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Varian: King of Corona

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Chapter 8

Cold Weather Cookies

The northern wind blew harshly today, as the towns people prepared for cold weather to set in. Fall was here and the nights were getting very cold, very quickly. Varian was sound asleep in the room he was given. It has been a while since Cass gave him the room, and has also made amends to what she said to him that day. This morning was chilly and he could feel that the second he tried to get up. Varian shivered and pulled the covers back over. 

    Meanwhile Cass and Nigel were in the throne room going over some of the documents while Varian slept. When he wasn’t around they were able to have Rapunzel's distant command continue to work, but when Varian was awake they had to hide that fact incase he became angered. Though around nine in the morning the townspeople wondered where the handyman-of-a-king was; they had required his assistance. Cass knew he was still sound asleep and had to get him up in order to tend to the needs of the people. She made her way down the hall as she recalled the day she had said those mean things out loud. She felt horrible after saying that to him knowing full well that it was very rude even for her. The boy had lost his only family ages ago, and pointing that out, is the worst thing anyone could do. Though he did accept the vague apology she gave - offering the room - He did not seem to yell or harsy order her around after the fact. 

    Reaching the door she knocked and waited, no response, she did it again, not even a sound came from the room. She rolled her eyes and opened the door. 

    “Hey, get up. The people need you.” She snapped from the doorway. Varian did not move an inch, he was nice and warm under the blankets and did not want to leave his cocoon. Cass stomped in and stood over him.

“Get up!” She yelled. Varian groaned in annoyance. Cass then flew open the curtains to let the sun in, but it didn’t help since Varian was already under the covers completely.  

“Get up, I won’t say it again.” Cass snapped. Varian gave a loud huff.

“It’s too cold…” He whined. Cass shook her head, she couldn’t believe how childish he was acting. She stomped over and pulled off the blankets so they were on the floor. Varian curled up and shivered. 

“Now, you have no choice.” Cass said as she walked off. Varian sat up with a very grumpy face. He did not like being woken so early, nor so harshly. With a sigh he got up and got ready. 

    The towns people waited in the throne room until they saw the sleepy false king enter with a yawn. They crossed their arms appalled that he would show such indecency. Varian didn’t care what they thought of him this early in the morning, they needed his help, not the other way around. He then stood waiting for the few people there to say what they needed.

    An older woman walked up, rather displeased. “The cold weather is coming, and my crops will die if not properly covered tonight, I’d like your assistance in covering the fields with sheets.” 

Then a middle aged gentleman stepped forward. “my son insists on wanting to be a castle guard, what should I do?” 

Then the last villager “I fear the sickness of cold weather, you treated a young boy from a horrible cold, can you prevent it?” 

Varian sighed, he pointed to the middle aged man first. 

“Not my jurisdiction, talk to the captain of the guards.” Then to the fearful villager. “Though curing is something I can attempt, I am no doctor. So no. I can't prevent your future sickness.” And finally to the older lady. “I'll assist you in a bit. I'll meet you at your place of residence.” And with that all villagers nodded and carried on. Cass was rather upset with how he was able to handle the villagers well with only being awake for a few minutes, she had hoped he would fail and have the villagers riot again. Varian stretched with another groan, still trying to wake up. Cass rolled her eyes still remembering the way he acted when she tired to get him up. Not even Eugene acted that way when he needed to wake. 

“Lazy.” Cass huffed. Varian heard the comment and frowned.

“Bossy.” He huffed back still feeling mildly irritated by the wake up call this morning. Cass whipped her head around not expecting a remark back as she shot a glare. 

“Arrogant boy.” She jabbed. Cass thought if he wanted to start name calling she would win this fight. She's had enough training with Eugene with this subject for sure. Though they both were tired and not in a happy mood at all today. Varian especially did not want today to even happen. 

“Grouchy girl.” Varian continued as he crossed his arms, stuck his tongue out, and acted like the kid she claimed him to be.

“Over sensitive child!” Cass shouted, she made the remark as a jab to his ego. She has seen various emotions with him, as if he has two separate personalities. Either way, he is a very sensitive person when it comes to emotions; from what Cassandra has seen. Varian hissed at that name call and looked at her directly in the eye. He felt called out and that was not something he was pleased with. With a slight blush of embarrassment and childish mindset he spat out something he didn’t think would hurt. 

