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The Futa Sisters of Beacon

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In the last few years, team RWBY had really made their mark on not just the world as a huntress team, but on their school and the people in it, mostly the females. This was all thanks to the two hottest sisters around who belonged to the team. Yang and Ruby had a way of making themselves known around the school, and everyone knew why. Both girls were Futanaris (Futas), each having a cock as thick as a soda can, and as long as a forearm. They also both had a very nice pair of breasts, bigger than most other girls at the school. Yang was bigger in both than her sister, but Ruby was nothing to laugh at. These two things alone could have let them rule over all the males and females in the school, but they also were the leader and strongest fighter of the best team at Beacon, so no one dared to challenge them. In their first year at the school they both managed to form a collective harem of girls that they both use on a very regular basis. Most are just treated like sluts, and only interact with them when they are used, but the sisters also have their group of best friends who they not just fuck stupid but hang with as normal teens do.

It was early in the morning at Beacon academy, the first week back to school after the long summer vacation. Yang had just finished taking a much-needed shower, the first few nights back with her kitty girlfriend Blake got very nasty, and both really needed to clean up. Normally they would just shower together, but at the risk of getting dirty again before class, they decided to just shower separately. Yang now walks out of the shower and back into the main bedroom, where it’s just two large beds to make things easier. She has a towel around her chest, but thanks to the size of her tits, it doesn’t cover her cock or balls at all.

The only other one in the room right now is Weiss, who looks over at Yang and huffs as she sees her teammate just begin to walk around the room and not get dressed “Would you mind fully covering yourself Yang? I still want to keep this bedroom as decent as possible.” Weiss says as she is finishing putting on her white dress that shows off her thin, but strong body very nicely. “You wouldn’t be saying that if I was Ruby” Yang replies while starting to swing her hips around so that her 11-inch soft member swings back and forth. She does so next to Weiss so that her cock slaps her teammate’s legs a few times. Weiss is just getting annoyed, wising Ruby was here to help distract her sister. Instead the red-haired teen is across the hall, most likely balls deep in Nora or Pyrrha, whoever won the contest to be her first non-girlfriend lay of the semester. Weiss just tries to ignore Yang, knowing that at least she can’t do anything to her, not only because of the upcoming class, but the sisters have an agreement not to touch the others girlfriend unless they ask. This agreement really is just for Weiss, as Blake doesn’t really mind what Ruby wants to do with her.

After a little while, Yang gives up on messing with Weiss and just goes to get dressed, putting on
a pair of jeans, a revealing yellow top, and a small brown jacket. She does have to put her member down one of her pant legs, strapped down just in case she gets an erection by looking at all the sexy huntresses in her classes. Blake also comes out of the shower, and after putting on a black tee-shirt and small skirt, she goes right up to Yang and the two just begin to make out like crazy. Aside from being the girlfriend of the biggest and strongest girl in Beacon, Blake was also special for the fact that she has two animal parts. While most Faunus only have one animal part, Blake has both cat ears, and a long black cat tail. This is both a blessing and a curse, it comes in very handy in a fight to maneuver, but then is a painful handlebar for her girlfriend to use during sex.

Eventually it gets close to class time, and just moments before they are about to leave, the door opens and there is a blast of rose peddles that fill the room for a few moments. Once they clear, the younger team leader is standing there, fully clothed in a red battle skirt uniform that hides her cock under many layers of thin fabric. Ruby and Weiss share a quick kiss before the team all begin to walk to class together. The two Futa sisters both have their hands on their girlfriend’s ass, making sure that anyone who sees them knows that they have been claimed.

The first class of the day is a lecture given to all of the students by the heads of the school. Most of the stuff is old material to non-first year students, so the girls all just take seats in the back, so they can be on their scrolls for the class time. This lecture does give Ruby and Yang a chance to eye up all the new huntresses, seeing if there are any who may be worth getting alone with in the showers. As the lecture starts, Ruby looks around to see who is sitting next to them. She finds a bunch of her friends and cum dumps have joined them in the back, Nora, Pyrrha, Velvet, Coco, Penny and a few others. Ruby grins as she sees that Nora and Pyrrha both made it, after having been a tie in the simple closest number contest, and Ruby not being a girl to disappoint, she had used her semblance to let her slam both girls at the same time. She had left both of their holes filled and plugged, much to their enjoyment. Both sluts had missed their futa friend very much so, and already can tell this will be a great school year.

