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Ch.1- Chacun voit midi à sa porte


The turning of the seasons had always been one of your favorite parts of the year, especially now as the fall was finally starting to set in. The warmth of summer was finally starting to fade off in favor of changing leaves and the smell of autumn.


Your eyes gazed out the window, not paying much attention to the sound of the teacher rambling on about the new semester or how the final half of this year will be much harder than your first. Your thoughts were elsewhere at this moment, absorbed in how the fall was nearly here.


And currently sitting in your seat behind a messy green haired male, with the tall ravenette behind you, you were once more reminded of how truly lucky you were to be here sitting in this classroom during this part of your life.


Yuuei Academy was not an easy school to get into, seeing as only about 2% of those who apply even get in. Therefore, only the true best of the best were able to sit among the performing greats. But then again, maybe one day you’d be talked about on a first-day speech when some teacher in the not so distant future would say proudly “And in this very classroom is where  (Full Name) took her classes.”


The thought made you smile softly to yourself, seeing as if any school would help bring you to hold the title of a skilled and elegant ballerina… it would be UA. The school was known for its two elite programs after all: composer or choreographer. UA would accept twenty gifted students from each program each year and help them hone their skills to be a bright star by the time they graduated.


UA’s own structure was made to promote teamwork among not only the peers in your program but also in the rival one. Meaning, each class held ten dancers and ten musicians with regular classes occurring and allowing everyone to mix and mingle among each other and form bonds that may be useful come adulthood.


UA even had a partner program: a dancer and a musician. The dancer would dance to the musician's songs and the musician would create a score for the dance. This way each could get exposure and make a possible friend along the way.


And you were grateful for the partner you had made come day one when everyone was searching for someone who looked to have a common theme. She was elegant, organized and hardworking. Not to mention providing you some of the most gorgeous and original classical pieces you had heard for your recent ballet sessions.


The sound of your teacher speaking your name tugged you back to reality and with wide eyes, you looked back towards the man who was tapping his finger against the desk impatiently. Aizawa-sensei seemed to have been trying to get your attention for a while now.


“Y-yes, sensei?” You squeaked, embarrassed to have been caught daydreaming.


“We’re finishing up… so please try to stay with us for a few more minutes.” He spoke, dark eyes looking towards his teaching partner. “Yamada… take over.”


And with that, the male bent downwards and got into his sleeping bag. A few of the girls giggled at the strange dance teacher they had, as his music counterpart began to scream out the remaining announcements.


You decided to not try and daydream any longer, instead looking at the school guidebooks that had been handed out once again at the start of the fall semester. Apparently, the principal wanted to reinstate the rules… as yet another group of students had been expelled last semester over breaking that one single rule.


The one that made UA as famous as its alumni. The one that made students get approval for anything they did in fear of accidentally doing something to get expelled. The rule that was listed as number one of the guidelines.



  • Any student of any department caught dancing, writing, scoring, or similar to street music or street dancing (including hip hop, breakdancing, etc) will be facing immediate expulsion.
  • Listening or viewing any sort of street music or dance is prohibited on the school grounds as well.



It was a strange rule that many students and outsiders questioned. But you understood it enough… seeing as UA attracted all sorts of stingy and higher-ups individuals. And like most people who came from that sphere of society, any sort of ‘ popping ’ and ‘ locking ’ was nothing but savage and dangerous to them.


Plus… UA was already known for injuries since students tried to push themselves when they really needed patience and practice… resulting in plenty of visitors to the school nurse. There were plenty of other reasons as well, but ones you didn’t bother with trying to understand.


All that mattered to you at the current time was reaching that goal you had wanted so badly since you had first performed at the young age of four… and now you could finally see a path engraved towards that goal. The only thing that remained was to stay on the path and not wander too far away from it.

It was here at this prestigious school that you managed by some miracle to snag a seat as a choreographer student. Specifically as a ballet student, something you were overjoyed by. Not only had you gotten into UA, but been accepted into your dance preference as well. Something not every student was lucky enough to receive, many having to settle for their third or even fourth choices.


Currently, you were starting to pack up your things, the lessons of that day had ended and the final bell had rung five minutes ago. And as you did so, your music partner was waiting patiently by your desk, a gleeful and excited smile on her features as she spoke to you.


“(Last-Name)-san, are we still on for tea today? I’ve been meaning to try out the new tea shop downtown and I know how much you adore a nice warm tea after the long days we have here.” Yaoyorozu Momo spoke, her black hair moving as she pushed a couple locks back.


Your eyes lit up in excitement upon her words, only to suddenly fade when another thought crossed your mind. With a sinking feeling in your heart, you shook your head, sorry to disappoint your kind-hearted and caring partner.


“I’m so sorry, Yaoyorozu-san…” You sighed, pouting your lips out. “If it had been any other day then I would for sure jump at the chance to join you… but Aizawa-sensei scheduled my meeting for right after school.”


The dark haired female nodded knowingly, understanding that when it came to grades or friends, she would pick the latter as well. Especially if it was the meeting all the students had been having today with their professors.


“We’ll have to reschedule our tea for another date then.” Yaoyorozu nodded towards you and then picked up the remaining of her belongings before heading towards the door herself. “Oh and make sure to not be late to your meeting today… seeing as your the last one, Aizawa-sensei might be eager to get this over with.”


You nodded to your music partner as she left, sending one more soft smile and small wave towards you as you finished packing up your own belongings before heading to your student-teacher meeting that was in another few minutes now.


A soft budding worry filled your heart as you tried to imagine how this meeting would go. Aizawa-sensei was an excellent teacher… but you worried he’d beat your already fragile self-esteem into the dirt. But then again… you were one of the higher scores for the semester final… so maybe the meeting would go well.


Once a semester, starting after your first semester, every UA student would meet with their career instructor and discuss what their challenge for the oncoming semester would be. Essentially, the assigned project would be the major project the student would conduct and put together to showcase at the end of the semester.


Choreography students would have to do something with a dance, and composer students would make an individual piece. Of course, it had to tie to your chosen subject but could branch out or mix. For example, your ballet would mix with a Charleston or a music student could combine pop and rock. The sky was the limit as long as the basic rules applied to what you wanted to do.


You were curious though what Aizawa-sensei would be asking you to improve on though… as your last semester exam ended with a near perfect score of a ninety-seven. And if you hadn’t been so nervous to perform in front of your sensei for the first few seconds, then you were sure you would have gotten a perfect one hundred. But if anything… it was something to strive for come this semester.


As you pondered more about it though, wandering towards the door to leave the classroom and instead exit into the hallway to find the teacher’s lounge you failed to notice that the door had been swung open with a force.


The door thrower also seemed to be lost in his own world, rushing in and not looking in front of him. The pair of bodies colliding quickly and making you both fall to the floor with groans and eyes searching for the person who had collided with either of you.


“Hey watch it, twinkle toes!” Came the loud voice of one of the composer students. “You made me drop my damn sheet music!”


You groaned as ash locks of blonde shook in front of you, the owner shaking from the anger coursing through him. Your hues of (eye color) looked up to see none other than your class’ resident hothead waiting for your response. But seeing as you were taking too long for his own preference, he decided to instead click his tongue and look towards where his sheets of music rested.


“Moron… at least apologize when you run into someone.”


You finally blinked back to reality, a certain bubble of annoyance sprouting inside of you now. And while for the past five or six months you had manged to at least stay out of the way of this grumpy male… but when he personally attacked you for something that was just as much his fault as your own (or entirely his fault) you couldn’t contain the emotions inside of you.


“Maybe if you didn’t swing doors open… you wouldn’t run into people…” You muttered, seeing as his ears grew red from the rise of anger in him at your remark. “Either way though… I’ll take responsibility this time since I don’t have time to argue with you today, Bakugou-san.”


“Hah? What the fuck does that mean?” He ground his teeth. “Taking the blame for no reason is the same as not realizing you’re at fault!”


You shrugged, grabbing a few of the sheets that had fallen near you, knowing that you’d have hell to pay if you were late to your meeting with Aizawa-sensei. So you swallowed your tongue and simply nodded towards the ash blonde, despite having a few more comebacks and snarky remarks loaded into your gun of words.


“I understand, but if you’ll excuse me.” You spoke to him, seeing as the male himself was now silent.


It was strange, as the classmate, who you had come to know and experience his emotions first hand, was usually was never silent, especially after he had just been so angered. But when you looked at him, you could see him eyeing the sheets in your hands. Your own gaze wandering downwards to them, eyes hitting the first couple notes.


Before you could truly make sense of what the music would be like though, the papers were stolen from your grasp and back into the shaking hands of their owner. The crimson hues of annoyance meetings yours again as you gave him a look of unimpression.


And before he could tell you off again, you rose to your feet and jogged out the door. The echoing of your flats against the tile floor reaching down to both ends of the hallway as you ran. Unbeknownst to you were the eyes of red that still managed to follow you until you turned the corner and disappeared from his view.


His lip raising in a disgusted frown as the papers he held were crumbled slowly in his grasp enough to cause the straight edges to bend inwards. He didn’t care though, more worried about that one second you had seen what he had been working on… and especially if you were even able to read the strange notes and symbols he had put down on the page.


Either way, Bakugou had somewhere he needed to be as well. And seeing as the little ballerina was acting like her usual goody-goody self… he figured she hadn’t seen anything that would cost him. After all, with the hobby he had picked up… other people finding out would mean a possible end to a career that had yet to even start.


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The walk to the teacher’s lounge was quiet. Most of the students having rushed out of the school as soon as the bell rang. Either to hang out or go home or to try and snag a studio before they all got filled up and taken by those who were quicker than them.


You were not as lucky though, seeing as rather than spending your afterschool time doing what you needed to do, such as homework or cleaning your home from the dust that had started to collect on a few of the items scattered about… you were instead waiting outside the teacher’s office. The sounds of your sensei carried through, his dry voice seeming to continue to berate the person currently in his hold.


You almost felt bad, having heard from rumors at the start of the year how much of a harsh grader Aizawa-sensei was. You tried to drown it out, seeing as you might have enough time to make a quick run to the nearby vending machine at the end of the hallway. You’d be able to see the teacher’s lounge by the machine and could sprint back if it meant you needed to get your butt into the room.


Your pace was slower now that you knew you had a few seconds of time to fetch an iced peach tea from the machine. You inserted the spare change you kept in the small coin purse always hanging from your person in a cute pouch with a small embroidered hearts.


Next to you stood two girls from another class, giggling excitedly at something they were watching on one of their phones. Your eyes happening to catch onto a few seconds as you idly sipped your drink next to the vending machine.


One girl pointed excited towards a male on the screen who was swinging his body across the screen. Another male next to him copying the same moves before a female jumped over the pair and then fell into sync with the two beside her.


Your eyes widened as you recognized the group further, but it wasn’t the group that was making you suddenly tear a quick gaze down the hallway. It was exactly what they were performing and how oblivious these two girls were. They had been so engrossed in their performance, that neither had seen you looking over their shoulders.


“Ah! Red Riot and Chargebolt are so cool! They really are in sync with one another, huh Ai-chan?!”


“Pinky is just as amazing though! She holds them all together!”


The two continued to chat, unaware of the eyes watching from so close with a look of disbelief in them. How could they be so reckless? Did they forget the biggest rule that existed here? Or were they that confident that they would not get caught, despite being in the open.


You sighed, clearing your throat. The noise startled the girls and quicker than you expected, one of the girls had put her phone to sleep and shoved the device back into her bag hanging off her shoulder.


“I’d be more careful if you’re going to be watching that sort of thing at UA.” You muttered, the tone you used no doubt telling the females you knew of what they were watching. “After all… even watching it on school grounds could be disastrous to your record and possible opportunities in the future.”


The two girls quickly nodded, seeming to have thanks written across their faces that you would not tattle on them. And as they rushed away, no doubt off to watch the video of the breakdancing group elsewhere, you couldn’t help but sign.


Wandering back to your seat outside of the office that still had your teacher rambling away at the poor soul inside, you decided to sit in silence. Nothing but the sounds of footsteps or doors rattling from somewhere else.


You were not sure why your mind was thinking of the video you had seen though. The moves you had seen performed always seeming to make you feel uneasy. The way those dancers seemed to twirl, spin, and push their bodies in ways that were so different than your own.


How strange it was… to think that this small group of five had gone from barely known four months ago to now some of the biggest sensations of the internet as of currently. Their page on the video sharing site posting over 100 million views and nearly a million subscribers already. Not to mention how much of a mystery the group itself was, adding much more to the popularity.


The breakdancing crew dubbed as “ Vindicous ” was apparently a combination of the words vicious and vindicator. Two words that the crew said represented their members in one or both ways. Their faces were hidden by a mask and their bodies color coded so one could tell who they were from the colors they wore. The group seemed to be into a darker theme both figuratively and literally.


The group was comprised of five members: four males and one female. To name them each was rather simple, as each video would take the time to highlight the street name each went by before the actual routine began.


Cellophane: the brown Tengu. Chargebolt: the yellow Raiju. Pinky: the hot pink Tanuki. Red Riot: the red Oni. And finally the leader, Ground Zero: the orange Kitsune.


Each bore a mask of some kind of creature from Japanese mythology and made sure to distinguish themselves further with the colors they wore. A scheme of black and whatever their chosen color was. That was how each was able to show off who they were without ever showing anything recognizable.


And their followers loved it. The mere thought that these gifted street dancers could be anyone you passed by on the street, made people theorize who they really were. And for a while it remained a mystery… or until a video from two months ago had left people questioning.


You had heard it through the grapevine at the time. After the spring sports festival… a new video popped up. Curious, you decided to check out the video yourself, wanting to confirm the possible rumor you had heard from your own classmates.


In that video, around the 1:50 mark… it could be seen for a split second behind one of the members. It was hard to see at first, only those with truly keen eyes able to spot such a small detail in the abandoned industrial plant the group was performing at. But someone did… and that someone had no issues pointing it out in the comments. The white sweatshirt that bared a certain emblem of a certain school that didn’t allow a certain kind of dancing on its grounds. And as more people started to notice the accidental easter egg… more theories grew.


Who knew that a simple sweatshirt that bared Yuuei’s name on it could cause such a stir. But it did. And soon enough, the comments were filled with theories. From people claiming the group kept their faces hidden because they attended UA, to people saying it was a warning to the school that was too prestigious to get with the times and how dance and music had evolved.


The video was removed from the channel quickly. Whether it was because the members were actually UA students who almost had their secret made more public or just not wanting to see all the arguing in the comments… you couldn’t be sure. What you were sure of though was the amount of reuploads and theory videos that came from this incident. And the taking down of the dance did not help… if anything, it brought more attention to them.


Not that you paid much attention to this strange street crew though… having too many things on your own mind. It was hard to even imagine though… if this group was truly made of UA students. After all, they must be paranoid about keeping a secret this big hidden for so long.


So much to lose… all for a few silly views on the internet. So was it worth it?


You didn’t know yourself… but you did know how unsettling it was to think that if this group truly was from UA… then it could mean a terrible punishment for them later. Not only had the group been performing street classed dance and music… but had also grown popular for it.


No matter who they were… you couldn’t help the anxiousness that grew inside of you thinking of how their dreams could be shattered if they were found out. And so… you hoped that those masks would stay on their faces for as long as possible. Least something bad occurs, and you’d have to watch as yet again… someone’s dreams were shattered.


The sounds of a door opening and loud footsteps dragging along made you snap out of your daze. Your gaze falling onto one of your classmates. He looked to have been lectured to near extinction from how blank his eyes looked.


The usual shimmering eyes of gold looked hollowed out and even his styled locks of straw yellow with that infamous black lightning-like streak (he claimed was naturally there) were tossed from him no doubt running his hands through his hair in frustration.


He perked up slightly when he saw you though. He widening and then quickly having whatever spell that had been cast on him pass away. His bright smile returning and then waving to you in a friendly manner.


“Oh hey, (Last Name).” The male known as Kaminari Denki pointed to the door behind him. “You the last one, huh?”


You nodded, raising from your seat and patting away the imaginary dust on your skirt and blazer. Kaminari pat you on the back slowly as you moved towards the door. He flashed you one last supportive smile before heading out himself.


You saw him heading towards your shared classroom once more before you closed the door and turned to see your gruffy teacher sitting on the plush couch. His black eyes focused on what you could assume to be your file and notes, only noticing you when you sat down and greeted him.


“Hello, Aizawa-sensei.” Your voice was small but smooth, making sure to not startle the man.


He glanced up at you, nodding towards you and placing the sheets back into the folder and he pinched his temple. Your teacher looked exhausted, and you could understand why… he had gone through all ten of the choreographer students today after all. Quite the daunting task… for a man who barely had the energy to teach a history lesson on the daily.


“You’re the last one, right?” Aizawa spoke, seeing as you nodded to his question. “Perfect, let’s make this quick then.”


You blinked a few times, not realizing that your teacher would purposefully try to move through your meeting in order to free himself of this task. But then again, maybe you just had a small number of critiques compared to everyone else.


“A-alright, sir.” You spoke as he started to speak not even a moment later.


“Your performance at the end of the semester was nearly perfect. And the parts that you had messed up minimally on were no doubt due to a few starting nerves. Therefore, I haven’t found anything of worth to note for you to work on after reviewing your recital.


You already have the skill and prowess of a professional. I’m sure both your parents would be proud, seeing as your following in the footsteps they have left for you. Not to mention how you’ve easily lived up to the academic standard UA holds towards those who were recommended to our school.


You know what you are doing when the spotlight is on you. So not much can be said about personal improvement when it comes to what you wish to do with your life.”


You smiled inwardly, knowing this news would make your parents no doubt happy. Knowing that maybe… they’d be happy enough to even-




The single word made you pause your thoughts, stomach churning as you teacher began to continue to speak further. The once calm atmosphere you had felt in this room gone now. Knowing that you now couldn’t speak to them about your progress stun… but the small bundle of hope still inside of you asked to be given a chance.


But you couldn’t. Not with the next words spoken from his mouth.


“Ballet. Waltz. Foxtrot. Tango. Quickstep. All of them you listed as your preferences for this course in this school. Dances that require a partner… someone to share in your steps and thinking… and yet, you’ve only performed either the solo routines or none of the ones that require a partner.


Therefore… I believe in the interest of you furthering your skills and relations to others here at this school, it would be best for you to work towards your first-year final dance as a pas de deux. Whether it is in ballet that you’ve been working on for the last few months, or switching it up doesn’t matter to me.


What does is choosing a partner. You can choose anyone you want, and as long as the two of you get a routine down and ready to perform in UA’s showcase in March… then you’ll pass. Failure to do so will harm you, and possibly get you held behind, so I advise you to work hard and choose someone who you can trust and sync with.”


You could only nod, still in shock by this sudden development. Find a partner? Someone you trusted enough to not only dance aside you as an equal… but enough to trust to handle you and your dream with care. The mere thought shook you to your core.


“Well, that about wraps up what I have to say.” Aizawa muttered, motioning for you to get up and leave him to his own devices. “Unless you have any questions or concerns you wish to discuss.”


Before you could stop yourself, however, you were nodding your head to the man and muttering about how it all sounded fine to you. Your polite and obedient nature shining through and respecting your elder despite how you wanted to tell him that you had no way to do this… and couldn’t.


Instead, you said your thanks, gave a bow towards your teacher and exited the classroom. Your body on autopilot to bring you back home, while your mind was stuck on a single worrying thought.


A partner. Who would be your partner?


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Ch.3- Espy


You didn’t know what made you decide to take every longer path to your home. Maybe it was the stress of realizing you were pretty much screwed for your final. Honestly… didn’t Aizawa realize the only person you talked to was your music partner?


And even then, you only really spoke to Yaoyorozu when you needed to. The tall female trying to invite you out often, but even she and her kind offers were not enough to break you out of your shell. You did things better on your own… Aizawa should have realized that.


Forcing you to do some assignment that he should have known would lead to your own unhappiness and him having to fail you, in the end, seemed a bit cruel to you. But, what were you supposed to say? Tell the man you refused to do it and you’d just do another solo performance?


He had already told you that your last examination was nearly perfect… but maybe if you switched dances he’d change his mind? No… this was UA’s infamous Aizawa-sensei… the only thing he’d change was your status as a student to one of expulsion.


You bit your lip, wishing you could speak your mind more. But then again, from what you had always seen… always saying what you felt and actioning upon it, didn’t bring anyone any happiness either.


You turned another corner, the opposite direction of where you should be going. Your mind wandering as aimlessly as your legs. But now, seeing a small park near the river, you thought it was about time to maybe focus on the sky and how it was beginning to change into pinks and oranges.


A vending machine was near the exit of the street, and across was the riverside park walkway. Feeling the loose change in your pocket, you inserted a few of the coins into the machine and pressed the bottom of the desired drink.


You popped open the can as the little white man appeared on the street light. Your feet carrying you across the pavement and towards the cement pathway surrounded by grass. The once vibrant blades now started to bend downwards as summer was ending and fall beginning. Soon enough, they would be coated with snow and waiting for spring.


Not many people were out currently. Only a few adults making their way home, and then the occasional couples who were locked in loving embraces. You kept your head down, not wanting to make eye contact with strangers who seemed involved in some fantasy, causing them to be unaware of the world around them.


Your lips pressed against the cool metal of the can, absentmindedly watching the water. The sparking cool blue beginning to look dim and mysterious. You wondered further down the path, seeing as it would be dark soon, so you might actually start heading home.


You spotted a bridge over the water, one that was leading in the direction you’d need to take to get home. And so, you broke off from the main path and started to take a small one to the bridge.


A light breeze lifted through your hair and you shivered slightly. It was definitely going to be time to switch into your winter uniform soon. The long sleeves and sweaters making you feel an ounce of excitement and happiness, as you enjoyed the feeling of soft fabric hugging your skin.


Your drink was now finished, and to your luck, a trash can was near. You paused a moment, squeezing the can slowly. Your mind going over the pros and cons of what would happen if you attempted to throw the aluminum object into the large metal cylinder that it was meant to go into.


Deciding that things could not get any worse than they already had today, you took in a sharp breath. Your muscles relaxed as you shot your arms upwards and used your hands to throw the can into the air.


You held your breath as the object soared through the September air and towards the trash can. Your eyes of (eye color) glued to the trash can as the can hit it. The can bounced once, heading towards the hole. The air inside of you at its peak as you hoped to have scored this small goal.


But alas, it appeared the day was not on your side. Instead, the can bounce against the rim of the hole, and the leftover momentum sent it flying off towards the grassy hill that the bridge and the trash can were near.


With a defeated sigh, you groaned and rolled your eyes. You chuckled a moment later though, knowing for a fact this was why you were a classical dancer and not an athlete. Plus… your gym grades already could tell anyone that your physical abilities should not be measured by pushups or kilometer runs.


You sighed, watching as the empty can quickly started to roll down the grassy hill. The piece of aluminum finally pausing when it reached a flat surface under an overpass. Part of you saying that you could technically leave it there. It wasn’t like anyone was around, and it was only one can after all.


Despite this, you knew better than to litter. And besides an extra minute on your long and detour filled walk home would not kill you. So with careful steps, not quite trusting the grass around your feet, you started your decline down the small hill.


The blades tickling your exposed ankles ever so softly as you passed them by as if ushering you to sway in the late afternoon breeze with them. You didn’t though, wanting nothing more now than to make your way home finally and try to forget the day's events as soon as possible.


A warm pre-ordered meal, a hot bath, and a nice fuzzy blanket were waiting for you. Maybe some light television or music as you did your homework… the options of how to decompress after today increasing as you thought more of it.


Your thoughts didn’t last long though, as once you had paused to reach for your fallen can, you could hear the gentle hum of music originating from a little further down the covered area you were by.


Curiosity getting the best of you like the music that suddenly picked up with a few more bass notes and then a sudden drop, you lurked forward slowly, peering out at the little clearing under you. A small grassy rectangle completely hidden from passersbys or anyone really who wasn’t closer than you currently were.


A cell phone having been placed on top of a bag, the volume loud enough for the owner to hear just fine, and for you to barely hear. Your ears only picking up on every few words and beats, but enough for you to at least tell what genre this was.


But your eyes were not focused on the cell phone and the song it was playing out into the air, but rather the figure who was standing and moving along with it. His movements and flow seeming to match the rhythm of the music almost perfectly.


His body twisting and turning as the song seemed to command him to. And as he did a quick spin before moving to bring his hands into a flurry of quick motions, you could see his face. But, unlike the eyes, nose, mouth that you had been expecting, it was the image of a fox mask with markings of red, orange, yellow and black that greeted you. You could barely believe it yourself, seeing as you had just so happened to stumble upon him.


But you knew the clothing and mask enough to have a vague idea of who you were currently watching. And seeing as his movements were practically perfect, you could easily cross off the idea of this being an imposter.


It was Ground Zero himself.


The infamous leader of that underground dance crew that you had just caught those two peers of yours watching earlier in the day. And he seemed to be lost in the current practice he was partaking in. His own eyes, the real ones buried behind the mask, hadn’t even seen you… meaning he must either be terrible at sensing when others were near or in his own little world at the current moment.


The song was ending though, making the male quickly start to perform his last actions. A quick turn here, a jump there and then finally he dove forward, spinning until the music stopped, nearly at the exact moment he struck his own final pose. It was obvious to you that he had been working on this for a while… and after no more than one more practice, he would for sure have it down.


Deciding now was the time to leave, not wanting a possible confrontation with the street dancer or for you of all people to be seen with him… you took a step back. Your eyes still fixated on him as he let out a loud sigh, hands moving upwards. And before you had the chance to glance away or close your eyes, his mask was pulled off his face.


You gasped, immediately slamming your hands over your mouth and ducking behind a wall of the concrete pillar. The music stopped a moment later, the dancer having not noticed your shocked cry from the next song that had come up. You tried to focus on something else, but now… knowing who was under the mask seemed to make things even worse.


Was he really that stupid? No… you knew him well enough these past few months to know he wasn’t. So then why? What exactly was he trying to prove? And why… why did he have to so recklessly tear off that mask?


Your heart was still beating rapidly, knowing how you know had some information that would not make it easy to sit in the same classroom as him. But then again, it wasn’t far of you to try and control him and his decisions. Surely he had his own reasons for doing this… ones that would make the risks worth the reward right?


So, despite the uneasiness in your legs for knowing something you would have not known if you hadn’t missed the trash can, you decided to retreat now. Act like it hadn’t happened like you hadn’t seen it. After all… that was the only way for both you and him to continue on whatever paths you each walked on.


But, your own path was about to take yet another sudden turn, one that would cross with another’s and then merge together. A path for two that had been unplanned, but now conjoined all thanks to the simple little can of that tasty drink you had decided you needed.


And it was also that can that you kicked as you tried to turn away before he noticed you. The sound of metal hitting your shoes and then rolling down the hill once more. Pausing as it reached near him, his eyes widening and the mask that still was in his hands flying up to his face fast.


Your form spotted easily now, the pillar no longer hiding you as you had attempted to run, but froze upon the sound. The one thing that had caused you to come down here in the first place, had carelessly been forgotten about as you tried to leave. And now resting by the male’s feet, your own actions had once more brought you into more trouble and work then you had originally intended.


He was stiff, no doubt having recognized you. How could he not? The pair of you had run into each other just a few hours before. And even with his mask back on, he hadn’t done so in the correct way, a few wisps of ash blonde hair poking out of the mask.


You sucked in a breath, trying to calm your nerves. If anyone had more of a reason to be nervous… it was him. And so, you decided to try and reach out to the male. Maybe if it went well, he’d actually listen for once.


“There’s no use for that mask now… not when I already saw your face.”


Your words seemed to cling to the air tightly, the tension not rising or falling. Instead choosing to remain dense and hard to suck down your flaming lungs. The seconds ticking by slowly as the male clenched his fists, and pulled the object off his face once more.


Crimson red hues were placed on you instead of the black painted dots of the mask. His lips turning down into one of the nastiest scowls you had ever witnessed, not to mention how they quivered. Ash blonde hair was now much freer, despite how the majority of it was still tucked into his black hoodie that held splashes of sunset orange. The kitsune appeared to have quite the hidden face if you had ever seen one.


He didn’t say a word as he marched up the small slope of grassy green to you. Each step he took shook the ground a bit more, and his body getting more and more rigid. The very appearance of your composer classmate making you realize you should have started running by now.


But by the time you had realized it, his hand was already giving your wrist a death grip and he was pulling you towards the covered area of the underground. And from the way his furious eyes peaked at you as you were tugged along you could see the exact emotions swirling inside his hues of scarlet.


And while you didn’t appreciate his grip on your wrist was so tight to cause the blood circulation to be cut off… you really couldn’t blame him. Not when the stakes for his education and future were now possibly threatened by you.


Bakugou had every right to be angry at this moment, and you had every right to regret trying to throw the can into the trash instead of just walking up, disposing of it and carrying on your way.


But… that’s not how it happened. And now, you’d have to deal with the consequences.


Chapter Text

Ch.4 - Recollection


“There is way too much testosterone in this group!” The lone female cried, waving her arms around in annoyance.


Around her, the four males all lifted their eyes to their female counterpart. The girl with the dyed pink hair seemed very upset at the current moment, more then she had been in recent weeks. She seemed to really be in the mood to rant today, as this was not the only complaint flying from her lips today.


“And these masks are another thing!” She fished out the Tanuki one that was in her dance bag. “It’s not even cute! What cute raccoon has this weird mustache!”


“Maybe ‘cause it's not a raccoon, Ashido.” The redhead laughed awkwardly. “It’s a tanuki and they typically have whiskers that look a bit more like facial hair.”


He gestured to the dark black whiskers that, in Ashido’s defense, did look a bit like a thick mustache. But then again… tanuki masks were hardly ever cute. The redhead himself wondering why his pink-haired companion had decided on this yokai in the first place if she wanted something cuter.


“Kirishima… you’re not helping.” Ashido whined, then pointed towards the ash blonde who was silently scrolling through his phone. “It’s not fair… Bakugou has the cutest one of us all! And he’s the scariest looking one of us all!”


Bakugou rose a glance towards the female, a disgusted frown on his features. His lips quivering and eyes twitching in irritation. Kirishima quickly noticing and waving his arms between the pair and trying to not cause yet another fight.


“C-come on Ashido! Bakugou didn’t choose the masks… Kaminari did!” Kirishima tried to not make Bakugou explode, only realizing what he did a moment later.


“Hey man!” Kaminari was quick to jump on now. “Don’t throw me under the bus! I bought exactly what you all asked for, not my fault these tourist masks look the way they do…”


The final member of their five-member team chuckled next to the male with the black lightning strike in his hair. His own shade of hair matching the lightning bolt, and his smile matching the laughter erupting from his lips.


“Let’s all just relax.” Sero pat Kaminari on his back comfortingly. “All our masks are cool, and help hide our faces… so let’s only complain if they are not doing what they are supposed to do.”


“Sero’s right.” Kirishima nodded, seeing as Ashido sighed, crossing her arms but the anger spell having passed over her. “And besides, I think your mustache tanuki mask is cute.”


Ashido laughed softly, playfully hitting Kirishima on his arm. Kirishima smiled widely, seeing as the girl was once more starting to get back to her normal happy-go-lucky attitude. And a happy Ashido meant that the group dynamics would also be in better spirits.


“Fine, I’ll keep being your manly raccoon… but I do think we should seriously consider adding another girl to our group…” The girl urged her friends.


“Why?” Kaminari shrugged. “We’ve been doing well with only you so far.”


“Why?!” Ashido almost yelled but silenced herself among the small underpass they were all currently hanging out in. “Because it's hard to be the only one out of us all who’s doing all the more agile and delicate moves! You guys forget that I can only do so much… so unless one of you guys wants to be Bakugou’s throw dummy…”


The other three males deadpanned, remembering how recently Ashido had been struggling to pair and sync with their fearless leader’s harsh way of leading their newest dance. Since both teens tended to be the leaders when it came to their crew… it was proving difficult for either to follow the other.


And thus, it appeared Ashido had finally reached her tipping point. And as soon as Bakugou and Kaminari had shown up at the meeting point after classes today… the pink haired female wasted no time in saying she refused to dance with Bakugou.


It was clear to her that he wasn’t going to try and let her lead. And she had made it clear that she wasn’t going to follow him with blind trust. And thus… the girl had gone off for the last ten minutes on them all having to add a new member, preferably female and able to deal with the infamous Ground Zero’s rough leading, and soon.


“And who exactly is going to fucking want to join us?” Bakugou spoke up, putting his phone down and shooting Ashido an annoyed look.


“Jirou?” Kaminari suggested, knowing that outside of the five of them, the composer girl was the only other person to know of the group’s secret.


“I’m afraid not… Jirou’s told me that while she doesn’t mind helping with composing… she can’t dance.” Mina sighed, knowing her music partner had already explained this to her from the first time she found out what the five did in their free time.


“It’s not like we could exactly post on the channel that we’re looking for a new member either.” Kirishima sighed. “Or ask someone at UA either…”


“Then we keep with what’s been working.” Bakugou sighed, glancing at the water as it flowed by. “Pinky here is gonna get the move set down, and that’s it. No new member, no more issues… and no more discussion.”


The ash blonde’s tongue had extra venom in his last declaration. He had quickly grown tired of hearing these idiots complain. It wasn’t like this was some leisurely pass time… their crew could very well get them all kicked out of UA.


Kaminari had already messed up with leaving his sweatshirt in the background of one video. And now, UA was being even more strict with all its students, trying to see if it was true that there was a ‘street dancing menace’ among the students.


While Bakugou and Sero hadn’t been looked into thanks to their composer curriculum, Ashido, Kaminari, and Kirishima had already spoken of how much closer UA was keeping tabs on their dance students. So much so, that the group hadn’t even attempted to post any new videos or practice any new routines since finals.


But now with the heat from the last video having passed, it was time for a new routine. And this time… Bakugou had something big planned. But only if Ashido would suck up her stubbornness and actually look at what he had planned out. But alas, the girl was stubborn and headstrong to a fault… and it was starting to get on his nerves.


“Well if that’s how you want it to be…” Ashido tossed her items in her bag and swung it over her shoulder. “Then go and find a new Pinky!”


She wasted no time in heading out among the soon to be setting sun. Her body movements tight, showing how annoyed she was with the male she had chosen as the leader of their dance crew all those months ago.


Kirishima sighed, getting his own stuff together. His school bag, his dance bag… and then his crew bag. Like everyone here, the third bag was needed to be returned to the rented lockers at the nearby station. They were smart enough to know not to carry these with them at least.


“I’ll go talk to her.” The redhead spoke, starting to chase after Ashido. “But think about it a bit more Bakubro!”


Bakugou scoffed, turning his head to the side. He wasn’t sure how he got stuck with all these idiots… let along why they kept pushing the idea of having more and more people join. It was just him and Kirishima at first. That idiot having said he hated UA’s policy on dance, and an unlikely friendship forming from there.


Soon enough, Kirishima’s own buddy Kaminari had joined in on the ranting about UA… and then the idiot goes as far as to suggest that the three form an masked dance crew as a way to go against UA and ‘the man’. Kirishima jumping on board right away and then urging Bakugou to join.


The redhead knowing Bakugou could dance, having seen his breakdancing skills himself when he challenged his composer peer to show if he could. And much to Kirishima’s shock, Bakugou was much better than even him… and Kirishima was a dance student!


Afterward, Sero had joined in, being Kaminari’s music partner. And then, thanks to their rather loud lunchtime discussions… Ashido had invited herself. Jirou adding in some advice for music occasionally. But one way or another… he had formed a dance crew with these idiots and had been selected to lead them by some miracle.


And now here he was… facing the first serious judgment of his leadership skills.


“I should get going too…” Kaminari sighed. “Aizawa-sensei almost failed me, and gave me quite the lecture earlier today… so I think I’m gonna try hitting the books for once.”


“Man… that bad to get even you to study, Kami?” Sero teased, following suit and waving goodbye to Bakugou.


Bakugou rolled his eyes as finally he was greeted once more by silence. With the four of them gone, and the night still having barely started… he could get a little practice of his own in. The music he had composed over break and the solo routine he had been working on making the male itch to try it again.


The sunset colors crossing over the sky, the male reached for his own crew bag. A simple black duffle bag, attracting no sort of attention at all. Bakugou quickly shed his uniform, putting on the black and orange attire that Ground Zero had become infamous for wearing.


The kitsune mask that had been resting on the bottom looked up at him, and he quickly took it out before putting his UA uniform in. This way if anyone did happen to pass by, which was already unlikely, they would not be able to recognize him as anyone other than Ground Zero.


The mask was always the hardest thing for him to try and do. His hair was already unmanageable, so trying to put it away and tucked inside a hood and mask always took him a good few minutes. Finally, he managed to completely hide his identity, not even a single strand of his ash blonde hair came out of the mask.


Soon enough, the sounds of music and the few vocals Jirou had provided started to come through. Bakugou relaxed, allowing all the stress and annoyances of the day vanish as he started to move with the music.


The music he had created with the sole purpose to relieve some of the stress that was buried in his head, and stuck on his heart. The anger that always resided inside of him always somehow managing to find a slow, gradual escape as he became one with his passion.


A turn here, a jump there, and a swaying of his body to the tune that drifted in one ear and out the other. The male was soon lost in his own world, the music and his body in sync and the area he was in providing more then just coverage from the average passerby.


Here, under this underpass and by the cool sparkling water that was reflecting the last light of the day… he could unwind. No UA telling him he couldn’t dance the dance he wanted. No annoying classmates. No teachers. Nothing but him and his passions.


From a young age, he always dreamed of being the best. And this was no different. He had already proven himself a damn good composer, every loser in class always asking for his help or opinion… but when UA either cleaned up their shitty system or when he was free to finally go public… he’d let the world know how he was a master of both arts: music and dance.


The last great person to ever be able to perform such a feat was All Might. And that man went on to win too many awards to count and be placed in the hall of greats. The man who had inspired Bakugou’s dreams was now a mere goal to surpass. He’d place higher than All Might… showing that Bakugou and his generations new age of dance was only the cusp of what he could do.


Breakdancing might have been the road he chose… but the male also had quite a few other tricks up his sleeves when it came to dancing. But he couldn’t lie about how freeing he felt when he danced this way… like he was more than himself… and much greater than he even knew. That was why he did this… despite all the possible repercussions… he knew that dancing this style was always meant for him. And nothing else could ever compare.


Bakugou’s foot made a quick dip, an unseen rock underneath him not even causing him enough of a surprise to mess him up. Rather, he used the new unbalanced state to jump out, twirling and gliding. It wasn’t part of the routine he had been practicing… but a little freestyle never hurt anyone.


The music continued on, the beats increasing and his legs moving with it. No matter how fast the music got, he was able to keep up. Feet gliding, hands pretending to drum every now and then, and his body starting to reach that perfect ache. He felt hot, the only bad thing about wearing these masks and thick clothing were that the heat he often worked up during his workouts always made it so unbearable.


And while he did enjoy the heat more than most, even he had his moments where his own sweat, and aching muscles needed to cool off. And as the music ended and he struck that final pose… he knew that he’d have to do a quick glance around before. From under the mask, he couldn’t see anyone in the near vicinity and so, with a smirk at his near perfect practice, he took off the mask.


The cool air of the night made him sigh with a proudness in his gut. A smug smirk on his features and he started to shed off the rest of his attire and move to pack it all up again. He’d have to head home soon too… his mother would nag him to no end if he was late to dinner again.


But before he could even put the mask back into his bag, something small and metallic was struck above him. The male freezing in place momentarily as a small can of soda rolled down towards his feet. The empty can finally stopping and leaving a feeling of dread in the air.


Bakugou’s eyes widened, the mask quickly and carelessly being thrown back on his face. The heat from his face still very present, and the mask itself only allowing him to see directly in front of him. Bakugou knew one day that this mask, one that cut off his ability to see more than just what was directly in front of him would cause trouble one day.


And now he knew someone was here. His mind quickly trying to piece together who it might be, too angry by this possible leak of his true face to actually notice how his hair was spilling out and part of his chin could be seen as well.


It wouldn’t be one of his idiot crew members… they would have told him with grinning faces that it was them and to not be so ‘scared’ cause they jumped him. If it was a fan, they would have run out and asked for an autograph already. Meaning… it might be someone from UA, a rival crew, or even worse… mother fucking Deku.


But, as he focused in on the figure that was slowly walking forward, the familiar uniform on her attire and how she seemed to hold a face of nervousness and slight guilt… he couldn’t help how his anger returned threefold.


That damn classical dancer from class… the stuffy one who already rubbed him the wrong way. Of course, it had to be her… and now here she was in front of him, looking down at him from her perch above him.


“There’s no use for that mask now… not when I already saw your face.”


Bakugou’s teeth gritted together as she confirmed that she had indeed seen him face. He smacked himself internally for having not done a better check, but this fucking mask was the cause… maybe Pinky was right and they needed to get new ones. Cause once again, these damn cheap things were causing more problems then they were worth. (Especially since Kaminari had bought them from some cheap tourist shop…)


But as Bakugou walked forward, each step seeming to burn the ground with the raging fire in his chest, he knew that what was to come next would make or break everything he had going for him.


Everything he worked hard to achieve and do for years now. Every ounce of blood, sweat, and occasional tears that came off of him towards what his dream was… would not be destroyed because of the (hair color) haired female who had appeared before him on a day where he really didn’t need anything else to go astray from his planned path.


But as he tugged (Name) away from any more eyes and under the underpass he had assumed hid him… the male knew what had to be done. And while he had known it might be the best idea to try and convince her in his own way to keep her mouth shut… he would not let anyone, let alone the lonesome ballerina ruins his dreams.


He had come too far, passed by too many obstacles, and worked around the challenges facing him to give up now. And she was going to understand that and bend to his will, no matter how many protests her voice would hold… he was going to convince her to stay quiet.


He had to.


As this entire scenario was everything to him. And he’d be damned to lose it because of a shitty mask shaped like a fox.

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Ch.5 - Altschmerz


“There’s no use for that mask now… not when I already saw your face.”




And while you didn’t appreciate his grip on your wrist was so tight to cause the blood circulation to be cut off… you really couldn’t blame him. Not when the stakes for his education and future were now possibly threatened by you.


Bakugou had every right to be angry at this moment, and you had every right to regret trying to throw the can into the trash instead of just walking up, disposing of it and carrying on your way.


But… that’s not how it happened. And now, you’d have to deal with the consequences.




But as he tugged (Name) away from any more eyes and under the underpass he had assumed hid him… the male knew what had to be done. And while he had known it might be the best idea to try and convince her in his own way to keep her mouth shut… he would not let anyone, let alone the lonesome ballerina ruins his dreams.


He had come too far, passed by too many obstacles, and worked around the challenges facing him to give up now. And she was going to understand that and bend to his will, no matter how many protests her voice would hold… he was going to convince her to stay quiet.


He had to.


As this entire scenario was everything to him. And he’d be damned to lose it because of a shitty mask shaped like a fox.



The sun was nearly set now, casting a fading light on the figures of a male and female hiding under a concrete underpass by a small flowing river. Each gazing at each other as with unseen words and emotions, but neither stepped down.


The ash blonde worried about his future now that someone he couldn’t trust had found out his biggest secret. And the female with hair the shade of (hair color) watching him, but her own mind too focused on the problems that had already been occupying her mind.


And now, the two had been brought together and would soon reach an impasse unless the other was willing to work with the other. But...with the running thoughts and feelings present in each of their heads… two immovable forces were about to collide.


His grip on your wrist finally subsided when he released it. Sure, he had done so by nearly throwing you into the wall of concrete that was currently covering the both of you from any other onlookers. And from the way his carmine eyes still burned with an unsettling rage, you could tell that the physical harshness was soon to be replaced with verbal ones instead.


You merely wiped at your uniform skirt, trying to not look into those angered crimsons much longer. It wasn’t that you were afraid of his eyes or that sinking feeling you had about what was about to happen or be said… but rather that you would not give him the time of day if he tried to speak to you like an imbecile or anything less then his peer.


But knowing Bakugou Katsuki… you would not be as lucky. The male was known for his harsh words and stern glares. You had always wondered how Kirishima managed to work with a music partner so brash and crude… but then again, Kirishima was the type of person to be able to work with anyone and everyone. It was just the good nature of the redhead to mesh well with the foul temperament of the ash blonde.


You were not as gifted as Kirishima in the realm of kindness though, or at least social interacts. Much preferring to spend an evening away at home buried under a pile of cozy blankets with a small bowl of popcorn, the tune of the television shading the room in bright light.


It didn’t take Bakugou long to start speaking to you, his lips breaking that thin frown on his face and now speaking to you in the exact tone you had expected from him.


“Why the hell were you spying on me?” He spoke, voice dripping in a venomous coat. “Trying to ruin me, is that it?”


You shook your head, leaning back slightly against the concrete. As you opened your mouth to speak, however, his hand flew over your mouth. The male suddenly coming in close and hushing you harshly.


You blinked as you listened in silence with the male. The sounds of a couple of females talking as they started to make their way up the bridge and across it heard to both of your ears. Their voices coming an going as quickly as the sun was in the distance.


Finally, when he deemed the other possible information leakers had passed, he released his palm form your lips. Your mouth felt the cold air tickle around it once more, happy to see that you could breathe once again. His hands were callous and rough… but surprisingly smelled of caramel. Your mind more confused over why he smelled of candy then why his eyes were glaring into you.


“Are you even going to say anything?!” He yelled, looking ready to stomp his foot and throw a fit from how he was talking.


“And say what?” You asked him, your voice speaking up for the first time since you confirmed that you knew it was him under that mask.


He wasn’t sure himself what he was trying to decide about you. Part of him was angry that he had been reckless enough to put all the faith he had into the shitty mask, but then again… he had never been caught before. So, it had to be more faulty on you.


After all, you had been watching him and tried to sneak away. If that damn soda can hadn’t been kicked, he would have never known… and you could have done whatever you pleased with the information on who exactly Ground Zero was…


He growled lowly, teeth sinking into his lips as he tried to fight the urge that would result in something stupid. He had to stay calm during this scenario. If he managed to stay calm, then maybe he had a chance to convince you to keep your mouth shut.


But doing so meant he had to control his own emotions and show a possible bit of weakness on his part. And he sure as hell was not going to do that. So instead… he decided to go with the option that always worked for him before: intimidation.


“If you think for a damn second that you have some advantage over me and can blackmail me… then you are pretty fucking clueless, Twinkle Toes.” He spat, teeth to the point of drawing blood on his lips if he sank them any further into his lips.


His hands grabbed at your shirt, balling at the once perfect uniform, but now he left wrinkles in the previously ironed fabric. His rough and large hands holding the fabric so much that you could smell the caramel again… but unlike last time, the sweet smell was not enough to distract you from the rude behavior he was showing off at this moment.


Your eyes narrowed, making the male watch with shielded curiosity. He wasn’t expecting you to actually return the glare. But here this dumb ballerina was… giving him a run for his money with a deathly stare of her own.


“If you think you can threaten me into staying silent… then you are not going to get your way.” You told him, tongue clicking to punctuate the sentence end. “Furthermore… if you think you can say a few scary, but empty words and then go on your merry way…”


You slapped his hands away from you, his touch now missing from holding you onto the wall. His body even taking a step back, the shock on his face evident, but quickly erased with more anger. His mouth opening wide to scream at you, but you were too quick.


“I may be a lot of things, Bakugou-san.” You stuck your finger up, placing it on his lips. “But if you assume for a second that I am going to stoop down to a level I’m not proud of… you have the wrong idea about me.”


His eyes widened, a small puff of air exhaling from his nostrils as he let your words sink in. He wasn’t sure what you had said… but from how his chest still felt a surge of adrenaline inside of it… it appeared it wasn’t good enough to calm him.


“So you won’t blackmail me, then what the fuck do you want, huh?” He urged you, hands trembling but not daring to touch you again.


“I know you won’t believe it since you’re the type of person to assume everyone is out to get you or ruin you…” You huffed, turning your head. “But believe it or not… I don’t want anything from you. In fact, I was trying to leave silently to avoid this type of encounter… but looks like it happened anyway.”


“Like I would believe that!” He accused you. “You classical types are all the damn same! And now that you know my secret… there's no way in hell I’m gonna let you blabber to UA about it!”


“Good because I wasn’t planning to.” You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms.


This entire situation was growing more and more uncomfortable by the seconds. He wasn’t obviously understanding that you were not going to let your loose lips sink his sailing ship… and you were the type of person to really despise having to repeat yourself constantly.


“Then what are you planning on doing?” Bakugou’s voice was flat, his own frustrations dying down for a moment.


His eyes were still holding a storm of rage inside of them though, you could tell that much from the strain he was putting on them from looking at you with such a fierce look. One that was no doubt akin to an animal seeking out the perfect moment to strike down its prey.


But what Bakugou didn’t know was that you had long adapted to types of harsh people like him. The experience having made you cold and unemotional at times… and at this moment your true skills of survival were coming through.


“I know very well what I am planning on doing about being in the loop now about your after school extracurriculars… and while I know for a fact that they are of no threat or challenge to you, as I have my own issues to sort through that are much more important to me that a composer peers who is a street dancer… I know you won’t believe it.


Therefore… when you are calmer and able to actually sit and have a civil conversation with me about this…. Reveal of sorts. I’d love to talk to you like the dance and music peers we are. Until then… I’m heading home.”


You let out an annoyed breath, turning on your heel and walking away before the male could stop you. Your skirt being smoothed out once more and your shirt attempting to be straightened out. Your form not turning back to look at the male once, leaving him to watch your silhouette disappearing among the darkening sky.


Bakugou clicked his tongue, turning his figure to head the opposite way you were heading home. His feet dragging alone as he went back to his bag and threw his uniform out. He changed quickly and without a care, his scowl worsening as he slung the bag over his shoulder and his school bag on the other one.


And as he glanced behind himself quickly to see you already becoming a small blip in the distance of the starry sky that was starting to bloom he couldn’t help but feel the anger inside of him bubble further and further.


So much so that when he came across that small can that had alerted him to this entire issue… the male wasted no time in striking it. The metal ringing loudly as it struck against the trash can above where the ash blonde stood.


The bending of the can was all he could do to release his anger at this moment, and even as he sulked onwards towards his own home… he couldn’t help but kick or throw anything in his path. Stones, cans and more were treated with the same anger as the ones before them.


And while Bakugou knew that he was overreacting and should try to think of what you had told him… he couldn’t. Not when someone could ruin his chances at his dream. The one thing he could not allow.


But despite it all: you, the anger, the possible bad news in his future. He realized he couldn’t get over one thing. One small and insignificant thing that had caught his eyes the moment it happened. And while he was pissed at you and these events beyond reasonable comprehension… he was more pissed at himself for getting so attached to this strange little detail.


As to why he thought it was strange that you smelled of fresh apples though… he didn’t know. But the scent wasn’t helping him in the slightest… and he knew you and your apple scent would not either in the long run.


Therefore… one way or another… he’d make sure you took this secret to your grave, like him and the others.

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Ch.6 - Lachesism


The chatter had died down immediately when the words slipped from his lips, four pairs of eyes all seeming to strike him at the same instance. The clattering of chopsticks hitting the table, the food now being neglected from the information that had just dropped.


“You what-?” Ashido’s voice was the loudest, nearly screaming. Her amber eyes and blond hair moving as she slammed her head against the table, catching the eyes of not only the other males at her table but also a few wandering eyes in the cafeteria.


“Ashido…” Kirishima lightly jabbed her with his elbow. “People are staring… and your wig is showing your dyed hair.”


The female quickly used Kirishima’s hovering to push the pink strands back into place, her eyes wandering towards the male who had made her almost lose her cover… in more ways than one it appeared.


UA’s policy on hair dye was so frustrating, especially since she technically was breaking it. Apparently, having unnaturally dyed hair could promote an uncourteous and ruffian attitude to the rich parents who invested their money into UA, and thus… dyeing your hair outside the acceptable spectrum wasn’t allowed.


Kirishima was lucky to have chosen red… as his dyed hair was acceptable to the standards of these rich snobs. But her locks of cotton candy only seemed to propel her further into the idea of her dance crew. And with a pair of golden colored contacts, Ashido Mina tried to make herself seem as alien in her appearance as this school made her feel for the way she expressed herself.


As of late though, she had been clashing with her crew. From not liking being the sole female to being their throwing bag… she was sick of it. But when she had walked away in a huff yesterday, Kirishima trying to calm her down and help her find a better solution than leaving their crew… she would have never guessed that by the time she sat down for lunch on this day, her stress relief would be threatened more than it had been ever before.


“What do you mean she saw you?” Kaminari harshly whispered, noticing how Ashido’s outburst had settled for the time being, and now he was the next one to outwardly speak about it. “We wear the masks for this exact reason! And you call me the moron!”


The male in question was gritting his teeth together so harshly that it appeared if he added any more pressure, they would crack. But as Kaminari started to ramble on and on about what was going to happen and how screwed they all truly were, the ash blonde could not hold it in any longer.


“Would you all just fucking shut up for two damn minutes!” He practically screamed, not caring about how the cafeteria silenced for a moment before realizing who was shouting and then going back to their conversations.


“Keep your voice down.” Sero sighed, exhausted already.


“Then tell Pinky and Pikachu to calm the hell down for a few fucking minutes!” Bakugou snarled, glaring towards his companions who looked less than pleased with him. “I only said the first damn sentence of an entire story, so settle your asses until I finish. Then you can freak out or whatever…”


His grumbling trailed off as his eyes did as well. Carmine hues catching onto the figure of a lone female making her way away from the lunch line. Whatever she had purchased steaming and a glass of water settled on her plate. Her eyes not even glancing up once to gaze at him, despite him knowing that she could feel them on her.


The pit of anger in his stomach growing deeper, if possible. This girl seemed to always rub him the wrong way, but in this instance, she wasn’t even touching him… and yet managed to give him an unsatisfied itch. But eventually, he’d get to relieve it… and when that time came, he knew it would be because he finally convinced you to shut your lips on the matter.


But, for reasons, he couldn’t seem to piece together himself… you were already doing so. The morning classes had gone off without so much of a peep out of you aside from responding to the roll call and asking that half-and-half for a spare pencil. Other than that, despite his gaze always being on you whenever you moved the slightest inch, you made no motion to speak to Aizawa-sensei or Yamada-sensei. You just… remained quiet, like nothing was on your mind.


You were acting normal, and it was pissing him off.


He tried to tell himself all night that nothing would come about, but seeing how that was actually the case and it wasn’t because of what he said or did made his stomach churn with rage. Did you look down upon him so much that you wouldn’t even take this seriously? Your own ideas of dance and music so stuck up and high that you didn’t even bat an eye when you saw what he did.


His tongue was holding back his teeth from smashing together and his words from flying from his lips, but he couldn’t help it. Trying to figure out you and whatever your problem with him and his passions were starting to seriously get on his nerves. One way or another he would get it out of you why your lips were sealed… and if he deemed to reason one of idiocy, he’d make sure to give you a much better reason to stay silent.


The interaction he had with you yesterday occupying his thoughts so much that his gang of idiots had taken notice and asked him about it at lunch hour. Their faces looking to not be too concerned until he let it slip that his mask had slipped… and you had seen him.


And thus, here he was, trying to get a hold on things once more before yet another bad decision was made and someone caused him more issues once more. And seeing as those around him were finally starting to quiet down and gave him looks of uncertainty, but a willingness to listen once more… he knew he could speak now.


“She found out yesterday… and yet here we all are.” Bakugou muttered, silently gesturing to you.


Your lips gently blowing on your food before you started to devour it at a slow pace, a small smile gracing your lips from the taste the food was providing to you. Your eyes only moving to glance between your meal and phone, nothing else seeming to strike your attention.


“She’s keeping quiet… not sure why, but she is.” He rolled his eyes, grabbing the drink he had bought and taking a long sip before speaking again. “And for your information, Dunce Face… if you had bought better masks, this would not have happened in the first place!”


Kaminari’s eyes widened at this accusation, everyone at the table now turning to look at him with eyes holding their anger and ready to direct it towards him. His own pair of anger filled eyes flaring up at this. He was certain he wasn’t to blame, and for sure would not be taking it.


“Me?!” He cried, throwing his hands on the table. “I only bought what you all asked me and what all our money could afford! Sorry if the 10000 yen we managed to gather wasn’t enough for a damn Supreme inspired fox mask, dude!”


Kaminari’s mouth shut when he felt a hand touch his wrist. The redhead next to him seemed to calm him down, the male always having that strange ability on others. And with a huff, he sat down as Kirishima started to speak himself.


“That’s enough guys.” Kirishima sighed. “Let’s not point fingers anymore. In Bakugou’s defense… the masks we use are super cheap and they do overheat easily from the dancing we do with them on. But… Kaminari isn’t solely to blame, he did only buy what we asked him to buy after all… and 10000 yen doesn’t go far between five people.”


The two blondes simply clicked their tongues and crossed their arms, still a bit temperamental from the words that had just been exchanged, but now not having any sort of fight left inside of them. Sero and Ashido also seemed to have calmed down enough to allow Kirishima’s words and resolve to start to settle in.


“We can’t go back and fix the mistakes we made, but we can get better masks. And we can try and talk to (Last Name) about this again. While she’s been quiet now, I think it might be best for us all to just check in with her and see what she’s feeling and also how important this all is to us.”


Kirishima’s scarlet hues looked over towards Sero, his lips moving as he chuckled softly. The redhead glancing at the darker haired male, curious as to what brought upon this reaction.


“Sorry…” Sero rubbed the back of his head slowly. “You’re just so optimistic that she’ll actually see some worth in what we’re doing. Don’t get me wrong… (Last Name) seems like a nice girl, but… she’s from one of the endorser families… so our chances are pretty low.”


That was true… your parents were both graduates of UA and donated a good sum of their income to UA every year. And while you never outwardly spoke of them or your relation to their occupations, the number of times an adult would refer to you as their daughter was quite the indicator.


And from what both of your parents had said in interviews about UA or dance and music in general… there was more than a likely chance that you shared their feelings on the matter. It would make sense… being their child and following in their footsteps.


But, Kirishima would be damned if he didn’t try. Be damned if he allowed an assumption to become a fact in his eyes if he didn’t check the accuracy out himself in the first place. He was someone who always tried to get to know someone before ever making assumptions. And this would be the same for you, especially under the new circumstances.


“We won’t know until we try though.” Kirishima pointed out, eyes looking towards Bakugou once more. “Can you tell us what you said to her?”


His suspicions that Bakugou might have threatened you without really being totally aware of his tone or choice of words seemed to be correct as the ash blonde with the foul temper finally gave his dance teammates the entire story.


And with a shaking of his head, Kaminari spoke up once more. “Dude… you are not smooth at all.”


“Did you seriously do that? And say that?!” Sero looked on wide-eyed. “Oh man… we’re really lucky to still be at UA right now… (Last Name) has some damn strong nerves and patience…”


The feeling of despair and unbarring uncertainty was slowly starting to settle in more and more. The interaction Bakugou had made so recklessly and harshly would have surely left an impact. And whether that impact was that you were terrified underneath of him and what his accidental threat could mean… or that you were planning to allow him to get comfortable once more before dropping his secret all seemed like likely options.


And seeing as they all hung around Bakugou pretty often, it would only be a matter of hours after Bakugou was confirmed to be Ground Zero until UA finished cracking the puzzle and all five of them would face suspicion. Therefore… something had to be done.


Something had to happen to get you on their side and to promise to stay quiet.


That something came in the form of a chair loudly scraping against the floor as the occupant slid out. Their form moving quickly towards where you sat, no longer wanting to have to deal with this feeling that had occurred since the news had dropped.


“Ashido!” Kirishima harshly called out as the female moved towards where you sat by yourself. “Ashido, where are you going?”


The males could only watch in shock and terror as their female companion approached you. Your eyes wandering upwards for the first time since you had sat down for lunch towards her. Your form looking to tense up slightly at her sudden appearance before calming down slightly.


Ashido spoke to you, but the chatter of the lunchroom was too loud for the males to make out. Her hands moving along as she talked, and you nodded every now and then. She gestured over towards her table, your eyes following before turning back to her. You spoke next, saying only a few words before moving to stand up.


Your hands grabbed your things and meal before following Ashido back over to the table. She walked in front of you, your eyes looking at her as you moved. She spoke once more, pointing to the males at the table, her lips saying their names, despite the sound missing.


“Make room.” Ashido said as the pair of you arrived at the table. “We got 10 minutes until lunch is over, and (Last Name)’s been kind enough to give us that.”


Ashido’s eyes fell into Bakugou, something burning inside her eyes towards him. “So… let’s not mess up what we do and why we need to do it this time. Cause second chances don’t come often… nor do they agree to hear you out when you ask.”


Bakugou growled as you sat down across from him, eyes finally glancing at him directly for the first time since yesterday at the river. And despite how he was sure his own orbs were telling you of his own emotions and desires at the current moment… he couldn’t help but lose himself as he looked into your eyes.


After all… when you hung around with people so passionate about protecting the same secret he shared… it was strange to look at a pair that seemed so cloudy and neutral.

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Ch.7 - Anecdoche


   The slight noise of the chopsticks clinking against the bowl didn’t help the tense atmosphere. And as you pulled some of the last bits of your meal into your mouth, you couldn’t help but notice how three minutes had passed since you had found a seat beside the group of five.


   You had kept to yourself, as you always did, but even you’d admit that if they were trying to convince you of something… sitting in awkward silence while you finished your meal was one heck of a way to not do so.


   What had happened to your noisy and boisterous classmates who couldn’t seem to sit still or be quiet until Aizawa nearly threatened them to do so. You’d have guessed you enter some type of parallel dimension, but, looking on their side, you could understand to the slightest degree why they were a bit nervous to speak up.


   And thus… for whatever reason (maybe it being that Bakugou had still yet to take his heated eyes off you since this morning) you decided to speak up first. You cleared your throat, wiping your lips on a napkin before glancing at all those around you.


   “I take it the rest of you make up the other members of your after-school group club and its activities…” Your voice dipped down but didn’t sound anything other than calm.


   “Well… um-” Kaminari began, but you were a bit too quick for him.


   “Lying here won’t help. It’s either a yes or a no.” Your eyes batted towards him. “And make sure to pick the right answer… as I can easily get up and leave depending on how honest you each are with me.”


   Your eyes made their circle around: Kirishima rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, Mina was biting her lip slightly, Sero had a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, and Kaminari was gulping. The only one who didn’t have a tell was Bakugou… but you already knew of his other identity.


   “Yeah…” Kirishima was the one to admit the truth to you. “We’re all… part of it.”


   You nodded. “I had a feeling. But I appreciate your honesty with me.”


   You reached out slowly for your drink, taking a sip. A short-lived one though, as it appeared you had finished it after one small and refreshing gulp. Your lips turned downward for a moment but then refocused on the group.


   Seeing as how your lunch was gone and your stomach was full and happy, you could give them your full attention now. And so, you looked across towards them all, pushing your meal away and then nodding to yourself.


   “I imagine you’re are worried I’m going to say something to Aizawa-sensei… or principal Nedzu… or even the head of the PTA, Todoroki Enji…” You rambled on, naming off anyone who could snap their fingers and get rid of the breakdancers. “But, I don’t have any intentions to do so.”


   The silence after your declaration was something you had expected, as you had assumed none of them would expect you to go along with it. You inwardly chuckled, glad to have thought through your words and actions the night before if this sort of scenario arose.


   “Y-you’re not?” Ashido stuttered, her eyes growing bigger. “S-seriously?”


   You nodded, watching as a few more smiles started to break across the table.


