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With A Dash of Lust

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Six weeks and twelve cooking classes later found the couple getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Somehow, they had managed to keep their relationship a secret from their colleagues and families. It helped that although they worked at the same place, they really had no reason to interact as Jane was in vice and often on undercover assignments that kept her out of the office. Add that to Maura’s domain being down in the basement, and the couple were pretty much incognito at work. Outside of work was a little trickier but because they really didn’t run in the same circles, it wasn’t difficult to keep their relationship to themselves.

Not that they wanted to keep their relationship a secret forever. Jane and Maura had agreed to keep their budding love to themselves to allow them time to explore what they had before the interference of outside factors played into it. So far, their bubble had been great, giving the women ample time to explore each other both physically and emotionally. Things were progressing pretty fast, the women spending most of their nights together, usually at Maura’s house as to avoid any chance of Jane’s mother making a surprise visit.

The fact that Jane wasn’t home very often did not escape the notice of her family at all. The day before Valentine’s day, Jane stopped by her mother’s house to help her with something that apparently needed her immediate attention and soon found out that it was just an excuse to corner Jane and grill her for information.

“Janie, I’ve come by to your apartment several times over the last few weeks and you haven’t been there! Where are you spending all your time?” the nosy woman asked, hands on her hips once again. Jane rolled her eyes, having it confirmed that her decision to spend time at Maura’s was, in fact, the right one.

“Ma, I work most nights, if you recall, and with someone giving me a certain gift that requires me to go to classes a couple of times a week, I am hardly home at conventional hours,” Jane replied pointedly, only slightly lying to her mother. She had been busy at work, her goal to transfer to homicide driving Jane to put in as many hours as she could to impress the brass. Her mother didn’t need to know that her free time was spent ravishing and being ravished by a ridiculously sexy doctor that happened to also work at BPD.

“Every night?!?! Really?! I don’t believe you, Janie.” Angela was pursing her lips at Jane and that was her cue to leave.

“Believe what you want Ma, but it doesn’t change anything. If you don’t need me, I gotta go. Duty calls,” Jane tossed over her shoulder as she made her way to the door. She could hear her mother trying to lay on a guilt trip about how she never spent any time with her, which was a complete lie since at the very least, they saw each other every Sunday for family dinner.

Jane just shook her head and shouted, “Bye Ma. Love you!” as she closed the front door and hurried to her cruiser. If she was lucky, Jane could rush to the store for some last minute supplies for the meal she was preparing for Maura the next day before she was supposed to meet her lover at her home for a night of another type of meal.


Jane arrived at Maura’s right on time, having stored all the groceries and other necessities at her apartment before making her way over to Beacon Hill where the doctor’s impressive home was located. Even though Jane had been there a lot over the last six weeks, she still felt a bit intimidated every time she stood on the stoop like she was now, waiting for her doctor.

Was she hers? Jane thought as she waited for Maura to answer the door. They hadn’t really discussed what to label what they were doing other than to say that they weren’t interested in spending time with other people. Not like they had time for other people between both their jobs and the amount of time they spent with each other. But Jane didn’t know if she was allowed to call Maura her girlfriend or partner or just hers. As Jane heard the telltale clicking of heels on hardwood floor on the other side of the door, she made a resolution that tomorrow night, Valentine’s Day, she was going to have an answer.

The door opened and revealed a sight that Jane was still not used to seeing. No, it wasn’t the vision of Maura in a designer dress that took Jane’s breath away, although that definitely left an impression. No, it was the fact that every time Maura opened the door for her she was wearing a smile so big Jane was sure it could be seen from space.

The detective had never had anyone look at her the way Maura did, let alone be so happy just by her mere presence. It set Jane’s heart aflutter and she could never resist mirroring the smile on her own face. Not that it was much of an effort as the sight of the doctor always caused Jane to grin like a lovesick teenager, stunned that a woman like the doctor would give someone like Jane the time of day, let alone allow her into her home and her bed.

“Jane,” Maura breathed out with so much adoration Jane felt her heart clench. The distance between them was too great and the taller woman needed to rectify that immediately. Stepping through the open door, Jane scooped the smaller woman, despite the 4-inch heels, into her arms and spun her around, kicking the door close with a booted foot. Maura started giggling as Jane continued to spin her around and she would do this forever just hear that sound.

