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The heir of a hero

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

The UA entrance exam

I stood ready for the exam with all the other participants all of whom were egar to prove themselves worthy of UA that was when I heard one of my oldest friends ask "remind me why your here again Toshi" I said "because Hito I don't want to flaunt my dad's status by taking the recommendation test" ah Hitomu Shinso one of my oldest friends like me he knows the burden of being a high ranking hero's child with his dad the marionette hero Pierrot being the number six hero and my dad Deku being the number one as I thought a very familiar girl shouted out "ugh just don't hold me back Tohsi-brat" I said "I could say the same to you Oki-chan" I had a smirk on my face as she had a scowl on hers now while most would think she's a bad person because of it we all know she's a softy I heard the alarm go off as we all raced ahead.

This year's entrance exam was of robotic replicas of past villains many of whom my dad beat as a replica of the hero killer came for me I said "too easy" I grabbed a metal pole and tossed him aside without being near him

Toshiro Midoriya

Quirk: Polaris

With his quirk he can alter magnetic currents however he needs to be holding a metal object to do so

as the robot was trashed I ran ahead making a mess of the other ones that came for me I could hear explosions going on in the distance with me saying "she always has had a nack for making a mess" as soon as I said that a boy said "well she has got her father's stubbornness" as he electrocuted two robots

Chimon Kaminari

Quirk: Taser 

With a set of taser's on the ends of his earlobes he can do well anything a taser can

I said "nice to see you as well Kaminari" he said "it's good meeting you again Midoriya" I however couldn't stick around to chat as the time was catching on for the exam I said "let's pick it up a notch".

A week later

I waited anxiously for the results to come in with my mom saying "I have faith in you Toshi" I said "thanks mom" my mother Ochaco Midoriya the number 10 pro-hero Uravity as well as one of the biggest supporters of my wish to be a hero my Quirk is also a mutation of hers as soon as I thought that the door opened with a very popular figure coming through saying "I'm home sorry I'm late that run away driver really gave me a headache" I ran up saying "dad" he patted me on the head saying "you may have grown taller in the years but you'll always be a child at heart Toshi" I will admit his demanding role as the symbol of hope has always upset me knowing I couldn't spend all the time in the world with him but I was taught to cherish every moment I have with him he said "the postman left this for you" I saw it was a letter with UA'S crest on it I said "is that" he said "it is now let's go check it out".

I opened the letter to see it was a small holographic device when I pushed it a image came on the screen with me saying "uncle Minoru" the hologram of him said "hey Toshiro it's your favourite unlce telling you that YOU PASSED while the damage you made was regrettable you still did warn 55 points so as I said welcome to your hero academia" I couldn't help but cry tears of joy knowing I was now one step closer to achieving my dream as I felt my parents hugging me while congratulating me for passing.

That Monday

As I walked through the gate with my suitcase as we'd be moving into the dorms I heard a voice say "hey Toshi what class you'd get" I said "1-A what about you Hito" he said "looks like we're together for the year" I said "get in" Okimi said "great just when I thought I'd lost you idiot's for fucks sake" I said "Oki-chan admit it we aren't half as bad as what you say we are" she said while detonating small explosions "like hell I do"

Okimi Bakugo

Quirk: Detonation

Her Quirk is essentially a copy of her dad's albeit with the power to make larger explosions  

I chuckled saying "yeah yeah now let's get to class".

As I walked into class with Hitomu and Okimi all I could say was we definitely had a interesting bunch I saw a girl with pink skin, Chimon was standing next to someone who was invisible yet based on his body build it was clear (ha ha) that he was a boy and a girl with long blonde hair the rest were as I said interesting Okimi said "ok Toshi-brat before we start I'm making one thing clear I don't care how close we are, how long our dads knew eachother I don't want you to hold back against me in any field" I said "so what you're saying is we're rival's now" she said "we always have been but think of this as just making it formal" I said "your on girly" she grunted when the pink skinned girl ran up saying "Okkkkki it's been to long" Okimi hugged her back saying "Manna it's been to long how's red doing" Manna said "daddy's doing great thank you for asking and" Manna ran up to me saying "well hello cutie pie what do I call or do with you" Okimi said "Manna leave him he's trash" I said "so much for rival's" a number of other students stopped talking to look at me and Okimi with a more timid person asking "ah I um are you Toshiro Midoriya um sorry" I said "hey it's fine and yes I am who you think I am" he said "I um I'm Hagartaro Kinga it's nice to um meet you" poor kid he looks as if he could piss himself at any moment I said to everyone "guys I want to make this clear don't be intimidated by my dad's status all I ask is you treat me as if I'm some normal student" everyone let out a highly audible "phew" as soon as that happened a boy with dark skin came up saying to Okimi "heya hot stuff what do I call you oh I know mabye my date" Okimi said while making some explosion's "and do I call you target practice" the other guy was now very clearly scared with the teacher walking in saying "now now kiddos it's time for class".

As our teacher walked in I looked and cried out "uncle Yuga" he said to me "ah Toshi what a pleasant surprise I had no idea you were in my class but please call me Aoyama-sensei while in class" I said "as you say" ah Uncle Yuga while he isn't my actual uncle him and my dad have such a brotherly bond I treat him as such even as though his duties as the shining hero can't stop twinkling seriously what is with that name meant he couldn't visit a lot he said "now now I'm sure your all dieing to know what is going to happen well we'll meet me at the entrance to the school and I'll explain everything".

We all met with Yuga in our gym gear with him saying "now for the test I want everyone to run all the way around the campus and back here by lunchtime got that kiddos" I asked "sensei are we allowed to use our quirks" he said "that my boy is the whole point the cameras around school will give me A and insight into everyone's Quirks and B give me an idea of what you are all capable of" I said "when do we" he said "your time starts now and also lunch is in two hours" I heard Hitomu say "pfft that'll be easy" Yuga said "it takes four to navigate everywhere have fun" I said "oh come on man" before I could say anything else the bell sounded letting us all run freely.

The race began with Okimi using a trick I'm all to used to blast rush turbo yeah for a girl who says she's not in the number two hero's shadow she sure as hell has copied a lot of his moves I said "might as well join her" I grabbed a metal keyring from my pocket magnetic propulsion with that technique I had granted myself a form of flight by altering the magnetic currents around my body as I was catching up to Okimi she said "piss off Toshi-brat" I said "hey that's not nice racoon hair" she delivered some blasts to my fave that I easily avoided saying "I swear to fucking God call me that again and" she was interupted as an old friend of ours came by saying "hot stuff coming through" I said "ah screw you Naoto" he looked back as he had a cocky smirk plastering his face 

Naoto Todoroki

Quirk: Half hot Half cold

Similar to Okimi his quirk is a copy of his father's although his usage is more technique based 

as he let his afterburner go out he made an icey slide that let him slid away I heard Okimi say "what'd ya say huh let's nab the cocky prick ourselves" I said "your the boss" she said "damn right I am" we charged ahead to try and catch Naoto.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Me and Okimi began our pursuit of Naoto with me lifting her up and her blasting me forward as we gained on him I said "hey half n half down low" he looked below to see Okimi detonate an explosion underneath him with me getting above him saying "up high" before I could make a move he launched an icicle at me saying "too slow" he remade his ice slide as I resumed my pursuit of him with Okimi saying "get back here shit for brains" he fired a mixture of fire and ice at us with me saying "damn if this keeps up" Okimi said "don't you dare say I'm gonna loose if anyone's winning it's gonna be me" she grabbed Naoto saying EX catapult she threw him away like a baseball saying "now get lost Toshi-brat" I said "hey Oki-chan is that a rabbit I see" she leapt up saying "where" I said "too easy" mag wave I sent her flying in one move with her screaming "stop doing that you shit" I said "I'll stop doing it when you stop falling for it" now your likely wondering what happened there right well as children she set up a reputation of being the girl you don't want to anger however she did at the same time confess she has a soft spot for animals especially rabbits and since then I've used it as ammunition to tease her she was now screaming at me to get back so I kept on hovering.

As we moved the whole class was now within reach of each other I said "come on really Hito" he said "what I'm using my quirk"

Hitomu Shinso 

Quirk: Marionette

With his power he can control things with his mind his power even extends to machinery so long as it has a strong enough CPU 

He had taken over a number of students making them carry him with Manna saying "that's a freaky Quirk he's got" I said "but it's a useful one none the less" as we raced Naoto called out "Toshiro look out" I looked forward to see that the statue of All might in the courtyard was directly in front of me I said "uh oh" before I knew it I'd crashed into it casuing it to tilt significantly due to my magnetic currents mom's gonna execute me for this one.

Two day's later

In the end none of us got to finish the run as the clean up crew had to fix the mess I'd made although today we were going to be let into our dorms and we were going to strategy our first hero lesson I heard Hagartaro say "I um hope that it's not combat" Okimi said "I'd be disappointed if it wasn't" as soon as we said that our teacher walked in saying "greetings class I'm your foundational hero studies teacher Ectoplasm now I'm sure your all eager to learn what we shall be doing so without further ado let's draw" he held out a card that had BATTLE written on it with me saying "it had to happen eventually" ectoplasm said "well then go grab your costumes" he pushed a button letting out a row of costumes that we had designed ourselves I grabbed mine and left the room.

I stood in the changing rooms wearing my outfit consisting of a dark green jacket with some large bracers fitted with metal on to use my Quirk and some green combat jeans and boots Hitomu said "really green" I said "well when you've got green hair like me wearing green feels natural" Hitomu was wearing a black long coat with grey gloves and black trousers he said "I really should have taken into account my heat build up" Naoto said "at least your covering up" he pointed to the invisible boy who said "hey guys" his outfit was just a set of boots and gloves he said "I'm Hyate Ojiro good to see you but you can't see me" another boy said "really invisible puns you really need to shed that foolishness and find new material" I heard Naoto say "says the one who looks like a snake and made a snake pun" he said "hiss I'm Akira Ouroboros and don't cram my style" I said "come on we have a lesson to get to".

As soon as we arrived at the gym I could feel the girls spying on us Hitomu asked "what's wrong Toshi" I said "my Midori-sense is tingling I think we're being spied on" Manna imitated the sound of a cat's meow saying "all these treats looking good" I went red saying "n man why now" she said "so that's your weakness a girl complimenting you" Okimi said "Manna he's a idiot so just leave him" I said "hey says the one who clearly copied her dad's costume" (Authors note- just imagine hers as a female version of Katsuki's) she said "fuck off I'm not coping that old fart" Ectoplasm said "Bakugo watch your tounge now all of you for the simulation" he pulled up a screen saying "for this test you'll be split into teams of 4 with 5 people on each one team being the hero's the other the villains now the hero's job is to capture the villains while the Villains job is to escape" I said "sir how do we capture them" he said "with this capture tape also be mindful of any injuries you may cause" he clicked a button saying "for the teams they shall be":

Team 1. Dorobō, Tsukishima, Ouroboros, Ojiro and Sato


Team 2. Kaminari, Snaith, Ashido, Bakugo and Midoriya


Team 3. Izumi, Mondo, Tsunotori, Tokoyami and Todoroki


Team 4. Shinso, Yuba, Kinga, Tokoyami and Kuro

I looked at the screen thinking aside from one I have no idea who these people are Okimi said "oh your kidding me why am I stuck with Toshi-brat again" I said "I'm not that bad right" Manna said "yay me and Oki get to work together" she said "just don't get in my way ok" I took the chance to have a look at my teammates Manna had a female version of Red Riot's costume albeit in a purple colour scheme rather than a red one, Robert had a costume that looked like Uncle Danjuro's albeit less exaggerated around the neck and Chimon had a leather jacket that had red outlines and a battery pack so he could recharge his Quirk I said "so go team awesome" Manna said "I can agree to that" Okimi said "with that name you can piss off" Chimon said "let's get on with it" Robert however said "let's just do our best".

Me and my team stood ready for our task Robert said to us "being a villain I hardly an ideal situation for me but if it's to train us I shall accept it" man he reminds me of uncle Tenya the alarm sounded with Okimi saying "out of the way dickbags" she was launching herself forward with her explosions with me saying "the hell happened to teamwork" she said "it's as you said it went to hell" before she got any further she was jabbed in the stomach by Akira who had a simple costume that of a leather jet black combat suit he made a strong hiss as he prepared his fangs

Akira Ouroboros

Quirk: Serpent

His Quirk lets him do pretty much anything a snake can do yup that's about it

I called out "Ashido you take care of the snake and Oki-chan Snatih Chimon your with me" Manna called out "on it" her skin became more solid now thanks to her quirk

Manna Ashido

Quirk: Density

Her quirk allows her to harden her skin to the point that even bullet's bounce off her although like her father she can't keep it up for to long due to stamina

While she was helping Okimi I ran with Robert and Chimon the former saying "are your sure they'll be alright" I looked at them but most of all I looked at Okimi saying "yeah they've got this" I don't know why but looking at Okimi I couldn't help but smile a little.

While me and the rest of my team ran the announcer declared that Akira had been beaten with me saying "told you they could handle it" before we could celebrate Chimon got knocked to the side by an unknown enemy with Robert calling out "it's Ojiro" the man himself said "damn and I really wanted to scare you Midoriya"

Hyate Ojiro

Quirk: Transparency

His Quirk renders him completely Transparent to the naked eye although certain devices can catch him out

I said "let's deal with him then" I began letting off shots of magnetic energy although since he wasn't wearing anything metal it wasn't doing much I said "we can't fight on like this" that was when Robert said "I won't fail here not on my first training session" he increased his hand and stretched it so he could quite literally do a sweep of the area

Robert Snatih 

Quirk: Elasto-body

His Quirk lets his body mold itself into any shape he desires similar to plastic although doing so burns through a lot of calories so he needs to eat at a lot of intervals

thanks to his move we caught Hyate who was pressed against the wall leaving an invisible silhouette before we knew it out team was reunited with Manna saying "we've got this in the bag they're down two men and we've got all ours" Chimon said "yet we can't count out Tsukishima and Dorobō as of for Sato we still have no idea of his abilities" as if Chimon had jinxed it Sato came down with giant black wings protruding from his back I said "you had to say that huh Chimon" he said "ah get lost Toshiro"

Uchū Sato

Quirk: Raven

His power grants him Raven like wings from his back granting him flight and increased mobility 

as he came in for another attack he didn't look as if he was stopping just than Koko and Yusuke came in with Robert saying "drat they've cornered us" Yusuke said to us "it's such a shame pretty ladie I was really hoping to take you on a date" I said to Okimi "hey Oki-chan you know how normally I would encourage you not to act on your threat's" she said "yeah why bring that up" I said "well this time act on the threat you made to Dorobō" she slamed her fist into her hand saying "I was gonna anyway Toshi-brat" she moved ahead only for Yusuke to take her grenade's that she had on her belt saying "what's mine is yours" 

Yusuke's Dorobō

Quirk: Repossession

His Quirk lets him take another person's tools be it a phone a keyring or in this case grenade's the only weakness is that he can't take large objects

Okimi in her usual fashion said "huh target practice you think I need my grenade's to blow your scrawny ass up" she went on a rampage with Yusuke not being able to do much to defend himself he walked into this one before Koko could assist him I went to handle her myself with Robert and Chimon covering our resident bird-brain.

As I got towards Koko I said to her "sorry young lady but I can't let you get in her way" she said "oh really greeny is that a fact" suddenly multiple arms grew from her sides leaving me a little scared

Koko Tsukishima 

Quirk: Multi-Limb

Her Quirk lets her create multiple arms from her body that can act as regular arms 

seeimg her new arms I knew I was in for a long fight.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

As I began my fight with Koko who quickly made it clear she wasn't going down without a fight I said "well they do say two hands are better than one huh" she said "oh real funny Greeny now just give up" I got close and delivered a kick to her stomach saying "sorry buddy but I don't know the meaning of the term give up" she returned my attack by grabbing me with her newly manifested arms and tossing me aside shit yeah I really felt that one with me saying "that actually hurt haha" she said "what's so funny" I said "oh what's funny well what's funny is I might actually start enjoying myself now" I had a glare that even made Okimi say "oh no".

No one's pov

Okimi watched as Toshiro began his fight with Manna asking "what's got you so spooked" Okimi responded by saying "I never thought he'd get like this so soon" Manna asked again "what do you mean" Okimi told her "ever since me and Toshiro were kids he's always had a competitive side at first I just blamed it on his family heritage but everyone quickly realised that it was something else something so much worse" Manna asked "just how competitive can he be" Okimi said "so much so he makes me look lazy and that isn't something I'm willing to admit" Manna asked "how do we handle this then" Okimi responded saying "right now just let him at it if we get in the way we'll all lose" Manna told her "if it's enough to get you spooked it must be bad Oki" after that chat they went to help Robert and Chimon as they'd dealt with Yusuke who was now well and truly terrified of Okimi ah well that'll teach him to hit on her.

Back to Toshiro's pov

I was now halfway through my fight against Koko with the woman of the hour now becoming visibly tired by the fight I said "aww what's the matter can't keep up" she said "what the hell what the hell is this" I said "it would seem you can't maintain your stamina for very long with your extra arms" I was about to deliver a blast of magnetic energy when Okimi said "Toshi-brat that's enough" I looked to her saying "don't you have to deal with Dorobō" she said "I already have but you need to get a grip your acting like that again" her saying that quickly made me snap back to reality as I said "did I" she said "you did" I said "ah man and here I was hoping I'd over come that problem" she said "it's ok now STOP FUCKING SLACKING TOSHI-BRAT" I said "same to you Oki-chan" even though me and her argue more often than not I can still count on her when it matters same goes for Hitomu I can count on him as well I never do tell my friends how much I love them ah well back to the fight I began hovering over Koko who was desperately trying to catch me with me saying "first thing sorry for my display back there and second good luck trying to grab me from up here she said "oh really huh" Extension Strike she put away her other additional arms apart from one sending it racing for me I couldn't avoid it in time so I was forced to take it with me spitting out some saliva as a result I was about to carry on when the alarm sounded all of a sudden.

The alarms sound kept ringing and ringing throughout the school as an announcement said "alert alert priority 1 unknown enemies have breached the school all students evacuate in a clam and orderly fashion and all teachers prepare for battle combat probability 82%" it just kept repeating that with us all leaving the gym I said to Okimi "what the hecks going on" she said "I don't know but if I find the little pipsqueak who did this I'll blow 'em to hell" she did her usual habbit of detonating small explosions on her hand while Robert said "I just hope it gets dealt with quickly" everyone else nodded as Chimon carried Akira and Hyate while Koko carried Yusuke just when it was getting fun as well.

Just as we all arrived at the assembly point the alarm had passed although the pros had been called in to investigate the scene some of them were old timers from my dad's generation such as Edgeshot, Hawks and Kamui woods while others were people I recognized as my dad's classmates such as Tsukiyomi, Froppy however one who i instantly caught on to was Ground Zero or as Okimi would call him Dad I asked "is there really any need for this many hero's" that was when Katsuki came up saying "the world's been at peace for far too long so when shit finally gets real again of course they're gonna get wild" I said "Uncle Katsuki" he patted my head saying "hey little green and come on out Mini-me" Okimi said "ah fuck off you old fart" he said "what'd you say wait till mom hears this" she said "as if I'm scared of that old whore now fuck off and take those obnoxious grenade's with you" he said "obnoxious are they well that's rich coming from you as I can see some on you little lady" Yusuke said "Bakugo you should really be more" before he could finish Okimi said "what're you doing here target practice come to hit on me again huh" Katsuki said "he did what that's it I'll" as they argued Naoto said "how disfunctional can they get" I said "Naoto when you've dealt with Oki-chan for as long as I have putting up with this becomes as natural as breathing actually this is quite light-hearted for some arguments I've witnessed" everyone excluding Manna was now afraid her reason for not being so was because she also understood what it's like dealing with the Bakugo family.

After the pros left and Okimi and Katsuki got reprimanded by Hound dog for bringing family drama onto school grounds we all went back to our dorm that had just been finally set up with Manna suggesting that we have a room king contest May saying to us all "you stole the idea from your mom didn't you sqwark" Manna said "what no I ok I totes did but isn't it fun" Akira after adjusting his glasses said "I don't think it's such a bad idea it could help us break the ice with one another hiss" I said "I'm with Ouroboros on this one besides what's the worst that could happen" Kasai said "everything that's what" he got up saying "screw this I'm out of here see y'all tomorrow" he walked off with the rest of us agreeing it would be a good idea.

First up was Hitomu's room which didn't look that different from his own room a few shelves for video games and comic books as well as a few framed photo's of him and his parents Akira said "as simple as it looks I can't help but get a relaxing feeling from it hiss" Manna said "for a brain jacking boy it's surprising cute" he said "guys come on besides ask Toshi and he'll tell you it's no different from my own room" I gave have a thumbs up as we moved on. Next up was Akira who's room was burning hot due to the heat lamps with Hyate saying "man I'm sweating like hell in here but can you see it" we all said "yes we can" the rest of the room wasn't that bad as he had some shelves for books and posters about snake breeds when we left his room we moved on to Naoto's next his just screamed how much he loved his dad as he had so many action figures of his dad and photos of him and his mom I said "you always have been a daddy's boy huh" he said "nothing wrong with that is there" Manna declared "I was expecting something more dramatic from a powerhouse like Todoroki" he held his head down as we moved on.

Next up was Rikka who had the girliest room you could ever see Manna said "and I thought I was the pinkest thing in the building" Akira said "so much pink hiss" May simply said "sqwark" as we moved on Yusuke said "hey guys come here" the girls immediately left with us boys flowing them as we approached Uchū's room with his being totally normal the most distinctive feature was the photo he had of him and his dad's the pro hero's Anima and Sugar man he said "sorry guys" Okimi however was sitting down petting a rabbit he had in the room with her saying "ah scram all of you" Manna wispered "and here's us knowing all along". We went to Kira's room next who had a water tank in for a bunch of fish I said "you always did love fish huh Ki" he said "yeah mom did have a love for them so it rubbed off on me" I asked "how's big sis doing" he said "oh she's doing well she was asking about you though" Fugaku said "such warm family feels" Okimi said "let's move on without Toshi-brat" ha jokes on her as her rooms next her's was full of weight lifting equipment and gym wear however Akira pointed out "what's that teddy bear" she said "wha it's nothing it" I said "wait is that the one I won you at the carnival when we were seven" she said "what no it's it's" Manna said "and I can see lot's of photo's of you and Midoriya wait could it be your dating and haven't told your best buddy" we both went red with me saying "it's not like that it's" Okimi however simply ordered us all out.

Next up was me my room had a few dumbbells and a punching bag with photos of me, Mom and Dad lining the walls Manna Immediately grabbed one saying "baby Midoriya is so cute just look at those freckles and those big wide eyes" I said "I ah man Ashido" Okimi said "I was the cuter baby back then" Manna said "and heres one of baby Oki and Midoriya together so cute" it was a photo from when me and her were just five I being a late bloomer had just obtained my Quirk while Okimi had hers the year prior everyone started swooning over it with Okimi saying "I'm gonna kill you later Toshi" Hitomu said "wait is that" he pointed to the action figure of Ground Zero he got me for my twelfth birthday I said "it's what you think it is" he said "I thought you forgot about that" I said "if it's from you mate I never could" Otsuka said "how sweet" Hitomu said "the only romance going on here is a bromace" I was left red due to embarrassment.

The room king carried on with May being next her room wasn't that flashy if anything it was pretty bleak she said "I couldn't be bothered to decorate" We moved on to her bothers who said "no I don't want you to" Manna pushed him aside saying "wow it's super dark in here" true to her words it was so dark I could hardly see my own hand never mind the rest of the room he said "I like dark places ok" I said "yet you give off so many light-hearted vibes". Next was Hagartaro who said "it's nothing cool but" his room was in fact the definition of cool he had so many weight lifting gear I couldn't even count it with inspectional posters over the walls I said "are you kidding me this is cool did you bring the whole gym in here" he said "I um thanks Midoriya-kun".

We moved onto Fugaku's room who had plenty of books around although Akira pointed out "these are all romantic and novels" he said "I have a soft spot for them" Okimi said "wait you have floraison amoureuse I didn't know it was out yet ah shit" I said "so Oki-chan has a secret" Fugaku said "that particular book everyone is about two rival fencer's falling hopelessly in love with one another it's known for being very very erotic and filled with" before he could finish Okimi said "shut up dickbag" I said "I'm learning so much about you Oki-chan you know that" she just grunted as we moved on. 

We looked in Robert's room with me saying "so much Gentel" he said "I um am a bit of a fan of him" Manna said "not surprising since you have similar Quirks" he said "yeah we do". Next we got to Manna's room with her saying "what'd ya think cute right" her room was filled with stuffed animals, puffy pillows and plenty of girly poster's with Rikka saying "mines cuter" they both glared as she just did a dramatic hair flip. We tried to enter Chimon's room it he asked "could you not" we instead went to Koji's who said "not much but" yeah his really didn't have much just the bare essentials such as a desk, a bed and some shelves next up was Koko.

Her room was the definition of a tomboy's room she said "you've taken a look now please leave" we all just did as she asked so we went to the last room of the night that being Hyate's as we walked in his was the definition of a nerd's room with manga's over every shelf and posters of various anime's and figures of so many characters from said Anime's I said "it's nerdtopia in here" he said "it's the way I like it".

When the contest was done we all put it to a vote of who had the best room Akira said "and the winner is Midoriya-san for as it says here the lovely childhood memories it evoked hiss wait this is" Okimi grabbed the sheet saying "ok time for bed shit-heads night night" she without knowing dropped it with me seeing it was in fact her handwriting you never change huh Oki-chan.





Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

A week later

After the room king contest most of us had grown closer as a result of gaining an insight into one another's personality's however today we were going to training at the forest area in costume as we walked Hagartaro said "I um hey Midoriya-kun how did you get your quirk to be so strong" I said "the truth is I practiced as a kid with small metal objects like kitchen utensils however mom got mad when she found out so I moved onto bigger objects such as cars however when dad found out he blew a gasket over it and I wound up having to train in secluded area's" he said "I wish my Quirk was as cool" he made a small ball of wind pressure over his hand

Hagartaro Kinga

Quirk: Wind 

With his power he can alter wind pressure at will to perform abilities ranging from flight to making gale force winds

I said "Kinga are you kidding me your Quirks cool as hell" Akira said "I have to agree hiss it's arguably the most versatile out of the whole class" Manna said "let us protect the precious snowflake that is Kinga" he said "guys I um yeah I'm sorry if I can't keep up" Hitomu said "don't beat yourself up pal you're here to get stronger and that takes time" I could see a smile of genuine appreciation on Hagartaro's face however our moment was interupted as a black liquid had appeared in the main courtyard with figures stepping out Hagartaro asked "is that" I got ready for battle saying "villains arms up people" my whole class got ready as we knew we were in for a fight when suddenly the shutters began closing in and a number of us getting affected by the black liquid as soon as that happened a voice came over the announcement system saying "to all self-righteous Pipsqueaks of UA high we are the league of villains now many of you won't remember us well lets say this is our comeback so today will be a history lesson although if you fail class you die have fun" the announcement ended with a maniacal laughter with me saying "shit" I looked around to see I was with Rikka, May and Yusuke with him saying "we're gonna die and I'm still a virgin" Rikka said "Dorobō get your priorities straight" I watched as a few figures came out from the liquid.

The figures came out of the liquid with me saying "Twice I thought my dad and uncle Yuga sent you to prison" he said "they did and I'm very grateful" he quickly said again "I hate them both for it" a number of other goons he had began licking their lips while eyeing up Rikka and May I said "don't you" Rikka wispered "Midoriya mind if I borrow your Quirk" I nodded as she tapped my cheek while holding my gauntlet as she began throwing our adversaries about

Rikka Tsunotori

Quirk: Borrowing

With a simple touch she can borrow a person's Quirk for up to 20 minutes however she can't use two at the same time and to top it off the person she borrows from is left with a weaken version of their Quirk

one of the villains who was covered entirely in metal was the biggest victim she made his body roll up into something that was similar to a bowling ball I said "how is it that I've had my Quirk for ten years now while you've had it for one minute and yet you've already gotten even more creative with it then I ever have" she said "I'm just one of a kind" she did a dramatic hair flip as she kept it up however before we could catch Twice he leapt into one of the liquids I said "damn". 

