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Modest Lust

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Water spilled down the tanned skin of a living goddess. Jane licked her lips at the sight. She was still stunned that she was allowed to touch, let alone lick, the work of art that was before her. The two days spent worshiping this woman had been the best days of Jane's life. However, it would all be coming to an end soon.

"I can hear you thinking, detective," a knowing whisper said from in front of her. Jane grinned contritely as hazel eyes found hers over the delicate, freckled shoulders of the woman she was falling for.

"Guilty as charged," she joked, pulling the wet skin against hers, languishing in the feel of the slick softness. She was going to miss this most of all, the intimacy they had developed over the last 48 hours. They could only share in it within these four walls and the forbiddenness of it all had heightened their feelings.

Maura turned now to fully face the detective and wrapped her arms around the slender neck, erasing any space that was left between them. Jane let out a sigh of contentment, the safety she felt in this embrace felt so much like a home she had never known before.

"I'm going to miss you, Maur," Jane choked out, her emotions getting the better of her. She felt a soft hum against her sternum.

"And I you, my goddess. I know the circumstances are not ideal and our futures are on two different trajectories." Maura leant back to look at Jane, her gaze penetrating right to her very soul. "Our time together has meant the world to me, Jane. We will find a way back to each other. That I am sure of." She sealed her words with a soft, slow kiss, conveying to the taller woman that her words were sincere. After several moments enjoying the feel of each others lips, the two women broke apart.

"What time is your flight to Greece?" the doctor asked softly. Jane felt a pang in her chest, the remainder of their separation hitting her right in the part of her heart that now belonged to Doctor Maura Isles.

"I have to be at the airport in about an hour," Jane replied quietly. Jane felt the full lips press to her neck.

"Well, then, let us enjoy this hour like we have never done before," Maura stated with relish and claimed Jane's lips in a hot, sloppy kiss. Jane easily gave in to the demand and lost herself to the only woman she was sure she would ever love.

"RIZZOLI!" Jane snapped out of her day dream, one that was a frequent visitor to her in the still moments in her mind. She looked around, dazed, until she saw Detective Vincent Korask standing over her desk menacingly, clearly upset about something.

"Jesus, Vince, what?!" Jane barked back, ashamed to have been found daydreaming but needing to protect the persona she had perfected as the best homicide detective that the Boston Police Department had ever known. For the past two years, Jane had been kicking ass, currently holding the best close rate the department had ever seen. This gave her leeway to respond to her partner, and superior officer, in the manner she just did.

"I have been calling your name for the past five minutes! Where the hell were you?" Korsak asked exasperated. Jane couldn't tell the gruff man that she had been thinking of her lost love, a woman that she had not had any contact with over the last two years.

"Just thinking," Jane grumbled as she turned to her computer screen and began to type loudly, hitting the keys much harder than she needed to.

"Uh huh, well, Pike says he has something for us. I have been trying to get your attention so we can go down there and get a fucking lead on this fucking case!"

Jane felt herself flush at the string of curses. It took a lot to rile up the surly but jovial man. Jane knew she had pushed him to the brink. Well, her and this case. They were working a particularly trying case, made a thousand times harder by the incompetence of the medical examiner. Her two years at Boston's Homicide Division had been a resounding success despite the horrible Doctor Pike.

Jane pulled herself together and stood up from her desk, grabbing her suit jacket as she followed Korsak to the elevators. On the ride down, Jane could feel the older detective staring at her, analyzing her in a way that was most discomforting.

"Something's off with you, Rizzoli," he finally stated matter of factly as the elevator dinged, indicating that they had arrived to the basement, the home of the morgue. Jane blanched at the observation but didn't get a chance to respond before the doors slid open and the squat man stalked out and down the long hallway.

Jane rolled her eyes and took a couple of grounding breaths before muttering under her breath, "Get it together Rizzoli." Feeling better, Jane rushed to catch up to her partner, hoping to finally get a lead on this distressing case.

Jane nearly ran into the stocky frame of her partner when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks at the doorway of the autopsy suite. Jane was about to protest his action when she caught sight of what had caused the older man to come to a stop so abruptly.

