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Katsuki kept the radio turned off as he drove. It annoyed him to have to do that. He didn’t like the silence, it made him itch with the need to do something. He liked having noise so he wouldn’t have to think so much. But he glanced into the rear view mirror at the still form in the back seat. Deku looked peaceful sleeping back there. He didn’t want to wake him yet. They were almost there.

The dirt road they were on wasn’t very smooth. It made him grit his teeth as every bump and crunch on the tires on the unused road had him glancing back at Deku’s freckled face to see if he was waking up yet. It was dark outside and Deku slept like a log. It had been a long night for the both of them so Katsuki couldn’t really blame him.

He kept one hand on the steering wheel while he ran the other through his spiky blonde hair. Despite the darkness outside he didn’t feel all that tired. In fact he was thrumming with excitement. He couldn’t wait to get there. A particularly big hole in the road jostled the car making Katsuki curse under his breath and look back at Deku. The smaller man stirred a little with a groan but it was fleeting and his face relaxed again. Katsuki let out a sigh of relief at that but quickly got annoyed when he heard a distinct thump come from further back.

Damn it. The bitch woke up.

He listened to the sounds of movement from his trunk as he drove but didn’t worry about it too much. They were out in the middle of the woods. Miles away from the closest highway, let alone town. He really didn’t want to have to stop so he ignored her. Another ten minutes passed in the car and he finally spotted where he wanted to be. He drove off to the side of the road and his head lights illuminated the water of the river in front of him.

He put the car in park but left it on. He didn’t want to have to do this in the dark. The thumping from the trunk ceased as he climbed out of the drivers seat and shut the door behind him. He glanced through the back seat window at Deku as he passed but saw nothing to worry about. Katsuki stopped at the trunk and rolled his head along his shoulders cracking his neck and stretching the muscles after the long car ride.

He popped the trunk and lifted it to glare down at its occupant. At first Round Face looked absolutely terrified from her spot laid out in the trunk. But when she saw who had opened the trunk she glared at him with absolute hatred. If she didn’t have the gag tied over her mouth maybe she would have yelled or spit on him. She was the type of bitch to put up a fight. The slowly swelling beginnings of a black eye proved it. She had her hands tied behind her back and her ankles were tied together too. She was struggling against them while Katsuki watched her with a smirk.

He reached into the trunk and grabbed her ankles to drag her out. Something was muffled and her body contorted trying to shove him off but it was pretty pitiful. He pulled her out of the trunk by her legs letting her head hit against the trunk and ground as she left the dark confines of the car. She winced in pain but didn’t give up trying to fight him.

He dropped her legs and grabbed under her arms to drag her to the front of the car next to the rushing water near them. He dropped her there promptly and went back to the car, opened the passenger side door and grabbed a duffel bag out of that seat. Another glance at Deku and then he was back to Round Face. She was squirming on the ground like the maggot she was.

He ignored her as he set the bag on the ground and crouched to pull out the thick blue tarp and laid it out on the ground. He adjusted it so that there were no wrinkles in it. He gazed out at the dark waters, he knew of this spot from when he was a teenager and his dad took him out here to fish. It was a calm place for him. A safe place.

A scuff on the ground drew his attention back to Round Face. She had wormed her way to the side of the car, it sounded like she was crying. She must have realized how hopeless this was. Katsuki got to his feet and went over to her. She was struggling desperately when she heard him coming and he reached down to drag her back to the tarp. She cried out and tried to kick awkwardly until he brought her to the tarp. The car headlights blinded her as he sat her on her knees in front of the car. Once he was sure she would keep her own balance he crouched in front of her and stared with crimson eyes. He reached out and tugged the gag off her mouth pulling out the bunched fabric.

“You better let me go! You’re going to get into so much trouble.” Uraraka spat at him trying to look brave but he could see her trembling. He sat back on his heels letting his elbows rest on his thighs. He cocked his head to glare at her.

She had guts he’d give her that. Maybe that’s why she had been the biggest threat. From day one of her entering their friend group he had seen the way she looked at Deku. Everyone else was smart enough to keep their distance but this slut just had to get closer to him. When he found out that she had snagged a date with Deku he finally snapped.

“You’re pretty fucking stupid aren’t you Round Face?” Katsuki said narrowing his eyes at her. She glared right back and his hands twitched with want.

“What did you do to Deku?” she demanded pulling against her restraints behind her back. Katsuki grit his teeth at that, he fucking hated that she stole his nickname for Izuku. It was like she was being hopeful the messy haired man would give her an affectionate nick name too but of course Deku wouldn’t waste the time on her.

“That’s not your concern bitch.” Katsuki snarled with venom before smirking. He stood back up and walked back to his duffel bag. When his back was turned Round Face screamed out to the darkness.

“HHHEEEELLLPPP! SOMEONE! HELP!” she shouted out but Katsuki just rolled his eyes as he pulled what he wanted from the bag. He lifted the bat in his hand, enjoying the lightweight of the metal bat in his hands. He turned back around and enjoyed just how big Round Face’s eyes were.

The first hit brought so much satisfaction into Katsuki’s veins. The crack of metal on the bones of Uraraka’s side and her scream of agony had him grinning. She had fallen over and was crying hard. Bitch deserved it. He stepped on her side and dug his heel into it enjoying her cries as he felt un-anchored bones shifting beneath him. Katsuki was a pretty big guy, he worked out everyday and had the body he thought Greek gods would be jealous of. So any hit from him was more like a slam from a truck.

“This is your fucking fault you know. If you had just stayed away from Deku like I warned you, you could have gone and sucked some other guy’s dick like the slut you are.” Katsuki sneered down at her. She sobbed under his foot looking up at him. There was something in her eyes that pissed him off.

“D-Deku won’t… even…look at you…” Round Face sneered right back. She had no self-preservation apparently. He kicked her again before readying for another swing. But there was a thump from the car that drew his attention.


Izuku woke up after hearing a scream. Things were dizzy and dark. He didn’t know where he was and he tried to remember how he ended up here. He wanted to push himself up but a single tug to his feet and arms and he quickly found he couldn’t move. He was bound tightly and the only way he could move was to bend himself or crane his neck. What was happening?

He tried to focus and remember what happened. It had been a nice night. He and Uraraka had just been going back to his house after going to a movie. Uraraka had been a good friend and when she asked him to try to go out on a date he had been sheepish at the idea. He hadn’t gotten that kind of interest in a long time, heck maybe never if he were honest with himself. But he wanted to try and who better to do it with than Uraraka? She was kind and assured him that if it didn’t work out they could still be friends.

At the movies they had shared a kiss in the dark. It was sweet and soft. Izuku had always wondered what it would be like to share a kiss with a girl. He had kissed a boy once, Kacchan, when they were younger. The blonde had insisted it was just to see, just out of curiosity, what it was like and convinced him to give one. But the date with Uraraka had gone so well and they had headed back to his house to spend the night. He didn’t want to get far with her, he wasn’t ready, just wanted to cuddle and sleep.

He had left her in the living room and had went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water before they would head upstairs. He hadn’t bothered to turn on the kitchen light. The window in there provided enough ambient light to see by. But just as he had reached the fridge he felt something behind him. A wet cloth was slapped over his mouth and nose and a strong arm clasped around him to pin him down. He doesn’t remember anything past that.

Izuku was hyperventilating now. Someone had kidnapped him?! Wait! What happened to Uraraka?!

Another scream from outside the car had him snapping out of his freak out. He recognized that voice. Uraraka was out there and she sounded like she was in pain! Izuku doubled his efforts against the restraints pulling harshly at them and struggling across the seats. He tipped over the edge of the seat and thumped onto the floor of the car causing him to grunt. He spent another moment struggling before a dark form appeared in the window above his feet.

The door opened making Izuku flinch as the light in the car turned on. Izuku blinked as his eyes adjusted and was shocked to see he recognized the figure before him. Kacchan stood there casually looking in at him. Crimson eyes looked down at him and were unreadable.

“K-Kacchan? What’s going on?” Izuku asked very alarmed. He had a bit of a nervous disposition in normal situations and being bound tightly in the cramped space on the floor of the car had his anxiety soaring through the roof.

“Ah, you woke up.” Katsuki said simply tsking to the side like he was inconvenienced by this. A whimper from somewhere outside had Izuku’s eyes widening and making him pull against the ties. Katsuki loved the sight before him. Izuku wrapped up nice and tight, barely able to move, unable to leave.

“Kacchan untie me! Is that Uraraka out there? It sounds like she’s hurt! Where are we anyway? What happened? What-“ Izuku babbled but Katsuki ignored the questions and leaned down to grab Izuku’s legs and heft him half way out of the car. Izuku squeaked as he was dragged across the floor but was hopeful that Kacchan was helping him out.

He squeaked again when Katsuki reached down and folded him over his shoulder standing back up and walking away from the door.

“Kacchan!” Izuku called squirming a bit on his shoulder. His view was currently the gravelly bank crunching beneath the blondes marching feet as he swayed slightly on Katsuki. “I said untie me. Look I don’t know what’s going on but-“

Katsuki turned dropping him on the hood of the car. Izuku was short so his bound legs dangled off the front of it. Izuku looked around him anxiously to see he had no idea where they were right now. Behind them was a forest and a deserted road, in front of them was a river. If Katsuki was playing a cruel joke he was taking it a little far, he knew Izuku had trouble with his nerves.

“You sit tight Deku. I’m taking care of some trash right now and then we can go home.” Katsuki said patting one of his freckled cheeks in a rough manner that Izuku tried to lean away from.

“What?” Izuku asked very confused as Katsuki pulled away reaching down and grabbing a bat from the ground that Izuku hadn’t noticed. With Katsuki no longer blocking his view Izuku saw what was laid out in the headlights of the car. He gasped as he saw Uraraka on a tarp on the ground struggling to suck in air around her crying.

“URARAKA?!” he cried out trying to shimmy his way off the hood of the car. Katsuki shot him a glare and marched back over to him pushing him flat against the hood. Izuku’s mind finally assessed the situation he was faced with, a battered Uraraka and a bat wielding Kacchan. He looked up at Kacchan with eyes that were starting to water. “Y-You didn’t.” he whispered in disbelief.

Katsuki tilted his head looking down at him with scrutiny. In all the time Izuku had known Katsuki this was the calmest he had ever seen him. It sent a shiver down his spine and made him wish the blonde would show some kind of emotion at this moment. Get angry and snap at him that no of course he didn’t fucking do this. He would yell at him for that kind of accusation and tell him that he just chased away the guy that did it. Yeah that’s why he had the bat! Izuku clasped onto this thought like a life line refusing to believe his oldest friend was doing this.

“I told you to sit tight.” Katsuki said dangerously low. Izuku stared at him with those big watery eyes and he couldn’t help but smirk at that look. A sudden idea hit Katsuki and the smirk grew. He glanced back at the slut on the ground before grabbing a handful of Izuku’s hair and pulling him to sit up with a yelp.

“Hey bitch!” Katsuki called trying to get Round Face’s attention. It took a few moments for her gaze to focus on them. Izuku was trying to wrench his head away from him but he didn’t relent his twisted grip in that messy hair. Katsuki placed the bat to lean on the car while he released Deku’s hair in favor of trapping his face between a firmly gripped pair of hands. Izuku was struggling trying pull away from him, the tears in his eyes were finally falling down his cute freckled cheeks.

When he was sure Uraraka had her full attention on them he leaned in and crushed his lips against Izuku’s who made some sound of panic that the blonde swallowed up easily. Izuku’s struggles became erratic and it was hard to kiss him like this. But he smirked none the less as he watched Uraraka out of the corner of his eye. Pain suddenly radiated from his lip and he pulled away in shock cursing loudly.

“FUCK!” He reached up and wiped blood from his lip where a semi deep bite bled. His temper boiled and he glared over at Izuku who glared right back before trying to struggle off the hood of the car again towards Uraraka. Katsuki saw red for a second and his hand shot out slapping Izuku across the face.

Izuku’s head snapped to the side from the force of it and he fell flat against the hood with a groan of pain. Katsuki was breathing hard past gritted teeth but immediately winced with regret to have hit Deku. With Deku dazed at the moment Katsuki picked the bat up and turned around to the person who deserved to be hit. With pure fury pumping through him the girl didn’t have a chance.

The first three hits to her legs had her crying out. Bones cracked from the force and Katsuki’s swings came faster with every cry, whimper, or moan of pain. Izuku recovered from the hit he had received and managed to get off the hood only to fall pathetically over onto the ground.

“KACCHAN STOP IT!” he cried out struggling desperately on the ground. His cry only made Katsuki angrier. This fucking slut was tugging Deku along on a string, he shouldn’t be so upset to see her beaten to shit. His next few hits to her torso came in quick succession. Fast and brutal, her cries had stopped and he thought maybe she had lost consciousness but he didn’t care. It felt good to get the anger out.

He hit her over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……..

When Katsuki started to pay attention again he was breathing hard. He dropped the bat and wiped some sweat from his brow. Izuku was crying in the background but Katsuki was more focused on what was before him. He crouched to inspect it closer. Round Face, more like Flat Face now. He chuckled darkly to himself. She looked unrecognizable now. Her skull was all misshapen and her limbs didn’t quite line up right. It made him happy to see.

He stood back up and toed her into the middle of the tarp scrunching his nose at having to touch something so filthy. This next part was going to take a while. He traveled back towards the car pausing next to a curled up sobbing Deku. Deku was trying too hard to breath, he was hyperventilating, he was having another one of those panic attacks. Sighing Katsuki crouched down next to him.

Izuku watched him with wide terrified green eyes and tried to edge away from him. Katsuki rolled his eyes and grabbed his arm dragging him closer and sitting him up so Katsuki could wrap his arms around him in a hug.

“God you’re such a fucking cry baby.” Katsuki huffed against his ear. Izuku was trembling and crying against him trying to squirm away and Katsuki just tightened his hold. “Calm down Deku. Breathe. In. Out.”

It took quite a while to calm Deku down to the point where he could breath on his own but Katsuki remained patient. His anger had mostly subsided after his batting practice so he was in a pretty good mood. Besides it felt good to have Deku in his arms after so long waiting for it.

“Y-You j-just…You killed her!” Izuku managed out between sobs. Katsuki rolled his eyes at that, it was like Deku just now noticed.

“Yeah. You’re better off without that slut hanging all over you. You’ll be happier with me.” Katsuki said smugly nuzzling into Izuku’s messy hair. This might have been the happiest he had ever felt.

“NO!” Izuku shouted trying to back up from him using his knees to scramble against the ground. Izuku just has to ruin the good moments, doesn’t he? With an annoyed cluck of his tongue Katsuki released him and went back to the car. He opened the glove box and grabbed the rag and chloroform out again. He came back with a new soaked rag in hand to find Izuku staring at Flat Face’s body. Izuku glanced back at him and saw the rag.

Katsuki grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked him back to slap the rag over his face as Izuku inevitably started to fight again.

“NO! Kacchan please!” Izuku cried out trying to throw his head side to side and avoid the rag. It took around five or six minutes before Deku finally knocked out again. With Izuku’s pliant body leaning against him Katsuki picked him up and took him back to the car. He sat him carefully across the back seat and shut the door. He went to the trunk and pulled out another bag of supplies.

From there he used a wireless saw to cut up Flat Face into smaller manageable pieces. He filled small garbage bags with her before lugging them along into the woods. He had a pre-dug hole ready. It was deep and had been a pain in the ass to dig. It took a few trips to throw everything into the hole. It turned out filling the hole up was a pain in the ass too.

With that done he returned to the car and shut the trunk. He walked in front of the car and inspected the ground to make sure nothing would stand out. Satisfied that the scene was clean he climbed back into the car. He glanced at Deku sleeping in the back. His cheek was going to bruise from the slap he had received but Katsuki would make it up to him later. With that he backed up back on to the dirt path and started driving again, deeper into the woods towards his and Izuku’s new home together.




Bakugou in the moonlight

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Izuku woke up with a pounding head ache and groaned turning and curling up on his side. He squinted his eyes open at the dim room he was in. He had had the worst nightmare of his life and his heart clenched painfully just from the thought of it. Movement occurred next to him and he flipped over to see Uraraka happily to chase away the last bit of the bad dream. But when he turned over he was met with a sight that had his heart dropping to his stomach.

Kacchan was lying next to him in bed, grumbling in his sleep and unconsciously seeking him out. Izuku sat up way too fast and the pain got worse in his head making him bite his lip to keep in any pained noise. When he sat up he felt something heavy shift on his neck that he hadn’t noticed when laying down. He tried to look at what it was but it snuggly fit against his throat making him unable to see it. He reached up to feel metal that had been warmed by his sleeping. What was that?! He felt around it looking for a clasp or something to undo it but instead he found what felt like a key hole in the back along with a chain attached to the back with a small padlock.

Izuku tried to keep calm as he grabbed the chain and brought it around into view, he tugged on it and followed it to where it attached to the bed post closest to him. His hands started to shake as he slowly began to realize the nightmare he had been having wasn’t over, it was reality. His shaking made the chain clink against the headboard and post and he quickly dropped it to prevent further sound from being made. He cautiously turned around hoping that that hadn’t woken Kacchan. Crimson eyes were met as he did so and he didn’t know what to say to the awoken blonde. Rendered speechless and pale as he just stared at the murderer in the bed with him.

Kacchan stared at him for a moment before sitting up making Izuku jump away from him to the very edge of the bed. Katsuki watched him do it with one eye open as he yawned and then turned to him with a frown.

“What the fuck Deku? How are you so jumpy already this early in the morning?” Kacchan asked rubbing the back of his head and swinging his legs down onto the floor to stand up. Izuku noticed with a blush how the blonde was shirtless and only wore a pair of boxers. Izuku had slept in the same bed as Kacchan before but never with so little clothes. Izuku looked down at himself to see he was no longer in the button up he had been in for his date. Both the shirt and his pants were gone.

But he did recognize the soft fuzzy white long sleeve he wore. He blinked at it, it was his favorite night shirt that had gone missing about a week ago. A shift in the bed lifted Izuku’s gaze back to Katsuki as the blonde stood up and stretched. With Katsuki’s back turned to him Izuku somehow found his voice.

“K-Kacchan?” Izuku said uncertainly, hopeful that this really was just another part of the nightmare. Katsuki turned back around to him, there was something like satisfaction in his gaze as he took in the blushing freckled man on the bed. “What is happening?”

“Well, I’m about to go make breakfast if you have to know. I’ll bring some in for you so sit tight.” Katsuki said walking towards the doorway. He disappeared through it and Izuku immediately got up out of the bed. He had no idea where they were. The room was unfamiliar to him but there was a window on the other side of the room. Izuku climbed over the bed trying to get to but quickly found that the chain only allowed him to get maybe three good steps away from the bed.

He pulled on the chain in frustration and watched the window mournfully. Was this really happening?! Surely this was just a joke right? Kacchan could be mean sometimes so it was possible. Uraraka…That had to have been a nightmare! He felt sick just remembering it. The sounds are what haunted him. Sickening cracking, Uraraka’s crying, and Kacchan’s grunts of exertion. And his own powerlessness to do anything about it. Izuku had felt powerless before but he thought he had left that behind in his childhood. Bile rose in his throat and tears threatened to spill just from remembering the feeling.


Several minutes later Katsuki returned to the bed room to find Izuku with the chain stretched taunt staring at the window and mumbling to himself. Katsuki casually went and set the plate of cinnamon rolls and the glass of milk he was carrying on the night stand before turning to his adorable boyfriend. Deku would be lost in thought for the next thirty minutes if he didn’t interrupt. Katsuki smirked to himself as he stalked up behind the shorter man and wrapped his arms around him from behind making Deku jump and squeak if fright. Katsuki rested his chin in the junction between Izuku’s neck and shoulder while Izuku squirmed in discomfort.

“Kacchan…We need to talk.” Izuku said voice steady despite the heart attack he nearly had a second ago. Katsuki hummed in response nosing at Izuku’s neck and making him blush at the very affectionate action. Katsuki kept his body glued to his own in a tight grip. “Why did you do this?”

“Do what Deku?” Katsuki growled frowning against his skin before giving lazy kisses against it. Izuku jerked away from him when he felt that and turned his head to stare at Katsuki in disbelief.

“Uraraka…” Izuku said throat tightening at just mentioning the name and his eyes watering after he had spent the last ten minutes schooling himself to avoid crying. “T-This!” Izuku exclaimed grabbing the metal collar around his neck. Katsuki scowled as he saw Izuku getting upset again and unwrapped himself from Izuku. He grabbed Izuku’s hand and ignored Izuku’s attempt to wrench it away from him as he dragged Izuku back to the bed.

“Everything I do is for you. Now eat. I need to go out and run a few errands. I’ll let you in the bathroom before I go. I’ll be back around four.” Katsuki rattled off as he shoved Izuku to sit on the bed and then offered him up a cinnamon roll. But Izuku pressed his lips into a thin line and the tears had yet to disappear from his eyes.

“I’m not hungry.” Izuku said, the thought of food made him nauseous and his stomach turned in knots. He couldn’t stomach anything right now, not with the thought of Uraraka in his mind and his anxiety about his situation. Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him clearly annoyed at the rejection but didn’t push it and placed the roll back on the plate. He scowled at seeing he had gotten the sweet glaze on his fingers before turning to Izuku.

“Lick them.” Katsuki commanded holding them out to the smaller man. Izuku blanched and looked at Katsuki like he had grown a second head.

“W-What?!” Izuku asked looking back and forth between the blonde and the fingers offered to him.

“I said lick my fingers Deku, don’t start whining about it.” Katsuki said annoyed that Izuku kept denying things. His boyfriend shouldn’t be so off put by things like this.

“Kacchan why are you acting like this?! I don’t understand what-“ Izuku started to say as the tears spilled again further irritating Katsuki as the blonde reached out and grabbed Izuku’s jaw silencing the freckled man quickly. He lifted Izuku’s head to force him to stare at him as he brought his other hand with the sweetened fingers to Izuku’s lips. Upon eye contact Izuku trembled a little, the Katsuki he was looking at wasn’t one he was entirely familiar with.

“I won’t ask again.” Katsuki said tone flat and crimson eyes watching him a bit dispassionately. It had the hairs on the back of Izuku’s neck standing on end and he tried to look down away from him but the only thing he saw now were the waiting fingers in front of his face. Katsuki’s fingers barely brushed over his bottom lip as he waited expectantly.

Izuku gulped before squeezing his eyes shut and sticking his tongue out just the tiniest fraction to briefly glide over the closest fingertip. His cheeks bore a flush of humiliation at having done it and when he opened his eyes he saw Katsuki leering at him with a smirk. Having Izuku literally in the palm of his hand and obeying him was a dream come true for the blonde. His blush was adorable to look at although one half mixed with the purple bruising from last nights slap. Izuku was looking up at him with those big virescent eyes had his fantasies running wild.

“They’re not clean yet.” Katsuki prompted in a low tone when Izuku just sat there unsure of what to do. Izuku’s lip trembled a little bit before he bit it and steeled himself. Then he opened his mouth and Katsuki watched as Izuku’s pink tongue softly cleaned his fingers. Katsuki could feel his body heating up from the action as his eyes followed the tongues movements and his throat threatened to release a groan. All too quickly Izuku had rid the glaze from Katsuki’s fingers and kept his eyes downcast as he sniffled.

Katsuki inspected his fingers before releasing Izuku’s jaw with his other hand. Izuku instantly shrunk away from him. The mossy haired man seemed to find the floor quite interesting at the moment, he refused to look at Katsuki. Katsuki wasn’t very bothered by it as went and got dressed before he left the room to grab the key ring from its hiding spot. He unlocked the chain from the bedpost and then tugged on it to get Izuku to stand. He led him out of the bedroom to the bathroom across the hall.

Izuku anxiously looked around him as they left the bedroom. He looked up and down the hall they were in but didn’t see anything that might clue to him about where they were. The walls were bare and his brief glimpse went away quickly as Katsuki basically pushed him into the bathroom. It was actually very spacious inside, a large corner tub in one corner with a walk in shower in the other and a toilet next to it. Everything was brightly lit and cleaned impeccably. It didn’t surprise Izuku. If this was some place Katsuki owned it would likely be well organized and very clean. The blonde was a bit OCD like his father was.

“Um, could you close the door?” Izuku asked standing awkwardly in the middle of the bathroom as Katsuki just stood in the door way holding the chain like he was some sort of dog the blonde owned.

“Just piss already Deku I got shit to do today.” Katsuki grunted folding his arms and leaning against the doorway. After some more bickering between them Izuku got him to at least turn around while he awkwardly relieved himself. After that Katsuki started to lead him back to the bedroom and Izuku dug his feet into the ground making the annoyed blonde turn to him with a glare.

“Kacchan please don’t put me back in there. Please take this off! I’m not a dog Kacchan!” Izuku shouted at him unexpectedly while he stood firmly in the hall not wanting to budge another step forward.

“You just have to make everything difficult don’t you moron?” Katsuki seethed patience at its end after having spent the last ten minutes waiting on Deku to stop arguing and piss. He marched towards Izuku who immediately tried to back up on instinct at seeing the furious blonde but Katsuki had the chain wrapped around his hand quickly shortening and not allowing him to get away. Katsuki reached him and grabbed the back of his head pulling him forward forcefully. Izuku hissed as his hair was pulled, fresh tears springing to his eyes. He had always been tender headed, it was why his hair often looked so messy because he was reluctant to brush it out.

He tried to reach up behind his head and pry Katsuki’s hand off as he was unwillingly marched into the bedroom. It was either march or get his hair ripped out. Katsuki shoved him harshly onto the ground next to the bed while he immediately went and locked him back to the bed post. He gave it an experimental tug to ensure it was properly secured before turning back to a crying Izuku on the ground. Katsuki knew he wasn’t crying from the pain, Izuku had a high pain tolerance since they were kids. He was crying because of his feelings.

Katsuki crouched down to Izuku’s level but Izuku didn’t look up at him. Instead he clenched his fists as he stifled a mini sob threatening to erupt from his throat. Katsuki sighed at Izuku’s attitude but none the less leaned forward and place a quick kiss to the top of his head before getting back to his feet and going to the door. He’d leave the rolls and milk there in case Izuku changed his mind.

“I’ll be back later. I’ll bring home a nice surprise for us.” Katsuki said from the doorway. He couldn’t help the mischievous grin that wormed its way on his face at the thought of tonight. Tonight. Alone with Deku. Together. With no more space between them. Izuku didn’t say anything and didn’t move from his spot as Katsuki closed the door on him.

Katsuki clicked the door shut and turned to the hall. He went down stairs to the front door of the cabin and grabbed the bags from the entry way and took them out to his car. He loaded them up and went back to lock up the doors five locks. He shoved the key ring into his pocket and climbed into his car. He looked up at the big cabin before him tapping his fingers a moment longer on the steering wheel. He looked over all the barred windows and assured himself everything was in place.

The cabin brought back memories of all the hunting trips he had done out here with his dad. Katsuki pulled away from it onto the dirt road and thought about those times. He liked hunting a lot, it had been a good outlet for him as a kid and sometimes even now as an adult. His mother, the old hag, constantly griped about it but his quiet father had always deemed it healthy for him. Especially after they found out his connection to the missing pets of the neighborhood. Katsuki had a lot of anger, a temperament he had gotten from his equally angry and loud-mouthed mother. He had inherited his OCD and intelligent nature from his father. Their best and worst traits combined in a deadly combination known as Bakugou Katsuki. Katsuki had bought the cabin and the piece of land off his old man for a reduced price as a kind of gift after he graduated from his trade school.

Katsuki drove past the gravel bed next to the road and spared it a glance with a smirk. God it had felt so good to kill that bitch. Flat face was rotting in the dirt right now and all he felt was smugness about it. He still didn’t know why Deku was so upset about it. But he wouldn’t be for too much longer. Katsuki would make him forget about her and anyone else who might try to get between them. He glanced at the clock on his car and saw it just now 8:30 in the morning. He’d have to be quick if he wanted to get this right.

He reached their small town by nine and navigated the streets easily to a familiar address. He parked his car and glanced around to make sure no one was watching. The street was pretty much empty. Most people already left for work so he felt confident as he got out of the car and climbed the steps of the small house next to him. He stealthily opened the door and closed it quietly. He wondered into the messy living room scrunching his nose at and barely resisting the urge to straighten things up. He went up the stairs and opened the door to a bedroom where a certain red head was sleeping while drooling on his pillow.

“Hey. Shitty Hair.” Katsuki said walking over and kicking the bed. It did nothing but make the other man twitch and give a loud snore. Katsuki tsked at him before picking up a pillow and slapping him with it hard. It took a few hits to get through that thick skull but eventually the other guy groaned and rolled over blinking up at Katsuki. Katsuki hit him once more in the face for good measure.

“Dude! I’m getting enough punishment this morning.” Kirishima whined at him, muffled by the pillow. The spiky haired man grabbed the pillow off his face and squeezed his eyes shut at the light in the room from the nearby window giving another groan of pain. “I haven’t been that shit faced in a while. I think I blacked out man! What time is it?” Kirishima asked as he ran a hand down his face. The hang over was really killing him.

“Its almost ten fuck face.” Katsuki snorted down at him. Kirishima groaned loudly and sat up regretting it as he felt his stomach flip. Katsuki watched him jump out of bed and run to the nearest bathroom followed by the wonderful sounds of vomiting.

“Remind me to never drink when I have work the next day.” Kirishima whimpered hovering over the toilet.

“Not my fault you don’t know when to cut off.” Katsuki grunted at him coming to lean in the doorway.

“Well you know, that’s normally what friends are for.” Kirishima said pouting. He might have gone a little over board since Katsuki had reluctantly agreed to hang out with him. He had just wanted to show his best bro how much fun it could be when he actually socialized. “Ugh I feel like shit. You okay? My lumpy couch isn’t exactly the best place to sleep off this.”

Katsuki gave him a skeptical look and Kirishima noticed how neat he looked. How did this guy keep it together all the time?

“Some of us know what the fuck we’re doing.” Katsuki said rolling his eyes. “You should hurry up or your ass is going to late.”

“Right…” Kirishima said reluctantly not wanting to leave the cool tiled floor of his bathroom. He held out a hand to Katsuki and gave him a pleading look. Katsuki raised an eyebrow at him scowling but eventually reached out and pulled him to his feet. Kirishima couldn’t help but smile widely at his help as he slipped out of the bathroom and went about quickly as he could getting ready. “At least the gym will have tons of gatorade. Hopefully I can get rid of this curse.” Kirishima griped holding his head at the constant hammering.

Katsuki hovered around him around the house as he grabbed various items. Kirishima paused with his hand on the door knob looking over at Katsuki.

“Uh, you gonna stay here man?” Kirishima asked wondering if he needed to lock the door.

“Fuck no, I’m not staying in your dump one second longer. I’ll fucking catch a disease in here.” Katsuki snapped following him out onto the porch. Kirishima locked up and they walked down to the side walk together.

“Hey, don’t dis on my man cave. It’s a manly place…” Kirishima pouted at him swinging into his car that was parked in front of Katsuki. “I guess I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah whatever Shitty Hair.” Katsuki grunted getting into his own car. Kirishima smiled at that and started his car pulling away. Katsuki watched him go before starting his own getting on the real task before him. The red head was annoying as hell, but a little tolerable. They had met at the gym Kirishima works at and the one Katsuki visited three times a week to do extensive work outs. Kirishima had bugged him every time he went in, apparently drawn in by his ‘manliness’.

He grumbled to himself about Kirishima as he drove. He had to go to the other side of town to his next destination. He parked two blocks away and grabbed a duffel bag and walked up to Deku’s house casually. Again, he made sure no one was watching as he went up and unlocked the door with the key Deku had given him a year ago.

He closed the door and cracked his neck looking around. He had work to do.

Chapter Text

Izuku cried out in frustration. No matter what he tried he couldn’t get the collar off or at least disconnect the chain from the bed. At one point he had even desperately tried to move the bed to try and get close to the window. If he could at least know where he was he might be able to think of a way to get someone’s attention. But he had quickly found the bed had been bolted to the floor. He rummaged through every place within reach to find something, anything, that could loosen bolts.

He came up empty. The only thing that was within reach was the night stand. Inside of it was a book that Kacchan appeared to be reading, his reading glasses and case, and...a bottle of lube. He slammed it shut and sat on the bed to calm down and think. He obviously wasn’t getting out of this on his own, which meant he needed to convince Kacchan to stop whatever this was.

Izuku bit his lip feeling fresh tears stinging his eyes. Sure Katsuki had always been a rough person, but he had never done anything like this. Katsuki was the one person Izuku could really count on to be there no matter what. Surely Katsuki had had a good reason for doing this to him? Flashes of Uraraka body illuminated by headlights came to his brain and he choked.

No, there was no reason that could justify that. Izuku felt his heart being torn apart. Both for his now dead best friend and potential love, and for the dark twisted betrayal Katsuki had done. But WHY? He couldn’t pinpoint what it was and he was left pacing and muttering to himself for however long he was left alone.


Katsuki moved around Deku’s house with ease. It was like a second home to him and he had spent more time here than perhaps his own cabin before this point. Deku had given him a key to the house over a year ago and he still remembered the moment fondly. For a couple of weeks Deku had gotten paranoid, he said he felt like he was being watched. It got to the point where he had called Katsuki in the middle of the night panicked that someone was lurking around his home.

Of course Katsuki had responded immediately, five minutes later Deku had opened his door to Katsuki and the blonde was immediately attacked by a hug. Deku had called him because Katsuki made him feel the safest. Deku had even asked him to spend the night there with him. An embarrassed blush overtaking his features but had tantalized Katsuki. He doesn’t remember exactly how, but he had managed to get Deku to ask him to sleep in the bed with him. He probably guilted him into it by griping about having to sleep on a couch.

That was probably one of the best nights of Katsuki’s life. To be able to lay down next to Deku and have the other man cuddled snuggly into the blankets next to him. He was pretty sure he hadn’t slept that night. With Deku asleep he was able to reach out and touch him. Pet his soft unruly hair and caress his freckle smattered cheeks. He had been careful about it but it was a new freedom to him.