 As we bagged and tagged the villains Yusuke asked "so how do we plan to get out of here" May said "allow me sqwark" she created a giant shadowy figure from her body

May Tokoyami

Quirk: Abyssal Shadow

She can create a shadow that comes from her body allowing her to do anything she wishes with it although it's allergic to sunlight

with the figures claws she tore open the shutter with me saying "now let's go find our classmates" we all began running as we searched the area. When we got to the area of the workshop I saw powerloader was being over run by villains only for Manna to come and save him she said "little help guys" Rikka borrowed May's abyssal shadow as she helped out I said "Dorobō get powerloader to safety" he said while still being quite clearly scared "rrr right" I assisted the others when Manna sent one towards me she said "special delivery" mag wave I said "return to sender" she said "aww and here I was trying to give you my love Midoriya" I blushed at her comment of all dad's trait's why did I have to get his awkwardness when they all got pilled up I using some loose metal trapped the villains.

I asked Manna "was anyone with you" she said "I was with Sato and Ouroboros however Sato flew to go alert the pros and Ouroboros is looking for any trapped students I came here to give us a fallback point actually something's bothering me" she densed up her arm to resemble a sword while holding it at me saying "I saw you on the way here Midoriya" I stood in fear for a second thinking what but although I what's going on that was when powerloader started chuckling as he said "your right you did see A him but not the him".

I watched as powerloader began turning into a greyish slime as it revealed a girl who looked about our age as she said "hello Mido-kun" she had black hair that was tied in two buns although her hair was going everywhere I heard Manna ask "what the" I said "tell me do you have any relation to Himiko Toga" the girl squealed saying "ooooh you mean mommy she's the best I'm Nise Toga nice to see you Mido-kun" I asked "what's with that nickname Mido-kun" she said "mommy told me all about your papa and I heard about you so after doing research I guess I'm in love" I froze with both embarrassment and fear only to hear Yusuke shout "Midoriya you lucky bastard having a confession" I could tell he wanted to say more but Rikka put her hand over his mouth Manna asked "what's the deal here" Nise said "I got told by our new leader to come do some damage to UA I was told I could have fun" she let out an excitable laugh as she played with a butterfly knife she had however her happy expression turned sour as she got a radio call she said "gotta go see you my love" she blew me a kiss with Manna saying "oh no you" she leapt into the black liquid making her disappear *boom* May said "either the villains destroyed the boiler room or Bakugo's on a rampage" me and Manna looked at eachother knowing it was option two.


Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Me and the others were running around the school trying to find anyone else when I heard May call out "guys It's Yuba" he was facing four groups all on his own shooting fire bolts so intense the long coat on his costume was blowing about I said "he's trying to defend those other students" as got ready to go assist him Yusuke said "um guys I'm no good here" I sighed when Rikka said "you can be of use down there should be the B-class students go see if they're ok me and the others can handle this" he said "alright I'll do that" as he ran away I went with the others. 

As we got to Kasai's side he said "what the hell are you guys doing here" I said "we've come to help" he said "I don't need help I'm doing just fine on my own" hw let out a fire bolt only to get down on one knee when he did as I said "Yuba your pushing yourself to far take a rest" he said "I won't I will save them all I'll be a hero who wins on his own" I said "Yuba saying that your forgetting the most important thing about hero's" I knelt down to his level saying "they can pass on the torch now and again even hero's need a break now and again" he said "grr fine you can help hold these bozos off until I refuel" I asked "what do you need to refuel" he said "any flame will do" as he said that one of the other students held out a lighter saying "I know it's against school rules and it might not be much but if it'll help you out then take it" he grabbed the lighter saying "this is all I need" I stood ready with the others.

As Kasai refueled I got straight to helping the others May was sticking to the shaded areas due to her Quirks weakness while Manna went on the full assault I however help Rikka by letting her borrow my Quirk Manna quickly took down the big ones only to be be smacked aside by a much bigger and much more built-up man as I looked at him I said "nnn no I can't be" I screamed out "MUSCULAR" what is he doing here my dad locked him up years ago I remember him saying it nearly shredded his body up doing so but why now why is he showing up now.

I watched as Muscular kicked Manna repeatably with her now spitting out blood I shouted "ASHIDO" she muttered "Mido run" she wasn't holding out well when Muscular saw me shit why can't I move I want to run my still sane mind is saying run but why now my legs aren't letting me I saw as the villain walked up saying "so your Deku's brat huh I bet your powerful you little pipsqueak" I couldn't answer I was just too afraid I can't beat him even dad struggles and he's the number one so what the hell can I do however as if a guardian angel was watching over me I heard someone shout "if anyone's beating Toshi-brat's ass it's gonna be me" I saw an explosion being detonated in Muscular's face as Okimi said "grab manna and run we'll handle them for now" she let out an explosion as Chimon, Koko and Yusuke stood by her Yusuke said to me "I saw them while going for the B-class students and figured you may need back up" I got up still partially afraid as I carried Manna saying "Oki-chan thank you" she said "you can thank me by not dieing Toshi-brat" I noticed a very small but still visible smile on her face one that assured me she had this as I began running I realized we did in fact not have this as the black liquid released many figures so much for winning.

As the figures left the liquid I recognized some of them while the rest were one's I didn't know my guess is that the weak guys are just street thugs playing at being a villain while the powerful one's are the only true villain's ahh what do I do as they all watched us like a vultrue stalking it's prey I heard Nise say "oooh I can see you again so soon Mido-kun it must be fate" the already present blush on her face went even brighter as another voice said "deary don't get so jumpy with him be oh I'm lying through my teeth show let him know how you are" Nise ran up hugging the older woman I realized it was Himiko Toga herself my dad's old super stalker I did notice she had definitely began showing signs of aging but better not point that out I said "so haha um can we go" Himiko said "nah it'll be more fun just stabbing your friends what gotta keep you alive because I don't want my sweet little Nise-wisy crying" Nise said "your the best mommy wait a minute" she looked at Kasai saying "it can't be b" before she could finish her sentence Kasai launched a fire bolt at her saying "shut up" as I saw Himiko draw a knife I prepared for the worst.

While I stood there waiting for us all to suffer I watched as a hail of bullets came down wait those aren't bullets I looked up as a move was announced AP-shot: Auto cannon Muscular, Himiko and Nise all ran away into the liquid I said "not again" however Katsuki came down saying "little green stay down" he let out a flurry of explosions announcing Ring of fire he began spinning around directing the explosion's everywhere when the other low-level villains were scattered a number of other people dropped from the sky the main things I heard were Recipro Burst, Black Ankh Sabbath the last one being Red Descent all of the students here instantly fanboyed a thug said "oh no it's Ingenium, Tsukiyomi and Red Riot" another thug said "and they've got Ground Zero with them were all screwed" Katsuki said "damn right ya shits" as he detonated another explosion he cleared the rest of the thugs off.

With the area now secure Katsuki came up to me saying "Minne me Little Green are you two ok" he removed his mask as I said "yeah uncle Katsuki I'm ok" Okimi didn't respond verbally although she did gratify it with a grunt he said "come on daddy's here" Okimi snapped saying "piss off old fart I'm just fine go back to banging that old whore will ya" he said "don't you dare call your mother old whore young lady she's a" they began arguing some things never change as I thought that Eijiro called out "Manna" he ran up as I said "Red Riot sir I'm sorry I couldn't protect her" he said "your Midoriya's kid aren't you" I said "I am my dad said you two studied together" he said "damn right we did and hey don't beat yourself up about Manna because one she's a hell of a lot tougher than most give her credit for and B you did everything you could for her" as he said that Katsuki came up saying "hey four eyes did he get the call" Tenya said "he got it and he's on his way" I asked "who's coming" Katsuki said "let's just say help is on the way Little Green" we spent sometime tending to the wounded.

As we came close to heading out I saw Kasai was sitting in the corner all alone however he'd have to come later as a number of my classmates and teachers were had arrived albeit covered in injuries I ran up saying "Hitomu" he was covered in cuts and bruises with Fugaku saying "he bravely fought to buy us time but" I said "come on buddy stay with me" I held my head against his heart hearing it was still beating as I said "he's alive but in immediate need of medical attention" that was when Akira said "we all do" he too was covered in cuts as he had Hayate in his left arm and Otsuka in the right I asked "how did" before we knew it Eraserhead arrived saying "we got hit so hard because we got lazy but right now this is our chance to fight back" I looked at him as Tenya said "Aizawa-sensei what can we do to help" Eraserhead said "ok first off Iida there's no need to call me sensei and second you and Tokoyami can focus on clearing the school Bakugo and Ashido gurad the injured" I asked "but what do we do know about the attacking villains heck most of them seem to be from my dad's era" Eraserhead was about to argue but we got interupted as Uchū said "I can help with that".

I saw as Uchū landed on the ground I asked "how" he said "when I was coming in to land I got a look at the villains it seems they've taken the main building as a sort of staging zone but worst yet they've got Todoroki, Kinga and Snaith hostage also I managed to inform Lemillion, Suneater and Uravity that the schools under attack" I said "Sato nice work" he said while going a bit red from embarrassment "hah it was nothing really" Katsuki talked with Tenya saying "four eyes why do I get the feeling that Tomura isn't behind this" Tenya said "true he's still incarcerated in prison so it must be some psychopath that's trying to imitate him" at that stage Lemillion, Suneater and Uravity just like Uchū said with Okimi saying "you know with a force like this one I'd say we can turn back the tide" I said "I think you may be right Oki-chan" she said "of course I'm right".

As the entirety of our group got together we all decided our best bet was to take the main building while the wounded stayed behind to be tended to by Eraserhead, Yusuke and Uchū. I had a look saying "so it's do or die right now huh" Katsuki said "no it's do and win" he charged ahead and blasted the door open with us all pouring in I said "alright make it to the top" Tenya said "I'll clear the way" Recipro Turbo he moved father than I could actually see with Katsuki saying "and Deku calls me the showoff" AP-shot: Auto cannon he cleared a path for us while Kasai sighed saying "to think these are fully grown men" I said "on the bright side all these explosions must be a all you can eat buffet to you" he said "they're providing small boosts but boosts none the less" he let out a blue fire blast making a whole room catch fire I said "you know that could kill them right" he said "I'm just in a bad mood right now because of these jackass's don't worry the sprinklers should disable the fire" I said "better that then we become a barbeque" I noticed a small smile appear on his face but he quickly turned it back to his usual frown of all the mysteries in the world he has got to be the biggest one.


Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for Super moves

Toshiro's pov

Me and the others all ploughed through the building beating villains with every floor we advanced I said "still Aizawa-sensei didn't seem to happy when we changed the plan" Eijiro said "one he's never happy and two he's just trying to keep us all safe" however we got near the top floor Katsuki said "ok Little Green you take the sons of bitchs on the left Mini-me you go in the right" she didn't respond but I know she heard Tenya held up three fingers to show how long we needed to wait 3, 2, 1 I yelled "chhhhharge" we all burst in Mag wave I sent some of them flying while Okimi did the same Explosion-Extravaganza she sent her explosions in a wild flurry going for no one in particular while she delivered punched and kicks to all the others who got in her way just seeing her move I felt something unique in my chest like my heart could just explode wait why am could it be that I've fallen for her then again she's great person deep down I mean sure she's agressive and hostile to most but with me you can always sense a degree of concern even if she call me Toshi-brat what am I doing she's oh man what's going on.

 I stopped thinking that way as I had to avoid a shot of blue fire with Kasai saying "so they busted you out" I saw as a man with scars all over his body and piercings said "so the prodigal" Kasai said "don't let's just fight bastard" who was that guy when Tenya said "Dabi what're you doing out of jail" Dabi said "oh you know I heard that the gang was getting back together and thought might as well" I saw Himiko say "and you wanted to see me didn't you Dab's" Dabi said "keeping thinking that crazy eventually you'll believe yourself" Nise said "Pappa don't fight please" he said "hey don't worry angel me and mommy aren't fighting we're just having fun" Nise just started jumping for joy as a man in a black trench coat come out saying "welcome hero's to your grave".

I looked at the man in front when Katsuki asked "who are you as your definitely not Tomura" he said "correct I'm not the original Tomura" wait what does he mean original as Tenya asked "so your a clone then" the fake said "you could say that I was made in the event the real Shigaraki failed so that I could resume his position as leader although I just have his Quirk" I said "cloning a Quirk that's impossible" he said "stupid brat I never said that but oh well Muscular beat them to death" Muscular pounded his fist into his hand saying "about time" he charged for Okimi delivering a single punch to her head as it prompted Katsuki to save her no I won't loose her however our chances were finally looking up as I heard a voice the voice of hope itself Delaware Smash hearing that I thought of something my mom told me as a kid "Toshiro just remember even if your afraid even if the night is so dark you can't see your own hand just remember that after every dark night comes the brightest of days".


I watched as my dad walked in saying "have no fear for hope is here" I felt my mouth turn into a smile as he walked in looking so heroic yet so relaxed and in control I don't know I guess it was just that I was happy to see my hero arrive at last Katsuki said "you damn nerd you took your time" Izuku said "I didn't slack off let's just say I brought some friends" when a number of villains tried to jump my dad their feet were covered in ice as Shoto walked in he said "Shinso, Tobita take them down" Hitoshi came in throwing them with his capture weapon while Danjuro said Gently Sandwich Naoto ran away from the fake Tomura saying "dad" Shoto held him saying "sorry I'm late kid" yeah on that day we all felt uplifted.

As all the pros took position I explained everything to my dad as he said "so that explains how Tomura's still in prison while also organising the attack here" Himiko said "as smart as ever Deku but nowhere near as smart as my darling Dab's" Dabi just grunted at that however Tomura said "no worries I can have my precious pet face you to see if your any weaker and besides you wouldn't harm me hero's don't kill" Izuku asked "you know what's the difference between you and Tomura" the clone looked confused as my dad said "the difference is that Tomura as evil and as twisted as he is I respect him and his power along with his willingness to bring his plans to life you however are just a charlatan wearing his face" as my dad charged for him Tomura said "Ujiko bring it in" a massive black hand pushed my dad out of the window before I could save him my mom said "leave it Toshi" I looked up as she said "this is a job for a hero".

Izuku's pov

I fell from the window as I plummeted with the creature responsible leaping out as I got myself up I said "a Nomu huh been a while since I saw one of you things" the Nomu said "call me End-game" I said "and you talk that's all I needed to know" I thought back to when I first faced a intelligent Nomu I do remember being really afraid as it took out Kirishima, Shoto and Kacchan all in three hits each One For All full Cowl 100% I let the energy flow though me as I said "it's been a while since I went this far so I may be a little sloppy" I didn't hesitate as I pushed myself forward while still falling St. Louis Smash I sent End-game flying as it delivered a blast of fire I said "that's one" gotta let it use some of the Quirks that way I can properly assess it's abilities I saw as it's extended it's arm as I said "that's two" I sprouted wings and then turned its skin into something that resembled a diamond "that's four" as I said that we landed on the ground with End-game saying "how strong is the symbol of I wonder" Detroit Smash as it blocked it became clear the diamond skin wasn't just for show I delivered a roundhouse kick to its face shattering the area around its jaw as it rubbed it we entered a slug fest making larger and larger shockwaves with each punch Yorkshire Smash I delivered a spin kick and followed it up with a left hook and a upper cut last time I used that was when I faced Gigantomcia with the others ah that brings back memories as End-game panted due to exhaustion I said "had enough" it told me "even if you kill me Tomura will still beat you let's just say he's got something extra special in mind for you lazy shits" before I could ask anything else it charged for me as I said "time to end this" I focused the energy into my fist saying PLUS ULTRA Toshiro Smash with my punch I sent it flying into the air only to hear Kacchan say "Deku they got away that Ujiko shit opened a portal" I asked "are the students hurt" he said "everyone's fine we did it Deku we won" I felt relieved knowing it was ok although my arm was damaged due to it.

Three days later

Toshiro's pov

After everyone was sent to the hospital for medical checkups and the villains weree arrested we were given the rest of the week off although many questions got raised such as how the clone got all the villains out of jail or how'd managed to get into the school in the first place Hitomu hasn't woken up yet so me and the others were gonna visit him although what I didn't know was that this assault was it marked the beginning of an interesting year at UA.

Chapter Text

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Okimi's pov

It had been a day since we got given the week off most of us weren't entirely in high spirits Toshi-brat was moping over Hitomu being hurt look don't get me wrong I feel sad about it as well but Hitomu is a tougher cookie than people give him credit for, Manna was still recovering but things are looking good for her and the rest meh "still I feel bad for Toshi-brat" I grabbed the teddie bear in my room "I should have left you at home" as I hugged it I thought back on how I met that emerald haired shit:


Back when I was still a kid in nursery I had a reputation for being 'the devil child' due to my so called temper for a while I acted as if I didn't give two shits what they thought when really I was always frustrated that the other kids would play with eachother but never me but one day that changed "hello Bakugo-san" I saw the boy with me he had emerald green hair and eyes with an expression that many called innocence itself he spoke with the voice of an angel he then asked me "do you like soccer" he held out a ball as I said "screw off kid" I tried to put up an agressive act and for weeks I did but Toshiro he never gave up he kept asking if I wanted to play not to antagonize me but because he genuinely wanted to play so because of that I got stuck with him and later Hitomu as well as that God awful Oki-chan nickname but in all fairness I gave him that Toshi-brat nickname.

End flashback:

It was because of that simple gesture that I got stuck with Toshi-brat and Hitomu just that one act of kindness made things a little easier as all three of us knew what it's like having parents who are high ranking pro hero's and the pressure it puts you under. I hugged the bear tighter saying "Toshi Toshi damn it" I'd never say this to his or anyone's dpface for that matter but I guess I fell in love with him long ago his bravery and courage with that damn positivity and that stupid stupid smile the kind that could charm a miser into giving up his last coin as well as his damn stubbornness "fuckidy fucking fuck why now" grr I hate how much he means to me ah screw you Toshi-brat.

After my little outburst I saw Yusuke waiting in the hall as he said "heya girl wanna" I glared while making some tiny explosions "do target practice sure I'd love to shit-head" he ran away God that guy pisses me off however as I got to the lounge I saw that little piece of heaven Toshiro he was playing some video game with Uchū, Hagartaro, Akira and May however i stopped looking as Naoto came by saying "hot stuff coming through" I said "you'll be dead stuff if I get my hands on you cocky prick" he just walked off while whistling I sat down as Toshiro came up he asked "you ok" I jumped a bit saying "don't fucking sneak up on me Toshi-brat" he said "aww but your spooked face is just so damn cute" grrr that prick I said "it is not" he said "alright enough teasing but seriously are you sure your ok after everything that's happened" I said "I'll be fine I just" he said "why not go home for the week get school out of your system" I said "and I get awya from you a bit ya shit-head" he said "hey I'm the best kind of shit-head" he chuckled as he gave that damn smile and walked away.

That afternoon

I got home in the afternoon upon hearing Toshi-brat's suggestion with Mom saying "Okkkkki Momma's missed you" I grunted as she smothered me with hugs she said "come on young lady what's the matter" I gave her a run down of the situation as she said "it's so sweet that Toshiro thought of you" I said "it's not like that he just thinks of everyone" she said "uh huh like he totes doesn't he thought of you mainly" I said "he doesn't think like that he's an idiotic idealist who thinks with his heart rather than his head" she said "you know your just like your dad blurting out bull just to try and deny what you really think" she ruffled my hair saying "it's cute really" ah damn it Mom I truly love you to pieces but don't call me cute I'm fierce as the door opened Dad said "hey babe oh hey Mini-me" I said "the fuck are you up to" Mom shouted "no swearing young lady" I said "ah shut up ya old whore go back to banging the old fart" everything quickly descended into a argument as things normally do in the Bakugo family.

Once the argument got cleaned up I went to my room and looked through some old photos some were embarrassing ones like when I lost my first tooth or when I finally started wearing dresses yes I do wear them but not for most people however I found one particular pile of really really happy memories as I filed through I remembered them all "this was when me, Hitomu and Toshi-brat all got into junior high, and this one was when me and Toshi went to the arcade together or when me and him spray painted dicks all over Shiketsu high's walls man that was fun although I remember me and him got our ass's handed to us by our parents" however there was one that made me tear up a little "oh Toshi I remember this one heavily" it was during the dance in our first year of junior high


I remember that night like it was last night the music was blaring utter shit and the food was utter crud as well but I didn't mind me and Toshi-brat got to a quiet area my reason was to get away from the other people where as he just wanted to get some time alone after being harassed by many girls asking him to dance Hitomu sadly though didn't make it so he was currently being hounded for dances Toshiro jokingly said "may our fallen comrade rest in peace" I said "this whole things shit" he said "I can't believe you came because I said there'd be rabbits" I shouted "shut up Toshi-brat" he however said "hey Oki-chan I've been thinking ever thought about becoming a pro hero" I asked "why'd I think of that" he said "look I'll be honest your a crazy level of strong as in so strong it's scary yet you not being a pro wiuwo be an utter waste of your potential" I said "mabye I might and I'd get to make that old fart look like an idiot so that's all well and good" he used that damn cute chuckle saying "true there's that but if you did become a hero I think you'd well and truly ignite people's hope" I said at the time "that's cringy but likewise" he looked at me as I said "Toshi-brat in the end your like a pile driver there are few things that can stop you when you put your mind to something so I think you'd make a great pro as well but not half as good as me" we clinked our glasses of soda since we couldn't have alcohol saying "to being pros" he then said "and to saving Hito"

End Flashback

That night is still one of my best memories in fact it was that night I finally acknowledged that I fell in love with him that big smiling moron of a friend.

Meanwhile at the UA Dorm

Toshiro's pov

Me and the others were playing a video game ah yes I remember the title Super Smash Bros it started out as just me Akira, Hagartaro, May and Uchū but soon everyone but Kasai and Otsuka joined in however Akira asked "you know Midoriya something's been on my mind lately how do you and Bakugo-san know one another" I said "oh it's a long story a really really long one" I then explained everything to them about how me and Okimi met and all the things we'd do as kids with May saying "how cute sqwark" Akira said to me "I had a feeling there was a deep rooted trust between you both but now I know it's absolute trust you have for one another" Manna though being well Manna asked "I wonder if it's something deeper than that huh Mido" Chimon said "your not wrong Ashido I do wonder that myself" I said "Chimon" Naoto said "even I can see that polariy" not that nickname again I heard Hyate ask "oooh come on tell us Midoriya" I could feel everyone just staring at me yeah truth is I fell for Okimi a long long time ago sure she's hot-headed and competitive to a whole new level and she curses with every second breath but I know she's a softy, she's somebody you can depend on when the going gets tough as well as somebody who can be your best friend or your riavl all at once but I couldn't ever find it in myself to say anything for fear it would make things awkward between us so I decided to lie saying "me and Oki-chan are just really really good friends although I won't deny it I trust her deeply" me saying that got everyone disinterested as we went back to the game I swear if Akira uses fucking Yoshi again I'm gonna beat his serpentine ass to next season.

Chapter Text

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Okimi's pov

That night I was having dinner with mom and dad however the old fart being the old fart he asked a stupid question "so how's you and little green" I said "Toshi-brat is perfectly fine with his other idiot friends" Mom said "ooooh she's like totes jelous he's spending time with other people" I shouted "I AM NOT" he said "I rest my case" grrr that old fart however Mom asked "ya know I always wondered why you called him Toshi-brat" ah man not this again I simply said "me, him and Hitomu all gave eachother nicknames as kid's and besides didn't you give Toshi-brat's dad that damming nickname" all of a sudden my dad held his head down in shame saying "I did alright anyone who knew me as kid knew that was the case as a kid I did some awful things to Deku but I've tried to make things better between us" ah shit did I hit a sore spot now I feel like crap and it's because of me no one talked to eachother that night.

After my insensitive comment at dinner I decided to out for a walk just to clear my head "ah fuckidy fucking fuck why did that have to happen" I blew up an empty drinks can near me as a person asked "Okimi Bakugo" I turned around to see a hooded figure as I shouted "yeah what am I to you shit-head" he said "your coming with me" I shouted "like hell I am" I detonated an explosion to drive him away however he just powered through it Blast Rush Turbo If I can't beat him I'll go find somebody who can he however leapt at me as he grabbed my arm and pinned me to the floor "get off me bastard" he said "not till I have a little fun" he removed his hood saying "Okimi" I said "Muguku is that you" he said "did you miss me" I said "you shouldn't really miss your stalkers" as he said "I never stalked you I wanted to protect" I said "by following me into the showers and toilets yeah yeah shit for brains you totally didn't stalk me" before he could do anything more he was blasted by another explosion wait that not one of mine AP Shot he got sent flying back as the shooter said "you know these past few years I've tried to move past my anger and be better but I have moments were I go back to it like now" Dad grabbed Muguku demanding "now tell me what the fuck are you doing with my baby girl" Muguku was now terrified as he realised he'd bitten off more than he could chew.

At the police station Muguku got questioned however what he said scared us all "the league of villains hired me and a number of others to target the children of pro hero's" I watched as my dad slapped him demanding "why why the hell would you target my little girl" Muguku said "worry about the others more" he glared at me saying "Okimi my darling once Toshi-shit's gone you'll be all" the guards dragged him away before he could finish what he had to say now your likely wondering what the hell that was about well Muguku was a guy in junior high who developed an insanely strong attraction to me to the point where I was stalked by him and he even tried attacking Tohsi-brat Toshi-brat's better than Toshi-shit anyway however my dad entering his concerned mode said "Mini-me go back to UA with the other students I'll inform the other pros and mabye just mabye we can stop these shit-bags before they do anything" I said "fine you old fart but only because I wanna beat Toshi-brat myself" I picked up my hoodie and ran.

At UA 

I arrived into the dorm with Toshiro saying "that was a quick trip home" I said "there's not itme for that Tohsi-brat we have a situation" I then explained to him and the others what happened although he said "that prick Muguku didn't hurt you too much did he" I said "don't worry about that worry about the fact that we're under attack" he said "Oki-chan please did tell me did he hurt you" he had a look of genuine concern in his eyes as I said "no he didn't the bastard shit himself the moment the old fart arrived" as the others got there Akira asked "what's going on" however Toshiro said "Ouroboros get down" he pushed him to the floor as the window smashed a bit I shouted "SNIPER" we all got down as I said "grrr we can't fight back like this" Koji then said "allow me" he created a number of insects saying "go find them" 

Koji Kuro

Quirk: Bug Body

His body is more or less a hive of various insects that he can control and store he can't however control insects outside of his body 

Most of the girls squealed in fear over the sight of them whereas Akira licked his lips saying "dinner" Toshiro said "snap out of it Ouroboros" although in typical UA fashion a group of thugs came in through the windows I said "oh for fucks sake" I let out explosions to cover my classmates as May said "we need to run" I said "I'm not going till these shit-bags are blown into a million pieces" Toshiro stepped in saying "then allow me to help Oki-chan" he grabbed his keyring as me and him began facing them head on he let out magnetic blasts while I let out explosions he said "ya know this reminds me of that fight you dragged me and Hito into" I let off an explosion and said "ya mean the one in junior high" he said "yeah that big guy Toruga he kept on provoking you so you responded in kind" he sent a guy flying at me while I sent him back saying "ya know I never did want you and Hitomu to help me out I had that one" he said "oh come now it was fun" we let out a series of punchs as I finished off saying "true but I remember your mom was far from happy at it" he said "better that then you have fun without me" he stood so close I could see every inch of his beautiful face including those goddamn freakles of his and his gorgeous eyes I never realised how green they were till now he said "Oki-chan um you ok" he waved his hand in my face as I snapped back to reality to handle the rest.

