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Painted Lust

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Maura arrived early, as was her norm, and took a seat at the back. She had been coming here for two weeks now, but had still yet to really get to know anyone. Maura felt safer in the back, where she could observe all the other people in the room, hoping to pick up on social cues that had so far eluded her throughout her life. That was part of why she was here after all.

Maura had just moved back to Boston, the city she had gone to university in, from France, the country where she had honed her career. She had enjoyed living overseas but felt that there was an opportunity in Boston that was just too good to pass up. She had accepted the Chief Medical Examiner position for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Maura knew that this would make or break her career. Her stint at Interpol had been invaluable, but Maura wanted to know that she could run an entire state office with just as much efficiency. And, this was a chance for her to be her own boss, only reporting to the governor of Massachusetts. Maura had yet to start her new job, taking a few weeks to get settled after her large move into her new home.

Maura was so lost in her thoughts, she missed when the room had started to fill up and a low din encompassed the room. She let out a deep sigh, at least there would be wine. Maura was taking this painting class as a way to make friends in her new old city but so far that wasn’t going very well. These classes seemed to be full of groups of people who already knew each other and came just to socialize within their own groups, not really welcoming any outsiders to join in on their conversations. Maura wished the instructor would hurry up and pour the wine so that they could get started. The sooner they started, the sooner she could finish and leave.

It wasn’t like Maura really needed the lessons. Her mother was a world renowned artist and Maura had grown up around the art world, being encouraged to dabble in all the mediums of art. She hadn’t shown the proficiency that her mother had in painting but she was quite good at ceramics and sculpting. Maura was very good with her hands, if her chosen profession was any indicator.

Maura had just resigned herself to another lonely session when suddenly at the front of the room there was this huge commotion, causing Maura to startle out of her small pity party. Before she saw the person, Maura could hear a gravelly voice shouting loudly, “dammit, Frost, you said you would be here! Why the hell did you make me drive all the way over here if you were just gonna bail on me?!”

Maura was taken aback at the anger that was clear in the tone but the voice was causing another sensation to take hold of her. There was something about the raspy quality to the voice that sent a small shiver down her spine. Maura tilted her head, intrigued at what the person who accompanied that voice would look like.

She didn’t have to wait long as the tall, lean frame of an olive skinned woman strode into the room with a determined swagger, wild mane of black curls bouncing with every purposeful step. Maura felt her blood rushing south instantly. It was as if a statue of a greek goddess had come to life and was walking into the room, well a greek goddess with quite the mouth on her. Maura couldn’t help chuckling to herself at her own joke.

Apparently, she hadn’t been as quiet as she thought because Maura was met with the most intense brown eyes she had ever encountered when she looked up to the front of the room. The woman’s whole body was tense as she stared at Maura with a penetrating gaze that left Maura feeling as if she were naked.

Maura instantly blushed and averted her eyes, unable to hold the gaze of the domineering woman any longer. She heard a further commotion at the front of the room but didn’t dare look, the image of those dark pools of chocolate still haunting her.

Maura heard the instructor moving around the room, greeting the students while pouring out the night’s wine selection, advertised as a 2014 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir that was supposed to have a well balanced blackberry and pepper earthy flavor. Maura had been looking forward to trying this one and looked up at the sound of someone coming near, assuming it was the instructor with her wine.

Instead, she was captured in that intense gaze of dark brown once again, feeling the shiver that traversed her body this time all the way to her core. It didn’t escape Maura’s notice that the area between her thighs was suddenly quite heated, and she knew that this woman had everything to do with it.

“Is this seat taken?” came the raspy voice again, reluctance evident. Maura looked around to make sure it was she who was being spoken to and, seeing that everyone else was engaged in conversation, surmised that it was indeed her that the angry goddess was addressing.

“Um,” Maura stopped to clear her voice, hearing how husky the first word had been, attempting to clear away the arousal that had seeped out. “No, the seat is unoccupied,” Maura said in her honey tone, confidence back where it belonged. It took a lot to fluster Maura but apparently the appearance of a living greek statue was a lot.