Wearing black scrubs and an apron, face shield drawn down over their face, was the identifiable form of a very shapely woman. The scrubs did nothing to hide the delicious curves that lie underneath and Jane licked her lips in appreciation. The figure must have sensed their presence because the woman stopped working and eyes looked up at the detectives who looked like deer caught in headlights.

Now Jane audibly gasped. She would recognize those eyes anywhere, especially now when the all too familiar crinkles shown at the corners, letting the taller detective know that the woman was smiling. The figure stood up fully and removed the face mask revealing none other than Doctor Maura Isles in all her professional glory.


"Detective, what a pleasure to see you," the honey coated voice Jane had just been dreaming of upstairs wafted over to her. Jane felt the sound like a warm embrace and unknowingly let out a contented sigh. Korsak looked between the two women before finally speaking.

"Uh, who are you? And how do you know Detective Rizzoli?" The older detective's voice was very suspicious and Jane looked at Maura pleadingly, trying to convey unspoken words to her former lover.

"Pardon me, detective, but you interrupted my autopsy. I believe that I should be asking who you are." Jane gaped at the beautiful woman before a small smirk made its way to her lips. Leave it to the doctor to use etiquette to get out of answering the leading question. The taller detective was very proud of her doctor, uh, the doctor. Not my doctor, never was, Jane thought sadly.

"I'm Detective Vince Korsak and this is Detective Jane Rizzoli," Korsak answered brusquely. Jane had to stifle a giggle at her partner's offended tone. "Now, I will ask again, who are you?"

At that moment, Doctor Pike came pushing past them, oblivious as always to what was going on around him. "Doctor Isles, despite what the governor seems to think, I have the best qualifications to proceed with this autopsy." Jane was affronted on Maura's behalf, knowing full well that the tall, blond ME was in no way better than her doctor, ugh, the doctor.

"Doctor Pike, as I have already spoken with you about, I am the new Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Your new assignment will be as the medical examiner for the Western Massachusetts office. If you have a formal grievance, you may submit it in writing and it will be duly processed. For now, I would kindly ask that you finish packing up your things and remove yourself from my office." Jane squeezed her thighs together, the tone of the sexy doctor so reminiscent to the way she had spoken to Jane when demanding she do inappropriate things while in the bedroom...and the shower...and the…

"THIS WILL NOT GO UNREPORTED!" Doctor Pike yelled as he stormed out of the autopsy suite, bumping into Jane and Vince on his way out, not so much as giving them an apology. He did shove a folder into Jane's chest as he walked by. Jane growled as she removed it and began to leaf through it.

"Now, pardon the interruption, I think it has been explained who I am Detective Korsak. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to finish the work I was doing so that I can get you the evidence you require to solve this case." Jane smiled slightly as Maura shot her a wink when Vince glanced over to Jane to judge her reaction to all the events that had just occurred.

"Oh, and I would disregard whatever is in that folder. I am sure it is all useless given the complete lack of process Doctor Pike has been conducting in this office. If you allow me an hour, I will be able to supply you with the pertinent information." With that, Maura flipped her face shield back down and went back to her meticulous examination of the body.

Jane knew that they had been effectively dismissed and grabbed Korsak by the arm. As she turned to remove the stunned older detective, Jane tossed over her shoulder, "Thank you Doctor Isles, I look forward to hearing your results." Jane swore she heard a giggle come from the smaller woman but when she spared a glance as they walked back down the hall, the doctor was the picture of professionalism.


"What the hell was that?" Korsak demanded when they were back in the elevator on their way back to the homicide bullpen. Jane was lost in her thoughts. Maura was here, in Boston, and would be working with her daily in her role as the new ME. And not only was she the new ME, she was the new CHIEF ME. This was a lot for Jane to process, but there was one fact that Jane was excited about. Maura Isles was living in Boston!

"Janie, I asked you what the hell that was?!" Her partner was at his wits' end and Jane wanted to laugh at the shorter man but held her merriment at bay as she responded.

"I believe that was the new ME," Jane said cheekily as they stepped out of the elevator and made their way back to their respective desks. She heard Korsak snort in her direction.

"I know that, Rizzoli, I meant what was that," here he paused to wave his hand around, indicating at Jane and down at the floor, "between you and the ME? Do you two know each other?" Damn it, Jane thought, hoping that the sparkling chemistry that had always been present between the two women would go unnoticed by her partner. She should have known better.

