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Dont You Let Me Go

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Stiles was scared! Ok... Maybe it was kind of cool. But he was still freaked out of his mind. In all his life he never ever thought that he would be supernatural. That he of all people would have powers. Maybe they weren’t as cool as Scott's or Derek, or Lydia... wait, Lydia's suck sometimes... damnit! He is going off topic. Point is he never thought it would ever in a million, gazillion, trillion, google years, that he would wake up in the morning and say, “hey... I'm Stiles Stilinski, confused teenager (sexually and sometimes even literally), and now part of the supernatural fang gang.  

Ok! He had no fangs he got it. And maybe he really should talk to someone about the nightmares. Maybe he should have talked his dad about them, but it just seemed like much more stress on the poor guy when it all came crushing down that he had in fact (thank you very much I am an upstanding citizen) not been doing drugs (like seriously dad!). Instead he had been doing something much cooler (“this is so much worse, Stiles. Why couldn’t you just do drugs like a normal teenager?” “Dad it’s saving people’s lives” “You could have come to me, learn a little self-defence” “I’m sorry” “you are right though. It is kinda cool.” “yeah!” “you’re grounded for a month and only out in case of any supernatural interference. If you try to counteract me Stiles, so help me, I will ground you for a year.”) that his dad almost didn’t let his continue doing.  

But seriously. What else was he supposed to do. He is the one who dragged poor unsuspecting Scott to the murder scene, (well, burial scene, considering the lady was buried) and he had been bit by rabid Peter. And he had to figure it out for him. He is the one who had to endure the hard times so he wouldn’t and now he was practically ignoring his.  

Actually now that he thought about it, he couldn’t actually go to the pack. if anything they had been acting as if hanging out with his was always a chore that they had to do. Erica had stated that now that he was a ‘wolf, Stiles was no longer on his radar. He had moved on to Boyd anyway. And Isaac had this crush thing on both Allison and Scott and it was weird. But even he wouldn’t hang with Stiles on a good day. Jackson was still a douche, Lydia hated him for some unknown reason.  

Derek was in Mexico visiting his sister’s pack. Peter was in rehab at Eichen House. He was doing great. Stiles had seen him a couple of times and they had actually had amazing conversations. They even played chess and Stiles won. He was going to see him again on Christmas eve for a rematch. His birthday had passed and not even Scott had remembered (it’s been a month since the 15th of November and he still hadn’t mentioned it). Malia had ended up resenting him when Stiles had told her that he wasn’t really into her the way that she thought.  

Ever since Derek left, with nothing but a kiss on his cheek, Stiles had never felt so alone. The pack no longer called him for pack meetings. His dad didn’t really talk to him anymore, choosing to get drunk some days than talk to his son about his issues. And it had been happening for 6 months. Derek hadn’t talked to him since he left. His phone went to voicemail after the first month. And Stiles had thought they had developed a great friendship over the three years. Enough for him to text once in a while. 

Derek had been in contact the first month. He made Stiles feel special and on one occasion Stiles had been trying to get him to come back for a few days and Derek had said, “Baby I can’t. Cora needs me for a few days. But I'll try next month OK?” And Stiles had been stumped. And Derek had called him baby for one more week and then he had disappeared.  

But Derek had been in contact with the rest of the pack. Even /Stiles’ dad. He was just on voicemail. When Stiles called. He had blocked his number.  

It really hurt when he realised that. And the memory brings him to panic attacks now. Like right now it feels like he is drowning. Like all the air has been punched out of his chest and he can’t breathe. He can’t even remember why he was excited earlier, all he wants to do is breathe. He just wants to belong to the pack like before. He wants his best friend and his dad back. He wants all this to me over. He wants Derek to call him baby like he did 5 months ago. But that wasn’t happening. 

Everyone in his life left. Everyone in his close circle could barely stand to be with him, to be associated with him. It was time he made a decision and stayed away from them like they wanted. Now that Scott was Alpha and he could do without his friend, Stiles had to find another way to cope. 3 more weeks to finals. 3 more weeks to graduation. 3 more weeks and he can enter into early admissions at Stanford. 3 more weeks and no one would have to see him again. That's all he needed to endure. 3 weeks.  

In that moment, he had never missed his mother’s hugs as much in his whole life. He wished she was here. She would have known what to do. She would never have left him. She would have figured out the nogitsune wasn’t him. He passed out with a final thought: he wanted his mother more than anything.

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Derek had messed up. He hadn’t intended to get that close to the boy. Form the moment he met him at the Preserve, he knew that he was his mate. Buzz cut hair, amber eyes, red bottom lip (which was very distracting since he kept biting at it and it made Derek want to bite at it), inability to stand still and a smell of chemicals under his skin that made Derek want to ask whether he was sick.  

The boy had grown so beautifully from three years ago. Now he had a great definition of muscles; not too much, just enough to make him look fit and masculine. Derek knew he would fit so well lined up next to him. he could feel his wolf losing control the more the boy got older. His scent drove him nuts. That citrus, a little of a sweet syrup, a bit like old books in a library, a little scent of arousal (this one was the hardest. It was like Stiles oozed it from his pores every time he showed up at the loft. 

It was insane! 

Don’t get him wrong. he didn’t think having the boy was bad. It’s just that the boy’s father was the sheriff and the boy himself was head over heels for this... lydia. a banshee they all later came to find out. How was he supposed to compete with that? The girl was gorgeous and his mate was straight. Figures that fate would line him up with something just as fucked up as his mistakes. Like Kate.  

Kate was the biggest mistake he had ever made.  

Yeah Cora and Peter tried to talk to him once they figured out what happened, but, it is really hard to be told that it’s not your fault when you know for a fact that it is. It isn’t that he blames himself for it as much as before. But he was still broken. So, naturally, he took the first chance out of beacon Hills the moment his alpha spark left him and went with Cora. Cora didn’t even have to beg him. But he had to say goodbye to the boy. 

So he walked to his house. His window was open (typical. “You don’t tell me what I do with my window in my house Derek. I don’t quarrel you about the big hole in your wall now do I?” “it’s dangerous.” “That is what the mountain ash is for.” “i got in.” you aren’t as subtle as you think when you’re lurking in the shadows near my house.” because of course Stiles would notice things when you don’t want him to). This time however the mountain ash was in place. Derek knocked on the sill twice. 

When the boy... no... young man lifted his face up chewing on a pencil, his hair looking like he just got roughly fucked Derek almost came in his pants. He was getting hard; really fast. But he didn’t care. If this was the last time he might see this beautiful creature, he would take it.  

He remembered the Nogitsune. No one had realised that it wasn’t Stiles, except him. He could feel the strain on the mate bond (that he had no idea had started to form) and he knew it was the demon they were looking for. He gave up his spark to save his sister that night. He had barely seen Stiles after that incident. The young man had become withdrawn, a new scent of sadness and lightning always following him now. Derek couldn't do anything for him with his own brokenness.  

So he moved into his room and told him he was leaving. 

“And you came to tell.. Me?” the boy looked shocked. 

“Yeah. I thought...” he must’ve been reading this wrong. “I wanted to make up. Maybe be friends?” 

“Oh. Yeah. Sure. Just don’t tear out my throat during snuggles,” Stiles replied. A hint of fear in his scent. “is this because of the... coz you don’t have to be my friend just coz you feel guilty or sorry for me. I can handle it. I'm...” 

Derek needed to shut him up. “I don’t.... I just thought it would be a good idea. I'm leaving. I'd be... happy. If you were to keep in touch.” 

“You really look pained even saying that.” Derek didn’t think Stiles wouldn’t have noticed that he took time to articulate what he wanted to say. His sisters called him slow sometimes but he just had a hard time knowing what to say. 


“I know. They aren’t your strongest suit. I think today is the first time I have heard you speak without being... growly.” 

When he moved into the boy’s (‘young man’, Derek. Stop being such a prude) personal space, Stiles’ breath hitched. His kissed his cheek and left before he could convince himself to ask him out there and then.  

Then Mexico happened. He was further from any real town really but they had WiFi and they had cell phone network so he managed to keep in touch with Stiles. Occasionally they would Skype but most times the time difference meant they had to speak for less time. Then he heard that Stiles had been withdrawing from the pack. Scott called him and told him to stay away from Stiles. That he was distracting Stiles from pack meetings. That Stiles was aggressive after the Nogitsune and Derek wasn’t helping by talking to him. He told Derek that Stiles considered the ‘wolf immature and mentally unstable even. That he was just talking to Derek out of pity.  

Derek against his better judgement had listened anyway. If Stiles’ best friend said it happened, then who was he to doubt it. And so for 6 months, Derek has been trying to pry himself from his phone. He deleted Stiles’ number and never tried to get it back. It hurt him. he might have even gotten depressed. He thought they were getting closer. That he was even warming up to the idea of more with Derek, but it was all just a façade. he didn’t think Stiles was that kind of person. But as Scott said, the Nogitsune might have changed the Stiles they knew. At least the boy didn’t have to pretend anymore.  

he ignored his messages, he ignored his calls and he blocked him by the 5th week when it was becoming harder to ignore his wolf. Derek had never felt such rejection. But he intended to find out what was going on in Beacon that had changed his mate. Surely now that Derek isn’t fuelling his evil, he has returned to the pack. As long as he is safe. Derek is good. If Scott calling to appreciate it is anything to go by, then he knows his mate is safe.  

The bond doesn’t hurt less. If anything it becomes worse. 