He had watched Deku sleep before, in fact, Deku wasn’t actually being paranoid. He had been stalking Deku for a few months at that point. He had just gotten bolder the longer he was able to go undetected and it finally tipped Deku off to it. But this was better than that. Previously he had to pick the lock on Izuku’s back door every time he wanted in. Katsuki enjoyed his night time visits. Occasionally stealing a few small things Deku would likely not miss or if he did he would chalk them up to being scatterbrained and lost it.

At one point Katsuki had recorded Deku sleeping, a good six hours of it. It had been so hard not to touch Deku while doing it. Deku was a light sleeper and Katsuki hadn’t wanted to wake him and be discovered. But then Deku invited him over and now he wouldn’t have to worry about being discovered because Deku had invited him in. After that Deku invited him fairly often to spend the night. Deku took comfort knowing Katsuki was around and it lessened the need for the uninvited nightly visits.

On nights that Deku didn’t invite him Katsuki would lay in bed in the cabin with his phone out and ear phone in. He’d let the recording of Deku play while laying it next to him to watch and eventually fall asleep to it. Things with Deku had been moving along nicely. They were spending even more time together and Katsuki was managing to keep Deku’s attention away from other people. He was actually going to tell Deku he should just move in with him to the cabin since they were together so often. He was so sure Deku would agree and even be ecstatic about it.

But then Flat Face had ruined things. He didn’t think she or Four Eyes would be a problem because he had slowly gotten Deku to spend less and less time with them. Katsuki had actually been making dinner for him and Deku on one of his sleep over nights when Deku told him about the date. Deku had gone to hang out with them that day and when he came back he had sheepishly told Katsuki about the date. It took all of Katsuki’s self restraint not to explode right then and there.

“Why the fuck would you go on a date with Round Face?” Katsuki had grunted over his shoulder after listening to Deku ramble about his hang out session with his friends. He was gripping the pan over the stove in a white knuckle grip and imagining using it to bludgeon Round Face. He thought he had frightened her off two months ago in a none to subtly muttered threat when Deku had his back turned.

“Well...She is really pretty.” Deku had said blushing like as idiot and toying with the utensils on the table behind Katsuki. Pretty? Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. That bitch was probably the ugliest slut Katsuki had laid eyes on. She was clinging as fuck always hanging on Deku or touching him when Katsuki saw her around him. “And I think it’s a good way to get myself out there. Even if it doesn’t work out I think we’d still be friends. I think it’s time I open up to dating, you know? I don’t think you want to have to deal with me forever Kacchan.” Deku had said giving a guilty little laugh because he thought he was being annoying to Katsuki every time he asked the other to come over. Katsuki had been doing breathing exercises to remain calm as Deku said that.

“You’re an idiot if you think you can date and be friends afterwards.” Katsuki had growled. That bitch would dig her claws in the moment Deku let her. He was already blushing while talking about her and it made Katsuki want to slit her god damn throat.

“I don’t think that’s true Kacchan.” Deku had pouted at him while setting his head down on his arms. He stared for a moment at Katsuki’s back, the tensed muscles Katsuki had hidden from view with his shirt. “You should think of starting to date too Kacchan. I bet you could find someone pretty quick. Otherwise my friends will never stop calling you my husband.” Deku had chuckled to himself.

Katsuki paused in his murderous thoughts. Was Deku saying he found Katsuki attractive when he said he’d find someone quick? And if those bastards already got the message that Deku was his by calling them husbands did that mean Round Face was finally challenging him? He might have slammed down the pan in anger at the mere thought of that making Izuku jump behind him.

Luckily for him Deku thought he was just annoyed about the husband thing. He didn’t know that this simple conversation had triggered reaction. Katsuki had slowly been grooming Deku to move in with him but now the plans would need to accelerate. Deku’s date night was in three days. That was fine. Katsuki could have things prepared by then. He already had the cabin semi ready with bars and locks. Now he would just need to make sure he had a way to keep Deku in since the idiot likely would try to run after this.

“What are you smirking about Kacchan?” Deku had asked, a curious smile of his own on his face while he ate the dinner Katsuki had prepared. Katsuki was sitting across from him smirking.

“You got shit on the side of your face Deku.” Katsuki said pointing and making Deku blink and wipe away the food. The moment passing by without much notice as Izuku went back to telling Katsuki all about his day. He didn’t know that Katsuki was smirking at the thought of killing Round Face. He already knew how he wanted to do it. Beat the shit out her for even thinking she could take Deku. No one would be taking him from Katsuki.

Katsuki snapped from his reminiscing as the sound of a phone ringing echoed in the quiet home. Katsuki stuffed the last bit of clothes he could into the now empty duffel bag he had and slung it over his shoulder. He jogged down the steps to find the phone laying on the ground in the kitchen from where it had landed after Katsuki had caught Izuku. Katsuki picked it up with a gloved hand and saw it was Four Eyes calling. That was quicker than he had anticipated.

Katsuki picked up the phone and took it back upstairs throwing it carelessly on the bed. He’d leave it for them to find. He glanced around to make sure things were as he had made them. He mentally checked off his list and smiled glancing at his own phone. He was ahead of schedule.

He went back down stairs and glanced out the windows to make sure no one was outside. He then jogged out down the block figuring being quick would be best. The stuffed duffel bag thumped against his side as he went back to his car and threw it in the back seat. He started up the car and smirked to himself as he drove away. Things were going much smoother than he thought they would. With the work done, he could start getting things for Deku’s first night with him.


Izuku blearily blinked awake. He hadn’t realized he had fallen into a restless sleep after thinking around in circles for hours. He felt warm and a soft touch was combing through his hair. He belatedly realized his head was placed in a lap and when he turned to look up he saw Katsuki. He froze, like a deer caught in headlights, while Katsuki didn’t seem to care and continued running fingers through his green curls.

“Awake now huh?” Katsuki asked looking down at him with a half smirk. Izuku shivered at that look and pushed himself to sit up and scoot away from the blonde which Katsuki surprisingly let him do. Katsuki got up off the bed and clicked his tongue at Izuku’s reaction. Izuku realised his neck didn’t feel as heavy and reached up to feel around the collar. The chain wasn’t attached. “You didn’t touch your breakfast.” Katsuki said picking up the plate of cold and untouched rolls.

Izuku said nothing while Katsuki took the plate and went to the door to the room sparing him a glance before leaving. Izuku sat there dumbfounded. The chain was off and the door was open. Without a second thought Izuku jumped for the bed and finally went to the window he had been trying to look out of all day. He pushed away the thin curtain to look outside. He let his hand fall away as he stared at nothing but woods around the home past the thick iron bars over the window itself. They were in the middle of nowhere. The one road he could see in front of the house was made of dirt, and probably not well travelled.

There was no one out there to help him.

Izuku’s lip wobbled but he bit it to stop before his crushed hope overwhelmed him. He could still get out if he put his mind to it. Crying wasn’t going to help him now. With his new found freedom Izuku wandered around the bedroom. Finding nothing more than books and clothes. He snatched a pair of sweats that were obviously Katsuki’s. For how big Katsuki was he had a slim waist, still the pants fitted loosely of Izuku’s smaller body. It gave Izuku a little comfort to not be exposed in just boxers and a sweater.

Next he stuck his head out into the hall. It was free and clear of any Kacchan. The bathroom was open but Izuku ignored it while he went down the hall to another window. It was barred too. There was another door next to the bathroom but when Izuku tried to open it he found it locked. That just left the stairs for him to go. Izuku hesitantly stepped down them slowly. He could hear Katsuki down on the first floor shuffling around.

Izuku reached the bottom and peered out at a small living room. There was a couch there that had seats that looked like you could sink into them. A tv hung on the wall above a fireplace. Izuku glanced around as he made his way over to it still hearing Katsuki to the back of the house. The fire was covered by a locked little gate but Izuku could see it was an actual fire crackling and giving off heat.

Izuku walked away from it quickly after turning and noticing the front door. He almost tripped over his own feet in his hurry to it. He grabbed the knob and turned only to find it didn't budge. He looked up to see three locks facing the inside of the home. And what seemed to be two more that would be facing the outside. It was excessive, and crazy. Izuku pulled on the door a few more times, somehow desperately hoping it would unlock. When he realized it wasn’t getting any better Izuku went to the window around the front of the cabin. Again barred and locked so he couldn’t even open them.

He also looked around for something to use, anything, maybe even something he could hide on himself in case Katsuki decided to chain him again. But the cabin was bare. There was furniture, must of it heavy and sturdy. Besides the tv above the fireplace and the lights there were no electronics. He stared at a window debating about breaking it but a clunk from the back of the house told Izuku Katsuki would likely hear it and be on him before he could do anything.

Eventually Izuku crept to where the noise was coming from. He walked past the living room and into an area with a dining room to one side and a kitchen on the other. He spotted Katsuki standing at the kitchen counter cooking. Like he did at Izuku’s own home, as if there was nothing wrong right now. Katsuki spared him a glance, as if sensing Izuku’s confused stare.

“Go ahead and sit down Deku. It’ll be ready if a few minutes.” Katsuki grunted at him turning his back to Izuku. Izuku didn’t know what to do. He looked over at the dining room table and then back to Katsuki. Then he noticed that the kitchen was stocked with utensils. Like spoons, forks,...and knives. They were likely the only thing he could get as a tool.

Without thinking Izuku took a step towards the kitchen before freezing as Katsuki shut off the oven top with a click and turned around to him. Scarlet eyes narrowed at him and Izuku gulped under his gaze.

“You’re not allowed in the kitchen Deku.” Katsuki said tone clipped and cold. It felt like staring at a crouched leopard and a minute of utter silence fell between them. Tension in the air thick enough to choke Izuku. Izuku finally looked away and took a step back. Even if he tried for something Katsuki would easily wrestle him to the ground before he could reach anything.

“Go sit down.” Katsuki said, he seemed happy with Izuku’s submission. Izuku grit his teeth, wanting to lash out but knowing doing so might make things worse. Instead Izuku turned and went to the table slipping into a seat in quiet frustration. Katsuki came in and sat a steaming bowl in front of Izuku. Along with wooden chopsticks...not something he could really use against Katsuki. The utterly delicious smell of Izuku’s favorite katsudon wafted up to Izuku and his traitorous and previously ignored stomach growled loudly at it.

The sound reached Katsuki’s ears as he slipped into the seat across from Izuku. He smirked at Izuku who refused to look up at him. Without much ceremony Katsuki started to eat, apparently comfortable with the tense quiet over them. Izuku continued staring at the food but made no move to eat. Instead he glanced up to where Katsuki was staring at him. Eventually Izuku couldn’t take the silence.

“Kacchan…” He started to say but then seemed to be at a loss for words.

“What’s wrong Deku? You better eat before it gets cold.” Katsuki said, “I know your hungry. They probably fucking heard your loud ass stomach a mile from here.”

“You need to stop this Kacchan.” Izuku said bravely looking up to meet Katsuki’s eyes. “I don’t know why you did this… But you can stop right now. We need to go to the police. Kacchan what you did to Uraraka-”

“Stop saying that bitch’s name.” Katsuki interrupted in a bit of a vicious growl. A hand slammed on the table making Izuku snap his mouth shut and eyes widened. His heart hammered in the silence between them before Katsuki scowled looking annoyed more than anything. He gave off a sigh before pushing out his chair and standing.

He started making his way around the table towards Izuku who scrambled up out his seat too, unsure of what Katsuki was planning on doing next. Katsuki’s hand shot out and snatched the front of Izuku’s sweater stopping him from getting further away from him and instead he dragged Izuku closer. Izuku flinched and stared up at him, Izuku’s hands were kind of shaky as they came up to grab Katsuki’s hand that was twisted in the stupidly soft sweater he had on.

Izuku was pulled close and forcefully pushed back into his previously abandoned seat. With his other hand Katsuki snatched Izuku’s chin to force him to stare at the blonde fully.

“You were asking why I was doing this Deku? I thought I made it clear to you last night.” Katsuki leaned in and pressed a kiss against Izuku’s unmoving lips. Katsuki relished the feeling of the soft skin’s give to his own greedy demand while Izuku stared at him. This close together Katsuki could see all the shades of green hidden in those jade eyes. Katsuki pulled back and tilted his head to look down at Izuku’s stunned and numb expression. “I’m doing this because I love you Deku.”

He let go and turned back to his own seat walking back to it and slipping into it. He picked up his own chopsticks and glanced up to where Izuku was staring at him still.

“Eat Deku.” Katsuki said. It wasn’t a request. Izuku could tell by the mere implication in the blonde’s tone. Almost robotically Izuku picked up his chopsticks and nibbled at the food. He had hoped it would get the blonde to stop staring at him. The blonde smirked satisfactorily at the sight of Izuku eating and turned to his own to finish up.

Izuku didn’t know what to say after that. They ate in silence again. Izuku only ate half his bowl, his stomach still clenched with his nerves at the constant stress. He was more or less just moving things around in the bowl while Katsuki ate. The food was probably delicious, as Kacchan’s food always tended to be, but right now Izuku couldn’t register the taste. Every second felt like an hour.

It genuinely surprised Izuku when Katsuki eventually stood up with his empty bowl. It had felt like they had fallen into some sort of limbo and the dinner would never end. Izuku tensed up as Katsuki came over to him picking up the bowl. He frowned when he saw not much of it eaten but didn’t make comment on it. Instead he took the dishes away leaving Izuku to stare after him in the dining room.

Izuku heard the bowls being placed in a the sink and the water started running. No doubt Katsuki’s OCD wouldn’t allow him to leave the bowls to clean later and was likely methodically cleaning everything in the kitchen after having cooked in there. Izuku bit his lip and got up.

The only thing he could do was go around and double check everything on the first floor. He moved a few things around in his search but was careful to replace them to the spot he moved them from. He came up empty again and his eyes were getting misty in his frustrations. He stopped in the living room to stare at the crackling fire. The billowing warmth felt nice against his skin and the flames offered a mindless distraction for Izuku.

He didn’t notice when the water in the kitchen turned off. He whipped around as a floorboard creaked and Katsuki stood watching him in the doorway. Katsuki was looking at him differently. It was a look Izuku had never seen on Katsuki before and it made his hair stand on end, the unknown making his anxiety swell. Katsuki closed in on him as Izuku shifted unsure if trying to gain distance would really do anything. Really this cabin was small and snug. But at the moment it felt cramped and suffocating.

Katsuki wrapped his arms around Izuku squeezing him lightly but in a possessive hold that made Izuku push against him in protest. What was said next had Izuku feeling cold even though he was wrapped against another person’s body heat and the fire heated them both in orange light.

“Remember that surprise I promised?”

Chapter Text

Izuku froze in Katsuki’s arms at the question. His mind racing a mile a minute. Katsuki’s tone had been soft and affectionate.

“I think you’re really going to like what I got you.” Katsuki murmured next to his ear. With that he released Izuku and grabbed one of his wrists pulling him along as he turned back to the stairs. Izuku was half dragged back up the stairs and back into the bedroom, he didn’t fight it this time. He knew it would be fruitless to struggle. “Stay here for a minute Deku.”

With that Katsuki left him standing there in worried confusion and turned back to the hall. Izuku waited a moment before peeking out into the hall after him. He saw the door that had previously been locked cracked open and could hear Katsuki rummage inside the dark room. Izuku ducked back to into the bedroom when he saw the door open for Katsuki’s reemergence. Izuku back pedaled further into the bedroom and tried to control the dread that was rising inside of him.

Katsuki re-entered the bedroom and crimson eyes watched Izuku. Izuku’s own eyes were pinned to the black shopping bag in Katsuki’s hand. He swallowed his anxiety and finally looked back up at Katsuki as the blonde closed the door behind himself. The click of the door somehow made his trapped situation even worse in Izuku’s mind.

“Come here Deku.” Katsuki said while setting the bag down and reaching in to pull out a small black box. Izuku still kept his distance but Katsuki didn’t seem to mind too much. Instead the blonde came to him and Izuku resisted the urge to back away. His brows were furrowed in confusion at the small box Katsuki had. It obviously wasn’t the only thing to the bag Katsuki had brought in but Katsuki held the box out to him in an indecipherable look.

“What is it?” Izuku asked finding his voice once again as his eyes glanced at the box and back up to Katsuki multiple times.

“It would be a shit surprise if I just told you.” Katsuki snorted still holding the box out expectantly to Izuku. Izuku still regarded it suspiciously making Katsuki roll his eyes. He decided to help Izuku along with this and snatched one of his hands making him jump as he placed the box in the hand. “Go a head. Open it.” Katsuki said watching Izuku closely.

Izuku lifted a shaky hand to the lid of the box and slowly lifted it under the pressure of Katsuki’s expectant stare. The lid opened to reveal a gleam of gold. Izuku blinked down at the item in the box. It was a gold ring. But Izuku looked up questioningly at Katsuki. The ring was too large and thick to be a ring and it was too small to be a bracelet. He had no idea what it was supposed to be.

Katsuki stared at Izuku’s big innocently confused eyes and his lips twitched into a smirk. He chuckled a little at Izuku’s naivety, god he loved how cute Izuku was like this.

“You have no idea what that is do you?” Katsuki said his tone barely holding in his mirth at Izuku’s expense. Katsuki’s tone only made Izuku certain he didn’t want to know what this was. Before Izuku could take a step back Katsuki pulled him closer by the hand that was holding the box and tilted his head to stare down at Izuku whose eyes had widened slightly in fear. “It’s alright Deku. I’ll show you how to wear it.”

The box was taken away from Izuku but he hardly noticed as Katuski was suddenly crushing his lips against Izuku’s own. Izuku immediately tried to back away but Katsuki had swiftly wound an arm around his waist to pull him in close.

“W-wait Kacch-mph!” Izuku barely got out in a moment of reprieve only for Katsuki to come back ferocious again. Katsuki was forcing him backwards until Izuku’s legs unexpectedly hit the edge of the bed and his knees folded on him tripping him backwards onto the soft surface.

Katsuki followed him down, pushing Izuku to lay flat with a muscled forearm across his chest pinning him and one of Katsuki’s knees shifting up onto the bed between his legs. Izuku panicked throwing his head to the side to break Katsuki insistent lips from his own and panted in shallow breaths out, sudden terror flooding his system.

“Kacchan stop!” Izuku demanded voice cracking as tears flooded his eyes. Katsuki ignored his plea and moved to kiss along his jaw and neck. Izuku tried to shove the arm off his chest that was keeping him pinned and curled a leg up to kick the bigger man off himself. Katsuki growled at him for his struggles and glared up at him while sucking a bruise on his neck. Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s right hand, his dominant one, and shoved it against the bed with his free hand. To avoid the inconvenience of Izuku’s legs he shifted further on top of Izuku until he was basically straddling the other under him.

“Please stop! I don’t want to do this!” Izuku pleaded after losing the position that had allowed him to use his legs in his defense. Tears were prickling his eyes as he tried to thrash against the blonde’s hold.

“I think I can change that.” Katsuki rumbled flashing his eyes down at Izuku. He suddenly sat up removing his arm from Izuku’s chest. Izuku sat up too and placed both his hands of the blonde’s chest in an attempt to push him off. He quickly changed his mind though as Katsuki paid him no mind and instead grabbed the hem of the fluffy sweater he was wearing and wrenched it upwards. Izuku instantly switched to try and stop the sweater from leaving but he was too slow. Katsuki snatched over his head in a powerful pull leaving Izuku flushed and bare chested in front of him.

Izuku crossed his arms as though it might hide his skin from Katsuki’s view while the blonde tossed the sweater carelessly off to the side. Tears fell from Izuku’s face as he felt the blonde rake his eyes over his torso. Katsuki had seen him like this before. Hell, Katsuki had seen him walk around in a towel back at Izuku’s home. But this was different from the past. Now Katsuki’s gaze felt like it was trying to pick him apart and get at whatever was inside.

“Why are you trying to hide Deku?” Katsuki asked with a hint of dark amusement. Izuku shook his head in frustration before abandoning his attempts to hide and instead glared at the blonde. Izuku didn’t even realize he had tried to throw a punch until Katsuki caught his hand with his smirk disappearing. Before Izuku could try to fight more Katsuki’s other hand closed around his throat tightly and shoved him back flat against the bedding.

Izuku gasped for breath and tried to claw the hand off with the remaining one he had. He winced as Katsuki leaned over him and his grip on Izuku’s wrist tightened to the point where it felt like it might snap. Katsuki was frowning down at him with a shadowed face and red eyes that seemed to glow with malice.

“Deku. Stop fighting me. Or I’ll fucking snap all your limbs.” Katsuki said in a dark tone. Izuku gave out a choked cry as the blonde accented the threat by another squeeze to his wrist that sent a shock of pain running down to him. Katsuki released his wrist and Izuku tucked it close to his chest as he tried to take steady breaths through the narrow pathway of his throat thanks to Katsuki hand currently wrapped around it. There was a click in Izuku’s ear and he realized Katsuki had just chained him back to the bed.

With Izuku secured Katsuki let go and got off him. Izuku flipped on his side and coughed breathing in deeply and whimpering at his now very bruised wrist. Katsuki went back to the bag he had brought Izuku’s gift in with and pulled out a length of red smooth silk fabric ribbon. He came back just as Izuku managed to catch his breath. He pushed Izuku over onto his stomach and pressed a knee to his back to keep him pinned.

“STOP! Get off me!” Izuku protested. Again he was ignored. Instead Katsuki pinned Izuku’s arms behind his back and wrapped the red silk multiple times over his wrists before tying them tightly together. Izuku cried out in dismay as he tugged at the new binds finding that they had no give. Katsuki sat back for a moment enjoying the sight of red contrasting against Izuku’s pale skin. The red silk might as well be a ribbon wrapped around a present meant for Katsuki’s enjoyment.

Izuku sniffled as Katsuki got off him again. He awkwardly pushed himself up onto his knees and turned to see Katsuki pulling off his own shirt over his head. It set Katsuki’s muscular form on full display reminding Izuku of the strength difference between them. Katsuki’s eyes met his and Izuku turned away biting back more of the crying that threatened to spill from him. He jumped when Katsuki’s hands suddenly cupped his cheeks forcing Izuku to turn his head and look up at Katsuki standing in front of him. He felt completely helpless.

“Relax Deku. I’m going to make you feel good.” Katsuki said surprisingly soothingly. A thumb roughly wiped one of Izuku’s tear tracks from a freckle splattered cheek while Katsuki looked down at him softly. Izuku felt like he was having whiplash from Katsuki constant and sudden switches in tone. Katsuki looked down a glistening forest green eyes, Izuku looked so upset. Heat bubble in Katsuki’s lower stomach at the sight of Izuku bound and at his mercy once again.

“K-Kacchan please...don’t do this.” Izuku asked blinking out more tears as he trembled in Katsuki’s hands. Katsuki leaned forward and kissed Izuku’s cheek tasting a deliciously salty sweet tear. He hoped all of Deku tasted just as good.

“Don’t worry, Deku. I’ll have you crying from pleasure soon.” Katsuki cooed at him before kissing his lips and muffling another cry of despair Izuku tried to give. Izuku lips quickly became an obsession for Katsuki as he bit and pushed molding them with his own. Izuku had always had a bad habit of biting his lips in the past. It had been absolutely maddening to watch Izuku indulge the habit before all this. More than once Katsuki had to excuse himself from a room Izuku had been in after watching the nerd get lost in thought and begin abusing the plush flesh. Katsuki had jerked himself off at the very thought of showing Izuku how to actually bite a lip, or at the image on them wrapped around his cock while green eyes would gaze up at him. Now that he could actually feel them Katsuki was getting hard.

His hands traveled down to tease Izuku’s nipples while he kept his mouth busy. It took a bit of playing and teasing before he felt Izuku gasp against his lips and squirm just a little indicating he was finally starting to get aroused too. Katsuki smirked triumphantly pulling away from Izuku’s lips and allowing Izuku to pant. He crawled onto the bed as well, caging Izuku beneath him as he moved to coat Izuku’s throat and chest in trails of hickies that stood out nicely against Izuku’s skin.

The spread out freckles on Izuku’s body provided a map to guide Katsuki’s interest. Anywhere he saw one he sucked a new mark or lapped at the skin hungrily. Izuku whimpered under him, shoulders pulling his bound arms taunt as he wanted to push the blonde away. Katsuki was skilled at everything he did, and this was no exception. He latched onto one of Izuku nipples, nipping at it between sharp teeth to send sparks along Izuku’s nerves while his tongue swirled soothingly around it. Izuku gasped at the feeling and thrashed a little against it. Biting his already badly abused lips in an effort to stop sounds from travelling anymore and showing Katsuki how much this was affecting him.

His eyes bulged open though as one of Katsuki’s hands snaked beneath his pants and boxers and wrapped around his length stroking him slowly. It got exponentially harder to keep in the sounds the longer stimulation was given. Izuku flushed in shame and arousal as he felt himself beginning to harden under Katsuki’s calculating touches. He couldn’t stop the blonde when Katsuki moved to slide his pants off his legs slowly. Izuku made a noise of protest when the blonde wrapped fingers around the hem of his boxers but with his arms bound there was nothing that stopped them as they slipped away.

He was completely bare beneath Katsuki now and he squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting to see the look in the other man’s eyes. Despite that, Izuku could still feel his stare on his member. Izuku gasped when something incredibly warm and wet glided along his length. He snapped his eyes open to see Katsuki staring at his face while his tongue ran along Izuku’s most sensitive flesh. He watched in utter disbelief as Katsuki grabbed the base of his cock and proceeded to swish his tongue around the crown and gently blow on it teasingly.

A muffled whine sounded in Izuku’s throat at the treatment further egging Katsuki on. With eye contact Katsuki took the head into his mouth and sank down halfway before sucking harshly and bobbing.

“Nnghh-” Izuku let slip even against his best efforts to suppress himself. Relentless heat surrounded him and Katsuki didn’t let up with his tongue even for a moment. Izuku grit his teeth and turned his head side to side trying hard to will away the heat as Katsuki continued to work. The entire time watching him through blonde bangs. When the blonde sank all the way down to his base in one sudden movement he let out a moan unobstructed and his hips twitched up.

Katsuki swallowed around him sending a pulse through his cock and causing Izuku to buck again. Izuku was fully hard now with Katsuki licking the underside of his cock. Just as Katsuki started to get a pleasurable rhythm down that had Izuku mewling the blonde popped off of him with no warning. Izuku almost whined at the lost but caught himself as he remembered his situation. Something slightly cold slid snugly down his cock and settled at the base. When Izuku looked down he saw it was the gold ring from Katsuki’s gift box. It suddenly clicked into place. A cock ring. Katsuki was smirking devilishly at him as he wrapped a palm around Izuku’s cock and pumped him.

“You’re not allowed to come unless I want you to Deku.” Katsuki said while Izuku squirmed breathlessly. Katsuki kept a hand lazily pumping him while he reached over to the night stand and grabbed the bottle of lube Izuku had found earlier. Its appearance alarmed Izuku slightly and he shifted trying to scoot away from the blonde. Katsuki noticed and growled at him grabbing a leg pulling Izuku to him. Katsuki slathered his fingers in lube and Izuku’s eyes widened as he realized what Katsuki was planning to do.

“H-hold on. W-wait Kacchan you're not going to-” Izuku started to say in disbelief before he felt Katsuki suddenly invade him with a finger. He cried out trying to squirm away from the intrusion but Katsuki’s other hand pinned his hips down not allowing him to move.

“Hold still.” Katsuki demanded as his brow furrowed in concentration. It was tight. His finger slid in all the way to the knuckle with some wiggling. He curled it and attempted to feel around inside of Izuku. He felt giddy at the feeling of heated velvet walls. His still hidden cock throbbed at the thought of burying into it. Eagerness overtook him and against Izuku’s insistent protests he slipped a second finger in as well, stretching the ring of muscle as much as he felt he safely could. He grunted a little in frustration as he continued to feel Izuku clench on his fingers, not relaxing at all.

“Deku loosen up. You just going to make it hurt.” Katsuki hissed at him as he continued exploring inside of the other man. Izuku managed a glare at him, half tempted to spit in his face when a sudden shock of pleasure wracked his body making him arch his back. Caught off guard, Izuku let out an unbidden mewl of pleasure when one of Katsuki’s fingers brushed something deep in him.

Katsuki gave a toothy grin as he stroked to the spot again memorizing where it was inside of Deku. Izuku got looser around his fingers allowing him to add a third and spread Izuku wide. Izuku grimaced at the feeling of another one. Katsuki quickly decided Izuku shouldn’t have that look on his face when Katsuki was trying to pleasure him. He move swiftly, once again using a forearm across Izuku’s chest to pin him flat to the sheets. Izuku gave a startled yelp at that and then moaned wantonly as he felt Katsuki begin to rub at the spot inside of him.

Izuku thrashed nearly choking on his own spit as Katsuki didn’t move away from the spot. If anything he pressed into it harder and rubbed his fingers in circles on it. Izuku wasn’t aware he was babbling as each shifting press sent new stimulation through his sparking nerves.

“Does it feel good Deku?” Katsuki whispered huskily as he continued an unrelenting assault on the bundle of nerves. Izuku’s vision was completely blurred as more tears welled up from the sheer pleasure coursing through him. After Katsuki’s words the pressure in his abdomen felt like it had reached its crescendo. But it had nowhere to go. Izuku cried out in frustration as the cock ring prevented him from tipping over the edge. It kept him on the edge and unable to tip over it.

Katsuki groaned at the sound of desperation in Izuku’s voice. He couldn’t wait much longer and Katsuki withdrew his fingers leaving Izuku empty. Izuku blinked away the tears as he felt the almost orgasm fade from the edge. He breathed in deeply trying to will away the torture of the feeling. When his vision cleared he saw Katsuki stripping off his pants letting his own cock spring free. The head was an angry red and already leaking. Katsuki groaned again as he wrapped a lubed hand around it and pumped. He was looking down at Izuku, the heat of his eyes burning into him.

Izuku was flushed, panting, bound, and splayed open all for him. Years of fantasies and jerk off sessions barely compared to this image. They didn’t begin to compare to the sound of Izuku’s moans or the taste of him that was still heavy on Katsuki’s tongue. He climbed over Izuku who whimpered once again trying to move away from him but there was nowhere to go. Cornered, caged, and shackled. And looking absolutely perfect through it all.

“N-No.” Izuku choked out as he felt Katsuki’s head press against his entrance. Katsuki silenced Izuku’s weak protest by capturing his mouth in a deeper kiss. He kept a hand wrapped under his jaw to prevent Izuku from breaking it. Katsuki pushed in sinking into Izuku who cried out muffled against Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki continued pushing to the hilt before letting Izuku breathe again.

Izuku sobbed at the intrusion, the stretch burning him as Katsuki settled heavily against his ass.

“Shhh.” Katsuki cooed at him, his own eyes half lidded in pleasure. Katsuki licked one of Izuku’s tears away savoring the flavor of it while Izuku whimpered under him. Izuku felt amazing, heat pulsing and enclosing around Katsuki’s cock. It took all his self control not to move. “You’re okay Deku.” Katsuki said pecking him on the lips again while his other hand petted Izuku’s fluffy locks in a soothing manner. “You took my cock so well.” he purred.

Izuku sniffled eventually settling while keeping his eyes averted from Katsuki as much as he could with the hand still holding his face forward. Once Katsuki saw him adjust he stopped petting him and instead put the hand down between them to grasp Izuku’s dick again. Izuku let out a small gasp as Katsuki started stroking him. He picked a simple pace and moved his hips experimentally with it, giving small thrusts into Izuku in time with the strokes.

They both moaned in pleasure. Katsuki’s patience wore thin quicker than he would have liked. Deku was under him and Katsuki was inside of him. The thought was too hot. Suddenly feeling possessive and hungry Katsuki leaned back down and kissed Izuku deeply again. His hand and hips picked up the pace while he forced his way into Izuku’s mouth. His cock pounded into Izuku in short hard thrusts while he stuck his tongue into Izuku’s mouth swiping it along the inside in an attempt to fill every part of Deku with himself.

Katsuki was pulling out to halfway before slamming back in in a brutal pace. He was desperate, crushing Izuku beneath himself and stealing everything Izuku could possibly give. Izuku wasn’t able to brace himself against anything, so with each thrust he was pushed up the mattress a little more. Katsuki just followed him blindly seeking his pleasure.

Izuku would be openly crying out if he could but Katsuki didn’t back off from his mouth for a moment. It felt like the blonde was trying to invade all the way down his throat with just his tongue. Izuku was already at his climax but again the ring prevented him from cumming. Tears poured down his face, a mixture of pleasure, frustration, desperation, panic, shame, and confusion. But he was helpless to the whims of the blonde who seemed to be mindlessly railing into him. Chasing his own climax.

Katsuki had sped up to a tempo that had the constant sound of slapping skin assaulting Izuku’s ears. He finally broke the kiss to pant desperately. Heated breath floating across Izuku’s tear stained cheeks. Izuku cried out finally able to vocalize himself once freed of Katsuki. Katsuki thrusts turned erratic losing all rhythm to them until he finally slammed home with a loud moan.

At the same time the hand that had been pumping Izuku pulled off the cock ring and Izuku practically screamed as he came. Thick ropes of cum splattered his stomach and chest and rapture crashed over Izuku at finally being able to cum. The strange feeling of heat shooting into him from Katsuki cumming was a background sensation to the pure relief washing over him.

Katsuki was left panting above him staring down at Izuku’s dazed afterglow expression. It might have been the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his life. Katsuki slipped out of Izuku and collapsed beside him. The bounce of the bed seemed to alert the green haired man back to reality because he whimpered suddenly.

His arms ached terribly from their confinement and constant press behind him. His ass was sore, a wrist bruised, throat sore and dry. Upon hearing his whimper Katsuki shushed him again, pulling him over onto his side. Izuku felt the red silk being pulled at and soon his arms were free. He flexed his fingers as blood flow returned to normal and more tears accompanied the feeling. Arms wrapped around Izuku dragging him backwards until his back when flush against the blonde’s chest.

Izuku could feel Katsuki’s hot breath coating the back of his neck as Katsuki hummed in contentment behind him. He sniffled as he was hugged tightly, he felt like he should be fighting the hold but at the moment he was too exhausted to care that Katsuki was holding him like a child would their favorite toy.

“I love you Deku.” Katsuki murmured behind him while coating the nape of his neck in light lazy kisses. After that the blonde snuggled into him and before long they both succumbed to sleep. Katsuki slept the best he ever had. Izuku was out like a light, sleep dreamless and empty.


