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You And Me Forever

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Sun is setting and it gives a beautiful and sad sight to Kihyun’s eyes. He opens the window and let the cool air get in the car. He feels the chilling breeze washing over his face and it helps him relax for a little bit. He feels all of his body aches after long hours he spent on the air. He just can’t wait to take a relaxing bath. Kihyun’s plane just landed forty minutes ago and he is going to home that he hasn’t step a foot. Since 5 years. 5 full years that Kihyun spent abroad, working non-stop and not allowing himself think about anything else than his school and career. Things like… Him. A brown haired, puppy looking boy’s face comes to his mind and Kihyun’s lips moves up a little with the memory. It’s almost the fırst time he allows that memory to come on surface. True, he never let himself think about those memories for the past years. He really tried hard not to do that. Kihyun  just moved on and on forward. He finished school in top 3, got his master’s degree. He tried really hard to avoid but when duty called him 3 weeks ago he couldn’t run away any longer. That’s why today, he came back to Korea, to take his title as ‘the heir of the grand Yoo Company”

His journey to home takes twenty minutes because it’s a late hour so there isn’t much traffic. When he arrives to the big mansion, Kihyun goes directly to his room. Without even properly greeting their servants on his way. When he is inside, he almost goes back because he thinks he went in another room, not his. The bed is by the window and freshly made. Wardrobe is open, showing new and neat clothes. It’s his room but these things are not his. They are so new. There is nothing old, no memory from his childhood, youth. Nothing that can make him remember the past. His mother must have done it. Kihyun should give her an award though she really manage to make Kihyun’s own room feel so new and unfamiliar to him.

Kihyun scoffs, shaking his head in disapproval, he puts his bag on the bed. The sheet crumples and he feels victorius for some reason. He takes out his clothes and walks to the wardrobe. He pushes the new clothes away and hangs his own. He rolls his tense shoudlers and goes to the shower, itching to feel hot water on his skin. It’s really good and relaxing. After long hours of flying, Kihyun finally feels a little better. When he is out of the shower, he picks a gray shirt and black pants to wear. When he almost finishes to dry his hair, he hears a knock on the door and for a second he remembers six years back. His heart clenches.

“Come in.” Kihyun says, clearing his throat.

A lady opens the door. “Welcome home sir.” She smiles.

Kihyun smiles at the lady and nods with a fond face. The lady, Seowon is their maid for years and she knows Kihyun since he was a baby.

“It’s nice to see you home, young master.” Lady smiles happily. Kihyun wishes if only he can say the same thing.

Instead he says “I told you to stop calling me that.” And hugs the woman. She hugs tightly, and Kihyun feels happy. Seowon always gives him a comforting sense that Kihyun really appreciates.

When they break the hug, lady pats his shoulder lovingly. “I like calling you that. And you know sir, we are not allowed to call you by your name. It’s inappropariate for a lower beta to call a higher alpha by his name, you know that.” She smiles at him. Kihyun feels sad,  knowing she is right. Unfortunately there is a thick line between betas, omegas, alphas and his family is too strict about it. Still, his parents couldn’t manage to drill this idea in his head properly. He is not sharing the same thoughts with his family, he expressed this many times and got scolded, many times. After a while he started to not say anything about this matter. The truth is Kihyun doesn’t care about this so called lines and boundries actually but he feels obligated to obey his parents words because they are his family. His family who are not even here.

Like she read his mind Seowon talks. “Your parents will be here tomorrow sir. They had a meeting at Busan. They are there right now.”

Kihyun nods, pressing his lips together. Of course they don’t care about anything but the company. Even if their heir comes back for the first time after staying 5 years away from home. Thinking about this, makes Kihyun feel nothing. He is used to this, he is used to not being the priority to his family. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t even feel sorry now.

“It’s okay. I need to go somewhere anyway.” Kihyun replies with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes.

Seowon nods. “Well you better hurry because it’s already 9 pm sir. I’ll keep the meal warm.” She smiles back with a genuine one but Kihyun can tell she hides ‘sorry’ in her look.

Kihyun nods and Seowon leaves. Kihyun fetches his wallet and phone, he picks a leather jacket. He skips down the stairs and goes to the garden to find his driver.

When he spots the beta, he walks towards to him with open hands. “I need the keys.” He says to the driver who looks at him confused. Kihyun gestures him to give the keys and driver reaches for the car keys with a slight hesitation.

“Where to, sir? Mr. And Ms Yoo won’t be happy if they hear you are outside at this late.” Driver says with a cautious face.

“I have a place to visit.” Kihyun takes the key and gets in the car. He feels bad for a moment because he can sense the beta is nervous. It’s clear that driver afraid from his father like their all other employees. He pulls the window down and looks at the man. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Don’t worry.” He assures the driver with a nod.

Kihyun starts the engine and drives off from the garden, leaving nervous beta behind. He doesn’t check which way he is going because he doesn’t need to remember the road, it's already tattooed in his brain. Kihyun knows the end of the road will lead him to the only place he can think of since he landed on Korea.

After thirty minutes, he comes in front of the place he missed so much. He stops the car, pulls it somewhere proper. He holds the wheel, takes a deep breath and looks outside. This place still looks same. Nothing much changed in 6 years ago, it appears to be. It’s a small, hidden cafe, almost outside of the city. The walls are ocean blue and the windows are white, Kihyun can say they are re-dyed. There are flowers on the windows, that is new. Roses, bluebells, white pink and yellow carnation. Beside them, there is chamomile. Kihyun remembers all the names of these flowers, because he loved them. He always loved to be with nature and Kihyun loved watching him when he did tend the flowers in his little room, by the small window. Kihyun smiles a little, sad, when he remembers he mocked younger, saying he loves flowers more than him but younger always laughed at him, calling him silly and saying his love for Kihyun will never whither.

Kihyun leans his head on wheel, laughs at the bitterness that words claw in his heart now. He takes a deep breath and gets off from the car. Each step feels heavy and rushed. Something in between. Like Kihyun wants to get in as soon as possible but at the same time he is hesitant. Taking another deep breath, Kihyun opens the blue door and a familiar scent welcomes him. Freshly baked lemon cake. Kihyun’s favorite. Feelings, memories… All of them comes back to Kihyun. He missed this cafe. It was their small meeting place. A cafe hidden from prying eyes when they wanted to have a day they could feel like a normal couple, not a company heir alfa and a lower status omega who is only worth to be his servant, according to community.

Kihyun takes a few steps in, door closing behind, and he looks around the cafe. Interior is almost same too. Nothing is changed except a few things. There are still those wooden tables and cafe’s special gesture for people who visit here, still has their places on the walls. The walls are decorated with pictures of couples who came to the cafe when they were dating. They got to hang their photos on wherever they want. Maybe as a prof that they existed. It was all the idea of the sweet lady who owned the cafe. Kihyun remembers how she explained why she let people hang photos, to remind their good days together.

There is- was a spot for Kihyun too. To remind his good days with him.

Kihyun goes to their corner where they always sit. It’s far from eyes, they picked this specifically to have a secret spot they can hide. He sits on the chair that he did sit, always, and looks around himself to see if their photos are still in their places.

They are. They are still hanging on the wall beside their table.

In one of them the omega covers his faces shyly with his hands because Kihyun peppered his face with kisses before he took the photo.

In another, he is laughing crazy to a pissed off Kihyun because he smudged his face with cake cream. They were celebrating his birthday.

In another, he looks happy, his face at Kihyun’s neck and he just smiles. Kihyun looks so happy too. His eyes are all crescent and his face is glowing.

Kihyun bites inside his cheek. With a smile on his face. A sad, longing one. Kihyun’s heart breaks, it hurts and his eyes gets teary. They are happy at this pictures. They are in love. And Kihyun wants to go back in time, right now. He wishes he had a time machine and he can go back, tell the younger that he loves him but he can’t. He can’t do that. Because they broke up and Kihyun tried so hard to forget him. Even though now he realizes, he failed.

While he is deep in his thoughts Kihyun hears little footsteps approaching.

“What can I get you sir?” He hears a sweet voice. He looks up and sees a little kid is standing near his table. She holds a posture like she owns the place and Kihyun chuckles at the sight because she is not even at the same height of the table yet, she asks him what he wants like she can get. She looks so cute though. With her beautiful brown eyes, puffy, pinchable cheeks. She looks like a little hamster, so adorable and her face looks so familiar. Like Kihyun saw her somewhere before.

“Hi young lady. Do you own this place?” Kihyun plays along and he can see her eyes shine with his answer.

“It’s my mom’s!” She answers proudly.

Kihyun thinks about the lady. She was in her 60s and Kihyun doesn’t think she could have a child at such a late age. Maybe she adopted this cutie. She was a sweet lady, so it’s possible for her to do such a great thing. Kihyun smiles at the kid.

“Oh really? Your mom? Well uh… your mom must be a really good manager.”

“He is a great manager!” The kid claps her hands happily.


“Let me call him! Mom!!” She yells with a really loud voice and Kihyun giggles at how her cuteness.

“Yes baby?” A deep voice replies back and the smile on Kihyun’s face fades. His heart beats irregularly and he feels his mouth dry. A familiar scent welcomes him, a scent he never forgot in the past 5 years even though he never smelled it. And it gets stronger each second. Making the small doubt Kihyun has vanish and heart beat quicken.

The little girl runs to the person who is coming and hugs him. Kihyun gets up, wiping his hands on his jeans. He doesn’t know what to do but he knows he is too afraid to look at them.

“What happened Ki?” Kihyun hears the voice coming closer and he wants to cry.

Because for a second, Kihyun thought he called him that.

“We have a customer mommy! He is so handsome and polite! Look!” Little girl says and Kihyun starts to shake. His senses are going crazy and he is barely holding himself together.

“Oh yeah? Who?” The younger lifts his head to look at who his daughter is talking about and Kihyun too directs his eyes on him, knowing there is nothing else he can do. When their eyes meet, they younger’s eyes go bigger. His face pales, he blinks rapidly, eyes darting between the little girl and Kihyun. The air gets tick, tangerine and lemon scent fills the room and Kihyun can say the younger one is afraid. His alpha urges turn on, and he feels that old, familiar desire to protect him. But he controls himself, not moving an inch. Because Changkyun hugs the little girl in a protective way. His face is surprised, shocked. And he really looks like he wants to hide her. Which makes Kihyun wonder. Why would he want to do that? Kihyun can sense he is the only one in the cafe, there is no one in here and there is no one around the cafe, as his instincts say. Why Changkyun wants to hide this kid? His kid? From Kihyun? Why..? She is not Kihyun’s--

Kihyun looks at the girl then, heart beating crazy. She is looking a lot like Changkyun, sharp nose, brown hairs and… Kihyun looks at the little girl more detailed and realises why she looks familiar.

His heart drops to his feet.

“How old is she?” Kihyun asks in shock, guessing the answer way before, and Changkyun hugs her tighter. Before he can say anything little girl- Ki replies him “I’m 4 but my birthday is soon!! I’ll be a big girl!”

Almost 5. She is almost five. Okay. Kihyun closes his eyes tightly, trying to hold his firm posture but he fails. He just grabs the corner of the table and sits back on the chair, shaking.

Changkyun slowly gets up, eyes not leaving Kihyun. He pats little girl’s head and smiles at her assuringly for a moment.

“Go back to the kitchen and pack your bag. Wait for me there okay?” Little girl nods and she waves at Kihyun who is watching them with an intense stare.

When the little girl is gone, Kihyun gets up again, trying to hide how shaken he feels. Changkyun wraps his arms around himself and looks away. It’s like he is closing himself to Kihyun. He looks really fragile like this. He looks different. His hair is ash gray now, he looks thinner and his eyes looks older for his age. It breaks something in Kihyun’s heart. He just wants to run to him, hold him in his arms, tightly. But he knows he can’t do that. And it really hurts because it’s all his fault.

Still, he doesn’t do anything. He just grabs the corner of the table and swallows a lump in his throat. “We need to talk.”

Changkyun looks at him but not in his eyes.

“Yeah Kihyun. We need to.”


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Kihyun watches Changkyun call someone. The younger is pacing and despite him try to hide, Kihyun can see that he is nervous. Well, Kihyun is nervous too. He didn’t expect to find himself in this situation when he returned his country. He only wanted to come this cafe because it was the only place he could remember all the good things he once had and before he claim his throne as the heir of Yoo Company, he wanted to breathe easy for one last time. He would leave everything behind and turn his back. This was the sole reason of Kihyun coming here. Leaving everything that holds him tightly to start his new life.

If only he didn’t see Changkyun. And Ki.

Ki. There is Ki in his life now on. That little girl who looks so bright and cheery. And her name is ‘Ki’. Kihyun smiles softly when he repeats the name silently. It was something between him and Changkyun. The younger one used to called him like that when he felt too in love. A sign of over affection. And he gave their daughter this nickname as name. It doesn’t add up though, Kihyun thinks. Changkyun must have hate Kihyun after everything, so why did he name his daughter Ki? Kihyun feels a flutter inside his chest. A faint one. One that can cause a big trouble later. And Kihyun really doesn’t want to think about this. He can’t. Not now. Not when they have more important things to talk.

“30 minutes. Yes please. Thank you.” Changkyun says and hangs up the phone. Kihyun watches him grabbing two cups from the counter and pours coffee into them. He takes them to the table and put one cup in front of Kihyun and sits across him taking his own cup in his hand. They nervously sit, none of them do anything until Kihyun takes a spoon of sugar to put it in his coffee. He surprises when Changkyun does the same because the younger one likes-liked his coffee plain black. No milk no sugar. It was always Kihyun who loved sweet things.

Without realising, he says “You never put sugar in your coffee. You used to say 'it’s coffee it should taste bitter.'

Changkyun drops the spoon he is holding when Kihyun speaks. He pulls himself together in seconds though, he takes the spoon again and puts a spoon of sugar in his cup. “Ki likes sweets like…” He looks at his cup as he talks. “She likes to put a spoon of sugar in everything. It’s a habit from her.” Changkyun says and stirs his coffee without looking at Kihyun.

“She is so cute.” Kihyun smiles as he remembers their small talk. Eyes on Changkyun. Since the beginning.

“Yeah she is.” A smile forms on Changkyun’s face too. “She is a great kid.” Still, he doesn’t look at Kihyun.

They drink their coffee in silence. Neither of them speaks for a while and because Changkyun doesn’t look at Kihyun. He doesn’t say anything except holding his cup really tight. It kinda gives a chance for Kihyun to look at him though. Like he wanted. To see the difference that years made. Like his hairs. Changkyun’s hairs are ash-gray now, not chestnut brown like they were 5 years ago. Kihyun always liked that color, it made him think of earth, soil, fresh. This color too actually is looking good. Somehow it suits him. His nose is looking sharp and beautiful as always but his face is thinner. The blue shirt he is wearing looks big on him. His little hands are lost in the sleeves each time he put down the cup. He looks a lot skinnier. The eyebags under his eyes are visible. His cheeks are not the sweet pink Kihyun loved to kiss so much once. His expression is more…  He looks more mature and older, not like the young boy from 5 years ago. His eyes are more delicate, tired and scared. It’s sad to see that because they were looking brave and bold once. It breaks Kihyun’s heart to see him like this. Tired. Older. On edge.

He wants to reach out, hold his hand to give him some courage maybe but no matter how much his alpha instincts are screaming at him, he can’t touch Changkyun without his permission. Now. Not anymore.

So Kihyun decides to talk because at least he can hear Changkyun’s voice. Even if there is a possibility of Changkyun to yell at him.

“So…” The words stuck in Kihyun’s throat the moment he opens his mouth. Apparently talking is not as easy as he assumes. Kihyun clears his throat but the lump doesn’t go away. He fixes his sleeves and puts his hands on the table near Changkyun’s. Maybe this will help. It’s okay even if he can’t touch, Kihyun can feel the warmth coming from Changkyun’s hands and he knows Changkyun feels his own too. Changkyun’s look shift from his cup to their hands and his eyes go wide when he realizes how close they are but omega doesn’t move away. And that gives a small courage to Kihyun to keep his hands there. Close to Changkyun’s. But not enough to reach out to his hands and hold them in his own.

“Changkyun.” Kihyun says softly. He says this name for the first time in years. He really missed the feeling it left on his tongue.

Omega directs his gaze towards him but not to  him . It’s like Changkyun is afraid to look Kihyun’s eyes, maybe he is afraid to see something he doesn’t want to see. But Kihyun wants to look in his eyes. He wants to see himself in the chocolate orbits. He wants them to reflect him like they used to do.

“Changkyun please look at me.” Kihyun says softly and younger one takes a deep breath. He squeezes his eyes but slowly, he lifts his head. For the first time since their encounter Changkyun looks at Kihyun’s eyes and Kihyun feels something in him melts. It’s like someone was holding his guts, and they released their grasp. More at ease. Kihyun can see the omega is relieved too, a kind look flashes in Changkyun’s eyes. For a second Changkyun looks like he is happy.

And it’s gone.

“What do you want to talk?” Changkyun asks with a low, cold tone which sounds so strange to Kihyun. Kihyun is not used to hear him like this. Even though he knows he has zero right to expect that, he wants Changkyun to smile like he used to do, not just look at him with an emotionless face. He wants that dull expression to go away. But how can Kihyun make that when he has zero right to say anything to Changkyun anymore? He can’t do that, he have to pull himself together. This is a serious matter and they have to talk it through.

“Is she…” Kihyun clears his throat. “Is Ki my daughter?” He already knows the answer but he wants a conformation.

Changkyun bites his lip and averts his eyes again. The scent on the air gets more touchable. Confusion, fear. Changkyun looks like he thinks about something and after seconds that feel like hours to Kihyun he nods.

He nods.

So it’s true.

A heavy weight lifts from Kihyun’s chest, relieving Kihyun really for the first time since they started to talk. The tears on his eyes are so close to slide down.

Even though he already knew the answer, it feels good to know it for certain.

That he has a daughter. He has a daughter with Changkyun.

He has a daughter with Changkyun… He feels his hands shake and heart start to beat really fast. His eyes start to sting.

He had no idea. He had a child with someone, with Changkyun and he really had no idea. Kihyun holds his cup, tightly, digging his fingers to the cup. He tries to swallow the big lump in his throat but it doesn’t work. How? How could this happen?

“When we broke up were you...” Before he can finish his words Changkyun nods again, looking away and the heavy weight is back on Kihyun’s chest. He left a pregnant Changkyun behind. Why didn’t he stay for a little more? He is so angry at himself.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kihyun tries to keep his voice steady. He is afraid to burst into tears or scream in pain but he knows if he wants to keep going on with this conversation, he should hold himself from doing any of these.

Changkyun smiles at himself but it’s not a happy one, it’s the kind you make when you are in pain and someone is mocking with you. He locks his eyes to Kihyun’s. Intimidating. Hateful. Wary. He looks strong but Kihyun can also see how worn out they are.

“Let’s get this straight Kihyun. We didn’t broke up. You broke up with me.”

The words hit Kihyun like a speed car crash. They hurt him. Because they are true. This time Kihyun looks away because he has nothing to say.

“You broke up with me and left. You did. But I just… It’s okay Kihyun I understand you.” Changkyun shakes his head. “We were so young, enough to ignore the status difference between us and say go to hell to all those old rules. And we were definately fool enough to think we can have everything.” His voice cracks at the end but he coughs and hides it.

Kihyun wants to say something, reject everything Changkyun say but he can’t form any sentences. There is a sharp stone sitting on his throat. Making it impossible for Kihyun to talk but If he could speak he could say “no we were not,   I loved you so much . And there was not a day that I didn’t think of you.” But he can’t say any of these. Not because of the sharp stone. Because he lost his chance when he burnt the bridges between them that day.

So Kihyun lowers his eyes to his cup. He feels lost.


“But if I knew—“


“Then what?” Changkyun asks with a tired voice like he already knows what Kihyun would say. “What difference would it make if you knew that you had a daughter?”


“I don’t… I-- ” Kihyun looks up to Changkyun’s eyes, trying to say something.


“You left me Kihyun.” Changkyun says with a sad voice. He tries to control his tone but fails.


  “You said you would do anything for me yet you left me. Why would you stay for her?” The words stings in Kihyun’s heart. If only he could… He could just stay.


Kihyun holds his gaze down and whispers.

“I’m sorry.”


A tear slip from Changkyun’s eyes and he quickly swipes it away with his sleeve.


“It doesn’t matter now.” Changkyun says, eyes stuck on the photos. He looks like he remembers a beautiful pain from the old days.


“Past is past.”


Kihyun opens his mouth to say something but his phone rings and prevents him from doing so. The screen lights up.

His mother is calling.

“I have to take this.” Kihyun says, turning away a little and answers the phone.


“Hi mother-“


“Where are you?” A woman’s voice cuts his words. No greeting nothing.


“I went out to take some air.” Kihyun says and see Changkyun flinches. He didn’t want to say lie but he knows his mother won’t be happy with truth.


“You should go back home. Now that you are back in Korea you have to be careful with your actions. You can’t wonder around like a kid anymore.    You are a heir Kihyun, act like one.” His mother hangs up the phone, not giving a chance for Kihyun to talk. Kihyun stutters before he quickly fakes a bye and put the phone in his pocket.


He turns to Changkyun who chews his bottom lip. It seems like he doesn’t wish to continue where they left of and Kihyun doesn’t know how he can continue too. So he doesn’t stop Changkyun when he looks around nervously and then gets up to take his cup on the table. “If our talk is finished, you better go. I should close the cafe.”


Kihyun gets up too and takes his cup to prevent Changkyun leave so early, because even though he can’t say anything about their past, they have more things to talk about Ki. He reaches out to grab his cup but in that moment his fingers brush to Changkyun’s  who also reached in. It’s a soft touch, and it’s a for a moment but an electricity moves between them. Changkyun takes a step back with a shocked face, his cheeks turning pink and his chest is moving fast. The instincts that Kihyun try so hard to pressure down feels free and Kihyun’s inner alpha screams to touch Changkyun more, to hold  his hand. To hold him in his arms. So Kihyun takes a step towards the younger one. Cautious. Changkyun looks at him with big eyes when Kihyun takes another step, slipping from the table. He can see the other one is still not moving away and if he takes another step--

Cafe’s door swings open and a strong scent comes within. Kihyun smells another alpha, instinctively goes in front of Changkyun. To protect him from whatever is coming. He can feel the other one’s breath on his neck, not moving away. For a moment all this, feels natural to him. Like he has every right to do this. Like the old days.


A black haired, muscle guy enters his sight and yells. “Where is my favorite girl?”


With the voice Changkyun is out of his trance so he takes a step back. Then Kihyun realizes how close they were a moment ago because his hand brushes to Changkyun’s tight when he retreats.


They hear little footsteps and someone jumping on someone. The little girl screams happily. “Uncle Hoseok!”


Hoseok? Kihyun remembers a Hoseok. He was one of Changkyun’s childhood friends. Kihyun never met him but he heard about him.


“Where is your mom? Did you eat him Ki?” The other alpha-Hoseok asks with a childish voice.


Little girl giggles at his words. “No! How can I eat him?” She yells in denial. “He is talking with a pretty customer.”


“Pretty? Let’s go see them.”


They come inside. Ki is poking Hoseok’s squishy cheek, head on his shoulder and Hoseok doesn’t seem like he is bothered. But Kihyun is bothered. Because seeing Ki in Hoseok’s arms, annoys him. Even though he doesn’t know why.


“Hi Hoseok.” Changkyun says with a smile and Kihyun feels even more annoyed.


“Are you ready to go?” Hoseok slowly swings with Ki in his arms who looks like she is about to sleep.

Kihyun wants to take her away from him.


“I just need to take these into the kitchen.” Changkyun grabs the cups and goes into the kitchen then comeback in seconds.


Hoseok turns to Kihyun, like he realizes that Kihyun just teleported the spot. Like isn’t just standing there for the ten minutes. “Hello! Sorry, we are closing. Please comeback tomorrow at the open hours.” Hoseok tells him with a smile. Changkyun looks at Kihyun.


“He was leaving anyways.”

With that sentence Kihyun understands their talk is over even though there are too many things he wants to say.


They go outside, Changkyun close the cafe as Hoseok puts Ki in his car and Kihyun just stands near his car with having no clue about what to do. Should he go say something? Maybe he can just comeback tomorrow and talk more. With Ki. With Changkyun. Or maybe he needs time to digest everything he learned. It’s just too complicated.

He lifts his head, heart clenching because Changkyun comes near him with slow steps. Omega bites his lips as he takes out a paper and with hesitation he gives it to Kihyun.


“I know it’s a lot to take in and I don’t want you to feel any burden so I’m giving you two options. If you want to talk about Ki again, call me before first. And If you don’t want to see us- her again you can tear the paper.” Changkyun looks around nervously before he goes back and gets in the car.


The car moves away and Kihyun watches them go, just standing there. He takes a deep breath before he looks at the number on the paper and saves it in his phone.


He doesn’t know what to decide but tearing it up is not an option.

Chapter Text

Kihyun nervously knocks the big brown door. It’s early in the morning but Kihyun knows people in this mansion are awake already. The Chae’s always wake up early… Except their heir who happens to be Kihyun’s bestfriend.

“Young master Kihyun!” The servant lady who opens the door happily yells. “You are back!” She bows and let Kihyun inside.

“Hello Eunwon. You look great.” Kihyun greets her back, making the lady smile. She holds a broom in her hand with a cheery expression. Actually she is at her sixty but she is more lively than any one else.

“Is Hyungwon in his room?” Kihyun takes off his coat and gives it to beta.

Lady gives him a look like he said something so funny. “It’s 7 am sir. It should be end of the world for Young Master Hyungwon to wake up at this hour. And maybe even then he won’t get up.” She says and Kihyun laughs at her words because that’s so true. It’s a common knowledge that Hyungwon loves his pillow more than any man or woman in his life.

“You are right. So he is upstairs?” Kihyun asks because no matter how rude it seems, he really has no time to stay and talk with Eunwoo. But when he motions to go, lady gets in his way.

“Pardon me sir but you look like you are in a hurry.” Eunwoo looks at him with a concerned face. “Is there something wrong?”

Kihyun immediately changes his posture and holds a more calm face. “No, I just want to surprise Won.”  He forces a smile. “He won’t expect me at this hour you know.”

The lady seems to relax as she smiles back at him and leans close. “He is in his room but you should enter with a shield. You know he is grumpy when he wakes up this ‘early.’”  She smiles again and moves away.

Kihyun walks fast to his friend's room when he is free and he enters without knocking. He quickly locks the door behind because he can’t afford anyone to hear their talk or barge in any moment. He slowly walks next to the bed and see his friend sleeping like he expected. His grey hair spread on his white pillow, the one he is not hugging, his eyes are even more puffy than his lips. The alpha looks like he is dead but Hyungwon always sleeps like that.

Hyungwon is Kihyun’s friend since they learned how to walk. They have never separated since then. Except this 5 years that Kihyun spent abroad but even then, Hyungwon came to visit him whenever he got a chance. When he couldn’t, they talked every week. People may think Hyungwon is not the ideal best friend when they talk with him because he is a bit blunt and straightforward but he is a very caring friend. Surprisingly. Well, Kihyun is not perfect too. He can be unbearable sometimes so they are perfect for each other.

Kihyun sits next to his friend and pokes his arm. When he gets no response he shakes his friend slightly.

“Hyungwon-ah.” He calls his name and his friend wakes up slowly. Hyungwon barely opens his eyes but when he sees Kihyun from the small crack, his eyes are open completely. A smile forms on his face and Kihyun smiles back at him. Hyungwon pulls Kihyun into a hug and swings with him.

“You asshole. Why didn’t you say you will come?” He says when he let's go Kihyun.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” Kihyun replies and touches his friend’s hair. “You changed your hair.”

“Yeah.” Hyungwon sits up and ruffle his hair. “I dyed it yesterday. I like grey these days.”

“Looks good.” Kihyun compliments because this color looks really good on him. It’s not easy to pull off this color,he looks really handsome but then again Hyungwon always look so handsome. Even now, Even though he just woke up and his hair is a mess and his eyes are puffy, he still manages to look great.

Hyungwon takes a glance to his watch. He reaches a glass filled with water next to his bedside.

“So…” He takes a sip. “Spill it.”

Kihyun snorts. Of course he sees Kihyun’s soul and understands something is off.

Kihyun looks away and gazes around the room. He needs a moment to think about where to start. How to tell. He lets a breath out and looks at his friend. Hyungwon nods his head giving him a nudge to a make him talk. He bites his lip as Hyungwon waits for him to talk but Kihyun doesn’t know how to start. Hell, he doesn’t know what’s going on right now. He found himself in a situation he never could even imagine and he has no idea what to do. It’s something he can’t deal on his own. That’s why Kihyun came to talk with his only friend who can understand him. Because Hyungwon always understands. Because he knew what happened between him and Changkyun. Actually he was the only one who knew about them and he was the only one supporting him.

“I…” Kihyun says, deciding he should say something already. He sits more comfortable on the bed. “I met with Changkyun last night.”

Hyungwon blinks rapidly and asks “How?” in shock. A sad, pitiful look sits on his eyes. “Ahh Kihyun-ah… You promised Kihyun-ah, you said—“

“No. It’s not like that.” Kihyun shakes his head. It's not what Hyungwon thinks. “I didn’t mean to.” He intertwines his fingers together and looks down at his hands. “I just went to the old cafe we use to meet and he was there. I didn’t know he was there and… And…” Hyungwon let’s out a sigh and and holds pats Kihyun’s shoulder.

“And apperantly I have a daughter.” Kihyun lets out the words and takes a deep breath. He feels a relieve when words came out of his mouth. It feels good to say this outloud. Say it to someone.

He looks at Hyungwon who looks even more surprised then before. If that’s possible.

Hyungwon looks in disbelief and gestures his hands in the air to ask him how did this happened.

“What???!” He finally asks. Kihyun shakes his head. Hyungwon scouts closer and holds Kihyun’s shoulders. “Tell me everything from the beginning.”

And Kihyun tells him everything from the moment he got off from the plane to the moment he came to sit on Hyungwon’s bed. Hyungwon listens him with a great curiosity and shakes his head when it’s needed but he never cuts Kihyun’s word. He lets him finish. Tell everything that he wants to say. When he is done Kihyun feels more relaxed because he would go crazy if he would keep this knowledge only to himself.

“I went to Han River, thinking what should I do. And I did think a lot Won. A lot.”

“So what do you think you should do?” Hyungwon pours him a glass of water. Good idea, he really needs that.

Kihyun shrugs, taking the glass from his friend. “I have to be in her life. I gotta find a way to do that. I really did think a lot about this. That is my decision.” 

“So what are you gonna do now? You can’t tell your parents.” Hyungwon says with a sad, understanding look. “You know how our parents are. They would kill us.” He says with a small voice and Kihyun feels his stomach flip at the mention of them. Their parents are so similar to each other. Hyungwon knows how it feels to be an heir. Maybe that's why they are so close.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to do.” Kihyun shrugs and shakes his head. If it comes to that, Kihyun actually does have zero clue about how to explain this to his parents, to anyone. Everything was mapped out in for him. Everyday was decided before he landed on Korea but nothing is certain in his life right now. He has to re-think and find different scenarios. Nothing is certain except for one thing, Kihyun has to know Ki. He has to be a part of her world. This part is certain because that little girl has no fault. She deserves to be happy.

“I don't know what to do but I know that I have to know my daughter Won. I mean… You gotta see her.” A smile pulls his lips up. Kihyun remembers how cute she was. The way she talked reminded Kihyun his own childhood and her gestures were like just like his. “She is so adorable Hyungwon. She has this big brown eyes like Changkyun's and his nose is sharp and beautiful just like his. His cheeks are puffy like he is a hamster. I just want to know her.”  Kihyun’s eyes shine when he talks and Hyungwon smiles at him feeling happy for his friend because it's been years since he last saw Kihyun getting excited about something.

Kihyun asks “What?” when Hyungwon giggles fondly. His smile still lingers on his face.

“You are happy.” Hyungwon blurts out without trying to hide the amuse tone in his voice.

Kihyun snorts at him. “Won didn’t you hear what I just told you? It’s not even 12 hours that I’m back in the country but my life is already chaotic and right now  —“

“And right now you are happy.” Hyungwon raises his eyebrow with a smirk.

“Won—“ Kihyun starts but Hyunwon cuts his words.

“Look Kihyun, for the past five years we saw each other at every possible time right?” Hyungwon asks with a soft voice and Kihyun nods.

“And every time when I came to see you, you looked like you died a little more. You were like just… living. Yes you were laughing and smiling but something was off. But now you are talking about Ki and I can see your eyes are shining like a sun is sitting behind them.” Hyungwon smiles and squeezes his friend’s hand that he is still holding. “I almost saw the Kihyun from five years ago.”

It’s strange but when Hyungwon mention it Kihyun realize he doesn’t think Ki as an obstacle for his life. It’s been only 12 hours that he learnt that he had a daughter but all Kihyun can think is how he can see his daughter, how he can get in his life. He didn’t even spare a second to think otherwise. He thought how he can involve in that little girl’s life for the past 10 hours and tried to find ways to make it possible with different scenarios.

"I guess you are right. I'm happy to have her now." Kihyun smiles. He can't believe it but this is real.

“What about Changkyun Kihyun-ah?” Hyungwon asks, words slip out carefully but Kihyun stiffens. He swallows hard but it doesn't work like there is a ball of thorn in his throat and it doesn't go away. He drops his gaze down to their intertwined hands and his smile is gone.

“I… I can’t ask anything from him Won. You know that.” Hyungwon opens his mouth but closes without saying anything. He just nods and flashes him an understanding smile.

“And I don’t think he needs me.” Kihyun remembers Hoseok and an anger fills him up. How naturally Ki fall asleep in his arms. How he said 'We are closing' about the cafe. Like it’s their’s. The way he smiles at Changkyun,  the way Changkyun smiles at him.  Rage is building inside Kihyun and without realising Kihyun tightens his hold.