“Heartless crone .” They both became quite as they seemed to want to fight for some reason today. Nigel watched this play out with worry. Last thing he wanted to do was witness a fight between these two. If it did break out, no one could stop that. 

Cass looked at Varian directly in the eyes as she heard that last name call. To her it was a low blow. She knew that she can be heartless at times, but she had to be, even if she didn’t want to. She turned away in a huff, storming out of the throne room. 

“You can guard yourself today.” She snapped. Varian was still irritated and now shocked at her comment.

“Good, now I don’t have to see your face for the rest of the day!” He shouted as Cass slammed the door shut. Varian growled in frustration, Cass did so as well. Nigel was at a loss for words and did not wish to provoke Varian seeing that the boy was already agitated as it were. He decided to clean up the documents and wait for a better time. Varian marched his way down to the old room he had been cleaning out for a while now before heading out to the villagers. 

Meanwhile Cass stormed down to the dungeons and slammed open the door. Rapunzel was startled by the sudden sound and looked to see a very upset Cass walk in. Cass began pacing back and forth complaining about how immature, disrespectful, and down right annoying Varian was being. Rapunzel knew this was one of Cassandra’s outbursts of rage and all she needed was to vent it out. The brunette stood and listened to the whole story of this morning, taking in all the information in order to help her frustrated friend. When Cass finished and finally took a breath, Rapunzel was able to calmly talk with her.  

“You are both still human, and the cold can make people irritable and distraught at times, its brings the sign that winter is on its way.” Rapunzel had a feeling that the weather played a part since it seemed to be on everyone's mind. She herself was freezing this morning. The cells have open windows to the outside. Had Eugene not come down with her winter coat and extra wool blankets she would have caught her death. 

“I just don’t get why he is acting this way, mainly to me?!” Cass shouted. She alone felt like she had to babysit this kid all over again. It bothered her greatly that he has been taking his emotions out on her.

“Well… You are the closest person to him right now, not in the sense of a friend, but as another human. Perhaps leaving him alone for a day or two?” Rapunzel suggested.

“I did…” Cass sighed. The day she said those mean words all she did was keep her distance after offering the room. Only stopped by to give him food or remained at a distance in the same room. She had felt horrible for saying the things she did. He seemed to have forgiven her, but this morning says otherwise. 

“Like I said Cass, you both are human, and perhaps he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You being the closest person just got the end result.” Rapunzel kept calm and tried to find a reasonable solution to this. Cass had every right to be irritated, but so didn’t Varian. Rapunzel felt that people need to have off days, days where everything is just bothersome, or annoying, otherwise life is boring. Having those days brings people closer together, because in a time of need, those who care will help you through it. She is here for Cass, and Cass for her, but the pain in her heart was pity to Varian, who had no one to turn to. 

Cass didn’t think about that in her rage, and only thought of her issues. Rapunzel didn’t say anything on the matter for two reasons: one, Cass is here for her problems, not Varians. Two, Cass needed to see this on her own, otherwise it would not hold the same weight as it does with Rapunzel. She feels it when he walks in, the energy around him says he is in pain. She wants to help him this time. The only way she can do that though, is through Cass. That is the biggest struggle yet. So far, it seemed near impossible, but when Cass gets like this it usually means she cares enough about the other person's mood - mainly because it affects her - but she still cares nonetheless. 

Cass was able to breathe and relax after venting out her frustration. She needed to keep a level head with this situation. After calming down she informed Rapunzel of the documents she and Nigel went over. Rapunzel was thankful for the report, but was more concerned over the sudden subject change. Either way, She went along with it and discussed the process for Cass and Nigel to follow.

In the halls of the castle Eugene was with Celestia. The little girl jumped around with a bunch of energy, meanwhile Eugene was exhausted from having a horrible nights sleep. His arm was causing him great pain. That had kept him up all night as it twinged and twitched the nerves in his arm. Celestia had not a care in the world as she danced around. 

“Daddy, when can I see Mommy?” She asked. Eugene gave a yawn and smiled. 

“Soon, don’t worry.” He made sure to keep a smile on for her, even though he wanted to show his worry and his regrets. Eugene felt responsible for not being able to defend his family, or his home. He felt weak, and weak was not something he wanted to be. He wanted to get stronger and hopefully one day soon, able to kick Varian down from his high horse and show him who's boss. 

