefly blinding her. With the advantage, the great fire dragon plowed her pussy like a dragon possessed.

“Fuck Fuck Fuuuuck!”

Marishiten cursed up a storm, knowing that she’d messed up. Hours of sex had left her complacent against the crafty old dragon, and he’d obviously capitalized on it. She grit her teeth as she endured the far more unforgiving rattles as her rival rattled her to her teeth and sent her tail spasming beside her. She’d lost.

But she was far from beaten.

Kagutsuchi pressed down, feeling her tits poking against his bosom scales. Her bare ankles tapped against his torso as he kept her pinned down with his body and cock. The ‘mating’ press, as mortals so crudely labeled it, was proving quite effective against the human-guised dragon. “Haaaah, a fine victory indeed,” he chuckled.

Marishiten scowled at his bravado but kept her words at bay. She resorted to biting her lip to keep herself silent, still struggling against him with every thrust. Her nails dug into the rock for much-needed support and left gouges behind. She felt her stomach bulge as he slammed deep in her crotch, a pain that seared her mind for mere moments at a time.

Still, she stayed focused the best she could muster. A moment of passion had cost her the first battle, but she would not lose the war. No matter what Kagutsuchi did - no matter how long he did it, she would not succumb.

The sun rolled over them and kissed the western peaks. The fire dragon had railed his foe so hard that the indent around her body had sunk into the rock, taking her with it. Kagutsuchi eventually slowed long enough to look down with faux-concern. “Ho, Marishiten? Have you succumbed already?”

He met her rattled but gleaming slitted eyes.

Her moment - the moment she’d needed. Marishiten forced her back up and sent the dragon atop her back with her breasts. Her feet swiftly flew up through the gap between them and keep his stomach away from her.  ‘Gotcha now, oaf!’

She pushed him up, taking herself along for the ride. Kagutsuchi lumbered back, wings unfurling for balance. Ripples of displaced air shot across the hot spring’s surface, followed by the crashing waves as the dragon struggled to keep afoot. Marishiten’s grip on his chest tightened as she tried to push him back. “K-Kneel, you bastard!”

Kagutsuchi snarled as he fought her on all fronts. Her palms forcing him back step by step. Her legs kicking against his lighter scales near his crotch. The vice-like grip of her greedy pussy on his twitching cock. Smoke poured from his snout as he grunted out, “N-Not before you!”


Marishiten’s eyes widened as Kagutsuchi’s talons wrapped around her throat. His other hand reached down to seized her stomach, easily grabbing both of her hips. He used his new handles to force her up and down his shaft, like a mere sleeve.

Hardly a concern for her.

Marishiten’s sneer stayed locked on her face, even as she was forced to bite her lip. Copper ichor dripped down her chin as she glared up at Kagutsuchi with a gaze that screamed death. Whether death if he dared to keep going, or was foolish enough to stop, was anyone’s guess.

Her legs buckled in as he slammed her down his shaft, sparing her total impalement by mere fractions. The two locked gazes, fire matching sheer darkness, as they felt their bodies slowly winding down. His hind legs were already screaming and threatened to betray him, an act that would end with him on his back in utter repose to her. To Marishiten.

Kagutsuchi blew smoke in her face, an act of both petty defiance and a thinly-veiled warning. He didn’t even notice her trap coming into play as she spat straight in his open mouth. “C-Choke on it~!”

Marishiten’s thighs locked around him, barely reaching up his sides. What she lacked in grip, she supplanted in pure, raw power. Against his weaker scales, Kagutsuchi actually felt his hardy body crumpling to her inhuman legs. She used her newfound grip to force herself along his shaft until her labia smacked his loins.



White-hot passion filling her to the brim and beyond.

Marishiten collapsed against Kagutsuchi as the great dragon sunk into the hot spring. The waters licked around his stomach and up to her bare ass. The excess of their draconic desire dripped into the water.

The great dragon of the south lay back, head nearly submerged as his vision filled in light. The first time had merely been luck in her favor as he fell victim to her throat, but this time - this time had been a true battle.

Kagutsuchi raised his head from the water, letting it seep between his scales and horns of his natural helmet. A single talon reached up and shifted Marishiten’s long hair aside to see her face. Her disturbingly serene face. The kind of visage that would make her seek to rend his head from his shoulders.

He’d weathered it before, and could do it again.

She didn’t stir, not for some time. He wasn’t in any hurry either, content to simply reach for the still-intact pot and snack on the remaining Hogo fried chicken. A particularly delectable looking chicken breast was his latest target. He cradled the fried morsel in his clutches and brought it up...

...Only for her wrist to catch his talon.

Kagutsuchi watched as Marishiten wrested the breast from his grasp and bringing it to her watering maw. She scarfed it down with mighty bites before pondering, Ulp ! Hmph, are we both winded from this?”

The fire dragon shrugged. “Absence breeds stagnance, dragonling. I daresay we’d both struggle in battle against the other as well,” he intoned

She finished picking the bones out of her teeth. “Perhaps. Though that wouldn’t stop me from carving into your neck, oaf.”

“And you’ll receive a dose of my blood in kind, boar - we’ll see how well your skin holds against it this time.” he barked with laughter.

Kagutsuchi attempted to rise, only to find he was still being held down. Marishiten had risen on her palms, still impaled and straddling atop his fiery obelisk. He gazed at her defiant grin, watching it widen to a full-blown smile. “Where do you think you’re going? We have a lot of catching up to do, oaf~”

Thunderous howls and roars echoed through the canyon for the rest of the day and long into the night.

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"He-hee! Prank success!"

Lowen raised his staff in triumph as the mighty Hypnos dissolved before them. The trio behind him cheer as well.

"Woohoo!" Sarisse and Emma pumped their fists up.

"We sure aced that one!" the Sylvan boasted.

"Time for a victory cheer!" Emma beamed.

Rena stepped forward and embraced the three with a big smile. "Indeed. We earned this victory together! Especially thanks to our cute little trickster here."

Lowen averted his eyes, trying to hide his blushing cheeks. "T-Thanks Rena."


" So...what'd we get?"

"It's...that's it?!"

The group were back in Alberia, holed up at a nice little cabin in the forest that had survived the empire's attack. The large bundle of loot was open on the kitchen table, revealing the true prize of their hellish feat.

"Five of them...just five of them?" Sarisse held up the shining emblems with shock in her eyes. Five, out of the thousands that they'd pulled from the Void since the battle against Hypnos had begun.

"So how will we divide up the last one?"

Rena clicked her tongue before turning to the young man of their victorious party. "Let us determine that, Lowen. Why don't you go take a break? You've earned it now, little hero~"

Lowen wanted to protest, but one look at the sweet smile of the eldest blacksmith pacified him. It probably helped that her usual apron didn't seem to do a thing to hold down her rather perky chest. "O-Okay!"

He scrambled out of the kitchen and back to the main room of the cabin. Emma waited for the door to swing shut before a wry grin broke her lips. "...Weeeeell?"

Rena turned back to the other two women with a thin smile and a perched brow. "Well?"

Sarisse joined the two with her own beaming smirk. "Well, we did win, didn't we?"

The blacksmith nodded. "Indeed. And a promise is a promise, is it not?"

As one they giggled. Their secret, mutual agreement came back upon them as the weight of what they'd done finally settled in. Not only had they defeated Hypnos again, but they'd done it against the dragon-turned-fiend's most powerful, unfettered form. The reward they'd earned was admittingly disappointing, but it wouldn't begin to compare to the reward they would be offering to their brave, courageous healer.

Emma stopped laughing first as she tossed her trusty spear aside. "Garuda's gonna kill us."

"Not if Louise gets to us first," Sarisse chuckled as she cast away her bow. Rena's mighty katana joined the other weapons, discarded and forgotten as the trio locked eyes one final time.


"...Worth it."


Lowen collapsed onto the couch with a deep, grateful sigh."Aaaah. That feels so good."

"Heeeeey Lowen?"

Lowen sat up with a smile, offering the cheerful knight some room on the couch. "Oh hey Emma! Did we work out who's getting the extra emblem?"

Emma didn't sit next to him and favored leaning over the back of the couch. "Nope! We have a better reward in mind though~"


Emma nodded. Sarisse mirrored Emma's movements as she leaned over the other side of the couch on his opposite shoulder. "It's one just for you actually."

Lowen cocked his head to the side. "Is it a new staff?"

A sudden weight on his head made him glance up before swiftly looking down. Rena adjusted her bosom atop his head as she leaned over him with a coy, predatory smirk. Her now-bare hands gilded around his head and wrapped around his neck in a loose yet firm hug. "Well it does involve one - yours~"

He looked around at the trio of women. From smirking Sarisse over to eager Emma and back up at the rapacious Rena. his now-dry throat struggled as he felt the three close around him. Someone laid a hand on his thigh. Another on his opposing arm.


Rena smiled at the bucking young man on her bare lap. His disheveled hair swiped across her naked tits, tickling her. Her shockingly supple hands gently massaged his thighs while keeping them open for the sylvan between their legs. "Isn't this nice, Lowen? Much better than some musty old emblems."

Sarisse bobbed her head, slurping his shockingly potent cock down. She'd been expecting a little carrot that she could plop in her mouth, not the fine slab of meat prodding the base of her throat. His throbbing crown pushed into her gullet as she leaned in to smooch his groin.

Mwah-Glrk. Mwah-Glrk. Mwah-Glrk.

Lowen winced as he tried to endure Charisse's tight mouth and tighter throat. Feeling her tongue lazily slap and slither across his shaft made him bunch up his little fists. His head felt the pressure of being squeezed between Rena's breasts. In desperation, he tried looking straight ahead. But not even that would offer him respite as he watched the naked, peppy knight writhing in front of them.

Stripped to nothing but her trusty hoodie, Emma wasn't cheering but was still showing her stuff as she performed a rousing, arousing dance to keep the other three pepped up. With her spear firmly planted in floorboards, it left her a nice pole to show her impressive dexterity. She kept her eyes and coy smile on him as she rubbed her trimmed pubes against her spear's shaft.

Pubes - something he didn't even know about until now. Between Emma's nicely trimmed crotch and Sarisse's untamed bush he saw the spectrum of how ladies could sculpt their loin hair. Rena offered the other alternative, pushing her little toy back against her lap and into her smooth, bare groin.

The eldest smith sister leaned down and cooed in his ear, "You know, this is only the start Lowen. We're gonna have a lot of fun tonight - all of us. But who should go first?"

Rena nipped his ear before playfully dragging her tongue down to his neck. Her nips left shallow hickies behind before she glanced to Emma's impressive performance. "Look at her go - I'll bet she'll be a wild one, huh?"

Lowen tried to look away, but the sister's smooth but firm hand pushed his chin up and kept him focused. The knight kept on, eyes shut as she moved to a rhythm only she could hear. He was captivated by her dance - the way she writhed and grinded against the pole with evocative gyrations.

Emma suddenly gripped the pole and launched herself up. Her actions kept her spinning around the spear shaft, hanging by only her legs. Lowen gaped at the display, especially at the perky knight's swaying breasts and prominently displayed pussy. She finally opened her eyes and gazed at the flustered young healer.

Emma winked.

Rena giggled at her comrade's antics before tipping Lowen's chin down to Sarisse as she dutifully bobbed her head. "Buuuut, maybe you want to ride that horny bunny first?"

Sarisse perked up and doubled her pace. Supple, kissable lips glided up and down Lowen's cock. Her nimble fingers reached down and fondled his swollen balls. Her ears twitched as she paid keen attention to what acts would elicit the best reaction.


The sylvan smiled around his shaft before drawing back. A wet pop was followed by Sarisse peppering his crown with quick rabbit kisses. Her fist took over with pumping his shaft as she gleefully licked and smooched his throbbing desire. She pulled away long enough to pant out, "We wouldn't have made it without you, Lowen. You've earned this~"

Sarisse returned to her ministrations. Rena pulled his face up until they were locking gazes. Her pursed lips curled into a hungry smile as she licked them. "Or would you like some personal time with little old me?"

The smith sister pulled him up and fiercely captured his lips. Her arms locked around his chest and kept him pinned against her breasts. Lowen's little arms struggled against her lithe build. He felt the sylvan's tongue slip away as Rena's knee propped him up.


