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BNHA One-Shots: Lyrical

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It seemed as though it could’ve been a dream. Like nothing they were experiencing was actually real in any way.

The carnage surrounding them was intense, none of them had ever seen anything of this magnitude before. The block they were currently in was nothing more than rubble except for a lone building, fires spreading throughout the area. Villains were everywhere, some down while others were still standing, albeit shakily. But it’s not like they were faring much better.

Todoroki had reached the limit of his abilities. He had overdone it with his fire and ice, frost covering his right side while minor burns decorated his left. He was panting heavily, trying to hold up a barely conscious Tokoyami.

The bird had been hit hard with debri from a building that was collapsing. His shadow hadn’t been able to block it in time because it was trying to save a civilian from a villain. Now he was losing blood rapidly from the large gash on his head, barely managing to stay awake.

Bakugou was kneeling on the other side of Tokoyami, trying to regain any breath he had. His body was screaming in pain and his muscles felt like they were on fire. If asked he would deny that he was unable to continue on, but even he knew that any more and he would collapse for good.

Midoriya was the only one who was in any kind of decent condition. He hadn’t been using One For All much more than moving quickly around to get civilians out of the way. Only a few times had he used it on villains, but even then it had been agreed upon that Bakugou and Todoroki would be better off taking them down while he and Tokoyami saved anyone who managed to get into trouble.

They were huddled together in what was left of a large office building, down on the ground floor. The fires outside were the only thing that illuminated the surrounding area in the dead of night.

“The back-up should have reached our position by now.” Midoriya said, worry lacing his tone. He was currently standing guard while the other three were behind him, Todoroki trying to keep Tokoyami awake.

Bakugou grunted and forced himself upright from his kneeling position. His limbs and wounds ached at the movement. “No shit, Deku.” Was all he said in reply. Not that he would admit it, but he was worried that no one had reached them yet either.

Midoriya only spared Bakugou a brief glance, irritation present in his eyes.

It wasn’t supposed to have gone like this. The four of them had been assigned the night patrol and were given a relatively quiet area to watch. The last villain activity that had happened in this part of town was almost seven months ago, meaning that everyone had become pretty lax about the presence of more showing up.

And that was their mistake.

It was like a wave of evil came crashing out of nowhere, villains appearing from every direction. They could only assume that Kurogiri was the one behind their sudden appearance, but to what end they were trying to achieve none of them knew.

Glancing above his head, Midoriya realized that the foundation of the building they were using for shelter was starting to cave in. With a quick look around, he noticed that the remaining villains had wandered off down a side street. Now was their best chance to find a new spot to wait for reinforcements.

“Hey,” he began, motioning for them to move forward with his hands, “I know it’s hard, but we have to move somewhere safer, preferably where it’s too dark for us to be caught.” Todoroki nodded, pulling Tokoyami up to his feet. Bakugou watched silently before joining Todoroki in helping the bird. Together, they began to slowly shuffle out of their hiding spot.

As they moved forward, Midoriya hung behind, making sure that nothing would catch them unawares. Ahead of him, Tokoyami tripped over debri, falling out of the hands holding him. A weak scream came out of his mouth before Bakugou quickly stopped him from hitting the ground.

Realizing that the weight in his arms felt heavier than it should have been, Bakugou checked to see if the bird was still conscious. Sadly, the rapid lurching movement seemed to be the last straw for his already injured head to take. Tokoyami was out cold.

Todoroki knelt next to Bakugou, checking to make sure the bird still lived.

“Come on, Tokoyami.” He said, wiping a bit of blood away from his mouth. “You can’t give up on us now. Please, wake up.” Bakugou just gave him a weird look.

While the two of them were taking care of Tokoyami, Midoriya had stopped behind them, listening to the sound of cracking above him. His eyes widened as he saw a large crack forming in the ceiling, directly above the other’s heads. He watched, frozen in place, as the foundation shifted off to the side, leading to the ceiling start to fall.

Summoning One For All, he sped over to the other’s, ignoring their curious and startled glances. Almost immediately afterwards the first part of the ceiling collapsed over top of them. With his power, Midoriya caught and held up the fallen piece, green static flowing over his body.

“START MOVING!” He yelled at them, the strain of holding up the debri evident in his voice.

The others realized what was happening, looking down to see the foundation beneath their feet beginning to break as well. Without another thought, Bakugou threw Tokoyami over his shoulder, hurrying out of the building. Todoroki followed closely behind, jumping over scattered debri along the way.

Midoriya watched as his friends got closer to the exit, dropping the piece of ceiling to the ground. He quickly followed after them.

Up ahead, Bakugou reached the exit with Tokoyami. After placing the bird onto the ground, he turned around, scanning for the other two. The next events all seemed to move in slow motion for him.

Todoroki skidded to a halt as a large part of the ground caved in before him, but not before his foot was pulled in as well. Unable to find anything to hold onto, he began to fall into the forming pit.

From behind, Midoriya appeared, having burst into a faster run when he saw Todoroki being pulled in. Not giving it a second thought, he grabbed onto Todoroki’s arm, and using his extra strength from One For All, pulled him up hard, only to toss him over to the other side of the pit.

Hitting the ground hard, Todoroki quickly rolled over, forcing himself up. He watched in horror as Midoriya took his place instead inside of the pit due to his momentum, which was now much deeper than it was before.

The two locked eyes for a brief moment, Midoriya’s bright green ones seeming to say Give up on me, a pained smile on his face.

“MIDORIYA!” He screamed out before the other was completely blocked from view, the ceiling having finally collapsed under pressure. He frantically began to search for any sign of green hair beneath the broken pieces of the ceiling, dust clouding his vision, and a slight panic arising when he couldn’t see anything. A voice next to him startled him out of his spiraling thoughts.

“Move it, Half n’ Half.” Bakugou said in a gruff voice, shoving him aside. “We need to hurry and find Deku before the rest of the building collapses. Fucking idiot…” He trailed off at the end, muttering it more to himself to hide his concern. Todoroki glared at him, not hearing the worry in the other’s voice. He shoved him back in response.

“You should be kinder to Midoriya. He sacrificed himself for me when he didn’t have to, and he made it easier for you to escape. Stop being such a dick to him all the time.” He paused. “And everyone else for that matter, too.”

The two stared at one another for a moment before each began to lift up pieces of the ceiling, working in a tense silence the entire time. Neither went near the other’s area, making sure to keep their distance in case they were once again sidetracked from finding the green-haired hero.

It took what felt like years to catch a glimpse of Midoriya, but after a few minutes of heavy lifting, Bakugou finally spotted him buried beneath a particularly heavy piece of debri.

“Oi!” He called out, gaining Todoroki’s attention. “I found Deku. Come help me lift this, Icy-Hot, so it doesn’t crush him further.” Hurrying over, Todoroki shoved his hands underneath the ceiling piece, waiting for Bakugou to do the same on the other side. Together they heaved the debri up, dropping it down next to Midoriya’s body.

Making a mental note of the condition he was in, Todoroki gently picked Midoriya up before running out of the exit, Bakugou following behind. Once they were safely out of the building Bakugou swung Tokoyami back into his arms, the two continuing to make their way out of the decimated block. As soon as they crossed over into a side alley, a loud noise caught their attention.

Looking back, the two watched in silence as the building they had been hiding out in finally collapsed altogether, generating a huge cloud of dust and debri to come rushing towards them. They each protected the person in their arms, not wanting more damage to come to them.

When the dust cleared, there was nothing more to the block besides the carnage their fighting had created. Knowing that there were still villains lingering in the area, the two continued to make their way slowly, searching for any back-up as they went.

Unaware to Todoroki, and Bakugou, Midoriya was slightly conscious once more, floating in the inbetween state of reality and dreams. Only one thought was swimming through his mind.

You don’t give up on me when asked to… I won’t give up on you.

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I am what you can’t escape, Deku.

No… I refuse to acknowledge you…

Why? Why must you keep denying the truth?

Because if I accept you for who you are… then that will be the death of me. I can’t betray my friends like this…

Friends? What friends? You mean that one explosive bastard?! How dare you call him our friend!

He cares about me! I swear… why wouldn’t he?... I’ve never done anything to him...

Look at that, you have doubts.

No! It’s you who is putting the doubt in my mind… right?

Hah. Pathetic. You know that he, or anyone for that matter, don’t really care about you. You only have us to rely on. I will be the one to bring us to the top and reach our dreams. They are preventing that from happening.


No, Deku. We must let our true self out. We cannot put it off any longer.

But our mother… and All Might… and Kacchan…

They do not believe in us. Haven’t you seen the pity in their eyes when they look at us? When they see us struggle? How can you still believe that they truly care when all they do is tell us we can’t reach our dreams! Accept who we really are. It is time we show the world the true power behind our quirk.

No one knows though… they all think we have nothing…

Prove them wrong. Show them that we are truly a force to be reckoned with and deserve any praise and power we can reach. They may have stopped us from entering that damned hero school, but you and I both know our quirk is not meant for good.

We can still use it for good…

No. It is not possible. As much as I would like to use it for the well-being of others, the quirk we have been granted is meant for destruction, the decimation of our world. Once we accept us, there is no going back.

Please, Deku. You know I am only saying this because I care about you. I do not wish to be battered down any longer.

Alright… I accept you.

Thank you. We will not regret this. I promise you…

With a bang, I felt my heart start to separate. The enemy within can no longer be contained. I am tired of fighting him and everyone else, tired of being cast aside and beaten down.

There’s something inside of me and it’s ripping a hole through my chest. Before the creature that I have kept buried for so long finally becomes the beast it- no we- truly are, I can only wish that my mother will find safety before I arrive.

I am done pretending that I can be a hero or somebody else like All Might and Kacchan. That was only a dream, one that I would never have been able to reach. Even a villain is not what I will become.

No. My quirk is much more than that.

It doesn’t manifest in the foot like all the others. It is something that is granted to a single person by the gods above. The only tell-tale sign is in the heart and mind.

I am more than a hero or villain.

I am a monster.




Sirens. That is all I can hear above the sound of people screaming. Looking around me, the fires burn bright in the decimated city streets I stand on.

Kacchan’s broken body lays in a heap before me, his Class 1-A friends scattered in the debri. They too are beaten down, having foolishly tried to stop me. Even All Might is crumpled against a bent light post, his skeleton form bleeding heavily. At least my mother is not here to see this. I don’t know where she is anymore, but if I saw her, she may wish she had never seen me again.

Standing there in the street with the fire illuminating me, I probably look like a fallen angel. Probably doesn’t help that I have broken wings protruding from my back that are only slowing me down. That’s the only downside with the true power of my quirk- the wings, that is. Not exceptionally functional, but they help play the part.

It’s kind of funny really, how everything has turned out. There’s a part of me inside that is horrified at what I have done, what I have become. But I don’t know if I can be made to care anymore. Even if I were to die right now I think I would truly be happy for the first time in my life.

I’ll never be the same again.

Part of me does wish that someone out there would be able to finish the job and tear out my fragile heart. But I don’t think there is anyone who can. With my quirk, I am the most powerful being. I am walking through hell alone and there is no one capable of saving me now.

As I stand and watch those who have fallen before me, I begin to hear voices like thunder calling me back to the light.

Can’t they see we are already gone? What we have done?

What have I done. That is the question.

Kneeling down before Kacchan, I carefully roll him onto his side. Blood stains his face along with the soot and ash from the fires. He is pale, his chest no longer rising and falling. Smiling to myself, I can still remember the shock and fear that marred his face when he first saw me.

Truly, I am a monster.

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Midoriya had learned to be happy in his misery.

After so many years of being tormented, he finally accepted his misery and embraced it for what it was. He may be quirkless, but at least he had acknowledged the fact that it was the way it would forever remain, even if it depressed him more.

Every time he thought he had found a way out of his personal hell, he managed to be dragged right back into it. Bakugou was always there to remind him of his place; he would never go away. Eventually, Midoriya learned just to stay where he was, giving up on trying to get away from his childhood friend.

It was easier that way, to just let him and everyone else do what they wanted to him.

Midoriya thought it was lovely the way his life had turned out so far. Misery had become a close friend.

Walking down the street back to his home all alone, he had something on his mind. It wasn’t unusual for the boy to always be lost in his head space.

Despite being tormented relentlessly by others for not having a quirk, he still dreamed of one day becoming a hero just like All Might. Midoriya still hoped that one day he would make it out of where he was and become something greater than he currently was. He didn’t care if it took a single night or even a hundred years to pass.

One day he would become a hero, no matter what anyone said.

Midoriya was always looking for a better place to go as well. As he walked along the road all alone, he searched around him, trying to find something. What that actually was, even he himself wasn’t sure of, but he knew that when he saw it, then he would know it was what he had been searching for all along.

There was also the fact that he was looking for a place for himself to hide. Not in the sense that he needed to get away from someone, but just a place that he could go where no one could find him and he could enjoy his misery. Sadly, he hadn’t been able to find one anywhere near him that would work. There weren’t many abandoned buildings around that he could escape to.

Suddenly, he stopped in the middle of the street, gazing ahead of him.

Bakugou was by himself, casually leaning against a light post. His eyes were locked onto Midoriya, burning into the quirkless boy.

Swallowing, Midoriya felt his fear rising quickly up his throat. This was his one problem: he wanted to feel alive when he went outside, but he couldn’t fight away the fear. Although he learned to live with this part of him, he still hated it. Hated that he couldn’t fight for himself and instead let people push him around.

Everything was just lovely, wasn’t it?

Accepting his fate, Midoriya continued down the street, his head facing towards the ground. As he reached Bakugou, he tensed up. Once he started passing by, he heard the tell-tale shuffling of the other’s clothes, indicating that he had moved off of the post and begun to trail behind him.

After a minute of following Midoriya, Bakugou finally grabbed onto the other’s yellow bookbag, yanking him hard backwards. As expected, the quirkless boy lost his balance and landed on the ground, his hands barely catching him.

Looking down at the other, sitting hunched over on the ground, Bakugou snorted.

“Useless, shitty Deku.”

Bakugou turned away, leaving Midoriya in the middle of the street.

For a good ten minutes after Bakugou had left, the quirkless boy remained sitting in the road, not moving an inch. Eventually, he sighed and heaved himself up from the ground, dusting off his school uniform.

All alone once more, Midoriya continued on his way back home, his mind criticizing himself.

Every time he comes, my fragile, glass heart cracks a bit more. Why can’t I just fight him off? One of these days he’s going to tear me to pieces, leaving nothing but skin and bone. Why am I so weak? Why can’t I have a quirk like everyone else? Why am I even still ali-

Midoriya stopped his thoughts, not wanting to go down that dark road.

He had learned to be happy in his misery. He accepted the place he was stuck in. He acknowledged that everyone was probably right in their assumptions of him.

That’s all it was.

Just, lovely.

Reaching his apartment complex, he made his way up the stairs until he was faced with his front door. Entering, he found his mother in the kitchen, almost done with making dinner.

When she had realized her son was home, she quickly put down what she was working on and turned around so she could greet him.

“Hello, mom.”

Smiling, all his mother said in return was “Welcome home.”

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Walking into the crowded party, the quartet could only smile.

Almost a decade ago they had graduated from U.A., becoming what they had always aimed to become: heros.

Or at least, that's what everyone was made to believe.

Over the years they had slowly faded away from the fame of being in Class 1-A, being able to go about their daily lives easily, only coming in to play hero when it was required. Otherwise, the quartet had been busy planning for their next move, working underground so no one would expect anything from them, so they would be overlooked.

Ten years after graduating from U.A. they were now ready to enact the first stage of their plan. They didn't care if they were going to be discovered at this point- that's what they were hoping for. And of course they made sure to wear their best so they would make the covers. All four were dressed in black tuxes, each freshly pressed.

They were nothing more than beautiful thieves that no one suspected at all.




Midoriya led the quartet straight into the room, down into the heart of the party. Scanning the room over, he chuckled quietly so only his partners would hear.

"There is no danger here," he softly spoke, barely moving his lips. "Can't you see how they turn blind eyes to us swift and spotlight strangers? They are nothing more than pitiful victims." The others didn't respond, but silently agreed.

As Midoriya reached the table where the punch bowl lay almost full, the other three split off, all going in different directions

But not before grabbing a drink that was already poured.

Stopping behind the bowl, Midoriya eased a small silver flask out from one of the pockets inside his coat. Carefully, he undid the cap, subtly checking the room to make sure no one was watching. With the coast being clear, he drained the contents of the flask into the bowl.

After putting the flask back into his coat, he pretended to pour himself a glass of the punch to make it seem as though nothing was wrong. Taking his glass away, he headed over to a small chaise in the back of the room. As he walked, he noticed a brown-haired woman watching him from the staircase.

Smirking, Midoriya gracefully sat down on the chaise, taking a sip from his glass. His eyes locked on to the woman as she made her way down the stairs, her white gown billowing out from her waist. She stopped by the punch bowl, pouring herself a glass, the red liquid sloshing against the sides.

When the woman reached his side, she perched herself lightly on the arm of the chair, glancing down at the green-haired man. Raising the glass to her lips, she took a sip before addressing Midoriya.

"It's been a while," she started, "Hasn't it old friend?"

Midoriya smiled. "That it has been, Uraraka."

The gravity girl beamed, placing her hand delicately on his shoulder. "You haven't changed much, Midoriya, have you? Still the same smiling boy I knew back then." Uraraka paused, a light pink dusting her cheeks. "The only difference is now you've turned into a man."

Reaching to his shoulder, Midoriya gently took Uraraka's hand in his own, running his thumb up and down her knuckles. "You haven't changed either. You're still the beautiful girl who always tried to do what was right." The woman laughed in response.

"I know." She said, pulling her hand from Midoriya's grasp. Reaching behind her, she pulled out a velvet black hood from under the folds of her gown. "And that's why I have to do this, my old friend."

Placing her glass onto the chaise, she opened the hood and placed it over the other's head, the bright green eyes disappearing from her sight. A smirk on Midoriya's face was the last thing she saw of him before the hood covered his face.

Pulling him to his feet, she started to lead him away from the crowded party.




When the quartet split off, the other three had their own matters to handle.

Bakugou walked off to the side of the main room, finding a spot to sit along a peninsula. After sitting on a stool, he ran his finger along the rim of his glass, waiting to be joined.

He had felt a particular person's gaze on him as he had made his way across the room, and he knew it would only be a matter of seconds until he was joined by the one he used to reluctantly call a friend.

"Bakubro!" Turning around, Bakugou saw the same spiky, red hair that always used to follow him around back in their U.A. days. "I didn't know you were going to come!"

The only response Kirishima received was a grunt as the blonde-haired man turned back around, facing his glass once more. Plopping himself down next to his old friend, he took a large swig of his refilled punch glass.

"You know," he started, his voice slightly slurring after the amount of punch he had been consuming. "There's so much that's happened since we graduated. Hell," he paused to drain the rest of the glass, "I thought you had given up on being a hero with your lack of work these days. Crazy, right?"

Bakugou looked at the other man, watching as he hiccupped, inspecting his empty glass. Instead of responding, he downed his own glass, facing away from Kirishima once more.

"Man, those were the days. Remember how we teamed up?" The spiky-haired man laughed. "You always got annoyed by me sticking to your side, but who else was going to watch your back? Wasn't Todoroki, that's for certain!"

Kirishima laughed harder, tears escaping his eyes. He wasn't sure what was so funny exactly about the words he had said, but after having a few too many drinks everything had become comedic.

As he leaned over the peninsula, banging his hand on it in his laughing fit, Bakugou could only look down on the man he used to call a friend. It was funny, what he had said about Todoroki.

If only you knew, Shitty Hair, how well we work together these days... Guess you'll find out soon enough.

Without saying a word, Bakugou stood up, leaving his glass behind. He walked off, never looking back at his old friend.




Todoroki had been pulled aside the second he had wandered off on his own. Before he knew it he was in a room where an indoor pool lay, the water crystal blue. In front of him stood Yaoyorozu, her tiny black and white dress slipping off her shoulders.

"It's been awhile, Todoroki." She giggled, the punch making her more tipsy than normal. "Where have you been these past few years?" Her head cocked to the side, brows furrowed as she scanned the other's body. "Well, wherever that's been, it's changed you for the better I'd say."

Giggling some more, she pulled Todoroki towards her. Giving him a sly look, she raised one of her hands to start slowly pulling down her dress strap.

"Want to go for a swim?"

"Not particularly." Todoroki smoothly replied, pushing Yaoyorozu off of him. She huffed, her black bangs moving slightly.

"You're still no fun."

"I'm just practical. Like you normally are."

Yaoyorozu rolled her eyes. "Well, sometimes we have to loosen up a bit. I can't always have my nose stuck in a book, can I?"

"You used to when we were younger."

Ignoring him, Yaoyorozu slowly peeled off her dress, stepping down onto the first step in the pool. Tossing it to the side, she turned around only to find an empty spot where Todoroki had just been standing.




Iida, after taking his glass, had gone to a lone chair in the back of the room where he could watch over everyone present. The ten year reunion party for his U.A. class had brought about many faces he wasn't sure he would ever see again.

