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Painted Lust

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Eight months. Had it really already been eight months? How had eight months gone by so fast? Jane pondered this as she puttered around her unusually quiet kitchen early one morning. It was a rarity to be alone these days. She and Maura had scarcely spent any night apart in the last six months. It was only due to a late night chasing down leads on a gruesome homicide involving a teenage girl that Jane had crawled into the bed in her apartment after 3 AM, separating the couple for the night.

Jane didn’t like it. She had become so accustomed to waking up with her love wrapped around her body in some way or another, usually naked. Jane smiled smugly to herself at that thought. She loved the feel of the doctor’s yoga-toned body with its silky soft skin pressed against her.

Jane placed her coffee mug down on her counter and considered the next phase of their relationship. Was she ready to take the next step? This was the longest Jane had ever been in a relationship and she wasn’t looking for it to end any time soon. Maura was it for her.

The detective rolled her eyes. Her mother had not been subtle about where she thought their relationship should be heading. Angela Rizzoli had wanted Jane to put a ring on it almost immediately after meeting the doctor. Jane really couldn’t blame her mother. Maura was truly amazing. Jane let out a sigh, partially out of contentment and partially due to her current dilemma. If she was going to propose to Maura, how would she do it?

Maura was independently wealthy and didn’t want for anything. What did Jane have to offer? And what type of ring do you get for a rich woman on a detective’s salary? Jane started to feel a panic attack coming on, her thoughts spiraling out of control the more she mulled over her relationship with Maura.

Thankfully, there was a knock at the door that sprung Jane from her descent into madness. Shaking herself slightly, the detective made her way to answer the door. She had just gotten to the peephole when the door opened, almost slamming against her face. Luckily, Jane had cat like reflexes and was able to protect her face but her shoulder wasn’t so lucky.

“Ouch!” Jane howled, rubbing her shoulder as she looked up at the sheepish face of the woman who had been at the center of her chaotic storm of emotions.

“Sorry, Jane, you were taking too long and I just simply could not wait another second to see you.” Maura pulled Jane toward her, kissing Jane’s bruised shoulder before moving her lips northward, finally capturing Jane’s lips in a searing kiss that immediately turned heated. Jane forgot to be upset about the pain in her arm. In fact, the longer the kiss went on and the more Maura dominated her mouth with her tongue, Jane couldn’t even remember having felt any pain at all.

Eventually, Maura broke the kiss, air becoming a necessity, and smacked her lips together. “Hmm, I see you have already started on your unhealthy amounts of caffeine intake for the day,” Maura said cheekily, leaning in to peck Jane’s pouting lips. The pout was for both the loss of Maura’s lips on hers and the rebuff at the amount of coffee she drank.

“Well, excuse me doctor, not all off us can subsist on sunshine and rainbows,” Jane replied sarcastically, pulling the smaller woman into her arms and resuming the kiss, this time Jane dominating from the start. They both moaned when Jane pulled back, keeping Maura’s bottom lip in between her teeth until she was too far away to maintain contact.

“Jane!” Maura gasped, slightly out of breath after the delicious kiss. Clearing her throat to regain some control, Maura steeled Jane with a serious glare. “You know full well that I sustain myself on a well balanced diet, regular exercise, and the suggested amount of sleep for my age.”

Jane tried not to laugh at her girlfriend, she really did, but even Maura couldn’t keep a straight face for much longer if the twitching at the corners of her mouth were any indication. They held each other’s gaze for a few more seconds before they both burst out laughing, leaning their foreheads together to look lovingly into each other’s eyes as they reveled in their shared amusement.

“Good one, Maur. Yes, baby, you are in peak physical and mental condition. I love helping with that regular exercise part,” Jane offered suggestively, wagging her eyebrows to drive home her meaning. Maura smacked her chest playfully in reprimand but leant in and kissed her fiercely anyway.

“Yes, well, you were negligent of your duties last night, love. I waited up, even putting on your favorite set of pajamas.” Maura was looking at Jane through her eyelashes, her full lips poking out in a pout. Jane found her doctor absolutely adorable when she was like this. But then Jane’s face scrunched up in puzzlement.