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Lydia was hunched at her desk going through information in the bestiary that Stiles had given to her. It had so many notes in there and she didn’t even know how he got all that information. Really he was not the best at school. Although the school had refused to tell her who was running as valedictorian this year she was sure it was her. She was going to know in 2 weeks and be well on her way to MIT. Besides if anyone was going to give her a run for her money it certainly wasn’t Stilinski. 

Argh! She doesnt even know why she’d taking this information so seriously. I mean... stiles’ is a weirdo. Sure helped her figure out her banshee powers but that is just something she would have figured out on her own (‘no it’s not’ ‘shut up subconscious’). 

Scott is an even bigger moron. Then why is she even spending a second thinking about what he said? i mean... Stiles? Really. He must think she is blonde like the rest of the school. Just because she was dating Jerkson Extraordinaire doesn’t mean she is actually stupid. She loved Jackson. he saved her from that idiot who tried to bully her in junior high and they bonded. Maybe Jackson is really daft, and actually turned out to be a bully (why do you think she broke up with him anyway?), but it took a really long time for her to get over the sweet caring Jackson she used to see and the one that manifested after the Kanima. Apparently she was the only one surprised by his behaviour. Everyone else was pretty much used to it. 

If she had known that Jackson had been bullying Stiles (and a bunch of others) she would have ended him and their relationship a long time ago. That was easy to believe right? Right! Now the hard part. Stiles Stilinski. Weirdo who proclaimed his love for him the moment they got into junior high and hasn’t stopped despite the fact that he is totally not Lydia’s type (which I have told him. I was mean about it, but case end in point, he was warned).  

The only person she thinks could maybe give her a run for her money is Danny Mahealani. But she knows that she has beat him in every test ever imaginable in that campus they call school. Even when he went for extra credit she still beat him. So why was she finding it hard to just push aside the thought that Bilinski of all people was the valedictorian and not her?  

Argh! It's this book that has so many organised thoughts, and such good analysis (of said thoughts) and such organisation (that no one would think Stiles has  or will have in a million years with daily practice) , with such attention to details she never would have realised had she not read his notes! And he translated Latin to English? And French? And German? he must have been using google translate. There is no other way that little nitwit who can barely pay attention to anything going on in class would be valedictorian. That spot is hers. She is going to MIT as the best in her class if it’s the last thing she is to do in this damned life. she doesn’t need the supernatural drama. 

weeks later...  

Scott was right! Aaaaargh! Lydia throws her books into the walls of her room. She can’t get into MIT if she can’t even be valedictorian. After all the hard work she has put into school, some random just breezes through high school and takes it from her!  

She should have never let him get close to her. Yes! She knows they aren’t that close. Was it the Nogitsune? Did Stiles ask that demon for something in return for letting him possess his body? Did Stiles let it possess his body? He had been weird after the attack. Acting all guilty. When Allison was put into a coma he wouldn’t even see her. What is he feeling guilty for? Unless... unless the demon was acting on evil desires that old Stiles had been too afraid to try. the Nogitsune only latches onto a dark part of someone’s soul and grows from there. What if the Nogitsune isn’t what they should be worried about. What if it had been Stiles’ idea all along?   

No it can’t be. It makes no sense.  

Anyway, something is up with this whole situation. There has to be a reason why Scott keeps asking for pack meetings without Stiles’ presence. she has to talk to him. 

months later  

“hey, Lydia!”  

God he gets on my nerves. Look at him pretend. Scott was seriously not joking. Stiles really isn’t pack anymore. The ‘wolves said that he has a lightning scent around him. Not human. He is hiding something. It's hard to trust pack that hides things. Stiles might not be human anymore, but Scott was right. it was dangerous for him to be around them and it was the best for all of them really. 

No one actually liked him. And everyone just tolerated him coz he was Scott’s BFF. Malia was not the best person to ask though. She said Stiles was their pack mom. But seriously they all would have noticed such an important role being empty by now. Stiles was an annoying baggage for all of them and even more now that Derek was not around. And Peter was also not the best to have around. he would be out by Christmas and no one wants him in Beacon hills. And Stiles is still valedictorian!  

One who couldn’t figure out self defense. 

“Hi Stiles?” she says condescendingly. 

“The bestiary... are you done with it?” 

“No!” she flips her hair dismissively and walks away. She hears its footsteps behind her. 

“Hey! Wait up!” 

“What is it Stiles?!” 

“Well I need it. There is still a lot of reading and more notes to be done. The pack might need more. And I told Scott I'd...” 

“You’d digitize it. We know. but we don’t need you anymore Stiles. Danny is better at doing that and it will be secure. Plus how hard is it to use google translate to learn all the languages you were translating. Scott wanted you to know that I am now in charge of the pack research.” 

“When did that...” 

“Take a hint Stiles. You're human, you can barely protect yourself. You are dragging the team down. You aren’t needed anymore. We’ve had like 10 pack meetings in the last 3 months, where have you been? And don’t think we don’t know you’re hiding something.” She pushes him and walks away. Stiles’ surprised look was actually worth it. 

That was the last time Lydia talked to Stiles in a month. It hurt her that Stiles still didn’t even try to talk to her about whatever it is he was hiding. She knows she was being mean, but it’s for the good of the pack and for Stiles that he stay away from them. He might die. At least his father was a part of the pack now. Comes in handy when they need to hide stuff from the police. Then Stiles texted her 4 weeks before graduation.  

Stiles: I get that I'm not important, but I hope you are all doing well without me. Trust me I  won’t  be a problem in a few weeks. I just wanted to  check  on you. I have no idea what you are talking about when you say I'm hiding something, but if you do then I suggest you tell me. Have a great life Lydia.   

Have they been wrong this entire time? Did Stiles really not know what had been going on with him? No! It can’t be.  

Today she seats and watches Stiles seated at the table alone. He looks half dead really. 3 weeks to graduation and he looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. He has lost weight, he has grown out his buzz cut even longer and he really looks depressed. The pack has had 5 more meetings. Each time Stiles wasn’t there, there is a tension that she didn’t notice Stiles used to dissipate.  

Jackson is really agitated (more than usual), Malia has resorted back to violence (Stiles used to talk her down), Boyd is failing in math even worse than before (Stiles used to tutor him, his new tutor is terrible). Erica is back to being a jerkface because of his low self esteem (his batman isn’t around to remind him hhe is still cool), Aiden and Ethan only come to pack meetings when It's serious (Stiles is the one who rooted for them to join the pack and Ethan says that it doesn’t feel right. Aiden told her that Ethan was planning to quit the pack if they didn’t at least talk to Stiles). Melissa said Scott was aggressive more than usual and Allison sided with him. Isaac even stated that Scott almost clawed him when he suggested that Scott confront Stiles so that they could solve the issue with Stiles. 

She has been so clouded by her hatred of not being valedictorian that she didn’t even notice that Stiles was the only one who had cared enough to notice when she was having a really bad day despite the face she put on. He actually listened when she talked to him. He was never out to get her (where did she even get that). He wasn’t trying to steal the position. She didn’t even know if he knew he was valedictorian. 

And that text she sent him last week. Maybe he really didn’t know. They iced him out for his own good but... maybe it was worse to leave him alone. Ethan was right. The icing was making them out to be victims when they actually might be hurting the victim. 

She remembered the way she had been scared before finding out she was a banshee. Maybe Stiles had been feeling that way. They iced him out, how was he supposed to talk to anyone? And yet Stiles still cared enough to check up on them. even after she basically told him he was useless. 

Yes it might have kept him away, but maybe... maybe they could have taught him self-defence instead. Stiles had always looked out for them. And they left him right after the Nogitsune issue. Oh God! They were monsters. How is it she didn’t notice this? 

Malia was right. The pack was actually falling apart. They’ve fought every pack meeting over stupid things. Stupid things that he used to Get in the middle of and stop. Argh! Why did she ever have to listen to Scott’s pointless stories. She needed to talk to Stiles. Without Scott finding out first. 

But by the time she was done with her mental rambling, Stiles was long gone and the bell for her next class was ringing.  

She really messed up!

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The sheriff couldn’t believe it when Scott sat him down to explain to him why his own son was possibly a danger to them or himself. 

“He is hiding something.” John was quiet. 

“How sure are you?” He needed to know what was going on. He could trust Scott with the life of his son.  

“We will try to get him back John. but we need your help. And we need you safe.” Who cares if he is safe? His son might be facing worse than the Nogitsune and he didn’t think that was ever going to be possible. Losing his son... no he couldn’t let that happen. he needed to listen to what Scott had to say first however. 

“What is going on Scott?” 

“Stiles smells different. Like he did just before we got the Nogitsune out.” he nodded in understanding. “Remember that was how we found out that Stiles had the thing inside of him?” he nods again. 

“And are you saying that it’s sloppy this time? Not hiding it’s scent?” 

“I don’t know John. But Stiles is my brother. And if that thing is back, then we need to be prepared. We might need to resort to dire measures.” 

John rose at that. Were they going to kill him? “Are you going to kill him?” 

“No. Deaton said that it might not be the fox again. It might just be Stiles’ evil side being controlled by magic.” 

“what do you mean?”  

That was when Scott dropped the bomb. What sort of parent could he be if he couldn’t notice that his own son had a darkness to him. a darkness that was so potent that an ancient Fox Spirit took advantage of it. he should have taken his son to therapy when it was suggested. Maybe he could have stopped it. 