Chapter Text

Izuku didn’t want to wake up. He was hovering close to awareness but he remained in the remnants of sleep as if trying to bury his conscious mind so he wouldn’t have to face what had happened. He didn’t dare move an inch on the bed. He was sure Katsuki wasn’t there on the bed anymore but it didn’t matter. He didn’t want to move.

Unfortunately his captor thought differently. Izuku was dragged a little further away from the numb depth as he heard the click of Katsuki unhooking his collar from the chain and warm strong arms looped under his body. He shifted keeping eyes closed trying to weakly stay on the bed but Katsuki was persistent and before long Izuku was picked up and cradled against the blonde’s chest. Izuku gasped out loud as the movement made him hyper aware of all the soreness along his body and the fresh bruised wrist that he quickly rested on his chest. He was now fully awake but still didn’t open his eyes, futility hoping that sleep would come back to him.

At Izuku’s gasp Katsuki lifted him a little to place a kiss on Izuku’s forehead murmuring something softly that Izuku didn’t listen to. Katsuki smelled fresh and crisp, a lingering cleanliness from a recent shower laced the blonde’s usual scent. It made Izuku’s state even worse as he realized how very naked and dirty he was, the reminder of what happened last night still lingering on his skin and making him want to gag. He didn’t know where Katsuki was taking him, and right now he didn’t care. He was tired even after having slept without interruption. So he rested his head against Katsuki’s chest, hearing a pleased hum from the blonde.

“Here we go Deku.”

The sensation of being lowered instinctually made Izuku open his eyes and then squirmed in discomfort as he felt wetness brush his back. Izuku looked around to see Katsuki had brought him into the bathroom and the bathtub was filled already, steam caressing his body as Katsuki fully dipped him into it. Izuku hissed and  bit his lip at the feeling of heat creeping into all the aches of his body soothing the soreness there. Despite how good it would have felt to stretch out Izuku curled up keeping his knees up and arms wrapped around them. It was the position that best hid him from Katsuki’s view.

Izuku refused to meet those crimson eyes but he could still feel that gaze crawling over his skin. Looking to distract himself, Izuku glanced around for anything to clean himself with only to find the edges of the tub empty of any bottles, rags, or sponges. The question of where they were was answered when a gentle warm rag touched Izuku’s back making him flinch in surprise.

“Don’t touch me.” Izuku grumbled but it was weak and Katsuki ignored the demand and continued wiping down Izuku’s back. Alternating between wiping long stroking and circling the skin in a lenient manner. Izuku didn’t have the energy to fight more right now. He just felt numb. So he rested his head on his knees and let the blonde work in silence. He half expected Katsuki’s touches to become demanding and lustful at any moment but the blonde remained methodical and almost detached as he cleaned whatever skin Izuku was showing.

Eventually it got to the point where the only skin left to clean was Izuku’s midriff and thighs which were currently covered by Izuku’s curled up position. He set the rag down on the side of the tub and reached out to wrap a hand slowly around Izuku’s arm pulling with little force in an attempt to get Izuku to uncurl. Izuku just tightened his arms around his legs sudden fear striking through him. He didn’t want Katsuki touching him there.

“Please stop. I’ll do the rest.” Izuku said eyeing the drain of the tub and waiting for Katsuki’s response with a thudding heart.

“It’s alright Deku, I’m not going to hurt you. Just trying to get you clean.” Katsuki said once again pulling lightly on his arm. Izuku didn’t believe him. Katsuki had already hurt him so what would stop him from doing it again? Seeing that Izuku refused to budge Katsuki sighed. “Hey Deku, look at me.”

Izuku turned his head the other way to instead look at the wall. Katsuki didn’t like that at all.


Izuku’s shoulder tensed up but he didn’t look Katsuki’s way.

Deku.” Katsuki growled and he could see Izuku practically stop breathing in terror of his threatening tone of voice. Katsuki took a deep breath letting any rage that had surged forward simmer into the background again. Izuku still had purpling bruises on his cheek and wrist from his anger. Katsuki wasn’t planning on giving him anymore today.

So instead he reached out and wrapped an arm around Izuku’s shoulders tucking him close to the tub’s edge so he could give him a side hug and kiss to the tip of Izuku’s ear. He nuzzled into the hair just behind Izuku’s ear while he traced circles with his thumb on Izuku’s arm. Izuku remained stiff and tense under the touches.

“Calm down. Breath.” Katsuki whispered to him while continuing to hold him. He heard a sniffle from Izuku and knew there were likely tears in the other man’s eyes. Katsuki knew Izuku could cry a lot but he was going to dehydrate himself at this rate. “You want to get out of here and get dressed right?”

Izuku’s sniffles paused before he slowly nodded.

“Then I have to finish cleaning you up.” Katsuki said watching as Izuku froze and the gears turned in his head. The green haired man was weighing the pros and cons of the situation. Eventually after a solid three patience testing minutes Izuku shakily unwrapped his arms from his legs. He definitely didn’t look happy about it but Katsuki smirked. This showed Izuku still had some level of trust in him.

Not wanting to leave time for Izuku to change his mind Katsuki set to work re-soaping the rag he had and gliding it along Izuku’s pale skin. Katsuki’s eyes lingered on all the dark hickey marks he had left all over the smaller man’s neck and chest. It made him want to purr in satisfaction but he kept himself on track not letting himself linger on one spot any longer than he needed to.

Izuku trembled as the rag went lower rubbing along his abdomen and then skipping over to his thighs. It left only one area untouched and when Katsuki moved to clean between Izuku’s legs Izuku’s hand shot out to grab his wrist holding it away.

“K-Kacchan I don’t...please.” Izuku managed out fully shaking now and disturbing the water around him.

“Hey, shhh, its fine. I’ll be quick.” Katsuki cooed at him, a hand coming to the back of Izuku’s head to cradle him and Katsuki leaned forward to peck a kiss on his cute freckled cheek. Izuku made a noise of protest scrunching his eyes shut as Katsuki forcefully pushed forward despite Izuku’s hand trying to hold him off. True to his word, Katsuki went about it quickly. Izuku gasped a little in pain when Katsuki’s hand dipped down to gloss over his still sore ass but the blonde gave a few swipes only before backing off.

“There see? Wasn’t so bad.” Katsuki said clicking his tongue as he wrung out the rag and sat it to the side. Izuku had a flush across his cheeks from the humiliation of it all and he quickly resumed his curled up position. Katsuki made no comment on it and instead turned his attention to Izuku’s unruly hair made worse from his time asleep for the past two nights without brushing.

Katsuki grabbed a large cup and dipped it into the water before pouring it over Izuku’s head to wet down the bird’s nest. Izuku made no further protests as Katsuki fully wetted his hair down and then slathered up his hands in shampoo. Skilled hands rubbed the suds into Izuku’s hair and scalp. It likely would have felt nice and pampering in any other circumstance. Izuku leaned over and rested his chin on his knees as Katsuki focused on taming his hair. A minute or two of silence was broken, surprisingly by Izuku.

“Kacchan?” Izuku asked in a small voice.

“Hmm?” Katsuki grunted at him as he rubbed the soap into the back of Izuku’s head.

“How long have you...has this been happening?” Izuku asked quietly. Katsuki reached for the cup again to fill with water while he listened intently to Izuku’s words.

“What do you mean Deku?” Katsuki asked watching water suck into the emptiness of the cup as he dipped it below the surface behind Izuku’s back.

“How long have you...liked me?” Izuku asked, the word ‘like’ tasting like ash on his tongue. Katsuki’s lips quirked up a bit at the question as he poured water on top of Izuku who squeezed his eyes shut at the assault of soapy water.

“Are you asking when I fell in love with you?” Katsuki asked curiously and a bit amused. Izuku didn’t like that. This wasn’t love. This was something sick, an infatuation warped to something like love in Katsuki’s view. But he swallowed down the protest and nodded as Katsuki dumped another cup over his head to get out the rest of the shampoo.

Katsuki paused in his washing and sat the cup aside. He reached out to wipe sopping wet bangs off Izuku’s forehead and watched as green eyes blinked open deftly avoiding looking directly at him. How did Izuku always manage to look so beautiful no matter when Katsuki looked at him?

“I guess it was the first time you spoke to me.” Katsuki said reminiscently still gazing at his love.


Katsuki hated school. The little spit fire of a six year old was trouble enough for his mother but for teachers who couldn’t discipline him as harshly as the hag he was a walking nightmare. He didn’t like when people told him what to do. It had gotten him in a lot of trouble at his last school which had expelled him for the behavior. Now he was stuck at a new town and his mother had thrust him back into another school.

It was still just the first week of school and already he was trying the teachers patience. Kids flocked around him though quickly, Katsuki always had extras around him. Like moths to a flame they were attracted to his natural aura of confidence and perceived ‘coolness’. Katsuki didn’t like them. He didn’t even know anyone’s name, mostly giving them a nickname based on their appearance. They were annoying at most but he also didn’t mind the way they admired him. It made him feel good.

A lot of the other kids wanted to please Katsuki so they often shared toys or snacks with them. But most of the time Katsuki would just take what he wanted much to the displeasure of the other kids who would end up crying to the teacher about it and make Katsuki get in trouble. Annoying. Whiny. Selfish. That’s what all the other kids were and it made him mad.

By the second week Katsuki had gotten into a fight with another kid over a certain toy. His mother scolded Katsuki again and everything was on repeat. Despite his terrible behavior Katsuki was easily the smartest child in the class. Even acknowledged begrudgingly by teachers who at least didn’t have to deal with him during lessons. The other kids were finally getting the message that Katsuki didn’t like them. They had started giving him space again and it quelled his irritability a little bit.

During some free time in the classroom Kasuki was walking around bored out of his mind. He didn’t really know what he wanted to do and he felt pent up. His rising unrest must have been detectable to the other kids because a lot of them avoided his scarlet eyes as they roved over the classroom.

“Ow!” came a little squeak to Katsuki’s right making him look over curiously pausing in his roaming. There was a tiny table in the corner of the classroom with paper and crayons scattered about. A little boy with messy hair, only the back of his head was in Katsuki’s view, was on his butt on the ground while two other boys scooted into place to take over the table.

Katsuki’s interest peaked. He wouldn’t mind scribbling for a few minutes. So he switched directions and went over to the table to draw. The two boys currently sitting there were hogging the only crayon box sitting there and Katsuki instantly glared at them.

“Give me the crayons.” Katsuki barked at them as he reached the table. His presence startled the two sitting there before a braver one spoke up.

“But we just got here!” one whined making Katsuki’s carmine eyes flash dangerously. He loomed over the other boys with a sneer.

“Give me them.” He growled narrowing his eyes at them. One of the boys quickly backed off but the one who had whined stood his ground to pout.

“That’s not fair!” the unwise toddler said. Big mistake. Katsuki snatched whatever crayon he had in his hand away from his and pushed him hard. The kid gave a startled yelp before falling backwards, his head hitting the ground with a thump before he started crying. The little friend of the boy helped him up and they ran off quickly while throwing glares over their shoulders at Katsuki and muttering about telling on him.

Katsuki didn’t even spare the retreating pair a glance as he settled at the table. He smirked as he scribbled spitefully over the drawings that were there to make them ugly before grabbing a fresh piece for himself. He started to just doodle mindlessly but a frown crept its way back onto his face as he spotted out of the corner of his eye someone approaching him. The little boy that had been pushed out of the way by the pair before Katsuki, was hesitantly approaching the table.

Katsuki ignored him to focus on drawing. He didn’t care unless the other kid disturbed him or tried to take a crayon. Before long the other boy had stopped at his side peering over at his drawing curiously. Katsuki felt a prickle of annoyance rise as the other boy just stood there watching him. Eventually he got fed up enough from the silent watching that he turned to snap at the other.

“What do you wan-” Katsuki started to snap only to stop as he finally looked at the other boy properly. The green haired boy startled at Katsuki’s voice. Soft lush but messy dark curls and wayward hair framed the boy’s head in a dark halo. Speckles of dark colored freckles dotted smooth round cheeks and thick black eyelashes framed stunning jade eyes that reminded Katsuki of the gardens in his yard at home. All in all he was the most stunning person Katsuki had ever seen.

The boy wasn’t the eye catching pretty people would turn their heads to stare at. In fact he was pretty much average. It’s just that the combination of features bred something of an infatuation in Katsuki’s eyes.

“S-Sorry.” the boy stuttered out nervously pulling at a stray piece of his hair under Katsuki’s undivided attention. “It’s just. You were like a hero just now. You chased away those bad kids. I wanted to say thanks.” an adorable blush rushed on the subtle cheeks as he squirmed uncomfortably.

A hero? Katsuki liked heroes. He saw them in cartoons a lot. They got to do whatever they wanted all the time and were always cool and strong. No one has ever called him a hero before. No one has ever told him that he was being good after he had hurt someone else. Normally kids ran away after seeing him push someone or hurt them. Teachers and his old hag scolded him constantly for it. So it was strange to hear someone thank him for it.

“Um, do you think I c-could draw too?” the boy asked after Katsuki just continued staring at him. The blonde snapped out of it to glare at the boy.

“No these are mine.” Katsuki growled pulling the crayon box closer. The boy visibly deflated at that and Katsuki assumed he’d start crying like other kids would have. But instead the boy just nodded and sat down next to Katsuki. He glanced shyly at the blonde and back to the paper.

“Can I watch you draw then?” the boy asked. Katsuki shrugged as he turned back to his paper. He had a new idea on what to draw because of this and he grabbed the blue, red, and yellow crayons. As he started drawing he made subtle glances at the other boy who watched him with interest. He drew harshly in sharp bold lines putting together a buff stick figure with his signature blonde hair pointing up like bunny ears.

“Oh! Are you drawing All Might?!” the boy asked excitedly and Katsuki looked over with a grin, immensely happy that his drawing was so obvious.

“Well duh.” Katsuki said rolling his eyes at the other who was smiling too.

“I love All Might! I watch him everyday!” the claimed before starting to ramble about his favorite moments and characters in the TV show while Katsuki continued drawing. For the rest of free time the boy sat with Katsuki talking to him and filling the silence while keeping Katsuki from getting bored. The other boy didn’t ask to use any of Katsuki’s things, nor did he expect Katsuki’s attention remaining quiet when Katsuki asked him to.

Katsuki quickly found himself liking the company of the other boy. So much so that when it came time for the kids to go to their little cubbies at the end of the day Katsuki trailed after the bouncing happy boy. He looked at the name on the cubbyhole.

“Deku.” he said reading the name there. The boy turned his head questioningly to Katsuki before following his gaze to the name sticker.

“Oh no, I’m Izuku.” Izuku tried to correct with a giggle. Katsuki frowned sure that he had read it right and Izuku was just wrong about it.

“No you’re Deku.” Katsuki argued now fully settled on the nick name no matter what the other boy said. Izuku tilted his head detecting the finality of the statement before smiling mischievously.

“Then you’re Kacchan!” he giggled as he turned to reach for his jacket in his little space. He didn’t get to see the blush on the blonde's face as Katsuki decided he really liked that name. He stuck with Izuku until the other boy had to leave with his mother to go home. Waving Katuki good bye with a big smile on his face. The moment Izuku left Katsuki felt off. He didn’t like that the other boy was gone.  

It left him in a shitty mood for the rest of the night much to his mother’s ire. The next day Katsuki was dropped off early and he waited by the classroom door eagerly. The teacher noticed his change in demeanor and gave him quizzical glances while she helped the other children who were arriving put away their things and get ready for class. The moment Katsuki spotted fluffy green hair he pounced.

Izuku startled as Katsuki was suddenly in front of him grabbing his hand and pulling him into the classroom. But he more than happily followed the blonde. Izuku was the smallest kid in the class, which meant he was often pushed around by the other kids. He was just happy to find that he had made a friend. From that day forward Katsuki barely ever left him alone at school. Often made sure Izuku followed him around wherever he went or else he’d get angry and Izuku would feel guilty for making his friend upset.

This new friendship became a blessing for the teachers. With Izuku keeping the blonde happy the number of outbursts or incidences dropped considerably. And if Katsuki was acting out they quickly found they could just threaten to separate Katsuki from Izuku and the little firecracker would simmer down quickly, glaring at them for the threat. It was cute, and the beginning of something dangerous.


Izuku shivered as the water drained away but Katsuki was quick to grab a towel for him. A big fluffy towel ruffled into his hair. Katsuki vigorously dried it while Izuku remained still in the now fully drained tub. With the hair as dry as possible with just the towel Katsuki draped it over Izuku’s shoulders who immediately snatched it to wrap around himself, eager to not be so exposed anymore.

Katsuki moved to scoop Izuku up again but Izuku put out a hand to his chest to stop him from coming closer.

“I-I can walk.” Izuku said not wanting to be in Katsuki’s arms again. Katsuki raised an eyebrow at that.

“Really? Your ass is probably really sore.” Katsuki commented knowingly. Izuku grimaced but was determined. He shakily grabbed the edge of the tub and got to his own feet, sharp pain stabbing him as he went that had him biting his lip. He stumbled a little and Katsuki immediately grabbed him to keep him upright. Grip tight and unwilling to let go even as Izuku pulled trying to make him.

Katsuki led him out of the tub and made him sit back down on the top of the toilet lid. Izuku sat down and kept the towel wrapped tightly around himself, it was big enough to cover his torso and thighs thankfully. Katsuki turned and packed up the soaps and bathing tools into a cabinet before going to the sink and plugging in a hair dryer. He grabbed a comb and went back to Izuku. He dried Izuku’s hair and combed through the mess watching as the hair naturally puffed back out and became silky soft to the touch. Izuku just closed his eyes and wished he was anywhere else as the blonde groomed him like a show winning pet.

There was little relief to be found when Katsuki eventually allowed him to get dressed. The clothes he was given were clearly Katsuki’s. The shirt big and baggy, and the sweatpants just barely staying on Izuku’s hips. When Izuku finished dressing himself he felt his heart nearly leap out of his chest as Katsuki scooped him up. His protests went ignored this time. The blonde was annoyed enough by Izuku’s slight limping when he had allowed him to walk back to the bed room. Katsuki seemed to like carrying Izuku around and Izuku vaguely wondered if Katsuki had worked out so much just for this reason.

Now cleaned and comfortably warm and covered, Katsuki took him downstairs. Izuku found himself bundled and sinking into one of the couch cushions while Katsuki turned away to mess with the TV. Before long the screen switched on and Izuku blinked at it. It was the main menu for one of Izuku’s favorite movies.

One of many in the All Might franchise. Admittedly it was probably really nerdy of him to still be in love with the hero at his age but he still had marathon nights to watch them all. He could probably mouth the words of each line of the movies at this point. But he still loved watching them. As had Katsuki who would spend the night with him watching them all and still calling Izuku the nerd when he enjoyed them too. Izuku shivered now knowing how very twisted Katsuki was and how he had often fallen asleep on the blonde’s shoulder during those movie nights.

Katsuki hit play and came back over to him. He plopped down on the couch and pulled Izuku over to him. Izuku didn’t fight as Katsuki laid back down across the couch while pulling Izuku to lay on top of his chest. It was weird, a strange twist to one of Izuku’s favorite traditions with the blonde. The hero’s intro music played while Katsuki ran a hand through Izuku’s hair petting him and humming in contentment.

Chapter Text

Katsuki wasn’t watching the movie. They were nearing the end of the second one in the series and Izuku had fallen asleep on his chest. Katsuki was staring at a freckled face framed with dark curls, smooth skin that had been addictive to touch last night. Izuku had been staring at the screen but he hadn’t been smiling like he usually did when they watched this kind of thing. Katsuki frowned as he brushed fingers through silky hair in front of him. Why wasn’t Deku smiling when he was with him like he always used to? It kind of annoyed Katsuki. But his irritation didn’t last long because Izuku nuzzled into him in his sleep making Katsuki’s heart skip a beat.

Deku was so cute. Too cute. Katsuki wrapped an arm tighter around the smaller form resting on top of him breathing in the scent of Deku. Deku was his now. But it didn’t stop Katsuki’s constant paranoia that the world would try to take his Deku away. Like that bitch had tried to do. Deku just needed to see that Katsuki could provide him everything he needed. Deku didn’t need the world when Katsuki was so much better than it. Katsuki just needed him to see that.

It had been quite the challenge in the past. Trying to get Deku to see him as a potential love interest had fallen flat on its face plenty of times. Mostly because Deku was so naive and dense when it came to these things. And partially because Deku hadn’t been looking for that kind of relationship. Katsuki hadn’t wanted to ask Izuku out. He wanted Deku to ask him out. If he was able to steer Deku into that direction and choose him things would be so much easier.

He wouldn’t have to worry about that for too much longer. He’d get Deku to turn his back on the world and Katsuki would become everything for Deku like Deku was everything for him. Katsuki wouldn’t care to ever leave this cabin again if he could. He’d just make Deku feel that way too.

He was snapped out of his musings when he heard a buzzing from inside the kitchen. He grit his teeth in annoyance. Who the fuck was calling him right now? Deku was so peaceful and relaxed right now and he didn’t want to wake him up yet. So he let the buzzing continue until its eventual stop. Shitty Hair knew to just leave a message if he didn’t pick up so Katsuki didn’t need to worry about it happening again.

Katsuki carefully moved his hand from Izuku’s hair down to his back to rub circles and rest there. Katsuki closed his eyes enjoying the weight of Deku and warmth of him. It was reassuring to have him so close. Unfortunately Katsuki couldn’t trust Deku enough to fall asleep with him. He would need to chain Deku if he was going to sleep too. He chained Deku whenever he was sleeping or when he was out of the house. It made the paranoia lessen quite a bit when he had to take his eyes off his love.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

Katsuki snapped his eyes back open and glared towards the kitchen. He wanted to growl but tiny puffs of breath against his neck warned him not to least he wake Deku. Whoever was calling, Katsuki was going to kill them for ruining his time with Deku. Katsuki held his breath as he slowly scooted and rolled, peeling himself out from under Deku as carefully as he could. He was good at reading Izuku’s signals while sleeping, had watched him enough to know how to deal with it. He managed to successfully get off the couch leaving the green haired man to shift into the warm spot he left on the cushions.

He marched into the kitchen and opened one of the drawers that had a bunch of measuring cups in it. He popped open the false bottom and grabbed his phone. He was still debating about keeping it in the locked one with all the knives and forks. Deku might eventually break the rule about entering the kitchen and despite still hiding the phone well Katsuki worried Deku would find it. Deku was smart in that kind of way. Just an idiot when it came to people and reading them.

He sneered at the device as he closed the drawer. He opened it up and looked at the number for the two missed calls. It wasn’t a saved number but still one he recognized from the numerous times he had snooped through Deku’s phone. Iida. Four Eyes.

When Katsuki had first met Izuku’s friends he had considered them both to be a great threat. Four Eyes was kind of a big dude. Mostly because of his broad chest and authoritative attitude that rubbed Katsuki the wrong way. Katsuki had maybe met Four Eyes and Flat Face five times. Hanging out with them for brief periods of time when Deku made him, although he had made his displeasure with them abundantly clear. Four Eyes was smart enough to keep their interactions brief and courteous, it also slightly helped that Katsuki read into the situation that Four Eyes liked Flat Face. Clearly straight.

It had only made Flat Face even more annoying. She had someone already willing to fuck her so she should have backed off from Deku. Didn’t matter anymore, Katsuki reminded himself with a smirk still remembering the night he bludgeoned her to death fondly.


Katsuki saw a message appear on his screen.

Bakugou. Its Iida, Midoriya's friend. Please call me when you can. I’m worried about Midoriya.

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed at the screen. How had Four Eyes even gotten his number? He glanced back towards the living room knowing the answer already. Deku probably gave it out to him sometime. Best to not give Four Eyes any reason to be suspicious. So Katsuki hit the call back button while leaning on the immaculate counter.

“Hello?” Iida answered.

“Hey Four Eyes, what the fuck got stuck up your ass to make you so antsy about Deku?” Katsuki asked in his normal charming tone. There was the slightest pause before Four Eyes spoke up again. Likely still not used to Katsuki’s abrasive way of speaking. It had been quite entertaining in the few times they met to watch the proper man be baffled by Katsuki’s rudeness.

“Ah, Bakugou. Thanks for calling me back. I was wondering if you had heard from Midoriya? He and Uraraka were supposed to meet up with me yesterday and neither of them are answering their phones. I’m getting a bit worried.” Four Eyes said getting straight to the point.

“Nah, haven’t seen him.” Katsuki lied while moving to rummage around the kitchen. He was getting kind of hungry and he was sure Deku would wake up hungry too. He switched tones though, to one of slight concern when he spoke next, “Deku should have answered you back by now though.”

“I know. It’s very concerning.” Iida said before debating and opening his mouth again, “He and Uraraka went on a date the other night and I haven’t heard from them since before they left for it.”

Now this response took all of Katsuki’s will power to pull off. Katsuki managed a snicker into the phone while his hand gripped it hard enough to turn his knuckles white.

“Well maybe their a little busy fucking right now.” Katsuki managed out in a mocking tone. That’s right, it was laughable to think that that bitch had even had a chance of getting to feel Izuku’s soft skin. Fucking slut was lucky her skull caved in so easily.

Four Eyes was silent on the other end and Katsuki arched an eyebrow at that. Maybe Four Eyes was jealous of the thought of them fucking. He wondered what kind of face the guy would make if he knew what Katsuki had done to the whore he was slobbering after. Guy probably hadn’t even gotten his dick wet from her because she was so busy with Deku.

“I don’t think so. Listen, could you try to get a hold of him for me? Just tell him to call me.” Iida said apparently ready to end the conversation with the blonde.

“Yeah sure.” Katsuki agreed with a bored voice preparing to hang up when Iida stopped him.

“Oh and Bakugou? If we can’t get a hold of them can we go visit Midoriya’s house tomorrow?” Iida asked.

“Ha? Why the fuck do you want me to come with you?” Katsuki asked confused annoyance infused in the tone while his mind sharpened to the request. Iida certainly didn’t like him so why would he ask for company?

“You have a key to his house. Its just in case. Maybe its excessive but I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong.” Iida sighed into the phone sounding worn down with his own fretting. Katsuki paused. Deku had told his friends that he had a key? He had thought the nerd was too embarrassed to mention it to anyone else. What else had Deku said to others?

“Alright. Whatever.” Katsuki grunted at the phone.

“Thank you Bakugou. I’ll call tomorrow if things don’t change. Bye.” Iida said politely while Katsuki hung up on him. Katsuki set down his phone and ran a hand through his spiky hair. Great. Now he would definitely be caught up in the investigation when they went to the home and found everything. He stared at nothing as his mind went over the details trying to figure out exactly how to deal with this. He smiled. He could handle it.

He hid his phone once again and started moving around the kitchen to make a delicious lunch for the both of them.

Izuku rolled over on the couch just then coming out of his nap. Completely unaware that he had missed the chance to yell to his friend.


Katsuki was driving back into town again. Deku’s house key in hand. True to his word Four Eyes had called back today to arrange a meet up. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel in irritation. Deku hadn’t properly looked at him since their special night. Instead the green haired man was closed off from him. Hadn’t said much to him besides small responses to his questions and the occasional request to not touch him. Even though Katsuki loved having Deku all to himself it just felt off.

He missed Deku’s smile. He wanted to be able to look straight into those jade eyes like he used to be able to. He wanted Deku to cuddle against like he did when they hung out together. It was like Deku was keeping himself to himself. It annoyed him. He wanted nothing more to than to reach inside Deku and pull out everything he loved about him. Deku shouldn’t be so selfish to keep himself away from Katsuki.

He wondered what he should do about it as he drove down the street and parked before Deku’s house. Four Eyes was already standing there waiting. Katsuki got out and shut his door going over to the other man.

“I already knocked but no one answered.” Iida said after greeting him.

“Well maybe he’s at work. He was supposed to today have you checked there?” Katsuki asked twirling the house keys in his hand as he walked past the other man towards the house.

“Yes, I did. The library said he wasn’t there.” Iida said apprehensively, following right on Katsuki’s heels.

“That’s...not like the nerd.” Katsuki said keeping his face forward while letting his voice tighten with fake concern. He unlocked the door and pushed it open stepping inside. “Deku?” he called into the empty house.

“Midoriya are you home? I tried knocking!” Iida called as well coming in behind Katsuki. They both stopped in the entryway as Iida looked shocked at the state of the place. “Midoriya?!” Iida called quickly going deeper to look for his friend. Katsuki just stood back, keeping his face carefully blank. Things were going well.


Izuku sat up in the bed. The chain rattled a little with his movement. He cringed at the sound. He had been digesting everything that was happening to him over the past few days. Lots of crying sessions, lots of regrets and thoughts of how he could have seen this coming. How he should have realized something was wrong. How he could have stopped it from happening. But he was nothing if not a strong person.

Izuku felt around his collar once again finding the key hole there. He couldn’t do anything to change the past, but he could try to do something about the present. He would need to get this collar off at some point. He thought about his situation. Katsuki kept him chained everytime he left the cabin and when they slept. Escaping while Katsuki was here was probably an impossible feat.

Izuku had never tried to pick a lock before. He had no idea how to. But it was going to be his only option. He would need something to help him do that. He thought hard while feeling the keyhole. What would fit into it that would let him pick it? In movies he had always seen people pick locks with bobby pins. He had none of those. Would a chop stick work? He grimaced. Probably not. He need something thin, metal, and a bit flexible.

There was only one place he could think of that had something like that. The kitchen. How was he going to get in there when Katsuki was here? The blonde had clearly been wary of him going into it. Izuku curled himself on the bed in deliberation. He eventually came to the worst conclusion. He would need to gain Katsuki’s trust, or at least lull the blonde into a false sense of security. It couldn’t be that hard right?

After all, its what Katsuki had done to him all this time.



Shouto grimaced minutely, wondering if he could just ignore the call. But instead he dragged himself out of his chair and away from the files he had been glancing over. Filling out the last of the paperwork for his closed case. He shut the folder and put it away securely in the drawer before turning back to where his father stood, arms crossed in the doorway to his office. He hated how smug the man looked.

As the chief of police Enji Todoroki enjoyed an elevated status and certain amount of influence that just made Shouto sick thinking about it. Still, the man was his boss as much as he hated it and so Shouto would stay in line until he could actually get dirt on the man. Enji ushered him into the office and closed the door behind them before going around and taking a seat as his desk.

“What do you want?” Shouto asked a little suspiciously as his father gestured for him to sit.

“I’ve got a new case for you.” Enji said smiling, smiles always looked wrong on him. Like the lips themselves were made of barb wire that warded off anyone who might come near. Shouto felt even more irritated at his father’s mood. If his father was excited about a case it probably wasn’t a pleasant one to work with. His father always assigned him the bloody cases, ones that would get the Todoroki name noticed when he solved them. It was gross.

His ‘favoritism’ for Shouto was not unnoticed by the other detectives and officers. Which also made it hard for Shouto to make any friends, or even just nice co-workers to talk to. Hard but not impossible, he had a few people he considered friends around the department. Although, he was not oblivious to the hidden despising gazes of those around him. And in return he just kept working efficiently and kept as little contact with them as possible. Best not to fan the flames or give them the opportunity to make it worse.

“I’m already about to open another case.” Shouto said dismissively making Enji give him a sour look.

“Are you referring to that domestic dispute with Mrs. Seji?” Enji asked. Shouto just nodded. It infuriated his father how he constantly took on domestic abuse cases, more of a reminder of what his son thought of him. “Don’t worry about it. I already assigned it Shoji.” Enji said waving it off dismissively.

Shouto glared at his father, jaw clenching slightly in held in anger. It appeared his father wouldn’t be letting him onto anything else until he took this case.

“Fine.” Shouto said in an icy tone still glaring at his father who grinned in victory. “What are the details?”

“There are a few initial reports still being filled out by the officers who went to the call, but it looks like a double missing person case.” Enji said leaning towards his computer to look at details. Shouto was a bit surprised, it didn’t seem like the type of case Enji would be interested in. “And there’s evidence of possible homicide.” Oh, there was the part his father liked.

“The officers have two people coming in to give statements in a few minutes. I suggest you at least go and observe them.” Enji said. He had snagged this case for Shouto even before it was really processed? It was true things had been slow in the violence of the town, but his father must be eager to buff up Shouto’s resume some more. Besides, when Shouto shined, so did the chief he worked up.

“Very well.” Shouto said standing to leave the man’s presence. He liked keeping interactions with his father as short as possible. He didn’t give his father more time to talk as he swept out of the room. He may have shut the door to the office a little harder than necessary as he went.  

He marched back over to his desk with a slight frown on his face. He had been looking forward to helping Mrs. Seji. He found that kind of work far more to him than something like this. Those cases made him feel like he was really helping someone. But he just sighed running a hand through his dual colored hair. He shouldn’t be thinking like this. He should focus on the case he had been given. Helping people came first, snuffing his father with blatant cases came second.

“Hmm, looks like someone just learned their puppy died.”

Shouto look up to see Shinsou standing there. The man gave him a smirk before sipping from his coffee mug. Likely the sixth mug of the day and still looking very tired. Shouto shook his head while he grabbed his phone from his desk and shoved it in his pocket. He glanced at the wall clock wondering exactly when the witness interviews would take place.

“He assigned me to one of those cases again.” Shouto said unhappily. Shinsou gave him a look of sympathy before downing the rest of his coffee.

“You know, if you thought hard enough you could probably find a way out of it.” Shinsou pointed out but again Shouto just shook his head.

“No, he’d just keep pressing me to do it. And I’m sure the victims don’t have time to waste on our dysfunctional relationship.” Shouto said cooly. Shinsou just nodded at that logic following Shouto as he moved toward the elevators.

“Yeah but what if the victim’s already dead? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it.” Shinsou said while Shouto pressed the down button.

“And have the killer get away? No.” Shouto said. “Besides there’s always more than one victim in a crime.”

“Whatever you say man.” Shinsou said losing interest as Shouto started to make him depressed than he already was. They stepped into the elevator together and rode down in comfortable silence. The doors dinged open and Shouto stepped off. “Good luck man. I’m going to be down in the archives helping Aizawa.”

“Try not to fall asleep again.” Shouto said remembering when Shinsou had fallen asleep down there last week and had gotten chewed out by his equally tired supervisor.