“Maur, I don’t have a favorite pajama set of yours. You know I like it when you wear nothing at all to bed,” Jane said, bewilderment tinting her raspy voice. Instead of a response, Maura just smirked at her as she patted her cheek affectionately. Jane was about to ask for more clarification but then it hit her.

“Oh, OH! You were naked in bed waiting for me??” Jane choked out, her arousal now fully ablaze at the image of her naked doctor. Jane was internally cursing the case that had kept her from being able to experience everything Maura surely had planned for her last night.

“Key word: was. Now, I am completely clothed and on my way into work. I have an autopsy this morning.” Jane whimpered at Maura’s words, having hoped that Maura had come by to give Jane a chance at a do-over.

“So, you just came over to tease me?” Jane whined, now feeling like a horny teenage boy who was about to be left with blue balls. Maura had this effect on her, quite often actually. She would get Jane all riled up and then leave her in that state all day. The only good thing about it was that her doctor would more than make up for things later.

“Oh Jane, no of course not, silly woman. I came over to see my beautiful, Greek goddess girlfriend and take her out for a quick breakfast.” Jane was immediately appeased. Aside from sex with Maura, Jane really loved food with her doctor. Jane grinned widely at her love and gave her a quick full lipped kiss.

“Ok, just give me a minute to get ready.” Jane scurried to her bedroom, thankful that she had taken a shower earlier that morning before getting into bed and just had to get dressed and try to do something with her hair.

“Jane, could you wear your hair up today?” Maura’s voice floated down the hall. Jane tilted her head in confusion as this was a slightly odd request from Maura. Usually her doctor liked her hair down, claiming that it gave Jane a wild and untamed look which Maura loved. Not really caring either way, Jane shrugged her shoulders and pulled her hair back into a large ponytail.

After putting on a blue button up shirt and her gray suit that she knew Maura liked, Jane made her way back to her living room where she expected to find her prim girlfriend perched on one of the barstools at her kitchen counter, the doctor choosing that seat so as not to wrinkle her designer dresses.

Instead, Jane found Maura leaning sensually against the back of the couch, a necklace dangling from her fingertips. Jane really wished that they didn’t have to go to work right now because her only thought was how much she wanted to pounce on Maura and have her way with the doctor. Jane’s thoughts must have been reflected across her face because Maura’s eyes darkened quickly, only testing Jane’s control even more.

“Whatcha got there, doc?” Jane husked, her voice thick with desire. She was trying to change the subject but alas, they both knew where their minds were.

Maura swallowed visibly and stood up, striding over to Jane, lifting the necklace so that Jane could see. Jane struggled to take her eyes off the swaying hips of her doctor but had to when Maura was close enough to invade her personal space.

“You know I love you in this suit,” Maura purred, using the hand not holding the necklace to stroke the lapel of Jane’s jacket. The detective smirked while she nodded, confirming that she had chosen this outfit on purpose.

Maura leaned in and placed a mostly chaste kiss to Jane’s lips, only lingering a moment before stepping back. Jane was so wrapped up in the kiss she missed when Maura had sneakily slipped the necklace around her bare neck, Jane only noticing now that there was an added weight around her neck. Jane glanced down and saw a pendant that had a wine glass and a paintbrush held within a heart. The detective felt herself swoon a bit. It was obvious where Maura got the inspiration for the necklace. If it weren’t for their wine and paint meet cute, they wouldn’t be together now.

“It’s beautiful, Maur,” Jane choked out, her emotions tightening her vocal cords. The proud smile on Maura’s face made the whole thing even more special. Her doctor was proud to be with her and any doubts Jane had about making this amazing woman her wife flew right out the window.

“It’s white gold so it won’t be too heavy but it is also reinforced with rhodium-plating so it should be able to handle all the rough and tumble you get into out in the field. I mean, I would hope you would feel comfortable enough to wear this at work.” Maura had started off so excited but, as she went on, she had seemed to become unsure, less confident that Jane would want to wear her gift around their colleagues.

Jane pulled her love into a warm embrace and felt Maura melt against her. Jane moved her lips to tickle the shell of Maura’s ear as she said emphatically, “I love it, Maur, and I would be honored to wear it at work, at home, whenever and wherever. Thank you.”

