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Reminiscence- CANCELED/ON HIATUS..?

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It all started on a fall afternoon…

Marinette, at 3 years old, was excited to go to preschool for the first time. Getting dressed, she admired her outfit. It was a pastel pink dress with a fluffy tulle tutu adorned with many sparkles. Over top, there was a black blazer and matching flats tied her look altogether. She would make so many nice friends.

She skipped her way to Ensoleillé école Maternelle. The gates were golden yellow, and as she hugged her parents goodbye, they opened.

   Marinette was about to step in the gates of the school when someone tripped her. “What is a girl like ywou doing here? You’re a pweasant, while I am a pwincess, bow down to mwe” A certain blonde girl sneered.

   The bluenette was shocked that someone would be so rude to her. This outfit was new, her parents and just bought it, but now it was all dirty. She was about to reply, but someone beat her to it. “Hey, that’s nwot very nwice. Say sowwy to her!” a boy with brown hair and a giant red baseball cap on his head blurted out.

   The blonde snorted. “Why shwould I? I am Chwoe, dwaughter of the mayor!” The bluenette gaped. This boy was so nice, standing up for her. She grabbed his hand and ran into the classroom. They could hear Chloe yelling after them. “Thwanks, uh I’m Marwinette” she said with a soft smile. The boy smiled back and said, “Sup! I’m Ninwo!”

This was the beginning of a great friendship.


Ever since then, they stuck together like glue, until one day.

The beginning of summer before 7th grade…

“Hey, Nette?” Nino said. Marinette looked up at Nino while they were playing a video game. “What’s up DJ?” she hummed.

   He looked at her with concern. “I won’t be able to spend summer with you. My parents are going on a work trip, and I have to go with them,” he pouted. Marinette’s face lowered. This had been happening often. “Again?” she sighed.

   He nodded. Nino hated to see Marinette sad, but he couldn’t decide for his parents. They hugged and promised to text and call.
However, it wasn’t that easy.

   Nino was always dragged into meetings and other boring things by his parents over the summer. Marinette and Nino never had time to call. They slowly drifted away.

   Until the day that school started. Marinette was super excited. She would see Nino again! She got dressed quickly and grabbed her breakfast. Marinette was super early! It was only 7:30 a.m!

   However, she never got to see Nino. All their classes were on opposite sides of the school, and Marinette was busy with martial arts training and fashion designing classes after school. Also, apparently they were required to eat in a cafeteria for the next two years!

   Even in 10th grade, they would only see each other with Alya and Adrien, and never really acknowledged the other. They just drifted apart since middle school.


They forgot their elementary shenanigans until…