The older, more experienced woman's tongue made short work diving into his virgin throat. She stole his first kiss like a jovial bandit. He was her own personal teddy bear, and she lavished him with all the love and adoration that he clearly deserved.

Rena dropped him back into her lap and let Sarisse take over again. Emma dropped off her pole and bounced over to the trio with her usual smile. The sister finally let his chin go as she cheerfully asked, "So who will it be Lowen - Emma, Sarisse or...oh?"


Rena was cut off as Lowen unloaded on the surprised sylvan's head. Sarisse struggled to cover his erupting cock with her lips, leaving a pair of cum streaks across her cute little face. Her throat bulged as she swallowed load after sticky load.

Rena chuckled at the display. "Well I guess that answers that, huh."

She let him finish in Sarisse before gently pushing herself off him. Rena pulled off the couch and gave the sylvan plenty of room to join Lowen. "Alright you two - have fun~"

Sarisse eagerly took the lead and guided the smaller, stunned young man. The sylvan straddled him, facing away as she grabbed and guided his cock against her wet slit. "Here, let's start with this, okay?"

Lowen grunted, which she took as an affirmative. Her lithe hips slowly rolled and painted her desire across his wet crown. Sarisse reached down and grabbed his hands. "Here, hold my hips," she instructed.

The healer gripped her hips like she asked. Sarisse showed her approval by slowly pushing down. "Mmm, Lowen~"

The two gasped at the sudden tightness as they joined as one. Her ears twitched as every young gasp and wheeze sent shivers up her spine. Her ass landed on his lap as he sheathed himself fully in her burrow.

Lowen peeked over her shoulder, hoping to ask Sarisse what they should do next. But the sight of their audience made him pause. "Uh, why are you girls…"

Sarisse looked forward and clicked her teeth. Rena was sitting in a chair with her legs crossed and hands on her knee, while Emma was watching them intently. The older woman waves her hand before insisting, "Oh don't worry- Emma and I will cheer you on."

"That's right! Go Go Go, Rah Rah Rah! Now catch this rabbit by its tail!"


Sarisse mustered up her words. "Y-You, That was...Emma, don't do that again."

With that, she started bouncing atop Lowen's lap. Her pace sped up until skin slaps reached their ears. He held her hips in place as she took the lead. His grip shifted a few times, allowing him to feel her smoothed-over abs. "S-Sarisse, it feels so-"

"Warm?" she giggled. Sarisse pushed undulated her hips, pushing her nice butt into his lap. She reached down and massaged his knees for support. "Me too Lowen. Yo-ooh-u feel so good in me!"

The other ladies watched the two with keen interest and barely restrained desire. "Wow, he's really doing well for a first-time," Emma mused.

Rena nodded. "Yes...So it seems."

The smith sister frowned. Her keen eyes were focused on the duo, moreso on Lowen. He was taking all this shockingly well - Not like he was holding back, but simply like he wasn't as overwhelmed as something like sex should be. Ultimately, she let her doubts stay quiet and simply watched.

The sylvan's hips were going at a rapid pace now, stretching and breaking strands of sin between them. Her nubile body was covered with sweat and shined in the dim torchlight. Lowen's cock brushed against a particularly sensitive part of her walls and shot her into an orgasmic frenzy. Sarisse arched back and shrieked, "Ooh Lowen - that's it! R-Right there!"

Lowen gasped as Sarisse slammed down and pushed him into the couch. Her tight pussy tried to milk him of his sticky seed, and it took all his willpower to resist. His nose filled with the sweet scent of the sylvan's silky smooth hair. The fragrance soothed him, and kept him from succumbing to her lustful walls.

He didn't know how much time had passed before she relaxed and let him move again. Lowen tried to shift his hips to bump her off, but found that she wasn't willing to let him go yet. Sarisse turned to face him, showing her crooked ears, disheveled hair...and eyes practically glowing with hearts.

"I want more - gimme more!"

"...I will never look at Sylvans the same again."

Rena nodded in shock. Neither knew how long Sarisse had been riding the young healer. The sun had long since set on them. A light shower had started outside- and stopped, in the time they'd been rutting. The only thing that could mark the passage of time was how often they switched positions.

Sarisse was very creative with their little couch.

Every cushion, every pillow - both sides and even over the back had been used to sate the horny bunny's cravings. The pose she'd finally settled on seemed rather tame in comparison - flat on her stomach as Lowen fucked her gushing twat.


Lowen came again. He didn't know how many times this was now. The fourth, the fifth - even that had been lost at this point. All he knew was that his world went white as he filled the sylvan's warren with human seed.

Sarisse finally collapsed, gasping and wheezing for much-needed breath. "S-Sorry, too tired. C-can't keep going…" she whimpered. He pulled out, letting his limp cock smack against her butt.

"M-Me too," he panted, just loud enough for the other two to hear them. It would be understandable that he'd be exhausted after this and would need a rest. but luckily for them, the big sister had a little trick up her sleeve.

Rena and Emma approached the miraculously still-intact couch and gently separated the two - Rena taking Lowen, and Emma taking Sarisse. The perky knight scooped up a dollop of cum leaking out of the sylvan's snatch and had a little taste before she took the tired girl away.

Lowen struggled to speak. "R-Rena, I don't think I can...w-wha?"

He trailed off as he saw her pursed lips and cheeks - her bulging cheeks.

She kissed him again, letting the sweet elixir in her mouth pour into his. He felt the splashes on his tongue as it slid towards his throat. It tasted like…'Honey?'

Rena leaned up and let the rest of her honey tea pass Lowen's lips. Small droplets of golden ambrosia dripped down their chins as her tongue finally invaded his mouth.


She pulled back, letting strands of spit break between them. Her lidded eyes bore into him, exposing the same burning lust that Sarisse had shown. "Goodness, you certainly did a fine job. Now how about you show big sister a good time too~"

"That's perfect Lowen - nice and slow."

Rena gently rubbed his back, encouraging him further. The eldest smith sister was flat on her back beneath him, gently guiding him against her taller, supple body. A long, shapely leg was hiked around his thighs as he kept an even pace. She reached back down and offered him one of her full, plump tits. "Here, have a treat."

He happily accepted and latched onto her pebbly nipple. She lit his hips slow down and took over their rhythm to let him enjoy his treat. Her back arched up to force more of her teat between his lips. "Oooh, that's it - just like that."

Lowen didn't hear her, too focused on the discovering, or rediscovering, the joy of suckling. It seemed so long ago, and yet the impulses came back as he attempted to foster milk from Rena's breasts. Sadly, he overlooked two crucial things - firstly that Rena wasn't bearing or bore child, and hence had no milk to offer. Second was a factor that hadn't existed when he was a mewling babe.

His teeth.

"Ah! C-careful - not too hard, Lowen," Rena urged him. Her hand flew up from his back and into his hair as a sharp sting of pain shot from her bosom. "I-It's very sensitive there - remember that."

Ashamed, he struggled to restrain himself. His teeth was replaced by his tongue as he gently lapped around her areola. "That's it - just be patient, sweetie~"

Plap plap plap plap

Rena tilted her head back and mewled in delight. Her hips kept crashing down on the young healer lying beneath her. Lowen was utterly transfixed by the sight of her full, heavenly breasts bouncing with every thrust. Occasionally they clapped together by mistake, forcing a yelp from her throat.

The big sister leaned back and gripped his knees again. Her piston-thrusts morphed into sensuous rolls as she undulated her hips atop his rock-hard cock. She wasn't really looking at a marathon, not like Sarisse had been. She just wanted the heat - the passion of sex and the fullness of body and spirit. As long as she had that, it didn't matter how long they went to her.

Or how brief.

"R-Rena, I'm-"

"I-I know Lowen - Cum inside me. Let me feel it~" she begged.

He complied. Rope after sticky rope of young seed filled her hot womb. Rena cooed as the young healer's fertile cum sloshed in her oven. Her eyes rolled back as the last of her strength finally left her.


Rena crashed forward, smacking his chin with her boobs. Her collapse forced his cock out of her twat and left the final spurt to paint her bare ass. She didn't even flinch or groan at this final blow.

She wasn't in any state, or mood to move. It had simply been too long since she'd felt this way. Couple that with the exhaustion from the battle with Hypnos, and she was already down for the count.

Ooooh, that' was too good. Thanks, Lowen," she whispered. A tired peck on his cheek was followed by her light snoozing.

Lowen didn't struggle, didn't even try to prod her away. He was still too stunned by everything that had happened. Victory against Hypnos in its rawest, most powerful form, an admittingly disappointing reward, and then...pleasure. Pleasure that he'd scarcely imagined from the likes of Sylvan and humans alike. The carnal cravings of these women left him breathless and devoid of thought.

Shocking, though not actually anything new to him.


Rena hit the floor, still passed out. Her absence let him finally suck in breath and filled his burdened lungs. He was content to simply look up at the rafters and pray for the sweet release of slumber...

Until he felt something latch around his softening dick.

"Heeeeey, Lowen?"

'Oh no.'

He turned his head to the side to confirm his fears. Emma - leaning over the sleeping Rena as she pumped him back to life. The sight of his messy, sloppy cock made her lick her lips before she turned and grinned at him. "I've been cheering you all on, but now I think it's my turn.~"

"Come on Lowen - take those hips and go go go!"

Emma was showing off the extent of her lithe body as she kept her toned legs high in the air with her own arms. Lowen had to do all the work this time, pumping his tired little hips into her incredibly tight pussy. Her hoodie's ears flopped with every thrust in lieu of her petite but perky tits.

He reached for her sides and doubled his pace, He tried to avoid her swaying legs threatening to smack his chest, and mostly succeeded. But one time he faltered, and the way Emma slid down his dick caused a delightful spark to shoot up the perky knight's spine. "Ooh, that's the spot - keep thrusting like that!" she insisted.

Lowen tried to protest, but there wasn't really anything he could do against Emma. so ultimately he relented. Rhythmic thrusts morphed into hip rolls, causing her hips to smack against his chest every time he hilted inside her.

If Emma was aware of his grief, she sure didn't show it. Not with how she gleefully bucked her hips back against him and happily proclaimed, "Let's keep going Lowen!

'Why me?'


Lowen gasped before doing as she told. Emma shook her hips and pushed him out. Her approving smile somehow made it mostly worth it. "Great work, kid! But now I think it's time you showed your stuff in my other hole."

"I..I uh...wait, w-what?"

Emma rolled on the couch until her knees were beneath her. The perky knight raised her perky rear in the air and shook it before the confused young healer. "Fuck my butt until I bite a hole in this couch~"


She pouted and shook her ass even faster. "What's the matter? Come onnnn - fuck my butt already! It's a risky time for me, so it's only fair I give you some hole to finish in, right?!"

Emma stopped shaking her hips long enough to smack her taut rear. She repeated the act on her other cheek before spreading them and exposing her puckered star. "So come onnnnn - I want to feel all warm and fuzzy like Sarisse and Re-eeeeeeehya?!"

Lowen struggled to thrust forward in her tight asshole. The extra lubrication from her pussy was helping, but getting the rest of his dick in her rump was going to be a bit of a challenge. Especially with how tired he was getting.

Emma was ignorant to his plight as she happily bucked her hips back. Nails dug into the cracked leather couch arm as she slowly passed the threshold of pain and pleasure. Without the cock in her snatch, the perky knight was free to reveal something - she was a squirter.

"Ohhhh! So close! So close sooooo clooo-ulmf!"

True to her word, Emma bit down on the couch as a mind-numbing orgasm rattled her lithe body. Knees burrowed into the couch cushions as she slammed her hips against Lowen's cock. Her quim seeped into the cracks between the cushions

"-Umm enhyde ee, Hoann! P-Phill eye ah-hHHHHHH!"


Lowen slammed into her ass and erupted in her butt, painting her tight sphincter with his seed. The hot, sticky filling feeling was lost on her as her eyes rolled back in orgasmic bliss.


Emma bit out the couch chunk before sliding forward and off the couch. Her head hit the floor with a muted 'thunk' thanks to her hoodie cushioning the blow. The perky knight was down for the count.

"I-Is that it? Am I done?"

"Oh, Lowennnn~"

"Oh no."

Phew...T-That was crazy."