As Eugene day dreamed about the future, Celestia wanted to play. She was beyond board with having little freedom to wonder like she used too. Her lady in waiting was unable to take her into town, and her father wouldn’t allow it without him or a few guards following. The little one missed the days of sunshine and dance with her mommy. Even more so now that she is remembering it. No matter how hard he kept a smile on, Celestia always seemed to frown at being unable to see Rapunzel. He wanted to let her run around once again, to be the free soul she is, but ever since he was warned about the monsters running around he became paranoid. At the reaction though, he pushed his sleepiness aside and began a game of tag. It made Celestia giggle and smile the whole game. 

It didn’t last long till the pain in his arm was to much. Eugene had to stop and relax, but Celestia wanted to continue. He apologized and said they needed to take a nap for a bit. The little one huffed, she had just woken a few hours ago and was not any bit sleepy. Eugene didn’t care at the moment, he played, and now he needed rest. He took her hand and began walking back to the room. The whole way she shouted and cried not wanting to sleep. The whole castle heard her tantrum. When she got to her room she pouted and sat on the floor. 

“Stop this now. I’m not in the mood.” Eugene held a very serious face. He was not happy with her right now, and being in pain made this situation worse. He did not get mad at Celestia often, but when he did, it was scary. He told her to stay put, if she left her room or moved she would be put in time out for the rest of the day. Celestia screamed in frustration, she was not tired, she wanted to keep playing, she wanted her mommy. Eugene slammed the door closed muffling the screaming tantrum slightly. He laid in bed and felt a headache forming. He loved his daughter dearly, and wouldn't trade her for the world, but days like this makes him wish kids had an off switch. 

Celestia eventually stopped screaming and stared crying instead. She shouted saying she wanted her mommy instead. After nearly half an hour of crying she calmed down when no one came to her tantrum. She looked around her room trying to find something to do. Sadly nothing seemed to strike her interest. She got up and looked out her window. She could see the leaves changing already as fall was right around the corner. The little one wanted to go outside and climb a tree or two, go to the pumpkin farm and pick the biggest pumpkin, drink warm apple cider fresh from the kitchen, to bake the best fall chocolate chip cookies with her mommy, and run in the fields of golden grass; playing hide and seek, like she has before. All these fun times came back to her at once. She sighed thinking on where her mother could have gone off to. It had been a few weeks since this whole thing started. All Celestia knew was she had less free time, monsters were real, her mommy vanished, and the man with the scary goggles was a bad person. Not hearing a sound come from her parents room she decided to see if her room door would open. With delight it wasn’t locked. She ran out her door and twirled around the halls feeling free once again. 

As she roamed around looking for some adventure she saw the wind blow around a few leaves from the window. She smiled and began making her way outside. She jumped with pure enthusiasm of being able to go out and play. With all her excitement she was not watching where she was going. Rounding the corner with great speed she crashed into someone, the sudden stop knocked the girl off her feet. Rubbing her head after knocking it on what felt like a metal pole. She looked up and saw the man who wore the scary goggles. He seemed rather irritated with her being near him. He was really tall in her eyes, and the dark hair made his eyes seem sinister as he towered over her. He huffed as his scowl increased.

“I told Eugene not to let you wander alone.” He said. Celestia shook not noting what to do. She was far from her room, and her father was asleep, so shouting for help was out of the question. The panicked child staying still hoping maybe someone would come to her aid. 

“Where is your father?” asked the scary man. Celestia squeaked as she shut her eyes; his heavy voice frightened her. He saw this and realized Eugene had taught her to fear him. She is having a normal response to danger. With a sigh he set the staff against the wall and knelt down to her level.

“Don’t be afraid little one, I won’t hurt you. Can you tell me your name?” He said as softly as possible. Celestia opened her eyes a bit confused as to why she's not getting yelled at or being taken away. The voice the man had just before, now faded with this question. He seemed less intimidating at her level. 

“C-Celestia…” She stuttered. 

“Nice to meet you, my name is Varian.” The man smiled. Celestia relaxed a bit more after being introduced. Her father said this was a bad man, and he is not friendly, but right now says otherwise. Varian smiled to the young girl in hopes she would not be too frightened to walk with him. He needed to get her back to Eugene so both he and this little one don’t get in trouble. Celestia smiled back feeling better about this Varian person than before. When he saw her relax a bit more he stood. 

“Why don’t we go find your father?” Varian suggested. He kept a calm smile on in hopes it would keep Celestia calm. The little girl frowned and looked away.