“I mean that Stiles is being controlled by the residual magic from the Nogitsune. It is feeding on his hatred, his pain. Claudia?” 

John could barely hold the tears that streamed down his face. Of course it would feed on his son’s greatest pain – losing his mother. John dried his tears. He needed to man up. He needed to save his son even if it’s from himself. He needed his son to be better.  

“What do I need to do?” 

“John you know that you will always be pack to me,” Scott told him. 

He remembered Stiles told him how Pack works. Pack does everything to ensure that the other is fine.  

“Scott what. Do. I. Need. To. Do. Please just get to the point.” 

“It’s going to be hard. But I wouldn’t ask this of you if i didn’t think it might help.” John nodded for him to continue. “We need you to come to pack meetings. So we can figure out how to help Stiles and others. You can’t tell him. We need him not to be able to take down the magic and for that we need him not to protect it. So he can’t know. He cannot know.” 

“Scott... there has to be another way.” 

“Deaton is working on it. He is the one who gave me the information. He is the one who showed me how to be a true alpha. He is helping me with control. He is my emissary and it’s been working well. If he says we can help Stiles this way I believe him.” 

“Stiles doesn’t trust him.” 

“He is Stiles’ only hope.” 

John nodded. 

It’s been 4 months since. he has resorted to drinking to avoid having to see his son in pain and being unable to help. It hurts. he knows it is hurting his boy too but what else is he supposed to do? Stiles is all he has. He has to be strong. Today he walks into his son’s room as he sleeps. He looks so tired. So depressed. He looks drained.  

He might not have enough time to even save him. It's enough. He's done listening to Scott. His son has 2 weeks and he will leave for some great university. He might die, but he might also survive. He doesn’t need to take as many shifts as he has been in the time leading to this moment. he needs to make sure Stiles knows that he wanted to help, but he can’t. Tomorrow morning, fuck what Scott wants. They can work without him. Whatever is left is easy. he has to tell his son he loves him. Just in case it doesn’t work out. He needs to put away his alcohol and be there for him.  

With that thought he heads over to his room. Hopefully everything will work out well.  

Chapter Text

“Seat taken?”  



OK so this was going to end up biting him in the butt some day!  

“Seat. Is it taken?” so it  isn’t  his imagination. It's actually A iden   and E than . In person. Is it really in  person.  I mean I get that as twins they get to be this one huge monster but then can he grammatically say in persons? No that sounds wrong.  Also  they are still standing there. Just waiting.  

“What are you guys doing here?”  

“It’s lunch time. We  haven’t  seen you in a while.”  

“It  didn’t  seem to  bother  you before, what has changed now?” he knows he is being petty. Shut up! He is a teenager he is allowed to be  hella  petty.  Plus  they deserve worse than his  pettyness . They all do.  

Wait, wait,  wait,  wait!!!! What are they doing?  

“What are you doing?!”  

They are kneeling and baring  their  necks. Like what the...  

“What the hell!!!” he stood up from the grass under the bleachers, which lead to him  knocking  his head. “Ow!  Ow!  O w!  Ow!! Mother  fu ...”   

“Are you OK?” Ethan was looking at him like he was growing two heads. He was used to that, but then suddenly a bubble covered him- is it a bubble? Why is he surrounded by a bubble?  

“What is this around me?” he  was  panicking. He could feel his heart rate rising. His pulse beating loudly in his chest.  He  could swear the world was becoming smaller. His breath shallower. This was better than the fire, but still...!!! He can't handle this.  

“Stiles you need to breathe. You need to let some air into your lungs. We can’t reach you. The bu...” the voices were sounding further and further away. He needed to get a grip.   

Fuck why can’t he get a grip!!!!!!!!

Remember... aaargh why did it have to be that stupid wolf!! Remember what  Derek ( aaaaaarhg !!!!!)  said. Breathe. Think of his hard chest on your back. His  muscles  moving. Holding him. Making him feel safe. Breathe Stiles breathe!  

“he’s doing it.” that was Ethan.  

“What did you guys tell him. I told you to wait for us!” that’s E rica . Why is E rica  here?”  

“I told you all I'm not a part of that pack.  Look  hat his apparent brother did to him. in the wild he would have died from how tired and  malnoutritioned  he  looks.” Is that Malia? What is going on?  

“Malnourished, Malia. Your grammar really needs work.” That was A iden . Or was  it   Aiden  at the  beginning . Was  it  Ethan? Ah Twins!  

Erica (who wouldn’t know those manicured nails anywhere?) grabbed him a second later.  

“What was that bubble-thing? Even out claws couldn’t get through.” Malia. Why won’t his eyes work! Someone else is holding him close.   

“Stiles we need you to open your eyes baby!”  

This is definitely a dream. That actually sounded like Derek!   

“Baby please don’t scare me like this. Please.”  Definite  dream. He was having a dream again. He is losing time and space dreaming about a stupid wold that didn’t even care about him.  

“I do care about you. Please don’t say that about yourself. I thought you said you were keeping an eye on him.”  

“We were. Where did you even come from. I thought you were in Mexico.”  

“Peter is getting out today. I wanted to see him. In  case  he wanted to go  with  me.”  

Peter is getting out?  

“Peter is getting out?” ah he can feel his tongue. Now if only his eyes could open so he could stop dreaming.  

Aiden  I thought you said he is very intelligent!” E than  he’s guessing. Cause he sounded like one of them and why would Aiden call himself?  Oh  he was definitely talking out loud.  

“We need to go get him somewhere safe. Aiden could you go with Malia and get Peter?” Derek ordered. He sounded relaxed. Like... like he had had enough rest. Enough not to be grumpy anymore. Was that a scrunchie on  Malia’s  hand?  

Finally  his eyes are working.  Were  they  thought.  Malia had nail polish. And then there was the lack of Boyd  

“Where is Boyd?” He asked aloud.  

“Not around!” Erica sounded pissed. he just needed to lie on the strong chest under his cheek. Listening to the slightly fast heartbeat. Wishing that this was actual truth. But a count of his  fingers  reminds him to force himself out of his dream.  

He jumps from his bead, sweating a little. He could feel a little of the sparky energy that came from rising his...magic? Yes. His magic. He has magic. And it was all a dream.  

Derek isn’t coming for him. The Pack has still abandoned him and he is going to lose his dad. He could have sworn he had seen his dad at his bedroom door. But that was probably remnants of his dream.  

But he was used to dreams like this now.  

No one was coming to help him. If only his brain could catch up when he is asleep he would LOVE!! it

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Something had forced him to come back to beacon. Ok fine... not something. The bond. It was getting worse. And Scott was telling him that they were working on it, but it didn’t seem so. So he comes all the way back to the loft and finds the pack seated, bonding.  

He had  not expected to not find Stiles. He had not expected the sweet scent of his mate to practically be faded off like he hadn’t been around for months. He had not expected the chaos that had erupted way before they even noticed that he was standing at the doorway (that the idiots had left open as they huddled into his house (you can’t call this a house Derek. A house has a little warmth and family presence. This is just...gloom and brooding sourwolf musk - Stiles) making his den smell like... like... unwanted magic. Like … Deaton. Something else he should have noticed... 

“Where is Erica? And the Alpha Twins?” He asked. Scott turned to face him, looking a little shell-shocked. He tried to fold the papers in the map they were holding. 

“Oh, hey, Derek. You're back,” Isaac beamed rushing to him. He was still technically the boy’s legal guardian. And he did take him in as his first pup. Just because he wasn’t an alpha anymore...  

“Derek,” Scott finally said. “Erica, Ethan, Aiden and your cousin decided to skip today’s lunch hour meeting that we had scheduled. I don’t know why, but as alpha I do intend to punish them for it.” 

“Punish them? They are not...” 

“That is how we run this pack now Derek. With discipline. They will be punished for not saying where they went. I can barely even feel them, so i cant tell if they are ok. They are putting themselves and the whole pack in danger.” 

Derek drops his bag on the floor. He braces himself as he asks the next questions. Things are not as they should have been. His instincts are telling him the Scott is dangerous. Like the way he used to feel when he was an alpha, but even stronger. 

“Well in that case, don’t let me stop you. Where is Stiles?” 

“I told you...” Scott started. But Isaac interrupted him. 

“He is possessed again. We had to isolate him to try and blindside him on our plans so we can try to save him.” 

The information hit him hard.  

First, Scott completely and utterly lied to him every day for 6 months. Second, his mate might be in danger. Third, he left his mate alone on some belief in something that ended up being a lie. Fourth, Scott is responsible. Fifth, this is not good. It isn’t good. His mate has been suffering, not just their bond. Everything. He could hear his mother chastising him about not listening to his bond. Listening to what the bond was telling him. Ignoring all logic and listening to the one instinct that he could always trust. Bond between pack. 

He let everyone down. His family, his pups, his pack. Maybe it wasn’t too late to save his mate. Make him know that he was sorry. That he thought he was doing the right thing. He knew he was losing a little bit of control when he heard growling coming from the other side of the room, Isaac hiding behind a chair and Scott’s eyes turned red.  

He breathed in, reeling his wolf back like the meditation taught him.He picked his bag up instead. And turned. 

“I want you and your pups out of my loft the moment you are done with your pack meeting. I'm no longer a part of this pack. And I will not take lightly what you’ve done against him.”  

“Is that a threat Derek. You can’t fight me.” Scott was really different. 

“I don’t have to.” with that, he left the loft, running down the stairs to let off some steam and headed to the high school. It was only until he was at the edge of the bordering forest that he noticed an electric scent before he heard Malia’s voice.  