Lowen slumped down on the couch, accidentally smacking his head on Rena's naked ass. The eldest smith sister twitched in her sleep, but remained passed out hanging over the couch's arm. On the other side of the couch was Emma - prone and on her stomach . Sarisse was sprawled over the back of the couch, pussy dripping cum on the worn cushions.

The young healer sighed with relief. His nose crinkled at the musky smell of sex, but he was too tired to move. "I'm glad that's over."

"Oh Lowen...who said you were done?"

The young man winced before glancing up in dread. He saw the two dragons glancing down at him with predatory grins, already stripped down and showing their gushing pussies. The one on the right raised a fiery hand.


Lowen grunted as his body ignited with vitality, right down to his renewed arousal.

Cerberus licked her lips and hovered near him like a bitch in heat. Phoenix was far more composed as she raised a tantalizing talon and cooed, "Why don't you come here and stoke our flames~"

Louise gasped as she was blown back, missing her shot. "G-Garuda, what was that?!"

Her dragon partner clicked her teeth in annoyance. "Forgive me Louise - I just felt this...urge."

"I've felt it too - for some time now. Do you think something happened to Lo-"

"Hey ladies! Mind giving me a help with gramps over here?!"

Ranzal's urging snapped the two out of their private conversation and back to the battle. The possessed dragon was thrashing as their commander struggled to hang on.


"Hang on Grampa! I'm gonna save the day!"

"Stay back, kid! Wait until I'm o-FFFFFFFFFUUUUU!-"

Maribelle's powerful attack sent both the possessed Poseidon and Ranzal flying. Garuda watched this before turning back to Louise "We will address it at another time."

Louise nodded before knocking another arrow. "Be careful, Lowen…" she muttered as they rejoined the fray.

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Lady Starfall crossed the halls, laden with a task and a goal.

Malora could hardly contain herself as she carried the tray of hot soup to the Prince’s room. His condition wasn’t anything serious, he just couldn’t use his hands for some time was all. So when poor Cleo needed someone to offer the bedridden boy some sustenance, the saint of seduction was there to save the day. ‘He should be waking up about now - perfect timing for me to get a little revenge.’ she smirked.

She wouldn’t do anything too malicious to him, not after all he and the Halidom had done for her. Just some playful flirting and maybe a flash or two to fluster him up before she’d leave him wanting. A touch petty, but she was in a rather mindful mood after all that business with the necklace.

The saint of seduction arrived to his threshold with a spring in her step and a bounce in her bust. She didn’t even tarry long enough to announce herself and simply slipped right in with a wide grin and closed eyes. “Oh Eudeeeen~ I brought you. Your...yooour…”

Soup spilled over the carpet as the tray crashed to the ground. Malora’s eyes were locked ahead, mouth open in a blatant gape. She expected Euden to be in bed with his hands wrapped up, true.

She didn’t expect to walk in on him with Queen Nefaria’s head bobbed between his legs.

“Start talking”

Malora sat across from the bed. She crossed her arms and legs, not even intending to flash her panties this time. The long hat and coat was tossed aside across the armrest besides her. Her usually playful visage was done in a decor of dour ire as she glared at the revived queen standing between her and the prince. Euden squirmed behind her, thankful that his sleeping trousers were restored at least.

Nefaria returned the huntress glare with one of her own - the same glare that had the power to consign a man’s death from her high throne. Her Saintly gown was mostly intact save for her golden heels. She planted her hands on her shapely hips. “Presumptuous of you to order a queen, wench,” she tsked.

Malora scowled at the queen’s harsh words, but held her tongue. ‘Mother always said don’t force out the truth - let them sing it themselves.’ she recalled. Instead she let her fingers drum against her crossed arms, tapping dark digits against the pure white and gold outfit.

Sure enough, Nefaria herself eventually came clean as she turned back to the nervous prince with a comforting smile. “But if you must know - the prince and I are reveling in the spirit of Dragonyule.”

Malora shook her head. “I know my traditions and I know my excuses, hun - nowhere in Dragonyule’s lore does it say to go down under the mistletoe.”

‘Not yet anyway - I may need to start it though.’ she shook away the distraction and resumed her expectant stare.

Nefaria scoffed before turning to eye her prince with kind eyes. “Perhaps not. Still, it is indeed something of import to us, and a ritual we share regardless.”

“Oh? And prey tell what is that, Queen Nefaria?”

“I choose to celebrate the first eve after my bequeathment with the man whom I entrusted my greatest treasure,” she proudly declared as her hands squeezed Euden’s. “My purity~”

Malora blinked in shock. She hadn’t expected such a candid admission. Nor did she expect the conflict stirring in her now. She may talk about leading taken men astray, but this was something a bit more tricky than that. ‘Why is everything around this stubborn boy so...exciting?’

This wasn’t the end - far from it in fact. If anything it was an opportunity, and all she had to do was play her cards right. ‘I’m not as good as that cardshark, but I know how to play my hand. Both of them, in fact.’ she grinned.

Malora leaned forward, letting her breasts pour over her arms as she spoke. “Oh? I didn’t take you for the type. All that power and with such a voluptuous body, I would figure you to enjoy many warm evenings with your retainers. Or perhaps guards or pea-“

“F-Fie you harpy! Whatever you seek, take it and be off with you,” Nefaria snapped with rosy cheeks.

Malora rose to her feet and stretched back, making sure her strained top was in both their gazes. “Funny you should say that - what I seek is right there in bed behind you, Queen Nefaria.”

Nefaria glanced to the adjacent side before realizing what Malora’s intent was. The huntress resisted the urge to outright giggle at the old queen’s lapse of logic. ‘Oh that is just too precious.’ Malora’s grin only riled Nefaria further as she angrils spat out, “Asinine! You have the gall to order me out of these chambers?”

‘Channeling a little Xander there, queenie,’ Malora quietly chortled before shaking her head in faux-shock. “Why I’d never be so bold! Besides, who said you had to go anywhere, Nefy?”

Nefaria sneered as Malora loomed over her. Before she could blink, the saint of seduction was leaning over and rubbing a coy finger across the queen of smiles’ cheek. Malora resisted the urge to shiver at the cold touch as she leaned in and whispered in Nefaria’s ear. “I don’t mind sharing, you know~”

The queen bristled and tried to muster a stern refusal. “That is...i-i…”

Malora didn’t say anything - do anything. In her mind she already knew the outcome. After all, only one man had managed to completely resist her charms. but if she had a little accomplice...

“I...Oh very well - I will relent to your intrusion, if only this one night,” Nefaria relented.

Euden finally spoke up from his place behind them. “Uh ladies - do I get a choi-”

Malora cut him off with a wink and a smirk. “No you don’t, tiger. I’ve been waiting for a chance like this you know~”

Before she could finally, finally leap on her prey, Nefaria’s stern voice broke the veil of need and lust. “Hold yourself - he is still wounded,” she tersely explained.

Malora pouted, eyes downcast. The lump in the sheets made her perk up and smile anew. “Mmm, perhaps - but this seems to be in good shape.”

Nefaria crossed her arms, clearly not convinced. The seductive saint finally dropped the act long enough to speak plainly and candidly. “Oh relax - I’m just joining what you were doing, nothing more.”

Nefaria clicked her teeth and reluctantly shifted aside. Malora smirked and sat down before the twitching prince. Her fingers wrapped around his trousers and peeled them down. “So, lets see the goods. What’s got the queen”

The seductress’ bravado evaporated in a moment as she got her first long, uncensored look at Prince Euden’s royal sword. Her hand timidly reached forward and tried to wrap around his shaft.


“Oh my.”

Nefaria smirked in vindictive mirth.“Speechless? How quaint.”

Malora clicked her teeth at the queen’s ribbing. ‘Laugh while you can,’ she mused as she leaned into his angry, throbbing tip.the charm came back as her voice ramped up to a husky growl. “Ohhh, so eager - well I guess I should take some responsibility for you, my prince~”

Her other hand came out and grabbed his shaft. Even with both hands, there was still a good length exposed. Just enough for her to lean in and smooch the tip. “ Chu!”

Nefaria settled alongside Euden and wrapped her arms around her dear prince. He flashed an uncertain glance her way, but her gentle nudge and smile dissuaded his unspoken fear. The unnatural chill from her touch didn’t even faze him, not anymore. She gestured down to Malora’s attempts, clearly directing him to sit back and enjoy.

The huntress was ignorant to the poignant moment as she worked up her routine. Her hands squeezed and twisted in clashing motions as she pumped up and down. What her palms didn’t cover, her mouth and lips took over.

Malora’s tongue dipped down to the middle as her hand adjusted to cover his knob. If she went lower, her other palm would drop to nestle his balls. Up and down she shifted, keeping her hands and lips in constant motion. She was through in her work, and showed every inch of confidence that let her proudly strut her stuff.

That’s what she was telling herself.

The huntress wasn’t keen to admit it, but she was stalling. Ordinarly she’d have at least swirled her tongue or popped the top in her mouth by now depending on if she was engaged in business or pleasure. The probing phase would’ve been enough to tell her how much effort she’d need to push out the sticky conclusion. But with Euden...well ‘baggage’ was an understatement.

‘Oh, come on girl - this isn’t your first romp. ’ She attempted to psyche herself up. ‘Sure, he’s the first to ignore my charms, but that hardly matters now!’

‘Besides, what’s he got that those other men didn’t?’

Euden’s shaft throbbed under her ministrations. His glans smacked against her forehead with a meaty ‘thud’. Malora actually winced at the sound and the sensation on her forehead. ‘I’m in danger’

Nefaria finally lost her cool and leaned in to shoo the interloper away. “Fie you harpy - sit aside and watch your queen.”

Malora pulled away with an indignant huff. Nefaria settled between his legs and took hold of him with her more dainty hands. “I wasn’t aware that I was talking to Xa-ah-eh??”

The queen leaned in and simply swallowed - whole.

Malora gaped in utter shock as inch after daunting inch disappeared between Nefaria’s frosty lips. Her throat bulged out as she finally gave his crotch a sloppy kiss. Lidded eyes rolled back as the hot cock pulsed in her icy gullet.

Then she drew up, pulling the entire shaft out of her mouth until only Euden’s crown remained between her cheeks. Her tongue swirled around the tip before she took another plunge down his prick. The whole time her face was a mask of serenity and grace, even in such a lewd light.

Malora was trying to process this. ‘How is she-how can she even DO this?’ . It wasn’t even an act either - she could tell that the queen was scarcely struggling against him or the concerns of breathing. A boon of her rebirth, and a testament to their year of clandestine union.

A year was quite a long time after all.

Nefaria glanced over to Malora before turning back to her dear prince. She shifted up on her knees, giving her all the room she needed to rhythmically pump her throat against his cock. The queen was happy to relinquish her titles of nobility and sainthood as she resumed her true purpose - royal cocksheath.

Malora was getting antsy. The sight of another woman engaged in carnal pleasure was hardly new to her, but never before had it come at the cost of her own pride. ‘I need to get back in...and I know just how to do it.’ she smirked.

Queen and prince were ignorant of their intruder’s machinations. Euden could do nothing in his bedridden state - not even reach down to gently stroke her hair as he oft did for such partakings. She took pity on him and offered a gaze of acceptance and warmth as her lips stretched up and down his shaft.

Her eyes remained locked upon him as she bobbed up and down. Her pace was neither swift nor languid, her poise never faltering. So great was her focus that she never even sensed the coming danger as she drew up to swirl about his glans.

Euden’s hips flew up and shoved his entire dick down her throat.


Nefaria’s eyes bulged as she fought back her gag reflex. Even a nuible mummy like her could still choke, as she’d learned during the long, long era of trial and error that was the prior year. One glance made it clear that Euden was just as stunned as she was of why he was being held up like this.

Sluuurp. Slurp slurp mwah~

The queen’s ears twitched at the lascivious sounds. Her chin shifted and brushed against something - something soft and almost silky. Nefaria glanced down to find the culprit as Malora noisily slurped and suckled on Euden’s royal jewels.

‘H-How obscene!’

Malora pressed her barely-restrained breasts against Euden’s thigh as she lavished his balls in spit. Her forehead bumped against the shaft as she pulled him up and out of Nefaria’s mouth. The queen was too rattled to even protest with her now-free mouth.