“No promises.” Shinsou said with a shit eating grin as the doors closed on him. Shouto shook his head at the doors wondering how Shinsou had ever ended up with a job like that when he was always so tired. Shouto turned towards the main office of the police department heading for the interview rooms.


“Thank you for cooperating with us Mr. Bakugou.” the officer said politely while Bakugou just sneered at them.

“Yeah whatever. You assholes better find Deku.” Katsuki growled at them already out of his seat and heading for the door to the interview room. He wanted to leave. This had taken a lot longer than he thought it would and Deku was probably getting hungry by now.

Deku’s house was now under the cops supervision and investigation. It didn’t bother Katsuki all that much, he was confident that he had left enough there for them to piece together a picture he wanted them to see. Anything of Deku’s that he would have been peeved by other’s touch was already cleared out. He had it all tucked away in a special room back at his cabin. Maybe he’d give Deku back a few more thing. Maybe that would get him to feel more at home in the cabin. Katsuki opened the door and stepped into the hall already going for the exit.

“Mr. Bakugou.”

Katsuki turned feeling irritation prickle inside him as people just kept stopping him from going back to his Deku. He turned to see another cop, but this one was in a suite. Likely a detective. Katsuki’s mind sharpened at this observation as he turned to address him. The extra had odd half and half colored hair and weird heterochromia eyes. In some he looked like a freak.

“What do you want Half n’ Half?” Katsuki asked scoffing at him. The man didn’t seem fazed by his abrasive attitude.

“I was told by Mr. Iida that you would be the closest thing to family Mr. Midoriya had.” the man said making Katsuki give him his full attention. “I’m Todoroki Shouto. I’ll be the lead investigator for this case. Is it you I should stay in contact with as the case progresses?”

“Fuck yes. You learn a fucking thing about Deku you let me know.” Katsuki said. Both of Deku’s parents were dead. So Katsuki was pretty much Izuku’s only emergency contact.

“I’ll let you know what I can as we get more concrete information on the case. Please keep yourself open to contact.” Shouto said formally. Katsuki watched him with assessing eyes. He didn’t look like much but he would need to keep an eye on this guy. Make sure he stayed on the track Katsuki was setting to make a world Deku wouldn’t want to stay in. This man would be an important pawn.

“Of course. Hope your fat asses stay on top of things. You better find Deku.” Katsuki growled at the man. If he acted any differently it would tip off Four Eyes that something was off and Katsuki wasn’t going to chance it.

“Here.” Shouto said holding out a little card. Katsuki snatched it looking down at the contact card embellished with the crest of the police department. “Contact me if you get any new information or remember something important. We will try our best to find Mr. Midoriya and Mrs. Uraraka.” Shouto promised and Katsuki just watched him as he stuffed the business card into his pocket.

“I’m holding you to that Half n’ Half.” Katsuki grumbled at him before turning and walking away without another word. Deku must be hungry. Maybe he was lonely too with Katsuki there. Katsuki felt a little empty after going so long without seeing Deku. He’d have to make something good to make up for being late on his boyfriend.

Chapter Text

Izuku tensed as he distantly heard the front door open and click shut. Panic welled up in his chest and he desperately tried to shove it back down. He had come to a decision and he wouldn’t back down now. So he pushed himself up on the bed wincing a little at the clink of his chain. He looked towards the bedroom door and waited. He could do this. He just needed to push away the thoughts that threatened to make him cringe with every creak of the stairs as Katsuki made his way up to him. It was Kacchan, the one person Izuku has known practically all his life. He could handle this if only for a little bit. So he steeled himself and stared at the door as the knob turned.

It opened to reveal red eyes which immediately sought out his own. Izuku was not the only one tense, as Katsuki laid eyes on him Izuku could see him visibly relax.

“I got caught up with some extras. Didn’t think they would yack for so long.” Katsuki said as he casually entered the room. “You hungry Deku?”

“Yes.” Izuku said trying not to shy away from Katsuki’s hand as he reached out to run fingers through his unruly curls. He couldn’t stop the shiver that crawled its way down his spine though. Katsuki gently pushed Izuku’s head down to get better access to the collar around his neck. Katsuki fished out his ring of keys from his pocket and unlocked the small padlock hooking Izuku to the chain. The chain fell away and Izuku gulped. “Kacchan?”

“Hm?” Katsuki hummed still threading his hand in Izuku’s hair as if drawing comfort from it. Izuku took in a deep breath before managing out a question. The more he learned the more he could brainstorm about how to get out of this.

“Where did you go?” Izuku forced out as Katsuki sat down on the edge of the bed behind him.

“Ah, nowhere important.” Katsuki dismissed leaning closer behind him. Izuku could feel the featherly light breath brush over his skin and he squeezed his eyes shut. The vivid memory of what happened a few days ago was coming back to him. He gripped the sheets tightly. Don’t lash out. Don’t lash out. It will only make him angry.

“Oh.” Izuku said simply very aware of the body heat so close to his back. Katsuki suddenly wrapped arms around him pulling him close. He couldn’t do this.

Izuku pulled away from the blond, or at least tried to. Katsuki’s arms tightened around him pulling his back flush against Katsuki’s chest. To Izuku it felt like a bear trap had just closed around him and panic he had tried to hold back came back tenfold from the restriction. He started to struggle while Katsuki growled and nuzzled into the crook of his neck.

“Fuck Deku, don’t start right now.” Katsuki said in a warning tone. Oddly enough that gave Izuku a moment of clarity through the panic. He swallowed trying to wrangle in his fear. He could do this! He blinked back tears as he focused on his breathing. He had to do this. Katsuki’s crimson gaze watched him curiously. Izuku rarely calmed down on his own so the change was unexpected. Izuku bit his lip before turning his head to side glance down at where Katsuki had his chin resting on Izuku’s shoulder.

“S-Sorry, Kacchan.” Izuku said giving Katsuki pause. Under the newly unreadable gaze Katsuki was giving him Izuku quickly tried to ramble through it. “I-I was just surprised you wanted to c-cuddle.” he quickly tacked on forcing his body to still in Katsuki’s constricting hold. Katsuki stared at him for another good minute and Izuku started to think the blond had seen through his attempt to smooth it over.

But then the blond leaned over his shoulder and gave him a kiss on his freckled cheek. Izuku didn’t dare protest it and when Katsuki leaned away from him Izuku could see a smirk on his face. To Katsuki it was the first time Izuku had stopped struggling against him on his own without more restraints or threats. He recalled that Izuku had been like a doll for the past few days but this was different from that. It was like Deku was actually here and not just retreating away from Katsuki into his own mind.

“Don’t worry about it Deku.” Katsuki practically purred into Izuku’s skin where his lips gazed. Giving one last squeeze to Izuku Katsuki let go. “I’m going to go make some dinner.” he said getting up from the bed and sauntering out of the room.

Katsuki couldn’t stop smirking on his way down the stairs. This was the first sign Deku was coming around to understand him. If this behavior kept up he would have to reward him. Katsuki was tempted to reward him right now, although that was also his own need to touch Deku after spending so long away from him. Humming to himself, Katsuki went into the kitchen and started cooking up a meal for them both.

Katsuki loved cooking. It helped him focus a lot of his interest. He put a lot of effort into each dish and it was all to express what Katsuki couldn’t put into words for Izuku. Katsuki had insisted on cooking for Izuku pretty often at Izuku’s own house. Maybe he had just hoped Deku would be able to decipher it in the flavors. But after all that time Deku hadn’t figured it out. But Katsuki now planned on being far more direct in a way Deku couldn’t deny it anymore.

He busied himself with pans and chopping up ingredients waiting to hear Deku make his way down the stairs. Sure enough the slow hesitant steps could be heard. It was kind of cute how cautious Deku was in here. Katsuki continued to work until the meal was ready. He turned around to see Deku already sitting down at the table. Pride reared its head in Katsuki’s chest. Deku really was making the effort to be good for him. He placed food in front of Izuku and then took his seat across from him.

“So how was your day Deku?” Katsuki asked. As if anything interesting had happened to Izuku in his absence. Izuku was a bit thrown off at the question looking up at him blankly. To Izuku, it seemed like Katsuki was playing a game with him. A game of pretend for house like children liked to play. Izuku knew he would have to play the game if it would please the temperamental blonde.

“It was alright.” Izuku answered simply looking down at his food and proceeding to poke it and eventually eat. Katsuki grunted at his answer. Kacchan had never been very good at keeping up conversation. Izuku bit his lip chancing a glance up at the blonde. Red eyes met his and he quickly looked back down.

“What?” Katsuki asked frowning a bit.

“Um, it just gets...a bit boring…” Izuku managed out under Katsuki’s gaze. He tensed up, expecting Katsuki to get mad about it. He shouldn’t have said anything! Izuku ducked his head and held his breath expecting maybe an outburst or chastising.

“Well I would fucking think so. You stay in bed all day and there’s nothing around.” Katsuki said rolling his eyes and Izuku shrunk back a little at that. “So what do you want to entertain yourself with?” Katsuki asked making Izuku look up at him in disbelief. Izuku opened his mouth immediately wanting to ask that he be allowed to be unchained but quickly closed it, catching himself before making the request. Katsuki would not do that. He needed to scale it down. Earn his trust.

“Maybe a book or two?” Izuku asked testing the waters. Katsuki took a sip of his drink before tilting his head thoughtfully.

“Sure. I’ll grab some from the bookstore later.” Katsuki agreed. The blonde smiled a little. Deku finally asked something of him that wasn’t a plea for freedom. Just as Katsuki hoped. Deku was settling in if he was starting to request things from him. Good.

They lapsed into silence as they ate. Katsuki barely noticed as he wondered if he would need to get a bookshelf for Deku and rearrange the bedroom a bit to put it close enough to reach in the chain’s range. Deku would likely also want other things to do but Katsuki would wait for Deku to ask for them. It was important that Deku ask for things instead of Katsuki offering them. It would get Deku more comfortable with him and the situation if he felt he had some leeway.

After dinner Katsuki got up and grabbed their dishes, taking them into the kitchen to clean and let Deku walk around and stretch his legs in the cabin. He washed them thoroughly and quickly. He felt a bit pent up and wanted to be with Deku. So he finished as quickly as he could and wiped his hands on a towel. He left the kitchen to search for Deku. He found him looking out a window in the living room. Brows scrunched together and a bit of muttering going on too quietly for Katsuki to pick up on. Cute.

Izuku heard the blonde approach and turned around to see him there.

“What are you doing Deku?” Katsuki asked coming up to him and glancing out the window.

“Just looking at the forest. It looks peaceful.” Izuku said. In reality he was still trying to figure out where he was. He had no idea how far this cabin was from his own home. No clues were given to him with the forest enclosing them, the trunks operating what felt like bars similar to those on all the windows. Obstructing him from figuring it out.

“Hmm, feeling a little restless?” Katsuki asked, his tone making alarms go off in Izuku’s head. Izuku looked up at Katsuki and paled as he recognized the hungry look the blonde had. Katsuki must have sensed Izuku’s mounting dread because before Izuku could back away or answer him he grabbed Izuku and dragged him into his arms. Izuku found his back pressed against the blondes chest while Katsuki’s muscled arms wrapped tightly over his torso.

Whatever acting Izuku had kept up that day disintegrated.

“No! W-Wait, Kacchan, what are you doing?” Izuku shouted starting to struggle and kick. But Katsuki slight height advantage ment Izuku was lifted off his feet giving him no leverage to fight. Tears pricked Izuku’s eyes as he started to hyperventilate fearing that Katsuki was about to rape him again. He didn’t stop fighting the entire time Katsuki walked backwards before plopping down on the couch with Izuku between his legs in his lap.

“Shhh, Deku.” Katsuki hushed him calmly tightening his arms to the point that it restricted his lungs to expand fully. Izuku continued freaking out clawing at Katsuki’s arms. But Katsuki just sat with him tightly bound in his lap. In fact, Katsuki made no other moves. He simply sat there and waited for Izuku to exhaust himself or calm down.

Izuku eventually did, very slowly, calm down as Katsuki just held him. Izuku was breathing in deeply and had tears trailing down his cheeks but eventually he turned his head to look at Katsuki, emerald eyes wide and frightened.

“You done?” Katsuki asked a little irritated that Deku had fought him. His arms were bleeding from multiple scratches. Izuku just stared at him like a wild animal, tensed and ready to counter any attack. Katsuki frowned but remained adamant. It was upsetting that Deku still reacted this way but he needed to be rewarded for a good day. And Deku needed to get used to being intimate with Katsuki. He was just scared and Katsuki needed to show him that it wasn’t something he needed to be afraid of.

Katsuki leaned forward and kissed the back of Deku’s neck. Lips smoothing against the skin there before Katsuki opened his mouth and bit lightly at it. Izuku squirmed obviously uncomfortable with it.

“K-Kacchan, please stop.” Izuku implored a sniffle coming from him. It annoyed Katsuki. Deku had just been doing so well today! One of the arms around Izuku’s chest keeping him pinned to the blonde left to reach up and grab Izuku’s throat causing him to choke as Katsuki pushed him back to give more kisses, bites and hickeys to his neck.

“Don’t talk Deku.” Katsuki commanded simply. He didn’t want to hear the begging today. He accented the demand with a small squeeze to Izuku’s neck before Izuku nodded quickly. With that Katsuki released his neck and instead focused on the taste of Deku. Izuku couldn’t help the slight twitching he did everytime Katsuki bit him or tongued a bruising hickey.

The hand that had wrapped around his throat travelled down to trail down Izuku’s front making him struggle again but Katsuki kept one arm around him not allowing him to get up. The struggling did nothing as Izuku felt Katsuki’s hand skim under his pants and wrap around his limp member. Izuku stilled and tensed as Katsuki continue on. His hand tightened around his length before slowly pumping him trying to gain his interest.

Izuku choked on a moan as Katsuki pumped him, twisting his hand on a occasion but kept a slow agonizing pace. It wasn’t long before Izuku started to harden under the attention. A flush of shame overtook his face as Katsuki pushed down his pants and allowed Izuku’s cock to spring free into view.

“Fuck you’re cute.” Katsuki groaned as half lidded magma eyes looked over his shoulder to stare at the member. Katsuki spit into his hand it aid in a smoother pumping and Izuku felt heat building beneath his skin.

“K-Kacchan.” Izuku whimpered squeezing out more tears as Katsuki growled behind him pumping him a bit faster. Izuku reached out and grabbed the wrist with trembling hands as if he could stop Katsuki at this point. In retaliation Katsuki bit harshly into Izuku’s shoulder causing his breath to hitch and another delicious whimper to escape him. Katsuki squeezed his length again dragging out another moan.

Izuku’s grip on his wrist slackened and Katsuki took full advantage of it. He quickened the pace watching as Izuku panted back arching slightly. Izuku felt his toes curl and he shut his eyes tightly as the spring in his stomach finally snapped. Izuku let out a raw groan as he came, settling boneless onto Katsuki who still held him. Katsuki’s hand milked him through it, the blonde himself murmuring soft encouragement to him with a smirk that brushed Izuku’s ear.

Izuku laid there off the high of his orgasm while Katsuki kissed his cheek and pulled his pants back up. It was then that Katsuki became aware of his own painful hardness pressed intoxicatingly against Izuku’s back. He had been so distracted with watching Izuku that he hadn’t even noticed its steady growth. It definitely didn’t help that Izuku was coming out of his post-orgasmic bliss and starting to try wriggle his way out of Katsuki’s grip. It was like Deku was teasing him.

Katsuki tightened his hold and got up rearranging himself and Deku on the couch.

“W-What…” Izuku said fear coming crawling back now that his body wasn’t distracting him. Katsuki pushed his down onto the couch on all fours. Izuku’s heart sped up as Katsuki yanked his hips up and Izuku finally noticed the bulge of Katsuki’s pants. “Wait!” Izuku said attempting to sit up and turn around but Katsuki fisted his hair making him wince and pushed his head down until his chin was pushed into the cushions.

“Don’t fight me Deku or I’ll fuck you for real.” Katsuki growled in warning making Izuku gulp and still. Katsuki didn’t release his twisted grip in the soft fluffy green hair but he smiled happily at Izuku’s compliance. “Good boy Deku.”

With that Katsuki’s free hand grabbed Izuku’s hip keeping him up and Katsuki proceeded to grind against his ass with his clothed erection. Katsuki hissed at the feeling while Izuku turned red in embarrassment and humiliation. The slow rocking of Katsuki hips pushed against his ass making Izuku bite his lip and try to focus on something else. Katsuki wasn’t letting him move so he had to stare at the fabric of the couch arm and count threads but it did little to distract him from what was happening.

“A-Ah fuck…” Katsuki groaned tapping Izuku’s legs further apart before rocking a bit harder against him. His pace was picking up and Izuku could feel that dangerous gaze burning into the back of his head. Surprisingly Katsuki’s hand loosened in his hair before eventually withdrawing from it. Now Katsuki had both hands on his hips pulling Izuku to meet each thrust.

“Shit...Deku.” Katsuki rasped out as he continued rutting on him. Izuku hadn’t lost his blush as Katsuki continued dry humping him like a dog might. “Deku, say you love me.” Katsuki managed to growl out as he rocked Izuku’s body with each lunge of his hips. Izuku tensed under his hands. Gears turning, if he got Katsuki to come faster it would be over sooner. It was just words right? Izuku licked his lips.

“I-I love you Kacchan.” Izuku muttered out before widening his eyes as Katsuki became brutal in his pursuit to his peak. He winced slightly as he was pulled back into those hips and let tears fall. It was just words but it still felt disgusting to say. Katsuki slammed against him and let out a loud moan as he finally came. Izuku trembled under him as Katsuki panted catching his breath while watching him. Fuck, even this had been amazing, anything with Deku seemed to be.

Katsuki carefully flipped Izuku over and leaned down to kiss him. Izuku didn’t really return the kiss but Katsuki didn’t mind that much. Katsuki lazily wrapped arms back around Izuku and settled on top of the smaller man.

“I love you too, Deku.” Katsuki insisted nuzzling into the hair beside Izuku’s ear. He could feel Izuku breathing heavily and if he focused he thought he could feel Izuku’s pounding heart too. He loved the sound of Deku’s heart. He loved how soft his hair was where he was nuzzling. He loved the cute freckles dotting Izuku’s cheeks and body and he loved Izuku’s vibrant green eyes. He loved Deku’s voice and the way it had sounded as he neared climax. He loved the taste Deku left on his tongue. He loved the little movements Deku made underneath him. He loved everything about his Deku.


“Hey man! How’s it going?”

Katsuki grunted at the redhead in reply as he headed towards his usual corner of the gym. He had just walked in but Kirishima was already with him like a puppy welcoming its owner home. His friend must have been waiting for him since he knew Katsuki’s work out schedule.

“Dude we have to go out again! That was so much fun, I haven’t blacked out like that since my high school years.” Kirishima said smiling blindingly at him. Katsuki grumbled at him unintelligible as he started to stretch a bit. “Come on man, admit it you had fun!” Kirishima said before giving a bit of a conspiratorial look. “We could even invite out your Deku and try to speed thing up you know?”

“Shut up.” Katsuki snapped at him. But Kirishima just pouted at him.

“We could even do like a double date thing! I could bring Mina and you could bring your boyfriend. You know Mina doesn’t believe how cute he is from the way you described him.” Kirishima said.

“You’re telling people about me and Deku?” Katsuki growled looming over Kirishima who held up his hands in defense. “She just doesn’t believe that you and your...charming attitude could pick someone up.” Kirishima said honestly. Katsuki just huffed at him before laying down on a mat and starting to do some crunches.

Kirishima watched him curiously with pursed lips. Usually Katsuki would take the opportunity to start describing his “Deku” to him. It was kind of cute to see Katsuki talk about his boyfriend. But the blonde was unusually quiet about it today.

“Did something happen with Deku?” Kirishima asked making the blonde look over at him. Katsuki paused on a crunch looking about debating on saying something. Kirishima waited patiently for his friend to speak.

“I got him to move in with me.” Katsuki grumbled out.

“DUDE!” Kirishima said slapping Katsuki harshly on the back and getting a glare of daggers for it. A few people around them turned curiously at the load shout but quickly dismissed it as they saw it was Kirishima. He had a reputation for that kind of thing. “That’s great! See, I knew you had it in you.”

Kirishima had been saying Katsuki should ask for them to live together for a while. Katsuki said they had been dating for two years now and Deku seemed like a pretty nice guy from what he’s heard of him. He still hadn’t met Deku face to face but he just assumed it was because of Deku’s shyness according to Katsuki. Kirishima paused as he saw Katsuki still frowning.

“Uh, or is there a problem with that?” Kirishima asked. It wasn’t uncommon for Katsuki to vent his frustrations to Kirishima about his relationship. He was half certain it was one of the reason’s the blonde continued to tolerate him.

“He...Doesn’t seem as happy about it.” Katsuki said looking frustrated. Kirishima tilted his head at that. If he were gay, which he experimented is high school but never really got anything out of it, he would love to have a boyfriend like Katsuki. Katsuki seemed the type to go above and beyond for his love. It was hard to imagine that Katsuki wasn’t giving Deku all he wanted.

“Well. He seems to be an anxious person right?” Kirishima said earning a snort from Katsuki.

“That’s a fucking understatement.” Katsuki huffed out in between crunches.

“Maybe he just feels like he’s invading your space and that its not his space?” Kirishima suggested. Making Katsuki look over at him prompting him to continue. “You gave him his own dresser and stuff right? Just little spaces for him to make his own?”

Katsuki shrugged unhelpfully. Kirishima frowned at him before Katsuki spoke up again.

“I promised to pick him up some books. I’m thinking about getting him a book shelf too…” Katsuki said and Kirishima lit up.

“That sounds great! Oh, you should also get him a comfy chair to sit in to read. You should give him a corner in your bedroom for it. I think he’ll feel more secure if you give him his own space.” Kirishima said making Katsuki furrow his brow in thought.

“You think that will help him?” Katsuki asked and Kirishima nodded eagerly.

“Hell yeah! I’m sure he would love it. But!” Kirishima said pointing accusingly at Katsuki who quirked an eyebrow at him for it. “You shouldn’t touch anything there. Its meant to be his space.” Kirishima warned. He knew Katsuki had a bit of trouble relinquishing control sometimes so this would be a big step for him and his boyfriend. Katsuki frowned deeply at that opening his mouth like he wanted to argue. “Trust me. You want him to be happy right?” Kirishima said cutting him off, Katsuki glared at the ground but nodded. “Then give him something here, man.”

“...Fine.” Katsuki said looking not very happy about it. But Kirishima smiled, his friend took his advice a lot so he hoped he could help Katsuki with this too. Heck maybe he would even get to help Katsuki plan a proposal at some point in the future.

“Now about that double date!” Kirishima said perking up while Katsuki rolled his eyes at him.

“No. Deku doesn’t like meeting new people. He’d probably have a nervous break down.” Katsuki grunted continuing his work out.

“Is his anxiety really that bad?” Kirishima asked. Katsuki nodded. “Maybe you guys should look into some medication? I mean if he’s even nervous around you it must be bad. It would probably help to keep him calm.”

Katsuki paused again in consideration.

“Yeah. Maybe that would help him.” Katsuki mused. The ghost of a smirk coming to his face before getting up and continuing his workout.

Chapter Text

“Hey man, what’s up with those scratches?” Kirishima asked in slight concern pointing to the red scabbed over lines on his arms. Katsuki sat up breathing deeply after having just done bench pressing. His crimson gaze looked down at the marks Deku’s last freak out had landed him with. 

“Cat.” Katsuki answered tiredly. 

“A cat?” Kirishima asked even more weirded out. In all the time he’s known Katsuki the blonde has never been big on animals. He often expressed a distaste for dogs which seemed to be a mutual feeling from dogs. They always barked and growled at Katsuki whenever they passed some on the street. Heck, even his neighbor’s yellow lab, which was the friendliest dog Kirishima has ever met, seemed to have a grudge against Katsuki. 

“Yeah. Deku took in a stray. I guess he’s nursing it back to health before we send it to a shelter or something.” Katsuki said shrugging. Kirishima’s gaze lingered on the marks which looked strange for cat scratches but he wasn’t exactly an expert on the subject. 

“Really? That’s nice, I guess. Another good thing for him to claim as his own I suppose.” Kirishima said nodding as Katsuki stood up and wiped his brow and neck with a towel from his gym bag. Katsuki grunted at him before chugging some more water. 

“Well, like I said, I wouldn’t mind having Deku tag along with us if you guys ever want to come hang out.” Kirishima said smiling broadly at his friend while Katsuki rolled his eyes at him. Like hell he’d ever let anyone near Deku again. Just the thought of Kirishima’s friends around Deku made Katsuki want to pick up the bat all over again. 

None of Kirishima’s friends were gay and the one chick in the group was already tied up with Kirishima. Still, he didn’t like to think about Deku being around others. No, Deku didn’t need to be around anyone except him. And he would pretty much prefer it if Deku were the only one he saw everyday for the rest of his life. But someone has to deal with the outside if he wants to keep providing for Deku.

“I gotta head out.” Katsuki said reaching to snatch up his gym bag slinging it over his shoulder. Kirishima walked him out chattering his ears off the whole time while Katsuki tried to think of what Deku would want to read.   


Shouto sighed once again looking down at the photos and the documents in front of him. It didn’t make much sense to him. Apparently, two people were missing. seemingly without a trace. One Uraraka Ochaco and her boyfriend Midoriya Izuku. Both had clean records and after questioning Iida, Bakugou, and speaking to Uraraka’s parents long distance over the phone it didn’t appear they had anyone that would want to harm them. 

He would have even been suspicious of an eloping if it were not for the more important details. Nothing seemed to be packed from Uraraka’s apartment. In fact her apartment had seemed well put together and he had found out the girl had planned for an outing with a girl named Tsuyu the next day. Midoriya’s home was the more interesting piece of the puzzle here. 

Draws in the bed room had been left open, clothing strewn about. Some clearly missing as if quickly packed. Midoriya’s cellphone had been found on his bed, the messages not really revealing anything of use. The last text Midoriya had sent was the one he sent to Uraraka to pick her up. The rest were messages and missed calls from Iida and a few from Bakugou. 

Shouto glanced over with a deep frown to the most concerning picture. They had discovered it in the bathroom. A metal bat, traces of blood that had been found on it and along the bathroom floor. Forensics had confirmed that it was Uraraka’s blood. And Midoriya’s fingerprints had been found on the bat. His father was pushing for him to confirm it so they would have a suspect to track down.

Shouto flipped the papers to a picture of Midoriya from his driver’s license file. Greenish-black hair, short, freckled, with big eyes. He didn’t look like a violent person. Unlike his friend Bakugou who had been nothing but brash the entire time. Iida had also mentioned that both Midoriya and Uraraka were kind people. Even if they had a fight they wouldn’t have become violent with one another. It didn’t make much sense. 

“You shouldn’t frown so hard, it makes you look less handsome.” 

Shouto looked up to see Momo standing there holding out a drink from the vending machine in the hall for him. She offered him it along with a smile. Shouto sighed for the hundredth time setting down the papers. Maybe he was just looking surface level. 

“Thank you.” Shouto said taking the drink and opening it.

“No problem. It looked like you needed a break.” Momo said. She was another detective here, and a good friend of his. In fact, he may have dated her through high school so that both of them didn’t have their parents nagging them. It wasn’t until both of them were through training that they dropped the charade. Momo now happily dated her girlfriend Jiro. The look of his father’s face when Shouto had bluntly stated his sexuality to him had been priceless. The old man never saw it coming. 

“What case are you working on?” Momo asked curiously.

“A missing persons case.” Shouto said sipping the drink. “But there’s evidence of something more violent occurring.”

“Oh, I hope you find everyone alive at least.” Momo said, glancing at the papers. “If you need help, just let me know. You already pull too many hours around here as it is I don’t want to find you passed out at your desk again.” 

“Hmm thanks.” Shouto said already going back to flipping through interview records. Momo sighed knowing he was already falling back into his thinking spiral. At least she tried. She quietly left him knowing he wouldn’t stop until he worked past whatever was bothering him. Shouto knew if Midoriya really had done something wrong and was on the run he would see activity with his bank account. He had already requested a warrant which should come through tonight to see if it had been emptied or if Midoriya had used it anytime after the movie he had gone to. He also monitored Uraraka’s account just in case it gave clues.

While the evidence of the bat could point to the worst he hoped Momo was right. Maybe they were both alive. From his questioning he had learned Midoriya had met Uraraka and Iida at college. They had been friends for a few years now and never really had any big fights. So unless Iida was lying to him then it meant that whatever he happened that night was out of the ordinary. 

Questioning Bakugou had led to the same conclusion although it seemed the blonde hadn’t hung around Midoriya’s other friends that much. Maybe he needed to ask some more questions about these two. Maybe he just wasn’t asking the right questions. 


Katsuki ran a hand through his hair, glancing at the bag in the passenger seat for the fifth time as he drove. He ended up with about seven thick books. Unsure of what Deku would be most into since the nerd was interested in basically anything he had been forced to pick something from each genre. If he ended up needing to do this more often then he would need to think about converting a room into a library for Deku. 

He had thought about just getting books from the library itself but right now he couldn’t trust Deku. What if Deku somehow put a message in one and someone found it? He couldn’t let that happen. He needed to find more things for Deku to do. Maybe once Deku was more accustomed to the cabin he could let Deku off the chain while he was gone. 

Katsuki started listing obvious things he could do for Deku. Expand the movie collection, maybe get a video game console, and definitely get Deku a notebook. Deku liked to write. It was an endearing trait he had to write stories or artistic descriptions of the world around him. When Deku had gone off to college Katsuki had encouraged him to try and become an author. Of course, sheepish Deku didn’t have much confidence in himself and ended up going for a degree in another field despite his obvious talent. Deku never ended up graduating. His mother’s death had prevented that. 

Katsuki was conflicted about how he felt about her death. He took the turn onto the familiar dirt road towards the cabin while he casually thought about Midoriya Inko. On one hand, she was the reason Deku even existed and she had been someone Deku deeply loved. Deku had been completely devastated after her death, dropped out and became dependent on Katsuki. On the other, he had absolutely hated her.


“Kacchan do you like anyone?” Deku asked looking over at him. 

“Ha?” Katsuki grunted in confusion looking up from the All Might comic he had been reading. They were both hanging out in Deku’s room after a day of middle school classes. Katsuki’s heart thumped almost painfully as he saw Deku’s curious expression. The freckled boy was looking over at him from where he had been reading the newest issue on his bed while Katsuki had taken Deku’s desk. 

“I-Its just…” Izuku said cheeks flooding with the adorable red tinge that charmed Katsuki. “I heard some of the boys talking in our class today. They were bragging about dating. A-And I know you’ve gotten a confession before from that girl in the class next door. So I was just wondering if maybe there was a girl you liked.” 

Katsuki stared at him for a moment. To be honest, he’s never even thought of another person like that besides Deku. If he liked Deku that much it must mean he was gay right? 

“No, not really.” Katsuki grunted turning back to his All Might comic but not really reading it. Instead he scrunched his eyebrows as he tried to think if he found any boys attractive. But no one came to mind besides Deku. What do you call it if you only liked and were attracted to one person? Who the fuck knew and who the fuck cared. 

“Oh.” Izuku said dropping his eyes back to his comic as well. Katsuki twitched in irritation. Why had Deku asked him something like that? Was...Was he trying to say something too?

“Oi.” Katsuki said snapping his comic closed and throwing it carelessly onto the desk before spinning in the desk chair towards a startled Deku. “Why do you want to know?”

“I guess I was just curious is all.” Deku said shrugging. 

“What about you?” Katsuki said cocking his head to the side and narrowing his scarlet eyes at the other boy. Izuku blinked as if he hadn’t thought Katsuki would turn the question around on him. Flustered by the question and unsure of how to answer that he nervously scratched his cheek. It got Katsuki's curiosity rising as well along with an ugly shadow of something that snapped at the mere thought that Deku might like someone else. 

“I don’t know.” Izuku eventually answered eyes skirting away from Katsuki as he picked at the corner of the comic. 

“If you don’t like any girls do you like any guys?” Katsuki asked getting more specific. Izuku blanched at the question face going tomato red as he stuttered a lot.

“I-I like girls!” Izuku quickly said in a defensive manner while Katsuki looked at him unimpressed. Izuku was a terrible liar. Again the shadow moved in his chest at the thought of who exactly Deku might be looking at to figure these things out. Izuku glanced back over at Katsuki’s expression realizing it was futile to lie to his best friend. “And I...might like guys...too.” He whispered biting his lip and looking unsure of how Katsuki would react to that. 

“What do you mean ‘might’?” Katsuki asked quirking an eyebrow while Izuku looked down being really uncomfortable. “I don’t give a shit if you like guys, Deku.” he supplied to encourage Deku to continue talking. Izuku closed his comic and sat up to set it aside. He clasped his hands together and twiddled his thumbs the embarrassed flush still on his face.

“Well, I’ve never… thought about it too much. But...I don’t think I would mind it I guess?” Izuku said looking up at Katsuki helplessly. Katsuki just frowned staring at him. To him it sounded weird. He knew what he liked without really having to think about it. Deku should know what he liked so why was he looking at Katsuki like he had just asked for the exact number of stars in the sky. 

“You ‘guess’?” Katsuki scoffed crossing his arms. “I think you would know Deku.”

“Yeah well it’s complicated.” Izuku said sighing and falling backwards flat on his bed like this was a question he had asked a million times but hadn’t found an answer to. Izuku stared up at the ceiling while Katsuki stared at him, the boy fidgeting under his best friend’s gaze. The silence between them was stifling and just as Deku sat up to change the subject and suggest they find something else to do Katsuki decided to speak up.

“Do you want help?” Katsuki asked bluntly making Deku pause and look at him completely confused.

“Uh, what?” Izuku asked brows furrowing and head tilting. So fucking cute. 

“Do you want help figuring it out?” Katsuki asked making Izuku freeze. 

“Um, I don’t think you can help with this Kacchan.” Deku said scratching the back of his head in an awkward manner. “I think that’s something I’ll figure out eventually.”

“Bullshit. We can solve it right now.” Katsuki said standing up and coming over to the bed to sit next to Izuku who continued giving him a baffled look. “Kiss me.”