“Hey stop getting moody. Your pheromones are all over the room already I don’t want anymore negativity around me.” Hyungwon squeezes Kihyun's hands and pokes Kihyun to break the tense mood in the air. "And I need my fingers to sign documents. Without them we are doomed. No more Chae Cosmetics."

“Sorry.” Kihyun calms himself down and takes a deep breath.

“All I know is that I should know my daughter. She is mine too Won. I am responsible too.” He tells to Hyungwon who nods and pats his head. His friend is looking at him with a happiness in his eyes.

“Aigoo are you a dad now?” Hyungwon laughs and even though he is annoying Kihyun, Kihyun laughs too. “I can’t wait to see that.”

Kihyun smiles and checks the watch by the bedside. “It’s 10. I should go They must be waiting for the breakfast.” He says, smile faltering. Despite the fact that he doesn’t want to go back home, Kihyun gets up and Hyungwon follows him. Hyungwon walks him to the door and every servant ignores that he is in pijamas because they are all used to their master.

Hyungwon gives him a big hug and Kihyun gladly hugs him back. He presses his head to Hyungwon's shoulder who caress Kihyun’s back softly and whisper to him to prevent anyone hear them.

“You are not alone Ki. And don’t worry we can manage this.”

Kihyun breaks the hug and smiles his friend before he steps out of the door.

He is so grateful to Hyungwon for being a supportive friend.

“Thank you Won.”




Before even Kihyun can knock, the door opens. They must have seen him coming from th cctvs. He enters the house, gives his jacket to a servant with a nod and gets inside the big dining room.

“Kihyun.” He hears a voice and feels a shiver through his spine. A woman is sitting at the chair and waiting with her hands clasped. Her brown hair is tied up neatly, her pearl necklace is glance stealing. She is beautiful. She gives an intimidating aura. Kihyun feels like he wants to run away.

“Mother.” He replies back and sits across her. “Where is father?” The chair at the head of the table is empty.

“You are late for breakfast. He went to company already.” His mother takes a sip from her cup. “I heard you didn't come to the house last night.” She says but Kihyun knows she is actually asking him ‘Where were you?’

“I went to see Hyungwon. I wanted to surprise him, mother.” He tells her and looks at his mother nervously. His mother nods, unimpressed and takes another sip from her cup.

“He is a good young man. Tall, handsome. Every omega is dying to be his mate. Also he is a great son and a great heir. I’m happy that you two are close. He may be useful to us one day.”  She puts the fork down and looks at Kihyun. She smiles. Kihyun barely sits still.

“Mother I would like to change my clothes, may I?” Kihyun politely asks.

“You may leave of course. You must be tired.” She tells and Kihyun gets up slowly not to let her realise how nervous he is.

When he is about to go upstairs he hears his mother’s voice. “You look different Kihyun. I hope it’s a good thing.”

Kihyun goes into his room and locks the door. He leans the door and leans on it breathing heavily. After a few minutes he goes and sits on the made bed. He takes out his wallet and looks at the red thread in it. He carefully takes it, holding the thin thread into air. He takes a good look at it. It's looking a little darker but it's been years since Kihyun put it in his wallet so it's normal for it to change color. It’s something that helps Kihyun feel at ease. No matter how much he tries to get rid of his past feelings and emotions, it’s something he couldn’t let go. Because this red thread is so dear to Kihyun. Even after 5 years, he still carries it with him. Giving Kihyun a slight comfort that nothing can give, before it brings a pain to Kihyun's heart whenever he looks at it. This time, however Kihyun doesn't let it weigh on his heart. He squeezes the red thread in his palm and takes out his phone with his other hand. After a few unsuccessful try, he manages to write a proper message. He punches send and starts to walk nervously in the room, waiting for the response.

After an agonizing twenty minutes, Kihyun hears the small ring and a smile creeps on his face.


Chapter Text

Changkyun wakes up with a strange feeling in his stomach.  He is in bed with Ki, his arms are wrapped around her in a protective way.  ‘I must have dozed off for a minute.’ Changkyun thinks as he gets up, trying not to wake his daughter. He didn’t even blink last night, head filled with thoughts, thoughts and thoughts. It was so noisy and irritating so he couldn’t sleep. Around the sunrise, Ki came to sleep with him like she does sometimes when she sees a nightmare. Changkyun hugged his little kid and lulled her to sleep and at some point he must have fell asleep too.

Changkyun checks if Ki is still sleeping and pulls the duvet around the little kid who sleeps peacefully and leaves the room.  His head is dizzy and his stomach really hurts.  He goes to the bathroom to splash some water on his face.  The cold water wakes up his senses and his stomach clenches more, almost enough to make Changkyun hiss. He knows why his stomach acts up like this. He let’s out a breathe, squeezing his eyes tightly. Changkyun pulls his shirt’s collar to the side, a little enough to show his left shoulder as he stands in front of the mirror and looks at the mark on his collarbone.  It’s looking like a faded scar, small but not that small.  The skin around  the mark is pink, like a newly healed wound. Despite all these years, it’s still looking beautiful.

Changkyun touches the mark with his fingers and feel it. İt’s hot like it’s burning, trying to dig inside his skin but the hurtful feeling in his stomach dulls with the touch. Changkyun let’s out a breathe. This time with relief. It’s become his habit, doing this.  When he feels insecure or bad about something, his hand goes to his mating mark without him realising and the doubt, fear, whatever the feeling, it disappears.  Changkyun discovered that he did this a lot, later when Kihyun left and reasoned himself thinking this is a reminisce of his alpha and he can soothe himself like this because his alpha is not there to calm him down anymore. Yesterday though, he tried so hard not to reach out and touch his mark during their conversation with Kihyun together because he didn’t want Kihyun to assume anything.  He couldn’t let Kihyun know that he promised to let him go, have his own life but unable to do so.

Changkyun let’s go the mark and dries his face with towel. He doesn’t feel like sleeping, so he decides to go get ready the breakfast because Ki will be up in an hour and he has nothing to do.


Except think.

Think about Kihyun.


Kihyun is back.


This still doesn’t feel like it’s real. Even the idea of it, is like a dream to Changkyun, a sweet dream, one he wakes up and realises the reality. A dream that clouds Changkyun’s mind with heavy thoughts. Very heavy.

Changkyun stayed up all night, thinking about all the things that happened and he just couldn’t wrap his head around them. How Kihyun can just show up? All of a sudden? Even after hours, it’s still a big shock because Changkyun never expected to see Kihyun, and he definitely never ever expected to feel so relieved because he saw the alpha. It was so nervewrecking for Changkyun because the moment he saw Kihyun, his hands twitched to reach him. Changkyun tried so hard to hold himself from running to the guy. He glued his hands to his cup during the time they talked and when Kihyun put his hands so close to his, Changkyun was about to throw the cup away and hold his hands instead.

So many thing happened and so many things said. And so many things left unsaid.


Changkyun plays all the things that happened in his head again, like the fifty times before as he places the plates on the table.

The surprised look on Kihyun’s face when they saw each other. The shock and realisation in his eyes when Kihyun understand Ki is his daughter. How Kihyun talked with him reluctantly. How he put his hand next to Changkyun and how Changkyun’s heart did beat in his ears. How Kihyun’s fingers brushed his for a second and how Changkyun was about to pull him into his embrace, hold him tight, asking him to never let go when they stand so close until Hoseok came in and interrupt them.  How his eyes light up when Changkyun gave him the paper with his number on it and how he looked so small in the car mirror when Kihyun watched them go.

All these were unbearable to Changkyun because he was in a battle between his omega self and mother self during the entire time.  His inner omega was so happy, relaxed that he was finally with his alpha. He felt at ease, like he can breathe even though it’s hard. Because he went through a lot.  A lot. When Kihyun left, the pain was unbearable to Changkyun. It’s a common thing for an omega to go feral when their alpha leaves. Omegas go crazy. Omegas die even. Taking pills and some medical procedures help but Changkyun couldn’t do any of them because he was expecting. He didn’t even think the idea of harming the baby with anything so he refused to taking pills. Hoseok scolded him a lot then, he even said that maybe Changkyun should give up the baby, he should have an abortion. They had a fight. First and last big fight they ever had and Changkyun didn’t talk with Hoseok for a week until he came, saying sorry and whatever Changkyun decides, Hoseok would support him.

So Changkyun he had go through months in pain, fighting with his inner omega and his own being. He was in his bed all the time. He couldn’t eat or sleep properly and when his body fell week and he fell asleep, Changkyun was waking up crying. The only thing that was keeping Changkyun going on was, Ki. His beautiful sweet Ki. Changkyun is so lucky to have her in his life because without her, he would definitely go crazy. The doctors said Ki was the reason that Changkyun didn’t go feral without pills because she was also a part of his alpha. A part from Kihyun. So having her near, kept Changkyun sane. And the only time Changkyun truly felt happy after Kihyun left, was the first moment he saw Ki. Her big brown eyes and small nose. She was so beautiful.  She was looking a lot like Kihyun and Changkyun cried so much that night.


Ki really resembled Kihyun so much when she was a baby and in time as she grew up, her behaviours started to get similar to his father too. She loves sweet things, she is playful. When she makes Changkyun angry at something, she always acts cute to make him smile. She is Changkyun’s everything and Changkyun is really thankful to have her because when Changkyun decided to live for his daughter, focus on her, his pain dulled. Slowly.

It wasn’t easy of course.  Being a single mother is so difficult in this society. He really struggled with life. He dropped out of college and he had to get a proper house, he couldn’t just live in that small house with Ki. And there were a lot of alphas who bothered him but thankfully Hoseok was there. His friend was always there for him and Changkyun was so glad for that.

Days chased days, months became years.  When Ki was old enough to understand what is what, she started to ask questions about her father, Kihyun and after a while Changkyun couldn’t blow her off with a few simple explanations.  She wanted to know her father like every child do but Changkyun could tell her nothing but memories because he had no idea where Kihyun was or what was he doing.  He only knew Kihyun was out of the country. That he left him.

Despite his broken heart Changkyun always hoped for Kihyun to reach out, find him. It wasn’t a selfish desire though. It was not just for himself of course, it was for Ki.  Changkyun never knew his father, man left his mother and died as he learned after that. So Changkyun knows what it is like to miss someone. The questions weighs on your heart a lot. Changkyun never wanted Ki to feel like he did. Yes, it’s true that they broke up but his kid deserves to know his father.

But she didn’t get to do that. For five years.

Five years, Changkyun leans against the counter.  It’s been five years. Time changed.

So many things have changed.

Changkyun changed.

Kihyun changed.

Kihyun looked different last night. He wasn’t like that smug college boy Changkyun knew, he was looking more mature. His actions were thoughtful and calculated. His features seemed sharper. His hair is no longer that cotton candy pink Changkyun loved so much. It’s back to it’s original color now, dark brown. Changkyun remembers that he begged Kihyun to change his hair, try something new because new is always good and the very next day Kihyun showed up at his door in the middle of the night with his newly dyed pink hair. He was shining with a dazzling smile on his face and cotton candy in his hand. Changkyun was so happy and surprised when he jumped into his arms. Later that night when they kissed, tangled in bed, he could still taste the cotton candy on Kihyun’s lips.

A smile lingers on Changkyun’s face when he remembers the memory. And his heart clenches.

He never ate cotton candy after Kihyun left.

Changkyun gets the eggs and milk from the fridge. He checks inside the fridge and yes, he should go shopping soon. He warms up milk for Ki and gets top an for eggs. She should eat well to gain weight. Ki is not a chubby kid but Changkyun wants her to eat more. Well maybe that habit comes from her father. Come to think of it, when they were sitting at the table,  Kihyun looked like he lost some weight but gained some muscle. His shirt was wrapping around his body well. His body is still lean, Kihyun doesn’t have muscles like Hoseok but he looks good. Changkyun never wanted him to be different in anyway. He always loved how well they fit together. Back then.

Back then, Kihyun’s eyes shined whenever they were together. They were full of life, sparkly but now his eyes looked older, tired.  His small nose looked still perfect though but his cheeks that Changkyun loved to bite so much were no longer puffy.  His lips however…  Still looking great.

Ki who is running to him and yelling “Mommy! ” distrupts his thoughts and Changkyun turns to catch the little girl in his arms.  He holds her and lifts her up in the air, turning her around, making her giggle when her hair swings.  She loves this.

Changkyun laughs with her, their sounds fill the room until he stops after a few spin and puts her in her chair.  Ki settles cutely and reaches out to eat a cucumber slice.

Changkyun pats her head lovingly.  “Good morning my princess.  How do you like your eggs today? ”

Ki bites the cucumber and pulls her hair in front of her eyes when she thinks.  Her face looks so cute.

“I want it sweet! Sweeeet!!”  She claps her in excitement.

Changkyun shakes his head and throws her a look. She always wants to put sweet things into everything she eats. It gets burdensome sometimes. One time she put honey in tomato soup and no matter how much Changkyun tried to stop her, she did drink it, resulting her to throw up all night.  That is something Changkyun never wants to experience again.

“Ki you can’t eat eggs with syrup, you are too sweet already!!  You don’t need that. ” Changkyun winks and turns to make scrambled eggs. He hears Ki giggling and talking about her class and her friends.

When he finishes, he divides eggs into their plates and sits down. They start to eat.

Ki talks when she tries to pick up the olive in her plate with her fork.

“Mommy I had a dream with flying birds today.”

“Oh really?” Changkyun comments with a chuckle. Ki has a colorful dreamland and a bright mind. Changkyun is amazed by her sometimes. Like that time she explained why Ki states ‘flying birds’ when she talks about a general thing. When she first said that Changkyun didn’t dwell on it much but when she started to use the phrase like ‘always’, Changkyun told her that birds really do fly so she doesn’t have to say ‘flying birds’ to define them but Ki replied ‘Penguin’s can’t mommy’ and she has to say that.


“Yes!” Ki replies and throws the olive in his mouth with her fingers. Bye fork.

Before Changkyun can ask her about his dream, he hears his phone buzz. He reaches out to his phone. There is a text, but Changkyun doesn’t know the number. He frowns before he opens to text and gasps in surprise when he does.

It’s from Kihyun.

“Hello, it’s me Kihyun.  I thought a lot. I really did and if it’s okay with you, I want to be in Ki’s life.  I want to know her.  If you are available, can we meet? ”

Changkyun reads the message over and over again. He can’t believe that Kihyun did send a message this soon. Changkyun expected him to wait at least a week before he does anything good or bad. He totally wasn’t prepared for this. Changkyun stares at the screen, not knowing what to write, how to reply him.

“Mommy.”  He hears Ki calling for him and puts his phone down turning his daughter to face her.

“Yes dear?”  He tries to hide his hands under the table to not let his daughter see them shaking.

“I was telling you about my dream, but you didn’t listen.”  Ki pouts so cutely, and Changkyun takes a deep breath, calming himself down and then reaches out Ki’s cheek to pinch.

“I’m sorry baby go on.”  He will think about the message later.

Ki swings her legs under the table as she talks and Changkyun knows she does that when she is excited.

“In my dream I was at school and I was talking with my friends.  Everybody was with their mom and dad. ” Changkyun stiffens and his mouth dries instantly because he can guess the rest of the dream.“ I was sad because my daddy wasn’t there but then I saw flying birds.  They were flying him to me!! ” Ki yells with a happy voice and her eyes shine so much with happiness. Enough for Changkyun to feel sad and guilty.

Changkyun clears his throat, “That’s a great dream honey.” replying with a smile.  What will he do know?  Ki looks so excited about his father even though she just had a dream about him. What will happen if she knows her in real life? What will Changkyun’s life turn out to be? Can this be a sign? Maybe it’s a sign. Kihyun showing up, Ki seeing this dream and Kihyun wanting to be in Ki’s life… Changkyun let’s out a sigh, head feels like it’s gonna explode. He knows it’s stupid, but he wants to believe that this is a sign.

He takes a deep breath and looks at Ki with nervously.

“Ki do you remember me telling you that your daddy is away?” Changkyun carefully asks and watches his daughter’s expression.

Ki nods her head as she tries to bite a tomato slice that hangs on the edge of her fork. She drops it.

“I learned that he came back.”  Changkyun slowly says but Ki snaps her head towards him so fast, and her eyes go bigger when she hears that.

Changkyun takes another deep breath.

“Do you want to see your dad?”  And before Changkyun can finish Ki claps her hands and nods rapidly.

“I do!”  She says in excitement.

“I do I do I do I do I do—“  She repeats in a circle, waving her hands on her sides and Changkyun tries to calm her down.

“Okay baby but you have to finish your breakfast.”  He tries to compel her and it works because Changkyun can swear that Ki never finished her breakfast this quick.  She happily runs to her room to find herself some clothes to wear because she says she wants to look good to his dad in their first meeting.

Changkyun looks behind her for a while before he turns his head, eyeing the phone. After a few minutes, he calms himself down. Taking a deep breath, he picks up his phone.  He opens the text and reads again.

“At 2 pm, our cafe—“

He deletes ‘our’ and rearranges his text.

“2 pm at the cafe.”

He reads again before sending it and when he pushes ‘send’ he knows there is no turning back.


Kihyun will be in his life. Again.

Chapter Text

Kihyun holds the phone and reads the message again. Changkyun agreed to meet with him today. He let’s out the breath he was holding and drops himself on his bed. He let’s out another breathe. His head feels dizzy, his heart is pounding. This is an important matter. Kihyun doesn’t think where this may lead him, lead them or what will his parents do if they learn about Ki or Changkyun. But he doesn’t care about them for now. He is focused on meeting with Ki again. And maybe… Changkyun.

He sleeps for 2 hours until the meeting time because he didn’t blink his eyes last night since their encounter and when he gets up, he quickly takes a shower and changes his clothes. He picks a black jeans and a red sweatshirt from his clothes in the wardrobe. There are not many clothes he can choose. Half of the wardrobe is empty though. He takes a mental note to go out for shopping sometime.

Kihyun gets down, and walks towards to the front door. His mother is not around and he prays for his luck to not have anyone around to bother him with questions like where he is going. Or what he is doing.

But of course he is not that lucky.

“Kihyun.” He hears a full voice calling his name. He freezes on his spot with a heart rush. He curses to his stars in silent. He didn’t expect to meet his father until the evening.

“Father.” He turns slowly to meet with the elder. His father looks exactly the same. He still has that stern look on his face, only his wrinkles are more and some white threads in his hair are visible to the eye. “I thought you were at the company.”

“I came home for lunch.” Elder’s voice makes Kihyun uneasy. The old man still afraids him even though Kihyun is a grown man now, not the child he was 5 years ago.

“And I have things to talk with you. Come to the dining room.” The elder goes away without waiting for Kihyun and of course Kihyun follows him. Not going after is not an option. He goes to the dining room and sits 2 chairs away from his father. He doesn’t want to sit next to him or away from him enough to catch his attention.

Kihyun impatiently waits for his father to speak. It’s 1.30 pm already. If he doesn’t get up, he won’t make it to the cafe. At times like this, time flies so fast and his father right now doesn’t help him with his silence. He just eats. Eventually Kihyun opens his mouth to say an excuse about him leaving, his father starts to talk.

“Now that you are back, you will take over the company. You will not have it immediately of course, there will be a time for you to get use to how things work.” He breaks a piece from the bread and throw it in his mouth. “And you know what they say. If you want to have a steady work life you should have a steady home life too. That’s why you will marry with a proper omega. Your mother will find the perfect match for you.” The elder say, eyes on Kihyun. Weighing his expression. Kihyun controls his face but he can’t say anything due to shock. He’s in the country not more than a day but his father is already pressuring him. For work, for marriage. It’s not like Kihyun didn’t expect this of course. He knew at some point, they will expect him to get married but he didn’t think it would be hours later that he arrive. He thought he would have time to adjust to the idea, his father caught him off guard. These thoughts however are now in the past now. These were Kihyun’s thoughts if he didn’t see Ki or Changkyun. Now… Now he can’t do that. He can’t just marry someone and expect them to accept Ki as his heir. Kihyun wouldn’t object to his parents if he didn’t know about Ki but now that he knows he can’t just accept this.

“Father.” He starts with a small voice. “Father I don’t want to marry now.” He makes his hands into fists when he waits for his father to say something. His father doesn’t hear him as always though. He just continues to eat. After five minutes of silence Kihyun repeats himself.

“Father I said—“

His father gets up. He wipes his mouth with napkin and looks at Kihyun who bows his head. “I heard you. We will talk about this later.” He goes out of the room, leaving Kihyun there.

Kihyun takes a deep breath. He feels that his ribs are crumbling inside. It takes a few moments for him to calm down until he remembers the time. He checks the clock. It’s almost two. He can deal with his father later, now he gotta go. Kihyun quickly gets up, running to the car and drives to cafe as fast as he can.

When he comes to the cafe, Kihyun stands in front of the door and sends a little prayer for Changkyun to be still in here before he get in. He opens the door and looks inside. There are a few customers sitting and chatting. Kihyun doesn’t linger though, he directly goes to their corner with a hope to find Changkyun there but the seats are empty and Kihyun feels frustrated. He sits on one of the chairs and puts his head on the table. It seems like he’s late. He failed. He should have come sooner. Maybe he lost his chance now. What can he do? Maybe he can call Changkyun. He can call Changkyun but will he pick up? He may not. Kihyun let’s out a shaky breath and his eyes burn. If only his father didn’t stall him, he could have come here in time to see—

A familiar scent welcomes him, gives his hurting heart a relief and Kihyun feels like crying at the feeling.

“You are late.”

Kihyun snaps his head up so fast when he hears the voice. Changkyun is standing there with his arms crossed on his chest, looking at him with an annoyed face. He is still there. He didn’t leave. He is still here. Kihyun can’t tell how happy he is.

Kihyun raises up from his seat, wiping his hands on his sides. They are sweaty. He licks his lips before he talk and because he is nervous he doesn’t see Changkyun’s glance at his lips.

“I’m sorry. My father wanted to talk about something.” He says with a sorry face. Kihyun feels guilty for not telling him the whole situation. It feels weird because Kihyun wants to tell him everything. He knows he can’t but he wants to do that. Once they had no secrets from each other. Now he has to be careful with every word he say.

Changkyun releases his arms, humming.

Kihyun scratches his head and looks around. “Where is Ki?”

“I wanted to talk first.” Changkyun says fixing his sleeves.

Kihyun nods and gestures him to sit. Changkyun sits the seat across him like yesterday. The table between them… It feels cold. Kihyun misses the times they sit next to next, tangled with each other. With a sigh, he sits back in his place.

Kihyun clasps his hands on the table and waits for him to start.

Changkyun looks around like he tries to gather his thoughts. A few times, he opens his mouth but closes it before saying anything. Seeing Changkyun like this, like he doesn’t know what to say or where to start hurts Kihyun. Knowing that he put this unfamiliar feeling, this distance between them… He caused this… It hurts him a lot.

Thinking that he should start with something Kihyun says “So are you the owner of this place?” and draws a circle in the air with his index finger to catch omega’s attention.

Changkyun looks at him and nods.

“How?” Kihyun asks. Changkyun wasn’t rich. He always worked at part time jobs to pay his college fee and rent. Where did he get the money to buy this place?

Changkyun reaches his left collarbone with his hand and holds his shoulder before answering Kihyun’s question.

“Do you remember the old lady who owned this place?” Changkyun asks and Kihyun nods. She was a sweet lady. She lost his son years ago that’s why she treated them like they were her sons.

“She took me in when I was… When I had nowhere to go.” Changkyun says and Kihyun’s heart breaks. ‘When you left me’ he must have wanted to say, Kihyun thinks.

“She took care of me until she died. And she left this place to me because she had no one else.” Changkyun says, looking around. “Like me.”

And this words hurt Kihyun more. Kihyun knows Changkyun had no one when they met. His father left him and his mother died when he was young. Kihyun knows he became everything to him. Kihyun was his everything but he left Changkyun too. He left him all alone.

Ever since he did that, his heart crushes under his guilt. And now, it hurts even more, if that’s possible.

“She was a nice lady.” Kihyun says with a sad voice and Changkyun takes a glance at him. He must have notice the sad tone in Kihyun’s voice. Changkyun takes another glance, eventually turns his head and looks at Kihyun. A small smile appears on his face.

“Yes she was.”

The smile on his face disappears fast and a more serious and unsure look sets on his eyes.

“Kihyun. I want to know if you are serious.” Changkyun says.

Kihyun looks at him with questioning eyes.

Changkyun continues. “If you are serious about this.” He takes his hand from his shoulder, motions it between them and place it on the table. “About Ki. About you two. You know your parents will get mad at you if they learn about her.” His voice doesn’t shake but the scent in the air is there. It just tells Kihyun that Changkyun is worried. Well of course he is. He very well knows how problematic Kihyun’s family is. At least he knows some part of it.

Kihyun slowly shakes his head. “I don’t care about them. I want to be a father to my daughter.” He says and before his mind can catch up, he places his hand on Changkyun’s. A warm feeling flows inside him. There is a pull in his stomach. Feels so natura. So easy. Changkyun’s eyes go wide, fixed on their hands but he doesn’t move his hand away. Kihyun knows how to tell Changkyun that he is serious at what he says. He gently rubs circles to the back of Changkyun’s hand. Softly. He can see the other one is getting relaxed. Changkyun closes his eyes and let’s out a small breath.

“I want to do this Changkyun. Please let me do this.” Kihyun squeezes his hand lightly and Changkyun opens his eyes. Kihyun begs him with his eyes and Changkyun nods his head slowly. After a minute, omega draws his hand back from Kihyun’s grasp. The pull in Kihyun’s stomach hangs. Kihyun wants to reach again, hold his hand but Changkyun gets up nervously. He throws a glance at Kihyun and goes to the kitchen before Kihyun can say anything. After five minutes, he comes back with the little girl hiding behind him. She wears a pink dress with blue circles printed on. Her brown hair is tied with a blue hair tier. She looks really excited and shy, grabbing Changkyun’s shirt from behind.

Kihyun gets up and kneels in front of her to be at the same level with her.

“Hi.” He says with a soft voice.

“Hi.” She replies with a smile. She let’s go Changkyun’s shirt. There is a knowing glance on his eyes. “Are you my father?” She asks all of a sudden and Kihyun surprises. He looks at Changkyun but Changkyun just shakes his shoulders. Kihyun looks back at Ki and smiles.

“Yes. Yes I am.” He says and Ki jumps on him. She hugs her happily and Kihyun hugs her back.

“I’m sorry for being late.” He whispers to her hair. He is pretty sure Changkyun heard him too.

Ki pats his back like she is trying to comfort Kihyun. How cute.

“It’s okay. You are here now.” She nods with a smile. They break the hug but neither of them let go the other one. Ki looks at Kihyun and talks with a sincere tone. “And my mom always says that you should forgive a person if they say they are sorry and buy you sweets.”

“Ki we talked about this. No more sweets.” Changkyun says half teasing half serious and Ki frowns at him. Kihyun smiles at them, patting Ki’s head lovingly.

Changkyun looks around him, seeing a customer asking for check so he says “I’ll let you two alone. But no sweets.” with a warning smile to Ki. Kihyun’s heart skips a beat at the small gesture. Changkyun goes to deal with the customer and leaves Ki and Kihyun alone. Ki sits next to Kihyun and looks at him with big shining eyes.

And Kihyun’s heart melts. He feels so overwhelmed with love. Is this how it feels to be a parent?

“What should we do now?” Kihyun asks Ki, patting her head. He smiles ans Ki smiles back at him. He wants to get to know her but he doesn’t know what he should do, which questions he should ask or what should he say.

“We should talk.” Ki answers, swinging his legs under the chair. “People do that to learn about each other.”

“You are pretty clever.” Kihyun smiles at her proudly.

“Mom always say I’m like my father. Clever and arrogant.” Ki giggles and Kihyun raises his eyebrows. So Changkyun talks about him. He wonders what else he said.

“Oh really? He says I’m arrogant?”

Ki nods.

“What else does he say?” Kihyun asks curiously.

“You were a good man. He loved you a lot but you had to leave.”

Kihyun feels his heart tighten. His ribs feel too small. ‘Loved’ Past tense. It doesn’t feel good and lefts a bitter taste inside him.

“I see.” Kihyun looks at the kitchen door and wonders what Changkyun thinks about him now. Can Kihyun mend their relationship? Maybe they can be friends again, it can be really good since they have a kid together. But does Kihyun want to be friends? Being around of Changkyun, acting like they were not belong to each other one time. Kihyun is not a young boy anymore, he knows what he feels now. When he thought about Ki last night he also thought about Changkyun. He thought about how his heart fluttered and how his heart wanted to drop out, to run to the omega. How his body acts on it’s own and eager to touch the younger. Kihyun knows. He knows that he wants Changkyun back. He wants that but what difference will it make even though he manages to do that? The rules that cause them to break up, are still the same. Kihyun is a heir to a big company and Changkyun is just an omega with no high family members. Can Kihyun do anything to change their situation?

Ki pulls his shirt to take his attention and Kihyun pushes his thoughts away, looking at her with a smile.

“So what is your favorite color?” Ki asks him and Kihyun laughs at the simplicity of the question.

“Purple. My favorite color is purple.”

“I love bright orange.” Ki says, showing the sky. And they continue to talk. Small things like their favorite dish or important things like Ki’s deskmate or unimportant things like why you can’t put sugar in tomato soup. Changkyun comes and goes every thirty minutes to check up on them, to see how they are doing. Omega feels good when he sees their smiling faces. He keeps bringing them cookies and hot chocolate. And Kihyun notices Ki likes her hot chocolate like he does, with cinnamon. Another similarity.

3 hours pass and because Kihyun is so involved with their debate about pandas, he doesn’t realise his phone is ringing. Changkyun notices that when he places their third hot chocolate on the table and tells him. Kihyun gives Ki her hot chocolate before checks his phone.

It’s his mother. Of course.

Kihyun let’s out a breathe. He really doesn’t want to pick it up. “They are calling from home.” He throws his phone in his pocket. “I should probably go.” He says with an apologetic face. He places a kiss on Ki’s forehead and gets up but before he can walk, Ki clutches to his legs.

“Don’t go~~ Pleaseeee.” She whines and Kihyun feels like his legs are not moving. Because he really doesn’t want to leave.

Changkyun kneels next to her and pinches her cheek. “Ki don’t worry. He will be back.” Ki pouts and it’s the cutest thing Kihyun ever see but she let’s go Kihyun’s legs. Kihyun gives her another apologetic look.

Changkyun kisses her head, patting her hair he looks at Kihyun. “Right?”

Kihyun knows Changkyun is asking Kihyun if he will really come back, if he wants to do this, if he is sure. Changkyun gives him one last chance, a last exit that he can turn. But there is no need for it. Because Kihyun knows where he is headed.

“Yes. I will.”

He kneels down and gives a big hug to Ki. She kisses him on his cheek and Kihyun feels a rush of happiness fills him. He  gets up, greeting Changkyun who nods back at him.

When he is outside he turns to look inside through the window. He can see Changkyun talking Ki with a big smile, asking her questions and Ki answers with giggles. They look so familiar to him, like this is a normal thing for Kihyun. Like he is doing this everyday. Kihyun feels happy.

Yes, he will be back.

Chapter Text

Kihyun lays on his bed and stares at the ceiling mindlessly. It’s 12 am but he is still under the cover because he doesn’t want to get out of his room an see his mother. Or his father, after his last talk with him. He really does everything he can to avoid the man. He gets up after his father is gone and comes back late at night, after spending hours at Hyungwon’s house. His mother doesn’t bother him, knowing that he is with Hyungwon. So for now, Kihyun is good.

He just misses Ki. It’s been a week since he saw her. After their meeting, he directly went to his friend and told him everything over and over again.  Every little detail about Ki he could catch in two hours. How she giggles when Kihyun say something and she finds funny. How she drinks her hot chocolate with cinnamon like his father. How her dimples show up when she laughs like her mother… She is just an adorable kid.

Hyungwon asked about Changkyun after hours of Kihyun babbling about Ki but Kihyun couldn’t tell him anything because he didn’t know what to tell. Changkyun… Talking with Ki and starting to know her was great but Kihyun knew something was missing. Not just figuratively but emotionally too. He misses Changkyun. So much. Kihyun was managing his feelings when he was away, he was acting like they weren’t exist but now, he can’t ignore them. Even if he tries to stop his rushing heart, his inner alpha wants to be with his omega. The want is unbearable. It’s just… Kihyun missed him so much. He missed him but his guilt, guilt of walking away from Changkyun at a time that he needed his alpha most, hurts him a lot. Even though Kihyun had no idea about Ki, still he feels so guilty and that feeling doesn’t let him do anything. Kihyun still thinks about their conversation before he properly met with Ki and he still can’t fill the little blanks and and lift the pain in his chest. Talking with Changkyun that day, hurt Kihyun a lot. They didn’t talk much but those few words were enough. Enough to make Kihyun feel more guilty. That’s why he prefers to avoid this matter. And maybe that’s why he couldn’t say anything about him to his friend.

His phone rings and interrupts his thoughts. Groaning, Kihyun reaches and it’s the person who is messing with his head for the pass seven days. Kihyun gets up in a rush and sits in the bed, leaning back to the head of the bed.

He takes a few breaths and answers the call after a few rings.

“Hello.” He calmly says and waits for a reply.

“Hi.”A small voice greets him and with that little ‘hi’ Kihyun understands that Changkyun called him but is hesitant to continue. Probably he thinks that he shouldn’t have called. Kihyun hopes he doesn’t think like that.

“Um… I called because—“ Changkyun starts but a cheer behind him makes it impossible for him to continue.

“Daddy!!!” Ki shouts and Kihyun has to draw the phone away from his ear because Ki is really loud. It’s cute though.