On the opposite side of the room, Kaminari sat on a couch, two women all over him. He was surprised- he never thought Jirou and Ashido would throw themselves all over the electric man like that.

Must be the punch...

Looking away from the make-out session that was starting to ensue, Iida noticed two others standing by the pillars, each holding a fresh glass in their hands. Chuckling a little to himself, he watched as Monoma tried to bait Shinsou into doing whatever his mind could conjure up, only to be studiously ignored by the other. Shinsou took a long drink of his punch, glaring at the psychotic blond-haired man next to him.

As he finished sweeping his gaze across the room, his eyes landed on Kendo and Shiozaki, rolling up bills to snort whatever they had brought with them. After doing exactly that, Kendo wiped her nose off, checking around the room to see if anyone saw. Not realizing that Iida was watching, she and Shiozaki began to drink heavily and fall over one another in their current state.

The difference between how far some of his old friends had made it was astounding, he noted as he continued to watch everyone in the room. There were those who had made it big as heros and lived a lavish life while others remained small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Those ones were easy to pick out because they were the most insecure in what they did and were more awkward in the party. The ones who did well didn't give two shits and flaunted it.

Being a hero wasn't easy.

Which is why the quartet had gone down the path they did.

Sitting there, sipping slowly on his punch, Iida couldn't help but take pity on the heros in the party around him. None of them were assuming of what their motives could be, especially considering the quartet had randomly showed up after being on the down-low for years.

It was sad, in a way to Iida, but it made their job all the easier.

Standing up, he placed his glass down on a side table and began to make his way out of the main room.

Who would run for cover? Who would run from us? If only they knew...




Bakugou, Todoroki, and Iida met at the top of the staircase, their plan having gone exactly according to plan. Uraraka was once again back in the party, standing off to the side, a glass clutched in both of her hands.

With her out of the way and playing straight into their hands, the three made their way down the hallway until they reached a closed door on the left. Opening it, Midoriya sat inside, the black velvet hood still over his head. Casually, Iida walked in, lifting the hood off of the green-haired man's head. Bakugou leaned against the doorway while Todoroki undid Midoriya's hands.

After he had been released, Midoriya led the quartet out of the room, making their way to the top of the staircase. They paused here, looking out over the crowded party down below.

Grins broke out across all their faces.

Everyone who had been previously enjoying the party was now collapsed to the ground or in their seats. Shattered glasses with punch spilling out of them were littered across the floor, staining the beautiful white marble. They all appeared to be broken puppets, their strings having been cut with the way they had clearly crumpled over.

It was mesmerizing.

Standing there, looking over the mess they had made, the quartet were proud of the work they had done.

"We will be revered again when the victims are recovering." Midoriya said, his voice powerful though it was quiet. "We are the beautiful thieves that no one suspected at all. No one would suspect."

And how right he was, for the quartet could burn it and leave and no one would care at all. No one would believe it.


Because heros would never do such a thing as this.

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya.

Katsuki Bakugou.

Two childhood friends who have been through so much together.

Pain. Anger. Fear. Hope.

There is so much more than just this, but these are the main four things these two young men have felt together.

Now that they are enrolled in U.A. their friendship's dynamic has slowly improved, both coming to the realization that they are equally skilled and their rivalry is burning brighter with a renewed passion to reach the top.

But Bakugou had noticed something about Midoriya.

Something concerning.

Whenever Bakugou yells at the other for being a "shitty idiot" or for "getting in his fucking way," Midoriya doesn't have a response anymore. He doesn't freeze up or stutter out something like he normally would. Instead, Midoriya looks him in the eyes and then turns away, his shoulders slumped and a sense of misery surrounding him. And the worst part is what Bakugou sees in his eyes.

Unending sadness and despair.

There is no hope that shines in those eyes anymore.


Normally Bakugou wouldn't care about how Midoriya felt. Hell, when has he ever really cared? But something about the way Midoriya moves around these days is making him wary, wary of him doing something stupid.

And Bakugou isn't sure how to tell him he does care, beneath all his anger there is a part of him that cares about his childhood friend. Without Midoriya, who would challenge him and push him to do his very best?

That's why he decided to try and figure out how to save his childhood friend from himself.


It was like a game of tag between them, except neither was paying close attention when the other made their move.

Bakugou had noticed that Midoriya had begun to feel more weighed down recently, especially with some of the other students from other classes and the teachers criticizing how he was performing. The poor green-haired teen was trying his best, but with his quirk it was hard sometimes to harness the power and use it properly.

And the blond knew he was suffering mentally because of it.

He was never one to respond to any messages Midoriya sent him (they did have each other's numbers because their mothers forced them to trade them years ago), but that didn't mean he had never read carefully every message the other had sent him. Bakugou didn't turn a blind eye like some of their classmates did. He noticed everything about Midoriya, every little thing about him that made him Midoriya.

It was breaking Bakugou's heart, he could reluctantly admit, to see what stories were going around about the green-haired teen.

Standing in the boy's locker room in their school, Bakugou's red eyes watched as Midoriya slowly walked out the door, following the rest of the guys to practice. Flaring with anger, he yelled out, mini explosions going off in his hands.



On the opposite side of things, Midoriya was completely ignorant of the way Bakugou had been watching him. He hadn't noticed the way that Bakugou was silently observing his every move, making sure he didn't do anything stupid.

The only thing he had been paying attention to was the way that people had begun to criticize the way he had been performing lately, listening to the hushed conversations held behind his back. Being originally quirkless, Midoriya was used to this kind of treatment from others.

But that didn't mean he didn't suffer from his own personal demons because of it.

For years now Midoriya had been dealing with depression, being officially diagnosed when he was eleven. After managing to get it under control for so long, he was now losing that precious control he had over it.

And he was losing the battle in his head.

Standing on the field for practice, Midoriya watched as Uraraka and Iida came over, wanting to team up with him for today's lesson. He agreed, of course, but he knew how both of them really felt.

In his mind, he was aware that they sometimes relied on him to help them move along in the ranks and perform better. Although they both wanted to make it on their own, working as a group worked as the best option at points, like today.

How badly Midoriya wanted to tell them that they shouldn't be leaning on him because he was falling, falling too far and he didn't want them to fall alongside him. But then there was that small, selfish part of him that wanted them to stay nearby because he really needed them here and not to leave.

Hell, he'd even take Bakugou.

Because he was afraid of how far he had fallen and didn't know if he would be able to recover.


Later that day, Bakugou trailed Midoriya as he walked home from U.A.. However, the green-haired teen didn't go home like he expected him to.

Instead, Midoriya led him to the beach that he cleaned up so long ago, not knowing where else to go. Silently, Bakugou watched as he made his way through the sand, kicking up little dust piles as he went. The other stopped when he reached the ocean, standing so that his ankles were splashed by the waves.

Not knowing what to do, Bakugou grunted and stomped through the sand. With no real plan in mind, the blond wasn't exactly sure what he would do when he faced his childhood friend, but he knew that something had to be done before it was too late.

Bakugou stopped directly behind Midoriya. He knew the other was aware of his presence by the tensing of his shoulders.

"What do you want, Kacchan?" The other quietly asked, still facing off towards the ocean.

"Look, Deku," Bakugou began, his voice rough. "I don't know what the fuck is going on in your head, but you've got to figure it out. I can't reach the top if you're not going to put up a fucking fight." In his concern, his words came out harsher than he would have liked. Before he could try and rectify what he said, Midoriya spoke.

"Please don't count on me anymore, Kacchan. I'm drowning and I'd rather that you didn't drown with me. You'll have to find someone else from now on to challenge because I can't let you drown with me. I just can't."

Turning to face the blond, Midoriya's eyes were wet with unshed tears.

"Let the ocean take me, please."

Startled by this, Bakugou stepped back before realizing what was happening. Quickly, his arm shot out to grab Midoriya's wrist tightly. The green-haired teen looked into the other's eyes with shock as the tears finally spilled.

"Shit, Deku. I can't believe you're going to make me say this, but fuck it." Bakugou didn't care anymore. "There are far too many fucking reasons for you to stay here on this earth. You can't go and drown and leave me all alone."

As the words sank in, the two young men stood there together on the beach. One battling within his mind and the other at a loss of what to do. They remained there for the rest of the evening, eventually sitting down together in the silence, watching the waves come in.

They didn't know what the next day would bring, but in that moment, everything would be okay.

Chapter Text

Something was off with Midoriya and the others couldn’t figure out what it was. And since Bakugou lived in the same area as he did, they made him investigate for them.

He did, however, throw a fit and to make sure he actually did what they wanted him to do, they asked Kirishima to accompany him. Mainly it was for precautionary measures because they weren’t sure what they would uncover about Midoriya.

That’s what really worried them.

For the past week now, Midoriya had been showing up late to class instead of early like he always did, and when he did arrive he was disheveled and unkempt. Taking a closer look at the boy, he had dark bags under his eyes that no longer held the bright green shine they normally did. Instead, they were dulled and overall he was paler than he should have otherwise looked.

Yaoyorozu had held an impromptu meeting at lunch one day, having everyone in Class 1-A meet outside on the empty practice fields. Here, they discussed everything they had noticed about the green-haired boy, coming to the conclusion that they had to discover what was wrong with the normally cheerful boy.

They wanted their Midoriya back.

Tokoyami and Asui had talked to Aizawa and All Might, along with Principal Nezu, but none of them knew anything that could possibly be the reason for his strange behavior and appearance. Afterwards, Jirou had even listened through the walls to make sure nothing was said without them being present, but there was nothing they were hiding.

No one knew what was wrong with Midoriya.

That’s why Bakugou and Kirishima were currently walking up the stairs in Midoriya’s building. He had visited, once or twice because their mothers were friends, so he knew which floor and door led to the green-haired boy’s home. When they reached his door, the two heroes-in-training were shocked by what they saw.

A bright orange eviction notice was stuck on the door. Moving closer to read it, the Midoriya’s had to have already moved out by the previous week. With this knowledge in mind, Bakugou immediately started moving down the hallway, Kirishima hurrying to catch up.

“Where are we going now, Bakugou?” The spiky-haired boy asked, walking alongside the other.

“My house, Shitty Hair.” And that was all the response Bakugou gave in return.

When they did reach the Bakugou household, Kirishima wasn’t particularly surprised by the way the family talked to one another after knowing the explosive boy for so long.


“IN THE KITCHEN. WHAT DO YOU WANT, YA BRAT?” Bakugou’s mother appeared from inside the kitchen as she said. Seeing Kirishima, she quickly smiled and waved the boy closer. “I didn’t know my son was bringing over a friend. It’s nice to meet you. Just call me Mitsuki.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Bakugou brushed past Kirishima, heading over to his mother.

“Where did the Midoriya’s go?”

“Don’t be rude to our guest, you brat! And what do you mean? Inko and her son haven’t gone anywhere.”

“There was an eviction notice posted to their doo-”



“WATCH YOUR FUCKING LANGUAGE!” Mitsuki took a deep breath, looking seriously at the two boys. “Inko never said anything about an eviction notice. She would have. She keeps me up to date about everything. Did something happen?”

“We don’t know. That’s why we’ve started to investigate.” Kirishima cut in. “Midoriya hasn’t been himself lately and we don’t know why.”

“Hmm…” Mitsuki leaned against the counter. “I can try calling Inko, but it worries me she hasn’t mentioned anything to me. That’s not like her.”

The following day, Kirishima told the others about what had happened. When Midoriya walked in the classroom, they all watched as he took his seat quietly, not saying a word to anyone. At the end of the day, Bakugou trailed Midoriya, making sure he stayed far enough behind as to not alert the other to his presence.

Midoriya held some withered pink flowers in his hands, clutching them as if they would vanish. He was hunched over, not caring about his appearance in the slightest. He didn’t care about anything anymore.

He had no reason to.

The path he walked had been burned into his mind after making the trip for the past week and a half. His feet took him into the graveyard, knowing exactly which gravel paths to tread down. Lost in his thoughts, his body safely brought him to the same spot it always did, the dirt still fresh with only a sprinkling of grass sprouts rising.

Kneeling down before the unmarked grave, he placed the wilting flowers onto the ground, tears trickling down his face as expected.

As he hunched over the grave, Bakugou watched from behind, instantly realizing what had happened. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out. And so he gazed upon the fallen green-haired boy, debating whether or not to approach him.

Bakugou didn’t truly hate Midoriya. He appreciated the fact that he had a rival who actually put up a challenge for him, that pushed him to his limits. Seeing the other boy brokenly crying over his mother’s grave saddened Bakugou, although he didn’t show it on his face.

After some time had passed, he watched as Midoriya rubbed his eyes, pushing himself up off of the grave. With one last glance, the other turned around and started walking out of the cemetery once more, Bakugou following behind.

The explosive boy was now curious as to where Midoriya lived if his mother wasn’t alive anymore. That was probably the reason as to why the eviction notice had been placed on the door; he doubted Midoriya was able to financially support himself considering he and his mother had always been tight on money while she was alive.

It did surprise Bakugou, as he trailed Midoriya, when the other boy led him into an abandoned building on the far side of the part of town where they lived. He stopped at the base of an old staircase, his eyes following Midoriya’s form as he made his way up them. Eventually the green-haired boy vanished, leaving Bakugou alone at the base of the stairs.

Grunting, the blond made his way up the staircase, slowly taking his steps as his eyes scanned building. The walls were slightly cracked, stains scattered over the rough surface. The stairs themselves were worn and splintering, the wood in desperate need of repair. For being abandoned, it really wasn’t in too bad of shape if these few details were looked over. The windows were still intact and it wasn’t terribly cold in the building which made it a bit more habitable.

Not that people should be living in abandoned buildings. Especially not Midoriya.

When he reached the same level that the other boy had walked off on, Bakugou went in the same direction, pausing when he reached a slightly ajar door. Peering around it, he saw Midoriya huddled underneath an old blanket in the corner of the room, gazing out of the floor to ceiling window he was leaning against. To Bakugou, Midoriya could have been a statue, one that was broken and worn out.

Deciding it was time to make himself known, the blond pushed open the door, the hinges creaking in response. Midoriya’s eyes shifted over towards the door.

“Is anyone there?”

“Just me.” Midoriya looked away, watching the outside world once more.


“Doesn’t matter why, Deku.” Bakugou paused, now standing before the other. “What happened?”

“It was a lonely night, and out of nowhere there was a blinding light, coming straight for us.”

“Who survived? Anyone else but you?”

“No. Mom took the hit. I wasn’t able to protect her. I failed at being a hero for her.”

Bakugou wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t think anything he could say would make a difference for the broken boy in front of him. Before he could try and come up with something, Midoriya beat him to it.

“Why did you come here? You’ve never cared about me, at least not enough to pay attention to what goes on in my life.”

“You’re right, I don’t know much about your life.” He could hear how it in his voice how much Midoriya wished it were otherwise. “But you forget that we depend on you being there with us, the others in our class, that is. Hell, even I do though I don’t ever make it clear.”

Midoriya scanned Bakugou’s face, trying to see if the blond was being genuine or not. It was always hard to tell with the way he kept his emotions locked up.

“I’ll go alone. You know, back to my house and then to class. And I’ll never speak of this again, but you owe it to everyone to come up with something as to what has been happening. Somebody needs to know what happened, I’m surprised you’ve kept it a secret or at least on the down low for this long.”

Bakugou turned around, walking towards the door once more to leave the green-haired boy alone. As he pulled open the door, Midoriya’s voice stopped him.

“I’ll depend on you, Kacchan, to help me. You understand more than anyone else ever will.”

“Shut the fuck up, Deku.” A grunt. “And I know.”

Chapter Text

It had been a year since Midoriya had gone missing.

It had been seven months since Class 1-A had become Class 2-A.

And it had been six months since they forgot about the boy with green hair.




When Class 2-A returned back to their homeroom after yet another grueling practice session, that’s when they found the first note.

On an old, yellow piece of paper, a few words were hastily written down. The writer of them had clearly put them down as they came to mind, not wanting to forget as he thought of the next words to come. It read:

“I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you because I’ll forget, but I’ll never forgive you. Not a single one of you.”

The note had been stuck onto the classroom’s large door, high out of reach, but easily noticeable. Tsuyu had used her tongue to get it down before anyone else could volunteer.

None of them were certain who could have written the note. They didn’t recognize the writing. Even Aizawa and the other teachers were unsure of who would have stuck the note there. And when the security cameras were checked, the footage flashed black for a brief moment right before the note appeared.

Wary, the teachers brushed it off and continued school as normal.

Two weeks later, a second note showed up. This time, Kaminari was the one to find it, stabbed through with a pocket knife on the classroom door, directly above the handle. It read:

“Don’t you know? Don’t you know? True friends stab you in the front.”

The handwriting was the same as the previous note’s, this time a bit more hasty with smudges around the edges. The teachers became more concerned, realizing that whoever was sending these notes was clearly out for some kind of revenge.

But once again, no one could place who that person could be.

By the time the third note appeared, the students of Class 2-A and the teachers were on high alert, knowing that something could happen at any moment. When Iida came running into the full classroom with the note in hand, they knew that it was becoming more serious. It read:

“You can run, but you can’t hide. Time won’t help you all because karma has no deadline.”

For the following weeks after the note was received, U.A. was on tight security, the heros and students taking turns on patrol around the grounds. Once again, living in dorms had become mandatory to ensure the safety of everyone, especially those in Class 2-A.

But like before, no one could place who was behind the notes.

And so the months passed by.

One… by one… until eventually the note threat passed into forgotten memories.

Just like the boy with green hair.




It was a joyous time when Class 2-A became Class 3-A, all the pro heros of Japan waiting with baited breath to see who they would be able to get their hands on. After a few years of being one of the most famous group of students to ever be a part of the hero course, people had kept up to date with their progress, not wanting to miss anything that could happen.

So when an old, yellow piece of paper fluttered to the practice field during practice, everyone was instantly paralyzed by fear.

All Might walked forward slowly, bending down to pick up the note. The students of Class 3-A watched him closely, not wanting to move any closer to the dreaded note. When he started to speak, a shiver ran down their spines. It read:

“This ends now.”

After he read the last word, a flash of black shot in front of him, green static trailing behind. Instantly on guard, the heroes and students crowded together in a circle. It was then that the flash of black attacked.

One after another they went down, being incapacitated with only a single, powerful hit. By the time the last hero standing had been taken out, everyone lay on the ground, crumpled in heaps. A lone figure stood before them, the green static fading away. It was with horror, and remorse, that they stared at the figure with eyes large.

Midoriya flicked a piece of debris off of his shoulder, smoothing down his vest. He glanced over the fallen students and heroes. A smirk appeared.

“It’s funny how things work out,” he began, his voice deeper and rougher than the last time they had ever heard it. “Such a bitter irony.” He slowly walked over to All Might, standing above the broken man’s body.

“It’s kind of sad because what we had… well, it could have been something in time. But, I guess it wasn’t meant to be after all.” He chuckled. “I’m afraid you all have asked for this.” With a sudden movement he landed on top of All Might, breaking his neck in a single snap.

Class 3-A watched in horror as he moved on to his next victim. With wide eyes they watched as he knelt next to Todoroki, flicking some of the other’s red and white hair out of his face.

“You all broke my heart, and now there’s nothing any of you can do.” Another quick movement and snap. Another lifeless body on the ground.

Standing up straight once more, Midoriya scanned every single student and hero that remained alive, picking out his next victim.

“And now you know, now you will forever know. True friends stab you in the front.”

Chapter Text

There was only static in the beginning. Then a cough was heard faintly before the sound filtering out of the radio began to crackle.

“From an outside point of view, Class 1-A seemed like the most normal group of kids. Well, as normal as a group of teenagers with quirks can look in their society.

“They fought off the attack at the USJ with ease, they dominated the U.A. Sports Festival, they passed their exams with flying colors (for the most part). There wasn’t much that the group of twenty students hadn’t managed to not excel at. Overall, Class 1-A was an amazing group of kids with tons of potential.

“But that was what they wanted everyone to believe.

“Hello, Izuku Midoriya here. I’m going to tell you the truth behind Class 1-A and everything they don’t want you to know about themselves. Including me. Hang on tight, it’s not going to be pretty.”

He cleared his throat which was accompanied by the sound of papers being shuffled in the background.

“Welcome to the room of people that is known to Japan as Class 1-A. I’m going to ask that when you see the students, including myself, to not make any sudden moves around us. You don’t know the half of the abuse that we have all suffered. After all:

“The brightest smiles hide the deepest pain.”

A pause where static can be heard again.

“Let’s begin with Shoto Todoroki, poor, broken Todoroki.

“As many of you may know, the half-hot half-cold teen has a loved one who was docked away one day when he was only a child. That person is his mother. Reason for being locked in a ward in the hospital? She burned the left-side of his face with boiling water because that side of him looked too much like his father. In retaliation, his father, number two hero Endeavor, sent her away where she couldn’t hurt his favorite son.

“It also doesn’t help matters much that one of his brothers is currently missing while his other sister and brother avoid him whenever he is home. He hasn’t received much love in many, many years for those he would call family.

