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The Hosts Watching Horror Movies With You

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(If you guys have any ideas for a new fanfic, leave me a comment! I’d love some inspiration :) This one was originally posted on my Tumblr )

65. Horror in My 100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

Honey honestly isn’t sure why you would suggest a horror film
I’d much rather just watch something fun...but if it would make you happy, (Y/N)-chan, let’s do it!
Until you get scared and immediately go to him for comfort, then he’s totally fine with it
Let’s do this again sometime, kay? *signature Honey smile*
Probably prefers more of the stupid horror films than the really scary ones
Both of you giggling at how dumb some of the decisions are
I don’t understand why you’d go into the basement though
I’d go into any basement to save you, (Y/N)!
Tonnnnnnns of snacks, I’m talking more than any movie theatre has
I think these ghosts just need some cake, I can get hangry too!
Can we get more cake? Or candy?

Would probably be his idea
Regretting the decision immediately at the first jump scare
But this boy loves cuddles so it’s totally fine
I’d fight any monster, go into any scary house, if only to protect you, my dear
Snuggles on the couch with Antoinette and Tamaki make an amazing night
Cozy blankets + pillow fort = the only way that Tamaki feels okay to watch the movies
Tamaki, you’re squishing me too much, I can’t breathe!
Would not want to go to bed afterwards
Can’t we just stay up until the sun is out????

Unphased by your want to watch these movies
But does it anyways cause you want to
Ghosts don’t exist (Y/N), why would you be scared?
Only the really bad jump scares get her
and when they do, she clings onto your arm
Both of you cuddling and staring at the screen
Lots of simple snacks - maybe some cookies you baked earlier
(Y/N) I had a lot of fun tonight! Let’s do this again!
Is totally okay that you crawl into her bed later that night cause of nightmares

Would overanalyze every decision made in the film
These graphics really are terrible, Tamaki could probably do better
You’d be nuzzled into his chest, scared, and all you can hear is his heart pounding 100x faster
Are you scared, Kyoya?
Of course not. I’m just going to the lock all the doors and windows because you can never be too safe from real life dangers
Would definitely try to be all calm and cool for you
A few minutes in though, he’s super bad at it 

I hate these movies, Hikaru always likes them
Sit and pout for a bit but would happily cuddle you while you focus on the movie
You can both sit and be scared together
Huddled like a bunch of kids under a blanket
Will most likely get scared by Hikaru popping into the room 
I’d never leave you in a house filled with monsters
together, always
You might give little yelps and squeals, but he just squeezes your hand a little too hard
Your hand is totally numb by the end of the movie 

Casually plotting to prank you later using things from the movie
Laughs when you both jump at jump scares
A real good time
He makes you laugh at your fear, which is probably the best
Stuffs popcorn in his mouth like no tomorrow
Like seriously, we’re not even 10 minutes in, Hikaru, where did all the popcorn go

Literally not scared of anything
But you’re a scaredy cat and he knows it
He thinks it’s really cute when you come to him for comfort 
So naturally he just puts on a scary movie at movie night
Takashi...I’m scared...
He’d pull you close immediately, wrap you up into a blanket burrito and make you feel safer than you ever could
I’ll protect you
Kisses your forehead whenever you have a jump scare 
Would offer you all his sweaters and sweatpants so you’re super comfy before hand
Really likes sour candy - you’d never noticed since Honey’s normally the one chowing down
Takashi, you finished the bag already?