“Hello sweetheart.” Kihyun greets the little girl with a smile. Just hearing her voice makes Kihyun happy. “What are you doing?”

“I had breakfast! I ate hamcakes!!” Ki replies. Her voice is coming from more close, she probably snatched the phone from Changkyun.

“Hamcakes?” Kihyun asks with a surprised voice.

“Yes I love them so much! My friend was coughing yesterday and I started to cough too. Now my throat is hurting and I can’t eat anything but mom made hamcakes because they are soft!!! And they are cute! He says they look like me.” Ki giggles and talks happily about how she dips them into syrup and she talks them before she eats them for a while and Kihyun tries to calm his heart, really trying hard to focus on what she say.

“Daddy come see me?” Ki asks, drawing his attention to herself. And well, she practically yells to the phone again so it’s impossible to not hear her. But then again Kihyun already figured out that Ki speaks loudly when she is excited. So he smiles to the phone and nods but when he realise she can’t see his reaction he quickly replies. “Okay. How about we eat lunch at the cafe today?”

Ki screams and then it’s more silent but Kihyun hears someone talk from the behind but he can’t figure out what they say or who is talking. After a while “Mom says it’s okay.” Ki says happily and Kihyun can hear that she claps her hands in excitement.

“See you in a few hours dear. Can you give phone to your mom?” Kihyun asks and Ki says goodbye him. He hears some shuffle and a breath against the speaker.

“I’m sorry, Ki said she missed you and I couldn’t say no to her.” Changkyun explains but Kihyun figured out that much already. “If you are busy or anything we can—I mean you and Ki can see each other later—“

“No no I’m free today.” Kihyun cuts in before Changkyun say anything else. He really wants to see them. “Besides I missed Ki too.”

And you.

”Thank you for calling me.” Kihyun tells with a soft tone.

“Oh… Thank you for saying yes.” Changkyun hesitantly replies and hangs up the phone.

Kihyun drops his phone to his lap but takes it back when his notification light is up. A photo is send to him by Changkyun, more accurately Ki, Kihyun guesses since the little girl doesn’t have a phone. She must have asked from her mom to send the photo. There is a plate on the photo and on the plate one big round pancake with ear looking two little circles around it.

Kihyun smiles at the photo. Yeah. It’s the hamcake.

It’s been a while since he see one of these.

Hamcake is short for hamster pancake actually. It’s a thing Kihyun made up years ago to make Changkyun eat something when his throat hurt. Once, a long time ago Changkyun was sick due to his nonstop work for 3 days. He was taking scholarship but money was barely enough to pay the rent. That’s why Changkyun was working at three different jobs at that time. It was really hard on him because school and work together, very hard to handle. Kihyun offered to help him more than a few times but whenever he did talk about this matter, Changkyun said no with a determined voice. That one time when Changkyun couldn’t pay his college money and he had to work extra, like he wasn’t working extra already, Kihyun brought him money, saying he can just use this and not think about rent for a year but they had a fight and Changkyun didn’t talk with him for 3 days. Kihyun couldn’t take it though. He always tried to reached out but Changkyun was too busy. And whenever Kihyun went to his small apartment, he wasn’t there. On the third day however Kihyun waited for him until he came back home, looking like he’s about to collapse. And he did. Kihyun’s heart twisted at the sight of pale, exhausted Changkyun. He was barely holding himself together when he helped the boy get inside the small apartment. Kihyun laid Changkyun in his bed and looked for something that he can eat but he couldn’t find anything. Fridge was broken, he figured out later. Kihyun quickly went to the store nearby and bought whatever he could find along with medicine. He came back home and gave pills to the younger who was half a sleep already. Kihyun made soup for him, trying so hard. He still remembers how hard it was to turn the stove on. That night he didn’t blink his eyes until the morning and he cuddled with the omega until his fewer went down. Being an alpha was very advantage for him because his scent helped Changkyun feel better. It soothed him, helped the omega get better more quickly. Changkyun slept so deep that day.

When sun started to rise Kihyun got up and decided to make some pancakes because he knew his omega loved them so much. They reminded Changkyun his good memories when he was in America with his mother until she died and his relatives took him back to Korea only to give him to foster care. Kihyun wanted him to cheer up. That’s why he designed the pancakes to his like. He made a big round circle and added two little ones to them, making the pancake look like it’s a head. He draw eyes and a smiling lips, whiskers with syrup. Later when Kihyun took the plate to the sick boy and helped him eat, he apologised for acting like an idiot by kissing him after every bite. Changkyun looked so happy that day.

So did Kihyun.


The knock on his door startles Kihyun and he throws his phone under the cover before he tell the person they can come in.

Their servant lady Seowon comes in and bows. “Young Master Kihyun, your father is expecting you.”

Kihyun stares at the lady. His father? Wasn’t he supposed to be at company at this hour? Well clearly, he is not. Kihyun nods and lady leaves. He gets up involuntarily, all his happiness is gone in a blink, replaced by an annoying anxiety. He changes his pyjamas to a maroon sweatshirt and black jeans. When he goes down, he directly goes to his father’s study room because he knows the old man will be there.

Kihyun knocks the door and takes a deep breath before entering the room. His father is sitting behind the desk, looking at some papers. Kihyun comes and stands infront of the desk because there is no chair in the room. His father likes to sit on his chair, talk with the people like they are unworthy of his time and make himself feel more powerful. Kihyun hates that.

“I’ve been told that you are not around these days.” His father says without looking at Kihyun.

“Yes sir, I’m spending some time with Hyungwon.” Kihyun quickly replies.

His father shakes his head and continues to look at the files in front of him.

“Do you remember our talk about your marriage?”

Kihyun gulps and nods. The marriage. A problem that he’s trying to solve for days. He tried to come up with a solution to make his parents drop this idea.

He found zero.

In every scenario he came up with, Kihyun faced another wall.

“Your mother found the most suitable person for you and your position. He is well educated, nice and quite respectful.” His father looks at Kihyun and Kihyun’s heart drops to his stomach. Suddenly his breath stucks in his lungs. “He is Lee’s oldest son, Lee Minhyuk. You will meet with him today. You will have lunch and get to know each other.”

Kihyun squeezes his hands that he clasped behind him and tries to hide the tremble of his body. His pulse is beating on his ears.

“But we didn’t talk about--“ Kihyun starts but his father cuts him off.

“If you did come to talk with me in thet week then you would know about this matter but since you were ‘spending some time with Hyungwon’ you lost your chance.”

 “But—But father…” Kihyun stutters. He hates when he does that. “It’s too early. I didn’t even start to work at the company. How am I supposed to--”

“You will start to work in a week.” His father directs his eyes to the papers in front of him again. He fixes his glasses and underlines somethings. Kihyun can feel the tears are brimming on his eyes. He doesn’t want this.

“Father I’m too young to get married.” Kihyun tries to approach the matter from a different way and of course it doesn’t work.

 “You are 25 Kihyun, I married with your mother when I was 22. You are already 3 years late than me.”

Kihyun opens his mouth, to say another thing but nothing comes out. He is truly speechless. His father doesn’t listen and ignores everything Kihyun say. It feels a lot like he is trying to capture the air with his bare hands.

 “But father—“ He tries to object one more time to get silenced by the gray haired man who holds his hand up, not allowing him to speak.

“No more ‘but’ Kihyun. You are not a kid anymore. You had fun years ago and that’s it. Put the past behind you and continue to your life.” His father puts his pen down and looks up to him. His patience runs out and Kihyun can feel the angry aura that he is trying to suppress. “You will meet with your future spouse in a few hours. Go get ready. Don’t emberass me.”

He turns his gaze to the papers on his desk and doesn’t look back at Kihyun again. Kihyun knows what this means. No matter what he says, his father won’t listen. He completely ignores him so Kihyun leaves the study room in defeat.

Lady Seowon gives her the note that his mother left to him before she went out, with an apologetic face.


“Kihyun, Minhyuk is the perfect omega. I’m certain that you will get along so well. You will meet with him at 1 pm in the Crown Hotel that belongs to his family.

Don’t fail us.”


Kihyun looks at the address and let’s out a sigh. He quickly leaves the house and when he is in his car he takes his phone and dials Hyungwon’s number.

“What?” His friend sounds sleepy as always.

“Help me.” Kihyun tries to breath. “I was going to meet with Ki today but my mother did set up a blind date for me. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to see that guy Hyungwon, I want to see Changkyun. Please Hyungwon help me.” Kihyun tells him with a rush. His hands are shaking as he grabs the wheel.

“Wow wow wow Kihyun breath.” Hyungwon panics. “Take a deep breath and tell me everything okay? I’ll meet you at the hotel.” Kihyun takes a deep breath and calms himself as much as possible before he starts to drive. He tells everything to Hyungwon on the road.




Kihyun meets with Hyungwon in front of the hotel. Hyungwon hugs his friend with a sorry face.

“Thank you for coming Won.” Kihyun says with a desperate voice.

“Don’t worry Ki, you will meet with your little hamster today. We’ll get rid off this Minhyuk guy. You can count on me.” Hyungwon squeezes Kihyun’s shoulder to give him some courage and Kihyun nods, smiling at him. They get inside, head to the restaurant and pick a table to  sit. They are ten minutes early.

“What are we going to do?” Kihyun holds his head with one hand and looks at Hyungwon who takes his coat off.

“I don’t know but we’ll figure out something.” Hyungwon scratches his ear. They think in silence until some waiter approaches them.

“Welcome!” The waiter chimes and asks “What do gentlemen like you two want to have?” asks with a husky voice.

Kihyun looks at Hyungwon to ask if he wants to order anything. Maybe they should wait for his ‘date’ or maybe they should order already. They can run away when their drinks are finished, so it’s better if they order it sooner. Kihyun opens his mouth to ask his friend about his opinion but he realizes that Hyungwon is looking at the waiter with an amazement on his face. This is so weird. And it’s such a rare moment for Kihyun. So rare like grasses growing red. That much weird and rare. Kihyun looks at the waiter to see why his friend is looking like a puppy who saw a candy and understands the reason of Hyungwon’s extra reaction.

The waiter is wearing classic black jeans with white shirt but he looks amazing, like he is some kind of a model. His blonde hair falls to his uneven blinking eyes and his smile is heartwarming. He is tall, taller than Kihyun but not like Hyungwon. This guy looks too handsome to be a waiter. Not just because of his look but because of his aura too.

And more importantly he managed to hypnotize Hyungwon, the infamous playboy Chae Hyungwon who doesn’t care about any other human being because they are not enough to steal his attention. Not when he is the one who is unique.

Kihyun looks at Hyungwon and Hyungwon looks at the waiter and waiter looks both of them with a smile.

A strange moment.

“Okay this is getting weird.” The waiter smirks. “Let me ask again. What do you want?” The waiter asks and looks at Hyungwon who blinks rapidly.

“Your hand in marriage?” Hyungwon blurts out and waiter laughs.

“Cheesy. But I’m promised to someone.”

Hyungwon smirks at him. “I don’t think he can rival me.”

Waiter shakes his head with a smile. “I don’t think so too.”

“I want a latte.”  Kihyun says with a smile. He feels like he interferes something but he has to make this waiter go away so he can talk with Hyungwon about their plan.

“Well then, americano.” Hyungwon adds, throwing a smile.

The waiter nods and snaps his fingers to the back as he pulls a chair to sit with Kihyun and Hyungwon. Kihyun throws surprised look at Hyungwon and Hyungwon shrugs. Another waiter comes rushing and stops in front of the gorgeous waiter.

“They want an americano and a latte. You know my usual.” He says with a smile to the other waiter and turns to the duo.

Hyungwon and Kihyun look each other with questioning eyes as the waiter looks at them, hands crossed on the table.

“I’m sorry but we wait for someone.” Kihyun politely says when he doesn’t go away but waiter doesn’t seem to have any intention to leave.

“I know. That’s me.” The waiter shakes his head smiling and places his hands on the table. Kihyun looks at Hyungwon in confusion but he shrugs his shoulders. Again.

The waiter claps his hand to draw their attention. “Oh I’m sorry I forgot to tell my name.” He reaches out his hand to Kihyun.

“I’m Minhyuk.”

Kihyun’s eyes widen and he snaps back to look at Hyungwon who look just as surprised as him. Minhyuk? Lee Minhyuk? The heir of the Crown Hotels? This handsome guy is Kihyun’s blind date, Lee Minhyuk. So this is the person his parents chose for him. Well Kihyun can’t say nothing to his mother’s taste, she really did a great job. Minhyuk looks really amazing. Heck, he even managed to charm Hyungwon. That alone, tells a lot.

However Kihyun is not interested in him, unlike Hyungwon who looks like he got hit by a truck full of stars. Kihyun bites his lips, dropping his gaze to his hands before clearing his throat to speak up.

“Kihyun you are short.” Minhyuk blurts out as he takes his hand back when nobody say anything.

“What?” Kihyun frowns. What is he talking about?

“Okay what’s going on?” Hyungwon asks with a confused face. Mind catching up clearly. “I thought you worked here.”

Other waiter comes with their drinks and places them on the table.

Minhyuk takes his coke and drinks it. “I do. It’s my hotel.”

Hyungwon gapes in disbelief.

“Well I wanted to meet with my ‘future husband’ and see what kind of person he is before I introduce myself. You should have seen your face.” Minhyuk points and laughs at Kihyun.

“You looked amazing with that big surprised dove eyes though.” Minhyuk winks at Hyungwon who laughs and say “You are really something.”

“Um…” Kihyun still tries to wrap his head around the thing that is happening right now.

Minhyuk takes another sip, puts his coke on the table and says “So Kihyun, you are short as I stated before. A total turn off for me but my parents are insisting that we should marry. Like yours. I bet. Anyway even though no matter how much we ‘try’, I don’t think we can work out this relationship because you stink another omega.” He talks really fast.

Kihyun flinches at the comment, snapping his head to Minhyuk.

“What?” He asks and Minhyuk shrugs. “How— How did you--“ Kihyun stutters.

Minhyuk laughs, shrugging again. “I didn’t know. I just wanted to take a shot but guess I’m right. I don’t want to get in any drama Kihyun. I just want my parents to leave me alone. And judging by how well they get along with my family, I can guess yours are no different. They just want to pull us any direction that they wish you and me to go. Like we are their puppets. I don’t want that, I love my freedom. So here’s my deal. We’ll act like we are dating. My parents will stop being a pain in my ass and you can use me as your cover when you go meet with your sweet little omega.” Minhyuk says, grabbing his drink and sipping.

Kihyun lifts his eyebrows, surprised with the things Minhyuk said. He throws a look at Hyungwon who looks confused like him. They were expecting weird things to happen but they definetely didn’t expect this. Their plans were not like this at all but since they couldn’t come up with a proper idea, this sounds like a plan they can work with.

“Seems like a plan.” Hyungwon slowly nods.

“Okay. We can work with this until we come up with something.” Kihyun nods to Minhyuk.

“So if we are done, I have to get up because there is a new movie I would like to go and it starts in 30 minutes.” Minhyuk says, placing his drink on the table. He gets up and Hyungwon gets up as well.

“Alone?” Hyungwon asks as he takes a step closer to omega who smiles and shakes his head.

“Not, if you come along.” He winks and grabs his coat from the waiter who approached. Hyungwon grabs his coat too, ushering a bye to Kihyun who looks at them speechless as they leave together.

Kihyun doesn’t know what just happened but he doesn’t care. He found a temporary solution to his sudden problem. He feel a lot at ease. Kihyun leaves after Minhyuk and Hyungwon. He goes to the cafe as quickly as possible.

“Daddy!!” He hears a voice and little steps running towards him when he enters. He catches the little girl and hugs her. She must have see him from the window.

“Hello sweethart.” He kisses the top of her head as she hugs closer.

“I was waiting for you on the window. I’m so happy.” Ki says with a gummy smile. How cute. “Daddy come~~” Ki takes his hand and walks them to the table they sit before. Changkyun is already sitting there. He looks the photo on the wall that they took at a fair. A soft smile ghosts on his lips. He looks soft. Kihyun’s chest tightens. He tilts his head, wants to watch omega a little more but Ki pulls him and Changkyun realizes Kihyun. He quickly gets up and stands.

“Hello Changkyun.” Kihyun reaches out his hand. It’s an attempt to hold Changkyun’s hand. He knows it’s necessary but he wants to touch Changkyun, feel him even just for seconds. Changkyun however looks hesitant. He blinks his eyes a few times and eventually grabs his hand. The warmth Kihyun feel is so relaxing and he can smell the sweet aura of Changkyun for a second. That means he feels good too. Kihyun thinks he can be a little bold so he gently rubs his fingers on omega’s knuckles but Changkyun pulls his hand away. He shoves his hands in his pocket, eyes gazing away. Kihyun bites his bottom lip, tries to hide his disappointment.

“So what can I get you?” Changkyun asks, clearing his throat.

“Hamcakes!” Ki yells and jumps around with excitement.

“Ki you just ate them morning.” Changkyun objects but Ki doesn’t listen.

“Please mom please please please—“ She says repeatedly. Changkyun frowns at her and it’s so cute really. From his features, Kihyun knows he is about to give up. Some of his expressions are still same, like 5 years ago.

“How about I make the hamcakes?” Kihyun offers and Ki’s eyes go bigger as her smile.

“Yes please!” She happily answers and Kihyun looks at Changkyun with asking eyes. Changkyun doesn’t look sure about letting him in the kitchen. Not because he can’t cook no Kihyun is an amazing cook. Changkyun knows that. It’s because kitchen is his personal area. But seeing Ki so excited, Changkyun decides that making her happy is more important so he nods.

Kihyun nods with a smile and offers his hand to Ki who smiles and asks “Wanna help out?” with an inviting tone and Ki grabs his hand. All of them go to kitchen and they get ready to make hamcakes. Changkyun pours ingridients into a bowl and Ki mixes them together. Changkyun deals with customers, comes and goes into the kitchen as Ki and Kihyun make the hamcakes by using pan, decorates them. Really great. They look amazing. Ki looks so happy as she pours syrup to her plate, a lot more then she is allowed but Kihyun doesn’t say anything. It’s their secret.

Kihyun puts hamcakes to their plates and takes them to their table. After charging a customer, Changkyun comes and sits next to Ki. He barely looks up to Kihyun and Kihyun notices this because all he does is looking at Changkyun. He feels the omega is nervous. Since he can hold his hand or let him breathe his scent, Kihyun starts to talk about daily things to take his edge off. He mostly listens Ki though. His daughter talks about her school and how her mother doesn’t let her have a cat. Changkyun smiles at her when he listens Ki, relaxing more and more as the conversation flows. And Kihyun’s heart beats run fast during the meal.

After they are done Ki plays with her toys while they clean up the plates. Kihyun takes the plates, carrying them in one hand, because he can, goes to the kitchen. He starts to do the dishes but Changkyun doesn’t let him saying he should go inside and play with Ki. Kihyun however doesn’t agree with omega saying he should help him and Changkyun can go deal with customers, it’s okay. Changkyun shakes his head, tries to take the plate that Kihyun holds and it slips from his hand, falling on to the ground, breaking.

Pieces are scattered around dangerously. Kihyun pushes Changkyun away without noticing.

“You don’t touch any of these. I’ll clean this place.” Kihyun kneels and starts to pick up the pieces but Changkyun doesn’t listen to him. As usual. He grabs a piece but drops it because he cuts his finger.

Kihyun turns to him, eyes wide open. “Oh my god, are you okay?” He throws everything in his hand to the floor and goes to Changkyun.

“I’m okay. Just a small cut.” Changkyun says, getting up in an instant when Kihyun is close. More than he should. Kihyun grabs Changkyun’s hand and looks at the bleeding. It doesn’t need stitches but it bleeds a lot.

“It’s okay. It’s not that deep.” Changkyun says, swallowing and tries to free his hand but fails because Kihyun holds it firm.

“Where is the first aid kit?” Kihyun asks, rubbing Changkyun’s palm. Changkyun looks at him for a moment, puzzled, and tells it’s under the sink. Kihyun nods, biting inside his cheek and holds Changkyun who yelps in surprise and sits him on the counter. He fetches the first aid kit and places next to Changkyun who is shocked by his behaviour. Kihyun doesn’t look at him because he knows what he did. He knows what he is doing. Carefully he cleans the wound and puts band-aid. When he is done, when he doesn’t feel alerted, he realises how close he is with Changkyun because he can feel the omega’s breath on his neck. Kihyun bites his bottom lip, hoping that Changkyun won’t push him away and gazes up to Changkyun’s eyes whose lips are parted. Changkyun looks puzzled, surprised, shocked. For the first time that day Changkyun looks him in the eyes. It makes something flow in Kihyun’s chest. Warm. Giddy. Pulling. Kihyun swallows, letting a shaky breathe. He wanted Changkyun to look him in the eyes but at the same time he was afraid that if Changkyun looks him in the eyes, Kihyun can lose his control over his alpha being. And exactly that happens. Kihyun can’t control his senses. Changkyun’s sweet scent messes with him. His mind is clouded with drips of his coiling emotions. Wanting to touch. Wanting to feel. Wanting to own. Kihyun just wants to feel his omega’s heart beat under his skin. Just like the old days.

Keeping his eyes on Changkyun’s, he slides his hands from omega’s hand to his shoulders. Changkyun takes quick, shallow breathes, watching him. Kihyun slowly pulls the younger one towards his body and when omega doesn’t do anything to stop him, Kihyun wraps his hands around Changkyun. He leans on his chest. He can feel the other one is trembling. Heart fluttering. Warm.

And Kihyun hugs tighter. Pressing the omega towards himself with his hand, face burried in his chest.  Changkyun’s hands stay on air for a second, not knowing what to do but they drop. On his shirt. Grabbing the fabric. Kihyun inhales the omega’s sweet scent. It’s so intoxicating. So hazing. He allows himself to relax in Changkyun’s embrace. He can hear omega’s heart, it beats so loud. Kihyun feels happy, smiling at himself and thanks to heavens because he can still make Changkyun’s heart beat like this.

Kihyun lives the moment for a few more seconds but he knows he have to pull back. No matter how much he wants that, he can’t stay like this. So he let’s go Changkyun.

Changkyun releases his grip on his shirt, eyes gazing down to his hands then to Kihyun then to side. He blinks a few times, looking lost.

Kihyun bites inside his cheek. Swallowing hardly and he says “Thank you.” when he feels that he has power to speak and quickly goes back to Ki with the last remaining strength in his bones.


Changkyun sits on the counter after he left, trying to understand what happened. Trying to calm his heart down.

Chapter Text

Changkyun looks inside the room before closing the door. Ki is sleeping peacefully with a little smile on her face. She talked with Kihyun before going to sleep like she always does for the past 2 weeks. They keep their conversations to them, they don’t share it with Changkyun and this time too it’s no different. Changkyun doesn’t know what they talked, what was it about because Ki, again, didn’t want to tell him. From Ki’s behaviour, her cheery self, Changkyun can tell it was something important for her. But Changkyun is so curious about what they talk. He just wants to know. He should learn from his daughter because Changkyun can’t ask Kihyun. Because that means they should talk and since their moment at the cafe a few weeks ago, Changkyun kinda avoids that. He doesn’t know what to say to Kihyun, or do around him. So that’s why he had to ran away to deal with the customers last week whenever Kihyun came to see Ki. It’s not like he is embarrassed or feeling guilty about it. It was just confusing. A lot. It shouldn’t be like this. Changkyun decided to let Kihyun inside their lives because of Ki. Not because of his own feelings. It will be wrong if Changkyun just acts on them. Besides Kihyun didn’t say anything about that moment later, so Changkyun never mentioned about it too. He can’t say how his heart did beat at his ears when Kihyun wrapped his arms around him and how he wanted to hug the elder longer. Because no matter how his feelings are alert when Kihyun is around, Changkyun doesn’t want to fall on his face again. They are playing this house game now, but Changkyun is not sure about the future. He doesn’t know what it holds for them.

Changkyun closes the door and walks to the living room to clean the table. His living room and kitchen is joined so it’s not hard to clean the mess quickly.

“Is she sleeping?” Hoseok asks while he takes plates and puts them in the sink. He often picks up Ki from school and later they come to home together, eat dinner and sometimes he stays.

“Yes.” Changkyun smiles at him and reaches to take a glass but Hoseok playfully hits his hand.

“Hey leave them to me. Go rest. Go go go!” Hoseok says and pushes Changkyun a little away from the table. Changkyun shakes his head but he is really too tired to object so he goes and sits on the couch. He turns tv on but nothing is interesting so he just finds a movie and starts to look at the screen with thoughts flooding in his head.

 “I can hear you thinking.” Hoseok throws himself next to the omega and wraps an arm around Changkyun, pulling him close. He starts to draw circles to Changkyun’s shoulder and Changkyun closes his eyes, immediately feeling better because his inner omega is relaxing due to having an alpha he can trust in the room. Even it’s not his alpha. Finding comfort in another male makes him feel guilty sometimes but what can he do? He had no one to turn for 5 years but Hoseok was always there to help him like he always was, during their years together.

Changkyun sometimes wonders why didn’t he fall in love with Hoseok. It would be really easier for him. He would have a happy life maybe, a life he can feel joy. Not one that someone left him behind with broken heart. Not one that he has to struggle to have a good life for himself, for his daughter. It would be really good if Changkyun can see Hoseok as a man rather than an arc. Hoseok is in his life for years. He has a caring, kind nature. Not just to Changkyun but to everyone around him. He is a strong man. And when you add his alpha features into the mix, he is even stronger but Hoseok prefers using his words instead of his fists. And Changkyun appreciates this a lot. It’s a really good speciality. Not many people have. All and all, Hoseok is the perfect alpha, it’s just he is not the one for Hoseok. Changkyun also wonders how come he still haven’t find any omega or beta for himself. Because there should be double lines of people who want to mate with this guy already.

“What are you thinking?” Hoseok whispers to him and Changkyun almost doesn’t hear because he feels so relaxed. He is about to sleep. He takes a breathe in, squeezing his eyes.

“I don’t understand what he is trying to do.” He replies and Hoseok’s hand still for a second then continues to rub his back.

“Talking about Kihyun?” He asks.

Changkyun nods slightly. He doesn’t want to move too much. It’s comfy.

“Why? He wants to be in Ki’s life. It’s his right as her father.” Hoseok says.

“But he is late…” Changkyun starts to object but Hoseok doesn’t allow him.

“No Changkyun he is not late because he didn’t know about Ki. And he is trying his best to catch up for the years he lost. He comes to see Ki after work and tries to spend his weekends with her you know that.” Hoseok says. It’s like he is reading Changkyun’s mind. The reasons he roll in his mind are spilled out by him.

Hoseok taps his shoulder. “That’s not what’s on your mind. Tell me what it is.”

“I just—“ He says but Hoseok clicks his tongue.

Changkyun bites his bottom lip and let’s out a sigh. Changkyun doesn’t want to talk about this but he knows he can’t get away from Hoseok’s questions. He sits up straight but he does not leave Hoseok’s arms completely. Just enough to look at him.

“I just don’t understand what he wants from me. He left me years ago and now he came back and he wants to be in Ki’s life. I understand that. I totally do but I have to see him too if he wants to spend time with Ki.” Changkyun pauses. “It’s burdensome Seok. Sometimes I see the way he looks at me. With some sort of guilt in his eyes. He doesn’t show much but I do see it. And I hate to see that because…”

“Because what?” Hoseok asks.

Changkyun purses his lips. He let’s out a huff. “Because I already did forgive him. It’s silly, right?” Changkyun throws a smile, tired.

“It’s not.” Hoseok replies him, hands rubbing omega’s arms.

Changkyun casts his eyes down. “I mean… Sometimes I see him looking at me. With kind eyes. Soft. And I hate to see that because when he looks like that, I want to smile at him.”

‘And sometimes he looks at me like 5 years ago and I want to wrap my arms around him and hide myself in his embrace.’ Changkyun thinks, with a hurting heart.

“Changkyun…” Hoseok says his name. Soothing. Kind. One that he uses to say things that he knows Changkyun won’t like.

“He is your alpha. It’s natural for you to miss him. And it’s okay for you to miss him. You don’t have to feel bad.” He says, squeezing Changkyun’s hands.

Changkyun sighs. “I hate it when you are right.”

“And I love you too.” Hoseok giggles and pulls him back to his embrace. Changkyun smiles and let tv play while he let’s himself relax.




“Daddy!” Is the first thing Changkyun hears before he peels his eyes open and his eyes open widely when the word register in his brain. He blinks his eyes, feeling comfy but his heart thumps a lot. Changkyun realizes that he is pressed something warm. A fresh, cinnamon scent fills his lungs. So it’s Hoseok’s body. Okay, how did that open? Changkyun lifts himself a little and sees Hoseok is opening his eyes, blinking like a kid. His hair is a mess and his hand is still around Changkyun. Changkyun remembers that they were talking, he was warm and comfortable. And then that’s it. They must have dozed off. He must have fallen asleep because he was really exhausted, both mentally and physically. But that’s not important right now. It’s not. The important thing is that Changkyun is feeling a dangerous aura. Dangerous. Angry. Protective. He closes his eyes for a moment, swearing because he knows the owner of this angry vibes floating in the air. Even before Changkyun turns his head and meets with the flaming brown eyes. His heart starts to beat at his mouth as Changkyun quickly gets up and tries to fix his hair with his hand. Hoseok gets up growling after him, rubbing his face like a kid.

Kihyun is standing at the door with a stoic face, holding Ki in his arms firmly. His eyes go back and forth between Changkyun and Hoseok. His expression doesn’t say anything. There is not a single mimic that show what he feels now but Changkyun knows. Changkyun knows that he is upset and very angry. It’s in the air. Thick, skin prickling, bitter pine scent.

Changkyun gulps. Hands shaking with anxiety. He thinks about what to say. He was sleeping with Hoseok, their situation is too available for misunderstandings to happen. Changkyun feels a disturbing fear pooling in his guts. It’s not because he is afraiding for himself. Changkyun knows even now they have nothing left between them (okay maybe there is something weird) Kihyun won’t do anything to hurt him. Changkyun afraids for Hoseok because Kihyun may look small compared to Hoseok but Changkyun knows Kihyun’s power doubles Hoseok’s. He did see it before. Changkyun remembers a similar situation from years ago which resulted bad for other alpha. He left home with a broken arm and a bruised chin. Kihyun was right to act on there though, that alpha was trying to harass Changkyun but that’s not what’s happening here right now. Still, two alpha and one omega never ring good bells.

Changkyun gazes around, trying to think something. Anything to find a way to solve this mess without causing drama. His heart is still beating so fast, even after the first shock wave passed.

“What— What are you doing here?” Changkyun asks, stuttering. He fists his trembling hands.

Kihyun doesn’t answer for a second. It’s like he doesn’t hear. His eyes are fixed on Hoseok who looks confused.

“Ki asked me to come for breakfast yesterday.” Kihyun replies without tearing his eyes from the other alpha. He is looking at Hoseok who is standing behind Changkyun and Changkyun knows Kihyun is not pleased that they still stand together. But he can’t just risk moving away from Hoseok because he doesn’t know what can happen. Changkyun just wants to explain it to Kihyun, even though he doesn’t need to explain anything. Still he feels guilty somehow. Like he did something wrong. He knows it’s not like that but still… he feels like it. Let’s say he will explain, what can he tell though? ‘Hoseok was trying to help me sleep because you are messing my head a lot, day and night. I don’t want to accept that I miss you but I do and you are not here. You can’t be here, I know this but the void you opened when you left grew bigger since you came back and I don’t know what to do with it.’

No, he can’t say anything.

“Oh… Hi?” Hoseok says from behind.

“I guess I came at a wrong time.” Kihyun says, cold and puts Ki down who whines and tries to hold him. “I have to go sweetheart. I’ll see you next time okay?” Kihyun kisses Ki’s head and leaves the house without looking back.

Ki whines, calling behind him. “Why daddy left?” She throws a sad look at Changkyun with puppy eyes.

Changkyun feels hs stomach turn when Kihyun walks out. Unable to do anything, his lips tremble as he tries to hold his tears.

He feels a hand on his back. “Go.” Hoseok pushes him forward slightly and Changkyun turns behind with questioning eyes. “Clearly misunderstood this whole thing. Go and explain, I’ll stay with Ki.” Hoseok says again with a nod, smiling.

Changkyun blinks, nods with trembling lips and runs out of the open door. He doesn’t see the sad eyes watching him go.




Changkyun goes outside the building, only to find no one. There is not a single person on the street. Changkyun swallows hard, trying to see if anyone is turning any corner or somebody is walking away. He can’t see anyone. He takes a step forward but he feels his whole body shiver. His heart is beating so fast and Changkyun can’t hear anything except it’s sound. Kihyun left without knowing what really happened and Changkyun missed his chance to explain things to him. He could just say… He could have come up with something but he froze. And now he is gone. Changkyun doesn’t know when he started to cry but he knows he is feeling sad and guilty. A lot. What will he do now? What if he can’t talk with Kihyun about this—

Changkyun’s breath hitches when he smells an angry, bitter but familiar aura. His eyes go wide as the warm hands come from his back to his chest and wrap around him. Changkyun feels his stomach flip. He releases his breath slowly, still shocked when he feels the other putting his head between Changkyun’s shoulderblades.

“I’m sorry.” He hears a small voice. A plea. A sorry. Sounds so vulnerable.

Changkyun’s heart aches. He feels that Kihyun is saying sorry for many things. Not just for the moment back at the apartment. Changkyun can feel Kihyun’s breath touching his skin behind his back and shivers travel all around his body. He wants to lean back, press himself to the warm body. He missed this so much. His heart beats are fast but it’s not because of the panic anymore, it’s because Changkyun feels relieved that Kihyun is there. And he can explain everything.

