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Modest Lust

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Detective Jane Rizzoli was making a major move up in her career. She had been working toward this day for as long as she could remember, this promotion being her goal since before she entered the police academy. Detective Jane Rizzoli was moving to the homicide division of the Boston Police Department, the youngest detective to ever do so. It was an amazing feeling.

Because she had been so single minded in her determination to achieve that goal, Jane had never used any of her sick days or her vacation leave. So, before she was allowed to start in the homicide division, her LT had insisted she take a couple of weeks off. Jane had just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love, not that she would tell anyone that, and so she decided to do her own version of that and use some of her savings to take a world trip. She had a passport but it was currently empty of any stamps. Jane was about to change that.

Jane started in Italy, just like Elizabeth Gilbert had, but she had better reasons for it. She was of Italian heritage and had never visited the homeland before. Jane ate her way through Italy, starting in Milan and working her way south to Sicily. It was a phenomenal experience and one of the best weeks of her life.

For her pray, since Jane wasn't very religious, even though she had been raised in a strict, Catholic household, she decided to try some place completely different. She did tour the Vatican while she was in Rome and it had been impressive, the Sistine Chapel worth the price of admission. But, for Jane's pray, she decided to head to another major religion's hub, Iran. The city of Mashhad was said to be Iran's "Spiritual Capital" and from the pictures Jane had seen, it was very beautiful with breathtaking shrines, mosques, and parks. Jane had had to research the customs before she went to the staunch Islamic country, to ensure she respected the culture and had the appropriate clothing.

So that's how Jane found herself in the bustling marketplace in Mashhad wearing loose fitting trousers, a long sleeved, loose fitting cotton shirt, and a headscarf, all in tan colors, positioned in a way that her dark, wild mane of hair was covered. She decided to err on the side of caution and wrapped it tightly, leaving just her face showing. Jane had read how strict the laws were here and they had proven correct when on the plane ride over, the minute they entered Iranian air space, an announcement had been made and all the women on the plane had performed some unspoken synchronized dance of standing up and changing into more modest clothes, head scarves included.

The marketplace was fascinating. Jane had seen the depictions in movies but nothing could really prepare her for the real thing. There was a cacophony of sounds, between merchants selling their wares and just the low din of all the conversations taking place in the tightly packed stalls that went as far as the eye could see. It was superb in its own way and Jane felt herself drifting through, enjoying the experience immensely.

It was when she stopped at one stall, selling all kinds of fruits she had never seen before, that Jane's day took a whole different turn. As Jane was conversing with the merchant, a woman nearby, wearing a full burka, suddenly collapsed, clutching at her chest and crying out in Arabic, or so Jane thought. Jane's detective instincts kicked in and she dropped down next to the woman, attempting to help. Abruptly, Jane was pushed aside and an authoritative voice reached her ears.

"Ma'am, I'm a doctor. Please step aside so I can assist this woman." Jane slid back and decided that the best use of her skills was to control the scene and get emergency services. She spoke to the merchant and found out whom to call and started barking orders to those around. Jane heard the doctor speak to the ailing woman in her own language perfectly, impressing Jane with her fluentness.

Jane periodically looked back at the scene on the ground to check on the progress. The doctor, a woman by her dress, similar to Jane's, except all in black, was commanding the area and effectively treating the distressed woman as best she could. Soon, sirens could be heard making their way toward them and shortly after, men dressed in paramedic uniforms arrived. The doctor instantly filled them in, once again in perfect Arabic, although the men didn't seem to be listening. Jane realized that the paramedics were unused to taking orders from a woman, even if she was well qualified. An argument ensued and Jane stepped in, again, the detective within her unable to standby.

"Excuse me, what's the problem here?" Jane asked innocently, allowing her Boston accent to come through a little thicker than usual to get the attention of all involved in the argument. All eyes turned to her and for a moment Jane was spellbound. She had not previously gotten a good look at the female doctor but now that she had her attention, Jane's stomach dropped at the resplendent, fiery hazel eyes that glared back at her.

"These men are refusing to accept my diagnosis on the sole fact that I am a woman and apparently, despite my decade of experience, think that they are more equipped to help this woman," came the heated, yet honey coated voice of the shorter woman. Her face was completely covered except for her eyes and Jane was glad because she didn't think she would be able to focus otherwise.