“Dr. Isles, something smells particularly succulent tonight,” Jane whispered into Maura’s neck as she nuzzled her face into one of her favorite spots.

There was something about the doctor’s neck that invoked both the feeling of home and sparked her arousal at the same time. Jane couldn’t resist a quick taste, dragging her tongue along the sinew that ran the length. Maura squeezed her tightly at the action and a small groan rumbled through both their bodies, no space left between them.

“Detective, if you keep that up, we won’t be eating the delicious meal I prepared for us that took me most of the evening,” the doctor said sternly, but her arousal was evident as she wiggled her hips against Jane’s body, seeking any form of friction, her dress too tight for her to wrap her legs around Jane as they were accustomed to doing.

The detective chuckled as she gently placed the doctor back onto her heeled feet but didn’t let go of the slim waist, her hands settling on the curvy hips that she had thoroughly explored over the last several weeks.

“As you wish, doctor. I would hate for your efforts to go to waste,” Jane said cheekily. Maura laughed and kissed her fully on the lips, not softly but also not allowing it to deepen.

“Jane, you know all my efforts are done as efficiently as possible, in all areas of my life,” Maura replied saucily, winking at the taller woman before extracting herself from Jane’s embrace.

Jane whined at the loss of the woman in her arms but Maura just shook her head and intertwined their fingers so that she could pull the detective along with her as she headed to the kitchen. As they approached the kitchen, Jane for the first time became aware of the amazing aroma that was filling the air, a mixture of curry and garlic and something else she couldn’t place.

The detective felt her mouth water at the amazing smell and then started drooling as she watching the shapely form of the doctor’s firm backside dancing with each step she took. She also spent plenty of time mapping out every curve of each cheek. With the combination of the aromatic air and the delicious sight, Jane was ready to eat more than one thing, stat.

“Detective, I can feel your eyes glued to my buttocks and while normally I would encourage such deviant behaviour, I was quite serious about working hard in the kitchen to prepare this meal for us. Since you would not tell me what you were preparing for tomorrow, I decided to make homemade Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Aloo, yes a vegetable, your favorite garlic naan, jasmine rice and a nice salad.”

Maura was looking at Jane as if daring her to complain about the delicious meal that was spread out on the kitchen island. Jane felt sufficiently scolded and, taking the hand that was still in hers, brought the fingers to her lips and kissed each knuckle softly, never breaking eye contact with the beautiful hazel eyes that she had fallen for.

“This looks absolutely delicious, Maura. Thank you for this and I cannot wait to taste everything that you have prepared.” Jane accompanied her last sentence with a flick of her tongue along one of Maura’s knuckles, making sure the doctor understood her intentions for the evening.

Maura managed to suppress a moan but couldn’t stop herself from closing her eyes as she tried to control her desire. Jane smiled smugly at the reaction and gave one final kiss to the hand before letting go so that she could get herself a beer from the fridge, which the doctor had started stocking there just for her, one of many thoughtful gestures that had not gone unnoticed by the detective. Jane noticed a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge and grabbed that as well as her beer before turning around to get the glasses they would need.

By the time she had poured her beer and Maura’s wine into their respective glasses, Maura had composed herself and was plating their food, leading Jane to her dining room table. The detective followed with their drinks and sat down in her usual spot. She took another look at the incredible meal that Maura had prepared and felt so lucky that she had met this woman.

“Really, Maur, thank you. This is too much. You’re making me feel even more pressure for tomorrow,” Jane said as she rubbed the back of her neck, her tell for when she anxious. Maura leaned over from her seat and placed her hand over Jane’s on the back of her neck and tugged the taller woman closer so that she could place a sweet kiss to her lips.

“Jane, remember, I have been cooking with you now for the last six weeks. I know what you are capable of and I know how far you have come. Just the thought of you wanting to do this for me, on Valentine’s Day, means so much to me. No one has ever gone through this much effort for me. Whatever you do, I will love. Just like I lo-,” Maura stopped mid thought, causing Jane to look at her questioningly, having some inkling what Maura was about to say. Jane moved forward to capture the pursed lips in a lingering kiss before pulling back, taking the hand at the back of her neck into her own.

Looking deeply into Maura’s eyes, Jane said sincerely, “You deserve so much Maura. I just hope I can give you even just a little bit.”