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Okimi's pov

Once we got all the thugs tied up Toshiro asked "is everyone alright" everyone but Hagartaro said yes as he had a glass shard in his leg I said "Kinga just wait up" he tried to stand saying "I'll be" he collapsed a little until Kasai came along saying "Midoriya if you can remove the shard I have an idea" we all looked concerned as he said "if you take it out then I can use my flames to cauterize the wound" Toshiro said "are you" he had that look again the one where he becomes genuinely concerned over people until Hagartaro said "do it I trust you both enough to do it" at that stage both of them got to work look at Toshiro he's so brave and argh cut it out Okimi now's not the time to be fangirling over the man you love he took off his jacket revealing a black tank top underneath it seeing that I felt a blush creep across my face since his muscles were now showing cut it out girl this isn't the time.

Once Kasai was done cauterizing Hagataro's wound he said "now then if anyone can get me something cold" Naoto as if on cue just froze over his leg saying "it's not great but if it can hold at least until the paramedics arrive then that's enough" wow he's not being a cocky prick for a change however he then said "oh who am I kidding I made so of course it's going to be great" never mind at that moment Koji said to us "my children have found the shooter he's using the window of the workshop middle section and he's 5'5 and weighs about 61kg" I said "thanks Kuro" he nodded as Toshiro stood up saying "alright then Ouroboros stay here and watch over the others, Yuba can you keep an eye on Kinga for me" Kasai said "sure Midoriya" he looked at me with his hand out saying "shall we" I tried suppressing the blush on my face and said "of course" at that moment the blush got brighter as I for some stupid reason envisioned him as a fairy tale prince danm it girl we both began running while Akira began helping out around the dorm.

After a long run we got near the workshop doors with me on the left and him on the right I said "on three" I held three fingers up and took them down one at a time eventually screaming "THREE" I blew open the door as he magnetised the metal fragments giving him a set of makeshift darts we saw the shooter say "aw the kids wanna play how" *shatter* suddenly the window smashed open as a supremely pissed off voice said "first you send a stalker to go jump my little girl and now you try turning her into target practice" the source of the voice detonated a large explosion saying "now I remember why I hate you damn villains so much" I watched as my dad came dragged the shooter with Toshiro asking "should we help him" I said "tell me Toshi-brat you wanna get blown to infinity and beyond" he gulped and said "on second thought he's got this in the bag".

Katsuki's pov

I grabbed the shooter and threw him from the window saying "ya damn bastard" he drew a knife that I easily evaded with me now having the chance to disarm him I said "take this shit for brains" Explode-A-Pult as he went flying I noticed some black portal's opening damn this can't be that smoky bastard no wait these one's are more liqudy it has to be the other teleporting son of a bitch as some more thugs and a few nomus came out I detonated explosions everywhere saying "come at me shit-bags" one called out "typical Bakugo" I looked seeing a much older looking man say "I doubt you remember me" wait a minute that fearful look in his eyes I remember oh shit I said "Fungeku is that you" he said "oh so you do remember me not piss-pants but my actual name" he showed how his face and arms were covered in scars and burns I remember him me and the others used to bully him as kids heck I remember the only kid whoever stood up for him was Deku but even then I still kicked the crap out of them he pointed to his scars saying "in then end God didn't push me down this path nor did the hero's no it was Bakugo who did this to me" he screamed at me "SO HOW DO YOU FEEL MEETING YOUR OWN FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER" he gestured for the thugs to go for me.

I dealt with the first batch of them with a large detonation last time I did that was when me and round face fought during the sport's festival with the second half now charging I went in for a much simpler approach by using my fist's Fungeku called out "come on where's that hate you used to be full of huh Bakugo the hate that left me covered in bruises in the playground, the one that made a small child run to his mommy every afternoon and run from his pappy for being such a coward as he tried to beat him COME ON SHOW IT TO ME" that does it I've had enough I blasted myself forward and delivered a gut punch saying "true once upon a time I was full of rage heck I was so full of it I poiapois the world around me" I grabbed his face and slamed him into the ground saying "but now I have something else to fight for" with him on the ground a voice called out "old fart is everything ok".

I looked back to see Okimi and Toshiro were standing there as she asked "what happened" I looked down in shame at Fungeku saying "look Okimi I haven't been straight with you" I knelt down and told her all the things I did ranging from the kids I bullied to the ways I tormented Deku I said with my hand on her shoulder "Okimi I won't lie as a boy I was a terrible person I did a lot of things I'm not proud of heck even as an adult I still have that issue" with both hands on her shoulder I said "but the one thing I don't regret is you calling you my daughter, bragging about your achievements to other pros, talking to Deku about you and coming home to you and your mother they are the best things I have ever done" I patted her head saying "Okimi you are my pride and joy and no villain or hero will ever change that" she with tears in her eyes ran up and hugged me saying "daddy that's all I ever wanted to hear to know I meant something to you" I noticed Toshiro trying to slip away but I called out "not so fast Little Green" he stopped as I said "look after Okimi ok she may not admit it but even she needs a little help" she quickly denied it leading to yet another argument ah what is it with my family.

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Toshiro's pov

The week after

In the aftermath of the second attack on the school things had been tense shall we say the school was naturally under a massive amount of media scrutiny and the parents are already beginning to loose faith however right now that's not what I'm worried about AP Shot I narrowly evaded a shot from Okimi as I said "oh come on Oki-chan is that the best you've got" she leapt up and tried a explosion infused ground pound saying "not even close Toshi-brat" yeah out class is currently in a training session which just so happens to be one on one combat and well me being the lucky green bean I am I have to fight Okimi Mag Blast I let out a blast of magnetic energy that sent her out of the makeshift ring saying "good fight Oki-chan" I helped her up as she said "you got lucky" even though she said that I could tell by her expression that she enjoyed every second off it on another note she modified her costume a little as it now had a mini skirt with and slightly smaller grenade bracers how can she look so cool yet so beautiful at the exact same time.

Once training was done we were busy getting our costumes put away however right now it was just me and Hagartaro he looked as if something was bothering him so I asked "hey Kinga is something wrong" he said "huh well it's ah it's nothing" I sat next to him saying "it's alright man I'll listen" he said "I've been worried about the sport's festival that's coming up its it's just knowing the whole country will be watching I mean what if I make a fool of myself" I held his shoulder saying "I don't think you will look Kinga your not exactly somebody I want to make an enemy of have you seen how powerful that Quirk of yours is" he said "but it's nothing compared to your's and Bakugo's or even Yuba's" I looked him directly in the eye saying "I believe in you Hagartaro I believe someday you will be so much more powerful than any of us I believe one day you will be able to fight with the  power of a hurricane but have the kindness of a parent" I put my fist over his chest saying "I believe in you" he looked as if he could cry saying "thank you Midoriya just thank you" I held his hand saying "call me Toshiro or just Toshi I don't mind" he nodded while saying "and just call me Hagartaro" we both left with him having a renewed fire in his eyes.

At the dorm

I sat in the dorm with all the others as Akira asked "so how's everyone going to prepare for the sport's festival" I said "I've got some special training in mind" I had a smirk plastering my face as Hitomu said "don't do what you did in junior high and nearly bring the school down by training" I said "hey in all fairness I was heavily caffeine deprived that day" still despite his comment I'm glad he's back I felt somebody grab me as a familiar voice said "hey Midoriya did ya miss me" I looked up saying "hello Ashido" she let go while running off and then there's her still I have one hell of a class at that moment Naoto said "I'm going to give it my all in the festival oh who am I kidding I'd win anyway even while I napped" he sat back you know as cocky as he is he's still a great friend to have when your in a pickle I looked around and admired the many people I've come to call my classmates that was when I felt my phone buzzing as I said "hey guys I've gotta take this" they all nodded as I walked away.

I opened my phone to see the caller was Dad I hit the answer button saying "hey dad what's up" he said "hey Toshi there's some things I want to say" he sighed as he said "I won't be able to take you on for workplace training I've got my hands full with tracking down the league of villains but I've managed to get the time to go see the sport's festival" I said "it's alright dad but hey if you need a hand I can be" he cut me off saying "Toshi don't you I'm sorry it's just these guys they've done an awful lot of bad things over the years I've watched too many of my friends be hurt by them so please just let me handle it" I said "alright dad" he then hung up as I went back to the others.

While I sat with the others Okimi was playing a game of chess with Robert why do I get the feeling this will end horrifically I watched as she said "argh that's it I'm done here" she detonated an explosion as Robert said "I just pulled a Marshall swindle on her that's all" as she stormed off I asked Manna "is it me or has she been a bit more grumpy lately" she said "it must be the festival getting to her" all you could hear throughout the halls was Okimi cursing over and over again ah I love her anyway.


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Toshiro's pov

The day of the festival

Me and the others walked from the changing rooms to enter the main field of the sport's stadium how the hell does UA have all the cash for this stuff however Okimi said "this is gonna be a piece of cake for me" I said "I'm thinking otherwise" she had a confident expression on her face saying "hey Toshi" she held out her hand saying "let's face eachother one on one in the tournament round" I took her hand saying "I'd be disappointed if we didn't" sadly that's the only guaranteed part of the festival the rest is a mystery as I looked in the crowd I could just see my dad in his costume waving at me so I decided to wave back at that moment Fugaku said "so cute" I smiled saying "he just has that effect on me" we then stood in position as Principal Yagi came onto a stage.

As he stood there he said "greetings first years it's been a" he spat out blood with me screaming alongside everyone else as he carried on saying "sorry as I was saying it has been a difficult start to the school year with the recent villain attacks but today let us cast that out of our minds today let us have fun in the form of sports" he spat out some more blood as Midnight came up saying "sorry everyone he just needs his medication now then for the student pledge Hagartaro Kinga will you please come on up" I looked at him seeing he was stressing himself out as I gave him a thumbs up.

Once he got up he said "oh um hello everyone" I mouthed "you can do it" at him with him saying "sorry the crowd got me off guard anyway I'd like to say good luck first off to everyone but I'd like to make a personal note" he took the microphone from the stand saying "I don't know how well I will do here I don't know if I can even make it past the first round but even if I fail I'd like to say thank you to the person who believed in me I won't name him he knows who he is however no matter how well I do just know his belief in me really has pushed me forward" he set the mic down as everyone was impressed by his heartfelt speech at least he's ok now when he got down Manna called out "Kinga that was so cuuute" she hugged him casuing him to flail his arms about some thing's never change.

The first round of the festival was an obstacle course that made me think wait didn't dad go through this in his first year howevwr things would be different as Midnight said "it won't just be the robots you need to outrun it'll be these beauties" out came Gang Orca, Hound Dog, Gevaudan and Cellophane as Midnight said "good luck now run" the alarm went off as we made a mad dash for the exit the hell is with this school.

As we ran with us using our Quirks to fight back a massive robotic replica of Gigantomcia came out as I said "ok what the hell" that was when Kasai came up saying "you know when Midnight said that we would be facing robots I thought it would be something scary" he let out a huge blast of fire saying "instead I got an overgrown tincan" he let out more fire that began melting the metal on the titanic machine

Kasai Yuba

Quirk: Combustion

His Quirk lets him release massive amounts of fire that he can freely control in both temperature and direction however repeated usuage can start to burn his own body

He began running as I said "let's follow his lead for now" he just looked back at me and kept on running however I heard the voice of one particular annoyance "hot stuff coming through" Naoto made an icy slide as he went way ahead of us Magnetic Propulsion I flew next to him saying "two can play at that game Naoto" he said "oh heya Polariy how's it going" he had that ever cocky smirk as Hagartaro went to his left while Okimi got to my right she said "out of the way shit-bags" she made a hug set of detonations to send herself forward as I said "hey Naoto what do you say shall we take her down" he said "Toshi that's a reckless and irresponsible plan that could result in us being blown to pieces" his grin somehow got bigger as he said "let's do it" with us now going at full speed we went for Okimi no hard feelings ok Oki.

Me and Naoto began by getting on either side of Okimi as she demanded "cocky prick what the hell are you planning" he said "not just me" she looked saying "TOSHI-BRAT" I waved saying "yoo hoo" she tried detonating an explosion at me saying "you shit-bag I'll beat your ass" I said "but it's not the tournament round" she growled as Naoto launched icy spears at her while maintaining his altitude with his flames Scorching Jet Kasai came by way faster than any of us as he evaded Gang Orca and Hound Dog I looked back and said "guys they're in pursuit" Naoto said "I know" I said "if they get us we're dead" he said "I know" I said "and Naoto your the sacrifice" he said "I know wait what" I pushed him back saying "no hard feelings pal" he muttered "to think he pulled a fast one on me".

As we flew further ahead Hagartaro was right next to me as he said "hey" I said "hey" we both smiled however the pleasantries were short lived as I hit a wooden plank Fugaku who had just caught up said "hang in there Midoriya" he launched a set of vines out of his hand and picked me up

Fugaku Mondo

Quirk: Vine Whip

He can generate vines from his body that can be used for mobility and restraining however sadly they can break just like regular vines and they don't do so well against fire

He got me next to him as he said "up we go" I ran ahead as I said "thanks Mondo" he did a quick salute saying "anytime Greeny" I resumed my flight and went further ahead being within meters of Kasai at that moment Present Mic said "it's a neck and neck tie between Yuba and Midoriya who will come out on top let's see" I pushed all the power I could to try and get ahead if only a little just watch me dad.

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Toshiro's pov

After a neck and neck race I finally got through the gate that marked the end of the race with the bord reading the current twenty students who've passed through the gate:

  1. Kasai Yuba
  2. Toshiro Midoriya 
  3. Hagataro Kinga
  4. Okimi Bakugo
  5. May Tokoyami 
  6. Ketsuketsu Tetsutetsu
  7. Hinata Rin
  8. Fugaku Mondo
  9. Manna Ashido
  10. Chimon Kaminari
  11. Hitomu Shinso
  12. Naoto Todoroki
  13. Otsuka Tokoyami
  14. Rikka Tsunotori
  15. Shino Komori
  16. Uchū Sato
  17. Robert Snaith
  18. Issei Aizawa
  19. Takahiro Nishiya
  20. Sakura Rin 

As I looked at the board Hagartaro said to me "I did it" he jumped up saying "I made it past the first round" I just smiled at how happy he was in such a short amount of time he's come so far I knew my faith in him wasn't misplaced at that moment I felt a killer intent as Okimi began muttering "fourth I got I GOT FUCKING FOURTH" she was seething with rage as I decided to let her be.

As we took a break from the race so that we could A have a rest and B give them time to prepare the stage I got approached by Kasai who said "hey Midoriya can I borrow you for a bit" I got up saying "sure" I handed my phone to Chimon saying "could you guard this" he nodded while I walked off.

I got to a corner with Kasai as I asked "so what can I do for you" he said "are you aware of the relationship between the villains Dabi and Himiko Toga" I said "yeah I am it spawned my own super stalker in the form of Nise" he said "sorry for her behaviour" he had a furious look on his face as he said "my sister can be a bit of a pain" I was left shocked by his statement then again it explains why Dabi used the prodigal term during the attack I asked "Kasai I" he said "it's ok I trust you not to judge me for it" he clenched his fist saying "I won't be pinned down by their legacy anymore I have to be strong" I tried to talk but he walked away saying "hey Midoriya just because I opened up to you right here I don't want you thinking for a single second that I'm going to hold back against you" I smiled saying "Yuba I would be insulted if you did" he walked off he seems convinced that pushing people away is the only way to be strong I clenched my fist but he gets it having such a tough legacy and everyone wanting you to live up to it I promise Kasai I won't let you suffer alone.

After my talk with Kasai I went to the main field to hear about the next event I swear it had better not be a human cavalry battle at that moment Midnight announced "the next round shall be a tag battle" she clicked a button to display on the screen the rules of the game she said "all of you lovely boys and girls will be split into teams of two and will have to fight for your place in the final" she held out a disc like object saying "all you need to do is slam this and the person wearing it is out" as she clicked another button she displayed the teams let's see who am I with oh well hehehe this should work brilliantly my partner arrived saying "so Toshi you ready for this" I gave him a fist bump saying "your damn right I am Hito" we both had smirks as we got ready for the match.



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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Hitomu's pov

Ten years ago

Back in my childhood things weren't so easy at first "creep" "future villain" I cowered as other kids would bully me for my Quirk even though my parents were Pro's I asked "why are you all so mean" one of the kids was about to hit me with a soccer ball when suddenly somebody came up saying "hey leave the kid alone" I looked at him seeing he had a distinctive appearance he had emerald green eyes and hair with a gaze that had no malice in them but a stance that was fierce and strong one of them said "get lost Midoriya let us have some fun" Toshiro came up saying "last I checked bullying isn't having fun" he held his little fist's up at them with such conviction.

After five minutes Toshiro got beaten onto the floor as the kids walked off I asked "why Midoriya-san why help me" he held out his hand with a pained expression saying "because you looked like you needed help" he gave a smile that I would forever come to love the sight of as he said "Shinso-kun you don't need to fear your power" he stood up with that smile still on his face saying "as far as I'm concerned your power's cool" to think that single act of bravado sparked one of my most important friendships heck today I consider him to be a brother.

Present day 

Toshiro's pov

Me and Hitomu began the battle by evading Fugaku's vines as I asked "hey Hito what's with the scarf" he said "oh this it's my dad's capture weapon it was decided between us i mean you saw me after the attack on the school" I ducked under another students attack saying "yeah by he way Oki twelve o'clock" he said "thanks" he evaded and landed next to me as I wispered "I've got an idea" as I wispered he said "Toshiro Midoriya when did you get so despicable with your tactics" he smiled in a sinister way saying "I don't know why but I really enjoy this side of you" he did as we planed calling out "hey guys I'M GAY" at that moment about twelve people fell under his brainwashing as he said "now go for Okimi" she said "eh what the hell Toshi-brat" I said "no hard feelings Oki-chan I'm just trying to win this" me and Hitomu ran off to go look for another foe for the record he's not gay also using that kind of trick isn't something I enjoy but hey I'm trying to win me and him ran until a voice said "hey Mido" I looked back to see Manna was paired with Akira as I said "ah crap".

While we stood face to face with them I said "hey Hito how goods your weapon" he said "enough that it can restrain you" I said "oh goody I'll take Ashido I'm at a slightly better advantage there" he said "right so I'm on Ouroboros" we have eachother a fist bump as we ran out to our respective opponent's Mag blast I let out a burst of energy making a bit of the ground uplift good job I was allowed to use my gauntlets otherwise I'd have fallen in the first round Manna ran up with her skin densed up saying "heya Mido why'd you choose to fight me" I evaded a ground pound she did saying "because I'm at an advantage against you that why" I let out some more blasts saying "you know your belts buckle isn't doing you man favours" I magnetised it and threw her aside as I pushed the disc on her did she have to put it near her breasts as I pushed it she faked a moan of pleasure as I went bright red she said "what your not the only one who can pull dirty moves also Oki is likely going to kill you for the one earlier" I said "Ashido I've been dealing with her murderous intent since we were kids it's nothing I can't handle" she chuckled as I went to go help Hitomu.

I returned to see Hitomu was putting up a good fight against Akira as he said "back already Toshi" I held by firing a magnetic blast saying "yeah hey Hito mind if I join in on the fun" he said "I've got a plan" the words all humans fear coming out of Hitomu's mouth as I evaded a bite attempt by Akira I asked "what is it then" he said "Best Friends Beat Down" I had a huge smile on my face upon hearing those words finally it's been so long since we pulled that move I delivered a kick to Akira's stomach while saying "in the dead of night" Hitomu went for a gut punch saying "and at the crack of dawn" I went for a right hook while he went for a left hook as I said "watch as two hero's fight" to finish the job I went for a kick to his head while Hitomu went for his stomach as we said in unison "AND FEEL THE PAIN OF THIS BEST FRIENDS BEAT DOWN" with that last move Akira fell saying "your both so gay you know that" we both merely chuckled as we high fived eachother he may have a Quirk that's considered villainous but he's definitely got the heart of both a hero and a warrior.

With Akira now on the floor I checked to make sure I had no wounds until of course by my usual luck I had to evade a vine Fugaku said "heya Midoriya" I said "hey Mondo" I narrowly ducked as Rikka came at me as I said "so your both on a team" Fugaku high fived Rikka saying "yup it's the recommendation student combo" I smirked as Hitomu said "I'll get Mondo if Tsunotori gets my Quirk it's all over" I said "got it and Hito" he looked at me as I said "that was a damn fine beat down back there" he smirked as we left yeah that whole beat down was something we devised in junior high you see at the time there was a bunch of guys who were antagonizing Okimi and some underclassmen so me and him made that as a way to scare them off but as per usual with me it ended with my mom grounding me for a week and Hitomu being banned from playing video games by his I muttered "actually I wonder how auntie Reiko is doing" I then went go get Rikka.

As I launched myself at Rikka she tried grabbing me only for me evade at the last second she said "your not half bad Midoriya" she densed up her arms saying "now I get why Ashido loves this Quirk so much" shit she's got Manna's Quirk never mind that who else has she touched wait her and Fugaku they oh no I sadly caught on too late as she binded me with his vines saying "made you look" I struggled as she said "sorry Midoriya I really am" she came closer to try and make contact with me saying "but I really can't loose here" damn it I can't ask for Hito's help he's occupied ah man at that moment her hand got wrapped by a white cloth as Hitomu said "Toshi run" even though he was getting surrounded by not only Fugaku but a number of other students he still took the time to help me as he said "consider this thanks for all those years ago" wait he remembered I said "Hito thank you" he said "you saved a cornered little boy once so now let the cornered boy save you" with Rikka distracted I broke free wondering how it would end.


Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Thanks to Hitomu's distraction I was able to break free of the vines maybe by Rikka although sadly I couldn't get to him in time forgive me Hito as I brushed off the excess dust I had to evade not just Okimi who was paired up with Hagartaro but worse yet I had to deal with May and Otsuka I said "so a brother and sister combo and a seating order combo just my luck" Otsuka said "Midoriya I'm a girl" wait what I thought she was a boy but she ok Greeny think this through she or he ah god I got caught by a trap turns out my confusion was visible as Okimi said "Toshi-brat think for a minute did she ever go into the changing rooms for the boys" oh this is just bullshit at that moment Okimi made an explosion that sent me flying back Magnetic Propulsion I was able to break the fall while gaining the ariel advantage as May tried using her Abyssal Shadow to bring me down however Otsuka said "Midoriya your a strong person so for this I shall use my full power on you" she let out a gargantuan monster made of the same energy that Abyssal shadow is that nearly crushed me and many others 

Otsuka Tokoyami

Quirk: Eclipse Shadow 

Her Quirk is similar to her sister's although the main difference is that her's gains power in both the day and the light making it so strong it can be difficult to contain someday's 

As the monster let loose I evaded it very narrowly is she in control here damn she wanted to give me a challenge but instead it's causing all this at that moment a voice called out "Otsuka" she asked "who" the voice that I now recognised said "stop" I cried out "Hitomu your ok" he said "are you kidding me those pipsqueaks are easy to get through when you have a mind control Quirk" he tapped his head as Outsuka just stood there with the shadow disappearing.

Once the shadow had vanished I got ready to make a break for it until Midnight announced "time's up" we all stopped fighting until May asked "what are we doing about sis" Hitomu said "release" Outsuka came back to her senses as she said "Shinso-kun thanks the ebony black abyss nearly consumed me" Dad mentioned that Tsukiyomi was like this during high school ah well like father like daughter I guess I high fived Hitomu saying "by the way thanks for the save" he said "like I said you saved me long ago so I just returned the favour" he yawned as I walked off with him now better get him his coffee otherwise he's gonna go berserk.

An hour later 

Once we had a quick break I left to go back to the main field to see who would be fighting who for the tournament round so for everyone I know if I fight Kasai I'd be dead meat if I did his flames are likely stronger than they seem, Okimi I definitely wanna fight I did promise her afterall, Hagataro deffo but I'm worried he might hold oh who am I kidding he'd give it his all even more and lastly Hito oh fuck the hell yes I want to face him at that moment Midnight said "now then everyone the first round will consist of three matches they will be as follows":

  1. Yuba Vs Todoroki
  2. Tsunotori Vs Tetsutetsu 
  3. Midoriya Vs Aizawa

I looked at the board and thought Aizawa huh this can go one of two ways either A it'll end up with me biting the dust or B me wiping the floor with him at that moment Rikka asked "how troublesome a girl like me has to fight a brute" she did her usual hair flip as I said "on the bright side you can show off how cool your Quirk is" she said "Midoriya your forgetting I don't need to show it off everyone knows how cool I am" Jesus I know Fugaku gave her the sass queen of UA nickname but this is something else as we left Kasai came up saying "for the record Midoriya I intend to fight you so don't go and loose in the first round" I said "I wouldn't dream of it Yuba" he walked off with his ever apathetic expression on his face.

Kasai Vs Naoto 

Kasai's pov

I entered the arena on the right side while Naoto emerged from the left as he declared "yawn I'll beat you Yuba and then go take a nap who knows maybe I'll get some time to play Smash Bros" he yawned again he's my favourite type of guy to fight the kind that's cocky for no real reason I'll do this and then win the festival Midnight declared "now begin" Naoto launched a fire blast that I quickly evaded while I went for one of my own alright so based on training it seems as if he sticks to a pattern in combat he'll start with a fire blast then it should be a ice spear just as expected he did so as I created a wall of fire to melt them I said "too easy Todoroki" he replied with "hot stuff coming at ya" he made a Icy slide to try and get close Scorching Tornado I made a tornado of fire that melted his slide while burning his uniform I can't go beyond the yellow flame because A I don't want to kill him and B if I do I'll play into my bastard of a dad's hands as Naoto fell I grabbed him by the neck and went for a ground slam knocking him out of the compotition.

Back to Toshiro's pov

I watched as Naoto got effortlessly beaten by Kasai at that moment Manna asked "hey Mido you know Naoto pretty well do you think this will hurt him" I said "truth be told I'm conflicted on how to feel" I sighed saying "on one hand he needs this defeat to bring him down to earth but at the same time" Manna finished my sentence saying "as his friend your worried about him" I nodded as Rikka left to go for her next match however I saw a message on my phone from my dad saying "meet me in the hall".

I got to the hallway to see my dad was with the principal as I said "Big Toshi" he hugged me saying "hey little Toshi" my dad smiled as he said "I didn't get the chance to say but nice one out there" he too gave me a hug as I smiled as hard as it is trying to live up to his legacy I still love him to bits the principal said "I too wanted to say well done Little Toshi" he began coughing up blood as me and my dad freaked out I know he's suffered a lot of wounds but still I don't think I could ever get used to this my dad said "there is something that bothered me" he held out a slip of paper saying "some guy came up insisting I give this to you I thought it was rude to peek so I'll let you see it" strange normally das would go into freak out mode if a stranger wanted to talk I opened up the slip of paper that read:

Heya Mido-kun it's me Nise how is everything oh I already know how things are going with you just sending this too let you know I'm watching and that Tomura's willing to let you join the league well it's either that or you get disintegrated bye bye

She ended the note with a lipstick mark as I felt an overwhelming fear sweep over me causing me to drop it at that moment the principal asked "little Toshi what is it" I asked my dad "dad what is it with us Midoriya's attracting super stalkers" he grabbed the note saying "oh you have got to be kidding me" were it not or the sake of preserving evidence I know for a fact he would blow it up as I asked "dad what do I" he said while patting my head "don't worry dad's right here" he put the note in a evidence bag saying "for now just have fun with everyone" he wispered "also I'd confess to Okimi soon" I went bright red as he chuckled saying "parents know these things Toshi now then I'm curious how Monoma-kun's daughter will do".


Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Rikka's pov

Second round 

I entered the field with a confident smile on my face while waving a bit hahaha these fool's I'll wrap them no Rikka your thinking like daddy again I stopped myself from getting too cocky as I waited for my opponent to enter the field as he did he said "heya Rik" I said "Tetsutetsu do not call me Rik either Rikka or Tsunotori is what's needed" make a fool of him bingo at that stage Midnight said "now begin" as he ran towards me he entered his steel form whether it was an attempted intimidation tactic or just sheer stupidity I don't know 

Ketsuketsu Tetsutetsu 

Quirk: Steel 

His Quirk lets him turn his body to the point of it being similar to steel although the main downside is his can be affected by intense heat 

As he charged I said "I'll have to thank Todoroki for this one" using Todoroki's flames I made him stop in his tracks with me saying "oh you like this I've got more where that came from" I fired a shot of Okimi's explosions and followed it up with Hagartaro's wind as Present Mic asked "wait is this even allowed" Midnight said "she's kind of cheating oh you know what let's allow it this once" ha score one for the Rik-girl as I kept on blasting Ketsuketsu I said "it's a shame if I used Midoriya's Quirk I would be at a huge advantage" ah well I'll use what I've got.

After a while of me blasting him Ketsuketsu eventually fell to the floor and I was starting to loose my borrowed Quirks with Midnight announcing "Tetsutetsu can no longer stand Tsunotori wins" the crowd cheered as I did a hair flip ha take that Ashido I didn't sully my hands too much now that's the girly thing to do.

Toshiro's pov

With Rikka's match now I went to go to mine only to see Okimi standing but the gateway I said "hey Oki-chan" she said "hey Toshi-brat" even though she used that nickname she had a smile on my face as I said "sorry for the trick me and Hito pulled on yo" she stopped me by saying "make it up to me by fighting me later" I held her hands saying "I won't just fight you I'll beat you Oki" she smiled saying "since when did you get so hot-blooded" I replied with "girl I've been with you since we were kids you were bound to rub off on me eventually" she laughed as we both left onto for her to say "good luck Toshiro" did she just call me by my full name jeez that's not like her I went out with my usual smile on my face.

As I stood in the arena Issei came out as well saying "let's get this over with" Midnight called out "begin" he ran at me as I lifted myself of the ground with the magnetic currents the stadium doesn't have a while load of metal in the arena so I'm at a slight disadvantage for ammo but I've got my gauntlets as he tried going for a punch I evaded it giving myself the chance to grab it and then flip him over gotta thank mom someday for teaching me those moves as he hit the floor I was about to declare my victory when suddenly I heard "Mido-kun yoohoo" I looked up to see Nise was standing on the top of the stadium with me shouting "how the hell did she get up there" Midnight said "never mind that why is she up there" Nise than leapt down and used a series of parkour tricks to get down with her saying "so you wanna join" she just looked at me as I looked back just when I thought a pissed off Okimi was the worst I had to deal with.

As Nise stood in front of me she asked "so are you are you" I said "I'll pass" I was about to walk away when she said "is it some other girl who's taken you away could it be the pink one or the copycat one no she's not your type" with a sinister smirk she said "oh I know it's Okimi isn't it the explosion bitch maybe I'll kill her to get her out of the way" she laughed slightly no no no this isn't happening right she isn't here heck I'm not even in the festival this is just a bad dream oh no if she gets Oki no Oki Oki Oki I screamed "OKI" I generated a huge magnetic field saying "don't you dare hurt her I swear I'll kill you you hear me I'LL KILL YOU" I let out a huge magnetic blast as I said "go away get out of my life JUST PISS OFF NISE AND TAKE YOUR LEAGUE OF SHIT'S WITH YOU" at that moment the world around her began going red as I darted my eyes about trying to find the others.

While I darted about I cried out "Mom, Dad, Hito, Oki anyone please" suddenly the stadium exploded with me being sent flying towards our dorm "ahaha" I landed just by the front exit to see my dad as I said "Dad please help" he then started turning to dust as a figure I've only ever seen once before emerged as it declared "Toshiro Midoriya son of Izuku and Ochako Midoriya my my aren't you a failure" he tried to grab me as I narrowly escaped muttering "this isn't real your not real" I was now sweating profusely as my hiding place turned to dust with me seeing my classmates all getting beaten up by Muscular and other villains I shouted "GUY'S RUN PLEASE JUST" a stray rock hit me as I fell down just seeing Hitomu getting his back broken no no this isn't please stop.

Once I got up I wandered seeing the beaten bodies of everyone as I said "no no please no" at that stage Tomura came up saying "don't you see holding onto the ideas of a hero is pointless all it will being is pain and dispair for you and everyone you love" I tried hitting him but he evaded as he said "come on give into the dark it's the only way that hate lies within" I managed to punch him in the jaw saying "like I'll listen to a hand fetishist such as you" my punch caused the hand mask of his to fall off as I made a break for it.

In the hospital room

I shot out of bed and screamed at the top of my voice until of course Okimi and the others stopped me Akira said "Midoriya it's alright we're here" I looked around as I said "guy's where am I wait your not" I tried getting out saying "Nise is she still" Manna said "she was never here what are you on about" I said "I was it" Hitomu said "apparently you feel victim to a nightmare likely made possible because of a Quirk heck you passed out about a minute into your match" I held my head down as Okimi said "Toshiro" she slapped me saying "you idiot" as I rubbed it she pulled me in for a tight hug as she said "you idiot making me worry so much II I thought I lost you" I held onto her saying "promise me you won't ever leave" she and Hitomu came in as Akira said "let's give them a little privacy".

I lay there and explained everything that happened to Hitomu and Okimi with her saying "that bitch thinking she can take me down" I wiped away a little tear as I said "I was just so frightened" Hitomu asked "in what way" I said "what scared me wasn't the fact that I could kill her it's the fact that a part of me wanted to do it I just had this feekfee that it would be so easy just to take her life" Okimi sat by me saying "Toshi it was just a bad dream even somebody as powerful as you gets them" she held my hand saying "even hero's cry someday's" Hitomu said "so Okimi your actually a softie" she went red as she pouted saying "am not I just need to back up this dimwit because who else would" instead of getting mad me and Hitomu just laughed as we continued making jabs at her in good fun you know she might verbally assault me day in day out and he doesn't get the chance to hang out with us a whole lot but in the end they both mean everything to me.

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Three day's later

With the festival now over I had managed to get some rest although sadly I didn't do so well in the festival rankings and to think I really wanted to face Okimi and help out Kasai but I failed ah well this won't stop me although our main worry was when Yuga came in saying "alright you lot I have some news" he pushed a button displaying a set of numbers on the board as he said "these are all the offers you got for internships" everyone began muttering amongst themselves as we looked at the numbers so I managed to get 400 huh I wouldn't be surprised if they only sent me them because of Dad at that moment he said "essentially you will be going out into the field with actual pro-hero's" when he put the numbers away he said "and as such you'll all need codenames" most of us got up in excitement whereas I was still feeling a bit down over what happened mabye I am only respected because of Dad heck most people outside of the class won't even look at me because of his status.

Once we got our board marker's I sat trying to figure out what too choose when I noticed most of the others were already putting there's on the board it was at that moment that I decided what to choose I hope I can do this Oki I wrote in the board the name Polarity Hero Pile-driver only to then see the others names:

  1. Okimi- Ignition 
  2. Hagataro- Wind Hero Hurricane
  3. Kasai- Inferno Hero Ignis
  4. Koko- Lady Limb 
  5. May- Abyssal Hero Seth
  6. Otsuka- Vantablack Hero Anubis 
  7. Hitomu- Pied Piper
  8. Koji- Hive Hero Larvae 
  9. Akira- Serpentine Hero Cobra 
  10. Naoto- Naoto 
  11. Rikka- Mimicking Hero Charlatan 
  12. Fugaku- Binding Hero Orchid 
  13. Chimon- Taser Hero Defibrillator 
  14. Kira- Aqua Hero Poseidon 
  15. Uchū- Airborne Hero Avian 
  16. Robert- Plasticine Hero Meld 
  17. Hyate- See through Hero Transparency 
  18. Manna- Resilience Hero Battering ram
  19. Yusuke- Pickpocket Hero Capture

I looked at them all as I finished writing mine down with the others looking at Naoto saying "really" he just had a his usual smirk on his face although I looked at Hagataro knowing full well the reason behind his name at least I did one thing well.

During lunch 

While we all sat in the canteen Okimi said "snap out of it" I looked at her saying "oh get that glum look off your face Toshi you look like a bigger piece of shit than usual" I said "I'm fine really" she said "no your not ever since the festival you've been looking like a freaking emo ever over what happened" I got up saying "I'm fine" I had a hint of frustration in my voice as I said "too be honest you wouldn't get even if I printed it onto all your foreheads" I just left leaving most of the others shocked over what happened as I ran out of the canteen I had my hands in my pocket as I looked down stupid freaking school stupid freaking Hero course but most of all stupid Fucking Dad I slamed my hand against a wall saying "why'd he have to number one huh" at that moment Midnight came up with a hint of concern on her face.

As she approached she asked "Midoriya is everything ok" I said "I'm fine really I am" she said "yeah yeah if your ok then I'm not the 18+ heroine" I couldn't help but chuckle a bit over her comment as she said "the pressure of Deku's status is getting to you isn't it" I was about to say something when she said "he had the same look all those years ago on his face when he was still bearly able to understand his power and trying to chase after All Might" as she sat down in a bench with me she said "I remember it used to be a common point of discussion for us UA faculty talking about how Deku went from being a cowardly little boy to being the brave hero who saved the world" she then looked at me saying "but we do talk about you" as she stood up she said "the one thing that gets mentioned is that in the end you might not have Deku's powerful Quirk nor his incredible intellect but you do have his noble and heroic heart" she the left as I sat thinking on what she said.

As I sat there I thought to myself she's right I never did get Dad's Quirk heck I don't even know how his power functions but I truly do want to save people I want to be the hero who saves not just lives but also spirit's with a wink and a smile on my face, I want to be the hero people call in when the hero's need saving I just want I clenched my fist saying "to be a hero" at that moment Okimi came up saying "so you finally got out of it Toshi-brat" I stood up as she said "welcome back Toshiro" she had a smile as I said "I'm sorry for pushing you away Oki" she held onto me as she said "what did I do I just sat back and let the fun happen" we chuckled as we looked into one another's eyes these eye's they're so fierce yet so beautiful at that moment me and her began leaning closer and closer until of course we heard Manna shout out "yoohoo Oki where are you" she saw us saying "oh my God did you two nearly" I went bright red as I said "I um oh would you look at the time I've gotta go make some ice bye bye" I ran away leaving Okimi with Manna on her own still thanks guy's.

Later in the dorm 

As we sat in the dorm I asked "so who are you guys going to for internships" Akira said "I'm considering Uwabmai but I'm not entirely sure" Robert held out his saying "I already know who I'm going to" he luckily for him had managed to get an offer from Gentle himself u til of course Kira asked "hey Robert what's your deal with anyway" Robert with a slightly solemn look said "it all happened when I was 5 years old I had come to Tokyo for a family holiday at the time I was just excited to see a new country until of course our hotel got invaded by a group of criminals I at the time thought I was going to die as my Quirk was so weak I couldn't even mold my index finger never mind my entire body and that's when he came" he had a renewed look on his face as he said "at that moment Gentle and La Brava came in and saved us all" I said "so that's why you have such a admiration for uncle Danjuro" he said "it's just he was once a villain he might not have been a great villain but he still tried to reform himself" as he finished up Kira had a cocky grin as he fired a dart of water at Okimi

Kira Izumi

Quirk: Water Master 

His Quirk allows him to manipulate water to a collosal degree including making weapons out of water or melding with water itself

Okimi got mad saying "Kira you little" he said "I was aiming for Ashido I swear" he began panicking as she came closer he brought this on himself I sat back as I looked through my offer's let's see Uncle Tenya, Mom, Endeavour wow he's an old timer, Uncle Shoto, who the hells Ragdoll, Auntie Reiko, again who the hells Wash I sat there while looking at them as I said "who too pick hmm" Naoto came up saying "heya Polariy what ya doing" I said "eh just planning internships and stuff" he check through them saying "why not pick Endeavour" I checked it saying "I guess it could go well I mean his battle experience and solved cases could prove brilliantly" I said "hey thanks Naoto" he whistled as he walked saying "anytime Polariy" even though he was maintaining his cocky attitude I could tell he was shaken up by his lose in the festival I guess that makes us birds of a feather.



Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

The day after

I was currently on the train headed to the Endeavour hero agency with my costume in the briefcase *buzz* *buzz* I checked my phone to see my Mom was calling as I said "hey Mom" she squealed saying "ah hi Toshi how's my little man doing" I said "calm down Mom I'm ok" she said "good good hey I heard you chose Endeavour for work placement" I said "yeah I'm on my way right now" she said "be careful Toshi I heard from Shoto that he's got a bit of a mean streak" I said "I'll be fine Mom don't worry" she said "alright I've gotta get going soon but before I leave me and your Dad were thinking of having a family day out soon just us three or if not that then we might bring along Grandma and Grandpa" I said "that would be nice Mom" the announcement system mentioned we were coming up for our destination as I said "oh I've gotta go see you Mom" she said "see you Toshi".

I left the train while examining the letter about the address for the hero agency let's see it's about an hour on foot or twenty minutes by taxi ah you know what I'll walk at that moment a voice called out "Toshiro Midoriya" I looked to see Endeavour was already waiting on me geez Uncle Shoto wasn't joking he is scary he towered over me by a long shot although he only had his fiery beard on right now exposing the scar that ran over his face as he said "I believe your interning with me for the week" I said "yes I I am" he said "what's with the stutter there's no need to be scared" he led me away saying "the days of me being scary are over" as he walked people just watched as he said "you know it really is a pleasure having you here" I bet it's because of Dad although he instead said to me "in a sense your Quirk is kind of like mine" I asked "how so" he said with a weary smile "I'll explain at the office" we kept on walking with the occasional fan wanting a autograph from him he's not so scary after all as he signed another one he shouted "YES THIS IS THE BEST MAKING FRIENDS WITH THE PUBLIC" his flames got brighter as I watched on nevermind.

Once we eventually got to his office well I say office as this place looked more like a penthouse apartment although he said "now then onto what I meant earlier" he displayed a video of me during the festival as he said "when I said our Quirks were similar I meant in terms of the destructive power of them yet also the technique that can be implemented into them" he displayed a video saying "take this for example your Mag Blast move you fire out magnetic energy like a shotgun but just imagine if you could refine it to a more focused degree" he's right Mag Blast may be useful for crowd control but in a one on one fight I'm at a slight disadvantage for keeping my guard up actually if I recall correctly Hagataro used a technique during his match with Okimi where he made thin blades of wind pressure if I could do something similar with my Polaris Quirk I said "alright please teach me sir" he said "no need for sir I would grown tired of formalities years on the job does that too you" he got up to say "now then to the training room" I followed him while thinking of the ways I could utilize my Quirk.

In the training room

I stood in the training room with Endeavour as he said "now then use your Mag Blast ability but this time try to make it thin" as I felt the energy dance across my hands he said "imagine it as thin as a sheet of paper but as strong as a bullet's impact" I've got this  as I got ready to fire it the energy encompassed my whole body as I suddenly went flying into a set of dumbbells I only just managed to mutter "owww" I picked myself up seeing the energy was still surrounding me wait what is this I looked around the room to see ghostly lines were all around the room kind of like a spider web as Endeavour asked "what happened Pile-driver" I got up as I wiped a bit of blood of my face.

As I got up I asked "um Mr Endeavour when did those webs appear" he asked with a look of genuine confusion "what webs this room gets cleaned out every morning, afternoon and evening" I felt myself being able to touch one as it sent me to another area of the room what the heck I looked as my body become cloaked in the violet electricity that my Polaris Quirk generates I said "I don't think it's webs" I asked "hey Mr Endeavour I'd like to try something" he asked "what would it be" I said "I'd like you to launch a fire blast at me" he asked "are you sure" I nodded as he did ok focus Toshi you've got this as the blast came closer I moved out of the way to a metal bench in the corner saying "I get it now" he threw another as I went for the dumbbells from earlier with me then saying "these webs I'm seeing they're Magnetic currents linking metal to eachother" Endeavour said "and since your Quirk allows you to alter magnetic energy it would make sense that you can see these currents" I got up as he held out a stopwatch saying "let's put your endurance to the test I'll set this watch for 20 minutes if you can survive for that long using only your new found technique then I'll take you on patrol" I said "bring it and for the record I'm calling this move" Magnetic Flux I let the energy dance across me as I held my fist's up.

I evaded as he fired a fire blast at me going to a lamp in the ceiling then to the bench once I get my movements focused getting from area to area is easy as can be he launched two this time coming at me from both directions as I got to his side by following the trail leading to his gauntlets when he attempted a punch I spun around and did a twirl to escape he said "ten minutes have passed not half bad" Flashfire fist- Jet Burn he sent a huge blast of fire that I only just evaded luckily the worst I got from his move was a slight bit of ash on my shoulder I've got this he's sticking to a pattern he did the same moves as before using a single fire blast then going for two and finally a Jet Burn this is in the bag sadly I got cocky and wound up hitting my head on the ground until he said "times up" he held out my hand saying "you pass" I wiped away some dirt as I got up.

After I got finished cleaning myself up I arrived on the roof of the agency with Endeavour next to me he said "ah I enjoy coming up here even if it is just to breath a little" he dispelled his fiery beard showing his had well and truly began to age until he said "Naoto told me a about you" he sat down as he said "he told me that apparently you struggle with you father's position on the rankings" so even Naoto found out huh I said "I um yeah" I held my head down as he said "it's understandable in a sense I get your struggle" he took a deep breath saying "I remember I once chased down somebody who was way out of my league all because I was afraid of being weak" I asked "how did you cope with it people expecting so much for so long" he said "kid for a while I didn't it well let's just say for a long time it drove me to do a lot of terrible things things I'm not very proud of" he looked down in shame as if he'd just kicked a puppy by accident what could bring him down this much although he said before leaving "Pile-driver just know if you become number 1 or achieve a more modest rank take it from this old timer never ever forget your loved ones it may seem daunting but never push them aside when trying to get stronger" he left saying "the strongest hero's are those who ask for help when it's needed to be honest I should have told myself that long ago" he then went through the door.

As I stood there I thought to myself he's right I should treasure the people I have with me Mom, Dad, Oki, Hito, the class, all the Auntie's and Uncle's I know just everyone I cherish them all but my own uncertainty has prevented me from telling them how I feel for so long with a new resolve I said "I swear I'll be a hero who accepts help when he needs it" I then left thinking thanks Mr Endeavour.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

The day after

Me and Endeavour had decided to go on patrol as per our agreement yesterday with him saying "alright I'll make one thing clear since you don't have a provisional license I want you to leave any major villains to me it's not that I don't think your capable" I finished his sentence saying "it's that you don't want the police knocking on your door" he chuckled saying "kid I knew there was something good about you" we both chuckled together as we walked on with the worst we dealt with was the occasional purse snacher and fan until we got to a nearby apartment building.

As we got to the apartment building we noticed a large police presence as Endeavour asked "officer what's the matter here" the officer said "a young man's standing on the edge of the buildings top floor we think he might be trying to jump" I noticed how Endeavour sighed as he asked "what do we know about the man in question" the officer said "his name's Fumihiro Izumi he's a Qurikless kid who's the target of the local bullys" those son's of bitchs Endeavour was currently struggling to figure out a solution to the problem as I worried about it myself if we leave him be then the chances of him jumping go up but at the same time if we try to get him down it might panic him argh come on Toshi think what would Dad do or Mom I then made the choice that might get me in a whole world of trouble.

As I snuck away from Endeavour I looked for anything that could get me to the top of the building quicker come on Toshi think as I looked more I found a drain pipe that went all the way to the top of the building Magnetic Flux with that power activated I was able to use it to get higher as I eventually saw the young man in question he had short shaggy black hair with light hazel eyes being about as tall as Hagataro I asked "hey your Fumihiro Izumi right" he panicked saying "stay back or I'll do it" I held out my hand while asking "would you like to talk" he kept getting back as I said "I'll wait here till your ready" I then pulled up a chair and sat down while watching him to ensure he was alright.

Seven hour's later 

Time had gone on for a while now as it was starting to get dark when suddenly Fumihiro said "I um think I'm ready now" I got up and came closer and asked "so what made you feel this way" he looked up with shame in his eyes saying "nobody loves me at all I'm just a Quirkless reject" he cried a bit as I let him rest his head on my shoulder poor boy he's not done anything wrong here he really is just an unfortunate victim as he cried a bit more he said "my old man left because of it and my Mom hates me more I'm just a burden to her" he entered another fit of tears as I moved my hands around him saying "listen to me Fumihiro you are not a burden and you are not a reject" he looked up as I offered my hand up telling him "in the end you are worth so much more than you realise as you are stronger than you know" he held onto incredibly tightly as I let him cry even more he's suffered in silence for far too long so now I'll be his shoulder to cry on even if it doesn't heal him entirely I'll at least help him go down the path of healing.

Once Fumihiro was done crying I led him downstairs where the police had gathered as he asked "am I in trouble" I said "no your not they're just worried about you" he nodded as I helped him through the door with the first thing we saw not being a police man or even Endeavour no it was none other than his Mother as she cried while hugging him saying "Fumi I was so scared oh my" she smothered him in hugs and kisses while crying a bit as she looked to me saying "thank you for taking a chance on my son young man but who is the hero who saved him" I said "tell them it was Deku who saved him" I then left as she was stayed with him at least he's alright but as I said I know he won't be instantly alright.

Once I got away from the scene Endeavour looked down on me as I said "alright Sir I'm sorry alright but that boy he needed help and I wasn't about to wait for the police to finish twiddling their thumb's so if you want to scream and shout at anyone do it to me" he smirked saying "truth is kid I want to be mad at you but" he put his hand on my shoulder saying "that was a damn fine act of heroism there" wait how did he he said "the police tapped into the cameras on the rooftop and well we saw and heard everything" we walked on a bit more until *bang* we heard an explosion nearby as we both decided to run towards it.

After running through nearly three city block's me and Endeavour found out the cause of the explosion was a group of creatures I'd hoped I would never see again as I cried out "NOMUS" out came Nomu after Nomu form a black liquid similar to the one from the assault on the school a few months back as I looked up to Endeavour asking "what do we do" he said "for now we fight" he charged at three Nomus saying "you guys are as ugly as usual I see" Flashfire Fist- Jet Burn he incinerated one of them saying "and to think my dearest Rei was going to make my favourite for dinner tonight and this is what happens" he kicked another one while hulk smashing another one into the ground my freaking God for an old timer he's stupidly strong is this the kind of strength hero's used to have man I really need to step up my game.

Once Endeavour beat up a bulk of the Nomus and I escorted a group of civilians away re-enforcement's had finally in the form of more Pro hero's with Endeavour saying "Hawk's it's been a while" Hawk's said to him "did ya miss me" Endeavour tried putting on a scowl but he just laughed saying "ah ever quick on the wit" Otsuka arrived behind him saying "hello Midoriya" I said "oh hi Tokoyami" she and May arrived as May said "how is it that where ever you go trouble isn't far behind" I chuckled saying "it must be the Midoriya family Quirk" once I said that a few of my other classmates arrived.

As I looked Naoto, Kira and Kasai had arrived with Shoto, Deluge and Rock Lock respectively Shoto said "I came here hearing of a Nomu invasion not to find a fossil" Endeavour smirked a little as he said "good to see you too son" Naoto waved at him as Endeavour waved back these three are as bad as eachother Naoto then called out "heya Polariy how's it going" I said "eh not much I stopped a few purse snacher's and I found I have a new form and I got to spar with Mr Endeavour so yeah" Kasai chuckled as he walked off saying "screw this I'll fight them alone" we looked on as May said "how is he so confident all the time" it's because he has to be damn I'm one of the few people who know his past yet I can't do a thing to help him him some hero I am as Rock Lock chased after Kasai we all got ready to drive back the rest of the Nomus.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Me and the others gathered as I asked "so Mr Endeavour what should we do" he said "you are going to escort more civilians out" I had a disappointed look on my face as he said "look kid it's not that I don't believe in you it's more I don't want you to get into danger" May nudged me saying "besides it's for the best" as he and the other pros left Hawks said "for now the whole bird is separated" is that a reference to something ah well I can always ask Hyate if it is as I waited about May felt a shiver as she said "sorry about this" I asked "is it acting up again" she just nodded as did Otsuka with me telling them "alright then if you guys don't want to take an active role in evacuation then hair say so alright" as we left Kira said "you know you've become a pretty capable leader as of late Toshi" I asked "what makes you say that Ki" he said "well for starters there's the training match at the start of the year, then the assault on UA Ashido, Tsunotori and Dorobō all said your leadership is how they survived and then the sport's festival really I could go on" hm I guess I have tried stepping up my game a little lately in terms of leadership but then again I prefer to lead a small group rather than a massive army.

After looking about and reuniting with Kasai we found a group of civilians trapped in a building that was surrounded by flames I called out "Ki your up buddy" he said "to easy" he let out a torrent of water from his hands as I said "Naoto care to join me" he ran ahead saying "hot stuff coming through" he grabbed three people in his arms while making a staircase of ice for the others saying "there's likely some trapped on the upper floors" May and Otsuka went up albeit very slowly as the ice was still unstable I grabbed a young boy who was trapped in the fire I handed him to Kasai who said "Midoriya look" I checked out the direction he pointed in to see a black SUV was about to drive away now I've watched enough action moves with Oki to know where this is going.

As I went to investigate the SUV a butterfly knife suddenly got thrown at me casuing it to make a slight cut into my right shoulder shit I heard a voice that I had hoped I'd never need to hear again saying "Mido-kun it's you" Nise stuck her head out the window as I said "what do you want" she had a sinister smirk as she said "oh you know just some intel on our *mrghp*" she stopped talking as Himiko stuck her head out saying "sorry about her she has trouble keeping her mouth shut someday's so yeah don't follow us" she threw another knife that I avoided this time like I'm going to let her get away.

I ran ahead to try and keep up with the SUV as it drove off Magnetic Flux I began moving throughout the currents as I stayed overhead with them as they remained oblivious to the fact I was following them I feel bad leaving the others but still although sadly I lost focus and fell from a lamppost casuing me to fall through the car's sunroof.

As I landed I realised I was in the car with Twice, Nise, Himiko and another man I didn't recognise I said with a slight amount of worry in my voice "oh hey ladies and gentlemen I seem to have the wrong car um I'll be on my way" Nise grabbed my arm saying "your not leaving me Mido-kun" she licked her lips in a perverse way as I felt a shiver of fear with Himiko saying "looks like we get to take home two prizes tonight" I asked "so that Nomu invasion was just a distraction for your real goal" she said "yup" Nise gigled a bit as Himiko said "oh Nise let him have a little space you wouldn't want to creep the poor boy out too much" she said "alright Mommy" she hummed as I sat there shit this isn't what I wanted I just wanted to follow them but now I'm likely going to get kidnapped by them at that moment Nise wispered "when we get to the hideout I have so many thing I want to do" I gulped as I worried about the possibilities of what she'd do.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Eventually I got to an unknown area with Himiko saying "this is just a quick pitstop before we head back" Nise leapt out of her seat as she said "yay I get some alone time with Mido-kun" Himiko told her her in a motherly way "at least make him presentable enough for the fake" she then grabbed my arm as I felt something being held at my back either she's got a knife held at my back or it's a gun of some kind damn and I've got no way to alert the others is this it no it can't be I then got lead into the building we parked up at.

As I got in the place we were in looked like an abandoned apartment building with me asking "is there anything unique about this place" Nise said "nah it's just a good place to play hide and seek from the pigs" she wispered "me and big brother used to come here a lot while hiding" wait her and Kasai used to run from the cops I then asked "out of curiosity how was Kasai as a kid" she said "not that different from how he is now really he used to be super cool as a future villain but" she then held a knife to my throat "you hero's took him away" she wouldn't do it right she then put it down saying "but that's not your fault Mido-kun it's those other rotten hero's" she then dragged me away while humming like a kid that was playing outside on a sunny day.