“I don’t wanna see daddy… I want my mommy.” She whined. Varian heard it in her voice, the slight hint of her ready to cry. Last thing he wanted was to deal with a tantrum. 

“Why not go see her then?” He suggested. If she wanted to see her mom so badly why hadn’t she wandered there herself? Varian had wondered this but when the little one looked up with surprise it shocked him. 

“You know where mommy is?!” She shouted. Varian then realized no one told her where Rapunzel was. They left this child in complete darkness as to what is happening. 

‘I get not telling her everything, but keeping her from visiting Rapunzel is mean…’ Varian thought, but he quickly realized he was the cause of her imprisonment, so in all its really his fault Celestia hasn’t seen her mom. He looked to the young one and sighed. 

“Your mom is in the dungeons.” He tried to be soft in his voice, but he couldn’t figure out how to sugarcoat the situation. The news hit her like a ton of bricks. Celestia had thought her mommy left forever, but this whole time she was in jail. She felt a mix of emotions wave over her, relife her mommy is alright, but sadness she's been imprisoned. Not understanding how to cope with this mix of feelings she began to cry. 

Varian jolted at the sign of tears. He didn’t really know what to do, it wasn’t his kid so he didn’t want to start parenting her, but as of right now he is the only adult around to watch her. Celestia began to cry as she made her sorrows vocal. Varian quickly knelt back down and tried to get her to stop.

“Hay don’t cry please its ok, your mommy is ok!” He kept a weary smile on, hoping no one would run around the corner thinking he hurt the small child. She didn’t seem to calm down or relax, in fact her crying got louder. Varian panicked. 

‘What do I do?!’ he screams internally. He tried to think of something to help her.

“Do you want to go see your mommy?” He asked. Celestia nodded still crying. “Okay, but you gotta stop crying first.” Varian had a calm smile and a concerned look. He felt kinda bad for making her cry, but what he said helped, she began to calm down. 

“O-Okay…” Celestia sniffed. Varian gave a sigh of relief. He stood up and held out his hand. 

“Come on, lets go.” He waited for Celestia to wipe away her tears and grab hold of his hand. They both began walking down the hall, the little girl wanted to keep crying, but didn’t want to make the bad man mad at her. She looked up at him and saw he kept a smile on, he was not upset with her if he smiled. As they rounded the corner Celestia got a whiff of a warming oven. The wood stove was in the works. It reminded her of the cookies she and mommy made all the time. With a sudden spark of energy she beamed brightly. 

“Can we make mommy’s favorite cookies?” She asked looking up. Varian was surprised she wanted to do anything besides see Rapunzel, but he also didn’t want her to cry again so he went along with it. 

“Alright, I don’t see why not.” 

Celestia ran up to the stool that was next to the bar counter; It divided the area of walking and the stove, But the little one had a bit of a height issue with the stool, and couldn't quite climb up on the tall seat. Varian saw her struggle and helped her up. 

    “Better?” He asked with a slight chuckle. She nodded. 

    “You know how to make cookies?” She asked. Varian went around the counter and gave a prideful smile. 

    “Of course!” 

    Celestia giggled and told him that mommy’s favorite is chocolate chip. Varian rolled his eyes. ‘Of course that's her favorite cookie.’ Varian took off his gloves and washed his hands. He then grabbed the flour, eggs, baking soda, sugar, butter, salt, and his special ingredient; vanilla extract. Digging out a bowl and spoon he placed everything in front of Celestia. The little one was so excited and reached for the bowl, grabbing the flour. Varian was busy looking for chocolate chips when Celestia opened the flour and a puff of white powder went everywhere. She loved it and took a hand full. Varian turned to see her turning into a snow child. He gave a wry smile at the sight of the mess. ‘Kids…’ He thought. He grabbed a towel and told her to wipe her hands. 

    Celestia was having a great time measuring and mixing things. It wasn’t the same as it was with mommy, but it was still better than not baking at all. When Varian set the bowl down to grab the choco. Chips Celestia dipped her finger into the mix and stole some dough. He saw this out of the corner of his eye. 

    “Oh really?” Varian said seeing her look guilty with a grin. “You wanna steal cookie dough behind my back, hu?” he gave a small sneer. Turning back with the chips in hand he took a swipe of some dough. 

“Hay!” Celestia pointed. 

“Hay nothing! I get some too!” Varian pointed back. Celestia pouted with a scowl. 

“Cookies are for mommy.” She said still pointing. 