   “Oh thank God…” Sero chuckled. “I thought I was gonna have a heart attack…”


   “Makes sense that even when Bakugou messes up… it works out in the end.” Kaminari frowned, wishing his own luck would be that great.


   “Thank you, (Last Name).” Kirishima rose a fist to you from the other side of the table.


   All the positivity was short-lived, however, as of course, someone else was still having doubts on the validity of you actually keeping your mouth shut. And this person had no issue speaking up either, seeing as his booming voice carried well.


   “Are you all idiots?” Bakugou snarled, his voice loud but only enough for his own table to hear. “All it takes for you idiots to believe her is her to say so? What does she have riding on this? Absolutely nothing!”


   His eyes of crimson returned to you in a second, his finger pointing out towards you as he sucked in a deep breath. His teeth bared and hand resting on the table balling up as his emotions began to flare up.


   “Like I’d believe that the prodigy ballerina actually would be fine with what we do… You can trick these idiots as much as you like, but don’t think you’re fooling me.”


   Another silence hung over the air, this one being much more unexpected. In truth, you had assumed Bakugou would have an outburst. But you had also assumed Kirishima or one of the others would quiet him down and understand you really were not a tattletale. But it appeared you overestimated this, and now… it looked like the others might be seeing a point to Bakugou’s words.


While you didn’t care what the anger-prone male or his friends really thought of you… you were growing tired of having to deal with this situation. Something that rose up because you were a bad shot when it came throwing objects into baskets…. And now here you and your character were getting harassed.


You sucked in a deep breath, shaking your head in frustration. The eyes of the four other people glancing between you and Bakugou, trying to figure out who would speak next. If it hadn’t included their own futures and careers… it might have been fun. But this tension was putting everyone on edge.


“I’m not gonna sit here and let the child of two fucking donors to UA tell me she doesn’t give a shit about something her parents have spoken out against… so don’t fucking tell me otherwise-”


“Would you stop comparing me to them already?” Your voice sliced through the ash blonde’s own.


Your tone and the anger that seemed to be coming from it a big difference since the last time you spoke… as you had always held yourself up with a monotone, but now, something was coming through. And whatever it was, it was obvious that Bakugou had pulled on something he shouldn’t have.


“Yes, my parents are donators. Yes, they each are heavily involved in the music and dance industries. And yes… I am their daughter.” Your eyes pulled away from Bakugou’s, hiding the flash of emotion you refused to let him see. “But… I’m not them. As I’m sure you’re not your parents… and everyone else as well.”


You let out a deep breath, turning back to the group. Your hand running through your hair and pushing down the locks that had fallen out of place from your momentary loss. Your heart thumped noticeably against your chest, making you regret your lack of control.


“My apologies…” You spoke, eyes lingering downwards. “I didn’t mean to raise my voice so suddenly. It wasn’t polite of me.”


Your barrier still seemed intact, and thus you could move beyond this. After all, it would be even less appropriate to suddenly dump the sixteen year worth of baggage onto people who were only speaking to you in the first place to save their own skins.


“And while I know my word isn’t as trustworthy as some of you would like… I promise you that while I am many things… a tattletale is not one of them.” You paused. “And while I don’t know how exactly to dance the way all of you do… I can say as a dancer myself, that if you’re all willing to go to this length to protect what you love to do… then that’s enough of a reason for me to stay silent.”


That seemed to at least brings things back to where you had hoped they would be. Everyone seemed to agree on that point, even Bakugou whose gaze turned off towards the side. Your own eyes falling to look at your clasped hands, noticing how they were holding together quite tightly.


Your eyes closed for a moment, blocking out the voices who were thanking you for your good nature and understanding for this entire mess. Your chest had calmed down, but once more… like all those other times before where your emotions had swelled, by the time they settled again… it left an unbearable empty feeling inside of you.


The distant hum of the familiar bell alerted you and the others that lunch was now over. You nodded with a small smile towards them all, grabbing your meal and moving to discard of it properly. Your form disappearing among the sea of students.


Mina sank into her seat when you had, her wig running up against her hair and showing off some pink. Sero nudged her, and she fixed it, speaking as she did so.


“Well, glad to know we were all worried for nothing.” She smiled, looking towards her friends.


“I have a feeling we were poking our noses into some really personal stuff though…” Kirishima sighed, a feeling of worry for you in his heart.


“The only one of us who harassed her was Bakugou… so don’t group me in with him.” Kaminari deadpanned, looking towards Bakugou. “What’s your deal with her anyway, man?”


“You are a bit harsh on her…” Sero muttered his smile now a frown.


Bakugou turned his gaze towards them, an unpleasant look still in his eyes. His lip curled upwards, a way reminiscent of how he’d act when a certain curly haired boy was around. In fact… it seemed like a lot of his emotional reactions to you were on par with how he’d react to Midoriya.


“She’s got all you morons wrapped around her finger…” He seethed, balling his hands together as his arms shook. “She’s gonna ruin us all, especially since she thinks we all trust her!”


“Bakugou, what is your deal?” Ashido let out a long breath. “I’d say this is a borderline obsession… but then again, anything that pisses you off kinda fits that bill…”


“Come on man, you already upset her enough today.” Kaminari came to your defense.


He was quick to bounce the insult back though. And like he was charged by lightning, Bakugou’s finger poked Kaminari’s chest harshly.


“Well, at least I don’t get blindsided every time a pretty girl decides to acknowledge I exist!” He turned and marched off. “Fucking hell…”


Sero whistled softly. “Man… he pissed himself off.”


“Well, he’s stressed…” Kirishima sighed, looking to his friends. “Did you guys not hear the news?”


The others shook their heads as Kirishima pulled out his phone. He pulled up the screenshot he had sent Bakugou the night before… the image maybe having been what made him so angry today, and thus unfairly take out some of this anger onto you.


“Well… there goes a possible award-winning title.” Sero sighed. “Guess things just are not in our favor, huh?”


“Doesn’t excuse him from being an asshole.” Kaminari sighed. “Either way… could you talk to Jirou and maybe see what she says, Ashido?”


The hidden pink haired girl shrugged. “Yeah, I can try… but no promises. She’s got her hands full already with her end of the year project.”


“She’s trying to do an entire orchestra piece, isn’t she?” Kirishima continued the conversation on as the last of the group started to move to their classroom.




Bakugou harshly kicked the locker in front of him, it slamming shut as he did so. He could hear something drop inside, but he really couldn’t care at this moment. His anger already having been near boiling point since the start of this morning.


He thought his luck had been bad when that damn ballerina of all people had found him out...but as it turned out, the red-haired freak would only make things worse. And it came in the form of a text message with an image attachment.


‘Looks like we’re out before we even began’


Apparently… the city’s public dance competition had changed the rules this year… saying that the group category required six or more members. A change that had no doubt come from the funders of the competition asking for them to make sure his crew was left out.


He wasn’t stupid, and after a simple Google search, the ash blonde could spot the names of several contest funders were also UA ones. And while the contest was a public one that couldn’t ban breakdancing as easily as UA could… this was how they were going to go about it.


The one chance he and his crew had to change the minds of those who thought he was a hazard and making a mockery of dancing… wiped away from under his feet with this pathetic rule change.


But… there was still one bad thing he could control. And that being you keeping quiet, and now him also proving to his crew of idiots that they were too trusting. And thus, he’d make sure to keep an eye on you…


… and when you showed your true colors, like he knew you would… he’d make sure to truly make you keep silent.

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Ch.8 - Keyframe


The lights of the day were finally starting to disappear as the sun was on its descent. The pair of females walking home were quiet among the dimming of natural light as the street lamps above began to turn on. Their voices speaking, but only loud enough for the other to hear.


A smile grew on your features as Yaoyorozu continued on about the new project the two of you had spent the last three hours drafting. Her shining black eyes looking at you with excitement.


“I’ll draft the piano pieces this weekend.” She rambled on. “And then come Monday we can start to put music and dance together.”


She paused a moment, looking at you with a curious expression. Her mood having changed suddenly, as if she had realized something, which knowing Yaoyorozu… she had. You glanced at her, eyes urging the other female to speak her mind and worries to you.


“What is it?” You vocalized, head tilting to the side slowly.


“Well… you said this piece was a partner piece.” She spoke, glancing to the side. “So I was curious who your partner was going to be?”


You fought back the expression that wanted to take over your face. Your mood wanted nothing more than to show annoyance with this question… as you had grown tired of hearing people talking about it these last few days. But for Yaoyorozu’s sake, you pushed through your emotions and instead decided to not let the female worry for you.


She had no reason to after all, and you really didn’t wish for her to dive deeper into your personal affairs. So you decided to put a stop to it here and now.


“Nothing to worry about, Yaoyorozu-san.” You nodded to her, coming to a stop at a break in the road. “I already have a few people in mind and will be seeing if any of them are interested this weekend as well.”


The taller female clapped her hands and smiled brightly at you. “Oh, wonderful! I hope to have the pleasure to meet your partner and his music partner as well come Monday!”


You nodded and watched as she started to head towards the direction of the train station. Meanwhile, you still had another few blocks to go until you were at your own station. And so with a polite goodbye from both you and your music partner, the two of you separated and went your own ways home.


The next five minutes seemed to have been calm and quiet for you, or at least until you happened to pass by a convenience store. Someone inside having come storming out the moment you happened to walk by the doors. The pair of you colliding and nearly knocking each other onto their pavement below.


“Watch it you-” A deep and growling voice began, only to dip down lower when he noticed who had come knocking into him. “-Oh… it's you.”


“Bakugou-san.” You sighed, raising back onto your feet and wiping the invisible dirt off your skirt. “Have a good weekend.”


You turned to leave, hoping your short and slightly sweet way of showing him you were not interested in speaking to him again after today’s events would actually work out. But as your wrist was grabbed and you were held back from continuing on… you knew that Bakugou willingly not having the last word just never happened.


Your (eye color) orbs turned to look at him, seeing as he reached into his small plastic bag and took out a can of soda. His crimson orbs never once leaving your as he opened the can, a small cracking of the carbonation sounding. You were not sure of what kind of intimidation he was trying to pull on you once again… but it definitely was not working.


And so, despite how childish it was, you started to lean his way. Your weight adding on more to his hand and him having to adjust himself to support you with the slight addition you were adding to him. It was something a child would do, adding dead weight onto someone else, you knew that very much… but you just wanted to go home and worry about what to do for Monday. Yaoyorozu was expecting a partner after all…


“Stop that.” He sighed, eyes narrowing. “Where are you going anyway?”


“Let go of my wrist please.” You told him.


He merely rose a brow as you, instead raising his drink to his lips. You watched as he downed the entire thing in a few seconds. Then tossed the empty can perfectly into a trash can a few feet away. He smirked towards you as if trying to show you up.


Then again this entire situation was caused by you not throwing yours out properly… so you’d allow him to at least gloat over this. But soon the smirk was gone and he was back to pressing you for information. His crimson hues finding their way back to you and once more holding that intense look in them.


“Not until you tell me where you are going…”


It seemed his foul mood hadn’t decreased at all in the few hours since lunch. In fact, he seemed so irritated that he ended up caving and buying junk food in order to appease himself to some degree.


“Home.” You breathed the word out with annoyance.


“This isn’t the way you walked home yesterday…” He growled, showing how his mistrust of you was still very present. “So whose home are you going to?”


“My home… and unlike yesterday, I’m not taking a detour.” You let out a deep breath, pulling your wrist away.


It was surprisingly easy to do, seeing as the male had loosened his grip enough for you to free yourself enough from his grasp. His eyes seemed to wander away now, but the scowl on his features didn’t fade.


“I know you’ll probably ignore this, as you have with all my words… but you’re being too paranoid about this all.” You sighed, running a hand through your locks of (hair color). “I have my own problems to deal with… ones that could end up getting myself kicked out of UA if I don’t find a solution… so you and your friends being part of a dance crew isn’t of my concern. Because at this moment… my only concern is for me to stay at UA and succeed… something I know you can relate to.”


You looked downward, a feeling in your throat bubbling up and you once more forced it down into the pits of your stomach. It would be destroyed below, as long as you could keep it from resurfacing.


“And what exactly would make UA kick out a prodigy nerd like yourself?” Bakugou rolled his eyes, now leaning against the wall of the mini-mart outside.


You rested close to it as well, watching as a few stray people passed by. The pair of you out of the way and not attracting any attention. It was similar to yesterday… only this time, things felt different. As if you both knew what to expect of the other in your own shaded viewpoints now.


“I’m sure you’ve noticed it…” You muttered, glancing towards the male. “But… I dance alone. And so, Aizawa-sensei decided my final project would be to do a pas de deux…”


“And so the loner is now struggling to find herself someone who she can trust…” He chuckled. “Sucks to be you.”


“Says the peer who was left without a dance partner for the first month until Kirishima took pity on you.” You spoke before truly thinking your words through.


You regretted the words instantly, knowing what effects they would have on him. But you knew it was bound to be said. You only wished the words would have not been said in that way. You were so upset though, seeing as he was unaware of what this final dance meant to you.


Their promise to you… and what it meant for them both to actually show up to something. It meant more to you than he knew, and thus seeing him so boldly dismiss your  goals and childish whims… once more brought out a part of you that you desperately wanted to erase.


Sure enough, the next moment the male next to you had turned to you. His eyes glaring and his mouth twitching, showing you his teeth every few seconds. You looked at him with wide eyes, remembering how he was not the type to be messed with.


“Shut it, Twinkle Toes… unlike you, music doesn’t require a partner for stupid shit.” He clicked his tongue. “Don’t assume I’m buying into your sob story either… for all I know you’re just trying to get me off your back or waiting for the perfect moment to blackmail me.”


He didn’t stop there either, instead starting to talk and harass you like no tomorrow once more. What made him hate you so much? You knew he was abrasive… but the only person he treated worse than you was Midoriya-san.


Why was this what always happened when you were around? When you decided to actually show any emotions? Why was this harsh tone all that ever came from people who came too close? The questions never being answered, and part of you was starting to accept that they never would.


Your emotions had been suppressed to their limit today, and with every word he was speaking, only seemed to make it harder for you to stay quiet. You didn’t want to break in front of him, show him of all people that ugliness that had been raised into you… but at this moment, seeing how he would not drop this, despite your best efforts… you decided to play by Bakugou’s own fantasy rules.


“You.” You muttered, making him cease his own ridiculing speech.


“Huh?” He blinked, seeing as you rose a finger towards him now. “What the hell are you trying to say?”


“You said you can dance… and you want me to stay quiet right?” You chuckled hollowly. “Well… you’re going to be my dance partner then.”


You looked at him, Bakugou was taken aback for a moment. Something in the way your eyes looked that much more… empty didn’t settle nicely with him. Something else was going on inside your head, and he didn’t want to imagine what it might be.


“Are you serious?” He breathed out. “I knew you’d blackmail me!”


“No…” You shook your head. “Name your price… and I’ll make a deal with you.”


Bakugou blinked, seeing as you were serious. An eye for an eye in a way. Something in you had definitely clicked or snapped into place, and even he couldn't believe how he missed something so obvious.


You were a dance student… and agile and flexible dance student. Exactly what that pink haired freak was not. His own lips curved up into a smirk now, seeing as if he played his cards right… he might be able to get two things out of this deal.


“Fine… I’ll be your little ballet partner… but you have to return the favor. We need a sixth member, so that means you’ll be part of our crew.”


“And it means I’ll be part of whatever happens… so I assure you I’ll keep my mouth shut.” You spoke what he was thinking.


He nodded, holding out his hand. “Well, Twinkle Toes… do we have a deal?”


You couldn’t help but reach out and connect your hand to his own. Some part of you warning yourself of what might come of this… but another part of you happy to have played things to your advantage.


After all, in your eyes, all you had to do was do some meager dancing for Bakugou. And in return, he’d dance with you and you’d be able to continue on your path. And to make matters even better, he was finally going to accept the fact that you would stay quiet now.


The deal was made as the shade turned into night and any and all judgments the both of you had made towards the other seemed to become much harder to see. But among the darkness were always little bundles of stars leading you towards a bright light.


And now all that was left would be for the both of you to find a way head towards that light and remove the darkness that had been clouding your minds. And with the deal struck between you both… the first star seemed to bring enough light for tomorrow.

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Ch.9 - Monachopsis


Their eyes gleamed happily as the female stood before them. Ashido happily clapped her hands together as Kaminari’s smile grew wide. Kirishima and Sero seemed just as excited and happy, both nodding with grins toward the others. It turns out that their fearless leader could manage a miracle… and this time, it was in the form of their ballerina peer.


“Are you really joining us, (Last Name)-san?” Ashido’s hesitant excitement was understandable.


You could relate, seeing as you were still unsure of all this yourself. You had gone from walking home to now suddenly attending your first break dancing lesson. But, you had to admit you felt a bit giddy yourself. The idea of learning something new, and it being a dance for that matter, was enough to make you smile.


“Yes.” You nodded. “From here on out, I’ll be the sixth member of your crew and your ticket to entering the city’s dance competition this year.”


The four before you all broke into loud cheers. Ashido and Kaminari throwing their arms over you and engulfing you in a hug while Kirishima and Sero attempted to do the same from the outside of the three of you.


Bakugou stood nearby, watching with a more mild glare in his eyes. The idiots seemed to take to this idea and announcement as easily as he assumed they would. And so far, you were being rather quiet and calm as well. Maybe things really would work out from here… after all, he and you had made a deal. And as far as he could tell from what he knew about you… much like himself, you always kept your word.


“So why did you decide to join us?” Kirishima asked the hairs on the back of Bakugou’s neck raising.


“Hehe… was it cause we looked so cool you wanted in on our badass dancing?!” Kaminari declared, smirking to himself more than you.


“The only truth in that statement is how bad you are at being cool…” Ashido snickered as Kaminari looked at her with sunken eyes and a soft glare.


“Come on guys… let’s not fight right away in front of (Last Name).” Sero tried to ease tensions once more.




“Yeah, sorry.”


You sucked in a small breath, looking towards the others as you tried to figure out the best way to say the reason why you were here. It was an easy thing to figure out, and with a nod to them all, you opened your rose pink lips to speak.


“Bakugou-san and I made a deal. I’ll be joining your crew and keeping silent and in return he’s-”


“These idiots don’t need to be told the complexities of our agreement.” Bakugou clamped his hand over your mouth. “And you don’t need to go and sprout all the damn details either, Twinkle Toes.”


He let you go a moment later, walking towards where a few crates were underneath the overpass. He took a seat on it, taking out his phone and started to go through it. You shook your head, still not quite liking how he had no issues touching you so easily… but then again maybe you were just adverse to touching.


The more you thought about it though, the more you realized how much of a hypocrite he was about it. As the male himself was not one that liked to be touched, but he seemed to have no issue grabbing someone when he thought the situation called for him to do so.


“Awe no fair!” Ashido waved her arms back and forth like a child throwing a tantrum. “We’re part of this too! We deserve to know too!”


“You’re only part of half the deal… so you got to know why she’s here.” Bakugou mumbled back, typing out something on his phone.


Ashido pouted for a moment, reaching up and pulling off the fake blonde locks that hid away the dyed cotton candy locks underneath it. Your eyes widened with fascination as you saw what her real hair looked like.


You had seen clips of her alter-ego Pinky and her hair… but now seeing Ashido dressed in UA attire with her pink hair, seemed to put everything more into perspective. And that you had indeed jumped feet first into shark-infested waters with the rest of them. UA would not be happy to hear that the child of one of their donors had joined that infamous dance crew, nor would your parents… but some part of you really didn’t care. Some part of you was curious as to what they each felt when they danced this outlawed dance… and you wanted to have a taste of that feeling yourself.


“Is it weird?” Ashido asked you, snapping you back to reality. “You were probably used to seeing me as a fake blonde.”


“N-no… I think it suits you much better.” You smiled towards the only other female here. “The pink makes the gold in your eyes come out more.”


Ashido waved you off as a rose tint came across her cheeks. “Oh geez… if only these testosterone-fueled jerks were as nice as you, (Last Name)-san.”






Ashido chuckled as Sero and Kaminari started to argue with her a bit about that last comment. Something about her not counting since she only hung out with them and was ‘one of the boys’ as a result. That comment did not fly over well with Ashido, and in the next moment, she had kicked Kaminari rather harshly in the leg.


He cried out in pain, knowing well that a bruise would be forming there tomorrow for sure. Kirishima was quick to pull them apart, knowing that while the two got along very well… Kaminari’s habit of speaking before thinking and Ashido’s recent frustrations with being the only girl were not making for a good combination.


But now with (Last Name) here… the redhead was sure things would be going off much better. That is if they all could get their act together again. He had seen it in recent weeks, the stress everyone was under and as a result the strain that had seemed to be placed on the group’s sync.


Kirishima was actually a bit thankful that someone as calm and level headed as yourself had joined… hoping that you’d bring a good balance to the group that already had emotions way too high and nerves on the brink of anxiety.


“Ashido come on. What would we do if Kaminari’s leg got hurt and he couldn’t dance? You’d feel pretty bad.” Kirishima lightly scolded her, not knowing when he had become the adult in this group. “And Kaminari… Ashido is a girl no matter who she hangs out with, so stop saying crap like that.”


The two apologized once more as Kirishima sighed. He felt a bit uneasy though and turned a little to see you watching him with a close eye. You blinked as he looked at you, and with a nod, you spoke towards him.


“Your hair… is dyed too.”


The statement caught the redhead off guard and with a nervous chuckle he rubbed the back of his head and the locks in question.


“Oh man… are my roots showing again? Guess that means it’s time to re-dye them, huh?”


“UA hasn’t scolded you for your hair?” You pondered. “I thought all dyed hair was against the rules…”


Kirishima nodded. “It is… but since red hair is in some cases natural, I was able to get away with it. And thanks for pointing out my roots… gotta keep up the idea that my hair is naturally red.”


He chuckled again, this time much more joyously. Your eyes narrowed slightly and glanced downward. So… Ashido wasn’t the only one who had to hide her own way of expression on her features it appeared…


Your thoughts were cut short again as suddenly Sero had brought up a point that had seemed to be missing since your arrival a few minutes ago.


“Hey, (Last Name)...?” He rubbed his neck awkwardly, not really looking at you as he spoke. “D-do you know how to breakdance… or any sort of street dance at all?”


It was now your turn to blush softly, knowing this question would come up, but had secretly hoped it would be glossed over by Bakugou. As it turns out… he was less than helpful. So once more, it appeared like you would be dealing with this all on your own.


“I’ll be honest… I haven’t. But… I’m a quick learner and I’m sure if I have the right teacher… I’ll be able to have the routine down by the time you’ll all need to have it for the contest!”


There was a little hope in your tone as you spoke, making your usually calm words seem that much more trustworthy and determined to the others. And with each of them nodding and smiling to you as well… you were certain you had won them over with your own words of self-encouragement.


Suddenly someone grabbed your hand and pulled you towards them, positioning your body in front of his. Eyes of gold and hair the color of straw met your eyes of (eye color), and you felt the both of you slowly start to sway into a rhythm.


“A teacher you say… well, I think I can take up the role.” Kaminari winked at you.


You nodded towards him, understanding what he meant. For years you had been told by your mother that finding a good partner meant finding someone you could sync with. Both in mind, heart, and body… as a dance was something that would always be one… whether it was just you or a group.


As you found out rather quickly though… Kaminari was a bit too all over the place. It certainly matched his own style of dance at UA. As a neon dancer, he was supposed to do this, as any and all movements had to awe and shock his audience.


But for someone like you who needed things to be planned out, calculated, and orderly… it soon became a show of him dragging you along and you nearly tripping. He wasn’t the only one who realized your lack of compatibility though… as his feet had been stepped on a few times. Thus showing him you were unable to follow his lead. The two of you broke apart and he smiled embarrassingly at you.


“Awe sorry… looks like I’m not a good match.”


“It’s fine. There are plenty of others… I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone who can teach me. Thank you for your time, Kaminari-san.”


Someone else held out their hand for you as Kaminari took his leave. The smiling redhead seemed more than willing to test your own compatibility now. You took his hand and the pair of you stepped closer to one another.


It was awkward to say the least. Kirishima seemed to be unsure if he was leading or following… and you were in the same boat. It made for plenty of awkward pauses, odd and limbs and slight pains. Eventually, the two of you were forced to stop when Kirishima did take the lead… only to bump his head into yours.


“S-sorry!” He apologized, feeling bad for hurting you. “I-I guess I’m not ready to take up a leadership position yet…”


You shook your head. “It’s fine… it's just as much my fault as yours.”


“Mind if I try?” Sero smiled at you.


“Of course.” You nodded and took his hand as well.


The result sadly turned out the same though… as Sero was a bit too clunky in his movements. It was clear he was still new at dance himself and wasn’t always so sure of what he was doing. And as a result… you felt rather caged in when dancing with him.


“Looks like it's my turn next.” Ashido puffed out her chest as Sero parted from you.


“I suppose it is.” You nodded at her when she wrapped her hands around your waist.


It started out as a slow dance of sorts, but eventually, Ashido had her hands in yours as she danced with you. It was clear that she was doing something right, as you were able to follow her. She could also feel how fluid you were, despite anything she through or did. You’d be able to catch it in a timely manner.


But… it was also clear to the both of you that despite how good you were together… it wasn’t by instinct. Rather Ashido was throwing some rather obvious hints as to what she was going to do next and you understood it when she motioned towards it.


The both of you were communicating, but you were not syncing up. Rather… it showed that Ashido could teach you everything she knew… but she’d never be able to dance with you beyond teaching you.


Truthfully it wasn’t a big deal… as this entire thing had been about finding someone to teach you the ropes of breakdancing. But after you had learned and were ready to join in the group effort… could you?


It was clear from everyone who had danced with you thus far: you were unsure of them. Almost as if you didn’t completely trust them to carry you without any issues. The years of dancing solo had done more than make you a great soloist… but had also affected your ability to mesh with others.


And now… seeing this first hand… meant there might be a problem later on.


As you parted from Ashido, seeing as you found someone you could actually learn from a quick flash came from your side. You turned to see the leader of this group standing near you, his phone outstretched and him still typing away on the device.


“What are you doing?” You asked him, a bit nervous as to why he was now taking your photo without permission.


“The old hag who makes our shit costumes needs your dimensions and a photo to make yours…” He rose a brow at you. “What? You think I’m a pervert like, Dunce Face?!”


Kaminari was quick to call out again, saying he wasn’t as bad as ‘that other pervert who got expelled’ earlier in the year.


“No… I’m just not sure this woman exists…” You blinked. “So why do you need my photo?”


Bakugou’s eyes twitched. “Who the hell do you think made our shitty outfits… and despite how much I fucking hate saying it… the old hag is real. And is gonna nag my ear off when I ask her to make another costume.”


You looked at him questionably still not quite sure if this ‘old hag’ was even real. But seeing how none of the others were scolding him and that Bakugou didn’t give off that vibe… you decided to believe that there was a mystery costume maker out there needing your information.


“Oi Bakugou… you’re the last one.” Kirishima called to him.


“Huh? Pinky already proved she’s got it covered.” He clicked his tongue. “So I don’t need to do shit.”


“I can teach her… but you are better at leading then me. And (Last Name)-san needs someone with experience who can lead her.” Ashido spoke towards the male who was giving her so many problems.


Bakugou narrowed his eyes and then finally let out a sigh. He walked back to where he had been sitting, putting his phone down and then marching back over to where you stood. He rather aggressively held out his hand to you.


“You gonna take it or not?” He growled. “I don’t got all day for this bullshit.”


“Always so foul-mouthed…” You shook your head and took his hand.


He started before you had any real chance to even prepare yourself. And from how impatient he was, it was clear to you that this would not work out. He was practically dragging you along, and you could barely keep up.


He turned suddenly, and your foot caught on a small bump in the grass. You blinked as one of your hands slipped from his in order to catch yourself and not ram into the grass. Before you had though, Bakugou’s now free hand and arm wrapped around your waist.


He twirled you upwards, catching you perfectly in the air. The world seemed to dim out at that moment. And your mind could only process things at a slow speed as you gazed belong at the peer who was holding you up like it was nothing.


You looked at him, shock evident on your face as he smirked towards you. His smug expression growing as you stared deeper and deeper into his carmine eyes. The smell of caramel once more present on your nose, as the smell of apples was to him.


Your mind slowly clicked in place, seeing as he wasn’t going to let you fall… not when it could show he wasn’t as perfect as he wanted everyone to think he was. He was going to hold you up and show you his greatness… all you had to do was follow along and trust him. If you could do that… he wouldn’t let you fall.


And so… seeing as you had in a way not trusted him completely at the start, only to be saved by him when it counted… your mistrust of him seemed to be the only thing that had crashed to the ground at that moment. Slowly you could feel yourself following him with ease: a turn, a step, and even a jump and another twirl.


The both of you stopped when he spun you outward and left the both of you connected by a single hand while still being an arm’s length apart. And despite the sounds of the others saying how amazing that was and that Bakugou had finally found his new ‘throwing dummy’... you couldn’t ignore the way he had looked at you at that moment.


Nor could he ignore the way you followed him without question. Another strange matching of you two… from scents to body sync… it appeared the both of you were made to be paired together in one way or another.

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Ch.10 - Jouska


The following days after the whirlwind of events had gone by without so much as a hitch it appeared. Classes were the same as usual and no one seemed to really pay much attention or pick up on the secret that several of their classmates shared.


Though in reality, it was only another person was added to the secret in question and thus nothing much had seemed to change. You knew not to raise suspicions too high, and thus you kept your usual distance from the crew of people you had been spending an extra few hours with now.


Yaoyorozu had picked up on small signs of exhaustion from you, but had simply wrote it off that you had been practicing more for the final performance that she and you had started. Yaoyorozu was rather excited for many reasons… the first being that you had found a partner, but he was adamant on being kept a secret until it was time.


The ravenette knew better then to push more information out of you, so instead she had made a habit of leaving remarks that would show how curious she was. Such as when you mentioned how your partner was more than strong enough to be able to lift you with ease. Yaoyorozu had lifted her hand and mumbled something about that information being ‘something out of a romance novel.’


You had merely shook your head at her, insisting it was more so that you could work in a few more ‘partner’ moves in order to show your teachers that you really had found someone to work with. The discussion never went further than that, but the musical girl had hopes that one day she’d be able to meet the person who had lifted you up in more ways than one.


As she always hoped her relationship with you would one day cross over into something much more friendly than a simple peer relationship.


But she knew all not to press you. Something about the way you interacted with others told her that much, and until you were ready to put your trust into her along with your friendship… she would be waiting patiently and making the best music she could for you.


Aside from Yaoyorozu’s little teasing, you hadn’t interacted with anyone else through the week. Sure you had been asked to run errands with Todoroki, had to do an English exercise partnered with Midoriya and then had after school chores this week with Hagakure… but these interactions were needed and mandatory for you to have.


You didn’t seek them out, and most of them surely didn’t want to have more of a talk with you beyond the small variety. And so, you never tried to push the conversation beyond a “Todoroki-san, we need to go to the third floor to drop these notebook off.” or “Midoriya-san, you’ve confused ran with run.” and finally a “Hagakure-san, you have practice with Ojirou-san, correct? If so, I can do the cleaning myself. No need to waste your precious time with your dance partner.”


So when you did manage to make your way to the underpass by the park with the river near sundown every day after school… it was surprising that people actually wanted to have a conversation with you beyond what you were willing to put out.


“All I’m saying-” Kaminari was mid-rant. “Is that if Aizawa-sensei could care less… why does he grade our papers like he’s some Ivy League professor?”


“‘Cause this is UA… and you need to be perfect in everything!” Mina threw her hands in the air as she sat on the grass near the boys who were stretched out among the concrete ledge and crates.


“What I’d give to have Bakugou’s grades…” Sero sighed, a dreamy expression on his face.


“You could always ask him to help you study.” Kirishima brought up, then made a face of realization. “Actually, don’t… last time I asked for his help I think he gave me brain damage with the amount of times he hit me with some rolled up study sheets…”


“How about you, (Last Name)-san?” Ashido pulled you into the conversation, noticing how you had been standing quietly among the group. “You any good at the lessons and subjects?”


“Literature is my best and the others I’ve managed to stay in the top fifty percent of the class.” You shrugged, hoping it wasn’t too terrible. “So they could be better… but they aren’t bad. I think I’m ranked 8th or 9th overall.”


“Lucky….” Kaminari whined. “I’m dead last…”


“Shut your damn mouth and just study more than.” Bakugou came into the fray, finally arriving. “Get your shit, we’re going somewhere.”


Everyone seemed to listen without so much as a second question, or a first one raised towards the ash blonde. You had indeed thought it was strange when you were here before him today, seeing as this entire week you had been an hour later than everyone else.


In that time, the five more experienced members had been working on drafting their new dance, as well as making sure to fill out the paperwork correctly for the city’s competition. And then when you’d finally arrived, the group would break into two groups.


Ashido would usually come to you, seeing as since the pair of you were the females and  much more agile than any of the boys, you’d have similar parts. She was making good on her promise to teach you, and she was delighted how easy it was to teach you.


The last half an hour before you all broke for the night the group would come together and see how everything was going. Strangely enough… you had also started to get more used to people suddenly touching you at one point or another.


It had started out pretty poorly, as you had never worked with another person, or in this case five at once. So when Ashido attempted to swing you, Kirishima tried to turn you, or Bakugou attempted to lift you… your original response was to be stiff and unsure of what to do. But slowly, and in part thanks to Kaminari helping you relax more with some breathing exercises… things were going well.


If anything, you could at least say you hadn’t messed up what they had taught you thus far, and that you never once bumped into someone when you all danced together. And seeing how quickly things were going… you were sure you’d get used to them all and their strange ways of interacting soon enough.


“Where are we going?” You spoke, looking towards the redhead who was walking a step of two in front of you.


Kirishima shrugged, looking towards Bakugou who seemed to be leading the way. The red haired male flashed you a toothy grin.


“No idea… but I got a feeling it's something important.” He sounded sure of himself and of the ash blonde.


You only nodded to him, walking besides the group as they soon were out of the muddy park. Fall had started to come in this week, and with the rain and chilly temperatures, no one was complaining when Bakugou had led them out of the cold wetness and into a warm and dry shop.


The walls of this shop were lined with various photos of models in up close shots of the clothing they were wearing, a cool emerald green paint behind and on the walls. The furniture looked comfortable and in plush white. A desk was near the front, and back room was attached behind it. The only way to get past the desk seemed to be if you were buzzed, which looked to not be happening any time soon, as no employee was located at the front.


Everyone seemed to make themselves at home, showing you this wasn’t a strange new place. It appeared you were the only one who had yet to be here, but followed the lead of your peers and placed your stuff down among their’s and rested on the chairs.


Sero and Kaminari were helping themselves to some tea and hot cocoa from an instant drink machine and Kirishima and Ashido were chatting amongst themselves on a couch. You barely had time to register anything else about the shop as suddenly someone came out of the back.


“Oh I see how it is? It gets a little cold and you decide to escort yourself into our establishment, huh?”


The woman who had emerged looked strikingly similar to Bakugou, from her ash blonde spiked locks, to the carmine eyes, to the scowl she was making on her face. There was no doubt in your mind that this woman was Bakugou’s mother. And boy did she seem mad for you all to be here.


“You were the one who said to fucking bring her!” Bakugou roared back, the volume in his voice making no one flinch.


“Oh shut your damn trap.” His mother sighed. “You’ve been a little bitch about the cold since I had your shitty ass. So don’t use some poor girl you tricked into joining you as an excuse to get out of the shit weather.”


Bakugou’s eyes twitched and his fist slammed down hard on the desk in front of him, though now that you looked at it… it was more like a reception desk than a basic desk. But that's besides the point.


“Are they always like this?” You leaned over to Ashido.


“Bakugou and Mitsuki?” She giggled. “No, this is them on a good day.”


You nodded to her slowly, looking back towards the pair who were still bickering. As you looked at Mitsuki again, her eyes caught yours. You flushed up for a mere moment, her radiance and natural beauty striking you hard. She let out a small laugh, waving you forward.


“Come on sweetheart, unlike my son, I won’t bite.”


“What the fuck does that mean?”


You made your way forward, going past Bakugou and slipping through the gate at the front that Mitsuki had buzzed you through. Bakugou was quick to follow, much to his mother’s chagrin.


She led the pair of you to a room in the back. There sat a man who was sitting at another desk, several dulled pencils and erasers near him. His brown eyes looked up to your little group as you entered. He placed the pencil down and rose to his feet.


He grabbed a box that had been sitting near the desk he was working at, and came towards you all with it. Mitsuki seemed less than interested in what the older man was doing and instead tugged you gently with her.


“Here Katsuki.” The man, who you now assumed to be Bakugou’s father, spoke and handed him the box.


“Thanks, old man.” He told him, opening it as you were shoved behind a curtain.


“Try on the clothing I left in there, sweetheart.” Mitsuki told you from the other side. “When you’re done step out and I’ll apply final touches and fix anything wrong.”


“Yes, ma’am.” You spoke back, doing as told and shed your uniform in favor of the black and purple attire that was placed in your changing room.


After a few moments, you walked out. Mitsuki hummed to herself, walking around you in the dance uniform that matched the others. When finished she turned to the man who was standing near Bakugou and looking as well.


“Well Masaru… you continue to go against your own word and prove once more the kind of miracle worker you are.”


“Mitsuki.” Masaru sighed, blush on his cheeks. “Just because I’m able to estimate dimensions off a photo does not mean I’m some fashion prodigy like you keep claiming I am.”


“I didn’t marry a loser, I married a winner.”


“Would you two go be gross somewhere else?” Bakugou spoke, coming towards here. “Unlike you mother fuckers, I actually have shit to do besides work for free.”


Mitsuki’s jaw dropped as Bakugou pulled you out. Your eyes wandered back to your belongings and uniform. Maybe one day you’d get them back… but it appeared it was not today with Bakugou’s death grip on your wrist.


“Excuse me? You were the one who begged us to make you these dance costumes! Be thankful, you little bitch…”


Mitsuki’s rage was calmed when Masasu simply placed a hand on her shoulder. His eyes along telling her to look more closely at their son and see why he was in such a rush today. Mitsuki after a second look seemed to have the same idea in her head. And with a sly smirk… she sent one last tease towards Bakugou.


“Katsuki… be nice to your girlfriend and at least let her change back into her school uniform.”


That seemed to enough to ignite the annoyance inside Bakugou and send him back to arguing with his mother. You used the opportunity to change back, handing the attire to Masaru who made a few notes and commented on how he’d have it finished up the next time he saw you.


Finally Mitsuki dragged you and Bakugou out of their work room and locked the door. You stood with the rest of the crew again, Bakugou steaming from another petty fight with his mother. The box he was given earlier still in his hands and he clicked his tongue and turned to you all.


“Least they did something right…” He commented, reaching into the box and pulled out a set of six masks.


Each looked familiar to the cheap ones Kaminari had found, but now with a professional designer touch to them. Bakugou handed out the individual masks to their rightful owners: a kitsune for him, an oni for Kirishima, a raiju for Kaminari, a tanuki for Ashido, a tengu for Sero and finally what appeared to be your mask.


Purple and with scales, the small object to be used to hide your identity was not what you were expecting at all. It was nice… and in a way, you couldn’t believe that Bakugou of all people had chosen something that actually struck your fancy.


“Whoa a dragon!” Ashido spoke, her much cute tanuki mask, this one with no moustache, on her face.


“A purple dragon… looks like you’ll just need a name.” Sero nodded besides you.


“Kamui.” You spoke, tracing your fingers against the cloud like features of the dragon mask. “I’ll be Kamui.”


Ashido’s eyes seemed to light up with the name choice and Sero was impressed as well. The moment of happiness was short lived for a moment though, as Kaminari had been checking his phone and saw something that left a deep pit in his stomach.


“Yo… Bakubro.” Kaminari pat the ash blonde on his shoulder. “You see the weather report for the next week?”


Bakugou rose a brow at him, glancing at the phone. His tongue clicked and his hands turned into fists. It appeared something else had pissed him off.


“What is it?” Kirishima asked, looking himself. “Well crap… downpours all week?”


“We can’t practice in the rain!” Ashido was quick to jump in.


“Well I think that was obvious to us all…” Sero mumbled, sighing.


“Do we need a place to practice?” You spoke up, for once actually involving yourself in the conversation.


“What the hell do you think?” Bakugou turned to you, still not quite over his mother’s annoying comment. “We can’t exactly be doing what we do in the mud! Too fucking risky!”


You sucked in a breath, a small smile coming across your features. “I know a place… an indoor place.”


Everyone seemed to take this with slight shock and growing looks of curiosity. This was the first time you had ever offered something, usually just going along with them all and their plans. So… everyone was indeed curious as to where you might be thinking.


“How about we meet there tomorrow? Since its the weekend tomorrow, you guys can arrive around noon and we can go for as long as you all want.” You spoke, pulling out your phone. “I’ll send out directions… so if you all want to put your contact information in, I’ll gladly send it your way.”


Everyone did so without so much as a second thought. A burning desire to know more about you and where you practiced your ballet growing on their minds as the digits of their numbers entered your phone.


And by the time you all parted for the day… tomorrow was already on the minds of the six of you.


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Ch.11 - Gnossienne


“T-this has to be a mistake… right?” Kaminari shook his head, hoping the image before him would change from what he was seeing.


“I doubt she’d forget her address…. Five times.” Ashido tried to reason, seeing as she had arrived at the same location as the other four members of her crew who had been invited to the new location to practice in during the winter months.


It was obvious though, judging by the building in front of them all, that some were considering this to be some type of joke. They all knew you had come from a ‘well to do’ family, but now standing outside the luxury apartment complex and looking up to the top, the moving clouds making it look as if the building was rocking back and forth… no one knew really what to think or do.


So instead, they all stood out and gazed towards the shiny building. The weekend was still anew, but no one, not even the ash blonde, had any drive to try and ring your apartment and thus let them all into the building.


“If you kids are going to stand and stare, then I’m going to have to ask you to leave the residency.” A doorman spoke, looking a bit smug. “Most of our residents don’t exactly feel comfortable with teenagers loitering near their apartments.”


“W-we’re here to visit our friend!” Kirishima straightened up after being spoken to, catching the man’s attention.


“Well then please page her and once she buzzes you in, I’ll allow you to enter.” The older man sighed, more than likely not being paid enough for this job, yet always having to deal with this type of thing.


“Let’s get this shit over with…” Bakugou grumbled, moving towards the array of buttons near the entrance.


The doorman stood on the other side, watching with curious eyes and the teens started to scan the numbers and names matched to one another. He knew every resident of this building and was wondering what teen who lived here was inviting this type of odd group to their home.


The teens in question didn’t seem to be bad people or up to any nefarious acts… but after having worked at this apartment complex for nearly two decades… he knew the type of look a lot of the people had. And from what he saw, it looked almost as if the ‘riff-raff’ as his residents would call them… had been invited over to have an afternoon of posh and prestige.


“(Last Name)... (Last Name)... (Last Name)...” Sero muttered as he glided his finger down the rows, not finding your name.


“I don’t see her name…” Kaminari muttered, doing another check though.


“I knew we had the wrong place…” Ashido sighed. “Guess we need to call her…”


“Hold it.” Bakugou noticed a familiar name at the top. “It’s this one.”


He pointed toward the name on the very top of the list. The others looked at the name, then towards the ash blonde who seemed confident in his words.


“Dude… her last name is (Last Name), not Kajiya.” Kaminari scolded the carmine eyed male.


Bakugou clicked his tongue, turning to the doorman. He was going to prove he was right, right here and right now. He pointed towards the name on the list, eyes focused on the doorman who was looking as if he was ready for his shift to end.


“(Last Name) (First Name), she’s in this apartment, right?” Bakugou’s tongue was harsh, but even so, the doorman responded.


“Yes. She lives there. The reason the apartment has a different name is because Kajiya is her mother’s maiden name. The apartment is registered under that since she’s the one who owns, operates, and pays the rent.”


“Thanks, old man.” Bakugou smirked towards his group of idiots, pressing the button on the top.


The pause occurred over five seconds until a loud buzz echoed. The doorman nodded, opening the doors to the teens. The group came in quickly, spotting the set of elevators directly in front of them and making their ways towards it.


There were three in total, the lounge, and reception they waited in being in fancy white, green and golds. It seemed with every step their day got fancier. Kirishima pressed the button for going up and waited among his friends, taking in the scenery.


“Man… she’s richer than you, Bakugou.” Kirishima whistled.


“Seeing who her parents are… I had a feeling.” The ash blonde rolled his eyes.


“So you do know who her parents are specifically…” Ashido nodded. “But why exactly do you? Seems a bit creepy…”


Bakugou tensed up on that, looking towards the pink haired female with shock. “How the hell do you not know?! Her mom is-”


The ding of the elevator interrupted his words, and the doors opened. The teens boarded and pressed the highest floor, trying not to think too much into how it was marked ‘penthouse’ but if that was the number listed as your floor… it meant that was the floor they needed to go to. No matter how high it was or what other words were listed with it.


The ride up was slow, but finally, after about thirty floors the elevator finally stopped. When the doors opened, rather than showing a hallway as they had assumed, it opened up directly into a living room. Though, they could not get out… as a locked gate was in the way.


“Oh, hold on!” Your voice greeted them, your frame entering their view.


You inserted a key onto your side and twisted it. It clicked and with a soft push the gate opened and you welcomed the others into your home. A smile stretching into your lips as you bowed politely to your guests.


“Apologies for the gate… but I’d rather not have random people coming into my apartment.” You informed them as everyone took in the space they had been welcomed into.


“I prepared some tea and snacks in case anyone was famished… but I’m sure you’ll all want to see the studio first. But of course we have all day, so make yourselves at home if you get tired at some point.” You rambled on, unaware of the emotions growing inside some of your guests.


“Holy crap you’re rich!” Kirishima suddenly screamed out, throwing his hands into the air.


“As rich as Yao-Momo…” Sero sucked in a breath, feeling as if he was going to pass out.


“No way… Yao-Momo is heiress rich.” Ashido chuckled nervously. “(Last Name)... is more of celebrity rich.”


“No wonder the two of them are partners… they get each other’s rich kid problems…” Kaminari shook his head, almost in disbelief as he looked out the windows at a view of what seemed to be the greater Azubu area.


“I’ve never been to Yaoyorozu-san’s home… is it nice as well?” You asked, interested in their conversation.


“Well while yours is definitely a penthouse for the elite… hers is more like a palace.” Ashido shook her head, a smirk coming onto her face. “It’s so big that Kaminari got lost trying to find the bathroom…”


The pink haired female laughed loudly as Kaminari wailed behind her. Anyone would get lost in that maze of luxury… so was he really at fault for wandering a bit too far into her home and not knowing his way back to the study room?


“Cut the small talk… we got a dance session to get to.” Bakugou once more ruined the fun it appeared. “Where’s this ‘perfect place to practice’ that you kept rambling about, Twinkle Toes?”


You nodded to him, seeing as he was also carrying a purple bag. No doubt that was your finished attire. The thought of it making you feel warm on the inside. Before you could get ahead of yourself though, you moved towards the hallway, waving your guests after you.


“Right here! I hope it's to everyone’s liking!” You spoke in an excited tone as you opened the door.


If their jaws had not already dropped, they surely would at this point. After all, having a large dance studio built into your penthouse apartment wasn’t something any of them were expecting. But now… the minds of at four easily impressed peers were wondering what else this place had. A movie theater? Smoothie shop? Maybe even a full bath and spa?


“Looks good. This will do.” Bakugou shrugged off his bags.


Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero all looked at him, then each other, sharing a mutual look. Of course, he was the type to not get influenced by money or people. To him… it appeared he was just at your house and you had somewhere he saw as worth him coming over often to practice.


Seeing as their fearless leader had given his approval and was heading to one of the two curtains already set up in the back to change, the other took it as their cue to look around a little bit before the real practice began.


“Oh man… are your parents okay with you letting us use this place as much as we will?” Kirishima turned to you. “And speaking of… how long should we stay? I don’t wanna overstay my welcome today and possibly stress them out.”


You chuckled dryly. “Well if that’s the case… you all could probably move in here.”


The sentence was odd and unexpected from you. You were not known to usually joke around or to act so oddly casual. Nor was the sour tone in your voice normal. They had only heard it once or twice… both of which was when Bakugou was getting on your case about something you disagreed with.


“W-what?” Kirishima mumbled, unsure if he had struck a nerve or if there was something more morbid underneath it all.


You waved him off. “My apologies… I spoke in a way that only I would understand. Allow me to explain further.”


The sounds of the curtain moving open alerted you that Bakugou was now done changing, but seeing as he was silent and not yelling at the others to get moving… it could only mean he was listening in as well. His own curiosity pushing aside his purpose for being here. In any other circumstance, you’d chuckle… but not when this topic was on the table.


You had known it would be brought up one way or another though. And seeing as you could bury the topic with the activities of the day… you didn't mind saying it now. It was better than later when everyone would want to talk more about it. That you for sure didn’t want.


“My parents are separated…” You spoke, seeing as a few faces lit up with mild panic at this.


“O-oh I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to pry.” Kirishima apologized.


“Nonsense. It was only natural to ask.” You told him. “As for where my parents are though… my mother is in Moscow until the Spring. She’s performing Swan Lake at the Bolshoi Theater. And my father is running his production company at its main location in Seoul. So it’s just me here.”


“Hold on a minute…” Kaminari muttered. “Ballerina… Kajiya…? Holy crap! Your mom is one of Japan’s national treasures!”


“And her dad is running a successful K-Pop production company after announcing he’d no longer be working with Japanese J-Pop groups three years ago…” Bakugou continued on. “Did none of you morons really know this?”


“How would we? We’ve only gotten to know (Last Name)-san this week! And until then the most we knew was that her parents were donors and her mother was a ballerina herself. Sorry we didn’t know the details like you!!” Ashido wailed. “How do you know so much about her?”


Bakugou’s eyes narrowed, pointing to the display of trophies that decorated one of the back walls, parallel to the mirrors.


“I know cause they both are highly influential to not only the music and dance industry… but also to UA! Twenty-five percent of the donations come from them… her family and that damn half-and-half’s make up more than fifty percent of UA’s budget thanks to their money!”


“Is that true?” Sero looked at you. “And why is your mother still listed with your father’s last name on UA’s donor list?”


“My mother and father wish to keep up a good public appearance. So until I graduate from UA the divorce has not been made public. I doubt UA is aware of it, or at least most of the staff.” You shrugged. “As for the funding of UA, it's true that’s its very high. Though in reality… the only reason it’s so high is because neither my mother or my father will let the other outdo them. They really… can’t stand each other…”


Your voice drifted off, the mood in the room souring with your pained face. If it wasn’t clear before that the topic was unsettling to you… it was very clear now. Ashido had the best reaction time when it came to emotions luckily, and with a smile, she grabbed the pink and purple bags and then your hand.


“Let’s go change, (Last Name)! I wanna see how cute you look in the costume!” She laughed giddily.


“Alright.” You nodded, the memories of the people in question quickly disappearing once more.


With the pair of you having disappeared into your own changing rooms, the boys were left to their own chatter. It was clear the air was still a bit tense, though more awkward now.


“Well in hindsight… I should have noticed it sooner.” Kaminari spoke, a hard thinking face on his features. “After all… our guidebooks to UA do have her parent’s name on them. Plus… how many people do you know that have the last name, (Last Name)?”


“Not many… that’s for sure.” Sero spoke softly. “I guess I just never knew how involved and tied to UA her family is.”


“You guys should just drop this…” Kirishima warned them. “It’s kinda clear that her parents also have an estranged relationship with her. It's best to not bring it up anymore.”


Sero and Kaminari nodded slowly, seeming sorry to have brought it up again. But now with it out in the open… it was clear to not say it again. Just as it was clear to all those involved why that comment about you being like your parents before… had set you off.


Even the ash blonde was starting to put more together, and with every piece that went further into the puzzle of you… he couldn’t help but get more and more intrigued with the images it was showing him.

Chapter Text

Ch.12 - Mal De Coucou


The weekend went by quick, the new studio having proved to be the perfect place to do some practice and also feel safe enough to hide from any wandering eyes. The train station lockers that had previously been rented for each member to hide their uniforms were no longer. Now the costumes and bags rested inside an empty closed inside your apartment. The bedroom not being used, as you didn’t have very many guests who came to visit. So it was no bother.


But aside from how you and the more experienced breakdancing members were meeting up more and more often… school had shown to have no changes. You still mostly kept to yourself, and even any real interactions they attempted to have with you… was brushed aside.


Even now as the secret pink haired female watched you take your tray from the line and walk to an empty table… she wondered if keeping up looks was really what she wanted to do. After all… simply talking to you and forming a friendship with you wouldn’t raise too many suspicions, right? Especially when you looked so lonely… eating a meal by yourself.


You ate a lot of meals alone… didn’t you? And the thought of it made the female feel towards you, and want to at least give you one of your three meals with someone besides you. But she wasn’t sure how to go about it… after all, as she had reminded herself over and over again this last week… the two of you were not friends. And while she would like to be, she knew the trouble Yao-Momo had been having, and didn’t know if her luck would be any better.


“A-SHI-DO!” Kaminari’s voice came close to her ear, the female jumping a bit.


Ashido came back to focus on her own lunch group. Shaking her head and looking out towards the males who were looking at her like she was some sort of alien. She signed, looking towards them with a tired look.


“What?” Ashido asked, sending an annoyed expression towards Kaminari who had given her a small adrenaline rush.


“We’re going to see a movie this weekend at the mall! Wanna come?” Kaminari and Sero eagerly looked at her.


“What movie?” Ashido spoke.


“We were thinking the new comedy!” Kaminari continued, getting more and more excited over his weekend plans. “You know, the one that’s been all over the ads on the train stations!”


“Yeah, I’ve seen the posters for it…” Ashido tapped her fingers against the table, her lunch still forgotten. “Who else is coming?”


“Kami and I for sure. Kiri needs to check and Bakugou already said he’d rather eat shit… so I assume he’s coming if Kiri can.” Sero informed her. “Why, you want to invite Jirou?”


Ashido let out a low sigh, shaking her head. “I mean yes… I’ll invite her… but I was thinking we could also invite… (Last Name)?”


Kaminari chuckled once. “You think she'd want to come with us? I mean Yao-Momo has tried to get her to go to tea with her since the summer and she always declines. What makes you think she’ll want to see a movie with us?”


He didn’t speak with any malice, nor did he want to speak with any. Rather, the blonde with the strange birthmark in his hair seemed more to try and attempt to sway Ashido towards what the most likely answer would be. He knew she could get just as excited as he could about things and didn’t want the fake blonde to get her hopes up.


Kaminari enjoyed having you as part of their group, but he also knew how hard it had been for you last weekend to try and socialize with them all. He knew that the lot of them were close and often had many inside jokes and loud exclamations.


You were obviously not used to it, having nearly spilled a tray of tea when Kirishima had hollered about some joke he was making. And then was extremely uncomfortable attempting to speak to the following practice when you insisted they all stay for some refreshments.


The topic of his own strange black lighting bolt mark had come up. Him insisting it was naturally like that. And you trying to gauge how though… following the discussion led by Ashido if Todoroki’s hair was naturally like it was… as the ice skating male claimed.


All the while you had sat silent and observed, seeming more comfortable that way. And thus… Kaminari was slightly worried for you if you did come along to the mall. After all… you were definitely much more of an introvert compared to their extraverted selves. But either way… if you did want to come, he wouldn’t stop you. Nor would he stop Ashido from asking, but not without making sure the female wasn’t getting ahead of herself.


“I don’t know… but after the last few weeks…. I thought maybe it was worth a try?” Ashido pressed further, signing softly.


“I say go for it!” Kirishima entered the conversation. “Girl power and all that manliness, right?!”


Ashido sighed, chuckling to herself as Kirishima seemed to get empowered by the ideas of friendship and support one another. Always a twinkle in his eyes when he saw or heard what he deemed to be ‘manly’.


“She’s not going to say yes.” Bakugou interjected, not looking terribly interested.


“And there’s the negative Nagisa…” Sero muttered, knowing that for every positive comment there would be a condescending one from the ash blonde.


“Hey man.” Kirishima turned to Bakugou. “Give her the benefit of the doubt… unless you want to offend her again by mentioning something really personal.”


Bakugou’s cheeks turned slightly rosy, hardly noticeable to the others who were around him. Kirishima knew his music companion enough to know that even he could feel guilty at times, and this was more than likely something he was regretting saying to the ballerina.


“Like I care about her feelings…” Bakugou answered back.


Or so Kirishima had assumed that the male would have cared. Once more making it look like the ash blonde was indeed a much more complex and deeper read. It was a good thing the redhead found it worth his time to try and figure out his companion.


“You’re always so mean… no one is gonna hire you if you keep being such an ass, Bakugou.” Ashido scolded him, a twitching brow coming from the ash blonde.


“It’s not mean if its the truth…” He growled, then looked towards Ashido smugly. “I’ll tell ya what… if you get that girl to come along to the mall, then I’ll go to.”


“Wow really?!” Kaminari was excited just by the mere mentioning of it.


“Easier said than done.” Sero sighed, not getting his hopes up like his dance partner.


“Oh, I can’t wait for you to eat those words… Bakugou!” Ashido rose from her seat with an excited and empowered gleam in her eyes. “I’m gonna win this bet!”


“You’ll need more than me wishing you luck.” Bakugou gave her a smirk as Ashido raced off towards you.


As she neared you, Bakugou relaxed, looking pretty confident that he was going to have a pretty free Saturday. But as he did so, the redhead next to him was less than sure of things.


“I wouldn’t be so certain of your victory man…” Kirishima told the other males around him, memories of middle school popping into his mind as he spoke. “I’ve know Ashido for a long time… and know how good she is at convincing people.”


Kaminari and Sero looked between Bakugou and Kirishima, but as much as the two had hoped to see Bakugou realize his mistake in challenging the carefree and easy spirit that was Ashido Mina… the ash blonde was still holding strong onto his own thoughts and confidence.


After a few moments, Ashido came wandering back. A smirk on her face as you appeared behind her as well. Carrying the lunch you had eaten about half of and pulling up a seat. You sat between Ashido and Kirishima, continuing to eat without muttering a word.


“So~ (Last Name)~” Ashido spoke in a sing-song voice. “Just to make sure I’m not lying… are you coming to the mall with us on Saturday and seeing a movie with us?”


“Yes. Sounds fun.” You told her. “I’ve never been to a movie theater with other people before, so I’m excited to see if its everything I’ve imagined it to be.”


“The miracle woman!” Kaminari shouted suddenly, startling you a bit. “Oh man! And Bakugou lost!”


“S-shut up, dunce face!!” Bakugou hollered. “What the hell do you mean you are coming! Aren’t you anti-social or some shit?”


“Most of the time yes… but I have been wanting to see a movie.” You told him, only to suddenly lose track of your statement when your eyes wandered down to Kirishima’s lunch. “A-are those rice balls shaped like cats?”


Kirishima blinked, nodding as he showed off his bento. “Yeah, my little sister was set on making my lunch today… and well, she likes to be creative.”


“Those are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.” You mumbled, looking very happily at the small bite-sized food.


“Do you like cute things, (Last Name)-san?” Ashido spoke, taking notice of Kirishima’s lunch as well now. A simple bento of some rice balls, eggs, and lots of meat… an average Kirishima lunch.


You blushed lightly, nodding slowly. “Yes… I like cute things a lot.”


“We’ll have to stop by the ice cream parlor at the mall that makes their ice cream look like roses then!” Ashido told you, seeing your eyes light up.


“They have one of those at the mall?” You asked her.


Ashido nodded excitedly. “Yes! I’ve always wanted to go, and now that you’re part of our group you can help me get these aesthetic-less guys to go!”


“Yes! Let’s go!” You nodded eagerly.


The two of you continued chatting about aimless things you found cute for a few more moments, ranging from mini-cupcakes to small animals. The boys had started their own discuss, mostly teasing Bakugou on how he had lost his free afternoon.


Despite it though, it seemed like quite the mind bender as to how Ashido had gotten you to agree to come along with them. In fact, the four boys had assumed the answer would be no. Bakugou wasn’t wrong in calling you anti-social after all, as the last semester of you keeping to yourself had proved it a lot. But now with your agreement and how you seemed mildly excited to go along with them… it sparked a new interest.


One that seemed to be based on the idea that if you were coming along… it must mean you wanted to continue to improve your relationship with them all. And in turn, three of the males found themselves getting excited to have you join and get to know you better.


Your liking to cute things was one piece of the puzzle that was you, and each hoped to find a few more pieces during their day at the mall. But… what none of them knew was exactly how Ashido convinced you to come.


The dancer girl knowing you’d be more willing to come along if you felt like you would be helping. And thus, she had asked you to help her win a bet against Bakugou. One that she explained was you coming along, to which you agreed to help her win.


Your own interest in going was not based on hanging out or making closer bonds… but rather in helping Ashido out as any peer would. And the differing ideas of your purpose for being there would soon be realized.


But before then, everyone seemed excited about the coming Saturday. Everyone except for a certain ash blonde who knew something was up… and knew soon enough, he’d get back at Ashido for ruining his plans to sleep in.

Chapter Text

Ch.13 - Xeno


The business of a mall on a Saturday afternoon was something to always expect. People liked to shop and relax, and thanks to shopping malls… most people often headed to one when the weekend rolled around.


Ashido and Kirishima were standing by the meeting point that had been set up through text. The pair looking at the wave of people coming and going past the mall’s arcade. The sounds of machines behind them and the noise of chatter in front of them.


“It’s nearly 1 pm now…” Ashido muttered, looking to Kirishima. “How much you wanna bet Kami’s gonna be ten minutes late.”


“While he usually is… looks like you’d have lost that bet today.” Kirishima chuckled, pointing out to two people coming in through the sea of bodies.


“Yo! Ashido! Kiri!” Kaminari waved, Sero following behind him.


“Glad to see you guys managed to make it.” Kirishima high-fived the males who had arrived.


“We barely did… trains are backed up thanks to everyone wanting to enjoy the last nice day of fall.” Sero spoke, gesturing to the sunny skies above them all through the window panes of the ceiling.


“It does feel a bit like summer today… doesn’t it?” Ashido smiled.


The teens were dressed as such as well. Ashido wearing a pair of acid stained blue jeans and an airy see-through pink crop top with a white camisole underneath it. Kirishima was in a simple pair of longer green shorts and a brown t-shirt advertising some band across it. Kaminari had dark grey shorts on, his black top showing off the image of a lightning bolt in reflective material. Sero was the most simple: regular blue jeans and a brown v-neck.


“So… looks like we’re just missing Bakugou and (Last Name).” Sero spoke, looking out among the crowd once more.


“Are you blind?”


The four teens jumped, hearing that familiar gruff voice coming from behind them. Turning with adrenaline in their veins, the four could see that the ash blonde had appeared out of nowhere. A scowl on his face, seeming to give off the same vibe as the black t-shirt with a skull on it did, and the pair of ripped navy blue jeans.


“Holy hell man!” Kaminari waved his arms about. “Where the hell did you come from?”


Bakugou pointed behind him. “You idiots really think I’m gonna spend my afternoon with you all and not blow off some steam first?”


The arcade behind the carmine eyed teen was where he had come from, and the small bag of prizes in his hands showed that Bakugou must be talented in the art of arcade machines and claw games.


“Didn’t you want to sleep in today?” Ashido rose a brow.


“Yeah, I did… why the fuck are you asking?” Bakugou snarked back.


