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“See you tomorrow, Sei-chan,” Mibuchi called as the guard duo split at an intersection, waving and smiling. They’d just come back from a game, and Mibuchi had split off from the other two Uncrowned Kings to walk their kouhai part of the way home. While Seijuurou appreciated the escort, and enjoyed Mibuchi’s company, he didn’t quite relish in the motherly treatment he’d been subjected to.

Despite his indignance towards Mibuchi’s care and protectiveness, though, he did feel quite a bit more lonely as he continued walking home by himself.

Over the course of the past few days - perhaps even a week or two - Seijuurou had grown increasingly concerned that he was being followed on his walk home from club activities. At first he assumed it was because of some tension arising regarding his father’s company, and he had requested that the chauffeur escort him home for the first several days. That tension died down, however, and still he felt as though he was walking with a large, vibrant target on his back. Thus, Mibuchi had begun to walk with him. Usually, the renowned shooter walked him directly to his doorstep, but today Mibuchi’s mother had requested help with additional house chores.

So, Seijuurou walked alone. His breath billowed in the air; he noted that he would have to buy a gift for Murasakibara’s birthday, since it was quickly approaching, and reminded himself to start bringing his coat with him to school.

A chill ran down his spine, the hair on the back of his neck standing up. He glanced behind him, as had become his paranoid habit. There was nothing, but he felt like there were eyes on him. He was in one of Kyoto’s richer neighborhoods, with expensive hotels and apartments stacked side-by-side. Few of these people were old enough to have invested in children yet, so he was often the only one walking the streets past 18:00.

He jumped when he felt a rush of movement, and turned to glance into a dimly lit alleyway. He saw something there, something in the shadows that seemed to slither, to writhe. Seijuurou knew better than to approach - because he felt that this was what had been watching him for so long now - but his curiosity was overpowering. It didn’t seem like something to be afraid of.

He pulled his phone from his pocket and turned on the flashlight.

For just a moment, there was a flash of color and of movement so fast he couldn’t catch it with his eyes. It appeared cream in color, but it wasn’t human. It was too fast to be human, and seemed to be repulsed by the light. Seijuurou shot a glance behind him, then set his school and sport bag aside to step farther into the alleyway. He walked slowly, carefully illuminating any obstacles - a dumpster or two, an old rusty bike.

“Is anyone there?” he asked timidly, stopping before he stepped too far in. Pursing his lips, he took a few steps backwards, more towards the nearest streetlight without backing out entirely, and he turned off the flashlight. “Sorry, is the light hurting your eyes? It’s okay, you can come out.”

While his eyes adjusted to the dimness, he took another step back. He felt the eyes again. Something was watching him. Once it started to feel menacing, he began to back away slowly, retreating while reaching for his phone flashlight once again.

Before he could tap the button, something smacked his phone from his hand. Another something grabbed at his other wrist, smooth but dry with a skin-like texture. At least - until it suctioned onto his wrist and pulled him into the darkness with surprising force.

He cried out in surprise. His other wrist was caught, too, and before he could yell for help, another odd limb-like structure pressed itself past his lips and muffled any noises he may have made.

“What the hell,” he wanted to say, but instead it came out as a muffled growl.

It moved too fast for his disoriented eyes to follow, slamming him against a wall. He realized abruptly that these were tentacles - tentacles with suckers that latched onto his wrists and ankles and tongue until he was helplessly restrained by whatever this creature was.

“What the fuck,” he thought this time, because it was ripping open his clothes and giving a horrible gurgling noise that could only be described as impatient.

Time stopped. It seemed to be - observing him? Looking at him? He felt those eyes again, and only once his own adjusted did he realize that it was one singular eye, directly in front of him, that watched with one massive black pupil. He tried to scowl, and then choked as the tentacle shoved its way down his throat, curving to push its way down.

Seijuurou tried to scream, his eyes welling with tears. It burned. His chest burned with the pressure, and he desperately struggled against the grip, trying to pull a tentacle off of his wrist. Then, as though understanding it was causing pain, it pulled all the way back out, although it threatened to push back in when his lips parted to cry for help.

“What the fuck,” he whispered for real this time, his chest heaving for breath. “What the fuck, what the fuck, oh my god - ” and then one of the tentacles brushed over his hair. He was startled into silence.

Nothing was happening except...well, observing, he guessed. The tentacle slowly ruffled his hair, and the eye seemed honed in on it. Did it like the texture? The color? Seijuurou’s skin probably felt the same as the monster’s own, and he was starting to pick out the cream color again - lighter than his own summer tan by a few shades. His hair, though. A different texture entirely, pinkish red in color.

“What are you going to do to me?” he asked fearfully, again starting to pull and try to escape, and he turned his face away from that peering eye, turned away from the tentacle prodding at his lips. He tried to scream, but before it grew to more than a yelp, his head was violently jerked back and suddenly filled up with the limb once again.

Then, he was moving - he was being moved. His torn clothes were discarded on the concrete pavement in the alley, his legs were being spread apart, and his panic was muffled. The suckers caught on his tongue, pulling at it.

All of the suckers latched on, suddenly. He tasted it before he felt it - the odd tentacles starting to secrete something, something that tasted ridiculously sweet at first, then bitter like coffee. The texture was all wrong. Thick and creamy, oozing like slime once it mixed with his saliva. Seijuurou tried to cough, tried to eject it, but the tentacle was unrelenting, pushing farther down his throat.

Gagging, he was forced to swallow it down, and again the creature fell still. Its limbs still suckered onto his tongue, to his ankles and wrists, its entire body secreting the fluid, smearing it over his skin. Seijuurou didn’t realize what the purpose was until he felt his skin start to heat up, felt his mind start to go hazy, and he yelped in panic. His eyes caught on his phone, discarded with his clothes, and he tried to lean down to reach for it before being yanked back up helplessly.

More tentacles emerged from the monster, wet with the same fluid, rubbing against his chest. These ones were different. There were no suckers to be found, and they were smaller than the ones that entrapped him. He didn’t truly realize the difference, though, until two came up and flared open like flower petals, latching around his nipples and sucking.

He felt another rubbing against his soft dick, and then opening up to engulf that, and he inexplicably moaned. The fluid secretions were intoxicating; he felt like he was going insane, struggling less and less.

Seijuurou’s eyes drifted shut. He didn’t resist when the monster pushed his knees up to his chest, keeping his legs spread apart, and as something pressed against his ass he began to suck on the tentacle in his mouth, eagerly swallowing down the substance.

Evidently pleased, the suckers detached from his tongue, allowing him to swirl it around the tentacle and suck harder. His hips jerked forward. The monster made a noise somewhere between a whistle and a purr, pushing a couple of thin, tendrillar limbs into his ass to begin to stretch it.