“Instead, Todoroki suffers the looks his siblings give him and the torment and abuse he receives from his father. He still hasn’t accepted his left side completely. It’s a work in progress.”

Papers were shuffled once more.

“Next up, Mezo Shoji.

“Many people haven’t seen what lies beneath Shoji’s mask he always wears on his face. Hell, it took awhile for him to trust us enough to show us what he was hiding. But when he showed us...”

He took a shuddery breath.

“I-I can’t even describe to you what I saw, but know that you must never, and I mean never, hound that poor boy. You didn’t see the pain in his eyes when he explained to us what happened to his lower face or watch the tears slowly trickle down his cheeks.

“Hmm… who should I talk about next? Well, while I look through my papers here, let me tell you that we don’t deal with outsiders very well. I don’t know if that’s very clear or not, but we don’t.

“Oh! Kyouka Jirou. She’s a good person to talk about next.

“Earphone Jack. The hearing hero. Really, her quirk is extremely useful in certain situations. Jirou is great at what she does. And man, when she amplifies her heartbeat… well, make sure you aren’t in range of being hit.

“You may be wondering what she could have hidden about her that could possibly be named as abuse.

“She’s one of the ones who has the most reason to have trust issues out of the group. Why do you think she’s always listening through the walls with her quirk? Have you ever thought about that?

“Jirou has learned the hard way that trust is something that cannot be given lightly. It’s the reason she is always spying on people. If you ever question her on what she does, prepare to be hurt.


He paused, slight anger heard in his voice.

“Just don’t mess with Jirou. She doesn’t give her trust lightly anymore because she was abused long ago and taken advantage of. When she is listening through a wall, leave her be. She has her reasons.

“Now onto Fumikage Tokoyami. The best bird I know.

“Well, bird-human I know. You get the point.”

Coughing can be heard.

“I think I may add Tsuyu Asui in with this one. The best frog I know. Both of these people have similar stories. And it’ll save time.

“They say newcomers have a certain smell when they come in. One that can set the tone for how they are going to be and dictate whether or not they will be able to remain with the rest of the group.

“Tokoyami and Asui have learned to discern the smell and know immediately someone’s intentions when they walk in. They had to in order to survive.

“The boy with the dark shadow has been on his own for some time now. He doesn’t really have any kind of family who is there to support him. For a long time he was depending on others to help him get by, but he eventually realized that not everyone has the greatest of intentions.

“Asui has her parents and siblings, but they don’t ever have much to do with her. Due to this, she goes off on her own here and there when her parents don’t want her around and her siblings are ignoring her. Sad living situation, but there isn’t much she can do as of right now. After all, we all are only fifteen.

“In any case, like Tokoyami she came to know that not all people are made the same. Some have ill-will in their hearts and will use you for their own gain. For this reason these two make a great pair.

“Kind of random, but if you want to know why we check the guns at the main door, it’s because of those whose brains won’t change from hand grenades. Part of the reason why some of us have such short tempers. You know who I mean by that.”

Shuffling is once again present. The sound of papers being dropped to the ground can be heard as well.

“This next one is going to be a bunch grouped together. Why? Heh. Their brains all work the same.

“Katsuki Bakugou. Tenya Iida. Ochaco Uraraka. Mina Ashido. Mashirao Ojiro. Hanta Sero. Minoru Mineta. Toru Hagakure.

“What a bunch.”

A longer pause than normal.

“Alright. As many of you know, Bakugou is my childhood friend. Explosive one, he is.

“His life at home isn’t terrible, although his mother leaves some things to be desired. But it’s his father you have to watch out for.

“Unlike Bakugou’s mother, his father is quiet and keeps to himself. That’s the danger.

“Any emotional abuse that Bakugou has ever suffered from comes straight from his father. That man is cruel, but no one is aware of what he says to his son and how he’s tearing the boy’s brain apart. Hence why he’s such a loose cannon.

“Uraraka is in the same situation as he is, except the culprit here is her mother. What a horrid woman.

“Iida, Ashido, Ojiro, Sero, Mineta, and Hagakure have similar instances with their own parents, but in this case it’s not caring for them at all.

“You thought Iida was living a great life under his family’s organization. HA! Joke’s on you. His mother blames him for his older brother’s suffering and wishes he didn’t exist.

“In the case of Ashido, Ojiro, Sero, Mineta, and Hagakure, their parents despise them because they don’t resemble them in any shape or form. The quirk of tails, pink skin, horns, tape dispensing elbows, sticky balls, and transparency must have come from past relatives in their family trees that weren’t dominant until they were all born.


More papers can be heard dropping to the ground.

“Look, I’m almost done with telling you about Class 1-A. Only a few more left.

“Koji Koda. The animal whisperer. Isn’t hard to guess what this one’s about.

“Basically, Koda has suffered physical abuse from numerous bullies ever since he entered grade school. He was tormented for his quirk and because he looked funny. Since the boy doesn’t talk much to begin with, he would silently take any and all beatings that came his way. He would rather stay quiet than try and put up a fight.

“Makes sense why he always goes by unnoticed or ends up being forgotten, right?

“Similarly, Yuga Aoyama has suffered at the hands of bullies as well. It’s why he tries so hard to be popular and flaunts what he’s got when he can. That comes from the insecurities he desperately tries to hide.

“This is also the case with Rikido Sato. Poor, poor sugarman.

“If you have to rely on sugar to use your quirk, don’t let others know. I’ll leave you with that.

“For Momo Yaoyorozu, she’s been taken advantage of because of the power of her quirk. Being able to create things after learning their molecular structure is both a blessing and a curse.

“Throughout her life she has had to deal with people using her and then dumping her once they’ve gotten what they came for. She tries to stay brave and to follow her mind, but she’s terrified of everything.

“Lastly, Eijiro Kirishima.

“This boy has a lot of self-esteem issues. A lot of his emotional abuse is self-inflicted, but others have added on to it as well. It’s why he is always trying to be ‘manly’ and looks up to those who appear to fit that image in his mind.

“I think you all are aware of my story so I don’t think I’m going to bother getting into it. You know what I’ve been through. I know you guys have read about our lives or watched it on a screen. You can’t fool me.”

A scraping sound can be heard, the static filling the silence that follows.

“All my friends are heathens, so please take it slowly with them. Wait for them to ask you questions first, like who you know. After all I’ve said, please don’t forget.”

More scraping followed by a thud before the speaking continues. This time, however, Midoriya’s voice doesn’t sound like him at all.

Is it even Midoriya?

“Why’d you come? You knew you should have stayed away, I tried to warn you to stay away. But you never listen. Now they may be outside ready to bust. Who knows? You don’t.

“Look at you… Psychopath, murderer, freakshow, weirdo… Looks like you too may be like one of us in Class 1-A after all…”

Chapter Text

All Might.

The number one hero.

The world’s Symbol of Peace.

The eighth holder of the quirk One For All.

And the reason for Izuku Midoriya’s suffering.

To be fair, Midoriya was more than willing to accept One For All from All Might. Hell, he would have done anything in that moment if it meant that he could finally have a quirk and be “normal” like everyone else around him. He had been desperate, and All Might had been his lifelong idol.

But now… now things were changing.

For over a year Midoriya had been training with All Might, learning the ins and outs of how One For All really worked. He had interned with Gran Torino and learned how to harness even more of the quirk’s power. There was so much he had been through in order to understand and become one with his quirk.

Pain. Anger. Despair.

Many more emotions along with those had been experienced along with having to deal with the constant criticism he received from others about his performance.

Things had become especially bad. There had been a real turning point for the green-haired boy after one particularly grueling session he had had earlier in the week.

Midoriya had collapsed to the floor in utter agony, his body screaming in protest to what he was going through. When All Might had yelled at him to get up and continue practicing, he had simply laid there, trying to catch his breath. Seeing his protegee not doing as he was telling him, All Might had entered into a fit of rage, screaming at the boy:

“You can’t reach the top without feeling the floor once in a while! Get your ass up!”

It was at this moment that Midoriya realized that this was the difference between All Might and himself.

All Might pushed Midoriya harder than was necessary, always yelling at the boy for not being good enough. He didn’t understand that the boy wasn’t able to wield One For All as easily as he himself had. His mind wouldn’t accept that he needed different methods to use his newfound power.

Midoriya on the other hand had blown way past his limit, and he was aware that repercussions were a literal thing, whether one acknowledged them or not. When Recovery Girl told him that she wouldn’t fix his serious injuries anymore, he knew that he was being pushed too far. The boy had realized months earlier that breaks were necessary and moderation had to be worked in.

But All Might wouldn’t listen.

Instead, Midoriya was pushed too far and not given any time to recover, being forced to do things when he physically and mentally couldn’t. And it had begun to show.

Some of his classmates had noticed that the boy wasn’t performing like he normally did, expressing concern over his well-being. Midoriya brushed them off and insisted he was fine, knowing that there would be consequences down the road for doing so.

There was a part of him that was wondering why All Might was letting him fall so far, especially from what he had been chasing his entire life. This quirk he was given was not being nurtured correctly, and his path to becoming the world’s greatest hero was becoming harder and harder to see.

Midoriya had been there so many times, always having All Might’s back no matter the situation. Even in the darkest of nights when there was no hope for a light anywhere to be found, the green-haired boy had bled for him. When the number one hero had been broken and alone, in need of someone to help him because his form was failing, he had bled for him.

He was trying his hardest to stand tall and take it on, but it was so hard to live when everything he did meant nothing at all.

Later that week, after the incident with All Might happened, Midoriya confronted the number one hero. But what the hero didn’t realize that this was the green-haired boy’s final breaking point. He had finally reached the edge.

Like the last time, All Might had just scolded Midoriya on the way he was moving around, critiquing him for not landing properly after vaulting over a nearby wall. When the boy was too slow on getting back up again, he said the same thing as last time:

“You can’t reach the top without feeling the floor once in a while! Get your ass up! Prove to me that I made the right decision when I chose you to inherit One For All.”

Hearing this, Midoriya stopped where he was, kneeling on the ground before the other. He didn’t continue getting up, instead staying where he was with his head bowed low. Quietly, he responded to All Might.

“Please give me one good reason why I should keep believing in any goddamn thing when, when…” he broke off, grasping for the words to say. “When this thing inside of me is telling me to give up. It’s telling me to move on and forget my life.”

Midoriya looked up at All Might, tears pooling in his eyes. Looking down on his protegee, the hero was blind to the agony that the other was feeling, only seeing a weak and useless boy before him. Rage rose in him, angry that Midoriya was even considering giving up.

“How dare you!” His voice boomed, shifting slowly into his full form, being only a skeleton moments before. “I gave you the most powerful quirk that there is and you want to give up? Maybe you don’t deserve to be a hero after all!”

The words cut into Midoriya like knives, killing him a bit more. But he wasn’t about to let All Might get away with this, this horrid treatment he was receiving. It wasn’t fair. And the green-haired boy wasn’t about to go down without a fight if he had to.

He staggered to his feet, green static shooting across his body. His voice was hoarse as he began to scream at his previous idol.

“I’ve broken my bones, suffered endlessly for you! And I’m falling, falling all the way down, and there was a part of me that had hoped you were going to catch me soon. But you’re not coming!”

Tears had begun to stream down his face at this point, the rage burning bright in his emerald eyes. Stepping towards All Might, the hero backed up, shocked at the anger pouring out of the normally passive boy.

But Midoriya wasn’t done quite yet.

“It’s never enough for you! Should I give up now? Would that be easier? I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t give up, but you make it so hard to not crave the sweet release I would feel if I abandoned my dreams.”

All Might had been backed up against a wall at this point, unable to escape. Midoriya had stopped inches before the hero, gazing into the other’s soulless eyes. When he next spoke, it was softer than before, the tears having stopped. Defeat was written clearly on his face as he said:
“Should I suffer now? Will that make things easier for you?”

And it was in this moment All Might realized that he had broken the boy in front of him, pushed him to the point of no turning back. He was at a loss for what to say, what to do to right the things he had done wrong.

But it was too late after all.

Midoriya backed away from the hero, sorrow swimming in his eyes. He knew this would happen, deep down he always knew. Without another thought, the green-haired boy turned around and walked away from the man he once praised and called his idol.

“I’ll carry on… carry on on my own this time… without you by my side from now on.”

Chapter Text

Do you realize… that you have the most beautiful face...

This was completely different from the fight with the Hero Killer: Stain.

As he lay there on the ground, watching Midoriya struggle to stay on his feet, he knew that they wouldn’t be getting out of this fight alive.

Iida had been taken out moments before he himself had collapsed to the ground. It hadn’t taken much, really, to bring down the three of them. Todoroki hated to admit it, but he knew it was a matter of seconds until Midoriya joined them on the ground. Soon enough he would be knocking on death’s door like he and Iida were.

It was fitting that the three who faced horrid villains together would meet the same fate together, only years later.

Do you realize… we’re floating in space...

Todoroki still wasn’t sure how they ended up in this situation. It was just supposed to be a routine patrol. Nothing was supposed to be out of the ordinary. It should have gone smoothly like it normally did.

But that was probably why they were now about to die. Even he knew that they had been overconfident and more relaxed than they normally were.

This didn’t change the fact that he felt guilt as he lay there in a pool of his own blood, watching as Midoriya was finally cut down. As the other’s body joined his and Iida’s on the ground, Todoroki felt an eerie sense of calm wash over him.

Not wanting to watch the villain end the lives of his friends, he shifted his head to the side so he could look at the night sky.

Do you realize… that happiness makes you cry...

Feeling tears trickle down his face, Todoroki became angry at himself for showing weakness in his last moments. He turned to face Midoriya once more, not wanting his friend to feel alone at the end of everything.

He had heard the villain finish off Iida just seconds ago, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at the dead man. It was too reminiscent of the fight with Stain when he had yelled at Iida for not acting like a hero should.

Todoroki didn’t have it in him to see his friend broken once more.

Instead his eyes locked onto those of Midoriya’s, seeing the same sense of calm lingering in his emerald eyes, making them bright. In an instant, that light was shattered, the other’s head lolling to the side as the villain ended his life.

Do you realize… that everyone you know someday will die...

His heart hurt, knowing that Midoriya would never know the secrets he kept inside, knowing that Iida would never know the respect he held for him. There was so much he wished he could have told the two of them, but it was too late.

And yet, Todoroki wasn’t afraid.

The shadow of the villain fell over his limp body, and he knew that this was to be his end. Closing his eyes, he took one last deep breath. When he felt his life begin to rush out of him, Todoroki could only hope that he would be reunited with his friends once more, this time in a place where they would be safe and not have to worry.

Then maybe he could truly reach peace with himself.

Do you realize… that everyone you know someday will die...

Chapter Text

They never saw it coming.

Bakugou thought Kirishima would honor the terms of their duel. He won fair and square against the half-human half-dragon. Kirishima agreed to be his servant.

What drove him to turn against his friends? How could he do such a thing?

And why would he break Bakugou’s trust with him?

Midoriya pondered this as he stood on the roof of a building, watching the brilliantly red dragon burning everything surrounding him. Beside him stood Prince Todoroki and his faithful Knight Iida. Bakugou had collapsed to his knees, not wanting to believe what he was seeing before him.

The villager was unsure of where the rest of their friends were, having been scattered when the screams of “DRAGON” had rang out and the rumble of wings passed by over head. There was a part of Midoriya that highly doubted that Uraraka, Asui, and the others were still alive. If they were, well…

...they wouldn’t be for much longer.

Todoroki’s kingdom was ablaze in the night sky. The castle and its surrounding city that was nestled in the mountain’s hold was collapsing right before their eyes. The nearby forest had quickly caught on fire, flames ravaging through the once emerald green trees. Even the mountain itself had fire seeping inside of it.

It was heartbreaking for Midoriya to hear the people’s screams rising above the smoke. He couldn’t imagine how Todoroki or Iida felt, considering it was their job to protect the people from catastrophes such as this. And knowing that they had failed in this duty hurt the villager to his core.

They had all trusted Kirishima- Bakugou had promised them that the man wouldn’t betray them. He was too loyal to go back on the terms of their duel, he said. He wasn’t a bad dragon, but a good one, he said. Trust him, everything would be okay, he said. So many promises and reassurances had been made.

Look where that had gotten them.

The old tales were all true, Midoriya mused. Never trust a dragon, even if he is human as well.

As much as he wanted to turn back time, that wasn’t possible. They had to deal with the consequences of their actions and of their hearts.

Shuffling sounded to his left and Midoriya turned, watching as Todoroki moved forward almost mechanically to lean on the ledge of the building. Eyes open wide, he stared at the sight before him. Iida moved forward as well, resting a hand on the Prince’s shoulder.

“I see fire…” Todoroki said softly, his voice hoarse and pained. “Inside the mountain… burning the trees…” He trailed off, the wind whipping his red and white hair into his face. “There’s blood in the breeze as well…”

Midoriya could only watch as the Prince slowly crumbled before them, at a loss of what to do against a creature of such strength. Iida patted Todoroki’s shoulder comfortingly, wanting to do something, but unsure as to what.

Bakugou stood up, his hands balled into fists.

“I can’t sit here and do fucking nothing!” He yelled out, his eyes burning as bright as the flames. Iida turned around to face the blond-haired man along with Midoriya. The other looked at them, watching as they made no move or sound. Todoroki continued to watch over his city.

“We have to do something!” Bakugou’s voice was thick with emotion. “This is my fault. I’m the one who wanted us to trust Kirishima. I brought us into this fucking mess.”

“It’s not your fault…” Midoriya tried to reason, but Bakugou wasn’t finished.

“Stop with the bullshit. We all know that it is my fault. I fucked up by letting that shitty man become close with me, and in turn giving him my trust. Because of that, all of Todoroki’s people are going to die. I DID THIS! ME!” He was panting heavily, visibly shaking.

“We all became too careless and let our guard down.” Iida reasoned, moving towards the other. “All of us are at fault, not just you.”

Bakugou shook his head, not listening to the Knight’s reasoning.

“I’m going out there, and I’m going to try and stop him.” He turned around, heading towards the steps. Midoriya bolted forward, grabbing the blond’s wrist.

“You can’t! You will only die as well!” Bakugou ripped his arm away from the villager, continuing to walk away.

“Then so be it.”

Iida and Midoriya stood frozen in place, watching as Bakugou disappeared down the steps, vanishing into the smoke and fire. Deep within their hearts, they knew that would be the last time they ever saw the blond-haired male.

Both turned back towards Todoroki, the man now kneeling against the ledge, his head buried in his arms that rested on top of it. As the night burned, the Prince covered his eyes.

A sudden roar was heard over the crackling flames and screams, the dragon hurtling down towards the city. The two men watched as what had become their new sky fell before their eyes, only to crash into the town below. Quickly, the dragon rose back into the air, and as the shadow grew upon the ground, the people began screaming out once more.

Together they moved forward, each standing on either side of the Prince. Noticing their presence, he raised his head, watching the city once more.

“Should my people fall then surely I will do the same.” Todoroki said softly. “I will follow their fate. It’s the only thing I can do for them at this point.”

Iida nodded his head. “A fitting death.” He spoke, his voice strong and unwavering. “If we should die tonight then we should all die together. I cannot think of a better way to go.”

Midoriya swallowed, glancing at the others. Their faces held no emotion as they stared off into the flames, seeming to have accepted their fate. He turned back to watch the city below them once more.

Although there was a part of him that wanted to fight against Kirishima, he knew that the dragon’s skin was too strong, being essentially armor. Since dragons were so rare to begin with, the city had nothing to fend off such a beast. It was a hopeless cause.

The villager watched the flames climb high into the night sky, heat dancing across his skin.

Knowing that they didn’t have much time left, Midoriya sent up a silent prayer to whatever gods were above, hoping that it would be heard at the end of all things for them. He closed his eyes, smoke circling around him.

Please… keep watch of my brothers’ souls...

Chapter Text

I watched as shock and anger washed over their face. They stumbled backwards, tears of hate slowly forming in their eyes.

“How could you do this to me?” Their voice was filled with pain. “I trusted you! Was everything just a lie?”

I stood there, watching as the tears began to slowly make a path down their face. They stood slightly hunched over, their arms coming up to wrap around their body as if in a hug. I didn’t have anything I could say in response. If I did, it would be lies and we both knew that.

How can you explain to someone why you betrayed them and did everything you promised you would never do? How do you stare them in the eyes and say it was for them?

You couldn’t, and so instead I stood there silently, not saying a word.

“How can you just stand there like that, as if you’re frozen?” They questioned me. I did nothing, remaining there, not moving an inch.

Seeing this, they closed their eyes, shaking their head.

“I-I…” their breath hitched, “I-I don’t want to see your face ever again. I wish I never met you!” Their eyes met mine, and the only thing present in theirs was a rage so intense I felt it deep in my core. “I hate you!”

Turning around they ran away, leaving me standing alone on the boardwalk. I watched until they disappeared from sight before making my own way, going off in the opposite direction, left alone with my thoughts.

They won’t forgive me, but I know that they will be alright. Even though I can feel their sorrow all the way from here, I know that in time they will move on and forget about me. It was for the best this way.