When the bitter aura starts to fade Changkyun asks “Can we talk?” in a soft voice and Kihyun nods behind him, Changkyun can feel his head brushing to his shirt. Kihyun let’s him go and takes off his coat, putting it around Changkyun’s shoulders who realises he doesn’t have his coat on and he is trembling. The fabric smells like Kihyun and it calms Changkyun more. Kihyun holds his hand and takes him to a car- his car Changkyun supposes. He opens the back door and let Changkyun get in first.

Even though Changkyun slightly trembles, the car is not that cold. He guesses Kihyun stayed in the car for a while before he come up. His clothes looks thin though. White sweatshirt and dark blue jeans. Changkyun wonders if he feels cold or if he is the only one who feel cold.

Changkyun swallows, he wants to say something but he can’t look Kihyun’s eyes. After his talk with Hoseok last night, Changkyun is more clear about how he feels and that’s why he is afraid of breaking into pieces. Changkyun doesn’t want to open his heart right away. Instead he buries himself in Kihyun’s coat to stop his tremble causing by both him being nervous and cold weather.

But he knows he have to talk because he asked Kihyun that, so he says “What happened back there…” and he stops because Kihyun visibly stiffens. He holds his breath, eyes on Changkyun before omega talks again. “Nothing.” Changkyun finishes his words and he can see the air that left Kihyun’s mouth turns into a smoke before it disappears.

”Nothing happened. Nothing ever happened.” He says again to make Kihyun understand what he mean. Changkyun never slept with anyone else after he left and he doesn’t know why but he wants Kihyun to know that. “Hoseok was just helping me to sleep. I can’t sleep well these days due to stress. You know alphas um.. scent help...”

He trails off, eyes cast down. Kihyun hums in response with a nod. His expression is mixed with pain and sadness. It’s like he is hurting. And Changkyun feel like he is hurting. He just hates seeing Kihyun like this.

“Look at me.” Kihyun whispers but Changkyun shakes his head. He doesn’t want to lift his eyes. He doesn’t want to look Kihyun in the eyes. Changkyun just refuses to lift his gaze until soft, warm fingers touch his chin and slightly lifts his head to connect their gaze.

“I believe you.”

Kihyun’s eyes are clouded, hurt, but there is a soft smile on his lips. Understanding. Apologetic. The kind of smile that hurt Changkyun’s heart. The kind of smile that makes him wanna smile too.

Kihyun brushes his thumb on Changkyun’s lips softly. Changkyun can’t tear his eyes from the brown orbits. He feels relaxed when he smells Kihyun’s bitter alpha scent turns into soft pine scent. The scent makes him feel comfortable. Safe. Changkyun wants to lean in, bury himself in Kihyun’s neck and breath his scent properly. His heart is yearning to touch the guy. Being so close with his alpha but unable to touch him, pains Changkyun. The distance between them is unbearable. Kihyun is just a few inches away but it feels like there is miles between them. Changkyun feels so weak. Just once, just for this once he wants to envelop himself in Kihyun’s arms.

Kihyun is not helping either. He is looking at Changkyun like 5 years ago, when they were in love. His eyes are soft, loving, tell Changkyun that he understands. His fingers that slowly caress his cheek tell Changkyun that he can get comfortable, he doesn’t need to be afraid. Kihyun looks at him with a longing in his eyes. Changkyun feels something in him pour towards Kihyun and he is gravitating towards him. That’s why he let’s Kihyun when he slowly pulls Changkyun into his embrace. Changkyun buries his nose in Kihyun sweatshirt and inhales his calming scent. His mind feels less dizzy, filling with a comfortable buzz. Kihyun holds him with one of his hands and caress his nape with the other.

“Just a minute.” He whispers. “Let’s stay like this just for a minute.”

Changkyun closes his eyes and lets himself have this. Kihyun’s fingers brushing his skin feels so good, his body warming Changkyun feels so good. His scent dulling his senses feels so good. Oh god he missed Kihyun so much.

Changkyun opens his eyes when he hears a sniff and sees Kihyun looking down at him with tears in his eyes. Something in him breaks.

“What are you doing?” Changkyun asks with a broken voice. He feels tired. He is tired. He is so tired for 5 years. He is tired of fighting with the world alone. He is so tired of acting like he is strong. He is so tired of pretending that he doesn’t feel anything. He is tired of missing Kihyun and hoping one day he will return. And now he is just too tired of fighting with himself. Everything is tiring and Kihyun is just… He messed with Changkyun’s head. Changkyun doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want to get confused by Kihyun too.

“I’m sorry.” Kihyun says with a trembling voice.

“For what?” Changkyun asks, hand grabbing his shirt to take a proper look at him.

Kihyun licks his lips, let’s out a breath. “For everything. For everything you had to go through because of me.”

Changkyun’s eye stay on Kihyun’s. Hand clasped his shirt. Sincerity pours from Kihyun's lips and Changkyun is surprised. He swallows, not knowing how to reply. He wants to look at Kihyun’s face properly so tries to get up but Kihyun doesn’t want him to leave his arms. He pulls Changkyun onto his lap and wraps his arms around him, burying his head to Changkyun’s neck.

Kihyun just stays there. He doesn’t pull back and doesn’t let Changkyun move for a while. Each time Kihyun lets out a breath Changkyun feels it on his skin and he can’t steady his heart. It just beats so loud, Changkyun is sure Kihyun can hear it.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Changkyun asks with a small voice, breaking the silence.

Kihyun’s lips touch on Changkyun’s neck as he talks. “Because I was a fool for leaving you. Because I missed you. Because still I’m…”

He doesn’t finish the words but Changkyun can sense what his next words are. He feels that familiar warm feeling is wandering inside his body. He holds his breath as he waits for Kihyun to continue.

“Ever since I left, I feel like something is missing. I worked so hard, tired myself so much to not feel anything else. I kept myself busy to not allow myself to think other things. And I thought it was working until I saw you.” Kihyun says, pressing his head to Changkyun’s shoulder. “I saw you at our cafe and I don’t know. Everything was clear. Like all the missing pieces appeared in front of me and one by one they fell into their place. I thought it was because you were the only person who was on my side all those years ago. I thought it was you who knew me better than anyone else. I thought that was the reason I felt complete but when I saw you and Hoseok just now, I barely held myself together. I… I just…” Kihyun says letting out a breath. “I don’t want to stay in your past. I don't want to be a memory." Kihyun lifts his head up, leaning towards the omega. "Can’t we just start over?”

Changkyun’s lips are trembling and he doesn’t know when he started to cry. Kihyun cups his face in his hands, wiping away the tears. His eyes shift between Changkyun’s as he whispers to Changkyun’s lips. “Please.” Pleading.

And that’s enough for Changkyun to break. He leans in and press his lips on Kihyun’s who welcomes him with a relieved sigh. His lips are soft, just like how Changkyun remembers. Kihyun pulls Changkyun closer and Changkyun can feel his lips move. He is smiling. Kihyun kiss him like he wants to make up all the time they lost and Changkyun really appreciates that. He doesn’t hurry or force Changkyun for anything, he just puts small pecks on Changkyun’s lips. It’s sweet, warm and kind. Everything Changkyun ever wanted.

Changkyun pulls back when he feels like his heart is gonna burst and Kihyun holds him again, kissing his head. Changkyun feels happy, really happy for the first time in years. Because now he has hope.

They can start over.

He will think about the consequences later.

For five minutes, they can start over.

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Changkyun looks at their tangled hands. Kihyun softly moves his thumb over Changkyun’s fingers and Changkyun can’t take away his gaze from Kihyun’s fingers. It doesn’t feel real. And Changkyun can’t believe himself. All those time he tried to hold on, saying that he is moved on from Kihyun and he won’t fall for him again… All for nothing. He let Kihyun in again. Even though Changkyun knew the moment he saw Kihyun, he’d open his arms to hold the elder with the love he never managed to end… He is scared. He is scared to be left behind again. If that happens once more… Changkyun is not sure if he can manage to hold his pieces back together, if Kihyun leaves once more. It’s really too painful to think and Changkyun really doesn’t want to do that right now. Not when Kihyun is pressed to his side, caressing Changkyun’s hair with one hand as the other is tangled with younger’s soft one.

Changkyun smiles, brushes his nose to Kihyun’s neck and inhales his scent. So relaxing. So comforting. Kihyun smells fresh, ocean mixed with earth after rain. Changkyun used to have vivid dreams with sounds and scents. Between hallucinations and nightmares, he often caught a familiar scent that helped him calm down and realize it’s just a bad dream. Then Changkyun could take a deep breath, knowing it’s not real. But even before he woke up, he knew it was Kihyun’s scent. Something Changkyun could never erase from his brain. And now being so close to his alpha, being able to touch him and feeling that he is really there, he is right there… is like a dream come true for Changkyun.

“Kihyun…” He murmurs and his breath ghosts on Kihyun’s skin.

“Hmm?” Alpha replies with a hum and Changkyun smiles. He is still on Kihyun’s lap because Kihyun refused to let him go and well, Changkyun didn’t object. But they are here for a while now and Changkyun has to go back because he left Hoseok with Ki.

Changkyun doesn’t want to go but slowly he sits up, breathing Kihyun’s scent in once more. Kihyun drops his hand on Changkyun’s hair to his waist and wraps around him.

“What?” He squeezes Changkyun’s hand with kind eyes roaming on his face. He looks slightly alarmed and Changkyun smiles at him to know there is nothing wrong.

“When you stormed out like that…” Kihyun’s eyes darken for a minute and Changkyun hesitates but he goes on.

“I left Ki with Hoseok. So I should go back.”

Kihyun’s burrows pull together and he looks like he is having an internal battle with himself.

“Yeah…” he replies with a small voice but his face tells Changkyun that he is not pleased. Kihyun casts his gaze away. And Changkyun’s heart aches when he sees Kihyun’s hurt face.

‘Just for today he thinks. Let’s have just one day.’

He squeezes Kihyun’s hand.

 “What about you come up for breakfast?”

Kihyun turns his head so fast, Changkyun afraids that he will have a whiplash later.

“Breakfast? Can I?” Kihyun asks, eyes wide.

“Well you came here for breakfast right?” Changkyun tilts his head.

Kihyun nods his head with excitement. “Yes, yes I did.”

“And it would be bad for Ki, if you just leave after she saw you. I can say that she was too excited yesterday after she talked with you.” Changkyun smiles and Kihyun’s eyes light up like millions of lamps turned on behind them. He looks so sweet like this. Changkyun always loved to see Kihyun’s excited face and he feels so grateful that he can see him like this again.

Changkyun gets off from Kihyun’s lap and embrace which Kihyun whines in protest but Changkyun acts like he doesn’t hear. They go back inside and Changkyun can’t hold himself from smiling like a teenage boy until they reach to the apartment. Changkyun knocks the door and after a few small talk, the door opens, showing Hoseok behind it. Changkyun can sense Kihyun’s scent getting bitter again but for his surprise, Hoseok’s start to get thicker too. His eyes lock on Kihyun’s. Why? It’s weird for Hoseok to respond like this. Changkyun doesn’t know the reason but he is really surprised to seeing Hoseok could get mad too. He decides to interfere before anything bad happens, because again two alphas never ring good bells, so he takes of his shoes and walks into his apartment calling, “Ki honey, daddy is here.” Hoping it will distract them. And it kinda does because they break their intense eyelock with the mention of the little kid.

A brown head pops up from couch.

“Daddy!!! You came back!!” Ki yells as she runs and jumps on Kihyun blinks a few times and catches her with a big smile.

“Of course I did! I promised you, didn’t I?” Kihyun replies and Ki hugs him more and more, causing Kihyun to giggle.

Hoseok looks at them for a moment, eyes cast down and takes his jacket before Changkyun can say anything. Changkyun opens his mouth but Hoseok smiles, winking at Changkyun and goes outside. Changkyun feels glad for Hoseok being such an understanding friend. Of course he noticed the sad look on Hoseok’s face before that wink. He takes a mental note to apologise for this inconvenience later.

“Okay Ki, let daddy go so he can get inside.” Changkyun touches his daughter’s head and Ki let’s Kihyun go just enough to let him take off his shoes and then she tugs his hand and takes him to sit on the couch.

“Daddy let’s watch this movie.” She shakes his arm with excitement.

“Sweetheart um… I should help your mom.” Kihyun says but Ki pouts and she looks at him with big eyes, looking unfairly cute. So Kihyun turns to Changkyun and raises his eyebrows in question with a soft smile on his face.

Changkyun shrugs. “Well you two can watch some tv until the breakfast.”

Kihyun settles on the couch and Ki starts a movie she watched a million times before. Changkyun goes to kitchen and starts to prepare breakfast. He puts plates on the table and checks Kihyun and Ki from time to time. Ki is curled up next to Kihyun’s side and Changkyun can see he is smiling and listening her babble about her favorite parts of the movie.

Changkyun calls them when breakfast is ready and they sit around the table. Kihyun cuts the omlette into little pieces for Ki and she happily watches her father with a big, adoring smile on her face. It’s a different look, one Changkyun didn’t see before. Cute. Her look changes though, when Changkyun sits across and places a glass in front of her. Ki scrunches her nose like she saw something she doesn’t like. Her face turns sour. She crosses her arms on her chest.

“What happened Ki?” Changkyun asks like he doesn’t know the reason why she acts up. Kihyun is done with the omelette and he looks at and sees Ki’s pout. He throws a curious look to Changkyun’s way.

“What happened sweetheart?” He asks with a concerned voice and Changkyun internally coos.

“I don’t want it.” Ki shakes her head cutely.

Kihyun looks at the omelette in the plate and then to Ki. “What is it that you don’t want? Omlette?”

“This.” Ki points the glass of milk by her plate.

Changkyun sighs knowing that he has to battle with the little girl. She really doesn’t like drinking milk. It’s like Ki is born to refuse it. Changkyun tries though, he always puts a glass of milk for Ki but she ends up throwing it away or pour the glass into sink when she thinks Changkyun doesn’t see. Changkyun sees. And never stops trying to make her drink. He reaches out to take the glass.

 “If you don’t want to drink than you don’t have too.” Kihyun shrugs with a wink and puts the glass away. Changkyun throws a look at him, disagreeing.

“But she has to drink or else she can’t grow up.” Changkyun protests and pushes glass towards Ki who whines and clutches her small hands to Kihyun’s sleeve.

Kihyun looks at Ki and then Changkyun. He takes the glass again and puts it away again. And he kinda turns this into a power battle between Changkyun and himself.

“I don’t drink milk and I didn’t like it when I was a kid too but I grew up well. It’s fine.” He says with a coy smile.

“Well I can tell you, you should have!” Changkyun holds the glass but Kihyun holds it too, wrapping his fingers around Changkyun’s.

“Really?” He asks with a soft voice but it makes Changkyun’s heart skip a beat because it sounds too soft. Too sweet. His hand is warm enough to make Changkyun forget why he was getting angry in the first place. Kihyun slowly moves his fingers on Changkyun’s hand. Changkyun hastily draws his hand back. His ears are all red and Kihyun smirks, knowing he won the silly argument. He takes the glass to the sink then comes back to table.

Rest of the breakfast goes normal. Ki talks about the kids in her class and his teachers praise her for being such a nice student who listens them nicely. Kihyun listens her carefully and ask questions sometimes. When Ki tells something exciting for her, Kihyun’s eyes go wide and he makes expressions that he knows Ki will like. Of course he is right because Ki’s smile never fades and she never stops talking even though there is food in her mouth. Changkyun warns her a few times but he gives up after seeing his warnings are all in vain. They chat happily and after breakfast Ki drag Kihyun to the couch to watch another movie. Changkyun cleans up the table before he joins them. He sits next to Ki, knowingly, so she stays in between Changkyun and Kihyun. They watch a new movie together, Ki comments often like Changkyun. They talk about scenes and Kihyun smiles at them, watching them instead of the movie. After the movie end, because Ki insists on going they take Ki to the park but they don’t stay much because it’s cold and Kihyun just runs after Ki like she is made of glass. He helps her slide and waits for her at the end of it to catch her. He helps her swing and scolds kids who play football when they throw ball next to them. Changkyun watches them with a smile on his face and can’t take his eyes of Kihyun.

The way he smile when Ki says something she thinks it’s funny. The concerned look on his face when Ki trips but Kihyun is there to catch her before she falls. He just fits right into the picture like he was always there. Like he never left and Changkyun feels his eyes sting. He dreamed about this day for a long time. Even though Changkyun knows that this is a stolen moment. He doesn’t know how long it will last but Changkyun wants to cherish it truly. He is afraid of things that may happen afterwards but he pushes all his negative thoughts away to think them in another time.

Right now Kihyun is there. Right now he is smiling at Ki with crescent eyes. Right now it doesn’t matter why he left. Because right now Kihyun, Ki, Changkyun… They are so close to be the only thing Changkyun wanted to be more than anything in this world.

A family.




They go to shopping after the playground and Kihyun buys clothes to Ki. Changkyun refuses at first, saying Ki already have enough dresses and outfits but Kihyun doesn’t listen him, insisting he wants to. Ki looks very happy with the idea, of course she does, so Changkyun says okay to only 3 pieces. They go from store to store. Ki tries and tries and tries new clothes until she finds 3 piece that she truly like. After 2 hours she finally picks an orange dress with dandelion patterns, a red dress and a tiara which is too big for her. Changkyun says no to that but Kihyun pays without him noticing when he argues with Ki, trying to tell that she can’t walk around with it.

Ki walks around with her tiara.

And she holds both of Kihyun and Changkyun’s hands. They take her to the playground at the mall this time and she plays there for a while. Kihyun stands near the playground, never takes his gaze from Ki except the moments he steals glances from Changkyun who acts like he doesn’t realise. When Ki stumbles at some point, Kihyun decides it’s time for her to go out and helps her wear her shoes.

He pats Ki’s head softly and asks “What do you want to eat my princess?” with a smile on his face as Ki holds her chin up.

She replies, “Hamburger please.” Like the princess she is.

And with that, they go to eat hamburger together. Ki looks so exhausted, she barely keeps her eyes open and she falls a sleep on the way home. Kihyun carries her to the apartment but she wakes up before he can leave.

“Daddy stay please.” She says with closed eyes, hand clutching Kihyun’s sleeve. Kihyun looks at Changkyun, asking if it’s okay for him to stay.

“If you want you can stay… Until she falls asleep. I’ll be inside.” Changkyun says and leaves as Kihyun sits next to Ki who is trying to stay awake to talk with her father.

Changkyun sits on the couch and rests his head on the arm of it. He doesn’t know how much time passes but he opens his eyes when he feels someone sit next to him. Kihyun is the one who is there of course. Changkyun smiles, eyes casting something that Kihyun holds in his hands. It’s a small plushie. A brown hamster plushie that holds a seed in it’s hands. Changkyun looks away, feeling his heart beat increasing. He feels embarrassed for some reason because it was Kihyun who won that plushie for him at a fair they went together. He proudly hit ten in the small archery area and he wanted to get a shark toy but Changkyun asked for this cute hamster plushie, insisting because it was looking just like him. Kihyun pouted, saying they are not alike but got that hamster anyway. Changkyun laughed at him for acting like a child and peppered him with kisses. And Kihyun was okay in instant. They were okay. Back then, they could fix everything with a kiss.

“You kept this?” Kihyun shakes the plushie he is holding and Changkyun nods as he looks at the plushie again.

“I wanted her to have something from you.” Changkyun replies.

“She said that you told her… that I left this for her to have and I will always protect her no matter where I am so she shouldn’t have to be scared of anything as long as she have this.” Kihyun says.

Changkyun nods slightly. He can feel Kihyun’s gaze on him but he can’t tear his gaze from the little hamster he is holding.

“Well… you weren’t here... and I didn’t want her to think that you left… her.” Changkyun fidgets with his fingers without realising like he always does when he is nervous. “I know how that feels.”

Kihyun doesn’t say anything for a while. Changkyun feels nervous, shoulders down. Kihyun puts the hamster on the couch and he slowly kneels on the carpet. His knees are touching Changkyun’s. Omega looks at him with big eyes. They may be alone right now but an alpha kneeling in front of an omega is not right. Alphas are the strong ones, if anyone should obey it’s omegas. They should be the ones who kneel.

Changkyun wants to protest, trying to get up but Kihyun stops him. He takes omega’s hands and holds them in his own, he presses his forehead on them. It’s cool but Changkyun feels uncomfortable with their position so he wants to take his hand back but Kihyun doesn’t let him. He lifts his head up and looks inside Changkyun’s eyes, in his soul. At least Changkyun feels like that. And buttons in him starts to turn on. Kihyun can smell omega’s sweet scent is mixed with something else that makes Kihyun feel like he should protect him but Kihyun knows it’s because Changkyun is afraid. Afraid from himself. Changkyun’s eyes are filled with unshed tears, his expression is like a puppy in agony. Like his owner abandoned him and came back to look for him and he is happy, oh so happy. But he doesn’t want to live the same things again. Like he wants to go but he is hesitant to take a step because he knows what it feels like to be left behind. He is scared and Kihyun feels so awful for making him tremble like this. And he curses himself for causing this awful feeling.

“Hey.” He brushes his fingers to Changkyun’s hands. Changkyun looks at him, a tear slides down from his pink cheeks.

“Never again I will leave you. Never. I will not leave you. I will not leave Ki.” He whispers with a determined but soft voice. “Never.”

Changkyun shakes his head but he can’t speak because words are stuck in his throat. He makes a small noise but Kihyun tugs his hands and Changkyun finds himself in his arms. Kihyun wraps his arms around him and hold him close to his chest while Changkyun’s tears fall on his shirt.

“Please believe me Kyun.” Kihyun says, hand caressing Changkyun’s back.

Changkyun wants to belive. He wants to believe that Kihyun will never leave him again. He wants to believe that they can have a family together. He wants to believe that they can be whole. But he is not sure. Changkyun is hesitant because Kihyun promised years ago not to leave him but he left anyway.

“Never.” Kihyun whispers like he can hear Changkyun’s thought.

He draws back and gently holds Changkyun’s chin to look him in the eyes.


Determined. Loving. Sorry. Longing. Kihyun’s eyes are screaming love. They pull Changkyun in, like a deep endless pits. Changkyun wants to vanish in them. He takes a breathe, lungs filled with fresh ocean scent, he drops his head to Kihyun’s shoulder. He nods slightly.

“I’m tired.” Changkyun says, voice coming out weak and Kihyun gets up, holding him in his arms. He takes Changkyun to his room and lies him on his bed. Changkyun holds his sleeve.

“Stay.” He says.

Kihyun looks at him, lips parted to say something, anything but he just nods when Changkyun pulls his sleeve. Omega slides next enough for Kihyun to lay as Kihyun takes of his jacket. He puts it on the small desk next to bed. Kihyun slowly lies next to Changkyun and pulls the cover on them. Changkyun is watching him as he wraps his arms around Changkyun and with that Changkyun starts to feel a knot inside him is dissolving. Kihyun’s scent is making him feel like he is air headed, his hands gently caressing his back are soothing. Changkyun is relaxing with the scent of the alpha, his alpha and he can’t fight with sleep anymore so he let’s himself fall. Once again.

And it’s the best sleep he had in years.

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Kihyun smells the sweet sugary scent before he opens his eyes and it overwhelms him enough to tear up. He slowly peel his eyelids off, wishing to be right, wishing it to be not one of those dreams that haunted him for 5 years and when he sees a ash gray colored head on his chest, his heart swells at the sight. He takes a sharp breath in and blinks his eyes to control his tears. His left arm is around Changkyun whose left arm is thrown over Kihyun’s torso and Kihyun holds omega’s hand with his right hand. His small hand that rests right on Kihyun’s chest, secured in Kihyun’s hand like it’s something precious. Something to be hold dear. Kihyun wants look at his sleeping face but the angle doesn’t let him. He can’t see omega’s face but he doesn’t move to see him too. He doesn’t want to wake the younger one who sleeps peacefully so Kihyun just lies there, enjoying the moment.

It’s been weeks since he met with Changkyun  and he wasn’t sure if he could make Changkyun forgive himself, earn his trust again. Kihyun knows it’s not that easy after what he did and he is really grateful to Changkyun for letting him stay because this means a lot. In the path of doing the right thing, this is a big step for him. It gives Kihyun hope. Hope that he can start from here and build up the relationship between them again. He can make things work.

Things have changed. Kihyun is not the kid from 5 years ago now. He was scared back then. He was afraid of his parents, the society, people who could point fingers at him. He had responsibilities concerning his family, company, his life. He still have, but it’s different now. The situation is different. In the past 5 years Kihyun learned living a life full of stress, calculating your every move, watching out your back is not something he wanted. Not anymore. He is so sure of that. Now he wants to come home running because he can’t wait for the person who will open the door for him. He wants to go out and have picnics under the warm sunlight. He wants to just lazily stay at home, doing nothing but stealing glances from Changkyun who reads a book, his head on Kihyun’s lap. He wants to be waken up by the little footsteps running and jumping on their bed. He wants to have a real family and he is willing to do eveything he can to have that.

Chankyun moves a little bit and Kihyun realizes he is waking up. The younger one slowly moves his head and looks at Kihyun with a shy smile on his face.

“Hi.” He blinks his brown eyes, cute. So cute.

“Hi.” Kihyun replies smiling.

“You are still here.”

“I said I will be.”

Changkyun smiles and puts his chin on Kihyun’s chest. Kihyun grins at the way Changkyun’s cheeks getting pink just because they are so close to each other. If only he could know how amazing he looks and how he makes Kihyun wishes to trap themselves into this moment. Changkyun’s body pressed to Kihyun’s like he is trying to hide himself, trying to find a comfort and Kihyun’s arms wrapped around him.

Kihyun looks at him and it’s like a silent agreement between them as he reaches out and places a small peck on the side of Changkyun’s lips. Then another. And another. He pecks again but this time his lips finds Changkyun’s fully and he lingers on them more. He can feel Changkyun’s smile against his own lips before he draws back. Changkyun closes his eyes and hides his face into the pillow. His shirt is crooked and Kihyun can see the mark he left on Changkyun’s shoulder. He slowly grasps his shirt and pulls it a little to reveal the younger’s shoulder more.

“Can I?” He whispers to younger’s ear and gets a slight nod return. Kihyun giggles silently when he sees omega’s red ears. Changkyun hides his face without looking up as Kihyun brushes his fingers on the mark, Kihyun feels Changkyun shivers with the touch. He leans and kisses it, a small moan escapes from the younger’s lips. Kihyun places another kiss on the mark and licks it before he can stop himself. Omega’s scent gets more sugary with Kihyun’s every touch and Kihyun feels like he is intoxicated. He wants to touch Changkyun, he wants to hold him properly. It’s been so long for them to be close like this and Kihyun fears to do something wrong to make Changkyun retreat in his shell. He acts slowly, delicately. He places kisses on Changkyun’s neck, slowly going up. The younger trembles and hearing omega’s small voices, gives Kihyun pleasure. Changkyun grasps his shirt and urges him to do more and Kihyun wants to do more but a sudden voice causes him to stop.


Changkyun opens his eyes, letting go Kihyun immediately.

“Oh my god Ki.” He whispers, eyes wide open.

The door opens and small footsteps come closer. Kihyun sees a brown head and two round eyes shining from the end of the bed.

“Daddy!!” Ki smiles huge, jumps on the bed and Kihyun hugs her, arms wide open.

“Good morning sunshine.”

“Good morning daddy.” She giggles as Kihyun kisses her head. “Did you stay here to protect me?”

“Yes I did. Did you sleep well?”

Ki giggles as she nods her head rapidly.

“Okay… uhm… let’s have breakfast.” Changkyun says, voice sounding small. Omega gets up, looking embarrassed but happy. “I mean if you have time.” He throws a glance to Kihyun as he fixes his shirt, hiding the mark but he can’t hide the adorable blush and smile on his face.

“I have all the time in the world.” Kihyun smiles back at him and Changkyun’s eyes shine.

Yes, Kihyun has a lot of time.




Kihyun knocks the big door. He looks at the garden and sees no one around. There was no driver outside too which Kihyun thinks it’s weird but he gets more surprised when Hyungwon opens the door himself and lets Kihyun in.

“Where are the servants?” Kihyun takes off his coat and puts in on the hanger. He takes a glance inside and people who usually wander in the house are not there. The house seems empty because no one is around.

“I let them have a few days off.” Hyungwon shrugs, hair messy.

“Why?” Kihyun asks as they walk inside, finding the situation odd. Hyungwon is a magnificent person who looks like an angel but he can’t even crack an egg to make omelette so him giving holiday to servants, is a bit absurd. Kihyun attempts to ask but he can’t when Hyungwon walks to kitchen. And Kihyun doesn’t need to ask because when he follows Hyungwon, the answer runs straight to him, wrapping his hands around Kihyun’s shoulders.

“Hey fiancee!!” Minhyuk yells happily as he squeezes Kihyun in his arms like he is some kind of kid and annoys Kihyun.

“Hey to you too. But Minhyuk don’t call me that. We are not engaged yet and somebody here seems to get jealous.” Kihyun says as a pair of arms come between, separating them. Hyungwon gives Minhyuk dead eyes and if anyone could see, they could think he is just bored but Kihyun knows this is his ‘I’m warning you’ jealous face.

Minhyuk is becoming one of Kihyun’s best friends which that category only occupied by Hyungwon so he is actually have a really good place in Kihyun’s life already. Omega is a great person to talk with and Kihyun enjoys his company at the boring family-meeting dinners that they attend. Minhyuk covers him whenever he goes to see Ki and Changkyun and Kihyun gives him space to do whatever he like, just like they agreed the first time they met. Kihyun often sees Minhyuk with Hyungwon and they go everywhere together lately. The trio is inseparable now because Hyungwon and Minhyuk are seeing each other since the day they met and Kihyun knows his friend is in love. Minhyuk is playful and handful, sometimes too much for Hyungwon but he is a perfect match for the alpha. Nonetheless Kihyun is kinda surprised to see his friend get jealous on something so simple and he enjoys the reaction he gives. It’s always fun to tease Hyungwon. Minhyuk too enjoys clearly because he looks unaffected by Hyungwon but he fakes like he is hurt because of the way Kihyun treated him and pouts.

“You are so mean Kihyunnie. We are at the phase of ‘getting to know each other’ now, you know that. Besides I think you owe me one. Who covered up you when you didn’t go home last night?”

“Hyungwon.” Kihyun replies.

Minhyuk shakes his head and motions his finger between himself and Hyungwon.

“Hyungwon and me. We did. I told your parents that you are having a dinner with me and Won told you will stay with him. So we did. We.”

“Okay okay. Thank you for not saying anything to my parents.” Kihyun snorts.

“You are welcome. Come, I’m making breakfast.” Minhyuk smiles happily as he walks back to the kitchen he run from and the others follow him.

Kihyun and Hyungwon sit around the table and Minhyuk places another plate but Kihyun refuses.

“I had breakfast already. Coffee will be enough.” He smiles.

“Ohhhh your cute little omega made you breakfast? How sweet.” Minhyuk coos at him and gives a cup of coffee, taking the plate back.

“It’s 1 pm actually, not a great time to have breakfast but yeah he did.”

Kihyun nods and smiles when he thinks about the morning. It’s a kind of morning that he wants to have every day.

“Look at him Won, he is so whipped.” Minhyuk nudges Hyungwon who looks at the omega with heart eyes. “I wish I had an alpha who just get all red when he thinks about me.” Minhyuk says playfully and Kihyun bites back his laugh because he knows that the omega does that to get under Hyungwon’s skin and by the way Hyungwon’s scent gets a bit thicker, Kihyun knows he managed to do that. Again Minhyuk seems unaffected.

“Anyway Kihyunnie what are you gonna wear for the charity ball tonight? I’m thinking about a maroon suit. You can have maroon tie and handkerchief?” Minhyuk sits down after puting the omelette on to Hyungwon’s and his plates.

Kihyun nods, “Okay. Maroon is fine by me.” taking a sip from his coffee. He looks at his friend who is happily eating the breakfast.

“Are you coming Won?”

“Of course.” Hyungwon says, humming in approval. His cheeks are full with omelette. He shakes his head like he eats the best meal in the world.

“This is amazing.”

“It’s just an omelette.” Minhyuk takes a sip, cheeks flushed.

“Really? I just like it.” Hyungwon lifts his eyebrows, tilting his head.

“You like everything I do.” Minhyuk rolls his eyes.

“Cause you are amazing at everything.”

“It’s true that I’m capable of many things.”

“I noticed them last night.”

“Guys please I’m here.” Kihyun says with a small laugh and Minhyuk winks at him bashfully.

They have breakfast, talk for a while about the ball. Minhyuk’s family will be there and of course Kihyun’s too. They talk how much they should walk around and let people see them together before they leave. Kihyun leaves the lovers alone after a while. He goes back to home and his parents are not there thankfully. He goes to his room changes his clothes and studies the last financial papers his secretary did bring when he wasn’t at home. Because he is so focused on the report he is reading, Kihyun almost doesn’t hear the knock on his door.

“Sir.” His servant calls him, opening the door slightly.

“Yeah Joon?” Kihyun says without looking at the guy.

“It’s 7 pm sir. You asked me to notify you, so you can get ready for the ball.” Beta says, clasping his hands in front of him.

“Thank you. You can leave.” Kihyun replies as he checks his watch. He studied for hours and covered many of the next week’s papers, so he can visit and spend time with Ki in the week. Kihyun gets up from his desks, arranging the papers and places them back to their folders. He takes a quick shower. For the ball, he picks a black suit with maroon tie like Minhyuk said. When he gets down, his servant says Mr and Ms Yoo are in the car, waiting for him. He quickly thanks him, leaving the house. His parents doesn’t say anything on the road but Kihyun can tell his father is thinking about something. And whatever it is Kihyun is sure he will not like it.

