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B's Butt Bitch

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"No!" Buffy said for what felt like the millionth time.

"Ah come on B, where's your sense of adventure?" Faith whined.

"This isn't enough adventure for you?" Buffy grumbled as she staked the last of the latest group of vampires, who had been completely stunned by what the Slayers were talking about.

"You're really that scared I might win?" Faith goaded with a wicked grin.

"No..." Buffy lied unconvincingly, "I just don't see why I have to put myself at risk, especially when you're not offering anything in return."

"Okay, then what do you want." Faith pushed, "Name your price B, and you got it."

There was a brief pause and then Buffy asked, "Anything?"

"Anything." Faith confirmed with a wicked grin.

"Alright..." Buffy said, having enough of this and wanting to end it once and for all, which was the only reason she told Faith, "You win, I... do that thing you want. But I win? You have to do it instead."

Faith suddenly went pale, "What?"

"But hey, if you don't want to put your money where your mouth is, or whatever, no big deal." Buffy quickly dismissed.

"Hey, hey, hey, I didn't say that." Faith quickly protested, "I just didn't think you'd want too..."

"I don't." Buffy admitted, smirking as she revealed her plan, "But when I win you're obviously just going to back out, meaning it doesn't matter how many times you might win, I can always back out of doing it."

Which of course pissed Faith off, "You know what? You're on! But get ready B, because tonight your ass is mine! Literally."


A few hours later as Buffy was staking the last vampire Faith hopefully offered, "Best 5 out of 7?"

"Oh give it up Faith, you lost." Buffy said smugly, "I've got school tomorrow, and we've done an entire sweep twice. You can't win, which means we can finally put this behind us. Get it, behind us?"

Faith scowled for a few seconds, before smirking, "No, we are not, because you're the one backing out of this deal, not me."

"Seriously?" Buffy whined.

"Hey, I've had guys literally on their knees begging to fuck this." Faith turned her back to Buffy, bent over and smacked her rump, "But we both know you don't have what it takes to top me, so run along home and we'll try this again tomorrow night."

Buffy glared at Faith for a few long seconds, who grinned smugly back at her, convincing her to call her bluff, "So, if we went back to yours, right now, you'd seriously just... bend over?"

"In a heartbeat." Faith said confidently, walking right up to Buffy and telling her to her face, "Because we both know you're not going to do shit."

"Don't we?" Buffy questioned.


"Ya not scaring me, ya know?" Faith protested as they entered her motel room.

"Obviously." Buffy said dryly.

"We both know you ain't going to do it, so why don't you save us both some time and just bend over?" Faith argued as soon as the door was closed.

Which only pushed Buffy to order, "No, you bend over."

The two Slayers stared at each other for a few long seconds, and then Faith grumbled, "Whatever."

Buffy couldn't believe Faith then did as she was told, specifically getting into the centre of her bed on all fours, noticeably without taking any clothes off. Which she hadn't told her to remove, but whatever. The point was that somehow Buffy found herself in a game of chicken over whether she was going to ass fuck another girl or not, and the safety of her own ass hole was on the line. Which pushed her into retrieving one of Faith's strap-ons, stepping into the harness and slowly pulling it up her thighs, not bothering to remove her clothes either as she was so convinced Faith was going to back out at any second now. She had to believe that, because the alternative was even more insane and gross.

She made sure to do this directly in front of Faith, and then Buffy asked her, "How do I look?"

"Like a total bottom wearing something she shouldn't." Faith said back.

"Oh please, like you're always the top when we have sex." Buffy scoffed.

Normally Faith would offer up a ridiculous denial, but in this case she just blushed and remain silent as Buffy retrieved a bottle of lube and covered the dildo with it. This whole thing was ridiculous, although Buffy had to admit as she knelt down behind Faith, the girl who was basically her girlfriend, even if they weren't using that label, did have one amazing ass. Buffy was always staring at it, although tonight it had been doubly so, partly because of their little bet, and partly because Faith's already tight leather pants looked like they were just painted on tonight. Hell, it was a struggle just to get them off. The little thong was easier, although for some reason Buffy just stared at it for a few long seconds before removing it.

If Buffy was the kind of twisted pervert like Faith who actually wanted to fuck asses she would probably be drooling right now, spend several minutes just staring at it and then groping it. But she wasn't, this was just something she had to do, she desperately tried to remind herself, as she pushed one of Faith's butt cheeks aside and then pressed the lube covered finger against the other girl's virgin back hole. Buffy then waited for Faith to tell her to stop, but after maybe a minute she got fed up of waiting and pushed her finger inside, and wow... it was so weird, and gross, and disgusting, and... tight! Oh God, Faith's ass was so tight, and Buffy was so fascinated by that for some reason. Fascinated enough to slide a finger in and out until she got a response.

"K B... joke's over." Faith whimpered.

"Sure thing, F..." Buffy murmured softly and hoarsely, not taking her eyes off of where her finger was sliding in and out of Faith's ass hole, "Just promise me you'll never go after my ass again, and I'll stop."

The room once again was filled with deafening silence and after a long pause Faith lowered her head and whimpered pathetically. Obviously Buffy was going to have to kick things up a notch, so she took that as an excuse to push another finger into Faith's butt hole, and when that didn't work increase the force and speed. At which point Buffy should have just admitted defeat and left. Actually she should have stop this before her fingers were up Faith's butt... but... Buffy just couldn't stand the idea of losing. Not after coming so far. And maybe a small, teeny tiny part of her, actually wanted to do it. But she desperately tried to ignore that thought in favour of giving Faith another chance to back out.

"What? Nothing to say? You wouldn't shut up about making me your little anal loving bitch before, but now the mighty Faith the Vampire Slayer, my self-proclaimed top, won't save her own ass hole?" Buffy mocked, and then once again when there was no reply she grumbled, "Fine, let's see if this changes your mind..."

Faith took a calming breath and Buffy removed her fingers and replaced it with the tip of her cock. Then while using one hand to aim B pulled apart one of Faith's ass cheeks, giving her better access, and making Faith feel even more exposed. Thankfully she was facing away from the other girl, so B didn't see her blushing, which Faith found herself constantly doing throughout this unthinkable act. Although what was more embarrassing was the little gasp she let out as her anal ring slowly began to stretch for that strap-on. Faith also tightened her grip on the bed sheets while desperately trying to relax and make this easier on herself, which was one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do.

All of this was incredibly hard for her, but it was worth it if she could just get one shot at Buffy's butt. That's all she needed to make it hers, and if this was what she had to endure to get it so be it. It's not like Faith could like it, right? That's what Faith told herself, and for better or for worse she was proven right as her butt hole stretched wider than it ever had before, eventually allowing the head of the dildo to slide into her back door, causing Faith the most humiliating pain she could have ever have imagined. Oh yeah, her ass cherry had just been taken by a total bottom, and Faith didn't think she'd ever be able to get over the pain and humiliation. Well, the pain was nothing compared to what she received on patrol, but the humiliation was unbearable.

To Faith's surprise Buffy didn't immediately freak out when the deed was done, which was super weird, especially considering the embarrassingly loud cry Faith had let out. Also, instead of being disgusted by all of this like she claimed when Faith looked back over her shoulder she found B staring at the strap-on stretching Faith's shit hole obscenely wide. The goody two shoes even kept staring as she began pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of the man-made meat to slide into Faith's rectum. Some part of Faith, a very small part, liked the fact that she seemed to be pleasing her lover with her ass hole, but she quickly dismissed such submissive thoughts and focused on imagining the roles being reversed.

Ever since they had met Faith had fantasised about butt fucking Buffy, and ironically in her current position it had never been more vivid. Unfortunately that ended up being her downfall, as those distracting thoughts not only made it easier for Faith to take the giant cock up her ass, but she ended up letting out soft gasps and whimpers of pleasure as well as pain. Which Faith wasn't even aware of it first, and then blamed on her fantasies, but then when the sodomy truly got underway she came to the terrifying realisation that she was actually enjoying it. Faith Lehane, bad ass super top, was enjoying getting her virgin ass fucked, and she couldn't even hide it as the moment she realised it was when she let out a loud moan which sounded deafening under the circumstances.

Buffy tried to remind herself that this was meant to make Faith beg for mercy, and punish her for trying to ass fuck her, and more importantly provide a deterrent from her trying it again. Because she wasn't supposed to enjoy this, neither of them were, but to her shame taking Faith's anal cherry was like, the hottest thing she'd ever done. Which was saying a lot considering the other things she had done with her fellow Slayer, but there was just something about seeing the arrogant Faith Lehane bent over in front of her and taking it up the ass which was making Buffy catatonic with lust. Especially the sight of a cock sticking out of her crotch disappearing into Faith's shit hole, which amazingly stretched to take every single inch of her cock, Buffy whimpering softly as her thighs came to rest against those full cheeks, announcing the anal penetration was completed.

"God Faith, every inch. That's every single inch of my big cock up your ass!" Buffy whimpered in amazement, before she remembered something which had her taunting the other girl, "That's what you said I'd do, remember? You said I was going to take every, single, inch of your big dick up my ass. Take it like a... what? Say it!"

To emphasise those last two words Buffy smacked Faith's ass, causing to her cry out before whimpering, "I don't remember!"

"I don't believe you." Buffy said firmly, smacking the other slayers ass again, "Now say it!"

Again there was a pause while Faith whimpered, before she answered truthfully this time, "A bitch."

"That's right." Buffy mocked, "You said I was going to take it like a bitch. That I was going to be your little up the butt bitch. Well now Faith, you're mine."

With that Buffy slowly pulled some of the dildo out of Faith's butt hole and then pushed it back in, repeating the process over and over again and thus officially starting to sodomise the other Slayer. Which caused Faith to cry out, gasp and whimper in pain and humiliation, which Buffy had been fully expecting. What she wasn't expecting was to hear pleasure within those sounds, and certainly not for it to become the main thing she heard within them. Then all of a sudden she had self-proclaimed super top Faith Lehane moaning in pure pleasure. She actually made Faith moan from fucking her in the ass, and it might just be the proudest moment of Buffy's life. Which was really sick and twisted, but that's just how she felt at that precious moment.

"Stop! Please B, stop!" Faith whimpered.

To her credit Buffy immediately stopped, but instead of pulling out she pointed out, "If I don't like it, we'll stop. That was the deal, right? If you won our little bet, if I really didn't like it, we could stop. Only, I won, and you don't just like it, you fucking love it. Don't you Faith? Huh? So, are you sure you want me to stop?"

There was a brief silence and then Faith whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Buffy pushed, "If it's please stop, you'll never get my anal cherry, I promise you that."

That was obscenely manipulative, but that was the whole point of this, right? Making sure Buffy never had to give up her ass? So she went in for the kill, expecting Faith to insist they stop, and give her a rock-solid defence against another bet like tonight. But to Buffy's surprise after another pause Faith whimpered again and lowered her head, clearly submitting herself to more ass fucking. Which Buffy didn't hesitate to give her, the blonde finding herself grinning sadistically as she made the bad ass brunette whimper, gasp and moan in pure pleasure from this beyond obscene act. God, Buffy was pretty sure she had wanted Faith to insist they stop, but now she was so glad she didn't.

Ever since she had become the Slayer Buffy had a lot of moments when she felt powerful, but nothing compared to this. To have another Slayer bent over in front of her, giving Buffy her anal virginity, and loving every minute of it was beyond amazing. And something sadly Buffy could never do again. After all, there were only two of them, and Faith had only one butt cherry. Although, Buffy could butt fuck her again. God, what was she thinking? Of course she couldn't do this again. She shouldn't be doing this at all. This was wrong, and gross, and disgusting, and fuck, Buffy hated herself for it but she found that she was moaning almost as loudly as Faith, especially when she began picking up the pace of the sodomy.

Faith had received a lot of pain ever since becoming the Slayer, but nothing compared to this. Of course the pain was not physical anymore, Faith missing that pain more than anything else, as this was so much worse. This was psychological torture at its most heinous, as her body betrayed her to the point where she was acting like a total bottom. And not just a bottom, but a butt slut. Which wasn't her fault, or the fault of her body. It was Buffy freaking Summers. She was just freakishly good at everything, so of course she'd make an amazing butt fucker. And maybe it was even like, a Slayer thing, because every woman she'd butt banged said she was the best, so there had to be something to that, right?

Although exactly why Faith was enjoying getting sodomised so much really didn't matter at this particular moment. All that mattered was keeping a shred of her dignity while receiving the most humiliating torture imaginable. She couldn't stop herself from whimpering, moaning and crying out in pure pleasure. That ship had like beyond sailed. She also couldn't stop herself from cumming, and sadly that felt inevitable now. But the one thing she could do was stop herself from begging for more. Well, that and remaining as still as she possibly could, and not bouncing her ass back against the other girl. Well, maybe just a little. Buffy wouldn't notice that, right? Or if she did it a little more? And then a little more, and then a little more, and then B said something which made Faith's blood run cold.

"Say it Faith! Tell me what you are!" Buffy taunted gleefully, smacking Faith's ass as hard as she could, "Tell me, and I'll make you cum!"

Never going to happen B, Faith promised herself that. She wanted to scream it at the top of her lungs, but she didn't trust her voice right now not to betray her like the rest of her body. Especially as Buffy's hand was relentlessly smacking her ass with full Slayer strength, returning some of the sweet physical pain, which to Faith's shame was now only adding to the ecstasy she could feel. That, and the fact that she could no longer stop her body from bouncing back against B's thrusts. Briefly Faith tried to use it to her advantage and make herself cum, finally get this over with, but Buffy slowed her down whenever necessary like an professional ass tamer, leaving Faith no choice but to give up that last shred of her dignity.

"I'm your bitch!" Faith cried out at the top of her lungs, "I'm your bitch I'm your bitch I'm your bitch! I'm your fucking bitch! Fuck me B, mmmmm, butt fuck me. Fuck your bitch's butt. I'm your little up the butt bitch! I'm your butt bitch! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddd B, I'm your butt bitch! Mmmmmm, I'm your little butt bitch, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

For what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes, Faith rambled on like that, too far gone to really say much else. Then finally Buffy made good on her word and increase the pace just the tiniest bit, which was all it took to send Faith over the edge of the hardest climax of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Faith frantically rammed herself back against the other girl, B more than keeping up with her, meaning that both Slayers were using every ounce of their supernatural strength to wreck Faith's rectum. Which might be literally the case, but that was a prize Faith was willing to pay, at least at that moment, for the ecstasy she was currently feeling.

Buffy had told herself that the brunette was mostly joking about making the blonde her bitch, but when they were actually in the middle of fighting the vampires Faith had started taunting her in a failed attempt to distract her. She had seen right through it and ignored it, pretended not to hear the words, but Buffy had heard each one, and they had just pushed her into making sure she had one their little bet to make sure those things didn't come true. Now she actually wanted them to come true, not for her of course, but for Faith. No, she didn't want it. She needed it. Buffy needed Faith to be her bitch. Her little butt bitch. Oh yes, Faith Lehane, Buffy Summers's little up the butt bitch had a wonderful ring to it.

As she kicked the butt pounding into overdrive Buffy became lost in that little fantasy. Of picturing Faith wearing nothing but a collar, with the words 'Buffy's Butt Bitch' on the nametag, on her knees and begging to get her slutty little ass fucked. Or better yet bent over wiggling that perfect ass at her. Oh, and maybe she could get Faith a little tramp stamp. Something like 'Enter Here' and an arrow pointing to Faith's butt hole. Or 'Buffy's Butt Bitch'. Or both. Oh yes, Buffy loved the thought of that. Of marking her property, and making sure Faith knew her place. Knew that she was hers now. That her ass was hers to use however she wanted, and God, Buffy was intent on using it just like this whenever she wanted.

Ironically even though Buffy hadn't thought it possible that she would enjoy anal sex, let alone cum, she did, and they were the hardest and most satisfying orgasms of her life. She didn't cum as hard as Faith, who's cum was literally squirting out of her cunt, but it was still hard and frequent, making her want to do this again even more. And particularly, to do this harder right now, Faith obviously felt the same way as the two Slayers somehow found a way to make the ass pounding even harder, and at that point the sound of thighs meeting jiggling butt cheeks were almost as loud as Faith's hysterical screams of joy. Which in turn made them cum harder, restarting the vicious cycle.

While Buffy wanted this to last forever inevitably the Slayers reached their limits, which were well beyond normal humans, but even then they reached them. Even though they reached them at the same time and collapsed together Buffy wasn't quite done pumping her dick in and out of Faith's butt. Which was probably a result of after-shocks more than anything, but it still pushed them both to one more satisfying climax. Then Faith pushed Buffy off of her, the dildo leaving her ass hole with an obscene sound. Faith then stumbled out of bed, causing her pants to fall down around her ankles, forcing her to bend over to pull them up, sticking her busted butt in Buffy's face. Buffy had no idea what made her do it, but as Faith was struggling to put her leather pants back on, with her back to Buffy, the blonde grabbed her phone and managed to capture a shot of the brunette's gaping butt hole.

Faith's pants had just been below her cheeks, making it look like she was pulling them down instead of up and presenting her well opened hole, giving the photo a true arty feel, which fascinated Buffy so much she almost didn't hear Faith protest, "Wha, what the hell was that?"

"What, I can't take a memento of this special occasion?" Buffy mocked, adding with delight, "How else is Willow supposed to believe me?"

There was a brief pause, and then Faith moved forward threateningly, "Delete it!"

"I don't think so." Buffy smirked, "Consider this my insurance against you trying to do this again. And your punishment for trying to do it in the first place."

"B-" Faith began.

"Oh, you want another round?" Buffy threatened, confidently remaining where she was, "Gotta love Slayer healing, right? Especially when it comes to stamina. I do have to admit, I am feeling like a bit more Faith ass. So go ahead Faith, get back on this bed, and I'll take it as an admission that my little butt bitch is ready for more."

There was a few long seconds of the Slayers staring at each other again, and then Faith just grumbled, "This isn't over B! Just remember, payback's a bitch."

"I thought we finally agreed that you were the bitch in this relationship." Buffy quipped, chuckling as Faith finally finished pulling up her pants and slammed the door to her own room behind her, leaving Buffy to return her attention to the beautiful picture of the brunette accidentally presenting her gaping ass hole and then the blonde softly murmured, "My butt bitch."

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"Fuck me B! Fuck my little ass hole!" Faith moaned shamelessly while thrusting her ass back against the dildo pounding her most intimate hole, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, bang my tight little Slayer butt! Bang it hard and make it yours! Make me your butt bitch! Ooooooh fuckkkkkk, make me cum again like a little bitch with a dick in my ass! Oooooohhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, fuck me Buffy!"

Buffy obliged, because how could she not? Faith's ass was made for fucking. It just had the perfect amount of jiggle as her thighs smacked against it. And the hole, oh the hole was just so tight, and just so beautiful when it was wrapped around a cock. And Faith just looked so sexy and submissive bent over in front of her like the little bitch she was born to be. The butt bitch. More importantly, Buffy's butt bitch. Oh yes, for all Faith's tough talk she was obviously meant to be the bottom of their relationship, and Buffy was ashamed she hadn't realised it before. Although she would make up for it now, as she planned to do this forever. And not just some gentle screwing, but a hard butt pounding which would make Faith whimper and cum like the little bitch she was, which was exactly what Buffy was doing now.

Or at least, she thought she was, as suddenly an increasingly annoyed voice exclaimed, "Miss Summers? Miss Summers? Miss Summers!"

"What?" Buffy exclaimed, before blushing as she realised where she was.

Her teacher scowled at her, "That's the third time today I've caught you daydreaming in class. If you keep this up how do you expect to graduate?"

Which prompted some laughter from her fellow classmates, causing Buffy to blush furiously and apologise, "I'm sorry... I..."

Just then the bell went and the teacher sighed, "You should apologise to yourself, it's your own time you're wasting."

"Yeah... I'll do that." Buffy blushed softly, slowly packing up her things and hanging back before asking the teacher, "Can I have my phone back now?"

The teacher sighed, considered keeping the phone until the end of the day, but not wanting to have another thing to deal with after-school, so instead she just handed the device back to her, "Try and do better the rest of the day."

"I will, thanks." Buffy quickly grabbed the phone and almost literally ran into one of the last people she wanted to see right now.

"Buffy, are you okay?" Willow asked softly.

"I'm fine Will." Buffy blushed, quickly dodging past her friend and starting to walk down the corridor.

"You don't seem fine." Willow grumbled while struggling to follow her friend, calling out to her softly as she could, "Is it a Slayer thing? An Angel thing? A Faith thing?"

Buffy tried to ignore her friend, but that last thing had her turning around and frowning, "Why would it be a Faith thing?"

"I don't know..." Willow hesitated nervously, before pointing out, "It's just... you've been hanging out a lot lately, and maybe she did or said something. I mean she's not exactly... well, she can be a bit... you know?"

There was a brief pause and then as firmly but nicely as she could Buffy told her friend, "Will, seriously, everything is fine. I just need to be alone right now, okay?"

"Okay?" Willow said softly, before insisting, "But I'm here if you need me, okay?"

"Okay." Buffy mumbled, quickly leaving this conversation.

Ironically Buffy was bursting with things to tell Willow, but every time she tried she chickened out given how massively things had changed for her lately. That Angel, and boys in general, were in her rear-view mirror, because she couldn't stop thinking about Faith, who she'd been having sex with for weeks now, and even though they weren't officially using labels because Faith 'wasn't the commitment type' Buffy wanted them to be official. For Faith to be her girlfriend. For Faith to be hers. Which was why it had felt like things had been great with Faith, but something had been missing. Or at least, that's what Buffy had thought. Although maybe it was a combination of that, and the fact that if she was honest with herself while switching was fine she preferred to be the one in control.

That was the main reason why Buffy couldn't stop thinking about last night, because it had just been so perfect. She was in total control, and Faith had been hers, and not just her girlfriend, which Buffy had loved. Oh yes, Faith didn't seem like the girlfriend type, but she was definitely a bitch. Bad ass bitch? Sure, and sometimes a bitchy bitch, but mostly, Faith was a submissive little butt bitch with an ass made for fucking. It was the purpose of Faith's existence, but clearly one butt fucking hadn't been enough to make the stubborn Slayer realise that. And surely only another Slayer could save Faith from herself, and show her what she was always meant to be?

God, Buffy needed a cold shower. The inside of her head sounded like bad porn. Or she needed to tell Willow about it, because Buffy was sure if she said it out loud she would realise just how ridiculous she was being, but she couldn't possibly tell Willow that she had butt fucked Faith, could she? No, and she didn't want to be caught sneaking into the locker rooms for a cold shower. So that left her with one option, sneaking to the girls bathroom and indulge in some of her fantasies. Again. Because admittedly that was all Buffy had done during second period, but it just hadn't been enough. She needed more. So she sneaked into the bathroom furthest away from the lunch hall, waited until everyone had left, and then locked herself in one of the stalls.

The first thing she did was to open her phone, thank God for screen locks, and open up the picture she had been staring at in class before the phone had been confiscated, which was of course the picture she had taken right after popping Faith's anal cherry. The one which showed Faith's ass hole gaping wide open, something so disgusting and obscene Buffy would have probably broken her phone if she found it there yesterday, but this was different. It was proof of her dominance over her fellow Slayer. Her ownership of Faith's most private hole. And honestly, some perverted part of Buffy's mind was now finding it hot and sexy, which she couldn't quite explain, other than now she was actually indulging in this side of herself Buffy was finding just how twisted she really was.

For a few long seconds Buffy just stared at that picture, her free hand already in her ruined panties ready to frantically finger herself she had done throughout that second period while imagining herself sodomising the other Slayer. But that just hadn't been enough to satisfy her, and against her better judgement she found herself switching to contacts and lingering her finger over Faith's name. But she couldn't, could she? The best thing for both of them was surely some space so they could figure out if this was something they really wanted. Or at least, Buffy should give Faith that chance. Because while she was still disgusted with herself for it, and even trying to convince herself otherwise, deep down Buffy knew what she wanted. Yes, she shouldn't be calling Faith right now... and yet, she just couldn't resist.


Faith had so desperately wanted to punch B in her smug face, but she was physically and emotionally wrecked from what had happened to her, and she didn't trust her body last night. So instead she had done the only thing she could do, go get a drink. Unfortunately in a second rate town like Sunnydale there wasn't any bars open this late which weren't crawling with Demons, and again as much as Faith would have liked a fight she was in no mental or physical state for it. So she broke into a convenience store, stole a couple of bottles of booze and drank half of them before heading back. Thankfully Buffy had gone by then, leaving Faith to drown her sorrows in peace. Which wasn't easy, considering she literally couldn't sit on her ass, and instead had to constantly stand or lie on her stomach.

While she was tremendously relieved Buffy wasn't there when she got back to her shitty room Faith was furious to find she had left her a present, namely the strap-on she had used on her, sitting in the centre of the bed is a reminder of what she had done to her. As soon as she saw it Faith let out a loud and angry cry of frustration, and smacked the sex toy across the room. She then just left it laying there, constantly looking at it while trying and failing to get some sleep, Faith's mind replaying the unbearable humiliation she had gone through in this room over and over again. Which convinced her to get a new room when morning finally came, but when it did she found she was just getting off to sleep. Then she was awoken by a familiar ringtone. Initially Faith tried to ignore it, but she just couldn't resist.

"Hey." Faith said awkwardly.

"Hey." Buffy said awkwardly back.

There was a long and awkward silence and then Faith grumbled, "What do ya want B? I got things to do you know?"

"Like what?" Buffy quipped automatically, before quickly adding, "I'm sorry, it's just... I just, erm, how are you?"

Faith thought about her aching ass, blushed, and then lied, "I'm 5 by 5."

"Really?" Buffy bit her lip, "You're not..."

"Not what B?" Faith huffed.

"Mad at me?" Buffy asked softly.

"Why would I be mad?" Faith grumbled sarcastically.

"I don't know... because I popped your anal cherry?" Buffy softly pointed out, and then after a few long seconds of silence softly asked, "Faith?"

For those seconds Faith had been blushing furiously, and horrified into silence, then she practically spat, "Why did ya call me B? Just to rub it in?"

"No! I just..." Buffy hesitated, before confessing without really thinking it through, "I just can't stop thinking about it. You bent over in front of me. Your ass hole stretching around that strap-on. Inch after inch after inch disappearing into your tight little butt, until my thighs were pressed against your cheeks. And the way the jiggled for me as I fucked you. The sound our bodies made as we screwed like that. How hard you came. Mmmmm, oh God Faith, it was so... fuck."

There was another pause, albeit not brief or silent as Faith just lay there dumbstruck, unable to believe this was actually happening. The lust in Buffy's voice, oh God, she had never sounded so good, or so horny, and that was saying a lot considering how they'd spent the last few weeks. But there was more, namely the way Buffy was breathing, and the sounds in the background, both of which was telling. Then when there was the fact that there was only supposed to be one Slayer, so they had this intense bond, and in that moment Faith swore she could sense exactly what the other Slayer was doing, and it wasn't a mystery what was causing it, which was beyond embarrassing and humiliating for her. Almost to the level it was last night.