“Aaah! What is this thing made of?” 

“We have to get rid of it.” Ethan. 

“And how do you suggest we do that, genius.” Erica. “He can barely hear us. I think he has magic.” 

Aiden. “Scott already said that. I think he was right.” 

“Don’t even.” Malia. “I overheard Deaton and that woman... our counsellor? She said that a new mage is in Beacon Hills. And I don’t know about you but this seems like the work of... Magic. But unlike Scott, I Trust my pack mate. I love him. I want to protect him. And if this is the only thing I have to do? Be there for him? Then that is what I will do. Not alienate him just cause he has great power.” Then she added more softly, “He would never do that to us. He got rid of the Nogitsune... No Erica, Stiles did, not Deaton. I heard it all.” 

Ethan. “Deaton wants Stiles gone. Either permanently or out of the town and to never come back. According to him, Stiles is the strongest mage ever. No mage has ever burnt out a Nogitsune, and definitely, none of them have ever increased a line of mountain ash with just their will. He called him...” 

“A Spark.” the whole park turned to him. “He is a spark. But that can't be. Sparks are mated to alphas.” Erica seemed to want to hug him but realisied that that wasn’t the time. “We have time enough to bond later. Right now, tell me how my mate got into this mess,” 

“I think we scared him and he is protecting himself. Completely unintentional.” Ethan said, looking like he was torn between baring his neck and running from danger. 

“ok. Stiles,” he moved closer to the bubble-like thing and touched it. It Sparked something and he was sure that his eyes were glowing. “Stiles baby I need you to listen to me. Remember that time I held you in your kitchen? The first time you and I started bonding. Before the Nogitsune? Remember how I told you to breathe. I held you in my arms. I held you tight, and I told you to brethe for me? Please... please Stiles.” he heard a deepp breathe and his mate started to take deep breathes. 

“That’s it baby. That's it.” finally after what felt like forever the barrier fell and with it Stiles. He held onto him before he could hit the ground.   

“Stiles we need you to open your eyes baby!” 

He still wasn’t responding.  

“Baby please don’t scare me like this. Please.”  

“Yep!” Stiles responded groggily. His eyes weren’t even open. “Definite dream. I'm dreaming again. I'm is losing time and space dreaming about a stupid wold that doesn’t even care about me.” 

Ok he definitely deserved that stab in the chest. But it didn’t matter as long as he got him back. 

“I do care about you. Please don’t say that about yourself. I thought you said you were keeping an eye on him.” he looked at Erica and Malia. 

“We were.” Malia said. “Where did you even come from. I thought you were in Mexico.” 

“Peter is getting out today. I wanted to see him. In case he wanted to go with me. Come here and see Stiles.” 

“Peter is getting out?” he was starting to gain more consciousness. They needed to get out of here. 

“Aiden I thought you said he is very intelligent!” Ethan interjected. 

“We need to go get him somewhere safe. Aiden could you go with Malia and get Peter?” Derek ordered. 

“Where is Boyd?” Stiles asked when his eyes opened a little. He nuzzled into Derek’s chest as the ‘wollf carried him to the Camaro.  

“Not around!” Erica responded.  

He took the boy to his house and called his father. After that he went to check the perimeter for any threats. More to stop him from going to kill Scott and Deaton than anything. Aiden and Malia called to say that they still needed him (an adult) to sign Peter out. Regardless of whether Malia was a close family member. So he kissed his mate’s temple, taking in all his features that he didn’t get to enjoy in his time in Mexico and left. 

The whole “pack” went to a diner to discuss the events of the last 4 months. Peter almost killed Erica for suggesting the possibility that Stiles was a danger to them all.  

All in all it was OK. He needed a goodnight’s rest. Tomorrow he will meet with John (Please don’t call me Sheriff son. You always look out for my boy. Even I have failed there and he is my son. I see him every day.) everything will be sorted then. 

Everything will work out fine

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When Stiles woke up the next day, he was surprisingly well rested, despite the dream from the previous night. So he got up and decided to take a shower. It was Saturday after all. He picked up his phone to check on any local news (no mountain lions reported, no attacks recently, strange) and then he headed to the bathroom. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he was disappointed. Just because the pack was no longer interested in him did not mean that he was allowed to let himself go. He should start getting serious about his health. He was really going to need it when he goes to Stanford anyway.

He brushed his teeth and got into the shower. He decided he liked his hair long, so he trimmed a bit of the edges so the front strands fell just above his eyebrows. He went into his room and threw his towel into the empty laundry basket.

Wait a minute!

Why was his basket empty?

What the hell?!!

This magic thing is really getting out of hand. He probably wished them clean. But that seems way too impossible - even for Beacon. So he looked around his room for anything odd.

For starters, he didn’t even remember how he came back from school. Heck, he doesn’t remember anything past when he sat down at the bleachers. What could possibly be off?

Tired from trying to figure it out on a sleep riddled brain, he fell face-first into his bed, plopping his head on the pillow. A sweet musky scent, all manly, all alpha if you ask him, woody and forest thick scent, hit him and he couldn’t resist taking a deep whiff before he figured out what was going on. That was Derek’s jacket. He is lying on Derek’s jacket. He is LYING on DEREK’S JACKET! HE IS LYING ON DEREK’S JACKET!!!!!!

What is his life even?

Derek is going to wake up in Mexico and realize that his jacket is gone. And no amount of sniffing around can be done to find it. Derek is standing at his door holding his clothes. Oh shit he is still dreaming!!!!!!

“You’re not.” The Derek Mirage speaks.


“What?” He responds. This is not real. You got to be kidding him!

“You aren’t dreaming. I’m really here.” Derek says. Stiles watches as his lips twitch upwards as if he wanted to smile, but catches himself. “I wanted to help around the house before you woke up. You seemed...”

“What are you doing here?!” he blurted out, words coming out venomous. He watched the wolf flinch in a show of hurt, but then as quickly, he wiped it off his face. And it was making him angry. How can Derek look so good when he looks like he could be shown in those ‘Anorexia and Me’ TV shows.

“Your dad asked me to watch over you. The pack is downstairs...”

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! He is sooooo not ready to face them! And now he can’t breathe again. Is he cursed?

“Stiles. It's ok...” Derek says. Stiles thinks he is trying to be reassuring. It is not working.

“What do you mean it’s ok? It is not ok. You all just come here. Just think you can walk in and out of my life. You all just think I will welcome you back in my life... after all you have taken me through.” He felt like his blood was boiling. Derek was taking a step toward him. He couldn't have that!!

"Stiles..." Derek pleaded.

“Shut up!”

Who the fuck did they think they were!

“Who the fuck do you think you are? Huh? Oh yeah, kick Stiles out, he is the weak one, he’ll forgive us, he’ll take care of us even when we bust his head on a steering wheel. Even when we practically shove him into walls, ignore him... he is nothing! Then you bring your self-centered fuckfaces into this house like you own it?!!!”


“SHUT! UP!” He felt really hot right now!

“Stiles you need to...” He watches as Derek’s eyes turned a bright purple, and Stiles sees Derek flinch. He was whining. He looked so grave that Stiles took a second to take in his surroundings.

His room was on fire!

His room was on fire because he was angry and accidentally caused his room to start burning.


The fire was already crawling up in the ceiling right above Derek. Stiles jumped before he could think about it, knocking Derek from the collapsing wall at the door. He heard the pack yell and run upstairs with buckets, jugs, cooking pans, cups, each filled with water. They were going at quite the speed. This was not good. This was really not good.

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Derek had been in the bathroom for almost 2 hours. All he could remember was the smell of the smoke. It brought back all the memories from the fire. The way he could hear the people in the basement scream. He remembered the way his uncle looked as he was being dragged from the house in a failed attempt at saving his family.

His skin was completely charred by the fire. The pungent smell of burning flesh filling the area around the house. The police trying to get people from moving too close. The windows shattering one by one due to the heat. The look that laura had on her face as she felt the alpha spark enter her.

The guttural roar that she had made at the loss of her alpha, her mother, her family, her pack.

Gone was the brave face that she always had. Gone was the courageous spirit as she felt each and everyone of the last pack bonds break. He could tell how she felt. After all, he could feel it as well.

He remembered the moment he finally realised the family that was responsible for all of this. The moment he knew the person who had crushed his world, turned it upside down and tossed it into the fiery pits of hell... literally. The whiff of her perfume brought to his nose like a personal punishment for his recklessness. Never being able to forget that scent.



He hadn't been able to get his control after the incident. His eyes kept shifting to red and his claws kept coming out. he could feel just how scared the others were, the tension outside his door practically palpable. He didn’t understand why his eyes were red either.

After he gave up his alpha spark to save Cora, he didn’t figure he needed to worry about whether it would come back. He was part of the pack in Mexico anyway, so this kind of situation should really be impossible. He wonders what Sandra thought when she felt the pack bond intensify in power.

He still wasn’t sure about being an alpha, but he supposes that might have been what Mora was trying to do.

Mora is the emissary in Landon Pack, the pack he is in. She had been hinting at his healing. To get him to accept that he had lost and he had to forgive and move past it since he had already dealt with the demons in real life.

But he couldn’t ever shake the feeling that he was not done with Kate Argent. That was actually part of the reason he came back. He couldn’t shake the feeling that his mate was in danger. It was why he sent the only betas he knew to go and look after him.