“HUH?” Izuku said staring at him in shock before shaking his head and waving his hands in front of himself as if warding off the idea physically. “K-K-Kacchan! You don’t have to do that! It’s fine! I appreciate the offer but it would be really weird and awkward and I don’t know if I can -”

“Shut up Deku. It’s just a kiss stop freaking out.” Katsuki said rolling his eyes and turning to Deku who hid his face in his hands. Katsuki’s heart leapt to his throat as Izuku peeked through his fingers at him with those emerald eyes.  

“Are you sure about this?” Izuku mumbled uncertainly and muffled behind his hands. In response Katsuki grabbed his wrists and forced his hands away from his face revealing a freckled and flushed face to Katsuki. He paused to stare at him, he was so beautiful. Unfortunately, Deku took it as hesitation and he started to tug his wrists out of Katsuki grip as he spoke. “Y-Yeah this is a stupid idea sorry Kacchan you don’t have to do this.”

“I said shut up Deku.” Katsuki growled coming out of his awe to tighten his grip and not let Izuku pull away from him. Izuku’s eyes skittered between Katsuki’s eyes and lips while Izuku shut his mouth. He looked uncertain still but he had at least relaxed a little. Katsuki’s palms sweated a bit and he swallowed before letting his own eyes drift down to Deku’s lips. They were already a bit plump from where Deku had been biting them in his nervous habit. 

Without saying anything more Katsuki started leaning forward, time seemed to slow down for the blonde. Deku’s eyes were on him following his progress in an even split of curiosity and nerves. Katsuki had never kissed someone before, obviously. But he knew he wanted to kiss Deku. There was never any doubt. He has seen people kiss before it couldn’t be that hard right?

Their first kiss was soft. Barely there. A brush of lips and a gentle press between them while Katsuki’s gaze lingered in the speckles of green spread throughout Izuku’s irises. The moment was perfect. Like the universe had aligned for Katsuki and as the kiss lingered between them Izuku’s eyes widened and Katsuki could tell the moment certainty was realized. 

“Midoriya Izuku!” came a gasp from the doorway of the room. Izuku jumped back away from Katsuki as if he had been stung. Both of them looked over to see Inko’s horrified face. She had a hand on the door handle and a basket of fresh laundry on her hip that she had been bringing up to his room. 

“M-Mom! I-It’s not like that!” Izuku quickly said getting off the bed and further from Katsuki ticking him off. Inko looked between them in disbelief before sucking in a breath. 

“Bakugou I think it’s time for you to go home.” Inko said politely but in the demanding tone only parents seemed to have. Katsuki opened his mouth about to tell her to fuck off before Izuku turned around with shimmering eyes and the pleading look he has only seen once before. 

“Please Kacchan.” Izuku whispered to him looking terribly ashamed. Fury boiled in him. He curled his hands into fists before snatching his bag from the floor and throwing it over his shoulder. He pushed out the door while glaring at Inko as he passed. She shut the door to Izuku’s room as soon as he left. 

Katsuki paused outside the bedroom door listening as Inko rose her voice at her sensitive son and Katsuki knew Deku would be crying. It was hard to make out exactly what was being said until Inko’s anger came to its crescendo. 

“...-and you know what would happen if your father found out!” Inko shouted at him. 

That’s all Katsuki stayed for before he made his way out of the home. Deku’s father has been a problem for too long. As he walked away Katsuki reached up to brush his fingertips along his lips in reverence. He swore he could still taste Deku there and the thought of how upset Deku was right now because of his mother made him see red. Deku shouldn’t be crying because of this. He’d fix it.

He couldn’t let the memory of the kiss drop from him though as he walked home. He barely even batted an eye at his Hag of a mother as he went up to his room and flopped down on his bed. His chest squeezed in some delicious way that felt addictive at the thought of the kiss before he thought back to his previous musings on attraction. What do you call it if you only liked and were attracted to one person?



He loved Deku. The realization made him giddy and a grin stretched across his face. And Deku liked guys. Deku could love him back right?

Wrong. For the next few days Deku had avoided him completely. And after a confrontation where he managed to corner Deku he learned that Inko had demanded Izuku not hang out around Katsuki anymore. And Deku was a momma’s boy. But it didn’t change how hurt Deku looked when he told Katsuki that. 

Katsuki realized Deku would never go out with him or even pursue a relationship with a guy now. And Deku avoided talking about that topic for a long time afterwards. This didn’t stop Katsuki from being with Deku as a friend. It just meant he didn’t do it in front of Deku’s parents. The compromise made Deku scared but immensely happy to keep Katsuki’s friendship even if it was in secret. 

But the incident had made something very clear. Deku’s parents were a problem. Especially his father whom both Deku and Inko were frightened of. That was something Katsuki discovered when he was even younger.


Katsuki pulled up to his cabin and got out of the car grabbing the books with him. He flipped through his large key ring to unlock the two locks above the handle and then the handle itself. An inconvenience but security that put Katsuki’s mind at ease whenever he had to leave the cabin. He marched inside closing the door behind him and locking the three locks behind him. Nothing was too much to keep Deku safe. Even from himself. 

He climbed the stairs and opened the door to the bedroom to see Deku sitting on the bed waiting for him. 

“I’m home. Here nerd.” Katsuki said hefting the bag of books and putting them on the bed beside Deku. Izuku looked over at the books dipping a hand in and pulling one out to look over it. “I didn’t know what you would want so I got you a bunch of different stuff.” Katsuki said gruffly before sitting down as well. 

Suddenly Deku jumped forward. Arms wrapped around Katsuki making him tense before realizing Deku was...hugging him? He blinked down at the mop of green hair in shock. 

“Welcome home Kacchan.” Izuku said muffled into Katsuki’s shirt before looking up at him. “And thank you.”

Was this a dream? Katsuki wasn’t sure but he wrapped arms back around Izuku in return. A warmth spread in his chest and pink tinged his cheeks.

“You’re welcome Deku.” Katsuki said leaning down to nuzzle into his hair. Izuku nuzzled into his chest trying to hold back his nerves. He could do this.

Chapter Text

Things were better with Deku. Over the next few days the freckled man seemed to adjust little by little to their routine. Shitty Hair’s advice seemed to come in handy as it gave Deku a distraction whenever Katsuki had to leave or when he went into the office in the cabin. The office was next to the bathroom and he kept it locked pretty much at all times from Deku. Inside was his work computer and as much as he wanted to give Deku every second of his attention he would need to return to his work least someone realize he was absent. 

Katsuki owned the same critical eye his parents did. Raised by two fashion designers left Katsuki with an intuition on it and it allowed him to work from home. He designed clothing through sketches and blogged to make his money for the company his parents were a part of. His home office was best for everyone seeing as being face to face typically threw people off thanks to his brash attitude. 

But it was also a risk. Owning a computer and having internet meant there was a line to the outside that Deku could possibly use. Although Katsuki disconnected and hid the router every time he wasn’t using it. It still made him paranoid. He just needed to make sure Deku stayed distracted from it. 

For now Deku read his books in bed while chained. The stack of them laid on the nightstand and Katsuki came to the quick conclusion that he would indeed need to make a bookshelf for them as he expanded the collection over time. After the gift of books Deku became less tense. 

Now when Katsuki came home Deku would try to make small talk with him. Usually it was only about whatever he had read that day. Sometimes Deku would say something about the past or ask about something happening in the present. Obviously testing what Katsuki thought of as acceptable topics. And he was proud of himself, he stayed calm during all of it and neither of them had fought. He didn’t really see Deku cry much now. The only times he did was when Katsuki tried to be intimate.

It pissed Katsuki off that Deku kept crying about it. He just didn’t know why Deku acted like it was such a terrible thing. Obviously the other liked it on some level, why else did Deku make that face when he was being fucked into oblivion? And Katsuki always made sure Deku came when they interacted. He was even being much more gentle trying not to leave any bruises on Deku. 

He just didn’t understand. If Deku was getting the same pleasure out of it that he was then why was he always so upset? Katsuki watched Deku’s reactions closely when they were together. He knew every spot on Deku’s skin that would make the other man moan. Maybe it was just one of those things that took time. But it really tested Katsuki’s patience. 

Katsuki sighed leaning back into his chair and taking off his glasses to rub his eyes. He was currently in his office trying to marathon a bunch of work so he could get back to Deku. He didn’t really need the glasses but they were protective against the light of the screen, supposedly to prevent headaches. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t what was causing Katsuki’s head to throb. This morning he had managed to corner Deku and force him into a make out session. It had caught the smaller man off guard and unprepared. It was cute when Deku was like that. Katsuki had managed to push him up against a wall and dip in hands into Deku’s pants.  

Of course Deku squirmed and voiced protests but he must have been tired that morning. Deku hadn’t been sleeping well which was also concerning Katsuki. Katsuki had let his teeth graze along Deku’s neck while he kept him pinned against the wall and continued stroking Deku’s cock. It wasn’t long before Deku was panting in his ear and slowly came undone in his hand. God how he loved seeing Deku’s briefly blissed out expression. 

He let go of Deku and the man slid down to the floor from the loss of support. When Deku looked up at him Katsuki realised how fucking much he wanted to use that pretty little slightly parted mouth Deku had. Katsuki was already hard just from touching Deku and from making the man make those noises. He grabbed Deku’s chin while he also brought his dick out in front of Deku’s face. Understanding seemed to come quickly to Deku because he attempted to shake his head free of Katsuki’s grip. Snarling Katsuki fisted his hair keeping him in place. It was then he saw it. 

When those green eyes looked up at him it wasn’t a terrified expression. It was a look...different from any Deku he has really seen before. Those green eyes almost glowed with it. Not quite a glare but something similar that reminded Katsuki of the sharp edge of a blade. A dare. A dare. A dare. Deku opened his mouth with their eyes locked together. It was in that moment Katsuki was certain if he put his dick in Deku’s mouth it wouldn’t come back out. He was absolutely sure that Deku’s teeth were waiting to sink in. 

It sent shivers down his spine.

This was a different piece of Deku and one Katsuki had never known was there. It fascinated him. He almost wanted to go through with it just to see if this Deku was real. But he also didn’t fancy losing his dick. For a while they just stared at each other in silence before Katsuki clicked his tongue and let go of Deku. He left Deku chained in the bedroom again after a small struggle before going into his office and slamming the door. His dick was painfully hard because of this new discovery. 

So he ended up jerking off to pictures of Deku he had on his laptop. Not as satisfying as what he could get off to with Deku but it worked to calm him down. What had that been? Now he had pretty much finished his work and the thought swirled around in his head. 

Ring. Ring.

Katsuki grabbed his phone and picked it up glancing at the unknown number calling him. It took him a moment to place it but he was sure it was from the police station. A similar number printed on the card that half n’ half cop had given him.

“Hello?” Katsuki answered while closing out and saving the work he had done for the day. 

“Mr. Bakugou?” asked the voice of half n’ half on the phone. 

“Yeah?” Katsuki said closing the laptop and getting up in his ritual to dismantle the internet. 

“It’s officer Todoroki. I would like to talk to you again concerning Midoriya.” the other man said. 

“Did you find something?” Katsuki asked immediately eyes narrowing. Both he and Iida had ‘found’ the bat so he knew they had the evidence they might need to point to Izuku. But it might be possible that the man could be asking about something else. Not that Katsuki had left any evidence. He had been meticulous to do that.

“I apologize but I have no big breakthroughs. I would just like to ask a few more questions regarding Midoriya that might help with the investigation.” Todoroki stated. “When are you available to speak with me?”

“Fuck it. I’ll be there in an hour and a half if that works.” Katsuki grunted shutting a draw and standing up. He had an idea of a couple of things he needed to pick up for Deku anyway so he needed to make the trip into town. 

“Thank you for your cooperation. Please come over.” Todoroki said earning a grunt from Katsuki who hung up after that. He left the office ensuring the door was locked before peeking into the bedroom at Deku. Deku was leaning over a book but glanced up at him when he looked in.

“I’ll be back in a little bit Deku.” Katsuki said getting a nod out of Deku. Deku always was a bit more quiet after Katsuki did things with him. Katsuki closed the bedroom door and left the cabin promptly. It was an hour ride back to town so he needed to go out right now just in case he hit traffic. 


“And you’re sure that Mr. Midoriya has never been violent?” Todoroki asked for probably the third time. Katsuki was irritated. They had been looping around in the same line of questioning for the last twenty minutes. Katsuki knew after the first time the man had asked that the cops were taking his bait. They’d blame it all on Deku. But he couldn’t say Deku had a violent nature, his annoying four eyed friend would obviously contradict him. 

“No. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. Too much of a dumbass to consider it.” Katsuki grunted out. But a flash of those green eyes came to his mind. Maybe that wasn’t completely true anymore. It has been nearly two weeks since he took Deku. Was Deku being pushed to the brink of something?

“Has he ever been a victim of violence?” Todoroki questioned making Katsuki pause. There was an unnaturally heavy atmosphere that settled over them. One that Todoroki did not miss.

“Yeah he has.” Katsuki said quietly. His eyes boiled like lava and his fists were clenched. Todoroki looked up in confusion. No one had mentioned anything like this. 

“This may seem intrusive but any information like this may help me. You’ve already said that no one would want to hurt Mr. Midoriya but that information seems contradictory to what you’ve just said.” Todoroki said earning him a glare from the bad tempered blonde. 

“Well, you don’t have to worry about it cause that fucker is dead.” Katsuki said lowly. 

“Who?” Todoroki asked a bit in confusion.

“His father.”


“Kacchan you have so many cool toys!” Deku had mumbled looking around his room with stars in his eyes. At this point they had both been friends for about two years. This was the first time Deku had ever come over to play, oddly. But Katsuki wasn’t going to question it. He just felt good having Deku in his room. 

“Of course. I always have the best things.” little Katsuki claimed smuggly while the smaller boy kept looking around the room with curious big eyes. Katsuki watched as Deku came to a halt near his shelves. He walked over to see what Deku was looking at and nearly rolled his eyes when he saw Deku staring at an All Might action figure. 

“I-Is it alright if I play with All Might?” Deku asked tentatively looking down and wringing his hands like he thought Katsuki would yell at him for asking. Katsuki debated for a moment but surprised himself when he realized he didn’t min if Deku touched his things. 

“Sure.” Katsuki had shrugged finding he liked the way Deku’s eyes lit up. Even with how excited Deku was the other boy was still careful when he played. Katsuki reluctantly played the villain for him but it was funny to mess with Deku. If Deku started winning the imaginary game he would just change the rules to make Deku start losing. But Deku would just change to deal with the changes instead of getting frustrated at how unfair it was. 

“All Might is too amazing to be stopped by something like this!” Deku exclaimed when Katsuki changed a rule for the sixth time. Katsuki tilted his head at that.

“Hey Deku why do you like All Might so much?” Katsuki asked setting down one of the villains he had in his hand. Deku blinked at him like he thought it was an odd question.

“Cause he’s strong and he’s always smiling...” Deku chirped looking down at the action figure that, sure enough, had the smile painted on to it. Deku shifted on his footing suddenly looking a little sad. “...And he always rescues people from the bad guys.”

Katsuki liked All Might cause he was the strongest hero in the cartoon and could do whatever he wants. Deku just described things small and general that any hero could easily fit. He didn’t really get it but they played for another hour before the inevitable happened. 

“Katsuki! Bring Izuku down his mom is here to pick him up!” came the banshee call from down stairs. Katsuki looked up immediately annoyed that his mother was interrupting his time with Deku. Deku could stay for a little while longer. He could even spend the night right?

“Oh, I guess I got to go Kacchan.” Deku said getting to his feet. That made Katsuki even madder cause Deku wasn’t even trying to stay longer. Katsuki rushed to his feet and ran to the door to his room shutting it before Deku could go out. Deku tilted his head in confusion.

“I don’t want you to go yet Deku. Hide in here and I’ll tell our moms that you’re staying.” Katsuki said leaning against the door to keep Deku from leaving. Deku smiled at him looking a bit nervous. 

“It’s alright Kacchan. I’ll see you again tomorrow.” Deku said stepping up to him and reaching up for the door handle to pull on it. But Katsuki refused to budge. Since Deku was quite a bit smaller than him he didn’t have a chance of moving him.

“Stop it Deku.” little Katsuki growled watching his futile attempts to open the door. 

“Kacchan please. I need to go.” Deku said starting to get a little upset while insistently pulling on the door. The more Deku didn’t listen to him the more angry Katsuki got. After another second of struggling Katsuki lost patience and pushed Deku away from the door. 

Caught off guard Deku feel backwards onto the floor into a heap. The little boy burst into tears almost instantly and Katsuki’s eyes widened as he found out why. When Deku fell his shirt rode up a little. Katsuki finally stepped away from the door to walk over to a crying Deku. He reached down and lifted Deku’s shirt some more. Deku gasped and quickly shoved his shirt back down but it was too late. Katsuki had seen.

Deep dark purple bruises had decorated the skin of the boy’s torso. They were really big and Katsuki had never really seen something like that. 

“Deku, why are you hurt?” Katsuki asked as Deku sat up shaking. 

“Kacchan you can’t tell anyone!” Deku pleaded with him. Those big jade eyes locked on his glistening with something almost manically desperate. Katsuki stared unsure of how to react to this. He knew something was very bad about this situation and he felt even angrier that Deku was hurt. But he was utterly confused about why Deku was telling him not to tell.

“Deku-” Katsuki started only to be surprised as Deku grabbed his shirt looking pleadingly up at him.

“Please Kacchan!” Deku said lips trembling. “If you tell someone they’ll take me away.” he whispered looking terrified. The smaller boy was shaking uncontrollably. Katsuki’s eyes widened. Someone would take Deku away from him? He didn’t want that to happen.

“Okay Deku.” Katsuki said and almost immediately Deku seemed to relax. The death grip the small boy had on his shirt loosened and he started breathing properly. Katsuki watched this reaction in curiosity. 

And then the door to his room slammed open with a prickly Mitsuki standing there glaring down at her demon of a son.

“Katsuki! Are you deaf?!” Mitsuki yelled even when in close proximity making Katsuki glare at her. However the blonde woman pause when she saw the tear streaked face of Deku. Then she narrowed her eyes at her son. “Were you being mean to Izuku?” she growled at him marching over. Katsuki bristled about to yell at the hag when a tiny hand clasped his. 

“Sorry Auntie. I got sad because I didn’t want to leave Kacchan.” Izuku mumbled looking down and shuffling closer to Katsuki. Katsuki’s cheeks tinted pink as he stared down at the hands together. Deku squeezed his hand while Mitsuki stopped advancing. 

“Oh you cute little bean.” Mitsuki said instantly switching to a sweet tone when addressing Deku. “You’re an angel to deal with this hell spawn.” she said narrowing her eyes at her own son. Not that the little boy noticed, he seemed out of it staring down. “Come on. Your mother is waiting.” 

And with that Deku let go of his hand and went down stairs. Katsuki still saw him again the next day. And it took a few more years before Deku finally told him about his father. The drunk with a bit of a sadistic streak towards his family. If Katsuki asked while they were alone Deku would sometimes show him his newest bruises. And it continued to piss Katsuki off.


“Oh?” Todoroki said his interest spiking. His father had been abusive? The blonde across from him nodded looking a bit withdrawn. Todoroki looked back down at his clipboard. He had the same picture of Midoriya clipped to it on top. A sweet looking guy. But abuse can sometimes drive people to do crazy things. Shouto knew that better than anyone. The evidence plain as day on the left side of his face. 

“Yeah. The fucker used to beat the shit out of him when he was a kid.” Katsuki stated blunty. Anger seethed into his voice and Todoroki was starting to understand why Midoriya had been friends with this person. 

“Iida didn’t mention anything like this…” Todoroki said scribbling a bit into his notes. Neither were there records of an abuse case in the police archives. When searching up about Midoriya he had looked into his parents deaths. He knew his father was shot to death at his home. His mother had apparently commited suicide a few years ago. 

“That’s because he didn’t know. Deku didn’t exactly go around spouting about it. I think he liked to leave it buried in the past.” Katsuki said. Todoroki nodded in understanding. So it had never been reported. Todoroki couldn’t help the way his own fist tightened in anger while he kept his face neutral. 

“Why was he never reported?” Todoroki asked but felt like he already knew the answer. He had worked in this field long enough to have heard all the answers before. 

“Cause his bitch of a mother was too much of a coward to leave that bastard.” Katsuki growled glaring down at the table. He hated Inko. Almost more than Hisashi. Why? Because she had been in a position to stop it all. To get Deku away from that man. But had she done it? No. She just stood by and watched. Deku claimed she was scared like him, that she cried too. But it didn’t matter to Katsuki. 

“If that’s true… Do you think Midoriya was traumatized? Perhaps if pushed to the point he might lash out at others or himself?” Shouto asked. Thoughts of his mother bubbled up making Shouto shiver and his heart clench. What if history repeats itself?

“I don’t know.” Katsuki said reluctantly leaning back in his chair. “Sometimes he has panic attacks.”

“Panic attacks?” Todoroki asked looking for elaboration, his heterochromia eyes searching and prodding. Katsuki nodded.

“They mostly happened at night when he was alone. It’s why I have a key to his place. I’d come over to help him through it.” Katsuki answered truthfully, the cop just didn’t need to know the panic attacks were triggered by Deku’s paranoia that he was being stalked. He had to calm Deku down frequently now that he was in the cabin. It was just another reason to return to make sure Deku was okay. 

“I see.” Todoroki said. He felt a little sick as he realized it was entirely possible Midoriya had actually committed a crime in a moment of panic. Like Shouto’s own mother. Had Midoriya some how freaked out that night? Everyone he had spoken to had said this was Midoriya’s first date. Had it triggered him somehow? Had Uraraka tried to console him only to be at the receiving end of his panic?

Katsuki watched from across the table as the other man seemed to get lost in thought. Surely, the man was connecting all the dots Katsuki expected him to. 

“Is that all you needed?” Katsuki asked letting the other man come back to their current situation. 

“I suppose for now.” Todoroki conceded getting up. His brow was still furrowed. Shouto didn’t understand. He had seen no activity with Midoriya’s bank. And the guy hadn’t taken his phone. So how was he getting by? “If you do get any contact with Midoriya please let me know.” Todoroki said. 

“Well duh.” Katsuki snarked out getting up and shoving his hands in his pockets. Todoroki walked him out and watched as the blonde got back into his vehicle. If Midoriya was mentally vulnerable and scared right now it only made sense that he would have gone to the person he most trusted. And that pointed to Katsuki. 

Todoroki narrowed his eyes. Perhaps the blonde wasn’t being as honest with him as he would expect. Could it be that he was actually helping Midoriya hide? It would make sense. Then what happened to Uraraka? He had a grave feeling about that. He should start gathering information on the blonde.


Katsuki packed the last of the groceries into the trunk and slammed it shut. He was going over the questioning he had with that cop in his head. So far it seemed he had fed him just enough to keep the other man focused on the picture Katsuki tried to paint. He felt like he said all the right things but for some reason something nagged at him that something was wrong. Maybe it was just paranoia. Or maybe it was that stupid expressionless face the other man had.

It kind of pissed Katsuki off. It was hard to read that fucker and it was starting to put him on edge. He climbed into his car and started off for home. His phone buzzed again. No doubt it was Shitty Hair messaging him, nagging for the dinner date that was never going to happen. He was half tempted to just block the idiots number. 

Katsuki drove through town and back out. As he was almost half way home, he saw a billboard that made his mind consider a few things. It was an advertisement for a sex shop. There was one not far ahead of him. It was where he had gotten the cock ring for Deku. It made him disgusted to go into that place. But buying things like that off the internet might leave a paper trail somewhere. He could pay cash here and be out with the item immediately instead of having to wait. 

Plus the place had an extensive amount of toys and porn. Browsing just a few things might give him some nice ideas for Deku. Maybe it would make Deku more receptive. Or squirm deliciously. Either way he thought he might as well stop.


Mineta watched the scary looking blond leave his shop envious of all the items the dude had picked out. It was obvious he had some hotty he was bedding and judging by the looks he could safely assume it was a really hot chick cause only douches like that guy stole girls like that. He almost wanted to mope about his own bachelor life when another more regular customer came up to put down a dvd to buy.

“I can’t believe it. That was definitely Bakugou.” the customer commented looking towards the doors. Mineta sat up to see Kaminari standing there.

“Do you know him?” Mineta asked curiously. The guy had definitely seemed like the type to clobber someone like Kaminari. The red eyed guy had a distinct aura of ‘fuck off’. 

“Kinda. He’s a friend. I guess. Never thought I’d see him here though.” Kaminari said pursing his lips in curiosity as Mineta rang him up. 

“You got a pic of his girl friend?” Mineta asked. Between friends like them it wasn’t a weird question to ask. Both of them were a bit perverted. 

“Nah, but I bet Kirishima would have it. I’ll have to ask him next time. I didn’t even know the dude was dating.” Kaminari said as he took his bag. “I’ll let you know the next time I’m in.”

“I bet she has double D’s.” Mineta hummed losing himself to his imagination while Kaminari just chuckled and waved good bye.

Chapter Text

“This is stupid.” a thirteen year old Katsuki grumbled from his seat in a camping chair. He had his hands shoved into the hoodie he wore, there was still a nip to the air that early spring typically carried with it. He glared at the river that ran in front of him watching the deceptively slow but strong current carry on past him under a gray cloudy day. 

“Well it’s supposed to be calming.” came the comment next to him. Katsuki glanced over at the man. His father. Masaru was mild mannered and if put into a crowd you might forget he was even there his presence was so...unassuming. The complete opposite of his harpie wife. The man himself sat back reeling in his fishing line just a little bit before relaxing. “I think this will prove to be therapeutic for you Katsuki.”

“I fucking told you guys it was a one time thing.” Katsuki snapped at his father.

“Katsuki.” Masaru said in a reprimanding tone. Katsuki settled back again glaring at the gravel bank before kicking a stone into the water. “A lot of our neighbors have been reporting their pets missing.”

Silence met this. Katsuki could just hear the accusation being aimed at him and his blood boiled. He hated that his father didn’t lash out like his mother. Explode in a flurry of curses at him and let him explode back. Masaru was just calm and his stone wall to all of Katsuki’s attempts to provoke only left Katsuki with no way to get under the man’s skin. Masaru sighed as he reeled in his line to find the bait missing before he looked over at his son.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Masaru asked hooking a new worm. Communication had never been good between Katsuki and other people. The boy just didn’t know how to explain his thoughts, and sometimes when he did it was met with scrutiny. But quiet, unassuming Masaru was someone who left Katsuki at least feeling like he wouldn’t be looked down on.

“Its nothing.” Katsuki said watching with little interest as his father cast his line once again. Masaru wore a slight frown but unlike Katsuki’s mother he didn’t dig deeper when Katsuki’s tone warned him to step back. Unknown to his parents Katsuki had picked up the habit of killing small animals about a year ago. It just felt good to do. Sometimes he imagined hurting all the people who annoyed him while he did it. His mother, annoying teachers, other students who did small things that grated on his nerves. He hadn’t been able to lash out at them for one reason. Deku.

If he got out of line people immediately went after his Deku. His mother and teachers would separate him from Deku. If he did anything to a student they were more likely to go after sweet Deku. So Katsuki had quickly learned to compose himself in the presence of others. But there was only so much hate he could bottle up before it needed an outlet. 

There was one person who was a recurring figure in Katsuki’s fantasies of slaughter. Deku’s father. Especially recently when Deku had come to school with a broken arm. When Katsuki had spotted him that day he almost snapped. He kind of did in a way, having killed a cat in his backyard and been caught by his mother. Hence the camping trip he was on now with his father. Izuku had walked to school, head down, and arm in a cast. To everyone who asked, the few who did, he simply said he fell out of a tree. When Izuku’s eyes met his while he said that lie Katsuki could see it. Izuku didn’t really have to say what happened anymore around Katsuki. Silence was telling when it came to Deku.

If Deku was unusually quiet during a school day Katsuki knew immediately that there were new bruises on him somewhere. Or maybe burns. His father was a smoker and liked to think of Deku like his personal ashtray.  Silence was telling. But why did no one around Deku notice? Cowards, assholes, disgustingly apathetic bystanders. Katsuki hated everyone. Except Deku who would always try to smile at him like nothing was happening. Deku who always stayed by him even when sometimes Katsuki’s temper snapped at him. Beautiful, broken, silent Deku.

“Why don’t you go check that rabbit snare we put up yesterday?” Masaru suggested nodding off to the area behind them. Katsuki got out his chair gladly fed up already with the boring fishing set up. He walked down the path in the woods, not far off from their fishing spot, and came upon a small grassy clearing. He wondered over close to a fallen tree and looked to the side of it. To his surprise there was actually a rabbit that was caught. 

Even more surprising that it was still alive. The quick little fur ball was smaller than most rabbits and had somehow almost cleared the snare but it had ended up catching around his back legs. Upon hearing Katsuki’s approach it started struggling. Trying to hop forward only to be dragged back by the snare’s unrelenting wires. 

It must have been there all night. The wire seemed to be digging into its skin from its struggles. Fur matted with blood from the wire’s sharp hold. Katsuki gazed at the thing curiously, coming to crouch closer. He grabbed the wire and pulled it to bring the rabbit close to him, in the process the rabbit kicked madly and the wires cut a bit deeper bringing fresh blood welling up. Tsking Katsuki grabbed its scruff looking it over. 

It’s breathing was erratic, tiny chest heaving, and nose going a mile a minute. The fur was soft to the touch. It was small and now still in his hold and he wondered if it had given up or if it was just waiting for an opportunity to run. It was odd seeing something that was often displayed as a pet have this wild look to it. Something about its dark eyes told Katsuki it was far from the domestic pet he’s seen before. 

“Katsuki!” Masaru called coming up the trail to him. Katsuki didn’t glance up as his father came to a stop next to him. “Oh we caught one did we?” Masaru asked squatting down to see what his son had. 

“Its small.” Katsuki’s commented still holding it.

“Mhmm. Looks like we’ll let this one go. He won’t give us much meat.” Masaru said smiling down at the thing. 

“Is that why you hunt?” Katsuki asked looking up at his father. His father took hunting trips often enough during the year that the blonde wondered if Masaru shared the same...interests.

“Yes. It’s nice to get fresh food that’s not processed nowadays. But people hunt and kill for different reasons. Some go for fur or other parts. Sometimes people hunt for protection of their land or family. And some hunt for the thrill of it Katsuki.” Masaru said meaningfully glancing at him while he worked the wire free from the rabbit’s legs. As soon as the legs slipped free Katsuki tugged the rabbit up and onto his chest pressing it there and supporting its legs.

“Thrill huh?” Katsuki asked not meeting his dad’s eyes. 

“Yes. But normally they hunt dangerous animals. Like big cats, bears, or other stuff. So sometimes by doing so they are also protecting people.” Masaru rambled reaching over to pet between the frightened rabbits ears. It wriggled in his son’s grasp, clearly ready to get back to its life. “Why don’t you put him down?”

“His legs are hurt. He’ll die anyway. Why can’t we just kill him?” Katsuki asked. The back nails of the rabbit dug into his hoodie but didn’t do much but lightly graze his skin. 

“Hmm, sometimes it’s better to put something down if its suffering too much.” Masaru hummed in agreement but shook his head, “But this little guy looks like a fighter. I think he can handle himself.” Masaru said smiling at the little rabbit. Katsuki frowned down at the rabbit. His dad usually let him make the kill and then do the gutting and cleaning so it seemed like such a waste to let it go. Reluctantly Katsuki put the rabbit on the ground. Its feet barely hit the dirt before it was off and running. The last he saw of it was a flash of its cotton tail disappearing into the underbrush. 

“Come on let’s had back to the cabin. We have some fish we can use for dinner.” Masaru said clapping his son on the shoulder while the boy’s eyes lingered on the place the rabbit had disappeared to. 

Katsuki followed his dad back to the river bed where they gathered up their chairs and rods. He got stuck with lugging it back up the long dirt road back to the cabin. But Katsuki found himself drifting off in thought. People kill for the thrill but it still protects people huh?


A year later Katsuki had taken those lessons to heart. Fourteen year old Katsuki stood outside a home shifting on his feet. Blood was thudding in his ears as he knocked nice and loud. It was at mid morning. A time when people had already left for work, others were probably sleeping in if they didn’t have work, and too early for lunch to have people milling about. The street was pretty empty but very familiar to Katsuki. 

This was Deku’s house. He hadn’t come over since the kiss. But he knew Deku wasn’t home. He had been texting Deku and knew he and his mother had gone to the supermarket to shop. Leaving the house almost empty. Katsuki had to knock twice more in louder attempts before he finally heard movement coming towards the door. It opened and Katsuki finally came face to face with one of the people he hated most. Hisashi stood leaning on the door heavily. The piece of shit had a cigarette hanging from his mouth and an annoyed look on his face. Clearly he seemed to be nursing a hangover if the reek of alcohol was any indication or the man’s squinting at the brightness of the outdoors.

To the unsuspecting man the kid at his door looked calm. 

“Who the fuck are you?” Hisashi asked taking a drag of smoke. Crimson eyes stared at him, unreadable. The kid looked about Izuku’s age but he didn’t know if his son had friends or not. Hisashi just didn’t care. In fact irritation rose quickly in him. Izuku was going to get it when he came home. This kid had disturbed him when he was feeling like shit so his son would need to learn not to tell others to come over. 

Katsuki stared at the man. He didn’t really hear the question the man had asked. His heart was beating too loudly. Like it was chanting to him.

Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

His blood was running hot. The street they were on was too quiet and the disgusting smell of smoke tarnished his nose as Hisashi blew it out at him. Katsuki had his hands stuffed into an old oversized hoodie. His hand tightened on the cool metal of the handgun. Taken from his father’s hunting collection while the man wasn’t looking. 

“Are you deaf kid?” Hisashi grunted at him clearly aggitated by his muteness. 

“I hate you.”

Hisashi blinked at the barely audible words. The blonde kid was now staring him in the eye. Scarlet eyes held an intensity that made his hackles rise. Kid be damned, no bastard looked at him like that. His fucking wife and kid learned to keep their eyes down along with a lot of their neighbors. So what was this shit?

