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Slaves of Drama

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The video starts with a plain view of a gray room;  furniture, clothes and art projects all over the place. It’s completely silent for a few seconds, almost making the host think this could be a pointless video, until a girl’s head pop down from the ceiling, a mischievous smile on her face.


The video cuts to show the same girl sitting down on a chair, still smiling. There’s enough time to notice that she has (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) sparkly eyes.

"Hello everyone! My name’s (Y/F/N) and I’m here to audition for Total Drama Island!"

The video cuts again.  This time, she's looking around with scared features.

"Oh no... I’m alone with my thoughts again."

It comes back to the cheerful girl.

"I’m sorry if I seem aggressive during this video. It’s just that it’s the third time that I’m filming this and I’m getting quite impatient with myself."

"All this smiling is hurting my face."

"Anyway! First, I think you should pick me for your show because I’m a very interesting person."

"Why am I doing this video? I don’t even want to go."

"Also, I’m someone that likes to have a lot of fun and that can get very competitive. And I would LOVE to meet new people!"

"Please don’t choose me. I hate people."

"Actually, just for a heads up, I don’t want to win the prize. I just want to have fun and have something to do for the summer."

"I probably don’t deserve to win anyway."

"But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a good show! People say that I’m very intense and that I have a very wild imagination. So, I’m pretty sure I can be useful for quite some time."

"I’m also pretty sure that if I go, I will die."

"I would understand if you don’t pick me, though. Having a contestant that doesn’t want the prize isn’t something that you might be into. But anyway, if you choose me, I promise that I’ll make everything more fun! It might not always be the... good fun. But at least, it’ll be fun for the viewers!"

"I wonder what will happen if I just jumped off the window right now."

"That’s it for now. Anyway, thanks for watching this video! If you pick me, you won’t regret it!"

"Just kidding. You’ll totally regret having me.

That’s when the video stops, Chris McLean’s smile growing up wider than possible. He points his finger to his computer and turns his head towards the man's standing beside him.

"I like this one. What do you think, Chef?"

"We already have 22 contestants."

The host of his soon to be show pouts to his coworker, who simply shakes his head back at him. Chris really wants this girl to be on his show, so he gives Chef some puppy eyes, but the big man only rolls his eyes as a response.

Chris really doesn’t care about Chef’s opinion anyway. He just has to make the producers agree with him.

"We can always have 23 contestants, right...?"

He doesn’t wait for a response and sends the contract via email, Chef giving out a sigh.

The next day, Chris’s smile grows even wider when he receives the contract back. Signed.

This is going to be an interesting season.