After I got dragged away she left me tied to a old radiator in an abandoned room with her standing guard she just had to remove my gauntlets shit if I don't find some metal and fast then it's all over she then asked "Mido-kun what do you think of me" I said "Toga-san I barely even know enough about you" she sat down next to me saying "so why don't we tell eachother some things" I said "alright well I'm Toshiro Midoriya, I attend UA high schools class 1-A, I have plenty of friends there and as you'll have heard I'm the son of Deku and Uravity" she said "I'd hoped for something better but fair enough I'm Nise Toga, I work with the league of villains alongside my mommy and daddy, when I'm not going on mission's with said League I like going to the cinema although I've always got to be disguised and I really want my brother back" she finished off her talk as I sat there.

As I sat there I said "forgive me for being presumptuous but from what you've told me your not actually in it for doing evil acts you just want somewhere to belong" she leapt up and danced a bit saying "Mido-kun is so smart yay" she danced about a bit more until she had a menacing look in her eyes saying "but he's forgetting one thing" she knelt down and crawled up to me wispering "I want you more than somewhere to belong" oh damn as if on cue I heard a voice shout "he's in here" wait that accent it couldn't be I suddenly saw a huge fire bolt come through the room as a familiar figure said "get away from the green bean Sis" I looked up to see Kasai and the others had arrived.

Once Nise leapt back Kira undid my restraints while Kasai kicked over my gauntlets as I asked "how did you find me" Naoto held up his phone saying "dude I can track your number remember" why didn't I think of that ah man now I feel stupid as us students for ready Nise said "big brother it's so good to see you" Kasai responded with "yeah it's good when your not attacking my fucking school"  he said "Midoriya you guys get out of here she's mine" I said "give em hell Yuba" he nodded as he went to face Nise only for Naoto to ask "why'd she call him big brother" I said "Naoto your a smart kid you figure it out" after a bit it suddenly hit Naoto over why she called him that along with the others realising the same thing.

Once we began running I asked "do the pros know your here" Kira said "not at all" I looked to May who said "we decided to come rescue you of our own freewill and besides Squark" she said "UA wouldn't be the same without you Toshi Sqwark" I chuckled as we kept on running only for Twice and Himiko to corner us as she said "your not getting away brats" Twice said "yeah we'll be nice, we're gonna cut you into little pieces" as Himiko charged at us a knife suddenly came flying through as a voice said "no one shall lay a hand on the heir of a hero" I looked back as Naoto exclaimed "is that who I think it is" May said "it's the hero killer Stain" the former villain in question came up saying "Himiko Toga, Jin Bubaigawara for the crime of harming the heir of a hero you will pay" does he mean me he ran and began fighting them while saying "get the heir out of here" how the heck did he get in here nevermind that why is he here damn this is getting out of hand.

Kasai's pov

I fired a shot of flames at Nise as she dodged saying "miss me miss me hope your never gonna kiss me" I said "you are my sister so doing so would be pretty disturbing" this time I launched two bolts of fire at her as she said "why did you leave me Kasai why" I jumped back as she threw a series of knives at me saying "it was so hard without you know all those nights I cried myself to sleep worrying what happened to my big brother" I got hit in the arm by one of them as she took the chance to tackle me to the floor as she said "so why Kasai why" damn she's got me but I'm not going down yet I managed to grab her and get her on the ground.

As I held her on the floor I said "do you wanna know why Sis because villainy doesn't make me feel happy" I called out "face it we are freaks to most people but I decided all those years ago if I could be a hero then mabye just mabye I'd be something to them" she fired "and what about your sister huh your own family will you send me to prison like a 'Hero' huh will you" I got up saying "I could never do that to you Sis" I held out my hand saying "come with me let's go to UA together be siblings once again Mom and Dad they already sealed their fate long ago hell they're so neck deep in blood they could never get put but your not like that Sis come with me please" she looked up at me with a downtrodden expression on her face.

As she lay there she said "Kasai I" I tried to grab her hand but she said "sorry but heroism isn't my cup of tea nor my tenth shot of tequila" she cut my hand with a knife saying "forgive me Kasai but this won't ever happen us being a family" I chased after her saying "it's not too late Sis please let's be the brother and sister team who no one could ever beat again please I I just want my baby sister back" she said "and I just want my big brother back but he's gone now and so am I" she ran away calling out "you won't succeed in bringing me to the light" and I won't stop trying to bring you back Sis.

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Toshiro's pov

As we tried to escape from the villains May asked "what's the hero killer doing here" I said "May I wish I knew" while running we had to evade a number of loose floor boards and falling celling beams until Kira asked "guys is it me or do I smell something burning" Kasai came out saying "I might have been at fault there" true to Kira's question the flames were starting to spread throughout the building as I shouted "RUN" we all got back to running as the fire chased us I swear if I become a roasted Midoriya then I'm going to come back as a ghost and haunt UA forever.

Once we got near the exit I said "alright everyone now" we all shoulder barged the door making it fly open sending us flying into the street Naoto asked "you guys aren't hurt are you" I said "I'm good *cough* just got a little bit too hot for me is all" Kasai said "I shouldn't have" I said "Yuba you were in a fight of course you wouldn't have had a chance to hold back" Otsuka said "we all escaped that's what counts" as she said that a familiar voice said "yes but at the cost of nearly turning this neighborhood into a bonfire" Endeavour, Hawks, Shoto, Deluge and Rock Lock all stood as I said "I can explain guys" as I got lead away whole the fire crews tackled the blaze I looked around for the villains or even just the hero killer only to see nothing mabye they died in the blaze I only then noticed a figure escape as he held onto a sword of some kind so Stain did get out of there.

After I finished explaining myself Endeavour said "so let me get this straight you chased after a group of Villains knowing full well they're as dangerous as they come" I nodded as he then said "and while chasing them you got kidnapped by said Villains only to then be rescued by these students" I said "pretty much" he sighed as he said "what am I going to do with you Midoriya" at that stage Kasai came forth saying "there's something that I need to mention" he looked around saying "I can't keep this a secret anymore all of you I am the son of Himiko Toga and Dabi" Shoto and Endeavour in particular were shocked as Shoto said "Dad that makes him my" he was at a lose for words as Endeavour said "to think this whole time I had a grandson and a granddaughter but didn't even know" Naoto asked "Dad what's up" Shoto said "Naoto your Uncle he's Dabi or as he real name is Touya Todoroki" all of us were left shocked as that revelation hit us hard so this whole time Kasai was Naoto's cousin and he didn't even know damn I thought I had it rough with my situation Endeavour at that moment said "Yuba inspite of you being the heir of two Villains I must say you displayed some exceptional hero work today saving a friend" Kasai looked as if he could cry as we all got lead away to have any wounds tended to.

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse 

Nobody's pov

*crash* Four figures landed out of a portal as Himiko called out "Ujiko did you have to give us such a rough landing" Ujiko himself said "I apologize for that although it was a bit of a shock when Twice said you were all in a burning building" Nise said "I wanna get Toshi" Himiko said "be patient sweety he'll be your before you know it" at that stage the clone Tomura arrived asking "did you get the files" Himiko handed them over saying "we ran into Stain though" he held them out saying "it's time we prepared our next move but first" he handed out a series of notes saying "we need the rest of the gang back together" Twice said "ohh were getting them out of jail that's a great plan Tomura, shut up you stupid clone" as they all checked over the notes Muscular said "I thought the brat was dead" Himiko said "nah he's alive alright as of for them well let's see" the notes were as follows:

  1. Mr Compress
  2. Kurogiri
  3. Moonfish
  4. Mustard
  5. Gigantomcia (save that for later)

As the notes were passed about the final one got thier attention as Himiko said "so that's our goal huh" the clone said "it is indeed if we aim to win this war then we'll need him" the final note had one name on that of "Tomura Shigaraki" they all absorbed the information as they began concocting their scheme.

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Nise's pov

The day after

In an unnamed city 

I was wondering about as I'd left the hideout for a bit making plans is no fun anyway and besides Mommy and Daddy need some alone time anyway I hummed while occasionally skipping "hmmhmhm" bumping into Mido-kun was so much fun he's so cute in person hehehe I skipped until a got cornered by a group of thugs who said "say your a little cutie why not come to mine and we can have some fun" he licked his lips as I tapped his arm saying "am I still a little cutie" I you see had taken on his appearance with him saying "what the fuck"

Nise Toga 

Quirk- Metamorphosis 

Her Quirk allows her to adopt the appearance of anyone she touches including their voice however she can't not mimic Quirks, Memories or Mannerism meaning she has to learn all that herself 

As him and his friends tried attacking me I drew a butterfly knife and cut all their throats open leaving a pool of blood on the floor opps I got it all over my shoes Daddy's gonna kill me for that I got out a handkerchief and wiped it all away as I resumed walking.

As I walked on I evaded a number of police officer's while assuming different appearances to blend in easier until I heard something *crash* I wondered over to see a boy that looked about Mido-kun's age was fighting in a massive brawl he said "are you jackass's really hoping to beat me" one of them charged with a metal pipe saying "damn you Ryuusei we're gonna beat the shit out of you" suddenly a massive dark figure appeared and impaled the guy as the boy said "leave or the police will never be able to identify your body" the other thugs ran away as the dark figure vanished I decided to approach him.

As I got closer to the boy I said "that was so cool" he generated the figure saying "what the" he tried launching it at me as I hopped out of the way he asked "who the fuck are you" I said "oh me I'm Nise Toga nice to meet you" he backed down saying "Toga huh as in the Villainess Himiko Toga's kid" I said "so you've heard of Mommy she's so cool isn't she" he said "eh Dabi's more my kind of Villain" I said "Daddy's so cool as well" he said "wait Daddy as in he's your well" he ran his hands through his silvery white hair as I asked "so what does your Quirk do" he said "oh this old thing not much it's a pain in the ass" he created a blade like construct across his arm saying "it allows me to make these things" he made it appear from his back saying "and this" the construct that appeared from his back took on the form of massive black pillars making it look like he had wings suddenly the wing like things launched at me as he said "sorry they tend to do that when I'm with somebody" he held out his hand as he put them away albeit with a fair amount of difficulty saying "I'm Ryuusei Sakamoto" I took his hand saying "hey Ryuusei why don't I introduce you to some very like minded people" he took a moment to consider as the Wings reappeared 

Ryuusei Sakamoto 

Quirk- Dark Matter

His Quirk allows him to create constructs made entirely out of dark matter ranging from bladed weapons to pseudo wings the downside is the more of his power he uses the less control he can retain over his own sanity.

As the wings disappeared we heard police siren's making me say "come with me and I'll show you people who can give you a place of belonging" he sad "it wouldn't hurt to check it out I guess" we both ran as I got ready to call Ujiko.

Back at the hideout 

I arrived with Ryuusei saying "I'll let them know your here just stay here for now" he said "k" this should be fun as I left he put in some earphones to listen to music I called out "guy's I will got a young hopeful" Daddy said "Nise find you've brought some trashy thug I'm setting him on fire" Mommy said "Dab's don't" she came up as I pointed at Ryuusei saying "he's the one" Ryuusei took out his earphones as he said "you guys have no idea how much I've wanted to meet you" he did a respectful bow as Muscular said "I'll see if he's tough" he entered his muscled up form as he leapt at Ryuusei only for Ryuusei to blast him aside with his wing like construct saying "I'm sorry for hurting you like that" as the others got their weapons ready Muscular said "calm down guy's this kid's the real deal" he exited his form as Daddy said "he might be of use afterall" Morpheus said "his Quirk is certainly interesting" at that moment the clone Tomura arrived as he demanded "what the hells this racket" he decayed a loose pillar out of anger as we all explained what was going on.

Once we were done explaining everything the clone Tomura said "he could be of use" he got up saying "Morpheus how's the convoy looking" Morpheus replied with "it's going as planned shall we ambush" Ryuusei asked "um is something wrong" I said "it's an old ally we plan to reclaim that's why we launched that attack yesterday" he said "so that Nomu attack was a diversion that's genius kind of like in the final battle with Deku and the pros twenty years ago when you had Nomus attack across the nation" we all looked at him as he said "what I researched you guy's a lot" Tomura said "let's bring the new kid on this job he can prove himself In the field" Morpheus said "and I'll focus on gathering up more recruits" we all grabbed our gear to go save Mr Compress it's a shame Morphy can't come then again with a quirk like his he isn't much use in a fight.

Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Nise's pov

Above the highway

I stood with the rest of the League as I asked "so Compy is going through this highway" Tomura said "he will be and with luck the rest of the gang should be" Dabi said "luck huh that's not how the real Tomura would think he'd act based upon facts" the clone said "show some" Dabi cut him off saying "respect I respect the true Tomura Shigaraki not you as far as I'm concerned your just a crappy cosplayer" Mommy said "both of you focus it's about to arrive" we got ready as Ryuusei prepared his wings I have to say they are pretty cool.

As the prison van came Mommy said "three, two......ONE" we all jumped as Twice made copies of Daddy while Muscular made himself get bigger while Ryuusei said "is killing on the table" I said "Ryuusei were Villains killing is what we do" he said "fair enough" we landed on the ground with multiple police cars being overturned as a result of Muscular landing on the ground as multiple riot officers fired at him he charged them saying "come at me piggys" as he fought them Daddy said "Nise, Sakamoto guard the clone while he decay's the door down" I said "alright Daddy" I noticed he smirked a bit as he fired multiple fire bolts at policemen Daddy is so cool so is Mommy as well as he said me and Ryuusei went with the clone to get Mr Compress out.

As we waited Ryuusei said while using his wings and other constructs "you know Toga this is more fun than I thought" I threw a knife at a policeman saying "I know right" he slammed two guards against the wall saying "that's right kneel your weak I'm strong so KNEEL" blood started gushing out of the guards as he swung his wings about violently if we aren't careful he might rip Compy apart before we have the chance to save him as Ryuusei's wings swung about he let out a maniacal laughter while overturning everything he could I asked "Ryuusei what the hell is this" he said while blood emerged from his eyes "this is EUPHORIC holding all this power aahahahaha" he created multiple constructs as I went up after evading them and slapped him saying "get it together" he suddenly toned it down saying "did I" I said "your power is more dangerous than I thought" he said "sorry but anyways let's get back to rescuing your" the clone stopped him as he removed the door.

As the door came loose we saw Mr Compress in a straitjacket as he said "are we there yet" Mommy came up saying "Compress they didn't hurt you did they" he said as he got let out "a few bumps and bruises here and there but nothing that won't heal" he looked at me saying "oh my Nise-chan you've grown into such a fine young lady last I saw you was when you were but a naked babe" I said "I've missed you Compy" Daddy then said "let's go" he lead us away as we got ready for teleportation.

At the hideout 

As we arrived at the hideout Compress said "my my it's been a while since I was free" Daddy managed to undo the straitjacket as he moved his arm about as he said "now then how has everything been" Mommy then said "first of this is your I believe" she handed him his prosthetic arm as he reattached it to him he looks so much better now he moved his arm about to readjust to it as Mommy explained everything that's happened lately until Morpheus came in all bloodied and beaten saying "guy's the cops are onto us" we all panicked as he said "I don't know how but they know we've been hiding out here" Ryuusei said after we all panicked "I'll act as a decoy" we all looked at him as he said "think about it if I hold them back then you have a shot at escaping and if I get captured then so be it I'm jus the new guy" I said "Ryuusei you don't" he stopped me saying "Toga you've given me a place to belong and I've barely been here for a day so really this is the absolute least I can do for you all" he then left as Morpheus told him were to go he barely knows us yet he's ready to risk his life for us all damn he's admirable but still I'm not going to let him throw away his life so soon I then grabbed my knives as I chased after him.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Ryuusei's pov

As I left the hideout I found a spot to hide so I could get a good look at the hero's attacking us damn Pinky, Red Riot, Uravity Ground Zero and freaking Shoto this is just great as I stood in position I generated my wings saying "heya bitch-tit's how's it hanging" I fired my wings at Red Riot as he attempted to block Ground Zero asked "who the fuck are you brat" I had a smirk as I said "I'm the new guy shall we say" I then retracted my wings and formed a series of tornadoes as they overturned multiple police car's with me laughing manically in the process this power ahahahah I was an idiot to reject it ahaahahahahahaah as the power I made poured out I felt blood slip down my eyes as I said "come at me bastard's" Uravity tried attacking me as I battered her aside suddenly she said "release" at that moment a set of waste bins fell down while I began trying to block their descent.

As the bins fell I suddenly noticed blue flames as Dabi said "kid leave the hair-brained schemes to me" Nise came up saying to me "Ryuusei we weren't just going to let you fight alone" as I felt her hand on my cheek she said "now let's kill these Pro's together" me, her and Dabi stood guard as I said after regaining some of my sanity "do we have a plan" Dabi said "Twice, Compress, Himiko and fake-kun are getting all our gear out afterwards Ujiko is going to warp us out of here" I said "on it" I began holding them off by slamming my wings down upon Pinky repeatedly stay down stay down stay down as the wings slammed Red Riot cried out "MINA" she was now bloodied and battered as Riot called out Red Riot Unbreakable I watched as he transformed into a more monsteous version of himself with him muttering "you hurt Mina now your gonna pay" he charged at me and Nise as I said "get back ARGH" while I carried on fighting him with my wings Ground Zero called out "Shity hair cut it out already" he detonated an explosion as I heard a voice all villains despise Delaware Smash Air force Deku stood as Dabi said "ah shit" we all stood ready as he looked down on us.

As he looked down on us he said "I'm sorry I got here late guy's" he suddenly made black tendrils and pulled Pinky aside saying "Kamui Woods please get her out of here" Woods then carried her away as he asked "so the League has a new member" Uravity came up being partially beaten as she said "Deku be safe this new kid is no joke" I with my wings at my side said "come on then Deku" I launched them at him as he performed a series of kicks at them so this is the symbol of hope ready to fight can't say I'm impressed as I launched the wings I bearly managed to hold my own against him as Dabi said "kid's now" I felt black liquid burst from my mouth as did Dabi and Nise while I we had the liquid around us a group of Nomus came out and attacked the Pro's.

At an unknown location

As we landed I said "what the hell is wrong with you Ujiko" he said "oops" I grunted as I looked around look's like everyone's fine at that moment Muscular asked the million dollar question of "how the hell did they find us" Compress came up saying "I'm at fault my friends the straightjacket I was bound with had a tracking beacon" Himiko said "it's not your fault" at that moment the fake Tomura came up saying "what the hell is this place" I looked around to see it was a massive warehouse like environment at that moment a series of lights came on as Ujiko said "this is the League's evolution" inside the containers that were in the warehouse were Nomu looking creatures as Ujiko said "everyone has a hobby mine just happens to involve making these things" I went down a series of stairs as we looked at them these thing's are amazing and how many does he have 100 no mabye even a 1000 this is just too good Dabi looked at the panel for one of them as he said "Muscle Densification, Kinetic Booster, Kinetic Absorption, Flame Breath, Acidic Touch and that's just a couple on this one thing" he turned to Ujiko asking "hey Doc where the hell did you find the Quirks nevermind time to make these" he said "they were meant to be a surprise for when we got the real Tomura out of jail but I suppose I can let you people have a little peak" I then looked on as the others admired Ujiko's creations.

Meanwhile at UA High 

Toshiro's pov

With us having cleared the physical half of the final exams we all sat in the lounge as I said "man I'm beat" Okimi said "well you shouldn't have been lazy Toshi-brat" I chuckled as I noticed a blush on her face she's so cool at that moment Manna's phone rang as she picked up only to then look as if she had just died inside Hitomu asked "Manna what's wrong please" she said "My Mom she's been hospitalised in a Villain attack" I got a text from Dad saying that Mom was also in hospital thanks to them at that moment I cried out "those SHIT'S" I hit my hand against the floor out of frustration as Manna cried her eyes out this is all my fault if I'd been there and taken the blow for her then mabye just mabye Mom would be fine damn damn damn damn as Manna carried on crying Hitomu patted her back to reassure her as Okimi said "Toshi I'm sorry for this" I after making sure my hand wasn't broken said "it's not your fault Oki" I picked up my jacket saying "if you don't mind me then I'm just going to hit the hay now" everyone nodded as I left with luck the summer camp will take my mind off things.

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for Super moves

Toshiro's pov

On the bus 

Me and my class sat in the bus as we waited to go to the camp I was currently sitting at the back next to Okimi and Hitomu as I said "this should be fun" I stretched my arms out as I looked on daww look at Robert and Kira snuggling into one another and then theirs Kasai being as antisocial as ever at that moment Okimi asked me "hey Toshi I've gotta a question" she had a huge blush on her face as I asked "sure what is it" she asked "say in a totally hypothetical situation I had an attraction to some guy what would you recommend" I said jokingly "Oki you know better than anyone I've had no experience in the field of love so I couldn't give you a good answer and besides why's the resident smut reader asking things like that" liar liar liar my pants are on fire she then said "your inexperienced in all fields nevermind love Toshi-brat" she had a smirk as I chuckled at her comment.

As the bus came around a corner Hitomu said "and push" he pushed me into Okimi causing me to land on her as he said "what it was the bus turning that did that not me" he chuckled as I realised I had landed with one hand on Okimi's breast three, two and a one she yelled "GET OFF ME IDIOT" she detonated explosions as I fell back with everyone laughing at me I said "Hito you little" he whistled as Okimi grabbed my collar with me saying "Oki please let's just" she glared at me uh oh I know that look it's not her usual fierce but pretty look it's her I'm going to cut off your balls and make you eat them look she said "Toshi Toshi Toshi how can I kill you I" fortunately Yuga called out "we've arrived" the bus then stopped as Okimi said "you live for now Toshi" we then left to go outside the bus.

As we stood outside I said "but there's nothing here" Yuga then said "because your camp's over there" he pointed to a massive dome like building in the distance as I asked "Aoyama-sensei isn't this a bit far" at that moment a group emerged as they said "that's because you'll be running there" I looked to see Uncle Tenya had appeared with his team as he said "ah Toshi hello" I hugged him as I said "it's been a while Uncle Tenya" he said "sorry to cut this short but we must get a move on" he looked at his watch as he said "it's 10:40 now and it you go at the correct pace them you should make it by 13:00" I along with everyone else looked confused as one of the members of Uncle Tenya's team made a blast of energy sending us off the cliff what the hell is with this school.

After falling for a bit we eventually hit the ground as I asked "is everyone alright" May who was currently carrying Kira, Akira and Yusuke with Abyssal shadow said "I'm good" Hitomu rubbed his head as he said "owww" everyone else got up as we were all accounted for good well it was good until Naoto pointed out "guys are there meant to be gigantic mechanical T-rex's in a forestry environment" I said "not usually why" he said "oh goody THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY" he pointed to as he described it a gigantic mechanical T-rex as I said "alright we can do this Oki, May and Naoto smash em to bits, Chimon see if you can't fry it's circuitry while Tsukishima you cover him" I high fived Rikka saying "you'll need this a whole lot more than me" she left with my Quirk as I handed her my keyring Hitomu said "I've got your back buddy" me and him ran ahead while we tried avoiding our mechanical opponent's since I was unable to fight back fully.

Much much later that day

Eventually we got to the dome like building that we were meant to go to as I said "I win I'm a genius ahrgh" I vomited in a corner as I was barely able to stand up properly geez and I thought Mr Endeavour worked me hard during work placement as I finally stopped Yuga said "it's 16:00 right now" we all cried out "OH COME ON" we then collapsed as we were just too damn exhausted it's official worst trip ever and it hasn't even been a day yet.

In the boy's room's that night 

After the hellish trip here and us finally getting a rest in the hot springs we were lead to our rooms as Yusuke asked "ok it's time to ask the elephant in the room who's got a crush on who" Naoto said "what are you a twelve year old girl" Akira said "I don't know Todoroki this might be fun at least until lights out" as we looked at eachother Hitomu said "I'll come clean first" he looked at me saying "I've got a crush on Manna there I said it now next up" we all looked at Fugaku as I asked "so Mondo how's Rikka been" he said "she's been great thanks for asking" he whistled as we moved onto Akira who blushed a bit despite him being a snake he said "umm hi" he pulled at his collar as I said "May's right behind you" he jumped out of his skin as he said "huh oh um hi May you wait a minute" he held his head down as he admitted "alright I might have a bit of an attraction to May and I might want to be more than a friend to her but I'm not saying anymore" say's the one who decided we should try this to begin with the guys then looked at me as Hitomu asked "so buddy who've you got a thing for" Fugaku then said "I bet it's Otsuka he likes she seems his type" Yusuke then said "what no definitely Koko" shhhit keep it together green bean I then heard Hitomu say "it's gotta be Okimi who else could it be" I got such a shock that I felt from my bed as I said "what's why I'm um damn it" I held my head down as I suddenly said really fast "OK I REALLY REALLY LOVE OKIMI I HAVE SINCE WE WERE LITTLE KIDS AND I WANNA SPEND ALL MY LIFE WITH HER I THINK SHE'S REALLY CUTE YET ALSO COOL AND IS SOMEBODY WHO'D RISK HER LIFE FOR YOU" I took a breath as all the boys stood surprised over what I said with Hitomu saying "well" Akira said "damn" Kasai then shouted "IT'S LIGHT'S OUT NOW LET ME HAVE MY SLEEP" we all got ready to go to bed till Kira said "wait guy's where's Hyate" we all looked around as best we could for him.

Meanwhile in the forest 

Nobodys pov

As the boys looked for Hyate the resident invisible boy said "guy's hello" he looked about seeing that he'd been left behind only for him to mutter "when we get back to school they'll know how difficult it is having an invisible stalker" he then marched through the woods trying to find his way to the camp.

Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for Super moves

Toshiro's pov

The day after

With breakfast now over and done with we all got ready for the day ahead as I said to Hyate "sorry again man" he didn't say a word as he kept facing forward trust our class to loose the invisible boy at that moment Uncle Tenya came out as he said "alright students as you may have guess you aren't her for fun and games instead your here for training" ah come on he then pushed a button as he said "these are the ways we shall train you have fun" we then got lead by Yuga as we saw Class 1-B already undergoing training as I said "the amount of Human rights violations this school could get shut down for" at that moment I was out in the room for my training mine can't be half as bad as the others they were as seen on the screen:

  1. Toshiro- For him he has to lift multiple shipping containers at once in order to increase the amount and weight capacity of objects he can lift
  2. Okimi- She has too make multiple explosions in rapid succession in order to increase both the power of them as well as her own resistance to them
  3. Hitomu- He's doing a series of vocal excises to increase the range and potency of his Marionette Quirk
  4. Kira- he's being dunked in and out of water in order to increase his breathing capacity while underwater and to improve his control while underwater 
  5. Hagartaro- He's being placed in a room with low oxygen so that he can try to improve his speed of creating it in order to survive 
  6. Akira- He's training with Hyate to improve his senses while also being able to improve on his own stealth skills
  7. Hyate- already mentioned above
  8. Naoto- He has to rapidly switch between his fire and ice to accommodate for a room with a constantly shifting temperature all the while increasing his own switching speed
  9. Rikka- She's being granted a number of Quirks from both classes A and B so that she can train her adaptability with them as well as her ability to mix and match them
  10. Fugaka- He's having his vines pulled at repeatedly so that he can improve the tensile strength of them
  11. Robert- He's simply having to train his speed at molding his body's elasticity
  12. Koko- She's doing a huge weightlifting exercise in order to improve her  overall grip strength and muscle mass in all her arms
  13. Koji- He's being exposed to periodic blasts of pesticides in order to increase his and that of his bug's resistance to them
  14. Yusuke- He's having to train his Quirks weight limit essentially 
  15. Kasai- He's doing some resilience training for his Quirk by being exposed to a room with hot air
  16. May- She's being locked in a dark room to improve her control over Abyssal shadow
  17. Otsuka- She's working to improve her overall control over Eclipse Shadow
  18. Manna- She's hitting multiple iron walls to increase the cutting power and durability of her Quirk
  19. Uchū- He's just training the resilience of his wings for multiple purposes
  20. Chimon- He's being strapped to a car battery in order to increase his electrical resistance and output

As I stepped into the room I put my gauntlets on as I said "this should be fun" I started by trying to lift one container as I found myself struggling a little and worse yet it's empty I eventually got a grip on it as I then began trying to lift the other one as it began taking its toll on me already damn it as I lifted it I felt myself falling onto one knee as I said "this is SHIT" with that sudden burst of power I threw them both into the air as I said "sorry" Uncle Tenya said o we the intercom "you do know we had bricks placed into that thing" I then hit my head against the wall before resuming training.