The doctor smiled a watery smile, tears shining in her eyes as she kissed Jane hard before pulling back, clasping her hands and saying, “Let’s eat, Jane. I know we both have other activities we would like to get to before the end of the evening.”

Jane was starting to get used to how quickly Maura could switch from being sweet and innocent to a sexy, minx but it still threw her for a loop at times, this being one of them. The detective shook her head, picked up her fork, and dug in to her dinner, ready to get to the fun that was surely planned for dessert.

Unfortunately for both women, their plans were thwarted by Maura’s excellent cooking. Both women ate themselves to bursting and after dinner, they barely made it to the couch, where they were currently sprawled, feet up on the coffee table, rubbing their full bellies.

“Maur, why did you have to make the food so good??” Jane whined, barely turning her head to look at the beautiful doctor who was peering at her from a barely open eye. Jane would have laughed except that it hurt to do so, her stomach not liking the tightening of the muscles required to laugh.

“Jane, no one made you eat so much,” Maura admonished before letting out a groan as she rubbed at her food baby that was poking adorably from her normally flat stomach. Jane smiled at how cute the doctor was like this. It was rare to see her this relaxed and Jane felt honored that she got to witness the doctor with her guard down.

“Hey, you ate just as much!” Jane defended herself, turning slowly so that she could face her partner in food crime. Maura moaned at the movement Jane caused in the couch and flailed her arm out to still the detective.

“Stop the rocking, please…” Maura whimpered. Jane did feel bad for the doctor. She rarely overindulged in anything, unlike Jane, and she really did look quite uncomfortable.

“Maura, as sexy as you are, I don’t think I will be able to do any extracurricular activities tonight. You just outdid yourself with our dinner and I have no room for dessert, of any kind,” Jane said despondently, pouting that she wouldn’t get to taste her other favorite food tonight.

“Jane, I cannot even think about intercourse right now. Just thinking of moving to the bedroom at the moment seems like too much effort. I may be stranded on this couch for the foreseeable future,” Maura said dramatically, something that the doctor was not prone to do, alerting Jane to just how much discomfort the woman must be in.

“Aww, baby, do you want me to get you something? I know that Dr. Isles must have some medicine somewhere for this ailment,” Jane teased. This caused Maura to open her eyes enough to give her a stink eye before closing them again to point in the direction of the kitchen.

Jane looked at her confused for a moment before Maura mumbled, “I have some ginger tea in the cabinet. That should help us both.” She was surprised the doctor didn’t have some magic pill but also knew that Maura liked to do things as naturally as possible. Figures her solution would be ginger tea.

“Excellent, remember this sacrifice I’m making the next time you try to tell me I never do anything for you,”Jane huffed as she got up awkwardly from the couch, trying not to use her abs too much. She groaned when she got to her feet and started making her way to where their salvation lay.

“Jane, I do not think that getting up from the couch constitutes as a sacrifice,” Maura groaned from the couch.

Several minutes later, Jane came back with a tray that held a full teapot of ginger tea, two mugs, and a small vase with a lily in it. She had snatched the flower from an arrangement she had brought Maura a few days earlier. The detective watched the doctor’s eyes widen at the presentation and then a soft smile spread across her lips.

“Point made, detective. Thank you for your service,” Maura said cheekily, sitting up slightly so that Jane could place the tray on the table her feet had been on. After serving the tea and handing Maura the mug, Jane took her own mug and sat down close to the smaller woman, looping one arm around her shoulders carefully, so as not to spill either mug’s contents.

“I wish I could service you in another way, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow,” Jane said, placing a light kiss to the side of Maura’s head.

Maura nuzzled into Jane’s one armed embrace and mumbled, “that sounds lovely, darling.”

The detective smiled as she took another sip of the tea, already feeling its healing properties settling her overstuffed stomach. Sex with Maura was great, but this was pretty awesome too, Jane thought, content to snuggle on the couch drinking tea with her doctor.


Jane awoke with a start, her neck immediately protesting the sudden movement. She could hear her alarm going off in the distance but found that she was pinned down by something that was preventing her from getting to it.

The groan that rumbled on her shoulder made Jane aware of what had her pinned to the couch, it seemed. Maura began to stir from her place at Jane’s side, but it wasn’t to get up, as she simply snuggled further in. The detective couldn’t help smiling at how cute the sophisticated doctor was but that didn’t stop her alarm or the ache in her body from having fallen asleep like this on Maura’s couch.

