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a graceful blessing

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For the second time, a letter from Luna arrives to shift the course of Prompto's life.

This time, it's not a letter carried by a magic puppy. It comes in the mail, placed in the mailbox right next to the power bill and a flyer advertising a new grocery store.

The royal seal of the Nox Fleuret line, pressed into a layer of wax, holds the smooth envelope closed.

Prompto lifts the letter out and studies it. What could this be about? These days, Luna can just call or text them about anything. A wedding invitation? But she hasn't mentioned any kind of political maneuvering or any romantic interests, and Prompto's pretty sure that she would.

The letter is addressed specifically to him.

Prompto carries the mail inside. He throws the flyer in the recycling bin and sets the bill on the kitchen table. Then he sits down and opens the letter.

Prompto Argentum,

I write to seek a boon of you, one that only you can provide.

You and I are the only bearers of Reyvateil blood remaining on the surface of Eos. In light of this, and of your service both to the Crown of Tenebrae and all Eos, I wish to bear your children.

I have not forgotten that you are already bound in marriage, and I do not seek your hand. I wish only for children. Any child would be raised as a full member of the line of Nox Fleuret, and a firstborn daughter would be the Crown Princess.

If you refuse me, it will not cause you to fall from my favor. I understand the magnitude of the request that I am making.

Please send your final answer to this enquiry by mail.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

"Holy shit," Prompto says.


If there's a good way to tell your husband that someone made a serious inquiry about having your babies, Prompto can't think of it.

They've been married two years now, long enough that his heart only flutters some of the time when thinking about the fact that they're bound by the law. It's not as if their relationship is new. Still, they don't know each other perfectly.

How's Noct going to react to this? What's he going to say? They haven't had a Talk about raising kids themselves. Noct's mentioned Luna needs heirs other than her brother if she wants to prevent a mess in Tenebrae's politics the way his step down had made a mess of Lucis, but that's not exactly an endorsement of any particular method of procuring them.

Prompto sighs, and decides to do something useful instead of sitting there worrying. He writes a check for the power company and writes the number down on his ledger. He empties the bowl of water at his shrine, washes it out, refills it, and settles it back into place. While he's at it, he does the rest of the dishes. He hooks his camera up to his laptop and pulls the pictures off the SD card.

He's still fidgeting when Noct gets back, sweaty and blood-spattered, from another hunt. With no more daemons, hunting is less crucial, but there are still nuisance animals and people still want to eat meat. Noct's the best of the best, even if sometimes he forgets that he has to pull his sword out of its sheath.

"What is it?" Noct asks.

Instead of trying to answer, Prompto passes the letter to Noct.

Noct scans the page. "Holy shit," he says.

"What do you think?" Prompto asks, a little timid.

"The important thing here is what you think, isn't it?" Noct asks.

Prompto realizes he hadn't even thought about that. "I... know why Luna would ask," he says. "But I never thought-"

"Never thought what?" Noct pushes.

"I never thought my kids might not be mine," Prompto says, and blushes. "I mean, if you don't want to raise children, then that's- that's okay, but it's really weird to think that I might have to- you know. I'd be Uncle Prom or something, not their dad."

"I never said I didn't want kids," Noct says.

Prompto looks up. "You never really said you did," he replies.

"I wasn't- I don't know if I'm ready," Noct says. "But I- it would be nice, you know? And- I always kinda wondered if we could, you know, since you said you're made up of a bunch of people genetically, if we could..."

"Make babies from both of us," Prompto says. "I've wondered, too." He sighs. "We'd need the research they did in Niflheim. From Zegnautus Keep."

"Well... we'd have to go to Tenebrae if we- if you wanted to do a favor for Luna," Noct says. "We could just... keep going."

"We could," Prompto says. He closes his eyes, and thinks for a moment. "Are you okay with it? Like, really okay?"

"I'm really okay with it," Noct says. "I just- I want ours, too."

And even though it's going to mean sifting through the ruins of Niflheim, even though Prompto has no idea where the money is going to come from, even if this is all the most awkward moment he's experienced since puberty finally ended, he smiles. "Yeah," he says. "That sounds good."