"I'm not sure what you're implying Vince." Jane chose to go for innocence, not wanting to outright lie to her partner but, not knowing where she stood with the doctor, Jane didn't want to reveal too much.

"Ugh, you barely said two words down there and we all know that is not like you, Janie." Jane scoffed at this and Korsak chuckled at her indignation. "Oh stop with the nun act." He let out a breath that sounded like a deflating balloon before he continued. "Well, at least she seems way more competent than Pike, so hopefully we will finally get somewhere on this case!" Jane nodded absentmindedly, already considering how she was going to approach the alluring woman who was now her colleague.


True to her word, Maura made her appearance upstairs in an hour. Jane was alerted to the approaching presence of her former lover by the clicking of high heels on the tile floor, a sound that was extremely foreign in the BPD squad room.

"Detectives, I have the results for you," came the confident voice of Doctor Isles as she stopped at the corner of Jane's desk. Jane looked up from the lead she had been tracking down and couldn't help taking in the full effect of Maura back in her life.

The doctor was now wearing a very flattering, form fitting red, pleated dress with a zipper that traveled the length of her body. The dress showed off the doctor's sculpted shoulders to perfection. Jane let her eyes slowly make their way down the curvy body before settling at the bare skin of Maura's calves that led to five inch black heels. Jane had to suppress a moan at the vision in front of her. She heard a small snicker come from above and returned her gaze to the eyes that had started it all for her.

"Did you see something you liked, detective?" Maura purred softly, for only Jane to hear. Jane felt her inner walls quiver and squeezed her thighs shut once again. If Maura wasn't careful, Jane would be taking her right here in front of everyone. When Jane didn't answer, the doctor gave her a bright smile and winked at her before turning to include Korsak in the conversation.

"I found traces of fiber in the victim's throat which I ran through the database and was able to identify as a carpet fiber from a 1990s Toyota Camry. Additionally, there was a bit of fluid on the fiber that, after extensive testing, proved to be an accelerant found in paint thinner. From the notes I saw on the case, I believe you have a witness who drives a 1995 Camry and works as a house painter?" The faux innocent look on Maura's face was almost enough to make Jane get up and kiss the woman, on top of just providing the evidence they needed to bring the supposed "witness" in for questioning!

"Whoa, Doctor Isles, you got all that from a fiber found during your autopsy?" came the awed voice of Korsak. Jane had forgotten he was even in the room, her attention so focused on the delectable, brilliant woman standing inches away from her.

"Of course, I am only remiss that it took me so long," the elegant woman stated before handing Korsak the folder with her findings as she strutted back out of the room.

"Oh, and Detective Rizzoli, if you could come down to the morgue when you are done questioning the suspect? I have a question I would like to ask you." The words were tossed airly over the deliciously bare shoulder and accompanied by another discreet wink before the ME disappeared down the hall.

"Damn, Janie, I don't know whether to be jealous or concerned for your safety," Korsak stated as he went to get his jacket so that they could go to the DA and get a warrant. Jane wanted to say both but instead just shrugged and followed her partner.


By that evening, Jane and Korsak had closed the case that had been the bane of their existence, even going so far as to get a confession from the suspect. It helped that Maura had brought them even more evidence to link him to the other bodies, having redone the autopsies to collect things that Pike had missed. The doctor was making quite the impression on her first day.

Jane was wrapping up writing her report when she heard the sound of heels clicking on tile. She tensed slightly before relaxing as the presence of Maura soothed a part of her soul that had been aching for the other woman for over two years.

"Detective, I believe I asked you to come down to the morgue when you were done with the suspect." It wasn't a question and the voice left no room for argument.

"I got caught up writing my report. I wanted to get things down while everything was still fresh in my mind," Jane responded while typing furiously to complete her last thought. When she was done, she swiveled in her chair to look at the gorgeous doctor. Maura was still wearing the dress and Jane did another full body perusal, not trying to hide her appreciation for the form of the woman in front of her.

Jane smirked when she saw Maura flush before she cleared her throat and said, "well, that is very ardent of you. I suppose that is why you have the best close rate in the department." Jane beamed with pride that Maura knew this about her but also felt uneasy that Maura knew so much and Jane knew so little. The detective did not like being at a disadvantage.

