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Slaves of Drama

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The video starts with a plain view of a gray room;  furniture, clothes and art projects all over the place. It’s completely silent for a few seconds, almost making the host think this could be a pointless video, until a girl’s head pop down from the ceiling, a mischievous smile on her face.


The video cuts to show the same girl sitting down on a chair, still smiling. There’s enough time to notice that she has (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) sparkly eyes.

"Hello everyone! My name’s (Y/F/N) and I’m here to audition for Total Drama Island!"

The video cuts again.  This time, she's looking around with scared features.

"Oh no... I’m alone with my thoughts again."

It comes back to the cheerful girl.

"I’m sorry if I seem aggressive during this video. It’s just that it’s the third time that I’m filming this and I’m getting quite impatient with myself."

"All this smiling is hurting my face."

"Anyway! First, I think you should pick me for your show because I’m a very interesting person."

"Why am I doing this video? I don’t even want to go."

"Also, I’m someone that likes to have a lot of fun and that can get very competitive. And I would LOVE to meet new people!"

"Please don’t choose me. I hate people."

"Actually, just for a heads up, I don’t want to win the prize. I just want to have fun and have something to do for the summer."

"I probably don’t deserve to win anyway."

"But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a good show! People say that I’m very intense and that I have a very wild imagination. So, I’m pretty sure I can be useful for quite some time."

"I’m also pretty sure that if I go, I will die."

"I would understand if you don’t pick me, though. Having a contestant that doesn’t want the prize isn’t something that you might be into. But anyway, if you choose me, I promise that I’ll make everything more fun! It might not always be the... good fun. But at least, it’ll be fun for the viewers!"

"I wonder what will happen if I just jumped off the window right now."

"That’s it for now. Anyway, thanks for watching this video! If you pick me, you won’t regret it!"

"Just kidding. You’ll totally regret having me.

That’s when the video stops, Chris McLean’s smile growing up wider than possible. He points his finger to his computer and turns his head towards the man's standing beside him.

"I like this one. What do you think, Chef?"

"We already have 22 contestants."

The host of his soon to be show pouts to his coworker, who simply shakes his head back at him. Chris really wants this girl to be on his show, so he gives Chef some puppy eyes, but the big man only rolls his eyes as a response.

Chris really doesn’t care about Chef’s opinion anyway. He just has to make the producers agree with him.

"We can always have 23 contestants, right...?"

He doesn’t wait for a response and sends the contract via email, Chef giving out a sigh.

The next day, Chris’s smile grows even wider when he receives the contract back. Signed.

This is going to be an interesting season.

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Chapter One: Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

"I told them to not pick me."

That's the first thing you say while you're grumpily standing on the deck of the boat, feeling the water splash your legs on the way to the crappy island you've read about on the contract. You don't even understand why you've been picked when you'd clearly sent the weirdest audition tape there could ever be, especially since you had restarted to film it three times and just decided to go crazy with it... but oh well. Maybe they were looking for crazy.

You give out a sigh when you can finally distinguish some of the aspects of the island, which aren't like the promo they've put on the website... but you already knew about this because of the contract. Why did you sign a contract that clearly stipulated that you would be in constant danger? Probably because you're bored and stupid. But now, as you’re seeing the dock full of strangers you'll have to stay with a couple of weeks, you kinda wish that you didn’t know about this stupid show in the first place.

"Why the hell did I agree to this? This was a huge mistake. I wanna go home."

You gulp in once the boat arrives at the destination, averting your eyes from the people and simply picking up your luggage before you jump on the wooden dock.

"And this is our twenty-third camper, (Y/F/N)! Be careful though, she has a secret dark side!" You have to stop yourself from laughing out loud at Chris's comment, forcing one of your nice smiles instead as you put your things with theirs.

"Hi everyone!" While you send them all a wave from your place, your eyes accidentally stare at a green-haired punk guy, who looks like he has killed before, before settling on a blue-haired goth girl standing a few meters away from him, who probably doesn’t want to be here either. You can’t help but admire their style and feel a blush creep up on your cheeks.

Seriously, why are there cool and hot people here?

The punk guy notices your stare and sends you a smirk which only seems to make you feel worse, your eyes also taking note of the goth girl giving you a small smile while some of the other contestants wave back at you. You try to smile harder to hide your embarrassment, ignoring your heart squeezing in pain.

Oh, this is going to be a tough summer for you, isn't it?

That’s when a short girl with a side ponytail, black glasses, and a huge smile covered with braces runs over to you. You take a few steps back out of sudden fear at her excessive joy. You’re not used to strangers, especially since they scare the crap out of you... but she doesn't seem to even notice your reaction and simply giggles happily. 

"Hey (Y/N)! I’m Beth! Looks like we’re going to be friends for the next eight weeks!" She spits out those sentences faster than anyone else could have, which makes you wonder how in the world you manage to even understand what she said. But you did, and so your features soften and you smile wildly at her. She’s so sweet! 

Maybe you’ll get used to her cheerfulness.

"I do hope so." Her smile brightens at your answer before you take a look around, secretly hoping that you can also become friends with everybody else… 

"First things first, we need a group photo for the promos." You bring your attention back to Chris, who's looking at everyone with a smug grin. "Everyone at the end of the dock!"

You don’t even get to react before everybody’s already on the other side, Chris jumping on the boat you just took to get here so he can take the picture. While he struggles to take out his camera, you join the other contestants and end up standing beside a blond girl wearing cowboy boots and a blue bandana. You notice how the last clothing item matches with her eyes, and so you compliment her. Looking rather happy, she thanks you by squeezing you in a tight hug, soon introducing herself as Lindsay.

"Okay!" Chris's scream at the group startles you for a moment. "In one! Two! Three!"

You smile just as you hear the click sound, but hold it when Chris gives out an awkward chuckle.

"Oops! Okay, forgot the lens cap.... okay, hold that pose..." You smile harder this time, feeling the skin around your face starting to hurt. "One. Two. Thr-oh! No, wait, the card’s full! Hang on..."

Are you fucking kidding me?

"Come on, man. My face is starting to freeze." Your eyes turn away from Chris to set on a brown girl standing on the other side of Lindsay, a trembling smile spreading on her cheeks. You’re about to agree with her comment when you hear loud cracks and feel the wood under your feet shake, making you stop smiling.

Why do I feel like this is going to collapse soon?

"Got it!" You slowly move one of your feet so you can prepare to jump and run on the other side of the dock at any moment, having a bad feeling about the situation Chris just casually put you all in. "Everyone says, Wawanakwa!"

While the rest of the group chant what you assume is the name of the camp, you run away as fast as you can.. and you were right to do so because the awful cracking sounds of the dock rapidly turned to literal cracks. The water splashing the back of your legs and the people screaming soon after are proof that your instincts were right. It's only when you're finally standing on the grass that you dare look back towards the group, all of them coming up to the surface and gasping for air.

Gosh, you're glad you're not in that position.

You look over at the host, who’s taking pictures of everyone while laughing loudly. You roll your eyes at his behavior, slowly walking towards the edge of the island to see if you can help people out. You grab Lindsay's hand soon after, pulling her back on the island before you reach out for the brown girl. It's when you're helping a red-haired girl with crazy green eyes out of the water that Chris Mclean notices that you're safe and sound... and he frowns.

He did not expect someone to easily get out of his first little prank so easily... 

"Thank you, (Y/N)!" Lindsay gives you a wide smile after she shakes her head, her hair still soaked. "You saved us!"

"Well, not really." You chuckle before you help a blond girl with a blue top get on the island, giving her a smile before you look back at Lindsay ."You guys can all swim after all. I’m just helping you to get back up here."

"Well, thank you anyway, girl." You jump up when you feel the brown girl pat your back, turning your attention towards her to see her smile sweetly. "I’m Leshawna."

"I’m Bridgette." The blond you just helped smiles sweetly at you. "Thank you for helping me."

The red-haired girl laughs maniacally, legitimately scaring you for a moment before she states her name as Izzy. You soon smile back at all of them, a warm feeling spreading inside your chest.

"I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you all! I hope we can be friends!"

"Sure do, honey. This competition doesn’t mean we have to hate each other."

You like how Leshawna thinks.

"Okay, everyone. Dry off and meet me at the campfire pit in ten!"

Chris' order makes you frown while he proceeds to disappear with the boat, probably wanting to land on some more appropriate dock that isn’t broken somewhere. Really? You all have ten minutes to dry off, take your luggage and somehow find where this campfire is?

Oh well... this wouldn't be a real TV show if none of you struggled, would it?

While the other girls help a few guys back up on the island, you go through your bag and get out a couple of towels you brought with you. You give them to as many people as you can, but you rapidly end up with nothing left for the others. Luckily, other people decided to pick out some of their towels from their luggage and shared with the remaining soaked contestants, none of you in the competing mindset yet. Once everyone is dried, you take your luggage and leave towards where you all assume is the campfire site... which is just the general way towards the center of the island.

"Hey, where did you get that top? I love the color!"

Lindsay, who seems to already like you a lot, surprises you by staying close to you and telling you funny stories that happened to her friends back at home while also giving out fashion tips. You've never really hang out wiht girls like her before, so you're feeling a little off guard... but her stories are so interesting, you get enraptured by her words and almost doesn't notice your arrival at the campfire site, the two of you sitting down on logs and continuing to talk under the gaze of a judging Chris.

"This is camp Wawanakwa! You’re new home for the next eight weeks!"

Chris’ voice scares the crap out of you and Lindsay, your attention going back to him just as your hand tries to steady your heartbeat.

"The campers sitting around you will be your cabin mates, your competition and maybe even your friends! You dig?" You nod at his question to let him know that you understand. "The camper who manages to stay on Total Drama Island the longest without getting voted off will win one hundred thousand dollars!"

Well, that’s boring. They could have at least made it a million.

"Excuse me, what will the sleeping arrangements be?" The punk guy from earlier smirks at a black-haired girl with a mean expression. "Because I’d like to request a bunk under her."

"Such romance." You murmur that under your breath, regretting admiring his style earlier. Turns out he's just a plain old flirty jerk, just like most of them.

The black-haired girl sends Chris a slightly scared look. "They’re not co-ed, are they?" 

The host shakes his head with a smile. "No. Girls get one side of each cabin and dudes get the other." 

"Excuse me, Kyle?" You haven’t noticed that Lyndsay has raised her hand. "Can I have a cabin with the lake view since I’m the prettiest?"

You cringe in embarrassment for your new friend. You don't know which is worse, the fact that she doesn't quite understand the sleeping arrangement or if she didn't say the right name.

"Okay, you are…" Chris squints his eyes at her for a moment. "... but that’s not how it really works here and it’s Chris."

You look away to try and ease down the awkwardness rising inside of you, though it is rapidly replaced by pure confusion when you notice the punk guy harassing a deer. When exactly did he walk away from the group? And how did he manage to find that deer in just a few seconds?

"Here’s the deal." You come back to your senses just in time to see Chris pick out a piece of paper from his pocket. "We’re gonna split you into two teams. If I call your name out, go stand over there."

You watch people get up and go to the side while he calls names.

"Gwen, Trent, Heather, Cody, Lindsay, Beth, Katie, Owen, Leshawna, Justin and Noah. From this moment on, you are officially known as..." He throws a green flag to the team. "The Screaming Gophers!"

You’re not going to lie, you’re kind of sad that you aren't on the same team as Lindsay and Leshawna... or even that cool goth girl who’s like, really hot. Gwen, right? You like her name- No. You are not starting to have crushes on total strangers. Stop it.

"The rest of you, over here! Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Tyler, Sadie, Izzy, Courtney, Ezekïel, Duncan, Eva, Harold and.... (Y/N)! Move, move, move!"

Bridgette turns to you with excitement in her eyes. "Hey, we’re on the same team!"

You can't help but give her back a wide smile. You already have a friend on your team! That's so nice!

"You guys will officially be known as... the Killer Bass!" A ginger-haired boy name Harold catches the red flag Chris throws at you, smiling happily. Harold... was it?

"Awesome. It’s like... amazing!"

He looks like he's having the best thing in his life.

"Yeah... that’s…" You quirk an eyebrow at him, not sure if he's serious or not. "... really great..."

"Alright, campers." You turn your eyes back at Chris, wondering if all of this is really happening to you or not. "You and your team will be on camera in all public areas during this competition. You’ll also be able to share your innermost thoughts on tape with video diaries anytime you want! Let the audience at home know what you’re really thinking… or just get something off your chest. "


This is really happening.

"Look,  I know I signed up to be on a creepy island with a bunch of people with a known risk of imminent death." You give the camera long look before you give out a sigh full of anxiety. "But I didn’t sign up to be stuck on a creepy island with super attractive people! How I am supposed to function normally in those conditions?"

"Alright. Any questions?" You raise your hand to ask Chris if you will be able to contact your friends and family, but he ignores you and smiles wildly. "Cool. Let’s find your cabins. Gophers, you’re in the East cabin, Bass you’re in the West."

Okay, rude.

You roll your eyes at the host before you pick up your luggage and follow Bridgette into the girls’ side of the Killer Bass cabins, immediately noticing the extremely crappy bunk beds. You shrug it off while the others grumble to complain. Honestly, what were they expecting? Soft mattresses with royal silk sheets?

You notice a girl named Sadie starting to cry about not being able to be with Katie, which you assume is the girl who wears the exact same clothes as her... though she seems to calm down when Izzy grabs her wrist and drags her towards two of the bunk beds. Guess they're sharing that one.

"Hey, (Y/N)! Over here!"

You turn your head to see Bridgette at one of the bottom beds, silently telling you to take the top one with a smile. You're about to do so when Eva, the scariest girl you’ve ever come to face in your entire life, walks in front of you and takes it before you have the chance. Bridgette, now completely terrified, sends you a pure panic look that you only answer with a reassuring smile. Sure, Eva might be... extremely scary. But you sure she's nice! Right?

You look around for another bed to share with someone, noticing a pretty brown-haired girl taking the last bunk beds available. You guess that you'll be sharing with her. God, what’s her name again…? Courtney, right? 

"Mind if I take the bed under you?" She jumps up at your voice and turns her head towards you, noticing your apologetic smile for disturbing her.

"Oh, you’re (Y/N), right? Yeah, sure, you can take it." She smiles back and steps away to give you the space you need to put down your stuff.

"Thanks." You don’t try to talk much more and simply kneel to put your luggage under your bed. Once you’re done, you get up and smile proudly, giving the rest of the room a quick look to see that most of the girls are either done or putting their stuff away.

"You're done?"

"Oh-" You step away to let Courtney pass, an embarrassed smile on your face. "Yeah, sorry."

She just sends you a small smile before she continues to take care of her own things, giving the cue to step outside of the cabin. That's when you notice that Lindsay is just stepping out of the Gophers' cabin herself, a confused expression on her face.

"Where are the outlets? I have to plug-in my straightening iron." 

Chris' smile seems to widen at her question and he points back at another type of cabin a little further away. "There are some in the communal bathrooms just across the way."

Hm. These don’t look that bad.

"Where’s the spa? I’m confused."

You give out a sigh at her words, not quite knowing how to tell her that everything on the website was fake.

"It means we shower together, idiot."

Gwen appears and sits down on the stairs, sending the blond an annoyed look before sulks down in boredom. Lindsay's bottom lip quiver for a moment before she bursts out crying at her comment, apparently very sensitive to other's words. You send the goth girl a glare as you walk towards Lindsay to comfort her, giving her a tight hug. Sure, your new friend might be a little dumb but Gwen didn’t have to be so mean about it. Lindsay's cries seem to cease down after you tell her to not listen to the blue-haired girl, a shaky smile appearing on her lips to thank you.

"Excuse me, Chris?" You turn your head back towards your team's cabin to see Geoff stepping out of the boys' side. "Is there a chaperone of any kind in this facility?"

"You’re all sixteen years old..." Chris looks around slowly before his smile creeps back. "You’re as old as a counselor in training at a regular summer camp. So, other than myself, you’ll be unsupervised… And you’ve got half an hour to unpack and meet me back at the main lodge starting... now!"

You jump up when you hear a high-pitched scream coming from the girls’ side of the Gophers cabin, noticing that your friend Lindsay is not beside you anymore. How did you not notice her leaving? You don't wait for another scream before you step inside the cabin with the rest of the campers, wondering what went wrong. But all you can see is a panic Lindsay jumping on her feet with a disgusted expression on her face.

"Man, that white girl can scream."

You ignore Leshawna’s comment and walk slowly towards your scared friend. "What happened, Lindsay?"

"What is this? Kill it! Kill it!" She screams again, pointing at the floor. Your eyes follow her gaze and you gasp, taking a step back. There’s a freaking cockroach on the floor!

You can't help but let out a scream when DJ does so right behind you, the jock jumping in the air when the cockroach grazes his foot and accidentally breaks one of the beds.

"That was my bed." Gwen squints her eyes at the jock, clearly upset about that situation.

You slightly smirk at her. "Maybe it’s your karma for calling Lindsay an idiot."

She rolls her eyes at you, groaning in annoyance. "Alright, I get it. I was mean, sorry."

You giggle at her reaction. "Nah, I'm sorry. That was just a very easy thing to say, I couldn’t stop myself." Gwen gives you a suspicious look, which only makes your smile widen. "I had a broken bed before, so I could help you repair it later if you want."

Her eyes go wide in surprise. "Wow, really?" She gives you a big smile. "Thanks. That’s so nice of you."

Of course, everyone was screaming and trying to kill the cockroach while you two were having this casual conversation.

"Kill it! Kill it!"

You return to reality just in time to see the punk guy (Duncan, was it?) slice the disgusting insect in half with an ax.

Wait, an ax? Where in the world did he find an ax so fast?

"Well, that’s one way to kill a cockroach." You nod at Gwen’s comment, feeling quite impressed at what he had just pulled.

"I call this the definition of being a badass." You approach him, forgetting that you were supposed to hate him for grossly hitting on girls earlier. "Where did you find that ax? It’s so awesome."

Duncan gives you as sly smile as your eyes trail the design of the ax in his hands. "Well, wouldn’t you like to know, huh?"

Instead of answering him, you simply take the ax off his hands and test its weight, making him quirk an eyebrow at you. He definitely wasn't expecting that kind of reaction from you... but it's when you quietly laugh to yourself with an evil grin that his eyes spark up with interest.

"This is perfect." 

"Perfect for what, honey?" He takes the ax back from you and puts it on his shoulder, his smirk wider than before. "Are you planning something?"

It doesn't matter what exactly, but if you're going to do something involving an ax, he wants to be a part of it. You smirk back at him and exit the cabin.

"Wouldn’t you like to know, huh?"

And just with that, you start to intrigue the ex-juvie punk.

"Listen up!" You tense up when a big brown guy wearing a cook outfit screams, looking like he’s been in the army before. "I serve it three times a day and you’ll eat it three times a day. So, grab a tray, get the food and sit your butts down now!"

You’re currently the last in the line, having plenty of time to notice the "food" on people’s strays. And it’s moving. No way you’re going to eat that… especially when you don't even want to eat in the first place... but sadly, when you get in front of the man called Chef, you receive the same thing as the others. You stay in place and stare down at your food with a strange vibe coming off you, trying to kill the urges to go throw up before you look up at an annoyed Chef.

"I’m not eating that."

Everyone gasps at your behavior, not expecting you to even speak up, but Chef's eyes fire up in anger.

"I don’t think you understood me, miss. You are going to eat this three times a day and be silent."

"I don’t think you understood me, mister anger management issues. I’m. Not. Eating. This." You hear more gasps behind, but you can feel your stomach twist in fear when you see Chef's angry expression deepening. Luckily for you and your acting skills, you stop him from letting a word out with a simple smirk. "Unless... you eat it too."

Bold guess of you. Maybe he won't even take the bait, after all.. but Chef gives you a mean look and takes out a spoon.

"Miss, we’re gonna eat it at the same time and you’re gonna love this."

"Bring it, old man. I was born for this moment."

You were not... but you had plenty of experience of eating food when you feel like vomiting it most of the time... so when you both start to eat at the same time, Chef the first one to spit out his food. While he drinks down a huge cup of water to make the taste disappear, you pick up a napkin and spit the bite you took in it.

"See? You hate your food... and you want us to like it?"

You were expecting some more screaming or bad looks, but you get surprised when you see him looking rather sad. You give out a sympathetic smile and pat his shoulder.

"Hey, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get better eventually. Why don’t you practice more and try easier things? I can help you if you want."

He shakes his head and simply dismisses you with a hand, sending you off towards your team’s table. You take your place beside your teammates without your tray, the campers giving you some thumbs up for taking your ground with Chef.

"Welcome to the main lodge!"

You turn your head towards the entrance to see Chris entering, his usual smile on his face.

"Yo, my man! Can we order a pizza?" A large knife flies right above Geoff’s head and gets stuck on the wall, the blond chuckling awkwardly. "Woah, it’s cool, gee! Brown slop is cool! Right, guys?"

You laugh quietly at the situation before giving your attention back to Chris.

"Alright, guys. Your first challenge begins... in one hour!"

Chris leaves the lodge without explaining more, leaving you with some panicking teammates.

"What do you think they’ll make us do!?" Katie turns to DJ with a scarred face and you frown in confusion at her.

Why is she sitting with us? She’s not even on our team... oh, wait. She’s with Sadie. Okay, now I get it.

DJ shrugs with a small smile. "It’s our first challenge, how hard can it be?" 

You quirk an eyebrow at that. "Just because it’s the first challenge, it doesn't mean that it’s going to be easy. I’m feeling more like a dangerous thing is coming more than anything else."

And boy, you wish you weren't right at all.

Oh fuck.

You're at the top of a big cliff, wearing your favorite swimsuit with the rest of the cast. Looking down at some very deep water, you can feel the trembles of your body increase along with the anxiety inside your veins. You step far away from the cliff to try and calm yourself down, but your shakes don't stop and you end up hugging yourself. To the others, it looks like you’re terrified of heights. Some of the people, feeling pity, try to reassure you by patting your back and giving you smiles.

"Okay!" You look up from your feet to set your eyes on an evil smiling Chris, silently begging him to not let you do this. "Today’s challenge is threefold. Your first task is to jump off the one-thousand-foot-high cliff into the lake."

Oh god, I’m gonna die.

"Piece of cake!" Bridgette turns to you with a soft expression. "Right, (Y/N)?"

You’re too terrified to give her a proper response, looking at her with puppy eyes.

"If you look down, you will see two target areas. The wider area represents the part of the lake that we have stocked with psychotic man-eating sharks. Inside that area is a safe zone. That’s your target area, which we’re pretty sure is shark free."

And now there are sharks? Oh, you're definitely going to die.

"For each member of your team that jumps and survives, there will be creative supplies waiting below. Inside each crate are supplies you’ll need for the second part of the challenge: building a hot tub! The team with the best one gets to have a wicked hot tub party tonight! The losers will be sending someone home. Let’s see, Killer Bass, you’re up first."

"Oh god, no. Please." You beg under your breath, hiding your face with your hands to hide the tears prickling in the corner of your eyes. You feel something pat your shoulder for a moment, and so slowly move your fingers to be able to see Duncan with a sly smile.

"What is it, doll? You’re afraid of heights? I thought you were a tough one."

The panic in you rises, your brain finally understanding that no one here knows why you're truly panicking. Duncan loses his smile when he notices the tears in your eyes, suddenly realizing how serious this is.

"I don’t know how to swim. " Your voice comes out in a whisper and cracks a little at the end, but it's the words that make his eyes go wide. "If I jump from this height, I’m gonna end up at the bottom of the lake and die. "

Duncan looks around for a moment, silently asking someone else if they know how to deal with this. He's not used to panicky people, or at least he's never been the one to comfort them. But when he looks back into your eyes, he gives out a sigh and puts his hands on your shoulders, squeezing them before he attempts to give out a reassuring smile. 

He doesn’t have to be a jerk to everyone all the time... and certainly not now.

"Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to jump, you know? You have a good reason. Chris and the team will understand."

"No, they won't! They're gonna hate me and then I'm gonna hate myself and then-"

"Hey. Stop it. You’re gonna be fine." He realizes that no matter what he says, you aren’t going to believe him and you're just gonna keep panicking; gosh, why is he the one taking care of this. "Okay, look. Stay behind everyone. When it’s finally your turn to jump, you’ll decide if you do it or not. If you don’t, I’ll make sure no one bothers you. But if you do jump, I’ll be down there and I’ll stop you from drowning, okay?"

That seems to calm you down a little and the tension in your body ceases. When you give him a shaky smile, breathing in and out slowly, he can't help but feel better himself.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, well, I’m just helping you with this challenge." His smirk comes back to his lips just as he frees your shoulders. "Don’t count on me for the others, sweetheart."

You roll your eyes. There he goes, back to the flirting.

"Oh, don’t worry. I’ll keep the fact that you're actually nice as a secret."

"So, who’s up?" You turn your head to see Bridgette looking at you and your teammates, expecting one of you to come forward.

Duncan's smirk widens. "Ladies first!"

Bridgette breathes in sharply before she looks down at the water.

"Fine, I’ll go." She takes a few steps back before she runs towards the cliff. "It’s no big deal. Just an insane cliff dive into a circle of angry sharks!"

You don't even have time to worry about her that she’s in the safe circle down there, waving back at you all with what seems to be a bright smile from the distance. Tyler gives out an excited smile before he jumps right after her,  but you can hear his pain yelp soon after. You can't help but cringe when you look down and see that he has landed right onto one of the metal buoys. This is another thing that could kill you, which rapidly scares you again.

While you're letting your anxious thoughts get the best of you, Geoff, Eva, and Duncan jump off too. It's only when its DJ's turn that you come back to your senses, noticing the fear expression on his face.

"Uh-uh, no way, man. I’m not jumping."

Chris gives out a fake worried expression. "Scared of heights?"

"Yeah!" DJ nods heavily and takes a step back. "Ever since I was a kid."

"That’s okay, big guy." Chris pats his shoulder before he smiles evilly. "Unfortunately, that also makes you a chicken. So, you’ll have to wear this for the rest of the day."

The host proceeds to put a chicken hat on DJ’s head, looking very proud of his action.

"Oh man, for real?" Chris imitates the sound of a chicken while DJ leaves. When you see him walk past you, you feel a little relieved. So you can choose to not jump... but would your team forgive you for that?

"Excuse me, Chris, but I have a medical condition."

You come back from your thoughts to watch Courtney talk to Chris; Ezequïel and Harold having jumped off already. Chris squints his eyes at her, suspicious of her words.

"What condition?" 

"A condition that prevents me from jumping off cliffs?"

Do you mean sanity?

"You can chicken out if you want, but it might end up costing your team the win... and then they’ll hate you."

Oh god, what did you have to say that?

"It’s a calculated risk." Courtney crosses her arms over her chest, turning her eyes towards the second team. "I’ve seen the other team and I don’t think nine of them will jump."

"YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!" You’ve screamed out of nowhere, Courtney looking back at you in pure shock. "You can’t possibly know that!"

Normally, you wouldn't have screamed like that... but you're just so terrified. Courtney opens her mouth, the girl about to answer you when Chris suddenly puts the chicken hat on her head and pushes her out of the way.

"Alright! Here is your chicken hat. Now go!" He takes out a clipboard out of nowhere and reads it. "So, let’s tally up the results... Wait, that’s seven jumpers and two chickens. We’re missing three people."

Sadie looks back at the host with a pleading look. "I’m not jumping without Katie!"

Katie nods and holds tighter onto her friend's hands. "We have to be on the same team, Chris!"

Both of the girls proceed to beg Chris over and over, which annoys him more than anything else. That’s when Izzy puts her hand up, a blank expression on her face.

"I’ll switch places with her."

"Alright, FINE!" Chris drops the clipboard, fire in his eyes. "You’re both on the Killer Bass now. Izzy, you’re on the Screaming Gophers." He breathes out to calm down and smiles. "That means you’re up, girls!"

You watch the two fake twins jump and scream together in joy, a hard feeling rising in your chest.

It's my turn now, isn't it?

Chris turns back at you with an evil smile. "There’s only you now, (Y/N)!"

You gulp, the saliva going down your throat with difficulty. You have no choice but to jump now. With only two chickens, your team might have a chance to win the challenge... but with three, you guys are sure to lose. You look down at your teammates back on the beach, almost all of them expecting you to jump. You manage to make out Duncan sending you a few thumbs up, making your heartbeat slow down for a moment.

He said he’ll stop you from downing... he wouldn't lie about that, would he?

Your heart pounds faster and faster as you walk closer to the edge, your chest hurting so bad it almost feels like a heart attack. You notice Katie and Saddie waving back at you from the circle, urging you to join them. You turn around and give the other team one last look, seeing Chris smiling evilly.

Is it too late to go back home?

Before you can change your mind, you jump, your eyes going wide in shock at the bold move you just made before you let out a loud scream on your way down. The wind cuts your skin with its coldness, Katie and Sadie coming closer and closer. You close your eyes in fear, not wanting to see your inevitable death as you take the biggest breath in your entire life.

And then, you feel it. The water. Snapping every inch of your body.

You open your eyes despite the unbearable pain, looking up to see the girls’ legs moving around in the blue water above your head. You feel the liquid sting your eyes and enter your nose in less than a second, already trying to take the air out of your lungs. Panicking, you try to take a hold of Sadie’s foot to help you back up on the surface, but your body drags you down and you miss it by two inches. You try your hardest to swim back up, kicking your arms and legs as much as you can, but you soon lose your physical strength and go deeper instead of higher.

Where’s Duncan? He was supposed to save you. Has he decided to let you die?

Giving up, you let your body drag you down and you breathe out the air you have, the blue water entering your throat as you do so. Everything starts to get darker and darker, your mind getting more peaceful.

Maybe you’ll go to heaven after all.

That’s when you feel something grab you and pull you up with them. In less time than you can think, your head is out of the water and you’re throwing up loads and loads of it, coughing like a smoker. When you realize that you're no longer underwater, you throw your arms and legs around the person that just saved you. 

"Oh my god, Katie! You just saved (Y/N)!"

"I know, Sadie! I was so scared! She almost died!"

Katie...? Katie saved me?

When you look at your savior, your eyes still blurry from the water, you realize that Katie is, in fact, the one who just saved your life. While you hear a few people jump off in the water behind you, the two girls take you to the boat that is supposed to bring you to shore. Once you're there, Harold, a ginger-haired boy, stretches out his hand to you and helps you to get on. He gives you a towel and you use it to warm up your shaking body, the boat now swimming towards the beach. Once you arrive, the panic has washed away from your mind and you manage to give out a smile.

"(Y/N)! Oh my god, are you okay?" You yelp when Bridgette suddenly hugs you tight, almost taking your breath away. "I was so scared for you! Why weren’t you coming back up? Were you stuck down there?"

"I..." She frees you to give you a worried expression, your smile shaking a little. "I just don’t know how to swim. It’s no big deal."

"What?!" Her worried expression worsens, making you feel embarrassed to not have said anything. "Why didn’t you tell us!"

"I'm sorry, I was just so terrified..." You turn to Katie and Sadie, your smile slightly widening at them. "By the way, thank you for saving me. And sorry for grabbing you like that."

"Awn, no worries." Katie gives you a bright smile from her place. "I didn’t mind one bit!"

You hear another set of the Gophers starting to fall in the water, but turn around when someone pats you on the shoulder. You frown in frustration when you see Duncan giving you a sly smile.

"See? You made it!"

You glare at him. "Yeah, no thanks to you."

He quirks an eyebrow at you. "Hey, I wanted to go save you, those guys just didn’t let me."

"Yeah, right." You step away from him and grab Bridgette's hand, the blond giving you a confused expression. "I learned my lesson, big guy. I’m never trusting you again."

With that, you leave him there and walk away with Bridgette, the blond continuing to look back and forth between the two of you.

"Okay, campers! There’s only one person left!" You look up at the cliff to see that there’s only Chris and Owen standing up there "You guys need this jump for the win! No pressure dude... Okay, there’s pressure!"

The Gophers, who you notice have now joined you on the beach, don't wait to screams motivations sentences at Owen. You can't help but silently hope for Owen to not jump. That way, maybe both teams could end up in a tie?

You get distracted by someone jumping at you and hugging you tight... again.

"Oh my gosh, (Y/N)!" You recognize Lindsay’s voice and give her back her crushing hug, a giggle escaping your throat. "I got so scared when you weren’t coming back to the surface! But then I saw Katie save you and I was sooo relieved! How are you? You’re okay? Do you need anything?" Her expression changes when she frees you and takes a closer look at your hands. "Do you want me to paint your nails and do your hair? Because you could need some help with that, you kn-"

"Lindsay, I’m okay." You laugh and get your hands out of hers, not minding her rude comment. "No need to worry."

"No, it's not!" Bridgette throws her arms in the air, giving you a frustrated look. "You could have died out there! You should have told us!"

"I know, but-"

That’s when you see the big wave produced by Owen’s jump... coming at all of you with the intention of killing you all. The panic comes back in less than a second, and before you can even realize it, you're running towards the forest and dragging Lindsay's and Bridgette's by their wrists. Once you feel the water splash your back, your feet on the grass right at the edge of the beach, you let out a shaky breath and look back to see most of everyone still alive, but in pretty bad shape. 

This first day isn't going super well for you all, is it?

"The winners: The Screaming Gophers!"

Ah, crap.

Chapter Text

Chapter Two: Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

The Screaming Gophers are way ahead of you, their crates being easily carried away by their new-found prize. You’re using all of your strength to try to push one of yours along with Bridgette, but you keep getting distracted by Gwen’s form in front of you. Wait! It’s not like you’re being a pervert or something! It’s just that... every time you look at her, your brain starts to imagine the two of you dating...

You shake your head. You need to stop fantasize things with real people. That’s weird.

"Ow! I think I just got a splinter!"

You and Bridgette turn around to give Courtney a mean look. She was the one who said that the other team will never have nine jumpers. If she had jumped, you guys wouldn’t be here being losers. When you see Eva go talk to her with the angriest face in the world, you and Bridgette decide to simply continue to push the crates. A few minutes later, everyone decides to take a break, Tyler having to go to the bathroom and Katie and Sadie following him right after. You put your hand on your chest to try to control your breathing. God, you need to get in shape.

"Ow! I think something bit me!"

You all ignore Courtney. She deserves to be in pain right now. Seriously, if you had known that you would have lost anyway, you wouldn’t have jumped and risked your damn life! You almost died, for Christ's sake!

The other three teenagers soon come back, telling you all that everything’s good.

"Can we go now? I think my eye is swelling up."

"You guys are way behind the other team. Like, way behind. Why is that?" You turn your head to see Chris arriving on a motor vehicle.

"Their butts are itchy." You’re about to say something mean to Courtney, like for her to shut up or something, but you stop yourself once you see her eye. It is swelling up. She must have been bitten by a fly. Poor girl. Even if you’re angry at her, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a jerk, right?

That’s why you go see her with a worried look on your face, the fake twins getting explained by Bridgette why their legs and intimate parts are so itchy. Chris is watching the situation with a terrified but interested in the situation look, the host waiting for the dramatic event of Katie’s and Saddie’s itchy butt.

"Can I see it?" You point at Courtney’s eye, getting more worried by the second. She looks back at you with skeptic features, but she lets you see her eye up close anyway. When you approach your face to hers, your scent attacks her nose, you simply observing the bite on her eyelid. She wonders where you got that wonderful smell. Are you wearing perfume? Wait, that’s not possible, you just jumped in the ocean... Is this your natural scent, then?

You continue to look at her eye, too caught up to notice anything. You don’t like how it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

"Honestly, I think you should head back to camp now and put something cold on it, or it will keep getting bigger. And I’m not sure, but I think I have something in my bag back there that might help you too…. I’ll need to check. How are you feeling? Does it hurt or is it kind of numb right now?" The fact that you’re being so kind and caring to her makes her feel a little better... and you smell so good!

She gives you a sweet smile and you feel a warm feeling on your cheeks. Why does she look so happy? You just told her that her eye’s getting worse... maybe it’s her chicken hat? Is it doing something to her?

"Oh no!" You both turn your head back at your team, wondering what’s happening.

"What do we do!"

Oh. It’s just Katie and Sadie.

"No way, that’s awesome!" Chris laughs while pointing at the pink girls who are now trying to stop the itching on their butts by riding the sand.

"Finally." Harold puts down his crate and sits on it, exhausted.

"Oh my god, yes! Freedom, at last!" You scream and fall to the ground as Bridgette laughs at your action, all of you appreciating to be back at camp.

"Hey, guys." Curious, you open your eyes and then send a wave to Trent that he returns with a smile. You haven’t had the chance to talk to him yet, but he seems nice. You watch Leshawna pop out of a crate.

"Hey, aren’t you missing a couple of white girls?" You quirk an eyebrow at that, analyzing her question.

"Meh. Don’t care." You shrug it off and go back to laying down on the ground.

"They’re taking a drink." Courtney obviously tries to save the team’s reputation, but everyone knows that it’s already too late.

"Yeah, if they drink with their butts." Harold's comment wasn’t the most clever thing you heard in your life, but you give out a chuckle nonetheless.

"Oh god. What happened to your eye, girl?"

"Nothing. It’s just allergies!"

"Courtney. You should really put something cold on it. It’ll help a little." It’s the fifth time you tell her that, but she keeps telling you that she doesn’t need it.

"I’m fine. I don’t need-"

"Go put something cold on it or I’ll do it myself." She rolls her eyes at you, or at least she tries, and leaves to go to the communal bathrooms. You smile with your fist in the air in victory.

"Okay." Geoff is on top of all of your team’s crates, not even afraid of falling and breaking his neck. "Dudes, it’s not too late. We can do this!"

"Geoff, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re supposed to open these with our teeth? How are we supposed to do that?" You’re genuinely asking him. I mean, you would love to be able to open crates with your teeth, you just don’t know how to do it. Well, you know how to do it, but you don’t know how to do it without breaking your teeth.

"Okay, look guys. We have a hot tub to complete and we need a project manager." Courtney stands up, her eye getting a little better thanks to your advice that she finally took. "Since I’ve actually been a C.I.T. before, I’m electing myself. Any objections?"

"Okay, but do you know how to make a hot tub? Because I doubt that." She gives you a shocked expression. What? It’s not because you used to be a C.I.T. that you know everything.

"Of course I know how to build a hot tub!"

"Where do we begin, Cyclops?" Duncan looks rather bored and skeptical about the whole thing. As for you, you’re still pissed at him for saying that he would save you and not doing it, but you still laugh at his nickname for Courtney and earn yourself a small smile from him.

"Open the crates." Courtney points at Duncan with a serious look. "Bridgette, go find those itchy girls. We need all the help we can get."

You finally get up from the ground, suddenly filled with determination.


"This is the worst hot tub in the whole history." You quietly mumble to yourself and cross your arms on your chest. It was pretty obvious who’s going to win, you don’t need to listen to Chris to know that.

"Well, I think we have a winner here: the Screaming Gophers!"

"That was pretty obvious, Chris."

The host gives you a mean look while the other team scream in joy, you only smiling back at the situation. Yes, you’re sad to have lost the challenge (since that means that one of you is going home), but at least your other friends are happy and that makes you happy too. I mean, look at Lindsay jumping up and down. That’s quite a happy sight, no?

"Gophers! You’re safe from elimination and you get to rock this hot tub for the rest of the summer! Killer Bass, what can I say, it sucks to be you right now. I’ll see your sorry butts to the bonfire tonight."

"We won!" Lindsay screams out of joy. "We get to stay here for another three days! Wou-hou!"

You try to walk towards your blond friend, but your teammates don’t let you and instead drag you to the lodge with them by force. You look up at the sky to see it getting a little darker. Wait, is it already dinner time?

"So, uh... what do we do now?" You give Katie a bored expression, not even wanting to answer her.

"We have to figure out who we’re gonna vote off." You roll your eyes at Courtney’s comment. You’re squeezed between her and Duncan, which makes you feel a little irritated. All you wanted was to be beside Bridgette, but now you have to be beside the two people that you don’t like that much.

"Well... I think it should be princess or the brick house here." Duncan looks at Courtney and DJ in particular.

"Honestly, Courtney probably deserves to go more than DJ. He actually had a pretty good reason to not jump." You say that while picking your food with your spoon. God, you don’t want to eat that… and you won’t.

"What? Why?" Courtney seems rather surprised by the response Duncan and you have given. But, to be honest, she’s more surprised by yours. You were so sweet to her earlier... what happened?

"Well, because unless I’m mistaken, you two are the only ones here wearing chicken hats." Duncan explains the situation rather calmly. "And if we ever have to lift the truck, I like our odds with the big guy."

"That’s a totally good point. Good thinking, Duncan."

"Thanks, (Y/N). I try."

"But you guys need me! I’m the only one wh-"

"We know!" Bridgette cuts her off, really annoyed. "Who used to be a real C.I.T! So, who would you pick, then?"

Courtney looks around her with a paranoid look and points to Tyler. "What about him?"

"Noooooo!" Lindsay screams out of terror. "... I mean, no salt! There’s no salt on the table! Bummer."

Her eyes meet yours and she blushes when she sees you smirking at her, you moving your eyebrows up and down in a playful way. You can’t wait to hear the juicy details.

"Hey, at least he jumped off the cliff, chicken wing." Duncan’s answer to Courtney’s decision makes you give them back your attention.

"Okay!" Courtney turns her head to look at you. "What about (Y/N) then?"

"What do you mean, (Y/N)?" Bridgette is more than annoyed now. "She jumped off too!"

"And she almost drowned! We’re on an island with water everywhere and she can’t swim! Do you seriously think that she can be more useful in this competition?"

"You don’t need to be so mean about it..." You look down at your hands, feeling quite ashamed of your lack of competence in the swimming area.

"Hey, shut up princess." You’re surprised to hear Duncan defend you. "Unlike you, she decided to risk her own life and give us a chance to win. Plus, she can still learn to swim, it’s not that big of a deal."

"Oh really? What if next time, she still hasn’t learned to swim? What if there’s no one to save her from drowning then? Have you thought about that?"

"There will be someone to save her because I won’t leave her alone. And if you didn’t stop me from getting in the water earlier, she wouldn’t even have started to drown today!"

"Katie and Sadie were already there to help her, she didn’t need any more help!"

"Okay!" Geoff’s suddenly stops the whole fight, no one liking the atmosphere right now. "Let’s just chill out. This is getting way too heavy."

"I’ve had enough prison food for one day and I’m pretty sure (Y/N) has heard enough of your crap." You feel your wrist being grab and you’re kind of forced to get up with him. "I’m gonna go have a nap and she’s going to take a walk."

"Wait, what? What’s happening?" You two walk out the door, your wrist still in his hand. "Dude, you’re kind of hurting me right now."

He frees you and continues to walk, not bothering to look back at you. "Whatever. I just needed to give you an excuse to leave. You can do whatever you want."

You continue to walk beside him and give him a long look, feeling quite hesitant. He turns his head back at you and notices your expression.


"It’s just… why did you help me back there? You didn’t have to defend me…" He looks at you like you’re the dumbest person ever.

"I told you I’ll help you earlier." Seeing that you’re not reacting to his answer, he rolls his eyes at you and starts to leave, but you stop him.

"Thank you… and I’m sorry."

Maybe you’ve just said something wrong, or you said something else than what you think you said because now he’s looking at you like you’re some sort of alien.

"Why the hell are you sorry for? You haven’t done anything."

"Well, actually, yeah. I was being a jerk to you at the beach when you actually cared. So... I’m sorry for assuming that you wanted me to be dead and didn’t try to save me when you actually tried... because you did try, right?"

There’s a long silence where he just looks at you with a strange expression. You send him a smile, knowing deep down that he’s a nice guy inside all that tough, punk guy thing. He then realizes that he’s been staring at you for a long time without saying anything and looks away, putting on his tough act again.

"Yeah, whatev’. I don’t care. I’m gonna go take a nap now."

"Have sweet dreams!"

You hear him grumble something under his breath and he leaves you with absolutely nothing to do. You decide to look around, trying to think of something to pass the time. That’s when you feel a light pat on your shoulder and you turn around to see Gwen smiling at you.

"Hey, (Y/N)." Your knees instantly feel weak and you try your best to not blush right now.

"Hey, Gwen! What can I do for you?" She seems to get a little intimidated by your cheerful welcome and she bites her lips, slowly killing you. "Are you okay...? Do you need... Oh, your bed! Sorry, I forgot! Let’s go repair this bad boy! "

She chuckles at you. "Thanks. I didn’t want to force you to help me, but you did say that you would help me, so..."

She opens the door of the cabin for you and you walk straight to the broken bed.

"There’s no problem, really." You take off her mattress, immediately understanding the problem. "Well, as you probably can see, it seems like your bed was broken in half. Not completely, though. Which is great, because it might be easier to fix."

She looks at you silently as you start to think about how to repair her bed. It was kind of hard to do since you’re alone with her in a room full of beds... Your mind just keeps imagining things and- dammit, brain! Concentrate!

"I think I know how to fix this, but I’ll need some wood, nails and a hammer."

"I got those things earlier… Wasn’t easy to find them, but I got em’." She gives you the stuff you need as you repair her bed, the whole process taking longer than you thought it would take.

"Well, it’s not perfect, but it should be better than sleeping on the floor." You turn your head at her only to see her already staring at you with a smile. "Um... is there something on my face?"

Her eyes open wide and her cheeks turn in a slight pink color. "Hm, no! I was just thinking that you’re kind to help me, that’s all."

You blink a couple of times before you smile again. "Awn, thanks. But I told you, it’s not a big deal. I’m happy to help a friend anytime."

She smiles back at you, clearly happy to hear you say that you guys are friends. But then, she loses it and kind of stares at space.

"So, um... have you decide who you’re going to vote off?"

"Oh, honestly, probably myself."

"WHAT!?" She looks at you dumbfounded. "Why would you do that?!"

You laugh at her reaction "Oh, I forgot to tell, right? I don’t care about the prize. I’m just here to have fun, meet new people and try to make friends. And if I vote someone off, I’ll feel bad and hate myself. So, I’m gonna vote for myself, that way I feel good and someone who actually wants the prize can have it."

She looks like she doesn’t quite believe you, but she also seems like she wants to tell you something.

"You’ve got something on your mind, don’t you?"

"Well, maybe you’ll want to vote someone off if I tell you this…"

You frown. "What do you mean?"

"After you and Duncan left the lodge earlier, Ezequïel said some pretty nasty things about girls in general. Like how girls are weak and should not be on this show or something like that. We all got pissed, so... you might want to vote him off too."

That’s when she notices your cold features and your dark aura, making her shiver in fear.

"Is that true?" Your voice is dark and evil, scaring the crap out of her.

"Y-yeah, it is. I know, it’s fucked up. Pretty sure your team will put him down."

You get up, your steps getting faster and faster towards the entrance door and pushing you outside. Gwen follows you, clearly not trusting you to not do something stupid.

"(Y/N), what do you think you’ll do?"

"I’m gonna find a knife and stab him to-"

"Hey! No." She takes your shoulders in her hands and shakes you. "Bad (Y/N). Bad. Stabbing people is bad. Don’t do that."

You come back to your senses and mentally hit yourself. Great job, (Y/N). Now she’s going to think you’re a psychopath.

"Oh god, I’m sorry, you’re right! I just… have this anger problem where I get like... a killer vibe and want to scream and punch everything...."

Why did I tell her that? That’s worse!

"It’s okay. Honestly, he might deserve a little beat up, but wait... really? Your anger can get that bad? You’re so sweet, that seems so surreal!"

You smile wildly at her and wink.

"The nicest people are the most dangerous ones when they get angry." You then notice that it’s already dark outside. "Oh. I should probably go vote. You go have fun in the hot tub, alright?"

As you’re leaving her on the steps of her cabin, going to that bathroom stall to vote, you try to forget the whole situation. Did you seriously just wink at her? Why in the world did you do that? Ugh! This is so embarrassing!

You’re sitting at the campfire site, sending daggers with your eyes to Ezequïel along with the other girls. When his eyes meet yours, you put your finger to your throat and gently gesture cutting it. Your message is clear, he looks like he’s about to pee his pants.

That dude is going down.

"Dude, you’ve got a lot to learn about the real world." Duncan is not impressed by the homeschooled boy, maybe even disappointed. Or maybe he just can’t believe that someone could say sexist comments in a room full of girls. Meh, who cares?

"Killer Bass." Chris starts the ceremony with a dramatic voice. "At camp, marshmallows represent a tasty treat that you enjoy roasting by the fire. At this camp, marshmallows represent life."

"That’s very dramatic for nothing." You get another mean look from Chris. He’s starting to regret having you in his show. Your dark side in the video was right! He should have listened to her! Dammit!

"You’ve all cast your votes in a major decision. There are only eleven marshmallows on this plate. When I call your name, come up and claim your marshmallow. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow tonight must immediately return to the dock of shame to catch the boat of losers."

Oh, hey, they repaired the dock. When did they do that?

"That means you’re out of the contest and you can’t come back... ever."

"Noooooo.... for real? I thought we were gonna stay and watch the others do the competition... I didn’t expect that!" Duncan chuckles at your sarcastic comment and you smile back. You’re glad you're sorting things out with him, he seems like a fun guy.

"The first marshmallow goes to Geoff."









"Campers. This is the final marshmallow of the evening."

As the time keeps passing by, the two last contestants start to panic. Chris points at them and wait, adding way more suspense to the situation than it needs. You sigh and roll your eyes. Can’t he just say her name already? Everyone already knows who’s getting voted off.


There. Obvious. But the brown-haired girl looks so happy, you think you see her having tears in her only opened eye.

"Can’t say I’m shocked." Chris gives Ezequïel a disappointed look. "I saw you picking your nose, dude. Not cool. Dock of shame is that way, bro."

And so, the sexist homeschooled boy walks back home, you guys celebrating your stay by the campfire with marshmallows.

"Yeah, this camp pretty much still stinks." Gwen says that to the camera, her eyes softening after a while. "But, now that I’m here, I guess I might as well try to win... Plus, Trent and (Y/N) are kind of cute."

"Oh god. I’m having a crush on Gwen. I’m legit having a crush on Gwen. Oh god. This summer is so going to kill me...."

As you’re leaving the campfire site, you and your teammates pass by the hot tub party and you hear them groan in jealousy. You, on the other hand, don’t care... probably because Lindsay, Beth, Leshawna, and Gwen invited you to go in the hot tub with them some other time… So yeah, you don’t care.

"Are you recording this? Good." You turn around to see that Courtney has stopped walking and has started to talk to a random camera. "They can enjoy their little party all they want, but I’m gonna win this competition. And no one is gonna stop me."

"Easy there, hot stuff. You gotta take it one step at a time." You grab her arm and drag her away with you.

"Huh, let me go! I wanna go to sleep. Where are you taking me?"

"To the communal bathrooms."

"... why?"

"We still need to take care of that eye you got."

Courtney’s cheeks turn a darker shade, the girl getting herself back in control once you’re both in the communal bathrooms. You tell her to sit down on the counter and, miraculously, she listens to you. You give her a cold washcloth to put on her eye while you go through your bag and, even if she doesn’t like to be bossed around like that (since she prefers to be the boss), she puts the washcloth on her eye and observes you. She won’t admit it, but she likes the fact that you’re taking care of her.

"Ah-hah! I found it!"

She smiles at your childish behavior. You’re so cute... She stops smiling and decides to look annoyed when you turn your attention back at her. You try to give her the cream, smiling from ear to ear.

"Here, this should help a lot. It might burn, though. If it does, it means it’s working and your eye will be normal by tomorrow morning." She looks at the tube in your hand for a while before she looks back at you.

She’s going to try something.

"Could you.... do it?" You’re taken aback by her request and start to feel weird.

"Y-yeah, sure."

You squeeze out some cream on your fingers as she takes away the washcloth away from her eye. You get close to her and slowly approach your fingers to her face, not wanting to hurt her. She just looks at your eyes. Your big beautiful (E/C) eyes. She didn’t know you’ll be even cuter up close like that... and you still smell so good…

"Now, remember. This will burn." You apply the cream on her eye gently and she hisses. You apologize and make sure that you’re not being harsh in any way, Courtney still looking at your eyes. Her brain is blank, she doesn’t know what to tell you.

"It does burn." You smile and something turns in her stomach.

"It means it’s working." You stop applying the cream. That must be enough. Her eye is already less swollen and it’s kind of opening now. You look into her black irises, feeling like they’re drowning you. You also notice her freckles on her nose, the whole feature making her face glow under the lights.

"Freckles suits you. It makes you even more beautiful."

Oh my god, why did I say that?! That was so weird!

Courtney smiles. "Thanks! You’re pretty cute too. I like your eyes."

You never felt so much heat on your face before and you have difficulty thanking her back. That’s when you notice that you might be too close to her and you take a few steps back, instantly going to one of the sinks to wash your hands. You try to hide your face with your hair, but she still sees your blush. A very intense one too. It’s like you’re not used to compliments or something.

She realizes that she wants to make you blush again.

"We should... go back to the cabins." You quickly say that as your taking your bag and leaving for the exit, stopping yourself at the last minute to look back at her. "You wanted to go to sleep, right?"

"Yeah, I did." She smirks, making you feel embarrassed. She gets off the counter and follows you close from behind, proud of herself.

Let’s just say you didn’t get that much sleep that night, conflicted feelings keeping you awake about the brown-haired girl sleeping just above your head and the blue-haired one in the other cabin.

Are you having crushes on two girls?

Chapter Text

Chapter Three: The Big Sleep

Let’s just say that Courtney isn’t really happy to be woken up by a horrible screaming boat sound. She knocked her head on the roof because of it and started to yell obscene insults at a non-present Chris. Some people like Bridgette or the fake twins don’t mind, but other people like Eva are trying to control themselves to not punch other people like Courtney. Needless to say, everyone is currently wide and awake. Everyone but you.

You see, at your home, it’s not just you and your parents who live there. It’s your six other siblings too. That means you’re so used to hearing sounds, screams and big noises in the morning that you don’t wake up anymore, not even with an alarm. That’s why when Bridgette sees that you’re not waking up, she tries to talk you out of it.

"Hey, (Y/N). I know you like to sleep, but I think we have a challenge coming up."

"What’s happening?" Courtney steps down from her bed and notices your sleeping form curling up in the covers, the weird feeling coming back. "She’s still sleeping?"

"Yeah. I don’t know why because that noise could have woken up anyone." You move a little in your sleep and make the most adorable yawn Courtney has ever seen.

"Let me try something."

While Bridgette leaves the cabin to go take a shower in the communal bathrooms, Courtney takes a closer look at you, trying to focus on how to wake you up. She puts her hand on your shoulder and gently moves you, telling you to wake up. You finally open your sleepy eyes, seeing Courtney up close. She smiles, proud about her accomplishment and also thinking that you look very cute. That’s when you put your face back into your pillow and she frowns.

"Five more minutes." Your voice is muffled by the fluffy pillow, you trying to ignore what’s happening right now.

"We have a challenge. You have to wake up."

"I don’t want to." Courtney quirks an eyebrow.

"If you don’t wake up, I’ll make you."

You put your head up enough to see her being very serious about her statement. You give her a mean look.

"Then do it."

The next thing you know, she’s lifting you in the air and you’re screaming, wide awake. After you beg a couple of times for her to bring you down, she lets you fall on the floor, clearly proud of herself. You got up while she laughs at you and you send daggers with your eyes. After a while, you calm down and pout.

"You didn’t have to drop me, that hurts! And since when are you that strong?"

"Since forever. Now put your clothes on, we have to get to the challenge."

"Morning! Hope you slept well..." Chris looks too happy to see you all in a tired state.

"Hi, Chris! You look really buff in those shorts." Heather’s also being too happy to be awake at seven in the morning. You guys are teenagers, you’re supposed to hate mornings.

"I think he already knows that, Heather. It’s Chris McLean, after all."

"(Y/N) is right. I already know. Okay. I hope you’re all ready because your next challenge begins in exactly one minute!"

Oh, fuck. I didn’t get time to go to the bathroom.

"You guys can get breakfast right after you complete your 20 kilometers run around the lake!"

"NEVER!" You scream that with full force, your hatred for running waking you up in an instant.

"You’re enjoying this, aren’t you!?" Eva doesn’t seem very happy about the next challenge. That’s odd. You thought she liked to exercise?

"A little." Chris admits it with his usual smile. "You have thirty seconds before it starts."

"Okay, runners! On your marks. Get set. Go!" As you watch most of the people starting to run, you just decide to walk. You don’t have to put that much effort into this, right?

Later, as you see a huge group of people passing you by for the third time, you roll your eyes at them. It’s been an hour and just by walking, you did 5 kilometers. You have plenty of time.

"Hey (Y/N), what are you thinking?" Gwen’s voice makes you jump out of your skin. You weren’t expecting her to walk beside you, but here she is, smiling at you.

"Oh, I was just thinking that if I just keep walking, I’ll be done in three hours without running."

"Really? I didn’t think of that."

"Pick it up, people!" You somehow hear Chris talk into a megaphone, then see him pass by you fast on a motorized scooter. "If you’re not back by dinner time, you don’t eat!"

"Yeah, right. We’ll be done in three hours, which is one hour before dinner time. Don’t even need to run." You hear Gwen laugh at your comment beside you and you smile at her. Maybe this challenge won’t be so bad with her right here.

You and Gwen both have arrived an hour before lunch, just like you said. Damn, you’re good at math.

When you guys got in the lodge in the first place, almost everyone was there, like Courtney and the rest of your team... except for Harold. Now, it’s been an hour since you’ve all been waiting for him, you currently sitting right across Duncan who’s completely bored out of his mind. He looks at you, probably because he was sensing your long stare at him. That’s when you stick out your tongue. You’ve been waiting an hour to do that and yes, you are very tired. He gives you a weird look and sticks out his tongue too, imitating you. You laugh, very happy about his reaction and that makes him smile. He’s about to tell you something when Owen enters the lodge with full force, an unconscious Noah on his shoulder.

"Clear a table, stat!"

Leshawna follows soon after, falling to the floor. Then, Harold comes in… and he’s not looking so good.

"What took you so long? We just lost the challenge!" Courtney’s suddenly standing in front of him and, when you see Harold having difficulties to breathe, you get worried.

"I think I’m having heart palpitations." You immediately go to him and force him to sit down, helping him to breathe normally again with some exercises you learned for your panic attacks, not noticing that some people don’t look quite happy with the attention you’re giving him. Meanwhile, the other team is cheering for themselves for winning the challenge.

"Woah, there. Hold your horses, guys." Chris interrupts the whole cheering from the Gophers with his usual smile. "That wasn’t the challenge."

"So, you lied." You straight out tell while crossing your arms, but he ignores your comment, which you find suspicious, and goes beside some violet curtains.

"Who’s hungry?"

That’s when the curtains open, revealing loads and loads of delicious food on a table.

Everyone’s on the floor, dying from eating too much of that delicious food. Well, everyone but you again. It’s not like you didn’t eat anything. You did, but not that much. You’re not that hungry or really into that kind of food. A pizza would have been better for you.

"Okay, campers." Why does Chris use his megaphone inside? He doesn’t need it in this situation. "Time for part two of your challenge!"

"I thought eating was the second part." Everyone else seems to agree with Owen.

"What more do you want from us!?"

"Weird goth girl is right." You give Heather a death glare, you seriously want to punch her in the face sometimes. "Haven’t we been through enough?"

"You in particular? Never." You only smile when Heather tries to intimidate you with her glare. Like, really? You can do so much better than that.

"It’s time for The Awake-a-thon!" You give the host a weird look. "Don’t worry, this is an easy one. The team with the last camper standing wins invincibility."

So, I just have to stay awake for as long as I can? Wonder how long I can stand.

"So, what you’re saying is that the 20k run and turkey eating frenzy were part of your evil plan to make it harder for us to stay awake?" Gwen looks very pissed at Chris right now and keeps giving him a mean look.

"That’s right, Gwen!"

"Man, he’s good."

"Move, move, move!"

You see your teammates and your friends slowly leaving the lodge to go to the campfire site, sighing in annoyance. Before you can follow them outside, you hear Trent start a conversation with Gwen.

"So, how long you think it’ll be before everyone is out cold?"

"About an hour, give or take." She then sees Owen walking by her, almost sleeping already. "Maybe less."

You’re about to add something to the conversation when you suddenly feel someone take you by the arm and pulling you with them outside. Damn it, you wanted to know if Gwen’s interested in this guy so you could see if you have a chance with her. You look back in front of you and frown in surprise when you see that it’s the punk guy who’s dragging you.

"Come on, princess. You’re making the team wait." Duncan’s tone is pretty cold, but it feels to you like he might be upset or something. You squint your eyes at the back of his head. He didn’t need to take you with him… You can walk and no one is in a hurry.

You suddenly understand something and you smirk.

"Awn, were you waiting for me, Duncan?" Your smirk stretches out when you feel his hand tightening its grip on your arm.

"No, I wasn’t." You giggle at his words. "S-shut up!"

You roll your eyes with a smile and decide to let it pass for now. You can tease him about it later.

It’s only been twelve hours and your companions already seem to be tired as hell. Come on! It’s just twelve hours! You can stay awake longer than that! ...well, actually, it might be because you’re the only one who’s been living with chronic insomnia for years... so you have experience… but shhh. No one has to know that.

"Woo-hoo!" You turn around to see Owen doing weird moves while standing up, the bags under his eyes getting bigger and bigger. "Staying awake for twelve hours, I can do that in my sleep! Woo-hoo!"

You’re not going to comment on how that’s impossible… not because you don’t want to, but because Owen already fell asleep right after he said that.

"This is the most boring thing I’ve ever done in my life." Gwen states this sentence particularly at Trent, who happens to be right beside her. You decide to listen to their conversation, maybe now you’ll learn if Gwen’s interested in him.

"Could be way worse." Gwen’s smirk at Trent, who’s giving her a sweet smile.

"Oh yeah? How?"

"I could be stuck here without you to talk to."

Oh my god…!. He’s clearly flirting! And she likes it! She’s looking away with a small smile! ...well, I probably don’t stand a chance. He even knows how to play guitar and I freaking don’t.

"What are you doing?"

You look over to see that Gwen was talking to Lindsay, who’s currently trying to stay awake by standing on her hands...Wait, what?

"I’m trying to get the blood to rush to my head. I think it’s working!"

"Can I try?" Beth asks that to the blond as if she owns that technique.


Even if you love your friends, you don’t want to be a part of this conversation, so you start looking around a little.

Well, when you’re in a boring scenario, what could help you stay concentrate on staying awake? There must be something around here to help you, right? Maybe you could count to ten, then start again over and over. No, that’s boring too.

"You looking for something, angel?"

There’s a silence where you just kind of stare at Duncan for a long time, being too caught up in your thoughts to notice that your stare is making him uncomfortable. Like, seriously, why are you looking at him like that? All he did was asking you why you were looking around. Maybe the nickname triggered you… but that’s when he sees your face light up like you just realize something incredible. You point at him and give him your brightest smile.

"You’re not boring!"

You say that sentence with such enthusiasm that he doesn’t know whether it’s a compliment or not. "Um... thanks?"

"That’s how I’m gonna stay awake. I’m just gonna talk to you!"

"Hang on, sweetheart. You’re fun, pretty and likable, but I don’t want to pass the next hours talking to you."

"Why? Are you afraid to fall in love with me or something?"

When you see his eyes popping out of his head, you can’t stop yourself feeling happy that this whole thing is getting filmed.

"Pff, fall in love with you? Y-yeah, like that could happen. I kind of hate you, you know?"

"Sorry, I thought I heard you say that I’m fun, pretty and likable like... ten seconds before those lies."

Remember when you said you were going to tease him later? Well, apparently, now is the time. You hear him grunt, making your smile grow wider.

"If I talk to you, will you stop saying things like that?"

"I promise."

"Fine. What do you want to talk about?

"Okay, it’s my turn now."

You give Duncan a shocked expression. "What!? But what I said wasn’t even a question!"

After all those confessions between the two of you in the last hours, how can he do that to you? You thought you were becoming friends!

He just smirks at you, having an evil spark in his eyes. "Yes, it was, cutie. You asked how long we’ve been awake, and I said that it’s been twenty-four hours. It’s my turn now."

You glare at him and his smile just stretches out. God, you hate him.

"Uh, fine. What do you want t-"

Tyler’s scream stops you from finishing your sentence and you send him a look. He had fallen asleep and got a really bad nightmare. Does that mean your team lost a point? Dammit.

"Congratulation, campers. You’ve made it to the twenty-four-hour mark. Time to take things up a notch!" You and Duncan look back at Chris, who’s having Chef wearing a pink sheep costume and playing a harp beside him. "Fairytales!"

The host reveals a bunch of books under a white sheet and smiles wildly.

"Is he serious?" You quietly ask Duncan and look at him, but he just shrugs and you go back to listen to the psychopathic man.

"Once upon a time, there was, inside this boring kingdom, a boring village. And inside this boring sleepy village filled with very boring children, who did very boring things...."

"Hey, wanna ignore this guy and continue asking each other stuff?" It’s not that you want to talk to Duncan this bad, it’s just that you prefer getting to know him to listening to this story. Your punk friend looks at you and thinks for a moment about what you’re asking.

"Yeah, why not."


He just rolls his eyes at your reaction. "Here’s my question: How come you never learned how to swim?"

You start to seriously think about your response. "Honestly? Well, it’s kind of weird but, since I was a child, I’m super afraid of the water for no reason. Like, I used to be so terrified that I started to scream non-stop and run away anytime my family got us to the beach… It’s less intense today, but I’m still afraid." He nods at your response and you smile back. "Anyway, my turn."

"Shoot." You’re about to ask him something when you get hit by some magical powder that Chef’s throwing at everyone, making you yawn like you never did before. You shake your head, trying to stay awake. You then see Duncan about to fall asleep and you decide to shake him with all of the strength you have left.

"Stay awake or I’ll force Harold to kiss you when you least expect it."

That seems to wake him up. "Ew, why would you do that!?"

"Because I’m your friend. And as a friend, I had to stop you from getting a free trial of death."

"... you mean falling asleep?"

"It’s less poetic when you say it like that, but yeah."

"You’re weird, you know that?"

"Shut up, you like it."

Later, you notice that Courtney is doing some kind of jogging on the spot.

"Courtney, what are you doing?"

She slowly turns her head to look at you, still jogging. A strange glow passes in her eyes when she sees you close to Duncan, but you try not to think about it too much. You wait for her to answer you, even if you can see that she’s clearly out of breath.

"I figured out that if I keep moving, I can outrun all of you. I just have to keep my eyes on the ball."

"You do know that when you’re moving, you’re losing more energy, right? So, it’s not keeping you awake, it’s slowly draining you."

She does not respond to that and ignores you, which you kind of take personally. You look back at Duncan.

"Hey, it’s my turn now, yeah? What was your first impression of me?" You hear him chuckle a little before he looks at you with soft features. Wow. He must be really tired.

"I thought you look too sweet and nice to be on the show. But then, Chris said that you had a secret dark side, so I thought that maybe you weren’t so bad. Then later, you said to me that you had a plan involving an ax, so yeah. You’re sweet, but you definitely have secrets."

"Awn, you think I’m sweet? That’s so nice of you."

"Oh, don’t get me wrong, sugar, you’re also a pain in the ass."

"Thanks. That’s my only objective in life. To constantly bother you."

"Yeah, yeah. My turn now. What was your impression of me? I bet you thought I killed someone."

You give him a surprised yet hurt expression. "What kind of person do you think I am? I did not thin- okay, yeah, I thought that for a second."

You hear him laugh again. Maybe it’s because he’s tired that you get to see him less mean… or maybe it’s because you’re funny. Who can say?

"But... you know... I was more admiring your style than anything else. You just look so cool and all."

Why is he suddenly smirking at you?

"You like my style, huh? Did you also happened to think that I was hot?"

"Well, yeah." You blink at him. "You still are."

Man, the look on his face right now is priceless. You bet that he never thought you would say that ever... and you’re not just messing with him right now, you’re saying the truth!

... it might be because you’re sleep-deprived. You kind of feel drunk without having any alcohol in your system.

"What? You thought I was going to deny it or something like that? You’re the most attractive guy I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I mean even more attractive than Justin over there... who looks... weird right now… hasn’t he not moved in like, 12 hours? Anyway, you’re hot, and that’s just a general fact if you ask me."

Oh god, you are so going to regret this later. So much.

And as usual, you’re not aware that the person you’re talking to is having difficulties to stay concentrate. You just straight out told a guy that you find him attractive. Heck, you even said that he’s the most attractive guy that you ever met. Now, believe it or not, but that’s a lot for Duncan. He’s not used to those kinds of clear and loud responses… You don’t even look like you have a crush on him! It’s like you stated a fact… and he doesn’t like that one bit.

He also doesn’t like how the fire is making your (H/C) hair glow, or how you’re always giving him one of those special sweet smiles since he met you. And clearly, he doesn’t like the urge he’s having to grab your head and kiss you right at the moment. He sees you tilt your head, waiting for him to give you a response. It’s such a simple gesture, but it’s having so much effect on him right now. That’s when he decides to look somewhere else, like in the fire, so he can control himself and continue to talk to you normally.

"Did I make you uncomfortable? Because I’m sorry if I did, being sleep deprived is kind of making me feel drunk. Hey, speaking of alcohol, do you think we could find some around in this place? It’s been a while since I’ve drink something, I miss it. What’s your favorite drink? I love vodka. Do you like vodka?" Lucky for him, he didn’t have to change the conversation anymore, you’re already doing it without knowing it. He chuckles and turns his head to look at you.

You’re so adorable.

"Okay, guys!?" You scream that at everyone in general, kind of getting terrified a little. "I seriously think that something’s wrong with Justin. I’ve been watching him for the last 30 minutes and he hasn’t blinked once."

You see Gwen and Trent walk over to him, squinting their eyes at him.

"Yeah, you’re right. He’s like a statue. I haven’t seen him move in like... fifty hours." You watch both of them try to get a reaction out of the model, but nothing seems to make him lose his concentration.

"Amazing, look at that concentration." Gwen proceeds to poke him in the face, which causes him to reveal his trick: painted eyes on his eyelids.

"Oh my god, cheater!" You scream again, angrily pointing your finger at him.

Chris gets closer to the model to watch his eyelids, impressed. "That is so crazy incredible… but you’re still out, dude."

It’s the morning now. You’re getting back from the lodge with something in your hands, trying your best to not spill anything as you walk. Are you sleep-deprived or did you drink alcohol and don’t remember it?

"I found a cup of water!" You give the cup of water to Duncan. "Mission accomplished, sir!"

"Nice!" You watch him go to a sleeping Harold before putting the guy’s hand in the cup of water. You start to giggle uncontrollably when you see that the punk’s little prank is working.

"Oh, gross!" You scream this time, still laughing hard.

"It worked! The dude peed his pants!" He then turns to you and gives you a high five, seeing you still laughing as Harold wakes up and go hides himself in shame. Duncan smiles, happy to hear you laugh so much, even though you need to go to sleep.

But then, you stop laughing.

"Why is everything turning black? Am I passing out? I think I’m passing-"

And you pass out. Duncan stopped you from hitting the floor and put you down gently, but still. That was a very intense way to go.

You woke up hours later by the sudden vision of the outside floor coming closer to your face. As your heart dreads for your safety, someone suddenly catches you in their arms, preventing you from hitting the grass. You look up to see DJ, your nervous system trying to calm down. If he hadn’t caught you, you would have smashed your head on the floor and then got some serious injuries… maybe even died. You look around, scared, before thanking DJ for saving you.

"Oh my god, (Y/N)! Are you okay!?" Bridgette and present team members seem very worried about you. You just look back at the cabin with the angriest eyes anyone has ever seen, understanding who threw you out. You approach the cabin without entering. Then you breathe in.

"What the fuck is your problem, Eva!?"

"Someone stole my MP3 player!"

"That is not a fucking reason to destroy everything around you and throw people out! What are you, fucking crazy!?"

Her head pops out of the window, sending a death glare to everyone and especially to you. "I don’t care. No one is leaving before I found my MP3 player."

She then goes back into the cabin to throw more stuff around… and you can’t stop yourself from letting the storm out.

"Someone stop me before I go fucking kill her!" You feel hands and arms keeping you in place as you try very hard to go into that cabin. "You think it’s fine to destroy the property of others or physically hurt them!? Well, let’s see how you still think about that when I’ll bash your head on the floor with my foot!"

"Okay, whoever took the MP3 player better give it now before (Y/N) tries to kill her." Courtney’s trying hard to stop you from going to jail. You look so dangerous right now, it’s hard to believe that you’re this sweet young girl.

"Hey, guys." Heather suddenly arrives at the group, smirking proudly. "Wow, this place is a real mess."

That’s when you start to cry, all your anger suddenly gone from your body when the realization of almost dying a second time coming into your mind. "Oh god. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me guys, I’m usually not like that, I swear. You guys don’t hate me, right? I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me, please."

"Hey, (Y/N), calm down." Bridgette squeezes you into a hug and pats your back, trying to soothe you and help you calm down. "We’re not mad at you. You didn’t do anything bad and you had all the rights to explode like that. I mean, you could have died!"

You’re so relieved to hear those words that your body starts to shake, you crying even more on Bridgette’s shoulder. She doesn’t mind, you need her right now. The rest of the present teammates also tries to comfort you, Heather looking surprised.

"What is going on, exactly?" She asks that question, obviously not expecting that kind of reaction from you.

"Someone stole Eva’s MP3 and she threw (Y/N) out here while she was sleeping." You feel Courtney’s hand pet your head. "You’re fine now, don’t worry."

"Oh, you don’t mean this, do you?" Heather pulls out the MP3 out of her pockets, also putting on a fake kind voice. "I was wondering who it belonged to. I found it by the campfire pit. She must have dropped it."

Eva’s instantly in front of her and taking the MP3 from her hand, joy spreading around her face.

"Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you!"

"Sure thing!" Heather leaves as fast as she has arrived, letting Eva face the team and yourself. She sees you crying into Bridgette’s arms, still trying to digest what just happened.

"So... um… Sorry for about that little misunderstanding. Guess no one stole it after all!" All she gets back from you guys is your anger and your evil glares. "Okay... Maybe I overreacted a little. "

"Oh... you think?" Courtney asks her with venom in her voice. "You could have killed (Y/N)! That’s just overreacting a little for you?"

"Well, no. But obviously, she’s fine now."

"Look at her. She is NOT fine. AT ALL." Courtney’s right. You’re not fine at all… but before you know it, your team is taking you with them to another location, leaving Eva alone.

As you’re walking, Bridgette tells you that you guys lost a second time. Great.

"You’ve all cast your votes and made your decision. There are only ten marshmallows on this plate. When I call your name, come up and claim your marshmallow. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately return to the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers and leave.... and you can never come back... ever."

"The first marshmallow goes to Duncan."




"Katie and Sadie."


"Why did you just wink at him? Are you gay?"

"NO! Stop trying to create rumors, (Y/N)!"

"Hey, I’m just saying that you did something weird. Don’t put all this blame on me."

"Anyway, DJ and Geoff. Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the evening."

You feel a hand on your shoulder. You look behind you to see your punk friend giving you a worried expression.

"I heard what Eva did to you today. Are you okay?" Your eyes soften and you smile one of those special sweet smiles at him.

"I’m fine now, thanks for asking."


You see your teammate get his marshmallow with a smile, Eva looking at the ground with a sad expression.

"Eva, the dock of shame awaits."

"Nice. Really nice." She gets angry at all of you and stands up, clearly not accepting the fact that she just lost. "Who needs this lame-o TV show anyway!"

"Ow!" She kicks Chris in the leg and grumbles insults under her breath as she leaves, Chris massaging his leg before giving you all a smile. "Have a good night sleep tonight! You’re all safe."

You sigh when you look at the camera in the bathroom stall. "I voted for Eva… I know I said that I was only voting for Ezequïel and all... because he’s sexist as fuck.... and she almost killed me! So I had too. Next time, I’ll vote for myself."

"To the killer bass!" Courtney cheers to the team and you all roast your marshmallows over the fire. As your eating your marshmallow, you meet Courtney’s eyes. You watch her give you a big smile and wink at you, attempting to send you a flirty message. It works because now your cheeks are red and you start to feel weird inside. You then feel an arm around your shoulders and you look up to see Duncan’s face being close to yours. Your cheeks get even redder, your chest killing you.

"You look tired, sweetheart. Let’s go, I’ll help you go back to the cabins." You thank him and leave with him, not noticing anything around you. Like how Duncan sent Courtney a death glare when he saw her give you a wink, your cheeks getting red. Or how Courtney got angry when she saw him put an arm around you and leave with you. And right now, you’re certainly not noticing the smirk he’s sending her, nor the fact that she’s breaking her stick in half with pure rage.

A secret war is starting tonight… and you’re going to be the center of it.

Chapter Text

Chapter Four: Dodgebrawl

It takes you all your strength to open the door of the lodge to even manage to go inside. You feel like your brain’s attacking you with constant electric shocks, your whole body melting under the heat. You try to ignore the pain you’re feeling after not sleeping for more than four days, walking into the place.

"Oh gosh, (Y/N)! Are you alright?" You turn around to see your friend Lindsay, who’s currently sitting across Beth and Heather. She has a very worried look on her face and is trying to not attack you with a hug. You smile at her, even though the pain is unbearable.

"I’m fine, Lindsay. I’m just very tired. Hey, do you want to do something tonight? Maybe we could talk about your crush and all."

She blushes in embarrassment and you can tell that she wants to talk to you later. She’s about to answer you when Heather coughs. You squint your eyes at the girl, not buying one second that she’s sick. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s features completely change from happy to sad.

"I’m sorry, (Y/N). I... can’t tonight." Heather coughs some more. "I mean, I think.... it would be best... if we’re not friends anymore…?"

Even if you know that Heather’s manipulating your friend, you can feel the panic starting to attack your nerves. You try to stay calm nonetheless, trying to ignore the pain that is getting worse.

"… why?"

"It’s just... we’re on different teams now and maybe it’s not a good idea to be friends?"

Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. I hate you, Heather. I hate you! You’re taking my first friend here away from me! I hate you!

"Alright." You don’t try to fight, it will probably make things worse. You just wish you could punch that smirk on Heather’s face. "I mean, I’m not okay with that, but okay. If you ever change your mind or need to talk, just know that I’m here for you."

With that, you go sit down at your team’s table without even taking your breakfast. You slightly hear Courtney trying to tell you something, probably something along the lines "It’ll be fine" or "She wasn’t a great friend anyway.", but you don’t pay attention. Feeling like you’re dying, you put your head down on the table and try to win a couple of minutes of sleep.

"Duncan! You look like crap." Curious, you look up enough to see Duncan staring at the host.

"Stuff it." The boy then puts his head back on the table. You’re about to do the same when Chris stops you.

"Woah, (Y/N). You’re even worse."

"It’s because I’m dead inside. Look out, I might go and eat your brain if I’m strong enough." Your voice is monotone and emptied of life, but your pain seems to ease a little when you see Chris lose his smile from your comment.

"Harold snored all night." Courtney complains about what everyone’s thinking, all trying to stay awake. You just put your head back to the table as you hear the psychopath laugh.

"Four nights with no sleep? How much are you hurting, dude?" Chris’ asking this question more to Duncan than to anyone else, the boy raising his head with a pissed off face.

"Wanna find out?!" Chris raises his hands in surrender.

"No, no!" He smiles awkwardly. "It’s cool."

That’s when the door opens and everyone gasps. You decide to look up once more and you can’t help yourself but smirk when you see the fake mustache on Harold. You turn your attention to Duncan and your smirk grow wider.

"Your work, I suppose?"

"You know me so well, princess."

He then proceeds to go back to sleep while Harold sits down beside you, everyone starting to laugh at him. Not knowing why people are laughing, the boy gets frustrated.

"Okay, what!"

"Someone messed with your face, dude." You’re kind of sad that Geoff told the truth, but you still laugh when you see Harold take out a mirror of his pocket. You weren’t expecting him to be happy about it though... but whatever.

"Hey everyone! It’s Gwen!" Your head snaps up and you look at the front door as fast as you can, your heart starting to beat you up again. A big smile grows on your face and your whole body lose its tension. It feels like your pain is completely gone now and yes, you know you don’t have a chance against Trent, but you can’t stop yourself to develop feelings for that hot goth girl… even when she’s walking to her table like a zombie. Yeah, you don’t have a chance with her. Maybe she’s not attracted to girls anyway… You should forget about her, but you can’t. Why can’t you stop thinking about her?

Since Duncan’s asleep, Courtney’s the only one noticing the changes in you as soon as Gwen entered the room. It’s pretty obvious that the blue-haired girl is having a huge effect on you, more than Duncan and herself together could have. Feeling pissed off, she sends Gwen a dirty look and tries to control her rage. Not only is this girl the reason for the team’s second loss, but she’s also taking you away from her!

Well, taking away might be a strong way to put it… since she just met you a week ago and you’re not together… but still!

Gwen then gets out of your sight and the pain in your head comes back to hit you like a huge rock in the face. You close your eyes and grunt a little, resting your head on Courtney’s shoulder to rest. This stops her from sending a long deadly stare to the other team, making her cheeks redder than ever before.

"Hey, fish heads! Way to kick out your strongest player! Why don’t you just give up now?"

Your eyes open up to lay on the saddest person you’ve ever met in your life: Heather. Some of Chef’s food fly around the room to go straight to Heather’s face, only to attack Gwen instead once the fake eyebrows girl decides to step aside. You feel worried about your obvious crush, but you decide to let it go. You don’t need that much attention to yourself right now. And, sure, Courtney would have preferred to hit Heather with that horrible food, but hitting Gwen is still making her very happy.

"Hey, listen up! Your next challenge begins in ten minutes! And be prepared to bring it!"

You’re standing up in a large gym surrounded by thick glass walls, trying your best to stay awake and not fall on the ground. Bridgette is staying close to you, helping you stay awake by talking to you and stopping you from falling and hitting the ground. You smile tiredly at her. You’re so lucky to already have a great friend.

Your heart shatters as you take a look at Lindsay. You already miss her.

You hear the thick glass door open and then close, looking back only to see Duncan finally arriving and falling asleep on the bleachers. Wait, no. He’s looking at you guys, pointing his finger at you all with a menacing glare.

"Wake me up and it’ll be the last thing that you do." He then proceeds to hit his head on the bench and fall asleep.

But I’ve woke him up before... Does that mean he killed me and I’m a ghost now? That would be awesome.

"This is all your fault, you know! You and your snoring face!" You turn around to see Courtney screaming in Harold’s face, the boy not looking like he’s scared of her in any way.

"It’s called a medical condition, GOSH!"

You cringe, you ears suddenly getting attacked by the horrid sound of a whistle, only to see Chef marching towards you all. Everyone looks at him as he passes in front of you, sending numerous disappointing looks and rolling his eyes. Once the man stops to stand beside Chris, the host’s smile grows out.

"Today’s challenge is the classic game of dodgeball. The first rule of dodgeball is-"

"Do not talk about dodgeball?" Noah smoothly references the movie Fight Club, which gains Owen’s laugh and a smirk from you.

"… as I was saying, if you get hit with the ball..." The host proceeds to hit Courtney in her gut with the famous ball. "… you’re out."

"You can’t do that!" Courtney grunts in pain and throws the ball back. You ask her if she’s okay and she gives you a positive nod, happy that you gave her some attention.

"If you catch the ball, the thrower gets sent out and the catcher gets to bring in another team member out on the court."

"Okay, guys?" You raise your hand, catching the attention of your teammates. "Just so you know, I’m super good to avoid the balls, but I’m very bad at catching them and throwing them."

"That’s good to know."

"Geoff, try to hit me." Your teammate gets the ball from Chris while and Chef gives another one to the host. "If you’re holding a ball, you can use it to deflect a ball. But if it knocks the ball out of your hands, you’re out."

"So, what do I do again when the ball comes at me?" Lindsay doesn’t even have the time to finish her question before Geoff’s already throwing the ball at Chris.

"You dodge!" The host, like he just said, deflects Geoff’s ball with the one in his hands, which then makes Lindsay end up on the floor with a bump on her head. You resist the urge to help her. She said she didn’t want you two to be friends anymore, so you’re not gonna act like a one.

"You have one minute until game time."

You’re sitting on the bleachers beside a sleeping Duncan, you and your teammates watching the teams prepare for the match. Since you’ve clearly stated that you can’t throw or catch, Courtney told you that you could sit the first round out… and you’re super fine with that. You listen to Sadie talk to you about how Katie’s very good at dodgeball, also seeing your friend Bridgette give gooey eyes to Geoff.

Hm… Interesting.

"Bring it on, fishes. Otherwise winning three in a row just won’t be as satisfying."

"Shut up, Heather! You don’t even have real eyebrows!" Heather gives you a shocked expression.

"And nobody likes you! Not even your team!" Surprised by Sadie’s comment, you give her a high five, feeling proud of her. The chuckles from everyone around is enough for you. Heather deserves way more than that for breaking one of your friendships.

This is just a start.

"Both teams ready? Best of five games wins! Now, let’s dodge some balls!"

As soon as you hear Chef give the signal, you and your teammates scream motivational phrases to the rest of your team, all of you stopping when Tyler accidentally hit Sadie in the face. Worried, you ask the girl if she’s okay and she slowly nods. Then, you see Owen run over to your team like he’s in a rage and hit Tyler with one of the balls. Your companion, ashamed, come back to sit down at the bleaches and you shake your head at him. You see Harold try to hit Leshawna by doing some mojo stuff, feeling a little hopeful, but you lose it completely he gets hit by her just after missing her. But, you somehow regain it when Katie hits Lindsay in the face.

"Yes! Let’s go, Katie! You can do it! You’re the best! We all believe in you-" You dodge the ball from Heather just in time, this one hitting Tyler right in his stomach.

"What the heck was that? Ref, he’s not even on the court!"

"I agree with Courtney! That was so uncalled for!" After that scream of yours, you think that you might always agree with Courtney. After all, you also agree with her when she tries to hurt Heather with the ball. Pretty sad that Owen stopped it.

And it’s even sadder when Chef puts Courtney out.

"What. The. Fuck." You try your hardest to not let your rage go out again. You don’t like losing control of your anger. You see Courtney sits down behind you and you give her a reassuring smile. She sends you one back. She’s about to start a conversation with you when you turn away from her, your focus now all on Gwen getting on the court.

How is it that every time she can finally spend some time with you, that goth girl’s taking you away just from being there!?

Let’s just say that when the blue-haired girl gets kicked in the head and falls, Courtney starts to believe that the karma’s on her side.

"Are you okay, Gwen?" You see your ultimate crush look at you from the distance as she sits down on the bleachers. She sends you a tired sweet smile and a thumbs up, making you crazy blush and Courtney mad. That’s when you notice that your friend Bridgette is giving you a dirty knowing look, making you blush even more.

Now, both of you had some things to talk about later.

You can’t believe your team has lost against Cody. How did he make an electric ball!?

"We can do this! We just gotta believe in ourselves!"

"Oh, I believe." Courtney talks calmly to Harold and then lashes out. "I believe you suck!"

"Yeah! You throw like a girl!"

"Tyler." Your voice is calm, but the young boy can tell by your tone that you’re very serious. "You do realize that Ezequïel got kicked out of the show because of comments similar to these? Maybe think before speaking next time."

"Yeah, and you should talk, Tyler. What was that!?" Courtney points to the field, clearly disappointed.