If Stiles ever found out that he was treating him like a damsel in distress he would never let it go. But the Stiles he has met is almost like a shell of the one he left.



“Derek?” He heard him on the other side of the door. “Derek, I know I'm the last person you want to see... but... umm. The betas in the living room seem to have some idea that you are less likely to bite my hand off its socket. So... Could you open up?”

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Stiles knew.

He knew that recently his life really had turned for the better. Maybe not the whole time – but the point is that... he knew.

He had not felt ready to talk to the pack, but they had all apologised the moment they got the time. Apparently they all hadn’t known for sure what was going on other than the fact that they really had to stay away from him for his own good.

“Scott had told us that the nogitsune was back.” Erica had said. “We believed him because there was a change in your scent that smelt like you did when you had the...” He had trailed off.

“Possession.” Stiles helped her finish. He didn’t want them to pretend they cared when they had ignored him for months.

“Malia was the one who approached us and told us that she wasn’t going to follow what Scott says anymore. She said you’d encouraged her to talk to Peter.” Aiden said.

“Scott doesn’t like Peter. So he told me that the...” Malia let the silence trail for a second. It wasn’t like her to look embarrassed. If she was embarrassed about her involvement in Scott’s plan, she must have agreed with him for a while. None of them talked to him about it. If he had actually been possessed, he would have died alone.

He would have died... packless.

To normal people, that seems like something petty. Pack is like family right? You can always find another family...

But Stiles knew better. Pack was about bonds. It was like being a part of one body. Even if you were the brains, you are crippled without the rest of the body organs. It was just like someone leaving you for dead. And they had done just that, hadn’t they?

Stiles knew...

He knew he couldn’t blame Derek for leaving, but for giving him false hope? That was quite the hurt. But when he talked to the group, he realised that Scott had manipulated Derek for his own vendetta. Again. Fuck Scott!

“Derek tried to get Scott to explain. But he just told Derek that you were talking to him out of pity for what happened to his family. Derek didn’t believe it one bit.” Aiden said.

“Then Scott had said that Derek needed to keep away from you to help you. He said he couldn’t explain. Derek had asked every day how you were doing. And Scott told him you were getting better. It was only a few weeks ago when Derek lost his phone in a pack attack that he called Peter, who called Malia, who gave him Erica’s number.” Ethan added to the conversation, the green-eyed male looking down the entire time. Stiles didn’t need to be a wolf to understand that he was sorry things escalated.

“And Stiles,” Aiden spoke up after the silence had stretched on. “We couldn’t stay away from you any longer. You are... You are pack.” Stiles flinched visibly at the mention of pack.

Erica noticed. “No don’t do that. Sure it took us a long time to figure out that maybe Scott is a dimwit, but he always sounded so intelligent when you were around.”

“That was because they were all my ideas!” Stiles yelled pacing from the couch all the way to the dining table.

“Told you,” Malia said, looking right at Erica like they had a bet going on. Honestly, he wouldn’t be surprised.

Anyway, you can be mad at all of us, But don’t be mad at Derek. He came back just because he missed you and had to see it for himself that you were indeed getting better. He really doesn’t trust Scott, despite the situations.” Malia added.

Stiles was silent. He knew what just happened. But Derek had trusted Scott instead of outrightly asking Stiles. Though given their history, if Stiles was going through something he wouldn’t have told Derek. Just like he didn’t tell him when the pack had started evading him. Up until Derek had.

He knew how drastic Derek could get. He needed to not be able to talk to Stiles, so Stiles figured he definitely broke his phone and sim card. Probably used the Mexico Pack landline instead of saving numbers, so he only talked to Scott and his betas. Maybe Malia now that they had

There was a knock at the door. His dad and Peter walked in.

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Scott was pacing around in his house. The only people present for today’s meeting were Jackson, Boyd, and Isaac.

He had tried to call Malia and was sent straight to voice mail. He didn’t care whether the alpha twins were part of the pack or not... but he was worried something had happened to Erica.

He trusted Deaton. The person who has been helping him with his control this entire time while Stiles wasn’t available. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Stiles. No. Stiles is his brother. It’s that he will do anything to save him. They can fix their relationship after Stiles is rid of the Nogitsune’s Magic.

That scent of lightning was the only thing Deaton had told him to look for, and Stiles had it all over him. It had even been getting stronger. Deaton asked him to be calm, Scott was however not sure he could take being away from Stiles any longer.

No! What is he saying? It is better to have an alive Stiles than a dead one. Scott was going to keep away from him. Try to blindside the nogitsune this time and manage on his own.

Stiles was going to be so proud of him when that happens. But he needed the whole pack here.

Why couldn’t they just do what he asked?!

He was pacing around the room, his claws threatening to come out, his wolf angry at the disobedience from the betas. Angry at their insolence! He could feel the aggression coming faster so he went to the kitchen and took the flask that Deaton had given him to help him calm down his wolf.

It had been working. And he had better control of his wolf that he did 6 months ago. Stiles didn’t know everything, despite what his best friend thought. Even at the moment, he should have figured out that he was still being controlled and he would have called Scott.

Deaton was right. Even the brightest minds can be reduced to mush when faced with magic.

He was just walking back to the living room to begin the meeting when the door opened and he heard the click-clacking of Lydia’s heels as she walked in. That meant Allison was here too. That made him happy.

After the Nogitsune almost killing him, Allison and Aiden, He wasn’t sure she would recover. But it’s been almost a year since then. Everyone is doing well. He was still distracted by the thought when Lydia spoke.

“Who told you Stiles was possessed?”

“We have already been through this,” Scott said, frustration leaking into his voice. He didn’t really like repeating himself. “Deaton sensed the magic in him. He isn’t possessed, the magic is just... residual.”

Lydia looked at him and narrowed her eyes.

“Tell me the plan again.”

She pulled her lips out in a pout suggesting that she was listening, assessing every word she says.

“Next week is the full moon. Deaton gave me the powder for the ritual. We only need to get Stiles alone first. His dad can arrange that. Stiles always trusts his dad. Then we get him to a clearing that has the moonlight gleaming above it. We have already found the area.”

“And you are 100% sure that we are going to help Stiles this way?” Allison asked. Her voice barely a whisper.

When he gets into the circle in the clearing, we will lock it, Deaton will come and perform the ritual and then he can get the Darkness out.”

Scott was trying to reassure them all that the plan was going to work. He needed them all to work to help their packmate.

“And where is the rest of our pack?” Lydia asked, tilting her head almost condescendingly.

And wasn’t that the million-dollar question at the moment.

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Lydia was known for a lot of things.

She was beautiful, a bit of a don’t care and full of herself. She never listened to anyone that wasn’t herself, and she figured out a long time ago that people will treat you the way they do so that they can be able to benefit from you. If you are rich, Like Lydia was courtesy of her parents, then you were surrounded by people who never need, nor should, know the real you.

One thing was certain though, in all that everyone could agree, Lydia Martin, was a force to reckon with. And she didn’t like having doubts.

When Lydia was 6 years old, her parents moved to Beacon Hills. The first person she met at the park was a kid her age, brown hair, almost amber eyes, and an inability to stop talking or moving. He seemed to be looking for something. When his sight found her where she was seated on a stone public chair, her dog seated at her feet, he walked to her.

He likened her to a goddess.

And then he called her selfish for keeping her dog on a leash in the park. Lydia was wearing white booties; she was not going to get them dirty for a trained mutt. She also knew he was right.

She was going to remember that encounter all her life. And they were definitely not going to be friends.

Then she met him at school.

Someone tried to take her bag from her. Bully the new girl, so to say. The spastic kid had run to the guy and gotten hit. But he still kept trying to get to her, his mouth still running like his nose wasn’t bleeding like crazy. Jackson had come to the rescue, hit the bully, and gave Lydia back her bag. Then he turned to the boy on the ground.

“Don’t fight above your weight you nitwit, didn’t your mother ever teach you that? Oh, wait. She isn’t at home is she.” The kid’s mouth stopped then. It turned to a grim look and she saw tears start to form in his eyes. “Hey look, everyone, Bilinski’s eyes are leaking. There was laughter everywhere.

Lydia had two choices. Stand up to the person who saved her twice now, and stop being called the new kid, or to stand up for a kid who called her selfish and face being ridiculed possibly for the rest of her life.

Lydia was six, ok? She didn’t care about most people and certainly not some kid who wouldn’t help her have an easy transition in school. She NEEDED and easy transition.

This was the year she was supposed to be in that school for the gifted in New York. Her parents were supposed to work out their problems. She was supposed to go audition for a movie role. But they divorced, Her only grandma was taken to a mental asylum. And she had to move to some remote town in the middle of... well, nowhere. Her life was supposed to be perfect!

So she made her choice.

She laughed as well.

She found out the kid’s name. Stiles.

A week later the kid had come and told her how he thought she should take her dog to the vet. That the dog might be really sick. Lydia laughed in his face. When she got home, she watched her dog for a while. She got bored, She didn’t see anything wrong with him.

Her dog died a month later. Heartworm disease. It was Stiles fault.

When she turned 13, the boy asked her for the 7th time to be his valentine. He was resilient, she had to give him that. But Jackson was the captain in the little league, and she had been his valentine for 4 years in a row. So she told him the same. People like Stiles just didn’t hang around people like Lydia.

When they were 15 he stopped. Once she heard him ask out loud if he was attractive to gay guys. It was a bit hilarious. Jackson was part of the high school lacrosse team. She didn’t know he was still bullying Stiles every day. She didn’t care.