“Sharing is caring.” Varian said as he took another swipe of the dough but this time booped Celestia’s nose with it. The little one jolted and wiped away the treat, but still ate it. Varian laughed at the face she made. 

He handed her the bag of chocolate chips and held the bowl as she poured them in. Varian handed the wooden spoon to her as she put her knees on the table to get a better sense of balance as she stirred the mix. Varian held the bowl in place for her, and once she was tired he finished the mixing. 

The stone oven was the perfect temperature as they finished placing the dough on the sheet and pushed it in to bake. Varian dusted off his hands of flour and dough. 

“Alright, I’d say we did a great job.” He turned to the little one but instead of seeing a smile like he has all this time it was a confused look on her face. “You okay, Celestia?” Varian asked as he walked over. She pouted in thought for a moment as she looked up to the concerned face of her current babysitter. 

“Daddy says you’re the bad guy, but… you’re not bad.” She sounded distraught in her voice, as if she wanted to cry again. Varian caught that itch of pain in her words. He knew she wanted to believe her father, but what she sees before her was different. Varian gave a heavy sigh. 

“Your father is right, I am the bad guy.” Varian kept a smile on. Celestia’s gaze shot up in surprise. 

“But… you baked cookies, bad guys don’t bake cookies.” She did a head tilt like a dog would with a confused scoule on. Varian chuckled as he pulled out a new spoon, he dipped it into the leftover dough.

“Now that is a lie.” He said as he leaned onto the counter top. “Bad guys love cookies.” He grinned as he ate the spoonful of dough. 

“Really?” Celestia asked finding out something new. Varian nodded. 

“Here’s the difference,” he stated, taking another spoonful of mix. “You make chocolate chip cookies and tell the truth. I make oatmeal raisin cookies and say they are chocolate chip.” He smirked as he ate the dough again. Celestia perked up in shock. She made a funny pouting face as she scowled at Varian.

“Ooo, you are a bad guy.” They both laugh at the fact. Varian took a deep breath as he watched Celestia pick the chocolate chips out of the remaining dough. It's only been an hour at most, but he hasn’t felt this whole in a while. He didn’t understand how, but he felt a warmth in his heart. He enjoyed the laughs, teaching Celestia fun things with baking, helping her, and making her laugh and smile. 

‘Is this what it's like to be a parent?’ he asked himself. He recalled all the times he and his father had moments like this, both good and bad days. Varian never thought about it, as he wondered if he would ever become a parent some day. Varian had a small hit of hope that tugged at his smile, but that had quickly faded away. ‘Yeah right… who would love a monster like me?’ he thought as he looked away. He turned his attention to the oven and checked on the cookies. 

“Looks like they are done!” He boasted to get his mood up. Celestia shouted in joy as they were set out to cool off. 

“They smell great!” She shouted looking over them. 

“They sure do, and I'm sure your mom will love them too.” Varian grinned. Celestia did too and hopped off the stool. Varian grabbed a plate and put the cooled off cookies on. They were still warm enough that the chocolate was gooey, but that is what makes a chocolate chip cookie the best.  Celestia had the plate and was ready to walk out.

“Hold on your missing something.” Varian staited. The little one turned around confused. He held up a glass of milk. 

“Can’t forget this.” He said as he walked up and held out his hand. She held onto the plate and grabbed hold of Varian’s hand. He wanted to make sure she didn’t start running with the plate.  With smiles across their faces, they both made their way to see Rapunzel. 


The brunette was wrapped up in her blankets reading the book she received a bit ago. She was cozy even though the air was getting colder by the day. She perked up to the sound of the door opening, looking to see who entered she was struck with fear to the sight of her daughter walking with Varian. She knelt down to Celestia's level as her daughter ran up screaming with joy. 

Rapunzel was touched she was missed but beyond worried about why Varian had Celestia and not Eugene. She tried to remain calm, but with each step Varian made, getting closer and closer, she pulled Celestia near her and held on as tight as she could through the bars. Varian stood seeing Rapunzel hold her daughter close with fear in her eyes. He knew she was concerned for her child's safety. 

“I’d never hurt her.” he reassured. Rapunzel was surprised Varian showed such compassion and mercy. She smiled and stood. 

“Thank you for keeping her safe.” Rapunzel was glad Varian had shown he still has a heart. This was a small step forward for her, to being able to help him. To her, he seemed sad, but that was only the surface, perhaps he is mad, still angry about something. Maybe spending time with the free spirit of a child would help smooth out that anger, and help that sadness find a way out for joy to set in. 