It tears me apart inside that I will never be able to let them know the truth, but I have to let it go because it’s for the best. They don’t need to know the reasons behind why I became a villain, they wouldn’t believe me if I told them my reasons anyway. I have to sacrifice it all if they are able to live a better life without worrying about so many things.

I’m one less burden for them to deal with.

In time everything will slip away and only the shattered pieces of memories will remain when the rest fade away into the emptiness that resides in all of our minds. They will only remember the good times hopefully, or if they’re lucky, then nothing at all.

I didn’t want to become a villain, there’s a part of me that still yearns to be a hero, but it was the only way. Only time will tell if it’s all been in vain.

But I do wonder, as I walk along the boardwalk, why it seems as though I can’t feel any of my senses anymore. All I feel now is the cold. Looking around, the colors seem to have faded away.

Maybe this is a punishment for what I have done, in betraying them. Maybe this is what I have to deal with for the rest of my life.

They told me I was frozen, but I don’t know what I can do about it. I’ve felt this way ever since I decided that villainy was the only way to protect them. This cold feeling, leaving me unable to reach my soul. I think it died, if that’s even possible.

Frozen… how right they were.

In a perfect world I wouldn’t have had to do this. I would be able to explain my reasoning and they would understand immediately and tell me it would be okay. They would support my decision because I’d be protecting them and so many others.

But the world isn’t perfect, and instead I must now move on as well as they have to do. It’s the only way either one of us can go about our lives and do the jobs we both are setting out to do.

I sighed deeply, stopping where I was on the boardwalk. Leaning onto the railing, I rested my head on my arms, staring off into the ocean. A salty breeze ruffled my hair, stinging my eyes with it’s cold.

...You say that I’m frozen, but what can I do?...

Chapter Text

“Under the knife I surrendered

The innocence yours to consume

You cut it away

And you filled me up with hate…”


They watched from a monitor, worry stricken across their faces. This was not the boy they used to know. Not anymore, at least.


“...Into the silence you sent me

Into the fire consumed

You thought I’d forget

But it’s always in my head…”


He sat curled up in the corner of his ‘room,’ arms wrapped around his legs as he leaned his head against the wall. Blood slowly trickled out of the corner of his mouth, eyes staring off into nothing.

The observers looked at one another.


“...You’re the pulse in my veins

You’re the war that I wage

Can you change me?

Can you change me?...”


They were unsure of what to do with the boy, not knowing what had exactly happened in his mind. Or at least, what had happened to him in general. The state of his mind was a by-product of whatever he had gone through. That was easy to determine.

However, they didn’t know who he was singing to.


“...You’re the love that I hate

You’re the drug that I take

Will you cage me?

Will you cage me?...”


There were theories on what had happened, or at least who he was singing about, but they couldn’t explain the why or how. And those were the most important parts.


“...You’re the pulse in my veins

You’re the war that I wage

Can you change me?

Can you change me?

From the monster you made me?

The monster you made me?...”


The boy’s voice trailed off, it being so soft already that it was sometimes hard to miss what he was saying. He blinked slowly, bringing his head up so he was sitting up straight. The blood continued to slowly track down the side his mouth, leaving a bright red trail behind.

They waited, knowing that he wasn’t done yet. He had been singing it repeatedly for hours now, but this was the first time he had moved.

Something was going to happen.


“...This is the world you’ve created

The product of what I’ve become

My soul and my youth

Seems it’s all for you to use…”


His arms fell to his sides, stretching out his legs before himself.

Nobody made a sound as they watched the boy.


“...If I could take back the moment

I let you get under my skin

Relent or resist?

Seems the monster always wins…”


The boy ran a thin hand through his dark green hair, a slight flicker visible in his emerald eyes.

A skinny male blew his yellow hair out of his face, his eyes glued to the one in the room through the screen. Others crowded around him, never looking away from what was happening.

As the boy in the room sang the chorus to the song once more, he gazed down at his hands that he held before himself, studying the scars that wrapped around them like vines. Without having to look he knew that his body held similar ones as well. Luckily, the baggy black shirt and sweatpants hid those from view.

But who that benefitted, no one was really sure.

Like before, his voice trailed off at the end of the chorus. This time, though, when the bridge began, the boy began to push himself up onto his feet.


“...My heart’s an artifice, a decoy soul

I’ll lift you up and then I’ll let you go

I’ve made an art of digging shallow holes

I drop the darkness in and watch it grow…”


He was almost fully standing, and for some reason the room seemed to become physically darker.

They didn’t know what was happening, but shivers went down their spines.


“...My heart’s an artifice, a decoy soul

Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?

I’ve lost the parts of me that make me whole

I am the darkness

I’m a monster…”


Something wasn’t right.

Midoriya now stood completely straight, his emerald eyes staring directly into the camera. The dead gaze was now full of a darkness they couldn’t explain.

The blood that had been trickling out of his mouth had left streaks down his neck, dripping onto his black shirt. With one hand, as he sang the chorus for the final time, he wiped at his mouth. Bright red was smeared on his hand.

All Might and the other teachers couldn’t look away from Midoriya, terrified at the transformation they had just witnessed. After days of watching him, the boy had not so much as moved, only singing quietly. Now he was standing upright, a darkness seeming to emanate from him.

When he had finally showed up one day after months of being missing, no one had known what to do with him because he didn’t seem right. Instead, they had locked him up in a room, watching his every move for some indication of what had happened to him. They assumed with time he would return to normal, most likely being under the influence of a quirk.

Only now did they realize that they had been wrong.

As the final chorus came to an end, Midoriya raised the hand stained with blood before himself, singing steadily. His eyes became dead once more, as they gazed into the camera, but there was a quick light that seemed to flash in them.

In that moment, they knew they were doomed.


“...From the monster you made me?


The monster you made me?



The monster you made me?



The monster you made me?”

Chapter Text

If you had asked the two of them where they would picture themselves ten years from now during their last year at U.A., neither would have envisioned this. They both believed that they would go off and do their own hero work, living in different cities, never seeing each other again.

Even with knowing Midoriya’s secret, that he would ultimately be the Number One Hero due to One For All, Bakugou had still worked his hardest. He didn’t earn the title Number Two Hero for nothing after all.

Although his younger self had gone through major improvement in regards to his disposition towards the green-haired male, he still was annoyed at how easily he could make things work. There was a part of him that was happy that he never saw Midoriya around anymore, if only to remind himself that he was a good hero on his own.

On the other hand, Midoriya occasionally missed the explosive blond-haired male, keeping up with how Bakugou was doing in the news. He always expected Bakugou to be right behind him, knowing that it was only because of One For All he had the spot of first place. But it was a nice change of pace not having someone screaming “DIE” all the time as well. That part of Bakugou never changed.

The two childhood friends grew apart and lived their own lives, working hard as heroes for a solid decade.

They never imagined this would happen. At least, they didn’t think this was how they would meet each other again.

And they weren’t prepared for the conflict that would ensue.




Unknowingly, Midoriya and Bakugou had both been following the same lead for the past two weeks, bringing them to the city of Tokyo. Each one had been informed by an assistant of theirs, Uraraka for Midoriya and Kirishima for Bakugou, about the villain they were currently chasing down. Neither knew the other was closing in on the trail.

The ballroom was crowded, more than a hundred business men and women having attended the party. Midoriya grabbed a drink off of a waiter’s tray, nodding his head in thanks. He slowly made his way through the throngs of people, keeping an eye out for his target.

On the other side of the room, Bakugou leaned against a wall, taking a sip of his drink. His eyes were constantly on the move, trying to pick out his target. Any moment he would show up, he was certain of it.

All of a sudden, an explosion went off at the entrance of the building. Screams rang out as a fire began to spread it’s way indoors. Bakugou swore loudly, dropping his drink to the ground as he ran towards the commotion. Midoriya did the same, pushing his way past the fleeing crowds.

Before either of the hero's could reach the entrance, a figure cloaked in all black dropped down in front of them. Both men skidded to a stop, staring down the figure. Neither was aware of the other, to lost in their own thoughts to pay attention to anything but the obvious villain.

“I’ve been watching you for a while now,” the figure began, his cloak flowing around him. The fire continued to make its way into the ballroom, slowly encircling the three. “Watching you as you tracked me down. I’m flattered by the attention, really.”

He stood up straight, a hand slipping out of his cloak. It glowed a pulsating gray.

“It’s a shame that you both will have to die, but at least you will be together. If you manage to survive, well… then I’ll see you in the future. Maybe you’ll actually catch me.”

Midoriya and Bakugou had been startled when the figure mentioned ‘both,’ but neither had anytime to dwell on it as the figure raised his hand high in the air, the pulsating gray spreading throughout the room in an instant. When it settled down, the figure was nowhere to be seen.

“Shit!” Bakugou yelled, looking around himself. What he didn’t expect to see was Midoriya, of all people, scowling at the spot where their target had once stood. “What the fuck are you doing here, Deku?”

Midoriya’s head snapped up, emerald eyes locking onto Bakugou’s crimson ones. His scowl deepened. “What do you think I’m doing?!”

“Fucking up my plans, that’s what! I almost had him!”

“Are you serious? You weren’t even close!”

Bakugou glared at the green-haired male. “Whatever.” He glanced around. “You weren’t either.”

“Did I say I was?”

The two stood in the center of the ballroom, the flames increasing in volume. The temperature was slowly rising, and the heat began to bring awareness of their situation to both men.

“Let’s just get out of here.” Midoriya said, making his way through the debris to a side door. Bakugou headed towards the entrance.

Reaching the door, Midoriya tugged on the handle, but it wouldn’t budge. Frowning, he summoned One For All and tried again, but as before, nothing happened. Across the room Bakugou stared at the entrance, not believing what he saw. The doors that had been previously broken from the explosion were remade and completely sealed.

“Hey, Deku!” He shouted, turning back towards the other. “Having any luck?”

“No!” Midoriya yelled back. “It won’t budge.”

The two stared at each other as realization set in.

“Well, shit.”




Midoriya sat against the wall, watching Bakugou on the opposite side of the room do the same. The fire continued to grow hotter, forcing the two to sit towards the back of the ballroom. After realizing that they were trapped, most likely due to the figure’s quirk, they had silently gone to their own sides of the room, not speaking another word to each other.

The green-haired hero knew that they both wanted to do the right thing, they were heros after all, but their differences would keep them apart. Instead of coming together, they’d be trapped in the flames as the room burns down, left for dead because they couldn’t find common ground. Even all these years later they still couldn’t see eye to eye.

He slumped a bit further down, resting his arms on his knees. Bakugou closed his eyes, his head tilted down in thought. Midoriya sighed, watching the flames reach up to the ceiling.

For years their ‘friendship’ had been based on who was wrong and who was right. Neither had learned from their conflicts, always just wanting to fight to settle their issues.

No one had ever understood the problems between them completely, and even as they matured they still had moments where they didn’t get along. One would think that after all this time, after so many years, they would finally get along. But apparently that wasn’t the case.

Midoriya chuckled softly to himself. If different thinkers are enemies, just think of what we could be, he glanced towards the blond-haired male, if our thoughts were in harmony for once.

It didn’t matter what either person did, it would still annoy the other in some way or another. They were stuck in a maze of conviction, in a sense, and every path just lead them back to the beginning. They had built the walls surrounding them and couldn’t figure out how to break them down and start over.

The thing was, Midoriya knew that Bakugou’s heart was in the same place, but his mind was just a million miles away. That was what had been forcing them to separate for all these years. And Bakugou knew this as well. He just didn’t want to acknowledge it.

The two men sat there, surrounded by flames that grew closer by the second. It was only a matter of time until the ballroom began to collapse around them or the fire finally reached their skin. And both knew that in order to escape and survive they would have to come together.

“Kacchan.” Midoriya said. Bakugou opened his eyes, looking at the other.

“Deku.” Was the rough reply he got.

Midoriya took a deep breath. We normally can’t find common ground so instead we always agree to let it burn down. That won’t work now. He stared right back at the other.

“We can’t sit here and let this place burn down with us in it. We need to find common ground, even if it’s only for this moment. We can argue later, as I expect we will. But right now we need to work together to get out of here.”

Bakugou slowly stood, brushing some ash off of his shoulder. “Then get your ass up, Deku. The Number One and Two Heros can’t go out like this.”

“No.” Midoriya pushed himself up as well. “No they cannot.”

Together they stood in the center of the ballroom, grins plastered on both of their faces. They’d make it out, even if they had to tear this place to the ground. And then they would deal with their target. He’d never see what they planned coming. Not this time around.

Because for once, Midoriya and Bakugou would find their common ground.

Chapter Text

After the whole ordeal with All Might’s battle with All For One and his retirement, all of Class 1-A had been practicing extra hard for their provisional licensing exam that was coming up rather quickly. Aizawa had told them to prepare ultimate moves and to clean up everything else in the process as well. If they wanted to pass, they had to be in shape to do so.

Midoriya had been staying after school to practice on his own, not wanting the others to watch as he worked. It wasn’t that he was trying to hide his moves from the others, that wasn’t the case at all. He just didn’t want them to see as he blared his music and sang and danced as he moved around the field.

He had learned earlier on that listening to music as he worked out helped him focus and kept him going for hours longer than he normally could. Therefore, staying after to use the school’s facilities gave him the opportunity to do so with the proper equipment as well. It was a win-win situation.

However, Midoriya was unaware that some of his classmates had been catching on to him lagging behind after the day ended, never showing up as they all headed home. They decided that it was time they found out what the green-haired boy was doing.

When the day ended, the small group of three walked away, chatting loudly like normal to make sure they didn’t seem suspicious. Leaving the main entrance of the school, they quickly ran around to the side of the building, waiting for Midoriya to come out. After a few minutes passed and the boy didn’t show, the group crept back inside, hurrying down the hallways back towards their classroom.

On the way, one of the members skidded to a stop by the boy’s locker room, hearing a sound coming from inside. Peeking in, he saw Midoriya heading out of the room, presumably towards the indoor field the school had. He quickly called out to his friends quietly.

“Guys! He went to the field!”

The other two ran back towards their friend, pushing him aside to go into the locker room. He grunted at being shoved aside, but followed them inside anyways because they were so close to finding out what Midoriya was keeping from them. He had to know!

Together, they peered out from the door, trying to find Midoriya out on the field. When he was finally spotted, the others could only watch in shock, and a bit of amazement, as the green-haired boy’s secret was revealed.

Lost in his own world, Midoriya placed down his phone, turning the volume all the way up. Choosing the song he wanted, he turned around, cracking his neck. When the lyrics began, he slowly started singing along, breaking into a light jog.


“One step forward, one step backwards

One step forward, one step backwards…”


He quickly summoned One For All, sprinting around the field.


“...Some days I’m up, some days I’m down

Some days the world is way too loud

Some days my bed won’t let me out

But I’m okay with missin’...”


Without a moment’s hesitation, he jumped high into the air, bracing himself against a nearby wall with his legs before launching off of it, flying through the air. He continued to sing, his voice growing louder as his confidence and adrenaline rose alongside it. Midoriya couldn’t keep his grin off his face.


“...Do my little lonely dance

Performing for my only fan

Cause it’s my kind of party

My room is where my heart is…”


Sprinting towards the targets he had set up beforehand, Midoriya followed along with the chorus, swinging his leg in time with the beat. He continued this cycle as the song kept going, moving in time with the music. He had begun to sweat heavily, but it was worth every drop that trickled down his body.

As he worked out, singing along with the song, he was unaware of the three other people in the room with him.

They had moved out towards the field, completely entranced by the way Midoriya was training, never expecting to see this coming from him. They had always seen him as more shy and introverted, getting embarrassed quite easily. What they were witnessing now was none of that.


“...I do my little lonely dance

I don’t need you to understand

And there’s no way I’m stoppin’

It’s like nobody’s watching…”


Midoriya slowed to a stop in the middle of the field. He broke out into a little dance, belting out the words to the bridge.


“...All I need is me, myself, and I

All I need is me, myself, and I

All I need is peace and quiet

Shh… that’s better…”


He crouched down towards the ground, the green static wrapping around his body. Grinning, he launched himself high up, letting his body relax in the air when he reached the top. Quickly falling back towards the ground, he braced himself before landing in his starting position.

Midoriya’s singing quieted until it completely stopped, hearing as the song ended as well. He laughed, spinning around before collapsing onto his back, panting heavily. He closed his eyes, wondering what song would begin to play next.

As he lay there, the three other occupants of the room slowly backed towards the locker room door. They were amazed at the way the green-haired boy had moved to the rhythm of the song, using it’s underlying beat to practice his attack. Although they wanted to stay and watch as he continued, they knew that it was best if they left him in peace.

The second the boy’s locker room door closed behind them, they immediately starting chatting with one another, discussing everything they had seen. Each one of them had the same thought going through their head.

Maybe I can join Midoriya tomorrow and learn to practice that way.

Chapter Text

In this world, quirks are not the norm.

If someone is caught having one, they are taken away to a facility where they are tested on and treated like dangerous animals. Only a very small percentage of the population actually has quirks, roughly 1%, and no one knows what causes them to form. Therefore, if anyone is spotted showing signs of having a quirk, authorities are called on right away to take care of the issue.

It’s safer this way.




Midoriya trudged behind his friends, kicking a stray can out of his way. Up ahead, Uraraka walked alongside Iida while Todoroki peered into the windows, trying to find where the party was at. The alleyway they were in was long and dirty, a chain link fence rattling at the opposite end.

In these days, people would call them the troubled youth, not wanting any interaction with them. Teenagers like them were only trouble. Didn’t want to get involved with their kind.

Todoroki suddenly called out to the others, making them walk over towards him. He grinned as he pointed to the window behind him. Inside, a party was raging on, the music heard from outside the brick walls. Together, the four head into the building, lifting up the window to make their way in.

As Midoriya brought up the rear, he heard Uraraka ask someone if they liked her. Iida muttered about just getting out of here. But instead of listening to them, the green-haired teen let the music take control, losing himself for another night yet again.




The following evening brings the four to the same alleyway, except this time there’s a crowd gathered in a circle formation. Moving their way to the front, they attempted to get a closer view at what was happening. When they finally pushed their way through, that’s when Midoriya saw her rise from the flickering shadows.

The loser looked into the eyes of the monster.

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Midoriya said, trying to get attention off of the monster, and when he looked closer, it turned into a girl.

Uraraka stepped forward, drawing her baseball bat forward. She approached the leader of the gang that was threatening the girl. In a friendly manner she was able to save the girl’s day.

When the tensions were finally winding down, Midoriya’s fear went away, and the girl joined the group of four, introducing herself as Toga. In that moment of a lapse of reason, they brought her along to the same place they went to the night before, and the party continued to go on and on.




Toga became a regular in their group. She didn’t have a place of her own, and she couldn’t stay with any of the other four, but together they found an abandoned building that served a good enough purpose to be called her home. It was here they would meet everyday, telling stories about their day before they went off once more to go see what was going on that night.

It was two weeks later that it started.

The group of five was chilling on a couch together at a party. Iida was sitting on the arm while Uraraka told him some random story, scrolling away on his phone. Todoroki was passed out, a drink hanging from his hand at the other end. In the middle sat Midoriya and Toga, talking about themselves to pass the time.

Midoriya had done most of the talking by this point, and he wasn’t sure what else he could tell the girl.

“You know, opening up isn’t that bad.” Toga just laughed, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. Her sleeve slipped down a tiny bit, but neither noticed and continued to laugh and talk.

But someone else did.

Toga leaned against the green-haired teen, her eyes closing. The other sat there thinking to himself that the blaring music will surely drive him mad soon enough. He just couldn’t wait to leave.




The following day, they were back in Toga’s home once again. For once they were not going to be able to go out as a group. Uraraka and Iida had some errands to take care of while Todoroki had a job to do for his father. Midoriya was left alone with Toga, the two having a heartfelt time together. Their bond had grown strong over the past weeks, and Midoriya was bringing down his own barriers, tired of always hiding.

The loser looked into the eyes of the monster, and for once he didn’t force his usual cheery smile.

“I don’t know sometimes if I’m lying or living a lie.” He spoke softly, burying his head in his hands. Toga gathered him close, humming a lullaby.

“Oh , what's the use of escaping the future when you can mold it into whatever you please?” Midoriya wasn’t sure if it was something she truly believed, but he let his sadness sink in all the same.




The loser looked into the eyes of the girl, watching as the shock and terror shined bright in them.

Iida had called the authorities, reporting Toga for having a quirk. The other three tried to deny it while she sat there quietly, pulling down her sleeves tightly. When the sirens screamed outside the building, Midoriya came forward to the girl, telling her that it’s okay.

And then she turned into a monster.

Grabbing a vial that was hidden in her sleeve, she drank the red liquid quickly, transforming into a person of unnatural size and appearance. A guttural scream came ripping out of the monster’s throat as it broke down the door, trying to fight its way through the police. Eventually, the monster was subdued and taken away.

There was no one to show up and save the day.

As the group of four watched the police cars drive away, Midoriya’s fear faded away once more, just as the last time. It was fun while it lasted, the self-indulgence, but the party always ends at the break of dawn.

