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Tin came around to the Thai Program’s cafeteria one blissful afternoon, when the day was not too hot nor was it too cold and everything seemed to be perfectly normal. Except, Can presented his cheek towards Tin when he approached their table. Pete initially thought Can was turning his face away from Tin and that maybe they had fought again, only to watch his friend casually planted his mouth on Can’s skin.

It was quick. Tin didn’t linger any longer than necessary, instead he sat down on the bench immediately afterwards, but the magnitude of his action made Pete’s jaw drop.

“What did I just witness?”

Tin stared at him across the table, his expression carefully left blank. Pete could see that he was struggling to maintain his composure. Clearly, somehow, he had missed Pete’s presence on the table entirely and wasn’t prepared to give an explanation for what he had done.

It wasn’t that Pete was unaware of the budding relationship between Tin and Can, but he didn’t know that they had reached the stage where public display of affection was not big deal. Even Ae never greeted him that way. Pete wondered if Ae would suffer from a heart attack if he just came and kissed him on the cheek without forewarning.

“What? That’s how people say hello where I came from.” Tin gave Pete a dismissive wave of hand.

Pete weighed his options as he glanced back and forth between Tin and Can. Can didn’t seem to be bothered by the whole thing, he even had a shy smile on his face. Or at least, Pete thought it was a shy smile, he had never really seen this kind of expression coming from Can before.

He could let this whole thing go, he supposed, but he didn’t really want to. It was time for him to finally say to Tin: I told you so.

“You were born in Bangkok,” he said, casting a wide net and hoping Can would find himself caught in it.

Can did.

“Huh?” he turned to Tin in confusion, “I thought you said your mother was in Birmingham when she had you.”

Tin buried his face in his hands almost immediately because unlike Can, he knew what Pete was up to the moment he made that comment.

“She was. Ai Pete knows this,” he explained.

“Then––“ Can started to say before he blushed, hard, as he realised he fell hook, line, and sinker for Pete’s bait.

Pete had to stop himself from clapping his hands like a child who had just been handed a present. He still needed to keep his hands busy, though, so he clasped them together and leaned forward to ask his friends another question.

“Are you guys dating now?”

Tin glanced sideways at Can, unsure. “We…”

Pete almost regretted asking the question when he saw Tin bracing himself for impact. He wondered if he was pushing them too hard too soon, but he didn’t have to worry too long because he got the answer he was hoping for.

“Yes,” Can confirmed confidently.

He slipped his hand into Tin’s much to Pete’s surprise—and evidently also Tin’s, because the Ice Prince looked like he was getting overheated to a fatal degree.

The way Tin focused his gaze at Can in at moment reminded him of how Ae always made him feel. He prayed that this happiness will last for a long, long time. It was a good look on Tin. He decided to save his I told you so’s for later, granting Tin time to bask in his newfound joy.