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Satisfaction Found Me

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Jade rolled onto her back on the bed in the dark RV. Beck was unconscious next to her; he had fallen asleep after an impromptu round of fucking. Together since freshman year, they were well on their way to graduating at the end of the next school year. Jade was beginning to think that three years was their expiration date, and now they were simply waiting to rot together.

That’s what tonight had been all about for her. She’d been trying to rekindle that spark within herself, but she couldn’t. Things started going downhill for them when Jade stopped feeling satisfied by the vanilla sex her and Beck were having. At the beginning, it had been fantastic. She was over the moon with how he made her feel. It was new for them both seeing as they were both virgins at the time. But as time progressed, Jade wanted more, needed more.

She tried to get Beck to try some new things, like spanking her or letting her tie him up. Those were the nights in which she felt almost satisfied, but those little tastes made her yearn for more. To her disappointment, while Jade wanted more, Beck wanted less, wanted normal. Jade was anything but normal.

She rolled onto her side to look at him, brushing some of his soft brown hair away from his face. She loves him, or she did. He was her best friend, her confidant. But with her lack of satisfaction, came her irritability. And her frustration just pooled out into their relationship, manifesting itself in fight after fight. She could feel his patience wearing thinner every day, but she couldn’t let him go. She was just as scared of a life without him as she was afraid of a life trapped with him.

Jade sighed in frustration, her endless stream of thoughts not giving her a moment of peace. How could she stay when she couldn’t even find solace in his embrace anymore? She rolled out of bed and carefully pulled on her underwear and skirt from where they were thrown to the floor earlier that evening. With one last sigh and a look at her sleeping boyfriend, she pulled on her now wrinkled shirt and grabbed her shoes, silently leaving Beck’s trailer.

She shut the door quietly behind her before leaning on it and running her free hand through her tangled dark hair. It was taking more strength than she thought to leave; knowing that she wanted them to be over. Knowing that soon the man she loves – loved, will be suffering through heartbreak and it was going to be all her fault. Jade shook herself and stood up straight. She didn’t want to feel bad about getting what she truly needed. She didn’t want to feel bad about giving herself the chance to be happy, for giving them both that chance. No, she refused to feel bad for giving Beck the chance to find someone who was truly right for him. And with that Jade pushed herself off of the door RV and started the short walk back to her place.


Jade tossed and turned in her bed after arriving home. She figured that three straight hours of sex with Beck would have exhausted her enough to fall asleep. But it wasn’t. She was exhausted, don’t get her wrong, but as it always seemed these days, it came down to her not being satisfied. It’s as if Beck just scratched the surface, but left the ache. She needed more, she needed to take things into her own hands.

She threw her black blanket to the end of her bed and rolled out. She walked over to her pear laptop and sat down at her desk. She lightly traced her breasts and nipples while the laptop booted up. By the time her login screen appeared her nipples were hard and standing at attention, trying to poke through the thin material of her dark green tank top.
She quickly logged in, and before she knew it, she was on her tumblr, well her second tumblr. The one she reserved for all her late night thoughts and desires. The one that could show her things that could get her off better than Beck ever did. And so she started scrolling.

Jade went through her dashboard, just scrolling at first, but at a picture of a girl tied up and having her ass spanked red, she couldn’t help herself anymore. She used one hand to pull her shirt just above her breasts so that her nipples could greet the cold night air, and the other hand slowly traveled down. Her fingers soon found the wetness that had started soaking her green and grey plaid pyjama shots, plastering the wet fabric to her.

She teased her clit slowly, making it throb and twitch with each gentle touch. Using her left hand she alternated on brushing her nipples lightly and scrolling further into the depraved depths of tumblr. She needed the tease, she didn’t want to give into the desire to be rough just yet; she wanted it to build within her slowly.

Picture, after video, after gif and Jade was finding herself nearing the edge already. She scrolled down her dash and almost missed it completely, but she saw the frozen video frame. She could see the perfectly shaved glistening pussy, three fingers shoved deep inside, nipples hard and covered in what she hoped was cum and a kissable tanned neck where the camera cut off the image. She couldn’t help herself. She clicked play, and she was never happier that not only did her parents soundproof her room (for her singing, duh), but also that it was in the basement, with an entire floor separating herself from the others in the house. She turned up the volume and leaned back in her chair.