“Maur, honey, I need to get up to shut my alarm off. Also, I can’t feel my arm,” Jane whispered into the sleepy woman’s ear. Her words seemed to have no effect, the doctor letting out a little snore as the only response. She shook her head as she tried to somehow extricate herself from Maura’s koala-like grasp. The detective began contorting her body, trying not to wake up the slumbering doctor but really needing to move.

Just as she was almost free, Jane was pulled back into the strong grip of the doctor who had apparently been playing possum, judging by the amused smirk that played on her lips despite her eyes still being closed.

“Maur! How long have you been awake?” Jane asked in faux anger. She couldn’t help her own grin at the playful, sleepy doctor, her hazel eyes making their first appearance of the morning. Jane let out a sigh once they looked at her, always falling into their depths whenever she was the focus.

“Long enough to know that there are things we should be doing in our sex life, given how flexible you are,” Maura retorted, a wicked grin now proudly displayed on her face.

Once again, Jane had whiplash from the intense swings of emotions her doctor could invoke. She forgot all about her loud alarm as she hungrily claimed those full lips, quickly using her tongue to claim the doctor’s mouth as well.

“Hmmm, Jane, as much as I love when you get like this, that incessant ringing from your phone is not helping to set the mood,” Maura murmured against her lips.

Jane laughed, giving Maura one last peck on the lips before finally extracting herself from her doctor and making her way to the table by the door that she had left her phone on. She silenced her alarm and checked to see if she had any urgent texts or emails. Seeing none, Jane made her way back to the slow moving woman currently stretching on the couch.

Now that she was up and most assuredly awake, Jane wanted to start Valentine Day’s off right and make up for their missed dessert the night before. Seeing Maura stretching, showing off her gorgeous body, was only stroking the embers of her arousal that were never fully extinguished around the doctor. Jane began to make her way back to the couch, having every intention of taking the doctor here and now.

Maura looked up just as Jane was stalking toward her and she let out a small gasp at the look on Jane’s face, one that declared for anyone to see what her intentions were for the smaller woman. However, the detective was startled when she was within Maura’s reach. As she went to embrace her lover, Maura put both hands to her chest, stopping her from pulling the doctor closer. Jane knew she must look shocked but she couldn’t help it. Maura had never really stopped her advances before. This was an entirely new thing for Jane.

“Before you start thinking all manner of thoughts, Jane, I am only stopping you because we both need to get ready to go to work. That is all. I want you as badly, if not more, than you want me right now. Waking up to you always makes me aroused Jane. Today was no different. But, you know how we can be, and we simply don’t have the time right now,” Maura said sensibly, a kind look gracing her face, assuring Jane this was not a rejection.

Jane relaxed fractionally but still grabbed for Maura, trapping the doctor’s arms between them. “Fine, but I still want a proper good morning kiss since it is Valentine’s Day after all,” Jane pouted, exaggerating her lips so that Maura would have no choice but to kiss her.

The doctor giggled at her silliness, causing butterflies to erupt in Jane’s stomach as she loved the sound of a happy Maura. The smaller woman moved her arms so that she could wrap them around the detective’s neck and pulled her close, brushing her lips against the pouty ones in front of her.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, detective,” she said seductively before planting a firm, wet kiss on Jane that did nothing to douse the flame of her desire.

Jane groaned as the kiss ended all too quickly and Maura was pushing her away. As the doctor passed Jane on her way to the kitchen, Maura slapped Jane on the butt with a “now get in the shower. I will make the coffee you cannot start your day without and when I get upstairs, there will be no silly business,” tossed over her shoulder authoritatively.

Jane groaned again, the slap only spiking her arousal, but obeyed her lover. She liked a bossy Maura, not that she would ever tell the doctor that.

“Yes, Doctor Isles,” Jane replied sarcastically as she trudged upstairs to start her day. She thought about correcting her doctor but in the end decided against it. The upside of this was that Jane knew she would get lucky that night. She better after all she had planned to surprise her soon to be girlfriend.


Luckily for Jane, she had not caught a case that day and she was able to leave early to begin her preparations for the romantic night she had planned for her lover. Maura had pestered her all day, between texts and visits to her desk, desperately wanting to know what Jane had planned. Jane, ever the stubborn woman that she was, remained a steel trap and let nothing leak.

