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What is yours until is not

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“Hey Kaminari, can you help me with something?”

“Sure man, what is it?”

“I need your help on an outfit, for a date”

Is at that exact moment that Bakugo stops seeing his homework, looking up from his position in the couch--he was in one of the double ones with his legs taking all the space, because he deserves it--to the one in front of him. Kaminari was seating normally, charging his phone, when Kirishima approached from the back and talk to him.

He was processing the conversation on the back of his mind until he hears the word date.

“No way,” The electric dude says, getting up “That’s great my man! Congrats!” He gives him a noogie as a way to congrats him somehow.

“Oh C’mon! You act like it was impossible to me to happen” Kirishima laughs and beams like he is the luckiest man alive; this stupid shit is that really important to him? Their eyes connect from a moment before Bakugo goes back again to the paper in front of him.

This doesn’t have anything to do with him anyways.

“Is just; we are finishing our second year and you never dated anyone! I thought you will go celibate like out old grandpa here” Bakugo didn’t need to look to know he was talking shit about him. He just growls as an answer.

“We came here to become heroes, not to get stupid partners; so if you assholes want to lose your time in that, is your problem” It was the same old response as always. Everybody and their mother knew he was going to become the best, and nobody was important enough to distract him from that objective; looking for somebody was the latest thing in his mind. Why anybody will want that anyways?

“Grandpa” Kaminari reply again, and he just growls in response. This is such a routine that he doesn’t put more energy in other response he has more important things to do anyway. “So, who is the lucky chick?”

“Actually…is Midoriya”

Back the fuck up

“What?” He completely forgets the math equations to open his eyes in shock, seeing his friends just to check he didn’t hear wrong “With shitty Deku?”

“Please dude” Kirishima smiled at him; his jaw almost falls, fuck he was serious “He is a good guy”

“Hey, I agree!” Kaminari let his hands up, in defense “He is a legit guy, I just thought it would be a girl but hey, whatever floats in your boat”

“Why him?” He asks actually curious, his voice so serious that you could almost forget it was him. Why did he care? Shitty hair dating shitty Deku, whatever, it wasn’t his problem. Then…why he needed to know?

The redhaired just shrugs “We are in good terms, also he is cute” 

“Cute?” Bakugou didn’t try to hide his disgust. Good thing Kirishima didn’t say anything.

“Really? I don’t know man, why not aim for Todoroki? All the girls think he is hot” Kaminari inquired; if he wanted to know or just distract him from the other blonde was unsure. 

“Are you serious? Like, he is handsome and that, but he is really stoic; plus we don’t know each other that much. Midoriya and I have good chemistry! I’m sure we can make it work”

“Can you stop being gay for like, two seconds? Some people are actually trying to work” He scolds both of them, looking again to his paper. Even if his eyes were on the book, his concentration was still between the two of them. 

“Sorry man! Let’s go Kaminari, we can talk about this somewhere else. 

“Honestly if he has issues with it he can just go to his room, why make the homework here anyways?” Instead of actually saying that to him, he just goes out of the building with the other one.

Bakugo saw the pencil and the paper, the numbers written in it, and yet he couldn’t remember what he was trying to do before all of that started. His blood feels like it was boiling, and needed to concentrate in order to not let small explosions come out of his palms. In his mind, those words couldn’t stop.

“He is cute”

“Midoriya and I have good chemistry”

A growl was coming out of his throat, immediately putting a hand on his mouth. Why? Why he was so affected for this? He had suspected that Kirishima wasn’t into girls, for some comments about guys and how he always shifted the conversation when somebody told him about look for a girl or so; and he didn’t care for that, why he will do? Whatever he wants is not his damn problem.

But now he wants the Shitty Deku.

He can picture it; that stupid nerd and his stupid smile, blushing and acting like a fucking idiot in front of Shitty hair, who of course doesn’t mind that he is awkward as fuck, because he is nice enough to not care about it. They will probably go for some hot chocolate, Kirishima saying something cheesy to get closer for the cold and hold hands and-

Bakugo blinks when he notices a flash of light in front of him, and when he sees his lap Bakugou notices his other hand was holding the paper and the book, or what remaining of those because he just blows them out. He frowns. 

Great, now he needs another book; even without his presence, fucking Deku ruins everything. Whatever, he will ask Ponytail to make a duplicate or so. 

It’s better if he forgets all of this, he just lost his precious time with this issue. Besides, for how moronic is Deku, he will probably fuck the date and they will try to not talk with each other ever again.

Fucking Deku didn’t fuck up anything.

In fact, it got so great that freaking Shitty hair go to Bakugo’s room, fall in his bed and squeals in the pillow like a chick, and immediately tell him about all the details he didn’t ask, because he wanted to talk about it and for some reason, he chose him.

“Why the fuck you tell me this? You know I don’t give a damn”

“Oh, please dude! Can you be happy for me? We have already decided to go on a second one next week!”