“So… instead you got up earlier and went to play video games.” Ashido sighed shaking her head. “Goodness Bakugou… you sure are unreadable.”


Everyone, aside from the angry teen, laughed at the pink haired female’s remark. And now it appeared that the five of them were together and waiting on one final member. Lucky for them all, your arrival came quite quickly.


“Hello everyone!” You greeted as you came dashing out of the crowd. “I’m sorry that I’m late… there’s no direct line from my apartment to here… so navigation was a bit of a hassle.”


None of them really knew what to be expecting of your casual attire, but it definitely seemed to fit the more they took it in. A pale pink cardigan that reached down to your hips, underneath it was a light green dress that rested a little below the knees. Your legs were adorned with white socks that went up to your thighs, along with a pair of rose-red flats. Your hands were covered by the pink fabric, making it look a size or two bigger then what would be an accurate fit to you. However, the larger size as well with the simple dress seemed to have an effect on a few of the dance members who were looking at you.


“Awe so cute!” Ashido declared, throwing her arms over you and giving you a hug. “I had a feeling you were a simple girl at heart (Last Name)-chan… but you are such a cutie.”


Ashido continued to rock you back and forth, unaware of the boys who were standing awkwardly close by. A few of them with rosy cheeks of their own, but similarly to Ashido, it was more from the fact that they found your attire rather adorable.


“Girls are something else…” Kaminari muttered, cheeks blossoming in color as he watched the two females hugging. “I’m jealous…”


Kirishima jabbed his elbow playfully into Kaminari’s side, making the straw blonde male turn to look at the redhead. Kirishima was raising his eyebrows up, a large and goofy smile crossing over his features.


“You can hug me anytime you want, bro. No need to be jealous.”


Kaminari swatted Kirishima away, playfully shaking his head at the male. “Bro… not what I meant.”


Kirishima laughed, having known very well from the start what Kaminari was motioning towards. But then again, the closeness females always seemed to have to one another was something that was often lost on him and most males it appeared. Maybe one day he’d understand it when and if he found someone he wanted to hug his affections and happiness into. But until then, watching Ashido happily hug her fill out of (Last Name) was an interesting scene to observe.


“You two done yet?” Bakugou growled. “Movie starts soon…”


“The movie starts in an hour, Bakugou.” Kirishima corrected him.


“Why the hell did we meet up this early then?!” Bakugou roared, looking accusingly at all of those around him.


“Cause we’re getting ice cream as a group!” Ashido spoke back, her arms still around you. “Isn’t that right, (Last Name)-chan?!”


You nodded, a dreamy look on your face about the rose ice cream you had been promised. It was kinda like your payment for coming today after all, or at least in your mind. You helped Ashido-san win her bet and you would get ice cream for sacrificing your free day to be here.


“Ice cream time!” Kaminari cheered, looking to be just as happy as you were about the ice cream.


“This is so stupid…” Bakugou grumbled but followed along nonetheless, always keeping true to his word.


The walk to the new ice cream shop went by fast and soon enough the six of you had arrived. And as expected… there was a rather long line. One that seemed to go down the strip, much to all your demises.


“It’s so long…” Sero blinked.


“I had no idea rose ice cream was so popular.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck.


“It’s all the selfie addicts wanting to make their profiles more ‘aesthetically pleasing’...” Ashido’s eye twitched. “I just wanted to eat the stuff…”


“Same.” Kaminari agreed. “So what now?”


“We come back another day.” You told the group, everyone turning to look at you.


“W-wha-? But you were the most excited to get ice cream!” Kaminari jumped right back into being in his usual loud tone.


“I’ll come back when the line is shorter.” You shrugged. “Besides, it’s not like I really should have any say in what we do. I’m only here so Ashido-san could win her bet against Bakugou-san.”


A momentary silence as the words hit.


“W-wait you’re not here to hang out with us.” Kirishima blinked, trying to not sound too hurt.


You shook your head. “No. I thought you were all aware of this.”


You looked downward for a moment, rubbing your arm awkwardly. “I’m sorry if I upset any of you… I just… I’m not really good around others. It's usually best for me to be on my own.”


No one really knew what to say. What could they say to that? The more everyone hung out around you, it started to become more and more clear that you were alone by choice… not because people didn’t like you, or that you were shy. But because you didn’t let people get to know you more. Doing no more than being a nice peer to everyone, like when it came to helping one of them out… whether it is breakdancing or winning a bet.


You wanted to be seen as reliable… not loyal.


“Stupid.” Bakugou muttered, a few glances coming his way as if to warn him to silence himself.


You looked towards the ash blonde male, seeing as his scowl was gone, but eyes still seemed to be frustrated. He reached out, grabbing your wrist once more. But unlike the times before, he seemed to have less force gripping it.


“Make me waste my Saturday and then say you don’t want the single shitty thing you came along for…” He grumbled as he moved you toward the end of the line. “And it's moving fast too… it’ll take ten… fifteen minutes top to get the shit. So stand in line, moron.”


“O-okay…” You nodded, awkwardly standing next to Bakugou as the people in front of you scooted up more (whether the line moved on in fear of the ash blonde or not was up to interpretation.)


The four left standing glanced at each other, seeming to try and piece together exactly what had just happened and why Bakugou of all people was standing in line for ice cream. Something the male had made known he deeply hated.


“Hey… you guys don’t think…?” Kaminari spoke, looking at his friends.


“I mean… there’s no way, right?” Sero laughed awkwardly.


“Even if he did… do you think he’d realize it?” Ashido blinked, a questioning look on her face.


“Should we say something? Or ask him?” Kaminari suggested, motioning towards the ballerina and musician who were standing in an awkward silence now.


“No, don’t say anything.” Kirishima spoke up, looking at his friends. “If Bakugou is developing a crush on (Last Name)... then we shouldn’t interfere.”


“You’re no fun, Kiri…” Ashido whined, a pout on her lips.


“Do you want to be the one on the receiving end of what an emotionally love sick Bakugou would be like?” Kirishima chuckled but also felt his heart drop.


The other three took a moment to think it over, and came to the same idea Kirishima had already had. No way in hell were they going to get involved more than pulling a few outside strings and seeing if their suspicions were correct.


After all… Bakugou was already a ticking time bomb and teasing him about a crush he has on a peer he previously wanted nothing to do with and then wanting nothing more than to keep her quiet was a can of worms no one wanted to get involved in.


Whatever Bakugou was doing with being so strangely forward in whatever sort of ‘kindness’ he had just shown you would be for them all to watch from the sidelines. After all… if Bakugou was harboring some sort of crush… it seemed best to let him figure it out himself.


The idea of forcing him to realize it would spell disaster and the group of teens had enough problems on their plates already. So, for the time being, they’d keep their eyes peeled and act normal. And with that, they made their way over to the other two members of their dance crew and chatted as if nothing had been spoken of. And for the remaining of the adventures at the mall, it stayed that way.


But by tomorrow… a new drive to get to know their ballerina peer more had also been developed. After all… despite Bakugou being the leader in breakdancing, none of the others wanted him to be the only one getting friendly with you. Thus, everyone had silently agreed on getting to know you more.


If they did… then maybe one day, the look of isolation would finally leave your eyes. And when it did… you’d have friends around you to welcome the person you were keeping from everyone for whatever reason.


Chapter Text

Ch.14 - Slipcast


You idly flipped through pages in the library book you had in front of you. A smaller stack not too far off with materials of the same topic. You had slightly fallen behind in your history and after getting a grade back with a not so nice mark… you had decided to spend your free period in the library doing study sheets and trying to understand the past material more as well as get a start in the new unit.


It was quite peaceful at the current moment and you had hoped for it to stay that way. But your life had taken a change the last few weeks and thus… it seemed as if interruptions were now just a regular everyday part of your life.


As such, when the chair in front of you was moved to allow the figure to sit down, you barely batted an eye. Only pausing when you had finished scribbling down the dates of the Russo-Japanese war did you look up.


Bakugou was tapping his fingers against the wood of the desk, looking at you with a raised brow. You sighed, closing the history book and looking at him with a curious expression. He didn’t need to say anything to let you know he was annoyed and must have been looking for you. You knew him well enough by this point to have that mannerism down.


And so, you motioned for him to speak. Part of you praying he wasn’t as noisy as usual in a library of all places. He placed his palms down on the table, giving a quick look around and seeing how no one was in earshot. He supposed that was one of the benefits of you being so anti-social… as there was never anyone around to loom and eavesdrop.


“Why the hell are you in here?” He asked, voice actually keeping with the regulations of the space.


“I wanted to study.” You told him. “I do have to keep up a good grade point average.”


“You’re doing better than Dunce Face… so do you really have anything to worry about?”


You hummed. “Your parents must be easy to impress then…”


He clicked his tongue. “So the stereotypes of rich parents being hard to impress true then?”


You shrugged. “It’s more their expectations that I have the hardest time with… but that’s a conversation neither you nor I want to have. So why did you seek me out, Bakugou-san?”


His gaze was elsewhere, seeming more interested in clicking his pen then looking at you. You didn’t mind, knowing you could multitask as well, and returned to writing down the influential figures of the Russo-Japanese war.


“It’s been what… two, three weeks since we made our deal?” Bakugou spoke, brow raising. “So you gonna tell me what the hell I’m doing yet, or did you forget?”


You had opened your mouth, ready to tell him exactly what you had started to plan out with Yaoyorozu, but paused as someone’s loud footsteps came towards the table the both of you sat at.


The teacher with bright blonde hair and a pair of shades despite being in a dimmed library made his way to you both. A set of papers in his hands as he paused in front of Bakugou more than you.


“Yo! Bakugou!” Yamada-sensei spoke loudly, the sounds of shushes coming right afterward. “I went over your rough draft for your final project…”


The loud teacher seemed a bit embarrassed now, seeing as some of his own students had silenced him for his boisterous and rude behavior in a place that was supposed to be used for silence to help concentration.


Bakugou took the music sheets from the teacher’s hands, looking annoyed that he had shown up when he did. You could only find slight humor in it, seeing as Bakugou had done the same to you thirty seconds before Yamada-sensei walked in.


“I’d say it’s a great start, kid.” The teacher continued on, this time keeping his voice at an acceptable level. “Maybe a little less bass in the final product… but you do you. And it's for a neon dance, right? Well… then maybe incorporate some-”


“I can handle it myself…” Bakugou growled, looking at the teacher with a gaze that wasn’t vicious but rather confident in his work. “Thanks for the second set of eyes though… I’ll submit the final draft for you to look over or whatever in another couple weeks…”


Yamada nodded, turning his gaze to you. As the conversation had gone on, you have once more started on your study sheet, now writing down the infamous battles and the casualties. The teacher seemed a bit impressed and patted Bakugou’s back a bit.


“Well look at that… one of our best academic achievers running a one on one tutoring session. Keep at it kids!” He hollered, only for the librarian to sigh out in desperation to gain control over her library once more.


“O-Oh geez…” Yamada-sensei bit his lip. “I’m banned from here already… so I might as well split. If the librarian asks… I was never here! Good luck with the study session kids!”


He was gone a moment later and as the librarian wandered by looking for the man in question, Bakugou turned his attention back to you. You were ready to talk to him now, having finished one of the two study sheets and ready for a small break before diving into the next one.


“You’ve already drafted your final piece for the year?” You asked the ash blonde.


He smirked. “Hell yeah, I have. I’m not some loser who waits until the last minute for shit. Plus now… I can finish it up and work on making the music for the rest of the year. Shitty Hair better be damn grateful for all the hard work I’m putting in for him…”


Aside from the fact that Bakugou and Kirishima had very similar types of hair, you decided to focus on another issue that had been brought up. And so while Bakugou was still slightly gloating about almost being done, you took out your personal choreography notebook and opened it to what you had been working on thus far.


“Here is what I was planning so far.” You told him. “It’s not all mapped out and none of the moves thus far are in order… but I’m more so trying to get down the main idea before getting into the more detailed work”


Bakugou studied the page, seeing how you had drawn a few moves and figures performing them. One of them with a terribly drawn spiked hair and the other with a small skirt. They were pretty much just stick figure but seeing how you had felt the need to label who you both were made him give out a small laugh.


“You’re fucking terrible at drawing.” He cackled, earning a few shushes from the others in the library.


“It’s a rough draft, Bakugou-san!” You scolded him, trying to tell yourself that the heat on your cheeks was because the library was warm and not because he had embarrassed you. “A-and I’d like to see you do better!”


He smirked triumphantly. “I do… it’s called leading Vindicous.


You glanced around paranoia on your mind. Seeing as it was still clear, you turned back to Bakugou. Your face still red, but now it was clear you were more frustrated with his harsh words than anything else.


“Ballet and breakdancing are as different as day and night… so just because you’re skilled in one… doesn’t mean you’ll have as much luck in my field of expertise!” You chided him.


The male-only rolled his eyes at you. “Oh yeah… well, hurry and get a better and official draft down. Your outline is messy as hell… but once we have materials to go on… I’ll let you see how skilled I am. I’ll be besting you at your old age dance before you know it.”


You shut your notebook and looked back at him. “Did you come here to only harass me… or was there anything else you’d like to tell me I have no talent compared to you in?”


He shook his head. “No… I’m dead fucking serious though. When I told you I want you to get a real plan down. I don’t half ass shit, nor do I go back on my word. So… I’m serious about my half of our deal. So get your shit together and get a damn plan ready. I want to start practicing starting next week. Got me?”


You sighed but nodded. And with that, he stood up form his seat, collected his music sheets and was off towards the exit of the library. You shook your head and opened up to history book once more. You had one more study sheet to do and another forty-five minutes of class… so if all went well, you’d have at least thirty minutes to work on the pas de deux.


“What a handful…” You muttered, not sure if you were talking about the worksheet, the dance, or the boy in question.


Either way… you had much to do and started on doing it.


Unaware of the figure who had been looking through materials on a shelf nearby. Your words with the male having been picked up only a few times, but enough for him to have his suspicions raised.


The male left soon after, not checking out any books like he had intended to do… but rather making his way toward the teacher’s lounge. Sliding the door open and approaching the only other person in the room.


“Shouta!” Hizashi cried, seeing his teaching partner and former dance partner entering the room. “I couldn’t find ya when I left the library, so I decided to come back here. Glad to see you’re still as sharp as ever!”


Yamada blinked, seeing his friend had returned without any of the teaching materials he had wished to take out with him.


“Oh, what happened… did they not have what you were looking for?” The blonde teacher asked.


“No… I’ll come back for them later.” Aizawa spoke, seeming to have something on his mind.


“Something on your mind?” Yamada asked, cracking open a can of soda.


“You dropped off Bakugou’s graded final draft… correct?” The scraggly male asked, seeing as his friend nodded.


“Kid has talent… all my nitpicks were personal, so I couldn’t give him much.”


“What was he doing when you walked up to him?” Aizawa asked, going towards a filing cabinet and opened it to the first years.


“He seemed to be helping (Last Name) with her history lesson. Kid’s more than music smart, gets third best grades in the class. Seemed to be helping her with a history lesson.”


“Why did you think that?” Aizawa questioned further, pulling out a single folder and bringing it to his desk.


“Bakugou only had a pen with him, and (Last Name) had all the study materials and the study sheets? You okay Shouta… you seem awfully suspicious of a study group…”


Aizawa pulled out the application within the folder, messy handwriting meeting their pairs of eyes… and then came another application. Two from the same accepted student it appeared. Yamada rose a brow, seeing as one was for the music program and the other was for the dance program.


“He applied for both?” Yamada spoke, seeing Bakugou’s name scribbled across the top. “Man… he’s really talented then. He was the first non-donor pick right? Music department had first pick this year… so they jumped on him before dance could, huh?”


“Yes… Bakugou’s application was impressive.” Aizawa read through his dance application, memories coming back.


“So why are you bringing this up now?” Yamada shrugged. “Wanting to transfer him or something?”


“No… I just overheard something.” Aizawa muttered, looking at Yamada. “After all, Bakugou and (Last Name) studying together doesn’t fit either of them… and so out of the blue. (Last Name) prefers to keep to herself and Bakugou usually doesn’t do things out of the kindness of his heart for those who he doesn’t know or have a liking towards.”


“So… the kids are starting to know each other then?” Yamada placed the soda can down. “Still not sure what you are picking up on…?”




Yamada paused, looking at Aizawa in shock. Aizawa didn’t bat an eye, seeming to let the word sit in before he continued.


“I’ve had my suspicions… but hearing him mention it himself… makes me more.”


“Shouta, he’s a teenage boy. And like most of our students… they all know and watch that crew’s videos in the comfort of home. Why would him saying it prove anything?”


“I told (Last Name) she needed a partner for her final this year… Bakugou is more than capable of fulfilling that role. But… he won’t do it without a good reason, or if he wasn’t getting something out of it as well.”


Yamada gulped, his throat dry despite the beverage he had just been enjoying mere seconds ago. He wasn’t sure what to do… what to say… what to think. But Aizawa was a smart one, and if he had good suspicion, then it meant there was at least something behind it.


“What do you recommend we do?” Yamada sighed.


“I think I should ask the students I suspect to meet with us after school today… we have a lot to discuss.” Aizawa muttered, placing the documents back into the folder and then reaching for some slips of paper.


Yamada could only nod along with his request… hoping that for once, Aizawa was wrong. Because if he was right… this would not be easy.


Chapter Text

Ch.15- Aimonomia


“You’ve been in a good mood lately.” Momo muttered as she started to flip through your plans and jot down notes for her own creation of music that would fit alongside the movements you had planned down.


She passed you your rough draft back and nodded happily toward you. “And I think this looks good. I’ll finish my own rough draft tonight and tomorrow let’s turn in our pair of drafts. That way Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei both can grade them together.”


You nodded to the female, though her initial statement was still what caught you off guard. Taking and placing your items into your bag, you looked at the girl with a curious expression.


“Have I been in a good mood?” You blinked. “And thank you… I can’t wait to hear the first bits of the music when you start it.”


Yaoyorozu nodded and started to pack up her own things as well. The creative session was always your last period of the day and seeing how class would be ending in another few minutes the pair of you were packing up.


“Yes. I can only assume your partner, who is still quite mysterious, must be exceeding your expectations.”


You looked at her awkwardly. “I’m not sure I’d say that…” You chuckled, not quite sure how good of a ballet partner Bakugou was… as he had yet to prove his skills thanks to your time thus far being dedicated to learning what Ashido was teaching you.


“Well… it’ll be soon that I meet him, right?” Yaoyorozu politely tried to see if the time would indeed come.


“Yes… I’d say once you have a hard copy of the music, and if I feel we’re ready to actually dance to it… you’ll meet him.” You told her.


“Oh I look forward to it then.” She clapped her hands together in a giddy fashion.


“I just hope we’ll be able to impress you, Yaoyorozu.” You chuckled, the black haired girl looking at you with a strange flare in her eyes.


She was quiet for a moment, seeming to let whatever it was sink in. You blinked at her, waving a hand in front of her face. Yaoyorozu came back to you and waved a hand at you to tell you she was fine.


Before you could ask what exactly had happened and why she suddenly had that shy grin on her features, the bell rang out. Immediately Yaoyorozu dismissed herself, saying how she had an errand to run for her mother and should be getting to it so she had time to study later.


You said your goodbye and started to pack up the remainder of your things as she happily walked off. Unbeknownst to you that the words that had set her off wasn’t because of what you said… but rather what wasn’t said.


“That’s the first time she dropped the honorific.” Yaoyorozu mumbled to herself, feeling absolutely excited and bouncy. “That’s progress!”


A few seats away from you, a head of blonde hair had been watching and eavesdropping on you and Yao-Momo. A sly grin coming onto his face as he walked up next to the other blonde and the redhead who had been working on their own project.


“(Last Name) apparently has a partner for her final dance of the year… and it’s a secret.” Kaminari leaned down against the desk. “I wonder who her partner could be~”


Bakugou didn’t bat an eye, instead giving Kirishima some final tips on what he wanted to do for his own project. Kaminari wasn’t too terribly happy about this, seeing as while he wasn’t going to tease the ash blonde about a possible crush on the ballerina… it was fair game on this matter.


“I bet whoever her partner is… he’s gonna have to wear some tights.” Kaminari went on, seeming to now have the attention of both Kirishima and Bakugou. “I mean… ballet dancers wear all those colorful and tight clothing… so I wouldn’t be surprised if the person she’s with is gonna have to wear a tight matching outfit. Would probably look really interesting, don’t you think Kirishima?”


“Uhh… yeah?” Kirishima seemed to have not caught on yet.


Kaminari gave Kirishima a look that seemed to be frustrated that he wasn’t jumping on this. He’d have to explain it more later, and hopefully have Kirishima join in and not prove that Bakugou’s deal with (Last Name) wasn’t exactly this.


“Kaminari… were you even listening to what I was saying?” Sero came up behind his dance partner, throwing down his music sheets. “You can’t do that kinda move! It's too close to breakdancing!”


Kaminari huffed, annoyed that even before a teacher saw his draft… he was already being shot down. Neon dancing was no fun when the best parts were taken out… thanks to the stuck up parents who had more say than the students or staff.


“I’ll text you later, Kyouka-chan.” Ashido waved off the skilled musical girl and turned her attention back towards her regular group of boys. “How’s the planning going?”


“Great!” Kirishima gave the female a thumbs up. “Bakugou and I are on the same page!”


“Would be better if my partner could focus…” Sero sighed, seeing Kaminari was apologetically chuckling next to him.


Your footsteps appeared close by and with a glance, Ashido saw you approaching. You nodded passively toward everyone and they greeted you in their own little ways: waving, vocally, or a nod of their head.


“How about you, (Last Name)?” Kaminari seemed unwilling to let this idea of Bakugou being your ballet partner go, despite him having no proof. “Your project going well?”


“Yes.” You spoke flatly.


By this time, it appeared everyone aside the six of you had left the classroom. Every one of your classmates wanting to try and get a practice facility before they were all taken and thus had rushed out. But for the six of you… the desire to rush was no longer there, seeing as they were using your own private studio.


“Well, this saves us the time in having to individually track you six down.” Aizawa spoke and Yamada moved towards the doors of the classroom.


The blonde teacher locking the first door and the going to the second and back entrance to the classroom and locking that one as well. The six of you watching as he did so, and then as Aizawa seemed to open up a UA codebook. The feeling of your hairs standing on your arm making you realize that this was not a good sign.


“Have a seat, kids, we’d like to have a little talk.” Yamada-sensei mumbled, grabbing a chair and sitting in it as Aizawa started to take out the personal files he had brought with him.


“What’s going on?” Kirishima asked, your eyes seeing how his arms had small goose bumps on them as well.


Aizawa didn’t say anything, motioning more sternly for you all to come forward. Slowly, the six of you did, knowing better than to fight with your teachers. But it was clear that your entire group were feeling the same thing: dread.


Ashido Mina: accepted to dance program. ” Aizawa placed Mina’s file down.


Bakugou Katsuki: accepted to music program. ” Yamada read Bakugou’s file next, doing the same as Aizawa had with his file.


Kaminari Denki: accepted to dance program.”


“Kirishima Eijirou: accepted to dance program.”


“Sero Hanta: accepted to music program.”


“And finally, (Last Name) (First Name): recommended to dance program.


Aizawa moved toward the UA code of conduct book, fingers brushing over the names of the donors on the front. Ironic, since in this case, it appeared they were the authors of the book… and seeing as they control the flow of money into UA, it might as well be the case.


“Any student of any department caught dancing, writing, scoring, or similar to street music or street dancing (including hip hop, breakdancing, etc) will be facing immediate expulsion. Listening or viewing any sort of street music or dance is prohibited on the school grounds as well.”


Aizawa closed the book and looked toward his students. They all seemed nervous, judging from how they were avoiding eye contact and shuffling awkwardly. Ashido had tears in her eyes and Kaminari looked as if he was fighting back to urge to expel his lunch from his stomach.


The only two who seemed to at least have some kind of control or mask over their emotions were Bakugou and yourself. It appeared that being detached from your emotions had actually helped the two of you in this situation… too bad the other four were clearly giving it away.


“Now… why do you think we’ve brought this up to the six of you?”


Aizawa tapped his fingers against the desk and waited for an answer. Instead, the silence seemed to grow on and he sighed, taking out a new sheet of paper with some handwritten notes on it.


“July 7th of this year, Kaminari spoke of Summer outfits to dance in, seeing as the regular ones were too thick for summer. Sero nodded along and agreeing to this.


May 24th of this year, Kirishima suggested the use of masks to cover your faces.


September 12th of this year, Ashido mentioned finding another girl to join the group


October 1… or today, Bakugou speaks to (Last Name) about leading the infamous break dancing crew and she appears to have prior knowledge of this fact.”


Silence again greeted all those in the room, Aizawa’s tapping growing much more intense. Soon enough… it broke them.


“A-are you going to kick us out?” Ashido muttered, one more words away from crying right then and there.


“They can’t!” Kaminari shouted suddenly. “Freedom of expression and all that stuff!”


“Kaminari… shush!” Sero warned him, seeing as the situation was not in their favor at all.


“A-Aizawa-sensei… Y-Yamada-sensei… w-we were just trying to find a way to release some stress and it got a bit out of control. I swear none of us wanted to get you or UA, or anyone in trouble cause of what we decided to do.” Kirishima muttered, feeling the need to apologize.


Aizawa and Yamada exchanged glances at hearing this, looking to the last two people who had stayed silent.


“(Last Name). Bakugou.” Yamada cleared his throat. “Do you have anything you’d like to add?”


Bakugou clicked his tongue. “Like I’d let some shitty school’s rules stop me from doing what I want…”


His friends looked ready to strangle him for his rudeness at that moment. Lucky for them, you and your calm and orderly persona would help the situation… right?


“I can only stand by my own actions.” You admitted. “And at the current it’s that I have been involved in the activities and will go along with whatever you both see fit.”


No one really had anything to say after that and with a sigh, Aizawa started to put the files back into a stack and the rip apart the note sheet he had been keeping. Everyone’s eyes widening at this, having not expected this.


“You kids might not know or believe it…” Yamada chuckled. “But Shouta and I were part of the class that got street dancing banned about fifteen years ago.”


“What?!” A few of your peers nearly shouted.


Yamada raised a finger to his lips, silencing the students. “Come on kiddos… I locked the door to keep others from walking in and finding out as well… but keep your volume down so they don’t hear us.”


A few apologies were spoken before Aizawa nodded to Yamada and the man started to pull up his pants leg. His leg had a rather large and odd bump on it, near his ankle. A few surgical scars and bruising still there. It looked pretty bad, but just by looking at his ankle, everyone could tell it had been much much worse at one point.


“It’s from last month… still getting surgery to this day.” Yamada admitted. “Doctors said I had to choose between dancing and walking… so of course, I chose walking.”


“H-how did that happen?” Kirishima asked, suddenly much more aware of his own ankle.


“I was careless…” Yamada admitted. “And well… one too many dangerous moves and you end up fracturing your ankle. So… if anyone is to blame for the restrictions on dance and freedom of expression… it's me.”


“Yamada-sensei! Don’t tell me you used to breakdance?!” Kaminari shouted, only to have his mouth shut by his own accord a moment later.


Yamada chuckled. “Guilty as charged… despite everyone my age at the time seeing nothing wrong with it and how it was me being a reckless idiot… the adults were not as happy. Street dancing has been banned ever since and I’ve been making music since then as well…

“What does this have to do with us exactly then?” You spoke up, not quite understanding what was happening.


“We're saying don’t make the same mistakes he did.” Aizawa spoke. “Yamada and I have been slowly reworking more dance into UA through the years. Neon dancing is our biggest step yet, despite the more ‘street aspects’ being banned from use… it's progress.


Progress that can be ruined if you are all found out by students, staff, or donors who actually have a problem with what you are doing. So… don’t talk about your ‘ extracurriculars ’ on school grounds, or if you do… use some code so only the six of you will know of it.”


“T-thank you Aizawa-sensei, Yamada-sensei.” Kirishima bowed.


You all followed suit, Kirishima also forced Bakugou’s head down to show respect to the teachers who seemed fine with it as long as you all were being safe and more aware that the walls did indeed have ears at times.


“One final thing though…” Aizawa spoke as relief seemed to cross over everyone’s faces that there would be no expulsion. “This conversation… never happened.”


“O-of course!” Ashido happily agreed.


“You got it! We’ll make sure be more secretive!” Kaminari flashed his teachers as thumbs up as they left the room.


Soon enough the front door was unlocked and it was just the six of you once more. Everyone looked to have avoided a heart attack. Ashido stretched out into a chair and Sero was leaning against the wall, each taking long and deep breaths.


“Oh man… who knew our teachers were so chill.” Kaminari smiled.


“And telling us to look out for our health and safety too.” Kirishima beamed.


“They’re teachers for a reason after all.” Sero chuckled. “Maybe with them… one day break dancing will be allowed at UA.”


“Um…” You collected the attention of the four talking teens. “That’s not what they were saying…”


“Huh? What do you mean?” Ashido looked at you with shock.


“Morons…” Bakugou gritted his teeth, looking at his crew of idiots. “When someone says ‘this never happened’ it’s ‘cause they are looking out for their own asses…


Aizawa and Yamada were pretty much giving us our only warning to stop for not only our ‘safety’ but cause if we do get found out… they won’t be there to save us! And… they’ll be bound by UA’s rules.


That meeting… was them looking out for us as former UA students. The next time… it’ll be as teachers, who have to abide by the rules!”


One bullet had been dodged, but it seemed as only time and a more serious outlook on things would show if the gun that had fired had only one shot left… or if there were plenty more killing blows to come.

Chapter Text

Ch.16 - Nodus Tollens


“I think we should call it good for tonight.” Kirishima heaved, sweat dripping down his face.


“I agree…” Kaminari walked towards where you had laid out some face towels and started to dry his face of his own sweat. “I feel like if I did one more flip I’d end up passing out on (Last Name)’s floor.”


“I can always throw a blanket over you if that happens.” You told the blonde with the lightning bolt in his hair.


Kaminari chuckled. “As much as I appreciate your hospitality… I should get home. My mom’s gonna kill me if I didn’t come home. Plus… its ramen night!”


“Awe lucky.” Sero whined. “My dad’s cooking tonight… so whatever it turns out to be is gonna be inedible. Maybe I’ll get something small to eat near the station before heading home.”


“Learn to cook for yourselves.” Bakugou grumbled, throwing his stuff into the storage box he used.


“For once I agree with Bakugou.” Ashido nodded along. “Plus… food always tastes so much better when you make it yourself!”


You entered the changing room and started to change into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, seeing as you had nothing else to do tonight aside from eat and maybe study a little bit. Possibly even watch some anime before dozing off.


It wasn’t terribly late, nearing six in the evening. And after about two hours of practice, everyone was ready to call it a night. Ashido seemed impressed enough with your skills after yesterday’s session… and thus you and her were finally done with lessons and you were now joining on for the full two hours of planning and dancing like the others.


“What about you, (Last Name)?” Kaminari asked you as you came out of the changing room. “You cook anything good?”


“Oh. I don’t cook.” You told him, ruffling your hair.


“You live alone though…” Kaminari didn’t understand.


“I usually just buy whatever from the nearby restaurants or convenience stores.” You responded. “Never was taught how to cook… so I’m a tad bit worried I might set fire to my home.”


“It’s super easy!” Ashido told you as she appeared changed and ready to embark home. “I should teach you sometime!”


You blinked at her, and then looked downward. Ashido knew that look by now and she pulled back a little bit, not wanting you to close her off. Her hand patting your shoulder as she walked past you.


“Of course only if you want!” She walked up next to Kirishima. “Anyway… we’ll see you all tomorrow in class! Have a good night guys!”


“See ya, Ashido! Kiri!” Kaminari waved as he locked his case. “Oh man… now that I think about it, I think I might have some spare change on me. Sero! Let’s go get some takoyaki before heading home!”


Sero nodded, looking to Bakugou who was taking his time it appeared. The male having only taken off his mask and put it in his locker. His orange and black attire still on his body and his change of clothes under his arm.


“You want us to wait for you, Bakugou?” Sero spoke to the ash blonde. “Or should we ‘ get lost ’?”


“What do you think?” He grumbled and aggressively slammed the changing room curtain shut.


“I’m guessing ‘get lost’.” Kaminari laughed and he and Sero moved quickly to catch up to Ashido and Kirishima who were waiting for the elevator.


Looks like it’d be the four social members going out for some takoyaki before each went their own ways home. None really batting an eye to how Bakugou was hanging behind, their minds too full of hunger and exhaustion to really show a care.


After a few moments you could hear the elevator close and almost immediately Bakugou walked out of his changing room. A pair of baggy black sweats and a crimson red tank top, towel around his neck no doubt having wiped the sweat off his exposed arms moments prior.


“Well?” He stopped before you as you held out a notebook.


He snatched it from your hand and opened it up. Eyes scanning the performance you and your music partner had spent the last three days perfecting and now that the weekend was almost here… it meant it was time for Bakugou to finally get a look into what he would be doing for his end of the bargain.


In the meantime, you had begun to do your stretches as a warm-up. In recent weeks you had realized that breakdancing required some other muscles to be used, and thus the ones you used for ballet still needed to be warmed up before you dove into stuff.


“Well… you certainly fucking planned this shit out.” Bakugou grumbled, holding your notebook back toward you.


You hoped up, taking it from him and looking over your words with Yaoyorozu’s more elegant drawings. Once the notebook was back safely in your backpack, you held out a hand to Bakugou.


“Let’s do something simple.” You told him, seeing him staring at your hand like it had just offended him. “We’ll start with support… as that’s your biggest role in this pas de deux.”


“Support?” He stared at you with a raised brow.


“Yes.” You instructed him. “Put your hands straight out, your arms as well.”


He rolled his eyes but did as told. You moved in between his hands, your hips resting just below where his hands were. Slowly your own hands touched his, the pair of you momentarily flinching from the touch. But then you pushed his hands onto your sides, his palms much warmer then you had ever assumed they would be.


“W-what are you doing?!” Bakugou barked, not sure what to make of this.


“Relax and spin me.” You told him taking a breath and lifting one leg.


Your raised leg moving to rest against the one that was resting on the ground still. You sucked in another deep breath as slowly, Bakugou started to do exactly what you had told him to do.


He moved slowly, seeing as you spun from his actions. Your body like one of those music box ballerinas. His eyes staying glued to your waist as he started to pick up the pace. Your leg fell and stopped the movement and turned to look at him, something in your eyes telling him he messed up.


“What?!” He rose his voice.


“Don’t go too fast.” You told him. “Ballet is about slow and sensational movement. Unlike breakdancing which is well planned out… but quick paced. You have to stay calm and level headed for ballet. Let’s try again, and this time, I’ll see how you react to me starting to move while you twirl me.”


Bakugou clicked his tongue and placed his hands on your waist again, trying to ignore the softness of your shirt and how different your body felt in comparison to his own. When your leg was raised and resting on the other he started once more.


He was going slow, almost agonizingly so to him. After a few minutes, he saw you moving, his grip tightening just a little bit. You didn’t notice it, moving to stick your leg out completely one way. Bakugou watching with intensity as your head and torso also started to move down.


His sweaty fingers from this entire strange practice seeming to start to lose their grip without you noticing. And as you attempted to turn with his twirling, it caught him off guard. His hand detaching from you and your balance failing.


His eyes widened when he saw you falling once more and without thinking reached out to grab you. Your own hands reaching to grab his outstretched one and connecting to it right before you would have fallen into the wooden floor.


You both took heavy breaths and looked at each other. His carmine eyes looking at you with a dissolving worry and morphing into anger. Images of Yamada-sensei’s injury in his mind from a few days ago and how close you had come to hurting yourself… and maybe him as well from his lack of experience.


“What the hell?!” He growled. “Do you have a death wish?”


You were having none of it though, and once your were on your own two feet again you tore your hand out of his. Crossing your arms, it seemed you were just as mad at him as he was at you.


“Me?” You huffed. “Bakugou-san! I just told you to be calm and level-headed… and told you what I was going to do!”


“You were moving forward! How the hell was I supposed to spin you if you’re moving!”


You bit your lip, hands balling together. “Because you’re my balance! When I am on one leg and moving to the point where I myself can’t hold it… I am putting all my trust into you!”


You shook your head, a bubble of emotion in your chest making your eyes feel especially damp and your hands shake with nerves. As Bakugou was preparing to yell back, you dropped your head and moved past him.


“Forget it…” You mumbled and left the studio. “This wasn’t going to work out anyway…”


He knew you didn’t intend for him to hear that last part, the tone you used obviously meant for only your ears to hear. But there was something about it that struck him the wrong way as well. Usually when someone spoke in the way you did… it was because they were trying to be passive aggressive to someone… but it seemed more like you were having some internal battle with yourself and a part of it had slipped outward.


“Hey! I’m not done talking!” He called after you, stomping into the hallway you had just entered.


The hallway was empty though, despite how you had just gone out of there a few moments ago. His eyes scanning the doors next to the one he had come out of. One in particular open a slight bit, and he neared it.


He pushed open the door and looked inside. The room was pretty empty and bland, nothing but a large king sized bed, a dresser, and a mirror in the corner. Your form stood near the window, looking out at the city that was starting to light up. Arms crossed and eyes hidden by the reflecting lights of the city.


“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He spoke, tone dying down. “I know you don’t want to fucking hurt yourself… and I don’t want to hurt myself. So why the hell don’t you talk more? Why the hell don’t you fucking let people in more?!”


You still remained silent, only now adding a small tremble as you let his words sink in. You knew very well why you didn’t, but saying it out loud… let alone to someone like Bakugou seemed like an impossible task.


“You can’t keep doing this! Not when I’m fucking putting my ass on the line-”


The sudden arrival of music made him stop, looking into his pocket where his phone was vibrating. He cursed his mother’s terrible habit of bothering him at the worst of times. But seeing as you were still not reacting to anything… he knew he should answer now, less his mother call him nonstop until he picked up.


“What? I’m busy!” He barked into the phone. “Yeah yeah… I got it.”


He hung up within thirty seconds and then looked back at you. One of your hands pressed against the glass now, but still seeming to be in some trance. Bakugou grit his teeth, marching forward and ready to unleash all his nerves about this damn side of the deal and your lack of openness when it was needed for him to not mess up.


“You’re not wrong…” You muttered, making him stop in his tracks.


“What…?” He breathed out, not sure where this was coming from or going.


“It is my fault… everything always is.” Your voice broke, and from the reflection he could see streams cascading down your face.


He was left dumbfounded, as he had no idea what to do or say. He was still pissed at you for not telling him in full depth what he needed to do as your partner and to make sure neither of you got hurt… but he also didn’t want to be the reason you were crying. Or to make you cry anymore.


“It was my fault I didn't throw that soda can away. My fault Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei found out. My fault that everyone in your crew has to tread lightly with their words. My fault that Yaoyorozu is starting to lessen her efforts to befriend me… it's always my fault.”


“The hell are you talking about now-”


“It’s always been that way… after all, I was the one who caused the divorce too.” You chuckled pitifully.


Bakugou’s desire to speak died at the mention of that. His mind seeming to catch up to the emotional torment that was coming from your mouth at this moment. He could only blink, realization holding his emotions down with the tightest rope.


“I was supposed to keep them together… but in the end… I only made the divide worse. And that’s all I ever do… I worsen relationships. My parents were the first ones… and now, you all can’t stop fighting.”


What the hell were you talking about? Him and his group of idiots had petty fights all the time… this was nothing new? Why the hell were you taking it so personally?


Your hand shook against the glass and then suddenly it balled up and you struck the glass. It bounced from the vibrations, and your fist remained on it as you hand shook along with it. A pained sniffle coming from your lips as you forced the next words out of your mouth.


“But… I suppose that’s the curse I bear for being a child born with the intentions of saving a marriage.”


Oh. ’ Was all he could think.


Oh. ’ Was his only reaction to this.


Oh .’ Was all he could think as it all suddenly became that much more clear.


Oh. ’ Was his reaction when he realized that your trust issues… were because you believed by having been born… you ruined people simply by being near them.

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Ch.17- Kenopsia


She wasn’t surprised when he left soon after her loss of control. After all, who would want to deal with the bullshit of a peer who clearly had too much baggage. And him of all people would more than likely not be any good at dealing with the inner workings of your psyche.


After him telling her to calm down and take it easy and your words of agreement to it… Bakugou had left. Currently you were laying against the couch and looking out at the city, trying to ignore the liquid coming from your eyes and the drowning feeling in your chest.


Your body had been filled with liquid fear and despair for so long that you were not surprised that there was excess spilling out from your eyes tonight. Your hands covered by a UA sweatshirt that was too large on you and being the only thing drying the tears in your eyes.


The sounds of the other residences of this building coming and going to wherever their more joyous lives would be were tuned out by you. You were here in your apartment, but at the same time you felt as if you were standing in the middle of a barren field with green stretching as far as your eye could see. Not knowing how you got here or why you were, but the reaction to find your way out was gone and instead you accepted that you’d perish there. Your mind was slowly starting to detach itself from reality tonight, the mental exhaustion having hit hard.


Your ankle stung, having caught it awkwardly when you started to fall earlier. Your lack of good teaching causing you and Bakugou to mess up to the point where you had almost ended up the same as Yamada-sensei. The one thing they warned you all about the most while dancing… nearly happening because you were closed off so much as to not trust the partner who had put his trust into you with your deal.


Images of how his hand felt in yours making you bite down viciously on your lip. The smug way he seemed so certain that he’d master ballet simply from having you guide him… gone in the first instance of you attempting to let him in.


Your curse coming back in strides when you saw the look of angered panic on his face. The way his brows knit together and how he was struggling to keep you from falling. Your own damn fault… he could have gotten hurt too. But in any case… at least it was you this time. As minor as the injury on your ankle was and how it’d be good after resting it for the evening… you were glad it was you.


You couldn't imagine what Bakugou would have done if he knew.


You couldn’t image the anger he would have had if he had been the one to get hurt in your place.


The rattling of metal was what drew you from your pity party. It sounded as if someone was kicking the metal grate that blocked the entrance to your penthouse room. Lifting your head up from the couch and turning to look at the elevator shaft, you could see someone was resting his leg between two of the metal openings.


“You gonna fucking stare… or am I coming in?” Bakugou clicked his tongue, arms full of white plastic bags.


“Bakugou...san?” You mumbled, quickly wiping the tears from your eyes.


You came over and let him in anyway, not wanting to upset him anymore. The more you interacted with him, the more it would happen after all. Despite him being in your home, you would make sure he had space from you.


As he looked toward the kitchen, he could see you begin to shift away once you locked the grate again. His hands quickly moving to put the pair of shopping bags into one before he grabbed your arm with the other and moving you toward the kitchen with him.


“You’re helping me.” He growled, pausing once the pair of you were in the kitchen. “You got a rice cooker?”


You blinked, and then nodded. The rice cooker had never been used, as you didn’t cook… but you did have one. You got it out of the cupboard and plugged it in as Bakugou tossed you the box of rice.


“Make enough for four people.” He instructed you and he took out a few more things from the bag.


“Four people?” You blinked.


“I’m starving so I’m for sure having fucking seconds… and you’ll need lunch for tomorrow.” He snapped his fingers. “Hurry up… we don’t have all night.”


You weren’t sure what to do or say, and so you did as told. Filling up the recommended amount of water, and opting to make it for five, seeing as you had a habit of eating your feelings away. The sounds of Bakugou moving off to the side of you making you curious.


Why was he back here? He seemed dead set on getting out of here in a hurry when you had started bawling in front of him about twenty minutes ago. And now he here was… seeming intent on cooking something and having you help him. Didn’t he have a family to get home too?


You finished setting the rice up, seeing it would be ready in about thirty minutes. Bakugou was washing some carrots and potatoes, a few cubed pieces of beef already on the stove. The biggest tell of what he was making coming from the curry packets left on your counter.


“Curry?” You spoke, not intending for an answer.


“You need to learn to make something for yourself… eating out all the time is gonna make you sick eventually.” He turned away from the sink and placed the veggies on the island where the curry packs rested.


He moved towards the beef and moved the meat around so every side got some attention from the pan and then looked back to the veggies. His fingers grabbing a knife, and then looking towards you.


“Potato peeler?” He rose a brow.


“In there.” You pointer to the drawer next to him.


He fetched it out and the passed it over to you. Your hands taking it into your grasp and then watching as he started to cut the carrots up into pieces. His gleam returning to you when he noticed how you hadn’t started your own task.


“Hey, space cadet!” He broke your stare. “Peel the damn potatoes already!”


You nodded, starting to do as he told you. It took you a few minutes, but eventually you figured out how to use the peeler and were ridding the potatoes of their skin quite quickly. Bakugou had finished the carrots before you had and was moving the other ingredients into a pot. The meat was finished as well and soon joined the curry powder, carrots and other spices into the pot.


“You like spicy?” He asked, seeing as you had finished the potatoes finally.


“I don’t mind it…”


“Good cause I don’t eat mild curry.” He smirked as the potatoes were added. A bit larger than he liked, but he’d hold his comment this one time.


It was silent for a few minutes as he watched the curry and you took out two plates. Your gut uncomfortable and you deciding now was better than never to ask him what was on your mind.


“Why are you here?” Your voice was small, as if anything could break you into tears again. “D-don’t you have to get home?”


Bakugou shrugged as he stirred the brown mix. “Old hag called earlier and said her and the old man are caught up at the office tonight. Told me to do dinner myself and they’d see me if I was still up when they got home late.”


You nodded, leaning against the island with an awkward air around you. He could spy you from the corner of his eye. It seemed as if you were still in that funk that had exploded earlier… only now you had more control and were desperately trying to hold back the dam that had been cracking. Those cracks having been there for a while… the structure’s safety and security being the questions on his mind, as well as how much longer it would be standing without any serious changes and fixes.


“But why here… why not just go home?”


“Cause from that outburst earlier… it was obvious to me you wouldn’t be eating unless I forced you to cook and eat it.” He sighed. “You’re part of Vindicous now… which means like the other idiots… I have to look after your stupid ass when it's clear you’re going to do something stupid.”


You nodded silently, still unsure if you should allow yourself to talk. Why should you? He felt like he had to take care of you… your own stupid outburst making him feel as if he had to do something he clearly didn’t want to do. It was starting again… soon enough, he’d come to lose any sort of positive emotions tied to you. It would be slow… but it always happened. Until you were nothing but a gray space he’d see on the daily.


“Now.” Bakugou sighed, placing a lid over the pot. “We need to fucking talk.”


You had a feeling… he wasn’t the sort to just let you off the hook easily. He had gotten over his shock now and was ready to continue digging into you like before.


“Firstly… it was your damn fault for not throwing that damn can away and getting yourself into this entire situation.”


“I know…” You whispered, trying desperately to hold it together.


“Hey. I’m not finished. So shut your mouth until I am.” He seemed pissed.




“Now… if you were to ask me…. I’d say I’m actually kinda pleased that you’re so fucking bad at aiming.” He chuckled, your eyes widening as you saw his face turn from serious anger to a smug smirk. “After all… it's thanks to that poor aim that you have a partner for UA and my crew can enter the city’s competition. So… it worked out in this case.”




“So you can forget the guilt.” He clicked his tongue. “Next. Stop feeling shitty when I argue with the other idiots, or they argue with each other. We’ve been fighting each other long before you joined us… and we’re going to be fighting whether you are there or not.”


He cleared his throat and let out a sigh. “I have a feeling your parents used to fight… and still fight a lot. But… just cause they always did it out of hatred for each other, don’t assume it's the same for every fucking person.


We fight ‘cause we’re different people who don’t see eye to eye every single damn time. But it's fine in the end cause we all want the same fucking thing and we have Shitty Hair to calm us down if it gets outta hand. So if we fight… it's not cause you’re cursed… its ‘cause you’re hanging around idiots who jump the gun way too easily.”


The pot whistled, letting the ash blonde know the curry was piping hot and ready for consumption. He grabbed a large ladle and started to scoop some curry onto one side and then passed the plate over to you. The sounds of the rice cooker alerting you that it was done and you moved to serve the other portion of the dish.


Soon enough, the pair of you had full plates and more then plenty left over for seconds. You sat at your usual spot at the small four person table, but this time someone sat across from you. Your usual table manner forgotten as you viciously devoured the food, Bakugou actually being more well mannered in this instance.


“Hey.” He spoke up, making you stop and show him the tiny bit of curry on your cheek. “One more thing…”


“What?” You blinked, wiping the curry off with the back of your hand despite the napkins being right in front of you.


“Your parents are shitty if they assumed bringing a kid into the mix would solve their problems with each other. It's obvious their selfish shit has some deep fucking wounds… but I won’t ask. Just know… that you being born isn’t the cause of them being assholes. They were long before you were born… and even letting you think you were the cause, proves it.”


“Bakugou…” You whined, eyes welling up with tears again.


“Awe come on!” He cried, throwing his spoon down. “I just fucking got ya to stop crying! Don’t start again!”


For the first time that night, you laughed. The sound of your laugh actually being much different than he had heard before. It was clear to him… that like the smile you had practically sewn to your face, your laugh had also been anything but genuine.


The ringing of his ears from your laughter made his chest tight, letting him know that for whatever reason… he preferred this one. The one that had you choking on air and letting out a small snort as you wiped the tears from your eyes.


“You know… I’ve been trying to tell myself for years… but no matter how hard I tried I could never believe it.” You shook your head. “But… hearing it from you… I think I might actually believe it now… or at least start to try to.”


Bakugou hummed, looking back to his food and stuffing his face again. “Good… you should put more faith into me and everyone else. You might actually realize that despite everyone being an idiot… they are loyal.”


“I’ll keep it in mind then… Bakugou.” You nodded to him, starting to eat more of your food. “And thank you…”


“It was nothing.” He shrugged, done and ready to move on from this conversation. “Now… if you feel more inclined, how about actually walking me through this ballet shit. I don’t exactly want a repeat of tonight…”


You nodded to him, seeing an almost empty plate for the both of you. “I’ll go get my notebook again if you’ll get me another serving.”


He nodded, the two of you getting up to do exactly as spoken. The rest of the night taking a better turn and seeming to improve one of the many cracks with an adhesive that wouldn’t cause you or him any problems for the meantime.

Chapter Text

Ch.18 - Deep Cut


“That math lesson was the worst…” The straw blonde groaned as he walked out of class.


“Everyone seemed to know the answer this time aside from you.” Sero snickered, knowing usually Kaminari was better at math than other subjects.


“Ugh… Bakugou’s every other day… lessons… are really starting to wear me down, plus with my own dance stuff. Man, I’m tired.” Kaminari yawned, the new terminology for what the crew did after classes still being worked out. So for now… the excuse was Bakugou was tutoring them. “Plus, I couldn’t concentrate cause Ashido kept looking at me!”


Kaminari pointed towards the female as the group of four walked down the hallway to the cafeteria. Having expected a response right away, Kaminari and Sero grew concerned when Mina didn’t answer them. Instead seeming to be on autopilot while she walked. Or at least until she collided into Kirishima who stopped as they neared the already crowded cafeteria.


“Awe!” Ashido cried. “Sorry Kiri…”


Sero and Kaminari ran off to get a table as the red haired male and the secret pink haired one talked. Kirishima looking at Ashido with worry.


“You okay…?”


Ashido’s eyes caught onto you and Yaoyorozu making your way past them and heading to the lunch line. Kirishima knew instantly that it wasn’t Kaminari Ashido had been looking at with an intrigued look today… but instead their ballet peer.


Gently, he nudged Ashido to follow him since the pair had brought lunches from home like Sero and Kaminari. Plus, the two had already gotten a table and Kirishima wanted to sit and join them while they were allowed to do so during their lunch hour.


“She’s been different today.” Ashido stated as your figure and Yao-Momo’s entered the line.


“You noticed it too?” Kirishima spoke, sitting down at the lunch table that Kaminari and Sero had saved for them.


“Hmm… she seems much more talkative with Yao-Momo today.” Ashido pointed out, having heard you and Yaoyorozu actually made concrete plans for tea after school today.


“I wonder if its ‘cause Bakugou finally realized he’s got a crush on her and actually made a move after we left-”


Kaminari jumped as Bakugou slammed down his tray of food, a sneer on his features. Everyone was silent, hoping the teen hadn’t heard Kaminari.


“What’s wrong, Bakugou?” Sero gulped, sensing impending doom.


“Fucking out of pepper flakes…” He growled, slamming himself into his seat. “Lunch already fucking sucks…”


Crisis averted it seemed.


“Either way-” Kirishima started as he unwrapped his meaty lunch, made by his sister once more. “I’m glad she’s doing well and is in a great mood today!”


Everyone seemed to agree, happy to see you happy.


“Is there room for one more?” The arrival of your voice seemed to spook the teens who had just been talking about you.


“(Last Name)!?” Kaminari shouted with a hand clenched to his chest, seeing you standing there with a bento box wrapped in a cute little handkerchief.


“Yes?” You blinked, seeing as the electric blonde had greeted you unexpectedly. “If there isn’t… I can go sit at the table over there.”


You had assumed that Kaminari shouting and giving off a startled look meant that he, and by extension, everyone else, didn’t wish for your company at their lunch table. And so, with a mild look of sadness in your eyes, you looked toward an empty table out of earshot of their table. Your finger pointing to it, a certain female hiding her pink hair noticing and immediately overreacting.


“No! Sit with us!” Ashido spoke with an jolt of excitement in her voice, grabbing the seat that had previously been used to hold all their book bags.


The golden eyed female was quick, picking up the bags and throwing them at their owners. Bakugou catching his without batting an eye, Kirishima’s bag nearly spilling his soda as he caught it, Sero’s hit his face, and Kaminari’s flew over him and hit a nearby plant that was behind the blonde haired teen.


Mina nodded to herself, missing the slightly annoyed faces of her peers as she patted the now empty chair next to her, placing her own bookbag on the floor by her. You nodded to her and sat down, a gracefulness to everything you did, even simply sitting down.


“Thank you.” You spoke as you started to undo the small knot and the shiny bento was met by everyone’s eyes.


“Oh! A homemade lunch today?” Kirishima beamed from the other side of you.


“I thought you didn’t know how to cook though…” Sero blinked, trying to piece together the puzzle.


“Well, after yesterday… I decided to try it out myself. And now… I can make curry.” You spoke and showed off a familiar meal to a certain ash blonde.


You didn’t say anything more on the meal or if it was only you who made it… and neither did he bring it up or what had caused him to practically force his way into your kitchen yesterday evening either.


“Did you warm it up yet?” Ashido asked you, seeing as the usually hot dish wasn’t steaming.


“No, not yet.” You admitted. “I wanted to get a seat first… plus I still want to buy a drink. So if you’ll all excuse me for a moment.”


Your chair scooted out quicker then Ashido had wanted, and before she could realize it herself… she had scooted her chair out as well. You glanced at her, seeming to be waiting for her to explain why she was standing up and just staring off into space.




“I’m thirsty too! Let’s go get drinks together, (Last Name)!” Ashido marched off toward the vending machines and also where you’d be able to warm up your lunch.


The pair of you walked away, you whispering how a small strand of pink was showing from Mina’s haste to come with you. The boys left at the table moving their eyes from the females walking away to their stuff that had been left on the table.


Ashido’s belongings were all over the place and yours were neatly in a stack or in your bag. The two of you seemed to be opposites… but it was clear that Ashido’s persistence was finally starting to pay off… as it was clear that a small little bond was starting to form.


“I guess learning how to make curry makes you open up to people a bit more?” Kaminari half-joked, though he was sure everyone else noticed the changes in you today.


They were soft small changes… but changes that had appeared. And if it wasn’t for them all having been around you so much for the last few weeks, they might have not noticed them at all. But you had become something constant in all their lives, and with you going as far as to actually ask of your own accord to sit with them today at lunch… it appeared something had happened and you were trying to open up slowly.


It wasn’t a big change… more akin to a flower that was starting to open its petals at the dawn of a new day. The change not seeming quick unless it was under a time lapse. And thus, it left a few of the boys wondering what state you’d be in when the time lapse was finished… but as it currently stood, dawn was still occurring and it would be a while until sunrise passed.


“Did something happen after we left?” Kirishima turned to Bakugou as Sero snickered at Kaminari’s last comment.


“No.” Bakugou spoke, slurping down another noodle from his spicy ramen. “I changed and left.”


It wasn’t exactly a lie… he did get changed and then left as you had your breakdown. But, he sure as hell wasn’t going to say he came back, taught you to make curry, and then delivered his own brand of comfort and reassurance. It was better off to leave the events of last night to the pair of you… as you had already made clear in your initial statement about the curry.


After all… if he had been the last attempt to save his parent’s marriage, he wouldn’t want that to be the lunchtime chatter either. For once, he agreed with your decision and decided to uphold it.


Kirishima sighed, seeing as he wouldn’t be getting any further with Bakugou on this matter. And thus, decided to put it to rest before the pestering began and then inevitable temper the ash blonde had would make him flip the table and send all their lunches flying.


“Either way…” Kaminari’s face turned a bit dopey as a blush came onto his cheeks as well a long smile. “It’s kinda nice to have another girl here at lunch, huh? Huh?”


“Why is that the face you make for that statement?” Sero rose a brow.


“Cause he’s a pervert…” Bakugou grumbled, a snap in his voice.


“Awe… looks like Bakugou agrees.” Kaminari chuckled. “He didn’t deny that he didn’t like it either.”


Kirishima and Sero didn’t know what was worse: 1. Kaminari purposefully edging Bakugou on, about no doubt his crush on (Last Name). 2. Bakugou actually lighting up a bit pink from the statement, despite the scowl on his face. Or 3. Bakugou reaching across the table to Kaminari and trying to choke the straw blonde out.


“I’m gonna kill you, you damn perverted Pikachu!” Bakugou roared his hands nearly on Kaminari’s throat. “I don’t have my damn head in the fucking gutter!”


Kaminari was crying and laughing at this reaction, but also seemed to know the danger was all too real as well. Kirishima and Sero went between trying to free Kaminari from death’s warm hands and calm Bakugou down. But every ‘ He’s joking! Stop! People are looking! ’ seemed to fuel Bakugou more.


Why the hell was this upsetting him so much? This was not the first time Kaminari had made some off-hand comment about him being as perverted as him. But with the notion that the ash blonde was being a pervert towards you… it had seemed to really tick him off more than usual.


His hands were sweaty, his chest was aching, and his face was no doubt warm and flushed from all this embarrassment. But why? Why was this his reaction? Why was he like this?


“What are you guys doing?” Ashido’s unimpressed tone came through and seemed to hit the pause button on the boys.


She stood next to you, cans of cherry soda in one of each of your hands and your hot meal in your free hand. Mina had seemed to bought a bag of chips as well and was resting that hand against her hip. All the sass real and alive in her posture.


You seemed a little worried, as anyone would when they returned to their lunch table and saw one of their peers trying to choke out another one while he laughed. The last two peers trying to stop it but unable to.


Almost as if they had been caught, the boys immediately straightened up, a soft but subtle blush on all their cheeks. It seemed as if luck was on their side… cause of Ashido had heard what Kaminari had said or why Bakugou was attempting to strangle him… she would have helped Bakugou without batting an eye.


“Awe nothing… Kaminari said something dumb. So Bakugou overreacted.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his locks as the golden eyed female sat down next to him once more. You following suit to your own seat.


“Alright well forget whatever it was…” Ashido’s lips curled into a huge smile as she leaned over and held your shoulders like some sort of hug. “‘Cause (Last Name) wants to have a movie night at her place this weekend and wants us all to come!”


“A movie night?” Kaminari beamed. “Sounds awesome! Count me in!”


“Is there enough space for a movie night?” Kirishima felt a little dumb for asking, seeing as you lived a rather luxurious lifestyle in your penthouse in the more affluent area in Tokyo. “And… did you come up with this idea yourself?”


Curse him for that coming off not the way he intended. He didn’t mean to make it sound like you had not already opened up your home for him and his friends. He was more worried that Ashido had accidentally made you feel like you should.


“Yes.” You nodded. “I’ve been wanting to host one since we all went to the movies last weekend… and the viewing room is rarely used anyway, so I might as well use the equipment for it a few times.”


“I knew there was a movie theater in your house!!” Kaminari threw his hands onto the table.


Sero ignored his friend. “Sounds fun. Count me in.”


You paused a moment, Ashido nudging you gently to continue on. It appeared you had run this by her before asking the boys. And it seemed like there was a little more left in your offered plans.


“I-umm…” You bit your lip, cursing your own social awkwardness. “I-I was hoping to invite everyone from class… would that be alright?”


Despite Kaminari asking how your house was big enough to house a movie theater for twenty inside of it, the others were more focused on what you had asked them.


“Hell yeah, we should invite everyone!” Kirishima looked pumped, taking his phone from his pocket. “I’ll put the details in the class group chat right now!”


“I think it’d be fun to get us all in one place together.” Sero nodded along.


“See! I told you they’d all be for it!” Ashido told you, noticing how your eyes were looking to the one person who had yet to speak.


“Will you come too… Bakugou?” You spoke, looking nervous as you awkwardly shuffled around the potatoes and carrots in your curry.


Bakugou huffed, seeing from the corner of his eyes the threatening looks of his other idiots telling him to agree since you were trying to break out of your shell. Looks like he’d be losing another weekend of sleeping in and doing whatever he wanted to this movie night.


“If it’ll get all you idiots to leave me alone on Sunday… then sure.” He grumbled seeing the table explode into asking you questions and helping you plan.


Bakugou merely sat back and watched as the interactions continued… an emotion in his gut that had always only been for him directed towards you. As it seemed like your promise to try more with everyone was actually being kept.


Now all he could ask about was why he was feeling so prideful about it.

Chapter Text

Ch.19 - Sonder


Your body moved with grace and precision. Your ankle was feeling better once more after having left it to rest over the night. Your free period today was spent practicing and clearing your mind from the day’s tasks and anxieties.


As you finished your last twirl, the door to the studio you were in was opened, a pair of heads popping in as you did so. Ashido’s face went from hesitant to excited as she saw you looking back at her from the middle of the room. Kaminari’s head was above hers, his face doing a similar reaction, only he turned to speak to what you could only assume to be two or three more individuals outside.’


You clicked the music player off as the familiar group of people entered the room. You hadn’t spoken to them since lunch, but seeing how many times Aizawa-sensei had called them out for talking in class or not paying attention, you could only assume they were scheming something or another.


And as expected, it appeared a certain ash blonde was not part of their planning for the movie night in question, nor was he here with them. You could only assume he was working on actually putting sheet music to an actual recorded piece at the current moment. It was an ambitious piece after all… and he was one to act sooner rather than later when it came to this sort of thing.


In his place however, was a tall black haired female. Her smile as infectious as everyone else and seeing how her hands couldn’t be kept still while clasped together, you could tell that Yaoyorozu was excited about something as well. That something being tea this afternoon and a movie at your place this weekend.


“Oh wow…” Kirishima blinked, taking in your attire. “You sure are a ballet prodigy… aren’t you?”


He laughed as everyone else took in how you look dressed in the pale pink tutu with the skin-tight suit colored snow white underneath it. Hair tired with numerous bobby pins into a bun and your feet still on their tiptoes from having finished but not rested yet.


“Amazing! You look like a professional!” Kaminari’s eyes glittered.


“Maybe because she was raised to be a professional…?” Sero spoke, Kaminari blinking in realization.


“You do look really good dressed like that.” Ashido nodded. “But that’s our dainty and delicate ballerina, (Last Name) for you!”


“I wouldn’t call her dainty or delicate…” Yaoyorozu warned the others on the room. “Ballet requires some of the most intense training and concentration of any form of dance. So (Last Name)-san more than likely is the most flexible and has the highest endurance out of us all.”