Lady Starfall switched to his other nut before offering him the same full mouth treatment. Ripe lips plopped him in her mouth as her tongue swished over him. She finally pulled away, letting her tounge trail down between his sac as she admired her handiwork.

Malora wiped her lips clean before proudly boasting, “My my, leaving the royal jewels in such an unpolished state? It seems you still have some ways to go, Queen Nefaria.”

Nefaria crossed her arms and clicked her teeth, You’ll find our prince is more resilient than that, Lady Starfall,” she spat.

The ancient queen reached over and gasped Euden’s cock. Her dainty, cool hand deftly stroked his throbbing, foreboding obelisk as she proudly declared. “I alone am able to sate him in such a way. Can you boast the same feat?”

Malora huffed. It was bad enough her skills were being questioned - the worst part was that Nefaria was right. The huntress reluctantly shook her head and shrugged. “Hmph, maybe not. Buuuut I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve, queenie…”

Malora reared up as Nefaria shifted to the side. The ancient queen splayed over her young consort, running her idle nails across his bare thigh as she watched with veiled curiosity. Malora flicked the queen’s pumping palm aside as she readied her secret weapon. Or weapons.




Euden’s cock throbbed and pulsed in Malora’s breasts. Her tube top kept it nice and tight between her hot bosom. The mynx leaned in with a knowing smirk. “There we go. Niiiice and warm - just like a toasty fire.”

Nefaria glanced down at her own chest. It was a...deficiency that had honestly never bothered her before. Her body and unique tolerance had kept her prince sated and satisfied for the whole of the year. Seeing a usurper in her kingdom so deftly overtake her was a sobering experience.

Malora was ignorant of such a brooding storm as she busied herself preparing for the fun to come. Her top would suffice in keeping her tits nice and snug, but there was a little concern of the inevitable friction that would arise.

Ptoo! Ptoo!

Spit filled the valley of her breasts and seeped down his shaft. A few streams dripped down her full tits and stained her top. Malora kept her eyes on Euden as she lobbed volleys of saliva against his cock. Once she was satisfied, she cleared over her chin with her tongue before asking with a sultry trill. “Well dear prince? Shall I?”

Malora didn’t wait for a response before she started grinding herself against his crotch. The spit in her bosom acted as a much-needed lubricant to keep Euden gliding smoothly in her tit-trap. She didn’t even have to use her hands thanks to her tight top and could leave them poised behind her head as she worked him over.

The queen beside her bowed her head in silent defeat. She didn’t even need to look up to see Euden’s reactions - the labored gasps and grunts were all she needed to hear. Her cherished treasure was gone - wrested from her.

“...Well are you just going to mope?”

Nefaria perked up. “W-What?”

Malora rolled her eyes and gestured down to the cock in her tits. “I see a spot that isn’t being covered. Mind lending a lady like me a hand...or a tongue?”

Nefaria bristled at Malora’s ribbing, but accepted the invitation regardless. The queen shifted over until she was straddling atop Euden’s chest, facing down at the towering shaft being squeezed by Malora’s tits. “Your choice, queenie - the crown is yours~”

Malora went back to her ministrations, adding in a few hip shakes every few thrusts. Nefaria pondered her options before nodding her head. She grabbed Euden’s hips and stretched herself back until her crotch was near the prince’s face. Her head was now poised in such a way to suckle his glans without smacking into Malora’s head or heaving breasts.

The two fenced in a silent battle- Nefaria’s tongue darting and dodging Malora’s massive tits as the huntress. The queen’s intent was to lather her beloved prince’s cock with her loving spit before their interloper would wipe it away. Occasionally she faltered and accidentally swiped her tongue across Malora’s exposed bosom.

One such time made the huntress gasp as a shiver ran along her spine. “Oh! You’re so cold, Nefy~”

Malora didn’t even need to look down to know Nefaria was glaring daggers at her. She merely smirked before continuing to squeeze and shake her tits around hin

Nefaria returned to her duties and popped her lips over his slit. Her tongue swirled around to coax out some precious precum before she planted herself atop him and suckled like a newborn atop a teat.

Euden groaned behind her as his exhaustion ever loomed. The scent of Nefaria’s desire filled his nostrils from her inact-yet-soaked panties. The prince croaked out, “G-Girls, I’m-!”

Nefaria perked up at his grunts. She pulled off his glans, leaving small strings of spit between her lips and his slit. The queen turned back and offered him her utter fealty. “Release as you will, my prince.”

Malora stopped her hips and pushed her tits as far down his cock as she could muster. She peeked over Nefaria’s head and looked back on the wheezing young ruler. “You heard her Euden - cum all over us~”

The two leaned down, giving the other room to seal their mouths around his pulsing cockhead. Their lips briefly brushed, but neither one bristled or even acknowledged the fleeting contact. It simply didn’t matter to them.a




The two tried to keep their lips atop his crown, but the force of his climax ultimately repulsed them. A hot mask of seed was their fortune the moment they broke away. Nefaria leaned back and accepted it with royal poise. Malora was...too stunned to really react either way. She simply stayed in place after rope after sticky rope lashed across her visage and into her gaping mouth.

Euden slumped over, spent and utterly exhausted. His breathing stilled as he fell into a deep, satisfied slumber. Nefaria glanced back and gently caressed her beloved prince’s thigh. ‘Rest well - you’ve earned it.’ she smiled.

Malora pulled her breasts up and free of his softening shaft. The excess cum on his cock smeared over her tits before she pulled him out of her sweater trap. The ruined top clung against her boobs thanks to the sticky wet spots, but she paid it little heed as she tried to clear her eyes.

“It’s so...thick,” she mused aloud as her hands scooped up clumps of cum. The slurry clung to her digits as she finally tried to pry her eyes open and observe the damage. Her usually-dusky fingers were practically white as snow. She leaned in and licked a drizzling dollop off her thumb. ‘Hot, thick, and it tastes good? My my, someone’ got the jackpot.’

Malora resisted the urge to slurp up the rest. The vexing hunter simply looked down at the sticky slurry in her palms before idly asking, “Hey Nefy - have you ever kissed someone before?”

Nefaria flicked the cum out of her hair as she idly responded, “Save Prince Euden, I have no-oomph?!”

Malora captured the queen’s lips before she could finish. Nefaria’s eyes were wide as saucers as she tried to flinch away. The crafty huntress’ hand wrapped around the queen’s head and kept her pinned in place. Nefaria felt Malora’s cum-coated fingers dig into her hair as she realized what the minx was doing. ‘Fie you harpy!’

Malora’s tongue pushed the prince’s seed out of her cheeks and into Nefaria. The queen’s tongue bristled, but didn’t rise in protest in the slightest. Instead she simply relished the distilled-yet-comforting taste of her beloved prince’s cock elixir.

Euden snoozed beneath them, unaware of the erotic sight taking place on his bed. Nefaria’s fingers dug into Malora’s shoulders as she pushed the more provocative woman further into her mouth. Malora humored the reborn queen for a shy time before finally pulling back with a loud, wet pop .

Nefaria whimpered at the loss. Malora’s tongue lingered long enough to scoop up the drizzles of drool and spunk for her own pleasure. “Mmm, delicious. And you don’t taste so bad yourself, Nefy,” she winked.

The queen snapped out of her haze, but was still at a loss for words. Malora leaned in with that customary teasing smirk intact. “Oh come now - it’s Dragonyule is it not?” she chuckled.

Nefaria was too rattled to answer. Malora noticed a dollop hanging off of Nefaria’s lips and swiped it up with her finger. The sultry lady flicked her digit in her lips. “Mwah~! Isn’t it only fair to share the wealth?”

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“Hisss! Back off!”

Ebisu collapsed, spilling all the Gold Snappers in his basket. The four adventurers let their weapons drop as the relief of victory flowed over them. Euden stood proud in his regal new attire. “We did it. Nice work, everyone!”

“Let us give thanks to Illa,” Hildegarde clasped her hands with a serene smile. The moment was shattered as she turned to her fellow churchwoman and snapped, “Now Elisanne - would you take that ridiculous farce off?!”

“This costume is what turned the tide, Hildegarde,” the paladyn defended her decision to wear her vampire garb. The radiant yet lascivious outfit stuck out compared to the mostly white uniforms of her comrades.

Hildegarde wasn’t convinced in the slightest, and didn’t stay her tongue as she kept lashing out. “It’s a sully - a holy warrior clad in the scraps of fiends? Disgraceful!”

Elisanne withered. “I-It’s cute though!”

“It’s a travesty!”

“Oh come on you stick in the mud - let a girl have some fun.”

Malora finally chimed in as she deftly thumbed her axe. The Radiant Swath shined in the otherworldly realm and illuminated her perversion of Saint Starfall’s regalia. The lascivious huntress turned to their sole man companion with a sultry wink, “Isn’t that right, prince ~?

Euden glanced between the three ladies with a clear blush on his cheeks. He found it impossible to focus between longing Elisanne, displeased Hildegarde, and playful Malora “I um, well you see it’s-”

“Well fought, all of you.”

Their dragons.

From Elissane bore forth the first who spoke - Gilgamesh, the King of Kings. The shining overlord stood proud overhead, arms crossed as he gazed upon them. Somehow, the glow from his splendor seemed gentler today - almost soft. “Once more you have stood triumphant in the face of your foes. History has surely been marked upon this day.”

The four responded to such praise with a polite, though not wholly committed, bow. The great dragon’s words thundered in their ears as their feat was given the praise of legends. ‘We stopped a cat burglar.’ “I-It was a necessary fight, oh mighty Gilgamesh - not one worthy of regalement,” Elisanne insisted to her chosen dragon.

Great Takemikazuchi barked with laughter that rumbled through the otherworld. “Hah! Necessity is no excuse. All that matters is the victory you earned.”

Malora coiled her finger around her hair as she basked in her dragon’s praises. “Ooh, to be complemented by the mighty dragons - It’s too much for Lady Starfall,” she swooned.

The spritely Cupid could hardly contain himself as he flittered between them with boyish glee. He eventually settled behind his chosen bearer as he chipperly declared, “I could feel your passion welling! Especially yooooou, Hildegard.”

Hildegard swallowed, trying to ignore the weight on her shoulders or back. “I am...honoured, with your praise,” she attempted to smile.

The last dragon spoke - none other than the mighty Jeanne d’ Arc herself, as she addressed her bearer with pride. “And lest we forget, it was you who guided us all, O’ Prince Euden. The banner of victory is yours to claim this day. We must revel in that fact!”

Euden offered his dragon a kind smile, though he was clearly unsure of how to answer such a summons. “I’m sure Cleo has the finest feast we can offer you all as thanks back at the Halidom.”

Takemikazuchi clicked his teeth at the thought of such a fine feast. “The bread is more than worthy of sustenance, but we would like some time with you - human to dragon.”

“That goes for alllll of you,” Cupid chimed in as he snuggled against Hildegarde.

Elisanne mulled such an abrupt invitation and missed the look of unease and borderline distress passing over poor Hildegarde’s visage. Instead, she turned to address the eternal knight with weary caution. “Is this some means of trial, Lady Jeanne?”

Jeanne smiled to Elisanne. “Be at ease, good paladyn - this is nothing of ill intent at all. Of that I assure you.”

Malora leaned on her axe handle, pressing the shaft into her tube top as she propped her cheek on the pommel. Hmm, well color this girl curious,” she hummed.

Gilgamesh took control and offered their declaration to the four adventurers. ”You have all shown to stand shoulder to shoulder with us, and we wish to acknowledge such a feat. You should feel honored to be held in renown by the King of Kings.”

The four glanced between each other, silently conversing. Hilde’s lip trembled as she suppressed the urge to blurt out ‘no’ - something about how her dragon was acting had made her uneasy. Malora’s eyebrow perched to Euden’s direction as she deeply mulled on what the dragon’s invitation entailed. Euden himself seemed puzzled and at a loss of what to do. At least until his ever-loyal paladyn and friend declared, “If that’s all, I would be ill-advised to turn down such an invitation.”

Euden nodded, his mind made up. “Well if Elly’s okay with it, I don’t see what’s the harm. How about you two - Malora?”

Malora hefted her axe over her shoulder, making her tits bounce in her tube top as she shrugged. “Sure, I have no objections to spending time with such a, gentle dragon .”

“Hildegarde?” Euden asked the last of his comrades.