He didn’t stop his babbling nor matter how much Katsuki complain, while the blond was making push-ups because he needed to burn his energy into something in order to not blow the other guy into kingdom come. The image of them together was making his blood boil again; not that Kirishima notice this, so deep into his memories with a stupid smile in his face.

“He was so manly Bakugo! He told me to hold his hand while we were skating! And said it didn’t matter If I lost balance or fall because he will take me! I was scared that he will fall with me if that happened, but then he holds me in his arms like I was nothing! I am a heavy dude, but he was there like I was just a pillow! Oh, it was so great”

Even the next day after that, he couldn’t forget all that moronic chat that he was doing, to the point that in the middle of the class he broke his pencil with his bare hand because his fucking mind decides to reproduce the scene the moment that he distracts himself from Aizawa’s lesson.

“Kacchan are you okay?” Because his luck cannot be worse, in top of having that idiot behind him, he has the balls to talk to him. With a probable death glare in his eyes, he sees him.

“Fucking. Don’t” It wasn’t a complete sentence, not even a coherent part of one; yet the nerd understands the message and start muttering apologies and looking at his notebook, almost shaking. Shit he was such a coward with him, even if they already fought; what is the fuck Shitty hair saw on him? He was just a pebble with dumb luck.

Luck that makes him All Might pay attention to him. Luck that makes him get into UA. Luck that makes him date Kirishima-

Wait, why he considers that luck? It was just stupid dates, not that he won the lottery or anything.

And he didn’t care about it, not at all. 

Or at least is what he wants to think, even if his mind just brings the fact of them dating over and over again.

On his defense, they not stop. The weeks pass, they have more dates, and suddenly Shitty Hair have less and less time to be with him. Lunch? “Sorry, Midoriya invite me to eat with him today!” Train? “Sorry dude! I ask my man to use his quirk against me for practice!” Study? “Oh, because you always hate to tutor me, I ask Zuku to teach me”

Oh yeah, that was another thing too, ‘Zuku’; what fucking kind of nickname is that? He at the age of four could make a fucking pun to put that shitty nerd in his place; that just took one letter out of his name. Deku wasn’t any better; he had heard to call Kirishima ‘Ei’ for his name. That is really the best you can do?

Not that they cared for his opinion, not only in that matter, even take into consideration the fact that they are in public. They will call each other pet names, sit really close together, hold hands! Hold fucking hands! How anybody in his damn mind could take care of his stupid business if those two could stop for five seconds being with the other?!

And nobody says shit! Oh, correction, they did, but for congratulating them. “You make a great couple!”, “You are so cute together, I’m so jealous!”, “Damn I never thought about it, but I’m so happy for you two!”. What they did, win the Sports Festival? He can be damn sure none of those extras were so happy for him when he won in the First Year. This wasn’t an accomplishment, they were just sucking faces together, big deal.

The only good thing is that they didn’t do that in public, he is damn sure he will kill Deku on the spot if he fucking dare to touch-

Wait, what?

He lost the count of the abdominals crunch, stopping at the moment. Since these two had been fooling around, his anger had multiplied, and he had done the only thing he can on those moments: use that energy in his advantage and train. Bakugo didn’t care that he will get mad even like this, he just needed to work enough to the point of forgetting all that shit.

It was his nature, something he had to learn since kid. If things couldn’t stop bothering him, he just needed to beat his body good enough to the point that he will feel so sore that he forgets it. Somehow, he had been having problems with this method.

Perhaps is that his mind couldn’t get what was the issue. Why did he care? Rip off Pikachu had many dates since he got into the course--even if none of them actually got longer than two dates--, Raccoon eyes and Soy sauce had been together for a while; and in none of those instances, he gave a damn about it. Yet, this was different.

But why? Deku wasn’t doing shit, on the opposite; for being with Kirishima he was losing his time to become better and try to be a proper rival, and in other instances that could have been an issue, but he knows Deku distracting himself was the last thing on his mind. Probably if Deku was doing that sappy shit with Round Face he will shrug and continue with his life; that is the thing he should be doing now.

Instead, he needs to work out to the point that it may hurt him just to distracts himself.

Damn, why the fuck this asshole keeps ruining his life?

Waking up from his thoughts, he hears a hit in the wall, the one that was connecting his wall to Kirishima’s room. That was odd, yes, he hears when he is smashing his sandbag and that, but at this point he can recall the difference between one and another; also, he knows damn well he likes peace and he should try to keep it that way, so, what the hell?

Then he remembers; he knows sometimes Pikachu and Tape go into his room to talk, yet the one that had been more time this day was Deku, it wouldn’t be odd that he was there right now. Before thinking what the hell the was doing; he gets ups and put an ear in the wall, just like in the old movies.

In the beginning he doesn’t hear a lot, he thinks there is a muffle sound, like whatever they are doing is being keep it to be loud. He was going to separate himself from the wall when he finally hears them.