"I do what I can. Is now a good time for that chat?" Jane asked, feigning innocence, having a pretty good idea what Maura wanted to discuss. At the slight nod she received, Jane called out to Korsak that she would finish the rest of her report later and wished him a good night. The older man chuckled slightly but responded in the affirmative. The two women made their way to the elevator and stepped into the metal box when the doors opened.

As soon as the doors closed, Jane had her arms full of one Doctor Maura Isles. Soft lips claimed hers and proceeded to steal every last breath she had within in her lungs. Jane moaned into the kiss, responding in kind once she got over the initial shock of the attack. The women only broke apart when the elevator dinged and the doors began to open revealing that they were on the first floor.

"Come along detective, what I have to ask you needs a venue change," Maura demanded, dragging a finger down Jane's arm as she sashayed out of the elevator. Jane watched with unbridled desire as the hips she knew intimately swayed for her benefit, the backside she had worshiped encased perfectly in that dress. The detective would follow that sight anywhere.


Jane was surprised when Maura led her to a black, newer model Mercedes Benz. Jane should have known the doctor would drive something like this but it still jolted her a bit. They had talked about Maura's family money but having only spent time with the woman in Iran, mostly in a hotel room, her wealth really had never been on display.

"Nice ride," Jane rasped, for something to say to cut through the sexual tension that had settled between them since the elevator.

"Yes, it is quite comfortable. I do believe it would look better with you behind the wheel though," Maura's silky voice said as they pulled away from the precinct. Jane felt wetness collect in her panties at the words and the way they were delivered. Jane could imagine herself behind a lot of things in this car right now.

"Thanks?" Jane squeaked out, too affected by all her lustful thoughts. She knew that she should be asking Maura a host of questions, like what the hell she was doing in Boston, but at the moment, Jane's hormones were driving and her brain was just along for the ride.

Maura laughed lightly, the melodic sound causing goosebumps to erupt across Jane's skin. She had loved that sound in the brief time she had spent in the other woman's company and had done everything in her power to hear it as often as possible. Basking in the sound for a few more moments, Jane realized they were headed toward the heart of Boston.

"Where are you taking me, doctor?" Jane asked, dropping her voice an octave just to watch the reaction it caused in the woman who had been in total control. Jane was rewarded for her efforts when white knuckles appeared on the steering wheel and the elegant neck of the doctor bobbed slightly from an audible gulp.

"I have bought a home in Beacon Hill. I thought we could have dinner, catch up a bit." Jane was again amazed at the revelation of where the doctor had chosen to reside, the swanky neighborhood one of the most expensive in the city. The detective was also taken aback by the suggestion of talking and dinner. Hadn't Maura wanted to ask her something?

"That sounds great but I thought you wanted to ask me a question," Jane queried, unable to just take the woman's word. She received a quick glance that revealed a slight smirk and amused eyes before the doctor responded, "all in good time, detective."


Maura's house was beautiful, as Jane would expect, but it also made the detective wonder just how long the doctor had been in Boston. The place was perfectly decorated in what Jane would recognize as Maura's style and there were no boxes in sight, all leading Jane to believe that Maura had been settled for quite some time. Her thoughts must have been displayed on her face because the doctor looked at her with amusement before speaking.

"I hired a company to get everything settled while I was wrapping things up at Interpol in Paris. I gave them very specific instructions. I just arrived yesterday." Jane processed the information as the doctor moved to the kitchen and took out some menus from a drawer.

"I unfortunately do not have it in me to cook tonight, although I would love to do so for you at another time. Would you care to order something for us? I would like to get more comfortable after such a busy day." Jane nodded her agreement, her mind already racing to a naked Maura.

Once again, her desire must have been painted on her face because, as the doctor slid past her to head toward the stairs, she brushed her lips against Jane's cheek, squeezing her arm affectionately. "I am so glad that you still think of me like that Jane, after all these years." Before Jane could answer, the smaller woman was gone, her heels clicking up the hardwood stairs.


Jane ordered from an Italian place that she knew would meet her standards. She had a vague idea of what Maura would like and decided to take a chance, the doctor clearly trusting her with the decision. The woman in question emerged right as she hung up the phone.