Different types, he had the capacity to think as he arched back against the rough wall and tried to push himself down harder against the tentacles. For different purposes. Moaning, his voice still muffled by the thick tentacle in his throat, he curved up from the wall to begin to steadily fuck himself on the tendrils, and as he swallowed down more of the fluid, he felt the tentacle encircling his cock perform the same motion. Crying out, he came, his entire body tensing up, squeezing reflexively, then going limp.

The monster did not wait for him to recover. Sensing that he stopped moving, it began to fuck his mouth insistently, pulling his legs farther apart and sliding a thicker limb into his ass. This one, he recognized through the haze, was the same kind that currently sucked at his nipples and cock. Whimpering, his thighs twitching in protest, he felt overstimulation rip through his body as his rectum was soundly cleaned out in its entirety.

Fuck, fuckfuckfuck.

It didn’t pause until he felt as though he’d been completely emptied, and he was crying, shaking with pain. It didn’t seem to actively want to hurt him unless he struggled, and so when he went completely stiff and began to cry, it was still, and pulled out of his mouth to let him breathe.

How does it...know? Where the hell did this thing come from? How does it know how I feel?

He didn’t cry aloud, just gasped for breath and twitched for a little while. Once the burn faded away, and his skin no longer tingled, he jerked his hips forward again, and all movements picked back up. His mouth was full again, once more with the taste of coffee, but the shape was different this time, more resembling a tongue than anything else, exploring inside his mouth and twisting around his own tongue. Pulling, tasting.

Seijuurou whimpered, his mind completely giving out on him. Sensing this, the monster released his hands, and he reached to pull the tentacle in his mouth closer, pumping the slimy surface and encouraging it to fuck his throat, while he braced himself against the wall with the other to continue to fuck the slick, twisting limbs in his ass, all pushing farther and farther.

When they pulled out, his eyebrows knitted together, his mouth hanging agape as the tentacle pulled back from his mouth, too. He wasn’t sure why at first, until something much larger than the other tentacles was pressing against his ass. Hotter, more slippery, covered in blunt barbs that he was sure would feel godly. He could only assume it was the monster’s cock; he jerked down against it, panting, desperate, trying to encourage it to move faster.

“Fuck me,” he groaned, and ran a hand through his hair to push it back from his face. “Fuck me, fuck me, please.”

It ruffled his hair again, then pushed itself abruptly inside of him, and when he arched back and nearly screamed, his voice was muffled once again, a tentacle shoving itself down his throat. The tentacle pressing into his ass, thrusting and twisting inside of him, was shorter than the others, but so so much thicker that it more than made up for it, and within moments he felt like he’d completely lost his mind.

Seijuurou was rammed up against the wall, his legs stretched so far apart it hurt, his eyes half open but unfocused, as he gagged and moaned. The monster began to assault him anew, its entire body twisting around him and driving him mad with each pull and thrust, assaulting every sensitive nerve he had.

He squeaked, tried to move with it; it beat at his prostate ruthlessly once it recognized its function, recognized that it made Seijuurou writhe and cry in pleasure. Again it forced him to choke down his own scream as he came a second time, this time spilling all over his torso. One tentacle began to suck it up while the monster continued to pound against him, then seemed to hit its breaking point, giving a high-pitched, hollow whistle - like a whale.

Seijuurou suddenly felt incredibly full - full of something more liquidy than his own cum, but filling him up nonetheless, hot inside his body before he was set down and it all began to spill out, little by little. The monster was still cumming, though, covering his face and chest. The redhead stuck his tongue out to catch some of it, and gave a low, hoarse moan at the sweet taste.

The monster shuffled away from him, and he whimpered. It came back with the towel from his sport bag (dragging both bags behind it). The cloth was still wet from his earlier shower, still smelling of his shampoo. Setting these things aside for the moment, the monster insistently scooped up some of its cum and force-fed it to its human victim. Seijuurou wasn’t entirely unwilling, but his jaw ached and he couldn’t swallow properly, so some still dribbled out from his lips.

It was an addicting flavor, and if he could move his body at all he would have gladly swallowed all of it down - would have let the creature fuck him again, honestly. Once the monster decided he’d ingested enough of it, it shuddered, rippled, then tossed the towel over him and disappeared.

He laid there in the shadows, slowly growing more and more aware of himself and what had happened, and growing more aware that it was freezing cold outside. His body ached. He was exhausted beyond comprehension. Just as he was starting to drift off to sleep, shivering, he heard familiar voices and footsteps approaching, noticed his phone buzzing.

“I split up with him a few hours ago. I shouldn’t have abandoned him, he’s been so worried about it... Oh, why won’t he answer his calls? Sei-chan, come on...”

“Oh my god. Reo-nee, oh my god, he’s right over there.”

“Where - ?” A gasp, running footsteps, and there were delicate and warm hands lifting his head up from the ground. “Sei-chan, Sei-chan, can you hear me? Are you okay?”

“What the fuck? Was he raped? What are these ring shapes?”

“Eikichi, shh. Sei-chan, dear, please. Are you okay?”

I will be, Seijuurou thought, and didn’t bother trying to focus his vision. Giving a jagged cough that made his throat burn, he shut his eyes and passed out.

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Tetsuya smacked Kagami’s hand away from his exposed side, his face blank. “I’m not ticklish, Kagami-kun. I’ve told you already.”

“I don’t know anyone who isn’t ticklish, you’ve gotta be lying. I’m just trying to prove it.” Kagami had been trying to tickle Tetsuya for the past two days whenever he saw the opportunity - to no avail, as his best friend had cleverly dodged the maneuver each time. “If you aren’t ticklish, why do you keep dodging?”

“I don’t want you to touch me with your sweaty palms.” Kagami was always a raging sweaty beast whenever they got done with practice, and Tetsuya preferred to stay away from that as much as possible.

Kagami scoffed, but went back to grab his things and head towards the shower. “Damn your stubbornness, Kuroko. You’re going to shower anyway. Shouldn’t matter~” He stuck his tongue out, and Tetsuya did the same. The rest of the team went for the showers, mostly just rinsing themselves down to change into proper clothes and go home. Kagami stripped and followed suit, followed shortly by Tetsuya.

Seeing as he wouldn’t have time to shower when he got home, what with his grandmother insisting he clean up before he had any friends over, Tetsuya intended to wash his body in the school showers. Akashi had texted him a few days ago asking when a good time to meet up would be, saying he had something he needed to talk about, and so they arranged it for Friday night, taking into account the three hour train from Kyoto and how busy Akashi usually was.

Something had seemed off with him, Tetsuya reflected, waving goodbye to Furihata and Hyuuga. They’d spoken over the phone, and Akashi’s voice had been shaky and hoarse, like he’d just been in a long meeting where he had to yell over a crowd of people. Needless to say, Tetsuya was worried, and insisted that Akashi come over as soon as possible for them to discuss.

One of the lights in the shower room fizzled out. Both he and Kagami jumped. Not five minutes later, the other one went out.