Stiles found her staring at a blank page one day, a particularly nasty one where she had nightmares of a people dying around her. Jackson had dismissed her and told her to get over it. He had held her silently. His heartbeat fast, as usual, like it couldn’t calm down to save his life. And he had told her that she didn’t have to suck or pretend for the sake of Jackson and his ego.

“Trust me, I already do a lot of sucking and pretending for Jackson and his ego!” what was one more right?

“Lydia, I told you once. You are a goddess. The rest of the world should lay down like a carpet at your feet. Even if you’ve made mistakes, it wouldn’t matter to me.” He said and walked out. When he had almost left, she stopped him.

“Why do you care?”

“Because most people don’t,” he had said. And then he had left her to herself.

Later that week, he helped her make a Molotov cocktail, for their chemistry experiment. By the next week, he looked like he had been wrestling in the woods all weekend. He was dropped off at school by some hot dude, older than him. And they had to remake another cocktail. She wanted to kill him with his bare hands.

She had woken up screaming a night 3 months later. Not in her bed. In the woods. The sheriff had found her. And Stiles had given her a note. Banshee. That was all it said.

Jackson had died. At least that was what she was told. She cried for days, alone. Allison tried to check in, but she didn’t respond.

The next week, she had opened the door to Stiles, a scream threatening to pull out. He looked bloody, beaten down, angry bruises staring back at her. He had dragged her to his jeep and she had let him. And he had taken her to Jackson’s side.

He rammed the front of his jeep in through the wall. And her dreams had come alive. The look of the warehouse they had crashed into was nightmare-inducing. She had no time to think, running to Jackson's side and doing as Stiles asked. She screamed his name and brought him out of whatever trance he was in. She was his Jackson again.

And then the hot guy had rammed his claws into his back. His eyes changing from a reptilian yellow-green glow, to a brilliant yellow. The cuts all over him healing instantly. He fell in her arms, alive.

She had expected Stiles to hold it over her head for the longest time. Call in a favour, a life sentence for the life he saved. But he had acted like nothing happened.

The alphas came when they were 16. And Stiles had found a way to defeat them as well. They had found Malia, and Peter had disappeared. Stiles never told anyone where he had gone

Then his scent had changed the more he used mountain ash, Lydia had thought. But apparently it had something to do with his body being possessed. He had a darkness. And Lydia had for once felt for her classmate.

Stiles shocked them all by using his own effort to get rid of the Nogitsune. But it tricked them and continued to use his face. Their scents almost similar. Almost killed Scott, Allison, and Aiden. And Stiles had still been the one to get Kira, the new girl, to figure out how to kill it.

Scott and Deaton had then started these conversations. It was decided about 4 months later, that Stiles was beginning to get darker. It was safer for him to be away from the pack. Given the fact that he was also quite a formidable enemy with the darkness, it was also safer for them.

Lydia had to admit that when she had taken up the job to be the pack researcher, she was under the impression that Stiles was really incapable of the task. She now had her doubts. Scott had said that Stiles wasn’t interested in pack meetings anymore. That was how they had all agreed that the darkness was real. Stiles uninterested in pack stuff, a total lie!

So when Lydia had found out that he was the valedictorian, she had also believed that the darkness was the reason. She had kind of hated him for it. After all, he was always the weak link. She put in all her hatred into telling him how much he wasn’t needed.

Later, she believed she would apologise for her behaviour. It was uncalled for. But after they saved him.

She was sure they were saving him then. Now... she was almost sure that they were killing him.

But why the lightning scent? That scent that Kira had before she was taken by the Skinwalkers. Her spirit was out of control. So she guessed that was what was happening with the darkness in stiles. It was getting stronger.

Also, what is that that Scott keeps drinking when he is angry?

Chapter Text

The girl fell on her back for the 5th time that morning.

She had a strategy this time, however. When her attacker came at her with claws ready to sink them into her chest, she rolled over to her left, getting up onto her knees.

Her assailant came at her with even more aggression. She picked up the staff and swung it towards the girl. The girl raised the katana to block the offensive move and used the leverage to put out her leg and sweep the attacker right off her feet.

She only had the short reprieve to get up when one of the others came at her as well. Now it was two against one. But she was ready.

The two came right at her, and she bent down, their staffs meeting right above her as she moved to the right of one of them. She loved the feeling of knowing something they didn’t. She had learnt how to channel her lightning better.

She moved her katana, still covered by its sheath, and swung it to the side. Unsheathing her sword, she made a small smirk and threw her leg out hitting the assailant on her ribs. As she turned with the momentum built she lifted her unsheathed sword to the neck of the other. And it was finally done! She had won her first match.

The first assailant didn’t think so as she came at her. She summoned her lightning right in her way, all without looking back. The adrenalin was quite a phenomenal rush. A feeling she hadn’t thought she would love having when she had first been brought here.

The way her breathing moved faster. She could hear her assailants breathes. Their heartbeats. Their sweat had a salty scent wafting clearly in her nose she could practically taste it. Their scents were sharpest after such a rush. And her own heartbeat was loudest at the end of her victory. As if it were applauding her efforts by trying to get out of her chest and applauding.

Of course, that was when someone interrupted the moment with clapping.

“Well, well, well,” she said. “I suppose the fox has managed to get control of her spirit after all.”

She could hear the fondness in the Queen’s words, even though others outside the tribe thought she could a heartless Skinwalker. Kira lowered her sword and turned, taking a knee, just like the people in the room had.

“You may rise,” Janice said, turning to pick a bottle of water offered to her. “You all know I hate it when you kneel during such moments.”

“Force of habit my queen,” Denise said from the right of Kira, rising up to go and meet her girlfriend who had walked in right behind Queen Janice.

Kira had been in this place for 6 months and a few days. She had been training day and night, learning fighting techniques and ways to control her fox spirit. She didn’t know that she was going to be as happy as she was in this place.

The Skinwalkers were a tribe of great power. They were made up of different magical beings. She had been here for a week before she realised that each person was categorised in the tribe according to their skills.

The first were a group of elementals, who were further divided into earth, fire, water, and air elementals. The earth elementals could manipulate anything that was made of earth, soil, sand, some metals, rocks, etc. Fire elementals always ran hot. They could manipulate anything with a spark as well as start a fire without any source.

Water elementals could move anything fluid. And air elementals could manipulate anything air. What was most fascinating was that they could each turn into whatever element they manipulate. And Air elementals were sometimes used as spies due to their ability to blend into air, literally.

The elementals were classified into warriors, farmers, and forgers.

The next group was made up of healing magics. They dealt with healing of course. From the ones who were Empaths for psychological needs, mental magical barriers and such, physical healers who had the magic to heal physical wounds not caused by magic, and finally Potion healers who made potions with a bit of magic to be able to cure curses and other magical injuries, these were basically the medical team of the tribe.

Sometimes potion healers could make potions for the warriors to take into war.

Then there were the mages. They were considered true magic. They usually had such strong magical cores that basically their spirits were magic. They didn’t just have portions of magic like the rest of the population. They were only limited by the amount of spark in their spirit, and they were usually the rarest group.

Ever since Kira was here, she only knew the Queen’s family with almost seven members left who could do magic as such. It was what made them such powerful people to rule the area.

She had brought up the topic of druids, and she was told that even the druids were mostly just like the mages. But never has there been such a powerful mage as a true mage. And it has been almost 600 years since the last true mage existed.

She has only heard the stories. The mages were exceptional. Trained to make runes, and they walked around with badass tattoos all over their bodies. Apparently the runes couldn’t be used on elementals or healers. However, the first rune they had tried on Kira worked.

She could heal so much faster than she could and she was much more in tune with her fox. It was meant to last a week and they had to redo it every time the week ended until three months later when she was able to be in tune with her fox. It was quite truly the best feeling she had.

The queen’s daughter had tried to do more runes, but her spark limited her a little.

When she had asked of the nogitsune, she had been given a tale.

The tale of the void mage.

It wasn’t a tale she was willing to retell just yet. She understood how Stiles fell vulnerable to it, even if he wasn’t a mage.

She had learnt that true mages had great power. The more they trained, the more their spark grew. They were mages of belief. Limited only by the extent of their faith. Spellcasting was like second nature to breathing for them. And their spark was within them the way a creature was for their counterparts.

A spark was like a werewolves wolf, and for a true mage, sometimes it took a physical form. Hopefully, she would see a true mage in her lifetime. Especially since she was told that true mages were often mated to Alpha Werewolves who could shift into their true wolf form.

She was hoping Scott could do that. He was a true alpha after all.

She had had fun in staying with the tribe, and in a week, she was to go to an assignment to take care of a young mage. She was yet to know where, but her fox would lead her.

She was ready.

Chapter Text

“The plan is almost ready,” the man spoke into the phone. His voice was confident. An air of arrogance born from years of being completely in control of himself and other’s lives.

“The alpha... Does he believe you?” The voice on the phone, feminine and powerful, questioned.

“That teenage fool believes anything you tell him. Even that he is a true Alpha,” the man responded, a chuckle coming out at the end of his response.

He could never understand how that wolf functioned without his trusty sidekick of a best friend. His best friend was always more perceptive. Courtesy of being Claudia’s son. He knew from the moment he moved that mountain ash that the boy had belief in him.

Something they all called The Spark.

“Deaton, don’t get cocky,” she admonished his dismissive action. The ministry of magic will be coming soon. You are sure he has no pack ties?”