Chapter Text

Midoriya was so excited on her walk to school today. The night before her mother had helped her make a handful of invitations to celebrate her sixth birthday. She made sure each one was made with love and delicately crafted. The envelopes were bright red with silver detailing, the stack tied neatly together with a piece of yellow ribbon.

Seeing her elementary school just up ahead, she quickened her step, a large smile radiating on her face. Midoriya easily made her way through the crowds, oblivious to how people moved out of her way on purpose. She was too wrapped up in her thoughts to pay much attention.

When she reached her classroom’s door, she skipped over to the line of cubbies along the wall. Checking the clock to make sure she had time, she tucked an envelope into everyone’s cubby, making sure that no one would miss them. Placing the last one into its spot, she clapped her hands together before placing her own bag into her cubby and then taking her seat.

Now she just had to wait for the RSVP’s to come in over the next few days. She couldn’t wait for this party!

But sadly, little Midoriya would come to realize when the day of her party arrived, that not everyone in this world was kind and caring.

Inko Midoriya rocked the sobbing six year-old back and forth, whispering quiet nothings into her ear. A cake lay untouched and forgotten on the dining room table, the party decorations seeming to wilt from where they were strung.

And when Midoriya walked into school the following day, she finally realized that no one had ever really liked her after all.




Fast forward ten years later.

Midoriya still had class with the same kids from back then, being in a tiny private school called U.A., and now they were all reaching their prime teenage years. Even now, after all this time, she still had some faith that her fellow classmates actually liked her and just pretended not to.

Well, at least she thought the girls did.

The boys always gave her a wide berth when she passed by them in the hallway, and even when finding seats in class. She had grown to have a crush on a few of them, but she knew it was pointless to even bother as they all had the rest of the girls fawning over them.

That’s why when her sixteenth birthday was just around the corner, she once again made invitations for the six other girls in her class, each one carefully put together. Although her mother had advised her not inviting them, Midoriya ignored her and instead planned out a spectacular party that was sure to entice them all to come.

When lunch period started the following day, she happily made her way over to the other girls, pulling the envelopes out of her bookbag. Smiling, she greeted the others, passing them out one by one. Oblivious to their fake smiles and false words of agreement, Midoriya waved at them and skipped away.

But as last time, no one showed up to the party.

Midoriya was truly alone.




Did my invitations disappear? Midoriya wondered to herself as she sat alone at her dining room table. The cake sat before her, the candles lit brightly. Why did I bother to put my heart on every cursive letter?

She clutched her experiment invitation in her hands tightly, slowly crinkling the red page.

I wish mom was here to tell me why the hell no one was here or what to do to make it all feel better. She pouted as she remembered explicitly telling her mother to leave for the day so that she could party with her friends and show them that she didn’t need any parental supervision just like they didn’t. She wanted to be cool too.

Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me… her mind began to wander down a dark path, but she quickly shook her head, green curls bouncing.

“Whatever, whatever.” Midoriya exclaimed loudly. Realizing she said it aloud, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Smiling, she opened them up and put on a brave face.

“Just means there’s way more cake for me.”

Forever, her mind softly said. The smile slipped off her face, her eyes becoming downcast. The green shine flickered.

They are going to come. They are probably just running late.

No one runs two hours late to a party, Izu.

That’s not true!


Because they don’t have any reason to, that’s why!


I know. And Midoriya truly did.

Everyday at school she tried to pretend to herself that everyone did care about her feelings and was actually her friend. She made up lies by telling herself that it just wasn’t cool to show your emotions for others or hang out with them in the hallways or work together, but when she thought about it, that didn’t make much sense.

She had seen Uraraka and Asui chatting together all the time, the two of them glued to the hip it seemed. Yaoyorozu and Jirou were always showing off their clothes and hobbies to one another, debating about the trends in fashion and music. Even Ashido and Hagakure attended dance classes together, being in the same troupe for competitions.

But still, the sixteen year-old girl continued to try and lie to herself. Even while faced with all the facts.

Maybe if I knew all of them well… she trailed off, not knowing how she could make anything positive anymore. I wouldn’t have been trapped inside this hell that holds me.

Finally, reality sunk in to Midoriya’s head. And that seemed to be the turning point for her.

Something awakened.

She sat back straight in her chair, crumpling the invitation up into a little ball, her knuckles turning white.

Maybe if I casted out a spell or told them my decorations were in pastel colors this time, not those horrible bright ones. She grinned, staring at the candles that were rapidly causing wax to coat the top of the cake. Tears began to pool in her once bright emerald eyes, now darkened by her change in heart.

Shooting up to her feet, she slammed her fists down onto the table, rattling the wood loudly against the floor. As the tears finally fell from her eyes, she grabbed her head, fingers tangling in the dark and messy curls. A scream wrenched out of her throat, her knees buckling as her sadness and rage emerged after being locked away for so long.

Blinded by her emotions, Midoriya ran over to the streamers and other decorations that covered the walls, ripping them down and tossing them to the floor. Ignoring the paper cuts that began to decorate her soft hands, she ran around her apartment until every single piece lay in a heap on the floor.

Chest heaving, the girl slowly raised her head to look at the cake that still lay untouched and forgotten on the dining room table. Madness seemed to ooze out of her eyes along with the tears as she gazed at it, mesmerized and lost in her own world.

Midoriya began to slowly make her way over to the table, a laugh bubbling up out of her throat, ending in a strained cry.

I’m laughing and crying, and I honestly just feel like dying. But it’s my party, and I’m going to keep crying if I want to.

Standing before her cake, the girl reached out a single hand, plucking a melting candle out of the wax. Turning around, she made her way back to the pile of decorations. Without a second thought she tossed the candle down into the heap, watching as the flames quickly grabbed onto the paper.

Alone in her apartment, Midoriya watched as her childhood burned away, taking all of her faith and belief right with it.

I’ll cry until the candles burn down this place… I’ll cry until my pity party’s in flames...

Chapter Text

For a time, just one moment in time, he had ruled the world it seemed.

Midoriya had reached the number one hero spot, showing everyone that he was their new symbol of hope. His friends had ranked high as well, Bakugou right there at number two followed by Todoroki taking third. Everyone had succeeded in some way or another.

But that was then.

This is now.

Resting his back against the broken wall behind him, Midoriya held out his hands before himself, blood splatters decorating the tattered edges of his sleeves and gloves. The area around him was familiar, in a haunting way. It appeared just as Kamino Ward, all those years ago.

Only this time he was the one being beaten down, not All Might.

Gazing at his scarred hands, the man could only see how he had used them to shake the heavens down, laying all the gods to rest. He had proven that he was strong, that he was the one in charge.

Steadily he had moved up in the ranks, but for what? What was there left for him, for everyone else?

Midoriya wasn’t sure when everything spiraled out of control. For such a long time he had held the key to the kingdom before him, but now it was gone.

Turned to dust.

To be honest, Midoriya was tired. He didn’t know when he lost it all.

Dropping his hands to the ground, the man let his eyes roam over the battlefield before him. The area was like a wasteland, debri scattered everywhere while small fires flared to life. The world seemed as though it were dead and broken.

He caught a glimpse off to his left side of Bakugou, nursing a broken leg. Besides him sat Todoroki, the hero similarly holding his own dislocated shoulder. Both heroes were covered in many more wounds, their outfits hanging on by threads. Midoriya knew without a doubt he wasn’t faring much better. His arms could only take so much more if the pain he felt was anything to go by.

The villains had backed off for the moment, a stalemate falling between either side. Really, Midoriya was just trying to breathe, just trying to figure out what had led to this turn of events. He had worked so hard to build the walls that had once stood so proudly, but now all he could do was watch as they came crumbling down.

And who was there to save him, save everyone now?

For so long he had stood above everyone else, becoming the fear of men and villains with every war he won, every victory he brought home.

But Midoriya had been blind, blind in the thought that everything was settled and there was no longer a threat to One For All, that All For One wasn’t a concern any longer. He hadn’t been able to see what was rising right before his eyes, brewing underneath the surface.

Now he did.

And this was the price he had to pay.

Midoriya sat there, letting the sorrow take over for the first time in what felt like forever. They had heard no word from any of their friends. They had no idea if they were coming or if they even still lived.

As he became lost in thought, an image of a younger version of himself came to light. He couldn’t help but smile at the ball of energy and hope he had been back then. It had taken a lot to bring him down, especially once he started improving and making a difference.

The man knew that his younger self would not be ashamed of who he was at the moment. Hell, he himself wasn’t. The teenager would be staring him down, hands clenched tightly as he scolded him for being a downer and giving up. He’d say:

“I believe that we all fall down sometimes, everyone has to after all. Can’t you see that? What, when there’s finally a challenge that comes forward that you weren’t prepared for you can’t fight to win? What happened? We always made on the spot decisions, fighting for the ones who couldn’t fight for themselves. But now you sit there letting the world take you down? That doesn’t sound like us. Just because you’ve fallen down hard doesn’t mean you can’t still get back up and win this. Just believe in yourself, in everyone who has gotten us to this point!”

Midoriya couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. He could feel his comrade’s gazes on him, wondering if he had truly lost it. But maybe he had. Maybe everything had finally gotten to him.

However, he knew he would be disappointing a lot of people and himself if he kept this up. This was not a time for despair, he had to believe that they still had a chance even if it seemed futile. Slowly, his mind began trying to formulate a plan, becoming lost in thought once more. He was unaware of two people approaching him, one helping the other along. It was only when a foot knocked into his own that he looked up.

Todoroki had one of Bakugou’s arms slung around his uninjured shoulder, holding him up as the other tried to keep any weight off his broken leg. Midoriya realized that it was Todoroki’s foot that had bumped his own to gain his attention.

Together, the three silently looked at one another, the thought wordlessly passing between them. Midoriya gave them a grin, accepting Bakugou’s hand as he was brought to his feet. Standing alongside one another, they looked across the battlefield to where the villains were staggering up as well.

They knew that they had fallen down truly this time, that everything they had worked so hard for was being lost, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t go down fighting for what they worked so hard for and for everyone and everything they loved.

Gazing at the villains, they knew this would be their final fight.

And they weren’t going to go down without putting up one hell of a fight.

Chapter Text

Midoriya sat on his bed, back leaning against the wall. Curled up in his All Might blanket, he stared blankly in front of him. The only sound with him was the ticking of his special edition All Might clock that sat on his nightstand. Everything else was dead silent.

He should have been in class with the rest of his classmates, but he just couldn’t find the will when he woke up this morning to go. For the first time ever he was skipping class. Well, kind of. Midoriya had made sure to send an email to Aizawa informing him that he would not be present due to being ill.

To be fair it wasn’t a complete lie, that is if one counted depression as an illness.

The green-haired teen definitely thought it was, but mental illness was still somewhat taboo where he lived, meaning he always tried his best to hide the way he was feeling. It wasn’t the healthiest option, but it wasn’t like he had many other choices.

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath, letting his mind run wild. He knew that when everyone returned from class later he would be bombarded by them and would once again have to act happy for their sakes. They didn’t need to deal with him or his problems, he was just being selfish.

Midoriya knew that they all were annoyed by him, I mean, who wouldn’t be? Whenever there was some decision that had to be made, he always wavered on the fence, muttering as he usually did. He could feel their stares when this happened, but he tried to make his face look sunny with the smile he gave them.

It was so funny, really.

He knew they lied to him all the time, telling him that they thought he was great and would make an awesome hero. Their friendship wasn’t real, he didn’t deserve to have friends after all. It wasn’t hard for Midoriya to imagine what they were really thinking about:


Iida: “You’re too mean.”

Uraraka: “I don’t like you.”

Todoroki: “Fuck you anyway.”

Bakugou: “You make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs.”

Asui: “It hurts, but I won’t fight you.”

Kirishima: “You suck anyway.”

All Might: “You make me wanna die.”


His breath hitched, his face scrunching up in a pain he couldn’t explain. Midoriya curled into himself further, his mind spinning more wildly out of control.

Honestly, All Might should have given One For All to Mirio, he was more worthy of it anyways. But no, instead he had given it to him, a useless kid who couldn’t do anything right. It was moments like these that even though he woke up being afraid that someone would take his place, being him, he couldn’t help but think that maybe it would be for the best.

After all, he was just a Deku.

Maybe he should have jumped off that roof when he had the chance.

There was a part of his mind that knew everyone would care and try to help them if they found out what he was struggling with. They’d tell him to keep on fighting off those demons and breathing, and if it came down to it, sell his soul but not his whole self. They’d want him to keep on dreaming about being a hero and it would come true one day.

But if there’s one thing about depression, it’s that it makes it incredibly hard to listen to the voice of reason.

Midoriya clasped his hands to his ears, wanting to silence his head. He fell over onto his side, a few tears trickling down his face.

To be him, it was just to be afraid. He wasn’t sure if anyone noticed how sometimes it was scary to try and breathe and that he struggled with doing so or that when he was left alone everything became too much. He was an anxious mess, and when he did manage to calm down, it wasn't a good place.

It was a place of acceptance. Of knowing that this was how things were and he couldn’t do anything to change it. Not necessarily a good place to be.

As he curled into his blanket, trying to drown out the voices and thoughts, drown out the world. But sadly, that wasn’t going to be the case. Not when he had friends who were worried about him.

A knock on the door made Midoriya bury his face into his pillow, and when the voice called out his name with concern, he wanted nothing more than to become nothing in that instant. Another voice joined in followed by another knock.

Midoriya wanted nothing more than for them to let him be.

Chapter Text

Trudging along the alleyway, Midoriya kept his head low, hood covering his face from passerbyers. Checking behind him once in a while, the teen made sure no one was following. When he reached the old metal door he was looking for, he pulled a key out of his back pocket, sliding it into the lock. Glancing once more down the alley, he pushed open the door and went inside.

Midoriya locked the door behind him, tossing his keys onto the counter next to him. With a nod of greeting to Kurogiri, the teen walked through the bar area, making his way to the side hallway. Before he could escape the main room, a voice called out to him.

“Hey, kid. Did you finish the task we started earlier this week like asked?” He turned around to face Dabi who was lounging at the table, a blue flame dancing on his fingers. Midoriya leaned against the doorway, his face showing nothing.

“There is no meaning to start and end, but that it is over.” The teen’s voice was emotionless as he replied.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” Dabi’s flame flickered out with a wave of his hand. “Good work. Feel free to do whatever until dinner.” And with that, Midoriya was dismissed. As he watched the green-haired teen walk away, he shook his head slowly.

When they picked the kid up off the street years ago after he was abandoned, they never thought that he’d turn out like this. It took awhile for him to get comfortable around them, but even when he did he never showed any kind of personality. He was quirkless and emotionless- there was nothing left inside of him, but a brilliant and terrifying mind.

“That kid’s soul has truly disappeared.” Dabi muttered to himself, once more bringing his blue flames to life.

Back in the hallway, Midoriya had reached his bedroom and was silently slipping inside of the room. Taking off his hoodie, he neatly folded it and placed it on top of his bed. He ran a hand through his hair, walking over to his desk. The teen plopped into his chair, reaching down to pull out a notebook from one of the drawers. Picking up a pencil, he looked at the cover of his notebook, eyes lifelessly scanning it.

Drawings looked back at him, their eyes devoid of emotion like his. Gazing at them, he wasn’t sure why anyone bothered to remember or acknowledge these so called characters, as that’s all they were to him. They didn’t deserve the title of heroes.

A sudden knocking on his door brought him out of his thoughts. Turning around, he watched as the little panel slid open, Toga’s smiling face coming into partial view.

“Oh!” She exclaimed happily. “You are back! Dabi said you were, but I didn’t believe him. I had to see for myself to make sure.” She continued to stare at the teen, waiting for any response. When she received none, she shrugged. “Well, I’ll see you at dinner then!”

A hand stuck through the window of madness, waving goodbye. It was shut once more.

Turning back to his notebook, Midoriya flipped it open to a clean page, picking up a pen to write with. He began to write down all the information he had gathered during the day, organizing it like he normally did. Although he was quirkless, he was still extremely skillful in other areas. Information gathering and analyzing was one of his many specialties.

As he finished writing, the light in his room flickered before it went out, followed by a scream from elsewhere in the hideout. Unbothered by this, as it was a normal occurrence, the teen set his notebook down carefully, placing the pen besides it.

In the darkness, there was no such thing as light. He had grown used to this and enjoyed the tranquility it offered. Midoriya let himself relax in his chair, his eyes falling closed. He knew that soon enough the power would be back on.

The light once more burned brightly, making the teen take a deep breath before standing up, his eyes open once more as he walked over to his bed. Grabbing his hoodie, he slowly made his way over to his bedroom door, carefully opening it up. As expected, Twice stood silently outside.

“What was it this time?” Midoriya’s voice was quiet.

“Shigaraki was angry and accidentally grabbed the power box. It wasn’t an accident, he did it to scare Toga!” Twice responded, before heading off down the hallway. “Oh, Kurogiri has dinner made so come eat. You don’t get a single bite!”

Midoriya watched him walk away, before slowly closing his door. From the inside, it seemed as if his things were saying goodbye for now.

The teen began to head down the hallway, not in a rush to get there. As he walked, his eyes caught on to a mirror that hung crookedly on the wall. Stopping in front of it, Midoriya looked at his appearance for the first time in a while.

His reflection appeared to be saying ‘hello, myself’ because it had been so long. He didn’t bother with looking at his appearance, not caring too much. Besides, his family didn’t mind what he looked like as long as he took care of himself.

The person that stared back at him asked ‘haven’t we met before?’ but Midoriya wasn’t honestly sure if he had met this version of himself. The teen that was in the mirror was not the ten year old boy that had been beaten and abandoned by his parents. The wounds were now scars that decorated his body, and his once light green hair was a deep forest green. The only thing that seemed to be the same was the dull eyes. He couldn’t remember the last time they shined emerald.

As he turned away, not wanting to bother with this anymore, his reflection said a last ‘goodbye, yourself’ before Midoriya continued walking. Reaching the bar area once more, the teen quietly took his place at the table.

Twice, Toga, Shigaraki, Dabi, Kurogiri, Spinner, and Magne were all present, he being the last to join. Once everyone was seated, they began to take from the food laid out in the center, squabbling as usual. When the teen went to reach for a slice of bread, a sudden pain shot through his head, making him grab it with his hands.

Concerned, his family stopped what they were doing, watching the boy with wide eyes.

“You okay, Izuku?” Kurogiri asked.

“Uh…” Midoriya pressed his hands tighter against his head. “I’m fine…”

“No, you clearly are not.”

“It’s nothing. Just a passing pain.” Slowly, he took his hands away from his head, going back for a piece of bread. “See? There is nothing to worry about.” Everyone looked at him, but not wanting to push further, they reluctantly returned to the food in front of them.

Inside, Midoriya felt like he was dying. His eyes watched as his body functioned mechanically while his mind was pulsing, his heart hammering against his chest.

This was not the first time this had ever happened. It usually occurred when he was by himself, sitting alone in some dark corner. He seemed to always recede into the furthest depths of his mind, his body functioning on it’s own as internally he began to die.

Midoriya was clinically insane. Part of the reason his parents had abandoned him was because the doctors didn’t want to have to deal with treating him and his mother and father didn’t want to deal with the burden he was. That’s why when he found his current family, he fell right into place.

They were as insane as he was, and even if he was broken, they didn’t mind. They were the ones who were there for him when no one else was. They loved him, cared for him, treated him as their own.

That’s why he never mentioned these moments where his mind seemed to collapse in on itself, his brain feeling as though he was actually dying. Nothing made sense as his thoughts collided with one another, the darkness and madness consuming him.

The only good thing was that he had perfected appearing as though everything was alright. So as Midoriya had his mental breakdown, the others continued on as normal, none the wiser to what was going down inside the teen.


Can’t see the darkness anymore, it’s all gone


The days were growing longer, why couldn’t they see


But it all has to sink, everything always does


What is that, that feeling inside


Like floating on air, the world is falling


A carefree life, yet there’s rules in place


An illusion that can’t end, but where is reality


Unable to run away, family holding him close


Like the corruption is continuing, no one here to save him

Midoriya blinked his eyes rapidly, looking down at his hands. Glancing to the side, he saw Kurogiri watching him closely. Returning his gaze to his hands, he grabbed his fork, stuffing the food into his mouth.

He just had to remain calm. It was almost over.

Nothing was wrong. This was normal.

They were his family. Everyone was mad here.

It was just iNSaNiTY…



Chapter Text

Uraraka looked up to Deku. She always had since the moment she met him.

How could one not?

Whenever he was around, she felt confident in herself, more joyous, and ready to fight whatever came her way. He did that, whether Deku realized it or not. Made her excited to be a hero and want to save people. She wanted to be a better person because of him.

The gravity girl wished she could tell him thank you, tell him that she appreciated everything he did. But she lacked the courage to express her feelings to him. And so she continued to watch from the sidelines, learning from him day by day.

Spinning in her chair slowly, Uraraka was daydreaming. She was still restless from practice earlier in the day, missing her chance to be on Deku’s team and instead having to fight against him. He had defeated her quickly, never giving her a chance to lay her hands on him.