"Oh, I feel so much better now. Jane would you like some wine? I believe I have earned a glass or two myself." Jane turned to answer and was immediately transported back to Mashhad.

The smaller woman had changed out of the sinful dress and was now wearing loose fitting pants and a long sleeved shirt similar to what the doctor was wearing when they first met. The color was a light gray, not black, but otherwise, she was dressed the way that was ingrained in Jane's mind.

Jane couldn't resist and stepped toward the smaller woman, taking her into her arms and kissing her soundly. They each moaned into the kiss, this time taking their time to explore each other's mouths thoroughly. It was only when air became a necessity did the two women break apart, Jane burrowing her nose into the blonde waves that she dreamt about constantly, Maura nuzzling into Jane's neck. Both women released a satisfied sigh simultaneously.

"I've missed you so much, Maur," Jane said into the comfortable silence they had been sharing while lost in their embrace. The smaller woman nuzzled more and placed a soft kiss to Jane's throbbing pulse.

"And I you, Jane. That is actually why I am here," came the muffled voice below. Jane blanched at that, uncertain if she had heard the doctor right.

Pulling back to look directly at the doctor, Jane asked, "you came to Boston for me?" Maura blushed slightly at the intensity of Jane's gaze before nodding her head in the affirmative.

"I have so much to tell you Jane. And of course, something to ask you." Maura smiled nervously at the last part. Jane was about to ask that they just get to the question but the doorbell sounded, interrupting their moment. They both looked shocked, it was too early for it to be their food. Maura pulled out of Jane's arms completely to answer the door, the doorbell chime resounding through the room again. Jane followed, her detective instincts kicking in as well as her need to be close to the smaller woman.

When Maura opened the door, without checking the peephole Jane noticed, there stood a delivery person. Both women looked at each in shock before Maura looked at the person and said, "my, that was quick!" The person looked confused as they checked the order slip in their hands.

"You ordered twenty minutes ago. We aren't too far from here." Both women looked at their watches and indeed, twenty minutes had gone by. They must have been lost in their bubble for longer than they realized.

"Oh, uh, thank you. Where do I sign?" Maura recovered first and addressed the delivery person.

"It's already paid for ma'am. Have a nice evening." The delivery person handed Maura the food, turned, and left as quickly as possible. It wasn't until the doctor turned around that Jane understood why. A good deal of Maura's left breast was visible through her disheveled top, Jane's wandering hands clearly having freed the mound of flesh from the confines of the smaller woman's bra during their make out session.

"Um, Maur, you might, um, want to, um," Jane stuttered out, waving her hand to her exposed breast vaguely with her hand. The doctor looked down and immediately flushed a beautiful rose color as she quickly righted herself while shoving the bags of food at Jane. Jane had to fight hard to resist laughing at the flustered woman.

"Not one word or sound, Detective," Maura growled out as she stalked toward the kitchen, clearly embarrassed by what had just occurred. Jane gulped before following the huffy doctor.

"I wouldn't dare," Jane said sincerely, letting her hand trail down the shorter woman's back as she met her at the kitchen island. "I'm sorry, Maur. I didn't realize I had gotten so handsy." Maura glared at her for a moment before her face transformed into a heavenly smile.

"I love that I have that effect on you Jane but I am mortified to have answered my door that way!" The doctor turned and hid her face against Jane's chest as Jane engulfed her into an embrace, rubbing her hands soothingly across the toned back.

"Well, I think that you just gave them the best tip they ever received," Jane joked, earning her a sharp pinch to her side. "Oomph! So violent!" The pair laughed playfully before beginning the dance of plating their dinner.


They were sitting at the dining room table enjoying the delicious Italian food, Maura with a glass of red wine, Jane with a beer that Maura just so happened to have stocked in her fridge which also just so happened to be her favorite. They were mostly silent, sharing shy glances and heated looks occasionally. As they finished their meal, the two women sat back, Jane patting her stomach affectionately.

"Mmmm, that hit the spot," Jane said by way of an apology after she let out a most unladylike belch. Maura laughed at her while shaking her head, a look of adoration on her enchanting face.