That afternoon

With us having done training for the day we all sat in the mess hall as I said "good grief that was hard" Okimi said "this is the worst thing ever Toshi-brat" Hitomu didn't talk as he was still recovering from his training till Hinata one of the boys from Class 1-B came up saying "if you think that's bad I had to get my body battered by pistons" I said "your Rin right" he nodded as he said "it's nice to meet you Midoriya" at that moment another student said "Hinata stop making friends with those usurpers" the boy who called that out had short creamy blond hair with purple eye until Hinata said "oh come now Takahiro what's the worst that could happen" they both flipped eachother off as Hinata said "when we get back to school I was hoping we could spar at some stage Midoriya" I shook his hand saying "sure" he then left as I got back to the others.

With training now over and done with we all sat in the hot springs as Hitomu said "this is the life" me and the rest of the boys relaxed as I said "this is paradise" as I lay back Akira let out a relaxing sigh this is the best feeling in the world *boom* I said "nevermind" we looked up to see Yusuke falling from the sky as Okimi shouted "DON'T FUCKING PEEP ON US AGAIN PERV" I nodded at Hagartaro as he made a series of wind currents to break his fall with Yusuke saying "hey guy's" Naoto simply said "and here I thought I would be doing the dumb shit on the trip" we then resumed relaxing well into the night.

Hitomu's pov

After the boy's were done in the springs I left to grab myself a drink from the vending machine as I said "work dumb thing" if only my Quirk did it's thing on vending machines but NOOOO it just had to be computers or robots it affects along with people at that moment somebody familiar said "MANNA KICK" Manna kicked it causing two drinks to fall as I have her one saying "thanks" she took it from my hand as she suddenly said "thank you" I looked at her as she said "for supporting me when Mommy got hospitalised and for visiting with me" I patted her shoulder saying "hey Manna it's no trouble" she's so cute as we sat down the glass roof exposed the stars with Manna asking "do you ever think they get lonely the stars I mean" I looked at her asking "in what way Manna" she said "it's just when you look at them they seem so close yet at the same time they're so far apart from eachother" I took a drink saying "I never really thought they got lonely" she let out a little "eh" as I said "because in the end they can still shin brightly to remind eachother they're there" Manna looked as if she could cry when she put her drink down.

As she set her drink down I asked "Manna did I say something wrong are you oh man" damn damn damn what would Toshi do wait bad idea what do the dating sims say wait it's usually a game over screen at this point fuuuuuck she then said "Hito can I be honest" I ruffled her hair saying "of course you can we're purple buddies afterall" I still can't believe she made that comparison based on her costume and my hair she then said "Hito I love you" she had a purple blush on her face as she said "I fell for you a while ago and since then I've felt like we are the stars as your right next to me yet your so far away from me at the same time" I pulled her in for a hug as I said "Manna you should have said" I then held my hand underneath her chin as I said "I'll show you how I feel" she while still crying let me pull her in for a kiss we didn't do anything considered erotic or sensual it was just a pure and simple kiss but also one that showed how we felt as out lips parted she said "Hito I" I said "I love you Manna Ashido, I love your optimistic and upbeat attitude, I love your unique skin tone and the way it goes purple whenever you blush, I love how confident you are in a fight but most of all I love you for you" she stopped crying as she said "Hitomu I didn't" I said while hugging her "it'll be fine Manna" she said "alright then" as we got ready to leave she said "you do realise thanks to you my first kiss tasted of grape soda" I chuckled at my now girlfriends comment as we walked back to the others ah Manna her skin is so warm and gentle.

Meanwhile in the forest 

Nobody's pov

While the UA students prepared for lights out a group of familiar people stood along with some new faces as Nise said "so this is the place" Ryuusei said "looks like it" as they began walking Akahiro one of the new members said "this should be fun" while Morpheus said "are you all ready for this" Ryuusei said "we didn't waste a month's worth of funds to chicken out now" ah Ryuusei you've grown into such a great Villain in such little time was all Nise could think as they stood a few minutes from the dome Ryuusei said "Sentinel Assault Squadron it's time to move out" while there plans right now are a mystery the one thing anyone would know is that it's nothing good.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

That night 

*Snore* *snore* I held my pillow over my ears as Akira snored his lungs out I swear to God I'm going to suffocate his serpentine ass if he doesn't shut up as he snored I tried my best to get to sleep till *crack* I got up as I noticed the guys didn't hear a thing so I snuck out to go investigate come on Toshi you didn't ace Metal Gear solid for nothing. As I walked I saw nobody out until somebody said "what the hell Toshi-brat" I said "Oki what're you doing up this late" she said "what are you doing up this late" she stuck her tounge out at me as she said "I heard a noise so I wanted to find out who and May kept going Squark" her too huh I said "well let's check it out together and wait a minute is that the bunny onesie I got you" she blushed a little saying "NN no let's just investigate" I knew it Oki.

Me and Okimi walked about until I said "Oki get down" I pushed her aside as I got hit by a black construct is this May or Otsuka no the pain in this is more sharp than that so is it something else Okimi detonated an explosion that freed me as I said "thanks" me and her stood by eachothers side's as a unwanted voice I recognise said "Mido-kun heya" Nise came up and did a little dance as she said "what're you doing up so late it's unhealthy my darling" her saying that got Okimi mad for some reason as I said "Toga-san what're you doing here" a unknown boy came up saying "oh we came to kill you guy's is all" the guy standing before us had silvery white hair and scarelet red eyes while wearing a black denim hoodie Nise said "Ryuusei don't spoil our fun already pretty please" how the hell did Kasai deal with her for a sister the boy who I now knew as Ryuusei said "Padagrim if you would" at that moment a huge Nomu looking creature with blue skin came out as it said "yes boss" it charged at inhuman speeds as I said "get down" me and Okimi dodged as she threw me a screw that came loose just what I need I took a hold of it as I held my fist ready.

As I let the magnetic energy flow around me I said "Oki make as big a bang as you can" she asked "what about you though" I said "nevermind that just do it" Explosion-Extravaganza the explosions went everywhere as she went all out against Padagrim causing the alarms to sound in the process take that League of shit's as the alarms rang and rang Ryuusei shouted "Nise with me, Akahiro, Morpheus, Necros divide and conquer" some of the Villains split up as Ryuusei then said "Padagrim begin Hero Hunt" Padagrim lost interest in me and Okimi as Ryuusei said "now then Toshiro Midoriya shall we fight" I managed to grab a bit of metal that came loose during the fight with Padagrim as I said "then bring it" Mag Blast as him and Nise got sent flying I said "for now let's hold them here" Brilliant Blazing Shot a set of yellow flames came out from behind us as Kasai said "I'm not sure what's pissed me off more the fact that she's here or the fact that you idiot's woke me up" he made a small flame over his hand as he said "Midoriya Nise is mine you and Bakugo can have the other clown" he then charged to go face Nise while the alarms still sounded.

As we faced Ryuusei he let loose some black constructs from his back as Nise said "be careful Ryuusei you know how volatile you can get with your wings" wait a second black wing like constructs, a silvery white haired boy don't tell me I said "your the one who hurt Uravity and Pinky aren't you" he tried to slam me with his wings as he said "so smart aren't you Midoriya" I gestured to Okimi to try to get him from the side while I held him from the front Mag Blast the magnetic energy struck him as I tried to keep him in place at least until help could arrive.

As I fought him off he kept manically laughing until I heard Art Of Seduction I asked "Aoyama-sensei is that" he said "I'm right here Midoriya" he fired some more blasts from his Quirk as I asked "who else is coming" he said "within the hour we should have Tsukiyomi, Froppy and Hawk's with us" I said "so we just need to hold out till then" he nodded until Ap Shot Okimi fired at Ryuusei as he clearly felt the pain until he slammed the wings into her sending her towards me he then hit her a bit with them causing her to bleed no no no Oki Oki Oki Oki I ran up and held her hand as she said "damn that was *cough* shit" I pulled her closer saying "don't go Oki please" she was starting to loose consciousness as I said "Oki no please" I cried out "Okimi I love you please don't go" I tried to help her as I said "I can't live without please don't go Oki" she then closed her eyes no no no at that moment I felt something in her chest wait that thud she's alive her heart is still beating Yuga took her pulse as he said "she's alive but she's unconscious" I picked her up as he said "that was brave of you to tell her Toshiro now then get her and your classmates to safety" he went to go face Ryuusei as I carried Okimi's body in my arms.


Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

An hour into the assault

Me and my classmates had been trying to survive this nightmare for a while now as I had to evade anymore encounters with the Villains although the biggest concern for me right now was that off Okimi who was currently unconscious in my arms it should have been me not her she's the strong one out of the two of us not me damn it damn it all at that moment I found Hitomu who said "Toshi what happened" I tightened my grip on Okimi as I said "Oki got hurt but I'm alright and Kasai is fighting that Nise girl alone" Akira came along as he said "we need a fallback point otherwise we won't survive the night" I nodded as I held onto Okimi even when she's unconscious she's still so cool no bad Toshi don't think like that now you need to focus I began following my classmates.

As we walked away we suddenly got met by a monstrosity I had hoped we could avoid appeared as Akira asked "what the hell is that" I said "get back" as we evaded I said "it's a thing called Padagrim it's with the League right now so watch out" we dodged as Akira tried to look for a weak point until Padagrim grabbed a metal beam since Akira had dodged wait the beam I looked as the beam began melting as I said "oh come on man give us a break" at that moment I heard somebody familiar arrive Flashfreeze Heatwave Naoto blasted Padagrim away as he said "sorry I'm late guy's" however at that moment Padagrim lunged at Naoto and grabbed the left side of his face making him scream in pain "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" I cried out "NAOTO" I put Okimi down and blasted Padagrim saying "get away from him" Padagrim got ready for another attack as it inhaled oh crud I could have died at that moment until Ketsuketsu showed up saying "get lost Nomu" he delivered a punch to its face as he said "run" we followed him as I carried Okimi while Hitomu carried Naoto.

At the main office

Eventually we got to the others as I said "Oki and Naoto have been injured" I handed Okimi's body over to Rikka as Manna hugged Hitomu saying "Hito I'm so glad your safe" I looked at the others saying "somebody barricade the door" Ketsuketsu and Hinata began putting a number of objects from tables to a few cabinets while we began tending to our wounded Otsuka then asked "wait where's Yuba" I said "he's fighting Nise" however a voice said "wrong" he threw Kasai's bloodied and battered body on the floor as he said "he went down like a pussy" he then made a orange like substance in his hands as he said "now let's get this over with" he was about to throw it when suddenly an icy wall stopped him as Naoto said "hot stuff coming through" he gripped his arms as Hitomu got him to safety although Otsuka stood with an enraged expression.

As she stood she said "you bastard" she began walking forward as she panted heavily saying "don't you dare waltz in here and attack MY classmates at MY summer camp thinking you can beat ME" she summoned Eclipse Shadow as she began furiously pounding into our attacker while May said "Sis please don't do this" Otsuka said "forgive me May" she resumed her assault's as the Villain failed to hold her off Hinata then asked "should we help her" Akira said "do you want to be made into burger meat" he whistled as if he tried to feign innocence as Otsuka kept up her pounding I felt light headed as I suddenly hit the floor and watched as the world went dark.

As I woke up I saw I wasn't in the camp anymore since this area looked like school did I walked about as I suddenly got surrounded by my classmates as Koji said "he's unwanted and let's face it that's rich coming from me" Koko said "Greeny couldn't even fight me properly" she used an additional arm to smack me aside as Hitomu came up as I said "Hito please" he said "why didn't I just use my Quirk to make you fuck off as a kid" Okimi said "to think little itty bitty Toshi-brat loves me ahahahahahha that's hilarious he thinks he's worthy of me" she began detonating explosions at me as I tried to evade them guys why I then got hit by a fist in the face as Akira said "get lost Midoriya" Fugaku then appeared saying "he's a reject having a different Quirk to his Daddy" he pretended to cry as he said "wanna tissue Wawa" I heard the others laughing as the world shifted.

As it shifted it moved to my house as my Mom hit me shouting "GET OUT" I ran as she threw objects at me Mom please why why are doing this once I got out I saw Okimi and Hitomu french kissing as they parted saying "oh it's him again" Hitomu asked "what was his name again Yoshiro, Jugo ah man it's on the tip of my tounge" Okimi said "all I remember is that he always stalked us as kids" they laughed as I ran away saying "stop it stop it I HATE THIS" I screamed as I let out a burst of magnetic energy saying "I FUCKING HATE IT I JUST WANNA BREAK EVERYTHING" tears streamed down my face as Nise and Ryuusei stood before me saying "come on Toshi these people won't accept you" Nise said "come along me and the others will accept you no matter what" she had a faint smile as Ryuusei said "sure some of the League can be a little idiotic but we still love eachother" I held my hand to reach them when suddenly I heard somebody else.

As I listened I heard my Dad say "hey Toshi" he smiled as he sat down saying "why the long face big man" he patted my head as I said "Dad everyone hates me" he said "not everyone hates you" he held out his hand saying "I still love you son even if the world's against you so come on let's go home" I took his hand as I felt myself waking up.



Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

A week later 

In an unnamed hospital

I woke up as I felt my eyes fluttering due to the light what the heck happened as I looked about I saw I was no longer in the camp but in a hospital room as Hitomu was sitting by waiting on a chair he said "Toshi my God I'm so glad your up" he ran up and gave me a friendly hug as I cried my eyes out saying "Hito do you hate me" he told me "Toshi your my best friend no scratch that your my brother as far as I'm concerned so I wouldn't ever hate you" he patted my back as he pulled up the chair.

As he pulled up the chair he said "well a lot happened while you were out" I asked like what" he said "well Naoto suffered acid burns equivalent to that of sulphuric acid to his faces left side he hasn't left the operating theatre though so no telling if he'll make it, Manna is hurt but she'll recover, Oki is out cold, Otsuka is shaken up an awful lot since she nearly killed the Villain she attacked and Yuba is well he's hurt but he's not admitting he is" he held his head down as he asked "sadly the Villains their true goal was Gigantomcia the camp was little more than a distraction for the Pro's" damn it everyone got hurt in so many ways and what did I do sit about in bed while they suffered damn it damn it all I got up to and said "Hito where's Oki" he tried to set me back down saying "please Toshi" I told him "Hito I need to talk with her if I don't then I'll never forgive myself I said something I can't take back" he led me away saying "you confessed didn't you" even though I stayed silent it was enough for him to know the truth.

Eventually we got to Okimi's room as he said "I'm gonna go see Manna" I nodded as I walked to Okimi's bedside as she lay there cold I said "heya Oki I'm here" she naturally didn't respond as I said "it's been a well it's been eventful the mess that happened to us" I couldn't help but cry as I said "Oki please wake up I need you for this I can't do this without you" I held her hand as I cried into her more and more only then feeling her hand twitch wait is she as she woke up she screamed "GET LOST TOSHI-BRAT I WAS HAVING A NAP" she made an explosion as I got away only to say "Oki I'm so happy your awake" I couldn't help but hug her as she tried to struggle at first but in the end she got into it pretty easily as I held on tight.

As I held her I I explained the situation to her as best as I could as she said "fuck it all" I laughed as I heard her say that till she asked "hey Toshi" I looked at her as she asked "when I lost consciousness I heard you say something to me but I didn't quite get it" oh shit I admittedly lied as I said "I told you to get your ass up again" she laughed saying "idiot I should tell you that" me and her laughed on as I spent some more time with her this isn't the right time to tell her not yet.

After me and Okimi were done talking I heard the door open up as our classmates came in with Akira saying "Toshi are you ok" I sighed saying "I'll bear it" he nodded as we were all under the same amount of pressure as eachother until Naoto came up saying "Polariy I'm sorry I didn't do more at the camp" I told him "Naoto it's fine you did everything you could" Naoto said "not everything" he looked up to show he now has a burn mark around his left eye as he said "thanks to Kira's Mom I was able to get my eye patched up but I kept the scare" we all turned to him as he said "I told the doctor's I just wanted to highlight my coolness but really it's to remind myself that I'm not invincible" he ran his hand near it as he said "sorry guys" he left as Hagartaro said "Toshi will we make it through the year" I said "Hagartaro I don't know for once in my life I don't know" I got up to leave as I looked at the date it's funny really today's the anniversary of the attack on the summer camp Mom and Dad went to.

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

A few weeks later back at school

Me and my classmates walked into the Gym Gamma as Yuga said "now then everyone I'm sure your dying to know what your all doing here" he clapped his hands as Midnight, Cementoss, Ectoplasm and Vlad King all came out as Yuga said "you'll be training your super moves for the license exam that'll be happening in three weeks" Ectoplasm made clones as he said "I'll be observing you all this way" as we all left to begin training Yuga said "also your all free to ask the Support Department for help in making support items that could help you" I left as I held my head down a little with luck I'll be able to protect everyone in the exam unlike last time as I walked Okimi said with a slight blush "hey Toshi" her blush got a little brighter as she said "I'm rooting for you alright" she before marching off "but I'll do better of course" I smiled as she left she's a nice girl at the end of the day.

As I began training with one of the Ectoplasm clones I remembered the advice Mr Endeavour gave me during my work placement with him I've been practicing this for a while now is the time to see if it'll work I held my hands steady by my head as I said Magnetic Slicer I released a thin blade of magnetic energy that cut through the concrete effortlessly as I heard Uchū call out "I don't wanna be bird food" I called out "sorry man" I noted what happened as I said "I've gotta find a way to limit it's power output without rendering it useless" Ectoplasm said "I'm sure you'll find a way Midoriya" me and him then resumed training for a while.

At lunch time 

Me, Hitomu, Manna, Okimi, May, Akira and Hagataro all arrived at the Support Department to try requesting new items Manna said "I'll try getting some sleeves like what Daddy has" she densed up her arm as she said "it wouldn't help if I hurt somebody close to me" Hitomu held her as she returned her arm to normal saying "I've got your back Princess" she kissed him on the cheek saying "thanks my Prince" we got to the door till *boom* we all got launched back as I said Magnetic Flux I then said "get ready guys" as the smoke cleared a figure left as she said "Toshi" ah crap I got pinned to the floor as I said "um hi Auntie Mei" she looked down at me as she said "it's been too long" helllp I looked to the side as Akira and Hitomu were taking a video on their phones while Okimi, Manna and May didn't know what to do Hagartaro tried to sneak away till Auntie Mei said "nice try Windy" she dragged him into the workshop as she began showing off various gadgets that would fit with his Quirk dang it.

After we got Auntie Mei off Hagartaro's back and let Hound dog do his usual reprimading thing I talked with Power loader about modificatons that I needed for my costume he said "so more armour around the legs and shoulders, a bit of protection around the chest area anything else" I said "yeah actually" I got a spare bit of paper as I said "I was wondering if you could develop some kind of shooting gear for my Quirk" I explained how Magnetic Flux works as he said "so you need something that gives you more metal when your in a area lacking I said metal hmm" he pulled out some blueprints as he said "if I recall correctly the Pro hero Chargebolt requested something similar when he was a student" he closed it up saying "I'll see what I can do" I bowed my head as I left. 

Later that night in the dorms

I was currently sitting on my bed until I heard a knock at the door as I said "it's open" Okimi then came in wearing the same bunny onesie from the trip as I said "what's up Oki" she said "Toshi I um" she pulled me in for a hug as she said "I've been having nightmares lately and I" she cried a little as I patted her back gently asking "what have they been about Oki" I sat her down on my bed as I said "I can't guarantee I can fix the problem but I'll at least help you unload" she said "it's about the trip they always start out when I got knocked down by that Ryuusei punk" she let out more tears as she said "then all I see is him killing you and everyone else and I'm powerless to stop him" I hugged her as she bawled her eyes out with tears even hero's fall down someday's I then held her hand saying "well let me make a promise to you" I then said "even if I'm beaten from head to toe by anyone I won't go down unless you let me go down" she then looked at me as I saw those fierce yet loving eyes of hers "Oki" "Toshi" I leaned closer as I had my hand on her cheek as we nearly kissed till Akira came in and asked "hey Toshi do have a" he looked at us as he said "I'll go ask Hitomu for a phone charger" he slowly backed away as Oki said "oh would you look at the time it's fuck off Oki time bye" she left in a mad dash as I sat on the bed and hit the wall so close I was so close but NOOOOO Akira's phone had to die didn't it I buried my head in my pillow saying "rotten luck" I then cursed all night long over what happened.

Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

The day of the exam 

We were currently on the bus as I sat next to Akira and Hitomu as I asked "hey Akira how's your move coming" he said "it's pretty good although I just need to use it on a live target hiss" he had a slightly spooky grin as Hitomu said "mines going pretty well" he let out a little chuckle as Okimi said "mine um is fine yeah it's fine" she darted away from my gaze as sadly due to the other night we haven't been able to talk properly damn it why May said "we've arrived" the bus stopped as we then left.

As we got off I asked "wait are we the only Hero school" Yuga said "no we aren't but these guys don't seem so bad" a group of other Hero school's arrived as I looked at them let's see Ketsubutsu, Onigawa and Seinin highs aw no Shiketsu high and I was hoping they'd remember mine and Oki's stunt at that moment a girl came running up as she said "oooooh your Toshiro Midoriya son of Deku oh my God I'm such a big fan can I shake your hand can I" *smack* she got karate chopped on the neck as a much taller boy from Ketsubutsu said "sorry about her Maya is a bit unique shall we say" he held out his hand saying "I'm Koi Haimawari it's nice to meet you" I shook his hand saying "Toshiro Midoriya and will she be ok" he said "give her an hour" he then left as we got told where to go until Okimi wispered "do your best Toshi" she walked off with Manna as I saw her leave forgive me Oki for being such a coward.

After we'd gotten changed I stood by the others as I made sure my new equipment was properly attached as I now had a sharpshooting gear on my left gauntlet that allowed me to fire metal darts along with a eye mounted scope to make targeting easier thus allowing me to expand the range of Magnetic Flux and I now had a bandolier like thing over my chest for my gears ammo and as requested I'd gotten the armour addition as I now had better protection although it's been modified to not limit my speed I looked up to see the rules of the first phase so we've got to hit three targets that will on our bodies in order to pass and looks like we need two to eliminate somebody we were then given the targets as the announcement system said "now BEGIN" the doors opened up as we all ran out this should be alright.

As I left everyone of us ran about a woodland like area as I said "oh God" Akira asked "what is it Toshi" I said "guys we need to scatter" Kasai said "oh goody you read my mind" he left without a second thought as I said "thanks to the sport's festival they know our Qurik's" at that moment the other Hero school's appeared as May said Abyssal body- Dooming Claw as she surrounded herself with Abyssal shadow she made a claw like construct that smacked them aside I said "Hagataro would you be so kind" Gust of The Heaven's he made a massive burst of wind as it helped May out while Okimi went for them directly using her explosions I said "let's split up" *shake* I felt the ground shake as a Onigawa student said "run" the ground split as I couldn't get to the others.

As I woke up and the dust cleared I called out "guys" I wondered about a little good my gear isn't broken still I doubt I could hold out on my own in this kind of terrain at that moment I heard a coughing as I went to investigate only then seeing Rikka, Fugaku, Akira and Yusuke I asked "guys your not hurt are you" Akira shook his head about saying "I'll live hiss" we looked about as we saw none of the others as I said "oh no" I looked to see one of my targets had been hit as Akira reassured me saying "so long as you can keep the other two lit you'll be fine" all left to go look about as Rikka said "it hasn't even been ten minutes and this whole things already a shit-show" Fugaku laughed as he walked alongside her man up and confess then again that's rich coming from me.

Meanwhile in a different area 

Kasai's pov

I wondered about as I saw the devastation in the distance saying "better them then me" I kept walking until I suddenly stopped to think no this isn't heroic of me they're my classmates hell they're supposed to be my friends but I've ditched them then again when do I ever talk with them but what if Midoriya's hurt he's one of the few who understands me I should at least save him right I clenched my fist as I said "if I leave them I'll be no better than Dad and that isn't something I'd want to live knowing" I was about to double back till I heard somebody say "Yuba" I looked back to see a number of students from Ketsubutsu high as I said "I don't have time jackass's" they said "cocky shit thinking we aren't worth his time" they attempted to attack me with somebody using a ice based Quirk as I shot a bolt of fire saying "alright fine mabye you idiot's will be able to amuse me for a little" I made a smaller fire bolt in my hand as I got ready to face them hang on Midoriya.

Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Kasai's pov

I ran at the Ketsubutsu students as I fired blot after blot of fire while they made pitiful attempts at taunting me while I said "you know if you guys tried a lot harder I might actually break a sweat" one of them said "bastard" he then had one of his classmates push a gigantic boulder at me as I said Scorching Blade by molding my fire into a blade like construct I managed to slice it in two as I then said to the other students "tell me do you know what a 30,000 degree flame touching human flesh feels like" they all got scared as I suddenly heard Black Fallen Angle- Judgment Day out came claw like constructs that crushed the other students wait which Tokoyami sibling is it couldn't be May those claws were too big but at the same time it seems to tame to be the Otsuka come on think out then came Otsuka as she said "oh hello Yuba" she landed next to me as she dispelled Eclipse Shadow asking "did these bozo's give you trouble" I said "nah I just played with them a bit" she laughed as I asked "have you seen Midoriya" I ran with her as she said "I was looking for May hey why don't we look together those two are rearly apart" I nodded as we both ran alright quick confession here I might and I repeat might have what some people call a crush on Otsuka because yes as Antisocial as I am I can still fall for people it's just to me I'm not that different from Otsuka I mean hell we both have destructive Quirks that do more harm then good and were both Antisocial so as wired as it is I do feel something for her Otsuka said "for the record Yuba I think your pretty cool" I said while forcibly suppressing a blush "call me Kasai please" she said "alright Kasai" we then ran on.

On the other side of the arena 

Toshiro's pov

I had been wondering about for a little while with my group as I asked "Akira can you smell anyone" he sniffed a little as he said "oh God" he ran ahead saying "May is in danger" I followed him along with the others as we went to go investigate only to see her being surrounded I said "Akira secure May, Fugaku get Rikka some ammo, Dorobō wanna help me beat these nerds" he said "alright Midoriya" I jumped down as I got into a slight fist fight with one of them as he said "fighting Quirkless huh" Mag Blast I said "nah" as he got sent flying back Yusuke got surrounded by three guys as he suddenly pulled at a pebble that triggered a chain reaction in turn making a series of large rocks fall down that was actually a genius plan as some of them ran May said "thanks" Rikka who'd now acquired multiple Quirks said "sorry we're late" she did a dramatic hair flip as Akira said "shit they're coming for another attack" I pulled everyone in saying "I've got a plan but I'll need all of you to help" I then wispered what it was to each of them.

