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- Bakugou had thought it would be a great idea to visit the dorm bathrooms at what was near 3 a.m. He didn’t expect to walk in on one of his biggest rivals and totally-not-boyfriend Todoroki Shouto getting done by some sort of annoyingly familiar demon-looking creature. He did the only logical thing he could think of, which was turning the hell back around and walking away

- Todoroki, as expected with such a naturally volatile quirk, managed to ice half the floor on accident and Bakugou’s next step was instead him slipping and falling painfully on his hip. It was a good thing that the 3rd year dorm bathrooms were farther away from the actual dorm rooms than even the kitchen. If anyone heard Bakugou cussing so colorfully when he was supposed to be sleeping, he probably would have ended up with a fight on his hands

- It was only a matter of time before Todoroki all but froze (both literally and figuratively), breath steaming in the sudden cold of the showers as his limbs locked up and became jello all at once. The demon seemed pleased, turning to leer at Bakugou and it was only then that he realized it was his best friend. His supposedly quirkless best friend whom he had previously yelled at for not covering a few hickeys he had gotten from his ‘rowdy girlfriend’ (turns out the girlfriend happened to be Todoroki Shouto, heir to the Todoroki fortune and son of the number 2 hero, Endeavor. Bakugou never would have guessed)

- There are three things Bakugou never wanted to see in his whole, entire life. Unfortunately, one of them happened to be the contents of the same shameful wet dreams he had been struggling to forget since the weekend (whether it was the succubus-like appearance of his best friend and totally-not-crush crawling into bed with him, or the soft whimpering-gasping noises Todoroki still wouldn’t stop making from his position pressed against the tile of a shower stall, everything was set to torture Bakugou it seemed)

- Being a succubus meant that the easiest way to collect energy is through sex. It isn’t always perfect, seamless movie-like scenes (if anything, those are more unrealistic than a demon’s existence) and communication is was key. The only problem is that Bakugou is nearly all rage and pride, any sexual urges quashed immediately. It’s hard to get a feel for what he wants to do, or have done to him. He was nearly impossible to read and it was only with Todoroki’s utterly debauched presence that he was visibly turned on (pupils blown wide and sleep pants beginning to tent) and that was taken advantage of almost too heavily

Care to join us, Katsuki?