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Welcome! This is my first KiriBaku fic and I’ve spent a lot of time editing and getting this one ready but here it is! Before we get to the fic a few warnings! This work is VERY explicit, VERY mature and you should not read if you are not okay with any of the tags and especially not if you are under 18. Under 18 go away now. Do not read any further. This is straight porn, with little plot mixed in. Pay attention to all of the tags! If you read and like consider leaving me a comment, if you have any constructive criticism leave it in the comments and I will gladly accept. Thank you in advance and enjoy!


Bakugo POV
“Mmm Baku- fuck, harder.” Hah shitty hair is still fucking dreaming. Sounds like a good fucking dream if you ask me. My eyes sweep over my unconscious boyfriends back, still naked from the night before when we had fucked over and over in every position until we passed out from exhaustion, still tied together and too fucked out to clean up before passing out. Closing my eyes, I remember vividly the night before.

The way he took my cock was so fucking beautiful; the sweat dripping down his chest, and the way his head tilted backwards as his eyes rolled back, I’ve never seen anything as heavenly as shitty hairs face while he fucks himself onto my dick from his back. At least that is what I thought until I flipped him over, to ride me and he fucked himself onto me ruthlessly. The volume of his moaning increased tenfold as he rode my dick into the mattress. He really was built to be fucked, perfect fucking angel when his body starts to shiver violently, “Baku- God please fucking fuck me harder!” He had said before words left him completely. Who the fuck was I to deny his request? The fucking had increased in tempo until words were completely out of the question and even his sounds were muted because of the sheer amount of energy breathing was taking. Rough- ragged pants were the only audible sound besides the smacking sounds our bodies were making. Silent moans were pouring from his open mouth.

Kiri’s mouth was so fucking beautiful, bitten and swollen red from the rushed, harsh kisses we had earlier in the evening. Rushed and frantic, that is what I would call our foreplay. Sloppy making out with me against his dorm room wall followed by him stripping me slowly, teasing relentlessly. How he’d fucking undressed me piece by piece, pressing little kisses all over my body. Shivers wracked my entire body as those lips sucked marks into my neck, collarbones, down my chest to my hips. And then frustratingly those kisses stopped. When he reached the waistband of my uniform he fucking stopped to look up at me from his knees. “What do you want Bakugo? Want me to take these pants off? Let your rock hard fucking cock out? Want me to lick the head and sink down all the way? You know I can deep throat your cock babe, it always feels so good doesn’t it? Best way to get you wrecked so fucking quickly. Your a slut for my tongue.” I let out a disgruntled grunt at the sentiment- “That’s okay babe, I love that your a slut for me. I’d love nothing more for you to fall apart with my lips wrapped around you.” His voice drops to a whisper “But could you keep going if you came in my mouth? Would you be able to fuck me afterwards? I need your cock so much, want it to stretch me open.” Harsh pants leave my lips and he hasn’t even fucking done anything yet! “You fucking bet I could keep it up to fuck you silly, shitty hair. I’m gonna fucking destroy you with my cock.” I want to play a little dirty so I keep going. “But first I’m gonna wreck you on my tongue. Gonna fucking get you on your stomach and make you fucking writhe so good. You say I’m a slut for your tongue but there’s no one as slutty as you when I’ve got my tongue buried in your clenching hole. It gets so damn tight its almost like you don’t want me there but your moaning and pushing back on my face tells me you do. So come on shitty hair. Suck me and we’ll see if you deserve it.” Boy does shitty hair go for it after that. “Fuckkkkk, ahhh, god Kiri-“ I gasp out. His eyes roll up and look directly at me as he mouths gently just at the tip. Precum leaks from my tip as my eyes roll back. His mouth is so fucking warm and perfectly moist. The gentle suction feels fucking heavenly and I can barely stay on my feet at this point, but I grip the handle of the door and keep myself upright as he begins to slowly sink down. Ragged gasps are the only sounds escaping me at this point and they get more and more desperate as his lips reach the base of my cock. Holy fuck he’s taken all of it. The pleasure coils up my spine and a light sheen of sweat covers my entire body. Then he begins to really suck and bob his head, lips touching a base and tongue swirling around the shaft in a practiced, easy fashion. Those pointy fucking teeth stay perfectly covered behind his lips, which are absolutely debauched looking right now. God this fucking boy is driving me mad with his lips and his tongue right now. It’s all I can do to fucking hold off from coming too soon. However any thought of holding back is fucking lost when he starts fucking humming around my cock, sending sweet vibrations through the shaft. Losing my composure, my hips snap forwards as a single strangled moan escapes my lips “Lemme- fucking- fuck your mouth.” He pauses for just a moment before nodding and putting his hands down in his lap, which is fucking naked. Holy fuck when did the rest of his clothes come off? Fuck he looks so submissive, jaw slack and open, hair free of product and soft, as I fist my hands in it and pull. Now his eyes roll back and I snap my hips forward quickly, fucking into his throat through his non-existent gag reflex. Time seems to blur as I fuck into my boyfriends mouth, until the coil of pleasure snaps and I moan out his name in rapture.