Once the lecture is over, everyone has to split up and start heading to their official classes. While the team and friends tried to get the schedules to be similar, it just wasn’t always possible, and they just had to go with what they could get. Ruby walks down the hall for a bit after classes have started, and grins as she sees Velvet buying a drink from the vending machine. After a quick look around to make sure they were alone, Ruby goes up behind Velvet and gropes her decently large breasts through her shirt. “You know, anytime you are thirsty, you can always come to me for a nice big drink. You will have to do some work, but it’s better than paying” she says grinning some as Velvet lets out a moan. “R-Ruby! I-I thought you had a class in the morning” Velvet replies as she cancels the charge at the vending machine, knowing a far better drink will be hers soon. “Nope! Last week I managed to swap into the same Grimm Biology class that Weiss is in, so I got this time off between classes.” Both girls laugh some and proceed to share a quick kiss before they begin to walk to Velvets dorm room. Once inside, they both begin to kiss some more, this time much more deeply. The two girl’s tongues rub together very sexually, their hands moving to rub all over the others body, spending a lot of time on the others ass and breasts. Ruby uses her semblance to strip them both fully naked, putting the clothing off neatly to the side before she takes a seat on Velvets bed “Ok my bunny pet, you know what to do to get your drink” Ruby says in a commanding voice that she only uses to have some fun. “Yes mistress, thank you for giving me the option to have some today” Velvet gets on her knees and crawls over to Ruby. Ruby spreads her legs to show off her mostly hard, 10-inch member. Velvet takes Ruby’s cock in her hands and begins to stroke it slowly, just appreciating being up close to it as she has not been able to do anything but see photos Ruby has send to the group chat all the friends are in. Velvet works over Ruby’s cock nicely in order to get her hard. This doesn’t take long, and soon Velvet is working on a thick 12-inch-long futa cock. She leans in and begins to give it some soft licks, moaning as she remembers how amazing Ruby tastes. Ruby is also enjoying this, having gone straight to sex with Weiss; it’s nice to have someone working over her member again in this way. It had just been her and Yang all summer, and while her sister’s hands are good, it’s always better with someone who doesn’t have their own cock they can jerk. Every movement of Velvets hands and mouth are both to please Ruby, but also for her to just explore this amazing futa cock.

“Start sucking Velvet, we do have class today, and I want to get at least three loads down your throat before we go” Ruby commands to her pet who instantly nods and opens her mouth wide and engulfs the first half of Ruby’s cock. Velvet begins to bob her head up and down on her mistress/friend’s cock, remembering very quickly what she has to do to in order to pleasure Ruby. Velvet has been the go to cock sucker for Yang and Ruby since they met, she still struggles with Yang’s massive dick, but Ruby is just the perfect size to fill her mouth and throat up, and she is able to suck her off without too much of a problem. Because of this however, it left Yang to go and take Coco as her secondary cock sucker. This had led to many nights last semester where the futa sisters each had one of them sucking them off. The part that makes it special is that Coco and Velvet are in a very passionate lesbian relationship. When they are both free, and Ruby and Yang don’t want them, there is a very good chance they will be on Cocos bed naked.

This isn’t about Coco however, as Velvet has Ruby to please, and intends to do a very good job at it. Velvet twirls her tongue around Ruby’s cock, getting it nice and wet so that she can bob her head faster and get more of it into her throat. Even on her first day back to cock sucking, it has only taken her a few minutes to get 9 inches of Ruby’s delicious cock into her mouth. Ruby reaches and takes hold of Velvets long bunny ears, purely to show her dominance over her friend. Velvet just blushes and keeps sucking the best she can, her throat bulging out greatly as Ruby’s cock bends down her throat. Velvet keeps her lips locked around Ruby’s cock; she wouldn’t let Ruby leave if she wanted to. She manages to get her lips pressed right against Ruby’s crotch, holding there before pulling back off and panting hard “S-So good, I missed this so much” she says before starting to lick up and down Ruby’s length as she keeps eye contact with her younger mistress. Ruby is gripping the bed sheets, even after just fucking Nora and Pyrrha; her balls are full of cum and can blow at any moment. She pulls Velvet back on her cock, but this time she begins to thrust down Velvets throat while holding her ears

“Oh god Velvet!! I’m gonna blow!!” Ruby screams out in pleasure before she thrusts deep into Velvets mouth, holding her ears tightly as her cock begins to erupt with a super big load of hot futa cum. Velvet is ready for it as Ruby blows, she keeps sucking to help add to the pleasure, and soon begins to moan around Ruby’s cock as the thick cum begins to flood down her throat and fill up her stomach. After almost a full minute of cumming, Ruby pulls back so that the last of her load can fill Velvets mouth up with her thick white cum. Velvet keeps her mouth open to show Ruby all the cum, and then slowly closes her mouth and swallows it all before showing an empty mouth. Ruby just pants softly and smiles down at Velvet “Always got a great throat Velvet, you ready for rounds two and three?” Ruby grabs her cock and jerks it some to get it hard again. “Of course, mistress, always ready to drink your cum in one of my holes” she says before getting on the bed to kiss Ruby deeply again.

The Bell for the first class ending rings through the halls, this is just as Ruby and Velvet are getting changed and walking out of Velvets cum stained room. Ruby fully sexually satisfied for at least a few hours, and Velvet with a bloated belly full of her friends cum. The two hold hands as they begin to walk to their first official class of the day, now with the plan to do this every day they have this class