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(Don't) Stop Calling me

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When the Skype tone starting going off on Doppio’s laptop he figured that it was the boss and he should answer it. He leapt up from the chair and ran to answer the call only to notice it was you. He picked up and was about to tell you about calling him when he was waiting for the boss, but his voice caught in his throat when he saw you naked. He gasped and turned his head away from the computer. Whatever the boss wanted, it could wait until later you needed him right now.

You begged him to turn the camera on, and he did. But he still wouldn’t look at you. He was cute when he was embarrassed, but you really wanted his eyes on you. So you begin to drag your hands over your body, making you moan and squirm. He looked at you out of the corner of his eye. You caught him looking at you and moan his name, his head snapped to the computer. He watched as you slipped your hand onto your sex and rub it.

“Doppio, babe I wish I was there so I could feel you touch me like this. D-Doppio take your pants off, but leave your boxers on.” He whined out and did what you asked. He loved when you talked dirty to him, especially over skype or the phone. He pushed back from the camera so you could see him better, you whined out when you saw his hard cock straining in his boxers. God, you wished that he was here with you so that you could feel his hard cock in your hands.

His cock was straining hard against his dark purple boxers making a pre-cum stain appear as he palmed it. You hummed your approval and keep moving your hands over your sex, he looked on as you pleasured yourself to the sight of him. He became more flustered, he cried your name out before biting his lower lip and screwing his eye shut. You stopped touching your sex, you were closed but you didn’t want this to be over. He looked at you noticing that you had stopped making noise.

You stared at each other waiting to see who would make the next move. I was you, he was too shy to say anything. You ordered for him to remove his boxers, you wanted to see his bare cock. He did as he was told, whimpering when his cock finally was freed from his tight boxers. His hand wrapped around it and began spreading the pre-cum from the head to the base, his breath picked up as he stroked his cock.

You started touching yourself again, this time it was harder, it was with purpose. Doppio never stopped stroking but he looked up to watch you as an added stimulus, this had him gasping and crying out your name even louder than before. You couldn’t tell who was louder him or you, but it didn’t matter soon the both of you were crying out in release.

Doppio was the first to come, and you followed after him. Seeing his face contort in pleasure and cum spill over his hands and on his thighs was enough to send you rocketing over the edge. You both sat in post orgasm bliss before Doppio stuttered out something about the boss being there and he had to go. You rolled your eyes and shut your computer off and went to get cleaned up before crawling into bed and falling asleep, with a happy smile and warm thoughts of Doppio with you.