“Yes, Marge. The boy is alone.”

“And what of his father?” The question came as expected. Druids were always about the lowest number of casualties acceptable when it came to humans.

“He will do what is best for his son.”

“Then... I suppose we are all set.”

Marge hangs up.

Deaton was satisfied. This would ensure he retires peacefully. The debt he had from being unable to foresee the deaths of the Hales and stopping it was quite huge. But providing a Spark for the Ministry was going to be the ticket out of it. And Stiles will grow up in magic just like his mother. More powerful even.

He will be accepted as long as he follows the rules of the Druids. And the tests. He was sure Stiles would pass them due to his intellect. He might end up an empath, maybe with the power of belief as small as he had when Deaton sensed it last. It probably won’t grow that much.

Claudia was a powerful spark. But she betrayed her world by falling in love with... a human. The thoughts filled him with rage. Always wondering why such a powerful mage would pull herself down and impurify her blood, contrary to druidic traditions.

That had of course landed her in trouble with the ministry. She had been in training to be one of the greatest. When she bonded with the hales, it was even more of a disgusting thing to be united with a pack that allowed a mate bonding with the Argents.


Deaton had never been happier when Gerard had ensured the end of that relationship. He hated the man, but he loved Claudia. And Claudia deserved the best. The druids would help in times of crisis whenever the Hales asked, as long as they weren’t dealing with Argents.

That was why Deaton had not aided in diminishing the fire at the Hale house. He knew of Derek and Kate’s relationship. And he thought the Druids would overlook the matter since an Argent was involved. He was wrong.

He was lucky they didn’t strip him of his title at the Ministry. He was lucky they didn’t cast him out immediately actually. They had admonished his behaviour at letting children and humans die. That was it. They didn’t care that later on when it had seemed that Derek had been manipulated by Kate. Deaton had felt bad for him.

However, as a born wolf, he should have been able to see the danger that was the walking femme fatale. That was what made him unworthy of being an alpha anyway, as far as Deaton was concerned.


He probably would have let Stiles go. Pay him no mind, and encourage him not to do magic beyond what Deaton himself advised. But when he was possessed, Stiles seemed to have even sharper perception. He questioned his spark even more. He questioned the possibility of being possessed way before Deaton found out that it was possible.

Deaton hadn’t known that it was possible for someone with a spark to be possessed. Stiles had thought it was like fire and gasoline. A perfect match for an explosion. And Deaton had dismissed him. All the deaths that occurred, they were all blood on his hands for dismissing the boy. He never told the Druids that.

He suspected the Skinwalkers knew. They had hinted at teaching him what the Druids could not if they came to find a similar situation as then.

Stiles figured out that Deaton was the Hale’s emissary at the time. He had asked one question at the time... why hadn’t Deaton tried to reach out to Derek?

He didn’t seem to want an answer after that. Just suddenly went silent, and never came back to Deaton for help. That was before they burnt Peter with Molotov bombs.

Of course, the only time he talked to Deaton again was the Nogitsune period. Deaton would be a fool to let this kid roam around town with the secrets he knew about Deaton.

Deaton knew that Stiles was listening when the cunning fox had asked about the Alpha Spark that Derek “lost”. The perfect one he had used in a spell to infuse an alpha spark in a true, just, and brave heart. That was Scott. He was true, he was just, and he was brave... at least when Stiles was around. And he had turned Scott into, what Stiles would call, A “Synthetic True Alpha”.

Mix a spark and the three ingredients, and history repeats itself

It hadn’t taken long for Deaton to realize that the character was out of influence from the teenager with a foul mouth that never stopped running.

Marge had been happy to hear of a new spark anyway. And one who was most powerful at believing might be a useful asset despite the minute power he could have for growth. A little belief went a long way in the magical world of the supernatural.

The plan that Scott didn’t know was when the Circle under the moon is made, Stiles will be bound to the Ministry by magic. He wouldn’t be able to use magic unless under the permission of the Ministry. If Stiles turned out to be more powerful than anticipated, it was better safe than sorry.

No one wanted a repeat of Claudia. And Stiles was definitely the definition of the apple that never fell far from the tree. Both the paternal and maternal sides.

Now all they needed to do was wait for the full moon.

Chapter Text

“Derek?” Stiles was still waiting outside the door.

After a little conversation with Peter, Stiles got to understand that Scott had manipulated Derek a second time. Like the first time was not enough of a betrayal to the person who first taught you about anchors and control. Sometimes Stiles wonders if he ever knew his best friend at all.

Ex best friend.

So basically, he was still pissed at Derek for not talking to him first. Ok... Maybe Peter was right and Stiles really would never have told Derek what was actually going on. But Derek didn’t know that. In every universe, imaginable he didn’t really expect Derek to know that but he guessed the sour wolf really did pay attention. Peter had said later that Derek was the one who told him that. However, he still didn’t talk to Stiles. He just...ghosted him.

Ghosting is emotional abuse, man!

So yes, Derek was still extremely in the dog house.

“Derek...” he started wanting to plead, then thought against it. “At least tell me I didn’t literally fry your nightmares back into existence.”

Yeah. The nightmares.

The ones that Derek had told him over phone calls in the middle of the night while they face-timed because Stiles felt something off in his chest. He always knew it was Derek, no doubt. Derek told him he slept better when he was talking to Stiles after a nightmare. Heck after a nightmare Derek could never sleep for days.

A soft chuckle from the other side of the thin-walled bathroom door was a sign of hope for Stiles.

“Der-Ber,” come on, he had to try the nickname.

A small whine came out next and Stiles knew for a fact that wolf Derek was more in control at that moment than human Derek. Stiles’ heartbeat was getting louder at the revelation and his brain was moving a mile a second at the implication. He made... Derek... Derek Hale... lose control. That was not something that anyone, other than Kate as far as Peter’s stories go, had ever done.

And since this whole thing had started, Stiles felt... shame. Guilt. And it ate him to his core.

He was still lost in his thoughts when Derek opened the door.

Stiles was shocked. That was not a reaction he expected after having the mini-KATE-revelation at the moment. He even wondered how Derek had not rammed into him already and fractured his spine for almost burning him and his remaining pack members to death.

He had no reason to apologise according to them. They were the ones at fault. But he did apologise. At least for almost killing Derek.

Peter had walked into the house and his eyes turned a bright blue immediately. Panic was written all over his face. And he had looked at Stiles with something that looked a lot like betrayal. The sheriff hadn’t filled him in and naturally, he had assumed Stiles had burnt his nephew alive. He never wants to see Peter give him that look again.

Then Peter had calmed down after a second and asked for an explanation as to why he could smell the flesh of his dying family from almost 10 years ago. Stiles had visibly flinched and explained...

“It was an accident... I didn’t mean to... he locked himself in the bathroom after.”

Peter had then visibly calmed down and pulled Stiles in for a tight hug. He had held on to Stiles, scenting him like he had been waiting to do that for a while. Which as Stiles knew, he had promised to do. Apparently, Stiles smelt wrong. Peter had made it an off-handed comment that Stiles remembered until then, but hadn’t thought much about.

The action had calmed Stiles as much as it did Peter and together, they had walked to the dining room, everyone choosing to give them their privacy.

“He will talk to you, you know.”

Stiles laughed. Clearly the creeper wolf had got back his sense of humour. Derek – talk to him after an encounter like that? Please! Even Stiles wasn’t that dumb. Derek already almost tore Eric’s throat out – with his teeth! And he relayed as much to the wolf.

“Stiles, Derek trusts you and only you. You need to accept that and pick up your big boy pants and talk to that wolf right now,” Peter said fiercely, then said his next words with less fight. “I need my nephew back. You brought him back to me.”

Stiles was surprised at that.

How did he do that?

“When he called the first time, I didn’t tell anyone. He said you told him about my therapy. He was glad I was getting much-needed help and he was hoping to have me join the Landon pack with him and Cora. But he just didn’t know if they’d be willing.” Peter took out a cup and a packet of juice, filling it up and shoving it in Stiles’ direction.

“I know you have not eaten,” he had said to Stiles raised eyebrow. His protest died on his tongue.

“About a month later he had called and told me that even if the Landon pack had not been willing, he had a nearby alpha in need of a left hand and was more than willing to take Talia Hale’s long-lost brother put the fear of God in her enemies. Derek was trying to be better. To live and to stay alive. He didn’t hate me. Malia and I have met more than a few times. And it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you.”

Stiles had blushed furiously, still trying to wrap his mind around the man’s gratitude.

“Derek came to surprise you. I told him you were coming to pick me up after my discharge. He decided he would come and see if you were truly ok. After that, he would apologise in person. He said he really fucked up, but even the pack hasn’t filled him in on what has really been happening. Malia filled me in on the day Derek called. And I am very angry that you never told me that they were doing that.”

Stiles had been turned into a speechless being by that point. There was no denying. If he couldn’t tell Peter, there was no way he would have told Derek after that disappearing act he pulled. And it’s not like he told him prior to the situation.

“Please... just, talk to him. For a little while. OK?” Please, just talk.”

Peter had then walked to him, scented him again and left him to his own thoughts. It only took him about 30 minutes to decide to stop being a coward and face Derek. Even if it is to yell at him again. He needed to talk to him. He was mad at everyone, but from his perspective, Derek ad him were in this victimhood together. He needed to learn to start telling Derek things. So that Derek doesn’t need to trust other people to know how Stiles is doing. It was basic relationship advice really.