The only thing she told her doctor was that she should dress comfortably. Maura had looked at her as if she had lost her mind, causing Jane to let out a full bellied laugh. That only made her doctor look at her even more sternly and Jane had promised her it would be worth it. Maura had shook her head as she walked away. Jane, of course, was teasing her soon to be girlfriend, knowing that her love’s idea of comfortable would still have the doctor looking absolutely stunning.

Jane had decided to make one of the dishes that they had learned about in their cooking class but with an added twist thanks to Chef Antonio. Jane had confided in him that she wanted to make something special for Maura and the chef had been only too happy to help, seeing as he had been there from the beginning of their courtship.

Jane still blushed every time she thought about what their instructor may have heard after their first time together. Antonio had subtly teased them the next class but overall everyone pretended like nothing had happened, despite how close Jane and Maura had obviously become during the subsequent classes. The two could barely keep their hands off each other when they were together, whether it was while cooking or sitting at the table for their shared meals at the end of each class.

Since the class was made up of older homemakers, they were very encouraging of the ‘young love’, as they called it, that they were witnessing. Both Jane and Maura had become extremely flustered when the L word had been said, neither wanting to admit it yet, not having expressed anything close to that to each other yet, despite both of them knowing that they felt love for one another

So, that brought Jane to her kitchen in her apartment on Valentine’s Day where she had all the supplies she would need to make a stellar meal for her love and soon to be official girlfriend, if all went as planned. The detective surveyed all the ingredients and took out the step by step instructions that Antonio had emailed her after he had shown her how to make the dish. Now it was time to just do it as Nike would say.

Two hours later, as Jane was putting the finishing touches on the plated food, she couldn’t help feeling proud of herself. She had done it! And if her little taste tests along the way were any indication, Maura would be very happy with the results. Now Jane just had to clean up and get herself ready for her doctor who was due in just under a half hour.

Jane rushed around quickly, making the kitchen as spotless as she could before taking a quick shower. Pulling her preplanned outfit from her closet, Jane thought she had chosen well and that her doctor would be pleasantly surprised at her choice. The detective looked at the clock and sprung into action, rushing to get dressed as she just had a few minutes before her always punctual doctor would be at the door.

Just as the detective was pulling on her shoe, the knock at the door confirmed how well she knew her lover. It was seven o’clock exactly. Jane chuckled to herself, looking in the mirror one last time to make sure she looked perfect before making her way to the door.

When she opened it, Jane was stunned speechless. Coincidentally, Maura appeared to be similarly affected, as her hand that was slightly raised to knock again was hanging in mid air, her mouth hanging open. They stood there in silence for several moments, eyes wandering, taking in the vision that was their lover.

Finally, Jane recovered first and took the hand still hanging in the air into both of hers and kissed the back gallantly as she said, “Maura Isles, you look absolutely stunning.”

And she most certainly did in an emerald green A-line princess V-neck dress that fell just above her knee. It hugged her curves gloriously, the skirt part of the dress flaring out to show off toned legs. Maura had chosen perfectly matched green heels to top off the outfit. She really was a vision. Jane loved that she hadn’t chosen the traditional Valentine’s red.

Jane belatedly noticed that her voice had been even raspier than usual but didn’t care because the result was worth it. Maura closed her mouth only to immediately lick her lips, eyes darkening at Jane’s actions and words.

“Thank, Jane, you look divine. When you said dress comfortably, I imagined that you would greet me at the door in your Red Sox shirt and some shorts. I have to say that I am delightfully surprised to find you in a three piece suit. The cut is fantastic on you.” Maura said the last bit with her other hand reaching out to touch the lapel of Jane’s jacket, slowly dragging it down to feel every inch of the suit, not so subtly moving to cop a feel of Jane’s derriere, perfectly fitted in her suit trousers. Jane moaned at the contact and drew Maura closer by the hand she held, embracing the smaller woman fully, moving her arms in a way that forced Maura’s to go around her neck.

“Now, now, doctor, patience. This is just the beginning of our evening. Dessert comes much later,” Jane teased against Maura’s lips before sealing her promise with a firm, heated kiss. Before Maura could deepen it, she pulled away, enjoying the pouting face of the sophisticated woman, and turned to escort her doctor into her home.