"Oh Jane, you should have let me pay. I wanted to buy you dinner," the doctor pouted adorably. Jane couldn't resist leaning over and kissing her plump lips, humming in delight at the taste of yummy sauce on the woman's lips.

"You said you would make me dinner. I think that will make us even," Jane responded, crossing her arms over her chest to signify that that particular discussion was done. "What you can do now is tell me, finally, what you are doing in Boston." Maura looked at her a little hesitantly before taking a long sip of her wine.

The doctor rose from the table and began clearing the plates, taking them to the sink. Jane got up to assist but Maura shooed her away, giving her another beer before telling her to go to the couch and make herself comfortable. Jane started to argue but the look that came across the usually angelic face made Jane scurry to the couch hurriedly.

Maura joined her shortly, her wine glass refilled, and placed the drink on a coaster on the coffee table before turning to look at Jane directly. She asked Jane for her hands, which the detective freely gave, waiting as patiently as she could for the long awaited answer to her question.

"I was in Senegal for a few more months after I met you. You left such an impression on me and that first month was difficult. I felt so alone after finally finding someone that understood me and really saw me, all of me." Jane felt her heart ache for the loneliness that Maura must have gone through then. Jane understood, she had felt the same thing while she had toured around Greece, the love portion of her trip. However, Jane knew that those few days in Mashhad with Maura had truly been her love. She had known then that she was in love with Maura Isles.

Maura looked at her guiltily then before continuing her tale, " I met Doctor Ian Faulkner shortly after that. He was this charismatic, classically handsome man from Australia whom everyone wanted, but for some reason he chose me to focus his attentions on." Now, Jane felt her heart ache for another reason. The way Maura spoke about this man made the detective know she was not going to like what she heard next.

"It was a whirlwind romance, but nothing like what we had. I did get caught up in feeling loved and I ended up doing some things that I was not proud of. I knew I needed a change and so when an opportunity came up to go to Interpol, back to France, it seemed like the perfect way to right some wrongs." Jane knew there was a lot more to that story but for now she would let the doctor finish. Maura squeezed Jane's hands lovingly, pressing soft lips to the backs of her palms before she continued her story.

"It was during my time at Interpol when my thoughts of you came back full force. I could not resist looking you up, with all the resources available to me, it was not hard to keep track of your career. Jane, you really are most impressive." Maura beamed at her then and Jane felt herself heat up, a flush rushing up from her neck across her face. She knew she was good at her job but to hear such an accomplished woman like Maura compliment her, well that was almost too much.

"I was reminded of our time together in Mashhad almost constantly. I could not get you out of my mind, Jane, and I realized that I did not want to." She smiled beautifully at Jane then, dimples on full display. Jane felt her breath catch in her chest. She would never tire of that smile being directed at her.

"About four months ago, I was at event with my parents for the Isles Foundation and mother mentioned casually that the governor of Massachusetts had lamented about his need for a new chief medical examiner. That there was this rookie detective who was making a name for herself and that he needed to help her by removing all the obstacles in her path, which included the current medical examiner. I knew immediately whom he was referring to and I felt like it was a sign." When Jane gave her a disbelieving look, Maura amended, "Yes, I know, I am not one to believe in such things, but honestly at that point, I was grasping at anything that would lead me back to you, Jane." Jane gave her a small smile, her emotions all over the place at the moment.

"I reached out and spoke to him and the rest is, as they say, history." Maura looked at Jane earnestly now, awaiting her reaction. Jane was filled with so many emotions but the main one was gratitude. Yes, Maura had been seriously involved with someone else but it had been two years since the women had even spoken to each other. Jane told herself to tamper down her jealousy.

Jane cleared her throat before she responded to the intricate tale. "Wow, that's a lot Maur. I can't say that I'm not jealous of this Doctor Faulkner." His name came out as a growl and Maura laughed lightly as she kissed Jane's hands again. Jane glared at the doctor for a moment before she returned the kisses, pressing Maura's hands to her lips.

"But, I was no saint while we were apart. I tried dating people too but no one could compare, Maur. You ruined me for everyone else. Just this morning-," Jane started and then felt ashamed to admit that she had been daydreaming of the woman in front of her now. Maura tilted her head in the manner she did when she was interested in something and Jane had to lean forward and kiss the woman thoroughly, just because she could.