"B?" Faith finally murmured softly.

"Yes F?" Buffy responded, again sounding unbearably horny, and terrifyingly confident, just as she had last night.

Which initially had Faith hesitating before asking a question she almost definitely knew the answer too, "Are you... you know?"

"What? Touching myself in the girl's bathroom during lunch?" Buffy moaned, somehow both blushing and smiling at the same time, and both Slayers knew it, "I can't help it. I'm just so... mmmmm God Faith."

Again there was another pause as Faith wasn't sure what to do or say. She tried to talk Buffy into phone sex once or twice, mostly as a joke because she knew that prim and proper Buffy Summers would never even consider it. Then again she thought Buffy wasn't capable of actually going through with... their little bet last night, and Faith had paid dearly for that. And under other circumstances she would welcome this surprise, but Buffy had made it very clear exactly what she was thinking about while touching herself, and in a public place no less, which intensified the embarrassment and humiliation Faith was feeling. So as much as she enjoyed hearing Buffy moan, and rubbing that hot little pussy of hers, Faith desperately needed to end this conversation.

"I can't stop looking at it." Buffy suddenly moaned.

Again Faith thought she knew the answer to the question, but asked it anyway, "What?"

"The picture I took." Buffy blushed as she hesitantly admitted, "You know... after..."

"Okay, that's it, I'm hanging up now." Faith grumbled.

"Wait, wait, wait." Buffy protested.

"What?" Faith grumbled after a long pause.

After yet another pause Buffy asked, "What do you think Willow would think if she could see it? The picture, I mean?"

Faith's eyes went wide in horror, then she weakly protested, "You wouldn't. You can't. You don't have the guts."

"Like I didn't have the guts to take your ass cherry?" Buffy pointed out.

Yet another long pause, maybe the longest so far, and then Faith asked softly, "What do you want from me B?"

Buffy bit her lip, and then asked, "Are you touching yourself?"

"No." Faith replied hoarsely.

"Start." Buffy ordered, then after giving Faith a few long seconds to comply added, "How did it feel?"

"What?" Faith asked softly, although she already knew the answer again.

"You know what." Buffy pushed.

This time there was a brief silence and then Faith shrugged, "Like I needed to take a dump."

Buffy laughed, which was not the intended result, "Yeah, I bet. First times are the worst, aren't they? But you took it, didn't you Faith? You took it all, right up the ass, and then you came like a little bitch. You remember that, don't you? Huh? How did that feel? How did it feel, cumming with a strap-on cock up your ass?"

Faith gulped, then found a way to answer which wasn't devastating, "It fucking sucked! I hated it, okay? I'm a bad ass bitch, not a-"

"Butt bitch?" Buffy offered, and then when she was treated to more silence pointed out, "Yeah, it must have been devastating to your pride, but didn't that just make you cum harder? Or were you just in it for the butt sex? No wait, I've got a better question, where are your fingers right now? Because if it's in your pussy, that's great, because it means that they're are nice and wet for your ass hole. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh Faith, be a good little butt bitch and finger your ass."

Yet another brief silence and then Faith whimpered, "Buffy-"

"Do it!" Buffy said firmly.

Again Faith got really close to hanging up the phone, and she desperately wanted to, but she just couldn't bear the thought of anyone knowing about last night, so with another whimper she pulled her fingers out of the front of her pants and then down the back of them, meaning she went from gently rubbing her pussy to pressing her fingers against her butt hole. Which physically was reasonably easy considering she was lying on her front, but mentally it was torturous. So much so that Faith couldn't perform the final act, not without prompting. Which for better or for worse must have been obvious to her fellow Slayer, who was only too happy to give her one final push.

"Are your fingers in your butt hole?" Buffy pushed.

"No." Faith whimpered.

"Do you want me to send Willow that picture?" Buffy teased.

"No." Faith whined.

"Choose." Buffy said firmly, before offering, "If it helps, imagine it's my fingers."

It didn't, if anything it made it worse, but once Buffy suggested it Faith just couldn't get it out of her mind, and to her shame it was one of the reasons she cried out in pleasure as she pushed her index finger slowly into her ass hole. At the same time Buffy let out an equally pleasure filled cry, most likely from also penetrating herself, although Faith had no doubt it was her pussy receiving the treatment Faith wished she was receiving. Or better yet those were her fingers in Buffy's cunt, but any attempt to imagine anything other than herself or Buffy pushing a finger into her butt was unsuccessful, because all she could think about was the finger slowly working its way inside her. And the fact that it felt obscenely good.

"Is it all the way in?" Buffy moaned, spookily just as Faith finished burying her finger up to the knuckle in her own ass.

"Yes." Faith moaned truthfully.

"Then fuck it." Buffy pushed insistently, "Fuck your ass Faith, mmmmm, finger fuck your own ass you slut. Imagine it's me. Imagine it's me, kneeling behind you, loosening you up for another butt fucking. Mmmmm yeahhhh, imagine it Faith. You lying on your bed face down, me kneeling behind you with a big dick strapped around my waist, fingering your ass hole. I'm not supposed to be touching that hole Faith. No one is. But you're the kind of girl who actually likes it. Who loves it, and craves more of it, mmmmm, because just one finger isn't enough for you. You need at least two. Yessssss, shove a second finger up your ass Faith. Let me hear it. Let me hear you moan as you shove a second finger up your ass."

The smart thing to do at that moment would have been to fake it, but Faith was far too overwhelmed to even think about that until after the second finger was buried up to the knuckle inside her butt. Hell, she should have been faking it the entire time, instead she was just doing everything Buffy told her to do, and constantly moaning while doing it. Buffy was too, but she was also literally laughing at Faith, which was almost too much for Faith to bear. But again she feared the consequences of not obeying, so she just kept fingering her butt hole before she was, arguably, given a moment of relief, only for things to become so, so much worse for her.

"Now pick out a dildo. It can be the smallest one of your collection, or it can be the biggest, I don't care. I just want you to shove it up your ass." Buffy said, briefly biting her lip, before revealing, "But only if you want too."

Before that last part there had been a long pause, more than long enough for Faith to get up out of her bed, quickly dash over to her toy draw and grab her smallest dildo. She was just about to follow through, when Buffy suddenly hung up the phone, leaving Faith just to stand there for a few long seconds, mouth wide open and clutching the phone to her ear while in the other hand she held the dildo tightly. She really couldn't believe it. After all that, that bitch wasn't sticking around until the end? God, she was probably in her toilet stall right now frantically fingering herself to the idea of big bad Faith Lehane dildoing her own ass. Well, fuck that!

With a scream of rage Faith through the phone across the room, smashing it to pieces and then swearing up a storm. She should march right into that fucking school and beat the shit out of that prissy little bitch. Whether she was in one of her stupid classes or in the library with all her little friends Faith should grab her, drag her out into the middle of the most populated area of the school and just start kicking her ass. Or better yet she could fuck it. Give the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer a taste of the humiliation Faith had just felt. She should do a lot of things, but instead she found herself staring at the dildo in her hand, biting her lip, and wondering just how hard she could cum if she slammed it up her ass.

But she couldn't... could she?


Back in the bathrooms of Sunnydale High Buffy was hammering three fingers now in and out of her cunt while picturing Faith sodomising herself with the same amount of enthusiasm with the biggest dildo in her collection, while fantasising it was Buffy butt fucking her. This fantasy then evolved into Faith realising she was not only a total bottom, but born to be Buffy's little butt bitch, and as soon as she came finding the true Slayer, dropping to her knees in front of her and begging Buffy to make it official. To put her in her place in front of everyone, so everybody knew that the big bad Vampire Slayer Faith Lehane was nothing but her fellow Slayer's anal loving bitch.

Of course Buffy would be only too happy to oblige, bending Faith over in the middle of school and shoving a strap-on up Faith's perfect little ass. And instead of being disgusted at this frankly gross behaviour all of Buffy's classmates would cheer them on, boys and girls alike. Even the teachers would nod with approval. As for the likes of Willow, Xender and Cordelia, they would be literally high-fiving Buffy as she put this mouthy bitch in her place. And maybe Willow would blush, and ask if she could have a turn with Faith's ass later. And maybe Buffy would let her. After all, Faith's ass was hers. It was her property, therefore she could let anyone she wanted borrow it. But first, she needed to make sure that Faith and everyone else knew who it belonged too.

Which she would make Faith admit before she let her cum. Oh yes, the self-proclaimed bad ass Faith Lehane would scream that she was Buffy's butt bitch for all to see, then after they were done Buffy would wrap a collar around her neck and lead her around school, showing everyone Faith's gaping butt hole. Maybe she would even have Willow use her magic to tattoo her name onto Faith's beautiful body, or better yet give her a tramp stamp stating that she was Buffy's Butt Bitch. Or perhaps as an in joke, B's Butt Bitch. Or just B.B.B. so only they would know what it meant. Whatever it took to hammer it into Faith's thick head that she was her submissive fuck toy, with an ass made for fucking.

All of these things combined to make Buffy cum wonderfully hard all over her fingers, but the thing that sent her over the edge was Faith collared and branded, on her knees and staring up at her with total devotion. Buffy wasn't even sure she wanted Faith that broken, but the very idea of it almost made her cum harder than she had last night. The difference was of course was that she completely came down from her high, and it was all so satisfying, and she found herself alone and ashamed of what she had done. Even more so than when she had finally realised what she was actually doing on the phone, and made her excuses and quickly hung up, although by then it was probably too late.

Buffy sighed, pulled up her panties, lowered her skirt and did her best to sort herself out before getting out of the stall to wash her hands. She then stared at herself in the mirror for a very long time and once again told herself to get her lust under control. It was so embarrassing to be acting this way, but what was worse was that she was pushing Faith away, and that was the last thing she wanted to do. It was just... after she came she would have these moments of clarity, but then she would start thinking about Faith's butt again, and she became the typical teenage boy with zero self-control. But the things she just said to Faith? The way she treated her? The things she had literally forced the other Slayer to do? Literally blackmailing her in the process? That was unacceptable. And yet, she wanted more.

Was there a middle ground? Some way she could dominate Faith without having to blackmail her into it and behaving like a psycho bitch? Or was that what appealed to them both? And God, what if her friends ever found out what she had done last night, just now, or what she wanted to do in the future with Faith? They wouldn't high-five her, they would surely be disgusted by her, almost as much as Buffy was disgusted with herself. Especially as she could already feel the need to touch herself again as she imagined Faith working out her frustrations by hammering her own ass hole with her biggest toy, Buffy even letting out a soft moan as the fantasy once again washed over her, before she quickly shut herself out of it.

"Get it together Summers." Buffy scolded herself, before leaving the toilet.

Chapter Text

Buffy was simultaneously dreading seeing Faith again, and yet finding her absence unbearable. Which to be fair wasn't far off from what she normally thought about her fellow Slayer, but now the intensity had been turned up to eleven. Or maybe a number beyond Buffy's admittedly basic understanding of math. The point was, initially she had been worried about what mischief and mayhem Faith would cause whenever she was around, and yet be as intrigued by it as she was drawn to the other Slayer. Then she had been worried because Faith had been trying to talk her into increasingly kinky things, and yet look forward to them as to her shame she loved them all. But that totally backfired on Faith, and now, well... Buffy was both terrified and excited by what would happen next.

Admittedly the worst-case scenarios might be the most likely, which included them getting into an intense brawl, and worse Faith either talking her into or forcing her to once again return the favour, which this time would mean giving up her anal cherry. Because let's face it, taking control during phone sex was one thing, but to actually do it face to face was another thing entirely. What if Buffy froze up? Or worse, lost her temper and ruined what they had before. But... it was worth the risk, if only she could get a repeat performance of last night, which to her shame Buffy wanted more than anything. Oh yes, Buffy wanted to butt fuck Faith again, and she was determined to do it.

Of course Faith couldn't make it easy by simply being at her apartment, but luckily Sunnydale was a small town, with only a few places Faith was likely to go. And while one of the few bars was always a possibility, deep down in her bones Buffy knew exactly where Faith was. More or less. Okay, she wandered through a few empty graveyards before finding her pray, but she found her eventually. Although when she did Buffy almost turned and ran, because Faith was in rare form, going completely berserk on a group of vampires which looked like they were having second thoughts about their plan to surround her. Only no, Faith was in her normal form, a.k.a. being an idiot.

Sure, at first she did the smart thing of knocking one vamp down and then moving onto another, but then one of them missed a strike which resulted in him bumping into her from behind, and she just lost it, knocking him to the ground and beating on him while screaming abuse. If she had been alone the others could have probably taken advantage of the situation. Luckily for her Faith's knight in shining armour was there to take care of business, Buffy staking two vampires before they even knew she was there and making quick work of another. The last one on his feet almost managed to attack Faith from behind, before Buffy killed him, which finally got Faith's attention.

Faith had been furious and plotting her revenge all day long, and yet when she saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer standing in the ashes of her fallen opponent, the wind blowing her hair just right which made her look like a literal goddess the last thing on Faith's mind was revenge. The first thing she thought was actually dropping to her knees and begging to worship that heavenly body with her mouth and tongue, or tell B to do whatever she wanted to her. Which made Faith blush furiously as she imagined what that might entail as she vividly remembered last night for the millionth time, making her ass hole quiver with fear in delight. And just like that, she was the pathetic little bottom she had been last night.

"B?" Faith murmured weakly.

"Faith, what are you doing!" Buffy exclaimed angrily, "Kill him already!"

"What? Oh, right." Faith initially frowned, before realisation hit and she looked down at the vamp, who looked pretty dead anyway. But deciding to finish the job she drove a stake into his heart and watched him turn to dust, before turning back to the blonde, "What's up?"

"What's up?" Buffy parroted indignantly, "What's wrong with you? You could have been killed?"

"I had it under control." Faith grumbled as she straightened up.

"No, you didn't." Buffy said softly but firmly, "You lost control, again."

"Yeah, there's a reason for that." Faith glared at the other Slayer.

"That's no excuse." Buffy pointed out, before quickly trying to defuse the situation, "Look, I didn't come here to fight. Not you, anyway. I just... whatever's happening between us, I don't want you to get hurt. I, I care about you. You know that, right?"

"Maybe." Faith grumbled, then after a brief pause insisted, "But, in case you haven't noticed, I'm 5 by 5. Everything is. So you can run along now."

"Really?" Buffy smirked, moving closer, "You don't want to follow me around and hit on me?"

To the surprise of both Slayers Faith's response was to blush and stammer, which was extremely embarrassing for the bad ass brunette, "Erm, I..."

"Because I was thinking, we could have another bet." Buffy smirked again, actually causing Faith to back away.

"I, I think I've had my fill of bets." Faith admitted with another embarrassing blush.

Which should have been the end of it, as the whole point of going through the gross ordeal of violating an ass hole was to get Faith to back off, but Buffy wanted something very different now, "Ah come on Faith, what's the matter? Did I take your balls as well as your butt cherry?"

For a few brief seconds Faith's eyes went wide, and she was both amazed and impressed at Buffy would dare to say something like that, let alone to her, before her eyes narrowed and she got into the other Slayer's face and then growled, "You know what B? You're on! But guess what, when I win I'm gonna destroy your fucking ass hole. Then you'll be the one walking funny!"

Which was supposed to get into Buffy's head, maybe even make her call off the entire thing, instead she leaned forward and asked, "You were walking funny?"

Faith blushed maybe more than ever before, turning away from Buffy to continue her patrol, before finally responding weakly, "N, no."

There was a brief pause and then Buffy pushed, "Could you sit down? Because I imagine that would be hard, you know, after I fucked you up the butt, and you did say I'd never sit right again when you were done with me, so... could you? Sit down, I mean?"

Faith just ignored her.


Shortly after that some vamp had the misfortune of pulling himself out of his grave right in front of Faith. She had stomped off after B's last comments, and although she was following her the blonde was giving her a wide berth, which was good for her, because Faith was this close to putting her in her place. As a result Faith thought she had an easy win, and while B would complain no doubt Faith was confident in her ability to talk her into returning the favour. Hell, she was practically salivating at the thought of returning the favour. Bending B over and finally fucking that tight little ass of hers. Unfortunately she was so lost in that thought she didn't notice Buffy throwing a stake before it was too late to catch it, and her easy win was stolen from her.

Turning back Faith glared at the blonde, "That was cheating."

"Okay." Buffy shrugged, then when it looked like the brunette was going to yell at her again she quickly placated, "We can go again, if you like. Or wait until we find a group. You know, do this properly?"

"Damn right we are." Faith grumbled, "And then you'll get what you deserve.

"I'm counting on it." Buffy said softly, barely enough for Faith to hear, the brunette turning back to glare at her again only to blush again as she found while murmuring those words B had been staring at her butt.


B had agreed suspiciously easy to continue the bet, which initially confused Faith, until they actually came across a couple of vampires, and the allegedly good girl shamelessly cheated again, this time far worse than before. How? Because the bitch slapped her ass! She actually slapped her ass like a drunken guy with a waitress who couldn't afford to lose her crappy job so she just took it, and Faith was so stunned she was frozen in place for a few long seconds, which was all that it took for Buffy to get ahead. Faith tried her best after that, but the damage was done, and she barely got to stake one of the vamps while Buffy dusted a decisive three, with the only consolation being that Faith got to beat hers senseless first, and this time B didn't get the chance to get on her high horse about it.

"What the hell was that?" Faith snapped.

"What? It's nothing you haven't done to me like a dozen times. Hell, you did it before we even started hooking up." Buffy pointed out, before she frowned as a thought came to mind, "Wait, are you still sore back there? It's been like, a whole day. You think you need to see a doctor? Or, maybe Giles?"

"And say what? My butt still hurts from B bustin' my back door cherry?" Faith mocked, although like with everything else lately it backfired on her.

Buffy scrunched up her nose and then insisted, "Well, I don't want to discuss anything we've done together, because it would be super weird, but what if I like, broke something? I mean, I was fucking your ass real hard last night, so-"

"Jesus B, I'm fine!" Faith snapped, before she could stop herself, "I was sore back there for ages, but now? I'm 5 by 5. So seriously drop it."

"But, I won." Buffy pointed out.

"No, you cheated. Again." Faith insisted, before relenting when the blonde didn't look impressed, "Just one more time, okay? And whoever wins, wins."

"Fine." Buffy grumbled.


"So, what was worse? Walking funny, or not being able to sit down?" Buffy asked almost casually.

Things had been annoyingly quiet for a while, and they had actually settled into walking together and making awkward small talk. It was, nice. Like it was in the beginning. Like way back, before Faith was even sure that the blonde swung her way. Which still meant the occasional flirting, but nowhere near as much as before. Then just when things were back to normal Buffy said that out of nowhere, causing Faith to blush and freeze again. She should have realised it meant more vamps, and to her credit Faith recovered quickly enough to dust enough of them to make it even, even if she had to steal one from B via that throwing stake trick the blonde had used on her earlier. But B was still going to win through nefarious means, and just as she was about to stake the final vampire and secure the win Faith tried to give her a taste of her own medicine.

"Shitting!" Faith called out loudly, continuing when she was sure she had the blonde's attention, "The worst part was trying to take a dump, because I was still so sore back there. It was agony."

But it backfired, because while Faith actually humiliated herself while saying that Buffy barely missed a beat, staking the nearly unconscious vamp before scrunching up her nose and exclaiming, "Ewww, gross. TMI Faith."

Seeing another opportunity Faith continued, "Right? It's the hole I poop from B. Like you said before, it's disgusting, and gross, and why would anyone do that?"

"Because nothing I've ever done to you has made you cum that hard." Buffy pointed out, advancing on her prey.

"That's not, I didn't-" Faith tried to argue, before admitting when Buffy gave her a look, "Okay, I did, but it wasn't that great."

"You were literally squirting." Buffy pushed.

"That's just..." Faith began to protest, but she didn't want to admit Buffy always made her cum like that, because they both knew it was only half true, and it was far too telling, so instead she just blurted out, "Do you really want to play with my shitter, B? Really? Buffy Summers wants to-"

"Yes." Buffy interrupted firmly, "Now, stop trying to gross me out, and bend over."

"What? Here?" Faith blushed, "That wasn't part of the deal."

"I know..." Buffy admitted, "But how about a trade? A public spanking, for a private ass fucking?"

Faith gulped, looked around awkwardly, then tried to negotiate, "Over the pants?"

"God no." Buffy shook her head, "It doesn't count if it's not bare bottom."

For a few long seconds Faith was overcome with anger and frustration, her nostrils flaring and her body trembling with rage, before she deflated and whined, "Please B, don't do this."

"It's done." Buffy folded her arms, "The more I think about it, the more you've been begging for this since the day you got here. Now stop whining and take it like a good girl, before I bend you over my knee, and then butt fuck you."

"Shit B." Faith whined, looking around again, before pleading, "At least let me bend over a gravestone or something!"

"Fine." Buffy sighed, "Just bend over and show me that pretty ass of yours."

The two Slayers stared at each other for a few long seconds, then Faith swore in frustration, "Fuck me."

"Maybe after." Buffy quipped, making Faith blush.

Buffy grinned happily at that line. It wasn't particularly clever, low hanging fruit and all, but she wasn't above an obvious pun, and what really made it satisfying was the way Faith blushed. God, Buffy hadn't thought Faith was even capable of blushing until she won their little bet last night, but it really made the bad ass bad girl look adorable, and Buffy just couldn't get enough of it. Just like she couldn't stop thinking about Faith's perfect ass, Buffy getting a chance to stare at it as Faith turned her back on her, picked out a gravestone, and slowly walked over to it. Faith probably wasn't putting an extra wiggle into her step, and that was just her regular saunter, but it was more than enough to make the blonde feel like she was literally drooling, especially when the brunette bent over and grabbed the gravestone.

For a few long seconds Buffy was frozen in place, then with a satisfied grin she closed the distance between them, took out her phone, and snapped a couple of pictures of Faith's butt, prompting the other Slayer to turn her head and glare at her, and when that wasn't enough to stop her Faith protested, "Hey!"

"What? Your ass just looks so photo worthy. Besides, you have no idea how much I got off staring at the souvenir I took last time, so you better believe if we're going to do this again I'm going to take more. Specifically I'm thinking, before and after pics." Buffy teased, and then when Faith looked like she was going to get up she quickly reminded her, "Or we could just go back to yours for a picture free ass fucking?"

That got another adorable blush out of Faith, and then after a few more long seconds of debate Faith turned back to face the front and lowered her head in this wonderful sign of submission which made it hard for Buffy to settle on a spanking. Although honestly she was hoping to talk Faith into eating her pussy or something once she walked her home, but she tried not to get distracted right now, not when the thing haunting her dreams was right in front of her waiting for her to play with it. So Buffy put away her phone, reached out and grabbed it. Oh yes, she grabbed Faith's butt, then began squeezing and fondling it like a piece of meat, leaving poor Faith whimpering pathetically, which just made Buffy grin with sadistic satisfaction.

After a few long seconds of butt groping Buffy quipped, "You know Faith, with an ass like this, I don't know why you ever bothered to try and top me. Especially with these tightfitting pants of yours, mmmmm, are you sure you're not just begging to be turned into a bottom? Or better yet, someone's butt bitch? Is that why you really came here? Looking for someone who could top you, and figured that I, the other Slayer, would be the only one who could? Huh?"

Faith blushed again, but didn't take the bait, "Shut up and just get it over with."

"If you insist." Buffy sing-songed.

It was a little disappointing that Faith hadn't lashed out and given her an excuse for some brutal punishment right off the bat, but it was also kind of impressive for the usually hot-headed Slayer to control herself like this. Or maybe Faith got lucky. Whatever the case Buffy rewarded her by a few long minutes of spanking her over her pants. Actually it was more like a tease than a reward, or even a cruel trick, but of course after half a dozen blows Buffy stopped, briefly groped Faith's butt again, and then slowly undid the other girl's pants and pulled them down, taking Faith's panties down in the process so she could get the best possible look of her prize being revealed to her. A prize which already has a touch of pink to it, which once again enhanced Buffy's opinion that this ass was made for this kind of thing.

Quickly whipping out her phone Buffy took a couple more photos, mostly directly in front of Faith's ass, with this time the other Slayer offering up no protest, other than an adorably pathetic sounding whimper which escaped Faith's lips. Then Buffy straightened up, put her phone away and then went back to the playful spanking that she had been giving before. That meant a few strikes at a time with barely half the speed and power she was capable of, and then a few long seconds of squeezing and groping Faith's butt, squeezing every little bit of enjoyment out of it as possible in the process for herself, and making sure it was as humiliating as possible for her butt bitch.

Faith couldn't believe that she was being B's bitch again, and this might actually be worse than getting her ass fucked. At least when she was getting butt fucked the pain was eventually replaced by pleasure. No! No, Faith sternly reminded herself, that was so much worse, because there was no way that a top of her calibre should have enjoyed anything about losing her anal cherry. God, that had been so humiliating. Although at least that had been in private where no one could see it. Now she was out in the open, where some vamp or other nasty could just walk by and see Faith the Vampire Slayer with her ass hanging out of her pants and getting spanked like a naughty child.

Sure, the pain was nothing she couldn't handle, especially with B obviously going easy on her in the beginning, but just like when she was robbed of her ass cherry it was the humiliation which was truly unbearable for Faith. And yet, did she do something about it? Get angry? Start yelling? Fight back? Slap the high and mighty Buffy Summers across her smug face, tear HER pants off and show the wannabe top how to properly beat a butt, and then ideally take B's butt cherry? No, she didn't. Fuck, Faith barely even damage the gravestone in her supernaturally strong grip, as she was just so overwhelmed with shame and humiliation that all she could do was whimper, gasp and even literally cry like a little bitch.

That was bad enough, but then Faith came to a horrifying realisation, she was actually enjoying this shit. Thankfully not as much as the butt fucking, but while she was nowhere near close to cumming her pussy was ridiculously wet given all B was doing was smacking her butt, groping it, and just making her feel like a submissive little slut. Which was almost enough for Faith to finally push the other Slayer away, pull up her pants and run as fast as she could before things could get further out of hand, but as if she could sense that B started increasing the force of her blows, distracting Faith with pain. After that, well, she figured that it was almost over, and then she should finally have her revenge.

Of course, Faith should have known better by now, as instead of building to a crescendo in a few seconds and stopping B slowly phased out the groping, which had massage some of the pain away, while increasing attention to just one cheek for a while before moving over the other, and using both hands for maximum damage. Worst of all when she reached a crescendo and started giving Faith everything she had, the kind of supernaturally enhanced blows which would have broken bones for anyone else, Buffy just kept going as if she was taking out all of her aggression on one vamp, like Faith had done earlier. Which led to even more tears from the usually tough brunette, to the point where she was practically hysterical. Although at least she started crushing the gravestone underneath her grip, so that was something.