Jane moved Maura’s hair aside with her nose and placed a wet kiss to Maura’s pulse that was visibly palpitating at her neck. She enjoyed the hum of approval her doctor gave when she nipped lightly at the throbbing point, laving the bite with her tongue.

“Hmm, Jane, I was serious about having to go to work. Please don’t start anything you cannot finish,” Maura moaned out. Jane chuckled lightly, placing one last peck to Maura’s neck before releasing her doctor from her tight embrace.

“Your loss, doc. Although, what’s the occasion? Don’t get me wrong, you know I love to get presents.” Jane was starting to panic that she might have missed a birthday or some other significant event in the couple’s young relationship.

Maura blushed slightly, casting her eyes down to look at her feet. Jane was having none of that and took her fingers, lifting the doctor’s chin so that they could look directly into each other’s eyes. Jane arched her eyebrow, waiting for the answer to her question.

Maura smiled shyly as she said, “It’s our eight month anniversary. I know that it is not one that is traditionally celebrated, but I wanted to commemorate the moment. And, I had purchased this necklace a few weeks ago and this seemed like the appropriate time to give it to you.” Jane was touched and knew her smile reflected just how much.

The detective leaned down to give Maura a thorough kiss but didn’t let either of them deepen it, remembering Maura’s prior commitment and wanting to make sure they had time to eat breakfast together.

“Ok, we gotta go,” Jane said suddenly. When Maura tilted her head asking silently why, Jane reminded her, “you have a thing and if we don’t leave now, we aren’t going to because I’m gonna reenact our first time against that door.” Maura’s eyes opened wide at Jane’s explanation but the detective didn’t miss Maura’s irises disappearing as her pupils dilated and the doctor licked her lips.

“Yeah, that look right there isn’t helping. Come along, girlfriend, you promised me breakfast.” Jane made her way to the front door, pulling her badge and gun from their respectively places while slipping her gray boots on, Maura having insisted that Jane get a pair to match her suit. Jane had argued that she didn’t need multiple pairs of boots to match each outfit but she had learned that dating the fashion conscious ME meant giving in to her demands of style.

“You could have me for breakfast,” Jane heard Maura mumble as she begrudgingly followed Jane to the door. Jane smirked to herself before pulling the door open and waving her love through.

“Well, you should’ve thought of that before scheduling an autopsy, now shouldn’t you?” Jane teased, slapping Maura on the butt as she passed through the open door. Jane enjoyed the yelp followed by a low groan her action received. Her doctor cast a scowl over her shoulder before moving toward the stairs, an over exaggerated sway to her hips accompanying each step.

“Promises, promises, Jane. I warned you, no starting what you do not plan to finish.” Maura gave a saucy wink before she began her descent down the stairs, leaving Jane panting in desire at having to watch the delicious backside that she loved to worship disappearing out of sight.

As Jane was locking her door, she looked up at the ceiling and muttered, “God help me, that woman is going to kill me.”

Smiling to herself, Jane hurriedly moved toward the stairs, taking them two at a time to catch up to her laughing doctor. When she reached her, Jane linked their hands, Jane’s right and Maura’s left, and brought them to her lips for a sweet kiss to Maura’s ring finger. Maura didn’t know it, but Jane had just sealed her promise to put a ring on that finger very, very soon.


After much thought, Jane was still without a solid idea of how to propose to Maura. She didn’t want it to be cheesy but it definitely had to be romantic. And, since they had met during an art class, and Maura had given her the necklace that reflected how they met, Jane wanted there to be some art theme to the proposal, but all those criteria just left Jane feeling hopeless with what to do.

It wasn’t until one night a few weeks after she had made the decision to propose that Jane figured out the perfect way. The couple was at Maura’s lounging on the couch on a Friday night watching TV, a tradition that had started many months ago. Maura had her glass of wine, Jane her beer, and the women were intermingled, legs intertwined, arms wrapped around each other. If someone stumbled upon them, it would look like a two headed, multi-limbed beast was on the couch. The couple loved it.

The documentary that Maura had chosen was coming to an end, Jane just barely making it through without falling asleep. The couple had long ago realized that they had to compromise on what they watched since the women had very different tastes. It had been decided that each of them would get to choose one movie or show for their evening snuggle time.