A chorus of realized gasps and sounds filled the room and you chuckled lightly as you walked towards a water bottle and opened it. The cool liquid meeting your lips and the group refocused on why they came here and what they were here for.


“Well…?” You spoke, knowing what you had asked for them.


“We think we have a game plan for tomorrow’s movie night!” Ashido announced, Yaoyorozu walking to you.


“But we wanted to first make sure it sounded okay to you and then secondly make sure the address is correct.” The taller girl handed you her phone.


You glanced down at it, reading in the info ready to send in Class 1-A’s class group chat. Your eyes of (eye color) moving quickly and then with a nod you returned the device to her and smiled shyly.


“I think it sounds fine. A Saturday night movie with the option for people to stay over if it gets late… seeing as I have plenty of space for it. Plus with me buying pizza, it's nice to know that everyone else has the option to bring more food if they feel like it.


And starting at 5 pm sounds really good as well! It won’t be too late and the sun will still be out, so no one will have to come in the dark… and by the time everyone arrives and we start the sun will be setting and its really pretty to watch the city light up from my apartment!”


You continued rambling on and on about all sorts of things, everyone watching and listening with a smile on their faces. It appeared as if you were really excited about this movie night. The way you talked with that soft tone of excitement made them all excited as well.


As you continued, Ashido poked Kirishima gently in his side, turning his attention away from one female to another. His hand gripping his phone that had just been vibrating in his pocket. He unlocked it as Mina started to speak to him.


“I’m still not sure what brought this upon her… but I’m glad (Last Name)’s so happy and excited for tomorrow night.” The secret pink haired girl muttered.


Kirishima cracked a smile of his own, putting his phone back into his pocket after sending his reply. “I’m happy she’s trying more as well… though I do hope that our last minute party will work out.”


“It will Kiri!” Mina beamed. “Our class is being offered free food… that’s plenty of motivation for a good number of us!”


Kirishima laughed louder than he expected, waving off in an apologetic way, letting everyone know he didn’t mean to interrupt so much. And soon enough, his infectious laughter was affecting everyone. The mood in good spirits and only the sounds of the door being forcefully slid open brought everyone out of it for a moment.


“For fuck’s sake, Shitty Hair…” Bakugou growled as he walked into the room. “Why are you on the opposite side of the school I told you to meet me at?!”


The ash blonde tossed a CD toward the redhead who barely had time to catch it or send it falling and possibly breaking upon impact with the ground. His fingers and palms shaking as he held Bakugou’s demo track for the redhead’s own final dance in his hand.


“Ah sorry, man… but we weren’t supposed to meet for like… another ten minutes.” Kirishima told him.


Bakugou grit his teeth at this and fetched out his phone. “I said two thirty! And look! It’s… oh… its two twenty-two.”


Bakugou shoved his phone away, clicking his tongue. “Whatever… you have that shot now, so you can listen to it and give me the shitty feedback later.”


Kaminari and Sero were trying to hold back giggles at the ash blonde’s small mistake, as neither wanted to laugh loud enough to earn them a death sentence. By the time they had managed to calm themselves, Bakugou’s gaze was directed towards them.


His scarlet eyes seeming to warn them to shut it or he would throw them through a window before classes were over for today. And with that silent threat, the laughter was ready to turn into terrified tears… and thus, the pair quieted down.


“So… I’ll send the message out now.” Ashido coughed, pressing send on Yaoyorozu’s phone by leaning over the girl.


Kirishima’s phone buzzed a second later, letting the girls know that the message had indeed made it through and all twenty of them would be receiving the message right about now for the last minute movie night at (Last Name)’s fancy penthouse apartment with free room and board for the night if desired… plus free pizza.


“Oh I’m so excited for our time together these next two days!” Yaoyorozu spoke with a bounciness in her voice.


“I’m looking forward to tea today…” You rubbed your cheek awkwardly. “You’ve spoken so well about this tea place for so long that I’m really grateful you’d still be willing to take me…”


“Of course I’d want to bring you!” She spoke and tightened her hands. “You love tea as much as I do… so I must share this wonderful establishment for the sake of making others as happy and delighted with the menu as it makes me!”


“Plus by tomorrow night, you’ll be able to see my house.” You joked with the girl.


Ashido soon joined into the conversation and the three of you chatted happily about tomorrow night, and what they could further help you with as well as what they each were planning to bring. Ashido stating she was going to make her infamous pink lemonade and Yaoyorozu saying how her family’s personal chef would prepare a grand cake for all to enjoy. And thus… you and Ashido’s mouths began to water.


The boys had found themselves interested in something else as the girls had started talking about cake and how rich Yaoyorozu was. The three of them who had come in with Ashido and Yao-Momo noticing how the ash blonde’s gaze lingered on one of the girls in front of him. A gaze that had so far only been noticed by the other boys as the girls were much too absorbed into their own discussion.


“Dude… I’d say take a picture cause it lasts longer… but you’ve had no issues taking pictures of her before…” Kaminari snickered as Bakugou snapped out of his daze.


“Huh? The hell does that mean?!” Bakugou growled, not noticing how his cheeks had been slightly flushed before.


“You’ve been looking at (Last Name) with this thousand-yard stare for the last five minutes…” Kirishima informed him. “Everything okay? It's not like you to be spacey, Blasty.”


Bakugou clicked his tongue and turned his head, the blush on his cheeks finally starting to die down now. Though the rapid beating in his chest and his clammy hands seemed to be stuck with him since he had seen you.


“She just doesn’t look like her usual stupid self…” He muttered, shrugging as a poor attempt to hide over whatever this was.


But for the three boys who already had a vague idea as to why Bakugou of all people was acting this way… and towards you… they decided to test their luck in this one instance just to see if the ash blonde was even aware of the obvious crush he was developing on you.


“Oh, you mean her ballet outfit?” Sero pointed back to you, at the perfect moment as your face morphed into a wide and bright smile at something Yaoyorozu said. “She looks pretty good huh?”


Bakugou shrugged, turning his back away from them and starting to head back to the door. “I don’t give two shits how she looks… now I’m gonna go.”


“Why so soon?” Kaminari asked. “You just got here.”


Bakugou sighed. “I feel shitty… had the damn shakes all day… fucking cold or some shit.”


The sounds of the closing door made the girls stop their convo and start to pack up and get ready to leave themselves. Their convo never dropping or allowing them to notice the faces of realization that came across the boys from Bakugou’s last words.


That was all they needed to hear and see… it was clear now. So terribly, ironically clear. Bakugou for sure had a crush on you… a crush he was unaware of it and because of it, he wasn’t sure what was going on with him.


His idea of having a cold was outrageous… seeing how he had been staring at you with a far off gaze and rosy cheeks, only to comment on his he felt shaky and sweaty cause of it. If that wasn’t the telltale sign of having a crush on someone… then none of them clearly ever had interest in anyone before. And that right there was a bold-faced lie…


And thus, to help their good pal out and also make him not end up ruining things with you because of the high chance he’d misinterpret his feelings… it was decided. Come tomorrow night, the boys would be doing all they could for him to realize he had a crush.


The movie night was happening, but for three of the attendants… it was now a covert mission for the most emotionally stunted person around to finally see the person he was harboring feelings for as exactly that.


Now all they had to do was find a way to do so without getting murdered or possibly making the situation any worse for you or Bakugou. How hard could it be?

Chapter Text

Ch.20 - La Gaudière


Your pacing back in forth in front of the elevator had been going on nonstop for the last five minutes, your mind wandering and trying to remember if you had forgotten anything important or needed for the party you were about to have. Some part of you feeling like you had forgotten something major. It was likely after all… you had never had this type of get together in your home before… and so last minute as well!


By some miracle though, you had snagged a little over half the class saying they would come. Maybe it was Ashido, Kaminari, Kirishima and Sero’s influence… but seeing how twelve guests were slated to arrive tonight you were nervous.


Your phone vibrated, a message from the pizza delivery Uber saying he was in the lobby with the pizzas and to come get them. You messaged him back saying you were on your way down and you’d see him in a minute. You slipped on a pair of fuzzy slippers and got into the elevators. Guests would be arriving in another fifteen minutes, so you were grateful that the food was here early and would be ready for when all the possibly hungry teens arrived.


As you entered the lobby and exchanged ownership of the pizzas to yourself, the delivery guy commenting on how he hoped your party would be good you turned back to the elevator.


“Ah! (Last Name)-san!” An excited female’s voice called out as the familiar doorman recognized her and let her in without her having to buzz your apartment.


“Ashido.” You blinked while holding the boxes up. “Awe, Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero too.”


The group of four seemed to have made the friendly doorman no longer worry about what they were doing here and instead just let them in whenever they pleased now. Especially since they came around four times a week or more… he kinda already knew the only place they were heading.


“Ready for a super fun movie night!” Ashido smiled excitedly, holding up a set of plastic cartons. “I brought cupcakes!”


“Chips!” Kaminari yelled excitedly, holding up two overly stuffed plastic bags full of various kinds of chips.


“I thought some soda would be appreciated…” Sero muttered, seeing as he brought not as much as the other.


“I brought juice for those who don’t like soda.” Kirishima chuckled awkwardly.


“Oh goodness!” You blinked suddenly. “I’m glad the two of you brought drinks… I forgot about those! I was about to only serve water and tea… how stupid of me!”


Your eyes looked down negatively and before someone would let you wallow in your inexperience of hosting a party, Kirishima had asked Sero to take his juice boxes and took half of the pizzas from you.


Even then… he was still carrying what he assumed to be ten boxes of pizza. At that point, everyone kinda realized just how many large pizzas you had ordered as they bordered the elevator.


“That’s a lot of pizza…”Kaminari muttered.


“I wanted to get one pizza for every person in class in case more people showed up by some miracle.” You informed them. “Plus… I wasn’t sure how much was too much or too little.”


“I think it's safe to say we have enough pizza for the night and maybe tomorrow morning…” Kirishima chuckled as you all arrived at your floor.


You tossed Kaminari your keys since he could easily shift one bag of chips into the other hand and then opened the door with ease. Immediately all of you dumped your food onto your large and mostly unused dining table. Ashido had taken it upon herself to start organizing the table and soon enough somewhat of an organized layout was there.


The five of you made light conversation for the next couple minutes as the boys saw how much of a blanketed and pillowed dream you had made your living room. It looked like you had torn every fluffy blanket and soft pillow and laid them about like a cozy picnic space in front of the TV and stopping before the large sofa.


“I thought we’d be watching in the theater in your house.” Kaminari looked at you with a pout.


“Theater?” You gave him a strange look. “I said the viewing room… this is the viewing room.”


“You call it a viewing room?” Kaminari was just as confused. “I call this a living room.”


Before Kaminari could pester you further with what other strange names you called things, Ashido whisked you away. As Ashido was asking you about the movies the first buzz was heard and you rushed over towards the elevator to let the guests who had arrived five minutes early in. As you did so, the boys seemed to have their demeanor change suddenly.


“He’s coming right! He wasn’t just saying it to get us off his back right?” Kaminari whispered to Kirishima who was looking at the new message.


“He’s coming… sent me his location right before we met up with (Last Name). Baku’s on a train running to the station near her house. He’s for sure coming…” Kirishima was absolutely giddy over the strings they would be pulling tonight.


“Just remember not to meddle too much.” Ashido warned them. “We want the two to realize their feelings themselves and not have us pushing them into it.”


“We know, we got it.” Sero reassured her as the sounds of the elevator opening made the group turn to greet their arriving classmates.


“Ochaco-chan!” Mina bounced forward, throwing her arms open as Uraraka came into view.


“Oh hold, Mina-chan!” Uraraka dodged the girl’s attempts for a hug. “Let me put my cookies down first!”


“Awe cookies!” Kaminari was already drooling over the selection of junk food he’d have for dinner tonight. “Awe Midoriya and Todoroki are here too! And is that Tsuyu behind you guys?”


“We’re not the first ones it appears, kero.” Tsuyu spoke as she walked past the taller boys. “(Last Name)-san. I brought a veggie platter, I hope that was alright.”


“I’m sure it’ll be fine.” You motioned for her to put it down. “Something tells me a few of our classmates are not super into junk food…”


“Todoroki-kun and I were not sure what to bring… so we settled for some mochi and ice cream bars.” Midoriya told you. “Can we put these in the freezer?”


You nodded and pointed to the fridge. “Right in there, I’ll make a sign so people can help themselves.”


As you worked on scribbling down some info on a sheet of computer paper, you asked Ashido to buzz people in when they arrived. As you finished taping the ‘Mochi and Ice Cream In Here!’ sign to the freezer after placing a ‘Mochi and Ice Cream In Freezer’ one next to the plates, Ashido had buzzed the next set up.


As soon as the doors opened, you were all greeted to an earful.


“What are you all doing here? It’s 6 pm on the dot and yet… there are eight of you who already showed up! Do none of you respect punctuality and being gracious to the host?” Iida was right away going into prim and proper mode.


“Iida…” Jirou sighed as Yao-Momo was covering her mouth with a giggle.


“Captain Square has arrived.” Kaminari muttered with a coy smile on his face.


Iida had great hearing though, and soon enough Kaminari had made himself Iida’s prime lecture subject with that comment. Everyone else sighed, and you waved Jirou and Yao-Momo over to place their things down and then greet everyone.


“I hope this is okay… the family baker went a bit overboard…” Yaoyorozu muttered in embarrassment as she revealed the sweet delicacies made by no doubt a world class baker.


“Ah! And I thought (Last Name) was rich!” Uraraka screamed, looking ready to keel over from her small interaction with the rich girls of her class thus far.


Jirou rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly, a blush on her face. “Well… I’m afraid I didn’t bring as much as Yao-Momo… but I did make some homemade garlic knots to go with the pizza. I hope that’s okay.”


“Ah! Jirou-san that sounds lovely!” You clapped your hands. “Thank you for thinking about the main course!”


Jirou was pleasantly surprised by how happy you were with her choice and placed the items down. Iida by this time had finished lecturing Kaminari on showing up when the host had asked him to next time and was placing his own food item down.


“I wasn’t too terribly sure what to bring, but I thought maybe some hot meat buns would be a nice thing to have. These are from a great shop near my home. There are two baker’s dozens in there… so it should be enough for everyone to have two.”


“Wait… a baker’s dozen is thirteen, isn’t it?” Jirou rose a brow. “There were only twelve confirmations in the group chat though…”


Iida looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “I could have sworn you said thirteen in total, (Last Name)-san! Did I misread… oh no, did I possibly waste food?”


“No. There are thirteen people tonight.” You told everyone.


“Who’s number thirteen then?” Asui asked, looking a bit curious.


“Unlucky number thirteen.” Todoroki commented without any real reason.


As you all spoke, the sounds of the elevator having stopped on your floor sounded and it opened to reveal the last person to arrive at this get-together. Ash blonde hair, kicking his foot up onto the grate like he had done before, the same angry expression riding on his features.


“Let me in before I decided to ditch this shit show.”


“K-KACCHAN?!” Midoriya rose his voice as his eyes fell onto the taller male.


“Deku…” Bakugou growled as you opened the grated cover.


“You actually made it…” Sero whistled. “Guess I should put more faith into you.”


Bakugou only clicked his tongue as he made his way to the food table and started taking out what he brought. The feelings of everyone’s eyes on him as he did so. These curious extras were about to get a fucking surprise… he smirked inwardly.


“Oh man… that smells… so good!” Uraraka drooled, looking over the steaming meal Bakugou had made.


“Pizza is greasy and nasty… so I thought maybe some of you idiots wanted omelet rice.” He shrugged, though he was silently eyeing the pizza, the words ‘gourmet’ catching his eye.


“You made thirteen mini-omelet rices and managed to bring them on the train at rush hour and all are in perfect condition!” Kaminari cried. “Impressive man…!”


Bakugou puffed his chest out, only for it to be short-lived as everyone descended onto the food in the next second. He was left standing to the side with you as everyone was making a line to try all the delicious food their friends and classmates had brought.


“Thanks for coming.” You told him silently, Bakugou standing a bit stiffer at your words.


“Whatever… Kirishima and the other morons were sending me damn reminders all day to actually show up… so not like I had a choice.”


Soon enough, the table was a bit scarcer and you and Bakugou took your own personal preferences of the selections. And as Bakugou finally was done being his picky self and being ignored when he asked who brought what… he came towards where everyone was getting comfy.


As he neared a spot on the floor away from everyone else… the plan in question started to take root.


“Sorry man. Taken.” Sero smiled apologetically as he stuck his feet where Bakugou was about to sit.


Bakugou let it go, there were still plenty of spots left. So he moved toward where Kirishima was, seeing as maybe he could sit next to that idiot for a film or two. Only for Kirishima to suddenly put his plate down on the seat.


“Oh were you going to sit here, Bakubro? Sorry… but if we’re watching a scary movie I’d rather not have my food on my lap.” Kirishima gave him apologetic eyes.


“Stupid…” Bakugou grumbled, seeing how his spots were narrowing slowly.


Ignoring the two spots next to Deku and that shitty ice skater, he thought Kaminari was the lesser of three evils. As Bakugou came near, the other blonde spilled his drink right on the blanket.


“Awe sorry, (Last Name)!” Kaminari told you. “I spilled… lemme put this in the laundry room…”


Bakugou was nearly about to blow. More so, he was ready to leave these assholes right now and go back home to at least only be bothered by his demon of a mother.


“Oh, Bakugou.” Ashido grabbed his attention. “If you need a seat, there is one by (Last Name) here on the couch.”


Ashido had placed her jacket over the spot right at the beginning and motioned for the male to come and sit between her and you. The only difference being Bakugou would have to sit closer to you since Ashido made sure to sit next to a crevice in the couch and Bakugou would  not be sitting on a crevice.


He sighed in defeat and took the spot right next to you. You shifted slowly closer to the arm of the couch and made sure he had plenty of room. You felt nervous with him so close, the strange sensation having emerged in recent days since he had talked to you about the guilt that had and still partly was residing inside of you.


Bakugou seemed unaware of your tense form, as he was muttering about how the other idiots had taken all the good spots. Eyes falling slightly, you uncrossed your legs and started to get up. You could move next to Midoriya-san or Todoroki-san… at least that way he would have more room to spread out.


Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero all exchanged quick and panicked looks as everyone else was blissfully unaware of what was happening and looking through the selection of movies on Netflix to watch. It looked as if the BakuSquad’s little plan for their leader and the newcomer was going south!


“The hell are you going?” Bakugou spoke harshly causing you to freeze from getting all the way up, leaving you currently hovering over the couch.


“I thought you might like some more room, Bakugou.” You told him.


He rolled his eyes. “I’m fine, Twinkle Toes… sit down and enjoy your stupid party…”


You blinked and then nodded to him slowly. Your form coming back to the cushion and noticed how your leg and his were touching. You could only assume Bakugou didn’t want to kick you off your own couch especially after you had offered your home to him so many times before… and thus would put up with you and him slightly touching.


Then again… maybe after that first ballet lesson he was also trying to get used to touching you… and this was him increasing his tolerance to physical contact. Who knew… but you were internally glad he was being so nice to you tonight.


Bakugou didn’t strike you like someone to take pity of others and his claim that he was going to look out for you as much as the other members of Vindicous made you happy. And with a smile on your face and unaware of the rose on your cheeks, the first movie was decided upon and clicked.

Chapter Text

Ch.21 - Hanker Sore


The rays of sunlight poured in from the closed curtain above him. The feeling of warmth on him and how this wasn’t the usual sleeping position he was in making him come out of his sleepy state quicker than usual.


Bakugou cracked a single carmine hue opened and saw that he wasn’t in his bedroom, let alone his own house. In fact, he was still at your apartment it appeared. Memories from last night’s movie night played through his head.


He vaguely recalled them watching a horror movie… or four and then around 1 am the majority of them needing a comedy to get rid of the creepy feeling that the marathon of horror had created.


He remembered the time being near three am when he finally said ‘fuck it’ and passed out on the couch. Now waking up, he wished his tired brain had stuck with it more seeing as he was still surrounded by classmates on a Sunday morning.


The came the realization that someone was gently sleeping on him. Your head gently resting on his shoulder and your soft breathing making his skin tingle every so often. Bakugou gulped, feeling his cheeks hot and more than likely red.


His muscles filled with adrenaline and he was ready to move and leave you to wake up as he did so. But… he couldn’t move. Some other part of him having latched on tightly to the control center of his brain and was not letting him move you or even tear his gaze away from your sleepy face.


What the hell was wrong with him!?


It was only when he heard the sounds of someone yawning and another groaning that he reacted. The reaction being to close his eyes like an idiot and pretend to still be asleep. What the hell? What was he, five?


By some miracle, you actually woke up and moved off of him. He opened his eyes again to see you rubbing your own and yawning. By now it appeared the sunlight pouring in had woken everyone up.


“Man… what time is it?” Kamianari yawned.


“10 in the morning.” Jirou told him as she checked her phone.


As everyone slowly got up and packed, as well as splitting the numerous leftovers among each other, they bid their goodbyes soon enough one by one. Iida and Yao-Momo making sure to get out of your home the quickest and leaving the Bakusquad to take breakfast from you before they left as well.


You sighed, looking to see an empty and thankfully cleaned kitchen and living room along with one more person. And with each classmate taking some pizza home with them, you also would not have wasted any food and could at least finish off what you had left thankfully.


Plus… leftovers were always rather nice.


“Bakugou?” You blinked. “Are you not going home?”


“We have to practice at least once this weekend… might as well be now since I’m here.” He shrugged, seeming to be in deep thought and battle with himself about something else.


You nodded to him, already starting to head towards the studio and change into your practicing attire. All the while Bakugou was trying to figure out what was wrong with him… and why his heart had not ceased its rapid beating since he woke up… especially when his eyes landed upon you.


Maybe a little distraction would be good for him… maybe it would even clear something up about you that he was thus far unable to place. But then again… seeing as he was still a newbie at this ballet stuff… he couldn’t be sure… nor could he be sure that this wasn’t him catching a cold.


He’d figure it out… he always did. It would just bother him to hell until he did.




“You’re doing great. Now lean me to the left and lessen your hold on your right hand so I can turn.”


He did as told, and with ease, you were able to do a slight turn and still feel plenty supported by the warm hands around your waist. With only his ear and some ash blonde hair seen, you spoke again, knowing Bakugou was paying close attention to you.


“Okay… we’ve gotten the first few seconds down and you have a good hold on things. So I think you’re ready for some more of the complicated stuff.” You told him and motioned for him to let you stand on your own once more.


Bakugou nodded, turning to get a sip of water while you pulled out your phone. You had taken to show him videos or gifs of what move the two of you would be performing so he could see it with his own eyes. Bakugou turned out to be a very visual learner and he was picking up the material well from watching the videos you’d show him and send to him after practice.


Then again… this was only the second practice for ballet with the both of you, so you really only had to go on one more encounter thus far.


“Here we go.” You told him as the gif was playing on your screen.


He walked back over with a water bottle in hand and looked down at what you were playing. The water in his mouth suddenly forced down into his throat and sending the male into a coughing fit.


You immediately were lightly hitting his back to see if it would help in any way, only for Bakugou to take in a quick few breaths before grabbing the device and slamming his water down as the rant started.


“What the fuck?!” He called, pointing to the screen. “How is this basic level?”


The gif in question had a pair of ballet dancers together. The female was behind the male and the male was walking quickly away from her. Suddenly the female took off running and dove forward with her head toward the ground and her feet up in the air. The male caught her with ease and moved the female as she spun in his arm and rose an arm up and her leg downward.


“Relax, Bakugou.” You blinked. “I’m not throwing myself at you right away.”


You motioned to a literal throwing dummy your mother would use often if she was partnered with another female and was the one who would be doing the catching. Bakugou rose a brow as you brought the attributeless doll out. It was about as tall as you and your size all around, meaning it would be the perfect practice for him.


“Ashido joked a lot about you needing a proper throwing dummy, so I hope Edna here works.”


“Edna?!” He recoiled. “Please don’t tell me you actually named that thing…”


“Expert Dancer’s Nameless Assistant.” You told him. “Mother always called her Edna though… as its easier to remember.”


“Still creepy, that thing is in your fucking closet.” Bakugou gave the doll a stare like it was going to suddenly spring to life and attack him.


It looks like last night’s horror movies had really gotten to him. Or at least were still present on his mind. Either way… you would not be throwing yourself at the ash blonde until Edna here was in sync with him first.


“Okay… ready?” You called out, prepping your arms to throw the doll at Bakugou.


He nodded and thus the practice began. Soon enough he was at least catching the doll but wasn’t getting the movement down just right. After about an hour, and twenty minutes of him not dropping Edna once you decided to call it a day.


Two and a half hours of practice was enough and Bakugou seemed to be getting to the end of his rope as well. By now it was around 1 pm and your stomach was starting to growl. Seeing the sheer number of pizza leftovers you had, you offered Bakugou to join you for lunch.


As he stuffed Edna back into her closet, he shrugged and decided to join you. Better than going home to his mother quite yet… and at least your silent company was more welcomed than the woman who brought him into this world.


As the both of you sat near the island, not talking but silently munching on warmed up pizza, your mind thought of something you had been meaning to bring up to him since you had heard it the other week.


“You applied to both the dance and music program…” You spoke, catching his crimson gaze. “Why did you accept music’s spot if dance was willing to give you one as well?”


Bakugou shrugged, glad to not be left to his own thoughts that had started to get pieced together since this morning. At least this way… he could talk about himself.


“UA’s dance program sucks… at least with music, I can still create some street sounding stuff and frame it as ‘it’s meant to show the complexities of sound’ or whatever bullshit excuse will get Todoroki Enji and your parents to think I still am abiding by their shitty rules forced upon us.”


You nodded slowly. “Are you going to take up dance after UA?”


Bakugou smirked and then that smirk suddenly became slightly more genuine. “Hell yeah, I am! I’m going to be the next great star in music and dance! Just like All Might! Even shitty Deku who’s been trying to learn ice skating won’t stand in my way! I’m gonna be number one on the charts!”


You smiled softly at him, glad to see and hear he was aiming so big and with so much confidence. Your silence wasn’t unnoticed though, and Bakugou soon found himself asking you a question back… before he even realized it himself.


“What about you?”


“Huh?” You blinked, having not expected him to ask you anything.


Bakugou seemed just as surprised as well and was fighting off a redness on his face. You assumed it was because he had spoken with food in his mouth, but little did you know it was the boy actually trying to figure out why he wanted to know your own backstory and motives beyond the tragedies in them.


“You. Why UA? And what after it?” He was harsh but not uninviting for you to speak to him.


“Me?” You blinked, thinking over his words.


You hummed quietly as you left your piece of pizza on your plate. Your mouth opened slowly a moment later and you spoke.


“Well… I was raised to be a prodigy… so ballet is really the only thing I have going for myself. Not in the case of it’s all I have to live for… I’m aware that I have much much more to live for an be happy with.


But I more mean it in the case where… I’ve been raised and trained to have everything riding on ballet for me. I love it… but at times I wondered what it would feel like to dance just for the fun of it. Not because my mother is attempting to create a family name, or that my father thinks me being a dancer would bring him good publicity.


But me liking ballet simply because I like it. And while I do like it… there are too many strings wrapped around ballet and me for it to be simple.


Maybe that’s why I was so willing to join Vindicous… because I was jealous and curious about how you and the others could dance simply because you liked it. Maybe I’m grateful for this chance to learn something for the fun of it… and maybe I’m also grateful for you doing this with me… because it’s reminded me again of how I love ballet… when it's for me and not someone else’s benefit.”


Bakugou was silent at this, having never known that was how it was for you. He knew you were good, but he had also seen how you never smile when you did ballet. When you were with him and everyone else though… your lips curved upwards more.


“Well… like I said before-” He chuckled. “Screw them… screw every single one of the fuckers who are part of the UA PTA who try and control what we do and want to do!”


He was getting that prideful look in his eyes again, the kind that had made you so daring to join him and see things further down the road he had long been walking on. The only thing you didn’t know… was that Bakugou had started to repair the road you were on… and soon enough he’d be fixing it as he stepped with you in stride.

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Ch.22 - Flashover


His mom was going to kill him if he got all the way home only to discover his cell phone was missing. She worked hard enough to be able to afford to give him a phone and he wasn’t going to be the one who told her he left it at a friends house. The mere idea that her usually responsible son had made a mistake was not something he wanted her to worry about.


And thus, Kirishima had told Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido to carry on him without him and that he would see them all tomorrow. The three waved him goodbye as he raced out of the station and headed back to (Last Name)’s apartment complex to fetch his cellphone.


He was sure he left it on top of where you all put your dance clothes… resting right on top of his box. And so, with a wave to the doorman and being nearly out of breath after having sprinted back here… he was once more going up to the familiar penthouse.


To his surprise though, it appeared that after him and his three friends had left… you had not closed the grate yet. Had Bakugou not left yet? It had been over twenty minutes since practice ended… he should be gone if he was just changing.


He had a habit of changing last and not walking out with them. But Kirishima had always assumed it was because he didn’t want to spend any more of his time with them. But as he entered the apartment and wandered to the studio, he could hear Bakugou’s voice.


“I’m fucking ready.”


“Are you sure?” You seemed to question him. “You’ve managed to catch Edna well the last week… but I might be different.”


Edna? Who was Edna?


Kirishima was nearing room now, and as he peered in he saw something that could have given him an anxiety attack right there and then. You were standing on one end of the room and took off into a sprint toward Bakugou who was positioned with his arms out and knees bent.


You jumped towards him as if you were going down a waterslide headfirst. Kirishima’s eyes widening as he felt his heart drop. Were you trying to hurt yourself? Lucky for both his heart and your body, Bakugou caught you with ease, moving you to the point where he had angled you.


You head toward the ground and your legs curling in the air. A few seconds passed and then suddenly a soft sputtering of giggles enveloped you. Your arms moving from the stance they were into attaching to Bakugou’s neck as he twirled you back up, spinning you once, twice, trice as he let out a laugh of his own.


“We did it!” You cried, pressing into his chest. “Oh goodness, a week of work and we nailed it on the first try!”


“Hell yeah, we did! I told you I’d fucking catch you!”


It was obvious the pair of you had been working toward something and the happy, giddy, euphoric reaction was just a result of feeling like all this work had paid off. But from how you were hanging off Bakugou and how he was holding you up with ease and holding you close enough to support you with his frame… it looked as if the two of you were giving one another a rather affectionate hug.


The joy felt in both of your hearts was ended within a second though, as Bakugou’s eyes caught onto a strange flash of red standing near the doorway to the studio. His eyes widening and him letting you slowly slide down onto the floor as he felt his chest tighten.


“Why the fuck are you here, shitty hair?!” Bakugou screamed, instantly red with rage and slight embarrassment to have been caught doing this before he was ready to tell anyone of what his side of the deal was.


“I- um… phone…” Kirishima blinked, pointing to his phone clearly sitting out on the open.


“Oh. Did you forget it?” You were obviously the calmest one here.


“Yeah… I did.” Oh, boy was this awkward for the poor red-haired male. “W-what are you two doing… if I can ask?”


Bakugou growled at him, acting as if Kirishima had just interrupted something sacred. You, on the other hand, seemed much more open to letting him know, as you walked forward after standing back up and grabbing Kirishima’s phone.


“We’re practicing a move for our Pas De Deux.” You told the intruder.


“Pass Day… what?” Kirishima blinked, chuckling softly.


“Do you want to tell him, or should I?” You looked toward Bakugou who was now angrily stomping over to the changing room.


“Why the fuck are you telling him?!” He shouted and spun around.


“Because he so clearly saw us… and out of them all, I assume Kirishima is the most trustworthy on keeping this quiet… for your ego’s sake.”


Bakugou’s eye only twitched as he grabbed the curtain, stepped inside and slammed it closed. He was obviously not as thrilled as he was thirty seconds ago and was ready to end this little session short.


“I’m taking that as a yes… since he’s not telling me to shut up…” You sighed and then turned back to Kirishima.


“So this stays between us three then?” He laughed awkwardly, know really regretting forgetting his phone and he took it from you and put it back into his pocket.


“Yes, please… Bakugou’s still not too entirely sure of himself yet…” You whispered the last part to him, thankfully not hear by the ash blonde.


“Alright.” Kirishima nodded to you with that trustworthy face of his, the lighthearted smile back on his features. “My lips are locked and I’m all ears.”


You giggled lightly. “You remember that deal Bakugou and I made in order to get you guys a sixth member?”


“Yeah of course.” Kirishima nodded.


“Well in return for me dancing with you all… Bakugou promised to dance with me for my end of term final dance. It's a Pas De Deux which basically means a dance for two. And what you just witnessed was us pretty much getting a hard move down on the first try.”


“Oh man! That’s so great! You two seem to work really well together!” Kirishima hollered out in excitement, as Bakugou emerged from the changing room, snagging his stuff and heading toward the exit. “And it's pretty manly of you to take up this challenge too, Bakugou!”


“Shut up… I’m done for today.”


You nodded. “Sounds good to me… we managed to do what we’ve been needing to do, so a short lesson today won’t hurt us too much in the long run.”


Bakugou rose a lip as he pressed the elevator button and entered, Kirishima behind him as the pair left your home. You flashed them a smile and a small wave as the doors shut, erasing you from their vision.


“So… you’re learning ballet then?” Kirishima tried to fill the awkward silence. “Might be beneficial! I mean… look how flexible (Last Name) is ‘cause of ballet!”


Bakugou didn’t seem to want to talk, his silence the aura he was emitting making it very clear that if Kirishima didn’t tread lightly… he was going to end up being the one to meet Bakugou’s anger at full force.


But despite the result that may occur… Kirishima couldn’t understand why Bakugou was angry. After all… he had literally been overjoyed and laughing to the most of his ability not even fifteen minutes ago.


“Something… wrong?” Kirishima asked quietly, seeing Bakugou tense up. “Listen… if I made things worse, I’m sorry… I wasn’t trying to snoop. You know how my mom is and I didn’t want her to worry about me forgetting things and losing them… and I didn’t mean to walk in on your lesson-”


“Shut up..” Bakugou spoke in an oddly quiet tone. “This isn’t fucking about you, Kirishima.”


Kirishima blinked as the elevator door opened and Bakugou started storming out of the building. The use of his actual name told him this was rather serious, and the worry for his good buddy took over as he jogged after Bakugou.


As the doorman let them out, Kirishima spoke again to Bakugou. “Hey, you can talk to me, you know. I won’t say a word about the ballet if that’s what you’re worried about…”


“It’s not fucking that!” Bakugou paused on the street, the people around the pair moving around them at a shy distance. “Fuck…”


“Dude…” Kirishima looked at him with a sad expression. “Talk to me. You know it’ll feel better to get it off your chest rather than holding it in.”


Bakugou glared at him, a certain unsettled hatred in his eyes focusing on Kirishima at this moment. But even Bakugou knew not to put it onto him… the idiot was only trying to help. And seeing how he was more in touch with his feelings more than himself… Bakugou decided to actually try out this ‘getting it off his chest’ thing Kirishima often encouraged him to do.


“I think… I might hate her.” He growled, fist tightening as he spoke.


“(Last Name)?” Kirishima sucked in a breath. “B-but you looked like you were-”


He paused to think over his words, finally settling on one that would not set Bakugou off.


“You looked like you and her were getting along really well. And we both know you’d never be able to do that for someone who didn’t get along with you.”


“That’s the part that’s fucking confusing me!” Bakugou screamed again. “Every time I’m near her… I don’t think anything fucking negative about her or what we’re doing… but then afterward, it always fucking comes back as I can’t keep my thoughts from reflecting on the interactions we just had!


My chest gets all tight and it's hard to breathe. My face gets all red and flushed with anger and my hands get shaky like they want to be turned into fists…


I don’t know what’s wrong with me… maybe this is just how I feel when I hate a girl as much as I fucking hate Deku…”


Kirishima was stunned into silence.


Of course… of course, Bakugou of all people would mistake his crush as him hating you. And it was clear this was starting to create a strain on him. And if it continued, he would break and it would make a further strain on you and thus the group as well.


And despite him promising himself and the others he would not interfere with Bakugou’s feelings and your possible ones for him… the path he was heading overrode everything. And so, with a serious expression and a clearing of his throat to catch Bakugou’s attention, Kirishima was ready to drop a hard dose of reality.


“Dude… you don’t hate her. You’ve just got a giant crush on, (Last Name).”


Bakugou blinked, giving Kirishima strange look. Then he blinked again as realization crossed over his features. And then with one more blink, his mouth was wide open and his face beet red again.


“I’m guessing the feeling is back, right?” Kirishima sighed. “Yeah, dude… it's a crush. I get the same feelings around…”


He paused, knowing it wasn’t the time to tell Bakugou about his own crush on another member of their own group. He’d share that later…


“N-No! Why the fuck would I have a crush on that… that… that Twinkle Toes !” Bakugou roared, his red face not helping his case.


“I don’t know why you do man… but it's clear you do with your reaction…” Kirishima sighed. “But… listen.”


Bakugou was watching Kirishima carefully, half expecting the male to tell him he was fucking with him this entire time. He’d believe it if he did… but the more it settled in, the more the ash blonde did start to see how he might…. Might … actually, have taken a liking to you. In the smallest amount!


“I know you have no idea what to do with your feelings… but I think it's a good idea to sort them out. Especially since… I think you telling or coming into (Last Name)... wouldn’t end well…”


Bakugou’s chest ignited. “Then why the hell tell me I like her if it's clear this isn’t going to work out?!”


Kirishima sighed. “I never said that man… listen to me for what I'm saying, not what you think I’m saying… okay?”


Kirishima didn’t wait for Bakugou to respond, instead, finishing his thought.


“She’s uncomfortable around people for some reason… I’ve known that for a while. And while something must have happened lately to make her want to try and trust people again… I don’t think shoving any emotions beyond shy and gradual friendship on her would be very good.


She… she seems like the type to shut down if something were to happen. So… be careful man. I know you care a lot about her… but I don’t want to see either of you hurt cause neither of you knows exactly how you’re feeling.”


Bakugou lowered his head, not saying anything, but Kirishima could tell he was taking his words to heart. The next moment, Bakugou’s face was lifted up again and he was sneering towards the sky.


“Like I’d let some shitty feelings or a crush stop me from being number one!” He called as his face was now just a light pink. “Thanks for the warning or whatever, shitty hair… but I didn’t need it in the first place.”


He turned and started walking off again. Kirishima sighing as he carried on after him to the train station. Bakugou, while being rude, did understand him. And now… Kirishima could only hope that things would continue to a much more stable route…


… because if not, there would definitely be more than a few bumps in the road.

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Ch.23 - Contact High-Five


(AN- An early update? Well of course! It's Bakugou’s birthday today! (April 20th!) Therefore I am updating early in honor of his special day! Enjoy the read every one!)


Kirishima just had to open his stupid mouth… he just had to be the type of person to want to help people and make things clear. And in his attempts to make sure Bakugou didn’t accidentally take his confusing aggressions out on you and also working Bakugou through what he was feeling… the period hair colored asshole… had made things much much worse than before.


“Bakugou, would you help me with this conversion into kelvins?” You asked him as study hall had just begun.


Bakugou immediately tensed up, looking at the worksheet in your hand with a heated stare and heated cheeks.


“W-why the fuck are you asking me?!” He shouted, happy that you didn’t seem to notice his dark cheeks.


You sighed, pointing to his own worksheet, completed already, despite only having gotten it two periods ago. “You’re good a science, and got the highest mark on our last test. That’s why I’m asking you.”


Bakugou nodded, looking down and for once cursing his habit of trying hard and also showing off his own intelligence. He just had to rub it in half-and-half’s, Deku, Four Eyes, and Ponytail’s face that he did better on the conversions quiz… and now, it looked like his heart was going to explode as a result of his prideful actions.


“I can always go ask Yaoyorozu… if you’d rather not help me.” You told him, sensing he was in some sort of strange mood today.


“No! I’m way fucking better than her! You just said it yourself!” He was pretty much screaming at this point and then grabbed the chair closest to him and dragged it over so you could sit beside him as he worked you through the conversion formula.


The only issue was he had taken Jirou’s chair and now the girl was left standing and giving Bakugou quite the annoyed and disbelieving stare. Did he just… yes, he did…


“You were going to ask Yaoyorozu for help, right Jirou-san?” You asked the girl as Bakugou was telling you to hurry and sit down behind you. “If so, I sit in front of her, so feel free to take my seat since… I’m apparently taking yours.”


The music-loving female sighed and gave you a nod as she headed to where a study group was already starting to form around the smartest person in the class, Yaoyorozu blushing at how appreciated she felt and promising to help everyone.


Meanwhile, you were sitting beside Bakugou as he scanned over your own test. You had made a few mistakes on three of the ten problems, resulting in your score being in the seventies.


The study period was the last class of the day today, and thus as Bakugou helped you go through the steps and even gave you a few pointers on easier ways to remember the steps… the two of you lost track of time. And soon enough, a buzz was sounded making you both pull away from your study session.


Everyone else had already packed up aside from Midoriya and Todoroki who were on cleaning duty this week. Leaving you and Bakugou to now hurryingly pack up to not get left behind. Your secret little breakdancing crew was not practicing today… so that left you both to do whatever you pleased after classes.


Bakugou cleared his throat, feeling the need to bring up a certain issue with you he’d been having. Only for him to shut his mouth as he saw there was still one more person left over in the room.


“I successfully reserved a room for us.” Yao-Momo smiled gently. “And once again… thank you for trying out his beta piece for me. I owe you a favor.”


You shook your head. “Nonsense… think of it like my way to pay you back for all the rainchecks I kept giving you.”


As Yaoyorozu was about to speak, she noticed how Bakugou was standing close, listening in as if he was waiting for you to finish so he could speak with you. The hair haired female immediately blushed.


“Oh goodness… did I interrupt you and Bakugou-san’s study session? My apologies!”


You blinked. “No… I assumed we were done once the bell rang, were we not Bakugou?”


Bakugou flushed as well, shaking his head. “No, you moron! I just wanna know the next time we’re practicing shitty ballet since your entire academic grade is relying on me learning how to fucking dance with you!”


The room was silent as you looked at Bakugou was with a shocked expression, Yaoyorozu looked even more shocked, and Bakugou had never been thankful for shitty Deku and the half-and-half having left to get cleaning supplies.


“Wait… Bakugou-san… are you (Last Name)-san’s partner for her end of term Pas De Deux?”


Neither one of you said anything, as this was supposed to be a secret among the two of you… but it seemed in his flustered state and maybe slight jealousy that you were not giving him any attention… he blurted the secret out.


At least he didn’t mention any sort of breakdancing stuff… that would have been worse.


Before either of you could confirm or deny it though, Yaoyorozu left off a small giggle as she rose a hand to her face. Both you and Bakugou looking at her in question as to why she seemed to happy about this.


“(Last Name)-san mentioned her partner was strong enough to lift her up… and I had assumed it be to figuratively… but now seeing as it's you, Bakugou-san… I can see she meant it both figuratively and literally.”


“He’s doing really well…” You muttered out softly. “And yes… he’d quite the partner.”


“So I’ve heard you say…” Momo smiled softly and then turned her back to the pair of you with a twirl in her step. “I shall head to the studio now!”


You nodded as she began to walk out, seeing Yaoyorozu turn her head slightly to look back behind her. She was getting more of the big picture at play here now and wanted to see if there would be a scene out of romance novel she often read.


She was definitely not disappointed by the next turn of events… nor was she feeling as left in the dark as she did before… especially about how and why your mood had seemed so different and uplifted.

As you had gathered your items and moved to follow Yaoyorozu, Bakugou had reached out, the scene playing to Momo in slow motion as she internally gushed over the pair of you. Now she could see why Mina had been paying attention to the two of you lately… and she was for sure going to join in.


“Hey.” He caught your arm before you could be whisked away by the tall female. “Got a minute?”


You blinked, nodding and then looking towards Yaoyorozu. “I’ll meet you in the studio.”


She gave the two of you a simple nod, turning as her knowing smile came onto her face. Bakugou as your partner was a shock to her… but now seeing how his eyes held a certain soft fondness in them… she understood exactly why.


And while it was clear that the both of you had not revealed your feelings to one another, or if either of you were aware of them in the first place… she’d give you a little space. After all, who was she to interfere in the natural cycle of feelings?


She had faith it would happen… faith that in no time, you and Bakugou would be more than dance partners. And she couldn’t wait to be given the chance to ask you how it came to be and when the first beats of your heart were for him.


As Yaoyorozu continued on to the studios, you turned your attention back to Bakugou, wondering what exactly he needed to ask of you, and in a more private fashion at that.


“What is it, Bakugou?” You batted your eyes in a way that he seemed to notice a bit more then he had before.


The fluttering of those eyes of yours, becoming more clear as the days rolled on by. His own reflection caught in them perfectly and he gulped down some nerves he wasn’t even aware of having until his throat was dry.


“We’re still on for after our group practice, right?” He asked, still not entirely sure what the schedule the two of you had.


You nodded slowly, seeming to think things over. “I suppose we should set a schedule so we don’t have to constantly ask when and if we are practicing ourselves…”


Your face was moved downward and your features morphed into an expression of thinking. Your forehead creased and your finger tapping against your chin, it wasn’t the most pleasant looking face, but Godammit... He couldn’t look away.


He still couldn’t recall how or when this happened… but somewhere along the way between then and now, you had sunk a pair of claws into his heart and he had willingly let you do it. ANd now… he was sure he’d never want them to be removed despite any sort of medical issues that may arise.


If anything, he wanted to know if he had done the same to you and know if you both were in this together or if he was a fool in what could only be called ‘unrequited love’.


He shook his head as you were still too deep in thought to notice. Why the hell was he thinking about this now? He literally couldn’t have cared until yesterday when Kirishima had helped him realize it…


But now, he was at a lost. Part of him wishing he could be oblivious once more, another part of him telling him to ignore it, the new part of him telling him to jump ship and drown amongst his feelings, and then finally, the part that was usually in control, telling him to fuck it all and deal with this shit and not let it distract him from what was truly important.


Ideas of how his crush was nothing but a passing fancy and would soon be gone as he further got used to it. He was in high school after all, where a good 90% of the relationships would be over within a couple of months. So why would he care? His only goal was becoming a great music and dance producer… and a little crush was nothing compared to his goal.


And yet… he kept ending up back here at the smallest things you did. This crush… was a lot harder to forget about than he thought.


While he had passed around the idea of crushing the crush by ignoring you or making it clear to you he didn’t want anything to do with you aside from fulfilling your deal… he berated himself for the mere thought of it.


You had confessed to him the trust issues and guilt that cling to you for years, so what would it make him if he were to throw you away now when for what he assumed to be the first time in your life you actually were trying to make strong and stable relations with others.


It would make him the biggest asshole of them all if he did anything to hurt you simply because he wasn’t sure what to do with his feelings.


And thus… for the time being, he’d stay quiet on his feelings. Something about Kirishima’s warning and how you were still nervous about what you said or did make him think that him suddenly, and angrily, shoving his feelings onto you would not end well.


And while his conscious self was sure of this idea and sure he’d be able to hold back these unsettled and untouched emotions… he was unaware of what was stirring beneath the surface.


Years of repressing every emotion other then anger and pride was a dangerous thing… as when an emotion that would soon prove to be much more powerful than either combined was slowly taking over… it was sure to result in a loss of control.


And for Bakugou Katsuki… a loss of control over his emotions was not a good thing no matter what emotion it was.


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Ch.24 - Mauerbauertraurigkeit


These every other day practices were starting to become normal to you, and you enjoyed having something to look forward to. First being the hour to two-hour breakdancing group lessons, and then being Kirishima making sure everyone else left in a timely fashion so you and Bakugou could continue your own secret ballet lessons. In that sense, Bakugou was silently more open to Kirishima knowing the deal that had been made. Especially since Kirishima could ‘keep his trap shut’ as Bakugou put it.


You meanwhile had grown to really enjoy the knowledge and feelings that came from being with Bakugou and the others. You were slowly opening up more and more and starting to appreciate their relationship to you. Things were good, and you were genuinely happy for the first time in what seemed like forever.


But emotions were never meant to be permanent, and thus as good as times currently were… even they would have to end at one point or another. And the storm clouds outside started to pour down, everyone inside your home let out a long unified sigh.


“Looks like winter has finally struck…” Kirishima sighed, seeing how he only had brought a thin light jacket, as the weather didn’t call for rain today.


“You wanna share an umbrella with me, Kiri?” Ashido asked, pulling out her pocket umbrella from her school bag.


Kirishima blinked, his chest thumping at the idea of sharing an umbrella with Ashido. He agreed and slowly the pink haired female started to walk to the door, Kirishima glancing to Kaminari and Sero.


“You guys coming?” Kirishima asked.


“I think I might wait it out a bit…” Kaminari sighed, as he had a slight distaste for the rain.


“Yeah me too… I don’t wanna have to run from one sheltered area to the other… and still, get soaked at the end.”


Bakugou stiffened upon hearing that his ‘private time’ with you might be at risk, only for him to realize just how truly amazing and supportive Kirishima was when he was brought into the loop about things.


“Come on guys, (Last Name)’s already been nice enough to offer her home to us… let’s not overstay our welcome any longer.” Kirishima waved the groaning boys after him and they followed out.


The chatter died as the doors to the elevator closed and left the remaining two standing around in the studio. Your arms crossed as you gazed out at the rain and listened and watched as droplets hit the window and created fleeting trails on the glass.


“Are we going to do this shit or not?” Bakugou growled, observing you as you craned your neck slightly to glance at him.


“Of course.” You nodded at him. “Let’s do something short tonight though, I’m feeling a bit tired from what we’ve already done.”


Your tone was light, but Bakugou could tell from how your shoulders were slumped and how your eyes had bagged from exhaustion that you were indeed trying to hold it together. He had been a stickler for making sure your ballet practice happened as often as his breakdancing did… but slowly now that both sessions were heating up with more to be done, it had started to strain you both.


Maybe it was time to separate them out a bit more… or at least plan better so neither of you were falling onto your beds, after all was said and done for the day, and falling asleep the moment your heads hit the pillows in your own personal bedrooms.


“Let’s just go through the first minute…” You spoke, fiddling with the Bluetooth speaker and selecting Yaoyorozu’s track. “Then if we manage to get through it… we can focus next week on the other three minutes and start to go through them as well.”


Bakugou nodded, calming his chest as he knew what he’d have to do. Kirishima making him aware of things made it that much harder to hold you. Especially since he was so close to you during ballet. Breakdancing was different… he only had to hold your arms or legs. But with ballet… he always had a hand on you, and sometimes it seemed that much more tender and intimate then breakdancing. All these light touches and keeping close was too much on his heart.


A heart that still was unaware of how to properly handle a crush. But, like most things he didn’t know how to handle, he pushed it down inside of him and ignored it. And if for some reason someone brought it up… he’d pretend like he was aware of it and play it off like he was some expert. It had always worked before, so it would work now as well.


You fitted yourself between his arms and he gently pressed his palms against your sides, the sound of light piano music filling the room as you both waited for the violin to play. That was when you started moving… until then, you both relaxed and breathed deeply. Running over the moves once more in your head and making sure you prepared your bodies.


Slowly, the strings of the violin were making their noise, and Bakugou released his grip enough for you to lift a leg up and start a slow twirl. His hands moving your center along as support as you move your leg in a way he was still shocked could be possible.


His hands moved off of you, and you leaned back, raising a hand towards him. Bakugou caught it and made sure his grip was good enough before he curled his arm and moved you in toward him. You released his hand and spun to his other side, twirling around him as he stood still.


You moved to press your back against his and waited for a second for the harp to start to sound before you both started moving away from one another. The more dangerous but definitely most exciting part was about to occur. You moved with a graceful step as Bakugou took deep breaths a little ways away from you.


You finished a move of your own and then turned to him. Your eyes of (eye color) meeting a pair of scarlet that silently said he was ready and would catch you. Your own pair relaying your trust in him before you took off in a sprint to him again.


This part was always so slow for him, watching your bolt with everything you had and then fling your entire form at him… all because you had faith in his abilities… faith in him. His chest tightened at that moment. Not sure if it was because you were now airborne and throwing your legs more upwards and your head down, or if it was because his affections to you were dancing to a tune of their own when he realized this.


His arms opened up, wrapping quickly around your torso and just below your navel as he positioned you and himself in the way you had shown him and taught him for the past week or so. Your breathing calm and cool as you adjusted yourself slightly in his arms and moved your lower half into the curved position your legs needed to be in.


After that, the familiar tune that the two of you had been practicing started to drift off into parts neither of you had either heard or heard much of. The music playing for seconds passing as you and Bakugou remained in the position you were both in.


Soon though, joy began to set in and with a sudden burst of energy you jumped out of Bakugou’s arms. Your excitement coming too quickly as you found yourself in the air while still in a rather risky position.


You knew no fear though, as before your heart could stop beating for fear of an impact with the ground, the same pair of arms that had just been holding you swooped you up and held you so you were looking at him as he steadied your feet on the ground once more.


“Watch it!” Bakugou growled at you. “Do you wanna get hurt, Twinkle Toes?”


You shook your head with a joyful smile across your face and due to the overwhelming surge of emotions could help but fling your arms over to him and hooking them around his neck and you laughed happily.


The feeling of you pretty much hugging him, and your gleeful laughter made Bakugou freeze and swallow down his nerves and feeling that were bottling up once more and threatening to break the surface.


“Awe that was perfect! Thank you! Thank you so much!” You cried and pulled away enough to look at him. “Really… I know I’m not the best at expressing myself… but all this success and happiness really is because of you, Bakugou.”


His eyes widened at your words, chest-thumping widely and his ears feeling a bit warm. Focus… he had to focus and not get some other idea from this. You were excited to have found someone you could trust… and that was it. Don’t let these shitty emotions control him was what he promised he would do.


“It’s nothing… after all, we’re both getting something out of this anyway.” He clicked his tongue and tore his gaze away, but not enough to not be able to see you through the corner of his eyes.


“I’m aware of what our original deal and plan were… but after the last two and a half months… I can’t help but feel like you’ve done so much more than that. I, for once in my life, am comfortable with others around me being let in… and I feel as if I’ve rediscovered my love of dance. All thanks to you… so, sincerely from the bottom of my heart… thank you, Bakugou.”


Your head tilted and you closed your eyes as a smile unlike any other he had seen before crossed over your features. You looked to be glowing and not holding anything back, as if you had deemed him worthy to actually see you at your most genuine state. And as of this moment… he was the only one seeing you like this, and it made something in him snap.


He wasn’t in control of himself for the next thirty seconds, that much was clear by the time he finally came back to his senses, but the damage by then had been done. The warnings he had received and his own observations having been momentarily erased from his mind as his enamored heart was calling all the shots.


His reaction to your words was not what you were expecting, seeing as he had defined himself as the type of person to roll his eyes, scoff, and tell you to not be so mushy around him cause it ‘made him sick’.


So when his reaction was instead to grab your chin with one hand and push your back closer to him with the other your eyes widened. Before you could even mutter out a gasp or word, you felt pressure on your lips. The feeling of another hungry and strangely passionate pair on yours shocked you to the point of freezing up.


He attempted to deepen the kiss, to get you to reciprocate in some way… but it only made the freezing of your mind affect your body as well. Slowly, Bakugou seemed to come back to his senses and he blinked down at you, seeing an expression he had been foolishly hopeful to think you wouldn’t have on your face.


“Why….?” You breathed out, almost terrified. “Why would you… do that?”


He blinked at you, watching as the water in your eyes broke and cascaded down your cheeks suddenly. And before he could mutter a word, you turned and disappeared. He stood there in shock of it all, unsure of what happened, or how it happened.


But he knew who was to blame… and it was him.


And with the sounds of thunder rumbling off in the distance and the trembles that came from it, he shook his head in disbelief of his own actions and decisions. Because it was clear now… that his feelings for you were beyond what he thought he could ignore, and now… he might have just added himself to a list of reasons why you didn’t open up.


The thunder was loud and rumbling, the rainy was noisy and relentless, the wind was hollow and nonstop, and they all helped cover up the sounds of him punching the locker and denting it as he cried out himself.


Chapter Text

Ch.25 - The Bends


He didn’t come back this time.


Nor did you expect him to. That was then and this was now. Why would he return when it was a direct issue related to him this time? Bakugou was Bakugou and as much as you tried to tell yourself that he meant it by accident… the way he kissed you and the look on his face afterward made it clear.


He had indeed caught feelings for you and showed them to you by complete accident.


And that terrified you.


How long had he been seeing you that way? And how much longer would it take until he came to hate you? That’s what feelings did. They were intense, passionate, and gave off the feeling of them never going to end.


But they always did. And much like your parents, the enchantment he felt to you one would day fade away when he saw what you were really truly like. And when that day came, he would break you and himself.


You had seen it with your parents. You had known enough about the actual truth of love to know that living happily was something that only occurred in fiction and fantasy. But this was real life. And feelings of infatuation were temporary.


Those who claimed to be in love were nothing more than fools tricking themselves into thinking they were. In reality, love is nothing more than tolerating a person enough to share finances, a home, and maybe a child with.


There was no healing kiss. No staring longingly into the eyes of each other. No ‘me and you against the world’.


In this world, as you had learned, was only you… and the temporary arrival of those who would eventually leave. After UA… it was likely that you’d never see any of your classmates regularly again. They’d all become blurred memories, like the fondness Bakugou would soon feel pass.


Give him time, and he’d realize what his true goals and aspirations were once more.


And so, you lay awake that night, trying to erase the feeling of his lips and the swirling emotions he had created inside of you. Unaware that across the city, he was doing the same thing. And by morning, the two of you had unanimously decided separately to not bring it up or speak of it.


That decision also falling upon the both of you, and thus… things were different that Friday.


Ashido and Yaoyorozu had noticed it first. The pair of your not speaking to one another and even avoiding one another to some extent. By lunchtime, Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari had realized it as well.


You sat with Yaoyorozu that day, not making any sort of conversation. Despite her asking you if you were okay and Ashido coming to sit by the two of you for the last half of lunch as well. You spoke of nothing, and for the most part said nothing, despite how your eyes were no longer partly cloudy but now heavy with rain clouds.


Kirishima attempted to ask Bakugou what had happened after they all left yesterday at lunch as well, but was greeted by him clicking his tongue and then stuffing his face more. Kaminari and Sero exchanging looks and then asking him again if something had happened.


“Nothing happened.” Was his answer. “Nothing worth mentioning to you shits at least…”


And his answer stayed that way for the rest of lunch and then he refused to talk any more about it. It was clear he was angry, but at what or who… no one knew. And it was clear you were detaching your emotions again. As to why though… you wouldn’t speak for most of the day.


But it was clear something did happen. Something between the both of you most likely. Though… neither of you would or were willing to speak on the matter.


They didn’t push the subject further than that. After all, it was so unlike the both of you to awkwardly push it aside with disconcerted expressions and closed off body language. And thus, whatever had happened, seemed to be staying just between the pair of you.


It wasn’t just the members of the Bakucrew who were not hearing the thoughts of the pair of you either, neither of you said much on the topic, rather instead avoiding it and attempting to pretend like nothing had happened.


You both knew you had a deal to fulfill, and a deadline that would approach sooner than either of you knew. And thus, with feelings pushed aside, you both continued on in this awkward and tense state for a week. Still meeting up for practice in both breakdancing and ballet, only now having less of a calm and collected feeling around it all.


And from the observers of your dance, it was clear that the way you both interacted with each other was off now as well. Before it had been as if your personalities and bodies were in sync with one another, like two parts unable to work alone finally having been able to work and flow in perfect production.


But now, the gears of your relationship was rusted and with every movement, an eerie and grinding noise would come and make the silence seem that much more deafening until another crack of worn parts would blast the silence away.


“I think we should call it good for tonight…” Kaminari had brought up the statement, unusual for him.


You and Bakugou parted from each other at his words, reaffirming the distance between one another as the others agreed. The look of isolation, blame, and detachment from not only this dance but one another was starting to weigh down on them all as well.


“Okay.” You spoke, rubbing your arms as if they were covered in poison ivy and leaving an unquenched itch on your skin.


Changing occurred in the uncomfortable blackout of noise. No friendly chatter, no laughing, no plans to grab a meal after practice. Nothing… but looking down at the shoes on your feet and hurrying to leave whatever this feeling was.


“We’ll see you on Monday.” Ashido waved slowly as she entered the elevator with Kaminari, Kirishima, and Sero.


You nodded, not saying or moving in any way to bid them goodbye. And once the door shut, it was clear where exactly the feeling was coming from, and how it was boldly clear something did happen. And knowing they were not being told, confided in, or trusted with trying to vent this out or move on from it… hurt in a way they never knew could.


But then again, this was their group. And knowing how two members were suffering, was enough to make them suffer as well.


Your hands gripped the grate tightly, holding back the overbearing feeling consuming your chest. One more hour… you had to make it through one more hour and then you could properly deal with the feeling and also lack of feeling that had come back with a vengeance after… that happened.


“Ready?” Bakugou asked you from down the hallway, his arms crossed.


“Yes…” You muttered, walking toward him and entering the studio. “Let me change first though.”


He nodded, moving to wait by the locker with a dent in it, having looked to been attempted to be fixed, but only able to sort out a bump or two, but the worst of it still visible. Bakugou sat on the floor, not really thinking or looking in anything in particular, nor trying to make sense of his chest.


The feeling was still there… but knowing how he was the cause of this strain and divide, making it for once actually feel bad. Made the usually bubbly and warm feeling instead feeling like it was ripping him apart from the inside out.


You emerged in a more traditional ballet outfit a few moments later and motioned for him to come near. He positioned himself, as usual, hovering his hands just above your waist. It had been touching you this way… that caused him to lose control over his emotions and rational thinking.


“Okay… once more.” You told him, voice detached unlike it had been before all of this.


All through practice this week in ballet, he was uncomfortable. The comfort he had developed through the last month was gone from a simple rushed and sudden kiss. And to make matters worse, his relationship to you was also beyond ruined.


Stupid crush. Stupid feelings. Stupid longing.


He still knew what to do though, but wasn’t as fluid as he had been the last time you both decided to run through the first part of the performance. His grip was soft here, too tight there. You were moving too much, or too little. Your bodies were rigid or too close. It wasn’t going well, everything was off.


Like the first step had been too early and thus had thrown everything off, like an orchestra player who started his tune three seconds before everyone else and the sound was noticeably imperfect.


Neither of you spoke, both knowing what was to come next. The problem was though, thanks to you both being out of sync and the tune in both of your heads being played differently… you were a step ahead of Bakugou and he was a step behind you.


He was still trying to get himself into the position to catch your hand when you had started twirling on a single foot, coming toward him and throwing a hand out to snag you and bring you back to balance.


But instead, you ended up smacking him in the face as he was still trying to stand up straight. And rather than still holding out his hand for you to grab upon, he flew it up to his face in order to soothe the skin that had been slapped accidentally.


Your balance failing as you grasped at the air. Eyes widening as your ankle was pulled further than it ever had before, pushing the top of your foot to lay flat against the hardwood studio floor as something internally snapped.


Bakugou’s hands pulled away from his face as he heard a loud thud, looking to where you had just been at eye level with him and now seeing as you were on the floor. Teeth bared as your eyebrows knitted together, a high pitch noise escaping your lips as you lightly gripped your ankle.


“Shit!” He cursed and bent down to you. “What happened?”