Hilde’s face flashed for a moment - a gaze of betrayal and shock that would go unheeded by her comrades. Reluctantly, she nodded along and cosigned her consent to future to come. “I honored to accept Cupid’s invitation.”

The four dragons beamed. “Splendid! Feast tonight, and be prepared for us to visit you shortly after you retire for the evening. We shall be discussing our own ways of honoring you all then,” Jeanne told Euden before she ascended into the air .her tail coiled around her thigh in a lazy circle as she went.

Gilgamesh nodded in approval before boldy addressing the Vampaladyn. “I look forward to speaking without reservation to the Grand Paladyn herself.”

Cupid flew out from behind Hildegarde, sending his feathered wings brushing against the priestess behind him. “Caaaaaan’t wait~” he winked.

“Tonight, we shall strengthen our bond of friendship. I look forward to your vigor, Lady Starfall!” Takemikazuchi declared to Malora.

The dragons departed, leaving their human partners and the portal back to Grastea behind. Malora and Elisanne seemed to squirm for varying reasons, while Hildegarde seemed more than a touch uneased. Euden merely mused aloud, “I wonder what that entails?”

‘This isn’t what I had in miiiiiiiind!’

Elisanne gasped and squirmed in the mighty dragon’s grip. Her bare legs shook as her thighs clapped against his biceps. Bare breasts flopped out of her parted costume as she was accosted from behind in her private quarters. Nails dug into the scaly arms that were clasped against her nape, keeping her peering down against the floor.

“You have shown yourself strong before your king, Paladyn. That pleases me.”

Gilgamesh’s words thundered in her skull, pounding her brain as much as his mighty sword jabbed her twat. “Hah haaaaaah,” she wheezed.

The dragon tightened his grasp and doubled his pace. Gilgamesh was throwing Elisanne down his shaft and relying on the recoil spasms to pull her back up. Every lunge sent the breath out of her lungs and sweat flying from her body in droves.

Gilgamesh continued, utterly nonplussed as he vigorously fucked the paladyn. His tone level and composed - not even plowing a tight pussy would stop the king of kings’ speech. “Before my radiance you stood, free of all shadow.”

Elisanne felt something wrap around her ankles and hold them aloft - his wings. Gilgamesh let go of her nape and ran his taloned hands over her body. One hand brushed against her cheek. The other palm dipped lower to the frantic beating of her heart. His regal, baritone decree rumbled over her bowed head. “Your body houses a great soul; I see I was right to place my expectations on you.”


Her ears twitched at her name. Not her epithets or her titles - not the platitudes she’d earned. Her real, honest name. It sounded so strange to be uttered by the great dragon, and yet he spoke it as if it were as natural as breathing. For the first time since they’d started, she raised her head. “Hah, K-King Gilgamesh~”

Gilgamesh slowed his pace a mere moment. Just long enough to wrap his tail up her thigh and rub the tip against her engorged clit. Her breath hitched as she succumbed to climatic bliss with an utterly silent scream. And yet from the white void that filled her world, the King of Kings’ voice echoed from beyond.

“The churning waves that drives you.”

“The righteous light that burns away the darkness within you.”

“The tempestuous winds of passion that batter, but never break.”

“The mighty storm that calls down from the heavens - I see it all, mortal, and bid you further!”


Elisanne gasped out of her climactic eternity and back to her quarters in the Halidom. From the radiant eternity that had gripped her and back into the hands of the shining overlord himself. Gilgamesh’s words did not reach her as mere speech, but as the very will and testament of creation itself.

“Rise, Elisanne! Do not falter now on the threshold of greatness! I bid you ascend, that you may reach my throne and all its splendor!”

“Do you accept my call, Grand Paladyn?!”

“I DO!”

Words escaped before she even thought - the truth spewed before reason could protest. Her body finally won over the war with her mind as she pledged herself to the almighty dragon. “G-GIVE IT TO ME - ALLLLL OF IT~”

His wings released her thighs, sending her legs dropping below. The sharp jolt blinded her as euphoric stars danced across her eyes. When they cleared, she was suddenly upside down mere hairs above the floor. ‘H-How did I...did he drop m-’ ”?!”

Elisanne’s disheveled ponytail trailed against the stone tiles until his tail ran up her back and pushed her up to face him. Her hands flew up to grab the intricate plates over his chest. Supple legs scrambled to lock around his thin-yet-rippling stomach.

They faced each other. A paladyn’s panting, sloppy sex face vs the composed visage of a mighty dragon king. What her face betrayed, her words rang true. Gilgamesh firmly nodded and roared, “Very well! I anoint my favor unto you!”

Words were replaced by feral grunts. Human and dragon bonded in higher Dragalia as Gilgamesh and Elisanne bucked and thrashed together. The paladyn’s tattered costume clung to her sweaty body as the night passed unheeded. Her anointment could’ve been brief, or a long, private eternity. She didn’t know

She didn’t care.


Elisanne screamed as she slammed down on the dragon’s dick. A torrent of cum blasted into her, stuffing and packing in her fertile core until it splashed back out. Her belly started to bulge out as her womb struggled to carry the many, many sires of the mighty Gilgamesh.

The dragon released her, letting his cock pop out of her messy twat. A slurry of knight and king’s sin pooled down at his feet. He paid it no heed as he stepped over and laid the exhausted Paladyn down with tender restraint. “You have entertained me. Accept my gift with care.”


Elisanne subconsciously raised her hand and stroked her swollen stomach. The mighty Gilgamesh’s claws laid over it as he joined her in the innocuous act.

“Oh goddess. O-Oh goddesssss!”

Hildegarde grasped at her bedsheets for dear life as her ass was split in twain. Her holy vestments were splayed out around her, mostly intact save her discarded cap and torn smallclothes. Stocking-clad knees dug further into the mattress as she desperately rattled and bucked back against the thick dragon cock spreading her buttcheeks. Her labored wheezing and grunts were masked by the fluttering of wings around her.

“Gosh Hilde - you’re soooooo tight. It feels wonderful !”

Cupid’s chipper voice grated in her ears. It was bad enough dealing with the pain of having her butt stuffed, but adding in the dragon’s shrill coos was more than she cared to endure. As if sensing her disdain, the love dragon rammed his thick cock deep in her ass. Spit flew from her open mouth as she grasped the sheets until her nails dug through the lining.

It hurt - a lot.

Pain was the constant that racked her body and rattled her mind. Pain clouded her eyes before her hair came undone and blinded her to her own domicile. Pain shot through her being and set a carnal fire in her untouched womb.

Pain became ecstasy.

“Aaah, G-Goddess, prote-eeeeec”

Hildegarde’s pleas broke down as Cupid sped up his pace. As the thick cock split her tender rump, her fits lessened. Toes curled in her stockings. Her cheek rubbed against the bed as she stopped thinking.

Eyes rolled up until they were mere prinpicks near her forehead. Her tongue lulled out as she started to grind back. From between her usually pursed lips, drool dribbled down and onto her once-immaculate bed.

Cupid took notice and grinned. His grip adjusted from her thighs to her hips as he leaned in and trilled, “Oh, that smiling face of yours... I just love it to BITS!”

The small dragon reached in and pulled at her lips. Drool smeared his fingers as he lightly played with her cheek and tongue. He kept beaming at her drunken, rosy visage. “Oh come on Hilllde - there’s no need to be shy!”

Cupid lifted off the bed and leaned into her ear. “You looove this don’t you? I can tell you know~”

His wings wrapped around her arms and pulled her aloft. Cupid landed on his feet behind and between her still-flat claves. His hands reached up for her covered breasts and painfully erect nipples. “So come on - share your feelings with meee!”

He was goading her - taunting her. If she were lucid she’d know this. If she were still of sound mind she’d admonish him. If she were strong, she’d punish him.

She was none of those.


Hildegarde’s screams thundered through her room. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them, digging both their hands into her bosom. The churning in her ass shook more of her quim down her thighs and onto her bed.

Cupid nodded in approval. His hips slowed down to let her match his pace. “Hah, isn’t that better? Don’t you feel good now?”

She couldn’t answer. He knew she couldn’t. She was too busy being basked in the radiant pleasure that his love had introduced unto her. The righteous, pious fealty in the goddess Illa had transcended to the most pure form of all.

Love of Love itself.

“Hildegarde, I’m so proud of you!” He beamed. His wings released her arms as he tightened his grasp on her hips. Her thighs smacked against his swaying balls as she was pulled and pushed against him like a mere puppet until he reached the point of no return. “Here's a little token in exchange for your love. Go on, take it!

His gift of life filled her. Thick, viscous cum that would’ve sealed her womb shut. Instead it fired straight up her ass and filled her canal. Cupid kept her locked over his lovestick until he felt the last of his present swimming in her rump. He let her drop onto the bed before pulling out of her stuffed, gaping hole. “This gift is full of my love. it's yours!”

Hildegarde didn’t stir at his final words. She merely layed there on her bed, strewn out and convulsing in ecstasy. Cum from her ass seeped down into the puddles of her pussy juice between her thighs. From within her lustful grin and lidded eyes, a storm quelled.

‘Y-you cheeky brat.’

“It is a joy to be bound in friendship with you, Lady Starfall!”

“H-he’s still using that title?!’ Malora gawked from her place beneath the proud Takemikazuchi. Dark, voluptuous skin met with shining golden scales as he pounded down atop her sweaty body. His fists gripped her supple calves for support. Her nails dug deep into the sides of her mattress until she raked against the added metal frame beneath the sheets.

Her poise was a familiar one - on her back, ankles by her ears, and taking a dick fatter than her wrist. Not even the relative physique of her dragon of the evening was forigen to her and her long list of exploits. Her body being constantly assaulted by electric shocks was new though. ‘Can’t say I like it,’ she quietly admitted.

Malora’s lavish parlor rattled under the force of the sumo dragon’s thrusts. Its master writhed atop her bed as she struggled to match his pace. Loud, thunderous claps of skin against skin echoed against the walls. Walls that her fellow denizens of the Halidom had oh so generously reinforced, without a single requested coin.

After all, an actual night’s sleep was reward enough.

Takemikazuchi tightened his grip on her calves, sending more bolts from his talons to her toes. The jolts that danced between her sweaty pores set gooseflesh and trimmed hairs ridgid across her body. “Your strength and valor equal even the wrestlers of Hinomoto!”

His praise would normally make the seductress ooze with glee. Despite the odd subject, it was little different than the scores of men and women she’d left eating out of the palm of her hand before. Some were good enough for a treat, others, not so much. But from a dragon’s lips, it all changed.

Malora was no fool - she knew when she was beaten. The moment that Takemikazuchi had come in and seen her in a state of undress, it was all to clear what was to come. The second her eyes had lain across the sumo legend’s shaft, she was keenly aware that her speculations were reality. And now she was on her back, taking a dragon dick like a few other Halidom women. ‘J-Just because I picked up an axe doesn’t mean I’m anything like those lunatics!’


Malora’ gasped as her bed collapsed to the floor. Her bed - the one she’d paid a pretty rupee and even some Dyrnell to be reinforced until it could hold...well, a dragon . Her pride and joy ruined beneath her back. Truly, nothing could stop the might of a dragon.


Time slipped out of her hands as she was caught between the pleasure of being stretched in two and the constant shocks across her body. It could’ve been minutes, hours, possibly even days. However long it was, she was a puddle of melted chocolate in the ruins of her bed.


The dragon’s balls smacked her ass and sent another tantalizing shock up her spine. Malora bit her lip to mask her impending screams. Her nails dug into the mattress as she counted down the inevitable storm that would send her over the edge. ‘Almost...A-Almost!’


Takemikazuchi abruptly pulled out of her swollen, gaping pussy. His cock glided across her rattled body until the glistening, precum-drizzling tip was poised at her lips. The seductress was too addled to notice as she stuttered, “W-What are yo-Ulmph?!”

Her query’s were cut short as Takemikazuchi shoved his throbbing cock in her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Her eyes darted between the shaft and the dragon in a panic as the patron of sumo proudly declared, “Drink, Lady Starfall! Drink deep of my vigor and pride!”

‘Not like I have a choice you big oo-ooooh goddess!’