"That was a warm-up throw! Look, I can dominate this game. Just give all the balls to me."

Why do I feel like this is going to be a mistake?

You’re still sitting this one out and you’re still pretty happy about it since you’re not good at this game. This time, Courtney made a point to be sitting right next to you, but she still needs to make a move on you. She notices the shirt that you’re wearing and smiles.

"What’s the band on your shirt?"

You look beside you to see that Courtney was the one to ask you that, which surprises you a little. You smile at her, happy to have someone interested in your favorite band.

"It’s (Y/F/B). I got it at a concert a year ago. It was one of the best moments of my life."

"Really? How so?"

"Well, first I got to see my favorite band of all time with my best friends, which is pretty awesome. I was also in the first row and I was so happy. The music was loud, the members were amazing live and everyone around me was so cheerful, I could just feel alive! And a guy also gave me the best and also the cheesiest pick-up line ever."

She chuckles. "I’m glad that the concert was so great. But the best and cheesiest pick-up line ever? I demand a demonstration."

You slightly smirk. "Alright. You ask for it."

You calm yourself a little, then give her a sweet smile.

"Would you like to see a magic trick?"

After giving you a suspicious look, she replies a "yes" to your question. When you ask her to hold her hand out, Courtney thinks that you’re going to do some kind of crappy magic trick, but she still does what you ask. When you take her hand within yours and look deeply into her eyes, she waits, drowns into your (E/C) orbs. Your smile grows into a sweeter one and makes her heart melt.

"Isn’t this moment magical?"

Her whole body tries to shut down and she blushes madly, not knowing what to answer to that. So you two simply stays like this for a while, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes with blank minds. You’re so deep into this that you don’t even notice how the game’s progressing. Then, you hear Chef signals the end of the match and you notice what’s happening, your cheeks getting hot. You look away from her black eyes and her freckles, your heart beating fast and your stomach twisting around. You let go of her hand, feeling incredibly stupid. Why did you do that? What was the point of using that on her? And why are you feeling so weird and happy about it?

As for Courtney, she couldn’t have been happier to have this moment with you, even though you cut it short. That gets to mean something to you, right? You’re even the one who started it! Well, at least she can say that neither Gwen nor Duncan got that with you, which is making her feel even better.

Reality kicks in when you both see that your team lost again.

"Hey! It’s two against zero. How does it feel to suck so much?" Heather asks this with a smirk on her face, really trying to get one of you guys angry. Harold decides to answer her question truthfully.

"Not very good...."

"It’s not over yet!" Courtney loses her smile and sighs. "It is so over..."

You guys are all sitting on the bleachers, minus Duncan who’s sleeping, and you’re all depressed.

"Okay, this is bad. One more game and we lose the whole challenge. Again!" You all give Courtney an annoyed look. "We can’t let that happen, people! We need someone strong, someone mean, someone who will crush those stupid Gophers into the dirt!"

"You mean like the punk guy sleeping next to us?" You ask that question while pointing at Duncan, who haven’t move since the beginning of the challenge. "Because your speech sure does sound a lot like him."

You all look down at him, slowly processing the idea.

"Nuh-hu. We wake him up, he’ll kill us."

"He won’t kill us, DJ. He wants to win too!" Courtney might have a point, but she’s not winning anyone over. You look down at Duncan, then at everyone, then at Duncan, then at everyone...

Then you walk over to him.

You sit down beside Duncan and ignore the rest of the conversation as you slowly put your hand on the punk guy’s hair, starting to pet him. Maybe you’ll die, maybe not. The truth is: you’ve never seen someone getting mad when they’ve been woken up like this.

You hear him make a sound that is between a purr and a grunt, which makes you smile. You approach your head to him.

"Duncan. Duncan, wake up." You see him open one eye at you, clearly annoyed. You put your hand away and still smile, which annoys him. But somehow, you’re still alive.

"Give me one reason to not hurt you." Your smile grows wider, but you then put on a dramatic face.

"Sir, our men are falling one after another and we’re losing on the battlefield. We need the strength and the thirst for revenge of our captain, or we’ll be completely decimated by their flames."

He just stares at you in complete silence before you see him hide his face, hearing him laugh.

"You’re such a dork."

"And that’s why you like me. Now wake up, we need you and your great intelligence."

He gets his upper body up from the bleachers, still annoyed even if he’s still chuckling. He looks at you and crosses his arms over his chest, smirking.

You feel like this is not over yet.

"And what do I get from this, sugar?"

"Aside from getting invincibility and seeing the other team lose?"

"Yeah, aside from that."

"Well, I guess I’ll own you a favor." He seems a little taken aback by your answer, especially since he was about to give you that deal, but he keeps his smirk on.

"Are you sure? I’m not exactly the most trusting guy to owe a favor to."

He sees you quirk an eyebrow at him. "Yeah, but at least with you, the favor might be fun. And you’re my friend. I trust you."

You don’t understand why he looks like he’s getting a little pissed off about your answer. It’s actually because he’s not liking the fact that he likes that you trust him so much… or that you think he’s fun. He sighs, the boy rolling his eyes at you.

"Fine, I’ll play. On one condition: those guys do what I say when I say it."


"Well, who’s gonna wake him up?"

"I did it, Courtney! And I’m still alive!" You hug her from behind and point at the punk guy, who’s giving you two a weird look. When the team sees him awake and a little grumpy, they all gasps.

"Oh my god, (Y/N), what were you thinking! You could have died!"

"Never two without three!" You chuckle at Courtney’s worried expression and free her from your embrace, your serious face coming back. "The deal is to do what he says when he says it."

Duncan walks into the group and catches everyone’s attention.

"Here’s a strategy I picked up during my first visit at juvie. It’s called "rush the new guy"."

You’re sitting this one out again and you’re very happy about it. Normally, you were supposed to go, but since you did a great job waking your grumpy friend up, they let you sit this one too. Your whole objective is to never get on the field while your teammates still think you’re awesome.

Yes, you do know that this won’t work. But you can still dream, right?

You smile proudly when you see your team get Owen kicked out in less than two seconds. This strategy is going to let you win, you’re pretty sure about that.

"Yes! Let’s go, Killer Bass! You guys are the best!"

Soon enough, your team has won and you can’t stop yourself from screaming in delight. Every time you played dodgeball in your school, no matter who you played with, your team always lost. But now, you’ve just won a match! And your happiness is so high that you and your teammates immediately come see the others on the field. While you see Sadie hug Katie, you give Duncan a high five.

"Looks like we’re taking advantage of the battlefield, Captain." He just rolls his eyes at you, but you see him smile a little anyway.

"I think we should do the same thing all over again. So, Harold and (Y/N), sit this one out too."

Yes! My plan is working! Muahahaha!

"But I sat the last one out!"

"Don’t worry, Harold. It’s for the good of the team." You try to cheer him up a little while patting him on the back, the boy kind of reminding you of one of your little brothers back at home.

While your team crushes down the Gophers again, you notice Heather coming back with a depressed Lindsay beside. The fake eyebrow girl found your ex-friend hanging out with Tyler, which is "against the rules". You just wish you could go to Lindsay and give her a big hug, but you can’t. She looks at you from the distance and you send her a reassuring smile, which seems to make her feel a little better.

Then... your team wins.

"Oh my god! I love you guys so much! You’re so great!" Too much? Probably, but you’ve never been that happy in a long time. Meanwhile, your words are having a positive effect on the team, mostly on two of your close friends. That’s when Tyler suddenly comes back from “somewhere” and sits down beside you, Courtney giving him a suspicious look.

"Where were you?"


"You were with that blond gopher girl, weren’t you?"

"No..." He looks at you from the side, seeing that you and Courtney are not believing his response. "… maybe... So?"

"So, are you guys together?" You ask that with pure joy, ignoring the fact that you’re making him uncomfortable. Lindsay and he would be so cute together!

"No!" Courtney stops Tyler from answering you. "She could have got you to spill all of our weaknesses to her!"

"Sorry to bring it down to you, Courtney, but that’s not her style. I mean, knowing her, she probably just wants to make out with him." You grin and Courtney sighs at you, Tyler just getting redder by the minute. That’s when Chris talks.

"Okay, this is it! The final tie-breaking game!"

Strategy time. You and your team are all in a circle, trying to discuss this serious topic very far away from everyone else.

"Okay, who’s going in?" Duncan asks this to no one in particular.

Not me, please. Not me, not me, not me, not me-

"I think it’s (Y/N)’s and my turn."

Dammit, Harold. I don’t want to play!

"No way! I mean, (Y/N) can go on the field, but not you! We actually have a chance to win this!"

Dammit, Courtney! Now Harold is sad and I have to play!

You silently watch Harold go back to the bleachers as you stay on the field with Courtney, Geoff, Bridgette, and DJ. God, you don’t want to play.

"Gophers, Bass! Let’s send this sample into the lab and see what you’re made of!"

You simply step aside so that one of the balls doesn’t touch you, doing this for a while until your team takes out Cody and the Gophers takes out Bridgette. For a long time, you see both teams lose their teammates and exchange their places with another one when they get hit… Everyone but you.

Because you just keep avoiding the balls without much effort.

In the end, Harold joins you guys on the field, very happy to finally be able to play, until Duncan tells him to go behind everyone with you. As he approaches you, you send him a reassuring smile, but you lose it when you see Courtney get hit right in the face.

"That’s for the oatmeal!" Gwen smiles proudly and Leshawna laughs. You frown, opposite feelings attacking you. Not only do you slightly hate Gwen for hitting Courtney, but you also feel proud that she got to hit someone. Why is being human so complicated?

The game continues and you keep dodging the balls. Soon, Geoff is down, then Leshawana… then Duncan is out! And as you’re seeing Gwen about to be beaten up, Cody jumps in front of her and gets kicked in his balls.


That’s when you see Gwen and DJ take each other out at the same time, leaving only you and Harold against Owen.

"Oh, fuck..." You start to remember a match of dodgeball from when you were little. You were the only one left in your team against almost everyone else from the other, and the balls just keep coming at you… but you avoided them all.

As you said, you’re the best at dodging, but the worst at catching and throwing. And in that match, after almost thirty minutes of them not touching you with the ball, nor you catching it or throwing it back, you decided to let them win so that you could all go home.

Strangely, you feel like this might be another match like that, where you’ll just avoid every throwing ball that Owen has, but you’ll never be able to throw them back at him and you’ll have to give up. And then, you’ll be sent home.

"Sorry guys, but you gotta go down!" You look at Harold and you suddenly gain some huge determination, a strange aura coming off you two. You give each other a nod and look back at Owen, smirking. While you simply chuckle darkly, Harold starts to do weird moves again.

You can dodge forever, you know that. But can Owen keep throwing forever?

You avoid two balls from Owen like you always do, stepping aside and jumping up a little, while Harold turns on one of his feet like a ballet dancer and then do an epic limbo move.

Let’s not focus on who looked more badass at that moment.

"Time out, time out!" You and Harold sit down on the bleachers, your teammates taking care of you two with joy radiating from them.

"Man, you guys got dodge! Where did you learn to do that?"

"Figure skating. What about you, (Y/N)?"

"At my primary school, you had to develop special skills to dodge a hundred balls going off on the playground all the time, cause you could end up with a nose bleed and a possible concussion every five seconds."

Yeah, that place wasn’t really... secured.

"Guys, that was awesome! But dodging isn’t enough." You give Geoff a worried look and then look at Courtney.

"He’s right. To win this, you either have to throw them out-"

"Which we all know you can’t do."

"-or catch the ball. Can one of you guys do it?"

"For me, catching is more of one chance out of two. Can you catch, Harold?"


"Awesome! Now go catch that ball!"

As Harold and you wait for Owen to throw the balls, you can hear your teammates chanting your names over and over. You start to panic when you see your opponent preparing his deadly throw.


The big guy delivers two balls at the same time, one going at the speed of the sound to Harold as the other one goes right into your face. You hear Harold get kick unto the wall made of glass behind you. You just close your eyes in fear, putting your hands in front of you to protect yourself even a little.

You don’t feel anything and it’s silent. Then, you hear Chef’s whistling, Chris’ voice announcing the winner.

"The Killer Bass win!"

Your whole team scream in pure joy and you open your eyes, confused. You look behind you to see Harold get up, holding the ball proudly in his hands. He goes straight to you and you smile brightly at him.

"You did it! You caught the ball!"

"We both did, (Y/N)."

You look down at your hands, seeing the ball preciously locked in them. Shock crosses your face and you let go of the red ball, looking up at Harold again. Both him and you suddenly get thrown in the air, getting carried outside by your team. You put your fists high up in the air, screaming your happiness as loud as you can.

"We won! We finally won!"

"I guess (Y/N) and I are kind of role models now that we both won the dodgeball competition. People will probably all want our autographs when this show is over and stuff."

"I caught the ball! I caught the ball! I’ve never caught the ball in my life!!" The excitement is visible on your face. "Mom, Dad! Are you proud of me?"

It’s night time and you’re outside of the cabin, currently sitting down on the stairs as you wait for Bridgette to get out. You two decided earlier that you would take a walk on the beach and talk about stuff in general… a.k.a. crushes. You stare at the night sky, smiling at all the stars you can see out here in comparison to where you live. You hear the door open and you turn around to see your blond friend closing the door behind her and, as soon as she sees you, she sends you a smirk.

"So, you’re ready to talk about those feelings you have for Gwen?" Her smirk grows wider when your eyes pop out, your face getting redder. You stand up and move your arms around, panicking.

"Oh my god, shut up! What if someone hears you!" She just laughs at you and goes down the stairs to join you.

"Awn, don’t worry (Y/N), everyone’s asleep by now. I’m sure no one heard me."

You let out the tension in your body by breathing out, before giving her a sly smile.

"Oh, really? Then I guess you won’t mind if I say that you have a crush on GEOFF!"

You just laugh out loud when Bridgette runs away to the beach, dragging you by your hand as her face gets even redder than yours. As you two disappear behind the horizon, the door opens to reveal a very confused Geoff. He heard someone scream his name from outside… but there’s no one there? That’s when he sees Duncan stepping out of the shadow from the cabin and get in.

"Hey, dude. Do you know if someone screamed my name out there?"


And that’s all he said for the rest of the night, trying to digest the new information you gave him without knowing.

Chapter Text

Chapter Five: Not Quite Famous

"Alright, campers. Enough beauty sleep. It’s time to show us what you’re made of!"

Hearing Chris’s voice, you finally open your groggy eyes and find the other four girls already up, all trying to get ready as fast as they can. You grunt like a bear and stretch out your body, drawing someone’s attention. Courtney’s eyes soften for a moment as she watches you get up… then she throws your clothes right into your face.

You take the clothes off your head, confused as to why they’re suddenly there. When your consciousness’ finally wakes up, you look around and send a thumbs up to your brown-haired friend, the girl giving you a look that means "go take a shower". That’s when you decide to leave to the communal bathrooms, Courtney watching you from the corner of her eye.

"You like her." Bridgette’s voice makes her jump out of her skin and she looks back at her, a bit panicking in the inside. She notices that the pink girls are gone, the blond teenager giving her an unreadable look.

"No, I don’t."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I do-"

"You think I haven’t noticed how you look at her? With kind eyes and a small smile?" The blond grows a little smirk. "Or that every time she touches you, you get a blush? Or that you always get angry when she starts to give attention to someone else? Or that-"

"Okay, okay! Fine! I like her! A lot! But don’t tell her!" Bridgette’s smirk only stretches out and Courtney sighs, sitting down on a bed. "How much do you know, already?"

"I know you’ve been feeling like this ever since the beach, on the first day." Courtney gives her a surprised look and the blond loses her smirk. "What? You guys were right in front of me! I’m not dumb."

The used to be C.I.T. massages her temples. "What else?"

"I also know that Duncan has some sort of feelings for her as well." Courtney laughs darkly and the atmosphere changes a little.

"If that idiot thinks he can get her before me, he’s dead wrong."

"We both know he’s not the problem..." Bridgette waits for Courtney to look back at her before she continues. "She likes Gwen."

"It won’t last, I know it." She hates the fact that Bridgette is looking at her with sad eyes and an empathetic smile. "And I know she likes me!"

"She also likes Duncan." Courtney’s starting to hate the blond now. "She likes both of you, she just doesn’t know it yet. All she can think and talk about is Gwen."

"If she only talks to you about Gwen, how do you know she likes me or that punk idiot?"

"Her reactions at the last campfire were pretty clear to me."

That’s when Courtney realizes something and gives Bridgette a suspicious look.

"Why are you telling me this?" She watches the surf girl sighs and gets up from her bed, the girl walking towards the door.

"Gwen doesn’t like (Y/N), she likes Trent. (Y/N)’s brain already knows that, of course, but not her feelings. One day, she’s going to be heartbroken and vulnerable and she’s going to fall either for you or Duncan." She looks back at the brown-haired girl and she gives her an even sadder smile. "And I don’t like to judge but, for now, you seem like a far greater choice. So try your best, okay?"

She gets out o the cabin, leaving Courtney alone with her thoughts.

You sit down beside Bridgette on some wooden bleachers and, when you look at her, you can’t stop yourself from feeling like she’s not herself. That excessive smile of hers is not something that is making you feel safe.

"Okay, Bridgette. Why are you being weird?"

"What do you mean, why am I being weird? I’m just smiling."

"Your smile is weird. Why? Why is your smile weird?"

"My smile is not weird. It’s my normal smile!" Her smile gets wider and more terrifying. That’s when something clicks in your head.

"You’re hiding something from me." She loses her smile and looks around, a little nervous. "What is it?"

She’s about to tell you something when you get hit in the head by Tyler’s arm, making you forget about your friend being weird.

"Ow! What the hell, man?"

"Sorry, (Y/N). I had to catch Lindsay’s kiss."

"I’m pretty sure you could have done that without hitting me in the head, dude." You notice that Duncan’s right beside the failed gym boy. "Oh, hey, Duncan! How are you today?"

"I’m fine." His voice is pretty dark and distant, which stops you from continuing the conversation you wanted to have with him. Your brain attacks you with questions as to why he’s acting like that, making you the bad person in every scenario. He doesn’t hate you... does he? You feel pain shot your whole body, Chris appearing on that weird amphitheater.

"Welcome to our brand new, deluxe, state-of-the-art outdoor amphitheater."

"I think you got scammed, Chris! It looks like shit!" His mean look makes you forget about the hatred you have for yourself and you smirk, proud.

"Anyway, guys. This week’s challenge is a summer camp favorite: a talent contest."

You grunt and put your tired head in your hands. Bridgette asks you why you’re reacting like that and you sigh, simply telling her that you’ll explain it later.

"Each team has eight hours to pick the three most talented campers. These three will represent them in the show tonight. Sing, dance, joggle! Anything goes as long as it’s legal!"

You see Chris give Duncan a long look and the punk guy snaps his fingers, clearly disappointed. You resort the urge to ask him what he wanted to do, considering how he responded to you earlier.

"You’ll be judged by our resident talent scout, former D.J., V.J., and rap legend Grand Master Chef, who will show his approval via the chef-o-meter." Chris points up at a specific space up in the air. "The team that loses will send one camper home tonight. Good luck!"

You watch Katie and Sadie do regular dance moves on some music, wishing that you could just skip this whole challenge altogether. Don’t get me wrong, you think that the fake twins are pretty good at their own thing. Sadie even makes the split move, for Christ’ sake! No, it’s just that you hate talent contests. Why? Probably because every time you did something in front of a public, it didn’t end with a positive note.

You hear Courtney refuses the fake twins act, watching more people go on and off before your eyes. You feel a pat on your shoulder and you turn around to see your blond friend giving you a worried look.

"Are you okay?"

You sigh. "I don’t have great experiences with talent contests."

Her worried look turns to a mix between a sad one and a disappointed one. "Awn, really? I was going to tell you to audition. With you in the three, we will definitely win! Just think of it, you, on the stage, people being in awe at you while you're-"

"Singing? No, thank you, I hate that."

She quirks an eyebrow at you. "No! I mean, your voice is beautiful, I heard you in the shower, but I know you wouldn’t be able to do that."

You give her a suspicious look. "Then what were you going to suggest, then?"

Her smile grows wider. "Do some of your magic tricks, of course! That stuff you showed me on the beach the other night? It was awesome!"

Your face gets so red from her compliment that you have to hide it under your hands. "Oh god, no. That was so embarrassing."

"(Y/N), stop doing that. You’re great! I know we could win if you do a magic trick!"

You look at her between your fingers and sigh when you see her big smile. "Look, Bridgette... I appreciate you trying to push me out and go into the world, but I’m not ready yet."

She gives you an empathetic smile and squeezes your left shoulder. "Alright. Just know that I’m here if you change your mind."

Next thing you know, you’re all in awe at DJ, giving him great applause.

"That was so beautiful." You’re trying to stop yourself from crying. "I never thought I would see something so beautiful in my life."

Courtney hears your comment and sigh. "Okay, sign him in. Next!"

"Oh, me!" You look beside you to see your friend walk in front of the group. "I can stand on my hands for twenty minutes, watch!"

Surely, she starts to stand on her hands.

"Okay, that would be cute if you were a monkey. I just don’t think it’s quite what we’re looking for. Next!"

When your friend comes back to you, you give her an apprehensive look. "Did you auditioned so that I would feel like I have to do it?"

She gives you a sly smile. "How do you know me so well already?"

You just roll your eyes at her before you start leaving. "I need a break, guys. See you later."

Courtney and Bridgette don’t even have time to protest that you’re already gone, Duncan giving you a worried look on your way out.

"Do you really have a diary?"

Gwen screams out a high-pitched sound when she hears your voice right behind her. You laugh at her deep blush and you sit beside her. She looks away from you, completely embarrassed.

"No! ... well, yeah.... but don’t tell anyone!"

"You’re in a TV show, the whole world knows now. It’s too late." You chuckle more when you see her look around in panic. "Don’t worry, pretty sure they don’t care. Also, you didn’t seem like the "girl who could have a diary" type to me, I’m surprised."

You bump her shoulder with yours, still teasing her for having a diary.

"Guess you have a lot to learn about me, then." She smiles at you, calming a little.

You smile at her. "Yeah, I do."

"What you got there, a journal?" Both of you look up to see Cody desperately trying to have a connection with one of you, looking rather nervous.

"Beat it." You give Cody an empathetic look when Gwen gets closer to you, trying to ignore him. As he sits down beside you two, he seems to understand something and gives you two a strange smile.

"Oh, I get it. It’s private, huh? I’m down with that. Yeah, it’s cool, brah."

Hum, Cody? You’re literally trying to read over her shoulder.

"What part of "Beat it" don’t you understand?" Gwen’s trying to not kill the guy, sharing an annoyed look with you as you shrug. What can you do, really?

When you hear him smell her hair, Gwen closes her diary, takes your hand and gives him a disgusted look. "What are you, some kind of freak?"

She pulls you up with her and starts to back up a few steps, you feeling quite scared of Cody now. The oy gives you an ashamed look and tries to justify himself.

"You... you just smell really pretty. And (Y/N), I didn’t have the chance to, but I’m sure you smell as wonderful as you look."

"Oh my god." You whisper that part with a complete terrified face.

"It’s just... soap." Gwen answers him without really wanting too and she takes you with her back at the camp, almost running. Cody’s following you two from behind, smiling like crazy.

As you walk by Trent playing guitar, you stop and look around for your team, Gwen and Cody jumping over a big hole on the ground. You say your goodbyes to your crush as she goes inside her cabin, you walking over to Bridgette who was waiting for you. She smiles at you in relief, telling you right after that your three contestants are DJ, Geoff, and Courtney. Apparently, Geoff has some talent in skateboard while Courtney is going to do a solo.

"A solo?" You look at her with intrigue features. "Is she going to sing?"

"No, she’s going to play the violin."

"Violin? Nice. Maybe I could ask her to share it with me, it would be nice to practice during the summer."

Your blond friend gives you a surprised look. "You can play the violin?"

You give her a nice smile, nodding. "Yep! I learned how to play when I was four. I also know how to play piano, but it’s been a while since I’ve touched one."

"Oh my god, (Y/N). Is there something you can’t do?"

"Ah, come on. It’s not that big of a deal." She gives you an inconceivable look while you chuckle. "Come on, let’s go find the others. We got to help them practice and all."

You’re sitting on the stage with some members of your team, eating chocolate that Bridgette somehow find and you’re just... bored in general. While Duncan and DJ are playing a card game together, Courtney’s practicing her violin and Geoff is playing around with his skateboard. You also notice that Harold is just standing beside Bridgette, looking at nothing. Honestly, sometimes you just wonder if he’s okay in his mind.

"So, can you really stand on your hands for twenty minutes?" You turn around to see Geoff asking that question to Bridgette.

"Wanna bet that I can’t?"

"Oh, you’re on!"

Harold’s eyes suddenly lit up. "I’ll take a piece of that action!"

You look back at the card game when you hear DJ laugh. "Yeah, that’s like virtually impossible."

"I’ve seen her do it. I’m telling you, it’s possible." You take a piece of chocolate in your mouth as you see your friend starting to get on her hands. "Be careful to not destroy anything with your legs, sweetie."

Before you know it, one of her legs gets stuck on a rope and a huge light falls right onto Courtney. Shocked, you open your eyes and all you can see is a broken violin with a brown-haired girl almost unconscious. You run over to her, rapidly asking Bridgette to go take your emergency bag in the cabin. As you wait for her to come back, you ask Courtney to stay awake, everyone else watching in worry.

"Okay, Courtney. I’m going to ask you a couple of questions, is that okay with you?" You wait for her to nod before continuing. "What year are we?"

"2007." You calm down a little and help her upper body up from the ground.

"Alright. Next question: Where are we?"

"At camp Wawanakwa, doing some stupid TV show."

"Okay, good. You remember the challenge for today?"

"A talent contest."

"How many fingers am I holding up?" She looks at your hand, then looks back at you with an annoyed look.


"Is your vision a little blurry?"

"No, it’s not."

That’s when Bridgette comes back with the emergency bag. Thanking her, you take out the materials you need to clean the wound on her head, then put some bandages around it.

"Okay, I don’t think you have a concussion, but you should stay awake and be careful in case you do have one."

She gives you a sweet smile to thank you, then starts looking around in complete panic. She sees her violin, taking it in her arms and crying. She looks back at all of you guys, setting her eyes to Bridgette.

"You... you killed my violin!"

Oh... good luck, Bridgette. Those things cost a looooooot of money.

"I didn’t mean too! There must be something we can do!"

You watch Bridgette try to put the destroyed violin back together without any success, shaking your head at her attempts. When Courtney starts to cry again, you give her a hug and pet her back. She grabs you like her life is depending on it and cries on your shoulder. You can feel her tears go through your clothes as you’re holding her. You send Bridgette a worried look, realizing something.

Who’s going to replace her?

"Okay. I know I’m not as good as you are at the violin, but I can do this!" You give your friend a quizzical look while she tries to win over Courtney.

"Not sure if a twenty minutes handstand is going to make us win..." You whisper that part to her as she eats her chips.

"Yeah, you would be better, but you don’t want to. So I’m doing it." You sigh, starting to feel like you’re dragging everyone in your long history of bad luck in talent contests. Bridgette smiles at you and gives you some chips, trying to comfort you... which kind of works.

"Bridgette, I’m so sorry about the accident. I guess you’re going to get your fifteen seconds of fame after all, huh?" You growl at Heather and she steps away from you in fear, actually thinking that you might be a dangerous beast.

"What’s that supposed to mean?" You agree with your friend; the bitch is being suspicious.

"Nothing. No one will sabotage their own teammates unless they maybe felt threaten?"

"Are you talking about yourself, Heather? Because it sure does sound like it." You stand and cross your arms, giving her your death stare. You don’t like what she’s insinuating about your friend and you’re not letting her go away with it.

"Maybe the Gophers are like that, but the Killer bass has more class. We’re a team." You nod to show that you agree with Bridgette.

"Well, maybe you’ll go down as a team, then. Oh, and easy on the chips. You don’t want to sink that surfboard of yours, do you?"

Sensing the murder thoughts of your friend, you step aside just in time to let her throw her bag of chips right in Heather’s face. You deliver the fake eyebrow girl a smirk and give your friend a high-five, proud.

I’ll make sure that we win this contest.

You’re staying behind the scenes with DJ, Bridgette, Geoff, Courtney and the three contestants from the Gophers team: Trent, Heather, and Justin. Normally, you and your brown-haired friend would have been with the rest of your teammates on the wooden bleachers, but you’re both decided to stay here in case of an emergency. You hear Chris introduce Justin onto the stage, watching with disbelief as the boy recreates the water scene from the movie Flashdance. How is that counting as a talent?

You grunt when you see him get six points out of nine, but smile when you see DJ come unto the scene. You wait for his beautiful dance with his pink ribbon with anticipation, but the ribbon gets stuck around his leg and he falls, getting only two points and destroying all of your chances to win. Yes, you don’t think Bridgette or Geoff can make more points than Trent playing his guitar.

You guys are screwed no matter what.

Then, just like you said, Trent gets eight points out of nine and a sweet look from Gwen, making you both frustrated and sad. Bridgette takes your hand in hers, starting to panic.

"Are you sure you can do this?" You look back at Courtney, who is currently losing hope. You hear Bridgette’s stomach grumble and you suddenly understand why she’s panicking. She gives the two of you a smile and nods.

"Yeah, I can definitely do it. No, I’m great! Really!"

She wasn’t fine, because now she’s vomiting everywhere on stage, you and Courtney accepting that you’ll lose another challenge.

You’re helping Bridgette clean her hair from her earlier sickness. Strangely, she gained two points for her performance, which is greater than you would have imagined. As you squeeze her hair, she turns back at you to watch you burning in rage when you hear Gwen’s diary being read by Heather.

"That was so mean." You agree with Courtney.

"I’m gonna go help an act of revenge later." You whisper that more to yourself, but they both hear you and give you a smirk, agreeing with you. You then all hear a cracking sound and look back to Geoff, a broken skateboard in his hands. He looks back at you in silence, none of you saying anything.

"… oops?"

"Now what! We have to send someone out there or we’re going to lose this!"

You watch your two friends try to find a solution in despair, stating out loud what the other people on your team can do. You sigh. You have no choice now.

"I’m going." Your voice is strong and filled with confidence, instantly getting you the two girls’ attention. Courtney gives you a worried look while Bridgette simply smiles like a maniac. She gets a deck of cards out of her pocket and gives it to you.

"When in the world did you get my deck?"

"Forget about that. Go make some magic."

You’re on the stage, looking back at the whole Gophers team and some of your teammates on the bleachers. Your eyes meet Duncan’s and you smile at him, but he doesn’t respond to you. Feeling incredibly nervous, you look back at the girls backstage, the two of them giving you reassuring smiles. You close your eyes.

Come on, (Y/N). Breathe in. Breathe out.

When you open them again, you start to play rapidly with the cards in your hands, getting a few gasps from the crowd.

"For today’s performance, I would need a volunteer from the Gopher’s team to avoid any suspicion. I don’t want anyone to think that this was prepared in any way. Trent, would you like to join me on stage?"

The teenager looks surprised but gives you a positive nod nonetheless. Everyone watches the young man put his guitar down and join you, a little apprehensive on what you’re going to do. You stop playing around with your cards and show them all to Trent.

"First, Trent, I want you to touch the cards and tell me if these are normal cards." You wait for him to do what you told him and he agrees with you. "Perfect. Now, I’m gonna shuffle these cards around and when I’m done, I want you to pick one. But! When you do, I don’t want you to look at it and I don’t want you to show it to anyone. I want you to put it on your chest and wait for me to ask you to show it, got it?"

He gives you a smile and nods. "I got it."

"Pick a card."

"This one."

"You sure? You can change your mind if you want."

He gives you a suspicious look, then takes the card and puts it on his chest. "Yeah, I’m sure."

"Perfect." You throw all the cards around you, getting a few surprised sounds from the others as you look back at them. "Now, for the rest of the performance, I would need three more people from the Gophers team to join me on stage. Therefore, I would like for Cody, Lindsay, and Heather to come. Is that alright with you?"

While Heather looks very annoyed and yet surprised to be chosen, the other two looks very pleased and excited. They all join you on stage and you place them next to each other.

"Okay, now that I have everyone with me... Trent, I’m gonna ask you a question. In a deck of cards, there are two colors: Black and red. I’m gonna ask you to choose a color."


"Black, great choice. Now, Cody. You agree with me that in the black color, there’s two suits: The Clubs and the Spades. Which one do you choose?"

The boy looks nervous from your intense stare. "Hum... I choose Clubs."

"Clubs, alright. Lindsay?"

"Yes!" Your ex-friend looks so happy right now, you smile at her.

"I’m gonna ask you to choose a number between one and thirteen."

She thinks for a while and then gives you a brighter smile. "I choose Four!"

"Four! Ladies and gentlemen, those three people chose Black, Clubs and Four. Which means that they all chose a card together: The Four of Clubs. Now, does this mean that the card on Trent’s chest is the four of clubs? Well, it all depends on one person."

You turn to Heather, who’s giving you a very annoyed look.

"Heather. I’m giving you the final decision." Your voice is dark and intense, making everyone shiver in excitation. "Now, if you want, you can stick with the Four of Clubs."

She rolls her eyes up in the air, wishing for you to finish all of this already.

"Or you can say "fuck" to these guys and chose a card yourself." Your smile grows when you see her getting interested, hearing the others grunt. "So? Do you stick with these guys decision or do you choose a card yourself?"

"I choose the Queen of Hearts." She gives you a sly smile, pretty sure that you’re going to mess up your magic trick.

You hear the audience starting to "Boo" Heather’s decision and you turn back to them, starting to talk again. "Now! All of you, you all agree with me to say that I couldn’t know that these guys would choose the Four of Clubs. And you all also agree that I couldn’t possibly know that Heather would decide to change the card and choose the Queen of Hearts.... or did I?"

While everyone waits in anticipation, you look at Trent and give him a smirk.

"Trent, I want you to look at that card."

He looks at the card and he gets shocked. "No way..." He looks up at you, then back at the card… before he shows it to everyone. "It’s the Queen of Hearts!"


You wear a big smile on your face when everyone starts to applause and scream for you, Heather sending you a pissed-off expression.

"That was a stroke of luck!" It’s suddenly silent and you look back at Heather. "That’s not magic at all!"

She’s taken aback when you give her a sly smile.

"You’re right, Heather." Everyone gasps at your comment. "After all, how can you know that this wasn’t only a chance, hm? And Lindsay, I know what you’re thinking."

"You do?"

"What about the Four of Clubs?"

"Oh my god, that was exactly what I was thinking!"

"If you want, you can all look at the cards that I throw earlier to try and find it, but you won’t." You watch them all give you a suspicious look. "It’s not on the ground, not in my pocket or on me, and it’s certainly not in someone else’s pocket."

You look back at Trent. "So, where is the Four of Clubs, then?"

You wait a little more before pointing at Gwen’s love interest.

"Trent, haven’t you notice the card your holding is a little bit too... thick?"

His eyes open wide and his mouth hang down.

"I would like for you to tear the Queen of Hearts apart, please." You hear him torn up the card as you look elsewhere. "There’s another card inside, isn’t it?

"Yes, yes, there is!"

"Which card is it?"

"It’s the Four of Clubs!"

All you can hear is your companions screaming in awe at your performance. As you bow to thank your audience, Chris gets on stage with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen him wore.

"Grand Master Chef has declared his winner! Even though they held the lead; Screaming Gophers have been trampled by the Killer Bass." He gets closer to you and gives you finger guns. "That was awesome, (Y/N)."

You don’t even have time to respond to him that you’re feeling crushed by tons of arms. You notice that it’s Courtney and Bridgette giving you hugs, looking back at the rest of your teammates to see them all screaming in joy and jumping around. Well, not exactly Duncan, but he still sends you a smile and two thumbs up.

"And as for the Screaming Gophers, pick your favorite loser and I’ll see you at the bonfire."

For a long time, all your teammates were asking you questions as to how you did all of this, but you kept telling them the same thing: It’s a secret. Eventually, they gave up and got back to the cabins, leaving you with your personal space again. When you turn around to join them a while later, you jump out of fear and put your hand on your chest, calming down when you realize that it’s just Duncan waiting for you.

"You scared the crap out of me, dude!" He just chuckles at you and you give him a mean look. "Stop laughing! What if I have died of a heart attack?"

"Oh, please. You survived death almost three times. Like seeing me could suddenly end you."

You laugh at his comment before giving him a sad look, the coldness from the morning coming back to your mind. "So, you don’t hate me anymore?"

He gives you a quizzed look. "I never hated you in the first place. What made you think that?"

"This morning." You start to play with your hands, getting more and more nervous. You hear him sigh and feel his hands on your shoulders, looking up to see him pretty close to you.

"I don’t hate you, okay? Stop thinking things like that." You can feel his breath on your face and you see him give you a puzzled look. "I was having a bad morning and it had... nothing... to do with you."

His piercing blue eyes dig into your (E/C) ones, waiting for a response from you.

"’re sure?" He rolls his eyes at you.

"Yes, I’m sure. God, why you gotta be so insecure? I’m your friend, I’m not gonna turn around on you without a warning." That’s when he sees your eyes sparks your smile transforming into the sweetest one, which makes his heart beats him up all over again. God, he hates this feeling.

You then give him your biggest hug, crushing him into your little arms and hiding your face in his chest. He groans in annoyance and waits for you to let him go, but you’re still holding onto him and he sighs, putting his arms around you to give the hug back. He tries to look annoyed for the cameras, but your natural scent hits him and makes him forget to keep his bad-boy act on. He doesn’t think twice when he puts his head on top of yours, feeling you calm down in his arms. Without knowing it, he starts to smile and closes his eyes, just enjoying the moment.

You then get out of his arms and give him your sweet smile again.

"I’m tired. Let’s go back to the cabins."

You decide to walk back together, talking about boring things that, somehow, aren’t so boring when it’s you two. When you arrive, you wish him goodnight. He watches you close the door of the cabin… right before someone takes a hold of him and pulls him in the forest.

When he can finally take a look back at the person who dragged him, he’s first surprised to see an angry Courtney. Then, he smirks at her.

"Well, hello there, sweetie. Why are you so eager to see me in the middle of the woods?"

"Shut up, Duncan. I want you to stay away from her."

The punk loses his smirk and crosses his arms over his chest, looking down at the brown-haired girl with a death stare.

"So you can have her to yourself? No thank you, honey."

"I’m not letting you have her, you stupid punk!"

"And I’m not letting you have her either, you spoiled little princess."

"Why are you still going after her? I thought you’ve given up after learning about her crush on Gwen."

"I was going to, but then I heard you talk to yourself while you were getting your violin. Something about her getting over it soon, being vulnerable and having to choose one of us?" He watches her getting angrier and he just smiles more, almost evilly. "I’m not giving up ever, Courtney. One day, she’ll be mine."

"I already told you, asshole." She then points her finger at him. "She’s mine. Don’t even approach her again."

"Wow, you think she’s yours, huh?"

"I don’t think it, I know it."

"Alright then." He flicks her forehead. "Let’s see who gets her first."

Now, the game’s officially on.

Chapter Text

Chapter Six: The Sucky Outdoors

This morning, Courtney practically forced you to stand beside her when you both got at the campfire site, your punk friend joining you two not so long after. He goes stand beside you and give you a sly smile as you tiredly wave at him, not noticing Courtney sending him daggers with her eyes.

"Campers, today’s challenge will task your outdoor's survival skills. I’m not gonna lie to you, some of you may not come back alive."

"Wouldn’t you go to jail if one of us dies?" You get a mean look from Chris and you smirk at him. This is becoming a routine for you, now.

"I was joking. All you have to do is spend one night in the woods." You roll your eyes and mimic yourself dying of boredom, gaining yourself a couple of laughs from the others. "Everything you need is at your team’s campsite in the forest. You just have to find it. Oh, and watch out for bears. Lost a couple of interns in preproduction."

Chris proceeds to throw two maps and compasses at the teams, ending up in Heather’s and Duncan’s hands. You’re about to ask your punk friend what sees on the map when Courtney angrily takes the items from him. She smirks at Duncan and looks down at the map, the boy sending her back an evil glare. Then they both look at you at the same time to give you sweet smiles. You don’t have time to react that they’re already getting back at killing each other with their eyes. You frown.

Why are you feeling like they’re putting you in the middle of something?

"The first team back for breakfast wins invincibility!" Chris blows an air horn and you cover your ears. "Off you go!"

"Well, what do you see on the map, Courtney?" The brown-haired girl simply looks up at you and smiles at you, pointing at the terrifying woods.

You’ve been walking beside Bridgette for an hour or two now, talking to her about your brothers and sisters back at home. Recently, she’s been asking you a lot of questions about your past, saying that you’re a very interesting person and all. Her questions come odd to you. It's like she’s asking those things to try and construct a plan or something, but you let it pass. She’s your new friend, it’s normal for her to want to know more about you, right?

She looks away and runs cover to Courtney up in the front, then you feel an arm get around your shoulders. You look up to your left to see Duncan smirking down at you, his proximity giving you a weird feeling.

"So, how are you today, sweetheart? Been sleeping pretty good?" You give send back a playful smile and give him a slight nudge.

"Since when do you want to know how I’ve been sleeping?"

"What? A friend can’t ask another friend if they’ve had a good night sleep?"

You chuckle at his reaction and breathe out, feeling tired. "Honestly, I don’t even know what a good night sleep is. I think I’ve never had one since I was four… but I’m used to it, so I’m feeling pretty good."

He sends you a worried look. "What? How come?"

"Well… my body doesn’t want to shut down. Like, even when my mind is screaming for sleep, my body just wants me to stay awake. It’s like it thinks I’m always in danger or something… and that if I fall asleep, I might die or get hurt."

"So... your body is stopping your from... sleeping?"

You chuckle again. "I know, it sounds crazy. It’s more of an unconscious thing, really. Like I never feel safe and I can’t fall asleep because of that."

You watch him think in silence for a moment before he gives you another smirk, slightly crushing your side against his. "Well, maybe if you had someone to sleep with, you’d feel safe."

Your mind goes to all the meanings this sentence could lead and your cheeks get a little red, making his smirk grow wider.

"Are you implying something? It feels like you’re implying something..."

"Maybe." His face goes closer to yours and you can feel his breath on your left cheek, his lips close to your ear. "Do you want me to imply something, sugar?"

You can feel the heat crawl on of the skin around your face, his lips brushing against your ear. Your body shivers, your breathing getting caught in your throat. It suddenly feels like your whole body wants to melt under his fingers, your mind already burned down. Why are you suddenly feeling like this?

"Hey, (Y/N). Can you help me with the map? I’m not sure about this part right there."

Conflicted feelings wash over you when you hear Courtney’s request, not sure what to think. You hear Duncan grunt in your ear and he gets away from you, clearly annoyed. Your heart calms down and your skin color turns back to its original (S/C) tone right, you joining Courtney and Bridgette up in the front right when Duncan frees you.

"Hey, I’m here. What is it?"

Bridgette disappears from your vision again as Courtney gives you the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen, her black eyes entering your soul all over again. Time slows down as the brown-haired girl shows you the map, asking you where you guys should walk after a certain part and pointing you some different spots on the piece of paper. As you’re both talking and trying to find out what to do next, your cheeks get red again, those weird and intense feelings coming back like a big wave. When you guys finally make a decision, you decide to stay close to her, your eyes looking at her form from time to time and your stomach turning upside down over and over.

Gosh, what’s happening to you? It’s like that moment in the communal bathrooms is repeating itself, but this time, your feelings have bigger weapons and are definitely trying to knock you down.

"There’s our camp, guys!"

Oh, thank god.

You’re sitting on the ground beside the bags you found earlier, helping Tyler to count the inventory. Bored, you look around to see Duncan and Harold trying to make a fire as Geoff, Bridgette and Courtney are putting up the tent. While you see your blond friend talking to her crush, who also seems to not know how to properly talk to a girl, you notice that the fake twins and DJ aren’t there anymore. Where could they be?

"What’s for dinner, woman? I’m starving." You roll your eyes when you hear Duncan talk to Courtney like that.

"I hope you don’t expect me to dignify that with a response."

"Hey guys, look what I found!"

You turn your head at an opening of the forest, your heart melting at the sight of the cutest bunny in DJ’s arms. The next thing you know, you’re already in front of him, petting the little animal with a loving face.

"Well, I’ve never had rabbit stew before, but what the heck? I’m game."

You and DJ look at your teammates with horror. How dare they insinuate something like that!? You immediately get in front of the bunny as DJ walks back a couple of steps, both of you giving them an angry look.

"No one touches the bunny!" Some of them look taken aback by your reaction, DJ nodding to agree with your statement.

"This is my new pet! I’m calling him Bunny!"

You look at DJ with a skeptical look. "You’re calling the bunny... Bunny? Really?"

"Hey, don’t judge me, (Y/N). I’m not good with names."

"... fine." You cross your arms over your chest, pouting a little.

"You couldn’t find any food?" Courtney’s voice startles you and you watch her sigh. "Then it looks like we’re eating grubs and berries for dinner."

"Has anyone seen tweedle-dum and tweedle-idiot?"

"You mean the fake twins?" Duncan sends you a smirk and gives you a high five, already liking your nickname for the two missing girls.

But for real, you’re starting to get worried about them.

What if they die out there?

You’re all sitting around the campfire, not knowing what to do after eating all those berries and now just… waiting. You, on the other, are so hypnotized by the flames that you’re not noticing anything around you. You watch the flames dance around the pieces of wood, almost in awe. It makes you think of that scene in the first movie Narnia, where the girl Lucy is listening to a song while watching a fire. Hopefully, you’re not getting hypnotized to be sent to the evil queen and die.

"Hey, be cool. It’s just an owl." You get out of your mindset to notice that your blond friend was getting scared over a bird sound.

"Sorry, I just get really freaked out in the forest."

"Awn, you want me to try and protect you from the birds' sounds, little Bridgette?" You give your friend a big hug while you tease her with your baby voice, only to hear her chuckle at you and give you your hug back.

"This reminds me of this really scary story I heard once." You send Duncan a suspicious look.

"You heard a scary story about birds sounds?" Your punk friend ignores your comment as you hear Geoff pressuring him to tell the story.

"Are you sure? Because the story I’m thinking about is pretty hardcore."

"Ouuuuh, we’re so scared." Courtney mocks Duncan as you just wait for the story to begin. You’re wondering if you don’t already know the story... After all, you keep watching horror movies all the time and you know your creepypastas pretty well.

"Alright. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. One night, a lot like this one..."

"So, suddenly, they heard this tap, tap, tapping on the side of the car. The girl started to freak out, and by this time, even the guy was starting to get scared."

Yep, you already know this story. Boring.

You look around to see that everyone is a little scared, even Courtney. Bridgette takes a hold of your arm, shaking with wide eyes open.

"So, he turned the car on, and he stepped on it. When they got back to the girl’s house, she opened the door and screamed, because there, hanging from the door handle... was the bloody hook." You roll your eyes up when you feel your arm getting squeezed, seeing Duncan get pleasure from scaring everyone. "They say that this killer is still alive, wandering these very woods. He could just be anywhere, really. Maybe even right HERE!"

You get startled when everyone starts to scream, Duncan’s scaring them by taking out a sharp hook on his right hand. He then starts to laugh maniacally and hide the hook behind his back again, Courtney suddenly standing in front of him.

"Duncan, that was so not funny!"

"Oh, yes, it was! I just wished it was all on camera! Oh wait, it is!" You frown at him when he points the cameras in the bushes, looking at them with crazy eyes.

"You are so vile, do your parents even like you?"

"I don’t know, Jumpy Mcchicken. I haven’t asked them lately.

"Don’t give him that much credit, Courtney. That story was lame."

Everyone gasps and look back at you, seeing you playing around with a stick in the fire and being bored out of your mind. It suddenly occurs to all of them that you weren’t scared for a single moment. You were just there, waiting for it to end. Duncan gives you an annoyed look and crosses his arms.

"Well, if that story is so boring to you, sweetheart, why don’t you go ahead and tell one?"

You suddenly stop playing with the fire, slowly looking up at Duncan with no expression on your face. Everyone suddenly starts to beg you to tell a story of your own, hoping that it would be less scary than the previous one. That’s when you give them your creepiest smile, making them regret asking you to do this.

"You shouldn’t have asked me that."

The next thing they know, you’re up and slowly walking around all of them, taking your sweet time to put one foot down after the other. You open your mouth, letting out a deep and dark voice that send shivers down their spine.

"Years ago, after weeks of unexplained murders inside the homes of families, an ominous unknown killer was still on the rise. After little evidence has been found against this vicious killer, only one boy out of the thousand victims has survived him. This is his story."

Your feet suddenly stop and you stay in place, only looking right at the dark trees.

"That night, sleeping in the same room he’s had for his whole life, the boy had a bad dream and woke up in the middle of it." You turn your head to look at your teammates, almost like a robot, only to watch them being completely absorbed in your story. "For some reason, he saw that his window was open, even though he specifically remembered it being closed before he went to bed earlier."

You see some of them starting to get scared, wondering why the window was open.

"He got up and shut it once more, telling himself that the wind must have opened it again." You watch Bridgette shake her head, not believing this theory. "Afterward, he simply crawled back under his covers and tried to get back to sleep... but that’s when he had a strange feeling like someone was watching him."

You wait for a moment to create suspense, more teammates starting to tremble.

"Slowly, he opened his eyes to look up... only to nearly jumped out of his bed!!" You stop yourself from laughing when you see all of them trembling in fear. "Because right there, in the little ray of light, illuminating from between the little boy’s curtains.... were a pair of two eyes."

"Oh my god..." Courtney’s voice is cracking and she hugs herself. You watch Duncan starting to get uneasy. You give them back your creepy smile, the glow from the fire making your face even more terrifying.

"They weren’t regular eyes... They were dark, ominous eyes." You put your fingers around your eyelids and pulled them wide opened. "They were bordered in black, the eyelids were gone, burned by the creature itself... and just plain out terrified the little boy."

You let go of your eyelids and move on to another part of your face

"That’s when he saw the killer’s mouth." You mimic a long smile on your cheeks. "A long, horrendous smile that he had cut with his knife, making every hair on the little boy’s body stand up."

You wait again, not wanting to mess up the story.

"As he keeps staring at it, the figure stood there, watching him back." You hear some people squealed. "Finally, after what seemed like forever, the figure said it. A simple phrase, really. But he said it in a way only a mad man like him could speak."

"What did he say?" You turn your head at Geoff and feel your creepy smile get bigger.

"He said..." You go closer to the blond guy, the boy trying his best to not run away from you. "Go... To... Sleep..."

You step back from them, your voice getting higher and higher as you talk faster. "The boy let out a scream, sending the figure at him. He saw it pulled out a knife, aiming at the boy’s heart. The killer jumped on top of the boy’s bed, screaming "Go to sleep" over and over and over… The little boy fought him back, of course. He kicked, punched and rolled around, trying to knock the killer off of him."

Everyone’s scared now.

"That’s when the dad busted in. The killer threw the knife and it went right into the dad’s shoulder. The mad man would’ve probably finished him and killed the rest of the family if one of the neighbors hadn’t alerted the police. The police drove into the parking lot and ran towards the door while the killer turned and ran down the hallway." You watch them all sit on their butts, feeling on edge. "It’s at this moment that the little boy heard a smash, like glass breaking. "

"As he came out of his room, he saw that the window that was pointing towards the back of his house was broken. He looked out to see the killer vanish into the distance. And in his mind, printed forever, was that face. Those cold, evil burned eyes, and that psychotic and cutting smile. "

You watch them all shivers, starting to look around them.

"As for today, the police are still looking for this man. The rumors say that he lives in the forest, looking out for sleeping victims to stab. And according to an anonymous source, the only way to survive him, if you ever encounter him in those woods, is this very warning.

You walk up to them with the creepy smile. "Don’t go to sleep...."

The fire turns off and darkness surround all the teenagers, making them all scream.

"You won’t wake up."

The screams only get louder and louder until the fire burst back on. They stop screaming when they all see you sitting in front of them and smirking proudly.

How did you make the fire go off and on again just like that? Just a little magic trick up in your sleeves.

"That, my friends, is not even that much of a scary story. I know ones that would keep you awake for months. You guys wanna know about that Russian experiment that turned prisoners into cannibal monsters?"

"(Y/N), stop!"

"What? You asked for it!"

You’re trying to sleep between Courtney and Duncan and… you’re not succeeding. Being stuck between two people that hate each other is stressing you a lot. Of course, almost everyone is awake because of the scary stories you and Duncan shared… so you’re not feeling alone. That’s when you hear someone shuffle around the tent, hearing DJ’s voice.

"What’s wrong, gotta go pee?"

"Like crazy, but I’m too scared to leave the tent." You feel bad to hear Bridgette being so scared. Maybe you did a little too much back then... You hear her go outside and, annoyed at yourself, you start to count in your head to try to fall asleep.

Next thing you know, some people are screaming, the tent is on fire and then, there’s no tent at all.

You all get up and look back at a sorry Bridgette (except for Duncan who’s still asleep). The blond girl is currently sitting down on the floor next to the campfire, trying to smooth down the things a little by forcing a smile.

Oh boy, this is going to be a long night.

"Great!" You close your eyes as you hear Courtney starting to get mad, feeling Duncan waking up beside you. "That’s just great, Bridgette! Now, we have nowhere to sleep!"

"Yo, drama queen? Relax, it’s cool." You shake your head at Duncan, not being able to stop him from doing the mistake of telling an angry person to calm down.

"Cool? It’s cool!? Things could not possibly get worse!"

As if on cue, it’s starting to pour rain on all of you… and Courtney’s screams have never been that much loud before.

You wake up with the feeling of something petting your head, an arm holding you. It’s weird… but you’re very comfortable, so you try to ignore the petting and continue to sleep.

"Wake up, princess." You open your eyes to lay them on Duncan smirking, also getting the information that you’ve been sleeping on him. "If you don’t change your position, the others will wake up and see you like this."

His smirk grows wider at your confused eyes, you only staring back at him in silence. Then, you put your face back in his chest and try to fall back asleep, not caring at all about the others seeing you in this position. You feel him chuckle under you and his hand continues to pass through your hair. Guess he doesn’t care either.

Soon after, people start to wake up and gather the things up around the camp, not giving you a second look. Except for Courtney, who’s sending Duncan the most intense rage look she’s ever had, him giving her back a successful smirk. Fifteen minutes later after you not waking up, she walks back to you two and stares, Duncan rolling his eyes at her.

"(Y/N), wake up. We have to go back to the camp."

You stir up a little in your sleep and open one of your eyes to see Courtney giving you an angry look.

"... but Duncan’s comfortable..."

His smirk grows even wider at your words and Courtney’s tries her best to not burst out right in front of you.

"I don’t care. We need to go back. Now."

You sigh and raise your hand to her, not having any energy to get up by yourself. Courtney takes your hand in hers and drags you up with her, before she pulls you very far away from Duncan, stepping further away into the woods to have some privacy.

"... hey... Courtney?"

She looks back at you, trying to stay serious, but she can’t help but watch in awe as you rub your eyes tiredly. You look so cute!


"Why are you and Duncan always fighting?"

Courtney looks at you in silence and forgets to answer you, taking in the sight of you in the forest with the sun rising. How can someone be so beautiful?

You notice that you haven’t gotten a response yet open your eyes at Courtney, feeling paralyzed when you see her already staring at you. Your cheeks turn red, betraying you every time. She comes closer to you and puts her hands on each side of your head, pushing away a strand of hair and caressing your right cheek with her thumb. She puts her forehead against yours, closing her eyes and breathing slowly. You just keep watching her, the warm of her breath mixing with your cold one. You don’t understand how you’re still standing upright now since you don’t feel your legs anymore.

The brown-haired girl opens her eyes again and straight out stare at your (E/C) orbs.

"You don’t have a clue, do you?"

You stay silent as you feel her hands envelop your head, her lips only inches apart from yours. It’s taking all of her strength to not jump at you at the moment while you’re just waiting, not sure of what you want. She’s about to kiss you when you hear your teammates calling out for you two, making both of you snap out of your moment.

The next you two know, you’re both back with your teammates with red faces, trying your best to forget what was about to happen.

"We’re the first ones back!"

You fall on the floor, dying from running that far for that long. Never again. Ever. What was the point of this challenge anyway? You all could have just come back to the campsite by four or five in the morning. Nothing was stopping you from doing that! So why were you all only coming back at eight?

"Oh no! They beat us here!" You look back to see Heather starting to panic, the rest of her teammates arriving after. "This is all your fault!"

"Uh-uh-uh-uh! Not so fast, Gopherinos! It seems like the Killer Bass are missing a few fish!"

Oh god, I almost missed Chris. That night destroyed me.

"Oh, you mean Katie and Sadie? I’m pretty sure they got eaten by wolves last night." Courtney tries to save the team again.

"Darn shame." Duncan’s sarcastic voice almost make you chuckle, but you stop yourself. That wouldn’t be appropriate considering they might have died.

That’s when the pink girls come out of the woods, talking about how they were trapped in a cavern all night with a bear and almost died a couple of times. You stand up from the ground as they’re both forgiving each other for some stupid fight, you looking back at them with an annoyed expression like the rest of your teammates.

"Are you two finished with your little love fest?" Courtney waits for them to nod before continuing. "Good. Because thanks to you... we just lost the challenge!"

Not again!

"You’ve all cast your votes. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately hit the dock of shame, grab the boat of losers and get the heck out of here! And you can’t come back, ever!"

"It’s our third time, Chris. I think we know how the elimination works now."

"Now." Chris completely ignores you. "I can’t see you’re all tired. So tonight, I’ll just throw them to you."

Pretty sure that you just decided now to throw them so you could hit me in the face with one.

"(Y/N)." You trap the marshmallow between your fingers before it hits you, making the host pout in disappointment.

"Courtney." You watch her catch the marshmallow with a huge smile.

"Duncan." While he also catches the marshmallow in his hand, he puts his arm around your shoulders and sends Courtney a smug, her giving him back a mean look. You roll your eyes at them. Why are they acting like children these days?






"Ladies. The final marshmallow of the evening." You watch the fake twins grasp each other. "Sadie."

Really? I thought Katie would have stayed. She saved my life and was incredibly good at the dodgeball game. Sadie hasn’t done anything.

You sigh as you watch the two of them cry in each others’ arms. This is going to be a long night in the cabin.

While Bridgette is trying her best to take care of a crying Sadie on her bed, you walk towards the door of the cabin to get outside... but as you opened it a little, you stop your tracks, observing Courtney and Duncan both sitting on the stairs without fighting.

Can this be a total miracle?

"What do you want, now?" Courtney’s trying to kill the bugs all around her head, giving her enemy an annoyed look.

"I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I scared you." His voice is deep and doesn’t have a hint of evilness in it. You get surprised by that. Are they trying to get along?

"I was not scared! It was completely circumstantial! And there’s no such thing as a hooked man or a creepy killer with... burned eyes and a cutting smile...." You stop yourself from laughing at Courtney, not wanting them to see you yet. She’s trying very hard to be strong, but you know that those stories scared the crap out of her.

"Yeah, you’re probably right..." You see him put the hook back on his hand behind his back, rolling your eyes at him with a playful smile. "Or are you!?"

Courtney scream when she sees the hook and Duncan’s crazy eyes, all of it making it very hard for you to not laugh.

"I hate you!" She leaves him there and he laughs at her reaction. You smile, closing the door.

"You’re not going out?" You turn back to see your blond friend giving you a look from her bed, patting Sadie’s back. You send them a smile and come take Sadie’s hands in yours.

"I’m not leaving without you two here. Come on, Sadie. Let’s go have fun, it’ll make you feel better."

"I don’t want to do anything without Katie."

"Katie would have wanted you to move on and try your best to be happy. We’re gonna go eat marshmallows at the campfire, let’s go."

That’s how you convince the fake twin to get out of bed with the help of Bridgette, the three of you going back to the campfire.

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven: Phobia Factor

Well, when you convinced Sadie and Bridgette to go back to the campfire, you weren’t expecting to see all your teammates sitting there, but you decided to stay anyway. Right now, you’re sitting between Bridgette and Courtney, Sadie crying loudly and holding a piece of the dock that she took with her earlier.

"What do you guys want?" Hearing Courtney talk, you look up to see the Gophers smiling and offering green jelly that doesn’t look that good. "You come by to rub it in?"

"We got some extra dessert after our tuck shop party and we thought you might want some." You give Trent a skeptical look. Their smiles are too forced for them to be genuinely nice with your team.

"So, what? You’re just being nice?"

"Courtney’s right, that’s suspicious."

"Okay." Gwen sighs and point at Owen. "Owen stunk up our cabin and we need some time to air out."

"Ew." You give the big guy a disgusted look as Beth gets closer to you and Courtney, giving you a better look of the horrible green jelly with a worm in it.

"NO!" Courtney’s scream makes you jump out of your skin. "I mean, no thanks! I’m good."

"What? Are you on a diet or something?" Courtney sends an angry stare at Duncan.

"No! I just don’t like green jelly, okay?!"

DJ punches the jelly and screams, making you jump in surprise. You think you hear him say the word “snake”, but you’re not so sure. Cody takes up a little worm from the ground, smiling at DJ.

"Chill, dude. It’s just a gummy worm." You nod at his comment.

"Yeah, imagine if it was a real worm, that wouldn’t have been pretty.…" DJ sighs in fear, still trembling.

"Sorry, guys, but snakes just freak me out." You watch Tyler pat his back and confess his fear… of chickens.

"Wait… You’re afraid of chickens?"

"Wow, that’s really lame, man." You throw your shoe at Duncan’s head for judging Tyler’s fear, gaining a weird look from him while he rubs the spot you hit.

Next thing you know, everyone’s sharing their worst fear.

"What’s my worst fear?" You watch Gwen think for a moment with anticipation. "I guess, being buried alive."

"Walking through a minefield... in heels!" You send Lindsay a shocked look. You never expected her to have a fear that extreme.

"Flying, man. That’s some crazy stuff." Izzy seconds Owen right after his confession. You never thought that she would be afraid of flying, though.

"I’m afraid of hail." You look back at Geoff, who’s having a terrified expression. "It’s small and deadly, dude."

"Being left alone in the woods." You squeeze Bridgette’s hand in yours and give her an empathetic smile… which she gives you back.

"Bad haircuts!" You send Sadie an annoyed look.

"Oh, okay, I change mine! That’s so much scarier than a minefield!"

Okay, Lindsay, it’s not. But, whatever.

"Having to defuse a time bomb under pressure."

"Cody, when in the world would you have to defuse a time bomb?"

"I don’t know, (Y/N)! That’s why it’s scary!"

"I’m not afraid of anything."

You chuckle at Courtney as Duncan dismiss her statement, not believing her one bit. She looks back at your punk friend.

"Oh really? Then what exactly is your phobia, Mr. Know-it-all?"

You all wait for Duncan’s response in anticipation, the boy dreading to give it to you. He sighs under the pressure, putting his head on his hand with an embarrassed look.

"Céline Dion music store standees."

You snort and put your hand in front of your mouth to stop you laughing, the punk immediately hiding his face in embarrassment.

"Oh, I love Céline Dion!... What’s a standee?"

Sometimes, you don’t understand what went wrong with Lindsay’s brain.

"You know... that cardboard cut-out thing that stands in the music store?"

"Don’t say it, dude!"

Awn, Duncan’s scared. How cute.

"Kinda like a lifesize, but flat Céline." Trent continues to explain what a standee is to Lindsay, completely ignoring Duncan’s demand.

"So, if we had a cardboard standee right now..." Courtney starts her sentence with a teasing smile and you chuckle.

"Shut up!" Your punk friend points at Trent. "What about you guys?"

"Okay, well, I hate mimes. Like a lot." The young man then looks at you with a smile. "What about you, (Y/N)? What are you afraid of?"

"People." You say that without hesitation and shiver, trying to suppress some memories of your past. "People are so scary all the time."

"Wait, really? You’re kidding, right?" You look around to see Gwen giving you a skepticism look with the others. "They’re just people. What could you be so afraid of?"

"What, it’s not obvious to you?" You clench your arm with your hand, feeling your anxiety kicking again. "Everyone has an opinion on everyone and everything. That means everyone has an opinion of me and I don’t know what it is. What are they thinking? Do they think I’m weird? Do they hate me? Do they wish they’d never met me at all? And what about that little change in their voice or their eyes? Have I done something wrong to upset them? Have I accidentally ruined our whole friendship? Like, I know I’m just being insecure and paranoid, but the world out there is so terrifying with all the hatred and the judgment and… I sometimes wish I could just hide in a closet forever."

You notice that everyone is giving you a worried look, which is making you more uncomfortable.

"(Y/N)." You look beside you to see your blond friend having tears in her eyes. "You really feel that way?"

You force yourself to give a smile and you release your arm. "It’s called social phobia? It’s not always that bad, but I never go at social events like parties and I never EVER go alone in public areas alone. And I also hate it when people want to celebrate my birthday, it’s just a nightmare for me."

Your head suddenly screams at you to get the attention elsewhere and you hug yourself.

"Can you guys like... talk about something else and forget about me? I’m starting to have a social anxiety attack."

They all look elsewhere and you feel Bridgette give you her biggest hug. Trent has the brilliant idea to put his attention on Courtney, which calms you down somehow.

"Alright, Courtney, you’re afraid of something. Spit it out."

"Nope! Nothing!"

"That’s not what she said last night." Duncan smirks and you chuckle to yourself, remembering the little scare you both gave your team in the woods.

"Duncan... Did you ever considered that maybe I was just humoring you and your stupid story?"

"Sure, sure, princess. You were still dying from fear when (Y/N) started her own, though."

"S-shut up!"

It’s morning time and you’re currently sitting between Bridgette and Sadie, playing around your food without actually eating it. The thought that you might start having a little problem comes to your mind, but you dismiss it when you hear Chris whistle at you all.

"Campers! Your next challenge is a little game I like to call Phobia Factor! Prepare to face your worst fears!"

He ends his phrase with both of his arms in the air and you feel yourself getting scared of what is going to happen. Did they watch you the night before?

"Now, for our first victims... Heather! Meet us all in the theater... it’s Sumo time!"

Suddenly frightened, Heather spits out her drink on Trent (who doesn’t look very pleased with this whole experience) and Gwen playfully smiles at him.

Damn this boy with guitar skills who is getting all of your crush’s attention!

"Gwen. You. Me. The beach.... a few tons of sand..." Gwen gaps at the host as her heart pounds harder, feeling yours sink in your stomach. They were watching you the other night.

"Wait, they were listening to us?" You notice Lindsay stand up, the girl completely shocked. Gwen sighs and gives her a long look.

"It’s a reality show, Einstein. They’re always listening to us."

"But that’s like eavesdropping!" How does she think a reality show works? Seriously?

"Chef Hatchet! Didn’t you have a special order for Tyler today?"

"He gets to have chicken!?" You get up to see the famous chef giving a fried chicken to the failed gym boy, your brain begging you to steal it from his hands. "I want some too! Give it to me!"

Sadly for you, the young guy has already eaten its head before you can take it from him, an alive chicken getting out of the hole he made with his teeth soon after. His scream makes you forget to ask for one for yourself... or maybe you just can’t understand how the chicken is still alive... Who knows?

The first one you watch face their fear is Beth, who said she’s afraid of bathing in a pool of insects. So here you guys are, looking down at the most horrible pool filled with the most disgusting insects in the whole world. As the young girl gets in without a problem, you hear DJ vomiting and see Owen faint. That’s when you see Beth disappearing under the little creatures, getting a point for her team in no time.

It’s going to be hard to do better than her, especially since you can’t stop yourself from imagining what your challenge would be. It’s probably going to involve strangers because you already know everyone in the camp and they don’t really scare you that much anymore... so it’s definitively going to involve strangers. Oh god, please, no! You won’t survive strangers!

As the day goes on, you watch more people face their fears with, feeling no emotions to help you cope with what’s happening. You watch Leshawna run away from Chef wearing a giant spider costume completely numb, just like how you watch Sadie and Lindsay get wigs on their heads. You watch Heather accidentally fight over a giant Sumo. You watch Owen and Izzy get on a broken plane. Even when Bridgette leaves you all to go alone into the woods, you can’t feel anything.

That’s why you decide to leave the group, not wanting to see the rest of your friends getting crushed one by one. You find a tree near the cabins and sit down, trying to calm yourself with the breathing exercises your parents taught you. It works a little, but not that much.

An hour later, you’re still sitting there, hearing someone sit down beside you. You open your eyes to see Harold smiling at you. He then tells you that he had to fight ninjas in the bathroom just now, not succeeding because he hit himself by accident. That manages to make you laugh, which was his whole objective. He saw you getting more scared as the day goes by and, since you’re like a big sister to him, he wanted to make you feel better.

"Thanks, Harold." You give him a sweet smile. "I needed that."

"Anytime, (Y/N). Anytime." He puts his hand on your shoulder. "But you need to come back, our team needs you."

"I quit when I saw Gwen get buried." You tense up when the memory flashes in your head, shaking your head. "Besides, I can’t help you guys."

"Are you kidding?" You give him a weird look, not sure what he’s going to tell you. "Since day one, you’ve always been there to motivate and cheer all of us up. Without you, we would all have given up in all the challenges. And today, we have to fight our fears. We need you more than before."

A strange feeling goes through you, something that seems like determination, but you’re still pretty suspicious about all of this. "Why would I be the one to help you more?"

"Because everything stops being scary when you’re there. Look at me, you weren’t there when I had to fight those ninjas. Now, imagine Bridgette right now, alone in the woods. The only reason she was fine in the last challenge was because you were there to hold her hand."

You sigh and you let him get you up, dragging you back to the amphitheater.

"Now, it’s almost DJ’s turn. He’s going to need you there."

"Hey, you can do this, buddy!" Duncan claps at DJ with a bright smile as you watch the big guy look down at the smallest snake you’ve ever seen. After some time pass, he screams and backs out. Again.

"It blinked! The snake blinked!"

"It means she likes you!" It’s weird, but you agree with Sadie.

"It’s the smallest snake ever, DJ! Come on!" Courtney screams more things at DJ, you knowing damn well that it’s not helping him. He just keeps looking at the snake with the most terrified expression you’ve ever seen. You sigh and decide to walk up to him. As the big guy sees you come closer, you send him a nice smile.

"DJ, what are you afraid of exactly? What do you think the snake will do to you?"

"I think it’s going to either bite me or strangle me."

"Okay, listen." You point to the snake. "That snake, in particular, is too small to even go around your whole neck, so it can’t strangle you."

You watch his body release a little pressure.

"Also, that snake is not venomous. So, if it bites you, it will only sting a little. Have you ever got bitten by a cat?" He nods positively at you. "Well, if it bites you, it will hurt less than that. So, you can go ahead, there’s no danger here."

He slowly looks back at the snake, still scared. Then, he approaches his finger to the little creature and closes his eyes… When he opens them again, he sees the adorable snake curled up on his finger and his heart warms up, the big guy smiling down at the little creature. He walks back to your team along with you, all of them cheering for him. You see Courtney smile proudly, her arms crossed on her chest.

"See? Fear is only in the mind!"

You all watch Trent run past you and scream, a silent mime following him. Chris simply gets his megaphone out.

"Just talk to him, brah! And ask him to go away!" His smile grows wider when he sees Trent continuing to run away from the mime, the host then looking down at his watch. "Okay, then. We’ve got two minutes before Gwen’s done. Cody, you’re up!"

"She’s pretty. She’s nice."

"Courtney has valid points, Duncan. She’s also not alive, so she can’t hurt you."

But no matter what you two say, your punk friend doesn’t seem to hear you, the Céline Dion standee completely terrifying him. You look back at Chris, who gives you three the same usual annoying smile.

"Just one hug and you’re done." He snaps his fingers, his smile not moving at all.

"Th-that looks really..." He looks down at you before his eyes go back to the standee. "... real, man."

"Dude, she’s made of cardboard! Get in the game!" You send Tyler your death glare and he seems to get your message.

"Hey, it’s okay if you can’t do it." Courtney’s giving Duncan an empathetic smile and your punk friend goes back to watch the standee. You can tell that he’s not going to do it.

"Hey, Duncan." You put your hand on his shoulder and he looks at you, his eyes completely frightened. "You did scary intense things in your life, right?"


"Can you think of the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? You don’t have to tell me, just think of it." You can see a proud smirk set on his face. "Now, when you were doing that dangerous thing, were you scared?"

He looks at you again, his smirk getting bigger. "Not at all."

"Well, if you can do that thing without being scared, you can give fake Céline a little hug." His eyes set on the standee again, you and Courtney sharing a look. When he sighs, both of you take one of his hands in yours, giving him encouragement and comfort. He smiles at you two, though it’s still a little on edge.

"Alright, I’ll try."

"You can do this." Courtney gives him a big smile and you do the same.

"Okay, okay..."

Next thing you see is him running down to the standee and giving it the biggest hug in the whole world, getting your team your second point. Everyone erupts in cheers and you all go to him. You and Courtney both hug him without even thinking about it.

"Duncan! You’re awesome!" Courtney suddenly gets away from him and smiles weirdly.

"I did it! I did it!"

You let him go while laughing, the rest of your team praising him for your next win. Your punk friend gives you a bright smile, his eyes still a little crazy from what just happened to him. Chris then says that you’re all free to go, adding that the rest of the teammates' turn will arrive later in the day.

Oh god. Your turn. It’ll be your turn soon.

To calm you down, you decide to go take a walk on the beach, Geoff accompanying you. As you walk by Gwen’s buried spot, you stop in your tracks and let your cowboy friend continue alone, noticing that the time-lapse for her challenge has been done for a while now… And it doesn’t seem like she got out! Why!? It’s been an hour!

You take the walkie-talkie from the ground. "Gwen? It’s (Y/N) here. Are you still in there?"

"Oh my god! Save me!"

You immediately get on your knees and start to dig, panic rising in your whole body. "I’m digging you out right now, Gwen! Don’t worry, you’ll be out soon!"

"Please hurry! I think I’m almost running out of air!"

That phrase pushes you to your limit, both of your hands delving into the sand and getting it out of the way. You go deeper and deeper and, after a while, your hands finally feel the box. When your eyes finally meet hers, you both breathe out in relief and you open the box to let her out. She instantly hugs you and takes a big breath, crushing you in her arms.

"What happened-" You get interrupted by the sound of an explosion, both of you looking at the trees as Gwen frees you.

You shake your head. That must have been Cody.

"Gwen, why Trent hasn’t dug you out?"

She looks up at you with scared eyes. "I don’t know! One second he was there, telling me stories and then, he was gone!"

"GWEN! You did it!" You turn around to see Trent running over and giving both of you a bright smile, Chris gasping in surprise. You take a few steps back, watching Gwen hit the young man with her walkie-talkie. Chris chuckles and you give him a mean look.

If you haven’t come by, would any of them have come to dig her out?

Little did you know, Gwen’s also asking herself that question.

"You can do it, Tyler!" Bridgette is trying to cheer the failed gym boy, her hand still in yours to try to calm her down from her failure. You remember when she came out of the woods screaming and running towards you before she hugged you in absolute fear.

"Yeah!" You watch Duncan imitate a chicken. "Unless you’re a chicken!"

But Tyler still hugs himself on the floor, not moving or reacting at all from the challenge he’s supposed to face. You look at Chris, who’s disappointed.

"I’m not sure we’re getting anywhere with this one."

"Tyler, this is the last challenge!" Courtney still thinks screaming at people will help them face their fear. "Quit being such a girl! You have to do this, or we’re going to lose!"

"Actually, if you do the math, you can’t possibly win." Your eyes set on Cody, who’s using a calculate. "The score is seven to three!"

"And you needed to use a calculator to know that, genius?" The boy gasps when he hears your voice.

"Oh, (Y/N)! I forgot that you didn’t get your challenge!"

Oh fuck.

You give the little guy the most terrified expression and he suddenly gets what he said, putting his hands on his mouth to stop him from saying anything else. You hear Chris snap his fingers and chuckle, Cody mouthing the word “sorry” to you.

"Oh yeah, (Y/N)! I totally forgot about you!" Your terrified look goes straight to the host and everyone gasps, suddenly aware that you haven’t faced anything for the whole day. "Nah, I’m kidding. We’ve been preparing your challenge since last night and it’s finally time."

He points to a little construction room entirely made of wood. No lights are coming out of it and you try to suppress the urge to run away.

"All you got to do..." Chris pushes you to the tiny building. ".... is to go inside this dark room and, when the light comes on, you smile and laugh happily. If you do this, I’ll give your team three more points."

You’re about to say that three isn’t enough for your team to win, but you remember that Courtney hasn’t faced anything either, so you shut your mouth.

"If you scream, cry, have a meltdown or run away, you don’t get anything. Is that clear?"

You don’t even get to answer that you’re already in front of the door, the rest of your teammates screaming encouragements at you. You look behind you and see everyone give you big smiles and thumbs-up, including the Gophers. You put your hand on the door handle, really nervous, then you push it open and get inside.

You see darkness surround you, silence also greeting you in the room. You wait for a few moments, but nothing seems to happen.

"Um... guys? Is something supposed to hap-" You get blinded by the sudden burst of lights.

"SURPRISE!" Your body tensed up from hearing lots of voices screaming that word, your eyes opening to reveal a bunch of strangers looking at you with weird smiles. You see a lot of colorful decorations and a fake chocolate cake in the middle of a table. Petrified, you watch the strangers start to sing the birthday song to you, wanting to scream and hide somewhere.

Oh god, please, no. Not now. Not in front of all these people. Oh god. It’s not even my birthday! What do I do? What do I do? Where do I look? What... Why are they looking at me? What do I do? WHAT DO I DO FOR FUCK SAKE?!

That’s when you remember Chris’ words before you get in and your force a smile on your lips. Sadly, it’s not one of those fake smiles that looks true. You can feel it and you hate it. You try your best to not cry right there and simply wait for them to finish. When they do, a strange chuckle gets out of your throat.

"Wow... Thanks... guys...? I really... appreciate... this... I don’t even know what to... say...?" You watch them all look around, clearly bored. "It’s just that... it’s not my birthday?"

The people grunt in annoyance and you hear the door open right behind you. You then feel someone pull outside and hug you, noticing after that it’s Bridgette. When you see Chris give you a thumbs up ( also telling everyone that the Killer Bass gets three more points), you finally let yourself go and you cry on your best friend’s shoulder.

"But it doesn’t matter! The score is seven to six, the Gophers still win!" You give Cody your meanest look, feeling yourself wanting to kill him right in the spot.

"Not necessarily, we got one more challenge set up!"

Through your tears, you see Courtney gasps.

"Who? It can’t be me!" She gets worried when she sees the host smile grow bigger. "But I didn’t...."

"You didn’t have too! We’re always watching you and your reactions!"

Are they talking about... the green jelly?

"Oh, I knew it!" You all turn around to look at Lindsay. "Didn’t I tell you guys they were eavesdropping?"

"Who cares? The only difference I could do is to make a tied between the teams."

"Let’s make things interesting then!" Chris approaches Courtney. "I’ll give you three more points if you can complete it!"

She doesn’t have a choice now.

"You’re afraid of jelly?" Courtney turns back to a laughing Duncan.

"Shut up! Only the green kind! It’s like sugary jiggly snot!"

Well, that’s kind of true.

"You can face your fear and dive straight into this pool of jelly or let your team lose yet another challenge!" Your browned-haired friend sighs at Chris’ comment and walks to the ladder.

"This is insane." She puts her hand on it and prepares herself to climb. "I could seriously die doing this."

While she goes up, you hear Gwen hiss and you look back at her.

"That is just cruel! It’s probably warm by now! Warm, green, jelly, snotty, bouncy-"

"You’re not gonna make me quit!"

You and Duncan share a look, both sensing that the ex-C.I.T. might lose her strength. You give each other a nod and look back at Courtney, starting to cheer for her.

"That’s it, keep climbing!"

"If anyone can do this, it’s you, Courtney!"

She shows you all her terrified features, finally getting up there.

"As you said, it’s okay if you can’t do it! Ow!" Duncan gives you a mean look after you punch him in the arm, sending him back some glares with your eyes.

"Don’t tell her that! Now she’s going to want to give up!"

He rolls his eyes at you. "I’m just trying to be supportive."

"Well, that doesn’t work at all."

Before he can answer you, you all hear her start to cry and you look up.

"I can’t do it! I’m coming down!"

And just like that, the Bass are being sent to their next elimination. Again.

You pass by the bathroom stall and hear Courtney cry while talking to the camera, which makes you stop walking. Even if you don’t like to eavesdrop, your curious side gets the better of you and you start to listen.

"I’m so embarrassed. How can I be so weak? I deserve to go home!" Your heart squeezes in pain when you hear her say those things. "Urg! Stop it! You’re pathetic! Show some confidence, Courtney!"

You hear her whimper a little until there’s a noise that sounds like she’s slapping herself. You knock on the door, not wanting to let her be so hard on herself.

"Courtney?" You hear her gaps and she opens the door right after, giving you a fake smile. ".... Are you okay?"

"I’m fine!" Her response only makes you more worried. "Don’t worry about me, (Y/N). I’ll be okay."

"… but you’re not okay right now." She loses her smile and bites her bottom lip. "You know I’m here for you, right? Talk t-"

You don’t have time to continue your speech that she’s already in your arms, crying on your shoulder. You embrace her form, stroking her back and whispering soft consolations to her ear. You feel pain for her, trying your best to help her feel better. When you feel her calm down, she stops crying, but she stays there and enjoys your presence around her. You continue to stroke her back, giving her the time to come back to herself.

That’s when she sets you free, giving you a real smile even though her black eyes are puffy and red.

"Thanks, (Y/N)." She breathes in slowly, losing her smile. "I hope they’re not gonna send me home."

You take her head into your hands and you give her your biggest smile, making her blush. "Trust me, Courtney. You’re not the one being sent home. I won’t let them."

You see her eyes light up and her smile come back, wishing you could see her happy like that all the time.

"There are only two marshmallows left on this plate." Chris looks at Courtney, Bridgette, and Tyler, his usual smile still on his face. Scared, you take Duncan’s hand in yours, the boy looking annoyed by that... but you feel him squeeze your hand back moments later to help you calm down, making you smile a little.

God, you hope that you’re not going to lose one of your closest friends tonight.

"The three of you didn’t complete your challenges today. One of you is going home tonight and cannot return. Ever. The next name I’m gonna call.... is... Bridgette!"

Half of your body tension breaks down when you hear your best friend’s name. At least you’ll still have her by your side for the next three days…. Courtney gives you a look and you send her a thumb up, really hoping that she will stay.

"The last marshmallow of the night goes to... Courtney!"

As Courtney and you scream out of joy and hug each other, both of you happy that she gets to stay, Duncan gives a pat on Tyler’s shoulder.

"You’ll get that chicken next time, dude." The failed gym boy walks towards the dock of shame, Chris and the rest of your teammates taunting him with various bird-related puns on his way out. You laugh at them and let go of Courtney, the brown-haired girl deciding to stop everyone with her stern voice.

You then realized something.

Oops. I hope Lindsay won’t be too sad about this.

You open the door of your cabin to step outside and go to the communal bathrooms later that night, a bag full of some of your belongings hanging on your shoulder. Though, you’re surprised to see a fist right in front of your face but not hitting you. You hear someone chuckle and the fist is put down. You see Gwen blush and she apologizes to you. You understand that she was about to knock on the door when you just opened it. You smile at her, closing the door behind you.

"Hey, Gwen. Are you looking for someone?"

Her face gets even redder and you can’t stop yourself from finding her cute. "Yeah... can we go talk somewhere? I need to tell you something."

Your frown and nod, following her into the woods so that you can have some privacy (even though it doesn’t matter since you’re probably getting filmed right now). When Gwen estimates that you’re both far enough from the cabins, she turns around and starts to play with her fingers.

"Okay, okay..." She looks up at you, breathing in before she hugs herself, clearly nervous. "I just need to tell you this. It’s fine."

"Gwen, what’s happening?" You tilt your head and give her a worried look. "Are you o-"

"I like you!"

Your eyes open wide and your heart stops beating, your cheeks burning like hell.

"... wait, what?"

She takes another breath and gives you a look. "I like you, okay?"

A firework comes off in your mind, your whole body freezing in place and making you feel too much excited. You should say something. Do something… but yet, you can’t seem to react at all.

"(Y/N)? Are you still there?" You finally get out of your head, your gut telling you something… something bad.

"... why?"


"Why do you like me? I mean, I like you too. A whole freaking lot and I’m pretty sure it was obvious. But why do you like me?"

She seems taken aback by your question and doesn’t know how to respond.

"Well, um... You’re very kind and funny. Also, you always seem to know what to say and what to do and you’re always there for me. And you’re pretty cute all the time and..."

She continues to give you a list of great qualities about you, seeming shy… but something’s off. That’s when you understand and you give her a sad smile.

"You don’t like me, Gwen."

She gives you a shocked expression, her mouth hanging open. "What? No! I like you! What makes you say that?"

You chuckle sadly and shake your head, your smile getting even more bitter. "What you just said... all those nice things about me? It’s a good list of reasons why you should like me… but you never said a single thing about how you feel."

Her eyes seem to understand what you say, stopping herself to try to tell you otherwise. "Oh god, you’re right. I’m so sorry."

You take her hands in yours. "I’ll be fine. You’re not my first crush ever."

She looks up back at you, clearly embarrassed while your eyes get tears in them.

"I’m kind of glad that we sort this up. That way we can learn how to be friends." She gives you an unhappy smile, squeezing your hands in hers to try to comfort you.

"I’m sorry." You laugh.

"Why am I feeling like I’m the one who confessed?" She chuckles with you and you put your bag back up on your shoulder. You both stay silent for a while, not knowing what to say.

"… Goodnight, Gwen."

"Goodnight, (Y/N)."

And even though your heart is in pain, you feel like this is for the better.

Chapter Text

Chapter Eight: Up The Creek

It’s been three days since your conversation with Gwen and, right now, you’re sound asleep in your bed, still not noticing the war about earning your love nor knowing that Bridgette is secretly helping one of the participants. Before she goes outside, the blond gives your sleeping form a last look of compassion, remembering what you told her the night before. She can’t believe how well you took the “rejection”. You’re so much stronger than she thought!

The blond spots Courtney by the stairs, waiting for their usual morning chat about winning your heart. When Bridgette walks closer to her, she simply gives the brown-haired girl a weak smile, not liking the fact that she’s doing this behind your back… but even if it seems evil, advising the C.I.T. seems better than seeing you get with Duncan.

Bridgette is going to do her best to protect you from anything, even potential bad boyfriends.

"So?" Courtney stops Bridgette from thinking too much, crossing her arms over her chest. "Anything new for today?"

"It’s time." The ex-C.I.T. seems taken aback by the blond response. "(Y/N) and Gwen talked three days ago."

Courtney suddenly understands and nods, waiting for more information.

"Her crush is over and she’s vulnerable right now. You need to make your move."

"Finally. " A huge smile gets on the girl features. "Do you have any advice to how I could proc-"

"You should watch out for me."

Both of the girls jump out of their skin and look up to see Duncan, the boy having an evil glare. He’s currently up on the stairs, leaning down with a dark smirk.

"I knew her best friend was giving tips to the princess. Thanks to you, now I know it’s time for me to step in."