As we got ready to fight back I fired multiple dart's as I said Magnetic Flux I began zipping about the area as they stood confused while Akira took down the leader saying Snake Bite he'd managed to deliver a bit poison into the guys veins as he said "don't worry your only suffering from curare" he had the same sinister smirk from the bus as I called out "Fugaku now" he wrapped his vines around some of the other ones as he hung them from a tree upside down as I said "Dorobō it's all yours" he pulled at various objects on their hero costumes as he slammed them into a wall while I said "Rikka your up next" using a variety of Qurik's she said Mix and Match using her Borrowing Quirk she managed to deal damage of all kinds to them as I said "and for the grand finale May if you would" Abyssal body- Dooming Claw she smashed them aside as we took the chance to get all their targets as I said "I've got two" everyone but Yusuke said "same" he said "I just need one more and I'm safe" we all left to go find one more student for Yusuke until May came up and said "that was a genius plan Toshi" I said while running "hey I couldn't have done it without you guys" I had a goofy smile as we left I wonder if Oki's doing ok.

As we wondered about another student with a hyena like body appeared as he said "Midoriya" he leapt at me while snarling as I simply delivered a gut punch to his stomach as I said "not in the mood" he fell as I said "Dorobō he's all yours" May and Akira stood by him as he hit the targets while making sure he wasn't just playing possum I then asked "hey guy's any idea where Oki is" May said "just listen for explosions and cursing" I chuckled as Akira said "look Toshi I'm sorry I ruined your moment with her the other night" I said "it's fine Akira" Rikka after getting confused was given an explanation by Fugaku as she said "so you and Bakugo oh man ahahahhahah" she burst out laughing so much so she nearly fell to the floor as I said "yeah yeah laugh it up girly" I facepalmed as she nearly choked due to the sheer laughter of it all still I hope Oki is ok oh who am I kidding she's gonna be fine.

Meanwhile with Okimi 

Okimi's pov

I'd been wondering about with Manna, Chimon and Hitomu well I say was because currently we're being surrounded by a bunch of Onigawa student's as I said "Spark we need a way out" Ap-Shot I fired a blast as Chimon said "working on it" he electrocuted a group of students as Hitomu said "damn this ain't good" sadly he can't use his Quirk as none of them are responding to him shit suddenly it hit me as I said "hey idiots I spy with my explosive eye somebody who's green haired" they all looked about as I gave Hitomu the signal as they asked "where" suddenly they stopped as he said "now sit down and let us touch your targets" they did as ordered as we got our points Hitomu then said "now strip off and dance about like a chicken" what the fuckidy fuck is this they sadly did as he ordered as Manna said "um Hito" he walked off saying "yeah Princess" she said "what the fuck my Prince" he wrapped her hands a little with his binding cloth as he said "I'm just having a bit off fun Princess" he untied her as he walked away whistling I never thought I'd say this but I need to watch out for Hitomu Manna then asked "has he ever done something this bad with his Quirk" I said "not till now no" we walked off while being taken aback by the situation.


Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

After wondering about the arena for a while me and my group found a few more students that were easy enough to take down till *boom* I looked at May and Akira saying "Okimi" we all headed there to see she was battling some more people as I called out "Oki" she looked over as I got besides her saying "Oki when this is done I um need to talk to you" she said "let's do that after we beat these nerds" I nodded as we ran at one guy as I went for a kick to his jaw while Okimi went for his stomach she detonated an explosion saying Toshiro Cannon she launched me using the force of her explosions as I got sent flying forward saying one I was in the group Mag Blast I sent them flying although there friends regrouped till the announcer declared "TIMES UP" I got the green light on my targets as it showed I passed with me walking away with Okimi.

In the break room

Once we got ourselves a quick break Okimi asked "so what did you want to talk about" I got up as I held her hands I said "I need to say it to Okimi Bakugo not the hero in training Ignition" I removed her mask as I took a deep breath and said "Okimi Bakugo I *sigh* I'm in love with you" she went red as I said to her "I've loved you since we were children and I'll love you for a lot longer" she panted heavily as she tried to process it all as I said "forget I said" she suddenly grabbed my hand as she pulled me in for a kiss we didn't dual with our tounges nor did we do anything erotic it was just a simple yet loving kiss as I felt her holding my waist her body is so warm we eventually separated as she said "I've always loved you Toshiro Midoriya I love your stubbornness, your kind and gentle heart, that way you help other people but never demand a reward but most of all I love you because you showed me off all people kindness" I hugged her as I rested my hand on her hair while everyone clapped and cheered for me for once I'm happy this isn't a dream as we let eachother go she said "now then let's go kick some ass my Looser" I chuckled saying "of course my Evil Queen" we held hands as we got ready for the next phase.

As we stood at the entrance the rules came up on the board so pretty much we have to handle the aftermath of a disaster zone but why do I get the feeling there's more I stopped pondering it as we all ran out to begin I said "Akira, Koko and Naoto you guys go check the eastern section, Hito, Manna and May to guys go check the north, Oki, Kira and Robert with me" Hagartaro asked "what about the rest of us" I said "the rest of you try and help the other schools with the relief efforts" Kasai came alongside me saying "fuck that I'm sticking with you" I see no problem with it we then split up as Oki said "keep up Toshi" I chuckled saying "my Evil Queen is the one who needs to keep up" she had a cocky smirk on her face as I pushed ahead with Magnetic Flux and she with her explosions.

After wondering about my group found out first set of casualties near a collapsed building as I said "alright Kira I'm gonna need to you to help me carry them out, Kasai I'll need you borrow your flames to light the path, Robert, Oki I'm gonna need you both to keep any uninvited guests from blocking off our path" they all nodded as I entered the remains of the building as Kasai let a small flame dance on his hand I asked "does that not hurt" he said "only when I got blue" he held his head down as I said "I know you can pass this Yuba I'm rooting for you" I put my hand on his shoulder as he said "tha tha thanks Midoriya God that was so hard to say" I chuckled as we found out first victim's I called out "how many are there" they said "just four of gulgh" what the I went further in as a person we all know and in my case hate said "heya Mido-kun" Kasai let loose a larger flame saying "Sis" I held my fists ready as Kira tried to evacuate the civilians.

As Nise stood I said "haven't you done enough lately releasing Gigantomcia" she said "oh Giggy is just the start I wanna do more" she gigled in an excited manner I've got no time for this I nodded as Kasai said "hey Sis I've been thinking why don't you bring me back to Mom and Dad" she looked surprised as he said "please let's be the Brother and Sister team we used to be I know I've been away a while but please" she sadly caught on as she said "sorry Kasai but you've made your path clear" she tried to throw a knife as I said Magnetic Slicer as the knife got cut in half I said "nice try Toga" she however drew some more as she threw them while using the landscape to her advantage as Kasai tried firing bolts of fire at her.

While we fought Nise she kept on dodging and weaving which did nothing but get on mine and Kasai's nerves until she eventually said "oh sorry boy's I've gotta go now bye bye" she leapt through a liquid portal similar to the one from the assault on the school at the beginning of the year as Kasai said "we've got a job to do" I nodded as we left to go see the others. Once outside Okimi said "Toshi I was so worried when I heard the fighting" she ran up and hugged me as I said "aww so you do think of me Oki" she kneed me in the stomach as I chuckled saying "oww Oki" she simply chuckled as we got ready to walk away until the announcement system declared "VILLANNS ATTACKING REPEAT" the monitor's displayed the Pro hero Gevaudan and a number of his sidekicks arriving as I said "um guy's we've got two options right now" Kasai asked "and they are" I said "we could fight him and keep him off the others or we could run like a bunch of headless chickens" Oki while making a few explosions said "option 1 sounds more fun" everyone else agreed so we went ahead.

Chapter Text

Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

As me and my group aproached Gevaudan's location I said "alright Yuba keep him from escaping, Robert me and you Oki will assault the main man himself while Ki I'll need you to keep his sidekicks busy" we all nodded as I stood before him he's big I'll give him that but in the wild it's always the smarter prey that wins I began by firing some of my darts about to create myself some more openings while Oki stood by me saying "you ready my Looser" I said "anytime my Evil Queen" I had a smile that oozed confidence as I made the first move against him by going for a butterfly kick against him while Okimi got behind him and said Big Bang Blaster she made multiple explosions against him as Robert said Polyester Strike he molded his fist to become much larger than usual as he then went for a direct punch we can do this.

As we all got back Gevaudan said "a decent attempt children but not good enough" he roared as he charged at me as I said "get down" we all got to safety as he charged after Kasai no I noticed a set of weights on his arms so I took the chance to magnetise them while trying to pull him back saying "Yuba run" I couldn't hold him due to his sheer size but I tried my best to hold him there as I said "run" Kasai then got out of the way saying "you shouldn't have Midoriya" I was about to answer him till he leapt back up at us until Binding Order, Gust of The Heaven's at that moment a massive blast of wind pressure got sent towards us as Gevaudan got wrapped up by a load of vines as I said "Hagataro, Fugaku what brings you here" all of a sudden everyone came up as Akira said "what do you really think we'd let you both take the fun away hiss" May said "I can't leave you for two seconds huh Toshi Sqwark" I smiled as everyone gathered.

As we all gathered Gevaudan's sidekicks arrived as he said "so the children want to play" I said "guy's let's do this" we all began by charging them directly with Kasai making a burst of flames to scatter their forces Scorching Segregation as the flames turned into a wall like construct I called out Mag Blast as I sent people flying Okimi sent them back with her explosions till Hitomu said Friendly Fire he made a group of them attack their allies as he said "I'll restrain him" I nodded as he used his capture weapon while Fugaku used his vines until Okimi arrived saying "let's do it" I nodded with her as we said in synch The Heir's takedown I infused my fist with magnetic energy while she filled her hand with countless detonations as we took Gevaudan down with that one move.

As he got taken down his sidekicks surrendered as I said "we did it" everyone let off a breath of relief while the announcer said "TIME'S UP" we all got told where to go as Okimi said "hey Toshi" she suddenly pulled me in for a kiss that I melded right into as I held her back to support her and she wrapped her arms behind my neck we didn't do any kind of tounge duals or anything considered erotic all we did was just kiss until I parted saying "Oki I'm sorry for keeping my feelings hidden" she said "it's ok Toshi" I hugged her as she said "I love you" I said "and I love you Oki" everyone else let out an "aww" as I said "don't you all have an exam to carry on with" Hitomu chuckled as we all left.

Once we got to the meeting point I looked at the screen of people who passed let's see Mi Mi Midoriya ah ha I saw that I had passed as did everyone else while the examiners came along they said to Kasai "you nearly failed but the teamwork you showed with Midoriya convinced us that you can succeed as a hero well done Ignis" Kasai looked as if he could smile while I felt my phone buzzing:

Fantasy Fuel- Is it me or did Yuba's heart grow by three sizes 

I smirked at the message until I thought God damn it Fugaku I then headed for the bus with the others.

Later that night at UA High

I was in the lounge as everyone decided to celebrate us all passing till I said "we did it" I smiled as Okimi hugged onto me until Kasai asked "can I have a minute" I walked to the corner with him as he seemed to need this talk. As we got there he said "thank you" I looked up as he said "thank you for helping me become a Hero that others don't need to fear" I stood as I said "Yuba you did that yourself" he said "you don't understand Midoriya *sigh* look since the day I saw you I've been chasing after you hoping I could be you, somebody who is heroic and righteous but most of all somebody who inspires people" I said to him "Yuba" he looked as if he could cry as I said "your an awesome guy Yuba be it for your focused nature and natural talent for heroism so please don't feel like your in my shadow" I held his shoulder as he said "I just want to be a hero I wanted to do it alone but I can't I'm I''m" I said "you don't need a million friends to be a hero just find a few that mean the world and that's enough why not start with me" he smiled as I said "now then let's take those cookies before Rikka does" he chuckled as I gave him a fist bump in me he sees a good person but in him I see the fire of a hero.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Three weeks later

Magnetic Slicer as I used my ability Mr Endeavour said "Pile-driver watch out for public property" I said "sorry" I kept zipping about in Magnetic Flux as I kept up with the truck you see since earning my license everyone's already gotten to acting as official Pro's and well what started out as a routine morning patrol with Mr Endeavour has quickly turned into a case of chasing bank robbers did they have to do it before lunch at that moment though I got a call a phone call over my scope it was good of Hinata to recommend making that adjustment ordering takeaway has never been easier as I answered it I said "oh hi Oki" I evaded a shot from a robber as she said "I was just wondering how my looser is doing this morning" Mag Blast I said "yeah I'm fine how's my Evil Queen doing" I ran along the side of a building while trying to chase them as she said "is this a bad time" I said "huh oh this isn't wait what the hell is that a rocket launcher" I dodged it as Mr Endeavour incinerated it.

As he burned it Oki said "I'll call later" I sighed and said "alright and hey I love you" she said "love you too" I asked "hey Mr Endeavour should we end this" he said "yeah this is getting a bit boring and I'm sure you want to speak to your girlfriend" I then zipped in front of the truck as I did a spin kick into the engine as Mr Endeavour and the police pulled the robbers out now I get why Dad loves this job so much as the pedestrians took photos Mr Endeavour and me nodded as he said "I'll grab lunch for us both" we then headed off as the press tied to follow us I have Oki on speed dial if they try anything dumb hehehe.

Back at the Endeavour hero agency 

I walked in after getting changed as he said "excellent work today Midoriya" he patted my shoulder as I said "I just hope I'll do ok" he said "your doing fine I mean have you seen the reviews" he held up his phone showing multiple images of me saving people with headlines like "who's the violet lightning version of Deku" or "who's Hosu's hottest new hero" and many more as I said "I'm more amazed at how they got half of these" he said "never underestimate the press" I then left after grabbing the briefcase with my costume in as I said "bye Mr Endeavour" he said "I'll see you on Monday Midoriya" I nodded as I went back to school best of all I get to cuddle and snuggle my precious Oki. While I sat on the train I felt my phone buzzing as I checked it:

Big bang Attack- Toshi are you done yet

Green Magnet- I'm just on the train now my Evil Queen I'll be back in an hour or two

Big bang Attack- I wanna cuddle and snuggle later

Big bang Attack- Oh Toshi I love you *smooch* *smooch* 

Big bang Attack- Manna grabbed my phone sorry 

Green Magnet- I love you 

Big bang Attack- Love you too 

I then put my phone away as I couldn't help but smile a lot seeing her last message.

Back at school

I walked into the dorms as Okimi said "Toshi" she came up and hugged me as I said "hey Oki" she nuzzled her head into my chest while Hitomu said "so Oki does have a soft side" Okimi shouted "GET LOST PUPPETEER BOY" she made a small series of explosions as I simply laughed she's a softie really she then dragged me away as I said "tough day" she nodded as I got to my room. While in my room I said "so what do you" I got cut off as she tackled me to the bed and then pulled me in for a hug while saying "I need to recharge my batteries" I let her as I held her close she smells really really sweet wait what no bad Toshi bad don't be a perv bad boy I then felt her head nuzzling into me as I said "hey Oki does your Dad know about us" she said "no" I told her "neither does mine" I then felt as she hugged me for a while.

After a few hours she eventually got up as I said "aww but I was enjoying it" she said "so was I" as we got up I looked into her eyes as they seemed softer somehow instead of the usual fierceness they have as she looked into mine "Toshi" "Oki" I then captured her lips in a kiss as I felt her tounge move into my mouth I felt this urge to do the same so I did it as I heard her let out little moans while we dualed while we went at it I moved my hands behind her back to support her until we broke it off I said "that felt beautiful" she said "yeah" she looked at total bliss until Manna began humming the sound of wedding bells with Hitomu and Akira as I said "I'll get boots" she said "only if I get pinky and as of for Hito we'll both get him" I nodded as we chased them down.

Meanwhile in underneath an unnamed bridge

No one's pov

While Toshiro and Okimi were busy having a loving and tender moment with eachother one particular group of thugs weren't as they were being beaten to a bloody pulp as one said "why we did nothing to hurt the League of Villains" at that moment somebody the League knows said "oh I left them a while ago" as he drove a katana through the guy's chest he said "Spinner is now running with a new crowd" as him and a number of others left he said "now it's time for the Hero Eradication Army to arise" they then left with various other weapons at their sides.

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Toshiro's pov

That Monday

With the weekend now over and done with I returned to work at the Endeavour hero agency with a hopeful heart that things would be ok Oki was so cute when she grabbed my leg to stop me from going out this morning however things aren't going to be as easy as I had hoped since Mr Endeavour had received a call over the hero network please say it's just a couple of bank robbers, please say it's just a couple of bank robbers.

As he got up I asked "is it anything negative" he said "apparently I'm needed at the Red Riot hero office" he left saying "I've been told your alright to come as well" I got up as I went to grab my gear mabye I'll see Manna there oh man if only Oki were here I the got a reminder on my phone that I don't remember putting on:

Remember Okimi love's you with all her heart now get to work Toshi-brat

I smiled as I carried on I love you too Oki.

A few hours later at the Red Riot hero office

After getting suited up and arrived at our destination I heard Manna call out "TOSHI" she ran up and gave me a friendly hug as I said "oh hi Manna" she quickly let go as she wispered "I wish Hito was here" poor boy caught a cold last night ah well at that moment a number of other Pro's and interns like me and Manna arrived the Pro's being Deluge, Rock Lock, Red Riot and Pinky while the other interns were Kira, Kasai and hang on what the hecks Fugaku doing here he waved at us while I smiled I thought he'd be with Cellophane not Pinky ah well let's get this over with.

Once we got set up Red Riot said "now as I'm sure you've heard in the news over the weekend a group called the Hero Eradication Army has been taking the internet by storm" he clicked a few buttons while saying "all anyone knows is that Thier goal is to eliminate Hero society as we know it however this isn't the worst part" oh you've got to be kidding me he said "one of their representatives was approached by a member of the League of Villains codenamed Dark Matter" what interest could Ryuusei nevermind those other shmucks have in them he then clicked another button saying "fortunately we've already found their base thanks to a very special lady tailing them" Pinky waved a little while he turned off the monitor so from the looks of things it's a hideout raid oh hell yes I've always wanted to do this.

Once we all got out plan in motion we began driving with a police convoy as I asked "so do you think the League will make an appearance" Kasai said "if you know who show up I'll incinerate them" while he didn't say it out loud we all knew who he meant as you see a week after the license exam he came clean and told everyone who his parents are trust Hyate to grab the party poppers to symbolise his admission the real question is though how'd he get said party poppers while I sat there Manna said "Oki misses you" I nodded saying "I know" while I smiled thinking of her Fugaku said to me "hey Toshi when you confessed how'd it feel" I was about to say something till *CRASH* the truck got over turned while I activated my Qurik to try and contain the damage come on Toshi you managed to lift a shipping container a mere truck should be a cake walk for you.

Once I managed to support the truck I said "Manna get everyone our now" she densed up her arms and smashed the door opened while I kept us from falling damn it at that moment Kasai grabbed me and pulled me out with us both landing outside the truck no you see while we were about ten minutes away from the hideout we'd sadly been ambushed by a group of Nomus if Padagrim shows up then I'm done for while I looked about the Hero Eradication Army itself appeared as I said "what do you guys want" one of the nearly shot me with a gun till I heard a familiar voice say "nobody will ever harm the heir of a hero" it couldn't be before us stood Stain who had already began fighting the Army off so me and the others decided to join in.

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Toshiro's pov

As Stain began fighting with the rest of us I called out "Manna, Fugaku go check on the pros" Flashfire Fist- Hell Spider Mr Endeavour told me "we're all fine Pile-driver" he walked on as Stain said "I'll handle these asswipes" why is he so determined to help us out he then said "I made a silent vow to Deku that if any true harm came upon you I would protect you as though your my own son now go" I ran saying "thank you" we then headed for the warehouse hoping we could get some answers with luck this won't be half as bad as I think it is.

Once I a few Eradication army members were inside so I called out Mag Blast once they were sent flying I stood face to face with the League in response Ryuusei told me "you just don't give up do you" I told him "I'm just stubborn" I activated Magnetic Flux knowing it would turn into a fight till a lizard looking man said "you bastard's this was meant to be a partnership" he was covered in bruises and blood while the clone of Tomura said "this was never a partnership just an Eradication" he then grabbed the lizard looking mans face and began to decay him while Endeavour told them "he was your comrade" Twice told them "he turned his back on us all of us" he did a few eccentric poses until *crash*.

I looked back and saw Padagrim appear no this isn't I felt the shaking in my boots knowing what he did to Naoto and what he could possibly do I everyone else we'll all die I can't save anyone Naoto was one of my best friends and I Kasai's hand then touched my shoulder as he said "your not alone Toshi" I regained my confidence as me and Mr Endeavour went to face the monstrosity together.

Once we stood he said "let's do this" I charged saying "as a mentor and student" he nodded while firing bolts of fire at Padagrim while I used my superior mobility to keep him distracted we've got this I kept on dodging and weaving till Mr Endeavour got grabbed no seeing him like that made me call out Magnetic Slicer in an instant Padagrim's arm got cut off with Mr Endeavour breaking free while throwing away a melted shoulder pad *boom* I looked back and saw that Kasai and Rock Lock were in battle with Dabi while Manna and Kira were facing Nise.

While they fought I resumed my fight with Padagrim noticing that he severed limb was twitching what the his arm then grew back just as quickly as I removed it with Mr Endeavour saying "help your friends I've got this" I looked to him while he smiled saying "I'll be Toshiro" I nodded and ran to go back up my friends.


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Toshiro's pov

While I got to my friends Ryuusei came at me in full force saying "shall we dance" I cracked my knuckles telling him "why of course" he came at me without any hesitation and a sadistic look on his face Mag Blast he got shaken by the blast till he re-molded his wings into tendrils and latched onto the wall saying "good shot" he threw himself at me like a catapult while I got my fist ready till *slam* as if out of nowhere a massive hulking maniac said "I wanna piece of him he looks tough" I leapt back while Dabi said "Rappa that's enough" him and Kasai re-engaged in a clash of flames while Ryuusei and this Rappa person came at me in full force damn this is freaking difficult however Red Riot suddenly said "hey Rappa wanna finish our little dance we began years ago" he said "Red Riot it's been too long" he charged for him saying "let's show the world how real men fight" well that was unexpected to say the least.

While he left me and Ryuusei entered a small hand to hand battle although I was able to overwhelm him quickly due to my superior mobility and experience although just as I was about to overpower him he launched me back with his wings making me hit the ceiling beam above me damn I got battered some more by his wings while I endured it by dodging and weaving I'm at a huge disadvantage against him I mean his power clearly isn't actual Dark Matter but at the same time nothing my magnetism can do could possibly defeat him.

Meanwhile with Red Riot and Manna

Manna's pov 

While me and Daddy fought against Rappa I asked "Daddy did you face him" I got smacked aside by Rappa as he said "this man here gave me the best challenge of them all this is no place for a kid" he looked at Daddy saying "just know I didn't hit her our of anything I've got against you or women" Daddy told him "as bad as it is hitting my kid I'm fully aware of how you are" they began punching furiously while I was left to watch on he's so much more powerful than me in fact he has been I felt a little tear as I looked on come to think of it everyone's always been more powerful than me at home, at middle school and deffo at UA high I mean Toshi can control any magnetic field there is, Oki can blow anything she hates to hell, heck even Koji if put up against the right foe is powerful in his own right and what about me I'm just a girl who can harden her skin up a bit "no matter what you'll always be the best to me" oh Hito that phrase was something Hitomu told me when I first let my anxiety of being weak show around him however I remembered how I met Okimi for some reason.

Turn back the clock to ten years ago

I was just playing alone in the park till a few girl muttered "she's strange" they giggled saying "all she does is sit alone" I just wanna make friends with people that's all however some girl with spiky hair shouted "YA SHITS STOP BULLYING HER" she made little explosions appear as the girls said "it's the Devil child" as they ran the girl came up to me. Once she stood before me she said "hey kid wanna be friends" I looked confused as she muttered "how did Toshi-brat do this again" I let my hand out a little till she said "I'm Okimi Bakugo" she had a slightly sinister smirk saying "starting today we're gonna be friends and no one's gonna bully you" I looked at her saying "but I'm weak I can't" she said "you can be strong just find that Inner drive" she smiled instead of smirking.

Back to the present 

That day I finally began to have confidence in not just my Quirk but myself as well more than that I finally began feeling comfortable in my own skin, I declared at that stage "Oki was right I can be strong" while I stood up I told everyone "this whole time I hide my insecurities but now I WON'T HIDE ANYMORE" Unrelenting engine my skin began hardening to its maximum as I charged at Rappa and took him down in an instant while taking out the rest of the League in next to no time whatsoever Okimi thank you for being taking a chance on a girl like me I might always tease you about you and Toshi but deep down I'd do anything to protect you my friend, my rival, my sister from another mista once the League got mostly taken down all that was left was a single Nomu however I collapsed to the ground.

Back to Toshiro's pov

As Manna hit the floor Fugaku wrapped her around his back using his vines saying "we need to get her out of here" I nodded till the League teleported away via the same black liquid from the beginning of the year Kasai asked "why do I get the feeling that Nomu isn't gonna give us candy" it began glowing red as Mr Endeavour had the other Pro hero's leave I asked him "Mr Endeavour what're you" he grabbed me saying "live" I then got thrown out of a window as the building blew up.

As the building blew up I got launched even further so much so I crashed into the floor did he no it the building was now up in flames as I ran towards it please please please please I finally saw a burnt and bloodied body as he said "Rei I failed you my Ice Queen" Mr Endeavour's arm then dropped as the once furious flames were reduced to tiny embers along with rain begining to fall I gripped his body saying "Mr Endeavour come on please wake up" I shook it a little saying "your wife's making your favourite tonight remember she'll be mad if you make her waste it" the flames then went out as the only sound I could hear was the rain battering us all I however screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" as my screams raged on the metal in the area bent out of shape while my magnetic fields raged out of control "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I cried endlessly while my tears merged with the rain.


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Toshiro's pov

A week later 

At the cemetery

I stood alongside countless others both my classmates, other Pro hero's and Mr Endeavour's family since today was the day of his funeral at that moment Principal Yagi came up saying "me and Enji we *sigh* I won't lie there used to be some one sided hostility between us but over the past few years he's proven to not just be an irreplaceable hero but also someone I could deeply confide in during my retirement years" he gave a salute saying "to a great hero and a great man" a few guys fired off a few muskets similar to what they do in the army although I held my head down I should have been faster it should have been me who died not him he could have offered so much more to the world than me I cried as did his wife and kids even Shoto as stoic as he is broke his composure while Okimi hugged onto as did my Mom I never should have let him go out that morning it had to be me who died not him.

Later that night at the Heights alliance dorms 

Okimi's pov 

With Endeavours funeral out of the way we all got back to the dorms with Kira asking "hey Naoto are you gonna be ok" he said "I'll try to cope he was my grandpa after all" Kira said "I'm here if you need to talk" he nodded while he sat with his earphones in I can't stand how broken Toshi is Hitomu asked "how's he doing" I told him "he's not responding to anything" you see for the past week Toshi hasn't eaten anything, he hasn't been putting in his usual effort in class and he hasn't even tried to interact with us heck all he's done is gotten up, gone to class, got back to his room and rinse and repeat all this time, Manna asked me "can we help in anyway" I cried a little as I said "I don't know what to do if he was sad then I could reach out and help him but he's not sad he's he's" I burst into tears saying "he's just broken and I don't know what to do" she held me till Robert shouted "GUY'S CHECK THE ROOF OF THE SCHOOL" I looked over to see him standing there.

After we ran out I saw him standing on the edge while looking down no please no please don't go I remember how he told me a while ago "Mr Endeavour despite how short we've known eachother for he's already become a great teacher, ally and idol to me" I then remembered how after he got his license he promised her make him proud please Toshi don't do this a few other students stood while the teachers panicked I decided to remove my blazer and said "guys if he tries anything catch him" Hitomu asked "what're you going to do" I told him "save the hero in need" I then used my explosions to launch myself up.

