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Ouran High School Host Club One-Shots!

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Sometimes being an internet sensation was overwhelming. That was the case for you when you entered Ouran Academy. Everyone already knew who you were. Your videos apparently were known world-wide and Japan was no exception. You expect a few people to know who you were, but not the entire student body! You didn't mind the fans. They were the reason you had become as successful as you were. You did mind not having any space or time away from them. Then, your saviors showed up.

                The Host Club. They were just as well known around Ouran Academy as you were and they unexpectedly offered you a chance. A chance to break away a bit. "You want me to become what now?" you asked as you straightened your tie and brushed off your blue blazer. "Become a Host! We all agree that you would be a perfect new addition to our little group!" Tamaki announced with a grand gesture.

                The other hosts all nodded in agreement, but you frowned. "I need to think about it." You turned and left the room. The hosts all turned to Kyoya, who stood writing in his little book with a smirk on his face. "He'll be back. Y/L/N needs a way to steady his flow of fans. What better way than to be a host and have appointments with his fans?" Kyoya shut his book and smiled at them. They all shrugged, knowing that Kyoya was usually right and this time was no exception.

                A few days later, you burst into Music Room #3, trying to get away from the mob of people chasing you down that day. "Hey, it's Y/N! Have you come to accept our offer?" Tamaki asked. You stood up and sighed. They did have a point. At least as a host, you would be able to see those that wanted to see you at a set time and they could leave you alone the rest of the time so you could study or make more videos.

                "You know what? Yeah. I think I will," you said, still somewhat uncertain. What could it hurt. The boys cheered except for Mori and Kyoya. They simply gave you small smiles. "Now, we need to work out what your type is." You shrugged nonchalantly. "Wait until you see me at work, then you can decide." The hosts decided that you would start the next day and you breathed a sigh of relief. You hoped you could live up to their expectations as well as give your fans they attention they deserved.

                The next day, you were in the Music Room with the rest of the hosts before school. When  they opened the doors, you put a smile on your face. Tamaki opened his arms wide and called, "Welcome! Before you make your way to your designated hosts, I would like to take a moment to introduce our new host! Y/F/N!" The cheers that met your ears were deafening. Your smile grew as you realized that this was going to be one heck of an adventure.