When they reach the ball, everybody treats them like they are royals. Everybody tries to meet with Kihyun, the heir of one of the top three companies in the country. Everybody who is anybody is there. Everybody tells how they know each other and how they are somehow related to Kihyun. Kihyun tries to talk with everyone, politely, as best as he can. Small talks there a few laughs here until Minhyuk and Hyungwon come. Then they stay together as the night rolls. Hyungwon’s soft smile at Minhyuk doesn’t go unnoticed by Kihyun of course.

They have fun, the three of them talks about the latest gossips in the business. Apparently a secretary named Sehun found that the company he works in is doing money laundering through lotto and whole company is having an investigation now. Ms Nayeon’s house was robbed and they stole every red object he has. Hyungwon makes a pun that make Minhyuk and Kihyun burst into laugh.

“May I have your attention please?” Kihyun hears his father’s voice and his smile hangs up on his face. He turns behind and looks at his father like everybody else in the room. Their company is one of the organisers of this event but he didn’t expect his father to have a speech tonight since it’s a charity.

His father stands tall, like he owns not just every object in the room but every people as well. He holds the champagne, smiling fake before he starts to talk.

“Thank you for coming here tonight. I’m really proud and happy to be a part of such an honorable cause. I hope many people will have a better future thanks to your contributions.”

Everybody nods and agrees at every word Kihyun’s father says.

“I would like to announce a very important thing for me and since many of the reporters from big news companies are here, this is the perfect opportunity. I know everyone is watching this event.” His father looks at Kihyun. “Everyone.” He says, eyes flashing something that gives chills to Kihyun. Kihyun feels his stomach jump a little, surprised because what is that suppose to mean?

“I would like to announce that me and my good friend Mr Lee decided to join our forces with marriage bond. My son Kihyun and his son Minhyuk will be tying the knots next month. I hope to see all of you there and give your blessings to the happy, young couple.” His father holds his champagne to Kihyun’s direction and everybody turn to them, applause with big smiles. Except three pair of hands don’t move. Each one of them are too shocked to move.

No, Kihyun thinks. No, his father didn’t just do that. Kihyun feels the eyes turn away after a while. Ane then he snaps his head to Minhyuk who looks just as surprised as him. Kihyun lifts his eyebrows in a questioning way and Minhyuk shakes his head like he is trying to say he doesn’t know what’s going on too before Hyungwon pulls him away, take the omega outside. Kihyun looks back at his father who smiles and raises his glass to him again, this time eyes locking with Kihyun. Warning. Telling him to smile and behave which Kihyun doesn’t want to either of them. But there is something else too. Something like a treat.

Something like…

Then it clicks.

“Everyone.” His father said. “Everyone is watching this.”

The world starts to spin and it’s not because of the alcohol. Kihyun feels like he is gonna throw up. He holds the edge of the table next to him because otherwise he will fall to the ground. He has to go. He starts to walk outside, trying not to take anyone’s attention but it’s hard when everybody congratulates him, saying how happy they are for him. He doesn’t listen to them, he doesn’t thank them. He just walks and throws himself to the yard. He is in no shape to drive so that’s why he finds a cab and goes straight to the only place he can think off.

He has to talk with Changkyun.

Kihyun calls him on the road but gets no response. He leaves dozens of voice message and text in thirty minutes until he reaches the younger’s house. He is trying to be hopeful, maybe omega doesn’t know. Maybe he didn’t see any of the flash news. Kihyun wants to believe that but he checks the social media and everybody talks about this. Photographs, videos, articles… Kihyun and Minhyuk’s wedding is the hot topic right now and Kihyun is sure Changkyun saw them too. His father’s voice and eyes were too certain when he said ‘everybody’.

Kihyun wants to punch himself, his blood is boiling hot. How couldn’t Kihyun see that coming? He is an idiot. His father… He should have see his father would make a move like tis. Kihyun should have talk with Changkyun. He should have talk and explain everything before it goes out of his control but he didn’t do that. He didn’t. Kihyun didn’t know what was gonna happen.

The cab pulls in front of the apartment and Kihyun pays, leaving the change which is triple of the price and just runs to the house. He rings the bell, waiting for a sound. Footsteps, small voice but nothing. No one answers.

“Changkyun!! Changkyun please open the door!!” He bangs and hits the door but like the phone calls, there is no response.

Kihyun punches the door until he is tired and than he just slides down, curling up against the door, crying. He should be here. Where is he? Did he leave? Did he leave after he see the news? Is he hurt again?

He is hurt again. Changkyun thinks Kihyun left him again. But it’s not what’s happening. Kihyun has to talk to him. He has to explain what is going on. All of these are a misunderstanding. He doesn’t want anyone but him. He needs to tell these but Changkyun is not there. He is not there.

Kihyun feels so helpless as he cries and cries until he can’t anymore and he just sits there looking at the void.

Where is he?



Chapter Text

“Ki come on what are you doing?” Changkyun asked smiling.A tone of frustration hidden in his voice. Kihyun was covering his eyes with his soft hands and leading him somewhere he had no idea. They were in his tiny apartment, so places to go are really limited. Changkyun was just afraid to bump in staff, not that he have much in his house though. Walking without seeing was hard. But then again Changkyun was trusting his alpha, there was no doubt that he won’t like what Kihyun was planning but he wanted to get to the point of all this and start spending the day together like he wished.

“We are almost there.” Kihyun whispered, causing shivers travel down to Changkyun’s spine who obeyed and shut his mouth. Kihyun made them stop after a few steps and he came closer more which was impossible because Changkyun's back was literally pressed to Kihyun already.  

“I’ll let go but don’t open your eyes okay?” Kihyun said.  

“What are you doing?” Changkyun frowned, trying to understand.

“Just don’t open. Promise me?”

“Okay.” Changkyun sighed. He didn’t have another choice but to follow his man. Changkyun closed his eyes, listening Kihyun’s footsteps going away, some shuffling like someone- Kihyun taking out something from drawer and then footsteps came towards him again until they stop in front of Changkyun.  

“Okay you can open your eyes.”  

Changkyun immediately opened his eyes just to see Kihyun is standing in front of him like he expected. They were in his kitchen, 5 meters from his bedroom, where Kihyun picked him up. He took Changkyun from his room to tiny kitchen.

“What is this? You bring me to the kitchen?” Changkyun asked as he searched the room with his eyes. Kihyun smiled, sickeningly sweet and moved a little. Then Changkyun saw a little cake on the counter crowned by 18 candles. Their flames were shimmering in the dark room. It was dark because the curtains were closed. Kihyun did that probably to amplify cake’s effect. Well though, it worked.

Changkyun felt his chest full. His eyes got fuzzy due to tears.  

He remembered, Changkyun thought. Kihyun remembered. If his heart could really swell, it would expand five times more than it’s size by now.

Changkyun looked at his lover with a gratitude in his eyes as Kihyun took a deep breath and hold his hand up. There was something between his fingers, a red string.

“What is this?” Changkyun asked again, voice small. What was Kihyun trying to do?  

Kihyun took a deep breath and winked at Changkyun. He was nervous obviously but he was trying to not to show it that much. He did bring his hands a little closer to him and Changkyun saw red string was tied to his pinky finger.

“I want you to accept my red string of fate.” He said with a smile on his face. He had an expression, so proud and sure.

“What?” Changkyun said in surprise. He blinked a few times, what Kihyun said started to sink in.  

Changkyun knew what red string of fate mean.


Kihyun did bite his lips, letting out a breath. “I never told this to you but I didn’t see you at university for the first time.” Changkyun lifted his eyebrows, curiously and Kihyun smiled, blinking a few times cutely. “Actually I saw you in a bookstore before that. I remember it was a week before my midterms and I wanted to find a quiet place to study so I went to the local book-cafe. It was a small place, a little hidden. It wasn’t crowded. It was open 24 hours and the owner provided coffee for students who came. An ideal place to study. Anyway, I sat on my usual place and put all my books and notes on the desk. There were a lot of things I should check, a lot of topics to cover. I was gonna study non-stop but all the determination I had, got lost in a moment. Because when I lifted my head to ask some coffee, I saw you.” Kihyun said, eyes casting down before he look up. Changkyun was really surprised to hear this because thought they met at university. When vendor machine acted stubborn to not give his M&M’s, Kihyun stepped in like a shining candy knight. At least that’s what Changkyun was thinking.  

Kihyun continued. “You were reading a thick book with your glasses. You were looking too cute. Your face was so pure, your hands were lost in your oversized hoodie. You were reading the book with such an attention. Your face was so serious, so captivating. I couldn’t study that day, all I did was looking at you until you leave. I couldn’t find courage to come and talk with you that day, I don’t know why. My always too confident self was shaking in it’s boots I guess. And I failed that test by the way. It was the first exam I get a B and you know that’s a failure for me.”

"Oh shut up!" Changkyun playfully hit Kihyun's arm but he was feeling his face all getting red so he covered his face with his palms. He had no idea that Kihyun saw him before they met.

“The thing is…” Kihyun continued as he hold Changkyun's hands and lowered them to look at his face. Changkyun's cheeks were burning due to his extremely fast beating heart and his cheesy boyfriend that stand in front of him. “…I sat across you for 3 hours and you didn’t even realize me. You were so concentrated in what that book was saying. I felt bad really. I, the gorgeous person you can ever see, was sitting across you and you didn’t even realize I was there. You didn’t even realize that I was looking at you.”  

Changkyun shrugged, not knowing what else to do. “I usually don’t just look at people. Not a habit of mine.”

Kihyun rolled his eyes, smiling. “Tell me about it. I was so sad when you left. I thought I lost my chance but when I saw you in cantina, I knew it was ment to be. Just like the book you were reading that day. After you left, I picked up that book and checked what was the subject you were to engrossed with. It was fate. The book was telling a tale about two lovers who are bound by fate to be together until eternity, saying that there is a red string wrapped around soulmates’ pinky fingers and that string always pulls them together. Unity. Destiny.”

Changkyun remembered that book. He read the book with full concentration because he loved those kind of romance stories but he never imagined one day he could live a story like that. He was about to cry because Kihyun was so real. He was shining in front of his eyes. He was smiling bright, his pink hair was crowning his head and his eyes were screaming that they love him.  

“That moment I realized that I should find you again and one day if I ask you this question, I should ask it like this.” Kihyun said, softly holding Changkyun’s hands. “Changkyun will you accept to be the other pinky finger to my red string of fate?” Kihyun smiled, eyes glinting.  

Changkyun couldn’t hold his tears when he nodded his head. He couldn’t trust his voice so that’s why he just nodded again, firmly and Kihyun immediately took his left hand. He wrapped the red string around Changkyun’s finger 3 times and tied it neatly. He held Changkyun’s tied hand in his own, fingers clasping fingers.

Changkyun was overwhelmed with all these, learning how Kihyun fell for him in the first place and him deciding to ask this question like this. All of this were so much. More than Changkyun he could ever think of. Maybe that’s why he felt no strength in his legs. Omega couldn’t resist any longer and let himself dive into Kihyun’s embrace. He wrapped his arms around the alpha, burying his head in his torso. The elder was warm as always and his scent was soothing. Assuring. Fresh ocean. Changkyun always liked the ocean. He thought Kihyun was like the ocean. Calm on the surface but hiding so many underneath. He was so precious. So caring. So loving. So Changkyun’s now.  

Because they were tied by the red string of fate.  

Changkyun was feeling that after years of wandering around, struggling with life and hardships, finally he had a place. Finally he felt wanted. Finally he was belong to someone. There was a person who will do anything to be his side, protecting him like a knight in shining armor. There was someone who wouldn’t leave him.  

It’s not because Changkyun wanted to be protected, no. He was just so alone for so many years. He always craved to have people on his own. He wanted the only thing he never had until now, a family. And with Kihyun he was feeling like he could have that. He was feeling safe in alpha’s embrace. With Kihyun he was feeling home.  

Changkyun’s tears slowly slide down on his face as Kihyun gently stroke his hair. He was whispering all the right words to Changkyun’s ear. Everything Changkyun wanted to hear. Changkyun knew he was sincere, his words were smooth.

“You and I are bound until forever now. I will always be there for you. I will be your friend, your lover, your home. You will never be alone again because I will never leave you.” Kihyun said, turning to Changkyun’s head, pressing kisses to his temple.

Changkyun pressed his nose to Kihyun’s neck, breathing in the alpha’s peaceful and powerful scent in. He was so glad, so happy because. He was believing in Kihyun. He would never leave Changkyun. Kihyun would always be there to catch him when he stumbles. He would always welcome him with his smiling face and they were gonna be happy until forever.

He smiled as Kihyun kissed the top of his head, arms tight around alpha.

“Happy birthday Changkyun-ah.”




Changkyun doesn’t realize he is crying until Hoseok come into the room, looking worried. Without Hoseok notices, Changkyun quickly wipes his tears.

“Ki is giving me trouble about sleeping again.” Hoseok rubs his eyes with a yawn. He looks at Changkyun, eyes catching something in his hand. “Hey what is that thing?” Hoseok comes to sit next to him. Changkyun doesn’t want him to see the string in his hand so he hides it behind his back. Hoseok lifts his eyebrow like asking what is that again but Changkyun shakes his head, putting the string in his back pocket.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.”

Hoseok eyes him suspiciously but doesn’t insists. And Changkyun is really grateful. “Okay.”

“What were you saying?” Changkyun asks, turning to his friend.

Hoseok lets out a puff, his face looks tired like he is troubled. He melts into the place where he sit next to Changkyun on the couch.

“Ki didn’t want to sleep. It was hard. Like really hard. I must have read 63 stories to her. She acts up, saying she wants her hamster.”

Changkyun nods slowly, smiles bitterly at Hoseok’s words. Because he wants his hamster too.

He touches Hoseok’s arm, throwing an apologetic look. “I’m sorry for her behaviours hyung. I know you had so many thing to deal with yet, you let us stay with you. Thank you so much.”

Hoseok looks at Changkyun’s hand for a moment before shakes his head immediately and smiles real big.

“It’s not a problem at all. You know that. You are all I have. So… You know my house is yours.” He nods with his sweet smile and Changkyun smiles back at him. Even though they both know his smile doesn’t reach his eyes.

Ki and Changkyun stay with Hoseok for a few days. Changkyun didn’t want to stay at home after he see the news. He packed whatever he found in a rush and left home. Later he realized that he didn’t bring Ki’s hamster plushie which is a big mistake on his side because the kid is not just sleeping without it. And she really acts stubborn. Maybe Changkyun can go and fetch it really quickly. Hoseok’s house is a few blocks away from his own and they need new clothes as well.

He takes his hand back, dropping to the side. “Maybe I should go back home and take some clothes. There are other things I want to take as well.”

Hoseok sit sup properly, head shaking to the sides. “But you don’t look so well Changkyun-ah. You barely sleep 2 hours a day and I don’t know how long you can starve yourself. It’s been 3 days already. I don’t want to say this but your scent is getting lighter and lighter each hour.” Hoseok says with a concerned voice

“I’m fine—“

“You are definitely not fine. If you insist that you need stuff, I will go and get what you need. I know the house like the back of my hand.” Hoseok says and gets up to leave but Changkyun shakes his head and holds his sleeve to prevent him from going.

“No no you should stay with Ki. I’ll go.” Changkyun says, tired. “Please hyung.”

Hoseok looks at him, looking like he will insist but he nods instead, knowing that it’s useless for him to try and convince Changkyun. Hoseok knows very well that a stubborn Changkyun can make sun’s light go out.

Changkyun gets up slowly, trying his best to ignore the black dots flying in front of his eyes. He manages to walk to the door without swaying because he knows Hoseok is watching his every move. He puts his jacket on and quickly goes outside, closing the door right behind him. He feels light, like his body is filled with air as he walks. He clutches his jacket tightly and wraps his arms around himself. Maybe he should have taken a scarf or something like that to keep himself warm because he is shivering. It’s really cold. Thankfully Hoseok’s apartment is not that far from his home so in twenty minutes Changkyun is in front of the building. He gets up by the elevator, leaning to the walls because he feels like he is gonna fall and when it stops at his floor, he barely manages to go to his door. His hands are shaking and he can’t just put key in the lock. He gets so frustrated, frustrated enough to cry because he can’t even do just one simple thing.

And like him feeling cold is not enough, his head is killing him too. The pain on his forehead is too strong to ignore. He should have taken some pills to dull it but he should have eat something to take pills first. At the end there is no use of anything.

He presses his head onto his door and lets out a sigh. Maybe if he waits for a second, he can feel better and manages to open the door.

“Changkyun.” He hears someone calling his name but the buzz in his head is too loud. Like there are millions of bees inside his skull and they are flying around, clapping their wings in a deafening sound. Changkyun wants them to go away, he squeezes his eyes but they keep going.

A slightly cold hand touches his cheek, lifting his head from the door where he pressed against and Changkyun feels relaxed by the intimacy that little gesture is giving him. His eyelids are too heavy to lift like there are tons hanging on them and they are refusing to be open as the hands wrap around him, pulling Changkyun into a tight embrace.

“I got you.” A familiar scent envelops him and fills his lungs, reaching every corner. It’s such a fresh scent, the kind Changkyun wants to be surrounded with all the time.


Waves, Changkyun thinks. Calm and soothing waves. And the ocean.




“I’m sorry.” The voice whispers softly. Changkyun wants to shake his head but he can’t do anything as he slip into the darkness.


“I got you.”


Chapter Text

It’s cold.


Changkyun shivered slightly. The blanket was covering him but he was feeling cold because the body he was expecting to be holding him, wasn’t there. Without opening his eyes, he blindly moved his hand over the sheets but there was no one next to him. It was empty. Very strange actually. Kihyun would never get up from the bed until Changkyun wake up because he knew the younger will feel cold. So why didn’t he lay beside him? It’s not like he would just leave.

And Changkyun understood what was going on. His heart sunk into deeper and even before he open his eyes, tears were stinging in them. He silently took a deep breath and opened them. Kihyun was sitting on the edge of the bed. He was all dressed up, his back was facing Changkyun.

When Changkyun moved Kihyun flinched, probably understand that he was awake but he didn’t turn to look at him.

And that hurt Changkyun a lot.  

Changkyun swallowed, suddenly his mouth was dry. He wanted to drink some water but it wasn’t the best time. He got up, leaning back to the head of the bed and the sheets made little noises as he settled. He waited for Kihyun to say something because he was too weak to talk.

“I’m leaving.” Kihyun said without turning his back. His tone was indifferent and cold. Changkyun knew what it meant but he just couldn’t manage to say anything for a while. He feared for this day to come. Changkyun knew what he was getting into when he first accepted Kihyun but still, the romantic in him hoped that things would be different for their story. He always ignored the small voice telling him to not let himself fall to deep. Because he was believing in Kihyun. Believing that Kihyun would always come back to him.  

 “Okay.” Omega managed to say. The word turned into ashes as he said it out loud and left a bitter taste on his mouth.

“I will not be coming back.” Kihyun said, voice a little stronger than before. Changkyun could see Kihyun’s firm posture behind his back.  

He just couldn’t tear his eyes from alpha’s back. “Okay.”  

“We both knew this wasn’t going to last long.”  

Changkyun felt his stomach drop. He bit his lip to stop himself from crying and unconsciously touched his belly, pressing his palm on it, trying to feel the little bean inside him. He learned it two days ago and he wanted to talk with Kihyun about this when they met up yesterday but Kihyun didn’t want to talk about anything as he striped omega’s clothes, keeping his lips occupied with his own so Changkyun was a little sad. But now he was glad he didn’t say anything.

“Hmm.” He hummed slowly. Kihyun did sit there for thirty seconds more before he got up and took his jacket from the chair near the wall.

Before he did get out of the door Kihyun stopped, holding the knob. It was like he was having an internal conflict. At least Changkyun hoped he was, and for a split second he felt hopeful. It didn’t last though. That hope was crushed the moment Kihyun turned the knob.  

“Goodbye Changkyun.”  

With that Kihyun left and Changkyun waited until he heard the click from the outdoor before he curled in himself and cried.




It's warm. 

Changkyun wakes up in the middle of the night, feeling damped. He knows it’s night because there is no light around him. There are faint traces of his painful headache from earlier. He was feeling sick enough to faint but now he feels a lot better. All of his body aches and his mind is dizzy but at least he doesn’t feel like his head is gonna explode. He feels fabric up to his chin, a blanket on his body. He is covered up with the fluffy fabric and apart from that he is really feeling warm. ‘Why it’s warm?’ is the first thing that Changkyun thinks when his brain starts to function. He takes a breath in and a familiar scent fills his lungs. It’s relaxing. Like a slow music, it calms the noises in his head. The scent travels in him, touching his every cell, lifts up every pressure on his nerves. There is someone laying beside him that Changkyun understands and he feels warm because he is pressed to that someone. His left cheek is brushing on some soft fabric. He is well aware of that there are arms around him and they are holding him tight. Hoseok doesn’t hug like this, Changkyun thinks. He always puts some distance between them when they cuddle. This embrace, this arms are more protective. More strict. More… owning. Changkyun thinks maybe they are trying to prevent Changkyun from get up and run away because that’s what he wants to do now. Despite the urge in him wants to sink deeper into the embrace, he wants to go away.

It’s not Hoseok.

Hoseok doesn’t smell like the ocean. Hoseok doesn’t hold him like this. He doesn’t ease his mind and make him want to rest in his arms until his last breath.

It’s Kihyun.

The fog starts to clear for a bit more and Changkyun remembers. He remembers it all.

How he was idly watching the tv while Ki was playing in her room and suddenly there was flash news on the black screen. Changkyun watched them with shock and he really held himself barely together until he quickly grabbed Ki and leave the home because he knew it’s the first place Kihyun would look.

And he was right. Kihyun was there when he fainted. Or did he let himself fall because he know Kihyun would hold him?

Changkyun knows the fading headache on his temples are caused by Kihyun. And it’s so ironic that it’s slowly going away because Kihyun is there with him. Changkyun feels awful, no actually he feels good but he wants to feel awful. He wants to be angry but it’s so hard. It’s so hard to get mad when you are so in deep. Changkyun is too deep to save himself. And he hates himself for this because he let it happen again, willingly. He doesn’t want to go through the same things again. He has to go and never face with Kihyun again. He has to protect himself and Ki. 

He has to try. He has to be strong. At least for his daughter. He can’t let Kihyun break him again.

Changkyun moves a little, tries to leave Kihyun’s embrace without waking him up but the arms around him, get even tighter.


It’s a whisper. It’s a wish. It’s like a beg. The kind of beg Changkyun wanted to say to prevent Kihyun from leaving 5 years ago.

But it doesn’t matter.

He tries to push Kihyun’s torso and break his embrace but Kihyun doesn’t let him.

“Let me go.” He whispers but he knows it will not work. Kihyun doesn’t even move and he is stubborn but if there is a more stubborn person, that’s Changkyun.

“Let me go Kihyun.” He wiggles and tries to set himself free once again but he can’t even make Kihyun’s hands slip. At times like this he remembers Kihyun is an alpha who is so strong despite his look.

“Why are you doing this?” Changkyun punches Kihyun’s chest with a small fist, very well knowing that it doesn’t effect Kihyun so Changkyun continues to do that, hoping that maybe he will get annoyed and let go Changkyun but also he hopes not.

“Why did you do that?” He punches a little harder. ”Why did you come in to my life again?” He breathes heavily and Kihyun still doesn’t answer and that fuels Changkyun’s anger, causing him to speak louder.

“I was fine without you! Everything was going great! I was raising Ki, I run a cafe, I was happy. I’m not the kid from years ago. Not anymore. Why did you come back? To ruin me again? You did that already. You already broke me when you left Kihyun.”

“I know.” Kihyun breathes out.

“Oh you know? If you know then why? I was healing Kihyun. I was going so well and you just showed up out of nowhere and stupid, fool me felt like that 19 year old boy again." Changkyun laughs bitterly, hands still pushing Kihyun away. It’s still doesn’t work. "I began to hope you know? You came back to spend time with Ki and you were gentle so I started to believe in you again. Because I wanted to believe. And you promised me. You promised me that you will never leave again but what? You are getting married? How is that gonna happen?”

“Changkyun it’s not like—“

“I was being naïve. I forgot how sweet you talk to get what you want. You always do this and I always let you. But I can’t do this. Not now. Please Kihyun, I beg you please leave me alone.” Changkyun stops hitting and he breaks. His tears start to roll down and his body starts to shake.

“I’m sorry.”

“Please go.” Changkyun’s breath hitch and it gets hard for him to swallow like there is a rock in his throat and it hurts every time he tries to. He sobs and cries without stopping. It gets heavier and he starts to gasp for air. His whole body is shaking due to his hysteric crying and he can’t even breathe.

“Changkyun please.” Kihyun presses him to his torso hoping that his heart beats and scent calms the younger down. Changkyun tries to fight with him but he is not strong like Kihyun and he is sick already so he gets tired after awhile. He stops fighting and just cries.

And it breaks Kihyun.

He probably should let go, what he does is not healthy but he doesn’t want to let go. He fears if he entangles his hands from the younger, Changkyun will flee and Kihyun may never see him again.

“Please…” The younger begs again, his voice is hoarse from all that crying.

“Changkyun please I—I will explain everything.”

“Please… Kihyun please…”

“I’m sorry.”

“I can’t go through that again. It hurts so much, please.” He grabs Kihyun’s shirt and buries his face in his neck.

“I’m sorry Changkyun. I’m so sorry for doing this to you. But no. I can’t let you go. I will never let you go again. You are my soulmate. You are the end of my red sting of fate. I’m sorry for it took so long form e to understand this.” He presses his lips on Changkyun’s head.


“I’m not going. Stop asking me to leave you.”

The words hangs heavy on the air, in silent but Kihyun knows he should have say all of these. He should have say them long ago. It really took a lot of time, mind and courage for Kihyun to speak them out loud but in the end, he did.

Omega’s hand releases his collar but his hands still stay on Kihyun’s chest. Changkyun slowly raises his head and looks into Kihyun’s eyes. His eyes are filled with tears, his cheeks and tip of his nose is red. There are bags under his eyes and his beautiful pink lips are chapped due to his fever. He looks so exhausted, so broken. Like he is carrying a weight four times he can bear and he is crushing under it. It’s hard. He tries so hard. There is a battle in his mind and it reflects on his beautiful brown eyes, Kihyun can see that.

Kihyun just wants to erase that fear and doubt from the younger’s mind. He really means what he said. He promised himself to protect Changkyun from everything and he will do that.

Kihyun gently caresses his back and slides his hand up holding his cheek. He gently swipes the tears away as he caresses the soft skin.

“I am not going anywhere.”

Changkyun blinks and blinks. His eyes roam on Kihyun’s face, searching a sign to tell he is lying or he is tricking Changkyun to calm him down but he finds nothing. Kihyun’s tears slide down from his honest eyes and reach his lips where a small, assuring smile rests.

He will not leave.

This time, he will really stay.

Changkyun’s lips tremble when he feels his heart beat after stopping a few seconds. He believes again and it’s too overwhelming for Changkyun. The pain in his chest levitates to his eyes. Tears start to fall again as he closes his eyes and cry.

“Please…” He grabs Kihyun’s shirt again. “Please Kihyun, please don’t go.” He sobs harder.

“Please don’t go again. Please Kihyun, I can’t bear it if you leave again.” Changkyun pleads.

He knows he doesn’t want Kihyun to go. The only reason for Changkyun to make Kihyun leave is to protect himself. He doesn’t want to feel empty and alone again. He wants his love back. Changkyun wants to be happy.

“I will not. I told you I will never leave you again Changkyunnie. I’m so sorry.” Kihyun kisses his temple over and over again to help his omega relax. He whispers calming words to his ears until Changkyun’s begging turns into small whimpers.

“Please…” Changkyun says with a tired voice.

“Shhhs baby, I got you. I’m not leaving.” Kihyun says as he presses his cheek to younger’s temple and caresses his hair slowly.

“I’m tired.” Changkyun sniffs.

“I know. I know baby. You are sick. You can sleep.” Kihyun says, assuring.


“I will be here when you wake up Changkyun. I will not leave. I promise I will be here.” Kihyun kisses omega’s temple again and holds the younger in his arms, pulling him closer.

Changkyun’s silent cries stop after a while and Kihyun can feel he is relaxed, his body is not as stiffed when he did wake up. Kihyun continues to draw circles to the younger’s back until he falls asleep.

Kihyun takes a deep breath. He feels like there is this heavy sack on his chest and somehow it's not that heavy anymore. There is an anxiety still, but he feels that he has a chance. He lets himself slip into the slumber, knowing that he can explain everything when Changkyun wakes up.

He will tell everything.


Chapter Text

Kihyun can't help but think how everything get out of his hand years ago as he stirs the pot. He hurt Changkyun more than he can count and more than he wants, but it wasn’t in his hands. Not entirely. Things happened in a way he didn’t wish them to happen and Kihyun was weak enough to let them pull him to any direction .

But that was then.

That was five years ago. Kihyun still remembers the day he talked with his father about Changkyun very lively. He remembers how everything crumbled and turned into chaos after that. Now he can see how that was gonna turn out but then Kihyun was naive. He tought his father was a person who was capable of having compassion but he was wrong.

He was so wrong.

He didn’t know who tell his relationship with Changkyun to his father but it didn’t matter because he was too shocked to think about it when the elder throw the papers filled with Changkyun’s information written on them to his face. Kihyun looked at the papers lying on the floor and saw Changkyun’s photos from his baby self to that day forward. Every little thing was writing on white sheets, from his morning walks to 3 part time jobs. From his rent to, death anniversary of his mother. Kihyun was shocked to read the details he didn’t even know, in front of him. When he looked up to his father, heart tight and body trembling, he felt all the blood in his vein run cold when he faced with the man’s silence. Since his childhood, he was afraid from his father and his imitating aura, so when his father told how he was a disgrace to their family and this idiotic affair should end at once, he couldn’t reply. It’s like he didn’t know how to speak. Kihyun wanted to protest and say how much Changkyun means to him but his father shoved his own rights and truths to Kihyun’s face, one by one.

That he was the only heir to one of the biggest companies in the country. Many people depended on him and he would feed so many family with his rule. He was a high class alpha and he should only have a mate from a family equal to his. He wasn’t a person of his own, he belonged to the society.

With that, Kihyun lost.

His father arranged everything for him to leave, it wasn’t hard for him to that in such a short amount of time because he is an important person who could pull the right strings. Kihyun knew rebelling wouldn’t give anything to him. Kihyun was powerless against his father. The elder was friends with many people from high places and wasting Changkyun’s life was something equal to killing a fly to these kind of people. Unimportant. Easy. Worthless.

So knowing that, Kihyun left without telling a word to anyone and he thought it would be better if he break Changkyun’s heart by saying this thing they had, meant nothing to him. Kihyun wanted Changkyun to hate him so he could go on, live his life. Changkyun was too young and clever. He was full of love, sure he could find someone else to give him the happiness Kihyun couldn’t give even though the idea of him being with someone else opened unhealing holes into Kihyun’s heart.

After he left, Kihyun decided to feel nothing. He decided to close his heart and mind to everything. If he allowed himself, he couldn’t bare the reality he was living in so he just kept going, drifting in life.

Until he came back and his life started to have a meaning again.

Kihyun’s phone vibrates and disrupts his chain of thoughts. He quickly answers the call to not to wake up the omega who sleeps inside his room.


“Where are you?” Hyungwon’s voice sounds relieved and it’s understandable because when he left the bed to make soup for Changkyun to drink, Kihyun saw 23 missing calls from his friend.

“I’m at Changkyun’s home.”

“So you found him?”

 “Yeah I did. How about you? Any luck with Minhyuk?”

Hyungwon lets out a sigh. “I’m trying.”

“Did you talk with Jooheon? He must have know where his brother is.” Kihyun switches the phone from his right hand to left hand, holding the spoon with his right one to stir the pot.

“I did. I talked with him but it was a weird conversation. The kid just came back from Japan and I called him saying that I’m dating with his brother who is missing and asking if he knows where his brother could be.”

“Yeah I can imagine.” Kihyun turns off the stove. “I met him once at a family dinner a few weeks ago. He is a cool person.”

“Yeah he is a cool person. He didn’t judge me for stealing my best friend’s fiance. I guess we, the new generation heirs are better people than our parents.” Hyungwon let’s out an airy chuckle.

Kihyun can taste the bitterness in his voice. He looks at the room across the kitchen and sees the blankets go up and down in slow motion, guilt pierces his heart. “Still, we are not enough.”

“Yeah. Anyway Jooheon said Minhyuk may be at one of his college friends’s house, Hyunwoo?”

“Hyunwoo? As in Son Hyunwoo the owner of the Son Company?” Kihyun asks.

“You know him?” Hyungwon sounds surprised.

“Yeah, we studied economics for a semester together but he had to come back and took over the company when his father died. He was a cool guy. Big, muscular and soft.” Kihyun says, remembering Hyunwoo and his charming aura.

Hyungwon gets silence and doesn’t talk for a moment. Kihyun can swear he can hear Hyungwon’s thoughts and again, he can swear that he can picture his friend goes out from the door like a thunder.

“I gotta find Minhyuk.” Hyungwon sounds alerted.

“Yeah you better.” Kihyun snorts.

“Talk to you later.” Hyungwon hangs up and if Kihyun wouldn’t feel so guilty now, he would laugh at his friend’s jealousy. He  puts the phone down, ignores the other missing calls coming from his family and pours some soup into a bowl. He puts it onto a tray next to the plate filled with hamcakes. It’s stupid but Kihyun wanted to make them, maybe as a remembrance of the old days.

Kihyun goes inside the bedroom that the younger one’s sleeping and puts the tray next to his bedside, sitting on the bed. He lies next to him carefully, trying not to wake him up and softly swipes the damped hair from Changyun’s forehead. He caresses the younger’s hair, watching his beautiful face. Changkyun seems peaceful like this. His expression is soft, relaxed, the way he breathes in and out is slow. He sleeps with his hands under his head and legs pulled to his chest, curled like a cat. He doesn’t look like someone who goes through hardships. He looks like a boy who just peacefully sleeps.