Once on the roof he said "Oki please don't look at me not while I'm" I cut him off saying "Idiot" I burst into tears saying "don't do this not to me please" I cried as he looked on I don't want to loose him I held out my hand saying "Toshi please let me help" he replied with "I can't save anyone" I got a little aggravated saying "YOU SAVED ME YOU BIG GREEN MORON" he looked on as I while holding his hand said "you found a lonely, angry and spiteful little girl and gave her something irreplaceable, something she thought she'd never get in life" he came down as I hugged him saying "you gave a discriminated boy and reminded him there are good people in this world, you found someone who was the heir of villainy and showed him he can be a hero, your very birth turned a former killer into a silent protector" I kissed his cheek saying "but most of all you've been the hero to so many others" he cried as well while falling to my shoulder he's been strong for too long damn it it's only fair he gets a moment to cry while looking at my emerald haired boyfriend I smiled lightly I never wanted to say it out loud to avoid damaging my pride but I've always known Toshi you've always been the strongest among us both mentally and emotionally.

Once he stopped crying he said "my mom texted me asking if she needs to come up" I asked "what do you want to do" he said "for now I just want to rest I'm tried" I layed my legs down and let him sleep saying "just sleep Toshi" he dozed off as I stroked his hair saying "it's going to be ok" he fell asleep pretty quickly till my phone vibrated:

Old Fart- Mini me I just saw the news is Little Green ok

Big bang attack- He's asleep on me right now

Big bang attack- Could you keep the police, teacher's and Pro's away for a bit I just want to let him rest

Old Fart- Of course I will 

Old Fart- I'm proud of how far you've grown Mini me

Old Fart- I remember a little girl who hated everything that she didn't agree with now 

Old Fart- I see a brave hero who's always giving it her all

Big bang attack- Cut it out you Old fart go back to bagging that Old Whore

Old Fart- Why you

Old Fart- You know what I might just do that you did say you wanted a little sister remember

I put my phone down in embarrassment while Toshi muttered "Oki your my beautiful Evil Queen don't go" I held him by his shoulders and pecked him on the forehead gently just sleep my brave hero.


Three hours later 

Eventually Toshi woke up asking "Oki are you" I grabbed his hand saying "I'm right here Toshi I'll always be here" he hugged me while a few teachers came to the roof as Midnight asked "is he ok" I told her "he's gonna be perfect" he stood up saying "I'm sorry for scaring everyone back there" Midnight patted his shoulders saying "it's not your fault Midoriya, this whole thing won't be blamed on you" Eraserhead then said "if you want we can get you in touch with people who can give you the help you need" he nodded while walking away till Midnight said "a word Bakugo" I followed her to a corner.

Once in the corner she said "that was a really good thing you did for him" I rubbed the back of my neck saying "it was nothing Sensei" she looked down saying "no what you did is something most people would shy away from doing be it their boyfriend or friend" she then said "oh your Dad was pissed when Mic let that slip" wait he knows but he she told me "then he said whatever makes her smile" so he's ok with it she however handed me a note while leaving:

If Little Green breaks your heart I'll break his neck

I stuffed it in my pocket saying "damn it Old Fart" I then left down the stairs.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Two months later

After the events of that night I'd began readjusting to life at school again but most of all life with Okimi, fortunately I've been seeing a counselor to handle the grief which those sessions have been a huge help to me although today we had a more down to earth issue as Oki screamed "FUCK THIS SHIT" she slammed her hand on the desk as Manna said "calm down Oki" you see right now we're having a to do the hardest part of any culture festival that being the planing stage and well we've gone through everything from a movie theatre, to a cafe hell not even five minutes ago Naoto suggested a cross dressing pageant me as a girl would not work out well in any timeline or parallel universe.

While we debated Hagataro suddenly shot his hand up with Yuga asking "yes Kinga what is it" he said "how about a play" we all nodded in agreement as Kasai said "why don't we base it around Hero's Vs Villain's so other people know what us hero course kids go through" everyone agreed more as Naoto called out "Dibs on being the awesome hero" I said "alright I'll be the villain" Yuga clapped his hands in joy while leading us to practice in the hall.

Twenty minutes later

I stood on stage as Naoto in his hero costume said "it's over Uked I've foiled your plan" I sinisterly chuckled saying "ah Naoto Naoto Naoto your mistaken I haven't lost yet" I displayed Fugaku who binded himself in his vines as I said "your teammate is over and done with thanks to me" I smirked darkly as I said "this is the aesthetic of evil never doing as the hero plans" I laughed in a deranged way till Okimi said "cut" everyone looked terrified saying "how" Hitomu asked "um Toshi since when were you such a good villain" I let out a half-hearted chuckle while we got practicing some more I won't lie pretending to be evil for once is kinda fun in a sick and twisted sense while we practiced though I couldn't help but feel as if something was coming for us.

Later that night 

With practicing now done we'd all decided our roles fairly quickly although it was still debatable if I should include my villain act since I terrified my class and half the school thanks to Yusuke live streaming the whole thing although right now I had gone to the store since we were running low on essentials by that I mean Chimon our resident guzzly guts ate all the junk food in the dorm however while I walked a man in a cloak came up saying "Izuku Midoriya you must pay" I said "you must have me mistaken for someone else I'm not Izuku" he snapped saying "liar your Izuku Midoriya the bastard who ruined my Father's life now I'm gonna send you to hell" his hands glowed as a clock like sound effect activated making me fall through a tunnel like thing.

In ????

Eventually I landed as I saw I wasn't in UA at least not my UA as the sun was out and the scaffolding that was there since the start of the year was gone where am I people began walking by in the schools uniform asking "who's he" someone muttered "is he a transfer student" however my life got awkward as Uncle Shoto asked "Midoriya do you have a twin brother" before me stood a teenager who I'd recognise anywhere that man being Izuku Midoriya this just got really really awkward and bizarre.

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Toshiro's pov

As I stood Dad looked at me saying "I don't remember Mom saying I had a brother out there" he looked at me till Uncle Denki arrived saying "Yo Izu-bro who's your twin" Auntie Mina then appeared saying "I'll take both thank you" so that's where Manna gets it from at that moment Tenya who'd been here the whole time said "come to think of it his eye shape and height is more like Ochaco's" to make matters worse Auntie Tsuyu arrived saying "he's cute" dang it how did I even get here is this an illusion or time travel wait a sec I've got an idea without fucking the timeline provided of course this is the past I asked Dad "who's the current top three pros" he said "3rd is Best Jeanist, 2nd Hawks and 1st" I stopped him saying "I know the number 1" I'm trying not to focus on him to much so I can get over it however things went from bad to worse as Eraserhead showed up demanding "get to class NOW" he activated his Quirk making everyone run so in order to avoid being the odd one out I ran with them.

Once in class I felt everyone gazing at me as Eraserhead asked "who's the kid" Uncle Katsuki said "I'll blow him to hell he looks like the Damned Nerd" Dad let out a horrified scream while trying to stop him till I said "this would have to be said eventually" I went up and wrote my first name on the board saying "as of for my family name" I put it on saying "my name is Toshiro Midoriya I've come from the past thanks to an unknown enemy so I'm just as confused by all this Mom and Dad" as I looked at them they went bright red with embarrassment oh shit I forgot Dad said him and Mom got together in their Third year well done Toshi you messed up your parents marriage before it even began as they got embarrassed everyone in class got excited knowing that I'd eventually be born with me saying "also Naoto say's hi Auntie Momo and Uncle Shoto" I'm not even bothered about wreakin the timeline at this stage Katsuki them demanded "do I have a kid Nerd 2" I said "if you didn't my girlfriend would never be born" he just froze at that not out of fear but out of rage he just stopped as he muttered "girl friend" he suddenly exploded saying "DEKU YOUR DAMN SON'S DATING MY DAUGHTER I'M GONNA KILL THE LITTLE BASTARD NEVER FUCKING REPRODUCE" he all of a sudden chased after me while I ran at full speed just my little Green bean luck.

Later in the gym

After the teachers managed to restrain Uncle Katsuki I got called over to the gym due to Dad and his class wanting to know something although better yet I found out that currently these guys are in their second year so that gives me an idea of how far I've been flung back. Once I stood before me Dad he asked "so Mido I um mean" he didn't know what to say as I told him "just call me Toshi all my friends do" he said "alright Toshi what can your Quirk do" he's so embarrassed then again you would be meeting your own son years before he's actually born once I explained the basic mechanics of my Quirk to him he then began muttering while jotting stuff down "how far is his reach with the magnetism, could he potentially alter earth's magnetic field or" Fumikage then hit him on the head with Dark shadow as Dad said "sorry" I um what the hell was that once he calmed down Denki suggested "why don't we take him on" almost everyone even my Dad seemed on board with it however I got tossed some gloves that had metal attached they aren't anywhere near what my gauntlets are but it'll do.

Once I stood ready the first to attack was Auntie Mina who I quickly evaded after she tried throwing some acid at me Mag blast once she got sent flying back along with Auntie Tsuyu I went for Uncle Minoru Magnetic Slicer his ball like things got split after he tried throwing them while I evaded a kick from Uncle Tenya grabbed his leg then threw him to the side, Next was Mom and Auntie Momo who came at me together Momo got taken down by me doing an upper cut to her stomach while with Mom I went for a high kick I don't know how but my movements are so much easier than usual once Denki came at me he leapt back causing him to electrify Hanta and Fumikage.

With three of them down in one move I saw Mezo coming for me so I said Magnetic Flux I was able to evade him and use Mashirao's tail to throw him into Mezo suddenly though I felt someone grab me as I said "so that's where Hyate gets his Quirk from" I let out a burst of magnetic energy that allowed me to break free of Toru till I figured out her plan to lure me into a spot where Eijiro could get the drop on me Red Gauntlet I got hit in the chest so much so it tore through my clothes if I damage the hoodie Oki will be sad once I recovered Kyoka then tried to catch me alongside a now recovered Denki so in order to catch them off guard I said "Chimon say's hi" they both blushed heavily to the point where her earphone jacks touched him and electrocuted them both I didn't actually think that would work sadly though I was left face to face with Dad, Uncle Shoto and Uncle Yuga.

As they looked at me Dad said "let's do this" One for all: Full Cowl 40% as he became surrounded by his energy Uncle Yuga said Art of Seduction I evaded his attack while Uncle Shoto said Giant Ice wall I tried to evaded however a loose ice shard got me on the cheek leaving a small cut Dad then came at me with a drop kick that I only just evaded he's fast but I'm craftier by magnetising a set of dumbbells on the side I was able to pull them in my direction taking Yuga out of the fight and leaving Uncle Shoto disoriented Dad said "well Toshi shall we" I nodded as he went for a kick to my head while I went for a punch to his chest he though was fast enough to pull back which then led to us both dashing about the gym leaving a trail of green and violet lighting everywhere till our Quirks stopped since Eraserhead stood saying "who gave you all permission to fight" ah shit.

Later that night 

I sat in the dorms with the rest of the class after we all got reprimanded by Eraserhead for fighting so I said "sorry guys" I bowed my head apologetically as Denki said "hey Izu-bro your kids got moves we can give him that" Dad nodded as he said "he does" till All Might came in asking "I heard there were two Midoriya" he suddenly spat out blood due to the sight of me as he said "is he a twin" I rubbed the back of my neck as Dad explained everything to him with All Might saying "my my it seems as if Midoriya is a real hit in the future" Mom and Dad got embarrassed by him while I sat there.

Once everyone departed Dad came up asking "hey Toshi are you really from the future" I nodded saying "one thing does bother me though it's that the dude who sent me here seemed to know not only your name but your face" he said "so you got sent back because of mistaken identity" I nodded as he said "the closest thing to a time Quirk I've seen so far is Eri-chan's" he then left.

Meanwhile in the present 

Okimi's pov

I was sitting panicked alongside the others as Fugaku said "it's been two days where could he be" I nodded you see since Toshi disappeared some of us most notably Kasai believe it was the League's fault whereas others are starting to assume the worst Chimon however asked "um guys was that pan always there" I looked confused as a pan was suddenly on the bench I went up and saw a note in so I checked it out while letting everyone else see:

I'm in the past 


I looked confused as Hitomu told us "guy's this means he's alive" the real Question is how did he get there I however felt a wave of relief wash over me knowing that my emerald haired boyfriend was alive.


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Toshiro's pov

A week later (in past time GAH this time travel things making my head hurt)

After arriving the in past I'd started socialising with my Dad's old classmates to the point where I'm quote on quote "part of the pack" according to Denki in fact so much so that they even had a basic replica of my costume and gauntlets made in the event I wind up in a fight which is why right now I'm with my Dad after grabbing some groceries he asked me "do we do this in the future" I said "sadly no we don't" I held my head down saying "being number one gets in the way of family life" he looked down too till I said "if I'm honest I can interact better with this you then adult you" he replied with "it's likely because me right now is closer to your age" we both smiled till *boom* either Oki got sent back to the past, Uncle Katsuki is trying to kill Denki again or a villain's at it me and my Dad went ahead to go investigate.

As we got there he said "what the" before us was a large looking man, a man of average height with a bird like mask and a guy with a cloak he said "Wolfram, Overhaul" I looked till I heard the last name wait a sec Dad mentioned Overhaul once it was briefly but Dad said "doesn't he have both his arms missing" what the hecks the deal with that Wolfram dude he then put his hand on a metal beam and began manipulating metal he said "magmatism seems to be your area of expertise" I nodded as I stood before Wolfram who launched a metal beam at me.

As he launched the beam at me I leapt back saying "let's see who's the true master of magmatism here" me and him magnetised countless metal objects around us as we began launching and blocking with them is it me or is he being to quiet we then hit a point where none of us had anything left to use till Dad went for a kick to the cloaked man and causing Wolfram and Overhaul to vanish what the hell the cloaked one said "time to retreat" I tried to catch him but he got away to quickly damn it Dad then said "you did better than I once did" he patted my shoulder while getting everything cleared up alongside other police officers.

An hour later 

After getting back to the dorms and having to give a full explanation of why we were late to Eraserhead I had finally gotten the chance to sit back with my Dad's classmates Denki asked "um Toshiro be honest with me do me and um" I said "have a kid yeah" I had a sip of the juice I was given telling them "as far as I'm aware everyone but Uncle Tenya have kid's" he held his head down in embarrassment while Naoto asked "how is Naoto did you say" I in order to avoid giving away to much information said "overall he's pretty cocky but um let's just say he's like his dad in terms of facial structure" I feel awful telling him that but I can't give ugh I suddenly got a splitting headache while feeling really dizzy please say it's just the burger's please say it's just the burger's I stumbled about a lot till I hit the floor and started screaming "ahahhahhahaahh" I felt an overwhelming feeling in my head as it shook about.

Over to Izuku's pov 

While Toshiro went through whatever it is he's going through I asked "guy's what do we do" Shoto pointed out "it must be him telling us about the future" don't tell me that junk about paradox's is true of hoped that was just in the movie's he screamed out "Tsukiya get off my cookies you road running asshole" who's Tsukiya I don't remember oh my God I said "guys I think Tenya hearing about his marital status is doing this" If I'm honest I'd expect this from Mineta fortunately his pain stopped although Toshiro was down for the count.

Once he was out cold Tsuyu checked him out saying "he's alive but he's burning up heavily" all of us then decided to try and ease his pain if I'm honest I'm kinda proud of how my boy is me being me though I turned to Ochako and felt my face burning bright red I have a kid with Uraraka so that means we then we ahahhahhahaahh Shoto made things worse though by saying "how does it feel looking after All Might's secret grandchild" I thought we let that go.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

The day after (again in past time GAH this time travel thing is still making my head spin)

After I woke up I asked "what" Dad stopped me asking "who of my old friends have kid's" I thought about it let's see Oki, Hito, Naoto, Mana, Chimon, May, Otsuka,Tsukiya wait who's Tsukiya again I felt two sets of memories clashing one where Tsukiya existed and another where he doesn't which ones which that's the real question I while looking down at my hand saw it fading a bit as Dad said "Toshi what's" I then heard a detonation outside so me and him went to go check it out please say it's just Uncle Katsuki going crazy please say it's just Uncle Katsuki going crazy.

After we got to the training field we saw the same guy who sent me to the past in the first place as he said "found you" he glared at me as I asked "what's your deal man" he told me "I need to get revenge on Izuku Midoriya" he tore of the cloak showing that he had a buzz cut hairdo with a black tank top and jeans he said "I am Tazusho Arakgaki four years after the defeat of All For One my Dad Taro Arakgaki got arrested by him so I've come to get payback for him" I stood ready as he made an Anglo Saxon sword appear

Tazusho Arakgaki

Quirk- Temporal 

Using his Quirk he can transport himself or someone else anywhere in the time however the limits are he needs to know what time he's sending them to, he can't go back to a time he existed in and he isn't Immune to any changes made

As he drew the blade I grabbed my keyring and magnetised the sword till a purple rift opened up with a man saying "did I make it" I watched as someone I didn't think would appear did I I'm so happy he's here standing up was a figure who said "have no fear for hope is here" Dad thank you seeing him reinvigorated my spirit as he said "you've really made a mess now huh Toshi" he smiled warmly while looking back at me and giving me the thumbs up.

While he stood my Dad's classmates arrived as Denki said "damn Izu-bro adult you looks cool" however Tazusho shouted "BASTARD HOW DID YOU GET HERE" Dad said "your Father sent me here because you he doesn't want you to cause this kind of damage" he snarled saying "shut up shut up its all your fault when he left I got bullied and harassed YOUR THE AUTHOR OF MY PAIN" he made more portals appear making various objects appear from different timelines however Dad looked like he had a plan.

As he looked at me he said "Toshi let's do this" he wants my help but I can't he's so much better at this I've never been cut out for hero work I suddenly he put his hand on my shoulder telling me "Toshi it's time I came clean" Uncle Katsuki was about to stop us by shouting till Auntie Tsuyu smacked him from behind with her tounge Dad then said "the truth is five years after I beat All For One I *sigh* I began loosing my passion for heroism" I stood as he carried on saying "I felt that I'd done my duty as a wielder of One For All to the point where I did hero work for the sake of it" Dad this can't be right your number 1 your the greatest hero who's ever lived and what's this One For All thing he however said "but then a miracle happened, your Mom became pregnant with you then on the day you were born I saw a face of an angel one who I needed to protect" Tazusho tired to drop a rowing boat on us however Uncle Yuga blasted it to bits.

After it got blasted Dad told me "when I saw your face I knew I needed to protect this world from anything that could harm you because of your birth my passion for heroism was reignited all those Villains I stopped, all those disasters I ended, all those people I saved were all because of you" he hugged me saying "I might be a hero but you'll always be my hero Toshiro Midorya" Dad I I hugged him back as I said "I've always been scared, scared that I'll never live up to your legacy, that I'll never be as good as you are" he looked at me saying "your strength isn't that your my son Toshi it's that you've always had the courage to be your own man" me and him stood side by side as he said "now let's do this not as hero's or men" we shouted in unison "BUT AS FATHER AND SON" we both clenched our fists.


While we stood a crystal appeared near Tazusho as Dad said "that things the embodiment of all the paradox's he's caused" I nodded saying "so break the gem and we go home" he chuckled while saying "hey me remember that little trick we can pull with Black Whip" my Dad's younger self nodded as Dad said "begin the transfer" I looked confused as he said "I'm giving you some of One For All's power it won't be a permanent increase but it will help us save the day" the transfer then began this powerful presence yet soothing feeling is this the power Dad uses every day.

*Insert You Say Run*

As I felt the power flow into me I became covered in my Dad's green lighting while also triggering Magnetic Flux me and Dad exchanged a fist bump and ran towards Tazusho he made towers from Notre dame appear so Dad called out Detroit Smash he broke through and leapt forward while I ran across the tower letting the energy go about "your strength isn't that your my son Toshi it's that you've always had the courage to be your own man" I get it now Dad I told myself for so long that I could only watch you from a distance when in truth I should I have raced alongside you and shot forth into infinity with you I get it now I've been an idiot everyone including Hitomu, Okimi, Manna, Akira, May, Kasai, Mom, Dad and everyone else I've developed a bond with felt as though they were actually there pushing me forward towards my target while I ran alongside Dad.

While we ran Tazusho said "you won't win" he tried to drop a truck on us till it got blown away as Uncle Katsuki said "just get moving Deku" he smirked while we propelled ourselves forward I said "to save someone with all your might" Dad said "to protect an innocent person's smile" we both clenched put fists as I called out "and to defend those you care for" me and Dad said in unison "THAT'S WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A HERO" as we got closer we said "NOW GO BEYOND PLUS ULTRA" we then got to the crystal saying Father and Son- Detroit Smash.

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

As the crystal smashed the sky shone brightly with green and violet lighting as Dad said "just like with Wolfram" he chuckled while Tazusho said "why why would my own Dad send you here" Dad said "because you've let yourself be poisoned by rage for to long and no Parent would ever want that on their kid" he while looking at me said "because a Parent's love is unconditional" while the shards moved about my Dad's younger self asked "are you guys going now" Dad said "yeah" he went up to him though saying "listen you if there's one thing I can say" he gave him the thumbs up saying "don't ever give up no matter how hard it gets always keep running forward because in the end we succeed" younger him began crying while a white light engulfed us.

In ???

After the light engulfed us we re-emerged in a different place as I asked "are we" I then heard someone shout "TOSHIRO MIDORYA YOU BIG GREEN BASTARD" Okimi came at me and slapped me across the face saying "DON'T YOU RUN OFF LIKE THAT AGAIN" she began breathing heavily till she hugged me saying "you Green Idiot I was so scared" I told her "it's true I'm a Green Idiot but I'm your Green Idiot" I felt her hug me tighter than ever before while everyone else returned Naoto then said "show times coming up" I stood up after Oki got up saying "well what're we waiting for" Dad stood saying "I've got the afternoon off so I can watch it" I then left to go do the show it feels good being back home wait where's Tazusho I saw as he let a few police officers carry him away into a van.

*Zap* a lightning bolt stuck behind the stage as I said "it's too late the world is mine mwhahaha" Naoto leapt onto the stage alongside Yusuke and Akira saying "it's over Uked your done for" I cackled saying "oh true villains don't stop because I have the power of Eraserheads Detention button and his cat magazines" I pulled out a red button while the crowd laughed although Eraserhead didn't seem to happy about the magazine's this is so cringy in fact it's like Goat Simulator it's so bad it's good Naoto told me "you wouldn't" I was about to press it till Yusuke grabbed it via his Quirk and Akira albeit in a more comical manner got me with a right hook I said "I'll get you next time hero's" I then hit the floor as the crowds cheered as did Dad.

A few hours later

After we went around the festival a bit the whole thing went off without a problem everyone had fun, boyfriends and girlfriends made happy memories and me and my friends had fun till I met Dad by the door he said "Toshi that story I told you was true" he patted my head while he said "look at you your a man now soon you won't need me" I hugged him saying "I'll always need the man who I've always strived to be in my life" he looked at me and seemed like he could cry till Mom arrived saying "I remember the moment with you two like it was hours ago" well got me and him it was hours ago the three of us then hugged while she said "family photo" she got her phone out and snapped a photo of us all I was smiling while Mom got blinded by the camera and Dad had a big goofy grin on his face.

After we got the photo I said "wait what happened to" Dad put his finger over my lips saying "Tsukiya is gone now me, you and your Mom are the only ones who remember your little time jump" oh phew Okimi then arrived asking "hey Toshi-brat Hitomu and Manna are wanting to do this couples battle thing shall we humour them" Dad egged me to go on as I said "love you Mom, love you Dad" his smile only got wider as I said that.

Over to Izuku's pov

After Toshi left Ochaco and me stood as she said "look at those two so madly in love" I said "he loves her with all his heart" she had a questioning look as I said "I've always known it because I even now look at you the same way" I gave her a kiss on the check while holding out a small ring saying "happy anniversary My Gravity Girl" she blushed you see 21 years ago today me and her confessed our feelings to one another and became a couple hence why I'm so happy she said "I love you Deku" I smiled and nearly kissed her till Katsuki said "Deku your boy's dating my girl" uh oh he told me "HE'D BETTER NOT KNOCK HER UP OR I'LL BLOW YOUR GREEN NUTS OFF IN PAYBACK" I smirked saying "some things never change huh Kacchan" he smirked as well while I watched the sky with them all can you see me now Mr Torino.


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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for super moves

Toshiro's pov

Many months later

Ap Shot me and Okimi were busy working on our super moves as I said "come on Oki" I went up saying "let's try something a bit more refined" I gripped her sides aligning her hand saying "steady" I had my hand on her waist while feeling a bit of her hair in my face she however out of embarrassment made an explosion that caused me to leap back while she blushed saying "sorry" hehe I've got the words best girlfriend ever I whipped away some excess ash while we resumed training.

Later on I sat in the dorm alongside everyone else as Oki snuggled into me while all the other couples hung out Kasai then said "I'm a like the number one" we all turned to him as he said "all by myself" some of us laughed while Fugaku imitated the sound of melancholic trumpets that was actually pretty good for him especially since considering how he was you see in the past few months Kasai has gone from being a complete social outcast to being quite the class clown which none of us mind since it's a sign of his growth however a number of students gathered outside while one threw a brick through the window what the hell I got up as Fugaku himself said "guys check the news" he threw me his phone while I looked it over:

In other news one of UA highs most promising students Kasai Yuba has been found out as the son of Dabi and Himiko Toga as well as being connected with a number of murder's, the news came as a great shock to many who knew him at school

It went on some more as someone shouted "they're harbouring a Villain" they all tried to attack us while Takahiro of class 1-B said "I knew something was wrong with your class" Rikka however grabbed Okimi's hand and let of an explosion shouting "YOU IGNORANT BASTARD'S" she panted heavily saying "you dare make fun of Yuba when all he's done is good, during the attack on the school he protected your sorry asses when Toshi was nearly abducted by the League of villain's he was the first to go help" she was seething with rage that was normally unlike her Jesus and I though Oki was scary when she's pissed Rikka then said "during the camp he went out to face a Villain all by himself" Hagataro then stepped forward saying "and whenever I've struggled with my Quirk he's always encouraged me just like another good friend of mine" he looked at me while Eraserhead arrived demanding "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MESS" he activated his Quirk while all the students present cowered in fear wait where's Kasai.


Meanwhile in an alleyway

Kasai's pov

With the mess at UA I after grabbing a few changes of clothes and some other basic essentials left while holding my head down I wish I could have stayed there I wanted to be a hero I really did while I walked I saw a jumbotron of the report about me while I stuck to ally's I won't lie I had the time of my life at UA I not only made irreplaceable friends but I actually got to be a kid for once I didn't need to hide from police there instead all I had to hide was the fact that I didn't do Midnight-sensei's homework by saying I forgot when really I couldn't be bothered in my mind flicked an image of Toshiro he really is the best guy I've ever had the pleasure of meeting hell I'd go as far as to say he's my best friend in the whole world I told myself while looking at my hands "who am I kidding I'll always be constrained by his legacy" in my youth I never wanted to be like Dad the kind of guy who doesn't appreciate his family I actually wanted to do good hell I styled my costume similar to his as a way of saying "fuck you" to him however a familiar and warm voice said "you don't have to be bound by his legacy" I turned around seeing the source of the voice.

As I turned around I saw Toshiro standing there as he walked forward I told him "Toshi you can't be seen" he stopped me saying "I don't think you killed anyone" he grabbed my hand saying "Kasai I want to prove your innocence to everyone even if I need to take a stand against the whole world" I looked there felling the life in me being renewed as I said "idiot no one would do that for me" he said "I would because" he gave that damned smile of his saying "your my friend that's why" Toshi you you I felt tears streaming down my face and suddenly gave him a hug this guy he's a total idiot he risks everything for someone even if they're an evil son of a bitch yet he doesn't care so long as he can save a life damn it man I kept crying till we heard police siren's so I opened a manhole cover and leapt down it with him.

Once we got down I turned on a torch saying "you know that by doing this your effectively a vigilante" he told me "anything for a friend" we then walked about while making sure we could escape easily.