Tonight, Maura had chosen a documentary about some cave paintings in the south of France. The documentary was in French, of course, and they could have elected to watch it dubbed in English, which would have helped Jane stay more engaged, but Maura would not have it. She had said that it was important to hear the native language and had turned on the English subtitles for Jane. Having to read about 20,000 year old cave paintings for an hour and half was not Jane’s idea of fun, but, being the loving partner that she was, Jane had sucked it up and just enjoyed being engulfed in all that was Maura.

But now, it was Jane’s turn, and she wanted a little payback. Jane had learned that due to Maura’s boarding school upbringing, she had missed out on a lot of 80s and 90s movies, especially all the well known romantic movies. Her doctor hadn’t particularly liked most of the ones Jane had shown her over the months they had been together and so Jane was determined to make her suffer through another one tonight. Since Maura had kept to the art theme tonight, Jane had the perfect pick.

Lifting herself up a bit, making sure not to crush Maura, Jane found the remote and scrolled through the on demand channels until she found what she was looking for. Quickly selecting it, Jane tossed the remote aside and resumed her octopus like entanglement with Maura.

“Jane, why did you just select a movie about supernatural things? You know I don’t believe in things such as ghosts. At least my selection for the evening was about an important, real, discovery that gave insight into what life was like in the latter part of the Upper Paleolithic period,” Maura grumbled from somewhere within Jane’s arms. Jane just shook her head and planted a wet kiss on whatever body part of Maura’s that was nearest to her lips.

“Shhh, it’s starting and I’m sure you’ll love this,” Jane sassed back, knowing full well Maura hated to be shushed. Sure enough, Jane felt some digit poke her in the ribs, resulting in an undignified yip escaping her lips. The detective moved her mouth back to Maura’s skin within reach and let loose a loud raspberry. Her doctor giggled as she tried to remove the appendage from Jane’s attack but eventually gave up and kissed Jane on her chin.

The couple were mostly silent as Ghost played out and it wasn’t until they got to the infamous pottery wheel scene that Jane was struck with inspiration. Firstly, the scene was sexy as hell and the detective enjoyed how breathy her doctor’s voice had gotten when she had whispered, “oh my!”, when Patrick Swayze straddled the seat behind Demi Moore and put his hands against hers, working the clay together.

Secondly, Jane now had the perfect venue for her proposal. She would research ceramic studios tomorrow and see if she could make something ahead of time, like a beautiful jewelry box that she could hide the engagement ring in. Then she could lure Maura there with the promise of being able to recreate this scene and when Maura was all hot and bothered, boom, she would drop to one knee and pop the question. Perfect!, Jane thought.

Jane’s planning was soon interrupted though when she felt Maura’s lips start to wander along her jawline, making their way to that sweet spot on her neck that made her knees buckle. Apparently the movie was having more of an effect on her love than Jane thought and who was she to deny her doctor anything she wanted, especially when that anything was Jane.

The movie forgotten, the couple was soon making out heavily on the couch, wandering hands slowly removing clothing that was impeding both women from their desired destinations. As the screams of Tony Goldwyn’s villain rang out from the TV as his soul was dragged down to hell, Jane’s and Maura’s screams drowned them out as they each came apart, intense orgasms rocking them to their very cores, leaving them in a heap of limbs on the couch.

Maura was panting, trying to catch her breath after their vigorous activity, until finally she was able to string together a sentence. “You were right, Jane, I love this movie,” Maura gasped out before pulling Jane in for another heated kiss. Jane was always pleasantly surprised by her doctor’s stamina and was more than willing to start round two.


It took Jane a few weeks of planning and scheming but, alas, she had finally planned the perfect proposal. She had taken Frost with her to find the perfect ring, trusting her partner with things like this. Somehow the young detective had impeccable taste that was similar to Maura’s and Jane had no problem exploiting that for this very important night.

They settled on a truly unique ring that Jane was sure her doctor would love. It had set her back quite a bit but Jane hadn’t hesitated that much at the price, knowing Maura was worth every penny. Frost had been impressed with how easily Jane had forked over her credit card, reassuring her that there was no way Maura would turn her down, especially with that ring on offer.