"I think of you often," Jane said instead after releasing the smaller woman's lips, in a voice so quiet Maura had to lean forward to hear her. "I'm so happy you're here, Maur." Maura used their linked hands to force Jane to wrap her arms around her and, leaving Jane's hands securely on her waist, took her soft hands and held Jane's face with such care.

"Jane, I love you. I have loved you since the first day I met you. I do not know why I allowed two years to go by before I told you but I do not want to let another single day pass. I love you. I am in love with you." Maura kissed Jane so softly then, almost as if she was afraid to break the detective.

And maybe she was right, because at that moment, Jane felt so fragile. Her heart was fluttering at Maura's heartfelt declaration but, the part of her that held her insecurities was telling her to run, run as fast as she could as far away from this whole situation. The war going on inside Jane must have been clear in her deep brown eyes because Maura looked at her sadly before finally posing the question that had brought them to this moment.

"My question for you, Detective Rizzoli, is: do you love me?" Maura looked so unsure of herself, a look that seemed so foreign on the woman who was normally brimming with a sexy confidence. Jane knew the answer to the question instantly but something kept her from shouting it out.

Maura watched her carefully, her hazel eyes darting back and forth between Jane's. When Jane didn't answer after several seconds, Maura kissed her one last time on the lips, a chaste kiss that felt almost like a goodbye. The doctor dropped her hands from Jane's face and sat back on the couch, turning to face the fireplace, picking up her glass of wine, and gulping down the almost full glass.

Jane felt like everything was moving in slow motion. How had she gotten here? Just this morning she had been longing for the woman who was now sitting next to her. Just this morning, the detective was beyond frustrated at her work situation and almost as if by magic, the woman next to her came out of thin air and solved all her problems. So why couldn't Jane just tell her doctor how she felt?

It was at that thought, the thought of Maura finally being hers, the ability for Jane to call this amazing woman, this heavenly creature, hers, that finally settled the battle going on within her. No longer did she want to run away. She wanted to run toward Maura, toward her doctor.

Maura started to get up, her glass now empty, and head to the kitchen. "Your silence speaks volumes, detective. Thank you for indulging me tonight. I am suddenly feeling quite tired so I will show you out." The once honey coated voice now sounded like molasses, so slow and sad that Jane knew she needed to act quickly, unable to hear the heartache it held any longer.

Hopping up in one motion, Jane flew over the back of the couch and caught the retreating woman from behind, pulling her back toward her, holding her firmly against her front. The detective folded her arms around the smaller woman, engulfing her within her taller form, and pressed her lips to the back of the golden head.

"Maur, I have only ever loved one person in my life," Jane began, pressing another kiss to the head that smelled of vanilla and some glorious fruit. She felt Maura tense in her arms, starting to struggle to break free of the detective's secure hold. "And I am so lucky that she loves me too," Jane finished, spinning the disoriented woman around and looking her straight in the eyes.

"I love you, Doctor Maura Isles. I have loved you since the first day I met you. I have dreamt of you every night for two years, even when we were still in Mashhad together. Thank you for coming back to me." Jane felt the tears collecting in the corner of her eyes as she watched the shocked hazel eyes in front of her turn watery as well.

The two women just held each other and stared, enjoying the moment that their mutual love was confirmed. Jane smiled at the smaller woman in her arms, her doctor. After several moments, Jane couldn't wait any longer and she kissed Maura hard on the lips, picking up her doctor and walking her back to the kitchen island. She heard the sound of a glass shattering on hardwood floor.

"Leave it, Jane. I don't care. Kiss me, please!" Maura breathed out before sealing her lips against Jane's again, continuing the fiery kiss that they had started. Maura began to grind her center against Jane's waist and the detective wanted so much to give her doctor what she wanted.

"Maur, just so you know," Jane said seriously as she pulled away from the searching lips, the doctor groaning at the separation. Lust blown eyes connected with Jane's as she smirked her best Rizzoli grin at her woman. "I am going to ravish you," Jane finished, using Maura's own words against the smaller woman as Jane captured the parted lips into a passionate kiss. And Jane kept her word, for the rest of the night, Jane ate her doctor for dessert, over and over again.