"We do not have to listen to any woman about things she cannot possibly know," one of the men ventured to say in a condescending manner. This infuriated Jane and for a moment, she forgot about the stunning eyes still looking at her so hotly and turned all her Detective Rizzoli authority to the man who spoke.

"You listen here, dude, this doctor just saved this woman's life. I think it would be in everyone's best interest if you would stop wasting time arguing about which chromosomes people have and do your job! Doctor-" at this Jane turned to the woman, asking her to supply her name.

"Isles," came the now slightly timid voice and Jane continued her rant, picking up even more steam at the hesitant tone of the once confident woman, "Doctor Isles here has given you her diagnosis. I suggest you radio it in and get this woman to a hospital ASAP!" The last bit was growled out and accompanied by her best Rizzoli glare.

It seemed to have the desired effect because the two men finished loading the woman onto the gurney and rushed back to their ambulance. Seconds later, the sound of the siren was heard moving away from them at a rapid pace. Jane watched the retreating forms with a slight smirk on her face. It was good to know that her skills could work anywhere in the world.

"Thank you, you did not have to step in like that, but I do appreciate your support." Jane turned to look at the woman with a voice that engulfed her like a warm embrace from a close friend. Those piercing eyes were looking at her with shy gratitude and Jane wanted nothing more than to see the rest of the face that went along with them.

"Hey, I should be thanking you. I was way out of my league with that poor woman. I'm glad you came along to save her," Jane said with a shy grin, rubbing the back of her neck in her nervousness as the beautiful eyes crinkled at the corners, letting Jane know that the doctor was smiling.

"Well, it seems that we both have reasons for mutual thanks. Why don't you let me buy you a tea? It's the least I could do." Jane liked the idea of spending more time with this enigma of a woman. The eyes were luring her like a siren tempts a sailor but Jane would happily crash into a cliff to spend just one more minute in this captivating woman's presence.

"Yeah, sure, I could eat." Jane heard the melodic laughter and couldn't help chuckling along. God, who was this woman? Jane thought.


Doctor Isles led them away from the stall that had been the scene of so much commotion only moments ago and weaved expertly through the crowd toward what looked like a hotel. It seemed to be one that many Westerners frequented, and Jane was thankful for that. She was after all following a strange woman in a foreign country. Additionally, it would be nice to be around some familiarity, if only the sound of her native language.

It hit Jane that the woman spoke with a refined American accent, with just a hint of something else to it. She wondered if she was American too or a transplant from somewhere more exotic. The way the doctor moved, with so much grace and balance, alerted the detective that the smaller woman had some sort of dance training. It would surmise that this delightful creature was not a mere American as Jane herself was.

They went inside the hotel and were settled into a corner of the restaurant that was reserved for women only. This meant that they could remove their headscarves and relax a bit while taking their tea, or in Jane's case, whatever meal she was now dying to eat, her stomach making its presence known with a loud grumble. The melodic laughter floated to Jane again and she looked up at the woman with flushed cheeks.

Then Jane's cheeks flushed for an entirely different reason. As the doctor unwrapped her headscarf, what was revealed underneath was too much for Jane to handle. Staring back at her was the most dazzling woman she had ever seen. Blonde waves cascaded out of the scarf that led to a heart-shaped face with defined cheekbones and full red lips. Jane was already very familiar with those eyes but now, having the context of the entire face to go with it, Jane was floored.

She knew she was staring, mouth agape, but Jane couldn't be bothered to stop it, the beauty of this woman just too overwhelming. The doctor flushed herself now, clearly affected by Jane's gaping, and the look only served to make the woman just that much more alluring. Jane swallowed hard, her mouth full as she was literally salivating at the sight before her. After several awkward moments, Doctor Isles tipped her head down and pushed some of her golden waves behind her ears, unable to hold Jane's intense gaze any longer.

"I didn't get your name," came the bashful voice from across the table. This was enough to snap Jane out of her stupor. She closed her mouth with an audible snap and visibly shook herself. Jane was ashamed of her manners and resolved to treat this gorgeous woman better.