You didn’t say anything, instead motioning to your ankle and sucking in a deep breath. Bakugou looked down at your ankle, seeing how it was bent in a way it was not meant to be bent. But then again, he had pulled a nerve or so before. What you needed was to get back on your feet and stretch it out so the injury would not set in.


“Come on.” He spoke, hovering his hands above yours. “Let’s get you some ice and elevation.”


You took his hand into yours and helped you back up, your sprained ankle in the air as you stood up. He let you go, feeling the need to get the space between you both back. He couldn’t trust himself being close to you after all. He was unstable emotionally… and couldn’t risk what he might do next from his own damn feelings.


“I’ll get the ice, you get to the fucking couch.” He told you, moving to head out of the room.


You nodded through the pain in your ankle, knowing sprains like this would be over in a day or so. But damn did this one hurt… and you couldn’t wait to ice it. Slowly you placed it onto the ground, knowing you had to walk and try to stretch it a bit more as clamping up would not help anymore.


But as you put your weight on the ankle, it collapsed. You braced yourself once more as you fell to the floor. A dropping in your heart happening once more, as the sounds of Bakugou coming back to you.


“What the fuck happened now?” He sterned, sounding mad you were making this more difficult. “Quit being a baby and walk! It's just a sprain!”


He attempting to help you back up and put you on your feet once more, not listening to your mumbling as he did so. And once he let you go and pushed you forward to walk, he watched as once more, you collapsed to the ground.


His mind starting to click on what was happening, shaking his head in disbelief. He padded over softly and looked down at you once more. Tears coming from your eyes and the pain only got worse and worse. Your body practically wrapping itself around your leg as droplets hit your skin and rolled down the knee toward your ankle.


“C-come on… this isn’t fucking funny.” Bakugou was in disbelief. “Get up and walk… i-it’s just a minor sprain.”


Finally, you spoke, looking up at him through tears and fear that had set in from this all. Bakugou’s eyes widening when he finally accepted that this was real and that you were really in pain and terrified of what this pain meant.


“B-Bakugou…. I-I can’t walk.” You lamented to him. “C-call emergencies services… I-I can’t take this pain much longer.”


He didn’t speak, nor did he think. Only following your needy request as he took out his phone and dialed the number he had hoped and strived to never call when it came to dance. But it appeared… that many things he thought he’d never have to do were actually starting to happen.


He just wished that they would have been things of greatness and not ones that made him realize how truly unfavorable everything had become.

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Ch.26 - Apomakrysmenophobia


The busy noise of the hospital room was a change compared to the quiet of your home or the peaceful noise of your school. You could barely sit in bed and watch the TV without hearing someone dashing down the hallway.


You supposed that what happened when you were in the emergency care unit, seeing as your examination results were still waiting to be seen. Your body hooked up to an IV bag filled with some magical drug that was making all the pain down in your foot feel like nothing but tingles.


You were glad though, seeing as the amount of pain you had been in from the time the accident had happened, getting into the ambulance and then rushed inside on a gurney was enough pain for you for probably a year.


It had been only one night since you were brought in. You ended up spending the night at the hospital and apparently, the nurses had already done the obligatory calls. One to Moscow. One to Seoul. And one to UA.


Looks like you were getting three visits or check-ins for sure… seeing as both parental figures and your teachers would need to check in at some point. You were more so curious about how each would check in with you though, rather than who was coming to check in.


You knew Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei would for sure be coming in before class today… just to see how things were looking and to see how you were doing as well. By the time they got here, your results should be in as well.


But as for your parents… they could go either way. They both might jump ship and come back to Japan… or all they might do is dial your phone number due to their schedules. You couldn’t blame them either way and also had no preference either way.


On one hand, it had been months, almost a year since last Christmas since you had seen either one of them and wanted some kind of comfort here. On the other hand, with them both here, even if you were in a hospital… that wouldn’t stop them from fighting.


After all… this wasn’t the first time you had gotten hurt or injured when they were not around. Back then though, during your first year in middle school… it had been a pulled muscle near your knee and you had to stay off it for a week or so.


Despite this though… the amount of yelling and below-the-belt names called toward one another… you found yourself blaming yourself for getting hurt. If you hadn’t… they would have never needed to see one another and this never would have happened.


And thus… you worried about what would happen if they did decide to act as responsible parents first and put their careers on second for you. You didn’t want to think any more on it though, seeing as you were feeling your eyes burn with tears again.


Lucky for you, it appeared now was the time that your wonderful teachers (and to some extent you guardians currently thanks to the absence of your parents) walked in. Aizawa looked exhausted, as if he didn’t sleep the night before, but was still here nonetheless. Next to him stood Yamada who looked like he got all his hours of beauty sleep and then some. In between the pair though, much to your shock was a small white haired girl.


She hid timidly behind Aizawa, red eyes looking at you. A child? Did Aizawa-sensei have a daughter this entire time and you never knew?


“Hey there, kiddo.” Yamada spoke, bringing you away from your thoughts of the small girl. “Sorry for the 7 am wake-up… how’s the leg feeling?”


He was treading lightly, no doubt having a flashback of his own on this situation. Yamada pulled up a chair and sat in it beside your bedside. Aizawa came to the other side, the small girl looking at your wrapped leg with interest.


“It’s fine… the doctors woke me up around 6 am for a routine check-up anyway plus some x-rays… the results should be back any minute.” You told them, trying to focus on their question right now.


“How did it happen?” Aizawa wasted no time in asking what you knew Yamada was trying to ask more calmly about.


You sighed, shaking your head slowly. “Not how you think it happened…”


“So… not breakdancing then?” Yamada sighed in relief. “Thank God… and here I thought our warning wasn’t taken lightly…”

“She still is in a hospital waiting for results while hooked up to an IV drip making her stable and not feeling any pain… how is this any better for, what I assume, to be a ballet incident?” Aizawa scolded his partner more than you.


“Calm down Shouta.” Yamada rose his hands in defense. “You know that tone scares both me… and Eri!”


Aizawa blinked, looking to the small child who looked to be entertaining herself with counting the flowers imprinted on her pink dress. No fear or anything since no attention was on her it appeared.


Aizawa sighed though, seeing as the head teacher he should talk to you a bit more… but he also knew it would be hard with his daughter and partner here and distracting him. And so, he gently tugged Eri toward Yamada.


“Go bring her to daycare… I’ll meet you at UA when all is done here.” He told his partner.


Yamada rose a brow. “You sure? I can stay if-”


“No… Fukukado will let me hear no end to it if Eri is late…” Aizawa deadpanned, and Yamada seemed to understand.


“Alright, whatever you say. I’ll see you soon hopefully, (Last Name).” Yamada spoke to you one last time before grabbing Eri’s hand. “Come on, how about you let Daddy buy you some hot cocoa before daycare?”


“But daddy… dad said we can’t have sugar until after lunch.” Eri spoke, motioning to Aizawa.


“Oh hush… it’s ‘ no rule ’ time right now, kiddo!” Yamada chuckled and then he was gone.


You didn’t ask questions about this new revelation into Aizawa and Yamada’s personal lives… seeing as they must have kept it a point to keep their personal lives and privates ones as separate as possible.


“So… it was a ballet accident then.” Aizawa motioned to your leg. “How did it happen?”


“I slipped.” You told him. “Bakugou tried to grab me, but I had hit him when it happened and his reflexes were not fast enough from his instinctual action to cover his face.”


“I see…” Aizawa drawled off, looking to the side to see a doctor walking in.


His face looked grim, and with a sigh, he stood before both you and Aizawa. He rose a brow at the scruffy man who looked nothing like you. You nodded to the doctor, silently telling him it was okay to speak with Aizawa in the room. The doctor went along with it without question, you assuming his shift was in the double digits by this point now.


“So… we have the results back from the scans, x-rays, and other standard tests we did based on what (Last Name) told us it felt like and what caused it.” The doctor began, handing a sheet to Aizawa.


You inhaled slowly, internally crossing your fingers for something good. But seeing as Aizawa’s face grew dark and his eyes wide, you could feel your hope for a brand new and good day fading quickly.


“Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Surgery?” Aizawa breathed out slowly.


A deep unsettling feeling came from your chest at the words just spoken, your brain temporarily missing the doctors reply to Aizawa and only coming back as the medical expert started to go into details.


“I know the word surgery, especially for UA dance students is scary… but this isn’t as bad as you assume it will be.” He started off. “It’s an outpatient surgery and we’d like to do it tomorrow or the day after and then have (Last Name)-san home that very same evening following surgery.”


“What are the risks for it…?” You asked him, worry filling your heart and head.


The doctor smiled toward you. “Well if you are worried about your career, no need to worry. Within a few months, you’ll be back on your feet with a stable and strong ankle and ligaments if everything goes right.”


“...If they go right?” You breathed out, showing the strain and worry consuming you over this.


“Things should go right, we have a pretty good rate of success here. Plus you are young and your injuries tend to heal much faster than someone older than you doing the same thing.” The doctor told you.


He walked you through the rest of it all: how long the surgery would take, how you would need someone to take you home directly after the surgery, and of course have people come and check in on you often to make sure everything was a success.


Aizawa asked a few questions as your temporary guardian and soon enough your teacher and your doctor were exchanging thanks and then only Aizawa was left in your room. He could tell by your face you were terrified, but from what he had heard the doctor say… this was a good thing.


“It’s not ruined.” He spoke gently, using the chair Yamada had been sitting in and now sitting beside you. “Your ankle had been worn down from years of pulling and stretching. It happens often to teens. Your bodies change and grow, and sometimes that means muscles tear without any real reason.”


“Are you sure?” You asked him, fear in your voice like a thick stench.


“I’m positive, in fact… I’ve seen several students have this surgery.” Aizawa spoke. “And judging by how they are active in the dance field now after graduation and after surgery… I think you’ll still find success.”


You shook your head to him, Aizawa blinking as you explained to him your true worries about this surgery.


“I know I’ll be fine in the long run, sensei…” You whimpered, tears dripping from your eyes. “But… but I’m worried about the now! I-I have a promise I need to fulfill. I promised Bakugou… and Kirishima, and Ashido, and Kaminari, and Sero that they all could rely on me. The dance competition is in four months! What if… what if I let them down ‘cause I was too in my own head about what happened?”


You inhaled sharply, suddenly unraveling in front of your teacher. All he could do was watch in shock at you. He had not been expecting this, and yet… here it was.


“I messed up… I distanced myself all because of a stupid little kiss. I always assumed that if I kept my feelings separate, then I would not hurt people… but even so, I’m hurting people. I… I never wanted this! I… I don’t want to let people down. I- I don’t want to hurt people…”


Aizawa sighed, seeing now how his poor judgment had made this case worse on you. His decision to make you perform a pas de deux originally was because he thought you’d grow further from the having other people around you.


But now, he saw how desperately you had strived to go along with his words so you’d pass. You had made a deal with Bakugou, forcing you both to do something out of your comfort zone. And while he wasn’t sure about this ‘kiss’ mentioned, he had a feeling it had been the breaking point between you both and how in a similar fashion… you both kept things internalized until you couldn’t anymore and lashed out in some way.


Bakugou’s was in a sudden empowered rage. Yours was to break down.


“I’m sorry.” Aizawa spoke to you, shaking his head. “I see my mistake.”


You blinked, looking at your teacher was teary eyes. He sighed, getting up from his seat and looking at the time. You didn’t even have time to ask him what he was talking about before he started heading toward the door himself and muttering out parting words that shocked the tears into stopping.


“I see the damage my lack of guidance has done. Therefore… I will revise my idea for your final project. So for now, assume the pas de deux is no more. I’ll get back to you when I can about what you’ll need to do. Most likely after surgery.”


Aizawa was gone in the next moment, saying he’d send someone over after classes today to give you work and would speak to you again once the surgery was over. Then everything was strangely silent, leaving your ears to buzz.


No more pas de deux?


What would have made you thrilled to hear two months ago no longer brought you anything? Instead, it made you feel empty, hollow... like this emotion was one that caused the destruction of the guilt that had been consuming you moments ago.


No more pas de deux… meant no more deal. No more breakdancing. No more after school sessions. No more lunch time fun. No more Kaminari, Ashido, Sero or Kirishima.


No more Bakugou.


Your breath hitched as another teardrop fell from your eye, running down your cheeks until it hit the blanket. The same blanket you currently were gripping tightly as this realization sunk in more and more.


Without the pas de deux… you truly had no reason to be with any of them anymore.


And you… didn’t want that. You… you… you wanted… you wanted to…


A ding from your usually silent phone stopped any further realization of feelings you had suppressed before they had a chance to flourish. The name and message making you inhale sharply and stop the tears again.


Realization placed on hold for you, you picked up your phone and stared at the pixels as you composed yourself. You’d need to do it for yourself more than anything… You’d need to do this so you could focus on the people you wanted to be with. And on the person, you were slightly hoping, would actually come and see you.


But until then… this was your next focus. Despite how much it killed you to think about or consider.


‘Call me - Mom’

Chapter Text

Ch.27 - Trumspringa


Words and rumors traveled fast in a high school setting. Hushed whispers and shocked looks crossing the faces of everyone who noticed the absence of the ballet prodigy and how the teachers were already aware of her absence on this morning.


The ideas ranged from anywhere of her being sick to having been taken as a hostage and held for ransom. Only a few knew the truth though, and only one peer knew why she was gone. His ears doing his best to ignore the comments made as well as not listening to the little voice inside of his head that was telling him off.


‘You were stupid and reckless! This is what happens when you decide to explore more than you were meant to.’ His inner voice told him, the graphite of his pencil snapping from the pressure. ‘It was foolish to think you could be as gentle and sweet required for someone to fall in love with you… and now, because of it, you hurt her.’


Bakugou sucked in a breath, trying to finish writing down the date on the top of his notebook. But now it looked as if the eight had become a nine from where he snapped the graphite.


“Are you okay today, bro?” Kirishima asked, sensing the emotions Bakugou had been displaying all week had gotten worse this morning.


Bakugou didn’t answer, glad that Aizawa was on time to class today and called attention to the front of the class before Bakugou could even consider if and how he should respond. Everyone fell quickly into their seats and their teacher knew he should share a little bit of information on the current state of their ballerina peer.


“As I’m sure you’ve all seen, (Last Name) is out today.” He started, looking out among the students and, as expected, saw an ash blonde not looking up at him like the eighteen others. Aizawa sighed, right in his thinking that Bakugou would be too ashamed with himself to even handle the situation, let alone mention it to anyone else.


He’d have to talk to him later… as the boy had made light strides since he teamed up with (Last Name). But now that her pas de deux was over… he’d have to find another way to help and grow him further into the person Aizawa knew Bakugou was capable of being if he was pushed in the right direction.


But before he could do that… he needed to figure out how to help (Last Name). As she was truly doing much worse. Not only was she needing surgery… but now, she was falling apart with the ideas of ruining relationships by her injury.


There were too many burdens to bear and Aizawa was only one tired teacher… he wanted to help them each… but not even he was superhuman.


With a sigh, Aizawa spoke once more. “(Last Name) was in an accident last night. She’s currently in the hospital awaiting surgery on her ankle.”


The noises of gasps and hitched breath were expected, as was the immediate silence that followed it. Aizawa’s black eyes looking back out, and seeing facial expressions matching the vocal reactions.


But Bakugou’s stood out again. Even from across the room, Aizawa could see how he viciously was biting his lip, held his head down so his locks covered his eyes and how tightly his hands gripped his desk. The whites of his knuckles seen to the teacher.


“I visited her this morning, and she said she’s open to visitors before her surgery tomorrow, but to let her know in advance if you plan to stop by.” Aizawa drove on, then pointed to the schedule. “Now, onto the schedule for today. Yamada-sensei plans to start a new unit in English, this one on…”


The rest of Aizawa’s usual speech about the daily activities were lost on nearly everyone. After all, having just been told one of their own was hurt and in pain in both the physical, mental and emotional sense left a lot of strain on everyone else as well.


Unaware that (Last Name) wasn’t the only one who wasn’t doing well… but unlike her, the male was here and much better at hiding what was stirring beneath the surface.




The free period was lacking in the usual calm and euphoric feelings that would often come from twenty teens trying to catch up or get ahead on their work. Today, it appeared no one wanted to stay in the classroom, as the empty space was really making it hard to be among it for more than needed and required them all the be in the room.


“What if we did this instead then?” Mina mumbled, as Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero heard out her idea now.


The four were all sitting in a small circle in an empty clubroom. The room having been given to them by Yamada-sensei when the teens asked for a space to work privately and not be interrupted.


The blonde teacher understood their phrasing and wished them luck with their dance brainstorming and tossed them a key to a room that wasn’t used as the club had disbanded last year.


“Yeah… that actually might work!” Kaminari snapped his fingers.


“And it makes sense too… since she hasn’t been announced yet.” Sero nodded. “It’ll work well!”


“We just need Bakugou to agree to it now then.” Kirishima sighed. “Might be hard since he’s been so… disgruntled today.”


Mina waved him off. “I’m sure he’d just been concerned about (Last Name) and our competition deadline!”


“Are we sure she’ll be ready to go in four months though?” Sero thought about it for a minute. “I mean… ankle injuries are usually really bad… especially for a dancer.”


“It only took me three months after I broke my elbow before I was back at it.” Kaminari spoke, moving his formerly broken elbow like new.


“An elbow is one thing… but a leg…” Mina sighed, glancing at her phone with golden eyes blinking slowly. “Let’s just wait and see how bad it is when we visit (Last Name) after classes today.”


“Did she say we could?” Kirishima asked the secret pink haired female.


Mina nodded holding up her phone to show the text messages. “She said she’d love it. Aside from us and Yao-Momo, no one else is going to visit.”


“Bakugou didn’t reach out then?” Kaminari groaned. “For a guy with a crush… he sure is bad at having it.”


“Well… whatever was up between them before all this seems to still be present.” Sero leaned back in his chair. “I wonder what is up with them…?”


The chance to talk more about it disappeared as the door to the tiny room opened and the final member of the dance crew who was here today walked in. Bakugou’s lips were in a deep frown, but it seemed he did get Kirishima’s message about meeting here to talk things over and plan for the future.


“Oh great! You made it!” Kaminari slammed his hands against the table. “Ashido thought of a great idea for the competition!”


“Awe come on, Kami.” Mina chuckled. “It’s not that great.”


“It was better than anything we three came up with.” Sero complimented her as well.


Mina tried to push the compliment aside again, but Bakugou seemed to have been louder then her saying her next few words. His tone harsh and broken, anger and frustration present, and the words he spoke being ones the other never expected him to say to them.


“We’re disbanding.”


The silence grew and then erupted into an angry outburst and the sounds of chairs being slammed into the ground and numerous hands slamming against the wooden table as shouts sprayed from lips.





“You can’t be serious, Bakugou!?”


“Dude, what are you thinking?!”


The tension of Vindicous seemed to be growing worse and worse as well, especially with this latest declaration from their once assumed ‘fearless leader’.  Bakugou’s lips shook, but he stood firm with the angered look in his usual anger swirled scarlet hues.


“You fuckers heard me… we’re done.” He threw his hand as if he was stating something unchangeable. “This was a stupid idea from the start, and it's been distracting all of us on why we came to this shit school in the first place!”


“You don’t just get to decide when to flip the switch though!” Kaminari yelled back.


“Just cause (Last Name) is hurt doesn’t mean we have to jump ship either!” Ashido was just as angry. “We have a plan! One that will work if you gave us the time of day!”


“Ashido… Kaminari.” Kirishima warned them, sensing that this was something else… something he didn't know but was obvious Bakugou did.


The straw blonde and the faux-blonde calmed down, but still held angered emotions inside of them. Sero seemed to want to help Kirishima defuse this situation further and spoke up himself in an attempt to help the redhead.


“Bakugou… I know you’re probably thinking for (Last Name) and her injury… but we don’t know how bad it is yet. We're planning to see her after class today. Why don’t you come with us and we can all figure this out together with her and see if we are really screwed or not?”


Sero flashed Bakugou a supportive smile but was soon wiped away as the ash blonde turned on his heel and now had his back facing them. Bakugou’s fists tightening until his knuckles turned pale once more and he let out a deep and broken breath.


“I have nothing to say to her… and she doesn’t have anything to say to me.” He growled, grabbed the doorknob. “So there’s no point in going to see her.”


“Bakugou!” Kirishima called out, only to have the door slammed in his face.


The sounds of stomping feet carried away and left the room in silence once more, this time with them all feeling less thrilled about it then they had moments before. Now, the silence clung with a sense of dread and like it really was the end.


Without Bakugou… what was Vindicous?


It certainly wasn’t what it was without him. And they all knew that. As to why he suddenly was dropping all this, no one knew. But in the way, he spoke, and how set in his mind he was… it was clear something had happened they were all unaware of.


Despite their unawareness though, it was clear it had something to do with Bakugou, (Last Name), whatever had caused the strain in the first place… and now an assumption that this strain was what might have caused… the ankle injury in itself.


But with Bakugou, not talking… it meant there was only one other person who could enlighten the four of them as to what happened. And thus, as the four made concrete plans to visit you after classes… they also decided to ask you exactly what had happened.


And while they knew to tread lightly with you, as they knew you were in a much worse state… they couldn’t stand being in the dark any longer. They may have promised to stay out of the way when it came to how your and Bakugou’s relationship progressed… but it was clear now that someone needed to step in and help soothe the pain that had come in and forced itself in awkwardly.


This wasn’t just for them and their dreams and desires. This wasn’t because they wanted to give up on break dancing as their leader had. This wasn’t because they were stubborn and had learned it from their leader.


This was because they couldn’t stand this any longer. Couldn’t stand him and you being so unhappy. No matter what had happened between the pair of you and how this ankle injury had come to be… they would make this right.


The four of them might not be the most clever, but if they excelled at anything more then you or Bakugou did… it was their ability to understand and empathize with others. And thus… they’d use their abilities to the best they could… and would make this right.


For Bakugou and you. The friends they loved and wanted to see back to normal.


For the pair that had made them realize in their own way… how lucky they were to have them. And now, it was finally time to repay and show this admiration and love.


For the sake of it all… but most importantly: for the sake of their friend’s happiness and no longer having this strain create further divides then it already had.

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Ch.28 - Moriturism


“I hope she’ll like these…” Ashido muttered, rearranging the bouquet again.


“She’ll love it, Ashido! So relax!” Kaminari spoke, annoyed as this was the fourth time Ashido had asked about the flowers.


Ashido puffed out her cheeks, pink hair bouncing as she bumped into Kaminari and shutting him up as well.


“Careful with the flowers… don’t go ruining them before we even have a chance to give them to her!” Sero warned, Kaminari and Ashido blinking in realization and nodding.


As the group of four approached the local hospital, making sure to be quiet and polite as there would be plenty of sick people present and in need of respectful attitudes, the doors to the facility opened up and a familiar figure was exiting.

“Yaoyorozu!” Kirishima held up a hand, the tall girl smiling at her classmates as she approached.


“Kirishima-san… and the usual bunch as well it appears.” She greeted. “Glad to see (Last Name)-san will have a bit more company today.”


“How is she?” Ashido asked, not even attempting to hide her worry.


Yaoyorozu giggled. “She’s doing fine… but… it’s obvious she’s worried for tomorrow. Though, I’m sure you all will be able to bring her some comfort.”


“Did she get all the work from today?” Sero asked, seeing Yaoyorozu nod.


“Yes, I dropped it off and we actually did the homework for today together already.”


“Oh man…” Kaminari whined. “I’m jealous… wish I could have you as my study buddy.”


“Perhaps next time, Kaminari-san.” Yaoyorozu lightly patted his shoulder. “But now I should get going… mother is having guests tonight and she wishes for me to make an appearance so she may brag.”


Yaoyorozu looked a bit tired about this statement but soon was back to smiling and waved her classmates a goodbye. And now with her parting words and good spirits, it only made the other teens feel ready to see you and make you smile.


Soon enough they were inside the hospital themselves. Kirishima and Sero approaching reception and asking for the room you were in. The nurse at the front pointing towards an elevator and then was thanked by the pair of boys.


Ashido was messing with the flowers again, seeing as she wanted them to look perfect for you. It was her way to wish you health for tomorrow after all, and Kaminari now was also helping make them look perfect.


“Fourth floor, room twenty-three.” Sero told the other two as Kirishima pressed the elevator button.


Soon enough the group was exiting the lift and looking for the room where you would be staying. As they walked past the reception and waiting area on this floor, they passed by a gather disgruntled man.


“I told you… nothing today.” He sterned into his cell phone. His foot tapping and his suit more expensive than a month’s rent on a low budget apartment letting the teens know to not bother him. He seemed to be in a heated argument with whoever was on the other end of the line.


Soon though, they came to your room and looked inside. You were sat up in bed, looking through what appeared to be the notes from class today. Kaminari knocked softly and you turned to look towards the noise.


“Oh hi!” You greeted, waving them all in. “I’m so happy to see you all.”


You were not lying, the way you put your things on the side and gave them your full attention was enough for them to see how bored and lonely you must have been today.


“These are for you.” Ashido spoke. “From all of us… we thought it would be nice to have a memento from us since you’ve been so lonely in this little sterile room.”


“I’ve been alone… but I wouldn’t say lonely. I’m usually not ever lonely.” You chuckled, inhaling the scent of the flowers and smiling softly. “These are so pretty… thank you.”


“How’s the ankle doing… we heard it hasn’t been too good.” Kaminari asked and you hummed, looking down at it sadly.


“It’s not hurting too much right now, mostly thanks to the heavy amounts of medicine I’m on… but I’ll need surgery for it. Tomorrow… is that surgery.”


It was silent for a moment, and though knowing he might be out of line, but knowing it needed to be asked… Kirishima decided to make the sacrifice.


“Can I ask how it happened?” The redhead breathed out slowly. “I- If that’s okay…?”


Your face fell and with a slow and sad nod, you spoke. They must be curious and tired of being left out… so you might as well let them know. He clearly didn’t tell them… but unlike him, you had a more easily manipulated guilty consciousness.


“I tripped… and he couldn’t catch me in time.” You breathed slowly. “It was my fault though… I accidentally smacked him in the face as well, so… Bakugou really had no chance to catch me before I damaged myself beyond what either of us expected.”


Silence again, the idea that this all was from a mess up between you and Bakugou finally being confirmed. And before any of them could say or ask anything more… you seemed to have gone on autopilot.


“It really was my fault for this mess before this injury as well too.” You laughed pitifully. “I like him a lot… and yet, the moment he kissed me it scared me to death. So I pushed him away and forced this distance between us that only got worse.”


“He kissed you?!” Kaminari harshly spoke in a whisper like it wasn’t just spoken at a normal volume.


“Yes… I don’t think he realized he did it until after the fact… but I still punished him for it. And now… now he won’t even come to see me, huh?” You covered your face with your hands, refusing to cry and thus snuffing out the tears before they could brim.


“I messed up… I really really messed up.” You whined, heart feeling like it was ready to burst from your chest. “I don’t know what to do with my own feelings or what they might be… and before I even give myself the chance to settle them or figure them out… I’ve already set them ablaze. Trapping myself further into this… this state of isolation!”


Before you could continue, Kirishima was speaking. Everyone shocked he was speaking, seeing as they didn’t know what to say to this. You had pretty much said you liked Bakugou as well… but like him… had no idea you did or at least didn’t want to for fear of what it meant.


“He’s not dealing with this well either!” Kirishima told you. “He… he disbanded Vindicous because he thinks it's his fault and doesn’t want to fucking let you or any of us down! And he’s not here right now cause…. Cause… cause he’s an idiot !”


“Kirishima…” Sero blinked, having not seen his red-haired friend get so heated before.


“Kiri…” Mina spoke, gently placing a hand on his slightly trembling arm.


Kaminari tapped his foot, then snapped his fingers as an idea popped in his head. “If this just some giant misunderstanding… then how about we bring Bakugou here tomorrow? You two can talk it out and everything will be as good as new!”


“Kaminari!” Ashido harshly whispered, knowing things were much more complicated than that.


“That’s nice of you to offer… but I doubt he’d want to see me anymore.” You chuckled pitifully. “If he doesn’t already… he’ll come to hate me soon. That’s how it’s meant to be…”


“Hate you?” Sero gave you a confused look. “He hates himself right now… there’s no way he’d place this blame onto you.”


“Do you want to see Bakugou?” Kirishima asked you, seeing as you sheepishly nodded to him.


Kirishima inhaled a breath. “Okay… we'll bring Bakugou with us tomorrow then.”


You blinked, looking back up at them all, seeing the same matching looks of determination on their faces. They all looked serious about this, now since they had a faint idea of what had happened and what caused this disastrous situation to rise in the first place.


Before anyone said any more though, someone came walking back into the room and ruined the entire mood with him just opening his mouth and speaking as if he expected you to be the only one in this room. You had been when he left and thus assumed that was still the case when he came back.


“Sorry, that took so long… the secretary apparently doesn’t know what do not disturb means-” The well-dressed businessman your peers had seen when they entered the hospital spoke, pausing when he saw the group of four standing around your bed and a vase of flowers resting in your lap.


The man, who had a similar shade of color in his eyes as you did, chuckled softly. “My my… you’ve certainly become popular, (Name).”


“Papa.” You muttered, the man coming forward and taking the flowers into his hands and inhaling the scent slowly.


“Hmm… the last of the season.” He spoke softly. “They always smell so nice, especially since we won’t have fresh flowers for another few months.”


You sighed, looking towards your classmates. “You’re being rude, Papa. Introduce yourself and stop making everything so awkward.”


He chuckled and turned to your peers, flowers still in his hands and a smile on his face. “My apologies. I’m (Last Name)-san, (Name)’s father. It's nice to meet you all. I assume you’re classmates of my daughter.”


“Y-yes sir!” Kirishima straightened up, the others following suit.


This guy sure was different than the annoyed looking one they had seen in the hallway before they come into your room. He seemed so serious, stiff, and professional, now acting happy, kind, and soft from how he held the flowers.


“I’ll let you kids finish up and will go and find a proper vase for these beautiful flowers.” He spoke, moving towards the door. “Oh um… stay lit, fam.”


You inhaled sharply at your father’s attempt to be ‘ hip and cool ’ and soon enough he was gone again. As a big music executive… he needed to stay up on the trends and what the kids liked… but the amount of cringe it brought you to hear your father say those things… was worse than the pain in your ankle.


“Your dad is sooo cool…” Kaminari breathed, seeming to be the only one slightly impressed by your old man.


“He’s not… I swear.” You breathed out. “He’s trying to be relatable, but forgets he’s a forty-year-old man…”


“He seems nice though.” Ashido commented. “And very into those flowers…”


“His family used to own a flower shop before he made it big with his studio… so you could say he gets a bit nostalgic whenever he sees any flowers. He actually would leave my mother a single pink rose after all of her performances when they went to UA together… now he leaves dead ones whenever he sees her…”


The tension in the room grew back in a second, the minds of everyone seeing how that was possible since your father appeared to have two dominating personality traits… one being strict and the other being mellow… only ever showing one or the other to those he believed deserved to see one side over the other.


For now, and hopefully forever… it appeared they were all on his good side.


“He’s a K-Pop producer, so he’s got to be a little quirky.” Sero laughed and eased the tension a little bit.


“Anyway, I think we should start to get going.” Kirishima informed you, seeing how the sun was starting to get low in the sky. “We’ll stop by tomorrow after your surgery if you want!”


You nodded. “Yes, I’d love to see some familiar faces. Especially since my father is planning to leave tonight. So I’ll be by myself tomorrow.”


“He’s not staying until after the surgery… to make sure you’re okay?” Ashido whispered, eyes blinking slowly and looking melancholy for you.


“The world of music production doesn’t slow down… I was lucky he put a single day aside for me because this was so out of the blue. I mean… my mom called me and we talked for an hour… but she couldn’t get off. So… I was really lucky this time for him to have been able to come even for half a day.”


It was sad… seeing as you had just accepted that your parents would not take any time off for you. Despite your injury and the idea of a surgery… they couldn’t put aside two days to take care of you in person.


You smiled softly, but from how your lip quivered… it was obvious you were putting on a smile for the sake of your peers, your parents, and to some extent yourself as well. Your statement from earlier coming back, each wondering if you were truly lonely or if you just didn’t know you were.


“We’ll be back tomorrow.” Kirishima told you. “And we’ll bring Bakugou too… I promise.”


Your eyes softened at Kirishima and you nodded to him. “Thanks… but don’t feel like you have to fulfill anything. It sucks more to have a promise broken than to have never had one been made, y’know?”


Ashido shook her head. “We’re not going to break this one, okay! We’re going to get him here… and we’ll make sure you two talk! Just like you want!”


You blinked, eyes wide now and not hiding the emotions you felt within them. Raw and unfiltered shock and then unsure belief in them at their promise to you. Slowly you closed your eyes once more and nodded to them.


“Alright then… I hope to see all five of you tomorrow then.” You spoke, a single tear dropping from your eye without you noticing or caring at this moment.


This promise felt different… like this one would actually come true. That they didn’t make it just to calm you or keep you quiet… that they had the actual intent to keep it. Like their words held more than just noise in them.


“Rest up!” Sero flashed you a smile. “You have a big day tomorrow.”


“Make sure to eat some good food tonight! Since you won’t be later!” Kaminari chuckled.


“I’ll tell Yao-Momo about the plan to come here again tomorrow after class!” Ashido winked towards you. “She’ll want to come too I’m sure.”


“We’ll all see you tomorrow, ‘kay?” Kirishima pat your back. “Bakugou too. You have my word… our word. Until then… rest up.”


You nodded to them once more, closing your eyes as the sounds of their feet shuffled away. And when your eyes opened once more you were greeted by an empty room once more. But unlike before… this time… it truly didn’t feel as empty as it had before.


Now… it felt like it would be filled again soon. And the mere idea brought a smile to your face.

Chapter Text

Ch.29 - Anchorage


The morning was a hassle. From your father having left you in Aizawa’s care to get back home after your surgery to Aizawa coming before your surgery to say he’d pick you up after dinner to take you back home and to Yaoyorozu showing up an hour before your surgery to give you the materials from the day… nothing seemed to calm you.


Soon enough though, you were put under and within a few short hours, woke up once more to the familiar room you had been staying in with more numbness and fog in your head than days before. An ankle and foot suspended up and a cast wrapped around it so it would heal properly.


A nurse was in the room when you had woken up and after a long speech from your doctors about a successful surgery and how everything was looking fine and that within three hours you’d be dismissed to go home… he and the nurse were gone.


The room didn’t stay silent or empty for long though, as suddenly your guests who had been waiting were allowed in and they practically stormed you.


“She lives!” Kaminari wiggled his fingers in a way that made you chuckle weakly.


“Yes… I’m still alive by a miracle. Who knew ankles surgeries were not risky for your life…” You spoke with a smile on your features, Kaminari chuckling at your pathetic joke.


“You look pretty tired though…” Sero smiled sadly at you. “Rough surgery?”


“I don’t remember a thing… only a needle putting me to sleep in here, and then waking up in here… but now with a boot…”


“Ohhhh! Can I sign the cast, (Last Name)?!” Ashido already had a pen in her hands.


You nodded and watched as she gently started to do so.


“I guess a sleepy surgery is better than one you wake up during… right?” Kirishima tried to lighten the mood and to his luck, it worked as you laughed again.


Soon enough they had all signed your cast and you were smiling down at their names littering your cast. Your eyes cast downward though, seeing as it was four and not the five as had been promised to you.


“Hey Kiri.. do you think Bakugou would want to sign his name in the black or this gold one?” Kaminari asked Kirishima and showed the redhead the pens.


You straightened up upon the mentioning of Bakugou’s name, actually pulling yourself to be sitting up now. Everyone took notice and exchanged a smile. So… you really were excited to see him again, huh?


Well… they might as well enlighten you then and bring the missing member in since he was being a stick in the mud as he usually was. But a promise was a promise and it was time to fulfill it.


“Speaking of Bakugou…” Ashido spoke, seeing as Kirishima tapped Kaminari and Sero on their shoulders, the the trio all turned around and left.


Ashido didn’t bat an eye about this, continuing on as if the boys hadn’t just walked out in unison. “He’s been hovering outside the door… apparently too chicken to come any closer.”


You jumped a little as you heard the sounds of loud protest, hushing, and then the sounds of feet moving in random and someone seeming to be struggling against a mob of others and quickly losing. In the next second, all three boys who had left were back, forcefully pulling a fuming Bakugou in with them.


He was practically dragged in by the three other boys. Apparently, Bakugou’s stubbornness and strength needed three other boys just as fit and stubborn to overpower him. Either way, Ashido stood by the door, giving Bakugou a deadly glare and pointing toward you.


“You said you’d check in on her, man!” Kaminari whined, letting go of Bakugou and throwing his body against the door and blocking the exit. “So do it!”


“I already did, Dunce Face!” Bakugou screamed. “She sounded fine from the damn hallway! So let me out… I did what you all begged and pleaded of me!”


“You promised to talk to her too.” Sero shook his head, joining Kaminari on door duty.


“No getting out of this, Bakugou!” Ashido wailed her arms back and forth! “Now hurry and make up already!”


Bakugou’s eyes twitched. “There’s nothing to fucking make up about!”


“Dude.” Kirishima placed a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder that would not be shaken off no matter how much Bakugou tried to shake it off. “Just talk to her… for five minutes while we get her something to eat, okay? She’s got no one else… you wouldn’t want her to stay in her by herself, would you?”


Kirishima knew Bakugou wouldn’t say no. The redhead sensing the feelings Bakugou had for you were still strong and if he played a little bit at a pang of possible guilt and feelings… he’d give in.


And much to his luck, Bakugou huffed and clicked his tongue… but nodded nonetheless.


“Fine… I’ll make sure she’s not sitting in here alone while you extras get some grub.” He crossed his arms. “Hurry up though… I’m not waiting more than twenty fucking minutes…”


The four of them nodded to him and sprinted out of the room, off to do exactly what was told of them and to leave him and you alone. They had meddled enough for this relationship… now all they could do was hope and pray to some God out there that would listen… for him or she or them… to not let Bakugou and you mess this up and to actually fix it.


It was silent between the pair of you, neither of you having seen one another since Bakugou had helped put you into the ambulance a few nights ago. And now… he was, here again, avoiding eyes contact and seeming to want nothing more than to leave.


“I heard… about Vindicous.” You stated flatly, twiddling your thumbs against the fabric of the blanket.


He shuffled awkwardly. “Yeah…. It was getting in our way too much… distracting everyone from what they wanted to go to UA for.”


He glided his foot against the polished tile, a sneer on his features. Those idiots better not be taking their time… he may have given them twenty minutes, but… it didn’t mean they needed to take the entire time-


“You’re lying…” You spoke barely above a whisper, but due to the low noise in the room, Bakugou heard you as if you had screamed it at him.


“What.” He stated, anger flaring in his voice. “What the hell do you mean by that fucking statement!”


You shook your head. “You told me… remember? You ended up picking music because you couldn’t dance how you wanted to at UA.”


“So…? The hell does that make me a-”


“Because you disbanding Vindicous isn’t because of losing focus on why you came to UA! You said it yourself! You wanted to change UA’s mind on breakdancing! That’s why you started Vindicous with them all!


This… this isn’t you realizing you’re losing focus! That’s just the excuse you’re giving! What really made you do it…. Is because you’re afraid!”


He raised a lip in disgust at you. So this was how it was now, huh? You had time to mull over what had happened and now was ready to rip a new one into him. But if you thought you could yell all the things he already was tearing himself apart over on the inside… you really were going to get one ripped right back into you by him.


“Oh yeah! And what the hell do you, the fucking anti-social, emotionless ballerina think my problem is huh?!”


His words stung, and your own fears seemed to be becoming true… but you didn’t care at this moment. Be it the after surgery bliss and medical high, or because you truly thought he was acting like a moron himself… you had an extra sprinkle of bravery in you.


“I think it’s because you are afraid of letting people down! And of failure, and letting that self image you’ve held so high for so long be damaged!” You were nearly screaming back. “I just know the guy who gripped my collar and told me not to tell a soul about his love of dance, and how he’d be great, would never do this… so this new you… isn’t the you who the others follow… or the you I ended up-”


You paused, not wanting to say it… not when you were sure he had gotten over it.


“This you… isn’t the you who reignited my love of dance.”


Bakugou bit his lip, shaking his head. “Well fucking too bad! That me was the one who made you end up in here! And the one who ruined our fucking relationship in the first damn place!”


He stomped his foot and threw his arms out towards you. “Fucking look at you! You just got out of fucking surgery, (Name)! Cause I messed it up beyond repair!”


Despite the way you enjoyed the sound of your first name slipping from his tongue, you shook your head violently. “Beyond repair? Beyond repair?! I just had surgery to repair it! I’ll have it be good as new and stronger in eight weeks!”


He slammed his mouth shut at this, not realizing this yet. His scarlet eyes wide and you inhaling a sharp breath.


“What?” You calmed down, now that all the frustrations at yourself seemed to be out. “You thought I would never walk again?”


He shrugged. “You couldn’t walk… moron.”


You shook your head. “Well… I’ll be walking again in an hour or so. This surgery apparently is an outpatient one. So… I can walk with a boot tomorrow and for two weeks before its just general wrapping for six more weeks. Doctors said that with a little physical therapy… I can be back to dancing with around two months to spare…”


He wasn’t sure why he was getting significantly less agitated with each word you spoke to him. However with each notion that you would be fine, that this wasn’t permanent and that you still had a career… made him instead start to feel overwhelmed with another emotion: relief.


“Y-you’ll be able to dance again in eight weeks.” He breathed out like he was speaking of a taboo.


“Yes.” You nodded at him. “And after talking to Aizawa-sensei this morning, and Yaoyorozu before you showed up… I’m still doing the pas de deux for my final.”


You pressed your lips together, knowing you’d need to say it. To tell him… after all, this was the reason you and him even got to know one another… and thus, seeing as it was back on with the blessing of both your teacher and partner… you wanted to tell your most precious partner as well, as well as something else if he agreed.


“So… if you’re still interested…” You smiled softly, looking up at him with tears brimming in your eyes. “I still need a partner for it… and you’re the best one I could ask for.”


Bakugou shook his head, hand pressing against his face as he forced his own liquid weakness back. Why… why was this happening again? Did you not learn your damn lesson the first time?


“I dropped you…” He stated with no emotion or volume in his voice.


“I slapped your face.”


“I kissed you.” He breathed out, knowing you had no counter to this.


“I missed throwing my soda can away.”


Apparently, you did, and it was ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact that all the stress and anger at himself bubbled up and released from inside of himself once more. But this time, instead of it being in an angered call or a torturous scream… it was a chuckle.


Then two. Three. Four. Five.


Until he was now forcing his hand over his mouth to suppress the laughter coming from his mouth at your stupid comment. You blinked, caught off guard yourself by this sudden laughing fit from him. He really couldn’t stop himself though, and before he knew it… had come to stand right by your bedside.


His carmine hues opening once more to look at you, now all instances of self-depreciation and loathing having faded. He looked… at peace in some way. Like… a weight had been lifted off him. And you couldn’t help but smile genuinely at him again… like you had before he pressed his lips to yours.


“You still want to dance with me… huh?” He shook his head. “What if I end up breaking the other foot, huh?”


“You won’t.” You shook your head at him. “I trust you. You won’t drop me.”


“I already did though.”


“Because neither of us was feeling our best… because of what happened and because we refused to speak about it. To… move past it.”


He shuffled awkwardly by you. And you grabbed his hand slowly. “I want to talk about it, Bakugou…. I want to move on from this.”


He nodded slowly, moving to connect his hand with your own. There you both stood, touching once more and feeling the familiar comfort return. One neither of you realized how much you missed it until you were embracing it again once more.


“I… I shouldn't have kissed you.” He admitted though it looked like it pained him. “It was rash and stupid… and-”


“No.” You silenced him. “Please don’t feel bad about how you felt in that moment. I shouldn’t have… reacted in the way I did… I just… I just…”


Your voice trailed off, lowering your head as you realized you couldn’t bring yourself to say it. To vocalize all the fears you had about this… about love…. Affection… yourself.


“I’m sorry to have ruined it for you… I understand if you no longer wish to have feelings for me… or if you’ve already lost them.” You breathed out once more, squeezing his hand tightly without even noticing it.


Bakugou was silent, the seconds ticking by as indicated by the analog clock on the wall. The only indicator he was still here and thinking being when he suddenly squeezed your hand rather harshly. It almost seemed as if it was a punishment of sorts.


“Idiot… who said I don’t still like you…”


You inhaled sharply, looking up at him. He coughed slightly, adjusting his jacket and refusing to meet your eyes with the blush he wore on his cheeks. Even so, you couldn’t help but feel your own heart want to jump from your chest and connect with his further.


“You… like me?” You tried the words yourself.


“For God’s sake…” He shook his head, suddenly inching closer to you and looking you dead in the eye. “Yes… I fucking like you.”


He blinked as suddenly his hand was released and your hands grasped onto his cheeks and held him in place close to you. His lips now understanding how something this sudden did indeed shock one to their core.


But he also couldn't resist kissing back either. His entire being: body, soul, and mind exploding with passion as he allowed himself to bask in the glow of this second kiss with you. This time with you both reciprocating it and enjoying it.


He tasted of pepper flakes, and smelled of caramel. You tasted of mint and smelled of apple.


He pulled away from you slowly, allowing reality to come back to you and him once more.


“So… what does that fucking mean then?” He asked you, watching as you smiled sadly.


“It means I like you too… as much as you like me.”


He could sense there was something else though. Something keeping you from actually going forth with your feelings.


“You… don’t want to date me, do you?” He breathed out, sour taste in his mouth at the words.


You shook your head, hand finding his own and pulling him back into the sweetness that was you and everything your mere essence and presence brought to him… and away from the cold reality.


“I… don’t trust myself.” You finally acknowledged it. “I’ve mentioned it before and while I’ve started to try and move on from it… I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll ruin this. That if I were to do this right now… you’ll come to hate me and I’ll come to hate you. And I don’t want that… I don’t want… to hate you, Bakugou.”


He nodded his head slowly, understanding this. You knew it wasn’t what he wanted and knew he might not want this… but he had to know. Deserved to know after all this… and whatever he decided to do, you’d accept. No matter how much it hurt.


“Guess I’m fucking waiting then.”


You blinked, looking at him in shock. “What?”


He gave you a smug look. “You heard me Twinkle Toes. I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone. I’m gonna prove that no matter how long it takes… I’ll always like you and your stupid face. And secondly… I’ll make sure you fucking trust yourself and see that you ain’t gonna make anyone hate ya. Got me?”


“You’re willing to wait for me… until I’m ready to love you back…?”


“That’s what I just said, wasn’t it? Or are you deaf now too?”


You chuckled. “Maybe from all the yelling you do… eventually, I will be. But… no… I heard you.”


“Good… and until then… I guess I’ll have to reinstate our deal.” He clicked his tongue.


“So… Vindicous is back then too?” You smiled softly.


“I don’t see why not… might as well get you to fulfill your end of the deal if I’m going to still dance with your stupid face…”


You hummed. “Sounds like a plan then.”


He chuckled back to you. “Yeah… a good one.”


And then just like that… everything seemed right and rolling in both of your worlds once more. And dare said… even better then they had been before. No more rain, or storm clouds above… only a path that leads off into a blissful scenery for those venturing down it.

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Ch.30 - Chrysalism


“And you’re sure you want this to be your plan for the next six to eight weeks?” Aizawa asked you from where you stood in the teacher's office.


“Yes, sir.” You told him. “I think it would be the best use of my time while I am out of commission! Plus… I have always been curious as to what drives everyone else’s passion.”


Aizawa clicked his pen, nodding to you before signing off on your request. UA required students with injuries making them unable to dance or play music to have a project. And you had just submitted your proposal… and now it was approved.


“You can find the video cameras in the AV club.” He told you, then waved you off.


“Thank you, Sensei!” You told him and then paused. “Oh… and if it's not too much trouble, please tell Eri-chan I said hi!”


Aizawa blinked, watching as you went. He chuckled a moment afterward, seeing as your time with his daughter had definitely made the pair you of your bond when he took you home from the hospital.


A reminder of the sweet albino girl was also on your cast as you made your way down the halls of UA to find the AV room and rent a video camera for the coming weeks to do your product. Along with five other signatures and the promises today of your other classmates all saying they wanted to sign the cast tomorrow during homeroom.


You smiled to yourself, as you thought of how good your first day back had been. Despite the cast and large boot it came with… everyone was kind and welcoming. You felt that despite the accident… ever since you and Bakugou had reconciled, things had been going well once more.


And now, it was time to head to the ‘clubroom’ they were renting out today to get back on track with everything. Video camera tucked safely in your own bag you entered the room and spotted how only one other person was in the room.


He looked up from his phone, seeing you. “Looks like at least one moron is on time…”


“Hey, Bakugou.” You smiled, taking a seat next to him.


“Aizawa-sensei let you go without any kicking or screaming?”


You chuckled. “I’m not you… so yes. No kicking or screaming.”


He bumped his shoulder against yours. “Shut the hell up.”


Soon enough, Kirishima and Ashido had arrived, followed by Sero… and then finally Kaminari (who had apparently ended up in the wrong room and scored some cookies from the baking club). And now with everyone back together, it was time for the important matters to take hold.


“Alright since we’re all back-” Bakugou started, only to see you lift your hand up. “Um… the fuck are you doing?”


“I have something to say.” You told him and Bakugou rolled his eyes.


“Fine… make it quick, Twinkle Toes.” He sighed and sat down next to you once more.


You nodded very matter of factly and then said what you had been thinking about all day.


“We’re all friends right?” You began, looking to everyone.


“Yes?” Kaminari spoke, eating the last cookie.


“Good.” You nodded. “Well… friends have nicknames for everyone. Therefore… I want to use nicknames for you all from now on!”


It was quite the statement, especially from you. But at the same time, most of the people around you, minus a certain grumpy blonde, seemed very happy and delighted by this.


“Oh yes! Yes!” Ashido cried. “I would love a nickname! And… I’ll think of one for you too, (Last Name)!”


You nodded to Ashido. “Wonderful! Well… I guess I should tell you of what my nicknames are… even if they are a bit embarrassing to finally say aloud.”


“Don’t be embarrassed!” Kirishima shouted. “I’m sure they will be manly as well!”


You smiled and rose a finger toward Ashido “Ashi-chan, Kiri-kun, Kami-kun, Ser-kun…. And of course-”


You looked to Bakugou, the male already having an idea of what his would be judging by how the others were. But when you smiled brightly at him, he couldn’t help how his heart squeezed and made him nearly miss what his name from you would be.




He certainly wasn’t expecting that… seeing as he assumed the name would have been ‘Baku-kun’ And now, there was only silence. Only momentarily though, as Kaminari had to say what everyone was thinking.


“It sounds like Goku…”


“Ah!” You cried, looking to Kaminari. “Stop it! I worked hard to come up with these names, Kami-kun!”


“Not hard enough…” Bakugou breathed out, ignoring your protests.


“Well, I like mine!” Ashido comforted you. “And I’ll for sure give you a good nickname as well!”


You smiled towards your friend and she flashed you a smile back. The discussion didn’t go any further though, as suddenly there was a soft knocking at the door. The six of you looking at one another and then shrugging.


“It’s open.” Kirishima spoke up and the door opened slowly.


It revealed a tall ravennette looking in and seeing you all together. You blinked and looked towards your partner. Yaoyorozu smiled gently at you all, but it was clear she had something on her mind as it appeared a tiny bit forced.


“Yaoyorozu?” Sero spoke up. “What are you doing here?”


She seemed a bit bashful for a moment and then looked towards you all once more. “Well… I’d like to speak to Vindicous without anyone eavesdropping…”


The silence that came after that was not as calm and friendly as the one moments before had been. Rather, this one left everyone in a shocked and slightly scared state of silence. Only broken when the leader of said breakdancing crew turned to the rookie and spoke with the angered voice of his everyone knew all too well.


“Did you tell her?!” Bakugou turned to you, more taken off guard about Yaoyorozu’s keen intellect than anything else.


“Of course not!” You told him, looking towards Yaoyorozu who was now shutting the door to the small abandoned club room. “Yaoyorozu… how did you… when did you…?”


The tall female laughed lightly. “I’ve always had my suspicions since the sweatshirt incident a few months back… but it was in the last few months that really seemed to pull my theory together.”


“Awe… the smartest classmate seems to be a detective on the side… huh?” Kaminari tried to play off the situation as a joke, but it didn’t go very well, as no one, not even Mina or Sero laughed.


Instead, the straw blonde was hushed by those around him, as if in a warning to stay quiet and let the female speak as if it would grant them any kind of mercy from her. Mercy it would appear they didn’t need in the first place.


“So… how did you figure it out then?” Kirishima muttered, Yaoyorozu smiling a bit.


“Truthfully I always had my suspicions that it was the five of you from the builds and colors schemes of the Vindicious members… and with (Last Name)-san mentioning a partnership and a deal… as well as rumors Vindicous had a new member since they were entered into the city’s talent competition… I was leaning more and more as to you all being the infamous breakdancers.


But, what did end up telling me… was actually you, Ashido-san.”


Mina blinked, pointing a finger at herself. “M-me?”


She was sure she had not made any sort of mistake or at least nothing big enough to give away that she was the formerly only female member of Vindicous.


“At the hospital… it seems you had forgotten what shade of hair you have-” Yaoyorozu pointed to her fake blonde locks. “-truthfully.”


Mina’s face turned as dark as her dyed locks and with a huff, she pulled off her wig and showed her cotton candy pink locks to her peer.


“Pinky has the same shade, length, and type of hair as you… so I’ve known for sure for about a week… but always had my guesses these last three or so months.”


“And you didn’t tell anyone else?” Sero asked.


Yaoyorozu shook her head. “Not a soul.”


Her lips turned into a knowing smile the moment after she spoke her words. “Much like (Last Name)-san… we rich girls are not always one hundred percent products of our parents.”


With the mentions of hair dye and parents as the current topic, Ashido and the other members of the Bakusquad who were there seemed to have taken notice of another thing that had slipped their mind in their worry for you at the time.


“Oh crap!” Ashido pulled at her pink locks again. “(Last Name)! Your dad saw me with pink hair! And he knows I’m a classmate!”


You shrugged. “He won’t mind… look at who he employees. K-Pop isn't exactly known to keep with ‘ natural ’ colors a lot... so you having pink hair won’t bother him. I doubt he even cares it's against UA’s policy.


As for my mother though… make sure you are a blonde around her… if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her. She’s the one who bribed the PTA to enforce that rule… so, of course, my father took the opposite stance and loves to employee K-Pop stars with unnatural hair colors to spite her…”


Despite sharing another very uncomfortable and slightly worrying fact about your family life… it did bring a sort of relief to the teens. After all… a father who was failing at speaking with the youth would also more than likely not mind a little pink, blue, or green in the hair.


“Well now seeing that all the trouble you idiots caused has finally passed and luckily not cost us anything… lemme ask the newest asshole in on our secret why the hell she is here and telling us now if she didn’t mind keeping her mouth shut before!” Bakugou turned to Yaoyorozu, the same vicious attitude he had shown you at the start now being directed at her.


Before he could speak any further though, or get up from his seat, he was letting out a low grunt as a heavy boot was thrown into his lap. His face turning to look at you, and saw your dark stare… telling him, much like before when this situation was the pair of you, to calm down and back off before he made things worse.


He growled, doing as told. Some part of him thinking this would show you he could be trusted and seen as willing to change for your sake. The other part of him… genuinely wanting to keep up with your good impression of him. Not that he’d admit either… but it was enough for him to click his tongue and keep his mouth shut.


“Despite his foul tongue… I do have to agree with Gou-kun…” You admitted to Yaoyorozu. “But, I trust you like any partner should, Rozu-chan. So tell us why you are here?”


Despite the sudden cute nickname you had given her making the female nearly swoon from her feelings of friendship and happiness, Yaoyorozu kept her usual elegant face and nodded to you.


“I thought… maybe my planning and time management skills would come in handy!” She declared, putting down a large binder. “For both my partner’s sake… and for the people who have made her so happy!”


Everyone looked at the raven-haired female with shock and then growing awe and thanks as she started to speak about the time between you getting your ankle all healed and then the competition and end of year dance.


“So one month and two months each…” Yaoyorozu muttered. “How far have you all come from then?”


Everyone explained you had the basics down as well as the first quarter of the dance, but now might have to be redone in Mina’s idea. You told her of Bakugou’s great lengths with yourself, moving past Kaminari, Mina, and Sero finally getting at that Bakugou was doing ballet with you. That would be a conversation for another day.


“So… (Last Name)-san and Bakugou-san are each the larger worries in each dance.” Yaoyorozu muttered, then snapped her fingers suddenly. “Have you any ideas for other dance yet?”


“I had one… but we were not sure it was going to work.” Mina shuffled in her seat awkwardly.


“What is it?” Yaoyorozu urged the pink haired female to share.


Mina looked down to her hands, but with a reaffirming smile from Kirishima when she looked up, the female decided to share her idea.


“Well… this will be (Last Name)’s first appearance for Vindicous… so, I was thinking we could have her show up halfway through. That way… we all can spend the next two weeks reworking our set, then the next month and a half doing the first half. So when (Last Name) finally joins us again… we’ll have half of it done already and she’d only need to learn half of the dance.”


Mina yelped a little bit as suddenly both you and Yaoyorozu grabbed one of her hands each and looked at her with wide and sparkly eyes.


“That just might work!” Yaoyorozu smiled widely and looked quiet bouncy at this moment.


“You are a genius, Ashi-chan!”


Mina blushed darkly. “I-It’s nothing really! J-just an idea I thought would work!”


It seemed everyone was on board though, which led to the next part- Bakugou and ballet.


“So… the issue here is that Bakugou is still inexperienced and only knows a few moves. Thus… he needs more practice with the basics, but you are unable to teach him.”


“Yes. I know all the moves myself, so I’m not worried about me. So I want to make sure he’s ready… because he’s already putting his neck on the line for me.” You informed her, not noticing Bakugou look at you with a flicker of fondness at your words before it was gone with a clicking of his tongue. All the attention was on the female as she tapped her chin a few times, only to suddenly light up once more. “Any ideas, Rozu-chan?”


“In fact… I think I do have the solution to our problem.” She smiled softly and then looked towards Bakugou. “Or rather, I know of someone who can help Bakugou-san still practice while you recover.”


You looked at her with wide eyes but nodded to your partner. You trusted her… and now with her onboard with everyone… the chances of things succeeding… despite this roadblock, only grew more and more.

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Ch.31 - Silience


You had never been to this part of UA before, seeing as you would always stick to the main building and the dance studios… but seeing as UA had many more buildings all for dances and music production outside of your own expertise, made you curious just what exactly students could get away with… if a little teacher permission was granted.


And thus, you search for this answer had lead you to your own classmate who was not only in a similar situation as yourself but much more rebellious than you could ever be. But seeing as he had a rocky relationship with his father who was also the head of the dreaded UA PTA… you could only assume Todoroki-kun’s strange hair and ice skating practice was him seeing how far his rebellion could go so long as Todoroki Enji got his way in the end.


A prodigy son involved in the dance world… but rather than it being through the same type of dancer Enji had been, it appeared Todoroki was taking after his mother and going after ice skating instead.


So as you opened the doors to the ice rink, you were greeted with the sight of said classmate on the ice and practicing as a slow piano sound started to roll through the speakers positioned high above. Ice scraping against the blades on his feet as he glided back and forth, lifting up a leg and twirling quickly as he moved with precision and grace.


You were left in awe watching him, seeing as he had yet to notice you watching from behind the bleachers near the entrance, and thus was in his own world of uninterrupted focus and passion. Truly amazing… Todoroki was more than likely one of the best dancers in your class, and maybe even better than yourself. He certainly gave off a wave of radiating confidence and skill you knew you could never achieve. Every part of his performance made you unable to look away… as any dancer should be able to do.


The piano suddenly picked up, adding in a tune of guitar, violin, and what sounded to be some light drums as well and Todoroki was going along with it like it was nothing. His body having gone from elegant and civilized to now something more modern and free. It, of course, had no sense of street… since he was on skates, but from the turns and twists he was doing it was clear your peer wanted nothing to do with ordinary skating routines.


“Hmm?” Someone spoke from beside you. “(Last Name)-san?”


You squeaked a little bit, turning to see another classmate of yours in front of you but coming from what appeared to be a hallway towards where you could only assume to be the audio-visual room. His green hair as messy and curly as ever and his eyes blinking slowly as he saw you standing and watching.


“Midoriya-kun.” You breathed out. “Oh goodness… you scared me.”


“Sorry. Sorry.” He apologized and then gave you a curious, if not innocent gaze. “What are you doing here though? It's usually just Todoroki-kun and I.”


You laughed sheepishly, pulling out the video camera from your bag and flashing Midoriya a smile. He blinked, nodding to you and leading you to the best place to set up the equipment in his opinion.


After another minute and a half, the music came to a close and Todoroki returned back to this reality from the one he put himself in during his performance and skated over to where you were explaining your project to Midoriya.


“(Last Name)?” Todoroki spoke, making you turn and wave a little to him.


“Hi, Todoroki-kun.” You spoke. “You were really wonderful out on the ice.”


Todoroki blinked and then smiled softly towards you. “Thank you… I’ve been working hard for my final this semester. Besides that though, I’m curious why you are here?”


You blushed a little darkly, pointing to the setup video camera and how it was pointed toward Midoriya who looked rather uncomfortable. “I was wondering if… you and Midoriya-kun would help me out with my project while I’m out of commission?”


“Project?” Todoroki spoke as if he’s never heard the word before.


You nodded. “I’m making a mini-documentary on why people are here at UA and where their passion comes from. You don’t have to help out, but it would be really appreciated if you did!”


Todoroki nodded slowly, grabbing the camera and pointing it at an even better angle towards his music partner. Midoriya and you both looked taken off guard by this, as the bi-colored male wasn't usually known to jump on board with group things… yet here he was now, wanting to help out.


“T-Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya stuttered as a red light appeared on the camera.


“I’ll record your interview, Midoriya, and then you can record mine.” He spoke, seeing you nod to him.


“Thanks, Todoroki-kun.” You then turned toward Midoriya and smiled softly at him. “Now, are you ready Midoriya-kun?”




You had spent the last few weeks going from one pair of classmates to another. Spending a week with them each in their dual practice period and seeing how exactly they came to decide to want to do this with their lives. Questions they had no doubt been asked by adults all the time, but it had become clear to you that when you asked them, a peer… the question became more weighted and it seemed like an honest answer started to be produced after several seconds of thought.


It had been the case numerous times. You’d ask them all the same set of questions, not directly particularly to music or dance… but themselves and what drove them. The answers thus far were that much more similar at the core than you assumed.


Sure everyone had unique and individual reasons for the joy of their craft… but underneath it all… it was love and adoration of it that made them seek it out. And here they each were now… seeking it out and doing their best to be the best in their own filed through new techniques, sounds, movements, or even visual appearances.


This week alone, you had seen Ojirou and Hagakure’s partnership in a quickstep while their partners in music, Iida and Kouda made just as good of a pair in creating an easy listening and classical mix.


Uraraka was very good in the sounds of jazz, and with Tsuyu’s flexible nature her gavotte was coming along smoothly. Plus it always helped when the two girls were as close as they were.


Speaking of closeness, Midoriya and Todoroki were just as close as the pair of females and it showed in how both males knew what the other was thinking before it was even said. Todoroki’s modern take on ice skating was a perfect match to Midoriya’s modern style of music, mixed with classical elements. Creating a perfect orchestra of ice skating harmony between the two.