Buffy knew eventually she'd have to give Faith a hard spanking to prove once and for all she could be a Dom, and more importantly the Dom of another Slayer. However, that was like, way down the road kind of thinking. Not that she really had a solid plan yet, which she'd really have to do something about, but the point was this was meant to be a mostly playful spanking to further this game they were playing. She was even going to let Faith go after the spanking, but somewhere between Faith's butt jiggling for her with every blow and slowly turning the most beautiful shade of bright pink Buffy had just totally lost it, and started putting every ounce of her strength into the now vicious butt beating.

She only stopped because her hand ached, and then Buffy had a brief moment of clarity over what she had done, put her hand up to her face to muffle a gasp and almost apologise to the other girl. Tell her that she didn't mean it. That it was an accident, that she had taken it too far, and she was sorry. That she was knew to this, and it probably only happened because she knew being a Slayer that Faith could take it. But Faith didn't seem to be seriously hurt. Well, her pride, obviously, and it looked like she was in for another day of not sitting down properly, but damn, Faith looked great in red, which was good, because her ass was as red as a Russian flag.

Cautiously Buffy reached out and pressed her hand against the bruised and battered butt, causing Faith to flinch momentarily, then after a few long seconds she went back to whimpering and crying. Buffy then did the same with the other hand and spread Faith's ass cheeks, with the same results, although she barely noticed as she was able to confirm something she thought impossible. But it was very possible, maybe even predictable given everything else that had happened recently. Namely Faith was wet. Oh God, her pussy was soaking wet, a clear sign that the big bad Faith Lehane had actually enjoyed herself. And... Buffy should let her go, she really should, but she was so desperate for more fun. Which didn't necessarily have to be anal fun, but she couldn't resist trying for it.

So Buffy slid one of her hands from Faith's cheeks to her pussy, causing the other slayer to cry out, "Fuck B!"

"If you insist." Buffy grinned.

Taking that as a personal invitation Buffy spent a few long seconds getting her fingers nice and wet with pussy juice, then slid her fingertips upwards to the hole she most wanted to play with. Then both Slayers cried out loudly as that finger slowly but steadily pushed inside Faith's ass hole, making them both speechless and Buffy unable to even think until her finger was buried up to the knuckle in virgin tight butt. Which was impossible, right? Slayer healing could do incredible things, but Buffy wasn't still a virgin, and Faith sure wasn't, so there was no reason to suspect even for a moment it would have that kind of effect back there, but... fuck. Fuck! Fuck!

"Fuck!" Buffy whimpered the only word which was in her head right now.

Faith couldn't even manage that. She was just so physically and mentally overwhelmed by the brutal butt beating she had just received that she couldn't utter another word to save her life, or in this case, save her ass hole. Faith tried, but all that ended up happening was that her mouth opened and closed like a fucking goldfish, and she let out even more pathetic whimpers and cries than before. Even worse she let out sounds of pleasure. Not at first, but there was definitely a hint of it in those whimpers and cries as prim and proper Buffy Summers fingered her shit hole. Again! Which of course prompted the bitch to push another finger up her butt and increase the pace, which initially got a fucking moan of pleasure out of her which made Faith's face go almost as red as her ass.

Instead of encouraging B to increase her pace again, and maybe even add another finger, it mercilessly made her stop, preventing Faith from embarrassing herself by moaning again. B even removed her fingers entirely, and for a few blissful seconds she thought the goody-goody would freak out and run, putting an end to this latest nightmare. But no, B didn't run. She just admired her handiwork for a few more long seconds, before grabbing her phone to add another souvenir to her collection. Then something else happened, and Faith made the mistake of looking behind her to see what exactly the other Slayer was doing, when she should have guessed.

Of course B was stepping into a harness, which suspiciously looked like the one she had used last night. Faith's strap-on. Oh God, Buffy was sliding Faith's strap-on up her thighs and tightening it around her waist, over her own clothes, so unlike the brunette whose pants were still down around her ankles the blonde was still completely covered up in case of discovery. And she looked good. Buffy Summers always looked good, it was kind of her thing, but Faith shouldn't be thinking she was hot wearing a cock, and covering it with lube. Fuck no, she should be freaking the fuck out right now, or at least pulling up her pants and running away, but all Faith could do was stare in horror at the huge toy the other girl was about to try and use on her most private hole.

Then B noticed she was looking, locked eyes with her and grinned. Which again should have put a stop to this, but instead Faith just blushed and faced forward again so she didn't have to see what was coming for her, as if that would actually stop it. But no, the goody two shoes Buffy Summers came for her ass hole anyway, the bitch even taking her time with it, slowly sauntering up behind her and slapping her ass one more time, causing Faith to cry out loudly, because even though it wasn't that hard it felt agonising on her sore backside. That hand didn't move away though, instead B using it to spread one of her ass cheeks while pressing the tip of the dick against Faith's back hole, again making her whimper pathetically.

Buffy could vividly remember taking Faith's anal cherry. Hell, it was pretty much all she could think about over the last 24 hours, so there was no doubt in her mind that Faith's back door was just as reluctant to open as it had been before, and that Buffy had to use the same amount of strength to make it slowly stretch for her until the head of her dick slid through that tight little forbidden hole and into the other girl's ass. Faith even cried out like before, and even if she couldn't feel it like a guy would Buffy could sense how difficult it was to push her way inside the rectum, and just through their supernatural connection as Slayers, that Faith's butt was just as tight as before.

Virgin tight! Slayer healing had made Faith's ass hole virgin tight again, despite the fact that Buffy had brutalised it so roughly last night it would easily have never been the same again if it wasn't for that healing factor. Which had to be rock solid prove that Faith had literally been created for butt sex. Not fucking butt! No, it was a crime against nature Faith had ever topped anyone when she was such a perfect bottom. When God or whatever had created the perfect bottom, with a perfect bottom designed to be fucked. Admittedly this implied Buffy should be a bottom too, because she also had a healing factor, but in her lust crazed mind she rationalised that a bottom of Faith's calibre needed someone who could give her the butt fuckings she needed. Someone who could make her their butt bitch, and Buffy was just the Slayer to do it.

With thoughts like that echoing in Buffy's head it was a miracle that she didn't slam every inch of her strap-on up Faith's ass and then start giving her every ounce of strength she had right from the start. It was certainly very tempting, especially as it would be fun to find out if it was possible to damage a Slayer's ass beyond repair, but no. Buffy wanted Faith to enjoy this just as much as she did, both because she had very quickly fallen for her, and more importantly she was going to have to if the self-proclaimed bad ass top was ever truly going to submit to her. Well, more accurately permanently submit, as surely there could be no truer act of submission than this?

Given the normally mouthy Faith continued not protesting and more than a few sounds of pleasure escaped her lips as Buffy stuffed her ass with strap-on it seemed likely they were in for a repeat performance. A performance which had featured Faith's cum literally squirting out of her cunt, so Buffy had never been more confident that she could achieve her goal. Which gave her plenty of chance to just savour the sight in front of her, namely her cock disappearing into Faith's butt hole, Buffy removing her hand from that dildo as soon as possible so she could use both hands to spread Faith's cheeks and give her the best possible look at the other supernatural warrior's violated hole. Which like before she found disgusting and gross, but now she was just too overwhelmed with lust to care.

Faith was also feeling overwhelmed, except instead of lust it was shame, humiliation and self-hatred. Increasingly it was the last thing, because surely this goody-goody would stop if she told her too? Of course ideally Faith would give her a nice hard back elbow, knocking her off before wrestling her to the ground and turning the tables on her, or at least giving her a vicious butt beating. Although there was a reason why Faith never did that to Buffy, outside of general courtesy, that being that she wanted the other Slayer to be her submissive slut, and that only happened if she treated her right. Which was exactly what Buffy was doing to her now, enhancing Faith's humiliation and shame no end.

But she could stop it. All Faith had to do was say the word. Hell, even if it didn't work a refusal to stop could eventually kick her into action, or at least prove she didn't actually want to be ass fucked like a pathetic little bitch, but no, for some reason she still couldn't find the words, and every time she even got close a moan would escape her mouth, causing her to blush and clamp her mouth shut. That process was repeated the entire time that Buffy was stuffing her shitter full of cock, until finally thighs came to rest against butt cheeks, announcing every inch of the dildo had once again been buried in Faith's backside. Then things only got worse for her, as B officially began to sodomise her, causing a lot more moans of pleasure to escape Faith's lips.

The initial anal penetration and butt stuffing had at least been as painful as it had been when she was robbed of her ass cherry, but just like back then her rectum adjusted embarrassingly quickly to the obscene misuse to the point where the pain faded to a dull ache, and all Faith felt was incredible pleasure. Something she desperately tried to hide from her fellow Slayer, but it just proved to be impossible, as not only did soft little moans escape her lips, but louder ones did too. And gasps, whimpers and cries. Which caused Buffy to chuckle in satisfaction, although thankfully she didn't taunt her this time, probably given where they were, that little reminder making Faith whimper pathetically again.

Given where they were B should have probably sped up at that point, just to bring a merciful end to this unbearable humiliation. Hell, Faith almost tried asking her too, not because she actually wanted the kind of incredible climax as she'd only ever received from a rough ass fucking, but because by some miracle they hadn't been discovered yet, and she didn't want that to change. While they were probably safe from the majority of the people they knew, but there was Angel. Oh God, what would tall, dark and handsome think if he saw his precious little Buffy sodomising her over a gravestone? It would have actually been funny if it wasn't so horrifying to think that anyone could find her like this.

Buffy had a similar thought, but in her lust crazed mind she thought he'd understand. It would hurt him, and she didn't want that, but he would nod his head and tell her he understood that Faith desperately needed to be put in her place. That Faith was clearly meant to be a submissive butt slut, and Buffy needed to do whatever it took to get that through the other Slayer's thick head, including sodomising her in the middle of one of the many cemeteries that they patrolled every night. That she shouldn't stop here. That she should bend Faith over in each and every one of those cemeteries and butt fuck her in every position possible until she finally broke completely and begged to be collared and branded.

She also imagined her friends, her Mom, and even the vampires and Demons she came here to kill gathering around and cheering her on as she completely broke Faith. Then Willow could magic up a nice little collar for her to finish the job. Wrap it around Faith's pretty neck in front of them all as Faith was eagerly proclaiming herself as Buffy's butt bitch. Then thanks to Will she'd give her that tramp stamp she'd been dreaming of. Oh God yes, Buffy wanted all that and more, which she became lost in as she continued staring at her cock slowly thrusting in and out of the other supernatural warrior's most private hole, which was on perfect display to her thanks to her continuing to spread the other girl's cheeks.

It was hard to tell just how long Buffy sodomised Faith like that. It felt like hours, and given their supernatural stamina it had to be at least one, but inevitably it just became too much for her to handle without giving Faith everything she had. Well, Buffy was kind of hoping that Faith would break the silence which had fallen between them by begging for more, but there was no telling how long the stubborn bitch would be able to stay silent, and ultimately Buffy's lust completely and totally got the better of her and she started rapidly increasing the pace until her thighs were smacking Faith's butt cheeks just as brutally as her hands had before, the sound echoing throughout the graveyard almost as loudly as Faith's sounds of pleasure.

Almost the moment she increased the pace Faith started cumming like the little bitch she was, which was almost enough to make Buffy cum too, but she held herself back for a little bit longer, just so she could make sure the butt pounding was truly epic. Also, she just wanted to savour this perfect moment of dominance she could easily find herself getting addicted too, if she wasn't already. Of course ultimately the beautiful sight in front of her of Faith bent over and taking it up the ass, the sheer joy of sodomising the other Slayer, and the stimulator bashing against her clit sent Buffy over a series of powerful climaxes, ones which were more satisfying than any other she had. Especially as again she imagined her friends, her Mom and even the vampires and Demons watching them and cheering her on.

Faith was thankfully free of thoughts like that, or any thoughts really. The ecstasy rocking her body was completely overwhelming the shame, humiliation and self-hatred and leaving her with nothing but the purest ecstasy she had ever known. She barely even felt guilty when the gravestone crumbled beneath her grip and then snapped entirely, causing her to be slammed head first into the dirt. Luckily she had always been accused of having a hard head, and thanks to now being a Slayer that was literally true, preventing her from being knocked unconscious. She was briefly worried that the dick would fall out of her ass, and it did get halfway there, but Buffy quickly slammed her hips forwards to stop that from happening, even if it did mean she fell with Faith so that both of them hit the ground.

Anyone else would have stopped entirely, or at least for a few minutes, but not Buffy Summers. No, she kept thrusting throughout the fall and right after they hit the ground. Sure, it took a while to build up steam again, but it was just enough to keep them both on their highs, especially when Buffy pushed Faith's hair aside so she could dig her teeth into her neck like a hungry vamp looking for a snack. She also grabbed onto Faith's hands, her palms over the backs, so she could truly pin Faith down and turn her into nothing but a fuck hole for her pleasure. Which was something which would later fill Faith with unbearable shame, especially as it caused her to cum extra hard.

Like with the slow sodomy it was hard to tell how long they stayed like that. Again it felt like hours, and with their stamina it was quite a while, but it was almost certainly nowhere close to even one hour. All Faith knew was that Buffy had to use every ounce of her strength, speed and stamina to brutalise her butt hole, because when she finally stopped the mighty Buffy Summers collapsed completely exhausted against her, and Faith wasn't doing much better. They stayed like that for way too long given they were completely exposed and out in the open, probably unable to defend themselves if a vamp got lucky and passed by during those moments. That didn't happen, although as she gradually regained her senses Faith kind of wished it did so she wouldn't have to live with what had just happened to her.

The second she was able Faith rolled Buffy off of her, the dildo sliding out of her back passage with an obscene slurp and a pop which made her whimper pathetically again. She then lay there for a few more seconds as she continued whimpering and rubbing her backside, her butt hole feeling like it was as wide as the Grand Canyon, before finally reaching down to pull up her pants. Then in a horrifying mirror image of last night she became aware of Buffy scrambling for her phone, and as much as she tried Faith just couldn't cover herself up in time. The bitch even managed to take a few photos while giggling as Faith literally tripped over herself to put her pants back on and then get the fuck out of dodge, even if she was running funny and every step was pure fucking agony thanks to the pain in her once again well fucked ass.

Chapter Text

Willow Rosenberg was not jealous. Really! She wasn't. Because that would be petty, possessive, unproductive and a whole bunch of other bad words. Buffy was allowed to have other friends, and it was nice that she was getting so cosy with the other Vampire Slayer. It made sense, really it did. After all, there was only meant to be one of them, so two was a paradox which yearned to be solved, and the closer they got the more they felt like one. Hell, Willow had seen them fight together, and there was a weird beauty in it. Like it was meant to be. And sometimes, she thought what would happen if they became one and they were actually inside of each other, touching each other, Buffy pinning Faith down to the training mats and...

Control yourself! Willow scolded herself, not for the first time. It was wrong to think of her best friend in that kind of situation, but she just couldn't help it. She was just so, hot. And Faith? Faith was sex on legs. Really it wasn't even gay to think about them like that, because they're just so ridiculously sexy it would be weird if Willow didn't have a girl crush on them. Which made the whole, trying to take the high road and not be jealous thing even harder. Because it was wrong, but of course it was only natural to be a little jealous, even if Willow really was happy for them. And it wasn't like she really wanted them. Honestly! But, as she stared at the picture she had taken of them just talking to each other on her phone, she couldn't help but wonder.

Then all of a sudden Buffy was opening her bedroom door, closing it behind her and leaning against it, prompting Willow to close her phone and try to greet as casually as she could, "Oh, hey Buffy."

"I need to talk to you." Buffy blushed.

"Okay..." Willow smiled warmly, sounding relieved that Buffy was too distracted to notice what she had been doing. Then she became increasingly concerned as Buffy bit her lip and just stared at her for a few long seconds, before starting to pace up and down, prompting Willow to gently push, "So, what's up."

Again Buffy stared at her best friend for a few long seconds, then slowly got on the bed so she was sitting in front of Willow while desperately stammering as she struggled to find the words, "Okay, okay... okay... the thing is... well... I guess it started... I... erm, you, you know Faith?"

Willow's face fell, "We've met."

"Of course you have." Buffy blushed, before adding, "Well..."

"What? Did she do something? Did she hurt you?" Willow asked, getting increasingly loud and frantic with her questions.

"What? No! No, if... if anything it's the other way around." Buffy laughed nervously, before quickly and cautiously adding, "You know how Faith is kind of, sort of... hitting on me every single moment of the day and night?"

"Oh..." Willow blushed, "Well, she does that with everybody. I'm sure she doesn't mean it."

"Oh, she means it. She means every word of it." Buffy confirmed with a soft smile.

"And you turned her down? Which is how you hurt her?" Willow cautiously guessed, although she wasn't exactly surprised when her best friend didn't meet her gaze. Amazed, but not surprised, "Oh..."

"I was going to tell you." Buffy insisted apologetically.

"No, it's okay. I totally get it." Willow said. "I mean... wow! You and, you and Faith, huh? That's... wow..."

"Are you freaked?" Buffy asked cautiously.

"No!" Willow protested unconvincingly, before quickly adding, "Yeah, a little. But I'm so happy for you, really I am. And I support you 100%, no matter what."

"Thanks Will." Buffy smiled softly, before admitting, "But it is kind of weird, isn't it?"

"Totally." Willow agreed, before quickly adding, "And yet, not. It makes a lot of sense actually. I mean, they're supposed to be one Slayer, and... well..."

"Yeah..." Buffy said softly, feeling weirdly free to admit this next part, "Faith said something once which really got stuck in my head. It just came flying out of that big mouth of hers, and I could tell she didn't mean to say it, and was a bit freaked out she did, but it was... well..."

"What?" Willow gently pushed.

"She said we were like magnets." Buffy explained it as Faith had, "That we don't just want to be together, we need it. It's our natural state. To be one. One Slayer, the way it's supposed to be. And we can fight it all we want, but the need... it's always there."

"Uh..." Willow murmured, unable to hide her surprise, "That's weirdly beautiful. Especially for her."

"I know." Buffy smiled.

"Not that she isn't capable of saying something nice. I'm sure she is." Willow backtracked, "And you should know. I mean, she's your girlfriend."

There was a brief pause, then Buffy grumbled, "She doesn't like labels."

"Of course she doesn't." Willow laughed, and then noticing her friend's reaction guessed, "And that's a problem, huh?"

Another brief pause and then Buffy hesitantly admitted, "I love what we have... what we had... it was fun, at first. But now? I want more."

"Have you told her that? Because if not, you need to tell her that. And if she doesn't want to commit, that's her loss." Willow softly encouraged.

"It's not that simple." Buffy admitted softly.

"Why?" Willow frowned.

There was another pause, this time along one, and then Buffy cautiously admitted, "Because I don't just want her to be my girlfriend."

"Then what do you want?" Willow frowned again, before her eyes went wide, "Oh God, you don't want to marry her, do you? Buffy! You're both too young for that, and if Faith doesn't like labels pushing things that far isn't going to help."

"No, no, no, it isn't that." Buffy reassured.

"What then?" Willow pushed.

There was another long pause, then Buffy sat on the bed directly in front of her friend and after a little more hesitation told her, "You have to promise not to tell anyone."

"I promise." Willow shrugged.

"No, seriously." Buffy pushed, "Swear it!"

"I swear." Willow promised, "Seriously, what's going on?"

Buffy lowered her head, and practically whimpered, "You're going to think I'm such a freak."

"Hey! Look at me!" Willow demanded, and then when her friend complied she told her, "I think you're awesome. I always have. Maybe freaky strong, but also freaky awesome, and there's nothing you can tell me that will make me think any less of you."

There was a brief pause, then Buffy blurted out, "I fucked Faith in the ass!"

"What?" Willow's eyes went wide.

"I didn't mean too." Buffy protested weakly, "I..."

"You didn't mean too?" Willow parroted, unable to stop herself from adding, "So what, you accidentally fucked a girl in the butt?"

"No!" Buffy whined, before taking a deep breath and explaining, "Ever since our first night together Faith has been trying to ass fuck me. Oh God, you should have heard her Will. She was being such a cocky little bitch about it. Telling me that my ass was as good as hers. That she was going to stretch it out and turn it into a loose fuck hole, and turned me into a desperate little anal whore. And... and then, it just... happened."

There was another pause, and then Willow pushed, "What?"

Buffy gulped, and then explained, "We, we made this stupid bet. It was Faith's idea, of course. She was constantly trying to bait me into putting my ass on the line, so I snapped and made her put hers on the line too thinking it would shut her up, but it didn't. I won, which was supposed to be the end of it, but she just wouldn't drop it. I wanted her too, I really did. Back then. God, it feels like a lifetime ago. But... we went through with it, and oh my God Will, it was amazing! I loved it! And so did she. Mmmmmm, I made her cum so hard. Yeahhhhhh, the big bad Faith Lehane came so hard when I bent her over and fucked her up that tight little butt of hers. And then? I did it again. Only this time, I did it in the middle of the cemetery. Oh God, at least the first time we went back to hers. But not last night. No, last night I bent her over a gravestone and took that sweet butt of hers again! And you know what? It was just as tight the second time! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, Slayer healing makes Faith's ass hole virgin tight when I fuck it..."

During that little speech Buffy's eyes glazed over and it was clear that she forgot exactly where she was and who she was talking too. Honestly Willow almost forgot too, as she was transported to the vivid image of her best friend butt fucking the cocky, arrogant and admittedly beautiful Faith Lehane. It was something they were both thinking of, the only difference being that for Buffy it was a memory, not just a fantasy. Then Buffy realised what had just happened, her cheeks turning bright red as she came out of her trance and looked at Willow with pure horror on her face. She looked like she was about to run away, but Willow just couldn't bear that. Partly for the blonde's benefit, but mostly, the redhead was just desperate to hear more.

"Oh God Willow, I'm so sorry." Buffy apologised, "I didn't-"

"Tell me more!" Willow pleaded.

"Really?" Buffy frowned.

"Uh-huh. I've never heard anything so hot." Willow admitted with a slight blush, before pushing, "How did you do it exactly? Tell me everything! Were you both naked? Did you use lube? And what did you fuck her with? Fingers?"

There was another brief pause, then Buffy grinned, "The first time we were both naked, but that second time? I just pulled down her pants and used her butt for my pleasure like the little anal fuck toy she is. And of course we used lube. How else was I supposed to get this up her ass?"

With that Buffy opened the bag Willow had barely noticed she had with her, and pulled out a massive dildo, causing the redhead to place both hands in front of her face and exclaim, "OH MY GOD! No way!"

"Yes way." Buffy grinned with a weird since of pride, rubbing the shaft for emphasis before putting it down in front of her best friend, "I stuck every single inch of this dick up her ass. And I know, I didn't think it would fit either, but Faith's butt hole is amazing. It can take every single inch of this monster inside it. Mmmmmm, and it looks so pretty when it does. Can you picture it Will? Inch, after inch, after inch of this giant dick disappearing into Faith's ass hole? That cocky little bitch squirming and whimpering as the hole she poops from is stretched? Her rectum filling up with this big cock, until my thighs were resting against her butt cheeks, announcing every inch was buried inside her ass? Mmmmmm, then imagine this strap-on sliding in and out of Faith's back door until she cums like a little bitch. Because I've done it. Twice. Mmmmmm, and I want to do it again."

Yet another long pause, then Willow softly whispered, which sounded deafening in the otherwise silent room, "Can I try it on?"

"Sure." Buffy shrugged.

Grabbing the toy Willow jumped off the bed and practically scrambled to her full-length mirror. Then without the normal hesitation she had when undressing around other people Willow quickly pushed down her pants, while making sure to keep her panties in place, and then with trembling hands stepped into the harness and pulled it up her thighs. She tried not to look at her reflection until she was tightening the straps around her waist, but she couldn't help a few glances, and even then it was hot. But when Willow was actually standing there with a man-made cock sticking out of her waist she was blown away by what she saw, and more importantly what she felt. Although clearly Buffy misinterpreted what she was feeling.

"I know it seems weird." Buffy said softly, "God knows I felt ridiculous at first, but..."

"I don't feel ridiculous. Or weird." Willow interrupted with a confidence she never felt before she turned around and told her best friend, "I feel... powerful. Dominant. Amazing. God Buffy, this is how you feel all the time?"

"When I Slay..." Buffy admitted, a wicked grin crossing her face as she added, "Or when I fuck Faith in the ass."

The two friends exchanged a wicked giggle, and then Willow started stroking the cock as if it was real, murmuring in amazement, "I can feel it. Mmmmmm, I can actually feel it rubbing against my clit. Wow, that's nice."

"You should feel it when using it on another girl." Buffy suggested, "It's a total head rush."

"Is that an invitation?" Willow joked.

"No." Buffy quickly shot down, "If this whole thing with Faith has proven anything it's that I'm a top."

"That's not what I meant." Willow blushed.

"Then what?" Buffy frowned, and then after a brief pause realisation hit, "Oh, did you mean let you borrow Faith?"

"It was a joke." Willow protested weakly.

"But you didn't want it to be?" Buffy guessed, and when Willow didn't reply fast enough she quickly asked her, "Do you remember when I said I didn't just want Faith to be my girlfriend?"

"Yeah." Willow nodded cautiously.

"Well, that's because I want her to be my bitch." Buffy explained, nervously at first, but gradually building up her confidence again, "Faith spent weeks and weeks telling me she was going to make me her little anal loving bitch, but now, I want to make her mine. Oh God Will, it's wrong, but I don't want Faith to be my girlfriend because that would imply we're equals, and I don't want that. Not any more. I want to own her. I want to make every part of that amazing body of hers my property, mmmmmm, but especially that heavenly ass of hers. I, I want to make her my little butt bitch, who bends over whenever I want, and wherever I want. For whoever I want ? Ohhhhhh yesssssss, I love the sound of that. I hadn't really thought about it before, but you and me, sharing her? Taking it in turns with her sweet little back door? Spit roasting her? Doing whatever we want to her? Yeah, I can get on board with that. But I need your help. I'm so close to getting what I want, and I'm terrified I'm going to make the wrong move. You've got to help me Will. Help me make Faith my butt bitch!"

There was a few long deafening seconds of silence, and then Willow grinned, "It would be my pleasure?"

"Really?" Buffy beamed, again thoroughly embarrassed about getting carried away.

"Uh-huh." Willow grinned, approaching the bed again, "Oh my God Buffy, that's so perfect. Faith thinks she's so tough, and bad ass, and cool, when really she just desperately needs to be put in her place. It's so clear to me now! Oh yes, mmmmmmm, big bad Faith Lehane needs to be bent over and butt fucked nice and hard by a couple of butt busting tops, and we could totally be those tops. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, we can totally make Faith our butt bitch!"