Somehow I’m able to stay on my feet through that and I open my eyes, which had shut somewhere in the throughs of my orgasm. Kiri is gasping for air on his knees and his dick is leaking, rock hard and twitching. He seems unable to stand so I bend over and lift him bridal style and lug him to the bed, some four feet away. He seems desperate, lifting his head from my chest to capture my lips in a sloppy make out. His lips open and move around mine, sucking on my bottom lip until I reciprocate, opening my mouth and moving my tongue in sync with his. I lay him down on the bed and climb over him, continuing the kiss for a moment until I break away to tease him. “I believe we had plans earlier involving my tongue… in your tight little hole, you still want me baby?” I pant as I start pressing little sucking kisses all along his body. Behind his ear, down to his smooth pale neck, pausing to suck on his pulse point which earns me a high whimper. To his collarbones, and down each line of his abs, teasing him slowly with little flicks of my tongue that leave him gasping and reaching out to grab my hair. Slowly I reach his hips, inches from his fucking rock hard dick. I know he wants me to touch him in the worst way but I have other plans in mind. Bypassing his cock I put my head in between his lifted thighs, breathing out hot air to tease him. His hips lift off the bed desperately. “You are so fucking beautiful and desperate little slut. Turn over for me.” He does and presents me with a fucking amazing view of his hot little hole, tight and twitching. He’s really fucking desperate for it. I don’t touch him yet though, just take my time looking and making him squirm more. Slowly I lean forwards on my knees and breathe against his hole, with no skin to skin. He moans weakly, hips pushing backwards. “Please fuck me with your tongue Bakugo- baby I need your tongue in me so fucking bad, I want you to get me wet enough to take your cock so bad.” Not a bad fucking argument, and how can I resist when he begs so prettily?

Slowly I lower my lips to his clenching hole, just a peck at first, until he starts quivering in my arms. I open my lips and suck on the rim and he fucking sobs and his arms give way, face pressing into the mattress. “Oh yes- fucking lick me open please.” If he’s still fucking talking I am not doing it right. My efforts increase tenfold, as I increase the pressure of my tongue into his hole and it gives way, opening up and then clenching back up as soon as I enter. He wails out his pleasure as I hold him open with my hands and begin to circle my tongue while using my lips to suck around the rim. Time seems to blur as his whole body heats up and he starts pushing back against my face in pleasure. Moans and screams leave his lips freely, and I am hard as a fucking rock again, just listening to him making sounds. My tongue thrusts in and out roughly and I flick it ever so often, wrecking him even further. I pull away for one second to rasp weakly “Ride my face.” Before laying down flat on the bed. He moans at the suggestion, and rises up to climb over my face. The view is fucking fantastic and I stick my tongue out in anticipation as he lowers down, fucking himself onto my tongue so quickly, it takes mere seconds for him to start shaking and I can feel his balls tightening up around my jaw. I can’t fucking breathe but I don’t care, his hole tastes amazing and is so hot around my tongue. The end is nearing and I decide to end it the same way he did earlier. Humming slowly to send pleasurable vibrations through my tongue does it and he lets out the most pornographic moan yet and spills hot come onto my chest.