"I'm so sorry," Jane choked out, swallowing thickly to even out her voice, "I'm Jane Rizzoli. That was so rude of me." Jane blushed again and looked down at her hands on the table. What was wrong with her?

There was a slight chuckle from across the table and Jane chanced a glance up through her eyelashes. Doctor Isles was beaming at her with a smile so bright it lit up the entire room. Jane was stunned yet again as there were two adorable dimples on display. Could this woman get anymore perfect?

"It's quite alright Ms. Rizzoli. We have been through quite the ordeal recently." That smile continued to radiate across the table and Jane felt her stomach turn into a net full of butterflies.

Luckily for Jane, it was then that their waitress decided to make an appearance. Jane allowed the doctor to order for them, once Jane had assured her that she would eat anything, and was again impressed when the radiant woman ordered in perfect Arabic. When the waiter left, Jane decided to stop acting like an uncouth brute and actually speak to the lovely woman whom she was about to share a meal with.

"Doctor Isles, how do you know Arabic so well?" Jane asked sincerely, wanting to know everything there was about this enthralling creature. The doctor tilted her head in a manner much like a bird accessing a situation and Jane found the look beyond endearing.

"Actually, I am speaking Farsi. It is used more widely here in Iran as it is native language of the area. But, I do speak Arabic and a few other languages." The answer was given so matter of factly that Jane was a bit taken aback. But Doctor Isles still had a smile on her face which caused Jane's detecting skills to go haywire. This woman was fascinating.

"Wow! That's impressive. I'm barely fluent in English, let alone five other languages." Jane felt a bit intimidated by the woman who sat before her, her beauty being eclipsed by her clearly intelligent mind. There was that melodic laughter again.

"Now, Ms. Rizzoli, from what I have experienced already, I hardly believe that to be true." Jane looked at the enchanting woman. Was she flirting with Jane? There was a sly smile gracing those full lips and Jane's heart fluttered.

"Jane," she croaked. Clearing her throat, she tried again, "Please, call me Jane." This time her signature rasp was in place and she watched as the beautiful doctor across the table responded to it, the hazel eyes dilating slightly at the sound. Interesting, Jane thought.

"Well, Jane, then you must call me Maura." Doctor Isles, Maura, was blushing slightly as she responded. Jane thought the name suited the luxurious doctor and smiled a full Rizzoli smile at the smaller woman, her own dimples on display. Those heavenly eyes lost more of their color at the blinding smile Jane was giving her.

Before Jane could comment on it, the waitress returned with a tray full of drinks and food. The smell was incredible. Jane's stomach growled loudly and this time, both women laughed.

"Buen provecho," Maura said coyly as she brought a fork full of food to her mouth. Jane shook her head at the amazing woman and replied, "Buon appetito." The smile she garnered for her little Italian phrase was enough to fill Jane with unfathomable joy.


The meal went well. The women fell into an easy dialogue around all the slurping and chewing that was a byproduct of their meal. Jane found out that the brilliant woman before her was a doctor with Doctors Without Borders, stationed in Senegal at the moment. She was in Iran on holiday, wanting to tour around the awe-inspiring mosques and tombs that were littered around Mashhad. Jane revealed that she was a detective back in Boston, on holiday herself before her big promotion to the homicide division. Each woman was equally impressed with the other.

Throughout their time together, the women began to relax a bit more in each other's presence and the flirting began to increase between them. They could only go so far as they were in public in a very strict Islamic country, romantic relationships between women a big no-no here. But, it was clear to them that they had a great deal of chemistry. As their meal drew to a close, Jane began to wonder how she could extend her time even further with Doctor Maura Isles, easily the most fantastic, enticing, amazing person, let alone woman, she had ever met. Before Jane could suggest something else, Maura's soft voice floated to Jane's ears.

"Jane, I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I was wondering if you would care to join me for a bit of port." Jane was happy to hear that the sophisticated woman was on the same page and wanted to spend more time with her, but she was not a port drinker and had no idea how to accept the offer but decline the drink.

Her struggle must have been telegraphed on her face because Maura gave her an amused smile before stating in a whisper, "Jane, I am inviting you to my room in this hotel because I would like to get you alone in a more discrete location." The words slowly registered with the detective but once they did, she looked at Maura with big eyes and gulped audibly.