So, all that was left was to get Maura to agree to go to the ceramic studio. Jane didn’t think this would be too hard, her doctor loving all things art related. However, apparently, ceramics. Despite how turned on Maura had been watching the movie, actually participating in the act of making pottery was not high on Maura’s list. Jane felt crestfallen, all of her planning and strategizing down the drain.

Maura must have sensed how deeply this particular class had meant to Jane because she had changed her mind fairly quickly. Jane had lit up like a Christmas tree when she had said yes and swept Maura off her feet, spinning her around in circles while pressing kisses all over her face.

“Jane, darling, please stop, I am starting to get motion sick,” Maura choked out. Jane had placed her love back on her feet instantly and held on to Maura’s waist when she started to tilt to one side.

“Sorry, baby, you just don’t understand how excited I am,” Jane had gushed, all dimpled and bright eyed. Maura had tried to smile back but Jane realized she was looking a little pale, well paler than usual. The detective may have overdone it with the twirling.

“Do you want me to make you some ginger tea, Maur? It’ll settle your stomach, right?” Jane asked sheepishly, trying to immediately right her wrong. Maura had looked at her appreciatively and nodded minimally, any movement too much right now for the ME.

Jane had rushed off and made the tea and lovingly drawn soothing circles on Maura’s back until her doctor’s pallor had returned to its usual creamy self. Maura had looked at Jane suspiciously while drinking her tea. When she was done, the doctor put the cup down and looked at Jane with a serious purse of her lips.

“Since when have you been such a pottery connoisseur?” Maura asked warily. Jane couldn’t lie to Maura, not now that the good doctor knew most of her tells after months of studying her. So Jane went with as close to the truth as she could.

“Well, ever since I saw you sculpt, I’ve been looking for another medium to see you work in. You were so beautiful in your element and I just wanted to see you like that again.” Jane paused to see if her explanation was going over well. Maura was smiling now, all doubts of Jane’s intentions seeming to have disappeared.

“Also,” Jane continued, letting a salacious smirk cross her face, “you were really fucking hot when you were working. And after seeing how worked up you got over the scene in the movie, I figured why not make it happen in real life.” Jane added a sexy (she hoped) wink to seal the deal.

Maura barked out a laugh and leaped onto Jane, kissing her hard. Jane reciprocated and soon the couple was shedding clothes and loud moans were filling the living room. Jane could get used to this and she hoped she would get to when Maura accepted her proposal.


The night had finally arrived and Jane was a nervous wreck. Somehow, over the last couple of days, the detective had started wondering what would happen if her doctor said no. She had planned for everything except that. Frost tried to convince her that that wouldn’t happen but nothing was calming Jane down right now. Maura had noticed how odd she was behaving and asked her what was bothering her but Jane had just brushed it off, blaming her jitters on a case she was working.

Her doctor had been concerned about Jane’s state so she had demanded that she drive to their ceramics class to make sure they arrived safely and in one piece. Jane had been too distracted to really fight her and that had only added to Maura’s worries. The detective never gave in so easily, especially when it came to driving the doctor’s Mercedes. Suspicion at an all time high, Maura followed the navigation to Brookline, negotiating the busy Friday night traffic and eventually pulled up to a building with a sign that read Feet of Clay Pottery.

Jane had been silent throughout the drive, too wrapped up in her own mind, her thoughts completely on what she was going to do tonight, replaying her planned proposal over and over. Maura had tried to make conversation, but when she was only getting one syllable responses and grunts for her efforts, had given up.

The only reassuring thing had been that Jane’s left hand had rested on her thigh the entire car ride, occasionally stroking softly with her thumb. Even such a soft touch could send shivers through Maura’s body and she was tempted to pull the car over and pounce on her detective, finally gaining the full attention she was craving. Instead, she had safely steered them to their destination.

Now that they had arrived, Jane had been shaken out of her reverie and hopped out of the car, for the first time, forgetting to wait for Maura, and walked right to the front door. She did come to her senses as she approached the entrance, though. The detective paused at the front door and held it open for a stunned Maura, the arched eyebrow and incredulous look she received as the doctor walked through eliciting an apologetic grin from Jane.