She blushed bright red, her hands covering her face although no one was there to see it. Being that close to him had left her more breathless than she would have cared to admit. Luckily she evaded the other girl’s questions and brushed it off as exertion from their practice.

But inside she was dying because of Deku.

That boy had no idea the effect that he had on her, acting all cute and sweet. He needed to be arrested. In moments like this, she wanted nothing more than to hug him tight and tell him endlessly how much he impacted her life.

Sadly, Uraraka was not confident enough to do so, instead daydreaming about what she would say to him. In her dreams, she could do whatever she wanted, even if she blushed slightly in the real world.

Continuing to spin in her chair, the girl imagined walking up to Deku, gaining his attention with a smile and wave. Stopping before him, she’s prop her hands on her hips and tell him everything she felt. When she finished, he’d stutter and reply in earnest, just as thankful to her. Then they’d confess their undying love for one another, begin dating, and eventually become a great hero team.

Happily ever after. The end.

She sighed dreamily, enjoying the picture in her mind.

If only she could tell him what she wanted to. But as always, it was left tucked away in her dreams, stored away safely where maybe one day she’d bring it out.

For now, she had other things to deal with. Stopping her spinning, she wobbly got up from her chair and made her way out of her bedroom. Closing the door behind her, she headed towards the staircase to join everyone else downstairs. As she began her descent, she was able to head Deku’s bright chatter coming from below.

Damn that boy for always leaving her breathless.

Chapter Text

His hands were growing soft, the callouses slowly disappearing. When he looked at them, he couldn’t see himself anymore. Making a fist, he tried to put a smile on his face, but it just didn’t feel the same.

He wasn’t All Might anymore.

Just Toshinori.

Nothing more.

Walking the halls of U.A. in the afternoon, he did his best to stay towards the edge of the walkway, not wanting to be noticed by anyone or approached. Without One For All surging through his body, he didn’t feel as though he deserved any recognition.

He wasn’t the Symbol of Peace anymore.

Just a highschool teacher.

Nothing more.

But luck wasn’t on his side, although when was it ever?

He stopped walking after hearing a voice call out to him. Turning around slowly, he watched as Ashido came running up to him, her horns bouncing along with her vibrant hair. She smiled brightly, holding her notebooks tight in her arms.

“Hey, All Might!” The pink-skinned girl greeted, her black eyes shining. “I was wondering if you’d like to join myself and some others later out on the practice fields. We’re having a little get together and are going to just enjoy the peace we’ve been experiencing lately. A few other teachers will be coming as well. We’d love it if you joined!”

Looking into her eyes, he saw nothing but admiration in the golden gleam. How could she, even after he lost his power, still look up to him like this? But she was, and she stood there, bouncing on the balls of her feet, eagerly awaiting his response.

“Of course, Miss Ashido. I will come to your gathering later.” His voice was rough, but softer than normal, lacking the power it used to hold.

“Great! I’m sure everyone will be excited. See ya later!” And with that the girl was running off once more.

He watched until her form disappeared from view, and began to make his way to his office again, hoping that no one else would come and stop him. Part of him regretted agreeing to go, but it would have been cruel to tell her ‘no’ and then watch the sadness wash over her. Why she and others still looked up to him, he wasn’t sure.

Sighing, he unlocked his office door, slipping inside quietly. He plopped down onto his sofa, closing his eyes. Turmoil and doubt swirled within his mind. It had been like this a lot recently, ever since he felt the flame of One For All sputter out inside of him.

He was quirkless once more, in a sense.

And he hated the weakness that came with it.

Part of the reason why he had given it to Midoriya was because he had seen himself in the young boy, knowing what it was like to feel helpless in achieving your dreams. And now, he himself was right back in that spot.

Knocking on his door drew his attention away from his thoughts, and he told whoever it was to enter. Surprisingly, it was Todoroki who came in.

“Hello, All Might.” Endeavor’s son stood quietly by the entrance, waiting for an invitation forward.

“Ah, young Todoroki. Come have a seat.” Toshinori gestured for him to sit opposite him and after the boy had done so, he continued. “What can I do for you?”

“You’re not okay.” Blunt as ever, Todoroki got straight to the point.

“W-what do you mean?” He spluttered, not exactly grasping what his student was trying to say.

“You’re not you anymore. Ever since the battle at Kamino Ward, that is.”

He sighed deeply, looking down at his hands. “No, no I am not.”

“Well snap out of it.”


Todoroki looked him dead in the eyes, and for a moment Toshinori swore he could feel Endeavor in that stare.

“You can’t keep walking around like you’re about to be executed. My father may now hold the number one spot, but you are still everyone’s true hero whether you see it or not. There is no logic in your sadness, you have no reason to feel alone and depressed. Everyone at this school and all over Japan still support you even if you’re not fighting villains anymore. Don’t think that you gain anything from living this way because you will not.”

The teen stood up, making his way over to the door. Toshinori could only watch, his mouth hanging open in shock. With his hand on the door knob, Todoroki turned to face the other, his face still neutral.

“You’re too wrapped up in your self-doubt. Trust me, I know the feeling. For the sake of everyone here, and for yourself, try counting your blessings and not your flaws.” And then the teen disappeared, closing the door behind him.

Toshinori sat there, frozen in place. He would have never expected those words to come from the young teen. Trying to shake himself out of his stupor, he glanced down at his hands once more, his eyes tracing the scars that lay before him.

These had been his weapon for countless years, helping him put villains in their place and bringing the world peace. He had held others up, supporting them without a second thought, guiding them to a better life. His hands had seen many battles and new beginnings, and although they were now growing soft, they still were apart of him, leading the way to his new life.

By himself, Toshinori had failed to see it. After fighting All For One and then feeling One For All be extinguished, he had felt lost and hopeless, feeling as though his identity was forever gone.

But no.

It was still here with him, he just had to look at himself.

The scars that wrapped around his hands, the wound that pulsed in his abdomen, the eyes that glowed blue, and the smile that still shone brightly.

On his own, Toshinori wasn’t able to see it. But interacting with others and walking around, he finally saw the impact he had and was still having to this day.

Walking on to the practice field, he watched as Ashido caught sight of him. Her eyes widened before a smile broke out on her face. Excitedly, she turned to her classmates, pointing in his direction. Todoroki gave the barest hint of a smile. Midoriya beamed, waving frantically at him, his energy never ending.

He still had it all, even if he wasn’t truly All Might anymore. There was still so much more he could do, and although his crown was passed down to Endeavor, he would always wear it in everyone’s hearts. Toshinori had to take control of his life from this point forward now that he no longer had his hero duties.

When he finally reached the group of people, he smiled in earnest, talking quietly with any student or teacher that came his way. Looking into their eyes, he saw what he had been ignoring for so long now and it made him feel lighter.

Although One For All no longer burned in his veins, All Might was still there to be the symbol of peace the public loved while Toshinori guided and nurtured his students.

He would always be their king.

Chapter Text

As the explosions broke in the sky, the cycle began to repeat once more. Deku sighed to himself, knowing exactly what was to happen. It was the same thing every time, after all.

All Might was in the distance, grinning triumphantly over his beaten foes. The cameras all panned over to his form, people cheering for the Symbol of Peace and how he saved them once again.

Deku watched as his mentor talked and gestured, people practically drooling over him. He had been like them once, looking up to All Might and wanting to be just like him. But now, things were different than they were back then, and sometimes he wished that All Might just didn’t exist anymore.

Standing up, Deku stretched his legs before jumping off the roof he stood upon, landing nimbly on the ground. Slowly, he began to make his way over to his mentor. Glancing up above, the man watched as the flames climbed high into the clouds, the colors all seeming to conflict with one another. He shakes his head slowly, growing tired of watching the utter destruction form over and over again.

That was the one thing he had never understood: how did All Might create so much damage every time? Whenever he fought against a villain, the city streets would crumble apart, windows being smashed in while civilians were caught in the crossfire. Numerous times he had tried to talk to All Might about it, but the older man had simply brushed him off, saying it was the price to pay for hero work.


Deku knew it was possible to win a fight without all the chaos it created. That’s why he wanted to fix the ways heroes worked more than anything, but instead everything continued to be torn down. He just couldn’t stop it.

To be fair, All Might didn’t really give him the chance either. Every time Deku was ordered to stand off to the side, taking care of any villains who tried to run away and make sure his image wasn’t ruined as the Symbol of Peace. He was never interviewed and always made sure to stay out of his mentor’s way.

Honestly, Deku didn’t even consider himself a hero or a sidekick.

But as the man stood there, watching All Might who was caught in the burning glow, he felt rage rise within him.

He waited at the turn where they always met after events like this, waiting to let his mentor know exactly what was on his mind. He was done with building everything up only to have it burn down once more. He was done with seeming as though All Might couldn’t wait just to burn everything down again.

All Might’s steps were the first thing he heard, alerting him to his presence before the man himself came in to view. His smile quickly vanished once he was certain he was out of sight, his expression growing stern and unfriendly.

“You should have gotten his companion faster.” He said gruffly, staring down at the shorter, green-haired man. “They asked me why it took longer than normal to make sure everyone was apprehended. Are you trying to ruin my image, young man?”

Once upon a time, this man had told Deku that he could be a hero, holding him high above everyone else. And he had believed that lie, believing that they would work together and someday he would be a great hero. But Deku was only a mere soldier while All Might had been playing the king, and the second he was able to work alongside the king, he was struck down.

“Sorry about that.” Deku replied in a quiet voice, no emotion present. “His quirk took a few minutes to figure out and then work around.”

“I thought you were better than that.” All Might sneered at the younger man, attempting to intimidate him. “Maybe you shouldn’t be my sidekick after all.” The hero smirked to himself, knowing that would get a rise out of the other and make him beg for mercy like when he was younger.

How wrong he was.

“You know, All Might,” Deku began, his eyes seeming to glow menacingly, “I think you’ve lost the right to hold your crown as a Symbol of Peace. I mean, it’s been me who has been doing most of the work these days, but I’ve continued to help build you up. But if I’m being honest, you’ve let me down. You’re not who I thought you were.”

All Might guffawed, shocked at the younger man. “You have the audacity to say these things to me? You think I care what you think about me?”

“No, I know you don’t care. But, I’m sure the public would just eat up the evidence I have been building up against you. They’d be so surprised when they saw how their ‘Symbol of Peace’ really is. How much he didn’t care about their safety and enjoyed destroying everything in his path.”

The number one hero visibly paled. “You have nothing against me.”

“Oh, but I do.” And All Might believed Deku completely. There was a reason this man worked well as his sidekick. Although he may never show it, the hero knew without a doubt that Deku was terrifying and could easily overpower him. That’s why he had yet to retire, he didn’t want to watch this force destroy everything he had carefully crafted. But sadly, apologies were just too late.

“Know this,” Deku turned away from his old mentor, his voice dropping low, “When you fall I will be there to take my turn, and I will enjoy every moment of fanning the flames as everything you built burns. I can’t wait to burn your legacy to the ground.”

Chapter Text

When Bakugou heard the news, he couldn’t even comprehend it. To think that Deku would actually go through with it was a shock to his system. And the thought that his smile was forever gone hurt more than anything else.

The blond teen sat there, staring at his phone screen. His eyes were glued to the last image the green-haired teen had posted on his social media, just days earlier.

Deku was smiling, holding hands with a friend on the beach as the waves washed over their ankles. It had been taken when they weren’t expecting it as he wasn’t looking towards the camera, instead off into the sunset.

Bakugou’s heart clenched tightly, tears coming to his eyes. Scrolling through the comments, there was an endless stream of broken hearts, RIPs, and little messages saying that hopefully he was in a better place.

Quietly, the teen turned off his phone, standing up to head upstairs. When he reached his room, he shut the door and flopped on his bed, curling up tightly. Slowly, he opened his phone once more, the bright light blinding in the dark room. Closing the social media app, he hesitantly went into his gallery.

It took him awhile to find what he was looking for, but eventually he scrolled far enough to find the pictures.

There were countless ones of him and Deku playing together, going to each other’s birthday parties, and just posing for the camera. In all of them Deku wore his wide smile, the joy always present in those eyes. And Bakugou couldn’t help but wonder when that light began to dim.

As Bakugou sat there looking through the photos, he couldn’t help but think that it’s the ones who smile the brightest that hide the greatest pain. One never knew who was wearing a mask to hide everything underneath. He only wished he had noticed or been able to help sooner, but it was too late for that.

Setting his phone aside, he buried himself under his blankets. The tears formed in earnest, slowly making their way down his cheeks as his breath hitched. He lay there sobbing to himself, unable to understand why Deku would leave them like this.

It hurt so much more than he would have expected it to.

It just sucked and there was no other way to put it.

I’m so sorry Izuku, Bakugou thought, but I hope you’re happier wherever you are now. I’ll live out our dreams, just promise you’ll watch from above.

Chapter Text

Inko Midoriya had lost her husband when Izuku was born.

He had been busy, a few hours away from Musutafu, when his wife had gone into labor. When he received a phone call from her, he immediately bolted from work, giving an excited response to his boss as he literally ran out of the building. Arriving at the station, Hisashi bought the earliest train ticket back home that he could.

As he impatiently waited for the train, he accidentally bumped into another person while he paced. Turning around, he apologized to the other, his mind not completely focused on what was going on before looking for the train once more. Unaware of the villain, which is who he bumped, Hisashi instead smiled gleefully as he heard the train’s whistle.

And then it happened.

None of the witnesses were ever able to properly tell the police and heroes why the villain lashed out. Maybe it was just the last straw after doing poorly at villain-work, or maybe he was annoyed at Hisashi in general. Whatever it was, the following events were something none of them would ever forget.

When Hisashi stepped forward, closer to the edge of the platform, the villain struck.

Quickly, the man grabbed onto Hisashi’s coat, shaking him violently. A wallet fell out along with a silver phone and a small photo of a woman. Seeing nothing else, the villain threw Hisashi down onto the tracks before scooping up the goods and running off.

In the next moment, the train came barreling over the tracks.

Inko was cradling her newborn son when she received the news.

The doctors were sympathetic, breaking it gently for the fragile woman, but the damage had already been done. She crushed her baby to her chest, tears running down her cheeks and dripping onto his face as sobs were wrenched out of her chest. Sensing her distress, the newborn’s cries joined in.

She had welcomed her son into the world, but in return, her husband had been taken from her life.




Fifteen years later, Inko Midoriya lived alone. Her son, Izuku, had moved into the dorms at U.A. and he only visited occasionally on the weekends. For the first time since her husband died, she had no one by her side.

With having Izuku as a constant presence, Inko had never really felt as though Hisashi was truly gone. Her son had many qualities to him that reminded her so much of her husband, and so she always had him as a reminder. But now all she had was old photos to keep her company in the otherwise empty apartment.

She had never told her friend Mitsuki this, or anyone else for that matter, but sometimes Inko could have sworn that her husband’s presence lingered nearby. Call her crazy and grieving, but she truly believed that his spirit still wandered their apartment, watching over her.

On the days where she hated walking around her old and empty apartment, Inko swore that her hand would feel a bit heavier as if her husband was holding it, guiding her along. When the stairs and walls would creak late at night, keeping her wide awake, she could feel Hisashi soothing her, closing her eyes and telling her that the apartment wanted her to sleep. And on the mornings when she struggled to get dressed, she pushed herself to do so because she knew that her husband would hate to see her that way.

It was the little things, too, that made her feel as though Hisashi’s spirit lingered nearby.

Sometimes on a sunny day, the photos of their wedding day would seem to shimmer a bit brighter as if there wasn’t an inch of dust coating them. On others, when she truly felt down and alone, the apartment seemed to feel lighter as though someone was lifting the weight off her shoulders.

Sitting on her couch, Inko idly flipped through an old album, one she had hidden away. It wasn’t that she didn’t want Izuku to know about his father, but the grief still weighed heavily on her and she didn’t have a good way to explain why there were no pictures of the three of them together after he was born. She had already told him when he was old enough that Hisashi was overseas working, unable to come back home. But she doubted he’d believe that if he saw there was no pictures of him since his birth.

She sighed, tears pooling in her eyes. The image before her was one of their first date together, the couple posing outside of a little restaurant. In this, Inko and Hisashi were young, full of life and love. This was when she missed their little talks the most.

Closing the album, she floated it away back into its hiding spot before letting the sobs consume her. Even though her husband had been gone for fifteen years, the wound still felt fresh. All she had left was his ghost, but they were still torn apart from one another and there was nothing Inko could do.

Sometimes she wished that Hisashi would let go of his hold on her and let her live her life with Izuku until they met again. At the same time, she wanted him to wait and hang around, being present once more when she fell asleep.

She rubbed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Standing up from the couch, she fixed her skirt, smoothing out the wrinkles. With one more glance at their wedding picture, she turned away, picking up her keys on the way. Leaving her apartment, she locked the door before making her way down the flight of stairs.

One day she knew a ship would carry their bodies to a safe and better place, one where they could be together again. But until then, she would make her way through life as best she could, facing one day at a time. If not for Hisashi’s sake, then at least for Izuku’s for she still had him by her side.

Chapter Text

She was finally free, free as can be. Years of being put down and ignored were finally over. Mitsuki had been right, it felt good to be without him.

Inko smiled in the mirror for the first time in what felt like forever, truly smiling that smile her son was so well-known for. Ah, Izuku. That boy was just as thrilled as she was that she was divorcing his father. His ass was in jail and the papers were going through. Soon enough she’d never have to see him again, especially since she has full custody.

That fool of a man had sworn that she’d never win, thinking that Inko was just some stupid, submissive woman. But look at her now, freshly single and coming back again with the confidence she lacked during the entirety of their relationship.

What a fool Hisashi was.

She was standing now better than she ever had before. Even when she and Mitsuki had been teenagers, she had always been more shy and not quite as outgoing as her companion was. Maybe she had put on some weight over the years, but with this new energy she found within herself she was confident she could get into a better shape.

Although underneath the clothes she looked like the survivor she was, faint scars donning her body, she felt giddy as a little kid. Izuku had been more outspoken lately as well, feeling the same exuberance his mother was. Together, the two green-haired Midoriya’s had begun to pick up the pieces of their lives without Hisashi once crossing their mind. If he did, it was a simple ‘good riddance’ and nothing more.

Nodding at herself in the mirror, Inko switched off the light before heading out of the bathroom. Grabbing her purse off a chair, she happily hummed a tune, making her way outside. As she reached the bottom of the staircase, she spotted Mitsuki waiting next to a car, a grin forming on her face.

“INKO!” The blonde loudly exclaimed, rushing forward to smother the shorter in a hug. “This is going to be great! It’ll be just like the old days.”

Inko leaned out of the hug, looking up at her old friend, an eyebrow arched. “Does Masaru know about your plans for today?”

Mitsuki laughed, pulling the other woman towards her car. “Nah, but it’s fine. He’d understand. Now come on, it’s time to celebrate your freedom!” Being unable to do anything but follow, Inko softly chuckled to herself at her friend’s antics.

She had missed this dearly. Hisashi had never really allowed her to go anywhere with other people once they were married, saying he didn’t trust others. The threats he had made, trying to cut her down had no effect anymore and never would. There was nothing stopping her from going out and enjoying life like she used to.

Inko was still standing after all this time, and she dared anyone to try and prevent her from taking full advantage of her newfound freedom.

“INKO! Get outta your head! I need you to be fully immersed in our activities tonight! Do it for me!”

“Huh?” Inko looked at Mitsuki, having been startled out of her thoughts. “Oh, yeah I can do that.” A small smile formed on her face and as her friend drove her through the city. I can truly be me again.

Chapter Text

Sitting on the rooftop, she dragged her knife across her nails, the sound it made the only one in the otherwise quiet night. Biting her tongue, she smiled maniacally, a clear warning sign for anyone who saw.

One day the world will be mine, she cheerily thought to herself. The visions she conjured up in her head during her spare time danced around her mind, the world vandalized and ruined. A laugh bubbled out of her throat drawing the attention of her companion. He simply stared at her, no emotion present in his eyes.

“Hey,” she called out to the other, his eyes looking into hers, “Have you ever seen your eyes in the mirror? I bet ya anyone would fall for those ocean eyes!” Giggling, a blush rose on her cheeks. “Hell, I would have if it wasn’t for that amazing Stain! His blood red ones caught me first!”

“Whatever.” He grunted, slouching further against the barrier. “Have you spotted our target yet, Toga?”

“Huh?” Her head tilted to the side, precariously leaning back onto the barrier. “Oh, yeah him! Don’t worry Dabi, I’m keeping a close eye out. My knife is ready for when he shows himself!” Her smile returned, the same mania present as before.

“Just let me know if you spot him, alright?” His eyes moved back to the ground below them.

“Of course!” Toga turned around as well, scanning her part of the city.

This was her favorite part, well, right after drinking their victim’s blood that is. The game of prey and predator was such a thrill for her. When they had no idea that they were being stalked until they pounced. She loved the way they all screamed.

Sometimes if she was lucky, their blood would spill onto the marble walls, a smooth surface for her to collect it from. It always made it feel more fancy and special that way. Occasionally, as the victim took their last breaths, she’d ask them a question: to tell her which was worse, living or dying first. Most said living if they even had the chance to respond or spit blood onto her face.

