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Senior Year.

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          Albert DaSilva had to say he was extremely ready to be back. No other kid would be as excited as he was now to be pulling into the parking lot of Northwood Memorial High at 7:30 in the morning, but today was different, it was August 1st 2018. First day of Band Camp. 

          He couldn't help but feel a little sad though, as the realization that this was his last year as a part of the panther family finally hit him as he walked into the band hall with his saxophone case in hand. Albert himself looked tired, with bagged eyes, but he was buzzing with excitement, his short-cut ginger hair brushed backwards, wearing basketball shorts and an old school shirt with the sleeves cropped off.

He glanced around at the people that were already there, recognizing a few people. Davey was off to the side talking to Les, his little brother who'd be joining the band as a freshman trombone that year and his sister, Sarah, who was in color guard 

          Color Guard... Color Guard, Race! Albert searched around for Race like an excited child, and brightened up when he saw the mop of blonde curls standing off to the side. He grinned and headed over, "Hey Racer," he beamed. 

          The blonde turned away from the conversation he was having with another color guard member, mirroring Albert's smile, "Long time no see Al," he laughed, pulling him in for a hug.


         "We saw each other last month you goof," Albert snickered.


          "Still!" Race giggled, "It's been a while!"


           The redhead gave a soft grin, not quite meaning for his cheeks to heat up. Jesus he was so gone over this boy.


          After a while, everybody was separated into their sections and Albert had to say goodbye to Race. He headed off with the other saxes.


          Romeo, one of the Juniors in the section, approached him with a small laugh, "I can't believe we're loosing half of the damn band after this year." 


          Albert returned the laugh, "Yeah, we won't be the biggest in the district anymore, so long 'pride of NMH'," he joked, "One in each section maybe? Two in color guard?" Romeo snickered at that, "We're gonna miss you Albo, and Davey, Jojo, Specs, Sarah, Race and all of them," he rambled. Albert thought for a moment. This was his last year. He was going to miss his chance to finally test the waters with Race. Fuck.


          Ah lunch break, the highlight of the Panther Band band camp day, aside from water breaks, those were the highlights. Albert had taken to sitting in the band hall for the time being, sitting on the ground, his back against the wall. He was alone for a while, invested in his lunch. His head jumped up when he heard someone slide down the wall next to him. But when he realized who it was, he calmed, a smile spreading across his face, "Hey Tony!"


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I’m so sorry I’ve like... disappeared again. Ive had a ton of things going on.

Majorly though, post-grad I got a job as an assistant director for my high school’s color guard through a student teaching program.

I applied for this position with my ex boyfriend, who was on rifle line, back in october of last year. Before the result was announced, he passed away. I miss him more than words and I feel like without him, I wouldn’t be where I am.

They saved his flags from last year, and gave them to me at our final competition.

I’m so proud of how my band has done this season, and it’s been an amazing year.

To celebrate this, I’m going to start updating this fic!!!

a rewrite of the first chapter and more chapters are to come :)