“Uh, thanks,” came the gravelly reply, huffed out as the woman plopped down on the seat next to the doctor. Maura couldn’t help sniffing the air as a sandalwood and jasmine scent invaded her space. Interesting, Maura thought, as she catalogued the new smell. She would not have pictured this woman having that scent but somehow it suited her perfectly.

As the instructor finally came around to fill their glasses, Maura heard the goddess speak yet again. “Listen, do you have any beer? I’m not really the wine type. Honestly, I’m not really the painting type either but I just got stood up so I could really use a beer.”
Maura stole glances to the woman as she spoke, taking in the frustration emanating from her stiff posture. This did nothing to temper Maura’s libido that found everything about this woman attractive.

“Sorry, ma’am, we only have wine as it is a wine and paint event,” came the pointed reply from the instructor, clearly offended by request. Maura found this to be very rude, considering that they were paying to be here.

As the instructor moved to the front of the class to reveal the painting they would be working on tonight, Maura felt emboldened enough to turn fully to the goddess and say, “that was uncalled for. I am sorry that you were stood up and I wish I could offer you a beer. However, this pinot noir is heady enough that I think it will soothe some of your distress.”

Maura chanced a glance at the eyes that had made her wet within seconds and saw amusement where anger had once been. Maura blushed and went to turn back to her blank canvas when a hand on her forearm stopped her.

“Thanks. Sorry to be such a brat. Just not my day. I’m Jane,” the goddess said sincerely, offering her other hand to Maura in the way of greeting, the hand resting on Maura’s arm firmly in place. Maura could feel the heat from the palm and it was as if there was a direct line to her center.

“Um, oh, I’m Maura. Pleasure to meet you, Jane,” Maura managed to choke out around her arousal. As their hands met, there was a spark of electricity that caused both women to let go immediately, looking wide eyed at their respective hands.

“Wow, Maura, it seems we’re electric,” Jane said, chuckling as she shook her hand out. In doing so, she removed the hand that had been resting on Maura’s forearm and the doctor immediately missed the contact. She was already envisioning what those hands would feel like on her bare skin, exploring every inch of her body, delving-

“Maura?” Jane’s voice interrupted her stream of lecherous thoughts. Maura blinked in an attempt to clear her mind and focus on what Jane was saying.

“Y-yes?” Maura stuttered out. She blushed again when Jane giggled at how flustered she was.

“I was just saying that we have our assignment. Since this is my first time, I was hoping you could help me,” Jane said, timidly, clearly uncomfortable at having to ask for assistance. Maura wasn’t surprised. This woman exuded confidence. It was unlikely that she ever felt inadequate, unlike Maura when it came to these types of situations.

“Of course, I would be happy to help. Have you ever painted before?” Maura asked as she took in the painting that had been unveiled at the front of the room that showed a waning sun, dipping below the horizon against a mountain range. Not the most complex image, but the various hues would make the process rather interesting.

“Does paint by numbers count?” Jane asked sheepishly, now wearing her own light blush that Maura thought was absolutely adorable on the goddess.

“I will count it on a technicality. However, this is nothing like that. Would you like to watch me get started and then you can try to follow along?” Maura asked, encouragingly. Any excuse to speak to this woman would be great but working so closely with Jane would be a double edged sword. Maura just hoped she could keep her arousal under control to get through the night.


Two hours and several glasses of wine later, Jane and Maura put down their paint brushes and surveyed their canvases. Maura was fairly happy with hers considering how distracted she had been with Jane right by her side, occasionally touching her when she leaned over to look at a certain technique Maura had used. The entire two hours had been a sweet kind of torture that had left Maura with ruined underwear and a decidedly mediocre painting.

“That’s not half bad,” Jane proclaimed, slapping her hands on her thighs, drawing Maura’s attention to the firm legs that seemed to go on forever. Maura was imaging what those thighs would feel like as they clenched around her head that was ravishing the dripping core of -

“Maura?” Jane’s voice broke her reverie, causing Maura to jump in her seat, realizing too late that she had almost been drooling while staring at Jane’s legs.