When he collapsed in Kihyun’s arms last night, Kihyun freaked out. He felt his whole body froze and he didn’t know what to do for a second. Changkyun was burning, his temperature was high. Kihyun could feel that even from above his cloths. Kihyun knew he should do something about it so he grabbed the key from floor and opened the door, quickly carrying the younger inside and put him on the bed. He wet some towels and wiped his face, his arms anywhere he could fine. He changed Changkyun’s clothes to hoodie and sweatpants for him to be more comfortable and found some pills to lower his fever and help ease his pain. Omegas oftenly go sick when they are not with their alphas and they get worse when the alpha is not their with them. Specially if they mated. There is something with their dynamic that help omegas heal faster when they are together with their alphas and if they are not, they barely live on with some pills, get through the sickness so though. That’s why Kihyun felt more guilty when he saw pills in the medicine kit. He didn’t think about how Changkyun would go through their break-up. He didn’t realize how any of this could affect his health. Kihyun was so upset. He was so angry at himself for being so ignorant. He wanted to smash his head into the wall but he couldn’t do that, he had to heal Changkyun before. So he grabbed the kit, found the right pills and made Changkyun swallow the painkillers. Then he lied next to him, wrapping blankets around them and holding Changkyun tight in his arms, thinking his scent and body heat can help the younger. It should have work, Kihyun was Changkyun’s mate after all. And it did work. Changkyun’s fever slowly went down after midnight.

Changkyun woke up after a few hours, before dawn and he wanted to go but Kihyun didn’t let him. He just held the younger as he cried and lulled him to sleep again, promising he will be there in the morning, heart breaking into countless pieces.

And like he promised, he was there at the morning. When he woke up in first lights of the day, he felt pang in his heart. He looked at Changkyun who was pressed to his chest. Omega’s cheeks were soft pink due to his fever, his lips were slightly parted, eyelashes fluttering slowly with every breath he took and his hand was on Kihyun’s chest, grasping Kihyun’s shirt loosely. Kihyun felt so overwhelmed with hurt, sadness… Tears did sting into his eyes and Kihyun took slow breaths to calm himself down. A few tears rolled down, hurting Kihyun’s chest. Kihyun was feeling many things but the most important one was, he was feeling complete. He was feeling like he found the last piece of his puzzle. This was the sight he wanted to wake up every morning and Kihyun was willing to do everything he can to have this.




Changkyun hears some shuffling and starts to come to the real world from his dreamland. His mind is awake but his eyelids are heavy and his body feels limp. Every inch of him aches, his arms are like wood and his breath is heavy but there is something comforting him. A soothing hand goes up and down from his spine to his nape. He forces his eyes to open and the sight in front of his eyes startles him. Kihyun is looking at him with a soft smile on his face as his hair shines from the sunlight that sneaks through the window. Changkyun blinks a few time, remembering the bits from last night and he kinda feels embarrassed for crying that much. Fever really makes his mind go mushy.

Kihyun brings his hand from his back to his face and caresses Changkyun’s cheek.

“Do you feel better?” 

Changkyun blinks a few times more and nods slowly. He feels better, especially because Kihyun is there.

“You are still here.” He says, his heartbeat starts to pick up the pace. It’s not a statement what he said, it’s a question and they both know it.

Kihyun licks his lips, playing with the hairs on Changkyun’s nape. So relaxing.

“I said I would be.”

“I didn’t believe you.”

“You have every right to.” Kihyun replies with a nod.

“But also I wished to be wrong.” Changkyun averts his gaze, biting his bottom lip, playing with the skin on it because he feels embarrassed.

Kihyun moves his thumb over omega’s lips and makes him let go his lip. He brushes his fingers so gently, causing butterflies in Changkyun’s stomach to wake up and flap their wings like crazy. Changkyun closes his eyes, enjoying the feathery touch. He feels content but also there is something nagging at the back of his head. Questions. How? When? Why? Who?

Changkyun wants to talk, find answers to every irritating question in his mind but he doesn’t know where to start.

It’s like Kihyun read his mind, he let’s go Changkyun and gets up, reaching to the bedside. Changkyun sees the soup and his stomach growls. He tries to remember the last thing he ate but he can’t. He didn’t eat much lately.

Kihyun puts the tray on his lap. “First eat something. I made you soup.”

Changkyun nods, moves up to a sitting position and he looks at Kihyun who waits for him with a spoon full of soup in his hand. Changkyun swallows slowly and tries to ignore the sweet blush creeping on his cheeks.

“I’m not a kid. I can eat it by myself.” He protest with a pout and Kihyun smiles, shaking his head.

“I didn’t say you are. But you are sick and I want to do this. Please.” Kihyun waits with the spoon until Changkyun nods and then he feeds him. Changkyun feels stupid for treated like a baby and he wants to bury his head into the sand for feeling so submissive because this feels so good. Changkyun wants to say okay to everything Kihyun will say. He wants to protest though, not giving in his omega self but Kihyun is right, he doesn’t feel that strong and he really enjoys this sweet gesture.

The soup tastes amazing. There small carrots and chicken with green onion. It’s really good but then again Kihyun was always a great cook. Changkyun sees Kihyun waits for him to chew up before he gives another spoon and watches him eat carefully. He keeps doing that until the bowl is empty.

“You have to eat hamcakes too.” Kihyun puts the bowl on tray and takes a plate filled with hamcakes.

“I’m full already.” Changkyun protests but Kihyun doesn’t listen and cuts the hamcakes into little pieces. He poured some blackberry jam on them before so he just raises the fork and gives them to Changkyun like he did with soup.

They both know hamcakes are kind of an apology and Kihyun is glad that Changkyun accepts his feelings. Even like this. Changkyun chews the bites slowly and he looks so cute with his cheeks full. He may be looking tired, there may be black circles under his eyes and all the color on his face is gone but still, he looks so beautiful to Kihyun.

“You look beautiful.” Kihyun blurts out and Changkyun stops chewing, looking surprised. He drops his gaze to his hands on the sheet and his lips twitch into a smile which he tries to hide.

“I think I can’t eat anymore.” He shakes his head and Kihyun agrees this time, putting the plate back on tray. He gives some painkillers, pills to him and watch Changkyun swallow them down.

“My head is still dizzy. I think I will lay down.” Changkyun says, laying down on the bed and looks at Kihyun. He motions his head for Kihyun to join him and he does. Kihyun goes under the blanket too and when the younger scouts closer, he wraps his arms around him. Kihyun feels like he is breathing again. Changkyun’s sweet scent is getting stronger as the time passes which it proves that he is getting better. It’s a good thing. Kihyun smiles. He is healing.

He is healing. And maybe the scars in his heart will heal in time too. Kihyun is determined to do that. He will mend the heart he broke. He will be there for Changkyun whenever he needs. Kihyun wants to prove this to his omega.

“Why did you go?” Changkyun asks all of a sudden, quietly and Kihyun’s heart drops. His chest starts to ache, very painfully. If he didn’t go, none of this would have happened. If he’d have more guts to stand up to his father or if he’d be more strong, he could have everything. But he didn’t do that. Because he was weak. And admitting this, is hard for a person who spent all his life to be perfect, to be better than anyone else. Kihyun feels guilty.

He looks away to the door, swallows the lump in his throat.

“My father learned our relationship.” He replies, heart heavy. “I don’t know who told him. I don’t know how he learnt but he did and I… I just… I couldn’t risk your life for it.”

Changkyun doesn’t say anything. He let’s out a sigh, sad and Kihyun retreats to look at his face. Omega’s eyes are clouded with heavy thoughts.

“I’m sorry for not telling that to you but I was scared Kyun. I was young too.” Kihyun blinks back his tears, he doesn’t want to cry but it’s impossible when he remembers his young, stupid self. “I’m the alpha. I’m the stronger one but you know that’s not true. You were always the strongest among us. You still are. When I came back and see you standing on your feet with Ki… I felt so proud. I’m so proud of you Changkyun. You raised Ki so well. You did so good. You are doing so good.”

Changkyun shakes his head. “I was barely holding on Kihyun. If it wasn’t for Ki, I don’t know where I’d be.” Changkyun trails off and that familiar guilt sits on Kihyun’s chest again. He moves closer which is impossible because they are already pressed to each other but he wants to feel the younger one more, wants to be closer to him. It must have been so hard for Changkyun to go through all that years alone. It would be easier if he’d just be by himself but he also had Ki to take care of and that’s not an easy job for anyone to do. Kihyun really thinks he did great. Changkyun raised a kid alone, without having his alpha around and Kihyun only can guess what he must have gone through.

“You did so well.” Kihyun gently moves away the hair from Changkyun’s forehead. “I’m sorry for not being there. I’m sorry.”

Changkyun nods and smiles softly. “You are here now. It’s okay.” He says, melting Kihyun’s heart. He puts his left hand on Kihyun’s chin, caressing his skin.

“She looks a lot like you, you know?” Omega laughs. “She fills her cheek when she eats something like she is some kind of a squirrel. She has this crazy passion about sweet things and I can’t make her sit somewhere crowded. Everything has to be neat. She organised her clothes by color already and she is just 4 years old Kihyun.”

Kihyun laughs at the images of his daughter doing all of that. Still he can’t ignore the stinging regret for missing all that time he could spend with her. But je will be there from now on. He won’t miss any moment anymore.

Changkyun stops laughing after a while and his expression turns serious. Kihyun knows what’s coming.

“What about the marriage?” Changkyun asks, squinting his eyes.

Kihyun clears his throat before replying. “When I came back, my father wanted me to marry with an omega from an important family. They chose Minhyuk to be my spouse.”

Changkyun nods again but it’s obvious that he is angry. Even though he manages to shield his emotions very well, Kihyun knows him. Very well. 

“Um… Did you—I mean do you like him?” Changkyun asks hesitantly and if the subject was something funny, Kihyun would laugh at him but no, of course he doesn’t do that.

“No. I mean not in that way. He is a great person. Funny, handsome and he has a hotel. Multiple hotels actually but no I don’t like him. Do you remember Hyungwon?”

Changkyun burrows his eyebrows, trying to remember Hyungwon and then his eyes go wide when he recognises the name.

“The turtle looking one? Handsome but sleepy?”

“Well he is not that handsome but yeah that’s him.” Kihyun rolls his eyes. “They are dating.”

Changkyun throws him a confused look and Kihyun quickly tells him about how they met with Minhyuk and they have an agreement to give each other freedom until they find a reason to break up in a convincing way ,meanwhile Hyungwon fell in love with the crazy omega. Changkyun listens and hums from time to time until Kihyun finishes.

“So they are dating? He has nothing to do with you?”

“Yes. Just a shield.”

Changkyun purses his lips. “Great then.” He says. “I’m happy for Hyungwon.”

Kihyun snorts. “Well he is whipped, that part is certain but Minhyuk is not easy.”

“I guess.” Changkyun smiles. “Then… What is gonna happen now? Your father said you will get married in a month.” Omega says, face dropping again when he mentions about the marriage. Kihyun lifts his chin up to look into younger one’s eyes.

“I don’t care about what he said. What matters to me is you and Ki.”

Changkyun’s lips tremble. “But your family…”

Kihyun shales his head. He moves his hand to put on younger’s heart. “My family is here.”

Changkyun’s eyes get glassy and tears slowly slide from his rosy cheeks. Kihyun reaches and kiss each tear away with a caution like Changkyun can break with his every touch. He presses his lips to younger’s forehead holding his face in his hand as Changkyun holds his wrist with his hand, brushing his fingers on the skin.

“I love you Changkyun. If you accept me again, I will be the happiest person on the earth.”

Changkyun draws back, looks at him with stars in his eyes and when he nods Kihyun smiles enough to hurt his face.

The younger reaches out and places a small peck on his lips, then hides his head in the crook of Kihyun’s neck like he used to do and Kihyun smiles remembering this sweet habit he does when he is embarrassed. He feels glad that he can live the same thing again as he pulls the blanket around Changkyun more and envelopes him with his arms.

“I have a cafe by the way. Don’t forget that.” Changkyun says with a sleepy tone.

Kihyun smiles. “You have everything I need.”


Chapter Text

Changkyun feels happy. Soft. Squishy. He enjoys the warmness coming from Kihyun’s body who lies on the bed with him. The elder plays with omega’s hair and the younger shivers with elder’s every touch, relishing happily in his small gestures. Kihyun looks at him like he is seeing the universe and stars for the first time and Changkyun knows he has the same look in his eyes .

And it’s true that he sees the galaxy when he looks at the other.

They are like this since the morning. Laying on the bed lazily. Doing nothing. Just cuddling.

Sometimes Kihyun gets up to get pills and snack to Changkyun but other than that they just lie next to each other, falling asleep, waking up, smiling like idiots, kissing like teenagers, looking each others eyes without saying anything. These are small gestures but still they feel so romantic to Changkyun. Normal. Like this was what was happening since the beginning. And with that he feels more at ease. More relaxed. Since their talk in the morning, Changkyun feels more comfortable. This is what he wants. Spending all day by Kihyun’s, his lover’s side. He wants to hold his hand whenever he likes, kiss him without thinking. Just like this and knowing that this is what Kihyun wants too, makes him happy.

“What are you thinking?” The elder places a kiss on the younger’s forehead, making him giggle.

“How happy I am.” Changkyun replies with a soft smile and the elder coos internally because he looks so cute.

“I’m happy too.” Kihyun kisses his forehead again. “Your fever is gone.” He continues to caress his back. Changkyun feels so relaxed.

“Thanks to my nurse.” Changkyun grins at him and Kihyun pinches his cheek playfully. He leans in to place another kiss on younger’s forehead. Then on his temple. Another one on his slightly rose cheek and finally, one on the lips. They are soft and creamy. So sweet. Kihyun lazily kiss the other, trying to enjoy every second by taking it slow but it’s so hard when Changkyun puts his hand to his nape and pulls him more to himself. The younger tilts his head and deepens the kiss more and Kihyun complies, letting him do as he wish. He feels dizzy with just a simple kiss. Oh he missed this so much, having the omega in his arms, pressing his body against his. It feels so good.

It feels so right.

Universe may be in Changkyun’s eyes but it’s definitely not on his side because his phone rings with an annoying tone and Kihyun tries to ignore it but the younger slowly draws away with a curious look. He scoffs, hiding his face with his hands, then Kihyun realizes he is almost on top of the younger. He slumps back to the bed with an irritated look and Changkyun reaches to his phone and give it to him.

“Damn you Hyungwon. I was busy.” He says, annoyed, before he answers the call and Changkyun’s shy smile doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Hey what happened?” Kihyun asks and lies back next to the younger, pulling him to his chest.

“Thanks to Jooheon, I found Minhyuk and I’m really happy that I did because you have to see that Hyunwoo guy Kihyun.. He is big...” Hyungwon says with a worried tone and Changkyun chuckles, Kihyun knows he can hear.

“I’m glad you did. So if that’s all you say I gotta go because I have a…” Kihyun says but his friend cuts his words.

“Stop, wait. I did find him but his family called when we were talking and they had a really big fight Ki. They said something about your marriage and he just went crazy. He packed everything he had and stormed out of Hyunwoo’s house. I did run to catch up with him. We are at his house now, I mean I’m waiting in front of it. I don’t know what’s going on but for both of yours’ sake, I think you should talk with your father. You can’t keep running from it.”

Kihyun replies an okay to his friend and hangs up the phone. He drops his phone on his lap, wrapping his arms around Changkyun. He knows Hyungwon is right. He avoided his father and this mess as much as he can but apparently he can’t do that anymore. He has to solve this before it gets messier and that means he has to leave. Even though it’s for a while, he doesn’t want to do that because he promised he will not go anywhere to Changkyun.

Kihyun’s eyes shift to the omega in his arms who seems so small and fragile. Changkyun looks at him with big, round eyes and a frown on his face. Kihyun keeps looking at him and he waits for younger to do something. He heard their talk. He knows what’s going on. It’s all up to the younger because Kihyun promised him. Kihyun will just do whatever he says.

Changkyun doesn’t say anything for a while. He keeps thinking as he hugs the elder. He inhales his strong scent and let’s out a breath.

“You will be back.” He whispers to the elder’s neck and words tickle Kihyun, gives him a warm feeling. Changkyun draws back and looks at elder with scared eyes. Kihyun knows he has a lot of way to go but still it hurts him to see doubt in younger’s eyes.

“Before you know.” He smiles and places an assuring kiss on the younger’s pink lips.




When Kihyun reaches home, he doesn’t stop to talk with anybody and directly asks his father’s whereabouts to the maid and when she replies, Kihyun walks in his father’s study room with a thumping heart but a strong will.

He gets inside without knocking, his father flinches but he doesn’t move. He looks neat and well not like a person who’s son isn’t home for days.

“I hope you had your fun while you play ‘daddy’. Now since you have returned, get back to work. We have a meeting tomorrow.” The elder says without lifting his head from the papers he is reading. Kihyun’s eyes go wide with the words he hear. He feels his determination crack. His dad knew about Ki? He knew about this whole thing?

Like he read Kihyun’s mind, his father says “You think you can do anything without my knowledge?” causing the younger one shake slightly.

The elder let’s out a humorless laugh and clasps his hands in front of him. He looks at Kihyun, mocking. Belittling. It’s so familiar to Kihyun, this situation. He comes to talk with his father about something important to him and his father pretends that he listens before he sends him away. It’s always happened like this since Kihyun was a kid. But this time he is not 10. Or 17. Or 20.

“I didn’t expect anything less from you.” Kihyun clears his throat and nods his head. “You knew you had a granddaughter, yet you did nothing.”

“She is not my grand daughter. She is just some kind of a kid you had with one of your mistresses. And it’s understandable Kihyun, you were a young man after all. You did mistakes. Everyone do. But now you have to grow up. You had fun before your marriage, now get a grip and be a man.” The elder waves his hands like he is shooing a bug. Like they are talking about an unimportant matter. And that makes the anger boil inside Kihyun.

“Be careful with your words.” Kihyun hisses at his father with a disbelief. His anger starts to cloud his judgement, make him barely think straight. He runs his hand through his hair and throws a disappointed look at his father. He is insulting the love of his life, his child and expects him to continue with the marriage like nothing is happening. It’s absurd.

“Or what? What do you have to threaten me Kihyun, huh? Tell me.” His father raises his eyebrows with a dull expression. “You know I thought you were smart. I thought I raised you well but apparently you grown up to be a weak, stupid kid who can’t control his emotions and lust over some low omega slut who is not even worthy of my time to talk about him.”

Kihyun walks to his father’s table and hits the table with his fists. The pain is nothing when he feels like his heart is burning alive.

“He is the mother of my daughter. You can’t talk about him like that.” Kihyun digs his nails into the wooden table. Still trying to remain calm.

His father smirks. “You are right, I give him credit for the kid. That was a clever move. Now he has a reason to tie you up to himself for the rest of your lives. I underestimated him I admit that. But we can get rid of them, it’s no big deal.” His father snorts and Kihyun wants to punch him so bad. He grabs the collars of the elder and pulls him to himself.

“You will not touch them. Never.” He says with a cold, dead voice.

“Or what? I’m asking again what are you gonna do?”

“I will tell everyone how Mr Yoo’s son has a kid with someone he doesn’t approve. It doesn’t do any harm to me and I don’t care but I know it will bring damage to your reputation in your so called ‘high class’.” Kihyun says, smirks with a threathening look when he sees a fear flash in his father’s eyes. He pushed the right button.

Kihyun let’s go his father who slumps back to his chair and takes a few steps back. His father’s lips twitch out of anger and fear. Fear to lose his child, no. Not because of that. It’s because he is afraid that his reputation will be ruined. How pathetic, Kihyun thinks. How pitiful. Kihyun was looking up to this man, trying to be like him once. How sad that he wasted his time for something so vain.

Kihyun realizes he think too much of his father. He did afraid too much, he tried to be good and obedient too much. And it’s not worth it. Kihyun knows it’s not worth it.

When he was a kid Kihyun wished to be like those children he saw in the parks. Their fathers always run to them when they stumble but Kihyun’s father would look down at him even when he fell and say “If you stay there someone will step on you.” Then he’d turn and walk away. He never reached out to get Kihyun back on his feet. Not even once. But Kihyun worked so hard to be a son he can show off proudly. He got good grades, he studied the major his father wanted. But it was never enough for the elder. He always asked more and Kihyun did give everything he had. He even walked away from Changkyun because he had to be a good leader that his father will be proud one day. Kihyun realizes now that it was the biggest mistake that he did. He shouldn’t have let his father control his life. He knows it since the first day of college and he understand it better when he saw Changkyun in the first day he came back to Korea with a empty heart. For the first time in 5 years he felt something, he wanted to see his daughter, he wanted to be with Changkyun. He knows now that he doesn’t want to be just a puppet. A shallow shade. He wants to be himself.

Kihyun laughs angrily, knowing the elder is looking at him with an edgy expression.

“For all my life, I tried to be a son that you will be proud of but I was never enough. You always expected more when I already gave up everything. To be your perfect heir. But guess what? I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want this cold house, I don’t want this hollow greetings, I don’t want this empty place filled with bodies. You can disown me, I don’t care. Because I realised I don’t want to be like you.” Kihyun shakes his head with a bitter smile. The elder looks unfazed but Kihyun knows he is angry, all of his father’s pheremons fills the room, suffocating the younger.

His father takes out his glasses and puts it on the table in front of him. He presses his point and index finger on his temple like it’s hurting.

“I’m dissapointed in you.” The elder says with a tired tone and words hurt Kihyun more than he thought. But it’s okay. He can bear this.

“No Mr Yoo…” Kihyun says, shaking his head with a disappointment. “…I’m.

His father looks up, eyes open with surprise. He opens his mouth to say something but Kihyun doesn’t listen. “Good bye.”




Kihyun goes upstairs and gets everything he did bring from America. Everything that belongs to him. Only him. He takes some of his clothes, passport and everything else that he needs. Before he leave, he looks at the room. It looks so empty and pale. There is no happy thought in here. Well, it was never his room anyway.

He goes downstairs and hugs the maid, Seowon who holds a napkin in his hand and Kihyun can see she is crying. She pats his head a few times and smiles, no word needed, Kihyun smiles back. He goes to his car and drives to the place where he wants to be.

He goes up with the elevator and without a hesitation he knocks the door. Small pats come from inside and the door opens, showing the smiling Changkyun who greet him. Before he can say anything Changkyun pulls him inside, closing the door with his foot and he wraps his arms around his alpha.

Kihyun holds the omega tight, he let’s out a sigh. Omega’s sweet scent calms him down, Kihyun didn’t realize he was shaking but Changkyun’s little touches lifts all the pressure off from Kihyun’s chest, mind and shoulders.

“Welcome home.” Changkyun nuzzles his nose to Kihyun’s neck and Kihyun smiles hugging him more. He drops his head on Changkyun’s shoulders with a smile.

“I’m home.” 

Chapter Text

There are two things on Kihyun’s mind when he sits on the comfortable chair with a vegetable soup in front of him. First, this soup tastes really good and second how natural all this feels. Changkyun sits across him and drinks his own soup, stealing glances from the alpha in every two seconds and smiles when their gazes meet. Kihyun softly rubs Changkyun’s right hand that he holds on the table and coos internally at the rose color of Changkyun’s cheek that stays there as they eat.

Kihyun told Changkyun about the conversation he had with his father and held his hand when the younger heard what he said about himself and his kid. Kihyun didn't want to tell that parts but Changkyun insisted and Kihyun promised that he will never lie so he told everything. He also promised that he will always be there now and younger smiled at him with a shy but happy look on his face. Changkyun was hurt with the words he heard and he was sad. Still he was happy now that Kihyun made his mind. After that Kihyun told everything Changkyun ushered him to go chance, put his stuff wherever he wants saying that he will do dinner for them. Soup to be exact. Not caring about the subject and leaving it for another time. They have all the time in the world now after all.

Kihyun is drinking his second bowl for soup. It is good, contrary to Kihyun’s guess. Changkyun really did improve due to his cafe, he guesses.

“I talked with Hoseok. He told me you talked with him yesterday.” The younger says with a little hesitation in his voice. Kihyun notices that and smiles as he takes another spoon from his almost empty bowl.

“Yeah he called when you were sleeping and I answered. I’m sorry for doing that but I figured you took Ki and went to him and he must have been worried because you didn’t go back.” Kihyun says with an apologetic face. He feels sorry for answering the phone without telling the younger because it’s Changkyun’s privacy but he also didn’t want to worry the other guy.

“I understand, it’s okay. As long as you didn’t look at my messages.” Changkyun winks at him, clearly he is not bothered. Kihyun rolls his eyes with a smile. Tease.

“I told him that you were sick and won’t be able to go back for a while. Then he let me talk with Ki.” Kihyun smiles when he remembers how excited his daughter sounded when he heard Kihyun’s voice. She said she missed him and Kihyun really wanted to see her too after all that time he couldn’t. He said they will see each other soon, she should wait and she made him promise. It was such a cute conversation.

“I talked with her today.” Changkyun says with a frown. He presses his palms to his eyes. “Oh god I miss Ki. We have never been apart since the day she did born.”

Changkyun feels his heart swells. really misses Ki and he wants to see his daughter. He asked Hoseok to take care of her one more day because he didn’t know if Kihyun would comeback or not. And Changkyun wanted to wait for him.

Kihyun reaches to omega and lowers his hands from his face. Changkyun looks at him with a pout. Cute.

“We’ll go see her tomorrow okay?” Kihyun smiles as Changkyun takes a deep breath and nods.

“By the way I loved this soup. It’s the best soup I have ever had.” Kihyun gestures the empty bowl, showing he ate everything and Changkyun’s face lights up.

“You improved so much since college.” Kihyun tilts his head with a smirk and the younger draws his hand back immediately with an angry look on his face.

“Some of us are not natural when it comes to cooking okay?” Changkyun gets up and takes the plates to put them in sink with an attitude and Kihyun laughs at his cute, annoyed gestures.

Changkyun doesn’t look back at him when he rinses the plates so Kihyun gets up and offers help but Changkyun hits his hand- ouch- so he just leans to the counter and watches the younger do the dishes.

“I’m sorry. I was just teasing.” He laughs and pokes the other one but when he gets no response he pokes more, eventually hugs omega’s back when he finishes. Changkyun doesn’t shrug him off but he doesn’t lean to him either so Kihyun tightens his hold and blows air to his exposed nape. When a small voice escapes from the younger’s lips he smirks. Kihyun leans in, blowing once more before he places a kiss next to younger’s ear.

 And another kiss to the curve of his neck.

Then another.

Kihyun can feel the other one is relaxing slowly and that stupid stubborness fades away. Changkyun throws his head back, exposing more of his skin for Kihyun to reach and Kihyun kisses every bit he can until it’s not enough. He slowly turns the omega around and looks into his eyes. He cups younger’s face and brushes his fingers on his blushed cheekbones. Already knowing the answer by the heavy sweet, intoxicating smell in the air, he still asks.

“Can I?” Kihyun asks, looking Changkyun’s eyes. His heart skips a few beat when Changkyun swallows thickly. When the younger nods, pulling Kihyun’s shirt, he doesn’t wait a second to press his lips on younger’s soft ones. Kihyun kisses him gently, tasting Changkyun’s lips slowly. They are sweet and salty because of the soup. And deadly.

Kihyun presses himself on him more until Changkyun’s back hits the sink and he licks younger’s bottom lip with hunger. Changkyun parts his lips and lets him in. A low growl rises from Kihyun’s chest when he slips his tongue inside the other one’s lips. He explores the younger’s mouth with great pleasure and every silenced moan sends a bolt in his dick. Changkyun grabs his shoulders and pulls him more onto himself as they kiss, letting small voices escaping from his lips.

This all feels so much to Kihyun. He feels like his body is on fire and he wants to do so much more, kissing is not enough. He wants to feel the other one, touch him more.

He breaks the kiss and presses his forehead on younger’s who is breathless as he is. The sugary air is so thick, Kihyun thinks he can faint because of it. He looks at omega’s glassy eyes. Changkyun looks dazed with just a simple kiss. He looks wrecked. Just like Kihyun.

Kihyun wants him. He wants to be with Changkyun, be his.

“Baby can I?” He touches his cheek and younger leans into his warm palm. “Will you be mine again?” He places a kiss on younger’s nose who nods slowly and Kihyun holds him up in his arm, Changkyun wraps his legs around him on the way to the bedroom.

Kihyun slowly places the omega on bed and before he can do anything Changkyun pulls him for another kiss. Kihyun kisses his already puffy lips and then moves to his jaw. He remembers a soft spot behind Changkyun’s ear and when he hears a soft “Ah” as he slowly bites that spot, he knows he remembers right. He feels younger’s hand on his shirt and he draws back to take it off, taking off his pant as well. He reaches to pull the other one’s sweatshirt but halts for a second when he feels Changkyun’s hand on his, he can see the younger is a little uneasy. Kihyun knows he is uncomfortable with himself, he was always like this but they did overcome it after spending so much time together. But again it was back then. Now Kihyun can understand why he feels like that again because this, the position they are in is so familiar but it also feels strange. Like the first time.

Kihyun wants to make him feel good. He wants Changkyun to be happy. He wants to tell him that he is most beautiful thing Kihyun ever laid eyes on. He wants to shower Changkyun with every beautiful word he deserves to hear. Kihyun captures omega’s lips with a sloppy but sweet kiss, hoping he can convey these raw emotions to his omega. When he feels breathless he draws back a little and look at the younger.

“Let me see you again.” He cards the younger’s hair slowly and younger shiver under his small gesture so he let’s go Kihyun’s hand.

Kihyun slowly takes his sweatshirt and pulls his pants too. He sits up for a while admiring the milky skin in front of his eyes. He is skinnier than last time but his body is always perfect.  Under all that clothes Changkyun always hides how beautiful he is and Kihyun feels so blessed to be able to witness it.

Changkyun’s lips curve up with shyness as he covers his face with giggle.

“What are you doing? Admiring the view?” He asks with a smirk.

“Yes. That’s exactly what I do.” Kihyun replies and leans in, placing kisses on the younger's torso. He slides his hands through his sides and presses soft kisses all over Changkyun’s chest, latching onto his soft pink skin and suck it enough to leave bruises. He feels content by hearing the moans of Changkyun get higher each passing second. He places his hand on Changkyun’s clothed member, slowly strokes it and Changkyun squirms under his touch.

“Ki… please…” Younger pleads with his every stroke. “Alpha please…”

“Shush baby. I got you. I got you.” Kihyun says in a low tone.

He tugs the younger’s underwear, keeping their eyes locked on each other’s as Changkyun hooks his fingers into his waistband, raises his hips, slides his boxers down past his hips and let his cock spring free. The sight alone makes Kihyun’s dick harder and he doesn’t waste any time when Changkyun gives him lube. He takes of his underwear as well and he smears strawberry flavoured lube on his fingers, warms them up before he pour some on the younger’s already wet hole and press his digit at the entrance.

“Try to relax okay?” He tells and slowly pushes his finger into the tight hole. It feels so good to him but Changkyun presses his head into pillow and takes shallow breaths.

“Hey.” Kihyun reaches up and kisses him to distract him and it works so he moves his finger, opening up the younger. After some time he adds the second finger in as he continues to leave bruises on younger’s milky skin while he stretches. He draws back to look at he purple and pink spots he left on Changkyun’s body and feels proud to be honest. Kihyun is always a possessive person and call him weird but he feels happy.

Changkyun loosens up around his fingers, he tries to move more and Kihyun knows two digits doesn’t feel enough. He also knows that the younger reached his limits some time ago. He pulls his fingers out and younger whines at the lose. Kihyun pours some lube on his palm and covers his own cock with it. He feels so good as he grabs the other one’s thighs placing himself between.

“Ki… please, alpha please…” Changkyun is breathless and he begs constantly before Kihyun slowly pushes in. When he is all in he can swear he see the stars because Changkyun feels so warm and so tight, clenching around Kihyun and almost causing him to lose all his senses. Kihyun resists his urges to move and he waits as he peppers the other one’s face with small kisses to help him relax.

He kisses his lips, cheek, neck, chest, anywhere he can find and when Changkyun takes a deep breath and nods, Kihyun starts to move slowly but with force and he kisses the other one’s again, slowly and savours the whines and moans try to escape from younger’s perfect lips. He moves more and he knows he found the sweet spot when he slightly changed the angle and the other one almost cry out.

“Ki oh my god! Yes! Ah you are so good…” Changkyun digs his nails to Kihyun’s shoulders, leaving scratches on his back. Kihyun buries his face into Changkyun’s neck, thrusting into him quicker – even though he wants to keep it slow, wants to drag out this sweet, blessed moment for as long as possible.

Kihyun rolls his hips, hitting that spot over and over again making the other one let out long whines that can be heard from the other block.

Changkyun’s eyes are half-open, his lips are swollen and pink, his body is covered with Kihyun’s bruises and kisses. He looks perfect. He just looks perfect.

“I love you.” Kihyun whispers as he pounds in him and Changkyun pulls his hairs to kiss his mouth. The younger kisses so tenderly and sweet, making Kihyun’s heart swell with all kind of emotions. He loves Changkyun, oh god he loves him so much.

When Kihyun starts to feel his knot swells more he drops his head on Changkyun’s shoulder where his mating mark stays. The scar looks faded and new at the same time, maybe because it feels Kihyun’s presence. Feeling that it’s alpha is there. This proves that Changkyun is his, his mate.

Kihyun licks the scar, Changkyun moans loudly digging his heels into Kihyun’s back more and that’s enough for Kihyun to break free. He comes in Changkyun’s hole, filling it up and Changkyun comes untouched when he feels the hotness hitting his walls.  Kihyun strokes him until he let’s everything out and collapses on top of him.