Are you sure you want to continue? Is fine if we just keep it like this” That was Deku, his voice sounds deeper, and Bakugou believes he can hear his breathing. What the fuck he was talking about?

Is fine Zuku, I trust you, and I will love more than anything that be one with you” Wait the fuck up, that sappy line, the difficulty to breath, they obviously being in the bed since he can hear them so well-

Oh fucking no.

Bakugo doesn’t think about it; he doesn’t care that he just sweaty, in a black tank top with a skull and his shorts, that he doesn’t have the right to complain or say anything, or be entirely sure what they were going to do or not. He was piss, he was doing small explosions in his hands just on anger; and rushing to his neighbor, he opens the door from a kick.

“KIRISHIMA!” He screams in the top of his lungs, seeing red the scene in front of him. Fucking Deku was above Kirishima, his hands below the hoodie that redhead was wearing, while Shitty hair has is hands in the green curly hair. They were indeed in the bed, and was obvious what it was happening. He was mad as hell “What the hell are you doing?!”

“You hear?! Kacchan, I’m so sor-”

“Keep that for yourself, fucking Deku! What the fuck were you thinking!? What is wrong with you?!”

“Hey dude, calm down” Kirishima moves from his place, the idiots finally seating in the bed instead of being caught doing stuff Bakugo wants to forget as soon as possible; no, scratch that, he wants to prevent that happening again.   

“Fucking no! You were-, Ugh I cannot say it! How the fuck how manage?! With the idiot of Deku nonetheless!”

“Bakugo, Stop


“Izuku, no; I don’t care if you say you are okay with this, I’m tired” Kirishima was getting up from his bed, while the stupid of Deku was being helpless in his place. The redhead, arms crossed in his chest, saw him with determination “What is your problem with Zuku?”


“I didn’t get it in the beginning, when we knew each other, but I respect it because it was the rivalry between two men and that was okay. But you keep insulting him, degrading him, and I’m sick of it bro. If you are going to keep that attitude, you can get out of my room and my life for that matter.”

The room was filled in silence after those words, nobody daring to break it. Bakugo was just there, less angry and more in shook, he couldn’t believe what he hears, he thought it was his mistake, but when Kirishima didn’t rectify and Deku was just as surprised as him, he knew this was true. The redhead was shaking a little, and he notice his eye were watery, yet he didn’t move from his place or try to appear less mad.

He was serious about this; he was making a choice, and he choose Deku rather than him.

This cannot be happening.

“You cannot be serious” He said breathless, his voice still plain from the astonishment. Kirishima just frowns more.

“But I am” He still there, unbreakable, determinate “Bro, you are my best friend, the best I ever have, however, I knew what you were doing was wrong and I didn’t stop you, because I thought that was not my place to say anything. Now I’m between you two, and I can notice Izuku handles this a lot better than you; I don’t like to see my boyfriend nervous around you because you cannot stop insulting him for no reason. I love him Bakugo, yet even if I didn’t, that doesn’t change the truth: this needs to stop. And if you don’t listen to me you will be a stubborn jerk, and I don’t want to be friend with somebody like that.”

That was it, he was making a decision. Now suddenly, all the things they did didn’t matter; saving each other’s asses in USJ, being allies and later enemies in the Sports Festival, he is moving slowly into his life in order to finally became close to a point nobody had got with Katsuki. The fact that he risks his life to save him, that he was the only he could trust enough to admit he needed help and hold his hand. All was going to vanish, all for the freaking Deku.  

At that moment, he swears he hears his heart being broken apart from a realization that he didn’t know it was so important to him: Kirishima loves Deku, not him.

And that was something he couldn’t change.

He was conscious of his eyes getting full of tears, and before letting them notice; he just closes his eyes and scream “Fine!” With that childish response, he runs out of the room.

“Kacchan! Wait!”

He doesn’t stop, he just goes blindly out of there, of the floor and soon enough, out of the building. He doesn’t know where is going, or why he is running so far way, yet this doesn’t stop him.

He loves him, he loves him and not me” Is what his mind reply, again and again.

He is far away from the dorms when he finally stops; being on the other side of the UA ground, almost close to the place where he and Deku fight so long ago. When he was on conflict about All Might and his end; there, he proves again that he was better than Deku, and he hasn’t stop doing that since then.

Until now.

He didn’t know, he was so concentrated in his training and in becoming a hero and he didn’t notice until now. He was in love with Kirishima.  

Kirishima was the first one in get close to him despise his temperament, he wasn’t scare of him like many others. He was there to make stupid jokes and begin conversations that he didn’t ask for, that decide to follow him not for popularity but from being with him. He was the only reason why he tries to go for his hand, because if it was anybody else, he wouldn’t do it.

He was the closest person to his heart.

But that wasn’t the same.

Because somehow Deku took him by surprise and beat him before he notices; when he thought he was just a pebble in his way.

And now, he is with the only person he had ever love. And there is nothing he can do about it.