Looking up at Jane through her lashes, Maura gave a coy grin as she replied, “Yes Jane.” Her grin turned into a full dimpled smile when she saw that Jane was smirking at her, amusement mixed with desire showing in her eyes.

“See something you like?” Jane asked seductively, moving closer to the doctor and moving her hand to Maura’s knee. They both felt the spark once again and didn’t pull away this time.

Gathering all her confidence and using her arousal to reinforce it, Maura dropped her voice an octave and replied, “I like everything I see.”

Jane had obviously not been expecting that answer as she seemed to choke on her own saliva. Maura felt a thrill of victory rush through her before moving her hand to lightly pat at Jane’s back, using the attempt to ease the woman’s choking to caress the well-muscled back that she had been eying ever since Jane had entered the room.

“Ugh, uh, Maura, you can’t just say things like that,” Jane huffed out, still struggling to catch her breath. Maura continued her gentle pats on Jane’s back, alternating between rubbing circles and massaging the tense muscles. Jane let out a low moan as Maura massaged one particular spot, a knot obvious to her fingertips. Maura applied more pressure, eliciting a louder moan that shot straight to her heated core which was now dripping once again. Maura could invision all the ways she could get Jane to continue making such noises and perhaps some other areas her fingers could massage that would cause even more delicious sounds.

Jane’s forehead leaning against her shoulder brought Maura out of her elicit thoughts. Maura took a deep breath, enjoying the scent of shampoo mixed with what seemed to be the very essence of the alluring woman next to her.

“Please don’t stop,” Jane quietly pled, nuzzling her face against Maura’s neck. The doctor worked her fingers deeper into the rippling muscles of Jane’s back. A shudder went through her as she felt Jane’s warm breath sliding against the skin of her neck. Maura barely suppressed a moan of her own at the sensation of Jane’s lips lightly caressing her jugular.

Moistening her lips in order to speak, Maura continued her ministrations as she asked breathily, “Jane, wh-what are you doing?” Maura didn’t know why she asked. It was very obvious what the woman was doing as the tip of a tongue had come out to trace the outline of her jugular causing her to actually emit a moan.

Before Jane could answer, there was a loud noise at the front of the room that apparently was the instructor trying to get their attention. The two woman sprang apart and looked around bewildered at the intrusion. Maura could see that the rest of the noisy class had left and the instructor was the only other person remaining, cleaning up noisily, annoyed at the presence of the two women. Maura felt herself blush at being so caught up in Jane that she had missed so many details. Her embarrassment melted away when she heard the light chuckling of the woman who was proving to be quite intoxicating.

“Looks like we gave everyone a little show, huh Maur?” Jane asked sheepishly, dimples on display as she looked longing at the doctor. Maura loved the sound of her name, well a shortened version of it, coming from the woman’s lips. Maura wanted to hear Jane shout her name as she brought the delectable woman to an intense climax.

The desire she felt must have been transparent on her face because Maura watched as Jane’s eyes darkened into pools of black, lust overtaking the little bit of brown that had still been present after their earlier touches. Maura needed to have her and she wasn’t willing to wait any longer.

“Jane, how about if you put on a little show for me,” Maura purred out, seduction her only goal. Jane licked her lips, thinking over what Maura had said. This wouldn’t do. Maura needed her now. “In private, of course. I live fairly close. Care to join me for a night cap?”

Maura didn’t wait for an answer as she grabbed her purse and walked purposefully toward the door, making sure to sway her hips, allowing the woman to see her assets as it were. It only took about five steps of this for Jane to rush to catch up to Maura. Putting her hand on Maura’s lower back, Jane said directly into Maura’s ear, “I’ll follow you...anywhere.” With a small nip to her earlobe, Jane squeezed Maura’s hip before letting her go and making her way to an unmarked police car that was parked along the curb.

Maura was too hot and bothered to really register what that meant, so overcome with lust that her only thoughts were of getting Jane naked and in her bed as soon as possible. Maura climbed into her black Mercedes and sped off, only briefly glancing into her rearview mirror once to make sure that Jane was following. True to her word, Jane was right on her tail. Hmm, Maura thought, I think I would like that as well.