The video started and the Latina in the video started off slowly. She was in a bed room, sitting in a desk chair similarly to Jade’s current position, she was however, completely naked. The girl in the video toyed with her nipples lightly, teasingly, until that wasn’t enough and she pinched her own nipples, hard, giving a gasp and arching her back slightly which opened her legs up to make her glistening pussy more visible.

Jade was turned on beyond belief. She’d figured out early on that she was bisexual, but she had been with Beck so long, she almost forgot how beautiful the female body could be sometimes. But this mysterious woman sparked that part of her that had been almost forgotten. She found her hand rising to her nipples to play, and then pinch hard, giving them a little tug out too when she saw the girl on the screen do the same. And she didn’t try to cover the little whimpers and sighs and moans that fell from her mouth.
Jade watched the woman, and mirrored her every move. So when she saw the woman’s hand travel down to her drenched cunt, Jade’s traveled down there too. And when pussy lips were pulled apart and a single finger was used to tease her hard clit, Jade whimpered as she got to as well. And Jade couldn’t even help the loud moan that escaped her mouth at the sight of the woman spanking her own clit, let alone the string of curse words released in a voice of pleasure when her own hand dealt punishment on her own hard nub.

Jade was almost to her tipping point and the video wasn’t even half over yet. Jade couldn’t wait anymore; she shoved two fingers deep within her own cunt as she watched the woman repeatedly beat her clit. Jade thrust harder and harder, pushing herself closer and closer to the edge. What finally tipped her over was watching as the Latina spanked her clit into an orgasm that shook her body. Jade lost her voice mid moan as she felt her walls clench around her fingers, holding them in place as her body shook.

Jade let out a breathy sigh as she let her fingers slide out of her and brought them up to her mouth to lick clean. But she noticed something. While both her and the girl in the video had both just orgasmed, the girl in the video wasn’t stopping for a breather. Instead she just kept going. She soothed her clit after the many spanks it received, before furiously rubbing it, using her other hand to slowly add one finger after another until she was three fingers deep in her own cunt and cumming again harder than the last time. Jade was in shock, and possibly more turned on than ever before.

The video ended quickly after that, but Jade needed more – now! She clicked on the source blog and it led her to an entire page filled with body pictures and videos of the same girl in various positions and outfits, each sexier than the last. And that’s when she saw it. One of the pictures held the girl sitting with her legs wide, in just a long oversized shirt that she pulled down to reveal her cleavage but just cover her pussy. The caption underneath read, “Lonely sub, looking for anyone willing to offer guidance, give me some instructions.” Jade’s heart began to beat faster.

She wanted this woman, this stranger, more than she expected to, and now there was an opening, a way for her to express the dominance and kink all in one. Jade quickly clicked on the “ask” link, and watched as it took her to a new page. Her cursor blinked as it waited for Jade’s fingers on the keyboard. She hesitated. What was she supposed to write?
She typed: Hey sexy, looking for some fun?

Jade shuddered. That sounded like some fuck boy that was looking to get a simple fuck. She quickly deleted it and tried again: Hey there, I think you’re beautiful.
She stared at it. It was better than the last message, but now she seemed less dominant. She sighed loudly and hit her head against the keyboard in frustration. Why was it so much harder to talk to girls than guys? With Beck all she had to do was send a simple sexy look his way and he would do the rest. This was different, this needed to be perfect. Jade lifted her head again, and tried one last time.

Hi there, if you’re interested in having a dominant to play with and are interested in me, post a picture of yourself, kneeling in just your underwear with your hands respectfully behind your back for Mistress J.

That didn’t sound horrible to her. Probably the best she was going to be writing at this hour at least. She looked at the clock that was on her desk and it read 4:07. She pressed send and held her breath for a moment. It was gone, no taking it back now. She refreshed the page, but nothing had changed. She supposed nothing would at this hour. She’ll have to check back in the morning.

She looked around the room, not sure what to do, she was buzzing from the adrenaline of sending that message, there’s no way she would be sleeping anytime soon. Her eyes landed back on her laptop screen. She couldn’t help but get turned on all over again at the sight of her. She scrolled through and found another video, slowly she was back to square one, her cunt drenched and her fingers moving achingly slow to tease herself into release.