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Pete tapped his knuckles on the driver’s window of Tin’s black BMW. The dark tint on the windows made it hard to see what was going on inside, but the soft hum of the engine indicated that to him that Tin was in fact in his car.

It was scorching and Pete didn’t want to judge Tin for taking advantage of his car’s air conditioning, but if Tin was sleeping through lunch break he was bound to be late for their next class. Not that he couldn’t academically afford to miss a class if he wanted to. Tin was effortlessly intelligent when it came to lessons, though love and relationships were trickier for him.

The most embarrassing thing Pete could imagine in that moment is finding Tin with a bedhead and maybe a little drool on the corner of his mouth, but when he rolled his windows down to answer him, Pete found Can in those conditions instead.

Sleeping on Tin’s lap.

Using Tin’s chest as a pillow.

He was probably even drooling all over Tin’s shirt, although it seemed like Tin managed to save his tie from the same fate by positioning it over his shoulder.

“What,” he said in a subdued voice.

Pete held back his laugh, observing the complete picture on display in front of him. Tin had pushed his seat all the way back to accommodate Can’s figure on top of his own, one hand placed on Can’s lower back to shield him from bumping his body into the steering wheel if he were to stir.

“Sorry,” he apologised even though he didn’t feel the slightest bit apologetic, “Felt like I should tell you that our next period is English and our professor already hates you for correcting her spelling all the time.”

Tin lifted his hand—the one he’s not using to protect Can—and made a gesture at Pete that roughly translated to, ‘Can’t you see I’m preoccupied at the moment?’. Pete could only grin in return, the whole thing was far too amusing for him to be able to have a proper response.

“Get lost,” Tin mumbled. “I’m skipping class.”

Pete nodded in understanding and Tin let out a breath of relief as he probably thought Pete wouldn’t prod further or worse, start taking pictures. Even if Pete were that mean, Tin would probably mind the fact that there would be defenceless pictures of Can circulating among their group of friends rather than himself being caught in a compromising position.

“Should I tell her you need some time to take care of… things?” Pete asked before he left them alone.

Tin glared at Pete menacingly and rolled his windows up.

Out of the goodness of his heart, Pete informed the professor than Tin wasn’t feeling too well and had decided to take the rest of the day off. She seemed to believe Pete, because Pete wasn’t the type of student to make up a lie in order to cover for his friend’s romantic getaway, but there he was, doing exactly that for the sake of love.

Tin repaid him by bringing a box of chocolate infused with what was said to be aphrodisiac, telling him to share it with Ae. Pete didn’t know whether there was truly aphrodisiac in it or it was the anticipation that made the sex more incredible than usual, but it was so worth losing his integrity.