But the thrill was exhilarating and she was excited for tonight’s kill.

After a good thirty minutes passed, their target finally came into her line of sight. She watched as he entered into the building they sat upon, her eyes lighting up. Signalling her companion, they both moved off the rooftop, entering a staircase to make their way down. Peering through a doorway, they had a clear view of their target waiting for someone else.

It was Toga’s turn now.

She knew exactly how this would go down. He’d see her slowly making her way over to him, playing the innocent girl, and tell her ‘Come over baby, I think someone pretty like you shouldn’t be in a place like this.’ When she reached his side, knife at the ready where it was hidden in her sleeve, she’d lean up to his ear and whisper ‘I’m not your baby’ before delivering the killing blow. Dabi would be the lookout, his flames not suitable for an undercover mission like this. He’d make sure everything went according to plan.

Sitting on top of their target’s chest, Toga leaned down, her face inches from the other’s. Their eyes stared into one another’s. As her tools made work of collecting his blood, she decided to have some fun before he completely died of his wounds.

“Ya know,” she started, grinning at the man, “If you think I’m pretty, you should see me in a crown! One day I’m going to be running this nothing town as it’s queen. Imagine it, everyone bowing before me one by one. Yeah, doesn’t that make a pretty picture?”

Squishing his face in her hands, his eyes gazed back into her’s with fury. Unable to respond because of the blood beginning to pool in his mouth and the force of Toga’s grip, he let his stare do the talking.

“Well, I guess your lucky. Silence is my favorite sound from my target’s so I’m not upset by you not responding. Those eyes of yours say enough!” She laughed, pulling her knife out of him before licking it clean. “But wherever ya go from here, I promise you I’m going to look magnificent in a crown and you better be watching for it.”

Standing up, she skipped over to Dabi, latching onto his arm.

“Ready to go!”

“You didn’t kill him.”

“Ah, he’ll be dead in a minute! No one’s going to save him now.”

“Alright, alright. Let’s move out.”

As the duo made their way down the street, Toga happily hummed to herself. One by one by one...

Chapter Text

Being in high school was different than middle school. Hell, it was different from just being little kids. Deku and Kacchan were almost adults now, well, at least closer to it, and they had both done a lot of growing up the past few months.

Class 1-A had done wonders for both of them, helping to tame one and bring confidence to the other. They had made friends and were on their way to become heroes. But there was one thing that had changed more than anything else, and that was Deku.

No longer was he the timid, crying quirkless boy. With One For All coursing through his body, the teen had become stronger and better than before. Although Kacchan knew about his quirk and it’s origins and both had come to terms with being true rivals, there were still some problems between them.

They were pretty good at hiding it from their teachers and classmates. Most people thought that they had made good work in patching up their broken relationship. If only that was the case.

The two were currently working out on a training field alone, having been given permission from Aizawa earlier to use this area later in the evening. The moon provided a soft glow for them, allowing them to practice without needing any lights on. It would have been a nice scene if it weren’t for the real reason that the two were here.

Kacchan and Deku wanted to work things out between them, but in reality, that meant they were going to scream and try to beat the shit out of one another. What the blonde hadn’t realized was that the green-haired teen had a surprisingly short fuse and he was finally going to burst. Kacchan had gone too far this time and he was going to give him a piece of his mind.

“You know,” Deku’s eyes were almost black as he stared at Kacchan who stood across the field, “This is the best thing that could’ve happened. Any longer,” he chuckled, “And I wouldn’t have made it. I’m just a person but clearly you can’t take it.”

Deku slowly walked towards the other teen, a deep frown forming. His eyes pierced into Kacchan.

“Where’s your gavel? Your jury?” He spat vehemently. “What’re you going to say is my offense is this time? Huh? Who’s going to back you up now?”

“What’s your point, Deku?” Kacchan sneered back. “You’re still the same as before, even after all this time! I don’t care what Aizawa-sensei or anyone else has to say, I stand by my words about you! It’s your fault, so get over it you worthless Deku!”

“I love how you always swear it’s all my fault. The tricks that once fooled me won’t get you anywhere any longer Kacchan. Even you can admit we’re older than that.”

“Doesn’t mean they won’t work on others in convincing them. And besides, you’ll never really change!”

Deku stopped feet away from the blonde, staring at him intently. His hands opened up, arms stretched out to his sides.

“Look at me! I’m not the same kid from your memory, and now I can fend for myself! Does it mean anything to you that we once wrote our names in blood?” Deku dropped his hands to his sides, sadness filling his eyes. “I guess you can’t accept what we once had, but maybe the change is good for us. Maybe it’s best that you treat me like a stranger in front of everyone. I can do the same.”

He crouched down, green light flickering across his body. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, sir. Now which one of us is going to go first?”

Deku lunged at Kacchan, leg swinging out. The other deflected it, mini explosions going off in his hand. Together, the two danced to a dangerous rhythm, neither landing a hit on the other. They continued this for several minutes, completely focused on beating the other.

As their bodies began to tire, that’s when the damage began. Kacchan managed to cause some burns on the other’s chest and upper left shoulder. Deku on the other hand was the one responsible for the bruises blossoming on the blonde’s back and right thigh. Both had scrapes and tiny cuts scattered across their bodies.

Eventually they both landed in a heap on the ground, rolling onto their backs to look up at the sky. Anger still burned in their veins, their adrenaline not helping in the least. Deku was the one to move first, standing up on wobbly legs.

“I guess I’ll go. I best be on my way out.” He slowly began to make his way off the field, but not before saying one last thing.

“Oh, and I think it’ll be good for you to make ignorance your new best friend since clearly you’re already buddies with it.”

Kacchan continued to breathe heavily, staring at the moon as he listened to Deku walk away. When he could no longer hear his footsteps, he swore to himself before closing his eyes and going over everything in his head.

Ignorant my ass. I know all the facts, I know what’s happening… right?

Chapter Text

No matter where he went, he just didn’t seem to fit in.

He tried hanging out with the jocks which ended with him getting beaten up. The goths were nice, but they just weren’t his style. When he approached the nerds, they simply brushed him off, noses deep in their books and games. The pretty girls scoffed and walked away when he said hi. Everywhere he went, no one seemed to want him in their group.

It was bad enough his home life was shit, his family a complete disaster. It also didn’t help that he had an interesting look to him, his hair and scar off-putting for some. But really, in a world where people could have whatever color hair, his natural dual-toned hair wasn’t acceptable?

When he had been accepted to this high school, he didn’t expect to find it this hard to find his place among the other students. To be fair, he didn’t think it’d be cliché and he’d find his best friend upon entering the first day, but he didn’t think he’d be completely alone by the second month of school either.

He angrily kicked a soda can away from him, unhappy with where he was. For some unknown reason he had come to their home football game, thinking that maybe he’d somehow magically make friends while here. Clearly, that was a mistake.

From where he leaned against the fence, he could see the bleachers filled with students decked out in U.A. clothes, faces painted, and screaming at the top of their lungs. Cheerleaders stood in front of them, chanting “PLUS ULTRA” loudly, hyping up the fans even more. Their team was currently charging down the field, Iida having thrown a perfect ball to Bakugou who was on pace to score a touchdown.

Todoroki closed his eyes, deciding he’d rather just enjoy the cool night breeze than pay attention to what was happening on the field. Slowly losing himself to his thoughts, he jumped a mile when a hand touched his shoulder. Opening his eyes widely, he was met with a girl standing before him.

She had short purple hair that was cut short and angled slightly. Her salmon colored tank top was slightly ripped, a worn leather jacket around her waist. The look was completed with tight black jeans and thigh high boots.

“Hey,” she said softly, amethyst eyes staring back into his, “Want to get out of here?”

“W-what?” Todoroki stuttered out, backing away slightly. The girl only laughed lowly, shaking her head.

“Come on. There’s better places than the stupid game.” She began to walk away, not looking back to see if he would follow. Still completely confused, Todoroki hesitantly took a step forward before finally giving in. Jogging slightly, he caught up to the mystery girl and walked alongside her.

“Where are you taking me?” He asked, still not sure if she was trustworthy or not.

“To a place where you’ll finally fit in.” She looked up at him at the sound of his gasp. “What? Surprised I know that? Trust me, I was the same as you, but the place we’re heading too… well, I’ll let it speak for itself.”

After a good twenty minutes of walking through the city where their school was located, they turned down a side street where two others were waiting for them.

“Took you long enough.”

“Why didn’t you tell us it’d take so long?”

“Sorry guys.” The girl said, Todoroki standing awkwardly behind her. One of the figures huffed dramatically before walking forward into the light and grabbing his hand.

“Whatever. Let’s go already!” As Todoroki was dragged along, he studied the one who was taking him. She had vibrant pink hair along with a yellow horn headband. He eyes were gold with thick black eyeshadow surrounding them and he could’ve sworn her skin was tinted pink too. Her outfit was a mess of purple and blue. With a glance to the side, he managed to see the other person before being brought through a door.

He had striking blonde hair along with a black stripe going down one side. His clothes were similar to the purple-haired girl’s, although he had on a white shirt instead. Suddenly, Todoroki felt embarrassed about his choice of outfit for the night, just wearing a simple dark blue flannel and ripped skinny jeans with sneakers. Luckily, these three didn’t seem to care.

Inside the old building was a huge crowd of people. Strobe lights hung above from the rafters, decorating the moving bodies in a myriad of colors. Music blasted loudly, a DJ working on a raised platform. Todoroki could only stare at the dancing people, a new sensation inside of him that was awakening for the first time. Together the four moved on to the dance floor, becoming one with everyone else.


“...Take it back when she knows that you're doing it right

'Cause everybody else knows what they're taking tonight…”


The girl who had originally brought him here moved to dance in front of him, a smile gracing her face. Todoroki couldn’t help but smile back.


“...But I just wanna play it right

We are gonna get there tonight…”


For the first time in a while, Todoroki felt happy, felt as though he could truly be himself. Giving in to the music, he danced with everyone, his worries slowly slipping away.


“...We are burning down, we are burning down

It's the way that you fake it, I know it's too late…”


Consequences be damned, this is where he belonged. As he looked at the girl in front of him dancing, he knew without a doubt that he’d be back and that these were the people that would accept him for who he was. Closing his eyes, Todoroki tilted his head back and laughed.

He truly felt free.

Chapter Text

He couldn’t breathe.

Hands desperately clutched at his head, pulling at his hair in uncomfortable ways.

Hunched over, sobs came gasping out of him, tears dripping to the floor.

As he sat there, fighting for breath while crying, he couldn’t help but think that he’d never be the hero that was in his heart. He wasn’t as brave as he was at the start of it all. His head mocked that even taking all the courage that was left wouldn’t be enough to waste on fixing all the problems he had made.

He knew he’d seen this all before. Countless times before.

But for some reason this time was worse, so much worse.

Trembling, he removed a hand from his head to wipe away the tears that continued to trickle down his cheeks. Trying to take a deep breath, he choked as it caught in his throat, dissolving into ragged coughs.

He was eternally grateful that no one had entered into the boy’s locker room. It wasn’t too late in the day where people would still stop by and he hadn’t even thought to lock the door. At the moment, he just tried to focus on calming himself down. Sadly, that was easier said than done.

As the minutes ticked by, the teen worked himself down from the panic he had been put into, the sobs turned into occasional sniffs and the tears waited in his eyes for the cue to pour down once more. Counting to five, he took deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling on every count of five. Eventually, he was relatively back to his original state and slumped down against the lockers, tired and worn out.

This was why he hated to cry. The weakness that came with tears wasn’t worth letting the sadness out. Masking it was just so much easier to do. But alas, even he couldn’t always hold it back. Especially not after a major fuck up like he just had.

Slowly, body still slightly trembling, he pushed himself to his feet, staggering over to the sinks. Bracing his arms on either side of one, he gazed at himself in the mirror. As he looked into his eyes he couldn’t help but go over the events of earlier in the day.

Without a doubt, he knew that it was truly his fault this time. He had known it was the other’s heart on the line and yet he had gone and done it once again, just like always. People thought he was changing, but he just couldn’t see it anymore. Whenever he thought he was making progress, he just fell back into old habits and ruined everything again.

Staring into his reflection, he noted the growing bags beneath his eyes and the lines of tiredness that were slowly etching themselves into his face. Even his once flaming eyes no longer held the same burn to them.

A hollow laugh bubbled out of him.

“I really fucked it up this time, didn’t I Izuku?”

Chapter Text

“Hush now darling. The demons are calling and they’ll eat your soul if you’re not good.”

She sat in her dark room, the lights having been dimmed so far that she could barely see anything but the bed she occupied. Clutching her nightgown in her hands, she bit her lip, tears pooling in her eyes.

It was the same thing everytime. He always told her the same thing over and over again.

“Hush, hush. Don’t say a word.”

“Hush, hush. Or else I won’t let go.”

“Hush, hush. Keep your pretty mouth shut.”

“Hush, hush. You’re mine tonight.”

Today was a bit different, but it wasn’t as if she had never heard those words before. This was just the first time he called her ‘darling.’ Otherwise, everything was perfectly normal.

A sudden squeak made her hold her breath, eyes wide as her head swiveled to face the door. The light coming out from underneath the door was partially blocked by a shadow, indicating that he was back again. She quickly unclenched her hands from where they had a deathgrip on her nightgown, bringing her face back to it’s impassive state as the door cracked open.

“Eri.” The deep voice echoed into her room, only the figure of the man visible from the slight opening. “You better be keeping quiet in there. One of my men came to me saying they thought they heard some noise from within. You know the rules.”

The little girl sat there quietly, not saying anything in response. She had played this game many times and had learned how to react in order to avoid further abuse. It was the only way for her to survive. The alternative wasn’t pretty, although at this point she had accepted her life as the way it was.

Seeing her silence the figure closed the door, his shadow moving away and light filtering in once more from underneath. Eri waited a few moments longer, wanting to make sure that he would not be returning. When there was no further sound coming from outside her door, she relaxed, slumping down onto her bed.

Red eyes stared up at the ceiling, following the darkness as it twisted and moved. This was one of her favorite pastimes, although most would probably consider it concerning behavior.

Eri didn’t know what affection was nor did she understand the concept of friends. She had never experienced love from those who called themselves her family. All she knew was pain and loneliness, both being constant companions.

Watching the ceiling was her form of imaginary friends. They were the ones who would listen to her when no one else would. They always told her no one had to know about their conversations, that they could keep their secret as long as she did too. Laying there, exhausted and afraid, the little girl listened to her ‘friends.’

Lose your inhibitions, Eri. It’d be better that way.

That man wouldn’t be so harsh on you anymore. He’d be nicer.

Let me in on your dark side. Just let it all go.

You can show them what hell really feels like. They can’t kill you after all.

It’ll be okay. One day you’ll be saved from here.

Maybe we won’t be your imagination one day. We’ll be brought to life.

Bad man is going to come back. Watch out.

Just give me your-

“Hush, hush.”

She jolted up from her bed at the voice, eyes tearing up as she saw him standing next to her bedside, bandages and syringes in hand. Eri had been so lost in thought she hadn’t heard the man approaching her room and then him entering. Breathing heavily, she stared into his eyes, afraid of what he’d say.

“You know, there’s a lullaby that starts with the words ‘hush, hush.’” He said, bending down to be at her level. “Maybe one day you’ll get to hear it, but for now we must continue with our plans. Come along, Eri, it’ll all be okay. Just remember: hush, hush.”

If she ever escaped this place, the little girl would never find comfort in any song that contained the two words that haunted her the most.

Chapter Text

No one was really sure where everything went wrong. They thought that it had been going fine, that these two teens were doing well in life and aiming for great things.

But how horribly wrong they had all been. If only they could go back and change time before… well… you’ll find out soon enough.




“You’ll never take us alive

We swore that death will do us part

They’ll call our crimes a work of art

You’ll never take us alive

We’ll live like spoiled royalty, lovers and partners

Partners in crime…”


Their life was a tale of reckless love. Everyday they were on the run for living their life of crime. City after city, heist after heist, Midoriya and Uraraka had made quite a name for themselves.

Many famous detectives and police officers had been brought onto their case, working their asses off in order to hunt them down and finally take them in. Bakugou, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu had been called in for this yet none of them had been able to land a hit on the infamous duo. To say they were becoming increasingly frustrated was an understatement.

Currently, Todoroki was flying down the highway in his cruiser, trying to radio in Bakugou and Yaoyorozu. During his patrol of the city they had predicted to be targeted next, he had gotten a call from the station reporting a bank robbery that was going down ten minutes from him. After having been given the details, he knew immediately that this was Midoriya and Uraraka’s MO.

He just needed to get there in time to catch them.

“EVERYBODY FREEZE!” Came the muffled yell, a gun pointed directly at the security officer’s head. The person standing next to the man with the gun held her own, slowly scanning the room. Seeing a person inch to the front door, she aimed for his leg.


“Lead the way to the money.” The security officer walked forward, being held at gunpoint. The banker joined alongside him, making their way to the vault that was in the back of the building. The man’s accomplice stayed in the front room, watching over everyone in case they tried anything stupid.

“Empty out that vault there for me now, and then my doll and I will be on our way. You can pretend afterwards that none of this ever happened, alright?”

The men shakily nodded, working together to open up the vault door. Once done, they hurried inside to fill some bags with money before handing them over to the criminal. Smiling, he pocketed his gun and turned around, making his way out to the front of the bank. His partner followed him when he exited the building, putting away her own gun as well. Hopping onto a motorcycle, the two sped away, laughing at the thought of their paper faces flooding the streets once more.

Pulling up to the bank, Todoroki knew that he had missed them once again. Angrily he slammed his hand onto the dash of his car. Bakugou and Yaoyorozu tried asking what was happening through the radio, but after hearing nothing, they knew they had failed once more.


“...Oh, just try and catch us!...”


Midoriya and Uraraka were thrilled with the success they had found in crime. Once they had been teenagers thought to be headed for a successful life, now they were lowlifes who thrived off of causing chaos and pain.

Whenever they saw an article about them in the paper, they laughed at the failure of the security system in their country. Interviews of detectives and officers further showed how incapable of catching them they were. By living the life they were, the duo had shaken up the people’s belief in their country to keep them safe from criminals like themselves, and for that they were delighted.

Today’s heist was supposed to go like every other one they had ever done. Midoriya would work on the store owner, demanding him to put the jewels in the bag while Uraraka watched the civilians in the building, gun steadily trained on them. However, that was not the case.

The store owner wasn’t going down without a fight. When Midoriya approached him, hand moving for the gun at his side, the owner whipped out his own, pressing a distress button under the counter. Bakugou had come to him the day before, saying that he was most likely going to be the next target for the duo’s crimes. Yaoyorozu had installed the device while Todoroki provided the gun.

The criminals had walked right into their trap.

Midoriya quickly backpedalled, grabbing onto Uraraka’s hand. Together they ran out the front door, making their way down the busy street. Seeing their motorcycle in the distance, they both paled at the sight of a blond officer sitting calmly on top of it. Without a second thought, Midoriya dragged his partner into an alleyway.

“Where we gonna go?!” Uraraka cried, fear bright in her eyes. “They’ve got us pinned, Mido!” Her partner didn’t say a word, continuing to run with her down the narrow alley.

“Baby, I’m a little scared…” She said when they hid behind a dumpster, breathing heavily.

“You can’t quit now.” Midoriya responded, looking at her softly.

“The sirens are getting louder…!”

The sound of pounding feet was deafening as it came closer to their position. Midoriya cupped Uraraka’s face in both of his hands, eyes shining their love for her. An unspoken agreement passed between them, followed by the girl leaning in to give him a quick kiss.

Together they stood up, drawing out their guns. They positioned themselves in the center of the alleyway, hands clasped tightly between them. Todoroki, Bakugou, and Yaoyorozu slowed to a halt, facing down the duo with their own guns ready.

“This is the police department.” Todoroki stated, eyes narrowing in on the criminals. “Put your weapons down and raise your hands up. We have you surrounded.”

Midoriya and Uraraka didn’t move an inch, each fingering the trigger on their gun, waiting for the next move. They knew this was their end and they were going to go out the way they wanted to. No matter what.

When the duo did not do as asked, Todoroki repeated the demand, but again, nothing happened. Bakugou took over at the sight of Midoriya inching his hand upwards.

“Ready men… aim…” Yaoyorozu and Todoroki positioned their own guns at the duo. Uraraka quickly brought up hers, firing off a shot that whizzed by the blond’s head. As planned, the man retaliated.


Snipers from up above on the roofs fired down on the duo while the three below watched the morbid display. The couple’s bodies fell lifelessly to the ground, their hands still loosely intertwined. Tonight marked the end of their young love, and the three put on this case would later make sure that they were buried at each other’s side.

Although they had accomplished their goal of stopping these criminals, it was not a satisfying victory. After all, they never truly caught them. In the end, the partners were the true winners.


“...You never took us alive

We swore that death would do us part

So now we haunt you in the dark

You never took us alive

We live as ghosts among these streets

Lovers and partners

Partners in crime.”