He feels so tired but he places another kiss on the mark and moves his head to look at the younger’s eyes that lights dances in.

“Mine. You are mine.” He says, pulling up himself and kisses the other one slowly, savoring his lips. Changkyun’s breath mixes his, he pants in his mouth with heavy lidded eyes.

“Yours.” Changkyun replies. “Only yours.”

Chapter Text

The morning comes late.

It’s warm. It's slow. It's perfect.

You know when you want to go to the amusement park and your parents say they will take you if you behave well. So you count the days until they really take you and when you get inside of that magical land, you don’t wanna get out.

That’s how Kihyun feels.

He doesn’t want to leave this small bed. Maybe it’s stupid but this is his happy place for the first time in five years. It’s not double sized but it’s a bit big for one person. Blankets are fluffy, pillows are comfortable. And most importantly Kihyun is laying on it with Changkyun who is pressed to him, sleeping silently with a peaceful aura lingering in the air. His face is buried in Kihyun’s neck and with his every breath, Kihyun feels a tug inside his chest.

It’s so casual and normal.

Kihyun watches him like he always do that. It’s addictive.

Changkyun moves a little after a while. Kihyun doesn’t know since when he is watching the younger. Omega opens his eyes slowly with a smile on his face. He places a kiss on Kihyun’s chest before he puts his chin on it.

“Good morning.”

Kihyun steals a kiss from the younger who giggles at him. “If we’ll wake up like this for the rest of our lives then yeah, it is a good morning.”

“Oh…” Changkyun hides his face for a second and then he lifts it again. This time he leans and places a kiss on the elder’s lips, staying longer on them.

Changkyun’s lips taste like cotton candy and his smell is sugary. He presses himself on Kihyun more, holding Kihyun’s nape and pulling him on himself. Kihyun’s ribs knows this feeling, his inner alpha knows what’s going on so he moves with his instincts. He licks Changkyun’s lips, asking for permission and the younger parts his lips letting him like he always do. They kiss long, they kiss short and each second the kiss becomes more desperate.

“I need…” Changkyun mewls between his sloppy moves. He slides his hand on Kihyun’s body. He kisses Kihyun with more force like he can’t just stop. That’s good because Kihyun doesn’t want to stop either because Changkyun’s sugary scent gets thicker and thicker, making Kihyun’s mind spin like crazy.

For all his life Kihyun never felt addicted to anything. Not alcohol not cigarette but Changkyun’s scent is the only thing that he wants to have until his last breath.


Changkyun whispers under him with need. He whimpers, kissing and biting Kihyun’s lips wrapping his legs around him to bring him closer. He digs his nails on Kihyun’s shoulders, leaving crescent marks. Kihyun kisses his jaw line, tracing down to his neck.

“I think…” The younger whispers. “I think I’m going into heat. I guess that’s why I was weak for a few days.” He lets out a moan when Kihyun bites the skin on his neck.

The elder hums slightly. He already realized that the younger is having his heat when he felt dizzy with the scent. For a second he thought what to do but his alpha instinct took over immediately because it’s okay. He knows what to do. His omega needs him. He is here now.

“I- I need my pills…” Changkyun says but elder silences him with a long kiss.

“It’s okay.” He kisses the younger’s forehead and presses his forehead on it. “It’s okay, I’m here now. I will take good care of you.”

Changkyun let’s out a shaky breath as Kihyun place a peck on his cheek. “I’m here now.”

He places a finger on the younger’s already wet hole and presses it in as he kisses Changkyun’s delicious lips. The younger moans into his mouth, the sound vibrates every bone in Kihyun’s body. He moves his finger and adds another one after a while when Changkyun moves against him, opening the younger with fast moves because he knows the other one needs that quickly.

Changkyun mouths his neck, earning a growl from Kihyun who is drunk with his smell. He feels desperate, he needs a release right away and Kihyun knows he is in pain, the younger’s eyebrows are pulled together no matter how hard he tries to hold his posture. He slides his hand on Kihyun’s side, giving chills and pleasure to Kihyun. Even though he is the one who feels the pain, Changkyun still tries to make Kihyun happy. Kihyun’s heart melts at the younger’s touches and he tries to pull away to get condom but younger doesn’t let him go.

“No. No don’t go.” He wraps his arms around Kihyun and pulls him more. “I’m okay. Just please…” He begs and Kihyun stays on his place. He quickly adjust his position as he can- more accurately as the younger let’s him and pushes himself in slowly. He holds his breath for a moment because Changkyun is still so tight despite the self-lubrication that his body produce and Kihyun’s preparations. His walls wraps around Kihyun’s dick so deliciously.

Kihyun starts to move quick and hard, trying to give the release that younger needs desperately and getting lost in the sensation himself. He pulls himself back and pushes deep, ripping a great moan from the younger’s mouth. He quickly covers it with his lips, kissing him sloppily as he moves. He doesn’t know what the younger say between kisses and moans but he knows. Also he knows his knot swells more with each movement and he knows the younger is about to come when his breaths shortens.

“Ki… Oh my god please…” The younger pulls him more- if that’s possible. “Alpha please…” He pants, mouthing Kihyun’s left shoulder.

Kihyun wraps his fingers around the younger’s dick, moving his hands fast and with a few strokes Changkyun spills hot between them. Kihyun moves during his orgasm and spills himself too, filling the younger hot.

He slowly pulls out, trying not to touch the younger a lot because he is sensitive and lays next to him. He is breathless. His heart beats at his ears with big thumps as he looks at the younger.

Changkyun’s eyes are closed, there is a big smile on his face and his deep dimples are saying hello from his pink cheeks. Kihyun reaches and pulls the strands slicked with sweat away from his forehead and leans, placing a kiss on it.

Changkyun giggles. “Wow I missed you being here during my heat.”

“I missed you too.” Kihyun smiles at him, stealing a peck from the younger’s swollen lips.

Changkyun opens his eyes, looking deep into Kihyun’s brown orbits and he pulls the elder to give him a kiss. However he doesn’t break the kiss and again pulls the elder more and elder giggles at his gesture.

Kihyun looks at him with a laugh before he continues to move his lips.





Kihyun is taking his shirt off to throw it into laundry when he spots the pout on the younger’s lips who looks at him from the door. Kihyun tilts his head, curious when Changkyun drums his fingers on the wood. Omega comes in a few seconds later, hugging him from behind and he starts to place kisses on his shoulders. Kihyun giggles at how clingy he is. He turns around grabbing Changkyun’s hand and runs to the bedroom.




“But you can’t do that!” Changkyun whines and pouts when Kihyun sucks a cherry tomato.




“Please.” Changkyun whispers and nibbles with Kihyun’s neck, arms are wrapped around his torso as he practically sits on Kihyun.

“Hyungwon…” Kihyun tries to not moan, trying very hard to hold his voice steady. “I’m glad that you guys are okay. See you later.” He throws the phone away and pulls Changkyun under him.




“You didn’t bite here.” Changkyun shows his lower abdomen with a frown and throws himself on Kihyun who is sure he did bite there. At least the purple mark says that but who cares. Right?




~5 days later~


Changkyun looks at his fingers intertwined with Kihyun’s and smiles as they approach Hoseok’s apartment. His feet are quick to go and see their daughter but also he wants to cherish the newly arrived spring air and little bubbling feelings in his chest.

He shakes their hands between them as they walk and the elder giggles, making Changkyun’s heart skip a beat.


Last week was great because they re-opened their unfinished book and started to write a new chapter.

This morning was great because he woke up pressed to the elder who look more beautiful than any sunsets.

Now is great because he can make Kihyun giggle and see sprinkles in his eyes even they do such a casual thing like walk hand-in-hand.

Everything is great.

And everything will be better once they meet with Ki.

They step up the stairs and ring the bell. The door opens and Changkyun smiles at his friend Hoseok who looks so good even though it’s early in the morning. He is wearing an apron on a track suit. The spatula in his hand shows that he was making breakfast.

He looks at Changkyun and Kihyun next to him before he says,

“Welcome.” He smiles.

Changkyun is reluctant to hug him like he always does to greet him since Kihyun is with him so he just smiles and says “Hi. So... Um… Is Ki up?” He glances inside and sees the tv is on and a cartoon is playing.

“Yes she is. She kept asking about you for the whole week. And you know I had to come up with something so I told her that you were out of town.” Hoseok says moving from the door and let them in. Thankfully he is a great friend and pretends he doesn’t see Changkyun’s tomato face. Changkyun messaged him in a moment of sanity to explain things and Hoseok being the sweetest friend, he didn’t ask much and said he will just look out for Ki.

“Princess, your mom is here!” Hoseok yells and Changkyun hears little pats on the floor before he kneels down. He quickly gets on his knees and when he see the little girl he just opens his arms widely.

“Ki! Baby!!” Changkyun wraps his arms around the little girl who jump on him happily. “Oww baby girl I missed you!!” He peppers the little girl’s face with kisses as Ki giggles.

Since the day she was born Changkyun and Ki are always together. Being with Kihyun is amazing of course, he wished that for a long time but Changkyun is a mother and he missed his child a lot.

“Mommy!! I missed you too!” Ki pets Changkyun’s head like he is the little one and kisses his cheeks, squishing them with his small palms. Changkyun feels the feather like touches on his cheeks and smiles widely, shaking his body to the left and right with the Ki in his arms.

He breaks the hug and looks at the little girl who smiles huge. Changkyun pinches her cheek and gestures Kihyun who is standing behind them watching the scene with crescent eyes. His heart can’t swell anymore if you ask Kihyun because this moment is more precious than every jewel in the world. The big happiness on Ki’s face when Changkyun smiles and says “Look who is here.”

Ki’s eyes go wide as she jumps on Kihyun with a big scream.


Kihyun smiles and catches her with a chuckle. He missed Ki a lot and since he couldn’t see her for a few days, he feels so relieved to have her with him now.

He shakes Ki in his arm and hugs her really tight when she kisses his cheeks like she did with Changkyun. Kihyun hugs her more.

“Thank you for taking care of her Hoseok hyung.” Changkyun gets up smiling.

Hoseok shakes his head like it’s nothing and Changkyun knows it’s nothing. He loves to spend time with Ki. “You know I love her.”

“Yeah I do.” Changkyun pauses, nodding his head. “Thank you for doing that. She is lucky to have you.” He hugs the elder and Kihyun eyes them, feeling a different aura between them. He doesn’t say anything because it doesn’t matter. Changkyun is his and also he is grateful to Hoseok too.

“So…” Hoseok clasps his hands when they part. “Come on in, let’s have breakfast.”

“Thank you for your offer but it would be better if we leave.” Changkyun throws him an apologetic smile.

“Of course. As you wish.” Hoseok smiles back. “You know that I’m always here.”

Changkyun nods with a smile, turning on his tracks. Hoseok hugs Ki and pats her head.

“See you later princess.” Ki gives a loud kiss on his cheek and nods sweetly.

Changkyun holds Ki’s one hand as Kihyun holds the other. They say bye to Hoseok who waves at them and start to walk back to the apartment.

The weather feels warmer and the colors of the sky, trees, streets even the walls are more vivid. Changkyun finds everything more lively. The birds chirp more loud and beautiful, the flowers are blooming widely. Spring is coming.

Ki tells them about everything she did for the past 6 days. Hoseok took her to the cafe with him- thankfully he took care of the cafe. Another think for Changkyun to feel grateful to his friend. They went to the grocery shop and Hoseok tried to bake cookies to her. They watched movies and Hoseok cried.

“And yesterday I painted a big whale and a small turtle daddy. A big one. A biggest!” Ki says enthusiastically as she practically bounce on her feet as they walk. Kihyun can’t just stop smiling at her cuteness. It’s impossible to stop.

“Bigger.” Changkyun corrects her with a smile.

They come in front of the apartment and Ki stops with a sad look on her face.

Kihyun scouts down and holds her face between his palms.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

Ki sniffs. “I don’t want you to go.” Her lips tremble.

Kihyun let’s out a small chuckle, pulling her into his embrace. He pats her head and kisses her temple. How can she be so sweet?

“Baby I won’t.” He nods at the girl who blinks her eyes. “I’m with you now.” He says as he pinches the little girl’s cheeks. Ki’s face lighten up and her sad expression vanishes with a big smile. She looks at Changkyun who smiles and nod her, reaching out his hand and holding Kihyun’s who hold Ki in his arms.

“Let’s go home.”

Chapter Text

“…then I told him that I like mint choco and strawberry.” Ki walks to the kitchen table, holding a plate with both of her hands. She wears pink skirt with a beige top. Her ponytail jumps from left to right. She looks so adorable.

“Did you now?” Kihyun asks with an amused expression. He is slicing tomatoes and checking Ki at the same time. He is doing a pretty good job if you ask Changkyun.

“Yes.” Ki walks towards him and opens her hands for Kihyun to give her the salami plate and she places it on the table carefully again. “Daddy do you like strawberry?” She asks, climbing on the chair.

“Yes baby I love strawberry.” Kihyun says, flipping the hamcake like a chef. Ki watches him walking around with stars in her eyes and frankly Changkyun is in the same state too. He adores the way Kihyun float around the kitchen. He was always better than Changkyun at cooking anyway, that part is still true. It’s just watching him comfortably walk around in the room makes Changkyun happy. Kihyun memorized what is where at the day 2 because he has a very good memory and he is the most organised person Changkyun ever met.

Kihyun takes a quick glance to Changkyun who sits on the couch and watches them with a smile on his face, a book in his hand. “Your mom like it too. I guess it’s a family thing.”

Changkyun’s smile gets bigger and his cheeks blush with the word.


Yes, that’s what they are now. Something Changkyun thought they could never be. Once he thought everything was over and he could never have the only thing he ever wanted but life is strange. It is full of surprises. One day the world crumbles on you, crushing your bones, your soul and the other day you can’t describe how happy you are because people will think you are crazy if you try.

It’s been six weeks since Kihyun moved in with them and Changkyun doesn’t remember a time span that he felt more happy. It’s like somebody keeps giving him happy pills, he can’t brush off the silly smile on his face. It’s weird, having his alpha in the house but also it’s so easy to adjust. Kihyun moves in the house like he was there for years. He knows every object’s place and house rules and he acts according to them. Well not always though. Changkyun has some strict rules for Ki and Kihyun knows them but sometimes he just ignores. Letting Ki rebel. Maybe it’s because he knows that Changkyun can’t bring himself to scold them. Like two days ago when he caught Ki and Kihyun eating ice cream at 3 am. It was a school night and Kihyun was going to meet with his friend Hyungwon early in the morning. So they should be sleeping but there they were, giggling on the couch with a half-eaten ice cream cup. Changkyun woke up because of their sounds and followed the voices with sleepy eyes. Kihyun was munching the choco ice cream with Ki who sits next to him. Her face was covered with ice cream. When Kihyun’s eyes landed on Changkyun- he probably smelled his scent because his expression started to show regret before he turned his head- he slowly put down his spoon and smiled at him, thinking he won’t get angry. He could get away if he looks adorable. And he was right because Changkyun couldn’t just scold them but instead he joined them at the couch. In the morning they were all sleepy, barely eating anything. Ki who was sleeping on the breakfast table, included.

Ki tells Kihyun what they will do at the school today, holding her face in between her tiny hands, elbows resting on the table. Kihyun places the last hamcake on the plate and puts it on the table. He smiles at Changkyun and honestly Changkyun can just stare at this scene until his atoms dissolve.

Changkyun thought he could never be happy after Kihyun left and he was happy after Ki was born but this? This is everything he ever wants.

“Breakfast is ready princess.” Kihyun kisses Ki’s head and reaches out Changkyun’s hand to pull him to the table. “Your head is stil dizzy?”

Changkyun shakes his head. He feels weird for a few days and this morning he felt really dizzy when he woke up. Kihyun said he should go to the hospital but Changkyun thought it must be the weather, he will be okay.

“I’m better.” Changkyun smiles and gets up holding Kihyun’s hand, sits next to him. Kihyun puts hamcakes, olive, tomato, cheese to their table and Changkyun wonders if Kihyun can see the stars shining through his eyes. Clearly Kihyun is aware of that because he doesn’t hide his smirk and winks at Changkyun.

Changkyun giggles, starting to eat after Kihyun is done.

“Daddy are you gonna see uncle Hyungwon today too?” Ki asks, picking up her fork.

Kihyun nods slowly, taking a sip from his tea. “I will sweetheart. You know I have to go to work.” He says with a honey-like voice. “But I will come back with uncle Minhyuk. I heard he missed you.”

Ki’s face light up with the name and she nods excitedly. “I missed him too!! Please bring him daddy please!! Only he plays princess game with me, I love him!” Ki clings Kihyun’s arm like a koala and shakes it happily.

Changkyun laughs at his daughter’s excitement but he can understand why. He met Minhyuk a week after they settled and Changkyun felt really… jealous. At first. Minhyuk was an easygoing and beautiful person. Kihyun could easily fall for him if he had any intention. Changkyun felt like he was threathened by the other omega’s presence but all these thoughts vanished the moment Hyungwon came into the picture. Changkyun could swear that he saw the glimmers in Minhyuk’s eyes. He realized there was nothing to be afraid of. After that they become friends. Minhyuk calls Changkyun sometimes, visits him during lunch times. He acts like Changkyun is his little brother which Changkyun feels really happy to be seen like that. Besides Minhyuk really gets along well with Ki. When he and Hyungwon come by to the house, he prefers to play with Ki instead of talking business with others and Ki too loves him so much. She even introduced Minhyuk to her secret imaginary best friend Monbebe and that speaks a lot to Changkyun because only Hoseok was trustworthy enough to meet with Monbebe in Ki’s opinion. But she introduced her most favorite friend to Minhyuk after three weeks they met, so yeah that’s a big sign for Changkyun to trust him.

Kihyun pats Ki’s head with a smile on his face and no matter how many times Changkyun sees that, his smile pours something warm inside Changkyun’s body. Like he is drinking a hot coffee or milk and he can feel as the liquid goes down, leaving small, soft but strong traces. That kind of a feeling.

Changkyun was in love before. Kihyun was his everything and Changkyun thought he couldn’t be more happier as long as Kihyun lay right next to him, holding the younger close but this, this gives a different kind of bubbles to burst in Changkyun’s heart.

Love, it is there and it fills up the biggest part of his heart but also being together, the feeling of belonging to each other and being able to live it without any fear is something remarkable.

Changkyun feels like he is living a dream for the past 6 weeks. Kihyun was there all the time, dropping Ki to school and picking her up after that, walking around in the parks with Changkyun, hand in hand. Without hiding. Spending every possible hour together.

Hoseok was the one who deal with the cafe mostly during this adjustment days. He said he wants to give some time to Kihyun and Changkyun. Changkyun said it’s okay but Hoseok shook his head, very firmly and said he can deal with business, Changkyun should spend time with his alpha. Changkyun feels really grateful to him for being so considerate because sometimes Hoseok picked Ki from school and Kihyun stayed home with Changkyun. The life at home is going great so far.

As for the business, 2 weeks ago Hyungwon called Kihyun to talk. He had an idea and wanted to ask Kihyun if he wants to join him. Since then, they meet almost on a daily base to talk about that idea. Even though Kihyun did leave his house, he still has shares at his father’s companies. And he has shares at Hyungwon’s make-up brand and Minhyuk’s hotels as well. Kihyun wanted to give up on them or give them back to Minhyuk and Hyungwon but they refused, saying he will need money since he has a family to feed now.

“I will take my unicorn plushie to school!” Ki jumps from her seat, running to her room.

“Ki baby—“ Changkyun starts but Kihyun interrupts him.

“Let her take it. She loves that so much.” Kihyun chuckles. Changkyun loves when he does that.

“I will go to the cafe today. Hoseok hyung is taking care of it for weeks. He should take a break.” Changkyun bites his toast, swallowing the piece. Kihyun should be a chef because it is delicious.

Kihyun lifts his eyebrows. “Do you feel okay? You are not well lately. You started to wake up a lot during night.” He reaches and holds Changkyun’s hand in a concerning way.

Changkyun thinks for a second before he nods. “I feel okay don’t worry.” He throws a smile to the elder.

Kihyun brushes his fingers on his hand, he finishes his coffee. “Okay then I’ll pick you up after work.”

Changkyun smiles and Kihyun gets up, putting his plate into the sink.

“Ki honey come on, we’ll be late!”

Ki comes running and jumps on Changkyun, giving a loud kiss on his cheek and goes to door. Kihyun helps her put on her shoes, letting her go outside and steals a kiss from Changkyun who grins sheepishly.

“See you later.”

Changkyun smiles and waves after them. “Have a good day!”




“We are closing.” Changkyun calls out to the person who just came in. It’s late, closing time is already passed and to be honest Changkyun can’t deal with another customer. All day long he run around in the cafe and couldn’t fşnd a chance to take a break properly. Hoseok had some business so Changkyun sent him off, saying he can deal with the customers but it was a little hard. Maybe it’s because he worked a lot after a long break. It’s just he feels really drained.

The bell rings still as Changkyun goes to the main hall to talk with the person. It’s a woman with fine clothes. Her hair is neatly done and her black dress looks elegant. Expensive. She has sharp eyes like she can see everything even behind the doors and her face looks familiar to Changkyun. He knows her.

His heart starts to get louder. Changkyun knows he is shaking, he just hopes he doesn’t show it that much.

“Ms Yoo.” He swallows when woman turns to face him properly. Kihyun looks a lot like his mother, Changkyun knows that from the pictures but she looks younger than her age, something he didn’t realize from photos. And she looks cold. That, is something Changkyun realized from the photos. Changkyun could have admired her features in another day but the time, place and the condition are inappropriate. Woman has an indifferent expression but still Changkyun can sense the unpleasant feelings float around her. She eyes Changkyun from top to bottom 3 times without talking and Changkyun feels really disturbed. There is a big urge in him to run and hide in the kitchen but he doesn’t move. He can’t move.

She let’s out a huff eventually, her lips turn up with a mocking way.

“I see you didn’t stall.”

Changkyun looks at her with a puzzled face. He doesn’t know what she means and wants to ask her but his mind goes blank in seconds. He opens his mouth to say something but unable to do so when woman holds her hand up to silence him.

“Save it. I don’t care about what you say. I already know what vain words will leave your mouth but you don’t know what I will say to you.” She takes a step towards Changkyun who gripped the plate in his hand tightly.

“It’s been 7 weeks since my precious son left home and started to live with… you.” Her expression is cold. “You must have think this is okay for you but it’s not okay for me or for my family. Kihyun is my only son and I didn’t raise him for his bright future to be stolen by some wench and his kids.” She spits words like fire. Changkyun is too frozen to react, it’s pathetic but he can’t fantom the things she says. “I’m not here to give you money or ask you to leave him that’s too cliche. Besides I don’t need to do that since he will come back home one day when he realizes his mistake.”

Changkyun blinks a few times as the words register inside his brain. His head starts to hurt. His stomach clenches with shock and he swallows hard before he speaks.

“Kihyun loves me. He loves our daughter. I didn’t force him to be with me. He chose this.” He replies. For his surprise he doesn’t stutter. He is really glad that he didn’t.

“Oh really?” Ms Yoo laughs but Changkyun knows it’s fake to mock him like he is a child who believes in imaginary things. Woman shakes her head. “No. I don’t think so. He left you once because he wanted to keep what he had. The money, company, the elegant society he lives in, his reputation. Do you think he won’t leave you again? Are you that naive?”

“I’m not naive. He will not leave again.” Changkyun shakes his head in denial. Kihyun said he will never go and he kept his promise until today. Changkyun believes in him.

“Why? Because of the kids? It doesn’t matter to me but if he wants, we can take them. You may be naive but you are not stupid. You know how powerful and rich my family is. We have the best lawyers in the country.” She takes another step towards Changkyun in an intimidating way and damn it works because Changkyun knows that he physically shivers.

The woman is really scary and for a second Ms Yoo gets Changkyun. He feels the desperate situation he can be in if what she tells will become real. Changkyun thinks he can’t see Ki ever again or Kihyun. They will be out of his reach. Even the idea of this horrible threat is fearful. Changkyun knows he is about to cry but he has to hold his posture and stand up straight because he can’t let this family touch his kid. No matter what.

“You will not touch my daughter. Do you understand me?” This time Changkyun takes a step towards the old lady and caught her off guarded or he thinks like that when he sees a moment of confusion on the woman’s face. Of course it’s guarded by her stoic face in a blink. But like she has Kihyun, Changkyun has Ki and he will do everything to keep his daughter safe. He knows the woman is desperate to take her child back but then again it’s Kihyun’s decision. It was always his. And Changkyun knows what he wants. He wants to be happy. He wants to have his family, together. Now.

“As I said before I didn’t force your son to be with me, he chose to do this. I couldn’t make him stay last time. What makes you think I force him to do so now?” He asks and continues without waiting a reply. “Do you want to know why he stayed? Because you and Mr Yoo are terrible parents. You always wanted him to go to the way in the direction you pull his strings but he decided to cut them and you didn’t like it. Please understand that this is not my choice, it’s his. You can’t get anywhere by threatening me. So go now and please don’t ever come back unless you want to know your granddaughter.” His heart beats at his ears when he waits for Ms Yoo to do something. It feels like weeks until her expression turns from cold to slightly amused. She takes a step back and shakes her head.

“One day when you and your little family won’t be enough for Kihyun. He will realize this was a mistake. And I will wait for him to comeback.” She says and leaves the cafe without turning back.

The door bell rings after Ms Yoo and Changkyun doesn’t know when he did sit down on the ground. Did he fall? Or did he just simply sit? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because the fear and tension of the conversation hits Changkyun right after the heat of the moment. He feels like a loose break. He laughs and sobs, pulling his legs towards his chest, wrapping his arms around them. He didn’t expect to see Kihyun’s mother in person. Not in this moment anyway. The conversation was horrible because the woman managed to plant fear in Changkyun’s fragile heart and gave him possible future scenarios. And they are not even unreasonable.

What if Kihyun decides to go away again? Maybe one day he will decide that he doesn’t want this life and he will leave again. This can happen. But the worst part is that Changkyun knows if he goes, Kihyun can take Ki with him because Ms Yoo was right. Her family is really powerful. Changkyun doesn’t want that to happen. He doesn’t want to lose the best thing he has right now. He can’t bear that. Besides Kihyun promised him. Kihyun promised and no matter how stupid it is, Changkyun believes him.

He replays the conversation in his head, remembering the things he said. He answered better than he could think. The things he said to the elder were brave, things he thought he wouldn’t say on another time. That’s why he feels proud. His heart thumps with every breathe he takes and starts to calm down slowly.

How weird is that? He laughs and cries at the same time. He feels proud and scared.

And he broke the plate.

Changkyun realizes he broke the plate when he sat down and it looks a lot like a reference to him right now. He have the pieces, he can collect and put them together. He takes the pieces one by one, picking them up but his eyes are still watery that’s why he can’t see the sharp edge and cuts his finger. He drops the pieces he picked to grab his hand. A few blood drops fall on the ground.

The doorbell rings again, sounding good this time because Changkyun can smell the ocean air fill the room in a second.

“Baby? What happened?” Kihyun rushes to Changkyun’s side and sits down next to him, hugging the younger with an alarming face. He can smell the fear and slight anger under the sweet layers of the omega’s scent and his stomach flip when younger let’s out a relieved breath in his embrace.

“Nothing. It’s okay.” The younger whispers. Kihyun draws him back and sees blood on his hand when he wipes his face with his sleeve. He grabs younger’s hand carefully and looks at the wound with worried eyes.

“Changkyun you cut your hand.” He takes off his scarf and wraps it around the wound, it’s soaked with the blood instantly. He must have cut it really deep. “Baby come on. I guess it needs stitches. Let’s go to the hospital.” He wipes the younger’s wet face with his fingers but the look on Changkyun’s face hurts Kihyun. No matter how hard he tries Changkyun looks like a wounded animal, like when they met a few weeks ago. Like that night when he had fever.

“What happened?” He asks when the younger doesn’t move. He should make Changkyun talk or they will never go anywhere as long as he is inside his own head place. “Baby come on. Tell me what happened?” Kihyun asks again, caressing the younger’s cheeks softly.

Changkyun looks at him. He opens his mouth but shakes it. His eyes land on pieces scattered on the ground.

“I gotta clean this.” Changkyun reaches out to the broken pieces but Kihyun holds his hands, stopping him.

“We’ll do that later. Come on let’s go to the hospital.” He pulls the younger but Changkyun doesn’t move.

“No, I should clean this.”


“I must Kihyun.” Younger snaps.

Kihyun looks at the omega. Changkyun stares at the pieces. With empty eyes. Kihyun takes a deep breath, heart squeezing when omega doesn’t get up. He doesn’t know what’s going on and Changkyun acts stubborn but since they are not going anywhere if he doesn’t move, Kihyun has no choice to obey.

“Okay. I’ll do that. I’ll clean them up.” Kihyun gently but with a bit of force gets Changkyun on his feet and makes him sit on a chair, away from the pieces. He starts to pick up the big ones carefully. He can feel Changkyun’s gaze on him and it’s true because Changkyun watches him deliberately. He watches how Kihyun picks every piece and clean the floor as quickly as possible as he presses on the cut to stop bleeding and it kinda works but still it hurts.

Kihyun gets up with the pieces and throw them inside the bin under the counter. He rushes back to Changkyun and holds his not injured hand, pulling him outside.

They go to the nearest hospital with an emergency. It’s a small place and not crowded, that’s why doctor quickly examines Changkyun’s hand and tells nurse to clean the wound.

“You didn’t cut it that deep. It doesn’t need stitches Mr Im that’s why we’ll wrap the wound but other than that I’m worried about your health. You look really pale and I doubt it’s because of this small blood loss. Do you mind if we take some blood to do tests?” Doctor asks and Kihyun quickly nods before Changkyun can reply.

“Doctor he doesn’t feel well lastly. We’d be really happy if you can check what’s going on with him. Maybe he needs some vitamins or anything.” Kihyun looks at Changkyun with a worried face and the younger nods. Changkyun feels like the shock is slowly fading. But he does feel weird really. But it may be because Ms Yoo too, he doesn’t know.

“Don’t worry it’s not gonna hurt.” Kihyun holds Changkyun’s hand but he can’t look at the needle when nurse takes blood. Changkyun remembers one time they came to the hospital due to food poisoning- it’s all Changkyun’s fault he accepts that- and 3 nurse tried to calm Kihyun to stick a needle in him.

Changkyun can see nurse’s smile and he smiles at Kihyun too.

“I’m not a baby.” He rolls his eyes when nurse is done. He feels a lot better now. Unfrozen.

“You can press this on there and I’ll be back with results in half an hour.” The nurse says and leaves them alone.

Changkyun presses the pad on the wound and sits comfortably on the stretcher. Kihyun sits next to him. He pulls the younger close with his left arm and starts to draw circles at younger’s back. He knows that will soothe him and Kihyun needs him to relax because Changkyun is hiding something from him. Using his alpha features is a trick but Kihyun really wants to know what’s going on. Now they did cover the wound and they have a lot of time to wait for blood results, Kihyun wants to talk what happened. He holds Changkyun’s uninjured-right hand and plays with his fingers.

Changkyun leans towards him and presses his face on Kihyun’s neck. He inhales the strong scent of the male and his mind gets cloudy. Throbbing pain on his hand starts to dissolve. The alpha, his alpha’s scent is better than any medication.

“Are you okay?” Kihyun asks with a soft tone, the one he uses when he talks with Ki.

“Your… Your mom came.” Changkyun whispers, taking a sharp breath but he knows Kihyun heard him because his body tenses in a second. Changkyun doesn’t want to talk about it but he also wants Kihyun to know. The things they talked… He sits up straight, looking at Kihyun who has a surprised face.

“What?” Kihyun asks.

Kihyun starts to smell bitter and Changkyun knows he is getting angry.

“What did she say?”

Changkyun swallows but his mouth is dry and honestly he doesn’t want to talk everything but Kihyun deserves to know and Changkyun needs to hear his answers. Good or bad.

He takes a deep breath and replies.

“She said- She said that one day you will go and take Ki with you. One day you will get sick of this house play. One day you will leave me. Things like this.” Changkyun stutters as tears make a way to his eyes. It’s stupid but he can’t help it. He tries to swallow his new tears, try not to cry. He fails.

Kihyun’s stomach burns with anger when he hears the words. Now he understands why Changkyun is acting like this. Because he felt scared. Kihyun can’t believe his mother came to talk with Changkyun. Kihyun never even considered her to come all the way because Kihyun knows that for his mother, going to the omega his son lives with is such a low move. But she did and apparently she told stupid things that will never happen. And apparently Changkyun believed her. Or at least he considered the things she said. Kihyun can’t blame Changkyun for letting her into his head because his mother is a really scary person. She knows how to manipulate people. That’s why they are a good couple with his father.

And besides Kihyun did what she told before. Changkyun has every right to doubt him but Kihyun tries to overcome this problem for months. He knows it will take long but he will show how much he wants to be here. Be with his family.

Kihyun caresses Changkyun’s arm slowly. He doesn’t want him to stop talking. That’s why he has to control himself. “What did you say to her when she told these nonsenses?”

Changkyun throws him a half smile with a shrug. “I told her that it’s your choice. I didn’t force you to stay and I can’t make you stay if you decide to leave. It didn’t work before anyway.” He ducks his head, dropping his gaze to their tangled hands.

Kihyun nods slowly. He lowers his head to look at the younger’s eyes.

“You know I will never do that right? I will not walk away.”

Changkyun sighs. He nods and looks at Kihyun when he squeezes his hand.

“Changkyun I want this. I love you.” Kihyun presses on the words.