The saint of seduction’s snark was cast aside as Takemikazuchi started thrusting in and out of her mouth. His pistoning hips forced her head up and down across his shaft. Her lips were dragged across every bump and groove of the impossibly large, inhuman cock. The added shocks were expected at this point. “Here it is - Drink!”


The dragon slammed down and erupted in her mouth. Her whole body thrashed and bucked as he choked her with dragon seed. To make things worse, the spunk pouring down her throat or swimming in her cheeks was equally electrified.

‘Glrk, Glrk! Glrk! Gl-hrk! Glrk!’

Malora couldn’t say anything - couldn’t do anything but gargle more and more salty dragon jizz. The tight ring of her lips couldn’t stop the torrents of cum seeping out of her mouth. Her eyes rolled back as cum dribbled out of her nostrils.

“Ah prince...That was splendid~”

Jeanne’s happy coos entered Euden’s ear and passed through the other. He was too exhausted and too stunned to really acknowledge the reality of what had transpired. Then again, he need only look beyond his rumpled, king-sized bed at the sheer chaos of his darkened private chambers.

His desk, cracked. His wardrobe askew. His table shattered, his chair a broken mess. There wasn’t a single piece of furniture or trapping that had escaped the ravenous knight’s passion as she led him in a carnal waltz.

Eventually Human and Dragon found themselves in bed. Both stripped to nothing as Jeanne’s tail coiled around his lap. His noble seed drizzled out from between her legs - a testament to how utterly and completely she had worked to drain him dry. Her hair and wings were strewn about the spacious mattress. A bare hand traced lazy circles over his chest. “ I've truly enjoyed my time here so far, my prince.”

Euden swallowed, trying to wetten his dry throat. He turned to the glowing, glamorous dragon at his side. He had no words to offer her, only actions.

Jeanne blinked as he reached out and adjusted her floral headband. She hadn’t even realized it was askew on her head. The simple act made her chuckle with melodious mirth. “Hehe. You have a welcoming and radiant soul. We are all so graced by your guiding light.”

Euden croaked out, “I can only hope to live up to it. I’d give them my all if it means we can see peace.”

She reached across and clasped his hands in hers - her fingers dwarfing his even in her diminished state. She spoke clear and calm, with eyes that glowed through the dark chamber. “And you will have it, one day. But until that dawn passes, I give you my all - my banner for battle, my soul for your cause. My last breath for your life, and my hand at your side.”

His breath hitched, not at her words, but at the presence of her other hand. Jeanne’s smile turned playful as she croned out, “..or below~”

“Can I assist you with something, my prince?” she asked in faux curiosity. Her palm lazily pumped up and down his shaft. New vigor flowed into his limp blade as she coaxed him back to strength.

Euden gasped out, “P-Please!”

“He he! Very well - I shall bear this burden, for you~” she vowed.

Her attention divested down to the burden throbbing in her hand. Languid strokes had managed to restore it to its firm and fit prime. Even her larger palm still couldn’t cover every inch of his shaft. She licked her lips and prepared for the revelry to come.

Euden squirmed in her grasp. Too tired to really protest or reach out. He merely had to endure her coy plays. The way she pumped up and down his shaft, or twisted his cock like a handle. Her thumb reached up and gently flicked against his tip. “J-Jeanne.”

His dragon smiled plainly, even as she continued her lascivious work. She didn’t plan to use her hand forever though - not for him at least. She opened her legs, letting the cum webs break between her thighs.

Jeanne shifted over until she was laying across him. Her hand slipped away from his shaft as she adjusted herself properly. Euden’s whimpers were cut short as she wrapped creamy thighs around his dick.

“Does this please you, your highness?”

Euden’s bucking hips was her answer, and it satisfied her. She was content to slowly undulate her hips and let the renewed prince do the rest of the thrusting. Jeanne d’ Arc instead merely laid back until his hot breath attacked her bare nape. Her hand reached down to caress her bare, toned stomach.

She didn’t know if there was any life left in his loins - perhaps her efforts would be ultimately useless save the mere pleasure of serving her lord. That alone would be enough, even without the life that sloshed in her womb. Perhaps it was mere hope, or maybe it was more.

‘Hehe. Welcome, O future king.’

Knock Knock

“Hey Euden? You up yet?”

Luca’s query was met with a silent, heavy wooden door.

“I don’t think the boss is up yet,” Ranzal shrugged.

Beside them, the much smaller Cleo scoffed in annoyance. “Oh honestly - is he still locked up in his room? What if our guests choose to leave while he’s slumbering?”

He must’ve partied too much and is out cold,” Luca mused.

Cleo grumbled in frustration.“Ugh. I will go fetch something. You two - watch his door, and go rouse Elisanne. It's not like her to tarry so much as well.”

Ranzal sighed. “Yeah yeah, I’ll go get her. Maybe she’ll know what’s going on with Hildegarde or Malora too. Didn’t see any of them at breakfast earlier,” he mused.

“Or lunch,” Luca chimed in.

Chapter Text

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Recently, in the former capital Sol Alberia…

Leonidas came to a halt before the palace gates and crossed his arms. “Hmm”

“Ah.” His younger brother Phares stood before him, as unflappable as ever.

“Well, well! If it isn’t my dearest of all brothers, Leonidas and Phares!” 

The two men turned to see their little sister sashaying forward, fan in hand and her ever-present grin on her lips. “What a coincidence to find both of you here”

“It really is,” Phares nodded. Leonidas did nothing

Chelle flicked her fan shut and eyed her older brothers. Her gaze feigned kindness, but to lesser men it looked more like a cat eyeing its prey. “Since we’re all together again, perhaps we might sit down for a little tete-a-tete? I can’t imagine we’ll have many such opportunities in the future.”

Leonidas grunted. “Very well.”

Chelle blinked, followed by Phares. The younger brother actually smiled as he remarked, “How unexpected. I thought you would reject the idea out of hand.”

The oldest scion finally let go of his arms, though kept his eyes shut. “I have things I would ask of you both...but first - Chelle.”

Chelle perked up at her name. “Hmm?”

Leonidas stepped to her, head tilted down at her shorter gaze. His eyes finally opened as he glared down at his mirthful, yet squirming, sister. “Is this a mere chat...or is this another game?”

Chelle flicked her fan open, keeping her cheeks concealed. “Eee hee hee! Goodness me! Accosting a lady in front of the imperial palace, and your sister no less?”

Phares chortled, while Leonidas remained as nonplussed as ever. Chelle glanced to her second brother before stepping past the two. She felt her brothers gaze on her rolling hips as she looked back and smirked, “Why don’t you come to my chamber and find out~”

“Mmm, you’ve grown well, dear sister.” Phares hummed as he gently stroked his sister’s bobbing head. The trio were in her lavish chambers, stripped bare save crowns and her stockings. The two brothers stood before their sister, on her knees and lavishing their loins with her incestuous silver tongue. 

Chelle preened herself as she busied on sucking her brother’s irregular cock. ‘Wyrmscale has taxed you so Phares - but this is certainly a boon if ever I’ve seen one.’ she mused, bobbing up and down the semi-scaly shaft.

Beside her, the eldest scion simply stood, arms crossed, and let his little sister pump his cock off. If the divine right to rule blessed him with a body of kings, it was equally as merciful in his royal scepter. Chelle struggled to wrap her hand around his cock as she jerked him off.


The princess popped off her brother’s cock, letting spit linger between them. She offered him a parting kiss before turning to dour Leonidas. Her smile fell to a frown as she lamented, “Grumpiness does not become you, Brother. Do you have a tummy ache, perhaps?

“Hmph - don’t you have something to be doing?” Leonidas growled.

Chelle merely rolled her eyes before plopping him in her mouth. Her brother's musky dick attacked her palate and left her almost numb with bliss. She didn’t simply suck - she swallowed him whole.

Phares watched her attack Leonidas with far less abandon and grace than him and chuckled, “You take to this with uncanny grace, Chelle.”

Chelle loudly slurped back up Leonidas’ cock before popping off long enough to snipe back, “I merely strive to show my excellence, in all forms~”

Her hands took over, working her brothers in distinct ways as she gazed up at them. She put on her best mask of compassion as her silver tongue spun sweet yarns. “Though war and toil divide us, know that I am ever there for you, as your loyal and loving little sister.”

“That will never change, sister,” Phares teased.

Chelle clicked her teeth in ire. “Do not mock my growth, sir! I have seen much and learned much in the recent past.”

She leaned in, licking her brother’s dicks like a harlot instead of a princess. Her wrists kept wrapping and jerking their shafts as she tapped the first one than the other tip on her tongue. “Perhaps you’ll both confirm my motives to be pure?”

“You talk too much, Chelle.” Leonidas growled.

“Ah, but you always were callous, Brother!” Chelle whined. She leaned down and popped her eldest brother’s sac in her mouth and let her tongue swirl and clean it in her spit. Her palm shifted up to polish his crown, while her other hand instead reached down to twist around Phares’ crotch.

The princess let go of her brother’s sac, drooling unceremoniously on the rich carpet below. “It reminds me of days gone by…Whenever I approached the two of you together, you called me a nuisance and drove me hence.”

Phares hummed at her words and ministrations. “Not that it ever stopped you.”

Chelle grinned before popping Phares back in her mouth. She forced him down her throat a few times before pulling him off with practiced ease. “ Pwah~ ! -Indeed. And then I found a way to entice you to humor my shall we dance?”

Phares returned her smile before offering her a hand. Surprisingly, even Leonidas raised his palm to give her aid in rising. The princess stood, letting her tits bounce as she settled on her feet. Phares glanced down at her tits before returning to her eyes. “How so, dear sister?”

Chelle squeezed both their hands and clapped them between her palms. “Together of course - it’s been so long since the three of us were together. I seek your companionship, Phares...and you as well, Leonidas.”

Leonidas scoffed. “If that’s true - then prove it.”

He was behind her before either of his siblings could blink. Leonidas' hands locked around her arms and pushed her into his chest. She felt his hot cock rubbing her supple asscheeks as he hotely whispered in her ear. “In all our games, you have offered every inch of your body to my choosing, Chelle...all save one.”

Chelle shuddered in his grasp, especially when Phares stepped forward and pushed his own dick against her stomach. She crooked her head back and sweetly cooed, “Oh only ever had to ask you know~”

The brothers let her go, knowing what came next. Chelle crawled onto her bed and stretched out her long, supple body like the cats she wielded. Phares sat down beside her, supine and ready for her. The princess squatted down atop him and stretched her ass open for her oldest brother.

The three came together.

“Mmmm, oh gods above! I  f-feel so-so full~!” Chelle gasped. Her pussy and ass stretched open between her brother’s potent pricks. She arched back and pushed her breasts up as a silent scream passed her open lips.

The trio set a brisk, frantic pace. Leonidas and Phares quickly shifted into a rhythm as they worked together to plow their little sister into submission. Neither one was at all fooled by her coy words or her supposed fealty - there were too many masks in her arsenal to simply buy her silver words at face value. They would earn her truth - by force and finesse.

Leonidas seized her neck and pushed her up into a harsh, grating kiss. Incestuous tongues twirled and slapped together as spit dribbled out of their mouths. His other hand reached up to grab her breast for support. “Mmmph, mmmm~”

Phares gripped her hips, keeping his sister atop him as he watched his siblings kiss overhead. He had a personal view as her face shifted amongst her masks - nervous, conniving, defiant, fearful, wrathful.


Leonidas released her and let his sister fall onto his little brother. Her breasts smacked against his scaly chest, knocking the breath from her lungs. Phares gently pushed her hips forward until he met her mouth in a far more subdued, passionate kiss.


She didn’t expect his tongue to split - to coil around her own sloppy wet tongue to squeeze and wring out the spit drizzling off. ‘ far has your body withered, Phares?’ she wondered as he pulled her in deeper to their liplock.

What they had was verboten - impure and sacrilegious in nature, and yet felt so right it simply had to be. What had simply started as her fool attempts to curry favor had blossomed into something else - something more.

All the nights in her opulent Chanzella, she craved them both. Save a single faltering night with her youngest brother, she suffered disappointment every evening as her fingers or toys faltered. But such was the past - this was the now.

Phares pulled back and sighed in her mouth. “Ahh, Chelle.”