Maura had only gotten more and more aroused as she had driven home. Knowing that Jane was following her and that she would get the woman alone in moments was doing all kinds of things to her imagination. The doctor had no idea where she wanted to start when it came to devouring the woman who had entranced her since she saw her storm into their art room.

Maura parked in her driveway and was just making her way out of the car as Jane pulled in beside her. Maura would be surprised if the car had stopped moving before Jane was hopping out and had come around Maura’s car, pressing her completely against the door frame and capturing her lips in a searing kiss. Maura was shocked but it only took her a second to respond passionately, locking her arms around Jane’s long neck, pressing her body fully against the lean figure. They both let out a satisfied moan at the contact and deepened their kiss, tongues battling for dominance as Jane kept pushing her against the car, apparently wanting to remove any space between them.

Pulling back only a fraction of an inch, Jane whispered against Maura’s lips, “I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you watching me. God, you are so fuckin’ sexy, Maur.” Jane didn’t give Maura a chance to answer as she dove back in and took Maura’s breath away with a hard kiss.

Maura was relieved that Jane felt just as much passion for her as she did for Jane. And as much as she was enjoying their kisses, this wasn’t the show she had intended, especially not with potential nosy neighbors around.

Biting Jane’s lip roughly to get her attention, Maura pushed gently against Jane’s chest until the woman was looking at her with wild eyes and a heaving chest, struggling to catch her breath. “Inside, now. Then I want you inside me,” Maura said sternly, pushing off from the car and stalking quickly to her front door. She didn’t look behind her, sure that Jane probably looked like a fish out of water, lips moving trying to process what Maura had said.

The staccato sound of boots hitting the pavement up her walkway informed her that Jane had finally understood her instructions and Maura smirked wickedly as she opened her front door and strode in, dropping her keys and her purse on the side table. Seconds after the sound of the keys hitting wood echoed throughout her living room, Maura felt strong arms wrap around her from behind and the sound of her front door closing resounded in the space.

“Step one, check. Now for step two,” Jane growled into Maura’s ear as she spun Maura around and immediately pinned her against the front door. Jane dropped her hands below Maura’s dress, hitching it up to her waist, one hand moving to rip her soaked underwear off her body. Maura mourned the loss of one of her favorite pairs until she felt long fingers moving through her wet folds, exploring her depths without going inside.

“I believe I said inside, Jane,” Maura moaned, trying to stay in control, however, her breath hitched halfway through her scolding when Jane pushed one dexterous finger through her wetness and made contact with her hardened nub. Jane was very good at this and Maura was glad she was getting to experience this woman’s talents.

“Getting there, Maura,” Jane husked against her neck. In what seemed to be one fluid motion, Jane picked up the doctor by her ass cheeks and forced Maura to wrap her legs around her waist, using the door as leverage and also somehow still eased two fingers into Maura’s waiting core.

“OOOOHH JAAANE!” Maura shouted as her core clenched around the invading fingers. Maura didn’t have time to think about how athletic Jane must be to have pulled off that move and still support both their weights because Jane was currently pistoning her fingers inside her at a frantic pace, hitting inner depths that had long been ignored by other partners.

Within minutes, Maura felt herself so close to her climax. She was just about to beg Jane for more when Jane moved her thumb so that with each thrust she was now rubbing against her clit in just the way Maura needed to go careening over the edge.

“YES, JANE, YESSSS!” Maura yelled out as she came hard. Her whole body shuttered as her orgasm consumed her, Jane continuing her punishing pace, extending her earth shattering orgasm for several minutes.

Finally, Jane took pity on her and slowed, now just moving her fingers at a leisurely pace, causing Maura to twitch and spasm with aftershocks. The doctor fell limply against Jane and the door, thankful that she was propped against it.

As Maura’s breathing returned to normal, she became aware of light laughter reaching her ears. She turned her face in order to look at Jane more closely and saw the proud smirk that had taken over the greek goddess’ face.

“What’s so funny?” Maura asked hoarsely, her throat sore from her shouts. Jane looked even more smug, if that was possible, as she leaned in to kiss Maura thoroughly before she replied.