"Back off, Duncan! I told you, she’s mine!" Bridgette has to stop Courtney from attacking the punk by grabbing her arms, panicking herself a little inside. Duncan chuckles and tilts his head, amused by the whole situation.

"She’s not your girlfriend, darling." He then gives them a wink. "But she’ll be mine soon."

"Don’t you dare put your hands on h-"

You stop the whole conversation when you open the door of the cabin, all of them freezing and looking back at you in pure silence. You also freeze when you see them there and just staring at you, them not know what to do. Did you hear anything?

"Is... everything... okay?"

They don’t have time to answer you that Chris tells everyone to come over to the beach.

The next challenge is about to start. 

You’re all standing in front of Chris, you stuck between Bridgette and Duncan. Your best friend’s holding your hand and trying to drag you away from the boy, which is... weird.

Not gonna lie, but as the days go by, you’re finding Bridgette’s behavior more strange. It’s like she doesn’t like to see you being around your punk friend… but at the same time, she gets excessively excited whenever you’re close to Courtney…

You might be onto something.

"Bass, Gophers." You look back at Chris, who’s standing beside a cardboard with a map of an island on it. "Today’s challenge is a true summer camp experience... a canoe trip. You’ll be paddling your canoes across the lake to... Boney... Island!"

While Chris finishes his sentence with a spooky voice, everyone starts to look at the canoes on the beach. You feel your heart beat faster and cold blood run into your veins. You’ve haven’t been in the water since the first challenge and, still afraid to die, you don’t want to get in a canoe.

Is this going to be your final day on earth?

"When you get there, you must portage your canoes to the other side of the island, which is about a two hour hike through treacherous dense jungle."

"We’ve got to pour what?" Your whole team gives Geoff a disappointed.

"Portage." The repeated word doesn’t seem to turn on a light in the cowboy’s head, which annoys Chris more than it should. "Dude, walk with your canoe."

Geoff’s mouth hangs down. "Oh."

"When you arrive at the end of the island, you’ll build a rescue fire that will be judged by me. The first team to paddle home and return their canoes to the beach is the winner of invincibility."

"Then why do we have to build a fire and get judged?" Your question wins you a look of approbation from the others and a death glare from the host. "What? It’s a serious question!"

"Move, campers, move!" Chris completely ignores you and you all start to run to the canoes. "Oh wait! One more thing I should mention."

You all stop and look back at him.

"Legend has it if you take anything off the island... you’ll.... be.... cursed... forever...!"

As he finishes yet again with a spooky voice, thunder can be heard in the sky right above you. You roll your eyes. All you have to do is to not take anything, that’s easy.

"Now, get your canoes and let’s have some fun!"

You watch each Gopher find their partners and get on the canoes, a dreadful feeling washing over you. You don’t want to do this challenge, but you don’t have a choice. That’s when you feel an arm around your shoulders and, this time, you don’t even have to look beside you to know that it’s Duncan.

... you do it anyway and notice him giving you a sly smile.

"Still afraid of the water, sugar lips?"

That new nickname makes you feel like the butterflies are eating your insides, your whole face getting red again. Embarrassed, you look aside, which only makes him chuckle at you.

"I'll take that as a yes." You look back at him.

"P-pretty sure I’m gonna die out there."

"Not if I’m with you." It feels like a nuclear bomb has been set off in your brain when you see his smirk grow bigger. "Wanna be my partner in crime, sweetheart?"

"Depends." You smirk back, following an urge. "In which context are you asking me, handsome?"

A strange glint appears in his eyes and he approaches his face, your breathing getting caught in your throat. His lips stop inches away from yours, his eyes looking right into your (E/C) ones. You watch him open his mouth, the boy about to tell you something...

… then you feel someone grab you and pull you away from him.

"Oh my god, (Y/N)! Come with me, I need to tell you something!"

Your eyes almost pop out of your head when you see your best friend, totally shocked from what she’s just done. You look back at Duncan, who gives you two a very annoyed look before he goes with Harold and Sadie, probably wanting to torment them for the whole challenge. You feel rage rise in you, glaring at Bridgette’s head. You take back your arm from her and she turns at you in surprise.

"What the fuck, Bridgette?" She gives you a shocked expression. "Every time I’m talking to Duncan, you find a way to ruin the moment and drag me away! Seriously, what is wrong with you?”

She starts to be nervous, clearly avoiding your deathly stare. "I don’t know what you’re talking about! I just wanted to tell you something!"

"Oh, really?" She seems to retract on herself when she hears your tone. "Would it have a connection with Courtney by any chance? Because you’re always trying to push me over to her every time I get close to Duncan."

She looks around her, not wanting to have this conversation with you.

"...Don’t you like her?" You’re taken aback by her response.

"Well, yeah.... but I like him too and you know that! I clearly had a chance back there! Now, why would you ruin that!"

"Because he’s not good for you!" Your mouth opens wide, not expecting her to tell you this. "He’s going to break your heart one day, I can just feel it!"

"You don’t even know him!" Your voice is dark and venomous, but your blond friend can see you shake, tears appearing in your eyes. "How dare you decide who I can date or not? It’s my choice!"

"I know that, and I’m sorry! But you don’t know how much trouble that guy is!"

"And you know?" She doesn’t have a response to that and, after a couple of seconds of silence, you understand something. "Have... have you told Courtney my secrets?"

"NO!" You step back when she tries to put her hands on your shoulders. "No, of course not! I’ve just helped her a little, that’s all!"

When she sees that you’re not believing her, tears appear in her eyes as well.

"(Y/N), you’re the greatest friend I ever had! I would never do that to you!"

"Then why wouldn’t you let me choose who I want?"

"I just... I just want to protect you!" She sighs sadly and you both wish this fight could be over. "Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done those things and... you have the right to be with whoever you want. I guess I should have just been there for you... Not try to be god and arrange your love life or something."

You sadly laugh a little, your body trying to release the tension it has. "It’s gonna take a while for me to completely trust you again but... "

She gives you a hopeful look and you smile back.

"I forgive you, you big idiot."

She gives you a bright smile as she dries away her tears. "I’m still your best friend?"

"Yeah, you still are. If you promise to not stop me from seeing Duncan and to not rearrange my love life behind my back." She sends you an evil grin.

"I can promise that." You frown.

"What are you thinking right n-"

"Hey, Courtney! Wanna be partners with us?"

Seeing your brown-haired friend coming down the stairs to join you to the beach, you punch your best friend in the arm. She only chuckles and gives you the "This is not behind your back" kind of speech.

Yeah, right.


She said she was helping Courtney a little.

What did she mean by that? 

You’re sitting in the middle of the canoe with a paddle in your hand, Bridgette sitting in the front while Courtney’s sitting behind you. You feel despair run into your body, the deadly water staring back at you like it’s going to take your arm, put you down in the abyss and force you to drown again.

"(Y/N), you’ll be fine." You look back at Courtney and stare at her. She just seems to glow, the sun reflecting on her hair and her freckles popping out more than before. Her perfect smile stretches out as she takes your hand in hers, making your heart twist.

She’s beautiful.

"You won’t die on my watch, I promise."

You give her a sweet smile and she squeezes your hand, yourself melting under her dark black eyes. It’s like she’s looking right into your soul, making you feel quite embarrassed and vulnerable.

That’s when Chris starts to talk again from the beach, a gun in his hand.

"On your marks! Get set!"

Wait, he has a gun? Wha-

"Paddle!" You hear a gunshot behind you and, while you’re the only one being scared of Chris having a gun, you all start to paddle.

"Oh my god, guys. It was so bad!" The two of you watch Bridgette start the story of when she found Geoff’s gift this same morning, having a horrified look on her face. "I come back from brushing my teeth and I noticed something bulging under my covers. When I lifted it, there it was!"

You hear Courtney gasp. "No!"


"Why are you guys so horrified about this? He made her a gift, that’s pretty sweet."

They both look at you like you just grow out a second head on your neck.

"But (Y/N), it gets worse. On the back, there was an inscription that said: "I hope you think of me whenever you drop loose change into this." Bleh!" Your best friend proceeds to mimic strangling herself as Courtney slaps her forehead.

"Okay, that’s a bit weird, but it’s still sweet of him."

"(Y/N), why aren’t you feeling more.... weirded out? This was a horrible gift!"

You quirk an eyebrow. "From your point of view, yes. But what about his?"

Both of them share a look, not seeing what you’re getting on about. Bridgette pressures you to get on with your idea. They both listen to you in silence, wondering if you’re going to be right or not.

"Well, just imagine how much time and effort he put into this gift. Like… this heart-shaped frame. I doubt he just found it somewhere, so he must have made it himself. That alone takes a lot of time. The glued macaronies are a little weird, yeah, but it’s not like he had anything else around to decorate that frame and he wanted to make it more special! And that inscription, well… he tried to be original and chose something that he thought was sweet, even if he was wrong about it. And he didn’t have a picture of you two, but he still managed to construct something with two different photos so that you could be together in that frame!"

Courtney doesn’t seem to be won over by your arguments, but Bridgette is starting to feel guilty, which pushes you to make your conclusion.

"So, yeah... It’s not a great gift at first sight, but once you think about all the trouble he went through to make it, you notice how much he cares for you and that’s the sweetest thing in the world for me."

"I... didn’t think of that." A small smile appears on her lips and she looks back at Geoff upfront, busy talking to a disappointed DJ.

"Hey, was that smoke there earlier?" Courtney cuts your conversation short when you see mist all around you. Listening to your gut, you look up only to see Boney Island coming closer. You smile when you see the big rocks form the shape of a giant skull, all your canoes finally arriving on the beach. The island looks like it’s getting right out of a horror movie.


"Okay, did you see that skull?" You hear the excitement from Izzy as she gets off the canoe, putting both of her arms in the air. "How cool is that? This place is haunted or something!"

"I know, right?" You get off your canoe to go talk to her, clearly too excited for something like this. "Maybe we’ll find some killers or vicious creatures here!"

"Oh my god, that would be so cool!"

"Let’s just get this over with." Gwen kills your vibe off as she starts to run in the forest with Cody, their canoe up in their hands. Annoyed, you decide to go help your two friends with your canoe, running off in the forest too.

You’re all running like you’re being chased by something, your whole chest begging you to let it breathe properly. The Gophers suddenly take the lead and you notice a bunch of animal skulls put on spikes around… but you don’t have time to ask questions about it, a big tree falling in front of everyone and stopping you in your tracks 

"I think I hear something." Cody whispers that sentence with a sense of worry, all of you looking at the bushes, a bunch of mean creatures getting out of them. "Monster Beavers!"

You don’t even have time to process what’s happening that all the Gophers start to scream and run away, the beavers chasing after them. Your team and you watch them disappear on the horizon, not knowing what to do.

"Now what?"

Courtney’s about to answer you when the Gophers come back, this time a bunch of giant birds with pointy teeth chasing them. While they’re all throwing some bread that Cody got out of his pants, your team takes their chance and you start to run to the other side of the island, taking the lead.

You all stop in front of two possible paths, Geoff and DJ looking back at all of you. The bigger guy opens his mouth.

"Which way are we gonna go?"

"Left." You feel the canoe fall a little while Courtney responds to the big guy, you and Bridgette looking back at her to see her smile. "Definitely left."

"I don’t know, I think we should take the one on the right." Geoff looks at the paths with worry.

"We could have just walked around the island by the beach." Your whole team gaps at you. "There’s no evil creatures and no chance of getting lost. Plus, Chris never said that we have to go through the forest."

"Why didn’t you say that before!?"

"I don’t know. I just thought of that now. I can’t control my brain."

"Well, anyway, the right trail is wider." Bridgette cuts off the little argument between you and Courtney, Geoff giving her sweet eyes. "What are you looking at?"

He only gives her a nervous smile before DJ and himself start to walk over to the right path. Your best friend sighs, tired of all of this, and you all follow suit.

"Why are we walking now? Shouldn’t we continue to run and get on the other side faster?"

"Great idea, (Y/N)." You smile at your brown-haired friend. "Maybe we should run a-"

She stops her sentence when Geoff screams, falling on the ground in an instant. He lifts his head up, hissing in pain while looking at one of his legs with a panicked look.

"Ow! My leg! I’m down! I’m down!" He proceeds to fall again, screaming in pain. "Oh, it’s so unfair! Why does this have to happen now? Why? Why!"

Did he hurt himself for real or is this an excuse to not run?

You all put down your canoes and get closer to your cowboy friend, Bridgette getting more worried about him. She takes a closer look at his leg, not sure what to do next. He takes her wrist in his hands, tears in his eyes.

"You’ve gotta go on without me!"

You watch Courtney shrug and continue to walk like nothing happen, finding the scene kind of hilarious yourself. But then, DJ stops her by taking her arm, a serious look on his face.

"We’re not leaving any man behind! Not on my watch!"

You sigh, watching them put Geoff on top of one of the canoes before you walk again.

Like you expect, the Gophers are already there when you arrive at the site. They’re also already trying to make a fire, some of them waving at you with smirks on their face. Luckily, you’re the first one in your team to find some wood, putting it down to let Courtney start to work on your fire.

"How are we going to make this big fire? I doubt we’ll make one quicker than the other team." You don’t know what has gotten into you that day, but you’re not the motivated person you used to be.

"Don’t be so sure about that, sweetheart." You watch Duncan get a lighter out of his pocket, making an instant fire for your whole team. You smile, hope coming back into your spirit. You hear Heather asking how you made the fire so quickly, your punk friend showing her the lighter and giving her a victorious smile. You chuckle darkly and give him a high five, then you go back to find some more wood. That big fire won’t create itself alone.

When you come back later with a huge sack of wood, along with other members of your team, you notice Geoff carrying two or three branches and trying to go to the campfire by crawling on the sand. You wait for him to finally arrive after putting down your discoveries, the guy throwing in the branches he found.

"Bridgette, you got first-aid training, right? Maybe you can check out Geoff’s wound." You look beside you to see DJ talking to your best friend, feeling yourself smirk at what he’s trying to do. "He might have gangrene."

"Or jungle rot!" Geoff starts to panic even more.

"Or athlete’s foot!"

You decide to add your two cents by whispering something into her ear. "Or he might have a fungal infection."

That seems to push her to her limit since she goes straight to him, you and DJ sharing a proud look. When Bridgette puts her hands on Geoff’s leg, the boy gives you two the happiest smile you’ve ever seen. DJ sends him back a wink and you give him a thumbs up.

"I don’t think this is going to be big enough." You look back at Courtney giving you all a skeptic look.

"You heard the woman. We need more wood, guys. Come on! Let’s go!"

You’re about to follow your teammates when you see Harold run to the canoes, take the paddles, then come back to put them in the fire.

It takes you all your strength to not scream right now.

"How are we supposed to get home, now!?" Your best friend shouts at him, clearly angry as you nod to agree with her and cross your arms on your chest. Harold messed up big time and you’re not going to forgive him for that mistake.

That’s when a big explosion occurs right next to your campfire and you noticed that the Gopher’s fire is bigger than a building devoured by the flames… which is scaring the crap out of you.

"We have our fire building winner!" You look up at the sky to see Chris in a helicopter, not knowing why you haven’t heard him before. "Point for the Gophers!"

Well, fuck.

"What are we gonna do without paddles?" Your best friend looks at everyone in general, all of them looking elsewhere to avoid her death stare. Except for you. When her eyes meet yours, you simply give her a bright smile.

"Die in a gruesome death?"

The intense gap between what you just said and the expression on your face makes her crack a small smile. Izzy and Leshawna then pass in front of you, paddling in their canoe.

"You guys could get someone to swim behind the boats and push them." Izzy stops paddling and looks back at all of you. "I did that once for this huge sixty-foot yacht. The whole crew had to floater kick eight days to get to shore. And like, four of us got eaten by sharks?"

She then laughs and moves her head side to side.

"I didn’t. Not me. But it was really insane! Okay, later!" Leshawna continues to paddle with a pissed off face, making Izzy lose control of her balance and fall into the canoe.

"Thanks, Izzy!" You see her put a thumbs up from where she’s lying down.

"That might work!" You hear Geoff being happy about this, noticing that he’s standing on his feet… Huh. You thought his leg was hurting too much?

"We need someone big enough to push all the canoes back." Your best friend looks around with an intense thinking look, setting her eyes on DJ. "DJ! You’re the only one who’s strong enough!"

"You can’t ask him to do that! The dude can’t swim!"

"Uh, yes… he can, Geoff. He’s just afraid of the water. I can’t swim."

"(Y/N) has a point. And Geoff, I know you're friends, but he’s the only chance we’ve got!" Bridgette finishes her statement while taking Geoff’s shoulders in her hands, a panic look on her face.

"She’s right." You look back at Courtney, the girl taking Harold’s arm in her hand. "Those skinny arms aren’t going to cut it."

"I’ll do it!" You give Geoff a more suspicious look as Bridgette gaps.

"You can’t swim with that kind of injury! You’re horribly disfigured!"

"Oh my god. Seriously? It’s just a sprinkle on his leg, for fuck's sake!"

DJ puts his hand on your shoulder, giving you all a deep intense look.

"I can do this. I have to."

You sigh in relief, Geoff giving his friend a big hug. Now you won’t have to risk dying again.


Izzy’s plan worked out, but what you weren’t expecting was for DJ to go too far and make all of you go up in the sky and fall back at the camp with all the canoes. Luckily for you, in particular, you fell on Duncan, which was more comfortable than the ground.

"Oh my god, Duncan! Are you okay?" When he hears the worry in your voice, he opens his eyes and gives you a sly smile… even though he’s still in pain.

"Worried about me, sugar?"

You roll your eyes at him and get off him, making him chuckle. He gets his upper body upright after, getting his face close to you.

"If it’s the case, maybe you would like to take care of me."

Chris cuts you off before you even get the chance to answer, declaring the Bass team winner. You and your teammates can’t help but cheer in joy, you being unaware of the glare Courtney’s sending you and Duncan.

You’re sitting on your bed that night, reading one of your favorite novels of all time. Sadie’s doing personal stuff somewhere outside while Bridgette’s preparing her bed, Courtney’s reapplying her lipstick in the corner. That’s when something shatters and you look up to see Geoff’s gift broken on the floor, a kneeling Bridgette staring down at it.

"Someone have any glue?" The blond looks at you with anticipation, but you shake your head.

"Nope, sorry friend." She looks disappointed, Courtney rolling her eyes and turning around to face her.

"I wouldn’t waste my time trying to fix that."

"Maybe I would."

"I wouldn’t."

"(Y/N)! You said that it was a sweet gift!"

"Yeah, but I’m lazy and there’s like... a million pieces."

Your friend gives you a mean look and Courtney chuckles, the girl getting back to applying her lipstick. You watch your friend pick up the pieces with an angry puff, which makes you sigh.

"If you want to fix it, maybe you can check the lodge. There might be glue over there."

She gets up from the ground in pure silence, thinking about what you just said. Then, she looks between you and Courtney, ending it all by giving you an evil grin. Your eyes open wide, understanding what she’s going to do.

"Yeaaaah… you’re right. I’m gonna go check now!"

"Y-you sure? It’s dark outside."

"I’m sure. I am so sure." She walks over to the door with the broken pieces in one of her hand, opening the entrance with the other. "Hope you two don’t get too bored without me!"

She closes the door behind her, leaving you alone with a gorgeous Courtney in the same room with you. You ignore the slightly faster beating of your heart and go back to your book, trying your best to submerge yourself back into it.

Courtney watches you through the mirror, putting down her lipstick as she bites her bottom lip. She remembers the moment she saw between you and Duncan earlier… when all of you guys won the challenge. Has he already got his hands on you?

"So..." You jump out a little when you hear her voice, and you look up at to see her stare you through the mirror, a strange vibe coming off of her. "Are you and Duncan a thing now?"

"What?" She turns around from the mirror and crosses her arms on her chest, quirking an eyebrow at your shocked expression. "No! We’re just friends."

"So... you don’t like him?"

"I... didn’t say that..."

"So, you do like him."

You feel too embarrassed and confused to answer her properly, so you decide to stay silent. Jealousy hits her like a truck in her face, the girl trying her best to suppress it.

"Do you also… like someone else?"

You give her a little look before looking elsewhere, your cheeks getting red a little.


She grins. "That means yes."

You give her a panicked look while she gets off the wall and starts to walk over to you.

"Who is it?"

"I’m not telling you!"

"Awn, come on! You can tell me!"

She’s suddenly up close into your space and approaches her face to yours, both of her hands resting on your bed on each side of you. Her grin stretches out when she sees your blush get darker from her proximity.

"So…. who else do you like?" You turn your face away, the tension making you feel like you can’t control anything. That’s when you remember your fight with Bridgette this morning and you gather up your courage to talk to her about it.

"... can I ask you a question?" She gives you a surprised look but nods to tell you to go on.

"This morning, Bridgette told me that she helped you a little." You look down at your lap, not wanting to see her expression. "What did she mean by that?"

"What do you think she meant?"

You slowly look up to see her face inches away from you, the heat burning your whole face now. Your heartbeat gets faster than before, feeling yourself drowning into her black eyes. You breathe in sharply, your body getting tensed. You open your mouth to answer her question.

"I… I don’t know-"

You get cut off by her lips roughly grabbing yours, tasting her strawberry lipstick. You freeze by how sweet and brutal her kiss is, letting go and melting after a few seconds. Feeling the heat of the moment, your arms around her neck, one of your hand taking a hold of her hair while her arms wrapped themselves around your body. You feel the kiss gets deeper, your brain shutting down.

This is so amazing, you wish this moment never ends. But, sadly, you both part away to be able to breathe again. You inhale air and try to control your heartbeat, feeling both your foreheads and noses touch while you do that. She gives you little kisses between each breath, making you giggle. You feel so happy right now, you could almost cry. You open your eyes to look at hers, smiling.

"Is this why you put on lipstick earlier?"

She laughs at your question and shakes her head, disapproving your theory. You chuckle again and give her a peck on the lips.

"Kinda sad that I ruined it, then."

"I don’t care. That was amazing." You give her a slight smirk.

"Does that mean you’re my girlfriend, now?"

"I thought you would never ask."

She traps you in another deep kiss and you moan, feeling like you want more. But then, the door of the cabin opens and you both stop the kiss, looking back to see a shocked Sadie and Bridgette. You see the lonely fake twin open her mouth and come inside the cabin, your best friend closing the door behind her with a big smile.

"Oh. My. God... Bridgette! (Y/N) and Courtney were just kissing!" You get flustered again and you hide your face into your new-found girlfriend's shoulder, the brown-haired girl rolling her eyes at Sadie’s reaction.

"Oh, I knew it!" You hear Bridgette squeezes in excitement and you look back at them to see her jump up and down. "Are you guys together, now?"

Courtney grunts in annoyance as you give your best friend a shy smile, making her squeeze even more. Soon, Sadie joins her in her cheering, feeling excited about this new relationship. Courtney groans more and you laugh, kissing her on the cheek and making her blush this time.

"We’re in for a long ride with these two."

"Oh, I noticed. But you’re mine now… so I’ll survive."

You never thought hearing those words could make you feel happier.

Chapter Text

Chapter Nine: Paintball Deer

The sound of Chris’ helicopter wakes you up, some girls grunting in annoyance at the host. You just keep your eyes closed and enjoy the small moment you have in girlfriend’s arms, hiding your face in her neck.

It’s been a week since the last challenge and your relationship with Courtney hasn’t gone unnoticed by the others... probably because she was all over you: taking your hand, telling you sweet things, kissing you in public… so you didn’t have the time to be nervous about telling anyone, but even if you would have been scared, it wouldn’t have been justified, because everyone didn’t care when they learned the news.

Everyone except for Duncan.

The boy has been very cold towards you since last week, always sending you and Courtney deathly glares and groaning in annoyance every time someone talks to him. He has also been starting random fights with Courtney all the time, taking all the chances he can get to make her angry. Needless to say, your girlfriend has been extremely protective over you, feeling sometimes like she might be… too much.

As for Bridgette, she keeps asking you questions whenever you’re not with Courtney, also just liking to spend time with you in general... ‘cause, let’s get real, your girlfriend is taking a lot of your time and is not happy when you don’t want to stay with her.

Yeah, she might be a tiny little bit possessive.

All of this brings us back to this morning, with you waking up into Courtney’s arms. A few minutes pass before you hear Sadie and Bridgette get out of the cabin, feeling your girlfriend kiss your forehead right after. Her lips linger there as you smile and you flutter your eyes open. She leans back to see your face and sends you a bright smile through her freckles, making your heart melt once more. You blush, managing to open your mouth to talk.

"Good morning."

"’Morning, sweetie." She kisses you on the lips, squeezing you a little before she gets out of your embrace. You grunt and stretch out your arms to try to grab her, not wanting to let her go. She laughs at you.

"I need to go to the bathroom real quick, wanna go grab breakfast for us?"

You sigh. "Sure."

"You’re the best."

She pecks your lips and jumps down to the floor, happiness bouncing off her. You smile, watching her disappear behind the door. You wait a moment before you decide to leave the bed, taking your chance of being alone to change and get out. You stop walking when you see Duncan standing between the cabin’s doors, his back on the wall and his eyes set on the sky.

"Hey, Duncan!" You smile at him as you see him look at you from the corner of his eyes, a mean glare appearing in them. He goes back to watch the sky and completely ignores you. A violent emotion grabs your chest.

You are so done with his fucking attitude.

"Okay, what the fuck is your problem right now?"

You cross your arms on your chest, trying to suppress the killer vibes as much as you can. He looks back at you in silence, still not saying anything.

"Seriously, Duncan. You’ve been a huge asshole for the last week and I’m getting tired of your bullshit." You squint your eyes at him. "What? You’re gonna tell me that you’re acting like this because I’m with Courtney?"

"Oh, so you do have a brain." His voice is full of venom, almost like he’s spitting those words out. "Never thought you’d fall for the pretentious princess, sweetheart."

"And I never thought you’d act like you’re six years old, but here we are." He only rolls his eyes at you and you feel your nails dig inside your palms. "I’m Courtney’s girlfriend. Grow up and get over it."

You turn your back at him and step down the stairs, counting fast in your head to try to calm you down. You decide to head over the lodge, stopping when you hear him talk again.

"I won’t."

You turn back at him and quirk an eyebrow in annoyance.

"Excuse me?"

"I said that I won’t get over it." He puts his hands in his pockets and walks down the stairs to be in front of you, finally giving you a smirk. "I won’t need to anyway."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You won’t be with her for long." You feel yourself freeze when he grabs your cheek in his hand, his face getting closer to yours. "I’ll make sure of it."

Your face turns into a new color of red when he’s about to kiss you, but you slap his hand away and step back from him, your whole body shaking.

"Don’t... do that."

His smirk gets wider. "I knew it. You still like me, huh?"

"Don’t you dare try anyth-."

"Oh, I’ll try everything, honey." He puts his hands back in his pockets. "I’m the one you should be with in the first place."

"Ugh! I hate you!" You turn around again, walking fast to get to the lodge.

"We both know you don’t!" You grunt in annoyance, the boy screaming those words almost in victory behind you. He’s lucky Courtney wasn’t there, or he would have been dead where he stood.

"I hope you’re ready for the most challenging challenge yet! Breakfast in three minutes at the campfire pit!" You look up at the sky, Chris’ voice annoying you.

"Couldn’t have said that before I got to the lodge..."

You turn back again, going to the campfire pit this time.

You’re standing up behind a sitting Courtney, your hands resting on her shoulders. Bored, you look around to see Leshawna and Owen standing not so far away from you… It’s been a while since you talked to the brown girl. You hope you still got a chance to be her friend one day.

"Are you ready for today’s extreme max impact challenge!" Chris puts both of his fists in the air as he talks with a strange voice. You stop yourself from telling him some remark. You’ll let him have his day for now.

"We are ready!" You look beside you to see a chuckling Owen.

"Incoming!" Chris throws some food can at Gwen’s face, Trent stopping it with his hand before it can hurt her. The host then continues to throw cans at everyone.

"This... is breakfast." You look down at your hands to see that it’s a can of beans, having the urge to throw up.

"No! Breakfast is crepes, croissant, even Chef’s yucky burnt eggs!" You can’t help yourself but agree with Heather.

"Beans! Beans! They’re good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you-"

Owen’s song is cut off by someone throwing a can at his head, making him fall right on the ground right in front of you. You look at him, then at your own can, then back at him.

"Hey, Owen."

He looks up at you with a bright face, almost making you laugh. You drop your can at him, his eyes sparking up as he starts to dig in. You put your attention back at the host in the front.

"Today’s challenge is about survival..."


"Let me finish, (Y/N)!" Guess you won’t let him have his day. "Um-um… Like I said, today’s challenge is about survival... because we’re going hunting!"

Oh. That kind of survival.

"That’s more like it." Duncan looks at you with a smirk. "Maybe I’ll get to hunt someone in particular."

"I told you to not talk to her!" You have to stop Courtney from jumping on him, visible rage coming off her. You tell her a couple of times that you love her, the girl finally settling down.

"Isn’t that a paintball gun?"

"Why, yes, Harold." Chris points his gun at your little brother by heart. "It is."

You all watch the host shoot the teenager in his chest, making him fall immediately. Your best friend walks towards Chris, looking quite happy.

"So... we won’t be killing anything?"

"Negatory. This is the first-ever paintball deer hunt! I’ll announce the teams once we get into the woods! So... finish breaky!"

You all look back at Owen, who’s been eating all the cans of beans. You smile at the sight, the boy looking so happy at the moment… but you lose it when you remember that you haven’t eaten anything since you’ve been here.

Are you starting to have a problem?

You’re in the middle of your team, all of you forming a little group to Chris’ right. The host is simply standing in front of a small wall, four red paintball guns and four green ones hung up on it.

"And now for the team breakdowns! The Killer Bass hunters are..." You watch Chris take the green ones and starting to throw them at you. "Harold, Geoff, Bridgette and (Y/N)! Lock and loaded with bass blue paint!"

You get a strange evil feeling when you feel the gun in your hands, starting to smile like a crazy person.

"And using orange paint are the Gopher hunters! Leshawna, Beth, Owen, Lindsay!"

"Wahoo!" The biggest guy of the Gophers team screams with his fist in the air, a gun in the other. "This is awesome, man!"

"You also get these styling glasses and wicked camo caps! The rest of you... are now deer." Everyone looks back at Chris in silence, your girlfriend reluctantly accepting her role in this challenge.

"Why am I a deer? Now I can’t spend the day with you…" You smile sweetly at her, kissing her cheek.

"Don’t worry, it’ll probably only last an hour or two." She sighs, still not liking to be separate from you.

"Here are your antlers, your noses and... " Chris turns around to show what’s on his back, chuckling. ".... little white tails!"

"Yeah, right. I’m not wearing that." The fact that Heather is going to be a deer makes the strange feeling in your chest grow stronger... You suddenly think that you might look a lot like Chris at the moment, but... oh well. You can’t control that.

"There’s no way that I’m a deer!" You turn around to see Duncan being mad about the deer costume he’ll have to wear.

"Take these off and your team is toast!" You stop yourself from laughing like a maniac when you see Chris put the costume on your punk friend. He looks so cute!

Chris then tells the deer to get into the forest with a head start. You can’t stop yourself from chuckling like a villain, scaring your hunters’ teammates a little.

"(Y/N), you have the crazy eyes." You calm yourself a little when you see Harold’s scared face, the feeling not going away. You give him a small smile and walk into the circle your three friends have formed.

"Sorry, guys. I’m just excited."

You put your hands down with them, throwing your hands up as Harold screams something to motivate you all. The boys put on their glasses on along with you, but Bridgette lowers her gun, looking quite sad.

"Okay." Harold gives your best friend a weird look. "You do realize this is all just pretend, right...? And that it’s just paint...? So, say if you... like... hit Heather."

"Wait, Heather’s a deer?" Your blond friend looks up at all of you with a smirk and a determination look, also chuckling while putting on her glasses.

"You guys stay together and try to hit Heather. I’m gonna go hunt the others solo." You aren't trusting yourself around your friends with this weird feeling you have. You are pretty sure you’re going to act like a psycho and scar them for life.

"Suit yourself." You watch them disappear into the forest and, as soon as you’re alone, the most insane laugh gets out of your mouth.

"Game on!" Chris’ voice makes you look back at the trees, preparing your gun with a shadow on your crazed face.

"Let’s go kill some deer."

You decided to hunt the people from up in the trees instead of walking on the ground, jumping from tree to tree like a killing, oversized monkey. That technique is working, because it’s while you’re jumping in almost complete silence that you hear Trent and Gwen talking.

Oh, they’re so dead now.

You look down to watch them walk, neither of them knowing what to do at the moment. You hear Trent say something about how they should hide as you aim your gun at his chest. The adrenaline rushes into your veins and you shoot him three times in a row, covering him in blue. Gwen screams and starts to run away, trying to get away from whoever shot Trent. She doesn’t have time to run very far before you’re already shooting her in the back, also covering her in blue. You laugh maniacally and climb down the tree, having a hard time not falling on the ground. The two teenagers look at you, Trent sending you a weird look while Gwen sighs in annoyance.

"Oh god, (Y/N). You had to cover us all over?"

"Shhhhh...." You put your finger on your lips, aiming your gun at them a second time. "You guys are dead now. Dead deer don’t talk."

They both shared a scared look, your crazy face being completely terrifying in general. You smile and apologize for your strange behavior, leaving them behind right after. You creepily walk around in the shadows, searching for your next victim.

Now, where is that Cody?

You hide yourself from Beth, who’s walking angrily in the forest with a bag of BBQ chips: your favorites. You think about shooting her and stealing her chips, but you stop yourself when you hear someone else "psst" at her from the bushes.

"Whoever you are, go ahead, shoot me. You can’t make today any worse."

Oh, Beth. You’re not making this easy for me.

Cody gets out of the bushes and follows Beth around. "You’re a hunter. I’m a deer. Slight food chain situation with me shooting you. How goes it?"

Your smile stretches out when you see the victim you were searching for, following the two around. You need to wait for a moment where he’ll be alone. If you kill him now, Beth might avenge him by shooting at you.

"I’m so done with this game!"

"What happened? Have you bagged any deer yet?"

"No... But I did risk my life to steal a bag of chips!"

And they look sooooo good.

"What took you so long?!"

You hide behind a tree when you hear Heather’s voice. Could you be the lucky one to shoot all the deers from the other team? Will you get a special reward if you do? Probably not… and Bridgette wanted to shoot Heather, so you’ll let her do it for you instead and just concentrate on Cody.

Beth gives the bag of chips to the fake eyebrow girl. "Here. I hope you know what I had to do to get those."

Heather takes the bag of chips, but rapidly lose her proud smirk when she looks inside it. "There’s like.... eleven chips left! ... And they’re barbecue! Go exchange them for dill pickle!"

She throws the bag on the floor and you almost cry. Those precious chips!

Beth glares at Heather. "No!"

The black-haired girl squints her eyes. "What did you just say?"

"I’m just gonna..." You wait for anticipation as Cody takes the bag of chips from the ground. "Yeah..."

He then left, you preparing your gun and following him.

"Hm! Barbecue! The king of chip flavors!"

"And I want them, Cody."

The young boy turns around and sees the tip of your gun right in front of his face, making him scream out like a girl. He lets the bag of chips fall on the ground and runs away, but you shoot him in the back five times, making him fall onto the ground instead. You put the gun back onto your back, taking the chips from the ground and starting to eat them. You watch him get back up and grunt, looking back at you with a smile. He sends you two thumbs up before he walks up to you.

"Congratulations, (Y/N)! You got me! That was pretty violent, thought..."

"Yeah, sorry. I really wanted those chips. I’ve been following Beth for them, you know."

"Oh god, really?" He gives you an impressed look. "So, if I hadn’t gone out to talk to her, you wouldn’t have found me?"

"Probably not."

"Wow. You’re lucky." You laugh at his comment, making him raise an eyebrow at you. "Why are you laughing?"

"You’re the third deer I got to shoot today. I’m not lucky."

You see him shiver when hearing your comment, making you smile more. You give him the bag of chips.

"Here, I’m not that hungry and you seem like you need something to feel better."

He takes them from you, giving you a small smile back. "Thanks. Guess the one deer you didn’t shoot is Heather, right?"

"Yep. But I’m gonna let the others have her. It’s not fun if I shoot everyone." You walk on the opposite way of Cody’s, waving at him. "Have fun being a dead deer!"

"Yeah, sure!"

You’re up on a tree again, your upper body almost falling onto the ground as your legs keep you up in the tree. You’re just waiting for the challenge to finish now... and you’re completely bored. Seriously, can something just happen?

That’s when you see a smiling Duncan running back from a river, saying things like Owen almost got him or something like that. You smirk when he comes close to where you are.

"Awn, look at you, all cute in your fluffy tail." He stops in his tracks and looks up at you, giving you a weird look when he sees the position you’re in. "You almost got shot by Owen, handsome?"

"What are you doing up there?" He crosses his arms while smirking up at you. "Aren’t you supposed to be hunting some deer?"

You chuckle at him. "I shot three of them today." You point at him, a huge smile on your face. "I think I’ve done my work for the day, deer."

"You shot three of them?"

"Didn’t think I was that good with a gun, huh?"

He chuckles at you and gives you a playful smile. "I guess not. What else are you good at?"

"It’s a secret!" You whisper that part, putting your finger on your lips again.

"So, what now? You’re just waiting?"

"And I’m booooooored!"

You whine and climb down the tree, your paintball gun still on your back. You scrub your eyes with your hands, feeling quite sleepy after all that psycho thing you did.

"I might go back to the campsite."

"That’s sad." You open your eyes to see him close to you, one of his hand put on the tree beside your head. "I was hoping I could have some alone time with you."

"Um, no, and for two reasons…. First, I’m with Courtney." He grunts at you and tries to get closer anyway, but you give him a smirk and push his head away from you. "And second... how can I take you seriously with that costume?"

"It’s not helping, isn’t it?"

"Nope." You step away from him. "It’s killing all your charm, actually. Not attractive in any way."

"If it wouldn’t get us disqualified, I would take those things off." He points at his antlers. "Maybe then I could convince you to leave the princess and-"

"-run away with the villain?" You smirk back when he gives you one. "Who am I in this story, then? Another princess? I’d rather be the villain itself."

"Baby, if you were my girlfriend, you could be anything you want."

"Yep, no charm whatsoever." He grunts in pure annoyance. "I’m gonna leave before you embarrass yourself."

"Yeah, good idea." You laugh while leaving him there, seeing him putting out a spray can of paint and shaking it. "But I’ll get you later!"

"In your dreams!"

"Tisk, tisk, tisk...."

You watch Chris walk back and forth in front of all of you, most of the teenagers looking rather ashamed except for yourself.

"Stealing from Chef, eating chips in the woods, being mauled by bears... Do you know what I see here? I see a very undisciplined group. I see a disgraceful mess. I see a massive waste of paint product! And... I have to say..."

His whole serious face transforms into a happy one, the host laughing while talking.

"That was awesome! When you guys opened fire on your own team? Wicked TV, guys! And (Y/N)!" You smile when you see him point at you. "You shot three people in less than thirty minutes! And you looked so crazy! How cool is that?"

"Thanks, Chris." You give him a bright smile as he gives you a thumbs up. This might be one of the rare moments where you two are getting along.

"Yeah, she was cool. But she was also very creepy! No offense, (Y/N)." You shrug at Trent, showing him that it’s not a big deal.

"Sorry, guys. I just felt the power of Satan inside me when I got the gun in my hands."

"Hey." Harold stops everyone from giving you a scared look. "Where are Duncan and Courtney?"

You all look back to see both of them stuck with each other, their antlers trap together. You snort at the sight, both teenagers insulting each other and trying to somehow walk towards the group.

"Duncan, you sly dog, you!" You lose your smile and punch Owen in his arm. "Ow!"

"The girl can’t keep her antlers off me!"


The punk boy loses his smirk when Courtney kicks him in his private parts, making him want to cry.

"Easy, Courtney. Our medical tent's really only equipped for one at a time and Cody’s pretty messed up." While Chris talks, you and Geoff walk towards the teenagers to separate them, yourself kissing your girlfriend on the cheek and hugging her afterward.

"I missed you." She smiles and hugs you back, pecking your lips with hers.

"I missed you too."

"Okay! Since six of the Gophers are dripping in paint..." Chris stops his sentence when Lindsay turns around, pointing at her entirely blue back. "... make that seven members... and some of them aren’t even deer..."

He looks back at your team with a big smile. "I think we have a winner!"

Your whole team screams in happiness, yourself jumping up and down with excitement. You feel someone grab you and kiss you with great passion, Courtney’s arms wrapping themselves around your body. You let yourself melt into her embrace and put your hands in her hair, the two of you almost falling onto the ground.

"Ugh, get a room!" You send your middle finger at Heather, Courtney and yourself not getting apart a single time.

It feels like you won’t let each other go for a while...

"Courtney, where are we going? It’s the middle of the night… and I want to sleep."

You're both in your pajamas and walking in the woods right now. You were about to fall asleep when your girlfriend woke you up, saying it was an emergency. Hearing you, Courtney simply keeps walking with your hand in hers, the girl looking back at you.

"We’re going to the bathroom."

"... why?"

"What do you think a bathroom is for?"

You frown as you think about what she’s saying, you’re eyes opening wide when you understand what she means.

"Are you telling me you woke me up just so I could come with you in there?"

"It’s exactly what I did."

"Courtney, I’m tired! We don’t have to be together 24/7!" You get out of her grip, surprising her. "I’m going back to bed."

She crosses her arms on her chest. "Fine. Sorry for wanting to spend time with you."

"Courtney, you’re sixteen, not five. You can survive for ten minutes without me."

She rolls her eyes at you, a little annoyed by your reaction, then you both part ways. Ugh, clearly, you don’t fully understand her needs. Yet, you can’t believe she wanted you to follow her to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not because she’s afraid of something, but because she doesn’t want to leave you alone! Seriously, she has a problem.

"You look like you’ve been into a fight.." You jump out of your skin when you hear Duncan’s voice. You look up to see him leaning down at you from up the stairs of the cabin, grinning like crazy.

"Why are you still up?" You ask him as you climb up the stairs, your eyes closing a little from being tired.

"Why are you? Is the princess too clingy, sugar?" His question stops you in your tracks and you glare at him.

"That’s none of your business." You scrub your face with your hands and yawn, starting to walk to your cabin’s door. "’night."

"Wait a second." You annoyingly turn around, seeing him giving you a disappointed look. "That’s it? You’re not even gonna talk to me?"

You quirk an eyebrow, slightly smirking. "I’m really glad you want to be friends again, but I just want to sleep… So I’m gonna go."

You touch the door handle and about to open it when you feel him grab your wrist, the boy pulling you back with a huge force. You don’t even have time to react that you’re already trapped in his arms, his face only inches away from yours. You feel the heat rise inside your body as you look at his piercing blue eyes. His lips form a playful smile once more.

"How about we try something before you leave?" You blink with shock, opening your mouth to talk.

"Wai-" He stops you from saying anything more, grabbing your lips with his and instantly giving you the most intense kiss you’ve ever had in your life. You feel your brain go blank as you let yourself go, your fingers grabbing his shirt while he puts one of his hands behind your head. You don’t notice that you’ve been walking around until your back hits the wall between the two doors, putting your arms behind his neck with your body stuck between his and the cabin. You feel a huge fire burn inside you and you shiver in pleasure, letting him have absolute control.

He parts away from you and breathes down your neck, brushing your ear with the tip of his lips.

"I knew you still liked me."

You come back to your senses, a screaming voice in your head insulting you and making you remember about Courtney, your incredible girlfriend. You open your eyes wide and you push him back enough to be able to get away from him, your feet leading you to your cabin’s door. You send him a hard look, the boy smirking.

"This. All of this. It will not happen again."

"Yes, it will. And it will happen a lot."

His smile stretches out as he approaches you, trapping you between him and the door with his arms on each side of your head.

"I need to make up for all the times she did this to you in front of me."

"I’m not gonna be a cheater!"

"You won’t become one." He puts his hand on your left cheek, his thumb caressing it slowly. "Because you’re gonna leave her..." He kisses you a second time and parts away. “...for me."

"Stop..." You get interrupted by a third kiss but manage to get away from him for a moment. "... it."

"Make me."

Your heart breaks as your mouths dance together again, your brain processing the idea of leaving Courtney for him. Should you leave her?

No! No, no, no, no, no!

Why are you in this situation? You feel the anxiety transform into pure panic as you think about a way of getting out of this… Can you really though?

You grab the door handle behind you, putting the other one on Duncan’s shoulder. Slowly, you turn the handle and, when you hear it click, you push him back, getting inside the cabin and closing the door. You let yourself fall on the floor and hear his laugh, probably amused by your reaction. You then hear him open the door to his side of the cabin and close it, breathing out in relief. With the last forces in you, your whole body shaking from this experience, you slowly get up and climb into your bed, trying to fall asleep without any success.

When you feel Courtney slip inside the covers moments later, you turn around and hug her as you hide your face in her neck. Her arms return your affection and you feel her kiss the top of your head. You have to use all your strength to not cry right at this moment.

You just feel like a monster.

Chapter Text

Chapter Ten: If You Can’t Take The Heat

You can’t sleep.

You hate yourself too much to sleep.

You look at Courtney’s face; her beautiful, peaceful face. Your stomach twists awfully, making you close your eyes in pain.

God, why did you let this happen? Why?

I deserve to feel like this.

In need of some advice, you breathe in and open your eyes again, searching for Bridgette. You spot her on the other side of the room, still sleeping in her bed. You bite your bottom lip as you look down at your girlfriend, her body blocking the only way out of bed. Slowly, you try to leave by walking over her, your feet touching the ground without waking her up somehow.

You walk closer to Bridgette with tears coming into your eyes, remembering that all of this is on TV. What will your parents think of you?

They must be so disappointed in you.

"Bridgette." You whisper her name and shake her body with your hands, feeling completely desperate now. You see her eyes open and sigh in relief, the girl sending you a confused look.

"(Y/N)? It’s like… five in the morning. What’s happening?"

"I need to talk to you."

She notices your pained expression and immediately gets out of bed, taking your arm.

"Let’s go outside." She walks towards the door in silence. "We’ll talk more freely."

When you feel the cold breeze and see the sun slowly appear on the horizon, you let yourself get dragged away by Bridgette into the dark forest, finally stopping when you’re both far enough from the cabins. When your blond friend looks back at you, you let yourself go and start to cry.

"Bri’, I-I’m… I’m a mon-ons-t-ter!" You feel her hands rest on your shoulders as you hide your face in yours. "I’m an ho-ori-b-ble person!"

"(Y/N), no!" She shakes your body and you free your face to see her give you a worried but stern look. "Stop being so mean to yourself! Please, just tell me what happened..."

"L-last n-night…." You take a long breath, trying to calm down your voice. "Last night… Duncan… he kissed me."

She gives you a shocked face. "What?"

"And… I let him do it… multiple times."

"But you’re with Courtney!"

"I know!" Your voice cracks at that last part and you hug yourself, trying hard to not fall unto the ground. "I tried so hard. So hard! But I shut down and I’m so confused and he asked me to leave her and I don’t want to cause I love her so much but I also like him and I don’t know what to do and-"

"Wait." You stop your excessive monologue when you hear your friend talk. "He asked you to leave Courtney?"

You hesitate. "Well… yeah…"

She tilts her head at you, worried. "Do… do you want to leave her?"

"No!" You don’t even question yourself. "B-but-

"-But you also want to be with him." She crosses her arms on her chest. "What are you gonna do?"

"I don’t know…. I don’t know….I don’t know!"

She sighs and she takes you in her arms, petting your back and shushing you.

"(Y/N), I know you don’t want to hear this, but..." She looks at you in the eyes. "You need to make a choice."

"I know, but…"

"Make a choice." She gives you a very serious look. "Duncan... or Courtney?"

You close your eyes and visualize their faces, pain hitting you again. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, opening your eyes again.

"Courtney." You feel your whole body relax. "I’m gonna stay with Courtney."

"Good." She lets go of you. "You need to tell Duncan it’s over."

"I already told him! He doesn’t listen!"

"Then that’s one more reason to tell Courtney what happened." Your heart sinks.

"She’s gonna hate me."

"She’s gonna be pissed, but if she truly loves you, she’ll forgive you. And she’ll also completely stop Duncan from doing anything if she knows what’s happening."

"You’re right…" You massage your temple. "… would you… would you go get her for me?"

"You’re gonna do this now?" Your friend looks at you with a surprised expression, but then she nods. "You’re right. The sooner, the better."

She leaves you there, walking back to where the cabins are. You sit down on a rock, looking up at some squirrels up in the trees with heavy breathing. The sun’s almost up now… You’re pretty sure that Chris will wake up everyone after your talk with Courtney.

That’s when you hear footsteps coming your way, looking down to see your girlfriend walking towards you with a very confused expression.

"How did you get out of bed?" You smile at her and you get up.

"With ninja skills." She grins at you and takes your hand in hers, making you lose your smile. "I… I need to tell you something."

Her expression changes to a dreadful one and worry sets in her eyes.

"Don’t tell me you’re breaking up with me." Your eyes open up like crazy.

"… what...?"

"If it’s because of what I did last night, I’m sorry. I’m just afraid that one of us we’ll be kicked out and we won’t be able to be together… So I want to spend as much time with you as possible… but I get that I go a little overboard sometimes an-"

"Courtney, I’m not breaking up with you."

"Oh, thank god." She gives you a bright smile and squeezes your hand in hers. "What is it, then?"

You open your mouth to talk, but no words come out. Tears go up in your eyes, making Courtney worried. She takes your face in her hands.


"I’m so sorry!"

"Love, why are you sorry? What happened?"

"Something… " You close your eyes, all the worst scenarios coming up in your mind. "Something happened last night…"

"… what exactly?"

"Well, Duncan…" Her features darken when you say his name. "He… he kissed me."

An angry spark flashes through her eyes and you feel her hands tighten around your face. You wish you could hide at the moment, the atmosphere around her starting to crush you.

"He did what?" Her voice is venomous and she looks through you with an unreadable expression.

"He kissed me." Her jaw lock and her hands go down to your shoulders. "…. multiple times."

She doesn’t answer you, almost like she’s lost in her thoughts, which makes you wonder if you broke her. Maybe telling her was a bad idea…

"I tried to fight it." Your words seem to wake her up and her crazy eyes sets on you once more. "I tried so hard but-"

"You like him too, I know." A creepy smile appears on her lips and a terrified feeling grabs your chest. "I knew this would happen... I knew that idiot would try to take you from me! I knew it!"


"I shouldn’t have left you last night..." You feel her nails dig in your skin, hurting you. "I’m gonna kill him."

"Courtney, you’re hurting me." She slowly blinks, processing what you just told her. She then releases you, panic overcoming the anger when she sees the blood come out of your skin.

"Oh go, no! (Y/N), I’m sorry!" She cups your face in her hands again, searching for your eyes. "I didn’t want to hurt you, I don’t what happened, I… Please, please, please, forgive me!"

"I should be the one to ask you that." You give her a sad smile and she sighs in relief, kissing your forehead.

"Thank you for telling me." You give her a surprised look while she laughs. "I’m not mad at you, sweetie. I’m mad at him. He knows you’re mine."

Hearing her say those words make you feel better and you smile happily. You’re so relieved that she doesn’t hate you… God, you love her so much! Her face gets closer to yours and you feel heat spread on your cheeks, the girl giving you a sly smile.

"No one…" She traps your lips with hers, savoring the taste of your mouth for a moment before pulling away. "… touches what’s mine."

Maybe it was a good idea to tell her.

After Courtney and you changed into day clothes, Chris’ voice woke everyone else up, saying that the next challenge will start soon. So here you are at the beach, standing between Courtney and Sadie as Duncan stands beside your girlfriend. You feel Courtney take your hand in hers and hear her grind her teeth, trying hard to not punch him.

Well, she could punch him, but she promised to not make a scene in front of everyone.

"Today’s challenge will test your minds, your teamwork and your skills in the kitchen." You turn your attention to the host, his usual big smile on his face. "You’ll be cooking a three course meal and serving it to me for tasting! The winners get a reward and the losers will send somebody home! Each team will appoint a head chef to create the theme of the meal and to oversee the cooking."

Not me.

"To cook, you need ingredients. Every morning, a truck brings us food!" You look behind you to see a truck come out of the water. "Today’s task starts there!"

"Hum, Chris? Why is there a dolphin driving this truck?"

"Stop asking questions, (Y/N)!"

You roll your eyes at the host and follow your girlfriend, looking back at the truck to see that most of the guys your team are already there. You arrive at the moment they decide that Geoff would be the head chef, silently agreeing... and you’re also doing an Italian theme?

"I hope I don’t mess this up."

"You won’t, honey." Courtney kiss your cheek and gives you a crate. "You’ll be perfect."

You send her a bright smile and follow the rest of the team back to the lodge. Geoff starts to talk when you put down your crate on a table.

"Okay! We got like three courses and seven people!" He proceeds to throw a can of tomato sauce that Harold catches. "So, everybody partner up!"

"I know how to make pasta sauce." DJ smile while Bridgette gasps.

"I know how to boil pasta!" They both high five each other and send finger guns.

"Me and Sadie can rock the antipasto." You playfully smile when you see Harold start to do his weird moves again. "I’m like a black belt when it comes to cutting cheese."

Everybody starts to laugh at him and he doesn’t seem to understand why.

"What?" Nobody answers him and you just smile at him when he looks at you. "What!?"

"Well. I guess that leaves me and you two on dessert detail." Your freeze when you hear Duncan’s voice directed at you and Courtney.

"Oh, hell no." Your girlfriend gives him a mean look and point at him, a dark aura forming around her. "You are not working with us!"

"Come on, Courtney!" Geoff gets in and puts an arm around her shoulders, giving her a bright smile. "It’s for the team!"

"I don’t care if it’s for this-." She stops when she sees him give her puppy eyes, almost begging her. "Ugh, alright. But I’m not sure if (Y/N) is okay with this."

He turns his face to you and takes your hands in his, catching you by surprise.

"(Y/N), surely you understand that we need to win this challenge at all costs, right?" He flutters his eyelids and gives you a sweet smile, trying hard to win your vote.

"… Fine." You look aside to see your girlfriend sending Duncan an angry look while he simply smiles playfully at her.

"That’s settled then! Let’s go make these meals, guys!"

"I don’t trust him." Your girlfriend angrily stares at Duncan while he’s checking the ingredients you three need for the dessert, yourself knowing a cannoli recipe from your grandmother. "He’s gonna kiss you again, I know it!"

"No, he won’t. You’re with me right now." You casually try to ignore this conversation, the subject making you feel awkward. You feel her arms wrap around you as she puts her head on your shoulder, gently kissing your cheek in the process.

"He better not." She tightens her grip on you and closes her eyes. "I’m gonna kill him if he does."

"I would prefer if you don’t." Your lips stretch out into a smirk. "Visiting my girlfriend in jail is not my ideal relationship."

"Oh, it’s not?" You feel her smile on your neck. "What’s your ideal relationship, then?"

You laugh and put your hand on hers. "I don’t know. As long as we’re happy, anything is fine for me."

Courtney is about to answer you when you hear Harold scream. You look back at him, seeing that DJ has let a bucket of water drop on his crotch… and from the fact that he looks like he’s faking apologies, it might have been on purpose.

"Woah, bummer!" You hear Geoff fakely say that to Harold while you and Bridgette arrive from different directions. "Better go change, dude!"

As soon as Harold exits the lodge, both of the guys fist bump and laugh. You and Bridgette give them an angry look. They notice how mad you two are and send you innocent smiles.

"Why are you guys bullying him?" You cross your arms as they look at each other. "I thought you were nice people."

"It’s not what you think." DJ tries to explain the situation to you, but you stop him.

"Actually, I don’t care why. Just stop." And you left them there, going back to Courtney and Duncan, the latter having put down the ingredients you asked him to gather for you. You look at them, trying your very best to ignore their glare contest.

"So. Which one of you has the most experience with baking?" They look back at you at the same time and smile. Your girlfriend hits Duncan in the side to cut him off.

"My parents paid for me to take private cooking lessons." She gives you a bright smile as Duncan glares at her, still in pain. You bite your bottom lip, thinking about a plan that you didn’t like.

"I see... What about you, Duncan?"

"I’d say I’m alright." He grunts a little before smirking at you. "I’m not a professional though, can’t say I won’t mess anything up."

"Ugh, I knew it." You massage your temples and sigh. "Courtney, since you’re the most experienced of us three, it will be best if you work alone on the shells."

"But what about-"

"Duncan is gonna help me with the filling. Then, when we’re done, we’ll come to help you." You try to ignore her angry face and his victorious smile. "I’m not doing this because I want to. I’m doing this because it’s the most efficient way to make a badass dessert."

"That’s fine with me." You give Duncan an annoyed look, his smirk growing bigger. "I get to spend some time with you."

"I swear!" You give Courtney a shocked look when she takes a grip of his shirt, glaring menacingly at him. "Stop trying to take her away from me, you idiot."

"Courtney, wha-"

"Now, now. Why would I stop?" A strange glow appears in his eyes and his smile turn into an evil one. "I’ve wanted her to be mine for a long time. From my point of view, you’re the one who took her away."

"Guys, come o-"

"If you even try to touch her again, I’m gonna kill you."

"Courtney, you promised to no-"

"Oh? So you know what happened last night?" You grunt in annoyance when you see that they’re not paying attention to you. "Did she tell you how much she liked it?"

"Oh my god, shut up!" You whisper that part, half annoyed and half about to have a panic attack. Courtney pushes him away and insults him, making him laugh in the process. You try to get their attention, but nothing works. They just continue fighting.

"You know what? I don’t care. If you guys want to fight, do it. I’m gonna work on the shells alone and you’ll work together on the filling."

And that’s how you leave your two love interests, starting to work on the shells.

You’ve finished the shells thirty minutes later, your precious babies cooling off on the counter as you’re starting to work on the filling. Yes, Duncan and Courtney are still fighting over you and it’s purely exhausting, the two having thrown stuff at each other and all. Geoff, DJ and Bridgette all came by to help you, also trying to make your two love interests to stop fighting. You appreciate their kindness, but you’re starting to get pissed off by the other two.

Luckily, Harold stops the whole situation when he comes wearing only his shirt and some boxers, making Courtney scream and hide her eyes.

"Okay, who took all my shorts?"

"Seriously?" You stop whipping your cream and look at DJ and Geoff. "You took his shorts?"

The two guys just start laughing, your two partners noticing that you almost finished everything by yourself. You give all of them an annoyed look and turn your attention back at Harold, noticing that Chris is behind the wooden doors.

"Ugh." He makes a horrible face upon seeing Harold’s state. "Three hours and counting, guys."

You grumble under your breath as you put the whipped cream into the rest of your mix. Everyone gets back to cooking, shadows darkening your view of the counter. You look up, seeing Courtney and Duncan smiling at you.

"Oh, so you guys decided to finally help me?"

Duncan lazily puts his arms on the counter while Courtney sends you sorry eyes, yourself having a very pissed off face at the moment.

"Love, I’m sorry." You put plastic wrap onto your cherry and chocolate bowl mix while hearing your girlfriend trying to make amends with you. "Forgive me, please?

"Don’t be sad, sugar. We just got carried away a little. How can we help?"

"Actually, there’s nothing to do right now." You go put the bowl in the fridge before looking back at them. "We just need to wait for this to chill for thirty minutes before piping the filling into the shells. So, you might as well go help the others and actually do something instead of fighting."

You don’t even let them say anything before you’re already leaving to go help Harold and Sadie, your whole body screaming at you to get your anger out. Maybe they’ll let you squeeze tomatoes with your bare hands. Sadly, they don’t. But they give you a knife to cut things. And you like it. A lot.

"Dude, you gotta put some clothes on, man!" You stop cutting vegetables and look beside you to see Geoff and DJ smirking down at Harold. "It’s unsanitary to cook in something that… small."

"So give me back my pants then!" You try hard to not scream at your teammates for bullying Harold, cutting the vegetables with a new profound passion instead. You still see Duncan get close to the other guys, the same smile on his lips.

"Harold’s right, guys!" You don’t believe that he’s being nice when you hear the tone of his voice, seeing him putting a hand on Harold’s shoulder. "If you go to the cabin, you’ll find a clean pair of underwear and shorts waiting."

And of course, as soon as your brother by heart leaves, you hear them laugh like maniacs. You see them show off the hottest sauce you’ve ever come across in your life. In less time than you know to control yourself, you shove the knife your holding right into the table, making a loud noise. The boys look back at you, seeing the knife stuck in the table and your hair down in your face.

"Um, (Y/N)? You’re okay?" You move your head slightly, your dark and evil eyes making them shiver. You chuckle darkly.

"Oh, I’m fine." You take the knife out of the table and put it down slowly. "I’m fine. Everything is fine."

You walk away, not wanting to confront them with all this bad energy in you. You hate bullies so much and for a lot of reasons, and it’s not just because you’ve been a victim of bullying yourself.

Why is everyone so immature today?

 You hear clapping as you’re taking out the filling of the fridge, putting it beside the shelves. You look at the entrance to see Harold come in with some pajamas on, the three other guys applauding him.

"Nice jammies." You try to ignore Duncan’s comment and greet Harold with a smile when he comes close to you and Sadie. Somehow, you’ve managed to help your team finish the antipasto AND made most of the dessert by yourself. You doubt people will vote for you if you lose, but at this point, you’re so committed to this, you better win this whole challenge.

"This is all I’ve got left. So, if you sickos want to see me butt-naked, hit me with your best shot."

"Well, stop leaving your butt bags all over the cabin and we’ll back off!"

Is this why they’re bullying him?

"I told you it wasn’t me!"

"Well, I tried."

"Hey, guys! I made some sandwiches!" You give your cowboy friend a weird look. "We can chow down while we work!"

"No thanks." He loses his smile, but Harold runs towards him and takes one in his hands.

"Oh, sweet! I’m seriously starving!" You don’t have time to stop him that he’s already chewing it, the other boys smiling like crazy. "This taste like sweat and lotion… It’s probably the worst sandwich ever…"

He takes something out of the sandwich, dropping everything when he sees that it's his used underwear. The boys and Sadie start to laugh, anger flashing in your eyes.

They didn’t.

"We’ll return all your shorts and panties…" Geoff talks while holding the plate of sandwiches. "...when you admit your guilt, dude!"

"Seriously!?" You put a hand on Harold’s shoulder and take a step in front of him, glaring at the others with controlled anger. "You guys are stealing his pants, putting hot sauce in them and making him eat is own underwear just because he doesn’t want to admit something!?"

"Woah, chill out, (Y/N). We’re just having fun!"

"You think it’s fun…?" You give Duncan a strange smile. "You think making fun of someone non-stop is fun? You think constantly pranking them, insulting them, is fun? You think bullying someone is fun?"

"(Y/N), seriously, dude. Calm down." You turn your head to Geoff, who is putting down the plate on the counter. "We’re just pranking him."

"You always think it’s fun. You always think it’s all happy and sunshine. You always think that there are no consequences. Well, guess what, guys, there are consequences! But you’re always willing to do something when it’s too late!"

"(Y/N), it’s fine." You look back at Sadie. "It’s just a prank."

"Oh yeah? Maybe you can explain that to my little sister." You make a pause and start to smile sadly. "Oh wait! You can’t! She’s dead!"

Everyone’s face drops.

"You still think it’s fun?" You wait for a response, everyone looking elsewhere. "That’s what I thought. You guys can finish this challenge if you want, but I’m done with your bullshit."

"(Y/N), we’re sorry-"


No one had the heart to stop you leaving.

You’re outside and sitting on a rock as you’re holding your head in your hands, a freaking lot of guilt crushing you.

"Well, that was pretty intense."

You look up to see Bridgette giving you a sad smile. You sigh, hugging yourself.

"Why do I always react like that, Bri’? That wasn’t necessary."

"I think you did a good thing." You give her a weird stare. "Sure, it might have come out a little excessive, but your point was valid. Bullying is bad and they should take it more seriously."

You shake your head while smiling. "You know, I don’t have anything against a little prank from time to time. But what they did today? That was off-limits for me."

"Well, I’m pretty sure none of them are gonna do anything to Harold anymore." She pauses while thinking. "Not today, at least. The boys are still gonna try to make him admit his guilt somehow."

You chuckle sadly, your friend putting a hand on your shoulder.

"I’m sorry about your sister, (Y/N)." You feel the tears appear in your eyes and she squeezes your shoulder. "And I’m sorry that you had to tell us this way."

"It’s fine." You look up at her and smile. "How is the challenge going?"

She gets that you don’t want to talk about it and copies your smile. "Everything’s great! Courtney and Duncan are trying to finish the dessert without your help. Something about making you proud or something? Yeah… but they can’t get along."

Your eyes open wide. "They’re gonna ruin it!"

"Probably, yeah." Her smile grows when she sees you get up, starting to walk back to the lodge. "Where are you going?"

"Saving my dessert. This is my masterpiece!"

No one sees you coming back in the kitchen, so you have plenty of time to see your girlfriend scream at Duncan that he’s doing everything wrong… and honestly, he kind of is.

"You’re such a slob! They all have to have the same amount of custard!"

"Oh relax! They’re fine! Plus, (Y/N) made most of the work, so it’s gonna taste amazing."

"The presentation also has to look good! Come on, we need to do this perfectly for her, we already did a lot of wrong things today."

"I know. You already told me a billion times."

"Well, obviously, it doesn’t work!"

"You know, you’d be a lot more fun without that pole up your butt."

She gasps. "I’m like the most easy-going person I know!"

"Pretty sure (Y/N) is easier going, princess."

"Oh, yeah… Well, I’m the second easy-going person then!"

"Oh yeah, you’re totally laid back." He proceeds to throw some custard in her face. You put your hands on your mouth, trying to not laugh as your girlfriend takes a bowl with your mixture in it and throws it on his head.

… but you can’t stop it. You laugh loudly and hold your belly, trying your best to not fall on the floor. They both look back at you and start to smile, happy to see you back and laughing. You try to walk closer to them and put out tears of joy from your eyes, your laughter finally dying after a minute or two.

"How did you guys manage to not burn what I’ve done already?" You take the custard from Duncan’s hand, the batch that isn’t ruined from his head, and you look down at your precious babies. "Let me see if I can save these."

They watch you put custard evenly in each one of the shells, also making a nice pattern at each end to make it look prettier. When you’re done, you bite your lips in wonder.

"It’s missing something."

"Honey, it’s perfect! The filling is full of vanilla, chocolate, and cherry and the shelves are perfectly cooked. What could it possibly miss?"

"I hate to admit it, but the princess’ right. They look really good."

You ignore their comments and simply take the bag of powdered sugar from the counter, putting some of it on your precious babies. You then spot some chocolate flakes, putting that on as well before you smile happily.

"There! Now, it’s perfect!" You look back at them and notice that Duncan no longer has the bowl on his head, trying to take the custard off with a towel. "I swear, guys. If we don’t win this thing, I’m gonna make a scene."

It’s currently fifteen to eleven for you guys, thanks to Owen and the fact that he ate almost the whole plate of ribs that the Gophers made. You have a chance to win this, but if your dessert is not up for the challenge, you’ll lose.

You watch Chris takes one cannoli in his hand, your heart pounding like crazy. You normally don’t care if you win a challenge or not, but this is something you made. You put your heart and soul into this dessert and if Chris doesn’t like it, you don’t think you’ll be able to bake ever again.

Your girlfriend wraps an arm around your waist as Duncan puts his hand your right shoulder, both trying to comfort you. You see the host's eyes go wide as he takes a bite and you wait for him to tell you that it’s awful. That those are the worst cannolis he's ever eaten… He doesn’t say anything and finishes the whole cannoli right in front of you, taking another one in his hand and looking back at you with a bright smile.

"Wow, dude! Those are delicious! Ten points to you!"

You feel your lips stretch out and your body relax. Your girlfriend hugs you and kisses your cheek, Duncan taking the plate off the table with a victorious smile.

"So! The Bass are at twenty-five points! The Gophers will need to make a hell of a dessert to win this thing." Chris looks down at Lindsay’s and Gwen’s dessert. "I have to say, this looks like a winner."

The whole thing disappears into ashes as soon as Chris touches it with his fork. When he takes a bite of a small chunk, he begins to choke on it and Owen somehow saves him.

"What the heck is that?!" The host points at a weird ball thing that just came out of his mouth.

"It’s Heather’s recipe!" Lindsay gasps and runs back to the kitchen. "She’s still in the fridge!"

… What?

Heather arrives in the room, making you all cringe at her blue body.

"You are so dead!" Heather gives Beth and Leshawna an evil glare. "Ugh! Is it over?"

"Yes, it is! The Bass wins twenty-five to twelve! And it’s not just because I almost died." Chris gives the team a mean look. "The ribs stunk too."

"Great, that’s just great! Why do we keep losing, people!" Heather walks to the table and spots a little statue on it. "And what is this? I didn’t approve this!"

Beth starts to play with her hands, nervous. "I-I brought it back as a souvenir… You know, from the other island?"

"You did what…!"

"You mean Boney Island?" Chris gets up with a scared expression. "The deadliest island in Muskoka? The one I specifically said not to take anything from or you’ll be cursed?"

"Yeah…? I didn’t know! I’ll put it back!" Beth takes the statue in her hands and immediately leaves while Chris shakes his head at her.

"...Okay. The Bass lead with eight members to the Gophers soon to be six. And, as promised, the winners will be getting a reward tonight. A five star dinner… under the stars!"

Your whole team screams and cheers, happiness filling your heart.

You wake up the next morning by a loud thud coming from outside, yourself getting out of the covers with a really confused expression. None of the other girls are awake, so you take the opportunity to go investigate.

Well, you weren’t expecting to see Duncan, Geoff, and DJ trying to move Harold’s bed in silence as he’s sleeping in it.

"What are you guys doing?" You whisper that question, not processing what’s happening right now. It looks like they had accidentally dropped the bed and are now trying to get it back up in the air, but without success. The three boys stop what they’re doing when they hear your voice, looking back at the cabins to see you with a confused expression. They give you innocent smiles.

"Nothing...!" Geoff tries to salvage their situation and you cross your arms. "Harold just needs some… fresh air!"

"Is he…." Your eyes open wide and you give them a shock expression. "Is he naked!?"

"Don’t worry, sugar, he did that on his own." Duncan rolls his eyes while answering the imminent question in your mind. "He’s always doing gross stuff like that."

"Yeah, that’s why we’re doing this." DJ continues to explain while you start to think. "We tried to talk to him about it, but he doesn’t want to admit anything or listen, so that’s how we got to… this point."

The big guy points to a naked Harold sleeping peacefully in his bed. You frown when you see the boys trying to get the bed up again. You massage your left temple and sigh. You might regret this later.

"You guys need help?" You walk down the stairs and approach them, the three boys smirking back at you.

"Well, well. Who would have expected that from you, honey?" You roll your eyes at Duncan while getting a hold of one side of the bed with DJ.

"Shut up, you’re gonna wake him up." You whisper that part to him before helping them get the bed on the dock. With your help, you guys manage to do it without dropping it or causing any other incident, Harold staying asleep the whole time. All of you then proceeds to run back to the cabins, snickering about the whole situation.

"Man, if he doesn’t admit his guilt after that…" Geoff looks back at you three and smiles. "I don’t know what else we can do, dude."

"Well, maybe we could ask (Y/N) for some ideas…" You feel Duncan put his arm around your shoulders, the boy smirking victoriously.

"No way, guys!" You look aside to give Duncan a slight smirk. "I only share my awesome prank ideas with people that deserve it."

"You’re saying that we don’t?" You look back at DJ and Geoff, who are giving you shocking expressions upon what you just said.

"Hm, maybe you do. Who knows?" You get out of Duncan’s grip and start to go to your door’s cabin. "I’m gonna get changed."

"Hey, wait!" You turn back again and stare at the boys, Geoff smiling at you brightly. "We were gonna go take a ride on one of the canoes around the lake. Wanna come?"

You give them a smile and a weird stare. "I think you forgot something…" You completely turn around and point to yourself. "I can’t swim."

"So?" DJ puts a hand on Geoff’s shoulder and gives you the same smile as the blond. "We’re gonna wear life vests."

"And we can always go and save you if you ever fall into the water!" Geoff continues to try to win you over while DJ nods and Duncan smirks. They’re all waiting for your positive response as you take a look at the cabin.

"… I’m not sure Courtney would approve this-"

"Oh, come on! You’ll be fine!" You give Duncan an annoyed look and his smirk grows. "Don’t tell me your girlfriend controls everything you do."

"It’s not like that-"

"(Y/N), please?" You look back at Geoff and DJ, the two giving you the puppy eyes. "We never get a chance to hang out with you."

You bite your bottom lip, actually thinking about it. You shouldn’t pass some time with Duncan…. Courtney might be mad, especially if he tries something... but again, Geoff and DJ will be there and they know that you’re taken, so he can’t do anything in front of them, right? Arg, but they’re his friends! Surely, they already know about the whole fucked up situation and this is part of a plan!

"… Fine." You try to ignore the three boys giving themselves high fives, hoping deep down that this isn’t some stupid plan to make you leave Courtney. "Let me go change into my swimsuit first."

"See ya later, dude!"

You’re in your (F/C) swimsuit that you wore on the first day, a life vest on as well. You’re currently sitting in the middle of the canoe with Geoff by your side, Duncan sitting in the front and DJ sitting at the back as both of them paddle. So far, nothing has happen… except for you guys sharing stories, cracking jokes and just having fun. Which is... pretty nice. Really nice, even.

A little earlier, all the girls from both teams decided to go swimming while you four paddled around. Your girlfriend gave you a weird look from afar, but when she saw that Geoff and DJ were with you, she calmed down and let you have fun with them.

And, of course, now you’re just all waiting for Harold to wake up.

"Good morning, Harold!" You slurp the juice from your juice box that Geoff gave you earlier as you watch your brother by heart hide behind his pillow.

"So, learned your lesson yet?" You slightly punch Duncan on his back, only succeed at making him laugh.

"Yes!" Harold has his eyes closed, screaming that word like he’s desperate. Geoff laughs.

"We’re gonna need more than that, man!"

"I’ll never leave my crusty underwear out again! I swear!"

"Ew. Didn’t need to say it like that." You shake your head to try and forget that image.

"What the heck, I believe him." Geoff proceeds to take a bag in the canoe and throws it back at Harold, Duncan, and DJ starting to paddle again. "It’s a pleasure doing business with ya!"

They all start to laugh while Harold runs back to the cabin, while you just look at the light reflecting on the water, already bored out of your mind. You look at the guys, who are still laughing.

"You guys do know that you’ll have to take the bed back in the cabin, right?"

You smirk when they stop laughing. You’re so great at killing the mood.

Chapter Text

Chapter Eleven: Who Can You Trust

"Today’s breakfast is Hawaiian and Italian fusion casserole!" Chef hands over a plate of green mixed food to Gwen, you waiting for your turn just behind her.

"You mean leftovers from the cooking challenge." Chef gives Gwen a hard look.

"Yeah, that’s right! You got a problem with that!?"

"Sir! No, Sir!" Your friend proceeds to make a salute sign, Chef imitating her. When she leaves, he turns to you and starts to prepare your breakfast.

"Actually, can I just have water?" He stops what he’s doing to give you a mean stare. "I’m just not hungry this morning."

You feel your stomach growl in agony and beg you to give it food, but you bite the inside of your mouth to stop the pain. You might have lied about the "not hungry" part, but you know that if you eat, you’re gonna feel sick. Chef slowly puts his hands on the counter, preparing yourself for some screaming, but he gives you a worried look instead.

"Girl, you need to eat something or you gonna drop dead one day." Your heart squeezes at his words. He can’t know that you haven’t eaten that much since the beginning of the summer, right? How can he? None of your friends have found out. Duncan hasn’t found out! And he keeps looking at you every five minutes! Hell, Courtney hasn’t found out! And she spends every single minute of the day with you! Chef can’t know!

"What are you talking about?" You try to give a bright smile, but it feels like a false and cringy one. "I just don’t want to eat this morning. I’m fine."

"You haven’t eaten anything at any morning." He crosses his arms and looks down at you as you lose your smile. "You also haven’t eaten anything at any lunch or dinner. The only times you ate something were the two times we served you good food, which was at the Awake-a-ton challenge and at your five star dinner. And you haven’t eaten that much even then."

"That’s not true." You try to salvage the situation. "I also eat the junk food Bridgette finds. A-and other food, too. You’re not always there, you can’t know."

"A small bag of chips every two or three days? That’s not enough, (Y/N)." He looks at you suspiciously. "I’ve watched the tapes with Chris for the show, it’s pretty obvious that you never eat. I don’t understand how you’re still standing."

Your body starts to shake and you grab your own arms to try and calm down. If Chef knows, that means Chris knows. That also means that every person who will watch the show is going to know, including your family. Oh god. They’re gonna force you to eat too much again, won’t they? It’s not the first time you’re doing this… You just can’t control it. Just the thought of having to eat makes you want to vomit.

"I’m fine." You hug yourself and give him a mean look. "Why do you guys care anyway? It’s more drama for your show, no? How much longer will (Y/N) stand on her feet without falling in a coma? Watch the next episode to find out!"

"It’s not good drama if you die and we get lawsuits."

Ah, there’s the real reason.

Chef gets closer to your level.

"Chris has talked about it with the producers and if you don’t start to eat again, we’re kicking you out of the show." You give him an annoyed look. "We'll also send you somewhere to help you with this problem."

"You can’t do that!" You whisper that sentence as you lose your facade. "My parents wo-"

"Your parents already agreed to this." You bite your bottom lip and he pushes a plate of food on your way. "Eat this."

"… Fine." You take the plate in your hands and feel tears starting to form in your eyes. "I’ll try to eat, but I can’t promise anything."

You go sit down alone at the end of your team’s table, feeling a huge headache as you do so. You look back at Chef, who’s waiting for you to take a bite, and, reluctantly, you take one. You try hard to not spit it out as you’re chewing, finally swallowing it after a few seconds. Chef gives you a victorious smile and disappears in his kitchen, probably proud to have made you eat something for once.

He’s lucky you don’t like to vomit or this would be worthless.

"Hi, love." You look up to see your girlfriend sitting down in front of you and you smile at her. "Is breakfast good?"

"Meh. It’s fine." You take another bite of it without tasting anything, also trying hard to not run to a trash bin. You feel her take your free hand in hers.

"Hey, if we don’t have a challenge today, do you think we cou-" She stops, running over to Duncan taking coffee at one of the counters and pointing at him. "I saw that! How could you just steal a mug?"

What? Did he steal a mug? Why? You can’t even sell it at a fair-oh, wait. A mug that multiple contestants in a reality show drank in? Yeah, he might get a lot of money for that.

"Cause it’s cool looking and I don’t have one." You take a third bite while he smirks at Courtney and walks away. "Didn’t have one, that is."

He then sits down in front of you and your girlfriend joins soon after, the boy still giving her a sly smile as you send him back a weird look.

"But you might get kicked off!"

"Awn, and here I thought you didn’t care about me!"

"It’s a mug, guys. It’s not like he stole something from Chris’ room." You continue to eat, Duncan slightly losing his smile as Courtney rolls her eyes.

"I don’t care. We’re two players short and I don’t wanna lose because he feels like going criminal on us."

"Pff, whatever. You dig me." You snort at that comment, shaking your head and smiling at them. Since they’ve been forced to work together on the last challenge, their fights have been less aggressive and more… funny. It looks like they’re slowly becoming friends, despite both of them being in love with you. And also even though Duncan is trying to steal you away from Courtney. Huh, life is weird sometimes.

"Ugh, why do I even bother!" Your girlfriend kisses you on the cheek before she leaves the place in anger. You look at her leaving form, a little dumbfounded by the sudden kiss.

"Um…" You look back at Duncan to see him take a sip of his black coffee. "I think you upset her."

He puts his coffee down and looks at you for a short while… before he smirks again.

"I think I did it on purpose to have you to myself." You roll your eyes at him and sigh in annoyance, looking elsewhere.

"You’re anno-" You stop talking when his hand comes to brush away the hair in your face, his thumb delicately caressing your cheek right after. You blush madly, the heat on your face going worse when he goes to take a hold of your jaw, turning your head slightly so you’re completely facing him.

"You know, sugar, if we were alone right now-" You watch him lick his lips and look at you with a strange glint in his blue eyes. "-I would do things to you that would make you leave her instantly."

"I told you to stop it." You take his wrist in your hand to put his hand away from your blushing face and down on the table, having a lot of difficulties to calm down your pounding heart. "I’m not gonna leave Courtney for you, stop making me repeat myself."

You see him chuckle and he intertwines his fingers with yours, trapping the hand you used to push his away.

"Your face is telling a different story every time you say those words, sweetheart. How do I know which one I have to listen to?"

"Sh-shut up! Leave my face out of this! And let go of my hand!"

"No can do, honey." He squeezes your hand and takes another sip of his coffee, still smirking at your reactions. "I’m gonna enjoy every single moment I get with you, even if you try to make me believe you don’t want me too."

"I hate you."

"Love you too, (Y/N)." His smirk grows when you start to grunt in annoyance. "See? Different stories. It’s not my fault you can’t control your reactions. "

You simply continue to eat in silence, your other hand still trap as you grumble some words under your breath.

"So, last week challenge exposed a few Gopher issues… and I’m sensing something a little funky floating in the Bass pound too…"

Courtney pushes Duncan violently away from you, smirking down at him and taking your hand in hers. He gets up from the ground and growls, putting his arm around your shoulders and giving her back her evil glare. You feel the tension rise around you and you sigh, Chris chuckling at the whole scene.

"This week’s challenge is centered around building trust. Because all good things begin with a little trust! There will be three major challenges that will need to be completed by two or more members of your team!" You hear both of your love interests grunt at Chris’ words. "Normally, we like to have the campers choose their partners, but not this time! More fun for me!"

Why do I feel like this is going to be a very bad idea?

"Okay. So, for the first challenge, you’ll be doing an extreme freehand rock climbing adventure! (Y/N) and Duncan will be playing for the Bass… Heather and Gwen for the Gophers."

You smile slightly. If Heather and Gwen have to work together, you and Duncan are going to win this challenge easily, even if you would have preferred to be with someone else.

"Here’s your belay and harness." Chris proceeds to throw the equipment to the four of you. Duncan catches it with a smile.

"So, what do you wanna do, sugar?"

You sigh and look at all the rocks you have to climb. "I guess I’ll climb, no big deal."

"Wait, no!" Courtney whispers angrily and turns to Duncan. "You’re gonna drop her!"

"He won’t be able to drop her exactly." You turn your attention back to Chris. "One partner pulls the slack through the belay as their partner climbs. If the partner falls, the belay will stop them from crashing. The catch: both the side and the base of the mountain are rigged with a few minor distractions like… rusty nails, slippery oil slicks, mild explosives and… a few other surprises."

"Wicked!" You smack Harold in the back of his head. "Ow! Sorry (Y/N), hope you stay safe out there."

"That’s better." You cross your arms at him and pout.

"The person on belay must also harness their partner up. It’s all about trust, people… and remember! Never let go of the rope! Your partner’s life depends on it!"

"You just said we can’t crash!" You scream at Chris and he only smiles more.

"Oh, did I now?"


You’re waiting patiently for Duncan to finish putting the equipment on you as Courtney supervise everything. While you trust him to not let you die, she doesn’t think he’s up for the challenge and has to stop herself to not equip you herself.

"Has anyone of you tried this before?" You suddenly got your anxiety kicking in, the panic grabbing your heart in one second.

"Oh, yeah. They teach you how to climb walls in prison all the time."

"It’s not funny, Duncan!" You only hear him laugh, suddenly stopping after a while. Curious, you look down, only to see that Bunny is in your pocket.

"Aw, I’m sorry little bunny, but you can’t come with mommy." You take Bunny in your hands and hand him to DJ. "You’ll have to stay with your dad for this challenge, okay?"

"Mommy? Dad?" Everyone in your team looks between you and DJ with a confused expression.

"Yeah, since we both love Bunny so much, we decided to share the little guy." DJ answer them as he pets your shared rabbit. "I think he just wants to go take a walk in the forest."

The big guy is about to leave you there when Courtney stops him.

"Oh no! You’re staying! If this punk idiot is about to let my sweet (Y/N) crash, I want you here to help him."

"Calm down, princess, I’m not gonna drop her."

"Shut up! You don’t know that!"

You and DJ both shared a look and sigh in annoyance. That’s when Geoff proposes to take care of the little guy and you both gladly accept, watching him leave in the forest with Bunny. You smile shakily at the rocks.

"Guess I’m climbing now."

You’re in the middle of climbing the rocks when you see Gwen go ahead of you. You frown, wondering how she can move that fast. That’s when you see an explosion propel her off the cliff and you watch her fall down a few meters, Heather finally stopping her from crashing after a few seconds. You start climbing again... a little more cautious this time.

You then hear Gwen scream and crash, you looking down again to see that Heather got sprayed by Chris with some red sauce. Your heart starts pounding again when you see him about to spray Duncan, only to see your punk friend happily swallow the sauce without letting go of the ropes. He’s also having red glasses on? Why?

"Is that the best you can do?" You laugh when you hear Duncan’s comment and he sends you a thumbs up, encouraging you to continue climbing… which you gladly do and, later, when you’re almost done and having some difficulties to finish, you see Gwen overtake you in the climb again. How did she climb that fast, seriously!?

"Hey, Gwen! You don’t want to fall... behind!"

You don’t even have time to process what Heather’s saying that Gwen’s shorts are suddenly in your face, obstructing your view. You hear her scream, some nasty comments from the remaining boys down there coming to your ears. Angry at Heather for doing a bitchy thing again, you take the shorts off of your face and do your best to not look at Gwen’s butt.

"Here, Gwen." You hand her the shorts and she smiles at you. She’s about to thank you when your hands slip and you fall, the girl trying to take a hold of your arms instead.

Sadly, she didn’t succeed.

Fucking oil.

You scream when you fall, the panic replacing the blood in your body. You hope Duncan or even DJ stop you from crashing, but you keep falling and falling. No one had the time to react when you fell, which means that Duncan had let go of the rope without wanting too. Luckily, his feet got stuck in the rope and he’s now up in the air, stopping you from crashing by balancing your weight with his.

That also means you’re both stuck up there and can’t win the challenge.

"Arg, this bite." You sigh when you hear him talk.

"It sucks, yeah."

"Looks like the Gophers have won the first challenge!"

You grunt as Duncan looks down (or is it up now?) at the people, not seeing anyone taking initiatives to help you... Except maybe Courtney, but she’s just screaming at Chris to get you down.

"Looks like they’re not helping us until a few moments."

"Well, fuck." You don’t see him start to smirk.

"That’s too far to do in public if you’re asking." You roll your eyes at him. "I can make out with you, though. Courtney can’t punch me from here."

You blush when you hear this.

"N-no! J-just wait!" He laughs at you, simply grabbing one of your sleeves and bringing you towards him.

Since you’re totally upside down, you can’t act properly with the new gravity on your head, which means you can’t think. That also means you can’t stop him from putting his arm around your waist and kissing you right there, the world disappearing from your mind again.

Damn, this feels so good.

"Duncan! Get your hands off my girlfriend or I’m gonna kill you when you come down!"

Thankfully, Courtney’s voice brings you back to reality and you push him away from you, blushing and grumbling all over again. He laughs at your reaction and waves at Courtney, who keeps screaming insults at him and trying to force Chris to do something about the situation.

