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Dont You Let Me Go

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“You need to leave!”

“What the hell do you mean I need to leave? I came to see Stiles.”

Leave it to Lydia to go directly to the source. No shame. No prearrangement. Just shows up on one of the places she knows 100% she isn’t welcome and storms into a room filled with werewolves.

“Oh please! Don’t act like you would have opened the door had I told you I was coming.”

She turned to the dining and noticed Peter standing there, arms crossed over his chest.

“Peter,” she said, trying to catch her pulse. She still did not like the man - or is it wolf. They haven’t had the best of interactions. Stiles had suggested once that she go talk to him. Might have been a bit of the fuel that made her want to get rid of whatever demon tentacles were still left in Stiles. Of all the people in this supernatural playdate, she thought he would have understood how much she needed to not be around that psycho.

The psycho currently in Stiles house.

“Never mind.” she turned to the others in the room. “You didn’t show up for pack meet. The house smells like smoke to me, I can only imagine what it smells like to all of you. Anyway, tell Stiles to talk to me. I will not come here again. And I think we can still help him. The plan is still on.”

Malia is the one who spoke next. “I will not let you do anything to him.”

“It is for his own good!!!” Lydia yelled. She opened the door, flipping her hair, and walked out.


That morning she had gone to Deaton’s. Get the information from the horse's mouth. Scott was too easy to fool.

She had looked Deaton in the face as he had narrated to her what the power of the Nogitsune had awaken in Stiles. He had explained in great detail what that meant. By great detail, it meant that Deaton had given her answers rather than evaded them.

He had explained the need for the ministry to be involved. After all, they were the most powerful mages in the world at the moment. All of them having come from different magic sanctions in the world. If they could take Stiles, subdue his evil-potential power at that moment, take him to their training grounds and train him so that he could advance his spark and fight off the Nogitsune’s darkness.

He hadn’t lied. As far as he and the magic were aware, whatever residue was left in Stiles by the Nogitsune was corrupting Stile’s spark. That was what Deaton had not told Scott. That they still needed Stiles to burn off the negative residue. But that is to be ensured by the ministry.

She wished the rest of her pack were as accepting of this as she had become lately. She still believes they need to be with Stiles at this time. Spending a few of their last days together. Because in about 2 days they will start preparing the ingredients. And on Wednesday, they will be with Stiles at the clearing, ready to give him to the ministry so that they can help him.

Lydia had been worried they were killing him. Now she knew that without the ministry, they won’t even get the chance. Stiles will be the end of himself and maybe them all.

When she had walked into the house that day, she hadn't expected to find her missing packmates in the building. She had been worried sick that they had been taken by some monster or another. Now she was more terrified that the Nogitsune was, again, a step ahead of them. They should know better than to be around Stiles right now. And what was Peter doing there, mooching off the chaos about to be reaped?

Probably. There was nothing good in him, wolf, or man. Two years ago, or not, she was not going to trust him. especially where the darkness was controlling Stiles.

And where was Stiles anyway, shouldn't he at least have been hosting his guests? Typical spaz. Ah. Lydia was going to have words with him about hosting after all this is over and they have more time to bond.

In the meantime, Prada needs her. She took her keys and got into her car. Driving off into the distance, she missed the eyes that watched her as she left the place, pistol in one hand, and binoculars in another.