“Well, shit,” Kagami chuckled. “Gave me a heart attack. I’ll tell Coach they’ve gotta change the bulbs.” As he shut off his shower, toweling his hair dry, he paused with a scowl. “Weird, though, since this school’s only like three years old.”

“Maybe the bulbs are just bad,” Tetsuya replied, raising his voice over his own shower. Kagami shrugged, slinging his towel over his shoulder and heading back into the main locker room to change and go. Tetsuya watched him leave, then finished rinsing his body and began to wash his hair, taking his time. His family would probably already be cleaning by now, paranoid about having an Akashi in their home, so hopefully by the time he got home there wouldn’t be much left to do except clean his room (pointlessly).

He sighed, the noise echoing and lilting with the water spray. The acoustics in this particular area of the locker room had always been so nice; he wished he could take advantage of it, but unfortunately his singing voice was average at best. Kagami sang sometimes, though - American pop tunes, mostly - and it sounded nice.

Speaking of...

He felt something poke at his side, and smacked it away. “Kagami-kun, how impolite of you. It could at least wait until after I’ve put on clothes.” There was no response. He scowled, glancing over his shoulder and then going completely still. “Kagami-kun...?”

Kagami was not there. Tetsuya peeked back towards the lockers, and - only his things were left behind. So then...what had poked him?

The shower room wasn’t completely dark, with a stripe of fluorescent light illuminating the center, but it wasn’t as well-lit as before - in fact, there seemed to be an odd bluish tint to everything. Tetsuya began to feel anxious. Nothing was there. He turned back around, intending to shut the water off and go back to his things, and when his foot moved it hit a mass of something large and squishy. He jumped backwards, nearly losing his footing on the wet floor.

His eyes widened. There was a very faint glow, a milky blue colored...thing sitting there on the floor, shifting like it was breathing. Tetsuya hurriedly stepped away. Underneath the sound of the shower spray that left little dents in the malleable body, he could hear some kind of squelching noise. The slimy mass was getting bigger, stretching closer towards him, and he realized that it was climbing up from the shower drains.

It moved in multiple directions at once, growing so big that it filled a quarter of the room already. Tetsuya tried to subtly head towards the exit, but the creature lunged for the door and slammed it shut. The outside source of light was gone now; the only light in the room was that of the shimmering glow the creature gave off.

“What the hell...?” Tetsuya whispered, backing up until he bumped against a different shower. Reaching blindly for the shower head, he turned it on to its hottest setting and tested the temperature, hissing at the heat before pointing it at the monster. It lurched backwards, and he used that moment to make a dash for the door.

His fingertips grasped the doorknob, and then something cold and wet wrapped around his leg, and suddenly he was being pulled backwards. He fell over, trying to catch himself on his hands to keep from hitting the floor too hard.

He didn’t hit the floor, though.

The creature that he could only describe as a monster caught him, caught his hands, and he barely kept himself from falling face-first into it. Kicking at it, ripping himself free and managing to back away again, he reached for something, anything, turning on another shower when he grabbed the handle and then was suddenly dragged away from it.

Tetsuya’s eyes widened in shock when he spun and saw just what he was up against.

It was rippling, grotesque, making disgusting slurping noises as it grabbed at his feet and hands and tried to pull him in. It looked to have completely emerged from the drain, filling up a third of the room with its mass. He could still see the opposite end of the room through it, but only faintly; it was more opaque than translucent, but the opacity was milky and pale with specks of darker, more solid blue, like freckles scattered over its body.

He tried to back away, but it had his legs up to the knees now. When he looked down, he realized he’d been pulled to the center of the mass. There was no way he could get out now.

No, no...

The sensation was cold; it caught his wrists, and the hairs on his arms stood straight up. The rest of the shower room, though, was hot and humid from the water. Tetsuya wriggled, tried to struggle against it, but it was condensing around him. He was being lifted higher into the air, and then his body was being taken farther in, until just his chest, shoulders, and head stuck out above it. Even his arms were enveloped, wrists pulled together behind him.

It was hopeless at this point, he thought. Was it trying to eat him? He couldn’t see any digestive organs - in fact, he couldn’t really see any organs at all, and considering it had arisen from the drains he didn’t think it had any. His skin tingled. He wasn’t sure whether it was temperature, repulsion, or some other factor.

Then, before he could question anymore, he felt the slime wrap around each leg individually, felt like he was being caressed. His legs were pushed apart so quickly that it completely ejected his feet from the monster’s body. That helped him in regard to body temperature, but not exactly when it came to comfort.

Hissing, he wriggled to try to get away when he felt the slime press against his ass, sliding over it, slipping. Trying and failing to press in.

“Shit!” he gasped when it parted his legs farther, stretching them much farther than they were meant to go. “Shit, stop it, stop it - ” Tetsuya wiggled more fiercely, managing to pull most of his body out of the writhing, gooey mass, if only for a few moments. “What the hell...” he gasped, continuing to struggle against the creature.

It loosened its grip on his legs, but kept them held apart and pulled his body farther into its own. It continued to slowly rub against his ass, and suddenly it was rubbing against his cock, too, and he gasped, his eyes squeezing shut. Suddenly, when the monster felt him start to relax, he was pulled down into it entirely.

He was terrified at first that he wouldn’t be able to breathe, or that it would burn, but as he tried to take in a breath through his mouth, he suddenly tasted sweetness. Cold and sweet, the slime brushed against his tongue and the back of his throat, letting oxygen pass easily through its body and into his. Tetsuya’s fists uncurled, he stopped fighting against the creature, instead letting it take him deeper into itself, closer to its core. It was warmer there, less like he was freezing. Still it continued to push and press against his ass, gliding against his cock, teasing him until he was trying to follow its rhythm, silently begging for more.

There was no sound here, he reflected, except for what sounded like soft clicks and the squelching, explicit sounds made as it glided against his skin, happily suckled on his skin softly, drawing the warmth from it.

Tetsuya realized suddenly, as it began to press at his asshole once again, that it was too smooth and malleable to work its way in on its own. So, intoxicated by the taste, the feel of being completely swallowed up by something so wet, so needy, he reached back and pressed a finger into himself, gasping silently and taking the slime farther down his throat in the process.

Before he’d processed what he was doing, he was fisting himself, spreading out his fingers that had been saturated in the slime, easily brushing them against his nerves, and he heard the beautiful, fucking horrible, ineffable sloshing and squelching as he began to fuck himself on his hand desperately - until the slime was squeezing around his body, and he realized it had heated up more.

His skin tingled with the heat now, and he mouthed an apology for keeping the beast waiting on him for so long. He pulled his fist out, whimpering at the loss, and reached to pull his ass cheeks apart, pressing his fingers in his hole and stretching it open to allow it easy access, his eyes clouded over with mindless lust.