It wasn’t that Maura demanded Jane be chivalrous. No, in fact, quite often Maura would reprimand Jane and assert that she could open her own doors, thank-you-very-much. No, the look was more because Jane was the one who was always insisting on opening doors, pulling back chairs, and all the other old fashioned ways in which men were traditionally supposed to treat their ladies. The look was because in all the time that the couple had been dating, Jane had never once not insisted on performing one of these many acts and this slip only added to Maura’s apprehensions about what was bothering her detective to this level of distraction.

After Maura walked through the door, Jane slipped her hand into the doctor’s, interlacing their fingers, and tugged Maura back, halting her progress into the building. Wrapping her arms around the smaller woman, keeping their fingers intertwined on the one hand, Jane leant down and pecked Maura on the lips.

“Sorry, babe, I know I’m in my own head right now. I promise it isn’t anything bad.” Jane bent and kissed the less pursed lips again, this time lingering a bit but not allowing it to get too heated. “Thank you for coming to the class. I think we’re gonna have lots of fun.” Jane smiled widely and, after kissing Maura chastely on the cheek, let go of her doctor and the couple resumed their journey to the class.

When they walked into the room, the instructor turned toward them and greeted them warmly. Maura was a little surprised to see that they were the only students in the room. She had figured that a Friday night class would be full of people, especially at a well known studio within the city. But, as the instructor led them to their workspace, it became clear that they were the only ones expected, supplies only littering one workbench. There was a pottery wheel waiting for them along with a bench that held a large amount of clay and many different tools for shaping and making patterns in their creations.

The couple put on their aprons, covering up their clothes in anticipation of the mess they were sure to make when wheel throwing commenced. Maura had done this a few times in her youth but, as it was one of her least favorite artistic pursuits, she would certainly not consider herself an expert.

Maura took a moment to observe Jane, who was once again lost in her thoughts, and couldn’t help the adoring smile that came over her face. Jane had surprisingly elected to wear one of her nicer outfits tonight, claiming that since it was a date night that she wanted to look good for the doctor.

Maura wasn’t going to complain if Jane wanted to dress up for her. Her detective looked edible in her blood red quarter sleeve blouse and hip hugging black jeans. Her hair had been down but Jane was in the process of putting it into a high ponytail in preparation of their wheel work. Maura found everything about her detective sexy, even the way she put her hair up, especially since it exposed more of her neck, a particularly alluring aspect of her love, and showed off the necklace Maura had given her a few weeks before.

Jane turned to Maura and caught her staring, the look on her face letting the detective know just what her doctor was thinking about. Jane broke into a smirk and strutted over to her love, leaning down so that her lips were brushing Maura’s ear.

“Careful Maura, if you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it through the next two hours. I’ll take you right in the bathroom, I guarantee that,” Jane husked in a mere whisper. The combination of the warm breath and the words spoken caused Maura to shudder in excitement. However, she was raised with impeccable manners and since they were the only students in the class, Maura felt it would be extremely rude to disappear for what would surely not be a quickie.

Straightening her posture and stepping back from her detective, Maura cleared her throat and said haughtily, “Now, Jane, I have no idea what you are referring to. I was just admiring the beautiful necklace that someone with flawless taste gave to you.” She smiled brightly at Jane’s loud snort in response to her faux innocence. The doctor relaxed, relieved to see her Jane back and not the elusive detective that had just been present moments before.

“Yeah, ok, doc, whatever you say. Shall we?” Jane asked, indicating the wheel. Maura finished tying her apron, adjusting it slightly to make sure that her Vince Tribal red striped silk blouse and pink trousers were sufficiently covered.

Jane had insisted that Maura looked beautiful, despite the doctor feeling like she was a bit underdressed considering what Jane had chosen to wear for their date. They did make a striking couple, in somewhat coordinated outfits. Maura wondered briefly if they weren’t starting to fall into the trap of many lesbian couples: ‘twinning’. Maura shook that thought away quickly, considering the fact that her detective hated wearing dresses or skirts. Trying to get her love to wear designer outfits was like pulling teeth.