Shoji & Tokoyami were the interpretation pair. Tokoyami wearing all sorts of animal designs, especially bird masks for some personal reason and using Shoji’s folk music to act through what appeared to be a story through movement and music. Uraraka and Tsuyu had actually invited you to see their final with them, as apparently the one from last semester was amazing and seeing as you had loved their practices… agreed to go with them when the finals rolled around. Plus, having seen a little sneak peek, you wanted to see how Tokoyami gained control of his shadow through his dance… and would only be able to when finals came. So you’d for sure be there.


Aoyama & Satou were who you were with this week. And quite honestly… you had no idea what to expect from them at all. You knew Satou specialized in R&B and Soul music… but Aoyama was the one who was truly the wildcard here. Apparently, he had been jumping from one dance to another since his arrival at UA. According to the grapevine, it was the cancan this month… but come next month… who knew.


Satou was a good partner though and made a lot of his tracks open for free interpretation for Aoyama to do whatever. Though, you were curious what dance type the blonde boy would end up doing for his final if he had yet to settle on one three months out from the final. Thus, you were excited to find out this week. And thus, when classes were done for the day you’d be heading to their private period to see what the pair were doing and learn their own personal reasons for dance. After that, it was only three and a half more groups to go before you’d be buried deep in editing and putting together this final project.


And now with only four weeks left after this week until this damned boot and cast were off and you could walk again and then a week after that… dance again, you were itching to visit the last few groups you had. Yaoyorozu would be joining Ashido and Jirou for their interview next week. And then, Kaminari and Sero the week afterward.


So… whether by accident or because you unconsciously did it… you had left the duo of Kirishima and Bakugou for last. Maybe it was because you knew this pair would be the most interesting… having heard tales from Ashido and Kaminari of Bakugou’s aggressive partnership.


Or maybe… it was because it was Bakugou and you wanted to save the best for last. Either way, you knew you were excited to see Bakugou and Kirishima in action together. It was always nice to see how they interacted in Vindicous practices that still occurred at your home every other day… but seeing them one on one with Kirishima’s neon dancing and Bakugou’s rock mixed with classical… you were excited to see how the beat driven piece would turn out. Or in this case… how it was coming along.


As Yamada-sensei was laughing about something from his English lesson, you lifted your head up from your notes. Doing a quick glance around to give your brain a momentary break, you noticed a pair of sparkly eyes looking at you.


Aoyama flashed you a wink, turning back to his own notes after you had blinked. How strange, the male usually never spoke or interacted, but now was looking at you specifically. Maybe he had found out you’d be spending the week with him and was excited. That was the best idea you could come up with.


And thus, you continued on with your lesson in peace and left for the room Satou had told you he and Aoyama would be in after school. Aoyama seemed to be slower today, taking his time in packing up his items and waiting for almost everyone to clear out.


Finally it looked like the last two people were left, as they had been for the past month. Yaoyorozu smiled toward Aoyama, the French male flashing her a wink. Besides them was Bakugou who still seemed to be just as disturbed by this as when Yaoyorozu had introduced him to it a month ago.


“No shitty ballet lessons this week… right?” Bakugou grumbled, never missing your lessons more than he did when Ponytail had gotten Aoyama to replace you temporarily.


“Non!” Aoyama spun, grabbing his stuff. “It’s my week to be in the spotlight of (Last Name)’s film! So… you are free from my wonderful ballet lessons this week!”


The male was gone in the next moment and left Bakugou and Yaoyorozu to stand in silence.


“You are improving, Bakugou-san. And Aoyama did originally sign up for ballet here… so he does know what he’s doing. Plus he’s around the same size and weight as (Last Name)-san… so it really was our best choice!” Yaoyorozu tried to convince him once more.


“Shut up… I’m only doing this so you and Twinkle Toes don’t fail…” He grumbled taking his stuff. “It’d be on me if you did… besides, I still ain’t telling her who’s been teaching me. That stupid ballerina will never let it go!”


He stormed out a moment later, Yaoyorozu sighing softly. He was difficult… but even she knew he was only putting up with it all because of his crush on you. One Yaoyorozu was starting to see… was becoming much more than a crush day by day.

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Ch.32 - Ambedo


One more week.


One more week until this boot came off and you could start your slow physical therapy sessions. Then… after another week or two, you could be back to your prime and not have to worry about making your injury any worse.


And seeing as you had left the ‘ favorite ’ group for last, you knew this week would go by rather quickly. Kirishima was always kind and in good spirits, and well… ever since things had been put out into the open about your feelings for Bakugou and his own as well… things had been very very good between you.


And thus, following the instructions Kirishima had texted you, you wandered down the hallway in search of the location you needed to go to. Apparently, it was the room Bakugou had always insisted they practice in and by some miracle, no one else ever reserved the space aside from the pair of them and occasionally Kaminari and Sero.


Last week, Sero and Kaminari were working through lighting effects for the music and dance, so you had not been to this room. Thus you were curious about where exactly Bakugou practiced. And seeing as no one else wanted the space, it was clear to you that no one wanted to separate the male from ‘ his ’ space.


After about a ten minute walk through UA’s main building, you arrived at the door with the label peeled off, exactly as Kirishima had described it. The room itself was an older part of UA and had yet to be renovated like the majority of the rest of campus. Thus, it looked fairly worn out.


Even so, the sound of heavy drums and electric guitar coming from inside the room let you know you had the right place. Bakugou’s mixing of rock and classical couldn’t be confused for anything else. And as the drums and guitar drifted off and allowed a solo violin to make its sound, you quietly entered the room.


You found yourself quickly blinded though, seeing as a strobe light was going off right in your general direction as you entered. A flash of multiple colors coming from multiple places making it hard to see or make out anything, let alone anyone in this space.


As you shield your eyes, you could see something strange coming from the middle of this flashing room. A humanoid figure, or rather a humanoid skeleton stopping its movements and then waving towards you. It appeared this strange creature was made of various shades of red glow sticks or reflective tape? Or some substance you were not familiar with.


Right as the skeleton creature stopped waving, the music was stopped suddenly and the lights that had been madly flickering were stopped. The dancing skeleton looked away from you and into a specific point in the darkness.


“Waving isn’t part of the fucking routine, Shitty Hair!” That loud voice you knew too well by now shouted through the darkness of the room.


The skeleton shrugged and then suddenly his head was removed and placed in his hands. The skeleton’s voice was also familiar to you.


“I know! But our special guest arrived and well… it’s kind loud and hard to see in here.”


“Huh? What special-” Bakugou started, and flicked on the lights to the room suddenly.


Both you and Kirishima recoiled from the sudden amount of light that invaded your pupils. You wiped at yours until the stinging and tears were gone, and then looked up once more to your two classmates who were looking at you.


“You interrupted practice, Twinkle Toes.” Bakugou grumbled, crossing his arms and huffing about something or another.


“O-Oh… sorry…” You apologized, looking rather embarrassed for doing so.


Kirishima chuckled, pulling you to look at him. The red-haired male walked up to Bakugou and punched him lightly in his arm. Bakugou scoffed, lifting his lip in irritation and refusing to look at Kirishima.


“You didn’t ruin anything, (Last Name).” Kirishima told you. “Bakubro here was too impatient to wait for you to show up and said we had time to do a quick run through before you got here. Despite how I told him we didn’t… and looks like I was right this time!”


You could tell Kirishima was joking, just trying to rile Bakugou up a little, seeing as the pair were good friends, but seeing as all three of you were aware of Bakugou’s crush on you… and seeing how Kirishima had embarrassed him further… it resulted in Bakugou acting without thinking.


“Shut up, Shitty Hair!” Bakugou roared, throwing a fist toward Kirishima and clocking him below the chin.


Kirishima pulled back from the ash blonde with a groan. Your feet immediately moving to Kirishima and helping steady him, in fear of him falling down. Bakugou’s face only grew more red, seeing as he was trying to do a light punch back… but with the embarrassment and his anger… it turned out to be a real hard punch to his best friend.


“Are you okay, Kiri-kun?” You asked him, hovering and ghosting your fingers over his red, but luckily not bruised chin.


Kirishima cracked a smile and nodded. “Yeah, I’m just fine! Explodey and I do martial arts training on the weekend, so it's not like I’ve never taken one of his hits before!”


Kirishima turned to Bakugou, flashing him an energetic smile and holding his thumb up. “Nice sneak attack! I’ll make sure to return the favor the next time we square up!”


Bakugou clicked his tongue. “Moron… just don’t embarrass me in front of her again.”


You smiled lightly. “Do you want to leave a good impression on me, Gou-kun?”


Bakugou lit up red again, turning toward you with a twitching eye. “Yes! I fucking do! Stop asking stupid questions, Twinkle Toes!”


“She’s only asked one question though, dude.” Kirishima pointed out.


It was at this moment Bakugou seemed to have had enough of his partner and the girl he was majorly crushing on. So grabbing his music sheets rather roughly, crumbling a few of them under his hands, he stormed off to the backroom of the room all three of you were in and slammed the door shut.


You and Kirishima sighed, knowing that this wasn’t out of character for him. He didn’t want to lash out anymore and possibly ruin anything and thus had gone off on his own to cool down to some extent and do his own thing. He’d be back when he was ready to talk again… or tell the two of you to shut up.


So as you waited for Bakugou to come back, you started to set up the equipment. Kirishima noticed quickly though and placed his hand on the camera. You looked up at him, wondering why he was stopping you from doing your project.


“You’ve been working non-stop these last two months! Take a break today and we can do the interview stuff tomorrow. You’re with us all week after all.” He told you.


“Are you sure? I should get some B-roll at least…” You spoke in a slightly hushed tone.


Kirishima shook his head again. “Naw, we aren’t doing anything intense today. Mondays are to test the equipment and make sure it’s all still working.”


“Equipment?” You echoed and Kirishima’s eyes lit up.


“The lights!” He beamed. “From the strobes to the wires on my clothes! We test them every Monday to make sure it’s all working!”


“What is your costume, since we’re on the topic?” You inquired of him.


“Ah, it's super simple actually!” Kirishima spoke, motioning to his sweatpants and sweatshirt covering in wires, as well as the ski mask that was still in his hands. “We buy these special wires that tape easily to my clothes and then with a flick of a switch in my pocket-”


He pressed said button, making himself light up once more. You looked at the red-haired male in awe. Walking around him and looking at the wires set up to look like a human skeleton. All made of thin but powerful lighting wires. Neon dancers sure were creative and you found yourself even further excited to see what he and Bakugou had been working on for months now.


Kirishima could see the intrigue in your eyes and motioned to the door Bakugou disappeared into. “He’s in there. Go tell him you and I are ready to do a full test of the lights when he’s ready.”


“Of course!” You nodded, going towards the door.


Kirishima watched with a curious eye as you disappeared as well, then laughed to himself again. It looks like things were that much better between the two of you… and going exactly the way he and Ashido had been hoping they would.


Now if only he could be as open about his feelings to his crush as Bakugou had been with his for you. But alas… their personalities were not like their hairstyles… and instead were fairly different, unlike Kirishima and Bakugou’s locks.


As you stepped inside the room, you saw how crowded it was within. Numerous instruments seemed to have been stuffed and stacked upon one another inside. Bakugou was sitting and organizing his music sheets on a piano bench, the instrument itself behind him.


Upon you entering he rose a red gaze to you, brow raised as to what you wanted. You closed the door behind you and looked inside more. It might be crowded in here, but it was clear Bakugou felt at home among so many instruments.


“This room used to be for the Orchestra club.” Bakugou told you. “This place might have been the teacher’s office or some storage room for all the instruments.”


“UA used to have an Orchestra club?” You asked him, and Bakugou nodded.


“Yeah, apparently before the partnership program music students were all grouped together and forced to only do classical. Good thing that shitty system is gone now…” He breathed out, twisting himself to face the piano now.


You approached him, watching as he placed the sheet where it belonged and then ghosted his fingers over the dusty keys. You found yourself sitting on the bench beside him next, Bakugou’s carmine hues meeting your (eye color) ones.


He chuckled lightly and motioning for you to put your hands over his own. You did so, feeling the warmth of his skin and it bringing a smile to your face. He couldn’t help but have one of his own, though it passed after a second unlike yours.


“You ever play before?” He asked you, moving your connected hands down onto the keys but not playing them.


“No… I’ve never played any instrument before.” You told him and then watched as he suddenly switched your positions.


Now his hands were on top of yours, and gently pressed down a set of your fingers with his own, making the piano play out a soft tune. Your heart stopped as he then started moving you to the next keys, a soft and sweet melody coming from the piano as he led you through the steps gently with his rough and large hands over your dainty and small ones.


“I’ll teach you then, Twinkle Toes.” He breathed, scooting closer to you so he was overstretching his arms to reach your own.


“What about Kiri-kun and testing the equipment?” You spoke, though would admit to not wanting to leave this moment just yet.


“He can wait.” Bakugou told you. “Right now… I’m teaching you how to play piano… after all, this might make you more appreciative of what Ponytail does…”


You chuckled lightly, nodding to him as he suddenly moved your fingers elsewhere, the tune picking up and creating a much more elegant sound. Your eyes closing slowly as you allowed him to teach you with ease and no friction.


“It’ll make me appreciate you more as well, you know.” You spoke softly, his fingers hesitating for a split second before continuing.


Bakugou smirked as he and your fingers approached the chorus of the song. “About time you realized how fucking great I am.”


You only nodded to him, knowing you didn’t need to say how you already had realized it long ago. And how now, things like this, only made you more fond of him.

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Ch.33 - Ecstatic Shock


The small AV room was cramped already with the two people who called the space their club room. So seeing as you needed one of the editing computers for this week, it was hard to have any sort of leg room inside of the small, dark, and cramped room.


And thus, seeing as you had an appointment directly after classes and a nearly finished documentary saved to the large desktop computer, you decided to take it upon yourself to have a day off. At least from editing the project.


Editing was such a drag as you had found out… seeing as you couldn’t decide what transition to use or if the background music was too distracting or not. Though, you supposed Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei would point that out on their final grade for it… but even so, you wanted it to be perfect for them when it was turned in. Thus the next few days of this week would be something else.


But today… today you had a doctor’s appointment.


So as you hang around your shoe locker, getting your only shoe to wear outside of school you inhaled a sharp breath. You were worried, to say the least. Today marked the day the cast came off and physical therapy began. And to say you were nervous was an understatement.


And thus, you had started staring off into your shoe locker, despite having nothing else to take out of it. Your mind still consumed with other thoughts as some rested next to your locker, looking at your face.


“Being a fucking space cadet, huh?” Bakugou spoke, poking your forehead and breaking your trance.


You whined softly, looking at him with a frown and then towards your locker. You shut it softly and then let out a deep and slightly nerve-wracked breath. Bakugou rose a brow at you, not knowing what had made you so spacey today. But being him, he didn’t have much patience.


“Somethin’ piss you off?” He asked, then tried another set of words. “Or make you nervous or something similar?”


You laughed nervously, motioning towards your boot. Bakugou’s scarlet hues catching onto it and then realizing what it was that was making you so nervous and freaked out. He understood it as well and couldn’t help but also see why you’d be nervous.


“It’s coming off today, huh?” He spoke and you nodded.


“Yeah… guess I’m just a bit freaked out that I’ll get bad news or something.” You sighed and then shook your head. “I’ll be fine though, I’m letting my own worries get into my head. I’ll see you tomorrow, Gou-kun.”


Bakugou’s lips formed into a thin line and as you started off, he knew he couldn’t just sit around when it was so clear you were afraid of what was to come from the doctor. Plus… he was still partially at fault for the ankle injury, so he might as well see if there was anything he could do to help you today.


“Hold up.” He told you, snagging your wrist gently as you paused outside of UA’s gates. “You going alone?”


You nodded, trying to move a bit more to the side so other students could pass by the two of you. “Yes… who else would go with me? I practically live alone.”


You let out a half humored chuckle, though only you seemed to find it funny. Instead, Bakugou seemed to only frown more. So, with a tug to get you to walk again with him, his hand still on your wrist he began to take you out of UA and towards the train station.


“Gou-kun? What are you doing?” You asked him, feeling him tense up slightly from your sudden question.


“I got the time… so might as well tag along to your shitty doctor’s appointment.” He shrugged. “Now hurry up… you don’t wanna be late, do you, Twinkle Toes?”


You blinked and then nodded to him. His eyes going from you back to the road. And then you slowly smiled towards his back. Rays of sunlight ahead of you being blocked by him and thus making the ash blonde male seem to be the sun himself. The way he glowed with golden rays… and led you down the path.


“Thanks…” You spoke softly, Bakugou merely nodding in your direction to let you know he heard you loud and clear, but felt no reason to comment further.




The time in the waiting room went by fast at least, seeing as you had an appointment and were only about ten minutes early. So now, you sat on the patient seat, Bakugou in a spare chair, looking through some magazine.


The cover had All Might on it, talking about his time at UA and how he was liking teaching this year. As well as his future projects and if a possible comeback tour was on the horizon. He seemed fairly engrossed in the article, so you didn’t try to fill the silence with any words.


Soon enough though, the door opened and a doctor walked in. A nurse following behind him with a saw and some bandages. Looked like they were wanting to do this fast, you assuming they had many other patients to see today.


“Alright.” Your doctor spoke. “Time to remove the cast and see how the miracle of healing has gone.”


You nodded and closed your eyes, tensing up. Only to suddenly feel a new pressure coming from your hand and you blinked your eyes open. Carmine ones looked down at you, reassurance in them. You calmed and allowed the nurse to remove your cast.


The skin underneath was pale, a small scar on the front, but nothing else out of place. The doctor took his time looking you over and then nodded to himself. Turning your ankle here and there and asking if anything felt off or hurt. You never spoke of anything like that.


And even when he asked you to stand on it and try walking without the cast or boot, you stood tall and without any issues. During which, Bakugou never once took his hand out of yours or said a word. He was here, and the thought and feeling of his hand in yours were enough for you and for him at this moment.


“Looks like you’ve healed more than we thought in the past eight weeks.” He nodded and began to write things down. “So… I say keep off of it one more week, do those physical therapy exercises we spoke of… and come next week with one more check-up, UA can have you back at full force, (Last Name)-san!”


You couldn’t believe it, and for the first time since having sat down in that room, Bakugou could feel you ease up on squeezing his hand. The ease that flowed through your eyes was enough to make you smile and for his chest to tighten at the first sign of your happiness being back.


And as the doctor dismissed the pair of you with a kind goodbye and what you could do to make sure this next week went well, Bakugou made sure to pay attention. He wanted you at your best as well after all, and if he could do anything to help… he would.


But with that smile you wore as you both left the hospital, and how you had yet to let go of his hand even so… the male couldn’t help but slightly feel like he should go back and get a checkup of his own.


Seeing how he was now the nervous one.




Bakugou must have indeed been trying hard to impress you, as even after your doctor’s appointment he walked you all the way home. As thanks, you invited him inside to have dinner with you. You expressed your desire to not cook though, and he agreed that some take out would be okay with him as well.


He had made himself busy with looking at the stereo system located in the living room as you ordered some teriyaki for the both of you. A basic mild one for you and a spicy one for him. And now, it was about thirty minutes away.


As you turned to speak to him and inform the male of the estimated time of arrival, the stereo suddenly kicked to life and played a slow piano melody. You blinked, having a nostalgic memory of this tune. It used to be one of your favorite pieces as a child. One that would often be played to calm yourself when the voices got too loud and too harsh to one another.


You closed your eyes and sucked in a breath as you felt the momentary boil of emotions come over you and then pass. This sound was no longer used as a form of escapism, but if you so desired could be made to help for whatever reason or listened to whenever you wanted or needed it again.


And as you opened your eyes again, so engrossed in the emotions and memories of the past, you saw something had changed. No longer was there a blank space in front of you, but rather an open palm held out toward you.


You blinked, looking up toward Bakugou. His cheeks dusted into a deep ruby rose, and his eyes of matching color looking off. He seemed a bit embarrassed, and you didn’t have a clue what he could be so uneasy about.


“Well… are you going to take my hand or not?” He spoke with a great impatience.


“Oh uh…” You shied away a bit. “You heard the doctor… I can’t dance yet.”


Bakugou nodded. “I know… but, I think you can at least do this.”


Your heart fluttered and with a trust, in him, he had grown and raised in you with tender care and plenty of adoration, you reached out and took his hand. His hand was warm, and yours always seemed to fit inside his so nicely.


Before you could process anything else, Bakugou’s free hand was on your back and he was helping place your free one on his side. Slowly, as the piano tune took a dip, he swayed with you gently to the side. You followed his lead, knowing he knew what he was doing.


He soon detached his hand from yours and found a new home with his other along your back. Your hands moving to dangle around his neck as he moved you both along slowly to the beat of the music.


You hummed lightly along with the song, Bakugou taking a moment to lift you and twirl you once, then twice before gently putting you back on your feet. You laughed at this with a gentle tune, matching the piano almost.


“See… no harm in a little slow dance, huh?” He spoke, for once speaking without any malice or curses.


“Yeah… just some simple movements.” You moved to press your head against his chest. “I can do this… I know I can cause you’re right here next to me.”


He smirked, ego-inflating slightly. The male not needing anything else to make his head any fatter than it already was, but now with the girl he was head over heels for admitting her faith in him was still unwavering, he couldn’t help but squeeze her close to him as well.


“I still like you, y’know.” He breathed out, happy you didn’t tense up from his words.


“I’m glad.” You told him. “I really… really am.”


Bakugou laughed once, putting his chin on top of your head. “Not ready yet, huh? Alright… you’re lucky I don’t give up easily on the things I want.”


“I know and I’m thankful for it… for you… and for your stubbornness.”


He laughed again and soon enough the tune came to an end. But the pair of you remained standing in one another embrace for a while afterward. Just listening to the silence the world brought and how right everything could feel when the one you cared for was so incredibly close… and so incredibly warm.

Chapter Text

Ch.34 - La Cuna


Aizawa nodded, taking your USB drive and placing it on his desk and near the computer. His hands grabbing onto a pen and writing down a note to himself on a sticky note before placing it on the edge of his computer and right above your USB.


“Good work these last few months.” He told you, then glanced down at your wrapped leg. “If your doctor gives you approval tomorrow, then I look forward to seeing you back to your regular activities next week.”


You bowed, thanking your teacher for all his help and kindness as of late and how grateful you were to him. Slowly you began to walk out but paused when your teacher called out your name once more.


“If I like it, and you want-” He began, looking at you from his desk in the teacher’s lounge. “Then… come the end of the year, we’ll show your film to the school as a viewing.”


You blushed at the thought of so many people watching your film, but then slowly nodded. “If you think it's good enough for that, sir… then I don’t think I can say no.”


In the next moment, you bid your goodbye and was out of sight. Your teacher only chuckling softly to himself, wondering where this new student came from and how she had blossomed so fast in less than five months.


Five minutes later, you arrived in the small club room Vindicous had been doing all their secret activities in as of late. And as you stepped inside, you noticed your new ‘manager’ as yourself, Kaminari, Sero, Mina, and Kirishima had taken to calling her, was here as well.


Yaoyorozu had also brought along an instant teapot as well and looked to be steeping a few cups. The others were around the table waiting for you and all smiled happily once they saw you enter.


“How did it go?” Ashido was asking you right away.


“Fine! Aizawa-sensei said if he liked it… he might want to show it to the entire school!” You beamed and Ashido lit up as well.


“That’s so cool! I’d love to see your film as well!” She smiled and looked excited.


Some more light conversation carried on, but soon the topic moved to the biggest two items the seven of you had been dealing with as of late. Yaoyorozu clearing her throat to get everyone’s attention.


“So… if all goes well tomorrow, (Last Name)-san will be back to her usual routines. Vindicous has perfected their dance up to (Last Name)-san’s entrance and Bakugou-san has also finished his ballet lessons. So-”


Before the dark-haired female could carry on though, it appeared she had let something slip accidentally that not everyone knew had been going on. And after a moment of letting it sink in, the room was engulfed in laughter and fists banging against the table in a poor attempt to calm down.


Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero were losing it. Kirishima looking a bit lost, as well as yourself and Yaoyorozu. But as the group of three started to point towards Bakugou and do poor ballet moves on their seats, it became clear they had just found out what was happening on Bakugou’s end of your deal… and were having quite the ball thinking about it.


Of which… was making a certain ash blonde begin to boil up more and more with each burst of laughter and loud clammering of noise coming from a hand hitting the table.


Bakugou doing ballet?! How could anyone not find it funny? And so, despite the tense mood rising thanks to the ash blonde, none of the three seemed to be able to control themselves and instead started to speak through fits of laughter and poor attempts to calm themselves. Though… it always resulted in a failure since they each found this funnier than anyone else did.


“You what-?!” The entire Vindicous crew who had been unaware called out.


Bakugou huffed, crossing his arms. “What’s the big deal? You idiots thought I could only dance one way?!”


Kaminari and Sero were still dying, the thing on their minds still not ceasing in how many they found it. It appeared only Mina could suck down her laughter enough to tell Bakugou what the three of them had been cracking up about. Something the ash blonde himself had not considered yet.


“I-It’s just that… i-if you are doing a ballet performance-” Mina had to pause to get out another long string of giggles escape her lips. “It means you are going to be wearing tights and spandex.”


“A-and- And sparkly outfits!!” Kaminari was having trouble breathing. “Oh God… (Last Name), please let us have front row tickets to your end of the year performance!”


You nodded. “If you all would like them, I can get them for you.”


Your socially awkward and polite manners were not helping in this situation. And as Bakugou slowly started to think more and more about it, seeing as… you did indeed have to wear a tutu… that meant on the other end he’d have to wear something frilly, lacy, and no doubt pastel colored as well.


As soon as the thoughts hit his mind like a bullet train, the ash blonde was pulling out his phone and looking up male ballet outfits. His voice going from a mild groan to a near scream the entire time he looked at one outfit after the other.


“I am not wearing this!” He screamed, allowing you to gaze upon a rather showy outfit, especially in the lower half.


Kaminari, Sero and Mina had snuck a look, as well as everyone in the room, gazed at it. And at seeing the blue tailored vest that sparkled under the spotlight, and then that the only thing under it was a rather tight spandex leotard, it didn’t leave much to the imagination near the groin area.


“Bakugou’s gonna show off his package for all to see!” Kaminari was now on the floor, red in the face from all the laughter and barely any sort of air taken into his lungs.


“I’m gonna kill you if you don’t fucking shut up, Dunce Face!” Bakugou reached towards Kaminari’s collar to throttle him for all the stupid things he was saying.


“I always knew you were flashy Bakugou… but this is something else!” Sero was now also a target for the ash blonde’s rage.


“Guys come on.” Kirishima sighed, trying to keep things calm it appeared. “Bakugou wearing tights isn’t a huge deal… it's him trying to look anything but pissed while he performs!”


It appeared Kirishima was joining in on the idea of pulling Bakugou’s leg over this. And as with the others, it resulted in Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero and Mina all being chased around the clubroom by Bakugou.


At one point Bakugou had picked up a chair and threatened to throw it and whoever he caught out the window. Yaoyorozu gently pointing out how that would be grounds for expulsion if he did, then took a sip of her tea.


You sighed, smiling softly as the usual antics of the dance crew. After ten minutes, as you expected they seemed to have tired one another out and then all collapsed back into the seats around the table.


“Can we continue talking about what we were saying before?” You asked, seeing the other members of Vindicious all nod along with out of breath looks.


“So… onto the theme of your dance like we were speaking of before.” Yaoyorozu carried on. “What were you thinking.”


“I’m not wearing tights.” Bakugou demanded.


“You’re not getting out of it.” You muttered to him in a serious tone. “If I’ve gotten used to baggy and loose break dancing uniforms, then you can wear some tights. If it means anything, I’ll let you decided on the top and amount of rhinestones if has.”


You smirked lightly, quickly hiding it behind your teacup. But since Bakugou was next to you, he had noticed it and was clearly ready to play your little game as well. He reached out grabbing your notebook on the ballet performance and shut it.


You blinked and looked towards him with an annoyed expression. He only smirked back. Slowly you opened the book again and found the page. But once you had let go of it, the ash blonde closed it again. You inhaled sharply.


“Want to be a jerk… fine.” You looked towards Yaoyorozu. “Tell your tailor to make the men’s costume the most frilly, sparkly, and eye-catching thing he’s ever created. Something Aoyama-kun would wear proudly.”


Bakugou’s mouth was left agape as he saw Yaoyorozu note it down and you take another sip of tea with a certain sass in your hand and fingers. Seeing how he did indeed hold the power in this situation… he knew that he’d need to cave.


Though he wouldn’t let this go… one way or another he’d get back at you for this.


“Fine! I’ll wear the damn tights!” He growled. “Just fucking let me design the top or some shit…”


You nodded and then heard Yaoyorozu erasing what she had just written. After a moment, the black haired female turned back to Bakugou, a curious gaze in her eyes.


“Bakugou-san… do you design clothes?”


Bakugou huffed proudly, smirking. “I sure do! Who do you think came up with the designs for Vindicous!”


“Though he always begs his parents to sew them together.” Sero sighed, smiling widely. “The positives of being related to fashion designers and having inherited their skills I guess.”


Before Bakugou could fire something back, you brought the conversation back. “What theme were you thinking for our pas de deux?”


Bakugou closed his mouth, raising a hand towards his chin as he went into deep thought. You were thinking as well but couldn’t come up with anything. It was difficult to pick a theme for your outfits and background even for one… so with two, it was even harder.


“How about something like… I don’t know flowers?”


You smiled softly. “Flowers?”


“Yeah… cause tutus kinda look like flower petals or what not.” He explained a little further.


“Hmm…” You nodded. “I’ll put some more thought into that then. Thanks, Gou-kun.”


He chuckled once, crossing his arms with a smirk. “You need someone to inspire you, so it might as well be me.”


You laughed lightly, rocking towards him and knocking your shoulder with his. He did so back, this small touch being enough for both of you and your feelings at this moment. A momentary show of affections and enough to make you both feel stable.


Only… it seemed you both had also temporarily forgotten that neither of you was alone, unlike all the other time's something like this had happened.


“So… are you guys like a couple or not?” Kaminari spoke, making you both break back into reality rather forcefully. “Cause… it's kinda confusing trying to figure it out on our own…”


You and Bakugou’s cheeks were now dipped in a matching shade of red, and you both were trying to think of some explanation or excuse to give as to what exactly you both were… though it was hard to even place a title on your relationship yourselves.


“We’re… good.” You spoke softly, looking to the red-eyed male and seeing his eyes widen slightly. “Yeah… we’re good.”


He nodded to you, then turned that soft gaze hard as he looked back towards his group members. “Stop asking fucking personal questions, you morons!”


“We can’t help it!” Mina was arguing back. “You two act like a couple one minute and then friends the next! It's confusing!”


“Even enemies at times…” Sero commented, remembering the debate in class today and neither of you giving into the other.


“I think it's sweet.” Yaoyorozu spoke up. “Neither is rushing the other and instead getting to know one another! Then at the perfect moment, they’ll speak of their love for each other! Just like in a romance novel!”


“I think that might only be in the romance novels…” Kirishima laughed a bit awkwardly.


The discussion soon moved onto if it was fiction that captured reality or reality that captured fiction. You didn’t pay much mind though, instead much more focused on the warm hand that had found its way into your own and squeezed it gently. Another declaration of his feelings it appeared, and with a squeeze back… you both silently spoke of how there would never be a rush and to focus on the bigger things right now.


And eventually… maybe Yaoyorozu would be right. But you’d both have to wait and see.

Chapter Text

Ch.35 - Antematter


“H-hey, Gou-kun?” You hovered near his desk as study hall had started to begin.


Seeing how everyone was trying to get into groups and talking loudly, you thought now would be the best time to ask him, so no one else would overhear. The male you were talking to looked towards you, raising a brow at you as he got out the homework from Yamada-sensei on translating foods into English.


“What?” He spoke, opening the textbook up to the list of translations.


“I um… have that final doctor’s appointment today… and well… I was hoping that you might come with me again?” You shuffled back and forth a little awkwardly. “I-I know it’s last minute… but I really don’t think I can go alone… seeing as if I messed up my ankle this week it means I ruined things for everyone and-”


“Stop your yapping already, woman!” Bakugou rose his voice slightly. “Hell… you’re a bunch of nerves huh? But fine… I’ll go with you.”


Your eyes lit up and you flashed him a smile. “Really?! Oh, thank you so much, Gou-kun! I’ll let you study now! See you after classes!”


As you went off to study with Ponytail, the male sighed. How and when did he become such a soft person when it came to you? Well, it didn’t matter… so long as that happiness stayed on your person, he couldn’t care.




“It should be less than twenty minutes.” You told him as you both exited the elevators and went towards the room the nurse below had told you to go to. “Just a check up and doctor’s approval to dance again!”


“Yeah yeah.” Bakugou huffed, eyes glancing towards the vending machines as he passed them.


At the end of the hallway was your patient room, and with a quick opening of the door, both you and Bakugou entered. Though it appeared you had not been the first ones to enter, and soon enough, a feeling returned that you hadn't felt in nearly a year.


“At least I make the time to actually go and check in on her in person!” A man dressed in business attire spoke, sitting in one of the two chairs in the room.


“I talked to her myself and she said she was fine with me not coming.” A woman in a fancy looking pink dress with white heels spoke, raising her nose to the man. “Unlike you, my daughter understands my career and knows how difficult it can be to get time off.”


“Understands your career cause you forced her into it!” The man yelled back. “If it had been my decision… or at least joint decision, I would have made sure my daughter got to choose whatever she wanted and not go into some stupid old age dance cause her egotistical mother is trying to find some way to live through her!”


You bit your lip, Bakugou taking notice right away of the tense atmosphere and the words being exchanged. He also was fairly quick in the up draw… and could only guess that these were your infamous parents.


Your parents blinked back to reality as you shut the door rather loudly. Your mother and father looking at you and the boy next to you with surprised expressions.


“Oh! Honey!” Your mother rose to her feet and then came towards you with a hug. “I’m so sorry you had to walk into that… but, your father seems to think once more he’s the better parent.”


“I don’t think so.” You father began, standing up and coming towards you, impatiently waiting to embrace you, as your mother took her time. “I’m sure (Name) knows well from who actually showed up to visit her before surgery.”


Before another argument could break out, your father turned towards the ash blonde male next to you. He rose a hand, asking for Bakugou to shake it. Bakugou stared at it a moment, then shook the man’s hand. The ash blonde making sure to give him a rather hard handshake, but not enough for any ideas of malice to come from it.


“Ohhh~” Your mother cooed. “Who is this?”


“Bakugou Katsuki.” He answered before you could. “I’m (Last Name)’s partner for her pas de deux at UA. I came with her since partners support one another through everything.”


You looked at Bakugou, telling him to tread lightly and not throw so much subtle shade at your parents. He merely broke eye contact with you as your mother finally let you go. He observed as you exchanged a hug with your father and then came to stand next to him as your parents sat in the seats once more.


“A pas de deux, huh?” You mother smiled. “Oh, I remember my first one! I had a partner much more handsome and stronger than your father was at the time!”


“And my first girlfriend made me feel things your mother could never do in ten years of marriage.” Your father scoffed. “And I only dated that girl for three months.”


Bakugou rose a lip in irritation, hands trembling. He wanted to say something… do something, as it was clear this was not something you needed today. Especially since you already had so much stress with everything.


But as he was about to speak, you caught his hand in yours and squeezed his hand tightly. The action making him stop and look at you. Your eyes full of pleading for him to just remain quiet and stay beside you.


It was at that moment he truly understood why you asked him to come. And despite the arguing that went on for another fifteen minutes nonstop and a nurse saying it would be another twenty until the doctor arrived… he bent to your wishes.


But even he had a breaking point.


So it was truly luck when it seemed that you broke your own first, as he was about ready to blow.


“I’m going to get some milk.” You spoke suddenly, rising from your seat in the patient room and making your way towards the door.


“Honey… are you sure?” Your mother blinked, a worried expression making its way onto her face. “Is your ankle well enough to walk?”


“Yes, mother.” You told her, smiling toward her. “I feel fine. And the vending machine is just down the hallway.”


“If you think you can do it, then go on.” You father spoke. “Don’t let your mother tell you what to do when you know what is best for you.”


“I’ll be back soon.” You informed them both, but by now it seemed another argument was starting and neither had heard you.


So, you slipped out quietly and didn’t make another sound. As you did so, Bakugou rose as well, following you out, thankful that the fighting between your parents also gave him the chance to sneak out after you. After all… there was no way in hell he was going to stay in that toxic room for a moment longer.


Even from five minutes he was losing his patience and nearly gave in to his urges to start yelling himself. But from that smile, the one you had worn since both had come in, and how tense your shoulders were as you walked down the hallway… he knew it wasn’t one of honesty or pure emotion. It was forced, and you were desperately trying to hold it all together.


How you managed to do this… for so long and not become some angsty and emotional wreck was something he seemed to have not been giving you enough props for. So with a sigh and looking at you with a fierce gaze from the back, he pushed his legs forward. In two strides the ash blonde was beside you and looked towards your face.


Your face still held a small smile, but the more he looked at it, he could see the small quivers in your lips and how you wouldn’t even look at him. His heart ached, never having realized until this moment how much his feelings and yours had become attached, as he could feel the pain you were in… almost as if, you were sharing your pain with him and he was willing to take some of the burden.


“Hey.” He spoke, making you stop in the near-empty hospital hallway, his hand on your tense shoulder, his fingers squeezing gently. “They fucking suck… you seriously played down how much they both fucking suck.”


Your lips quivered again, but then pulled that small fake smile into one that was letting off pitiful laughs. Liquid pooled at the corners of your eyes as you finally looked toward the male who you knew of your feelings for but were terrified of ending up… like the only example of love, you had known.


“Yeah… they really are something else when they are together… huh?” You spoke, wiping your eyes before they could break further. “Sometimes… I wish they didn’t come home. Cause… at least if I’m on my own… I don’t have to pretend that I’m happy.”


Bakugou nodded to you, sighing. It was bad. He had never expected it to be this bad, and yet here he was currently, watching as your attempts to wipe away any tears before they spilled was futile. You hiccuped softly, losing the will to fight against the strain your parents had unknowingly or uncaringly placed onto you after sixteen years of constant fighting and hate towards one another.


“I just-!” You suddenly rose your voice, catching even the usually loud ash blonde by surprise. “I just don’t understand why they both can’t just shut up and pretend to like one another for a damn afternoon! Why the hell am I the one who always has to pretend to be happy with it all! I hate this! But… I can’t help but keep tearing myself apart over it and falling into old terrible habits.”


You sighed, shaking your head and inhaling a sharp breath. “Sorry, Gou-kun… i-it’s not fair to yell at you for their luggage and my own.”


Bakugou hummed, lips smirking a little bit. “You think I fucking care if you swear in front of me? Or scream a little bit? I don’t know who you think you’re talking to, Twinkle Toes… but I fucking scream and swear all the damn time, so it’s no damn issue to me if you do.”


You blinked at him, then slowly smiled. Bakugou puffed out his chest, proud to see that he could make you happy, even if it was through his own poor habits and volume control. Before he could react further though, he suddenly had something collide with his chest and attached around his backside.


A distinct squeezing and the feeling of something burying itself deep into his chest, and then the scent of apples he had come to find to made his heart accelerate. He let out a breath he had unknowingly been holding and then wrapped his arms back around you. Holding you close to him as you cried into his chest a little bit more.


“You’re the best… you know that right?” You whimpered into the UA uniform adorned onto his torso.


“I always had a feeling I was.” He chuckled, then looked away from you for a moment. “Though… it means a lot more when someone I got a fucking crush on tells me…”


It was silent between the both of you after that, you getting all the stress of your parents out of your system and Bakugou glaring at anyone and everyone who passed by, making sure no one bothered the both of you. Seeing as he wanted you to feel better and not have this moment end prematurely.


After another two minutes and inhaling a sharp breath, you finally pulled away from the carmine eyed teen and gave him a smile. Bakugou’s heart fluttering slightly as he saw that unlike before, this upward curve on your lips was genuine and meant for him and him alone.


He sighed back at you, nodding slowly, his own way of telling you it was okay and he was fine with what had just happened. If anything, he was slightly glad you trusted him enough to be this vulnerable with him and also find so much comfort in him of all people. He must have left a damn good impression on you if this was the reality now. And he… secretly was happy about it.


Tugging your hand into his own, the male pulled you forward. You followed him without so much as a question or surprised gasp. Instead falling into step with him as he moved along and towards the vending machine at the end of the hallway by the elevators.


“Come on… let’s get you that milk.” He spoke. “Make your bones stronger… so let’s make sure you never break another thing ever again.”


“I had surgery on the muscles… not my bones.” You chuckled lightly, squeezing his hand. “But yeah… I could go for some milk before going back to that room.”


“Good.” Bakugou’s voice was stern. “Cause even if you’re better and can dance again… you better still take care of yourself, shitty ballerina.”


“Of course.” You smiled, feeling him squeeze your hand back. “Oh and Gou-kun?”




“I like you too.”


Bakugou paused a moment, a smile on his features quickly coming and going before even you could see it. Then he was back to walking and shoving you gently towards the vending machine.


“I know. Now get your damn milk.”

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Ch.36 - Fata Organa


It was endless again it seemed, the twilight having gone and left nothing but dark, cloudy skies, dropping specks of white down. The weather had made a drastic turn since that afternoon and now with the flurry of flakes coming down, the only thing you wished to do was watch them.


The storm outside had a much more elegant and calm feeling to it, unlike the yelling that was coming from the living room. You sighed, looking out at the streets that were now covered in white as if someone had taken a paintbrush to it and meticulously made sure no dark concrete was seen to those like yourself watching from so many stories above.


The sounds of slamming doors made you flinch and listen closely. You had blocked them both out since you had come home. Part of you happy to have your parents home for once, but another part of you hating it… especially since they both actually showed up to see if you could dance again.


Your father had made this plan since he came to visit you for your surgery and had booked his ticket in advance. Planning to stay with you and take you out to a big congratulations dinner when you were all healed.


But any and all chances of a happy time with your father were quickly cut short when you had gotten home yesterday to discover luggage from Moscow and your mother presenting you with an apology cake from that bakery she had always been fond of. You were polite and ate the treat with her, still not having the heart to tell her you didn’t like the taste. Always too much buttercream… but your mother’s happiness was rare when she was home and you wanted to keep it.


It had been a bit selfish to trick Bakugou into coming with you to the appointment today… but seeing how both had acted this morning when your father arrived before you left for school… you knew you couldn’t sit in that patient room with them while they fought as if nothing else mattered.


And that hour Bakugou had been with you, for once you were able to get everything you were holding out of your system. But like everything you knew… he eventually had to go. This time because his train home was a different line then your own. And thus, with a reluctant nod toward him, he left.


And since then, you put up with the name-calling, the angry shouts, the passive-aggressive insults, and now… the slamming of doors in your home. It was Hell on Earth and you couldn’t focus one bit. Homework left undone and text messages read but not answered, you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything aside from staring out the window. Thinking of how… peaceful the falling snow was and trying to transport yourself mentally to a much more calm place.


As you listened to the strange silence that had suddenly taken over your home though, you knew something was up. And thus, worrying that something bad may have happened, you rose from your seat at the window sill and made your way towards your door.


When you opened it, you saw the living room was empty once more. Soon enough though, you could see your mother coming from her room and dragging her luggage with her. She paused before you, coming close and kissing your cheeks before she spoke to you.


“Mother… where are you going?” You asked her, seeing her eyes fall.


“I’m sorry, darling.” She spoke to you, putting on her thick winter jacket. “But this place reeks too much of your father.”


She moved past you and pressed the elevator door. You blinked coming towards her and stopping behind her as she waited for the elevator that had started to come up from the ground floor.


“You’re leaving then?” You spoke softly.


“Yes.” She responded. “I was only able to stay for two days after all… so I’ll stay at a nice hotel tonight and be back in Moscow by morning.”


“So… it’s just me and father here tonight then?” You breathed out slowly, another part of you, maybe that child that had yet to fade, still clinging onto hope that one day by some miracle the two could learn to get along once more.


Your mother laughed. “That ass lectured me all day about never being here for you… and yet he’s already left to head back to Seoul on his private jet. Who’s the bad parent now, huh? He didn’t even say goodbye to you!”


“Father left then?” You exhaled, looking downward.


“Yes. He said he won’t be back until the spring. Something about a new Holiday album or something. Ugh… those K-Pop freaks are a disgrace to the world of music and dance.” Your mother turned to you, pulling you into one final hug as the elevator started to open up. “I’m so glad you understand what true dance is though… good luck with your final weeks. I’ll see you next when you’ll have your pas de deux!”


And then like that she was behind closed doors. Another silence growing, this one familiar to you. Isolation was an old and familiar friend, but one you wished would call beforehand so you could prepare for their arrival.


You sighed, shaking your head and moving towards the elevator, deciding you might as well close the grate. As you started to close it up, your ears picked up on something coming from your room. A soft melody, and immediately making you freeze and listen. It sounded like your ringtone… but who would be calling you?


Heading back to your room, you found the device where you left it: resting on the table with its charger connected. You touched it lightly, seeing how many sudden notifications popped up. Before you could even see who had started to blow up your phone in the last five minutes though, the call screen appeared again.


You clicked answer before realizing it, your nerves reacting from the sudden noise heard. You pressed the phone to your ear, speaking into it softly, or rather trying to before you were cut off.


“Finally!” That gruff and annoyed voice answered. “I’ve been trying to get your stupid ass to answer me for ten minutes!”


“I’ve only been away from my phone for five minutes though, Gou-kun…” You muttered, nearly thinking you could feel his irritation on the other side of the line.


“I was estimating, Twinkle Toes!” He hollered and then lowered his voice. “Anyway… get your ass outside.”


You gave him a quizzical look, though he couldn’t see it. “Gou-kun… it's snowing.”


“I know… so if I’m out here, you better get your ass out here too!”


You held your breath. “Gou-kun… are you outside right now?!”


“Yes! Now hurry and get out here!” He screamed and then hung up before muttering anything resembling a goodbye.


You were left in disbelief, but decided to see what exactly he had done. Fetching some warm pants, gloves, winter coat, and snow boots you took the elevator down yourself and soon were exiting out into the cold.


As he said, Bakugou was waiting for you outside the entrance to your building. Unable to be let in since the doorman got off around 8 pm and now one could only get in when buzzed or having a key card. Not that he needed it though, seeing as he wanted to not visit you, but get you out of what he assumed to be a hellish night.


“Finally.” He sighed, breaths visible in the cold.


He wore winter attire as well and looked to be more bundled up than you. He had on a thicker jacket and a scarf. As well as what looked to be snow pants for below freezing temperatures, not ones for barely freezing like it was right now. Even so, you didn’t comment, having a feeling Bakugou was the type to be more into the summer than the winter. His outfit and the number of layers told you enough already, after all.


“What are you doing here?” You asked him, watching as he turned his gaze away from you and adjusted his scarf to cover his mouth slightly, blush on his cheeks.


“Came to fucking free you from what must be a damn nightmare up there…” He coughed lightly.


You smiled at him gently. “Thanks… though they both left.”


He blinked and then looked back towards him. “They left!? The hell do you mean they left?!”


You laughed softly. “You really thought both would actually end up staying together longer than a day? I’m lucky if I get three hours of them standing one another. Though, I say ‘standing one another’ lightly… as all they ever do is fight when together.”


“Well shit…” He grumbled, looking a bit cross. “Guess you didn’t need me to come after all…”


“I wouldn’t say that.” You shook your head, catching his attention. “How about a walk to help me clear my head of all the tensions? You could come with me since it’s dark and I’m a lone female going for a walk.”


He puffed his chest out. “Well… if you insist I guess I could follow along to make sure you don’t get kidnapped or some shit.”


You nodded to him, smiling softly as he made a comment about you living in a ‘rough’ neighborhood. Soon enough, you both arrived at a park that was near your home and started to walk through it. Your feet crunched as you walked, and you could tell Bakugou was behind you from how his own feet crunched as well.


After about ten minutes of walking in silence, you paused, looking at something that caught your attention. Bakugou paused beside you, glancing off to where you looked. In the distance, it appeared someone had strung up multiple lights onto the trees of the main path of this park. The twinkling lights making the snow-covered landscape look even prettier to you.


“It’s nearly Christmas… huh?” You spoke gently, starting to move towards the lights, wanting to walk under them and enjoy them in this serene moment.


“Sure is…” Bakugou grumbled. “Old hag wants me home tomorrow to do some shitty X-Mas cards…”


“Are you all wearing matching sweaters?” You joked, only to see Bakugou give you a hard stare.


“Don’t ridicule me… I’m already fucking miserable thinking about it…”


You couldn’t hold in the giggles, thinking of his mother forcing him to agree to wear a matching sweater. Soon enough, Bakugou couldn’t stand the thought of you and him only talking about his terrible Christmas fate… plus he did come here this late to check on you after all.


“What about you… I bet the holiday is miserable in your home…”


You chuckled sadly. “Well… I found out tonight that my wish from last year came true…”


Bakugou rose a brow. “The fuck you talking about?”


You frowned, pausing once more. But this time you head was low, Bakugou taking immediate notice. His hand slipping into your covered one with his own covered one. You blinked up at him, seeing him looking at you with that patient and tender look he had started to give you so often as of late.


One you… couldn’t help but feel weak at the knees when he gazed at you this way.


“Last year was miserable… so I asked to be alone the next year.” You bit your lip. “And as it turns out… mother won’t be here and neither will father due to come apparent events and prior engagements they already sch-”


“Hey.” He spoke, pulling you closer to him, nearly feeling his body heat. “You don’t have to be so fucking formal with me. So cut the fancy words and tell me how you honestly feel.”


You nodded towards him, chest tight and lips quivering. “I don’t… I never…. I can’t…”


“You don’t know how to feel huh?” He breathed out, pulling you into him. “Being alone during the holidays, right?”


You nodded into him, pressing in further into his warm and surprisingly soft jacket. “I thought it was what I wanted… but now… I don’t think I do.”


Bakugou hummed, moving to look at you once more. He stared at you directly in the eyes before leaning down slowly. Your heart nearly leaping out of his chest as one of his hands moved the hair on your forehead away before he placed his lips on the soft skin.


You were silent and no doubt flustered cherry red form his tender touch. And it wasn’t until he pulled away and flashed you a smirk that you could even begin to form words once more. The ash blonde tugging your hand once more.


“Well… if you’re so worried… ask Santa for a different wish this year.”


You laughed lightly. “Santa isn’t a genie… he doesn’t grant wishes.”


Bakugou clicked his tongue. “Shut up… I’m trying to make your sorry ass feel better.”


You walked in stride with the male, the conversation moving on from one thing to another. But while you no longer had your mind on the topic at hand, it didn’t mean Bakugou had let the thought go. Nor was he willing to part with the idea that had appeared in his head, nor the desire to make it a reality.


Chapter Text

Ch.37 - Heartworm


Weeks passed faster than you really knew what to make of them. From the rush of the holiday season to the workload at school picking up since the final push for the year would come directly after the winter break… everything seemed that much more busy and less free.


Dance hadn’t been an exception either. And with both breakdancing and ballet back onto the usual daily activities for you, there were some mornings you were certain you’d be unable to move or even walk without a sore leg or arm. But you loved being back into the arms of dance, as well in someone else’s arms as well.


The thought itself of him making your cheeks flare up and you nearly over-poured yourself a festive cup of hot chocolate. Some marshmallows and whipped cream resting on the side near you. The night was calm and your first off one in almost three weeks.


So it was strange to for once not have either the usual breakdancing subjects or your ballet partner inside of your home. But seeing as everyone was somewhere else on break, it made sense for all practice to be put aside until after the new year.


Kirishima and his family were off at some mountain village to visit family. Ashido’s parents had booked an Okinawa vacation for the holidays, despite the chilly weather. Sero was staying around but his family was a bit more reluctant to let him go out since they saw the holidays as mandatory family time. Kaminari said something about his family going to Hakone to enjoy a retreat away from the city. Yaoyorozu had been the luckiest of them all, as her parents had decided to let her pick the vacation this year. And thus she was off in Vienna seeing the sites and enjoying one of most beautiful classical music capitals in this world.


Bakugou was a mystery, or at least his holiday plans were. When Kaminari had asked him of his plans at lunch this past week the male, in his usual tone, had told the straw blonde that his own plans were not his business and to ‘ quit shoving your deformed nose into other people’s shit .’ You and Mina had spent the rest of lunch trying to tell Kaminari his nose was fine and Bakugou was just being his grouchy self. Poor Kaminari was down the rest of the day, only better when Jirou had told him to quit whining and focus on the parts of him that did look good.


Meanwhile, you were at home. No family to see or visit and not having any real desire to go anywhere on your own seeing as it would only remind you that you were on your own after all. And thus, you had decided to stay indoors, partly glad the skies had been dumping so much snow this last week. Even now it was still coming down, in a way that you were sure would cause problems for those unlucky enough to have to try and drive around in it.


So focused on your pity party and also wanting to make sure the hot cocoa would not burn you when you decided to drink it, your eyes missed the flashing light of someone trying to page you down to the lobby of your building.


Thus when the elevator opened up on your floor, you were surprised, having not expected anyone to come. Ash blonde hair and that thick ensemble of winter attire met your eyes and you looked towards him with a chuckle. Not even in your perfectly warm building was he willing to shed the coat that gave him an extra few pounds. But whatever did it matter… he hated the cold and refused to be cold.


“Gou-kun?” You spoke, seeing as he was rattling the grate. “How did you get inside?”


Bakugou huffed. “Shitty doorman recognizes me now… so even when you don’t let me in… he does.”


You chuckled softly, coming towards the elevator and letting the male into your apartment. He entered quickly after you, watching as you went back to making your drink. His eyes looking for something festive inside your house, but not seeing anything aside from two separate piles of gifts in different corners of the living room.


“Where’s all the shitty Christmas decorations?” He asked, seeing you shrug.


“We usually only get a tree, but seeing how I’m the only one here this year… I didn’t want to put in the effort of celebrating a holiday that I most likely won’t even want to celebrate.” You shrugged, looking towards the two piles of wrapped packages. “Besides… material things were always what my holidays were about, and I don’t feel like putting up with it this year.”


“So you’re not going to celebrate then?” He asked, raising a brow.


“Yes and no.” You told him, motioning to offer him a cup of hot cocoa himself, to which he rose a lip in disgust and you took it as a no. “Though… with being on my own, I don’t really see the point in celebrating. The holidays are about being with people, so what is there to celebrate when no one is around?”


Bakugou huffed, marching forward and going towards a cabinet in your home. You watched him with a confused expression as he got out a to-go mug and slammed it down on the counter by you.


“Take it to go, get dressed for the outside… and follow me.” He turned, heading back to the elevator. “You got five minutes before I leave you to find me yourself.”


You were taken aback. He only acted this way when he had been plotting and thus wanted to show you something, and thus… you had to admit that you were curious as to what he had planned out now. But also remembering how good of a track record the ash blonde had on things, you knew you could trust whatever he had planned.


Pouring the drink into the mug and then putting on your winter ensemble that also made you look like a marshmallow. You had managed to get inside right as the elevator doors closed, seeing as you had nearly surpassed the five-minute warning.


“Where are we going?” You asked him, seeing Bakugou cross his arms.


“Just trust me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this shitty experience.” He sighed, looking rather unsure by what he was about to do.


You didn’t question it though, more than happy to have some company on Christmas Eve.




“So…” The older woman sighed, shaking her head. “You said you had a friend alone for the holidays… but fail to mention what friend it is! Let alone that it's a girl!”


Mitsuki reached out, snagging her son’s cheeks and pinching them harshly. Bakugou was roaring, cheeks red from both the pinch and her words. Damn her! Did she always have to embarrass him right in front of you!


“Mitsuki… please its Christmas.” Masaru begged, not wanting to have a fight on today of all days. “Just let them both inside… it's freezing outside.”


Mitsuki sighed, moving aside and letting both you and Bakugou into his family home. Your eyes observing all sorts of things: photos, decorations, paintings, colors, and of course the residents themselves. Bakugou’s parents were more than able to provide for all three of them it appeared… as this house clearly showed how much of a nice life they lived.


“Old hag…” Bakugou growled as he passed his mother, barely dodging her hand coming to smack him. “Old man.”


Masaru nodded to his son, then looked towards the girl he brought with him. When Katsuki had brought up having a friend come over today ‘cause they were alone on the holidays… he had honestly assumed it to be Kirishima or Kaminari… even Sero. But now seeing as it was the girl from before… the one who Masaru and Mitsuki both had an idea that their son might be developing a crush on… it only made their suspicions grow.


Though it would appear for all the silent observation Masaru made, Mitsuki would vocalize them. And thus, once Mitsuki had registered how and why she knew you rather quickly, she couldn’t help but beam at you and send a snide look towards her demon of a child.


“Oh! I remember you!” She smiled. “You’re the one Katsuki has a crush on. Are you both dating now?”


Bakugou froze, turning towards his mother from where he had stood a little up the hallway from her. Of course, she’d bring something like that up! She was a devil woman after all! Bakugou’s footsteps were thundering and Masaru could feel his calm and happy Christmas coming to an end.


You blinked towards Bakugou’s mother. “No, not yet.”


It seemed as if every Bakugou present froze at your words. You had said that you both were not dating… but then had also said and spoken in a way that seemed to make it seem as if… you would be dating him soon enough. Your voice calm and smooth, showing confidence in how you talked like you couldn’t have been more certain of anything else.


Bakugou didn’t say a word, simply grabbing your hand and further pulling you into his home. You cried in a bit of protest as you hadn’t even hung up your jacket and thus it was sent falling into the floor.


By the time the both of you were out of sight and in the temporary safety of the living room, Masaru bent downward. He picked up the jacket, admiring the soft fabric and its cute little design. Mitsuki next to him, smiling herself and cracking a smile.


“Good answer.” She spoke, watching as Masaru hung up your jacket next to their son’s. “A very good answer.”


“And one that she was forced to pull on the spot.” Masaru sighed, but also couldn’t help the smile on his features. “Though… let’s not try and force anything else out of either one tonight.”


Mitsuki pouted, quickly pulling something out of her pocket and showing it to Masaru. His eyes widened before they narrowed towards his wife who was smiling with a cheeky expression oh her face.


“But we were just about to put up the mistletoe, Masaru! It’s a holiday tradition!”


Masaru sighed. “You and your love of American Christmas traditions… I for one think we have enough in this home.”


Mitsuki chuckled. “Oh come now, my dear sweet talented husband… what’s the point in having kids if we can’t embarrass them a little…?”


“How about choosing something that won’t have us ending up with another hole punched in the wall… by you or our child. Seeing as neither of you have much patience, especially when it comes to each other.”


“You’re no fun, Masaru.” Mitsuki whined, rolling her eyes.


“I’m plenty of fun.” Masaru retorted. “But I also enjoy not having to call a repair company every time after you and Katsuki fight.”


Mitsuki shrugged. “Okay okay I get it.”


Masaru nodded. “Good. Now… how about we show (Last Name) that lovely little collection of Christmas cards we’ve made since Katsuki was born? I’m sure you’d love to show her those…”


Mitsuki’s eyes twinkled with mischief and she nodded excitedly. “Oh… so you can be devious… and embarrassing holidays cards. Now that's a big reason I ended up marrying and having a kid with you, Bakugou Masaru.”


“Just don’t go too far tonight.” Masaru smiled. “Katsuki did a good thing, so let him enjoy the time.”


“I know.” Mitsuki spoke walking forward toward the living room. “I just hope the next time we see her… it’ll be a yes.”


“I’m sure it will.” Masaru responded, following after. “They both seem to have accepted the glimmers in their eyes toward one another… it’ll happen before either they or us know it.”


“Good.” Mitsuki smiled. “Look like I also got my gift from Santa early.”


Masaru paused. “And what was that, Mitsuki?”


She laughed. “For him to let Katsuki find someone that would be able to take over for me… cause being that boy’s keeper is hard work…”


“Mitsuki.” Masaru sighed, pinching his temple. “Behave yourself… and for the love of God don’t say that to either one of them.”


Mitsuki could only burst into laughter, stringing up the mistletoe over the exit to the door and then dashing away before her husband could say another word. Masaru only shook his head. His wife and son certainly were something else… but he loved them dearly.


As for you… he was sure he’d come to adore you just as much. Especially if his son already did.

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Ch.38 - Rubatosis


The Bakugou family Christmas Eve adventure you had been lucky enough to attend seemed to be going as you would have expected it to go. Bakugou and Mitsuki were always ready to throw insults and sass at one another, and Masaru was only smiling and telling his family members to behave in front of you, the guest of honor.


You couldn’t help but laugh among them all. It was so different than your family. While there was definitely fighting and yelling… it was different. Your home was cold and isolated when the fighting began, but for Bakugou, his home was a warm fire and comfy couches that everyone seemed to gravitate towards.


“And look at this one!” Mitsuki stated proudly. “This year’s may be the worst yet!”


You laughed, seeing the Bakugou family’s Christmas cards. It appeared this year Mitsuki and Masaru were dressed in Santa patterns and Bakugou had been shoved into an elf costume. His head was down, but you could see a carmine eyed glare through the corner of his ash blonde locks. (AN - You can see the comic I got the idea from here )


“You make a bad elf.” You told Bakugou.


“I wasn’t supposed to be a shitty elf! Why couldn’t I be anything better?!” He shouted towards his mother.


“It was either an elf or a reindeer… and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to put antlers on you!”


“You got him into the elf ears though, Mitsuki.” Masaru commented, passing out hot cocoas and a try of festive cookies. “And Katsuki, you made a fine elf.”


“Shut up…” Bakugou grumbled, still not delighted by any of this. “Christmas with you all is the worst.”


“Well too bad.” Mitsuki took a sip of her cocoa. “You’re our brat so you’ll always have Christmas with us.”


You giggled lightly as Bakugou grumbled something under his breath and then started to dig into the cookies. It appeared he was fond of the ginger ones, while you liked the frosted ones. Mitsuki and Masaru watching the both of you from the couch on the other side.


Neither of you aware that as the night had gone on, you both had scooted closer to one another and now we're pretty much-sitting thigh to thigh. Mitsuki was practically buzzing with happiness, having fallen in love with you more and more as the night went on. She might even be fonder of you then her own son with the number of sweet gestures and words she had said to you all night.


Masaru had also grown to like you, finding that his son was not as volatile or loud when around you. In fact, Masaru could have sworn he even saw some baby pink cheeks on Katsuki at one point. Maybe he was imagining it, or maybe Katsuki really did get a little flustered when you and he had walked under the mistletoe Mitsuki had secretly hung up when no one was watching.


Either way… the mistletoe was thrown into the fireplace, and Mituski and Katsuki had thus ended up in another petty argument over it. But you didn’t seem upset by it at all, in fact, you looked to be having fun watching, and interacting with them all.


“You’re all so lively.” You commented, catching the attention of all the Bakugou’s at your words.


“We’ve been told.” Masaru chuckled lowly.


“And we’ve been called much worse…” Mitsuki grimaced, then looked to her only child. “I wonder who’s fault that is?”


“You were the one who fucking raised me, old hag.” Bakugou snarled. “You should have done a better fucking job if you don’t like the outcome…”


Mitsuki looked ready to make her and Masaru childless. But you seemed to have beaten her to speaking up.


“Well… I like how you ended up.” You spoke gently. “You’re a good person when someone gets to know you Gou-kun. And… thanks for letting me spend the day here… it’s been fun and really enjoyable.”