"Why do you keep doing things like that?!"

"I told you. Your face always tells something different."

Ugh, you’ll just keep pushing him away until they get both of you down.

And here you are! After Courtney tried to kill Duncan for about an hour, both of them also trying to give you some love in the process, the three of you learn that Bridgette and Geoff have won the second challenge.

You also learned that Trent almost died.

"Isn’t it the second challenge where he has to go to the infirmary?" Bridgette gives you a sad smile and nods. "Woah, this guy has some really bad luck."

"I personally know a guy that will go to the infirmary for a very long time if he doesn’t stop kissing my girlfriend!"

"Hey, guys!" Geoff stops Courtney from jumping on your punk friend, who’s still smirking at her victoriously. "We need to go to the next challenge. Chris sent us to get you."

"Ugh, fine. Let’s go." Your girlfriend takes your hand in hers and drags you along with her, your two blond friends following you. You take a look back to see Duncan waving at you, not moving a little.

Guess he’s not coming.

"Good news! The third round involves three more challenges! It’s the three blind challenges! It begins with the blind William Tell followed by the blind trapeze combined with the treacherous blind toboggan."

"So, where’s our Bunny?" You turn to see DJ talk to Geoff about your little pet. "I miss him."

"Yeah, me too." You give him a suspicious look when you watch his expression change to a worried one.

"Huh, Bunny? I-I’ll go get him!" He then leaves and Bridgette gives him a scared look. You put your hand on her shoulder and she jumps up.

"Why are you worried?" She gives you a fake smile.

"I-I’m not worried! What makes you say that?"

"Like legendary marks William Tell, you’ll be knocking arrows off your partner’s head with crab apples!" You turn your attention back to Chris, who has put an arrow on DJ’s head to show an example.

"Hum… isn’t it the other way around?" You nod to show that you agree with what Courtney is saying.

"Shhh, hush! Also! The shooter will be blindfolded!" You all gasp and take a few steps back from DJ as Chris puts on the blindfold. "The person who knocks off the arrow without causing the least of facial damage wins!"

The host proceeds to shoot the apple at DJ, who receives it right in his parts. The big guy exhales in pain and bends over, almost crying.

"Ah, nuts!"

"Not a great pun, Chris!" He gives you a mean look and you smile back at him. It’s been a while since you’ve said a nasty comment to him, this feels good.

"Leshawna and Owen, you’ll be one team. Courtney and Sadie, you’ll be the other."

Wait, Courtney? What if she gets hurt-

"I’m violently allergic to apples!" You punch Harold again. "Ow!"

"Good thing you’re not gonna throw them or get hit by them, then!" He rolls his eyes at you and walks away.

"Ooooh, let me shoot! I’m a good shot!" You give Sadie a worried look and your girlfriend sighs, already annoyed by this challenge.

"You better be."

"Please don’t hurt my Courtney." You take Sadie’s hands in yours. "Promise me that you won’t."

"Awn, honey! Don’t worry, I’ll be fine." Courtney kisses you on the cheek and you let go of Sadie’s hands, still worried about this challenge.

"Okay, let’s rock and roll!"

As blindfolded Sadie keeps hitting your girlfriend with apples, the worry takes over your mind. Your teammates have to stop you from running over and take care of Courtney, your whole mind screaming at you to help her… You have to calm down. Leshawna just won, surely it’s over now!

But Sadie keeps throwing apples.

"I got her this time!"

"Leshawna won already!"

"Hey, Einstein, it’s over- OW!"

"SADIE STOP!" You scream that part while Chris runs over to Sadie, taking a hold of her shoulders and shaking her.

"Sadie! It’s over, man! Let it go!"

"Oopsie!" She smiles and takes off the blindfold. "Sorry."

"You’re… getting… down…." You watch your girlfriend fall down on the ground, already unconscious.

"Courtney!" You run over to her and take her in your arms, checking if she’s still breathing. "Courtney!"

Chris sighs and turns to the crew. "Put her in the infirmary, I guess."

You’re sitting on a chair beside Courtney, still unconscious. You see Chef with a nurse costume on the other side, trying to feed a dying Trent.

"Is Trent all right?" Chef only nods at you before continuing to feed him. "Why are you feeding him?"

"Because he needs to eat." He turns his head at you and gives you a hard look. "Have you eaten, lady? Don’t lie or I’ll force-feed you."

"… No, I haven’t." He throws you a yogurt package and a spoon that you almost don’t catch. You reluctantly open it and start to eat… You don’t want to go to that place Chef’s been talking about.

"I can’t believe I trusted that little-" You hear some kind of zapping sound and look out the tent to see Heather with a jellyfish on her head. "Ow! Nasty stingy jellyfish- Ow!"

You smile at the sight and continue to eat your yogurt as she sits down on the bed beside Courtney’s. Almost instantly, your girlfriend wakes up, completely confused. It doesn’t stop your heart pounding happily.

"What? Where am I?" You smile at your girlfriend and take her hand in yours.

"You’re in the infirmary." Heather responds before you can open your mouth and you give her a mean look. "Got anything for removing jellyfish?"

She falls on the bed with a thud when she gets confirmation from Chef, making both you and Courtney look at her direction. That’s when you see Duncan walking by with a carrot, trying to attract a bunny.

"What’s Duncan doing with a rabbit?" Your girlfriend looks back at you with an even more confused look, almost expecting you to have an answer.

"I have no idea." You look out again to see that he’s no longer there. "Let’s go find out."

You both get up and you help your girlfriend walk in the direction where you last saw him go. That’s how you arrive at the last challenge’s position, your punk friend nowhere to be found. You both decide that you’ll give attention to Chris instead.

"And now, the final length. The blind toboggan race."

"They say, what?" You frown at Leshawna’s question. Haven’t they guessed that all the challenges will be blindfolded?

"Each team will have a driver and a navigator. The driver steers while the navigator shouts actions. Oh yeah! And the driver will be blindfolded!" They all gasps at Chris and you roll your eyes, not believing that they haven’t guessed that yet. "Not many of you left, huh. Keep losing, you guys, aha! Oh well, huh…. Gwen and Leshawna…. Geoff and DJ."

You then notice that DJ’s sad, his eyes red from crying.

"DJ? What’s happening?" He looks up at you and tears start to come up in his eyes again.

"It-it’s Bunny… he… he left us." You feel your heart squeezes in pain and tears come up in your eyes too.

"What? Wh-what do you mean, he left us? I thought he liked to be with us!"

"Geoff said he ran up in a path and never came back." You look back at Geoff while crying.

"Is that... true?" He opens his mouth to answer you, but he closes it and looks elsewhere, himself and DJ leaving right after to do the challenge. You start to cry in Courtney’s arms, your girlfriend trying her best to make you feel better.

Hopefully, your little Bunny is happy in his forest.


You’re too sad to focus on the race at the moment, Courtney still caressing your back and telling you sweet things.

"Hey DJ! Look what I found!" You look aside to see Duncan open his hands to show a bunny.

Wait, is that...?

"Bunny!" You scream that part and run over to Duncan, tears swelling up in your eyes again. "You found our precious Bunny!"

Duncan smiles at you as you hug the new rabbit he found. When he heard Geoff tell DJ what happened, he knew you’d be sad and upset. So that’s why he decided to go and found another one, just to see you smile again. Courtney crosses her arms and smile, not feeling mad for what he did. He made you happy again, that’s all that matters.

You stop petting Bunny number two when you hear an explosion, looking at the mountain to see Geoff and DJ trying to avoid multiple explosions. You gasp when you see them get up in the air from one of them, worried taking over you again. You ignore the cheering of the remaining Gophers as Gwen and Leshawna are coming to the finish line fast... But when you see both of your teammates crashing safely right on the finish line, you take a moment to process that you’ve just won the last challenge, cheering with the rest of your teammates right after.

"Bunny!" DJ takes off his blindfold and runs over to you to take the rabbit from your hands and spin around happily, finally settling down to hug him and cry. "T-thanks, Duncan. You’re the best."

"Yes, you are!" You hug your punk friend and start to cry again, from joy this time. "I can never thank you enough for this."

"Pff! Y-yeah. Whatever, man! It’s just a stupid rabbit." He blushes slightly as he feels you crush him, looking elsewhere. "I-it’s not like I did it for you or anything like that."

"Yeah, sure." You get off of him and give him a smirk before you leave him there, going back to DJ so that both of you can pet your new Bunny. Duncan rolls his eyes at the sight of you… then smile, unaware of Courtney’s figure creeping up behind him.

"I can’t believe you found a new Bunny for (Y/N) and DJ!" Her voice makes him jump up in the air. "You’re a good guy!"

He looks back at her with a dumbfounded expression, crossing his arms on his chest. "What? No, I’m not."

"You are! You’re actually nice! That’s why she must like you!"

"I don’t know what you’re talking about. There must be a lot of reasons why she must like me that isn’t that "nice" quality."

"Uh-uh. I saw you do it, Duncan." She points at him and gives him a bright smile.

"Whatever! He wouldn’t leave me alone, that weird rabbit!" He looks at her again to see that she’s smirking at him. "Ugh, okay, fine! I did it! Are you happy now? I didn’t wanna see either of them sad. Especially her."


"Listen, don’t tell anybody, okay? I don’t want them to think I’m soft or anything."

"Oh. Your secret is safe with me." The tone of her voice makes him look around, suddenly aware that he just admitted this in front of cameras.

"I’m not nice, okay?" Duncan points at the camera with his crazy and threatening eyes. "It’s just to set the record straight."

A few seconds pass before his face softens.

"It was nice to see her smile again, though." His eyes open wide and he looks at the camera again. "I’m telling you, I’m not nice!"

"And the Bass are the winner of the toboggan race!" You all cheer, Chris’ smirk stretching out at the sight. "But unfortunately, I said that these were blind challenges... By taking off the blindfold for a moment, you broke the number one rule."

You all stop your cheering and subtly look at each other.

"Which makes the Gophers today the big winner!"

"Awn, man!" You put your arms down and crosses them over your chest. "This was going so well."

You’re sitting down beside Courtney at the campfire, which makes you feel weird. The last time you were there, you didn’t even have a girlfriend and now, you do! … Plus, a non-secret lover that keeps wanting to get killed by Courtney… but let’s not talk about the details.

"Who wants a treat? A tasty goodie that represents exemption, security, peace of mind-"

"Ugh, just get on with it!"

"Andifyoudon’tgetamarshmallowyouhavetowalkthedockofshameandyoucannevercomeback. Ever!"

You roll your eyes at Chris’ behavior, casually waiting for this to be over.

"Let’s see." Chris looks at the marshmallows on his plate. "One for Duncan, one for Bridgette, one for Courtney…. One for (Y/N)!"

He throws the marshmallows at you all, your teammates instantly chewing them. You look down at your marshmallow, not wanting to eat it. You’ve eaten so much today… you don’t think you can handle this… but you hear a slight scoff and look up to see Chris giving you a hard look. You sigh and start to eat the marshmallow, making him nod and smile again.

"DJ, Geoff. Well done, my brothers!" He throws two other marshmallows and looks at the remaining teammates. "Looks like we only have one left. Sadie and Harold, the final marshmallow!"

You wait for Chris to say who’s having the last marshmallow...

"Come on, already!"

"Don’t rush me! The audience eats up this kind of dramatic conclusion!" You quirked an eyebrow at him as your girlfriend sighs, Chris finally throwing the last marshmallow. "Harold."

Your little brother by heart smiles and Sadie starts to get angry.

"You know what? That’s fine with me, you…" She gets up and looks at all of you. "You marshmallow eating freaks!"

She then runs to the dock of shame while crying. Your girlfriend waves at Sadie’s leaving form, not even bothering to hide her anger towards her.

"The rest of you are safe… for now."

"Why do you always feel like you need to repeat that? Do you have memory loss or something?"

"(Y/N), stop! I thought we were finally getting along!" You smirk at his exhausting expression.

"Oh, did we now?"

His annoyed face instantly makes you happier.

You’re using the shower, feeling the hot water wash away all of your problems as you exhale your anxiety of the day. You hear someone step inside the communal bathrooms, opening your eyes and looking back at your closed shower door to see feet walking around.

"Who’s there?"

"It’s just me, honey." You breathe out again, relieved to hear your girlfriend speak. "Are you gonna finish soon? I need to take a shower too."

"Actually, I just started." You hear her grunt and sit down on the counter, probably waiting for you to finish.

"You mind if I wait here? I don’t want to go back to the cabins." You chuckle and start to wash your hair with shampoo.

"Nah, I don’t mind."

"Good." You hear her sighs through the sound of the water hitting the floor. "I hope you’re not one of these girls that takes an hour to shower."

"Well, you can always join me." You put your hands on your mouth, but it’s too late, you already said it. You wait for her to respond, the silence only greeting you.

"W-what did you just say?" You smirk when you hear her stutter like she’s embarrassed or something. You would love to see her face at the moment.

"I said that you can always join me." There’s confidence in your voice, finishing rinsing the shampoo out of your hair. There’s another silence where you continue to wash, wondering if you might have taken it too far. Maybe she wants to wait... maybe she’s not comfortable...

Maybe you just screwed up your relationship.

"Are you okay with that?" Her question takes you off guard, but you decide to think about it seriously.

"Well, yeah." You pause before opening your mouth. "I feel like I’m ready. If you’re not, that’s fine, though."

"No, I’m ready. J-just… Just wait for a second!"

You hear her get off the counter and go to the communal bathroom door, locking it. Your smirk grows, feeling your heart pound louder and louder. You stretch your arm behind you to unlock the shower door, trying to not laugh when you hear Courtney almost trip on her clothes. You like that she’s much more nervous than you, it makes you feel a little better about the situation.

You put your hands through your wet hair, enjoying the feeling of the warm water when the door open and close behind you. You feel her eyes set on your naked form and you move your hands on your neck before breathing out.

"Wow." You move your head slightly to be able to see her, smiling sweetly when her beauty hits you whole. You watch her eyes eats you up, blushing slightly when she finally looks at you in the eyes.

"What is it?" She smiles and comes up to you, embracing you with her arms and kissing your temple.

"You’re beautiful, that’s all." Your heart skips a beat at her words and you turn around, putting your arms around her neck and giving her a small kiss.

"I could say the same for you, you know." It’s her turn to chuckle at your words before she captures your lips, moving her hands slowly on your back as your bodies get closer. You feel her hands go down your body and you growl, not wanting to ever let her go. She separates from you for a moment and you look deep into her black eyes, her freckles popping even more than before.

"You’re okay with this?" You stop her from worrying too much by kissing her lips for a few seconds.

"Couldn’t be more fine, sweetie."

And that’s how you continue your night with Courtney, the rest of it up to you and you only.

Chapter Text

Chapter Twelve: Basic Training

You’re sitting on the stairs of the Bass’ cabins beside Geoff, reading one of your novels as you hear Duncan graving something on the wall behind you. You decide to look and get surprised by how great the skull he made looks. You’re about to compliment him when the boys’ door open, revealing a pissed off Harold.

"Okay. Who’s made smores out of my underwear!? "

You roll your eyes in annoyance when you see the two boys laugh at Harold, both sharing a look and smirking proudly. Harold takes out one of his underwear from the dessert and throws it on the ground just in front of a walking Courtney, the brown-haired girl screaming before sending a glare to the teenager.

"Ugh! Harold! You are so totally gross! " Your girlfriend proceeds to walk away with a pissed off face, Harold giving her a terrified expression.

"No, wait! It wasn’t me! " He looks back at the other two boys and sends them a glare. "Idiots! "

The boy then returns into the cabin and shuts the door.

"Sometimes, he just makes it too easy! " Geoff and Duncan laugh as you roll your eyes again, closing your book.

"I hear you, man. " Geoff and Duncan laugh as you roll your eyes again, closing your book and standing up.

"You guys have nothing else to do for fun? " Geoff shakes his head with a small smile to answer you, but Duncan only grins.

"Well, I have a few ideas that you could help me with…"

You groan in annoyance as his smirk grows wider, Geoff laughing again The deviant boy is about to tell you something else when you hear Chef’s voice.

"Listen up, you little cockroaches! I want all campers to report to the dock of shame!"

The three of you share a confused look, not knowing where Chef is… And why is Chef talking to you guys instead of Chris? Do you have to listen to him?

"That means now, soldiers, now!"

You drop your book on the steps and run over to the dock of shame, Geoff and Duncan following you close behind with panic faces.

You’re all standing on the dock of shame in pure silence as Chef walks in front of you, wearing his soldier attire. In the heat of the moment, you got yourself stuck between Duncan and your girlfriend... but neither of them tries to fight for your attention due to the atmosphere. The big guy gets out a megaphone and talks in it.

"Line up and stand in attention! You call this proper formation?" Chef hits Geoff’s leg and the guy scream. "Feet together! Arms down! Head forward! Head’s up!"

You straighten yourself up in fear as you watch the ex-soldier hit Harold multiple times, probably for not following any of Chef’s demands. He turns around and gives her furious eyes at Gwen, who has been whispering something in Trent’s ear.

"What did you say to me, soldier?!"

"Um…." She starts to think in fear. "… nothing? "

"And you’ll continue to say nothing until I tell you that you can say something! " He turns around again, continuing to walk in front of all of you. "Today’s challenge will not be an easy one. In fact, I don’t expect anyone to come out alive."

Owen laughs but screams when Chef hits his back.

"Ow! That hurt! "

"My board is out to make sure that all the babies in front of me drop out of my boot camp except one. The last one standing wins immunity for their team. "

"Uh…." You give Heather a side look, wondering what she’s going to say now. "What happened to Chris? "

That’s a very good question.

"Rule number one! You’re gonna address me…" Even with his glasses on, you can see that he’s having difficulty to take care of today’s challenge. "… as Master Chief! Have you got that? "

"Yes, Master Chief! " You say that part with everyone, fearing for your own life.

"You will sleep when I tell you to sleep. " He stops walking in front of you in particular and looks at you in the eyes. "And you will only eat when I tell you to eat! Is that clear? "

"Yes, Master Chief! " You stop yourself from making a weird face when he gives you an apple, starting to eat it reluctantly as others grunt in jealousy.

"Rule number two! When you are ready to give up, you will walk to the end of the dock and ring the bell! " He points to a golden bell, all of you staring at it and silently asking yourselves where it came from. "Which brings me to rule number three! If we don’t get one quitter before the end of the first day, well that day will not end until someone drops out! Now get your butts down to the beach, soldiers! Now! Now! Now! "

You all scream and run away, yourself almost choking on the apple you’re eating.

Now you’re all standing in line at the beach, yourself still trap between Courtney and Duncan as all of you look at Chef pointing at two canoes in front of him, now talking without his megaphone.

"Listen up! Each team must hold a canoe over their heads! I caught you taking your hands off the canoe, and you will be eliminated! And no one eats lunch until someone drops out! "

While everyone feels dreadful about not being able to eat lunch soon, you kind of feel relieved. That must be why Chef gave you this apple earlier, he knew you wouldn’t be able to eat in a while and wanted to be sure that you don’t drop dead… but if you manage to motivate the teams to never give up, you might not eat all day!

I shouldn’t think like that. What’s wrong with me?

That’s the kind of thoughts you have as you and the others take the canoes up in the air, not noticing who you’re stuck between.

"Pff! This isn’t that hard! " You look at the other team to see Owen smile wildly.

"Piece of cake!" Geoff says that right in front of you, making you notice that you’re between him and Duncan. Your girlfriend is standing two people in front of you while Bridgette stands right behind Duncan. You sigh. You’re pretty sure your punk friend is going to try something. Hopefully, your best friend will help you if he goes too far.

It’s hours later now, the teams starting to get hungry and pretty tired. You see your girlfriend grunt in pain, having difficulties to hold the canoe up. You wish you could give her comfort, but you can’t take your hands off the canoe… Dang it!

"Come on, you sissies! It’s only been three hours!"

You growl at Chef, stopping yourself from saying a comment. The man has been sitting on the canoe your team’s holding while Chris is sitting on the other. Apparently, the guy is just taking a break from hosting today’s challenge, having some other projects to do at the side. Something about a small role in a movie or something? Meh, don’t care. You just think it’s unfair that they are both sitting on the canoes, the ex-soldier being way heavier than the psychopath.

"Looks like they miss lunch today! " You detect a small tone in Chris’ voice, looking up at him and noticing him giving you a long look.

"Hm-hm. Guess they just weren’t hungry! Unless someone wants to quit now?" You feel like Chef’s question is directed at you and Chris smiles, both probably wanting you to quit the challenge so they can feed you without raising any suspicion. You give the host a hard look and smirk.

"Nah, we’re good." You watch Chris lose his smile with satisfaction. "We’re gonna hold this canoe up until we win this challenge. "

You ignore the two adults’ glare, feeling proud to have destroyed their little plan of making you eat. You turn your attention back to Geoff, noticing that he’s trying to take Harold’s underwear out with a fishing rod.

Wait … how did he get that fishing rod?

"Time to land that fish!" Duncan leans his face beside yours and smirks. You don’t even have time to warn Harold that the blond already snaps his underwear in half.

"Ow! Idiots!" Harold puts his hands back up on the canoe, Chef looking down.

"Is there a problem down here?" Harold shakes his head and the ex-soldier goes back up. You sigh in annoyance at your two guy friends, not understanding why they’re still bothering your brother by heart.

You look behind you to send Duncan a glare, but he takes the opportunity to kiss you. You pull away fast and look in front of you with a small blush, the punk guy chuckling at your reaction and kissing your cheek. He’s about to whisper in your ear when Bridgette kicks him in the leg, making him slightly scream in surprise and stop what he’s doing. You smile, sensing your best friend good vibes around you.

You’re so glad she’s here to protect you.

It’s night time and you’re all still in the same position, a fire glowing beside you as you hear Owen snore. You’ll never understand how the guy can sleep while doing specific things… like holding a canoe up. Seriously, is he even human?

I should also add that you’ve been listening to Chef telling one of his stories, the ex-soldier sitting down on a wooden seat beside your team.

"Twenty-five of us went into the jungle that night." He takes a pause and gives you all an intense look. "Only five came back out."

You give him an empathetic smile, imagining the horrible things he must have faced in his life before.

"What war were you in any way?" You’re surprised to hear Gwen talk. Maybe you weren’t the only one listening.

"Did I asked you to speak!? Cause I don’t remember asking you to speak!"

"Whatever. He so wasn’t in a war." The ex-soldier send a glare to the goth girl.

"Guys..." You all look at the Gophers’ team, watching Lindsay put her arms down and sighing in pain. "...I can’t do this anymore…. I have no more feeling in my arms!"

She slowly walks away towards the dock of shame, Chef smiling proudly as the Gophers makes sad faces.

"Looks like we got ourselves a quitter!"

"Don’t do it, Lindsay…!"

You can’t help but silently agreed with Owen’s plea. If she rings the bell, Chris and Chef will force you to eat… You don’t want to eat! Even if it’s for your good! But the girl rings the bell with her head, all the members of your team throwing the canoe away with victorious smiles.

"As for the rest of you, in the lodge hall! Dinner is served!"

Guess you don’t have a choice now.

You’re standing beside a table, Courtney and your best friend not too far away from you. The rest of your team are spreading around the table, all of them looking back at Chef and Chris standing between the two teams.

"Alright, Maggots! Open your ears! You’ve got ten minutes to eat before night training begin, so get to it! "

You sigh and everyone screams in disbelief, not wanting to work again in such a short time notice. You see Duncan simply shaking his head, the others complaining out loud.

"Huh, excuse me, Master Chief? Where’s the food? " Gwen gives the two adults a suspicious look. The two of them only smirks while the ex-soldier shows garbage cans.

"You’re looking at it. " He chuckles darkly as Owen comes and open one.

"This is the leftover garbage from this morning’s breakfast. "

"Done right! When you’re at war, you take what you can get! "

Your girlfriend leaves your side and goes to the garbage cans with the others, you simply staying behind. You’re not even moving a little to try and find a small piece of good food. If you’re gonna eat something, it’s gonna be something that you like. You look at the two adults to see them glare at you, making you smile.

"Well, I can see you got this under control. " Chris looks at Chef while they walk. "I’m off to craft services, coming? "

"Serve me up some of that! " As they pass beside you, Chris takes out a plastic bag full of vegetables from his pocket and shoves it in your hands, sending you a look that clearly says that you have to eat this. That must have been what they’ve prepared for you earlier when they wanted you to give up the challenge. You grunt in annoyance and open the bag, starting to eat in front of the leaving adults. Somehow, none of the teenagers has noticed what happened and they’re simply continuing to search through the trash.

"Ugh! I’m not eating that! " You almost smile at Heather’s outburst, chowing down on a carrot. You watch your girlfriend throw something on the ground, also not quite happy about her future meal.

"Me neither! "

"Don’t care for today’s special, princess? " You watch Duncan pass in front of Courtney with a glass full of some liquid in it. You quirk an eyebrow at that and starts to walk over.

"I’m going to be running for office one day, and no one is going to pull up a file of me eating garbage! " She crosses her arms on her chest and sends the punk guy an irritable look.

"Of course not, honey. " You smile sweetly at her while hugging her from behind, the brown-haired girl smiling back and resting her head against yours. You show her the bag of vegetables Chris gave you. "I find this, wanna share with me? "

"I swear, you’re the best. " She immediately takes a carrot from the bag and starts to eat it. Your smile stretches out; guess you find a hole in the psychopath’s plan.

"That’s not juice! " Both of you turn your attention to Harold, who just drank the glass Duncan was walking with. Speaking of him, he’s currently laughing at your brother by heart along with Geoff.

"Oh, my mistake, dude! We must have confused it with the kitchen grease! " When she hears Duncan’s words, your girlfriend takes your hand and walks rapidly to the three boys.

"You guys are so immature! I hope you’re proud of yourselves!" The deviant guy only chuckles at the brown-haired girl’s comment.

"Okay, look. I know you like me. He knows you like me. (Y/N) knows you like me. Everyone knows it!"

Wait, what?

"So here’s a tip: If you want to kiss me, I might let you. "


While your brain goes completely blank, not understanding what you just heard, your girlfriend tightens her grip on your hand and she sends him a mean glare.

"And to think I actually thought you were nice! "

Duncan silently tells her to not say anything more, looking slightly at Geoff with a scarred face. You just look between your two love interests, a million questions attacking your mind at the moment and not letting you talk.

"M-me? Nice? Ah-ah! Yeah, right! "

"Why did you think that? " You hear Geoff asks that question, but you think that there’s so much more questions that are more important than this one.

"Never mind! I was wrong! He’s just as gross and annoying as he wants you to believe, and I don’t understand how in the world (Y/N) could have a thing for you. Enjoy your garbage! "

You let yourself be dragged away, your brain still blank as Courtney takes you outside with her angry steps. When you’re away from the lodge, you come back to your senses and open your mouth.

"You like Duncan? "

The brown-haired girl gasps as she stops in her tracks, letting go of your hand and turning around to give you a shocking expression.

"Hell no! I would never ever like this gross and stupid guy! "

Your eyes open wide and you tilt your head, your brain realizing something.

"Oh my god! You do like him! "

"No, I don’t! You’re the one who likes him! And he knows that! And I hate it because he’s always trying to take you away from me! Everyone knows you’re mine, but no one cares enough to help me stop him to get closer to you! "

She continues to ramble about how much frustration she’s feeling because of him, trying her best to make you believe that she hates him. But you know her so well already, you can see through that facade she creates.

Just like you could see through Duncan’s fake act on the first day.

"When were you going to tell me? " Your question makes her stop to talk and she sighs in annoyance, massaging her temples.

"(Y/N). I don’t like him. " You realize that she hasn’t admitted it yet and you give her an empathetic smile.

"Sweetheart, just let it go. "

"I don-" She sees the sadness in your eyes and she closes hers. "Fine. I might like him a little. "

"There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? " She grunts at your response and you chuckle sadly. "Do you still love me? "

She gives you an even shocker expression… before she sends you sad eyes that are still full of love.

"(Y/N), I love you more than anything. " She takes your head between her hands, not understanding why you would ever ask her that question. "I loved you from the moment we met, and I will never stop loving you. Don’t you ever doubt that. "

"I know, but… you like him. "

"It’s not like I want too! And might I remind you that you also have feelings for him?"

You chuckle sadly again as she caresses your cheek, smiling down at you. You stare at her black eyes, the beauty of them hitting you all over again before you sigh with exhaustion.

"What do we do, then? Do we talk to him? "

"Hell no! " Her face transforms into a weird grimace and you laugh at her response, not expecting that outburst. "I’m not ready to share you, yet. Plus, who knows what this guy feels? Maybe he’s just playing us. "

"I guess you’re right. " You bite your bottom lip, wondering if you do know your punk friend after all. "So… we wait? "

"That’s the best option, yeah. "

"… We’re still together, right? "

She simply holds you in her arms and kisses you deeply, making all the doubt in your mind go away with that simple gesture.

While everyone is bearing the fact that they have to dance on a piece of horrible music until someone drops out, you just keep smiling and doing the moves. You’ve always loved to dance, but your parents didn’t have enough money to keep paying you lessons, so you had to resolve into dancing alone in your room. You do know that you’ll be tired eventually... that’s why you’re not putting too much effort into the challenge. Plus, it’s quite funny to see Chef dancing with all of you.

That’s until the music stops and you all gasp in surprise, looking back at a smirking Duncan who’s simply looking up at Chef with proud.

"Duncan! What are you doing? " Your girlfriend takes your hand in hers, panic rising inside both of you because of what the punk guy just did.

"One of us drops out, we’re done for the day. " Duncan crosses his arms on his chest, clearly stating that he’s dropping out.

"We’re done when I say we’re done! Now drop and give me twenty! "

You watch your friend rolls his eyes before he starts doing the push-ups, the ex-soldier looking rather disappointed. You frown, wondering if Chef refused for Duncan to drop out because he liked the little dance you were all doing together.

"Anyone else got anything they want to say? "

"Uh, yeah! Can I go to the bathroom? "

From the smirk Chef is giving Gwen, you’re not sure she’s going to use the bathroom how she wants it.

You’re all back in the lodge and sitting at your respective tables, you specifically being in front of Duncan and beside Courtney. Your punk friend is looking rather annoyed by this whole thing, which only makes you smile. You like having Chef in charge, it’s been more fun with him here instead of Chris.

"For your next challenge, you’ll complete a three-hundred-word essay about how much you love… me. " The ex-soldier gives you all a satisfied smile before he drops it. "Anyone who falls asleep or fails to complete the challenge will be eliminated! "

He then tells you that you have two hours to complete the challenge, which you think is an excessive amount of time just to write three-hundred words. Seriously, if you don’t use double space, that’s just one page! But… three-hundred words about how much you love Chef?

Actually, you have a few ideas.

You take your pen and a sheet, and you start to write.

You’ve finished your essay after only thirty minutes, now waiting for the others. As they’re taking their sweet time to do it, you almost fall asleep, but you manage to stay awake until Chef ends the little challenge.

"Let’s see what you have here, (Y/N). " The man takes your masterpiece from your hands and starts to read it. His eyes trail down on the piece of paper and you can see tears threatening to fall behind his glasses, which makes you smile.

You didn’t just write anything to please his ego, you thought about things that you like about him. Like how you think he’s a better host than Chris, how he’s a good dancer and good teacher, how he’s very fun to be around, how he looks cool, how you admire him for serving time at war and how much you respect the guy for making you guys food… You know, stuff like that.

Anyway, when he’s done, he folds the piece of paper and put it in his pocket. Then, he looks at you, fakes a cough and tells you that you pass the challenge. You smile and watch him walk around to finally stop beside Duncan. Chef takes the punk’s paper with a proud smirk and reads it out loud, the teenager rolling his eyes at the man.

"I love Master Chief Hatchet because he’s very very very very very very very… This is just one sentence with five pages of "very" in-between! "

Five pages? Did he even count his words, or did he just kept writing the word "very" until the time was out?

"It’s three hundred words exactly! You can count them if you want!" You give Duncan a suspicious look. Is he serious? Uh…. You know, maybe he’s too tired to know how many words he put on those pages.

"Wipe off that drool, you little baby! " You look behind you to see Chef talking to Owen, also seeing that the ex-soldier was getting up from falling on a puddle. The man, now angry, wakes up Trent and points at a sleeping DJ.

"You two slackers are out. The rest of you, get to bed and report to the playing field at all five-hundred-hours. "

"Ah-ah. " You notice that Duncan is in front of Chef with a tissue, still smirking. "Missed a spot there, general. "

Does he want to die?

"What!? Do you want to run fifty laps around this camp right now!? "

"No thanks! " Courtney takes Duncan by his shoulders and pushes him behind her. "He’s going straight to bed! Aren’t you? "

She pushes him further away from Chef and right beside you and Geoff, you feeling your hand coming to support your chin as you yawn tiredly.

"What are you trying to do? Getting eliminated? "

"I didn’t know you cared. " He’s simply smirking at her worried expression, making you roll your eyes again. Her face instantly turns into an angry one and she seems to struggle with what to retort back.

"Dude, you’re our strongest player. If you’re gone, we’re doomed. "

"Exactly! " She sends you a relieved look and you smile at her. "And I also don’t wanna lose this challenge! So stop being such a mess-up and do what you’re told for once, okay?! "

She then storms out, leaving you alone with Geoff and Duncan. There’s a small silence before the punk guy turns to your cowboy friend.

"She digs me. " The two boys fist bump before they turn at you. "She does, doesn’t she? "

You simply snort, shaking your head with a smile at his question. Did he forget that she’s your girlfriend? The conversation you had with her comes back to your mind and you question his intentions. Maybe now is a good time to see what he really thinks?

"You’re so obsessed with that, I wonder if there’s something deeper on your part. " You playfully quirk an eyebrow at him and you turn your face at your blond friend. "Geoff, you two are friends, right? Do you think Duncan has a crush on my girlfriend? "

Duncan gives you a shocked expression and his neck slightly turns pink, Geoff opening his mouth wide from your question. When the blond sees your smirk, he understands where you’re going and imitates your playful smile, both of you turning at the punk guy.

"Oooooh, I didn’t think of that…." Geoff’s smile grows wider. "You know what, (Y/N)? I think he does! "

"W-what? No, I don’t! "

"Awn, maybe I should worry about Courtney being stolen from me. Was that your goal from the beginning? That is quite a plan, I must say."

Duncan hides his face behind his hands, Geoff chuckling while you hear him grunt in annoyance.

"I don’t have a crush on Courtney, alright?! " He scrubs his forehead with his eyes close, clearly not wanting to have this conversation right now. "She’s a stubborn princess who expects everything to be handed to her! I hate her!

"Hmmm… Should I believe him, Geoff? "

"Oh, I’m not sure. He does talk about her a lot."

"Goddammit! I don’t like Courtney, okay!? I like you! "

The punk guy slams his hands on the table, his face getting close to yours as he stares into your eyes. You lose your smile as Geoff gets up and leaves you two, your cowboy friend also pushing the remaining people to leave the lodge and go to sleep. As you hear all of them walk away, you wait for Duncan to say something else, his hard expression making you silent. When everyone’s gone, he calms down and exhales a breath he has been holding for a while.

You’re the one who talks first.

"If you don’t like her, then why have you been flirting with her so much?"

"I haven-"

"Duncan. " Your expression gets darker. "Don’t lie to me. "

There’s an annoyed sigh from his part and he closes his eyes, rubbing his face with one of his hand as you tilt your head and patiently wait for him to answer.

"I… Well, she’s not that bad, you know… So maybe, sometimes, I think that…"

"You might want her? " Your question seems to take him back to reality and he’s suddenly grabbing your shoulders, a panic expression on his face.

"N-no! No, I don’t! It’s… er, it’s just a thought that comes from time to time! It’s nothing compared to how much I think about you!"

You quirk an eyebrow at him. He likes Courtney... but just like her, he’s not accepting it. So does he really like you? Well, it looks like he’s being vulnerable in front of you... and in front of cameras. You doubt he’ll do that with anyone else.

"How much do you think about me? "

You feel his grip on your shoulders loose up and he gives you a sad smile.

"Constantly. I can’t even stop myself. " He stares deeply into your eyes and you feel your breath stop. "You’ve always been on my mind, (Y/N). Since the first day! You can ask the guys from the team if you want, they’ll all say that I’m obsessed with you. Well… that might be a strong word... "

He chuckles and he slightly moves one of his hand to the side of your neck.

"But still, I thought I was being very clear, no? I even asked you to leave her for me. " Your heart tightens when you feel his hand grab your cheek, his thumb caressing it as he chuckles again. "Every time I look at you, I just wish you were mine instead of hers. I wish I could show you how much you mean to me. I wish I could show everyone how much you mean to me. Is it that hard to understand? "

You feel tears come into your eyes, both of his hands holding your head now. You open your mouth to say something, but the words don’t come out. Why are you suddenly feeling like this? Why is he being like this?

"I just want you so much, (Y/N). " You close your eyes when your foreheads touch, feeling his breath on your face. "God, I want you so much. I need you."

Another sharp pain in your heart.

"Please, please, be mine. " You open your eyes again, only to be drowned into his blue ones. "I need you to be mine. I know you want to. Don’t you want to be mine? "

"I… " You feel lost at words, not knowing how to express what you feel. You close your mouth, putting your hands on top of his and dragging them away from your face, the tears finally falling. "I don’t know. "

"You don’t know? " You see pain pass in his eyes and your heart shatters

"… I need to go. "

"Wait! " He takes your wrist in his hands as you try to run away, preventing you from leaving. "What do you mean, you don’t know? You don’t want me? "

"No, it’s no-" You stop yourself and shakily breathe out, refusing to look at him. "I just don’t know what to do. "

He lets you get out of his grip. You take a few steps towards the entrance before you turn back at him, the silence slowly killing you. You can’t do what he asks. You can’t choose to leave Courtney for him. You love her too much.

But you love him too.

"I need to think about it, okay? " Your words seem to bring hope back in him. "I just need to think about it. "

"That’s great! " He takes a step towards you but stops when he sees you take step back and decides to give you a sad smile instead. "Just think about it… Maybe…"

He closes his eyes and takes a breath, letting it out slowly before looking at you again.

"Maybe I’ll share you with her if.... if she’s willing to do it too. "

It’s your turn to give him a sad smile, leaving him in the lodge right after.

The next night, Courtney, Duncan, Geoff, Harold and you are standing together to face the next challenge, the five of you being the last non-eliminated people of your team. As your teammates look up at the obstacles, you look at the Gophers team to see only four members. You smile.

Maybe you’ll win this whole thing. Who knows?

"You’ll all run this course until you all complete it in under one minute. Am I making myself clear? " Chef looks down at Duncan in particular, who only playfully smile.

"Crystal. " The ex-soldier then leaves your team alone.

"If you lose this for us, I’m gonna make you so miserable! " Courtney points at the punk guy with a threatening look, but a soft sweetness kind of visible in her eyes.

You told her he likes her too. She has the hope that the three of you will find an arrangement that will make you all happy. You? Well, you do want everyone to be happy, but the stress of this situation is so intense, you just wish you could have access to a bottle of vodka right now.

"Go, Maggots, go! "

You don’t have time to think that you all running into the obstacles. You do the first one fast, getting yourself in the first position as you’re ignoring the pain you feel in your stomach and your chest. The more you run into the course, the worse you feel. You ignore the pain, you’ll worry about your health later.

That is until Chef stops all of you before you can finish the course, your eyes looking behind you to see Harold throwing up dirt on the ground. You instantly run back at the beginning, arriving just after the ex-soldier helped up your little brother by heart.

"Ring the bell and report to the infirmary! Your tour of duty is finished. " Harold walks away slowly as you settle between Duncan and Geoff.

"Wow. " Your punk friend turns at you with a smirk. "Poor guy. "

"Get back to it, soldiers, now! " You and Geoff run away to the beginning of the course to start everything over as Duncan simply stays in front of Chef. You feel your whole body scream at you to stop making any moves, death putting her hand around your heart and threatening to squeeze it at any moment. Your girlfriend notices your state and takes your muddy head in her hands, worry setting on her whole face.

"Honey, you’re alright? Maybe you should-"

"I’m fine! " You smile wildly to show that you can do the challenge, ignoring the fact that it’s your lack of food and energy that is about to kill you. "I’ll rest after the challenge. Don’t worry about me, okay? "

She doesn’t have time to tell you something else that Chef starts the race, all of you running for the second time. This time, you’re the last in line, having a lot of difficulties to face the obstacles. As you walk on the falling wall that Owen put down, you look ahead to see Heather trap at one of the obstacles, which makes you smile. You continue to walk and see Gwen down on the ground, Leshawna also getting absorbed by the mud as Duncan goes ahead.

"Falling soldier, I salute you! " His words from the distant makes you chuckle as you try to go through the hanging tires, getting on the other side slowly.

"You just bought yourself twenty more push-ups! " You look up again to see Duncan get up and give Chef a bright smile.

"Thank you! " He then proceeds to kiss the ex-soldier’s nose, making him intensely hungry. The usual panic feeling attacks your nerve and you get a shot of energy that helps you get through the rest of the obstacles faster, still doing the last of them when you hear Chef talk.

"One-night solitary confinement… in the boathouse. "

Everyone gasps while you crawl under the swinging axes, finally getting up beside Courtney, Duncan, and Geoff. Your girlfriend and the blond give the deviant boy panic looks, but the punk guy only seems bored.

"Big deal. How scary can it be? "

"Very-" You stop talking to put a hand on your chest, your heart having lots of sharp pains. "-scary. "

Your vision starts to blurry and you feel like you want to throw up, the world moving around you too fast. You close your eyes when you feel hands grab your head, recognizing the silhouette of your girlfriend for a short moment.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N), are you okay? "

"I don’t… feel-"

You blackout, your whole body falling into Courtney’s arms as everyone gets excessively worried over you. Chef simply takes you from Courtney’s arms and on his shoulder, not even bothered at all. As he walks back to the infirmary, he looks behind him to see that most of the people, including Duncan and Courtney, are following him. The man grunts at them and orders the punk guy to go to the boathouse, also prohibiting everyone to come and see you for the rest of the night. Everyone sends him a shocked look as he walks away, the ex-soldier putting out a walkie-talkie to tell Chris what just happened.

Looks like you and the host will talk.

You open your eyes to see the roof of the medical tent, asking yourself why in the world you just woke up in the infirmary.

"Oh, look who’s awake. "

When you see Chris’ pissed off face, everything comes back to you and you feel yourself making a weird face. If that guy’s here only to wait for you to wake up, you must be in big trouble.

"We told you to eat again or you’ll be sent away. Didn’t Chef told you that? "

"He did. " You slowly get your upper body up, feeling your bones cracking in pain. "And I did eat! A whole freaking lot! Just… just not… today… yet. "

You see the host rub his eyes in annoyance.

"(Y/N), you need to eat. " You shamelessly look down at your hands, feeling his judgmental eyes on your weak form. "Look, I don’t want to send you away. A lot of our viewers are only watching the show because you’re in it and you’re making a lot of drama here, which is awesome. Soooo, I talked to the producers and… we’re giving you one last chance, alright? But you need to eat more. And you need to eat every day. "

"But I can’t do that! " The words came out in a terrified voice, the host instantly giving you a hard smile.

"Oh, really? " He chuckles darkly and put his hands on his waist. "And why is that? Why are you so obsessed about not eating anything? Is it a weight thing? You wanna lose weight? "

"No, it’s not that! " You shake your head excessively. "I don’t care about weight! "

"Of course not. Your parents said you’ve been like that since you were a child. They always had to force-feed you. " Your body starts to tremble, not wanting to hear what he’s going to say next. "It’s a deeper problem, isn’t it? What is it, (Y/N)? "

"… I don’t know…"

"What is it? "

"I don’t know! "

"Why can’t you eat, (Y/N)?! "

"Because I don’t deserve it! " You scream those words while grabbing your hair with your hands and curling up on yourself, the tears coming out of your eyes. "I don’t deserve to eat! I’m a worthless, incapable and shameful monster who deserves to die of starvation! She’ll only give me food when I’ll finally do something right in my horrible life! "

The words hit you in the heart, your brain not understanding where all of this is coming from. It’s like it’s coming out of far memories you’ve suppressed and can no longer remember. You let go of your hair as you look down at your hands with a shocked expression, silently asking them what’s the meaning of this. You hear a sigh and you feel a hand on your shoulder. You can’t even look at Chris.

You don’t want to see the look on his face.

"Okay, listen. " You absorb his words, keep looking at your hands. "I don’t care about any of you and I never will. But still, I’m not going to let you think that you don’t deserve to eat. "

There’s a small pause and you slightly move your head to give him a look, seeing him giving you back a serious face.

"I don’t know who that person is or why she told you those things. Maybe it’s your mother, maybe not. Anyway, I don’t care. She had no right to tell you those things. Because guess what, (Y/N)? You deserve to eat as many foods as you want and whenever you want. You’re the only who can control that aspect of your life. "

You feel yourself calm down has his words makes a way inside your masochist's brain, slowly untying the knot that’s been stopping you from eating all those years. After a few seconds, an idea pops up in your head and you give the host a playful smile.

"Well, you forgot that I can’t decide what or when to eat in here. "

He simply chuckles and steps back from you, also pointing at a plate of normal food on a table beside your bed.

"I didn’t forget. You need to eat this. " You roll your eyes in annoyance and take the plate in your hands as he laughs. "Think of it as a personal challenge. If you eat this plate, you’ll get a prize. "

You frown at him. "What prize? "

The small bottle of alcohol he gets out of his back answer your question.

"But… " You look back up at him. "Won’t you get arrested for giving alcohol to a sixteen-year-old? "

"If they found proof. " His smile stretches more. "No one’s filming here. "

That’s all you needed to hear before you eat again, this time with much more pleasure.

You’re sitting in the shadows outside of the cabins by yourself, feeling a little drunk and still drinking the bottle of vodka Chris gave you. You don’t know why he decided to give you this. Did he remember that you said you missed vodka? Or did he just thought that you needed alcohol with your love life being so complicated? You don’t know. It’s hard to guess with a psychopath.

Anyway, the only reason why you’re outside and not in the cabin right now is because you heard the two teams in there, talking and eating things that Duncan and Courtney stole together. That last piece of information made you question if something happened between them, which also made you imagine things…. which then pushed you to drink here. Outside. Alone.

Later, as you’re taking another sip of alcohol, the door swings open and you see your girlfriend run out, the girl leaning over the balustrade at the opposite of you and throwing up. Your instinct tells you to go comfort her, but you’re so sad and drunk right now that you don’t feel the strength to even get up. So, instead, you stay in the shadows and continue to drink, watching Courtney stop her sickness and turn around weakly as Duncan comes out of the cabin.

Looks like they haven’t seen you.

"So the princess has a dark side. " You slightly smile at the punk guy’s comment.

"Okay, that was so gross. " Your girlfriend smiles. "But it was like, once I did something bad, it was so much fun I just wanted more! "

Oh yeah. That feeling is great.

"Well, you can always give me that kiss, that’ll be pretty bad. " Duncan smirks at Courtney while taking her chin in his hand, the brown-haired girl only smiling back.

You put the bottle on your lips again, watching your two supposed love interests flirt with each other. You’re not feeling jealous or anything. You don’t care, actually… but you don’t know if this situation is normal. Are you supposed to be mad? What are you supposed to do?

Courtney puts the punk guy’s hand away and pets his hair. "You’re still not my type. "

"Fine. " The deviant boy crosses his arms with the same smile. "Enjoy a peanut butter less life. "

"Thanks! " Her playful smile turns into a sweet one. "Enjoy prison! "

"I will. "

You close your eyes when they kiss, only drinking more and more. Ugh, why are you here? Why are you witnessing this? You watch them smile at each other and you notice that your bottle is almost empty. You wish you had more, but maybe having more would be a very bad idea.

"Hey, I think…" You look up at Courtney, who’s looking away with embarrassment. "I think we should talk about this with (Y/N) when she comes back from the infirmary. "

"Sure." You watch Duncan put his hands in his pocket. "How though? Have any suggestions? "

"Maybe like… proposing a three-way relationship? "

You look up at the sky when you hear him chuckle, random thoughts attacking you.

"You mean like a polygamous thing? " You hear Courtney agree and the idea floats in your brain, asking you what you think of it. "Do you think she’ll accept it?"

"I don’t know…" You look back at them when you hear her sigh. "I wish we could go see her. I’m so worried. "

"Yeah, me too. "

"It’s just… she dropped so fast! Do you think she got sick or something? "

"I think she just didn’t eat enough. "

Your heart stops, your drunk-self not believing what you’re hearing.

"Oh, so you’ve noticed too? "

"That she never eats? Of course, I did. I just didn’t know how to ask her about it. I didn’t want to upset her, you know? "

"Yeah, I know! Bridgette told me that she doesn’t like to talk about those kinds of things. She tried a couple of times with other topics, but (Y/N) always changed the subject. So she didn’t confront her and instead just… gave her some junk food she finds from time to time. "

Is this… why she always gives me chocolate and chips? Does everyone know?

"Well, after today, I think we might need to confront her about it. "

You can’t stop yourself from chuckling and they gasp, looking back at you to see you playfully smile.

"Awwwwwn, you guys are worrying about me, that’s so sweet. " Your drunk voice makes you chuckle again, not expecting to hear you being so happy and cheerful. "But there’s no need for confrontation! Chris is forcing me to eat or else I’ll be sent to a special hospital… So no worries! I’m gonna try to eat again! "

You put your arms up in the air and softly laugh, only then noticing their panic and worried looks. Duncan opens his mouth and you only smile more.

"How long have you been he-"

"I’ve been sitting here for an hour and yes, I heard and saw everything. "

They both take a few steps towards your hiding form, Courtney being the first to notice the bottle in your hand. Her worried expression gets worse and she looks deeply into your eyes.

"Are you… are you drunk right now? "

"Nooooo…! " You answer quickly with a very shocked voice, but then you start to hiccup. "… okay, yeah, I am. "

You don’t even have time to react that Duncan’s already taking the bottle of vodka away from you while Courtney’s takes your head in her hands, looking for any drunk injuries you might have made.

"Hey! " You whine at the punk guy and try to get out of your girlfriend’s grip. "It’s mine! I haven’t finished it! Gimme it! "

"No, honey, you drank enough." You hear Courtney tell you those words, but you’re not listening to her and simply keep squirming around. That’s when Duncan gets an idea and your mouth opens wide when you see him throw the bottle in the forest. You try to get up and run towards the sound of the breaking glass, but Courtney holds you down and the punk guy turns back at you.

"My vodka! " You whine and pout more, moving around weakly. "You broke my vodka! "

"Where did you find it anyway? " Duncan crouched down in front of you and pinch your nose playfully, deciding to treat you like a child. "’cause I searched everywhere and I can guarantee that there’s none in here. "

You scrunch up your nose and stick out your tongue at him.

"I’m not telling ya! You big meanie! "

He rolls his eyes at your response and Courtney chuckles, her arms holding you from behind. The situation is quite funny because it looks like two parents trying to get their child to admit something. The punk guy quirks up an eyebrow at the brown-haired girl.

"I suppose that she’s too drunk for us to have the conversation, right? "

"Hey! I would tell you that I’m never too drunk, alright? " You point at him while frowning, Courtney laughing at your reaction again. "That was just one bottle!"

"(Y/N), sweetie, can’t you hear yourself talk? " You turn your head back at your girlfriend and stick out your tongue at her this time.

"My ears are functioning properly, thank you very much. "

"Well, in that case…" You give your drunk attention back to a smirking Duncan. "Is never too drunk (Y/N) going to give us an answer? "

You squint your eyes, thinking intensely.

"You mean about that polygamous thing? " You feel Courtney’s arms tighten a little around you as Duncan loses his smile, nodding at you. "Well, yeah, sure. Why not? "

You laugh when they give you the most shocking expressions you’ve ever seen.

"Why are you guys so surprised? This is like the perfect solution. And you were the ones constantly fighting, not me. "

You feel Courtney hug you more as you see Duncan’s face soften, you simply smiling brightly at them. That’s when you think you hear a gasp coming from the cabin, then someone groans in anger. You’re about to question it out loud when Chef’s voice is heard all around the camp.

"Attention remaining boot campers! The next evolution of your training begins tomorrow morning! "

It’s the next morning and you and Bridgette are sitting on the grass, looking up at Geoff, Duncan, and Courtney hanging up in a tree doing the challenge. Normally, you would have been up there with them (since you technically finished the last challenge), but since you drank a whole bottle of vodka, you woke up this morning with a horrible migraine… which disqualified you.

After you woke up, Duncan and Courtney asked you if you remembered anything from the night before. You just smiled at them and told them that you were still agreeing to the weird relationship you guys are now having, which made them sigh in relief. You smile at the memory, they’re so cute sometimes. Of course, you knew you had to tell Bridgette about all of it. She was weirded out at first, really not expecting this outcome, but she eventually smiled and congratulated you. Right now, she’s asking you a lot of questions about the whole thing, but you have to stop your conversation when you see Chef walk in front of the tree with the remaining boot campers.

"What you’re experiencing is an ancient form of torture. By now, the blood has begun rushing to your head. The next stage is nausea, followed by dizziness and a flushed appearance as it begins to pull in your eyes. You may experience-"

"Duncan! "

When you hear Courtney scream the punk guy’s name, you look back at your teammates to see your new boyfriend fall down the tree, hitting himself on the ground pretty hard and stop moving. Panic grabs your heart as you run behind Bridgette, your best friend kneeling in front of him and checking on him. She smiles at you and sends Courtney a thumbs up.

"It’s okay! He’s alright! "

You let out a breath you’ve been holding as you kneel beside them, Bridgette handing you a non-so-reacting Duncan. You stroke his hair as your teammates grab the branch they’re on and continue the challenge, silently encouraging your team.

"Okay, that’s it, I’m done. " You watch Heather get on the ground before she gets hit by Owen falling on top of her. "Ugh! Off of me, you big hocks! "

"Sorry…" Owen gets up from her and the fake-eyebrow girl leaves with an angry face. Courtney suddenly starts to laugh uncontrollably and you all look up at her.

"Stop laughing this instant! "

"Ah-ah! I-I’m sorry! Ah-ah-ah! I can’t help it! " She tries her best to suppress it, but she ends up falling down too, the brown-haired girl laughing quietly. That’s when you feel Duncan get out of his blank phase and you help him up, your boyfriend holding your waist to stand up and putting his head on your shoulder lovingly. You chuckle when you feel his nose tickle your neck, watching Master Chief walk to Courtney as she gets up herself.

"I expected more out of you, soldier. "

"Ah-ah, Master Chief? Ah-ah, I just have one thing to say to you. "

"And what might that be? "

"You, ah-ah, really need to, ah-ah, take a chill pill! " You hide your mouth behind your hand to suppress your laughter, feeling Duncan smile wildly on your shoulder as your girlfriend walks towards you two with a loud laugh.

"Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! " The deviant boy takes his head out of your hair and gives the ex-CIT a high five that she gladly takes, you simply shaking your head with a small smile. She puts her arms around your shoulders and gives you a kiss on the cheek, yourself now surrounded by love.

"Okay, Geoff! It’s all up to you! "

"You got this, Gwen? "

"Oh yeah. I can hang on all day. "

"Crack on, sister! I live for the head rush! And it feels… so… good…" You watch your blond friend fall on the ground, closing your eyes when he crashes.

"Oooh. " You open your eyes at your girlfriend and notices Harold walking by with a pissed off face. "That is going to leave a mark. "

"And now we have to vote someone off again."

You’re back at the campfire, sitting between your two significant others with a bright smile. Chris is standing in front of all of you with a plate of marshmallows, Chef crossing his arms behind all of you. You watch the host send you all a hard look, not having his usual fake smile.

… is something wrong?

"… I only have six marshmallows on my plate. And these marshmallows represent the campers that will continue to be… campers… here. "

You roll your eyes at the host, realizing that he’s just building the atmosphere again. That’s when you feel an arm get around your shoulders and another one grabs your waist, you smiling sweetly at your lovers. The relationship felt weird this morning... but now, you’re getting used to it. And you absolutely love it. Hopefully, it’ll last.

"You’ve all cast your ballots into the confession can. If I do not call your name, you must immediately go down to the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers and go home. And you can’t come back… ever! "

There’s a pause where you feel bad vibes coming off Harold and you send him a curious look. He’s been grumpy for a while now, why is that?

"Duncan. " Your boyfriend exclaims a victorious sound before he gets up to Chris, taking his marshmallow.


You smile and go join Duncan, eating your marshmallow happily as he re-takes a hold of your shoulders and kiss your cheek. Soon, Chris names the others and they all follow your lead.

"DJ… Bridgette… Geoff! " You drop your smile, realizing that your girlfriend might get kicked off. Wait, no. That’s impossible. You already know that Bridgette and the boys didn’t vote for her. Now calm, you put your head in Duncan’s neck with a smile.

"Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the night. " Like always, the host pauses to create suspense. "… Harold. "

Courtney gasps as you and Duncan open your mouths with shock, your other teammates soon imitating you... except for Harold, who gladly accepts his marshmallow with a smirk.

"What!? You guys voted for Harold over me? " Duncan points at a walking Harold and you feel your eyes get filled with water, not believing what’s happening.

"Yes, yes... It’s always a shock. " Courtney gives Chris a mean glare.

"This is impossible! I demand a recount! "

"Me too! " You suddenly notice that you’re beside your girlfriend, putting your hands on her shoulders. "There must have been a mistake! "

"Seriously, dude! I know for a fact that they were five of us that didn’t vote her off! " You nod at Duncan’s response, Chris shaking his. The man snaps his fingers and him and Chef walk to your girlfriend with creepy smiles.

"No!" You try to hold her back, but they both take her arms and pull her away, walking towards the dock of shame. "Courtney!"

"I do not concede! I do not concede!" You feel tears fall on your face and you grab Duncan’s arm for comfort, your boyfriend sending the adults a very pissed off expression.

"Ah man, this stink! " He bites his bottom lip in anger as he watches Courtney being dragged on the boat.

"I was your only hope! I was a counselor in training! Let go of me! " You feel Duncan drag you as he runs for the dock, watching Chris and Chef throw your girlfriend on the boat. "You’re gonna hear from my attorney! "

"Courtney, wait! " You both arrive on the dock of shame as the boat slowly goes away, Courtney looking back at you with a bright smile. You feel your heart squeeze in pain, Duncan getting something out of his pocket before he throws it across the water.

"I made something for you! " Your girlfriend catches his gift happily, your brain sending you a glimpse of it and making you smile.

"Duncan! " She looks down at it and loses her smile. "Okay, this is really weird and creepy but… I love it! I’ll never forget you! "

"Courtney, I love you! " You scream that with all your strength as her smile shines.

"I love you too, (Y/N)! I’ll wait for you two! "

You wave, knowing deep down that this might be the last time you see her for a long time. You feel Duncan hug you and you turn around to put your arms around him, letting your sadness out as you cry. He strokes your back, whispering sweet things in your ear.

"Hey, it’s okay. We’ll see her again, don’t you worry. " You put your head out of his chest and he wipes away the tears on your face, finally smiling at you. "Hey, you know what? I also made something for you. "

You chuckle when he gives you a skull, the wooden thing having small designs carved on it. You wipe more tears away from your face and give him a bright smile.

"Thank you. " You hug him again and you feel him put his head on top of yours, the deviant boy inhaling the scent in your hair. "I didn’t know you could be this sweet. "

"Yeah, well, only with special people. " You chuckle again and look up at him.

"Do special people sometimes get kissed? "

He smirks at you and traps your lips with his, both of you closing your eyes and savoring this moment you thought would never happen.

Chapter Text

Chapter Thirteen: X-Treme Torture

You’re sitting outside the cabin and continuing the novel you couldn’t finish last time, the rest of your teammates still sleeping. Normally, you’d also be asleep, but since Courtney has been gone… you can’t sleep as easy as before. You don’t know if it’s because you miss her or if you got used to sleeping beside someone, but you can’t sleep well nonetheless. You sigh, finally closing your book in boredom. Maybe you’ll sleep with Duncan tonight.

You shake your head to push that idea away, not sure if that’s a good idea for now. That’s when you hear a loud noise up in the sky just as everyone goes out of the cabins, all of you seeing Chris on a broken plane.


Geoff screams something at you all and you run out of Chris’ way in time, yourself falling unto the ground as you watch the psychopath host destroy the bathroom stall and finally stop the engine. The man gets his head out of the plane’s window to look at all of you and you all slowly stand up.

"Just flexing your muscles for today’s…" He gets a megaphone out of his pocket. "… extreme sports challenge! "

You all close your eyes and put your hands on your ears, Chris’ voice destroying your brain by how loud it is.

"Ugh, it’s too early for this! " You nod your head at Gwen’s response.

"This week you’ll participate in three challenges. First off: Extreme Sofa Fence Skydiving! " Chris’ smile stretches more when he sees your bored faces. "Contestants will plum a skydive to a waiting sofa-bed target below. "

The plane doors open to reveal Chef, who then jumps on the sofa-bed that instantly traps him in it. You grimace when you hear his muffled screams of pain, not wanting to do this. You feel arms wrap themselves around your form, looking back at your boyfriend grinning at you and putting his head on your shoulder.

"Of course, you’ll be skydiving from five-thousand feet! And using these!" Chris throws you all some old and broken parachutes at your feet, all of you gasping. "Our lucky contestants are… Trent… and… DJ! "

"Sure, why not? " You look back at a smiling Trent, who tries to encourage DJ and himself. "You know what they say on a black cold mountain, bro. Best clips of heaven on the way into hell. Let’s do this! "

"Yeah… sure… ah-ah… Bring it on! "

"Oh, not so fast! Because the second challenge of the day is: Extreme rodeo Moose riding! Contestants will rodeo-ride the great Canadian bucking moose for eight seconds or get hoofed into a giant pile of socks from the lost and found! "

"Lost and found might need a laundry day back home." You chuckle at Leshawna’s words as you feel Duncan’s arms tighten around you.

"It’s your lucky day, Leshawna! You’re riding for Gophers! And Geoff, you’ll ride for Bass! "

"Yeaaaah! " You quirk an eyebrow at you cowboy friend, not understanding why he would like to do this challenge.

"And the final challenge: Extreme ski-doo water skiing! Contestants will water-ski a racecourse and grab as many flags as they can before crossing the finish line! A member of the opposing team drives the ski-doo! "

"How can we ski without water? " Heather puts her hands on her waist, sending a mean glare to the host.

"It’s really hard. Check it out! " You see Chef makes a demonstration on the ground and hurt himself by getting thrown on a three. "Ahahah! Awesome! "

You get worried about the ex-soldier, asking yourself why Chris is making his only friend do those demonstrations. Also, why Chef is doing them so willingly?

"Harold, you’ll ski for Killer Bass! "

"Sweet! "

"And Lyndsay for the screaming Gophers! "

"Yeah! I can model my new bikini!" You exchange a weird stare with Duncan, wondering how in the world Lyndsay find herself a new bikini when you’ve been stuck in here for weeks.

"Now for the cool swag! Whoever scores the most challenges gets bragging rights for the night, saves their butt for elimination and wins a rent-out multi massage mobile shower! "

Your eyes open wide as the others gasp.

"Can it be? " You’ve never seen Heather this happy.

"Oh, it be. "

"Ugh, a shower? " You look back at Owen, who’s eating marshmallows. "How about something good? "

"Listen to me, you marshmallow eating goof. We are gonna win that shower if it’s the last thing we do, got it? "

You roll your eyes at her and turn your head at your boyfriend. "We’re gonna win that shower, right? "

When he sees your hopeful eyes and your pouted lips, he grins at you and slightly kisses your temple. "Of course we will. "

A couple of seconds ago, he didn’t care about that shower thing, but now? He couldn’t be more determined to win.

"Okay, guys! Twenty minutes breaky, then report back for the extreme sports challenge! "

You’re standing beside Gwen and Bridgette after eating your breakfast, the three of you waiting for everyone to finish before you go to the challenge spot. That’s when you notice Chef throwing a love card on the table, Gwen taking it in her hands right after.

"Look it out, it’s a corny Haiku poem! " Bridgette takes it from the goth girl and starts to read it with you.

"Woah. " Bridgette chuckles and looks at you. "Some dude is crushing big time. It’s probably for you. "

You take the poem and laugh. "What are you talking about? That’s not for me."

"Oh, come on! Duncan likes you a lot, no? It must be from him." You shake your head at Gwen with a playful smile.

"Oh, trust me, writing a poem is not his style. He’s more... physical, if you may say. " Your smirk turns to a sweet smile and you give it back to the goth girl. "It’s probably for you. "

Her eyes open wide as she takes the card, then she smiles sweetly. "Really? I was gonna say it’s for Bridgette. "

"But Trent is totally crushing on you! " Your best friend has a bright smile that turns into a knowing one. "I’ve seen the way he always scams an extra muffin for you. "

"Bri, you scare me. You always see everything. Are you a secret agent? "

"I’m just always in the right place at the right time! Stop thinking I’m a spy or something! "

"She’s not a spy, (Y/N). " You pout at Gwen’s answer as she looks back at Bridgette. "Bri, Geoff is so into you! Do you remember yesterday? How he tried to get your attention? "

You all laugh together when you remember how he got crushed on the dock while skiing on the water.

"Then again, Geoff probably couldn’t pronounce "haiku", let alone write one. " You hide your mouth behind your hand when you feel the bad vibes coming off your best friend, the blond sending a death glare to the goth girl.

"What’s that supposed to mean? " Gwen loses her playful smile and gives Bri a surprised look.

"Nothing. He’s just not exactly the scholarly type. " Bri takes the card off Gwen’s hands with anger.

"Oh, and I supposed Trent is busy being kneachee on his spare time? " You want to shrink down when you see your two friends exchange mean expressions, Gwen taking the card back forcefully.

"I think Trent is more kneachee than Geoff is haikui. "

"Um, guys-"

"Haikui? Ah! At least Geoff isn’t an imposer. Trent probably doesn’t even write his own songs! "

They both try to take the card for themselves, both of the girls ripping the card apart.

"Tell you what, betty. " You take a step back from Gwen. "I’ll bet you two nights dessert that the poem was for me! "

"Oh, I’m up for that! " Your best friend takes a small pause. "… down with that. Whatever, you’re on! (Y/N)! Who do you think it the poem was written for?"

You shake your head with force and walk away. "Hell no. You guys are not putting me in this fight. "

And with that, you leave the lodge.

"Why are you sitting on the sofa? " Your boyfriend opens one of his eyes at you and smirk, his arms crossed behind his neck in a chill position.

"Cause it’s comfortable. Wanna join me, angel? "

You snort and shake your head. "No, thank you- ah! "

"Got ya. "

You haven’t noticed him grabbing you and pulling you on him, his arms trapping you here while he hides his face in your neck and breathes in. You grunt in annoyance and slightly complain, hearing him chuckle at you. You blush when you feel him put slight kisses on your neck, tightening his grip on you. You open your mouth to say something, but you get surprised when he moves your sweater to reveal the skin on your shoulder. You feel him bite a specific spot there, his hands moving up slowly on your stomach. Your whole body gets hot from his actions and you bite your bottom lip, stopping yourself from making any embarrassing noise.


"Hm? What is it?"

You shiver when you feel his breath on your cheek, the boy grabbing the flesh of your ear with his teeth and making you moan. You feel his smirk on your skin and he hugs your closer, deciding to slightly bite your neck and shoulder to pleasure you more. He gets intoxicated when he feels the small jolts of your body and hears your moans. He bites harder on your shoulder and you gasp, the boy licking the small drops of blood on your skin and stopping you from getting out of his arms.

"Duncan, please…"

He leaves your shoulder alone and goes back to your ear, the deviant boy already loving this power he has on you.

"I know you like it." He feels you shiver from his words and he takes your chin in his hand, moving it up so he can kiss your jaw.

"D-Duncan, the challenge is about to start." He lets go of your chin and hides his face in your hair again, closing his eyes and breathing in your scent.

"So? Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun."

"Not here, Duncan. " You hear him groan.

"Fine. " He hugs you even closer and kiss your neck one last time. "But I’ll have you later. "

He feels your body relax in his arms and you let go of a breath you’ve been holding, moving your sweater back on your shoulder. You hear him chuckle at your action and you move your head to see him, the boy smirking wildly.

"Embarrass, sweetheart? " Your cheeks get redder and you avoid his stare. "Don’t want the others to see my marks on you? "

"S-shut up! "

"Now, remember! Ground teams can willy their sofa bed wherever they want in order to help their camarade with the landing. "

"Sayonara, Trent! I hope your attempts to impress weird goth girl are worth the chalk outline. " You open your eyes to see Heather kneeling on the ground with chalk in her hands, looking proudly. You simply roll your eyes and get closer to your boyfriend, trying to get more comfortable with him on the sofa.

"Huh, did you ever think that maybe Trent is doing this as a form of self-expression, like haiku?"

There’s a small silent.

"… or not."

You laugh at Gwen’s attempt to prove that the poem was for her, Duncan and Bri smirking at the awkwardness it created. Your best friend slowly shakes her head with amusement and gives you a look, both of you sharing a fist bump. The punk guy quirks an eyebrow at your weird exchange.

"Should I know something? " You smile playfully at him.

"Maybe... Did you write a poem today? " He gives you a weird face.

"A poem? Hell no, that’s lame. " He smirks at you. "You know I like to be more… expressive than that. Why are you asking me?"

"We found a haiku earlier and we’re wondering who wrote it. " Your smile stretches. "Do you know if someone wrote a poem? "

He loses his smirk and frowns. "Someone wrote a haiku for you? "

"It didn’t say for who it was. That’s why the girls are fighting." You send a side glance at Gwen and Bridgette, who are both still silently fighting as DJ and Trent get on the plane. "I personally don’t care. "

You feel a dark atmosphere and you turn back to see him with an intense death stare.

"Babe, are you okay? "

"If this poem if for you, I’m gonna find who wrote it and beat him up for thinking he could flirt with my girlfriend."

"Awn, honey... You’re jealous of a poem? " You laugh when you see him blush in embarrassment, the boy hiding his face in your neck again.

"Shut up. " Your laugh calms down into a chuckle, your smile hurting you. "I’m already sharing you with Courtney, I don’t want another person to join this relationship. "

"That would be too many people to handle, yeah. " He rolls your eyes at your response.

"I’m serious, though. " You close your eyes when he kisses your cheek. "I’m gonna beat the shit out of this person. "

"If that poem was for me. " He groans in your ear and your smile stretches more, both of you hearing the plane take off.

"If it was for you. " He kisses your cheek again. "You know what? I’m sure Courtney would do the same thing if she was here. "

You laugh again, agreeing to his statement.

"You know what’s romantic? " You watch Bridgette ask this question at Geoff with a smirk, all of you pushing the sofa bed on the beach.

"Um… writing someone’s name on the snow with your pee? "

"Ew, dude. " Geoff looks at you with a surprised look. "That’s just gross. "

"Oh, sorry. "

"Actually, I was thinking more of the “writing” word. " Bridgette gives the blond guy a knowing smile.

"Oooooooh. You mean like a tattoo! Ahah, yeah!"

Okay, no. Never write a lover’s name on your body. Never. Bad idea.

"I’ve got one on my butt, wanna see? "

"Dude, no! " You feel Duncan’s hands in front of your eyes, protecting you from seeing Geoff’s butt.

"You got a tattoo on your butt? " You ask with curiosity, still blind. "How much did it hurt? "

"Quite bad, aha. " Your boyfriend gets his hand away from your face and you see that your friend has his pants back on. "I just needed to put it on a place that my parents wouldn’t see. "

"Ah, so you got it without permission. " You smirk with proud. "My parents let me have two. When this show’s over, I’m gonna get a third one. "

"You got two tattoos? " You turn back at your smirking boyfriend. "Can I see them? "

You imitate his smile. "Maybe later... if you’re lucky."

You all hear DJ’s screams, looking up to see him slowly falling with his parachute open. You instantly push the sofa with all your strength, all of you running fast to where the big guy is about to land. You arrive just in time and he lands safely, all of you screaming in victory. DJ opens his eyes, looking at himself in panic.

"Everything still here? Nothing’s broken? "

That’s when the sofa bed eats him completely, all of you gasping. Feeling guilty, you all slowly leave the place and look away, Duncan whistling as he holds your hand.

"Okay, camp folks! Let’s start the rodeo moose challenge! "

"Sorry for not helping you out of the sofa, DJ. "

Your boyfriend gives you a panic look, silently asking you why you’re telling this to the big guy, but DJ smiles brightly at you.

"Ah, it’s alright, (Y/N). You might have been trapped yourself if you did."

"And Geoff is out! "

Wait, what? Already?

You look around to see that the blond guy has already landed in the pile of socks right beside you all, giving him a very disappointed look. The host then appears in front of you all with a bright smile.

"Oooh, that stinks for the Bass! "

"Your puns are still not funny, Chris! " The host loses his smile as you gain one. At least you can still crush his fun.

"Leshawna, you’re up! "


You watch with annoyance you’re two friends fight, both not accepting that the poem wasn’t for either of them. You notice Leshawna on the back of the moose, the animal running around you three like crazy.

"So? You guys are metro with a broken back! " You roll your eyes at Bridgette’s comment.

"So? You guys are dramatic-"

"Will you guys stop fighting? " They both send you a mean glare, only giving them back an annoyed one as they stay silent. Gwen sighs.

"Okay… so it wasn’t Trent or Geoff. "

Bri loses her hard face. "Yeah... Plus, we kind of just assumed that it was for us. "

"Hell yeah, you did. " You smile brightly when you see them agree. "Friend hug? "

They immediately open their arms and you all hug each other, being happy to all be friends again.

"Whoever it is, we’re gonna find out. " Bridgette gets her hands out to you and Gwen. "Deal? "

You both grab one of her hands and shake it.

"Deal! "

"So, we have a tie! Whoever wins the extreme ski-doo waterskiing challenge wins ultimately! "

"I’m reaaaadyyyyyyy!"

You all turn around and gasp when you see Lyndsay in her green bikini and wearing violet sunglasses, looking proud of her outfit. You smile sweetly at her, happy to see her being so joyful.

"We are so dead…" You look back at Heather who’s looking desperate before she sends Duncan a smirk. "Unless… I get to drive! "

"Just win the damn shower so I can get my hair done." You ignore Leshawna’s comment and grab your boyfriend’s arm with a panic expression, looking up at him with worry.

"Duncan? "

"Don’t worry, sugar. " He shows you the keys for the engine. "I’ll win this shower for you. "

You blink your eyes to process the information and give him a sweet smile.

"Just be careful, okay? " You get on your toes and kiss his cheek. "I don’t care about the shower if it means that you get hurt. "

You leave him there with a dumbfounded expression to join your two friends, still debating on who wrote the poem.

"Okay, so haiku’s candidates are Duncan, Harold, DJ, and Owen. "

"It’s not Duncan. " Gwen and Bri turn their attention at you. "I asked him and he said it wasn’t him. Actually, he got pretty angry when he heard about it, saying he’ll beat whoever wrote it if he founds out that it’s for me and all. "

"Okay, so he’s out. " Your best friend gives you a deep-thinking expression. "But, if the poem is for (Y/N), we might add the other girls as candidates too. "

"I think everyone’s straight except for me and Courtney. " You nod at Gwen’s answer.

"We know it’s not you, Gwen. And, well, it can’t be Courtney since she’s eliminated, so she’s out too. " You smile sadly at Bridgette comments and ignore the pain of not being able to see your girlfriend anymore. "And Harold is…"

The repaired bathroom stall door opens to reveal Harold with his pants off.

"Ladies. " He tries to walk out but falls on the ground. "Ow! "

"Yeah. " Gwen’s smirk and turns to you and Bridgette, all of you silently laughing at him. "I’ll take Owen. "

"And I’ll take DJ. " Bridgette looks around to try to spot the big guy.

"I’ll try to see if the girls are straight or not. "

You all fist bump to agree to your deal and walk away.

"You are so out of your league, Alpha Geek. " You quirk an eyebrow at Heather, wondering where she’s taking all of these insults.

"Here’s the road rules… Oh, wait! There are no rules! Which means this is gonna be awesome! "

"So, Leshawna. " The brown girl turns at you and smiles at you. "I just thought that I have a couple of friends back home that you might be interested in. If you want, I can present one or two of them to you. What do you think? "

"You’re serious, girl? " You see her eyes lit up. "Hell yeah, I want too! "

"Great! I just need to know if you like boys or girls… or maybe both? "

"Just boys for me! " She chuckles a little. "I’m sorry if you had any girl in mind. "

"Nah, it’s fine." You laugh and shake your head. "I know a boy or two that might do the trick. We’ll see when the shows over. "

You then slowly walk over to Lindsay, who’s giving encouragements to Heather.

"Flag one for Bass! "

"Hey, Lindsay! " She turns at you and loses her smile for a second, her last encounter with you coming back to her mind. "How are you today? That bikini looks really good on you. "

She instantly gets her happy face back and gives you a bright smile.

"Awn, thanks (Y/N)! I’m good! " She takes a pause and gives you a weak smile. "Hey, I’m sorry for telling you that we couldn’t be friends anymore. Heather told me a lot of confusing things and… well, can you forgive me?"

Your eyes soften. "Of course I forgive you! "

"Oh, I’m so happy! " She gives you a big hug and you return it with joy.

"Hey, can I ask you a question? " She lets you go and nods at you with a bright smile. "Me, Gwen and Bri are surveying all the remaining campers. I just need to know if you’re attracted to boys, girls or both. "

"Oh, really? " She tilts her head while thinking. "Well, I’ve always liked boys. I mean, I did kiss a girl once for the experience, but I didn’t like it. "

"That’s great, Lindsay, thank you! "

"Five flags for the Bass! "

"That’s impossible!" You both look at the mud lake, watching Harold hold the five flags proudly while Heather screams with anger.

"Heather has to cross the finish line or be disqualified! But if she does, Harold will take five points to victory for the Killer Bass! "

As Lindsay gasps, you suddenly think that there’s no way Heather is going to talk to you later. That girl hates you too much and for no reason at all, so you turn your attention back to your new-found blond friend.

"Hey, Lindsay? " She looks back at you, already forgetting about her team about to lose. "Do you know if Heather likes boys or girls? "

"Oh, I don’t know. She doesn’t talk about it. I think she just likes boys... "

"Thanks. " You give her a bright smile that she returns. "You helped me a lot, Lindsay. I’m glad I talked to you. "

"Awn, I’m glad to! "

"I don’t know what Heather did to make Harold lose his concentration, but it’s a total wipe-out for the Bass team! "

Wait, what?

You just slap your forehead when you see Heather without her shirt on.

You watch your boyfriend drive the engine, looking back at a smiling Lyndsay with a smirk. He looks at you and you smile back wildly at him, the boy sending you a thumbs up.

"Ready, set… Go! "

Both teenagers start the challenge, Lindsay getting the first flag and doing a whole flip over like it’s nothing, making you drop your mouth.

"Flag one! "Chris' voice comes to your mind and you see Duncan try to make Lyndsay fall, but the girl takes all the flags like it’s nothing. "Flag two! Three! Four! "

Worry washes over you when you see your boyfriend get angrier and drive around faster, all the horrible outcomes coming to your mind.

"Lindsay has taken five flags and is about to make the Gophers win! Duncan has to cross! "

"Says you!"

You hide your face behind your hands when you see him get thrown into a tree, Lindsay screaming in happiness as she crosses the line alone. Chris stops his all-terrain vehicle right beside you, confused.

"She… won…?" He sends you a look to verify what he just saw. "...Gophers win! "

"Duncan!" You scream at the tree where your boyfriend was thrown, worrying sick about his well-being. You told him to be careful! Now he might be dead!

You sigh in relief when you see his head pop out, his hair messed up and his eyes looking a little crazy. Your blond friend passes in front of you, still skiing.

"Sorry about that, Dunc! I just really wanted that shower! "

"Yeah, whatever! "

"Duncan! " He looks down at you with a dumbfounded expression, shaking his head forcefully to see your form better. "Are you okay, honey? "

"I’m fine, sugar. Don’t worry about me. "

"You got thrown into a tree, of course I’m gonna worry about you! " You angrily put your hands on your waist as you see him chuckle. "Just get down here, alright? "

"Yeah, yeah. Coming, babe. "

You roll your eyes at his comment, walking away with a pout.

"So, all the girls are only rooting for boys. " You sit down at a table beside Bridgette and Gwen, the two of them looking down at the repaired poem.

"And we ruled out Owen and DJ. " You groan when you hear Gwen’s words.

"Seriously, who could it be? " As Bridgette says this, Leshawna walks beside you with a bunch of towels wrapped around her.

"Who could what be? " Your best friend gives the letter to the brown girl, Chris suddenly popping beside all of you.

"Another note from your secret admirer, Leshawna? " You all gasps as the host disappears.

"Leshawna’s the crush girl? "

"You three know someone else here with a kick-butt attitude like mine? " She shows you her big butt before walking away, the three of you sharing a confused expression.

"But who wrote it? "

"I don’t know, Gwen. " You look around at the campers with an intense face. "I don’t know."

You’re sitting at the campfire with four of your teammates, Geoff sitting far away up in a tree due to his really bad scent. You put your hand on your boyfriend’s shoulder to comfort him, the boy very disappointed at himself, and you look around to see Harold smirking at punk, making you frown. Why is he being like this? First, he’s pissed off when you get with Duncan, then when Courtney’s gone he’s all happy and chuckling evilly? And now he’s even proud to see your boyfriend sad? I mean, you know that Duncan has been mean to Harold, but still?

"As you know, if you do not receive a marshmallow, you will be forced to walk the dock of shame and you can never ever return to camp." The host takes two marshmallows and looks back at you all. "Bridgette and DJ, you are safe. "

You watch your two friends walk up to the psychopath and take their marshmallows, Chris taking his megaphone out to talk to Geoff.

"Geoff, you’re safe too!" The man throws the marshmallow at your blond friend and looks back at the remaining three of you. It suddenly occurs to you that you might be eliminated and you don’t know what to think when Chris gives you a bright smile.

"(Y/N), my girl! Of course, you’re safe!" You sigh in relief and run over to the host, accepting the marshmallow with gratitude. You exchange a glance with your boyfriend and stop munching on the white dessert, now worrying about losing your boyfriend.

"Okay. That leaves Harold, who bailed big for reasons unknown…. And Duncan, who bailed even bigger because Lindsay left him circling the drain in a shameless-"

"The chick " Your eyes open wide when you see your boyfriend run over to the host and grab his shirt, looking at the adult with threatening eyes. "… was determined! "

"… which is why you’re safe! " Chris gives Duncan the marshmallow and the deviant boy accepts it with a proud smirk. You sigh in relief, your boyfriend arriving next to you and putting his arm around your shoulder to kiss you on the cheek.

"We’re not gonna be separated yet, angel. Don’t you worry. " You chuckle happily.

"Well, it’s been fun, guys. " You give your brother by heart a sad look when he comes to you all, giving you high fives before leaving to the dock of shame. You all follow him until he’s in front of the boat, turning back to face all of you and the Gophers, who just joined.

"Farewell Total Drama Island! I loved, I lost… and I saw boobies! What more can a man ask for? "

You and the girls gasp.

"You loved? "

"You’re a man? "

"You saw boobies!? "

"What the f-"

"Leshawna! I meant every word of that poem! "

"Poem? That was you?!" The brown girl hugs the little guy in her arms, you, Bridgette, Gwen, and even Lindsay awning at them when they kiss. Leshawna waves happily at the ginger-haired boy when he gets grabbed by Chef, coming back to you all with a bright smile. Gwen gives her a high five and you smile sweetly, putting your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder tiredly as he tightens his grip on you.

"Wait a second… So Harold saw your chest? "

"Can we see? "

"Heck no! " She loses her smile, her face turning into an angry one as she looks back at the leaving boat. "Wait a minute…. Whose chest did you see!? "

"Didn’t Heather lose her shirt in the last challenge? " Leshawna looks back at you just when you say those words, walking back at the camp angrily to go and find Heather. Oops. Guess she’s in trouble now.

You feel lips on your forehead and you close your eyes happily as you hug Duncan. The deviant boy accepts your embrace with a chuckle and you hide your face in his chest, breathing in a couple of times and just enjoying his presence.

"I think I’m gonna head to bed, sugar. " You look back up to give him a complaining pout, making him laugh quietly. "Well, don’t look so sad. You can always join me."

"But there’s Geoff and DJ in there! "

Duncan smirks. "So? "

"Well... they’re gonna tease me! "

"More than me? " You blush and hide your face in his chest again, the punk guy laughing out loud this time. "Come on, sweetheart. It won’t be that bad."

"Yeah, but… but still!"

"Awn, (Y/N)… " He takes your chin in his hand and forces you to look at him. "Are you afraid of boys? "

"… a little-" You feel him grab your lips with his own, his hand behind your head as you close your eyes. You move your arms behind his neck, one of his circling your back and sticking your body to his. He lets go of you and puts his forehead against yours, both of you taking your breath back.

"I’ll be there. " He pecks your lips for a second. "No need to be afraid."

You sigh and open your eyes again. "Fine, let’s go. "

You never thought you’d ever see him give you such a big smile.

Chapter Text

Chapter Fourteen: Brunch of Disgustingness

When you feel a hand shake around your shoulder, you instantly get up and shove a pillow into Geoff’s face, making him fall on the ground with a scream. You have some time to notice that Duncan play a card game with DJ on another bed before you let yourself fall on your covers, trying to go back to sleep. You hear the boys, the blond getting the pillow off his face and sending your back a pout.

"Aw, (Y/N), come on! I just wanted to wake you up! It’s almost breakfast! " You roll your eyes when you hear Geoff talk "…(Y/N)? "

"I can’t hear you. I’m sleeping. "

"(Y/N), please? "

"No. "

"Duncan, help me, man! She’s your girlfriend! "

"I hear you, dude, but I don’t wanna die." You hear him chuckle and some cards being shuffled, moving around a little to get yourself more comfortable without your pillow. Geoff stars to think and looks back at his friends, an idea popping into his head when he sees the cards.

"Okay, (Y/N). If you wake up, I’ll let you show me a magic trick. "

You instantly open your eyes and get your upper body up, slowly looking back at him with a bright face and handing him your hand.

"I need a deck of cards. "

The cowboy blond looks back at his friend with a hopeful smile, wanting them to give you the deck of cards that they’re playing with. DJ shakes his head with a smile as Duncan quirks his eyebrow, sending you an annoyed look.

"Babe, we’re playing a game. Can’t you wait? "

"If I’m not doing this right now, I’m going back to sleep. "

"No, (Y/N), wait! " You groan in annoyance and Geoff gives his friends the puppy eyes. "Please, guys? "

"Ugh, fine. " Duncan lets DJ put the cards together as you come and sit down on the ground, the three boys doing the same while the big guy gives you the whole deck.

"Thanks, DJ. " You shuffle the cards around a bit, spreading them all on the ground so everyone can see each one of the cards. "Okay... Geoff. I want you to pick a card. "

He looks at the cards and takes one. "I want the seven of clubs. "

"Alright. " You take his card and put it on the ground in front of the blond friend before you look at your boyfriend. "Duncan, please pick a card. "

"The five of spades." You take the card and put it beside Geoff’s, taking the rest of the deck in your hands. You start to put each card on the ground one by one, none of them facing up.