Once inside with the door locked, Maura finally looked around and saw the effort Jane had gone through for their first Valentine’s Day together. The lights were turned down low, candles on the dining table creating romantic lighting. There were fresh lavender roses in a vase serving as the centerpiece. Maura could just make out the smell of the roses but the overwhelming smell of a delicious meal was making her taste buds scream out for a taste.

“Jane! It’s beautiful. And what is that smell? It smells heavenly,” Maura said excitedly, turning to the detective, grabbing her by both lapels. Jane smiled at the giddy woman, proud that she had put that smile on her face.

“Well, I put our classes to good use and I made a dish you mentioned was one of your favorites. Behold, the Milanese specialty of Osso Bucco,” Jane said proudly, grinning like she just won the world series at Maura’s raised eyebrows and wide grin. All the stress to get this just right was worth it seeing Maura’s joy.

“Oh, Jane, really?! Wow, thank you so much! I know how much work goes into that dish. Really, thank you, Jane,” she said quietly, tears shining in her eyes as she leaned in to place a lingering kiss to Jane’s lips. The detective revelled in the kiss, feeling all the emotions that were behind it. Jane was determined by the end of dinner to say the three words that the two women had been dancing around for weeks now.

When Maura broke the kiss, Jane took her doctor’s hands in both of hers and brought them to her lips. “Ok, now let’s eat before it gets cold. I actually managed to time it just right.”

Jane led Maura to her seat, pulling out the chair for the doctor and making sure she was securely seated at the table. Jane went to kitchen and grabbed their plates and placed them down on their respective settings. She turned and grabbed the wine she had set out to breath, Antonio helping her pick the perfect wine to pair with their meal. Maura let out a giddy giggle when Jane brought the wine to the table with two glasses, even clapping her hands together excitedly as she saw the label.

“Amarone della Valpolicella is a superb choice, Jane! Did you know that Amarone literally means ‘the great bitter’ and that the makers called it that to distinguish it from a sweeter wine in the same province of Verona?” Jane just smiled at her doctor, always amused when her googlemouth came out as the detective had started calling it. She loved how intelligent and educated Maura was and it made her feel overwhelmingly lucky to have this woman want to spend time with her.

She looked at Maura adoringly as she replied, “No Doctor, I did not but now I do.” As Maura started to blush at the teasing, Jane set the wine down to drag her finger along the smaller woman’s jaw, lifting her chin so that Maura was looking directly into her eyes.

“I love how smart you are, Maura. I love that you know so much about so many things. Never be ashamed of that, even if I tease you.” Jane kissed Maura on her forehead before making her way to her seat.

Looking lovingly across at the doctor, who was wearing a dopey grin, her face still upturned where Jane had left her, her eyes closed, Jane said, “Buno appeitto, Maura.”


The meal had turned out perfectly. Maura had made core drenching sounds of enjoyment throughout the meal, obviously enjoying the fruits of Jane’s labors. All the delicious sounds had the detective on edge, her arousal consuming her every thought so that Jane barely managed to finish her food. Maura seemed oblivious, completely entranced by her dining experience. The only words that were exchanged were the doctor’s many compliments to the chef.

As Maura finally finished the last bite from her plate, Jane felt like rushing to clear the dishes so that she could devour Maura right there on the table. She barely refrained, having other plans for their evening which did not entail a quick fuck. Jane took several deep breaths to calm her libido and looked up to find Maura watching her intently. The look on her face told Jane that she had known the effect she was having on her throughout the meal, as her doctor was wearing a wicked grin as she used her napkin to wipe her lips of the evidence of the delicious meal.

“Jane, are you ok, darling? You look a little flustered,” Maura asked innocently, eyes wide, a slight grin playing at the corners of her lips, showing a hint of a dimple on each cheek. Jane rolled her eyes, knowing this game all too well. This woman was going to give her a heart attack one day but Jane knew she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

“I’m fine, honey, just happy that you enjoyed your dinner sooo much,” Jane replied, eyes narrowing at the smug smirk that made its way onto Maura’s beautiful face.

This was one of the reasons she loved Maura so much. Their banter, the playfulness that she exhibited only with Jane, and the way she could make Jane feel utterly desired with just one look. She couldn’t stop the sigh that escaped her. Damn, she really was in love.