Maura was pulled from her thoughts when she saw Jane get behind the pottery wheel and with seeming ease, slap her piece of wet clay onto the center and start working the foot pedal to get the wheel spinning at the right speed. Soon, Jane had her elbows resting on the platform and was expertly using her hands to begin to mold the lump of clay into a tall cylindrical shape. To say Maura was surprised would be a vast understatement. In all their conversations, Maura was pretty sure Jane had never revealed that she was a secret ceramics master.

Maura moved quietly over to where her detective was, not wanting to break the intense concentration Jane was using on her creation. It was quite a turn on for Maura to see Jane working her hands so tenderly against the clay. This is what Jane must have felt when she watched Maura sculpt. It was so sensual seeing her detective’s long fingers play the clay like an instrument, Jane repeatedly wetting her fingers to keep the clay malleable as she worked it into what appeared to be a vase.

Maura clenched her thighs together, attempting to quell the rising tide of her arousal. At that moment, Jane glanced up and met Maura’s eyes, a twinkle reflecting in the pools of chocolate with a small smile playing at her lips. Maura thought she looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Hey, creeper, you gonna keep watching me or are you gonna come over here?” Jane teased, halting the wheel, using some wire to cut her vase from the bottom of the pottery wheel. She did it with so much confidence that the doctor’s suspicions were raised once again. Her detective moved her small vase over to the workbench and began to clean up around the spinning wheel. Maura couldn’t hold back her questions any longer.

“Jane, have you done this before?” Maura inquired gently. Maura watched as Jane’s back, which was facing her as Jane had been in the process of selecting another chunk of clay for Maura to throw on the wheel, stiffened. She took a moment to turn to face the doctor and, when she did, her face was completely unreadable.

Maura looked at her expectantly, waiting for an answer. Eventually, Jane’s shoulders slumped and she dropped her head. Maura stepped up to her, taking each of Jane’s shoulders into her hands and caressed them lightly, encouraging Jane to look at her. When Jane looked up, Maura saw sadness in those expressive pools of chocolate brown.

“What is it, Jane?” Maura asked lightly, continuing the soft touches to Jane’s shoulders. Jane looked at her and sighed, resting her forehead against Maura’s.

“I ruined the surprise,” Jane mumbled. Maura was not expecting that at all and expressed that with a small gasp.

“What surprise, darling?” Maura queried. Jane had been acting strange all evening and if she had been planning a surprise, things would finally start to make sense.

Jane sighed and moved her arms to wrap around the back of Maura’s head, careful not to touch her with her clay-caked hands, but still leaning their foreheads together. “A big surprise,” Jane whispered. Maura felt her heart start to race at Jane’s words. She didn’t like to guess but Maura knew in her heart what she wanted the surprise to be.

Just then, the room started to fill with music and the lights noticeably dimmed. Maura looked around in surprise and saw the instructor walking over to them with a sly grin on her face. It wasn’t until she placed a small ceramic box on the workbench next to them that Maura even realized she had been carrying anything. As Maura turned back to look at Jane, she heard the first words of the song that had been playing and her eyes immediately filled with tears.

Oh, my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time

Jane was looking at Maura with the softest look in her eyes, her mouth moving in time with the song. Maura started to feel dizzy, could this be what she thought it was? This was the song that had been playing during that steamy yet sensual scene in the movie they had watched all those weeks ago.

Time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me

“Maura Dorthea Isles, I didn’t know how long I’d been waiting for you until you were right there in front of me, laughing at me, in a wine and paint night,” Jane rasped, her voice thick with emotion. Maura felt her heart soaring as Jane spoke. This was really happening!

“I’ve come to realize that I need you, and your love, with me, forever.” Jane stepped back from Maura and took the small beautifully decorated box from the bench and got down on one knee.

Lifting up the lid, Jane revealed the beautiful ring inside, causing Maura to gasp, and looking up lovingly at Maura asked, “Maura, love of my life, will you marry me?” Maura was stunned, by the setting, by the song, by the words, and definitely by the ring. All her senses were overwhelmed and it caused her to become entirely speechless. She stood there gaping at Jane, hands covering her mouth, just staring at her love, who was becoming increasingly more and more uncomfortable the longer Maura went without answering her.