Which is why his heart fluttered like crazy at Derek’s face peeking out through the opening of the bathroom door. It was one of the sites today that made him lose his mind in overwhelming love.

Chapter Text

“Of course not,” Derek said looking at Stiles with his head slightly bent, a small smirk on his face. Stiles couldn’t deny that Derek looked absolutely hot! “I am a werewolf. I am the nightmare!”

“You ready to come out?” He asked just as Derek’s eyes flashed red and he sniffed the air. His finger poked a claw out and he moved his head back behind the door. Stiles could bet it was because of fangs threatening to pop out. Or maybe already out.

“Maybe in a few. I can... what do you want Stiles!” He said gruffly

Stiles, on another day maybe 2 years ago, would have taken the action as a dismissal to finish his business and leave Derek alone. Now he knew Derek was embarrassed about his inability to maintain control and frustrated because control is frustrating.

“To check on you. But I'm just gonna...” he said turning to leave but he didn’t get to finish his words.

“No!” Derek yelled out. Then he seemed to compose himself and move to let the door open wider, his self hiding behind it as if it was a shield. Whether for Stiles or himself, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t hesitate to take the olive branch. It really was a shocking testament if he said so himself, that Derek even let him come anywhere close.

Maybe he is calling you so he can give you his own personal punishment, he thought. His subconscious was really not helping!

He walked into the bathroom, his legs taking him to sit on the bathtub edge. Now that he was here, he realised he hadn’t thought passed getting Derek to open the door so they could talk. But talk is a generally large Spectrum in the Sterek situation.

He looked around the bathroom, noticing the crack in his bathroom sink. The mirror was also cracked and a suspicious dent in the wall the size of a fist was right in the centre. To be honest, Stiles was expecting to walk into post-war with the growling and the banging he had heard. Not the barely ruined bathroom with mirror shards in the sink and a scared wolf on the floor at the furthest corner from the door with his palms over his face.

Derek, clenched his hands tight and tried to breathe with his mouth. Stiles’ scent was intoxicating. Drawing his wolf impossibly closer to the surface. He wasn’t worried about hurting Stiles, but he also didn’t want to guess whether he was on the verge of going feral with how his control was slipping. He was thinking about how bad the idea to let Stiles in was when he felt hands on his wrists.

Stiles and his lack of self-preservation!

His control slipped at the aggressive thought, his hands moving down to look at the young man and a small snarl left his mouth. All fangs out and grim face pulled, eyes flashing red like a bloodthirsty demon.

Stiles let go of his hands and scrambled back to the edge of the bathtub.

Derek sobered up quickly and put his hands back over his face.

“I’m not afraid of you!” He heard Stiles saying. Derek scoffed. “I just wasn’t expecting such a reaction. Took me off guard.”

He heard scuffling again before He felt Stiles put his hands around his wrist again. This time he was more prepared. Better control. He moved his hands to the side slowly, as Stiles guided them down.

“Your eyes are red.”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious!” Derek said though the snarky remark came out more like a scared statement.

“Well, forgive me for not knowing you could look into your own eyes,” Stiles added, a smirk on his face now. His comment definitely broke the ice. But he couldn’t get out the guilt at being responsible for this. “I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault.” Derek shrugged and continued nonchalantly. “Been having episodes. It’s only today that stuck, I guess. Mora suspected that it would happen when I step into Beacon County. Something about...” he stopped as his fangs grew out again, his claws digging into the ground leaving shallow grooves.

“It’s ok. I’m here. You’ll be fine.”

It took a minute, but he calmed down again.

“I’m sorry about the fire.” He said, looking at the ground in between them. The sour stench of guilt and regret mixed into his scent and Derek couldn’t have that. So instinctively he pulled Stiles in over his lap, the human complaining about the manhandling.

“I will never be afraid of your fire,” he said, looking straight into Stiles’ eyes.

“But I literally burnt you in my anger,” Stiles said, his eyes lowering again, and his scent souring.

“I can’t say I didn’t deserve it for the way I had been acting. And you didn’t know. I was more scared that you would burn something you really loved accidentally and live your entire life refusing to use your power.”

Stiles laughed at that. A beautiful sound that came with his head slightly tipped back.

“No, you didn’t,” he said.

“You’re right. But Don’t beat yourself up about it. It was a protective barrier. I should have left when you didn’t seem Ok to talk. I’m so sorry. I never should have listened to Scott. I regret that so much. I came back..” Derek went on and on about why he was sorry. Ans Stiles tried to take the blame back to himself. Derek wouldn’t allow it.

They were going in circles. So, Stiles did the one thing he thought to shut the wolf up. He kissed him.

Derek was taken by surprise at first, before he caught up and started to return the kiss. It was soft at first. Derek kissing him gently, pulling Stiles lips between his teeth and letting it drag out. His hands moved to push Stiles up, so he was straddling him, all the while not breaking the kiss.

Stiles was feeling intoxicated. The scent of Derek, his hands roaming under Stiles’ hood, moving slowly upward. At first, they went up his spine, torturously slowly. He could feel the sharp end of a claw run back down, but instead of worrying about his being mutilated, he couldn’t help the moan of satisfaction that left his mouth, groaning into the kiss.

He arched into Derek, his movement making him grind own onto...oh... Derek was definitely interested. He could feel he own hard on growing painfully in his jeans. It felt amazing!

Derek moved his hand to the front, the other supporting Stiles’ back while he moved his body grinding against Derek's. The wolf found a nipple and flicked it. There was a burst of arousal that went straight to Stiles’ cock and he felt completely gone. He broke from the kiss in a loud moan, then he realised his dad and the rest of the pack was still in the house.

It seemed Derek sensed his discomfort because he started to cool down, his hands coming back onto Stiles’ hips, and his kisses becoming less intense.

When Stiles pulled back opening his eyes, Derek gasped, just like he had in his room that morning. Stiles wondered what was wrong, but before he could start to think all the negatives, Derek had moved him so he was standing in front of the mirror.

“Beautiful.” He said.

His eyes were glowing a beautiful golden amber that made it look like his eyes were on fire. Derek’s eyes almost looked the same, only that they were red.

Derek turned him so they could face each other.

“Beautiful,” he said again. Then he kissed Stiles softly. Stiles allowed himself that moment, to believe that everything for once was going to be fine.

Chapter Text

“You need to leave!”

“What the hell do you mean I need to leave? I came to see Stiles.”

Leave it to Lydia to go directly to the source. No shame. No prearrangement. Just shows up on one of the places she knows 100% she isn’t welcome and storms into a room filled with werewolves.

“Oh please! Don’t act like you would have opened the door had I told you I was coming.”

She turned to the dining and noticed Peter standing there, arms crossed over his chest.

“Peter,” she said, trying to catch her pulse. She still did not like the man - or is it wolf. They haven’t had the best of interactions. Stiles had suggested once that she go talk to him. Might have been a bit of the fuel that made her want to get rid of whatever demon tentacles were still left in Stiles. Of all the people in this supernatural playdate, she thought he would have understood how much she needed to not be around that psycho.

The psycho currently in Stiles house.

“Never mind.” she turned to the others in the room. “You didn’t show up for pack meet. The house smells like smoke to me, I can only imagine what it smells like to all of you. Anyway, tell Stiles to talk to me. I will not come here again. And I think we can still help him. The plan is still on.”

Malia is the one who spoke next. “I will not let you do anything to him.”

“It is for his own good!!!” Lydia yelled. She opened the door, flipping her hair, and walked out.


That morning she had gone to Deaton’s. Get the information from the horse's mouth. Scott was too easy to fool.

She had looked Deaton in the face as he had narrated to her what the power of the Nogitsune had awaken in Stiles. He had explained in great detail what that meant. By great detail, it meant that Deaton had given her answers rather than evaded them.

He had explained the need for the ministry to be involved. After all, they were the most powerful mages in the world at the moment. All of them having come from different magic sanctions in the world. If they could take Stiles, subdue his evil-potential power at that moment, take him to their training grounds and train him so that he could advance his spark and fight off the Nogitsune’s darkness.

He hadn’t lied. As far as he and the magic were aware, whatever residue was left in Stiles by the Nogitsune was corrupting Stile’s spark. That was what Deaton had not told Scott. That they still needed Stiles to burn off the negative residue. But that is to be ensured by the ministry.

She wished the rest of her pack were as accepting of this as she had become lately. She still believes they need to be with Stiles at this time. Spending a few of their last days together. Because in about 2 days they will start preparing the ingredients. And on Wednesday, they will be with Stiles at the clearing, ready to give him to the ministry so that they can help him.

Lydia had been worried they were killing him. Now she knew that without the ministry, they won’t even get the chance. Stiles will be the end of himself and maybe them all.

When she had walked into the house that day, she hadn't expected to find her missing packmates in the building. She had been worried sick that they had been taken by some monster or another. Now she was more terrified that the Nogitsune was, again, a step ahead of them. They should know better than to be around Stiles right now. And what was Peter doing there, mooching off the chaos about to be reaped?

Probably. There was nothing good in him, wolf, or man. Two years ago, or not, she was not going to trust him. especially where the darkness was controlling Stiles.

And where was Stiles anyway, shouldn't he at least have been hosting his guests? Typical spaz. Ah. Lydia was going to have words with him about hosting after all this is over and they have more time to bond.

In the meantime, Prada needs her. She took her keys and got into her car. Driving off into the distance, she missed the eyes that watched her as she left the place, pistol in one hand, and binoculars in another.