“Fuck me,” he mouthed, kicking his legs out, holding himself farther open when it pressed curiously against him. “Fuck me, fuck me ‘til I can’t feel anything, take me!”

It sucked at him, just inside his ass, rubbed at the very edges and sucked and he opened his mouth and screamed soundlessly. Suddenly, roughly, the monster pushed him down against the floor, and still he stuck his ass up for it, feeling the heat of its core finally finally pushing in. He felt the writhing mass push past his fingers, and waited until he could feel it coating his inner walls with its juices before he released himself and began to lick and suck at the slime in his mouth, forcibly taking it down his throat.

Shit, it tastes so good, it feels so good. I want more, I want it to fuck me until I hurt -more, more...

He never thought he’d be thinking such things, but at the same time he wasn’t exactly thinking. “More,” he whined into nothingness, rocking back against the heat that explored his ass languidly. “More, please.”

With his legs and arms suspended inside the gelatinous creature, he could only move back against it and open up his throat to encourage it to explore that, too. He began to roll his hips rhythmically. Eventually, once the monster was done exploring, done sucking up everything he had inside of him, it got the idea and pulled out, then pushed in hard and fast, and he choked on a wail, desperately thrusting back against it.

There was no rhythm to it, no calculation, just blind lust and desperation. Eventually, the slime squeezed around his entire body, held him still as it began to violently fuck him, its core heating up more and more as it grew more excited until Tetsuya felt like his ass was on fire, and he was screaming but it was all mindless pleasure. Whimpering, gasping, his body heating up so quickly he felt like he would burn and die and still he would crave for this.

The core pressed inside of him grew in size, expanding, and he twisted his body, curled to see and to watch, saw just how big the monster had grown, cried as it pushed deeper and deeper into his body until it couldn’t go any farther, and then it just made itself bigger. It brushed against all of his walls with every violent, needy thrust.

Fuck, he thought, because the noises were so loud, so clear and so horrible, the fluids inside of him sloshing around. Still he could taste the sweetness, clearly drugging him somehow, clearly stimulating his brain, too, to make him feel this way.

Tetsuya realized that the super-heated core of the monster was more opaque now, that he couldn’t see through it when it pulled back, and he realized that it was about to cum. He was, too, and he felt some of the slime latch around his cock in anticipation when he began to leak.

Then, striking deep inside of him, it pulled itself off of him until it covered only his hips down. The sudden feeling of switching back to true oxygen, like he was only just breathing for the first time, along with the violent fucking, the slime wriggling in his ass, drove him to insanity, and he came with a broken cry, his back arching against the floor, his body slipping, covered in sweet-smelling goo.

The monster rippled inside of him, pressed farther. So far that he felt its cum pouring through his emptied intestines until his scream was gargled by it, and it was spilling from his mouth, all over his face. It poured from his ass, too, when the monster pulled away, and it was so much thicker than the slime itself, pristine milk white. It clogged up his throat, his ass, his entire body.

It was bitter, such an abrupt change of pace that his hips gave a flimsy jerk and he somehow managed to hit another orgasm, although no cum splattered across his torso; there was nothing left in his body, no substance. Tetsuya coughed, then swallowed it down, and watched with horrified curiosity as more spilled out from his ass accordingly.

He was too weak to push himself up properly. Every muscle had been pulled taut, and although his mind was too fuzzy to process pain right now, he knew it would hurt unbearably when he came down from the high.

When the monster slid away from him - now almost completely translucent, he noticed - he whimpered, falling completely still. He noticed there was only one shower on now. The one nearest to him, where he’d left his shampoo and body soap. The water was cold.

Once the creature slid away, back down the drain, it was completely dark. Tetsuya laid there and listened to the water, his chest heaving, his body beyond spent.

An hour or two later, the door creaked open, slowly, a bit at a time. Tetsuya’s feet were illuminated in the light from the locker room, and then the door was abruptly pushed open the rest of the way. It burned his eyes even from behind the lids.

“Oh my god,” came Akashi’s voice. “There’s more than one?”

He heard two people. One was Akashi, and... It was Kagami who pulled him up from the ground and gently took him over to a shower to run warm water over his slimy skin, silent but clearly disgusted and horrified.

“What...” Tetsuya coughed. Kagami wiped cum from his lips. “...Akashi-kun? ‘More than one’?” He blinked his eyes open. Akashi was leaned over him, helping Kagami wash his body. His wrists were bandaged up. Hidden.

At Tetsuya’s inquisitive stare, Akashi wordlessly stuck his tongue out to reveal odd, circular bruising, then rolled up his pant leg to reveal the same markings. “This is what I came to talk to you about.”

The two redheads got Tetsuya into clothes, and Kagami lugged Tetsuya onto his back to start carrying him home. It was dead silent between the three for a while, and then Akashi glanced over. His lips parted, and he hesitated, then said quietly, “I...enjoyed it.”

“...Yes,” Tetsuya replied, still tasting the sweetness on his tongue. “So did I.”

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“Mibuchi, please, I - I need help.”

“Sei-chan? What’s going on? Where are you? I’ll be right there.”

Hyperventilating and panicking, Seijuurou scanned the area to see if he could find any street signs, squeaking when he heard the crash that meant another streetlight had been shattered. “I don’t know,” he whispered, his chest heaving. “I-I was just - I was just dissociating and now I don’t know where I am and something is chasing me. Mibuchi, I think it’s - I think it’s the thing I told you about. From - from a couple months ago. I’m scared.” Why had he been dissociating, anyway? He couldn’t even remember how he got to that point in the first place.

“Sei-chan, you’ll be okay. Just try to stay calm.” He heard shuffling from both the phone and the area surrounding him, and he flinched at another noise, sprinting to the next streetlight over, away from whatever was pursuing him ( whatever , he thought, but he knew what it was). “Do you see any intersections, or any addresses? Are there any buildings you can go into right now?”

He tried to breathe, looking around, putting Mibuchi on speaker and turning on the flashlight on his phone. “There’s a - a ramen restaurant, but it’s closed. It’s next to a supermarket, and - there’s a broken-down hotel, too. Mibuchi, I don’t know how I got here, it’s breaking the streetlights, I can’t...”

“I know where you are,” Mibuchi cut him off, although his tone was still soft. “I will be there in twenty minutes, Sei-chan, can you stay in the light and wait for me that long?” Mibuchi’s voice on the other line was like a soothing spirit, calming him, allowing him to think properly. At least for now.

Seijuurou took a deep breath and then nodded. “Okay,” he said. “I can wait twenty minutes.”

Mibuchi never hung up, and so neither did he. He caught a glimpse of the monster, and ran to the next streetlight down, shining the flashlight towards it. “Get away from me,” he choked out. “I don’t want you here, get away...”

He knew how smart the creature was from their previous encounter. Normally he would attempt to outwit the being - outwitting people was easy for him in any other occasion, but after suddenly coming to on a dark street, being chased, his adrenaline pumping... It was difficult to think at all.