Removing himself from my chest, he turns and lays side by side with me. Shaking in the aftermath, we both attempt to catch our breaths. My cock is still rock hard and leaking and he notices, eyeing it up and down like a predator stalking its prey. “Little fucking slut, you haven’t even had enough, you want that in your hole? Pretty and stretched out from my tongue, I’m still too big for you now huh? Still need to get fingers in that hole of your to prepare. Come here babe, let’s get you prepared to take me.” He follows orders to a tee, like the little sub he is at heart. Eagerly grabbing the lube from the side table, he presents so prettily in the middle of the bed, ass high in the air to show me all of him. He’s so fucking sure of himself, how could I ever resist a sight to fucking pretty? My hands land on his ass gently at first, giving him a little smack which makes him yelp. “Gonna wreck this ass tonight, gonna make sure you are ruined for anyone else but me and my cock, you hear me little slut? You are fucking mine.” I rant possessively. He looks over his shoulder to tease me “You talk a big game huh Bakugo, better hope you live up to it, better make me fucking scream if you want to keep me on your cock, you aren’t the only one who would kill for my ass Baku, work for it if you wanna keep me from the others. Tokoyami, Todoroki, Denki, and fucking Deku.” My hands squeeze violently after that last one and my vision blurs “Fuck you little fucking slut, you’d let anyone into your hole, even shitty Deku would have a chance. You think they’d fuck you any better Kiri? Hah! You think anyone else could make you scream the way I do? I’ll fucking show you what good fucking is.”No more fucking talking, I cover three fingers in lube and immediately press two of the three in, making him give a startled yelp. Good, the little fucker deserves it for being so fucking cheeky. His hot hole stretches to fit quickly, the result of regular fucks in broom closets and hidden corners of the campus where we explore our kink for exhibition, and risky sex. Preparation is always a rushed and messy affair. Time isn’t necessary when you have a well trained and regularly fucked boyfriend. Pressing all three fingers in I thrust in and out roughly for a minute or two. He isn’t screaming yet but that is okay, we’ll fucking get to that when my dick is pressing onto his prostate with every little thrust into his tight hole. Watching his hole stretch and twitch I know he is ready, I pull my fingers out and he keens high in his throat at the loss. I’m going to fucking see his face when I do this so I turn him over onto his back and elevate his hips using a pillow. He looks up at me desperately, wanting my cock in his hole now. I tease him with my head at the entrance, rubbing it over slowly, waiting for him to beg. “Beg for it if you want it, shitty hair.” His whole body is glistening and his cock stands out, laying on his stomach, leaking precum and rock hard. “God please fuck me Bakugo, my hole needs your dick pressing into it so badly. Fuck me into the mattress. Wreck my little hole for anyone else please. Claim me, bite me, smack me, make me yours Bakugo.” A sharp grin stretches across my face “Good fucking answer Kiri.”

I push in sharply, not stopping until I am buried in, to the hilt and he’s fucking screaming, head tilted all the way back to the mattress. I set a brutal pace from the beginning and he fucking loves it, hitting his spot with every thrust, his eyes roll back and I basically fold him in half, legs against his chest, to get a better angle. I swear the pressure around my dick is hot and slick and fucking heaven on earth. I’m starting to lose it and his moans tell me he is too. I decide to switch things up and roll him over, to sit astride my hips, still fucking him onto my dick. We stay connected, and he starts rutting onto my dick relentlessly, little fucker never loses energy doers he? The coil of pleasure is about to snap but I push it back just long enough to grab the base of his dick, effectively preventing him from reaching his climax just yet, until I’m ready. “Who. Do. You. Fucking belong too. Say it. Say it and you can come.” He pants raggedly and glares at me. “Fuck off and make me fucking say it.” That little shit. I press directly onto his prostate and glare back. “Fucking. Scream it. Scream who owns your little hole, who has every piece of your heart. Scream my fucking name so everyone can fucking hear it, what a slut you are for me. Kinky fucker. You know who can fuck you better than anyone else, who you want to spend every moment with. The only one you’d entrust your heart and weakness too. Say. It.” That fucking does it. He sobs raggedly and gives up, dropping into headspace and screaming “FUCK. Bakugo! My love, the only one who fucks me out of my own head and takes away all my insecurity, the only one who can take all my flaws and make me feel fucking gorgeous. I love you fucker.” I let go of his cock and bring his prone body down to rest on my chest. “I love you too babe. It’s okay you can come now. You were good.” He lets out one last sob before he comes, body gripping me so tightly I come inside his quivering hole, body shaking and tensing up so tightly, before we both relax. I stay more coherent than Kiri however. Pulling back to look into his eyes I relieve he’s in full sub drop mood. Its a pleasant haze, he’s smiling as his eyes stare off into space. I fucked the life right out of him and now I just want to hold him and keep him safe from the world forever.

Wrapping my arms tightly around his midsection to ground him, I whisper soothing nothings into his ear. Bringing us beneath the blankets with his completely slack body on top of mine takes some doing but I manage it. Stroking his smooth hair over and over, I bring him back up softly, encouraging him to come back to me. When he blinks coherently I breathe a sigh of relief, though I still hold him close as he whispers that he is so tired. We drift off slowly, warm and comfortable under the covers. I know that this is where I want to be for the rest of my life and it may not be always easy, but our love is all I fucking need to make me happy in this shitty, complicated, sometimes very confusing world.

-Thank you for reading! This was written for some very great KiriBaku shippers, who have waited a long time for me to make this as perfect as possible. Thank you for introducing me to My Hero Academia, and for bringing me to this ship specifically! I hope you enjoyed the straight up almost 3k of porn lol. I had a lot of fun writing this and imagining what kinks the boys might have.