"Tell me when to stop, Geoff. "

"Stop! " You stop putting the cards down, taking the seven of clubs and putting it on top of the little pile you made. Geoff’s card is the only one facing up as you put the rest of the deck on top of it. You start to put the cards down one by one again.

"Duncan, tell me to stop. "

"… stop. " You do as he says and do the same process before spreading out the cards on the ground, this time having all the cards being hidden except for the two chosen by the boys. You point at the hidden card beside Duncan’s and look up at your friends.

"Okay, guys. I’m gonna predict where you guys split the deck. This card right here, without even looking, is a nine of clubs. " You turn the card to show the nine of clubs, smirking proudly when you see their surprised face as you go right after the card next to Geoff’s. "Geoff, I’m getting king of diamond vibes. "

"Is it the king of diamonds? " Your smirk grows at DJ’s question and you simply turn the card to reveal it, the boys gasping.

"That’s incredible! And she did that with my deck!"

"No way! It’s not a cheating one? "

"Sweetheart, you gotta show me how to do this stuff. " You laugh at their comments, shaking your head happily.

"A magician never reveals its tricks. "

You walk in the lodge with all the boys from your team, Duncan having one of his arms wrap around your shoulders again and pinching your cheek playfully as you pout at him. In the last days, you learned that living with boys is funnier than being with girls all the time, even if you do miss having Bridgette in the same room as you. Speaking of her, you all go join her to your usual table and start to crack some jokes together, ignoring Chris and Chef quietly giggling in their spot beside the entrance.

"Congratulations to the remaining eleven campers for reaching the halfway mark in the competition! You’ll all be on the jury for the final episode! "

"We got the power, yeah! " You shake your head at Geoff, your smile not coming off your face.

"The teams will become one next week! But first, all the girls will be moved to the Gophers’ cabin and all the guys will stay in the Bass’ cabin. "

Awn, really? Do I have to change cabins again?

"This week challenge is as old as history itself... A battle of the sexes! " Your boyfriend winks at you as you stick out your tongue at him. "After everyone is settled in, I’ll announce the challenge. And then… you’ll have a… bite to… eat. "

You frown when you see the adults start to giggle again.

"Ready for a little good news? This week, no one will be kicked off! "

Oh, nice!

"It’s all for a reward and it’s a good one. Okay, time to relocate! Let’s move! "

You all go outside to walk towards the cabins, you giving Duncan a playful smile.

"Guess we’re enemies for today, huh? " He chuckles at your question and kisses your temple before you leave his side, going to Bridgette.

"Hey, Bri. We’ll finally share bunk beds! Isn’t it fun? "

"Oh god, yes! I’m so happy to not be the only new girl. "

"Awn, don’t mention it. I’m really happy t-"

"Wow!" Heather cuts you off, getting between the two of you and looking at Bridgette. "Your hair looks great today! So natural! "

"Thanks, I-"

"How do you take care of it? You have to share your secret! " She grabs your best friend’s shoulders with a bright smile and the blond awkwardly chuckles.

"Oh, it’s nothing, really. "

"And (Y/N), wow! Your skin looks so soft and healthy! Seriously, how do you manage that? " You quirk an eyebrow when you see Heather being so friendly with you, the fake eyebrow girl putting her hand on your shoulder.

"Thanks... I just wash it, I guess. " You see Gwen arrive beside you three, sending Heather a weird look.

"Oh, of course! Silly me, aha! "

"Watch it with this one. She’s trouble." You smile at Gwen as Heather lets go of you and Bridgette, sending the goth girl a glare. You feel Bridgette take your hand and make you walk away from the two girls, the blond obviously feeling awkward. You simply go inside the Bass cabin with her, starting to grab your things. As you’re still making your luggage, you see Bridgette take her bag on her shoulder and walk back to leave when the door opens, revealing Geoff. You smile when you see them awkwardly talk to each other with big smiles on their face, and then you simply continue to put your things together.

"Big day ahead of us! " You turn your head in time to see Chris take Bridgette by her arm and pull her out of the cabin, letting you alone with Geoff. You finally close your bag and put it on your back, walking towards your blond friend.

"I’ll miss you…" You shake your head with a smile when you hear him whisper those words at an absent Bridgette.

"Dude, she’s still here. It’s not like she’s leaving for Paris or something. "

He gives you a sad smile. "Yeah, you’re right. But still, it won’t be the same without having you two in the cabin right next to us. "

"Yeah, I guess you’re right. " You move past him to walk out. "It was nice living with you guys for a few days! "

"Same! "

You spot Bridgette not too far from where you are and you join her, sensing her being tense. When you arrive beside her, she gives you a nervous smile.

"Bri, it’ll be fine. " She sighs at your response and you put a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it slightly. "We know them, it’s gonna be fun. "

"I hope you’re right. "

When she opens the door, you both lose your smiles rapidly.

"Nobody’s leaving until I found out who hate my pudding pockets! "

"I ate them. " Heather gives Leshawna a boring look. "So what? "

Oh god, why am I a girl? It’s too much drama for me to handle!

"Woah! Pump the breaks a minute! That’s my food! No one touches my food! "

"Whatever! Deal with it! It serves you right for leaving your junk everywhere. Especially that! " Heather points to a big purple bra hanging on Leshawna’s bed. "That is bugging me. "

"Yeah, it would bug me too if I didn’t have anything in the front or in the back to shake! "

"Yeah? Well, you got so much junk in your trunk, your jean should come with a trash compactor! "

"Ooh, you want a piece of this? " You and Bridgette share a scared look, both of you not wanting to even take one step inside this cabin.

"Bridgette! (Y/N)! It’s so good to see you! " You look back at the girls to see Heather smile at you two wildly as the others seem surprised by your presence, the bitch girl’s voice beeing too sweet for you. "Come in, come in! Welcome to our cabin! "

She comes to you and takes a grip of your left arm while she takes Bridgette’s right one, still smiling at the two of you. You see your best friend give her back her smile and you force one, not buying what she’s doing right now.

"You guys are gonna have so much fun, here! You’ll see, we’re like a big family here!"

"Big and dysfunctional. " You chuckle at Gwen’s comment and Heather brings you inside the cabin, showing the room off.

"Anyway, if you girls need anything, just yell. "

"Thanks for the big welcome, Heather! " You’re surprised by how sweet Bridgette seems, wondering if she’s more nervous to change cabins than what you thought. You see Lindsay come in front of you with her usual happiness and your expression softens, her bubble of joy already making you feel better.

"Welcome to the club! Oh, (Y/N), I’m so glad that you and Heather can finally be friends! I promise it’ll be so much fun! " She takes a small pause. "As long as you do everything Heather says- Ow! "

You frown when you see Heather kick Lindsay in the leg, the black-haired girl instantly laughing and making you and Bridgette walk away from the blond.

"Ahah! We love joking around here in the girls’ cabin! " She stops beside two bunk beds and you take the opportunity to look back at Gwen and Leshawna, exchanging some confused faces as to why Heather is acting so kind. "I made sure your bunks are next to min-"

"Hey! " Lindsay is suddenly beside you three. "That’s my bed- Ow! "

"So we can talk and share and really get to know each other! What do you think? "

When she finally frees you two, Bridgette and yourself put your bags on the ground. You frown at the fake eyebrow girl while Bridgette simply smiles brightly.

"I don’t know… I guess it’s fine." You force yourself to calm down when you see your best friend’s bright face.

"Hey, thanks, everybody! " The blond surfer walks to the other side of the room, handing her hand to Leshawna. "I can’t wait to know all of y-"

"Okay! Plenty of time to chat later! Let’s unpack! " Heather takes Bridgette by her shoulders and drags her away, the blond waving at the other two Gophers’ girls. When they pass beside you, the black-haired girl takes your arm and pulls you with them, totally ignoring your groans and your eyes rolling at her.

"This is so great! I found we’re getting along way better than the guys! "

Lindsay’s words make you remember the last days you spent with your boyfriend and the guys, shaking your head with a playful smile.

"I’m not so sure, Lindsay. " You chuckle lightly. "Knowing them, they’re probably having a little party right now. "

Heather is showing you and Bridgette her box full of makeup and jewelry, the black-haired girl still smiling sweetly at you two.

"What’s mine is yours. Nail polish, scrunchies, earrings, just help yourself! "

"Wow! " Lindsay stops by and looks at Heather’s things, the blond about to put her hand in the box when the black-haired girl closes it with a hard look.

"Thanks, Heather, but um…" You cross your arms on your chest when Bridgette talks, the bitch girl looking back at her with a smile. "I like to keep it natural. "

"Awn, that’s a shame. " She looks at you and her smile grow bigger. "What about you, (Y/N)? We’ll share our things, right? "

"I’m not good with makeup, so I prefer not. " You give her one of your fake smiles, still not trusting this new side of her personality.

"Oh, don’t worry! I can take care of that!" You gasp when she takes a hold of your chin, the girl taking out a pencil and filling in your eyebrows. She then opens her box again and starts to transform your face, feeling yourself chuckle awkwardly.

"No, but really, Heather... You don’t have to do that. "

"I insist! " You give your best friend a side look, silently asking for help, but you only see her smirk at you along with Lindsay. " There, I’m done! See?"

Heather hands you a pocket mirror with the same bright smile and you sigh as you take it. You gasp in surprise upon seeing your reflection, having expected to have heavy makeup on you and look like a barbie… But you have a more natural look, making you prettier… but still you.

"Wow… Heather… that’s great! You’re good at this!" Her smile transforms into a sincere one and she chuckles, dismissing your compliment with her hand.

"Oh, please! That’s nothing! Like my mom always says, a lady can always use a little boost in the looks department. "

"And my mama told me ain’t nothing free in this world! " You jump and turn your head at Leshawna. " Watch what you get with this girl, (Y/N). You too, Bridgette. "

You and your best friend exchange a look when you see a pissed off Heather walk over to the brown girl, both sending each other a death glare.

"Mind your own business! "

"We’re a team and we gotta live in the same cabin, so this is all of our business! "

"Yeah, we’re a team! " You notice that Bridgette has popped up between the girls, her hands up to try to calm them. "We should take this as an opportunity to get to know each other better! Right, (Y/N)?"

"Sure, yeah. If you want. "

You feel Heather’s glare turn to you in particular and you gulp, feeling her hatred boiling fast. She closes her eyes and tightens her fist with anger as she walks away.

"You wanna play that way? Fine! Be on their side! " You quirk an eyebrow when you see her put a line of tape on the floor. "This is my side and that’s your side!"

Seriously? How old are we, seven?

"Ah, yeah, that’s right. You keep putting down that tape. And if you cross it, I’ll smack you down. "

The black-haired girl bites her lips angrily and sends Leshawna a furious stare, but she calms down a little and turns to you and Bridgette.

"You can choose the weird girls if you want, but just so you know… Once you do, you’re like, not allowed on our side. Right, Lindsay? "

The blond girl nods at Heather’s words, going beside her and looking back at you and Bri with the same stare. You just wait there beside your best friend, not knowing what to do.

"Let’s build bridges, not walls! " Bri takes you hand in hers and you feel her body shaking from the stress.

"Take your pick. "

You sigh and decide to cross the tape, your best friend not quite following you yet. Lindsay’s face falls into a sad one when she sees your action and you think you see a small sadness in Heather’s eyes, but you dismiss it. You don’t think that girl ever wanted you two to be friends, she’s too mean for that. Bridgette finally imitates you and both girls get their angry stares back, Gwen and Leshawna smiling wildly.

"You just dug your own graves. " Heather and Lindsay walk away to their bunk beds as Gwen and Leshawna walks on the other side, you and Bri staying in the middle of the room.

"Let’s try to get along, okay? Otherwise, the guys are going to cream us! Don’t you get it? " Bridgette only gets her bag and yours back by getting thrown. "Tough room…"

Guess I was wrong about having fun here.

As you’re waiting with everyone in the lodge, you feel an arm get around your waist and lips touch your cheek, making you close your eyes and sigh in contentment. After all that yelling in the cabin, you deserve some little actions of love. You open your eyes again to set them on Duncan, smiling tiredly at him.

"I’m guessing the girls aren’t as fun as you thought? "

"It’s horrible. " He chuckles at your response and you pout. "Really wish we weren’t enemies today. "

"Not until the challenge start." Your smile grows a little and you close your eyes again when he kisses you, the punk getting away and licking his lips in wonder. "You taste like lipstick. Are you wearing makeup? "

"I got kidnap by Heather." You roll your eyes with a smile and your boyfriend chuckles. "But I like it. Do you like it? "

"I would like how you look even if you would wear a trash bag. " You laugh at his comment and playfully punch him in his shoulder, the deviant boy letting go of you with his usual smirk.

"It’s time for today’s challenge! " You notice Chris in front of the whole group with Chef beside him, smirking wildly.

"Um, where’s breakfast at? " The adults giggle at Leshawna’s question and you frown, wondering what’s going on with these two.

"Stop doing that! " You nod at Heather’s comment. What’s their problem today?

"Let’s just tell them that… today’s challenge is… the brunch of disgustingness! "

When he sees your face drop, Chris’ smile only grows wider. He got the idea of this challenge because of you after all! Well, you did eat a whole lot since the day you collapsed, but not enough (in his opinion). So why not make a challenge where you have to eat to win? But, you know, the food has to be disgusting. It’s not called a challenge for nothing.

"You’ll be getting a nine-course meal. Each member of each team must finish each dish! You will not know if the next is grosser than the last, not as gross or just as gross! Just know that it will likely be… gross. "

"Fill em about the reward if they win, Chris! " Chef is smiling happily and you almost forget about all the disgusting food you’ll have to eat. Almost.

"The winning team spends two days at the local five stars resort where they’ll be pampered, eat gourmet food and be given anti-biotics against anything they may have caught while participating in this challenge! The losing team will go hungry tonight… and spend the next two days here… on Total Drama Island… with Chef! "

The ex-soldier excessively waves at you with a weird and big smile, making everyone gasp in horror as you simply wave and smile back That’s when you feel your hand getting grab with force and you look back at Heather, who’s giving you a hard look.

"(Y/N), we are going to win this challenge, alright? I don’t care if you scream or beg, you’ll eat everything. "

Aside from the shock you feel once you realize that everyone knows about your condition, Heather’s stare is making you feel like a knife cutting you. And right now, you’re only sure of one thing.

You’ve never been that scared in your entire life.

You’re sitting between Lindsay and Gwen, Leshawna being right in front of you while Heather’s at her left and Bridgette’s at her right. You look down at your hidden plate, not wanting to see what’s under it. You turn back at your boyfriend, who sends you an empathetic smile to cheer you up. You give him a sad smile back, feeling the stress eating you slowly.

"Take a whiff, boys. " You turn your head back at the brown girl. "Cause all I smell is a victory for me and my girls! "

Even with me in your team?

"I’ll eat everything! Even my drawers if I have to! " You grimace when you hear Owen talk, not wanting to eat his drawers. "…Will I have to? "

"Let’s begin the challenge! First, some hors-d’oeuvres…" Chef takes the lids off the plates and you see weird purple meatballs that aren’t… looking that bad… but not that great either.

"Alright, meatballs! Bring it on! " You watch Owen put the whole thing in his mouth, eating fast.

"Well, technically, you’re right, Owen. But these are kind of special. " You watch Chris point at a very happy Chef.

"It’s beef meatballs bourguignon! "

You all suddenly understand what kind of balls it is, and you stop yourself from vomiting as you hear Owen throwing up the ones he just ate. When you see the girls starting to eat the dish like nothing’s bothering them, you swallow the vomit in your mouth and slowly chew on one of the meatballs. You then notice that it tastes fine and continue to eat much faster, even if the meat is hard to chew.

"Oh, okay! Gross meat right out the door! " You give Lindsay a side look. "But I could totally use a pedicure at that resort… Alright, I’ll eat this!"

"What’s the matter? " You watch Heather swallow an entire ball with a smirk. "You big boys don’t wanna eat a little meatball? "

You laugh at her comment and, despite hating her, you give her a high five that she gladly takes. You imagine that this round must be really hard for the boys.

"What are you doing? " You notice Heather beside Bridgette, who hasn’t even touched her plate. "Why aren’t you eating? "

"I’m a vegetarian. It’s against my principles. "

Oh shit, I forgot about that.

"Are you sabotaging the team just to spite me? "

"It’s true, Heather. She hasn’t eaten any meat in her entire life. "

"Ugh! I don’t care! Just eat your food! " She leaves angrily and sits down at her place, continuing to eat her meatballs. You open your mouth to say something to your best friend, but Geoff sits down right beside her, cutting you off. He tells her something that you can’t quite hear but, when he’s done, your blond friend starts to eat and you smile at him. It’s very kind of him to help her even if you guys are not in the same team.

"I can’t do it! " As all the girls are finishing their plates, you look back to see Trent hiding his eyes behind his hands, Owen and DJ crying silently.

"Well, looks like the boys lost this round. The first challenge goes to the female campers! "

You all scream in joy, feeling yourself getting up and hugging Lindsay. While you’re doing so, you see your best friend walk to Geoff and thank him, your boyfriend giving him a pissed off face.

"You’re helping them, dork!? You just cost us this round! "

"Yo, like you wouldn’t go help (Y/N) if she needs some! And it’s my business who I talk to! Give me a break, man! "

"We can’t let them win! " You sigh when you see Trent get in the middle of the fight. "You blow it! "

"Come on! DJ chicken out! "

"Are you kidding m-" Your boyfriend gets cut off by Chris, who just used a loud whistle to silence everyone.

"Are we here to argue or are we here to eat a series of revolting meals? "

I would prefer to argue.

You watch the boys settle down, instantly apologizing to each other and cracking jokes all over again. Your eyes open wide, your brain not processing how fast they got over their fight. Why is it so complicated with girls? Is it because you’re all passive-aggressive all the time?

"The score now stands as one for the girls and zero for the guys. And now, the next course in the brunch of disgustingness! " The psychopath host shows Chef coming in the lodge with a large hidden plate. "You guys like pizza? "

"Oh yeah! I can eat pizza anytime… with anything on it! " You slowly quirk an eyebrow at Owen’s outburst, not sure that he’s thinking of the kind of pizza you guys will be eating… and when Chris’ twisted smile grows even more, you feel like you might be right.

"Anything…?" Chris looks back at Chef and the big guy puts up the lid. "How about live grasshopper pizza with tiny jellyfish sauce and live anchovies? "

that’s not that bad, actually.

"Ew! I hate anchovies! " All the girls give Lindsay a weird look, not understanding why she’s not finding something worse than having to eat simple anchovies. You jump a little when Chef puts a plate in front of you, your eyes trailing down slowly on the moving grasshoppers and anchovies.

"Hm-hm! That is straight-up nasty! " You take a knife in your hand and continue to watch the moving things on your pizza as you listen to Leshawna. "I ain’t eating that."

"Oh yes, you are! " You follow one grasshopper with your eyes and stick your tongue out, preparing yourself as you hear Heather. "I am not missing out on an indoor hidden pool just because you can’t keep down a few- aaaaaaaaaaaah! "

Surprised, you look up at the black-haired girl screaming at her plate.

"Grasshoppers! Okay, I can’t do this! " She gets up to leave, but Gwen stops her by taking a grip of her arm. You go back to hunt one of the moving things on your pizza, seeing that the goth girl is taking care of the situation.

"I’m digesting disgusting meatballs. You’re gonna eat! "

"Fine! Can I get a little-" You cut her off by planting your knife in two live grasshoppers on your plate and one anchovy.

"I got them! " You start to eat the pizza with joy, but you give the girls a confused look when you notice their stare. "What? I just wanted to kill the grasshoppers so they won’t go in my hair."

They all shake their heads at you and Heather takes her pizza, slowly taking a bite, chewing it and swallowing it. Her eyes open wide and she gives everyone a cringy smile.

"Hmmm! Delicious! " She looks at Bridgette in particular. "You’re up next! "

Your best friend takes her pizza and gives it some hesitation, you and Leshawna sharing a look and instantly cheering for her.

"You can do it, Bri! I believe in you! If I can eat this whole thing, you can do it too! "

"Go, Bridgette! Go, Bridgette! " The blond takes a bite and swallows it, continuing and finishing the whole thing. "Yeah, girl! "

"Aaaah! There’s no way I’m eating that! " You watch Lindsay look away from her plate. "It’s not even food! "

"Lindsay! Lindsay! " You take your friend’s shoulders. "Breathe with me, alright? Breathe…"

You help her calm down, using the techniques you got for your panic attacks. You feel her body relax, but you can still see the hesitation in her eyes. You exchange a look with Bri and she gives Lindsay a little smile.

"Hey, let’s try yoga meditation, okay? " Lindsay nods at the blond and the surf girl sits down on the table. "Good. First, get into position. "

Soon, the model blond follows Bridgette’s steps and eats her pizza, the girl being too deep in her thoughts to notice what you’re feeding her.

"Now that’s what I’m talking about! Teamwork! "

"No, stop! " You look back to see Trent being held down by DJ while Geoff is about to feed him a slice. "Wait, it was a joke! Ahah! I’m warning you, my dad’s a lawyer! "

The blond guy stuff Trent’s mouth with the pizza, the boy eating it without actually wanting to.

"Okay, you know what? I can’t be doing this! " You give back Leshawna a panic look, not believing what she’s saying. "Little grasshopper is minding his own business! Why would I want to go and bite his little head off? "

"The winners of this round… are the guys! "

As you hear your guy friends scream in victory, you put your head on the table with agony. You ate that pizza for nothing. You ate that disgusting pizza for nothing. Even if you force yourself to eat all the meals, how are you going to be sure that the rest of the girls are gonna follow? You’ve already eaten too much in your opinion, feeling your stomach moving weirdly.

You don’t know if you’ll be able to eat something else…

"Alright! Who’s ready for the third course? Spaghetti! " You hide your eyes when you see earthworms on your plate. "Well, actually, earthworms covered in snail sauce and hairballs. "

"No! I can’t take it anymore!" You look back at Geoff, who is getting up and running out of the lodge and screaming.

"I’ll take care of this. " DJ gets up with a smile and bolts out of the lodge, then you guys hear a loud thud outside. You decide to take a fork in your hand and begin to eat some earthworms, your brain screaming at you to stop.

"And, once again, the winners are the guys! "

You throw your head on the table, accepting the pain you’re inflicting yourself. You ate the whole plate of spaghetti, but a lot of the girls didn’t. You could have not eaten anything! Why are you even forcing yourself to do this? Don’t they know that it’s even harder for you? That’s it. You’re not doing this anymore.

"Come on, girls! " You move your head to send Bridgette a depressed look. "Let’s show them some girl power! "

"Bridgette’s right! " You silently sigh when you hear Gwen’s happy voice. "Let’s kick some boy butt! "

"Yeah! Just like I’ve been saying all along! We gotta act like a team!" You get your head off the table and give Heather a dumbfounded expression.

"What-ever. "

"Alright, everybody! Time for course number four! No nine-course meal would be complete without soup. " Your brain goes blank when you see the disgusting soup in front of you. "Today’s special is French onion soup with hangnail crackers. "

You watch the girl eat their soup with the help of a funnel that Bridgette finds, not bothered by the meal at all. When they’re all done, they turn at you.

And you snap.

"I can’t do this. " You get up from the table and walk slowly for the exit, your face twisting in terror. "I can’t do this anymore! I’m leaving! "

"(Y/N), get back here! " You run when you hear Heather scream at you, but you’re suddenly thrown on the ground and you scream, moving and kicking around as fast as you can.

That’s when you feel people take a hold of your arms and legs, preventing you from moving. You open your eyes to see that Heather, Leshawna, and Gwen are the ones holding you down, Lindsay looking at you with a sad expression while Bridgette is coming to you with your soup and the funnel.

"Get off me! Get off me! " You feel your eyes trying to pop out of your head when you see your best friend about to put the funnel in your mouth. "No! No, I don’t want to! Please, don’t! Don’t! N-"

You try to spit out the funnel but Bridgette’s already pouring the soup in it, making you swallow it all. Without tasting anything, you feel the disgusting things get inside your body, tears in your eyes. When it’s done, the blond surf girl takes the funnel out of your mouth and the other three free you from their grip.

"… I’m sorry, (Y/N). " Your best friend hugs you and you hide your face in her neck, your brain trying to process what just happened. "Are you okay? "

"… Yeah. " The girls sigh in relief at your response and you shake your head to get out of your thoughts. "I’m fine. "

"And the girls win again! The score’s now tied up a two! Only five more courses left! Bon appetite! "

You’re all dying on the tables after eating four other disgusting meals. You feel your stomach grumble weirdly, the things you ate wanting to go right out of your mouth every five minutes.

"Wow, it’s still tied up! " You give the host a death glare. "We’re down to the last course in the challenge! It’s delicious dolphin wieners! Hot dogs made of dolphins!"

Isn’t that… illegal?

"But dolphins are our friends! " Bridgette screams with horror, clearly not wanting to eat the hot dogs.

"What are you waiting for?" You see Heather shake a bottle of ketchup. "It’s already dead! If you don’t eat it, we don’t win! "

"Oh, I can’t! " Tears gets out of her eyes. "I’m a surfer! I swim with dolphins! "

"Eat it! "

"No! I’m not doing it! You can’t pressure me! "

"I’m with you, sister. " You all look back at DJ, who’s having a serious expression. "I’m not eating no dolphin! "

"Me neither! " You cross your arms on your chest, your two friends imitating you. The three of you stay like that for a long time, Chris staring at you with a very annoyed expression.

"Okay, enough! We’ll solve this by having a need-off! "

Leshawna and Owen are sitting in front of shots of some disgusting beverage, both having been chosen by the two teams to resolve the tie. You feel a hand on your shoulder and you look behind you to see your boyfriend with a worried expression.

"You’re okay, sugar? I know today’s challenge has been hard for you…"

You give him a sweet smile and kiss his cheek, making him slightly blush for a moment. "I’m fine, babe. Don’t worry about me. "

"Whoever can drink the most shot glasses of fresh delicious blended cockroach will be the winner. " You roll your eyes when the host starts to make the promotion of the blender, the show probably being sponsored by it or something. "On your mark, get set, go! "

Both teenagers start to drink the shots with a shocked face from the taste. You watch them go on at the same speed, none of them being ahead of the other. Then, when there are only three shots left, they both take a pause… but Owen soon starts to drink again and finishes them all, silently putting his arms up in victory while Leshawna falls on the table with disappointment.

"Owen wins! "

Fuck. I wanted that massage.

"Leshawna, you are completely useless! " You roll your eyes at Heather.

"… something’s coming up! " Leshawna suddenly starts to vomit, not stopping for even a second. Feeling the food about to come out of you, you run out of the lodge and throw uploads of it on the ground, hearing everyone starting to get sick inside of the lodge at the same time.

… You hope you won’t be the one to clean all this.

"Did you say your goodbyes to Duncan?" You completely ignore Bridgette’s question and hide your face in your novel. The blond girl exchanges a look with Gwen, who throws you her pen that goes right into your forehead.

"Ow! " You send the goth girl a glare, and she only gives you back a smirk. "Yes, I did, okay? He promised to bring me a gift. "

"Awn, I knew it, girl! " You blush when you hear Leshawna’s voice, the brown girl coming to pinch your cheek. "You guys are so cute together, you know?"

"Sh-shut up! " You hide behind your book again, not wanting to face your friends. They all laugh at you and you blush more, but they suddenly stop when you hear the door handle move, someone then knocking angrily on the door.

"Are you serious!? You shut us out!? Let me in! Let me in, now! "

"You…" Your eyes open wild. "You closed the door on Heather and Lindsay? "

Gwen and Leshawna smirk and Bridgette looks down at the floor with a sad face. You sigh and shake your head before you get up to open the door.

Why can’t girls get along?

Chapter Text

Chapter Fifteen: No Pain No Game

You’re sitting on the grass beside Leshawna, drawing some rough sketches of nature while she eats her chips. You look up from your notebook when you feel deadly vibes around you and see the brown looking aggressively at Heather and Lindsay, both girls trying to read their magazines in peace. You turn your head on the other side and see Bri’ and Gwen also sending the same glare and yu sigh with annoyance, closing your notebook and standing up.

"Alright, girls, I’m bored. " You get out a deck of cards from your pocket and start to shuffle it. "Let’s play a game together, alright? It’ll ease the tension. "

"Oooooh, what kind of game? " As Gwen and Bridgette come over, you give Lindsay a bright smile.

"You know the game Bullshit? "

"Yeah, but I’m not playing with bitchy miss here. " Leshawna points to Heather, who gives her an annoyed look.

"Well, I don’t want to play with you either, you jerk! "

"Guys, guys." Your best friend gets her hands up and smiles sweetly. "Let’s just try (Y/N)’s suggestion, alright? It’s better than waiting for the boys to come back and rub their weekend in our faces."

"I agree. " Gwen smiles at you as Leshawna and Heather groans, accepting to play for now.

"I don’t know the game... What're the rules? " You sit down on the ground with everyone, continuing to shuffle the cards before you answer Lindsay’s question.

"All the cards are dealt out to the players; some may have more than others, but not by much. The objective is to get rid of all your cards. On the table is a discard pile, which starts empty. A turn consists of discarding one or more cards face down on the pile and calling out their rank. The first player must discard Aces, the second player discards twos, the next player Threes, and so on. After Tens come Jacks, then Queens, then Kings, then back to Aces. "

"That seems boring. " You smirk at Heather’s comment and continue.

"Since the cards are discarded face down, you do not have to play the rank you are calling. For example, if it is your turn to discard Sevens and you don't have any, you will be forced to play some other card. But if any player who suspects that the cards discarded by a player do not match the rank called, they can challenge the play by calling "Bullshit!". Then the cards played by the challenged player are exposed and one of two things happens: if the cards are all the same as the rank that was called, the challenge is false, and the challenger must pick up the whole discard pile. But if any of the playing cards are different from the called rank, the challenge is correct, and the person who played the cards must pick up the whole discard pile. "

Leshawna nods at your explanation, agreeing with you.

"After the challenge is resolved, the game continues in normal rotation: the player to the left of the one who was challenged plays and calls the next rank in sequence. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins the game. If you play your last remaining cards, but someone challenges you and the cards you played are not what you called, you pick up the pile and the game continues. "

"Alright. " Heather squint her eyes as you start to give everyone their cards. "Let’s do this. "

"Three cards of three. "

"One card of four. "

"Three cards of five. "

"Two cards of six. " When Lindsay’s about to put down her cards for the next round, you take her hand to stop her and send a suspicious glare to Gwen.

"Bullshit." The goth girl turns her two cards around to show two cards of six, everyone laughing at you.

"Gotta take all the cards now, (Y/N)."

"Yeah, yeah, I know… Oh my god! So many of you cheated! "

"It’s your turn now, Lindsay. "

"Okay! Four cards of seven! " You all blink your eyes, Bridgette being the one to open her mouth.

"… Bullshit. "

"Ah, no! You got me! " The blond takes back her cards, pouting. She doesn’t know how to play this game properly, which makes you wonder how she doesn’t have all the cards in her hands right now. You all continue to play for a while, Lindsay suddenly smacking Heather’s face when a fly got on her nose.

"Lindsay, you’re such a-" The black-haired girl gets cut off by a loud boat sound, making all of you jump out of your skin. You look back at the dock of shame to see the boys dancing like crazy on top of their boat, you quirking an eyebrow when you see them slide their way down.

"What a weekend! "

"Wou-hou! Oh, sweet mother of mirth! You can’t buy that kind of fun! "

"I think Owen and DJ took a real shine from those lovely ladies who served us hand and foot. " Your face turns to a bored one when you hear your boyfriend say those words, looking back at your game and putting down cards.

"Three of eight. " The girls instantly goes back to the game with you, ignoring the boys.

"Ah-ah! " Heather points at you with a smirk. "Joke’s on you, (Y/N)! I got two eights! So I call Bullshit! "

"Oh, you sure? " Your smirk appear before you turn your cards to reveal two eights and one joker. "I got a joker, which can be any card. I think you’ll have to take the whole pile now, Heather. "

"No! "

All the girls laugh while Heather reluctantly takes the pile, going from one card to twenty-four. Meanwhile, the boys are frowning at you all, not believing that you don’t care that they got a special weekend… but Owen simply shrugs and goes to you all.

"Hey, anyone care for a chocolate-coated cherry blossom? "

"No thanks, Owen. " Leshawna gives him a death stare. "Can’t you see we’re busy? "

"Yeah, I gotta find a way to get back at (Y/N) for what she just did. "

"You’re the one who called bullshit, Heather. "

"Shut up! "

"It’s okay, dude. " Geoff arrives beside Owen and puts a hand on his shoulder. "The ladies are just a little jealous. "

"Yeah, who can blame them? " You wish you could wipe off the smug on Duncan’s face. "They can barely stand each other and meanwhile, us guys are tight as a family!"

Bridgette puts down a card, going with the silent plan of ignoring the boys. "One of nine. "

"Two of ten. "

"Two of eleven. " Gwen’s about to say that she wins when you point aggressively at her.

"Bullshit! "

"Nope! " She turns her cards to show two eleven and you all scream.

"No way! She won? "

"How is that possible!? "

"Guess what, campers. " Chris’ voice is heard all around the camp. "As of right now, all teams are officially dissolved. From here on end, it’s every camper for themselves!"

You look back at the boys with a smirk and the girls chuckle darkly. "What did you guys just say? You’re like a tight family? "

Duncan clears his throat and looks elsewhere, crossing his arms as the other boys imitate him. "Well, uh… it’s about time we flew solo. "

You playfully laugh and stand up, walking over to the punk guy and putting your arms around his shoulders to kiss his cheek.

"I missed you. " The boy grins and takes a hold of your waist to hug you closer, grabbing your lips with his to savor you for as long as he can. When you need to breathe, he gets away and sighs with contentment, you simply giggling.

"I missed you too. " He pecks your lips slightly. "I wish you could have come with us."

"Get a room! " Duncan sends his middle finger to Heather while he kisses you again, making you laugh right after.

You missed him.

"Oh, I’m ready for this! " Leshawna gives a side mean look to Heather. "Bring it on, Chris! "

"Then get ready for this! " There’s another loud boat sound and you look back at the water with gasps. You feel your heart tighten in a bad way and you grab Duncan, fearing for your life. You watch the boat approaches with the terrifying girl on it, deadly flames following her.

"What? But that’s impossible! "

"Oh, man! What is she doing here?! "

"Duncan. " Your eyes open wild and you feel his arms bring you even closer to him.

"I won’t let her approach you, don’t worry. "

"Back by popular audience demand, it’s Eva! "

"That’s right, I’m back! " The monster jumps on the dock, walking slowly towards all of you with angry fists. "And just so we’re clear, not only am I gonna kick butt, but I’m giving special attention to my backstabbing Bass team who voted me off! "

She gives you and Bridgette the most intense death stares you’ve ever seen, feeling your body starting to tremble as Duncan stares back at her with grinding teeth.

"Wait a minute! " Gwen gives a suspicious look to an absent Chris. "You said no one is allowed back! "

"… I did? "

"And once you leave on the dock of shame and then on the boat of losers, you can never, never ever, ever come back! "

"Yeah, that’s true! " You look around to try and found Chris, but you can’t see him. "You say that in every episode! "

"Oh yeah, that. Yeah… I lied. "

"You can’t do that! It’s not fair!"

"Woah, girl! " Leshawna arrives beside Gwen and puts her hand on her shoulder. "You’re reasoning with a loud-speaker. That just does not look good! "

You hide your face in Duncan’s chest when you see Eva come at you, the girl deciding to stop between you two and Bridgette and stares at the blond with loud breathing. Your best friend turns around and gives her an awkward smile.

"So, Eva… what have you been doing since you’ve… left the island…?"

"Taking anger management classes. " She then points at you. "I think I remember you saying I needed them! "

"You almost killed her. " You stop breathing when you see her glare at your boyfriend, who only stare back at her and almost growl. "I personally think you should be in an asylum. "

"What did you say to me!? "

"… She was an audience favorite? " Heather looks at the loud-speaker with a suspicious look.

"Not really. But we liked her! Also returning to camp… it’s Izzy! "

"Oh no! " Eva, Bridgette, and Lindsay turn back at the ginger-haired girl, who’s coming screaming on a liana. You simply smile, not bothered that she’s back since you’ll be able to act a little crazy with her.

"Hey, guys! " She lands in front of you with a bright smile. "It’s good to be back at camp, even though I never actually left the island. I’ve been living in the woods all this time! "

"But I thought the RCMP was hunting you down? " Izzy’s smile grows at Gwen’s question.

"They tried! But being a wilderness survivor, I was swiftly flooded in avoiding capture!" She gets a dead fish out of her pocket and eats his head. "Once I was safe around my animal brotherhood, it was just me against the harsh elements! "

"You call this harsh? " Leshawna gives her a suspicious face. "It has been warm and sunny all week! "

"Not where I was! But luckily, I was able to take refuge in the beaver dam. Yeah, I befriended the family of beavers who lived there and together, we forged for nuts and berries, aha! Boy, I could use a bag of nachos right now! " She howls like a wolf and laugh. "Anyway! What’s new with you guys? "

"Alrighty, campers. Report to the amphitheater where you’ll learn all about this week’s challenge. Mclean out! "

"Woohoo! Another challenge! Party!" You and Duncan give Owen a weird look when he puts his hand up for a high five. "Give me ten! "

"Uh, dude. You heard the loudspeaker. It’s every camper for themselves." Duncan walks away with you, his arm around your shoulder as you send him a weird look.

"So… you’re saying that we’re not gonna help each other? " He looks down at you with a smile and shakes his head playfully at your question.

"Of course we’re gonna help each other. " He kisses your temple and you feel yourself smile in relief. "I’ll do everything for you to stay here with me, alright?"

You chuckle happily, the doubt getting out of your mind. "Alright. "

All of you girls are sitting on your respective beds, Leshawna preparing Izzy’s. That’s when Eva comes in and you all lose your smiles.

"What’s with the tape? Somebody better answer me! "

"Me and Heather got a little… territorial. " Heather gets down to take off the tape while Leshawna talks. "But we’re all cool now… right, Heather? "

"Absolutely! You want my bunk, Eva?" She smiles excessively at her, but the Eva goes straight to your shared bunk beds with Bri. The girl takes your best friend’s surfboard in her hands and throws it on the ground.

"I want this one. " She points aggressively at Bridgette. "Unless miss backstabbing traitor who’s voted me off has a problem with that. "

She looks up at you and you shiver in fear.

"Or maybe this back-stabbing traitor has a problem! "

"Okay, you know what? " Leshawna gets in Eva’s face, not having her bullshit. "You can get all up in our face, but don’t forget that we are all here to win! "

"Oh yeah, you’ve got that right Go-friend! "

"Oh, tell me the macho mama with butt cheeks tighter than my weave did not just say that! "

"Woah! " Gwen jumps down in front of them. "Time out! "

"Can’t we just talk this out over local snacks? " You nod at Lindsay’s question while everyone blinks at her, not believing that she just said something normal for once.

"Whatever. I’m still gonna win! " Eva leaves the cabin with rage, Bridgette putting her hand on Leshawna’s shoulder and smiling at her.

"Hey, thanks for stepping in. I don’t think (Y/N) and I would have been able to take it. "

"Oh, my pleasure, honey. "

"Welcome to your next challenge! The time-honored game of torture!"

You give Chris a boring look as you’re all sitting down on chairs up on the amphitheater, the whole thing looking like a normal game show on TV. You’re sitting between Leshawna and Heather, your boyfriend up behind you while Eva’s in the front row.

"You are all about to be put through the task of endurance so insane that some of them sent interns to the emergency room! If you back down from the challenge or do not last the required ten seconds, you will be eliminated. The winner will not only be safe from elimination but will win this luxurious trailer! Yours to take home at the end of the summer."

You gasp when you see the white trailer, all kinds of thoughts attacking your brain in one second.

"I want it! " You look back at your boyfriend. "We gotta win this, babe! "

He smirks at you. "Why? Are you having ideas? "

You understand what he’s talking about and you smirk back. "Maaaaaybe."

"What kind of torture? " You get your attention back at Chris, who’s smiling at Leshawna’s question.

"Why don’t you ask my lovely assistant? " He points to Chef, who’s wearing a killer mask and holding an ax in his hand. "Alright. Let’s do this! Duncan, you’re first up! Let’s spin the wield of misfortune to select your torture! "

When the psychopath spins the wield, you secretly hope that the torture will not be too harsh on your boyfriend. After a few seconds, the red arrow stops on the picture of a turtle.

"Turtle pock shots! " Chris puts his hand on Duncan’s shoulder, who’s staring in the void with no expression. "Our interns spent weeks collecting the grumpiest, angriest, crustiest, hungriest snapping turtles on the island! While you stand in the goalie net completely unprotected, Chef will fire off turtle snapshots. "

You hide your mouth when you see the turtles biting the air with their sharp teeth, asking yourself what kind of torture you’ll all get and if you’ll survive them. You feel fear grab your heart when you see Chris push your boyfriend in front of the net, stopping yourself from screaming for them to stop.

"If you can stay in for ten seconds, you’ll go on to the second round. "

You watch the turtle getting thrown to the punk guy, your boyfriend screaming as he stands there. When the alarm goes off, he falls onto the ground, the turtles still biting him.

"And Duncan moves on to the next round! Isn’t this fun? " The green-haired boy gives Chris an annoyed look.

"Yeah, it’s a riot. "

"Duncan! You’re okay? " He sends you a thumbs up as Chef takes the turtles off him.

"Next up: Lindsay! Your torture is…" The host spins the wield again and it stops on a picture of a marshmallow. "Marshmallow waxing! We’re gonna wax every part of your body! If you can take the pain for a full ten seconds, you can go on the next level."

"Oh, I so need this! Try not to wax off my tan, okay? "

All the boys hide their face when they hear Lindsay’s muffled screams under the marshmallows, you and the girls simply cringing from remembering how much waxing hurts. When Chef puts the white gooey thing out of her face, she touches her upper lip and smile.

"Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how smooth that is! Thanks, Chip! "

"It’s Chris. " Lindsay loses her smile and awkwardly goes back to her seat. "Anyway… Well done, Lindsay! Since you didn’t even complain once, you get to choose who goes next!"

"No thanks! " Eva suddenly grabs her hair and whispers in her ear. "Oh, huh… I changed my mind… I choose… Bridgette… with the leeches… because she’s a back-stabbing lie traitor… grrr…"

You and your best friend exchange a panic look as Chef puts down a barrel full of leeches. Eva looks up at Bridgette with an angry face.

"It’s payback time, traitor! " She turns to you and you feel yourself stop breathing. "Next time, it’s for you, (Y/N)! "

"Okay, Bridgette. Get your butt in the barrel of leeches! "

"No, wait! " You all look back at Geoff, who just got up from his seat. "I’ll take her place! "

"Awwwwn! " Lindsay smiles sweetly. "That’s so romantic! "

And incredibly stupid.

"Oh! " Chris’ smile grows wider. "And if your victim can last ten seconds without saying “uncle”, you get eliminated instead! Which means you lose your chance to win the trailer! "

You all watch Geoff walk down to the barrel of leeches with a chill smile, finally getting in. After a few seconds, he loses his smile and gets a terrified expression before jumping out, screaming in agony.

"Ooooh, close, Geoff. Nine and nine one-hundred thousands of a million- Whatever. It’s not ten. You’re out! You can return to your new seat! "

As Geoff’s goes to his torturing looking seat, you ask yourself if you’re gonna be able to survive all the torture. You look around for a bit until your eyes set on the white trailer, feeling the determination flowing into your veins.

You’re gonna win this thing no matter what.

"Our next torture will be… spending ten seconds in a wooden crate with Sasquatchanaqwa! Tough one! Bridgette, you haven’t complained in a while, so you can choose the next victim! "

The blond girl looks up from her whole body covered in bees, everyone starting to chant the name “Eva” at her. Right now, only DJ and Geoff are eliminated, but you’re sure that everyone will go down soon. After a while, Bridgette nods to show that she agrees to choose Eva. Angrier than before, the tough girl goes straight into the crate without fear and you hear screams from the creature. She gets out wearing a hat and boots made from it, smirking proudly at you and Bridgette.

"Eva stock it out, so Bridgette is out of the game! Reckless choice by Bridgette, but still, let’s give her props for sticking it for a teammate! Now, let’s see who showed less courage than Eva and called Uncle! "

You frown, wondering what Chris is talking about, but then you understand that he’s probably going to put a montage of all the people losing the torture challenges.

Hopefully, you won’t be one of them.

You watch Chef approach Izzy with an electric eel, everyone being eliminated except for you, Eva and the ginger girl. When the ex-soldier electrocutes Izzy, she simply laughs and asks him to do it again.

"Izzy, who’s your next victim? "

"Oh, me! With the poison Ivy spa treatment! "

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t try to be friends with her. You watch Chris get a phone call and start to talk with the producers about the situation, ending the conversation after a while and looking back at Izzy.

"Okay, the judges will allow it… but they wanna know why. "

"I just wanna see how it feels! "

"Alrighty then. "

You hide your face with your hands, not believing how crazy that girl is.

"Time’s up. Chef, remove the Poison Ivy! "

"Nah…nah… it feels great! "

"… You stock it out… but sadly, you eliminated yourself! " The host walks over to you and Eva. "Alright, after twenty rounds of torture, we’re down to two steady competitors and the sudden death round. "

For once, you don’t shiver under Eva’s stare and simply smile evilly at her, your eyes looking crazy. There’s no way you’re not gonna let her win that trailer. No way.

"Okay, let’s say that (Y/N) is up. If she wins her challenge, Eva’s eliminated, alright?" You both nod at Chris’ words. "Alright. (Y/N), it’s up to you. Your next challenge is… the grizzly bear log roll. "


You blankly stare at a big brown bear standing on a log roll, feeling like the animal is smirking at you.

"Molotov the bear. Performs with the international circus and has been the European log rolling champion for the past twelve years. To win, you must last ten seconds on the log while avoiding certain death in the piranha-infested water. "

Oh fuck.

"(Y/N), you could back out now! " You turn your blank stare at Chris, blinking your eyes at him for a long moment before you smirk.

"Hell no. I’ve faced death a lot of times before. It’s not a bear and some piranhas that are gonna scare me. "

You go on the log roll and slightly lose your smirk when you feel yourself losing your balance a little. When you feel like you can stand on it, you look back at a smiling Chris.

"And… go! "

The bear immediately starts to walk on the lodge, making you step back at the same speed as him to not fall in the water. Not only do you have the fear of being eating alive, but you’re also scared of drowning again!

You look at the smirking bear, silently asking him to not throw you in the water. Then, you remember that if you lose this, Eva will have immunity… which makes your face changes to a deathly one. With the determination in your body, you get enough strength to inverse the roles between you and the bear. You grind your teeth, watching the brown animal lose his smirk and looking at you with a scarred face.

When you hear the end of the challenge, you stop the lodge and make the bear fall in the water instead. You feel your face twist into a bright smile.

"I did it! "

"(Y/N) wins! So, Eva is out! "

"What!? No way! " Chef helps you get back on the dock as Eva screams at Chris, the host pushing her away with his usual smile.

"Way! She wins the challenge, invincibility, and the grand prize! "

You jump up and down from happiness, looking around to spot your new white trailer. You scream with joy and run to it, hugging Chef as tight as you can before admiring your award. You look back at all the contestants and send your boyfriend a bright smile that he returns happily, although he’s trapped in his torture seat.

"While (Y/N) checks out her trailer full of food and we check out her blood pressure, the rest of you can go to the confessional booth and vote off a camper… other than (Y/N). "

"Not like any of you would have voted for her anyway. " You give Chef a surprised look, realizing after that you’ll have to vote for someone.

Well, guess your choice is pretty obvious.

"Okay. So first up, we ran out of marshmallows-"

"No! " You cringe when you hear Owen’s scream, putting your head back on Duncan’s shoulder as he hugs your waist.

"I’ve reviewed the confessionals and I have to say, there’s lots of hate on in this group! Which is awesome! While I normally protect your privacy, in the spirit of hearing your dirty laundry, I’m gonna go live with your confessionals! "

Oh god, no!

A screen appears beside the host and you all look at it. Heather’s the first one to pop up, the girl showing a picture of Eva where she drew red horns and a beard on it.

"There’s no other choice than rageaholic Eva. "

It then moves on to Duncan, who has his arms crossed.

"I vote for Heather, because I know she’s behind Courtney getting kicked off. You’ll pay for that, toots! " He smiles at the camera. "If you’re watching this on cable, me and (Y/N) miss you, babe. "

You smile at his words and go closer to him, kissing his cheek and making him smile. You look back at the screen to see Gwen.

"Eva’s a weirdo, so… see ya. "

"Please, please, Eva! " Bridgette is praying on the screen. "I’m so glad you never hear these. "

"Eva’s nuts. " DJ shrugs his shoulders. "Sorry girl. "

"It’s gotta be Eva! " Geoff loses his smile and starts to think. "Unless I can figure out who stole my other lucky hat. "

"I just can’t get over how smooth this is! Anyway. " Lindsay looks at the camera. "I vote off Eva cause she’s scarier than Heather, Lekwesha and Gwen combined. "

When you see yourself up on the screen, you stop breathing.

"It’s kind of funny that I always say that I’ll vote for myself and never do it. Anyway, I think it’s clear, no? I vote for Eva. She almost killed me last time and she spent all day being mean to everyone, especially to Bridgette and myself. So yeah, Eva needs to go. " Everyone gives you a surprised look, surprised to hear that you always want to vote for yourself while you feel Eva’s death stare. You simply ignore her, almost jumping when you see the tough girl appear very close to the camera on the screen.

"Unless they wanna leave begging, they better not say my name. I vote for Heather." You all look back at Eva, your boyfriend smirking proudly at her.

"Lots of dirt reveal there, huh? But in the end, it was still six votes against Eva! So, adios! "

"What!? " She’s suddenly in Chris’ face, pointing at him angrily. "This isn’t the end of me! You better watch your backs! I’m not done! I’ll get my revenge! "

You’re all watching her leave on the boat, Chris and Chef having to restrain her in a jacket for the crazy people.

"I’m not done with you! Oh, and Izzy lied! She wasn’t in the woods! She was-"

"Woah, aha! She has issues, huh?" Izzy awkwardly laughs and pushes you on the way to your white trailer. "Let’s all go party in (Y/N)’s new crib! "

Everyone instantly agrees and follows you two, feeling yourself laugh and just shrugging it off. You give your boyfriend a look and he simply smirks, knowing damn well that you’re going to share your award with him for the rest of the competition.

"Goodnight everyone! "

You wave at all the people leaving your trailer after two hours of talking, playing and eating the food that was in your truck. You chuckle when you see one of them trip on their way back to the cabins, everything being too dark for them to see properly. You feel arms get around your waist and a nose tickling your skin, making you chuckle and close the door. You turn around to put your arms around Duncan’s neck, instantly feeling his lips on yours and intertwining your tongues. You slightly moan when you get pressed against the door, feeling him smirk against your face. Both of you stop to breathe and Duncan immediately goes to bite your neck forcefully as you snap your head back, your fingers digging into his shoulders from the pain. You whimper when his hands grab your ass and you feel his teeth cut deeper into your shoulder.

"D-Duncan…" You squeak when he licks the blood on your skin, the boy leaving the marks he just made with a smirk and come back to your lips. With the help of his hands and the wall, you manage to wrap your legs around his waist, hearing him grunt when you tighten your grip. He leaves your mouth alone and puts his forehead against yours, his deep blue eyes looking right into your (E/C) ones.

"You want to do this? " You just smirk.

"You got protection? " He smirks back.

"Always. "

"Then I’m ready."

He kisses you again and your legs leave his waist, both of you walking away from the door to your new bed. The rest of the night is up to your imagination.

Chapter Text

Chapter Sixteen: Search and Do Not Destroy

You wake up with the feeling of lips on yours, a smile stretching out on your face as you deepen the kiss. You feel your boyfriend’s hand cup the side of your cheek, hugging your body closer to his with his arm around your waist. Your own hands come upon his chest and you hear him groan, probably wanting more. You stop the kiss and laugh when he pecks your lips two other times before he finally rests his forehead against yours.

"Good morning to you too, I guess. " He smiles and opens his eyes to watch your face. "What time is it?"

"Probably six am or something. " You gasp at his response and hit his chest, making him laugh.

"Why did you wake me up so early? I could have slept longer! "

"’ Cause I was bored and you were taking too long to wake up." You playfully shake your head at his smirk, pouting at him. He tries to kiss you again, but you get out of his grip and sit on your bed.

"No! No more kisses for you! " You cross your arms on your chest and pout more, hearing him chuckle behind you. You feel him sit up on the bed, his arms getting around your body as he puts his head on your shoulders.

"Awn, come on, (Y/N). Don’t be all grumpy. " He kisses your neck and hugs you closer, grinning when he sees you blush. "Smile for me, will ya? "

"No. I’ll be as grumpy as I want. "

"Good. " Your frustrated face transforms into a surprised one, and Duncan takes the opportunity to kiss your cheek. "I like grumpy you. You make such cute faces."

"S-shut up! "

Your reaction only makes him chuckle again and you roll your eyes in annoyance, knowing perfectly that you’re not gonna win.

You’re reading outside on a chair now, drinking some coffee as Duncan listens to his music on another chair beside you. It’s been an hour since you’ve woke up and the two of you have changed clothes and eaten some food. You’re taking another sip from your coffee when you feel a loud explosion behind you, screaming and dropping your items on the ground. You look back at your white trailer to see it in flames, exchanging a panic look with your boyfriend. You notice that Duncan has also dropped his headphones on the ground, his whole face in shock from what just happened.

"Arg, maties! Meet me at the amphitheater in five minutes and I’ll tell you about today’s challenge! "

Your panic face instantly turns into an angry one.

"Chris destroyed my trailer! " Duncan blinks for a few seconds, his scared expression dropping to reveal a smirk.

"Guess we’re going back in the cabins, huh? "

"Duncan, our things are burning! "

He loses his smirk and runs over to the trailer with you, the two of you trying your best to retrieve your things from the flames.

You and Duncan leave your luggage besides the amphitheater then sit down on the benches with annoyed expressions. Duncan gives Chris a boring face while you cross your arms and send him a death glare. He destroyed your trailer with a cannonball! A cannonball! And why is he wearing a pirate outfit? And why is there a fake parrot on his shoulder?

"Well, my little scallywags. Have we got an adventure in store for ye! " The parrot on the host’s shoulder falls and he puts it right back up with a smile.

"What’s under the sheet? " Geoff’s question makes you realize that there are indeed some things under a long white sheet right in between Chris and Chef.

"All in good time, lad! Who here has an anchor for a good old fashion treasure hunt? " You all roll your eyes in boredom. "Now, this treasure hunt got a twist, maties! What you’re looking for isn’t hidden and it isn’t treasure! "

"If there’s no treasure, then what’s with the eye patch and the plastic parrot? " Duncan puts his hand under his chin, clearly bored out of his mind.

"Arg! Shiver me timbers! Good question, me boy! You’re looking for keys for a treasure chest! " As Chris finishes, you see Chef throw the white sheet away to reveal sparkling treasure chests, all of them requiring a key of some sort. "Inside each of these chests is a treasure that will pamper you land lovers! And one of these chests will even give you invincibility! Ha-arg! Now come ‘round and pull a clue out of this bucket! Or you’ll have to walk the plank! "

You all come on the stage and pick a wooden block with different designs on them. You look at Duncan’s one to see a picture of a key inside a circle of fire, then you look down at the one in your hand. You frown.

Is that a picture of Chris?

"These clues will tell ye where your key be stored! "

"Ah, but… bear?!" Owen screams with fear, Chris instantly popping in front of him and talking with his normal voice.

"I was hoping you’d get that one, dude. " The host notices Heather’s clue and laughs. "Ah-ah, Chef’s fridge! Nice! I hear he brushes it daily for fingerprints! "

He then disappears and arrives right behind Geoff.

"That there is the septic tank for the washrooms! "

"Huh… Chris? " He looks back at you with his fake bright smile, walking towards you as you question him with your face. "Why does my clue have your face on it?"

You regret your question when you see his eyes spark again.

"Oh-oh! I’m so happy you got that one, (Y/N)! " He gets out a necklace from under his pirate shirt and shows it to you, seeing a key on it. "You’ll have to try and snatch the key from me! "

How the fuck am I gonna do that?

"All of you scallywags! Go find your keys and bring them back by six pm eastern standard time to open up the chest and get your loot! Fairly well, young scallywags! Go get to it! "

You watch everyone walk away as you cross your arms and stare at Chris, trying to think of a way to snatch the key from him. You feel an arm get around your shoulders and you don’t even have to look to know that it’s your boyfriend.

"How are you gonna take the key from Chris? " Duncan quirks an eyebrow at you, really wondering if you’ll even be able to pass the challenge. Your eyes blink a few times, your brain almost burning from how fast you’re thinking. You watch the host sit on a chair and open a magazine, you finally giving your boyfriend a small smile.

"I’m gonna try to ask with kindness. " After hearing your words, he smirks and shakes his head playfully at you.

"That’s not gonna work. "

"Doesn’t mean I can’t try! " You walk up to Chis, smiling brightly at him as he simply ignores your shadow on him. "Hey, Chris. Can I have th-"

"No. " He turns his page to continue to read and you pout, walking back to a laughing Duncan. You send him a glare, feeling embarrassed that your first attempt failed so bad.

"I told you it wouldn’t work. "

"Yeah, yeah. Shut up. Like you have a better idea. "

"I do, actually. " You quirk an eyebrow at him. "Remember the strategy we used to win in the dodgeball challenge? "

"Your "rush the new guy" technique? What about i- Oh. " His smile grows when he sees you understand his logic. "You want us to rush Chris? That might work."

He turns you around and slightly pushes you towards the host. "Go talk to him in the front. I’ll circle and tackle him from the back so you can take his key. "

The psychopath host looks up from his magazine to see you watch him with a bright smile, being extremely awkward. He chuckles at this new attempt from you and closes his paper, his wide smile judging you.

"It’s still a no, (Y/N). You’re gonna need to be fiercer than that if you want this key. " Your fake smile grows and it hurts your face.

"What key? " You cross your fingers behind your back as you watch your boyfriend come up behind the pirate. "I just came here to talk! How are you feeling today, Chris?"

A suspicious glow passes through the host’s eyes, Chris still wearing his usual big smile as he wonders what you’re preparing.

"I’m feeling great… Wh- AH! " He screams out of surprise when Duncan jumps on him, the host managing to throw himself out of the way and letting the deviant boy crash on the chair instead. "Ah-ah! I see what’s happening here! But ye won’t catch me, maties! "

"He’s running away! " You run after Chris, your boyfriend groaning in pain before he gets up from the ground and follows you close behind. You try your best to catch up to the host, feeling yourself grin when you see him run around one of the cabins. You look behind you and silently tell Duncan to go the other way around, both of you then managing to trap the host.

You can’t run now.

"Give her the key, Chris." The fake pirate laughs, constantly turning his attention between you and Duncan.

"You’ve got me, you scallywags! But I won’t let you have me key! "

"I don’t think you have a choice, now…" You approach Chris with slow steps, then frown when you see him get out a weird object from his pocket. You and Duncan run to him when you see that he’s about to throw it on the ground, having an idea of what he’s gonna do.

"Don’t you dar-"

"Goodbye, maties! "

As soon as the bomb hist the ground, a big cloud of thick white smoke gets out and consumes Chris entirely, making you and Duncan cough for a long time. You hide your nose and your mouth with your sleeve to try to breathe, moving your hand around to dissolve the smoke. Once it completely disappears, you exchange an angry look with the punk guy, the host being gone.

"Awn, come on! That’s cheating, Chris! " You hear Duncan chuckle and feel him kiss your cheek, the boy putting his arm around your shoulders.

"We’ll get him next time. " You shake your head at Duncan’s words.

"No, he knows we’re coming. I need to think of another way to get that key. " A list of possible scenarios form in your head, making you smile brightly at Duncan before you kiss him. "I’ll go check the boathouse for something, you go get your key. "

"Suit yourself. " He pecks your lips before he walks away from you, sending you a grin. "But babe, if you need me, just scream my name. "

You laugh. "Yeah, sure. Will do, honey. "

"How is there no rope in here!? "

You angrily scream at the mess you’ve made, the whole boathouse looking like there was a carnage not too long ago. You grab your head in your hands, your brain feeling like it’s on fire as you’re trying your best to think of where there could be some rope.

That’s when you hear voices outside.

"Um, Heather? What do I do with this rope now? "

"Just leave it there! Why are you asking me?! "

Your eyes open wildly, the adrenaline kicking in your veins as you run out of the entrance and see Heather and Lindsay. You spot the object you need in the blond hands, coming up to their way with a creepy smile.

"Hey, guys! Are you done with this rope? " Your voice is very high, the nervousness almost killing you. Lindsay smiles back at you and hands you the rope, but Heather takes it back before you can even touch it.

"No, we’re not! "

You pout at her. "Awn, come on! I need it to do my challenge! "

"Exactly!" She frowns and points at you. "I don’t wanna risk you getting another invincibility pass!"

You blink at her, your thoughts once again working up too fast.

"… do you remember where I gotta find my key? " She rolls her eyes at you and Lindsay simply watches in silence, worried.

"Of course not. What? Are you the one who has that bear thing? "

"Noooo. I have to take the key from Chris. "

Lindsay gasps and Heather’s expression immediately changes.

"Oooh, are you telling me you’re gonna hang him down by his feet? In his own TV show? " You grin and nod your head at her, the black-haired girl immediately handing you the rope. "Well, here. Go make some good drama. I already got my key from Chef’s fridge, so I don’t need this anymore. "

You take the rope and give the two girls a bright smile to thank them. You then walk to where you last saw Chris, determination in your veins.

Let’s see if he’ll survive this trap.

You’re hiding inside the bushes, a tight grip on the rope as you watch Chris walk around the forest in his pirate outfit. You grind your teeth when you hear him whistle some songs, wondering if this is what he does all day while you’re all getting tortured in challenges somewhere. You smirk when you see him approach the pile of leaves, your dark aura getting stronger. As soon as he puts his feet in the pile, you pull on the rope and laugh when you hear him scream in surprise, the host now hanging down by his feet. You get out of your hideout, kicking the fake parrot and his hat on the ground with your foot.

Chris chuckles at you. "You made a trap, lady? Arg! You have lots of resources! "

"If you give me the key, I’ll free you. "

You watch the necklace with the key slowly falling off his neck, the fake pirate catching it before it goes straight to you. He laughs again, making you frown in annoyance at him.

"Not so easy, matie! " He gets out a knife from his pocket and you feel your eyes pop out. "I haven’t said my last words yet! "

He cuts the rope and falls unto the ground, standing upright after to put the necklace back around his neck. You groan in anger, letting go of the loose rope in your hands and crossing your arms over your chest.

"You know what? I bet that everyone’s challenge is way easier than mine! "

"Looks like this mate has figured it out!" He puts his hat and fake parrot back on before continuing to talk with his normal voice. "I thought it’ll be awesome if one of these challenges would be impossible to do. "

"It’s not awesome! "

"Oh, yes, it is! " He walks away from you with his same wide smile. "Better luck next time, scallywag! "

You watch Chris rest his back on one of the cabins’ walls, texting people on his phone. You squint your eyes at him, feeling your body moving like a cat that is preparing to attack its prey. You stop yourself from groaning in anger, not wanting the fake pirate to notice your presence yet. That’s when you see Trent being dragged away by Lindsay, the two teenagers stopping their walk when Chris interrupts them.

"Trent! Lindsay! How’s retrieving your keys so far?"

"Oh, it was way too easy, dude!" Trent waves at the host and you feel the anger boil inside of you, not happy to hear that his challenge was easy. "I got it in fiv-"

"HUG ATTACK!" You manage to throw yourself on Chris, wrapping your arms and legs around him as he struggles to get out of your grip. As he screams at you to get off him, Trent and Lindsay slowly walk away with awkward expressions on their face.

Let’s just say that they will not try to mess with you in the future.

"(Y/N), let go of me!" You move your hand and try to take the key from the chain around Chris’ neck, but the host spins around and you have to hold onto him again. "Seriously, leave me alone!"

"No!" You feel the key in your hand and your smile stretches wildly. "Ah-ah! I got- AAAH!"

You’ve somehow been pushed on the ground while Chris was spinning, your hand accidentally letting go of the key. You groan in pain and stay on the ground, massaging the top of your head as you get a glimpse of the host wiping dirt off his pirate outfit.

"Man, you’re desperate." He gives you an annoyed look. "You almost ripped my pirate outfit! Do you know how much that thing cost me?"

"Ugh, I don’t care! Just give me the key!" He chuckles darkly at you and you get up, resting your body against the wall when you feel a migraine coming.

"This is an impossible challenge, (Y/N). Everyone’s gonna get their key except for you, isn’t it fun?"

You quirk an eyebrow at him. "… I don’t think you know what "fun" actually means…"

You see him shakes his head playfully before he goes back to his phone, starting to text people again. Meanwhile, your brain rotates around like crazy, trying to find another strategy that would work on the host.

"Alright, Chris." You put your fists on your waist and he looks up at you, the host being curious by the tone of your voice. "You like making deals, right? Let’s make a deal."

"Oh, so you’re going that way, huh?" He closes his phone and puts it in his pocket before he crosses his arms on his chest. "What ye got in mind, mate?"

You roll your eyes at his pirate accent. "Let’s put it that way. If you give me the key, I give you something else."

"Really? Like what? What a teenage girl like you, who comes from a normal and boring family, could give me, a rich actor who can get whatever he wants in five minutes?"

I didn’t think of that.

"… how about my eternal friendship?" He straight out laughs at you and you pout, not liking to be joked on.

"Awn, (Y/N), you’re so cute." He pinches your cheek and you push his hand away from your face, still pouting. "You can’t even make a proper deal! Well, guess you’re never getting that key, scallywag!"

"Ugh, stop!" You step back from him and walk away. "I’ll get this key from you, you’ll see!"

He only laughs more."Just face the truth, (Y/N)! You’re losing!"

You grind your teeth and start to mumble as you get closer to the lodge.

"I swear, if my next plan doesn’t work, I’m gonna go crazy." You turn your head to give Chris a mean look, the anger rising when you see him playing on his phone again. "Or maybe I’ll snap and kill him. Then we’ll see who’s too innocent and kind."

You’re standing in front of Chef in his kitchen, a wooden table separating the two of you as you’re thinking about that next plan…. But you’re simply watching the ex-soldier sleep, your arms crossed on your chest.

"Chef?" You see his face make some moves, the guy almost awake. "Cheeeeeeeef?"

"Ah!" He’s suddenly awake and moves a large knife around, almost scaring you with it. "(Y/N), what are you doing back here? Are you trying to help Heather get her key? I won’t let you!"

"Calm down, Chef." You quirk an eyebrow at his behavior and push his knife away from your face, ignoring the furious glare in his face. "I came here to make a deal with you."

"A deal?" He gives you a suspicious look. "What kind of deal?"

"I need your help to get my key from Chris. You’re the only one he won’t suspect to try and get him."

The big guy smirks at you and shakes his head. "I’m not helping you, girl. I’ve got no reason! Plus, I already have to guard one key here."

Your mind screams in anger, your whole body feeling exhausted from having all of your plans fail. That’s when something pops up in the middle of all the imaginary fire, making your smirk back at Chef.

"What key are you guarding? Cause I’m pretty sure Heather got hers like... two hours ago."


The ex-soldier runs over to his fridge, opening it with force and groaning in anger once he sees that the key is gone. You only keep your smirk, shaking your head with amusement at the adult’s reaction.

"That girl stole it! How is that possible?"

"She probably did it while you were asleep." He turns his head back at you and sends you a death glare, not appreciating your remarks. "But if you want, I can go and steal it back for you."

His scary expression turns into a suspicious one, Chef crossing his arms over his chest as he’s still holding his big knife in his hand.

"Let me guess. Only if I help you get your key, right?"

You smile brightly. "You guessed right! So? Are we gonna help each other?"

There’s a long silence where you just stare at each other… but the ex-soldier eventually sighs and accepts your deal. Your grin stretches out, feeling proud that this insane plan might work.

"Hello there, Chris."

You watch the ex-soldier approach the host from afar, hiding behind the cabin where you left Chris earlier. The fake pirate looks up from his phone, a surprised glow in his eyes as he welcomes Chef with a bright smile.

"Chef! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to protect the key in your fridge?"

"Heather already took it." The big guy rests his back on the wall right next to Chris, crossing his arms and looking at the horizon. "So? What did I miss?"

The host chuckles. "Only a couple of failed attempts from (Y/N). That girl has determination, I can tell ya. I wonder what she’ll try next."

Probably kill you, if that plan doesn’t work.

"You don’t think that she’ll be able to take your key?" Chris’ smile seems to grow even more. "One of her plans might work, you know.

"I’m sure none will."

You feel your fists tighten and you grind your teeth, having a hard time to control yourself and not jump on the host right now.

"Just to be safe, maybe you should give it to me." Chef continues to watch the horizon and Chris gives him a surprised look. "That way she’ll never be able to take it from you."

You smirk with proud when you see the fake pirate starting to think about Chef’s proposition, but you soon lose it when you hear what he says next.

"… she bribed you, didn’t she?"

How in the world did he-

"What? Hell no!" Chef laughs awkwardly at the host and Chris smirks at his only friend, shaking his head at the ex-soldier.

"Oh man! She did bribe you! I never thought she would go that far! What is she supposed to do for you, huh?"

"… steal Heather’s key and give it back to me."

"Dammit, Chef!" Both adults look back at an angry you, revealing yourself beside them with your fists on your waist. "You’ve ruined the plan!"

"Sorry, girl." Chef gives you an apologetic smile and Chris laughs at you, your arms crossing over your chest as you pout again.

"That was some great thinking, (Y/N). Too bad I’m smarter than ye!" You send him a glare, but his smile only stretches out more. "Awn, don’t be sad mate!"

"That pirate accent is not making you look cool, Chris."

Chef laughs at your comment and the host gasps in shock, you simply leaving them with a smirk.

You stare intensely at your boyfriend, the punk guy sitting proudly on the stairs of the Bass cabin with a smirk as he moves his key around his finger. You don’t even have the strength to glare at him, only slowly walking over to him with a tired face.

"You look like you failed multiple times." You ignore his comment and just sit beside him, wrapping your arms around him and hiding your face in his chest. "You’re okay, babe?"

"I’m dead." Your voice his muffled by his shirt, but you sigh with content when you feel his arms around your form and his lips kiss the top of your head. "I swear, Chris Mclean is not human."

"What did you try exactly?"

"Everything!" You get your head out of his chest and give him a desperate look. "I trapped him, fight him, bribed him. Heck, I even bribed Chef and it almost worked! But you know what? I’m tired. So fuck those prizes, I’m giving up."

You hide your face again and snuggle in his arms as you hear him chuckle at your response, the boy soothing your back with his hands.

"Well, that was to be expected. Have you ever seen Chris change his mind or agree to do something for one of us?"

A couple of flashbacks suddenly attack your brain.

"Alright! Here is your chicken hat. So, let’s tally up the results... Wait, that’s seven jumpers and two chickens. We’re missing three people."

"I’m not jumping without Katie!"

"We have to be on the same team, Chris!"

Both of the girls proceed to beg Chris over and over, which is annoying him more than anything else. That’s when Izzy puts her hand up.

"I’ll switch places with her."

"Alright, FINE! You’re both on the Killer Bass now. Izzy, you’re on the Screaming Gophers. That means you’re up, girls!"

"Eat it! "

"No! I’m not doing it! You can’t pressure me! "

"I’m with you, sister. " You all look back at DJ, who’s having a serious expression. "I’m not eating no dolphin! "

"Me neither! " You cross your arms on your chest, your two friends imitating you. The three of you stay like that for a long time, Chris staring at you with a very annoyed expression.

"Okay, enough! We’ll solve this by having a need-off! "

You look up at Duncan with a bright smile, your boyfriend not understanding why you’re suddenly acting like that.

"Duncan, you’re a genius! I know exactly what I need to do!" He doesn’t have time to answer you that you’re already kissing him with passion. The deviant boy closes his eyes for a few seconds before you get away from him, running away in joy. He watches you disappear with a dumbfounded expression, not understanding anything.

"Where is she going?" The punk guy jumps out of his skin when he hears Leshawna talk right beside him. "Meh, I’ll talk to her later. Hear me out, Duncan. There’s something nasty that you need to know about our boy Trent."

You’ve been following Chris around the camp for a few minutes now, always two steps behind him and staring silently at him with a creepy smile. You can tell that your plan is already working because the fake pirate stops in his tracks and looks back at you with an annoyed expression.

"Seriously, (Y/N). Let go. I’m not giving you the key!"

You just stay silent and keep staring at him, not moving an inch when you see the angry glow in his eyes.

"(Y/N), go away."

"Are you seriously not going to say anything?"

"… you know what? Fine! Here’s your key!" Your smile grows wider when you see the host grab the chain around his neck and throw it at you. "Now stop following me!"

You catch the key with the same smile, happy to see that annoying the fake pirate was a successful plan. You wave at Chris as he leaves, screaming some thanks at him while he simply ignores you. That’s when Leshawna pops up beside you and you scream out of terror, the brown girl looking like she’s right out of a horror movie with the scratches on her body.

"Leshawna, what the heck!?"

"No time to explain, girl." She puts her hands on your shoulders and gives you a serious look. "Trent cheated on Gwen with Heather. You need to vote off one of them tonight."

wait, what?

"Alright, campers! Meet me back at the camp in ten minutes! And bring your keys!"

When you and Leshawna arrive at the camp, you proudly show your key to Duncan, who congratulates you by putting his arm around your waist and kissing your cheek. You close your eyes with a smile when you feel his lips, actually relieved that you got your key. If Chris had been patient for ten more minutes, you would have completely failed the challenge!

You then smell something really bad and try to stop it by pinching your nose, looking back at Geoff sitting on one of the camps tree trunks. You also notice Izzy walk over to you all with a huge purple snake around her body.

"Hey, guys! Whoo! What stinks?"

"Huh, Izzy. You’ve got a snake on your head." Duncan smirk at the ginger-haired girl and you playfully shake your head, knowing damn well that Izzy’s aware of the snake.

"Oh, I know! But don’t worry, he’s friendly!" The snake suddenly bites her head and you all gasp in shock. "See? Kisses!"

She then falls on the ground and you wonder if she’ll die from poison.

"Arg! It be time to claim your treasure! Who’s fortunate enough to bear your precious key, come forth with it!"

You all walk over to the treasure chests, the host sending you an annoyed look when you show him your key. You try opening some chests with your key, trying to find the one that matches it. You see your boyfriend open one with a smirk, but soon losing it when he gets out a bag of chips and a can of soda. He looks back at Chris.

"Is this the best you can do?" Chris simply sends him finger guns and his usual smile.

"My key won’t open any chests!" You start to panic when you hear Owen talk, wondering if that’s what is happening with you too.

"Oh, yeah…. Ah-ah! I forgot to mention that some of the keys don’t open up any chest!"

"Oh come on!" While Owen whines, you start to count the chests to see if you got a fake key but soon calm down once you see that there are ten chests. That means Owen’s the only one to not have a treasure.

"Oh, and look! An invincibility pass! Lucky me!" You send Heather a glare, being sure that she somehow manipulated Gwen and Trent and created more drama. You kneel in front of another chest, trying your key for another time. When you hear the click sound, you smile, wondering what kind of weird prize you’ll get.

Judging by what the others got, probably something ridiculous...

… but when you open the chest….

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" You take out the most expensive camera you’ve ever seen from the chest, tears of joy swelling up in your eyes as everyone looks back at you. "I can’t believe it! It’s a Nikon D850! This cost, like… 5000$!"

"What!?" Heather gives Chris an angry look. "How does she get something awesome like that?"

"Why not?" Chris shrugs his shoulders and simply smile. "I never thought that she’ll get her key, so I decided to put something that she had always wanted in the chest. Just imagine if she didn’t get the key! She would have been so devastated, ha! But guess what! She did get her key! So let’s say she deserves that gift, alright?"

"Oh, thank you!" You hug the camera and send Chris a bright smile, your boyfriend simply eating his chips beside you. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Ye welcome, mate! " The fake pirate gives everyone a long look. "I hope everyone got the treasure they were looking for… and more! But now, it’s time to do your duty and send one of you off the island for good! So cast your votes! And I’ll see ye back at the campfire after sundown! Arg!"

You stare at the camera for a long time. "I know Heather somehow manipulated Trent and Gwen into hating each other, so I’m not gonna vote for him. Still sucks that I can’t vote for that fake eyebrow bitch, but hey. Guess I can finally vote for myself! So… yeah! Maybe bye-bye for me!"

"And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The moment of truth… marshmallow time! You know the routine, whoever who doesn’t get a marshmallow, it’s curtains for you!"

There’s a long silence where you’re all staring back at Chris, who is waiting a while to create suspense for the viewers. You simply roll your eyes and put your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder, his arm hugging your sides. That’s when the host starts to throw the marshmallows at you all while naming you.

"Izzy, Geoff, Gwen, Leshawna, Lindsay, Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, (Y/N), Owen… marshmallows for all of you!" You eat your marshmallow as Chris looks at Trent. "Sorry dude. You’re out."

"That’s right!" Leshawna points to the boy, who’s simply looking back at her with the most intense shocking face in the world. "Take your two times away and back to where you came from!"

"What? But I thought I was getting along so well with everybody!"

"I guess you were wrong." Heather looks at her nails with boredom, Gwen gasping at her.

"You don’t even care, do you!?"

"Hey, just playing the game." She smirks at the goth girl, Bridgette and you sending her death glares.

"Why should you care?" Trent gives Gwen a sad look. "You think I’m a cliche!"

"Where did you get that from?"

"Her!" He points at Heather, who waves at them with the same smirk as before. Gwen rolls her eyes at her and looks back at Trent.

"You know, even after all this, I still didn’t vote you off."

"Me neither!" You raise your hand, finishing to eat your marshmallow.

"Then how did I get the boot?"

"My bad!" Leshawna looks down at her feet with guilt. "I jumped the gun on that one… I told everyone to turn down either you or Heather."

"But tonight…" Heather walks up to the teenagers. "… I’m invincible! So that leaves poor old Trent here."

"Looks like we’ve got played… sorry hon’. "

"Oh no!" Gwen hides her face, but Trent takes her hands in his.

"It’s okay! Whatever happened, happened! At least we know that we’re still okay! … we’re still okay, right?"

She gives him a sweet smile. "Yes."


"Five bucks that they kiss." You look up at your boyfriend when you hear him whisper those words in your ear, making you smirk at him.

"Ten bucks that Chris stops them before they can." He imitates your smirk.

"You’re on." You watch Gwen and Trent approach their face to one another, almost kissing each other when Chris pops up between them.

"Trent! You got an appointment at the dock of shame! And a ticket for the boat of losers! Let’s go." While Chris pushes Trent on the way to the dock (everyone following them), Duncan groans and you laugh, nudging his side.

"You own me ten bucks, babe." He rolls his eyes at you and your smile grows wide.

"Well, you’ll have to wait, cause I don’t have any money right now." You playfully quirk an eyebrow at him, your smirk still on.

"I can accept another type of payment." His smug comes back on his face, the punk guy looking back at you with an intense lusting glint in his eyes.

"I can work with that." You close your eyes when he grabs your lips with his, enjoying the moment for as long as you can before you stop to say goodbye to Trent, the two of you sending him sad smile and waves.

You wish you could have spent more time with the guy and got to know him better, but it’s too late for now. Hopefully, you’ll meet him again in the future.

Chapter Text

Chapter Seventeen: Hide and Be Sneaky!

You’re lying down on the top of a bunk bed, Leshawna and Gwen sitting down right under you. Like always, you’re reading one of your novels while the girls are talking, too into lines about the murder story to notice what’s happening around you.

"Girl, you’ve got to put Trent out of your head." You suddenly get interested in the conversation and look down to see Leshawna trying to comfort a sad Gwen.

"I know! I just miss him so much already!" She looks up at you and you give her a comforting smile. "(Y/N), you know what I mean, right? You must miss Courtney so much!"

"Awn…" Her words force you to make a sad expression, the face of a certain brown-haired girl appearing into your head. "Why you made me remember that? Now I feel miserable."

"At least you got Duncan." The goth girl looks down at her feet, holding her head between her hands. "Must be nice to have two lovers."

You chuckle at her comment. "There are some nice parts.... but the drama, girl… The drama!"

"Oh yeah, we saw that!" Leshawna smirks at you. "We’ve seen how those two almost killed each other for your attention. It was wild!"

You laugh out loud, hiding your face in embarrassment. "They weren’t subtle, weren’t they?"

"I still think you’re luckier than me." Gwen looks in the space with a blank expression. "You’re all happy and having fun while I’m slowly dying inside."

You share a worried look with Leshawna, the brown girl soothing the goth girl’s back.

"Well, baby girl, nothing heals a broken heart like revenge." Leshawna gives her a knowing look, both you and Gwen looking back at her with a smirk.

"Heather is so going to have it for breaking you two apart."

"What about you, (Y/N)?" You quirk an eyebrow at Gwen, not understand what she’s asking you. "Isn’t she the one who’s behind Courtney being kicked off?"

"That’s what Duncan thinks." You shake your head. "She tried to break us off a couple of times, which didn’t work by the way, but I don’t think it’s her. We all know for a fact that no one voted for Courtney that night, and still, she got kicked off! So I think someone messed up with the votes or something."

Gwen and Leshawna share a suspicious look before looking up at you again. "Girl, if no one voted for Courtney, who did you all vote for?"

"Well, I voted for myself, but the others voted for- Oh my god!" You gasp and sit up, a horrified look on your face. "Harold kicked Courtney off the island! He was sick of being bullied by Duncan and when he saw that he got two girlfriends, he messed with the votes and put Courtney away!"

"No, for real?" Gwen looks at you with excitement and Leshawna hides her mouth behind her hands. "Why didn’t he kicked you off on the next episode, then?"

"Cause we’re like brothers and sisters! And I helped him a lot with the bullied thing! In the cooking episode?" You grab your hair, still not believing that you haven’t think about it before. "Ugh! I can’t believe he did that! And now I can’t even confront him about it!"

"Are you gonna tell Duncan?"You sigh and close your eyes.

"No, he’s gonna kill him if he learns about it. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Courtney’s already strangling him or something. God, I miss her."

The girl chuckles at your reaction and you stick out your tongue at them, not liking being joked on. That’s when Chris’ voice comes out.

"Time for your challenge!"

 You’re all standing in front of Chris on the dock of shame, looking back at the host with a bored expression. You’re currently stuck between Leshawna and Duncan, your boyfriend having his arm around your shoulders.

"Today’s challenge is a good old fashion game of hide and seek."

Oh, nice! I’m the best at that game!

"You all get ten minutes to hide before Chef Hatchet comes looking for you! With his military background and his advanced degree in man-hunting, he’s uniquely qualified to make this game excruciatingly hard."

Chef gets out a water gun, pumping it up with an evil smile as Duncan smirks at him.

"What’s with the water gun?" He looks at you with the same smirk, but he loses it when you show him the red dot on his forehead.

"The lifeguard chair is home base! When he finds you, Chef will try to spray you. If you escape his splash, you can try to run to home base. But if he catches you on your way, he’ll dice you."

"Ooooh! So we’re gonna get splash by a bit of water, now I’m terrified!" You laugh at your boyfriend’s comment, the deviant boy tightening his grip on you with a proud smug.

"Why don’t you demonstrate, Chef?" You all make terrified faces when you see Chef pumping his water gun, only to see him turn around and shot Chris who ends up far away from all of you, completely soaked.

"Not on me, dude!"

"So... how do we win this game?" Heather watches the host come back with an angry face.

"You got three options. One, don’t get discovered in your hiding place. Two, run to home base before Chef’s splash you. Three, once you’ve been caught, help Chef find other campers. Do any of those and you win invincibility! All clear?"

As Lindsay raises her hand, you share a look with your boyfriend, both of you holding your hands and preparing to run.


"You get ten minutes to hide! Go!"

And that’s how you all start to run to find different places, Duncan pulling you with him into the dark forest.

 You’re sitting beside Geoff and DJ, eating some chips that you find on your way here as your boyfriend pulls Owen in the cave with you all. You smile at the big guy, who sits down on a rock and smile back at you.

"Hey, guys! Great hiding spot! Yeah!"

"Listen, boys. We’re in trouble, okay?" Duncan looks at all of you, a serious expression on his face. "There’s seven chicks on the island and only four dudes."

"I know!" Geoff smiles brightly. "Nice odds!"

You quirk an eyebrow at your blond friend while Duncan hits him in the head, giving the boy a death stare.

"No, butt-brain! Bad odds! If I noticed it, chances are that sooner or later, they are going to notice it too and when they do, they’re gonna pick us off one by one! We’ve gotta do something about it!"

"If you think that’s the case, then why am I here?" The boys look at you eating your chips. "Last time I checked, I’m a girl."

"Cause you’re awesome, dude!" Geoff slightly punches your shoulder, smiling brightly at you. "You’re our friend, no way you’re gonna side with the other chicks!"

"Plus, you’re my girlfriend." The deviant boy wraps his arm around your shoulders and kisses your cheek, making you smile. "And my girlfriend gets a special pass."

"Awwwwn, thanks, guys! You know, I don’t think the girls are going to pick you off one by one."

"Yeah, it’s not exactly like they’re getting along. " DJ raises his finger, pointing at you and Owen. "Remember this morning?"

DJ and Owen shiver in fear when they remember hearing Heather and Leshawna trying to kill each other in the bathroom, you only rolling your eyes at them.

That fight was nothing compared to what girls can do to each other.

"I don’t know, dude." Geoff frowns before giving Duncan a sad smile. "Bridgette and me, we kind of hooked up! I don’t feel right about joining an alliance without her."

You’re about to say that you’re agreeing with Geoff (not wanting to go against your best friend, who faced everything with you) when your boyfriend cuts you off.

"Let me tell you the truth about women. They’re all sisters! And when push comes to shove, they’re gonna stick together! Haven’t you ever seen a chick flit before?"

You chuckle and shake your head playfully. "Oh, boy. You guys don’t know how women work."

Duncan rolls his eyes at you. "Look, man. Now’s the time while they don’t see it coming! While we have the element of surprise!"

I don’t know why I’m in this alliance.

"Geez, man, I’m just not sure."

You don’t like the evil glare your boyfriend is sending Owen.

 "AAAAAAAAAH!" Owen screams while Duncan holds his feet and menaces to let him fall down a cliff.

"Are you sure now?"

"Okay! Okay, okay! We’ll form our own alliance!" Your boyfriend smirks and lets Owen go, showing the viewers that he was only holding him in a space of sixty centimeters. The big guy sighs in relief. "Wow, Duncan! Juvie really made you a scary dude!"

 "Good." You’re all back in the cave and in a circle, also having finished your chips a long time ago. "Now that we all agreed, guys and (Y/N) united to save our butts from elimination!"

You roll your eyes and put your hand on top of the boys’, deciding to go along with them and see what happens after. You all look back at Geoff, who’s looking at the hands with a scared expression.

"Are you in, dude?" When he hears Duncan question, the blond guy shares a terrifying look with you, asking you if it’s okay if he does this. You send him a comforting smile, silently telling him that everything’s going to be fine. He calms down and puts his hand down on top of yours.