He heard another streetlight smash, but this time it was the next one over, behind him - he froze, backing up to stand in the middle of the light. His breath hitched. There was no other light source around him. The streets were dark and abandoned, though the sidewalks were worn from midday pedestrians. There were no traffic lights; it was a low traffic area, where no one drove by at night since nothing was open.

“Mibuchi,” Seijuurou breathed, looking around, fearful. “I’m trapped. There’s... I don’t know what to do. Mibuchi - ”

“Fifteen minutes, Sei-chan. I’m almost there. It’s okay.”

He heard it moving, the monster, although he wasn’t sure where it was, where it was coming from. He heard Mibuchi’s breathing from his phone speaker. Mibuchi was running. For a moment, except for the other phone on the line, there was dead silence.

Then, Seijuurou felt something touch the top of his head, and he screamed just as the light went out. The creature recoiled as he pointed the phone flashlight up at it. He backed away, trying to keep his eyes on it. But there was no more light, and it was too fast. It was too fast. It got behind him before he could turn to look, and he cried out again as a tentacle grabbed at his wrist, then both of his ankles, pulling him into an alleyway.

“No, no no no no, please! Please stop!” Seijuurou kept a firm grip on the phone, hardly hearing Mibuchi’s voice despite the fact that his friend was panicking with him. He pointed the flashlight again. The monster let him go for a moment, but then it yanked him off balance. He dropped the phone after a solid smack on the wrist, and it pulled him out of reach. “Fuck! No, M-Mibuchi! Please hurry, please, I need you - mmmf - ...”

A familiar tentacle forced itself into his mouth, and he tried to bite down on it but it was slimy and slick, and slipped around without his teeth managing to do any real damage. He rolled himself onto his stomach and grabbed the tentacle to try to forcibly pull it out, sobbing at this point, but it was too slippery - and then his wrists were being drawn back, bound together behind him.

“Sei-chan, I’ll be there soon, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry!”

Seijuurou tried to scream again. Maybe someone would hear. He didn’t know whether the monster understood human speech. If it did, it certainly didn’t seem to be in a rush, nor did it have any intention of moving them to some other location with the human struggling so valiantly in its grasp.

Shit, shit, shit! There it was again - the taste of coffee, forcing itself down his throat, and he tried to cough it up. His sweatpants were pulled off and flung aside, and his kicking legs gradually grew weaker. Seijuurou tried to pull them back together. His thighs flexed, shook as they stubbornly clamped themselves together. He couldn’t resist the aphrodisiac forever, though. Eventually his sharp mind grew addled, his thoughts swimming in a murky haze, and although he gave a muffled cry as he felt those thin little tendrils push past the tight ring of muscle, he couldn’t resist anymore.

His cheek pressed to the concrete beneath him while his legs and hips were suspended in midair. His breath was still panicked at first, but gradually even it slowed and relaxed. Seijuurou gave a low whine, wriggling briefly before beginning to lazily suck down the slimy drink offered to him. He heard his phone speaker, but he didn’t care anymore. His eyes drifted shut. Something more pushed into his ass, a little bit at a time - a tongue-like appendage that drove his nerves to insanity. He moaned, desperately trying to buck back against it and whimpering as it rubbed over his prostate, licking at it.

“Fuuuck,” he gasped when the tentacle pulled away from his lips. “Oh, fuck... Please, I need you, please - aahhh, fuck me...” The monster caressed his hair, shoving farther into his ass, and he moaned loudly, panting with each of its unhurried thrusts. “Yeah - ahh, yeah, so good - please, fuck - yes !”

“Sei-chan, I’m almost there. Please be okay...”

I’m sorry, Mibuchi, he barely had the room to think, and then more tentacles were pushing in, beginning to eagerly stretch him open wider. Pulsing in his ass, twirling around each other and exploring his insides. He stared blankly at the cement, groaning and panting. I wish he didn’t have to hear this..

Eventually, he felt the monster’s barbed cock teasing his hole, catching against it until he was jerking back and practically fucking it himself. “Please,” he begged. “Please, pound my ass. I need... I need more, I need you to fuck me - l-like you did before. Pleeeaaaase...”

Seijuurou didn’t know how to describe the noise it made - but it carried vibrations up through his body, and his moan was so wrecked, so broken, as it forced itself in and began to fuck him, exactly as he’d asked, although he was sure that didn’t come across via words so much as his wanton behavior. He gasped, his hips rocking back, a crisp slapping sound meeting his ears with every thrust. He was losing it so fast. Lust softened his sharp features. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. His addled mind processed nothing but pleasure now, disregarding the strain of his muscles as his legs were pulled farther apart to make room. With each thrust, he let out a little groan, a whimper, a gasp.

“Ah, ah, ah - nn, fuck. Fuck, fuck me, so fucking good! Yes, please, fuck me harder! Take my ass, cum in my ass, I want - hhnn, oh shit...shit, shit...”

Despite its lack of language comprehension, it knew how he had spoken to it before and it knew exactly how he felt around it when he enjoyed it. It knew how much he had taken before, and it remembered how much was too much. So it buried deep into him with each thrust, fucking him harder than he thought physically possible, slamming against his sensitive prostate until he was seeing stars.

The beast pistoned into him. It pulsed in his ass, each barb caressing the inner walls and teasing him in the way a human never could. His thighs tensed up, his hips jerking back. The monster made that same crooning whistle as it had before, and he felt so, so full all over again. Cum poured into his ass, and then it pulled out. And cum was spilling over his back; it dirtied his hair, his arms which were still bound behind him, the Rakuzan jacket thrown on over his undershirt. As he came he was being rolled over, and he obediently opened his mouth to drink up, jerking up into nothing but air. It saturated his body, and it felt so, so good..

It crooned again, and as Seijuurou licked his lips, swallowing the sweet cream, he was pulled up from the ground, pulled to lean against the monster’s body. His arms were released. He braced himself up helplessly and suddenly grew aware that he’d never touched its real body before. It had become intimately familiar with every part of his own, but he had never touched it before. The skin felt uncomfortably like a human’s, although it was smooth and hairless. He heard another whistle. It tore off the rest of his clothes, pushed his jacket from his shoulders and tossed his ruined undershirt aside. Its body was so warm in the cold air...

Seijuurou reached down of his own accord to bring the tentacle back to his ass, pulling it back inside of him and beginning to ride it without further ado. He moaned as the monster let itself sink to the ground, let him take over. His knees hit the concrete this time, his thighs straining as he fucked himself on the monster’s throbbing cock. Sei braced himself up with his hands on either side of the bulbous, cream-colored creature. His head bowed low, eyes squeezed shut. Tears rolled down his cheeks. It spanked his ass from time to time with a few tentacles - he gave a broken cry, letting his tongue loll out from his mouth as he worked himself into a frenzy to get them both off.