Chapter Text

Toga Himiko had been blessed with a quirk called transform. With a taste of someone’s blood, she was able to change her appearance completely, becoming that person. For her profession, she copied someone every single day, infiltrating this person’s position for the group she worked for.

At first, it was a lot of fun. Her team members joked around whenever they saw her looking like this, poking fun at the person’s appearance and such. The job she was infiltrating was also interesting, being able to dress up fancy and work in some big corporation. The people she worked alongside there were friendly and didn’t suspect a thing. All in all, it was going exactly how they had planned it.

But there was a consequence no one saw coming.

After nearly a year of doing this, Toga began to pick up on some things that had been changing over time. Her team members no longer poked fun at her, instead treating this fake appearance as if it was her real one, preferring her all dressed up than in baggy school clothes. Also, the constant interaction with people who worked with the one she was copying were slowly working their way into her brain as well.

With this worry in the back of her mind, Toga made her way in their base to the cell where the original person still remained. Unlocking the door, she slipped inside, taking a seat next to the slumped over woman.

They had continued to keep her alive, whether she wanted to or not, because Toga needed the blood supply in order to maintain the transformation. In the beginning, she had spent many long evenings conversing with the woman, learning how to talk and sound like her. It went something like this:


“Hello, who are you?” Mmm… no let’s start again from scratch.

“Gotta go, talk to you soon!” Yeah… that sounded more like you.

“Hello, what’s up with you?” Now I’m really starting to talk like you do.


Toga had eventually mastered her impersonation, but day by day, she herself was slowly fading away. Without realizing it, she was on the verge of being a shell of herself, completely gone.

Everything had changed, and that was the biggest consequence of all.

When the year mark came and went, Toga knew that she was a mess. Walking back into base after working all day long, she plopped her stuff down onto the bar, sighing as she bent over to take off her heels. Dabi, who lounged in the corner with Shigaraki, made an offhand comment that would be her breaking point.

“Hey, @#$%, get any new information for our mission?”

“I’m Toga, not @#$%.” She looked at him, smiling a little.

“Eh, not anymore really. But hey, it’s not a bad change.” Shigaraki said, fiddling with a hand.

Toga’s smile faltered, her eyes becoming watery. Dropping her head, she hurried out of the bar, quickly making her way to the bathroom. Staring into the mirror, she looked at herself, or rather, at the person she had become.

I can’t remember… who I am… or what I look like… she frantically thought to herself, beginning to breathe heavily. The tears finally broke fear, mascara trailing down her cheeks. Everything’s a blur… it’s taking me over…

She stepped away from the mirror until her back hit the wall, slowly sliding down it until she landed on the floor. Her hands grasped frantically at her head, tangling themselves in hair. She brought her knees up to her chest, curling in on herself as her mind broke down.

I’ll become what you like. This is what you wanted, right?! I sacrificed all I know, I will teach myself to let go… Thoughts came rushing in, images of Toga, no @#$%, no Toga, flashing through her mind. She couldn’t keep it straight anymore, having been so long since she was who she actually was.

You said ‘copy that, copycat,’ and I did. I copied it just like you wanted. But I don’t know if I can go back anymore… I don’t know! Losing control of everything, she began to hyperventilate, sobs being wrenched out of her.

I’VE BECOME WHAT YOU LIKE! I AM WHAT YOU WANTED, RIGHT?! I SACRIFICED ALL I’VE KNOWN, I TAUGHT MYSELF TO LET GO! Her thoughts were screaming at her, no longer able to keep anything together, mind falling apart. This was her breaking point. This was the end of To$%.






Chapter Text

After fighting off the great evil of their land, they were finally heading home.

It had started with just the lone villager, Izuku Midoriya. Along the way, he ran into a witch named Uraraka and her friend Asui. Prince Todoroki and his faithful knight Iida accompanied them, the former wanting to make a name for himself outside of his father. The tribal leader, Bakugou, joined the group, his dragon acquaintance Kirishima following behind.

There were many others as well who joined, too. Jirou the musician, Ojiro the assassin, Sero the merchant, Ashido the berserker, Yaoyorozu the guard, and Tokoyami the wanderer. Together they were a powerful team, facing any trial that came against them with ease. Midoriya was incredibly thankful he had run into and met such wonderful people.

That’s why it made saying goodbye so hard.

It was also especially hard because not everyone had made it out alive. From their large group, only Midoriya, Asui, Todoroki, Kirishima, Jirou, and Tokoyami remained.

Iida was slain while protecting his Prince, giving his life so that the other could live on and prove himself worthy and not have to be tied to who he was. Prince Todoroki still mourned the loss of his trusty knight, but swore to live on in his memory and make him proud.

Uraraka had died while distracting the enemy, using her potions and spells to buy her friends time. Asui had been heartbroken, crying out as she watched the witch fall to their foes. She still carried the witch’s hat with her as a momento as they slowly traveled home.

Sero and Yaoyorozu had snuck into a village, springing a trap on their enemies. Although it technically worked out in the end, neither one of them had made it out alive, having succumbed to their wounds before anyone could arrive.

Ojiro and Ashido had made their way into the enemies defenses during the final battle, drawing them out from behind as to give their friends an advantage while they fought the lead force. Their sacrifice was part of the reason they had even managed to win the battle.

And finally Bakugou. Out of all the deaths, his was the most surprising and devastating. The tribal leader was a strong man, his confidence giving the others support when their own morale fell short. Kirishima, his trusty dragon-friend, had stood by his side for the entirety of the journey without fail, but in the moment he stepped away, that’s when it happened.

The battle had been nearing its end, only the leader and his main force left to fight. Kirishima had transformed into his dragon-form, flying high above to take down any remaining archers and troops that were attempting to come in from over the hills. Bakugou had been leading a charge to take down the second in command, leaving the main boss for Midoriya and the others. The warrior had cut down the commander, but it came at a price. When Bakugou struck his final blow, the commander made use of his remaining strength to attack the tribal man, hitting him where exposed.

As both lay dying in the fields, Kirishima had quickly made his way to his dear friend’s side and wept when Bakugou told him that he was happy that the dragon could now live free from adversary and scorn. The dragon’s roar of despair echoed across the land when his friend took his final breath in his arms.

Midoriya, days after the battle had ended, had taken a moment and watched as the light faded from the sky, snowflakes silently falling down to cover their fallen brothers and sisters. The wind sighed as his gaze swept the fields, looking for those lost there and further in the distance for those who were not present yet still gone.

Despite all the sorrow the villager had experienced, he did not regret, nor would he forget, everyone who took this road with him.

Preparing to head back home had been harder than he expected it to be, but he knew the road was calling for them to journey home and that they had to must away. Without a doubt Midoriya would hold on to these memories, and with the blessings he felt in his heart from his fallen friends, he would turn back and make his way home.

When they day had come, everyone finally packed up and mounted on their steeds, the villager gave one last glance at where they had come, the wind gently moving his curls. Silently to himself, he thought a parting last goodbye and thanks, a small smile gracing his face.

I bid you all a very fond farewell…

Chapter Text

Although they were aspiring police officers and doctors, they still needed time to themselves in order to achieve some kind of freedom. Hence, their monthly club night. No boyfriends, no homework, no problems. Just a chance to let loose and not give a damn.

The six girls had just gotten past the bouncers and were making their way over to the bar. Uraraka and Asui split off from the others, on a mission to claim a booth for their group. Ashido and Hagakure ordered drinks for everyone, Yaoyorozu and Jirou there to help carry them. Clambering into the booth that the other two girls had managed to snag, drinks were passed around and Ashido stood up to give a speech.

“Alright ladies.” She started, hand propped on her hip while she smiled, gaze sweeping the table. “As always, there are some rules to abide to for tonight. No boys! That one’s important. They can give us a night off. If they call or text, lay it on them. No homework! If I hear a single peep about our classes from any of your mouths, we are going to have an issue. I’m looking at you, Momo. And no problems! Let’s get in there and have fun ladies!”

The other five girls raised their glasses, cheering along with Ashido. Together, they threw back their drinks before slamming them down onto the table. With grins on their faces, they made their way to the dance floor, holding hands as they pushed into the center of the crowd.

As they began to lose themselves to the song playing, Jirou’s phone began to buzz in her pocket. Glancing at her friends, she quickly pulled it out and saw that it was her boyfriend Kaminari calling her. Pressing the answer button, Ashido glared at her as she lifted the phone to her ear.

“Hey, Kyouka I-”

“Hello? Hello? Sorry, I can’t hear a thing! I don’t seem to have good service here!” Jirou shouted over the noise of the crowd.

“Kyouka what’s-”

“What did you say? Sorry, you’re breaking up on me! I can’t hear you!”

“I can hear you fine-”

“I’m kinda busy!” She quickly ended the call, putting her phone back into her pocket. Ashido danced over to her and gave her a bright smile. Together the two girls let themselves fall back into the music, joining the others in the rhythm that thrummed through their hearts.

For a while they were able to get away with no interruptions, having a wonderful time in the club. Jirou had silenced her phone and there were a few missed calls from her boyfriend, but she paid it no mind, not wanting to deal with him again for the rest of the night. She’d make up for it the following day. It was Asui’s phone that caused a problem next.

She had wandered over to the bar, asking for a glass of water to soothe her throat from all the singing she had done and to cool her down. As she waited, her phone brightened, a ding following. Tokoyami’s name filled the screen along with the message he had sent.

Frowning, she held her glass in one hand while trying to reply with the other. The alcohol from earlier had hit her system by this point and was giving her a bit more trouble than normal. Angrily, she shoved her phone back into her pocket, drinking the water instead.

I can’t text with a drink in my hand. He should’ve made plans with me earlier when he knew I was free. Ugh! I’m kinda busy! The green-haired woman thought to herself, placing her glass onto the counter before storming back into the sea of bodies.

“Momo!” Hagakure called out, gaining the woman’s attention. “Come with me to the bathroom!”

“Alright!” The two girls left the others behind on the dance floor, navigating their way to the bathroom in the back of the club. Once there, the two made their way in, Hagakure rushing for a stall while Yaoyorozu fixed her ponytail at the counter. Curious, she bent down to slip her phone out of her boot. Standing back up, she leaned back to look through the messages her boyfriend had sent her.

Todoroki for some reason wanted her to hurry up and come back, needing her help on some project of his or other. Her fingers hovered over her phone, about to send a reply before Ashido’s words from earlier echoed in her head. Hagakure stepped out of the stall, coming to her side to wash her hands.

“Whatcha looking at?” She asked, peering over Yaoyorozu’s shoulder.

“It’s just Shouto. He wants me to come home.” Hagakure gasped, grabbing the other’s phone away with her wet hands.

“Momo! You can’t leave! Ignore him! He can survive a night without you! Why can’t you help him tomorrow?!”

“I don’t know! And give me my phone back before you damage it!”

“Oh. Sorry.” Hagakure sheepishly smiled while handing back Yaoyorozu’s phone. The taller girl sighed, wiping away the water before placing it in her boot once more.

“Don’t worry. He can blow up my phone all he wants, but it’s not going to make me leave any faster, leave you girls any faster. I knew this would happen. I should’ve just left my phone at home.” Yaoyorozu said as the two women left the bathroom, holding hands as they made their way back into the crowd.

“I’m just getting sick and tired of everyone’s phones ringing!” Hagakure whined as she followed behind. “Ojirou at least hasn’t been harassing me tonight!”

“Uraraka hasn’t had any messages from Midoriya either, and Ashido most likely threatened Sero within an inch of his life.” Yaoyorozu said, smiling when they broke through the crowd to where their other friends were still dancing.

Almost immediately Uraraka’s phone began to ring after the comment was made. Both girls sighed, watching as Ashido grabbed the phone out of the other girl’s hand, answering the phone herself.

“STOP CALLING!” She shouted before slamming the phone closed, promptly ending the call. Ashido put it back into Uraraka’s pocket before taking a deep breath, ignoring the looks her friends were giving her.

“Why can’t we just have a night to sip some bubb and not have our phones be reached?! Is that too much to ask?!” Ashido’s eyes flickered with anger, getting fed up with the ruining of their night out. The other five girls quickly flocked to her side, wrapping her into a tight embrace.

“Hey, it’s okay Mina.” Jirou said, holding the other woman tight.

“Yeah, we’ll just sit them down tomorrow and make sure they understand the consequences of their actions tonight.” Hagakure cheerfully piped in.

“They’ll know better than to mess with us!” Uraraka exclaimed, punching the air.

“You guys are right!” Ashido cried, her face beaming once more. “To hell with them! Let’s enjoy the rest of the night because we’ve barely even begun!” The other girls cheered, tightly hugging one another before beginning to dance once more. With phones silenced and securely put away, they wouldn’t spare them a moment at all for the rest of the night.

After all, it was a girl's night out. No boys allowed.




“We’re sorry. The number you have reached is not in service at this time. Please check the number or try your call again…”

Chapter Text

He never meant to hurt anyone else. He had just thought he’d be doing everyone a favor if he left. He didn’t want to take them down with him, that’s all.

That’s why, as he sat on the roof of his dorm building, he held his tattered yellow backpack close to his chest, debating the fall before him. Thoughts of people missing him and caring for him didn’t cross his mind as he looked at the ground, trying to find peace within himself before he jumped. It was late at night and he knew everyone was already in their rooms so he doubted they’d come interfere with him.

It was now or never, really.

Taking a deep breath, he shouldered his backpack before bracing his hands onto the edge of the roof, preparing to push off. Closing his eyes, he propelled himself forward, feeling the rush of air as he began his descent downwards. With a small smile on his face, he prepared for the end.

But it never came.

His body was jolted quickly upwards as something wrapped around his chest, stopping him before he could crash into the ground. He dangled in the air, tied up tightly, swaying side to side. Eyes clenched together, tears of frustration slowly slipped through.

Suddenly he was moving upwards, retracing the path his body had just taken. His backpack bumped into the edge of the roof before he felt an arm grab onto it and yank him upwards. He fell with a thump onto the roof and his body instinctively curled in on itself. A pair of hands untied him before grasping onto his limp body, bringing him up against a solid chest. From this position, as tears cascaded down his face, he listened closely to the heartbeat from the other who held him close.

The boy and his savior stayed like that for a while, the latter brushing a hand through the boy’s curly hair, soothing him with his deep voice whispering nothings. Eventually the boy calmed down enough, bringing a hand up to his eyes to wipe away the tears that were now a trickle. Opening his eyes slowly, he looked up at his savior.

“Why?” His voice was broken, cracking slightly as he stared up at his teacher.

“I think you know why, problem child.” Aizawa glanced down at Midoriya, adjusting his grip on the other. He didn’t miss how the boy frantically grasped at his shirt when he moved him.

“I-I…” Midoriya stuttered, unable to organize his thoughts coherently.

“It’s okay. Take it slow. We have time.” The erasure hero continued to run his hand through the green curls, giving the boy time to tell him what was wrong and why he had just attempted suicide.

“I-I didn’t mean… to hurt anyone… I-I just thought… it’d be easier…” Midoriya’s breath hitched slightly, fingers tangling in Aizawa’s shirt as he tried to center himself. “S-Sometimes if I close my eyes, I’m fighting in the dark… a-and it’s so hard to not fall apart. A-And I know I’m doing this to myself, hurting myself… b-but there’s no other way, no way anyone could rescue me… I’m just in too deep.”

Aizawa remained silent, knowing that the boy still had more to say, but his concern was elevated and he gripped Midoriya a bit tighter in his hold.

“I-I didn’t want to take any of you down with me…”

“You have to let it go, problem child.” His chest rumbled against Midoriya’s ear, the sound deep and quiet. “I know I don’t understand completely and neither do you, but I’m not letting go of you, not even if someone tries to pry my hands off. Don’t be afraid that you’re taking me down with you. Myself, and the others here, are going to support you and help you. Just please hold on longer for us.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“It’s not your fault. Just promise me we can try and work through this together.”

“Okay… I-I promise.”

“Thank you.”

The savior continued to hold onto the boy far into the night, both finding comfort from the slight breeze and quiet it offered. It wasn’t until close to dawn that they headed back inside, promises to be kept as the day arrived. Although it wouldn’t be easy, the savior and his friends would be there for the boy until the very end. And that was a promise.

Chapter Text

All Might never said this would happen.

All Might never told him the pain this would cause.

All Might never explained the burden of this power.

All Might never warned him about the other users.

All Might never…

...he never…

...he never…

...he lied…

All Might lied about One For All.

All Might lied about All For One.

All Might lied about everything.

All Might lied.

And now Izuku Midoriya was suffering for it.

With All Might retired because of his fight with All For One, Midoriya felt the pressure slowly suffocating him. One For All was not the gift he originally thought it to be. It was truly nothing more than a curse.

The visions of the predecessors swarmed his every thought, their voices ricocheting around his head. Their powers consumed his body, warring against one another instead of trying to find harmony. Constantly they were telling him that the quirk was a lie, that All For One was better than One For All.

And he was beginning to believe it.

The pain he suffered daily at the hands of his quirk was exhausting him. His mind was slowly losing itself to insanity. The muttering was endless, his thoughts having no other way to organize themselves. He tried to hide it from the others, but they knew something was wrong, just not what exactly that was.

Midoriya was reaching a breaking point, one where he’d become the enemy, or maybe it was everyone else who was becoming his. Either way, when the downfall happened, it was spectacularly horrifying to those present.

They had been training in another fake city that U.A. had. All day, Midoriya had been holding his head, muttering constantly. His body was slightly shaking, the green static sporadically appearing on his body for brief moments before fading away. The others had given him numerous concerned looks, but no one was brave enough to approach him. Not even his teachers dared get close.

During a simulation they were running, Midoriya was the ‘villain’ in the scenario, Tokoyami and Bakugou going up against him as the ‘heroes.’ They were seeing how well they could apprehend the villain without causing too much damage and keeping the civilians (the rest of the class) safe. It was an important concept that heroes had to keep in mind when going out in the field.

Midoriya stood in the center of the street, staring down his opponents. As the other two quietly and quickly came up with a plan, they noticed that the green-haired teen’s gaze seemed vacant, as if there was no life left inside him. Shivering, they took their stances, waiting for the signal to begin. When it was given, they charged at the villain, preparing to attack.

The three students fought, Midoriya leaping out of reach and running around them, occasionally landing a hit on one of them when the other two left themselves open. Bakugou, growing frustrated this, managed to land his next hit with extreme precision, resulting in the other going flying backwards into a wall. As Tokoyami advanced, Dark Shadow ready to apprehend, it happened.

Midoriya after slamming into the wall clutched his head, a switch seeming to have been flipped in his head. Immediately the thoughts in his head became deafening, a loud scream wrenching itself out of the teen’s throat at the pressure and madness whirling in his head. Everyone froze as the boy finally broke.

Something’s happening

Mind distracting, agony inside of me

My pulse is rising

Mental torture, self destroyer

Can’t ignore the paranoia

Something’s happening

Mind distracting, agony inside of me

My pulse is racing

Mental torture, self destroyer

Can’t ignore the paranoia

His eyes opened wide, the emerald within glowing bright. Hands held tighter to his hair as he locked gazes with All Might who stood next to the rest of 1-A and the other teachers. With a choked sob, he curled back into himself, the thoughts overcoming him once more although now they were a different tone.


The rising

The crying

I’m dying


The rising

The crying

I’m dying


The rising

The crying

I’m dying

Standing up shakily, he gazed once more at his mentor, hatred and insanity swimming in his bright eyes. Green static was joined by black as the power burst forth from his body, no longer able to contain itself. Hands left his head, instead moving in front of his body, palms held out. His voice was deeper, almost like it was possessed by something that wasn’t truly Midoriya.

But in reality, that child was here no more.

“He lied to me… he shot at me… he hates on me… he’s using me… he’s dead to me…” His eyes glowed brighter, power accumulating in his hands. The static began to spread all around him, dancing over the ground. Bakugou and Tokoyami ran back to the others.

“They lied to me… they shot at me… they hate on me… they’re using me… afraid of me… they’re dead to me…” Midoriya’s voice was completely distorted, his hair fading into black as his skin turned white. His veins glowed faintly beneath the skin, a mixture of black and green. His hands thrummed with full power, ready to be released.

“They lied to me… they shot at me… they hate on me… they’re dead to me… and now they’re all my enemy!” In an instant, energy shot forth from within Midoriya, green and black static racing towards the bystanders. The pulse slammed into everyone, sending them flying backwards into the nearby buildings.

And then it all faded away, the green and black glow no longer visible.

Midoriya took a step forward, and when he did so, the static was active once more, dancing over his classmates and teachers, causing them pain. Buildings shattered, glass and debris falling onto those below. As they struggled to sit up, fear rose within them at the sight of the teen making his way steadily towards them.

All Might had tears silently trailing down his cheeks, knowing that this was his doing. The boy hadn’t been prepared, hadn’t been properly warned about the power of One For All. He knew this was his fault, that All For One was the winner here, that the voices of previous users managed to break the boy and claim him as their own.

After all, that power used to thrum within All Might himself.

And now they’d all have to pay the price.