“we made cookies for you mommy!” Celestia shouted with enthusiasm as she held out the plate. 

“oh my gosh, my favorite too!” she beamed brightly at the kind gesture. They sat and enjoyed the cookies, Varian leaned up against the wall on the other side to give Rapunzel and Celestia a moment. 

Meanwhile back in the rooms of the castle, Eugene was waking from his rest. He sat up feeling groggy. He hated servier injuries, they make the body beyond fatigued. Getting up he walked over to Celestia’s room. He wanted to apologize for getting upset. Being well rested now help calm him down. He opened the door and peeked in.

“Hey sweetheart, I’m awake now, I’m-” Eugene stopped when he realized she wasn’t there. His eyes darted around the room looking for any sign she was just hiding. Sadly that wasn’t the case. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Eugene burst through the doors and down the halls calling for his daughter. 

He calls and calls but no reply came, he asked the guards and said they saw her about an hour ago prancing the halls. 

“And you didn’t think to accompany her?!” He spat in rage. The guards jolted at the anger, they didn’t know they had to. Eugene stormed off continuing his search. He kept looking down the halls calling for her, looking under tables and chairs, behind the curtains, he then went outside and began shouting for her. 

“Eugene!” Shouted a familiar voice down the path. Cass was running up with a concerned look. 

“What's wrong, why are you shouting?” Cass asked a bit out of breath. 

“Celestia sneaked out, I can’t find her!” He shouted. Though he slightly calmed down a bit knowing Cass had to follow Varian around, so if she was running up from town then he mustn’t be in the castle. 

“Have you checked the fields?” Cass asked, knowing lots of the village children like to play in the tall grassy fields 

“No, but headed there next. You’ve kept your eye on Varian today right?” Eugene wanted to confirm it, just to be safe. Cass crossed her arms and huffed.

“That ass pissed me off this morning, so no, I haven’t seen him at all today.” 

“What.” Eugene froze. Every muscle told him to run, to find this false king and make sure he did not do harm to Celestia. He took off for the castle as he told Cass to check the fields. Cass had not a clue what Eugene’s panic was over, Celestia wandered off many times before, so why does he scare so much now? She didn’t ask him, and began looking for the child. 

Finding Varian was hard to do since he never talked with anyone here. Eugene started from square one and ran up and down the castle. As he began to come to where the kitchen would be he smelled cookies. He stopped and peered into the room, seeing flower and baking sheets layed out. A finished bowl of cookie dough and an empty sack of chocolate chips. Then it hit him. Varian found Celestia, she must have found out where Rapunzel was. As quick as a hare, Eugene rushed down to the dungeons. He burst open the door making the three people who were quietly enjoying themself, jolt. 

Varian stood in defense, not knowing what was crashing in. Rapunzel held Celestia’s arm as the little one wiped her head around. When they all saw it was Eugene, two out of the three relaxed. Varian however, did not. It was a stare down. Varian knew Eugene was going to be upset, but the look he was receiving was a look of death. 

“Eugene, everything is fine, come have a cookie, Celestia made them.” Rapunzel smiled hoping to calm her panicked husband. Eugene looked to her and saw they were both alright.

“I will in a second. But first,” His eyes darted back to Varian. “I want to speak with him… Alone.” Eugene turned to the hall outside the dungeons. Varian sighed and followed. Rapunzel then felt worry, she saw the new power Varian had, even without his staff. 

Once in the hall Varian could see Eugene waiting at the end, resting on the wall. He matched the stance on the wall across. They both had an angry face on, Eugene for his reason, Varian for intimidation. 

“You stay away from my family. Got it.” Eugene snapped. He was not in a friendly mood any more. 

“I’m not going to hurt-” Varian was going to explain but was cut off.

“No excuses, no if’s and’s or’s or but’s. Do not go near them.” He was in protective mode, it was a side Varian never saw, in fact he never seen Eugene upset before. It was a face and emotion Varian had to process with him. Varian sighed and relaxed his face. 

“Alright.” He complied. Eugene was rather shocked he just agreed and moved on from it, he was prepared to fight it out if needed. Varian knew he could not explain himself to Eugene right now, he nodded to the man and began to walk off. Eugene just watched. It was rather odd.

‘Is he still the same kid who broke my arm?’ with that thought Eugene made his way back to his family.