"My butt bitch!" Buffy said firmly, "You can help train her, and when she is properly broken in you can totally use her whenever you want. As long as I'm not using her. But she is mine!"

"Understood." Willow blushed in embarrassment.

"Maybe we can get you your own bitch?" Buffy suggested.

"Maybe." Willow agreed, "But we should really focus on Faith first."

"Right." Buffy nodded, "So, any ideas?"

"Well..." Willow pondered thoughtfully, "Have you tried other forms of domination?"

"Duh." Buffy shrugged, "What do you think we were doing in the weeks before the anal? Playing checkers? No, I rode her face plenty of times, and she rode mine, and we fingered each other, and even use toys on our pussies and it was amazing, but none of it had the same effect. It might be different now, but I'm almost afraid to do it, because most of it gives Faith some power over me, and that's the last thing I want right now."

"I meant more things to enhance the domination and humiliation." Willow explained, before asking hopefully, "Like, I don't suppose you thought to take pictures?"

Buffy grinned, and pulled out her phone, "Wanna see my favourites?"

"No, I want to see them all." Willow grinned, getting on the bed next to Buffy, who was finding the first picture.

"There are a few before I popped Faith's anal cherry." Buffy said almost casually, "As you can see Faith had no problem sending me nudes, and she unwittingly sent me plenty of her ass. I mean, clearly she was inviting me to eat her ass, or her pussy from behind, but now it's a wonderful contrast of the confident bitch she was before, compared to this..."

Willow's eyes went wide as she was shown a picture of Faith which was almost unrecognisable from who she had been before. In this picture Faith was actually blushing, her face a delicious mixture of horror and humiliation, and it wasn't hard to see why, given it took Willow several long seconds to even notice the brunette's face as she was so busy staring at Faith's gaping ass hole. Admittedly the picture quality was a little blurry, Buffy obviously capturing her lover in the process of pulling up her pants, but it was clear enough that the cocky Slayer had got her butt thoroughly wrecked. And wrecked by Buffy, making the whole situation that much hotter in Willow's opinion.

"I really like Faith's expression in this one. It's very clearly says 'I've just been exposed as the butt bitch I am', and she's just so cute when she blushes, don't you think?" Buffy asked rhetorically, before flicking to the next picture, "Oh, this is a good one... Faith's butt after I gave her bitch ass it's first spanking. Doesn't she just look so good in red?"

"Oh my God." Willow murmured, muttering her first thing in a long minute.

"I know, right? Mmmmmm, Faith's ass was made to be spanked. And fucked. Mmmmmmm, speaking of which..." Buffy grinned, before switching to the next photo and explaining, "Now this, this is my favourite. I know you can't see her face, but trust me, that's Faith... right after I popped her anal cherry. Mmmmmm God Will, do you have any idea how much I've stared at this photo? Seriously, it's becoming a problem."

"I bet..." Willow murmured, admiring the gape which was just as wide as before, then asking hopefully, "Do you have any during?"

"Huh?" Buffy frowned in confusion, which she later blamed on being distracted by Faith's gaped butt.

"Like, during the butt fucking?" Willow clarified.

"No, but that's a great idea." Buffy beamed, "Thanks Will."

"How about any of her anally masturbating?" Willow suggested.

"No, but I did make her finger her own ass." Buffy boasted with a wicked grin, "You remember when you bumped into me the other day? Well, right after that I went to the bathroom, and got myself off so hard while forcing Faith to cum with her fingers up her butt. Mmmmmm, it was so hot."

"You think you could make her do that again?" Willow asked hopefully.

"I don't know...." Buffy admitted, before grinning wickedly, "Let's find out."

It took a few moments for the other Slayer to answer, and then a clearly hesitant Faith asked, "What?"

Buffy frowned as she heard loud music in the background, "Where are you?"

"A bar." Faith scoffed, "Unlike you I'm not a goody two shoes who studies with her loser best friend when she could be out having a life."

The two friends exchanged a look, Buffy having already put Faith on speaker so Willow could eavesdrop during the conversation, and then Buffy mocked, "Awww, are you missing me?"

"No." Faith scoffed, not sounding very sincere.

"Do you want me to come and find you?" Buffy offered with a wicked grin.

"No!" Faith snapped, sounding very sincere.

"Then go to the bathroom, and stay on the line." Buffy ordered.

There was a moment's pause as Faith clearly considered her options, then just when it sounded like she was moving Willow put her on silent and told Buffy, "Ask her if she has a beer bottle with her, and if she does bring it with her."

Knowing there was no point asking the first part of the question Buffy simply took Faith off silent and ordered her, "Bring your beer with you."

"Why?" Faith whined, before sighing and doing as she was told. Then a short time later she grumbled, "Now what?"

"Stick a finger up your butt." Buffy ordered, "And use the beer for lube. I hear that can help you get drunk faster."

Honestly Willow thought for sure there would be a protest, maybe even a threat of vengeance, but instead the big bad Faith Lehane just whimpered softly and then there was some rustling. In her mind Willow could see it vividly, Faith undoing her pants and then pulling them and her underwear down, before spilling some beer over her fingers and then pushing one of them up her ass. Or at least she was pretty sure that's what was happening, given the little grunt that Faith let out followed by a soft moan. It wasn't enough. She needed physical evidence, and luckily for her she knew just how to get it. Hell, she didn't even have to say something, just give Buffy a look and she obligingly gave the order.

"Take a picture." Buffy ordered, "Take a picture and send it to me."

The line went dead and then a few long seconds later Buffy got a message from Faith, and sure enough that was it! Oh God, Faith Lehane really was fingering her own butt in a public bathroom! Willow didn't think she'd truly believe it if the photographic evidence wasn't staring her in the face. God, she could even see Faith's face in the shot as she awkwardly tried to take a selfie well anally violating herself. And the best part was they were only getting started. Oh yes, Willow had a wicked idea she whispered into Buffy's ear, which made her friend grin wide as she hit speed dial again, Faith now moaning every so often as her humiliation continued.

"Good girl... now add another finger." Buffy ordered, "Mmmmmm yesssssss, add another finger like I'm right there with you, bending you over in the toilets and stretching out your virgin tight ass hole for my cock! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, it feels good, doesn't it? Close your eyes Faith. Close your eyes and imagine I'm right there with you, about to take what's mine. Ohhhhhhh, that I'm about to take my little butt bitch for her favourite kind of ride. Mmmmmm, an anal ride. Oh yes Faith, next time I see you I'm going to ride you like a pony. Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah, I'm going to slam my big girl cock up your tight little lesbo butt and make you cum like the anal loving bitch you are!"

Now it wasn't just Faith's actions which were shocking, but Buffy's too. Which was, weirdly hot. Oh yes, despite her initial nervousness Buffy seemed completely in the zone, like she was when on patrol. Like she was an unstoppable force of will which couldn't be denied, and anyone who tried ended up dusted. Or in the case of Faith, anally fingering herself and moaning like a whore as Buffy told her what to do, explaining in the graphic detail what happened next time they met. And it was wrong, it was so, so wrong, but Willow just couldn't help but slide a hand down into her pants and start rubbing herself to the wonderfully vivid image. And for better or for worse, Buffy seemed way ahead of her.

"Shove the bottle up your butt!" Buffy suddenly ordered.

"B..." Faith complained weakly.

"Don't make me ask again!" Buffy ordered firmly, and then when there was a brief pause gently pushed, "Come on Faith, you've been so good for me, don't ruin it now. Just take that bottle of beer and butt chug for me. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, come on Faith, I hear all the cool kids are doing it. And you want to be cool, don't you? And get drunk faster? So do it! Fuck your own whore ass with a beer bottle you God damn anal slut, and cum like the little butt bitch you are! My butt bitch! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, you're Buffy's little butt bitch! Cum for me bitch, cum for me! Oooooooh, and take a picture of that beer bottle deep in your butt so I can see just how well your training is coming along."

Willow let out a little squeak and waved her hand, prompting Buffy to cover the receiver and lean in so her best friend could whisper into her ear, "Video."

Buffy grinned wickedly and widely, immediately getting it, and then told Faith, "On second thoughts, film it. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want a little porno of big bad Faith Lehane ass fucking herself with a beer bottle like the anal loving bitch she is. My butt bitch! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, I want to watch Buffy's butt bitch sodomise herself with a beer bottle in the middle of a bar until she cums. It'll give me something to finger myself to whenever I want. Well, something else, ha ha. And you're going to do it Faith, and do you know why? Mmmmmm, because if you do, I'll leave you alone for an entire day. But if you don't, mmmmmm, I'll find you, bend you over and butt fuck you with my big, thick dick. Probably spank you first. You know, teach you a lesson for being naughty. And maybe, if you are very, very lucky... I'll take you somewhere private to do it."

"Buffy..." Faith began with a whimper, before getting cut off.

"I know, I know, it's so hard to choose, because you love them both." Buffy chuckled wickedly, before pointing out, "But making me find you, is basically admitting you want to be my bitch, and we both know you're not ready for that. So go ahead Faith, do what you always do, and take the easy way out. Or don't. The choice is yours Faith, mmmmmm, but either way, I win. Again."

Buffy then hung up the phone with a grin and asked Willow, "How was that?"

The blonde then frowned as the redhead just couldn't stop rubbing herself, just like Willow couldn't stop herself from pleading, "Tell me she'll do it! Please?"

There was a brief pause, and then Buffy firmly said, "She'll do it!"

"She'll shove a beer bottle up her butt and fuck herself with it?" Willow pushed.

"Uh-huh, mmmmmm, she'll shove a beer bottle up her butt and fuck herself with it." Buffy smiled, unable to resist pushing a hand down her own pants, "She won't be able to resist. She'll be all hot and horny, and aching to get that tight little Slayer ass of hers filled and fucked. That's what it's for! That's what she's for! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, Faith Lehane likes to act tough and pretend she is a top, but really she is nothing but an anal loving bottom who craves the feeling of something being shoved up her ass. You'll see Will, any minute now my phone is going to receive that video, and you'll see what I see, Faith revealing herself to be a slutty little butt bitch, desperate for a strong, confident top to put her in her place."

Willow closed her eyes and moaned as she could vividly imagine what Buffy was saying as she touched herself in front of her best friend. Which was weird and embarrassing, but she just couldn't stop. She was just too horny at the idea that the big bad Faith Lehane would actually humiliate herself like that. Which seemed impossible, yet if the alternative was to give Buffy an even greater victory over her, the stubborn mule might just do it. Either way Willow could vividly picture it, along with everything else Buffy had said, and continued doing so for the next few minutes, Willow making sure to just gently rub herself so she wouldn't make herself cum, at least not before Faith had a chance to film the video.

Then after maybe 10 minutes Buffy's phone buzzed, both girls holding their breath as they rolled onto their stomachs so they were right next to each other so they could both see the show as Buffy opened a text from Faith. Written in it was the words 'I Fucking Hate You, B!' But honestly Willow barely noticed that, because it came with an attachment. An attachment Buffy opened to reveal a naked girl butt. At first, it could have been anyone, but while she was trying to angle the phone to get her pressing a beer bottle against her butt hole Faith's face appeared on screen, clearly deep in concentration as she tried to sodomise herself while on her knees in a public bathroom. God, that look of embarrassment and awkwardness, but with more than a hint of lust, almost made Willow cum before the good part even happened.

Namely Faith shoving the beer bottle up her ass. Oh God, Faith Lehane actually shoved a fucking beer bottle up her ass. She wasn't gentle about it either. No, clearly wanting to get this over with, she practically rammed half of the bottle inside her in one go. Well, she gently pushed the tip in, presumably so it wouldn't miss, which made her whimper at the humiliating violation, and perhaps out of anticipation too. Then she rammed the neck of the bottle and the first few inches of the thick part into her rectum, and the whore actually cried out in mostly pleasure from it! Fuck, what kind of a whore actually enjoyed something like that? Of course, the answer was simple, an anal whore. Or should that be a butt bitch? Yes, Willow was watching Buffy's butt bitch sodomise herself, and it was the hottest thing she'd ever seen.

Again Willow thought she was going to cum immediately, especially as she just couldn't resist pushing a finger inside herself to coincide with that of the other penetration, but thankfully she managed to resist the urge so she could truly enjoy the show that followed. The wonderfully wicked show of the bad ass Faith Lehane sliding that bottle in and out of her butt hole, slowly at first, but gradually picking up the pace until she was hammering her most private hole like the needy little butt bitch she was. Willow managed to keep up with her, adding another finger along the way and beginning to rub her clit with her thumb. She was pretty sure Buffy was doing the same thing, given the happy little sounds that she was making, that they were both making, but she was laser focused on the little butt bitch in front of her.

The little butt bitch who was making happy little sounds almost as loud as Buffy and Willow, despite being in a public place. And the most adorable thing about it was that Willow could tell she was trying to grind her teeth to prevent those sounds from escaping, but that did virtually nothing, and eventually she just gave up and started moaning loudly like a professional anal prostitute. An professional prostitute who exclusively did anal. That's what Faith sounded like right now. That's what she was right now. Only, unlike a real whore, the sounds weren't exaggerated. No, obviously from the sounds of her moans, whimpers and literal cries the big, tough bad girl Faith Lehane, who Willow had been jealous of and intimidated by for so very long, was loving every minute of it, and was deeply embarrassed about that fact.

Willow wanted to order her to turn her face back to the camera, because that was the only way this could be better. Oh yes, she wanted to see the humiliation and the pleasure she could so vividly imagine being on Faith's face in that moment. But this wasn't live. No, because Faith was back at the bar, laughing at them for being such weird freaks. Or more accurately laughing at Buffy, because she had no idea that Willow was getting off on such a twisted thing. Maybe this was all just one big joke at her expense. Maybe she was the one being filmed right now, and Buffy and Faith would laugh over her freakish ways later. Maybe the video was even fake. Only, it didn't seem fake, and there was certainly nothing fake about what Buffy was doing right now.

Briefly Willow glanced over to her best friend, who was frantically hammering her own pussy by the look of it, building to the same crescendo that Faith was, only without having to humiliate herself in the process. Then it happened! Faith came, her body suddenly tensing up and then shaking as her cum literally squirted out of her cunt and she let out a loud cry which the whole bar probably heard. It was easily the hardest climax Willow had ever seen, easily beating any she had watched on screen, and even beating the one she was having now. And the one Buffy was having! Oh God, all three of them came at exactly the same moment. Well, two of them. Faith had already cum by now, and was probably still feeling it.

At the second she climaxed Faith had shoved more than two thirds of the beer bottle into her tailpipe, meaning it was so deep that Willow wondered if Faith would even be able to get it out. She should have known better than to doubt a Slayer like that. However instead of doing it right away Faith just lay there for a few long seconds, clearly forgetting about the video and humiliation and just enjoying the afterglow of the climax. Then it clearly hit her, and she pulled the bottle out in one fluid motion, and one obscene sound, and then the video froze to show her gaping ass hole, leaking the beer which had been previously in the bottle. Shutting it off at that moment clearly had been a mistake on Faith's part, but there was almost an artistic flair to it, and in Willow's opinion it definitely belonged in an art gallery, because she had never seen anything more beautiful.

Then awkwardness fell over the two friends, as they realised exactly what they had done. Oh God, they had masturbated to climax side by side while watching porn! A porn they had forced their friend to make, no less. This was easily the worst thing that they'd ever done, and the most intimate, and Willow was flooded with the guilt that Buffy must have felt every time she had butt fucked Faith. But Faith couldn't fake those sounds of enjoyment, so clearly they were doing her a favour. And if they were going to share her, they were going to have to get used to cumming in each other's presence. So really, this was just practice for that. Buffy must have thought the same thing, as she gave Willow an awkward, but happy smile.

"So, yeah... this is my big secret. What I've been doing lately." Buffy blushed, unable to meet Willow's eyes.

"I think it's amazing. I think you're amazing." Willow quickly reassured her, "Oh my God Buffy, that was so hot! And you're obviously right, Faith desperately needs a top to put her in her place. Mmmmmm, she needs a butt buster, and from what I've seen, you're definitely the butt buster to do it."

"You think?" Buffy beamed.

"I know!" Willow said firmly, "That cocky little bitch is clearly desperate to become your submissive little bitch. And you clearly don't need help, because you're a natural butt buster, and she's a total butt slut! But, if there's anything I can do to help you, I'll do it. Just please, please, please, consider letting me have a piece of that ass, once you're done training that talking fuck hole!"

"Oh Willow!" Buffy chuckled, "You really are the best friend a girl could have."

Chapter Text

Faith Lehane was quickly running out of places in Sunnydale which was safe. No, that was a lie, no where was safe. Everything in this town reminded her of Buffy Summers, and thinking about that blonde bitch made her think of being B's Butt Bitch. In her shitty motel she remembered losing her anal cherry, and frantically dildoing her ass, both because Buffy told her too, and because she just desperately needed to get herself off anally. In the cemetery she remembered being bent over a tombstone and brutally spanked before her second butt fucking. And at the Bronze she remembered sodomising herself with a beer bottle, which of course made her think of doing that every time she went to a bar.

They were her favourite places in town, but she had to try and avoid them because they were where her submissive memories were most vivid, but they were also vivid just walking the streets. Because again, everything reminded her of Buffy, meaning in her head it was all Buffy butt banging her, all the time. And the worst part? She craved it. Oh God, Faith had always been relentlessly horny, but now it was working against her, as she couldn't stop thinking about doing something no top should even consider. The only thing that made her feel better now was killing things, so she went to every cemetery in Sunnydale, except the one in which she had been anally defiled, and took her frustrations out on the vampires, the Demons and the forces of darkness, patrolling that entire day before finally having to return to her motel.

Her exhaustion turned to fear when she opened the door of her motel to find a half-dozen candles lit around her bed and a smiling Buffy on top of it, "Hey F."

"Hey B." Faith returned the greeting, her eyes narrowing. She wanted to make a run for it, but she couldn't take any more hits to her ego, so she slammed the door behind her while snapping, "What the fuck do you think you're doing here B? Huh? You think you're going to ass fuck me again? Is that it! Well, you can forget it. I ain't no butt bitch, especially not yours. So go ahead and show your little friends those pictures if you want, because I don't care anymore. But if you do, I'll skip town, and you'll never see me again."

"Sounds like you care." Buffy quipped, before quickly adding, "But it's okay. I come in peace."

"You do?" Faith raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah..." Buffy put her hand through her hair, and blushed, "Look, I... I really thought about the way I've been treating you lately, and I'm so sorry. I got carried away, but that's no excuse. Which is why I promise, from now on, I won't ass fuck you unless you ask me too."

Faith blushed at the thought, and insisted, "That will never happen."

Buffy shrugged, and then just continued, "I also wanted to make it up to you by giving you a massage."

Faith scoffed, and stepped menacingly forward, "Why don't you make it up to me by eating my cunt?"

"Later, maybe. But first, foreplay." Buffy insisted, before pointing out, "Come on Faith, more than anyone else ever could, I know how much Slaying takes it out of you, and how afterwards you just want a nice hot bath. Or maybe someone to rub your feet. Or better yet, your entire body. Doesn't that sound good to you? Don't you want me to rub your aching muscles, before I lick your pussy?"

This was a trap, and Faith knew it, but it sounded so good that she just couldn't stop herself from grumbling, "Okay."


It had taken every ounce of her willpower to yell at Buffy the words she had been practising over and over again, instead of bending over, spreading her cheeks and begging for a butt fucking. Which made Faith really proud of herself, and figured she deserved a reward. So a few minutes later they were both naked, Faith lying down flat on her stomach while Buffy sat on her thighs and started rubbing massage oil into her aching back. Which gave her the most wonderful flashbacks. Oh yes, not that long ago it had been the other way around, Buffy of course in her underwear, blushing the whole time as she let Faith seduce her with like the oldest trick in the book. After that they had been giving each other massages all the time, so this wasn't a big deal.

For a few precious moments it felt like things were back to normal. Like they were minutes away from 69'ing, constantly flipping each other over as they fought to be on top. Maybe Faith could even take B's butt cherry, and they could put all this nonsense behind them. Oh yes, Faith thought that and more throughout the long, wonderful minutes that Buffy massaged her aching back, before she realised she had fallen for her own trick, the oldest trick in the book, as ultimately those hands went south. Which before was no big deal, and something they did all the time, but now Buffy touching her butt bought back different memories, and this act alone robbed Faith of her renewed confidence and turned her into a whimpering butt bitch again.

Buffy's hands had been aching to touch Faith's butt throughout the little massage, and she too let out a little whimper of joy when her hands finally slid over those well-rounded globes. God, it truly was a travesty that she hadn't taken this butt as soon as Faith showed up, and when she finally took it she felt an ounce of shame about it. Willow was so right, Faith was nothing but a walking fuck hole, who desperately needed to be put in her place. And Willow was going to help her do it. Oh yes, Buffy thought smiling gratefully at Willow for giving her this idea. An idea which should have been so obvious, and yet somehow her best friend needed to pointed out. Oh well, the important thing was that she had her butt bitch right where she wanted her, the self-proclaimed top of course doing nothing to stop her like the total bottom she truly was.

Even as Buffy focused on that perfect ass, making it pretty clear what her true intentions were, Faith just whimpered as her butt was groped like a piece of meat. Oh yes, Buffy squeezed, and fondled, and even pinched those meaty cheeks for what felt like hours, before spreading those cheeks apart and admiring the greatest prize on Earth, a.k.a. Faith Lehane's virgin tight butt hole. It was something which would have made Buffy say 'ewww' only a few months ago, and a week ago she would have ignored it in favour of Faith's pussy, which was soaking wet BTW, but now she had only eyes for the other girl's ass hole. Which literally made her salivate, lick her lips, and ultimately lean down to slide her tongue over that forbidden hole.

"Fuck B!" Faith moaned.

"What?" Buffy grinned, unable to stop herself making a quip, "I said I was going to give you a massage. I didn't say what part of you I was going to massage, mmmmmmm, and what part of me was going to do it."

In response Faith only whimpered pathetically as Buffy dived her head back down and gave her back hole another long, slow lick. Faith then continued whimpering nervously, but she couldn't stop herself from moaning and crying out as Buffy settled into a steady rhythm, sliding her tongue over the other girl's back door. Which was kind of ironic, as Faith had been trying to talk Buffy into giving her a rim job ever since they first started having sex. Hell, Buffy wouldn't even let Faith lick her ass because she was afraid where it may lead. And now it was Buffy who was embracing the most twisted sexual acts imaginable, and loving every second of it, and wishing she tried them sooner.

Part of the problem was she couldn't have possibly imagined that Faith's ass would taste good, but it did. Admittedly not as good as her pussy, but the added thrill more than made up for it. After all, Buffy wasn't just eating out an ass, she was getting it ready for her to fuck. Faith had to have no doubt of that, and yet she wasn't stopping her. No, the so-called butt busting top was moaning as her butt hole was lovingly licked in preparation for a big toy to be shoved into it. Which Buffy was desperate to do, but she was really loving the taste of Faith's ass, so she lingered on the rim job, eventually beginning to swirl her tongue around that back hole as well as simply up and down. She even tried pushing her tongue inside it, however the virgin tight orifice wouldn't let her through. Oh well, she knew that something would be penetrating Faith's ass tonight. Or more accurately, somethings.

Faith had fantasised about having Buffy's pretty little face in between her cheeks since pretty much the moment she met her. Admittedly it wasn't the main thing she fantasised about, and unlike many of these fantasies the reality wasn't better than she dreamt, because this wasn't Buffy begging Faith to fuck her butt, or the brunette sitting on the blonde's face as a sign of dominance. No, this was now very clearly Buffy preparing to give her yet another butt fucking, and instead of freaking out and pushing her away, like she should be doing, Faith found herself desperately biting her lip to stop her from begging to strap on a dick already in shove every inch of it into her slutty little pooper.

She also tried to prevent herself from making it obvious that she was enjoying this as much as she was, but that was a losing battle, as ultimately Faith moaned, gasped and whimpered like a little bitch desperate for more of that wicked tongue playing with her butt. And boy, did she get it, the prim and proper Buffy Summers shoving her face as deep as it would go in between her cheeks and shamelessly hammering Faith's back door. For better or for worse she didn't get through, and unfortunately part of Faith was disappointed with that. It was the same part of her which was overjoyed when her top pulled back, spat on her ass hole, and then pushed a finger, which was still covered in massage oil, slowly through that back door, and as deep as it could go into her booty.

"Fuck Faith, mmmmmmmm, FUCK!" Buffy moaned shamelessly, before adding dreamily, "I keep forgetting just how tight you are."

In response, the big bad Vampire Slayer Faith Lehane... whimpered like a little bitch and buried her face in the bed sheets to try and muffle her moans of pleasure as the clearly Superior Slayer... the superior woman, began pumping that finger in and out of her bottom, causing her an obscene amount of pleasure. Or maybe that was just because she was vividly remembering how hard she came like a little butt bitch every time something had been up her shitter, especially when being wielded by Buffy Summers. It was probably a combination of both, not that it really matters. All that mattered was that Faith lay there for what felt like an eternity getting her butt fingered, until she finally found the strength to muster up a complaint.

"You, you promised..." Faith began weakly, before swallowing and then managing to force out, "You promised you wouldn't ass fuck me again. Not unless I ask you too."

"Oh Faith, this doesn't count." Buffy scolded her, like she was being silly, "You said it yourself when you tried to talk me into taking it up the butt. You remember? Huh? What did you say?"

"I..." Faith blushed, before crying out as Buffy used her free hand to smack her ass roughly, "Ah fuck!"

"Say it!" Buffy pushed,, raising her hand again.

"It, oh God, mmmmmmm, it doesn't count as anal unless it's a cock." Faith blurted out, blushing again.

"Right, which you knew was totally sketchy territory, just like the way you manipulated me into bed with you that first time." Buffy pointed out, "Which obviously worked out for the best, but to be fair, you did give me the chance to tell me to stop. So that's what I'm doing now. So do it. Tell me to stop Faith. Or, tell me to fuck you. Just please, be honest what you want."

There was an extremely long pause as Faith questioned how she should respond to that, which in itself was deeply telling, and embarrassing. She should have instantly told B to fuck off, that she wasn't a fucking bottom, and she'd never do anything as embarrassing as actually ask for it up the ass. But... she wanted to sooooooo bad! Her ass ached to be fucked, ideally by the kind of powerful top Buffy Summers had proven herself to be. And even if she did it, it wouldn't be her fault, because she had been manipulated into it, so it would be okay, right? It would have to be, because in that moment Faith just couldn't say no, even if saying yes was one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do.

"Do it." Faith finally said weakly.

Buffy smirked, slowly pulled her finger from Faith's butt and slowly sucked it clean, before pushing, "Do what?"

"B?" Faith whined.