Such simple words heralded a storm - a flood of exalted yet tainted seed that flooded her womb. Chelle’s eyes flew open as fistful wads of cum punctured her tight pussy and impacted her innermost core. Leonidas kept fucking her ass, never once faltering as she was stuffed with incestuous breeder’s batter.

Phares cock slipped out of Chelle’s full twat. A slurry of cum and quim drizzled over his limp dick. Leonidas finally had the grace to slow his pistoning cock to a brief, tepid lull.  Phares reached out and stroked her lovely hair aside. “My apologies for not living up to your expectations, sister.”

Chelle stirred, raising her head to tsk in his face. Her shaky voice struggled to retain her regal authority as she admonished him, “O-Oh posh...don’t t-t-treat your sister so poo-oooh-rly, Phares. La-eeeeee-y on my pillow, and let me h-hah...h-hah-andle the rest~”

She plopped down on his chest, burying her cheek in his scaly pecs. Phares did as she asked and shuffled up. Her cheek rubbed between harsh scale and softer flesh until her chin smacked against his cockhead. Her second brother patted her head before gently propping her face up. “Here sister - for you.”

Chelle’s mouth pushed against his cock. Leonidas resumed his pace rutting her butt. His palms tightened around her hips as he slowly but surely ramped up until he matched their earlier speed.

The princess busied herself on her brother’s inhuman cock. She kept her head aloft and relied on her lips, tongue, and a little careful applied biting to stir her brother back to action. Her nails dug into the sheets as she struggled between sucking and bucking between her brothers.

“Hrmph! Is this how you truly are, Chelle - just a strumpet in the guise of a royal?”

Leonidas' grating words passed through her ears. If she were lucid, perhaps she’d have some cutting rebuttal to fire back. If she were coherent, perhaps she could find a way to cripple her haughty brother’s pride. Yet she was too preoccupied slurping and gagging on Phares’ cock to reply.

The first scion used her distraction and doubled his pace until crashing, crackling skin-slaps thundered through the room. He reached up from her hips and clutched her head. “Take this!”


Chelle’s eyes widened as she was forced down Phares’ cock. Leonidas swiftly clutched her hips anew as he pounded out the last frantic dozen thrusts before he reached his own end. “HrrrrrrrRRRRAGH!”

She heard him roar. She felt her ass fill with Leonidas’ pride, while Phares’ slurry drizzled out of her twat and onto the bedspread. Her cheeks billowed out as the second prince’s next load filled her mouth. Flushed face, disheveled hair, and nostrils flared - Chelle’s eyes rolled back in bliss...

“Phew, that was quite refreshing!” Chelle chipperly declared as her doors swung shut. Her brothers had both departed sometime before her, leaving her plenty of time to soak away their long, spirited chat. “Now then, where next shall I have my fu-uhooo.”

She flicked her fan open to hide her disdain at the smirking man bowing before her. “For what reason do you haunt my doors, Harle?”

He stayed low, showing utter submission to the first, and only, princess of the empire. “Ah princess - I merely wish to tell you that her imperial majesty seeks your audience - nothing more.”

“I...see. Thank you, Harle,” she forced a smile before stepping into the darkness behind him. Back into the unknown, the strange.

The Other.

Chapter Text

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The crackling of a morning fire thinly-veiled grunts and moans from one of the feast hall’s two occupants.

Euden’s bountiful breakfast was scarcely touched, even as he grumbled and groaned. The source of his woes wasn’t his stomach, but rather than hand pumping his erect cock beneath the table. The graceful yet firm wrist reached to his side while a knight clad in roses shared a meal with him.

Lea, eyes forward even as she jerked him off. Her other hand easily brought her fork to her waiting lips. Her pumping fist was in total contrast to the rest of her composure. When the great door open, she merely slowed down and shifted away from him.

In walked the great veteran Sir. Raemond. Lea greeted her fellow knight with a calm nod and a composed hail. “Good morning, Sir. Knight. I trust the day finds you well?"

He smiled at the two. “Well enough my dear. These bones feel a little lighter today. Must be the clean air.”

Euden perked up at that, along with her switch to gently squeezing and twisting his cock head. The latter made it a struggle to explain, “S-Sophie was doing some tests with Midgaahrdsormr.”

“Ah, is that so? I must thank them for such a kindness” he declared before turning to depart “Well I must be off. Thank you for your time, my liege. Lady Lea.”

Only Euden actually wished Raemond off. Lea was too busy speeding up her thrusts. She kept it as silent as possible until the doors groaned shut. Only then did she really start pumping, even leaning over and adding her other hand to the mix.

The knight frowned as she struggled to jerk the prince off. He wasn’t particularly massive, but it still took the whole of her two palms to nearly cover him. She tsked in annoyance and addressed him, “Your highness, we must get t-this under control. I implore you- please cum.”

The way she spoke almost sounded like begging - a tone hardly befitting such a proud knight. That, coupled with her desperate strokes on his already sensitive loons, was the breaking point. Euden gripped the table cloth until his knuckles were bone white as he growled, “L-Lea!”

That was all the warning the knight had before he exploded, filling the palm that was rubbing his slit. Her sticky fingers could scarcely contain the flow, prompting her to grab his napkin and smother his cock with it. Lea kept it covered until she was sure he’d stopped, or at least steadied his breathing. Only then did she risk removing the ruined rag.

Ruined it was, soaked in royal seed. Heavy drips of discarded cum stained her fingers from merely holding the damaged, damning napkin. Lea didn’t even hesitate in tossing it deep into the open fire.


The renewed inferno roared behind her as she struggled to remove the evidence on her fingers. “I trust that should suffice for now your….high...ness.”

She trailed off as she noticed his cock- half messy but still very much erect. The knight sighed, already knowing how precious time was.

‘This will be a long day, won’t it?’

Plap. Plap. Plap.

Lea nudged aside a broom handle with her shoulder. The cleaning closet was far too cramped for this kind of foolery, and yet Lea found herself there. The other alternative was risking leading the prince across the foyer and halls of the Halidom and risk exposure. ‘I will not allow such harm to come to you, your highness.’

So here she was - on her knees, dress pulled down, and bosom wrapped around the prince’s cock. Her arms kept her tits pinned together, giving him a tight, pleasurable trap to release his numerous frustrations. The sticky remnants of breakfast snagged and scraped against her tender titflesh.


She spat down, letting her saliva act as a much-needed lube to ail their woes. The knight’s visage was grim and cold, even in the face of such lascivious actions. To her, this was not revelry, but duty. Euden tried to treat it the same by keeping his appraisal in check. Yet occasionally a guttural growl would escape his clenched lips.

Like a dragon.

Dragalia - the notion that the Greatwyrms kept espousing, and the source of her liege’s plight. A pact with dragons granted a boon of great strength but was not without its banes as well. Dragons were not absolved of sin, even the most stalwart and righteous ones. And considering how many pacts Euden had made thus far…

Lea’s musings were cut short as the prince sped up between her breasts. He stepped forward, forcing her back until her shoulders hit the other wall. Her dress hiked up, exposing a flash of her clean white panties as her ass squished against her heels. His cockhead flew in and out of her boobcrack, inching closer and closer to her gaping lips and looming tongue. Begging for entry. Begging for her touch

She offered both gladly.

This was her duty - her oath borne under a new kingdom’s banner. The old Kingdom may have turned on her first, yet it was ultimately she who broke her vows and let her personal grief guide her. ‘Fortune favors me that it led here.’ she mused.

He slipped out of her lips and blew in her face. The first shot smacked across her nose, eliciting her to open wide. Lea’s eyes stared up as rope after sticky rope assaulted her, glazing her fair skin in noble seed. She wore it as a badge. A testament of repentance for her broken vows, and fealty to the kind prince who absolved her.

He was many things - a kind soul, a noble leader, a gallant light against a world plagued by darkness. But here, he was a mere boy, brought low by the burden of power. A disgraceful sight that should not weigh on anyone’s shoulders. And she would let no other person bear such a shame. Least of all his closest allies.

But the way her white panties were drenched would tell a different tale if she even dared to acknowledge them...

“Prince Euden, this is hardly p-proper.”

That was all the Knight could muster as she gripped her planted sword for dear life. She glanced back nervously, past the prince to the rest of the courtyard for any unwelcome guests. Heavy breaths and sweat mixed together as their earlier bout had turned to...this.

Lea’s bare back was laden with gooseflesh as they kept on. Feeling the hot, throbbing desire scraping against her legs was having an obvious effect on her. A fresh pair of pink panties were already stained and dripping onto the grass below. Her legs squirmed together, constricting Euden’s cock as it sawed between her thighs.

The prince had the decency to look abashed, even as he gripped her hips and kept thrusting. The open yard compelled him to keep his grunts down, lest they carry to some passing denizen. Matching red on their cheeks were a befitting shade for two fire-minded sword wielders. “I-i’m sorry Lea. Its just...your legs are so-“

She cut him off, her cheeks as rosy as her panties. “E-Enough! Say no more, your majesty. Just...just do as you must,” she implored.

He treated this as the invitation it was and sped up. Eudens fists bunched against her dress’s hips as he ground against the shapley knight. She struggled to keep her grip on her sword, feeling it slide forward due to her weight. Her blade shifted and sent her flying forward.

She planted the sword deeper and caught herself, but was already bent over too far. The results were when the prince tried to re-engage, he wound up planting between a different crack. A dirtier one, nestled in her dress.

“Prince Euuuuuu?!”

Lea’s protests were cut short as she felt him slam against her ass and unload. His seed drenched the inside of her skirt, all the way up to the cut below her shoulders. Her knees buckled under her. The only thing keeping her up wound up being Euden’s grip on her hips.

The stench of sweat and sin pounded through their nostrils. It was clear that despite this detour, their next destination remained the same. The showers.

For both of them.


The heavy hiss of shower spray melted away as they embraced. Prince and knight- stations that were cast aside under the hot water. Sweat and sin washed down their dirty, bare bodies. Loins pressed together but remained unjoined.

Euden was still conflicted, even after how outlandish this day had been. Naive though he was in the matters of the flesh, he knew what Dragalia could wreak upon him. Moreso, he knew the disgrace it would bring if it was found that the crown prince of New Alberia had such a weakness. He was prepared to deal with this mollifying issue until he could approach a sympathetic ear in private, only for his new, busty knight to barge into his private breakfast and stick her hand down his drawers.

He felt her nails trace down his chest and gingerly start caressing his cockhead. Her fingers, the same ones that gripped fiend-slaying swords, stroked his loins with an almost feather-like grace. Lea’s touch was no less intoxicating, even after he’d experienced her breasts and thighs. And her lips…

Eyes closed, they came together. Lip to lip.

Neither one was necessarily experienced, but that’s what made it better. Their clumsy tongues would bump and prod each other by happenstance, less a duel and more a fumble. He reached down and cupped her breast. She reached up and stroked his shoulder.

Passion was abound, raw and unfettered. He respected the legendary knight, admired her even. And yet there was no room in his dark future for love - no time to foster his own fire within the unyielding light.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

He pulled away, leaving a sliver of spit between them. Lea’s lips stayed puckered as if expecting him to return to her. Her eyes fluttered open, confused and slightly hurt. He struggled to even call her name.


The knight could sense his doubts, his fears. She raised a hand- hewn and marred by war, and yet still looking so pristine, so perfect. Her eyes blazed with fire as her firm voice reached over the howling waters. Like thunder breaking a warm summer rain. “Your highness. I implore you, if only for today - i am you sworn, loyal knight. Here to do as you bid, and as you please.”

Euden’s crumbing resolve collapsed at her words, and he threw himself upon her again. Her back pressed against the cold wall as he greedily devoured her ripe, sweet lips. Their hands abandoned their posts in favor of freedom, brazenly roaming the other’s bodies. Wet hair clung to their skin, her long tresses even tangling against him. His throbbing sword was poised over her quivering sheathe - ready to plunge with but a single stroke.

“Oooh, my prince…”

He was disgracing himself, and he simply didn’t care.


Lea’s back hit the couch as she brought them both down. Euden kept hammering away at her gushing twat, fighting against her ankles locked around his waist. Her barely contained breasts were pinned against his coat. She grabbed his wild hair and pulled him in for another mind-searing kiss.

Bright red panties were bunched around her left ankle, already slick with juices before she’d have even snuck into his office. She’d be running out of clean smallclothes soon, and it was just shy of noon. Cleo would not be happy, least of all if she knew the truth.