“I wasn’t really laughing as much as I was giddy from having caused someone who is as refined as you to look so absolutely fucked.” Jane squealed as Maura moved her fingers to pinch any skin she could reach.

“Hey, hey now, is that any way to treat someone who made you cum so hard?” Jane asked indignantly, hiding her face in Maura’s neck, placing light kisses at the skin she encountered. This moderately appeased the doctor but she knew that it was time to turn the tables on the overly confident woman.

“Put me down, Jane, and I will show you just how I plan to treat you,” Maura replied saucily, her voice dripping sex. Jane quickly sobered and pulled back from Maura’s neck to look her in the face. Seeing the raised eyebrow and pursed lips Maura was wearing, Jane immediately put Maura back on her feet and stepped away, swallowing audibly.

“Now, come along Jane, I believe I owe you some payback from destroying my favorite pair of underwear,” Maura tossed over her shoulder as she strutted toward the stairs that would take her to her bedroom.

Maura felt hands ease down her back, landing on her buttocks. She swatted them away as she climbed the stairs saying, “Uh uh, you have touched enough tonight. It’s my turn now.” Maura threw a wink over her shoulder and finished climbing the stairs to her room as she heard Jane whimper from behind her. Yes, revenge was going to be oh so sweet.


Maura was in a state of contentment she hadn’t ever been privy to. After several rounds of worshiping the greek statue come to life that was now serving as her pillow, the doctor was enjoying the comfortable silence as Jane held her tightly against her chest. Maura was completely satiated and judging from the light snores coming from above her head, so was Jane.

Maura let a satisfied, smug smile ease across her face. Once she had gotten Jane into her bed, Maura had made good on her promise to pay Jane back and the experience had been enjoyable for them both.

As Maura was starting to doze off herself, the distant sound of her cell phone ringing startled her awake. Realizing that the phone was in her purse which was still by the door, the doctor groaned as she tried to extricate herself from the strong arms of her lover. Jane growled and tightened her hold and mumbled out, “no, mine.” The smaller woman couldn’t stop the large smile that escaped at Jane’s words.

Maura was going to let the phone go to voicemail when suddenly there was the ringing of a phone much closer than her own, which meant it had to be Jane’s. This time Jane was the one who groaned and she reluctantly let go of Maura as she flailed her arms around trying to reach her pants that had long been abandoned on the floor of the bedroom. Once grabbing her phone, she immediately scooped Maura back into her arms as she answered with a growl, “Rizzoli.”

Maura could vaguely hear a loud voice on the other end rattling off information as Jane lazily rubbed her thumb against Maura’s arm. It was only the sound of Jane’s heartbeat speeding up that alerted Maura to what could possibly be being said on the phone.

After a few minutes of the one-sided conversation, Jane grumbled, “Yeah, be there in 15.” The taller woman threw the phone back toward the floor and turned so that she could fully embrace Maura, seeking out her lips for a firm, deep kiss.

“Hmm, you still taste like me,” Jane muttered before moving her tongue to lap at Maura’s lips and dip back into her mouth. Maura returned the kiss eagerly, Jane’s words stroking her desire again. Before they could fully get wrapped up in each other, Jane pulled away reluctantly, peppering light kisses to Maura’s lips.

“I’m sorry beautiful, but duty calls,” Jane said, sadness evident. Maura tightened her hold on her new lover and it was only the look in Jane’s eyes that finally made Maura release her.

“Duty?” Maura asked, pouting at her new favorite toy leaving her bed before she was done playing with her.

“Yeah, I’m a detective at BPD. We just caught a new case and I have to get to the scene,” Jane explained as she searched around collecting her clothes that had been discarded in various locations around the room when Maura had demanded she get naked. Maura’s pout increased as the gorgeous olive skin was slowly covered up, piece by piece. She needed to have this woman again, and soon.

“A scene? You mean a crime scene.” At Jane’s nod, Maura’s big brain finally made the connection and realized two things simultaneously. “Are you a homicide detective Jane?” Maura asked hopefully. Jane stopped her dressing at this question and looked at Maura suspiciously.