"F?" Buffy mockingly whined back, and then smacking Faith's ass and demanding, "Say it!"

"Ah fuck me!" Faith swore into the bed sheets, like her last few responses, then she lifted her head up and growled, "Fuck me B, fuck me hard!"

Silence fell over them as Buffy got up, retrieved a nice big dildo and strapped it to herself right in front of Faith, and then while she covered it with lube she asked, "Fuck you where?"

Faith gave her a look instead to say, seriously, and then she snapped, "Fuck my ass! Fuck me in the butt B! Fuck me up the fucking ass! Butt fuck me like a bitch! Oh God, I wanna be fucked like a bitch. I want... I want you to fuck me back there, in my shit hole! Fucking wreck it! Fucking pound my pooper B, pound it and make me your bitch, if you can."

Buffy savoured this latest victory over Faith by spreading one of those meaty cheeks with one hand, and sliding the tip of her lube covered cock up and down the other girl's ass crack. This of course made her fellow Slayer whimper pathetically, and then the mighty supernatural warrior cried out as she was slowly anally violated. Oh yes, Buffy pushed forwards as slowly as possible, savouring every little second of watching Faith's shit hole stretching for her, until finally the head of the dildo got through the meagre defences of her personal butt bitch and into her ass. Fuck, Faith's ass hole was wrapped around the head of her cock, making Buffy let out a little groan of pure lust.

Honestly Buffy came dangerously close to slamming every single inch of that big cock inside Faith's butt and hammering her bitch's rectum until she made the other girl squirt again. Especially because unlike most women it was something only a Slayer could take. But there was a small chance Faith would rebel against such a quick anal stuffing. More importantly, Buffy wanted to savour every moment of taking what was hers. Although, she really liked the thought of taking her butt bitch so roughly, and promised to do it once her fellow Slayer was properly broken in. For now Buffy would simply concentrate on giving Faith's whore ass what it so richly deserved nice and slowly, the two superpowered women letting out a lot more whimpers, cries, gasps and moans as one anally stuffed the other.

After what felt like a wonderful eternity Buffy's thighs came to rest against Faith's butt cheeks, announcing that once again every inch of her dick was buried in her fellow Slayer's bowels. Although perhaps more to the point, because Faith was lying down flat, their legs and upper bodies were pressed against each other too, Buffy then placing her arms over Faith's and just resting her head beside hers, so that her body was literally topping the other supernatural warrior. It almost felt like she was drowning her out, consuming her, taking everything that had been the cocky, arrogant Faith Lehane and making it hers. Which was so overwhelming, Buffy just had to close her eyes for a few long seconds.

Then Faith broke the silence by whimpering, "B..."

"Shhhhhh..." Buffy cooed softly, before growling, "Just take it like the bitch you are!"

Not wanting to give Faith any other chance to protest Buffy started pumping her hips gently back and forth, causing a series of short sharp thrusts which only had a few inches of dildo sliding in and out of Faith's ass hole. That alone had Faith moaning in pleasure, relaxing into the bed sheets and forgetting all about her silly delusions of being a top, and not liking it up the butt. It was such a sudden change Buffy had to laugh, which thankfully more came out as a soft chuckle, somewhat muffled against the other girl's shoulder. Faith was so obviously an anal slut, and Willow was totally right, it meant that she could probably get away with anything while there was a dick in the other Slayer's ass. A theory she was eager to put to the test.

Faith couldn't believe she had actually asked for this. That she had been tricked into asking for it! And that it felt so good! Oh God, why did it always have to feel so good to get fucked up her ass? Only, this was worse than those other times, because her rectum relaxed in record time to the point she was feeling nothing but pure pleasure. Hell, even the pain and discomfort of having her shitter stretched out and filled was insanely pleasurable, which was either a sign that Buffy was getting ridiculously good at this, even more than before, or more likely that her ass was getting sluttyer. Actually both was the most likely explanation, but Faith was most ashamed of the latter, and the fact that she couldn't seem to ask B to stop it. Then things only got even worse for her when the blonde suddenly flipped their positions.

"Ride me." Buffy ordered once she was comfortable in this new position, "Mmmmmm yessssssss Faith, be a good little butt bitch and ride me with your bitch hole."

It took Faith a few long seconds to realise what had even happened, then it hit her. This was her chance to escape. To get up and off of Buffy, like any respectable top would. Because surely, she couldn't claim to be a top, if she didn't, could she? No, her life as she knew it would truly be over, and she would be nothing but B's Butt Bitch. And yet, she couldn't do it. She couldn't get up. Or more accurately she couldn't get very far, only pushing her crotch a few inches into the air before bringing it back down again and repeating the process, beginning to abuse her own ass hole on B's dick, causing the blonde to chuckle wickedly in triumph again. And why wouldn't she, when she had scored another victory over Faith? Hell, if the roles had been reversed Faith would have done a lot more than chuckle, and sure enough in time so did Buffy.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmmm, ride me just like that, good girl!" Buffy gushed happily, "Ooooooooh yesssssss, you're being such a good girl for me Faith. Mmmmmm, a good little butt bitch, mmmmmm fuck yeah, ride me you skanky little anal ho! Yesssssss, you like that, don't you? Yeahhhhhhhh, big bad Faith Lehane just loves a big dick in her ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, let me see it! Oh yeah Faith, sit up and lean forward. Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, I wanna see that booty bounce for me. Do it! Now Faith! Come on, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, be a good little butt bitch and please your top."

Honestly Faith should have kicked Buffy's ass for half the things she just said, but instead after just a brief pause she did as she was told, sitting up so she was in the reverse cowgirl position, and beginning to really bounce up and down, causing Buffy to chuckle and taunt her even more, and smack her jiggling cheeks, basically treating her like the butt bitch she was in that moment. Not even Faith could deny that, although she wished she could. She couldn't even convince herself that this was her body betraying her. Well, it was, but she could have stopped it if she really wanted. But no, she didn't want this to stop. Or more accurately, Faith wanted to stop anally riding B's dick, but she needed it like she needed oxygen in that moment. Just like she did the taunting Buffy was gleefully giving her.

"Look at yourself Faith! Look in the mirror!" Buffy demanded, only having to move them over a little bit as Faith was facing her full-length mirror. Faith was hesitant to look of course, but with one more firm command she hesitantly did as she was told, "Look at it! What do you see? Do you see a butt busting top? Now, be honest with yourself? Oh wait, you totally can see a butt busting top! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, because you're riding her big dick with your slutty little bitch hole. That's what you're doing Faith. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, that's what you're doing, because you're a bottom. A pure anal loving bottom, who's got a butt that's clearly made for fucking. That's what you see, isn't it? Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, a beautiful bottom completely lost in the pleasure of taking it up her bitch ass!"

"I'm not..." Faith whimpered, lowering her gaze.

"Not what?" Buffy pushed, "Not a bottom? Can you even look yourself in the eye and say that?"

With all the stubbornness she could muster Faith looked at herself in the mirror and firmly said, "I am not a bottom!"

There was a brief pause, and then Buffy laughed, "Good for you, but we both know you're lying to yourself. Which is cute, it really is. But let's pretend for a minute you're a switch. Because let's face it, you love cock up the ass way too much to be a pure top. But even if you are a switch, there can be no doubt that you're my little butt bitch, and until you can admit that, and mean it, you won't be allowed to cum."

Which actually made Faith whimper with relief. Switch! How could she have forgotten about switches! Yes, she'd rather be a pure top, but being a switch was better than being a pure bottom. Anything was better than that. Not that she actually wanted to have to admit that to B of course, but if it means the difference between going without the ecstasy of cumming with a cock up her ass Faith would do what she had too. In the hope that she could avoid that, though she started bouncing up and down faster on that dick. Of course, even though she tried to do it slowly and sneakily B was expecting it, and used her full supernatural strength to brutalise Faith's butt into stopping.

"Bad girl, bad. No cumming without permission." Buffy laughed, before sitting up and hugging Faith tightly to her to stop her momentum, and then she growled in her ear, "Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, no cumming for you. Not yet. Mmmmmm, you have to earn that first. So go ahead Faith, mmmmmm, do it. If you really want to cum so bad, just tell me that you're my butt bitch and you love it up the ass."

Faith whimpered, hung her head in shame, and then after a few long seconds softly mumbled, "I'm your butt bitch and I like it up the ass."

"I can't hear you." Buffy pushed.

There was another long pause, and then with a deep calming breath Faith said as loudly and as confidently as she could, "I'm your butt bitch and I like it up the ass."

Yet another brief pause, then Buffy shrugged and leaned back, "I know you mean it, but I expect better from my butt bitch. So, denied. Keep bouncing and try again later. Mmmmmm, and maybe next time, put a little more effort into it."

That was the worst humiliating thing about this, that Faith had meant those words, the realisation hitting her like a truck as she sat there with a huge dick up her shitter. Then of it's own accord her body started bouncing up and down, her traitorous ass hole desperately craving more of that abuse. Which felt so good a blissfully happy, and submissive, smile crossed her face as the once mighty pure top became completely lost in the joy of taking it up the ass for her rival, yet again. Or at least, the girl who used to be her rival. Yeah, they had been rivals since Faith became a Slayer, and the brunette had been confident that she could make the blonde her bitch, but that just wasn't how it went down. No, Faith had underestimated Buffy Summers, and now she was taking it up the butt. For the third time in a row, no less.

"Turn around." Buffy suddenly ordered.

Initially Faith just looked over her shoulder, waiting for the command, but when she got this expectant look she nervously turned her body around on the dildo. She even lifted herself up just enough so that the toy wouldn't leave her cock hungry ass. At least not all the way. No, only about half of the strap-on left her shit hole, and then Faith welcomed it back with a long moan. Her eyelids fluttered closed in the process, but she quickly opened them again once she received a hard smack to her rump. She then whimpered at the evil smile her top was giving her, Faith whimpering again blushing furiously as she realised what she had just thought. It was true though. She might not be a pure bottom, but she wasn't a pure top either. Not like Buffy freaking Summers. Her top! The woman who had made Faith her little butt bitch who loves it in the ass.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" Buffy asked.

Faith whimpered, closed her eyes, swallowed and then whispered, "I'm your butt bitch."

There was a brief pause, then Buffy shrugged, "Not good enough."

"No! Wait!" Faith exclaimed loudly, before admitting softly, "I mean it."

"Mean what?" Buffy pushed.

"That I'm your butt bitch." Faith blushed, then explaining herself slowly, "I'm, ohhhhhhhh, I'm not a bottom... but I'm not a top either. Not when you're around. Mmmmmm fuck yes, I'm a butt busting stud, but you're a fucking ass wrecking goddess! Shit B, you're a total Alpha! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, never thought I'd meet a bigger top than me. Oh shit, a top of tops, but you're it. Oh fuck me, Buffy Summers is so great at everything, even this. Soooooooo fucking good she has a total bad ass like me loving it up the fucking butt! Ah fuck B, you made me your butt bitch! Buffy's butt bitch! Mmmmmm yesssssssss, oooooooooh Gooooooooddddddddd, all I wanna be is Buffy's little butt bitch!"

Those words hung in the air for a few long seconds, then Buffy ordered, "Increase your pace."

"You don't believe me?" Faith whimpered, before crying out as the other Slayer smacked her ass with both hands as hard as she could.

"I do." Buffy grinned, "But I'm not ready to let you cum yet. So be a good little butt bitch and do as you're told. Mmmmmm, let's see how close you can get to orgasm without actually getting there."

Which was incredibly frustrating, but Faith felt like she had no choice but to obey, little tears of need, anger and despair beginning to flow down her cheeks as she slowly started increasing the pace until she was on the very edge of climax. Oh God, she was relentlessly hammering her ass hole up and down another woman's strap-on, and she was loving every second of it. Which couldn't have been more obvious as despite the crying, she was also loudly moaning, whimpering and crying out in pleasure, and the frustration at not being able to cum. And the entire time B squeezed her butt and grinned wickedly up at her. Shit, Buffy had won again. Beat her again! And was gloating about it. As she should be, under the circumstances, but it didn't make it any less agonising, to the point Faith just had to do something about it.

"Please B, make me cum!" Faith begged desperately, "Let me cum like a little bitch with a dick in my ass! Please? I need it! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, I need to cum like the little butt bitch I am!"

"What are you?" Buffy pushed, smacking Faith's ass again.

Faith frowned in confusion, then hesitantly repeated again, "I'm, I'm your butt bitch? Ah!"

"Again!" Buffy growled with another smack.

"I'm your butt bitch!" Faith replied, this time without hesitation.

"AGAIN!" Buffy demanded loudly with an even harder smack than before.

"I AM YOUR BUTT BITCH!" Faith screamed at the top of her lungs.

"And what am I?" Buffy pushed with another hard smack.

"A TOP!" Faith cried out, and then when she received another smack she continued, deep down knowing what she had to say, but hesitating, "You're a top, a way better top than me! Ah shit, an Alpha female! Ah fuck, a top of tops! Ah God, you're... you're my top."

Buffy paused for a minute to smirk with triumph, and then after one last smack she ordered, "Good girl! Mmmmmmm, now... you can make yourself cum, as long as you repeat that for me."

There was a brief pause as Faith whimpered pathetically, but then she did as she was told, repeating over and over again, "YOU'RE MY TOP! YOU'RE MY TOP AND I'M YOUR BUTT BITCH! YOU'RE MY TOP AND I'M YOUR BUTT BITCH YOU'RE MY TOP AND I'M YOUR BUTT BITCH YOU'RE MY TOP AND I'M YOUR BUTT BITCH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

It was pretty clear exactly what Buffy wanted her to repeat, but it was devastating for Faith to actually repeat those words over and over again like that. Which was the whole point, as it was perhaps more effective than the cock up her ass. She'd survived a cock up the butt twice now without being fully broken, and maybe she could just about survive a third, but there was no way she'd ever be the same again after repeating those words, and frantically hammering her ass up and down on a dick with every ounce of her strength. Thankfully she didn't remain coherent for long, her inevitable orgasm costing her the ability to think or speak coherently, but even as she was consumed by pleasure Faith felt like a Caterpillar going into a fucking cocoon, and when she came out she would be a total butt slut desperate for dick in her ass. Or at least, even more so than she was now.

Buffy had been aware of Faith cumming incredibly hard the last few times she had sodomised her, but it was totally different to see it from this perspective. To be fair she couldn't be sure it was exactly the same as before, as the added humiliation Buffy had forced upon her fellow Slayer might be causing Faith to cum even harder than before, but at the same time, deep down she knew it was at least in the ballpark. Which was breath-taking, considering Faith's cum violently squirted out of her cunt, at one point the so-called top leaning back so far Buffy thought some of that squirt would end up in her eyes. It got pretty close, but mostly it just landed on her stomach and onto her tits. But again it was impressive, as was the way the other girl's body shook and she screamed hysterically.

It was a far cry from the super confident flirt Buffy had met what felt like a lifetime ago, and she loved it. God, she loved seeing Faith like this. Free from delusions of grandeur, and free to be who she truly was. Buffy's butt bitch! Something Buffy tried to make crystal clear by beginning to thrust upwards into her bitch's butt. At first it was just occasionally, still wanting Faith to do most of the work, but the second the other Slayer started slowing down the blonde sat up and started slamming the brunette's butt hole with every ounce of her supernatural strength. Which made the mighty Faith Lehane squeal in ecstasy, as her top made her cum wonderfully hard once again.

After sodomising her fellow Slayer in that position for several minutes Buffy flipped Faith onto her back and started brutalising her butt again. Probably more out of instinct than a conscious desire to please her top Faith wrapped her arms and legs around Buffy, which the blonde took as an invitation to slam fuck the brunette's ass even harder. Which probably should have been impossible, but somehow Buffy found a way. Maybe more accurately, both Slayers did, as it was still very much the two of them working together to make sure this truly was a rectum wrecking, the bottom pushing her booty up to meet the thrusts of the top, while making these wonderful sounds, and having this expression on her face which was just begging for her butt to be more brutalised.

Only too happy to oblige Buffy continued wrecking Faith's rectum for what felt like an eternity, and the reality was probably at least an hour in total, both Slayers experiencing wonderful climaxes in the process. Buffy tried to hold hers back so she'd last longer, but it was no use, as the sheer joy of defiling Faith's ass would have probably made her cum. That combined with the other end of the harness bashing against her clit meant she had no choice, but to her credit she powered through it and the several more that followed. Ultimately though Buffy collapsed down onto Faith, and then slowly rolled off of her, the strap-on exiting the other girl's ass hole with an obscene sound, and then the two supernatural warriors were just left laying there, gasping for breath for several long minutes.

Then Buffy softly asked, "What are you?"

Of all the pauses that night this was the longest, or at least it felt that way, and then Faith mumbled almost too softly for Buffy to hear, "Your bitch."

Grinning widely Buffy pushed, "I can't hear you."

"I'm... I'm your bitch." Faith groaned, and then before the other girl could insist even more she continued, "I'm B's butt bitch! Fuck B, mmmmmmm, that was amazing. I can't believe your this much of a top."

Buffy couldn't believe it either, but instead of saying thatshe pushed things even more, "Well I am, mmmmmmm, and now you finally learned your place, there is going to be some changes around here."

"Whatever you want B. Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah, make me cum like that again, and we can do whatever you want." Faith smiled dreamily, still a little cum drunk.

"Prove it!" Buffy pushed, jumping on the advantage, smacking her butt hard enough to make that booty jiggle, "Spread your cheeks! Show me your gaped butt!"

There was a brief pause, then Faith swore, even as she did as she was told, "Fuck B, never thought you'd be into this twisted shit."

Honestly neither did Buffy, but she couldn't deny she had been frantically fingering herself to pictures of Faith's gaping ass hole, or that she really, really wanted to see her handiwork right now. Which for some reason she found just as weirdly beautiful an hot as before, except maybe now even more so because Instead of capturing a glimpse of it on camera Faith was submissively presenting it to her as a sign of her submission. It was an overwhelming gesture which Buffy was lost in for a few long seconds, before quickly grabbing her phone and taking a pic, so she could show Willow later, and more importantly, be able to see this whenever she wanted. The so-called bad ass Faith Lehane displaying her gaped ass hole like the butt bitch she was always meant to be.

"Are you done?" Faith whined after a while, proving she wasn't completely broken, at least not yet.

"Oh Faith..." Buffy smiled, "I'm just getting warmed up. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you kept running away from me after I butt fucked you, but there's no where to go now. So guess what? Welcome to Anal Night! Oh yes, all anal, all the time. I'm gonna fuck your ass, and fuck your ass, and fuck your ass until there's nothing left of you except a mindless anal whore, desperate to please me."

"Please no... B, my ass is so sore." Faith whimpered, lifting herself up onto all fours and looking over her shoulder so she could desperately plead, "Can't I eat you out or something? Just please, give my butt a break."

"Well, there might be something..." Buffy said thoughtfully, "Hey, wasn't there something you were going to do to me after anal? What was it now... oh yeah, ATM."

"No! Please, I can't-" Faith protested.

"It's either that or another ass fucking." Buffy firmly stated.

There was a brief pause, then Faith hung her head in shame, and then slowly turned around and crawled towards Buffy. Oh my God, Buffy thought, she was actually going to do it. She was just teasing. Wasn't she? She certainly hadn't meant the ultimatum, because of course if Faith insisted that they stop, or just not go ass to mouth, she would have accepted it, but did Buffy really want Faith to stick a dildo which had just been deeply entrenched in her ass into her mouth? Apparently the answer to that was yes, because as much as the blonde might have wanted to deny it she was really getting off on this, as it was forcing another level of submission upon the supposedly dominant brunette, one which greatly enhanced everything she had just done to her.

Despite her confess love for rim jobs, both giving and receiving, and an insistence that Buffy would love the taste of her own butt, it seemed this was another thing Faith was hesitant to try. Of course, that just meant it was unsurprising when she moaned almost instantly at the flavour. Just before that she scrunched up her nose in disgust and squeezed her eyes tightly shut, only for her face to relax almost instantly, and although she kept her eyes closed it seemed more like she was savouring the flavour more than anything else. Faith certainly began sucking that cock fairly eagerly, and loudly, and bobbing her head up and down, much to the increasing glee of Buffy.

Although she asked for this on a whim Buffy was determined to make this a very permanent thing between them, as like everything else involved with anal the blonde found out she loved it, as long as she wasn't on the receiving end. Hopefully Willow would agree, because Buffy made sure to get pictures of that too, and was eager to show her best friend them as prove how far Faith's training had come in a single night, and the little anal slut was clearly desperate to be her butt bitch. Oh yes, she and Willow would be sharing Faith's ass in no time at this rate. But this wasn't the time to concentrate on that. Not when the two Slayers had a night of non-stop anal sex in front of them.

Something Buffy gleefully reminded her bitch, "Good girl, suck my cock! Yessssssss, mmmmmmmm, take it deep! Deep down your throat you little cock sucker. Get every drop of your ass juice, and prove to me you're not only an anal slut, but an ass to mouth slut! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh Faith, you're such a good butt bitch for me. Oh God, we're going to have so much fun together. Sooooooo much fun, now you know your place. Oh yes, mmmmmmm, clean that cock good Faith, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, because it's going right back up your butt. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm just getting started with your ass. Yeahhhhhhhh, I'm gonna fuck that slutty little bitch hole of yours in every position possible, oh fuck yes, make you scream my name, mmmmmmm, as I butt bang my butt bitch all night long."

Faith's only response was to whimper pathetically, and continue sucking that ass flavoured cock.

Chapter Text

Faith Lehane was a Vampire Slayer. Unlike perfect Buffy Summers who juggled a social life and school in between her real job, Faith had no such distractions, so the norm for her was to sleep during the day, and then 'party' all night long. Or at least, sleep during the morning. Unfortunately, that wasn't really an option for her this morning, which was a great source of shame and embarrassment. Why? Because she'd had a sleepover with allegedly prim and proper Buffy Summers, and not only had they spent all night fucking, but B had woken her up for morning sex before she went to school. Which on paper was actually a dream come true, if it wasn't for the fact that Faith had been relentlessly ass fucked the entire time.

If you take out the brakes, mostly for Faith to suck her own ass off B's dick, it was a probably about 6 hours nonstop anal pounding last night, followed by another hour this morning. Fuck, they had even passed out mid-butt fuck, meaning what little sleep they did get was with that big strap-on dildo buried as deep as it could go into Faith's ass. So sleeping wasn't exactly an option right now, because Faith's ass hurt too damn much, and all she could really do was lay flat on her stomach and whimper pathetically as B finally left her alone to go to her precious school. Which for better or for worse, was becoming the norm for the Slayers. Better because of the incredible orgasms she received from there, and even the pleasure of the ass fucking, but Faith didn't know how much more of the humiliation she could take without her mind completely shattering.

The worst part was that even right after B had pulled her cock out of Faith's brutalized back hole for a final time before going to school, pausing of course to mock her butt bitch by cooing at how cute her gaping ass hole was, Faith had wanted more. She couldn't even deny it anymore, as it was obvious. She craved being butt fucked by a true Alpha female. Because she may not look it, but that was exactly what Buffy Summers was. Which ironically was probably the only saving grace about this whole situation. Because if Faith was going to be anyone's butt bitch she was glad she was B's butt bitch, as at least it meant she was submitting to someone on her level.  And honestly, given who had ended up on top, someone on a level above her. Which was always preferable to an almost human doing it, like say, that wannabe Witch Willow Rosenberg.

Unfortunately in her current state even the idea of that humiliation was arousing, and Faith was unable to resist reaching down and rubbing her constantly horny cunt. At this point it was hard to tell whether it was because she was a Slayer, or because she was just a massive anal slut, but Faith constantly craved butt sex, to the point where she could no longer be satisfied by just rubbing her pussy. No, she needed someone stretching her ass, so that really this was just motivation to get up and get it. And when she finally did, she didn't immediately grab one of her toys and shove it straight up her ravenous ass. No, she made it worse on herself by checking out the state of her back hole in her full length mirror.

She wasn't even sure why, but all of a sudden Faith found herself bending over, spreading her cheeks and looking back to study her own butt hole. Unsurprisingly it was still a cavernous ruin, the back hole stretched wide and the back passage stretched deep, allowing Faith to see deep into her own bowels. Which enhanced the humiliation she was feeling tenfold, but she just couldn't look away, it was just turning her on so much. God, she'd got carried away when pounding some bitch's butt, maybe more times than what was advisable, but she never gaped an ass so wide and deep. Fuck, B was such a stud. Something Faith was compelled to immortalize, just to further humiliate herself.

Of course B had taken a shot of her gaped butt hole just before she left, but that didn't stop Faith from grabbing her phone and taking a few shots herself. She even sent one to Buffy. Faith tried to tell herself it was to distract Buffy from her school work, but deep down she knew if it came down to it she would lose a sexting war, just like she always had lately. Which was ironic, because the first time they had done it she'd won in a landslide, but ever since getting robbed of her anal cherry things had totally flipped, and now Faith was the one getting effortlessly topped. And sure enough she soon received a reply which made her weak at the knees, due to how humiliating and true it was.

Anal whore, Buffy texted with a laughing emoji. Which was quickly followed up with, Are you fingering yourself right now?

Yeah B, Faith immediately responded.

In the ass, like a good Butt Bitch?


Like what?

Like a good little Butt Bitch.

Show me.

Faith stared at those two last words for a few long seconds, not because she was confused, although she wished she could tell herself she was. No, she knew exactly what B wanted, it was just that it was almost unbearably humiliating to actually give it to her. But of course, eventually she did, once again reaching behind herself and taking some photos of her ass. Which was even more humiliating now as she was using the fingers on her other hand to violate her bitch hole. She even did her best to capture the moments that the fingers slid in and out of her back door, which wasn't easy with the other hand pulling apart her meaty cheeks, but she just about did it, and send them to Buffy.

Nice. Now add another finger. Buffy texted her response quickly, And film it.

Again Faith briefly stood there dumbly at the command, then whimpered pathetically as she did as she was told. She shouldn't, but she just couldn't help herself. It was so hot to be ordered around like this, and forced to act like such a bottom. Especially considering Buffy was in school at that very moment, possibly surrounded by her stupid little friends, all of them eager and ready to laugh at what an anal whore the once proud Faith Lehane had become. Although hopefully that wasn't the case, and B was locked securely behind a toilet stall or something, headphones in, so the only person who could see Faith's shameful act was the superior Slayer.

Just in case Faith tried to keep her moans of pleasure to a minimum, and keep her face out of the shot. Both of which weren't exactly easy to do at the best of times, and right now she was getting one hell of a distraction in the form of the anal masturbation. Especially when she pushed that extra finger inside, which was quickly followed by another as Faith was eager to get this humiliation over with, and more importantly to cum. Of course just in case B used it as an excuse to punish her Faith was sure to first put an end to the filming and send it to her fellow Slayer. Not that she really had enough time to finish herself off before Buffy gave her another, which was even more humiliating than last.