Luckily for her, she was too addled to really care. Too wrapped up in the euphoria to even listen to the screaming voice in her head berating her for taking things too far. Somehow her honor hadn’t really accounted for just how all-encompassing offering her to cater the prince’s every whim could be…

Euden and Lea’s tongue lazily rolled and squirmed within their sealed lips. There was no spark to claim victory, no compulsion to affirm or wrest power. The two were simply content to let their mouths languidly dance and leave the fierce battle to their undulating hips.

She moaned happily into his mouth, even as her own was filling with his spit. Piercing rubies rolled back until she was gazing forward to the blurry, sealed double doors. She scarcely cared as drool escaped the small gap of their lips. It was simply all too perfect.


“Ditch the forms and pomp and class, we’ve got fiends to kick in the...the…”

Emma’s uncharacteristically crass cheer died with her beaming smile as she got a good eyeful of the suddenly prone pair. The two stayed locked together, by hips and lips, as if hoping that stillness would render them unseen. Lea didn’t even try to hide her immodesty, as she was too stunned at being caught by the young cheermaster.

“Geez kid, not your best work, that one.”

Euden’s back stiffened at the familiar, brash tone. Ranzal nudged his way into the dim office, proudly showing his armor as the Halidom’s commander. “Hey boss man, you in here? We’ve got a problem and need. To. Call. A...aah.”

Boisterous words trailed to nothing as he got a full eyeful of the scene before him. Euden - the prince, laying with one of his lovely loyal women-at-arms. And not even the one he was expecting at that. ‘Crap...wait, does this mean Luca and I lost? Am I in the clear??’

Ranzal’s inner conflict was shaken away as he offered an overtly wide smile. “Weeeeee’re just gonna wait for you guys at the war room, right Em?”

“What the fu-?!”

Emma’s protests were cut short as she was led out of the room by Ranzal. “Hah hah! Exactly right - let’s go and tell ‘em all that the boss will be there shortly. That’s alllll they need to know.”

The doors slowly swung shut, casting the duo back in darkness. Neither one was ready to move, still locked like statues with her legs around his waist. A single beam of light cut across their faces.

Ranzal stuck his head back in, lips frozen with a large, shit-eating grin. He raised his thumb up and mouthed a single word to the stunned couple.


“Oy, where are those two?”

Lea bit down her moans as the sudued words of Yue thundered in her skull. Euden kept hammering away, filling her raised ass with every thrust. Shapely plated legs were kept spread yet bound by the still-red panties stretched between her knees. Her breast had flopped out of her corset and were now smothered in the foul colors of the hated empire

The incriminating Dyrnell flag that was the source of their mission was splayed out below her, acting as a makeshift blanket for knight and prince to rut. Some part of her knew this would happen as soon as she suggested performing reconnaissance for the scout team together. The prince had been reluctant, still wary after they were caught earlier. But one hungry, loaded look behind their comrades back and a flash of the flag made his refusal turn around.

Lea’s eyes rolled back as she bit down on the flag. Her scandalous face and tits pressed into cloth. He held her hips high as deep, powerful strokes impaled her rear. Her body was the outlet for the prince’s many frustrations.

‘This is for his benefit.’

She chanted this truth a thousand times, hoping it would one day stick

“I’m sure they’re still scouting - there is a lot of forest to cover.”

Alain’s distant voice pounded in her ears, somehow reaching over the scandalous slaps. Despite how dearly she wished to indulge the moment, the knight reluctantly kept her senses keen as she listened in for any warning signs.

“Suppose so. Guessing that means lotsa ways to run, huh?”

“Hardly - there’s only about six points for viable retreat should the need arise. Our best bet-“”


Lea didn’t hear any more as Euden planted himself deep in her and started stuffing her butt with hot, sticky cum. Her euphoric juices gushed from her pussy and stained her red panties. He collapsed atop her, sending the both to the ground.

The knight’s vision gradually dimmed as she came down from her orgasmic high. She tiredly rolled then onto their sides. Her ear laid against his chest. Lea was lulled by the heavy, hot breath in her disturbed hair, The rhythmic thumping of his heart, the low growl that almost filled her ears




The tables had truly turned on her.

Lea bit her thumb to keep her whimpers muted. Her bare back pressed against cold stone. Prominent pricks on her bosom were clear as the evening sky. Her attempts to survey beyond their little alcove were thwarted as his tongue pierced her folds from the prince between her legs.

One last round of patrol before they’d officially retire to the Halidom for the evening. She’d reluctantly traded her usual dress for the cheer corps attire, if only while her uniform was being patched up before tonight. The short skirt was now hiked around her hips, while her hastily applied navy panties were shoved aside. Her smooth, trimmed pubes bristled in the cooling air.

“Lea, it’s only just that a ruler sees to his knights’ wellbeing as well, right?”

His words pounded in her ears as he busied himself in her pussy. She was grateful that she’d had time to shower after their return, if only for his sake. It left her loins clean and ready for Euden’s sloppy yet satisfying tongue play.


The knight’s head buckled against the wall, thrashing side to side until her ear pressed against coarse stone and grout. As it turned out, the wall here was thinner than they knew, so thin it allowed her to hear into the adjacent courtyard.

“Come on - just another hour and we can be relieved. Might even have time to look presentable for the gala.”

Lea’s eyes narrowed in annoyance. The last thing she wanted was more needless prattling during her time with the prince. ‘Least of all from hastily trained guards.’

She looked down at the prince. Euden seemed unable or unwilling to hear this bawdry talk and simply remained between her legs. She gently reached down and pushed his head closer as she listened on

“So who’s going to be taking the prince tonight? My money’s on the paladyn.”

Against her wishes, she mulled such a fact. She respected Ellisane greatly, and it was clear as day how taken she was with Euden. And yet this wild day had stirred something in her- something possessive. ‘I could take her.’

“Nah man - too overt. My money’s on Cleo. Quickest way to a guy’s heart is his stomach, innit?”

Lea flinched over the bellyful of laughter. She truly felt remorseful for how she was ‘repaying’ Cleo’s kind offer to mend her dress. And yet of words should come to blows, she still would know victory. True, that wand was quite formidable, but the sylvan herself? Less so.

‘I just need an opening and She’ll have time to listen. From a cot.’

“You both realize that the Flamewyrm is also gunning for him, right?”

Neither the other two guards or even Lea had thought of that one. The chill evening suddenly felt scorching to her. Not even the piercing shock from Euden pinching her clit could clear her mind as her body thrashed. The knight had a single thought at the notion of being on the fire-spitting end of Brinnhilda’s wrath.

‘Ilia have mercy.’

As if sensing her distraction, Euden pulled out of her loins and directly attacked her sensitive nub. She finally crumpled, pushing her ear aside and returning her to the private utopia of their dark alcove...

Euden bit back a growl as his armored gloves dug into the knight’s golden hair. Oh her knees, the formidable woman kept him against the wall from her place between his legs. Her dress restored anew, now creasing and wrinkling as she kneeled on the floor. He tried to stare into her unflinching eyes as she sucked. “I-Ilia take me…”

His blasphemous groan was punctuated as he squeezed her tightly coiled hair. She was undeterred in her actions and kept bobbing her head. Her tight lips slurped up and down his girth. Back and forth. He fought over her ministrations and growled. “W-we shouldn’t be- ngh!... T-The others are wai-“

The knight drew up and released his dick with a wet pop. Her unarmed glove took over the task of stroking his girth as she calmly explained. “I am well aware of that, your highness. However, it would he ill-suited for a knight to leaver her lord in such a state of obvious distress.”

Lea’s gaze hardened, along with her grip. “Now please sire - let me finish,” she insisted.

With one last squeeze, she engulfed him again. Her eyes traded glances across the hall to see if they were still unaccosted. Finding no one, she opted to speed up her pace. “Mwah, mwaah, mwaaaoh”

Euden released her head in favor of the wall. His fingers dug into the grout for much-desired support. The knight was leaning in closer now, almost smooching his lap before drawing back up his girth. The sudden squeeze of entering and exiting her throat quickly wittles down the already-winded prince. “L-lea i’m-!”

Lea’s eyes widened as she was pushed down to kiss his crotch. The thick wads of spunk pounded down her throat and into her empty stomach. The feast to come would be basting in the discarded seed of royal bastards. If she even had room to eat after this.

Euden kept his grip on her head as she swiftly, dutifully swallowed his cum. Even after he weakly released her, she stayed locked on his crotch until the flow dwindled to nothing.


Lea pulled back, accidentally coughing out a dollop of cum. She swiftly wiped it aside on the back of her glove before replacing her gauntlet. “Come, sire - dinner is waiting.”

She turned to depart, ‘accidentally’ flashing her damp panties through her short skirt. The prince saw it though, even as he shuffled his lin cock back between his drawers.

Dessert could come after.

Plap plap plap plap

“Mmm, p-prince Euden~”

Lea’s happy coos echoed through the chamber as she bounced against his cock. Up and down at a brisk pace. The bed beneath them shuffled slightly but held fast against her undulating hips. Around them were his chambers, sealed shut and dark as the night outside.

She was back in her cheer uniform, breast open and flopping wildly. Her skirt hiked around her hips and giving her room to roll and grind against him. She didn’t really have underwear meant to entice or arouse - such a notion never really occurred to her. A black pair of panties was her best, and only, option left.

It didn’t matter to him - none of her choices had changed a thing. Going through a week’s worth of smallclothes in a scant day was going to be tricky to explain. Almost as hard as if anyone found her lurking the halls in a cheer dress with stained underwear.

She couldn’t help it. A scant few hours had already left her starved for his warm touch. Starved for him.

The two had avoided each other throughout the gala if only to keep suspicions down. They’d retired separately, somehow knowing what was to come at the stroke of midnight, she’d slipped in.

Euden let go of her hip and reached between her legs. He caressed her thighs, admiring silken skin. Hearing her moans turn to purrs spurred him on. She leaned down, still thrusting against him, and nipped his lips.

The prince grabbed the chance and squeezed her breasts. Lea arched back under his touch. Low, yet sweet moans escaped her lips and echoed in his ears.

The two sped up, sensing the inevitable. Euden would welcome it gladly, yet the draconic vigor stirred within him would not be sated by mere climax. No, the primal call for fair flesh bid for something greater- control.


Lea’s moan turned to a grunt as her back hit the sheets. Euden was already up and over her. Before she knew it, her legs were stretched over her head. “Y-your high-neeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee!”

No more words would pass her lips. Only cries and shrieks. Euden’s hips sped up as he pounded straight down in her gushing twat. Her ass rippled and bounced against him. Slowly, the bed started to protest.

Eeek eek eek

No more hiding. No more restraint.

‘Mwah, mmmmwah~’

Lea bobbed her head up and down his half-hardened shaft. Her tongue busy with cleaning away the dried mix of sin that had been left after they finally collapsed. Euden slumbered on, even as his loyal knight tended to his morning needs. The stains of their earlier antics littered the bed sheets.

There was little chance of hiding this- Cleo would know before too long. No matter what option they took, the head of the halidom’s wellkeep would find out. And from there it would only spread.


Lea pulled off his cock, licking the spit strands free. Her focus turned to his balls and the coating of sweat and sin that had settled upon them. The knight settled on her elbows and dutifully started to clean his royal urns.

She wasn’t really in a hurry - the damage was already done. Her attempts to preserve his highness' honor would be for not. There was no going back now

And yet she felt no sorrow, no grief or even shame. A full day’s work with him had dropped years and years of toil and tension from her supple shoulders. As she tasted his salty nuts, the dulcet scent of musk settled in her nostrils.

It was lust, no more.

She finished his balls and returned to his shaft. Her tongue glided up and down his towering girth, eliciting further groans in the prince’s slumber. She glanced out to the nearby window at the dawning sky.

Overcast, likely to rain. It would be a decent day to lay in bed all day. But alas they had responsibilities to handle. Euden would need to establish the Halidom and New Alberia’s stand against the Dyrenell Empire, and she would need to shore up her growing order of knights.

She had precious little time. Perhaps an hour or so left before she’d have to worry about missing morning drills. That should be enough time to finish her work, rouse him from slumber, and excuse herself. What happened after that...only Illa could really tell.

A new day was ahead of them.