This time, Mibuchi’s voice was close, coming from a block away. Seijuurou heard the lag come from his speaker. He paid no mind to it, felt the monster desperately jerk up into him as he brought himself down on it. It still aimed at his prostate, driving him mad with pleasure, and he found that he hoped he could return the favor. As his muscles began to struggle, it wrapped a few tentacles around his torso, helping him move up and down.

“Fuck,” he croaked, “it’s so fucking good... Ah, I need more of you, please give me more. Give me more cum. Fill me up, give me all you’ve got, I wanna taste it all... Please~...”

He heard a squeak from somewhere behind him, heard the call end. His body shielded the monster underneath him from the light as it flashed over them. He felt eyes taking in his appearance - covered in cum and still taking the barbed cock up his ass. His spine curved, ass clenching with each drop. Another tentacle spanked him. He gave a yelping moan.

“I - I’m sorry, M-Mibuchi,” Seijuurou groaned, shooting a glance over his shoulder, some form of sentience and self-awareness returning to his eyes, if only for a moment. He was crying. Both of them were. He looked away. “Ahh, I’m sorry. Please don’t look... I can’t...control myself. Please, don’t look...” He choked on a moan, then, his hips sinking down on the stiff tentacle, and he seized up around it as he came a second time. “Aah, fuck, yes... Please, yes...”

It only took a few more violent thrusts upwards before the monster came again, too, and he whimpered. Only when he was choking down the sweetness that filled his body up so completely did he begin to come back to himself, just barely.

“Fuck...” Seijuurou lifted up off of the monster and watched as it touched his hair fondly once more before letting him go and fleeing into the darkness. When he collapsed, rolling onto his side and licking his lips free of the slimy fluid, he noticed that his knees were scratched up and bleeding. He couldn’t feel anything beyond the tingling right now.

“Sei-chan,” he heard his dear friend sob. A warm hand took his. He barely managed to curl his fingers around it. “Sei-chan, I’m so sorry, I was too late..”

“No, I’m sorry,” Seijuurou groaned, his vision blurring. “Ah... I’m so pathetic against it, aren’t I? What’s wrong with me? W-why do I... Why do I enjoy it so much? Is it even...?” He didn’t finish his sentence, but Mibuchi heard the rest of the question anyway.

“It is. Of course it is. You didn’t want to. It drugged you.” Mibuchi sniffled. A coat that smelled like him, like lavender and sugar and safety, draped over Sei's body. “Let’s get you somewhere warm and safe, okay? I’ll never leave you alone like that again, I promise. I’ll stay by your side from now on. I’m sorry I’m so bad at protecting you.”

Blinking, beginning to shake even worse now that his body was catching up and he realized how much he hurt, how badly his knees and thighs burned, how cold it was outside, Seijuurou grunted. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “I was powerless to begin with.”

Chapter Text

“Akashi-kun has not spoken to me for days,” Tetsuya acknowledged to Kagami as they walked side-by-side towards the train station. “I’m worried about him. Perhaps something came up with his father - or worse. I’m sure you understand.”

“Yeah,” Kagami sighed. “What I don’t get is why you won’t let me come with you.”

“Your father is visiting. Spend time with him. I can handle myself.”

Kagami waved as Tetsuya boarded the train, and as it left the station he settled in to silently watch out the window. He frequently worried over Akashi now. It seemed that his dear friend’s mental state was devolving due to the stresses his father put upon him; not only that, but he’d been traumatized by what had happened to him that night several months ago. He pretended he hadn’t been, because he worried for Tetsuya.

But Tetsuya knew Akashi now better than most, and had recognized the change just a couple of days ago when Akashi texted him with “boku” instead of “ore.” He had not texted since then.

Kyoto was cool and quiet when Tetsuya arrived. It was nearly Christmastime, but Kyoto (and most of Japan) remained mild year-round - although it did occasionally get a bit chilly, it never suffered to the extent that Akita did in the far north. And it did remain just a tad warmer than Tokyo. Tetsuya found himself glad of that as he tucked his hands into his pockets on his way to the Akashi mansion.

“Akashi-kun,” he spoke at the gate, rolling onto the balls of his feet and watching the wind brush past the trees contained behind the looming, polished fences. “I know you’re home. Please let me in. It’s cold out.”

The intercom buzzed. A female voice spoke over it. “Seijuurou-sama is currently resting. If you leave your name and number, I can make sure he calls you at a better time.”

Tetsuya pursed his lips. He was about to speak again before he heard the feedback again. Glancing up at the camera that stared him in the eye, he waved, his expression mild, and soon the woman’s voice came back to confirm that she would be opening the gate for him.

He shortly found himself stepping out of his shoes in the mansion’s grand foyer, a brilliant and open room leading into the rest of the grand estate. The housemaid who waited at the intercom curtsied and greeted him with a warm but somewhat confused smile - she didn’t recognize him. Of course, he didn’t expect her to. Tetsuya followed Akashi’s retreating back down the hall.

Just by looking after his stature, it was easy to gather that something ailed him. During middle school, the team had often joked that if Akashi’s posture ever crumbled, it was likely that the flags were flying at half-mast.

Today, his shoulders slumped, his head bowed, and he dressed in loose, flowing clothing that covered all but his hands and face.

Tetsuya was filled with a creeping dread.


Only once they were in the privacy of Akashi’s room did Tetsuya dare to speak. There was a mug of cold tea on the bedside table, scattered papers thrown over the bed itself. This was the most disorderly he had ever seen his dear friend to be. It both startled and scared him, sending his thoughts scattering through possibilities. What had happened? Had something come up with his father, perhaps? Had his mental state deteriorated?

“I’m too scared to leave the estate,” he heard Akashi admit in a timid voice. “I knew you would catch on immediately, so I was anxious to message you, as well. I’ve faked sickness so my father would cancel any trips farther than the school.”

Tetsuya’s eyes widened. To see Akashi become such a hermit was something he’d never imagined. He preferred the outdoors. Being locked away in an office or in his room was a great source of dread and stress for him. Tetsuya had known this much for years, since even before they had grown closer to one another.

He shut the door behind them and sat at Akashi’s side, reaching for his wrist slowly. He was a people-watcher. It was easy. Recognizing that Akashi was even stiffer than usual, and his hands trembled, and he stiffened even more when he sat down or bent his knees. “You were attacked again,” Tetsuya confirmed. It was meant to be more of a question, but it ended up being somewhat rhetorical. He knew already. A gentle tug at his sleeve revealed the truth, in the shape of very faint circular bruising. “I’m sorry, Akashi-kun. I wish I could have been there for you. What can I do to help?”

“I don’t think anyone could really help at this point,” Akashi replied. His eyes slid shut, and he evidently decided to give up on getting any paperwork done, falling back against a pillow with a sigh. “I’m so tired, Kuroko. Tired of feeling like I have to keep an eye out everywhere I go, even in my own house. I’m tired of making Mibuchi and the others walk with me to and from school. And I - I’m so scared of it. But...”