Good girl. Good little Butt Bitch. Buffy typed, with sadistic glee no doubt, Now get a nice big strap-on dildo. Live-stream it, and imagine it's me doing it. Oh yes, imagine it's me fucking your bitch ass. I want to hear my little anal whore moan for me while she butt fucks herself in the middle of the day.

This time Faith was just too horny to even hesitate. Of course she wasn't counting the few seconds it took to suck her fingers clean, mostly because she was grabbing a strap-on in the process. Then she positioned herself face down on the bed, and reached for the appropriate tools. Admittedly she wasn't as familiar with position, but it did allow herself to literally bury her face in the bed sheets and disguise the fact that it was her doing it. It would even muffle her sounds of pleasure. Although admittedly, the main reason for doing it was it made the fantasy so much more vivid that it was actually Buffy doing this to her. And Faith just liked the humiliation of being face down, ass up for her self-inflicted sodomy.

Once she was in position Faith very slowly pushed the head of the cock into her butt hole, which after the rectum wrecking she had received last night slid into her ass like a hot knife through butter. Which again, was unbearably humiliating, but Faith didn't care anymore. She just needed it. Needed that cock in her ass like she needed oxygen, no matter how humiliating it was. In fact at this point the humiliation only added to her enjoyment, which was maybe the worst part of this. Which only continued to be the case as slowly but surely she pushed the entire length of the dildo into her butt, and then began slowly pushing it in and out, and thus officially beginning to sodomize herself.

Which made her whimper pathetically, but not quite as loudly as it made her moan in pure pleasure. Oh yes, the once mighty Faith the Vampire Slayer loved getting her ass fucked, ideally by that stud Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this would do in a pinch. Especially if she used her other hand to rub her clit, something B normally stopped her from doing, as she'd liked when the supposedly mighty Faith Lehane came just from getting fucked up the ass. Meaning she'd probably get punished for this later, but Faith just didn't care in that moment. No, all that mattered was getting off, something she was already so close to she could practically taste it. Especially when she concentrated on the fantasy that it was good girl Buffy Summers doing this to her.

Back when they first met Faith wouldn't have thought Buffy was capable of doing half the stuff she'd seen her do, and particularly the things she'd gleefully done to her. And not just the hellacious rectum wreckings, but the downright filthy things that she told her in the process. Admittedly, and ironically, Faith deserved the lion share of the credit. But also, B had proven beyond a shadow of a doubt there was a darkness in which came out of her at times like this. Which was something Faith was very much focusing on now as she got closer and closer to climax, the Buffy in her head yelling all kinds of abuse at her, including telling her she was a good little butt bitch, who clearly loved it up her slutty little ass.

She even looked behind her at her phone, and in that moment Faith really felt like she could see through it and see Buffy's eyes staring at her. No, it was even better than that, because she could see B's entire face, looking so smug as Faith sodomized herself. No, even better than that, B was just behind her, pounding her slutty little ass, Faith swearing in that moment she could feel B's thighs were smacking against her ass cheeks as the superior Slayer slammed her shitter. And smacked her ass, pulled her hair, and taunted her. Just like she had done last night. That, and so much more, to the point that the once mighty Faith found herself crying out the name of her top.

Then she became more graphic, Faith crying out, "Oh fuck me, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me B! Butt fuck me, mmmmmmmm, butt fuck my bitch ass! Oooooooooooh fuck, wreck it! Fucking wreck my rectum! Come on stud, pound me, ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, pound me good! Sooooooooo gooooooooodddddddddd, ooooooooooh B, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! It feels so good in my ass! I love it! I love it when you fuck my slutty little ass, oooooooooooh, when you put me in my place, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, make my shit hole your fuck hole! Make me your bitch, ah fuck, your fucking butt bitch! OH YEAH, I'M B'S BUTT BITCH! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH, I'M BUFFY SUMMERS'S SLUTTY LITTLE BUTT BITCH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GOING TO FUCKING CUM FROM GETTING ASS FUCKED! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK YOUR BITCH B, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

The combination of her own words, her hands hammering her clit and, thanks to the dildo, her ass hole, and of course her fantasy of being butt fucked by Buffy the Vampire Slayer made Faith cum so fucking hard. She fucking squirted, ruining the bed sheets. Or she would've done, if they weren't already ruined from last night. Or she just kept finishing the job as she really brutalized her own butt hole with that handheld dildo, rub her clit with the other hand, and most importantly, imagining it was Buffy doing this to her. Sadly, the fantasy couldn't quite live up to the reality, but in her current state of mind it got pretty close, and was far more satisfying than anything else she tried since B left.

So much so she was forced to slow down and at least take a break. Which involved her shoving the strap-on all the way inside her own ass and then leaving it there for a few long minutes, perfectly happy not to take it out until B returned to butt fuck her again. However then she got a message, and Faith didn't need to look at what it was to know what B wanted. It was the same thing she would've wanted, if the roles had been reversed. Namely for the submissive little bottom to slowly pull that cock out of her bottom, then spread her cheeks to expose just how gaped her back door was to her top. To her shame that was exactly what she did, Faith moving as slowly as possible, and then spreading her cheeks as widely as possible, all just to please the other girl. To please her top. That's what she was doing, and she was fucking enjoying it.

After what must've been a minute or two of holding her ass cheeks apart to emphasize her gape Faith got another message. It wasn't hard to guess what it was, so again she just chose to act, in this case flipping over onto her butt and immediately grimacing as she put her weight onto her sore behind. Which she could have of course avoided, but to her shame she found herself getting off on the pain and humiliation it caused her, so if anything she maximized these feelings by flipping over quickly, and pressing all her weight downwards onto her abused butt. Besides, thanks to Slayer healing she would eventually be good as new, so Faith wanted to savour the sensations while she had them.

She then very slowly bought the dildo up to her lips, closed her eyes, and then very slowly pushed the fake cock into her mouth. Faith then moaned happily at the taste of the deepest part of her bowels on the tip of the dildo, something she savored for a few long seconds. Of course she made sure the phone got the best possible look at it, and the view of her beginning to slide the dildo in and out of her mouth, and then eventually down her throat so she could get every drop of that precious liquid. Towards the end of that she bought the phone closer to her face so she could read her messages, and was kind of surprised to see she had more than a couple. Then again, she had been pretty lost in ass fucking herself like the greedy little anal whore she had become.

God Faith, you're such a whore.

An ass whore!

My anal loving ass whore!

My butt bitch!

It's what you are Faith!

What you always will be!

Now cum for me bitch!

Cum for me like the bitch you are!

Good girl, good little butt bitch! Now, show me that gape! Spread your cheeks like the bitch you are! Show me your gaping bitch hole!

Well done, you're learning. Now suck it! Suck your ass off of that cock. Prove what a good little ass to mouth loving bitch you are.

Fuck Faith, you really are a good little bitch, aren't you?

"Yeah B." Faith moaned her agreement into the phone, "I'm a good little butt bitch! Your good little butt bitch!"


Buffy had already cum from watching Faith fuck her ass, but she was sure she could squeeze another orgasm out of herself. Sure enough those words were enough to send her over the edge, especially as Faith's mind wasn't clouded by the need to cum when she said them. Admittedly she was basking in the afterglow, but Buffy was sure that soon Faith would be introducing herself as 'B's Butt Bitch' to anyone who asked, and anyone that didn't. Oh yes, it was just a matter of time, a thought which made Buffy cum hard and fast. Admittedly it wasn't nearly as satisfying as butt fucking her bitch, but it would do in a pinch, when they were forced to be a part like this.

Sadly then Buffy had to return to class, as she had already spent way too long in the bathroom, and was worried she was going to get a reputation. She wanted to make it clear to everyone that she was simply training her bitch, and it was extremely tempting to send the latest video of Faith humiliating herself around the whole school. Or maybe just to her friends. Which would be enough, as Cordelia would probably be quick to spread it. Or at least to Willow, who seem to love watching Faith getting anally violated as much as Buffy did. But no, Faith wasn't ready for that. Not yet. Although maybe after another week of training. Or at least after what she had planned for the weekend, Buffy thought with a smug smile, before sucking her fingers clean and then heading back to class.

Chapter Text

"Good evening, butt bitch." Buffy greeted casually as she burst into Faith's Motel room.

"Hey B." Faith blushed, becoming even more horrified when she saw who followed the other Slayer in, "Red?"

"Hey Faith." Willow beamed, closing the door behind her.

"What are you doing here?" Faith glared at the redhead, hoping to intimidate her to leave, but no such luck.

"I invited her here."  Buffy said casually, approaching the bed Faith had been laying on watching TV.

"Why?" Faith asked cautiously, although she wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer.

"Because we've made some wonderful progress, but you're still talking back to me, and hesitating to do as you're told." Buffy explained with a smile, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, clearly I need to step up my game if I'm going to properly put you in your place. And I can't think of a better addition, than to have someone witness your humiliation."

Willow couldn't believe the way that her best friend was acting, or the things she was saying. It was one thing to talk about it in the privacy of one of their bedrooms, and to see the pictures Buffy had taken, but now it suddenly seemed so much more real. And God, it was so hot. Buffy was always hot, but... wow! Even though she could be intoxicatingly confident in the middle of killing the stuff of nightmares, Willow had doubted that Buffy could truly be some kind of dominatrix, even after seeing those pictures. But wow, she had never been so glad to be wrong. Her BFF was a little bad ass top, here to take what was rightfully hers. And if it had been the witch who was her target, poor little Willow wouldn't stand a chance.

But Willow wasn't Buffy's target. No, that was a far more intimidating pray, and even though she'd been just about able to put a brave face on it, the truth was Willow was terrified that this was going to backfire on them big time. That Faith would kick their asses, or worse, for even suggesting such a thing. Or at the very least, cut them down with cruel words, and then laugh them out of her room. But amazingly, that didn't happen. No, Faith just blushed, and went from glaring at Willow to staring pleadingly at Buffy, the dark haired Slayer obviously searching for the right thing to say. Just that hesitation from the normally loudmouth bitch was telling, although there was still a chance she would reject this. A chance which quickly evaporated during the next part of the conversation.

"Please, don't do this." Faith whimpered softly, and yet was already lowering her head in defeat.

"It's already done." Buffy said dismissively, before ordering, "Now, stand up, turn around, and bend over. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, I want my butt bitch to show us her bitch butt."

There was a long pause, longer than the last one, and then Faith grumbled, "Whatever."

"No!" Buffy said firmly, causing Faith to pause doing as she was told after just getting started, "You know how you should respond, so do it."

"No, please... not that. Not in front of her. Please?" Faith whimpered, and then when the other Slayer just stared at her warningly she found herself lowering her head again and grumbling, "Yes Mistress."

"That's better." Buffy hummed with approval, before warning, "But you better start putting more effort into it. And none of this, Mistress B, nonsense. It's Mistress, or Mistress Buffy. Got it?"

"Yes Mistress." Faith grumbled, getting to her feet next to her top. Before she could turn around Buffy roughly smacked her ass, causing Faith to whine, "Ah fuck! Hey, what was that for? I said the thing."

"Yes, but I told you to put more effort into it, and you know it." Buffy pointed out, "My proper title isn't to be grumbled, Faith. It should be said with pride, and enthusiasm. Show me, and Willow, that calling me Mistress is a privilege. Because it is. Mmmmmmmm yeah, you should be honoured to be owned by the one, true Slayer. Especially, because you're such a nasty little slut."

"Wow, this whole thing is really going to your head..." Faith grumbled, before adding with a smirk, "But you're right about the nasty little slut part."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure I'm right about all of it." Buffy grinned proudly, before smacking Faith's ass again, "And you're still not behaving properly, which is something I can't excuse, especially not in front of my friends. You're embarrassing me. But I'm going to give you a chance to redeem yourself."

"Lucky me." Faith grumbled.

"Aren't you, though?" Buffy quipped, "Now, I believe I gave in order..."

Faith had to think about it for a few long seconds, but then she blushed fiercely, and then with another hesitant look at Willow she softly said, "Yes, Mistress Buffy."

Just hearing the big bad Faith Lehane say those words was amazing, but even that had nothing on the moment that the mighty Faith Lehane turned around and bent over, presenting Willow, and more importantly presenting her Mistress Buffy, with that perfectly rounded bubble butt of hers. God, that ass always looked so good in the leather pants which Faith constantly wore, which looked like they had been painted on, and this time was no exception. No, Faith had just been sitting there, in leather pants, and now her audience was getting the benefits of that. Especially Mistress Buffy, who after a few long seconds, and maybe even a full minute, of admiring her prize, roughly smacked her fellow Slayer's ass, and then gave it a squeeze.

"That's more like it." Buffy purred with delight, quickly adding her other hand to the mix so she could greedily grope both cheeks, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, this is how you should always be, Faith. An obedient little butt bitch, who bends over whenever her owner tells her too. And that's what I am, aren't I Faith?"

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith blushed, but quickly replied.

"And I own this?" Buffy pushed, squeezing those meaty cheeks.

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith blushed, but quickly replied again, going so far as to add, "You own my ass."

"Damn right I do. Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, I own these perfectly round cheeks, and the tight little hole in between them." Buffy gloated wickedly, becoming lost in the butt groping for a few long seconds, before questioning with another wicked grin, "So, tell me, did you properly prepare my property? You know, exactly like I asked?"

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith blushed, but quickly replied yet again.

"Show me!" Buffy ordered firmly, emphasizing her words by smacking that ass again, before moving back so that Willow could get a good look at what happened next.

This time there was a long pause as Faith once again tried to convince herself to disobey, only for her to once again whimpered pathetically, "Yes Mistress Buffy." 

Again Willow was blown away by the big bad Faith Lehane obeying, and saying that response over and over again. But especially the actions, as this time it meant the Slayer grabbing a hold of her pants, and apparently panties, if she had been wearing any, because she then pulled them down to reveal that well-rounded bottom in all it's glory. Then Willow actually gasped loudly, and almost comically covered her mouth with her hand, as she was just so shocked. Partly by the fact that the big bad Faith Lehane slowly reached back and spread her cheeks nice and wide, but mostly because it revealed she had indeed prepared her ass for her Mistress Buffy, by sticking a butt-plug in it. Something which Buffy allowed herself and Willow to admire for a few long seconds, before stepping forwards again and smacking that cute little booty.

This caused Faith to cry out loudly, and then whimper pathetically, while in turn Buffy chuckled and told her, "Mmmmmmmm fuck, good girl. That's a good little butt slut. But, since you were rude to me when I came in, I'm still going to have to punish you. But how? Let's see, let's see... oh, I know! How about a nice, hard spanking? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I know how much my butt bitch loves that."

"You know me so well, B." Faith just couldn't resist grumbling, even though she knew she was going to pay for it. Or maybe, especially because, which was a truly terrifying thought.

For a few long seconds Buffy glared at her bitch, then she quipped, "What's that Faith? You want an extra hard, super long spanking? Well, if you insist."

Buffy then emphasized these words by delivering one extra hard strike, which adorably had the big tough Faith Lehane crying out loudly, and then whimpering pathetically, like the bitch she was. Right after the smack Buffy made sure to move her hand, so she and her best friend could enjoy watching Faith's butt cheeks jiggle from the impact. Everyone involved knew that it was nothing compared to what was coming, but it was a fun little first blow. The second one didn't come for quite a while, as Buffy had just promised to give a super long spanking, and she wouldn't want to disappoint, would she? Especially not her BFF, who looked like she was perfectly happy for this to last as long as possible, given the look on her face.

The two friends even exchanged a brief smile, and a blush, before and after Buffy returned her hand to Faith's butt. Although initially, this was not to dish out that second blow. No, instead she went back to the greedy groping, she had been doing before, treating Faith's ass like the piece of meat it was. That's all Faith was now. Oh yes, for all the brunette's boasting of being tough and topping, at the end of the day she was nothing but a piece of fuck meat, design for Buffy to use for her pleasure. Something she was determined to hammer home, this time in front of an audience. Oh yes, this time, she would make sure they both her bitch and her bestie got the message loud and clear.

Of course, to do that she'd eventually have to start regularly smacking that ass, which she did, albeit with plenty of groping in between. Which might just be Buffy's favourite part of a spanking, because it was so much more open to creativity. Like she could concentrate on just one cheek for as long as she wanted, play that booty like it was a pair of bongo drums, and of course, she would randomly increase the force behind her strikes. Sometimes she would even keep that increase going for a while, making her look like she was finally going to dish out a hard spanking, only to back off before she could come close to using all the strength and speed she was capable of. Then she added a little something extra, which should make this moment perfect.

Namely, sitting down, patting her lap, and ordering, "Bend over my knee. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, let's make this a proper spanking."

"Please no-" Faith began with a whimper, before being cut off.

"Do it, or Willow gets to join in." Buffy threatened.

There was a brief pause, and then Faith lowered her head again and whimpered, "Yes Mistress Buffy." 

"And Willow..." Buffy abruptly said, clearly awaking Willow from a lust fuelled haze, which made her grin, and then continue, "Come closer. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I want you to get a good look at this."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Willow cheeked, but didn't hesitate to do as she was told.

Which caused the two friends to share a chuckle, before Buffy turned her attention back to her bitch. How could she not, considering Faith was currently in the process of bending over her knee, positioning herself perfectly so that her ass was directly across Buffy's lap. God, it looked like it was made to be there, a work of art which Buffy just had to admire for a few long seconds, before going right back to greedily groping it. Of course, it wasn't long after that she went back to the spanking, keeping it playful for as long as she could, before inevitably fulfilling the other part of that promise. The extremely hard part. And for a Slayer, that was extremely hard indeed.

Faith felt like her face was bright red, and she was about to die from embarrassment, which honestly, would be a mercy at this point. Especially because now she was directly over Mistress Buffy's knee, her top would be able to feel just how soaking wet she was from being treated this way. She didn't want to like it, but she couldn't help it. Which was a description of a lot of things they did together. Or at least, ever since Faith had been turned into B's Butt Bitch. Because everything was unbearably humiliating, but somehow that just added to both of their pleasure. Or in this case, all three of them, because her Mistress had finally made good on her threat, and provided them with an audience.

Instead of the dealbreaker it should have been, to finally make Faith come to her senses, it was again adding to her enjoyment. Especially when Willow kneeled down in front of her, so the nerdy little mouse's face was as close to the brunette's butt as she could go, without getting smacked in the face. Not that the blonde would have to do that. No, Mistress Buffy was always extra careful with her precious BFF, that hand coming so close to her face, but never touching it. Just like it made contact with Faith's ass every time to the maximum amount of humiliation. Which of course meant a lot of gentle strikes and groping, before inevitably leading to the brutal butt beating, which honestly Faith preferred.

This time was certainly no exception. Except of course it was even better, because the pain briefly took Faith's mind off the fact she was enjoying this twisted act, and this time she was in more pain than ever before. Oh yes, this time every strike to her meaty cheeks was causing her ass hole to clamp down on the butt-plug holding it open, and that feeling was glorious. Although, it was also a reminder of what was too come, which definitely provided more humiliation, especially given their audience. But the once proud top had now embraced her addiction for anal. For taking it up the ass, instead of fucking ass. So for the most part, that just helped her through this experience.

Of course, they only reached that stage after an eternity of Mistress Buffy teasing her with gentle shit. Which the old Faith would have never tolerated, but this new version of her knew that it was not her place to complain. Of course, she could beg if she wanted to come, but for better or for worse she got what she wanted before she got that desperate. Then her mind was blissfully blank, as the only thing in her entire world was the pain coming from her ass cheeks, and this time her ass hole. Honestly, the next thing she knew the pain had stopped, leaving all that overwhelming humiliation to come rushing back. Which again, was worse than ever before, given they were no longer alone.

Willow found this whole process so very fascinating. Despite how much Faith irritated her, and had stolen Buffy's time away from her, the redhead actually found herself considering begging the blonde to show the brunette some mercy by the end. But even then, it was ridiculously hot. God, Willow loved seeing the big bad Faith Lehane on all fours, and then even better bending over Buffy's knee, for a spanking. Hell, just getting into the position had been amazing, especially because she could see everything. Especially when her BFF ordered her to come closer and get a better look. Oh yes, Willow had a front row seat, the best seat in the house, to every strike, and grope, that bitch's butt took.

Her hand ache to reach out and touch that pretty little bottom, which was so beyond out of line. Buffy had been gracious enough to allow her to observe this obscene act, and Willow was being far from a gracious guest. But she couldn't help it. There was a chance she could join in, and Willow wanted it to be now. To work together with her best friend, to make sure that the mighty Faith Lehane never went a single second without a hand on her bubble butt. Oh God, then she could squeeze, pinch and just slide her hands all over those meaty cheeks to her heart's content. And she could smack them. Oh yes, she could smack them nice and hard, and put this wannabe slayer in her place. Maybe even use her magic to, so she could match, and maybe even surpass, Slayer strength.

She wasn't thinking that, during that hard spanking. No, at that point, her own ass was wincing, as it imagined receiving the same thing. But at the same time she couldn't look away. And not just because it was like a train wreck. No, there was just something about the way that Faith's ass cheeks were jiggling like jelly in an earthquake with pretty much every blow, and of course, the way that the mighty Faith Lehane was screaming and squirming on top of Buffy's knee. And best of all, was the colour change. Oh yes, it had been pink before, and gradually turned to a darker colour, but that was nothing compared to what it was when Buffy abruptly stopped the spanking to admire her handiwork.

The big bad Faith Lehane lay there like a whimpering wreck as the two other girls studied her dark red and bruised butt. God, it looked like it would never recover from the abuse it'd taken. And yet, Willow had seen Buffy recover from worse. Nothing like this, but well... Willow couldn't even finish the thought. Partly because it was embarrassing, but mostly because Buffy was grabbing her phone to take a few shots of her handiwork. She then took a few more, and she grabbed the plug and started pulling it out of Faith's ass hole, providing the most wonderful preview of what was about to happen. Something which captivated the redhead so much she didn't even notice the blonde grinning at her.

"I think my bitch has been properly punished, don't you Will?" Buffy grinned.

"Definitely." Willow replied softly.

"Glad you agree..." Buffy chuckled wickedly, before adding, "In which case, I think it's time for the real fun to begin."

"Definitely." Willow repeated softly.

Buffy chuckled, then smacked Faith's ass roughly and ordered, "Don't just lay there, you lazy slut. You heard my friend, it's time for your whore butt to get fucked, so go get me a strap-on!"

"Ah fuck!" Faith swore loudly, before whimpering, "Yes Mistress Buffy."

Then when she tried to get up Faith received another smack to her bruised butt, and Mistress Buffy firmly ordered, "No, crawl on your hands and knees, and bring me the cock in your mouth, like a good little doggie."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith blushed and did as she was told.

Faith did it slowly to avoid receiving any more strikes to her ass. Fuck, getting her shit hole reamed out was going to be extra painful this time. And she couldn't wait. Oh God help her, she really loved every second of this, including the humiliation of having to crawl to her toy drawer and back again, the second time with something in her mouth. With a strap-on cock. The strap-on cock Mistress Buffy was going to use to ass fuck her, right in front of that nerdy little loser Willow Rosenberg! God, she even opened the drawer with her mouth to try and please her top. Luckily the strap-on cock was front and centre, easy for her to latch onto. Less easy was the lube, which Mistress Buffy hadn't said anything about, so Faith didn't bother in case she had to go back for it, or Willow was supposed to get it.

However Mistress Buffy had another idea, "Good girl, now strap it onto me."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith replied and obeyed, her top helpfully standing up to make it easy for her.

"Now suck it." Buffy ordered when it was attached,

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith again replied and obeyed.

She was quick to obey this command, as she was almost unbearably horny, and just wanted to get this big cock in a different orifice. One which would provide her with a lot more pleasure. Although, there was definitely something to be said for this. Not as much as when it was real, but there was definitely a certain thrill to it. The submission of sucking another chick's dick. Her Mistress's dick. B's dick. Mistress Buffy's big dick, which was moments away from pounding her ass. Oh yes, there was definitely something to be said for this. Which was why she very much enjoyed wrapping her lips around it, and beginning to rapidly bob her head up and down it. Hell, Faith was pretty sure she took it into her throat in record time, much to the amusement of her audience.

"Wow..." Willow found herself mumbling dreamily.

"Eager little slut, isn't she?" Buffy chuckled, "The question is, is it because she wants to get fucked up the ass? Or is it because she just loves sucking cock? Mmmmmmmm, because you better believe Faith Lehane is a nasty little cock sucker, who was probably blowing every guy she could find. Before she became my bitch, that is. Now, she exclusively sucks mine. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, this bitch loves sucking my cock, don't you Faith? No, don't answer that, mmmmmmmm, your mouth is busy. Just moan like the whore you are in reply. Yes, that's it, ooooooooooh, suck it. Ohhhhhhhhhh, but we can't forget how desperately she wants it up the butt, can we Will? No, mmmmmmmm, this little anal whore loves sucking cock, but not as much as she loves getting butt fucked. So hurry up Faith, and finish the job so I can give you what you want. After all, mmmmmmmmm, every inch of this is going deep into your ass, so make sure to get every inch wet."

Which for better or for worse Faith that already achieved, Mistress Buffy obviously just laying on the humiliation thick. Likely for her own amusement, and so she could impress her friend. Which was a little frustrating, because she was right, Faith really wanted to get her ass fucked, and she, and this dick, was more than ready for it. But again, there was definitely something to be said for this form of submission. So Faith showed off by shoving the entire length down her throat, and kept it there for a few long seconds, just about able to control her gag reflex thanks to Mistress Buffy. Because she had done this with guys, but they were nowhere near this big. And she was rewarded for it, initially with more words, but finally with what they all really wanted.

"Okay, enough of that, bend over and give me your sweet ass." Buffy ordered.

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith again quickly replied and obeyed.

Even though Mistress Buffy had been deliberately vague, so that her bitch might make a mistake, Faith recognized the trick. After all, it hadn't been that long ago that she had been the butt buster. So she went with the obvious choice, namely getting back onto the centre of the bed, and wiggling her ass invitingly. Something which made Mistress Buffy chuckled wickedly, and join her on the bed. Faith unfortunately received a hard double smack to her ass, but ironically that still felt something of reward. Especially because those hands immediately switched between her cheeks to start playing with her butt-plug again, very quickly reaching the point that she was pulling it out to the widest part, and then pushing it back in.

Then finally Mistress Buffy pulled it all the way out and ordered, "Spread your cheeks bitch, mmmmmmmm, show me my favourite fuck hole. The one I'm about to use for my pleasure."

"Yes Mistress Buffy, ah fuck, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!" Faith quickly replied and obeyed yet again, this time moaning happily as she was instantly rewarded by Mistress Buffy leaning over her and shoving that plug fresh from her butt straight into her mouth, allowing her to eagerly suck it clean like the filthy little ass to mouth slut she now was.