Changkyun nods again slowly but he can see the elder is not convinced with his gesture. He can see Kihyun is serious though and Changkyun knows he is serious.

“I know you do. I’m just… I don’t know. I want to have this too. You know I love you too. I just…” Changkyun shrugs again. He is lost at words. He knows it’s stupid but still he just can’t shake that weird feeling. Kihyun knows why he feels like that. The uncertainty. It’s just worst. He should do something to make omega understand. And an idea comes to his mind. He didn’t plan to do it like this but he has no other option now.

Kihyun holds omega’s shoulders and turns towards Changkyun to face him.

“Well I was going to do this at a more romantic place. A fine dinner in a great restaurant with violins and everything. I wanted us to do something in the classic, cheesy way but I guess being in the hospital, sitting on the stretcher while you are injured suits us more. We never followed the rules after all.” He says, feeling his heart rate starts to pick up. He feels a lot more nervous than he thought he would be.

Changkyun lifts his left eyebrow in a questioning way when he senses that the alpha is nervous. Kihyun let’s out a small breath and gets up kneeling in front of Changkyun whose eyes go wide with surprise. He watches the elder take out a small box from his pocket. Changkyun’s heart goes erratic.

Kihyun opens the box and there is two silver rings, surrounded by ruby. Changkyun holds his breath when Kihyun takes his free hand.

“I know I’m not great. I did mistakes and I learned from the hard way that I was wrong. But for you I want to be good, for Ki I want to be better. I spent so much time in vain, I lost so many precious moments but I want to make up those by dedicating my life to you. You are the other end of my red string of fate. Will you accept me Im Changkyun? Will you marry me?”

Kihyun looks at his face with love in his eyes. And Changkyun feels at ease. His heart feels warm. He knows he can trust Kihyun, his worries are for nothing.

Changkyun’s lips tremble and he can’t speak due to his excitement. He nods and Kihyun let’s out a smile, a very pretty one. Well in Changkyun’s eyes Kihyun’s every smile is pretty.

Kihyun places the ring on Changkyun’s right hand and Changkyun gives him his. He pulls the elder and kiss him. It’s a celebration kiss. Soft, sweet and tender. Kihyun gets up, cupping Changkyun’s face and places short kisses on his lips. He is madly happy, beyond words. He pulls the younger into his embrace, kissing the crown of his head as the younger hides his face in his torso.

Changkyun will be his.


The curtain opens and nurse startles when she sees them hugging. Kihyun knows Changkyun probably feels embarrassed but doesn’t care about the public play. They will be married in a short time after all.

“Happy hour?” Nurse asks with a smile and Kihyun nods, smiling. It is a happy hour indeed.

“Well I’ll give you another good news to be happy. You are pregnant Mr Im. Congratulations.” Nurse says with a smile and leaves them alone again.

“What?” They ask in unison even though she is gone.

Kihyun freezes in his spot. Changkyun is pregnant? He pulls back and looks at the younger with an excitement.

Changkyun looks down, pressing his right hand to his stomach with a surprised look. Kihyun kneels down again, eyes darting between Changkyun and his belly.

“You are pregnant.” He says and it sinks better. They will have a baby. Kihyun grins, he can’t stop the silly smile on his face. He hugs the younger tightly.

Changkyun nods and remembers what Ms Yoo said at the cafe. She said “kids” and Changkyun thought she was misinformed. Apparently she understood Changkyun was expecting even before he realized. Maybe she picked it up from his smell.

“We will have a baby.” Kihyun let’s out a laugh and peppers him with kisses. Changkyun nods with huge eyes.

“That’s why I’m too emotional. Oh my god I feel embarrassed.” He hides his face in his hand. He knew he was overreacting to things and now he understands why. And he feels embarrassed. He wants to find a hole to hide in now but he can’t run away when Kihyun pulls his hands down to look at him.

His eyes are glassy with tears, happy tears and maybe he has the brightest expression Changkyun ever saw until that day.

“Thank you Changkyun.” Kihyun whispers, taking Changkyun’s hand and kisses it. It’s a small gesture but it tells so much. Kihyun ,an alpha, kneeling down in front of Changkyun ,an omega, and kisses his hand as a gesture of respect and love.

He loves Kihyun so much.

So much.

“I love you.” Changkyun pulls the elder and places a kiss on his pink lips.


Chapter Text

It’s been a busy week for Changkyun. He had a lot to do. With his life, with his cafe, with his soon-to-be-husband. Actually come to think of it, it’s been a busy six month for Changkyun since Kihyun came back and waltz into his life. Changkyun can say that was one of the most complex time span that he had in his life. When he thought he can’t have more problems, he had more problems. They all piled up together but somehow Changkyun managed to get through. But then again, it’s also a good time in his life because when he thought he can’t be happy again, he got happier more than ever.

This thing we call life is funny. This things we call plans are even funnier. Because nothing goes in the way you think. Everyone has different agendas and even when you make certain plans considering your own life, depending on them for not to change and things will just go the way they are, suddenly something happens. And things well, change.

A wound you think healed, starts to bleed.

Or your heart starts to beat again.

Changkyun realized that very quickly.

Nothing was in Changkyun’s hands until now. Nothing went accord to his plans. He knew not everything would not be like the way he wished them to be but still, a small part of him asked more. He wanted more. And it’s normal right? Because that’s what humans do. They hope and wish for something, expecting them to become real. But life gets in the way and things just get mixed up.

Changkyun himself mixed up many things too.

His life wasn’t easy at the beginning but he was used to that.

Then he met Kihyun.

And he couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with Kihyun.

He couldn’t stop him from going away.

He couldn’t not have his beautiful baby Ki that reminds her father every time Changkyun looks at her.

He couldn’t close his heart when Kihyun came back.

He couldn’t convince himself that he doesn’t love Kihyun back.

He couldn’t stop himself from imagining a family with Kihyun and Ki.

That’s why he just doesn’t want to hope everything will go according to his plans. He is cautious. Because again, he is making plans and it’s not certain that they will come to past. He just doesn’t want to let himself dive into the hopes and dreams again but it’s hard to do that with a very excited Kihyun who slowly massages his neck as they listen an even more excited Minhyuk who sits across them. The omega feels himself melting with his alpha’s touches and it’s so hard to focus what Minhyuk says. Changkyun knows he shows them some papers- very colorful papers with writings, flower samples and tux designs he has in his thick dossier but he can’t follow him well.

Because Kihyun just keeps his fingers on his neck. Massaging his skin slowly.

It’s so soothing.

“—so after the wedding—“ Changkyun catches that words and he opens his eyes more to focus on the matter.

Yes, they were talking about the wedding.

Kihyun and Changkyun’s wedding.

Changkyun takes a breath and blinks his eyes a few times to focus on their friend.


The wedding.

Changkyun never thought this day would come.

“And yes, with that papers I just excluded the rooftop special super duper honeymoon suit just for you, my dear friends.” Minhyuk says happily, clasping his hands together. He looks so proud and excited as he leans back on Hyungwon’s torso. Changkyun catches the love the alpha across him sends towards the hyper omega’s way and giggles under his breath. Of course Kihyun catches that but he doesn’t comment on it, continuing to card his omega’s hair.

Changkyun let’s out a small voice and Kihyun smirks.

He should stop that.

Kihyun turns to the couple across them, ignoring the younger's not so unwelcomed discomfort.

“It won’t be a problem for you?” He asks but they all know it won’t be a problem because-

“It’s my hotel. I can do whatever I want.” Minhyuk shrugs with a careless attitude and adds. “I rule that place. And you are in the board of directors as a shareholder. What’s the point of being in charge if you can’t make an exception to yourself?”

Kihyun nods, smiling.

“By the way we can take care of Ki when you’ll be on honeymoon. It will be a good practice.” Minhyuk tilts his head, asking.


“But I never take care of a kid.” Hyungwon turns slowly to him, frowning. “I don’t know how to do that.”

Minhyuk pouts and then shrugs carelessly. “I can ask Hyunwoo hyung. I bet he wants to learn how to raise—“

“No!” Hyungwon yelps in horror. “I will learn. I will do that.” He quickly nods.

Minhyuk doesn’t reply but he just shrugs, takes the papers on the table and looks at some flower drawings, seperating them by colors.

 Changkyun presses his lips together to not to laugh and he can feel the vibration of Kihyun’s chest, knows he is trying to hide his laughs too.

“Thank you Minhyuk for offering this but Hoseok hyung already volunteered.” Kihyun replies scoffing, trying to hide his amusement.

Ki rushes towards them from the kitchen and grabs the side of their table with her tiny fingers.

“Mummy! Mummy, Uncle Hoseok says pizzas are done!!” She chirps happily.

“Oh my god Ki!” Minhyuk turns to her with uwu eyes. “You look so pretty!” Minhyuk squishes her cheek.

“I know.” Ki replies and they giggle. She is wearing that t-ara and dandelion patterned dress Kihyun bought to her long time ago. Changkyun couldn't just convince her to wear something different today. She said she wanted to look pretty because her ‘Hyunwoo oppa’ will be there today. Although he hasn’t arrived yet.

“Uncle Minhyuk do my hair?” Ki asks with big eyes and Minhyuk nods happily, changing his position to do that.

Changkyun feels his stomach hurt, he is so hungry so he gets up to get pizzas and Kihyun follows him inside the kitchen to help.

Hoseok wipes his hands to his yellow duck patterned apron. His black hair falls on his eyes, his muscles are firm.

Kihyun clears his throat to not startle him and Hoseok smiles at the couple when he sees them.

“Kihyun you can take the pizzas and I will serve the father and son at the corner table.”

Kihyun nods, grabbing three pizzas- he is getting good at carrying more than two plates at a one time. Hoseok grabs spaghetti and salad. They both leave to serve.

Changkyun feels idle when they just leave him behind so he looks around and sees the drinks. He puts them on a tray and follows the two to the hall. Hoseok talks with the customer as he places the meals but he cuts it short when he sees Changkyun leaving the kitchen with a tray.

He mutters something about wishing a good meal to customers and rushes to Changkyun.

“Hey hey stop that!” Hoseok grabs the tray from the younger and looks at him with a scolding face. “You should be more careful silly. Don’t go around and carry stuff. Right Kihyun?” He gestures to the brown haired guy who turns at them with big eyes that mirrors Hoseok’s expression.


Kihyun places the plates in front of Minhyuk, Hyungwon and Jooheon (he must have arrived when they were in the kitchen) who are having a deep conversation about seagulls and why they are so white, with Ki. Although it looks like mostly Jooheon and Hyungwon are debating about it meanwhile Ki and Minhyuk talk about why they named those animals ‘seagulls’.

Kihyun comes next to the duo, shaking his head in disapproval.

“I’m telling the same thing to him hyung but you know how he is. He is like…”

“Don’t act like I’m a kid.” Hoseok says the same thing with Kihyun in sync and they both shake their heads to the younger omega. Disapproving.

It’s nice that they are getting along well lately. They are both important for Changkyun and it’s important for both of them to be comfortable around each other but for Changkyun’s sake, they should stop getting along this well.

“Are you two ganging against me? What is this?” Changkyun throws them an annoyed look. Hoseok shakes his head immediately, rubbing Changkyun’s shoulder with an apologetic face and Kihyun rolls his eyes, slowly punching Hoseok’s arm and mutters something. ‘Acting soft’ Changkyun picks up. Omega pouts, turning away from them to grab some empty glasses on an empty table. “I’m not a kid, stop scolding me.”

Hoseok continues to shake his head rapidly, denying that he is doing and sits next to Ki who sips her strawberry juice. Minhyuk, Hyungwon and Jooheon duck their heads, acting like they don’t know or hear what’s going on.

Changkyun turns back without waiting an answer, knowing very well that neither Hoseok nor Kihyun can’t resist when he does that. He enters the kitchen and puts the dirty dishes in the sink.

He let’s out a huff and rolls his shoulder. They crack a bit. He closes his eyes and caresses his nape for a second. Not soothing as Kihyun's fingers. He pouts some more and puts his left hand on his belly, brushing his fingers on the tiny bump. Immediately he feels happy with that gesture and scoffs at his own behaviour earlier.

He feels agitated but he also knows that he is overreacting.

Damn hormones.

It’s not like Kihyun or Hoseok are saying anything bad. They think about his well-being but still, he doesn’t want to get pampered like he is Ki or something. Just because he has a baby in his tummy, doesn’t mean he can’t do anything. He is not sick or anything. He can do everything fine, perfectly. He knows that. He knows but he also knows they are right. During the time he was expecting Ki, things were hard. Real hard. He visited hospital frequently due to his pregnancy and Hoseok was with him almost every time. The more he thinks the more he finds himself agree with Kihyun and Hoseok because Changkyun is still on early terms right now. He knows Hoseok is worried because of the previous time. After all he was the one who carried Changkyun to the hospital in the middle of the night most of the time. He is scared to go through those days again obviously. And Kihyun is worried because he is inexperienced and doesn’t want to do anything wrong.

Changkyun can't blame him for that. It's unfair. Not when he is trying so hard to do this right.

Changkyun feels more and more like how he was before. When he was young. Ki added a lot of maturity and responsibility to his character, that part is true but Changkyun is just 24. He is still young. And these days he feels more like his age, his childish side pops out sometime to time. He feels careless. Because he doesn't need to carry all that weight alone now, he has Kihyun who offers to share it and stay by his side until forever.

Changkyun thinks the things Kihyun does. Small things, little gestures and they are enough for his chest to get warmer.

Changkyun likes when Kihyun washes the dishes or sing him songs when he can’t sleep due to his back pains. He likes it when Kihyun makes him tea when he feels nausea hit. He likes it when Kihyun just lies on his stomach and talks with the small ‘Bean’, tells it about how his day was. He tells the new business he is starting with Uncle Minhyuk and Uncle Hyungwon. Changkyun shares Kihyun’s excitement about his new projects when he talks in whispers with a happy tone. Changkyun likes it when he prepares Ki’s lunches everyday. He just likes everything.

Actually Changkyun enjoys the way Kihyun acts like he is precious. And he knows he is precious to Kihyun. It’s such an amazing feeling for someone to look at you like you are holding the galaxy in your eyes. And It’s good to be pampered but sometimes Kihyun acts too much.

Changkyun also acknowledges that.

Kihyun chases him everywhere. That’s okay.

Kihyun doesn’t let him do anything on his own. That’s not okay.

Sometimes he gets too unpredictable. For example Kihyun didn’t let Changkyun lift a flour package last week. It was the funniest thing. Changkyun had a dream about raspberry cake and he was craving when he woke up so he wanted to bake some to eat. He got the ingredients from the fridge and bent down to get flour from the cabinet. It was a small package but apparently it wasn’t that small to Kihyun because the moment he went inside the kitchen and saw Changkyun who was bent to get the package, he went all crazy and grabbed it from Changkyun’s hand, placing it on the counter himself. He said Changkyun shouldn’t do this kind of things on his own even when Changkyun tried to explain it’s okay, he only wanted to eat a cake. So Changkyun went to sit on the couch, pouting. An hour later a piece of raspberry  cake and a glass of milk placed on Changkyun’s lap, along with a kiss on his cheek. Or that time, a few days ago Changkyun got on a chair to get something from an upper shelf. Damn plate was at the back, he was trying to reach but felt the chair beneath him sway. In a moment, he was in Kihyun’s embrace, bridal style. He was shocked and scared, you could see it from his expression. Kihyun landed him on the ground, reaching for the plate Changkyun was trying to get his hands on and didn’t give it to him without lecturing the younger about how dangerous the thing he was doing.

Changkyun knows Kihyun is just tries to be careful. He just acts cautious and feels stupid for acting out a few moments ago. His mood slowly differs and then he gets sad. That's why he doesn’t look back when his alpha’s phremones fills the kitchen.

“You know baby. It’s just… I’m worried.” Kihyun wraps his arms around Changkyun’s torso and places his chin to his shoulder. His lips brushes on the mark- their mark and Changkyun feels relieved somehow. It’s a miracle that Kihyun's sole presence helps Changkyun feel at ease.

“I know you are. I’m sorry for acting like that.” Changkyun sighs and leans his head to Kihyun’s. “I know you are worried.”

Kihyun kisses his mark, lowering his left hand and caresses the small bump. Changkyun feels his inside melt with the touch. It’s a small gesture but it’s precious because it’s Kihyun and this baby is their’s. They will raise it together.

Their baby.

They are getting married.

Finally they will be whole.

Finally they will be a family.

Changkyun turns around and wraps his arms around the alpha, burying his face to his chest. His scent calms his slightly alerted body. They stay like that for a few minutes, silent and decide to go inside when they hear Minhyuk greeting Hyunwoo. He must have brought the extra dossiers Minhyuk asked to add more details to their wedding.

Changkyun draws back and kisses Kihyun. His lips are sweet and warm.

And the way Kihyun kisses him back, pulling him to his body more by holding his nape is even sweeter and warmer.

“I love you.” Changkyun whispers to his lips and pecks Kihyun who smiles at him.

“I love you more.” Kihyun replies and they break the hug, still holding hands.

“But please stop worrying over small things.” Changkyun squeezes Kihyun’s hand before Kihyun opens the door for them to get inside.

“That I can’t do.” Kihyun pulls him towards himself and places a quick peck on the younger’s lips before he goes next to their friends and wraps his arms around Ki who happily sips Minhyuk's juice. Kihyun throws a smirk at the younger.

Changkyun let’s a out a sigh, defeated. “Ki!” He whines a little, shaking his head in annoyance.

“Yes baby?”

“Yes mommy?”

Kihyun turns to their daughter and Ki look at him surprised for a moment. When Minhyuk burst into laugh because of this funny moment, they all join him and Changkyun just stares at his soon-to-be husband and their daughter. They look so perfect together. And it’s a great moment from their new happy life. A moment Changkyun will scar in his memory. Because how can he not, when Kihyun holds Ki with his one arm and opens his other arm for Changkyun, smiling. Changkyun’s every cell pulls themselves to his alpha as he sits down, let’s out a happy breath and turns to their friends.

He places his head to Kihyun’s shoulder and listen Hyunwoo talk about extras.

“Well what do you think about fireworks?” Minhyuk looks at Changkyun with big eyes, grabbing Hyunwoo’s arm. The elder chuckles at his enthusiasm. Changkyun catches Hyungwon’s not so subtle move because he interferes and breaks Minhyuk’s hold on Hyunwoo's arm slightly like his leaning in and Changkyun let’s out a giggle.

“Fireworks! I want fireworks!” Ki chirps happily from Kihyun’s other side. She jumps in her place and Kihyun laughs at her excitement, places a kiss on her head.

“If my princess wants fireworks, then there will be fireworks!” He announces and they all nod in agreement.

“Yeyy~!” Ki swings her legs happily.

Changkyun lifts his head to look at his Kihyun’s eyes as he nods slowly. He smiles and it’s written all over his face.

Happy. Just so happy.

Like Changkyun.

So Changkyun can’t hold himself back from placing a peck on his pretty lips, ignoring all the whooo and ‘get a room’  comments from their friends.

“I’m happy.” He replies as Kihyun lifts his eyebrow. He turns Minhyuk. “I think it will be fine.” Kihyun nods and Changkyun’s smile widens. “We’ll be fine.”

And they will be.


Chapter Text

The light falls on the papers that sit on Kihyun’s lap. He takes a page that he put down five minutes ago to compare with the numbers he calculated. He underlines a sentence to check it later. The price seems to be reasonable, the expanses and profit may balance each other if they take steps carefully. He needs to talk about this numbers with Hyungwon. Kihyun has a new idea that can help expand their business. The coffee shop that they own together did well at Gangnam so they opened one at Nansam and now they think about opening a second one in Gangnam. They are looking for a new place to rent, a good location with a lot of potential customers. If everything goes well, Minhyuk said he will think about letting them open a new place in one of his hotels in Busan but both Kihyun and Hyungwon know that Minhyuk watches their business closely and he knows they are doing quite well already. He is one of the sponsors of the cafe after all.

Their cafe is one of the most hot places in Gangnam. It’s a cozy and neat place where anyone can stop by to drink something. They have people that book the cafe for birthdays, engagement parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, business meetings. The place gets a lot of good feedbacks from customers which Kihyun feels very proud. Honestly he was surprised when Hyungwon offered this idea almost a year ago because Kihyun had no experience about being a manager or deal with a cafe. He wasn’t sure but Changkyun knew how to run a cafe and he really helped a lot to them. Hoseok and Changkyun helped Hyungwon and Kihyun from menus, drinks and dishes to interior design. Hoseok specially went to stores a lot because well Changkyun wasn’t very available due to pregnancy and later with the baby. Hyungwon and Kihyun offered the manager position to Hoseok but he refused, like Changkyun did. Kihyun wanted his husband to be a manager on Gangnam cafe but omega refused. He said that he just wants to continue what he does and run his small cafe, he is not interested in big business which Kihyun agreed with an understanding. He thought about asking Changkyun if he wanted to add his cafe into Hyungwon and Kihyun’s business but he gave up from this idea because it’s a place that Changkyun put his efforts and hard work in. Hoseok and Changkyun’s to be honest because Changkyun made Hoseok co-owner of his cafe. They are doing very well and they are happy with the way they are and they help Kihyun a lot with their experience. So that’s more than enough. Besides Changkyun is already doing so much for Kihyun. He is really supportive of Kihyun with his new business. He takes care of the kids and helps Kihyun about management when Hoseok takes cafe of their cafe. Even though Kihyun tries his best, tries to help Changkyun in every way he can, still it does not feel enough. Changkyun does more than Kihyun and gets tired more than him, Kihyun knows that. And he also knows that he wouldn’t be this succesful without his precious omega. He just feels really grateful.

Kihyun checks the phone. It’s 2 am. Before he locks his phone his eyes stuck on his wallpaper. Their wedding photo. Call him cheesy but Kihyun feels happy to see Changkyun’s smiling face everytime he unlocks his phone. The younger is laughing, face smeared with cake and Kihyun next to squishes his face with his palms covered with cream. So sweet.

Kihyun drops the paper in his hand on his lap and yawns, his eyes hurt due to lack of sleep. Next day… Well a few hours later, it’s friday. He should go check the potential places for the new place so he will not be able to get a rest but for Saturday and Sunday, Kihyun plans to rest. Sleep in for 28 hours. At least he plans to sleep as much as he can. With two child, it’s hard to take a good nap. It’s not that Kihyun is complaining or anything. No, he is more than happy. He feels very lucky to being able to have this annoying moments. Kihyun still feels sad when he thinks that he couldn’t be with Ki since the beginning but with Dany, he feels happy to being able to witness his growing.

Dany… The little baby boy. The sweetest baby boy. With his round brown eyes, chubby cheeks and soft, little fingers, squishy arms. Sometimes when Kihyun plays with him and makes silly faces, he giggles and… He is the most beautiful baby Kihyun have ever seen. Or Kihyun thinks like that because it’s his boy. Still Kihyun thinks he is entitled to think biased, he doesn’t care about other’s opinions. No matter how much Minhyuk says that Dany was looking like a grandpa when he did born, Kihyun doesn’t care. It’s his baby and he is precious.

Kihyun’s face lights up when Changkyun appears on the door. He was with Dany because he started to cry all of a sudden. Like all babies do.

“Hi baby.” Kihyun says with a smile.

Tired Changkyun replies with a smile. “Hi.”

Kihyun’s heart squeezes. So adorable.

Kihyun opens the quilt for omega to get under as Changkyun throws himself on comfortable, welcoming bed. Kihyun slides down a little from his sitting position to wrap his arms around the younger who snuggles closer immediately.

“Dany is sleeping?” Kihyun asks, drawing circles on Changkyun’s back to relax his omega.

Changkyun let’s out a breathe. “Yeah. Finally.” He says, rubbing his face to Kihyun’s chest. A sign of affection that makes Kihyun’s heart burst.

“I told you that I could take care of him.” Kihyun says, feeling upset to see Changkyun drained. Kihyun was busy all day, he had a meeting with suppliers. He came home late than he expected and then he played with Ki, helped Changkyun with house chorus. Then they went to bed. Changkyun fell asleep immediately, wrapped in blanket, head pressed on Kihyun’s side while Kihyun checked the reports and documents. It was all good until Dany started to cry half an hour ago and Changkyun had to get up and put him back to sleep again.

They can’t just sleep well for a few months, keep checking the baby in turns. Changkyun said it’s just because he is 4 months old, he keeps waking up often. When he will be older, they will sleep better. Hopefully.

“Nah~” Changkyun replies with a mewl. “You have papers to read. It’s okay, don’t worry.” Changkyun looks up at Kihyun, holding his chin with his hand, caressing softly. Kihyun smiles at him, pressing a kiss on Changkyun’s hand, then to his lips. Softly, gently, feeling Changkyun smile.

Kihyun considers himself to be one of the luckiest people on the earth. He had bad times, broken times but he is better now. He has a good business. He has an amazing mate. He has two precious child. And it’s all thanks to Changkyun. If he didn’t give a second chance to Kihyun, if he would just run away with Ki that day or lie to him, Kihyun can’t imagine the life he could have right now. Without Ki, Dany… without Changkyun. He would be caged up in a top floor office, chained down with a ring that coupled with someone who he had no interest in. A bad life, very bad life. The kind of life that Kihyun thought that he will have when he landed on Korea. Thankfully he was so wrong. Thankfully.

“What did I do to deserve you? Hm?” Kihyun asks, pressing another kiss on Changkyun’s temple.

“I don’t know. You must have saved the country in your previous life I guess.” Changkyun giggles, relaxing in Kihyun’s embrace.

“I guess.” Kihyun says with a smile. His chest feels full. He likes this boy. He likes him a lot. He likes how he smiles. He likes how he frowns. He likes how he sing songs when he walks around in the house. He likes how he speaks with Dany like he is a grown up. He likes the expression he has when he argues Ki about what to wear. Kihyun just feels very affectionate towards the younger. He presses another kiss to younger’s hair, breathes in his sweet scent. Kihyun’s lungs fill with apple and orange, making his head dizzy. He slides his hands from Changkyun’s shoulder to his hip and holds omega’s hand that rests on his chest. “Are you tired?” He asks, placing a kiss on his hand.

“No I’m not. I know how babies are. It’s just… Ki wasn’t like this when she was a baby. She was more plaint more um… calm. Dany however… uh… He is too active.” Changkyun replies with a sigh. “It’s not that I’m complaining though.” He says with a head shake. Omega lifts his head to look at Kihyun. “Why?” Do you have something in mind?” He smiles, lifting his eyebrows.

“I might?” Kihyun replies and squeezes omega’s ass, pressing him towards himself. He pulls Changkyun on top of his body as he kisses the younger. Kihyun’s hand finds Changkyun’s faded ash locks and tightens in his hair, tipping his head back and making him gasp into his mouth. He slides his other hand under Changkyun’s shirt slowly, caressing the soft skin…

A whining, crying noise comes from the speaker on Kihyun’s side.

Changkyun stops, eyes looking at Kihyun. His head falls on Kihyun’s shoulder, frustrated when noises continue. “He is awake… I just put him asleep. How…” He groans, tired.

Kihyun sighs, feeling his own frustration dying in his pants. He untangles his hand from omega’s hair, putting it flat on his back. Changkyun holds his head up, pursing his lips. Kihyun looks at the frowning omega with sad eyes. Changkyun sighs, tries to get up but Kihyun holds him steady, doesn’t let him go. Changkyun throws him a questioning look.

“He must have missed me. You sleep, I’ll take care of our baby boy.” Kihyun says and places a kiss on omega’s temple lightly.

Changkyun looks at him and then smiles, flopping himself on his side. “Best husband ever. I’m really so lucky.” He says, pulling his pillow under his head more. “Tell me what did I do to deserve you?”

“Saved the country in your previous life?” Kihyun smirks, tucking Changkyun in bed and covers him with quilt to keep him warm.

“Perhaps.” Changkyun murmurs, sounding sleepy.

Kihyun closes the door and goes Dany’s room. It’s a neat but also a messy room because Ki likes to play in his brother’s room, insisting that she is teaching him how to play and she can’t let her ‘Hyunwoo Oppa or Jooheon Oppa’ see her room messy when they come for weekly friday dinners. So all of her toys, cars, dolls are in Dany’s room. It’s always tricky to walk in this room but it’s more tricky now, in the middle of the night. Kihyun tries hard to not break or step on anything until he reaches to the yellow crib. There are blue, gold stars and a white moon hang from above to keep Dany entertained until Changkyun or Kihyun arrive. It’s a sweet, very functional crib. The one Kihyun designed by himself. That he feels very proud with.

“Hey baby. Couldn’t sleep?” Kihyun smiles at the baby as he takes him in his arms. Dany makes little noises but his whining calms down. He puts his head on Kihyun’s right shoulder, little puffy hands dangling in the air. Kihyun can say that something in him, just melted.

“Are you hungry?” Kihyun boops baby’s nose, making him blink his eyes in a funny way.

“Let’s feed you, hm?” Kihyun says, softly petting Dany’s head.

Kihyun goes to the kitchen, swaying with the baby and puts Dany in the baby basket on the table as he makes formula. Don’t ask him what that baby basket is doing on the kitchen table.

When he turns around he sees a brown head, popping out of sofa and hide again.

“Ki?” Kihyun calls out in surprise.

Ki shows herself again. “Is Dany still crying?” She asks.

Kihyun frowns. He put Ki to sleep 4 hours ago, why isn’t she chasing puppies in her dream?

Kihyun tilts his head, checking the hotness of the bottle. “Ki baby, are you still awake?”

Ki jumps out from the sofa with a nod. “I was doing nothing.” She throws a colorful paper away.

Kihyun lifts his eyebrows. He didn’t ask what she was doing. If she says she wasn’t doing anything then that means she was definetely doing something. Well Kihyun will get to that later. Now he has a baby to take care of.

“I think he missed me daddy. I couldn’t say good night to him today because I fell asleep.” Ki says, approaching to the baby. She pinches Dany’s cheek, schrunching her nose.

“I think so too sweetheart.” Kihyun smiles at her, taking baby to feed him. “Kiss him goodbye and go to bed, will you? Or you will sleep when everybody else plays.” Kihyun says, lowering Dany for Ki to place a small kiss on his forehead.

“Good night Dany. Please grow up fast.” Ki says in whisper. Kihyun smiles at her and places a kiss on her forehead as well.

“Want me to tuck you in?” Kihyun asks, swaying with Dany in his arms.

Ki shakes her head. “I’m a big girl daddy. I can sleep by myself.”

Kihyun giggles. “Okay then princess. Good night.” He replies with a smile.

“Night night!” Ki jumps from the chair and heads to her room.

Kihyun turns to the baby who drinks from the bottle with a soft smile. “Well, it’s just you and me now Dany.” The baby is drinking the bottle with his eyes slowly blinking. Kihyun coos internally. How cute is this boy? Kihyun places a peck on baby’s forehead. “Wanna check the numbers with dad?”

After Dany finishes the bottle Kihyun puts him in his baby carrier. Jooheon’s gift. It really is a great invention if you ask to Kihyun. They couldn’t use it when Dany was a newborn but for the last a few days they use it and carrier really helps them. It keeps Dany close to Kihyun and also let’s him space to do whatever he wants which for now, finishing the papers. Kihyun goes to the bedroom and picks up the papers with being as quiet as possible. He comes back to livingroom, puts papers on the coffee table. Kihyun takes a paper and stands, holding Dany’s head softly. He goes over the notes he took and rocks the baby slowly to help him sleep. After a while he sits down, Dany sleeping silently, his head on Kihyun’s chest. After an hour when Kihyun feels like he can’t keep his eyes open anymore, he takes Dany to his crib. The baby stirs a bit bu he doesn’t wake up so Kihyun kisses the top of his head, wishing a sweet dream. And hoping that he will sleep at least 2 hours.

Kihyun checks Ki before he goes to bed. She is sleeping this time. Really. Kihyun smiles, thinking that he will learn what she was doing before Kihyun sent her to bed anyway.

When he comes back to his room, Kihyun closes the door as silent as he can. He moves in the blanket slowly to not wake Changkyun up but Changkyun turns when Kihyun lies next to him. Changkyun blinks a few times, rubs his eyes with a smile when he sees Kihyun.

“He is sleeping?” Changkyun asks with a sleepy voice.

Kihyun nods, sliding his right hand under omega’s shoulder to pull him onto his chest. “Yes he does.” He gets comfortable, melting in the welcoming warmness.

 “He likes you.” Changkyun replies. “Ki adores you. Both of our kids favor you. They say girls love their fathers more. If that’s so, shouldn’t Dany love me more?” He asks in a playful way.

Kihyun giggles, nuzzling his nose to Changkyun’s hair. “But I favor you.”

“Liar.” Changkyun says, hitting his chest with a fake disbelief.

“I don’t see any lie in this…?” Kihyun says, placing a peck on Changkyun’s head and the younger squirms.

“Kihyun…” Changkyun says, lifting his head to look at the alpha.

“Hmm?” Kihyun lifts his eyebrows, tilting his head.

Changkyun holds Kihyun’s face with his left hand and leans, placing a peck. Soft. Cute.

“Happy birthday.” He retreats with a smile.

Kihyun feels his chest full. He smiles, heart bursting with affection.

“Thank you.” He replies and pulls Changkyun to himself for a proper kiss. He places a hand on Changkyun’s neck and pulls him more and dives in closer, tilting his head to lock their mouths tighter, feeling the way Changkyun is desperately trying not to whimper but Kihyun can feel the tiny vibrations in the back of his throat nonetheless. Kihyun pulls his lips away when he feels his lungs cry for air but he doesn’t stop, he starts to nuzzle and pepper kisses down Changkyun's throat who grips his thighs. Firmly.

“So…” Kihyun says, hands tracing Changkyun’s soft stomach. “Can we continue where we left off? Can I open my present now?”

Changkyun giggles, pressing his lips fully on Kihyun’s. “You can.”