Bakugou blushed, muttering again under his breath, hoping his mother would not speak of anything that would cause this sweet moment to be ruined. Lucky for Bakugou, his father was already on the dot of speaking before Mitsuki.


“Speaking of today, it appears it’s almost over.” Masaru commented, seeing as it was nearing 11 pm. “Katsuki, how about you take (Last Name)-san home?”


“Yeah, I should…” Bakugou muttered, getting up from his seat. “I’ll get my shit, be back.”


You nodded, being left alone with his parents as he ventured up to his room to retrieve his winter things he had put up there at one point of the day. As he did, you noticed Mitsuki smiling at you from the corner of your eyes.


“You’re too good for him.” She sighed, then looked to you with a smile. “But… if he makes you as happy as you clearly make him… then you’re always welcome here, (Last Name).”


“Oh.” You blinked. “Thank you, Mitsuki-san. And you too Masaru-san. I really appreciate the kindness you both showed me today. And I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow.”


“Same to you.” Masaru spoke, hearing the stairs creaking.


Bakugou had reentered the scene, covered once more in his thick winter attire and carrying a pack on his back. He motioned for you to rise and meet him by the door. You did so without question, scurrying over to him and beginning to place on your shoes.


“Come on.” Bakugou spoke, handing you your jacket. “I’ll take you home.”




The journey back to your home was fairly easy. Since it was Christmas Eve, hardly anyone was out and about, making the trains empty for the most part and the streets only filled with people merrily celebrating the holiday and slightly buzzed. Even despite it, nothing seemed to stop either of you from continuing on in the comfortable silence.


Soon enough, you both were at the entrance to your apartment. You paused, turning to look at Bakugou. He was digging through his backpack, seeming to be concentrating on it. You watched with curious eyes, wondering what exactly he was doing. And soon enough, the answer came in the form of the male holding out a very expertly wrapped present.


“Oh?” You reacted as he shoved the gift into your arms.


“Don’t say a thing and just open it, moron.” Bakugou huffed, crossing his arms and glad to finally be free of the item.


You nodded and did as told, slightly upset to ruin the nice looking package. But you were curious about what he got you and wanted nothing more than to see. Bakugou, despite his selfish and ego-centered outlook, was actually very good at reading people, so it could only make you wonder what he assumed you would like to have.


Soon enough your eyes were met by the image of a pair of pink laces and shoes inside a small box. The lace was soft to the touch and the slippers were well put together. Your eyes widened, spotting a brand logo on the inside, as well as a receipt it appeared.


“Are these…” You muttered, looking up to the male.


“They are supposed to be a good brand of ballet flats or something like that…” Bakugou grumbled. “So… yeah. They’re yours.”


You shook your head. “W-why though… and man I didn’t even get anything for you! I feel so bad…!”


“Hey, calm your anxious ass!” Bakugou spoke up. “You don’t have to get me shit ‘cause this was a thank you gift. Cause… thanks to you I can fucking enter the contest in another month.”


He crossed his arms and looked away. “Though, seeing as you’re a fucking rich girl… if you already have this pair you can always return ‘em and get a better gift or keep the cash…”


“I love them!” You spoke suddenly, startling both yourself and Bakugou. “I’ll wear them for our pas de deux! They’ll be my good luck slippers!”


Bakugou blushed further, looking down as he kicked at the fallen snow a little bit. “Yeah great… anyway, I should get going. The old hag wants me home before midnight… we have some shitty tradition of an opening at gift at midnight.”


You nodded slipping the gift under your arm and smiling towards him gently. A chill came through the air, making you both shiver. It would be a good idea to bid goodbye for the night now it seemed, as it was getting later and the cold was getting worse. And thus, you took out your access card and turned to Bakugou, wanting to ask him one more thing before bidding goodnight to the ash blonde male.


“I’ll see you on New Year’s then, right?” You spoke, sliding your card through the entrance and watching as the door buzzed, cracking open slightly.


“Yeah. See you then, Twinkle Toes.” He waved but didn’t move an inch waiting for you to get inside before he headed off back home himself.


You nodded, grabbing the door slightly and then pausing a moment. You held it with one hand and then moved your body outward. Bakugou watching with a raised brow as you came closer to him and gently pressed your lips against his cheek. The action was short, but tender and left the male with wide eyes as you scurried off inside.


Only turning around to wave at him once more as you smiled brightly, cheeks as red as the poinsettias sitting on the reception desk of the apartment complex. Your form gone a moment later as the elevators came to get you and whisk you away to your apartment.


Bakugou inhaled slowly, touching his cheek gently. It was warm, no doubt having had his cheeks blossom in color as they had many times before whenever you had been near him. As he turned to find his way back, he couldn’t stop himself from allowing his lips to turn upwards into a smug smile.


Though by the time he was a good few feet away, the smugness had faded but not the smile.


As for you, your legs had given out as soon as the elevator doors closed. Your hands shaking and legs numb, tingling lips making it hard to even close them. And thus you had kept them slightly parted, watching and listening as the floors ascended further and further up.


It hadn’t been the first time you kissed him, nor was it even on the lips as you and he had done before… but this time was much different than the times before. Now instead of a kiss simply because you liked him and wanted to express it, this one had become something else.


Your face was red and lips quivered as you tried to think it over further and further. Slowly, your lips decided on the direction they would go towards and it appeared it was in the northern region as well, much like Bakugou’s was at this current moment.


You held onto your chest slightly, feeling the rapid beating of your heart as you thought further and further about it. Every fiber of your being seeming to gravitate further and further towards this idea, this emotion, this overwhelming feeling… but one you couldn’t help but comfortingly suffocate in.


You let out a soft laugh, seeing how despite all your fears and previous experiences… this was different because Bakugou was different. And because you had genuinely proved himself to you time and time again, you could push past the previous notions that had held you down for so long… and now could feel your own emotions without anything weighing you down.


He had untethered you from the weight of the past and was slowly teaching you to fly with him. The weightless feeling you had was all thanks to him and you couldn’t help but allow your feelings to flourish as well.


So you accepted it and were willing to express your love for him. But like an eloquent dance, you couldn’t rush it. Thus you’d wait for the right moment to express it and tell him. After all, a premature move could cost you and for this… the last thing you wanted was to tell him before the spotlight hit.

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Ch.39 - Waldosia


The temperature had dropped significantly since Christmas, making any sort of breath that left you look as if you were smoking. The thick whiteness of your breath making it hard to see at times as you tried to get warm while sitting on a bench in the downtown area. Your nose was red and full of sniffles and your ears were cold and beginning to lose feeling.


The people who passed by you were dressed much warmer than you, but you couldn’t help but want to crack out the attire you had bought as a Christmas gift to yourself for this night. The yukata you had one was filled with numerous blues and purples, offset by the white and yellow dots that filled it, even with some pink thrown in. And all tied together with matching images of flowers, lanterns, and more starry scenes. You had known when you saw the galaxy yukata in the window as you walked by on the day after Christmas that you had to buy it.


And thus with one fitting session later and your credit card scanned, you had bought it and knew your parents would not ask questions. The shop would come up as a clothing store, and seeing how you rarely shopped, neither would even ask what you had bought. Only assuming you needed something new because your old had worn down or become frayed.


You couldn’t believe you had actually bought something for yourself though. Seeing as you usually never did, aside from a sweet treat or two every week. But now with this pricey, but adorable yukata adorned on your body and the stars above only being a single tier above how gorgeous this fabric was you were content with your purchase.


Only wishing you had known how thin the fabric was, as currently, you were freezing from sitting here and waiting for your companions to show up. It had been the day before the winter holiday had started that you all promised to meet up and spend New Year’s Eve together.


Seeing how you had never spent a New Years at a shrine or with friends, you showed up forty-five minutes early, too excited to wait indoors at your apartment and thus had arrived here and stood and then sat in the cold until you were sure they were turning blue. But you couldn't help it. Today was better than Christmas and you couldn’t wait to see all your friends again, enjoy the night, and hear of how their own holidays went.


“(Last Name)?” Someone spoke, and you turned to see a set of familiar faces coming through the light crowd.


You waved slightly to the girl with the dyed pink hair and her male companion with his own dyed red locks. Both coming over to you quickly and looking glad to be away from the crowds.

Kirishima was dressed as he usually did, the ‘walking fashion disaster’ as Bakugou had called him once. This time wearing an animal print long sleeved shirt with a tye dye color scheme and a jean jacket with some image of an animal on the back. It was too faded for you to tell. His pants were at least a thick black winter pair. And his usually spiked hair was for once down and instead covered by a fuzzy winter hat. It seemed you were not the only one who looked different tonight.


Mina looked a lot closer to her usual hairstyle, the only major difference being a magenta ribbon tied in it. She had opted to wear a yukata as well, this one having various shades of pink in it along with white and tan flowers. The pink starting out a light baby color at the top and then gradually descending into a hot pink near the button. She looked cute.


“You look really pretty!” Mina cried, throwing her arms around you and hugging you. “How was your Christmas? Mine was great! Okinawa is sooooo pretty at Christmas!”


You laughed, giving the girl a hug back. “I’m glad to hear you had a good time. And mine was fine, got to spend some quiet time at home and practice the routines more. I think I nearly have my solo part down for-”


You looked around quickly, checking your surroundings. “You know what infamous dance group.”


Mina chuckled at your behavior, seeing you take this all so seriously. Kirishima couldn’t help but crack a smile either. Plus, it was nice to also see you taking their routine so seriously, though it wasn’t unexpected. You were a good friend and an even better-trained dancer, so of course, you were practicing. Maybe more than some of them.


“How about you Kiri-kun?” You turned to him. “How was your Christmas?”


Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “As hectic as usual… mom and grandma got into a spat about me dying my hair and then my little sisters ended up nearly setting the tree on fire.”


“Sounds memorable at least.” You tried to find some sort of upside.


Kirishima nodded. “Yeah… they always are.”


Mina laughed next to him, putting a hand on Kirishima in order to stabilize herself as she chuckled to her heart’s content. Kirishima’s eyes widening slightly and he inhaled slowly, trying to focus on who else was scheduled to come.


“So… looks like half of us made it.” Kirishima commented, glancing around and then blinking. “Actually looks like more than half of us. Yo! Bakubro!”


Bakugou turned to the sound of his name, coming forward to where you all stood. He paused as you came into view, pulling up his scarf over his mouth and nose. Eyes averting you as he turned to Kirishima.


“Where is everyone else?” He spoke, voice muffled from the fabric.


“Sero can’t come ‘cause his mom has the ‘no friends, only family’ rule until the day after New Years… as for Kaminari, I don’t know. I’ll call him.” Kirishima spoke, getting out his phone and starting to dial Kaminari’s number.


As the redhead was doing so, the pink haired girl was up to something. She had caught onto how Bakugou was avoiding you and would not allow it. She used a hand to grab you, the other to grab Bakugou and made you both turn to look at one another.


You blinked a little, blushing as Bakugou reacted the same way. The silence was the only thing spoken between the pair of you, as neither seemed to really know what to say, especially since to you… you had come to realize your feelings for him last you saw him and for Bakugou… you in a yukata was doing irrational things to his mind and emotions.


Mina sighed in annoyance, pointing to Bakugou. “You’re supposed to compliment her!”


“Why?” Bakugou grumbled.


“Cause she’s wearing a yukata and looks pretty! So tell her she looks pretty!”


Bakugou’s eye twitch. “I don’t need to say anything… especially when she always looks like that, alien freak.”


Bakugou turned, going to sit on the ledge you had previously been resting on before everyone had shown up. Mina puffed out her cheeks, ready to storm off after him when you snatched her sleeve and made sure she stayed beside you.


Mina looked towards you, frowning. “Are you okay? I know he can be a jerk at times-”


“He called me pretty, Ashi-chan.” You blushed, words light and fluffy.


It took Mina a minute, but eventually he saw it as well. And while she couldn’t be sure Bakugou realized it himself, she had to admit it was indeed rather sweet that in some way… he did find and want you to know he saw you as pretty.


“Well…” Kirishima sighed, looking unimpressed. “Looks like it's just us four tonight.”


“Huh?” You rose a brow. “What happened to Kaminari?”


“Well, we’re at Nezu shrine and Kaminari thought he heard us say Hie… so he’s there.”


“That dummy…” Mina muttered, seeing Bakugou stand up and come back over.


“He found Jirou and Yao-Momo at Hie though, so he said he’d hang out with them tonight and would meet up with us again before classes started up.” Kirishima stopped talking as Bakugou started walking to the entrance of the shrine. “Dude? Where are you going?”


“To the shrines, Shitty Hair. Dunce Face is a moron and messed up, but I’m still going to get some takoyaki with or without him.” He carried on, the three of you quickly catching up to him.


“We have a little less than four hours before midnight, so let’s have some fun until then!” Kirishima seemed to pick up the boyish spirit as soon as the smell of meat hit his nose.


“(Nickname)-chan!” Ashido grabbed your arm, pointing to a display of wishing boards. “We have to fill one out!”


You nodded and allowed her to eagerly tug you over towards the boards. The pair of you giggling and writing down your wishes and the boys had stopped at a stand to grab some food. Kirishima’s eyes full of glitter at the list of delicious festival foods and Bakugou only ordering a single thing of takoyaki.


Soon enough, you had finished jotting down your wish. Mina had been waiting patiently, her handwriting much messier since she knew her wish right away, unlike you who wanted to put more thought into your wish.


“What did you wish for?!” Ashido beamed and you laughed.


“If I tell you… it won’t come true, Ashi-chan!” You scolded Mina, pushing the wooden board onto your chest.


“I’ll tell you mine!” She tried to negotiate with you.


You covered your ears. “No! I don’t want to be the reason your wish doesn’t come true!”


Ashido laughed, looking down fondly at her writing. “Well… I’ve never been one to rely on these things anyway… but you never know. Maybe they do work, so I’ll keep it quiet then. Plus… it's a little embarrassing to admit anyway… I haven’t even told anyone yet, so I’ll keep it a secret a little bit more!”


You looked at Mina, slightly pouting. “Now I want to know… you just had to make it sound like the best secret in the world!”


Ashido giggled, placing her wish high up and you respected her wishes and didn’t try to read it. You did yours next, looking at it happily and then wandering away with your friend and chatted about trying some of the warm sweet buns a nice older woman was selling at a booth.


Bakugou and Kirishima appeared by your sides soon afterward, hots buns in your hands and all sorts of other hot umami tasting ones in theirs. Kirishima trading Ashido one of her sweet buns for one of his meat filled ones, the two bubbling about how good the dough was.


You stayed in stride next to Bakugou. Neither of you being too terribly vocal as your companions chatted on and on about anything and everything. For the two of you, you were content just walking next to one another. Slowly though, you began to feel a finger or two of his brushing against your own.


You looked down, smiling as you uncurled your middle and pointer finger, feeling him curve his own two around yours. Your set of fingers connected and hiding the fact that the both of you were in a way walking hand in hand. Bakugou obviously wasn’t in the mood to be teased about it, and you would rather not have to deal with anything or anyone that might make you confess early.


So instead, this was more than enough for you. The feeling of him right beside you, the amicable chatting of Ashido and Kirishima, and the feeling of this holiday made you start to feel warm. The yukata might not be good at keeping warm all on its own but among your friends and their love and joyful attitudes… it made you content and made you feel loved yourself.


“So what now?” Ashido chirped, looking towards the row of game stalls they had all wandered into. “Oh! Let’s go to a water squirter game! Let’s see who’s the best at that!”


“I’m in!” Kirishima nodded, looking pumped.


“I’m gonna beat all of you until you cry.” Bakugou seethed, a competitive edge coming onto his features.


“Sounds fun to me.” You laughed, getting out the change from your coin purse to be able to play.


Tonight was fun not because of the shrines, the holiday, or the festival stalls, food, or games. No. Tonight was fun and memorable because of the people with you and what they brought to you. And now… you could only hope that the Gods would hear your wish and see the merit in granting it.


“I wish for my friends to find as much love and happiness as they have given me in the new year.”

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Ch.40 - Lethobenthos


Everyone was watching with anticipation as the girl came forward, successfully doing a spin over the other female. Then suddenly she was falling towards the floor, clear of her teammates and using her arms as balance as her legs began to propel herself around a few times. Twisting, turning, flipping, and bouncing to the beat without fail.


A dip in the tune was what brought the four males back out onto the stage, giving the pink Tanuki a moment to rest before she and the purple Kamui would need to be back onto the stage to do join in with the double sets of two and thus creating three sets of pairs. Until then, you stood to the side, watching with awe at how your friends weaved in and out of their movements and each other.


“You look amazed.” Mina laughed, waiting on the side next to you.


She looked out of breath, but even so, was filled to the brim with energy, her smiles showing off how glad she truly was to be able to get her movements down perfectly on the first full practice run as a group. Until now the routine had all been broken into pieces and practiced to death.


But now with the competition in less than two weeks… it meant major crunch time for Vindicous. So of course, practice sessions had been doubled, now running for around two to three hours three times a week. And with ballet still in full gear, you and Bakugou had exhausted your bodies, but even so, neither one of you ever complained.


And with your lack of complaining, the others had followed suit. So despite how no one moved or did anything on Sundays any longer… Monday through Saturday was draining and tiring. But it was also rewarding and full of plenty of fun times with trusted friends.


You turned in line with Mina, her gently using your momentum and you using hers to push off. Her into the arms of Kirishima and you into Bakugou, the males putting their bodies down into a rock like stance, making it easy for you and Mina to use the speed from the pushing to place a foot on the boy’s legs and then propel yourselves over the males.


Mina and you doing a triple somersault in the air, then open your arms and legs quickly, looking like a starfish. The next moment you both were caught: Sero holding Mina and Kaminari holding you. The music ending with one final beating of drums, Kirishima and Kaminari’s neon dancing equipment making the colored light on all your costumes dim out one by one with the beats. The girls in the arms of their catchers, while the boys who had helped launch them struck a pose that looked like it belonged on a boy band cover. Arms crossed and looking ready for a fight.


The song ended, leaving everyone in the dark for a moment. Then slowly, the lights of your studio came on. A dark-haired female clapping her hands as she came forward, a tray filled with water and healthy sliced fruits in balanced in one of her hands.


“Marvelous! Simply spectacular!” Yaoyorozo beamed.


“It didn’t suck.” Jirou commented. “And… it's good to see my music is being put to good use.”


“Awe you’re just the best music partner, Kyouka!” Mina cried, happy that while Jirou wasn’t heavily involved, she still came to see the final practices and make any last minute changes to the music she made.


This time though, Jirou was collabing with more than just Bakugou and Sero… as Yaoyorozu had said she could learn electric piano during Christmas break. And Yaoyorozu always delivered… thus adding another instrument to the ensemble of sound.


“You’ve been a really big help, both of you.” Kirishima spoke kindly, bowing to his musically talented peers. “So, thank you both so much!”


Jirou laughed as Momo tried to wave the redhead off. He was being that overkind and empowering boy with a golden heart again… something that nearly brought anyone who was moved by words to tears… including Yaoyorozu.


So distracted by the antics of his friends, Kaminari seemed to have forgotten something very obvious.


“Kami-kun.” You muttered, shifting awkwardly. “Could you… um please put me down now? I think I can land this distance from your arms to the floor.”


Kaminari blushed darkly, not believing he had spaced this much. Even so, he allowed you to get down. Apologizing slightly for having kept you in his arms for so long, he let you down. The poor straw blonde boy not missing the feeling of someone watching him from the corner of his eyes.


“B-Bakubro!” Kaminari turned to the other blonde in a panic. “I swear I wasn’t trying to do anything that breaks the bro-code! I was spacing out!”


Bakugou shrugged. “Long as you keep catching her, Dunce Face… then we won’t have a fucking problem.”


Bakugou shuffled past him, snagging the changing room first. Everyone else was making light chatter, Yaoyorozu touching your loose and thick costume saying all sorts of things and questions about how you moved so well with such baggy outfits.


Mina was doing her best to explain. Kirishima as well. Meanwhile, Sero was telling Kaminari he better always catch you, less the golden eyed boy really end up six feet under prematurely.


Soon enough, everyone was changed, the room cleaned and packed up, and everyone was lounging around your living room. You had run up to your room really quick, leaving everyone to make light chatter while you got whatever it was that you needed.


“Okay. Found my purse.” You spoke, walking back into the room. “So I’m ready to go.”


Sero blinked. “Where are we going?”


“It’s not a ‘we’.” Mina told the boys all looking confused. “The girls are going for tea.”


“Which means you all have to leave now too.” Jirou spoke. “Cause (Name)’s nice… but there’s no way she’d let any of you stay here unsupervised.”


“Hey!” Several voices shouted.


“Now now, Ji-chan.” You spoke up sweetly. “I trust Kiri-kun to watch over my house. And maybe Ser-kun too…”


Before Bakugou or Kaminari could ask why they were not trustworthy though, the elevator arrived and everyone filed inside. Kaminari complaining about not being able to hang out and get tea with the girls, only to have Kirishima and Sero say they were free.


Thus the three were now going to see a movie. And Bakugou… he had made it clear from the beginning that he was going home the moment he got out onto the street. Since practice had been early this Saturday, all he wanted was to go home, get out of the cold and then also take a nap until dinner time.


At the crossroads between the tea shop, train station and the movie theater, everyone bid their goodbyes. You making sure to do a quick goodbye to the boys, and leave more time to say goodbye to the ash blonde boy.


“I’ll see you on Monday then.” You told him, smiling at him as he took earphones out of his bag.


“Yeah.” He nodded. “And keep practicing Twinkle Toes… you were almost as good as me today.”


“Well, I strive to be as good as you… but without the attitude and ego, Gou-kun.” You laughed slightly, Bakugou batting your shoulder playfully.


“Shut the hell up and go have your girl time…” He scoffed, turning his back from you.


“I am!” You laughed, seeing him start to walk away. “I’ll text you later, Gou-kun.”


“Better not fucking wake me up if and when you do, idiot…” Were his last words before he was totally plugged into his music.


A silhouette among the first rays of sunlight after a cold and harsh winter. March was right around the corner now, and soon… you all could be free of the extra layers on your shoulders.




The tearoom was as serene as usual. The four of you having been sat at a nice and isolated section in the back of the room. No one aside from the waitress coming to pester or bother you. The atmosphere nice and calm as the tea was sipped idly.


“Okay… it's bothering me way too much.” Jirou suddenly broke the silence.


“Is everything okay, Jirou-san?” Yaoyorozu spoke, placing her teacup down.


“Yes but… I’m so confused.” The rock music lover exhaled, looking at you. “I’m sorry to be so direct but… are you and Bakugou dating?”


You blinked. “No. We’re not. We’re just friends.”


Jirou threw her hands up. “Just friends? What do you mean just friends? The way you both look at each other is not how friends look at each other!”


“And with all the flirting you both do… it's hard to believe anything of the sort…” Mina grumbled.


“A-Ashi-chan!” You gasped, the tea in your hands nearly falling out of your grasp. “G-Gou-kun and I… we just-! We’re not-!”


You placed your teacup down, Burying your face into your hands, trying to hide the major blush on your face. Your feelings of the ash blonde coming back very quickly, and suddenly with every memory of what he had done for your happiness and his tender touches… made you wish the AC was on in this shop.


“Rozu-chan…. Please help me…” You whined, turning to Yaoyorozu who gave you an apologetic look.


“Sorry, (Last Name)-san… but Kaminari-san and I have placed a wager on who we think will ask the other out first.” She seemed much too happy about this gamble.


“Ohhh! Who did you choose?” Mina was gushing, despite you embarrassed state.


“(Last Name)-san, of course.” Yaoyorozu spoke with unwavering confidence in you.


“She seems a bit shy to me right now to even tell us how she feels… how is she going to say it to Bakugou?” Jirou mentioned, everyone seeing how you were now putting way too many sugar cubes into your tea, the cubes not even dissolving but making a big sugar and sticky mess in your cup.


“I think (Nickname) will as well.” Ashido smiled, then turned to Yaoyorozu. “Can I join in on this bet as well?”


“Oh yes! Kaminari was just saying how Sero and Kirishima were interested. Would you like to join as well, Jirou-san?” You were beginning to think Yaoyorozu might have a slight gambling addiction.


“No… I’m good. But thanks.” Jirou laughed, looking at you. “And looks like you’ve got a bunch of people rooting for you to put the pants on first.”


“Gee… exactly what I needed… more stress and responsibilities.” You sunk into your seat.


“Moving along.” Yaoyorozu returned to her usual self. “You do like Bakugou-san, right?”


You nodded, slowly coming back up to sit properly and talk to your much loved, but not when they were teasing you so much, friends. Their expressions growing with happiness as you admitted to them your crush.


“I like him more than any of you know.” You spoke.


Mina’s eyes lit up. “Wait! Are you saying you love Bakugou?!”


Yaoyorozu and Jirou were just as encapsulated right now, wanting to hear your answer to this as much as the girl with the pink dyed hair. You blinked, opening your mouth and inhaling, ready to answer. However, you stopped yourself.


You quieted down, instead answering them with what you knew they might not want to hear… but it was what felt right to you. And you wanted to make it right, because… this feeling he gave you, was unique and you always wanted it to be a warm, lovely, and comfortable one.


“I want him to be the first one to hear me say or admit it…” You spoke gently, a smile on your features and eyes off elsewhere. “So… I hope you’d all understand why I can’t answer your question just yet.”


The answer you had given had more than satisfied.


The girls all exchanged looks with one another, smiling themselves before they all looked back at you. They nodded, smiles not fading nor the hard to miss support in their eyes. It was all that needed to be said, and soon the conversation had moved on to something else.

Chapter Text

Ch.41 - Lalalalia


“I hate whoever’s idea this was…” Mina grumbled, reaching for the hot pink sweatpants that were resting next to her in the changing room stall.


“It’s certainly an interesting place to… change.” You responded back, fitting on your sweatshirt a bit more until it felt right.


Outside of the two separate stalls the pair of you were both changing at, was a public bath house. The onsen was known for not making customers pay until they had changed and walked in further towards the pool, and thus that left all of you the perfect chance to change into your costumes without any peeking eyes or people seeing where you had come from. Plus… no video cameras here.


Sometimes you wondered if this was paranoia or actual needed precautions for this group of breakdancers. Though now… you could care less, seeing as you were dressed and Mina was waiting.


You stepped out, looking towards your friend with a light smile. Mina took you in, nodding to herself slightly and then did some final touches to your attire before nodding to herself and you. Her Tanuki mask being drawn down and covering up her features, her finger motioning for you to put your own mask on as well.


You nodded, looking down to the purple dragon in your hands and then gulped. It would not be the first time you wore it or danced with it on… but the mere idea that this day had come and it was time to do away with (Name) for a few hours in favor of Kamui… seemed a little less than panic attack inducing.


“You’re going to do fine.” Pinky told you, sticking her thumbs up. “We have faith in you, so have some faith in yourself… or at least more faith in us.”


She laughed about the last part, seeming to have found some humor in it, her usual happy-go-lucky and teasing tone sounding in the small changing room, empty aside from the pair of you.


“Right… I’ll try.” You breathed in, putting the mask on your face and making sure to tighten it properly.


Pinky gave you a thumbs up leading you out to where the boys seemed to have been waiting for you both to finish. Two with arms crossed in impatience, the other two relaxing with plenty of it.


“Took you both long enough…” Ground Zero scoffed, turning his face to the side.


“Unlike you boys, we girls like to take our time getting ready!” Pinky waved her arms.


“Well we all made it on time and got dressed.” Red Riot sighed. “But we should get going… we have check in in thirty minutes and something tells me the city would love it if we are late and had the chance to disqualify us before we even get there…”


“Red’s right.” Cellophane backed him up. “Let’s get going. We got a competition to win.”


“First place here we come!” Chargebolt yelled, startling an older couple who had just walked in and saw some teens dressed up.


“Go team.” You spoke lightly, still trying and attempting to be as pumped up and excited as your friends… but with you so unsure of your big debut… you couldn’t help but feel slightly nauseous.




“Awe this room is sooooo big!” Pinky cried, throwing her body onto a plush couch in one of the many green rooms in the theater.


“Snacks too!” Chargebolt was happily dashing off to the snacks, using a gloved hand to shove some chocolates into his mouth.


“Cool it you two!” Ground Zero was on full control mode. “Don’t fucking get too comfy and don’t make yourself sick!”


“It’ll be fine, Zero.” Pinky waved him off. “You’re supposed to relax your muscles before a performance anyway.”


“And I was so excited that I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch!” Chargebolt yelled back.


“Let them be, man.” Red Riot placed a gloved hand on Ground Zero’s shoulder. “Let’s all just go over things once more, have some personal space, and do what we need to do to be calm and ready by the time it’s our turn in about an hour.”


“I still can’t believe they put us last…” Cellophane grumbled. “They really are riding on the idea that they’ll run out of time and won’t have time for us….”


“So dumb… especially since majority of the audience is here to see us after a six month hiatus!” Pinky stomped her foot.


“Maybe we all need to think with the mentality that they are saving the best for last?” Red Riot suggested, nodding going along.


“I’m going for a walk.” You spoke suddenly, turning and heading out the door before anyone could say anything to you or offer to join you.


A moment of silence passing after the door closed, and then the conversation came back.


“Is she okay?” Red Riot glanced to Pinky.


The tanuki nodded. “Yeah… just really nervous. Not that I blame her, I remember our first performance live… I was sure I would pass out the moment the music started.”


“Yeah but she’s our legendary dragon!” Chargebolt spoke with a smile under his mask. “She’s got this! Its in her blood to be the most gracious and eye catching thing on stage.”


“That’s if Zero will share the spotlight with her.” Cellophane laughed, motioning towards the kitsune who was drumming his fingers harshly against a table he was sitting at.


“Worried for her, dude?” Chargebolt slid into the seat next to their leader.


“You should be more worried about your health if you don’t get the hell away from me.” Ground Zero venomed. “‘Sides… she won’t let us down. She just needs her moment to herself.”


Everyone nodded along with him, as they couldn’t agree anymore with their leader as they did right now. And soon, the conversation was moving on again, this time about whether the complimentary energy drinks were a good idea to crack into or not.




The backstage area was filled with all sorts of people running around, stage hands preparing cues and performers getting pumped up before they dashed on stage to do their own thing. You watched from a corner slightly, listening and seeing all the wonderful performances from afar.


It was so different, as most of the talent competitors were all doing some creative form of freestyle. And unlike what you’d see at the opera or theater with your parents… you didn’t know what to expect next from the performers right in front of you.


It was nice to watch and after about thirty minutes of immersing yourself in the dance and culture of so many people, you rose to your feet once more. You were rather parched right now and needed something to drink before your routine in another thirty minutes or so. And thus, you had begun to head back.


As you walked to the last green room, the one you were placed in cause of the organizer’s bias against your group, you passed by a few more groups and individuals. You breathed out slowly, closing your eyes and felt your uneasiness slowly melt away the more the start of the routine became closer.


However, due to closing your eyes and thus not watching where you were going, you walked straight into someone. You let out a quiet noise as you blinked up and saw who it was that you had rudely crashed into. His eyes were a cold cerulean blue and his red hair seemed to actually be ignited from the sheer color in it.


“S-sorry To- erm- sir!” You covered up your words quickly, fumbling a few more for good measure to make the head of UA’s PTA assume you were just some blabbering idiot rather than someone who was the child of two of his PTA members.


Todoroki Enji watched you dash down the hallway, not making a comment but simply raising a brow. He had originally funded this contest because he wanted to see if there were any new potential recruits for UA, but after having heard that embarrassment of a crew Vindicous had a new member and enabled them to enter… he wanted even more to see for himself who these hooligans were.


And from what he just saw… it appeared the new female member would never make it. She could barely run straight. She must be some rookie dancer… thus he was excited to see the lack of any real dance she did. It was obvious to him now… Vindicous had been desperate to enter, thus recruited this inelegant dragon.


He chuckled, turning on his way back to the judging panel. If he was giving away a million yen, at least he’d get some entertainment worth that amount with the last performance. Until then, he needed to head back and make sure that Toshinori wasn’t chatting up the audience again. The man was much too close to the public and it bothered him greatly.


Dancers and musicians should be positioned above the general body… and he’d strive to keep it that way, no matter how many Toshinori or Vindicious tried to change that.




The green room came into view, as did someone waiting outside the door. His orange and black attire more than familiar to you. He rose his head just as you came crashing into his arms. Ground Zero steadied you a bit. Your breathing rapid and his arms a comfort.


“What’s gotten into you, dragon?” He spoke, the cover name still holding as much secret tenderness as Twinkle Toes did.


“Todoroki Enji is here… I just ran into him.” You breathed out slowly.


“Yeah… asshole’s one of the judges. And he’s giving a million fucking yen to whoever the winner is. Lucky for us, we got a fighting chance since there are five judges and also the audience vote. So… we can for sure swing the audience and I’m sure at least two or three of those damn judges will love us. We got a fighting chance, Kamui.”


“I know we do… I just-” You shut yourself up.


“Hey.” He spoke. “Nothing’s going to happen. No breaking any bones, no messing up, and no unmasking. I’ll make fucking sure of it. I’ll beat the ass of whoever even tries to ruin all our hard work today.”


You giggled lightly, nodding to him. And then pulled away suddenly. Ground Zero quiet, but you had a feeling he was raising a brow at you as you started to fish through your pocket.


“I wasn’t sure when was the best to give this to you… but here.” You pulled out a small box and pushed it towards him.


“I thought I told you not to get me any shitty Christmas gift!” Ground Zero called to you.


“It’s not. This is my thank you gift for the pas de deux, since you gave me one for this.”


The kitsune grumbled, opening the small box and taking a look inside. His form freezing gently as he reached in and took out the small object. The tiny little guitar pick was held in his hand, his eyes reading the words engraved onto the metal object.


I’ll always pick you … That’s the fucking stupidest thing I’ve ever read.” He laughed, placing it back into the box and closing it. “But… its useful to me. So I guess I can find some use for it.”


You laughed. “I’m glad. Now… I need something to drink.”


“Get your ass in there then, Kamui.” Zero motioned towards the door, moving to follow you.


You chuckled to him again, reaching for the door handle when it swung open itself. Your body colliding with someone else a second time that day. This time though, it sent you directly onto the floor, as well as the other person.


“Ow… okay that hurt.” You sucked in a sharp breath, feeling Zero’s hands on you.


“Ouch… damn my head is spinning.” Chargebolt was in just as much pain. “Are you okay, Kamui?”


“Yeah I’m fine… you just knocked me off my feet is all, Charge.” You spoke, as Zero helped you up, sure the kitsune was glaring daggers as the raiju as you spoke.


“Charge… your hair is showing.” Red Riot whispered, motioning to the streaks of yellow and the black bolt showing beyond his mask.


“Shit! Thanks, Riot!” Chargebolt chuckled, adjusting his mask. “Alright!”


“Why the hell were you running out of the room?!” Ground Zero hollered.


“We just got paged is why!” Pinky jumped up and down. “We’re up in ten! The group in front of us got disqualified for some shady pills they found on one of their members! So we’re next.”


“Let’s not be too thrilled when we say that…” Cellophane sighed, looking towards you. “Here Kamui, thought you might need a little refresher before we go up.”


You took the bottle from the tengu and took a long sip. You broke for air a moment later and smiled widely. “Alright! Let’s go win!”


The others couldn’t agree more, and after connecting your fists together and cheering loudly to pump each other and yourselves up, the final walk to stage started. It was finally show time and finally time to show what you all had been preparing in the last months of absence for the infamous group of breakdancers.

Chapter Text

Ch.42 - Swish Fulfillment


“And our final group… the internet infamous… Vindicous!” The announcer cheered, the stage curtains opening up to show the original five members of the group.


You watched with anticipation from your little corner backstage. You intended to silently root for them back here until you saw their cue to enter. And then you would still silently root for them, but also for yourself.


Chargebolt and Cellophane were nailing their duo set, as Red Riot and Ground Zero were prepping Pinky to throw her in the air. And once Pinky was flown off stage, your could catch her before allowing the tanuki to throw you in herself. Then she’d jump into the arms of the red oni herself.


Zero and Red were swinging her, Charge and Cello on the floor, doing a neon version of the worm. And then Pinky was airborne. You sucked in a deep breath as soft pink clothing was in your arms, a girl laughing as well.


“Alright! Your turn our cute dragon!” She spoke, showing off her own strength and endurance as she lifted and tossed you onto stage with ease.


You pushed out your arms, feeling Red connect his own with yours. The male helping your feet skid to a stop, Charge doing the same with Pinky. Then the boys backed away, Pinky taking the lead, slamming her feet against the ground like she was tap dancing. She paused, throwing her arms toward you, and then you copying her previous moves perfectly. And then she copied you. The both of you doing a few backflips, the boys coming forward and taking over, then fell to their knees. 


You and Pinky doing front flips, landing on the shoulders of two males, swinging off them on the next moment and continuing. The others fading as Ground started own private little session. You breathed in heavily, feeling Charge and Red lift you up, you standing on their shoulders.


Pinky and Cellophane standing near Zero in case you soared over him by accident and needed emergency support. Red tapped your leg, telling you to get ready. You nodded, stancing yourself.


Time for a risky mid-air flip. One you had mastered the last two months at practice… but at this moment, seeing as you felt you were not as flashy as the others wanted or needed you to be… you thought it was in your best interest to attempt a double.


The music dropped suddenly, the lights turning off. This was it, they were about to flicker and you needed to be mid-air to create that slow strobe light effect. And thus, you bouncing off the shoulders of your friends aiming for Zero’s extended arms, seeing from the corners of your eyes as the others fell into place for their final moves and stances.


But something was wrong. Something you had done was very very wrong.


You had overestimated it. Your attempt to do an extra flip than you were supposed to was about to cost you… and everyone. You gritted your teeth, bracing for the impact with the cold hard floor, sucking in the air, feeling a chill run up your spine.


Arms wrapped around you a moment later, and then you were airborne once more. This time held snugly into someone, as they landed and skidded across the floor. Your eyes under the mask blinking to see the face design of a fox.


Pinky doing the splits right in front of you, Chargebolt, Red Riot, and Cellophane all doing dorky hero stances behind you. Zero fell to his knees, holding you up as if you were the child of the sun. And then… the music stopped and the lights lingered for ten seconds more before they faded.


The crowd burst into cheers, some standing up and hollering in joy without a second thought. A few of the judges standing up after a few minutes as well, and of the ones who were still sitting, all but one were clapping with smiles on their faces.


The curtains closed after another thirty seconds and once you all were hidden once more, everyone pretty much fell onto the floor themselves. You being placed onto the lap of the fox as he held you close, breathing in slowly.


“Are you fucking stupid?” He chastised you. “Are you trying to break a leg again?”


“In her defense… Charge did tell her to break a leg before we started.” Pinky laughed, Chargebolt looking at her with wide eyes.


“It’s a figure of speech, Pinky!” He cried, waving his arms about as he and Cellophane were sitting back to back. 


“Poor choice of words…” Cellophane muttered.


“Are you okay though, Kamui?” Red Riot seemed to be concerned.


“Yeah, I’m fine… Kat- erm… Zero, caught me in time.” You turned to look at him. “Thanks. You really did save me… I won’t go trying to impress anyone for a while now.”


“Dumb dragon… no one needed you to impress them in the first place! You’re a fucking dragon! They automatically can’t keep their eyes off you!” He said back to you.


“Oh… that’s right. Anyway… you all were amazingly in sync for that last minute finishing stance.” You spoke encouragingly to your friends.


“Happens when you hang out around everyone for so long.” Red admitted. “You pick up on these little things… like Zero suddenly stepping out of line and having to improvise.”


“I think we did a great job though!” Pinky cheered.


“The judging period will begin now. All contestants please return to your green rooms until called back to stage.”


All of you glanced at one another, hearing the stagehand directly you all to back away from the stage. They needed to get ready to set up for the winner’s announcement after all… and the six of you were kinda sprawled out across their stage.



“I think if we ever incorporate flossing into a routine… then you know our group is dead in the water.” Chargebolt spoke, tossing an empty can of soda into the trash.


“Agreed… I’d rather have normal colored hair then be caught flossing.” Pinky agreed, stuffing her face with gummies.


“I’m going to go stretch my legs.” You rose from your spot on the couch between Red and Cello. 


“Don’t like our highly intellectual conversations?” Cellophane teased you.


“Umm… more like I don’t think I’m educated enough in this ‘ flossing ’ to even know what you all are talking about.” You admitted.


“We’ve gotta unshelter you more, Kamui.” Red chuckled.


“I look forward to it!” You gave the rest of the group a thumbs up, venturing out into the hallway.


Adjusting your mask to be able to feel the air on your lower face, as it was in dire need for some cool air. You wandered down the hallway, dodging running PAs and finding the only missing male. He was situated near the edges of the stage, peering out onto the audience. You joined him, him silently scooting over so you could see as well.


“Looks like headphones and ponytail showed up.” He whispered, pointing out the two girls who were situated in a near perfect spot in the front, in disguises to not be recognized as UA students… but with Yaoyorozu’s fancy attire and Jirou’s hoodie… it was easy for friends and classmates to still make them out.


“I’m glad they came.” You told him back. 


“We put on quite the show.” Ground Zero smirked. “And you were not half bad, rookie.”


You giggled, feeling his hand try its best to rub your locks through the hood you had over your features. Instead, he sighed, pulling back. He looked to want to talk more, but you also… couldn’t contain it much more.


He was caught off guard when your hands found their way onto either side of his mask. Your hands gently moving it until only his lower face was exposed to you. Under the part that still remained covering him, the male blinked.

“What are yo-”


He didn’t have time to finish, instead, being trapped in a lip lock with you. His eyes widening under the mask then closing as his arms found their way to your body again. You sighed into the kiss as you felt him deepening it.


The pair of you holding one another close, just enjoying the feeling of a kiss long overdue and allowing any nerves to fade during this tough voting period.


“Oh. My. Gods…” Someone spoke suddenly, startling you and the fox away from one another suddenly, turning to look at who had called you both out.


The rest of your crew seemed to have wandered out… as well as the rest of the competitors. All looking at the both of you, seeing as you were blocking everyone from entering the stage.


“A-ah… why is everyone out here?” You asked, putting your mask on entirely again.


“We were told to meet out on stage for the winner’s announcement.” Cellophane looked to be holding back laughter.


“Looks like Zero already won more than first place though…” Chargebolt was actually in hysterics.


“About time this happened…” Pinky crossed her arms.


Red Riot held up a thumb towards the pair of you. “Congrats you two! You make a great couple!”


“Stop basking in business that isn’t yours to bask in, idiots!” Ground Zero roared, his friends dancing around him and going in front of the both of you. “And you!”


You jumped a little as a finger was pointed in your direction. “Y-yes, Ground Zero?!”


He pulled his own mask the rest of the way down, hiding the red lips and skin you had been able to see until now. He crossed his arms, but something told you he wasn’t truly very tough at this moment as he was trying to be. The lights of the stage turning on as he looked towards you, being illuminated like a God of sorts.


“Well… the hell does that kiss mean?” He spoke like he was annoyed by it, but you knew from the way he had kissed you… he was anything but annoyed with you.


“It means… I’m ready.” You told him.


He nodded. “You sure? Don’t feel like you need-”


“No.” You cut him off. “I’m ready, Zero. I know what my feelings for you are and I trust them. I love them and I love you. So… I want to… I want to be able to openly express them and express them for you.”


He was quiet a moment, nodding again. “Love me huh? Guess it can’t be helped… I am a damn good catch.”


“The best catch.” You told him, stepping slightly closer.


“You’re not bad yourself, dragon.” He put his hands onto your upper arms. “I think I   actually… feel the sa-”


Words were cut off suddenly as screaming took over the stage and made both of your hearts jump for reasons they had not been prepared to jump for in the last few minutes. Both the dragon and the fox looking out to the crowds, only to be turned away as several figures jumped in their direction.


“Awe dudes!” Red Riot screamed, arms pulling both you and Bakugou into him as the redhead let out an excited yelp.


“Guys!” Pinky joined in, Chargebolt and Cellophane also joining into the huge group hug.


You blinked, blushing coming onto your cheeks from the combination of being pressed fully against Zero’s chest and also having every other part of you pressed against someone else in this sudden group hug.


“The hell are you morons doing?!” Ground Zero was screaming seeming to not like this sudden embrace when he was having a very serious conversation with you over something he truly, but never admittedly, had been waiting to hear you tell him with confidence.


“We won man!” Red chuckled, hugging everyone tighter. “So group hug!”


“We won?!” You rose your voice, making the others look at you with shock on their faces.


“Did you not hear the announcer say it? We got the highest score!” Chargebolt swayed the group back and forth.


“Vindicous is the best! Not even the UA PTA head could stop our sync!” Cellophane was shouting along with the others.


Zero clicked his tongue. “You morons seriously surprised… of course we won. Any other result and we know it meant they through the competition to someone else to spite us.”


“We won.” You spoke again, seeming to come to this conclusion more and more. “We. Won.”


What a strange thought… winning with others and not on your own. Teamwork was something that had taken you quite a long while to get the hang of, but now with this win under your belt, you could see how much more powerful this win was. Knowing you had overcome not only your own challenges but also helped others through their own and put your faith in them as they did you… made you actually feel like the win was deserved by you.


This wasn’t a win because you were the child of a ballerina and a producer… this was a win with the character you had made from the face of a dragon. And she… was you. The true you, the you that had always wanted to be expressed. And now could.


And with your feelings in the air, the fox’s returned ones and this joyous win between your team… you couldn’t help but laugh and sway the group from side to side with them. In the distance, you could hear someone shouting towards you. The familiar sound of elegant clapping and rock like vocals coming through the crowd, making you feel as if the pair of females were also here with you.


You may have helped make this win possible… but without one of the others, it would have never happened. And to you, the lonely ballerina who once only knew the light of a single spotlight… the feeling of multiple colored ones shining down on your group as Todoroki Enji was forced to hand you all over the trophy and prize money… you couldn’t help but squeeze your friends tighter.


It didn’t matter if you couldn’t see the crowd… you could see them. And they could see you. And that was all that mattered.


Chapter Text

Ch.43 - Rollover Reaction


“And how are you this morning, my successful friend?!” Kaminari greeted you as you arrived at class 1-A.


“Kami-kun!” You laughed. “Hush!”


“He can’t help it… he’s been on cloud nine since Saturday.” Mina sighed.


“How could I not! Do you know how many video games my share of the prize money can buy?! I’ll give you a hint… it's in the triple digits!”


“How about saving that money… idiot.” Bakugou huffed, legs up on his desk.


“Morning.” You greeted him, watching as his eyes caught onto yours.


“Mornin’.” He greeted you back, motioning towards his phone.


You nodded, telling him you had already gotten his last text. It had been going pretty nonstop since Saturday… the both of you further figuring out what you were and getting pretty close to the big ‘ Boyfriend-Girlfriend ’ word exchange. It was clear though… the two of you were dating now. 


The speed of his responses proved he had been hovering over his phone all day Sunday… as you had been too. So… it was a good sign. Both of you were happy… and ready to finally get this ‘ dating ’ thing started.


The usual laughter and weekend chatter of the classroom was strong among all twenty of you, but it was suddenly silenced as the intercom was turned on. The majority of those in the classroom covering their ears or wincing from the sound.


“Ashido Mina, Bakugou Katsuki, Kaminari Denki, Kirishima Eijirou, Sero Hanta, and (Last Name) (First Name), you are excused from morning lessons. Please report down to the faculty offices at once. Thank you.”


You all exchanged glances and shrugged. You were all pretty curious what this could be about and slowly grabbed your things and headed that way. The trip there was filled with goofy guesses, such as this being how Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei wanted to ask how the competition went.


That was all cut short, however, the moment you all opened the doors to the room, a deafening silence greeting you all. In the room before you all directly was Todoroki Enji, on either side of him a projected screen with a camera attached. One showing the puffy eyes face of your mother, the other an irritated-looking father. On the other side of the room, seeming to have been pushed together were the teachers themselves, looking rather upset and angry towards the UA PTA.


“Come in. Have a seat.” Enji greeted you all.


You and your friends exchanged looks, the same sinking feeling coming into your stomachs. You sat down at the edge of the six seats laid out, seeing your mother choke back a cry at seeing you here.


“Welcome students.” Enji spoke, clicking a remote in his hands the screen behind him lighting up with pictures. “Would you please inform of the reasons for… these.”


Your heart stopped, an image of you and Kaminari having knocked the masks off each other shown. Part of your face and Kaminari’s visible lightning bolt strip. Photo evidence .


With another click, the UA student applications appeared, specifically Mina and Bakugous. Highlighted before them were background in hip hop dances and music… as well as former breakdancing experience. Written evidence .


Lastly, Enji pointed towards Sero and Kirishima. “You both seem like the type who would go along with your friends… so I can assume that you both make up the final two members of that dance crew. Neither said anything, only lowering their gazes into a light glare. Gut feeling


“Well… it appears to me that the problem crew has indeed been in our ranks.” Enji sighed. “I’ll make this short, as the teachers, and my fellow PTA members have other things to worry about.”


The room was chilled, despite the winter heat having been kicked on since the school was opened early that morning. Enji sighed, seeming as if he himself was taking a major blow by delivering this news, but even so… still delivered it.


“Ashido Mina, you are hereby expelled from UA Academy. Bakugou Katsuki, you are hereby expelled from UA Academy. Kaminari Denki, you are hereby expelled from UA Academy. Kirishima Eijirou, you are hereby expelled from UA Academy. Sero Hanta, you are hereby expelled from UA Academy. And lastly (Last Name)  (First Name), you are hereby placed on a five-day suspension and will attend weekend classes and will write a ten-page report on the standard UA upholds and how to better fit into that mold once those classes finish by late Spring.”


Your eye twitched. 


“Oh goodness…” Your mother wiped her eyes with a tissue. “It’s becoming so hard to uphold UA’s standards more and more… but no matter how hard this is, we have to do it.”


Her pixelated face looked so… happy . She looked as if she truly thought this was the right thing to do.


“Mother… are you serious?” You spoke before you even realized it.


Your mother inhaled sharply. “Oh, my sweet baby… this is for your own good too. Don’t worry, you’ll be back on track soon!”


She smiled towards you, your stomach churning. Your hands gripped your seat tightly, something inside of your slowly unraveling as your mother just would not stop talking. Your eyebrows knitting together in anger.


Someone’s hand finding its way onto yours and making you blink. Bakugou didn’t look at you, seeming to be trying to save his own face. In fact… he looked rather stoic and calm. As if he… had expected it. The others beyond him looking the same way. Each not looking willing to raise their voices or scream at the PTA heads in front of them. As if… they could just accept the fact that none would change their minds.


Or that this wasn’t worth them even trying to fight back. As if they thought it would be better to save this anger and hatred for another time… but not when it was clear they couldn’t win here.


As for you though… you were not as calm in this regard. And before he knew it, you had torn Bakugou’s hand out of yours. Your teeth gritting together and the emotions inside of you boiling. You had long forced yourself to bend to the whims of the adults before you… but you would not allow them to.


While you knew it was them trying their best as to not get you the same punishment they had received, you couldn’t let them sit here and obey. You knew that feeling at the moment and the regret that always came with it.


And you refused to let them regret anything… especially if it was to be a decision they had made about you. And thus, your voice decided to break the silence of the room, startling everyone into looking right at you.


“Father!” You rose from your seat, looking at the screen towards the man who was still idly tapping his fingers against the desk on his end of the screen. “Please say something… surely you know how ludicrous these punishments are! Especially since your own company allows this style of d-”


“Let me tell you a story about business.” Your father cleared this throat. “As a businessman myself, whenever I give potential new talent a chance… I always tell them I am a man of rules. If they can follow the rules I have put into place for a purpose no matter how strange or restricting… then they are more than likely capable of being a part of my brand. However… if a rule is broken, even once… it shows me that the potential of the client in question is not worth my time…. Or my name.”


Your mouth closed, eyes boring into your father. He had turned his head now, seeming to be looking at something written on a notepad, no longer giving you or your peers his time of day. He had spoken his piece… the same as your mother.


“Darling, sit down. It's rude when you’re already being given another rare chance at UA.” Your mother whispered harshly to you.


Your legs wobbled, bending to the whim of your mother. The chair squeaking slightly as you did so, the appearance of legs next to you making you pause. Your eyes widening slowly, teeth sinking into your lower lip. 


“Where are their rare chances?” You spoke harshly, ears picking up on both your mother and father from where they were.


“Sit. Down.” Your father’s patience was wearing thin.


“(Name). Please sit down before things go against you.” Your mother warned you, tone warning… though not for you.


“I want to know why I am going to be getting a second chance when I did just as much as all of them.” You slammed your hand onto the table. “Answer me!”


Todoroki Enji rose a brow but didn’t feel any urge to speak up or put a stop to this. He had long suspected there was some sort of tear in the (Last Name) household… but seeing it in person truly was something else. Plus… as someone with family problems himself, he knew better than to question or try to act higher for this one. Not when there was still so much unsaid carnage lingering in his own closet.


“Young lady… so help me!” You father inhaled. “If I was there-”


“And why aren’t you here, father?” You shouted, cutting him off, making the male’s eyebrows raise. “And you too, mother? What was more important than your daughter leaving UA that you couldn’t come?!”


Your mother chuckled a tune that sounded as if she was trying to play it off as you acting hysterical. “Darling… you are not getting kicked out of UA… we already talked about this. Now sit down and keep quiet .”


You glared at your mother, making sure she held direct eye contact with you as you reached toward your uniform. Your fingers slashing the buttons of your blazer undone, and then roughly tearing the scarlet tie off. The skirt being unhiked from how many times you had done it up and now being long, reaching towards your knees. Your old pieces tossed over to the teachers who had been stunned into silence and then the chair you had been threatened into sitting in kicked over.


“Wrong. I quit.” You spoke. “UA is great… but this PTA can go to hell.”


You turned to Principal Nedzu who was looking at you with wide eyes, as were the rest of the staff who were still pretty powerless in this situation. Your form starting to walk towards the door, not stopping despite your parent’s shout to come back and to act like such a child.


“Principal Nedzu, I hope you understand my reasons for dropping out… but UA is no longer in my best interests.”


With that you slammed the door shut, leaving an echoing silence through the room. Your father was fuming, having muted himself as he spoke with redness in his face. Your mother had gotten up and left, puffy eyes producing tears once more. Enji still sat, eyes closed and only listening, still not wanting to say a word.


Nedzu cleared this throat. “Well… I suppose a recess is in order now…”


It was clear that everyone felt the same way. And soon enough the hallway was filled with the students who had been called being dismissed, the teachers all speaking with hushes and Enji having left the building to take a business call for his own music company.


“Have you fucking lost it?!” Bakugou hollered when he finally found you, grabbing you by the shoulders, hands trembling as he squeezed them. “Tell me you’ve fucking lost it! What sane person quits UA!?”


“I’m not taking some scummy deal cause I’m a PTA kid if none of you are getting offered it as well.” You told him, coming down slightly from your outburst.


“That was so reckless though!” Mina cried. “I agree with Bakugou for once! You should have worried about yourself!”


“No. I’m part of Vindicious too… so whatever punishment the majority of us get… I’m getting too.”


“I don’t know whether to be proud or terrified of how much of an influence we’ve been on you…” Kaminari shook his head. “But you literally disgraced UA’s uniform in front of everyone you shouldn’t do that in front of!”


“That’s really the least of my worries right now…” You spoke, voice emptying out your back pressing against the wall for support. “God, I don’t think I’ve ever talked back to my parents before.”


“So you decide to drop out?!” Kirishima’s voice was raised now too. “I get it! I really do… but holy crap (Last Name)! Why would you ruin your own chance at your dream?!”


You grit your teeth. “Because it was never my dream, to begin with! I’ve been groomed and trained, and taught what I wanted since I could start to walk! Maybe even before… so why… why would I keep going along with it when the one thing I’ve actually learned to like and decide upon for myself is getting taken away and I’m being told to just let it go?!”


Your friends all around you were quiet, having never seen it from your point of view before. To them… it was just an expulsion. But to you, it was obviously much more. You had told them just how much more it was to you. And they couldn’t help but feel touched.


“So… what you want is for us all to go to UA or leave as a group would… right?” Sero smiled towards you, watching you nod and wipe away a few stray tears.


“Yes.” Your voice cracked. “I want us to keep having fun times together… no matter if it's at school or being a bunch of dropouts.”


“From prestigious ballerina to high school delinquent.” Ashido muttered, chuckling half-heartedly. “We’ve been a really bad influence on you.”


You sniffled, laughing with your friend a little bit. Mina sighed, pulling off the fake blonde locks, letting them fall to the floor. Undoing her own tie and making her attire look like yours. Kirishima sighed, seeing as this was indeed happening. Kaminari was already tieless, seeming to ask Sero if it was appropriate to undo his belt as well, the black haired male telling him that he should keep the belt on. 


“What a bunch of idiots…” Bakugou grumbled, throwing his uniform blazer on the ground as well. “Now… who’s got a fucking lighter?”


“H-Hold on, kiddos!” Yamada-sensei was rushing towards you all before anyone could give Bakugou and answer. “B-before we burn this bridge could your teachers have one final word with you… just as teachers and students and as no one else.”


You all glanced at one another, raising brows at the way he worded it. But seeing as it was one of your beloved sensei’s and that he had literally come running… you all could at least consider it.


Yamada-sensei sighed, taking out a lighter from his back pocket. “If the answer is no after our talk… then you are more than welcome to use this.”


You all exchanged looks as a group before nodding to Yamada-sensei. Looks like he and your other teachers would get to say their piece once more… before the lighter would be given into helping make a huge bonfire.


Chapter Text

Ch.44 - Onism


“Let’s make this quick.” Aizawa said as Yamada shut and locked both doors into the faculty lounge.


“Yes… before Todoroki-san or the terror duo try to finish this…” Yamada laughed, staying by the doors to guard them.


“First of all…” Nedzu spoke up. “On behalf of Yuuei Academy Staff… please accept our apologies for this situation. We never once assumed the PTA would one day gain this much power over us… and so this situation is our fault completely.”


“No shit.” Bakugou snarled, feeling both you and Kirishima kick him into silence.


“Why.. why did the PTA come to exist?” You asked the headmaster.


“Back in the eighties… UA went through a period where we were in danger of being shut down. The outrage that came from the parents was more than we expected and even more surprisingly they asked to make donations of their own… and thus we created the UA PTA to allow the parents to have a say in what their money was going towards.” Nedzu spoke, then sighed.


“However… by the nineties, things changed for the worst.” Midnight took up the narrative. “We didn’t create a donation cap, so families like the Todoroki’s and (Last Name)’s became over 75% of our budget and thus started to push for them to have even more control. The first warning coming thanks to Hizashi and Shouta’s class… and the banning of breakdancing.”


“Since then… we’ve been looking for ways to have UA break out of this PTA hold and get funding from dance and music museums, patrons, and the government. And at the current moment, we have caught the attention of enough possible yearly donors to make around 75% of our current budget we receive from the PTA.” Nedzu continued. “Though… our plan seems to have come up short, as now you all are either leaving or being expelled.”


“Therefore…” Aizawa cleared his voice. “We have a proposition.”


The dark haired male turned to look directly at you and Bakugou. “Once a year, we invite the public to view a specific student’s end of the year performance. This year… the student we choose will be host to our new possible donors. Meaning the student we choose will determine if UA becomes a publicly funded and government funded school, or if we are forced to remain a private one and have the PTA continue making the calls… despite the staff’s aversion to it.”


Silence filled the room, but everyone seemed to know exactly what student the staff wanted to showcase to all these possible faces. You could feel your stomach drop, heart racing quickly.


“I’ll do it.” You nodded towards them. “So long as you promise that you’ll allow me and everyone the chance to take exams and final performances if this works out.”


“Of course.” Toshinori nodded. “We wouldn’t offer this unless we were prepared to right the wrongs done here.”


“Hold on!” Bakugou called out, holding an arm in front of you. “You’re telling me that you’re going to put this entire thing on her? What happens if your shitty donors pull out? All of you walk away fine! But (Name)... you’re going to let her live with the guilt of it!”


“Bakugou, if you knew any of us then you know that isn’t the case.” Aizawa spoke up, trying his best to still be a teacher to a student who no longer was that.


“Aizawa-sensei-” Toshinori rose a hand to the guest teacher. “If I may.”


Aizawa nodded, watching as Toshinori rose from his seat and started walking towards the group of students. Them all watching him with curious, but now untrusting, expressions as well.


“Yesterday… I witnessed a performance unlike any other I have seen in years. My judging of the city showcase was supposed to be just a small public appearance… but watching you all perform and dance so in sync with one another changed me in a way.


I have seen many performances in my life… but the feelings of trust, passion, and friendship that came from  all of you… was truly moving. It was no wonder you all swept the judging. Everyone aside from Enji giving you their vote.


Vindicous resonates not only freedom, passion, and creativity… but a sense of belonging. And I believe the pas de deux of Young Bakugou and Young Miss (Last Name) will hold the same feelings. So… I believe that the work of you all going towards this dance… will sway more than just money our way. You will sway belief in expression and creativity in whatever dance or music medium one chooses.”


Everyone was speechless after the infamous ‘All Might’s’ little pep speech to you all. But it was clear what you all wanted to do… as was the promise you spoke to everyone as soon as the agreement was made.


“I won’t let any of you down… I promise.” You had spoken, looking towards your friends with a smile. “I have a lot to figure out like… how to do this and where to practice… but I’ll figure it out! And when I do, Gou-kun and I will dance the best pas de deux anyone has ever seen and then we’ll all be back in UA together! You all have my word!”




The meeting with the UA teachers and their possible plan to fix all this had come and gone and now five days later, it was starting to become apparent that something else must have happened in the time since.


Despite the cold late February air, a group of five was hanging out at their old secret hideout under the now snow-covered underpass. Five devices all out and everyone comparing the messages sent but also the ones not received. Matching ‘ read ’ messages seen on different phones.


“So… is it safe to assume she’s not ignoring us?” Kaminari asked, seeing the others nod.


“I have a feeling that her parents came home and are watching her movements a lot…” Kirishima sighed, feeling for you.


“And more than likely making her life a living hell again!” Mina whined, stressing for you.


“So what do we do now?” Sero asked, looking towards his friends. “We kinda need to be in contact with her since she’s half of our chance to get back into UA…”


Everyone turned to the ash blonde who had been strangely silent. Even his messages left on read, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was going on. After the weekend of nonstop communication and speaking about feelings and desires for a closer relationship beyond friendship… you wouldn’t have just disappeared on him.


“Jailbreak.” He spoke, turning on his heels and moving towards where he knew your home was.


The others behind him felt their ears perk up, his choice of words and fast pace telling them that there was something else beyond radio silence he was dealing with. Maybe Bakugou might be missing you… but then again, if they knew anything about their leader, it was not to assume without good measure or evidence.


After about twenty minutes of speed walking through the ice and slush, the expelled students finally arrived at the tower of their chained dragon. The guard in the front of the structure, holding up his hand as they approached.


Even so, the teens only stopped when the man made it clear he wasn’t going to move either. The doorman standing strong and eventually managing to push Bakugou back, stopping the teen’s power stride inside. They all looked towards him, seeing the man sigh and pinch his temple.


“I’ve been told to not allow any of you to enter the building.” He informed them all, watching as angered and shocked expressions took over their features.


“What?! Come on, man!” Kaminari threw a hand onto his chest. “We’ve been coming here for months now!”


“The homeowners have asked me to keep ‘the poor influences’ away from their home. And as the doorman of this building, I will do as my residents ask.” The doorman blinked, blank and calm expression as always.