Buffy then pressed her cock against Faith's ass hole and with one hard shove, forced the first inch or two inside. Something which understandably had Faith crying out loudly, but amazingly, not spitting out the butt-plug and swearing up a storm. Fuck, she didn't even remove her hands from her cheeks. No, she just stayed pretty much perfectly still and took what her Mistress gave her, like a good little anal bitch. Oh God, it was so hot that Buffy just had to marvel at it for a few extremely long seconds, before once again pushing forwards, gently this time, causing inch after inch of the strap-onto slide into the other girl's back door, and then deep into her back passage.

This was the kind of pace which Buffy preferred during the initial stages of a butt fucking. Mostly because she wanted to give both of them some time to savour this twisted act, but also, allow time for Faith to adjust to this obscene misuse of her most private hole. After all, while she enjoyed embracing the role of Mistress Buffy, the blonde had no intention of being cruel to the brunette. No, she preferred to think of her actions as firm but fair. And God knows that this bitch had done plenty to earn herself some pain. And again, it was telling that Faith never really complained, and just continued spreading her cheeks throughout, giving her Mistress, the perfect view of inch after inch of that big cock sliding into the other Slayer's bitch hole.

It was very easy for Buffy to become lost in this perverted sight, so much so that she completely forgot about checking on Willow, to see whether this was all too much for her. After all, there was a very good chance that the fantasy had been fun, but she found the reality gross and disgusting. Especially given how hard the top had anally penetrated the bottom. Oh God, how could she have been so careless? And yet, when she did finally give her best friend a look, Buffy was thrilled to find that Willow was just as lost in watching the butt stuffing as she was. Hell, the redhead even grinned wickedly when, taking a chance, the blonde slammed her hips forwards, burying the last few inches of her dick deep into the brunette's backside.

"You see Will, a total whore." Buffy gloated, "Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, this so-called Slayer is nothing but an anal loving whore! My anal loving whore! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, Faith Lehane isn't nearly as tough as you thought she was when we first met her. Or scary, or even worthy of respect. All she is, is an ass slut. My personal little butt bitch, who's whore ass is so loose at this point, she can take me balls deep without a single word of complaint. In fact, she loves it. Don't you Faith? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, my little butt bitch Faith Lehane loves taking me in her slutty little ass right up to the balls in one nice, long thrust, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, and then take an ass fucking like the hot little bottom she is!"

"I do! I do I do I do!" Faith spat out the plug and cried out, "Oh please Mistress Buffy, butt fuck me in front of your friend. Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, butt fuck your butt bitch! Fuck me in the fucking shitter! Ruin me, ruin my shit hole, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME!"

As much as Buffy love to hear Faith beg for her like that, and seriously words could not do justice to how much she loved that, she really couldn't go one more second without fucking that perfect ass. So she didn't. And why should she? She was the Mistress here, after all. And she owned that ass. So she began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Faith's butt hole, and thus officially start the sodomy. Oh yes, she was sodomizing her fellow Slayer right in front of her best friend, and all three of them were clearly loving every second of it, especially Faith, who was crying out, whimpering and even moaning in pure pleasure, right from the start. Oh God, Buffy's bitch really was just a total anal loving bottom.

Willow was still amazed by that fact. She had seen the photos and the videos, and even listen to her best friend anally dominating her bitch before, but to actually see it live was a whole different thing. Something which was way, way more intense than anything else she had seen tonight. She did indeed think it was gross and disgusting, but she also thought it was hotter than the sun. And she desperately wanted in. Oh yes, she desperately wanted to be the one putting an anal bitch like Faith in her place. But who was she kidding? She would never have the effortless confidence and dominance of the one and only true Slayer Buffy Summers. Oh fuck, Buffy had never been more of a goddess than she was in that moment. Or as powerful and dominant. God, it was so fucking hot. And somehow, it got even better.

"Ride me." Buffy abruptly ordered, and just as abruptly pulled her dick out of Faith's ass, and smacked those meaty cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle, before clarifying, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, ride me with your slutty little bitch hole, bitch. Oh fuck yeah! I want you to anally ride me, so you can really show Willow what a shameless anal whore you are."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith again quickly replied and obeyed.

It was so surreal to see that no sooner had her 'Mistress Buffy' sat down, than Faith was already scrambling to get on top of her, line up her back hole with the other Slayer's dick and push herself downwards. Oh God, her butt hole! It was already open from the previous activity, while Willow had no doubt that it would eventually close thanks to Slayer healing, it wasn't given the chance too. No, that total anal whore Faith Lehane pushed her ass downwards until a decent amount of dick was inside her pooper, then she slammed herself the rest of the way down, burying over half of the dildo into her tailpipe in one go. Oh fuck, the little slut even cried out joyfully in the process. Then continued doing so as she started bouncing up and down, the shameless butt bitch now fucking herself in the ass.

"Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm God, that's it Faith, ride me! Ride me with your slutty little butt hole." Buffy moaned with encouragement, smacking those meaty cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle every so often in the process, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, anally ride me, with your slutty little shit hole, like the butt bitch you are! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you're my butt bitch Faith, and you always will be. Yesssssssssss, Faith Lehane is my butt bitch, and you're going to prove it. You're going to prove it to me, and you're going to prove it Willow, by riding my big dick with your butt hole. No! Bad butt bitch, bad. You know better than to cum without permission."

"AH FUCK, AH FUCK, AH FUCK, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK, owww." Faith cried out as the spanking became brutal, and then whimpered apologetically, "Yes Mistress Buffy, sorry Mistress Buffy." 

Honestly Willow didn't think Faith had been anally riding the strap-on that hard, but then again, maybe that was all it took to make this shameless butt slut cum? Or Mistress Buffy was simply further solidifying her dominance over her fellow Slayer. Not that it really mattered, as the important thing was that the butt fucking would continue for a while longer, and that was just fine with Willow, because again, she was enjoying every second of this. Admittedly, she kind of missed Faith being on all fours, as she looked perfect in that position. Oh yes, she loved this bitch taking it like a bitch. But there was definitely something to be said for this position, especially as the brunette was in the traditional cowgirl position, meaning that the redhead could get the best possible look at that booty bouncing and jiggling on the blonde's cock.

Admittedly Willow moved round every so often, as she just loved to watch Faith's big tits bouncing up and down, and the ecstasy that was on her face. On both their faces, but the difference was that Faith looked out of control, while it was Buffy who was very much in control. The blonde dominant, and the brunette submissive. The real Slayer the top, and the pretender the bottom. Although that was true for the other positions, and Willow couldn't help focusing on that juicy bubble butt. God, she wished it was jiggling for her. And she promised it would be, one day. Oh yes, Buffy seemed keen to share this butt bitch with her, making her the very best friend ever. Although for now, the witch felt honoured just watching an ass taming stud in action.

Faith wasn't just watching it, she was experiencing it first hand. Oh fuck yeah, Faith had made the mistake of dismissing this girl as a bottom, waiting to be trained, and she'd ended up being totally conquered by this ass taming stud because of it. Being tamed by her. Becoming B's butt bitch. And more humiliatingly, proving that to Willow. But she had to admit, maybe, just in this moment, she was happy to do so. Even proud. And God, was it ever a freaking turn on.  Oh God, Faith needed to cum so bad it was torturous, especially as she wasn't allowed to close her eyes and think unsexy thoughts. No, she had to keep them open, looking down at her Mistress. Into her eyes, oh God!

Pretty much ever since they met Faith had been head over heels for Buffy Summers, but she never loved her more than in that moment. And they had never felt more like a perfect fit. Faith the Butt Bitch, with the back hole made for slamming, and Buffy the Anal Stud, who was made to tame bitch ass. Normally Faith liked to tell herself she would still be a top if it was anyone else. That she was even still a top, with one exception. But in moments like this, that really did feel like total bull-shit. That she was always meant to be a pure bottom, and as soon as she met a real top, her ass hole was being pounded on the daily, and Faith loved every second of it.

She loved it so much that Faith resisted the urge to beg to cum for as long as she possibly could, especially now they had an audience. And to her credit, she did herself proud. More importantly, it seemed that she made Mistress Buffy proud, given the look on her face. Probably because she put on a good show for her top and top's best friend in the process. But even Slayers had their limits. Although ironically, it wasn't staring into the eyes of Mistress Buffy, or thinking about her, or the fact that she was sodomizing herself on the other Slayer's dick, which really made her crack. No, it was the suspicion that while Willow was just watching now, maybe it would be different next time. Maybe next time, she would have to bottom for the pathetic little nerd. Maybe even get ass fucked by her.

That was just too much, and Faith whimpered, "Please Mistress Buffy, please can I cum? Your worthless little ass bitch needs to cum!  Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me in the ass and make me cum! Butt fuck me, fuck me up the butt, ooooooooooh, fuck my butt, oh please B, AH FUCK! I mean Mistress Buffy! Please my wonderful Mistress Buffy, remind me that you own my fucking shit hole! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, remind me, and show your precious best friend Willow, that I'm nothing but your anal loving bitch, and you own my ass, mmmmmmmmmm, by making me cum like a little butt bitch."

"You wanna cum, huh?" Buffy pushed with a wicked grin, then before Faith could reply ordered, "Then do it! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, keep riding that dick, and maybe I'll be generous enough to join in. Wait! Turn around first. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, turn around and lean back, so I can really feel these meaty cheeks jiggling against my thighs as you wreck your own butt hole on my strap-on, like the nasty anal slut you are! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, that's it Faith! Ride me! Ride me like the total anal whore you are! Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, prove you're nothing but a fuck hole! My personal anal loving bitch! Gooooooooooooooodddddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" 

Not needing to be told twice Faith quickly turned herself around on Mistress Buffy's lap, and then after briefly patting herself on the back for not allowing any of the dildo to leave her ass, she began bouncing up and down, this time in the reverse cowgirl position. In no time at all she was back to the speed she had been using before, and then all it took was going over that speed slightly for her to cum. Of course, that was when Mistress Buffy started thrusting upwards into her butt, which made her cum so hard she lost the ability to think. She then truly became nothing but a mindless little anal bitch, ravenously destroying her rectum on that big weapon of ass destruction.

Buffy struggled to tear her eyes away from Faith, and never thought she would want to during an ass fucking, but it was important to check on her best friend ever so often, to make sure she was still okay with this. She was pretty confident at this point, but you never know. Although right now, she just wanted to see the look on Willow's face when Faith Lehane came like a bitch with a dick in her ass. When that little anal bitch's cum literally squirted out of her cunt. Oh yes, the other Slayer always did that when Buffy fucked her in the ass, and this time was no exception. In fact, she made her cum harder than ever before, that cum violently squirting across the room, as the loudmouth slut trembled on top of her, and screamed hysterically in ecstasy.

As much as Buffy loved watching these things, she was only vaguely aware of it, while her main focus was Willow's happy little face. Then the two friends exchanged a look, before Buffy began pounding upwards into Faith's butt. Normally she would do this gradually, and she was already in the process of strategically thrusting away to make Faith cum harder. But at seeing the expression on Willow's face Buffy just completely lost it, immediately switching from the occasional thrust to a relentless anal pounding, seemingly literally designed to ruin Faith's rectum. Which was honestly, exactly what she was doing. Oh yes, slayer healing would fix her butt bitch's bottom, eventually. For now, she just concentrated on using this hole for it's intended purpose.

Normally Buffy would wait for Faith to collapse with exhaustion before switching positions again, but this time she just ran out of patience, and in one swift movement flip them over so that the brunette was lying flat on her stomach, with the blonde on top of her. In this new position Buffy was doing all the work, but somehow the rectum wrecking was even more devastating than at had been when the two Slayers had been working together. Which was good, because Buffy was too far gone to offer up any verbal encouragement, having to simply settle for pinning Faith down and using every ounce of strength to use her most private hole for her pleasure. Although for better or for worse, Willow ended up providing the verbal encouragement.

"Fuck her Buffy! Fuck that anal whore's nasty little bitch hole!" Willow enthusiastically called out, regardless whether anyone heard her or not, "Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, butt fuck your butt bitch! Put that bitch in her place! Oh God, that's sooooooooooooo hot, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck her! Fuck her! Yesssssssssssss, make those cheeks jiggle and shake! That's so sexy, mmmmmmmmm fuck! Destroy that slutty little ass hole! Make that bitch your anal bitch by ruining her butt hole! Make sure she can't sit for a week! No, a month! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, make Faith's ass gape for months! Years! Forever! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, fuck that ass! Fuck it!"

Those words, combined with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of doing this to the other Slayer, made sure that Buffy came wonderfully hard and frequently too. Not as hard and as frequently as Faith, but it was still pretty impressive. Especially given that Buffy pushed herself through maybe a record amount of climaxes in the process. Hell, she got completely carried away, refusing to stop the brutal bowel ruining until she literally had no energy left, and collapsed down onto her equally exhausted bitch. The two of them then lay there for quite a while, desperately trying to regain their breath, until enthusiastic clapping gained their attention.

"Bravo Buffy, Bravo!" Willow enthusiastically repeated a few times in between all the clapping, "That was amazing! You totally made Faith your bitch! Your anal bitch! Oh God!"

"No." Buffy disagreed with a grin, "I reminded her that she is my butt bitch. And I'm not done. No, mmmmmmmmm, I'm not done reminding this hot little bottom of her place. Isn't that right, Faith?"

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith groaned dreamily, not really paying attention to what was being said, until she cried out loudly, then whimpered pathetically, with pain and disappointment, as it felt like something had been amputated. Which of course was the dildo being removed from her slutty little ass, "AH FUCK! Oh shit."

"In that case, spread those cheeks. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, show me my handiwork." Buffy ordered, smacking the ass she had just got done fucking.

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith whimpered and obeyed.

"Will, would you please grab my phone?" Buffy asked in a less commanding tone, although it was still clearly an order, "Mmmmmmmmm, I don't want to miss a second of this."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Willow cheeked, but quickly did as she was told.

Willow wanted to complain that it wasn't fair that she had to be the one taking her eyes off of Faith, even for a second, considering what she was about to do. Although it was only fair, given that Buffy was Faith's Mistress. Besides, if there was trouble, Buffy should definitely be the one to solve it. Not that Willow thought something was going to happen at this point. No, the cocky bad ass she had once been so intimidated by had all been an act. Or immediately broken by a superior woman. Either way, all that remained of Faith Lehane was Buffy Summers's anal loving bitch, a point proven when the supernatural warrior lifted her ass into the air, reached back, grabbed onto her meaty cheeks, and spread them wide apart to show off just how widely stretched her back door was.

To her credit, she was able to keep an eye on that obscene show, while Willow fumbled for the phone. Hell, when she found it, she actually spent more time looking away from Faith, to note the cocky little look of dominance on Buffy's face, as she took some photos to add to her collection. God, Buffy was so cool! Willow had always thought that, and she felt so bad for making the mistake of thinking that Faith might be cooler, just because she was new. Obviously Faith was nothing but a fuck hole, unworthy of respect. But Buffy, oh God, Willow would never be able to thank her for all of this. For being able to see in person, just how wide and deep her best friend could make her bitch's ass gape. And that was only the beginning.

"Hey Will, would you mind taking some pics of me with my handiwork?" Buffy questioned, already handing her phone over, making clear it was another order.

"Sure." Willow beamed, and then encouraged a few seconds later when her friend was in position, "Now smile and say... Faith is Buffy's Butt Bitch!"

"Faith is Buffy's Butt Bitch!" Buffy giggled, while pressing her face against Faith's right ass cheek. She then pulled a few more faces, most of them goofy, while Willow gleefully took a bunch of photos, and then Buffy insisted, "Hey Will, get over here. Oh yeah, get over here, and take a pic with me. I want one with us both, to mark the occasion."

"Okay." Willow grinned, not needing to be told twice.

Once that pic was taken Buffy straightened up and ordered, "Faith, what the hell are you doing? You know by now that your lips should be wrapped around my dick, sucking all of your butt cream from it like the twisted little ass to mouth whore you are! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, suck my cock bitch! Suck it now, or there'll be consequences."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith whimpered and obeyed.

Again, it was amazing to see just how quick Faith was to obey, and suck Buffy's dick. Amazing, but certainly not surprising, given everything else that had happened tonight. Hell, Faith had even tasted her own ass before, on that butt-plug, and Willow had barely registered it, because the bitch had been taking it up the ass at the time. Now it was the sole focus of the room, as the brunette wrapped her lips around that big dick, greatly amusing the redhead and the blonde. Oh yes, they were greatly amused about how this Vampire Slayer, supposedly The Chosen One in the fight against evil, was shamelessly moaning with pure pleasure as she tasted her own shit hole.

It was truly like Faith had no shame. God, the bitch even savoured the taste for a few long seconds, before beginning to bob her head up and down the shaft, eventually taking it into her throat so she could get every single drop. And she played to the camera, as her Mistress Buffy continued taking photos. Mistress Buffy also continued the verbal humiliation, although Willow didn't hear a word of it at that point. All she could concentrate on was the obscene show in front of her, and a desperate need to get involved. By bottoming to her best friend? Willow would be lying if she claimed that wasn't appealing. But in that moment Willow wanted to butt fuck Faith Lehane more than she'd ever wanted anything, ever.

Chapter Text

Willow Rosenberg opened the front door to her house, took a deep and calming breath, and then blurted out, "Hey look, it's Buffy's Butt Bitch."

The redhead, and the blonde who was right beside her, broke into a fit of giggles, causing the brunette to pout, and then grumble, "And how much cheerleading did B have to do to get you to work up the courage to say that?"

"None." Willow lied, although she did a good job of hiding it by sliding her eyes up and down her pray, and licking her lips hungrily at the new arrival, "I guess ever since I saw Buffy fuck you up the ass you're just not that scary anymore. Especially considering what a shameless anal slut you were about it. You were all like, 'oh God, fuck me Mistress Buffy, fuck my ass'."

"Okay, okay, whatever, keep your voice down." Faith blushed furiously, looking around frantically, and thankful that there didn't seem to be anyone around to hear them.

"Relax, Faithy." Willow smirked, stepping aside and allowing the anal loving slut to scurry inside, "My parents are working late tonight, so it's just the three of us."

"Which means I can do this..." Buffy said huskily, as she closed the distance between herself and her little ass whore as soon as the door was closed, and kissed her.

Faith Lehane, formerly bad ass top, not only allowed herself to be pulled in for a passionate kiss, but she melted into it, allowing the formally prudish little Buffy Summers, turned top, to control the lip lock. And grab hold of her ass with one hand, and squeeze it tightly. God, Faith had broken bones for less, but with her precious Mistress Buffy she was a total bottom, caressing the tongue and lips of the more dominant woman with her own. It wasn't much to the untrained eye, but on closer inspection, it was clearly the Dom establishing her control over her sub right from the start, giving her a wonderful preview of what was to come. Something that would've once been horrifying to Faith, but now she very much welcomed it, especially as it was a very effective distraction from where they were, and what the implications of that might be.

She was rudely awakened from that distraction and given a very clear reminder when Mistress Buffy broke the kiss, and moved aside so that Willow could take over. Oh God, mousy little Willow Rosenberg stepped up to Faith Lehane, and then after only the briefest of hesitations kissed her right on the lips, in the same way. Fuck, she took control in the way that the other Slayer had, right down to the butt groping. And Faith let her. Partly because B was right beside her, but also, she kind of wanted it. Also, wow, she would never have called B and especially not Red being capable of something like this. But then again, Faith Lehane had been pretty much throwing her expectations out of the window for quite a while now.

Suddenly breaking their kiss Willow suggested, "Shall we take this upstairs? Because it would be more comfortable, and while there isn't much chance of my parents being back before midnight, just in case, it would be good not to be naked in the hallway. Also, a bedroom is more appropriate. And did I mention the comfort factor?"

"Relax Will, we definitely agree with you, it's time to take this upstairs." Buffy beamed, before asking her bitch, "Don't you think Faith?"

"Yeah." Faith said nervously.

"Well then." Buffy beamed, before ordering, "Go first so that we can watch your cute little ass wiggle while you walk upstairs."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Faith blushed and obeyed, putting a little swing into her steps, and getting a weird sense of pride at the other two girls ogling her like the slutty little bottom she had become.

Willow was so emboldened by this she reached out and smack that ass, causing Faith to look behind her with a raised eyebrow, only for Mistress Buffy to firmly tell her, "You better get used to it, bitch. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, because that's far from the last time you're getting your ass beat tonight."

"Yes, Mistress Buffy." Faith again blushed, lowered her head and did as she was told.

There were no more butt slaps for the rest of the journey, but once they reached their destination Buffy, without looking away from her, asked her friend, "So, how do you want her?"

"Wha, what?" Willow stammered nervously.

"What?" Faith frowned.

"Do you want my butt bitch to be naked for her spanking, or start off with her clothes on?" Buffy clarified, mostly for her friend's benefit.

"Oh..." Willow said, before taking a calming breath, and then pointing out, "I think... that this should be a bare bottom spanking."

"Oh, I'm good with that." Buffy beamed, before finally addressing her anal slave, "Faith?"

"Whatever." Faith said dismissively as she began slowly removing her clothes, taking great delight in the looks she was getting from her audience in the process. Then once she was naked, Faith sweetened her tone, and corrected herself, "I mean, as long as my bitch ass is getting fucked good and hard, I don't mind, Mistress Buffy."

"That's good to hear." Buffy beamed, "Then you won't mind if Willow is the one giving you a spanking?"

"I..." Faith began, as the two other girls looked at her expectantly, then she swallowed her pride, and grumbled, "No, Mistress Buffy."

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Buffy pushed.

"No Mistress Buffy, I don't mind. I'd love it if Willow spanked my slutty little Slayer ass." Faith quickly corrected herself.

"Yeah, that's what you said." Buffy smirked, and then pushed when the other Slayer hesitated, "Well, what are you waiting for? A written invitation? Bend over Willow's knee like the bitch you are!"

"Yes, Mistress Buffy." Faith again blushed and did as she was told.

Honestly, after what happened last time Faith had seen this coming, and she even fiercely masturbated to the idea of submitting to weak little Willow Rosenberg. But that didn't mean that it didn't feel unbearable actually doing it. God, just when Faith didn't think it was possible for Mistress Buffy to further humiliate her, somehow she found a way. And ironically, she kind of loved her for it. Oh fuck, she loved being forced to bend over the knee of this little weakling, and offer up her ass for a spanking. And to be fair, even if she had been coached by Mistress Buffy, or just vividly remembered the last time, Willow admittedly did a good job, right from the start.

Admittedly at first that was just because Faith didn't think that the little witch was capable of dishing out a brutal butt beating, and they would all just have to settle for Willow banking on the humiliation. First, by leaving the far stronger girl in that position for a few long seconds, maybe even a full minute, before grabbing onto that well-rounded booty, and giving it a good squeeze. Fuck, it was several long minutes before the first strike was even delivered, and there was no real effort put into it. Although Faith had to admit, there was something to be said for a playful strike. It was just she thought that was all she was going to get tonight. Boy, was she in for a surprise.

Willow, or more accurately Mistress Buffy, had a plan to make sure that this rebellious little sub got the punishment that she deserved, and so desperately needed. But that was to come later. Much later. Oh yes, Willow had been encouraged to spend as long as she wanted savouring the moment, and fondling that well-rounded rump as much as she wanted. And not needing to be told twice, she did exactly that. Oh yes, the little witch gleefully squeezed and fondled those meaty cheeks for several long minutes, before even dishing out the first slap, and then she kept her hands away, so she could enjoy how that well-rounded but firm flesh jiggled for her, which in her admittedly biased opinion, was breath-taking.

It was more than enough encouragement for her to do it again and again, that sight so beautiful that she almost forgot who she was doing this too. Almost. But then, that was part of the charm. Oh yeah, she was fucking spanking a Slayer! Faith Lehane could effortlessly snap her like a twig if she wanted too, and there would be nothing Willow could do about it. At least, if it wasn't for Mistress Buffy. With her best friend here, this bad ass Slayer was putty in her hands. Oh yes, Willow could do whatever she wanted right now, something she continued taking advantage of throughout the spanking, and indeed, throughout the night. Just as she and her best friend had planned.

Part of that plan was gradually increasing the pace, which initially Willow was hesitant to do, both because she was having so much fun, and because this hardly came naturally to her. Indeed, even though she knew she could, she was nervous to increase the amount of force to this beautiful behind. It just wasn't what she imagined for herself. Also, it seemed wrong to abuse such a work of art. But again, that was part of the charm. Oh yes, Willow would be abusing that booty, inside and out, the very thought of it encouraging her to not only dish out more blows, but to increase the amount of force behind it. Finally, she phased out the groping. Which was hard, because that was maybe her favourite part of all of this, but it was worth it to make those cheeks really jiggle for her.

Just as they planned Willow used every ounce of her physical strength for a while, making Faith think that was all she was capable of. Then she used a spell she had been practicing to increase her strength and speed to something which approached Slayer levels, and maybe surpassed them. Something all three girls noticed immediately, as Faith's half-hearted cries became extremely loud, and she started squirming against Willow's knee, and made those Slayer cheeks go into jiggle overdrive. Maybe most of all Faith's butt cheeks, which had turned a nice shade of pink during the initial spanking, and was even heading towards red when Willow really started to get going, suddenly became a bright and angry red. Like redder than the redhead's hair, which was weirdly beautiful.

Faith had never been happier to be wrong about someone's spanking skills. Admittedly this was clearly a spell, which was arguably cheating, but the brunette was hardly a stranger to doing whatever it took to get the job done. And if anything, she was impressed that Willow had become this skilled at using magic. Hell, last she heard all the redhead's spells went wrong. Okay, there was still time for that, but it certainly suggested things might end up even better than she thought it would. Like this, for example, as mousy little nerd Willow Rosenberg was able to dish out the kind of pain Faith had started to crave as of late. Hell, it even reached Mistress Buffy levels of butt beating by the end.

Sadly it could not last forever, and inevitably Willow abruptly stopped to admire her handiwork. Although, in it's own way, that was a good thing, as it gave them all the chance to savour what had just happened. And to anticipate what happened next. Oh yes, Faith had grown to thoroughly enjoy a spanking, but it was yet to make her cum. For that, she needed another form of ass play, and at this point, she didn't care who she got it from, she just needed it. So much so that she whimpered with need when Willow pressed her hand against her cheeks, and began caressing some of the pain away. God, this nerd was such a fucking tease. Maybe they should be better friends?

"Great job Will." Buffy beamed, breaking the silence which had fallen between them, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, you did a great job at beating Faith's slut butt. So good, in fact, I think you deserve a reward. But What? Let me think, let me think... oh, I know! Why don't you prepare that ass? Oooooooooh yessssssssss, stick your tongue up Faith's ass, and get it nice and ready for a fucking."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Willow replied happily, before smacking Faith's booty once again, and pushing, "You heard our Mistress, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, bend over for me, bitch. Give me that ass."