“It’s okay,” Tetsuya interrupted. “You don’t have to explain it.” He was probably the only one who understood, after all.

Akashi looked over at him, pursed lips trembling and brows furrowed into an expression so incredibly vulnerable that Tetsuya could barely stand to look at it. “What do I do?” Akashi asked. “Do I give in and let it hunt me down? What does it want from me?”

The shorter of the two sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t know,” he replied. “I haven’t had any further issues. I think mine was just a chance encounter, and it didn’t seem particularly interested in me , specifically. Whereas yours...” Well, it was clear enough. Akashi had been paranoid about being followed for weeks before actually being attacked. He was being hunted. “Maybe it just likes you.”

Akashi scoffed. “I’d rather it didn’t.”

With a smile cracking across his face, Tetsuya tugged Akashi’s wrist up and kissed the back of his hand. “I’ll look after you today,” he said, “so you don’t have to worry about bothering Mibuchi-san and the others. And I won’t hear any protests, either, Akashi-kun. Come on. Let me help.”

“...Alright. Thank you, Kuroko.”

Tetsuya helped Akashi tend to the scrapes on his knees, then coerced his friend to go out to eat with him - although it took a lot of talking before Akashi would even consider leaving the mansion. Eventually, he gave in, and walked very close at Tetsuya’s side, refusing to let him go. It hurt to see him so scared; but after they went out to eat he calmed down considerably.

“You’re safe,” Tetsuya insisted. “I will personally fight off anything that tries to attack you. With my strong, manly arms.”

Maybe he didn’t get the joke, but he did relax.

The two of them actually bumped into Mibuchi at some point, who enveloped Akashi in a hug and asked after him before realizing that Tetsuya was present. They all went out to play basketball together for a little while, then to a sweets shop. Tetsuya was proud to acknowledge that Akashi seemed to have forgotten completely about his worries by the time the sun started to set.

Mibuchi said his farewells. Tetsuya walked Akashi safely back home.

“Perhaps it’s a matter of curfew,” he stated, setting his shoes aside once more. “You said it doesn’t like light. It probably won’t bother you during the day, Akashi-kun, and if you only travel with other people at night I think you will be fine.”

“You’re right,” he seemed to tell himself, setting his coat aside. His posture was better now, his eyes darting around much less than before. “Thank you, Kuroko. Let’s have tea.”

For the remainder of the evening, the two chatted amicably with one another, enjoying tea. As the sun continued to sink below the horizon they played shōgi, and once the lights came on they played something more Tetsuya’s style - a game of observations and related inferences. The house staff happily played along, eager to find something to do once they were done with all of their chores (and with head of the household out for the weekend).

Eventually the time for play came to a close, and the house staff prepared a supper before cleaning up and departing for the evening.

“See you tomorrow morning, Seijuurou-sama,” came the final call before the door shut and locked, all curtains drawn and security systems booted up.

Akashi left to shower and Tetsuya set his things down in the guest bedroom that had been prepared for him, finding it nice how comfortable even the spare bedrooms were, and amused that they matched the rest of the house so well when they were simply meant for the occasional guest - of whom there were few, and far between.

After Akashi’s shower came Tetsuya’s. It wasn’t until they were bidding one another goodnight that the stiffness came between them, the faint tension. Tetsuya did not ask; he waited.

“Kuroko, could you stay with me? ...I usually ask someone from the house staff to stay, but...”

“You don’t need to give me your reasoning,” Tetsuya reassured swiftly. “Yes, I will stay with you. Everything will be alright, Akashi-kun.”

The redhead insisted, of course, that they leave a light on, and though they faced away from one another at first, Tetsuya noticed that Akashi had begun to shake. He rolled over at that point, wrapping his arms around his dear friend’s torso. Akashi was taller and more muscular than Tetsuya was, but he seemed very small like this. He couldn’t help wondering, pondering over what could have been if something like that had never happened. Eventually, he shook off the thought and gave in to the lulling tides of sleep.

When Tetsuya woke, it was hardly past two o’clock. His legs were tangled up with Akashi’s, his face buried into the other’s neck, and the room was silent save for their shared breaths. He was a heavy sleeper. He couldn’t imagine what could have awoken him; judging by Akashi’s breathing patterns, however, he assumed that the other boy had woken up and shifted. Perhaps that was what it was.

Just as he was relaxing again, however, he heard a noise. He felt a breath of cold air from the window; and just as suddenly, it was gone. It was enough to make his companion stir, though, and with a start Tetsuya realized that the light was off.

“Akashi-kun,” he warned, starting to shift and disentangle their limbs. “Akashi-kun, I think something - ”

He cut himself off with a yelp as something looped around his throat and tugged his head back. He choked, grabbing at it and digging his nails in, forcing the grip to loosen. At this point Akashi was fully awake, and he was beginning to panic. Tetsuya rolled away and got up, standing defensively in front of the redhead and peering over at the starlit form. He caught only a glimpse of the coiling mass of tentacles before the curtains over the window drew closed.

“Is this a nightmare?” Akashi asked.

“I’m very sorry. I don’t think it is.”

The monster lunged towards them, and Tetsuya nudged Akashi back, calling to run for the door, promising to protect him - because he had already promised he would, and what kind of a friend was he if he didn’t at least try?

Tetsuya was expecting the monster to lunge for Akashi first.

Instead, he was startled to find that it targeted him. It easily hoisted him up and tossed him to the bed like a sack of potatoes. He felt its weight rest on the bed as it loomed over him. He wriggled, struggling as a tentacle wrapped around his arms, binding them together against his back, and another made swift work of the sweatpants he’d worn to bed.

“Kuroko - !”

“Akashi-kun, go ,” he cried, and yet another tentacle pushed past his lips to muffle his voice. He choked, coughing jaggedly and stubbornly squeezing his thighs together as the monster attempted to keep him still.

He wasn’t expecting the taste, even though Akashi had shared the less vulgar details with him the first time this happened. He did know to expect that his thoughts would grow muddled, that his wriggling body would start to grow more and more pliant until he inevitably gave up. All he cared was that he heard the bedroom door swing open, and heard Akashi’s footsteps flee hesitantly down the hall.

The monster caressed his hair. He remembered hearing about this, too. That it liked the color of Akashi’s hair, because it was unusual. He supposed his was, too. Was that why?

Tetsuya tried pulling his arms away from one another, tried fighting the creature for as long as he could; to keep it distracted, at least for now. But the grip around his wrists tightened, squeezed until it hurt, and the tentacle in his mouth pushed insistently deeper until he was forced to swallow down the bitter substance. A tentacle wrapped around each leg, forcing them apart.