“Please, sir! We have to see her! It's important!” Kirishima tried to reason with the man.


“Her parents might be keeping (Name) locked up! You have to at least let her know we are here!” Mina cried, enclosing her hands together in a begging fashion.


“We’re her friends and you know how close we all are!” Sero threw a possible persuasion into the air too.


The doorman didn’t budge though, shaking his head. The teens in front of him looking ready to growl from how upset this was making them. Wasn’t he on their side at the beginning? Oh… some adults really were the worst!


“Hey.” Bakugou touched Kirishima’s shoulder. “Let’s go.”


They all turned and looked towards Bakugou with wide eyes. He couldn’t be serious? Leave? Right when they were literally only an elevator ride and a few steps away from you and trying to figure out what was going on since you had last seen them.


“You can’t be serious?!” Kaminari screamed.


“Bakugou! You know we can’t leave unless we see (Name) first!” Mina gave a sour face towards the ash blonde.


Sero and Kirishima were quiet, but were looking towards Bakugou with looks of disbelief. Bakugou turned back to them all, lips turning into a deep frown, eyes burning with flames.


“I said we’re leaving. So hurry it up before we get the cops called on us!” He stormed off, the others taking a moment before following after him.


Once the doorman was out of sight and they were walking back into a more commercial street near your home, the questions and demands for an explanation were heard. Bakugou rolled his eyes, holding up a small letter.


“Sneaky bastard… apparently he’s on our side.” Bakugou muttered, tossing the paper behind him, Mina luckily catching it.


She was greeted by your handwriting, understanding that you must have left the doorman this note to give them all when they came looking. And not wanting to threaten the doorman’s job, had made sure to have him give it to one of them without anyone noticing.


“There’s an address!” Kaminari called, looking over from one of Mina’s shoulders


“It looks… familiar…?” Sero questioned his memory.


As Mina typed on the address on her phone, Bakugou and Kirishima were walking in tow. The red-haired male smiling brightly. “Tanaka-san is a good doorman, huh?”


Bakugou clicked his tongue. “He didn’t need to shove the damn thing into my hands… but since he helped out I’ll let him off this once for being an asshole…”




“I knew the address was familiar!!” Sero practically screamed as all the teens got off the bus and looked up towards the large, gated, mansion in front of them all.


The entry gates opened slowly, revealing a pair of maids. The pair walking out and bowing politely to the teens standing outside and staring at the elegant… and pricey… home.


“Welcome classmates of Yaoyorozu-sama. Please follow us and we shall lead you inside.” One of the maids spoke, beginning to walk away.


“We also would be much appreciated if you all would remove your shoes, jackets, and bags at the entry room before venturing further into the Yaoyorozu winter home.” The second maid spoke, the gate closing behind them as they entered the property.


“Winter home?” Mina whispered to Kirishima.


“I  knew Yao-Momo was rich… but is she rich enough to have a house for every season?!” The redhead was freaking out just as much.


After about a fifteen minute adventure of walking through the house, the staff of the manor led the teens out through a small garden, another building coming into view. One of the maids pausing before the structure as the other entered the home.


“Welcome to the guest cottage. I shall lead you inside while my colleague informs the current guest resident of your arrival.” 


The guest house was pretty much a mansion of its own… seeing as it had its own pool, garden and what looked to be at least filled with half a dozen rooms. Thus it was anything but the kind of cottage the others could picture in their heads.


They were led into a cute little living room, seeing two other figures sitting at a table, enjoying what looked to be afternoon tea. Both looking up at the sound of multiple pairs of feet, but only one getting up and sprinting towards the others.


“Oh good! I was getting worried they had found out about my note!” You cried, forcing everyone into a group hug.


“No… looks like we’re just bad at keeping in contact.” Kirishima tried to make a joke.


“We wanted to give everyone space! This is the first time any of us wanted to meet up since Monday!” Mina cried, pushing the boys aside and hugging you tightly. “Are you okay?! You were not answering our messages and I got so, so worried!”


You chuckled pitifully but nodded. “Yes, I’m fine. Rozu-chan has been harboring me.  As for my phone… I’m afraid it has been taken away. As have most of my things…”


You looked rather upset by this, as anyone would be. But something also was not matching up with your words.


“But… it said you were reading our messages?” Sero asked.


“That’s because her parents seemed to have figured out the passcode.” Yaoyorozu  looked as upset as you did. “I’ve been trying to make it seem like I haven’t been in contact with (Last Name)-san since both myself and Jirou have been facing PTA interrogation these last few days, as we were partners of Vindicous members… so I sent her a message while she was in the room with me. And within a minute her phone told me the message was read.”


“I’m sorry I didn’t let any of you know sooner… or have Rozu-chan tell you.” You bowed politely. “But I couldn’t let my parents know she was in on this… no one else is getting expelled. So both Rozu-chan and Jirou-chan have been staying distant… but not entirely.”


You nodded to Yaoyorozu, the girl smiling brightly. She practically skipped over to a cabinet and opened it. Revealing some items inside: some familiar, some not, some they all wished to not be seeing again so soon.


“Are those our costumes?” Kirishima yelled, grabbing his neon dance stuff.


“And the instruments!” Sero smiled widely.


“Wait… is this all the work we missed this week, too?” Kaminari gulped.


“There’s also new dance shoes, guitar picks, and speakers!” Mina cheered.


“What’s all this new crap for though?” Bakugou rose a brow, suspicious of everything and everyone as always.


You and Yao-Momo exchanged glances, nodding to one another before bursting into wide and laughing smiles.


“Well… when (Last Name)-san and Bakugou-san get you all back into UA… you’ll all still need to do your exams… both performance and academic. So… I suggested opening my home not only to hide (Last Name)-san… but also to help keep you all up with lessons and provide space for you to practice.”


“What about your parents?” Kirishima asked the black haired female.


“My parents agreed right away. Saying that if this was something I believed in, and since I am helping support my friends… they will allow it to happen and for as long as it needs to happen.” Yao-Momo smiled brightly.


“Well then…” Bakugou sighed. “Guess we are not out of the running yet.”


You shook your head. “No. Not by a long shot. And… I intend to keep my promise to you all. Now… should we get started on the week’s lesson? Rozu has been making lesson plans all day.”


Groans were heard but with the smells fancy snacks and drinks… everyone made their way over for this after school lesson. They had a lot of catching up to do… and no one was going to give up on the others around them. No matter what.


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Ch.45 - Nementia 


Late nights had become very common as of late at the small guest house near the Yaoyorozu manor. The lights on for all hours into the night and only really fading off before the three am hours. Those who had initially come over ended up staying the night for several days in a row.


Kaminari yawned, the words in his textbook looking like a different language to him. More than likely because it was English he was looking at, but he couldn’t tell by this point.This was hour five of Yao-Momo study hour and he was really starting to feel his need for a break grow.


Next to him, he heard a thud, suddenly startling him awake. Everyone else blinking and looking to the figure who was now fast asleep at the large dining table, papers and books stuck to their face.


“And he’s out…” Kirishima sighed, giving Bakugou a pitiful look. 


“(Name)’s been out since we started too…” Mina spoke, motioning to your sleeping figure next to her. 


“How long were they up last night reworking and practicing the routine?” Sero asked Yaoyorozu who was looking towards her sleeping classmates with a long gaze.


“I went to bed around ten… but Kimiko-san and Mimiko-san said that the two of them had been up and practicing near three am… and then both ended up passing out on the couches in the living room until I left for school.” Yaoyorozu sighed. “So… that makes this the sixteenth time this month they haven’t had more than four hours of sleep. Now they are still trying to keep up with classes, the pas de deux… and now the need for sleep.”


“Should we be worried about them pushing each other and themselves too far?”  Kirishima questioned. “The performance is tomorrow after all…”


“Well… they are sleeping now.” Kaminari shrugged, looking towards the peaceful Bakugou, truly a rare sight.


“And out of us all… (Name) and Bakugou are much more academically safe then the four of us…” Mina chuckled awkwardly.


“I say let them snooze through study session then.” Sero nodded. “We’ll wake them before dinner and then tell them to take it easy since they have their big day tomorrow.”


Yao-Momo nodded, turning the page in her lesson plans. “In that case, I think it’s time for the vocab quiz I told you all about yesterday.”


Groaning came from her four students, the black haired female laughing as she handed out her own little quizzes, knowing neither you nor Bakugou would need to take it. Since both of you had been saving time by speaking to one another in English all night last night to practice for today. Thus… she thought you both were better off than the four others who did indeed need her help.




“This came for you, (Last Name)-sama.” Mimiko, one of the guest house’s maids spoke to you, holding out a large box.


“Oh! Good!” You smiled brightly, taking the box. “I knew Hatsume-san would come through!”


The costume department at UA was known for making all sorts of costumes and outfits for the performers’ class.  In fact, you had made sure to make connections with at least one or two people from every department of UA since you had arrived at the start of the year.


Hatsume Mei was regarded as the best costume and effects designer in the Costume Department. And despite the rumors surrounding you, she still provided the last minute costume changes you had asked for. Her saying something about how controversies get your name out there much more than anything else. 


Aside from Hatsume, you had grown close to a few of the other performer students in your own class. As well as a few possible manager students in the Management Department, as you were for sure not going to go with your father’s company or the Endeavor company… or your mother’s manager. But it was still early to tell who you would go with and you didn’t wish to rush it seeing as you had two more years to decide.


You also were curious how the General Studies Department was feeling at the current moment… seeing as five positions had opened in the Performance Department… and you had a feeling some would be reapplying for next year.


You shook your head, not wanting to absorb your thoughts with other worries and possible guilt. What you had been waiting for was finally here! Now you just needed to find-


“Something came?” Bakugou asked, startling you.


“Gou-kun!” You cried, nearly dropping the box.


He smirked behind you, seeming very smug to have snuck up behind you and your occupying thoughts. In one of his hands was a water bottle, the other hand held a CD.


“Headphone girl came through, got the final music right here.” He spoke, taking a long sip of water.


“Hatsume’s costumes just arrived.” You told him. “Want to see your spandex?”


You gave him a smug expression of your own,  seeing him nearly choking on the water he had been drinking. You laughed lightly, moving towards the table and putting the box down. Bakugou followed you, watching as you expertly opened the barely sealed box.


“I swear on your life… if I’m going to look like an idiot-”


“You won’t.” You told him, eyes catching onto the clock and seeing how it was nearing ten at night quite fast. “And… let’s try these on and then run through our dance three times.”


“Long as I’m in bed by midnight.” Bakugou shrugged, taking a bag of clothing from you, marked with a large ‘ MALE ’ on it.


“That wacko scientist needs to learn people’s names…” He grumbled.


“And the pot has no problem calling the kettle black I see.” You swung your finger at him.


“Amazing to see that sad ballerinas can grow a sense of humor with someone being blunt to them.” Bakugou shot back, seeing you stick your tongue out at him.


You laughed happily after a moment, cheeks light pink from happiness. You had spent a lot of time with him this last month and you couldn’t be happier. He, while not admitting it, was more than happy as well as how much your relationship had grown.


“Hey.” He spoke as gently as someone like him possibly could, putting his water bottle down on the table before reaching for you. “We worked our asses off. We’re gonna kick ass tomorrow.”


You nodded, placing your hand on top of his from where he had let it rest on your cheek. “I know… but I just want to make sure. The costumes might not fit or one of us might feel awkward in them… the music could be off… we could be off with the music-”


He silenced you with his lips, taking away your words and your breath. You reciprocating his own feelings back to him, feeling his lips tug upwards into a smirk. No doubt prideful that he could finally have this with you and enjoy these moments with you in a way he must have never pictured months earlier when this all began.


He pulled away after several moments, moving his hand from your cheek slowly, the feeling soft and tender. A strange thing for it to be for someone like him… but you couldn’t help but cherish it, as he was doing so solely for your sake.


“It’s going to be fine, Twinkle Toes.” He smirked, eyes passionate, but also twinkling in a little softness. “We’re going to make everyone who watches us… see how great we are together and why they need to let people like us express ourselves with no restrictions!”


“I know.” You spoke, batting your eyes and casting a gaze away from him. “I just… that’s not what I’m worried about.”


Bakugou rose a brow, watching as you sucked in a deep breath. You looked uncomfortable and he didn’t like it. He wanted you to be comfortable and at ease… especially around him.


“It had been slipping my mind for the last few weeks… I had so many other things on my plate and to panic about but… Rozu-chan asked me about it before she went to bed… and I can’t help but get so… so worried over it.”


“What is it?” Bakugou asked you, eyes fierce, but not directed towards you.


“Mother… mentions before coming to watch. Father too… and Rozu-chan confirmed that she had seen them around UA today. Apparently making arrangements to sit away from one another but also in the middle rows.


Rozu-chan had been delivering a note to Nedzu-san when she saw both of them in his office. As always… they were fighting about something stupid. Apparently not asking any questions about my whereabouts… only caring about where they would be sitting and neither willing to give up the middle seat for a side one away from each other.”


Bakugou hummed, the silence coming into the air in the next moments. You waited, crossing your arms as if to bring yourself some poor attempt at comfort. You could deal with your peers, teachers, Todoroki Enji, and possible donors all watching you. But your parents were something else… especially since their controlling nature had been turned up to a high since they found out your newest passion.


“Fuck them.” Bakugou finally spoke, unraveling your arms and bring you into his own. “Honestly… fuck them for all the shitty things they are still doing to you and everyone who has the shitty luck to run into them.”


“Gou-kun…” You muttered into his chest, squeezing your arms around him.


“You can call me by my first name now, moron.” He shook his head. “Been dating you for nearly a month now and you are still calling me by some silly nickname…”


You nodded against him. How could you have also forgotten that detail? You had been so busy and worried… you forgot about the one good thing that had happened this month. That being that, finally… you both were a couple.


“You know I love you… right, Katsuki?” You muttered, feeling his body tense before hugging you back with as much of a squeeze as you were giving him.


“Yeah….” He breathed out in what you could only believe sounded like he was hoping this dream was a never-ending one. “I know…”


You smiled, feeling one of his hands come to trace your locks. You’d call this the calm before the inevitable shit storm that was tomorrow…. But right now you wanted to enjoy this moment with him and all it could give you to calm you.


“You know I love you too… right?” Bakugou spoke barely above a whisper to you, his voice seeming unsure of what he had just spoken, but from how he was still holding you, you knew he felt it in himself somewhere to ask this of you.


You nodded slowly. “Yes… I’ve known since you made your promise to wait for me…”


“Good.” He hummed, a tone you had a feeling would be paired with a smug look on his face. “Now… should we try on these costumes and see how shitty or badass we look?”


You laughed again. “The words you are looking for are ‘ elegant ’ and ‘ grotesque ’. We’ll either look elegant or out outfits will make us look grotesque.”


“You think I use those words in my vocabulary, primadonna ballerina?”


“Oh, so primadonna is in your vocabulary… but not those two words?” You stifled a chuckle. “Are you perhaps a tiny bit of a hypocrite, Katsuki?”


His eye twitched. “The only thing I’ll be is partnerless if you keep being so damn snarky, woman.”


“Well… what can I say? My parents did say I had allowed bad influences into my life.” You bopped his nose gently. “And you… might be the worst one.”


“Worst one?!” He called. “Kaminari is way fucking worse than me!”


“True… but I haven’t kissed Kaminari.” You teased him, picking up your clothes. “So if you really want him to be the worst one… I could always kiss him and make him the worst influence.”


You run off soon after, hearing Bakugou’s angry shouts behind you as you did so. Making all sorts of threats towards you and Kaminari for actions you’d never do. Your heart fluttering from the happiness it found with the ash blonde… and slight anxiety as he nearly caught you several times on your way to the practice room of this large guest home.

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Ch.46 - Funkenzwangsvorstellung


You inhaled slowly, stretching your legs as best you could in the practice room that you and your partner had been placed into. UA’s finals were in full swing now, and it so happened you had your pas de deux scheduled as the last one on the first day of finals. It made sense, seeing as all the important guests who would be coming over would need a later evening show so they would be off work or other responsibilities.


“Kaminari! Stop touching stuff!” Mina was yelling from a few feet back, making you tilt your head until you were looking at your ‘prep team’ upside down.


Kaminari was laughing, seeming to be trying to and be stealing the press-on patches the pink haired girl was using. Kaminari was looking through the selection Mina had picked up from a local thrift store that morning, golden eyes scanning each one and him shaking his head.


“Bakugou’s not gonna wear any of those…” Kaminari told the female, her eye twitching.


“Kaminari-san.” Yaoyorozu was on major mood relief today, it seemed. “These patches are for (Last Name)-san. The ones that Kirishima picked out are over on the boy’s side.”


“Oh…” Kaminari laughed, running over to Kirishima as he ironed on the patches.


“Fucking noisy idiots…” Bakugou grumbled beside you, doing some stretches of his own.


You laughed. “I don’t mind it… it's better than sitting in here in uncomfortable silence.”


Bakugou shrugged. “Just wish they wouldn’t damn scream…”


You turned your body, making sure your arms were getting the attention they needed as well. Bakugou rolled his eyes as Kaminari came over with waters, saying something about keeping hydrated.


It was clear that out of everyone here… Yaoyorozu was the calmest. You and Bakugou had a dance to do, but Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari, and Mina… they all showed up and offered to help in any way possible, seeing as they felt the need to do something to help out the two people who could change their current standing expulsion to acceptance into the dream school once more.


Thus, Mina and Yaoyorozu were making finishing touches on your costume. Kirishima and Sero on Bakugou’s. And Kaminari… well, he was trying to do something but seemed to also be annoying the already stressed teens. The poor male now reduced to water boy.


“Thank you.” You took a water bottle, having a long and cool sip of the drink. 


Kaminari left Bakugou’s next to him, going back to Yaoyorozu to ask what she wanted him to do next. In his mind, she was the boss. You were just happy they all had shown up, and that the staff had managed to get them all inside.


With the amount of UA PTA board members inside, you worried about Bakugou getting back in, let alone the rest of them. But the staff was smart and said today, as well as all other finals performance days, were open to the public. Meaning since the expelled students were part of that public, they could all be allowed inside UA once more.


It had been a while since you all had even been in the halls of UA, and it felt longer than it should have when you all started walking through the hallways this afternoon. Your classmates had all dropped by at one point or another today. Many expressing thoughts of good luck, others agreeing that UA had gone way too far with this and that they hoped everyone would be back soon.


Even Todoroki and Midoriya had stopped by after their finals. Midoriya expressing his displeasure over the expulsion of his childhood friend, and Bakugou telling him he wasn't looking for ‘ his fucking pity .’ Todoroki was different, going as far as to say he wasn’t surprised his ‘prick’ of a father had done this. As it turned out… you and Todoroki had more in common about parent issues than you both knew.


It turned into an hour break of you and Todoroki swapping stories of shitty things that happened to either of you during your childhood or recently. Eventually, the conversation breaking when Yaoyorozu was called for her final and you leaving to go support her in the audience.


She scored a perfect 100, of course. She had outdone herself as well… doing a symphony… all by herself. She recorded a video of one of those single acapella type deals, only it was her singing and also playing around ten or so different instruments. She was talented, and you couldn’t have been happier to have made the partner agreement with this talented lady.


Plus… she had been more than good to you through it all. She wasn't just you music partner anymore… she was also your close friend. And you couldn’t wait to continue making wonderful pieces with her come next year when all of this had passed you all.


Lunch came after that, being a late 2 pm one… but then again, there was hardly anyone in the cafeteria at 2 pm either… so it was nice to enjoy some of Lunch Rush’s food and not feel overwhelmed by strangers.


Since returning to this room since lunch… everyone had thrown themselves into full gear making final touches and practices. Bakugou and you had run through the routine twice more. Costumes on both times, and nailed it perfectly.


It might have been the third revision of your pas de deux… but you couldn’t help but think this was the best one yet. You had tossed aside the usual rules of ballet and decided instead to integrate more modern styles in your ballet.


It was better that way: one because Bakugou had less of a strain, though he’d deny he had one. Two, it made sense as you and Bakugou had been doing hip hop and breakdancing like mad for Vindicous.  And three… you wanted to show that hip hop, breakdancing, and any other style of break dancing could look just as good and elegant as ballet and other traditional styles. Thus your pas de deux was now a hybrid of the best moves you knew from both ballet and breakdancing. 


“How many patches do you want on your jean jacket?” Mina hollered to you, seeming to have heated up her iron to the point that it was ready to use.


“Make it look like one of those punk 80’s or 90’s jackets! The one covered with patches that you can’t even see the jean of the jean jacket on the back!” You told her, watching her nod and begin to lay out the design before starting.


“Come try yours on, Bakubro!” Kirishima called,  having finished the final touches to his costume.


“Right.” The ash blonde turned to you. “Then we’re running through once more, right?”


“We got thirty minutes… so, yes. I think once more will be fine.” You nodded, bouncing over to the girls.


You watched Mina work, the girl pretty good at ironing these sorts of things on. She caught you watching her, and laughed lightly. “Enjoying the show, (Nickname)-chan?”


You laughed sheepishly and nodded. “You iron patches on before?”


Mina nodded. “Jirou takes me to concerts a lot. And I always get a patch. Have like three jean jackets now… so many concerts, so many patches.”


“Well, you’re an expert then!” Yaoyorozu smiled. “I don’t think anyone else could have done this wonderful of a job!”


“It’s only pressing a hot iron down for a few seconds.” Mina shrugged. “Not too terribly complicated.”


“Could… I try then?” You asked softly, Mina and Yaoyorozu glanced over to you.


“Yeah sure. But why?” Mina handed the iron over to you.


“Everyone else has done something to help make the costumes: Ashi-chan and Kiri-kun got the patches and did the ironing. Hatsume designed them based off an idea that Rozu-chan helped her develop. Kami-kun donated some of his neon gear for the leggings and reflexive tape on the arms and legs. Ser-kun even managed to find the right color schemes for Kami-kun to use… seeing as I’m purple and Katsuki is orange. And then Katsuki was the one who came up with the idea for a 1980’s design. I haven’t done anything… so I want to at least iron on a patch.”


“Well-” Mina sighed, handing you the patches. “Pick your poison!”


You nodded to her, eyes catching on right away to a little Totoro that was sitting and waiting to be ironed on in the corner of the jacket. It seemed a few Ghibli films from the 1980s and 1990s had made its way onto your jacket. 


You had fond memories of these films, as they were one of the few times you could remember where your mother and father actually were happy. Though looking back, maybe it was that they were more so quiet then happy. You’d often watch them when fighting began after that, immersed in a world of adventure and imagination… always watching characters overcome great obstacles and hoping one day you could do the same.


Possibly today was that day… and it would only help for you to add more positive items and thoughts to today. And thus, you started to slowly iron on Totoro, careful to not burn him or ruin him in any way.


“I said to stop fucking touching me!” Bakugou’s roar made you jump.


The iron moved with you and you scrambled to grab it before it fell. On the good side, you did a great job ironing Totoro on and caught the iron. On the bad side… your pinky finger had managed to press against the hot iron as you had caught it.


“Ow… oh that hurts…” You whined, putting your pinky into your mouth.


“Are you okay?” Yaoyorozu hovered, Mina going to turn the iron off and make sure it wouldn’t harm you again.


You nodded, looking up to see the boys looking at you with worried glances as well. Bakugou particularly looking to want to drop everything and come over, but he was still being frilled up by Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari.


“I’m fine, guys. Just a little burn.” You pointed towards the door. “I’ll run to the nurse’s office really quickly and get a bandaid and some ice.”


“Do you want me to come with you?” Yaoyorozu asked, but you shook your head.


“I’m fine!” You then pointed to the new pointe shoes on your feet. “Got my good luck shoes on, so I’m sure I won’t get lost!”


You were gone a second later, everyone going back to work. Time passed by quickly, between the finishing of the jackets, everyone teasing Bakugou about how his hair was more fit for the 80s/90s style he was currently wearing and the male threatening to murder everyone.


“(Name)’s taking a while…” Sero muttered, looking at the clock and seeing that calling time was in another fifteen minutes.


“I’ll go check on her.” Yaoyorozu excused herself.


The original Vindicous members made light convo, all turning their heads back to the door a minute or two later when Yaoyorozu returned. She came back with a nervous look and without you with her.


“Yao-Momo…? Where’s (Name)?” Mina asked, a feeling in his stomach making her feel sick.


“Shuzenji-sensei said she never came to her office…” Yaoyorozu inhaled. 


“What?!” Kaminari cried. “Where did she go?”


“I don’t know…” Yaoyorozu shook her head. “I knew I should have gone with her… especially with her-”


“I’ll go look for her.” The ash blonde male interrupted the raven-haired female before she could finish.


He also was more than aware of who or rather whom would be here today. And knew more than enough of how they had a habit of sucking whatever happiness and calmness right out of you the moment they opened their mouths. And with your recent streak of rebellion… there was no telling what they might have done or said to you.


Either way… he knew you didn’t return back by choice. A feeling in his gut had been telling him the last fifteen minutes something bad was happening. Now he needed to find you and get you out of whatever shit you were being subjected to again.


“Ponytail… try to buy us as much time as possible if we end up being late. You’re good at appealing to crowds and the wealthy.” He instructed Yaoyorozu. “The rest of you are helping me look for Twinkle Toes. And don’t fucking stay as a group… split up cause UA is fucking huge.”


Everyone nodded, following Bakugou’s orders and starting off in random directions. The thoughts on their minds the same and the energy in their legs carrying them quickly to find you. They couldn’t do anything at this moment except search for you and hope you were okay.

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Ch.47 - Anthrodynia


He wasn’t sure how long it had been since he took off running through UA’s long ass courtyard, but something inside of him just screamed at him that he needed to be here and look here for the missing ballerina.


He knew you wouldn’t just up and leave everyone… it wasn’t who you were. But he also knew that despite all the bravery you were showing lately… you were dancing on the edges of a possible breakdown. And all it took would be one reminder of the way things truly were in your home life to possibly make you shut down again.


He wouldn’t stand for it though. No, Bakugou was about ready to throw hands and get himself expelled for a second time if he so much as saw your parents doing anything to ruin the hard work you had put into making yourself happy, and trying to make your friend’s dreams a reality once more.


But he knew how people truly were… and daughter or not… your parents would enforce their own ideas onto you, especially now with an apparent rebellious phase, by any means possible. Whether it was emotional, physical, mental… or taking you back to your lonesome tower kicking and screaming.


They had truly misjudged him, though, if they thought they could get away with it without him so much as kicking and screaming right back at them. He was ready to fight for you… he was also ready to beat the shit out of some stuck up adults who needed a fucking wake up call.


Bakugou’s feet stopped suddenly as he looked out over the slightly snow covered ground. A few of the cherry blossom trees that were on campus had some buds beginning to appear but were still nowhere near blooming. They needed much more sunlight, water and care to truly reveal their hidden beauty to this dull world.


As he looked out amongst the vacant trees, his crimson orbs landed onto a set of three figures. A male marching forward, and a female around his age besides him. Even from this distance, he could hear the name calling and arguing. Behind them, one of her wrists clasped in each of their hands was a young female around his age.


Her denim jacket was being pinched by the fingers of her mother as if it was the most disgusting thing in the world. Her father was carrying the daughter’s leg warmers and other small accessories, grip tight enough to break or strangle the items. All the while the girl was walking with her head down, being tugged forcefully along while her parents shouted at one another and then both turning to take further aggressions out onto her in the name of ‘ proper parenting ’.


“Fucking found you, you bastards…” Bakugou breathed darkly, taking off into a sprint for you and your parents. 


He wasn’t going to lose you now, especially when you were in his line of vision. The sounds of his approaching and loud echoing footsteps, however, didn’t give him any way to sneak up on your parents and free you from them.


Instead, upon turning and seeing one of the ‘bad influences’ approaching with a terrifying face, your parents shoved you behind them as they came to face Bakugou. Three sets of intense eyes and one pair begging for all this to stop before it even started.


“She has a final in ten minutes.” Bakugou held back his anger, wanting to not get into a huge brawl with little time.


“No, she doesn’t not.” Your father spoke. “As punishment for not obeying family rules, we will be taking her home and enlisting private tour lessons from approved UA staff and instructors from now on.”


Bakugou grit his teeth, anger starting to seep out more than he could control. But he knew he had to keep it together somehow. Attacking just because he couldn’t control himself was childish… and something he couldn’t do for your sake. You had, after all, been subjected to that immature way of thinking enough and he for sure was not going to become that way as well.


“This is her final for the year. As her parents, you should be supporting her and pushing her to perform what she’s been working for months on! Not taking it away because she sees things in a different way than the two of you!” Bakugou spoke with passion.


“How dare you lecture us on how to parent!” Your mother raised her voice, stepping forward and accidentally roughly tugging you with her. “You are nothing more than a poor influence! You and your little fallen from grace friends may have corrupted her in these recent months… but I know my daughter! And I know she’ll come to realize her true purpose soon enough!”


Bakugou sunk his teeth into his lips. “This is exactly the problem! You both are so obsessed with making her into the image you see her as… that neither of you will take the time or the realization that she isn’t like that at all! And that she's been forcing herself for years to appease you both because she only wanted your genuine love, care, attention, and all that other mushy shit parents are supposed to give their children no matter what or who they are!”


“Katsuki!” You called out suddenly, all eyes turned on you. “I’m fine. Don’t get involved with this. Plea-”


“For fuck’s sake, (Name)!” He screamed, marching forward and trying to reach you despite the parental barrier. “Stop trying to appeal to them! They are not gonna fucking change unless you tell them that they’ll lose you unless they do!”


“Why you little-” Your mother started, only to be interrupted by her ex-husband.


“First names…” Your father’s eyes darkened, looking towards you. “And who exactly gave him permission to address you as such.”


“I-I did, father.” You looked at him, words sterning towards the end. “We’re dating.”


Your father looked about ready to loosen his tie with that statement, and your mother let out a humorous laugh. Your eyes widened as suddenly your mother raised her hand towards you, dropping the denim jacket. Your forced your eyes shut on instinct.


The sounds of a hand hitting skin were heard, echoing along the otherwise silent courtyard. You slowly blinked your eyes open, looking around and noticing how there was not any sort of numb or stinging feeling on you.


“Come on.” Bakugou spoke, your eyes looking at him. “We got a pas de deux.”


Your heart stopped beating, seeing a large red mark on his cheek. He was wincing slightly, seeming to have been struck by a few of your mother’s rings as well. He didn’t mention a word of it though, only reaching down to grab your jacket. Then turned to your father who had been shoved out of the way and snatched the rest of your things out of his hands.


“Y-young man… are you okay? Do you need to go to the nurse?” Your mother backtracked, realizing how grave this situation might turn.


“Oh, so you care about hitting someone else’s fucking kid but not your own?” He shook his head chuckling. “Fucking ridiculous.”


“You shoved me out of the way and got hit by that woman… and yet we’re the ridiculous ones?” Your father shook his head. “No wonder I don’t even recognize my own child anymore…”


“Of course you don’t.” Bakugou continued on, a strange calm, yet still fierce, tone taking over his voice. “Neither of you knew her at all to begin with. So don’t fool yourself into thinking you both are anywhere near decent… if anything you're both more childish than your own teenage daughter. She’s had to be the fucking parent to her own parents since they insist on acting like children.”


Your mother and father turned a glare to him once more, seeming to forget about what had just happened. Bakugou was still standing tall, not letting anything stop him. Especially now seeing as he may have been underestimating how poor the household you lived in truly was.


“Well… since you seem so wise on being a parent what sort of things do you believe would make it better for our daughter?” Your mother spoke in an insulting fashion. “Because according to you, she’s unhappy and not herself when with us.”


“Insulting to think this drop out assumes he’s better for her then the two people who have been here for her for sixteen years…” Your father shook his head.


“Stop it.” You breathed out, voice angry again. “You both know nothing about me… and instead, impose your own versions of me onto me. I’m sick of it! I’m sick of this entire family!”


Your father and mother were stunned into silence by this outburst. Slowly their eyes started to become enraged once more. However, it appeared you were not the only one done with this conversation, as the ash blonde male too wanted this to be over with and get out of here with you.


“My advice… starting to act your damn age would be a good fucking start.” He snarled towards the elders, reaching and grabbing your hand while they had been distracted harassing him.


He pulled you past their protective barrier in the next moment, the suffocating air that had been created by your parents passing as Bakugou pulled you back towards UA. You breathed in a deep cool breath of air, feeling every numb part of you start to tingle with awareness once more. Your head looking at the back of the ash blonde male who was forcing you to run with him back to where you both needed to be.


Your head turned slowly, slightly giving yourself a look at your parents. Your father had his arms crossed and your mother in the meanwhile was holding her hands to her lips. They were still acting as if everyone else aside from themselves were being unfair in their own little worlds.


You turned away, looking down at the passing ground as you forced your legs to run. But even so they felt heavy. Bakugou had spoken such wonderful words and tried his best to convince the two people you wanted more than anything to get along for even ten minutes. But, alas, you knew better… and you also knew that, no matter what, the pain that always came from the fact that your childish dream of a happy family would never come true… hurt.


“Hey, we’ve got five minutes to get your outfit fixed and get you on stage…” Bakugou’s voice brought you back to reality and you looked up to meet his eyes. “So stop dragging your feet!”


“Sorry…” You told him, starting to finally keep up with the pace he set.


Your tone was flat, reminiscent of a gloomy night when you had broken down in front of him for the first time. Immediately, Bakugou stopped moving, allowing you to collide into him. Your eyes widened, looking up at him with wide eyes. He was relieved at least… your eyes were still clear, and still showing that annoying concern for him when you should clearly be more worried about your own self right at this moment.


“Your choice.” He spoke, arms reaching out to connect his hands onto your shoulders. “We can go and dance, possibly save UA though it's bullshit they still put this all on us… or we can ditch right here and right now. Say ‘fuck you’ to everyone here making you feel like you need to do something when you clearly don’t and instead can go see a movie or some shit couples do.”


Your eyes widened and your chest tightened. Your mind that had previously been running a million emotions and regrets as you stood between two pillars of discomfort were vanished with a simple question asking nothing more than your honest choice and nothing trying to sway it.


You inhaled slowly. You knew what you wanted to do.


“I want to dance with you.” You admitted to him. “I don’t care about my parents, or the PTA, or UA’s future, or the high profile guests… I just… I just want to dance with you again. And I want to do it in our cool costumes made by our friends and with your and Rozu-chan’s music playing. I… want to dance with you, Katsuki.”


Bakugou’s lips curved upwards, a smug expression crossing his features. “Good fucking answer.”


Your heart accelerated quickly, only to calm down moments later as Bakugou shifted to start running with you once more. You breathed in one more breath, feeling settled and ready for what was ahead. It didn’t matter what the outcome was, so long as you had an enjoyable experience with him… then all would be won and accomplished in your head.


“Hope you’re ready to fucking sprint, Twinkle Toes.” Bakugou warned you. “Cause time is running out and we still gotta get to the auditorium.”


Without even giving you a chance to respond, Bakugou took off, pulling you with him. Your legs carrying you behind him slightly, feeling as if they could run a mile. And they better… as time was not a friend to you either today it appears.


But he… he was always more than enough to make you feel stable. He was all the reminder you needed that there were indeed good people out there… waiting for you to find them and connect with them.

Chapter Text

Ch.48 - Zielschmerz


The backstage area was silent, making the sounds of running feet that much louder. Immediately, the four people who had been sitting impatiently or pacing around nervously all looked with wide and hopeful eyes towards the entrance. Relief flooding their systems once they saw the faces of their missing friends once more.


Bakugou rushed in with you, immediately handing you off to Mina. The pink haired girl taking you and then the clothes from Bakugou. She understood enough what he was asking her to do, and she’d be sure to put on your clothing again and make it look just as good as it had been before.


“Dude! Thank the Gods you’re back!” Kirishima looked to have narrowly avoided a heart attack. “Yao-Momo has been stalling for almost fifteen minutes!”


“She better be able to stall for another five then!” Bakugou spoke, quickly fixing any parts of his attire that needed to be fixed and then putting on his black sneakers.


You were silent as Mina worked on you, unable to take your eyes off your boyfriend. He must have felt your eyes on him, as he turned to look at you. Your eyes wide and you motioning slowly towards your cheek. He seemed to have understood your concern and he shrugged.


“I’m fine.” He shrugged looking to Kirishima. “Shitty Hair has clocked me in the face worse during our martial arts training than your shitty mother ever could.”


You nodded slowly, your last concern residing for now as Mina was finishing ruffling your outfit. Bakugou was also being swarmed now, the boys asking him if your mother was the one to cause the slightly bruised mark on his cheek. The ash blonde telling them each to shut up, as he needed to focus on what he was about to do.


“Where’s Rozu-chan?” You asked Mina, the female motioning towards the stage. 


“Listen and you’ll hear her.” Mina responded and after a moment of silence, it was true.


Soft piano music filtered in past the curtains and you blinked. She was out playing piano under some sort of guise of an opening act or another lie to buy you all time. You inhaled slowly, calming yourself. Once more, you were overjoyed to have made this partnership with her… as Yaoyorozu proved continually how kind, patient, and dedicated she was to her friends.


“She told the audience we were having lighting troubles and it would be a few minutes until they got it fixed… she had Kami, Kiri, and Sero wheel out a piano and she’s been playing ever since.” Mina laughed lightly. “The audience has been loving it, so it looks like the music department might also be getting a funding boost from these new donors.”


“That’s great.” You smiled lightly. “I’m so thankful for you all though… you really saved me today.”


“It’s what friends do, you silly rich girl.” Mina pinched your cheeks lightly. “And as much as I want to hear the piping hot tea as to how Bakugou got slapped by your mother and what happened to you… you have a dance to do!”


Mina gently shoved you towards Bakugou, who was waiting for you. Both of you dressed to the nines and looking ready to show off all your hard work and patience from the last half year. You inhaled sharply once more, nerves present much much more manageable seeing as he was right beside you and ready to go.


“Ready?” Bakugou looked at you, Kirishima rushing out to tell Yao-Momo it was time to cease her stalling.


You nodded. “Yes.”


Bakugou nodded. “Let’s fucking wow these stingy rich fucks then!”


You giggled, hearing a quick end of the music and then the sounds of wheeling it off elsewhere. Your legs getting into position for when the curtain would rise and the sounds of the music would begin to play.


Bakugou separated from you, needing to get into his own start position. Your eyes were closed, waiting patiently and silently until it was time for you to move. And then slowly, you could hear the spotlights coming on, as well as the colorful mood lighting. The mechanical sounds of the curtain moving and the sounds of music. And then… the heat of the light above hitting you as the audience started to get their first glimpse of the ballerina.


There were a few expected murmurs, seeing as you were dressed like an 80’s teen, and your tutu was a short miniskirt with all sorts of frills and rough edges. The sound of piano mixing with a flute was what made you begin to move.


You walked across the stage elegantly, stopping in the middle of the front of the stage. Slowly swaying back and forth with the tune. Raising a leg up and doing a twirl while your leg was up and your head, foot nearly touching your big 80’s style hair.


Your eyes caught onto a few familiar faces as you continued your small solo routine in the first thirty seconds of your performance. You could see the majority of your classmates scattered about, Aizawa-sensei, Yamada-sensei and their daughter Eri all watching with approving looks at not only your dance but the direction it had taken. The other teachers and staff as well, and some importantly dressed donors, all seeming to start to get into the ballet performance you were doing. And of course… Todoroki Enji. He looked calm, like he too… may be a little bit interested in exactly what this might be.


As you started for the back of the stage, doing all sorts of jumps and twirls along the way, you couldn’t help but spy the two of them in the audience as well. Situated on opposite sides of the auditorium, both with long faces and crossed arms, were your parents. You couldn’t focus on them right now though… you needed to focus on yourself and your dance.


As such, once you reached one edge of the stage, you began to do some stretches masked as dance moves. Then the flute faded, and the piano started to pick up. Your feet allowing you to dash quickly across the stage and you propelled yourself into the air.


You body flying into a straight position. You heard gasps as you did so, the audience not seeing anyone else on stage beside you and from what it looked like, you were literally throwing yourself towards injury. You knew better though…


And right as the beat of strong drums and electric guitar mixed in with the sounds of the piano… Bakugou appeared from behind the curtains and caught you. He twirled you in his arms, moving to position you from laying straight into his arms to now having your arms wrapped around his neck and your legs hanging and flying off of him like a pair of ribbons in the wind.


The guitar started to take off more, the piano now turning from a calm melody to one that was keeping up with the energy of the drums and guitar. Your form using the momentum from Bakugou’s swinging to propel yourself upwards and past his shoulders. Your body in the air above his head.


Right as his arms caught you again, the music all dropped. As did the lights, leaving everything in the dark. But it was not for long though. The small items on your costumes had been in the presence of light enough, and with both your neon dancers backstage lighting up the LEDs they had helped stick on you both… your costumes began to outline you two as several strobes lights turned on.


Bakugou took you by the side, dancing with you for a pretty formal set, holding and catching you several times as you did your ballerina thing. Then the sounds of lights breaking and sparks falling from the ceiling made the music change once more.


When it had occurred, you were being held up by Bakugou’s arms and now with the hip hop genre back on, you maneuvered your way around him. You doing a mid-air somersault as he took the stage now. 


You two had worked hard combining some of your favorite breakdancing and ballet moves… and it was going off much better than you expected. Bakugou was nailing it, as you knew he would be. And with you now dancing right alongside him in perfect sync, going between traditional ballet, modern ballet, breakdancing, and then a combination of them both, as well with the aid of your music, special effects, and lighting… it was clear you both had more than captured the attention of the audience.


The final moments started up, Bakugou taking you into his grasp once more. He danced around with you in a way similar to the way Belle danced with the Beast in the classic Disney movie. Your form moving with his, but one final thing remained, and you knew it would be the hardest part.


The music faded, as did the lights. The both of you left holding a calm pose next to one another. You could hear him scrambling and you were as well. Your jackets being torn off and then turned inside out as the lights turned back on to reveal what you bother had scribbled onto the inside of your jackets.


Bakugou’s read: All dances


And your’s read: are artistic


It was silent a moment after this, neither of you able to look at the audience or see what was possibly the emotional reactions on their faces. You sucked in a breath, feeling Bakugou softly nudge you with his knee. His own way of telling you to calm down and relax. Things were going to be fine and you needed to keep yourself calm.


Slowly, you could hear clapping begin, and then shouting, whistling, calling, and outbursts of joy. You looked towards Bakugou, seeing the ash blonde had already started to peek back at the audience. You turned to look with him.


People were throwing themselves upwards and onto their feet. Your classmates were all losing it, shouting and hollering all sorts of positive things towards you, while your teachers were smiling and nodding happily towards the both of you. Eri was bouncing up and down from where you could see her… she looked thrilled. Aizawa and Yamada were standing with proud expressions on their faces, more than impressed with this gorgeous hybrid of dance and music and for the two students who had created it.


Out of the entire audience, only three people remained sitting. Todoroki Enji was tapping his finger against his leg, looking down at the both of you. He was obviously upset, but also couldn’t care, seeing as you and your partner were still as good as expelled and suspended to him.


You knew you wouldn’t be able to change his mind or impress him. You had assumed that about all three of them… but out of the entire audience, only Enji refused to clap. And while they were not standing, seeming to still be attempting to cover themselves in whatever appearance they felt they needed to hold onto themselves… you couldn’t believe your eyes as you gazed out at your parents.


They may not be standing, or smiling…. But they were clapping. Your eyes meeting your mother and watching as she waved towards you a little bit. She looked uncomfortable… but was still here. Apparently your dance didn’t appall her enough to leave… so you would give her that. She stayed and it was all you could ask of her.


Your father was similar, nodding his head towards you when he saw you looking at him. He looked to be unsure of things, but like your mother, he had stayed behind to see you and wasn’t rushing to put you back under his control. Rather sitting silently and watching, not speaking a word.


Your gaze looked back at the audience one last time as the curtain started to come back down, erasing you and Bakugou from the gazes of the audience. You inhaled slowly, feeling relieved that it was finally over and it seemed as if the majority of those who witnessed it liked it.


As you stood and basked in the final moments of spotlight backstage, you scooted closer to the male next to you. Your head pressing into him and him wrapping his arms around you. Nothing needed to be said… rather, you both just wanted to enjoy this fleeting moment together… in the time between performance and grading.


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Ch.49 - Kairosclerosis


Eventually, the both of you had to separate. After all, it would be weird for you both to just stand in silence on the middle of the stage in an embrace for the next fifteen minutes or so while the teachers graded your performance. And thus, after about five minutes of calming your nerves and just showing your boyfriend in a silent way how happy and grateful you were for his work, you separated.


Bakugou looked at you, lips turning into a smirk. He lifted his hand up, ruffling your locks before he turned his back to you and started to walk away. He seemed pleased with it all, so if anything you knew he was going to be happy no matter how things turned out.


You soon made your way back to the others who had been patiently waiting for you and Bakugou to return back to them. As soon as they saw you both, they all rushed forward, pulling all seven of you into a tight group hug and laughing happily.


“You both were amazing!” Mina squealed.


“Whoever says ballet and breakdancing can’t go together has never seen you both dance!” Kaminari yelled.


“It was lovely. Truly lovely.” Yaoyorozu nodded to the pair of you.


“Your hard work seemed to pay off!” Sero nodded to you both.


“It was damn incredible!” Kirishima did his best to give you both a thumbs up, but his hands were being pressed against and holding on tightly to the friends around him. 


You laughed, feeling Bakugou squirming around you, seeming to be attempting to free himself from the grasps of his friends. You didn’t mind it though, you loved this feeling of you all hugging and embracing one another. It was warm and soft and kind.


“We couldn’t have done it without all of you.” You paused a moment. “I would have never been able to get this far without all of you…”


Everyone looked at you with softening eyes. Your voice had been soft and sincere, sounding as if you were exchanging a secret vow to all of them. So overcome with joy that you loved them all as much as they loved you, the hard squeezing started up once more and with one final powerful hug, everyone could feel their bones crack a little bit from the force of it all.


“Alright. Off.” Bakugou had reached his point of touching. “Now, or I’ll kick all your asses off me.”


Giggling picked up again, and everyone disconnected from one another. There was still a good ten minutes before Bakugou and you would need to go back out. So in that time, your friends wanted to make sure the pair of you had all you needed and wanted during this nerve-wracking period.


“Water? Juice? Tea? Coffee?” Yao-Momo hovered, showing off a collection of drinks she had collected at one point. 


“Water for me please.” You spike, watching your music partner hand you one of the two bottles of water. “I worked up a thirst it seems.”


“Course you did!” Kaminari hollered beside you. “You did so many flips and jumps that it would be weird if you were not thirsty!


You nearly had the water come out your nose from how silly he was being over you doing flips and jumps. In all honesty, you were used to these things, as ballet wasn’t exactly as safe practice, as your ankle knew.


“Are you guys worried about the grade?” Sero asked you and Bakugou.


You shrugged. “Not really… if anything I’m more worried about what my parents will say once we’re dismissed. As for Bakugou… he has nothing to fear, because if he gets back into UA… it only means this little dance will be for extra credit for him.”


Bakugou nearly spits out his canned coffee, looking at you with wild eyes. “We both fucking know I saw this as much fucking more than some damn way to get extra credit!”


You laughed, but it appeared that your friends were stuck on a certain detail. And once your laughter had died down and Bakugou seemed to not want to say anything more, Yaoyorozu asked what they all had been worried about since you had disappeared.


“Are you… okay, (Last Name)-san?” The dark haired female asked you, seeing your eyes meet hers.


“Yes. I am perfectly fine.” You smiled towards your friend.


“Can I ask what happened?” Kirishima spoke up, worry for you still lingering in his heart despite how you were back with them all and in a great mood.


You nodded at him. “It’s really nothing too out of the blue… I had gone to the nurse’s office and was nearly there when they both came running. I tried to tell them to leave me alone as I had a pas de deux… but neither listened.


Their thinking was since I made them both look bad in front of people they cared about… I would lose out on my performance and result in me letting you all down. I had tried to get back, but they both had already grabbed me by then and started to drag me out of the school.


The fighting started as soon as we were outside… each blaming the other for ‘how I turned out’ and not letting me say anything. I tried to fight back… but that’s when they started to threaten me with sending me off to another part of the country or another country if I continued to be this ‘poor representation’ of my ‘true self’.”


You forced yourself to chuckle a bit. It was really harsh, you knew that from what it sounded… but if you had learned anything, dwindling on these little moments with your parents more than you needed would result in the same walls being built again. Instead, you wanted to focus on the people in front of you now, who saw the true you and liked who she was.


“I had shut myself up after that… not wanting to be taken away from you all. But with hindsight now… they are more than likely still batting that idea around. But I refuse to leave… if it comes down with it, I’ll get a job and my own apartment.”


You inhaled slowly, looking towards the ash blonde who had taken to looking and listening to you along with the rest of them. You smiled gently towards him, seeing him blink in surprise and his cheeks turn a little pink from you looking at him with such an infatuated expression.


“Katsuki showed up though… and pretty much wouldn’t stand for the bullshit any longer. Even after my mother slapped him, he did it for my sake.” You had a surprised expression cross your features as the realization hit you. “Oh, Katsu! I never thanked you for that… did I? Well… thank you for coming after me… and hitting my parents with some hard and truthful words.”


You tilted your head to the side, itching your cheek as you laughed sheepishly. “I guess I still have a little progress to make in learning how to speak up about my feelings and express myself better. But… I’m glad I have you as my role model on how to do it. You’ve always been a positive point in my life, like everyone here… and I’m so grateful to everyone for helping me come this far out of my shell.”


Bakugou turned his head, cheeks red. “Don’t fucking waste your time thanking us for shit you shouldn’t have to thank us for. Its what people do when they give a shit about you… and I hope I don’t have to fucking tell you that we give way more of a shit about you than some other people.”


You nodded to him, his words a rough melody to your ears, but one you enjoyed hearing. The others around you all nodded and spoke soft remarks of their own as to their feelings of loyalty and companionship to you and the others around them. It appeared you had really, truly, made some wonderful friends… ones who would treat you in a way that made you feel nothing but acceptance and joy.


A bell chimed a few times through the intercom. You and Bakugou rose to your feet, both of you exchanging knowing looks with one another. The others all gave you thumbs up and smiles, saying they knew it would be nothing but good results and happy times ahead for you both.


You followed Bakugou back towards center stage, only to pause as you spotted a pair of individuals looking around the opposite side of the stage where the two of you and your friends had just been relaxing and chatting.


Bakugou stiffened as his eyes met those of your parents. You watched as he positioned himself in front of you and looked ready to act as your own personal shield and guard dog at this moment. You touched his arm lightly, telling him without words that it would be fine and you were fine. He relaxed a little, but still knew he needed to be alert for whatever bullshit might come next.


Your parents paused before you both, looking to be wanting to keep a safe distant not only from each other but also the two of you. Your father looked the ash blonde male up and down, as your mother gave you a small smile.


You looked at them both, knowing better than to engage first and show you were willing to give in to their intimidation. Your mother was the first to speak, and she sighed gently.


“Ballet will always be the superior form of dance to me… and you won’t ever be able to convince me otherwise.” She started, eyes glancing over a purple mark on Bakugou’s cheek. “But… it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you that happy on stage. You looked beautiful, my darling.”


You nodded at her. “Thank you, mother. I’m glad you were able to see how happy it makes me to dance this way.”


“I enjoyed your performance.” Your father spoke up. “You didn’t mess up once and you seem to have found a reliable partner… despite his looks and attitude. I may not approve of it all… but I know that the passion I see in my clients is more than present in you both.”


“Thank you, father. That’s very kind of you to say and I’m delighted to hear you see some merit in me performing this dance style.”


The bell chimed again, seeing to be a bit more impatient this time. Bakugou pulled your hand a bit, telling you that you both really needed to go. Your parents both nodded to you and soon you were gone from them again.

“What the fuck kind of feedback was that?!” Bakugou grumbled as you both walked onto the stage. “I feel like they insulted me and you more than giving any actual compliments!”


“Well… they didn’t disgrace me or outright forbid out relationship… so its better than I thought.” You sighed. “This is actually the first time in a long time where both were next to one another and not fighting…”


Bakugou barely had time to say anything back as you were suddenly hit by something near your legs. You both looked downwards, seeing someone hugging you close and smiling brightly up to you.


“You were amazing! And your outfits as really cool!” Eri bubbled. “Dad says Daddy used to dress like that all the time and still does cause he thinks it's still in style!”


“Woah! Don’t sell me out like that, Eri!” Yamada-sensei begged, scooping the little girl up. “You gotta let me keep some embarrassing secrets! And the ’80s will always be in style too!”


“No, they won’t. They have not been for over three decades.” Aizawa-sensei came forward, handing out papers. “Here. We’ve graded them.”


You and Bakugou both looked at one another and then ripped open the letters. You pulled out your grading sheet, nerves dropping into your stomach as you looked down at the numbers below.




The comments written below could wait to be read later. You turned to Bakugou, wanting to jump into his arms and hug him close. But stopped when you saw him with wide eyes and then looking back up at Yamada-sensei and Aizawa-sensei.


“You for real?” He asked, you leaning over and seeing what was written on it.


“Yes. Negotiations are ongoing… but initial reactions have made us confident.” Aizawa spoke, looking to his partner and daughter who were nodding sternly.”


“Well… shit.” Bakugou smirked. “Guess this means I gotta change departments.”


He handed you his paper, seeing as you were still confused. You took the sheet and read it, eyes widening and heart picking up as you processed the words. You couldn’t contain any more of your joy though and in the next moment… had ended up in Bakugou’s arms.


Him catching you and letting out a laugh of his own. He was happy himself and couldn’t fight the feelings inside of him. The letter dropped out of his hand and visible to everyone who passed by to see what had made you both so joyous in the first place.


“Bakugou Katsuki,


Congratulations. You have been accepted into Yuuei Academy’s breakdancing program as part of the Dance Course. We thank you for your interest in our first year of having this class available for students and know you will make a bold statement as one of the first faces of this program. You will be starting your classes this Spring. We look forward to seeing what you can make of yourself and the art you have such an extraordinary talent in.


-Yuuei Academy Staff.”

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Ch.50 - Midding


Out of all the things that he thought you would fight him back against, he wished it wouldn’t be this right here. If anything, he wanted to be able to do this for you, seeing as he had been the one to drag you out here and make sure that he could have his time with you.


But now, it appeared you refused to take no for an answer, and Bakugou was about ready to have a fit over how this nice little dinner date was turning into a petty fight about who should pay the bill. 


Both of you had gotten out your cards, and now were each refusing to put them away. You were being stubborn, refusing to hear any words of your boyfriend, seeing as you wanted to treat him tonight.


“For fuck’s sake… just let me pay!” He called out, slamming his hand down onto the table. “Isn’t the guy supposed to pay on dates anyway?”


You feigned shock and hurt by his words. “You’re thinking is so old school, Katsuki! We live in the modern era, so instead of deciding who pays by gender, let’s decide who pays by who is much better off than the other!”


Bakugou’s eye twitched. “You fucking calling me poor, twinkle toes?”


You shook your head quickly. “No! I’m not! I just want you to save your money for something worth more than dinner… and let me handle this.”


He had opened his mouth to speak again when your waiter had grown the nerves to walk back and see if this loud and terrifying table was ready to pay the bill. It had been twenty minutes since he came to drop it off, and the talking was the lowest it had been in that time frame.


“Are we ready for payment?” He asked, looking towards you because you were not as terrifying as the male across from you.


“Yes.” You smiled brightly, but then nudged Katsuki’s foot with your own under the table. “Here you are. Thank you.”


The waiter seemed to eagerly grab the card, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible with the growing aura of death from the male you were having such a light conversation with. If it hadn’t  been for the laughing and smiles from you… he would have assumed you were here against your will. 


“I hate you… so damn much.” Bakugou snarled, begrudgingly putting his card away and crossing his arms.


“You have to have modern ideas, Katsuki.” You teased him. “It was sweet of you to offer, but I don’t want it to be because we both feel like there is some gendered hierarchy we have to follow. Next time you can pay… we’ll rotate off, alright?”


He rolled his eyes, then calmed down the menacing looks and feelings he was giving off. “Since when did you become so damn progressive?”


“Since Mina and Kaminari decided to teach me about all sorts of things over the break.” Your eyes lit up suddenly. “I also finally know what flossing is… and we should never do it! It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen!”


Bakugou rose a lip in disgust. “I’m offended you think the thought would ever cross my damn mind…”


You burst into laughter, throwing a hand up to your lips to stop any possible spit from flying since his words had caught you so off guard. You knew the reply would be rude, but you didn’t think it would be this good. He genuinely sounded offended as well, which made you laugh even harder.


“Enjoying yourself over there?” Bakugou rose a brow at you. “Damn moron…”


You eventually managed to calm yourself down and looked back over to the male who had been watching you and your giggle fit. He had his arms crossed, but his features had gotten a bit softer, as if your laughter was a soothing sound to the beast that resided inside of him.


“What the fuck are you looking at?” He spoke with soft harshness, almost like a whisper.


You shrugged. “Your cute face.”


You knew what would come next from your words, and were delighted to see his face light up with hues of pink and red. You smiling brightly, thrilled to still be able to do this. The feelings of love and affection not fading despite both of you having been dating for over two months now.


It was nice to grow more and more comfortable with one another, but things like these always seemed to stay. Something about the person who captured your eye still seeing you in the same light they had originally and only having their feelings grow more intense was a nice thought.


Almost as nice as Bakugou’s red cheeks.


The waiter had come back during this time and promptly given you your card back and thanked you for coming before scurrying off. He must have assumed Bakugou was about ready to blow from how red in the face he was and how his eyes were twitching with rage.


“Ready to go?” You asked your boyfriend. “Movie starts in about forty-five minutes and we still have to get there.”


Bakugou inhaled sharply. “Yeah… and don’t fucking call me cute.”


“Does adorable work then?”


“Do you want to end up six feet under?”


You laughed again, grabbing your jacket and taking it with you. Bakugou was ready before you were and snagged your card. He held it out to you silently and you took it with a smile. Once your jackets were on and everything was where it needed to be, the pair of you set out for your next stop of the night.


“Thanks for taking me out tonight.” You spoke as you both were out among the damp April air. “It was fun to do something just the two of us again.”


Bakugou shrugged. “Well… not like we both didn’t need to eat dinner before this.”


You nodded. “Yeah…”


He caught onto your nervous tone. “Are you seriously nervous? Aizawa-sensei loved it, and that man is damn hard to impress… so you’ve got nothing to worry about with anyone else seeing it.”


You chuckled awkwardly. “ I know… but my film is amateur at best and I’m worried it won't be enjoyable or exciting enough for some viewers.”


Bakugou rolled his eyes, clicking his tongue. “Everyone who is going to see it is literally in the damn movie… they’ll be to starstruck to see themselves on a movie screen to care.”


You nodded your head. “Yeah… you’re right.”


“Course I am. Look who you’re fucking talking to!” Bakugou puffed his chest out.


You hummed, silence falling on the both of you for a moment. Your tongue itched to talk to him, especially with everything that had been going on lately. He was your safety net after all… but, you also desired to hear his genuine opinions on the matter at hand.


“So… they decided to finally make the divorce public.” You breathed out. “Announcing it sometime tomorrow.”


Bakugou breathed in deeply. “About fucking time…”


“Mother called me yesterday to tell me.” Your voice no longer wavered when discussing them. “She says she thinks it will lessen some of the stress. She also mentioned coming out next month for a weekend. Swan Lake will be performed at the theater and she wants to take… both of us.”


Bakugou stopped his stride at that. You looked at him, telling him through mere eye contact that you were just as shocked as he was about this sudden, out of the blue invitation by your mother.


“Is this cause she still fucking thinks I’m gonna sue her for slapping me?” Bakugou breathed in, looking ready to scream.


“I think that’s partly it… but I also think she’s grown curious about you day by day. After all… it's rare for someone to take a hit for someone else outside of fiction… so I think she wants to see what you are all about, Katsuki.”


“I’ll think about it.” Bakugou huffed, carrying on in step with you.


“Oh… one more thing for you to think about then?” You breathed out slowly, Bakugou’s carmine hues staring at you.


“What now?” He sighed.


“Father… despite me telling him the answer would be no… wants to sign Vindicous once we all graduate. Apparently, he had a sudden epiphany that we could be the next big thing and wants to make it happen. I think he just wants to make more money… but I don’t really know.”


“Fucking shit… your parents are suddenly acting so damn kind, huh?” Bakugou snorted, shaking his head. “Didn’t they think I was a delinquent at first?”


“Apparently when the UA PTA got disbanded… they felt like they suddenly lost touch with me. So, they’re at least trying to form a new relationship with me… so I can’t fault them for that.”


“They better fucking try their damn hardest then… seeing as they both are one shitty move away from losing you.” He spoke, both of you starting to walk up the large hill to UA.


“Yeah… but only time will tell what happens from here I guess.” You shrugged. “But enough about my home life… tell me how excited you are about breakdancing!”


Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Well… seeing as the program is still in its early stages, its an add onto whatever other programs we were already in. So next year not only will I still be making music, but also doing some help setting foundations for breakdancing.”


“Worried that you’ll be overworked?” You questioned him softly.


“No way in hell!” He gave you a bright smile, mixed with a tad of smugness. “I’m gonna fucking rock both next year! The ones we have to worry about are the others who decided to take on extra fucking work on top of the other shit they were already failing!”


You shook your head. “Kiri-kun, Ashi-chan, Kami-kun, and Ser-kun wouldn’t have joined if they thought they couldn’t handle it… or if they thought you wouldn’t help them.”


You smirked as Bakugou realized it himself. It did seem likely that the others would be asking him for more help than usual. He only grit his teeth slightly and carried on beside you.


“Speaking of Kiri-kun and Ashi-chan… did you hear what they did the other day?” You looked towards Bakugou, watching him raise a brow at you.


“Do I look like I care?” He sighed.


“Well, you should… Kiri-kun is practically your best friend! AND! He finally asked Ashi-chan out!” You paused a moment. “Well… kinda. He and Ashi-chan were talking about a movie they both wanted to see and Kiri-kun asked if she wanted to go with him. She said yes… so it’s progress!”


“Wait… shitty hair has a crush on the pink alien?” Bakugou looked utterly confused.


“You are so unaware of anything that involves love and feelings that it hurts me a little bit, Katsuki…” You shook your head.


“Well, I managed to know enough to date you!” He retorted back.


You chuckled, the gates of UA coming into view. It had been a good week since the last time you all were here. The mini-break between years was always a nice way to refresh before another year began. 


“And I’m very thankful for it, Kitsune.” You smiled, coming close to him and standing up on your tiptoes.


Bakugou rolled his eyes, gently leaning inwards and capturing your lips with a kiss. The feeling of his lips against your own made you feel like you could do pretty much anything, especially with him by your side. The kiss was sweet and short but left you both with pink cheeks and bashful gazes away from one another.


Soon enough though, your hands were connected together once more and you both were carrying back on towards the school in front of you. The sounds of your classmates waiting outside the auditorium where this movie would be shown reaching your ears.


You only squeezed Bakugou’s hand, and he did it back. Your lips pulling upwards into a smile, as you reflected back on this year. Feelings of nostalgia taking over your mind despite how it wasn’t that long ago. And when the feelings had passed… it only left you eager for what would come in years to come with UA, ballet, Vindicous, your friends, your family… and of course with him.


You knew it was early to tell… but you were willing to bet that it would be good. 


Yes. You were sure that from here on out… things would always be good.


The End