"I am so psyched!" You all give Owen a weird look. "Dudes alliance! I love it! It’s so manly, yeah! Come here!"

He then grabs Duncan and DJ, kissing them on the cheek. Both of them get out of the big guy’s grip, giving him a horrified look while you’re simply confused. Owen stares at you all in silence before he hits himself on the head, feeling stupid. You open your mouth wide, suddenly understanding something as you point at him.

"You’re bisex-"

"No! No, I’m not!" He points aggressively at you with a terrifying face. "Don’t even think about it!"

You simply chuckle and mimic closing your mouth forever, the big blond sighing in relief. Duncan gets up, pulling you up with him before he looks at everyone else.

"Alright, clear out."

"What!?" Geoff and the other boys give him a surprised look, Duncan simply smirking at them as you quirk an eyebrow.

"We were here first, dude. This is our hiding spot." You laugh at your boyfriend comment as the other boys leave, then you get out of his grip and surprise him.

"Sorry, honey, but I don’t want to get caught with you. I’m gonna go somewhere else." You walk out of the cabin, waving at him with a bright smile. "See ya later, babe!"

 You walk past the camera crew and look inside a large tent that you and the others have never been in before, seeing two seats in front of larges screens showing different parts of the island. You see some campers hiding and walking around, Chef trying to find them while Chris is giggling at them all. You look back at the camera crew, who are all filming you with curious glances.

"Can I hide in here?" They nod at your response and you smirk. "Alright. Don’t tell or show Chris where I am, okay?"

Once they send you some thumbs up, also completely turning around from you to avoid suspicion, you go inside the tent and sit down on one of the chairs, getting another bag of chips out of your hoodie and starting to eat as you watch everyone on the screens. You smile brightly at the darkness around you, feeling proud to have found the perfect hiding spot. This is a place that no one will ever think you’ll be... and if they ever come in here to get you, you’ll see them arrive in advance and you’ll be able to hide somewhere else before they can catch you!

What? How you find that place? You’ve just been searching for it in the last couple of weeks, curious to see where Chris and Chef are watching the whole show. You never thought that it’ll pay off, but hey! You’re just lucky!

You chuckle when you see Izzy follow Chef around and mimic all of his movements, hiding behind rocks and bushes when the ex-soldier turns around in her direction. You look at another screen with a smirk, seeing Geoff trying to stay up in a three and simply being afraid of falling. You gasp in admiration when you see Gwen hide in the grass with a blanket made of it, completely hiding from the outside world.

If you’re not going to win this thing, she’s going to.

Wait, is Leshawna under the water? My god, my friends are good at this game!

You laugh when you see DJ and Owen climb on the roof of the lodge from different sides, not aware that they’re taking the same hiding spot. You also see Heather walking inside the lodge, Lindsay soon following after a few minutes. You quirk an eyebrow when you see Bri on another screen, walking around and trapping her feet around the lights’ cable… but you go back to Heather and Lindsay, the blond looking under the table where the black-haired girl is hiding.

This is going to be interesting.

"Hey, Heather!" The fake eyebrow girl bumps her head on the table, getting out of her hiding spot as she massages her head. "What a coincidence! We are just destined to hide together!"

"What?" Heather gives the blond a mean look. "What are you doing here? Can’t you find your own hiding place? This challenge is called hide and seek! Not hide in group and seek!"

Lindsay gives the black-haired girl puppy eyes, the blond almost crying.

"But…" You hear a couple of "snap" sounds, looking back on your best friend’s screen to see that the lights’ cable is still around her feet. She’s walking in front of Chris, who laughs and turns back to look at the camera.

"I love this show."

"You’re the only one who does, buddy." You eat another chip, looking back at the drama between Heather and Lindsay.

"Dig yourself a hole! Disguise yourself as a canoe! I don’t care! Just do it somewhere else!" The lights in the kitchen suddenly open, revealing an evil Chef laughing at them as you simply chuckle.

"This is my kitchen! Also known as forbidden territory!"

"Take her!" Heather pushes Lindsay unto Chef and runs away, Lindsay screaming and running out before the ex-soldier can grab her. You watch the two girls scream and run towards the home base, Chef following them close from behind and pumping up his water gun. You laugh when you see him splash the girls, coming towards their unconscious bodies on the ground and putting his feet on top of them with proud.

"Oh my god, Chef." You eat another chip. "You’re hilarious."

"Hey, what’s happening in here?"

 You look up from your little masterpiece to see a man kneeling beside you, his face completely blurred out. You somehow know that he’s smiling sweetly at you, opening his mouth to tell you something.

"Oooh, you’re drawing a princess riding a dragon, eh? Only four and already so talented."

You feel yourself smile brightly at him, not even phased by his lack of face or his distorted voice.

"Daddy! You’re home!" You hug him tight, the man laughing at your reaction and hugging you back. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too, little star." You chuckle happily and you get out of his embrace, feeling like the man’s face turn into a worried one. "What’s that?"

He takes a hold of your bruised arm, making you lose your smile instantly. You feel the atmosphere shift into a serious one, the man looking back at you with why you feel like a hard stare.

"(Y/N), sweetheart, tell me... Did she hurt you?"

 "Hellooo? What are you doing in here?"

You jump out of your skin and turn around to see a young guy that you’ve never met before, the boy having short blond hair and wearing a white shirt. You shake your head, your brain wondering what kind of flashback you just got. That man wasn’t your dad, why did you call him-

"(Y/N)? Aren’t you supposed to hide?" You turn your attention back to the boy, silently deciding that you’ll analyze the flashback later.

"I’m hiding here, the camera crew said it was okay." You give him a suspicious look. "Who are you?"

"My name’s David. I’m just an intern." You nod at him, accepting his answer. "That’s actually a great hiding spot. I doubt they’ll ever find you. Want me to tell the whole crew to act like they don’t know where you are?"

You grin. "That would be awesome, yes."

"Alright, will do." He starts to walk away. "Have fun!"

"Thanks!" You look back at the screen, forgetting about the memory to watch Heather and Lindsay sit on the lodge’s stairs with disappointment faces, Chef looking into every hidden spot inside the building. He looks around with a dead serious face, soon losing it for a surprised look when he hears a sneeze. You see him look up at the ceiling to notice Izzy.

"Oops. Ah-ah. I guess you heard that, uh? Ah-ah."

She then screams and falls on him, kicking his head to jump and land in front of the entrance. You see Chef puts his water gun away, both of them starting to stare at each other with a deathly stare. You continue to eat your chips, avidly now. You get even more interested when you watch the two of them fight with some intense karate moves, Izzy getting an advantage and kicking Chef away from her. You gasp when you see her jump out of the window and land in front of Heather and Lindsay, running away from them and going straight towards the home base.

"You’ll never get me alive!" You smile wildly when you see her about to reach the chair, Chef close behind her. The ginger-haired girl throws herself on the ground to arrive faster at the chair, going way too fast and ending up at the bottom of the lake and caught by Chef. She instantly sees Leshawna, who silently ask her to not say anything about her hiding spot. Izzy nods at her and you smile sweetly.

That girl may be crazy, but she’s a good friend.

"Nice little skunks!" You look at Bridgette’s screen to see her trying to get away from a family of skunks, pulling too hard on the lights’ cable and scaring the crap out of them. You gasp when you see her get sprayed by them, feeling a lot of empathy towards her.

"AAAAAAAH!" She stops screaming when she feels someone poke her shoulder, looking back at Chef wearing a mask.

"Technically, I don’t have to spray you... but-"

"Please! Spray me!" The ex-soldier instantly sprays the blond surfer, the girl smiling at herself in relief… but she soon loses it when she notices that she still smells bad.

"Yeah…" You eat another chip. "You’re gonna need a bath of tomato juice, Bri."

"Awn, come here, you!" You look at DJ and Owen, both almost completely up on the roof. Owen smiles at the bird.

"Wow! Either I’ve been in the sun too long or that bird’s talking to me!"

"Neither of those, buddy." You smirk when you see the boys gasp upon seeing each other.

"What are you doing in my hiding place, man!"

"Your hiding place? It’s mine! Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get up here?"

"Look, we’re tight and all, but- AAAAAH!" You laugh hard when you see DJ fall in the lodge, both of the boys being too heavy for the old roof.

"DJ? Are you okay-AAAAAH!" There’s a loud thud. "Ow! I landed on my keys!"

"Oh my god!" You have difficulties to control your laughter. "Now I know how Chris feels all day!"

The boys get out of the lodge with exhaustive expressions, Heather smirking at them.

"You guys are so busted."

"Hey! I’ve got an idea! Since there are two of them, why don’t I bust one of them, so we both get invincibility?" You nod at Lindsay’s comment, then frown when you see Heather give her a hard face.

"Hey, I’ve got an idea! Find your own!"

You don’t even have time to say a comment that you hear someone scream in pain, looking into another screen to see Chef busting Gwen while stepping on her, Izzy and Bridgette following him right behind. You feel disappointed…. but you think that if Chef had accidentally walk on you, you might also have screamed in pain.

"I found DJ and Owen in the lodge, so I guess I have invincibility now. My job here is done!" Heather walks in front of a sulking Gwen. "Gwen… Looking fetch as always!"

You roll your eyes at the black-haired girl, putting your hand in your bag to take another chip... only to frown when you notice that you don’t have chips anymore. You groan, throwing the bag into a trash can not far away from you while you see the little group bust Geoff in the woods. You smirk when you see them about to go to the cave, feeling relieved to not have stayed with your boyfriend there.

"I wonder where Duncan is hiding." Gwen looks around, Owen laughing awkwardly.

"How should I know? It’s not like the guys are forming a guys' only alliance or anything!" You send Owen a death stare, knowing damn well that he’s going to tell the girls everything. "Okay, they are forming one but I’m not a part of it! … Okay! You broke me! There is an alliance and I joined it and I’m not supposed to tell you but I did! There, you’re happy?"

"Well." You cross your arms on the table. "At least he didn’t say I was a part of it."

"Wow." Gwen smiles proudly at the big guy, playing with his hair like he’s a little boy. "I really had to drag that out of you."

"Oh, alright, already! You got me! Sheesh!" You see Chef dragging up your boyfriend by his collar, throwing him on the ground once they get out of the cave.

"I guess that’s everyone then." Geoff looks down at Bridgette, but Owen raises his hand.

"What about Leshawna and (Y/N)?" You smirk, already liking where this is going.

"Leshawna and (Y/N)? But I searched everywhere!" Your smirk grows when you see him having a revelation. "The water!"

They all start to run back to the camp, yourself chuckling darkly. You see Duncan give Bridgette a panic look.

"(Y/N) doesn’t know how to swim! Why would she be in the water?"

"Don’t you know? She’s obsessed with hide and seek! Maybe she thought that nobody would think that she’ll be there... Do you think Leshawna is helping her?"

"Hopefully, yeah."

You shake your head at their conversation, putting your head on your hands as you smile at the screens. You’re not stupid enough to go hide in the water, that’s too high of a risk for you to die. You continue to watch the whole group run around, all of them finally stopping on the dock and gasping in surprise when they see Leshawna sitting on the lifeguard chair.

"What took you so long, sugar?"

"Ah-ah! This is so great!" You laugh at Chef’s face, smiling wildly when you see everyone starting to cheer at her. After a few seconds, the ex-soldier smiles, nodding his head at the brown girl with proud.

"Alrighty, campers. The game’s over. Time to pick the loser and send them home."

"But Chris!" Bridgette gives the host a panic look, Chris quirking an eyebrow at her. "We still haven’t found (Y/N)!"

"Damn right, you didn’t." Your smirk grows when you see the shocked look on the host’s face, not having noticed that you weren’t there.

"Leshawna, wasn’t (Y/N) hiding with you?"

"She wasn’t." She frowns and puts her fists on her waist. "I haven’t seen her since this morning."

"Then where could she be?" Chris bites his bottom lip at Lindsay’s question.

"Alright, change of plans! Everyone tries to find (Y/N)! If no one finds her in ten minutes, she wins! But if someone finds her, including me, then she loses! " He looks back at one of the cameras. "Has one of you seen her?"

You laugh when the camera shakes to say "no" to the host, feeling happy that the whole camera crew is on your side for this challenge. You see the intern that found you earlier on one of the other screens, winking at you and making you chuckle.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N), where are you!?" You spin your chair and laugh when you see everyone search for you all around the camp, the different camera crews and interns chuckling among themselves. You hide your mouth with your hands to stop you from laughing too hard when you see Geoff go into the septic tank for the second time, trying to find you there.

"Damn, I feel so powerful right now."

"The ten minutes are almost done, Chef!" Chris gives his only friend a terrified look. "Where is she!?"

"I don’t know!"

"Hey, what if she’s dead somewhere?" Bridgette gives the adults a terrified look, starting to scream your name even louder. You watch Duncan comes to Chris and Chef with a mix of angry and scared expression.

"We better not find her dead body or I’m gonna kill you!"

"You know what? I’m done!" Chris looks around and starts to scream as loud as he can. "(Y/N)! You win, alright? You got invincibility! So if you’re still alive somewhere, show yourself!"

"Hey, (Y/N)." You look behind you to see Dave, smirking at you. "You see that strange microphone there?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"That’s what Chris use to talk all around the camp. You can use that if you want."

"Thanks, Dave!" He leaves as you take the thing in your hand, still smirking at the host on the screen.

"(Y/N)! Did you hear me? You win!" You push the button on the microphone and approach your mouth to it, hearing your voice all around the camp.

"Since I’ve won this whole thing, I’m gonna give you a hint to where I’m hiding." You take a pause, savoring the shock on everyone’s face upon hearing your voice in the loudspeakers. "Here’s my hint: I. Can. See. Everything."

"She’s in the camera tent! Dammit, Chef! Why didn’t you check there!?" You laugh when you see Chris send an angry look at the ex-soldier.

"I didn’t think someone would be there! That tent is so well hidden, I thought none of them knew it existed!"

"I had so much fun watching all of you get caught. You know what, Chris? Maybe I’ll be a host later, it seems like a great job. Also, congratulations, Leshawna!"

"Thanks, girl!" The brown girl spots a camera and sends you a smile that you return, even though she can’t see you.

"Alright, (Y/N)! Get back out here! You need to vote off someone!" You roll your eyes at the host, not believing one second that he could be pissed at you. You can see that he feels proud to know that you might follow his career choice.

Eh. Maybe you’ll tease him about that later.

 "Can you hear us out there, Bridgette?" You sitting on top of a bunk bed beside Izzy, Leshawna, Gwen, Lindsay, and Heather sitting on the one below you two.

"Yep!" You smile sadly when you hear your friend’s answer.

"Sorry we had to keep you outside, girl. We really just can’t stand that smell!"

"That’s okay… I understand."

"I love you, Bri!" The girls jump out of surprise when they hear you scream.

"I love you too, (Y/N)!"

"Ugh, listen." Heather gives you all a serious face. "The guys are teaming up against us, and as much as it makes me want to yack out my lunch, we have to vote as a group if we want any chance of winning."

should I tell them that I’m in the guys’ alliance?

"Well, I say we take out Duncan. He’s mean and I’d like to tell him that to his face. Sorry (Y/N)." You gasp at your best friend’s response, not believing what you’re hearing.

"Sounds good to me. I don’t trust that little criminal!" You give Leshawna and Gwen a surprised look, your eyes tearing up.

"But he’s my boyfriend! You’re not gonna vote off my boyfriend?"

"Sorry, (Y/N)." Gwen gives you a sad smile. "But Leshawna’s right, we can’t trust him."

"Speaking of trust, I don’t trust that Owen." All girls give their attention back at Heather. "He’s always happy and smiling, it’s creepy and unnatural. I say we lose him. Lindsay?"

"Owen. Yeah."

"But Owen’s like…" Izzy smiles sweetly. "… the nicest guy on the island! And he plays a mean game of Canasta! Have you guys ever played that? It’s so fun!"

"This is an elimination game?" Heather gives judgment eyes to the ginger-haired girl. "Not a dance! We have to vote someone off in order to stay in the game. Hey! Why don’t you vote with us, Izzy? We’ll be like BFF’s!"

Izzy gives Heather a weird look and Lindsay smiles at her awkwardly. "Best female friends."

The ginger-haired girl smile. "Okay!"

"You know she’ll just dump you after the vote." Lindsay nods at Leshawna’s comment while doing her nails.

"It’s true. She will." Heather hits Lindsay and throws her nail polish on the ground, the blond girl gasping in disbelief.

"Anyway. What about you, (Y/N)? Are you gonna vote with us?"

"… I’m actually in the guys’ alliance?"


Maybe you shouldn’t have said that.

"Let me guess, Duncan said it was okay for you to be in it, right?" You nod at Heather, the black-haired girl groaning in annoyance. "Ugh, but you can’t do that! You have to be in the girls’ alliance!"

"I don’t like to say this, but Heather’s right." You feel yourself shrink under Leshawna’s stare, not liking to have all the girls giving you a hard look. "You need to switch alliances, (Y/N)."


The door suddenly opens, all the girls looking back at the entrance to see DJ, Bridgette also giving the big guy a shocked expression from outside. You all watch him look at each girl with a serious look, his eyes finally setting on you. He smiles and goes straight to you to throw you on his shoulder, finally running out of the cabin and ignoring the girls’ screams.

"Hey, DJ! What are y- Hey, no! Come back here! Give us (Y/N) back! She can’t be in your alliance!" You hear your best friend screams those words, only seeing everything around you going fast before DJ stops to run and put you down on the dock of shame.

"You’re okay, babe?" You look behind you to see your boyfriend kneeling along with Geoff and Owen. You smile sweetly at him.

"I am now that DJ saved me." You slightly punch the guy on the shoulder. "Thanks, man."

"No problem, girl." He gives you a bright smile and kneels in the circle with the rest of the boys, you soon imitating them.

"Alright, we’ve all agreed. We vote Bridgette off."

Wait, what? No! Can any of the alliances not vote off someone important to me!?

"No, wait! She can still be an asset to us!" You give Geoff a small sad smile, both of you thinking of a way to save the blond surfer from elimination.

"Oh, really?" Duncan quirks an eyebrow at the blond guy. "You dig the way she smells right now?"

"She just…" They all look back at you. "… needs a tomato bath."

"Yeah, and… why don’t we vote Heather off? She’s got dirt on all of us, dude!"

"Because we can’t! She’s got invincibility again? So does Leshawna and (Y/N), by the way. And besides, everyone likes Bridgette and she’s great at sports! We might not get another chance, dude."

"But I don’t want to vote her off! She’s my best friend!"

"Babe, I know." He puts his hand on your shoulder, squeezing it and giving you a sweet smile. "But we don’t have a choice."


"All in favor of voting for Bridgette?" The deviant boy puts his hand in the middle of all of you, DJ and Owen following him while you and Geoff exchange sad expressions. "That settles it. Here’s to the guys' alliance!"

Your boyfriend looks up at you and Geoff, losing his smile. "Geoff? (Y/N)?"

You both hesitate for a few seconds, but eventually, you both put your hands on top of theirs. None of them notice that you’re both crossing your fingers behind your back.

 "I hate being caught in between boys and girls." You look at the camera in the bathroom cabin, your arms crossed on your chest. "It’s exactly like in my childhood, you know? One day, there was this huge fight between girls and boys in my primary school, but since most of my friends were boys, my dudes beg the guy leader to let me into their team. But when the girls found out, they started to scream and pull me by one of my arms while the boys were trying to drag me back with my other arm. I was trapped!"

You sigh in annoyance, massaging your temples. "I am trapped right now. The girls want to vote for Duncan and the boys want to vote for Bridgette! I can’t decide! Sure, I could go with Heather and vote for Owen, but I don’t want to side with her…"

You groan and punch the wall. "Ugh! And I can’t even vote for myself because I have invincibility!" You try to calm down by doing your breathing exercises, which works because it gives you an idea. "Okay… You know what guys? Here it is! I vote for Izzy!"

 You’re standing behind Chris with everyone except for Duncan, Bridgette, and Owen, you eating your marshmallow with a horrible gut feeling in your stomach.

"There are only two marshmallows left on this plate. You each racked up a lot of votes! One of you is going home tonight and cannot return ever! The next marshmallow goes to… Owen!"

"Awn, come on!" You put your hands on your mouth, feeling the weird stares of the boys and girls standing around you. You still feel your heartache, not believing that you’re going to lose one of the most important people on this island to you.

"The final marshmallow of the night goes to… Duncan."

Because he was expecting it, your boyfriend catches his marshmallow with a blank face as everyone gasps in shock, the deviant boy eating the white gooey food with a smirk. Bridgette looks at all of you with a sad pout, tears coming up in her eyes.

"Okay, that was a shocker! Even I’m shocked and I knew the answer!"

"Bri!" You run to your best friend and hug her, ignoring the horrible smell coming off her. "I’m so sorry! I didn’t vote for you, I swear!"

"You didn’t?" You ignore your boyfriend’s comment and tighten your grip on Bridgette, the blond giving your hug back while crying.

"I believe you, (Y/N)!" You both sob in each other's embrace. "Stay strong for me, alright? I’ll cheer for you back home!"

"And I’ll think of you every day!" You try to keep her with you, but Chris pushes the blond out of your arms and unto the dock of shame. "You’ll always be my best friend!"

She smiles sadly at you as you all follow her. "And you’ll always be mine! I love you!"

"I love you too!" You wipe some tears away from your face, noticing that there’s a slight smell of sprayed skunk on you.

"Bridgette, I’m gonna miss you!" Geoff walks in front of everyone, the blond girl smiling sweetly at him.

"Me too! So you didn’t vote me off?"

"No way! I can never vote you off, babe! You’re my girl!"

"Awn, I believe you!"

"You didn’t vote her off too!?" You look back at your boyfriend to see him having a very annoyed face, but he soon loses it when he sees how sad you are and he sighs.

"Alright, I’ll just hate Geoff, not you." He opens his arms and you go hide your face in his chest with contentment, feeling his hands soothing your back. "I’m sorry I asked that out of you, sweetheart. But it’s okay, you’ll see her sooner than you think."

"I hope you’re right." You watch your best friend disappears with the boat, you looking up at Duncan and giving him a sad smile. "At least I still have you."

He gives you back your smile.

"You’ll always have me, baby girl."

Chapter Text

Chapter Eighteen: That’s Off the Chain!

You’re playing a game of Frisbee with Gwen and Owen in your team, Duncan, DJ and Leshawna playing together in the other one. You catch the Frisbee and send it to Gwen, the goth girl catching it fast and throwing back on the other side. This time, it’s your boyfriend who catches it and he gives you a smirk. He sends the Frisbee back at your team, but you all get distracted by a loud screaming sound from the bathroom cabin, Owen getting hit in the head with the object.

"Ooh." Leshawna puts her hands on her waist. "Sounds like Geoff is having a hard time accepting that Bridgette’s been kicked off."

"Yeah, he’s so weak." You chuckle at your boyfriend’s comment and send him a smug.

"Oh, so you wouldn’t cry if I was kicked off?" The deviant boy’s about to answer you when you hear Geoff starting to scream a song at the top of his lungs.

"Baby, come back! Any kind of fool can seeeeeee! There was something in everything about… you! Hey, Bridge! Sending out my love to wherever it is that the boat of losers takes you!"

"Um, we better go check on him." The punk guy walks away, DJ following him close behind. "You’re coming, babe?"

"Yep!" You run fast to join the guys, starting to walk normally beside Duncan and smiling wildly when you feel his arm around your shoulders. He kisses your cheek, making you giggle happily.

"Wait, what about our game?" While Leshawna’s frowning at you, Owen runs to go join you and Gwen quirks an eyebrow.

"Check on him? Since when did he start having feelings for someone that isn’t one of his girlfriends?"

"Since they started up their guys' alliance. Duncan’s no fool, he needs Geoff’s vote to stay in it." You stick out your tongue at Heather as you walk away from the rest of the girls, the black-haired one sending you a glare. You simply continue on your way back at camp, arriving in time to see Geoff going out of the bathroom stall with red and puffy eyes.

"Attaboy! Hug it out!" Owen hugs Geoff too tight, almost choking the blond.

"You’re okay, Geoff?" The big guy puts the blond down, Geoff giving you the saddest face in the world. "I miss Bridgette too, you know. But you need to stay strong for her!"

"But it’s so hard!"

"Look, man." Duncan crosses his arms on his chest with a smirk. "Voting Bridgette off was just a strategic move! If the guy alliance stand strong, we can win this! So are you in?"

The deviant boy puts his fist in front of him, DJ and Owen soon imitating him. You roll your eyes with a playful smile, putting your fist on top of theirs while Geoff looks down at the ground with the same sad face.

"I don’t know, man. Going on without Bridge is like… Woah, is that bacon?" He then realizes something and starts to run. "Ah, crap! I missed breakfast!"

"I think Geoff’s in."

"Honey, how in the world did you see that he was in?"

"What? You’re not agreeing with me, babe?"

"I-" You and the boys grimace when you all hear a loud and horrible sound, all of you groaning in annoyance once you realize that it’s Chris talking in the loudspeakers again.

"Morning, campers! Your next challenge awaits you in the arts and craft center!"

"There’s an art and craft center?"

 "Welcome to the arts and craft center."

"More like arts and crap center." You laugh and give your boyfriend a high five, Chris simply smiling at you two.

"Yeah… it used to be a haunted house but now it’s where Chef parks his motorcycle." The host kicks off the door of the little wooden cabin, showing you the red motorcycle with flames on it. All the boys gasp and admire it, you and the girls only waiting for Chris to explain the challenge.

"All of this brings us to your challenge. Building your own wheels!"

"Hot roads! Yes! Awesome! Give me five!" Owen shows his hand to Duncan, who simply stares at it with a bored face. Owen waits for a while with his usual bright smile, but he soon loses it for an awkward one and looks around in embarrassment.

"You’ll find all the parts you need in our bike depot!" You feel disappointed when you see the huge pile of normal bike’s part.

"Bicycle! That’s awesome! But still good… right?"

Not really, Owen.

"Once you’ve collected the basics, you can decorate any way you want losing crafts from the arts center." Chris puts an army helmet on his head, going on his motor vehicle before he leaves. "Best design wins! And, since I’m a nice guy, I’m even throwing in a bike manual!"

The host throws the said manual to Heather, who instantly throws it back at Izzy with a scream. "Ew! It’s fury!"

"Cool. Mold’s spores!" You all give Izzy a weird look.

"Ugh, creep." Heather sends everyone a death glare and points to Lindsay and herself. "We get first dibs!"

Sheesh, calm down Heather. It’s not like there’s something awesome in this pile of garbage.

You start to dig into the huge pile, getting some parts that you find good enough as your boyfriend looks at two things in his hands. You hear Owen laughs and you look up to see him take something.

"I’m gonna make my dream bike!"

"Oh my gosh! Me too!" You smile sweetly at Lindsay, happy to see her so excited for the challenge. "Every year at Christmas, I asked for a sunset sally bike, but never got one!"

What’s a sunset sally bike?

"Really?" DJ puts a hand on Owen’s shoulder, the big blond starting to cry. "Santa never… brought you… your... Christmas wish…?"

Both of the boys start to cry and you smile at them, Duncan suddenly popping his head between them. "Guys, this isn’t a Christmas wish contest. If we wanna vote the chicks out, then our bikes have to kick butt! Capiche?"

"Right! Wheeling choppers!" Geoff puts his fist up in the air, smiling again.

"Kick butts. Yes! Let’s do it!" Owen imitates the blond cowboy.

"Guys alliance… woo-hoo...!" You quirk an eyebrow at DJ, being the only one to notice that he’s not feeling good at the moment. You sigh and get up, walking up to them and giving them a determined smile.

"Let’s go make some badass bikes, boys."

 You and the guys are back at the camp with a bunch of bike’s parts, all of you doing different things. While you’re assembling your bike with all your concentration, Duncan’s hitting a wheel with a hammer and DJ’s putting on soft materials to protect himself. You also notice Owen blowing a tire while Geoff’s drawing Bridgette’s face on a piece of paper.

Looks like you’re the only one productive, eh?

As the time pass, all of you continue to make your bikes, you finishing the base and going back to the small pile you all made so you can find some crafty art things. After a few minutes, you manage to finish your masterpiece, but you still go back to the pile to try and find something greater. You frown when you find a knight helmet, wondering what that thing is doing there. That’s when you hear a loud thud and look up to see DJ testing a bike helmet against a three, the other boys starting a conversation as you walk up to him.

"You’re okay, DJ?" He gives you an edgy smile and you suddenly understand. "Oh, you never got on a bike before, right?

"Yeah, you’re right. I’m just so scared."

"Awn, don’t worry. That’s something you learn fast! I can help you make some tests before the challenge if you want."

"Thanks, (Y/N). I-"

"Hey, do you guys remember your first bike ride?" You both look back at the three boys.

"Oh, yeah! I wiped out so bad I popped my collarbone. You could see it stick out of my shoulder! That was wicked." You and DJ share a horrified look when you hear Duncan’s words, but you still try to reassure the guy with a comforting smile.

"Hey, DJ, it’s not that-"

"I flew so far up on the handlebars that I skid for a mile! Ahah! The skin that was hanging off me? Chunks!"

"Don’t listen to them, DJ. It’s very rare that you hurt yourself that ba-"

"Ahah, that’s nothing! I popped my arm right out of my socket! It took three doctors to hold me down while they slingshot it back into place!"

Will you guys shut up!?

"(Y/N), please tell me that your first ride wasn’t that bad." You feel your heart broke when you see the puppy face DJ’s making, but you can’t lie to him.

"I’m sorry, DJ. I got thrown into a three and was unconscious for a few weeks."

You watch him lose all hope and throw his bike helmet on the ground. You sigh and decide to give him the knight helmet in your hands with a sad smile.

"You want this?"

"Yes, thank you." He takes it and puts it on his head.

"Alright, campers! Time to judge your bikes! Put your paddle to the metal and meet me at the craft center!"

 "Well, campers. We gave you the parks, let’s see what you came up with!" Chris starts to walk in front of you all, smiling down at Heather’s bike. "Excellent aerodynamic, Heather!"

"It only weighs two ounces!"

"Like her brain." You smirk at Gwen’s comment, also admiring her bike that looks like a giant bat. Chris smile stays the same as he walks by it.

"Spooky, yet practical. Well done." He continues his walk and stops beside Duncan’s, admiring the deadly skull appearance of it. "Wicked mad max mobile, dude!"

He then stops beside yours and his smile stretches out when he sees it. You smile proudly, tapping the seat of your red, black and white looking bike.

"Sick, (Y/N)! What’s your inspiration? Let me guess, Harley Quinn?"

"Glad you recognize the queen of crime’s style." He sends you finger guns and you smirk, the host going over to Lindsay’s poney bike with a weird face.

"Come on, go ahead! Ring her bell!" Chris rings it and only give the blond a confused frown once he hears a normal ring. "The real bike has tons of sounds like this."

She then imitates the sound of a horse with a happy smile, the host walking away from her and looking at DJ’s. He looks up at the guy, giving him a disappointing look when he sees how much protection he’s wearing.

"Dude, seriously? This is lame." Chris finally arrives at Geoff’s one with a smirk. "Now this is a hot rod! Nice!"

"I call her… Bridgette…!" The blond guy starts to cry again, showing off the picture he drew of her that he stuck on the front of his bike. Chris, annoyed, is about to tell him to stop whining when Owen arrives with his own bike.

"Owen, nice job! Hey, where’s Izzy and Leshawna?"

There’s a long pause where you all can’t answer him and just shrug, the host smiling again.

"Oh well, it's their loss, cause this is where it gets good! We’re gonna race these babies! Hard!"

"Ah! Awesome! Cause my bike is built for speed! Right, Lindsay?" Heather crosses her arms on her chest with proud, looking back at the blond with a smirk.


"Yeah, unfortunately, you won’t be riding it, Heather. You’ll be switching bikes!"


"Yeah, cruel twist, huh? Already, then! See you at the beach!"


"Okay! Here’s how it works!" As Chris is talking, you watch Chef read a racebook behind the host with a red flag in his hand. "Everyone picks a name out of the helmet to see who’s bike you’re riding. If your bike makes it across the finish line, then you get to ride it in the final round for invincibility."

You pick out a piece of paper and smile when you see that you got your boyfriend’s bike.

"Oh, I got (Y/N)’s, sweet!" You look behind you to see Owen admire your Harley Quinn’s bike, a huge smile on his face.

"Try not to destroy it, alright?" He sends you a thumbs up and you sigh with a smile, walking up to Duncan. "Hey, babe. Which one you got?"

He groans and gives you an annoyed look. "I got Lindsay’s." You chuckle at his disgusted face. "What about you?"

"Got yours. Do you have any tips for me?" He smirks and puts his arm around you.

"Yeah, here’s how you make it work. There are no paddles, so you have to start the engine-"

"Alright, campers! Let’s start the race!"

You feel Chris drag you away from Duncan and push you beside the skull bike, you groaning in annoyance at the host for not letting your boyfriend finish his explanation.

"But before that, has anyone seen Leshawna or Izzy?"

 Somewhere else, Leshawna’s screaming at the top of her lungs, Izzy riding their shared bike on a river.

 "Okay, racers! On your marks! Get sets! … paramedics on stand by… and… go!"

You watch everyone race the bikes with great speed, passing by a smiling Chris while you simply look at Duncan’s bike in confusion. There are no paddles on this thing, how in the world are you supposed to race? You hear a loud sound and someone screaming in pain, looking up to see that Heather isn’t racing either. You smile when you see that she’s got DJ’s bike, the multiple training wheels restraining her from moving forward on the sand.

"You’re okay, Heather?" She looks back at you with an angry expression. "Do you think you’re old enough to take off the training wheels?"

"Shut up, (Y/N)! You don’t even have paddles!"

You open your mouth to give her a harsh response, but the black-haired girl pushes her bike on the sand and runs, leaving you alone at the starting line. You look up ahead to see that most of the people can’t be seen anymore, except for DJ and Geoff who somehow crashed on their way. You chuckle when you see Heather crashing into them, finally deciding to look down at your bike a second time. You squint your eyes, taking a hold of the little skull in the front and pulling it.

You smile when you hear an engine sound, but you soon lose it when the bike moves forward with the greatest speed of the sound. You scream, feeling your skin and hair being pulled behind you because of the force of the speed. You manage to see yourself crossing the finish line, Chef getting buried by tons of sand. You scream at the top of your lungs, your bike going all around the isle.

While you’re gone for a few minutes, a couple of people also cross the finish line, Chris arriving on his engine with a bright smile.

"Yes! We have three awesome wipeouts by Heather, Geoff, and DJ! Five invincibility race winners! Owen’s fun machine, Heather’s speed machine, Lindsay’s sunset sally, (Y/N)’s Harley Quinn and Duncan’s lethal weapon!"

"AAAAAAAAAH!" You open your eyes to see that you’re arriving at the finish line for a second time, passing by the crashing site of the three teenagers and seeing the other people’s silhouettes arriving fast. "HOW DO I STOP THIS THING!?"

Your boyfriend gives you the most panic look. "SLAM THE HOOD ORNAMENT!"

You take a deep breath and grab with your right hand the bike steering wheel, using all of your strength to not be thrown away when you slam the skull. You feel huge violence shake your body when the bike finally stops, feeling the sand hit your back as you’re still grabbing the steering wheel. You let it go when you open your eyes to see that you’re in front of Duncan’s bike, your arm stretched out behind you. You feel yourself breathe again, slowly standing up with your body shaking.

"(Y/N)!" You look up to see your boyfriend running over to you, the deviant boy taking your head in his hands with a worried expression. "You’re okay, babe?"

"Yeah, I’m fine." You smile tiredly. "I’m never going on that thing again."

"Good, cause I won’t let you." He captures your lips with his own and you savor the moment, your hands grabbing his shirt to pull him closer to you.

"Awesome finish, (Y/N)!" You both stop kissing and look back at the host to see him raise his hand with his same smile. "It’s time to head over to the TDI motocross! "

 Somewhere else, Leshawna’s still screaming, Izzy now riding the bike through a vegetation maze as a squirrel ends up on the brown girl’s face.

 "Wow! Sweet wheels!" You nod at Owen’s comment, happy to finally be able to ride your precious Harley Quinn’s bike.

"I know, right?" Lindsay gives Owen a smirk. "And PS, I love yours."

"Oh, me too! It’s so much fun to ride!"

You quirk an eyebrow when you see Duncan take Owen’s ear, whispering something.

"Dude, I got one word for you: focus! Or I’m gonna kick your butt into next week!"

"Focus, right! Negatory on the fun! Done!" The big guy awkwardly sends a thumbs up to your boyfriend, the punk teenager finally leaving him alone. You roll your eyes at him, giving your attention back to Chris, who’s coming back on his engine.

"Campers! Welcome to Motor! Cross! Challenge!" You smile playfully at the host, wondering if he’s going to make an insane montage on his words. "Using your own bikes, you’ll race the course in avoiding getting bit and more! Cue the death traps!"

You look ahead and lose your smile.

"There’s dodging the land mines, maneuvering through the oil slick and finally… jumping the piranhas!" You feel the panic race inside your veins when you see the piranhas eat a whole piece of meat in less than two seconds. "Oh! And one more thing! The first one to cross wins invincibility! The last one to cross gets voted off the island! No bond fire, not pass-go, and you do not collect a marshmallow!"

Oh, fuck.

You send your boyfriend a panic look as he quirks an eyebrow at Chris’ words.

"Racers, take your position!" You grab your staring wheel in fear, your hands trembling. "And go!"

While the others move forward (and rather fast), you decide to go slowly, scared as hell. You gasp when you see Owen get thrown off the course by a bomb, the other three teenagers going through the land mines easily. You close your eyes in fear when you pass through, but you soon realize that all the mines have already exploded which let you go on rather easily. You see Lindsay happily scream up in the front, leading a clear path for Heather right after Duncan falls into the black oil slick. You arrive soon after and suddenly stop beside your covered in oil boyfriend, your brain getting hit by a revelation.

"(Y/N), what are you waiting for?" You blink a couple of times before you look back at your boyfriend, the punk falling on the oil again. "The last one to cross gets kicked off! You need to go!"

"… but what if I never cross the line? Then I won’t be the last one." You see his blue eyes open wide, the deviant boy understanding your logic as the host talks again.

"And we have a winner! Heather!" You all look up ahead to see Heather smiling proudly, Lindsay squeezing in delight and running to her friend to hug her.

"Yeah! You won! We did it! We’re safe!"

"That’s not exactly true. Heather is safe because her bike crossed the line first, but since Duncan and Owen wiped out and didn’t complete the race, they technically didn’t cross the line at all! Which makes you the last one to cross the line! Which means… it’s the dock of shame time, baby!"

"But what about (Y/N)?" Heather sends you an annoyed look from her place and you simply wave at her. "She can still finish the race, no?"

"It’s true, but…" Chris looks back at you and you smile at him. "She already realized that she’ll be kicked off if she crosses the line, so I don’t think she’ll finish the race… Right, (Y/N)?"

"You’re damn right I won’t!" You get off your bike and help your boyfriend stand up in the oil, your smile stretching out. "I’m starting to know how you think, Chris!"

The host chuckles at your comment and Lindsay looks at all of you with confusion.

"Okay, I’m so confused…" The blond looks back at Heather who smirks back at her evilly.

"It means I can’t save you unless I give you my invincibility, but I can’t do that! Too risky! You understand." She walks away, but Lindsay grabs her wrist.

"But I won! I even built your bike!" The black-haired girl gets her wrist out of Lindsay’s grip, laughing awkwardly.

"Ah-ah! I don’t know what she’s talking about." You squint your eyes at her, you and your boyfriend walking closer to the final line to hear their conversation better. "You should just leave with your dignity intact. It will make you seem much cuter in the instant replays."

You hear everyone gasp and you look around to see that they’re all closer now, Lindsay giving Heather a hurtful look.

"But we were going to the final three together!"

"Guess we’re not!"

"Aren’t you even sad? We’re BFF’s!" Heather quirks an eyebrow and crosses her arms, Lindsay still not understanding anything.

"Yeah, for the contest. I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna be best friends for life or anything." The blond gasps, hiding her face with her hands.

"I can’t believe you’ve just said that! But we pinky swore! You mean..." Heather rolls her eyes and Lindsay understands something, the girl giving the black-haired girl a mean glare. "… I’ve been helping you all this time and you didn’t even like me?"

"Huh, truth?" Lindsay nods to say that she wants to know what Heather thinks. "Not really, no."

The blond gasps another time, giving the fake eyebrow girl the most shocking face of all time. You all give Heather death looks, you stopping yourself to jump on her and fight with her.

"What? We’re not here to make friends! We’re here to become celebrities, remember?"

"Ooh, that’s cold, bruh." Duncan gives Heather an offended face, the boy also not liking the evil vibes coming off you.

"Oh, like you’re such a team player! All you do is going around scaring the crap out of everyone and kiss (Y/N)."

"At least I’m straight with people! And (Y/N) is my girlfriend!"

"Whatever. I have invincibility. No one can touch me!"

This week.

"You are mean! And all that bad stuff people say about you is true!" Lindsay squints her eyes as her fists start to tremble. "Like how you’re a two-faced backstabbing lying little-"

You smile wildly when you hear Lindsay insult Heather with the cruelest swearing words you’ve ever heard, the black-haired girl popping her eyes open from surprise and shock.

"I always told them they were wrong and I stood up for you because I thought we were BFF’s! But they’re right! You really are a two-faced backstabbing lying little-" You see your boyfriend give the blond a shocked look, you only chuckling with your arms cross before you start to walk over to Lindsay. "And guess what! I don’t wanna be BFF’s anymore! I’d rather spend the day staring at Owen’s butt than shopping with you! And PS… your shoes are tacky!"

Everyone laughs and cheers for Lindsay as Heather gasps in horror, you arriving beside the blond and giving her a high five.

"Great job, Lindsay."

"Thanks, (Y/N)!"

"Ugh! Go jump in the piranha pool!" The black-haired girl walks away with an angry expression, but she soon stops and looks back when you all hear a scream. You turn around, opening your eyes wide when you see Leshawna and Izzy passing by Gwen, DJ, and Geoff up on the cliff

"GET ME OFF OF THIS THING! AAAAAAAH!" They both fall down the cliff, landing in the lake somehow... safely. They get back up at the surface soon after, Izzy laughing maniacally while Leshawna’s breathing heavily.

At least they’re still alive.

 It feels weird to see someone go without having a bonfire. The sun is still up when Lindsay comes to join you all on the dock of shame. You watch her stop beside Leshawna, Gwen and Izzy, giving them all a bright smile.

"Thanks for your support, Greta. I love you Lekwesha!" The brown girl gives the blond a tight hug despite having her name destroyed, Lindsay gladly accepting it.

"Take care, girlfriend. If it makes you feel better, we would have kept you on."

"Really? Thanks! Kick Heather’s butt for me!" Leshawna laughs as the blond continues to walk.

"My pleasure!"

Lindsay stops in front of the guys, still smiling brightly at them."Bye, guys! See you at the finale!"

She stops in front of Owen, who’s having the saddest face in the world.

"Awn… I think I’m gonna miss you the most!"

She gives him a hug, the big blond starting to cry and crushing her in his arms.

"Me too!" He lets go of her, still crying. "B-bye!"

Lindsay shakes her head to try and regain balance, smiling again and moving forward until she gets in front of you. Her smile gets wider when she sees you open your arms with a sad smile, the blond going straight to you and hugging you back.

"I’ll miss you, Lindsay!"

"I’ll miss you too, (Y/N)! You’re the greatest friend I’ve ever had here!" She gives you a sweet face and you feel the tears come out of your eyes. "Awn, don’t cry! We’ll see each other soon!"

"If you say so…" She takes her luggage and moves on from you. You feel a hand on your shoulder and you let the tears go, turning around to hug your boyfriend. You wonder if this is going to be a routine, you crying at the departure of your friends while Duncan comforts you.

"Good luck, Heather!" The blond smirks at the black-haired girl. "I hope you get everything your karma owns you… Okay! I’m ready."

She goes on the boat of losers with Chris and waves back at you all with her usual happy smile.

"Stay your happy self, Lindsay!" She nods at your comment and puts her hands around her mouth to try and scream louder.

"And stay your beautiful self, (Y/N)!"

You chuckle with a small blush on your cheeks, sniffing slightly with your red and puffy eyes as Duncan squeezes your shoulders in comfort.

"She’s right, you know. " You turn your head at him, quirking an eyebrow playfully. "You’re beautiful."

"Awn, shut up." You snort in embarrassment, blushing even more. "I’m crying, I can’t be cute."

"Well, you are to me." You close your eyes when you feel his lips on your forehead, realizing right after that there are only eight people left on the island.

The ride’s almost over, isn’t it?

Chapter Text

Chapter Nineteen: Hook, Line and Screamer!

You watch with anticipation as walking feet appears on the screen, stopping right on their tracks before the camera rapidly move up to show a masked man with a hook and a chainsaw. You smirk when you hear the creepy yet cheesy music, the whole horror movie being pretty cliche in general. You feel a grip tighten around your shoulders and you send your boyfriend a side look, seeing him smirking in excitement and clenching his fists. You shake your head playfully at him and give your attention back to the movie, silently liking that you can share your passion for horror with him.

"He’s coming out of the woods with a big hacking chainsaw!" Izzy gasps with hysteria. "That’s so cool!"

"Oh no!" Owen hides his eyes. "Psycho killer man’s going for the car!"

"Yo, foul couple! Stop making out-" Leshawna gets up from her seat and throws popcorn at the screen. "-and start the car!"

"They’re gonna be chainsaw sushi, ah-ah-ah!" Izzy stops laughing once she hears the inhuman screams from the protagonists, Owen getting up from his seat with a terrified face.

"My Canadian cheese! Now the car won’t start!"

"Oh man…" DJ’s voice cracks. "I hate scary movies…"

"Run! The psycho is gonna get ya!"

While DJ gasp and hides behind his wooden seat, you turn your head at your boyfriend to see him roll his eyes at the big jock. You chuckle and go back to the screen, watching the psycho killer about to slice the two lovers in half.

"Here comes the bloodfest!" As soon as Gwen says that, gruesome waterfalls of blood spill out of the bodies while the chainsaw go through them, body parts launching all around with the music getting cheesier. You laugh out loud, not believing how bad the scene was made. Seriously? The body parts look like expired bread and the blood is just spitting out like someone is spraying it.

"Yeah! Right on!" Gwen smiles wildly at the scene, your boyfriend laughing and pointing at the screen.

"Ah-ah! Gross!" His smirk stretches out and you laugh more, the bad acting getting you all over again.

"Awn, the chainsaw psycho’s going back to the woods! He’s getting away! Yeah! Good ending! Izzy loves scary movies!" The ginger-haired girl proceeds to jump in Owen’s arms with a sweet smile.

"So does Owen." He looks back at you, Duncan and DJ, moving his eyebrows up and down while you all send him thumbs up. You feel your boyfriend squeeze your side against his own, making you look up at him.

"So, do you still think you should have gone read one of your novels?" His smirk makes you roll your eyes, but you can’t stop yourself from smiling.

"Alright. I guess it was more fun than I thought it would be." The punk chuckles and kisses your cheek, whispering an "I told you so" in your ear that makes you nudge his side. As he laughs at your action, the movie projector stops working, telling you all that the movie’s finished.

"Oof! I’m glad that’s over… I really hate scary movies!" You know what’s coming when you see your boyfriend smirk when he hears DJ complain.

"Oh yeah? What scares you most? The part where everyone meets a grizzly death… or the psycho killer with a hook?!" The deviant boy gets his right hand out of his back to show a sharp hook, making the big jock scream in fear and hide behind Leshawna. You all instantly laugh at the boy, making him blush in embarrass.

"Awn, come on, DJ." You look back to see Gwen putting the movie back into its original box, shaking it with a playful smile. "For a slasher flick, it was pretty tame."

"Yeah, there was hardly any hacking. Not like..." Your boyfriend gives you a fake terrified look and uses a weird voice. "Bloodbath Two: Summer Camp Reign of Terror!"

"Oh, I haven’t watched that movie yet." You turn your attention between Duncan and Gwen. "Is it good?"

"Are you kidding? It’s just the greatest movie of all time!" Gwen gives you a wild smile, starting to describe gruesome parts of the said movie. "I love when the killer jammed that guy’s hand into the lawnmower!"

"Or when he pushes the chick of the dock and then she lands on the propeller blade that slices her in half!"

"Or when he shoves that big dude’s head inside the wooden chipper!" While the two teenagers finish describing the deaths together, DJ screams and hugs Leshawna in fear. Duncan and Gwen simply laugh together.

"But babe, seriously, you need to watch that movie. It’s the best." You shake your head at him with a serious face and he quirks an eyebrow at you.

"Nu-hu. The best slasher movie is Scream. You know? The movie that literally saved the horror genre?. " Duncan gives you a confused look and Gwen gasps.

"Oh my god, yes! That movie was so good! The beginning where the parents come back home and they discover their daughter hanging down from a tree with her guts spilled out!?"

"Yeah, I know! Or when Tatum tries to escape by going through the cat way but gets stuck and then her head gets crushed by the garage door!?" You hear your boyfriend chuckle, the deviant boy hugging you closer.

"Alright, alright. I’ll give this old movie a shot. We can watch both of them together back home when this whole thing is over, okay?" Your eyes open wide and you give him a bright smile, an idea popping into your head.

"Ooooh, can we do a horror movie marathon? Like a whole weekend where we binge-watch gory movies in the dark?" You see the excitement in his eyes.

"Hell yeah!" He kisses your cheek again and you chuckle, feeling quite happy. "You always give me one more reason to love you."

"Ugh, we get it! You’re a couple!" You both look back at Heather and send her a death stare, Gwen crossing her arms on her chest and looking rather annoyed. "But looks like you three got more in common than bad fashion sense."

… I literally have no fashion clothing in common with them...

"Seriously, it’s just mindless guts and gore!"

"Horror movies aren’t mindless." You nod at Gwen’s comment and open your mouth.

"Horror genre literally shows you the worst parts of humans. And they also teach you how to avoid death!"

"Yeah, and they’re full of psychological trauma…" The deviant boy snickers. "Look at DJ."

There’s a silence where everyone looks at a scared DJ still hugging Leshawna, the brown girl pushing him away from her in annoyance.

"Whatever. Does anyone have any idea what our challenge will be this week?"

"I thought our challenge was to watch that movie." Everyone gives you a weird look. "What? Didn’t Chris gave it to us and told us to have fun? That sounded suspicious to me."

"Yeah… also…" Geoff eats a chip, looking around. "Where is the Chris master?"

Before you can question it, you all hear a boat engine and turn your attention to the dark horizon, wondering what’s happening.

You all arrive at the dock of shame rather fast, still asking yourselves what’s happening right now. That’s when you see Chris on the boat of losers, Chef throwing lots of luggage and bags in it with a scared expression. You quirk an eyebrow as you walk unto the dock with your boyfriend, his arm still wraps around your shoulders.

"Hey, yo, Chef! Where’s the fire?" The ex-soldier gasps and gives you two a terrified look.

"Chef?" You get worried and get out of Duncan’s grip to try and go comfort the not so expert cook. "Are you oka-"

You don’t even have time to finish your sentence that the guy’s already on the boat, him and Chris leaving the island rather fast and giving you two horrified looks as the rest of the campers arrive behind you. Owen takes hold of a green bag left on the dock, still smiling brightly.

"Dude! You forgot this!" You turn your attention to the blond just in time to see a newspaper fall, the big guy taking it and starting to read it. "Uh? Escaped psycho killer on the loose… Be on the lookout for a man wearing a hockey mask with a hooked hand and carrying a chainsaw!"

Seriously, Chris? You’re gonna play a horror movie on us?

"Ahah!" Izzy raises both of her hands and makes a creepy move. "He’s on the loose!"

"Oh, come on! They don’t expect us to fall for this!" Heather puts her arms up. "Scary movie followed by hasty exit followed by a strategically placed prop?"

"I don’t know!" DJ starts to tremble in fear. "He looked pretty spooked!"

"Please! It’s all part of their little stunt to freak us out!"

"I know nobody likes to say this but…" You tilt your head and frown. "I think Heather’s right. I mean, it’s obvious that facing a psycho killer is our next challenge."

"Thank you!" Heather points to you and gives everyone a smirk. "Even (Y/N) believes me, you guys!"

What’s that supposed to mean?

"If this was a stunt, will Chris leave behind his…" Owen gets out of the bag a small object. "… hair gel!?"

Everyone gasp except for you and Heather, the two of you sharing a bored expression. If it was a stunt, Chris would leave behind his hair gel because he would still be on the island watching you all. And the guy’s rich, he probably has thousands of bottles of hair gel.

"Woah!" Gwen grabs her hair. "This is for real!"

"Let me get this straight…" DJ’s voice cracks again, the boy almost crying. "Chris left us for dead and now we’re alone? While that psycho killer with a chainsaw is on the loose?"

Duncan smiles and shakes his head. "No. We’re alone while that escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook is on the loose!"

DJ screams and hides his head on the ground when Duncan shows his hooked hand a second time, the jock then looking back at the deviant boy with a mean look.

"I told you, dude! Not funny!"

"Ugh! Neither is your chicken little routine!" Leshawna gives him an annoyed look, her hands on her waist. "Get a grip, bro!"

"I can’t help it! I feel like I’m being watched!"


"Duh!" You grimace when Heather says the thing you just thought. "It’s a reality show! We’re always being watched!"

"Okay, look." Gwen instantly takes the role of the leader, a serious atmosphere coming off her. "It doesn’t matter whether this is real or a challenge, we need a game plan!"

"Yeah, yeah! We need a game plan!" Heather rolls her eyes at DJ.

"You little fright wigs might need a game plan, but I need a facial!" She walks away with her head high, you simply quirking an eyebrow at her.

"Are you crazy!?" The goth girl gives her wide eyes. "First rules in slasher films, never go off alone!"

"I might actually listen to you if I were in a movie. But we’re being pranked! You’re all so gullible! Hey, Chris! If you’re listening, next time rent one that takes place at a summer camp!?"

You smirk at her outburst. "Those are the most popular ones, so they were probably non-available."

"Anyway! If you losers wanna hang around and play boogeyman, go ahead! But I’ve got a date with exfoliation!"

Izzy chuckles as Heather disappears on the path to the bathroom cabin.

"And the bossy mean chick seals her fate!" The ginger girl mimics the sound of slicing a throat, Owen admiring her.

"Wow. You’re really good at sound effects."

"You know what? Even if I don’t want to, I’m gonna make sure she doesn’t die." You put your hand on Duncan’s shoulder and kiss his cheek before you walk away. "Stay alive for me, honey."

"You too, sugar."

"Seriously, just go! I don’t need a babysitter!" You stop filing your nails and look up to see the black-haired girl giving you an annoyed look, the girl only wearing a towel around her body with another small one around her head. You simply smirk and continue to file your nails.

"Heather, we both know this is a challenge. But I also know that I’m very skilled in horror movies while you’re not. So if you stay alone, you’re gonna get eliminated real fast. Really, you should thank me instead of complaining." You hear her groan and your smirk stretches out. "But on a more serious note, I would like to know why you got so eager to get naked in front of me. Are you that excited to have me to yourself?"

"Ew, no! Shut up! You’re worse than a boy!" You laugh out loud at her comment and have a hard time to stop yourself when you see her blush, the girl crossing her arms on her chest to try and hide it better.

"Sorry, it was just too tempting."

"Whatever. I’m gonna put my mask and shave my legs, don’t you dare look!"

Yeah, like I would like to see her do those things!

You chuckle as you hear her put on her green mask, you just continuing to take care of your nails as you hear the sound of her razor. After a while, you hear the door open and you look up to see DJ’s back, the boy slowly walking in without noticing you and Heather. You smile at him and open your mouth to tell him something, but he cuts you off when he turns around and screams upon seeing Heather’s state.

"DJ, calm down!" You try to take a hold of the big guy, but he only continues to scream and he takes a step back from you. Heather rolls her eyes and goes up beside you.

"DJ, it’s me!" She grabs DJ’s shoulders and looks at him dead in the eyes. "Heather!"

There’s a small silence where he just stares at the two of you, not reacting to anything. You’re about to relax and talk to him, Heather also releasing him, but he screams again. Rather loud too this time. He runs out and makes a huge hole in the doorway, you instantly running after him without thinking twice about it.

"DJ, come back here!" You stop after a while, not seeing the big jock anymore. "Where did he go?"

You look around for a while to try and spot him but to no avail. You then notice that some people are sitting around the campfire from afar and you run over there, hoping to find DJ... but when you arrive, you only see Duncan and Leshawna sitting down on the wooden seats. The brown girl quirks an eyebrow at you as you sit down beside your boyfriend, not expecting you to come back so soon. You take back your breath, the boy smirking at you.

"Girl, what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to protect Heather."

"Maybe she missed me." The punk wraps his arm around your waist and kisses your cheek. "Did you missed me, babe?"

"Yes, but that’s not why I’m here." Duncan chuckles at your response and you smile back tiredly at them. "Have you seen DJ running around and screaming? He came in the bathroom cabin earlier and he just left completely terrified after three seconds."

"Didn’t see him, no." You groan and rub your face, not liking the fact that you lost him somewhere in the woods. What if the psycho killer finds him and he dies?

That’s when you notice that most of the people aren’t at the campfire either and you panic.

"Wait, where are the others?" Duncan smirk gets wider.

"Owen and Izzy are making out somewhere in the woods, so they’re probably dead. Geoff was supposed to go with DJ in the bathroom, but neither of them came back. So they are also probably dead. And Gwen ran over to where you were when she heard someone scream, but I doubt she’s dead, she’ll probably come back in a minute."

Duncan tilts his head at you, still smirking. You sigh, not believing that almost everyone possibly got killed by the psycho killer. Leshawna suddenly gets up.

"I don’t know about y’all, but I’m hungry. So I’m gonna go snatch some snacks in the lodge."

"Oh, I’ll come with you. Maybe we’ll find something there to help us." Leshawna smiles at you and you come to walk beside her, turning your head back to send a silent kiss to your boyfriend that he catches with a smirk. "Try not to die without me, babe!"

He rolls your eyes at you and chuckles. "Just come back with marshmallows."

You both sneakily look inside the lodge, all the lights already on.

"I think we can go inside. " Leshawna gives you a side look and squints her eyes.

"You sure?" You nod slowly.

"Yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s someone there."


You go inside and tiptoed your way into the room, both of you gasping when you hear a loud sound behind you. You turn back, gulping in fear upon seeing the now closed door, but Leshawna only sniffs around and smiles.

"It’s probably not that, but… I think it was the wind." You look beside you and lose your smile when you don’t see your friend. "Leshawna? Leshawna, where are you!?"

"Over here!" You turn around and walk into the kitchen, sighing in relief when you see her alive.

"Hey, look what I found!" You look back at her to see a tray of brownies in her hands, the brown girl eating one right away. "Now that’s what I’m talking about."

You chuckle as you snatch a bag of marshmallows from the table and put it in your hoodie, Leshawna still eating the brownies. You look around a little, trying to find something that would be useful, and gasp when you see binoculars right beside the window. You run over to them and put them into your hoodie, feeling the power of the survivors inside of you. You’re about to tell your friend what you found when you hear her name getting whispered in a creepy voice, making you both tremble in fear.

That when the lights turn off and you immediately go hide under the table, staying completely silent. You didn’t have the time to grab Leshawna with you, who simply runs back into the main room to try and go outside. You hide your mouth when you hear the chainsaw, hoping that this is a challenge and not a real killing spree.

"Yeah? I got sixteen years in the project! Bring it!"

You hear Leshawna’s running footsteps get out of the cabin with the sound of the chainsaw following her, everything soon leaving you in the dark silence. You wait a couple of minutes, wondering if you can get out of your hiding place n-

"Where are you, you little prick!?Your body slightly jumps when you hear the dark woman’s voice. "You’re hiding from me, aren’t you!? You stupid little-"

You’re hiding under your bed, the tears sliding down on your cheeks as you try to slow down your breathing. But you’re only four years old and you’re scared, so you’re making a lot of noise.

"I don’t have time for games, you rat! You better get here right now or else…"

You don’t even have time to react that a face appears in front of yours. A woman’s face distorted by disgust and rage. She smiles creepily at you.

"There you are, honey.You scream when she takes a hold of your arm, squeezing it to hurt you. "Come to mama."

You gasp, getting out of your hiding place fast and grabbing a knife to try and defend yourself, only to have your eyes adjusted to the black and empty room. You sigh in relief, wondering what kind of flashback you just got. Seriously, what was that!? You don’t even know this woman, why would you remember her trying to hurt you? And why did she said she was your “mama”? What about the first memory, too? This man who you called “papa”?

Wait… am I... adopted…?

You shake your head. No, that’s impossible. Your parents would have told you that if it was the case. Plus, they have a whole picture book of you when you were a baby, so that’s impossible. You calm down and smile, awkwardly chuckling at yourself. These fake memories must be part of your wild imagination that’s all.

You pat your hoodie to feel that the marshmallows and the binoculars are still in your pocket, slowly getting out of the lodge and looking around for any trace of someone. You see traces of footsteps on the ground and decide to follow them for a while, hiding behind the trees and the bushes to not be seen by any kind of killer.

If you can find your friends alive, you’ll try to save them.

The sound of an ice cream truck stops you in your tracks, making you look around to see Geoff getting followed close behind by Chef wearing a hockey mask. You feel yourself calm down upon seeing the ex-soldier; at least now you know that none of you will die.

"Hey, dude. Do you see an ice cream truck?" You hit your forehead when you hear Geoff’s question, Chef simply breathing heavily behind his mask. The blond guy shrugs, looking back in front of him. That’s when he realizes who’s been following him and he gives Chef a terrified expression and screams.

You have to stop yourself from laughing when you see the ex-soldier grab the guy by his feet and drag him somewhere else while the blond screams at the top of his lungs.

You come back at the campfire to see Gwen throw a bucket of water unto her sketches of all the campers, your boyfriend not around to be seen.

"Uh, Gwen?" She looks back at you and gasps.

"(Y/N)! You’re alive!" She instantly hugs you and you feel yourself having difficulties to breathe. "Oh, I’m so happy! Where’s Leshawna? Duncan told me you were with her!"

"I hide under the table while she ran away from the psycho killer following her." The goth girl gives you a terrifying look, but you smile at her. "Don’t worry, I followed their footsteps and hide until I saw Geoff getting trapped by Chef wearing a hockey mask. This whole thing is just a normal challenge!"

"Oh, thank god!" She smiles at you. "At least we don’t have to be scared of dying."

"Yeah, but Gwen?" She loses her smile when you give her a serious expression. "Where’s my boyfriend?"

"What? He’s not-" She notices that the deviant boy is nowhere to be seen. "Duncan? Duncan! UGH! You know what? I don’t care anymore! I’m gonna go make myself a sandwich!"

You watch her leave with a pissed off expression, not knowing if you should follow her or not.

"But, Gwen-"

"I don’t care!"

As she disappears into the darkness, you sit down on a wooden seat with plain old boredom, asking yourself if you should try and come up with a plan to beat the psycho killer or if you should just wait to die. That’s when you hear a slight chainsaw noise, looking at the horizon with suspicion as you get out your binoculars. You see your boyfriend throwing stuff at Chef on the dock of shame, making you chuckle and shake your head.

Did he seriously try to throw a fish at him?

"Well, guess I won’t be the one to fight the psycho killer. Pretty sure Duncan will win this… Ugh, but I don’t want to get killed! What should I do?"

You put one of your hands inside your pocket and feel the bag of marshmallows, a small idea of a plan forming in your head. You look back at the dark forest, remembering the path to a certain cave. You smirk, the plan completely formed, and you start to walk.

"Someone lost this?" Duncan shows the hockey mask as he comes inside the tent, everyone applauding him while Chef follows him right behind.

"Woo-hoo! Way to go, Duncan!" Izzy points to the screen. "Look, (Y/N) is going up in a cave! And Gwen’s taking up the psycho all by herself in the lodge!"

"Wait a sec." Duncan loses his smirk and gets a scared expression. "If Chef’s in here, then who’s in the lodge with Gwen!?"

"Hollylolla! It’s the real escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook!"

Everyone screams and runs out of the tent, trying their best to arrive at the lodge faster than everyone. Owen screams Gwen’s name with the most terrifying voice, making everyone even more scared. Chris points at Chef.

"This could be good for ratings, but really really bad for lawsuits!"

You frown when you see the cave being lit on, letting you see everything as bright as if it was the middle of the day. You wonder if Chris installed those lights on the walls so that the viewers could see the campers better... or if it was for one of those parties your intern friend invited you to a couple of days ago. Maybe both, maybe not. Who knows?

You stop beside the huge brown bear and whistle at him to wake him up. The animal opens its eyes and sees you instantly, groaning at you angrily. You see him get up on his feet and prepare himself to bite you, but you stop him with a simple sentence.

"I have marshmallows."

And that’s how fast you become friends with him.

The people finally arrive at the lodge, gasping when they see the goth girl about to get chainsawed and not realizing that she’s in front of a real killer.

"Gwen!" She looks back at the entrance and quirks an eyebrow when she sees everyone give her terrified faces. "He’s the real escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook!"

Her face drops. "What?" The psycho killer screams in anger and she screams back, kicking his face a bunch of times before he can slice her in half and impaled her with his hook.

"Ow!" The killer has lost his mask, giving the goth girl an annoyed look. "Oh, that was totally uncalled for! Man, I am so out of here! I was treated way better in prison!"

The killer leaves the lodge under everyone’s stare, Gwen coming over to give Duncan a high five as DJ’s fall unconscious on the ground.

"Guess I win this challenge." The goth girl smirks before Chris shakes his head.

"Not so fast!" He crosses his arms behind his back, his bright smile back on his face. "We still have to scare (Y/N) in her cave!"

You’re sitting down on a rock in the middle of the cave, the bear sleeping behind you in your shadow to mask him as you wait patiently for Chef to come and “kill” you. Meanwhile, everyone’s tiptoeing outside just to see you get scared, Chris looking inside the cave. When he sees you staring at the ground with absolute boredom, he looks back at masked Chef and sends him a thumbs up. All the campers smirks and snickers quietly when he gets in the cave, most of them eager to see your reaction.

That’s when you hear the sound of the chainsaw and you look up to see Chef a couple of steps away from you, silently threatening you with his weapon. You continue to look at him with a bored expression, raising your hand slowly under the confused stare of the psycho killer. Everyone looks inside the cave to see what’s taking so long, only to see you snap your fingers. That’s when they watch a huge form move behind you and their face drop when a bear stands up, instantly groaning at Chef with his claws out.

Needless to say that the ex-soldier immediately drops his chainsaw and runs outside while screaming, the bear following him close behind. You get up from your place and walk outside, putting your hands on your waist and smirking at everyone.

"You guys thought I would get scared, didn’t you?" Duncan laughs and Chris crosses his arms on his chest with boredom, your boyfriend sending you a wink to show you his approval.

"Yes, great." Chris talks with a very annoying voice. "You befriended a bear. Woo-hoo. Could you tell it to not kill Chef, now?"

"Marshmallow, don’t eat Chef!" The bear instantly comes back to you and looks up at you with a sweet face before you pet him. "Who’s been a good boy? You’ve been a good boy!"

"Marshmallow?" Heather gives you a weird look. "What a stupid name!"

She screams and hides behind Gwen when the bear growls at her, making Leshawna laugh. You get the bag of marshmallows out of your hoodie and give it to your new friend. He takes it rather happily in his mouth and walks back into his cave, leaving you with all the other campers.

"Anyway, what took you guys so long? I’ve been waiting for almost an hour."

"Yeah, I was kind of facing the real psycho killer." Your eyes pop open at Gwen’s comment.


"Oh-oh! Well, it’s obvious to everyone that Gwen wins invincibility."

Hell yeah, she does. Next time we’re trapped in a horror movie, I’m staying with her!

"And sadly, it’s equally unanimous that DJ walks the dock of shame since he was the only one who screamed and bolted without the escaped psycho killer even being there!" Chris puts his hand on the jock’s shoulder, the fire camp putting a nice glow around everyone as DJ’s look down in embarrassment."But! No hard feelings, dude. You’ll be missed."

"Awn, group hug!" You all run over to the big guy and give him the biggest hug you can give, the guy instantly feeling better and smiling again. You then all follow him on the dock of shame, waving at him as he leaves.

"Bye, DJ!" You scream that along with others. "It won’t be the same without you!"

You all watch him smile again at you all, the boat disappearing in the horizon and leaving you all alone in the silence.


Chapter Text

Chapter 20: Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

You’re walking around the camp with everyone, also petting your little Bunny in your arms as you tell him lots of compliments. You don’t notice Duncan rolling his eyes at you, not quite happy to see you give the animal so much attention. He can’t believe he’s jealous of a rabbit... but come on! You’ve been petting it for almost two hours now!

"I thought DJ left with the bunny." You look up from the adorable creature to see your boyfriend with a frustrated expression, but you dismiss it and smile at him.

"Nah, we don’t want to take him out of his natural environment yet." You scratch Bunny’s head and awe at him. "You like living in the forest, don’t you? Oh yes, you do, my little bunny that I love very very much!"

Duncan groans and crosses his arms on his chest, different scenarios of killing the rabbit coming into his mind. He’ll do anything for you to give him attention instead, even though you might hate him if he does kill the little bunny. His murder thoughts are interrupted when you all hear a scream, instantly walking back to Izzy, who’s standing under a tree with a dumbfounded expression.

"Wasn’t there just a three hundred pound bag of joy talking to you?" You snort at Gwen’s comment, but you stop and look up when you hear Owen talk.

"I’m only two-ninety-six!" You quirk an eyebrow when you see him trapped in the tree with a rope around his leg. "Someone set a trap…. Or two!"

Your eyes open wide when a huge cage falls on all of you, the little rabbit in your arms squeaking in fear and hiding further into your arms.

"Good morning campers!" You all look back to see Chris smiling wildly at you, taking a beaver off his head and holding it in his arms. "Or should I say… trappers? Ready for today’s challenge?"

The host gets out a knife and you suddenly fear for the little beaver in his arms, everyone gasping.

"Excellent! Then let’s chat about it over chow, shall we?" Chris leaves you all in your traps, putting his arm up and holding the knife up in the air.

"He’s coming back to untrap us, right?" As soon as Owen finishes his sentence, the knife cuts the rope and he falls on top of the cage, the impact of his body on it opening the door and setting you all free.

 Duncan’s trying to eat the gooey white stew in front of him, glaring at your form from time to time. He grinds his teeth when he sees you feed the rabbit with love, his fist tightening his grip on his spoon. You continue to compliment the animal in your arms, the creature looking like its sending the punk guy a smirk. The deviant boy breaks the spoon and gains a couple of worried expressions from the others, the punk hating the superior stare the animal’s sending him.

"Campers, there are only eight of you left on Total Drama Island. After tonight’s dramatic bonfire ceremony, only seven of you will remain. We’re nearing the end, people! So look alive!"

 "I already told you guys, I don’t care about winning." Your expression instantly changes to a sweet one and you pet the creature in your arms. "But I care about you, my little bunny full of love! Oh yes, I do!"

 "What do you mean by "Are you scared Bunny will steal your girlfriend"!? It’s just a rabbit! And if that rabbit wants to play with me, it’s gonna get chainsawed!"

 "Today’s challenge involves making like our provinces great Rangers and game wardens. You’ll each have eight hours to trap an animal-"

"Got one!" Duncan’s smirk as he holds Owen's hand, the big guy giving him a confused look.

"… a wild animal, which you must bring back to the campfire..." The deviant boy instantly grins at the rabbit, silently threatening it to kill it. "… unharmed."

The punk drops his smirk and rolls his eyes in annoyance, not liking to see Bunny looking like he’s laughing at him. You look at your boyfriend and smile sweetly, the boy instantly smiling back at you. He tries to take a hold of your hand, really happy to have your attention now, but the rabbit bites his hand.

"Ow! That litt-"

You chuckle. "Awn, Bunny, that wasn’t very kind of you."

As you’re playfully grounding your pet, Duncan starts a death staring contest with the little creature, silently swearing that he’ll take care of the animal himself.

"Rangers and game wardens often have to relocate animals for their own good and the good of campers."

"For my good?" Gwen gives the host an annoyed look. "I might barbecue my animal, I’m starving to death!"

"Funny you should mention that, Gwen." Chris’ smile seems to stretches out. "Reward for today’s challenge is a meal of all of your favorite foods!"

"I am so winning!" You turn your attention away from Bunny to quirk an eyebrow at Heather, Owen pointing at the girl’s gooey white stew.

"So you’re not gonna eat that?"

"Owen, you do know that Chef’s food is really bad for your health, right?"

The big guy gives you a surprised look. "It is? But it tastes so good!"

Oh my god, how hasn’t he died already?

 You’re all in front of the fish cabin now, Bunny still in your arms as Chris is handling a hat full of pieces of paper. He smiles wildly at all of you and Owen walks over to him to pick out a piece.

"Everyone chooses an animal assignment!"

"Chipmunk." After Owen reads his paper out loud, everyone goes to pick their own animal. That’s how you learn that Leshawna got a frog, Duncan a raccoon, Gwen a duck, Geoff a beaver, Izzy a deer and Heather-

"Bear!? Ugh! Are you kidding me?" Chris quirks an eyebrow at the girl while you pick the last piece of paper.

"Sorry, Heather, (Y/N) picked the last animal."

"Oh, really!? Then what did she picked, huh!? I hope it’s something really dangerous... like a bear!"

"Actually…" You look back at her with a bright smile, showing off Bunny in your arms. "I picked a rabbit. Guess I’m lucky, huh?"

"Are you serious!? She gets an animal that she already got right in her arms and I’m supposed to trap a bear with my bare hands!? "

"You do get sixty seconds in the boathouse to gather any equipment that might help."

"Unless there’s an animal trainer and a zebra carcass in there, I don’t think it’ll be adequate! This is ridiculous! I demand that she gets kicked out of the challenge!"

You roll your eyes when Heather points at you angrily, you looking back at the host to see him thinking deeply.

"Well…" You pout at Chris, the host tilting his head at the little creature in your arms. "It is a little unfair that you already won the challenge, (Y/N). How about you win invincibility for today and the next challenge, huh?"

You mean if I’m okay about not getting kicked off two times in a row?

"Yeah, that’s fine with me." You reluctantly give Bunny to Chris when he shows his arms to you, your boyfriend grinning in victory behind you. "Can I help the others, though?"

"Suit yourself!" You smile at Chris and go back besides the other campers, Duncan putting his arm around your shoulders and kissing your cheek. Finally! That rabbit’s out and he can have you to himself! You chuckle from the attention he gives to you, Heather immediately groaning in annoyance at the sight.

"Ugh, I hate this! I’m leaving!" She passes beside the host and Chris sends her a weird look.

"I don’t think I’ve mentioned the penalty yet."

"I don’t care, I’ll take it!"

"Loser cleans the communal washrooms…" Heather instantly stops in her tracks, all the teenagers gasping in complete terror except for you, who simply smirk. You’re really glad that you’re out of the challenge… and you hope that Heather loses it.

"Alright, campers! You have just one minute in the boathouse to grab your greater catching gear!"

You send Bunny a sweet smile, the little creature trying its best to get out of Chris’ grip and run back to you. The rabbit desperately wants to separate you from the deviant boy, who’s currently kissing your cheek again. Duncan sends the animal a smirk and pulls you in the boathouse with him, Bunny screaming in anger while Chris sends the animal a weird stare.

You simply walk around the boathouse with your boyfriend, everyone gasping in shock upon seeing the chaos in there. You blush in embarrassment, remembering when you were trying to find a rope in here for the treasure hunt challenge. You pick up a few things from the ground, not finding anything useful to catch a raccoon. You decide to walk back to your boyfriend instead, who’s been looking down at a paddle. The boy drops it right after you join him and picks up a huge hammer instead, smiling heavily. You quirk an eyebrow at him, but Gwen talks before you can.

"Uh, you’re gonna trap a raccoon with a sledgehammer?" You notice that Heather’s trying to get a net out of the goth girl’s hands, the bitch girl also sending your boyfriend a weird look.

"You may want to rethink that, psycho." Duncan puts the hammer down and picks up a huge chainsaw, a crazy smile on his face.

"Ah-ah, thanks for the tip!" You hit your forehead, getting the attention of the punk."What? You don’t like my tactic, babe?"

"Chris said to take the animal back to camp without harming it, not to slice it in half with a chainsaw."

"So what?" The punk’s smirk only grows, making you sigh in annoyance. "I don’t see you taking it off my hands..."

"Honey, please?"

"Please what, sugar? You need to be more specific." You roll your eyes at him as he puts the chainsaw on his back.


"Ten seconds remaining!" Chris interrupts you by coming into the boathouse, the host getting out of Izzy’s way when she runs out of the place with multiple boxes in her hands.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah! Excuse me! Pardon! Coming through!"

"Is that legal? Can she just- Ow!"

Gwen and Heather push Duncan away from you, both of the girls falling on the ground. Your boyfriend slowly gets up and groans, you simply chuckling at him when you see that his hair is completely messed up now. He gives you a mean glare and you hide your mouth behind your hand to muffle your laugh, also trying to stop yourself from falling onto the ground. The deviant boy smirks and comes closer to you, an evil glow in his eyes.

"You think it’s funny?"

"N-no." Your body trembles from the laugh you’re holding in, stepping back slowly as you see him approach you.

"Oh, you do think it’s funny." His smirk stretches out and you step back even more. "Let’s see how much you laugh when I tickle you."

"No!" You run out of the boathouse with your boyfriend right behind you, the punk trapping you right after and starting to tickle your sides with his fingers. "N-no, s-stop it! Stop it! P-please!"

"Say you’re sorry."

"N-never!" You laugh too hard and feel your sides hurting, you trying to take a hold of his hands. "O-okay! I’m s-sorry! I’m sorry!"

You take a breath once he finally stops, the boy hugging you from behind and kissing your cheek with a smirk. You pout at him and nudge his tummy, not liking that he tickled you in front of everyone. The boy simply chuckles at you, still hugging you as the others get out. That’s when you notice Izzy throwing stuff out of the crates she took out with her, all of you having to dodge until she finishes.

"Score! Trap laser gun!" The ginger-haired girl gets out an orange gun and points it right back at all of you. "Guys, look!"

"Could you please aim the other way?" You nod in agreement at Heather’s comment, hiding your face with your hands to try and protect yourself from Izzy. You hear your boyfriend chuckle at you and he moves his hands up unto your shoulders, squeezing them slightly.

"Everybody ready?" You all smile wildly at Chris.


Heather gives the host an annoyed look. "No!"

Chris ignores the black-haired girl comment and puts his arm up in the air.

"Game on!" Seeing everybody starting to run, you prepare to do the same until you feel Duncan stop you, his hands still holding your shoulders. You look back at him and give him a confused look, but he only smirks down at you and silently points to a kneeling Heather on the ground. You look back at him and send him your most serious look.

"Duncan, no. Dunc- Duncan!" You groan when you see him ignore you and go walk right beside Heather, you soon walking over to them with your arms cross on your chest. Your boyfriend smiles proudly at the black-haired girl, who simply looks up at you two and quirks an eyebrow.

"You can borrow my chainsaw after I’m done." You bite the inside of your cheek when you hear him say those words, not understanding why he’s helping her.

"Great!" You cringe at her sarcastic tone. "The bear can use it to skin me alive after he’s finished mauling me! Thanks!"

"Duncan, what are you doing-"

"Shh. " He puts his finger on your lips and you stop yourself from biting him, the boy returning his attention to Heather. "Well, I did pick something up that might help you."

You did?

You can’t help but smile when you see him get out antlers, the black-haired girl immediately giving you two a suspicious look.

"Why would you two want to help me?" You ask yourself that same question as Duncan smirks.

"Because if you team up with us, we’ll take you to the final three."

Wait, what!?

"Not interested." Heather gets up while handling a hook in her hand, instantly walking away.

"Suit yourself!"

"I usually do!" She smirks as she leaves, your boyfriend turning around to see you giving him a very annoyed expression.

"Uh, she’ll be back. Just wait." You shake your head at his response. "What?"

"You want us to ally with her!?" You point at her form, the deviant boy not losing his smile upon seeing your anger.

"Well, yeah. Why not?"

"She’s the meanest person I’ve ever encountered in my life! If you open the dictionary and search for the word “evil”, there’s a picture of her there! And you want me to try and be friends with her?"

"Babe, honey, listen." He puts his arms on your shoulders and you shut your mouth, swallowing the insults you wanted to throw at the bitchy girl. "Heather’s behind a lot of eliminations and she managed to stay in the competition until now. If we don’t get her on our good side, she’s gonna send the two of us home… You understand?"

"… I hate it when you’re right." Your response makes him laugh and he pecks your lips, ignoring your red cheeks of embarrassment.

"Well, I love it. Let’s go trap that raccoon now." He takes your hand in his and pulls you with him, giving you a plan view of the chainsaw on his back.


"Hm?" He looks back at you with an innocent expression.

"We’re not injuring the raccoon." He smirks and rolls his eyes playfully at you.

"Yeah, I’ll let you think that."


"Let’s go get this one." Your boyfriend approaches a small raccoon with small steps, the little animal searching for food behind a rock. You smile as you shake your head, happy to have somehow convinced him to not try to kill the animal yet.

"You do know that you might make him angry, right? He’s eating right now."

"Shhh." You roll your eyes at him, watching him take a couple of more steps in silence until he takes the attention of the raccoon. "Hey, buddy. Hey, little pal! Come on, let’s go for a walk!"

That’s when you hear groans of multiple creatures behind you, you and your boyfriend slowly turning around to see lots of raccoons sending you death stares. You step back from them, fear growing in your heart when you see more raccoons appear on top of the others, a robotic sound being heard.

"Duncan?" You hear your boyfriend chuckle and he puts his hand on your shoulder, pulling you slightly behind his back.

"Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be. I didn’t want to come to this, but-" He gets interrupted by the sound of his chainsaw that he just turned on, smirking evilly at the animals. You shake your head at him, feeling like this is a huge mistake he’s making.

And you’re right because you let out a scream when you watch the raccoons form a giant robotic animal, the new monster opening his huge mouth and letting out a loud shriek. Duncan loses his smirk, looking up at the raccoons with a scarred face.

"Well, that’s more than meets the eyes."

"Duncan, run!" You take his arm and drag him with you towards the camp, the deviant boy dropping his chainsaw on the grass. You let go his arm so he can hold your hand, both of you screaming out in complete fear as the monster raccoon follows you close behind.

"(Y/N), watch out!" You look behind to see a raccoon being shot right at you, ducking your head in time to dodge it. You feel yourself and Duncan run faster, both of you still dodging the raccoons with some difficulties. Your brain screams at you to give it explanation to what’s happening right now, but you can’t seem to get a response. Did Chris made killing robots with the appearance of raccoons!?

You look back in front of you and your face completely turns white, noticing a sharp cliff that you can’t avoid now. You squeeze your boyfriend’s hand, the punk looking back at the cliff and popping his eyes out upon seeing it. You scream when you feel a raccoon being shot at your backs, pushing you and Duncan off the cliff and making you two fall right through some trees-

"Mom, I don’t want to do it." You look up at the woman holding your hand. "Can we go back home? I want to see da-"

"You’re never seeing dad again."

"W-what? B-but-"

"Enough!" The woman sends you a death glare. "If you’re not jumping, I’m pushing you."

"Mom, n-AAAAAH!" You scream on your way down from the bridge, the deadly water staring right back at you.

You gasp and sit up, feeling pain all over your body. Confused, you manage to get up from the ground and look around slowly, wondering what kind of flashback you just got. Why did you see that woman push you off a bridge? Why are you having these memories anyway?

You forget about it when your eyes set on Duncan, feeling relief rush over your head when you see that he’s safe and sound. You tense up once more when your eyes trail over the raccoon on top of his head, staring at you menacingly.

Why am I feeling like we got the worst animal?

"Open the cage!" You arrive running over to the giant cage in the middle of the campsite, also seeing Gwen’s and Heather’s forms beside it. "Open the cage, for fuck sake!"

None of them have the time to open the door that you stop right beside them and open it yourself, screaming back at your boyfriend to arrive faster. The girls gasp when they see the punk arrive with the raccoon on his head, finally getting it off his face and shoving it right into the cage with violence. You close the door right after, both of you slowly getting your breath back. You hear Duncan laugh.

"Ah! What do you think of that!? We did it, (Y/N)!" You both high five each other, proud of yourselves.

"I’m never gonna look at a raccoon the same way again."

"Uh... Gwen won already?" You drop your smiles when you hear Heather talk, looking into the cage to see that a duck is already there with the raccoon you just trapped and your little bunny. Gwen laughs at the two of you and walks away with a proud smirk.

"Hey, host man! Bring on the chow!"

"Don’t forget! The last camper to catch their creature cleans the washrooms!"

"Well, we’ve got nothing better to do." You understand by your boyfriend’s tone that it’s time to act friendly with the black-haired girl, so you smile sweetly. "We can help you bag a bear, dear."

That’s when Heather groans and massages her temples, reluctantly agreeing to ally with you two.

"Here." Duncan hands her the antlers and the fluffy tail, the three of you now unto the path to the bear’s cave. Heather squints her eyes at the items and gives you two a mean glare.

"No... No! See, the thing that’s supposed to happen is that I agree to be in an alliance with you two and you help me catch the bear! What doesn’t happen is that I wear a reindeer costume!"

"I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna wear the reindeer costume, Heather." The girl sends you a death glare as you cross your arms on your chest, smirking.

"How fast can you run?" The black-haired girl rolls her eyes at Duncan’s question.

"You also don’t ask me a gazillion stupid questions."

"Look. You put these on, the bear thinks you’re a deer! You run away and lead him to the camp grown!" Heather squints her eyes at him, then turn her attention to you.

"How fast can you run?"

"Oh no. My job is to make Marshmallow quit his cave, I’m the only one he trusts."

"Ugh, fine! What about you, Duncan? Can you run fast?"

"I bet you’re faster." You chuckle at his comment and Heather rolls her eyes. "But what we will do is follow to make sure you stay safe. Just guide the bear into the cage! I bet most of the other morons have already got their animals back at camp."

The girl gasps, the realization of losing coming to her like a ball in her face.

"You know, I could have just guided the bear into the cage with the marshmallows." You’re waiting beside the cave with your boyfriend, the deviant boy grinning with his arms behind his head as you’re playing with your camera.

"Awn, come on. You know it’s more fun this way." Duncan smirks. "Plus, you got to snap a pretty good picture of her, right?"

"Hell yeah." You show him the picture of Heather acting like a deer before you tidy up the camera in your hoodie, a bright smile on your face. "I’m gonna print this once I get home."

"Send it to me, then." You chuckle when you feel his lips on your cheeks, one of his arms hugging you close. You roll your eyes at him with a smirk.

"You got the marshmallows?"


You see the white bag for a slight second before he kisses you, making you forget what you’re supposed to do as you grab his shirt between your fingers. You then remember and put your head away from his, the boy grabbing your lips a couple of times and making you laugh. You take the bag of marshmallow from his hand and get out of his grip, sending him a kiss and finally going into the cave.

"Marshmallow, where are you? Where’s my big boy?" You see the big brown bear get up from the ground and look at you with a bright face, almost drooling once he sees the bag in your hand. "Wanna help mommy with something today?"