"Check!" Jane squeaked out to the passing waitress, causing the doctor to giggle. Jane wanted to be alone with this woman right this moment.


Once Maura had paid the check, after much argument between the two proud women, insisting that she invited Jane and therefore should pay, the women reassembled their headscarves before making their way to the elevator. Jane found it hard not to reach out and take the doctor's hand, which was taunting her in the close proximity of the elevator. Jane could feel the electricity flowing between them and was anxiously awaiting the moment they would be behind closed doors.

They exited the elevator and walked to Maura's room, shoulders bumping slightly, unable to keep any distance between them. When Maura turned to a door and rummaged for her key inside her purse, Jane couldn't resist coming right up behind the smaller woman, leaning slightly so that Maura's back was barely touching her front. She heard the doctor inhale an unsteady breath as she fumbled with the key to the door.

"Jane, please, we are still visible and if you don't step back, I will do something that will get us both arrested," came Maura's breathy voice with just a hint of sternness. Jane felt her inner walls quiver at the words combined with the tone of their delivery. She stepped back, but only a few centimeters. It was deemed suitable enough because the doctor was able to get the door open and stepped into the room quickly, leaving the door wide open for Jane to follow.

The minute Jane walked through the doorway, she was immediately pushed roughly back against it, slamming the door loudly. Her body was pinned firmly by a smaller, warm body with surprising strength, sinewy muscles strained as they held the taller woman securely.

"I have wanted you since the minute I heard your commanding voice at the market," Maura purred as she nuzzled her nose into Jane's neck, her lips ghosting over the skin there, working their way up the long neck to the detective's ear. "I am going to ravish you detective," the doctor stated decisively, leaving no room for any argument, not that Jane planned on doing so.

Jane wanted to respond but found that words wouldn't come to her. Instead, she grunted unintelligibly, eliciting a throaty chuckle from the doctor before her lips were captured in a blistering kiss. Jane moaned into the kiss and opened her mouth to allow access to the probing muscle that had been insistently slipping across her lips.

After her breath had been painstakingly removed from her aching body, the two women were panting, leaning their foreheads together. "You are incredible," Jane gasped out. Maura hummed before reclaiming the detective's lips and in one fell swoop, lifted the taller woman off her feet and spun them around, walking them back toward the large bed in the middle of the room.

Jane yipped in surprise when her feet left the ground but didn't care because the smaller woman was devouring her mouth in a way that no one had ever done before. Jane would allow herself to be taken by this divine creature, anytime, anywhere.


Maura had led their sexual encounter from the moment they stepped inside the room, which was unusual for Jane, but it had been well worth it. The doctor was a passionate, attentive lover, bringing Jane to new heights. Jane felt herself catching some very intense feelings for this woman who was keeping her promise to ravish her.

Not that Jane was passive in any way. She gave as good as she got, worshiping at the altar that was Maura Isles. Jane was convinced her breasts were handcrafted by God herself. She spent almost an embarrassing amount of time lavishing the plush mounds with her tongue and teeth. Maura hadn't complained, the firm grip on Jane's wild curls holding her firmly to the doctor's chest an obvious sign of her approval. Jane had continued to use her tongue to paint the woman's toned body. After over an hour, the women fell spent against the mattress, bodies entangled as they lay sweaty, attempting to catch their breath.

"Goddess, Jane, that was...WOW!" came the enthusiastic honey coated voice of the doctor. Jane chuckled softly and placed a kiss on whatever skin she could reach of the glowing woman.

"Wow pretty much sums it up," Jane's gravelly voice stated, eliciting a low moan from her bedmate.

"Your voice just drips sex," the doctor purred into her ear before nipping at the lobe with sharp teeth. Jane's sex clenched at the action and the words.

"I am so glad I met you today, despite the circumstances that precipitated the meeting." A gentle kiss was placed to Jane's lips before the warm body that had been partially draped across hers disappeared.

Jane's eyes flew open as she watched the naked form of Maura make its way to the bathroom. She heard the sounds of the shower turning on and closed her eyes again to allow the slideshow of images of the naked woman washing that sublime body.

"Jaaaane, you coming?" drifted out of the bathroom to lounging detective, pulling her from her reverie. Jane smiled hugely with her eyes still closed. Soon, she would be.