Before he could open his mouth to growl at the kid to fuck off and slam the door there was the quietest click in the air between them. Hisashi looked to to see a muzzle pointed at him. Suddenly the intensity and odd aura of the kid in front of him made sense. It was mania. All this ran through his head in the half second before he heard the last words he ever would. 

“For Deku.”

Who was Deku?



Katsuki had never run so fast in his life. After he pulled the trigger and the man fell he had turned and run. Luck must have been on his side, or maybe whatever god might be out there if there was one. Because he encountered no one as he ran. He had left the door to Izuku’s home open, the body still there. It would be the first thing Deku would see when he came home. 

He slowed to a stop as he reached a park. He walked over and slumped against a tree nearby eyes skirting around at the few people milling around near him. He wondered if anyone had seen him do it. He reached his shaky hands up into his view watching them with calm curiosity. He has never killed a person before. But his hands were shaking from adrenaline not anything else. His mind was calm. He had just killed a person. But it didn’t feel that much different from killing all those animals. 

He thought back to the maybe minute he had met Midoriya Hisashi. Just from his appearance he didn’t look much like a person anyway. A beast pretending maybe. And he had shot that monster basically right between the eyes. People kill for resources, thrill, and protection. He had only done a good thing by getting rid of that monster. 

And if anyone had seen Katsuki running from the scene of the crime...maybe they remained silent. Maybe everyone knew what a piece of shit that man had been. Maybe silent bystanders turned a blind eye equally on all things. 

Katsuki stayed there for a little while. Just enjoying the good weather. Then he got up and made his way home. He snuck back in through the window of his room. His parents had probably thought he had been in there all day shutting himself away like he liked to do often. It was easy to slip the hand gun back into Masaru’s collection without the man’s notice. 

Maybe it would have been harder for someone who didn’t know his father’s meticulous ways but Katsuki had placed it perfectly back in its spot, cleaned and reloaded. Innocently sitting in a safe as if it had not just ended the life of someone. And Katsuki had stayed back in his room staring at his phone. Any second now Deku would contact him right?

Deku missed school the next day and the day after. Katsuki had called but Deku didn’t pick up. He texted but Deku had only replied that he couldn’t talk right now. When Deku did finally show up to school he was quiet. By now rumours of what had happened had spread around the other students. Basically everyone had known by the time Deku came back to school. 

But no one seemed surprised. And no one asked who had done it. It wasn’t like the drunk man didn’t have a mile long list of enemies or people he owed. So no one really approached Deku about it. When school was dismissed Katsuki turned around in his chair to look at Deku. The boy was sitting, gaze on his desk but unfocused. He had been so quiet all day.

“Deku.” Katsuki said. Emerald eyes looked up at him focusing finally on his presence. 

“Sorry Kacchan. It’s just been a lot.” Izuku muttered looking back down. Katsuki stared at him. He couldn’t figure out what the green haired boy was feeling right now. When Deku was quiet it meant he was hurt right?

“Are you sad?” Katsuki asked. By this time all the other students had left the room. It was just him and Deku sitting in the empty classroom. The noise of the other students in the halls felt far away. Light was shining through the windows letting the desks cast warm shadows that criss crossed across the room and glared down on Deku’s bright red shoes. Izuku was quiet again.

“What?” Deku asked in a hushed tone gaze still down on the scratched surface of his desk. 

“Are you sad he’s gone?” Katsuki asked. He couldn’t really hear the other students now. Its was so quiet they could probably hear a pin drop. 

“No.” Izuku whispered almost to himself. Katsuki tilted his head at the answer before Deku looked up at him. His jade gaze reflected the light filtering into the room. “I’m happy Kacchan.” Izuku said before his eyes began to get watery. “I’m happy he’s gone.” Izuku said giving a wobbly smile before it fell and Izuku reached up to wipe away the tears that were making their way down his face. He gave the smallest pathetic sound that sounded like a cross between a chuckle and sob. “Does that make me a bad person Kacchan?”


Izuku looked up at him. Gaze clear, hopeful. The kind of gaze Katsuki imagined a hero got when they rescued someone from a villain like in the comics he and Deku read. He loved those eyes. That expression. He loved when Deku was happy.


Izuku stared at the words on the pages but he was sure he had read this sentence at least five times already. So he sighed and shut the book discarding it onto the night stand rubbing his eyes as a headache started to creep into his consciousness. Instead he took to looking around blearily. The sheer boredom of sitting in a bed while Katsuki was away did nothing to help him. He moved to the edge of the bed while he ran a hand through his hair, the tinkle of the chain serving to make him grimace. 

He had been trying over the past few days to enact his plan. To try and trick Katsuki into putting his guard down. And he had been doing well. He had managed to talk to Katsuki in a more casual manner. In some moments Izuku was almost able to trick himself into believing nothing had happened and they were once again just life long friends enjoying each other’s company. But then Katsuki would make a move more intimate that immediately made reality crash back into him. 

It made just being in a room with the blonde feel like standing on a cliff edge. If the wind blew a little too hard in one direction he would plummet. If Izuku got too comfortable or smiled just a little too long it was like Katsuki saw a green light to move in. Izuku could fake a kiss. Even if it got heated. But when Katsuki insisted on touching him he’d start to shake and the facade he had put on would crumble quickly into a more basic instinct to avoid the same trauma that had happened. 

Fights were common place then. Of course, he knew Katsuki would win every time. Especially when Izuku was weak right now. From his lack of appetite and lack of sleep. Izuku hadn’t slept well in a while now. He just couldn’t anymore. Not when the blonde was right there, typically with an arm wrapped around him or keeping Izuku tucked close to him. Izuku had stayed awake, silently watching him. Sometimes in the dark, with only moonlight to witness him, Izuku would sit up and grab a pillow. He’d set it in his lap and look over at a resting Katsuki.

He debated smothering Katsuki in his sleep.

He would think about it, a serious debate going on inside his head. But when his eyes rested on Katsuki’s sleeping face, he found himself unable to act. Because when Katsuki slept he looked like Kacchan. The Kacchan Izuku has always known. The person who had been with him through everything in his life. The person who knew his secrets, his scars, and everything Izuku could possibly have thought to give to someone. The image of Kacchan was bleary in his mind. Kacchan was strong, protective, always there for him when he needed it. He could be loud and pushy and sometimes mean. But now Izuku wondered what he was looking at. 

In moments when they were both sitting in the cabin Izuku could swear it was Kacchan he was with. Kacchan who was just terribly confused and obviously in need of help. But then memories of Katsuki’s warm hands gripping him like a vice, holding him down, taking from Izuku when he begged him not to. It was confusing Izuku too much and at night he’d use the pillow he had thought of using to kill the blonde with to cry into. To muffle his sobs as his head felt lost on what to do or how to help himself or Kacchan. 

Kacchan had woken up and caught him crying last time. He hadn’t gotten annoyed at being awoken. Instead he had lured Izuku down into his chest holding him in a warm familiar gesture. And Izuku let him. Because right now he just wanted Kacchan to be Kacchan and not whatever was keeping him locked away. Somehow he was able to eventually get to sleep like that.

And Izuku hated himself for it. Now in times when he’s left alone it plagued him to think about these things. To just let his mind run in circles trying to make sense of the things happening to him. This served to make his headache worse and he groaned at the pain building behind his eyes. 

But he froze as suddenly a very loud crash echoed through the cabin. His eyes widened as he looked towards the closed bedroom door wondering what it could have been. It sounded like the shattering of glass. Izuku’s eyes darted around. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Was he starting to lose it from his cabin fever?

But he heard more sounds. Loud wrenching. Thunking. Odd sounds that went on for a few minutes. Izuku’s heart thudded in his chest his confusion only growing. Katsuki hadn’t come home yet had he? No, Katsuki always comes up to check on him first before anything else. So what was that sound?!

He heard a distant sort of thump. And then… the sounds of footsteps?

“H-Hello?” Izuku called voice crackling a bit from his disuse of it for a while now. If it wasn’t was someone else. Someone else was in the cabin. Someone else was here . Sudden urgency flooded his system and he stood up the chain rattling slightly as he stood quickly nearly tripping himself. “HELLO? IS SOMEONE THERE? HELP!”

For a moment it was quiet in the cabin and Izuku feared whoever it was had fled at the sound of his voice. But hope came back as he heard heavy and quick foot falls on the stairs, along the hall and then the door to the bedroom creaked open…


Katsuki drove along the dirt road with a kind of nervous excitement. The new toys he bought seemed like they’d get Deku to moan louder. He was grinning as he drove. Spirits high and the questioning by officer Todoroki becoming a distant memory in his mind. He should treat Deku to something special tonight for dinner. It only seemed right to spoil him as much as he could. With these toys he might get Deku to start enjoying their time together more. 

But his good mood shattered. Obliterated in just one second as he stopped his car a bit far from the house. He stared. His mind blanking for a minute. Trying to figure out what the image before him was. 

There was a car in front of the cabin. Someone was here. 

And then a cold kind of primal fury unfurled in his chest. The kind one might assume a beast felt when spotting someone enter their territory. His heart picked up and only one thought permeated his thoughts as he shut off the engine far enough from the house that no one would hear and climbed out. 

Deku. Deku. Deku.

Chapter Text

The door opened. And Izuku stared. He didn’t know what he expected. But he had not thought he would see his friend standing there. Iida stood eyes wide behind glasses that were slightly askew and looking just as dumb founded as him. Instantly tears came to Izuku’s eyes. He didn’t know if he wanted to cry or laugh from relief. 

“Iida!” Izuku spoke choking on the word of the person who was going to save him. Instantly Iida came into the room and Izuku jumped to hug him. He felt overwhelmed. He hadn’t seen another person for weeks now besides Kacchan. Those weeks felt so long and he didn’t realize how hollow he truly felt until his eyes had laid upon his good friend. 

“Midoriya! What the hell has happened? Are you alright?” Iida asked hugging him back tightly. Izuku shook his head, his throat closed up as he began to cry in earnest. The chain that was attached to him dug into his throat because of the slight distance from the bed but Izuku couldn’t care less at the moment. 

“Where’s Uraraka?” 

And with that question Izuku froze. Right. Where was she again? A foggy memory forced its way to the front of his mind. Dark. Red. Screams. Tight bonds. The feeling of arms trapping him against a body. Izuku’s breathing went erratic and he suddenly pushed away from Iida with force making the surprised man stumble back. Confused Iida looked down at his friend as Izuku’s breaths turned shallow and his legs shook. He grew alarmed as Izuku’s legs buckled and he fell to his knees hands going into his hair to tug at it and looking terribly tormented. 

“Midoriya?” Iida asked letting his concern fully take hold and he crouched down to Izuku uncertain of how to help. The broad shouldered man gazed at the chain following its trail to where it was hooked to the bed. He grimaced before turning back to his friend and hesitantly reached out to grab his arms trying to ground the other man. Izuku was gazing at the ground looking seemingly at something very distant. 

“Midoriya please calm down! Where is Uraraka? And where are the keys to this shackle?” Iida asked lightly squeezing Izuku’s arms in an attempt to get his friend to focus on him instead of whatever Izuku was seeing. Iida’s own heart pounded and deep in his gut dread rose as Izuku’s eyes didn’t stop streaming salty tears. It took another few minutes of repeating the questions before Izuku’s hazy green eyes met his once more.

“I-I don’t know.” Izuku whispered lips wobbling. Because he didn’t. He didn’t know where Katsuki took Uraraka. Where was she right now? Where had he taken her to?

“Please. I need you to tell me what happened. Is she in the cabin?” Iida asked trying to get as much out of Izuku as he could before Izuku shut down again. Precious seconds were ticking by and he didn’t know when Bakugou would return. 

“I don’t think so.” Izuku whisper sobbed. 

“Okay. Do you know where the keys are to your shackle?” Iida asked only for Izuku’s face to crumble and shake his head. First thing’s first. They need to get out of here. Iida brushed Izuku’s unruly hair aside to get a better look at the collar grimacing as it looked to be made of solid metal. He had brought a lot of hardware to get through the bars on the window he came through. But with their time limit he wouldn’t be able to get the collar off. He’d have to settle for the bolt cutter he had in his car.

He had been suspicious of Bakugou since the discovery of Izuku and Uraraka’s disappearance. The man had seemed angry and worried. But not to the level Iida thought he would react. Izuku had told him about a time he had forgotten to meet up with the blonde and the practical tantrum he had thrown. So he had immediately felt something was wrong. 

But he had faith in the police to parse things out. To help find his friends. However it was clear from their line of questioning they were thinking the Izuku had done something wrong. That Uraraka was hurt. And then Iida couldn’t stand by waiting after he had heard that. He didn’t know where Bakugou lived. He had just happened to chance seeing him once while driving. 

And then he had followed at a distance. Stopping once Bakugou turned off to a dirt road with posted no trespassing signs. So he had gone home and gathered supplies. He didn’t know what he expected to find but a cabin with practically every surface covered had not been it. So Iida had to leave again to get more heavy hardware to get in. He had returned to the paved road next to the dirt one taking only a minute of hesitation before going forward, he hadn't been sure if Bakugou would be home or not. 

Then he made his way to the cabin, ripped out the bars on a window, busted out the glass, and then crawled inside. Upon hearing a desperate voice calling out he had run up the stairs. Finding Izuku standing there, chained like an animal to a bed. It was sickening and his stomach rolled as his friend broke down in front of him.

Iida moved to stand only to have Izuku grab his shirt in a desperate grip. Big green eyes suddenly focused solely upon Iida in front of him. 

“Don’t! Iida please don’t leave me here!” Izuku cried. He didn’t want Iida to disappear. He didn’t want to be left alone. It felt like if his friend left he wouldn’t come back and Izuku’s heart felt like it would explode with anxiety. 

“Shh. It’s alright Midoriya. I’m just going to get you free but I have to go to my car to get some tools. Then we can both call the police alright?” Iida said thrown off by Izuku’s reaction and trying to quiet him from his shouting the green haired man didn’t seem to realize he had been doing. But Izuku shook his head vehemently knuckles turning white as he refused to let go. 

“Please.” Izuku begged. Begged

“Midoriya you need to let go. I can’t help us if you keep me here.” Iida said trying to coax his friend to let go. He hadn’t seen his friend like this before and he really began to worry about what had happened to him. Iida tried to get up but the small green haired man refused to release his hold and it took quite a while to finally pry Izuku’s fingers from his shirt. When he finally did Izuku gave off a sob immediately making Iida feel guilty. “I’m sorry. I promise I’ll be right back for you.”  

And then he reluctantly left Izuku there on his knees watching him leave with watery eyes and a wobbling lip. Iida’s steps were hurried as he didn’t know when the blonde would come back and Izuku had delayed him for quite a while. But he found his steps slowing as he looked around. What if Uraraka was in here somewhere? What if she was hurt and unable to call out like Izuku had? He couldn’t leave her behind. Not after all this. If she was alive and he left with Izuku and Bakugou came back… He knew she wouldn’t be alive after that. 

So he turned around and opened a door across from the bedroom. He found an impeccably clean bathroom and nothing else. He went down the hall to the next room finding it locked. What if she was in here? Iida slammed a shoulder into the door in an attempt to bust it open but nothing happened. He repeated it a few more times only to find no good results. The door was solid. He glanced back at the bedroom where Izuku was then back at the locked door. He needed tools. 

He ran down the stairs and paused once more. He should check the rest of the house too right? He quickly made his way through the rooms finding nothing. He entered the kitchen and noticed another door near the pantry. He tried the door to find it locked as well. He didn’t bother wasting time trying to bust it down. Instead he spun on his heels and went to the front door to get back out to his car. Only to stop and blink at the door. There were so many locks and it was clear he wouldn’t be getting out that way either. 

Grimacing he went back to the window he came through. Sharp glass lined it and after breaking the worst of it off he climbed back through to the outside. He winced as he climbed through opening even more cuts than he already had. His blood dripped on the ground as he ran to the car. He quickly popped the trunk and grabbed the bolt cutters and a hammer. He also leaned into the passenger seat and grabbed his phone. 

He then squeezed back into the cabin and gazed at the kitchen and the stairs. He chose the stairs because if Izuku was kept upstairs Uraraka might be too. The locked door was the one he came upon first and without pause Iida dropped the bolt cutters and used all his strength on a swing of the hammer. 


“Iida?!” Izuku called from the other room.


“Hold on!” Iida called.

Three swings.

The pounding felt too loud in the cabin and Iida’s heart raced the same as Izuku’s.


Izuku sat shaking. What was Iida doing? Why wasn’t he coming to help him?!


The knob finally gave way and Iida slammed himself into the door crashing into the room. It was dark and he switched on the light looking around wildly for Uraraka. Only to see Izuku. Or hundreds of Izuku’s. Iida froze in shock and his stomach twisted as he looked around the room. He couldn’t exactly see the walls. They were covered in photos of Izuku. Sometimes of him posing. Some Iida recognized from social media. And somewhere childhood photos. Some appeared to be taken without Izuku’s notice, offcentered, rushed. 

Iida tore his eyes from the creepy photos and looked around hopelessly for the chocolate eyes that always used to warm his day. But it appeared to be a neatly organized office. No one. Iida felt sick. If she wasn’t in the cabin where was she?

“IIDA?!” Izuku screamed trying to get some sort of response. Iida went back into the hall grabbing the bolt cutters and going towards the bedroom. He entered the door way and saw Izuku clutching the collar standing and straining the chain taunt. It looked like it would choke him. He felt completely guilty about not coming to his aid as soon as possible. But he wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t at least look for Uraraka.

“I’m sorry.” Iida said genuinely while Izuku looked at him. He then dug out his phone from his pocket dialing the emergency number and stepping forward to his trapped friend. Izuku gave him a hopeful look as Iida put the phone to his ear. 

But then something strange happened. Izuku’s face got suddenly splattered by red drops. That look slowly faded from Izuku’s face and Iida couldn’t tell what it was replaced with. Izuku was bleary and Iida suddenly couldn’t think or feel anything. 

Everything just stopped.


Izuku stared. Brain short circuiting as he couldn’t quite comprehend what he just happened in front of him. Iida had been standing there about to help him. And now Izuku’s face felt warm and wet. Iida...didn’t look right. The chained freckled man felt his knees fail him a second time and he fell to the ground. 

The metal wedge that had embedded itself right into the side of Iida’s head wriggled a bit before coming loose with a sickening wet sound. Iida’s head had a gaping hole in it. Iida fell and the image of his friend was instead replaced by a nightmare. Katsuki stood there, breathing heavily, an axe hanging from one of his hands dripping blood onto the floor. 

Izuku was frozen sitting there staring at Katsuki in disbelief. He barely registered the warm red puddle that was creeping across the floor from the body and staining one of his knees. His hands shakily rose and came to rest over his mouth as the reality of what just happened crashed into him. Izuku screamed into his hands a sound of despair while the blonde stood there watching him. 

Katsuki caught his breath and let out a sigh. The axe wasn’t his first choice of weaponry but it had worked better than expected. He had snatched it up just outside where he had chopped wood for the fireplace. His scarlet eyes fell on Izuku’s hunched over form. His smaller form shaking uncontrollably on the ground and crystal like tears falling to splat on the ground matching the sounds coming from the axe Katsuki still held. 

Katsuki looked down at the corpse marring his bedroom. It was Iida. He hadn’t exactly taken a moment to examine the intruder. The second he located the person he had swung but now Katsuki frowned down at the other man. He had never really pegged Four Eyes as someone who would break and enter. Hell, he never even expected the man to drive above the speed limit. This might complicate things.

Then his gaze fell on the bolt cutters Iida had dropped. He stared at them for a long minute in the cabin with nothing but Izuku’s sobs as a background sound. Then his gaze turned cold as he settled on Izuku. He sat the axe by the bedroom door carefully. An eerie calm in his demeanor that reminded Izuku of how the blonde had been after he...killed Uraraka. Oh yeah. Thats what happened to Uraraka. 

Katsuki kicked the bolt cutters far off to the side of the room as he came forward before falling onto his knees in front of Izuku. 

“Deku.” he crooned a hand reaching for him and Izuku scrambled back away from it. It was a bit red. It was then Izuku looked down at his own hands seeing red as well. The stickiness on his face had been wiped off on them and he suddenly felt like throwing up. “Come here Deku.”

Izuku just shook his head. He couldn’t form words right now. They couldn’t express how he felt. Only a raw sound that hurt his throat seemed to fit with what he wanted to say. His back hit the night stand behind him and tilted it causing one of the book to fall loudly onto the ground. Like Iida’s body had. Izuku’s eyes skittered back to where his friend was laying. A stillness to him that was no unnatural it scared Izuku. 

He didn’t get long to focus on it though. Because Katsuki’s hand suddenly flew out towards him. Izuku dodged to the side to avoid the grab but the blonde caught the chain instead and pulled harshly on it. The collar dug into Izuku’s throat causing him to cough and sputter as the blonde physically pulled him towards him. Izuku grabbed the chain too attempting to pull and keep distance between them, also using his legs to kick and scramble against the floor. But Katsuki was strong.

The blonde snarled suddenly pulling the chain and using his other hand to grab one of Izuku’s ankles and yank him forward. Izuku yelped as he was forced close and the blonde wrapped vice like arms around him practically crushing Izuku into his chest. It was exactly like after he murdered Uraraka. Like the blonde sought confirmation that Izuku was still there.

A hand went into Izuku’s fluffy hair forcing his head down into Katsuki’s chest. The tang of blood flooded Izuku’s nose and Izuku pushed hard against Katsuki struggling to be released. He didn’t care that the grip in his hair became painful or that Katsuki’s finger’s were digging into his side, no doubt leaving bruises. He couldn’t stomach touching him. This person who was taking everything away from him. His body, his friends, and his freedom, all of it ripped from him by Katsuki. 

“Deku were you trying to leave me?” Katsuki growled next to his ear making it suddenly feel like ice was flooding his blood. And then it was like everything that Izuku had been bottling up, pushing down out of fear came surging up. Ice melting into lava. How could Katsuki even be asking that?! Did he not even see what he had done to him and those he cared about?!

“Yes, I want to leave!” Izuku shouted angry tears blearing his eyes making him unable to see the blondes expression when Katsuki pulled back as if stung by his words more that Izuku’s blunt nails were scratching into him. Izuku glared through crystal green eyes at the blonde whose face was slowly morphing into black fury. 

“What the fuck?! Why?!” Katsuki shouted back at him grabbing Izuku’s upper arms and shaking him. 

“Because I hate you!” Izuku spat before suddenly swinging his head forward. The blonde obviously hadn’t seen the headbutt coming. Izuku’s forehead throbbed from the pain of it but some odd satisfaction flooded him when he heard Katsuki curse in pain. He looked up to see the blonde’s nose streaming blood. But the blonde didn’t acknowledge it and bared his teeth at Izuku, the hands on his arms tightening painfully as Katsuki shoved him a bit away to give some distance between them but didn’t release his grip. “Let go of me!” 

“Fuck you Deku!” Katsuki snarled like a beast earning a flash of green eyes before the smaller male crammed his legs between them and then kicked both feet into the blonde’s chest causing the air to leave Katsuki and his grip to loosen enough for Izuku to wriggle out of it. Adrenaline had flooded Izuku’s system and he stood up grabbing the lamp from the nightstand and wrenching it from its spot and brandishing it in front of him. It was his only weapon, although it was light weight and only the base felt like it could do any damage. 

Izuku wasn’t thinking straight. The fragile balance he had been keeping was shattered. The wind had blown and now he was going to plummet from the cliff without the sense to reach out to stop himself. The work he had put into gaining a bit more of Katsuki’s favor flew out the window. Crimson eyes widened at Izuku from where Katsuki was still crouched, one hand on his chest as he regained his breath. What Izuku was doing didn’t make sense. Even if he somehow kept Katsuki at bay the chain would never let Izuku escape. 

Izuku was breathing as heavily as Katsuki. His arms shaking from the rush and he was watching Katsuki with a mirrored intensity. The air felt thick and pressured as if they had been submerged under the ocean. The cabin suddenly silent with just the heart beats and breathing of the two people left alive. Katsuki slowly stood, a stiffness to his movements that told Izuku his muscles were tensed ready to take action. Izuku watched him carefully, his life would depend on it. 

Fast as a coiled snake Katsuki swung at him and Izuku was prepared for it dodging it just barely and feeling the wind of his fist brush his cheek. However Izuku’s hyer focus on Katsuki’s swing didn’t let him spot the moment the blonde swept a foot out as well, sweeping one of Izuku’s legs out from under him. The second Izuku tilted the blonde swung out his other fist slamming it into Izuku’s cheek and making him fall hard onto the ground completely dazed. He faintly registered the lamp being ripped from his hands before something hit the back of his head and everything went dark. 


When he next woke up it was to a lot of pain. He had a fierce headache and there were bruises covering him. He blinked his eyes open but only found pure black in front of him. For a second his heart stopped, believing the hit he had received had actually caused him to turn blind. He started to hyperventilate before realizing he was wearing a blind fold based on the tight feeling around his head. He reached to take it off but found himself in an awkward position. 

His hands felt like they were bound off to the side almost like a crucifixion except he was sitting down. He could still feel the collar around his neck but the chain brushed his hair making him think it was connected somewhere above his head. The ground was hard and rough, concrete feeling along with the wall his back was against. He had no idea where he was.  

He tried brushing his face against his shoulder to try and dislodge the blind fold but it was tied too tightly and moving agitated his head wound making him hiss in pain. He sat and listened, quietly trying to figure out where he was and more importantly, where his captor was. He heard something distantly that sounded like footsteps and the creaking of floorboards. It was then he realized Katsuki must have stuck him down in the basement of his cabin. 

That explained why it felt cold down here. Alone in the dark, immobilized, Izuku had no choice but to face what he happened. He sobbed. Iida had died right in front of him. And he hadn’t been able to do anything. And that was it for him. Uraraka and Iida had been his two closest friends, them and Kacchan were all that he needed to feel happy. And now he had no one left. Did the Kacchan he was thinking of even exist anymore? Had he ever? 

Izuku cried in frustration. Despairing as he allowed it all to hit him. His friends had both died because of him hadn’t they? Because they had gotten near him they had strayed close to a monster as well. And now there was no one left for him to turn to. Would anyone even be looking for him after this?

He cried himself hoarse. His throat felt like it was coated in paper by the time his eyes refused to shed anymore tears. The blind fold was wet with tears and rubbed against his cheeks as he sniffled. He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there. His limbs ached from immobility, and he constantly tried to adjust his legs to a more comfortable position. He had no sense of time like this so when he heard the distinct sound of a door opening it could have been hours later. 

Izuku stiffened as he heard footsteps descend. His heart beat with each step that echoed into the room. And then the steps stopped just as he thought Katsuki had reached ground level. Silence was deafening and Izuku wasn’t going to break it. His fists still curled at the thought of Katsuki but he also knew of the position he was in now. 

The footsteps resumed. Coming towards him and stopping just before him making fear grip him out of instinct of not being able to see the threat. When Katsuki’s hand touched him he jerked away in surprise. But it wasn’t like he could go anywhere so the hand just followed his movement resting on one of his cheeks.

“Deku.” Katsuki crooned softer than Izuku expected. “Why’d you have to go messing this up?”

Izuku sat in silence. He heard the blonde give a big sigh before the hand slid along his cheek and around to the back of his head where the tender wound was that had knocked him out. Izuku grit his teeth as Katsuki’s fingers brushed over it examining and causing more pain. Katsuki felt along his wound adding pressure until Izuku couldn’t help but grunt at the pain. Only then the blonde withdrew his hand. 

“You’re going to have to be punished Deku.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki had a bitch of a time cleaning up after all this. The Four Eyed bastard had actually done a lot of damage to his property. After having secured an unconscious Izuku in the basement he had gone about cleaning meticulously. He donned rubber gloves and a face mask before stopping in the kitchen and grabbing multiple garbage bags. He went upstairs to where the corpse still sat slowly cooling. He had almost tripped over it when he was carrying Izuku. 

He wrinkled his nose once he came to the room glancing around. There was a lot of blood staining the floor. This impromptu killing had been quite messy. He frowned down at Four Eyes debating what the best way to clean him up would be. He glanced at his axe still sitting to the side of the room. That wouldn’t help much, it would just make more of a mess. And unlike Izuku, Four Eyes was a big guy. The body would be hard to move.

He ended up tying a garbage bag around the head, to at least catch the blood that might drip out some more. Grunting, Katsuki lifted the body by grabbing under the arms and lifting. To his displeasure he saw blood still dripping off the body as he dragged it into the hall. About hal way out the door he looked up and notice a black rectangle on the ground in a pool of blood. He froze. Then dropped the body and hurried over to it. 

His heart pounded as he picked it up letting blood trickle off of it before flipping it over and looking at the screen. The screen was cracked pretty badly, having taken the brunt of the fall and then the slam of the boy on top. The screen spasmed, twitching and glitchy. It was fucked. He let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding. He brushed a hand through his spiky hair but realized he had just smeared blood all over himself with the action. He tsked to the side. 

This had been too close. He’d almost lost Deku. Some fucker could still get in here and take him away. The thought made Katsuki’s blood boil. And Deku himself wanted to leave.

Because I hate you!

Deku had shouted that at him. It sounded raw, filled with emotion and thrown at him slicing him like saw blades. Deku had never said something like that to him. Deku had never been one to get mad. A throb from his nose reminded Katsuki that Deku had also hit him. This was becoming a problem. 

He had hoped he could slowly ease Deku into a life with him. Keeping him on the chain when he wasn’t here until Deku settled and became comfortable again. But he was starting to get tired of seeing Deku fighting him. It seemed to be a struggle just to get close to Deku now. He had been patient by his standards. But it didn’t seem to be working. Deku wanted to leave him.

And in Katsuki’s chest a primal feeling slammed into him. Possessive, desperate, and greedy. It was slippery and was suddenly flooding his system, filling every crevice and thought. He didn’t want Deku to leave. Ever. And if that meant getting him to settle, even by more forceful, more fear driven means, then so be it. 

After deciding upon that, Katsuki went back to Four Eye’s body. He hefted it up again and slowly dragged it down the hall. A small blood trail smeared across his floor making Katsuki scowl. Even with his best effort to keep the blood from spreading it seemed to want to seep into his floor boards. The steps were a bit troublesome but soon he was dragging the body outside. Once out there he took it to a small shack off to the side. It was where he used to cut up the game he and his father would get. There he repeated the process he had done with Flat Face. Cutting up the body and stuffing it into multiple bags. He tied them off and then double bagged them before taking them out to his car and throwing them into the trunk. 

He glanced over at Four Eye’s car. Another problem to deal with. For now he hopped into it taking out the keys he had taken off Four Eye’s body. He drove it around to the back of the cabin. He’d have to figure out what to do with it later. He went back to his own car climbing in and starting it up. He backed up and drove down the dirt road until he came upon a familiar spot along the river. He parked and grabbed a few of the bags. He shivered a little at the cool air, fall was definitely in full swing and nearing closer to winter. 

Just meant it’d be tougher to dig the shallow hole. He meandered down the old trail to the clearing. Here, there was already freshly turned dirt in one spot off to the side. Flat Face’s fertilizing spot. He set the bags down and went to grab more in a few trips, along with the shovel he had kept in his trunk. Digging helped to calm Katsuki’s nerves. Rhythmic and muscle straining, it easily burned through the worst of his temper. It took maybe an hour or two to get a hole he was satisfied with. 

He knew Deku probably would have woken up by now. But much to his own displeasure their time together would need to be pushed back until he finished this up. He threw the bags into the shallow grave, feeling a bit satisfied to have taken out the trash. He glanced between the two earth turned spots. Relatively close together, so maybe Four Eye’s can’t complain. 

He shoveled the last bit of dirt onto the grave and crouched for a breather. His red eyes flitted over the clearing before settling on a nostalgic spot. He was actually surprised to just make out the rusted wire of a forgotten snare hanging there. He curiously walked over to it pulling it up. It stuck for just a moment but a good tug had it coming loose along with a bit of dirt and a flash of aged white. Katsuki tilted his head as he recognized bones. 

The bones of a rabbit that had been caught in the snare and never retrieved. Tugging the wire up had clipped through the neck vertebrae. A clear kill. Katsuki’s eyes lingered on it. He should have killed that rabbit earlier.

Sighing he got back to his feet and made his way back to his car. Before long he was back at his cabin. He spent the next three hours cleaning. Every inch of the floor, walls, and changing the bedding where it had splattered. Bleach had become his best friend but he still wrinkled his nose at the scent. Pink tinged scrubbing bubbles occupied a lot of his time. When he finished the first time and cleaned it all again, just to make sure every spot was stainless. Checking walls, stairs, everywhere. 

He dumped the bucket down the drain and went downstairs to check on Deku. He stopped at the door to the basement in the kitchen and placed an ear to the door. He could barely hear soft sobs and sniffles. He was awake. Probably had been for who knows how long. Katsuki turned away and went back upstairs to shower. He neatly folded up his bloody clothes and threw them into a trash bag to burn later. 

The heated water that hit him in the shower felt heavenly. He leaned into the spray and just to take a moment to let his muscles loosen. They had been tense all day. He cleaned himself methodically. Letting the pinkish water twirl around the drain in a mesmerizing pattern. He held himself back for another ten minutes before shutting off the water and hurrying out. He dressed simply in a black tank and sweats before going back out to his car. 

He grabbed the bag out of his passenger seat feeling a bit of a thrill run under his skin as he remembered all the items he had bought. He had planned on introducing them one at a time to Deku. To exploit and find every weakness the other man had and make him writhe in a way he couldn’t deny any longer. But with everything that happened Katsuki thought he’d be selfish for once. He was going to do what he wanted, no pacing. 

Hefting the bag he went inside. Sauntered through the kitchen and to the basement door. He gently opened the door and listened. It was pretty quiet now. Had Deku passed out again? He wasn’t sure if that would stop him. He took a few of the first steps down and glanced to the side over to where he had Deku restrained against the wall. Deku’s head was lifted, clearly listening for him as he made his way down.

He paused at the bottom look over at Deku. He looked smaller than usual. Fragile almost. He could just make out where the blindfold was soaked from his crying. And for a moment Katsuki’s heat went out. For a moment all he wanted to do was bundle Deku back up stairs and hold him tight. Hide him away from the world. Make Deku forget there was even a world out there so he’d just stay there. 