"Yes Will." Faith moaned, crying out joyfully as she was once again spanked, and corrected.

"Mistress Willow." Willow pushed.

"Yes...  Mistress Willow." Faith replied obediently.

It had been obvious what Willow wanted to hear, but Faith was feeling cheeky, and wanted to give her temporary top, an excuse to smack her ass again. The so-called Mistress Willow fell for it hook line and sinker, making Faith feel very proud of herself, even as she positioned herself in the centre of the bed, with her ass sticking up in the air invitingly. Something that the two Mistresses savoured the sight of for a few long seconds, before the little redhead obediently kneeled down behind her and started to work on her ass. Which surprisingly involve covering her cheeks in kisses, which was a little weird, but the brunette wasn't about to argue. Especially not when those kisses were wonderfully soothing.

Of course, it wasn't long before Willow was shoving her face in between those cheeks and licking Faith's most private hole. Honestly, part of Faith had been disappointed when she had been ordered not to where her butt-plug, as she was growing to really love walking around with her ass hole stretched open. She especially loved it while fighting, as it was a constant reminder no matter how powerful she was, she had a Mistress who was so much stronger than her in every single way. God, it made her so fucking wet. Then again, not wearing it had it's upsides too. Namely, more pain from the initial anal penetration, and a longer rimming. Thankfully, even though it wouldn't be Mistress B doing it, at least not at first, it seemed that she would still be getting a nice long rim job.

Willow had actually been given the choice to opt out of this part, as Buffy had confessed a love for eating ass, but pointed out that her best friend might not feel the same way. Although, Buffy clearly wanted Willow to share her love for it, hence why she had so enthusiastically described the experience. And well, how could the witch not at least try? Especially when she was be given such a treat? Hell, she was quite curious about this herself, and found herself getting lost in it. Admittedly, that was initially because she settled for merely kissing some of Faith's pain away, which wasn't as intimidating, but as it turns out she was just as lost in the rest of the rimming.

In fact, if anything she was even more into it when she started licking another girl's ass hole directly. Oh yes, Faith was obviously a good little butt bitch, keeping herself nice and clean back there so that her precious Mistress Buffy could use her favourite fuck hole whenever she wanted. Even if that meant letting her friend borrowing it. Oh fuck, that was exactly what was happening now. And it was so hot. And tasty! Oh yes, Faith had a yummy little ass hole, which Willow licked for what felt like an eternity, while her best friend started to give her encouragement. Which maybe should've been off-putting, but it wasn't. In fact, it was kind of the other thing. An arousing thing.

"That's it Will, eat that ass!" Buffy encouraged gleefully, "Mmmmmmm fuck yeah, eat my bitch's butt hole. You hear the way she moans for you? That's how much of an anal whore she is. Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, you're eating her fucking ass, and that ass slut is loving every second of it. Yeah she is, yeah she is. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, keep going. And remember what I told you. Don't just lick it. Fuck it. Oh yeah, it may be my favourite fuck hole, but right now, I want you to treat it like it's yours. Oh yeah, treat Faith Lehane's ass hole like it's your personal fuck hole. Yours to use however you want. Oh yes, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, eat it!"

The approval made Willow's heart flutter, especially combined with the constant moans, groans, whimpers and cries coming from the mouth of the big bad Faith Lehane. Oh yes, both Slayers were clearly loving what she was doing, but they also wanted more, and the witch was only too happy to give it to them. Namely, beginning to swirl her tongue around that forbidden hole, and then eventually even push herself inside it. Of course, she didn't get very far with her tongue, but that was okay, as there was another way to do that. And, wanting to impress the Slayers by doing it without needing to be asked, the witch switched her tongue for her index finger, after rubbing it against Faith's cunt briefly for lubricant.

Now that was an easy penetration, all three teenage girls crying out joyfully as Willow Rosenberg's index finger penetrated Faith Lehane's ass hole, and then slowly slid all the way inside. Once she was up to the knuckle in that incredibly tight hole Willow paused for a few long seconds to savour the moment, and the incredible feeling. She was also baffled by the fact that she had seen this hole take a dildo. The type of which she found Buffy wrapping around her waist, and even covering it in lube. It was even as red as Willow's hair, making this whole thing even more appropriate. And wonderfully wicked. Fuck, the witch barely had time to add a second finger into that incredibly tight orifice, before she was ordered to move on.

"Are you ready, Will?" Buffy asked huskily, "Huh? Are you ready to be the second ever person to butt fuck my anal bitch? To stretch out her shit hole, and prove that she is nothing but an ass whore? Well, are you?"

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Willow replied quickly, before then adding just as quickly, "As long as Faith doesn't have a problem with it."

Faith was actually kind of tempted to protest. She knew this was what Mistress Buffy wanted, and that should be the only thing that mattered to her if she wanted to truly be the other Slayer's bottom. And yeah, she actually kind of did. And part of her even like the idea of submitting to someone like Willow, now she'd had the chance to think about it, simply because it would be so wonderfully humiliating. But the kicker was, if she complained, she might get Mistress Buffy up her butt that much sooner. Or, she might upset her, and cost herself a butt fucking. Which immediately made her realize the price was too high, so despite her initial hesitance, Faith told the other girls what they wanted to hear.

"Faith?" Buffy questioned, wondering if she'd gone too far, before being interrupted before she could get another word in.

"No Mistress Buffy, I'd love to have Mistress Willow fuck my ass." Faith softly insisted, reaching back and spreading her cheeks, offering Willow her bitch hole, "Oooooooooh, please Mistress Willow, fuck my ass. Fuck my slutty little Slayer ass. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss, shove every inch of your big dick up my bitch butt, and use that hole like the fuck hole it is. Use me like the butt bitch I am! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, please Mistress Willow, Mistress Buffy asked you to use her favourite toy. So please, do it? For her? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, after all the things Buffy Summers has done for you, don't you think the least you can do is butt fuck her bitch when she asks you too?"

"I guess I could do that." Willow grinned wickedly, pressing the tip of her 'cock' against that forbidden hole, and then savouring the moment.

"Do it Will." Buffy encouraged again, mistaking the pause for hesitance, "Take that slutty little hole, and use it like it's yours."

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Willow replied softly, and doing as she was told.

Part of Faith was disappointed that her Mistress didn't really get a chance to get going before Willow began pushing forwards, but it was hard to complain about that when she felt her ass being stretched. Indeed, she was really aware that she should have been complaining about being anally violated by anyone, but a weak little nerd Willow Rosenberg? God, just when she didn't think she could fall any further, it seemed that Mistress Buffy found a new low for her. Something which again, Faith shouldn't have been enjoying, but she was. Something she was given plenty of chances to dwell on, given that the initial anal penetration was torturously slow

Admittedly, her ass hole had returned to virgin tightness, as it always did when it wasn't being kept open by a plug or another toy, but she was a Slayer, God damnit. She could take a faster anal penetration than this, and as much as she liked to savour this moment, Willow was really stretching it out, pun intended. Of course, no matter how long Willow put it off, eventually Faith's ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of the strap-on to slide inside, making it official, nerdy little Willow Rosenberg was the second person ever to anally penetrate Faith Lehane. Something which again, everyone got the chance to savour for a few long seconds, before the sodomy continued.

This time Mistress Buffy was definitely cut off from providing more encouragement. It wasn't necessary, of course, but she was likely lost in the sight of inch after inch of strap-on cock disappearing into Faith's shitter. As always. Well, this was different, because it wasn't Mistress Buffy's cock, but both tops seemed fascinated nevertheless, which made Faith's heart flutter. Oh God, the brunette loved putting that expression on the face of the blonde, and it definitely didn't look bad on the redhead's face either. That, and the intense submission of having her shit-pipe stuffed full of a big dick, left the big bad Faith Lehane in a wonderful state of bliss.

Willow was also in a wonderful state of bliss. Like, easily the best ever. Oh God, she was anally penetrating Faith the Vampire Slayer! Something that wouldn't be possible without Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Without Mistress Buffy. Oh God, Willow wanted to turn to her best friend right now and tell her how grateful she was for this, and everything she did for her, but she was to dumb struck by the heavenly sight before her. Especially when the head of her strap-on slipped through that tight anal ring, and into that forbidden orifice, making it official, she was inside Faith's butt! Yes, it wasn't flesh and blood, but in that moment, it kind of felt like it. Like she was truly inside Faith Lehane's ass.

That overwhelming feeling continued echoing in her mind as she pushed inch after inch of big strap-on cock deep into Faith's rectum. Especially as she and her best friend got the perfect view of it, thanks to Buffy's Butt Bitch spreading her cheeks the entire time. Oh God, Faith Lehane was spreading her cheeks, and allowing Willow and her Mistress Buffy to get the best possible look at that dildo sliding through her back door and deep into her back passage. Fuck, maybe it was a good thing this big dick wasn't flesh and blood, because if it was Willow would have cum for sure, just at the thought of it. Or the thought of originally shoving her dick into it. And oh, the tightness! Oh God, Slayer healing had to be fixing Faith's butt hole, because this surely had to be what virgin tightness felt like.

She also kind of felt like she could cum from the fact that stuffing that tight little butt seemed to last an eternity, and yet somehow at the same time, only a matter of seconds. Oh yes, stuffing Faith Lehane's butt full of strap-on was a memory Willow Rosenberg would always treasure, as was the amazement when she realized she was running out of dildo to push into that back hole. When her thighs were coming closer, and closer, and closer to those cheeks, until they were resting together, and announcing every single inch of the witch's big dick was now buried deep within a Slayer's bowels. That Willow Rosenberg had buried the entire length of her strap-on cock all the way up Faith Lehane's butt!

Some form of those words echoed in Willow's head, as Buffy praised her work, "You did it Will! Every single inch of that big dick up Faith's bitch butt! How does it feel, huh? How does it feel to put this uppity little anal loving bottom in her place? Good, right? Mmmmmmmmm, I know I love it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I love stuffing that tight little Slayer ass of hers full of cock. And just wait until you fuck it. Oh yeah, mmmmmmmmm, trust me Will, there's nothing like butt fucking a Slayer. So do it. Fuck her! Butt fuck my bitch. Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, that's it, fuck her! Fuck her slutty little bitch ass! Ah fuck yeah, fuck her, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!"

For a moment the two best friends shared a dreamy smile, then Willow looked back down to Faith's butt, and then there was a smile crossing her face. Then she made the big bad Vampire Slayer cry out in what seemed like mostly pleasure as she pulled inch after inch of that big dick out of her rectum. More importantly, she had the same reaction when she pushed it back in. And she definitely got the same reaction when she repeated the process. Oh God, she had the mighty and sexually confident Faith Lehane moaning with pleasure as she pumped her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of that shit hole, and meaning that Willow was officially sodomizing another girl for the first time in her life. And a Slayer to boot. Oh God, life was just so perfect right now. And she had Mistress Buffy to thank for it.

Buffy was so happy for Willow, and she had certainly never been more proud of her. The way she was taking that ass took natural born talent. Yes, Buffy had described the act in great detail, and given her a lot of pointers, but it still took skill to follow instructions, and perhaps even, instincts kicked in. It was also extremely impressive how her shyness and nervousness seemed to be forgotten in favour of confidence and dominance, making her best friend look incredibly attractive in that moment. Hell, Buffy might have been tempted to bottom for her, if it wasn't so much fun being a top. Especially when she had a perfect anal loving submissive bottom like Faith Lehane as her personal butt bitch.

That was the one downside of this whole experience though. The fact that Willow was sodomizing her personal butt bitch, and she wasn't. Don't get her wrong, the beautiful sight in front of her was incredibly drool worthy, Buffy adoring the sight of a big dick sliding in and out of Faith's shit hole, as she always did. But she was jealous it wasn't her big dick. Which was ironic, because she had expected to be jealous the entire time, but it was only really creeping in now that Willow was using her favourite fuck hole for her pleasure. In fact, it was so bad that eventually Buffy just had to demand a turn. Which to be fair, was the plan, but there was an argument that she should just let her best friend have her fun now she had discovered this new level of confidence. But she just couldn't help it.

So eventually Buffy pushed, "Erm, Will? Can I have a turn now?"

"Huh?" Willow frowned in confusion, her mind too clouded to realize what her friend was saying at first. Then realization hit, and she blushed, "Oh, right."

Sheepishly Willow pulled her strap-on slowly out of Faith's ass hole, and then moved aside, allowing Buffy to admire her prize. Her property. Her favourite little fuck hole. Which had quite the cute little gape going, given they had only just started. Something that she should really mention to her best friend. And she would do, later. But for now she was far too preoccupied with taking her rightful place behind Faith Lehane, and shoving her strap-on where it belonged, deep inside Faith Lehane's behind. Oh yes, she shoved about half of the dildo straight up the other Slayer's well loosened shit-pipe, causing the first cry of pain since the spanking had ended. Although, like with the spanking, there was definitely more than a hint of pleasure within that.

Which continued to be the case as with only a few hard thrusts Buffy pushed the rest of her big dick into Faith's bowels. Although to her credit, she then stopped for a few long seconds, allowing both of them to savour the sweet moment of Mistress Buffy being buried all the way inside of her butt bitch. It was then that she noticed the expression on Willow's face. The one which told her, while the redhead was still very much turned on, a little bit of the nervousness and hesitant had returned. It took the blonde a few long seconds to realize what that was, and then realization hit, and a wide smile crossed her face. Her best friend was so cute, and naïve. But she was only too happy to explain her mistake.

"Don't worry, Will." Buffy reassured, "Faith is a total anal whore. She can take anything we throw at her. Isn't that right, Faith?"

"Oh yes Mistress Buffy, ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!" Faith moaned shamelessly, only too happy to agree with her owner, especially if it meant embarrassing the nerdy witch, "I can take whatever, mmmmmmmmm, whatevver I'm given. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm the best bitch ever. The best anal whore you could ever ask for. Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, abuse my butt as much as you want, and I'll love it. Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, I fucking love it, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, fuck me Mistress Buffy! I love it!! I love it up the ass! Oh fuck, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd!"

Faith meant every word she said. She was a Slayer, after all, and could take what anyone could throw at her. And she definitely welcomed that hard anal penetration. Well, honestly, she wouldn't want it all the time. Not because it was painful, but because she likes savouring getting her butt stuffed. But now with two Mistresses, she was getting the best of both worlds. And with any luck, she would be getting even more treats. Something she forgot about for a while, although she couldn't be blame for that as Mistress Buffy started sodomizing her. For better or for worse, it was nice and slow, rendering Faith mostly incoherent for the next few blissful minutes.

Then Mistress Buffy ordered, "Willow, don't just stand there. Feed Faith her own ass. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, let's spit roast the bitch. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I wanna see my bitch taking it in both ends. Just like I'm sure that Faith wants to take it that way. Don't you, you little slut? Huh? Does Faith the Vampire Slayer want to be spit roasted like a fucking pig?"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, spit roast me! Spit roast me like a bitch!" Faith agreed, and then whimpered when her top slowed down so she could reply coherently, "Ah fuck, spit roast me like a fucking pig. Please Will, let me taste my own butt! Mmmmmmmmmm shit, let me taste it on your cock. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, shove your cock into my mouth and make me clean it. Ooooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, I wanna suck my own ass off of your big dick Will. Fuck, I want you and Mistress Buffy to turn me into an ATM machine! Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm!"

Thankfully it wasn't long before Willow was giving her what she wanted, pressing the tip of that dildo against Faith's lips, and allowing the newly minted ATM machine to open wide, and moan happily at the taste of her own ass. It was a flavour she savoured for a few long seconds, before beginning to bob her head up and down, quickly taking the full length down her throat so she could suck up all of that precious butt cream. Normally Faith would take her time and give a more thorough blow job, but she was worried if she tried that she would been denied some of this heavenly liquid. And if she hurried, maybe she would be treated to even more, from the cock which was currently pumping her slutty little shit-pipe.

Sure enough, at the request of Mistress Buffy she and her best friend began switching places over and over again, meaning that Faith constantly got a fresh batch of ass cream to clean. Oh yes, Faith had guessed this was were things were going, and in a way it was heavenly, as it kept her on a wonderful high for several long minutes. The obvious downside was however that she was never fucked hard enough to cum, but at first it was just fine with her, as it gave her a chance to savour this act. Indeed, part of her wanted this to last forever. Then when it was all becoming too much, Mistress Buffy revealed she had one final treat for her anal bitch, turning her into a different kind of bitch in the process.

"Faith, come and sit on my dick." Buffy ordered casually, as she just as casually pulled her cock out of Faith's throat.

Faith gasped for breath, but quickly replied, "Yes Mistress Buffy."

Buffy then deliberately waited until her bitch was hovering over her, before she clarified, "No wait, don't stick it in your butt. Mmmmmmmmm, shove it in your cunt Oh yeah, that's right Faith, you're getting an extra special treat. See, me and Willow are going to turn you into a little DP whore. You like the sound of that, huh?"

"Oh yes Mistress Buffy." Faith replied excitedly, "Mmmmmmmmm, I can't wait to be your little DP whore."

True to her word, rather than going on and on about how much she loved the idea of that treat, Faith quickly lined up the entrance of her needy little cunt up with Mistress Buffy's big dick and pushed herself forcefully downwards. Fuck, she must of got at least half inside of herself, from just the first hard thrust. And she could have probably taken more, but she wanted to savour this moment. The first time that Mistress Buffy had paid any attention to her pussy in weeks. Hell, the first time in weeks it had taken a dildo. Which admittedly, left her greedy little ass hole feeling jealous. Although to be fair, it had been left gaping open, and aching for cock. Although Faith was sure it wouldn't be long before her greedy little ass hole would get what it wanted, and then she would be the DP whore she now so desperately wanted to be.

Willow watched as Faith impaled herself on that big dick, savoured the moment that her pussy was fully stuffed with strap-on, and then slowly began to bounce up and down that dildo. Honestly, she found it so hot, that she kind of forgot that she was part of the equation, and just got lost in watching this beautiful woman enthusiastically ride a cock. Then without warning her best friend, reached back and spread her bitch's butt cheeks, which in turn prompted Faith to stop in her tracks, and wait patiently. Of course, she made sure she was fully impaled on that dick first, but she still showed remarkable patience, especially for her. And then Willow was left feeling incredibly embarrassed when she had to be further prompted.

"Will?" Buffy pushed.

"Oh, right..." Willow blushed, "Sorry."

There was probably more encouragement after that, but honestly Willow wasn't really paying attention. As she was too busy positioning herself behind Faith, lining up her strap-on with the other girl's most private hole, and then slowly pushing forwards. Considering she had seen Buffy penetrate this hole hard and rough several times now, and had even followed suit a little bit. Willow knew that she didn't have to be gentle with Faith. If anything, this little anal whore seemed to prefer it when she wasn't. But this was likely a new sensation for her, given that apparently, the brunette hadn't actually taken it up the butt before becoming Buffy's anal bitch, so going slow seemed like the least she could do.

Proof of that came in the form that Faith didn't say anything mouthy after the initial penetration, even when Willow gave all three of them the chance to savour it. Just like she did by sliding the rest of the strap-on through the other girl's back door and deep into her back passage. Admittedly, that had more to do with Willow's benefit. After all, she'd gone from ass fucking another girl, to spit roasting her, and now she was DP'ing her. All with her best friend, no less. Oh yes, this was all truly mind blowing, and especially Willow wanted to savour every second of it, and clearly, the Slayers agreed, as there wasn't a word of complaint. Exactly the opposite, in fact, as all three of them moaned happily throughout the experience.

Then when the butt stuffing was over, Buffy grinned wickedly, and questioned, "It's in?"

"All the way." Willow confirmed.

"Ooooooooooh, good girl, good little Slayer slut." Buffy purred with delight, before grabbing a handful of Faith's hair and yanking it back, so she could be sure to talk directly into her bitch's face, "Good little DP whore! Oh yes, you like that, huh? You like being double stuffed? Two big strap-on cocks deep inside your pussy and ass at the same time? Huh? God, what a whore! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, what a filthy little DP slut. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, and you probably want more, don't you? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ah fuck, you probably want Xander or Cordy here, so we can triple stuff you, huh? Make Faith the Giant Slut air tight!"

"Yes, yes, yesssssssssssss! Do whatever you want! Do whatever you want to me!" Faith blurted out deliriously, "Share me with whoever you want! Anything, mmmmmmmmm, you can do anything, just please fuck me! Oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck me hard and make me cum! Make me cum like the little DP whore I am!"

"You heard my bitch, Will. Fuck her." Buffy ordered.

"Yes Mistress Buffy." Willow replied with a grin, and happily did as she was told.

Which of course meant pulling her hips back, pushing forwards, and then repeating the process, causing the strap-on to slide in and out of Faith's back hole, and thus officially beginning the butt fucking. Oh yes, Willow Rosenberg was once again fucking Faith Lehane in the ass, this time while Buffy Summers was stuffing the bitch's cunt with her girl cock. Oh fuck, they were DP'ing Buffy's bitch! And amazingly, Willow was doing most of the work. Oh God, she couldn't believe she was fucking Faith Lehane up the butt, and pushing her down onto the other dildo with every thrust, effectively fucking the much stronger girl in two holes at once. Yes, she was only getting to do it because of Mistress Buffy, but it still felt like an incredible achievement. One which felt like heaven to the little witch.

Faith definitely felt like she was in heaven right now. She felt that way pretty much whenever she got fucked up the ass, because all of the pain and discomfort that there was initially was quickly overwhelmed by pure pleasure, which led to truly incredible orgasms. Only this time, her ass had been thoroughly loosened up, meaning that she got to skip the adjustment. Or more accurately, it had already happened. Ah fuck yeah, her slutty little butt had been stretched out from constant fuckings, as Red and Mistress Buffy had shared her fuck holes, and now there was a cock in her main fuck hole, which had been very neglected as of late, which was driving her absolutely crazy.

They had only just started, and already Faith was literally begging to cum. She couldn't help it, it just felt so amazing. But she was greatly embarrassed by that fact. After all, she was a Slayer, not some weak bitch who couldn't please a top. Thankfully her tops completely ignored her begging to cum, and instead concentrated on her begs to be fucked. Which was honestly, what she really wanted in that moment. Oh yes, Faith Lehane wanted to be double fucked nice and slow, and that was exactly what she got. Which might've been the reason that Mistress Buffy made sure that her best friend was the one in control, so she could ensure they would go nice and slow. At least initially.

Of course, inevitably, the speed was increased. However, instead of being a result of Faith begging for it, Willow just clearly got carried away, picking up the pace until the witch was dangerously close to making the Slayer cum. Hell, she was probably close to making all three of them cum, and yet Mistress Buffy did nothing to stop her. If anything, she looked amused. Or maybe that was just from the expression on Faith's face, as B's Butt Bitch tried to think of what to do next. She wanted this to last longer, ideally forever, because it just felt so good. But at the same time, she had been through a lot, and really, really wanted to cum. So ultimately, it wasn't a hard choice to make.

"Yessssssssssssss, fuck me hard!" Faith cried out in approval, "Pound my pussy Mistress Buffy! Slam my butt Mistress Willow! Fuck me! Oooooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, hammer those fuck holes of mine, mmmmmmmmm, and make them yours! Your fucking fuck holes! Oh God, pound them hard and deep and make me cum like the little sub bitch I am! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, like the little DP bitch you made me, Mistress Buffy. Oh God, Mistress Buffy, oh my God, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, MMMMMMMMM, HARDER, HARDER... HARDER. PLEASE? OH PLEASE, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

She also concentrated on the idea that she would be shared by more than just Mistress Buffy and Willow. What it would be like to have a real cock in her mouth, Xander shooting his load down her throat and all over her face while the rest of them were cumming. That was hot, but he probably wouldn't be able to wait, so maybe Cordy would be the best option? Especially as she would probably provide wonderfully cruel words in the process. Oh yes, this was combined with the faster pace, and the permission from her Mistress, to make sure that Faith went crashing over the edge of an incredibly powerful climax. Which was then followed by another, and another, and another, completely robbing her of the ability to think coherently.

Buffy had been mostly just saying all that to tease Faith, but she would be lying if she said she hadn't thought about it, especially now. But then again, sharing her bitch with her best friend was one thing, but the rest of her friends? Hell, arguably, this was something she never thought she would do. Any of it, really. So did she really want things to get more extreme? Of course, either way, she couldn't really think about it now. Not when she was busy fucking her bitch, and especially not when it was in a truly unique way. After all, those holes were incredibly close together, and Buffy could only imagine how intense that feeling was for her fellow Slayer. Which was apparently a very good one right now, given the expression on Faith's face, the way she was screaming, whimpering, and crying out, and most of all, the way she was cumming incredibly hard on her cock.

Admittedly, she was somewhat used to getting that reaction out of Faith, especially now they had settled into the roles of top and bottom. But she was delighted to see that her fellow Slayer was enjoying this, just as much as taking it in the ass, if not more. Which definitely push the idea that she would share Faith again. With just Willow? Again, it was something she didn't want to think about in that moment. Besides, she was busy adding to that incredible experience by pounding Faith's pussy. First in her original position, and then she flipped them over so she could concentrate on using every ounce of her strength and stamina to squeeze as many climaxes out of all three of them as possible.

Initially Buffy allowed Willow to take complete control over the situation, the witch clearly using another spell to give her the strength to match a Slayer, if not surpass it. Hell, it probably involved similar stamina too, so she could have kept going for longer if Buffy had allowed it. However, she was supposed to be the Mistress here, not Willow, and after a few long minutes Buffy was just over come by the need to prove her dominance. Also, to make sure that she was basically making herself cum, instead of having Willow do it. So she held out as long as possible, then Buffy flipped them over so that the redhead was on her back, the brunette still sandwiched between them, and most importantly of all, with the blonde on top.

She then grinned down at the other girls, who were already looking a little past it at this stage, and then began hammering Faith's cunt with every ounce of her strength, which in turn made her fellow Slayer's butt hole be impaled on Willow's cock. It also made the other end of the dildo rub Willow's clit, so it was like she was making both the other girls cum at the same time. And she was definitely dominating them at the same time, which was such an incredible high Buffy had no choice but to cum too. And she did it over, and over, and over again. Oh God, it was paradise beyond words. Which was kind of a problem, because Buffy became so lost in that high that she used every ounce of strength and stamina she had to fuck Faith, until they collapsed together in a sweaty heap.

Then only about a minute later Faith asked hopefully, in a very hoarse voice, "Please... please Mistress Buffy, tell me we're doing that again."

Buffy chuckled with delight at the eagerness of her bitch, then asked her best friend, "What do you think, Will?"

"Only..." Willow gasped, grinning wickedly as she forced out, "Only if she's good."

"What do you think, Faith?" Buffy grinned, "Can you be a good girl?"

"Maybe..." Faith grinned back.