Finally, Maura heard a loud clearing of a throat behind her, the instructor clearly still in the room to witness this, hopefully, magical occasion, and it was enough to shake Maura out of her stupor.

“Oh my god Jane, yes, yes, of course, yes I will marry you!” Maura exclaimed, throwing herself at her still kneeling detective, kissing her wildly. Jane barely caught her but couldn’t stop them from falling backward onto the floor from the force of Maura’s lunge. Jane somehow managed to break Maura’s fall without breaking the delicate box in her hands.

“Maura, baby, I love you, but I think you might have just broken my back,” Jane joked, albeit with a very strained voice, alerting Maura that she was indeed in some pain.

Maura halted her kisses and climbed off Jane, lending her a hand to help the pained detective up. Jane took the offered hand and gingerly righted herself. Smiling widely at the doctor, Jane took the ring out of the box and asked Maura for her left hand. Once Maura obliged, Jane slipped the ring onto her finger and the smaller was immediately taken with it, recognizing it instantly.

“Oh Jane, it’s gorgeous! Is this the Demarco rounded triple helix ring?!” Maura asked excitedly.

The doctor had seen the ring during one of her many retail therapy sessions and imagined how it would look on her finger. It had been a dream that she never thought would become her reality and yet, here it was, fitting perfectly on her ring finger, a testament to Jane’s commitment to her. Maura was finding it hard to believe that she wasn’t in a dream right now but if she was, she never wanted to wake up.

“I really shouldn’t be surprised that you know which ring it is, should I?” Jane stated with a gleam in her eye. “The minute I saw it, I thought of you. The sides looking like DNA strands.”

She kissed the doctor fully, and Maura promptly deepened the kiss, her tongue sweeping across Jane’s lower lip begging for entrance. Her detective obliged and they both moaned as they battled for dominance, neither really caring who won, enjoying the give and take that was a foundation of their relationship.

Finally breaking apart for much needed air, the couple just stared into each other’s eyes, the last chords of the Righteous Brothers’ song fading away. This was perfect, Maura thought. Newly engaged to the woman of her dreams, the doctor couldn’t think of anything better that she would have wanted for her life. She had a woman who loved her, a job that she loved, and a family that would be ecstatic once they heard the news. Maura pinched herself lightly, needing to be reminded that this was indeed her life.

Jane brought her out of her thoughts by nuzzling her nose against her neck and whispering, “I know we still have an hour of class left, but I don’t think it would be rude, given recent events, to leave now and have newly engaged sex all over your house, would it?” Maura couldn’t help giggling at Jane’s words.

Pulling back from her fiancee’s embrace, Maura effected a stern look before replying, “Now Jane, do you really think it is that easy to find your way into my pants?” She arched her eyebrow for added emphasis but couldn’t contain her laughter when Jane looked at her in mock offense.

“Maura, after almost a year together, I have learned just how easy it is to find my way into your heart, much less your pants,” her detective quipped back, drawing the smaller woman’s body back into hers, strong arms holding her securely against every surface of Jane’s firm yet soft frame. Maura couldn’t hold back a groan when Jane kissed the spot just below her ear that sent a wave of heat straight to her core.

When it came to her detective, Maura had experienced just how easy it was to be with another person. And yes, Maura had to admit that Jane knew all of her most erogenous zones, some Maura hadn’t even known about until her love had thoroughly explored her body over the many months of their courtship. Life with Jane was easy, aside from her detective’s propensity to throw herself into dangerous situations head first, sometimes injuring herself to the doctor’s dismay.

“You are right, my love. Take me home,” Maura purred into Jane’s ear, holding her tightly. It was time to consummate their engagement and as far as Maura was concerned, once they got back to her house, she was never letting Jane leave it again.

After her detective had cleaned up and they thanked the instructor, who gave them both huge hugs in congratulations, the couple made their way to the car. Maura glanced over her shoulder to take one last look at the classroom. She turned back around and focused on how her hand felt with the addition of the new ring on her finger. The smaller woman then looked at the beautiful box in her hand that Jane had made for her engagement ring, confessing to Maura that she had secretly been taking classes so that she could make it especially for this occasion. Maybe ceramics wasn’t all bad after all, Maura thought as Jane opened the front door for her.