He walked over to Deku watching as the man tilted his head following the sound of his footsteps. He could see the way Deku tense up. The way his adam’s apple bobbed when swallowed in nerves and the way his arms strained slightly from where Katsuki had cuffed them off to the sides. Katsuki crouched in front of Deku gazing at him. He really was beautiful in a pitiful way right now in the dim light of the basement. He reached out unable to resist touching Deku. The freckled man flinched away from his hand making the coals flare in Katsuki again.

 “Deku, why’d you have to go messing this up?” Katsuki asked petting a thumb along those freckles. Deku’s lips pressed into a line and silence met Katsuki. Defiance. Even with no action or words. That’s what Katsuki took it as. “You’re going to have to be punished Deku.”

His words made the smaller man stiffen more, tense muscles compressed. Katsuki pulled away his hand and set the bag down. Deku must have heard the bag because his head tilted towards it. Digging through the bag Katsuki was able to find the first thing he wanted to use on Deku. If Deku didn’t want to talk that was fine by him. He’d just use the new ring gag he had purchased. 

“Open your mouth Deku.” Katsuki said pulling the gag out and looking over the straps. Of course Deku didn’t listen to him. If anything his mouth closed tighter, the clench of his jaw visible and probably a little painful. Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him letting his own hands clench the ring gag’s straps. He reached out and grabbed a handful of Izuku’s fluffy hair to force Deku’s head up. Deku hissed in obvious pain but Katsuki didn’t let up on it. He could feel a bit of stickiness in his hair, probably blood from Four Eyes. He thought he had wiped off most of it when he had blindfolded Deku.

“Open your fucking mouth or I’m just going to knock you out and do what I want.” Katsuki warned accenting the command with another tug at Deku’s hair. Deku was frozen, face draining of color a bit and his bottom lip disappearing from view as the green haired man seemed to think it over. After a pause between them Katsuki started to loosen his grip, clearly about to leave and go get a fume exuding rag. Just as he was about to let go he saw Deku’s mouth open tentatively. 

Clearly the man was more scared of being unconscious than facing him. Katsuki couldn’t help the smirk that crawled onto his face when he saw Deku’s compliance. Perhaps Deku thought about actually going through with biting him, but didn’t yet realize that Katsuki would be preventing that. Katsuki wasted no time and grabbing Deku’s jaws tugging it wider with fingers digging into cheeks. Deku wasn’t expecting it almost tugging his head back. But Katsuki was already stuffing the ring into his mouth, barely getting it in and getting Deku’s jaw stretched wide. 

Deku made a noise of protest in his throat as Katsuki started tightening the straps careful not to displace the ties for the blindfold. By now Deku had figured out what was going on. He curled his legs up attempting to kick Katsuki off of himself. Once the gag was secured Katsuki allowed himself to be knocked away from a panicking Deku. Katsuki went back to the bag while he watched Deku out of the corner of his eye try to flex his jaw and rub his head against the wall behind him to try and dislodge the gag. 

Deku’s legs would be a problem. He grabbed something much longer out of the bag looking it over. A spreader bar was a simple thing that he probably could have made himself. But the straps were a soft design that wouldn’t leave Deku’s skin chafed so it was worth the money. He grabbed one of Deku’s legs feeling Deku jump at the suddenness of it and not being able to see the blonde coming. Katsuki took a bruising kick to his ribs but managed to get one leg secured. After that getting the other leg was child’s play. 

With Deku’s ankles shackled to a metal bar it made it harder for Deku to move his legs around. Katsuki squashed any more resistance once he grabbed the bar pulling it close to Deku making him bend his knees awkwardly. He then stood up and stood on the bar, absolutely anchoring Deku in place. He thought Deku might have been trying to say something during this, but with the gag in his mouth it was just unintelligible gibberish. 

Finally he had Deku right where he wanted him. The most Deku could move would be his head or to swing his knees a bit. Other than that, he was at Katsuki’s mercy. It made Katsuki begin to feel hot under his skin just seeing him like this. He sighed heavily as he stood over Deku, one of his hands went to pet through Deku’s hair while the other traveled towards his own dick. He began palming himself while watching Deku pull slightly at the restraints on his wrists. 

“Deku,” Katsuki growled under his breath as he continued to lazily comb fingers through green locks. There was a slight whimper coming from Deku that made the spike of arousal hit Katsuki. He was practically half hard already just from the excitement of what was to come. He slipped his sweats down to release himself from its confines. Deku couldn’t see but Katsuki’s dick was right in front of his face. The quick breathes Deku was taking only puffed against it making Katsuki practically shiver. 

It was then he noticed Deku was drooling a little. He obviously couldn’t close his mouth or wipe it away so Katsuki decided to help him out. He reached out and swiped fingers into the trail leaking from the corner of Deku’s mouth. He then wrapped his hand around his dick and groaned as he gave it a languid pump. Finding it pleasant with Deku’s spit lubing him up he stopped and reached out to Deku. Without warning he shoved two fingers into Deku’s mouth through the ring gag. 

Immediately he saw muscles clamp down clearly with the instinct to bite. But he just watched with mild interest and hooded eyes. With his fingers he played with Deku’s tongue. The heated slippery appendage kept trying to escape from him and more sounds of distress garbled up from Deku as he tried to thrash his head away from him. Wet, warm, soft and giving. Katsuki couldn’t help the moan that escaped him as he explored Deku’s mouth with his fingers. 

When he pulled them out they were soaking and felt heavenly when he wrapped them again around his length. A few more pumps and he was fully erect. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Deku’s mouth, and soon he canted his hips forward bringing the head of his dick to rest on Deku’s bottom lip. Instantly Deku’s head whipped backwards away from him.

Growling, Katsuki once again grabbed a handful of Deku’s hair, his grip like iron giving the smaller man no leeway. He dragged Deku’s head forward against Deku’s pulling until the head of his dick teased into the ring gag. Katsuki sighed deeply as he bucked shallowly into it, letting the tip barely enter before withdrawing. Deku was crying again. The blindfold material grew darker from wetness and he was giving soft sobs. 

Before long Katsuki lost patience in teasing himself. He wrenched Deku’s head forward a bit more and bucked a bit further. It let his dick sink half way into Deku’s mouth. The feeling of Deku’s tongue moving around and heated breath brushing his sensitive skin drove Katsuki to thrust a bit more insistently.

“Ah, fuck.” Katsuki breathed. Deku was so wet and warm. The glide in and out smooth and delicious. It wasn’t as tight as Deku’s ass had been but damn did it still feel good. The one hand that had been in Deku’s hair turned to two as Katsuki started face fucking him sincerely. He panted as he kept sinking deeper eventually hitting the back of Deku’s throat and making him gag. 

“Breath through your nose Deku.” Katsuki grunted when he noticed his lover struggling. Deku soon didn’t have the breath to waste on the choked sobs as Katsuki chased the growing tension in his abdomen. He was reaching his climax, basically just using Deku’s mouth like one might a fleshlight. 

He was thrusting harder. And before long his hands switched to grab the sides of Deku’s face as he pulled him forward viciously and bucked forward until Deku’s nose sank into his pubic hair. He was all the way in and it had him nearly rolling his eyes back in pleasure. He panted barely backing an inch out of Deku’s mouth before slamming in again. Too soon his orgasm hit him like a semi truck and he groaned as he pulled Deku’s face once again flush to his hips. 

Deku choked.

“Swallow.” came Katsuki’s single command, not backing out to let Deku breathe until he eventually saw the bob of his adams apple. The swallow hugged the tip of his dick and Katsuki hissed a bit in over sensitivity before backing out. Deku gasped and breathed in deeply once free from of obstruction. Katsuki tilted Deku’s head up to look into his mouth. Dark, with just a hint of milky color. Deku had pretty much swallowed every drop. Leaning down Katsuki rested his forehead against Deku’s, closing his eyes and listening to Deku still trying to regain his breath. 

He cupped Deku’s cheeks and rubbed their foreheads together, enjoying the little bit of warmth they shared in the afterglow of his orgasm. He leaned down and kissed the tip of Deku’s nose before backing up and looking down at him. The image of Deku flushed, panting, drooling from a gag. 

“Good boy Deku.” Katsuki praised. His member twitched with interest at the whimper that rose from Deku echoing in the quiet of the dim basement.


Shouto walked into the office bright and early, prepared to pour over the contents of the few interviews he’s had with Bakugou. He’d dig through wording and maybe go and review the tapes down in the archives with Shinsou. Something just wasn’t clicking here. Whether Bakugou really was helping Midoriya hide or not, Shouto couldn’t shake this gut feeling that the blonde knew something more than what he was saying. 

He walked past the break room noticing a steaming pot of coffee already made, likely fueling the few people who came in this early. He greeted a few officers he passed and nodded to others before finally coming upon his desk. He sat down and took off his jacket quickly booting up his computer. He reached over to his file drawer and unlocked it before rifling through it to find the papers relevant to the case at hand. 

Except he furrowed his brow as he had trouble finding the folders. He ran through the drawer another again coming up empty and setting his heart pounding. What? He sat up and paused retracing his steps. He opened a few more drawers haphazardly shuffling things around searching. He then looked around the desk surface in a futile hope that he had accidentally left it out after the long night. But no matter he where he looked the files evaded him. 

Where had they gone?!

His computer was up and running by now and he jumped on to get to the police database. He opened it up, logged on, and then quickly searched up the case number. He saw it pop up and he clicked up it figuring he could reprint a lot of the gathered paper and then rewrite notes. He’d have to double check with Shinsou later, if he had accidentally left them out they would have been gathered up and secured in the archives by the end of the night. 

A message popped up on his screen making him blink.

[Access Denied: User Not Granted Permission To View]

Shouto froze. Suspicion suddenly running high. Just to make sure, he logged out and logged back in once again searching up the case. He clicked the case again.

[Access Denied: User Not Granted Permission To View]

His hands tightened into fists and he clenched his jaw. There was only one reason something like this would happen. He stood up from his chair abruptly turning to glare at the door to his father’s office. He marched over to it uncaring that he heard voices coming from within. Without knocking Shouto pushed it open and stormed in startling an unfamiliar man sitting across from where his father was sitting. 

“Why?” Shouto snapped at his father. The man glared disapprovingly at him before turning to his guest. 

“Could you give us a second? It appears my son needs to talk and also needs to learn some respect.” Enji said politely but with a bit of fire in an underlying tone. The man looked back and forth between the two Todoroki’s before nodding and getting out of his chair and leaving the room with haste. The moment the door closed behind him Shouto continued letting the storm consume him.

“Why did you take me off the Midoriya case?!” Shouto said barely keeping himself from shouting. The man had practically thrown the case at him demanding he work it but now just as suddenly he took it away? After everything he had been piecing together?!

“Calm down Shouto. I expect you to be in better composure in front of the men of my station.” Enji growled at him narrowing his eyes in displeasure before scoffing. “It’s been nearly a month since you started this case. It should have been open and shut. Yet you have refused to peg down Midoriya as a criminal. You’re complicating it more than it needs to be.”

Shouto practically shook with anger. This man was complaining that he wasn’t working fast enough? That, what? Shouto wasn’t taking all the evidence at face value?!!

“You don’t have the right to take me off-” Shouto started only for Enji to cut him off.

“I’m the chief of this station and what I say goes.” The man said standing to loom over his son. “You’re being ridiculous with that case. It was a waste of time. It’s been handed off to someone else and you’re being reassigned.”

“Who?” Shouto hissed. “Who did you give this over to?”

“That’s none of your concern. Besides information has cropped up on a local drug ring and your being pushed over to aid in that investigation. It will be a case that will help our community.” Enji huffed at him.

It would be a case with good publicity, Shouto thought glaring at his father. If someone else took over Shouto’s case, someone picked by his father, they would simply assign Midoriya as a criminal and put him on a wanted list. And then just push the case deep into the archives to be forgotten about. Shouto suspected his father had hoped Shouto would declare a manhunt on Midoriya publicly within a day or two of the case being put in his hands. Something big and noticeable to the public.

But Shouto hadn’t. And now the case was slipping from his fingers. Shouto grit his teeth, fingers digging into his palms as his father sat glaring right back at him. Shouto couldn’t do anything. If he lashed out to much his father would just suspend him for a day or two. Enji sighed as if in great exasperation with Shouto. 

“Focus on the case given to you Shouto. This could be your chance to make a name for yourself.” Enji said before sitting back down. “Now get out. You’ll get more details on this drug case soon.” he said and Shouto rigidly complied. Just as he opened the door to leave Enji gave him another warning. “And if you show me disrespect like that again in front of someone I’ll suspend you for a week.”

Shouto shut the door without even acknowledging the threat. He gripped the knob with white knuckles before reluctantly letting go. With his father’s position of authority it left him with no other option but to obey. At least while he was at work. But maybe he could still look into things on his own time. Whatever Bakugou was hiding, he’d uncover it.

Chapter Text

Izuku shivered. It was cold down in the basement and the floor was hard and unforgiving. Even the wall was rough and cruel to his skin. He was bare. Katsuki had stripped him of his clothes, saying Izuku wouldn’t be needing them. It left Izuku completely exposed and with his arms restrained the most he could do to cover himself was to bend his knees to his chest. His cheeks were still wet with fat globs of tears he had shed and that seemed to refuse to stop despite his best efforts. He just didn’t understand why Katsuki was doing this to him. He just felt tired. 

He spent a lot of his time just sleeping even in this uncomfortable position and cold. He was exhausted mentally and physically and didn’t want to think anymore. Thinking just left him feeling lost, hurt, and pained. With the blindfold still in place it was hard to tell how long he had been in the basement. He knew it had to have been a few days by now, maybe even longer. At least that’s what it felt like. 

He was trying to keep track based on the meals Katsuki would bring him. He wouldn’t unchain Izuku for them so it was basically just Izuku being hand fed. The food was still delicious and it just made Izuku feel worse. Izuku’s stomach growled at him, probably indicating it was almost time for Katsuki to come down and feed him. 

As if on cue, he heard the door at the top of the stairs open. He remained still as he listened to Katsuki’s heavy footsteps come down to him. He simultaneously feared the sound and craved it. When Katsuki came down to him it at least relieved the mind numbing nothing that was around him. Izuku shifted a bit bringing his cramping legs closer to his chest as he heard the tell tale sound of a tray being placed on the floor beside Katsuki as the blonde crouched in front of him. 

A warm hand reached out cupping Izuku’s chin and tilting his head up. Izuku couldn’t resist the urge to push his face further into Katsuki’s palm. It was a habit he had picked up because of the cold down here. And Katsuki was always hot and warm. When Katsuki touched him it felt good to have the chill chased away even momentarily. 

“Open.” came Katsuki’s single demand. And Izuku did, the first day or two he didn’t. Not after the blonde had forcefully taken his mouth before. But no matter what he did Katsuki would always end up prying it open or finding a way to force feed him. So Izuku had just settled for following Katsuki’s command without complaint. At least when he could smell food he knew the blonde’s intentions weren’t harmful. 

A spoon slipped its way into Izuku’s mouth and Izuku ate it up. Spice singed his tongue and burned his throat as he swallowed. He immediately began coughing making Katsuki let go of his chin and Izuku could vaguely hear a muttered curse in front of him. After a moment’s pause Katsuki had his chin again and Izuku could feel the rim of a glass against his lips. He quickly opened his mouth and gulped tasting milk. It threw water on the flames on his taste buds.

“Too spicy huh?” Katsuki asked. It was rhetorical. Katsuki didn’t expect him to answer as he had refused to since he had been brought down here. The glass feel away from Izuku and a napkin dabbed at him to clean up after the coughing fit. After the remnants had been wiped away, nothing happened. 

Katsuki must have paused and it made Izuku anxious. He was close enough that Izuku could feel the heat of him radiating out towards him. The longer the pause went on for the more Izuku questioned whether or not Katsuki was actually there with him. He had been having fits lately, in which he’d have the phantom feeling of hands on him or imagining a sound happening. It was worrying and only getting worse. He he just imagined that Katsuki was down here?

And then hands cupped his cheeks making him jump in surprise. So warm. Izuku could feel the texture of Katsuki’s hands in hypersensitivity. So this had to be real right? Izuku rubbed his face into those palms sighing in relief as he became sure they were real. 

“I’ll be back with something less spicy.” Katsuki murmured to him, breath hitting Izuku’s face with how close he was. All too soon, those hands slipped away from him and Izuku listened as Katsuki packed up and went back up stairs. Leaving him the quiet again. Within five minutes Izuku wondered if that had been real. 


Izuku panted straining and bruising his already very bruised wrists. He shook his head vehemently whimpering as his eyes made the blind fold wet and gross on his face. He grit his teeth as the sensation of the intrusion sunk deeper into him. Katsuki had lubed him up already and prepped him but it made him think of the first night Katsuki had taken him, a scary memory. The breach was disturbing to him. 

Katsuki sat watching in fascination as he slowly pushed the dildo deeper. Deku’s legs trembled against Katsuki’s arm where he had pushed them up out of the way. Another inch deeper and another gasp from Deku until he finally bottomed it out. The dildo was a hefty size, a bit bigger than Katsuki’s own dick. But just seeing Deku take it so well had Katsuki’s skin crawling with the heat of arousal. 

“I c-can’t-” Izuku rasped out voice sounding off after so long of disuse. Clearly Izuku didn’t know there was nothing left to take. He was adorable like that. Body trembling and open for Katsuki to see everything. 

“You did good Deku.” Katsuki praised and then pulled the dildo out a bit to squirt on some more lube. Now that he was sure Deku’s body could take it he pushed it back in quicker making Deku make a choked sound. He had Deku basically bent in half like this and it made for a pretty much optimal view of his entrance. Deku’s greedy hole took it in, even when Deku had shook his head in denial. 

Katsuki pumped faster watching Izuku’s reactions closely. When he went quicker he saw Deku’s pretty lips fall open and his hips twitch. Clearly having the good spot inside him being brushed. Katsuki hadn’t touched Deku’s cock this entire time, yet as he continued at a steady pace he could see it fill out and begin to stand. It bobbed between his legs as Katsuki picked up the pace until Deku really started to moan. 

Katsuki paused a moment and grabbed the spreader bar that was still hooked to Deku’s ankles. He pulled it over his head so that he was settled snugly between Izuku’s legs and his view was better of the rest of Deku. Then he resumed the pace a bit slower. 

He leaned forward and kissed Deku. Licking his lips and tasting blood. Deku had a bad habit of mauling his own lips when he was trying to keep quiet. He tasted sweet. He left Deku’s lips to suck on his neck. His free hand splayed over Deku’s chest smoothing over his rapidly beating heart before finding a nipple to pinch and making Deku yelp. 

Freckled skin consumed his vision as he focused on leaving marks everywhere available to him. He pushed the dildo into a faster pace as he bit at Deku’s shoulders loving the way Deku’s moans pitched from the rougher treatment. He could see Deku trying to discreetly move his hips in tandem with the dildo filling out his ass. His breathing heavy and puffing against Katsuki’s cheek. 

That’s when Katsuki pulled the dildo out without warning leaving a flushed Deku’s hips to stutter in confusion and a whimper to escape from him. But he wouldn’t have to wait long. Katsuki fumbled to bring down his pants freeing his own dick from its confinement. He hastily grabbed the lube even though Deku had been stretched out pretty well and even dripped it on his own pumping it a few times before lining up with Deku. 

Sinking in felt amazing and had Katsuki gasping out and letting his forward fall on the junction of Deku’s neck and shoulder. He then curled over to watch as he moved inch by inch into Deku. It wasn’t as tight as the first time he took Deku thanks to the work with the dildo. Izuku’s warmth easily parted for him making for a delicious glide. 

It was easy to have restraint with the dildo toying with Deku. But when Deku was encompassing him, twitching and clenching around him, Katsuki had little control over himself. He snapped his hips harshly driving the breath from Deku as he rammed deeply into him. He thrusts were brutal and Deku sobbed, not out of pain but out of pleasure. Deku’s back was scraped up from the wall as Katsuki’s pummelling pushed his body about. 

Katsuki panted the same as Deku. Their breaths mingling together before Katsuki’ hand came up into Izuku’s curls pulling his head forward until Deku’s forehead rested on his shoulder. He braced his other hand against the wall behind Deku as he chased pleasure that simmered deep in his core, the pressure building inside him. 

Deku let out a strangled moan against his shoulder. A full body shudder racking his smaller frame and Katsuki felt Deku’s come painted between him. He chuckled between breaths at how quickly the freckled male had come. He kissed Deku’s cheek as he took his hand away from the wall instead of wrapping an arm around Deku’s waist and pulling their hips flush together.

Deku cried out. The muscles in his legs bunching with the obvious want to back up. Oversensitivity probably rippling through him and making more delicious whimpers squeeze out of Deku. Katsuki kept up his pace despite this. Deku struggled against him but Katsuki was close and growled at him as he kept thrusting. 

So close.

Katsuki pulled back letting Izuku’s torso fall back against the wall. He planted his palms on the ground as he drove forward. Izuku stopped whimpering and started panting again, his spent cock twitching with interest as stimulation was unrelentingly given to him. Katsuki watched with mild amusement as it grew. The crescendo was coming for Katsuki and he looked back to Deku’s face. Cheeks wet with tears that had slipped past the blind fold. Katsuki missed those evergreen eyes. It’s been nearly a week since he has seen them. And maybe he was weak to it.

Katsuki reached up with one hand and lifted the blind fold a bit, revealing just one eye. Deku flinched hard at that. Having not expected it and even the dim light of the basement was a lot for someone who hasn’t seen light in days. Deku had his eyes squeezed shut against it.

“Deku.” Katsuki breathed watching as his face twisted in held back moans. “Look at me Deku.”

Izuku couldn’t believe Katsuki had lifted the blindfold. His world flooded back to him and Izuku had to snap his eyes closed against it. The sudden assault of color and brightness hurt to look at after so long in pure darkness. But he did as he was told. He blinked open his eyes, only one was uncovered and saw Katsuki. At first it was a bit blurry. Taking a few more blinks to bring things into focus, his eye met that crimson gaze. The red of Katsuki’s irises seemed so much more vibrant than Izuku ever remembered. Haloed by the single light bulb hanging from the ceiling behind the blonde. Katsuki’s own face was a bit flushed, sharp white teeth that were often twisted into a smirk were on display as Katsuki moaned. He looked a bit sweaty and Izuku watched as the man came undone. Heat shooting deep into Izuku.

Katsuki slumped forward breathing hard and resting his head on Izuku’s shoulder. Izuku remained still. It felt good to have Katsuki’s body pressed into his own like this. He was so hot, heating Izuku’s own small frame like a furnace and it was pleasant just to have someone close to him again. Izuku missed it. Even if it was Katsuki, Kacchan. His vision blurred again because of tears as he sat limply beneath Katsuki. He was tired of this. 

Too soon, Katsuki pulled away. He took a few deep breaths before back up a little more and slipped from Izuku’s entrance. He wiped an arm across his face before glancing back at Izuku. Then he reached back out for the blindfold and Izuku pulled his head back.

“Don’t.” Izuku whispered. He looked at Katsuki pleadingly, he didn’t want to go back to darkness. 

Katsuki paused looking contemplative before sighing. He grabbed Deku’s chin to hold him in place before pulling the blind fold down over Izuku’s eye again plunging him back into the dark making Deku cry out in despair. He kissed Deku’s forehead before pulling away and standing up. 

Deku looked like a mess and completely pitiful. Katsuki’s own heart stabbed itself with pain as he watched Deku break down again. Just a little longer. Just a little longer until he felt Deku’s punishment was over. Another few days at most. Deku had already become quite docile for him but he needed to make sure the lesson stuck. Just a little longer. 

For now Katsuki went back upstairs and grabbed a bucket travelling to the bathroom and getting soap, water, and a soft sponge. He travelled back to the basement door sparing a glance at the window he had to fix because of Four Eyes. The lock to his office was still broken, he’d be fixing it tomorrow. 

He descended once again to find Deku hiccuping. Deku sniffled as Katsuki started his ritualistic cleaning. Sponge baths were a must when Deku became sweaty and grimmy from Katsuki’s toying with him. It was almost satisfying to Katsuki to smooth and wash Deku’s delicate freckled skin. Deku didn’t fight him on it, hadn’t for the past few days. He just sat there as Katsuki cleaned him not even flinching when Katsuki focused his efforts on his more sensitive spots.

Deku hadn’t come a second time. So his cock was still half hard from how Katsuki had left him. Katsuki paused to consider it. He debated about sucking Deku off. He had done so well this evening, coming untouched on Katsuki’s dick had been so fucking hot. But a better idea weaseled its way into his mind as he focused on cleaning Deku’s thighs. He spared a glance at the table of toys not far away, eyes landing on the vibrator. 

Deku had the best reactions with that, often going into full body twitching when Katsuki had it inside him. He got up from where he washing Deku dropping the sponge into the bucket. He went over and picked it up turning it over and looking at the slight curve to the end of it. It would make Deku scream wouldn’t it?

He smirked bringing it back to where the unsuspecting man sat although his head was tilted clearly wondering what Katsuki was up to. Katsuki lifted Deku’s legs again seeing that Deku was loose from the abuse to his entrance. Deku was still compliant probably thinking Katsuki was going to continue cleaning. As quietly as he could he lubed the vibrator and then put it to his entrance. 

Deku froze at that, clearly feeling it.

“Kacchan please…” Deku whimpered knees bending in a useless effort to close himself off.

Katsuki pushed the vibrator inside making Deku gasp out loud. He then leaned forward and kissed Deku’s cheek before grazing his lips against the shell of Deku’s ears.

“Have a good night Deku.” Katsuki murmured to him before switching the vibrator on for Deku. Deku yelped in surprise as Katsuki pushed it a little deeper to make sure it stuck. He then got up and grabbed the bucket making for the stairs and leaving Deku to writhe. 

“Ka-Kacchan! Please! I c-can’t do this!” Izuku pleaded around gasps. Katsuki spared him one more glance before making his way upstairs and closing the door. He’d probably have to replace the batteries on the vibrator after tonight.

He climbed the stairs to the bed room before flopping back on it. He had a lot more trouble sleeping now without Deku beside him. He took out his phone and put in his ear buds pulling up the recording of Deku sleeping that he had used before he had taken Deku. It felt sad and frustrated Katsuki as he flipped over to stare at Deku’s peaceful face on the recording. 

He hated having to separate from Deku like this. But it was necessary and soon Deku wouldn’t be so conflicted anymore. Soon he’d probably cuddle with Katsuki until they both fell asleep like Katsuki had always wished. Deku had to be seeing how much he liked been with Katsuki by now right? His body certainly wasn’t lying. 

The screen in front of him glow softly as the footage Deku snuggled deeper into his warm blanket. Katsuki’s heart gave a pang to him. He wished Deku looked that relaxed with him. He would wouldn’t he?


Katsuki got up early. He always did. He went down stairs and sorted through a closet to find the new lock he had purchased a few days ago to repair the damage from Four Eye’s break in. He worked quietly. Wondering briefly if the vibrator was still going on Deku or if it had finally died. The lock was harder to replace than he thought it would be. 

It made his temper flair and by the time he was halfway done he was spitting curses at the lock. He shoved away from it and stretched cracking his neck and taking out his phone to glance at the time. It was pretty much about time for breakfast. He should probably go check on Deku and clean him up a bit. He had to have come at least a few times from the vibrator. 

Katsuki grabbed the supplies from the bathroom where he had dumped it out the night before. He made his way downstairs and unlocked the basement door. He shuffled his way down clicking on the light. He glanced over to where Deku was slumped over. Sure enough there was the tell tale signs of dried up come on Deku’s stomach. Deku might have been milked dry. Katsuki approached but didn’t see Deku really move to acknowledge him. The freckled man might still be asleep, probably exhausted from the nights activities. 

He crouched down and rung out the sponge before he grabbed Deku’s legs and lifted them to see the vibrator sticking out. As he had thought it had died during the night. He gently prodded it, pulling it out slowly. The sensation must have woken Deku. He stirred weakly as Katsuki with drew the still vibrator. 

“Kacchan?...” Izuku asked is a raspy voice. It sounded like he had a dry throat. 

“Yeah, it’s me.” Katsuki acknowledge gently letting Izuku’s legs down. Izuku made a pitiful sound at his body being moved around but Katsuki tried to be as considerate as possible. He applied the sponge to Deku’s stomach cleaning up the mess there and along his chest. He paused then. 

Deku’s breathing was labored. Katsuki’s brow furrowed as he looked over Deku his heart picking up the pace.

“Oi Deku are you okay?” Katsuki asked putting the sponge back in the bucket and then reaching out to brush away Deku’s hair from his forehead and applied his palm to the skin. It burned to the touch and Katsuki’s concern levels skyrocketed. “SHIT!”

“I don’t...think so.” Izuku managed out weakly. Katsuki’s heart felt like it was trying to slam itself straight out of his chest as he hurried over to the table of now forgotten toys. He snatched up the keyring there and hurried back over to Deku. He unlocked the chain from the collar around Deku’s neck before flipping through the keys to find the next one. He frantically went to the hand cuffs and unlocked one side. 

Deku let out a hiss as his arm fell to the floor clearly pained to be moving it. Katsuki unlocked the other one earning a whimper from Deku before he moved on to Deku’s legs to rid him of the spreader bar. Once freed Katsuki threw the bar across the room and shoved his arms under Deku. Deku just shivered, not really showing a reaction to being freed other than to curl in on himself. 

Katsuki tucked him close to his chest as he carried him up the stairs. Now that he had his arms wrapped around Deku’s form he could feel the heat radiating off him. FUCK. This was a bad fever! He made his way upstairs trying to be careful not to jostle Izuku while being as quick as he could. He growled in frustration as every second of Izuku’s quiet whimpering made his heart tear itself a little more. Through the kitchen and to the next set of stairs. 

He couldn’t risk taking two at a time but he still went quicker than he should have and Deku whined at him. How could he have been so stupid? It was late fall, of course the basement would get cold. He could feel how cold it was every time he went down there. And of course Deku’s body was under a lot of stress. He let his anger and hurt get in the way of protecting Deku. 

It took too long in his opinion to get into his bedroom. To get Deku under plush covers, his body a lot like that of a doll, simply letting Katsuki arrange him however he liked. Deku just breathed deeply and raggedly. Katsuki quickly reached up and carefully slid the blind fold off of Deku. Deku’s reaction to that was a lot like last night. He flinched feebly at the soft light filtering into the room from the window. He groaned burying his face into the pillow and curling in on himself again. 

Katsuki left the room to cross the hall back to the bathroom. He grabbed a rag and soaked it in cool water before crossing back to the bedroom. Izuku had not moved in his absence. He firmly pulled Deku to lay flat to the bed and put the cool rag across Deku’s forehead earning a small sigh from the green haired man. 

“Fuck Deku. Don’t worry. I’m going to take care of you.” Katsuki said brushing one of Deku’s heated cheeks. Deku nuzzled into it making Katsuki’s heart melt. Katsuki took care of what was his. He debated a moment before getting up and going to the door. He glanced back at the bed ridden Deku with concern. He’d have to bring him medicine. And food. But he still worried to leave Deku alone like this. 

In the end he’d do what was best for Deku. He left the room and went downstairs to rummage through his medicine cabinet and then set about to make a light soup for Deku. Deku wouldn’t likely be able to hold down something with bold flavors and it was hard to really figure out what would be best. 

But he’d take care of Deku.


Izuku vision was hazy. He felt like absolute crap. His body burned up and shivered all at the same time. His limbs hurt from moving and if he stayed still the aches would dissipate a little bit. The bed was warm and he easily sunk into the soft mattress. He vaguely could feel the dull pain of his scratched up back from laying of it but most of his focus was just on breathing and trying to get comfortable. In this state he didn’t really notice that Katsuki hadn’t locked his collar to the chain on the bed. He probably wouldn’t have cared even if he did. 

“Wow, Kacchan was really nice right now, huh?” 

Izuku looked to the side feeling the rag on his head slip a little. It took a lot of his concentration to focus right now. When they did his eyes met chocolate brown eyes. Uraraka gave him a sweet little smile, her head resting on her arms on Izuku’s bedside.

Chapter Text

“Ura...Uraraka?” Izuku asked hazy and utterly confused watching as his friend sat up.

“Oh Deku. You don’t look so good.” Uraraka said sympathetically. She reached over brushed her fingers across his cheek. Izuku couldn’t help but just stare at her in bewilderment. Her gentle expression looked the same as he always has seen on her face. Warmth just radiated from her and Izuku started to choke up. 

“I-I...You..” Izuku stuttered completely at a loss and feeling his eyes sting with tears. He missed her so much and now she was right in front of him again. Her hand ran up into his hair petting him in a way that made him reminisce about how his mother used to care for him. His head hurt so much right now.

He closed his eyes against it all and laid back simply enjoying the company of his friend. Uraraka continued in small comforting touches and Izuku finally felt himself settle. He felt his heart cave in on itself and he started to sob. He didn’t realize how much he had missed her. How much he missed just someone looking at him caringly. Where had she been? He couldn’t remember…

“Oh Deku.” Uraraka sighed with concern as Izuku hiccuped against his sobs. “Why are you crying?”

“I d-don’t know,” Izuku blubbered out trying to wipe away his tears. “I just m-missed you so much.”

“But Deku…” Uraraka said and Izuku tried to blink away his tears so he could focus on her. “It’s your fault I’m gone.”

Izuku’s eyes widened as his vision cleared and the Uraraka that sat watching him had blood dripping down her face while smiling gently at him. His heart felt like it stopped, and he wasn’t sure he wanted it to start again. He sat in shock while Uraraka tilted her head at him, a new trail of blood making its way down from her hair line. 

“What?” Izuku whispered out to her, his throat raspy from his sobbing. Uraraka sighed taking Izuku’s closest hand into her own. Her hand felt wrong. Not very firm and her squeezing let Izuku feel the shifting cracked and splintered bones in it. He tried to recoil but he felt so weak right now and Uraraka’s firm hold left his hand trapped. 

“Did you really like me Deku?” she asked leaning over him and leaving Izuku to stare up at her as she looked down at him. Now that she fully stood Izuku was starting to see the more misshapen parts of her. It was sickening and Izuku started to breathe too quickly, the air suddenly feeling too thin to him. “Did you even love me?”