Next thing you know, you and your boyfriend are running after a bear in the woods, your big Marshmallow holding the white bag in his mouth with proud. As you arrive at the spot where Heather’s supposed to be, you’re surprised to see Izzy there instead. You share a look with Duncan and you both stop beside the ginger-haired girl, the brown bear continuing to run over to camp.

"Hey, Izzy. "

"Have you seen Heather?" Izzy stares awkwardly at Duncan.


"Eh, about that tall-" He puts his hand up to try and mimic the black-haired girl height. "-long dark hair, hot and wearing deer antlers?"

"Hot?" Your boyfriend instantly blushes in embarrassment and scratches the back of his head with an awkward smile. "You think she’s hot? What am I to you, then?"

"You’re a goddess and my life would suck without you."

You pout when he kisses your cheek, not wanting to show him that you’re satisfied by his answer. He chuckles at you and you open your mouth to talk, but Heather gets out of the bushes and face plant right unto the grass in front of you. You can’t help yourself but laugh at her once you see the sleeping dart on her fluffy butt, Duncan smirking wildly. Izzy gasps in horror at what she’s done, clearly starting to panic. You simply get out your camera and snap a picture.

"This is so going on my facebook page."

It’s campfire time now. You and Duncan are subtly snickering at Heather’s state, the girl currently attached to a wooden board and drooling as you all wait for the bonfire ceremony to begin.

"You sure you don’t want to go to the infirmary to get your-" Your boyfriend stops to chuckle again. "-butt dart removed?"

"Not until… psycho host beast… goes down…!" She sends you and Duncan a hard look, but you both shrug at her comment and turn your attention to Chris.

"You’ve all cast your votes in a major decision. When I call your name, come up and claim your marshmallow! The camper who does not receive a marshmallow tonight must immediately return to the dock of shame to catch the boat of losers and leave! That means you’re out of the contest! And you can’t come back! Ever!"

"We already know that, Chris. Are you sure you don’t have memory loss?" The host sends you a mean look and you smile brightly, your boyfriend chuckling beside you.

"The first marshmallow goes to… Geoff." Chris throws the marshmallow to your blond friend before he starts telling the rest of the names. "Owen. Leshawna. Duncan. (Y/N)… Heather! One marshmallow, two players. Izzy, Gwen, one of you has spent your last night on Total Drama Island."

"Just give it…" Heather tries her best to talk normally. "… to Gwen already!"

The host shrugs and throws the marshmallow to the goth girl, the ginger-haired one getting up with a smile.

"Eh, we all gotta go sometimes, right?"

"You could make out with me first if that would cushion the blow?" You snort at Owen’s comment, Izzy getting out a smoke bomb from her pocket.

"Goodnight everybody! Thanks for coming out!"

She throws the smoke bomb on the ground and disappears into the smoke, making all the campers gasp in surprise as you silently applaud her in your head. You look back to see Chris lower his head at Heather, smirking while showing her the cleaning tools.

"Being the loser… you realize you still have unfinished business."

"Duncan, (Y/N). " You lose your smile when she looks at you two from the corner of her eyes. "I require your services."

I knew I would hate this alliance.

 "Ugh!" You take a step back from the shower and hide your nose, your boyfriend turning his head to you from the dirty sinks. "The shower is disgusting!"

"Leshawna took like three froggy mud rinses today, don’t forget to scrub the ground with Gwen’s toothbrush!" You groan at Heather’s response and start to scrub the smelly walls, not liking this at all.

"When did Leshawna-" Duncan stops talking once he puts his head outside to talk to the black-haired girl. "...What happened to your paralysis?"

"What!? She can move now!?" You get out to see Heather faking being drugged, her tongue out. "Dude, you gotta come to help us!"

"Calm… down… It’s coming back slowly… like the memories of you getting me shot! Something you two will never-" You exchange an annoyed look with your boyfriend, who simply rolls his eyes at Heather "-ever be allowed to forget!"

"Yeah, and if you don’t come in here to clean these washrooms with us, I’m putting red ants in your bed again." You smirk when you see her gasp in horror, the black-haired girl rapidly getting out of her straps and coming inside with you. You and Duncan give each other high five, proud of yourselves.

If she thinks she can manipulate you, she’s dead wrong.

Chapter Text

21: Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god-" You keep repeating those words as the helicopter gets off the ground, your hands squeezing the leather of your seat with all the strength you have. "WHY IS THERE NO SEAT BELT ON THIS THING!?"

You only hear someone laugh loudly at you, your own eyes slowly moving beside you to see a wild smiling Chris driving the helicopter.

"Welcome to host day, (Y/N)!" The psychopathic host moves the engine way too far up in the air, making you squeal in terror. "The first rule of being a host, you gotta love the danger!"

"I don’t love the danger, Chris!" You have to scream to make him hear you, the sound of the helicopter almost burying your voice.

"Well, too bad! You’re stuck in here now!"

"For fuck sake, you could at least close the doors or something!"

"Nah, it’s more fun this way!"

"Oh god, please, let me survive this, please…."

Wonder how you got in this situation? Well, let me explain it to you with a simple flashback.

"Hey, (Y/N)!" You turn around from your friends at the table to see Chef talking to you while standing behind his usual counter. "Come over here. I gotta talk to you."

"Um… okay..." You quirk an eyebrow and slowly walk over there, feeling quite suspicious. "What’s up?"

"The next challenge is gonna start tomorrow."

"Alright… why are you telling me this?"

"Since you already got invincibility for it, how about you become a co-host, eh?" Chef smiles at you. "You’ll help me prepare the different parts of the challenge and you’ll talk to the viewers with Chris."

You blink a couple of times, slowly processing the idea.

"Do I have a choice?"

"No, you don’t." The big man hands you a small note. "This says where you gotta meet Chris in the morning. Don’t tell anyone about this yet, alright?"

And here you are, sitting in the helicopter with Chris and a co-prepared speech in your head that you just rehearsed a couple of minutes ago. You try not to scream as the engine approaches the cabins of your friends, the psychopath still chuckling at your reactions.

"Keep it down out there!" You look down to see most of the campers standing outside in their PJ’s, Leshawna and Heather sending the helicopter a glare. Gwen steps out, quirking an eyebrow.

"What’s going on out here? Wait, (Y/N)!? What are you doing up there!?"

"Welcome back to Total Drama Island!" Chris looks at a small camera drone flying a few feet away from you two. "For the past six weeks, we’ve watched sixteen campers pushed themselves to the limit! And then get their butts kicked off the island by their fellow campers! Right, (Y/N)?"

"That’s right! Ezequïel, Eva, Noa, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Sadie, Courtney… oh, hi sweetie! I miss you!" You feel Chris’ death stare on your back as the helicopter comes down onto the ground. "Oops! Sorry… Harold, Eva again, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, and Izzy! Again!"

You get off the engine as soon as it hits the ground, Chris and yourself walking towards the now awake campers while staring at the moving cameras.

"Only seven campers remain now! And since (Y/N) here already has invincibility, she’ll be my co-host for today!"

You hear the people gasp, you watching from the corner of your eyes your friends giving you some dumbfounded expressions.

"What!? That’s bullshit! She can’t be a co-host!" You send Heather a victorious smile, your boyfriend rolling his eyes at the black-haired girl.

"Yes I can, Heather! And after six weeks of bugs, yachy camp food, and even grosser bathrooms-" You put your hands in the air to emphasize your words. "We, little seven finalists, are about this close to losing it!"

"We came up with the best way to help the campers de-stress… then decided it would be way more fun to handcuff them together and see if we couldn’t push it over the edge!"

"Did Duncan parole’s officer send a care package?"

"Nah!" You shake your head at Heather with a wild smile while Chris talks.

"Only the name of today’s challenge! (Y/N)?"

"The Tri-Armed Triathlon!" Your boyfriend immediately smirks in interest, the big blond beside him giving you a worried look.

"Tri-Armed…? Like… three arms?"

"Yes! Three challenges! Three teams of two! Three arms per team!" You and Chris put your arms behind your backs exactly in sync, smiling at the campers.

"Have you met these people!? I am not being chained to any of them!" You chuckle at Heather’s outburst, Chris then saying the rest of the explanation.

"Winning team members both win invincibility to tonight’s vote! Which means that three people will be sure to not be kicked off tonight!"

"Ooooh, I wonder who’s going to be saved… Will any team even win? So much suspense! "

"Wow, you’re good at this, (Y/N)!"

"Thanks, Chris, I take inspiration from you!"

"Can you guys stop praising each other and let us start the challenge already!?"

Well, way to destroy the good mood, Heather.

"Six looooong weeks." Gwen’s looking at the camera with her arms crossed. "I don’t know how much more of this I can take…"

She looks away for a moment, thinking deeply.

"The person who’s creasing me the most… Geoff!" She puts her arms down beside her and sends a hard look to the camera. "The guy is in a permanently good mood! No one is always in a good mood!"

She crosses her arms again. "And if he says “duuude” or “coool” or eats with his mouth open one more time, I think I’m gonna seriously damage him."

The goth girl sighs and shakes her head. "At least (Y/N) is a co-host for today’s challenge, so it might be less annoying than usual."

"The camp is great and all… and I-I’m seriously stoked to be here! Yeah… I missed my buds back home…" A light suddenly appears in Geoff’s eyes and he smiles wildly. "Yo! If you’re watching, this is a shout out to all my bros' backies man!"

There’s a small pause where he loses his smile.

"It’s not that I don’t like everyone who’s left. They’re just kind of downers… Except for Owen, huh! That dude can partyyy!" He scratches his left cheek, thinking. "Leshawna’s cool... and (Y/N) always show me magic tricks, so she’s awesome! But… Gwen and Duncan are like so serious and Heather is freaking me out with all her strategy talk!"

Geoff looks at the ground with a sad expression. "I thought getting into the final seven would be like a big party, but… it’s kind of heavy, man."

"This place is torture, man. At least in juvie, we had a half-hour of television a day and they kept the lunatic locked up separately! I swear, if (Y/N) wasn’t here, I would have tried to kill someone a long time ago just because I’d be bored." Duncan looks around the cabin with a hard look. "I mean, this cabin is the only place I can go for some peace and quiet… Oh, and you do not want to come in here after Owen!"

The punk guy takes a deep breath and makes a disgusted face before he looks back at the camera with a bored expression.

"Also, I don’t know what Courtney and (Y/N) told Leshawna, but all of a sudden she thinks I’m a “nice guy” or something and she wants to be my friend…" The boy makes a threatening gesture to the camera, his eyes turning into crazy ones again. "I don’t have friends! You got that!?"

"I can’t believe I’m still here." You shake your head with a small smile. "You’d think I’d be gone by now… I guess Duncan’s threatening to kill the others if they vote for me."

You look around the bathroom stall, not knowing what to do while you’re talking.

"I’m surprised Chris decided that I’ll help him as a co-host today. I wonder if I can use that as a reference for a future job." You chuckle, shaking your head another time. "Then again, I have no freaking idea what they’ve prepared. I’m just supposed to go with the flow. I need to help Chef do something right now."

You sigh and tilt your head. "Well, only one way to find out! Courtney, if you see this, I love you and miss you very much!"

"Sooooo…." You look up from outdated ingredients on the counter to give Chef a blank look. "… we need to make a bunch of disgusting meals, right?"

Chef smiles wildly at you as he cuts some slightly black looking vegetables. "You got it, (Y/N)!"

"… Well, seems easy enough."

You take random ingredients from the counter and forcefully shove them into a bowl, not even caring about what you’re doing in general. As you go on hitting the ingredients in your bowl like a certain fierce monster, you notice the whole thing is looking like a strange pottage with a weird mixture, color, and odor.

You look up from your creation to give Chef a long stare.

"Is that good?" The man turns his attention away from his concoction to take a look at yours, ending up sending you a thumbs up.

“That’s perfect! Now go join Chris for the rest of your host day.”

“You don’t need help to get the meals at the table?”

He just shakes his head to answer you, making you shrug and walk out of the kitchen to join Chris in the middle of the lodge. You notice your six companions standing up behind a table and sending Chris a long deathly stare, all of them handcuffed with their partner. You can’t help but snicker when you see Heather partnered up with Owen, Duncan, and Leshawna already wanting to cut each others’ throat while Geoff doesn’t seem to notice the hatred stare from Gwen.

Honestly, if you have to guess who’s gonna win this, it would probably be those last two.

“Hi, (Y/N), great! Now we can continue!” You stand beside the psychopathic man, crossing your arms on your chest. “First of our three challenges…”

“Competitive chow down!” You put your arms in the air, just going with the coordinated speeches Chris prepared for you two.

“Ahahah! Come on!” Owen’s smile stretches out and he seems to start daydreaming. “This is like a dream I had once!”

Heather sends him a hard look. “The donut copter dream…?”

“You had it too?” The black-haired girl rolls her eyes at the big guy, trying her best to not hit him in the head for being stupid. Chris nudges your side with his elbow, silently telling you to continue with the speech.

“Each team will choose a feeder and an eater! And eaters must put their hands behind them to make it even more difficult for the feeders!”

“Very well said! Oh, and one last thing!” Chris shows a crane key that he was hiding behind him. “This is the wimp key! A skeleton key that will open any handcuffs! You’d be offered the wimp key at each challenge to unshackle yourself from your teammate!”

“But...” Your first word makes Heather lose her smile and look back at you. “… if you choose to accept it, you’ll both be eliminated!”

Hello!” Gwen frowns in annoyance. “How do we win this thing?”

Chris and you both smile at Gwen’s question at the same time, your coordination creeping out the others while the usual host answer the question.

“Chef’s getting platters that him and (Y/N) have prepared for each team. The title goes to the team who finishes their platter of delicacies fastest!”

“And I can tell you that it’s gonna be a… disgusting challenge.” You see the teenagers look at you with wide eyes, not believing what you’re saying. “Did you seriously thought that I’d go easy on you guys because we’re friends? I’m taking the host job very seriously, you know?”

“Yes, you are!” You gasp in surprise when Chris starts to shuffle your hair around. “You’re gonna make a great host later, I’m sure of it!”

“Wha- Don’t touch my hair!” You try to push the host’s hand away, the man giggling like a maniac at your reaction. The others simply roll their eyes at the scene, moving on to decide who’s going to be the feeder.

Duncan gives Leshawna a side look, completely bored out of his mind. “I’ll do the chow down.”

Leshawna puts her hands on her waist, angrily looking at the punk.

“I don’t think so, scrawny chicken leg boy!”

Duncan squints his eyes. “Arms wrestle for it, then!”

“You on, fool!”

Geoff awkwardly smiles down at Gwen, who was watching the little argument between Duncan and Leshawna.

“We don’t need to fight or anything, eh? We’re a team, babe!” He slightly chuckles, not noticing the goth girl staring at him with anger.

“You’ll be the eater then.”


Gwen stays silent for a second with a frustrated face, which gets worse the longer she thinks.

“No! Wait… I’ll be the eater.”

Geoff shrugs. “Cool!”

Gwen smiles in success, but she loses it right after.


Chef arrives before Gwen can say anything else, stopping her in her sentence. While Duncan and Leshawna are still doing their arm wrestle, the ex-soldier puts the food you two prepared in front of each team, which makes Owen giggle in happiness.


Heather quirks an eyebrow at the meal. “I don’t think chicken is green in nature.”

“Hmm… maybe it’s lemon-lime chicken!”

Duncan, feeling like he’s about to lose to Leshawna, decides to cheat and uses both of his hands to win the wrestling battle, also sending the shocked brown girl his crazy psychotic face.

“Ah! Gotcha!”

You roll your eyes at him, already knowing why he wants to be the eater. Even if you assured that the meal is disgusting, there’s no way that he’s not going to be the one to try the food you make. As for Gwen, after she takes a long look at the food, she crosses her arms and looks back at her blond partner.

You can be the eater.”


She stops herself from jumping at him to kill him, simply waiting for him to put his hands behind his back. And he does so, along with Duncan and Owen, the last one accidentally making Heather fall on the ground upon his action. Chris stops messing around with you to continue the prepared speech, making you pout at him while you replace your hair.

“The challenge can now start!”

They all immediately eat. Leshawna keeps shoving food into Duncan’s mouth without waiting for him to finish. Heather uses the same technique on Owen, but the boy keeps telling her to go faster since he’s a food eating machine. Gwen, on the other hand, is using a counting system of three seconds to let Geoff know when to open his mouth, the blond not listening since he’s savoring the food. As for you, well, you’re simply watching them from the side, standing between Chris and Chef in silence.

That’s when Heather gets tired of the spoon-feeding and decides to take the whole plate of food and shove it right into Owen’s face, the boy then eating everything less than three seconds.

“The winners are…” Chris waits for you to continue his sentence.

“Heather and Owen!” You fake being happy for them, not wanting Heather to win even though you’re in an alliance with her.

“Alright, Owen! Way to go!” Heather smiles and hugs Owen in a moment of happiness. “You are one champion eater! What a team!”

“Hum...” Owen gives her a weird look, then smiles. “Thanks.”

You roll your eyes at the scene, already knowing that Heather’s trying to manipulate the whole audience into thinking that she’s now kind and supportive.


“Speaking of teamwork...” Owen gives Heather an awkward stare. “… how are you at toilet paper?”

You can’t stop yourself from laughing when Owen suddenly runs outside to go to the toilet cabin, Heather screaming in agony on their way over.

“Alright! Let’s get on the dock of shame for the second challenge!”

Chris shows the wimp key at the three teams with a wide grin, trying to tempt them with bittersweet freedom while you’re simply looking around in boredom.

“Last chance for the tempting wimp key before part twooo!”

Both Duncan and Leshawna immediately stare at each other in rage, silently threatening the other to kill them if they even think about taking the key. Heather gives them a long look, Owen breathing shakily.

“Look...” The black-haired girl looks back at her partner, waiting for him to continue talking. “… since you and I aren’t really seeing eye to eye on this challenge… maybe we should-”

“Zip it and focus, Owen! You’re not getting out that easy.”

Although getting rid of Heather in such an easy way would have been great.

“What’s the challenge, Chris?” Gwen gives Geoff a mean look, his nice behavior making her cringe.

“Why don’t you ask (Y/N) that question, Geoff?”

You grin evilly, pointing at the beach.

“On the beach, you’ll find three canoes! One for each team! Your challenge is to paddle your canoe...”

Chris’ smile stretches out as he shows the wimp key another time. “… while wearing handcuffs...”

“… all the way to Boney Island!” You ignore Chris’ evil laugh, continuing with the speech he gave you. “Once there, you will open a package that is waiting for you!”


As soon as Chris screams that, the three teams run towards the beach, almost running over you and the usual host with violence. You start giggling at Chris’ messed up hair when you feel someone grab your arm. Your turn your head in time to notice Duncan smirking at you, the punk kissing your lips for a quick moment.

Make me win, babe.

Stop flirting!” He gets yanked away by a pissed off Leshawna, the two now running over their canoe with more rage. You just giggle, watching from far away most of the people starting to argue about who’s sitting where.

“Well, since this challenge is going to take them a while...” Chris puts his hand on your shoulder, pointing where the camera tent is supposed to be. “… wanna see them fight on the camera screens?”

Your eyes light up. “Hell yeah!”

By the time you both arrive in the camera tent (Chef also joining you with pizza and chips), the three teams were already paddling their way up to the island. You all concentrate on Gwen and Geoff first, the blond looking like he’s in the middle of telling a story.

We put a cup and flag on it and actually plotted a few rounds before getting caught! The principal gave us the longest detention in school history!

Will you please… SHUT! UP!

You stop munching on your pizza to stare dumbfounded at the screen, Chris giggling while Chef continues eating.

Woah...” Geoff loses his smile, giving Gwen a sad look. “Harshness...

Oh, I know! I’m the harsh weird scary goth girl who’s being all mean and snappish as usual!

Chill! I didn’t say that!

“Gwen is finally going to snap on someone!” You give Chris a side look and notice his evil grin.

Come on, paddle!” You turn back at the screen and smile when you see your angry boyfriend. “I’m doing all the work here and I know my half of the canoe isn’t the heavier half.

You lose your smile.

He did not-

Oh! You’re about to get my paddle somewhere you don’t want it to be!

“Yeah, go ahead, Leshawana!”

“Ooooh-” You turn your head back at Chef and Chris, who are both smirking at you. “Looks like Duncan might get in trouble, am I right?”

You roll your eyes at him, then focus back on the screen.

Well I’m about to get in your face, and if I do, you are not going to like it!

Leshawna quirks an eyebrow at the punk boy.

Oh yeah? I don’t think you will. I think you talk a big game, but underneath, you’re nothing but a big cream puff.

Says who!?

It’s your turn to quirk an eyebrow, wondering why your boyfriend hasn’t guessed that you and Courtney talked to the other girls from time to time.

I’ve got eyes. You obviously got it bad for (Y/N) and Courtney. And don’t you even try to deny it!

Oh, that’s all you got? Big deal! They’re hot!

You throw an empty soda at the screen, ignoring the adults laugh beside you as you hide your face in embarrassment. Leshawna just continues to stare at Duncan for a long time, not even phased by his words.

They told me about Bunny.

You gasp and Duncan loses his smile.

“Leshawna! You’re not supposed to tell him that! I’m never telling you a secret ever again”

“You know what, Chef? Maybe we should take one of the contestants here once in a while. I think the drama would just raise right up.”

“… awn man...

You couldn’t let DJ and (Y/N) think their little fluffy Bunny abandoned them!

Duncan stays silent for a while, then sighs.

Okay! Fine! My dog PD ran away on me when I was six and I didn’t want DJ and (Y/N) to have to go through that… especially (Y/N)...

“Aww, babe!”

“I change my mind, Chef. Let’s not take anyone here in the future.” You pull your tongue at Chris, too invested in what’s happening on the screens to have a full-on retort to his words.

I knew it! I knew underneath all that crusty shell there was a big heart!” You giggle at Leshawna’s weird sweet voice, Duncan rolling his eyes at her.

Yeah, well, just… don’t go spreading it around, okay?

You’re gonna paddle this thing, then?” You snort when you see Duncan reluctantly paddle alone, Leshawna smirking. “Your secret’s fine with me! But you do know that (Y/N) is probably watching everything in the camera tent, right?


Yes, so I would watch my mouth if I were you. You don’t want her to suddenly start a fight with you as soon as we come back, now… would you?

“Alright, (Y/N), let’s go.”

“Huh?” You turn your head to blink in confusion at a standing Chris. “Go where?”

You don’t like his smile at all.


You hear Chris laugh maniacally at your outburst, handing you a megaphone to talk to the teams on Bony Island.

“You know what to say, (Y/N)!”

You notice Heather and Owen trying to squint their eyes to see you and Chris, also trying your best to calm down your heartbeat.

Welcome to the second part of the second challenge! Back in episode eight, our teammate Beth stole a Boney Island tiki idol!

Gwen and Geoff arrive with their canoe right beside Heather and Owen, the goth girl having a terrified expression.

“She said she returned that!”

You sadly smile. “Yeah, well… she didn’t! She just flushed it down the septic tank!

Everyone exclaims a couple of sounds of disgust, Heather dropping her part of the tiki idol unto the ground.

Yeah, we know! I’m really glad I don’t have to touch that.” You shake your head, grabbing the leather seat tighter. “The pieces in those bags need to be returned to the cave of treacherous terror! And you wanna do it quickly, cause the longer you hold the doll, the worse your luck!

“Hey!” You turn back at Chris, who’s still grinning like a maniac. “Don’t forget the fun part!”

You sigh, noticing that Duncan and Leshawna are just now arriving too.

Oh, and… one of you has to piggyback the other...” Everyone gasps in horror and you roll your eyes. “Not my idea, guys. Blame Chris. Anyway… enjoy- Aaaaaaaah!”

You get cut off by the helicopter flying away at high speed, your heartbeat speeding up again.


“Hahaha, but it’s so fun! Just enjoy it, (Y/N)! The danger is fun!”


“Pff, lame.”

“… oh god, I think I’m gonna be sick...”

You’re feeling like you’re dying inside, your head down on one of the wooden tables inside the lodge while Chris is out there doing something “fun”, you guess. Turns out that helicopters don’t just scare the shit out of you, they also make you feel incredibly sick. You’re lucky that you’ve learned tricks to not suddenly start to vomit out of nowhere, or else the psychopath host would have had a shower of greenish stuff.

“Here.” You hear something cling unto the table, and you slightly look up to see Chef giving you a glass of water and handing you some medication pills. “Take this, it will make you feel better.”

You look at the water and the pills suspiciously for a couple of seconds, but when you feel the sickness coming back you take them without thinking too much.

“Thanks.” You gulp down the pills and the water in a short matter of time, noticing the ex-soldier walking back to the kitchen area. “Hey, Chef?”

The man stops in his tracks to look back at you annoyingly.

“Um… why are you nice to me?” Chef quirks an eyebrow at your question, and you feel like you have to explain more. “I mean, I know I’m not supposed to do the challenge today and all… but I thought you and Chris would try to make me suffer in some ways… so… why are you guys nice to me?”

“Well...” Chef walks back and sits down in front of you, giving your head a small pat. “… after all that we’ve been through because of your… food problems...”

You cringe, not liking to be remembered of that.

“… I’m kind of looking at you as my daughter now… or a niece of some sort.” You give him a shocked look, but he continues to talk before you can say anything. “I see you like a sweet and funny girl who’s always trying to see the best in people, but could also win a war without a problem.”

You giggle at his response, making him smile.

“I’m not so sure about Chris, but I think it’s the same for him.”

“Ha! Chris being fond of me, that would be hilarious.”

“Well, you’re the only teenager he doesn’t insult behind your back, so I think it’s sane to say that he doesn’t hate you.”

You stay silent at that, not knowing how to react. You’re about to ask Chef another question when Chris’ voice comes out of the talkie-walkie.

Hey, Chef. Is (Y/N) feeling better yet? The teams are back from the first challenge and I need her to explain the third one.”

Chef gives you a small look, waiting for your answer, and you simply nod.

“Hey, Chris. Yeah, she’s feeling better. She’ll join you in a couple of minutes.”

 You arrive beside Chris at the moment where he announces the last challenge’s winners.

“And that’s a point for the Gwen and Geoff dream team!” As Gwen and Geoff celebrate their point, Chris sends you a small smile that you send back. You can’t believe that the psychopath host would somehow not totally hate, let alone see you as a daughter or something… so your guess is that your parents might have threatened him to bring him down if he doesn’t treat you good enough…

That’s when you notice that the teams are standing beside their tables with red tablecloths on them, the third challenge coming right back into your mind and making your smile.

“So...” Chris walks over Heather’s table while you go to your boyfriend’s one. “… an awesome day, huh?”

Your grin stretches out. “Moldy food fight, carnivorous beavers...”

“But! It’s time for someone to win this thing! A point each for everyone but Leshawna and Duncan!” You and Chris both take the red tablecloths in your hands, waiting some time before you put them away at the same time. “Today’s final challenge…”

You throw the tablecloths away, Owen starting to scream when he sees the eliminated contestants’ wooden heads.

“Relax, it’s just Eva...” Heather’s changes when she notices something. “Ew! Two Evas! That is upsetting...”

You put your hands in the air. “The totem poem of shame and humiliation!”

Chris continues the explanation. “Your task is to assemble the heads in the order in which your comrades were voted out, unless… you want...”

“The wimp key!” It’s your turn to take out a wimp key from your pocket, showing it to your friends. “Time for heads to roll!”

You see Chris whistling in a whistle, his evilness still presents on his face. You turn back to your boyfriend and Leshawna, sending them a wink.

“Remember my speech from this morning? It might have been the right order...”

Then you walk back to Chris to observe the events, Duncan and Leshawna grinning at each other from their place. You then watch Heather and Owen not making any progress, the black-haired girl to preoccupied with insulting the wooden heads than anything else. You also laugh out loud when you see Gwen and Geoff having difficulties to tell Katie and Sadie apart, even if you thought Geoff was in the same team as them.

“Let’s see what our most argumentative team is up to!” Chris walks over to Duncan’s table, his eyes lightening up as he takes Courtney’s head in his hands. “Whaaat’s thiiis….?

Duncan gives him a scared look. “Don’t!”

“Hey (Y/N), come see this!” Chris giggles as you arrive, the man showing you your initials inside a heart along with your significant ones.

“Babe, don’t look!” Chris laughs out loud at Duncan’s reaction. “It’s not funny, man!”

“Most guys kiss girls they like!” The host points at the punk. “Dude carves her head! Hahaha! Mister tough ain’t so tough-”

Chris falls unto the ground when he gets hit in the face with Sadie's head, Leshawna sending him an annoyed look from her place.

“Who said we gotta be tough all the time, huh?”

You giggle in happiness, sending your boyfriend a small smirk.

“That’s sweet, babe.” You kiss his cheek before you walk away. “Now win this challenge for me, will ya?”

That’s it!” You jump out when you hear Owen scream in anger, the big guy walking towards you as he drags a scared Heather behind him. “Where’s the wimp key!?

“Stop!” You share a look with Heather, the girl silently telling you to not throw your alliance’s away. “(Y/N)! Don’t let him get to you!”

You slowly walk away as Owen tries to get to you, Heather trying her best to slow him down.

“We… have… a...” You all turn around to see a not so conscious Chris holding Duncan’s and Leshawna’s hand up in the air. “… winner! The Dunca…. And Shewanan… take it! That means anybody can get voted off tonight except for… (Y/N)...”

He then falls back unto the ground, leaving you to free the teams from the handcuffs.

“So...” You get out a wimp key. “Who wants freedom?”

You laugh under Duncan’s kisses on your whole face, the punk boy hugging you close to him at the fire ceremony. Everyone else is rolling their eyes at your lovey-dovey behavior, but you’re not complaining. The punk said it was a reward for helping him and Leshawna win a point earlier, but you just know that he had missed a lot.

“You’ve all cast your votes in a major decision.” Chris’ voice makes the delinquent stop kissing you, the boy decided to just hold you for the time being. “The camper who does not receive a marshmallow tonight must immediately return to the dock of shame to catch the boat of losers! That means you’re out of the contest! And you can’t come back… ever!”

You shake your head at Chris’ speech. You don’t even have the strength to ask him if he has Alzheimer or something, just feeling happy to still have your boyfriend here with you. Although that might change in a few seconds… hopefully not.

“The first marshmallow goes to… (Y/N)!”

“Obviously.” You catch the marshmallow between your finger, sending a salute to the host. “It was nice working with you today, Chris. Can I use this as a reference for future work?”

“Sure! No problem!” He seems happy that you consider being a host as a real future job, the psychopath now continuing in giving marshmallows. “Next, Leshawna… and Duncan!”

You feel Duncan’s lips close to your ear. “Guess we’ll be stuck together for another few days, huh?”

You give him a sly smile. “Thank god for that.”

“Four campers are left, but only three marshmallows! The next marshmallow goes to… Heather… and Owen!”

Geoff and Gwen both lose their smiles, looking at each other in panic. You simply give them a sad smile, not happy to have gone with Duncan’s plan.

If you weren’t in an alliance with Heather, you would have thrown her under the bus.

“Yep! That’s one sure-fire way to wipe a smile off of campers’ face!” Chris’ smile stretches out. “Show them a plate with exactly one marshmallow on it!”

“I ain’t gonna front. I knew that if it came down to a popularity contest, I was gonna lose big time.” Leshawna shakes her head. “I had to vote off Heather.”

Duncan angrily points at the camera. “You made a big mistake a few weeks ago, and I have a loooong memory!”

“I’d have to be an idiot to vote off anyone else at this point.” Heather crosses her arms on her chest. “No hard feelings! It’s just strategy.”

You just stare at the camera for a long time.

“… Still can’t vote for me, so… sorry dude.”

“I’m left with just one marshmallow for the night! And either Gwen or Geoff is about to go home!”

“It’s cool!” Gwen stands up, accepting her fate. “I had a good time.”

WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Both you and Chris scream at Gwen at the same time. “You’re wrecking it!

Chris then proceeds to point at her seat, the goth girl sitting down reluctantly.

“The last marshmallow of the night goes to… Gwen!” Chris throws the marshmallow at your friend. “Geoff, it’s time for you to go, bro.”

“WHAT!? Are you guys all crazy!?” Gwen throws her marshmallow away, looking back at all of you. “Geoff is the nicest guy in the world!”

“Yeah!” Duncan points at her with a smirk. “Bingo sister!”

Owen gives his partner of the day an annoyed look. “As if Heather could defeat nice.”

“The power of nice is huge!” The black-haired girl puts her hands in the air, trying to explain your process of thought to Gwen. “And we’re not worried about you in that department, Gwen… but I’ll be sure to get you next time, (Y/N).”

Duncan gives her a crazy look. “What did you say?”

“It’s fine, babe.” You make him look back at you and pecks his lips. “Don’t let her get to you.”

He seems to calm down, getting another kiss out of you. “Alright.”

“No sweat, Gwen.” Geoff taps the goth girl’s shoulder to comfort her, then walks away towards the dock of shame. “Ciao dudes!”

“Hey, Geoff!” The blond looks back at you with a smile. “Will you give Bridgette a hug for me?”

He sends you two thumbs up before he leaves for sure, Gwen soon following after him. She said something like she… had something to give him…?

Hey.” You turn back to your boyfriend, who’s smirking at you. “Wanna go have some fun?”

You smirk back. “Hell yeah.”

Chapter Text

22: Haute Camp-ture

Multiple scenes from the last episodes appear on the screen as Chris’ voice is being heard.

In today’s special episode of Total Drama Island… you’ve been watching Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Owen and (Y/N) make their way to the final six! It’s been a long seven weeks...” The camera steps back from the suffering contestants to settle on Chris, smiling like always. “So! We decided to give our weary finalists a day off to contemplate how far they’ve gotten… and enjoy all the campgrounds has to offer.”

You make a disgusting face as Duncan pulls out Owen’s underwear with the fishing rod, Chris not being phased by it.

“But what happens to the campers after they walk the dock of shame, board the boat of losers and leave the camp? Where are these rejects living? How are they spending their time? And who do they think deserves to win the hundred grand? The losers are about to let it out hang out! And you won’t want to miss a word! Coming up… on Totalt! Drama! Island!”

Cue the intro music playing.

Dear mom and dad, I’m doing fine!

You guys are on my mind

You asked me what I wanted to be

And now I think the answer’s plain to see

I wanna beeeeee famouuuu-

Please stand by as the intro is getting skipped by the author because it’s taking too long.

A gorgeous and luxurious resort appears on the screen, Chris arriving on a jet ski with his usual smile.

“Welcome to la Playa Des Losers!” The show then proceeds to show a variety of shot, some of them including voted-off contestants. “The all-inclusive luxury resort where our campers are sent after being brutally voted out of the game to lick their wounds and accept their fate as reality show has-beens! When we are down to three final competitors, their fate will be in the hands of these seventeen losers!”

“Aaaah….!” Sadie sighs in contentment, the girl sitting on a toolbar in the middle of the pool with Katie and Noah. “So cute-aah!”

She falls into the pool and accidentally splashes water on Noah, who sends her an annoyed look.

“Getting my shirt wet, why don’t you?”

Sadie laughs, not even bothered by the boy’s sarcastic comment.

“Sorry, Noah! Woo! You guys should come in, it’s so nice-Ow! Something bit me!”

Katie gasps, putting her legs out of the water. “Was it a shark?”

Noah quirks an eyebrow. “Sharks don’t swim in chlorinated water, brainiac.”

“Noah’s right.” Sadie looks around the water in fear. “Besides, I think I saw the sharks getting seaweed mud masks.”

Cue a small shot of the sharks relaxing in chairs with Beth, then back to Sadie sitting back on her chair in panic and Katie sending Noah a long look.

“Okay, if it wasn’t a shark, what was it?”

There’s a splash of water and they look over it to see Izzy wearing a tuba mask.

“Ha ha ha ha! Sorry about that! I just had the urge to bite something, have you ever felt that? Like you just have to sink your teeth into something? Maybe that’s how the sharks feel, huh…? Okay, bye!”

She proceeds to go back underwater.

 The screen shows Ezequïel relaxing in a hot tub with a Bridgette kissing Geoff, Chris’ voice being heard.

As you can see, our campers have made themselves comfortable over here at our luxury resort. Looks like Geoff and Bridgette are happy to be reunited!

They stop kissing and turn at the camera to smile happily, Geoff starting to talk.

“Dude! This resort is off the charts!”

Then they start kissing again.

“Can you believe this place is right around the corner from that crappy camp drown?” Trent points to where everyone came from, DJ putting his arms behind his neck with a smile.

“Now this is what I’m talking about!” Bunny jumps on him to cuddle with him. “I can’t hang here for a while… especially since (Y/N) send me Bunny a couple of days ago.”

You didn’t send him to DJ. Duncan did. Behind your back.

But the camera follows Bunny as he gets kidnapped by an Eagle, then dropped into a barbecue where a reddish Cody saves him from getting cooked.

“After I got my body cast off and the stitches removed, I started to realize… this place is pretty sweet!”

Yo, Cody!” The boy turns his attention to Trent. “Needs some sunscreen? You’re looking a bit pink, dude!

“No thanks! I’m trying to get a tan! It attracts the ladies!”

“I love being a loser! This is so much more my style! If I’d known how fat this place was, I would have gotten my butt kicked off in the first episode!” Lindsay hugs Tyler, giving him a sly look. “Plus, now and Tyler can hang out.

They start to make out, but when they stop, the blond gives the jock a confused look.

“Which one’s Tyler?”

A big closeup on Ezequïel’s golden necklace, the camera zooming out when he talks.

“Yo! Yo dog! Check it out! Being famous has totally changed my life! I’m just kicking it, yo! Got me some fly bling too! You like?”

Someone suddenly coughs, the camera turning its attention to Izzy showing off a green bikini bottom.

“Look! Someone’s bikini bottom!”

Sadie and Katie share a look, the latter opening her mouth.

“I think that’s yours, Izzy.”

The red-haired girl blinks in silence and looks underwater.

“Oh crap, it is!”

The camera takes a close look on Courtney, who’s laying next to DJ and Trent and angrily looking through a magazine before she throws it away.

“I don’t care how nice this place is, I’m not supposed to be here! After I was kicked off, I found out exactly what went on the night I was eliminated…”

Cue the flashback where Harold exchanged the votes:

Let’s see how you like it when someone messes with your love life.

“It was all Harold’s fault! I should be in the final six with (Y/N) and Duncan right now, enjoying my time with them!” Courtney takes a small pause, Harold getting his head out of a bush behind her. “When I find out that little twerp, I’m going to grab a hold of him and wring his skinny awkward little neck!”

Harold instantly hides back in the bushes, Courtney looking around suspiciously before she stands up.

“You hear me Harold?! I know you’re hiding around here somewhere!” She looks back at the camera. “He has to come out sometime! And when he does… he’s going to get it!”

The screen now shows Harold moving around the bushes, scared for his life.

“Okay… I guess what I did to Courtney was pretty heinous… it’s just that Duncan wouldn’t stop bugging me and stuff… and I couldn’t kick (Y/N) off! She protected me…! But I’m so starving...”

His stomach grumbles in agony, the boy crawling looking out to see Courtney angrily taking off a floor lamp with her force. He puts his hands in his face.

“This bites!” His puts his hands in his face for a moment, then he crawls behind a Trent eating a plate of meat. “Pssht! Hey, Trent! Slide me some baloney?”

Trent looks at him for a moment. “… yeah, what the heck.”

He then throws the ginger-haired boy the baloney, watching him disappear in the bushes again.

“Dude, why are you helping him?” Ezequïel points to the direction Harold went to. “He’s a traitor, eh!”

“True… but he doesn’t deserve to starve to death! And he sure can’t come out here.”

As he says that, Courtney walks in front of them with the floor lamp, her threatening eyes looking around.

“I learned a lot during my experience on the Island with Heather.” The camera takes a closeup on Lindsay, who loses her smile. “If you’re going to have a best friend who makes all of your decisions for you, you should make sure they’re not a total jerk!”

The camera sets back on a now shirtless Noah, his white shirt hanging on the bar.

“Yeah, I was pretty shocked to be the third camper voted off. Apparently, I wasn’t bossy, manipulative or “dangerous” enough to make through… You can’t say I wasn’t a team player, though.”

Cue the flashback of when Noah wasn’t a team player:

Oh, sorry. Wou-hooou...way to throw those murder balls… go, team, go…

“Oh my gosh!” Sadie’s smile stretches out, her hands holding Katie’s. “We have so much to tell you since we’ve been here!”

Katie gasps. “Can I say hi to my peeps back home? What’s up Torontoooo!”

“We’re having so much fun here! This resort rocks!

“Yeah! Total Drama Island was really hard.” Sad music starts to play, silent flashbacks of the fake twins appearing on the screen. “We even survived our first major fight.”

That was so sad. But we totally recovered!


“And even though that was like so majorly hard, nothing was as hard as when we were separated.”

“Aww, Sadie!”

Cue the flashback when they were separated:

I miss you already!” “I miss you more!” “I miss you infinitely more! Byyye…!

Courtney pokes the bushes with the floor lamp but quirks an eyebrow when she can’t find Harold.

“I’m in the middle of filing a lawsuit for wrongful termination of competition.” She points at the other voted-off contestants. “These people are witnesses! I was unfairly kicked off! I should be kissing (Y/N) right now!”

The camera turns to Trent. “I didn’t see a thing, man.”

DJ looks up from his injured Bunny. “You got me.”

Noah shrugs. “Must have missed that episode.”

Katie frowns. “What is she talking about?”

Eva walks in front of Courtney while using her dumbbells. “Didn’t see it. Don’t care.”

“You all know what happened! (Y/N) even said it two episodes later!”

“Hey, give it a break already, eh.” Ezequïel stops in front of the brown-haired girl, unaware of her hatred against him growing stronger as he talks. “I got kicked off on the first-”

Courtney hits him without hesitating, Lindsey stopping behind her with a frown.

“You just would have been kicked off in another episode. No one likes you that much.”

The ex-CIT gasps in shock.

“That is so not true! Everyone likes me! (Y/N) loves me too! And I used to be a CIT!” A coconut falls on her head, and she takes it in her hand with an annoyed look. “This is a coconut. We’re in Muskoka people! If you’re going to drop props on my head, at least make them geographically correct!”

A huge pile of snow suddenly falls unto her and buries her completely, then a small man falls unto the pile of snow on top of a luge and slides away, Lindsay looking at him suspiciously.

“Are you Tyler?”

“How would I characterize my experience?” Eva takes a couple of steaks on her plate, her voice still full of anger. “Easy. It sucked!”

Cue some flashbacks with hardcore music showing Eva on the Island.

“My anger management issues improved a bit.”

Lindsay arrives beside her, confused. “Are you Tyler?”

Eva just hits her with a steak.

Noah looks up from his book.

“Did I get anything out of this experience? No. It was completely and totally uneventful.”

Izzy gets out of the water with a harpoon gun. “He kissed a guy!”

Noah looks at her in panic. “No, I didn’t it!”

“Yes, you did!”



“Did! Not!”

Izzy starts to sing the word. “Did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did-”

Trevor clears his throat, getting the two’s attention.

“Um… I can break this tie… he totally did.”

Cue the flashback when he kissed Cody’s ear:


The camera comes back on Noah, who crosses his arms.

“I have no comment.”

“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” Lindsay arrives running, a wide grin on her face. “I got a letter from my sister that said that there’s a picture of me in Stars Stocker magazine! Eeeeeeeee!

Katie and Sadie applaud and screams in excitement with her, Noah rolling his eyes.

“Eeeeeeh… Congratulations, you just peeked. It’s all down-hill from here, honey.”

“Maybe if I get an eating disorder like (Y/N) or get my boobs done, I’ll be on the cover!”

So, Trent.” The boy turns his attention at the camera, hearing Chris’ voice. “If you could say something to one of the six remaining campers, what would it be?

“Um… I guess I’d tell Gwen that I’m rooting for her...” He takes a small pause. “… and… I miss her...”

Cue the flashback where Trent and Gwen had to say goodbye:

I want you to be tough and fight to the end for both of us. I’ll be watching and cheering for you back home.

Cue another flashback where Trent’s talking to the camera inside the toilet cabin:

The fact that Gwen is so smart and independent completed with the fact that she’s incredible to look at is just making me nuts! She rocks my world! So yeah, I’ll take a scumshot for her any day!

Cue the last flashback of Trent giving Gwen a muffin:

Hey. Snagged you an extra muffin.

“She’s special...” Trent smiles. “And I think I’m in love with her.”

Katie and Sadie “Aww's” at that, giving the boy sweet eyes.

“I just hope she’s still not ticked at me about the Heather thing.”

“I would be.” Izzy frowns in anger as she points at him. “If she were me and you were still you, you’d be seriously maimed.”

“Um… that’s a little harsh.”

“You kissed her mortal enemy!”

“It wasn’t my fault! I was tricked!”

“Yeah, right, that’s what they all say. My lips did what they wanted… my lips have a mind of their own… Blah, blah, blah, blah, fish cakes! Blah, blah, blah, I’m a liar! Blah, blah, blah, blah, haha!”

Trent gives her a weird and scared look. “… okay...”

“Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to go to the bathroom.”

There’s a long silence where everyone watches her stay in place, the girl eventually making a relief face after a while. Everyone screams in disgust, putting their feet away from the water.

“Ew, Izzy!”

“That is so gross!”

“What? It’s chlorinated! Sheesh!”

She then goes back underwater, not bothered by her pee.

Chris walks in front of the buffet table and stops beside the barbecue.

“Okay! You’ve seen how the losers are spending their time… now, it’s time to find out what they think of the final six!”

Eva appears in front of Chris, only three inches away from the camera.

“Heather can kiss my butt! It’s all her fault I’m stuck in this place! She’s a scum-sucking back-stabbing witch and I’m gonna enjoy watching her go down!”

“Wow! Tell us how you really feel!”

Eva squints her eyes at Chris. “I just did.”

Izzy puts coconuts on the barbecue, cooking them.

“Just putting a few shrimps up in the barby!” She turns her head at the pool. “Hey, Noah! That means you!”

The boy stops gulping his drink to send the red-haired girl a mean look.

“Haha! Just kidding! Okay… Well… I think Heather is a total psycho!”

Courtney walks around with the floor lamp.

“Heather is a formidable competitor, but I can’t say I approve of her tactics.” She stops for a moment, looking back at the camera.” I mean, reading Gwen’s diary in front of the whole world? So uncalled for! Also, there’s a rumor online that she might like my girlfriend? So I hope Duncan gives her what she deserves or I’ll do it myself.”

There’s a ton of rumors where the fans are shipping you with everyone, but let’s not get into it right now.

As Courtney continues to walk away, the bushes move a little, the camera closing it to show Harold still hiding.

“Heather was definitely the scariest female on the island… but I can handle her!” He loses his smile when he hears something crack. “Did you hear something?”

“There you are you, little traitor!”

Courtney starts to hit him with the floor lamp, the camera moving Lindsay and Trent getting a tan.

“Ha-ha!” Trent puts his arms back behind his neck. “Poor sucker.”

“Wow!” Lindsay puts her pink sunglasses back on her face. “Glad she wasn’t my CIT.”

Chris walks to them and puts his hands on his hip. “So, Trent, Lindsay. Give us your take on Heather.”

Trent shakes his head. “I hope I never meet anyone like her ever again.”

“She is really mean.” Lindsay’s voice rises a little. “Like really mean!”

Cue some flashbacks where Heather was mean:

I’m calling my parents, you cannot make me stay here!”

That’s just great! Why do we keep losing people?!”

Heather throws a ball in Sadie’s face.

Why don’t you dodge this!” Heather throws a canoe at Tyler.

I had to take the leadership role. Hello! We’re on a losing streak! And really, everyone else on the team is pretty useless.”

The screen now does to Ezequïel sitting at the pool with Sadie and Katie.

“She was pretty bossy, eh?”

“Oh!” Katie frowns in anger. “She was so totally bossy!”

Cue the flashbacks where Heather was bossy:

Beth? Lindsay? Go warm up the shower for me… Now!”

Go get me some chips.” “In the forest?” “In the dining hall…? Now?!”

Go get my makeup bag from the cabin!” “But… the bees...” “NOW!”

The screen shows Beth with her arms crossed.

“Telling her off was the best moment of my life!”

It turns back to Sadie, Katie, and Ezequïel, the bigger girl talking now.

“If not of us even liked her… how did Heather get into the final?”

Eva suddenly screams from her place.

Cause she’s a Canadian back-stabbing little witch, that’s why!

The screen shows Courtney sitting at the pool, still holding onto the floor lamp.

“Who I would like to win?” She smiles. “Well, (Y/N), obviously. But since she doesn’t want to win… I guess… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I think I’d have to pick… Duncan… don’t tell the others though, okay?”

Oh, we already know...” The camera leans back to show everyone close by to Courtney, Izzy is the one talking with a smirk. “You were all over him and (Y/N)…”

Noah takes a sip of his drink. “My golden lab drools less over a ribeye steak.”

“And…” Lindsay’s smile stretches out. “… we’ve eavesdrop again.”

Courtney hits herself in the head in anger. “Ugh!”

DJ pets his injured bunny.

“Duncan? Man, that is one tough dude. I saw him wrestle a grizzly bear to the ground!” He hits the table Bunny was sitting on, the little pet being thrown in the air immediately. “Bunny!

“Duncan?” The camera moves up to see Harold stuck at the top of a coconut tree, the floor lamp wrapped around his body. “I hate that guy! He made me pee my pants! He drew on my face with a marker! He strung my underwear up a flag pool, put hot sauce in them and then fed them to me for lunch in an underwear sandwich! He’s beyond annoying! I don’t understand what (Y/N) sees in him… he’s an idiot!”

He then falls unto the ground, the floor lamp breaking with him.

“Duncan’s not as tough as he seems.” Bridgette makes herself comfortable on Geoff, unaware of Exequïel getting closer. “(Y/N) and Courtney told me that he has a sweet side to him. And honestly, if he’s (Y/N)’s boyfriend, he can’t be that bad.”

Her and Geoff notice Ezequïel smiling at them in a close distance, the boy then losing his smile and running away under their awkward stare.

Cue the flashback where Duncan gave a new Bunny to DJ and (Y/N).

Lindsay finishes gulping her drink. “Well, I think he’s pretty cruel. Anyone who treats deers and trees badly is not a friend to deers or trees!”

Katie and Sadie look back at the camera, the girls sitting down again at the bar.

“Owen? He was so much fun!”

Sadie quirks an eyebrow. “He was kind of mean in the dodgeball game.”

“Oh, I know!”

Cue the flashback where Owen was a beast in dodgeball:

Game oooooooooon!” The boy takes a ball and throws it in Sadie and Katie’s faces.

Trent smiles. “Maybe he’s not so bad.”

Sadie gives out a smug. “We all know who you wanna win!”

“Yeah… Gwen’s definitely my choice.”

“Okay, but come on!” Courtney rolls her eyes. “She’s smart, but not exactly a team player! I was a team player! It should be me!”

“You’re here! You lost! Get over it!” Noah groans in annoyance. “Plus, you’re just jealous that she’s spending time with your girlfriend-”

He gets cut off by Courtney’s drink getting thrown at his head, the boy falling into the pool just when Trent starts to explain his point of view.

“She let herself get buried alive for her team!”

Cue the flashback where Gwen got buried alive:

Goodbye cruel world!

Lindsay puts sunscreen on her. “She was kind of harsh sometimes...”

Cue the flashback where Gwen was harsh towards Lindsay.

Communion bathrooms? But I’m not Catholic.” “Not communion… communal!” “It means we shower together, idiot.

“Oh, but her and (Y/N) played the best prank on Heather, ha-ha!”

Cue the moment where (Y/N) and Gwen put red ants in Heather’s bed:


“Well, I think Gwen’s pretty cool!” Bridgette smiles, unaware of the hat coming closer to her and Geoff. “Her and Leshawna were so nice to me and (Y/N) when we merged teams… I’d vote for either of them to win!”

She notices the hat and slams her fist into it, making Ezequïel flee again.

“Okay, let’s talk about Lefanda!”

Leshawna!” Lindsay loses her smile when she hears everyone correct her at the same time, the camera moving on to Harold still dying with the floor lamp.

“First I thought she was really loud… but then, I realized… she’s my soulmate!”

“I can’t say anything bad about her!” Courtney smiles. “And I excel at saying bad things about people!”

“I think she is so fetch!” Sadie giggles, Katie continuing her thought.

“She had the best style! We’ve been friends since the beginning!”

Noah swims by, bored. “You weren’t even on the same team.”

“Yeah, but regardless..!”

Noah smirks. “She locked Heather in the fridge! Anyone who can come up with something like that gets my vote.”

“(Y/N)?” Trent’s eyes light up. “Man, she was so cool! Her magic tricks were awesome!”

Cue the flashback where (Y/N) did her first magic trick:

I would like for you to tear the Queen of Hearts, please…. There’s another card inside, isn’t it?” “Yes, yes, there is!” “Which card is it?” “It’s the four of clubs!

“Yeah, (Y/N) was totally the best!” Geoff’s smile stretches out. “She was there for me when Bridgette and I were separated… I don’t think I would have survived without her encouragements!”

Bridgette’s eyes sweeten. “(Y/N) is such a nice person, you know? She was always trying to make everyone feel better no matter what, even the people who weren’t on her team. I’m glad we’re best friends.”

“Oh my gosh!” Lindsay smiles excessively. “She’s the greatest person I’ve ever met! She was my first friend on the island, do you know that? And unlike Heather, she really treated me like one! She totally deserves to win!”

Izzy chuckles like a crazy person. “She was super nice, but she also had a little crazy side to her… like that moment when she snapped at Eva? So cool!”

Cue the flashback where (Y/N) started an argument with Eva:

What the fuck is your problem, Eva!?” “Someone stole my MP3 player!” “That is not a fucking reason to destroy everything around you and throw people out! What are you, fucking crazy!?”

“She was a back-stabbing bitch.” Eva crosses her arms. “… but she could put up a fight, I’ll give her that.”

“(Y/N) was always kind to me.” Harold smiles. “I could never thank her enough for defending me against Duncan.”

Cue the flashback where (Y/N) lost her shit in the cooking challenge:

You think it’s fun…? You think making fun of someone is fun? You think always pranking them and insult them is fun? You think bullying someone is fun? You guys can finish this challenge if you want, but I’m done with your bullshit.

"I didn’t have time to really know her, but..” Noah shrugs. “She laughed at my references, so I guess she’s cool.”

“Oh, yeah! (Y/N) was cool!” Katie smiles wildly. “And she was so generous too! Remember when we saved her from drowning?”

“Yeah, I do!” Sadie claps her hand together. “She snagged extra muffins for us for two weeks!

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of Bunny with me.” DJ pets his even more injured bunny. “She has the kindest heart in the world.”

Courtney smiles sweetly, taking a stand of hair between her fingers.

“(Y/N) is perfect.” She slightly blushes, a couple of memories coming back to her head. “I love her so much. I can’t describe how I felt when she said I was her girlfriend.”

Cue the flashback where (Y/N) and Courtney were kissing:

Is this why you put on lipstick earlier?” Courtney laughs and shakes her head. “Kinda sad that I ruined it, then.” “I don’t care. That was amazing.” You give her a slight smirk. “Does that mean you’re my girlfriend, now?” “I thought you would never ask.”

“Aww!” Courtney’s blush worsens when she notices that everyone was eavesdropping again, Lindsay being the one talking. “Courtney, that’s adorable!”

“Ugh, shut up!”

It’s night time, and everyone’s sitting beside the pool while listening to Trent playing the guitar, a red Cody arriving beside the music boy.

“Dude!” Trent stops playing when he sees Cody’s state. “You got cooked today!”

“Who, me-ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Oooow!” He screams when he sits down, calming down after a few seconds. “… a little sensitive, ha-ha...”

“So...” DJ looks around in wonder. “Who do you guys want to win if you could vote right now.”

“Can I pick Sadie?”

“Aww!” Sadie smiles at her friend. “You’d pick me and not you?”

“Duh, you can’t vote for yourself. That’s tacky!”

“Hey! I’d vote for you to win, and you vote for me to win!”

Courtney clears her throat. “Girls? You have to be in the final six to get a vote? Remember?”

“Oh yeah….” Sadie starts to think about it seriously. “I don’t know then...”

“Well, I think Gwen should win.”

“Really?” Lindsay quirks an eyebrow at Cody’s words. “But she rejected you on international TV for someone more cooler, hunkier and more stylish!”

“Thanks for pointing that out, Lindsay, ha-ha… Gwen is my dream girl… I’m just not her dream guy! But as long as she’s happy… Hey, I’m happy!”

“That’s really cool dude!” Trent puts his hand on Cody’s shoulder, the red boy instantly losing his smile and screaming.

“Ahh!” Trent gets his hand away. “… hurts...”

“Oops! Sorry man!”

“(Y/N) is my best friend, so I would vote for her to win!” Geoff nods at Bridgette’s comment. “But if I had to vote for someone else, I couldn’t decide between Leshawna and Gwen. They’re both really cool!”

“Leshawna...” Harold looks up at the sky with dreamy eyes. “… definitely...”

Courtney squints her eyes at him. “But you’d vote for (Y/N) or Duncan, right?”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because if you don’t, I’m going to post all your little love letters to Leshawna… on the internet...

Harold’s eyes widen at that.

“… fine, whatever. I’ll vote for Duncan...” He snorts, turning his head away once Courtney stops looking at him. “… not.”

“I think Owen should win!” Beth turns her head at Noah, who quirks an eyebrow at her.

“He’s a ticking time bomb of noxious fumes.”

Cue all the flashbacks where Owen farted.

“Owen..” Geoff points at Beth. “Definitely! Dude can chug two liters of cola under a minute! He deserves a hundred g’s!”

DJ squints his eyes. “I don’t think anyone’s giving Duncan enough credit. He woke up from a monster nap and helped us win the dodgebrawl challenge.”

“Okay! That’s true!” Geoff fist bump DJ. “That was some sick prison strategy he pulled out of his butt!”

“He had all five of you whaling on one opponent at the same time.” Eva takes a pause. “I like his style.”

“Oh my god, guys!” Lindsay stands up. “(Y/N) should win!”

Everyone stays silent for a second, thinking about what the blond just says, then gasps.

“Oh my god, Lindsay, you’re right!” Sadie puts her hands on her head. “She totally deserves it!”

“Of course (Y/N) deserves to win.” Courtney rolls her eyes at them. “She’s perfect!”

“See?” Bridgette’s smile stretches out. “I knew you guys would agree with me! (Y/N) should win, even if she doesn’t want the prize. At least we’ll know that she’ll do something good with it.”

Pink dust suddenly appears with a BAM between all the voted-off contestants, Chris walking out of it with a wide grin right after and his arms in the air.

“Ha-ha! Okay, losers! It is time for the most unexpected twist of all time!” He crosses his arms over his chest. “Tonight, you will be voting the next camper off Total Drama Island!”

Lindsay gasps. “No way!”

“Oh yes!” Bunny suddenly falls into Lindsay’s lap.

“… Tyler…?”

“Here’s how it’s gonna work!” Chris’ smile seems to get wider. “There are no marshmallows. I’m gonna ask you one by one who you would like to see joining you tonight at Playa des Losers! Katie and Sadie, since you share a brain, I’ll ask you both. Who would you like to vote for?”

“Oh! I miss (Y/N) the most!”


“Oh, it’d be so much fun to have her here! Definitely (Y/N)!”


Everyone’s gasps, Courtney sending them a horrified look.

Why are you voting her off!? If you like (Y/N)-” Ding! “-leave her in!”

“And that’s three votes (Y/N)!”

Courtney’s eyes widen. “What!? No!

Harold squints his eyes at her. “Voting off your girlfriend to spend time with her, I see.”

“What did you say to me!?” Courtney turns her head back at him, starting to fight him off. “You’re the reason I’m not with her right now!”

They continue to fight each other, until they both fall into the pool, both screaming while doing so. Noah laughs evilly at that.


“Okay, on to the next voter! Lindsay!”

She smiles, doing a small movement in the air with her hand.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna vote for (Y/N)!”



“No, you can’t vote for me!” Lindsay puts her hand on DJ’s arm. “You have to vote for someone who’s in the final six, like (Y/N)!”


“Okay, come on, guys..” Izzy clenches her fists. “No one says (Y/N)!”


The red-haired girl puts her hands on her mouth, horrified.

“That’s six votes (Y/N)!”

A parrot suddenly talks. “(Y/N)!”



“Seven votes for (Y/N)!”

Trent walks towards the psychopathic host. “Chris… that was a parrot! He doesn’t even know who (Y/N) is!”


“Ah! Polly want a (Y/N)!”


Chris puts his hand in the air. “Nine!”

Bridgette stands up with a determined look on her face.

Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna, Leshawna!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Everyone stares silently at the blond, mouths open in disbelief.

“Wow..” Chris shakes his head then smiles. “That’s ten votes… guess it’s time for Leshawna to say goodbye to the competition!”

“Bridgette!” Geoff gives her a dumbfounded look. “Why didn’t you say Heather’s name ten times?”

“I panicked!” She hides her face with her hands. “I just didn’t want (Y/N) to be voted off!”

A small scene is shown where Chef Hatchet is pushing a beyond shocked Leshawna towards the boat of losers, pushing her in it right after.

A still shocked Leshawna is now standing at the resort’s dock, a smiling Chris walking towards her and then putting his arm around her shoulder.

“And with that, we are down to five! Tuning next week to see the dramatic almost conclusion… of Total! Drama! Island!”

“Ah!” The parrot talks again. “(Y/N)! Leshawna!”

Please stand by while the credits do not appear on this page, the outro song also not playing.

Chapter Text

23: Camp Castaways

You’re sitting on the boys' cabin’s stairs next to Duncan, watching the pouring rain falls down as he’s carving a wooden stick to make a sharp weapon. You see Heather and Gwen sitting on the girls' cabin’s stairs, the goth staring meaningfully at the black-haired one while she’s taking care of her nails. You remember seeing Owen somewhere around camp, but you can’t remember where he went.

Listen up, campers!” You slightly look up at the gray sky when you hear Chris’ voice around camp. “One of the most grueling challenges of any summer camp experience is the dreaded rain game, where all activities with even the remotest possibility of fun are canceled in favor of the craft tent! The forecast for tomorrow: rain, rain, and more rain followed by… rain! See you all in the craft tent tomorrow at seven o’clock in the morning!

“Great.” You put your head back on your hand, bored. “That’s just great.”

Heather looks back at Gwen and smirks when she sees her death stare.

“Crying like a baby won’t bring Leshawna back, you know. It’ll just give you free mature wrinkles.”

You feel your heart sink, remembering when Chris and Chef took the brown girl away in the middle of the night. You’ve all watched her leave in shocked, not understanding why the other campers would vote for her to leave. Then, the psychopath host told you that it was a close vote between you and her, and you felt your world crashing down.

Were you mean to everyone that has been gone? Do they hate you that much that they wanted you to get voted off?

Needless to say, Duncan wasn’t very happy about it. You think you remembered hearing him mumble something along “Courtney better not be a part of this” or something like that.

“Why don’t you put us out of our misery and vote yourself off?”

Gwen’s voice brings you back into reality, your boyfriend chuckling at them.

“It’s so nice to see you two getting along. Gives me the warm fuzzies.”

Heather crosses her arms on her chest, sending him a disgusted look. “In your dreams, nerd!”

It’s your turn to chuckle, the situation amusing you. Everything is so boring right now, you’ll welcome any kind of drama in your life just for some entertainment.

“Man, this stinks.” Duncan rolls his eyes. “Even Owen couldn’t put a shiny happy spin on this weather. Speaking of which, where is Owen?”

“Probably the place he’s always been in the last few days.” You yawn, your eyes the punk giving you a confused look. “The confessional.”

You feel fingers stroke your cheek as you close your eyes, letting your head melt into your boyfriend’s hand.

“You seem tired, babe.” You hum positively when you feel his hand free your face, slightly opening your eyes to see him put the wooden stick away and get up. “Let’s get you to sleep.”

He takes your hands in his and helps you get up, the boy dragging you with him towards the entrance of the boys’ cabin.

“You guys are already going to bed?” You have difficulties to hear Heather’s voice with the pouring rain and your tiredness. “It’s only the beginning of the afternoon!”

Duncan sends her a murderous look. “Shut up, Heather.”

You giggle while getting in the cabin, Duncan kissing your temple on the way inside.

You open your eyes in the middle of the night, feeling quite nauseous.


You manage to get out of Duncan’s embrace, the boy grumbling in his sleep and hugging the pillow once you leave his side. You chuckle at that, still not quite believing that this tough punk can be so sweet and needy sometimes.

You turn your head away from him as you walk towards the entrance, your eyes still closing a little as you feel your body almost falling on the floor a couple of times. It feels like the whole cabin is moving, like a boat trying to survive on the ocean. Weird-

The waves engulf you before you have a chance to scream.

You take the woman down with you, grabbing onto her as you scream and cry out. She screams back, trying to yank you away from her. But you don’t let go, even when you hit the water.

You get your head out of the water, trying to breathe.

You heard her insult you with the bad words that dad always tell you to not remember… but you always remember. She makes sure you remember them.

The waves push you back underwater.

You feel her push your head down.

You try to grab something, anything.

You can’t grab anything.

You don’t know how to swim.

You don’t know how to swim.

Duncan was supposed to teach you how to swim.

Dad was supposed to teach you how to swim.

You’re gonna die. You’re gonna die. You’re gonna die.

You grab her and pull her down with you.

You grab a plank from underwater.

You get on top of her, breathing in the air as you push her head down.

You get on top of the plank, and you breathe and breathe and breathe-

She moves around a lot, trying to get away from your grip. But you don’t let go. No matter how hard it is, you don’t let go.

You hug the plank, crying out loud.

She stops moving.

What the hell is happening?

She’s dead.

A wave hits you again.

You killed her.

You see the sand of an island coming closer.

Chef keeps ringing the bell to tell that lunch is ready, the ex-soldier frowning when no one shows up. He watches Chris arrive on his usual vehicle, the psychopath host looking rather confused.

“Hey, Chef. You've seen the campers?”

“No!” The ex-soldier takes the bucket full of the disgusting meal he prepared. “And I’ve peeled the whole bag of rotten spugs!”

“Hm.” Chris scratches his head. “I can’t find them either! Come to think of it… I can’t even find their cabins!

Duncan screams when he falls in the water, waking up Heather and Gwen who both soon fall in the water with him.

“Where did all this water come from!?”

If Heather wasn’t busy spitting out water, she would have rolled her eyes at Gwen.

“How should I know?” The black-haired girl gets her arm to show purple things on it. “Why don’t you ask the leeches?”

She then proceeds to scream as she shakes them off, Duncan shaking his head with a smirk.

“You know, this is so ridiculous. It’s almost funny.”

He loses his smile when a sharks swim by him, the three teenagers instantly screaming and swimming back onto the cabin’s patio. They watch the sharks eat the girls’ bed in one bite, shaking like crazy.

“Quick!” Gwen hides her face behind the wooden face. “We need something big and chewy to shove in his mouth!”

Heather closes her eyes in fear. “Owen!”

Duncan’s eyes go wide, his heart sinking.

“Where’s (Y/N)?” He looks around looking for you, panic rising when he can’t see you. “Where’s (Y/N)?!”

He doesn’t like that Heather and Gwen aren’t answering him back.

You throw up sand and water when you wake up, not quite believing that you’re still alive. You wipe away the vomit from your mouth once you’re done, looking around in confusion. What is this place? Are you still on camp Wawanakwa?

The flashback comes back to you.

You killed someone.


You blink a couple of times.

(Y/N)!” You slowly stand up, confused by the voice.

“… Duncan…?


You look behind you to see the boys’ cabin swimming towards where you are, Heather and Gwen still standing on the porch while your boyfriend jumps on the sand and runs towards you.

“… Duncan...” You feel the tears come back in your eyes. “… Duncan…!

He instantly holds you in his arms, almost squeezing you to death, and you feel your whole body letting go of all the anxiety.

I thought I lost you.” He kisses the top of your head, still not letting go of you. “I got to show you how to swim.”

You sadly chuckle. “Yeah, that would be nice.”

Great.” Duncan slightly frees you so you can see Heather grunting her teeth. “We’ve just survived a watering apocalypse and you two are already at it.”

Duncan quirks an eyebrow at her. “Jealous, Heather?”

She gasps. “I’m not!

“Okay...” Gwen looks around in panic. “Is anyone else a little creeped out by this deserted island?”

You gave out a shaky breath. “Hum… a little, yeah… but...”

“Oh, please!” Heather rolls her eyes. “Any goofball can see that this is one of Chris’ cheesy production sets with fake props!”

She kicks a rock to prove her point, her face going livid once the pain sets in.

“Yo, drama queens?” It’s Duncan’s turn to roll his eyes. “We’ve obviously just drifted downstream. The producers will send a search party.”

“Hopefully, yeah.”

“Just to set the record straight...” Chris puts his hands on his waist, looking back at the camera with a hard look. “… my sets are not cheesy! I lost three interns moving those rocks into place! And about that search party? Nuh-huh! Those campers are on their own! … except for (Y/N)…. but she’s smart, she’ll find a way to get back here safely on her own… right?”

“So I guess that means craft day is canceled! That’s a shame. I had planned a little surprise for them.”

Chef quirks an eyebrow at Chris. “You mean the surprise you planned for (Y/N)?”

“Anyway! I’m starved!” Chris smiles at Chef, ignoring his question. “Let’s eat!”

The ex-soldier’s eyes go wide.

“You actually want to eat this slop?”

Chris snorts. “Yeah, right. I meant the breakfast buffet back at our camp.”

Chef smirks, giving out a thumbs up.


They then both start to snicker, Chris bumping Chef’s shoulder in the process. Next thing he knows, he’s on the ground, Chef having hit him too hard.

“Well, well, well.” Duncan smirks at the camera. “Stuck on an island with my amazing girlfriend and two cool girls.”

He loses his smile. “Too bad the last two are completely annoying.”

Gwen crosses her arms on her chest, sending a death stare to the camera.

“So I thought to myself… they left me here to die!

“Mental note.” Heather looks around the confessional. “Never sign up for a reality show ever again.”

“Hum… Chris? Chef?” You give the camera a scared look. “You’ll come to get us if things get too dangerous… right?”

You watch Duncan lay down on the ground like nothing in the world could be wrong right now.

“Let’s just chill until the rescue team arrives.”

“What if there isn’t a rescue team!?” Gwen looks around in panic. “What if the producers think we’re dead!? I say we built a raft and try to sail back to camp.”

Duncan quirks an eyebrow at the goth girl.

“Good call. Let’s get more lost.”

“We need to build a raft!”

“We need to stay put!

“Build a raft!”

“Stay put!”

You share a side look with Heather, both of you really annoyed about what is going on.

“Duh! We’re not lost!” The black-haired girl talks before you, ending the two teenagers’ little fight. “This is just Chris’ lame attempt at challenging our shipwreck survival skills… I’m on to you, Chris!

Oooh…” Chris chuckles, faking being terrified. “I’m so scared!”

You look back at Gwen and Duncan.

“I think Heather’s right.”


Heather gives you a surprised look.

“You do?”

You give her a small smile. “It’s the most logical answer to all this.”

“(Y/N).” You turn your head back at your boyfriend, who’s now standing in front of you with a hard look. “We need to stay put.”

“If we were in any other situation, that would be a great idea.” You cross your arm on your chest, quirking an eyebrow. “But we’re in a TV show where we keep getting challenged daily. And that means that if Heather’s right, staying put is not going to help us because Chris and Chef would not come to get us because getting back at camp is probably our challenge.”

“Are you serious?” Duncan points at Gwen. “Are you saying that we need to build a raft and try to get back? It would be suicide for you!”

“We’re sixteen. There’s no way we can build a raft and get back at camp by water, especially when we don’t know where we are in the first place.”

“(Y/N), you’re my girlfriend.” He puts his hands on your shoulders, giving out a hard smile. “You know you have to be on my side.”

You flinch, Gwen and Heather taking a step back.

I do not have to always be on your side no matter what.” You push his hands away from you, feeling the anger rising inside. “I am a human being with my own opinions, and I will not blindly agree with everything you do or say.”

Well, that’s pretty selfish of you here.” You don’t care about the anger you see in his eyes now. “Cause I’ve always agreed with you!”

Well, you shouldn’t!” You throw your hands in the air. “Or do you think that always agreeing with me is going to help me become a better person?”

“You know what? Fine!” He squints his eyes at you, crossing his arms on his chest. “From now on, I’ll never agree with you.”

“Oh, really? You’re gonna act like a little kid right now because I say that we shouldn’t stay put?”

“We have to stay put!”

“We have to find out where we are first! Then we can decide what we should do!”

“Well, I don’t agree with you!”

“Yeah! I can see that! Thanks!”

“Guys, maybe we could just build a raft-”

We don’t need to build a raft!

Heather sighs in annoyance and puts her sunglasses on.

“I’m going for a walk.”

You look at her leaving you all, then back at Duncan and Gwen.

“I’m going with her.” You walk away, not looking back. “Try not to get yourselves killed.”

“Thanks for getting really tense.” Heather rolls her eyes at the camera. “You have to remember that we were soaked, covered in bug bites and starving! But I kept my wits about me, as always. It’s a good thing at least one of us can remain call and collected in the face of adversity.”

“You know, I almost died again last night, and Duncan’s already on my back about something as stupid as being on his side?” You shake your head in disbelief. “We are lost on a deserted island! This is not something where we can just stay put until someone comes to get us! We have to prepare a plan, find food, find somewhere to sleep, and much more!”

You sigh, hiding your face with your hands for a moment.

“I love him, I do, but sometimes he can be very full of himself and I hate that.”

“You didn’t have to come with me, you know.” You give Heather a side look, the girl having walked with you in silent for a couple of minutes now. “I only left to get away from your petty fight with your boyfriend.”

You look back in front of you. “Well, sorry, but you seem like the calmest and the most logical person right now, so I decided to stay with you.”

She slightly smiles at that, but she loses it as soon as you turn your head back at her.

“Well, of course. I’ve always said that I was the greatest one here.”

You can’t help but snort at that, the black-haired girl giving you a confused look which makes you chuckle.

“Why are you laughing?” Your chuckle turns into a pure laugh. “Stop laughing! It’s not funny!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” You stop laughing when you spot a tree cabin, pointing at it. “Hey, look.”

“Huh, not bad!” Heather takes off her glasses, a happy smile on her lips. “Beat sleeping on the beach!”

“Yeah, I guess-” You stop yourself when you hear a long scream. “Did you hear that?”

She gives you an even more confused look, the girl already climbing.

“Hearing what?”

“That scream. It sounded like Owen.”

“Oh, please. That boy has probably drowned somewhere already.”

That doesn’t help me calm down.

“Are you coming or what?”

You shake your head and climb up, accepting Heather’s hand to help you finish getting up. She smiles at you for a moment, almost genuinely, then she looks at the view from the porch.

“Nice view.”

You gasp when you look, the lake sparkling under the sun.

“Wow, that’s beautiful.”

“I’ve been somewhere better, but… I guess this could be called beautiful.” You give her a small smile, the black-haired girl turning to where you came from to scream. “Hey, you two! If you’re done yelling at each other, we found us a place to rest!

“Ugh.” You cross your arms on your chest, laying your back on the wall. “What did you called them?”

“Cause I know you’ll regret this later when you’re done with the fighting.”

You give her a surprised look. Is Heather being your friend right now? You’re about to open your mouth to ask her about it when she opens the door, a prop skeleton falling in front of her and making her jump.

Heather!” You grab her before she can fall unto the ground, pulling her back with you. “Are you okay?”

“Y-yes, I’m fine.” She takes a breath in, then smiles genuinely at you. “Thank you.”

You look at her dumbfounded, and she just rolls her eyes at you.

“Jeez, stop looking at me like I’m an alien and just take accept my thanks.”

“… you’re welcome.”

“Good. Now, where are Gwen and DuncaaAAAAH!”

She screams when she spots the giant dinosaur’s skull a few meters away, the girl instantly hiding behind you for protection. You spot the two other teenagers getting out of the bushes, the two staring at the skull completely terrified.

“So.” You take your boyfriend’s attention, crossing your arms back on your chest while Heather continues to hide. “Still think we’re downstream from camp?”

“Okay, I’ve been wrong before.”

“Wait a sec!” You turn back to see Heather poking the skeleton with a frown. “This is just like when they sent us to Bony Island!”

“You mean it’s a prop?”

“Yeah!” She turns back at you, really annoyed at the world in general while Duncan and Gwen climb up. “Don’t you see? This is obviously another survival challenge! You can’t scare me, Chris!

“What’s obvious is that we’re stranded on a deserted island and we’ll die unless we built a raft!”

Gwen turns back at Duncan, who sends her a death stare.

“If we’re stranded, then the producers will obviously rescue us!” He looks at you, expecting you to say something positive about his idea. “Right, babe?”

“Don’t talk to me, I’m still mad at you.”

“What if the producers don’t know where to look?” Gwen shakes her head. “They’re not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Chris and Chef stare at the camera in silence.

“I’m gonna let that little comment… pass.

Chef nods at Chris’ words.

“I would be better off without these lunatics holding me back.” Heather sighs, staring at the camera. “Good luck lost in the wild without shelter! At least (Y/N) isn’t stupid.”

Okay. So maybe splitting up was a bad idea...” Duncan rolls his eyes. “I know I should make more of an effort to have an alliance with someone else than (Y/N) at this point in the game, but they’re all insane! I mean which one would you trust?”

He sighs, looking away. “And I know I should apologize to (Y/N), cause I was in the wrong… but she never agrees with me these days! So she should also apologize!”

“So are you going to apologize?”

“What do you mean, if I’m going to apologize?” You give your boyfriend a shocked look. “No! I won’t! Cause I’m not in the wrong!”

“Fine! Let’s make a new rule!” Duncan points at and the other two girls. “Every camper for themselves!


You follow Heather inside the cabin, pushing the skeleton away.

“God, I’m starving.” You notice that the black-haired girl is sitting on one of the dusty beds. “Do you think we could find food in here?”

“I don’t think so.” You won’t comment on the fact that Heather seems to genuinely act friendly with you. “But...”

She quirks an eyebrow, interested. “But…?”

You smirk. “I know where Owen’s stash is.”

You never thought you and Heather could get along so well.

“Hey!” You look down at Duncan, the boy having a bow on his back while Gwen’s finishing up on building her raft. “Where did you get that chocolate?”

You give him a smug, letting Heather respond.

“Oh, nowhere. Just Owen’s secret stash of junk food.”

What?” Duncan sends you a shocked look. “You don’t share that with me, but you share it with Heather?”

“Heather’s not being stupid right now.”

“You’ve got to share that with us, man! We’re starving!”

You quirk an eyebrow at the fruits and the giant egg in his arms. “Really?”

“Yeah, really!”

“Oh, no.” Heather takes another bite of her chocolate. “I believe the rule was every camper for themselves.

“Every camper for themselves? You two are clearly helping each other!”

“Well, duh. We’re the smart ones. And since we’re alone on this island-”

She gets cut off by a horrible screeching sound, the four of you looking around in fear.

“… or not.”

Chef stops blowing into the pink shell, smiling at Chris.

“Brunch is served.”

“Ah, brunch! Such a civilized meal, don’t you think? You’ve already digested you’re breaky, but! You’re not quite ready for lunch!” He gaps upon seeing a special food. “Hollandaise! You’ve outdone yourself, Chef!”

The host proceeds to eat the hollandaise sauce on his finger, Chef going back to blow into the pink shell.

You and Heather share a look upon hearing the horrible scream another time, the girl still eating her chocolate while you’re trying to not stick your head out of the window too much.

“It’s just Chris freaking us out!”

“Yeah, you’re right...” You shake your head, trying to push away the fear. “You’re right...”

Gwen pushes her finished raft towards the water.

“Well, whatever it is, I’m out of here.”

Your eyes go wide. “Gwen, it’s too dangerous!”

Heather rolls her eyes. “You don’t even know where you’re going!”

“Who cares!? At least it’s not here with you!”

You wonder if she’s directing that only at Heather, or if your friend’s throwing you in the lot too.

“I’ll trade you my egg in exchange for a ride.”

Gwen looks at Duncan for a long time. “… deal.”

You and Heather gasp in surprise, the black-haired girl running down to try and join them while you simply stay in the cabin.

“Hey! You can’t just ally and leave us!”

“Watch us.”

“But… but…!”

“Bye, Heather!” Gwen paddle away, the punk guy simply smirking back at her. “Good luck!”

“Don’t go! Don’t go! Um.. if you come back, I’ll give you Owen’s Malabars!”

They continue to leave, ignoring her pleadings. You sigh and let yourself fall onto the floor, your back hitting the cabin’s wall. You hug your knees and hide your face in your jeans, the flashbacks coming back.

They should all run away from you.

You’re a monster.

“Okay. I have not been more terrified in my whole life.” Heather’s lips quiver in fear, the girl looking back at the camera. “They left us there alone on that island to die! I had to draw on reserves of inner strength I never knew I had.”

She sniffs, trying her best to not cry.

“If you’re watching Lindsay, I’m sorry I’ve hurt your feelings. You’re an awesome friend a-and Beth, ditto for you! Miss you guys! BFF’s forever!”

You just stare at the camera in silence.

“I should have been voted off instead of Leshawna.”

Chef plays some kind of cultural drums, Chris playing some limbo.

“Aaah! Fun in the great outdoors! Too bad (Y/N) and the interns are missing it!” The host comes back for another round of limbo. “We should send them a video of this… good times!”

“We’re gonna die...” You hold up your head from your knees to see Heather walking in, a panic look on her face. “We’re gonna die!”

“We’re not gonna die, Heather.” She turns to you, but you talk before she can open her mouth. “You saw all the props, no?”


“Well, if everything around us is props, then we’re probably not that too far away from the original camp.”

“… you think?”

“I’m sure. We just need to guess which way to go and we can easily walk back there.”

She thinks for a while, then seems to calm down a little. “Alright...”

“Let’s just wait for the guys to come back.” You stand up and walk towards the porch. “Then, they’ll tell us which way they went and we’ll know where not to go.”

“Good plan.” She comes outside to sit on the porch with you, crossing her arms on her chest. “Let’s just wait.”

And so you do, watching the sun hit the sparkly lake in complete silence. None of you have something to say to the other, especially you, so you’re not bothered by it-

“This is horrible! Can’t we just talk or something?”

Well, apparently, Heather is bothered by it.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“I don’t know. Things, I guess! You could tell me why you’re with that punk.”

You quirk an eyebrow at her, then smirk.

“Why do you wanna know that? You’re jealous?”

I’m not jealous! Stop-”


You both look at the bushes and scream when you see a big blond bearded man screaming at you with a coconut and a large weapon in his hands.

“Help!” Heather grabs you in fear, closing her eyes. “Help!

“The food!” You get up and go grab the rest of Owen’s stash inside, giving some to Heather. “Throw him the food!”

You both throw the chocolate bars and the marshmallows at the man, managing to stop him from climbing up to where you are. You frown when you see him take one of the pieces on the floor, then eating it with passion.

“Hm! Malabar's!”

The realization hits you.


Heather gasps.

“Owen?” She squints her eyes. “Is that you?”

She jumps down the cabin while you simply stay up there.

“You completely freaked us out! And what is it with that big beard?”

She grabs his beard and tries to pull it, but the blond screams in pain and simply stares at the black-haired girl in shock.

“Heather? Is that you?” He looks up, his eyes locking up with yours. “(Y/N)? You’re here too?”

You smile sweetly at him. “I’m so glad you’re alive, Owen.”

As soon as you finish saying that, you hear Gwen and Duncan screaming from the sky, the two teenagers soon getting dropped by a weird-looking bird right beside Owen. The two looks up at the blond in confusion, not sure to recognize him.


He instantly squeezes them into his arms, tears coming out of his eyes.

“Oh, my brethren! At last, we’re together! I shall never let go!”

As if on cue, a huge purple spider falls unto Owen’s shoulders.

“Oh, let me rephrase that… AHHHH!

He lets go of your friends and runs up to where you are, the other three teenagers soon mimicking him. You just look down at the purple snake in boredom while the other four look like they’re going to die in the next few seconds.

“Well, what a nice situation we’re having here.”

“None of us wants your sarcasm, (Y/N).”

You send Duncan a death glare, still not forgiving him yet.

“What’s with the fake beard?”

Gwen pulls Owen’s blond beard without thinking.


Chris takes a sip of his hot chocolate.

“So, Chef! How do you think our campers are doing on their… deserted island!”

“Anything could have happened about now.” Chef smiles while he thinks. “Ate by a bear, fell off a cliff, starve to death...”

Chris loses his smile, a concerned look on his face.

“Hm… maybe I should check the monitors and see what kind of footage we got… you know, to see if (Y/N) is okay…”

“Chris, man. You are one dedicated host.” Chef takes Chris in arms, hugging him like a baby. “You’re an inspiration!”

The host smiles. “Thanks, dude. It’s what I do.”

You’re sitting against the cabin wall in the corner, Duncan leaning on the one opposite to you while Heather, Gwen, and Owen are sitting around on beds and wooden chairs.

“Okay. I spy with my little eye something that is caramelly.”

Duncan sends Owen an annoyed look. “Malabars?”

“Oh, right! Again! Okay...” The blond points at the coconut. “It’s your turn Mr. Coconut!”

Gwen shares a look with you. “He knows it’s just a fruit, right?”

“That’s it!” Heather stands up, more than annoyed now. “I am done with this game! I can’t bond with you guys anymore, because you’re all crazy!”

The punk quirks an eyebrow. “You say that like you’re not.”

“(Y/N) and I are the only ones left on the show with a shred of sanity.”

Duncan snorts. “And this is coming from the girl who changes friends more often than I change socks.”

“You never change your socks.”

He sends you a death stare, and you simply smirk back.

“Well, I at least have my game on!”

“Game on?” Gwen stands up, angry. “Hello! None of us are in the competition because the producers think we’re dead! Which means we’re gonna die on this stupid island!”

“We are?” Owen looks at you, but he screams in panic before you can say anything. “Heavenly Hash! We’re gonna die! And I’ve never even had a date! Or held hands! Or fulfilled any of my Owen gets famous fantasies! Like the one where I-”

Stop!” Gwen hides her ears and makes a disgusted face. “Make him stop!”

Heather takes a banana and puts it in Owen’s mouth, the boy eating it all in one bite.

“… thanks.”

“And that’s how I thought… this is how I’m gonna die!” Gwen points her head. “My brain was actually going to explode from frustration!”

“I wish Duncan would just apologize so we can die without any regrets.” You cross your arms on your chest, still feeling quite frustrated. “No way that I’m going to be the one to make up again!”

“Guys!” Owen seems to realize something. “You know what we have to do?”

“We run for our lives and leave you and Mr. Coconut behind?”

You can’t help but snort at Duncan’s comment, the boy giving you a proud side look.

“No… we need to confess our sins!”

You all give the blond shocked looks.

“Huh… not!”

“No, seriously! I confessed all my sins and felt great! Don’t you want to clear your conscience before you die?”

You all share a long look, wondering if this could be a good idea.

“Alright!” Gwen sits back down on the bed, looking back at all of you. “I’ll start.”

“Oh, this should be interesting.”