Eventually, he stopped struggling, only moaning as it began to stretch his ass open with tentacles that tickled as they brushed against his insides. With a soft whimper, he began to rock back into them, his eyes falling shut.

Tingling pleasure trickled along his legs, along his arms, through his chest to pool in his abdomen. His nerves ignited, his cock hardening, sensitive as it brushed against the sheets. More tentacles pushed into him, stretching and teasing and tasting, until he completely gave in.

Then, it pulled back.

Startled, Tetsuya took the opportunity to gasp for breath, trying to glance back at it. The weight on the bed shifted. He hadn’t noticed Akashi’s return, nor had he noticed the use of a rapier that severed one of the tentacles from the monster’s body - not until it lunged at his friend, grabbing at his ankles first, catching his arms and letting his shoulder hit the floor in a painful-sounding thump .

“A-Akashi-kun,” Tetsuya tried to begin, pushing himself up onto his side, but then a tentacle was looping around his neck, squeezing it just firmly enough to cut him off as the monster threw his friend onto the bed beside him and pushed back into his ass. “Ah, fuck . F- nn , plea-...please...”

“Kuroko!” A warm hand cupped his face. He sensed the desperation behind it, but couldn’t bring himself to struggle anymore. “Kuroko, I’m so sorry.”

His eyes flicked open to watch as Akashi struggled to get away, grunting and kicking at the creature until it suspended both of his legs in midair and pushed into him with force, demanding that he either remain still or risk serious injury.

A tentacle prodded at Tetsuya’s lips once again, this time patiently, and he eagerly let it push in, swallowing down more of the drug and contentedly relaxing under its ministrations. It coated the inside of his mouth completely, until he felt completely saturated with it - and then he realized what the purpose was.

Tetsuya reached blindly for Akashi in the darkness, fingertips brushing over his face. The redhead kept his lips stubbornly sealed even as the monster continued to work at him.

Without hesitation, Tetsuya grabbed Akashi by the hair and pulled him in to kiss him, tangling their bodies together to keep him from wriggling too much.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed, pressing their hips together and curling his fingers around both of their cocks, earning a faint gasp of shock that allowed him to complete the task that had been assigned to him. He dragged his tongue along Akashi’s, lapping at it, moaning into the other’s mouth as he was rewarded with a couple of firm thrusts into his prostate.

Like this, it wasn’t long before Akashi gave in, too. His hand lifted to fist into Tetsuya’s hair, breath coming in heavy pants. The monster rewarded Tetsuya again - this time with a thick, barbed tentacle that pressed against his twitching hole and pushed in deep, hard, all at once.

“Shit!” Tetsuya hissed, and let out a high-pitched moan. “Ahh, fuck. Akashi-kun - it’s so...”

“Big,” came a breathy confirmation. “I know. It’s wonderful.”

His eyes watering, the shorter of the two pulled back to focus exclusively on the monster’s hot, pulsing cock as it thrust deep into his ass, tickling every centimeter exposed to it. He let his head fall against a pillow, messy hair splaying out over it, toes curling as the pleasure started to well up in his body, overwhelming him.

The monster aimed for a few vicious, cruel thrusts, and the stars speckling across Tetsuya’s vision struck him so suddenly he didn’t realize he came until he noticed Akashi’s fingers looped around his cock, tugging at it to work him through the orgasm.

“Shit,” he whined, his thighs trembling.

It sat still inside of him, waiting. He shivered, his ass reflexively squeezing around it, and groaned as the hints of oversensitivity slowly faded away.

“Fuck me, Kuroko,” he heard, and blinked his tearful eyes open suddenly. “Please. I need... I need...”

Akashi pressed back against his body. This time, the curve of his ass firmly hugged Tetsuya’s tingling cock, and he really didn’t have it in him to resist. He caught his breath, and the monster let him. Then, he grabbed one of Akashi’s thighs and pushed in, sinking swiftly into the quivering heat. Both moaned together, and Tetsuya found that he had truly lost it by the time the dick in his own ass started to move again, pushing deeper and deeper inside of him.

Akashi clamped down around him, his own moans coming out breathy and high-pitched. That was nearly too much to listen to. Tetsuya had never heard Akashi like this before; almost no one had heard Akashi like this before. He begged and pleaded for more, reaching back to grab at Tetsuya’s hair, moving with him and lifting his leg up and out of the way. “Fuck,” he kept saying, and: “Please, fuck me harder. Harder. Harder, please.”

Unable to resist, Tetsuya did as he was asked, and sunk his teeth into the juncture between Akashi’s neck and shoulder as he picked up the pace. He sucked on the skin, dragged his tongue over it, panted against it.

“H-haah, shit! Kuroko, yes . Fuck!” The hand in his hair tugged, the tentacle in his ass struck deep into him with pinpoint accuracy, and he moaned loudly, abruptly. Akashi squeezed tightly around him. “Nnn, fuck, fuck fuck fuck, please fuck me harder. I need more. I need you.”

It was all he could do to try to obey, grabbing at the redhead’s hips to pull him down hard. Both moaned in harmony with the rhythmic slap of skin on skin, and the soft smacks and squelches of the leaking tentacle inside of Tetsuya. The monster was growing more desperate, fucking him harder and harder until he could hardly move, just pulling Akashi into his own cock.

Akashi’s ass squeezed tight around him, and that was the finishing blow. He came a second time, his whole body tensing up; the redhead followed shortly thereafter, and the monster took only a few more rough, uncalculated thrusts before filling Tetsuya up completely full with its cum.

His breath was ragged, almost pained, as he panted against Akashi’s shoulder, hugging the taller form close against him.

The creature withdrew with a soft whistle. Tetsuya cried as it pulled out, and Akashi blindly reached for his hand to squeeze it. To comfort him. Even though the monster was recovering quickly, and pushed into him next. It did not touch Tetsuya again, sensing that his body would not recover for quite a while.

Tetsuya held Akashi’s hand silently, squeezing back every time it was squeezed, listening to the redhead’s choked moans and cries. He was rearranged, pushed onto his back with his legs drawn wide apart as he was roughly fucked open, but still neither let go of the other’s hand. Akashi truly was tough about it. It was like his sanity was represented by their intertwined hands. He desperately held on, despite the force pistoning into his body, insisting for his full attention. His addled mind wanted to beg for more, but he didn’t; he held on to Tetsuya, and when he came it was with a strangled cry and a full-body shudder as he, too, was used as a cum dump.

The monster left eventually, once it was done with Akashi and had decided that neither of them could take any more.

For a while, they were silent.

“I’ll...reinforce the security,” Akashi murmured to Tetsuya. Even though he was half-asleep, it was quite clear to the phantom that Akashi did not fully mean his words; or, at the very least, he had not fully processed that he was speaking them. “I’m sorry, Kuroko.”

“It’s okay. I...” Liked it.

There was a moment of silence. Recognition. For they had, after all, exchanged words like this before. “...Mm. I - I did, too.”