“Well, now that you’re done, would you like to move on to dessert?” Jane questioned while standing and collecting their empty plates.

Maura rose too and attempted to help Jane clear the table, but she swatted her on the bum, pointing to the couch. “Nope, this is a full service establishment, doctor. Please have a seat and I will attend to you in a moment,” Jane said formally, a flirty smile putting her dimples on display. Maura just laughed and shaking her head, made her way to the couch, taking her half-full wine glass with her.

Jane hurriedly cleaned off the table and snuck into a cabinet in her pantry to retrieve her surprise that she hoped would go over well with what she had planned next. The detective grabbed the half empty bottle of wine and her wine glass then made her way to join her lover. This was it.

Topping off Maura’s glass and her own, Jane set the bottle down on the table and turned fully to face Maura. Her doctor mimicked her position and the two women sat just gazing into each other’s eyes for several moments in comfortable silence. It wasn’t the first time they had done this but to Jane, this time felt more intimate than any time before. She was about to expose herself to Maura and that made this moment all the more intense.

“Maura,” she croaked out, slightly nervous. The detective cleared her throat and tried again, the encouraging smile her doctor gave her helping to settle her nerves a bit.

“Maura,” she rasped, confidently. Much better, Jane thought. “I know that we have only known each other for a short time,” Jane paused cataloging every one of her doctor’s reactions to her words, trying to read any subtle signs that she shouldn’t say what she was about to say.

“Six weeks if we are being exact,” Maura chimed in with a big smile. Jane snorted, her ever precise doctor making an appearance. Jane smiled and took Maura’s hands into her own, having set both their glasses down on the table as she continued.

“Yes, six weeks, but in that time, I feel like we’ve really gotten to know each other. I’ve opened up to you more than with anyone else, ever, and I feel like you’ve done the same.”

At Maura’s nod, Jane steeled herself for the most important part of her speech. “And even though it’s only been six weeks, I can say with absolute certainty that I, Jane Rizzoli, love you, Maura Isles. Like a lot.” There, she said it. It almost went as planned, until her ‘like a lot’ that came out of nowhere when she got nervous at Maura’s stunned expression.

Silence filled the room as Jane waited for Maura to respond to her declaration. Nothing came. Not even any movement in Maura’s hands which were still ensconced in Jane’s. She squeezed them slightly, trying to get Maura to re-engage with her. As the silence went on, Jane started to get extremely nervous. This was not the reaction she had been hoping for.

Just as Jane was about to pull away and sulk at the rejection of the doctor not returning her feelings, Maura lept onto Jane’s body, making her fall back on the couch as the doctor covered her face with kisses.

“Oh Jane,” her doctor said between kisses, “I love you so much. So, so, so much.” Each ‘so’ was punctuated with a kiss to another part of Jane’s face, causing her to giggle at the sudden overly emotive reaction from her love.

“Maur, ok, ok, I get it,” Jane groused, playfully trying to stop Maura’s kissing assault.

She finally managed to capture the woman’s face and claimed the swollen lips for a deep, searing kiss that made both women moan out loud. Jane brought their foreheads together when they broke the kiss for air and whispered reverently, “god I love you, Maur.”

Maura pushed herself up to look fully at Jane’s face and said with a teary smile, “and I love you, Jane.”

As Maura was diving back on top Jane to get to the business of celebrating their mutual declaration of love, Maura landed on something in Jane’s pocket that made both women grunt in pain.

“What in the world?” Maura asked as she sat up, straddling Jane’s legs so that she could explore Jane’s pocket.

She pulled out a ring box and her eyes went wide once again. Maura started to look like a fish out of water as her mouth worked itself open and closed but no words came out. Jane rushed to sit up, wanting to clear up whatever was going through her love’s head.

“Before you get all worked up, it’s not an engagement ring. I know we said we weren’t going to do presents for this day but I wanted to get you something for when you, hopefully, said that you loved me too.”

Jane took the box from Maura’s hand and opened it, revealing a beautiful silver Irish Claddagh ring. Jane watched Maura’s face intently as the woman brought both her hands to cover her mouth, a gasp leaving before it was covered.

“You mentioned that your birth family was Irish, hence the name Maura, and I wanted to get you something that signified my love for you. What better than an Irish promise ring that symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. Three things I think represent us perfectly. I love you, Maura. I promise to be loyal to you as long as you will have me. And most importantly, Maura, you are my best friend.” Jane paused as tears started streaming down Maura’s face. She took one hand to wipe the tears away, smiling as Maura leaned into her touch.