“Yeeaahhh,” she said, drawing out her answer as she searched Maura’s face for something. Maura let out a giggle of glee. She hopped up out of bed and jumped onto Jane, almost causing the woman to topple over.

“Maura, what the hell?!” Jane asked in surprise.

“Oh Jane, we are going to be working together and I am just so happy. I will get to see you everyday!” Maura was so happy she wasn’t really paying attention to her words. It wasn’t until Jane grasped her roughly and made Maura look at her that the doctor was pulled from her bubble of joy.

“Maura, explain. Now,” Jane said forcefully, the look in her eyes the same one that had captured Maura’s desire when the detective had stared at her in the art room. Maura stepped back from Jane but couldn’t help bringing her hand up to caress the taller woman’s face, sliding her thumb across the furrowed brow that was present. At Maura’s touch, Jane relaxed slightly and leaned into the contact, alleviating some of the tension in the room.

“Sorry, Jane, I was just so excited. I am the new Chief Medical Examiner. I am supposed to start in a few days.” Maura paused to let her words sink in. Jane’s eyes lit up and Maura knew that Jane now understood her source of joy.

Jane broke out into a megawatt smile and slammed her lips against Maura’s in a sloppy, wet kiss. “Phew, okay, that is better than where my detective brain went. I guess that means I will have to ask you on a proper date now and not just keep coming around for a booty call,” Jane teased, capturing Maura’s lips again in a brief but hot kiss.

Maura swatted at Jane but couldn’t hide her smile. “Yes, well, I would have hoped that you would have done that anyway. Besides, I was going to ask you on a date so there,” Maura said, uncharacteristically sticking her tongue out at the detective. Jane’s hearty laugh at her antics made the move worth it.

“Well, alright then, doctor, but I really must get going,” Jane said after another quick peck to Maura’s lips.

Just then they both heard the sound of Maura’s phone ringing again. Maura rolled her eyes and went to find a robe. “I’ll walk you out Jane.”

As the two descended the stairs, they could hear Maura’s phone ringing again and the doctor let out an annoyed huff at whoever was being so insistent. Digging into her purse, she snapped up her phone and answered angrily, “Isles.” Her face morphed from annoyance to embarrassment as she listened to the other person on the line. “Well, I thought Dr. Pike was still on call until tomorrow,” Maura said. At the words she heard, her lips pursed into hard lines. “I see, I will be there shortly. Thank you.”

Jane had stopped her exit when she heard Maura answer her phone and had been lingering in the hallway, for some reason the smaller woman was unsure of. As Maura hung up, Jane looked at her sheepishly and said, “I, uh, I wanted to give you a goodbye kiss. Sorry, I didn’t mean to hover.”

Maura felt her annoyance drip away and she stepped into Jane’s personal space and looped her arms loosely around the taller woman’s neck. She stood on her tip toes and reached her lips up in an exaggerated manner so that Jane could lean down to kiss her.

Jane laughed before placing her hands on Maura’s hips and claimed the doctor’s waiting lips. “You are so adorable,” Jane said chuckling before leaving a peck on Maura’s forehead.

“Well, thank you, detective. I hope you can keep your hands to yourself at work because it seems I will be meeting you at the same crime scene.” Maura gave Jane one more kiss before stepping away and turning to go back toward her bedroom to get ready.

As she arrived at the stairs, Maura heard Jane mumble at the door, “not with your ass hanging out of a robe like that.” Maura laughed as she peeked around to look at Jane.

“I promise my ass will be sufficiently covered in work appropriate clothing Jane. Ta ta for now, detective,” Maura sing-songed as she climbed the stairs. She heard Jane’s continued muttering before the sound of the front door closing echoed in her home.

Maura laughed to herself and wondered if she had time for a quick shower. It wouldn’t be very professional to show up to her first crime scene still smelling like the sexy detective she had just ravished. Hmm, on second thought, Maura grinned wickedly, it would be the perfect way to torture Jane. Yes, that sounded like a better plan. Things were looking auspicious in her new life in Boston and she owed it all to wine and paint.