Izuku could only stare. Words had left him. Everything had left and the only thing in the world was Uraraka looking down at him. 

“Was it worth my life?” she asked, one of her eyes began bleeding too. Crimson slid down her cheeks as her face hovered right above Izuku’s. And then it fell on his face, the warm liquid was on him. It was blood. It was blood on him. He had blood on his face. 

“Deku?” Katsuki’s voice filtered into the room before the blonde appeared in the doorway. Izuku blinked and when he opened his eyes again Uraraka was gone. But he could still feel the blood on his face! His body violently trembled as he finally regained control of it. His hands went to his face and he tried to wipe the blood away. But it just felt like it smeared on his cheeks. 

Like it was staining him and he couldn’t get it off. 

Suddenly the wiping turned rougher and Izuku’s nails became involved. 

“Deku!” Katsuki shouted running forward. A cool glass of water was thrusted haphazardly onto the night stand spilling a bit as the blonde almost threw it. Deku was crying, clearly having another panic attack. But this time was different because Deku was hurting himself! Katsuki quickly wrestled Izuku’s hands away from his face, made easier by Deku’s already weakened state from sickness. 

“Stop it!” Katsuki shouted in panic as Deku tried to twist and pull his hands out of his grip. His breathing too erratic and Katsuki thought he might pass out. He switched to keep both of Deku’s wrists in one hand so he could grab Deku’s face to look at the damage with a thudding heart. Deku’s eyes were unfocused and thankfully unharmed. His cheeks...not so much. Red lines scattered about, a few welling with blood drops, and one openly bleeding. The bleeding one ran from the bottom of his right eye down to his chin. 

“Deku what the fuck is wrong?!” Katsuki asked using the hand he had captured Izuku’s face with to shake him a bit and try to get him focused. He was still breathing unsteadily and Katsuki desperately wrapped his arms around Deku making sure to pin his arms to his side so he couldn’t hurt himself again. “Breath! In! Out!”

Izuku blinked rapidly as familiar warmth wrapped around him. The feeling of Katsuki’s chest on his own, expanding and deflating in a regular pattern had his body naturally mimicking him. Like Katsuki had often done for him in the past. It took a few more minutes of Katsuki keeping him clasped tightly and prompting him to breath every time he heard Izuku began to teeter into a fit again before Izuku became relatively stable again. 

“Deku.” Katsuki murmured in his ear. The blonde didn’t back off, completely un-trusting of Izuku right now to not hurt himself. “What happened?”

“T-There’s blood on my face.” Izuku said voice cracking. “I can’t get it off Kacchan.”

Katsuki slowly and cautiously backed up a bit to look at Izuku’s face. He was right that he had blood on his face now but the blonde knew that wasn’t what Deku was talking about. Deku’s tears flooded down his face mixing with the blood and making pinkish trails that dripped down onto Deku’s still bare chest. Deku was still naked from being brought up from the basement.

Katsuki reached up with both hands and wiped away the mess on Deku’s cheeks. Izuku reached up too, now that he wasn’t being restrained but Katsuki glared at him for it.

“Don’t.” came Katsuki’s deadly tone. He watched Deku freeze with his hands mid way up before he obeyed and put his hands in his lap. Katsuki kept wiping until Deku eventually ran out of tears and looked like he was going to pass out from exhaustion. The blood clotted and stopped as well. “Look Deku.”

Izuku’s eyes fell away from Katsuki’s face to look at the hands Katsuki was holding up. They were smeared with a bit of blood and Izuku trembled again looking like he might fall back into his fit.

“It’s off now. I got it off.” Katsuki said steadily, with a confidence that he always exuded. Izuku stared for a moment longer before hesitantly nodding. Katsuki watched him, waiting to see if Deku did anything more but the reassurance he gave seemed to have worked as Deku was oddly calm. He grabbed the rag that had once been cooling Deku’s head and wiped off his hands. He then grabbed the glass of water he had been bringing for Deku in the first place. 

“Drink.” Katsuki said guiding Deku’s hand to take the glass. Deku took a small sip and Katsuki stood up running a hand through his hair and looking over the freckled man. He didn’t know what the fuck just happened. Maybe it was just something from the sickness? Whatever it was, one thing that needed to go was Deku’s nails. He didn’t want to leave Deku alone, but the nail clippers were just in the bathroom across the hall.

“I’m going to be right back Deku.” Katsuki said watching him. “If you find more blood on you call for me and I’ll get it off for you okay?”

“Okay.” Izuku said quietly, his voice sounding much better after having drank. Katsuki swiftly left the room and ripped a drawer open in the bathroom locating the clippers in record time before almost jogging back to the bedroom. 

Deku hadn’t moved. He was still sitting and nursing the glass of water. Deku watched him cross the room before Katsuki plopped down on the edge of the bed. The blonde looked him over and Izuku took comfort in having Kacchan nearby. As soon as he had come Uraraka had gone away. The last thing Izuku wanted was to be alone right now. 

“Give me one of your hands.” Katsuki said as he watched Deku take another gulp of water. Izuku hesitated for only a moment before slowly putting a hand out for Katsuki to take. Izuku watched as Katsuki took it in his own. “Spread your fingers.”

Katsuki worked to clip Deku’s nail’s down as far as he could while not hurting Deku. Izuku squirmed a bit, biting his lip as Katsuki clipped away his nails. A glare from Katsuki had him stilling though and his eyes dropping to the glass of water in his hand. It wasn’t long before Katsuki demanded the other one and Deku was left effectively declawed. Katsuki inspected Izuku’s hands closely before standing up figuring that Deku couldn’t hurt himself that way anymore. 

“Okay,” Katsuki grunted, “I’m going to make you some food Deku.” he said reaching towards the headboard to grab up the chain. Deku swayed a bit where he sat, sweat still on his brow from the fever still running through his body. Even if Deku got to his feet he wouldn’t get far. But after this latest fit, Katsuki couldn’t risk Izuku getting up and wandering around. 

He brushed Deku’s hair up and aside as he clipped and locked the chain in place. Deku didn’t even seem to notice, his eyes looked a bit distant again and it made Katsuki worry. 

“Stay in bed.” Katsuki said making sure Deku made eye contact with him to at least know that Izuku had listened to him. He straightened and turned to the door way, ready to go make the soup had planned to earlier. But he found himself stopping in his tracks by a light tug on the hem of his shirt. 

He turned in surprise to see Deku sitting there looking up at him. His eyes were glistening like he was going to start crying again. Katsuki arched a brow down at him and Deku looked surprised at his own actions. The freckled man slowly let go of his shirt and stared at his hand like he couldn’t comprehend that it had moved.

“What is it Deku?” Katsuki asked hovering and watching for anymore distress from Izuku. Izuku pulled his hand away curling it in his lap and looking down at it. It was quiet between them for a full minute before Katsuki started to turn away again. It was then that Izuku finally spoke up in his quiet raspy voice.

“Don’t go.” Izuku whispered. He blinked out tears while Katsuki watched him over his shoulder. “I don’t want to be alone Kacchan.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. This was like when Izuku would call for him during nights when he was scared. Back before this mess. Deku wanted him to stay. Deku wanted his company. Deku wanted him.

Katsuki walked back over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Deku didn’t exactly look happy but there was a tension that left his form as he saw that Katsuki was going to stay with him. Katsuki reached out and brushed Deku’s bangs off his forehead grimacing at the heat radiating off Izuku. This was a serious fever and it made Katsuki swallow in fear. He couldn’t exactly take Deku to a doctor right now.

“I’ll stay right here Deku. Lay down, you look like you’re going to pass out any minute.” Katsuki said.

Izuku nodded weakly before laying back into the soft covers. His gaze skittered around the room like he was looking for something but Katsuki didn’t really know what. He eventually settled for a glance to Katsuki before he closed his eyes and really settled in. Katsuki watched as it took less than ten minutes for Deku to pass out. 

After he did Katsuki stood up and got a new rag for Deku’s head. Once it was placed carefully on him, Katsuki went back down to quickly throw together a light meal for Deku once he woke up. 



Shouto’s head shot up at the loud noise and rubbed his eyes as his heart thudded in his chest. He blinked a few times before he focused on the pile of files that had just been place in front of him. He looked up to see Shinsou standing there arching an eyebrow at him. 

“You look more sleep deprived than me.” Shinsou whistled while Shouto sat up, his back cracking in several places. He brushed his hand through his bi-colored hair as Shinsou took his seat on the other side of the desk behind the computer monitor. They were currently in the basement archives of the police station, Shinsou’s home really. It was kind of dark down here making it easy for Shouto to nod off and for someone to lose track of time. 

“What time is it?” Shouto asked with a yawn looking around for his phone. 

“It’s 6 am. Bright and early. I’m guessing you had a nice sleep over down here hmm?” Shinsou asked stirring a cup of coffee that smelled delicious to Shouto’s caffeine deprived body. Shouto groaned running a hand down his face and lifted another file finding his phone sitting underneath it. He must have slept through the alarm he had set. 

“I need to get up and go change.” Shouto sighed. Shinsou grunted not so subtle agreement. 

“With how often you’re down here now I should start charging you rent.” Shinsou said taking a sip of coffee as he booted up his computer, the device old and slow. “Did you actually find anything this time?” he asked curiously looking up at him.

“No.” Shouto said with a grimace. Both Midoriya and Bakugou’s records were squeaky clean. No hints of violence in their pasts except for Bakugou’s mention of Midoriya’s abusive father although the indicidents had never been verified or reported.  

He had called Bakugou’s friend  a few days after the investigation had opened to confirm his whereabouts the night of Midoriya’s and Uraraka’s disappearance. Kirishima had been quite chipper and open to him although he seemed a bit confused about what it was about. Shouto thought he might still have the number written down on a post-it note somewhere in his desk, as long of his father hadn’t gone through it. 

“Dude you seriously don’t look good.” Shinsou said watching as Shouto got up and stretched. “You sure you should be pushing yourself so much? I mean your old man is hounding you with that drug investigation all day lately and then you come crawling down here as soon as you get off. At least take a weekend off to catch up on your sleep.” 

Shouto gave Shinsou a look. The crazy haired basement dweller was the last person who should be scolding someone for a lack of sleep. He was practically an insomniac. Shinsou just shrugged at him.

“I know you don’t have a lot of confidence in Monoma but its already been quite some time. I don’t taking a day off would hurt that much.” Shinsou said.

“Time is of the essence in every case.” Shouto said grabbing his jacket from the back of his chair. 

“But its been over a month.” Shinsou pointed out quietly. The implication hanging in the air that this case was already cold and if Midoriya was alive was probably out of the country by now. And if Uraraka had lived that night the likelihood that she was still alive after all this time was nearly negligible. Shouto turned away from Shinsou and slung his coat over his shoulder starting to head towards the stairs.

He was still going to try. Monoma had no doubt written off the case already and set out a warrant for Midoriya. Everyone believed Midoriya was long gone but was he? From how Bakugou had described him he seemed like he was rather dependent on people around him to offer stability. Especially with his past of abuse and panic attacks. Shouto suspected that he was hiding with Bakugou but he couldn’t exactly just go knock on the door and find out. Even if he was with Midoriya he would just hide him if Shouto showed up. 

Shouto sighed as he climbed the stairs. He still had one more thing to check before he started to get more desperate for an impromptu door knocking. Bakugou had his own parents that Shouto could contact. Although digging around he found they had moved out of town years ago. In fact, he was surprised to find that they were pretty well off. Bakugou’s parents ran a very successful fashion line and were based in Europe. 

So getting personal numbers for them was a bit of a hassle considering their higher profile status. He had called their business asking for contact information but he had yet to hear back from them. The receptionist said she would pass along his number the other day and that’s all Shouto could hope for. He couldn’t ask Bakugou for their contact information without raising suspicions. 

Shouto tiredly looked at his phone as he emerged on the first floor of the police department making his way to the front to go home and take care of a few things before returning and continuing the forced help on the case his father had shoved onto his shoulders. He saw with disappointment there were no messages. So the Bakugou’s obviously hadn’t gotten his message yet. 

“How is it that you’ve found nothing?!”

Shouto looked up to see what the commotion was about as he found himself entering the front reception area. He looked over curiously to see a nervous receptionist quietly apologizing and sounding sympathetic to the man in front of her. Shouto had to blink several times at the man as for the first few seconds he believed it was Iida Tenya. The biggest difference between the two was the fact that this man was sitting in a wheelchair and lacked Iida’s glasses. 

The man looked distraught as the receptionist could only offer to get him in contact with the investigator of a case. 

“Is something wrong?” Shouto asked coming over to the two of them. 

“Yes!” the man said looking up at Shouto with a pensive expression. “It’s already been over a week and they’ve found nothing out about my missing brother.”

“Brother?” Shouto asked heart starting to pick up its pace and his tiredness melting away to dread. It couldn’t be. But the similarity between this man and Iida were pretty hard to miss. “Who is your brother?” Shouto asked.

“Mr. Todoroki,” the receptionist said looking uncomfortable as it was well known to the station by now that he had been booted off the case by his father. “Please don’t-”

“His name is Iida Tenya. Please he’s been gone for too long and it doesn’t feel like any one is helping!” Tensei said his eyes starting to wet as his hands curled into fists in his lap. Shouto’s eyes widened. 

He had been so busy with the drug case with his father and then spending time in the basement that he hadn’t really had time to sit around in the station and hear about this. Plus everyone knew he wasn’t allowed to work on the case so any new developments left Shouto in the dark. Shouto turned around and went back into the offices making a beeline for Monoma’s desk.


It took another day for Izuku’s fever to break. Katsuki couldn’t sleep at all when he watched Deku struggling both with exhaustion and illness and with whatever was going on in his head. Deku had often liked to mutter to himself. It was an adorable trait that Katsuki loved about him. But if Katsuki was out of a room for a little too long he’d come back to hear Deku not really muttering but out right talking. Like he was having a conversation with someone. It was weird. But it would cease the moment he entered the room. 

And Izuku himself seemed happier in his presence. Where he used to tense at the sight of Katsuki he know relaxed. Deku was slowly recovering from the sickness but Katsuki wondered if things would go back to the way they were once he recovered. He felt conflicted about it. Of course he didn’t want Deku to be sick but it was nice to not have to fight with him about all the little things like touching. Deku even snuggled into him in this state. 

He also seemed to want Katsuki’s company. Every time Katsuki needed to leave the room he could see Deku’s face pinch in anxiety. He liked that Deku was now openly acknowledging that he wanted to be with him. It wouldn’t be until tomorrow that he could really see how this phase turned out. Whether Deku would revert back to pushing him away or if this was going to be how they are now. Katsuki hoped this is how they stayed. 

Tomorrow Deku should be fully recovered. Although Katsuki wouldn’t really push him all that much to do anything. He had been treating Deku like glass since he brought him back upstairs. Cleaning up Deku’s face and apply a band-aid across that self inflicted cut. He was still worried about that. Asking Deku about it just seemed to make him confused. Like he didn’t really remember the incident. 

He hadn’t tried to hurt himself again but Katsuki still worried. Maybe he had pushed Deku too far with the way he treated him in the basement. Despite how cute Deku could be Katsuki knew he was strong. It took a lot to push him to the edge. Which is why seeing Deku fall apart was always interesting. But Katsuki didn’t want to break him completely. This strange behavior of self harm and the odd talking had him worried. 

Deku needed him to keep him from breaking. So that is what Katsuki planned on doing. The punishment was over and now Katsuki needed to step up once again and show Deku how much he loved him. Katsuki left his thoughts as he heard a small sigh leave Izuku. They were currently on the bed with Izuku curled up next to where Katsuki was sitting. The sleeping pills Katsuki had slipped into the food seemed to have worked well and kept Deku asleep through the worst of the fever. He’d have to give him more when he woke up so that Katsuki could sleep knowing Izuku wouldn’t be awake by himself. 

He glanced over to a more empty corner of the room by the window. Maybe it was time to take Shitty Hair’s advice. Deku needed stability right now so giving him his own little corner could be good for him. He really did need a book shelf anyway. There were several books just laying around and it bugged him. He decided he’d work on that tomorrow.

It will be a reward for if Deku is still good tomorrow after all the sickness was gone.

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A child Izuku snapped awake immediately at the sound resonating through the house. Sleep fled from him like shadows slipped away when you turned on lights. His wide green eyes settled on his bedroom door as he listened to his father’s shouting downstairs. Nothing scared him more than the sound of his angry father. The man was quite unpredictable and it left Izuku in a constant state of anxiety. 

Izuku sat up on his knees and wrapped his blanket around his shoulders as he hunched over listening. He could also vaguely hear his mother crying. The sound alone had his eyes beginning to water. He hated when his mom cried. He wished she didn’t cry all the time. He wished she was happy. And he wished his father would be nice. 

His father would get mad over the smallest of things. Sometimes starting a fight over something that just wasn’t clean enough for him when he got home from work. He’d hit his mom a lot. Izuku didn’t want to see her hurt so he always tried to help his mom out around the house when he could. Of course the attempts of a child to help are clumsy. And in the end it never seemed to make a difference. 

When Izuku was picked up from school he’d always stay out of the way of his father as much as possible. Izuku was a quiet child, not because of his nature, his friend Kacchan probably got annoyed with how much he could talk when given the chance. He was quiet at home because he tried not to draw his father’s attention. He played in his room and only spoke in quiet mutterings when playing with his toys, a habit that would follow him through life. 

The voices down stairs raised and Izuku only got more scared. He grabbed his All Might toy off his night stand and hugged it to himself. He loved heroes. They rescued people from villains. He wished someone would come save his mom and him from this one. 

A thump was heard and Izuku couldn’t hear his mom anymore. His father had probably hit her. And then his tiny heart sped up in his chest as he heard he father stomping up the stairs. He panicked looking around in the dim bedroom, illuminated barely by the small night light plugged in next to his bed. He quickly climbed off his bed and went over to the closet in his room. Normally the darkness inside of it had him nervous at night but between the boogie man and his father he’d take the lesser monster. 

He pulled it open as he heard his father approaching his bedroom. He ducked inside pulling the blanket in with him and still clutching All Might. He shut the door behind him engulfing him in pure darkness. He sat down and pulled the blanket over his head and wrapped himself up. Maybe if he hid well enough his father wouldn’t find him. 

He could hear his bedroom door opening. Despite the way tears slid down his plump freckled cheeks Izuku didn’t sob. He practically held his breath. Quiet was a natural defense for him. As long as he remained quiet his father wouldn’t notice him. Right?

Big footsteps staggered into the room. His father was drunk again. Izuku really wished he had Kacchan at times like this. When he was at school Kacchan chased away bullies and other meanies. The small blonde was always confident and even tried to fight with adults and teachers. He was strong. Like All Might, Kacchan never backed down from things. Izuku wished he could as strong as them. Then maybe he could be the one to rescue his mom.

Izuku could hear angry grumbling on the other side of the door. He curled tighter into the blanket. His chest hurt really bad from holding his breath and he felt dizzy. But pure fear had his lungs frozen and his body trembling. And then he heard his father draw closer to the closet. 

His heart pounded faster, the demand to breath becoming unbearable. 

The foot steps stopped in front of the closet door. 

Izuku put his small hands over his ears and squeezed his eyes shut. If he did this it almost felt like he himself didn’t exist so then he couldn’t be found. The knob turned.


Izuku blinked his eyes open to look up at an adult Kacchan standing in front of the closet he had hidden himself in. Awareness came back to the freckled man slowly. The closet he was sitting in smelled like Kacchan, the clothes dangling from the hooks were finely made from the Bakugou product line. He wasn’t a child and his father was long gone. 

“What are you doing in here Deku?” Kacchan asked crouching down to him as Izuku slowly pulled his hands away from his ears. “Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know.” Izuku answered honestly. He didn’t know why he cried a lot now. He looked down at his hands that were trembling. He hated not knowing. He hated the way he couldn’t really piece things together. A warm hand wrapped around one of his startling him for a second before he looked up at Katsuki. 

His intent red eyes were focused on Izuku’s hand watching as the tremors slowly stopped. Izuku could see Katsuki’s brow furrowed in concerned and he had a small frown on his face as he looked back to Izuku. 

“Come on, let’s get you out of this stuffy closest.” Katsuki said and Izuku just nodded. Katsuki pulled him to his feet and pushed the closet door open some more so Izuku could come out. Izuku stumbled a bit as the blanket he had dragged in from the bed caught on his feet. Katsuki kept him upright though. 

Katsuki was always warm. Izuku couldn’t help but look at their clasped hands as Katsuki led him. He was glad Kacchan had found him. Lately whenever he grew confused Katsuki would be there to anchor him back. Every time something bad bothered him it would stop instantly when Katsuki entered the room. It felt like he was sinking into dark waters, and Katsuki was the only thing keeping him a float. Or was Katsuki the thing making him sink? Izuku wasn’t so sure anymore. But he only craved comfort right now. And Katsuki was the only thing here providing it. 

“Here Deku.” Katsuki said bringing him forward and seating Izuku in a plush chair. Izuku actually really liked the chair. Izuku glanced over to the newly constructed book shelf that sat next to it. Kacchan had made it for him a day ago. A hand gripped Izuku’s chin and he was once again looking into crimson eyes. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Izuku shook his head no. He wiped away one of tear tracks under that scarlet gaze while his eyes went down. It was easy to lean on Katsuki. But it still felt wrong. Katsuki watched him for another moment before sighing. He then leaned down and pecked a kiss onto Izuku’s lips.

“If you get scared again all you have to do is call for me.” Katsuki said backing off. Izuku nodded picking at his nails that were too short. Katsuki gave him one last look before leaving the bedroom. The oddities Deku had displayed during his fever had not disappeared with the illness. So he was a bit extra vigilant now if watching for Deku’s delusions. They were generally harmless as he had come to find. Most of the time it just led to a sobbing fit or he’d find Deku in a strange location like he had just now. 

And Deku was now compliant to him. Dare he say, even cooperative. Even when he got more intimate with Deku. The freckled man seemed more scared that Katsuki would leave him alone than what the blonde would do when with him. It was...nice. Even with this strange side effect he was just happy that they’ve become a true couple. 

He had experimented with how far Deku was now complacent. After he had been able to fuck him with minimal resistance he wanted to what else had changed. So he took a risk. He let Deku off his chain. Even leaving the house and staying outside to see if Deku would try to leave. But nothing. When he came back he found Deku just curled up in the armchair he had given him in his reading corner. Completely absorbed in a book and unconcerned that had just lost an opportunity. 

It baffled and delighted Katsuki at the same time. He let Izuku roam without restraint now around the house. His paranoia though had him checking on Deku frequently but so far things had been uneventful past Izuku’s episodes. It almost felt like they had reverted once more to the way things were before Flat Face ruined it. 

Katsuki left the door to the bedroom open so he could hear Deku clearly if anything happened. He had heard Izuku scramble rather ungracefully into the closest and had come in to drag Deku out of whatever illusion he had been under. Now he needed to get back to work. He walked into his office leaving that door open as well. Again a risk, but Deku was being so docile now that Katsuki didn’t feel all that worried about him seeing the computer or the connection to the outside. 

He sat down at his computer looking over the website in front of him. Recently his parent’s fashion line was picking up quite a lot of attention from the fashion community and it had led to an increase in sales and interest. His work was starting to become heavy and he was glad Deku seemed to be settling down. Otherwise his parents might notice if he started to fall behind in work, which never happened. And the last thing he needed would be them sticking their nose into something they didn’t belong in. 

Soon enough he was deep into his work researching the current trends to suggest to his father for their spring clothing line. He kept a keen eye on the time and got up to check on Deku every twenty minutes. But Deku was already entertaining himself with a book. He checked his email seeing that the old Hag was pestering him once again to move over to Europe with them to work closer. Katsuki knew very well that they intended to hand the company over to him when the time came and the old Hag wanted to get him over to be groomed for it. But that would mean taking Deku with him. And despite the progress they had made Katsuki didn’t want to ruin the fragile piece between them right now. Maybe in a year or two.

 He was browsing a few American product lines when he was interrupted by something that made him freeze.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Katsuki turned to look at the door way, eyes wide and hoping he had heard it wrong. He had not. The knocking came again and he realized someone was knocking on the door. The front door of the cabin. He was out of his seat in a flash running into the hall and into the bedroom where Deku looked up at him questioningly. 

“Kacchan?” Izuku asked alarmed as the blonde marched towards him grabbing an arm and hauling him up. “W-What’s wrong?” Izuku asked looking more frightened by a frazzled Katsuki. 

“Nothing. Just sit here and don’t move.” Katsuki growled putting Izuku on the bed and hooking the chain to him. He then stuck a finger in Deku’s face giving him the most authoritative tone he could. “Do. Not. Make. A. Sound.” he said and Deku had wide eyes shaking a bit. Deku nodded and Katsuki whirled out of the room and took the stairs two at a time. The knocking came again a bit impatiently as Katsuki entered the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife. 

He stalked towards the front door and placed the knife on a small stand next to the door before looking through the peephole. He was met with red an white. That detective fucker! What the fuck was he doing here?! He must be here about Four Eyes. It’s the only possible reason. But why now?! 

Katsuki glanced behind him towards the stairs then at the knife. As long as Deku stayed quiet everything would be fine. Katsuki schooled his features and tried to steady his racing heart. He wouldn’t let this fucker ruin anything. The knife was reassurance of that. With a deep breath he reached up and undid the multiple locks just as Todoroki rose his hand to knock at the door once more. 

The other man blinked at Katsuki as the blonde scowled at him. 

“Hello Baku-”

“Did you find anything on Deku?” Katsuki snapped at him. He needed to keep up his front of concern still. Todoroki looked taken aback for a moment before calming himself. 

“No I’m sorry to say nothing new has come up about his whereabouts.” Todoroki said his breath coming out in a puff of mist. The winter had fully set in and there was a light layer of snow on the ground. 

“Then why are you here instead of looking for him?” Katsuki asked laying on the door frame. 

“I’ve come to ask you a few more questions. If you don’t mind could I come inside? It’s rather cold out and this may take a while.” Todoroki asked eyes flitting past him to the warm interior of the cabin, a small fire crackling in the living room. 

“I’m kind of busy at the moment.” Katsuki said. “Can’t we do this at the station later?” 

“I’m sorry to hear that but I assumed anything pertaining to Midoriya’s case would have you wanting to know as soon as possible.” Todoroki said. Katsuki didn’t show it on his face but his blood boiled at the comment. If he insisted on not letting him in it would look suspicious. He grit his teeth hand behind the door grabbing the knife and squeezing the handle in a white knuckled grip before ultimately sneaking it into the drawer of the stand and quietly closing it. 

“Fine. But make this as quick as you can.” Katsuki said opening the door further and inviting the half n’ half bastard in. If anything went wrong he was fairly confident he could kill him. But that would also mean he would need to skip town. There was no way he could stay after killing a cop. One step at a time.

“Thank you.” Todoroki said slipping past Katsuki and taking the liberty to walk into the living room on his own. He was standing close to the stairs. If Deku moved too much he would hear it. Katsuki closed the door glaring at the handle before turning around to go talk to the bastard.

“So if there’s no news about Deku then what the fuck is this about?” Katsuki asked. 

“When was the last time you contacted Iida?” Todoroki asked while his gaze continued to roam. Katsuki was glad he had replaced the window Four Eyes had busted otherwise things might have looked too suspicious. 

“I don’t know. Haven’t talked to him in a while. Why? Did he say he knew something about Deku?” Katsuki asked with fake interest. He crossed his arms and stood between Todoroki and the front door. The back door and the windows were all secured so the front door would be the only way out. 

“I’m sorry to inform you but it appears that he has gone missing.” Todoroki said walking towards the fire place.

“What the fuck? How? When?” Katsuki asked. “Do you have any leads?”

“Nothing too big right now. It appears he disappeared a week and a few days ago. Do you know if he mentioned anything unusual? Or perhaps you just saw him in passing at some point in town?” Todoroki asked wandering around. Katsuki didn’t like the way he was looking around. Like he was searching. It rubbed him the wrong way and made his hackles rise.

“Like I said we haven’t talked in a while. And how the fuck do you guys lose a third person and not notice after a week?! You guys are practically useless, aren’t you?” Katsuki spat letting his anger out in a way that would probably not seem out of place. 

“It is unacceptable.” Todoroki agreed turning his wierd as fuck mis-matched eyes to Katsuki. “I’m worried that someone may have targeted him because of his connection to all of this. I came to ask if you’d be willing to go under protection and watch in case someone comes after you as well.” Todoroki said. “Although this cabin seems pretty secure.”

“Let whatever fucker thats out there come after me.” Katsuki growled muscles flexing a bit in display. “And yeah, this cabin is a bit out of the way so I don’t want some dumbasses thinking its an easy target to rob.”

“I see.” Todoroki said. “But I must insist that you let me keep watch for your safety.”

“IF someone comes after me, what I do to them wouldn’t be strictly legal.” Katsuki said red eyes flashing. “And I feel like you’re someone who has to abide by the law, officer .”

“So you are refusing police protection?” Todoroki asked arching an eyebrow at him. He was trying to back Katsuki into a corner and get him to take it. But Katsuki himself was getting suspicious as well. Every time he was questioned it was always at the station and always with at least one other officer present. So why was half n’ half here? Unless he suspected something. Or there was another reason.

“Why aren’t you interviewing me at the station?” Katsuki asked, irritation in his voice. “Why did you come to my home?”

Todoroki stiffened just a bit even as an answer slid off his tongue. This guy was a terrible liar.

“I was just driving past and figured it’d be less convenient for you to just answer a few questions now rather than come back into town for it.” Todoroki said. 

“Yeah well you guessed wrong. I got shit to do. Iida was never a close friend of mine so I can’t really give you information on him.” Katsuki huffed. Todoroki looked around a little more before sensing Katsuki’s patience is coming to an end. 

“Very well. I’ll keep that in mind for the future. Please, if you get anymore information about Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida, or anything suspicious happening around you don’t hesitate to call.” Todoroki said and obliged when Katsuki gestured towards the front door. Katsuki followed him on the way out. “Take care of yourself Bakugou.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Katsuki grumbled as Todoroki stepped out into the cold once again. 

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Todoroki said as Katsuki shut the door in his face. Katsuki stood there for a moment just trying to calm himself. That had been fucking close. He watched out of the peep hole as Todoroki returned to his car and eventually drove away before he allowed himself to fully relax. He took the knife out of the drawer and returned it to the kitchen.

He then went upstairs to see Deku sitting exactly where he had left him. Deku looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights as Katsuki unhooked him. 

“Kacchan I think I heard someone else in the cabin. Were you talking to someone?” Izuku asked hesitantly as Katsuki plopped down next to him and sat his forehead on his shoulder. Izuku was tense under him. Izuku was asking probably because he genuinely couldn’t tell if it had all been in his head like other things. 

“No Deku. No one was here.” Katsuki sighed rubbing against him for comfort. That half n’ half bastard had been so close to finding Deku. He didn’t went that freaky gaze ever meeting Deku. He’d gouge out that bastards eyes before that happened. 

“Oh.” Deku said uncertainly, clearly shaken that he had ‘imagined’ it all again.

Katsuki lifted his head to look at Deku. The nervous man was looking down at the ground, upset from this new revelation. 

“But you did good Deku. You didn’t let it make you do something stupid.” Katsuki praised. Izuku nodded mute agreement but still didn’t seem happy. Deku should be rewarded for being so good like that. Katsuki got up and stood in front of Deku who looked up questioningly. “I think I should give you a reward for being good Deku.”

Katsuki then got on his knees in front of the seated Izuku. Izuku’s eyes widened as Katsuki settled his hands of Izuku’s knees and gently pushed them open before slipping between them. Izuku looked taken aback a bit but he didn’t move away. Katsuki didn’t waste much time in fishing out his own prize from Deku’s pants. Once he freed Deku’s cock he licked over the head while looking up at Deku. 

His freckled cheeks were already filling with a flush and Deku quickly looked away from his gaze. Expression almost shameful. Katsuki didn’t like that. He licked up Deku’s cock feeling Deku shudder above him. Katsuki used once his hands to aid in pumping him until Deku reached fullness. He looked up to see Deku squeezing his eyes shut. 

“Deku look at me.” Katsuki said. Deku slowly opened his eyes back up to look down at him. Satisfied Katsuki put the head of Izuku’s cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue just around the head earning another shiver from Deku and a small restrained noise from his throat. 

Katsuki sunk down inch by inch, with each point he got deeper he would pull back and then forward again deeper yet. Bobbing on Deku’s cock and tasting him. Deku tasted good. Katsuki loved how heavy he felt on his tongue. He sucked and tasted Deku like he was a delicious treat as he continued his motions. Moans seemed to tumble out of Deku’s mouth as Katsuki sank all the way to Izuku’s base. 

Katsuki looked up at him watching him writhe and tense in pleasure. Izuku abused his bottom lip like he typically did. He didn’t understand why Deku tried to remain quiet anymore. It was just them hear and Katsuki would keep going until he heard Deku’s voice calling his name in ecstasy. It was then Katsuki noticed Deku’s hands hovering off to the side.

This was new for Deku. Usually Katsuki kept him restrained when engaging him like this. He didn’t know what to do with his hands now that they were free. Katsuki decided to help him. He reached over and grabbed one of Deku’s hands bringing it to the back of his head to push himself deeper onto Deku’s cock. Deku hit the back of his throat and Katsuki swallowed around him gaining a gasp from Deku and Deku’s fingers curling into Katsuki’s spiky hair. 

“Kacchan! I-I…” Izuku said tears coming to his eyes. What a cry baby. Katsuki bobbed and sucked hard. And Deku couldn’t couldn’t keep quiet anymore. It was cute to watch as Deku started to unravel. But what surprised him more was the feeling of Izuku trying to pull his head back off his cock. 

“I’m going to…” Izuku gasped out but couldn’t seem to finish the coherent thought as Katsuki pulled against his grip and kept working his cock. It wasn’t long before Deku’s toes curled and his face turned to one of bliss. Katsuki swallowed.

He popped off of Izuku’s cock and looked up at a spent Deku. Glistening green eyes met his as Deku breathed heavily. Katsuki licked his lips under Izuku’s gaze before rising and kissing him.

“I love you Deku.” Katsuki purred against his lips as he wrapped his arms around Izuku.