“Doctor Maura Isles, will you be my girlfriend?” Jane asked, still holding Maura’s cheek in her hand. Her doctor smiled so big as she once again threw herself at Jane, making them both tumble onto the couch.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Maura said, once again covering Jane with kisses. Jane felt her heart soar as each kiss sealed their commitment to each other. Girlfriend didn’t seem like a strong enough word for what they shared but it was way too soon for something like fiancee, so it would do, for now.

The detective laughed as Maura continued to pepper her with kisses. She held up her hand that still held the ring box and teased, “Are you going to leave me hanging or are you going to wear the ring, woman?!”

Maura giggled as she turned to grab the ring out of the box and placed it on her right ring finger, the heart turned inward, signaling to the world that she was taken. Jane had never felt so proud as she took in the sight. Maura was officially hers. All that was left for the evening was for Jane to take what was hers.

Before Jane could even suggest that they should celebrate, Maura had hopped off of her, more gracefully than she had expected given their position and the amount of wine the doctor had consumed, and was moving away from the couch. Jane felt the loss deeply and started to complain. The detective struggled to sit up and looked around to see where her doctor, Jane grinned at that, yes, she was her doctor now, had gone. Maura was out of sight but her voice came drifting from Jane’s bedroom, almost like a siren call that would lead Jane to her demise.

“Jane, my zipper will not unzip itself. Come along, my love. I want to show you how much I liked your gift,” came Maura’s honey coated, silky voice. She was off the couch and flying through her bedroom door before Maura had finished her sentence.

“My, my, someone is eager,” Maura jested, wiggling her backside at Jane, hair tossed over one shoulder revealing the offending zipper that was standing between Jane and the delectable body that lay underneath.

She rushed forward to attack the zipper and show it who was boss. Jane couldn’t help planting a kiss at the nape of Maura’s neck, beginning to mark her territory. The detective grinned slyly at the slight moan the contact elicited.

Once the zipper had been defeated, Maura stepped away from Jane, allowing a respectable distance so that the detective could watch as her doctor lowered the beautiful dress, revealing a matching, lacy lingerie set that was the same color as the dress. Maura sure did know how to coordinate, and Jane gulped audibly at the expanse of creamy skin now on display.

“I didn’t get you anything, Jane,” Maura pouted seductively, having dropped the dress, standing there in just her sexy lingerie and heels.

Starting to move her hands along her sides, caressing the lace of her bra and then moving to the lace at her hips, Maura never took her eyes off of Jane’s as she said, “maybe I have something else to offer you instead.”

The detective whimpered at the implication and felt her knees start to go weak. Maura was also a temptress when it came to their bedroom activities, but it seemed that tonight, with their love now out in the open, at least to them, Maura was unleashing a new level of seduction that she had apparently had been holding back.

“What did you have in mind?” Jane choked out, her voice hoarse and an octave higher than normal. She was having an out of body experience, completely enthralled with the game Maura was playing with her. Once again, she was reminded how lucky she was to have this woman as her own.

“Oh, well, nothing too special. Just me, loving you, in every way that I can think many do you think that is, Jane?” Jane felt her core clench and her whole body break out in a sweat.

Maura knew a lot of things, including about sex, and if she planned on loving Jane in every way she could think of, the detective wasn’t sure she would survive the experience. But, being the trooper that she was, Jane would give it the old college try.

She swallowed thickly before responding, “I don’t know doctor, you might just have to show me.” Maura smiled wickedly at her answer and finally stalked back over to Jane, her hands once again going to her lapels.

“Excellent answer, detective. But first, I have been wanting to unwrap you since you answered the door. This suit is perfection Jane, but it seems you are highly overdressed for the current occasion.”

With that Maura wasted no time undressing her, only taking time to kiss each inch of skin that was revealed before continuing to strip Jane of every stitch of clothing she had on, leaving her bare.

Maura once again stepped back, surveying her handy work. “Much better, love. Now I can love you properly.”

And that was the last word uttered from that moment on because Maura was good to her word and proceeded to show Jane for several hours just how much she was loved by the passionate doctor. Her passionate doctor. Her Maura.