She sends Duncan a hard look while he sits beside her, Heather sitting beside you against the wall instead.

“Okay, so...” Gwen looks around shyly, feeling quite embarrassed. “You know how I said that I’ve never been invited to the cool parties and all?”

You all nod, waiting for her to continue.

“Well, when I was younger, I was really desperate to get to one… so I approached this popular group of girls and asked them if they could let me in.”

“Classic move.”

“Just let me talk, will you!?”

Duncan mimics sealing his lips, not saying a word after.

“Anyway, they told me that I wasn’t worthy of being popular, but that if I was desperate enough, I could do some… bad things for them.”

Heather quirks an eyebrow. “What did you do?”

Gwen sighs. “They asked me to manipulate this new girl.”

“Oh, that’s nothing.” Heather rolls her eyes in boredom, but Gwen gives her a long look.

“No, I mean, really manipulate her.” She hugs herself, looking down. “I made a boy’s profile online and made her fall in love with me.”

Your expression falls. “Oh no.”

“Then I’ve… convinced her to send me her naked pictures.”

“No, no, no-”

“And I’ve sent them to the whole school.”

You hide your face behind your hands, seeing the whole situation in your head. You think you hear Heather gasps in shock, while Owen’s simply talking to Mr. Coconut. You look in between your fingers, seeing your boyfriend giving the goth girl a beyond shocked look.

“She changed schools, but the pictures kept coming back… so she had to left the country.” Gwen plays with her fingers, not wanting to look at you all. “That’s the thing that I regret the most...”

“Oh god, Gwen...” You shake your head, not quite believing it. “I never thought you could have done something like that...”

“Yeah, well… me neither.” She looks back at you and Heather. “Okay, I’ve talked. Now it’s your turn.”

Heather crosses her arms on her chest. “I have nothing to say.”

“Awn, come on!” Duncan gives her a hard look. “You’ve been a huge pain in the ass since the beginning. Surely you’ve done some pretty nasty things in the past.”

“Yeah, I did! And I don’t regret any of them!”

You quirk an eyebrow at her. “You don’t even regret one?”

She looks at you for a long time, then sighs.

“I… used to like this girl...”

You all gasp, not having expected her to like girls.

“Oh, calm down you guys. Yes, I like girls, big deal.” She points at you, annoyed. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the only gay person in this show.”

“Yeah, but… how having liked this girl in the past your regret?”

She sends Gwen a hard look. “Well, I wasn’t open with my sexuality back then.”


“I let you talk when you said your regret. I would appreciate if you could do the same for me.”

Gwen puts her hands in front of her to show that she understands, the goth girl then staying silent.

“So… I wasn’t open with my sexuality… but this girl was. And I loved and hated her for it.” Heather slightly shifts on her butt, uncomfortable for multiple reasons. “I couldn’t understand why she was so okay with her sexuality open like that… and I hated that she had a girlfriend.”

“She had a girlfriend?”

“Shh.” She puts her hand on your mouth, letting you know to let her finish. “Anyway, every week, this girl had swimming practice, which meant that she took a shower after every single practice.”

Your eyes open wide, a million ideas coming into your head.

“So.. one day, I snapped, and while she was practicing, I opened her locker....”

Oh no.

“I took her usual shampoo...”

Oh god, please tell me you didn’t-

“And I put Nair cream in it instead.” Heather frees your mouth and looks at her nails. “When she got out of the shower, she was completely bald.”

“Oh my god...”

Duncan frowns, trying to imagine it.

“The whole school laughed at her for weeks, of course. They said she lost her hair because she was a lesbian. An easy and pathetic insult, if you ask me, but it made her lose her confidence and made me gain some” She notices your shocked faces and she sighs. “I regret it today, guys.”

“Yeah, we can see that.”

Heather sends Duncan a hard look. “Oh yeah? Then how about you tell us one regret, mister?”

He quirks an eyebrow. “Like what?”

“Like why you went to juvie, maybe?”

“Ha! Like I would tell you guys what I did.”

Gwen rolls her eyes. “You’re just afraid (Y/N) will hate you if you tell her.”

“She already hates me, thank you very much.”

“No, I don’t.”

He gives you a surprised look. “You’re not?”

“I’m a little pissed off, but I don’t hate you.”

He stays silent for a few seconds, then stands up to go and crouch down in front of you.

“Babe, I’m sorry.” He takes your hand in his, looking into your (e/c) eyes. “I wasn’t thinking.”

You smile brightly. “It’s okay. I forgive you.”

He sits down beside you, an arm around your shoulders, and he kisses your temple while you giggle.

“Ugh. I prefer when you guys are fighting.”

Duncan sticks out his tongue at Heather, the black-haired girl instantly standing up to go sit somewhere else.

“But seriously-” Gwen takes the boy’s attention. “Why did you went to juvie?”

He shifts around a little, clearly not comfortable with that.

“Hey, it’s fine.” You smile at him, lightly stroking his cheek with your fingers. “I’ll still love you no matter what.”

He sighs, then rubs his left eye with his free hand.

“I don’t have a nice relationship with my dad.” He chuckles, memories coming back to him. “He’s a policeman, like everyone in my family... and I really like to piss him off.”

You quirk an eyebrow. “So you went to juvie because your dad was mad at you?”

He nods. “Pretty much, yeah.”

“What did you do exactly?”

He smirks at Gwen.

“Oh, you know, the usual…” His smug seems to stretch out. “Running around naked at New Year’s Eve, selling my father’s hairpieces online as pets, making a pool party at the City Hall fountain...”

“Woah.” You smirk back at him, trying to imagine some of his stunts. “Sound like you had a lot of fun.”

“Yeah, well… I did. But I wasn't sent to juvie because of that.” He sighs, looking away in embarrassment. “I put all my dad’s stuff in a huge pile in our yard, and I send it on fire. But I didn’t quite control it and it almost burned down the house with it…”

“Woah!” Gwen’s eyes open hide. “So that’s why you went to juvie hall for!”

“Yeah… but...” He turns his head to Heather. “At least it’s not as bad as what Heather did.”

“I admit, it was a little unorthodox...” She looks away for a moment, but she sets her eyes back on the goth girl. “But it doesn’t come close to what Gwen did. If that’s even your real name!”

Gwen averts her eyes, ashamed of her actions. You can understand why. What she did was absolutely horrible.

“Woah...” Owen’s the one to talk, the blond now looking at you. “What about you, (Y/N)? Do you have any sins to confess?”

Duncan laughs.

“You’re serious? We’re talking about (Y/N) here.” He hugs you closer and kisses your temple. “She’s an angel.”

The flashbacks come back to your mind, and your heart starts pounding as you play with your fingers.

“Well, looking at her pale face, it looks like she might have done something.”

Duncan sends Heather a hard look. “You shut up.”

“I...” You take a big breath, looking at your hands. “I think I killed someone.”

The atmosphere shifts to a colder one, and you look up to see everyone giving you terrified looks.

“You...” Gwen shakes her head. “Wait, you think you killed someone? Explained.”

“In the last few weeks, I’ve had… these… flashbacks of memories I don’t remember. They happened when I was four or something.” You frown, trying to remember correctly. “I always see this woman in them, and she’s always hurting me in some way.”

“Babe, that sounds serious.”

“I don’t know that woman.” You look back at Duncan, confused. “I’ve never seen or heard about her before… but I think I’m adopted or something...”

You shake your head, trying to get your head clear.

“Last night, when I was in the water...” You shiver at the thought, your boyfriend hugging you close to help you. “I saw this woman push me off a bridge a-and I took her down with me… a-a-and she was trying to drown me, I think, and I-I tried to survive and s-she drowned instead...”

You take a shaky breath in.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just hallucinating things, but...”

“Yeah, that’s probably it.” Heather moves her hand. “We’ve been tortured by Chris and Chef for weeks, it was only a matter of time before your brain snapped.”

“You… think…?”

“Don’t think too hard about this.” You feel lips on your forehead. “But tell me next time you have those visions, okay?”

You breathe in slowly, then let it out.


“Ah…!” Owen falls on one of the bed, a happy smile on his face. “Don’t you feel better now?”

You all look at him in silence, not knowing what to say to him when he suddenly screams about a spider and runs out.

“Hey, look! We got neighbors!”

Duncan and Gwen instantly run out when they see the smoke come out of the woods, you and Heather simply walking out in peace.

“The rescue team?”

“Or a trick.” Heather puts her hands on her waist. “Courtesy of Chris.”

Owen smiles at you all. “I know how we can find out.”

You all stare meaninglessly at Owen, your faces painted with some red and black substances while you’re all holding some homemade weapons.

“I don’t know about this...”

Owen shakes his head at Gwen. “We pretend we’re the headhunters and scare the bejeebers out of whoever is messing with our heads!”

“… I’m pretty sure Chris and Chef are just grilling some marshmallows...

“And there’s one little problem!” Duncan points at the ground. “A fifty-foot python with an attitude!”

“Oh, that.”

Owen makes a motion to dismiss the danger, then throws Mr. Coconut on the snake’s head, which puts him unconscious.

Needless to say, you’re now all staring back at Owen with a pissed-off expression.

“Why didn’t you do that hours ago?”

“What? And miss out on all our bounding? Come on! Let’s go hugabugi!”

You stop running, Owen looking back at you all with a serious face.

“This is it, brethren… We might not come back alive. So let’s get our hugabugi to move on!”

“Yeah, Owen...” Gwen rolls her eyes. “I’m not so sure about this.”

He ignores her and runs again while screaming strange words, you and the three other teenagers soon following him. When you finally arrive at the destination, you all scream and jump on the assailant, only to see Chef jumps on Chris in fear upon seeing you all armed.

“Hey, guys!” Chris’ smile stretches out, and he drops Chef. “It’s about time you showed up! I was starting to think that (Y/N) was dead or something.”


Owen gasps. “Mr. Coconut! It’s a mirage! They’re just figments of my imagination!”

Chef gets his head closer to Chris. “Why is he talking to a coconut?”

“Owen, it’s not a mirage! It’s our production crew’s secret location… or was a secret location until now!”

You all look around, and while everyone gasps at the sight, you nod.

“Oh yeah!” You smile, putting your bow down. “I’ve been here for the last challenge. It still looks nice!”

“But… what about the T-Rex skull!”

“And the prehistoric goose!”

Chris chuckles. “Those are just leftovers from a dinosaur movie we-”

“You mean while we were shipwrecked, you were here basking in the lap of luxury a mere hundred feet away!?”

You look up at the sky when you feel the rain, not even bothered by the situation.

“Yes, Heather. That would be accurate.” You look back to see Chef and Chris going inside a while trailer. “Sorry… I’d invite you in, but there’s only room for seven… see you at the campfire tonight!”

You try to stay as close as possible to the fire, still shivering from the cold rain.

“Well, it’s been a grueling day, campers!” You give Chris a hard look, the guy having refused to give you a towel when you asked earlier. “Frankly, Chef and I are worn out! I hope you’ve learned two viable lessons. First, always make sure your cabins are securely fastened to the ground! And second, the every camper for themselves idea stinks! Five heads are always better than one!”

Duncan rolls his eyes at the host, and you simply chuckle at his reaction while Owen scoffs.

“I think you meant…” He slightly shakes Mr. Coconut in Chris’ face. “… six.”

“Which brings us to yet another dramatic marshmallow ceremony!”

“Wait a minute...” Duncan squint his eyes at the host. “You have five marshmallows, that’s one for each of us!”

“Shh.” You put your hand on his mouth. “Just accept it.”

“Excellent observation, dude!” Chris then proceeds to throw the marshmallows at everyone. “Heather, (Y/N), Duncan, Gwen and Owen!”

“Oh no!” The blond seems to be the only to understand what’s happening. “You don’t mean-”

“Yep! It’s time for Mr. Coconut to walk the dock of shame!”

WHY!?” Owen tries to keep his coconut, but Chris manages to take it away from him.

“Get it together, dude. You’re starting to freak me out.”

The host throws the coconut away, Owen screaming in sadness as it goes to the dock of shame.

“By the way-” Heather crosses her arms over her chest, looking at all of you. “-what we confessed back there stays back there.”

You nod, feeling your boyfriend’s arm getting around your shoulder.

“Oh yeah.”

“No argument.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Coconut!” You all look back at Owen, who stares at the emptiness. “I shall never let go!”

“Okay...” You look back at Duncan, giving him a sweet smile. “Guess it’s time to sleep?”

He smiles back and nods, the punk walking you back to the newly placed cabins.

Chapter Text

24: Are We There Yeti

The last thing you were expecting was to wake up in the middle of the forest, staring into a squirrel’s eyes as he squeezes your cheeks with his little paws.

“Who’s that!?” Heather’s voice makes the squirrel run away instantly, freeing you in the process. “Where are we!?”

You sit up, scratching the top of your head while your boyfriend looks around in confusion.

“How did we get here?”

Gwen breathes in sharply. “Chris!?”


While Owen hides under his sheets, you simply look up at the sky, hearing the helicopter coming your way.

Everybody just zips it!” You frown when you see Chef hanging on the ladder, Chris being nowhere in sight. “How you got here is not your concern!

You all get out of the beds as he lands on the ground, the ex-soldier sending the pilot a thumbs up to tell him he can go. Gwen sends him a very confused look, not understanding what he’s doing here.

“What happened to Chris?”

Chef instantly points at her with a mean look.

“Not of your gosh darn business what happened to Chris! I’m in charge now, and I’m gonna make you wish you were never born.”

You yawn when you feel Duncan kiss your cheek and put his arm around your shoulders, the boy whispering you good morning as you chuckle. You stop once you see Chef slowly walking over to you and the others, a threatening glare in his eyes.

“Your mission is to find your way out of the forest or die trying!”

“You can’t be serious!” Heather puts her hands on her chest, completely scared. “We will die!”

“They left us in the woods. Alone. Again! With Heather!” Gwen glares at the camera. “I’d rather go swimming in the shark-infested water.”

“I feel like Chef and Chris are having difficulties to find new challenges.” You yawn again, then rub your eyes. “Seriously, isn’t this like… the third survival challenge?”

“Here’s out it works. Team one!” Chef throws a green bad at Owen. “Delinquent and chubby.”

Wait, does that mean-

“Team two!” You manage to grab the bag without falling on the ground, Gwen having supported you in the process. “Charlie’s Angels.”

“Wait a minute.” Duncan squints his eyes at Chef. “Why (Y/N) isn’t in my team?”

“Because I said so! Now zip it!” Chef points at the bags in your arms. “Everything you need is in these bags. You’ll never get your way north to base camp. The first team to tag the camp totem pole wins… and here’s a tip.”

You don’t like how he’s smirking.

“Better set up camp before sundown, because once that ball hits, you won’t even see your trembling hand in front of your terrified face! Unless...” He takes night vision goggles out of his pocket, his smirk stretching out. “… you’ve got night vision goggles… which you don’t!”

He then starts to laugh maniacally, which makes you quirk an eyebrow. You guys have already spend a whole night in the forest back at the beginning of the show and you didn’t even have night vision goggles then, so you’re pretty sure you’ll be fine.

“Oh, please! Please!” Your eyes widen when you see Duncan grab Chef’s shirt in fear. “Don’t leave us here, I’m begging you! We won’t survive!”

The fuck-

“Grab a hold of your gut, soldier!”

Chef pushes the delinquent away, the boy then shaking his head to take back control. You simply stare at your boyfriend in suspicion, holding your team’s green bag close to you.

“Duncan is a lot of things, but he’s definitely not a chicken.” Heather squints her eyes at the camera. “He’s up to something, I can tell. And I am going to find out what it is.”

You sigh and groan, rubbing your forehead.

“He stole the night vision goggles, didn’t he?”

“This is totally bonkers!” Owen puts his hands in the air, the green bag falling unto the ground. “We’ll be scarved down by a grizzly!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Chef’s voice suddenly raises. “You’ll wish you saw a grizzly once you meet up with old Sasquatchanakwa! He’s one mean mamajama!”

You hear Gwen gasps when she sees the helicopter come back, Chef immediately starting to climb up the ladder once it’s close to him.

Good luck, troupes!” The ex-soldier slowly disappears into the sky. “Try not to die!

You jump in fear when huge metal claws take the beds beside you and fly away with, Gwen taking the green bag from your arms to start going through it while Heather screams.

“This isn’t legal! You can’t do this!”

“Hey, Peaches! File it with the network lawyers!” Duncan gives you a quick kiss on the cheek. “Good luck, babe.”

He then runs away with his team’s green bag on his back, Owen trying his best to follow him.

“Where do they think they’re going?” You take the bag back from Gwen, ignoring Heather’s annoying voice. “They can’t survive out there, it’s suicide! It’s-”

“Hey, I got an idea!” The goth girl gives out a fake smile. “Let’s see what would happen if you close it already!”

“Oh great!” You take out an energy bar from the bag, showing it to the girls with a large grin. “We’re the ones who have the food! Owen’s gonna suffer a lot.

You notice the two girls blinking at you in silence.

“… what?”

“Okay.” Heather moves her hand around the confessional. “Nothing would give me greater pleasure than ditching Gwen’s grim little butt in the middle of nowhere, but this is the wild! (Y/N) is basically a genius when it comes to surviving in the wild, and I need Gwen to shove in front of me if the bear comes by!”

“I don’t know why everyone’s so scared.” You shake your head, already bored. “It’s not our first time in the wild, people! Lighten up a little!”

“I gotta say-” Duncan’s smirk stretches out. “-even if I wasn’t in (Y/N)’s team, I was pretty jazzed to be paired with Owen. I mean, come on! If you were a grizzly, who would you rather be dipping in barbecue sauce?”

Heather crosses her arms as she looks at you and Gwen.

“So… one of you idiots has an idea on how we’re getting back to camp?”

Gwen smirks and gets out a compass, the goth girl looking down at it to read it. You let the green bag down on the floor and put your hands in your hoodie’s front pocket in boredom, opening your mouth to talk.

“Chef said the camp was north.”

“So we just follow the river, then.” Gwen looks up with a smile. “Easy.”

“Yeah.” Heather squints her eyes at the blue-haired girl. “As long as we’re not munched by a Sasquatch, I’ ma call it.”

“Would you relax?” Gwen crouches down to grab the bag. “That’s obviously just another stupid made-up myth to scare us.”

The goth girl walks away towards the north direction, but you notice the black-haired girl slightly shaking in fear.

“Hey.” You put your hand on her shoulder, smiling sweetly. “We’ll be fine, okay? As long as we stick together, we can fight any big scary Sasquatch.”

She seems to calm down at your words, but she then shoves your hand away with what seems to be faked anger.

“Of course we’ll be fine! I didn’t survive all those challenges to get scared by a stupid Sasquatch!” She follows after Gwen, the girl trying her best to stay confident. “Now, what are you waiting for? Come on!”

You just chuckle at her reaction and follow her from behind, your laugh making her cheeks turn red instantly.

“I don’t believe in Sasquatches!” Heather loses her smile, squinting her eyes at the camera. “I don’t! And they wouldn’t like… drop us here in the middle of the forest if there really was one! What if we died?”

She seems to realize something, and she sends the camera a terrified look.

“… would they?”

“Ugh!” You slightly turn your head behind to see Heather trying to fight off a cloud of bugs around her head. “I’d kill for some bug spray! Those mosquitoes keep thinking I’m an all-you-can-eat buffet!”

“It means you smell great.” You grin at her, a mysterious glint in your eyes. “And I agree with them. You should take that as a compliment.”

You don’t see the black-haired girl blush at your words, having turned your head back at where your feet are taking you.

“Hey, Gwen? There are a couple more energy bars if you need one.”

“I’m not hungry for now, but thanks.” The goth girl turns her head at you to give you a small before she continues following the compass. “Maybe later for lunch.”

“Ar!” You and Gwen stop to look back at Heather, who’s holding her neck. “I think a mosquito bit the inside of my throat! It itches!”

“Oh god.” You instantly go to her while she coughs, moving your hands in the air to try and scare the mosquitoes away. “They’re really onto you, aren’t they?”

Heather sends Gwen a smirk from her place while you take care of the mosquitoes, Gwen rolling her eyes at the situation.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I actually miss Chris.” Gwen puts her arms in the air. “Anything is better Chef the psychopath! Why the camp cooks always look like escaped criminals? Ugh, and have you seen how Heather’s acting around (Y/N)? I’m sure she’s trying to turn her against me.”

“Can you hear me, Chris?” Heather points at the camera angrily. “I hope you enjoyed your little day off while we put up with your psychotic sidekick who, by the way, wasn’t even doing anything! He just ditched us in the woods! And I’m stuck with Gwen? I’m just starting to get along with (Y/N), no way I’m gonna let her tear down the beginning of our friendship!”

The cameras show Chef getting tanned on the dock of shame, reading French learning book.

“Pardon, monsieur? [Excuse me, mister?] Où est la bibliothèque? [Where’s the library?]”

The ex-soldier chuckles as he turns his page, enjoying his day off.

Typical chicks with zero sense of directions!” You and the girls look around when you hear a distant screaming voice, eventually spotting Duncan and Owen at the top of a mountain in the south direction. “Hey, here’s a pointer! Try checking a map!

“Uh, we would if we had one!” You smirk and crosses your arms on your chest, Gwen chuckling as she shows the compass. “But this compass tells us that’s the north! You know? Like where Chef says the camp is?”

You can’t help but laugh when you watch Duncan’s smirk turn into a shocked expression, the boy taking the map from Owen’s hands to re-read it.

“Enjoy the view up there!” Heather smiles evilly, following Gwen in her path. “Loser!”

You wave back at your boyfriend. “Good luck, babe! I believe in you!”

You then continue walking with your two friends, still laughing at the whole thing.

You sit down on a rock beside Heather, Gwen taking out three energy bars and handing two of them to you and the black-haired girl before sitting the other beside you. You immediately start munching unto the chocolate bar, almost dying of hanger while Heather opens her mouth.

“Look.” She gives Gwen a long look. “We both know we don’t like each other, and we both probably wish we could push each other off a cliff right now.”

The goth girl smiles. “The thought had crossed my mind.”

“Of course it did.” You take another bite of your food. “You guys are always fighting.”

“Whatever.” Heather dismiss your comment with a movement of her hand. “I think we can also agree that we have to win this challenge. We can’t afford to let the guys win invincibility! And who knows what kind of evil bonding they’re up to right now.”

“They’re boys.” You roll your eyes, remembering the few days you spend living in the boys’ cabin a couple of weeks ago. “They’re probably having a farting contest or something.”

“Ew, why would you say that?” You just shrug at Heather’s disgusted face, the black-haired girl turning her head back at Gwen. “Anyway… so we’re a team on this, right?”

Gwen quirks an eyebrow. “… right...”

You blankly stare at them when they suddenly gasp.

They’re getting away!

You turn around just in time to see Duncan and Owen waving at you from a raft in the river, the boys already a couple of feet closer to camp than you now. You wave back at them with a huge grin, your boyfriend then sending you a flying kiss that makes you giggle… but that’s before you feel someone grab your arm and pull you away with them, your head turning back in front of you to see Gwen running with the green bag on her back while Heather’s now holding your hand as she runs.

Wait, Heather’s holding your hand? Like… really holding your hand?

When you don’t see the boys anymore, you all stop to take back control on your breathing, Heather freeing your hand to shove away more mosquitoes.

“Oh, for god sake!” She hisses when she feels one of them bite her, the girl closing her eyes as she keeps fighting with the air. “I hate mosquitoes!”

“That’s not important for now!” Gwen sends her a mean look, letting the green bag on the floor. “We need to find a way to stall them, or we’ll end up losing!”

“Oh yeah?” Heather opens her eyes to send back a glare. “And how do you suggest we do this, grumpy?”

You look down at the energy bar paper still hanging in your hand, and you smirk.

“I might have an idea.”

You and the girls are hiding in the bushes, Gwen holding on the rope for the little trap you’ve made with a yummy chocolate energy bar standing on the ground. You watch silently as Owen gasps and take the bar, the boy about to eat when you help Gwen pull on the rope to trap him in the air. You both do your best to attached it to one of the biggest roots of the three while Duncan climbs it to free Owen, Heather running to the boys’ green bag and found an anti-bug spray. As soon as she’s done, the three of you run away in silence, doing your best to not laugh.

Heather sighs in relief when you finish spraying her, the cloud of mosquitoes finally leaving her alone.

“There, happy?” The black-haired girl smiles at you to show her contentment, Gwen rolling her eyes at the exchange.

“Can we go now?”

You nod at the goth girl, Heather following her in silence with an annoyed expression. You were putting the anti-bug spray back in the green bag when you and the girls hear loud growling behind you. You don’t even have time to react that the two other girls are already screaming and running into a giant log, your boyfriend and Owen soon coming out of the bushes to block the entrance with a huge rock.

When the two boys turn back at you with sweet smiles, you only quirk an eyebrow.

“Hi, babe.” Duncan walks over to you to kiss your cheek. “How are you this fine day?”

You frown and squint your eyes at him. “Just tell me what you want, will you?”

Owen starts to play with hands in nervousness.

“Do you have more energy bars…?”

You stare at them in silence for a while, then you sigh and search inside your green bag.

“Here.” You hand them two chocolate bars, the boys taking them without saying anything. “That’s the last favor I’m doing for you two.”

“Thanks, babe.”

Duncan surprises you by giving you a quick kiss on the lips, the delinquent then running away with Owen right behind him. You watch them leave in silence, then shake your head with a small smile on your lips. When you turn around, you see Gwen and Heather walking out of the other entrance of the log with confusion.

“What…” Gwen’s confused expression seems to get even more confuse. “What happened?”

“You got scared by the boys, that’s what happened.”

What!?” You walk over to them with a grin, taking out some toilet paper.

“I have an idea to scare them back.” Your eyes turn to Heather. “And you get to be the mummy.”

You and the girls were still laughing at Owen’s face when he saw Heather disguised as a mummy, the three of you now in possession of some sweet night equipment.

The laughter stops when you all fall inside a hole made by the boys, Duncan grabbing your bag before it can fall with you.

“Sorry, babe!” You don’t have time to look up at him that he already throws you back your bag and you catch it in surprise.

“The-Duncan!” You glare at the sky. “Come back here!

Heather groans and puts her hands in the air. “How the hell are we gonna get out of here?”

Gwen just sighs and rubs her forehead, the sun now slowly setting down.

You don’t know how you guys manage to get out of the hole, but you did it nonetheless. And now, the three of you are walking around the forest in complete darkness, your friends glaring at anything in anger while you keep yawning.

“I can’t believe they stole all of our supply.” Gwen turns around and points at Heather.

“Never underestimate a known criminal.” She makes a disgusting face. “Ew. I hope we find the camp soon, you really stink.”

“You should talk! I can smell your armpits from here!”

You sigh in annoyance. “We all stink, okay!? Get over it!”

Heather’s about to tell you a mean remark when Gwen stops in her tracks, the goth girl silently pointing at some huge Sasquatch footprints. Your two friends share a long knowing look and a nod, while you simply give them a slightly scared look.

“Oh! Guys, look!” Gwen uses a fake terrified voice. “It’s a Sasquatch footprint! I’m so scared!”

Something starts to move around in the bushes and you take a step back, Heather rolling her eyes in annoyance.

Please! You’re embarrassing yourselves!”

“Guys...” You hug yourself, not liking the atmosphere you’re feeling. “I think we should-”


Gwen slowly walks over the bushes in silence, then doesn’t hesitate to scream as she jumps on the person hiding. Your heart drops when you see the Sasquatch stand up, Gwen trying to take his head off while Heather screams.


You and Heather both scream and run away, the goth girl looking down at the Sasquatch before she screams too. Under all the pressure, the Sasquatch also screams, the creature soon running after you and Heather in panic. Soon, you notice Duncan and Owen walking a little further in front of you, the blond guy starting to scream and run away once he sees you.


His scream makes Duncan turn around just in time to see you, Heather, Gwen, and the Sasquatch running over while screaming, the boy mimicking all of you without even thinking.

It’s a few minutes later that you notice you’ve entered a dark cavern, not being able to see anything. You’re about to ask if any of your teammates are around when you hear Owen’s voice in a whisper close to you.


Owen? Is that you?

(Y/N)? Thank god, you’re here.

Heather? Where are you?

Over here.




Duncan!” You try to find your boyfriend, your heart pumping your blood too fast. “Duncan, I’m scared.

I’m right here.” You feel him take hold of your arm and you manage to see his blue eyes in the dark before you hold on to him. “We’re all here.

Yeah, and now that we’ve taken roll call, what are we going to do?” You see Heather’s eyes squint at Duncan. “Did you see the size of that thing?

Duncan gives her an annoyed look. “I could have taken him.”

Gwen snorts. “Is that why you were screaming like a little girl?

Right, well…” You feel him hold you closer and you grin despite the fear. “Well, I was just faking him out! Anyway, I think we’re safe here for a while.

Um...” Owen’s voice sounds unsure. “That depends what you mean by safe.

Heather sighs. “I’d never thought I’d say this, but… please tell me that tongue in my ear is Owen.

No, that would be the...” You take a sharp breath when you see all the red eyes staring at you and your friends. “… bats!

None of you questions anything as you all scream and run towards one of the cavern’s exit.

You all stop beside some trees to take control back on your breaths, hearing the bags make a loud noise as they hit the ground. Heather looks up at the sky, panting.

“Do Sasquatches get meaner at night?”

“I don’t know...” Duncan pauses as he breathes. “… but I don’t really want to find out.”

You all stay silent when you hear a growl, having to spend the night in the forest suddenly terrifying you.

Somewhere else, Chef is playing the harp while singing the Ave Maria.

“Since you guys still have supplies and a map...” Heather squints her eyes. “I guess you beat us.”

Gwen gaps in anger and points at the black-haired girl.

“Speak for yourself!”

“It’s obvious they kicked our butts!”

Gwen turns her head at you, waiting for your opinion.

“What do you want me to say?”

She groans, then crosses her arms on her chest.

“Fine! Whatever! You beat us!”

“Oh, look-” Duncan grabs the two bags in his hands, giving you and the girls a proud smirk. “If you guys wanna bunk with us, it’s cool. Why don’t you set up camp while we look for firewood?”

He throws the bags at you and Heather, both of you catching them in time while the boys run away in the dark forest. Gwen’s nose scrunches up in disgust.

“Ugh… the damsel in distress thing made me wanna puke.”

You give her a blank stare. “But now we have the supplies...”

She blinks back, then smirks. “That’s true.”

“You guys are so naive.” Heather rolls her eyes. “Do you seriously think they would leave us with the map and the compass?”

“… that’s also true.”

“I hate that we’re so vulnerable with them.”

“Who cares? Let them think they’re big strong boys for now. Then, when they least expect it, we’ll steal the map and the compass from them.”

You quirk an eyebrow. “And how exactly do you expect us to do that?”

Her smirk stretches out. “We’ll make your boyfriend think he’s saving you.”

“It’s so easy to fool guys.” Heather flips her hair with a proud smug. “They’re like little kids! They never see it coming.”

“I’ve gotta admit...” Gwen gives out an amusing smile. “Just when I thought Heather can’t get more underhanded, she gets more underhanded! Toying with the boys… well played.”

“I won’t lie, Heather’s great at making evil plans..” You scratch your head, thinking deeply. “But if she wants me to manipulate Duncan, we’ll need to make him come to me… He’s not stupid. He will be suspicious if I try something.”

You hug yourself while sitting close to the fire, the cold wind setting shivers down your spine.

“Hey!” Owen takes everyone’s attention, showing off a big weird ball that smells like chocolate. “I smouched the energy bars into a big chewy ball! Any takers?”

You make a slight disgusting face, Gwen shaking her head at him.

“No… but I’ll take your sleeping bag.”

As if on cue, Owen eats the whole energy ball in one gulp, the boy handing over his sleeping bag to the goth girl before he falls asleep on the ground. Gwen smiles in relief, instantly stopping shivering as she engulfs herself in the sleeping bag.

You won’t lie, you’re kind of jealous of her right now.

Heather notices your shivering state, and with the plan in the head, she turns her full body to you.

“(Y/N), are you okay? You seem cold...”

You look at her, the black-haired giving you a worried look.

“… yeah, a little.”

“Here.” She wraps her around your form, moving her hands up and down your arms to try and warm you up. “Does this help?”

You smile back sweetly at her. “Yeah, thank you.”

She nods, her smile stretching when she feels Duncan’s death stare on her.

“You know what? How about you sleep with me tonight? It’ll keep you warm-”

Okay, that’s enough.” You feel your boyfriend’s hands yank you away from Heather, his arms wrapping themselves around you as he holds you close to his chest. “If (Y/N) has to sleep with anyone here, it’s me, you got it!?

“Jeez, calm down.” Heather puts her hands in front of her in protection. “It’s not my fault if you’re not taking care of your girlfriend properly.”

“What did you just say!?”

She rolls her eyes at him. “Oh, nothing.

“That’s better.” Duncan kisses the top of your head, his attention now fully on you. “You’re okay, babe?”

You give him a sweet but tired smile. “I’m better now.”

You giggle when you see a blush creep upon his cheeks, your words taking him by surprise.

“Well, I’m glad then.”

You stay close to him throughout the night, your arms wrapped around his form as you and the girls wait for the boys to fall asleep. Once they do, Heather gives you the small signal, and you manage to take the map from under Duncan’s shirt without disturbing his sleep.

You do slightly kiss his lips before running away with all his stuff, you and the girls snickering in the darkness.

“Do we feel bad?” Gwen quirks an eyebrow at the camera. “No way! They steal our stuff first! All is fair in love and war… and this is definitely war now.”

“Okay, that was so much fun!” Heather giggles, happy to have pulled off such a stunt. “I just wish I could have seen the looks on their faces! And for the record, Gwen and (Y/N) were just as into scamming them as I was!”

“I’m sorry for betraying you like that babe, but...” You snort, remembering what you did last night. “Man, I’ve never felt so much excitement! I’ll make it up to you, though, I promise.”

You scream in joy when you see the totem came coming into view, Heather and Gwen following up behind.

We made it!

You continue to run, your face dropping when you see Owen exceeding you, his eyes concentrating on Chef holding a tray of cinnamon buns.

Yeah!” You try to run faster when you hear your boyfriend’s voice encouraging the blond. “Go for it, dude!

You can’t help but sigh in relief when you see Owen ignore the totem to go and eat Chef’s cinnamon buns instead, and you throw yourself on the totem to hug it with joy.

“We won!” You kiss the totem before freeing it, turning back to give Heather and Gwen some high fives. “I told you guys we would win this thing!”

“No, dude!” Duncan arrives with a defeated and depressed expression, the delinquent giving the chubby guy a desperate look. “We were so close? Whyyyy….!

Owen just gives him a long stare. “Well, they’re fresh from the oven!”

Chef smacks the tray out of Owen’s hands, pointing at him in anger.

“Those were mine! I was looking forward to those buns! And I was saving one for (Y/N)!”

Your eyes light up. “You did? Thanks, Chef!”

He ignores your comment, his eyes giving everyone a very annoyed look.

“Alright, the game’s over. Girls win, guys lose.”

Duncan stares at the camera in disbelief.

“Who lost the challenge for a few sticky buns…? What was that! Do you know how many sticky buns I could have bought with a hundred thousand dollars!?”

He sighs, rubbing his eyes.

“… (Y/N) did put up a good fight, though.” He slightly smirks. “Man, I’m proud of her.”

Heather laughs. “O. M. G. That was so pathetic. I hope those buns were worth it.”

“Wow!” Gwen gives the camera a surprised look. “We kind of scored that one!”

“I think Duncan’s really mad at me...” Owen looks around the confessional in thoughts. “Maybe I should have saved him a sticky bun...”

“I’m glad we won the challenge and all, but...” You frown, worry getting over you. “Chef said that he’ll choose who leaves the island… I can’t help but worry that it’s going to be Duncan...”

You take a small pause, letting the silence wash over you.

“He won’t choose Duncan though… right?”

You’re all sitting around the campfire, you specifically holding your boyfriend’s hand tight as you all watch Chef walk in front of you in anger.

“This was supposed to be my day!” He throws his arms in the air. “I had it all planned! I was going to eat my sticky buns, and relax with one of Heather’s facials...”

Owen and Heather both gasps, Chef ignoring them as he continues to talk.

“.. but I finished reading Gwen’s diary-” The goth girl gasps too. “-and cleaned my toenails!”

He looks back at Duncan with a small smirk. “That reminds me… You need to… sharpen this...”

He then throws Duncan’s knife pocket back at him, the delinquent managing to catch it with a shocked look.

“… then I was gonna loot the rest of Owen’s snacks days.

The blond gasps another time, and you simply roll your eyes at the ex-soldier’s behavior.

“But you all ruined it!” He points at all of you, his anger back. “So… here’s your invinci-darn-bility!”

As soon as you and the girls catch your marshmallows, you stare back at Chef in worry, not liking the wide psychotic smile settling on his cheeks as he stares at the boys in silence. You squeeze your boyfriend’s hand as your chest tighten, the boy only squeezing it back without even worrying at all. But when Chef just keeps smiling and staring in silence, Duncan’s bored expression turns to a very angry one.

You!” Chef directly throws the marshmallow into Owen’s mouth, the ex-soldier coming closer to point at the delinquent. “Suck on this, mister! You’re finished!”

“Dammit, Chef!” You throw your arms in the air, your heart sinking at the news. “I trusted you!”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)... But I’ve hated your boyfriend since the beginning.” He crosses his arms on his chest, not even bothered by your sadness. “And this is just my advice, but you leave him and find someone else.”

Hey!” Duncan sends a threatening glare. “You can get me out of here and back to juvie, but you have no right to tell (Y/N) to be with someone else!”

“You know what?” You squint your eyes at the ex-soldier, feeling tired as hell. “If Duncan’s leaving, I’m leaving too!”

“No can do, (Y/N).” Chef shakes his head at you. “You signed a contract, remember? You stay in the competition until you get eliminated!”

“That’s not fair!”

“(Y/N).” You turn back at your boyfriend when he grabs your hand in his. “It’s fine. Just try and win this whole thing, okay?”

“But I don’t wanna win.” You feel the tears come into your eyes. “I wanna stay with you! And be with Courtney!”

You think you can hear Heather cough in disgust while Owen and Gwen “Awwn” at your words, but Duncan smirks at you.

“Courtney will be fine without a little longer, babe. Don’t worry about that. And besides-” He face comes closer to yours. “-I want you to win. So try to get that prize for me, okay?”

You stay silent for a while, hesitating. “Okay.”


You watch Chef walk on the dock of shame, Duncan coming behind him with a bag full of his stuff.

“Left! Left! Left, right, left! Come on, soldier! Do I bear a striking resemblance to somebody who’s got all day?!”

“What can I say-” Heather’s words stop Duncan in his tracks. “-you had the chance to rock an alliance with me, but you blew it!”

Gwen walks over to him before he can retort a bad comment.

“You played the game well. I'm sorry you had to lose over sticky buns.”

They both bump fist, your boyfriend then turning his attention to you.

“Awn...” He cups your left cheek in his free hand, wiping away some tears.”Don’t cry, babe. I thought you were strong?”

“I’m not crying!” You try your best to retain the tears, Duncan chuckling at your reaction while you give him a long look. “Promise you won’t forget me?”

He grins, sharing a long kiss with you. “Does that answer you?”

You giggle, taking his hand away from your cheek to kiss his palm.

“I love you, Duncan.”

His eyes sweeten, the guy kissing your lips again for a slight moment.

“I love you too.”

“Ugh, stop this.” Heather looks away. “You’re making me gag.”

He just shows her his middle finger, making you laugh as you free his hand.

“Give Courtney a kiss for me, will ya?”

“Will do.” You watch him step on the boat of losers with a heavy chest, the dreading feeling of loneliness washing over you as he disappears on the horizon.

“So...” Heather smirks, looking around everyone. “Looks like we made it to the final four!”

“I just wanna thank everyone who got me to the final four!” Heather takes a small pause before crossing her arms on her chest. “Courtney, I feel your pain, girl. You should not have been cheated off like that… and being separated from your lovers? Ugh, that must have been horrible!”

She takes another moment to think. “… Noah, you were one seriously smart guy, don’t think I didn’t notice!”

Her face seems to drop for a second. “And… Lindsay… The most fashionable girl on the island next to me! You know you’ll always be one of my BFF’s!”

“I’ve gotta admit-” Gwen looks around with shock. “-I didn’t think I’d make it this far.”

She gets out a big yawn, a smile setting on her face.

“But now that I have, I might as well win.”

Owen gives the camera a sly expression.

Sooooo… It’s Owen and three cool girls.” He points at himself while he chuckles in joy. “Partyyyy!

“You guys all know I didn’t get into this competition to win, but...” You take a breath in, then slowly release it. “I will now. For Duncan and Courtney… You can count on me, guys!”

You just hope what Chris and Chef have in store for you won’t push you over the edge.

Chapter Text

25: I Triple Dog Dare You!

You wake up groggily, looking around the girls’ cabin in confusion as Gwen’s pillow falls off your head. The goth girl laughs at your face, continuing to apply her makeup with a smirk.

“Wake up, sleepy head. It’s almost ten already.”

“… really?” You yawn and stretch your arms up, closing your eyes you do so. “That’s bad… I was having such a nice dream.”

“What are you wearing?” You open your eyes to see Heather squint her eyes at the deathly T-shirt you’ve stolen from Duncan. “Is that from your stupid boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” You smile, rubbing your eyes. “I miss him.”

“Oh please, that guy’s a total loser.” Heather continues to take care of her nails, rolling her eyes. “You can do better than that, you know?”

Gwen snorts. “And by “better” you mean… you?

Heather sends the goth girl a death stare while you chuckle under your breath.

“It’s a nice offer Heather, but I’ll have to decline it.” You smirk at her. “I’m already taken by two people, you know.”

“I wasn’t talking about me! I was just telling my opinion, sheesh.” She groans and averts her eyes, her cheeks getting redder while she mumbles. “It’s not like I like you or anything.”

You and Gwen share a look, the two of you enjoying to tease the black-haired girl so much.

Campers!” The three of you jump up when you hear Chris’ voice. “Welcome to the semi-finals! Today, we reward our challengers with an all you can eat pancake breakfast! That’s right! Genuine food by-products served with fresh ingredients relatively close to their expiration date!

Great.” Heather finishes applying her nail polish, still mumbling under her breath. “I’m sure that’s not going to be disgusting like usual.”

“Chris is back?” You can’t help yourself but smile at the news, suddenly getting up to put some clothes on. “Oh my god, guys! Chris is back!”

“Contain your excitement.”Gwen quirks an eyebrow at you, just finishing to put on her makeup. “We all know Chris and Chef will cut you some slack here.”

You give her a weird look. “I’m not getting special treatment. What makes you say that?”

Sure.” Gwen smiles, shaking her head at you. “We’ll see about that.”

“Yeah, well… you better watch out.” You run towards the door after changing, a huge grin on your lips. “Cause I’m getting all the good pancakes from Chef!”

Gwen gasps, running after you. “You wouldn’t!”

Hey!” Heather stands up, moving her hand around to dry the nail polish as she runs after you two. “Don’t leave me here!

“So I actually made it to the final four.” Gwen looks up from her notebook, smirking at the camera. “Just goes to show you how far a bad attitude can get you.”

Heather stops putting powder on her nose for a moment.

“Whatever. I knew I’d make it to the end. Big shocker!” She loses her proud smile. “I just can’t believe weird goth girl made it.”

You yawn, then look at the camera in silence.

“I have no idea how I got in the final four.”

“I wanted to believe it! I dreamt it could be true! And now the day is finally here!” Owen looks up at the sky with the biggest smile anyone could ever see. “All you can eat pancakes! Y-yeah!

“We’re getting pancakes! We’re getting pancakes!”

You smile at Owen’s joy as you get in front of Chef.

“Hi, Chef! How are you today?” The ex-soldier smiles at you and nods to answer your question, handing you some normal looking pancakes right after. “Oooh, that looks so good! Thanks, Chef!”

“No problem, kiddo.”

Gwen approaches her head to yours while you both walk towards a table, the goth whispering.

Still not getting any special treatment?

You roll your eyes, nudging your elbow into her arm.

“Shut up.”

That’s when you hear a loud thud behind you, turning around in surprise only to see Owen being buried under tons and tons of pancakes. Chef crosses his arms over his chest with an angry stare, but it turns to a shocked one when the blond laughs happily.

Yeah! Now you’re talking baby!

“Yeah, the money would be awesome.” Gwen continues to draw on her notebook as she talks. “But you know what would be sweeter? Making sure Heather loses.

“Luckily, I’m against the freak show and fatty ginormous.” Heather snorts, looking around the confessional. “Sure, (Y/N) is also here. But she doesn’t want to win, so they might as well give me the check. I mean, come on! I think we all know who’s gonna win.”

“I really don’t care if I win or not.” You sigh and rub your eyes. “But again, I did promise Duncan that I’ll win for him… so I guess I’ll make an effort.”

Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!

If I win...” Gwen squints her eyes at the camera. “...I’m gonna buy camp Wawanakwa. So I can burn it down and turn it into a graveyard!”

“What will I do if I win? Oh god...” You frown, thinking deeply. “I seriously have no idea… I think… maybe… share it?”

Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!

Owen laughs like a crazy person.

When I win-” Heather smirks back at the camera. “-I’m thinking of doing my own spin-off series: The world according to Heather.”

“I’d never win...” Owen looks down with a sad expression, but it soon turns back to a joyful one. “But if I did, I’d start every day… with pancakes! Cause they're like little mini rays of sunshine filled with yummy fun!”

“Personally-” Gwen crosses her arms. “-I’ve had enough drama here to last a lifetime. I mean, don’t get me wrong, (Y/N) is awesome. And… Owen’s okay. But eight weeks of Heather was about as much fun as a mouth full of impacted molars.”

“Eight weeks here wasn’t as bad as I thought.” You giggle, shaking your head. “I mean, sure, it was pure hell and exhausting, but it was pretty fun in general! I’ve met some great people here and I’m really glad to have met everyone in this show!”

“Sure, eight weeks with these losers have caused for insanity...” Heather looks away from her small mirror. “But at least the mother-ship knows where Gwen is now so they can retrieve her! And Greenpeace can beg and take Owen as the hazardous waste that he is!”

She takes a small pause, averting her eyes with a blush.

“(Y/N) is… fine. But don’t tell her that I said that!

“But all you can eat pancakes in the world wouldn’t be special without friends to share them....” Owen sighs, looking down. “Maybe (Y/N) would want to share them with me.”

“Owen wants to know if I’ll share pancakes with him every morning?” You quirk an eyebrow, an amused smile on your face. “Sure! Why not? He’s pretty fun to be around. And who can say no to pancakes?”

“Sure, Owen’s dumb luck has won him a few challenges-” Heather looks back at the camera with a serious expression. “-but its ability to not be disgusted by anything edible that worries me!”

“You’ve ever noticed how much a toilet seat looks like a pancake?”

Owen then proceeds to lick the toilet seat with crazy eyes.

“And laaaazy!” Heather makes an annoyed face. “Sloths could take a cue from Slowen!”

Owen laughs, the toilet seat in his hands missing a wooden part.

“I should probably spit this out.”

He then falls asleep right there.

“Thankfully Gwen has no strengths! She’s just a low-rent counter pound with dragon breath and ugly hair!”

“Gwen’s pretty strong, you know.” You smile, then shrug. “I’m pretty sure she could kick anyone’s ass.”

“Heather’s strength is obviously her bottomless pit of mean!” Gwen starts to bite on her pain, squinting her eyes at the confessional’s door. “I’m banking on her massive ego to be her downfall.”

“Sure, Heather’s mean, but she’s also extremely confident.” You shake your head. “It’s hard to fight someone who’s overly confident.”

“(Y/N) could probably win if she really wanted too.” Heather shrugs, not really bothered. “I mean, she’s kind, generous, confident, smart, pretty-Ugh! Now I’m complimenting her! What is wrong with me?”

“Oh yeah. (Y/N) could win. For sure.” Gwen smiles, continuing her drawing of you. “I knew that from the first day we met. Kind of sad that she doesn’t actually want the prize.”

Meanwhile, Owen’s still sleeping in the confessional.

“Campers!” Your smile stretches out when you see Chris’ usual psychotic smile, having missed the host at lot in the last few days. “Welcome to the semi-finals!”

“Welcome back, Chris! How were the awards?”

His own smile grows on his cheeks at your question. “It was amazing! Thank you for asking!”

Heathers groans in annoyance, making Chris chuckle.

“But the producers have run out of insane ways to torturing you, so...” You and your friends look at each other, the four of you sitting behind a long table. “They asked the ousted campers for ideas! Turns out they had a lot! They provided us with the sickest, most twisted and insane dares imaginable in TDI’s version of-”

You quirk an eyebrow, looking at the large wheel with a green bottle in the middle that the host is showing proudly.

“-Spin the bottle!” A jazzy song suddenly starts to play, making you giggle. “Staring with Izzy, Trent, Cody, Justin, Noah, Leshawna, Lindsay, Beth, Tyler, Harold, DJ, Geoff, Bridgette, Duncan, Courtney, Eva, Katie and Sadie, and the home-schooled misogynistic country boy: Ezequïel!”

You start to applaud, Chris bowing right after while your friends give you a weird look.

No wonder you’re getting special treatments...

You send Gwen an annoyed look, the goth girl only smirking back at you.

“Put em all together, and we’ve got a high stake game of I-” Chris spins the green bottle. “-Triple Dog Dare You!”

“What is this? Grade five?” Heather rolls her eyes at the situation. “Why don’t we just do seven minutes in heaven in a tacky basement closet?”

Owen laughs. “Yeah-ha-ha! Good call! Let’s do it-AH!”

Heather had slapped the blond, making Gwen send her a knowing smile.

“We all know why you want to play Seven Minutes in Heaven...”

She blushes when the goth subtly points at you, the black-haired almost choking on her own saliva.

“I do not want to play that!”

You blink in confusion, not understanding what’s happening. That’s when Chris clears his throat, getting the attention back from all of you.

“Each player will take turns spinning the bottle! Although, there is a twist for our special (Y/N) here!” Your eyes open wide, waiting for something horrible to be said. “Since our contestant here has shown a lot of times that she can get through anything, we thought it would be fun if instead of doing the outcasted campers’ dare.. that she answers their questions!”

What!?” Heather points at Chris angrily. “That’s not fair!”

“Oh, of course, it is! Especially since she’ll be answering a question at every turn! And the camper that you land on determines the dare you guys will perform, and the question (Y/N) will have to answer!”

You sigh in relief, letting your body relax. Answering questions from your fellow friends, that’s not too bad… right?

“You can take the dare yourself-” Chris takes a purple bottle from a tray Chef’s holding, the pink dress the ex-soldier’s wearing almost making you laugh all over again. “-and win a get-out-of-dare freebie, or inflict the dare on a fellow camper in hopes of voting them out! Of course, since (Y/N) will be answering questions, she can’t give her questions to you guys, nor get any of your dares. Therefore, she cannot win any freebie to get out of her questions.”

“And if we (Y/N) refuses to answer or if we don’t do the dare?” Heather smirk, thinking she found a hole in the host’s plan.

“Oh. Not a good option.” Chris puts the freebie back on the tray. “Anyone who chickens out of their dare will be sent directly to the dock of shame, go on the boat of losers, do not go to the bonfire, do not collect marshmallow and do not get to win one hundred thousand dollars!”

A boat of the said money suddenly falls on the stage, Chris showing it with proud.

“The same goes to (Y/N) if she refuses to answer one of her questions.”

“Wow! A sudden death elimination…?” Gwen smiles, nodding approvingly. “Good one!”

You snort, shaking your head. “I can’t believe Chris took my suggestion! That’s awesome!”

“Okay!” Chris stands in front of the spinning bottle wheel, looking back at you and your friends. “Who’s ready to humiliate themselves first? Of course, (Y/N) will have to answer a question no matter what!”

There’s a long silence where no one says anything.

“Oh, what the heck! Let’s get this over with.”

Gwen walks over to the wheel, then spin the bottle with all of her strength.

“Okay, so here’s the deal!” Chris smile’s at the confessional camera. “Chef and I have a little side bet going… whoever pukes first has to pony off a hundred bucks.”

“Okay! Let’s get this party started!” The spinning bottle finally stops on someone, but you’re too far to see who it is. “Duncan’s dare and question!”

Chris gives you all a smirk.

“Lick Owen’s armpit!”

You can’t help yourself but gag at the thought, happy to not be able to do the dares for the challenge.

“Gwen, you can perform the challenge yourself, or-” Gwen smirks, looking back at the others. “-dare one of your competitors to do it. Except for (Y/N).”

Chris laughs evilly, then throws the paper with Duncan’s dare written on it away.

“Either way! Someone’s licking some armpit in the next minute!”

“I Triple Dog Dare Heather!”

You gasp, hiding your mouth behind your hands as you see Owen slowly put his arm up, Heather approaching her face to it with a traumatized expression.

“You can imagine that you’re licking an ice cream cone!”

“Shut up Owen!”

“Minus the BO.”

“I’m warning you!”

Heather then closes her eyes and lick Owen’s armpit.

“… Oh, and the pit hair.”

Heather gasps in disgust before she falls on the ground, starting to convulse intensely.

“Oh-oh-oh!” Chris laughs a little, him and Chef kneeling down in front of the black-haired girl. “Man! That was so sick! I nearly puked! … nearly.”

Heather eventually stands up after a few minutes, the girl trying her best to forget what just happened. Gwen also walks back to her place right next to you, subtly giving you a fist bump as she arrives.

“Time for (Y/N)’s question from Duncan!” Chris gets out another piece of paper, making you tense up. “Here’s his question: Do you give him permission to kill Harold for getting Courtney kicked off?”

What!?” Heather puts her arms in the air, angrier than before. “What kind of question is that!?”

“That’s his question.” Chris rolls his eyes annoyingly. “We can’t decide what the people ask, Heather. Anyway… (Y/N). Your answer?”

You smirk. “I’m pretty sure Courtney already gave him a pretty bad punishment, so… sorry honey. Maybe next time.”

If my questions are as easy as this one, I might actually win this whole thing.

Chris nods at your answer before he smiles wildly.

“It’s now time for Heather to spin the bottle!”

Heather groans in pure annoyance as she walks towards the wheel, spinning the bottle with full force.

“Ezequïel’s dare is… chew your own toenail… slowly.

Gwen! I dare Gwen!”

Chef puts down a pink chair before he shows it with an evil smile, Gwen walking over at the same time as Heather walks back to the table. You see the black-haired girl say a few words to the goth one, but you’re too far away to actually hear them. Gwen eventually sits down on the chair and gets off her left boot, showing her feet to Chef as he cuts down a toenail. He then presents it to her, the evil smile still on his face, and she starts to chew it rather rapidly.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah!” Heather’s voice makes her stop. “He said to chew it… slowly.

Gwen continues to chew now at a slower pace, finally gulping it after a few seconds.

“There! Satisfied?”

“Very.” Heather smirks. “I’m just picturing Trent watching this. Something tells me that he won’t be eager to lock lips with you anytime soon.”

When Gwen sits down back at her place, she sends the girl a mean stare.

“You should talk, pit breath.”

You snort, Heather’s shocked expression making the whole scene hilarious.

“(Y/N)! Here’s your question.” You turn your attention back to Chris, waiting for the worst misogynist question you could ever hear. “What is the first thing you would do if you woke up one day as the opposite sex?”

Those questions are too easy!” Heather stands up, screaming. “There’s no drama in them! How the hell can she not answer them and get kicked off!?”

Chris quirks an eyebrow, then ignores the girl.

“(Y/N). Your answer?”

“I would probably scream for a long time.”

“That’s a pretty logical answer. I’ll accept it.”

How can you accept that answer!?

“Owen! Why don’t you come to spin the bottle now, huh?”

The blond’s already spinning the green bottle with a huge smile, no one has seen him walk over the wheel.

“Beth!” Chris looks down at his notes. “Re-chewing a lot of Harold’s gum!”

Owen thinks for a moment, looking at the used pink gum in the jar Chef’s showing him. “I will take the dare!”

You and the girls can’t help but gasp in shock.

“Dude...” Chris gives the blond a long look. “It’s chewed gum. Harold’s chewed gum?”

“I know! But it must be pretty special if he’s been saving it!”

You hide your eyes when you see Chef give the gum to Owen, not wanting to actually see that.

“Hmm! Full body!” The word makes you look back at the blond, not believing what’s happening. “A delicate fruity aroma, with a hint of citrus! Ha-ha-ha! Robust, yet balanced! Oh! Summery! Wou-hou-hou! And a crunchy center!”

You gag, suddenly understanding what the crunchy part might be.

This is so disgusting.

“Owen wins the first freebie!” Chris gives the blond the purple bottle, Owen taking it with a huge grin. “And a tightened shower, if you want!”

“No, I’m good. Thanks.”

“Anyway, here’s (Y/N) question from Beth.” Chris grins down at his notes. “Who are the five hottest people on the show?”

You can’t help but snort. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Huh.” Heather crosses her arms on her chest. “This could cause drama… alright. I’ll allow it.”

“You don’t decide the questions, Heather.” Chris gives the black-haired girl a long stare before he turns back at you. “What’s your answer, (Y/N)?”

“Well… I’d say… from five to one...” You frown, thinking deeply. “Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, and Justin.”

You hear Heather gasps in surprise, not seeing hide her blushing face and her genuine smile since Gwen gives you a smirk.

“You think I’m the fourth hottest person here?”

“Well, yeah. I instantly thought you were hot when I first saw you… I didn’t tell you that?”

The goth’s expression turns to a sweet one. “No… you didn’t.”

You smile back at her. “Well… now you know.”

“This could be harder than I thought.” Gwen gives the camera a long look. “And why do I think (Y/N) is so cute?”

“Welcome back to TDI’s semi-finals! In a challenge, we like to call… I Triple Dog Dare You!” Chris shows the wheel, still smiling. “Gwen! You’re up next.”

The goth girl spins the bottle, joy still presents on her face. She loses it once she notices the bottle spin, her body tensing up when it stops on Cody.

Oh god. I wonder what his question’s gonna be…

“Drop a tray of ice into your undies, and let them melt!”

Gwen smirks. “That’s it? I can handle that!”

She shoves a handful of ice inside her skirt without even thinking about it, a painful expression now settling on her face.

“That’s one cool chick with a frosti-tute! Chilling by the-”

Just give me the stupid freebie!

Gwen takes the freebie out of Chef’s hands, Chris sighing.

“And (Y/N) question from Cody is… What was your most embarrassing moment in public?”

The grip on the table tightens, your face turning white.

“I-I euhm...”

“If you don’t answer, it’s the walk of shame for you!”

You take a breath in, then aver your eyes.

“My skirt once fell to my feet in the middle of a play in front of everyone.”

You hear snorts all around the room, and you shot a death glare at each person.

“It’s not funny, okay? I was seven! It was horrible!”

“Anyway, my turn!” Heather points at Chris with a determination look before she walks over. “And I’m taking the dare! I don’t care what it is!”

When the bottle settles on Tyler, you can’t help but notice the smug on Heather’s face.

“How bad can the dare be? I already licked Owen’s armpit!”

 You hide your face in your hands, not wanting to see Heather licking the jelly off Owen’s belly button.


“Shut up Owen!”

“Twice in a row’s gotta hurt!”

I mean it!

“Especially since I never was in there. Not cause I don’t want to! I just forget.”

Even you almost puke, turning around completely to try and concentrate on something else as you hear the slurping sounds.

“Hey! You didn’t puke this time!”

Next thing you know, you’re the one puking.

“Okay! We'll give Heather a few more minutes on life support before we start the next round… buuut! Since (Y/N) is finally done puking, we can ask her Tyler’s question! Which is...”

You wipe away the vomit from your mouth, waiting for anything and everything.

Oooh! I think we might have a theme...” Chris smirks, then shows off the room. “(Y/N). Who is the sexiest person in this room?”

“Wait, what?” You blink your eyes a couple of times, still feeling groggy from the events. “I don’t know… I guess… Gwen?”

The goth girl slightly blushes and crosses her arm on her chest, hiding her face to not show how happy she is with the answer.

“Y-yeah!” Owen cheers when the bottle stops on Izzy’s face. “Come on, Izzy! Bring it!”

“Give a purple nurple… to a sleeping bear!”

Do you mean Marshmallow? Oof… you’re dead, Owen.

“Y-y-yes! Sounds wicked, man!” Owen suddenly stops laughing. “What’s a purple nurple?”

When Owen comes back with a beat-up face, Chris gives him another freebie and then looks back down at his notes.

“Izzy’s question is… who was your first kiss?”

You suddenly feel the heat on your cheeks, and you start to play with your fingers.

“W-well… actually, it… it was Courtney.”

“Wait, really?” Heather quirks an eyebrow at you, not quite believing it. “That crazy girlfriend of yours was your first kiss?”

“Yeah, why?” You frown, not sure to understand where she’s going. “Is that a problem?”

“There’s no problem, (Y/N).” Gwen puts her hand on your shoulder, smiling at you. “I think it’s actually very sweet.”

You smile back at her, feeling less embarrassed, then you watch your friend walk over the wheel and spin the bottle again. It finally stops on Harold, and you wait for the worst.

“Lick Owen’s toe jam!”

“Oh!” Owen smiles, understanding something. “Is that what that black gunk is?”

Gwen gives Heather a knowing smile, but the black-haired girl shows her purple bottle.

“I’ll use my freebie!”

“Good call… But (Y/N) still has to answer the question! Which is...” Chris chuckles, an excited smile on his face. “Who do you like the least in this room and why?”

“Oh, um...” You feel your heart squeeze in anxiety. “I hope no one takes any offense...”

“Nonsense! Why would anyone be mad?” Chris’ smile stretches out, the man waiting for your answer. “So? Who is it?”

“Well, I guess… Heather?”

The black-haired girl rolls her eyes. “Of course you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you!” You turn at her with a panicking expression, not wanting to hurt your feelings. “I actually like you now, you know? You’re pretty funny, confident and you can be kind when you want too… it’s just that. You’re mean a lot of times… so that’s why you’re not my favorite person.”

She averts your eyes from your guilty face, her cheeks getting red again.

“Whatever. You’re not my favorite person either.”

Heather’s bottle stops spinning on Geoff’s face.

“Drink powder fruit punch from the communal toilet!”

Heather points at Gwen with a revengeful smile, enjoying her little moment as Gwen gives out a terrified expression.

“Quite the predicament, Gwen. Do you use the freebie, or do you save it from an even sicker dare down the road? What to do? What to dooo…?

Gwen takes a breath, then pinches her nose.

“I’m going in.”

“So totally sick!” Chris smiles at the camera. “Chef’s going down!”

You can’t help but scoot away from Gwen once she sits back, the horrible odor of the communal toilet making you want to puke all over again.

“(Y/N)! Your question...” Chris’ voice takes your attention again. “If someone paid you a thousand dollars to wear your bra outside your shirt… would you do it?”

You snort. “What? Pff, no! That’s so uncomfortable! Make it a million and we’ll talk.”

Chris nods and silently gives Owen the permission to spin the bottle again, the thing stopping on Cody for the second time today. Chris grins evilly, giving the boy a long look.

“Eat dog food.”

Not… that disgusting, compared to everything else.

“Yeah, baby! Man, sorry guys!” Owen looks back at Heather and Gwen with a guilty expression. “I keep getting all the good ones!”

Chris laughs nervously. “Okay! Down boy! Dude, you have two freebies you can use! Better yet! You could dare an opponent…! Like, say… one without a freebie…?”

Heather gasps and gives the host a death glare, Gwen pointing at the black-haired girl with a smirk.

“You still have a bit of jelly on your lower lip.”

“Go stick your face back in the toilet!”

“Guys! Chill, okay?” You turn your head between them, a serious expression on your face. “You’re gonna make me puke again.”

They both shut up, not wanting you to feel sick again because of them.

“It’s cool, bro! My dog digs this food! Time to find out what I’ve been missing!” Owen takes the plate of dog food from Chris’ hands, immediately shoving it inside his mouth without even thinking. “Meaty tasting!”

You feel your heart drop, and before you know it, everyone’s puking.

“Okay…” Chris takes a moment, giving the camera a weak look. “That was so gross!”

The host can’t help himself but vomit again at the thought.

“Is there anything these weirdos won’t do?”

After the vomit has been wiped and cleaned by the staff, the show continues.

“Ugh…” Chris looks down at his notes with a weak stare. “Cody’s second question for (Y/N) is… what is something you’ve done to try and be cooler?”

“Huh...” You rub your eyes, feeling weaker and weaker by the minute. “I once dyed my hair pink… does that count?”

“You had pink hair!?” Gwen gives you a wild smile. “Do you have a picture?”

You giggle. “Yeah, back at home. I can show you some once the show’s over.”

“I would love that!”

As expected, your friends spun the bottle a couple of times more, also facing some dumb and horrible dare as the day went by. You also had to answer your fellow campers’ questions, some of them dumb, some of them interesting, and some of them being drama related.

“From Trent: How does a poly relationship work?”

“Each one is unique. But it basically works on trust and consent. As long as everyone is okay with the terms you come up with, everything’s okay.”

“From Leshawna: If you had to make out with someone here, who would it be?”

“I’d day Heather since she’s the one who put less disgusting things in her mouth.”

“From your best friend Bridgette: Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal?”

“Not here. But back home, I still have some that I sleep with.”

“From Katie and Sadie: Do you think you’ll marry Duncan and Courtney?”

“That’s a little too early to think about… but honestly, I don’t I’ll marry anyone. I would be lucky if I do.”

“From Eva: Who are you jealous of?”

“Of you, Chris! You have everything! Who else would I be jealous of?”

“From Noah: If someone gave you a thousand hundred dollars to dump your significant others, would you do it?”

What!? No! I’d never do that! Who the hell asks a question like that!?”

And here you are now, Chris smiling back at all of you with exhaustion.

“I can’t believe no one’s dropped out and Owen’s got twenty freebies!”

“Y-y-yeah, baby!”

Owen then proceeds to blows on his freebies, starting to play a melody.

“Gwen and Heather have squat! And (Y/N) can still get kicked off at any moment… but not to worry! There’s still plenty to be motivated about!”

“Chris!” Owen’s scream makes you jump up. “I’d like to give away half my freebies!”

You send Gwen a confused look, the goth girl only giving you a knowing smirk.

“Oh, well, um...” Chris looks around for a second, the smiles. “Okay. Are you sure?”

Owen gives out half of his freebies to Gwen as an answer.

Hello?” Heather crosses her arms on her chest. “Ix-nay on the onspiracy-cay! That is totally unfair! Get out your rulebook into your rule-checking thing! They’re obviously gonna gang up and whoop me with dares! There has to be a rule about this kind of thing!”

“Sorry! Them’s the rules! Not a rule to be added! Nada!”

“Plus, it makes a great show.”

“(Y/N) is right! Man, you would really make a great host.”

You smile brightly. “Thanks, Chris! That’s a huge compliment from you!”

Heather groans, Gwen spinning the bottle with a huge grin.

You feel your heart beat up faster when it lands on Courtney, a sweet smile settling on your face.

“Drink a blended puree of Chef’s mystery meat.”

When Chef stands in front of Gwen, the goth girl starts to chant an old song you all know.

“Eenie, meenie, miney… Heather.”

Heather drinks the whole beverage without puking, although you think you saw her gulping it back.

“(Y/N)! Your question! And it’s a big one!”

A big one…? What would Courtney possibly ask me-

“Are you still in love with Gwen?”

A dreadful feeling washes over you.

You weren’t expecting that.

“Wait, what? Why would she asks that?”

Chris shrugs, smirking. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe she’s feeling insecure.”

“Well, I...” You sigh. “I think I’ll always love Gwen.”

The goth girl gasps and looks at you.

“Wait, really?”

You avert your eyes. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Alright...” Chris shakes his head, then looks at Heather. “Anyway… time for more spins!”

You couldn’t help but grin like a maniac when Gwen and Owen ganged up on Heather. It was fun watching face all the dares, your two friends using their freebies anytime she would give them one. Of course, you had to answer your fair share of questions… but they weren’t as bad as all the ones you got before. Pretty average truth or dare questions, if you ask me.

When the bottle stops on Lindsay for the first time ever, you can’t help your excitement.

“Oh, finally I catch a break!” Heather sighs, shaking her head. “There is no way Lindsay can think of anything bad.”

“Oooh… You’re not gonna like this one!” Chris’ smile stretches out, making Heather panic for a second. “Have your head shaved by Chef!”


You and Gwen give each other a high five, Owen chuckling under his breath.

“Lindsay rules!”

They force Heather to sit down in a barber chair, Chef smiling evilly at her.

“What’s it going to be, Heather? Are you going to do the dare…? Or the walk of shame?”

You all look in excitement as Chef approaches the shaving device to Heather’s head, the girl suddenly screaming and kicking it with her feet. You gasp when the device falls right unto her, her horrified scream being heard as it chops bits and bits of the black hair.

“Wow.” Chris only looks at her half bald head, the girl still screaming in shock. “Well, that was an unfortunate accident… Looks like Heather’s out.”

“What are you talking about?” Heather squints her eyes angrily. “He shaved my head!”

“True… but you didn’t actually accept the dare. If you had… you’d still be bald… but at least you’d be in the game!”

“That was harsh!” Owen rubs his chin. “Tough break...”

Heather suddenly screams so loud, that you actually hide under the table, looking up slightly to see her grab Chris by his shirt.

“Sorry! Them’s the rules!”

I thought you said they weren’t any rules!

“Yeah… I know, it’s complicated...” Chris then smirks. “But here’s the rove… you lose, they win!”

No way! We won!

You, Gwen and Owen start to cheer and scream in joy, but Chris interrupts you.

“Ah-ah-ah! Wait for a second, (Y/N)! You still have to answer Lindsay’s question!”

You don’t feel nervous about the blonde's question. What’s the worse that she can ask?

“Oh, great one! Who do you prefer? Duncan or Courtney?”

It feels like someone just stabs you in the gut, repetitively.

“Well, I don’t prefer someone. I love them both with all my heart.”

Chris squints his eyes at you. “Nah, you have to have a favorite. So come on! Tell me… which one is it?”

You squint your eyes back. “I don’t have a favorite!

“Awn, come on! There must be one you find more annoying than the other!”

“Okay, here’s the thing, Chris...” You point at him, never having felt more serious in your entire life. “Duncan and Courtney are very different people, and both of them have their own qualities and flaws. So they’re like a perfect combo match for me! How can I prefer one more from the other?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)… but that’s not answering the question.”

You feel your heart sink inside your stomach.

“… what?”

“The question is which do you prefer… not if you love them both. Now, I feel kind. So I’ll give you the last chance to answer. If you don’t, I’ll have no choice but to send you to the boat of losers with Heather.”

You hear your heartbeat in your head, a million thoughts attacking your brain.

“So… which one is it?” Chris tilts his head from a side to the other as he talks. “Duncan… or Courtney?”

You bite your bottom lip, your grip on the table getting tighter.

“I love them both equally.

Chris sighs, shaking his head.

“Then I guess it’s the boat of losers for you, (Y/N).” He throws his notes away, coming to you to pull you towards the boat while Chef takes care of a screaming Heather. “Quite a shame, too. I would have loved for you to win.”

You sadly smile, letting yourself follow the host. “I guess we can’t always have what we want, right?”

At least I’ll see my loves again.

Fine!” Heather lets herself get dragged away by Chef. “But you’ll be hearing from my lawyers!”

“Yeah, yeah… I know. It’s gonna be a long ride.”

You sit down in the boat of losers with the not so black-haired girl, Heather pointing back at Chris in anger.

“A long ride to court when I sue you for everything you’ve done!”

You ignore the girl and give out a sad smile to Gwen and Owen, both of them almost crying at your departure.

“Bah-ah!” Owen suddenly crushes you in his arm, and you feel his tears falling down on your head. “I’m gonna miss you!”

You can’t help but chuckle, patting the blond’s back. “I’m gonna miss you too, you big sweet sunshine.”

He frees you, somehow not having killed you under his embrace, and you let your own arms open for Gwen.

“I hate that Lindsay asked you that.” The goth girl squeezes you tight against herself. “You deserve to win more than anyone else!”

“Don’t underestimate yourself, Gwen.” You give her a small smile. “You deserve it too.”

She slowly nods, then walks back to give you some space. You see Chef walk on the boat to drive you away soon, and you wave back at Chris.

“Bye, Chris! Knock ‘em dead in the finals, will you?”

The psychopathic host chuckles and gives you a thumbs up.

“I will. Don’t worry!”

When the boat finally takes its departure, you think you see Chris loses his smile, almost like he didn’t want you to lose today. But he soon regains his usual smile, turning back at the camera crew.

“And then they were two! Tune in to see who will win the check for one hundred thousand dollars on Total Drama Island!”

You want drama!?” You jump up at Heather’s screams beside you, eventually rolling your eyes at her. “You’ll be pantyless, jobless! Your name will be mud on every block from here to Cape Breton!

“Hey.” You enter your head inside the space Chef’s driving the boat. “Mind if I join you instead of Heather?”

He nods, smiling back sadly at you. “Of course you can, kiddo.”

And so you ride the way towards the secret loser place with Chef, both of you ignoring Heather’s scream at Camp Wawanakwa.

Chapter Text

26: The Very Last Episode Really!

All you can see is her face up close, her hands grabbing every part of your skin as you two share a heated passionate kisses after another. She groans in pleasure, and you can’t help but smirk at that. She squeezes your butt in revenge and you gasp, yours lips parting away for that moment.

God, I’ve missed you.”

Good.” She starts to kiss your jawline. “Cause I’m gonna show you what happens when you flirt with other girls.

She slightly bites your neck and you feel your core shake from the action.


Your eyes shut down from the sudden light and you flinch, the closet door having been open. Courtney groans in annoyance, then puts her hand on top of her eyes to try and see who just interrupted you.

I can’t believe you two started without me.

You feel your face heat up, your girlfriend rolling her eyes at the punk boy.

“Maybe if you didn’t take so long, we wouldn’t have grown tired of waiting.”

“I was gone five minutes.

“Five minutes is too long.”

Duncan smirks annoyingly. “Wow, impatient much, princess?”

Courtney squints her eyes at him.

“Look, are you joining or not?”

He takes one look at your flushed expression, then instantly comes in the closet and shuts the door behind him.


The losers’ resort is amazing.

I mean, you already knew that it would be amazing, since you’ve read it in the contract you signed back at the beginning of the summer, but damn.

“You’re drooling again.”

You tear your eyes away from the coconut trees to look at Noah, the class president boy reading a pretty thick book. You feel your face heat up, and you frown.

“No, I’m not!”

Noah rolls his eyes. “I meant metaphorically.”

“I’m not metaphorically drooling.”

“Yes, you are.”

“I’m not!”

“Are you guys bickering again?” Bridgette arrives to sit beside you, and you give her a bright smile. “I’m starting to think Noah’s going to steal my best friend title.”

The boy snorts. “Like I would want to be her best friend.”

“Yeah, well, too bad.” You stick out your tongue at him. “I would have been the greatest thing that could ever happen to you.”

He smiles and goes back to his book, Bridgette taking back your attention by hugging you out of nowhere.

“Oh! I’m so glad you’re here!” You laugh and hug her back, the blond’s joy shifting a little when she gives you a sad expression. “I’m sorry that you got kicked off though… if only Lindsay didn’t ask a question like that.”

“Bri, it’s perfectly fine!” You shake your head with a bright smile, not at all bothered. “Lindsay was just curious, I don’t think she wanted me to get kicked off. Also, who cares? I get to spend time with all of you in this awesome place!”

Bridgette chuckles when you throw your hands in the air, then smirks.

“You mean you get to spend time with Courtney and Duncan… the three of you have disappeared for a long time this morning.”

You hide your blushing face behind your hands, Noah rolling his eyes at you.

“Can you not talk about that in public?”

You instantly give out a smug, turning back to the class president boy.

“Awwwn… Mister grumpy face is annoyed.”

He squints his eyes at you with a mean stare. “I don’t have a grumpy face.”

“Um...” Bridgette quirks an eyebrow. “Yes, you do.”

“I do not.”

You point at him. “Yes, you do!”

“I do not-”

Hey there, everyone!

You all jump up at the sound of Chris’ voice, the psychopathic host suddenly being in the middle of the resort with his usual wide smile.

“As you all know, today’s the final challenge… and you get to be there in person to witness it! So dress up, take your things and follow me to the boat! We’ve got a long day ahead of us!”

As you all watch him walk away from the gigantic pool, you chuckle and shake your head, then stands up from the stools to walk with Bridgette and Noah.

“Guess it’s showtime.”


“It’s time to welcome the twenty-one campers who did not make it to the finals!”

You walk towards the bleachers with the rest of your fellow campers, Gwen and Owen standing beside Chris as they look at you all with wide eyes. The big blond stretches out a smile, throwing his hands in the air.

“Hey, guys! Good to see ya!”

You wave at him and give Gwen a smile as you pass, the goth girl smiling back with red cheeks before she averts her eyes. You feel someone take your hand and squeeze it, and you look back to see Courtney pouting in annoyance. You giggle and kiss her cheek, gaining a small smile from her just when Duncan throws his arm around your shoulder.

“Will everyone who walked the dock of shame and left camp on the boat of losers kindly take a seat in the peanut gallery of failure!” You notice that each wooden bleachers have either Gwen’s face or Owen’s on it. “The side you choose should represent who you’ll like to cheer on to victory in today’s final competition!”

You’re about to walk towards Gwen’s side when both your girlfriend and boyfriend stop you. You turn back and give them a confused look.

“What’s wrong?”

“We’re cheering for Owen, babe.”

You quirk an eyebrow at Duncan. “Maybe you guys. I’m gonna cheer for Gwen.”

“No, you’re not!” Courtney squints her eyes at you. “If you do, it means you love her more than us!”

“It means I’m a good friend.” You take your hands away from them, and shake your head. “You guys know I love you a lot. Don’t you trust me even a little?”

“I do.” Duncan puts his hands in his pocket, looking at Courtney in boredom. “Come on, princess. Let her cheer for Gwen. It doesn’t mean she’ll stop being ours.”

Courtney gasps. “But-”

Let’s go.”

The punk boy takes her by the arm and drags her towards Owen’s side, ignoring her complaints, and you can’t help but chuckle at that. You decide to go sit down between Bridgette and Lindsay, giving Leshawna a thumbs up on your way over. That’s when you notice Heather sitting in the Owen’s bleachers, a black-haired wig on her head.

“Nice rug.”

Heather sends the goth girl a mean stare.

“Oh, shut it-” She stops when Izzy touches her wig, and snaps the ginger-haired girl’s hand. “Stop touching my hair crazy girl!”

You and Bridgette snickers at the sight, Lindsay doing her best to not laugh outloud. Heather turns back at you three with a quirking eyebrow, and you all stop to give her bright smiles. The girl just rolls her eyes at your reactions about her hair, then smiles evilly when she turns her attention back on Gwen.

“Gwen. Owen.” Chris takes back everyone’s attention. “This is your chance to tell the peanut gallery of failure what you would do with the money if you won and why you deserve it!”

“Well, I guess I’m pretty proud of getting this far...” Gwen takes a moment to think about her answer. “I mean, maybe if I can survive here, the rest of high school won’t be so bad.”

Izzy suddenly laughs outloud, but quickly stops and apologizes.

“Well, I’m always good for my word, and did promise to split my hundred grand with Owen, but that would still leave me a ton of cash.” The goth girl smiles sweetly. “I guess I’d go traveling and then to university to study art history!”

You and Leshawna starts to cheer for her, both of you proud of her wanting to follow her dreams.

“Yeah, that’s it! Girlfriend’s got some goal!”

“You’ll achieve those dreams, Gwen! I’m sure of it!”

Trent nods with a small smile. “Very cool.”

“Wow. That’s really sweet!” Chris loses his own smile for a second. “Boring… but sweet! Owen?”

The big blond takes a moment to think, then grins wildly.

“I’d throw the biggest hugest sickest party ever!” He then points violently at Chris. “And then invite everyone here! Boo-yah!”

Everyone on Owen’s side instantly stands up to cheer for him, and a couple of people from Gwen’s stands up to go to the blond’s. You grab Bridgette’s wrist before she can leave, giving her a confused look.

“Bri, what are you doing? What about Gwen?”

“The biggest party in the world, (Y/N)!” She smiles excitedly. “I can’t miss that!”

“What? But Bri-”

“I’m sorry, but I’m sure Gwen would understand.”

She then leaves to go cheer with the other campers. You sigh, and turn towards Lindsay to let out a surprised expression.

“Lindsay, you’re not interested in the party?”

“Oh, please.” She makes a small movement with her hand. “I’ve been to a lot of parties in my life. This one can’t be as impressive as those ones.”

“Oh! Oh! And I forgot!” Owen takes back all the attention. “It’ll be on a yacht!”

Lindsay loses her smile and stands up to go on Owen’s side, averting her eyes in shame when you stare at her in complete disbelief. Gwen squints her eyes at the very huge crowd cheering for Owen and puts her hands on her hips.


“Alright!” Chris points at the sky. “It’s time for the final challenge! The rejected Olympic rally-race.” Each of the parts was pitch to the committee, but sadly rejected as an Olympic big sport.”

Chris then takes out two hats from behind his back: a chicken and a cow one; before he throws them both at Gwen and Owen.

“Each one of you has to put on one of these.”

Gwen squints her eyes at her chicken hat. “I think it’s clear why this event wasn’t accepted.”

“Dressed as a cow and a chicken, run to the first location and shimmy up the pole to retrieve your flag. If you don’t have the flag, don’t bother coming down of that pole.”

You smirk, sharing a knowing look with Leshawna.

Gwen’s gonna ace that part.

“Next, you’ll cross the three-hundred meter balance beam suspended across a massive gorge why carrying an eagle’s egg.”

You instantly loses your smirk.

Wait, what?

“Oh.” Owen awkwardly laughs. “Is that all?”

Chris’ smirk never has seem so evil before.

“No...” His answer makes everyone’s eyes widen. “Below, your friends the rare but real man-eating fresh water sharks!”

Damn.” You shake your head. “I’m so happy I’m not one of the finalists.”

“The final egg of the race is a long distant run returning to the finish line here! First camper to arrive wins!”

“Yeah, go Owen!” Geoff suddenly stands up and screams at the top of his lungs. “We want a party!”

“And you’ll get one! Wou-hou!

The whole team supporting Owen starts to cheer again, including your girlfriend and boyfriend, so you and the remaining people on the supporting Gwen team starts to cheer.

“You’re the best, Gwen!”

“Go, Gwen! Kick his butt, girl!”

“You can do it Gwen!”

Leshawna hits Eva in the sides, the scary girl quirking an eyebrow.

“I don’t cheer.”

Trent puts his hands around his mouth to try and scream louder.

“Come on, Gwen! You got this!”

“On your marks...” Gwen and Owen both prepare to run. “Get set… go!”

You continue to cheer on when you see the two teenagers run like their being chased by death, Trent following Gwen close behind to support her while some of team supporting Owen were following him and motivating him. You hear Leshawna scream louder than you, and you can’t help but smile brightly. That’s until Trent gets off his shirt to wipe off something of Gwen’s pole, the goth girl starting to daydream.

“Yo!” Leshawna is quicker on it than you. “Let’s go, girl!”

“We know Trent is handsome, but you don’t have time for daydreaming!”

Gwen shakes her head and start to climb up the pole rather easily now, you and Leshawna sharing a proud high five. You chuckle when you see your friends trying to help Owen climb up the pole, the goth girl already running towards the second part of the challenge with her flag in her hands.

“I think I’ll go wait for Gwen on the other side of the gorge.” You point at where you’ll be headed, looking back at Leshawna. “You wanna join?”

“No thanks, girl. I’ll just wait for her here and cheer for her when she’s about to win.”

You smile brightly as you walk away. “Alright then.”

You manage to join your two significant others on the way, the both of them already walking towards the other side of the gorge. Duncan smirks at you while he walks with his arms crossed behind his neck, preferring to stay silent since Courtney’s already all on you.

“Hey, sweetie.” You giggle when she kisses your cheek. “How’s changing your mind about who you’re cheering for?”

“Still not happening.” Courtney groans and rolls her eyes, clearly not happy with your answer. “Relax, honey. As soon as this days is done, I’m giving all my attention to you and Duncan.”

“You better spend tonight with us.” The punk boy’s smirk stretches out. “Courtney wants to celebrate our one month anniversary.”

Your eyes widen with passion. “What, really? Even though it’s already late?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Oh my god, that would be great! What do you guys want to do!”

Courtney chuckles and kisses the top of your hand, Duncan wrapping his arm around your shoulders to then kiss your temple.

“Nothing too special.” Courtney grins, sharing a knowing look with Duncan. “Just spend some time together”

You smile sweetly at them. “That’s completely fine by me.”

They just chuckle as you all continue to walk, eventually joining Chris, Chef and Trent on one side while Gwen takes an eagle egg from the other.

“Okay.” Chris turns to one of the cameras to talk. “Gwen has her eagle’s egg and is starting the second challenge!”

Trent turns to the host in confusion. “What are the eggs for?”

“Oh, you’ll see...” Chef laughs maniacally, and you can’t help but quirk an eyebrow at that.

Alexander the insanely great!” Owen’s voice makes you jump up, and you notice that he’s staring at the second challenge with a terrified face. “That’s a deep gorge!

Just as he says that, Gwen starts to lose her balance, and you start to panic.

“That’s it!” Trent smiles in a comforting way. “Get your balance back! Stay calm!”

Oh no!” Owen accidentaly throws his egg in the air, but manages to catch Gwen. “Hang on, Gwen! You can do it! Just don’t fall into the shark infested water!”

Gwen shakily screams. “Really not helping Owen!”


You sigh in relief when she regains her balance, the goth girl and the big blond now both slowly walking across the gorge. That’s until the screeches of two dangerous mother eagles are being heard, and all colors leave your face to reveal its whiteness. Chris turns to you, Duncan and Courtney, his smile’s stretching out.

“Angry eagle parents?”

Duncan laughs, then gives the host a high five.

“Oh, snap! That is messed up!

Courtney squints her eyes at the punk boy.

“What? You mean you like watching this?” She turns back at the two contestants with a terrified expression. “They could die!”

“I don’t want to see it.” You hide your eyes behind your hands. “I don’t want to see it!”

“Awn, mellow your yellow, babes. This is awesome TV!”


Courtney stares at the camera in annoyance.

“Duncan is so immature. What is it about almost dying and bodily functions that guys love!”


Courtney continues to give Duncan a mean stare.

“Why would I want to watch Gwen and Owen risk their lives?”

You’re still hiding your eyes. “Is it almost done?”

Chris shakes his head. “Nope!”

“This is life at its most raw!” The punk boy tries to explain his way of thinking with a proud smirk. “Check out Elvis here with his guitar.”

You slightly move away your fingers to see Trent holding his guitar in the most panicking way possible. Though, you’re personally asking yourself where in the world does his guitar come from.

“One miss-step and his girlfriend is sharked bate.” Duncan chuckles. “Now that would make an interesting song.”

“… that would make an amazing song!”

Duncan smiles at your sudden outburst, loving to see your imagination already trying to create the lyrics of that possible song. You laugh outloud when Courtney grabs the boy to kiss him passionately, none of you having expect her to do that.


“Then again...” Courtney smirks as she averts her eyes. “Danger is kind of hot.”